Newspaper of True American, July 21, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated July 21, 1838 Page 2
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day at 10 r 10 .- fall. let ua dat.arl at 1 :SA hyi 'cod *Sl8 of the #. x well, at x thuos " ý~-. Owe --I rust mad TO. Cdl w y 'e at .s t tr e d its 8 'clock, rM. Acoe panshi ins, F (rP M. offcial --: llyotl r-elf mooree. Romst 'aai 1839: ''. ý ';,, Plhaýtiý out Is deh~. ý~ of 084 d. theau r_ 9".FO1UUSe9. are are v Udjvott the 9 fiý ".che W~itETRySuZh Tb T- ,buao., fo ~i~bo~p ~ Julyk .3.k IA eln u .....:..... 1 To o.. f Julys.. .. thi Pr. ibi t b . rgn lkd........ t o. PAVU t0 h.~ by ahazbeos ae..oroks. ~ 1W 611111, Jim m ..Cmlp: 5la ý.- so tIWb Ihis agot 350 bbl T y ' 'fin f. A k il .daa ImA t g -tsLNWAA tats '#40 tsr o..ostgn.,rstoAd. &Co e;: dr .ý ;Is hot Gt J` f o rt r^s' st ~oo .Iesr V t Oi..slm d ral ad. I .ron to ja hols hup 0 ..lg N 440 sss ,15, OB to A n;su "o trllto D. d Pot~r patkblnr..o,8 a8 mdse"oDo to m TO yo k oR Lrrsa e; - o vc,.roos ltssslkt capro bwhotog .051. W~ti~t, 4Jookoo;tOl dox Atoa?, 119s ftr P281.1.1. Boor Fo rtyt sad Ligorit tt t4¶.nsA Du utatttset urPelollBtso. .og4htt. _ r RWC Aa i PRODUCE. y W Ble 1 dop Lyoe t Aeah~e" 16bt do do A'sher li'bb baFoyto. I coop melrik,I hbt so os 4- . wsa M tch...? 160orgeutSuro 49 oInn.~t rng-togoe. Lu-oc idorouh, bookt: Iai en ; 5dnollo5ln4,no&aCobh. 6d eJroua.ig Ci. Prtsoaosr ILrkoet-oeo t:O balst soreo 3A Sac l daM'hopicA; I I emoap"Ad.. h ail .. rpbcg Modoh5kkO8 VdoloUirs 9M cd r 1 dofto Pp dlktrntG3tt~ 1 ;J kbola S . o t d t nloy ed Ch8ontI8Perotmme sdssos..0auIO hdo tbcohn go bowL Iela~du 1501ulotdrtMwt AMe1;O. d4lddo td~ko Gorr istoe. c Wn4oovor. Dooooire,oo, V.mas. )1ls ',o a tl tsl eiaova i be.llt; rpsJ £ahle Fot I~tl.. 151 Jo II s t.k.5 ttJ 828htoo~utlst.'1 raot amont ý'In..r orooburt, .150thee Lss 11'P bleat"7rst 5i@ Otoo baym,. codd .1.11 1. Ittr Ion IIt bound. ,l. 98 1. K oPtO Aoot MoooJC.,N. J 3 r.nt btok, 3,ktI lrss "k I Roon oL t Joso.. e n J Fun-ord 1"er~, 1 15lcyo, 11mire. Dtarito. Weevr I . ilcooro C~orset Adyloco Dirod#,Pteskote Inane.rtto, a~o.,Cotto1 idr~r~and IIohd. Pibte ladyMo d crhi.Pld, Or goa at Vol iO ooelb'sewJ abl. JNefed. J urk, C lFoot, Fioptrlnk. J F Once,, W R I"O Jw, W H ittrrow wocoon.Wa r. * , Goodly. M G Moos, Jnosphion. FSp?.tottlilal PtatJ t'yrrrt J Wo 111... Foss., hints. Z Poeobo.8d o0.ou. Drno.otMande, W n">TrOsotio nb. MWhomIe Me Dtjoeao ed lody. t. A otlM Podits Child enodtL."e Naiqodo Pour "br Loin logol I·F orland, etcrdoard M.j n...oItI uw 4 Jagoc..Ptt krlRR Martial fLWIro..dII ,%oso.Weo, J Snlddossoand .ono.. SMEMORANDA. 7W't big Cotao p~orl.obvnsio.ern 10ailer from the NE .Iti "Iso.oto .toditt in Mrtte Pcor. It bdo rilety ktel at ""im"cort obr )tosis of t1.i0 port, mod a. o.hrsmeo unknobw ,', lstgh, 3,Juy-.Ctd. ship StMary, Fo5tr, for N O; 'Cto. 11th brig Ge.n Blvar, l oO; od. Dull, fortb It on The 7tb h a. bat`Car.t roline O, sod btig WcothigitoaWove. o l AIiturFtoPtrrbrto for go NI).!. sail k " Js.; Sl, snde;Heopent. Joscko. do; g5oco1s. El p.9hJ.,tt0,4loss 83, brig Chsrt"o Jooph. Itso t loshoro. 91 Duver. 3rd lone, Fanny t.ioottoo.a ' ,' sInr ltrnokbeOt. DI Cork, com lacd Jun, Calodooia. j~aepcoIrd'JS a-.t'oiled. Joses, Noarslobl for N SO arr. . Wsltarsy. Coldo clip Hlobon, to saoI 8111; ttcdtg. NOICE TO NARIN.RP. Bs . atacosI.". Be. Gosocn'o Cacs L. Tltt i.Uoo Mena; dnd, dd M.y.tnS Ion-LotloIt hestsy pa"odve, tho so and aftsr lbs 1.0 of CAu uslcl, tb. lightosn ftorst~y llac1c81. Slt" ee-"e4' CIbcool, sill to scblitlgc e. a ioad tlght, disable is alt dlirellc.tions ctw d from .L. 1-4 3to NE -4 Kitd thact theo toolulot ppsnractn olkb t.h ths181,s 1nrl"e khh*tgb sumd in ormtoci dIitoMioo will ibacotforlk sea". Rud(:By~ Lu~s.arder cl flua J. HERBtIERT. Baciotary. lIVEPOO VO1T(JNr Mtla ar.Aur KaET, June 9. 1.10(tot hO oct lodg, a, Uorlt 221 rom .stilooboy. I h gotomof he n-orb rr3 tt ksrra, of which· 03 ibrou l 1.81. pep tnb. Tia pr·*Fio. 01 6i~·. u~...Agad tss~ wa soptrtoncadf.rn co 'Qo4# tltnPadcutatalro o oiar- tulroehe ".liIW~d li ABtos.0.:IS uoaio.wotolo afwu h S~ldItias sol SIagiay~.ih ors aoc C;ot nls*pink lh.78a8; 8 obl o wn4, · 1 rJ IL· .14103l tsr.P i rEPL(AiI IANAV-FiV.Jaduicil Diweiet Ceart-Joob Mato ry bCiaoeditors, No. t38. of the peitlo*Wo proertj bava~ bbeen h!the Court, far aloeb b lu toffhsC hoei roil that o :,eetiog or said Creditorta pfilce of Wm Y Lawir, e'q. iwearo robihi, M, th,)t a3tljaoto 111 o'cioclsAu, for mc a lbho all Indircta put:eerogo ood property are nr nyel. Ch O4es Maa r, e, Judge of Cutti mp lrtaus andgg as Judge~ of of the- im=able AM TUVTO. LIWI$ Dlepult Clerk. at tie dliitriot do ~remtier distrip dhll~re. Ar B M TOcxiY coaa Vgh aiaorhro-No. 1 o&7 en faCt Bed oa' £1. ot dehi CA qo'abe annmaklbe dendito ultnoa u fl u ge nag da Hin. Y N lepdi ae59 ourant, 10 heo iar ii, abn bu aWaite dodit p(=titigaairo, #ten at ikrp~~rbtbt~ttt arretOeo o rle.. Cimarlco Mootrbe, Joge ýe 1t 'Cao" ugre ddeat roar :ii1 r N O. LEWIMS, lp. Gra . njg r4MWOLENANS& SiRVBP.YILLE RAIL JIUAIl WMr111PANY IlIafiO on Nbw York at 'o mii sty oy dcalo nato, ho namo to owel ay. J:o t H' CALIIWbLt, untoh let Nlow oero aeiht ale atot tonne., INo. lit B4lel It ae Mm. J C ada tr ee..,ý`. t j~ ' ýý $ J P 7111NEY M lri 3t'/ aswsa tqulM. rt gentle, PA U o *163 BOLD. hilt in !NW ORILEAV M Dr M · mitten SATURDAY...,..... JULY 3l, 1838 were; Shaw's kElcoU toral(.-We have now the official returns of sIhdvotes from the parishes of Ouachita, Cold- ermpl well, and Cotahpoda, for Governor. They stand what thus: Romsn. Prieur. gues. Oachiti, " 160 1686 ali Caldwell, 30 100 CEthouln, 76 22 as te 620 6e s estee, Prieur's majority, 2 silly According to the intorplete retlurns from thon vaoni: parishes, which we publilhed on Thursday morn ing, Prieur had only II majority, when by the official returns be hast2; making a difference of men II votes in his favor. Deduct these from Governor tit Romen's majority, in the state, of 835 as given in Witt our test, and he is elected governor by a majority toes, of (04 votes over .Mr. Prieur. 1ie can vouch for surgi the accuracy of thpse statements, so meet of them ed re are made from the official returns in the offce of well the Secretary of State, and the balance from eye authentic returns received since tile election. cott The final result setnds thus: reed Governor A B Roman, 7565 tnor Denis Prier, 6741 lish Total number of votes polled, 14,306 snr I - the Governor Ro.atn'e majority, 8424 O . rcti..a We are authorized to stare, thate nee tsheta Hfliair, mey., the new Senator elect from heg a Is~a bnervslle, declares. he is not a loco' -, , foci in polities, but that lie is decidedly in" favoor of ru a National Btank, evenl to vltrus tnlg our Senators tiot in Con'gress to v.te for one forthwith. We make to this explanntion with Ipleasure, as Mr. Hiriart is an no experienced mlemher of our state councils, having eve also been a nmembeir ti the state conventttion, in re 0, 181i, and now hollitllg sound political opinions, qe has it in his Iower to "do the slate some service." not The experiment our Consul, at Liverpool, is a, maiking, of an iron steamboat on a new plan, aend d Si which vse some tithe since gave a detailed sc- is fo 'odt i about being completed. The following is seI e ,n tto!ut of a letter Irotn Mr. Ogden to Mr Ih s l- Gidwellson te suntjest. The whole coal of the ti machinery is estimated at about $10,000; and Mr. Ii " Ogden is .xcredingly sanguine of its entire sauc. ti Scase. ul "....I am not at all driven from the fste ponitiotn Ipr took in the q.uti son, tlhat steam as o pritme at at however elsuieiolt, sttd however profitable for river T test navigatiton and for short voyages, could never be or sD mode to ply for long once. Whitle s as aattrlioary op nothing could be more advantageous to navigation. v The subject his occupied my attention ea0ly and it of late, antd I have made expensive experimtents to c Irtest the value of an invention, which beyond a t tede; doubt will effect tile desired object. I have not d co5 time now to g lfurther into the particulars thtan sate you will have I arned front the papers I have sent you, and ae tler bh.t I have built ("f iron.) will be anon tried i tile course ofa forttnilt, it would not be A worth while to anticipate when I can se soon oay I "q· uit e~al deonutrlandum.'t SI-had an oppoUtonity, when Captain Ulovetil ote ship, the Star, was in the gmtoing dock In, aslke Slher neasurements uodside 4slld in rile result oel tIt which wa sthe periect conlviction on tw hicht I woulet etake imj life, that with the engine I ams putuing I oees en board my small oesw, the weirht of twhicll with ttbut holler, water and all complete, will not exc:teld tro ea- 10 to 1 tens, I sun drive that ship upwards of six theue miles on hour, with a cossoilmptio ofli from tiro to on three tons' ot csll per day. 1The space ocerrpied to be the alter hold from sthe Ilizzles Illtv, oit Inter Stleriog in ter least with her aehin or betweein decks tous except where its chltlley iicois Ihou'Jght irntseri seet,. as:ly forward ol ttie lllizzell Illrtst. iThe two .anl 1 till eke, A runnas oaf to reumllllOn e withl tl engine room, Brsoo giving it thei btnelit of the two qlnftetr Satins I c:winltows, and to be used for tile berthi of tihe Were e grtfeere&c. &e . 'I.The wheels are through eachlr tphrlse. seasn, quarter, will he six feet in diameter atrd may be Ise thrown in sand out of sear at pleasure, so as not to arend, imnpede the way of the ship when the entice is not in use. I will soon be ready to put it on btard the first slheNE ship that I can proeure to take it. I feel pcrfect colnfidsence in Ithis nundertaking, and the advalntage rt, and will be such as to supercede steam as a prime towter . o; for sean lging vessels. As soon as lay boot starta l 0Male, will give you the re.ultr. Untited State Untlak Stuck we sallitg at New " York, 13th July, at 119. .)llarkelt. The late news had lmade no change in P eutton in New YurL. Maony stocks aere lower. Several late arrivals at New York frbm Liverpiool and Havre, furnitih dates fromt the f,rmer of the 8th and the lalter of the 9th June, but tlhe newelis of little imlportance. The .oles of ratonll were vary large, say 17,194 bales fromt the lot, at an advance of i a centimne. At Liverpool, the business in cotton had been large from the Ise, but within the last day or two the demand had diminished, and a det Ine in lower aend middling qualities of 1.8 lhad been expersenced d A public dinner has been tendered to 1Mr. Webster by hislia friend in Daston. lies.mptlin ref Specie Payments. -Gov. Ritner, of Pennsylvania, hea ieaued his proclamation re quirintthle banks in that state to resume apocie payments in full l of all their notes, on the thirteenth day of August next. Pennsylvania )tas passed no law legalizingt the'supension of spe~ie paymt:nts; it is therefore presumed, that any bank which does not resume will render itself liable to the forfeiture of its charter. Taie banks of Philadtlphia have agreed to settle all halances between themslv n the litsat ot August; and alter that time no interest will be paid or received by any of themta for balances due by one to the other. 2Tic Fudgico J.teadic's once more.-The anony mouu pamphlet of these meet heritable gentlemen . takes great pains to falsify the account of the eoperation as given by us on the 17th April, but, being unable to disturb the main fuets, bestows all its suphistrv otn a silly attack on minor details, and descriptive matter. which anon but a fool or a I phlysica woulo question. Whoever the poor petti. Sugger'i,, who was hired to mould this rubbish into f*.rm, he has been so sadly put to it for ,na" teriule that he has filled page on page, and pro u cured formal ecrtificates toesanhlish the astounding fact, tlhat the Semineole touna is not pure Englisn; w and has wasted a vast quantity otf rhetoric to prove i that the squaw was not brought woin the wilds of L Florida, by ahowinc that two of her Ihirty-four, i years,, were pasad in one of ia little towns! a Jfiru1e.lfdiael. He thinks to identify Dr. Leaeuber, in with the writer of the article, beOause he sendsl ar vouchers that peroe his important aoaertioun . true! and that he must necesarilly e that wciter, him L self, because be proclaims the report of the cotn,. at ittee "ta tissue of Ilalehonda Such Ilgieal .[ reasonings fitly emanate from the enlarged capa city ol one accustomed tole lotr milk scures in a at pseish court, bot happi ly can deceive no one but i' ilitelf. The document called "Freeman's cer toe tafieCss is enough to stamp the pamphlet as a , mass ot uumingled falsehoods. It is purpusely nlids ti spp e tht a the oy* agWo sihed tti o to a still in the saployment u MrAt. Shaw, front whlte ship, It lipi he preotekd to hqvj heard Words which that faotsn gentleman net only"Itt }pdenio"eres published by I hint in the Btaetid of 'the 1th instant, but rhich Atr Dr. Mabkie, the ehatiraan of the publishing dom the o mitre, was aware were titally false before they Bay S were put in print! Bat Freeman is nta in Mr. and aI Shaw's employ, nor was he when hir signed this Mazel certificate which another dictated. Why he was the hr tempted to Ivoe his statre, by wheth, and for placer what purpose, a man of sense can give a shrewd barns guess. Would any but the most hackneyed in Louit malice, resort to measeuresho utterly beneath con- e temp'. Yet the irabesile atterpts.of such men mest as the leaders of this cospirrey, to injure one so in the esteemed, and trusted bty all but themselves, are.,imue scarcely fit subjects for sanger, since to see poor I oan silly frogs spitting onu their harmless froth, and stem vainly fancyingit as potent to kill an the venom of this. toads, has ever been a thing for elildren'to laught publ The Spanish sage had not more reason to ex- rtm, f im, '-save me from try friends," than hate the fore memniers of this physico-medico society, in rela- he t a tine to their hired scribe,the pamphlet writer.- odin m Without thinking how hard he is treading on their ty oes, tlsfrietndly .scribe asserts, that publirhine T or surgial cases in newspapers is 'a practicee purme- hte s ed only by quarks and nostrunt mangers;" which to e of well weighled opinion of course passed under the a gi t eye of the worthy chairman of the publishing committee, and how must he have winced as he ved read-it, for never were the withers of a galled jade ord snore cruelly wrung. This worthy chairmtan.purb- via lisher,-be it known-is tire sole and individual hay scribbler of morepaf"e published by us, than il rp the memb'ers of the faculty put together, save only con one, and when Iris lucubrations became too nt.