Newspaper of True American, July 3, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated July 3, 1838 Page 4
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, ..... rt piind iaaHotl, rlS. MARY KlK respectfully -s. .J'. no-noes to her feionds and the public gene- go $ ,that she is preparedto accommodate th.t at the tilrt eglfablishmrent, and hopes frnt, her oattoas tr render visitors lomfortable, to rereniv ;u's," baaane of fornmer facors. She fidls confil Aa' -tit persons visiting Covington during the p zo othe, cannot find better acoenmod tions a ' *ishe can afford theip, on morn librarr r:oris. 1' , '.i:tuo i pleasatly situated, and well snpplied ri vIth aely conovnirnoe; the bar is furnished with at h lE eChoi liquors, &c. in short, she promisesn +Yf nothing shall tu wanting on her part to give o iltiltr tirhetien to all who mamy patronizo the s i apdi and Isiniana ltel. jr3 e, EtiiE PUBLIC.--Tito unda: si: i Thl.atving C studied under Dr. Sltimidt of Cha.leston, n eV atina, and for snomn years his assistant in ld i.5Ottlb of mdicino anrd surgetry, l(s t hohonor o' offi his prolrssional services it thCis ity. K l~ 'to thre tladjuvs and goetlmaimn tit e t oe lnst lttmrnation will be paid to the ctrll which . a tiBad,:; and lsnt ofrs ohis srviso' to the i e slaveo, being well acquairted with the ornmon to thoemn, havirn attended them in gar house in Charlestono. tealnea inti.bilions pills alter thoonmprostion t osar Smollotta, rttll dir'ctioro, can be har d undersigned. The fieR:ot which they have ent in this and other citirs, hasn born attended ,fi the greatest suece.ra to winch thei beht or o.wbnseaeoeaa be given. Apply t Noh.u 166 Mioga. -iifh.-,t "JNO. 11'IORING. f jj'ler 'boARE ,vUullot.Olto L , 0AlJ ION~, &,. T':o( HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. A ,$38 Water, near Buekeanr street, New York, rave toonived the part reapn, and ore const;ntttly rsaeteing iarge nd exteansie additions to the sriork nf the abonve goods, whidt ow ,O.:,ioisto e the following irnrtlnent, suinabbli for the onuthern ahd wetlern nlirkets. Hollow ware of rnpirior quality, consisting of about 1500 tonls, viz, ,(aots of 2 difftreatsoteo, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Ketthsa, 15 sizes, rour 3:8 to 30 gallons, KlPtlos, 15 a4esrfromr 3:8 to 18 gallorns, lakotpraa or Oens. 7. dtffareht iztes. Tea Kettles, 6 do iktlctir, . . 5 do Flat Spiders - 6 do Covered SpiLars, i2 do SOriddles, . 4 do Fire Dogs, - 1 Ido Wsgon eota from 1 1.4 to 4 3-4 inches. Cart do.) ut 7 ielhes. Wood strows, 20,0tll0,gross, iron and brass, from 3r8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 2l of a iupcrior quality rnd finish, and less than Jatero' imported Sad trons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for Tor'sn and hattor', Irons, assorttd. Stlhweigits, 100 tons, assortod from 1 4.4 to Boils for Plntation., stetamboats, churches, &e. pade to order, Also steamboats and other machinery i:toie to order. The above ns+orttment of goods is particularly rreommonded to the attent o s of Soutltrlr and Westrn mtnerchnts, and are offerred fbr sail at low prices, and upon the n.t liberal tcrns ; it is be. lieved to be the largest and best arssorutrnot ever offered for salo by any one eotablishtl o.t in tie United States. Morehants, by forwarding a request by mail, cant have a printed circular, witll descriptunnt of goods, prices and terms, from which no deviationt is ovver "nare, furnished by return of maiil. All orders will receive inimdiate attention. Now York, 1838. . jr3 LEMON svtwt' & PICttiSlS-Vndrdrt'totl'l Le L mn a4 vrnr tand Pickles, ,rsortc.l sizes; also, 1, I arxosof L. nin & toakclOt's Piklores; for sale to cto:o 1 I toriignnseiit,bY JAttVIy t ho.aNLtht.\VS, ael': reolr llsluno anld Tehlnpitoulas s OnAP IItt irtll Itxooo ot I 50.:p, bralndt tftJumvto Giould, ftr etle by lI.\tAC B.It)tli-; t Ct). ntlfi 191 tPleaz.inr street. rTO LTI. O.Ni~dmt dwlrllinr lnoI eo on Triton nneet, be r tweon Tivldi Cirtle aA', Loarandilt t treett. IrS11. AIpply to J OTTll, SII.EI.tIA RRIOWV, &r--25, hni i:trrosr, , 25 W dirt do. itn str, e. lior cnlt by IIAMVtl'LIN &d COOPER, ml 5 .2 ,a st. tLAtN anti rtuled Cap ta!d Laollter .,pt.r, , all qta li is, tonfittig ol very .osuperior otue laid, hltte ndll whiler woir, not tltjlit itd r'le:I trough 'dgo rctOeord li,.XViIIt FtLTt & Co. x1e1 N V tttati utrs' H ll,:-il Chartn.8 C t. 10(b C,\,,;, u,~,.nntr Cuf.:r 5d1 boxes oa'l d/, eacluh 3)rlie \\hin, lf;, fi, 50 deo nl2 dro W), du, Iul2; 1 5f do oft do Irowt hrw h'rv, o ilt., 10 pipoy eoxlra Mtnrloir. or t nv t by tIEROttENid, Ct t t t. Ct. mrr t (Cti ntrt.:r . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. .. ... 1 LANK 1 K001S, of ovrrv vooicty tof rutiug nai I. oi bidinog, ci c~ita utoo" hooL : L luc1c'i Irocg, itolont mud B~indig og tvectciu 1utn ~v yDVD1.l 1t.: in:,) Nl' tiam'ral·' 1111!,2 11'-tt scI..ay- Ii I1-ylhhrln'I p·tY.e: tru I.n· ý 9. lording, F e ruleoho ISAACJ '!1!it cR O 1021 1 .;o . S1 cliicg Occ t:'·t. N0ý--t- tt aorNT At NE))' two sat v laded; Euluaic", Fitl'lillI 5 door.' f .11- from tIls 8-co:d Juicito ctlo iIt1"nit'alr street. Rlnt very I-ott, poao3-O 0 0n 0iven tooooatoytc 6u tiae Atthv ~uotir c_!), 'r· F L.OR-5-.5tlbihi aII' Floort. hula. bot 5 ~CAS1tA (3 5;U :ids: footr cc 0 t'1 (, I)StaEY 41 New 0 3v:r. by 1,YTV ~I;Ui tttl ~ ~ ~ Ot 1 (phtnrre t -6 'gýt¢!"iN -jnt~l ,. i.+ru i~rstnrlty Ilag~illr, tau inl IW front stueccur o t cUeu Wa u'. nnI l for l.; IW - 33t.KLE, 333()l'ul'l Dl, Jro h b t'ot tr' NO lY tT.3 c. Nu~ll CO l~I'?C~A " "few I lrtr· ·:;, hl lv. f-), 111:17. 5 BO T six mootthe 0n I laoldtl- Illt.ottorto tot Lt Al i tcorrt disease, lor oohliclt i eetoo5J od to evc roldntetorotor a cure, ant lie (tidt oot curtinl= o oa 'hee hbove late 1 ,.ut oo. -if tl +utoe the c aOrttl)ott to ILutlt, and I expecnt bun to rive ll·PIliol Since Ih1. tittle thcolieooooogot Wnttcc, act-t to het 'r out in Inrgo' Lcrl to the.noother of si or ritttor Igttoot o ll oh- r mytface, otd nte thrtioaot. cod (too ablttt itoork etotr pgooent tins o(il t acoount ofthoe (f ,rate; I.tr01 e 300 r the right Fide of the throat. I nl i ~ti~ c eottfiieotly ttdcrtt 0 care 1)Dr. Iluet, wif t-trir, to he perltktly ooored JlliN DEAN. fou 14 ly CSittlIFY 31 1,00 no0 tt w If hoook1)r. Iluot;eool ottorcove loaot--ta temt riote I haloe toktttn ,nnlee ma tilt, ,all rld mat idooottt toolu tht oill; tlheroforeL advio tonv 1' ilnw ruliirors t o Jote 0000n otome)n ttpp~lyto lit A. [-lust, to o'citto at.t0 They till ti t o tHtl:iIl tIo for Thin totcic iur. If' any one watlrr to are nll·, call it `,u. '.U ;1·ilriu stroet, oold they ooil be, rllirl~red To bcpuolliolted tl 0 tiot ojlit of Ito. tIcc' .tUl1 ItE'CN New Orleans. FrotoI 1I!·t., r EI, I 00t v looott leIndittoootth.ttthoo ,.v "toltttoa raoo Thound, spt iof' tt' t tllw rc -t 1 canto eaceh, conmioinf t ic', c , t.i: of threei ounces o fl Lorotoort, elooIr oth. olota Ott o 00 .3otht rot0an herbt klnottn ontog, the. Ittolioto u, ollioCUototo in corittg pulmonary1 co~mplaints. The uo. iotllded suocoto whioh tots attedet Ito hetueo this iutetomaohle Bdlto tltotoroer itttI-s t,"ott itt - tleed. ha0 otatineodtht I oto ooltl'coero onlrtoo mt et timote a of proetoltulob pitt-cot to ftht, rtts o o-t f ooogtto cold, paInaint tilte siL, want of re;t, :pintttg of hlootd, liver complaittt &,c To whltomtittttll ctncerlt 'rhis to (-iW Oyltot wor hotvein our practico freqorntly pretoribedol Sfrs (itool tner's Indian Baltam of Ltiverwort ancd Ilotthotnd, witlh a dtcided good offect-. w can thorefore, fromttho ktttw. ltdgo of the mtotritlo it is ttade fr.en, aod ltoovaotun mtd ttxt~ritflq eooroltntttOttttO ft c nllcro ttoC!P. L nt or all Cotom olltcto t ot the loot-. fo ooloiro-l it it IV trtu'nde:l. itt hot ([1.018,M.1. CALVINI EL.I.!'