Newspaper of True American, July 9, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated July 9, 1838 Page 4
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AR ~t iit e1 t ies at. S et eu'lly.ed ith irher d tlhe npromies Mbr pprt to give 7 . ay trod~la at hq .larlston. etlo ty, i tlst i he he nor F i'ov b hn twia ofty. peihis sortice to the the mpotstion . Ovt, can 1he hd I i t. pa they hgive 14,t1 C oio fiignoed. having lroe year iibeent itended t a ol is slerviceh to the 8a5 Aepp nieted with the 6 i tthee, ,iing atendod them in In Ch# asr COMn . imMn, rli c honstantld gi The eltm *hich they have itthbis ts~othlee hbshen attended º c44W e e dde i to stieh the beti -of ,for ot41 t ~e outhes anud tise. Afprom a to50 a16 Monge, nidth oooed and are conrtantly r tonsiye addltione to ti Loc; ti. e 1 ase.,,frnrt n8 to 18onlits the kilný, ant, oauthi for the out htind ro of Oensior quality, eoiioting of . . 4 • do 'd do blaes fSkmI 1 14 to 4 .4 inclauod n odtv 5 t4 inghes * bodi etevI0,0.001 gross, ireon and ~~oa, from ;Aianch,. N.e &to 3:9 ihh,. No, 24 of, sulperior quaitry a•nd , aldlees dthan Jamin' imported Wr, f leone, aootti., in toiskif about 500 lbs for 41 ,, ot'alnio eand4 hattor's Zromiiansord.o 4.4t Wqoeigh, tal00 tof, asoe rtoi om 1 4.4 to Sfir Plaitatione,;stoaiboh.q ehurehes, &e. 'iOde o order n S..dar.t at d other * hinery moade to The abe assortment eof goo. is particularly vrentoimendd to the attontton f Southern utd Westermn mirohante, and. are offil for dale at low , pied, khd upon the mist liberal termas; it it be. S ie'ved'to be the largest and bet asibrtmcent ever ollered for osaleby anjouo establishnoent in the 'United Staten.' ?' .· erchants, by orwdirding a rquenvt by mail. can ·iave a printed circular, with ,description of goods, piesand terms, from which n'o deviation is ever , *ade, lfrniehed by return of pail. All orders will receive l- ddiate attention. Naow Ynrk.1P98. j,-3 ' O Wa ta'UP of Pl af-- nderoiid'e Le bees of &. ttakeil's Phihlvo; for tlto tlote a aoolciqnmeut, by JAKVIS to ANDILFAyS, S el cnr Conllan and Thototitnan s m -lilt, hit bhcr No I oap nr.,: ot Jimet. ( leuld, for sile by ISAAC tltttl)E tK Cut, m16 15, Mlgezine etruet. iF kINEsm c dwelline houset n Triton street, he. )tweedm Tirnli Aircle ondk nrourndnlet nlirt. mt.g Aiplt m ., J OTT, HIIERI.BXlRRIOWS, &c--5 Vv heelb:,hrroc, 25 firt do. in vtal e, Ifo1 Aale bv CIIAlIPLIN &L COOPER, mr5 . J.lul'ast Sl~ f lTr r :ed ;op and Leler I).per., I,; all qna S lities, consiting of very superior olue laid, hlie pu'd white wm e, anld pIlij ni! ruled rough edge record amp, c.nstantly on hand and hfr rale Ivt .!'AVID) 1'LT & (O. 2pal N V tatiooei' Hall, t+iherter ast. 5., b5.ea o *e d,r ech Silf.selle Wine, 3Isti, 50o i o do no do 1 o I )l do ofe 2 do I.1P Port, , 146: 5II do of2 do I. P brownShl ,ry,8 IIL 10 pipes torn Malheirn. oe orale hbi r Q Cti iistrnee. JILANK tl)OKS, of every vriaty ,of ruling ntld r binding, contantly on hnd; lmd Pl'rinoll, iuliU aitd Bindlig nnatiy exeumollp,lat short olice, by . " AVID F! I' i. C&). m.S NY Stationmer' Hall,,24 Chartres t. Sintbhak-Oe thltfourth proof Americanl lrandy, Isrding, fur salutb, I.I. D O. ISAAC RIM DGE & Ci. til! 134 Mngazailne stre. NE. V tyo story brick boous,l ituated 5 ilore i from t,1 decund Municinality Hail.o St lhar so very low, puoessalu given -nulediotely tism ,t the precine. l..l, f." If'UL -i5lit ibls f Flour. br eals bs , io m G tIlREY. l . 44 New 1 evee. . C,'KS ISAOLUN aidleskr atle s v li1, . Gh ..G lOirEYV 44 New I.eve. 1341 Liltoils Rollp. 1In i,Ig from Ainbassador,fureale LAYET & AMELUNG, s19 17 Commerce :it. IPIG 51111 ress Kentucky Bearginglnd int en from teaomrm (ten \IVim,. end fi as ie Iv YORKE, BROTHERS, ., e6 65 Camp street. i.. l ilWcv renI r. 1Jl4, :;7, ABOL T si.moealhtiago I had the nmisortune to get a tecret disenae, for Which I have applied to seve nallnio5' for a cure, maid they did nutere mo, so now m'enhe barbe date I put ni.:anmIunder ti nle tif In.rtru S ne,,inad axltent int r cure ine.. 'tfice that tine * "tI.JIO.eIaI. worse, so as to break-ou in'aerge ulcers to the ntimbr of six or eight on ea h lIeg, aid lill over nyi tlne, ol snre tlhroat,iand net able to work at hr neeneut timo oi ancllnlt of tie direntiI; la o ulcrer S llsitlght lains of heathnat., I am no,, peilling ' so t lsl'entl ruldarshlearcol'fDr. Huet,e.ftPure,' on fllep rt.tlv eared JOHN DEAN. foJl4I l SI).Ii CRTIFY that tihe nentioned dliaease * I uis:ewell crrdto ly own satisthetina, for whi.h I hanilk dr. Hunt; ead nrlrenver I asulre that the nmedi 'ine I have token nilea nel fat, and did not injlre liy mnith at ill therefore adviase, to f Illow outfrirs e u d~ ai. lime and apply to Dr-A, tllati, 15 nUalntrrn at. Pihey will find a trne dlmotr tbr this couplinlit. JOH)N DEAN.Ii (irnvrir street. It any one wants Eices m. call at No. t llravioa street,.aml they willYeatliirdl. To ba publiihed at the opimn of Dr,1i uot. l , JOHN DEAN. ;Yew Orleans. FebJ, 10-8. " frt tI ,. lE K e.utine lodmin lnam . uo e ," ...... h hount, is pitt np in bottlres at thL low price of' hi meatl earclb conatling the stentgh of tlhree eoices o| Lllwrmnit, hbeliea tho virtue oll many other mruts and bklm nnwl nmlnimt tahe Indlina as sldicacious in curing pullnaefyaai coýýmplaints." 'thei tibili4 d suicnenss hielifhan attended the use of etIs nlastimUble Balnam wherever It has been intro imled. has nlesitmd comnfidene and reornmmrnda tei sl.entatllde pihyuicians, forthe cure of oniligS, slcr, ain tl tahe iddo, want it res spitting of' blond, • .r.ihrrdin Poj 5 , M .D e To wlhm it Icay eolrem. Tii is to ereiay. tll*t we hkoi't ohtm p JAti feeuI rsaerihod Ars onrd. aoliet Indian Blsani nl dtverorl ld tl oarniouna, with Sai..f.fa g oad eiget; w ena th Mg.efre, fru ihe khow ftl eariel itlamaide feeiv, and ,he reoation oiir)paerlktt-eoeemoqlten4 it ns a i tpeoiie- prfpratioi teatl se eatlh'aom of the lh ugf(r wiih it is re " tu~a .bl. deCALVI ir E f ri tM.I M. D. .Membern af thin It MedicalAsenciation. or i 1 in sit. te- ay . bi. e iI14 l ml " lll al,teltileet m mendelt drty tim Medial Faultnr. tiEt.nel ent Millatiian Almrielant.e ' hl o -brf l hidstiimn, .ervorn dehblit, giddi re r ,atltliyf thatmlnaoeh, habitual coo. t5ei ct sged oat 4t0avel &c. and nouch ,reelnmomles a 0t retto pu had. t l h r tid e etrn-. esl n nditIi iembers of tlpi prlussi., a.,,f S h .hitlm bJn builp any npelstahh nod usnoli. iIo y i i y a iemn itll itre herea ; ta tflek.pi g quallirsof a gplne of ter, immla e.bpoee l wmoi llmeeileiRil prolertirae ispr,+ ledl,4rnriua purgatives; it Is pleaniunt ataind arlef ilt.tlh atomarhI TANI' CAUTIO..) a-lt inrreatieg repletne sh si gremu demnud fur tLbtleM Iffrerve-rori telgnrae o a ientu has bed Ml.nouemit fore otherr. t ,i. Tt mtaeao of him mlabhl ceduelne, Purcrhaera ,dailrJnray wenr,,a tIm cti that thee moay be Inr*iti. n pore an itmdlt rtele. " t p emIlmn. tl informed thmt mteubscri. Se .iauntlly a it Ih the oiriginill nid gt. l mprpsratitn.. ss eslm wi, raleI a d retail. SICKI.E:.ho (CO. ' Smi 40 Caanl street, N 0. V b `lime ll. fe r p romuotimoin "" dtr v. , ir, ,,ag , lth+. beault,. t edfli,. t11 ws . r..feem reie pblic, it had "ýz nhu d h 'nsrf of t.5dutlntlliYtenas+nd of r >+r la seeryl ianeuaits enluulry "- , r ies Ithas enomlrrfall toprduceim : f + iliilnlll # b o~fJd hln hl.idt ,l lresd of hair. -di vi sgreeo4)A uiw agree. 4:: 3ap.l. .:,im i - d falla; 0 a d hblZ iwh Kniosrra Packet m j3rrnmaus, andsl, Olllhg .llr, oatibl arad inttg.lhrtnolled Gns. Game Jitng; Slet e; Powder sad Pistol Flanks- IH Pnsatals an.d Diniing Cups; P..~ a Cn e Cb ao l i liCldars; Cloth, Hair, anth; I n4 1lrotho Ofr ail Chlorined Tooth Wsn l an .d leer o ind GshaviGna and Fr in e at aeM e 4.tnntilalrlrahlb, llle. n and PisettOar, Pear der, , otwder- XRter l Ivory.ub Cushions: t A ei !ritse psndes; and .,+i,:.; Gilt and Sii.,mnd Readr; Indi'n Bgada. elll*lsakid Plume.: 8hell Twist. Side:and Dresaing Com b; . which,in 'ldtion to their formetea ck on hand. rkes their ,masorment ery oenmpleter, and will he saod w and on liheral terms, at the s lign of the oidnm en Comh. 70 C haarrs street. S OFh: lnreri oAgents fir the extens.e mase of i H. & r. Bollchter Sheffield. Eread, have inst ,rcived a very extArt..v mek orf ter.a, ieeeneirtinlg of Taile and tflesma Knives e+- dercriltion, Pan, Pocket, lirk, and Spear pnt hnlwve Roaors, Pel.l or. erdgi.e Toole, le ,t,. ashlch they are prepared Sexhibit to the trade aor o letaTrie ad cdcnditione 'll bet hoad known at the tisd: lfti J. I). RF.lNSA COH+EN.S Caomnnn rt. by1,MgOs, iarTT CO-Are sw re .,iig, , per 7hillp Inttarille, Page, Mealy Alrhew, Hish stdler, Freot nail Gmerman delut, head olayinggrds: ster,kelt and iLcket pIstols; plain, rihhed aail split tiision eaps; Iap hmldera; ais.:,rs, Ruzors, rmn. yes; (lillott's oommrreal and other steel peas; Vioa. raisVioli, st.riyi; shell. isoryend horn eamh$.wsfilrs i, head and leatlher tnreas hair hblds, frsut and I askrirllsits negro pinfts German and Freneh tologne I ater, Rowleils macsPeU r oil, imilatlon do; antique I nt h..ranili partahle desks and dresoaing eaes: lest ii cking; satiestal tollel glaselt convex Iirrao; op 'meat glaseasnl viewa; Indian head% belliand plumes; noarleon; whit- itwineLtoilet and .lhavhigsaps; toilet awidler, eslmetie wash halls; smenated satll cshionst pool stands; sPrew eishiona; faniyhbead ehains and neeklraes; hillirld hall.; peoket blakL eal walletts; Germain hones; razor stralu fine ail emnemna gam oleaai alpenderar , gsttersdio; fl lsluaifar natehes; lil Per pencils; Crayonst a te.