- ed tas nerous and top prosy, are even paid-no, no, we me om hbeg his pardon, he did not pay, ha never does pay thi ner -but lhe offered to pay for their insertion. It in Va rof irue that these ulorificatlons were all on opera- an ra tlione performed by the very man he now attempts tke to villify, for alas! the worthy Magnus Apollo had an no sucefttul cases of his own to puff. LBut how. lt ing ever this candid anti sincere M D may note de pin preciate newspapeer plutting, as the practio ol Fe ans, garcltsand nostrrun mongers, he once thougLt it, r.r not only a suitable means for making known a th surgeon's skill, but, a capitnl method of flattering to e a eareful father ;.tto consent to marry iis rich le snd daughter, ahem! Nopperny a linereould be more Ft e d' irtdefntianble in newspaper paragraphs, when they ht i a served his inteesat, and Iha ine written more ohif tlr tham than any, save only the Bohbbadil of his at the tribe, whose puffs have hitherto rivalled tlao'. of a Mr' high pressure hbount. Newspaper puffin,,-why I1 saU the whole of the iphysieo-.edienl club are a rerg- E ular set of puffers. Who was it, when he arrived f lan I penniless in Loussiann, gladly accepted the situ k eter anion of 'Leechl" to a plantation of negroes at river Terre au beeuf, anti who, when the Cholera broke I er be out in 1832, pufltd himself in the newspapers for q liary his wonderful success in treating.this diseaseo- ion. Was it the recent mover of tile grave resolution f and "that it is ilmoural, ege·notlemanly, and empiri its to cal" to sunfer praise in a journolnto go uncontradie nda toed If so, is he not, agreeably to the pamphlet e not doctrines, a quack and a nostrum monger? We then believe, however, that he did not plff his three sent weeks labor as house surgeon to the Charity flos ill he pital,-silence is sometimel wiser than words. ot be We have not yet heard that Ire hat "'put his foot soy, on the neck of thse bloodrhounds," aecording to prtomise:--hs ho forgotlltn the threar,--or Duel', have the unnomnnered Dot.s taught him not to ,trae bark no Iroudly, sotil he knotws ie couild bite? uit of Whu was it, so loudly puff d in all the papers an would opcraoirn perforloei upon the negro Nelson, for sting Iypertrophy ol tih Scrtttulm? and not conlen' with with paragtrhs, lsed pietures, too, to puttl his trort wondroous wthl VWas it rr rihe great rerording of six secret-try of this prfrl, trdi sorirty? If su, is tno ti - o he-agteearblyto th, ,Illa (rro tf ithe pamphlet uiet to writer aflri the prllilisritu co Itliele-a qr altrk and nter- ntttrut t Mngerr'? -trely the rttle mustt work decks uike lot .arit vid,"a. If tilt wtrtity surgeo., ini- snldertn cerlille.te C so clearly proves that smal le t)e .n.ll.h worl d .,'' is not to le foundI ( room, it the .Slllll i lCll Cl ttnlrv naos by plltret .ri c llll d rI pullerd in the papers for payitn frotU h.s rtf rte trarI tira t he daild y Iin :kr lt money of tthe C:iharily S i slr tital and thus, like a s:trdy oatis, blearing ea h t huge establisnellntn upon his shoulders, a ny he quack a-rd iretrum ttmonger? s anotherlmember not to of the publishing eomtrittee, also among the is ntrt quarks, trecaere though he pufrfs no great medical easr-, (ilor, very sumlcirent reason) yet, when it ha first comes to puling a new theatre to profit his neigh. prrfect burinrg lotsa ,r .rks like a locomotive? The first nttn"es rpufif of this breeze sent runaway Painter flying, tuoer but tlre list of muedieal pullffre would streteh as tar startl tre ":Ianyou's i.uree" should we show them all. Bat enou.h has been said of them, and their dirty deeds. IThIe pamphlet says Dr. Luzenbhrg's card at New "is aatamped thrlughout with malice, falseoloour low cunlning, hypoerisy, and calumny,"-hut we feel assured enough hltr been already aehwn to ntge in prorve that tie tri'ng of epilhels is more c'mrnac wer. teristic of the society itself. It evinced its "mral. ice," by rejecting the resolution to receive Dr. Lu verpool Zanberg's resignation, not being content without, of the at least, trying to ruin himr. Its "falsehoodn is newsis suliciently proved by Campbell's signature to the ecommittee's report. Its "low eunning," in the iii ere ineakinit,epyinzg, visit to the squtnw at the bar. et aru racks. Its ularnrg "hypocrisy," in arlTcting a wish to ju Ighethe matter fairly, yel taking no steps d betn until the patient rans remloved far away: and Ior Sor rwe its "canltny,--thle disgrering array of picked up i lwrer itales, and irrelevant twaddle, would disurace ary rened |otherset of old women at their provilegd employ of tea-table sa lndial. [IloNO STIsFIED. We learn that a dlel tlnk place yesterday between Capt. Clark ofIthe schr. Lne, and Mr. Lecort, the vigilant and ndomni, table prize master, put on Ioard of the Lone when site was captured by the French shipLaurier. The challenge was drawn Iin rom te gallant Frenchllman who fell his hmor highly offendled at a reply on the part of Capt. Clarkt, of an article of his published in the Courier a few days since. The weapons werepitols; altor tile second Ineffectual hntt,thle friendsof Ml onsieur stepited lorwart and annouare: ed that the honor of their friend waco ýperfectlv satisfied. The blunt Capt. Clark,. threr, imust be some misitake, requested his seends Ito load again, "I'll give it to him the next time, for I'm inlmproving."But his friends inlornled him that he must bring thenllo answer a call, he had noth ing to may. Now we ask Capt. Clarke's pardnn,Lot lie neled very foolish to fight k is quondam prize master; for in retaking his vessel he did his duty; and in the newspaper discltasion ceammeanced'y Monsieur Leeoet, he had all the advantage. He abould not hbarve fought. Well prepared.-The Daily News (Cin.) sa.s "the editor of this paper expects to be extensively cowhided in the course of the day." If disabledt to write Ifor his next slleet Ie has provided oan efficient suhetiltut. The Cincinnati Wnttg makes an eloquent com.! plaint against the young bletds of Ihat city for we arI ing glovesr at the theatres in tile eveninrg,and is en tirely at a loss to find out the reason. Did it never stria e the editor that it might he to preerre their bloodel If he were himself hall as much troubled as we are with anuqouitoes he would Ite' glad to write his editorials in kid, and goodthick kid at that. Missouri State link bonds haee been sold in the r. East to the amount of $140,00.1 Col. Saml. L. Knapp, familiarly and favorably known as one of the beat writer in the north, died at flopkington, Mass. on Sunday tIhe 8th instant. Singular SalagKe.- The ship Nathaniei l HIoper, Capt. Fielding, Irom tlavana, struck on Nantucket sheals lat week, and whille captain and crew were gone to Nantucket for assilstnce site drifted iff, with a fair wind, and was reported a total wreck. Site was fallen in with by the brig O,ive, and schr Climan, 40 miles east by esuth of Chatham aild brought in safely to Buslon. ecvcn melt wer pIut In tbril httt..a. tii were$eS14,,+O insured tin ship, freight aud earpo, the salvage wmU be a little fOftrne for these ltoky dogs. Across tle b kc.