Newspaper of True American, July 24, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated July 24, 1838 Page 1
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N RA TUEDA JUY .'-'~-----;--i -- - _._:,_._ .... i . ;_.... . NI.;V'1~ ORLEASI~s TUEsDAY MORNINC,,-YULY34-,-.R8.38i _ ..... ___.__ .................. . '...."=! . "..r 'ertrf of theo .V.e'.r,, '' f \',o 'roteans asoeooooot t.' ,/ r o't'r 1o,'t r c .,rti. ottooto oncli'iog .of the het I o sl too S/lt. 'of 'lrok"rIJ. 1ld doanCRt rioson.-'alveoo i tlltar' trr tlo Idily pg per p rm ttIIIIu, In tvtobti, s ni 'alllloltL' illto a I',ur: : ten dollars far ti3 trl-o oto'lo Iolllloltry, p)p0or0 p;orolabe, one rear in a Nlce, wltere Ii, cityr rlirro'r is given. vi, sauboriptio I .villi hbo dli,:oooiioued until sra tr.r.a are satIled. il cao': of l .eo It: n a wriiti.g mitst totr i0v0r) 4' yrivo'I, " tl blahe ýnpirartioo of alo.crlpti,)ao. aDVnTrlsralO.--)lneo dollar per saollreo for the first esartion, and half thait price for esach ubqtarllurnt on.: anv material alterataion Irola Ih origilol advoertisement wil hbe chalrged 11a a new one. YRinLL Auvtasrtsisan.-Merchants and 'Praders, srty dollars fot Engish alone, and sixty for both lan gags ianko, Insurance Ofices, and otherisiilar pubic limiatt s, fifty dollnrs in Enrlish only, and nighty for both languages; Ship and Steamlnot Pac rs, or Comnisoeion merchanot sixty dollars in English no, and eighty for booll lanoguaoes. aalARIaOsS, ORBITUraRY NOTICES, and artirlCs call tile attention of the pnblic to satles o property, ards of passengers, benrfits, &c. &c. will be erarged one dollar per square for the firt inllsrtion in each olan COruvnmoATIoa So or Aldvertsiements, of nv pasnyiro al nature, wher adlssibnile, ,hall he coharged double, rnd in adraoce A deduoltiln of twenty five percent. will be made to Auctioneers, Sherill', Rtegistersof Wills, nod Marshale ma sales of real estate, puanlished in both laguages, sud 50 per cent. i Euglish alotne: a l prr cent. onm ales of other properrty AUVsluTIaTaz.Toa ot of line of af the vesrtiaser, such as legal, auction, nll plapta iou saBl, auasstty sineo 5i0tay animals, &c. &e. will be chsrgPd'irfsrpsatqly, anoi at ys ordlinnry rates. AhRTISoMENT mnm'o snrledlilOs tS to time, witl teo p lihed oned tnmonth, and crlrged acconrliontvr. Nd of Iankraptciost will he pIbliserd n any case, otlons paoid fnr preo ious to insertiho, or sayrnsnt guaranteed by a rtsponsible tlorson in ltowno. Tlmatres and other places oft omnremernt, advertisio moily r th' searonn. to be lcharged $101) fio Itoglisb a ae lnesd $150 in both langnares. k11 announcermats of anodidatoos for Ipolit'crl offiettr be charged double tie price of otiher advertise lt. n,' to the immoase Inel sustained by nrwspapor eprietoit, they have totne to tio troellorioIn that tit -auea of persons whooe accounts bIove toot lbeen o nid witlhn one nmontlh aftr presteaonotio, shall be o ade knaowt (Ina for as proeticable)ol to eachl other-they obli eating themselves not to advertise or print Ior snuct dliaqaents, ualess in aose ol adroare paysotats. osigned) J.C. 1)r Sr. IOMES J. BAYON, P. P. REA, J. C. PKRENI)ERGAST, JOHN GIlBSOIN, LUMSdEN. WVeekly Press.-\Ve,e ile uodersignol, agree to abide by the alove conalitions, as for as they tare applicable to weikv Ipapers. ( digned A. B. LAWItENEC No sublscriptions are taken for less than 6 months. -Ltersa nusei ll a Illcast, Io post lolld. ---l- ,L'S SPAIN KEVIMr'i'r:1), te.. PAIN KREVSI'IrlI) by the atlhorf "A year in Spain " in o vals- ffntryr :'eerroy, n tnl, byl ne author of "Cec Iyde," inl2 vols. 'Ihe Actrrress of oPadua, andl otlher tales, v tile authollr of "T.'lte ]Forta keln," in 2 vols. Nimnrod'qlultIe'nTours; intt'eropers'ed wilh characteristic anecrdotes, sayin.s and dliigs of "'inorting Menr , inct lia g of fltr ti priocil eornok lere of Entgllld with io nnaloirt ' ellcotnto ts told geneoralol del aul name to wilch are nidded, Nilrod'z l ettlersR o tirg lo tonds, ia . Aola. lien i rro, Iot' lrnt oel Nt'lmolll s Agultoelnontl, Ity Calit. hloanier, I. N.,ulltllr ae the "Lift' of a Sailer," &e. ia2 vol. Catrmoilrario 1i rinqllty Jurias tlrod renor adsinltoirred In t--~t a oed .1 oaric, by Joiephl Story, L. LI. it. Ovid, tttno late lo tryleno i PoI"' Cnmtrrro,,' Adolison adoo o therr. is loveol ti.lrino Noot l and I otof "llar er's h l;la-i, .ibrtar." lfotntrrv 'notic;, or rolr folr tll, xor''roo' and of'the United States'nftutrv, 1.e Molitor .oerra S:ott, . . Ar In 3 vl. Jtlt re ,eivoe 7 coirner C(l l & om n t. l it SPis the. llor; Ii she not linfair; (ntr th0 s o m t .lve; olhinl: ItI tlo v o . '1o , .Iv wit' l Itlllllr ; ltPalo; Iln trtll]o old; it'll tot fin, of rlok, Vo0ws; I l nt"aI. l, .v.L Iin ttl.'l lom o ts . e It i 1V~. shatl 110010' toot ri n o.f't l oti o i II o(o ttt o ; oo ornotl Tl. odhol'\,; so fa to nottio 'l; o tto tiliottoh o t to ser till,.o ; o'.e I c 0, tr n l o I ali ' I' lti, .:t , i.r': lt I ,I lot . ni".e ', Jrio al , J t I nn; 0 r0 . i to ' n ) , itl .nt I e o l" tl'. if. e"wrl o o; i " i , ' mP I 'ic a , slrlt ',o nv or oh tere natil; o'lI o l'e'du i ellh erc :il4 RLhl.; ",+a her! ft'. Un I; ell .-; Alu ,i ·Ir,1h1 h iz - ri nlvh L n g'-r ia ! ?.l tnl.. ir ti el, e ell, o"rd- t' tr I bor, n1"et. ;i,. [/,Brn, o. t,., tr:"i , t. i : re : ive~d al o o,ro tl lo, 0. ', . . 'm ,T n rt l t ,t ' or T , , VtI 'p o,0,n10A. .h a ,l: ti-, ll.a I l. i.- ... i "t 'l, it,,Itl I t, C Titdo oito ear r polnilae nthnemontintos by.I, it w V' I' "'f, II : " F', h ,a r L . ,;ft:,. "rjas:tionof lt c om any. a im ort t imrovementtl el btetent mrett ne t thel t A oo .ioi .oall + lt I (o ot, a oh, a nnou o o Le s . ola:one. For oo t hl r . o n to kitrd ons reooei ora oloto e passing by e fooiitot Piano :' rt.: a 1.11, 1 i ." '.tl o i ,r,.. ro' llurt thion oa' , i rtio n o f rl r ooh "i rv el onr:i, cealrv ito a l itaim lo'lnv, fer tito oi -icon', . In io .r irent Ilean , with nrlmProis ln lr iin to he lietlltur to.dl.lhUtiteO and utso vathit sll ward.ry. Tlhee Wlofte he rdis osed as Cl.d ierarl to fni rilih tlemtacs o actiol rl I rorreet roe ncialoion of ie'renchi . r y ih a uhnr, i new dit irn, revise tnd correcterd. or A telectio hri andred if Pero n rinrsoi pated with at key, contait heno t ext a literasl f e Ie translationl arranged itllsnch a mat'ant flltoraln o t lu eAso a igured proonuaie ana of the French, scor ding to the best French' works extanton the subject. 'The whle pirecede by a short treatise on the sounds ofthe French p.ench Long: ae, ots l ain iing its elements ar ordirg Io S'rhe bent usager .y Beroarld ronchin, just received turd or sale Ly WM McKEi.AN, a(or Camp & Cool sir. . .B illtE-LPIItiUR SIRI RNIIS. - GRElNBItiER COUNTY, VIRGINIA. r|'.Hi favorite watering place, in the mountains ,. I Virginia, I. milenwes, of ,lnewisburg,and iI from ohe White Sulphur, will he oalrpen in uo seaen for thei 'reception of company. ionaoe important iciproveroetota hae hbeen made sintia the last season. A spacionus l ill roants, and a number of si.ghl-bdded rooms haoe Iorno Sadded and ntow finishinog; aolrding uceoommodationo. lo. the lsto' July, for 250 visitorns An rexcellent trn. pike road hans bean con ted passing by te spriog ngs,r and intersecting the Kananwl turnpike near Lewis 'butrg. lOver lthis rend, o dlirotilota of the ant office rlenarttment, Msors. Bedito, Walker & coo's. line of 11ii eoaces w ill ran. A posot oilice being established stthe spratgs, visitrs o non r.-coiRve newsand onorers pond aily, erot atd wo t.' Of hoe medicinal qualitfniies of thoseasrtoe w aroproprietors ono d not pl k. 'i, her ast[e been analysed by able and tllrotsst'o d chodinit andt -sund lto hlod i saolite n all tle aiolulse ingrei uts oel trh rest celebrated snorirons iat Virginia. 