Newspaper of True American, July 3, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated July 3, 1838 Page 1
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-. Nf' ORLEANS TUESDAY MORNING, JULY 3, 1838. VoL.-Vi Nd. 15i Terrsa of the Newspannper Press of New Orheans ut~a-irtttisly oareed li ato an iornrcedl ,nneeinfiq of the PIroprietonrs, held t # the 1311 of :llo,'ch, 1L:3 oiu.ttsol'rtos- s.- welve I t:lldr, fI r the daily pg rprannumo, payable sini-iallliy in alanee: tell l tr te tri-wevaekly coltttly Ipc, pyuiblo one rsar in advanrce, whier o ocity reifelc.ue in given. Ic. i4bsncriptioo will Ihe disowntiiced until urarrlra. re int tle case In of dii cuntiiuance, oire week's notie a tl ritinfg nast h . iiv.Liib y y ive: l, p: ioi s to tlie expirtion of subncriitien. - iotstct-tlo,.--.)ie doclar per sc.iere f'or the irct nierion, and half tl it porice. freit ea Solni-clleoa] "ul": n .maternt i al teration croo thil origitlal lIcvfrtisenelt will nIe ellarged ons a now leeo. YoAoLl Ae ovl'rLSotO.t.- RerCII.Iats and Traders, orty dollars fio Englishb ohle, aad sixty ir r both hui =i Banks, I norncee O(fices, ad othersiiilar libeltnktion, fifty dcllors il English onlv nd sighty for both lagitnnalls; Ship and Ntnctooant Fnc rs, or Colnnoisnion mnrchants sixty dollar+ in English us, and eighty or both Ilagnsages. )inIPa O, inor c YOos n, I ortionlen coall Stie attontion of the pubhli to ntesy arlroperty, ards of pnaseager.on Aenfits, &n. &c. will h) RhEarnc i ass dollar per sqaulr for the first ilsortinlt in each laa 'unit. CoMMUsnICATIONS, r Advrctioments, of aoy paerson al nature, when admissible, sIlial ho hairged Idlnble, Auctionters, Shnrilf, l.iteynyrs of Wills, and ot lorslnals ta smlei of rol astt. im, tlishneld in bohtl" inItages, sll.l 51 Ieo rnt.e' in vogltll Ionle: rllc r cnt. ol stoes LIf other property. AtVeTISlMrENTS b no(t of Ith direct lin of Illtiness of the advoertiser, sIch Is leg.l, auction, and I)pant r ill sales, runow.ny slaves, stray aun1ln , &c. .e. will be charged flr Seln.itely, oid ant the orittry ralteo. AT vonrtsJnMtr rs iotr pecllised e to licn, will lie uhlihed one l onthr aln d c ehargCled cc.crdioly. No advertisenllerts of on.krn'tcties will Ira pllished n any case, inlcda plai fr prevoiu. t ino(eelilln, or aymesntgaurantoeed by i reisptnsible per.n Ul town. Theatrecs ttnd other plncceinI iof clllllnlentnlvinlicotg Gaily irthe sason, toa Ilte I:llrgd .lb finor L ngish a alt and $1511 ibotin blot tal . n i.a All nnioutncreme intIt i cl ltildh'S ficr pIolitcnl IicesC be charged double tlte price if other advertise ,lo t.a ' to the im en se hton c eIi eun t ill by I ille lp lr tliov hnao e icne to th.- iccllclusioo thlt tli.e Lacnes of wholie acciuntcO hvoit nout Iei- lti14 within co noothi oftor Irceneitii ill, nhnil Illocillh knalown (t litr as practieable tll elich' Iother-tl.ey nlli natino tl.e sol ves Inot U iulvertioe cr prinlt fitn HuiL iolinq cua eut, citlona in case o1I ctdona 'ls flllNyntI . tigued) J. (1. I)On: ST. IlO)IES J. IIAYON, J. (. PtIENIIElt(ASTl', JOIIN GIBSON, Neekly Press.-r We, tlin, lndernsiiidil, agree to nabide v thile alvoloacnditions, as Il on thIey are appliclbloh to wealte palierr. iSignled A. B. LAWIIENCE, S No sttlcriptions are taken fr less thlan 6 tuouths. Setters lotst, n il cusos-, I)o lost pild. PAIN IlIRVISITEID by lite ntlhornof "A Year in 4 Sphi," in 2 vole- Harry e" ilferlet, o novel, by ,lu suNtlor of "Cecil ItHyde," in 2 vols. T'he A-rbesof IlPadua, tool oter tales, by thie autlhor if "Tlle Forsa ken," in 2 vtls. Ninrold's Hunttller Tours; intralere.ed wt elt ra lteristie ineculots, onvinc s nld doings of uuortllg Men, inc itt nioticestn of thle prineilpanltcick ler of Einglanld withtalltlcti al conltts t d gellneral dtx ot inalni, to whiel are oadded, Nitllnd's Letters iin oing *IlutailS, in 't vold. lla IBraee, tbhe lastotl Nrclti i's A nicI- j ctono, hy (Cnpt (:ntilllic r, II. N. cIntii or olf ilhe "lilfe of a Sl'ailor," IAc. m'iii volg. 111. nnltantaries cmii A inericnt icy Jloseph Stt mc, L. L.. it. Otild, tccco lairl ba Ilryilen, (JI'cn, CI oeICn Ad Itnl tli l tiri , i lrcr hncctrcyy Tcccteo, r otc li fur t" iltc hisI 7tail I "`oatialolll.iel tlnitedtl teItn 'll lcnitt n ho tliri ieccal Secntt U.US. Army, ity :i cols Juntcocitcclvr .nd lIo sai dly h t l 'lhlL i n NEIgV ItUShtI. IT ointke. nIolllte i la not bt-s'l-c Ir, t Ila L Is i, inre; Octltiut Itlcci Ipv cIiI, Ito Switr lll II l l' vet al ol iitni 'M I c .Ii ,rl!; \V I, c i ll lV ii, Mee Co'ur,v lt tleilams; JC'll arel liL. il', " ,>loundin Iiot wl l. in nI e.rit,; y (lon) l ii1% ',.mi'I )-It ' nut) Slnitc wc ,cvir .u "."t i t -t i ,rl ll . '''ll s h, ' eitn l-cr t'c, in +lll a Zon , vri,,l 'i il li'; 1-ui -,casrP, . ity , iir+ ftin,-b 1,1t o lie ii- in i ''ril;c- ic u,,iarenas. ohio "i l 'ill P (m it; 1I) I I, , 4i . -r't t, ",1 I . t; ', 1 i,-ii"m. i t' c -roe,--l.tu i vtni, ct iP',; \ ~^.i 1 ,,, ',li ii,' ,i,.u -- nl w"l;sa . 1 - n--i - 11 -I l it - jotdi 90 nil--il ceitt crt r c :ttr a rd C L. '.L ,rect cotcll ecrilL on I ni . ,i c h L .... I 1i:L .,w r I .III sI, I ll In t "1Ia e , In . I " . . mew editllon re:vised and lld olrlretltld. A seh.:lhJiUa t ol' e h utbrd}'lql to| I'tls·1) l',l'. '['dI, . ,, i tlt l panied wili u keycontiuinig the ttx , it,,t ,,l tre trantaltion, arrasgted ill Irn Ulll u ;nJr I: I 'Il I she ditTreece bt eetee t i lc h d ,"- I *ll . ello a ligured to'otlu e i etin ll o , 'ofthe I,'1 rlq h, Iu.'.'t .;.tc 1:i the lbest Ireuth works xte nt [Ii t ulje u t. 1 h,, 'ýl,, 1reete.l by a slhrt ctreitise ih the l w l f til lite.l languege, eonlparvd with thseofth I"Il itlic lst . A Plronounlcillng rench Pri', otie Scholar'sl (;ui. ilo tile accurate nultllci c atio n d -:tll i t htl l 1 French Lanu age, cwUtatine it.:i eletlnt ttto'ditne to ithe best eusage, by lleunard Traeuchiu jst reciv and or ale Ly WMMecKEAN, mr 'Cor Camp & Ctoe its. BL.UE SULP'IIIl SPRIN(GSP GREiPNINIIERI COUNTY, VIRGINIA. r ttllsi favorit' ,etering ilacue in the moctntain II Virginia, l." milecwes of Lewis.burr,nd 1i21 ifroII the WhiteSulphllur, will be open in dtue eoan ll) the I reception of colaltny. Mal:lllv importanllt iinIroiveleItsI have bee made since the lcstS csonI. A splcinols bll I room, antl ti number of singleI-bidded roomsu have been f added and now ilnisbhitng; leflll.itdhtg .coIlltUodtion+.I. bv the Istof Julv, iar d5o viiitor. An excellent turn pike roeld has been constru ctl paeing by ti.e springt , and inttrsecting the KI(unwhle tU'llike nmar Lewis burg. Over tIts ratd, by dk'ieeticc of thie iotr oilc 1 department, Messrs. liehlin, \alker i :o's. line of mInil coaches will run. .\ post o"iet! b:eing .tablisllted at tile ollrictg, visitoOrs t1. rcPreiv IlttWe teId orri- s pod dalily, cast und wcest. )f tllu edit i qalities of these waters, the creolrietors leled ot sleak. TIlhern hbve leeu wuolysd vt t blea tlte t)rtctie, eC1d ttttnlic.t= Rcwd ,and to hold iu solutitn ael tie velluble igret ,otsut th mnst ceelebrated sprittngs in \Virginuia. The coclbiawtiuo 'ccOttieLo tuctlh SolllttcurwttedI ,y drogeu, eitp tote f Magtesiai, cltjlthte of l.ittle, Car bounnte of Leue, tnlpeete of Stclc, Mluriiate of So it, and Murinteof Megncsin," tthe salutary ellects of which are exhibited in disteases incident to fiutlets;t t o chron ie aflctionw of the atotach, liver, and bowel.; in uta neous atlh:etionsor diaseasnu Iith skin I) relledy lore potent oreflicaeious can Ie titund. Extensive bathing estnblishnltes fhor both sexes have been erected contiguous to the springs. Vi-ittors tcal at all times eljov the peculiar advantages of their be nign anld whclesene effects. iajor Williamn Vass will eontinue the suprintend ance ilf the spring. Every exertionl o his Ipllrt illt o of tart f tihe pcoprietorsn shall e rendered to ilrcer for tile BlueSulllhur a liberalsatrn of the Hpblit Iat ronuge. leI, proprietors of tite luec SUtlhur Sprils wir t lie iherai ic thle reclptl of notes of cll St :theric nld Wets a Bunks wichih are considered selvt it,atpar. MARIA MONK. &c. A WFUL dielosaureo of Maria Molt of the Hotel SDieu Nuenery of MIntttal, -itiwa i, with ain - pelndix,e ontaiuing,part 1, Reception. t firsteditiote part id, Sequel of her