--Therflb Swilr, ttst O hio the arrival of th 6 o'ineck cars this mo'ning for Bay St. Louise, Pass Christivn, Biluxi,PsaecgulnIa, and slall other waterioc places in the route. The She SMnzeppo, or the Ounhlit', leniaes on the arrival o Sthe half past 12 train, ttochin. nasi ot the above Trr r places en routle to M1lsile. Andl the South Al, st bnmarn, Knight, leaves at 4 P. MI. frr Mandeville. Tyt aLouisburg, Madison, Cevington, &c. thi z-"We are mrwih pleased to find that several lenst respertable members of tihe ?frfnesainn sent Tor Sin their resignation to rhe Physicr, Medicl Soriety , L immediately on tithe apponrounce of their pamphlet. r If any one thing more tltrn othcers could .p'ace the e d stomp of reprohation on their proceedingo it i0 me this. These gentlemno'feel in common with the as: I public at large that the Society has done its la utmost to dlisgrace the profeassiun, and have there. O t fore promprly withdrawn. T'his example should di he followed until the rlique are left alone in their Ft 'odium. . S The terns on whicni Marbrtll Soult token amt . honttse in London, 51 Portland PI ee, bring his rent n h to over $4000 a month. Pretty expenlive toy, is ie n girl's coronation. ? The Cireuis thriving greatlyr ond most deser ve redly. The entertainments are of the very fire' de order, and the secotlroatollolens nightly impro h- ving. A number of iour most respelctable families po jot have vrsited the place within a few evenings, and ore all exrpressed themselves highlyl delighted: the only nly complaint wes have heard-if such it can be eall n- ed--in het of having really too much for their we money. Thie horesomanship, the slight of hand, - pOy the fearts of astrength, and the feats of foetr, by t is Vail with his trarrc, are atore enterrtaning than tt- any we have witnessed inka Circus for years. pt SEVEN DAYS LATER FROM FRANC,. lt had The packet ship flurgundy.Capt. Rockett,from - ow. ilavre, or the 8th rJUne, has brourhrt U paperse to the 7thi, and Hore papers of her dar of sailing. ' de- Our principal merchnnlts meet terday at Messrs. ti Sol Ferrera & Mhlorlot's to hear the rport of the con. ait, pny wltichl propancs to es'a.,lish as soon as pos- qu aible tie rcgalar Ilte of soeam vessels between Sthis port and New Yorlr. The measures alrenlady ring taken to ensure the Prompi execution of this plan leaves as no doubt ul tile surccessa of tlre euterprize I rir whilch unites iq tasfavor nill thesymp'lrhies of the nore French corstmercial eontmunity. We are satified he rrey beforehand, that zenal will not be wanting to the e establishtterrt rf the projected line, as thie neces- i 0 l( sity seems to be evCrytwhere felt of maintaliing his an opposition against the lite which our neigh bors have already set ot irrt.--Jorrr. du Ilaere. ofa PARIS EXClrtANet, 7thL Ju.le.-Five per cent, why 0,9 109, 109,75; Three per cents 110, 15, 80 rBalk ol Frarce 2790; Bank of llrvre 1 I 0; Lanflte srarecs Ig Of 1000f. IIL0; shares of 550001. 5440. Nnplels t rived fulds 99. Srpanish Activr 22 I-4. tockso r oiall situ kinds are low today. Tile Five per cents are at dr SI 109r80, and thre 'lThree per cents. with the coupon cut ei today at 80. The Lafitte are the only etoeke a nrrke in whticht there ts san advance. The induelrielt are Sfor que.n ,June 4 -The wnrt rf mrneay which has Ie0- existed in tire Erllis Srtork Market ror the loost ution four days has not decreased, bur, on the contrtlryr has extended itself to thie Foreign, where a scarcity hiri- has been felt teday. In tlhe Englishl Market the.e radie- is scarcly ally alteration of rrorrEnlrt frr the pricer. ,pht ,usol for toney left olfrat 947-4 sellers, sad 95 7-8 sellers for the tacount. We LoNoon, J ue 7 - C,rsols have been during the three mornrino at 95 1-2 1-4 for the Accorrt; Rll.eouedl s done at 93, at presrent 937-94. Exclrqrer Bills ( li0, 67, 70. ltndJa Irrads, nethmng doing. Hllak ids.- Stock 204: Indiarli Stek shut. foor In thr F,reiun Markt' Sp:nish in the early part of the day, dI 71822 1108 with Corpr ti; i to Portuee rather Ilwrer, 32 112: Thce Irer ctlls. r,-ror I2I 2t; ter'ozilint 1,0 112 to 'lrrec tLo.r Ck--CrriOrlr frrr ,'crrlrirn, 15 II10. Sto Advicsr Irum l drld hna r r 27thI I1i. II:li. Vor. ionr- re.orr tsc of r hr teli neti.l ru whit' i b. i's I ,.. et ar t v ailamor thc irlnaih ir tn ithe csr1.r tnvi't' e. n.or'Thr lnrror qrrcaotrrrtr rI Iot y..r i.1rtIr, ·'i ·I; .rl t$rte erri r~~rcr'r rlrrr lrc o !' a~ r ' 21 r iirtl 'li trier onrro' by tihe of lt.,hlctCht r I r,'nr'riirr ir i tf is Alh a(dn c.,lo n ctra toruly Iv,', v, rs hlon ter, would gi'e a Iiew turn rt, tht. lle;llS el liott ' s lhe ' llllll .. rdin t o n thA irr tor r r tr ir l ' h t .fi le ,i ris o t 0il ~,rna lera llr n drivistr n o 'rr:n n ,n'i ,nti ir Co'or ' Iie o 'l".s·. 'r trl 'lla. at (or, tIuI l h ,,i' n 'hiet ,,n,,,,ng himslIlI:?) ·fli erls l and·~41`11) men!1 I)r Plne e , lrd sih. til, heiss i 81i horses i lrt, ,slernl (.llrril-i n+s lleille ll the , ateRl . 'T'bu CIhnII,+'*, \ .:·r,-! billeted tlrrrrr tr rita rtw nl th, r ,li, , as, I arge ns w le tihe nflrlek was iliadespi[)n1 t[,e al bv y ,,[~ it "rtirnwrrtchfl n hra rrtr. i' trrr'do rr itt 'ciO rrini " forr nr e r rr e l al rlisi Chie'st itreli.'trtr'i . ri t , Ot'' frhad beeIt n batr ll r illn t. t rrs tl· Iv trI'-iOls ia fny," I l \' da s prt'vlnll y.llV iro C the rCrlists ttifet, Zarienterri innd i, ei ,r . edlr eto rlrrVe r lr nl c lndelmlr t1 r alh er tlrlr 'Jt th tri y I tie Catrlier Cnuncil of \Var ritiany at .\riloiza. Heit was ilgt llr t that their tlia Curir wr.'hrr l r leri l to ler, a ea geeral revolt agalinst Di, Carltr in Navrvurre.- rerrrtrer Zero gter stract of a letter from lcrlilt, rlted 30th ntr.: atTlre rllrtal personnges asselntblel here ihave gone odical on the 28tr to Postldarn, but the eoltere.ncn it be rlhen it held trarre han beent defrred "i accout r the iitir n reighr. arcel of lthe Prrtce uolf ttrae, which al parsi to have given to thle rlleting a political claractur IIt e10sdid not pireviouslv ipossess. lie retorts of th ying Frcnch journali as to the illtentior at PrFus i to So tar py Ithe same part itl ernfrclna the surrender ol em all. Yanlou and other strong places itn Belgrumt, whlclh France took with regard to Antwerp, are not cred. Sdirty it'd here, although no doubt is entertoined itha 's card the combined Cubiners will display tire s.lrn firm" rioorr. ness towards UCclgiuo that woas shlwlt ltder si hut me tiler circumrtaoces towards tlrollnd. FROM ENGLAND. The pocket ship Toronto at New York brings Lonldon papers to the3d ud Pnrlrsootlth paper of the 4tl. Statment of iate Bankr of ingland up to Jay 29. b Liabilitiee. .dosets. Circulation t 19,018,000 Securities £22,648,000 Deiposits 10,786,000 Bullion 9,806,000 29,804 32,444,000 There does not seem to nnve been any move meint in thie iloney murket since tlhe news by tile (rleut hVeesterrr. Macrshl Soult has eng.a ed to po lifteen hun dred gtin'sas flr tile Iouuevo, 'J Portlatne.; lsace, the 00e of which lie is to have durin;r lthe space ef right weeks, aned to expend three hundred pouuds in decorations. ulrndon is overalnwlin with company. It is a mlatter of exceeding difficulty to proucure a house or Idgdinri; and never, perhapns, were so sany l carriages so be seen in the streets. Yet, amidst all this overflos, the tradesmlne still eonrplanr that little rm oley is srirming. Vrom N. Y. Express, July 13. Since thel adjournment of Congress, and otha consequentlll certainy Ihat that bod canll do no more nrisctief, tihe spirit and coumsereial feeling o businees nlen begilts to recover, and where it notr l tlhe oppressive hot weather and the general languor attendrnlt nr a hflt of 90 degrees and up wards, we have ieo lrut thr,, wou'tO be qunte a rt;ival. Arit is, three hbanking irstitutions that we have ilu.ded to Ielow are rapidly udvaneiOng. Tr theue may bbe added thie B1ranch nit the Ultoed Starts Boank, smaking a fourth, and which will be int operatioin quilts e si ,n as the itthers. 