Newspaper of True American, July 21, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated July 21, 1838 Page 3
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For th6 'n .erior For lay St Louis, Pass Christian, clx:ci,' to Pascagdola. llThe otreehbet MAZRPPA, (Griffin, , 4mtaster, will leavetie Iltke ,d lof'the e Ruil Road it tIe .set, on tlen Whtitman, New O 'an and Mobile Mail ise, under the, KtExhange Hoitel, St Chrnhrle street. jy21 ar' Louisrlle, Ciocicnali, tnd Intermediate Ports. "'li e fiit rsasing lii-ilt draught b.steam huatt CLINTON, A Edwards, toa'- ter, is reeeciviag cargo at Lafiyette street wlhul, at.l will bie iilarhut:led oa ti auyld, 24th it aite t iP M fir freight or eat. oge, tnvtn eleent ir se.ilottttattiil b tLv iii biari, or to e H r IA 1AM. I' 'The Clinton will run in this trade duringe low eyater, jyul b ur iswt LuiiE. Z hr The first lass steomabOa PRAIRIE e J H Frelit, tmaster, will leave on lev Sanday,.d in let, a 0 o'clock, A M Nld ill take. whto freitght fi'era thias dal, for llthe IoII pt ad ioieretedeiatr purts. Fur freighlt or ipaseeti, Huvt I superior asonle iodations ia pply oth brIr, tiNee 1'oydrilt street, or to SLOAN & BIltO,3 tNe Levee. jyt rr J BAIIErY, 18 New l.rve. FOR PITS'1IIU li ANIO ALL INTE i(IEULA'L'E ILANDINGS. l.'le superiurla sI fast rutning seramt rteaGOV. SHItlBI', J Kre:ltivel, master, will positively leave flr the shove ports, ot Frilday, 13 itth ist, at 10 o chk, A M. Itor freight ior paatee, appl' ot bonrd to LAW.LlNi , L IEGENDRE, It ii8 tnd 23' New l.evee. I ur O St. o 1 1 ot1riulioan, hcl-oi, and Pas ogoLa. rtThe fiet low presttre steamboat r" 'G R IRAAFFtE Capt. Swiler, will leave . or the .ove p~leeps, oa thie miorings of Thuarsdays and Saturdays, itmnediutely ofte thle arrivial Io the six o'clock care; ntd retirns hsretofrti, oe Fttri lays d s anlllnVe. 'Tihe iltici mtovldeeud onii thie nout leaving pu:tialvy on tie ablove dnv. 'or passgei alpply to CptlS oitciler. . P S. j'he Giraffe will be prepared, oa previous notie to CaRltain Swier, sto proaeedl ne a s week o Pleasure E.c.s.ion.. ptohtled a eoflicitt .nu..iher ,ilirs to rettuniert.o. ___ _____ ----t ,1hrtUIg)Il EVENING ANIt SUNDA EXCURSION 'iO MINItiVtI,.Lh & MAI)l.iO)NVILIE. Tipp tlatleottat MAZI'.PPA, Capt. L. T. Knight, will leave the Ilkih endt uftheril-roiad i hir otoe le plates, ecry t.iturday e.venin, ait tle errival of the , o'.ock .oaret aId returnt tit same niiht,--amt leave Stietty Imtritlg on the arrival of tihe heo'ehek cuer; returaiag I'aane Naldtaavillu aut , o'Cloek V. M. Fsil( MAOISt lNVII.LE, Lt)UlzIS ll ti, MANUII VIIIR .& CCIOVING(''iN" I , 11aWn i Tiite fest etarotia. ool idrmliJ steam-t .%.,+. t, will ....... .a .......r oil h,,at/ ',or tile atosvc orts eii Mondiaye, XVillesd t- alld Itri-t Sdays,:ftier thi airrivtt of tle 8 oitcloek ears, A i. ice ta;'ull leaves v(:villrtoet 'elitesdays, 'rlllradanys and -tmrditys, aI iIII' cIIk, A ill. N I. All toaite aIIId piarcels at the rihk of thii own-c re, isnlese aIill of aialtg is signedtt. OGIEO WhI'tI AN, New Orleat ti il Molil, Mail Officie, apit Exchsitee ttihilitif, `St Charles ot. FOR )AY '1'. LOUIis'.se Christiatn, .,esl util East Paoetgatdl. E.ast Tir uplendl low pressure steam bors t'A ROLIN E, W C Sutlen mas ter, will call at the allve cnltring pesiwe wek, leavin tlhe Lake etd of tte railt ;tnd oil the arrival ol trie i2 o'clock ehtre. Apip Ato 141,e WHITIMAN, N t) andil Moil Mail Offie, iunder Exchange Itiel St Charles t. mi . '.TEAI' OA'P FOR s.- E.. 'Ihe fine new sttltlll frrry boat ILAURA,itt coipleteilorder,ued, ren .dy to cn talnee e rnugnlnog a she IlOV i. itttheit" iri+r oh tie tew cnail; will o dilnsposed lof on reasosabletermt . AppIysti'AIT STEIN, No 8 Iluilinit Roie, Telhapitoulias street. a f'w ldoors alhove I)elord. ell lit . Or Texas. - For Matlgorda, Live Oak Point, and .transua Boy . 'The fine foist sailing brig GOOD IIltPEF, Jjlohn dlatings, nater, having a lare plrt of herr cargo engged, will andil in few daysr. it Fir btaltee of freight or iamsa e, 'Iltying supetior ac, coil, loatiio ,. applyo en oati , or to jy2t \VlWt IRY AN, 56 Cmtnin st. N it Tle G od Iope irri b.en thro ughly re llhd no.d oewy eopplercIl ..I .ile oll.,iirr ititie i loIivt r and new rtanlds A , ,at the dilltretnt insurrmlr , ne pfl'as in this city . .__ .__ ._ iY.. 'Ii - c'claste, B,.ae ,rl and ,arine The vrery su.lprir new light dal'nlt- chollner nALIItRT' St EIN, Captain - , Iotving a e riqh p e rti e p lieri ct ugo e ngof er , rill h aI e tai ct dO c atci ftl r o thoef aly o \o B RAll N, lllllo o j e Gli 51: C o0 1 e r1 tr i, I. ill " -.t' 'eiltiloA, CCIXi VitM ll('ANSI "rh we l khn"w'o Sl . trii r 4OI: t % NA, putt t A l, hVli t 'il Itlar' porulln ft l her rJe0 '0e an street, or to 1V I lYAN, jye . 5 i6 C uuiini stret. For d alr Fa h'i' a oln ii litnrulno g d Il aoiuIton. Il h ' itpe .t h ,lraln, "t 'ahuos r E'ILY, it A..o.lrn hee 'r ..r.o.. r I hrr l 'r o t giL,' tor I ; r ', tilt 'il l up pr , I p oly i boir ,t op- I SCi c orto \V IVAN, j ttt7 5P A'iotCCtIUL tg rotT, ( .. Co ll) n tr j phe light draught sclooler n MILY, orI K AdaL., C lnsi nnl leate 50 barrels on gect, . ort of le gi ttip lvely sai tl t 00 l lt rr t For |11|tnrinr oreitit o t cup o the noitn otth iiite lConi stret, otr to WI. BRYAN jyl 5,5i Connntlllll A,.I oil Intre late Landings on tile niBst.le . ,The slllt ooer GIR ciFFnIet t aptlin p "S0ior e II letve ol Tr t y I o'r-Y n ( ott ll+ un:toon caris II t.t·t·l -tigh r a olto VEI l retO, SoenednylA eotiIt.A" ' lrs well kithonrt nog htl h it Iter dE N' parlted Sf r thel a bove pworts in ilea1nt iv pitt i nmi lil. i next week. Fer f helht of 150 big seo ,ap t nto nPe' t ,oply t o n IM IBRYA N, ei il Comtmo"" street. AR. fraella light ayrnught ache wil , e ds. . N Slclldtir theaer, wllts ibont 5t ) bbly pa of Ixt wee For caretih. tr bahme of freight 516 Colnlla ll street. j*? 1 m' A,, Tonali atraynxt ieelut 'orSale, 'reiglht or Oharter. FOR FEFIGiT Olft CIlAIRTEIL. 