narrative; paurdid, Review of the case. Also, a supplement, giving more erlitculars ot lthe Nnnery acnd grounds, illastratad by a Ilia uef the Nuncery, deo. Muri Mlonk and the Nunnery f the Hlltel Diiu--be ing cn account ol a visit to tile Conventt of.Meutreal acd refutation of the "Awful Disclosures;" bIy Wiuh. L. itlllle. Fourth eperimoent of Living. Living without means. The Studellt't latructor in DrawinCg and working 'ihoe Five orders of Architecture, fully explitainig thle ulethode fil stariking regillar und,quirked uti lders; for diminishing and glueing ofeolulnns al icapitals;lbr fladitg tile true dinaeter ofneu ordor to any given Iheight; ftr atriking thu Iotic Volute, cireclor or elilichul: with Snished exanples, on a large scale, of the orders, their planelher, &e.; and soute designs fer dolr cat:se, cie vnutly eanraveml on lerty-one platesu, with exllutes--bit Teter Nietluleue, architeet, author of the "llechllaics Coetmantio:,'-"Carpenter's New Guide," "Curlpetcr's and Joiuer'e Aeaitant," &c. A L'Prtotical Treatise on thw Culture oiSilk," adapt ed to the sail and clinnate of the United States--hy J. G. Cmnstoek, 9epary ofthle Hartford county SilkSuo cietv, and editor of file "Silk Cuttoriet.'" "The Silk Raiser's Manuel, or the art of raisilng and feeding silk wourms, and of cultivating thie lM .ibrry tree--iy M. Mouril. The Ulerk's G aide, or Commercial Correspon lence; comprising letters of m f bill, torna ofbillac invoices, account-sales, and shopketplers, eqtuation of payments, ucomereial terus, &e.--lly I. P. Foster. "Hlistory of the War il the Peninsula and the South of Frame. fron tihe year 1807 to the year 18-i" by \V. F. P. Naier, C, B., vol V.;ttuo hich aruperlixel an .ewers tU some attaska l Ilctlitson's Lite of Pclaih, t uni inthe IQuarterly Review; with ceenter remalrks to Mlr. Itucltev IUlwetlltl Iccereival's relnerks upon 8trine pesca orm uein "Colonel Nacitet's fourthoiveelue ofthe Pleninsular Var. Just received nl for ale by -lT c-Nl'. I It'es.ion on1 t' I t of next mnlllt ti Iwo st.ic dwe.llicg hce ee adjoining tee nc w Me i t ,ieit (,hiu tic on Poydras street; occuplied eIr"*'st cn I )r Rogers. \s i ,:l s .'ll a 1tcc ct-tota oe Girod stret, ficettoror to I.w.ectit .-t. ...lpply to DOYL : S, \1Ai V, c11L7 3 Circeheit sirt t. aA. n . r 'a ,7 vtel, by rs',elt :sr.0 tis lieu . .el so.rn*th, surge at(Idhtis to their soclk c f ,,! n"1.. .+,coal ho-ekC/.er/,/.." arielc wlii er,l tio,, • ,., ,ltig l, whic' IA 'tt it 1\t 1 . .... ' " ' . ,, +" -4tll'.\+..1' \, \Vi.' . 'siIe', iq s, c ultltt,bnr; ·It .ol""it thll u'ml l (l tc,'t o hrks, table, de.t, 'ad tl t'l spoons; marrow lll Gn'ray, str ,i whose long st:tlislr. l reputationl fo the millnuf.ctu of silver twrn is sufficlent gLua'rattee .o its superior PLA''EI) C'tARti )l' %ItFPFFII;I, AND 1111. MINGHIAM. Tea and scofee urn, tea setts; casstrs, litluior and coe' dial s.utls; superb c tlalelbra, an.te , II uls with llir mr plateaux, for celtrl' of the dister or s'pper tablei waters rolund onit oultng, from l to It irnces; beef steak :onl vegetab.e dishes; rich disa covers; alll bread baskets; t iectotet st-nds; tantlte uln chanmber candlesticks; wine sttllltletrs; coolers and sYlphons; dIca - ter labels, claret corks, tea straint'rs, talle bells, ten, ts. Isl. egg and Inusatard stosons; egg boilers nod stliltes tcnst isesn, tao. SiI,'VEIt ON ST1'r1liL WVAli. Table and desert kml es, tisrks tld l tpoons; soup and sauce ladles; hutter adl fish klives, cheese scoops, as , tongs, vegetaslt fol.s, itc. .IAPANNPIt V. PFVe Gothic Sanldwih: an I r(stadl cormes waiters, itn sets sil single:, from m8 ;N it ioicthe;t do til'ptpi.e rmhr; In.rad, chers,:, and knife Ites; large upritt pltte w:t,',ert's; :,lice, sg s,,d cast h ,,boxes; l , e's,, ase's; India tea tbldes in nests, celiltss Jappouted and uflrich tortoise shell,ctAc. LAMPS. An extensive nssnsmr lsts, ltlllllg Wntcl are Astr:t lamhps, all bronzed and gilt, andl i' rich cut sl:s;s manttle sai ts do, It, t.tth | tlain at with l1ast .rs :,+ ; ' v ' aspltttlihl nut glass do; Ihroutzetd ttlllls.Imcu i sel: nr braocbs't luasmss. CIIANI)ELIEIlS AND) IAT(AI l' .. IFs:gltsh and French tcut glas es!na',lier., e 8, lt, 15, 13, h0seld 'i lights; l"r'enh l on t,.;:s Grecian lascs , 5, st 1td , lightts; halb lut t' teanls, rich hlb , ae bold or cilatoo leo Illl s 1r( :" ,a roOt s, fro t lto u ligtttts, ltss sdtus, g.a0..s:ndd' wicks. MAN'rLE CLOCiSti, CANI)LtlIIILAS AND \'AStS". Ilronzed and marble; ib'lsraed mosl gilt, mnd all gill, with ltulllrs, et; contllltislg l''se :trall kitchn cloc l ks; isttsto i nk:tl:mds, cs!s:sts 1 do; tper weights, therlsoslle el's, c:i tInaks, iomlludl trk.t+ s r+te. CIIlNA "WARIhE, tilt rlltttEIAIN. Etsglish sad French dihing desert, ten and conee ser vices f psiait white, gild eIdge, sod , sry riot ttaey styls; s; plettli toilet nli rts; wetter tIll Illsk ilk l.itilse iantllte ases;iaii cyld rllcks isand basket.. EAILt' 'EN WARIE. l)iing, desertl' ten, col'ee, hbrealkfist and supper setts; l toilet warle pitchers. Also, .iotuso cllhilla dielllltr tsl.s, CLUT GLASS. F Ieecntlers, pittchers; claret tland .lsts ed Stoct: decltres; bowls, dishesr, celelry vas.s, salt sturlds, sumar Iowls, butter tuls, lfnger banstts, tumblers, wilte, clallllpaig claret, cordials, lemonade ad jelly glasses; line colored huak glabes. Also, cam le sha.ll. "T'AILE C('TL'II'RY. Fine ivmo'Y l:tlance ,s lles, slll tipt aid blluck handle knives and lsorks of 5 1 ae .i. pieces, or by the ,lzen; ivory h:tllce knivtes ,mnl tor it'er l,lrks; guard .nt tune carvers; longs i sics lr rousnd beef, oyster knives,c lnoit cr1ackJ s Sd picks:; s .ilt cters cork stUIrews, tc IItLITTIANIA ANit Il('C' TIN 1\AlNE. Tt'a mtl etio e setts and usrs, itsh r a.dl "2 tlcect, Aeitable for hontels sad st", s,,.h; ots m.- hallhdies; vt oI I dlishes I ith co e,'s . , ,T r h',lit, ,he rb s;(n l dish cu tles, Idalel .mI ors, -call s .; - t, ,ll.i s on sttoI s l. "t' tli \hi ',A::. s lh ', :od whire lh :! r', bras ultlir,', ; uas. an steel ies; brass ,pi . 1 , ., h . :; , , , h i 'iltz r: lic I all ;,+,b,:t ,I silh t s; Il I I . l t,. ,1 1e . aI, ti.ii ri ,l sa ,h r ,1 li·0 o s u, &, . 't i "i "-t hr , . e d , n d ts, sIt f, l s,, ,I s. , lih , ., . it t l,. ' tEs,., I "ii lt t", 5 1111·. u1 s ti,.l ''sen t s eq:, ," ' ".!, ' 1 ) rr :I:. I -' , ,.l, ; ".. 1 . , l,'( F li+,' II o ... . ,' I '"IP .ti, :rl S. l.. :. loci. .; , , • . I ,lt ; t , st o si I'1).I. I w il t w h L o sttu et'se u . , It lthetn , "rdtti ' , 'l s I to t.ssssIosos : uP ts ,o1 ts ats. st ol ly tul oslw.l s(s, ct I otics tsi -llhe cooilistle . osbe s r. " tr e am u. n.rt e sot of th e Giu . s, l t is co s : "l'ir : (Bi ns rdeare, ,will I,. dtdiveret l toht.e ad tsel tit on eia,-" Slates, ulilhteab, .lacs, the ch s' ls e tra. ,t aH e wler,.fiaht de the scAllti'n,1 Newt fb' and L mc¢ tlih ke I'+ Ithy sllh hl d lcmi n ll . le h bjiet Jtl lb i: ,t .., itll i'liod It otheat '.Hrranq.tnntalt'sws, ht'ats!, ',t':iu, e it t. to Oirtut.tter that nthtrs. Tle iust v n snze is - or l itlnches; but snle n iLh tiln' is ii: "e wish 5 or I rows of blrushles onil a ax. , , wI r (1 oi. wle t n sll n' I h311 n II1 It abu . Stull llU., . . . . ' )l' trutll-fh lto i te i Lnch, whi, ,le r , o 6th o-johr t, ilool rti eho r t. t , rltelol '.'\ ti,,,. tihe rtie rf giving.r rders, firoish :* suinerooet of thei, wi the, m, l tihe ln llt'let.,lrs ci tu lfil them io elel y llpartollt. Wlhlre it is left to ur, disritetio, we soell lllkle thellln.l ol the llmost lindlle and pillovelld lan. An otd ,r can be ei'xute'rnd, luan the tiele it is recened, il the stace ofrigit or ii we,.ks, and the (;it in that time pl:--idh Inli- iali, ,f the factor. To tie in L.nem I ht the next crop, all ord.l.r oi<ht to Ie in the hands of th uril oture. nhy tile tirst or middle of May; extept lotrplantatonswherethey atrelite in commencing to I Ipick or gin ctton. t N. 1l. Tlhe Piactit Light, for any of the cotton goWillg States, will be sold on tresouarIble terms. M2r otllrs STATE OF LOUIOSIANA.