'iThe fol len Iing are the prlteculoa t thl v.arious instit.u Frnst. There is thie great establishiment which r i is intendd to increase o snore 30 or 40 mllions. Itr Iias trwo ltilliolr already suhseribed, rlld will clmmlence uperauins wiih this sure, anid then elslarge. T'hLe Second is the Mer:haoic:' Aesnciariun. This company will proiubly he oreatlnld first. ST'he directnrs, twent)-olle inll nerlllll, rt arlready chosen, stock subhesried, nlid ueely tlin is ill a itr cay of cslllenr iulll'll ir e Thlrdo is ein ioasrintion ofI Dry Mrer It celnlt nrd Grocers, together with Ltrge r Eutal i ,ts. I' e trrallt e are. alreadyo Tile Florta is tihe Uiterd noole, I!r., eh, h)icr h will be undler the Iprncipal CntroIl of 1moris Rr bineon, a gentlerman whoi probhly cnlllinler a treatdr degree of colidellce and banking tgape. tsienSee, th.a tit of ally othrier individual. r This is Paeket day. The rate of Ex:rhanteo is it fixed at o10il i2 lo Londoni. This i+ a sh.le Iewer s nn r by the ias: packet. No ale lt anl tn l FI'.tF es T'lhe 'll u ollll busin ess dune was Iquie hiurited. S [CosI U LNuIATCEII. To Boarding louse Keepers and other chOritu i ble Iad*es. AN Il£PItST'I'R-A young tman iof slender Msln e Is gollg the reruda tev)illrn contrlbhusvious on tile iuLnrie, detailing a dre-lnrton sir U1ln ll k his iserloriner, lie visited the Ireuse of .MLadaie d Page rr Thursday night, where Ie uobtained food and a bed, and a collectin amounting to tll dsll. luar was raiee . atuug thie boarders, but as there wn-,e llie heeirttuln ill givIllg hslil theum urillrrtl ascertaining the trurh r tile story--uending the ellnquiry, hei cleared out. Last evening, F'Idtsr, he visited another house, with tile smte tle where re hie was Iortunate ill gettlng somee om:ll rel-i-.- , No doubt he has or smay make tris visers general, o. of which people not already lripose.O upon, should be lon ther guard. a . IVII KEY, Flour and Po k, in store for tale by Sut. i DOUKSEY,,l NrewLuvec. POiT O(IF NEW ORIIIEANS. CLEARANCES. I Slilr Orleans.tleari, New York, I Asme tid Ship ncitus, nlel, Linverpol, G m P etno hd eolr Triulmhll, te;lne, tarP s, I m J Z n.charle &o t he B Chr Wm & Mlnry, Taylor, Key West, D Manaton ' Behre S oente r, (nylord. B, esn. 'ul ryan ed Schr John Allye, Smith, New York, 3 It Ahhbrirlle t I dloap rlLrre tlie, ir.Hount. lBton, tie ARRIVAIS. TBrhoat Shirk, Thmaes from then Paertl towed Io oea ship Rienzi, brigs lllre Cttle. and altho, lehrl Tiger, cid Alertn; Iaronlhi up Ihip Caledonia, leit Cora, Iad Alfred Tyie;c lIet the NE i'eal t 7' oal'nk A M. Towboat Grompus, Annhles, from the Pastses temeo s he shis Ellfn Blrooksh, lnd Ronbert Ptifonl, hrit l['gihels Ahly. J nd Omhar; brousht up schip tnracen. and schr Ilenry; loft ithe ptwen OThurindy at 11 A M; one brig in sight, nothiln in the rieer. Towhoat Hud.on. Linel, f t n the IPate toweerd to sea hipl Elnglo. end tMoatletlier, brig Caltharein. ehr. l Depr-a cl, Lyda, end Henry Clay; broughte up hip Btiegleltz,-bril AlplN, and Hlnrrictl Bminerd. sehre We Reed, Pantaloons ndl Siler; lei the iar nn the Ith tB o'ctockl I brigend La ecnr i 0 tie oing, enothing ane in the trier. in Shi p Stieglet, Glbhon, from Liverpool, to mster. t Ship Saracen, Dneroenl, from Liverpool, t SJune, to the manter. Shillp Caledonia, Coffen, from Georgetown, D C, to J A Merle & so. l ti Corn, Cnrter, 30 dlays m New York, to master. s Brig Alfred Tyler, (rponter, 31 days from toston. ed BrtigSisler, returned in diotreeo. having ullshted her rd der in attemptinf to go dowe under s Al. Brig Harriet Bron Prd , ble, 28 days from Chrrluton, to r r FlGnhl. Brig Alpla, Thomas, 7 day from lelseal, to e Gron eg t & eo. j Scr PEnltrloon., SBnders 25 daye from Baltimore, to thea mister.Ie. S Enhr Wie Reed, Nichols, from Wicceaet, MPaine, to the mater. S chr Honry, Clark,7 dy tefrom Mtagerda. Sienmer Echo, Braher, frns; Ciancinati. Steamer Ilannibhl, Sosely, fiom Louisville. Steamer Brinan torsleem, Griffin, fromn Shrvesport Srenmer Levenet, Ledrent, froem Byon Sren. Steamer Wm Walaue, J Ha il fromm Mobile. lTShiliSARACENeCettteit Durenauxfeont Liver-. en pool; is nmo disnehrghrg olpositethe Vceetlale Merket. Coitslgnrae will please take out Iliir pelmits and Id ottolndto the rceipt of their goods. y jy21 S & J P WHITNEY, 8 Conti st. " TILNE & PORTEII BOTTLES-i-50 gross wine, and 100 gross porter battles, for sale by it HOLMES & MILLS, _jvy| Batik Alley. COTCi AlE-7 ceasks Sconth le, (quat. and Spintsl) br sale by HOLMES & MILL', In jyt Raltk Alley. Cl ARPEiNTBER'J 71j l Exr-act-J'-.dapri J and all olter Carpenter's Prenunllua s, received jvt n cor Tclllrnrlpr llan n & Naictel et s. 1 l[lltý print of ireonh fl nr to-day is $, ,iO per bbl: so. l cordinlg nto the tariff, tle hlkher eltll gLive dllring trs. te .rnrsin week, (frnlll Mollnly, 103d July,) 41 oullnees . il'ibrend for Ilthil. Brela, of the seeoud qualily is re a.c- uired to wniglh -5 per cleu. leore, vlne 511 nOnuces. en C. GENOIS, Mayor. dy July l. 183:18. en Fifty Dollars Reward. ee I ) ANAWAY about e onet alln go, the Negro lor he ROBERT, beloglig t tithe subscriber. Sail ied boy is between C3 ad 14 years of age, elime built, teot ire vere dark, cued very intelligenc; speaks Engliselh nd a - little Frereh.. Twentv dollaro will be paid for his eapprelrestleent AU that i ca glet.him;; or fifty dollars if ll teasuer out of 11I1 ctatl, e onpplieainon te tcp DELAHOUSSAY1,c ". jy21-4t Frileourr i.nieyeeltc. Its, 'NVw Orleats & Carrnllton Rtailway. n T LOPOSALS will be received by thie undercigned es itnti lliSturrday, 28lth, fr ita er eetionoof 2 two is. atort iluuses and Kiltlole, nre llnkettilitll't S.hno, on .ll Ciltre Iouae, one Stnble fur 23 ihursten, I0 by 20; ned ert deiCurlltt Hotea.it40 v 13. pun Plais and Spcrifi.ealione cann be seen o napplication ekeat itha office, corner Poydres and Ilaronue streets. cn ypl GEOIGE MERRICK. T h.TTERL PA PER.-J unst rnniced front tihm trandy. len wine Mills, 6 ecases supnrfine blue letter paper, ,191 some rvery low priced; 10 eases superrle whitie letter c a1pper, do; 2 canea thin pink letter paper, 4 eases super c r!tnl packet post large size; 2 eases superfine letter ity eassortied olorsl al.s superfine ectavo assorted colore; tee for sale, wrlleeleal and retail, bv D FELT & Co, ccc. New York Stationers' Hnll, end jyll 24 Chnrtres street. FO ItENTI-oPesoesioo given immediately, the - ltone on the Both Rail Road near the Lake Share. The two Pavilioon in Batil, near the New Ilt Orlells sadl Nashville Rail Road. Several Rooms in at ite Car Ilouse of the Both Rail Road Comnpany. For A tie particulars apply to It IIONNABEL, A jr21l .rier Natchez k Tclnolpitoulas sts. Joll iTO ` rN R I'NTlTho use endoGa rn tde oittg lobyte C SAcadelly, ol' Tivoli Circle contuining sit roomse with kitchen, pantry, and oat-rlsesie, &cE Apply to JARKVIS & ANDREWS, jy 21 corner Tlehotupitounlas & Catotnon stroetesr, T IIILLARK ItEWARI). d) ANA\WAY frol tle subscriber, iteen days ago, Jul 11. tllp Negro. Girl I.UCY or LUCINIDiA. Sre is s.troul and ell builtl, speaks Ellglies and some broken Fe eru1t11"h; h2r ski ir not v'eryrlark. Sle was owred by Ir. 