&. The abshove in dditiun to ur' formser sterk of faley mrtieles, makenlmtr a.omtent very a ,mitlte. lrer ale wlholetale or rtiai; asl te ign of the Golden Cnmb. 7t. llartr, e strlet. ot8O. N OTICE--Th pnertnerhip of Kollev, Mlanesn &C of '.ow Orleansi Mason, Harris &Co., of Natclhez; nd Harri. Kellev &C0., of Rodneyv was di.solea, on hel2st nlftav list, bythekdeath ofanmuel A Mason, ioe aiths partners ol the irml. Thaunderifneld, Iarrvllng partners, will he charged with the nettling and eloinalg said businems as fillnws: Levi C Harris will attend to the settling of the buhasias of eMas,,, H .rrish Cs., at Nacheat sad Harris, Kel Spe & Co.,at Rlodnevy; anHenry Kelley willattend to ]hesettliog ofthe hnuia enetfKalley, Maloln & Co., at New Orliaon. Theitemss of the several firmts will be nevd in liquidlatiobl . nla". Those indt'hted to sfd firms are esiaetls req ested ocome forward ntd make early aettlementa; and'thaose Ihaving claims will please Ismoese hem withaout delay. LEVI C HARRIS, HENRY KELLEY. Nor Orlrane, .lune i, 12,1.7. t f ' PAN M .R11' FARINA'S. COLOGNE WATFER s ruseas mreaof ihia superiar Cologne water. just r eived tIt fenrle hlv the dozen or single bottle. ] also Aaeriean and Prenlh toilet pwders, powder r ide and oxem, allaying asi'toilet soapsr eosetite wash halls, milk of rtes, rs.lic eonid eroaam, extr ore ao mrtsk, kephrha, ward's vegetable hair oil, pomatom, r creme tle p.r Flnorida.laneadar, rose and bay waters, a're.:l's .lts, ,I rreilles perfumery it trnke. vrcta. lIe t ,d lilqid r, i e, Chlohrine and 'Orrie tooah wash, a ltlh, hnir. lath, nsil and fleah aruahen together with ao n dlitionol ltppiv of fashionable torn and shell omla notd jewearlry,l'r sale low at wholesale or retail by SIMMONS, HIAR'TT &CO, t.!y 70 Ch5artre street. S EW GOO Simnmon Ilartt & en now reivilr fronm an Ibcardd ships Yanoo, ani Saratoga ndbri oncccedi, from mNew Yrk, a great variety of g(rdse in their line, whricnh together with their fornet triek on, I.nd, iakest their asenrtrrenterye, plete. Th afollowr igl compose r partt , tn r , twiptl.rl ny:nde, touk and dlreJaw tgcobs, huon do ofall deFtriptione, In dia rubber, silk and worsted elastic oarters, connon & floe elastic penlpoders, Into foce and Luoifer matches, iSidlite powder, powderpuffs and hboes, toilet powder, aocket iook, and wallets, needle bookst shell, pearl, ivory and noroncocr card se, hlend oniametsc, plain co rnel Ilcr, hneeklneas and negligees, l~ead aeino, head i•cckcclr, cat claess and ploinsced,eilver and gilt ends, Indian beads, hells and pldumec plntol and large fplw .ter flack, shot belth, horse, belt. pocket and dteraillri itlolrd; double and wingle tarrelled gons. Bowioe hives, and dirks. scissors, shear, pnocket knives, rartl chanio, andil rilions, waist hnklae, cloth, mair, toott, nnll, omb, orumbl,. shoc, plate, floor and dcusting brushes, Cologne, Floridla, Il.pder, roe and hbay wnater,assorted essences, and extrcte, Maeateaer, hear, nctiqcl, and Wtirl'e vs aolnble htir otil, shavnitng and ttoilet oap of'all de. Idripinne, Ildies' ald gcnttletnos' desk and drcesint uel..a, hair riegletet,ltriztte and hraids, plain, fancay nnd oneilicnl wrk boxes, plain and gilt, figured, coat ael vcct tcttccc pearl and ivory thirtdo, shirt studdc, gold coIl ilver pencil cates, toothpICka and tweozen , plated I od git lckete, niliniatnre do, eiletr braIrs andateel hiomleo, hacks and eers, hair pins, imeitation frlt, dlk and redih,slate hlacking, viclin and gtuitarc,rihlnd nd plain aorcsoion caps, licar n twine, scented clsh Ens,:ohld and eiloer lace anttd frnge, latter paper, gao Ibnc. , criding wltip walking caneeplaoyncgards, tioc .Uol, rutal sid ngift arwelt'y &e. " 'tihe aovea. 'ncetler with a great variety ofothor arti le are lleorel at wholesale or retlil on accomlotdtdaincg terns. N It Shell combsl repaired. =. ¥RIETY S'T'OR1E--at tie sign of tie golden cctoll, Mo 70 Chartres teeet. Thte ehsnbcrilers have re aivred, it acldition to theirprevious stoek on hand, a ftll and complete asaormeont ofarticles in their line; vil: co csc, clerfmery, Jewellry, brushes, locking glasses, Ifncy ncrtcles,&c.ct,tsieting it part as follows: (lilltIc-- ttrtoire shell, wrnctght and plain tuck,twist, qnillectd ack, lctg roetd, dressing, said paofl curl and neck, Brtzeilian omban of every descrition atougst which ar smene Meican patters, Ivory combs or every dasericptio, horn, dressing and packett together with a general aesortemnt efFrenah and P b:R F li1 ERrY--Cologno, laender, Florido, honey, Icr, rose, and sange flower wafers of every size and des eription, camphorated Cologne, extract of Bsrganot, laot:y saps of all kinds, shaving do, in cakes and ipts, crea, sctmp do, Ward's vegetable hair oil, heass and a. tiquedo. Preaton's smelling eate, plain and perfumed toiletpowder, pearl powder, pow lerpufls and hexes pa nlattu in poto and rolls,oemn and chlorine tooth waslh and powdleas, with a general assortment of JEUVW LLRY--ome ofthe latest nld most fashiona. ia antte, consisting of white and red cormelir m top- apa jet eardrpsa, uet in ilag ree, beast pins of a gee-' .ne v of parterre, watchntrimminols, gilt and silvr cickles, A;ilver dtlcehle, silver and"nltl pat tils and guard chains BSUhUell S-Cltoth, hair, dust. g,lcrnath,hearth,flor, hat fleeh, tooth, plate, comb, Nail, thaving, shoe and whirtewaush bruahes. LOOOKINti oLASSES-Gertnan statia and toilet . laoee, magtifyiug and French dressing glassne, hone don with s variiv ofother kinds not enumerated. 'FANCY AN) VARIETY ARTICLES--French and American iortahle desks.and dressing cases, some Esv rich andl finely pfinihea ladies work boxesand dres tint carse, with and without tmnse, masical bhoes, Ac. codtlnian of varions kinds, violins and gnitars, silver and plated Mncils and leads,wood lme cila for carpenter anid crayon, mnde atcloeks guns and pistols with and without eases, ptasrcosein etpe, lprcussion cap citrgers, tpplte eraw driverso, shot belte,gae bags, paste blacking, toy t sett tso, ,ldian heads of every kind, bells and IJultes, tiloteud ounanon knives, ractrs and scissors, tninblgs, needles, pine, sliver plated, steel and common specto. cie, pcllet bohoks atid wallete of various kitds, visititg ardal antd cril cases, playing cards of French, GCinoaa nlci mantficturet dills, imitation fruit, snu boxes, pratS of varions kinds, SaUllders' IPtomtervy's, Entaereon s, Ilillman's and Hawkin's razor strap and metallic hones,dirks, fancy bead necklaces, do with '.r drops, toy watches, pearl buttota powder flasks, en. and plain sed henads, gilt tnd silver to, gaUt elastic auspea tland garter, plain and sword aanon, bhekgaiaunun boards, dice, optical v nieiea, jewsharps, luoulonu match aes and drinking upl with a great variety ol other arti clne, all ofwhit h will he sold for rashor altl acceptan ce.on 12 mournths credit. B H SIlMMO. S, & no. dl 70 Osactresat. iJ OLBEAR'I 8ciancd of Penmanship received, and for soale t thair permanaent Writing Acalcamies No. 8 lhattre mest, New Orleans, 18I lts,nl'way New York, lI.tplhine at., .lobiln. It is earictitarly designed for private learners, and schools, ant is tleulated fitr persons of all ages. Ladies aced gentleCmen are invited rtoall ant enamino ti systeem for themtselves. Lessans are given at surh houses as may setit the contveniemce of all, and to classes formend iu any part at tite city. Ladies who prefer itlan receive lessuns at their own if ldences. pLrcns paying for one eaure of lessns ere desired o attend until they write as well as thtey wish. mat DOLaEAR & ItOll)THIR. DEAFNt 1S. A NEW orticle fipereons troubled with deafness, l(called the E.Frt-rtmtla,) has just been received, by the use of . hiok, taf ehaihtest articulation of the hu man voice in distinctly cnveyed to the ear. Any one wilt bon ever been obliged te conevere with a very dena c·iuoo, must be fully seaible oft the difficulty atnd ta. tarmtsment eiperienacd l Iboth y themselves and tih in. dividaals no unnrluunistetai flicted. By tie Use of the Ear Trampet. this objection is entirely o ivlated. i'ha anst nacepuoal hlave elays ii, attnndonel thihdoulbts after Laeing used tl Tlru petri. Fr saleat T F GUION'S, Fancy store,corner of Commaon and St Chacles streets tilorr ha Iat;tlitiac lHotel. feb Il ++PERM OlL--50O gnljfns pire wintetr d C Sperm Oil(, it casks and khls, for sale by , JARVIJ A NDReW.'J, Whulegbc Drtgg tst corter C munon and Teltap in'astrsets. ecr 1:I VI iflg Ikg, a00 a " eett do 25 a English da,-25 I. I bbls.400 100 Plt Blllrsh,. vnriarts iaes; I once Veriailli .bbls Coupl Va, tlob; 50 do Silvorrn 7100 do Dutch Metal. WIjI kv Glk.-iS, Aaserieen, Eslish ssd Veseh J l*hoare. vacuriae sieve and aalisicte. .Hanna Grown do.