Newspaper of True American, July 4, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated July 4, 1838 Page 2
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.\AMCIRIAN. ] ' ! _ as LD. RSu PY....... JULY 4. 182P. L- ,l-!!-Let the Whigs 'be constanly on EM. .r he Prieur and Slidell party are ai tuidka. They have *printed lickets of all 0a.r1bSY hive tickets . ith the name of T. a ilpsieaod of oumt candidate's name A. B. fort' m the purpoe of deceiving our friends. rI # tekaettareefIlly, and see that the nime ee ati : I9aooerenact. ' CMMERCIAL., latent Da.te. 27 Washintnn. ne..... .25 Mw . 015 Cinmie aati, June........ 26 a....d....5.... SI earru e...........31 ...... .6 t. Loui ...... e ...... S a ..........4...7 L.erpool, June .......; S t e. ) do ...tI .ris ay .... .... 1 s.. ......... 28 Havre May. .n....... 31 Ni w OrlesaaMomey Mamket, d eo* d1lf by REoblod & CE.. Misoane Brokers, S no. 45. Camp-stret. .n do New Yorkt tatltht.... 6 to 7 porert. da do 8O daýy .... 5 o S "" dof tllagck, ºnd hnt.... a 5 to b bele.trt..i. ........ A to h 1. l $Podb '.i ....e ..... ... t0,o 1 . . . i.................. .,. to 74 Pidt Nt -he t Bosks .....ui to 40 i do S takee hs he. ...w . r to 7 a. do Baa ..............t...10 at do dsssTrsaasoysm ..........45 rtow do Arkeans............ . a......t..,. toO 2 do NOTICE. EW ORLEANS INASHVILLE RAII. ROAD 1\ COVPANY.-Seaed dioposals will u received antLe oldccuntil Itti July, bfor laying aulrtraetnctre oa the slaid i.nd. The eateriple for the Reed will he laid salong the ride ofthe tralt, 0ad ahuntees will he built by the Companv The controetorwill state how mouch per mile hlae will 'iaild the enperoraetore for,-paymenl to be made as the work pr.gracses, deducling 26 per cent on each .laymnt until tihae contract is compileted, to the ubli. iition of the ohiaf Engineer. I) HOARDE, jy4i.Ct t.ahief Engineer & Geen. Superintendent OPAAltrl.RkaIllP--Tho tnderoigned hioing takn .hi nephew, Mr. Jthn Leeds, into pahtner &hip die CO nesa tteoretolb. carried on by him, ill be oultinue finn this date under the firm of LEEDS & CO. jy , JEnOEDIA LEEDS. Sit-.=-00 lbls for Isleb -. u d G DORSEY, .j.4 44 New Lenee. LEA. LA Rt-l.- 4k-I sn gnd order, for sale by Jy4 44 New Levee. .-KITCHEN ItANtiES or t OOKING GRATIES, with Boiler and Ovens complete. a neat and most /cnavenift article, for sale by HO MES & MILLS, y4 Bank Alley. -'UHANG on ST. LOUIS, liar sale by ISLATER &aTRIRER, jy4 40 Poydran street. LAO STONES-I20 Yards Secoth Flagging; for I sale low, to close a connment, by HOLMEs & MIIL, J 4 Bank Allay. D1ISSOLUTION OF PARTNFRSHIf.f.-Tse fin of iHill & par 1nis, or I)u Bois & Co., livery Stable, Na. 68 St. Charles street, knoown by the anme , fTattraanll'e, have Iben this day dlisahlved,bty tnlttnl eoanmant. The Stable will in tittas be Innldrbtd Iby O. Du ro:s, who has the settling oft Ithe l.-ieas. O). 1IlU BOIa, jy 3 WM. lil.D, ITUTICE--The cnpnrterhlip heretnlfre ext,=ting .L Ibetween tile sul.sbriera, utlnder tihe firmn of W. & J. GRANT, has lbeen dlissolved by mutual cnoasent. Wmn. Girat is charged with thn liquitddntin of the aflairs df the late firm, and will continue the businress otl hi own accoout. WMl. GRANT, jv3-3t JOHN GRANT, Jr. LIVE lDOlLAI1,S REWAKIl-ILotont Wednesday last,a ":oy ald 3 IET'fAL WA'TCH, with a small aold guard chain. Nauru on the lii, -' ,l)rra--Lnn dan." Tile watch is of no intrinsic value, ahlthough prized by the owner. The alove reward will be paid on delivery of the' lost arti'le tI lhis ofice. r LOUL K__.-- 0tblalo in astoare, fir aeit by .G D)tRSEY, jy3 44 Noe I·*ee. AMAuh , olDot--4 casks superior Ci.iLcinnati B B caral, in stora, for sale by G DORSEY, .jy3 44 New Levee. .1E,.H 1 ,.T'l'ER N BU'TI'TE.! 41 kegs, rncived per steamar Madison, fir ant Iv BLATER &. 'PRIER, Jy3 40 Poydras street. A-O SIDEl -A Inw canks, .fuperior lalitt, in store, and for sale by LAWRENCE & LEGENDIRE, jy3 218 & 29 New Levee. URRAN T--50 kegs, a superior article, in store, far sale by LAWRENCE & IREGENDRE. jy3d 28 & d 1 New I eteet. EWSPAPER ESTABLISHIMENT FOR SALE. The undersigned offers for sale, (if any thinglike s fair prine can be obtainrd,) the establishment of thie MOBILE MIERCANTILE ADVERTISER. It en. joys a vga subscription and advertising patronage in hGity antid country, and is altogether a desirable padrctas for any asrena who can devote his pIeronal attenatin to it, wtlh I cannot. The temts will be made known on application to my agents at lobile, or the subscriber at St. Louis. SOL SMIITHl. Friendly pulblishers will please eive the above a few insertions, nn the favor will be recipronated. jy2 OiltALE.-A Bank Clheck on the Northern Bank F oflKentauky, Lmouiville, at 60 days date, from Jone 0l, for $84s.. Apply toL H. 1'. LEVY & CO., je3 11 Gravier atreet. LEAF IARD-420 kegs leaf' lnard, landing from steamboat Grnernl Wayvne, for sale, by LAYET & AMELUNG, jy2 17 Commerce street. i- ACON SIDES-1l3 hha bacon sides, landitng from lI teelamloat General Wayne, for suhan by LAYET'' & ,IELUrNG, iy2 17 Commerce street. PRSt A -TIMSTiiBER-Two Ha(ts, ctnsisting of alabnot 140110 loss, Iring at Carrcllon. for sale by T Ilt lDlE & IBROTIHER, jy2 cdt Cmltotna & ilnaazine streets. S aperflne and 159 d, fin'fltt,,r;,I thIls common t6 l 46 bhls rectified whiskey; 7 hblsl mess and 15 hhls Om pork; 2 bbli prine bhat; the :canrgo of a flat boat tar sale low, to close, by a IAYET & AMELUNG, jy` 17 Co(mmnrre street. HE' underigtted have formed a connexion, for the t prph r i r of trannsactig Crtnai. sin lusiness, in Ihis oity, under the firm of Adamn & Whitnll. C ADAMS, Jr. jy2 JO°. E WHITALL. a EIAIA'" WANTI'ID-A a.ttnrallIaouse Pannt' I (eollard) either hay or gill, apply at this ollae. jy2 P t dK--i3 bblns M.n, 78 Id n O, 43 do Prime, i E do Shoulders, 17 do Neck, 4 do tail pieces, 8 d hbuts of houlders, and 2 do Joles; at the Inspection; for sale by G I.ItOSEY, jal2 44 New Levee. WHOLESALE TIN MANUFACTORY. C AMUEL LOCKE , CO.22Old Levee satreet,have T in samt a large and weltlasaorled stoak of Tin are, comprilng every article uatllllv nmadle, and ofat their own mnulannture. which they ottr on anantlmo da. an term. Dealnern in the article would do well to esanah their rntck. ap 17 H AVANA COFFEE.