( N. 1). Membrst oftlio t Ihot oton )o-li0ol Aoeiotiott. Roaton. Oecober `?5. Forsaleby J LlAVIS ' ANDlREWS, it 1, 19 , nll~lt1 I' ! til Nlt'I rl la mts o'een,mmndetd by onto h rdicl FotoReltto. B 1'TLER', Effervettent olaytoroian Aperioont-For {) dyopeptia or ht iigeotitft, ttetvont debtlit, giottli. ,.r-erheadoheot otiitotfy of thie tootot, abiootuaIol 0030. t oteaeOtctutnnt tditot-o-, ,ott cra e!,c.totd totth varobe" as0 gtzllo, coolittg 0targativ:. flhit desirtltle preptratlot ho to rctived the totrotn eg of maty emtinent me beoh~rsof tot 30u.0 tO3tito, and Irom a discmrnin. tootublic: 03il.33 to-'prv;o(ott cood Unaoli. .jitor l mtittvials otf it elliotoy a0 toteodicitnte hoLotbeen eliclitd. With all the pletocttmoounlitieo of a gloas of orda woter, it poottotet1 tie ototttdtmtledicinal propeortieo of the moost atppr trod talihottos pftlotioeo; it 30 pleasatt Mo theH I).lnfand gotiO'Ull tot tit altotach. IMAI)It'fk Al' CAlyrFit IN-floie ittort-oirog roputttc lion and great domand foe Ittatle, 00 ,tfervesro'tott SLoyto tian Alterient. lot beooen t iolducotooettt for otiher to of forml itoitation otf thittvlo thle totediojoor. P'ttrchtaoee att partieoloooly tarneo d t lo tiie ntoo, that thley may bo on besegCOtd, totol tot 1noot pro Otrll tIture' arotele. The putlic fire reopoettolboo injrfoonreotthot ottosuhttri. baer are eeoortotly supphlied trith tlt oritintal toaol go. maiue preoroation.. For sole whtttrsale ad retail. SICKLES at CO. Acontto. X15 40 dtdotmlotreet,N 0. TARl)'i V'getable Ilair Oil, ftr the reetorotiot Ssaod grotwth of Hair, giving health and beotyotnd A n bhldtneso. ore this Hair Oil was lffered to' tht publich, it tad S :tried it undr d rfel -feotsoeof tololdro t!eot, ,ant o" off tofo hair, oil ittroevty inaittlae its tnrorv have been riiltarti. It hoaaoclrrtoil'ed to, prrdllal· uted leautifuti to b if haie ti beods tlrraldy horw I t boi, ro dry q0id OltotettO gtroo )ar~l Ilt tytll.4lld rI;Yuel " ' > 1 alt thou- theo least 4e, ~t ao ltt iceyatt o 9U fh tioeoo pf Q n1MONS HARTT & CO, ee now receiviegl ro on bnoel ship Orleoas, Eagle, Highlander,PkerO nOW leery Aadrew, PFench adl Germsan play ratrhl; Back ctmmou hoards; Chessmen, 2 1-4 ndl 23-8 inch Ill ard Balls; 8,9, 10 and 12 inch blute BIowie Knives; Learler and mher travellinar )1e.nin Cases; Belt. Pkr, rae ,llreaoan'a and I)ollllinae 'isPtoladlublbe cnd rp iihnle barrelled Gcrc, , Game Bagi;q Shot Belts; Powder hat rnd Patol Ilaaks; r' m Bottles and Drinking Cap; Prwresion Cops and lIo .er; Cloth, hair, Tooth; hot uod Nail 4rnucher; O 1 hlorine Tooth Wash amp n'-th l'owsdac Toiler and hi t Soaps, in grentvas riste; Inngt Hir Brla.idR, Ril ad FrizettPo; Peor; ahdr 'Poit Porowler:. !Emerv Bos; Ivor Tab Cishion.: e" Patent Sldes or oanrter;: (Grin Footir S nrpasilnrs; ter Powder POn.a aod IBxn-; (tile Clain, Bn, Seals ad Kvys 1 E:ar-ldrosln \Vnst Ilaeklo-: BraoMelets Bead Necklaceswt ard Chain.n: Gilt iand R iivererl Beadn; Indian Bend. wi IBlls and Plames: Shell Twist: Side and I Conlbs; wlh.i lln aldition to thepirforner stock on hand. ti takes therlir assn0urenrt ver crmpleter, andlr will lie :ldl ow and tm lilrail terms, at tho sio of the Poloden er i'i-tf 70 Chartres street. t lIIF,: ollbsr rifler'. ALI-ts fior thie extensive honse of \'V. &. :i. Ir;llhrr, Sheffield. ln"'landt, have just civejiI I very' a ,.T.niw. ant of oit Pe rs,, conlietimr ofo ' I'able all i)r..rt Kniveu of'o ... desripti6n, Pen, Pocrket, lik, n I , kl.lar ioim, lInirl; Rnzrl, S, i ot. .F.-priiid ,t-. &c. &r.en whkhthev are preanredii o Sexhil it Il tr in lr or orlers. erml n d conditions in will Le Iul. acl,,u ;i t thei tice.of mll J. I). I EIN & A CO-IUN.90 Common st. kr . NEW, 41Oii. d l\lMliONS, Hl.\ RTT & CO.--Are now reeiving tri IAper ship flhlqtHi!e, Eagle, d1R e,'y Anlew. Hijh. ,aderJ . French and ermln dlOulll I- :odR pRLa in cards: YV uter, i:ht tied ptrket pliStls; phin ribbed and split lie ellssint caps; cnr:l hieldelrs; scisaI's l Itlznrs, p1i:. . vet: Girlott's ommerlritd anti rlrter.sel rlns: Vio- ill na: Violin strings; shell, ivory andll horn ct, : wallrs; '' k, lhem alnd leather porsos: hair niaids, fr mt nd ti pck rinrlrls; negro puffs; Georman andi l Flre1h cologne ir maltr, Rkolands lrlico:soern oil, Imitationl do; nltiqr e " sad beare il; porlahle desks nold dresling canes: p:st th bsck-hi; startin arl ! toilet g! ses; cnrve nimrnr;t; nl h ol glasnses arlv views; lndian Iwlrlo, illsanir phIlle; cwmii in- ; whitrtwine; toilet n;d sharing srars-; roilet twdekr, c smctie wash halls; scented satin enshiinns: hr pool stands; wr.'wts,-.ohiolns; fancy iead chains awi l nc-l-.emas; hilliard lolte; pnlket Ionks ad r ykalytlrt; e !ermans hones: ir-mr' stra,; fine ansd cor.IOln gU'o lasti m susplenders, gartersdo; Bellslucifer macches; il- N ver trenrils; Creynns, &c. &e. hr The o.oveil addition tooure formes stock of fanny p nticles, makes rlll assnrt nent ver-a c anpnl. FI. le oe wholes'le or rtadil; as the sim of ihe Golden iCrmi, 70, C Cihaitre r strie., mt2. d ) It-E--'r-Te petincrdlfip of Kii llv, ,Mason .f.o 1`7 arN~wn()rlan-l ;ilanrurn, Ifarrin &Cio., nf Natchez; nid larniri, Kelley &Co., of Rodely, owai dis yled on hec21st of aay last, hv the death of BSamuel A Mason, P ,lne of the ptioners ni ithe firms. The undersignedl, surviving partner, will be chatrred withi thelr sotlling anrl clnsing said c usinress a fl !ns: Levi C Hnris will attend to the settling of tale bud - n,-'n of Masoun, Hlarrink Co..nt Natchez; anl I nrri, Kel- l ev & Cr.,nt R llllane; anld enrv Kelnv will attenlr to hesRettling ofth, hInsinies lofNKcles, l1a.i. rI Co., at Now Orlean. T'I'r llnrs of tlhe deveratlius will 10e used ill liqidaieion r;i. Thiose iril-htred to saird f ornm are erneristlv re-gnrstord pone 1lrwe,-rd and cakeenrly settlonie or; l! t having cltuian willeaspet llpe- prrt wr;n il it..,. \. SIEN1Y IK k, New Otricans, June 7,1837. i- -.1\ t 1.1II FALRINA'S CO[lOri,.' XVAkr'PtE. s 0 i esc I ri"ol I) tlls uperioir (ilOli e ,ivatri. eci'el ned :old .'r a!t, Iy rile d-ozen or GiniI- r -ottl.r,- Allo A, lrir,' ian d lench trilt pI.wAerl , powder I irr nnnll Iboxes, -ariling and toilet .ar ,ciorretir nash n !iri, rlilk of r r,, c.lerotirc einld remu, ,xtr ae i arisk, hn, Flrha, Ward's vIgetanhle Ihair oil, ponatno, erened ]nel.e, Fllri o..Ivenlodar, rose and ho waters. ile t d liquid ron a, Chlorinle nll Or)ris torai wu-h, elotlt.hhir.!no~lh :lil allnl flesh !,rushe; togmti:er wit an additirnal orplln of fitshionuhle hetond u hn, t combs and',l nale low at wliholsnale a or r tail S jn!y 6 70 ('lhurtr,+ strew.t. E1T-V GO()OlIrs-Sitinnans Iictr & co tre rn row 're I l \ f mig 'rmn on h n"dshias Yrk, and S'arieto. A ;ll% rii iinl:lordil, frnl New orki a rCoil variety ot I goolr s in heirlline, which to.erier with their lairel t k on hand, matkes their oassor, rt vliV , plote.. The |ullowhtiu coiml pse a part viz: el itwist,, r:' -;de. dia rmlt)ier, silk rild worsted elaltic: arters, ronuinon & fine elastic ouspnra.alers, loco i lco und Iilefbr r llltlrces, ieimllit 1)owdelrs, iow(iler puffs nIInd Iioeai toiler nmrle.e, racket bioks rl nllts needle boks, svllr , mrearl, ilolv dy Ioleo carid cnases, lead orna. elltn,, ilin co ral "eud,, neckhces s e nril negligees, head r chains, bea nec leen:,ent Blu-sand pl aiiaeed ,silvviranr rltbead-, Indin beads, Ihells and plutne.; pistol an(d l-rge row Jar fllam-es shot belts, hirm'se, belt, rocket irad dnerling sattle; ldoulle ralolsim- u lil arreIled in, Ilnwie knlvnes, and dirks. meissore, sh-iers, poclcet knives, guard hains, ad rillbbons, waist bnekh, cloith, hair, tooth, naililmnb, lunlb. shoel, pilte, lToor aInd, dia tinle rusheCs, ('oleor e, Floridma, lavender, rose and hy watr,anssorted ersseces, criptions, latlle' tiod gntle rlcia.s' leskr and dre.isin ease, hair eiegl.etsfrizatties and braids. phlini, illhne and Smsial work boxes, plain and ilt, fignurd,- out and mvir-.nuttosi, pearl and imory shirt d, -htiltstudds,aolr iltd silver planeil cases, toothlpwk. awl twoezers, pialed himblesi ihooks rincuiresn hii, h -ri'e li rin fruitrlilk und plain iptrluseion, linlo twitn., oeeted sith wts,goll n1 sil r l-re tand ,d r : , itat ler piper, r Lnne finLS, r;,liofr w'lipt, ":!:ing velles, ;play"l:; cards, hiem .. got, phl,,td an!.*1 : ilt ..e.'llrh' lt'. i1 'i'he abof , t.ethuc r with a .reat varioe t'othl r arti eil alre ofeitred nt wholhtaale or retaii oil naccmmnunoduttin terms, N 11 ISel1o .nha renpaid. 3I I li 1Il: Ni) i r t1.' iiI 1:) lid. II ' t: i. ititt't--tf Al' 1 'A i "l [!t i "ii -,, i u' l l. 'itill h) lh.,ir previeuz+ Mtwk ol+ hnual, a rull n I ti neil i t~rn Iou t Iof al'th ii their li'; iz: :< , ,,rfuterv, J, wellry, bttluhes, hogi.ina ghlase:, :m illed L:lrk, Inon lrolll , tl''re"in_, sLi.l' !,Int (cur[ lld ar k, lritzi lian conmbs of every descriptino nunnest Shich A re sai te ,'lexient pl ttel'S, Ivory comh of every I.Ilir i nptioi, htll, dt c:il ( Il pilrl , it, tiu ether with ) ,+l .:rl ,-o t uti¢ of' lI'rl,Ilnltllnd At llalnl .ll PqI ;lt'tolll ill -- ('l" llun , I.l.eIhr, FI' rilo, honIe h 'b y, irose, nelnd iauli lollvr wtatk'ts of lverlly <ite ind hei' oriptioi, llcompihl rntd C lll)le, e:tract of o.":eIaI(I1ut, ilwy songslli oll W of.! lhlint, hltA i l i rteek uttd tll t ee- . I·lU wli , I -1'-.I', v gI tatkihh, heir oil, millt l ll tiu l t lu l .!l" i t :i iI' " llil < Ial ,, plain nlll d perfnnti d utod I Vhwdl ,rl r , lo:ll lor... t ioter illlan a d ]llx ls plt nltttllm ill l yu ll. i d rllr .1' "tchhrine tolh A wa h! h I n , ,- .'A l w l i A At 'i tl lil I'A 'At AA' JEI '-- nte ofthe lht,,At and tiiet fasAhionn tle T us, ti i 'l ti of hll itAl and rid' ornat'' iu n to pl et 'll car p, set :,i lil ll rce, Ibreast pin ,tif t l let .cr ag Iv o"f ,at n, " A k, 'i i h:h ; l.llitt ' j'il Ii'iA il, t cl A .,, l it 'h, t th, I Lto, Co ,b, .ull, :tha in, shuo and wl.A it. :eIIIl'n:I ill Ii "'AA"A IiAA' i Iiish,":< .tlt)KItN( (il ..IS |.,1S--Giermli l t'tlia tedll toilet tl'Nt:r i lll Si f i. ann T Y. 1" d,'leA+ii..i ',,.: Ms- Loui Id , "h hi l Il ,trirt ' 0 1Th l billk t!.l n'li!i, t'. itt i 11 ' h A Cll t lll t ii i ii:h I' wl'A lll ceu :n 10 A ionnths cr ldoit+. i d i , s A a vh. rich l; I 11ANl , ll t,'l++ Ieiu +hd Imli," worik_ ,I(: I ,I dr,.e, r i . . le, i th i it wit h e u u a.