'I'eouol, Iheu by Mlrs. Clark, in Ioydlas street, Fr . .ll, tlhl her toJ her present llmater. Sne has breet see five+t',vs agoI ill tl:e eloer part of tei city,n and be Sumlv be'ot," laot Ohel cxpotlrlel[ile tlieoleld, ilt Ia brick tarl, Ierr" itlithe lore rronll. H IIONNABEI, le Sjycl cartier Nurallh e altrl Tlzlnlitiho I .te, I CAt I blIl Ol)-II0 tkeee ertperiue ertiele, itl In tis I sahpping entre anuit Psant Pe. by UI lORF , jyel 4.1 New Levee. IIISK: l IllllileY--li lt t.le -a r iled, Cii orte, for . al 111 ho I"tAIi Y, .jv'ýI 41 New Laree I g e meI'F 5 t ibs rectified E tiulkey tarenel S l'ru,nl 0 ilrnbtat lh llnihal, I;''. do, inl store, fir .Iylt by I.hlA E. & AMNEI.UNG, y 17 Coulne'r e streetlo d k.ltnN -lDES--75 bloti batcn nidnt el r sate, I) f. irse I:y LAtY'I'l & AMEIl.UNSO,W ,. li '1 17 C1ni .n roe street. 1 ." p vpi RU tl in1'ale , P arent Puip Syringes, aid Slo,nb PnilePnu s, a i l l of the mt iprovd de criplion, received by the s uberibers. Aloe, Colognle W\omte t Ilal 01of Columbia, W.rds e Hair Oil, Fine ltli, Naoil and WTllh Btrulsea, e . &r. j~yLr SICKLES &e Co, 411 Canlo l streot. SNec, Arraagenlgans for Sundays. N1 N\V ORLEANS & CA RROLTON RAIL ROAD NOT 1CE in hereby given, that on anld slier the 22d d ly f tle pr.ent inllth, ltle Railwly Cars, on i .nl.ltys, will leave each end of tile road every Aour afier 9 o'clock, A M. intesdofa every otheras leretofore. rrangemoents for rtuning on week days the same as P usanal.' GEOKGE MIFRRICK, F jyl9 ('lief Engineer N. 0 & C. Rail Bond. S130 HIRe.--A Mtalato Wamon, a first rate wasler, l and excellent cok, for a small foaily. Apply to REESE & D'I.ANGE, jyl9 18 Camnp street SIALAGA WIN lE-- woet and IDry li quarter casks andd Indian bbla. Enttlld to debelture, for sale by RREED a) BARSTOW, jy19 NNo Bank Place. 'yABLE SAI.'I't 30 Casein li0 bnxea each: fine ta- 1 .L b'elalt, forsaleby READ) & ARSTOW. 3 july 19 7, lalnk Place. i EACHI BIRANIIY. A foe ibl old peach bntldy 1 lbmrnalel y REAI) I; ARS'OWV. Sjuly 19 a, nlk Ilaece T EMiN SY'RU Ir-]u " ,,, - le. l l fr f LJ sale by REAI)e & I'ieTS1 OV, I July it,, I*,ibk Place. 1 " UBLIC NTI.. E I S IIElItEIbI UIVEN, a II A'I', whlerera* l mY brotler, Docrno James Gratt, . late lof Cholhluita and T1exas, tled in the artmy of Texas, ill tle nlontllh of Mrt, 10131. \VbWhereas, 1. t ler date. o' August 20, of t1e sante year, I)nniel I Taler aaddre ased t lettere trme Fromo Nacogdoeltts, in Texas. acg uitillo tle with his Idhving received my said Birtlhr'sa Will, dated at Bnoxur, liac. Ill, 1035, settilng orel tlrat he; Mir. Toer and ilysell were naned exeli tlirsa. And, waerers, toe snid i'oler entilons ili the t letter albve alluded to, tlat ie had the Will dury regis en terd; uolwilhtiatlding, wrich I hane strong proof tlhat g lie never ihad it pro!,ated; and further, have lounld my it mol anliolls enquiries and exertiona, or tlte last two at yearn, illuicielnl to otlai a itrcopy. Now theltrefura, be it bereby formnnllv known tlhat tile P- aNaid Tte tr Irs nLi a11Rllrity to tmake aly dispoeaitho lif, ,r g We ttllt to, any la nd oIr other prulperty b cloilginl to +lile snt tetit ' y recealedl rothetlor Ioact tin any tlingt g. ulpleraPinlng tlili thre bltlc t tt ll ratit aitigill stlopsd Id towards thIe recovery ofIsalid will,.nld etiull at ienlie b rced to such mearet e as itt my character oa exain l- for, are iow clled for. HUGII GRANT. NiTE--The editors of l'axas newpapcrae nd New hYork Albion oare rateltfully requested to copy this lt dvertisemeat tllree titns slid send tIheir acconlat to Its the oitice atette 'Ir'e Amricran, or to ine ttllhe Sue ill vor's Office, 2d Municipulity.ofNew Orleans. err jey7-1ti ot. ONE IIUNIIREID DOLLARS REWARD S Will be giveon for the apprethenlsoit t fltlmE BUdy EDO)UARD,beluging IUtlr. Alcae Io.unranhte. iSaid bey absouhded IN a from tile Steemboat Columbia, oni her last trep from Texas, and inas been seen ir- lurking bont the markets. Edokirartl is il- r eiiii IbioLLut 4 veers of Uc, 5 feet 4 or 5 nUcet highll rouind fause, tbick hair, mouth rattlier shalrp. Fifty dell d rwllar will lie paid if tuoken i te stute, or tole hloutdr.t - ifla : ioifl ' h sl ain. C ltrai lti otf vea elto or ste l nmbo eta iec tyiiiullleti inot to Ilarbor aild boy. AllpII to F J FOLISTALL & BR)It ER, jrP-tw 3 Front Levee altre'. . . --... -0.q.-.ffffb .-X-i-R A af. rs ANA.WAI on tbe2ist Init,an indented apprete i' t l tritifeoertrrir' trdtle, rnned I rantk ltraket or oe Ilaooer, agepl I7 yeilta, speaks Dutch tlr Eigllsh; had lred iiull whcl Ile "t, a Ilack hult sak or Far white shirt ild r it a iIt; whlite or bile Ilpntauloos. The above reward will be til to say one delivering hIt I to Ire u- luse:riibrr. Ailereona are cautioned agailnst employ= nrg or harboring Iit at their risk. J OTT. ier Jett1-?t ors aNOTICE. I rutNEW ORLEANS & NASIIVIILERAIL ROAD. A Few eCartcLs of Dry Pitlch Inle Wood walet., tll delivered on thie boak ol the New Canal, at thie Rail Rla. dInl Bridgc. Ir Also, a few Car paters, soid mern who t ae lllaeitlltedl SIIwith Sawiing still flcnlaltct rltploymnrtt tnd giood t, ".rges. Apllli lt tlh of tice 'of Irae Cuilalluy, tt hle atcurer aid Ilarunlce tlreets. L) I[OIRE, ers 'e ('th IftCinitao anll Ga n. Sallerinttda I- l INIt; teIt--. Pa.- titne doable barrel gouns i !ta,3 stie, l r satile by S LOCKE & L. pu • jell 22011 levee. 1r I.[ E'--A coremfrlnttb )Dwelling Ilousae in St I Juoelrlp stret, ireteie.n Iih Ctarios and dlaroler Y deti sitrlrc. Apply to jy. JO' 1"'. Court-[ hereby eertifythnr.' the 1 ii day of e, 1838, judgment woe eontetet in this ottrt, it the suine f 18 J oyteot Lueilltt Car et, itS ife i;n the words nd figures tdlowise. t, wil--Nf. 1Itgllt on notion of A itcaurtv, esqt; o.reullsel for the pmito l I and d. shirwing to tle court, tIhIt more thran tie dny had emted nitro tih rtrire ,of th toile htrn,, tohen on the l:t3h lust hy plainiluon deftdiint, udso no ons' wer hao bee, filedtII the same, nlad on furthet dhewinet a to tile rort. that more thIut two years od eloapsed soinoe th rerlitin tof judgmoent fronm bed nod boardi etween the Itrties,nltd no rcontteiliattot bvuing taken r lacer Ietween tile ptarties since the rendition of soin Jndglnent. It is ordered, dijudged nod decreetd that u rgllent of divore ie entered between tile plaintiff W J Bnoyee toll I.ucillan R ar, his wife, r eeordnt g t the 4it seetihl ofani net of thle Lthlb tarch, 18127. E Judgment rendered 9t111 Jone, iit8. Signed, 10lh July, 18.'8. (Signetd) A Mi Blchiannt , Jldge." (Cotntern.ined,) G W Lewis, I)ep Clerk. SIn testiornv whert of, I hoave Ilaento ret ti hannd and affixed the resl of tile said ourr,at the city of New pi Orlaon, no t di hll iny it July, ill tle year of our I.ueldord .tioit t oirh!thlttidiri ,'lh tlirtvterigit, and one tbua1 l in the sixty seerndl ve er of the itdepie aideo ce of tile United States. jy12 P I.E. IlANC, Cletrk. P':ATE OF .tjIANA'--ret udiiui Diu t SCourt--Jnmte Mayfield vs nhin creditors--The session of tihe petitioner's priperty Ilaving been accept ed by Ihe court fat the Ibenefit of his reditors; it is ordered that n meetin. of his said creditors do take I pilaoe at the offier of Wm Y Lewisl,nIt not. publie on I htttredy tite 9th August nextt at Ill n'cie, M, tlr t the purpose of deliberating on tine hfoirs of the sotid petitlonee; and in tile mentttion all jtdiciul proceedings iagiinst hitn persrn and property. as to tite creditors mentnion-d in tile schedule are staved. itBy order of tie comelthin 7th e lbv of July 18t8. jy12 P LANCi fep Clerk. ETAT DE LA LC-,tSIANE-Prettller District Judicisire. JAMES ;lAYFIELD centre set eraneieree.