Newspaper of True American, July 9, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated July 9, 1838 Page 2
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Ibnia #n, J Iete,; A D Gver; 8 N Helm.. and erdere UIAVANA..Pfe*aiodor..emrgo: 921 eeks coO...r' sit4Ie. to A CnasilIo; L G llnt;a d; M Laopnt~onmon A Avery; R GMd4l~llaJ 14031. ter 44 Ttiv..aae orer; ot~ traith 04 sabnpbte. Paerbrig Alror,..targe4 496 bxee, opt.46 bas. cotn. mette,, swoel~etma amd fruijeto T Obaad A Grooing. Lerkowae Neew W 00 Depe; nd o rder.p: Relmet4 S Lo " Par nebe Dlerio..cnrto: 60001g coles,, trait &e0, L Lnlmedn; R GnrlongL touter, and aror:, * AH.e pi Pfbg A~icn..e,teao4 20a mo ie to JTra. W K..o Fabkllo.. tdea goito J W Zalmriqi Aastin Baron.. Pat heiglmae24lpoi ..c.,o: vy mclPrk;had J t Wener;oV Marb;J E1Iileh; 04440h.4 Va enWHon.o. a A JPWhit b nay; J LomB 41. 0 Co; Ad.mi Hartoel. Be gattA Heaontbuee; JA )(&t S eatJ lin. tarn, ; Otm i; J ES 11; Stetson AAder; D) Roog Satteriln Rhrdeg 0444t10 One brig Elliameora..caeope paving atone., *by. mdzeo Ad to J CeanHyl: Oleetor & Plokett Daily. Dolboe & co; Cali & Perood; JLaod i 40al J 1 Rocwlaed; F Brncfttc toL AieArd; o A 40044,lerl4, andorder. Wood A Bianot; e dtt. RlECEIPTS PRODUCE. l.onlsnlle..Pmr tmmer Dinne..tarewm 40 b4140 0444 kty 0 J emnn; 4 doepark ill 9*Weils re4io4e 11te404'. 'gooAnBrawne; 140 do, 360 po beginjA bole tinle. 40 b.4la ceinsacoW N Bonn.; 40 bidn door, 4061h ob0;ng 40 I Per. 9800001 9 hole, rotton. 4 litlehlsoaone neo n bor.0. Tanrombin.-Potr sameomo Plnapleieox.carge: 16 bolo eoan Ooa~lDeartloe& no; 303 doGambn& Oorrah:l ldo Wond 4 0ianetk G8 dt., N W Xebealeli IdoT4,4,tt & WonirnA; 71 do L~m~kerto, Pearn4c & eo; 44 do Marttle. Plea omu Ore; I20 doAlfe, Atbor A r44444o Bronder, Mc0en4oa AWtigbt; l~de N D Coopert I do J it Bell &104;14440 ltintOn. Dole A au; 174 do 10octll Iton; 340, 1 1.. tnlmceo Kirkman A 1Henn; I do It Woallce,& to& Ido Sb{Ide.Ttorr& Ronbsaw; 2beorses Ca, o dc;r 40 dozoca obleloot G Ulty. , Moy0t9.eo..I',e.emrt lHe teil le..t0 0 Clar: ole. ato ton J 4 L (lteo ; 7tt0o 7 ki 4lt05ne PrroooAtcou;llt ran: 8 do R l.an44y;tc I b CoxE bob,,tt1 ll; Il a;r.c Le,, tn undrt4ieisto ownerst44t hoard. Outaobit..Iaernteamer Clieton.. .tratco 44 44lm4.0 a I.nmbotb *Thompsn; 6o 1d0.4 bolteo ol:;0g311,0011't lubtet order:ar dIes. 43%d"a cr11044 J Meot.yet, do lLittlefield 4' Rh4odes; Y4 adtotBak, WanttArm 4 do t Rcvrtdi. Opoloroa...Por e i4tnro Ctto...3bl buldlleathet, ld2 pan lab maddle. Hlloe Daleao 4* Vo'nlnr. Petlomoeoo. .Poaotao1. 36roralyco 4. .4er44 240 pre tar iop i n3oilo rope P Shanone 4 co; 34 410, 44 begslard, 113 ortke bntre,e 3441.'. poeb, 774 do 45or 40 Mtoli,: 407 do 4G D.4,aey: ldoeP l. Forpoa,w, : 44' d totordth; 23 4. 24,4,I "geraa be nlhotttt S4 Pai; ill idost l pod,, 4404; 244 bbl4 4 o11b Oet IO alo Ic~rt;4b.dol,4 0 4 Ino wr. l.4cAclo ltcd 44 l 10.r.0t 1ct10 ola. A Tbor pao 42 doAo 51~dr 4.4410440 flour A HWallace. 26 hhde ome I,;;et & Amnlor; tx d ·Tiktboe Lam , rtb & Tho pson: 52,16 A o e L Addi on: d Inbeen alard J iVlu t A t; 44 hhd4.4oeon J * G oddi.; I1 414.0 144, Ic. 70 4,ido flour 4 Cr411,,.; 4 bl!dqana 2 keg. lord Gci& Griflo;re9 a.o ,, 9 s b ron, ' B 44l Iy t1 001 ,tt440a04 A Thtomreco. f3 lphle tod Std btgo lacd 00l Garca; 01t fural taye n tt. .Petn rewoo llt,44r4 .fo..tcrl 46 Courtney, W C Wad,. ' P,,lot, Pattn. iletret.CI Oa.. V A4,o, D Adams. Jock..e, T Gormie, lloon ermem, 4 Nortja ned 44.4,v, Pneoo nd adydoC Rtononand el~aroJ W Zachntj,, Lol tw Olegrt. Powall and Chastain.4 Ouaohlit.. Pt rtoamotr Clinton.. 7.eo Mason, Ct'o 4nr4. Vroyt, Gotodin. Stokea, Oeak, Noetmn, short, Rdond .n Hoemilto, Myar, tpnteen Walsh, Gater, Gates, Rtousaeu, J R IgntatonGetoy,eod 70t dek. Temaobio..5tan teloPr Poleoy10ie..oleaaea11 lW eo. ble.. W !colt, J Clertk. JGiopand( toode, MEM4ORAN 4A4. vIt elenpa. Ei wort. aspoke [at. 4. 'nnq. 13 30, Poabotr, 10 daya s fr Wrteo lhroud to H1.0400. Onht Deal. spope brig Chtrmpion, 271.h J ir off the Hole to abe Well, fom Blenton boued to tbia poca. Paoeld in lot. MbcIDlgaatlk Wlit ollafeoo,,. Paw'York.Uobh Jn,n-Arr. abip Saratoga, Hthawboay, from 310. Cld.ahip,Berry, forN O. Iaaoon. 041. Jeta-Arr. ship Cbarlntman. Dill, trebomNo; rTig Wallacn. Crnowll, do, ted Too Sisters, Aodersoo, do. Cld.horg Carolino, Tbampaoe, tor N 0. Art. 247th brle Co Taker. Rtdnaeo. teems NO. Art. 00th. brig Lioooln, Ohear, 04cm 0. ChOdeo..r 04 July-Arr. nnbr Stnepbn & Froncli, from 760, New Orleans Money Market, Corrested dally by Iobinmto & Co.. Exchange Brokers, Eioologe no Enlnd .............. I1l to 1 perct. poo do Pare ..... . 5 to 51051 fraes. do N I rk, at ight ....6 to 7 por ct. do do 6 d.y.... 5 to 5 de Philadelpkhi, light.... 5 to 6 o ............................ 5O to 6} - ... B.eak noote ............ t. o' to -f . . .Troeaury not......... 0 to 7 Lootdteel ad Cloraooat..... ..... 3 to 4 Mid.luippmooey--rier nootks....t8 to 2t die. S luedoo nd the New Bankl ......t30 to 40 do 1'rnoteoelnks ................. a to 17 do Atot.Ot Banks............. ttt 11 do Teos Trery aote .............i t51) do Arksa .......................... 15 to 20 do NOTICE. N EW ORLEANS . NASHVIEI.I. RAIl. ROAD COMPANY.--Sealed poopuosals will ut reveived at the offre until 11th July, or laying supercatreture on the lid road. The materials for thei Rod will be laid along the ride ofthe track, and sltantees will Ie built by the Company. The enstraetor will state how much per mile he will build the superstructure for,-pa ment to be made as the work pntrasses, deductig _0 per cent otn ace ptyment until the ctntract is comltlred, to the antis lictio of the Chief Enginrer. D IHOARD, jy4-6t CIdefEngiueer Ge. Superintendent OPAKTNERSFHIW-'PThe doroigttd houin; Staken his nelhew,Mr. John lteds, into artner. ip the buriose heretofore carded on byv him, rill be conotoed from this date uodor the firm of LEEDS &CO. jr4 JEI)EDIA LEEDS. j-UI-6 bble tor sale by G IORSEY, jy4 44 New levee. EAF LARD-4110 e good order, for tle by jy4 44 New Levee. CCHEN RANGES or COOKING (GRATES, h Builers and Ovens complete, a neat and most oeeveoieot article, for sale by LL HOLMIES &d MILLS, y Bsank Alley. SLATxt. &o T"RIER, y4 40 Poydru street. FLAU ETONE.l-ltu Yards Scoteh Flagging; for sale low, to clos eon aent, by HOLItM.S i llILLBr, }Jy4 Bank Alley. j11fi40L | ON OF'PA RT.E-T1Pr"The frm D of il . Rtoid or -Du Boir d Co.,U Livery Stabit, No.8 St. Charls street, known by tile name of TattIe'M,, hatr t!een this day dilsolvediiy mutual ontase. Tb kl e wi.Ul in futurebe conducted by O. De.llte who ho. the ettlid g of the buoness. ). DU BOt~, 8. WM. HIA., ICE- Is oortot-o.m p heretofore eiti`n ltwleea the euheoertble.under the firm of W. , . GANT, hee bhern tsetved by mutual eonset. Wm. Grt is alleegend.mth tshe liquitatdon o theffaire S t. dit le itot, and will continue the susiness on his WM. GRANT, j.. 4 t JOHN GRANT, Jr. W ULLSALr. TIN MANUHACT.R.'I - SAMUEL LOCKE & CO.S Old Levee stes.,have itsmre a lrge and wel asorllid eto a of m Tin wors. carntri$e every ett ustly mode, and of tbi owo nt slluleture, wbikl they olter n eeerom-t lp tei Dealere in the urtlel would do well to S eCOk. ap 17 A4 FFEE--I bes in sare. for m .. thE A TE4 do r'KIEL, e 10 Povdro*riors Dl'dU ujIe. of fisahjo tlowP-doy ie *t Wper bhl: ot LeeMolde tortf, n M h rsll . i irve durins No Iwm tin ., e, freod yBtJty, 1 l4o.... 