\, w litt r l It i ad,wu d , i r n nlylllXnl l l T.lill l lh ..,*tntlc l : +il" ~ill, i d lh I t i hill Wi llto tl+w ripvier+, ho It )!, ~" t ! t" 4.r e, t ' ', ts ob.. , t l .r+d+ ,,n,, ..' kll:, , in.t ,:ud <ii 't "'tlllnl l rt i t l l t il: ', Itti 'I, li.ii l i l i n e ic,, 'ill, r dto ,f.c,s tIt, l u rd , o ,,,,i :ilp ,t.r int, n lie it dIlt ll dllnI xI y :l , ft ll niii ii' ' ii tti l . V li' Pili.1 . tlir t" tirla <' ,', actr l r, : doi. ' : tl Il tita l lt ir t.'i,- i !, erntt s pilni I -Irtll roit'lll , Ititl e Ii[" till lAe l'u rtl I']lllg"'Tson',% II'lhu'l u's a l Iluwkhl'.: .ri:l :,ral.s n ,! nce i 'li Inoti - lr-e , ' i 'Anls t l :",td l , li or,, IIa :i, " r blalla S-.e 1t rhl. .ul lalvr b,ý , ; e:, n w e I wc and rhai l iu cups, with It;; rryt t, i ll ,t,- , t nlh , il u'w te I u wlll le o l iA t caIhtoiiA i e. tict ianeu A i Tn 11'r ttl. t .A ' ti.. rI o o I'' l :tnnl si, tir , l'e il ied l al i r i e ' ti ln l iA t yh ,tit t `i 16.1 , \ i r ,ii nltles I " (U IN'S, an ic. ni 'ilort i'- isr, i tn ei n tl \ t ,.J h lue lw ty SpLrw n l' ,i.Ine i td., t lh r. ' It i. ktle . l&'kl. d t r nerd psi ln and'T i "J I it'LEAt""' IlIthtI c ool, Iii e i ) llell'lll i l .' ic.I and gbleC .to .tire nvlP tisr, ll l i i, the sst enm for tie:.sclte ,, 50 ar "iive tt In; tOl In hutch "ntal. WINi i lkV preelr itB , AIt erl n s, ' tilhei wn' renLcf i-1de 0 n Iiels. ls, a enPer. l niy ortet fl t o tl ' rtitre ' . clsurs anir olo ti Cnnnl -reect. NEl. AltlWbalnan lre o akb at p r, nith deasisilpi wnols atll hve Le e i. at I, tl clnt ol iscount re go y de piaron, ayuist he t ullist. ; ll', ___ _l tiuultv told liU elar 'rrn fte. iis etie l 1, a iet, ,iI ed. TI e nlish do--`5:S -4 lbbls. 711 " " -el-'~i~~~ lwzv-anr n` MR. W\ILIIAMS, OCULIST, NOW AT THE J FFE'RSOI. HOUS0E, JEFFERSON STREET, LOUISVILLE. . h1t the Editor of the Loofisile .Adrertiier: : 1 IR-It apoearo by the observation. of the Etdito Prs I of the Nashille Presblyterian,' nion ndl TrIan- tO cript, a well as tile editols of tilreMlbmphis Enquirer, olh that tile "Old Gentleman" is Uamongo the Doctors. nThis It is proved by his kingly orce, knowing that his time is til hut short, ond tlhltrh e iodlnendenlt Almerican people i are able to judge f.r,:,oonslves what are 1puffs aollo pe impQsitions. Th' ty editors who are Doctors, chi the propridths, ;d.t:8ý e sub-editors of tile above to named jourruds, call every letter from pecsons I have is mesored to sight in thl above places, pullfs. 1. The lllh is, that 1 "ver had sul:h great soccetss j within so limiled a period as ten or twelve days. One p: who was aied abotlt ten years, who lald oly;seePn tile light fln his blirt!i, Ibtam,, to s10 to fillow his 1a04ter to y' haotel, instnndl of belin oblioed to be led hv hid . 'lTOo "younog Idleis, whol had each lost the sight of oon li e1e, lon hr tilet years aoiff tlhe other forrialrlv two yerl in, fllhavin th lof the tile other eye1 very weak; vet eachl of tlose voun, Indies began to see with both eyes, which benefit I pledle mvselfIlill continues, ex reptien they -tr under the influe wort dominati ,n of fthe ),,lilral" Isetor·s. Anr. ohIer is the dhughter of aI i repert'ble Imerchant.lllll, whose I r) m IIP an homl lml n.ever to mention, (as hli paid me my fees), who said she had a lost the sight of one eve from the age of 1i molltlhs, but that she now heegnls to read large letters wish the i' other eve collpletulI shlllt. This the doctor ellltors k hc it, oa tie eP1tlcni tnoll IlS hiflrIfle :elf rhh on 1edee, his da 1onnohter to the offlier of the medical editors. othat they might le inllf'red of the filt. The last I 1 sliall n1 u:ion is an elderly gentleman by the name of Yollnl, eraly sevel'l.ty es of age, whlo'deelar'l d pol it loi hby letter, hicb Ile tlok to all the difflierellt olice t in Nashville hbut one, atl, himself told m le he had laid lil' h insertion whatever they don anded, who declar . I ill th1t letter t'hat ha hi Votalli dopirsv1d of tie i' of loe oye from fi kt after his I,irell, whicl1 his loth0r1sta'll5d to hi .. - o.teasitned by the 0mPasel1s or small pox; thlt no.v i:e ecould not only see the li0ght of thie Iun, fier tile first tirne that h recollects, hot tile alltui l1ll, and was bt'gnning Iogl til d itinuish too Ilirnof tllt Ilet rtlllld a1e to wa0l abolt' the strllltsl :ith the ,thetr eva cumht:lv cloeedalie su he hadi been a mlOemherll t he Alctlfmlit 1piscopal (Chrch fot nmrly fer I rce. aIn I that hi- word w0 never doubt 5'ed tltrln ,tloc r 'thl'10 course Ib1i life. 2. I rel: 'ad never lll .Oreater r cces tllin :t NashvilleP ace : slle m'edical and elerica doctors had neverhell fo'eis g t1 "1h' realon to be enr,, ed. Thle Ic pions ildignatl: ' c:f 1 Rev. l clerical )Dr Snilll pr,res, Swhlco :e statet.d;o 1:o, that boilut six v.:lrs p.:l , he wav *. converted froim heit:g It pe1tlct indlllf, tol believe il tile doctrin e of the inle, th1t he mut1t have l.and 1 tr illing cr',r-that he nist have meaen to sa{ , th ,t b}fre,' ta S 11nd of Ai Vealrs to co11',. he lshoulll hbe 'onlveri,l frlln hie infideliy, as th1e sp1irit 5 f the truel' mili-ter of tile pracefol Ieni. u do0'trines of the Christino religion does I'llt Ireotlo ollt tdestl'lt lion, r "o. (ng ll,' lll y alld 01 filsehoodt to plea1e his medical friends, aotl.l tile mnaeven wvhlt he kurw hild done so much :nod, and no in o jlrV tol any onm. All Ihe inhaflitants of Nalhvill-.poko 3-of 'he it t .00u1'. sX i 1h-t, ..llrc t thle mel lial dtl'lll"0 r. to .lltlosht'o htll o a .eloll 10 illnl ell by MeVll Ih, o11111 O1 St3. The fiOtlnnl s11 S. is towtn prtetend1 that 1 har host the laurels ' glailned in tile Norh, sicell Inl ~d i, i in the Slouthwest. This proves, h',wrver,I had, S,.. 1 ke t unti Il arrived i 1this sectio . f S, rIll th, I oufll'ht tol have gla I 1anth-Ill \' , , n, b n. d s.Huhw est, and [ still hope to near v very outtlhfil Ibrow on thIlei tllr I etave, i, I the u t iperatio I of the Oreai Ile-r ., it I jiay jio,. ,', the matn I ve al, udy bnlcliated lls this ', Tihe tl o1et of the present in to infIrl the medi 1cal ( oliahls 0ned editor' of1h1 thle Rebliean anl i Tl'lslll. scri the t ra nt Dlr s., th tI cleial bring ac;ihonf the in rst Ir in'lllt, r vitllper t ion, oslN ohvilleroialu, lllel ti I litnr m. sb. edil editor of the.r Mm t his :onouirero I a ' we Ill s fI I r libtletil he eolitr te iof 11t es lIol i l l'otallry, a1d anlr tit medic a l o olih e ai e li of thit city, the waratoD the .,that I shall briTg actions ag'aist irt, o le nlln, fur v tllpe1 ratioe lanlder or l al u y I Iltlll Ie i tohI . Tllo.lhioe brc hIlllt the meditl.oltihe ti ofthe north.l l is, n I o b yi Osell 11 1 l triO reiOet to l er that 1Els 1app1 1h11111' of lbel' lt Iu i ha1 e br1l1ght th1 o111/1 of all e t , retl l r, ,,lit lls of t t,e nio'lh, s Illw ll l s lhe IotI ,;tllllillt wte to thile ,'ridstm1:l' ! The nllli ,tellr'l llroe, ollv tllel ll'o imeollllloi1 ledlt laria0I the w tl, of neIl a10t vei in Nw f01 ork, 1 ,beliie letter,, pols paid, o1lld v- indced ot s, wiltl l s olll e trIe to reach u lle. h n til rig . ']'o iwloie i the br h puliahut foli 'ftd , vreate'i e td and Nslinlled tfoo tlhe l . D. I lllDwell, iL read it inl Ie, le irel 1~ 1ithoU1t neanifestiligl ny 1!isa 1rotiot;t ,breel nheoent lfv, tools it. to his stdr y atd re .condeed Ilill 11the way l he lld, 0 1ich he said he thought weoll nn h l till'nt lwto t ailt t h I wanted to b oihe in rlloif 'dtl olte, n' I eever aold preodll 111 oer to o 1hat geutlen hik exaemh11d 1ll Ie dip1o1nas, 1., C+e, wi01 a 11ololililll, 1110, 1tt 1ets1 i0 'oinf10 wilth another elc.'fVlOnl ald oIn ne;ar its it no , tys ,!owi ,lo.h he v]a, "ho ve bIte . hcihed. Let w: ic tvhe hefr ills nom oh I vitll piec.'a of o", w ill sIhIpt to hi m vs a ill it it w wea ll applied th t(o atll·h·11 (,+ xtert(l illii!r, "h1 o, ill tl v days of the in ]t alraittio of hir I ticn Master, ab.<olItely s aold him i.r tfont 1ot -biih r of pioi es of+i siflv,:r. My ius ei"r is, that it Was Iwll-lt' l l:L'llloirI ,, ai iif tie r o iho l L' ,t be c hlind r- , ul c 1 s ' It,, v io ru lr fn ii tE.w n f vef c ) llw DhI it l l 0 1ii 1 pi ,ifall the rwou!',r h vrielar'd,,R., revi' sh lo rl. and tnt a " aJI lll (In' thr 'e ca nl asIylif Ir I .as v bi i c-, hlalhrr ,vain,' %-.'c~ m+ ibo titop'iatl tirrct tor f'ou" time, II Ib lllfherin li, I t in o, I sh ! i c r \ Thlilitor j luriu done "h tvor ii:i ++ dhad v inirt him, I : u:ll t a e l il'-rtd !ii at 8. H4 0 his R ell . i 'D.- ,t r I i i b) , rll cf o It, ne r ichl is all to " tol-nb~i,iliv he.I< wott!d have gladly" r.!