-First Julicial listricto Court #.H1 STATE OIF IAtIUJIANA, To all iwhol W tielloa Prreselt, slhall co l, ireelt;ng:--heereas Williani tMa ke havin ng nuirthsed at i saleo lapel by the S.erief of thie Iarinh dl' Urlons, tire property lhereinalier der derited, has aplied to tith clerk oft .io Iroutn in wlIhoe ofllie tile dee, of title was reeorded oit tile 5il day of Mai, A. U. 113:;, obr a nionitlori or ad vcrtieglnnt in coteorrnity to lnn ot of tie Legisllture of the State or Louni lio, eotiiled 'Arn a t for thil Ifrthier aurunollce of titles to purciasors at judicial sales;" op prered tie 10th day lorf irch, 183l. NOW, therefore, ktnow ye, and all persons interested lhrein, are herery cited d tiudtoonislhed in Ihre ntaer of tire State l' Louisiana o ed trf the Firlt J udoiial District Court wiho can set up any right, title or cllim in mand to hri property hereinaltertdltr.rii.r, ia, consequenco of any ilnforll iit ital ie order, decree or Judgeoent of tie court ruder which tile sotile ws ivtde, or ualyireogJluric t or ilhgulilty in tihe trtaitrnltrie•ts nrid tdv-rtietlarnot, in ime, or llolloter of stle, or orr all, other iefetl wlhutso evti.a, I alll calln l wiril thirlo dair terotl tile day tiis mrionitiorlios tirst ianoeltrd il tile il nine ilersi wily the raloe o nmode should nut il eoaliraed nnd Ilhoolo. gated. The sadl lperty waro sold hby the Srheriff of ithe por islh a oresaid on the !3d day o1f 8 pril, A.r. .1838,iy virtule of a decree of tills I'.Oltl rcnllo'red en the 3d day irf Mtrch, A. I). 8lii. ia It s'til entlitlel Wilinim .Mlckey vs. "aal el oll No. I.i535 of tile dr.ketof liis court, nt whirc sole rlid Wiilitnl t.ckiey bleeleO tirh par tiaser ftr the pricet of i3,:3100, cash. eseotiption of Property as given in rre Judicial Con vevali l;, vlz: A certain lot of grotndi, togetller with all thle bild goao and iulprovemsnts tlleron, situated in tie pltrisir rf Orleann, ir tire squatre Ihonded hby New Leveei, Loisa, Paiul anrl Delord streets, dlesignllated iy tile No rr oil a plan drawn by C. F. Zilpel. DLeputy Surveyor (iereral, ol tihe 1u lIDeetttier, 1t31. andolr detosited as ipih No Ill, irt tire hook oflpitso rof Felix i(iinid, nlltarv Inrblie. Saidlot (reSoourrs l 0ho IIc iinches front tn New rLeveeo street,75fteet i dlepth n trie side adljoiuitg lot Na 8, and tiii feet 7 incites and iiler in dellr itl th hide adjoiinig the proplel.t ulw.Dr hItelh, bsoalounrgt to N Goodale, ani 19 feel i1 inches width in llse i'lira ritre! it frotlaso oll llley of three fret nine illrles itt oUIli;eill leit lts No, 4, ,6, 6,7, 0 and It. lrk's Ortiee, llth May, 1838. Inlli I W LEWIS, Dp. Clerk. ý ; 1 rto( rincinnt f, ' l e dr nll; I rYetur nt thh f h las nlght. I ,e to f , it I t , ( ,t - ; tt.t lt a it - vil l, i ts t lhi r intutllt IIh, Jtron .1 t It , :is \ith .los plt' Ia1to1 )' llllh l ;ll. a[ilill tl l, t a1 glr eat olal V I"bw tI ing t l Ilf I tlll aln' o ali. IInro, i 111'. S Irn illo ttaerl II r. I nn i t fl s ,1 In ,. , :Ind , .t C r ..1 " e wo[ll[ too,re t'nil, aI r t" tnoi at k sir fotr t i oa t) I untl a llillllllt t ia ' a li n t la n u o he. : -ay[ rely ol i ,hflerel , ill, , k,,,h t J abl , ah Ibe m is .al. b. Tat tit alp t (t o or t io I t tll ia . J, 'thle , a 'and en the ,'o ll' n lr, nlr; hd e til: c h rt I an llt , lll li tailo n.,n p or l Ii, • e . (b lUia :lv c.rd ou t t'r m l :t tinla. t o'l tle ar(' Itdistt ol f tlo e ititai " 1't, va t lats t toar tniI t r tl ellratel t ti all he ,is I i anld not t, Ibe Ih.. ve dr vn ,hea l spoke tihe truth." TI'e tlit I n, tha o e tn e I r oduce to e the r o et. neo t will provr,of fl:. jil-wise wriltrrs ). nipr & CO. i4' athe Io r. . I wo a visetkle to rotvie thriet telves aatait'Onlany op pess, in order ail m t 2lel •aoud llerft lll er n inr a rl it l'r, , le of tlit ,l , . a it is well kni rna tlo e,t Ia la st I k iorli tlth io uo alfnel l lol ,u t •f shrllvrln to tilhe vclllers oi' that al•ti. die. t litt la'tnin ta11 far (; iah Snip, f need21 no ohil nl h Icet r ' i t h, n aft l ll of t e t i ll ii il o f - truthl . 'Thilrst.f31e thai will, (as etft,..4 1,lU. byl t he ;UUS+=S) tlun . llsV s , I , lit to '.1 It p lp r t I naIyI rely tih.-lht( b.t1*'. eI will tseek out s i b to eallr suibrr l~ brr to llio~l oher jurn ttlt, habue et lit tha will nrllt pre .t, "F''. I l,'ir I a sJti.t ils r t he I )l Ist. I aun, u;,ru n+, t n h ,1,tcl. `d. 'l' t t lht:tlrtla , I e :lst J , ' to it) Snip & Co., hve seat IeiI a lletter thlettenllilln ll, nil i t r h rI ai le r fte o lh , I ,lll i 3.. .'hat oroitlis, Iltgont pry etedlo (Ti ati, fol fourteeni da, sonly of t hio h I at il oo' lt. tSnip t olt to itform v nt ig + ite , eill d their t nl riab" l .II f never (Si!-.',f brio; hu oa titto . 4l ti, 'Tht i'in a; 'i hna ti I sha pll l'nerm' to roe lt oi1. Ton t rty a , ttIl' aIL Iat R.t u h, (im'Dr Snip i Co. do not take away m'l il if)' o n fit-- I | -t ol'f tipl J r, onral O t2. New fotrl the it of bitNanher, oItp the wtle o , .tts. next mellllll , ire orad ,r d hll h lt t ll tile do hullt thil islin of l th o tdi i t, t o f IBostt a , t Pr hilua to de. pin, Men, o ri s t shvill, ud I ouI i vril ll wh io ver robably. (, l b rt, d ti r rll r a d tin!r,: arrivesI aooi ''li l l ' I ,, 1 I ,1 lllll'tt re Ia"'lian d. I·licr &, . Gilt a n e a:) lmsos u tllt, hl r . l la 4th. o krl n ' ll ter e ( r h,5th, Pir dl (, and d) o l,1an! Ifi. , stl re. (;c iah Ii,!h o , 'Ili t nS l llih nt fall ll, u lst e duly, h alal ie. e 1, c ,P1, flto thell I rrrp'iehnra Ililn .:[l tente 's of url`l orat 1t 0 A i.+£+!'. I would hnLt' l hR n.a lbllle 1r. Snp & Co r l e', that lgo lwho retlht eri, t ile to thread a vn o [lie, r s n u t plit ''ton 'e,l I ba lb iit I e -,it thi h'll t t f iestor ih ll, iht ho, nlil b lind l ty, lt looI twhe llp, vu. hallt O aei h l af hi s ) own lot i wjsy' h o er { ;l'lall he it Sin. h I f -en Ill ,hi·e i i Ho rt.yrptl me(d Dic d h trla sp onlle '; therta. ier; tieon - tftht .- tuc t lt d atar f ir s ne. w lornl .teI tlh pvaint nl Jdr stt re ktep' to tintnt ie il l iti e ll d l .i)t Io u l , e vl-, thn Illo than re( r am lf 'eing ,& 't' o ,i" , I liu lette n o, sad aly, e "ual 3 h at. "lltd alet.l n l efrlllt i pi"a 'tto a , " ll. everI aIPyto obtain 1/y IpIi to Itn , ;'inil p ilt l n"'na ol '. o.--Sinc. ritin~ito ht, I to ande irot it it o imt' hat .neof the rait r I Sa.htl t r'' o I.JO L ( li'il t Journal, and hist tI a' aitlletl,lt iatire sot w tl ptlea. ed.'l a 1 ItIts, flt r Iit i'.na t'i nlitntL, lll tira itthe n • iiv l tlato r .. F'r1 t hr . a.Ithttt -,i o ltotayin -,oftr. P ee as "l ilgati Of lhe rauil;" of the reOuh{V oif (71 ICIoInVan .Ma te.n 'tla its atu'It le i yttlotv ttatil ao a,, n( s t e ted ae upon~lili t I oris ' 'a own tdt t lln,"atntraany itt. r m io ialitlll tonl,, a 'ilht'.trtttllnd t' ,th t' t)l if1t t o rnd,+ tiotoit dell+r vi n{ l hiS ipI ii; w il ld; : w, lin be,, leie ll .t h }rv5 h I'at o ur tewter Ib rnt alivt., ao. l rs httitt o y a ta lloer whilst sonrlic+ \'Ir' raisedl to he eCI, "'rs ' r, n I te 'e knights of tti rai l. That -_ , olmto stit a t i d to ot hy. t1 t pr~lil,' brutin, 11jooin hIn brothetr, :he ktao' t t "o the 0l1 110d10ch illl, ntll tio tt tot l-al, II is ,al i still in. ,l.Fi ,Cl htdl , h , lrd :t, l lfll ..1 I ll b1·!!,,ll a i ll l*o . oa - . , pr.,i lull'v a l Ihutt r.r{)jul h wl ate v lgt1 rlll' , ui;ll · n st. but of , ' . t t, l o, ttl It otllittt lt , nli,' , 0 .0 l, I.h't t 'r Ih, Ih:. ,bh++ ,!." . wii ,x l:ti,, to n I,', il his dv i I epw.l, , htiinchnittl pttaothoao oiiv lt" ito't o'hlo iato.l tino. n t ti tirti th "l1i1i 1 and Il tn ,L.loth,i , I I' ,it :,s to d li2 i ts ilt firl n;tll+ltn 'oa trol in Loth, 11r1; o tt" i' Iorai," n Iksor 0 itt' mI uch ai pprl + v.ll (+. ti by\. ~nD,' Ito !i'" . e. I o'l. I 'l r tt it' n igtty bolaI Ion,, '. !+_ |( , , 1l' nttttt pronto attn ofo ill Ittto t' u~ltt ilo I,, - ,nat Io: I,+ht o I: talorls ., r. 'tha tat to . t l oto ' l ,, a it fl\ tno. {too-.;tt l 'htbll i n !t l,! nl I i dto, o bu ', , II' .ita 0 kn'l l. no, , +tl titt io i' ttIx , i' 1 I tlly. o I t 11- t ll ' toi. -..o, 1 0.c t " 1 \v;l+.,, I `,.,LL I ~S, lat { ,: ill t. u" { li; t,,I s ll. io , h.,,+ ot o'Ii+ i , ! ....rir b ,' tlll, t;:Al,, ,,,- ,,,'I ,,,,, tI , , ' . ".1,, , g 'i' - , ,;ýj , ,+', h r,.,. I,, 'ii ,r. . . ......... . + ,+, . ,,' ' +?;' "I",'l ' h ' l . , , rIh. ., ., ~ , r ý i," el o t. wh 'rl ;,, lw, rr , ,a, ,than, . , 1r,- ,, Ih.