'r t the iseoed qumalty is r • '..... .C. GENOIS,Mayeor. Jolt? TI1HE 'fTWJ AMEItOAN. N l retrWe J130 WI3UMease. a" Pa10"tue an Imosa. po 15 MIW Oit L18 AJNM * ch MOMDA 1.....«....... JULY 9. 183R. jO' de Eaezr.rl,.-The result of the Gubernatorial lit eleetion id closer thian wal firit anticipated. But il `Go.. Romaen, the Whig candidate, is elected by a p large mljority over Dunis Prieur. Our. White's mejbt over Mr. Slidell will nttle down at about 1000 votes. le entered Lafourche wthb between to 8 and 900 majority. .udge Chinn's majority over t Mr. Laweso has not yet been ascertained, but will ft not be short of 500. The Heon. Rice Garland is reeected from th, third congressional distries without opposition. All three of our memetrs elected to Congress are reaunch Whigs, so that LTuisiina will present nso unbroken front in sup- I. port of Whig principles in the next Congress. FIRST COQNOIdR IONAL DISTRICT. For Governor Coni un. PARIHItS. een. Priee White. tidl. atona ............. 71 1us 56 1 t. mrd ............... 170 137 14 .lrsl...............1...... S L 0I.ST6 L I. 3 ies .................. tt 106 300 01 at.J6be. pit ............ 132 .93 10,/0117 it Jm~ ............... .......... O - Aneaptilon ................. 17 3614 w it ne4 I f[uoh ................... "003 170 191 Its ere ........... 200 57 214 56 S N.B. Mike Tylor'i vote faor ongre s 343. eECOND CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT. For Governor Conrern. PARISHIES. Romsn. PrlierlC isn. Lawsan lorrl,,l ................. 147 104 177 1 I Weet ton Rou.......... 14? 67 193 11 Point Coupeo, I 44 165 It 31 REot Bston Rougle.;........ 02 1 215 Wait Feleisn.............. 17 10 O 130 Et Feleella........... 3 4 200 31 330 t. lelen ................. 130 176 0 0 I Livinton ............... - 10 43 17 VWuhangtoon ................ 12 7 1^. 11O STsamn" ............. 113 1W0 113 0 THIRlD CO!06R.SSIONAL DISTRICT. Rice Glrland, for Coaeees--u ortret. I For Goerenor. PARISHES. Roams. Prienr. SCotnordl, ......................... It 4 aOt. Mary................ n.j....... 841 Lain .yettn 247 .t et in 8 h 1St. Londry .......................... I 481 19 , Avoyelleu ..................... msj. 132 Nr, tchitoche ..................... do 75 .l.iborue ...... ................... Caddo.............................. R.o pid, ........................ ... 36 11 70 Cateh..oana ......................mj. 4 ' Ouachlt ..............s............. ut Carroll . ....................... j. 241 SM sdion ............................ (t Cldwell.;........................ aRice GaOrland for Congre: reelected without eppoetltion. Lu N. 0. Trhere re fa ew litht diTorr.em in the.e returua. naking n alterunton of 38 in fOVor of .r. Prieur. The ofLuiul reumrcs wil be puhlihed as coot sn recived, STATE LEGISLATURE.-Ncw MEanuEs. SEN.AtE. New Orleans-Albert lion. Iberville-S. Hiriart. Fsliciran--Joseph E.Johnson. East Baton Rouge-Dr. Thos. Scott. Point Coupee-Z. Pereh6. Natchitoches-L. G. De ussy. Ooachitn-Downs. I Attakapns--Besil Crow. Lafourche-H. M. Thibodeaux. lloU.E OF REPRESCNTATIVES. Placquemine-Thomes M. Wadsworth. St. Barnard-Arthur Fortier. New Orleans-C. M. Conrad, WV. C.C.CIsihorne, Gen. WVm. Dobuys, LI. Gaien ciR, G. K. Roterr A. W. Pichot, and H. Lockett. Jefferson- J. T. Preston. St. Cvarle.-H- zile Trepagnier. St. John Baptist-Corls Ctarit. St. Jmnes-Benj. Winchester, Wm. Godberry, Ascenseon--Duncavw F. Kenner. Assumption--Pugh, Lufuuthee-G. S.Guin, M. Bourg, A. Laeforest. Terrebonne-ll. C. Thibodenux. Iberville-James EaRevan. West Baton Roure-V. Partin. Point Coupee-C. Poydras. East atonll Rouge-Gen. P. Thomas, and T. D. Conrad. West Feliciona--Wm. R. Barrow, C. Ratcliffe. Est Feliiaina-Jas. H. iMuse, A. Carter. St. llelena-J. Killian. Livingston-T. G. Davidson. Washington-F. Brickham. St. Tammany-A Cousin. Concordia-Thos. M. Patton. St. Mary-Dr. Walter Brashear. S,. Landry-Thomas H. Lewis, James Morgan' and C. Lavergne. Natchitochee--S. P. Russell, E. 0. Blanchard. Rapldes-Wm. Dunbar, Sothene A. Baillto. Catahonula-Truman Phelps. Ouachita-llolmea. Monsieur Slidell, the amiable and popular would-hbe-lcngressmn and minister to Italy, has received his quietus; the plain homespun man of the people, Edward D. White, having beat him by the small majority of 11113! Miles Taylor, Esq.-The people of Lafourehe forget to give Mr. Miles the 1200 votes they pro mised hint; hut the people of the whole diltrict in conjunction gave him the glorious minority of 353. Will he exhibited at the MNuseum, a pair of cot tonade pantaloons and a planter's hat lately used on an electioneering time. It is highly gratifying to think that in defiance of the untiring efforts of a large, frantic and sirug. glieg party, clinging to power with desperate en. ergy in this their last gasp: in spite of the meeat outrageous libels, falsehoods, msraeptesentations, made votes, the circulation of lying letters and pamphletes, the enlightened Whigs of Louisiana have triumphed, and elected their Governor, mem bers of Congres. dad a large majority of their Ie. gislature, who will enter on their functions with a determination to rid the country of the ineubus that has so long pressed upon it, and place our nolle state in the vanguard of that army of free. men, determined to fight in defense of or nearly lost liberties, anrd our utterly lost prosperity, until the victory of a National Bank is achieved, and the horde of rapasious office holders who have so long plundered the country shall be utterly defeat. ed. Roman will tbe elected Governor by a majou rity of between 800 and 1000 votes. Qj- The result of the election in the city was knowa an on Friday, and yet no report was heard of, or from the kerg of powder procured by the loeo foces to celebrate their great anticipated victory! Was it that "the party" was ashamed to make a parade and display about their mighty majority of EIGHTI or was it that their powder and their spirits got too much damped by the satrm? or was it the otperornity offered by the weather to economize their aomtunition by availing them selves of the illomilnation formed by the lighten ing, and the improved artillery rears which the thunder made? f When many profesiung Whigs, who from indifference or rinidity, did not deposit their votes in the ballot box, found that only ten more would have given our cause a vast impetub by showing we could outnumber our opponents: and when they remember the repeated warninag we gave them. of how important on the result might be even a eangle votes, they ought to have felt ssbmedof their culpable saupieness, and deem themselves pointed at, antd ridiculed, every time IJieaurea ajonil of ci'hI is mentitoned. "! TIhe election being'now ovet, the city e'as'It moa relapsing intoits cstomary state of summer dull- it u aees. The business season having entirely closed, me all commercial news is at a stand, and so large a hon portion of our citizens are leaving, or have left the am city, that