1' T Iad ut llatcr Rtirge, the ltoremedlote llndingse or at thls port, tile file cole'1 r fastened ald eoipperel 9chr SIltYIOCK, rtaw Hopkin, will load a.O .e.ov if'i'awli tae appli ualtro a . ale to LE93 IV l e GArEt, jvl' u93Lm rON OlIL SALE tIL:l.t11I' IliE CIARI'tI. riTe A I copper and eopper fsteled hblig EliAl.tIiA, a C laptin Rt, 15 tons lhorl.o it readly to receive caroa, slida canrrv biaOles ,e.ttrt. For terms, friotllt or atle,,pplv to the Coptaiol Fra board, or to READ & BAlIS'O\V, jefl 67 Gravier i tr'etr WAN TED 10 CtHAR'TER, .. A Ve.el fir 6 mlontlls, to rllu betweoe llot.Mle ird'l'adT e,iuot to exceed whelall loaded ,i,;l" _ . eet, ,fur terms iapply to _1y17 WM II lYAN, 56 Coroanl street. WANTED 'TO CHARTER, . A Vessel to prlce.d ito Mlohile. and there loud Ifr Hava.a. For terms apply to WMt HRYAN, -jy 56 Commo, n.lectl. ALT-.2 ltir kner Lierercol fire, tatto bo! ard barqjoe 'ciizetto, tel toe side; Iby n LEVI H. GALE, )ISet 93 Comnmon street. "tUJill%. ,lecs, Primo- and uamp, irt sole b i G I)OItSEY,I41 New I.levee. P5RoV Y ;UtldiurId Letter Papier -J tilt received, f ,o r lcares lro cy lettelmrler of vry ere"ileni quality, aor sole very.lowby ltho case or si.ole real,at * " DAVII) hL'I' & CO. jil Y I laitionors' -loll, 21 Chartrer et. C'ANALS and t..t lt i,.AliS--Malr of tire Uriteil I States, ital tiry he iprirclpai tra.ellire tupln€ike arn torrulm ro .ll; Vdt 0,lli clt girel thie dlistacet .n miles s lll .clroe n c lai aiinlltliler; siso tire courIses Ol ibia oudls elull oiltods at icotl octtt iotcuUll , cares Tally l'oom thIe heat ftiidiitdlcas. ,y 1 Aiugusrtml Mitchbell, Il3.. Politedal Courstitutiot oft tlhe fipe otatle " tCalil an I Texas. "taIr of Tracs, wilt lpor.L of the adiritrecc Ia-tts ly S F Auatin, ed. 1i35. A MatiO" Texas, ry ctvicl I Iol fr, elo . b tUi. JiOt rOceitrol Rldc'tr sle .dY Witt M'KE4', ;err'per carmp end corimul sta. LOIIISIANA ,URU s TUR WARE1R QOS, Nc. 53, Iiievdrle strera . ILLIAII It. CAINEc, (Frirrerly of tili t rie l uf .WFi t 1 & CJarles, wouh1l rsp0ertully iflicrml )por £rier.radld ttile pIlblue ist lis ienstantly reriricz frote New York ndllr h oilt ral a good asrtuleot ilf .r ait ch, 00clos irelnlhotly clilirt, iofrte r ed tolls, I i.a ride ai Ioaell4 cliairs, culc la lld cherry bdllsteail., lll annv nlld hi rr !able; ail dircriollen- ii eretror toirlets, siecretariy, cc ritiag dosks, wacrlr, to o[ Pll aihao ly naI ciarm, wall, .lanun, Ipl .iig llhlrtes, I"E.L l;U tOlB1O/niI ItII Cll * I eira le.t .icddiu ,,& . .c. ht. ilitol.u i i.c d ' cr tr.n.elcoratitill reili d.cI ,'ale. 'et, ...... '" PING.. For Europe. FOR LON1DON--Pasage only. f. e A I atld fast sriling Igirqjnn NIMROD, C lpttlt I' iti'os , atill i,ret with iannedrlate II. ffAc'itieltih For pfatage csg . , having handi- tog auiae .ccucomodatitms, apply to LEVI II GALE, jyla 93 street. .... f.I. t L- iOftf.f . 'Tha Al aI c pered and conper fnstmNed h tit, St JaAvEn , having port ol her aoeri S' r:og.e ged, will lavoielmrediute dripalch.i or freight or rao e', fraving icnolodlious and well fur wislladcablns, apply oa board, at Orlenna Press, or to mS o &J P WHITNEY, ,jyG f 8 Conti etreet. Nod The A 1 amid flat tollig hllip GRAND TULRK, c'ultai l'laomatmo, aill reaive desa- r p .patrh. For freight of ul Ioales cnttoan, or otIasoae, havillg handlsolae ccomoadutions far or 4 passegllera, apply to LEVI If GAILE, je;2 93 Conmono street. ofFOR NANI'Z. The A.1 fnp peAed and copper fastened 1 hbrig SUS IItUEI NNAH CptMail Bright, thei hoaing full cargn engoged fr te above port, t will meet witl despatch. For 1assagef, having haod- oi some a.co9ontinlonl apply to at tt jCte or o_ S & JP WIHITNEY.,,,0 FOR G(LASGOW. The first clans ship IIEIIftEWV. CaptNin S Carr, laving full cargo egagued tor the aiove - . porte, will hav quick despaetch. For passage ihaving haoedsneom acomoidaltions, ap llv to FOB LIVERPOOI. Theff i V ES& p I' W HITNE V. FOR I.1VERi'013.. h . The A l amnl ast soiling ship ROWENA, Captain rtried. having the greater part of her . cargo engagedl, will meet wth imae'di te des pacl. For freight-of 00 tobt esotton or passage, having hndsome uecoaundatlions, upp ly to l fat l LEVI If GAI.E, !I: olnmon street. Fo LIVERPOOL. S The Al anl n f sailing sltp OBiERT - WATTp'S, 'latrtin llallingham, having tla greater porl of hier cargo enagd, will e..t with i iredi lespatl Fur freight of.D00 ales fassan or paosnge, hoeing hraoe aorsarrtio, l 'allpy to LEVI If (GALE, lly 1193 Comnon street. i jv- - Ri _i-fl FOR I V EIIPut. ., The A 1 and splen eid I'a t eailing ai Ii IIURON, Captail Ba ridmai, will receivesa iordtailiear i denp.icb. For passage, hoaving hind aaine eonrUaaodoliaas for4 eabin poRoaEe,aei). 01 ItLEVI II GAlE, jyl7 93 Comont a trer. FOR I.I VEI POOL. 1' li A a rad faetnailislg ship FOlliO SA, Cnntih Irec, a ing the grater part ofher a!ai engaged. will teacu. e immediate des i... . arir lo fight of31 haf LEoI ci amuo!trAjI to ld l sh 'AMINEND Coaain Itulani, havoii g . ft c aergo engged, will have despatch. For 1 a,'sapfe alpply to tie Cuptaii,fn hoard, opponile Orleans jet 7 S ar J Pi WIllrNEY . . .. - -'-6 ilViIiP OI.. - The A i finst siling ship N)ORIANI)IE, S Captain I'vron, having the greater part of her e cargo engge dI, will laluve innaediate desplrtach: For I freight of 3 hales cattoln, or pussagC, laoving h rladsomlle aieolnnudatilns, apply to In LEVI I1 GAL.E, I' ja2f 9.1 Cn.maonlla airee; A ---'- . ) I" I V ll l*O-l Frill LIVEELPOOI. .f T'lte A I shill FRANCF.S(,CapIain Jolnson, mill sail paimtively ao above. Poar irssagoe, _ having hlaonfnme accommodn iohas fir 4 edial and ii steerage paaepgers, apply o I,EVI If GALI, at jeff 93 Colnnion stiret. OF -0 LIVERPOOL. af.- The A l and falt milling ohipi SENATOR, Cnaptain lStav, having the greater part of her r eargo engage', will receive immiediate ies at rtch. For freight of 0 bales or passage, haviog n odsonle ancciimodationsI, apply t If LEVI H GALE, a S'9 Counmoen stre't. I FORl I.IVERKI'OL'l-On Satanlrday next. .. T he ship DENMARK, Captain I.ovett, y wimfll pnirtievly nail as above. She han six IrelarRge friashed state raoana dhseigagagd, and f , ni lltm domeily iaucmoalodle six prassegers. Apply o (( ,ti . )alllaii t near Lev er I'res or to t, 8. & J. Pi WHITNEY. FOR Co" ES. 