- . r , +. ,,,i, i r: ,,h ofle , r i and, lhe ,hit" bl r ' 'I II~"::, ,'lev . a k \V 0 hr hiv ', rells r tliy Ileh ll n ,.fI'i lllo . Idnu o to ur t -llc" will ca't al right ,1,1 5I, ,", wtll undo iihlo prc,,tll' . ;ll b l lll Re tilt e'the ·. It:j ,llv't ' ,1 '~itl' . o " lhl i · r d[,llr tit b .:.llkc o I elln ,1 i'. in , ]++ (1.. |'lrt1 lltlhlph' - h+ ,r li r His l l el . S; .'b a lh d t'a ,(l o-, In~l,." ,rC1,u iti hv can do their dir, v \+t,r .. .J \ II.II. tS, u:,. wrs;,'' prv+,':lrliit:e hlhtt' sdltu[ to.Ih th, - inuy baut hqt;r. 'Th, 'y' ,n.,_ rr-I, r I, I ,lud n t kntow L ev9. rnu sa , nvt any Jhahs ,!hoi g the dr, o' ists ii L nosehlr., e\'.Z". it, though niu luli llntede l llld by tle. Jfll;:l-on lhnm=,, .<atan G',!+ 22d Ju y, 1837. Jvrale'n eltni I1 t'Sr,, ln ivi il..l July 1:1, i837, 7'o lhe Edi"or r!1 the ('yd. Garete: k` {--hituv; a istn,[[ to the enrtreaties of my Ipn ý matlentsllts, r tli resoived, itllmy hetr h Iito ni• ts, i t r-" 111t1ll1 in thi s i lls vo ti the e dul of July. th++ts the 30dit r tl oliahs S. & , have applied to !tit e blind, 11r they do; ,d'Ol that I an enalledt to cure; ; 'I was weak enomi tol read the aass ot falsehoodsa signed S.,which desere nothing but my silent con Ilad I tkown last eveohltgof tile great importancec1 IP SS ,I should have treated the luto taf the tree some chat diflirently: but let that pass. I will. however omrpliment his master of the Journal, for his saga.ity a el.ploy the firmer knight (not ofthe garter orolfthe li.tle, but) oft eedh i needl t , in order that h nay kill two' birds with one stoll, i. e. to patch the oles that lmay be ill Ilia natural lor politiltl garlellts: nd, if 1 may jultge from that excellet paper, the Ad rsetiaer, )r. Sitp s master is, politically,iln constant teed ofthis eeruvices. Whenavy circumstance occurs, awhetherdomestieally I r politically, which requires a blister, whether oil hi, cwn nlOe orll tile reltllutioll of tllose wlh do not halt -en to please hIin, being ultike him, (which mustt be a t'iut mislbrtune!) then it is hie rin..s his IIELL, whrenic After all is nothing tore than if it was'.saundilg bras.e r a tinkling cymbal;" yet, to view it tihus-lr. helli loks well; it with aa .It. A. S. S. after it, uppear lagnifireent!!! JOHlN WILLIAMS, Oeulia. Julyl4. n LO dIGt t373 Pi'tttsbutrgh Bllue Ploughsl,in tor an lilt. ont a i t l (I @ Ci O S It t(IRE S, CO. ap 17 .2 Old .Lese street. B]AGGING & I10 IIE-li ps Lagging; t.ncoils 1) Iape,l n ialiug from eteattrboatC Oonmteree,for sale by IYIAI' & AMELUNG, m28 17 Corlmerce street. P )RK--310 bis lprimel Pork, landing from steam Shitt Emperor, or sale by iI.AYET & A'I 1.1ttN( A U(t- Alt-tiO ti.d i plautatuiton, tar rateir b 1 ,a1t S1. A' I' i & TRIER, 4U1 Podras ts. ~t I '1--Icd bbIi New O-leur.. i , for uale Ito - .1p 1 J TIIAYER & O. NO I 'CE TO CONTRACTORS. S 1AL.%E.; propllUals 'will ie reeltived at Rtle office of the .,"w tirhitns ald Nua-hville rail-road, or" ihe delivery o(f:10,lit; feet of iiue or eyvpress lintit r, to he flllat.l,, a twi i lIs; tit' nit sulrikae, s ltt hbe ati least IH ijll(.l lllw l ]-, o t ishllr'in ' brolubt to illw j e. s ill tlhick rl,.s . I 1 , 1 eat is ll e IIiI -lhs of lnott less Ith 111 'II ret. The tilh is t. llil llllo tIle' Psllr,'" 1of I l lt.ball r uiit n. u I whil bg.rach, ii Ih. th;nrd lnhau Ibove the ti eat'trt , i tiie tof t ia ,ow caat l,at tie Rail-. troud lricar it th iit of ttine Comtpany. Proposals w i'[ I he reeci ed ttr eovelins the enmbank lilPllut lII1 ItIIIe IIm tls: riL h, sh n)r orftil a ike, whil sheilit end solntl, It iltde th ll c l +.f mllt I n illteho,, 'I'lThl, a ttrilll thr tile pirpo . ate easily nihliainedl within at shorlt di. tllle of the embilIanklent Ililll d the tC pLnIhy will hnr nish cart and :i ttldrials t llti i t ".lllllte porry trlIck, where the distancel is tort grtuit tor tsitng wal-ctlbar Also, IPropnak will e re.cetvd fi r lrtut ittpne several htin ties Illnll the lillne of the road; tit,! dscription wi:l be given on applilanlllt to the ilnietlr. No, tlrieahs atrll 1as-inhlu l{il-road )ticý, June 8il, ,1 '. I II ,\D110 1, Chlief Ellgint'er anl General 'Superintendant. /% U{-I+\It--1-,U h!.;- ~'r' prme:, oil I'huittuuon Bi.-- nt ihile- floll tih ti l r, Iitr stile by l i T:i +11 IY t ME &BR(iOTtEi' Ri, tll t :l19 Cortlm. l t 't l irellta r ol (iga ine ft. 1 IBRE.LI,.' S P \i lei d,,-OL+--.3 ca.copris ltr tate by il'1t h1tt t1-e Bii. IDGEti & Ot tttiia a1 renit It g ritt''l a!t it' t'ill-, .rtr;,ltieth Pill , iaa+te i lu itiiea r, lu Ita kilsi- it la r e:,t, t i llle Ii nll rI e pill., I:artlear's Ealibri'rva.itl . an , L UiiUt i tColt in, t'. &.i.; landinrea ild forsuall 1,v 11 Ii NAiiL, Catideaa ttt r t.". ;,h, .I '+ l Tl , nl'r:+ s. PR()Si'IECTUS, Till'etr proposes to publish, in the be. ginning of Lhtu cn:riii;a winlat.r, ai Condoisattion cf the twenty volut ls ol tLh Old anal New Series of Martin's Louisiata y Reports, to heo comprtlad in tour voluntes, tina., according to tle model of l'etera ' Condensed tiportL.. This work is no'l it preta paration by J. Burton IHarriisot, Esq., of thit city, asasisted by Wrilliarm F. raaanld, Eqr. T'e Editur is :also ptrmnlted by a distingtished retirei d Julge of the Saprane (raurt, iand by one of thle sittigl t .ianr.s,, to exc, t iton their pert ,it t ruprvation tali th t advtntaue wttich nuay nitur'itil h,: rn. pesd hromu their exp rience. Suchl a i work is blcloling every day IUre. ne ces;ary, Ms thl orii:ntl iS VlIlnmolllsllllll , expenive, and sCalre. An ilnrc.itir cilriosity too is lmani fest, in tihe other Statesof ttt Union, ii roftrence to the ip'cu·l r jurispruduce of Louasiana; and tle circurlllsailctt of the numelrou principles here de cided inll Ih- adju.sitment of conllicts of laws, makes the knowledge of our adjudgced cases of primle uti lity to the juristsof thie whoi Union. M3orove,y toh rising I repubhcof Texas has adoptdl our codes, and thus t:re is a greatll demand tfor the Louisiana docisionus flol fro afresh quarttr. Convenit.ot ntoes, niltuting the parallel oases decided in Louisianall, and ,oclasionally tllosr in the morn authoritattive forulms of th ollther Slttcs, will lbe added to each c;ao. 'T'he work will form four volums, royRal octavo, and will be dclivtred, bound, to su!,suribhrs at 8i6 per rvl.; inl iase it should be found practickblo to compress it intlo three volulmes, the price toI sub scrllibur will hic t7 per vol. u`lubsc'iptions received hy WM McKEAN, je5 cor Camlp and Conulllllloll !s. BALT)NFESS. S 1 H:\T1 :lTIFI L hemi of hair iq th agrlnlcr adest o a ; Illrr: l c , . ý, ;. , + h.i I,,, ,I..'.. ,I+' , .t.. ". . .:I niy n t o .(.)i :It h mif amllll vPle. iow 90 r1qil( eL : ·. IIV'11 Iit) +h,i:.l - I :Ir['T ," i il ll ] i tl* ir~ tq I11II 811qerl.i .Or ·''WI {-~ ~ ~ ~ ae andVl~ proI Ye",( I wh't' r in o:n+tt~t+r, the up er ae~l ole f t.i' e w h'lv h, ,e vnn - I, 1 i' r ' ,:1i Ii' i. . e) v ri, lld. dll ' lt )l o m . Iti e Sni lt l )l.P~ ',) i.' +.'.1. ·;.:l'th) 2,,.'r, l. th l~it<.)+. .+'¢,. h w1f:l ' te ;et 'I tc' be e fh i i t.iridg'. - I,,,+ ide. - , , it H "'i, t In"1 tl i+,+* l T oi),; h 1,uut I'I11 11te m ,. " D o w oo mir ovd: Ivfl',, I',,hs o i0t -I ,em, the M "ro in n:- and l'+e a`, s R ' ob 1rt ci w lertws Inrq. lt late ooutivor rts it It II, a ,ei: iy In enlvoii , tor thel wi llgh chu lrn f i .t h ,l-t ,, t " ,, . ,i : , , .-1 r - ..Io T ,Iret n .h t " w 1n,, u tl have l l ... d ir , hi.l, -,rvie a:l e n, otl I ,I ." l.r, " .rv 1,1,ti n' ,raint t . ..lin..... o ....f .uir, ut also..... " .... a , e rt .. ' 1!:Ir +P~ ; , i c. .I o.t n!+ l i ,t PH ),I,.I t e L:,:" T rip I '++ it' ilt+P o1 " I tl h "r`: , : t lh th~ r , r +'h, .'-, "I , it, tot'()Dr ,"t ,= it It hers it -I " ic'ad the n -h 'h-:--r, I '"" tint r m et ,rthoI t , ,i late Mr v o r , 9 " l ' 1 !ii t. JOHlN P INLISH!:,391 Jach s· trret. I ht ,eerl ),'J ist tlau I? Neur b lhrw, I t.) the hik 111r e m1 . I t ,ter tit" he ",l]o aalln Ie, lt'en ,1u eil. :ilmr 1111· r·ii~rl 1 hflF illlY.243 outheds~it:. I~t .l~ T'h uia nri.l,,lown d, here oy t t:lbve ih'rt w hnve msred then dars of t'hnlhi a dIte ohred by .I, thhiile. and ; p haeg )ldi iz lv-rimbeiotl]\ l rv+~itainsti'. the fdlting. ol' of heir, Lilt also a'cert ....... t ... 