-:a110 bJlieo,cslnignteeris, will be sold hots. Alsoa, a geereel esurtnat at artists' enlotre and 1 et. Altantaea mwote takeci at p r. and selitc to( to,,iill'a c auived la 10 peraentdis'jslg., 4BPUN1r ow AT THE JCIT'rddI or UaZtCfr iOh aril· t, Mt dito1rr of dthe Loueisabde ./detortihen., rk--it appears b e oervttione f the s ittr ' of the Nashville Prsbyterian, Union n..dTran tr oript t, well i the editors of the Memphi Engtiber, ~i*th tie "Old eantlei" in among theDotors. Tlhii li is ploed by Itai kintly iars, knwting that hin time is t but eahprt aid trt th ihneendeo t American people it are' able to jude for themielve what are puffs ard impoptlohs. Tint wothy editors who are Dctort, n i the pronpeetor, ditoro or subta litom of the above t named joursal call every letter from persons I have i restorai t s ight in the thbne plers, puffo. .. The fact in, trhat I never had such great success withln ~ limited a period as tn or twelve days. One who was aged about ton years, who had otly eden the liglht from hit birth, beens to see to follow master to my hotel, instead of bhing obliged to e' bl. him. Two yobng ldlees, who had each loot the t.of onet eye, one for toen eears and the other fa r ly two ear, having both ot them the otther eye vvet weak; yet each of those ynonRe laditl bean to see with both eyes, which heneitn I pledge myself still ontittones, ex erpting tiher are under the influence or dominati ,n of the Medical Doctors. Atether it thedaughter of at respertable merchant, whose noeol I am bound never to mention, (as he paid me my fees), who sld oshe had lost the eight of one era from the age of 1I months, but that -he now begits t read large letters with the I other eye "cimpletelr shut. This the doctor ihthro Imew, ai the gentlemen told me hImself he hod con dt''ed his dauehter to the oslice of the medical editors. that they might be informed of the fort. The hist I shall meniono in aq ,eldery gentleman by the nasn of Yount, nearly evontv vers of ge,who declared pnub lilv by letter, whieli he took to all the different ofices I in Nashville but one, ndi himself told me he had pahld for ho insertinn whatever they dertanded, who dlar- I ll iu that letter that hti ha etallt denrived of the sieht f onf e ye from f ts iter hi r birh, adhiet his motherstated to li.. - oecansined by the measles or snall poxt that no ohe eould not only sOt the lihht of the un, for the finst time thai ho reillectr, but cite tars also, end was beginning to distinguish many oijects; end did before 1 left that ety, give ma v pTroof ltht he could see to walk about the steet with the other eye completely closed. Hne aid he had been a member oi the Methodist Epilsopal Churoh lor n sly forty tears, and that his word we never doubt ed througli the whole course ofhis life. - 2. I repeat tit I rIod never greater nocceca than vt Nashville, aodl th ntte medical and clerics doctors had neverhefots e n tell reason to be enraned. The pinus indicnation r: a. Rev. clerical l)r Smith proves, when e tatedto 0e that nbot nix yanrn past, he wa converted from 4ining nperfect inflidel, to believe in the dMotrin a of the Ililte, thnthe meet have mndC o trifling error-thnt hoe mst haove nlenlt to eay, th t hbefore th end of ix years to come. he rh,,uld be convned lenfrom his infidelity, as the spirit of the trtue minister of the penceful mnd beni'n doctrines of tihe Christinna religion doeo nit breithe oint destruction, rage, canlm i ttI and falsehood to please his medical fi'iendsi, anaiist the mian whom he kniew hliad done o mih tood, and no in. jurv to any one.. All the inhanhitantns of Nashville spoke of ilte great, uce..s I had, v-capt.lhe medical deltra. Mlost of them also hadl been informed by Mr IYoutt of the care perforumed on his totally ilind eye. I. The famnous Go!iab S. ofthise town, pmretends that I have lottlht laurels I gained in the North, since my arrival in the Silmtthweet. This proven, however,t lad, and that I kept theml unttil arrived in this section. If I Rained one in the nortih, I ought to have nined snoth. or iti the south and sauthwtvt, aol I still Iopeu ti wear them on my very youthfi hbrow on the lny I leave, in spite of the vitupertion of the great Dr Si.,if I may tjudge from the mano I ave already beneftted in this city within three doer. d. The obrject nof the present is to inform the medi. cal Goliahs and edtitors of tLe Reptblicon anyo Traes Sscript, as well a the clerical Dr Smith of the C. Prep. hvterinn and of the Union, of Nashville, as well as the edlitnr na.d sub. medical editor of the Memphis nqnlrerer, a elles nMlr IPrenlie, thie editor of the Loinsville. Jourunl, ld ale the medical Gioliaot editor of thit ity thie greant l)iS., that I stiall brill. cationts against them all, foe vnlmporation, slandier or caluntny, imioodi. ately aftermy arrival in New Yock, as well as against it their amiable tie turen the tedical Goliaha of the north. Snow Iind myself by promiseo, nvrto quit thin hatpy land of lihberty, until I have brought theia noasr of al my medical Goliaht of the niorth, an well as the south and tho west, to the grindstoner! The atulited, iltre. fore, may calculate nit finding me during the wcolo of f next year in New Ysrk, a here letter, postpaid,and ntotihers, will Ie sure to reacth tine. s5. 'ITo infiorm the pnblic that the inff, no vol'ed, awhichti the Rev. clerically converted ilfidel plretend was wi ritten for'him, ws w written ,t ore than a week prior, to and intenoded fir tile Rev. D. Hwalli, who read it in r, my pronren ewithout manifesting any disappirnbnion; r, on thecontrary, took it to his stmdIy and condenet it in Sthle w) he duid, wllich ie said ho thoughtl wouhl it r- w cr my prosen better; Ihe delivered them both ti Ie d without preten ling that I wanted t blilbe him fio:m hts 0, duty, at I noeer cotld presumne to offlor itant .entleman r- or sany otller, anilly ony fur stating ftita fi lieR f DIoenir'iown staitcle,'t is before tile public: hId lie not xanmined nil miiy ditlOeleai, &c. &c. wilt a gentleman, n :l intimate friend of his, aus well as the whol of my i ptienti, in coupnyay with another clergymon, and ftonai them iIl to iut nhellntic, anli all umy patients ti he Inore or less benefitted, ie Ieve r could have ieiii eindunied hiv n total strnger to draow uap ech article s i ' i wr ici'elffor puhleoniiii, ,iil addresscd it to SiMr Strieifilil, editir ofthe S IV C Advocate. i.f. No wonlder thie eldoerighted imedical Golieiie of d Nashvlllec took tile nitl, ;'and therefore ued thireit d foins (o iol wilth tiem the all-powerfill, athlfl ict pun s d itl rind inlelel*tuai fin'cc of tihe said to-be.¢ontnrled oclevritl infidel. \e irend in the ihble tii '1 re r is b known Iy its fruits." I laie say tile converted infidell d Imc proeahed from thlat pansrae. 7. lie evieutly wanted to establish his moral,e 'rr ater as a awi, IJy chewing tlht he was nthose hel' briltd. os se l whethlcr irr. .etn of thiSty piel.s of silver will apalh to hiim vt well an it was well ulied to anotller eterted inlldttel who, in thle , days olf tlein earnatiou of his Divine Mlater, absolutely old him for teat number of pieces of silver lMy answer i, that it was never inlende' as a hl itte, noteoruld i\be conlidler ed nh by avy one,as it was not even equal to tile rlltl part of nil the regular prioter'e fee, of $1 per equ:,re. Cuonitanin two or three tolumns of closely printed matter, which wele to he repeated three or ftor timlne in the lPresbvteriao. Unaion And Moitmrjournals, hed 1 ever inter led to brie him,ll I should have ofl'red him at Ireat $.i00, his regular fee, instead of $ I, which, in all probability, he would have gladly received as his fee, nd not a bribe. On the contrary, if[ ah been ca lible oftltrimn a hrbhe, I shlould certainly have done it in a way to have insurlled his aceeptance. 8. liod the Rev. Doctor been relly coenverted to the Ieliefof the doctrines of the e.avi,ur, Its outld not have promised to cnme and examine my patients twith out keeping his word, as I have always found every ministelr of thle gospel zealouas tolI. 9. Iad he been really aonverted, he would not pub lii v have spoken against the American institttionn, which, it is well known, are more numerous, and which are superior to many in some parts of Europe. His conduct so mnuch disgusted some young literary char asters, as to oe senteely restrained from punishlng him nit the a wt,by laying violett hands on Ilm. The Rev. genttlemanethough a Seoothrean, is without excuso, ( uaie-a be is calumniated), although lee ny think lie tas a rihtel to nbuhe tle Ameriean insltiltutits, because he is a cotvertred infidel. 1 say he has not--as all ought to speak well of the bIridges lie goes rafely over. I fancy tile gallant Captain Grundy, and several other amialle yetng gentlemen of Nashville, recollect well tim coinduct ro thi pious expounder of thle Holy tSriptures! J0. 1 never saw elch a demon in htnmn shape as tile Ryev. )octor ws I the dav I eal e, to reason with him, whenl Ie menlaced elly grey hairs with an nupliftd gligntie arm, no if hte wounld have fclled nte t,, the ground, far daritg to draw a pious mititstLr eway from his duty, by a tribe of 30 plecets ftitter! I i really trembled toore tllotin if the .old Gentleman" had up. peered in ias own rhelae! I11. I old.iely drclare before Glod, and am not afraid to call pIlim to witless that I never, in the whole course of 42 years practiie as mt eoulist, in tGreat Blritin, r'rale, Igelgntu alld America, in a single isttance .l fetred as a bribehoo atootunt to the editor of onyjouartt hbt as a :ompet saetioe f)r the space I ocn Ipied wst the trouble whiel I otncaioned them; and that I was always noere inlited to redu ert thelr thtn add aoy noney to tle pritler's hill; wiclhl is n sufficient proof that 'i had no iotention tt bribe. 12. Iveelt,.