--15i1 bge it store. for sale by SLATER & TRIER, Je.t 40 Poydrns stem U AA- . hhdt eery prinme, I-udig tht i 1on 1,tg iand trlbanleby ' R HYI)E & B1l)., je14 cot Common and Magazine St. A 'F ' LARD-600 kegs beat quality in store, for ale by DOISEY, je4 44 New Levee. MLIILY HAM. -Put up in ies, also e oa-rin Sdo, in blds and Ilds. expressly for family use just lanad i and for sale by LAYET & AMELUNG, jeai 17 'onmmere street. I' CINNATI BACt)N--7 hlad Hams, SIhoul. Sde and Sides, of supearior quality, landing from stsnear Chancellor, for sale y ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. Je0 134 Magazine street. F£El LARD-1 kgs e n atoe, for s le by Ja1 Gi DOI.AEY, 44 Now Levee. ~iIi.LET-A House on Canal Ntreet, between i Maesi andl Trreml Streets, suitable for a large family. Apply o YLE & MAY, KOYLE & MAY, Js 3 Cnroadelet astreet. iAMIiLY IiA11S--4 bbºl.wntsnsad Family Hams I. of Superior quality, lanling from steaamoat h,fr nate by LAYET & AMIELUN(. 17 Commerce street * ONi23Ihhds Rides, and 35 hhda Shoatuldem, for sle by LAYET & AMIIUNG, to0 bhlas perfit, Flur nsak and will 'k host am a n aria fir tee HrSy S44 New Levee. bage , pe S40 Poydruas spet. . Vl, itrio" . ew l".. ineI 14er Oil Virioal,mae b the ' " V Ccson & Taluptitaalha WHIG TICKET. For Governor, A. B. ROMAN. For Congress, EDWARD D. WHITE. For State Senator, DF.. BURTHE. For Legislature, W. C. C. CLAIBORNE, C. M. CONRAD, A. W. PICHOT, W. DEBUYS, H. LOCKETT, L. U. GAIENNIE, G. K. ROGERS. CENTRAL WHIG COMMITTEE. The following named citizens have been ap pointed to attend at the respective polls during the days of the election: Finst MUniCIPALITY. Randall Hunt, C. Boudouaque, Edward Rawle, Felix D'Arman, Wm. Dehuys, F. Furst, J. W. Zacharie, Ed. Tricou, A. Mnznreau, Coulon Jamonville, Thus. Curry, A. Fernandez, F. B. Conrad. SEroNn Mt'NICI PAIITY. L. L. Ferrier, A. BageSlt, Wmin. Freret, IH. Renshaw, J. P. Frrer,, A. Vienne, J. W. Smith, IR. B. Sykes, J. Gibson, John Brandt, P. Loadreau, M. Robatnille, C. Bullitt, L. A. Nadaud, J. H. Caldwell, M. Grivor, J. A. Amelung. 'I'TRDl MUeNICurArTY. B. Beauregard, J. Kilehaw, Jr. F. L. Morri,, J. R. Vienne, Wen. Turner, Albert Piernas, Wm. Salnman, Peter Rapp, Francois Varinl, Rsermond Seyxhnnyder, Carlos Moro, A. RiemIl, Louis LeBlane, B. Nautre, John Culbertson. ATTEND! The Whig Com mittee, and the WHOLE BODY OF THE WHIGS, are earnestly and particularly called upon TO ASSEMBLE this morning, at EIGHT O'CLOCK, at Freret's Cotton Press, at the corner of Carondelet and Perdido St. Whigs! let no consideration induce you to be ab sent this morning. ATTENTION WHIGS !! The Democrats held a large meeting last night at the Planter's lnr.el ; many speeches were made exciting that party; and a Resolution was present. ed by John R (Grymes, and adopted, TO TAKE POSSESSION OF TIHE POLLS AT THE SE CONL) MUNICIPALITY This Morning and pre. oent you from voting. WHIGS! Will you submit to be thus trampled upon! Will you allow yourselves to be thus de. priced of your sacred, your inestimable right of Suffrage. No! you will not! You will attend at the Ptlls early, and maintain your right. You will remain there and aid your fellow citizens to exercise this right! Let every whig be at the polls this Morning, early, and remain there. Six hundred and four votes were polled in the Second Municipality yesterday, of which the Whigs may claim three to one at least.. The Lo co's make a great noise, but they have but few voters. In the First Municipality about four hun. drod votes were taken. The voting in the Second Municipality yester day was much facilitated. Mr.Grymes was not there to brow beat and question voters, and Judge Buchanan had learned something from his expe. rience of one (lay. The facilities to enter the Hall are not, however, yet quite sufficient; a strong guard should be placed at the outside door, to pre vent a rush, of which one or two were attempted yesterday. LAto DoA!!! Whigs to the polls, and on this ever glorious anniversary of our country's inde. pendence complete the victory you have already so nobly began! Conseerate this birth-day of Liberty to the noble, the glorious cause of freeing your country from its present disgraceful enthralment. Hlurl the tyrants from their high places of power, and put honest men in their places; men who know how to respect the opinions of their fellow citizens, and who would blush to deprive the meanest of his dearest privilege, the righlt of.sulT frage. To the polls-to the polls, and remain there to keep order, and assist your friends in getting in their votes. Whigs! let the glorious recellection of '76 nerve you to renewed exertions. Our revolutionary fa there consummated ur nsatinal independence on the glorious fourth eof Jly! Then let us show our selves worthy sana of uash inmmortal sires, by per lecting our state's disenthrelment on the same glorious and immortal day! Should one professed Whig seek his pillow to-night without bavi,.g given in his vote, will he not feel the burning usah of shatms should hie ind on the morrow that another feoman's voice would have saved the state. A single vote may turn the scale. 05- One more gloriouseffort to-day, and victory will crown orceause! Whigs, to the pols! Our forces, if brought up, must overwhelm our adver series, and teach thelm that Louisiana will not suf. of herself to be bound in shackles to the chariot wheels of misrule and ignorance. Then rally in support of the good cause. Do not lose a single vote, nor have one Whig to regret hereafter that he did not lend his aid to put down an oppressive faction, and deprive him of the satisfaction of thinking that his vote contributed to swell the shout of freednom's victory. The Mayor of the City instead of seeking to preserve quiet and good order, is devoting his whole time to electioneering for his friend Priour By his eonversation he is exciting the people to riot and disorder. Ilis contduct is frowned upon hylhoneot men of both parties. But let not the Whigs hbe intimitdted; let them do their duty like men, like freemen. flr The Courier talks of the indignation of our citizens as expressed on Monday as "mere idle wind," and pretends to say it was perfectly dirm .arded! Of this the Courier is not qualified to judge since it was to be demonstrated by faets articles of which it knows nothing. These facts are brief and simple. On Monday tile loco focon exercised all their pernieinus influenee, and the whole day only showed 251 Votes. TI'he citizens eel and spoke Iheir will, and on Tuesday the same judges mannaged to poll over 600 Votes!! On the first day, trhejudg of the election interposied ,~ , d fltint ingenuity could devise, and ew;.! i e