fully one half the copies of every daily journal are left "to asate their sweetness in the desert airc of empty stores or tenantless dwel- in lingo. In a few days Congress will adjournt, nd lir Ito members disperee over the country: and as no ott political change can take plaece in the hot summer he months, since no more elections will be held until Sn the fall, few subajects of public interest can arise to render a daily publication of our paper any thing but a mere.mater of form. Our friends are folly aware that we have fought the good fight to m the very letter of our professton, boldly and faith- re fully, and now that victory in assured, and these d remains nothing to contend for, we oak their in. dulgenco while we rest from our labors for a short ni time, and only publish our paper tri-weekly, until the commencement of the fall. As our friends have now no contest to interest them, for,victory is already theirs-as they have now no business doing, nor commercial news to hear: as they have v no interest in Congress, nor struggling friends in f other states to feel for, we trust they will not think harshly of our claim for a little rest, espe- t cially as we have heavy arrangements to make in t procuring from the north a large increase of type, preasso psper,and other materials to enable us to make an increased exertion to forward the corm= mercial and political interests of ouf citizens in the ensuing fall. With these views we trust our readers, and friends, will be satisfied for a short time with receiving the "True American" every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. ..sete,aJ and modern -When Constantine as saumed the imperial purple, he found many chris tians in office, and forthwith issued a decree or dering all such to change their religion or vacate their posts. Tlhe greater portion of "the denounc ed" retired at once, hut a few cringing sycophants obeyed the imperious mandate, and pocketed at once their conscience and their stipends. With a shrewdness worthy of imitation, the remperor re placed all the conscientious seceders, but drove the others in disgrace away, persuaded that he who was not true to his creed would be treocher ou -to his ruler. We hope it is forsinme such mag nanimous purpose that ir. Breedlove notified that all his officers who did not hold with his political belief should "turn out;"-then may we expect to see hia present victims for opinion's sake re stored to their enployments, and the disgrace ol such an act of tyrannous persecution wiped away from the American nlame. When auch acts are done by monarchs they are denounced as tyran ., nous by every free precS in the country; then shall they not doubly execrate the deed ind the doer when perpetrated by an American office holder upon free born American citizens? yr-Itt our columnUs will be seen a statement front 'Thomas B. Harper, late lessee of the Carroll. ton Rail Road, defending Mr. Spencer, now abhsent from ill health, from a charge of "brutal beha viour," as paihlished in the Bulletin. If the writer of this scurrilous attack against a civil, obligin.c man, thinks by such means to fulfil the oft renent. ed threat to "rentoveevery .merieautfrom tIhe road," he villifies the high minded feeling of our citizens. We travelled to Carrollion on the night in ques tion, and have done so frequently, yet never saw any nut the eivilesr and mist obliginm behaviour fromn Mr. Spencer, the ticket collector. n- Poydrea.llarket.-Seo all absorbing has been the ot, interest of the election for this past week or twn, that other local matters have scarcely been tlhoneht of, and hence it inth th the opening of the .Itw Poydras market, between laronne and Circa, streets, has not been noticed in the pres, tlnor dies it seem known even to tlhose who dw,.ll wHii n five minutes walk of it. The few butchers' st.lls st. that have been established presentrn dietliay of meet that might telmt on epicure: the vreltnhlrs and fruits have a fresh,rlean and neat appearance very unusual in tile old nlurkets; atnd thttl it is renmembered how very longe a walk it rtequies to D. reach either the upp*r or lowto ollnt, and thie vasr fatilne consequent upon it in this overpowering e. wbeher, we shall he surprised indeed ii tile Poiu drtie liari:;et dies not prove an immense conve nienceo o to .te ,ni'tz,'and a very profitable place to tll vel;ers of every article of looti. V' , :,pe our ciltzenis in tie vicinity will give it encoular g e ment. Storn,.-One of the severest storms while it lasted that we rmeember blew up on Friday about half past 7, p. m. Its violence was great, but its duration was fortunately as brief. The wind blew from the north and north-west, and threat ened for a time to prostrate trees and houses as it swept across from the Lake. Effects ofhe Slormn.-Besides the striking of the ship Senator by lightning, in the river, great damage was done to some of the steamboats on the lake. The William Wallace, a fins new boat. had her larboard guard carried away, and her starboard wheel and wheel hoses entirely destroy ed. Her chimneys were hlown overboard, and much other damange done by straininr. The South Alahama was injured, but enabled to repair and start with the moil, at one o'clock on Saturday. The guards and larboard wheel house of the Caroline were hurt by the Isabella running foul of her, but to no great extent. The Reverend Juel Parker arrived safely in New York, on tite 29th June, together with a host of younger Parkers. Tiis will doubtless be very agreeable news to his descried flock, and sotme what interesting to our citizens at large, as it enables them to tell when their enrs are tingling, that in all probability the reverend fly-away is ahusing the people, among whom he has his living, as guilty of every immorality, vice, and crime to he found in the fertile imagination of a narrow minded bigot. J.Iajor. ountlfort.-We are much concerned t" learn that our kind hearted and respected fellow citizen, Major Mountfort, U. S. A. has met with aserious accident lately. About a fortnight since he was travelling in the stage front Guyandotte to the Virginia Springs, when, in consequence nfrhe breaking of a bit, the horses became unmanagea ble and the coach was precipitated over a preci pice thirty feet down. By the accident Major Mountfhrt had his arm fractered, and his lady and young daughter were slightly injured. Col. Robinson, of the firmt ef Robinson, Real & COn. in Mobile, was also severely injured in the back and hi.,; his lady was but slightly hurt. The Carroliron Hotel is still closed, and the #iI road is cnsequentl deserted. This would be a matter of but little public interest if it merely affected the profit and loss of thie company, but in the present state of the weather it effects the citizens generally. They are deprived of one of their customary places of resort, where they miijht procure cool air, and healthy exercise. It is ale. a serious privatlon to tile citiasns of Carrollton a d its neighborhtood. The election on Tuesday was greatly impeded, by compellingthe poll to be held In a temporary room in the car house; and on Friday, the who,le passengers by the evening traut were exposed to the entire pelting of the pitiless storm, and women and children were drenched to the skin and fearfully -alermet, yet not a single door was open to sauelter thea. It is said that the lankl ;i going to.iave it opened on their account, theel why is thep such a tedious and upneeesaary delay! It may well be mid, that "greet bodies morne slowly," for this hotel hsn beea elosed ,nore moetad nder the itsegemont of te Bnak timan it would have been idle'foe weeks had its manage. to ment been confided ta individual enterprise. We oil hope the Carrollion Bank will bestir themselves, and let the house be opened forthwith. O- The steamer Msacnaotr has got her boilers 1 in her once more, and Mr. G. Bvrae who has wm already succeeded so greatly in getting her once more afloat, has confident expectation of taking her round to his dry dock on the river by next t Saturdavy. Such perseverance merits sucri -and laoy success attend it. Bath.