-T l'ye Memphis Enquirrsfort orthree weeks contains a tissue of flagrant falsehlods, which the utedicel Goliah editors leurnoel from thseir brethren of the .ilGolials of the North, and I shall teat them with sileot contetpt until tile proper time arrives: Uless it is trote what I have oeen isfonteda"Sues a beggar, utd you will catch a L-!" T'hough I paid hit toer tty adverttenmnats far two or three weeks, he culy inserted Iiteln once. Yosu will planse to insert thit letter in your next pa per, atid oblige yours, &e. In haste, JUHN WILIAW.IAr, the English Oculist. i.onierille, July 13. Coied frot0 e sa. s. I7. C. deocate of tae 014t JRes, t2l'. Al the request of li)r. Willitams, we insert tihe fll.w Tig faro tbe Rev. MAr Howell, of Nashville, to the editor of the outIh Western Christian Adveatse, who, it appearso, has etamined the diplomas and other dneua mertta.evjrcie0 ol'the Doctor's claiens to pueilip patrtm ge In eonsegqneee of an naccident, Dr. W will ra. oamn in Nnshvile a fewr days longer than he at first intended-say the let Julye. 1ev. A r Stringfield:-l-loving been requested by Dr. tWilliamt, tse oculit, now in tils city, to examite Ihis tnunerous diiootlas and other dcumentss evinsise of his claims to pueblio eonfidtlet, in his profeesiou I have, in company with a valued friend,done so with pleasure. Among them I found a letter from Mr Pageot, at pre sett Ohsrge d'Affairee of the King of ties French, st \Vashington, addressed to Dr. Williams, testifyitg the gitinenetees of the diplomas from the Kings o! Fran:e, Belgiem, ne. as well nas those from the lledieol Socie ties of France. lie has numerous vouchers froam men known to lhe of high reputation in this country, receivedi niece his arrival so the United States, detailing istaon eea of great success iun tie retirattion of sight to the oond. I have sesn no rly all ios pour patients in this e.:v. -knew notr of them prevttus to thei ceoning his care; but all I have seen say they are un questionably bensefitted. ItOB'T, B. C IHOWELL, Nsashville, June 21;1 [83. I'. . Sinces writing the aeove, os of Dr. \Williams' Pltieats has callred upon me, and say.hile had actally and totally lost tdl sight of one eye bfor sevrenty vears, hut tow oleclares hIimself bettel thatu lest night, for the first titme is his life that he can recollect, he could die. tinguiah, withth t eye, son of the promitnent: tars. I learn titu this old gentlmsa Iuhas lived many years in this rdgion,snd says he has been a Methodistdertilg forty yeats. Yours, truly, auglO R. B. C. H. TENNEIR'S MAP OF LOUISIANA,&c. de A New M or o loucusttIa, with ist camal. ruade and dietnaces, from place. to slace, along the stage end steamhboat routes, by II. S. Tenser. .IMTCt.LL.'S MAP Of TAO UNITDt STATrS ehwinsg tie principal Turnpike and ncommon rs4s, on which are given the disteances in miles from son. plce to another; else the 4ourers of the cesals and tiil reads thbrmgh Suo tshe cqusirv, carefully compiled from the hbeat a thorities-pltbised by I. At.gtstoe Mitchell. tOttuD 8TATattl a map of husrossls, disiasmee stems C HPI(KS ON PHIL.J)ELPH1IA--Fr ,afte Icy ' YOOKtn, 1ROTHIt(,0 s "xt 1 . K *Cetpy riesr.. motiasoesA n\lmuaorlgsevu gms, st . or .htp il,. ie n o lt.e itheem., ifetnof the hones, itttht trls, oler of every desqnlptlon, fever ttsandittesea Is ses flms, piles, scIld head, saery, bfles, he- - nl rare eyes, orys-pelis,botbls, mid eery varlety of elo sunesa abhetio, chronic Castarrh, headm ache preoeed- i ing from ay aerid humor, min in the stomach tals d ilys pepsia poee~dillgfromnvariation, lfleetinmtnf the livne chlronic inflamnmation of the kidneys, and genervl .ldbilisr ty caused a torpidion'of the vessels ofthe skin, .Itt is sing ilarl effoocious in etnoatilng those oonstittiaons hitl, have been Ikbren down by injssauil tiatment, t juvenile irrgularities. In geneal tli , it s revom mended maIl thosediseases whiol atrise fnr) mlpntitie ofthe blood, or ilitiation of the hulmors, of w lateeri name or kind. Some of the shove complaintsmay require some tri ling asistant applications which theelrnlcmstancs of the t ease will dictat- bhufor h general remedy or Purificular toremovetheanser~the INDIAN'S PANACEA will r generally be found sulffinlit. TO T'lI PUBLIC. How true it is, that moderil Physlcians, mi their am bition to exeel in their profession; explore the vast fields of science be the aid of chemistry, and seek out new re medial ag-tnts; inshort, to arrive at perfection in the practice by means of art alolte,--ntirely overlook laid neglec, as eneathththeir notile, thericls and bounteous ie ofmedlicine, wllioh the Almightly has caused to spring out of the enarh in every clime! And how much more true isitthat while the American Physician looks to foreign countries for many of Ilis most common and neoeos.ry artile., perpetually chenging as they are at the dictates offshion orfolly, he is surrounded in his own country with an endles profusion of medical plants, ailteisnt to answerany indlction in disease or to cure any curable dismnilers andlyet he is ignorant of their vir tues, and they are slufered to 'wastetheir hedling on the desert air.' Theeflcsof vegetable mediines upon the system are temtosr1y-tlse of minelala lasting. The lbrmer ex ertheir effectsand pass ott--the latter, mereary in par tienlor, act cheamicolly ulton the solids, decomposing the hbones and undermillig the censtitutlon by a slow and sure deltruction. The conganiallity, elnciency and SAFETY ofvegeta. hle remedies ever mineral, may oe estimated byconttmst ing the ancient practice with the moderllt or, to brinlg i more immediatel uner our our own observation, th- Indi an prantice with that of the whites. Who, in Ameriem on it ktnownorheord of repeated instances whereir some deerepLid, tinretending female Indian, by meansof her simple remedies alone has affected the most rapid sad astonishing cures, after the Matelra Mlesica of the -ommon ipratice directed tit the most skilful manner, has foiled? And who has not heen strprls nl atntheenom Iarativeese and tfacility with which the Indian frees him selffrommanytdisease, and at the utmost tota abstinence ofelhronio disease among thems Who has ' set heard of an Indlin witha constitution hroken and rltined by illntratment? And cant a doubtexist that this happy enx i emption of the savage from most of the ills which the erts of man io heirso, is chiefly owing to more getli Ianld slfe remedies whciI ho employs. This lstonish ing dlifferenee in success, is a fair eemldlification of the isfinite supet.iorty of the sinple and safe main of core which God Ihas created for the benefit of his children, over those which the pride and the art of man have in vented. From a long residence among a portion ofrtheaorigin al inhabitantsof thisoonntry, an dan intimate sanluami tance with the metheds of cure 6f some of their most luccessftll p1lcntitioners, the proprietor st 'The lndlian's Pallacera,'naelired a knowledge of some of the most powerftiand favoriter.medies. Fromthesehe selected such as were most eflfcacious and otproplriates, tnd after various experimentts ti test their Ironieiplesal sItrength, he has eomlbised them in the forlm herepresented, as the most perf et and benelicial for the purpose for which it isreaommended. lThe proprietor offersthis preparation to the aublic, Swill the consciolsness thiat he is placing withintheir sea, a remedy e.lable ofrelieving many of his aflHicted fel low beings, who are sutfering under the various chrolunic anm obstinate complaints to which at is applicable. To such it will prove of incalculable vable, as the means, and in ninny, the only means ofrels.ving their suf flriigs anti trestoring them once more to health alnl thaIl piness. Thiis 0s intofrerl Ie as a cono on remedy, that Snasy eIr chanle Ie equnllyegood with many others inow d in use, bht ns one whiclr is capable of saving life in many extreme cases bhielr all the uaualsn enteiesltll. Tlhis it I, halisloie repentedly; andl this is the rItnlt.ihi it hlsnl. tailled wtchirever it has been introduced. It is onlmal.bls t ihllre years since this lpreparatin ttso Ipreseted o tihe ipblie: blt in InIt short tspc ief niae, irsome htmlrerls of lpersns might he ltnadl. who wouhl niIUlnlttyl decnlr that they Ielievedl thi iltel' lives were 4ssed ly it, titl in lion .iae altler the ind triesl miany u HSl sh litties all ithe cnnlon remedies in vaini. IVInl ever it in klotn itt isrl'lveottsluig into nsit, aln Il .al't tilt, neot nulstantalnt.l conieniag proof t" it r meris ... . 'Tle value I most eonlslc(l.llinl 111those lonh sla nling and s tl.hil i c oand s mro fl u lb s afl; .lions whirc have Irlelrd ll other r'otlies, turl ittivllly ill those cases w.hel mluercry hIs beetn n Invistl ) Ily sal as to nlll . Ilistlresallg pains io tih boors, ludes, nicLe~ rial ulce~s, deralemou tlIhr digestire orgras, oce. Tlhew, it compllliley. Ie .,llallde, an III :all cases it elllire Ivu :lldiclle .s tie i dias' ssc all, dr.te ts t.lfl'ulerllt r s le Isthrcoll rstitti,. tled I v the pI ilent S',: he :ni I well. Ill IH i tun lin 'c . ! toolri Cerat'llc : r, r t, . Ie Iiplil ,y i'l.,c is rIlle nn, 1e ,IIIf"., car,nt1 (,'it ie. ,d ,, ..IL. i ,1< 'a~a l.,,in h it l I , , , the h lumi '. Pa,:.,t n l it..e.,. iall .i.'r.t ative nn l rtt rlr nt ; itirtlt ph ,itrt i, l ,. Ir.i nlld I;larxtlitr, n llll-p llls i ,to l ll aI .u pI oper,. ses. asL tusnaw,+Le unua e rol iiagorl u. (i , lly lllxpre. lld, i.t, . 