'r.Te A I spletld aedl flat soiling 'hip Fed ILANKI.IN, Ifrgerea, ,naster, hnvin : II fhi tr c aro e mflfed, will meet willt illt a lfia't rafrIeplte. Faor pass ge, atoVilao Ing llRotlV' a¢,oli no I rillnia pirp It LEVI II 'fAtE, .iv17 93 Common .sIree. ' " a , T l c sle id A I fhirif.rAI, CltN,('fi lrain I .'v hreiinpsoin wi al f nii iniedhiic ih. iaita ) Ipiir f f 1eight 01f i-)i i ftnor Issage in g • ih n l i, i l d a li , is I h r I c a b i n ,, , . ue l 1 , a p p ly I ) I.IVI iII iiA1.Ih, 9et (I'nni-n ai. ai . i. i ..1.V," li2 rE---l' nil f yI. h ll. .- lThe liylrln CIT1'IZE:.','' ` W Tllhloplle, 1 an ni el,i will inetl i ll', - h lthh. For plllnsllgC o .a l jiVl f f'oiniiOl str eel. I I lt t' tls 'a 'tN " " r- f i 1oa ta I l fit eeill ap: ai tilt f Ell If, r [' i ataiir g oi1 e,fai aoi lgh lII. iat ;Aleaii o it. wan ts " ,17 mno strfet. A ctea FORI I1 efdE!I'eN, 'opt frleght ar plV llan e, illt i cillto t lrt . haii dlih. I, - T tIr.felaahiail o iSI ii' i e llrlallltr(ec ,t ý allsslige ol a', hasiilng Ilnulllol m lln lonllullid'a j,.b1) 1 93 C mlnll street. F 1,. itAVAN A--lreat gV, -,,I ,"eel. The regalar paehket Sch oncer U~rchin, Peti r nMas er, wants 11i1i bills to eomplete her cargo, ilIInd 'W II llo-itivelV this (daY, 17thi i.:slant. F r freight or pssaee.,ha, vigt superior acililnuodelati n. apply oa board, Opllasit St Reter st e met or to FO)R HItVANNA, (Passage onily.) -& 'ITi fast sailin~ clrn. I r IE l f ALL), Capt. •n \ lurgant , wll leave fle fir the lore port In a |o. few days. For passagae, having good at " ,lad Cooat, dat'on, apldy to the Captain oa hoard or to I S. & J. 1'. WHITNEY, t july 19 8, Conts st Ooastwise. FOR NEW YORK. AM Thr A I faot sailing brig WELLINGSLY, Captain J Clurclhill, having nearly all of htr cargo engagld, will hove deapatehb. For freight of 300 Ilas or pass 1ga, laviag good accommo dations, apply to the Capla; on bouurd. foot of Delord street, or to CHASE & DIXEY, FyW K6 CustomblloOa street. FUR NEW YUORIC. To sail ol Tuesday, (this day,) 17th inst. COtINNl, Flinn, master, having the whole Ne afthorera onaft hoard, will Itsiloalv sail this day, I7ith inat For parsstge oly, apply onil oard, op apoite laoulauae at cet, or to R N, j 17 56 tCommont treet. F.. N. NR t- YtRK. Refe The A I and fist sailint brig ALICE, Captain Jourdant, will receive totn.eduate dea attIol. For reig at of 50 tosal lead, or prs :ge, lthaving haldsoautt tcotnnntodat ions apply to LEVI If GALE, '7 Comaon stretnt. I luisianand t New York Line. m30 E will lts tiveoy leave as alvoe, fLr rreiglt iat 15t lottton, or opssrng, havitlg superior acetaodaliunaa, aply o tlo t Capltaih o, hoard, oppo- N silt fire Rail Rlud, or to o or Rai a I) REIN & A O11AEN, Cuat j9 9 Colw.iatII street. in - R ST MARK., ." The fast saling schr MOUN'P MORIA, N '1, Ca tatt I!awtahurne, with lull cargo,otgac.d, w -oill thavcdepatlh. For paosog aptly to a t SJ L'WHTI'I'N.,Y, all in roen, aVI o~ll e ai m b of COati str'e'et. Ut . The good fast sailiag barque IIENRY O act Captdat. Dte", having part at her cargo en - cut gigetl, will stolet with dcaspatch. For fraight toe or pssauge, gppqY of ItIwrd or to al or''r'l'SON & AVERY, at. rI 88 Grader street. due j1e gOtIT'roN. . ro Tihe A Irrig Ellswortll, Captain Horter, halving part ofher argtO eongaged, will lhave S ,des.lpatl. For fr.ilgt ttr .n.asaoaP n ly to jyo4 14 ......Wi ... - FOR N, To sail l-).itivelv this dhtv.. ,. The fast sailing cop per litstened scllooner ity, ll TIG, R Bears, taster, anm take ilfe bulk of ty, 50 bales, ad can accattualata a ftew mrce paIeattgots, ltaviog goo adccaotmodationtapply to tli ( SCapttaint ou board, at O{ I Pcyell?'i DIXE'', tte, ji2a 6i Cutoalhateor st. like 1dUi jiii1 I ft The fine coplpred unit olplhur lastened rust soil saili h ip." sbiE ).t ;I,. aptamllol ,kwillhave tr dis tatcIt tfr the. abtve pter. For freight or intoatage httta ilg 'rcal:nicnt rCotlnuttottitttlsttta, aptly ta tile Claptain oila board, uplrpatt tthe Railroat, or to til S'I'ETrSOv& ' AVERY, j e"3 83 t(;e vier street. allFOilg hL'I'IIvMOItIE. Tile feat sailing schlr Eoerarl, Captain SMorga, lhaving part of her cargo engaged. _ will nvaa dcpatho., for freialt or passage, alytp jyli & J I' VHI'I'N.O. . ',| fit.(l aaling etbr.RICIAt!ARD "AYl.OIt Catttlt Crocket, lhavin full cargo engaged, S, i 'wiiftl'oito .c t'nl. r p.rasusag aprpl y on brard, ppaltO 1 &. a J. P. WIiITNEY . i t-.f. tlhe hew and fart railing schooler M A RY ar- EII.EN,;Oaptain Farris, will ,eret with dri t, u otach for tite oatmo port.' For fc'eight or rIa of 71l'atydras street. ars, a14 cr.t UMj1--1o ltleq New Orlean- Ru ,foatr l CO. IlL al F18 J 'MIAYFt & Co. BUSINESS CARDSO PAS IONALE CLO THING EN- 1 TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Chaeireis ereet SPi IAV E aiou1stunt1 pply f e*e. re article pertainlin to getlelll:nll's dress, f tihe latClet style, at New York .er20 P. T'EETiI * Lr SILICREOUS I ETALI..IC TEETi'l. PECIMENS of these helotlflll teeth,unl rlha an ner of settilgthel, maiy be s.en at the olfice of J. 8. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, A No 46 Canal street. These teeth never lchnge colour, anl re by tany, and in many cases, preferable to the I:1 L)r. It will wait upon Indies at their residence, the uqucsled. a__if ali S. A. PEIlROSSIER, eel 1 MERCHANT TAILOR, atth 6t7 Common street, EGS to inform the publie that having purelhased F Sfrom Mocssres HOUGH, SrKEtiGS &CO. part of their stock, he will continuel the business at their old tand, op osite Bishopt's Hotel, where he hopes to merit shareorftheir patronage. Hle hU made arranLgements Je' at the North to be supplied mowhly with the latest and mnt u tfashionl.le goods. " r 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLOUMBERS, ig I No. 1012 Poydras street New Orleans, 11 MvANeACTURIlrs oF Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps Grl Of'all descriptions. WARMCOL, COLD, AND SHOWER BATHIS Fixed oul the most aepproved principle.. 