( wied it., his fie,c illa n lil ec ll ribit (n the co trary, i rf Ii rie tIln Ihe i ' i ll .ll .e i - piblt` of l'itciu,. In bl.,bec, t +hsho ld tCerlainlt la'e done .tw.Il tll Itliv. Dotor beIel llrea Ilcomerted thabelief tof ih dctrU i nes of the a'+ILviour, lie wouhl not hlave. promised Ito cstetI ielid xamine my patihtnls rilth alt keepinr hii word, is [ ihave llwdys thunld every ttti ste " of 11i gospel t ealous to ,In, !i. lia he beli enilillty convllllertedl , he wouti i :t O II. aI lic t l have stpoke:l n : inslt the A nmerian i titution , ll w hih, it is li know, n I, rllel morile ltllierousll. lilwhich art p, ri~or to maoy in some parts of IEuroe. Ihis It lClnllil sct t,: llhh dif `uz t+ e I si lllt VounIIII v h r h nrr it.<,-, ila, tl t1 v l rem ained firo lia mis him otil tbet , blll l t i tl ill a n1Illlllt hto illO (ls on him ih ownse l81 ue 1te lan thouha icthut is tsi thout think l t,- t n lt t to ob e the _An c l 1·o)tllrclal 1i t I I !oIIaInI-I' Inc i+., I'llt ll<U ,t inilt t'. I any he I n" n ti - ail si-- i aill hi .speakd well olf the lbridges. h1 gnc ofi'+ ltl of c'. ' |iltila v the gtclbnut (llan f int irttniv, atind several ith,."r ai.i le . ou1g 1 cn1. f ililtlclm oli Nafschville, recrollect well the conduct of this pious expounder of the Iloly 7ll' 11) illeP:!11 f!. | i .+ti' ix' ' ll , l tellll i maill llil ll sh t l p as the Rev. 1ID ctor a f dlil at' til c lu to r s!lo +i sit him, whet hei menlce, Ii ll' gray hairs with nl uiilthd ilil mti ari , tis i he wll ,ouhl have fI mr e vl to the tIi i-; dhot tv', b'y' it buile of l" : iece oit' ' vorl~i !V • "reall tiin lcl Y mi .' thiia ii lilt " Id Gtutl lma" had al ponred in his own shopl," I1. Is.leumlydlci l rehb,"tre ind,n idamnot afraid I cull il l mto wilt.: illh t I in the i shle co.UI tai. of 43 years pro, tics usan oculist, in Great Britui SrI f alic let !' iel( tlatl 1 tolicu, Ii it ciit"I iltamle of f.,r.,d its 111 " ch, t., oom,+tt to the" edihor of " 1vi iro huat ais It (Jll pI1,i,-"C"he filr ithe sNcl't 1 nc uii d u ll t.I lle .;'ib l it~ 'l, 1 ~",-tilqt,>, t!,c'm' nol that I was: ltk.<iv ,. inm ' h. s lhin l to ine,lit' raiher Maiiladd iry ltoln v to l 1I r ill l t,'ý rIntl; whIc is a ulli ci tnt pLrolof that halid n i c mo l n tiln I l luI I., vt y.-The \,icphiis Eqi, irer f.r two or Iarec , t.,in, , tist of lla,:r+ot hil.bhood-, which ., lli~ah tdiio rs l liri ed froi their lrel1thre , i h: iif'i1tlih North, aild I stl all t ro.It th lie I ",r .' + I 'cnlý " mal il t,,e iou,,r l ,lta :urives:- i" ,l tdy will catlc it h 1.- ", It b igh I' paid ino I1,.+ lV advvrisenlents lbr two or three weeks, he talily ill-el,c,, theml <lilt.< )l-oti will Plcose to insert this lett.r in your next pIa per, :nod oblige yours,1 -8e. Jl aste, JOHN \VIILI t+iS, Louisvi lo,.I~ly 1837. the English Oculist. .pl~tl s!' C h ,, JF el(\lie 0 1 ',]7. c( 11 tmlP~, U Ci~ped tfro, til S. '1. C. A.d°l , rte of tie 241 h .Jn e, 1 17. Ai the It. li('st of lit. WVillams, we ins+ert the tidlev 1ii, otto flrml tl lie . Il+ lowul lI, it"f Nashville+, to tihe I.lll' th' South Western Olihrilia Advoclatle, who,i, it a r peals, has exunlfued the diplomas aud other dhc - nwnlts,eitcive offthe DIocton's claims to public patron 11n1- 11 tLil l.tus lulc of al accident, Dr. \\V wdl re flmia in \ash..llle it, fw dayw ioner than iel at lirnt int,,ndt.d--y~u the 1et .lui\.. " ill e. a r trin giI.l 1:- IIavhing been requested by lI. \Villt ilte, the rcli-, now in this city, to exa ini e his lilultcioil dipionis and other documents etiicive of his claims tIlo I.e cotiolent , tin hir protessionI have, in eoapallny wit1 a valued frieid* tto itl o with pleasure. Anlroul. them I ticuild at letter froml .lie Pageot, at pre selt Charge d'.ltfiires ofl thel Ki of the French, at \Vilasingtolli, addressed to Dr. Williuns, te ti'vhing the gnuineess of eilt the li pl om from the Kinti, of Frtltce, >lei gilim, C. is well as those I roti the Me\dical Socie ties of France. lie has unmerous vouchers from mnu known to he oflhiicl reputatioa in thtiscoiuotry, received sitt~er hi .. it'ul V ii I le td cutttvs, .letailiuin l.ta- coIti' success in t "e restsonrtion of sight to the o,:lid. I have sctin lilt rly all his poor patients in this c.: v. I knew non.i of tl,.i pleviius to their coming his care, ht all I have seen say they arc un qaestionubly benetitted. R.Ol.'T. B. C HOWELL, Nashville, June 21, 1837. P. . Sinece writing the aUliove,ne of Dr. Williams' patieond. has called upon mile, and says he had actually and totalh, lost the sight of one eve for seventy years, but now declares himself better. that last night, for the first time in his life that lie can recollect, hle could dis ,ingchllll, wlh rves rth t nome" of the rnlaelu inelurc. | lillri thalt this ohld genthlnman hais lived inauty years in this rdgiolland slayi hle hlas beeln a Methodist during 1 ll,riyyllz lmlir.· h AII fl 3iell. fort) Y rs, truly iugl0 R. B. C. 11. T'1ENNGII'S ?t.11 OF LOUlikINA,&c-.ur SNt:w MAP oF LoutisANlwith its canals, ronds it and distaaces,fromi place to place, along the stage tnot steam boat routes, yr II. s-.' Tenler. Moiron1u.'S MAP oF r'HE I'NIT, STATEF v'howing h the principaul Turn piki ntd common roads, oln w. hichl are ,wieln thi distantcs in ooiies fiom nit-e place to another, r.eo !ile courses of ll, ,'ana l old rail riads thrmugh out the conilrvy, arctily compiled from the best au thoritian-publi: iL,' d by S. Agniti- 'ilitchcll. ]1iMrClIELIL'$ Ttait' .ElRt'i 11UIDE THRiOtUH TilEi UNITED STATES; a map of the roads, distances stesly boat and ceaal routes, c. just receive and for ti Wt4 M'KEAi, F Oltthecu'es of l-ieatrissassrn fls s orrkinpsevil,gout, aeiatica or hip goLt, isslaisasotsfsor lt rheutm, tos iptiliic and maereuria diseases, parsticularly ulers and pinfultafnctions of the hones, ulerasted thronat so o nt,s trils, leers of every descrlption, fever sores, and iloteral by alsssses, listulass, iles, sols rah ea rovy, biles, chro- h iosomreeves, crystltielsbhltba:s, saot every vorietyotvotu- | tanansts ;l'eotioho, asir t:atrrb, heoas ache ploreod- 5/5 ing from ao nerlid hmolr, pail.n ill tle stomach ssl dys- ti pieasia yoee&riinagfrssosvariation, nfeiotioasofthe lilrveo, rtlosic iotlamnsatio of the kidneys, and greneoal dcbili- r tv cnausoa:l hy a traisl actio ofthevesselsofthe skin. It t is sin,,.trlylslescacioustinrenovatsing tose constitoutions h b his:!bhave been Irekens down by ihijudtlioist treatlotlt, t jmasiletirrernoharities l goenorsI terms, it is rerom-s t:. ndedi o al thotsediseasess whiicaise fioa n imlllulsiisssss of the slood, or ittisttion of atoe humors, of ohateverr ioomerorkkiotd. Soe ofthe shore cotomlnitsnav requhire some tai- ill tliltgasistant ap stlicntiooss,w 'hich theirrcumstanes oftbe tis oase will dietr'";thut tnr a ganeralirenedy or Pt'icatel av to semovesrthe casesLtie ISIiAN'S P.ANAIEAIS will s generally he ftould sutieieint. i T lO THil" UIC. 101L3 stlow euts is i% ttsat s moier Phsi-ianis in she'i sm hitilon to erxcel inl their protssaiaon; sxpll'1e the vstlt lilst is of sience by the aihl oil'helistlty, is o sork oullt ew Ire- vi medial; ilsrhnort, to arrive it perletiosn is the si practice bo abnls of art alsotle,--antirely ovrtlook anl negltaet, ais bentath tlelt ntoltlce, therioh tndl boaleous tl storesoflsesticisle, asidsithes Ahnsightly hias caused to i sllrilg out o'fthe earter is every clime! Anst how luch sl mose tr tue isitthat whliletohe Sr lnelrielo Ishtsiias looks 1 to tlia o ioalllltrics Is ilany of his most ,af mmills n and necessaory articlts, selretsaolly changilsg as theiy ire at the dictates osffatshliol orfilly, he is slrlrolullln ill Ils own l untory with an entlllessyprfoision of mediestal pkllts, sufsiciuti tso unsser any isldie:tioU ill disease osr to 505515 :ay cuIablt disiisdera lar s et he is ipra:nt af tlheir vi- t s tsos, alsll they are suilrealsto Lwnstetscir healinr g oill tle tdcul'li aie.) STheietoeetsofgvoegetaler medicines supon thessstams e Stemorslstrn-y-those of Inisttlslls lasting. iThe tos!llre0 ex I i theira etts allllPlls sasst if--the htaler, soruilstlr ills i - ticulsars at chssicosls st os ths solit, etcstisg Ihe hons s sssssi tlsssI smilins g tise cottstituti ast y a sl and sure deIStolrli, .. 'lite coageialleliity,r ericioltcy and s.