'heaombhinatioo ontata:Ilous outio Sitphlrn'ted fotly dragon, tulp ,ate aof Manoeia, Sulphate of iboo, Crt" bonate of Lne, Slthalrlt of Soida, Moriate of oiod., a and 3|tntiata of Magoesia," the salutary effects of wtinch are exhihited in diseases incident too femnteo;tnd hroo ic aolfetion of the stomach, liver, and bowels; inc' uto 5no5s affectiens or diseasos ofhre skin no remtdy more patent or fliicacinras ono lo found. Fateusive lathilig eslablishmeots for both sexes oare * been erected contiguous mo tho springs. Visitors cao at oll tiores enjoy the peculiar advnntages f o their beho .sign sad whlonoeoe effoocs. Alajot" Willita Vass.o will contintue the superintend. nct af the spring. lovert exertion on his port, and on abe pat of" the proprietors, shall be rendered to isnure roar-. Asitr, a .aorplol.Looato .giriotatrr toazr.ioralro. or rite N.unnery ad grouuds, illustrated by a plan ,,C the Nnaacry, &c. Mariailonlk and the Nunneryv f the Hotel Dieu-be ing an accnnnt of a visit to thse onvents ofl tontretl and rfltalution of the "Awful Disclosauen;' by Win. L. Stonle. Fourth experiment ofLivitg. ltiving witbanl means. 'PTie Stndent' lnstrnctor in )Drawing aod wkihg "The Five ordlrs of Archltectre," filly explaiinig the melrlm, for striking regolar and quirked inn loiern; for dimianijhion and glrie of culumns and i aitals; fbr findineg tie tren dierioeter o'an order to aOny .givl heigllt; fur striking the Inaic Volule, cilar olr relinyiial: with finished examples, on a lnrge scale, of tile .rdars, their planlehors, &.; anld some dueigns for door cases, ele gently engraved on forty-6ne plantes, with explates--hr Peter Nieholton, architect, auothor of the ".tlrchaniC s Cor lauior,'- "Coarllentere New Guide," "Carpelter's and Joiner's Assistant," &,. "A Practical Treatise on tht Culture of Silk," adapt ed to the soil and climoate of thI United States-hy J. I. Corastak, secretary of the Hartford county Silx .o rcietv. rand editor of thi "Silk Culolriet." "'Na Silk Ralser's Manual, orthe art of reisi.g onrd fedin- silk worms, and of cultivating the .t therrv sreer-g y M. Morin. The Clerk's Guide, or C('nmercial Correspron lence; comprising letters of hreinh so, torrms of bills, invoices, account-sales, and shopkeepars, equation of payments, ronmmercial krrm. &e.--by B. F. Foster. "Hiotorv of tile War in the Penineuta and tihe Soutth of Pranee, fro the year 111117 to tie year 1814" by W. F. P. Napier, C. IB., wl which re perlxed an swers to some attacks in Rrfohinuon's Liie of Pieton, end in thle Qtualrterly Review; with coulnter remarks to Mr. D)ndley Mlorntunu ercival's remarks lrlr aolne pomea gee io Colonel Napeisr fonrth vnlnme ot the PeninFi trur Var. Just rrereivd n fo. r ale by (4I.tkPEIIAS--I Ihts, tr store, o rle isby jer' 4 44 New Lever. SUGlAI.- ,) ihht, prile article, fir ale by G IDnOIRSE Y" .oRtTiK-t .n l Un t,. Pr* mdrir t.ort t utlmrNtrri F 51,1ev OTETS'IN rkaV1ltTy. . -- - --mm --~i; 3 wt 1+ t': ",i. '- . eir x'ik vitllih ,t'g o, n d 17 £p .:l" t''ecentatrrvals T'rf I, if h North, t.l atlfdiiol s to tt 1ir stock of is it lo 't otl tt whill f o ic 'tirol, Wo ulltlo Ictfirit'l (cthy lfit'ic) |ris an isisortment more getter a.t .n.cplete t I i f'ounl In any stnilfsrresk. Coltse l Itn toets; lihtlers, waiteor, crstorh , candle slistks os), iUl ttera ie s obles; tablle satd dlesert torksk take, deser t ansf tea dslos; tmarrow and gravy.or s o. goat spoons; sugar tonltlg.ttl aahloe ansod l aOts hlles; stlr, fruit, plddlilntg sh klicve; pisckle nsoil dusert knives ano i forks, lapk, fings, o. rl cilally from the manufastory of lrt .. Garlinlcr, of Now York, fWhose long es.ta lisheis ,ottioii for tth m o.fa.ttsre of silver wahtl is aulioit glarralltee of its sllpcrior qlalito . PLAI''t.I) "flig OPfHpFpIIyIf) AND n111. 1h fHAMI. eM lnld otolftP PrP, t.a fts; astiOts, liqllor silt otP dial stonods; stsrb tanotllm s, At Is:gacs with nlir mwatr's ronll od andi ofotg from ict 1'2 ilciso soile steak a s;d vegdoict: :.e ,h riot: disk tovers; cake ald ,re , baskets; ,2Ulnd:li4 li14s; mnallle bn11d chamlnle. er:lllesticks; winnesl l3, ., :"'hrl's hIan llhnm; deIt al l ter lallls, rl:c e' calnk', Itoston i tr, iaisles bhlls, tue , tn. tie. egg and nsti l oit ll pt ; egg blIlloeilds tll llss toast toi.os, Etc. SILVEIR ON EEL WAIFE. Table iod deslt o llll brn, HI an Oll soIIo soap anlt rhe, aidles; ultlcl ancld {ive, he lese scnPlp, l ,. paoagus itongs, tgI tl etn fuor eto. * l A 'PA, :RT. PIne Gothic Sandtwitch l o dol ralol'.ln i wpiitcle. ill :SeNll anaI singlel( l tO:n 8 i l ohes; strol'/atp/et, mrae/u". ioi'reul, cheese, ;ogi krnife ysl lcoge toright plt m31tIllirawspice, cardt nok ant bnoxs; k reos.lag as. ndiia :nt taliesr in nets, cotl os Japllastll and ictl o iehits tortoise shell, etc. 1 A NtIS. An extelrive tn.stoontntll'oicontg wacleh are eAstrI. emps,:aRll bi'onzed and lt, atll of r'ch llt gloss; manntle lups, dio, do eash patn .tdwtilth glas tpris s; veory splndli csst glass do; itomid ai.taJapanne, side or Ibrokst latnps. tIIANDf.{EI.I S ANsD PANt;IfG LAMPS ESnglish andl Freoch c it gla elh:tllis or il' {itrse no 8, i10, 1, , t:ill and `'vs lilhtls irunchl bhrslzd and, ilt (irecisl itnllos, 3, 4and coi lidsc; hall Ipli'op ol lott PerI.s, rihs ioniclze boat sir croant f ori draw rooms, from L to 6 tiguts, hp shades, glasses siid wicks. .MANTeLE CLOCKS, t.¶.LIfILIttAS AND ' .\bSt;8 ronstzt and totr:th; I.roitstil gilt, oot all gil, lrith fixtsl.', , tc; coutinIg tsp sC aonl kithoet calocks; itlt'iioll itksilontis, egi:r' Io; i ul. weoigitts, tllertsoicr eOtd, altl iacks, can ilelstick etc 'IIINfl A WVAI OI IIG{1lItLAIN frl lit tlfenod tlech biling deiert, lea o l 'tuti. o sr ivic.' f Iloon sohitt, gold erugs, oaid vly rio.k tacy l )ccItIItpr, pitcuhrs; ealr(,l lllo l ts)l col boft deCiuitreSk bowlsil, disdll, sclot) sao, i, st. ostlnds, stal'y' tools, balttor tilt, tile(t'r fi Olms, ttllshle's, ' ite, ehlnpa:igl , l aret, cordia]l, rnttosatle hot jilt' glasses; tintt cstilred 1lolsgls gcc Aleso, cille stlatol. Fhne on-, halanv, sthtnlho sod" tispil suik htitdle kni ic, nllc iksl Ifo k ft ul a l o 53 teo's, il Isy hlcIoI zr ; it li's I:Is lli kniv.s only fi . slit's firks; o li I llll gull OIs t' rl ; Itm'c l icti s t'gni l.,o lit,' , oY<, tc's k iV+s ,tlit (t:r. btt lik, ii' I oa'ctt ' (Tloi't 'ti 'tt'S! l i'cok s t'a ti;c. ' L't I~I'ANIA ANDI HI,Ol ( T. \\A+ L"'. +i11±1ll ottilNl t andtt ll t ( 11 11 'fI 11 ,s i .n'2 .f4 11o1 'en.,. ,liYl: .s \. iliah o(.,t's, c'i. i t llh' l0 's 11' l+ lishf o, + .J1S, ;ld -hboat-,'r,, runtl ' +t,, I .1'>a:, .: , vti, t. nn:, s:l, 1w t.Nt \\ II flIlth\osllll. i rlf l a nllh h11 - itrs'l t;d r itlist I,, 1, I,.,I 'I i te 9llel.}l' I;; lp i toll,, l t. c:n, I t1:, · ,r ,iI., ] t, and t ,ll, k-1 'iii l:*hI l., IS l '! it\I "+,'I'' , ,-i',+," . i , l,. . , .: , . , T .. f. . . " s . 1 .: , 'II't I It' I :ii 11.11 1 1 .., f t : t e. ...... . . . if , . I',; :, , hl e l r l k , ,. 1,1 ".n,, 1 -u 1 , 1,,I 'v, i l.', tls.l '', llljolt tiI lt1- I t .,,I, w hi'r , $ , ' 1,i . ' 46 l 2,l fl . 1 t ,ii tI _I 1,N e,.