ili;ted, a hired partizan lawyer nbnn aly ii, piiedIl. The people expressed th.lir in dign:,nt deterlnination to be no longer impos id ,., and forthwith the intrusive meddler was relmoved, and the judge found time to trke three times as many votes. Men who were born on the very spot, and owned millions of property around it, were vexnriouely challenged as to their rieht of vting on the first day, while on the second the worthy judges could find out that Brown began with a B, or Smith with S, without wasting half as hour in turning to every wrong letter in the al phabet. Unanimity. It is somewhat eingutar that the two political parties should have agreed so exactly as to the conduct pursued on Monday at the polls' Observe how remarkably one of the loco foco Re solutions tallies with the feelings of the great Whig party. Here it is: 1 Whereas an unexampled and unparallelled attempt has been made tointerfere with the right which has been recognized since the State of Lou iainoa was admitted into tile Union: and a syatem of bdllyieg and intrigue has been resorted to in order to deprive tile people of their just rights and privilegse " Could any thing more correctly characterize the abominable conduct pursued by Grymes and his coadjutors? The Courier states that the democratie ticket has handsotne majorities in Ascension and St. Bernard. This is wantonly untrue. We know from a gentleman just arrrived from the former, that the Whig ticket had been so far carried triumphantly, and in the latter, on the first day, Romnan had 100, and Prieur 13. The best answer to be given to the charge that our complaints againet Judge Buchanan & Grymee were unjust, is a reference to the two days voting. First day 251-Second 603. The Courier asserts that as the democrats have the advantage in physical force the Whigs should he qoiet, and not attempt to oppose their iniquities. Good logic truly. But the sanpieny of the Courier is almost a proverb. It has strung together more nonsense in one artiele of yesterday than is gene rally to be found in half a dozen columns. It speaks of " the two first days," which is rather a novelty in numbers. It states that the numbers polled in the Second Municipality for Prieur, Slidell, and Hea, were great, beyond its aanguine expectation, and considering it was not above one fourth of the aggregate vote is more modest than lnoe focos usually are. It also gravely asserts that every vote given to the democrats in the city will serve to augment the number they will receive in the state, which is a metaphysical, and subtle fact which never could have been elicited by a less brilliant genius than the learned Courier. ()o- The loco foens, it would appear by the Courier, are shocked that the Whig Meeting should be presided over by a President of a Bank. Find the meeting been held by themselves, the chair waild doubtless have been filled by some defaulting collector, or a martinet office holder, who says to his empl'qyees, Vote the ticket I chuse, or else ( Voters of the Second Municipality ! you can now put in your votes aebecomes freemen and re spectable citizens, exercising their most invealua ble priviege, without passing through an ordeal of rit ri , rflianistm. The barefaced and illegal *bstructions which a corrupt party placed in the way of purity of election on the first day have been removed by the indtgnant voice of outraged free mtan. The polls are now faithfully attended by honest and patriotic citizens, who will neither suffer their own rights to be infringed, nor see their neighbor's trampled on. CO- Nothing can be more otbnxious to censure than the interference of office holders in publi e'ection*. Yet in defiante of the oft expressed opinion of the public against such palpably inter, ti eated proceedings, the district attorney, and the e deputy collector of the port, were yesterday per mitted to be inside of the Polls in the Second Mu nicipality, openly electioneering in the presence, with the evident sanction, and at the very elbows of the judges. Over the heads of any and every body, and to the manifest hindiance of the legal voting, were these men working and finessing to get in the votes of their own particular partisans. Is this faee'dom of election? Is this setting of official spies over the acts of private citizens com patible with free agency? Is not the collector satisfied with threatening starvation to all his elerks, if they dare vote any other way than he directs, bu' he must send his deputy to watch how, when,and where they deposit thear free votes? Let the Whig voters he at the polls early this morning, and stay until their votes are in the box. This is the last day, let not one vote be lost. The fourth! The glorious fourth. Citizens of Orleans, render this day doubly glorious,-if glory can be added to it-by making it the anniversary of the completeet political victory ever achieved in Louisiana. One more struggle, and your toils are over. You yesterday saw how the expression of your firm and honest indignation drove the tools of corruption affrighted hack I! You witnessed the powerful influence of true patriotism on the brazen fronts of the hired advocates of misgovernment. You saw processional and constitutional effrontery scared from its place of mischief rebuked and disarmed. Whins of Louisiana, you are invinc ,iblewhile united:-one more concentrated effort, and l 1 f, reism will cease to ~ anything but a stingless reptile og our beautltI and fpuitful soil. AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE. This morning's dawn ushers in the glorious an niversary of our National Independence. It was on the memorable 4th of July, 1776, that the Whigs of America proclaimed liberty and free dom to the Americane people, and swore eternal enmity to all tyrants, profligate rulers, and corrupt governments. It was on this holy day that the patriots of the American revolution threw off the yoke of despotic power, and laid the foundation of Republican government. It devolves upon their posterity to maintain this form of government in its purity and administer it wisely. It wasthe bad fortune of Louisiana at the time oour Independence was proclaimed to exist as the pro vince of a foreign despotic power, and to be denied the proud distinction of coming into the American family with the original states. But she has since been incorporated into the Union and taken her irank among the Independent States of America. 