\I'I'a Y of veet -ble reomedies eol er maileral, ly oe eostimsated Isr eontlrst ing the annient practiee with the modelro; ort, to bloing.. i1 t moreinm ediately un lel n'r own observation, t1h. Indi asn practice with that of the s whites. \hno, in Amerliea, ants not knlown or hearid of i'claeted instn:cels whe·rein I softe I~tlcccl't ll, II)Ite~illS wc nh.enllile Ind(ianl [1y lilt allsof1 sssod oasttishig Ottaarssrss tie 1steirso s hsdica of taib s panllo as'soec. directed in tile most skilbal iAnleri, has tisLd Alla wllb his not beell suros 'Is'dl it tile com Ipar-atlve ease amit;,hcilitvw ithwhlic hlhthe hldianu flees hint self fol ally disease, ilnld at the almost itota abstinesces I of tronie d.setse :lmon thellm iVlo has elsi heardI ol as Ilnllias o with a constistsil tio noku ant rsiled by ill s tret st-ll Atd ctn a idoubtt exist thatthis haI~Vy ex i elptioll of the savage fi'osn siost ol'the ills whicol thea ssIle'at ofllsln is heirsos is eiliie i owing Io hniee so IIIL inllg diffrence in suot:eoas, is ta hir exemllicltioa of tile itiifiliate superiority of the simtlie laid saft: mnlms of curn'e which old hls elr:lted tfr the beloefi·t of his cilihhrsen, 1, over those which the plisl auld the art of man l\e ill Il vented. F~oro a Ihlig resildence among a xoartion of the atorigis a aistsasitantssos thi sontry, tondtsa intssastessstsao| ousoessibl inetisisnstt, is r oisiass tlbor t lohf Indinn's tif ltaa tssth h"ru ~ fel''it sil f ti.rl SI Patlleea, ae.(II. I uiire kllti~tlell.3 el' somle of tile: most i Iowerfnla nld favorile rlnaelics, Froni thtse heseleeted t ch oias were most erfaiptiools al f a roprintes, and arelr i valinus exserisltlslts tt .est thesiss Isiaeslles ani d .slrength he has eollliel them i ts e a here presested, as the se sost pesls ct als osreficiasl rs os i pnrrosre bor which it Ir isrein'elSll n deld(i. is The proprietor ofas esthis rltepaisi ation to ths puhalic, t wilh tile coosciousa tss that l se is pIaci s withinlheir s:t, .i a rmltdy callable ofrclieving slIIali of hais aatotsid ial- i ,t low beinlsi whosit ast esulfein, uude the \a'ious chrounic II. 5 rohasliicomnitlaints to s higtlis is a.llldicable. To , such sit will piove ol" inealc lble vaili e, as the g enlls, til rnd in msin i, tihe olsly instslls otslehevina tissl'slass th Itoiilgs s ail storillgtlihem olicemolloe ito ltailnll il .i i s.. This is nt Ilo~i: re. d aI a clllll Oi iema il , thsts s ts s-a-tr aa s eqtsitly ts s wis h ms y otess inw Ild ill .. il as ,n , slich isc a is tatl lsatilts 1iifo iiiiusyIt exllclle eals \ hichi :t i the usnllasai t llis t hlnt . This it i, h:asdol lle rllsat ll sly; allsd this is the rlnttl ioi ithuso ' b as" tainlcd wherl2ver it has beeu intlrldlucedl. ir, t It is ollabot llltee years silsce this relpaltatioi wasI ni reselted Io tlse stlbrlie: bustin iat slto'ts pice d t ~ie, ,i,;I somite huillldt,, hl' o lelsonsnlight Ihe lounol \~ll wolld ai a solemnly delroe that tshey eslievea thsat their lives wsre n saved by it, asld ill mostcasesaRelt the Ilad triaed mlly sa 1 an li'hrbis assll the onlmon renledies io vain. Wter-s s e ver it i os lllalwnsit sra olnly co srisg ilttO uas, si this Iit a'l'stlro ost .altstanlltlalaud n vineilg proofi of it yt TItlse vale .ofthe P:lt aet: l i nost cos altillo s i oe aa, lon i staanding itts:a s ihilitia :and stiaor lous lff'tiols at i- tallt l ve l fi, allai othir .asit.rats, . ..d I ....a s ylar a i t tlosei Cas we rCuy Ila been ' so riid ls Ili as t, cels distressil ai l the h ii, n , I 1 rial ulc ers, dteraltlalent - 'the di.-estive orlilas, se.t to 1Ihese it comlletel sa rem avaa, as, i in rll e'ts"s itlll,, .ly eruialc Idie s hise l nd e:iLllt ollts of ' lereCln of votestheconstitutiton, andu ktnwle the im1 i< it 8<,lll no ll i ef. ! L % .. In ri' n ti. l tlsrm . ts .,. tIli~l 'fl'~'i-.clS aft" linlitr ie;. ljl~i:Irll'c'lt gi'. il,'.' al til~l~ ilrlilic .d ! di:tcL~i·(i~tef Ta / 'Lkc'u in Tl*pisp dI1Ows, thelwlilni'llsl i youl:niceil lrill'·F oi as an: wh ti l~. sas ti . S In I~l'll 'i ei.r s, a t:illli:it'[il- :n I II an'i .ca ~ l il' l l' il l~l ir gisasa-asas ala n:w I sll . . apre S ' itta 1 i5 5 :5 - e i t .lI th s cr ti s . ll itx .d th,. {lauds in a piarth~is rillli~' "'}l [~ t .iii Iris U n,:lit s tl ,tal Iite ll i, oIlll i, lit t srt, l te a l it s : dwh ·ich mitgh tl bl pl'oc lrt, are give t) s, . ,vow ! het I1f t sle Iln a'.is e, i ll I! Lt I ,i i ro : l t mentio, t n t nned; end l ,aoto texh , it ile t . mlot, satistetoitnt (tn r.llm 'I.EooIti-ron tn:O. 1,I 1r i to . tnring Ithotlast w inter undt iri- t .l wo ts otlol ic'--it It t i very -f re l nddislt ridcn- . rh tlmttisl, o.d.maio l l hi rl, uxinIl we pr redar e g ivnwtot l o o Ik "Cllto ,,[ stoitlt, that ~ sx h oottle, ot thtl la itn's lnllio Ltil l t, d i fe to e'ct hb; lh, anlo Ionlllell tly r.e olnuln l llel it to till i i' t llltr itmto . 1. i ll ot m mon ,Otll " ini -ott So-iN, IK iotst I' wil ist !zl ttd t tl h rlic llle si lce, i.e t h a dIwhile str in ' ith i nutle, lastt l o itro tntolgo onnetr l ot w totianwih ~ll~:il:~lltl/liJI I,~l i jll" It i lill"'(, .uild which ha is hisIabld r |'i i er +.e lir e Ili!LlI) na r ltels sinIP. h i nti)g ti is Ierliod I[ilt<ai l ne le tit inl i the 1aIrine o1t pto h:l, in I ) ehis I 'l slting, jtha V bo the, i tiu' l the il.|I r l orlehi t r st ; e illoerfect health , it a dtt\ le bot,'oop tt e lll h, ) ih a little l, U thel th 05 letu last, l n tlttt ti-t , + sI e'l y : l to miov( !I t u II ut, l i - th I tou r (2" e l' toi.trl, l" t to hi ,s 't,w e il td otr no, Iao to stare OthtI rosiNer. Dmn lof i periordi ll oAilS tll+ SCI "Uit-U-. t -l. 1. -. ThIle s ble et ify t0ll intoOar l.IoI ol 18-5, I was st i:it llcerat l i 1 r( llt 1'1 ghi tltl, uler lr s i t a y t eel. At lllIt tlritln w h lt H siIlru ltol I lo tl tilln I; I "[ e tosl P ilalt h iat i mul- placel nah to elfe unda b t.e u cp I[liei st for-i. i ho sic aolt lutloch tehlt tteto r irepe ite diliatlos t i nl t, I was rol e llli tti- lll ott hl tncun le. i Arl er wI sb ktlllll ) t'+ltailty ibo lsofl ai'l i ul( Lnaeratnil eiIghil ] holths tof stale tlhr' Ctllicn, ~~s swith Io imterl ll t hetl )e lrn - U too' -e tie, which etit low bei l ,on . I t r:ht, n I tler, I ot l irotl eto iy patiln i Il ew Yo r k,e it 1ivtt o t in gI tlVe yselfiptad ia lirgeighi datlh. Ihea. n oll tloe lia4t s 1ic+ o ' "lh ll i tll ,p unl a ,l hlo e1 ' it o r'to To ly lrleat surori,,e, as wotel as satisnretrlion, 'well ih the co se ofit l otins of i' ia t ore fnll ed i o Seve, since, i" the thiIis stateme Ito al wshie t ubllshet rthe , Irltbenetnly thot fir tll br i N e i.t kein o ftineC siilo seat sluceSs or ylilitic lt lin , |htta y nt th eyes im a sew wail r h r r e n oie til lo , ibt reid teol thing r u fort . te l antitie ti thot , n ldeath o,'id ' con har heid o ll stttio y tiin npboi.po r io ettite ro'Itiorot~NtnhiiWe.i Iill IIoicin-e I ws lo ticteo fle t cr ofie eee with lller ir th lt o etli otll oesl t o tryririe ott Iool lion rot C oti iii oeet- it ['toot Nrntl rorftree iteitrerlltroir tit-tlie srtietoee rite t olla mplallluieil wi th crysielrlatoro inthorflllotninn tlo exesstlle aio ij t he lg ytnt l r ,d in o it t. ln nt irfnoil Selrlt nr Fr- taeint eeoof ilon hi tcase r ly veost ott le i Ini. s o anricea ei inlde wt o anl i lc t cur e. oirele, nt pin AR iotie. Iti A \VETi i21eer- rket Forsale stioY IeInNIIY lrhNN Ai.EL, oroiggti st, een ihrh, th, roi't erto , t lrs, i.r, drit eoias s loret or NEW ORIIE.tNS ,' NASHlVILLE RAIL ROAD Ct)O1PAN Y, t o n pasised on the o ith o irost. the call on de o i thireitoi on the 13t FebIruary liast, tir tln piyn ent of five dollir g Slllre, e. a i t e lstded, alnd the iad sto ikholders are frtiher o.i firertiiittI tRIe o trsdl tlthia Wr1,II ItEAS, by ti resolution of this lboard passed onI the ityh hisot .ritrll has obele meaid on th to-t kholderot f onth e New irlelns lld N!toshillin sail no. i i.oe v lor the aoollowiongpyl i ent ol the the stock I tl d Ies O tpec. the flist c y of 3 Se ptemi t nl, t.ri ; two ,llrlet ' o tilco it alis' p vable ofttho first day of ecembler neext; an two dollars per shnare payable on thq fisrt d.v of Starch oaxt. N ow thieifre he it ref lved, that the secretary of this company shall notify the share hlers therein, throtih the pf tiltc ripnts of t i ty, sl t it c mftrn it$ I with the sixth se 1tie toft heoioe c e e serlielsoio Jeslls teroixy (lays, rnn and orer th. any on which it is matde )payab, with the eCpies co dition however, that if not regularly paid within the on which said payments should have been made, is aud remi-, forfeited to the oampanny, the charter oil that point atint itth r tive. Int confJ rynit ; t r e te o sai etll, f oll l l'rk of the s hare holderi in sa.d due n any, th think proper to pua t ofn f th, p.aytbehtl ofn tueir stoek t< Ihe end of tAri t ,liti ial sixty diys, w hit ih th charier E rullowc ihm, ore notified that the oarlellt of tuwohl Jlrurner heml f|r, nd Aue i he frt of O Of ;<id ch Iarter, until t1,'e 3 t d to ifrhet 1lni .... - _= ~ -r==t . _; .. ... .. . .. . .._... STATE OF LOUISIANA.--I'-rish Court for the Jus Parish undl City of New Orleans. TIIE STA'TE OIF LOUISLANA. TIo all whom thllouse Presell shall come, Greeting:-VWhere+as, T Jumsi Ihume oreh t Bed at a sale mode by tIh Sruri ll' iot pahis of tc thellC pr.l:1erv out herecialterdescribed, ss aupplie:l to the cleric tlthis elcs routt, in whllse ollice t he deed of slle was recorded on u i( the "d day of A pril, A.11). 