2 t at riv. ,o1 W onnu11,, \ l 1' 'V ,TC le ft, ;iieni(r, tit Methodist MiiDster ice 't".(n'ra" (bear. ,o 8ti Nnrtch Iifth at. _ TE ,1 J )i IN i INti ;.l ,bly l th t r,,et. r ih hi r J t)hI 11 ' . t , M 1), In;n R enacst It Jel w e s e st S ruN l'l ! I01 Sprt', +trelu.n I hr 'o II' 1 e h'c I 1 lllll 2.1NlI3thd e t. i t .9 Wh.S to\ le , r,!3 Arch sr, et. Wi t ll ac y nlourel t e . i il, Ma y or.] a (unottUuwei:,.thh e'fPennsvlv,.nui,, ar Clihi l ie 'Otiely f h'hdelhia thn 1t SIto hcrt Vanrte gi ve le eolsai, city of iqil de ca i, to hrle. C.i e I t11 I ..... I I we ll aA Iuinted with i 1 i J 1 lletlist Jour S Flre , tad I ilntue M lit . rd, ltutes l nzes er, inle ed t thie ahf o e eertilciltnt out th y re Ln ltl le e1' t of chr e la au nd re n e ttiorht, :a lltr Itd In wit r letrier Ju deo htave hereurInt o Netv y |ltlnd at In·d cal e dill,, senl of the city to b <dtixýe"d, this 6ith d 1)" y ri fencrite, &e. Fn IL. i,] Rol tIERi'I' W I.,R'I¢,N, J:,,r.... O)la thtore dt.u I'h bottlfe dtinhe+ Gcelle ule! ilet hoe a su lendil e ort d.el len ,, w ol hh 0l t hiton s do.: :melt re rr ecu~larab on s ileaituCrI Idanisn festimaionaris oln l r th eI lmd d1 e h vof, n enn, ue un It, e u S. l cIonhtqe1.d tit retoil rly tipe sIte ae Ita foir Aelte 1 rieot Na .l? h 'fl 'h t t .ll ol o cIar a.,l Icale no !d a Ih u t ilf l teine jurllt Arrilr ,idjol'aue IN, enl·r vean. (RD li I - ( 11 Bei~lucll , No.15,5 5 u dtoke do cote C~rllo r, A lugueor lle I tbeh le it WJlJria.P tilla l ly o rt (hugirei ts u an uul pe l '| thr ol: h .e ctltl "',. J \ iV\I'S Y .\NI)RlEW:';, Un9 ceta lo e erre-d, y~ee c Nipstu ew Obatn'. s I..'TA'! DE . L,\ I+ )ISI.I.,NE--C,;tr dt, Pre.ttier Iris- I a uIritt ,1 tld ci;Irl. 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Burmea du Grellier, !1 Mai, 10:18. n1lti G; WV I.[IVIS, Dep. (iretficr. !! ,11" AUNT 'ONTrYPOOL, i.. ntv,., i,,n Time Denoted, by thu t+ uthoress of"Thce IDiainh.+rited, "Flirtation," Ce. i,t 2 vale. _The :.Idvlentures of a (;extttemnat if, set-rh efta Ilorse" iwitlli llllllerolte wiood ellts. .a('trlier'tdowrn or .News treh Oalr Neicehhhurhootd: lheil) sketchesa 11V the author of "Ourli N,.hihborhot~d," ýc in I vo.. " Rtussia a ed the Rxausian#; or a jo~urney~ to St L'eters buhlrg ,rod Moscow, thrauch Cookaed and Live:Tin, with rbntactteristie sketches of thle people, by I,,.ieh Ritchie, Esq. auttht)r of "l'urner'e A nnuail Touer," -".'cettllter lanue' i, Acg. rraltioe of the ..retir Laudr 0. peditio n to the nmotth of tiht great Fish river, and elahte the sho)res off the Arctic OcPean, in the years 183:3, 13:31, and 13:15', by" Captain I3ark. R. N. eommander ol the exrpedition ustmtcd witlt a map. Pl i.NTS,OILS, GLASS, IIBRUSIES, &c.. oit. I''I. it~,tifo.jlssc r.itquIlity, fi'ioi t IS0 t'c2 iXSXa ilsti k " .u lea: Pi'i l l i p tu'; d I, ere1 n miint, in S-a l k.:'--S" . o ..)Z JrL ').'. ins lirsic gt s';iil i lit lb ilclrge size sod nnalh y; V snblr!:rail s l lire ir ti ;ts il-:t iiirlrking , tre:t,ill ot ,ltxs itted .".: wiith all iecesst.ry bri ihese; ruist', tv ll, Ae. " Flukn: Ill Irnllllltr whir:;. tit pakenr h gl leaf; white lnd yellow wrax; .luin rai . ; n and at lure lll c(:hoei(o as sort/'/lillt ti fi la nlt.s, dry' rolors oil. tarwlp etiur, vareish, &c.,tR lalh',uhJlcsah,u and ituilat the li' it ' i, by tlONIIvl.lI, Rn8 5 Camp st. .VC;' EDIT7ION OF TIHE CIVIL COD1 1 OF LOUISLII./XI. 'T has been irer omn time made known to the publle that thie isulscribers ire enlgaged in preiprinlg for the press a new edition of lth Loi.stnoa Civil Covde. l'heyv ,re. Irn lihe first, iawar of the greut dilfficulty md rersponsibirilt atytldilng I p bhlic:atiu ~l' the work, andll it was ot aitllhot rwlt heitatin thllt they con sented to the ulldertakig. tl thile present ';leditionl. amlountinl to about ["ree: thouni t spies, andt ,hick hald cast thile State Iore thout thirty thIll, l all idolll:u , V i a(r'lltaly oullt ofprint. Fur earo.e thllan two years past, thll: I l iliace of tihe walk iihi bueen from thirty o is l t sl of ritten rules wanih co iimtldiitrely oi ir;+tes iiiOa every in.ividc nl of tce state, interestel eIthLe"i I l'iar ullure oi COllllllmerTe A:ndlll whirh ';overns lle dispositioll if o ntuch propertyv omtli to us from olher ulte+;, th -t-trl. le tnlll ys ,'. ' othertrcati.- uponl Iw-it is au salsh the ,ln'-book and amd11 II1ofll the +In lnt a t'l , : i oitiii, it is if tie piaate gentle llil 1 i t l c- li I ul fi " iiii. ;: a: c Lvu n'vlvvt 'le. I bie lawyers oI tah lior; linint st:Iate, and in fiet ofll I thoe sta ta u t, hae ta: 1J n i ..i i.s.,sip p i rivers Iahieh lindla lt filre Ie ir : it r -e n, I .o i 1ianI a hoi le II tiri - SIqueit n1ce.=: i, "a of r +i-n:r i It, th rlde, Anillo d lnc u it ,l ndi,'ns r twac l ie i- i to -n tit' i. :ari u and i.: the oiy ofl Now l irle, a tIlre h,Ik ic. 'is sI e t found in tll(cv Iivctullli' cit. t I-.old I..l l hS W tIl. le di sk ii f tl1 tlihe iioal, c li I' e ctitil1II out, IO n iiemti ne dusk r( I f;,! iuI'r ý, or "l. t If le o I't ' al. l nmv. It io- nlot solilm rJiuy Ihl rdIf w thathlac firs, edition , 'he ,nark wnts so tilt.k Iv li-.,sed lit; nl:d alt hot g I t re re pril ni' it wouln it~-lrl· s l tlel isupply t h ui lc li r l nr c ,-ity, yet t it woald Is' ii prha.e t ::id ulnsuminctr l letrlo 's aIilln tted with ree rit a toillt ill.tellr l naf l S lI tl , inll r, r t IO llioee thle ullllroit atb l foll det wcheh t hi a t t'n -abl Iele y the Lh eI. I .'l'1 l ti, ottl t ie i tllt dei-ii its artit:Je Irv tc l ot tu til pre Cour 'll te pulll i ithelr h, v y serrie , tfr i thl i ,o , rai uper tttit er anzti ertoprial dept rttltent of theo , r'., til eru i vtvcshlo + irvic i-l lit cih ' ,k 1. !'pla , I',.. u nellher d' t: Ned Orleans lr. Thtitc Ion.i i t,,i i'll lari , .Itcilell l iermuds, andIe l otl ertre Et alise , nlva e rt,' k'imrliv assisted ;1r U )to as ith the valutble notes which tie'v have co llrled in the rIUI'S o) tiir ,udies aid practicr;Ild 'to .r & [ J eLis, t'h purt ,r o, 11r Upton, who is also nugated in the work, ;eo stravin idgea, Esq. lhas ,resrnted the treal mass of wea. -eu ,.untained in his oflice copy of the clde, and iha__ v1 , be en' made lay himi during the whole period it hr:s dis:lnguislhed proleasional labors,. The publlishl vr+ sans a' tterothrr., well trust [trait the annotrtiontm of the ++r'k .ill Jbe all that i hnustrv mil lablunnr, tasitd by h11l f -t that the Leislature of Lolisincts lnlhorized the, , ernor to hgor one thousand copie- Of it 1i'i the th' (ndu ;l+ti th re. tate. The readines, wyitl1 which this :q thtt confidence in the ability of the publishs.s and :litorw hMi' it is Io. ed, i not whollyv ,n111serer. The work wII h, printed in ,rmnch amn EIglish, execution itof it vorre8splul wilth its great inlmrtance it wi l probably be ready ftir delivery in the mouth of 'Tlhe oulscrittion lists once closed, the store price will be tweutvydollars per ropy. -.o caO v,[ in. xr, r' lt. NEW YObK. [ILotisiana nitI Nuw I ork Iine of Packels.] r{I\UK shipis collpumllt" this llilt+ will sailllll frmNW M l (),Iva n-wll h ew fu ,.ll on every other Mlultdav- llllllllll('ing ( l i tit1h Ioembelr, nd to insure the <rir:tun t Itoetltldity in thekr time of sailing, the line wili here:after Icolsist of five Nhi is iz : -hin 1aono Catptniln T.raM tlsk to cf thile U(lth nov. Sli o L ti.tile, Cptai ailnie, to leave on the thh Ship hl./t ille. CIaptain El:dridger to leatve oil tih , 186 1 niet' MIll 'i'lfl tr~,,,i Captain le H iodi foe, to 'leave ,I the ((l ',+, . f i i. hl One tl l- Iud el Wdo t'r, It:llr . hder t l tis arllt I nt t ol iii t trt 11 l cc il a: .lli\ lnod . v: Iht( 'li " will be ELoviSd, and eely regard hadi i Ollilll 'nt: ij clllr tinh ttio o paise nrtl.i, l ho 'hpa' lr an the . iu the Ioll-i ne. is. ThiFe tole. ti tr cltltt ole b, tnotiplain we051l er ,li .rt I hiI t-it l n a, rIlll Ol . 