5( MILlTI) LEAD, PIPES, &e [h'Orders oxecuted itl any part of the Southol n Strtes. Dr. Robert F. l ndoe. OFFICE ErloAitGE IHlorEt.. 6m Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No. 102 P'ydras street, T P E1P on haltnd a cnat:lt SUlply of Lead Pipe, J-W roti 1 i. diamoter down Il 3-4- In. dialneter, tt r ORLIANS LITHOGRAPHIO PRINTING - ES'IAIBLISHMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, n OlMppoite Banks' Areode. WILI.LA.lI GREI VE, rI0OP EI':TOR a r H. PARKER Commission tad Forwarding Merchant, lie No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, wi pr STAIRS. New 3:leanot,Fcb. 21. JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN MEDICINES PAINTS, OILS, DYE S''UFYS A.JD II.NDOIW GL.I SS, C-rner of Cmnumon and Tcololluaittla streets, NEW ORLEANS NATHAN JARVIS. JOHIN V. ANIItEVWS. A large upplly of Garden Seeds. warranted thl growth of l837. AT MOBILE Ala. S. I. & 1, I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Non. it61 ad I3 WATElL S'REE'T. fr lIE undersigled, having estblished themselves in .LlMolaileiir ith p'rpose of traeaetintg the A iction aI Comnmissilon business in its various lrulnhes, heg leave to ialorll their frietsl and the putlie, that they ore nlw prellaed to releiwr caoletnlMernts and make liberal advouaees 0 the same, either for private or public sale. SOIOMAN I. JON ES, ISRAELI. .JONES. Refer to Walker. Knight & Co. New Orleans. Mobile, Feb 9,133 . feb 13 .. CARD. SnAMUE. LITRn. ABRAHAM TtrnI. - - LATER & TRIER LPorwarding & tonttstns ntln' Merchants, SNo. 11T Pollydrs StreRs, N 1. V ORIA NS. a They will lovte theiplr tiefl:ir tlnlillo , to he sule el hVroIUtL' i'todot lie. SRe foreLees. ,\liju h isk, R' t. ) n lS l: Iluhtrll , lart t I Sh1il; New ehleone, ...A . h1 Niultt , .I C l II ,\l \Vi4hIt lllle lalo , ) 111 SIL 1 b, rt' Bertllr n & Co. o I vI t I T a . New York.. VG P1 'hl IiM tlll. ) " 1,fi2'd & IHosi1. St L Iot, I, lS Ide'r 0 1'a. ) ,,' i lawhs', af b & 1 oItu I.. ...1 All a ol, - 'r,,- - 0. T. 501141I i o. erwlla'dlO' tand tl:ontoan. ,i o ser50nnt"a 0 FUII I11JEIeS ()F Sill' AND) BOA'1' STORIES, I't I Nu. 1 I-I 'TCHO UI'I rOUt.A ol'IttI'; N.w.Orleane. ti , Messre. no~tet CARoR & . Boston Ei, EsNaxtOlt Vuase Co SO, A. If" MEAC - ( New York. itl. i . PUTAM aI1s J. & P. Hot.fLAtl, Cinhinorti, O, / VW tIGT SMITh0 !t.t. I)AvID STONE, )aytoll 0 It. :COMSTUCK & (Co. Colut1mos '. N. AtI.onICH & Co.. .Louisvllie, y tWIL.LIS, 5000001J. & tkUt, St Looie Olo e- A. It. Ror, Altontt.•. W\m E. WtrrRtow, Rushville, Ill. J. & P. 1'. I'ATWLt, IBayoUU Sara, La. t So.oLoeON H|GH. New Orleial.s. _i_ n 2-2 - - - noui7iiao 6cIAT, AMERICAN A& N( Lil CROWN GLASS, No, 3 CAoEONI).tLET TREET. II L FR N MtE R-EN ANs. This CopamnY are now prepared to take A n RISKS AGAINST FI1I. No. 24 Musaon'ts Buiding, Canal sttret. Sir ae E L TRACY, New Orleans, BlMa 15. 183I . Secretary. WILLIAM IRWIN Sadd Commission and Forwarding Merchantl nist LINCINNATI, OHIO. Refer to I.ytt & i.\ml g, Newe Orl.ns.. ,),. andi(s " Co. he IOIBIiRT CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN FAINTER L No. l1 Catlp street, Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Vearnisha, Brushes, l1t:0 indow ai d Picture Glss, cc. w ' C. . . . . W. COLLINS ,ac A'TTORYNEY & COU.NSELLOR .T LATf:j for (1W praetlsin in tie State atid City Ctilrta. Cl i oelfisa oill it d S dt n at the Clerk't s ittle, U Si Clt'Uit Court, in the Custom IIouse building. jea A CARD. Ar N IANIEL 'o n R II IlNSEN hing located hin Sr ell eln Nehv Orlel n tar thei poirltose of trallact ung uIlelletl A nly st ti lllllttlieilo llallilnets, would re spectfult y solioit I out tllhe Iublic a Sare of t their pa Mr o sa e re II, l er Bush & C w ti oavitnit hou. . iu Tce. ., le wil1 atentt the tr.. i r. actingu o .fly oauie tiit toty tie desired in tiat by ,_ cuuntry n llv will gul raelle pllllt laI nreitutei at It tiotio' lo A l lle- inea e ruos ed to is hirs ari'e, i ad n railhful applictiole (in ( al cnrdct e with instru.tiolle) of all Iads that niav aote intl O his haolls. Olltps ia Nete eLxc.litge on (ioavier str.e , oLpoLite to Rev Me Clnpp's clhurch, autud ,ijoiuiitg (itb.o.ll' readitg tlel iglt oi'theTex t ýlXie C •llilUtei . Ot, New OatllAL, NLovesnber ` e, 1. ve Refeeee s. bNosrs llillyer, Bush & Co. NSw YorkA Burr Wukeloll. dlvareb. Fisk, Natc1ez, Miss. OR ii srtieoth r S l is K . 0 .l Joie T Cir y. Loloetvie, Kf 8 it.o h A , e , it ille . tt ,im he r I in oe a;- tll taer io n tere, atd tr Sile. by T t. IIYIIE B BRKOTHRK, je lcr Co .' 'a n Sm t & uiata int i tes . F r S a-- 7 i r;.bil lsosi , lunalg11111 and fbr le fuy .,'l. P &JP WHi'TNIE¥, 1 Cant stre.e. nve QO P..JOS0 boxes eapp, varios brands and ditleruut o sine boxes, for sale I T r i oh ATl i TOW" i hro tLN 0to WINSTON ,y SHALL,. 7 Front Levee. jr... geit.)kitelll t r bbla. i kegs, hor d jtt _l_,l _DI_. --Seve Y"y_ boxes, various S brands, for sale by J ARVIS'I'ON & AIIILI., S" Front Levee. " 'I O - l._T ,ll t rLi. ss, 300 tiA f, .tllnet, 11 i titl b, a itO S0 lt lth.os, ,50 bid I1' tr, In ible Iltu ps, 40 bbls g`' Shonlder' in1 store and for sate bv Son jell Ol ,UNDa, & aIei.uNti. jsll "'_ Cor C illoo n and '·iir,.hanplt.lR e d a inT aH|rlmct o . ncy rlk, T OWN gNI 1t or hx Uebrella; und Parasolgs, foe lte by rCO. Ulslg I Gtpv of at t. TBVf A£mRERWCtAN 011C R. Sale 1, In connaetion with lllh Ofice is a SPLENDID AND E)ITENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, ran. rFul Tfe PtRIfrINu OF Pamphlets Blaal Checks Oatalogaeg Bills ot'Lading l r Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auctiod Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bils v Stoaom Boat Bill Circulars, Aind tc.i idrcriptlo ofeJob 141'ok nthat uney hb required. Fao iT'The proUj'ietoCr t ,l;pectlrtly taIIs the attentioUnof ,f the iublir to the dobove Curd, cndr assures tieu, that ai work intrustted to his ewif shall be donle !t the short st notice, in a style ullsurpli.;ed in this city, and t Ihe lowest rats. _ ` FIREMEN'S INSURANCE CaMPAN.i' OF NEWV ORLEANS, B Ofmce No. 24 Muassia's BildhrIg, Jet CANAL S'TREE'T. Ir E''TERS, CtONVERSATIONS, CEI.LERI &.CO L TIONS, of S T Coleridge. Koniogsularke, or Old Tirrles in the Nesh World; ble- by ihng Nel 7 and 8 of the Unifora Editrion of Pinuldilg's Coltollt, o thie Rleligiols Stlate cf the (C.rtnttv. Whale: Fielhery; being Nos 26i aid 27 of tihe Iksry ui (hiirls Library. Just received h A J12 C eiv 4 ANCROFT 14 Camp 500 SAC SL;, landl""in' frot brig Smuel Re 500 and Juhl!, fLr sale by jet6 S & J P WHITNEY, I ORK--:lli bbl hi striore, for sale Ib 'r -- jet6- 0 i IOllSEI ,'44 New Lever. 