+ i t , , ,' , Fc.c sillel gin (f St ws or marrl. u ilt r a aosce gin., swaw S r more, a i h one set ofl'eedlss, baslsd, &e. at $G per msw, $481) tIN Fler ts. of s) cws, with tleders, &r it $6 atO er. saw, 3 O il For do. of 4 sa, with eders, with rs, . $,6 75 5er saw, 550 (SF Frs ao. l' t) saws, with feedlrs, '&e. at $7 50 per saw, 1511 IN Exetrateeth where desirCe, fr le'tters, alsipielI a Il0 cents' eh; the IIl Ober ofteeth ehie. abmlt equal o tile nlunllber of salws ).ie set of feeer, it is c sidereld howeverr, will wear out t'.wo r three sets It sows. Exlla snwa spllplied at 8 ernta·nclh. The (iins 'rderetd, a ill be deliverer to the :agents o pd:luters 111 any ilf the s's port towns iof the cottot pln I' States, aithie ansae trices, thear..ts los ing5 the li.gllt an tle stae re st NeSv Yoak asl ha'S ,)nilt re sponible tr the a amoat of the i(;i. t .:3, 5 ,,+.: w'illlre sent with the (lws to it the'Sl ,ri. , sieed; the eherges ftr rwhose serviceo easilt e t xa Lr.s moderate. Ironll running gearc:m also he ortlell wllere desired,. oh reamolltllne I.:ns, but will be cha,+,gt Iextrall. lIIo'w Ipower,olnnllv des.:iptlio, ra1n he furnihbed oa like ers. Small stea:tu elgilnes 4:s alsao e oldered of de toay S1hthll aeeottlany sthem with thlllei'irvaew in regard tothearrtsat'senetosfsaws, bresssts, Ieshes, &c. It is founr thety Iliil.r in opiniont. Sme tdesire saw oi lager dioameter il'st othttrs. TPile most comroinl size is 9 olr I illchs; ItI Jllme i.S wi1h then I.'L nches. Somell wish 5 or Ii rws llf sbrushes ona lt als ea, weile others dito altt want more tl: i. :t nost. so(lll: 'eih saws witll 8 soresteeth to tle inch, whllit others "taut Itises It. W stI t neh Itsreaell:v we pelleri:lt thi,' S si, ,!, st hetime S l'gevig orderstes'; lirtisht a statest tti th'ir wishes, and ithe Iital lifateurer's can fllillfil themt ill every partSiclarl. Wlhere it is Il'ft to or lisretiun, we shall make them on the s mosst modern and a pprovs l IIn Asn os'i'' n ot certs ed, frrot the till it is received, illt' iltace fl'eihit o, nuiile wtees, lllldl the. Iin Ill th rilme iacedit, tl'e Iheds of te lifsctor. ToL he i too lir thle next crlop, ill orders ought to hr illn the lands of the mtanlfiinetrcl'shv the first or middle of 'rlyp; exetpt sill planttilos whesle Lthe' arelate in comlmencing to pink ulr ill cottll. N. II. 'lThe IPatet Rigiht, fr any oneof the cetton growits States, will be sold on reasauableterms. STA''TEi OF LOUISlANA.--First Juaicial Distrcts THlI5 S'TAT'E OF IOIUISIANA, 'Po all whom these P'resenta shall cesie, Gsieting:-Whereas Villilam ,lahkey Iating plrehasel at d s ale mal. hy the 1serifl"' f the psrish ft Orleans, tite piroaare er ter described, has applied to the lark tl istt rurts, i whose ofsafie the deed of sale was recerdad o. ilh 5t11 dtav of Mai, A. D. 183, for a mnitian or ad in cllonlorty to an act sfthle lsegislatsse ol Ihre Staa, of a sl s derr a enlistld "Ass re Ian the further assraneee sf titles to purihaser s ntjtldicial sales;" up roved thle 1ith sllaJy it liarch, 1834. as)i, therelfre, kltow ye, and all piersos intarested lr'ein, tre herebP citerd and asdmoniished in lls ldialle o Ile ertaale ot Iaofliiaa and of the Firtr Jldicitl Dlisblrt :ousrt, who can set ip soy right, tileor claim in std to itaprite here in thesirdecerihedi.nscsqe o fse un arats Intfitnnitlit is tile nrder,lceere or jedgminet oi' theout oider whilch te. sale wats made, or ans rrsgulurity as ill"e':itv in thef an raie aillrei nts e i advrti acrientele in lies, or iltlasler ,if ale, ir lea a I, other Idctllet wtai.s cer; to shaw casea , within thlirty dcay frome tie day this amonitiloa is lires inserted in this putblie papers, why l saole so scade sheoull ot be colfired and homol;. gated. ''The said lproperty was old by the Sheriff of tile pai. ish s.oreseairl In thsi id day of April. A. 1). Lt;iB,hv firtae ofl (h rna of tilts 'slllt, retldered an the 3d das of, A. i. 18:l, i. a s .it entitled VWiibse Macacksy as. -a'a l Bell, No. 15.i'15 of ths dctwketorf lhis eotu at wal ichal sale \s sW illim tl ackey became tie pot cllasr f.r the pil it of $3l,:06, cash. ieseription of I'rtsrty as given is the Judicial Coa, veven ', vai: A certait lot of r-.s'd, taeellcer with all ilse baild. i ps and s i -,prnvem-at e thereon, sltuated in the paUrish af Orlessas. in the qstarsa boundedl by New l.ev., Lllisa, psaul and L)rlord etrets, dlesigated by'the No ,ol a si tn iratwn li. i 'I,. Zimpel, Deputy aurvsevr G;enerts, iil tile Osli ta December, 1831 and elloSiteisi as plin No 155 in the book sf pilana of Felix srinal, nlirv uh.Sid let nis asers' Sti fist 11 ineches frees ejc r;a'.tvee reet, 75 ite depih aon the side adjoinilng Iit sN Pf, elid £I) feel 7 itncles and 4 lines in deph sl ithe sidsa tdjj'ieg the prpeltv naw, or liarly, lteCicrse ti N t;oodale, snS I fees II lelhes widtl in she rear, s t're it fronls on all all' of thriee feet niUe isachec ilt ;nlloaoa to lts Nes 4 '.5, 6, 7. 8 asd 9. S I'rk's 0)hli e, r' is Mia, 1838. sl1a6 U W L1WI¶S, Dip. leslk. rthe XNillon'.r-theolrbot.r"olteo I totIolIP . f.... stro i , to Cincinnati, fit -oe dltr rnlv; I returnRodagain lost night. i btegin to feettl l,.o an a very i;t ortat i no - of hCalas, as this ilutaot the, Juoroal of hlis city was. ).uit inolo hand,, lS n g, - n, tlgS a gre't hInl v ,Otgr thighat I hlad Lcttllyo ro. n nvnoyfroto tonilltl' taescape the effects of the wltdeiful Or"ti rtr to of doctor SSnip, the knight of thre thitoh,'rih ? i > ly 0reri, however, rovocs t llht te tirohhi of do'e lht and wolf is altprliclle to tho iJole rl. 'iole lile ia "A boo was empl nvedll It oatch lnd ro-le ilt al 'n "+ whe l t ae wolf' uppenred; he being either tt "b'loutOI,' t ilor's n p or at liar, fircqlen:ly crird our 'lthe ot i t coning,' to tiohe great ldiov of thie citizooa T v , tt lat foond out his reel chlorcrte: thrn be wh s ot o t.t . and not to be belioved velo noo ohe hork the Iortrit. , Te fit' e itinit th auro esout produce their otelcts, l Sit will provwe, of toe l'l-'ieo writers, Ir. Sip 1 ('o., in te ,tijcaJurnao. I woolt tlhko to provide onl'n selvewaith a teoanl englill press, ill ord:,r h lt'olit Ith L- oerldrf o and inrrea of that pdprer. fr s it is well knowna, tc t'e ore nll'y who seek for notlints hot' flselnnodl,oot of shrortlorve to ti veanders of til artii •o. ltltunfittrtntaolyfo GttliaitySnip, tf o hnelettotl n ti blt ert loltrir t nair .rltoi ssofo o Io toillittoi A rfIcatlnn people, orto fnottl, vetl far LtireI ,s h)l Irs truth. l'horcfnro athie' ill, (at eli'cto .pr'oiue'd by t' e ttteltts) naturally sao ,t wo.t t ",' r l>per ht tr mat rely ola, thcrelbtle t will sekl Ioh sllurch, r It ltl o souo .toib+: r to iliot he ll r n)lllt wil t, swls t;trn ,"-,l will iot l orp ltet lse. 'tin ' 1"t I ,i s Fin act oloto are iri., pio l iablea to r ro(llll at :'t.l tioll; Vet it ill slat e: Ist. I tlllll i tg to tol. hbtel. .^d. 'rlt at1 I shp ll& t ront tt l l ?1st Jui t , 'tito ) Snip d Co. ',., ....... ,..... o.......r too 'ife, if i 'i t r fo rloe afer olle ohhllt. 3hl. ]'lint fromt th'n, I -htall pnroeeo~l Io ('iuiitnC i fl lrr fOtlnh'el ý+ljil dH ly, of which I wiil I) ' Snip t Co., t inforal to r o nlictel, in t ie tr owi o nltli..ootl twee fal ils ito brilo; iia lt: tirutll. 41t. 'flait frol.t t inclnnati I ' hall ltoti . lt o ie Folio of tle Ninoars, to ibe tit I.lifllo, (ifltr Snip & io. ido not take aohry nty lili,)tirl tlhe otI ' f :.iptemlber, ata alnew o'orkon ilte Into: Novemhoer, toapottd the whole oftht rext sltOllOer, in orll r to lughltor aol tae w,;l:iii Phlittiorio ; tllo. toodict l Golitahn of Iottton, Philadel. phin, ttlerophii, Nanhville and I.ouisvil e wio w, c tirol:tlll'. (lbefntorc tf t tion arrives rloor G(ioiah Ilt, iop' and thre Goliaht `d. Currier &c, Giolta mrkh; fir atses, nmule, cc. tilinla 4tt, Corn cutior. (.oli th 5th, Paintst nod iotac, tan pihklotoore. (;olinh ill the mosltmagnificent of oU, )o'. s.ip, aias elli, &c. ipaehc to t propritotpopirs nntt tclitsts of thn Joo.ural " lastlr. I would honoe the nobletllb. ail & Co r hknow' thar IaIm borfotth,.a.oeret ablt to rhred 0t 0rr tle, or spreadi rblistir,I Inal beoll It r vnro 0, it ltle hahlot it of retstorint sightt) ithe blintl, a It, o htii tti t n I o was a c'laotlr of hin 3IjtoslV)t s euto liot It I rtao t Brit arti. I ran aoren rtlhe ato iomplovedtl. t)i I t ohe rtlto." nplolter; Ihe il rier th c harae; nr ilt l nlok'o r ho brt' to 0 i 0 t'orn cth'r' tire p ooint and oooan storr mil l o n.n c.Orllr l d¢o t l++ r lle Iiilt Si(,vr IV 1 10 ll n dl. r+tr <, p, n l t} .) Io rhillcoot doetor hniovP., Veil more, t dn.o1i ci beitg able to do Itoe litio I wiohtohe Jth ure l ;, slate, I shall receive, Inli,-,L: n sit1 t oir s P l ion i'(l J t., 1 A . anid genthlien0000 lfol . to 5 n o'cloce ' 11. ever. Vdayto obtain oy op)iolion wiofnot fee as unual J [ 11 : fl t:Ill L .4 1 hastel, JOIINV \\VI.I.Illt .l.Oeul l~l Jfferson Iouse, Louisville, Join OI, 13:01. P. S.