1...... the . .1't lus , 1 sol. i xu creti.nt, givlles ton to the itomachl, anlid eLaceite.. aIti III Ierr gl s in a .rlsicila Iat lllerl. From these ,rinii. Iles it ntperatinst miay hr unerstood. "l'lhi nledicine fats been lonld highly usefil in aims am bi no. l .s diseases noli nh e J st ucil l i, aid it alls ib enl siled with winlderiil slle.sess as a Spring anSld a Fall Pu rililer, by tllose who tire sultect i col.plaitlll tile cLhest, ald wollre cSnatitutionsret'ollire laew rigor. Scilh per sonla will do well to iuse vo or three lrlltllresill srn:il dI - ses. IVlWhenever a diet 'i.oink is conlsiel'ell this IP llacel,takell in a snull, dose t. will nlnswer all I.s lpurposes, in much less tinle, lit less expenses , nII in a rlar more agreeable nlnller thanton the c inm on diel drilk. The follnwing oertifieates, out of hunldredls siliilar, whichll might be proeuredr, are given to show the ef eot of the IndIan's Panacea, in the various oomplaiotsar nere:n mentilonediand also to exhibit in tihe mnosst satislactorry mannler its selriority over the sylslra in ammono use. CASES OP iIIEUMATI'SM. CIIrALESlTON, Nov. 15, 1832. I)uring the last whiter and slrring, 1 was aflicted with a very severe and drisressiln rh.eumatism, occasioned bry expor're ir bhal weather.. I now takegroeat rleanure in starrting, tihat six botlles of the lnrlian'sl Palreca, restored me to rerfLrt heahlth, and I conofidently recommend it to adll imilarly afflicteld. JOHN EERGUSON, Kiiognt. CHaalns'rosx, M.arch 27, 1832. I was seized about three years since, with a distressing rhetrnatism, caused by takrig a severe coid, while unller theintluence f mlercury, sland which Ilas dllabled r' li'm busintess narlrl ever o sinle. IlDuring this eriod have been a patientin the Marine Hospital, irr tlis lit ulwatdisol four months, andl oearly the same length. time in the altimnore Hospital, and tried almost ever remledyt with little benerit. O the16th atbof bruar last, at that time solrely ableto move labout pon crurtih. es, I oommencled the use of Indinl's Panacea. In o'n smolnth I ftinld myselfenltirely treed tinnrm plall, and o or row hlrappy to state thal I nooirsiter myself prerI'Ctly well. WM. 'TUCK II, 13 Ma'ket st. CASES OF SCIROPFULOUS ULCIIS, Notw YIIUK, Sept. siI, 18t1. This may certify that in the fall o I5, 1 was seize with a swellingin ly necrk loid lte, wllich tiierwalr ulceratedl aml became large ghastly ulcers in my necl. Anfer ryingwverll l hysicianis to nro orantagc, I wel to Phiiladlelphila, an ld icer msrself inller the earet Drs. Phrase alld reanch, when, ftler repleateid livr'atsIo to Iroei'act, I was pronounced utterly incurable. Alier. warlds Itook twenty bottlesofSwainm's Panrcea andi eight bottles of Potter's Catholicon, with no material benefit I)espaih'ig of lie, which hail now beeine a burthen Ii nre, I retunledl to mypsarertl in New York, in. i8t, an gave mysell'up to ' liegering death. Ileoring tf tht g, et stctces of iThe ndian'si Paucetn , however, in caw similar' to imy own, I was ersmualed Iotrn) it, as a laosts,. sort. To my great surprise, as well as satistifttion, noonfooi tynlyselfrvririly recoverrng, au uponl takinI seven hotles, the ileet'lhlleadled a I becairlre iperl'eol) well in the course of'two molths, atdl have remnined so ever sline. I make him arstaterme anti wtd it publsherd fortho benefitoefthoe woare lsuflfering undler siurilar serthllous or syphllilitic afections, tllhs they may know whethie sunire one who has sllufeeied etery trir g but death, and who considers Ihis life saved by the above s. WM. HINIHA' CHaLrTON. ..ouly 12, 1 ,+il. i was altioted, four years with an uloer io the leg, oe. easoilrntly accominaiedl with erysiielatous inflamatiio and excessive latli in the leg ati aanle joint. Sivlarrl elmilent physicians exerted thelrskill olaon it, but with 1pt huranet henAfit. In this case s e le bottle Indian's I'auncea made a perlfet cure. MAltGAILE I' A WEST, 122 Market .For sale y I ENIIY IIONNAIIEL, drggis, aes to' Ii. proprietors, I'ehrpitolllasstreret 16 NEW OIIL ANS & NASHVILLE RAIL otDAD COMPAN V. E stcom.khondets of thins company are hereby heo tilidc Ihat by i resolution of ihe board of dbiree tin passed on the 19th inst. the call made on theta an the 13th February laos fbr the paysten of five dollars a share, wav recrineda, and the said stonkhuldear are further notified tIat Wi! REAS, by a resloioution of lthis hoard pned on the 19ti ilst. a coil has been ode on ti. stoekholdero of Ihe New Orleans uod Nashville Itail SPod Comtlary isr tihe rill.wing payments oo she she sroteb held reslp iivel' by tianr, vii:--two dollaro loeo r slllri, Ipayable en the first day of September nexti two dllairs per sharoe ptyable onu the first day of lDecenber ioexe ; nlld tlo rdllarsrper ehare payable on thie list d:ly of March Ira. Now itherl'efolre bie is reolved, shut the secretlar of ithia cop .lyy llstll nitify the silare hIoldes tlercii, through the pulalie pr nls of rhe city, that in consl'orriy with the sinXt scetiln, or rite ctiaror, tirevaere ipenrilsrd Ill lrstpire any roynuntelilrn ir lrn tre stook o'.rfoihl cnlllpaly fo the l ttero of ixty dnvs, leorir arl after Iho day on which it is made payable, with tre eopreel cro ditiol: howenere, that if nor regilurly ipid witihin Ilie said perlrtnealion of ixtyy days, from and ofl Ie t rinvo on wheicl it slmuld have meeu paid, that tihe tihe stoki on whiheb ,ailpayonenteslold haeve hisensolae, is mod rem : orefeited to thie eOallmny, ithe clrater o ll lha point being iosperlntive. in enrfiruirv Itherefore, to sail ellt il lasck nof the srcekhoiiero ih 'taid ciompany, ac think rropcert por off tihe psyruets on t eir eiorot mo sheetdofslstllnsdriiionrfeixtydnyo , whichsthe charler cllows thlem, ac notiltller tt he ilrrl.lent of two dot' lans pPer share callad blr,and due ,rn the irst of ciSep temhernext, tmay be postpaned under tho ,sixth neetim of maid charter, until the 31st doy of Octolier isot, that the payrm.nat of two dollars per hlase colled for, and due oatho ihtfldnfy of lesber next, may iteopost iponod ntil the 30ih day t'lt lrmaryv iuxt;aid the pov anent at two dollars per share4ht fo, land dote lin the fintday ef lart h Uet GlIy he t ,Dond until the :kih day. of lpril tea. ý"- i xlo tl of ha mniouts efhs bothe d. juone l A RIl.IR, en'ry, o. ipuer JOHN Ik.HA I. a is L 8TA'lTE- Oi d 4J6WIA '- r h6 r f the J NPerlilend City of Nd*w Oterqti n HE STA.1 OF LOUgtII.14A Td ail wlF t . ILea Presets shall citd, n Jamsna Meane having, prhalted t ;i In( '0i0 by the Sheriflof the parish of Orleanes iliae pltp.t hlreinalter describeal, s ejpplied an theceletkl otllI o eourt, in whose office the deed oflale was tileoded oil the 21 day of A Aril, 4. D. 1838, fit a monittlt 0r ndhtl$n tlsement in conformity to an act of theLegislatlqref tltlt ttate of I.ouisiana, entitled "An att for the 6l0te a rsni- . runes O' titles o tpuoarclerat iudicial salaef" pproved Lthe IOtlh dayof Mareh, 1834. N.tW,- herefor, know ve, and all dvernm s hleteattltd heoein ae hereby ailed adbmonish-t in the nane of the rte of Ldelnsian, end of the ParLsh to:uUat who can set ip any right3title.or claim i a yd t o the peuetty hereih alftcrderribsedta in caaeleu ecaE ofoy infittmality in the ,rdcr,decree orliwdg,,ent of the eottt under thlteh the ,ale wan mosde, br any irregularity or illgoltt. in the appanementVi, and advertisements, in time. or mannot of opale, orfor any olter tefeet whalCon rver, to ellovng.hsoA within thirty days from the day thln monition ins rsot inserted in the public papers, why tile sale so mote should.not he eolrmed' and bonid o n l uogt ed. tho ttenid prcperty was eold by the rif of thepr ilt afore'ai on the 14th day of AprllA. D. 1838, by virtue nolt decree of this Court, rendl.ed on day of Febadry, A. 1). 1838, i a sed it et.tind Alexander Cnldwlil vs. Jtmes Hanace, No 10,36' of the- docket of this Court, at which sale tie saidl Jatra Hnnee became the purchaser for the ptice of twenty one thousand dollars. )escription of Property as given in the Judicial Can reyance, viz: A certain lot of grolld situated in the suburb An. nuTci.tiotn alisE LAcoure of this city, in square No 5t and lot hiting French meastce, 60 feet front on Tehou pitoulaes treet, i611 feet Ironeron Oraigerr street, and' a60 feet on l.alsade dn tare' 6 treet, in such tnanner that said lot of grotnd is 60 feet wide from one.side of the square to the other, together with a dwelling honoa frontog on 'Teloupitoulas etreet, the kitchen and de. pendeancies, also tle distillery entaklinhmento erected thereon and other buildings andl improvementse, the mahinery, utensils, implements and fiatures belonging to said diestillery, its depedencies and appurtenances, and the rights, ation, oanod privileges thereto belonging or in any wise eppertaninig. Clerk's Office, New Orleans, May 7,.1838. ml4,4i&j3 J. OLLIE, Deputy Clerk. ETAT DE LA LetUlhbANltu otr de Parols tuor la vntrisse at vilt, tie I Nouvelle OrleonL L'ETA'I DE LA LOUISIANT.