8he too has felt the hand of oppression, and can well aplreciate the blessings of liberty and inde pondence. Let then the Whigs of Louisiana, with all their Whig brethren throughout the Union, hail the 4th July, 1838, as fhe day of deli verance from misrule and mal-admitistration, and unite in re-establishing Whig principles and re aloring this happy foirn of government to its ori ginal purity and prnoperity. Let every Whig of New Orieans unitein celebrating this auspicious day, with that holy enthusiasm which inspired the immortal authors of the Declaration of Indepen dence. Read the following letter from the chief of that patriotic hand of patriots, and catch the glorious flame of freedomn and love of country which it inspires. It breisathes the true spirit of liberty and independence, conveyed i the lan gange of prophecy. sL PIIILr.erIr.rI'i , July 5, 1776. Yesterday thlie real qcuetion was decided whic was ever dehated in Aliiteika; Ialnd Iienter, per has never was ,,r will be d ecided alln i limein. A resolulion was pas.ds with hut one dissevnt ing, colony, " th/l tlihre tiitrlbd Stlaes arer, and of right butghlt t be Free and i /dewe hlral Statels." The dayv is pass, di-Thc 4th i, 1771, will be a inemnorable epicht in the Ihistorv f Aoimenca. I om aopt to belirve it iij lie celebrated by Site. -rv ,.int: generations, as rhI great Anniviersary Festival. It ought to be commerlltttoriterl its the day ofdeliveralice, by soleni n iels doevi n i lrl c ti Almigihty God. It ought to be sl,lemllnized wlth Spolp,l sllows, gaimes sports, guns, ht lls, Io tlires and illuminations--hn one end ot the cemnmvnt to the olher, fromi tnis tlut forwerd ltrever! You will think mie transpurteli with enthusasmll; but I sin not. I aii well uwarl e f ell t ,ll, anld hlmu d, and treasure ttlat it will cost to imaiiitni this de claratioi and support and defend those states. yet, through all the gloom, I can see the rays of light and glory--I cull see that the end is worth more than all the nmeans; and that posterity will triuimph, although you and I may rile, which I I iupe we shall not. I Om, &c. JOHN ADAMS." . . . . . . . S FOURTH OF JULY. The following is the order of the proeesoion for the Fourth, being somewhat altered from the for mer published notice: PROGRAMME OF PROCESSION. MARnsHAS otF TEO DAYr Jlnsic. Veternne of 1814 and 15. New Orleans Typographical Association. .muswc. Mechanicst Society. Hibernian Society. Lafayett Ergine Comtpauty, No. I. City Engines, Nos. 1,2 & 3. Governor and Suite. M.ajor General and Suite. Brigadier General and Suite. Offcers of the Atmy. Officers of the Navy. Otfecers of the Louisiana Legion. Protection lose Company. Engines Nos. 4,5& 6. IMasonic Ltodges. Independent Order of Odd Fellows Assorintion. Hibernian Universal Benevolent Seiuety. Louisiana lHose Colmpany. Fire Engintes, Nos. 7, 8 and 9. Hook and Ladder Company. .Mluie. Liberty Houte Company. Young Men's Howard A.sociation. Philanthropic Association. Fire Engines, Ns. 10, 11, 13 and 14. ORATOR OF THE DAY. St. Andrew's Society. Commercial lnbrary Society. Orleans Hlose Company. Washington Association. German Union Society. Jefferson Association. Mlayor and Recorders of the different Municipali ties. Aldermen of Municipalities Nos. 1,2 and 3. Collector of Customs. Surveyor and Naval Oeficer of the Port. Inspectors of the Port. Post Master. Captains of Vessels. Citizens and Stranlgere. The procession will Iorm on the morning of the fourth, 'at seven o'clock, under the direction of the Marshals, at the Pubih Square, (opposite the Cathedral,) and procee'd ldown Conde slree I the Rail Road, up the Rail Rtoad to the Levee, up the Levee to Canal street, anl continue tIp Magazine street to Piydroe, up Piydrlts to Tchloopitoulas street, iup Tcholuptioahe toI Dlord, down Delord to Camp, down Camp to Poydra., down Puydras to St. Charles, down St. Charles to Christ Chei ch, in Canal street, where an Oration will be deliver ed and the Declaration of Independence read. Alexico.-Th'e blockade ful he Mexican ports continued ill force up to the 23d June. Indians.-Porty more of the Seminoles arrived yesterday, and are now in the barracks under the orders ,o Lieutenant Reynolds, who recently returned fromt Fort Gitbson, where lie left the last detachment of the emigrating Indians. On his return to this t ity, Lieut. Reynolds adopted suit able means for liberatimg the 30 odd negroes belonging to the Indians, who had been detained here to answer some supposed claims, blut which were relinquished, and the whole party was forth with forwarded on to the West. A bill passed Congress authorizing Mr. H. Fry to import an iron steam boat duty free. Senator Young has gtoea noice if a bill to prevent defalca:inns inl colletors anit receivers of public money. Pity tile plan was not thought of a few years ago; then Uncle Sam had been a few miillions richer thtan at pruect. Norter.- This being the glorious anniversary of iC bhe "itmortal fourth July," no paper will be is nled from this office to-morrow. The French ships of war, and the French prince A in one of them, left Newport on the e2d-June. M.liraculous dramglh of fishes.-Capt. J. PUaker of, Snand Point, Mass. at one haul of his seine, caughtt 200,JO0 Menhaden shad.l. All the Cherokees whos: situation udmitted of removal, had quitted the State of Georgia on the 23d ult. NIAGARA FRONTIER, CtlrPPEA, (U. C.) June 21, 1038. I have taken the liberty of sending you a cane uat from a tree on Navy Islmd, which I trust you will accept. I arrived here to-day and found this place in great excitenent, owing to a battle which took place loast night at "Short Hill" about 12 miles hence, between a mounted troop of 100 British lancers, and about 2000 patriots. It resulted in tile loss of 4 lancers, and capture of nearly all the rest. PORT OF NEW ORLEANS. CLEARANCES. Ship Archer, Marston. Philadelphia. J D Defeegse " Chemoee, Lorine,oston, J A Meorritt Barque Naehitochse, Lincoln. Roston, J H Mitocn. bhr Alexssdala, Linnel, Live Oak Point. E Comfort. SCarlota, Campl, Havena. J W Racull ARtRVALS. Stenam Tow Boast. Tiger, Bebes. from the laesn. Towed to aae ship Nshville. britg Ringleadlsear, sehls Koeseialsko, Ado laide, sad WVeilaon. Broaght up ship Columbianas, atd lehans Byron,Creole, Coue, Montt Maria said Triumaph. Left thea Passes ona the ad. hip Caolumbiiansa arker, Liverpool, 01h IMay to Mtlater. nehr Cona, Deloslle, Serafecio, il June. Sehr Trinumph, Shay, from Galveston, in