Newspaper of True American, July 24, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated July 24, 1838 Page 4
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Jf.3s4aslippi rand Louisiana Iotel, envitn.lrn- 1.i S8. MARY KIll(LANA ) respeotlully ai. It Inunam s to her friends and the public gene.- g tilly that esie is prepared to accommodate them at a the above estahliehmcnt, and hopes fr am her It eitetiMs to renrder visitors cenfirtablc, to receiv a "eatluancse of former favors. She fil-els confi. AIt thal persons visiting Cnvilgton during the tltan lmonths, cannot find better aconmmodlltions i, thibt she cnI afford then, on mnre liberal terms. Ii ieb house is pleasantly situated, and well supplied rir wikh every esonvnience; the her is furnishled with an the most choice liqours, &e. in short, she promies P "aat nothing shall b., wanting on her part to give ,tir satial'action to all who, may patronize the abelippi and Luisinia HIotel. je3 I .1i0 TEIR PUIILIC.-The- undersignud. hving C - tudiedl under Dr. Selllmidt of Charleston, in S=uth Carolina, and for some years his assistant in the phetice of medicine nod surgery, has the honor fe efer his protessional survices in this eity. esa sasres the ladies and gcoitlemen that the most proispt attention will be I*iid t he calls which ,may be ma:de; alid also offers his services to the p k .rs of Ilives, being well acquainted wills the linn eommon to them, having attended them in th .s'gar house in Charleston. Thefaious anti.bilious pills alter the composition .fPreforner 8mollerte. with directions, can be had .fithe andersigned. The effect which they have t eadhled in this and other cities, has boen attended With the greatest success, to which the best of i etim iin can beo given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. hl astret. sJNO. M'LORING. EWOLG KW hCltE ChhIR S, SA IRONS, &c. THB HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 3 8 Water, near Bekman street, Now York, have received the past season, and are cor,stantly receiving large and extensive nlditions to the stock of the above goods, which now o)nsists of the Illowing assortment, suitablo for the souithern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz. Pets of 2. diffLrent size., from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bk:lpans or Ovens, 7 diff.rcut sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do lkilleotr, - 5 do Flat Spiders . do fvoered Spiders, 2 do Orehdles, - 4 do Fifs Dogs, 6 'de Wagon bones from 1 1 4 to 43.4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood. Serews, 2.O000 gross, iron and irass, from :t1i inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, Ni, 24 of a ulperor quality and finish, and less than Jame's ilmportsd prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for rstniling. 