-The Bath Avenue hIta bt n e t,ry opened from the Lake to Carrollton, and active measures are now in progress to continue the rail road from where it new intersects the Nashville down to the river. We hope the project will be carried out vigorously, as it will tend to improve the health of'our citizens by varying and ineress. ing their means of obtaining fresh air and exer cise. The Jeores is Coming. A fast and elegant buot with this popular name, and propelled by a power. ful low pressure engine, is just about starting from rt New York, to be placed on the mail line between this city and Mobile. She belongs to Mr. George n Whitman, whose exertions in carrying the mail 0e through regularly evin in defiance of the obnox ious regulations of the post oice department, are °- worthy of all praise. These objectionable arrange meats, instituted by the distant post master, wrth out enquiring into their bearings here in the south, would have destroyed any less persevering nman than Mr. Whitman, who has still earried it through though in the effort he has destroyed and damaged s- more property in steam boets than might have 1' suffered from three such contracts, with fair provi. ,r sions from the department. ce Mr We wish George Barnewell was alive once its more. As he was somewhat practised in killing at uncles, we shlu ld like to try his hand at destroying a ants; he could have plenty of prctice here. They are most pestiferous little beasts, as numerous as be loafers, and as troublesome as duns. [COMMUICCATED.] I3 The undersigned, late one of the Lessees of the Carrollton Rail Road, deems it his duty to repel an unfounded accusation, published in the Bulletin, of Saturday last, against an honest and a industrious man. SSpeaking of the behaviour of this ticket col lector, it would be to the interest of the Carroilton Rail Road Company to look to it; for of late his deportment hae become so shockingly brutal and bullying, that many respected persons, who don't like to be insulted, or to fight with a brute, are deterred fromt enjoying a ride to Carrollton and its delightful garden at this season of the year, ear tainly one of the moat agreeable recreations that a person cotld wish to enjoy; for besides the pure air, the garden in itself is a little paradise." The person thus assailed is a man upwards of 50 years' of ange, with a family dependent upon him for support, and is now absent from the city on accoont of his health. He was in the employ. ment ol the Rail Road Company while the under signed wasee oe of tie Lessees, and the undereigned can Iear testironv to the uniform good conduert of Spencer, that he has been ever zealous and hotnet. Desirous of protecting Spencer from the consequences of a ralomnioue charge, and pre venting the injory the companoy might suffer from it; the undereigned called at the o.liee of the Bultletln to enqeire for the author, and there Ieas informed that Mr. Mr. SailtZall had brtoutht the oriLinal, reprePsen iftg it to he the production of a mal:n n imld "'\lrphr. The undetreitgd sought Ior and found Mr. Salrzman in olmtrany with Solonion Cohn of Carrollton, and Louin Schmlidt. Mr. Salltman answered the enquries ol the under. eivgnd. and- ealed that the docume nt had been given to him for ptbllcation by ilurphy, a man in thr. ertprl.ryrent tI Colro, tilrt hlurhvY had giv'en Iirtl ltire rrnrrt.y to p: for rthe pullblerlloan Colrn an, Ortillmdl bt[Ihlt j-ine.r in the tnecuslinl agrinstr Sprnerr, orndl thrcntened in their own naeors io prlllhr. Sellt.ncr 1'.e .ldirrlrlrtr'.nel d itrlt~ n that Murphy had wrlt. rln the : unsoltlootr n, a ln. betc v ng t it be t i e roiu i' lo one ,f the ,'ove , tame, rers ns, deterrlrteo l ,to cern'n the fur, n.' preprre. lot r,rpairrr th .r,orlloo tor that ptrpse. lIe wm fllwed by Mr. Sll.rman, who dctlared titat tl.e etlomunlcurtion waoa o ivn i, him by ,ilurllnt, hill that h dltd oot bel'eve rllta Murphy htad writren ii, that he had rrertlv lett n tIer ,o grartily Chir. who had had ua dupllrte with Spencer. The uonder -Llned .aw ,\1 urpy ,it Corrtlllhnii, iiin the pr osncse of r.anther pertore. Ur. (n;.rhl erlrtninr r:lree by. ,lur'phy said trot lre litew narirtl og oi tie piece, aortl that rlre had never before heard of it once thaut til use hi lma ntllne was ullnatllorltrd. The underttr ned has marrde estatement thlrugh a bellr of Justi.e trowurds Spelncer mud thI Corrrrpany, arnr leaves tile pubhle to draw ilt own conclusonrrs. '1THO B. HIARPER. New Orleann, 8th July, 1838. PORT OFQ' NFW tORI4 A\8. CLEAIRANCES. Ship Palestta. Littlolield, Liverpool, LH Gals Brig sthese. laHrlo, ik.tlo, lehr Mary dJeo, Alrrcer Pensacola. Sehr Gll DBe Kalb,, Galveston, Wem toese Schr Emelioo, Smilth, Ilavon, D MNrston bloop lHarveul PeterseonPenseola. ARRIVALS. Towbola Post Boy. aterriman, from the NE Pata; ba iae tawed down heril tisegea and Nautilus, schle 'Texac, Three Sileats and Col de Rusty; towed up shrip Oglethrope. sohr Doris and sloop larriet; left Nt pas on the 5th at 3 P M; rport having towed on the NE Bar ship Elhtzaeth; one brig end a chr in the ofthi, othilg new in the river. TowboaTat iger, Beeb, from the Pasas,; towed tosea ship Actreso and Rochlster, brig Coeuooe, sahrsVirgil, and Wm Wallatee towed up ship Cumberland; report towboat Lie. comiug up with s vedasel. Towboat Lion, from the Pauees; eswed to sea llip Archer, Trigs Margaret antd .aura, shrs Alexander, and Mnlretto; lowed up basrque Isaac Ellir. brigs seas Feakliu, Elisworta, oat Atlvora; tetthe ar on the 61th; reports towboat Pilot conlill up with i5 vsletll. Towboat Pilot, Clark, from tle palste; havingtakna her tow to sel, towed uo bria Ilvarhoe, ualvadure, Attic :, od John Atlyne, aed acr Doepracio; reports ship Elizabeth, I brig and I llrr at the Paasos. Ship Cumherland, Ilasty, 6t days from Liverpool, to tlhe modor. Ship Oglettropa, Thorp, 64 days from Iavre, to L I Barqoe Isaac Ellis, Spring, 20 days from New York, to the master. Birig iater Fronklin, Smith, o0 days from New York, lo J W Zacharie. Brig Salvrador, ltarmsadez, 4 days from Iavara, to J Prats Brie Allice. Jor:an,c days from ath, to the master. trig Ivhos, Oultrbridgo, o5 dayl from Boaso, to G Bed. ford. BrigAltera, ipriuer, 6 idayls from lavana. Brig llitwoah, Homer, w da s dyrom New York, toh S J P Whitney. Sehr Deprrcio, Fount. front Iavana. to L Labords. Schr John Allyoe, Smith, from ostone, to the master. Schor Doris, Jones. 