1838, firn monition or ,tlver- Ti tiselm nt i.l conlorl tv Illty tatl actto te I.e; .o ttture of the Kur btnte I, I' ll'olna, enttlled ";Ali net fill- the firther nsstt- od rane ol titles to urthasers atjudiciulsels;" upproved A the I'lti dcy el Malrchl, 1834,. NOW, ur'ef t e know v, and all persons interrsted hlerein, etn i herey cited nd admonished iu tle nlie of the tho State, cf nHni'ialialIIl( a 'di thle Parish tCourt, on w\iho I:hil Set uip nev rihllt, title or .lailm in aind to siv thero e rie.. herciu altterdrlbed ihedoll ltqtl elltec ofany ver· infirulality ilnl thle .rlr, decree or uudgmt ent of thu court ell Illlner chase lhr -tle wan pnlice or itwy ireteghouity or ill galitv imn il ,roip emerts and ndvertitclnnis, ill Co time crl anlllIr ofst lP or unc ille y oher de iect whluSo tO nvcl to show cln:ci . wr lin th i tyu th tda s fronlll t le da oy this e p l ietou is tr t inse td it tie pn ira : patrt', why his the stilen ct IullnLc dloht lot bee .Olnirllled il(l all)lll e lo.mted. tall T'hai said ipt orp ruac sd 60 1t ihe "rI ilo' If Ihe par-o Ic ,bo synare, t, tl I-Ith dagy o' Ap-il A. I). w lln !8, byh t virt ue on Taeouptoulasrt, rendered oi the 5il dy ay o' Fe ncr, Al. 1. 18li, ill y slit cntitlhd Alextndere or Cahld.el vs. Jlmls lluise, Noi 10,31i7 of the dokent ofe It this Coirt, at which stile the said James ln sa becltnc la tile )urchuser fur tile plice oif twenty oluo thousand dullars. d)oscription of I'roperty ns given in ther Judelal Conn ft vetllce,viz: of A ccrtain Ilt Itf ,trrwd itlnlcd in the sullhlb An illl citioll ia I.nLcurse of tlli-; city, in square Nor 5, ex and I 't h~wI i t Fill h tc m (illfee i t rul t {. [ In'rcllou i ;toulas ,trot,t,:.til :) cl' Iran' tin th'tlmgerHs street, saod e 1,0 icvt oi tIt.nfonnde do ,'al'l eC Fur 1t, inl suich at monner il r a id lot tfl'a lOtl is (.0 fret wide Frm N tile Orle si the s' TAre I o t fh (,t hr. , ht. c th r w it ( a d w e lli eg o u se i frant IIIg I O i cl TchUl'l"Lto la.. Pt'eti·lt, 1I:·Iitc~henrll u ltdd ( go, khn d- pedtcit also Ih disillery esal~llisllntcnt erected i Lcthereon and other oildlngs Inid ilt provennts, the Iani e Hill ; vilte hsi etliAun i et e8l i a t ite X rllec. I hI eil t I t =aid distillm ery is th )ux entcie s ju icairs app ru l elltt es, mld the riglllSr1tion, aulllt priile, s IhretCt bclronnsg st or taltil;w ",\'. i~r ap o fI i'tZlll":",s ilctt'e'e (olli- po New spreeans, m.s 7, 11 i e. b' till 1,^l \"j I. L l O I) F. paty (Irki FtI'AT DElE LiA IUieLANE-l,- Cour de Paroclsse ptur le palroisse ct s illy lIt- lit Ndeuelle orlleanse. t '1TA'T' DE L,1 LOUISlh Nh'.--A taos ersl titue rJ ct s irbseuteus coreruenut, Sahlt: Attctdll htioe uamues It Ilse nrm t meltte h Une ent ite pir le Shrie 1' I dclaparoissc 'tl rle:ao lplropei~t:I ci-apris decrite, ls'es adl as I' s : tu (lr tcli ' i de e oe CIIoII' o lu dit re mtlte ut L eal'eg ibtr(.c It' ý ('li tdilll' dUe Sa ll P ne 1I5lllll 312 I p.:]. pour un avis aou foreltentel ti ttn ace de In Leigsltalur te tie 1' Fot le la Louisinlner, iltitol ' .1c our tte llor illler lose litres dle ctertuers lnux vente jruduiciires;" nplnrouvr a le 10 Mi:as 8l31. Qll'il sOitcottmt, ct routes personoes t iutiressce'so lla 'esr Ipr'estCreS oletafces au lnmo de 1' lat tie Il Iln: s rane t st di Is Cour de 'naroisse, gtui potu,"rticllt nviel druit '1 la lwopri6te ei-npees deiliti, enl LconsleltlU l'n' dgeut d At fornle delns 1 Pordrc, le lft 1 lerre o jn elmt de [ a m Ollell o vcrtu diel 1 iw saVllte a ile lter , oil d toute irrlgularntl e lu is ali o li, t do:s I'esthinuaiou l'a is oilu lc tcllp ct lc modtle de ie \ort'e,oeuph;,tr lltql-ruen~ c ntuse (ileCottqte; {d tlhfair soil, d(Is Ir ter llors u d.Cr dela Ipublictiot dlr clict 1- de Il llr c ilN I'aur; en t nble a .40 0 cints thlr clje; cl bill i - \ is, T i~'llo" i In elie ailni latU e n serait pas eolllill(c ct hlonologu(:e, Il to up trcbirt vendue par le shleri'asdit, lc qua S to|iz lle our i I't vri d o 'lhlllbd I::: i, all Ierie 'llerl Sfe'let Ie eultt- cnar le, 5 eti'v riele"r dti I'albue 18:38, It dlolls 'inlt:lirc II',\I xnllltdtr Caldwell, cent re James IIhams, \o 1t),I.1 ; dol oiutel iet~ eeti, ('oulr, ti lagnlie 1 \cnane le d:t ]lJ lll,'g Illllste s'est relcltl ncqufreur pour Ie1 plx dl- a 1,1 t. il c e·Lcriptiu(a dehl Prope .i6t(t d'apres letrauffer Judiciare, it Svi Uln I rI..]11 ]1 t eit terra sintkC ,ie Ill lllTOlllT' o e 1'An olo I i ation ulin s I , curse, di setts Ville, dulls f'ilet No 5, eodi lt det t t re atvnlt [lrel:re fl-F ar Iic'cl",1 .oixnnte plods du ". e ide hiac e 'it ll .,1 1c upitnlnhs, lois cent grlds is l-; tare "i ln rIll, dez . rnu ý,i,1-, el SolaItsm girds 'a dl-e a i t filnlIu: clr la rnIuL d!l \jh,*if', de so'ts que le S it .... ,e ,te' a ....ix nt" , pi dl: ,I ..... ': du dv I'ihl ;1 I'au rr e e ) m r ll le t4.ld Ini i-:,lll fe- fureI1 | it( a11 ' e T' ]Jt):qýIitnula< lule',isý:t",' c,"ts' ,II, [,e tuht -'s. "iw' dl ,l "r la dtctil e]'i e I.,elln rll'ilb t mllr It' ,htll I, I ,'T u l'.." h - t Icst- et a. (,i"i rtliui-e; le;4 m:rlttt]i.e-. U nlh'L~il cs, ill-Itll clyioeis, .al5,:, p e' a, a',l~l Iaht,lin dl-li h,,r., , p ndi - tldit u trs,tunpllf[,Pllnnees It lt t t t'ruti. (etli cits etoivili'.es _v uIV, )It Ian,,(. • I li:lor ll tI I erc|iicr, \oiveelle 1tr!{u'ns, h, 7 Mai, 133:,. m1I I,'21&.l J. I .ll Depllul(a -llrvtlerr g cine, icit'ed ;y' \V itskio , l.sq. Memtor of t the Rl al .t' olle . of Su'' r!enls, licetiiate of Apotthe coy's t,O nl tony, Fellow :ollilt COlllt Sooietyl Su eton) to Ithi lI it Union 'ensicn Asciatitm, tnnotr ltla'e, i tooorh llridt' ,', and I'erpeloti l Pupil of Guy'o and St. 'hlh nunas's I losphit:s, I 00lin e.0 This ltualle mlode cin,', the rttott of I ent1t yottrs' ex"pei ll:l nlld nIl elvu:l k l .sn cess i h th t' extensi.t nmd h;ighl, resp ,c:Itablc prati, ~,It o tlho o opri , out o nisuld bs he thlentt} all I ni I ihtt' ,lt andy l is omI illtlnl el tolle nonce ho f r the ;llerian wI e st so liil tioN , a ut o b oI t oontl' t nhl of lonll. n i'k siluldiln itn dthe prufhs It is hopt .I, :as p eli ' i narv slei, tof bhectk 1t II ( ,\i mI t'.,:d conts equentes misi i; friol thel use of thto, omo :ie s ol d d, l trious nots l as fhi It tl t,.ont .e Fibi h-1 : fid of hoiut, I N ll'lll O lil l. I oII ' t t11 Ii , ll ý i! 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Isli Il l ii 10. 7111 wll th., ,t E 7ItO' .I . Ell6 t' it . ,I tit.t . ito t .'m I oil 'llll.r it lt Itt'I Iq o ' r i+Y I t , :ý I,'I," T c ', ";iiii,. .+ \u:.l1 ti dt,, .r t .. I t la kin s 1 (ei y ob. t w otltt s tit oil to' a ootn0' S sl'li.t'l t o. Ioeolil; Iot'tl " tl' ol i 'Itt'I o i'o ttol ,i.to2,-ul oit to t t ll'',e , anld stoIt o tl.t ,t ,l 1o, I N Itra teSt l ott11 't'l toak' otlt',0 it ; olotoott tttliaodo li oi s o 'lltt i -^"I . 't, ttl o t at. e o'outhor ,lo alle til tt,lltatd h lt llto li o t' ,kski slhle s o ..,o.on , cet'l,e toe o h ' , ot" t tile n o a ttitil "otlt ail r o t.o I n +at, g ek thoo, t ai l o Idol'i oot nollt of . itt .,,. 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I! n'to'oil 's t woott' oot lu TsT , VtT ill, grnlRl aWsrot'tn lit of oaos' in 'S 'i hIs asso menf wil he rdcl ei o shd I t, the ath rr al of libt told toi oetl o tatloion t ooer ts t any lt -- r B LT.41 FOil "icl-]b' TIO,'FT.H. 7 1ý I Elstablislele, 'nt, tiion l- eovel, yt hile or,:i :Lot i "Teiil il r th is er l," tuml re&. lv i l'l iti £,tl iro tiett ach ofn thet t un . r'ill ti nld tt'ly,. to cirv ttir otth , hae stsV ofAoil bwhy- 'oot-aihirON Olyo botthe, it l ri Veelr ihyti;e cia atn not illlt ediht in rd tbeth and relieves tha t Olide ss iwhich'so frequentc l oflers a u tiorit tooth nttoless The ap lieation and the. alage oif hl o|" i p 'so s ill (|!es erent section s o" ith rco itt'y ; that ,ai Liltlrii expk erienet such delinhtlu urdkulutart ivof el- Iloiu the ,,,r oi'tho Balm, a Je ready 2iigi hi'ly ind tlixp Icdly, tiill Lu lie rn r 1e6 lel um reartlapnin of the w o,1 N or5 ( or ('cmoi tni 'l'chalitoalu s so: , ,r, frag ment Losad opinios. rby the au thor of P opulr yedicine, or ITFTilv Advi,+er, eovittinX of JUSTPUBLIS2EDFIROM STEREOT P'( PLJTES,T The Fillh Edition oe ROWLETT'S TABLES OF IN'r'tEREiST: TO wluch is now adtled an Avelrge Tim'e Caleuls tor; or easy methodls ri' fidinig the veIrage time eu storage, notes of hand or bills of goods, ihen ptr. b' ehased st dliflelret dates, an difiet.ilt credlis, ande for :aious i smoiunts; iesilessauselil snit complette lhasnkii 'Fime t'I`le, the best Ihat cae be coeriie-ld. or tlhat - gures Ianl irdce within the same c.ldeseld collpass, tesd size t. iIp. An as:vertisement in thehbook is in nearly the follow ing swerds: The high distinctlion this work has received through the ten legislative acts prefixedl tthe title page, is a re cnmmundtion it itself, mmo so uncommon,, an so conclu sive, h t nothing is necessary more than by way of ad vertiseilentl to