'tailor's and hattor'a Irons, nesorted. weights, 100 tins, assorted from 1 4.1 to Othrs. Bells for Plantations, steamlbeats, churches, oc. made to rider, Also steamboats and outer maichinery made to otter. The al ire assortnmnt of goods is partienlarly reomnnmendd to tie attloltouln o Southern and Western merchants, and are offenrd fir sale at low rices, and upon the most liberal terms; it is be. rwed to be thie largest and ascortlo,:t ever dared for sale by any one ertahblrlhesnt in tie United States. Merchants, by forwarding a rquest hy mail, can have a printed circular, withi 'decription ofi goods, priposand terms, from which no deviationl is ceer msde, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York. I38. jv3 r ON SYRUP S Pl Vi.ii-L Udna a t cl e Rnmn snlp eand 'ionlles, losorted siicer also, tiiI nane ,if I.emo in t iarkrello P-ckler; lir tole ii litoe a € tl, br J.tltVIN o ,ND)II.W\VS. el'I : r et.,.to C no l Tndhlll__ pitll_1_ _ 'e '-1lmlni hboll hI, se \ir i Seap. litnul, :o Jialme' a" (iould, fr oule boy I.lAC llll)iIEt. Ci. anl!i 131 tS, stre.tI. NElmn dwellii, hieii in Triton street, Ie Stweed l'iveli irt, le nod t uroudtalet teliet. im'9. ApLhI1o J O'"' SIII".tIIt.ILt.1tli"S, &c:-cS %ii lieol:,rriilen5 1dl't do. in sot. e, -l" wlei, bye UI ..lll'l.I N Lc +OilPItI. 1i . l. t'lS S a.unl rt:lelicl Cup ste I! .letiter ll i1or, ofI ill yoU lliti , eollsi ii t me eI very iuii ilor hu il il, IdIle aid allite wain, tao I 'liliI rum ti lle.d mii;i dge i,itItord crai, elleetlnily oil hseli ,td l or sale iv 1AVl1) i.'l"F, & Cl). m3il N 1' a.ntionell ' I lull, ui1 Chartres pt. lic i ,(:1 d' ul ,ic lle 1 lne otuh, •n do of IS o 1, I' Iort, Itli; A1 do nft do I.I' browno i1hitry, 1l3M 10 pipe . -xtra Ni aira. For ilI h. tIlElt.)(liEit", 111UWN &(;,). mr / ( l:ti Ptleet. I) l..hYlK llt)lil'i., of iery varivtu u1' roling ouild slld liinding uhetly exei uloed, t -hlIrt nli, I.v M :1i N l Stationl ers' I alLl,e I ('hi res . . (17 Iilý-4I) dii, f iruth jiuip f .unucrisan Braidr, I anding, i.r iile II ISAAC IRIDGE&. ('I). mIn ll i 31,pueine lreit. NEW tinoe elrv brlickI leulne, elintedl 5 doonr soelt. K.lnit very liow, plsslssionii iveOu sIllleditely KEnuir at thle preiu:ise. at'9, if. IOLUUIti511 ibll sn f FlIor. tir nlt bv ImU mi ; itt)ltsl'Y., 41 Niew l.eve. TA tLO .ai - bN i l i .--2 p e0e w egiv iie hm 130 coils fesu, uoliliig from .timohomeeor, ier osle by tLAVEl.' . AMEI.Uoti, ml9 17 (llime rc t. fruns icuomer tle 1'0avII. aillt fr iulle iv Yulit K 1, lt(rTit LIIet. a~w wawra are wrL na." je fft it-n, a tp t re . O ME2CR0UItY NOR COPAIVA ,'cw Orti.nt, i'o v. L4, 41(7. tbOL'T six month. ago I hal the lioisrttune it ge.o 1. a t"eret dinersn, tlr , hich I have applied to, ,e ml doctrse for a cute, oallll the dill Iout stre tit . s Illno on the bheae daten I put mye'lf lnder th cutles of Hurrtl, Iluet,and l explrt him to cure me. Sirnce that time "e edieen, got worse a t ah to break out in Hlarg uhln to Ihe numbehr of six or eight on so h leg, nttd ll over uy Ihee, and rer throat, andlll noD able to r:ork at hli present time tt aecount oe" the dittenoe; lar;e tiler lerihllt side of tie throat. I nott nn., 'tting , se coai 'ently utclorth care of l)r. If ue, r.ll PriN. at. he perfertly cured JOIIN DEAN. l(a 14 ly DO CERTII~FY that tie uhve menteined disrea e Ink uie well elrtrd to y own sati.tualtin, far which I han IDr. Iluta; and moreover I asslre that the medi i elite I have taken: maktus me fait, and did ent intjre J I t Health at all; thleretnre I advise4 nl f flow ut.tervrt t t Ioee no liln.e and apply to Itr A. tlltnt, 15 lour.ou st1. llty will find a trot oiecltor trhi