21 daya from Baltimore, to Oe Bedford. SLotenoer Velocipede,. Claihorne, from Shrisvelport. Steamer Alert, Long, from Lake Pontchartrain, In ballauL $iteamtr Iluntsville. Jordou. from Bayou Sara. Steamer Clrllton, lhodes, fromt Ouachita. Steas:er Pennsylvanian. Payne, from Tuceumbis. Steamer Diane, Cutrter, from Louisville. Steamer Ceres, Boll, from Opelousas. Steamer Moresviasn, Wthalhll. form Porsmouth. SHE undersigned have openeud a house in this city, H. P. LEVY, Far thebs purpose of ransacting a GENERAL COMMISSION BUSINESS. OFficE, No. I0 GnCavER SToEET, UP STAIRS. The firm at Grand Gulf, bliss., will be continued under the style of H P LEVY. II P LEVY. Refeencels. Godfrec, Lae rie & Sumall,, -rlaa L-. Peters'& lMillard, S tb e H 13 dill & Co, Louisville, Ky. John M Gilmore, Vicksburg, Mlis. Ilarpor, Carlmnter & Cou) Summers & W\ute, Grand Gulf, Mliee. hluir, Moore & Co, ) Silts Litlurd. Natelhe, MHm. New OIrlesns, July 6,1888. jv9 a O'IrtCt--A pair of Bar matched clucoa, m gpuee SNuotlr, tor sale cheap for Cah;h; pply immediately (the owner being about to leave the ctty) at Dubois Y SHil4 Livery Stable, No. 56 St. Charles streel. jy9-It l-. 'tru-I warn alt persons in business, not to trust my Wife, Alktadria DieLo ihn ly nlame, as I will not b. aecountuble lrr anr Debt she may can. traect She hau left my bed andl board, and is now lividp with man namt d Charles Reede, and has otlherwise eodocaled herbell withb great immproprie. lt ECKR tiN I'ti UNIl'EtD) S, al'- tr.\ii C of Philadeltthio, cnd in duls to tuit puwbhaser fore saleby LAWKENCC , & L :I: relRE, jS "'8 & 29 New Leree. flf GAl NOS4 oates Mlsen's and Boys' . ip and U Russet, Brgsou, ror sate by j IAAC B RIDGE & CO, Jy4l 134 Magaztna atrems. SLOTHINU-I-2 cases Summer Clothiug, fmpra. J i ags o rtemeat of coats,jakets, rests and pats, .or sale by ISAAC BRIDtGE & CO, J 131 MSagauine street. HIVE DOLLARS REWARuI-Lout. WVede. d -d l et, • very old ZIOTAL WA'I't.ll, wikh a smal goldgtlasdcbeh E. Name sn thle fate, - Druray--Lon. -oan.' The wmath ic of so tatarue saluse, ahltbub pained by tbe Omwr. Thealaubo eaward wi Ihe pred an delivera of the brat arliolo et I bib offce. .1 il,sow landing from brig driliam, mm BIlston. IR gallons roretg andanrtbern manolfactared lins0ee oil,ln casks and barael; in tore, ind for sale low by JArVIS .'ANDREWS, Wholesale D uggi't", y7 co Como on & Thotupitoulas streets. UT received at the Louisiana Furnilture Ware Ro.rme, 5I Bienvill street,200 Maple and Cherry A Bedoteads' a I ,nt rate article. Also, a good naert menat of iaple, Walnut, and Paisted Chars, which will be sold for the lowest cash riea s. j Wv 55 Bitnville street. EP-r-e.OM SALTS, ANI) CALtMr. I es French Quiinne, 10 bbll Elpsom Salts \sheh, 4 eases Calomel, lipe e,. Jslop, &c.. laoding from brig William, from sale bJARVIS & ANDREWS, Wholesale Drtc.gists, jy7 cot Common k Teloupitoulan street. SOAP--30 boxes No I sop, brand at James Gould, landing from brig William, for sale by - ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, jy7 134 Magazine street. )lALE ROPE-150 coils bale rope, of superior Squality, for saleIAAC BRIDGE &Co, jy7 134 Magazine street. fr 3AGGING & ROPE-101l0 pe heavy Kentuckv ft Shaogging, 900eoils rop small size, in store, and for sale by LA]ET & AMELUN(, P jy7 17 Commerce street. SACt 1N--10 hhds sldes,O7 hhds shoulders, in store, a Sfor sale sby LAYET & AMELUNG, fi jy7 17 Commerce street. OSHEN BUTTER-26 kegs superior artiele, c G landinsg from steamer Albanv,for sale by STETSBO & AVERY, e jy 88 Gravier street. i NOTICE TO FIREMEN. M ISSISSIPPI FIRE CO, No , beg leave to re. turn their sinare th.aks to Mr J BROIZE, aprerirtor of the Coffee House, corer of Chartres and t Louis street, for his ezraordlinay moderation in charging us filly reots for only six pilot crackers, and only 1212 I oeno per glass fore water, when he lied so good an opportutty of profiting by the mis fortunes ofhisnelghbors. IByr der, S jy6 WACIIAMPI.IN. Sec'y. bI-6SANA HOS CO-Now Urleans, ilt July, LN 1838--This company tender their thanks to SMoessrs Carriers, Damn & Co, and SGath & Brother for rerrshmento furnished the eompany at the fire cor ner of St Louis and Levee streets, this Omorning. By order, jyfi y H IIEATH, Se:'y. o UISIANA HOSE CO.-this com ony beo leave to return their thanks to Mr J BROIZl, te proprietor of the Coffee House, S E comer ofl Cortres and St Landuis streets, for harging the compny one dollar for three loaves of stale bread furnihed the tf company. By order, jy6 H G HEATH, Seo.'v. Th INSSISSIPPI FIRE CO-No 2, tender their S thanks to Msers Carriere, iDalan & Co, for the liberal manner in which they furished them with re freshments doritg the fire ,n the morning of the 5th ismt. By order, jy6 W A CIIAMPLIN, Sec'y. 05 NTEW ORlEANS & NASHVIILI.E RAIL ROAD to L COMPANY.--lIrafts on New York, at 60 doys se sight, for sale at the office, corner of Canal & Baronne Id streets. JAMEs H CALt)WELL, jyf PFreident. II- ýTOIICE-DOaiel E. Colltic is fClly ihlioriced to N attend to all of icy business daring my lhsenice Sfrom this city, as well as to dichaorge anly duties thlat nd may devole on me as 'exian Consul. jy6 NATH'L TOWNSEND. TWENTY.FIVE CARPENTI'ERS4WANTE riso0 work at the Lake end ol the lew Canal,a 1ts to the Harbor baster,at tile New Basin. tr- jy6.lw iti lIOTICE-The e-psrtnershrip heretofine existing ire 1 under tle firm o, H.P. &J. L LEVY, .tIrand Gulf, Miss.; and H. P. I.EVY & CO., New Orleans. of is tlis day dissolved by mutnal consent. I. P. I.evy is alone authorizedl to settle the aflairs of Ioth houees; 0 ithe nams of the firnm will hb ucd only in iiquidation. tiy H Pt L:E1'Y, y. j6fi J I. LEVY, er- The Grand Gulf Advertiser will user the above ed until farther notice l-T- 'OTIC-The ud.erigoed hlvine purchreld oti d l the interest of J. L. I.FVYI', will nltiltue the he business at Grand Gulf, Mise. and New Orleans, oil his re- ownneeount, aod solieitc a share of patrouage. Office, nm No. 10 Gravier street. The The Grand Gulf Advertiser will insert thie above ins until further notice. fa e NE tlUNDltEl) DOI.LARtS IAVAIL)-Solcr? i fron n a tIrivnte Ioure in Raompart streat, a Ptir of ilt Silver lMonted Bell 'ISl'.t .S,ad n Riifle IBarrel, do. SA reward eo nlne hlnndred dolllars will be paid on c0n i. vction oii 0 the hief Apply to lids ollice. der. icli-:2 -~ LOUIL140 bils fhool , londlinl, nod ir sale by J T"IIANVFI & Ut.t, jy6 71 l'nvdras atret. ( iANV.181,10) IH i- t=lia- k Car. rininur rpnacked canvassed bnls, for, sll~ by J TIIAYER T& C), j)'6 7.1 'r, Arnre strreet. 5 )00 IIsU:1 bLS WiLl 1'K; rI tl\--for slue by .l. l. J 1I' "IIAYIJi{t I& j,- " " 41 Nw v j. . I 0,. e , e..