ballast. chr Creoeu Coanyse, from Camptachy, 3,d Sne. Steamer Buckeye. Richardl, from Wheeling. D ECTIFIED WHISKEY-50 bbls rectified whiskey I landing from steamboat Iteumu, for sale by LAYE'r & AMELUNG, jeD r. 17 Commerce street. PORK--50 bbls Mess, 2f0 do Prime, 14i half btle 1_ Soft Meso, 75 bbls Slhiulders, 25 bblc Rumps, 20 bbls M O Pork, in store, for sale by LAYET' & AMELUNG, je29 17 Commerce street. jj VANA COFFE-i-3011 bags Hanana Coflb, Sjust landed, and for sale by JOSEPHI COCKAYNE, je29 25 Gravier street. tLOUU--5110 bbls Superfine, in store, for sale by C G )ORSEY, lje9 44 Now Leven. B ACON SII)ES--60 auses, superior Cincinnati Cared, for salo by G DORSEY, je2.9 ,14 New I.evee. pORK loa Mt O, Prime a sot Prime, ir sale by tG DORISET, je29 44 New Levee. W ANTED--To utrend in the Reading Room of the V TRTUE AMERItcA, a Colored Boy, who can read and write a little. One aclibnated, who can re main petoanently, would he preferred. STRAY M ULES--Catno into the tables of tile snb scriber en Friduy ovening last, ono large ay Mule, nbout 13 Ilhands high, aud a manll ILialt l1aa Mule, aboullt ll hlands high; botllh faales. If they are nut .lninled within ten days from the date hereof, tile said mtules will be sowl by P. A. Guillote, auctioneer, according to law, on Sn alunlay, the 7th July next; at Sthe ueuallilmeanl loto. p 311. ti. .IIOILANI), joe26-3tpw-mntil7 cor Circus & Common ste. !1 soir an graud Mllet bao, dle 13 mains de hant, et pn pett Mllet bay elair, bout de 11 mains. Si ils no snat pts reelamIbo d'ici i dix jours, its scrout vcduas par P A Guillotle, eouanteur, conformemlnent t la l, Sameoi 7 Juillet prchalin, Su temps et lieu irdi nare. JOI1N E. HOLI.AND, .'i jul onlennimaelore dos ruesllirque et Cotlnntne. TATE 111 tLOUIlaSIANA-.taria h "oert lira the Parish land City rf New Orleans., P atseot titeclirahlo Charles .Olnciaa, Jidilge. a IT 'tN ll IIll.l.I ,I171 vs. fis ctrditere, atnd 171 e alto ,editlor oDf HIullenect and I'Power.-No. 1l,765.-Onl slotion oif IP I lay:e, resr. of counsel thr the iallolvcatall, aclt tnggaliati ta file Court, that tio eeti o tile lCreditlls wesh tll;f:t otta time fixedt hy tlisColutt. It is ordered thlat a met.iinga.the Credl tors of saoil insolvent and of the Creditors ti' loi ulle inent Powees, bo held beforen J. . lMarks, Uo.ta.y Ipblic, onl Sarurdaot, tfit 3i1th lay of Jurat, 1838. to a point a syndic, and accept the surrener of the in s.lvent's property. Extract, from te liltlllrs, Clerl's (illice, New O'Jeca'to, n":31 fa(-3t-t th et I). OLI,1. Clerk. IETAT 1iL LA I.O;IsI . Nl--Pour de tPariss" o pua la Ilaroiss." et t il- alt- lI.a Niaa ellh- OUli'ntl s. 'rtsent: 1I la (l0 Chtlrhes 31 aoituri, J fla e.. t'1 II.TON BI'ULl.l:31i:" ci3: ... e . er"anier et la Ie r.,ilncilers dt li hle t I I'atvert-Nao. f 10,785. Suan ioation f t lla lt, S, '111(ea11 t ads insoh'l blh+, enll iP.,e t s t la ll t cn uCoI "l 'a l e a0s0 oeaaiahil (lllbc de. alis avai llia o aiead ftpqtu fItxi e ll tloller ailtel 0 I tari a, aI iii llltli ass llli i l.w a lta.tia llt r a ii tldit ilvILU t a dl I Iis l0l-aiersa no lItillel t & Pa wers, litl lieu piti' cdevaI t J B airka , uota aire publi c, Slu eldi 3 jain 1 ti83li, po nlo llllUin Syadie. el pfar leCrller Il I lesiu 1 e d aes i prit a"s tad o I'in-olvPale. l.V- rait dll rI gistre, burea it t du (ireller, ts 2 ot in 1838. t Iinjauinu-t ta D tta.L-IE. t refote r. ST:1TE ("OF LOt)UIll.\NA--First J udtlw t Adstuct t Court. A F. BU at, vs Ihis ('reditrs.--The 0 0c-inn of the lnsolvent's prpeltrty having been ace:,ted by the Court, u. r the ( elit o l' Iis (teditorer ;it is orderedi th at a meetinl of his saeid Creditors dt take place al te office of J. It. Mark", esq., notary public, on Monday tie tttlolh.luly nit., lt Ill o'cbck. A M, teor the pta oinl of taking into ctonsideration, thie affair of said llsolvent and in thie ncatiae all judicial lroceedings against lns potrson 1and proarty as to de Creditors a tuationed in the seoadl e, re stayed. Witness, the honorable A. M. lb uchan, Judge of the Court atnresaid, thiS 23d June, 1838. jo26 3t P. LE BLANC, Dep. Clerk. ETAT DE LA iLOUISIANE-Cour de District du F remtier district judiciaire. SF. BU13tr1 cou're sesacroacm:iers. La cession des S propriitfs de Pisiolvable avant ath aocepte par lacoitur pour i'avantage de ses croanciers; it est dierb t. Cl'onue assehnb[ufa ale aes coorunciers iora lieu ait greffe de J B Marks, notaire public. Loadt Ie 9Juillet orochain, A 10 heures du matin, afin da dblihbbrar sur es afl:tires de l'insolvable, eten attendant, toutes pour uites contre sa personne otn ses proprihths mentionna datns son stahdule soot arretes. Taemoin, I'Hon AM S uchannan, Jage de la ditte .cour le 23 Juia 1838. 26juin P LE BlANC, Dpt. Grellier. New Orleans Caaal ad Banking Company, I June 25,1038.1 Tf IE President and Directors of this Institution, Shave thisdy ay declared a dividend of four per cent on the capital stock, which will he payable to the Stoc.lkholdrs, or their legal reprecuotativeo, on and tlter Mlondayth, 2.1 day nfJuly. 'lThe transfer book will be closl till tllhat date. y order, je26-3t & lEV. CHEW, Cashier. TEW ORtiLANS NASIVILIL , RLAll ItAU.tI. t Applicatiol haviag leen mlde by onumerous gen tlemen, who wish to make up fishing Ipaorties, to know if the cars could not leave the depot early in the morn ing of Sunday the public is informed, that a loueomo tire witht a trami of cars will start fromi the litot of Canal street, on Sunday, lst July, at 4, it tid 0 o'clockl A M, aod at half-past 12 and 4 o'clock, 1' M. Retrin ing fromt Bath at 5,7 and 9 oclook A M, and at 2 and 6 o'clhck, P M. Passengers will please supply themselves with tickets, at the office, corner of Canal andl Basin streets je26-St JAMES II. CALDWEI.L, Prensidonl. TIjAIBLE LINENS adl .inen Pocket Hondkcrahiefs f a large assortment, received by late arrivals di rect from the manufactories in Silesia, Prussia. Also, oheetitg, shirting, esotpillas, creas, bIretagnes; &., tvlich are worramted to be all poro linen. 