egivea condeunsel viewlof soIns of its pe clliarities: 's fer instance, the Interest has been comp s. ed from,and compared aith, what is eqcivalett to four teen setrfetealculaiione exaliued in the pres thirty five titmes, adl Iprinted fromt .treotpe plates testd thirtyll-one times, friom eal hiech it mrst hi e evidentI even t ttlth skleptic (espasciiali IIl thI Ie t :d olh, 'tile uta or Ioeef in the preface)th th; tile. wk s e llllL he ril naetieally infallible, and in confiano:'on of i'lh i blid/ti prenlimof two hulndred atd lifty dhllalrs, it, now Aiter ,d tar the detec tinl of an llror of a cent in thie prellent or fifth edition, as expressed i the pleflee, maiking fite large a.c1i'ils offered fii the same teeor sincethlo first pthlicalion i thie year 1802. One of the most cons sicuils feiltte's ofi the tihles is inthe aerraolgemet of the l'Time and Antloisa, which for expediti.ns, Irofrence undperslpieity, withl the help of the shle and index, canlot be exceilyd; a. n the salvty ty and ease with which te iitrcel l can he f'uend to the extelnt of iLe-ill'al business, without doubling of sums is besildes a conllvenienlce s" essential, that is thte estlma tion of some oi ihe oi t competent and practi c:l busi nons men aful I publllic oeili ers wtlo Iave mdle grt' lUse of the work, it has been tlistiiigisihedl bytlhe lieonomble appellation crfoa "'master piece". And considering the infallibiliy of the method origitlally nadoted iin composing tihel ark, anid Ith extraoldiunay lunber oIl Salriely nofthe cxamintioons, and tests of evrcly edition it las p:ssed in thle In·rss, entwithsltading the whole is in str'cntvipe, oensiilering, in shSt, tie epositive necuracy stelll'~r lv tIhe lr Ipreedenled ntsllmm eomplo old, the vo lllllc:1s IIbeeneld Ic p nod emphsatically styled lithe most wooitrfll hook oIl Ithe;" imost certainly llt m:acatn lnamea figure work ofthe same extent, which since the beginniungltis creation, lilts hadi tile same num bet and variety of tests in the. number of editors; no, irone hailfthe lltnumbelr, as is learly shown in the prrf e. }resides, astest alnd standrard, it has ierm tried and predi in netalry all the bank and poulic .lsices in the United States, and by the public genelrally, during the long period of thirty-five roers, yet ro crer of it h eal lcintiens hs t ever bien founde in prisl, although continu alll challenged by thse ofUer of very large pr'inisims. lThe infact expressly iadoptedl by all tlie lourtts I Of law cl sevttal ofthe Stes as the " it e of csleulatlon forsttute ilnterest," nsalso by Ilw fnor batk intelest, acorelding :as the book is used, anti asC aay le seen in epart, by .,e: in'es of the snlsoribers, and a few of the s ubsequoent iutclrelselor , islthe list attchllcl lof thett ook, Is ill ssessiosi nn fss evelf oelots of citiztns ill ecry p liar t ofl tl Unit edll Stales. It is mlllOleor well knownl that, I its rearly cheeck, it hais ato llit i teetl d lrgye crror)s, long alier they were ud lt, s v i n Iy the miost eieild andl most tcom1petent ari -luleticie:t, at its ttsefulness, aitl III asolslute in cess it Il its ti hILL' bel.e l xtensise\, insisted I ll) so eidtcllt, iel, have been its adltanltages, ansi its savilngs, that, sevieeLl ve'stlilg,) whilst the first editiont was scaIrce, aiil out of prlilt, a great i.umber of secolnd handlll coies werel sought tblf, somee a gre t distance. t andll purerlsed nt vrl'ius prices, as iley could occasion ally hb l icked up at fi'em 10 to $5 per tcopy, and s, sole lpersons have rece. y declareds , dl ilstalces coull be ttlotedl that they woutll Ipay) $5o, 00, and $15() i- tna cope , if not to be haid fer less, and anl iditidual Sill the la'tter instance portieo larlvt, havingl at the same i ,,e I. ,iitt s anatishtao ry pro , to .se eral persons pre soent t it to hint it was really worth that moo ey ano fore thlogh the savoing otf its tort talotble time, he heing tery rich " oan f i o iu Nantlie office. I't is li \worthy of n1ot I:, lInd ioleel d proper1 to inipre 4, thait sullch is$ t, rltue of iglle worok generally anI aspoi:dly wheu of the extent ald ce o these l n lsn tlht had this book or its like b,'on p'epar ed ill the .l: Inli(lner viw(11, b% the mli st ecmnpetent c'hal ll lltor i theo world, anlli Ifter' ' ards printed I ooo t enutionlh* l r his o/wn lorrectiOn o"f proof sheets, it would, ttloa tt .o C1ertainty, hate bean us.ale for' fe furence,ll lld iear .t an1' price, as tl: preticel (f.hiuiion harlp <o plius. lut sh pertfoot and .oo uable have the steol type platesot'tllis worlo. beo oneo, that tosecure hema, witltheir nutmercus and extraordinary examina tionls.:g IIill t | a F and f hr Sttll'ld enll, Ithey He (Ity ,tdvertisemcnl) eo,lhtantl.: kep(t in a place ut' slpecial saft)o, oexeopt o o ilt e f to l i o It.lot.go Anple di,.eetii,,. etl lind :uh b:mksa nlll dI Rlillle intnro ' est will useful .lte, li fo llow the prelltee, which, in this fith Ias in the twi pr'eeding editions, contahn mueh in to'loatoi eoneernino g the two lawful modes of I roput illo intllo r otee( d, ysL . o olf o, ace, k o. It rem1n:: s only to rem.ak thtlo , ttotwithstllndinfo thlis nco mmdIlyl codly v-.wrk, whlich waspubliseh d olltre intcrelt Itbi( s were intrCi o-.l ill doll"s iandl cenls be ani td ItIu l e :eLI a Io L).tiooloxtonsotoliv tlo" t Ioof libelrlly Ipatr iedl, it has not t so ot'hl as p1aid with interest. teo he:, 00 t'l of uovh. ll m sand dollar1s, btl'id. s.x c t e 1o 171 o" 11 t t t 0 , stat i ln 1 the ooI :,0 It 1 1, 00,m ' :u n", s 'In 'ir ; to say tnthina tf ,:ore ., io ( or.cfid m- .lnos t m t i. n l e mlicl, 001 ,l, rifll . 11' Ihte' r,e the tlt,,r still r l ls nh , Ii nlt 1 anIL Ic n it\ of It, ouhic ft r 't o! mh : 0t I., otri tt,' 1 0i0 .o o1.,I -. ' Io ,. rrl, .:, D t ol t IEt , n i ,, , ,I I,. 't fI.I, i 't 'i, ý,, l:, , ) n0 HI 0' "t \'", to l. ll:., h l," 'w tool l i, ! i .. LI II' I .1i! t' toO 0- 0 0l 00'l 0t 0 1se u. IV.:r 0I lt. Jolhl ..,+. , "'! L h:'t:" ++ otDIun lt il' -", of its, l -en, , t 5 , 5 hr h n l l, .-h lt ,I- , l r'".l tl ' u r . n00 l, i o t oo ht trou ut ot onto tio .to 'lohh - o n i t : tilu " . t l rO ll t lt I t0 1 I 1 b it 1 ..... ...It i tt foo ' , I0 t ily p o. l no10001, 0no a Sr, ) te i h 1 r.h v . r l, h..tlu l t ll",- o r tit'ol l,t owot t 1t0' o0t.. l to 10ed 0lli , t ' es0o:.0: 0. is b lo d Ied . . 0 ' It o 1 otit to'd 11 , 0 10tvi00 1 l o0 n t I ats ien t lt lllt01 ,o l to .2ll' dn ;"., s iai+.)ttt lI'rlnt llnl. ilte r~1t'lll 1t ,1,5,,l ty mlert' ll urI r \tto 0lh,r ,0 fr -oI :utelt 'in oto lt l ith 010 .0 , itt o ,tio 1 tllll onli0 tliOtll]o+ 01f\0ll0: 1;' ' 'e tiOIte .."Io t ' ll Io. ,It .I" iioht rts, t t l otto o ttitlllulttl 000,l of Io ' fflf iatoto111t 0I1 f Itr il to ,mtion's1 01, to Od,.t. ,rall o y t f tll u'lo Il ed nr ,iod-Ireuled vteses 01 \nerhil. ti(r1idihn -orte.+ 1 ft5, t,t o toeo' , o ' t oe It a I0ap ti·Ihd l' ' h o'oLil , in diliet o ull ooo lpI Pe4e111... re "I.u.c Il th* m nt h'r', nIod II 't (I Il ,P tlIi ont o i r tn Whosi<,tan, : u .sc "11 is0d ll al itb V ttuo t witi tler. th ldt r'or l kt o i nguo tioolafghtbttt 1 .3 L isto, l,, ttre L o ('ol 0u o lftittl s 'tY 0lten tlstoal i n k fl c 0ses. 0. f' teo NT , . V: t ,'tto. t'o e il t l. sa r:. , itoliotto 00 0I0 to!["'otvia: woots tott ttootoo cstieo 1 ill td . - e 1 . 00+ 00, 00 00nll 0 I tlton 10ut0, ift to tto :ll bl:o k and gold, t :l;, (ionl w w e u rU !hllsl a nd A lte0, Pof;loo, (100l fm, )'' I l t' lld )o i, sve d a lt ilt, Curin thle d , a ,!ch lr, l olre, Ih- : la ] te, i s :R l l, S o tne, ilrds 'yes.:,,, n )mrby u ;l anite ' a 0ll 1r , 'nI Io t ; 0 ot0 , BAi, o w r ou ' Dobeoteor o odeltloot eook t. o lo:te hiogs, ,dioo :n at hl'i"o, oo s S ofoo,. \foota, Sb ,,tottoo otttootto.otSo Itoft oono or ntloftoo olotofoo o Nooootl s0o0es Apeiolt ,,sttl to e sef t tilt shoo a . Poif tS. o ils, A tiss soal rttish, olC o htowao a od l sito 0 1 ofn lyt' , tsoil: lot, olt he oost favbls tbeo'll, ) o, s rby Y &(Crowleo. (Oo I.ooot. ORILEAO NO. T c, rpri a , ito ll t ti et.tblia sm salt kea tto lea sare a f aanounciag o his fritt o ds.o the psblic i , gen d lt ract e wille in radilln b th e t at of vils, to ret eive viiers. l lo willl al r t beo o iretoolr et,an. i at taoond h t a at i bElad ot Crai lllllte oo ueki stollut ltoo d iooltt orot Ales, Ilo oitd' o od ,sher spatdeo . rato ll shovel t took mnd wh lteo hinges, oor abis two d ho romks It is deemed unutcessory tf soy oantthoifoa ionto artilam aollins t olrots, Shar o d th h w er i is f'or'o anld o t'tillao a t'otge, lines and twine bolio t that tllheo ro not iero slr 'totve in tia gos t f aiotd .t Winsed o sptoa erm oilt o loo i't. ' At tullc asorthat !is part re and ship drdlr , hay Iboa s log hand, atd whi a iae oIans t ttte l idan. e at w the s lle or retail, o ther willH t favuail tiellmof iby tin 11turi ro ie Iti[ o tor of tnblish trn t ha the ol\e suro