'i lhey will l tall tis bet toe l uI s t l ll u ld ll ieM is , lli i iit .ltlillll tlnlill· l.Ilid siti s atriC t aest l olt; t tila oserlS TlC d i'll ThI it ll Va Ii e i, ticlltie hipts will nor li reseonible for i it e toi rol{t ,fr or pictl .llte k ellt bte or 1li (It l IItlt I atottet cthemsl.a re tnllonilltit Iittnaltd. dithlrlfil y it tle colllil uti houle of the agelts r owners. For arthilr patitulars, aipply to EIN & C N; V Fol' lar:ge alntc, (Igl.ish brlit cotlpper ilet' llld, nll hasl l en cIlie ret 1 L, slie is .l I fl it ll).g llll el.t ilft mlllllln; alt o L s Lt oo Ietitt o tedt itn l:re tIl, hion strtts for ctted fiur Iie;TiurWheitoer re l MotooCS swirl LIetllS willltaat i call 1it .N q 71 I0 . \l:AV CTilf', I'i:ENs it'.A. pr coti subseriler laving purcihased the lese aid frit nitured this well known at'lislanent, from Meg T''aylr, t. it,' proprietor, wille ei ldy to lreeive li. ite Iy thie lset oif April n i'xt. Ntilni rles ll auolstilt ill ;tlil flmll will be follltd ill lt Illltllllt ll M IllS ol teil ' ] ito il t ci, illie. t e Int lle in ol i Mli y l ( ltli t lll b lllll sos il e iitlt will e bulra d ali b h- otr irl Lte prot idh:dt at nil hours. A I stable %i l bhe tllaclh(d to tle Iolnll, wil .ll .tlecolllllmmolda tli si ar boll ,lit hll'.t tid t lllrllii . il'isst rat' horses tnIal eirllt s will Iiso be tkept line hire lit ei [elrate price-; all eoill ad low louts, ino lt pelsolln to Itmalte theill fIor tih oII o l k ilsters. ;illi trdll and other irolllor ell l lsi, niett :in t C l baring places, owl l ls 11rllii t l, t sr. ki acoot it kle b otut lo it. io i, li t Ii , I 1 vlan gillllll tile bIoar,'er. ' e' l o \ [li s mlllad ulallnt l tIeo t~le liv l.ltl 'ill| llll 2.tlr i1 K lll t ti wll¥ ,I ,oi llt, Slte ie n o luly, .an in nsuofe t oilluopply n itc,., a earo has altread p beu ordered, whitelw will Oriso I3' lrd riik llarl d, who ftirerley rIe cet I tlarn a hotel ant \VWshit ltl it s, wil c oud Iiltue s toilok ltat tiey will rleceivu etery ussiote .ttentio; d thereby x pects. t t0lldltl s tdlllpnulIttC ke tlf. T Io, al ic t tlll.eo s of i Ith llhe ar too ell ,Ila s ;l-atllt 'Pesacla is the largest iiiiv l stliol of the r' i he sii hi]llll,- fl is s uctllllle refreshed lllen ut y dlo ting r lte llllm r nillgteh by tuie oolestt I ree.les ru inl the [lull;', the he tntu Of the lbuy rnd the .eighbourong Isl with tlsceh the wattel[s loud;iai a i, proxutllll lto Ire best Southern i lark.etl, give I'e :ll'lell the pr"' Iltenee over alll other plahes ill therllle, as It h alinly and d,'lihtli lal saul lller itreau l. 'ist ILate boats will rll betIweell Petnsuo Ii and MJo bile, anud will at nil times he .Ir e tol ttake Lluh posden.l.,.r from thle New Orienue hoats(. N B ARNOLD. Pensanole b. F .J. 15th,1838 7. ,lentl: Iim wihinllg to .lnal e roomll s for ltheir tall l alline a [d res the propri or. t I' 1, tns col , t S1r Sewell T ''aylor, the former proI rnetur, at Niew Or Relerences. T L t'ifortd , ,IrC( tlutlul, t McAlpin,ln Eq., It , K ill, , in l M ob h, . d T T'a' ylor, I' i' R ea.,,, E s q, in N et 1' S-A letter bs 1 to receive c11lletia. f personI tt the :,eolltel, is Plcedt at Gleo Wr llltman', oflie, Cl St .'harle-s ';xch .age. FLI..ltDL ROUTE 1COR1 NEW YORK. ]" Travellers deslirous of t.tkiglllot ih Iridl routell, via en'sacolatot the Nlrth,au'e infrli ed thal iresT rltl ba.i:ts wi | oll c talnl run |lan. ;Aohlh t , esol ll Ist of May. Good ltoge* will &l.ays ebe provided .. tho subscrtbor to be in tenliless to tak. passengers fron .1iobile, in case of the failure of the LatOs The stetmnhont Chmnpio leutves M,,titc lbr ePensu calif twies m week IA) 28 ly nll or casks asUi lndian bhlse eted thto h ,ll tltur iit 617 Gravier street. gaddle, larness and T'runk M.anufacturer, tdtolj f mis her of 7/fil qtar i_ Erlr t s o. 'er2 d ,.criptsioa HAVING in employ several \ilitary Worknme he is ready to execute work in et.e hove line i ",,cilttioia, eont.aaMlv on hattd. 1t DR W. EVANS.' CAAI()MJL.; PYIt.J. StdIn highly vn.,nie mnnedincinnine nly ie hid wlhle _sale and r'tuil tunt ew York prias, of KEES & . )D'ANGE.IS Cainp nsteet. It is Olf iide tle ItCllnen.d for the t lowling dis easns: Dysn rpein in aIll it, fi s; biliout uin liver li linre Ptarticular! the alnlseu i.:ldendl to n i.her-; I!,or tlbol, fever i" :ei t iei rinc i ln.I l '1 tions or dle cliunes, wh, tler of flulit .ror lses, het;tl'.-H or gitldi alsn, toss (o' ,npeitie, nervutn s treI orI , h I hrinti n uttin delirijn trtqlltllrn- s a ,i a dlic utn,:tinnll mdkU.ins. rhitu tialsmll, wlhethet r rhrollic or irnttOnmatory: nervous or bilious loavers, oft v,rv variet: scrofui:u shlt rheum too ilrlnnt, rhnlio uniir ;o imp ilnI.on'inlr)hy: io* s uftheskin; to-h·ls., esslt mnhih, c:ll deity irr.tbhilitv and imelalwlliu lith unner comuplaint, ied cholera nIius or irh i grwn pi I, ; i nII cr rl tltu aenvc, with baf bat t r. chroT~sism nndllp.tnltioni ofl the 'rnit lld head; o lsg,.s of fiItale conslti tinn; ,nad for inlmuire.i awl disornanizedI co:,, li"tiutiuos in o ilshr .ex; which hlav.i not !been !rtl tlhliltat relieved bL anyv ",tht~r inedlcines A nnl.i trial l of Ir W F nl' medicines in any of thelse cases, will prodluce ueic "fl- rs as will in dicate their in!niCup,.uahi superiority, ad indauce such a Ise of them rs will inlire at i pedy and uiI nquestiiun blt1 cure. Ii)i,: tinniun fotr tle stcOlll tnn!nnin i ng t nIm. Nti.orou- ceti:icnltes olrmnis taill bde tl wn, t.o tnro thei lenith o(f thie lrno.,tlle it is ilnpoa si le to lre thIlh publicity I/lrogllh tlhe nI.dillwn of ll uewspy:e.r. 'n Dr I.vns' intaltlulee ti her: ar unIpwardd o.25,000!e s "'m. and in this eivty we a.n1 ,etr tm) mtsll It·gtun= asIo letsP hern '-ined, soil ; lust ml .s eotirh' iured of lueng st'.ding dts,.a:se, by D)r Evana' Cmalloo ile h'ii:,. STALTE OF LOUISIANA-First Juldicl. 1HEI' S''tlE OF I.OUSIANA, To all wuhoin Sthese i're lnt s shall come, (;re'tiug:---, !cbre·s", Jar-tes Barnes Dig"' hbing punchased it a s:dt mnade by th' ;Sheri u'f tlhe ti.h of t)Orhtlas the ,!np ( it. ,l er.. inmf'er dlscribid, has a pled io the clerk of this court, in whose office the dlc.di of sial was ircorded on the .'d day of April, A. D. !.i8, for a monition nr adsnerti, ei t inl cont'orloitifi o, liet of the Leislatiure of" tihe t:t-e of Louisi:t.n,ntitled .iAn act m or the tnrthTr s. auSleCof titles It pierch:,rs ; ajudicial sales;" aoo' ',oed the Ilith daiil f 3yincII 1 3ii. 'NOIV, tllef't'' ort, 1knew Ve, sail all I'sonI intlltelr aslei hllt ri, are hllereb tl ted ad wll nllo. ishlle. l in the olllll t i thle S:ateio Lan;. i:,., and of thii Fi ..t .j dicl Distr licti (itll twh can set uln:my ilmgt, title or tlhii int and tII the poperty ae described,in consequence ,,f aln itf rT.lalh in th, order,r icre or Ijuldgintet of tlh court : 1se't'. w.hill, t ohe l nas mllsnn, ior ily irrlt'gi rity ori ill," a'itt in the tlqur'isenmets amnl :sdstetiu'w .ce ts, in -alm r iI n.iv oilhmr ihhet whito siet: l. Wntuo oitlsfe, \fiti 'n th irty in r u the div ia i rlc ·t - i es tilt', llt i in ilni prlr i ileu 't sile to made shullv d Iruhe c'olnlfw d I.o. mnlo,:aled. The stid propero , no saihl ht Ihe SI,'f" ,f d.t pIor i.h alb' r'aid on the 3,th day lt March, A. 1 I133;, b, , Ir t mle of a decree It" lnlni n l't, rr llrtfin rel ,t hil. ;ti dus of .minairy, A. D. 1n;:'r in a siit il t entitnlid ,lamtls Inu n',. Iliggs v.. tti'us Gi eene, No 15,191 of tithe dockt of this Cont. at which salte staid ,mlnes Barnes Diggs hee:nte thep urlserf tor the priceof twenut-tile thousnml doJ l (ejeription of property as given in the Judictial Coin Vane , v11ie Vlz: , Acnrtain piece of prnneIrty or parcel of ground tigetltis nit ll the blin lir.ti oni d ituprlitntllem hlercull rights prianleges, s. inm eremntll elotngilng, of inn aw iseap-n peru, -nnIg, itgte in t'auhounmg A.nnn. ci iola ,above this cvty and moensuring in English nleasure, three hundried i:nlII lit.v-six iet l ni tour-eighths of all itnch front oii the publie rnad on New Levee st, three hundreld and bixtl snt fet six illlchesantfnlour-eighhl oni inci h tnt .ln Ceiste , twoundrllll edl andli ltt-fiselet.tlm ineinch a two-eighthsl f'an ich on a line lfrinting on Old Levee s tl', ntil it , hilse thboniit lry lintof ltnldanent Xlil- t Inudons properlty, t .the orlner of Old Letee aln Ns . street; there t'rnning a right nirgle, uni extemnionn 1 eighty-fin't fint anit three inahti, dee. anongthe holumlatn lit of said Alillaudon's property pmralct to C%-lesteI street there fornnng a right angle, and cxtending si xty three feet eleven inches iadl three eighthls ,t an inch it the boundary line of Lntis Dede's i prerly, parale i to O11 Level street;there rightagle, and extendinig Ia'tnn tiwn ftiet even inches man. five eilghtts . a inch o tihe I oundary line of said Dede's n property, pamndlel to Celese street; there forming annth.r right lngle, and llxtending one hundred and twenty seven Ieet ten inches and four eighths ofi an inch on ithe bnoundary line ofI said )mde's propertnly np.nlll to the public toad and Nsiw Lee stretl, tnd i evently six net fonur inches and fourightlhs of ulnineh nrout on Nun's street, anrd. ing tan pilan y J. 