-Sinot writiogmvr lat, I have !eon lofotoo that illr of tlhe ceotton wrho Iltco ptoc locqoln' of' the Jourool, and Ilit itoht Iol.nerlare so well plo.'oo:l tv.t' lle, i:, folr nlet iti ,ilt' ill tholt l th.gether in Ilo , ltt ro Il onrk ,asttlv o )Plit'l"t cI'h r ioo ' eaeCo ''1t!o' thet folGI tihe oreat, "h rds of :t foialho.r ltok Ilttlel i." I-t. F urnotl pnllr t i ro l il"nf'o t e r llte ic ao as ouclltlluel e , the r spoc ,d r to sul)t : dig lfied e'erdO, i .n nI. tsr l lhe inillt ltlP l~eon ..o clvrlewll i£, Ithtloinfr l " ioh tar, lll tl'tte p ttnage o f ntoo tor"ol an toIalatt his own ih I i il tot n ghrithu 'i a inootmril oor 00 servin on hil t'rl; toi w' fitr It)l. Itn eni t hoir nPotoai n oslo soioowtere bootil o llig , olthers hlttnot Iot o Ion whilst solloe were rai:ed b, celllp.l. 0r0Elevated ohoi11 otootoro1nolnlooto toornotlr1 1 bIt k ights of lhet ail. i t:'ohtoolo' sit u vthy''t tl t lows r'lhtr t rrn the' kt ih, ts of tllce 0 l,0:0 r. ),,, uI p 0li 101" tlojoio , , , , ' 'otto. r 0 'I, . " t t: ..t . ....e lootlo't I: i t t::'lllh lrt n, 1)' 1 0o"tot . u ' t fl 11 :1 t e btoo1 ooo ol w l ic h toll , Or,, t Ir. H i, loIt , t ,ol . k:','hl o Ih,"' Ihil ll e, .'c. ill,\ )lull ,, t~ar1 io. It '1n1.t I t!tr to,,!llli<. . l ,l ll, ] I - .' Ie, .f ll"(M ri ' , , . l ll;lt rs A. I cIl '1 Ih '', ,,llllt i wiltlt ,, I .'1 '0 it, ,i 1i. i M , ' o ' ll'h - m ,)o , o. ,,, :;ii II, , li, s. t I "f 1 t1 ;'1 t .1111 ,, ih , f. boio, ' , hs,:tlintknight Ihr . ,L i.,I I,,i; rt ho"' I it'o. 1110 SIr' , owesl' of Il.e'Itphi. 1'rb,:`, -r,,Il .t, + I I -'tio \ ' on rd . 11, 1 1 0 h ll l l .o w ;, .o" .- , I.h '1:.f lr ie, +', i. ur,i, +)It. r,,ý. ý orlo .ir,+ r' S - ,ft! , r n .I r,)!.l t., . i " L ··ýl, I I:,,,, It i, , . ,t,1 l" _.t,! . , , 1 .:,: "" " Iv r '" t -, ,1 t , ,, ' 0010,10 0'' 111000 110l0 .O e root'tolto ll o I !o e :o . . n ): ,,,'l· I, l,, lot l , t,, i l !,mnI , i i I I t !It ito l;X.·.l,11 ),\. itl(?.qfp \!,,ll),ll ' 1111 ' )111:1 ,) ,,Ii. 1·0 rll: 1.11·1 ;,, ",li ',,:': l"l~ +1+[, !, , ha o ,I I " m -r nilj ") 1 ; .,+ t . ;. , .I I. ( i " , ', - . i it i,, I ,II , . . i h I I, ' " to , . 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' nr" 0 tr0 t' l t tot duitu o i meltrntal aptoot.til. t ,th eitrtrtudttrlt t ir,',Lk+ st t I oo n lolloonnot ll00 0000 'los~'l 00o1111101 Jo l If' Sa(aro. ooorlln. I ocloootltlv ficr othen Ihuec i t who e M'bathdAn, (to-tuurrw)" wn thcl th'ey radn (atheir dirty work." . J INIi I \ ., , / N. I1.-I have jelt rc,.,.ivr n Stamm," oted ''lt,0u v, insiqh. nloily t ll, lkill n n IIII II ) thi e druggists " r ht this cihy. The writers style, Ihc.+selv ,s "Kientc t a.craitllrrs+l' prelendih:. I~itht iillude to Iheml il Iny list letltar They Illnv restl as.s red, II did iout know ori even eu11 ee fPla t1)"(.nllhb, AOI{IIIg fi tle + drg its ih L(ol isville; yelt, it he ca p lil~s aspl .o11 eun alie i;1st o cotlr-4 weasr it, though nuti inthended by tiret. .Tefli":".a house,, 14ntmrdy, Old Jaly, 18,'.7. JEFFERSON lleon, s.. LUtSylt.LE, Jull Ii 18:1. t n 7 T'o the Editor of the lyi Gazeile: i i--laiata l tl the tl utr ieatie p of y pt ir)liless, a itll Il' lte' i dli i fy h. alth lie I h1 t to re Main 1I this city till the end of dJul . 1. To try to do tilea more g.tod. . 'To cornvinen ihe ilahnbnatr ,-hlat tlae vile epl til+t th l l hdical t'lt liahs S. &e. lttla e | t £ cl to ,.ne belong to tlhem, at th it" It vful righl. 3. 'Il, t I nil rnedy to depo i t'it ,. o Iirer i'', , i '.r. ill llt.iII th U. ltt . _a.te l , ill t he h t nta ds lle i ldounl the, lah r l'thin city, ntfllr a rll It ll oil i111 hiIe de positedal Iall lltr s I aal ll a ' I)tloct.ors S. C,,. ' that I r in ' i nell al i t, l ll e :rag : u:iij tlriti, tsh t they do; atnd that I h i alile, It ct iu .nrlatlPr nulnita llt hrt , al lll' .a dha l htt.talc ed aa era-ll during y shor lt visIitt, than liaer h. t a w ti4 tt, lIy Tise i:l l a lt l ll illt ll to i ter l all tet Irha dree<rvedly el'il llr+t ed I'rol'estor> uad l olnhlre tit a+o'l tl ateli college, ak t well tiats l a ohe , hoe" tlt ar tate docatora bet a Italn then miarlte iarll aaiala ( e a t(a dll'liltn thle St IItela iollritck , u l . l'lllhilst' ( h anmd ; t in 'li lan esse; it l r fllt t ;ett! tlll tned s Jetl I It:e flnu tolS doctors, whose mells llls Ia to be tl:lldtd dat at low a th llaial Ii aa I ala te.r t r tll tiltt v. 4. Ite Infat th iatr ait1 gllderattadiaal tlaall thettl curs if ally on bwath sid s, im;ii l be re t l ltim o fa lsl e hI'eell il.n led , waithl a thi dl ally slrgical e,.etorai.. 5. TPhose wh really ul riet the elalit t llt. t oa ve s fate liptely a id lt l lreh , hill t il ( t ihe 'da tal0 o r a ta ti hael lit lof healmt aelhe n l ihi e itya is d l he t t herii ty ihall taka back li s wit t0t , i .evt r l e a or theat may br . a If a ell It e i htll aa' ,tiatal all lllll galr 1ts tihalu.arovel one of tme asuctesaitla alia..lutest 1 Wll ull e old iruerb, and give Ih 'Fld geilemsan" iill due! i, At allll elie 1 wouldre advihe literlla atlhelr hi liull e. not to saaa r tha t letter itu sleatsl: iaoae - a t gile IStr I"atlaatlnlat" iaa well as "apetlt," lt'lI yer.tltaeh naf to.da se bet 1 ta ltiHlt lini to add I t !Its lalialll. coltllnt iois, aA S pilk bet a lilre it, in tt eict lahic, mt tllan te iaudoa llndt iallta iats hillllt f til l ty woud ways know tial wrt talar maloady n' his I o.lic. l JOHN \VILLIAllS, Oculiet. fLI wVlae Wtalk EPlllbeil to reAlTd t Ilni ttrf atltRaltaehid signed S.a wahih del t ser nolthit llF tll I ll leli Cil lad I known tlat ri 'sllnlg oF I a reaIt i'nllor..n e r i A S har, DI atloull at treated tiale l f til lrely , h e, n wha t diafferentl: bill t I t tillit lata . 1 a ill. Itlt t ,vi caplimlelnt hiiamaster ,t f met i rti eah l, ftr hieaaata it, to enllloy thef i erll knli k ght (llt ofl' the gilrtlr or u ll' tir rthisle, but olta h sltale Saia ithia bh,, ii h it f t i SIa kill two birls witll onle ll tn im t". ohaliteh Tlt el ofes hatl ila lav he ing a iaa naturat l or pahttalit l giltitlllants ane if I t ay jl ila e t roi llt t lat icetll lt Ialel, iltr Al aaavergiere!H Dr. nip' n illur i e, Illli tayi c ,lsta need el'his sllervic,; When a f eircemasta anle ,curf, l hetl hr doll estiraitalt or politicall si whica rialllares a blister, wIlether a i hi ,,l" n Ilose or oil the rept l alilloll oIfthoes who do 1 olit hp sea to please him, bilt illunlike hilm, (which imuilsl be or a tiklkin cya lbal;" vatI, to vilaw it thtlal- lar. I'eli tooks well; iut with all 1tt. La. a. a. S. Itir it, ullaeur agnificcont!!! JOaN N IdILLIAeIS t,)lclitc. July14. t` AVAtN, SEEI'T.IE.AT---iI .rara a.nd aorti .g lIby Ta It d ia'ilafra . lllli jl'a P +"1. h dr lllllot J l'l iin Irl .. llin-n;tl:.Ine l Son lies t +i , ,lt +o~ tor\ f tP a If roe Amen a f.r van t tfitel, two d~.rrs lrtm St, (tharptaasThe asre..\ il f ilm r atiln. atlie a. a 1 L t'.r 1, ltllato Apply to 11118 JOHN t1 I ioha.N, Ed;tor " re,, A&ltnirel, > ging; Ci coils do Il~enn; for I,, jetl t'. in (;rtt ir'zllr ee, up tlau a. t , 201r, .: eby VA.lSr. +< .' MILES' CO.1MPOUN) EXfIIACT OF TOMA TO. A SURTITLTO FR)t rAWJIT.EL, t[l' 11.Fdoest ine p~romulga.ted with so muchassmu'rnce S ty an pres oftte pr-ot entt day, trolt ote jle riCille will clre alol diiseases, is ltrt, allld Ieerl Imt beI t',r; and lie woI asserts it, is either a fool or nn ir p tnhte. Iltt it is a thct demonsotra-lht by experlience, tlhat comrbinttiroirn ,if taot'irine |lr y Ilt feo f t-llom tile ttETt.tLtLt KINttOttr lt r r ill o ct sto otrliversatlr y i o0 thet system, w+henl tIken sea4soambly ani i n jud hcious pro portionls ,s to ernrt', ill nine1 ctse mt ofl to, ill diseases wrtritothtoeoottrch and power of metticit,. Itrtin tie well known awl rottti:lsitc ropoeorotion of Cloiloo it has o log been emo loed t ttitt epOtirLI, Mtl suientlili~e physician one of the Anost ttoorfol u tents 'ith lte tret ovtol of diseseo Il)y the tirtlltr, t l rtmust eorrl-) tlimd It-s biell dttlugettl ritth nostt lltlS that ill-ir unthos chlimOd as spef"lcs in every dlise:le illci dell| to tile knm llthlilmily. Th'ie .folly otf these Ireten sionll ,s til hls fn O colose ntlfo o titat tellerloial ioesti g!tiol o haos ollt 1, ti :t tile bl aeot f most of tlhe Pautaceoo, Ca::tholicol., &k. wh]ichl have. becn trunmpetted before 't c to)lrmntllll it 0 tity oth o11 clth tssutraoceI is tatloot,, or nlerlcuoy iTn st}e t' tNow, if this potent :rtleh t ev, n ill l nishlnl$ oftlhll e tost skilltl phryvsittiau fi ele t i lyl-r rls on lllilllence oln thle hulmn1i syst.