coinplaint. JOllt;\ I, \N. tI biraeier street. If any one wanta to :e nte. caill at No. 40U il(.in ,treet, aud hlnyv till Ihe atiolsed. To be published at the optti'ni of l)r. oDtm. JOHN DIEAN. New Orleans. Feb I, 1R13. .o i IIv hound, is putt uI, in bottles et the low price otf 5st cents each, ctntaneiug the strvneth of thro oIee of Livewort, leci lea tIe virtues (I many other routes and herbs klnwn neaong the Inoiints utsefficacious in curing pulmonary emplaintsc. Thp u ,rivalled sacces which has attended the 'toe of ti; etthisinestimohl It.tielt wherever it haln been iltro duaedl. has not.ised the conlidece and reolmm-ndn tio e ofrpcpectale ilcltcieninn , ,,r the tcore of, coll., pamt in the sid; tiantit of reCt, piuting or blotd, comploint, &. e. 'Te whom it cumay onerc. 'TIbi is to e.rtify that we have in or practi'ce freqsntil. prectrihed M'rs Geerd. Snor's Indiat lalanm of Liverwort and Hl orcntnld, wi atc a dreided ttold effeeg we can theretore, from the know lodge of the materials it is made frc., and ohservuttnn and eiperitite. recoteuete. it as a slllerin- Itrnlto-tteont or oill thnoe nlectitnc of tihe lunts fr whiectht in re cmmecled. f Wii.1. t .Ns .i. I. CAI.VIN EI.I.IS 11. ii. Members of the Bloston 3ledickl .tAsociation. 8ltoOct. .Ocber i3. salebh J. tlARVIS & A.NI)RI'I-lS, S ',n rl ti "'ciitit "le 'In Kee,mm.nrlded ' y rile Medical F.cutry. IcL"TI.It Effierves'ent Melanesinn , d cyspepia n.t itligestinn, nervousc debility, elldi. tI.**,headach,aCi4lity of the st*e.larch, habilual co. tcaces,cutoallnel.dis'ascegout gratel,&e. and Iuch ealued an. a genlle, etuelitll o tr.cative. t'his d..iruble pretaratin hat received the patron a.e of tnaty eoiantc members of tie prefus.tiont, and htem ditceruing tubilic mlony reepeithle aCd ule*li cited tstiminieae lfitre efficacy on a mlledicile t;te been elicited. Whitk ll tile pleesng ciqualities of a ;lass of coda water, it the actle medit.intl propertiet of di .catt tppr ceed ralinnu plrastivei; i ils Ipleaueoat to the iujate,eld grateful It lit etlleach. IMPOI'TANT CAlTIO'n-The increasing reputa tinn and great demand fo hlutle 's I.fferveseent lltgne. lecd Ajterient. has been an ildurement for otltelr to of frern Ieitation of this valuable tred cine. Ptrehaoeers I re particularly warned of this Iteat that they etla be on sth11 guard, etd ntt pleclec ai Impure ertrele. " The public are reepectlhdly infei,r ed that tip. s'srie . br.e are' cnnsb*tnlv ltppl._ with thile crigincI sol ge eaim prepaerationse. lFour esle who t sale a id retnil. .SICKI.S dl CO. Agents. ,15 40 Canntl street, N O. VAR[D'SI Vegetale Hler 'iil, ticr the restoration i eand owth ul Huir,sivitg health and beuuty,undi t esentingballde'lcc. elifre thic Htir Oil wa oufleral to rhe puldic,'it hed seen tried in hundreda, f ausenof baldness, titne.s, etnd cliling afoff theair, and in every instance its salutary lats' have heen rl.shtled. It lha neter faiied to paduce r..r td 1utihl th of hair an lendl already bald. Intliai where ct leec,,,tee dry and eencs re 't, g thi. li will very s enneder it healtly, and prIdiee 'raridend heitidill trowth of'hair. wittout the least c..e the head. T'his O)il givels aa arreeable fra. ucl +ii prcleruies to ,ty othei" il -it Oil fi,r pet .eaurling und rl -hinr rte hair. Thei h ir hcnotn drv a'ter using it. Fotr sale at eirny IU, l t aeup sirEfe. SI.MMNS HARITT& CO, are nnwr rereivcinlroit on board shp Orlen fale, lihlatandr, okar e o elry Andrew, Preach and Gernian pilay caf BaTck o FmllAn Boards; Chensrmn 2 1-4 and 238inch Til T alrd Bulls; 8,9, 19 and 19 ilnch, blade Blowie Kiv.: S Ierther and ohier tranellin vnresning CInLe; F'rLeto. Tl airleme nl'r. nail lI iric Ili.a.ido; duble Nc in et Ind Pielt ltkilank fiiBoitei s rlan Ia)rnd lli!n Cupe; l Preresron Cmapl and ('rip Hit:b!ra Clti, S aimr, Tlrtllt iU "im Naliili.-irlr. Olariri ard Ch7lOrhie Torili onela .n.t Ioath Pol werr Tiroiet r nd rlliuia itoirta, ill iII ccltv· rare Hair alerald, Rinagelr anai Frizette; t'onr: thi anrd Toilrlt Por.le: 1I.rle INla ; Iry T'uol Cmlmhionl an P'ltelt Sliilr}. naell trer.r(; (ullm El';tio p.Uapnl]ro; tl" i Pbwlar Polio awdl Blhrino Gil i Cir, n Se:rle el Kerr; ner-lMpr; \ Iltrerlo:: RT B l C eler Brad andI Clinihrl; tilt nod tilonred Bnrad; IA';n BcaH li a I eta rbelid Plr e: ahieti 'piatlor tidr nie l a n u r lu it n emhb; eil:h, ti ' mlditirin to tlhrei irr e tlier uti.oli rn (i . f maker tVdeir ni.lrlnetlt vt.rv (.nlplete anilil rwil be r ri end on libantl era, ar the higi ofa thie (rolr l r' Clnab. i'Ž-if S'herlrrelaro t Y rlaln easullorrilirrabgrhrre ors tire areeringe ntuirre t 'a b lMcin. stai lirer Shefleldla , E .elernd, hoyrirrr t o ecejed u vtre CunerI.n' vi ctol'a' par s, elllsaFicrFi at tr Table neid fleeceri (aloie, a cl' ... ihoeeiriea qrl'oti, re Packtr iinih nw l ieare e ilpol a ntacieoe pl;lll llrlo, tle eorn. aR.ce 'llolo i ,t . r c. .r. cliih lthe y reo ict.lilrcd In ecabihibt to tlir tro~rterunnroicn. Treino roil oralitiritier hi ecl hbe tli lln i lt lllr i rlr oc.e a nil6i J. Ih . 1IGN & A COlTI:tN.ln Conmmon u. kh ltiNISOnr. IIARTT& CO.--Are nl w eealuirig tl hlle& shte tini Ideill Ite gh-t, Merry An'rilr tm. Illh- i sl aendeP ]cnF rilr Gil.lll:cln l drolllte beaIlt lclvioniae lrls: V rter,beht anl .Elt r sktoilsr iltin rihhc n l llel c r sallt it verl (iillot'r ronlmmrcia~l naid otlier tdetl lCai Vi'- fc as; Viehia atrenal: arclt. ivoo.vt d horo iatll ainIea-.s k, besadiltl Icalihr rlllrec; r htoi" n, f' lcot l II aei ri elacttrlaIrgon palla; GeemRui all t'lli ec'nell atog;re w iter.e Rultanlt mtnoesier h i!, ilnitotinll inlr ariii e r Ir ullll heirs oil I ntl~lhlt• dleilF..irll tlli~e..l lilR c:iftlt: i.I ,,r h bbleldill; sh'lli:l al ltoilel '.ln·3rs: er.lrl·· ml' lnlelriol ol-r arrbn-riactrri rlrehron arit -C. oparaaot'hZ hachi1rig atil s Coit loeio etrurivi ca islvdo Tea utlloens urIhie·s; l iii; Irin arlr, h ll a Io umhr ; L iC . Hr. crnis will sen t.' hhlih Cellied oalh ,thehu .s; sin I" pornl rlarti a rrulicw oia.hi.ltr; r heybad lrIIinoip , nK .i i ailar ariar r ni o . riiry h aKl wili ourdn t i.rel lll Orilca; riltr l , ln ci l i. rr e ri l iroo wl l n rl a ttr l Slaitic t it7altrzir:.. P.ltaIrs Iui; r:l :ror llooi:I,:h,' sil- I Tic bhove iii hlliinlr to oiln lirrmer artOck alf rlcne y irtlc m.e. Inbrlwarld r ulsalrlll. l y ,l sl t t V l en,,l ht .. o,' se:,l, or re i: hOil ose r ' Golden Cnilih, . m w , ! ,. Neti9clc, ioheawe 7,enino 18i7 e iC o this eiori a lb Oe wtt R. ur tlherti A ne ettort. r