--A tousceux que L el p6se.tes eonnerntm, Slaint: Attendu q James Hesse irach vente b ate n a r ie prait ls Seni delapuroisse d'(h~leaos la proprilt6 ei.apres deerite, s'est :ress6 au Gret de r ett e Cant on Ia dire vente fit etrrgi.tree Ir 2 ene jour de Mrt tie 'anntee 1838, pour an ais ootformemneolt u noatlc tie Ia 1.gislature dte I' Etat tice t Louisiana, iltltul "Acte pour oonfirnmer lee titres des acqutreu anxr vnertcsjudiciairels" approuve le 10 Mar 18,.. Q'll iteontud , et outes permnnes intarsseesonot iar ees prenentes rsoamme an norn de l' Etas de In Lonisiane et de la Cour de PAroise, qua pounient svoir drolit A Ia propeihte ti.aprdn decrite, an eonalurtellne d'ne dtfut daie foote dana itordelt le deoret on le jngement tie Is oeat, en vertu duquea la I vente a u6e u tite, on de rste irr.etuearit on iil6gaTite Iano I'estimationi,'avis nu la temps et le male de Ia vente, on ipor uneantre qause qteltonute; de faire roir, dons rente jnours didr dite pulilatir n de tetse avis, pouotrquni la veete aiti trite ne aerat pas oonfltim6e et hotnologuoe, Ia propriht c ftt vendue pay le sherif usdit, te nae torzi.te tour d'avril de r l'nfihe 1836. en vertu d'un dicett tie cette conur le de l6vrir de t'annke 1838, dnn I'alnilire d' \leoxnder Caldwelt, eontre Jamet Halune, No 10,3t7 doocet et de rette Cour, Iaquelle venm le dit Jaues I ltase a'est reod aequoreur pole le petx de gdl,tlOt, Deliription dela Pltoptieti l'aprns lertransferJudilare, Sevoir Un certain Ilt de terra nitO an fattbotnrg de I'Aonon elation alias Inacourse, do certe villae, danes I'ilet No 5, le dit lot de tre aeottt [testIre fi ugaiej moixante plIds dt, face It o rue Tchoupitoulas, trois cent piedo de lace t lt rue ties raneres, eat soixante pieds die face a lt facade de Is rue du taerchh, de sorte qua le dit lot de terr a t soixnnte pieds de argeur d'un bout de 'ilet t I'attr enseatblte ane nosison fesant face i la rue ' I'enho.litoulae, li cuisin e t see d6 pendanees.einsi t qte n dlstillerie conetrlite our Ic dit lot, et nuite bA ttisse4i at u .liorationl ; Is achlinc est usteneiles, instal .tliens, &.,. app r!ennl t la irite distiltbrie, ns dtlfpnd. Scafes, nlpurten:alces it lee droits. acetions et praivilges ltttr.llttttti renler,tNttellel o Irlifars, le7 Stai,i&8. a tt,4,.t&j3 . J. )I.Lt ' fL 6,,It_ t .rtier Royal Colle're of Phycsicass, Lons. doai . T E, ori itnll Vegetoable tlgeilo Univer-ll Medi ciTne, prepared hy iV i \' inkl, EaI. Memuer f lit Itvral Colletv i"' Siti.eons, Licentiate of Apothe. l'l ao't U ciat , 1Ilnw il' nti CUoet Soeiety., Surgeon i. ticl In: Ilinio iPe'sion Asuoiatioo, Lanocasec Place, 1'iclon Irideil, and erpeletual 'upil of Guy' :n t St. ·Th.e,:su' II., |lit lloi. Thl'lis lluale nmedicine, the result of twoenty lears expeniLl:ce in llt llt ,al-elel success ini the extensive aitl hights n*s t.,:bllhe i~lilier of tile plopriely, patro ,ised cl tI e tIh I lt1 :nit nhilitYl, and is now intlrodltl e u I olmt l/Htt' of the Allmerican lic, at thle earnest so icillttio: .num:llbliier ol getlene oi f long andi ii monsbign the l nilt' sion i., t is hoped, as a iwelih'i .,vr Me.t, to check the evils 1n1 I'Hotl eouretuencesl I;en h'e f tirte le of the Inieroi'its ast ill OeterioiI 'r" s tc ;ip f '.ll ni.on the hiii, i c i yii.- the id ofl'lu riae,..t , oll 7 * I niVll' ,J)l, a' , a t llll ther franls, b .lla t of : tlm'{tt ,l i tllriu''pt l pretenderts ,t ldltl inmttlsot :ý.n..i, t, c,,n :- h.o,.e go ,tdown wi the itilltigeiti ild Ilý l o - t, t m r). lThes pills, I ndI l aC t i dacol .eiet l i dlllhl, rlili e, ll s i :h l he keplt t 1 eery lft ily in eilse IIf:'lll0II ihl,-,1 forli, .v Iih ir prml i" t adl inioltlioIr i t.oler, . er. np., sp:,. ts,, :and other iataoning ,i mpliain, id tal u I , i olve thI.1), tot. he spelo.i e I l d n.ei i r l. I1 ithilct to, e1 . lThe are o oih' op pact to of .it .ot, il nd $2ea chl hv evir¥ rell. Sll. rI t lnl- r, .no lll i 'r, lat vI lend oro tielielime is tI t e.Itl i . IIIt'4 I *be ( I ll : la8s, will eL opious directions, tolietheraitit e.atnlnitln of proflessional abilityl"fie •. A1ston |.Ke, A. Fra.iptnill, . i ., ia lnlumerolus othllrs. The1" 'oigllsn is mlay be leeo n |a lplsession oa the G;etierl Age.nt, h) w hin lihe meicite i iimported into this clcnltry, adl ito wliomn all opplicationso Ifrageeies muast melc. JNO. II)I.IIIN, 129 Wovoerl Placee, N. York, Sole Gencral Agentl for lhei niled States, Ute. For sale t) alppoiotment of thie eriginal irop'ietor. by SWAtl &u liooi'ol:n, 1)Irhgilts, No I1 ano ,fifect, enori* Agentltor Sil" Sltlle Louisiaa. j.dl 8 ER ItY It LEE & co, No SMagazine stret, are Srow receiving from ships Nashville, In.oeville, IKncteky, aogle, aid other late arrivalls rm :bhe ,lthern ctles, a :large aod new seleoteld assortment lrie.t, Boots, Shoes and Brogans, onsistling ofgerntlenien'sltife calf and Morocceeo boots do 2S quality) do bull'd, and stout wax pegged boots a various qualities; mnen's fine calf seal and Moree Sl*.. ipumpsI and brogans, buckskin shoes, brogans snt llptipes; meni'sline calf and kipped pegged shoessand I rogioi; in bootsi do sloot kip all swa pegged shoea -d brogali gentlemen'a best qlality calf sewed shoes. lvcogons oad Jaclk lownniiS;i do calf and Morocco t. lekle slesio nnd brogans; ih calf, seal and Maroon. 1 olian shoes and sl ippera, do calf, buff noa seas wasg, a ew artiele; ldo fine calf, sent and morocco qularte ilts I oys', misses' mld cbildren's pegied and sewed h.ogoas, ailn shioeof eveiy iiae lity and klind. Also a general assortmnlt of eenl's stolt war and rptoi irogllls and shoes, togetller with 10,01110 lairs v:gro hlt qluality, russett broglans, nailed in lo.nks, ulde exc.tssly for plantalion uses a geoS i etolent of Ielt lille nil stolt kip russettl Ibig.i Sar tlicul, ait a aige qOuatity of all inferior quality r, Ise ot wax brogans. Ladies' file calf, seal, morocco and grain welts, and pl p sole shoes; do flille Frechal. Morlloco al kid run clai.d slilppers; do roan shoes, witl antl! without heels; tI calf, seal and stout letlher laolte:si; a Pronulla tle, I lull kindlls sd qlalities; dIo lasting iganll; to gaiter a and foxedtbootwsa. Misses' lastilgsprinig loreaanlo a .gins. Childanl'seolored Moreocand lastinghbr. i alland boots, kc. •-entleileen'sfineloashionable black silk hats; do bhlck n I drsb beoiver do of a superior quality; do imitation 'tL ran do; lr lod d old row brim men's ftilne drab and : sbk ineasio sdlirt tnapped hats, a new article. Youths' I:u : ie e hats of diillueret qualities; do children'%. it on'scald bc)'a black and drab wool hats of various sie iles, wilh generac assortment of boys' and men's 'I s assotlement will be replenislhed bythe arrival of ral. lackestirom the noose named cities, all of which cil l sti!il n Aconnmoduationg terms. sag 1-tf MIINTAGUE'I B./L..If FOR THE TEETH. r pHeelhtliaired repotatoil and eoalnstar:tly rea.iqi I deinold fc' this effte, tuul remedy of pain, and pm servative of the teeth, has induced tie saubherber offer it to the American public. Arrangleoents har been iomade to sopiiv ageolt in allt lhe preipal citie ,ad ucoa u in the United State., ads, to place itl hh heo reach It those sufferiln andlikely to suffer this inos hnrauasing of all achebr, To'ul'liohe. Vtieo a uplict according to dlirootioal given on bottle, it has never fliled toe ofbrd immediate and nallot relief. It ealso arrests the decaoy t defeetiv teeth. and relieves that sorenesOs lichbso frequentlyl renders a stng tooth ustless The applicatino and reuledy ace sinlpte, iutteoti, nn elot ulpleasant; and hlm large olabcr of persoo ino different toctioio, I tlm roltiUy, tihot hove oir adoy calleriooed such dolichlfu nd salutary effcts Itrom te use of tise Bhnl, am ready 0o helir (lr the public gooll) their testimlon to its n-I oivalled qaclities. It is an Indian remedy, libtuined cinoglarly .J uiirOperxtedilY. ol ol& be. iegarled LI tie titi;ziedcworld as the mot valuaolla diseovreo •edman of the woolda. Ilioe $1 ler bottle. Sld b AN W JAKVIS , ANDREWS, tcir 5 Cor Coumon uend i Tl.oliltoulas -t,. I i. ItOOKS--Naval Sketch book, ot, the Servic. l tihat and ashore. With characteristic reliniacao !ee, fragluntia e nld opinions. Dly the author of 'aoleiot a Tr, ace. seconld seriesto volA. i:lioiln i Riecillloctiill iof thu lolse of Coioilono IImlii thP cOr Iil111 tttit te closeo 118:15, tu:ltdilg polco. ia Lkecireua oif the leadilg mecmbero--by one of no pe y,lletu lecived andl for ale Iby _ V .W eKEAN, i 1AT ' PUIII.ICATIONtS. IOM' It)3II'.t., arn ialtoorti.ol Novel, b. the author ot "The 'lrolller," ie. ill . vol. 'Popullr ,lMediirr, or Family Adviser; consisting of )utlilns of Aatitmly, tPhysiology, andi Hygiene, with cill hicrs on the pri -Lte of Physic, Surgerye,nd the lisoatsi of women and childnm, ni mlay prove usefil in faitllies wVboi regllar phygsiiaa eaunot be procured leill a eumpanioi and guidi. for ineclllgent pinoipile of ocanu:c tri.ul, l aiatiitcn, aiii bitehcdg school., Iedlll of llin;iiiei, natllero of vasela, missionaries, or irvoller; cnd a iiifulml eetch for 'I" nOg nmen comuneoc. iol tl.e stndy of noedicin ,. 14 loynell Coales, l. |). lteer P',e.r' UIniverenl hiistory on the Lbase of ie.llraphy. forier ia s of miniliee, illustrated by maps oniI raCiigrl in o vyli J am rceio ell ol, for sale by. VW MLKEAN, mn3 ,__ ..i vmp nd Comma stn. NO'fI CE.Tb. a..cttecf erie&l packaue mer..han I N die marked ladanme V. Aetigqoasnvn. Atair s Glrct, foeot Nw cek, is hereby stele8d t -a t I bsbn t ,.etoted by SI'ETuOON, AVERtY &to.