5I.O1Ril-500 hbIs in 'tore, fir rsle h ey Sj,'l li i I)OItSEY, 44 New Lever. FOLIO POST. INETY-SIX reams Folic Por.t paper, for sale elo _ rl-asounbl-t ert.s. Apply to l O IN (IBfSON, tn19 Editor True Atmelricn. 4,ACtN 11)[ES-49 easits supe'r Ciucinnati cured, l ul lstore and Ior sale by G I)()1lRY, of jli6 414 New I.evee. l NEWbv tIOOKS. un rH Almerirea I)atoerat. or tlilntn on the sonliltl l on Scivil relotion rcf tihe United States. Ity J. Fei moroe Colper. ''he 'Two Fit et; or Adventucres in a Courtry House; alri other talne, tiy l.ld Itleosiarotor,, K . ltulwer, Alts NoorltO, llntrv Cornwall, Mrs Grore, Captaitnr Blellwi, pltl othters, il, j VOI. Thie River aud trlle iesert, by Miss Pardoe, author of tile Uitry cf tile Surltan. The iCasket of(keGns, the (;ift of an Uncle and Aunt in wil fiers weol enAlntvings by Alrursun. h Just rrcueivd ted rfr sale IV WM MeKEAN, us jelK cor trmanp and Coanlton t . in ,XCllA tlii O KKf.UC' i iKY-IC er iif cte.I.f .. i 'e Ije ir 'trf the Ialik rr Kent erkv at louiscill; ei f or sale byv I.A\V IE N C( E cc . i .EG F:N lI .E , h jeltr 428nudi9 Nerew Levee. LtI I.--2tL hIbla Moeso and Prhrre il U and I' t-Pork, for trile lrw iv IAWIIIINCE & I.E(eENDRE, jrl7t 2 Lnrd i.t9 New levee. I) ttr~;TriTrl.-t:, picef pr`one44 in Kenebk y l B Ngging, anldig fieori s. I. CorilrthiEtr for rsale I.y LAWRENCE & LEiEI N IRE, ir jae6 2i3 and J9 Ne w Lev'e. LOUh-dId) r hbl, lauditg fron fteuniount Errl- - Jpress, far slae by G DOl~tEY, jleD 44 New lev;e. . HIStE.E in bbis reeifed Whihkev, for sr ' by HOLI.ES & MILLS, j.7 Blank alley. I ESTEIN BUr TER-2-O 0 kegs in slore, for sale | ,y SLAITER i TRIERK, je·I 44 New Levee, A iudhiig Irout steamboat Mal uarch, for sale by LAYEt. & AAIELUNG, je 26 17 Comtuerce street. Piratest' on Hook. r[I F, VI tATFS' OWN IOtIIK, or atlhetric nar Srtivres of lile liver, expirits, and ereclltllool ite most enlrbrartld Sta Liolere, with hirtarical aketrtcer of tle l Ctnrcrmre, pllnillt, Ladrone, West lrtrIndia. Mlls satill Alter re I'irote c, in I vol. just . reeivedr cud loe snle Iye 'Va . M'KFAtN . el;i e a or C an , p d . C o l l l n lo n s t re e ts . . IIISKEY--150 hbls lRectiiedrl in (ote, fur rule Slby G illi r 3IoErY, 1 IZ c r c . _Or -ir . i - n rle 1 0 a 1 C -( 1 --I;1 t L ilr i. .rn' ri.iTn . -hlau ing hi re Or. ;n - Sll5fo h eir s h-· ly - "- T '1' tI )E1 & lIRrl, j,+l I e,,l (',nutO n snd An,,g ine st. I.\l I.t i--htil0 kege bert rlu ati t l re, fr 4 ";de+ by t' I) itI.SI.Y. iel 41 Now Leere. 1-.I.i,` t. -I,,tOl u'td nrIr.ic r0, c tieC or l, ,ilr , d lli lll Ii .. arx ssl% [itr tiialll ust j" 0itt o lil I ,l r pale l ier " i.A YET & AttI.ItJUN(i, S V INIINNOATI IIAICON--il hhlh Harms, it hll S . l ' . ild idles, oii Oeriire ounl ely, lo ding frolrr lrrlc r Chrlrrllsrclirr, for o le to y IS.AAC IILIlGE & CO. jet 134 Nlarriure street. -1'i) 1il+'I' SIrrtseonirr ntil Ith tnt rl next mrrontrl, the two r s. tIrv dwclli r r rrte adjoining the rew Me Is thadoist Chu ch ti l'yras street; oceupled eIs o, 3 se mlI te newe nts on Girrd ereett, a few doors IUm ItarmUe, st. Apply tO 3I1i dl &. MAY, e , fur sale _by ISAAC IURIiGE I. COcl jell 134 ,ilog arirre otrot. HISIKEY-27 hbls \Vhisken, lndling from the i .r i.nlentllboaotl Merrinmack, Ior saIle l je jel LAYET &L AMELUNG. j_ ¥-, 1 ARI)t400 kegs prime Iard, in stre, for sale hv L jeL I.AYE'T & AIEI.UNOL 1 i It- I0 ils prinme Pork, lading frno steal- - )O _bouta Emperor, fur sale AIuby u:6 lero LAYET & Al E eLUNG. InGAil.- Rl o lldlsa - plnatntim, l'tr AIIIP hV jr 1mio SLAI'ER & T'l'ilb, 4lu PLoyras Is. e · i Al AGA WINE---Sweet end Diry Malayaft Wine, I1 it qr casks and Indian Ihlls, eotiled to dbeoltue, 1 abr sale by READ &. HAII TOW, 1.22 617 CGravier street. p .Oi-N. In EV, - naddle, lfrnmenu ail 't unk l lsan/r0rer, aIdlfur- I ,inhFr oJ Mti[olo, Equipments oJ')e eri dtc&iottour , in a Nlo 189 'cItHrltroulAS ST T onnr. Fran irIAING in employ svrl Military Workmenr 1 he io red yv to iexecut work i thie abore lio .n at ii: the Le,,toat Iottietoon tile motIIT reAooble terN M rtile ot a'an .l I o tllr.i ,' r PaC. tingTldtllks of evert '.-I into * lillTli N, con La ll tlV on hand. i or 1 y Ce. 11 - Sh Y U -3I o nt at m r( T eunem ,r L 1 tirsale by DORISE, riom: al 5 -1 4 New Lievee. 1', O1 RN MuILLS-,10 torn stlls, tf Stlder's patet, ;tart o olllllnel d. (One al. ca e oridl 'or3b 0 b .hlld II o" meal per diem wtlh lhese mill, nad they salt lie nt. Sltr tee t Io i t otll niod, ntlll Ire itarlicutlarly ealculotod way Ior plallter us; Apply ,to & COPE 11113 I Julia sotreet. n"Lai i1 )NDt)iN POlI TI -lo-- Iol c nsks bea.t l. f dot n dill l li Brd. Stolnt, lor sloe by HOLMIES & MILLS, e ,n15 nlk Alley C l lhhiIA 1 uIT i I fiolotrtlimo I tI to io B L.he . CO. pOd I .llldLever tOrret. a1 17 .I ) - Li B lfoilull IIIlol r f trn ,o iltoUt Coooerii,tlor ctlo I t by LA'E'I' I AOMFI.UO, I ' 1ll8 17 Cu onlllCerce street. pot of V LIO\W I'LN I.U.itELk 3',000 Ioor of ran Ior 1 yellow pine Plank, fn.ila Y ARTOW, Ilo S 11-t2 t7 UlItiveltr ninreet. rte - HI.