w aer, ri, ill 1n , lrt tiftn--.ltio pr rar it Kl tilo, .11irron . |Iih lc fNw' Orle i r ; &'eooltioCi.o ft'r cclii.; SharrisKllesl v &C.,c trttci ,. uey, as coorhlved oil du torll.c'2rclay Irtdcro brc tePuiai (If olinll:-ul h Mtaeonr )1 one at hile linrrireP or tIrt e'lul. Iol Thr ailee.i.noei, Tiorviilc gperrlnere will he t 'ri!,leel aithl th aerlitii nund etcl.ine rll husn irre is anttlrrhw: LrviC Hlluiri' I twi ltl atnd rtile rP liiies cllr lof l ohe r |lha. Ie ofe !:L.ll li t'o r t rrt Co.. ait (ileery; t ind Ill rrit e Ird - r ean'i t Irbi ieoroo olp l eof iloncy.Mh ion uolrl hrfd t hll hloa eltlilhl- nrfth l)IIil'.inq. of k-tllev, .'lhl) i-i . (-Jll., Il I ascii' hii liqotiialiorinucnih. ''l'hril. RInI·tlllb d t roi f.iid rnru ,-ro Fn,·/'l,c:tlr rrqlllr ted I r comlue tl irlrd a I dtln iIral o rlll r altle aenir li rillto by~ ()1 .110N11, II.111 ?; &CO, rhair y iijrll ricllt1leaor) 7raiciriti lrern citloitlir "~nllr "i I I ,I'VI t C ll t ll , " II I EN I K IC.i . [li Newn thih.n e ine 9T, 1wh 7 t. [FI-'...N It17 (t PA .4I IINA'S-Crti.fG Nl 21 IVTF(It ' t2 n h. tl.irke t richiiue lir crure - r N p'lat rl'i' rh ,a ilfilr-l l lh ilnlrlre riin 'i l r n)i i lr'l nnl. -i.n latic l a ie ntl , l coi' frlletui ltwlerc mC tuesi otcar cad lorn'olaccu arl toier, hcndornui-iiotrclieiiaino rlll h ullld ite.i n .lck rn .iild ne i ie s b rlaii 1 i ncr i,' \bilh I Inianlhel-rplr elI ricr urgeulum; itol nit iirt. pour uiiialell. ileru ulirsnito l hlrlllr nul e II ( k.c a ir!i F terllll rull tnslhaih, r eV lu r li, lc t ,e i lllr trrul , rirltirohl, e lrit llinirulirr, rlri u l llllln' uY r, lnl uici Vn', irlal' a ni" aI t rtut I ll i hlri i'r. h nl,,l'V ill ir, : 1 I Izf( oririii a , iu rn-e (.,hh.riiiu leia , nij i lllirl 1tolh w el, S1g lbled dir~1,1 1 rill s hrine dn h l'ell lhc* s·r i l,ot \l t hI ncrip inslllt l~, iC 1i, 41115 and thinthee' herI n r i n f I F I~t lr,tlia HiI ll'- eiiuati: l(I1C III\.uc ,i 1Pc J rue rio .oaliit. aidr l litra lacco orI : I ( rti "ad hrl. crcril, e .11ro, I1rcwhcolir1d, girnr eiroolj I .im l.'a their uric , rri i 7 r hltir .ir t ,i i In ri ItIn P ' rtl & c , arn e ii,eiu rible 'n aide Ifronri. - c rsilo , lar to d , itca I i irito-t - ldi md1ee York a e rl paHct."am It in lei r lll, wre orhel l etr with r1a tr v iin t r l rllll err'les a lr hnilw , i llnkP. h oIr rea. il on rv n l o Idatic. 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I resitonst.s noling snhti', plain and pertitoed toilet lIwder, pear powder, powI l ptllpi h od hoxnes pi nlltultin pltsJi i niil nrollc,rrns nIld chl,,hi l,' ti)ith wiish and )owdlct., with a gonelIl assortlnellt of JI[WEI\.I.RY--smmi' tl'he ltest cnot most fnshihonn lie setit, consisttintg of ilcte and red r oreliall, toull ' jet eardrops, set in lilaeree, hrast inhl~ of ta fire*i ae tv ofptterls, ",atch tli lilmcisti llt and ,ilvc tickles[+, r ,'l e tl en , silver oltdld l pe its ril n oa IHL1 d 'hninit+ BRltUStIIltES-Clothi, hlirt, loot. ce,c'rtrliu,htearthi,tlior, hut, :lch, tolth, ldlate, comb, Nail, shavlig, shoe iand white\ash r t leruils. LO.iOKING iGLASSES--German sttiq\ and toilet ehulsn- nagitifying nod jtrclch tressilc glaeons, hloe do, ii 'ii v i eariiv ofollier Ibinl not em citiratled. * I'ANUY AND) VA.Ili'1'TY ARTICL'IES-French ollld l rllicaln pIlrtnhiO desks and li deiogiaCses, soine very ri iih anid lin.l cic'tshd Indie.