~ L by IIEtlD R BAR4T0 4 (W,4r4 I . ,Al) & IIAIl'4TOWl jvG 7 Bak PIc-. llEAD t , BAR It'\\, j.,44 7 Bank Place. ijy EAD lA TOW have rcnmved t. t0o.7 Bank Place. jy6 r EXA: IRuU.YfY rYLA70DfýlTlai-W1rnTedy i SNATIPIL 'rOWVNSEND, jy6 Exchange Hotel, Gravier street 4 AUIrl'5 S D.IAF'T T--e, te esury of'l'eaa purche.ed by NATH'L Tt)WNSlND, jy Exchange lotel,Groavier street ONE HUNDRED DOLLALS EWA RD of j I Boy EDOU ID,helosgIngt oblr. oWill be liven f thae hdapp rehens n Ales Labranche. eaid boy absjonded from the Steamibot Columbia, on her last trip from lex, anrd has bern seen i lurking bot thLe markets. Eduerd is a Griffe, about 24 years of age, 5 feet 4 or 5 inches high, round fs, hair n outh rather sharp. Fifty dollars will be paid if taken inr the stae, or one hundred if out of the state. Captains of vaels or steauboats are cautioneJ not to hIarbr cid boy. Applyto F J FOrItrALL & i BROTHR, jy6-tw :1 Front. Leve streer. SINSEEDOIL.A cotant supply of Nrther dL and Western Linseed Oil, in toerees and hilas: for clr by JARVIS & ANI)IREWS. ma6 eaor Common and Tchapitoulas st. SLOUR--400 oble fresh Flour, just landed- io store ' and for sale by LAYET' & AMiELUNG, jell 17 Commerce street. PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, JHA'T, whereas, myr brother, Doctor James Grant, late of Cohtahuila and Texas, died in the army of Texanso, the mooth of March, 1836. Whrreas, tun der date of A ugust '24, of the same year, Daniel I 'Prler addresed a letter to te from Nacogdoches, in Texas. aequitiog oe with his having recived my said Brothers Will, dated at Baxor, Dle. 30, ,1835, setting forth that he; Mr. Toter and mysell were named exeuo ters. Anl, whereas, the said Toler mentions in the letter above aolluded tn, that he had the Will drty regis tered; notwithstanding, which I have strong proof that he never had it proated; and further, have found my most anxious enquiries and exertions, (or the last two years, inlticient to o btai o a copy. Now, therefore, be it hereby fomnally known that the said' 'oler htts no authoritrvto make any disposition of, or girle to, any aond or ther propety r elonging to the estate of my deceased rother; or to act i any thing appertaining totl soame;: hobut that I no ioanstitutlng steps towards the recovery ifsaid will, and shall at lance proceed to such measures as in my character ol execu tor. are now called for. HUGH GRANT. Nol4:.-The editors of Texas nowpapers and New York Albion am resprectfully requested to copy tOhis trdvertlesent tlrre itttes and seod their ccoondts to the office of the True Americn, or to me atthe Sur veyor's Office, nd Municipality. ofjNew Orleans. e27-lmo FLOUR-D O bbls Superfine, in istre, for sale by G DORSEY, je29 44 New Lves.. " S .C11)u ta-il cIrans, asuperior Cincinnati 0 Bored, for asa c G DOiRSEY, 189 44 New I.evee. S ITUATION WANTED-A young mon, a creole of this place, wishes to get employment in a Store or Counting Room. He writes an elegant hand, and speaks French and English. le has beeo for ahverntl years nLeee Clerk to a commercial firm i this city. Address box 588 Poest Office. jy7 VrATE OF LJUISIANA-First Jd. ra District Coort. A F. BUFT, v0 hol Credilors.eThe ceesion of the nsolvent's property having bIedo aoce:,ted bry the Corrr, for tIa he belt o. this Creditor:;it is ordered that a meetlug of his said Creditors do lake place at the office of J. H. Mlarks, eq, enotry public, on Moald'y the Sthoft July next., at t10 o'clock. A MI, for the alr mense of rtaking into connidertion, the nffair of said nsolvent. andi ine he trnantirne all judicial prrcoedinga against Iin p.r.on and property as to tlhe Creditors mentioned in thre schedule, are staved. Witloeas, the honorable 4. I.'[llclrsraan, Jwlgo of the Court afiresaid. this r3d Jrne, 18:8. jei46-3.t P. LE I:LANC, Dpy. Clerk. EFAT DE LA I.OUISIANE-CoUt de District do premier district juditiaire. A F. BttlrT con,re rses.rheniera La cession des n. propritbo de ('insolvable avant it.i aceelpt par lnacn.ur :,ur i'avanltage de ss e re nfcire; ii eat doer6. t6 qu'ons assenoirlLe de sea erbnacieera nara lier, u grefo de J I Marks, notair publicr. Lurdi le 9Jui;let prochin, 10i heuraes du marntin, afn de dbliblrer our lea affirae de 'insonlvable, eten attendart, rontds poar suite contre a0 personne oa soea ..,prlwibtea aentionns dina son ,lifduole seoat arrr'tb. Ttmoin, o'Hon A r Buchinoaut, Jugc de la dltte .our le 3Juin 1838. J6 juin I' I.E I.AC. Dpt. greflier. jjAVINA COFFEEY-l0l bagO lananuuaCuauer Sjust landed, aud for sale Imo JOSEPII "f;KAYNE, je.19 5 Gronvier stru't. P OR-lMoe Ii, ririme. & So- P r" sale sy - OI DORSE , jeL'9 41 New levno. SLAVERY. PURI,ISIIED THIS DAY, And for sale at the Counting Room of tihe True A ner V can, Exchange Hotel, St. (harles street, SLAVERY: he A Scrmn delivered in the FitPt Caogregational Cha L in New Orleans, April 15,1838. By Rev. Theud hel Clapp. C Prier 50 cents. je9 r. GIESON'S GUIDE AND DIRECTORY pr FOR the State of Louisiana, and Cities ol New Or loans and Lafayette; for sale iM' NVI SIcKEAN. mi3 cor Camp nnd ootmotun 5ss. - NEW DIREWCTO)RY. U rLISHED this day, Gihson's nidel and Direo Itory of New Orleans eadd l.nfnylt,,; for salt by DAVID FELT & CO. SI nt22 NY Stationers n11ll,24 Chartres st. LOUISIANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS, No. 53, Btoenvlle stree.I. W ILLIAM . CARNE ( rl of the finn o Flint & Coarnsn,) would renpectfully'nf.r m hish - friends and the public tnat he is constantiy receiving from Now York and Boston a good assortment of Fur niture, such as mahogany oitirs, sofas, sed.teads, ma. pie and painted chairs, maple and cherry bedsteads, mahoganB and cherry tables of all description., bu seusr, toilets, secretarys, writing dnsks, wurdrtboles of r mahogany and cherry, wash stands, looking glasses, feathers, bedding, &c. &c. NB. Fur niture packed for transportation with geat ORLEANS LrITIIOGRAPHIO OFFICE, O No. 53 Magazine street, opposite Banks' Arcade, J-STABLISHEI) for the execution of mapnl, plans iPJ and drawings, merchants' circulare. business and Sidres cards of every description, funeral circulars on E deep mounning paper, apothecary and drugpeits'labels; at Tban checks, dray receipts, &e. printd and cxcute d in C acheap attd expeditiots stylez b the proprietor. . p NB. Bank Note neatly executel. m4 S PO TRAIT PANITING. 11 R. PAR IKR respectfully inforns the ptblic that YJI he will remain a ashort tine in Now Orleans for It , the purpose of painting pertraits. 