- Ces1.bsigy r Jro whiehit nre .ed .an Atermge 'Filu Calenlaa. tor, or easy methods foe inning tie tege :ime i tin itoge, nolesof hiat or bills of goill, whean put, ehatd uat different tatey oan diflfenemd i.llt, alid Ibr nrinin nmmmts; heikles a useful andt ehnpete Ibaunking Time Ta'mle, the best Ihat csa be entfiitteil. ot thiat fi guoesean r mdoce within the sme enndaendml elmpass, An silvericlement in the hbok is in netely the follow i wrods: , 'heigh distinction this work has taelvk d tirmogh the ten leginlotive set prefixed I tnhe title page, is air eommen8eima in itself, ao nun irmmon,, amid an eoclu. sive, th -t iiUth0iig is necessnry more itan by way of ad eltliaement, to gives cmndlensed viewof asom n its pe cldleoties:asfoerinstance. the 'alem has been omn . elftromand compmled with, who its equinalentto tmur teen setsefealtelalinone, e.nmiued in the press thlr- C Ave times, and printed fromn terentype llates iested thirtyty-one time, fromn all which it most be evidenl even to the bkeitie (empeeitlly Na im lie lenn ofthe dtl lefln prof i t iliprefiaoee) that the wmk ImIi hie nirhil- p mctie lly itfallible, and in ecnlirtm iolrntnl'tfis th elimlfn premium of twu humnrld an fifty dollars. is now mllot. ed for the detoetion of amerror otlf cent in the ipr'el nt or fifth editinn,as elressed iin lie prefnai, makingfier I lrige ,reitons tffered fir the samle error sioiethc lerst ibhloadtion in the year 10llO One of the most conspionnes featues of tke tables is lnthe arrangement of the Time aid Amounts, which for.ex!tedititois, roference nedperspienty, writh ihbe hel I oi the ride andc indexi , cannot he einle d ; til thin-e lt ty and eane with which the inoretl eah lre the extent of general business withont doubling of ulms is besides a conveniiece sa essential, that in theO estaim tien of some oi the most competent and prctiical bull. nes men antl public ofilere whro bae mole great use of thework, it has been disttgoinsimy hyho enottnbe I appellation efofa "master piane". And onosidering the inallibility of the methld originally adepted .i I m eompildlnthe work, send the ehtledmiuary tumbasimd I variety of the eaminations, and testa of every edition it haspassed in the press, eotwithitacndin the wholr is in stereotype, considering, in dlht. -he positive aneclacy [ scoured Iy the unpreeedented means emploLad, the ro lumebaa been heldup and emithatieally styled "tIe most wonderful book in the wadkt;" most eert.ainly ni mancan names figure work of the same extent, whih since the beginningol creation, has had the same nuami her and variety of tests in the same humber of editoros no, nor one halfthe number, as is clearly shown in the ! preltie. Besides, as test aml standard, it has been tried and proed in nearly all the bank and public ofeies in the Unitee Sates, and by the public gonerally, daring the long period of thirty-five ,ars, yet neo e rr of The cal onlations has ever been Ifnond it inint, alt.ongh erntinu allyy halleeged by the offer of very leargearmi us. .Thie bok.i in foot explesily adopted by all themtoirts oflw c aseveoral oftlie States as tle l rate of iC.eulatlon forstatute interest," as also by law for bank interest, accordinges the bookis used, and as may be seen in part, by ..e names of the subnribers, ad a few of ihe slbsequent purchasers, inthe list atthe nd of the book, isl possession efevery clossof citizens in every qur- I te of lie United States. It ismoreover well known thet, by it rearly eheck, it has o often detested lirge errors, long atter they IwereI wade, even by the most earefil and most competent arithmeticimns, tact its usefulness, and the absolute mae oeaity tr" its use, have been eatensiyely insisted upon, io evidcent, inoeed, have been its advintgesi, and its ravings, that, severrl yesisago, whilst the first edition weasn arce, and odt or print, great .umber of ncentnl hand eopies were sought t some to a gre t distance mIl purerased at vainous prices, as they ould occasioni ally beho picked ip at from $10 to $35 per enpy,.an. some person have reen..y declared, instada esr mold be iquoted that they woulm pay $5,l $100, end *Sl i for a cpy tfnot to hbie hal for lea , acltn individual in the letter instanbe partievlarly, having at the ntme time tihaibite satisttaitoryprof, to several perionspre. sent that to iim it was ireally worth that monley crid more thimogh the eaving of his very valaible time, he bein a very rich man and in pnbliofoiie. It s tlikewise worthy of notce,.mld indeed proper to impre.e, that such is the nature of figne work generally and i speially when of the extent and importance of these msa ls, thatimd thi book or its like bien prepar ed in the usual manner vione, hb the most competent elclnhulto ini tihe worMl, Iand afterwardts plimtdl tmIst canimrouly lundir hisiow ecorerection of proof sheetn, it wouldt, alnm.,t to a cerLtinty, have riten nsllf for ire. felenireand dear t any pries, as thme preface damtcicl herli erxplius. tIlt sl iemfeet e t and ailnmblie have the ateire.:Ilwr pties (if thics wmrklbetn male. that tonaeemre them, itmilheir mnmereous and ex.itrdinaiy exmiiai tions, against fire, for ill, georttal benesti, they are (i. mdvertisemi t) eoimtantlv kept in a pilee odf siein idmiot i, exi ep|, mi-til: etvi. i i m mpimoifg A'epldritlimm-irmmm to fiuSmdlmuh hiubmsmmnl qihtmim'illm ert ei illm ntlll emitol, t-imlow the prititee which, ill hli. fithl st i fll twi pieeeelimc . dli ins, e ai'n nll lll'll - Sferlati:ii i 'oIierniiig thie itwo a litl n rs of i onmi i iring inler -st, me m da k a tf gieer, t-e It run:; Slls ,ty t ri i 'nc- ai k that, aI- twill'.t moled lii: ii nuncmmmlmmlly fm c i-t-l wt-k. whith was tIhl-i mhe.',e illlneest i bIesi Vwei ': inilro* , .m i i t, ;-lla m aoi ce.n I, I. I yenld ii l nIII: nn: hi a, i.II wen , .te ivel :,i It ,i c i lt i .n litI patroollied, it fhas no yet to h allI s Inlil w II11 llh . rt aI. tee heats rins of unrir " 1.- Ilsh ,ho llt dotlher., busi'hl s miX vr( mlii lTir(om i ll I' m to trt maIS , m n- . .ited io ilwi , hint ediio i," 7ita) noilopiesi.irnihg ho th hrom iti p!li a-I itwo :t that t re, at .w' itlet pive,. to sat n "Iking of I t l mmlo tae li or i lyprofit r .il oum s :t lime '-timle nat are, toil, Is l :nlerificn 1 rre d.1 b r- tkle tollh"er t I relies ol thii disvPlrlltulet anti gneroll-Viti-y of Ime lmnhlie fI. a enntiull: uce of prefeiemn cemd palronmge. lee\mi mm blih Ihullgh]d, by the anthorof "A Year in Spanu," in Nblr m I),,edr of Womllen, in viols. 'Tre I e 1Vilo". fiok, a mn ,.ua aroral reli lus ar i danole tic e dunties. .Ie .t ,m!:,i-,", ,d f.,t ule m y_ Wi . .mimE..i , DOCTOR JOIIoO li 11 Ire cousulted eonlilently at ise otfile, I I' .1 l1tm lolluse sotreet, n.l. 'ar IiDauphinle Plrelt, , the trealltmnt of a c-rtainclilnsf Ile.icne dideaus'n Frolm Dr. J hsoln'se.xtcaeive op lortul it) in so, of the Iast celebrated ii..mtal, in Elrope, texcluse it devoted to the treatmens of Veneri.: and S. pitlitic conlitl:illln alol nllrIlln I rel! anre of line yelrs ill New York, during which lillm ir. Jobnson collfie I his proa ice solely tl the trenatmen of those diaeases, with the leost unprecedented sueceran: Ihe is enabled to re move any of the followine complaints in from 5 to 20 dayiowittonrt injuring tihe onsltituton by mercourye or nov otlher deleterious medicine. Ghonoribena, filet, Structure, Sominal Weakness, Affections of tli.lllad der, Kidneys, Prostate (ilad,and any of those numer ous trtan of offeetions, whaLk generally follow negle t ad or tull-treated eases oe Veonerial. Scrofuolons ores, ulcerated legs, and worms,removed by a simple meth od of treatment, without restriction in diet, or interrup. lion from business. Personsresidiog in the countrv, and who feel deli cote incoa sultino their family phvoaiein, by sending a stantment of their cae by letter (post paid with fes enclosed) can lave Dr. Johnson's advice, for their own treatment, with medicine, necessary to be used, forwar ded. Separate offices provided where patients can never cotns in contact with eaoh othar, Attendance from morning ontil night, at 143 Custom House street. 9Consultatiotstriotly onlfdential in all cases. den 13 P OYLE o. MAY, louse, Sign, ellld Ornanvllia I'aintels, No 3 .aroedele street, two doors r io alot street. Imltations of tise following wodls and marbleels oeuted in a tmsterly manner. wooti a0nc5,3a. Mallogany, FPyttian black and gold, Oak, (italla and Antico, Pollard do, Orientol or verd antique, Curled do, Jasper, urled Maple, Blood Stone, Birds Eye do, larby Granite, S'atin Wood, Potomac Hair Wood, Done or utrdello, Yew Tree, . Italian White. Coromatndle or Blck Slhnna and Breetells, Uose Wood, Aeri' an Grey, Ash White Oak, ka k ke. Curled Elm, Specimens to be seen at the slmp. Paints. oils, glass, sopl varnish, ke. on hd ndd for sale. mt 'IWON,STEEL& HEAVY (iOODS-llat, square 1 and bundle iron, well asolrted. Hloop, scroll ald rod iron, nail rode and plough moulds Cast, erman, sllhear, blistered, spring, sheet aid Crowley steel Hollow ware, cut and wrought nails and spikes Zinc, block tin, mill n grid rind tones, salt kettles Chuin cables, snlehers, hoe, Ox, log aid trane chains, corn mills Anvils, oece, Haminsesand bellows Wire, sheet, pi and her lead; shot Coal, and eooklgl stoves Amlles, KowlanP l'anl t ther spades anll shovels Hook miul plte hinges, door and window hooks Collins, Huntsi, Shmrps, ant ther axes I'ar'd aM11d Mlnilla cordage, linels arnid twiie Hollo ind heathing oopperi Nuval stores Psints, liseedl aol soieat oil A full asortml' en of hardwe sand sh.ilp ehandlery liway s on I ndl, audl which are nflredl f:r atle at whlel sale ow retail, on the most avotlable terms, by 1i4 . "L% YT)% k Co. 53 Ohl Le.ree imAROwATsE SPRINGas fticltgo iern ettmf. Olninl i. THREE DAYI JOURNEY FROM NEW ORLEANjS. r itHE propriet of this estlablilhment bas the plea sore o,,'annucling ftl his rihedste ld the public in greial,t at he will o itn readilooebv tihm rl dao of May to seceive vi.iters. He will also slate for the he nefit of those at k di-taine, thai there have been large improvemelnta mnde, and tlhere nltw gilieg on oad ill rapid iroen ftr rcomplletionll, blch will enable the subeerbher to auctimmnodte n much larger number thnm heretufore, and at the alme time imuch better. Familie can be aeeomnnalated ith good rooms. or those who prdler.can have large eabimns elached from the salwhbuilding. It is deeulmd ulnaoaesory to saoy anythina in porticol Iar of the charorler at theme watern, fo. it tismoelaloly helinvtd that they arenot inferior to any in the South ern Soitfel. All the amusements that are getlerally foondit Wateeing Places, will he fond at this. 