-Le ces.ion des biens du phtitinnsonire nynt 6t6 aneep tie par nla eour nu b6nfiuie des erilnteierr; ii eat ordon St qu'untle anoemblie de os crnneiers nit lieu en i' tdtide do W1m Lewis, noraire publle, Jeili [e 9 d'Aout t10 holitroe i tti tinat, afiti de dflhretr str leas atiiires i dudit pttionnoire; et en c timn temps touten potrsnites contre sa perpoolo et nsejprtprifthe sont nrritites. Itar ordallde ain Cour oee 7juillt 1838. lI2jiilet P LE Bi.ANC, D6p.Gefirter. te v-r E OF LSJUISIANA-First Judicial DIistrict T ourt--Cmssar Delaioursaye vs itti creditors. Tile eredittrs of the ptiitior, Ciesar l)elaheousoye, -nre hIereby nntiied to appear Iefnre tihe Court aforesaid, od n IMondliy the 3810th i'st, t i0 o'clock, A n to show cause, if any they have, wiry sitd petitioner should rot have tie benefit of the laws inde for tie reliel of in "'noveltt debtors in ac:tuld ellsstody. ed y order of the eourl, thin ?th July. 1838. .Ivl) I' lEit NC. I'y icek. -a. 1..-.--a L~AO it nrANF rCur ede D'triet, Pre mier I)istriet JItdicnre. I !It1AR DEI.AHOUSSAYE eurottre eoernnciers. in oJLescrbnteiers du ptitittnt tire, Coner Delolniors rssave, ent p ir leas Iteentres nntifinis d'dvlir n mosptitr nitreievant i, titeooar, itndi le 30i,A II ieuresn uIle - Stin, pour d6 tiire len rismons, ii inis en tonlt,i p-flri.ltel lan ledit pftiltonnnire a'ottiudtlriit ins ie b nn6iieede la lii pour venir no necours des tlbiteuro insoarobles, d6tcnns. Par ordm de lincour, re 2' dejuilietbiit8. Inv Ijttiet , Il iiI .ANC, Oft. Grefier. lOffice of the-- Firemen's IasmremCe Compuny, Sa New Orleans. his rltPE Stockholders of tiis Cmnpanv are hrebhy nosti ifJ fie, thatt tih Third Inosfhnei on their stick will te due ad payable on tlie tilth of Anlgiet lext, at tite office of thie Colmpony, No. 21 Mtsson's Builditgs, ite. Csni ntreect. ivy2 i 1. TRIACY. Secretary. Boairau d'Assurancsr dos Pompiers de In Nouvelle Orloanes. SES Actoxires de eer cianopngnie sunt no1i1tR que L letroestnte nlruaienlt pIur crate s thihs seronIt pnvabales le 10 anot prochai an bureau de lacanspa- s g"'e, No 24, Mainotl Musseoa, I s Canal. Ied 12. Inillet E I. TRAt Y, Seertaire. mea will r nHE subscribers` ave t us day associated them Sselves in burmeses, under the firm of llantay f Robertsone and solicit a continuance of the patronage easerieneed yv RIt. 1 Hanay wlhile conlcting bIlnines inhis own ntlime, as General Ageat and Coniassion 3 ca tRchallt.i ROBERT M HANNAY, BRs 2 Rt)__ ER'I' A REItRETSON. 1IFTY DOLLARS REWARD ir the conviction - of Thief or Thievee.--On Saturday night tle 7tlh ` ilstant, nmy Iren Chest was fireibli broken elorn by some villains and robbed l :tite fIllnwing: Absut twentv dtllars in specie A sall tin Ilox hivg iley natlO on, and containing, - Johln HG atam's ae at 4, Iron 9th Jauiarr, 1837,for , $1011 75 C Cstanes to at n4nth, freer 4tht 609 70 Jaluary, 18;17. for 609 70 tI Ca atlleis iloe tat 4 months, from 1ilth Jsatnry, 1887, far 6011 00 Murtol nd I'Pattra's (ian lilquidaltionl) note at for Gil da.i, frin 2U1th Mity, 18t37, mir 4110 O0 FJulti's Ilhio s cute at ell dayis, lroim July 1150 * dth, 1137, f'o" Feltln and lodier's note at 6,m0 dnys, from Feb. it, 1831, for 1311 1 ,5 - lFeltonuod lntldler'r nle at 4 lontiis, tfeiI'U ll t Flelrillrrv let. 111311, forll I Feltlol Ind Ilorler's rlS at I6 ionriths, lfroti , ,ergn I'PaIlrk' &C, lnire l0day s, fronm 3d Ianry, dl38, for 72297 . Seria i du t bill r ii ll, dated, 25th May, si i had l t lC a sldupa ea trecole d. S 1he 7t, ir Marine nil Pir Ilrsurrane COliauy's tn'i and .li u Ctelrianlllllity's ertiicar e Col.liall se I'olv r ublic are IIriIy Cnloned tgiinl trading or roi itllur llg lie iln i of tla llore rl n li e doui*r.,itu s I s hnrulnlilm' ins, lrrlno .liu l p alr lly ilres oiltoI k. tjyl 3: GraIller street. sl AC ARD. , ir P tE I underigned have openllled a house in tlis citry c ie i r It purposlne of transactinig a t l. GENRAL COMMISSION IBUSINE>S. D Orrlt,. No. I( GIYlSvRt: STREET, r u' STAnII . 2d The housie at Giruand Gulf, Miss., will he continuod hi n in the above name.t ,e r IRferences. as i i df e ined Sialla New Orlea ns. Lt ti feter Mile laord, o Netrsa Ong a ad. H ItIHill & Co, Louiville, Ky. l John MI Giluore, Vicksburg, Mliss. Harper, Crpor ter & Co.r Grand Gulf, Mis e Muir, Mioore & Co, m at New Orleans, July 12, 1880. jyt2 ale OUin on the evening of the 4th iret, at the Fire, u ei cerntroflStunliard Levee streets, a Silver e. Walct, which the owner can have by aplyig at No. Io- 10 Graier street, and paying for alisP deerlisenaet. IIPLEVY, jylr2 aper M H NATHAN. r l.AI I-l.(-1 I00 keg" ile , fr sale by , toRse, Jot lrot 44 New Levee. iL EN'UCKY iIUIoNG(i- a hIavy Is tl "alnby ic OL iES & MILLS, for jyl2 ank Alley. iL E8lakl s stre oafrrnd g for a lie for sale by 14 jyl CuataInhuse street. ZtrL, .OCI0 ' rlN.TI' tLATE&ZlNC M3lpigtl bllw rOLY I E till, 11111 Ioe tin t late, anti 15 casks E. ia, in G ue- utrre,f rnsaleby S LOCKE &Cos, litg 43 inels wuade, fur sale by a HOL3IES & MILLS, tre jy12 Bankt Alley, i XC ll aNGIo U NEW YORK for sle a.Ia JttAARAWE NC E & LEGENDIE, ey jyl4 46 t29rNew Le seet. o AS'rNUTMEi , &c.-15 I: a i n d ttireea the PIluad caddies f gtnllpwder and imperial teas, 2I rsfl, 25ucase of tu r i lneriual and gntcowler, 20n hilln sin i, generaie banout o LgOCeriesf orLile low ie t i2er t 21 & r29 New eves ana- ALS-V0 k .hs airaedi Paiadort.ea Nail, tbr Ssto aad le ore l oer al r. t stof nis 'r li E d& BROTHERS, New jy12 65 Caulr street. rs t a YORKE & IROTHERS, jylA 6.5 Cambli rletet, IOISHEN tIU'r'lEK-6ll taos sraperiir inshaen butter put ap enxpressly faur iliily use0 for sale low, to close ai colrgiimait, by aloam I.AWtENC.R m, tIEGENDRE, j. jy7 01. sliad 29 New Levre. ided ACON---- -bl:rl idra. 3- h- - iab alanalera, C"2 l r cinoati bacha, .la pr.nve oiales0 in store, for sales seen by LAS Er.& AMELIUNG, ris jy17 I Colmnerce street. eaes H IAMtS--.711 hlrbo. 23 tire,.rq, l "5 balolt eansid n.Lr hamsa 30 Ilhds abdo 5i l:lis, luagged lhr liut lup drelt fur iovily use, a asilperi,r ltrtrcle, in ttllre, for sale by LnIAYL T &L A6l MI.UNG, j317 17 Colilliaeree street t-ree "Treed(ntea fEý7n'Ir N IIUtTIIE-tl'E kegs mreeiura FL tiom aseaisleout 'l'qg[quil for sile by .LATERl & TRIER, t jyl 7 4__ 11 PyIraa erest., Sb-ld -'I REEK IAV -.- CellI:E-150 barnin atore, tled vlaal ulrstle by SI.ATERR & TRIEt" ahove Jl I40 Puyilanr altar.t. layi. .j... . y 1.St. Jseph erset, oIretsroa S. Choles ntnd '. Carund-let, suatal.l fe I tiall ily, ourannian gionia as tars 1t Augt~n;. Apply to .1 . Ti XAS . MONNEY-Open Tlhauanul Dollars. flor sle JAD. at 53 Bienville altpptt, \V It CA.NKs, rt, jylT7-31 R ANK BoOKS-Jqlt received by recent arrivals tane rpr9 Nog Yqtik, a adillirtial aulply of llank g iool louke, ofevery v~aev of Rulig. anid Binliaag, tliae at lile Wi altu l Blanlk Bokalis aou Paper, are requestedl ii call and xulaine our extellasiv stocrk, hlolesale or retail by DAVIDA' FELT & CO. ' New Yoirk tatirolltr's Hall, jy17 : -4 C.nrtroa sirreet. evee. ITUATION WAN''EDDA valgl ll nlln, a cI'eIIw t of this placewiahel to get enlroyn:nllal ira a Stole in St r(r ounting Rnoun. lie wries an eleLgani hand, II I 'ar rn ,ltea Frelah etd Eagliah. Ie tls birea lI a veoal yri' Leere Clerk sto a otiaripeal i:ln ii tlis li ily. Adllres a bnx 5108 puat 16cr. jy. W ERIE hnrcbt to (ht Police Prisen ofthe Secolnmt hV V he ~ne li hn n.a,.red i.nvra , nvii ALEXIS, ss Ira bselong"s to .ir ,truv arg45 y(.OtlGI, nsys he belongs to Sir C Johnson, aged shnl;t 25 years. Talte ow rs of tlhe said rlnvs re requested to prove property, pay charges, and lke. hilt aRwy. H S IIALP ER, jy12 _ Captain of the Watch. " L' I Elb--n"ee- -Int p~iim de le Saccnde...Mnicin c ipaliti, tooe iarrollte cotta Hoe'n et Girod, Ice Eoalveos enivosat: ALEXIS, ; div eant apportenir A Mir Sauvh, .gh d'environ 45 ans. GEOGntr , ~a disant appartenir A Mr C Johnsont Ag d'envir oo 5 nns. Lea prnprttairea duo dite eelures roudront bleh pronver lerea piopriht.s, npa er s lea Ile e leetiretrer I S HARPER, jail 14 Caoitalin do Watch. j[TA S hI orgt tr tIre Pound If the socono M5aria Spatlity, ilunated in Barnne street, betlween IHitia aid Gred street, tle fnllnwing animalsnlz: Ons Brown Harre and Bay Colt. Oand large IBay Mare uand Colt. one White Spotted Cow. lThe owv.ers of said anirIe are requested to prove property, pay chnarges, and take them away, on or agiore Saturday, Juli' tihe Slt, when they will be sold at auction, by P A Guillotte, aneltitmeer. 