+nm, Italb diesceln, o otorl , oti rely b onld the tontrol of at; ortorirritiloolt th, conIstitI;(ionI, mu+l br~illing on pI'emaltullrt old age,' diseasea trottlbtd by toe itloro nte .oult their litly thosat victilms silteik, a voice I+1omn the Itnmh wouldlt sool dispel ie '8eti,+' du frsi rt t toat to rt swat t t tt i oitiff toet lirviln. Htt'ltlott Phystid depltt e the aod evils t'r'slIttto fi f'roml tile nl..uenrial prwetier, aod will gladl+, hail tihe ia- . tI' nttitiotll Pf'il otm'irle that can sa ooel tt. raolotedo for II calltmtel. Tihe) feel, andll that, the UnIcertaLintyn" ltttIttttri tttio llltt o lll t t heyirtrtrtot ltrnoiihy h hltCt it tlit l ii Ite IlttoIttttc tor otfrotltoabit "Th't fito'ottittt:,,olfo tin fel th:tt o t.s uls is eontinel fo r ant " onsitelrahle timo . in- - iltriotrt settondar i eO rttrtqICIIr-Tes mut llrltloIw. tIlti tl it Itrosrt Uliboose the leastrof two evils: thIey kllOw lott ollterr rticle thr: will arouio n trttphloiirl:r, rellote oblttrue. till, :al a·t ill ftihe action tll t wholte glallular tsystem, nloo it ibeig indipae tsably recessary) to drt ttis, tler otrtlLl< s its use, Iotwitthtaltlin, theci edl onoequetces ;: liel + +lia(w. I T s Ih~a.e l tn dterired a tl o sourht an tonrtiela that J wohi pirtoduc tit tot'rld tll'etts otf lthis dtrlg, wirethouo otttoat+otttgto tttientr o itdei tbtioo otrt.,,,. uttitt a r i ,.oit r it is e rever i. i t ltglt. iten e ot + trtt it' tit tortict! now lreett tr d to tlht public. 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It is, howevr, o' upolnt Ihe oIganlls of steretitn aolld eUIreton, thato its ot totoer is tt titulahrl mantifestCed t heatt e it is pe cultIr-ly ilaptetd to trttr treottomoot of biiotts feveSrs and lotlrt ireasets it "tlhic a tIro'idity or congestion of the livrT and pll 'tal circle 'revail. It is adaisible In all sur, o-lwhere it is oneeqsaro to :lrilclen h1e. s3to(mchI rt1Hl r bowelsrro. It removes 'rstrue tiolln, alld exCites ni qlick ml IheIlcalthv nalinn of the liver •nt oflb rti.qlaonhlar sic<era of the, abdmeon. li. eing dif- e tust,: o ill its oti-eltiortll ito [roduce iti free il'cl altio ll t toi -eri \ ost.l s no:- o tr so - lrcoe oft ' tile br)il", ne lle anied i , t :1 -tlle perls-lilo;oliilo It loio nio I.xhl stl t like drIaS it. ioo-rs; soIil, oro aitioo iso 'otoe unoIertl, ILolt raRt oooob lr-portotdott r1t ol'ro) woh sdltt 1.t buo l io o ,reo s .,,n fit This Iblecomes ilnllliSItelns:hlyv IlCeceSSaryV illne+++. it tti. ito linl; l o r t l then il l t'l l i mpre S dell ll ,t by stg1+' u, n lllt1dicilll-, s11hlam, if eve Tl, iio t tood'; bot t1lig; t h iojr t' e st:iLlllla n tsollth c stltltio n. I o 'i t u ingo tittt e"r \ n : to the swt.m i, nets in .. o.. t i,.ot,,or, ,i h , o tt Lit . ..- ...., t i' tro , t ,d is toot"itlootl Ott 011 o, ot Itti rost s:tul. ic .ottlices e~cr ofl'or •I· I +r peele' l. Irl~ld andII il ~II.(·lill.l ",, t oL ,i tt'c ' tlioi tooli.'il lll* is f',m wd'| iltol 3 l,:lln · : atl - e'i \ hl : ttl ~ ib. aI rottolie (. Il llltltt llto -ia e , "diiI 1/0 too-ic to. -tio. tLtt oot.'ttlotWptstit t iot t' m. J.0, 0-Ot, 00 I1, ti-ito,, ito lit- 0. [ot T!,h lu ~l min estrm ... I 1,' i 8, or thn.- in it-I t h so th \i, a ,' a ,: f f," 11: i",l' i , \ ollll , X l laF.. - in . " t e.~ t i n . I .at ,,,, ,,1 c o ot b Nlisem een tt nim ' -,"·; l. o I I r ntt' l'i.n,; ht ots b:. ,, ,a bb,+ , l , be, ' I r I,, i a,,; h;; - "t I ti , h-t i t ':,- t-itot.nn Iii. t ' i, li , .I '.i " it',' tb' , Ill th t ti hat u ni. l ,llal ;;;. l-:l de.l ir l Ir t as , t'I' l taae t . ,l niat atl I,) . t a 'I is a hi l. I. a.+'i r'e :iitl r.,S, ill so ul ", ti tue n, at lih e tlOl. 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A Mtn iles, nf thi a citini, antni:l at tutI i it ht .l withttuct ntlt lon r n ant d ltt;. a stin 't i une orst; n tllt he ave attlcllt iater o stan , intlg suordil trant tnunim tites takenl;l ti t at e t tat ke sm e a pniustt o ttanitt t atn;; ; lical nI a a t hel'a teotiang its usetald thle n onltitllt, n s to itste i; tp, ant. d A su tit e 'te a thil threatre, fit om the 't - i ab L 'llIkhl, gteltnlI in hile t.nua i pthisa So tr;. \ t belient this leidern tl has rtt tc, the t int t Ihe T"o'mo t llu. s dlisclhries, o' tllh city, a noll iS ls.eiate With i allt lh ltrlor Iiiil ei l1 t il e to' slli orn hillv sucteea in o ttaininge sucaa in rabtn i .tnmthit ta Ib ullells, it is lope (I, ti ill he Inou n d all g i'd eltm lubdy tiose t ie have l mc n t nof mn ott kitls of prlllati ; i ,tlical ten tnal nth tr.s ho &i'ae it ta r litis tleati ns o its lle, and lat ged w tsllSf satlled t ha tl wo ilrl a ei tilsi o lorateg llhl' t nll" y i' n illlel oof tnlhe Soilrei. fr dS ciJt It, oIeusrli oto prllo llei ni elth) IclioI ofth liverrntat l As itte aneli ts dali s lcngs I t hllr in t nill il i illt+olll h11111' il'Ialaf tn Tti tlntllatin it ill evtn Slnotre certainty nInai il hotl n e lt ge t h in c milll- For sic o h ti da e as, it hlasi he Ito, then rhmll f u Iand ail t. n h h a tle ls i t .y Isayth ttit. ttl htavent lrde icte fl lli-tUt ti ltlng rttt& an. , ttterki s of I t'galtta e tdiltien tils o llt'ates w'itlhlollt Ildager of f the iirills cv g l-d uIj ii'ir i s elect-is, l o1" ca,:a .li ' ll ll u uh,.+ prot tu i ll- lllt iin A ti e h atI i .tllla I ato h pet. l lllr .o' il. , ti ,l Is is ' llllll lll oll, ef tlltlheoltt Vll e e t L li t : ,t al in a g' art l ian In ty n anlut l .atin o a" . 11 t a ,a : ina . Itatia, Cnal I.trai,. tllltll Ier ll- aa ,itit wilh l ite Ia rgan at I tll r t i I ti thalltir e, oal of it, latt ill tt ilr anthl tI i. lrd a. IJ l lP: g I lrt wnll . I·1111, I-+11 111a o l.ure, . I i ill,. Ing ir rli l +,d [hu t "r , u. or t., h' es, I.. ." . i 5cAn'rSi COt t.d bv'l at & 1 aria, he, I tn it agent li I'l & r, 1s t e, New rnlteonls, .\ nt lll i, i l t, 1411. 'lc ,u( i'l\ . e nula.I rt , r.(-'t. Itignn. J Itti;o. l fitSld ttree$,4.J.| ntne VFatn ie atll nll t a, t i, a adi a i .n lr ln, l 't nllarniti rtoa t vae oidi nA inlla.tnd in;inl N le rlp \ it r acredtt.u a In imt;, and t Ju aia s tat;i at at . Or t+ueou, t ouvl" Sa n ei 7 o "niiei , t and St I ruai iIni t | 11 , po rt d Ic- 7;e I d aUyal nit it 1 ahll t anl att.ndai Il rtw d Hat et, cI taonu S'arn, .tlla . a I it \Viii S.llii urtl Lll? utclt lo, l h s, La. 'l'iuuunl g lllt. nlll l , llotmonll 'llrn, Texas. (tln ..aionatt Tan ivai lnrnele. a ln. Iva llrn , No4 illllngin 1o Io n ittitt ll t . Idttt-nthe Genertt l Agen' t Its Itn n N w in IS. n. A ltl lIes , U ill n e prompts o ttiedtto. i ti nbt ] n ; nea , a attt i ith abt;tn ttt .T \'F. E IUIJI IAN . -!LU , P A . OU R '. uribs Parish nod City of New Or ltn. . CPro.o lt the nnit . al .ale tau ntin, ,lillg.,', JuillO ln 1h, 8(x88--No. 1t84,--Jne. ulle Pots, ..i. h --l a tlitrs,--U l nt reatilga nd tPrli I i;t a , I,l an :t-id ,"ll arule inl this ntllen, It in on r rnn bi ti -n a ('ta rt thnllr nIh redilllto r . tie ;lll;lV;lttl c |llt'tt- ra slll n rapen.i - I NU1llll Ell 1 IIP I)tt ll Ilst aeO ll; nattl p-a a lca-t nnlt Satirda the 7Y h tiy o Jul yin1tth. In. LAyilrl ar- tnyt.t Cler'k's tltcl, Ne )rleans, .nns I, 1, :8. jel.1tl tt!ai n aI 1 "1 I (lerk. T pNoilliEIh pOri t.oe . t In tllladl ld na ntll l, tl ntr I- L t-ri,'aa ,:t l'hoaa . Chulrlas a lattia. j te, 11 jatm, y.1 J-t-n tt&. 111,584.--acques P althr E'i. sis cela- . nierv.-Sur I-,'tlro rt nnnregist tdrn nh la. It-ntliti,,| at S in1 at CO, t.iE-niers ar Il olv tblt tita a say t|ia tian rai I, A steJ m i ln bt -oW crral r. uo a ti, le above, puit l, in hhdl, tirces utid bllsl.; t"r oe1,, 1.y LA\'i":T ., .