0 Iooms earner of Canal and St Charles, in thehouse 'r ccuied by Parmly & Lyon. Dentists, where specinens r of his painting can he seen. Entrance it St Charles streert. wUl81 n A Possession givet oe the lst of next meanti, Ss the two stoary dwollilg house adjoiing the new Mletlodist Church on Poydra stlseet;oc s pie apreseut by Dr logers. toe Aso, 3 small tellemOets on Girod street, a few doors e from Blarnte at. Apply to I)OYLE & MAY, jel4 3 Cnrottdelet st. CAPTAIN CHASIER'S NEW NOVEl,. W'ij ALSINI;IIAMTie Gamester. ByCopt. Pre tO deric Cheatir, R. N. autlhor of ,if of a Sailor, Ben e Brace,& 2 vols. it Diary of thloe 'inee of George tihe Fourtlh, interspersed witt original letters from the late Queen Caroline, andl Y front various other distlin"oised persoaes, in vole. D Ethel Churchlill, or the'l'wo trides. By Miss Lan. ps don, author otf lthe Improvisatrice, Fratlescn Cnrrara, as Traits and Triala of Early Life, &c. Second edlitil,, in 2 vols. a. Also,lamnrtine's Pilgrimags to tihe toly Land, new Sedition, in 1 vol. en Ellis' Mediel Formuolary, 5th esdition,witt additions. let Gibson's Surgery new edilion, enlarged antd ira. provcd. Just receivedahdfixer sale I KEN, sp20 cllur Camp and Comnmon stl. ?OR SALE, to close consigmtnents, 1550 sacks, best brand, petty Gulfl' Cotton Seed, 1.4 pieces Nortlhern Bag.gng, - .7 pieces Scotch Baggcin, S 564 pieces Kentucky Bagging 518 coils Rope, o. 60 hales Baliing Twine, ny 2 hales Etelish Seine.Twcine esi 2 pnctheons of Busnh MIills Whiskey, 4 puncheons of Ishlrv Mlills Whikey, by REYNOLDS, BYRNE & cO., mil mo No. S9 Canal sreet. PACKAGE IAltDWVARE &c. FORllGN & D1O. ME.ITIO. ' LEVERETT' & 7'IHOMAS. Commslsion ,oerchanmt 13 lBROD STREET, NEW-YORK. HJ AVE on hand and are coest ntly receiving fmom o Englad ndod ieran;ov, a t I supplly of llrd. worn goods which are offTred by the package at aunu-. actlurers pricea. their ,rela t stnrk eonsisats of 16)I casks Carolina lines, ari'd 2201 do bright traces do 37 do logchanins do 122cases IEnglish fIwlinh guns 76 do German do do 12 (d (Cross cut saws 25 caloks Ie tol)a, ad nakers io do mill files do int 17 do Ip,, rpoket, sanl dirk knirve II rldo taleh ctlery 17 do brass kotlnlr 88 do hre- cltlntlor oaudlesticks In dol books alnd hinges i dlnaro wood screw 6 catier pia lrd , raoed 75(lellr hriler plate 711cia k; tsheet zincr i 451111 hoxes til plat*., assorted sizes, wilth also ar god supplyoI of .\irican hardware Orller will recPive prlo:llt lttltili a e nat rIlted It ' \. l lTY SI T(Lilt l': o i, I Oa,i srtre . - dcur ntlistllnp II itil--'l le "ulscr.ilrclis a : .,* e , ,g at theii r new stall, a;ll extensain t aIs ntolll tel ,n r.L iliu s "1 theirlh, i ocprinsin.g l re1 , variety oi'Cobnl, iral'aoles, PtllneillL oo L*. kinkl Ghswl~ o sc , hi,' ( Colrd. oIf I large nmbeIr oIt' fIniic :itlirles. T'lle tfolloit, ri pat1' S rcrillirl . CO3m B-ll'oni'rseanld Rlraili:on highto top iack t sl inil crslelli do. Idn. twiitlot, iti., hi 1, li lide, pOLeL nlid dressingl, ivoI ar l n horil; firne. l;rlah, dlressin ull linloketcobilis; hoIril, reddlingllll anra llls; woolden, driesinlg, fine tooth ullln pocket icono+.. P1ItFUNIEIItY--A general r' lr'unch and American IPerlilnery, cnsistinii ..o2 l iilire olor' in bottles, of all ishapsan id sizns; tia,,, Floridla, rose, orange, lelnn, joesarinet, lergaluo, .alllerfi.ans, ala.; faiey sIlas of every u.srilptioo; nailassor, antiqoo, and vegetable hair oil and enurlhg fluid; ehlorhil toosth wash, earbonic and chlorine denl fice; scentcd.iod plail toiletpowder; poimotum; priestoi salts, etc. BRUSHlES--Comprising a great variety of cloth, hair, hat, flesh, tooth, nail, sial]n, shaving, plate, hearth, fine ani plain dusting, sweeping, erunmb furniture, scrnbliing aind wlite wash, home, shoe anld taoter' scouring, painlt adl varnish brushes, and sash alil grain ing tools of all sizes. LOOKING GLASSES-Conuprising gilt frames of various sizes, 5, 4, 8 and I draw toilets; German statin, toilet and tionket glass, magnifyiing itrlnrs, etc. PLAYING CAIRDS--ELgle, Hairy 8ti, Broom, Highlander, Spiel Carteu, French and white back Play ing Cards. FANCY AND VARIETY ARTICLES-A supe rior assortment of portable desks, landies' and gentle men's dressing nases and ladies' work boxes; fancy box es of various descriptions, suitable for the new year and Christmas' gifts; pocket books of all sorts; suspen dIers, music-boxes, lead iencils, crayons, violins, head hags and piurses, ain assartillrnt of farroy beads, niplleior quality billiard halls, piaste blackinsr bone, shrle, vest, fall and suspender buttons; pearl tiltoii and shirt stdll s, razor strops; gas macihines for creating light; Splalish and melee segaraq maccouba, Puris, ippllee and Scoitch saniil; an assortment of plain an; sta orld a laes; back ganin boards; dice, fancy screeIns, optics, Jews hlarlis, harmonlias, lulifer matchles, pins, needles, lercussalio alis, drinking cops, latinll;g flasks ornd game hbags; steel, silver aod plated spetacldea; thnimbles, twile, elr,; ai handsome alsol'meet a of engraslngst and la large varile ty of other articles, Ill of which will be asold lor low prices, for cash or city aceptncers. lay4 lIKEES & I'LINGE. IDING DOO Fi-i$N'l''URE-8I sets ver.y su. erior plated, ndlo sets brass lilling door furlniure omaliaete: justreceiaod per ship) Gen aodgelnit and nr aute ily LAYTON &, CO., aug 24 53 Old Levee. OAP AND CHOCOLATE.-Landing from brig S Mesiniger and Aquilla, and for saleby thie sub scribers-500 booec No. I, anlld Imitatin No. I loep, brands of Jaeksoa and Trowbridge and James Gould; 24 cases sweet Spanish Chololate. a28 ISAAC BRII)DGE & CO L .A idr) 5 g oa f ud, landing lfrom s.teambouat Win. Frencl;, for soale by (ACON--&5 lihd' Sidr-, laudiagg g, 1000ea ilsbo " Wm. Frenc,i for sule by je-'2 LAYET & AMELUNG. Itoloe, itHotrn: and for sale by JeSL2 LAYET & AMELUNG. NAWL PUBLICATIONS. i ANE LOrIAX or a MOTHER'S CRIME--Ry nl thei uthorofBlraomlletye House." ReubenApoley, &c., in 2 vols. Gleanings in Europe, Italy-By in. American, in 2 vals. The Life and Adventures of icidlaos irkIkeb"t I Edited by "Buz,P with llustrations (I .'Phlor." TIo be continuel mnrmtly, and complaeted ini 20 numbers. Just received, atd for sale by WM. SI'KEAN, Je2;. Corner of C amp& Commlan r erts. t'AWN SID1 S-39 Dblds Cincinnati Bacon Sidea, D hladingfaon sttam boat l'Tarquin, for solo by LAYE'I' & AIELUNG, je22 17 Commerce street. ~ECTIFIED WHIjSIEY-100 barrels Rectifird no \hiskey, landing fron; steablloiat I'arquin, fur ae by LAYET's' & ADIELU.G, SI( 17i Comi erce street. INTS, &-4 cases, rontioning a nassortmeint of French, English and I'urniture Prints; prited iur, printed jaraonts, satan stripes and dark chintz, S iSAAC B IttGE & CO., jeld 134 Magazine street: P Otl'EK-0 caia LoLdon Dron n Stout, in store 1 and fnurlse by jo7 T R IIYII)E & BR1O. PORK FOR SALE :les aid l'rimie, ifull branded S P'O and 1I1 O, also a few InrielL assorted. Apply tto l P LEVY & CO. r %a 10 l ravier street. Alt 90 piierns Kentucky Blaging; 85 coils Rope. jel5 r NOTICE. EW ORLEANS & NASHVILLE RI IL ROAD. I A few carcoes of I)ry Pitch Pine WVn d wanted, sllivered as thel bank ol the Now Canal, at the Rail Roar; Bridge. .Also, mafw Carpenters, and men who are scquainted with Sawisng can and conianat employment and good wages. ApPly at the office of the Company, at the Corner ofClnual and Barouue strees. Il. IIOARE, o Ch I " Enn" ard G-n. 7upritlan ids SECOND MUNICIPALITY SERE broaglht to the Police Prison of the Second Municipalitv, the following named Slaves, viz: IUS11111 IAR' atel about 23 or 14 years, says he belongs to Mr. illiam Rose. LUCRETIA, of about 35 years of age, says she belongs to Mr; John Carroll. CCEELI.A, aged about 25 years, .ays she belongs to SMr. Delahosesa. The owners of said slaves are requested to prove property, pay charges, and take them away. Il S lARPER jyfi Captain of the Night Watch. OF EVm:RY DESERIPTION, SPEEDILY, IANDSOMEL.Y AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED Ar THE OPIzCE OF THE True Ameriean, ST. CHARLES SITREET, NEAR POYDRAS. mO3 GUIDE & DIRECTORY OF THE CITY OF .etew Orleans and Lafayette itWAS p ublished on Monday, 2l1t Mayt and' d V for sale at'the ounting rom of thepublishe n Exchange Hotel, St- Charles street,-and at the Rook ; store of Messrs. E. Johns & Co.corner St Charles and a Commonastreets. m2, S0RKDIALS-Cotdials of dieret kind, for sae by CJARtVIS & ANDREWS, ele2 eor Common and Tehoupitoulu sts T "MBR.ELI.AS & PARASOLS-20 cases,roomprl at L ing as assoramoot oflMantut, fancy silk, and gitg. r ham Umbrellas and Parasols, for male b ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. te jell 134 lagaznme street. s ACON--10 casks prime bacon sides, received per steamer Da)lel WVebster, or sale by LAWRENCE & LEGENDRE, jeS' 218 & 29 New Levee. i LLINIJIS & OH10 FUNDS, for sale b S NATH'L TOWNSEND, je21 Exchenge Hotel Gravier s4 S OA P.