'lie beat Ionie that this part of th country affords, has imno engaged. and will be in couaet nt attendaneeat the :Spriog doting the whole season. ' he lubseib, i will avail himself of this opponrtunity Is returning, his uoollnigned thank Ir the very liberal ennopers given him last selaon, and hopes bh the exer oetonoitlit have is en made in improving and extending tlhe accommodations, to merit a liberal fpatramnge the present maranon. JNO CR ll. TO 'Il i; I.ADlE. TI K SON"S' IFIPL.AIl'fllV' .c rnmn,.iog em. Aloia leS IliefvIln the far. ineh ad 0rlnsr, withl •r(lue . and ecathin'-, eIsnttg She shin finr.r nod i7ijeiii' k.he tie .ml'la+,aicno A fresh tilpriniy i )rb n Joeel,soesr t mCghrlr, ou'i Ceqonn 0lip Wdertia Mai e [ ever y Day at t m y a ,u. i, C dayE every a 10 A. M .. .. "a dt Saevrd 1U iay, Wednelsday m Uf Sat, and Satulrda by i9, P. M. 7.e . .Mail s every u.P..'av, Thursday, an viak Saturday, oil &,I'.a.' in Close~ ever* Monday, Wednesda EXPRESN fAlL T1M' OF ARRIVAL, DEPAR'I'U JP DITANCH &c. ottthe Eaprooa Mail, ietw'..a MoM.i inn New Yor--leoitg Mobile lil- o 3 P II. MNarathu New Yiki dotlI ai P. M oleshw rrd. Arv Arrives Northward. *iteee. Arime. lt e RimongadmliAl. 2 pinO. 198 tm' 23e . Colnibusn cGa. 11 81 9 3 1 . Miledgovible. Ga. 2 133 141 R[ p.y Colutbie .S C. 71 .m. 163 Roabiglf( Z 5d 215 22 1i Wtirrenton,.v'"12 m. 55 ~a Petersburgn iV I0 pmo. 'b3 I 0 as Riebmond, Va. '` Im. 91 3 6 Frnderiiksburg, 8 67 7n i a s. onshingtona cvy 2 pm. 61 .6 5 Baltimore, 6" 38 4 6 Philndelphia, 64 am. 100 iI 2 Nhw York m pm. 90 81 1365 I'h. or id Northward. Coming Southwamd, ihe tho. is nix honi leesr; bing5 days Itn 17 hore.. S TEN DIOLLAIR REWA D. Rm ANAWAY from 169 Carondelet corner of Hevis strseel,on the night or 3i;b of August, and was seen .he ne0t morning in .eydraw street, a angr. boy -named CHARI.ES, about 17 years o age, n:. b fee lr thereobouts ii heighit, vdrvI tekr a nd-bhas on impel iment: i* his spesoh, one of his legs io sore, oeeasionel by a recent hurti he had on when he went away a whit cotton or linen shir and while cotton panaloons. MNIsersanf vesselbs and steam boats are autioned gainus receiving or harborhlg snid negro, ao well ali, other persona, as the utmost rigour of the law will be. enorcemd against them. The above wmard will bepaie fordelivering him Intoany of the jails of either of the milnieipnliti.e, or at 169 Caraondelet, corner of Hevri slteeet. ' sp OTIE--The coprtnership hersetofire existing under thle finn of I)ubis & Garreton, haobeea dissolved. The sobscriber will liquidate the ffanlrno the conern in this city, and requires iall p-tens intlb . ed to make payment to him only, and all those hariag olains, to irentl hetm foroettlemeit. ouit -4t I. . _ GARIIEThON . W. W. SWAlN. No. l1'Cenalt .reet Ars Orlons H AS alwaym onhand ces:tantly & receiving DrL SItyce, Clhemlicalea Ps,snd zasoenrg Ithes ar.. ollowoigs lown UGS. DYES; Anltim.y, ertele, Argols, red, do regains, Anaatto, Spal. Arsenic, erude, Alum, do powdered, Braulllette won, Ralsam oopwvia, Cochineal, BIm',straee,e, Uoppers; Atnerin. do refined, Cupbar, irimstone, crade, Futie, Ta eem do rell do Cubse, do vlowor, d Moaine, Blirnmul., tremach berries, Casnornil, Indigo, Bengal, Creaom tora, do Alenilla, Cantharides, do I rsIenal, ;mnl aloes, do L.. tumallla, do mhlie, itgmnd, Camlnawlsy do asisotida, St Dlsmllsoe do oannise, d" JambRe do seosein, Cesllweol do eopal, rough, Medd f, ambio, do do scraped, Niuneragua, ionmure, do do S Amerio e-, do Con, do aosmphor, ern le, do Maroealb do . do re fs. do Hanhie. do guincum, CHEMICALS. do kino, Aesd, nitrous, do maltic, do mnriatie, do ooin . do ,ulpsurio,. do ofsIellno, Dinue vtriol, senegal, Cloamel, pp. dso andaa. :orroive sublimntio do n"nesoasth, 'hloride f lime, (inmboge, 'gpsom salts, slsiper hberries, Amlerlcas,Lunar caustic,, do do Foreign, lied Inecipitete, \lnsesia, l"oghsls, oscehslle soil, do Aerlscianj Red schromatepotsln. aInns fliake, Sul ear l So.' do sorts, SuI rotas Iiqs:irce imil, Ssmo r Iln, Oil cloves, Suoll zine, dossia, Srln r esioeinne, d'. Ioerugamuot, Tartgr emetic, do lemon, PAINTS--I.eas ssspe s'eossint, Blue, Raid rentinos, Chrsniu yellow,lry, lo ,lay, do breen, dry, do <hiliriee, s do i oil, do rhohsars, F I, Isamblack Entlish, dlo ylls',l doh ;P.'.-,,. ,qW" 1 ser±jsll virg, t.ilshrsgs, ,.g:isl , io cssr ls;slvloa, .ln Asoericra de 'I T Par+is white k;Olll, I Isncs Ill A l'ise nri d Ihed le A Pu ..r. do .l rammneni, .nl Glssi.ais kers S...ic l., vpSpas hr . . h', been i,, i,.lith do Iles.icsle, do ion Asseric Io0 1nougrtek, do grossnsl in oil SlonIe, coss.+, 1nss, red Ellsliosh drly, ic live, AMedi, l do A llllrilsv, Saf'sii, Slpish, rounlid isnil, Ni't,, svs., 'sst Millionv, (; ililsc. dios sIo eslioseds, \ erdigri, SeOlll, lver All. , do grounld pllure. tin s lt, lniva, sIno d rehlceed CAPT.AIN MAltIRYAT"ls' NEW NO)VELS. RotIlin Ie Reefer, by sise author Iof Peter Simple, Ar& in 3 voln. Cumsinogs, or a Winter at Schloss Haifioeld in Lbow tvyna, by Coptain Basil Hall, Royal Na.y, Pil. S.,in Itvl. lord Rlen, a romance, by Allan Cunniinham, I no" original Itlaisn, sy Noathlniel Greens, in 1 vol. ie, miss No. 79 of I rper's Eamily Library. Vols. 3 & 4 of sle new comprstes ad usiform edition of Wsg in to y e thner' Work.s. j Roger's F wh'eaind Englsh Ditionary. in 1 vol, Son A'rent's Frenh nod English Dtiornnary. Ar s-A few more copies onf Cuombe'Phrenology "Rienzi." Large Surveyor's Conmpnaue ofsuperior qua iS, with chains, Billiard Bellsoof21-4 and 2 1-2 inehes tillotts improved metatli Pens,jpaned papers, weighh ace. &c. &e. - Just received, and for sale by lm31 BENJ. LEVY. SPAIN REVISITED,.&. & SPAIN REVISITED, &c, by the author efAyear in Spain,' in r vols. e'rsit of ndian hnaraetr, a generally apoplie ble Is the Aboeigsies of North America by aTurnsr, Eq Svole. -r The Politideal rammn r, of the United Staten, or a eomplete view of tle theory apd pratice of thie geaara and state governments, with the relotions Ietween them -dedicated and adapted to the young men of the Uaised Srates, by E I) alnaield, Esq. icimroda's Hutin Tours interspersed with character intse aneednote, oaysg s and doings of sportiog men, in eluding notices of the prineipal erack riders oflEngland with analytical contents, and general indexof naesla. volumes. ron Tnor cuRM or 8sroftla or King's Evil, Chomnic Rheumastilm, Chronic Cutaneuous Din- Pains in the Bonei by frn ees, unse of Mercury the load being in vitiated state. Thi very concentrated Syrup is prepared with tle greatest pharmauenticul cars and accuracy, and esntsin the aesive prnneijle of Sarsaparilla in the nos t comnce tesrted dlegree, combined with othervegetablu sunbstnoce of known efficacy. The great desideratum with physicians in being abl to exhibit s large quantity of Sarsaparilla in a sns oc, hae been obtaned in this prolsonlo -they, being foully convinced of its merits, confidently bdminMter the course of tlheir practice. Price 50 rbottle. Sold only at SWAIN BROTHtER'S drug store, No. I ICaoal street, whr may be had, fresh and genuine, direc afom the pr.esi tor, Swaion's Panacea and Vernifuge, Potter's Ci.teli con, Carpenter's Preparatiuno, ad a large and generan assortment of fresh drugs, m4 PINNOCK'S ROME dna. [INNOCK'S IMPROVED EDITION OF D1 . Goldsmith's Abridgment of the teistory of Roee to which is prefixed an lntneduntinn to the Study o Rpnam Hirtory and a great variety of valuble infe oration added tlroulhout the work, on the Mannen Institutions adwtAnttqultiaa of tihs Romans; with n r meroas biogruphicol and hislorical Notes; and qtle inen for ex.amnatiln at the end of each section. Ii lostrotedwith thirty engravinhg on wood, by Atherton IItsoocn'o s sOproved Edtiuon ofDr Ooldousith's Histnor of England, front the Invasion of iulsln Cloae to thel death of George 2d, with a contionuationl I the yes 1832. Wilth questions for eoainnation at the nid eaach etion. Benises a variety of valuable infltaa tion added throughoui the work. Consisting of tlable of eoutemporesy Sovereigns and emineasnt peon Copious explanatory notes. Itesarks on tlseo 1a tica, manners sad literatoe of thes age. An outiner. the Constitution, &e. &c. diluatned by meny enge GUes' ELRRTrrS or ARTaOeor,, and an Aoridgmo._ of Keith's New Treatise on the Us of Oalabe. Now Americasn editiono, witllh addition and improvesmemn an ant expiation of the antmnosilial part of he As rican Alsnanae. Jusnt renived and for sale by WM M'KEAN nov 24 - corner of Camp and Common atle HARPER'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. . ORACE,translitad by Phillip FranocisL, D D, with 11 an appendix; esntsminag trnsrlaions of varioug odes, dCee. by ICJoenn, LUowly, tMiltoyp o Pope Addison, iwll Chatserton, (r Weel, Puree! ilryan, de. nnstamso ofthe moreosinent poets of thl PHI('DPUB, wish tsie tponslind f iGudise trusl scs by Clsistopisr Sumar, tol rual fuorraini rolumeu 1i and 19 of olarpar's Clanical Librrv The, Epxildison of itUlPKCY CLINKER, bly Smolsett, 3_), with a snesmoir of the Author, by Tbana u nes c smq. now editloa, with illuetcou , hyb o THE 3tiPSY;a Taloby theansthr of Rigaohlis Mary ols uenady," dcc, l ssrditino, Slo sI.a l PAUW .LIFFOR=, by the autboc - YPelN Thotlint "red;' ss be.gI relems IV aao i ae e& -oaefols hers Cmopleso Tbe.k Jotqu. an SIDES-N . C W icanl easeP I sndsaft tomsbaenb, eas .. r, ss Rar fu mMss T. cI. lAWrw "- q

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