\IE:U iI, 1J nd .or uwlly ,yI t~LA.Pl'' & itl1l.L!Q I ) A IN ' I' ,,O IL .S , G L A S S , ili 1 .I '1/" .S , &e . - . tl t lli.urlig tnevt €ofetlas. hest gtnlitv, trut 3xIO t t 23: 8 ; lt311 keb white Ileld, Ipre :i:0 li; treei Ii t, in Z ':; Ill'. tea,. {,II t.z lpImnd p ti r litr ita;titIlll .lO I t I I age: 'i de S lthndid illlO gttrotitd bruste., ait 1i0110ii ad 11ll) do; Ltaoses cromle .rnen I Iowdert aupnrior article do dli t cans; lttarg . in rtall.t of saih tools fi every size antd qnailty; able pencil lir artists; Itat na rkill brushes for nmedelants; artist's coehrs in sti redti pre pnreilt b, i le fitlled , , oitl all necesst.ry bru.hes; artist's tools, Sc. Flake alnd Ilnlllity whirt; Gi maks gold for; white and yellow wax; .lm.l nrliel l.1 a tlarte nadl chuhie as by M ONIINulll, A28 .p 58 Camp et. I'D.-·ttl'nt. ± i 3. EAI1 EIIV1270O.V OF 7'/ie CI'IL CODE OF LOUISId.. T t has betn flr mono time made klnown I tthe public i thet ate sltactlllnri olle .tlt eeda in Iretluring olr 'I b at. tIr tllll e first, atilwl ar i the preut diifle llvt and rsptusllii t ateililla n the publicationl of the vOrl, iIIlt i It 11s n illtlltl erc rt n lhes i l llti h tileV iltlll ent. d to Ie l i lll dcrth kiiul . t. the ptreent erlittl. tlllrllillin l l t bout lhr o hllol urR ani d ollld w'11 h .iC had.'lcot tiro ll) Statl mote i t han tlllhil't tllnltllllld dllas.., waa entirels olt of pril,. Flor IIt(IiL'e tII two VI'earT pont, tilerul . i ltie of tle work haIs been froit ilrtl to fitt dto tlenlini t ,a rti Itid n it trl iu!' writr en tirules ni j ,olujmr, diae bpatl l itp 'ttlt"" v individual tt he tt ie, iters ed the.r ir n a l ie tlt' or tteer ..lus aen tll wh ith oatl erin lrlo; lipolii l l of I ulth pro c at llll8 t . . t aiia usr Ioll'er itlt t, thal -ii: tlike'an .tltan ,othertre li Juai Iaw--it is a. tlluch Ihe iell .t ok '"lld IlltlltUl te Iale ch:t cind tIe 't ite I, i i ot tiat' t hlP priat . blta e mnlll wlil tile p hrol ieaio tilaldv i tre c t.ti t S'hr lnad ors of therl ijoinii staterN lalnld in fTleart oal Iho.e.TIntte" .pon wth ihr io enod )linsii tphi rivers whicl finl d Il lmat ltr their pro,,otle in ILouli~iann. have a ti'e lhlht vlle.·:iy ol" re tl' I Illt th lt ide, ll t e it oti ndisnable rgoisite Io their lihrerie s; ad ip the :ity of New a rlellral 1hta, lltk it l as ollao tlit a!ba in the merchalllllnt' eoutleillng irlllm, +1t uip, n tlle esRk i f the juie, or the l; llft ll tilh e Iutlr IleV. It is la r t Iari tlhrefictt tlhll thie first editin oL'tl,t work wan so quick hely dispovserld Io a t oll(l h a le,,, reprint of it ,wou itallt 8t oitltrn te nat tt ilt' pul, lia c lee8,li , Jv et it would hr ittl'rlect aat uian istiitolr'v unssl aetnlted t Tilh refkrlts a to the ltportl ttd ai tutenaat inl orer to itme by tie 1,, gi'lture, ntd lhe implorint odcint iiiid culu.tftlelills l+ i Ihh Ii t h Ielt give t ipunill tny o its attille l by hilt StlP rem ourt. The pnlllihere.r ndhe <llred lr tile pntneo super- 1 intuiidtote ll e -ll diltI llaII :tl h tlit thli et t. a ok t professJonal services li \ hneeh; lok St Uton, hiq. a iellburo' il t N rl lll r. lliie tll.r i Julte p lldlonl, Julap Ir,. tud tv S & Cil.n Ge.rle 'tias, Illlv t knll y Iiinllv ttsistetd Air Upton wIith tile vallulblle nolle,; wvhicl Ihey" hnve eIolloctedC ill the iBl)luirse of their 1 Studellsl I plraI.Yl ttie Ialld lit o 1 N i .l et N lileonin + th.llsalrt Iitfrl" Jl I,, lllth, who is llltlltT) elt-ated iL the work, Get rlell,'+, 'l. itntued In Ili. i·lcr ,, , . i ,,,, , ! noe wlle Ich I tl lnlllln . . heen . ! . " Ianode IZ . hi i,,: r )l le iod iFlrrI I ie r.. b' eer wel I 1"1. 't i hi ; , L'll utmlll lllrt1 ll fillh work will h" tll tho ioldnlrt eod labour, alessid by It-aroi llnl d ax1pl t px rimice. -till p'+rl brlh J tlle a lr use IItt l't Io e. The r21111i111. wil h which thi i 1 mllllel n a ell,l, i. ta l Iho thIe A bs m llc' op h lee their- r tt ptolse or cul l0 it H 1, 1"et1 to mlalke ll e xq Inh l aiiich.rical e t* Iii o1 1 '1rresprld wilti its: re t i Pllblris ler e [' ,. ialim n.l Now Y\ r!" line f' Packel..j r I 1HtiIf h ill ys. col nl 1, n"t this Lin a I I el " l il from Now S( I ,nrl Nw Nirk on ,eery uster t n - rtm a n the 'lth nove nher, fnd to mime, the a ttle iuilr t C;t:i; cc P Uhi , to l N:we01 thl ill .:f1 ,I .r,;, rill. (:hi l Eiithhlie ir to , leaveiig, oti lIIn, Sllp i.,,(bu i .ri ,, C(t.leain IIhnci s,, to l ea ve , on il /i t, /.l or nih11t. ',,lIcit Ellicititca il rl. Shi, 1/ eppi, (' htvis, to leave oni the 13h I h 'eIe ,.lo hilp art afll ntw, If thi fircst rlas, p, u r,'d mi , i pp t Iten il, itd I lp .rds ofi'- 501 lIol ) itt 'lii;, It .f ' l i i.n nel t I, wai l , ( ll nll built ini \ Iw i rk i texpir, i l Ilr Ih, II il.h. The teeprice tie is sIll , rII. b la l o. tine unlr l d lull ' li. TheirItl u ill i ,'lle Ii niah li Itii 'i w l Rll IN1. Ample stoIlEn o the hfir'+t ,a ly will e lrovlel, (ll l exeyl regard hall ctl irt n en eltlih midci pi etngretwho will pl,,no take ntire hnUt ll LE utl he acoteld Ull I l i p l or ill Il1 ri of . o t I il. I' ` im I n l. fiitre elihiUnnidtld ih Cll ' pt:l ani well l i - perienced in tihe trade, \h ,til ive ievr altentionu, and x rlt thllselves o in tle linii ile. 'I h'ey will tll all imn . Ie twtd i 1, iid oliwn th lle Miseilippi tt l hl nhlC , l nt uine i g clll l. r l n etll ual uiity o rsenr ed i iiiliui im" silinee ii iu..uig The ,nw1 e iri of thlse hil wiill not be respniible for ,IEV let er, p ,arcl or ~,, ll flilt rv or pit o boldfi t Somunless u re-vilar bill of ladin_ Ig e h ~ll e si d th inr nt the 1nt illni e holitiue f I"i t lin t o lir wner, I tllr 'i ll r p rli rtti itll.t', c UatIpply ft til llt IC lii 3) BEI &.A C Iwn; Ae Fi ti d iI', hiei'uf then din etel m t'c e liniit h li of J01l,1 c li t c liullcil, (i:intli+h buill) ripper l t'nitd, ea rlhl i itis cll n, c lpi t ti f eu, i i I ! filet llig, nld ,.llg t l , t brain; nl d i l, Len'll sloop rgl or ,'! oi tilhlr, ac irlnl I,1p4. irwaci tl r th'.'in, WI \i lcevu r irn - c, i tI I iSild tl i uncl, wdill ll I t calli t.1 70 il Lo -v . e II t PR1 ;11AL . >A 3L.%SNN IHOU ,E .1'\,1 CITY, PIN!P.- ; I.1.L . r$ I!l t: 1,1 iu nl ib tr havi-, putoitse, the or eid ftie i ruuneo h wlllllif Ib wll 16ne'l n l ut I ill- liIshmen+ rom r iIi 'l 'ylur, It ile I roleietor will I ieudy tol rloteive i. tierrs f he lit, tt ,h Apri i illt.e Null. l rt r ali loi lly iti n tP venIll ts will be found in t ili nteInilts oillf t t tie illetsil I i'n lluslle. N' w nl lid lorei cot Unodiut s bathing Ihanes LIll le Iulihnald war l b Ilt- will be provided at nil Iours. A Istlil will the tlllncld to the house, with good cIacoloda tionrs tlr nlt carmri^es. 1ist rlate hburss nuli rrmetl , will also lie kept itlr hir- aLt Imllerutu Iprtic, lit tln" f 'in l ters. Ill iliurdn a lld lllm l tl 1l tillelm twlaullyl I aid ia teringrlg hces, will asi e furnished, it d fso ' lrducted al inot to intnl rfre wilth th1I cou·nitrl anld uit o the hiioarders. lThe wines and liqu ors ill Ir fit tie best qilcty, all to enllrlct itll| Itictdl1 te ct, a l i'e" as cilrCTdy ton ordered, w ' I' 1 Icil iteNr b Aout l nle t tt lo tlit. llr 'rdl.erick illturnal:urd, lho formerlv kept soupo .Ihtioat titishintiu citul .,w .ill e ulat in Witeis i n'r th.e pr.r. rio, iimie, with n ach Ul, t lidhuliy aur:s ltiy will rc'.eive ever- . ible it ltention; anlld tthery letnchlict Illicitetcil-lc'tt iiienmelhtch.iin ,silent in Rice gas. rn1 nosy iii: ;ion. t.e l f l . a icd ca le t e n. e' decrpti.. ln l ret . 'lnit tl itlient te'e tvcoil ism i t, i-reeit tndvil Csttiln of the l t Irl oilot; rho g.e ern l t i:, "' of thie G lc ' t; d TIe Itih, scitem r atr - M est nin t ll-, Lit:,1 b, ty -it . . .. wg-f b/toriny iland l tihersit; ite.abutmnnce ri dthicmy of the to the best SoulIther' trkFlt, give 10raclIt t1he pr& - ibelllea u'er all ,br pi.t hi : e n e l iiititdel, ias a i ind;thh v 1,l fli<tltii l su unt ctretrn tcl. 'is' late balntl will tru beIwveenl |',n aln, and IIt1 I, will it all line Im l~e k to take the pnesr.nger frnw the New )rllelisboute. N B ARNOLD. {Penserls, F,'],. 