- \' (11-bl-in store, r Gr sale byl r alln 4 i)RIKEY,44 New Levee r `] IEAN -$5000 gotid shortt ity IIieir i1, e l 5 11" 411 11dras0 l. Ct SELIiNV PINE LUJMIIMEl- 1011 t1o UIi00 feri ,,0rglapgboarldo, . i1 ilin.h;:1,lllf0rtit inch pllloitk' for sale by RIEAI) &' blA lT1kO\, r i 15 67 liraolorosreo. t titr ill{ t'I , \Ii'kiiv oI Inl .rlr O l-n tr. me0 nt0 A p urilo, l leor. rnlll p anl .hIouller Pork; , ll bls it s ' o F ia , 21'0 do Wlhi.t) treotified ouid colonitio; 1000 kegs y Lett .ltrd,;i s..t.ii., . . sale by ,T , , 1 .N.ill ale r ani lltltinio,roosale by i' IEADl) & IIAI.'I'OW, dt t, ti t7 Oraier slnret. 11 e' r* ItON- UYIkU'--dM1e ..,e.t..o . o tierl itittivr"ttl 1 for for sale by READI d IA1h4'lby W, 11 :nttwrovier omt. gee. )llO-I110 kuhn 44ittOlMaS 0 l',ik,12aiblal lrie liii i peated sooek. ta itetby LA ' I"IhNCE :- LE;ENI)RE, ",I. " ;l tw ,0 l.rvv e. vYtr. I l iihtrY- ciilitid hiidittgf s n~ n iuole Otacila sIl NN, er Srplenlid, lor lalh' by G. il.RILnE, obls t I-4 4, 'rw ilee I'll ME'ACI AN'II '. '1 C by / .1tt AlAN'm'S too.. a .... tr.tit ltitlm tttr o.imi-k |.1 nl' at two hours notic e, yv nlling at the )rleanLle t iR Litootl pjhii iC ogi l ttll t gu IIIuIhtUl it ie Arca d0 tIt S. yILEAD &- IIl lI'l'ýI\V, iti nl l (;raviesr t"rlii.o e t. \ I]1 i crDallael \Y bsler, r tr lehy I IlA\VRENL' C I E(;&.ENDRE, et e t. jc . : & 9 NCw (.evee. LIMON 'YRUP.AUANo PPKLEU. J dril BOXES I eaoin Syrupy 145 boxes assorted -.00t Pickles, in quart, tinl qulanrt and gallon bot etlr, rom tihe mnnanfnctry of i'ni Underwnood. And II leais & HIakell,aof Bstoni; adilng from brig 'alley- P and and ship Charleston, fur ule iby JAKVIS & ANIttEWS, ml ar 'nllr C mniid lll( hI·n tll !.as !t. FIm K-i I'ItAVEIei iN F< ii t'.. F U RI.VI.ELS in lhe Cootinentl of lur"e, vii: in Ieng - alad I "elald, l.raance, hiuly, S. iitiirlnlldie ticiln , ithe Netherlanla. By Wm Fisk,l) 1), Presidentlo hlie \e levl n Cnivaesity t Midlletulon, Col,n.; ir I ioliune,wiill engravings. Just received aid nfir slaN b \VAM-Ilcl(KAN, m3 cnr CIlip anll Colmmon is. LI, Notices I ,r l'ea a, uli.elr -ceIdlaitie Itn tle Iaroerlav of tile inh.lriibr, njllled i tile Flaulrg I.acro se, or in ithe Parish of Jelersoln, ray J er lelt it VICTIi Il)Ava'ai D'i(juOii II hiusei, hllere liI V wihll ie niuened I. JUII\ S'. DAVID.ll Jl0-;3l-it.w . .... ... .. .. ... / V ULiA 4QtUIL GOCoiA -1-I0li bile- a 1Ivi jan I' _ it p i reet. 1 G(I..\i & -ItOPE-1i:i Ken y'kv llegmi . anl IIl Coils Rope; also a asuil hlt ofTwi , inl tare ita. d for sale ly J liuANIFl,., .0ll.l 59 C(amp street. . To'bacco, (Lealher's brid,) in lu atln d lnr atil by J. )A NI1LI., ji90 . 5l Ciaiip sutr(et. R IO Ci - lt.C'-itl1 hags -Iis tiaee, i.i paglid L aqt'lilt ia nr barqe ilurn, filr sal byb 2 q"t r B'.i' 'ISN & AIVEIIV'. ALlIA,-.ClA. lir I .--J ilt- le Iil:ai, a mnnlil lotit l if le, ple's Almniabka nald Cillleiil's Alinia nclii for mliahy IIAVII) PEL r & CO., je2I 21 Clhrtroa 'treet. 'T rX.\, F;NII ,I-. CETIFIC.VI'.S atd Anudi I. iira lirafti, eiilh'lTreaiirv,wneieii l lin jell . Exllainge litel, (Grlnvir it. ri-.TlEXAS IIVUN I I,ANl)waniedl'iY .. SNTT I'I'H'L iNVWN SEN D, jeil8 _ xt.ihani. Holil,G (Irayer -FIREMEN'S INSUfiANCE COWAWNY OF NEIW ' RLbiANS. BTOTICE i< hurebv piecei had the hooks of subs'rip-" 1 ltin for the reimininill alures tile capiitil stck of hijs COnilili, ca. ll ioliealiil in llallid;y, ithl ithll iLait. lahwa il lily h.ursof 1-: nal I nl, I 'C k P ii, ld reie o iell thle aIIanI i itii rIeachIl liy l iliereualir, uniil tii wlileslillbli iinv' been abnlrilied'fr. By rder ful'tho Ilnard ul I)jrevtars. E 1. 'I'.AC', .Iine 14, 18311. ie'retari fRED. WRI4KINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, lFFl S Iis u ie rvisto l rtill pirublic i c the Ideart ilncns ii Surveynig i md Civil Eniniieeriiig, bot i lwI iI ain CO I tTl.iErii coisiiin ebileril I'eicIll iin Ias iiofeasii(, Iidl "lv b nolrniuilm.ll anI lI n idelit ile 'ie eaecitiun iof bauines entrusield to hIlimu, li( it top to lre t nld ireeive a sllilina of puhlic pnrlriiae, tie yill lo eLsure anI calculatei te coilelnls of walls ail t excavations. COliae No Cb h olrites street, second story luck. Je7 INS- cI till., in Cank laid il bbi l iiiuiua'ul]" .i pre Lirticle, fir sadle whleiileuaend retail,by JAItVIS & ANDII.EWS, 1 aellline, Paints & Oil I)elers, je13 Cllriler of Commnln4o , "l'chou pitoulus sta. j-- --lt -- Cieirfiiuiinfnliiiiiilnnnm. R i boW x Si lroI' I .S-lh 1,v aa l -Ir 4 Brwn Slheleeulg. enlling friolll sllip (bllerikee, s ulilable fir he :\lexini iiirkel ior CI Irnulade, r sale. by SLE GII'; ON & AVERY, jeli .. .. liraier ari.e. -- SPIu:-tI CA.DILiuS, OI)L. &c. 20 BOXES New Bliforl ..erd m CSleleai 30 casks New Bedfridl \'ilter Oii 1i cuasks Itoolile Zinc; i boales broin Hvaai lla guar, l1ili coils ula Hopie'; 31) pieces IBaggig; Ii casksi Illlaek I.end Crucibles; 30 ncasks Pnuller Hllanilgs I0 baskets Clinilimiine !Vine. For sale lby JOSI'PII CJCKAYNE jell 21 Gral ier street. ' S'LKlI N lltt'l'EIl-t139' ketra, aecaived per e "j V ataitier Vnldialian from Sprilgfie l, Illiaois, a superior article, ior sal 'E by I.A'I'EIt & TR.IER, TUsT je18 40 Pavdra" relielt. froa )O~tK-- Rm,,p, ui ro rd Ii l , firc o, areale f ac ' l II eQiiiaS I)OILiSFY, 44 New Levee. of tile p. ,O __ int.+h, fin P!tl OPILC.,CNILLES, c--30l eahks New ll3." tillr l I3 t lrd W\inter Ot t il2)ll boxes do oSper- Candles e htid 9a0 cooks rciok Zr :l ttti) a bott i 'lti.o ta Mo lald Candles soreltm nt ot ah sleets Bratziara' Ctolaper. I satorre, fer aale Iby munrkt, JoSEI'II' COCKAYNE, N II S n i0 53 Gravier srleNt. j '-- l. Ol ) 2t)l kega to Klare, hor sulete h _J el (4 lell UtJKSY "1 NwI ........ Srtle l AFI l'iift.UA LIONS. 