of announcing to his friends od the public in gner ltha t hi e w ilnl i in readinuesby the first day of 0 iv to ret eito e visiter.0 , 0 le will also state fo0r th00e felit 0 thost t l a distance, tht ther hav prolnens made, nd l w goi on l rapid proof res lo oto oa mpletion, whic will eoublr the j leretofore, ttiad toioole .Isa he tinoaLtotboo better. telliliueou be c I m m the odated i good rooms, olls towhoo n'tootr lano hooao large, cabinos 'etached from believd that they are nat ifirir t v in th e Bn r ut.s ier' Stotes. Alr the oan pllmcats th'io are generally ý+.u eoei\',d .1. _j+ (jUtlt%',. " MAIL ARRANGEMENTP , .., Due Every Iay at 1 M. Yortmhrna Mail os E Every dvny at 109 A. M een Mail, Due every uny, Wednesday an ,r erLtre Ml" Ftriday, by , 1'. a1. y way o the Closea every Mondy, Wednesda Coast, /anl Santurdy, by 9,P. 1. ti),, every'l'uelany, Thursday, an The lake Mail Saturdae y 5 ,PI. i1. via Closes every Monday, Wednesday - EXPRESS 1A Il-. TIMES OF ARRIVAL,)IEP'AR'ITURI DISTANCE &c. of the Expres Mail, beatw-.r, Mooila and New York--leaing Mobile dil" uat 3 1'. Al. Northwar New York daily at 5 P. M Anutllwnrd. Arrives Arrive Northwnar. Distance. T'ime. Iteturn'g Montgomer, Ala. 21 n. 110 ant's 23 h Ioem. Co('himubu,3a. lii 81 94 3,1 a.m Milledgeville. Ga. 2 113 114 2 'otnlaiia S.C. 79 am. 6i3 174 1(1 IRaleigh, N C. 59 '215 '22 12 Warrenton, V,. 1 in. 3. 3 t Peterrburr , Va. 109 1p11. 83 11 9a. an RichollrVa. I am. 91 3 0G Frederickslburg, 8 67 7 11 p m. lVaslingt .n city, 2 pm. (1 . 11 .5 BIthimore, (i4 :38 4 o Philmdelphia, 6i amn. 100 11 11 2 New York 2 p). 911 81 13095 1143 I. or id 236 Northward. Comilna Southwlard, tlhe time is six hourl less; bhing5 days snit 17 hours. TI\N IvOI.t.Alt9 RiEWARD. R ANAWAY friom 19 Ct:rondelert corner of Hevia S streret, on thle tnight ltf 30lh of August, and wea seen ;lhe ll| inollmling ill'ovidras streetra a megro boy ,itled CIIARI.i S, aihott 17 years of age, nall 5 fee or therenouts il hleiht, very biack, nand has an imped imlent in his speeh, onee of his lags is sore, oeeesionel by a reetnt hurt; ie hat d o11 ~,,'t I ell went away a white. .cotlon or linel shirt and while cotton pantalouns. Masters (f vessels antd stealm boats are cauetioned a gainst receiving or harboring said negro, as well as all other perstls, as the utmost rigour of the law will b6 enfolrcdl uagainst tliem. 'T'he ave rewnard will be pali fordeliveriang hill intla ,nlly of the jails of either ofthe municilplities, or at 169" Carodelet, corner of Ilevih. steoet. Sept (-t'it'Ii-T:ib., cua lai,.tne;siy i i;-heretofore exitia .l tnder itle fitn of Dhel is & Garretsnn, has beep dissolved. ''liT sutlcriher will liquidate the alfuirso tie a concerni ill this city, ail requirel s all perseOindeb. e, t, amke iluliellttl himt oly, and all thosehaving lnims to wesc:ltthe llll Irseltle-iIre t. ng ll,1c-,t Ii GA9RR ETSON W-W. WSWA N. No. 11Conal ,reet A' ,' trlaan. P AS ah'ovav inuad on 'tanlly reaceiving DrL I ,,,s, Clamienala,ond Paun:s,aimon thet~ ura allowui,: DIil UG$.1 DYES] A alitanany, etude, Argnls, red, !do tregalus, Anatlto, Spao. Areei, eruode, Alum, do iowdelred, lBrazillette wood, lalsarm colavia, Cochinetl, Ila,o metde, Copperas, American, io refined, Cu)pllCar, Briamastoe, eroude, Fustie, Tamlpico, do roll, do Cula, do flower, do Maine, ilth math, French Lerries, tastoril, digo, Bengal, Cram tartr, ldo Mallilluo, Caothlaiades, ido ..nraueas, Gun aloes, do Gaatomala, do Aibhie, Logwood, Canlpealhy do atssat.tida, do St Donlingo 6dI anloniae, do Jamlies, do benzseil, Camwood, lo copal, rough, Madder, ombio, do d scrapedl, Nicauragua, Ilonalre, do do S Ameriee, do Coro, do esnlphoe, mel'n I d l Maanotib doi to rfit,. do Hlolhe. do giaceum, CIEMICALS. to killo, Acid, nitrols, do mastic, o muriatie, dIo olium d ulphaeie, o shelaa, Illue vitrial, .. segal, almdl, p p, dl ulace., atrrosarl, usahlimatio dlo traaoathi, ihlorideof lime, G.uamboge, ",psom ldts, Julilper berries, Americal,,nal. caulsic, do li Foreign, led preeipitate, .Magnesia, English, llo'lleIe tll, Io Alaerieiauj Red elholmate polah5 Maonaa flake, Supa earp Sa,"'. do sorts, Sulip potae Lih,1orice hall, Sugs' leta, Oil doves, Sulp zinc, do(l c:lasi, SalP quinine. t Iberganlot, Tarta' r emetic, d, lemon, l'AIlNTS-llhles, do lepleraniet, llne, I1.t, geutiau, Chru lite yellow, dry, do ilcce, l do in oil rIo lallp a, d,,. e m .. ..,t I hllliar h, 1. 1, Lalt aMlat. oIsh, do seneca, , mil r num'" io sept ,irg. , Liiltkv, to S I, d so'sr 1 ,, o .lle, I . \ l *. an adotl,,. 'J'tma a .I , la':,iia M ile F.gl0 ., ldo lieaii e, R lhal', l"lr 'ns , Sprosil. E'Ataiici in S;i llmi i n lC i ,ll l ! 1 du Cn h:o l'r, . ;, 1 htee , , mire , Km ich . ftuikid le,, ' A nita t .'A lll llan i Al Te, IN t, i ; , b CIlTn'S I i N il ,Sp ntre, c ar l+l., i,". ' el I eolts nory, Sl, , ai aii, l It, il lalll Iey l ty, F.L Ir ltd,, S aiailsl, ,Alan e, lt inamil, dieopja d I ' : , ii.!, ie , li i ,elf N cols . ilol acll a ..,,, ia , Ia itor \L't ly, t al otlalt d f mt sie d. , ... .... En: .....,,glish, * 1aean .rli oibN r oores It 'roe in voll i r .l ci lalti, e at a lia:l uor'a ba ediltsa i iaiiI io ld /a1)aoauryialol,de ,Aa' i'akto'roar, ioVjinh', byat Jlthlao Cunningm, L Aor -A Ice' lilre c.iiecatl' aAlh (Clohlhla's hlrlenology Si'hr laI.r IT'elr, eto lictt ' b l,jiapsne d paper , vols. ig or Ieaiedl lil, and thtuli vol, for lIENJ. LEVY. .tlAIN fVi'ITEl'l'lzl,&'c. Ne i S RliN 1. 1 of llir l'sy e mi udat of Aiyer r Vie 'loli'i. : ct al Nalt ,a ete ild unifotd e, dition I aldno lrap3 s e nm o II he 'Umorks. te Roevr'e !'renh'u Karr lt/ish 1i 'tionary, in l vol, :1,,, ,niarol's ,roeniah waorrl id'therL'rd Siithhartea r in Aii wl t Inlre opiesa f gCermal bindex shrenology r elt or in' vi Cr' Il seofsnumat risor, it,', ;t'ith, hains, 'ialiila aiPHIes, otg-. o 'ld 112 inches thi ronl's i Cu alnetaoid l'e . aja in ta e papos,by weig I'te aIN Roia i'F'tIe &r, by lhe at Mor ofuA yea Ceo, in Sni' hvol t oate. c rai utnl16. r rl I n a racter n a ngelrlloy pid tato of k Now r by G rer The arett d cxi lerat rlm with hysiians in being ebt 'eilly olnvicetl ita;rarrrit, ollf the United State or COul ,4e vi.%v (1'0he theory and practice of the genera it tl gorll t or t wiy the re oldtions aet.en then --dJi,'ated otld an hl the young lea of tile U ted. St "e, by I 1) Moc ansfield, Esq. Ai, tod's Igtalino, l'ours inlertaslsotl with character toer, wallet'la s oaegcgsa and Vilgs of sportingter's inoll tiall acytitteacal aoate.tat.. tod ge.'o index of ...ty ..ate Serofula or King's rEvil,tns, Chrnd ai large and gnr, ealdsit's A useridnt of Mercury of Rm the tlotd being in vitiated state. T'his very coc atratd Syrt is prepntdtio red with thd Pgret l$ AhnIryll eultl t earoldt Oieuray 0to Aleain tll t tiu, or tloe of Slu' rilla ofin th mo st onl e wit t ratled tlg ree, eonltiud wil other vegetable subt anere The great desfderatno with physicians in being Ohl to exhibit u large qautity of armrsparilla ht a om osre, itds been obtained ir this reaati tig, n-they, bein. fiolly convinced of it ner itos, coaf deltly adm onlster the icourse of n tho. practie l SPm ll tt 11 0 , with a lOatir iA thor b TI l aPrice ua5stio pari bottle. holld uioy atony eWAIN rOltlHlaei1'S drtia ea oteatof 1 alcna struhb wloi atiay be hadlt, fesh aad genltiae, direa tfre, othe prnefrse ofr, Swuin'sltao , Aac aud Veriifugei, P otter's Cs.taol con, Carpenter's iPreparations, audl large and goner. tie aatINNOCt'S ROMa , &ofr e. s Gleoldsia'S Abrlgmnt of the Histod y Aornf oto o ohidh is preole an o introductio n to o the St dy o Ramac History, oad ia great variety of valuable infer mlticoaldded athroaglto t s tite WoeZ , oC tul he Maneorn lonn tatortion ud Antiqities of tie u an tie ag li nu, tuertS Cocitatiogl eol and historical Notes; and m aes timns for exaumitiou at the end of' each section, I hlstrated with ni wond, by Atherton. Ptn..oe's hp rovef Edditiuon of Dr Geh dinius I thator],. olG Eng and, freoreu te Aeasiol of Julius Caoeiar tmth Ideath of Georgi 2, with a t'otinua fti to the yea 1tI32. atith questions lbr exa irnation at the end oL eall section ofetides avariety of valuable infofrA tiuo added throughout tiel work. Cone sting of table 01 SueOteiporay a ovetf ige , any d eminent personE . Coaious expeuutory noteso Reof arks leo tho pall the Coastutioa, &ec. lac. ll lliustroatid by mny engbr Saof opeith's New Trlolatite on t aale use of Globes Nloo American e dl i tioU, with additioins ad iL provmentL anu ad exp-ation oftho astroneatical part of the Au riCall Alhmnaa . Just received aUUd for sie by Wa i M'KEAN rod r24 corner of CtalpallI adOltatloen It SORAa ELtranslated bof Ilip ll FruncisrD,D , with ta-ru appendix, tonteaitig teran lllataai of varou I tles &c. by Ben toaken, towley, Miltin Da,4 In nPop Addite , Swift t hauerto, U Wakefeld. Pob h

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