15th,183f1 m.'i tii cninit wiring to rn 1cie rnrins for theii If i, .-, . i ddres tle proprelteir. iat hmlaculn , or fir .," 11' 1 nylur, rilfurmuer rprqt tor, at lw O I: 11 ,lnces: T Safir,, I"s1,, MrC' C(' dhtui II leAlpin, Esiq.AL. its,,, Iu IloL v; . " Taylor, , r P R l , Et l ,in Nin ' :--.I lttier heil, to recei+P communin]tions foi person at she. ..bole hotel, is pilned at tlto Wlhintunk .ilier, :,l St t:h'ul.s Exch ige. FLORIDIt ROUTIr l FOR NEW YORK. UT Trnllhr. desirus of Iaking the Florida routh, via Pl ,nuswolu, to the North, are informled that rfs' at:' boals will cu:.tunnly ran frUo. Mobile t a Penearonir leaving Mobil, and lt,'euwar,'erv other dal alter the ist of .iar. Gliod siges will always Ie providet ot N It AsnNOLD. Thi steamrboit Chnnl itn .ulen Moble for Penn. erin twi*'I a week fh t I8 ly U' iAl.-5o bhd , a prtue writes, lur .ala 1y Illl\lil'I'Y' FORIIGN TOR, \c 1 I1 1i' I11I I'.lIIN, FRANCE and BlEL(!IUI, D. 1'llil Iour in 112.15-11v ll ma iun Hitlphrey Th. Ifrl: f' -"em. Sherwood.-Ctetn1g the only ruoniler' rnnll irm editinn ever iunlishled i - the Inuhd 1 Itate, tol. 15. Just received and for safe by FIlt1 lh'ily vahlable clmeiieitle ma'y kI'hd lwhhe salel and tetail at New ' trk priers, o1" IttPi I'I.ANGE Id C(a hmp Lreet. It in confideltlv clrlmnclrhdd for the fillowig dis eals': liD ,cppsit in all its fin .t ; biious and liver uf llhenlls, in rerrv stage andml degreeI; Fenllln moilre pIartiel nrly the Inuse, ilidelnto o nlitelr+.Ilur c tli., wlltther tle irr ot literor lu':, Ibca elte or Egidldi nea, loss of npple tti, Ilervois trelmor, ilrciriaftip or delrlnlllalltlro ens, spasmodic affe:tiun of all kindls: rhlu iit.he,, whether chrolnic or inftimmattlory; ncrv.ds or biliocs levert, l every variety; scrofula, slt rhcum, and all Iltot he, bad humor, andI iimpire complr.xions oflheski;ll r ite sue ssat night, e nd d ilyi irrltdtil ily and lenlanchoy; the sunuell lr compllait, nlld ch.leri t t bus or dierltrea in grown ci rs usf t . on rk ''r s il' l h' cy, will] bllc tralltlr'.hlorusie andlea l it atitm illlie heart .td held; ehanges of fertale cn nttit tion; not! lir iulpnire l and dlisoruaizdl eonstitutionsn in eillther sex; wliehh ase not been ipclanentli[ r'ehovd hev nu" "ther modlcino At sin le trial ' f lt r ti lfeces' i.leediril in as of the.oe ctte.e, will prohlmtle such llcl0 a' will ire dic e thelir inonllplarablh -periority, and indT .o( such a use of tilell It will i tlllr a s eedy Al d 11Ill tlllllll bli cure. Directions fo r accolpnnvin:: lheln. NltInero'lt eertll ehlltolllItres will hbe s.lwln, 'c from lhe legidth oi thie etol ,i u it ir it,4mp .ibic In ,,le them t o.icicat, thcrluc ll g t'le , ',ti'tl , ll 't'l c tlt.i ei . lt l Ittc l'valln' t atAullte there t re t t wartlls of25,000! lcases, alnd in thi? c:ity e .cal retl;r to mlanv pel'roill' ,lt Ihohve been ili.ved.a'lnld in e'w'N isuiesi tentirly icuh d iof long stllnding' di:eascle, by LDr lvan .' CanuOn il Pills. STA'.TIc OF LOUlltIANA--I.l rst JIldicial. t ' .oiourt. . l itl S''tI' .Ti , OF Ie t SI\te A, T , all t bhom . lthese Presentc thal:l come, Gcrettillng:--\VIt heresc J:ames Hi I lne t tI , tlimg lltrt msed It a sile nde by trhe Shet'lltf'o tli' I rei'b of Orleanls the ,toprt'ty h'trlt iDltace l described, has applied to lIhe clerk of tlhis clurt, iln whose ofaice the deedl of sale war. recorded on the 'I tday of April, .\. 1). 18.38, t'hr it monition or :dhertise. e.'nt in contmloritm to all et of the legitlature of he Stale of lt itinrt a,'it ti tlet lmAei act flei titce liIrteI assu le of titles In pua, luserls at julicial sales;" :lpprotted lbe tlllt day of ILar lle, l 18 i. NOcl , thelrt five, klnow) e, alall llrl'eons inte'fb!e d hlrvic, l:it ihercby cited ud admtlnishd ill the ottll ' ,1 IlIe. t:lc t ilo tL isina, aud ol te l Fit t i ll licial 1)isthl tt i'iu t cll wlo tlli et up a iri Iight, title or clil , illn ell to tlh prol perly her "-Uill'tel' ' eiirieid, il lol tleuei icl'" a ii ' iI rlualits in the ordee,decree or jrd.menlt of theIne .t unoer which the sale .ans ntide, or ony itergulaimty or illi p.lity in the aipraisemeotIs nd.:dhertines -oty, hi tint ., or monuer of sale, or flit any other detect w linat.,, eve.:, to fhow ca:use, witllloln thir.ty days 'ron tile lj:l this motion is lirst ins-rted it, the public palpors, why the sale err made sIu bta l iott be eofir lmd nmll hont. lo... tte.!. T he said prof'r i wai sohl by the Shi.tifl' of fthor p.ur i. nuree aiid oil the+.idth lday .1.r c'h, A. 1) 183;i, ryv;- v i tue ofa d"l1cr of lthisl court, reelhl'rl ni filhe Putli rtI ofl Jimmtiry, A. 1). 1838, in n snhit intited .InlMies .uines l)iggl vs. lheili Greene, No 15,1!.!1 I" the dlocket ofl hii Court, at a hirlh sale slid Jmnes [hrmalle Digg s blicr.n / the pi lrchaser.r t hIll• price of twenltylise thclouall l dol. lescr 'iptio, of property is given, in the Judiicial Co:.- I yet! lle, viZ: Aeert',airin phiee of propiti or oprcel of'groul.dttgaeher with i h I e hibligs a"l il m pIIII ov'nOl i-ul', , Hlieiii, rilfll privl' i es, '.l l therlleo tobeloigi , Ii i or inll lll y wlise :,+ pelrtli ing, sit late in fltlhubollrg .di lla r l ti alti m,' llr e illt Ih cityil am Il renerilg in EInglish ml.lln.e, three huavhivd anl tity i-six rltet o tilo t ll'r-elghths oll" inch froi1i o ill t ei public road oll New Leven at, three uldrelllll and i rlly - cine ft six ilhelslln'adfoir-eighhls ofaLn iInch fo,'! in Celte to, tewo hundred iandll fllty-fire fet nine inchesli ntii two-eghtltls olf anl inch on a line (roting n Old Leveaer str.eet, until it strikes thehnlilln , lineof Lall.eellnt Mil Indotu's prolperty, at theicorner c if old(I Levee mdNiulll ns l streelt; there ol'nrig a righlt angle, i tid exltenlldigil eig4,ty-five anl threet inches deep along the biorll o Li" line of said Millandon's ll oplerlly parall el to tCelcte aI street; there lr mllig a rightangle, d vlexte Idig s ivt. -i three fL etl elevell inIm es ,1l thr''et e'ighth'( s of ao i llh r] I the boundf'ar liine of Lolis 1)ede's inr',ei'lry, paralle i In )11 L.Lev Iretie;lthere Ihll mililg anoteIir rigtetll.cll- le i lextenin. tolvs tw1o lietseven iches and lice eialhths t'o an inch on tl I ourullluy line i, l d Dede's property, paralln e to Celeste st.reet; there forming another right angle, nll extenling lone hundlred and twellty seltll feet ten incl.'es and lfoo eighths of an inch on lire ho .sinu line of said 1)ede's properly parlllcl to the public marl andl Na , Leere st-et, and nevenl, six t Gt four iiches and fo.ireighih. of ani'ch front on Nun%' sure], "e''Td. iog Itna Iplanly .I. Pilie, City Surveyor, made .d Jin vary, 1 t9i, anneted it ilt act passe:d before Laois T C(ine, JoataiTy Pultie, o1 the 16th Jiinuiiry, 18hi. ]Pitiiess the loni .A. I1. 1huchnan, Judge of ihe C.nit ilbo'esadl,this 16th April, 1838. ap'i3,11I,.i1l3 1'. LE ILAN(C. l)-p. Clerk. SANCTI)NI.:1) IY " Tlt;E V"ACtULTi OF .11\i") rln l tI Il . (%m,. , iiii i l.vl., . ,f r<,,... l .. ...t ,....... 