1 S HAtIPER, j l2 Captain of the Watch. Io hth ou.eahe au dlpl6t-d-re-ieeodetauitij t5 r . riue Barrtncn erer Herir eat Girol lea notmaul anivants" Un chieval brnt et On Paulain Irle. Une grande Juml ae ethate et muluin. Une Vacble bl ne ot tocheioe. SLea prp.ihtlries ttes dite animouxr eontr pis de pbmn ror loaura proprielth, ipayer In frain otlte retirer adiei rSaredi 21 Juitlet, 1R8i , ot it ,el at vedues le dit jour ar I'. A. Guillotte, encanteur. t It HARPER, 14 juil , (npitain de Watch. aa a- -W or EVEIRY DERSCRIITIOC SPEEDILY, tIANDOOMELY AND CiEAPItY EXEC(TED AT THE orFICo or THa "t Trtwe .lnerican, - ST'. CHIARLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. GUIDE & DIRECTORY tnr OF THE es, CITY OF .7'ew Orleans and Lafayette TAS pnhblisltledt on Monday, 2let May, and 1, WV for sale at tire armnting room of thepblldishe Exnennge Hotel, St Charles street,-oand at the Book ·i. mtore of Messrs. E. Johns & Co.eorner St Charles and k kComnllnaw stretim. mtr23 " INSI"-d OIL--50i1 gallons beot l.ngliSh l inrme. J oil, noW landing frmn brig Willimlntrrm Botroa. 121,0 gallons loreiga anld noterl u rnntl.flctured linseed o"l, i cooko otuncbarrol, ine tore, and for salelw by ollnsk and oreJARIVI~ & ANI)REWS, \I l bole r )tuglgits, qy7 o r Common & 'Itchouptunlnas streets. SL Rooms, 53 tienvilb" ltrert,200 Maple al Cheny lBedsteads a d Iret rate artlilo. Alson, a gasl auleer mnrt of baptr. Walletm nd Painted Chairs, whlich will be sold for the lowest oaRh prcesE. r7 53 Biemille satreet. S15011 ounceso French Quinine, IQ ls Epotn L r alrt caosks Pearl Ashes, 4 eases Calnoel, Ipscn.. Jalop,. Rohubarb, &o. &o.. laudling from brig Williar, froma Boston, and for ale byRVI ANRE S, Wlholeale Duggists,, jy7 eur Commllon Tcou'I otuupoha strret. iOAlP--30 boxar No I ronp, brand rt'.latues Gould ~'lauding fnom brig Williamafor role by SISAAC BlI)GE & Co, __jy7 134 a gavine street. e a1., Ol'e-151 ills bale rope, of superi or ualt, olimr solet IAAC IBRIDGE & Co, 7 13:14 .lna'o.ire steet. I. bagging, 000 coils rloe. small niali Fstore, nlala for sale by LAY 1,71 &1 AM EI.UN¢:, j77 s Co rce stLreV . for aile by I,,\)F'I" & A t \l .IUNG, jr7 17 (Crllneorsrc street. li ran Gl u kdv tiger uillero article, i laudilg riom .te5mner Albaonylr sale by S'l'E'$ONv & AVEKY, j7 ~I (ronvier strrreet. . CO7MI'AN'S--rl'tnO 0 I'e So \b, rk, Ia ill day. sight. for sae at tlec oli:e, cooeo oufCnIlllA Io lsurunne, s 5troe.. JAS1E 1 H1 CALDIWEFL,.. 1I. _ _ Porolom.. 1iinl'lto-flsoli alK o .l boi full nurloriaod s, la j ,tel 1o mil olf rIcy busioero during my absence forlo this:ir, i na s osn to li.clol'rge cooy htlIes tlat mony reloolttr ol Iole a"lr'eoino, I'oosul. s-.l'W>N'i'-l IVI. CliIW-yi'Eib R WA\'lbED. tS l ) work n tlit tI Iese sid ol tIle lew. (anltal, anply tol th. Horlror Ilaecr,at hlio New Ilasill. as jyli-|w u nider the firo. I II. P. &J. L. LEVY, at Graer (lulf, Mins.i and H. I'. LEVY & CO., New Orleans. it is hi lay disoilvdbl bty mtlual conoenrt. I1. P. .Lev in dlane .authoried to nettle at,: uffuirs of both houtir thie ou o of the fir o ill be u.edl only il liquidation. l P LEVY, ], l J 1. LSVY, l'le ;rand Gulf Adlvertiser will uaert tls abovw iatl, frtlher nutice NU'I'L;l-l'Ie unllderigael hasving purOecla.e out I the intereat f J. L. LVY, will elttinuee slhe houaines at Giratel Gulf, Miss. nad New Orleansa, on his own account, sld aslicitls a alare of patlruage. Office, No. III l Gravier street. jy6t Ii P I.EVY. Tihe Grand Gulf Advertiser will nlsert the above until furlther notice. SN HUNDREIOLLARS KEWAntDSmin 0 remi a private houme in IRampart aStreset, a Pairof Stler eMeoated Belt 'ISTOLS,and a Rifle Barrel,d., A reward ol one hlndred dollars will be paid o. seltr viction of the thief Apply to this office. jy_-' 2t --vLOUR-i'.bbls lem, le.dingg, ad ftr ale It ; J T'HAYlgR 4 Co." jy6 7.4 Poydras struet. ANVASSEID lIAMi-.t vcalkh Ciguigtstpaklti canvassed hams, folr al R . b & HYER & C36674 P ns amet. (H C - o J TIIAYER & CO, jyi6 74 Poydas street. -iL(OwRU~-lltlTh , lodinlg froln Steaoer, i ld l r ale bly (i DORSEY, jrli 44 New Level. S'tL L :lAtt--I; kgec. laswliug f.-ltn--aitm- r IlA Buckeye, adlf aode by G I)orItSEY. jy6 44 New Leves. "AL'.. ca~ct (-f-t) lixeo esnch) tdle salt, for salte A.fy IREAID & BAJt(TU1OW, jyi ,7 Bank Plaea.. SRtxEA U BARtSTOW have removed to No.7; IBlok Place. Jyb L $tA'fH'L T'OWN MEND., jv6 xetwlage HItel, Gravier athbets }-UUl'lul..'r "lAl' 10--,l tile "reasury oflrea Spurchased by NATH'L TOWNSEND, jvti Exchsago l4.tol, (iravier street ACU.N-32 casksahlaudiio fron.tsea aett w s, ar tale b1y U - 4 PNew L.esve. L' tof nlterwer qoulity. landing 'from eteamboal lowatrbt, foe ute by L.AYET &Y AMELUNt., ..2_i IT Commerce alsgeet. NBW PUBLICATIOCNS. JANE LOtAX to a nMOTlHER'S I IlME,- the author ol'"llralollltye. IIuse,R'lq qqtqApele 1e. in 2 vals. Gleaninas in Europe,. haly-,-B p Atoeriean, is 2 vuol. -'T Life aa Adeesbari on .Aoyhca#q Nidkcbr Edited byt Oett,'" with lihdslrlllhiomo ly l 'Phie, I he cucbiehld I othl bly, uant i rloupleled t ..2 pllcpttsp I slt recived, tri aalr stile by \YMA. ,g • OC-Cll.o e. l ..,,, , p '& C +lo t , ,eetr. 1. O.It IIN WMWIIL'KEY-- blJhs, lnnugihY, of Ior rola by (i 't)Olll I s ee. S'- E,.t.N -,'YRUI'-IIHI buaale leylou eylbp, |udin from:: ship Cod, u d bar saed. by . Sy1l4 _.4 gydrnaa street. StOSIN lIli)Lt. .-V hl, rosi s drna, llldng anut Ie r sale " J 'y TIIAi ER & Ca ' jy 14 74 tloydras street. tdR by 3TIIAYE & , to iyl4 74 Poydras street UoY-clo lLnRYS 4 J KII ERS Y - 'llbTe Ileorlberst tLfe fa sole, landing froma ship, 'Concord, 2 l:.les plain ix. od negro cloths; 1 hae1 twilled mioed' pegra lloth; 18 bales linseys, asserieg cloti 1 ialos hite swon skins; I cose prtated kerseyt" 'Id2 bahsa heavy mixed Cordova kerseyo; I bale unfinished' k Colildova kers ah." S . ISAAC PRID(iE A' Uo, it 1 1:34 Nlyg vvolt striet NOTICE. EW ORLEANS & NAMHVIII.E RAIL ROAD COMIPANY-A traint ofcol will leave the fooI ft 'llol a[ertel r ro dlu vtr Railt oad tlte Pr.reie.a; U ; 'clock, A. 3 1, 2I i1,Itid P 3t; returniug at ll A..t : 2 1' 1, and t ls M. xc.aept Sunulays, when they will 'a.c at 8 A Al, aud 4 P n1 sill return at 1J 61 autd'6 1' I. JA31s: H CALD\VELL, jy illt Presidesl. i'...aeo-t iti R-t -hll h., I: njog otIc ot by F , " 0 U V.Y, 41 Nwe L-ven

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