'ili', City Sttnrve or, nmude 23d Jun ry, 18392 annexed to an ant nusnted before Louis T Cane, Notavry Public, onthe '2ftn January, 183I . iWitness the Iltn A.Mt. anchmman, ludge of the Court alnresud,this Iftth April, 15S8. o1niS,mn3&ls P. LE I..AN(;. IDell. Clerk. rA-NC''INIOEI) Lit 'T'1iF" V".tJul'f t 1-r'e.e CINE. T HI;iiN'S Compo.nd Ex.thet of Copliba and Sar.n I ' p irill --A eIrtlin, saie, and most CelistuI l remne i.- ever diisevered fihr ttI cure of Gomurrhen, Glects, , itrictures, Whites, Pains in the back h ndlrh ins, Mt tl I \heakness, lecttiuuos of the kldnie., gratel, scorbi.tic uto ,itho+ fdte. n O. in illohlCtinollof a l:ldicinl possessingl the useful ,aI ia, t t- tiltue ,f ithe one now i ftiired to the public, i. .op;ietl r sias ii.o toi r, Iititoi tl nuIlneous rh c|ii - II In I-Ctei\t~l I.roit titih moust ehlilnllnt of tll me inwal +ihvs t in ts imoiei , belietingt tliat it wil ih duly appi illt ted IIwh II is eit( o Ire more I k lllY . o 1oil'h Itlsulmt of Co,,pil a, etelnsitely secd,lhas lst i t.lch of its creedit rom the dislike which D,'ieits foIr'erly expl esas td reguln.1I its dis,· gilecable utou, dimrl 'baltce I producdi i the owels II) and stonl , lalt d its hi"ratttlt . mt Ilici:to e its Lvseild il tle illl:unmatory stage. it le iI prieltor o a nlomade lt analysisl of the n lhdsal, COlceiv slug that the moell a:Oltive ialiticawoukll therelby be malch mare enctrated aud more use.ully oshninistemed than I in th1t0 present state. The above na d.cine combinesin- - girsdieltst wthich tie in the thighest repute anmoi the a nlmosl scientific pli learued in the prolfssion. Each i drug i thile composition of ihis prllparitiln increases the elicatcy of the other, producing an opt ration truly iat.i - nishii, :id sur'i ssi!lg thle most sangliit elsrectntious; of the above disease. Tihe moilot imineut pIhvuiciaisaiudt iesrmen oii tlt preaeist idy =tiv aess tlleir ouecit Hp 1jr. oatioi inl l-ior of SaOtrnjritla.t, wlilst it l e in the p ri eip ,.l h au s i t als and p u b lie eledic: d in lst tuti m Ioan I hie it, illt still coltinlus, very extennsive. It was u lIi-i lite utLlttd iiith sre cehgu'tetii 1Ih Abierelltnl in I v',liert"l al!+.ctiUl, an Ud in ob'tinatCUl ai2OUS el illtiOltm arising frontm a disnrdcred state ofthedigestive fnetions. Hlaving lbeen submitted to thI test andi experience of the molnst cehblrated amonlg the thuilty, thie) haIle exllnlesswd their satisloeliatif iti ext llrilodiiny t'liccy inll ery I case unller their charge, by adOltiiig it both in their public anti private pnlctice. Their ob .rvatiots will be ilnserlel ihereaflee. Pteparedt by J I Tlhorn, Chemist, t ulilado. Price Bt1 5i per polt. TESTI \MON IA L. Flrol A II Slmoln, Eil, 1' It S, isIrgmn to tile i S.t 'l'ihon liospul, ai d .iri.ur'er not Alnatomy. lThei i d ioMl "'it h I hsve tu e of ,i or ii e paraltih in a vriety'' ofcltes, both ua. hi'dltfeoals, in its rt uiti hate proeI so highly i'loiuabie, that I do iiot hetsitate in p rn lo u n t in g it om e . o f tih e :i nst v ii h ia | ,hb ll t c li c n ion s rnudie ever oIlbirdll tol tie Ipulic, ah', u,e i which, Irom expeviece, I can place eltery r, whilst ti do"s nutp rohuce the nmie unlpea-ant eLfctstlb u.d"ly to. ieriecedl from colnibn. roll G IItIlli) -wd, It1 CS, PysPiciau to the St I i:l.i , ,iiret plie asuse in idin i ti stim to te Vali.ole popeoi o lrvr:l w1.h, o.ii o000 s cce~s u ol so fu lly d eser 'v , an a mn i lc r 'aw o , i ,i : i IaioraoI expe.,w incurrdl vt1 blrinh;l it to ..ll - pletu perfction. l'ro mW O Cooper, F R S, Survgeol to Guy's. 1ol,1 The uniforml suicei s which hls isat tended tllw i hntiit - tering your medicine among mU patients afilicted with I tihi abit liisemis hoI fully Iltislied mle that t has oli) to be koliUwl to be ruly appincelted. May thi e .,ccCi you si well desetve, ansply and stpedilyv rcl t )yu y itor your valuable preparation. FromU Sir A Coolslr, It S P IlC S, &c. \r". Ilatung been iiilace to i tlry our Extract i seierld cases o't violent I;olltrrhlla, hoih hadlll hoitIi0 hatltl.ed etei pret wription administired Ioi me, Ivig lIwmI sole .and speedtly culres etlueted bi, i ill i a few doi s--1 ie .l i ~tselfiln dil t hot) o nd to l tute thatl I l now in itl, 'i tie Iboth putllic at d prit titu rtcullo lied ad use none otuler. FlIm OU GW l ,airt, M 1), Pysicdan to iG..y's 16s- pital. TI lltrict iest wtich I have giver your m edicine among 1i)y ptients, and its ivalriatble tsuccess thus f'r, will illucell lito pcrsveir in its use, nit I deem it but an act of justice and of dlutyv to add my fteble tsti moiial i us comli lied ation of itsvirtues.,+ L C Thompson, MD S) IF 1S L. I return yoil my sincere thanks ou, t valuabmle pre. sent oIif \our Exttri.ct flr the cu of Gomllrltl'ha, &r. I tl gl tlCd thait yoU liae at last b.lrought a menlicile i wohttsie ii ich will uarve it desidettonl tlo.t sughtl'ort it the world--t sure, sitelely sal ei ectulnal cure iu tiit.'"t"f tile above al;tst. hI aifordts lig atlR plii aisur i In i.blhilng to the w orll the aduabl! qualities lt') our LExtract. \\'e it nieessary, the proprietor here furnish t i.lrstww Ittoion ooli oas allt'.u:lti enluClodagtir as thet a .o.e; bIut tl ts that tst great su.cessih ithelrto --het cari & expetlsv at whioh it has beeUn Cuepma:d, will proveIts v'etest rLColumeundatlionuL lo. a dite:rning publio. o)l reconull.ille tiol this roepatiRlon Uljnuys above all otlhers is its eact. pUrtai e IorUI--Lit up in plots-the Ilile in whlich it may be tlaken, being hoth elasy aul plica-ut-its tastely nature, with no ro.rictioo i.i diet, ui' coinhicnment froml blusillcss. 'l'-ravlera cslp.cially wouht fhilnd this luediieh hIighlp eutulo, ald ou.t inlver to tie uotnlrovidedl with a llti.oatioII pIossesaitlda ad vaningll which thel prese1Int oneMl. ctEybi Aitoo oluliitg (itr Metdicine isat paumnplilet sxplaiaa. torl of the ihtt1nlint stages of the disaise, without an: exst~ .ttiirg, containinig fuU alld aleloII ditr.tions. -or slle bt SICKLES k CO. mri 4aw.ian ' ii Canut streel. t j '.1.- ili t i 5V- 1Wh1f .ltus,nnd '26 hbhdt 1 Stthoulderh Ciittli nllllulati OullaIinh g frolu Ftoam cr tohckvev, ouad foe s0ie bv cTETSON & AVERY, ":ioo Is nwtrier itro.. THE FPL.OITA S'ISAt'. COA:IR ST " MAIO IT Llii' TlIlIittIIt Itt i ,U tA HALt DAYS. co From Mobile (Alahin;a) to AtLg4uta (Utel I EAVE YMobile arly oltr t·r , tiw.oliateo wel L the arrival o' the i,,il New Orllens, per tio e itetlllhnat Eo.sita, to ]Ilt;ketv. .atones to Pe.acnol st;uolnbots (lpr el'. tnll, It I .o 1, SOt Iosa sound sod UCho Ithachie lib cr ott ilt)y) to (;dilr l ue coaches etiems vin Marion,nt, Clt:t.rtoochlee, (formserly Mount Ve'. no,) Iltinbrilge, littlcritos ; .liawkiisville and Lotlol till to nugists. A peasen;:oerutkitsjhis seat arMog bile is illt lit fe beiqt hrot n out or losig hidl Itr;eeracn Iby otherlF conllietig ii l t'lstt as the 1'LUUV I)A L": is but oln cloncern, wid folder one eoutd shonuoiit oos, InId tae tely wTrrH CoLrtelr upso lsd nirriviltt AuuOsta it]ti.o. el.eoitte l tlhrtogh oll eontlJ er andllll at nlY sealsol; ulsess some nmost al .trseea estn 'e triphle should occur. 'ITh C '"r t New Orleans M Mt is oarriel by this route. The Agents lar naocommoleld lion, T'eans, Coachelsonudirvers ae not ntrtiased the so:ltliert citmtrty. "'rle smotlth, hlrd, natural rmtlar, the' se s and later ettilg ltotI' tlici:ttitioet, lie tine sild eCeomumMslatljm itt.0.i tlte tiavelte tei.:e t.d l' .!n1,tire.o.itl't, sd b tlee. e ,' valretr; connected :n it wele l with te Rail oad td ClotItetont, S.C. . Id the lstearn ptckets tIn Now Yekl, lluvelers s torut I.wI NW tAl ron New H Orlinot L 'oarr II cie' .