1r lrlio\lis (:Cmpotutl ixrneot aor'.ho ando Slsr. ps rilla --A. t it l Jfe, :n l ll m sil't eli. t lla l llre 1 ,ever ,ioterede 'i ect e of t onorrhe, (Jet s tri ictii, Wthirer, Pait s in the blhk hod Ithe,ostm',,s \eaknless, allH ctiOll.ns ot usel. kidlid i ,) gravl',e Sliol. o lllic io: l active ti tullt of tt, . nI. w , r'ed t. l le p bII I ej:, tilt trirel'to o hl i b rl t tl refeur toi t nmru·In3L k t(l to' rrlilmtIO t I, It'O ll h llk . llilllll l ,il t+ slhcar l t'ly ill I uo .Il' pe, 'I lq1 l+I lbg th t it tIll l, .bd v a llpp r eciated w hen il :s rits are n ++n t- fu ll 3 k n o. w . Tl hl e ' :lldalun of <CaHilh, so · t+ u· .ed, r1 s 1t I t s Itllllm l of its redit rm te litt t i kei hich ,.Itil|s tr el l l' x ttlress 1 , ioto it lloarelllo e o lt, l, d, rlbo:ll rothw'dll t'.t ill thle )owl si "stJI laun1 h, 1 d its he ttlfli tothe Lilllto,.ic t RiOrhe lt used in the initi :,nl t i r ta.e. Tlhe FrorietorhAllai Sloe,,, EtF thel 5ori'r., to ollt't tIoo llr i p Itll tlolt Ill" Ith"ri ls, t, )l, l o 'e,. I.g that the itor, activequllbitie e w ld th0ll, I e ntil I : l:1,ellfllC btll pllltl/'t d lill(·i .l~l' cll~t|Ilh'luldr lllt+- .tl't 4l lh:* moreconentatedandmor us bout mitioloo i ll tilel pResenll£ sttde. The t. le tr l. ,,+d cllle c·lmllbi.e inl redieots ebichlIe inll the hihte t l't' Illu m llll thle molst scientlfic atI he rl.'d to; the p'rl'ssmio . I'act., dtll& i. thetuiositiltl thitl.tion icrvs tt liFrcy oi the Ii It ' rotslllint aC ItPl.Ilt to ily Stolis iot, l tl t sutpssii n HIhe Illil . l.lill exp, dUill sll; Itosteshilgt btht ame lillnu hiubatlalllJ oi its lbeiln a'er whth perikt su.cct letss it thel difibr+.t' ' tt age~. IotrF the eove i isea ne. The msil(t tollll5el h11 h tg:ll, u.l otlfof te t 1 ri. t thiy express theii iieo dp It'l~llli CI il IIItV.l" Ill Stir' I(tt'PJt, rFhii~lsl Its u le h+tl he ni, n still Cothe.,tp very oextn le llh wa. a I. orte rotmeoh with the j eleoIo.ted lh" rne.hs in vI'II'ne a oi fli iolns, d.l i ll obstHmite trul ..:t.u s l.£1lld arillsng rom 'l(lal di llrderled stat oI ll htligtstil'l fintiu+on thll in e. n hnlm ittt'd to the. test ain l 'xl tl'rienlle lit" th llls celeblltell .mo g the thenittllt lhey hbl*e e.psess+, theit salslaction of it.sI extraor) dinarly ellcrtica' il tR.r Fcas ulner i Chaget , ie :ulFS ti. it boi( h in thtl Ilo~itog toel, iolioteircl to 1 )n1 Il·:a , vcI! oultoic ,lt pitioC;t p.ricti oie.C ThIh" oh uii,,ntis Iill Il ettyjreooiijiilolohll III1 1 titiii.t itlH I Ii llI~ in te*e Ie.relo tedrt, lPelrit iU, J II Tt'o.i, t1 emis.i otler. rice 1 0 perpot. T; I'P.TI\OItA";.LS.. From A I t ,ltir, hi , F It i, o 't. to u' tho St Thoman Hospital, ant Lee ar'r tl .llt , ITh' trhd which l e nIlilt. e of1 h our propensl t'lfltion I varit-l otculses, to th tahleh l t i lt e, iroll it s r, hv Ii tttllge ly*+ jvxtti rtttt,*ttl titi,luh :,to tt t ll, itte i mot It~it,.he ttoI tetl o tiohl tt ourtrirr taltto,, ,,tut I hit,,o It ltit noCIot OFJllllitoi to t of .thti m os t nle terllli tIeti ieooekse oiotertdto, thttioo b of itst'brtors. roi.Cln C 'tiottM I). ot opib. I.. Irromn \ yoo yward, to tl C f, t h tsit'.ea to the st ..otl ufolltoe ltr)ipe sort re of y ,ohot, i. fool gltr-.foi hot poll H- bot 01; baulxOohtto otethoit~ile It.k boettrt pIctsurt" in o lodioln tlx tlt ro,. togntt I or tn oxoxroptite ohoerrlotf. It otirtlo ti t- got IhiCOg ttl siltlIlhhii'otiSo 10 llt.l tis t t:iho u lt tol tjtioitih e noetlt Exm·it tot.~ tl mri·o nlc lr: iii $1|t~t;l+.S .I;H sO lttl~t it kl.St~lV~ XU1+II )ltl;hI11 " },.+:.vd tp+' 'b Winor.e it orlbiory titod it broltllollo oIt Uito tuitth eit rle ti tto ptiutt e tti tpn t :1II khalais it H(:R,( titoI)ee(Oohittt-rltt,- 1!1)(--iieto-, t ro m r ttO iot ltlo , i " ti i Sotoli ,ge t to (.+!,5 'lt-. . TheL uimp rm seem w hhhlos a pl rllinded the~rll~ Ilvhnin tloroolt'm-toing tLt1 tto liltt ptSti1ts flitj'ctid i'hOl ithe h!ore dhiseasest , has iv satiled t it 'ht it ha- t lt1t t to te k o ti Io be trly ul h ooetltl b tx tolte lot t ptu sro ot-l dtototett t t tplo , ttteo t dilt l 1,e i t u It u yolr ,lablt prttpt o tion. t Frean Sir A Cooper', F I..S P It C. , O'c. ke. oloai. t ettl iolined to Itii ut lto i.xtrac In t troet 'mte. ot~ violenlt tionorlt'lhue+, whii.I loitl hidwto kl~le)tfhd e to h o ]st esc l 't iolt oit ltn i tp t .rte i t" h v thu e, h 'titi Itte t osuwr td spe..dy o u. o tlt ;tt• o , i e Iw o davs te of mthsel t iut" or tuo tto *tf thtt I otot n t.r t eott t lth oubli o gotd pivattt teonlt -etlt otl use no. from G W Blaiur, M[ D, hysimcian to Guy's Ilos pital. The strict test which I have gIen U oKU meoiUinet amoingl my iatients, andf its innwiu'blde enecess tihan heu' till i ooloucemttn pertevere i ts tst, ll I t itJ Sbut annet of justice sut of dutyI to mid .iv feeble testi nfle l intcomtnCndation of hut virtuos. - From,, L.C Thonpson .M V) It S L. r retuy e. n thtnks ftr t tvfluootle t-t - set of o1" Extrlct |for the ctS of G&orrhena &,. 1 feel grtite:ful 1tla!rtl job hav atla ];t brous ht a medichne into use twhleh Will prove at desitderatum I-oug sought lor rill the mediesl worh[--n sure, stwedy anld effcctual clul. in' cases,.f the ahove clhts. It a'tfortls. me gr.-at pleasur. in puhlishing to the win'hi the vduluhle qualitice uf3our PRxt netq. W\ereit necessa'r', the lpoprh'tor coudd There Ihisn'ish iminyt mIoi'e Ilitestimounal equally as .lllcnnuen:,lul.-ts IhtL abo. et but trulsts that its t'at success hitherto11--he c +tn &+ at which it Inh een tw repa'e, w ill prveits greatest recommrndatf .nmg a ise+.rui,,g pfilie I tnerecurimenldation this ptremanti,,n enjoys bhovt. all] :thelrs is its neat, portal e [ortuM-putu Uln mad+e in which it ma'y be taken, be i~ htlh -ay.' . ple..unt--lls. sltely mlture~with nr a weti sn a tt i il, ort contfimenett from busin~ess. Tr'avelltrs spcl-ti~dh ,wouhl find lhis medicile highly usethl, andl oug1ht .tewer to be (mprovid!.d with a prelp-,tiont possessing the ad vahtag'es which the presntl one comtbinues. Accompanving the Medici.,- is. pampnhlet cxpldan .orv of the dil]herent slages of the disee~, with~outt miu extra char,.e, eontaining full and amnple dir~ctlons. ..' 'lo'samle by SLUKLES & 00. U houldefs,(Gtncinnati cuseds inadilng frue steam er Bu~ckeye. and| for ulnie by " TE'I'ON & t..RETL, TtRtOO'GH IN FIVE AND A HALF DAYS, From Mobile (Alabama) to Augosnta "Geonj I 'AVES Moutle it rl ot.ltr dit, ialme.islaely aste 1 the .aria.l o o the mail f~tom New orleans, ier. the istht mboat E;.LlNa, to Iteakly. ctite to aky. ehetPee steamboats (per I)Peosacolt. liar, St hRos soutt and Choec, t:altclie lit er and Iay) to Cedar 1ltitte coaches thelse via Mlarianae ChI:,'ttaotoltoe, (formerly Muoit Yet'. t,,) Ba.tlo.ltdge, i tlt'i'to; Itlwkiosovilie aral lai"ii tilk, to Augusta. A I:lse ngertakin- his seat at Mo., lr is tn Io dtoter of beiog throwl out or tostig hit lu"trreitee hi tlv ot conltflttg iateiesta, a t'he ItLtIl. A LINE is i.!tollt concert, and m.dor ole EoLtro, throughont, aol may roel wtrtt ctAlis'rT nr tlot hl. rrtivltot Augostat iut time recifiel, thtogh ll oilaithot e and a:t any season., m less some most Cilfoleeea ems-" topbo itsihtl oCEtit. Ite (trest New O.hllltos Mit', ts earritotby thio ilntte. The Agents foraceomntods. ioll, l'ram, Coohesandl Drivetrs are not surpassed h e soutlt elrn cot nto r. The moooth, ll tl:, mn oral oalds, the safe and inter intll-tt ter tIavi lhtit,tl, tittleo Htool areomm. latoti,' Olfrd tfile traveler speid, rTrtait',olltJO t,ll id l pIres i tt'tiy.t; tYrt(lttnL tlS it were wilhtthe 1tail Road ltitstnct, IS. r1.nilti tean itl ohketto New York, travelets can rst It . ew York front Now Orlteas Lt:'IRANII ntoo ^-. ' as"hi oso aityin 12 ottt l'h:itttoc ro:.te, Fllondt,, we have a Blran .ie viu Qict at l't!l:thashe, to St Marks,' hor pIot eolaelcs, ,lot to, Iloto'hos from Hawkinsvilllti 0one to MIiltcdgeiliuo andt oto t acot. litght two hoor Jacnes. S'TOCi'I'OS E? ci AtCrars r, -ith l n:t. 1 RS. lfftceat Mstaioil IluYtse Mobile A"tc" New Orls to toiiotde, 5 n nl w lobilh th Augusta, il ,, uAtlguSta tO CharlesAtonrl Is u t:ilolitt to Nerw ork, 911- tIL Ti te, NSw Orleao to Mobilg, tO haour Mobile tor Alguita, 132 it Auei.t t i toullr'cslt h nt, 12 Othoho eladtoo to New ol.k, t- 25.. Ili(king In0 miles Ircr dt.t oi' 7 miles par hIr, inelui1 s1' o " alul .91 u e p.ties. " . n ioo tI l. 1. Iega lr. toe lifrrm lie tublic that dlr ' I t'ies ovrr t tttthlntLteswa an t d rd Lllahu r creek Ihavejust I'Ce ea,copleted i1yvhe general govern. s]tetlo'rott s e thurs llt.plily rIlemoved; atal Etve the ol:lill ol'l. et t htig II'o Iii+'l ellr >tai tha lr ooalhre.,ho. ast, drlver tol ols; e ot a t, the i ta- order; traes t, ttio, wafer route from i rttooottl, Clar Ilt, it i.atou*m' Inctl Ib allwhhla v l Ia ·l.ooti (It lgb it. n e C IItI .nt t !or rtotaultt s Itt ly to tt r eo ig s ll t ( to 1t 1,t attit KB J I C I N EWp-ORILEANS. 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