15tl rolls Polish Linen, suitable for canvassing hans and baling tobacco. Aquanity ot Seion and SewinRl Twin for "ile by JOHN lII MARTINSTIIN, jefi-2tt 122 Royal street. MAtOILAlIT.Y it1' NEEW ORLEANS. frlIIIE priorf ftish flour to-day it $6 75per bbh ae cordiog tio hie trill;.lith bkers shalll give during ile easuing weekli, (fri tolady,2d July,) 40 tounces f*brahd for a bitt. tBrand of the socond qtality is re qnired to weigh .i5 per cent. more, vlr 510 C. GENOIS, Mayor. June 29, 1838. . ACON-1-2 cikst , lalding from steater G(orge 'tVWashlnigton, for sale by s e 1)01wSEv, je30 44 New Lveoo. ANNIVERSARY IINNER' CELEBRATION OF THE coOtNOo 4TH JULY. A PUBLIC DINNER, in celebration of the Amni .niversarv of our National Independeuce, will be given at the W\ashingtotn Hotel, in MJilneoltrg, at the lake, at 4 o'clock, on the afternoon of the 4th July, to all those gentlemen e olla ity firnisth tlemselves with l'i kets, ou or blefore Motlday, the 4th J uily. 'l'iekets at $5 each oltly he bad tu Mltlday eeing, the 'd July, ou apl licttint to thle Blr of the City Ifxchanga, St. l.ouis otreet; Exchange Hotel, St. :Utarle street; City IHotel. Common otueet; Taylor's Merchants' xctnge,. RoIal street; Ilewltt's Arcade Exchanlge, and Planter'sn Iotel,Caual street.and at the Waslhington lHotel, in SMiilnGbnrg. GEORGE ARMSTRONG. PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, F.HAT, wlhereas, imy brother, Doctor James Grant, . late of Cuhahuila and Texas, died in the arumy of Texas, in te moumth of March, 1836. Whereas, un ter dote of August 2t), of the same year, Daniel I Teler adtdressed t letter to tme front Ntcogdolthes, in Texas. acquaintill, me. witlh his having received illy said Biother'o Qill, dated at Borut, Dec. 30,18325, setting turth that he; Mr. Toler and imysll were named execu tors. A ld, whlreas, the aid 'Toler mentions in tihe ltlter above alludedl to, lthat it had the Vil dttly regis tered; notwithttautnding, which I have strong proof that lie never hlad it pto.ated; and further, have lound y most anxious enquiries and exertions, for the last two years, iasultioent to ohtltin a SLpy. Now, tltoreltre, be it horeby fonaally known that the sld Toler has no autllhority to .auke any disposition of, or give title to, any land or other propetty belonging to the estate of my deceased Brother; or oto ct nit ay thing appertaining to the namoe; but tlhit. alloinstitutintg steps towards tile recovery afsaid will, and shall at loece proceed to such lteatsus as in apy character ol execu tor, are now called br. IIUGH GlANT. NorE.-The editors of Texas newpapers and New York Albion are re.opectfully requested ti copy tlhis tdvertisetntwnt three timels and Seld their aconuts to the office of the True American, or to me utthe Sur veyor's Office, ld Mlunicipality,ofNetw Orleans. ie27-im SLAVERY. PURLISFIED THIS DAY. And for sale at th- Counting Room of the l'ru A neri- 1 enn, Exchange Hotel, St. (harles street, SLAVERYT A Strmn delivered ill the First Conllgt..tgioal Ch in New Orleans, Aliril 15,1838. 11) Ilev. 'Thrad Clapp. Price 50 cents. je GIBSON'S GUIDE AND DIRCOTORY F OR the State of Louisiana, and Cities of New Or leans and Lafayette; for sale by WM McKEAN, m.9 eor Camp and Comnmn sit. NEW DIRECTORY. PUBLISHED this day, Gibson's Guide and Dites L tory of New Orleans and Lafayette; far sale by DAVID FELT & CO. m22 N Y Stationers Hall,24 Chartres st. LOUISIANA PURNITURE WARDROOMS, No. 53, Bienvlile street. W ILLIAMI R. CARNES, (formerly of tihe firm of Flint & Carnes,) would respecttully inform his friends and the public that he is constantly receiving from New York and Boston m ood assortment of Fur niture, steh as mahogany ehurae sotfas, Iedstetde, ma ple ano painted chair, maple and cherev bedsteads, mahogany and cheery tables of all deseriptlone bu reaust toilets, ancenarys, writing desks, ardrobese of mahogany and cherry, wash smands, libking glasses, feathers, bedditng, &c. &c. NB. Furmture packed for transportation with great care. Je ORLEMANS LITHOGRAPHICO OPPCi, No. 53 Magazine street, oppbaite Banks' Arcade, E STABIISHED for the execution of mapa, plans and drawings, merchants' oirculars, bosiness and address cardt of every description, funeral circulars on dee mourning paper, apothecary and denru gists'labels; bank cheoks, dray receipts, &c. print.d and exacutt d in a cheap and expeditiot style, by theproprietor. NB. Bank Notes neatly executed. m24 PORTRAIT PAINTING. M R. PARKER respectfully intbrm tte public that . he will remain a short titme in New Orleans for the purpose of painting portraits. Rooms corner of Canal and St Charles, in the house oecupied by Parrdy & Lyon. Dentists, wlhere specimens of his painting aoq be seen. Entrance in St Charles streetr nt8 ]m' . 'IrTO RENT, Posetksion given on the let of next month, the two story dwelling house adjoining the new Methodist Chuatdh on Poydras street;oc. upi at present by Dr Rogers. Also, 3 small teneents on Girod street, a few doors from Baroane t. Apply to DOY.E & MAY, jel4 3 Carpndelet et. CAPTAIN CHAMIER't NEW NOVEL. W ^ALSINGHIAM,Tie Gamester. By Capt. Fr deric Chamier, R. N. author of Life of a Sailor, Ben Brace, &c. in 2 vole. Diary of the Times ofGeorge the Foartlh,internpersel Swith original lettera from tile late Queen Carolina, and frm various uother distinguished perstar, in 2 vols. Etilel Churchill, or the Two Brides. By Miss Lan doa, authtr of'the Improvieatrice, Francesca Co rarn, Traits and Trials of Early Life, &e. Second edition, in 2 vole. Alao, amertine's Pilgrimage to the loly Land, new editi n, in nI ll. Ellis' Mericl Forlmulary, 5th edition, with additil.s. CGihson's Surgery, new edition, enlarged andl im. proved. Just received andfar sale y WMC MeKEAN, apmO eor Camp and Common ats. S AOR SALE, th close consignmentsa,- J. 550 sacks, hest brand, petty Gulf'Cotton Seed, l5 pieces Northern Bolrging, 2:,7 pieces Scotch Bggeing, 5it picesta Kenttcky Biogging, 5l8 coils Rotle, 10 bales Blalci g Twine, Slalutes Enlieh Seine Twine 72 t hclr.aas of RlashlMills \ lliskey, 4 puncherons of aslay illa Whiskey, by IREYNOLDS, BYRNE & C)o., 4 ml 2 mo No. 89 Canal street. i- PACKAGE IIARIDWARE &c. FOREIGN & DO MIESTIC. LRVERET7' f 7'HOMAS. Commission M1erchan ts 13 Bnralt Snice..T, 4Ect-Yo.o c. AVoE rt hltand and are eostuacrtly receiving from S Il.t glonl and (iGernlav, at f I srlnply ofllrre d oltre gorslo wthiectt aebr d lty e tile hi, neknte t nmau aetlo res prices. JTheir presea t stock consists ow tIl0 casks Carolina Iltos, Iat'd o2Ln i, blrigl.t.ra.. tIo a 37 Ittlog cltaius i n Y12.cnase EIIglih fowlingllrtllS 25 easlks etra tgial ltoas d makers t10 dl mill Ilfi Ic 17 do Ia hockelt, and lihk ktiret 11 do tabeihl cutlery 17 lIt bruac ktIltle 2 l Ill hrqas eltlatbtur osnlcslticks 111 do Ilolks uidl hiniges Slllanllad screwst t G eases pietols, sss'd 11toliks sleet line 41501111 Lhxa e ti ll tet llt elrtcl Sizes, () rdlles will retive pm p e)llil ttllatentiourtll ndxealed tit tlowest prlcis jatt 3(t-.t a 2awt i.k ti].l4;,'.i.