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His table shall invanriably be s.pplied in ev" I-rv v ria etv w ia t hlie I .s L hP 1hetLrkelt L RII t-- -hi ,s lalr lil "lrni 0h m w ith it-,- ehbilc'st w! illne s ,s et li l al lrs- thiS iervalnlt will nt all tlies e is w; liglill to give praIapl aittenlton to tlhl . n W trll ll l'hl sa alll atllalll. hre it a rll tictlnritl wellltttrontl tIr ttea i lolnlgc ilMa b ti anoft F ili g atit Iebe tnn tlac tttalt tatt . i. lRge Inumlber I le will have urrina es h al aaer atta l iittt tar rer rival ul[ d iPllill'iltttre'jot' qt* e.lxpe/n ,trs o ,u I(wanlLI J.l.III and (,Cnn' |halos. lie hl.!s tliln T.avellers IIId Iltlher vill gii e bint . caitt, attd tti llde o'i a olntnodl aious i3 r tthe slveYE , + thllis is iteonlv mtllhld Ibv whlich thle ierits of his s tall ab l llhn ion c a n b y nlt i lfu cl o ril l l es !od . GIWOIIG(E' I;hall E.1.11.G ER. Ciue!iilnnti,April ftl , !i137--if. al1 E-~x CHIANGU oln Plliodrel da iaid New York, T'he e .1J lethcks, & sallr hy the Btcl LAWIE.N(C' &I I.UGFNDRE have fitn jell -R slh 21-\rw LeV at' iner ti .. . .... ... . ---- t ive. pA CION--. ltcasks Cincilnatii :uared, t somre, lor ive. J sul,by Gi. II)ORSEY, jel d.II New Levee. E $LR-10lO blole, i sltore. for rule hb t jetl , II)lILSEY, i14 New Lever. EAF I.A'lDi--5l00 kegs, iin line shipping ordere. fur i sole by G.I fl R.1E0, jel8 44 New Levee. It is i ATACKIREI, tIME, &c. 71 74 bbls. i!m keral, os. 1, 2 an 50 htll barrels a!uekeral, lic i i)it 11.,9 ca ,ks fliteic, I, Rb, 511f0t feelt lcel er, t stli1 s L.tiding froi kbrig liinl ead d foler ae. iib Sl rhos e S17 s'LETbSOIN AVIt\'l & it,. g NF,:I' I[ S '1\IRE xi29hf'ul TUST received or late artiinerri from New Yolk, Lon froes Nii a l "tit io nl easetl twe Ot c ef I OAT S. The bubseriecr woulld artitcuhly vcall the atietiotnti 6 if ie lalllhiie ii a -ti' eif eerl.l rb it eaitc hli ll feliit, fiue iteal re ric it alll bunchifilftliI iOfaliopeli St t I tiAne i in iiu.siu a ui t 'e u supei lr qutli; aedna il ,li a els r oIficiiid eiiilce ofill, hat, till un ciili;i ' rn!e it,0 tile inll. srme cut nnefacitued beliy housetl, expiesly fuor is , illkekt, w ul oi, ual d c retel i -irie, i J IV , l)I.iN, 31 dcci p s ctrt I thcru 1 N. I1 Cite) nd .oiletry dealer., are illnci-ed It i iii e t'ciigi febl S m ---I I-CIl.RDs, Toiaccol alltid ac illlllftiii-iii It t rer, No. `177, Cum, ;:reft, Nee-Orleau de ITl wilhes to iciobey Il;s iltrils l rllll I .l.lih. ien geerl, l. Aint i i re i Nr ow thtoeell to -llltiSh al thing, ti( the Ibei a n lnve Ii llesiiss, uud Itoe lstalltly for ao ile Ith 'toll b th Iwd u ri i ics: i M rtit S3. UIFS. uolumeI Bose, (;:rorn, I:llle. Conlldor Ci'abey, I';nlisll ri . iCgentl This Amvic pll<"ll per; Natohi slt h asu, lr Imitated, Amvrin gemnitl, c mal. .s, brahd Ifur}l, tot [laulnk .a i+.+t iililble) trishl l ckt A .anal sv re t l c l l M ) l ru i ta no n LaC ur es nlth lte ame.oasI , icris heir i h a lblll'- ii ni Nll i: l h f ix lrI- Italll l-t ay n ctu -t:le iue , 4110 powder. t t L Fl ne ci t h eh ilige'.\e..N t tei ait eolali s. ;o Flloc t sk:ll t ig, Ill' lrlS iP 1ii( . 13(iooslII be lro e 1.ii h-t'hot ii. , , ll mi sh I ..l ill tr, i dary a c u th s a rel all Wth 'aion e d as g d , iflibl st| t the peeler to at thng of the kin im p orted, uni will he e ir ot ti -m i : C-l- 1llS . 1Iill rl iL . eship URitce b llllI atll e l ieby t lie r jeT l 2c: 'IC 2ew, Sii Levet b ei b weigcicng ten lounls elbchln stui e Ic r li e by lecid d .0.liUi I. do)1YKI. & co., " "illa ti r ' l Nbiv Il Olett an.d CtutiItteanr Kniti Rela ,itd w . 0trltn ,ellients Ii'r r lninlg thle ters frol| this littll. FIIocal C o.( Flro NEW OiIU...NS;: per It' ho"se car ill t A ·' 1 A et1ll S IIi O it I. \ a t 7 ut .L I stle llllir 6 d Il i d1 u tib 9 erei h ih , do it o ldo do d It til io i1 11d l i l 16 C zA IIE lllcr I 1 illlciii b lll i - i steam re rir 2 to , ' P M . I I d 5 do e. u in o 4 tio do Ul l twn 7 (I --- i -t , i , i lln i i hIc dIn Ilo i lu t d iii cln el i 'r ie Jlksii s.ll iet cars oi e li iveCI Rol ea t fl:n c uci o'.lleck, A I. Cl b street at il 'cl' hck . Il, ullll n Iuw 3 ui . htmriv ut 7 I,'lck. n l elle.s. s will t alllltod , U rll lil I ) iry h ll ehour, nld contilue throughoit tie day until? ouclock, I' ll. rtAOile TI'II irruanaelil.tlit tir tile I.a Course street cars thle ir 80 nid n uts life dteeel-d street. /ýS'1'I'. JAIIO C& TRIIE~it, gere 1,%fl.ll,. cee ý.it hl n at411 Poydrus grtleet. l ald er .I'.1)7Ult l'V VA'rlA--i ircctly inprted roit Co --e s 1res ir i oII II llNi NA '1 1 , (L Nieeui fttca llc ut ll i IIiiis rl)ed III "lt [111' f~ r - i ciicl llccC Ill o Ihil l Iil i - l l rl ..i l t il ill clitc,,raphi if tle uitlilciihtiil , Jucihiu lictie 1ctilic t l it 7 IL be g voi ihe n cho,<. l'l)tel ,I SUMME II tlh,i dlo l Ci tu'lr l\G, teo tclioe I itlll eigtllent. e'er- reti d . uattlhe the .til e), It the sllice !df' ro t witry A A'1'111t'IOWNSiENt). t il Exnhatll0 e b lolel, (ie raviere t. I lCt 1 l i)-I - ( t 1 10'l 1,14 Netn Iter . in ,ll;OUUD-3)II bblls utlbeo laididh, per fla, ,fr Daleu tnvis j f:3 44 Nwcs lte. . cnt t llii qcaks acnd tad 11 lin, ettled Itll o clt.b ln o;i l for s e ii lti.. lt : 'l '1\1'i , tie - [7 ti7 (iie C. Ilij)utrial, gkiccoceder, cuueg hyct,. cld ca Inw J s,, cli,,ig tlen. 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Igoe- s!lcniaa Sthe loCre t it ctlc~hante tice cnntcrnnei, ialn prcaw (rr -ti."br . n t ot ppectacte itf cll age, ' hlini Clii seatn c nv to, trecil ti seinet, ill uaclvvd, Andl c ltime eyen 1 t l, citeitttt to acd theC j'ta t't d sneeres o thenir .I.