--950 boxen soap, various branoods and direrent tise boxes, for a Sle bAL WINSTON & SIIALI, jell 7 Front Levee. "e ACKEItRI..--l10 kite 100 qr bbla. & kegs, for Msale by \VINSTON & SHIALL, je2J" 7 Front .Levee. il P E Mi lCANDl.ES.--eveaty-lle boxes, various l 1 bralnds, for sale by t'IINSTON & SHALL, n0 jell2 7 Frent Levee. S.OltK--210 ibbl Mese, 300 do Primae, 140 hal bhbl Soft Messl, 50 lblo ' O, 40 bbls Romps, 40 bba SShotlders; in store and for sale by M jell I.AYET & AMELUNG. Is. U. S. MAIL TO AND FROM MOBILE DAILY Coa pisiag the following boats, viz: 1F N.O. Fm Mobile. . e4uday, Caroline, It A Jeffriea , Swan. Matday, Maze llat , Sad Glsrillt, S Alabama l'uoedlav, isabe lta, 1 i turray, Caroline. Wedoesdav Swan, xch, laiD , \V Wallae. 'l'hur+.doy, Caroline, It A Jeffrey, Maaeppa. I idoy, S Alubaa ,J B Ga(rsoie, Caralne. Satodlay, \V W'nlioe, J Mt Knight, Isabells. Thrse above boats will earse the tae end of the Rail Radl daily on the arrival of the 1l- pass 12 o'clck car, A. Al. Stales mustbe cleared at thle Custom Ilouse prior to 1O" starting. AIxll e lx' bot will always lnhe at each pot i ease Stcidthlt Fr trieglht or passagenppvl tv ta 11 WlIl'fMAN, At St, Caarles tIxchanlog RBhldilts, N. O. SATI'I tl,: tNVFIllS & (1(. Mobile. NO'I'ICls. 1 tritn fears of the Nashville Rail Road ('o. will leOuc lte fot otf CI.oal street, for S: lh,I at 3 <J'-.h k A ,V, ant 4l P M, of each day, sad IetoIU from Blth at 11 o'clock A 1i, uud 6 I M. EXCEPT SUNDAYS' Ohen the cars will sltrt from town end at 9 o'rloek A 1,and I" and 4 P 1, and return Irom, ltath atI I 'clk A M1, nd o lnd 4 I' W. iel!l JAIll"; I (:AIIIfl.El.I, Premitent. ItRUSl.'tN & A.P'INALL'S I 0)MPOlUND 'I'ONIC MIX''URItE.-A speedy 'l and certain corn for the Fever and Ague. remittent and inteir-mittellt fevers; priepared tram tie original recipe,. Uhed with olmnunt and uni. versal sutwees ao 1332, by perentlis of the highest lt cityL., as stated in the atlinezl t ortiiicate-. This tlledicinn is highly recotmmendod, and has baun oxtcnirvily used ioi tihe above diseases trith such uLlitiguhildl .uccrs., tlait the proprietor of the recpe lhas hPIe idullcd to l oflfr it to the pub. bctic its ipresent orm, in the hole that it may be the means of rclirevtg many of those who are sutli ringe uIndr thel scourge f ouI country. It is a IelliLdI p issUssin'g virtue, anud when tseed accorrding to the dIrecthmns esn surer failed of ,trOclcg its ciure, owun it the Io it obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not st all disagreeable, and persons of the weakest stomnua, and children may take it with inotpIIoty. It strengthens the digestive organu, croutts an appetite, and seldom requires imor thin one, or inll bstilnate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is noither mercury nor arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to the Ituman constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its eilcancy, that they agre. to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in accordance with the directions and hbe not ciletoe'l a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at hiis wholusale and retail drug and medsoine stere, corner of Bienvtlle and Chartres streets. For District Agenoies apply to jo5 'r. W. SMITII, 48 Conti It. 1)o-lit!-l-li, Me.sanl. -.-a O Pork, tGlkM prim Sinspected Potl'eah.r solo by l..\0VltK\.E(E LI LEGENI)RE, m28 28 , ewo Nt.NLeve. /,l IfSKY--J Iblt rectified lnading from stam. or Splendid, for efoljby C. Dt)EY. 1'O MERCHANTS. / ERCHANT'S can have a beautiful circular struck Sof' at two hours noti.eby calling at the Orleans Lithographie Oftice,. .t blugazme street, opposite Banke. Arcade. m24 jji CKEREL-35 half bbls No 2 SMackerel, for sale hvI by READ & BIARltS'OW, m2'.L 6(7 Gravier street. E'.Ll.OWV PIN. I.UMI.ER-42,ii Set of o yellow pine plank, for sale by READI & BARSTOW, 1112 67 Grarier stlrest. W lle I KEI- 1110 bbla itn store, lir sale by TE.AN -$5000 good short city paper, b m15 40 Poydres at. -E-I.Al W PINE LUMIt Eti--k00l0 to 8000 feet, Sflooring boards, 11-4 inch; di0,000 feet inch pleak for sale by RIEAD &r. BAR'SiOW, ttl) t67 Graierstreet. PORK, Flour, Whiskey and Lard--`200 bills mees primo, cleir, rump snd shoulder Pork; 2t0O bble Flour, 21111 do Whiskehy,rectifitd etd common; 1000 kels, Leaf lard; in store, lIr sale by mti3 LAYET &AMELUNG k 1ATTING--20 bules Spanih latting. for osal y l READ & IAiSTOW, m29 67 Gravier street. SEM ON SYIUl-50 boxes superior Lemon 8ru L for sale b t READ & BARSTOW, n7 (Grarverstree(. LEAF .LARtD-Lnding from at me r 'tenneseemsp Ii'Gr sale by DORSEY, ap 25 44 New Levee. O IRN hlILL--10 corn mills, of sIster's patent, comlined. One mo0 can grind 25 or S0 bushels of meal pier diem with these mills, and they can be at. tached to a cotton gin, and ara particularly calculated for planter's use. Apily Cto * tHAMPLIN & COOPER, ml5 82 Julia street. S(ONDUN PORTER-tU casks hert London doubl. LL Brown Stout, lor a;de by HOLMES & MILL¥, l5 Bank Alley. p) LOUGHS-375 Pittsburgh Blue Ploughs,instor stl Is It It ,llntstitrteers. S LOCKE S& CO. ap 17 22 Old I.evee street. iG-t,'+.Nii~,~-G- & It'Ji'E--t0tg 2sBCing8? coils ARl*apa,landisg lifro steamboat Cronsnerce,lorsole by LAYET & AMIELUNG, rnm2D8 17 Commerce street. )ttltK--310 ibbs prime Pork, landing from steam i boat Emperrrtloro salh by .,Y'.8 lAYET & AM ELUNG. L U(i Att-171 tidta it pluatitt, fer sale by mill SLATER'K & 'I'RItfR, 40 Poydres Is. 37) tAt-tOO Nwtrlsan. Rea, far saleI 0 ,11 JTHAYER& CO. H AtAAI A WZNi:-Sieet s od )M ga Wien. Ilin or skass and Indian bhle, eontitled to debenturet ,22 67 aGreoier street. JOHN HOEY, sallle, IlHa.e aad ?.f.,, Moss,..acer, .s.tfer eAsher ojf rliirto Equipmes o'feserr deseripte. No 189'tCHOUPITOULa sTORlT. HAIVING in employ several Military WortSkmen. hie is ready to eoxecutu work in the above line at the .hortaist notice, and on the ninst resonable terms lrcPrelnts' and Pedlars' PackingTrke n| o evew de. scliptllOn, contntll on hand. a T.) h r:NT, .11 lP'oosessirnouttleho Ititof net month, thetwo .n sture dwelling hasee adjoining the new Me. S theiralt Chu ol on Poyra 4 irrasol; occupied p .,eat by Ielttgers A i,. :1 ,tall tenrmltts on Gird steet, a1 few doors ,. .iiiiii t. Apply to i)tUS i., & MAY, ,. fi 3 C.ondehlt't sterl.

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