-"t-\ 'it.ea lI sits in I." t '> ' From ChaIt:htochttee, FItiri;te, we h:tve a irLi. [Lice via Qnitlly aodtl '[atbhpeote, to St 4LrkiL, 4 htol tost cnsmoes, slot tl i .sootIhe9 ll)let) Hawkiosvilld one to Milledgetille, andwl . to tcttl, lighbt twlt hIrs cotnh~~hs lTCK I'ONS U en. At.'OwrA, .0lt Jan. 1 S5. Oflit.nst M:uoite Iluue Mcg.t 5l)ista.or, New () Orka.n to Miobuil " 15smiln .Mobile to -uga a, 40 *, Auguslta to Charhm, 13, " (Ch'lreton lto New Yu. , 98- ,Ol Time, New Orlen:, to Moeile, , 8 g JolgQ s M obile to A ui g sti l , i ). '. e . Augnsta to Cb:I rleston,1 i " 1 (:harleton to :dew York, " - 258 tlkilg 1 dites i er day. or 7 miles perstr, ino nu" sive i f:tll tcltlotges. 1ol Is N. IH. beg beste to inform the lpnhtilthat the hlihtles Vel thlle C!iolttdcovhueswampi aodl IHal Lith.. Cete have li:Ietiust Jeeno cI iletl .I the ge eeMtl A Klit meetit. (Iht, tiyle oibstaieles iortmtlit, :tgain.t tis aslfe an yln' rot e oi'ls'..,to fivng h.evturs thatl the clneo h.m s. a, IvlaIr1S nld (lald~ are el thlel tilts order; lcit lnd stt';.. ' unf tllostn r rlttlott 1o C(eldtr IlL.e it is as oil . t tr e :,1 t Oheh hav ssetls tre sl'.gt it to m tei u ..s nok a VXYdK E l ill SIAtZtO STnEET. NEW'-ORLEANS. 3(1+EPf I KNE'lT'lE, & Co-lImporter ofFoe.s it Sod I)nl tic Hardware, e reeiving from rtpe sltn thts Atlaotie Cilies, direct from tle Manr ae r itf'rs, ota extemti: seaortmenout of Fsncy and en# lhelwtare coiptrisitg every sticle in iie line wbies lthey olttr low. Ctionslv Slertlntlts and etheto ase molted tonill and oxlmine thleir tiick which coseits, in port, of tablet itteher's, potlkt, tnlller's tnl straw knires, ploated sd lritatlin ten lttotns, seelies, pine, iooks shd eyes, hso tels nld sjetldes, tgs, shovels, fenders, andiroes, Brit tnilt intdl jnpeld tttrehettlte, bslank books and pe. ier, lookhig elaosee, nvila, vicees, sorewplstes, bind' ltdi.e eendil loti nittere, eloitltlleh ellows, American .u Eiglieh blilterClt, cheCer, Gemottn and crotleyeI stlten pliogh imoutle: tiittec, ax aod lg chainb , weedilng Louis ianstandgrubltieg lines Mlttocks, pick axescomrn an geieos eysth', Citlliler Kinge altt Siottnss choppiot oxes, wroughlt, horse od ctIt nrilo, scoton and woo uorls, coffee adi corn mill.uplhns and o s lai d i hle, gauges, locks, eult, irous hooks end h isttlols, shot, ptowder and liltiur loks, 1ter wteoier, ten, fis, Ilteos oad bell letol kollo ceet, trlesP ad pad l ocks, bridle EO)UISAIA NI,-Coor do l'remsere sis Et)UISAIA NE-Cour du P'reansere Dim trio-t Jssslissjssisa. 'ETAT DE LA LOUISt1NE-A touaee.s qto elks Ine cntscuuonscersu, StluLt-Atteodll queo James Bas-soss IDiggs, ayasst sehlode d ouu Oente (Hite par 1e Stsrif de la lsocsc: al'Uslesos In pruprilt6 oi-aprBd doeerise, s'est Bil ssdsal Gsolltfde estte Coeunsmu I dime costs fasst asgis-nee Is-i clue jour d'Aril mo I'nubd Mlssl, sour Ut' aoj tt"osor esnos a un set, de Is tdgia. liosesde I'Etet de Ino Luisiaul, isotilule "Acme tttlwt Ontirtsnr lem tics itsles ccquotrseu ostm vensjutiliaeesv" tipproute e III Alsre 1s-0.4. Qu'il soit cosum, et tstoed our emiuso inlsoseti wilt par seme Ipems-soms Commais eo sosmsude l'Esst be isLou; sielosoet dle in Oss du Prismie Itsotriot Juslisissirc, qui puurrsie.nt oi dralrft la In's. n Iiete tiilproe du:rvte, e~n cuaaegneneet ditto defaui de I lForma stse P'ordr, Ic deeres us le jsgoeess de is asmr, to vetIs tos tisnois. vae a etd cte, ou e muteosc irrdgu Is-oitto tu Leofgaoitlots l'et isuutioo, 1'~ia oUs tlaemuse le laudle de d In rclle, Oil porn usss' utse cause quelamequs, de tiire voir, daso so's s jour. o dater de In pslieatioie. tie sottouvis, p osiaruosol' It, iste sisomi fuile snsemit pa' 1v soont Issol id- lotto++us pore lSemif, sum aitt Is 1 collne jour Id tosos a d se 1 ;.ssr 18), eu vSoti du udeast to c0010' Couo Ijuos ceslo to 00 ois tit Jatiiier sle misue 1888, du., I'otO'siooe do tlull'os BIsoom Ihitrs vs. lsafus Greene, No. 1 d,191 o l)rrS otlsro ctlts r cur, laqquelle visit s'ssusle uda aequSAur luour lop is dceirytsiuqmiles ptastres. Iiemssssptson de In l'ropJidsc do ules.l Is mosalor Judi micim, Savoisr. Us meeisio ucretus de talrt u ses touts lee mlts el ooeliutxtio mll qui os ts'uuue, usi quu isdmIeMds4u ltririsges 11.0 y tlolrteso d'stoat' muaiUmre tslesmetus.4 BsILue eu nllIuxbou1 Annunviotntun. etcsuralt (eooreua uogltosur) sroiocostus csoset six ioiu ests uaesqsemmr iere (i'l" e us oulrs sj s uoti C uea ms-'is. ur'srue de lit anal el i e Leveee~ll rule cent JoI:aentc U pieda dirt touse I utoeua toscs-osiootlinesl itao sCeleste, su . usss delspa; (llvlli clot` plo~s nttl' Isoseaet duut sIouxter s utr we ligost fae, Ius- rse de In 155ill5 Leous, Juismit Trapper ine lt5tolisuite I tlaso lapdto rietto lie Ljsureos ieillsudoa; ti s'oocooglts oohiesir rts Veills Lrtrsth et des uossl Mh slem Li los-soot so oilage I-sit et s'etsndcst s gqufhs-evint ciup Ist do at trots Iwpoessess stulutsoidea- la oegt do Iisjsosoiosoirtrosld de I. pro orictd do dit Millandon, pmw olsl i - Itr Cotrstete h Isousussoo uss'asgle misot m4 ssoal d de Stohojuto trsosipls ouie rouses at mime euiuemeru BuI Isltgue ssloitroplse ie, Its. moIsstmit dl do Lossss Dosot, arsllotl f Iftlue vsirle Lees.,: de Hi lialmHan tilutsoue anogle dtroit els-'aseulsst smde aqanmss douu tsieoso ms-to [sinctit uoitq huitirmecs ms I. rigs. tiimintltieo slal te ss- s's dim 0Uetd6dmslselat Is ru o Csoeats ; sto~ouhso.uod Oiss an otemngle dtrsis, 53'stweri duch deosuentissgt 5.0 t ieds sim lroue m suim quas.' h ,citie1 mour Is Is;;tso listls-opls- doe is propsbmd do tiff Milk lsrrllel ass strestlnstbliqsa esr Ia rameld leo.. voIlo Lsoce st suixo aseizce piodk qegssmm poss.ese o1Uu(tethiti'tusou lssss- l:1:1s des Nons-;, ouufeslsissam iust pstm irosso lcst JI. lolie Vosior sIcI n Islle, Is sismi Jisso ts 18:13, uisious i us. :ote passi tar dstavt Lomie '' loate, ss,s.:iieu otIutli,, Is _e Jatsior IlolsM Tomaou I'lltc. A. sI. eo5 jshaut:, Jo de l s CoussSusstite 16 Asril lO3)t P. LIE BLANC, sp t1 -eam. Gorioatr. 51 jI lI°1 , sit bslos Dpssnieh &lstiis, is-lely 1 Md Oss-rtH--i 00dA50'l'OW , so' iii them-br msros-t. F; L t (\ MYIUt'-0t5l isisos euloss-ir sswsuss S1s rat for talc. by (SU &t m ltAI~tltmuW. u.s fie tO-avio steroset 01 A ilt Lssslsti-i isss sfto ss's- Is0'ouiso-csi-: i r o)C'bIsiEY. Iý' 'I'll tilt'- is, oss-essit. Sliter's latsit, 4,/ sisiolid '1 isis mans 55055 Os-ind 25 ooill0loshoei ..f Olen; ;:et diem e'lsh thnl millsloud they can be at isis cii in.5,5 roll"55 5(I', cl, i andt o Ipartculasty selculated " iri"" l""r'sDses' Assls-sss ':IIA1dPLIN & COOPEs, 12 Juliastreet. ts1NI T ; \oi'S't-ttt-IU clsis Isoot Loandon double i Itrisus ssitut, ii sNilu by iOtu'dES & MILLS, ist5 B lu kAllityo Ill .'IEI5IIANTS. F". ° it XIE' l' '' u e lo:hls. tsouautiltl cireullir struck sll st t lioes lissious uslotlcs",Isy callinsg the Orls-mye 1 Is shoerilsic t ·il:0,5:i k~uguztue atraetopgusl t Buk Al? essdes maceat c Relln: --:7l I?1rtrl~R :\o X ills le~ems of am byREADS &. ARSTUW, 155 ulsle iss oto s-i LL os1 - 2,00I et by rt yellow i se p1latEO, for s Nle by or slIsREAD u BARSTOW, tn22 f7 Grimvier dtreer s- '1sKEi's 57G bb i e, tor steh LoafIssslis ; sciu, hr 4ol Ls hA I'l'OA =$5000 gauld chart city ps eat, Ai _LATER&4ItaLt -a I (Il 40t-slssl iss ,,. "ýE:1Lt1 I-INV l.LIiAIBFH-btHIO to 80 D 1 Amuarkug boards, 1s1-u inch; 3sbs d t iis pmla'mu fur eel' lay RcEaL 00 BARS7'OW, I1 N ft 6c Gor isrishld; 'RK, Flottr, Whiske and Lard--'100 pl0 boss; '1 primld-llilsi. rump Whim Sloulder Ii 4 900 "Wg F'o e;lt.cS iso W Osssue; Cuitissit an cmauS. = it Leal' LardA in streRAOlW jr 'storsstlO e th"ioeomm suSea P Ib Mi iu6 LAE hAL1 Clt;~~la"~~'rYLrti It Atnerikau Bran'ty and Gini in du; i· No2 1 'ckerei ill hal de; 't'able molt in cnO e ur I orm;, ly Milliken Valise, Swe~t and I It,, id qr taelt 2d III ", dl~n bidsR, (!stilled todrlnnure;) d.· Ppanish Mat~ting; Londoln Putlter and Air , Irason Syrup, a. Illhilllddllphi White Lead, No 1; it Cebrifinh~ inl boxes; Cotton Gist.U1 !(EAU & BARSTOW,~ 11112 67 Gravies NW40 J kt,:;r>-I06 bills ctenrarn Al ) rotirltb46jiCs i inspeted York, for sale tip ti- LAW;:ENQEf! UH ýtý t i} fillý,

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