~I1Iau.tOlnlrP the relllnindllrlf their Ij;cF are con tqtentlc rlt"it in rctiltc,,,Ci In elt,,tt. ce ccc the lo.ieat ropertc" filli the ecercotr thIti,, ".tai, cith ftilt tetov ,,chinkinEgc lan dtcl'nthe lacy , lhi' hiir. ci ledert all Ijhese ccill Ant ttt.nmtcc te, cOlricilec' rilu c of Coliinlonieci op=th lhiit rom Failt off the, firt n.,,lcitcntic, cld a f, lttrlhc rretnrre it aenin. It liktewie pteditcir evehttc no. d wchiclcic: teventl the ttir trcm taltmcigray, mcket it Pt're heRiciftllyI, tnd fide, ict from c e-nr. Nnuicrnns retiflecten lhf the 6i~ht iceertctthilifi It cupport of thlct'ittu.entf Oldridg6j Immln, anr =itawn he the prtprietor. lLrrRenidtte fcllttcting: Robhert Whcrton, !ate Mnvnr of Philadelph jew rertijetr ti tinv he jreea beloc, to the high chard trn"f hIc gllcwin icgentlemttit 'flte onnternigted dio terheb ecclb that weltrte ane4 thte Flitt of ('nliombin dij~civerre'j 1 J. Gldridee. an have fantl it hiiglli' eeetireihlenot ntlyas n"prtnenticd sceintt tle falling dlfltf hiir, hbt alsoa certtain tuira live. WtI.LIAM ''IHATCHER, Seniw, Methndist Mlinister in St ioenreg ettre, Ne 86 North Fjfthst JOHN P INlLIS,321 Atih street. JOHN 1) THOMAS, MD, 163 Recent JOHN S FI;RPV,10I Sprne steetr, 0IIUG01 SIcUlilOY.24iouth 2d eal JOHN lARl), Jr,.i3 Arch street. it it known ltht three of the ilthnv signce, rar mtt thann 5a yens of see, ant tie etitert Less titan 30. Fren, filte Mnvi,"I Citttninihenlth otljmen a yttthatue i, tthbert Whetottt, Monor. of noil city itt PhdiF d, rtliii On herretv certify titt itS e ca l ttatitlittl with MIhenie J i' Inglia, JtltttS Ftir tli aid H ukh McCanlc; J here ttmie nretiigttd tethtlpltnae certiteatethht they are getitlemer et t'batmitier .ntl it' ittteciliftf tlfd ad -llhh tell heedil almlIId he civen to tthe nnid eerfifriate It witlihi, c NHitrlt I 10(0 lthreunto net ins htaatl ittd eClteiId tIle denil ofthe jltY sto hne;ffixed, thid 6th1 day of lte"emtnir t&c IPol I1'l' *lLRTONM- yorc a tll'iSVRVE that eah bottle of the Genune almhal ea jjlitidid rtgrinvrd wrpaper, ati (hich in reprnaented tlte jIlIt'if ti Niclci, Ate is i 5,Ililllltel"yle ttld retail Iletthe rcinttgentr fir Ante rival, dii 2 Fletlthe' sitiet, it-or Otnidtt Lenti, ane dint below Pea'Prl etruc.t,nuld by Inist druggists and peirfumotr) throughi It, culnlrv: JARNIS & ANoREWf, tt Wlttleanrol Agents, New Orlrnata. PROSPECTUS. TIlE subseriher proposes to puhlish; in thd be. inneing of the oensaig winter. a CoieBohsltion e. the twenty volumes of the Old and NeWr Series of Martin's Louieinna Reports; to e bbtmprietd in feor mvlume, 8t9., aceording tb the tItldel of Peatemi' Condetsed leporta. Tifs woerl is nrtw in piepninatidit by J. Burtoni IarTrion, Esq.,Tfthis city, asssted iby William F. BOrhd, Esq. ''he Editor is also permitted by i their ptersonal supervision all the advantage which may unttidrlly be reaped Irom their experience. :'Agi, k'ivork is becemnitg ehery day more noe and searce. An .inbreasinn houriosity too is -mni feet, itn the other States of the Union, in referendd to tle pittbuliar jurisprudenc of Louisiana; and thd ciroettancdi of tie t....oter principliL here .' .. jidod ill thle ddtjutttltt of ot-licte of lats, takes the knowledge of oltr adjudged cases of primae ti. litv to the jurists of the wtiolo Unioni. Moroovet. the rising republic of has adopted nor coflee; iand tlhus there is a gret loodeand for the tosllisidad desions fromnt a fleshr quarter, Convenient etteOn, iodthetti", the parallel eeais l decided in Lisian t,, and occosionally ttihe in ahb more authoritative forumst of the other Stateb, ihill he added to each case. 'The work will form four volumes, royal oitavo, and will hobe delivered, hound, to sbsribers at $1 per vol.; in caj e it ahoull be found practicable to ttoitpress i0 it into three voluidies tht prieo to sab scrih!lrl will be $7 per vol. i bocheripltios received by \VMY MicKEAN, jo5 car Catnp and Comotln sts. l tti;. I t-I rI, A, r "tIt o siltuo tt 'lu it:.rotl ai:;;'1 Stllity edollt ( t f fer a.prie, on Plili ibrlla e .a^d i'ast ols, laudiwl froo Barque O len liH d i,¢t I .C BRIDI)G & 0C, 134 Magazine at I tlj kltos' ()iattltei*n, tllnl ti e oSat an pi , 1 i.der's'rt'o,ee t ,a .,tsiht, a luht of Colunti , ,c. &e,; lua.ditue luld ot t le it' It It l ith tatt t i ,,,,, dl r hitrn onlthld Tcoltol i llhtt l St. ,te l,nio hortIh;tls will be ret,et: tI tit ole oo.ce of the tSliv Oirltetll and Na-hsittol Its-roeb,!enr rthr delive ly itlt' ,011 lil o tf pihne talr i tpre tinber, h o be ilttitte l oI w sides; thre tllt .!rle tilet be a lt lea St 1 i to , wad t hte fti iern tr nt h ti n 10 iu hesin tihick eioo to hte It i nb l bt r'io hrt lcre than e0 feet. The Stihl, ttr is wntted Ito a s~ltoe of t ulte no *eniclar '- rI, an wiUo1nt received the thirdl Iaws envel~ line e- 'nli oor atl thlIe ta nei toi Tle iseln y teb Rails road Illidge, iltth ailtiut tohe g olsitiay. Also, T hPrope i tli oeo frosiie ntl" emr trinr s the embainkh CIlenit tlw tuen slo tof t Itrehoi the of laks , ith shells and , Ito111 a . l it 1 inches. h) e tniterili r ir tlie turt ,se .ire easily obtained wittin a short e ljn at. ir orihe einliknwet ald til Cempultk will fur; wllteol te distance it tuo gt,-at lot.l u n le lbar rae, l. Also, r LritProp Jilall Itre enitl v for buildiho Pee nti sha& 'tie o thi e die tili til gf tte ronad; tihe descrptinii sill e [ "ad w rtrle s iud Nashville Kuil-read tlt lse. tjtiid eL hief 4ghSeOe tied GLncrne Storintemad i- A+LVN=A -JF--Lhilt loge Cagal t et, tl oll'riadilt, Tretl Stitts, suitahle folr a digd. fatily. ,Aply to . S "boDOYLtt & MAY, Te-o e n otndneleefatl ai Ti ll..6a r ,--,-- a-rI;. m Fler, tiros w6 . tkeep I'tuiifsnrtoe g frite eui e fine ntfo rle. (. DORSEeY, " jte22 44 NowLaeveI n 1t r Hero, t rob thOai a; tilirral d "UC ptli. . jel4 o kdneo n asia ee y AUNT I'aN'I'YTOt OL, a novelse in d 44- tovoted, t Iy t hre outhrfesh oThe L esIt·oLLdbib ji IFlirtaltie.'u &c. tiu vo ls. Teit Aelslweeet't ofl GSeolesns is tedctiV atia Eerite naewith otrtedroa with d c,ats. as o t ok,"i ,'[lee by t y zUt tOor l "O ur N e ,ia lborkug..,. ' sE. in vol. t . hs u t. bur g d aw ea"u, ... , , uula.,, tS."I,/Z ,', * wish 0hu50 tlior ic kRateh ley the en spboneb Ritchie, l`:s. astarti of 'Letllrara 'AutenttB t + L t.itLsl.ulerhwtunlte'a" 4k., lP0 - r.atiie of the Atl ctic niitdltn E.idhjito to '0bb tn iret Of dt' great Fish trivtr, a d atonug tta oetonfo tt n, AEotic tceuh, i ied . ..velarshe lwL3, lIe13,tL b.V U . Capt.dn 1i iiek Il. N. I'iltoloutd lraktb ttlot -akn stated with a malt.,Ie .. oley, - t-"-idr o". _ tr -Lend Ul), Ie.eac Broady yv i bls; IPO !lde ne Ilrund r, , d lit u il doi !O"i S.t ckri- in onlf dol . tdi,,lu bid-, (a tnhltd tk.jtapt eWJ - paniohi Matti.g "" lalley "Pd . let, nd tAl; It SpgrUp, a i la i , . tt. .o-a o s cm , o.; it; 0 ...... Cl-e...., ,

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