\l.,". ANI. ;1fA. 'it(\biD ANII SV.\li""l 'Y ST11LE, 1 ,. I C(a, si' tree .n der Hishop's Hotel-The subscibcls a'.t rnos ,qpeiaig ait their new asnt, a extelnsiveVia S 1 'a ltlt(t ,I ..alis their lille, eorcplria illg i:very t arirt hi' I]omlnhs, IIrl ileae P t'limervy, l.akinr Glasses, Planingt ta .I L ail large nluber ut Fancy~.artiles. ib" followini is prt n descrlipltion: COMIBS-'lortoisrsnd Brazilian hightop tuck, pal ald clrved; ldo. do. twist, longll, neck, p'ff side, po..s. and 1dr"essing, ivory andl lolrn fine tolth, a dresslngand pocketlcolmbs; horbll, reddillg anll ntrars slnlbs; wooder, drassing, fille tooth ald pocket coase.. PEiRFUMIEIIY-A generall Iaso~Utst1 of French and American Perfiltnery, consisting a, -l agtne watelr in hottles, of all shapes and sizes; lan, nter, Florida, rose, orange, eIorn, jessaltine, bel'.glmo, sndlerflerus, et. ; fancy soaps of every oasoription; saaessar, antilqac, and voretable hair oil aol curligZ hilid; hllorine lttilh wash, carbonic and chlorine Illenriiiei acenteld nd plain toilet powderrmatum pomatn; prestoo salts, etc. lRISIES...-Comprising a great variety of cloth, hair, liht, flesh, tooth, nail, calob, shaving, plate, hearth, fine and plain dusting, sweeloing, crumb furniture, scrubbing and white wash, horse, shoe and tanner' scouoring, paint andl varisll brushes, add sash aid grain ing tools of all sizes. !LOOtKING GLASSES-Comprising galt frames of various sizes, 5, i, 2 and I draw toilets; German statin, toilet andl ooket glass, m gnifying mirrors, etc. PLAYING CAHDS-Engle, ilarls 8tlh, Broom, Highlander, Spiel Carten, Freochl and white hack Play ilg Carls. FANCY AND VARIETY ARTICLES-A suape rior assortment of portable desks, ladlies' and getle men's dressing cases and ladies' work boxes; fancy box es of various descriptions, suitable for the new year and Christmas' gifts; pocket books of all sorts; suspen ders, music-boxes, lead pencils, crayons, violins, bead bags olnl purses, an assortlaent of fancy beats, ,uperior quality billiard banls, paste blacking; bane, shirt, vest, rall and suspnder buttons; pearl buttons and shirt studs, razor strops; gas machines for creating light; Spanish and melee segars5 mancouba, Paris, rappee and Scotch snlufis; an assortment of plain and sword canes; Lauk gamnlo boatrds; dice, Ifanly screens, optics, Jews harps, harmonicas, lucifer matches, pins, needles, percussion caps, drinking cips, hunting flasks and game bags; steel, silver and pidatedl spectacles; thimbles, twine, etc., a handsome assortment of engravings, and a large varie. ty of othler articles, all of which will beh sold for low prices, for cash or city acceptances. may 4 REES & D'LANGE. SLIDINGDifOOtURt ITIfiE-8 sets very sa. p perior platl, and 2 sets brass sliding door furni:ur taoplete: justreceived per shic Gen fodgsnns and cr sale by LAYTON & CO., aug 24 53 Old Levee. 'OAP AND CIHOCOLATE.-Landing from brig SMesinger and Aquilla, and for sale by the subh scribers.-500 boxes No. I, and Imitation No. I Soal, brands of Jackson and Trowbridge and James Gould; 24 cases sweet tipanish Chocolate. l28 IISAAC BRIDGE & CO. L ARI--165 kegs Leat Lalrd, lading frionl steatboat Wla;. FrcIaiI,foclaslh by Je22 1AYET & AMELUNG. SACON-..S hbds Sides, landing from steambolat Wm. Frenchl for sale by jeo22 LAYET &- AMELUNG. AGU NG &t liUPE.-1tl20( lbagging, 1000 coils IRope, in toro anl for sale ayt je2L LAYET & AMELUNG NIW PUBLICATiONS. TANE LOMAX or a O'I'ITHIE'S CRIME-My the aoubor of"Brambletye House." ReubenApsley, &e.,inl vols. Gleanings in Europe, Italy-By an American, in The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby Edited by "Boo'," with Illustrations by I' Phiz." To be cnatlinoad nontllly, and completed in 20 numbers. Just received, and forl s le by WM. I'KEAN, je2S Corner of Camp & Commosn stects. SACON SIDES-3 i, _8Cincinnati Bacon Nides, B landing from stamn haat Tarquip, for sale by LAYET & AMIELUNG, je22 17 Comamerce street. lIECTIFIISD WHISKEY-100 barrels Rectified , Whiskey, landing from steamboat Tarquin, for sale by LAYE'' & AMELUNG, jt22 17 Coma.erce street. P ^INTS, &c.--4 Ecaes, :otaitnitg ai assortenatl of French, Englisll aad IFraitpre Prints; pnnted mal, I printed jaronet, sant stripes and dark clintz, nto il store, for sale, by IAAC B IDGE & CO, je22 134 Magazine street PIORTER-4l canbi Leadoo Drown Stout, is store Sand for sale by je7 T R HYDE &. BRO. ORK1 FOR SAIE Mess and Pilnme, lill branded L PO and H O, also a few barels assorted. Apply to H i' LEVY & CO. No IO Gravier street. Alse, 90 pieaes Kentucky Bagging; 85 coils Role. NOTICE. 1EW ORLEANS 0& NASHVII.LE RAIl. ROAD. i A few cartoRa of Dry Pitch Pine Wood wanted, delivered on the bank ol the New Canal, at the Rail Rmtd Bridge. Also, a few Carpenters, and men who are acquainted with Sawing can find constant emplorymenat and good wages. Apply at tie afllise of the Conupa py, at the corner ofCanal and Barone streets. II. IIOAR, e Chi f Eugiata, and Gen. Suaprintendant SECOND MUNICIPALITY, W AS brought to the Police Prison of the Second Mnnicipnlitv, the following named Slaves, vis: JOSHUA, says he belongs to Air. Garcia, aged about 30 yeare. 3'lhe wners of said slave' are requested to prove property, pay charges, and take threa away. H S HARPER, Je29 Captain of the Night Watch. IL a t6 amnenbe A In prison dt la Seconde Munici apLlit6, leas sclnves suvants: Un nagre nomm6 JOHN, so dit appartenir B Me Am braise, Al d'environ 18 antn. I JOSH A, se ditapportenir Mr Garcia, Agb d'en viron 30 its. Les propri6tnires des dits esrlaves, soot prius d pronver learn p'opribt6s, payer lea frais et lea retisre H S HARPER, 30juin Uapitaine de Watch. W AS brooght to the Pound of the 2d Municipality eituniedl in Broane between Heria and airod streetse. tie following aeray Horse.: A Boy Colt, with white forehead and left hindfoot white. The owners of said stray horses are requested to prove property, pay eharges and take them away, on orbefore Setu'day, thLe 30th of June, 1838, or they will be sold on that day; at 12 o'clock, by P A Guillotte, auctioneer, H. i. HARPER, je8ll Captain os ithe Watch. TI A eth enuent l so depotde Ia Seconde MunicipslUt dane la n1 Barrunne enter Heria et Girod lee bpaw et ssivnntet. Un poulain baye, ayant le front at le pied gauche de derriere biance. Lea proprietaires des dits animanx Pont pied de roa ver les propriet6s, payer lea pais et lea reliver tdiei & Snmedi 30 Join,1838,ou il seront vendues Ir dir IJin b Midi par P. A. Guillotte, racanteur. H HARPER, je 19 Capitain de Watesh 'fAS' brought to the Police Prison of the aSeond YV Municipality, situated in Baronne betweets Hev and Gisd streets, the followingnamed Slaves: JOE WHITE, says he belongs to Mrs. Connor. aged about 33 yearn. Tihe owners of said slaves will prove property, pay charges, and take them away. SH. S. HARPER, jell Captain of the Night Wale ILA et emmeno 6 i lea prison de Is Seconde Munici c eipalitb, une Harronne enter Heria et Girod, lee Enclaves suivants: JOE WHITE, ee dit appartenir A Mrs. Connor, qag - d'enviomn 33 ans. Lepmrprietairesdes qitseselaresvoudronti'nteprove leurs proprietb, payer eea pals et les retiser. H S HARPER, jel9 Canitali de "sWeb. Or EVERY DErCRIPTION, SPEEDILY,IIANDSOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTrD AT THE OPFIO1 OF Tra True dlserfeass, ST. CHARLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 GUIDE & DIRECTORY OF THE ýiS 12i @P LOVEQylrSE rz, CITY OF lNew Orleans and Lafayette W AS published on Monday, 21st May and for sale at the counting room of thepublilshe. Exchange Hotel, St Chnrlcs.etrsee,--p.d at the Book- sore of Messrs. E. Johns & Co.corner St Charles and Commloll strets. m29 - ORftliALS-UCodisls of different kinds, for sale by J JAIlVIS & ANDREWS, je12 ror Common and Tehoupitoulsn st. h5 tBRELLAN & PARIASOB S-20 cages, comprir. Sing an a sortment oflantnn, fianmey silk, and ging hm Ulmbrells and P'nrasols, lor sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. jetl 134 l itgaslne street. j 'iE.i l riUTTElRi-likeganlI bl,I,,instore and 1 for sale by SL,.'TER & TRIER, jetl _ 40 Poydras ort. - r-cIM oI.--20 casks lluIter 5er til, I h , for a le y ISAAC BRIIU(E & CO. je ll 134 slagazine street. Ir IHIIKEIY-'77 bhls Whiskea, landing from the • leanhuoet ilerrhineak, ht soloe Ihr jae2 tAYIr.I' & AMELUNG. AILlI)--itl4 , kh'.g pritce trl, intt o're,for sale by _ jet'2 IAYF:' & AMF.I.UNG. te Ii c I:'Y', ihn , a it P ,o h', . t. rt or o le by' n.2 (2 IlOItSFEV, 44 New Levee. r illi: State I'rimor,%a 'l'Ie of telt French Regency by M1ary Loisa aiovle, in 2 tIos. lttestte tar I.adim, with hints ,on the preservation Sprbvtntet, find dtapltav of famale heauty. Oliver Twl'sit, or the Pa+riah ltov' pt'egres. By Chatile Dickens, (Ro,) author .of the "Pickwick P. '.rs," ac. t Part ithe first, iwith twelve illustrations,. lromtl designs by leorg.e C(rikal1nn1k. 'lhe (lhc:k llttkr, oIr tle Snyinres nd Doings of S** nool Slic'k, of lit+kvill ie'; nw edition. Just received to ford -ali, I., WVA M0:KEAN, w:10 r ( ,altp and Cotollnon eal. Sattll store and I-,r pale oKentk i IA\WRENCE Ik LEGENDRE, jell 2!; &`L New Lev9. . eI . ICKY', llioois, tdt Indiu MlNey, lotr I sd .ie by LA\VRLENCE & LEGNDRE, joiN 28 & 29 New Leee.. S'Il -./lCAN)I.Er-171 boxes New Bedford xpean C vadles, ,lacrted sizes, now landing from brig M tna cuforSiale by JOSEPH COCKAYNE, tll '25 G'rater i treet. N W MUSI. hbowl. SHAL.L we gn t aitg- Ltgt may the boattie O row--Hack, the Ipot ern sounda-l'he trysting tree--Oh comne, your doors unbar--The dying iaoal- The day beam is over the sea-The Night-Here's to thee. myv Scottish lasaie-T-''he Cavalier rode on his cool black steed-'The lorsaken one--Genevieve-O'er the ar bloue mounatin--iif living worth could win my heart-Nat aleton'n midnight review-Girl of the laugh. il:g eye, awake-Old colony titur--Mald of the dark eve, fare thee well-All is anll--Duke of Reiehtadt's waltz-Invitation to waltz. GUITAR. Bird at sea-Genevieve-O'er the far blue mountainm -Thou 'l' reignest in this bosom--Ot in the stilly sight -\ebeor's last waltz. For sale ut B. CASEY'S jel Pianoforte and Music Store, 19 Camp at. ]JACON-10 casks prime bacona ides, received per ..) stoeler Daniel WVebster, for sale by LAWIIENCE & LEGENDRE, jel 28 & 29 New Lve... ILLINOIS & OHIO FUNDS, for sale Nh NATH'L TOWNSEND, jalo Exchange Hotel Graover at. S OAI'.-250 boxes soup, various brands and dilrent j aize boxes, for sale Ily WINSTON 4. SHALL, jer22 7 Front Levee. ý ACKEIEI..--llo kits 100qr bble. & Lkog, for sale by WINSTON & SHALL, je22 7 Front Levee. PJ'ERM CANDLES.-Seventy-flrv boaxe, various brands, for sale yINSTON SH WINSTON & SHALL, jeo2 7 Frot Leoue. y" ORK--2I0 bbls Mess, 300 do Prime, 140 hlC f e Sol't Mesa, 50 hbls P O, 40 bbls Rump., 40 bbkn Shoulders; in store and for sale by jell I.AYET & AMELUNG. U. A. MAIL 'TO AND FROM MOI1L. DAILY Comn rising the following boats, vie: Fin N. 0. Fm Mobile. Sulaty, Caroline, R A Jetfriea, Swtn.. landtcy. lMazcpua, Slatl G(riffin, S Atinase 'I'uehday, Isabella, E Murray, Carelile. WVedlnscday Swan, S L IDay, W WnalII. T'lrsday, Caroline, R A Jeffiev, MNaeppn. Ftiday, SAltlalta,J B Caranos, Caroline. Sattday, VW \ alioae, J It Knight, Isabella., rl'lt aivo botats will leav the lae end of the iWl1 Rond daily on the arrival of the 1-J past 12 o'Rleclk car, A.M. Slaves macbc cleared at the Custom Hoa4 .prie to. startiTg. An extra boitt will always ba at each port in cuea accident For frieght or passage npplp I 1 to G WIW1 MAN, a1 St itirlei Exchenae Buildlings,N. O. r to SAYRE CONVERS &, CO. Mobile. A train (Af cars of the Nashville Rail Roid Co. will leave the foot of Canal, for Bath, att 8 o'clok A , and 4 P M, of each day, and return froat ath atn 1I o'clock A ZM, and 6 P' E1. UXOF-pT SUNDAYS' when tihe cars will start frhm town end at 9 o'clock A Ml, and 121 nod4 P .h, and return fron Batl at Ii o'elk A. A, anct2 and 4 iP I. xl0 9 JAMES H CALDWEI.L,Proeidey. Ui1: KENT'-A Lot i Julia asreet, near the Basin, 1 well situated Ibr a Wood or Lumber Yard, foi t:orats, r&e. apply at jel9 9 Bank Allay. OAP--I. boxes lnitahon No. I soap brand of SJaickson & Trowtridge, landing fromi shp Grond Turk, fmo sale iy ISAA BRIIGE &p Co jel9 134 Magakie ltr t. A 'Il'OU l UIL-A few hbls of white Castor Oils l nding and for sale hy H BONNABEL, 1lii ear Natchez and Tchapitoulaa ale. O'I'ATOES--200 bils eastern Pottoas, in prime order, juast received nnd for als by ZACHARIE & BROTHER, je7 76 Old Levee at. TIN PLATES, COPPER, NAILS. 300 BOXES Tin Plates; I 400 caisk BoMttn Cut Nails; 5 do Cnlnosillton Ndila; 00 aheets Braziers' Copi Yr; 15 baler India Bagging; 50 coila Hale Rope; 50 baskets Chautpafne; 100 boxes C'inet. nor sale by CHARLES INCHES, AN I1w 1 Oravier IIIhe,

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