+ w, k b- xstllnddets si l, t llses, with nlt withoul t lllusi , \mII cl ) o)I'c es, Ac erc.lilns f a ri mtll+iiloai, villl. tvics and gil itutti, llver ;illl plutrd pencils tand leads,wood pencils "or orp',n(rs and e.r yont.istnlltllite cll'r; ,glsll lnd p110 toili will alld WlthutLt e , l 'r iFl i hllirps, pel'i'l.rsio (itp i hliarLerks, IIIppl tlellcl' d oe lll knives, rotiz rs and scisors, tnilbles, n on.el , ,pi l , ,ilver pl.tcod, tr il llil (omIImo plll ll Ines pc.i' lct il',ok c alii"d w' ict ecl arlis kolct'i, ill ini'~llr. coifsiiold crd cuses, playinig cird of Flrench, Genrman ,nd American altlnl uture, dollyr, I U italnnl 'rillt,silan Iboxes, prll (if' variol kinds, Saondersnlrs'olmlltvllliy's .tlllu erstl'sI lllld andtlaIIwkin's ralzor mInraIsa .Ind nictallic tlhe,dle,- irks, itlly bead Ine'ktl:tetrs, do with t+. dromps ,tv watchles, t l't blutto lltu owder IIsks, et, andu plarir seed beads, gil altdl ilvr i ,c , ull elt-ll: iC u l terrs,iland grter-, plainand swtord LzIIn:, bII:ckga.nimallon boards, dice, optial vieiis, jcol siarps, loolo atirh es tad 1drinking cups, with a lrbcit r'lc ill uof lther arli d 70 (;nartrerassl. ItliOlit'eA li Siene iof Plelnlanshi received, and PI or sale Hat their )peruetti Weitlng .eiidetllis No. 8 tillatres '.re'"t, .ti w c )rclllns, .iJ;1 l ,Lt way, I Ncew York, Iuoiptoe llllcr St., \tbil-,. It is plrticularl desilgnled fil private learcners, and chonols, andil is enh:ultel d for Iperllnll of aill nes. Ladies anld _melntl'enlI are invll+tI t)call and e:xamlnine i the symite ii the iluoicc n Lessons Iareb. u..' as ti cl halo + aI Hla slit Ill. elolielcc ut all, nod 'o, cicci' foiull o any pll art of the ,"ir . I di. who prelrtr it ran receive !etpon ati tiheir ow n rrl sldeiaier. rt paint e fthr or..', arse of le4an[s ore desired Satle untitl lthey writ,, c aell as thieCy wlh. lil ccitt tic-p intterl',ITil l,,c.ic D1 F &AFNI li iS, t NIWtiV artih,cl ftor persons troubled with deai ra+, . (called tiho olt'lr T .l'c,,h) hi jl.lrst been received lie the iii" e c I hI lh, thi slitltte't cctic'l tori-ti iio the hl, ctan voice diiiictlly i:nllvey.d to thle Vr. Atly li oni lIon has viCe beein -ibli;'cd t, ,'UIIverT, willh a vc'rt ilea .rý;-nl nlll rlt. il.fll,'y siea ! le ,if the,. di~lc' 1the ltl em - 'ttnrriastmnitt exipel hin.e'd boih Iy thecseclteos iiand he in divldun ls to itiini,-l:i lmlio liicted. t he ttc L. ofl t Ihe itar 'i'rnlupet ui i cl heitiiin si, tentirely oi ictedt. T'I'h ist sceptl ivv c i i ande',ltllu'irdouibt-afterli I" avioi used in,, 'liUlllum . liForale atI T F G+IilON'I, Fancy store, corner of Coinxon and Si'llo streets oilec ihe ic'i-,h ut;,4 Inltel. feb13 SPERPII OI)L--lItl gtnlinlls prire wiler it S7l'peri U. l, in canks asol llilo, fIr holvc Wholes5ale Drugg sts, curner 'imlli and It ha Ins streems. n.r "v 11 keis, 100 , t, 'lt do 25 " Enflish do--%5 I-4 bble. 4l0 i " I0L Fain t lrlhle, vari rl' -il.zes; I en-e Verulilh I,; Sbhht Cc,,al Vd,nilgh; b• ' npan ". n I " +uch SI ^1 packs iold leaF, 50 do Silver do; 1 011 do Dutllh metd. i WINDOW GLASS, Americar , Erglish and French -100Il1 boxrn, canrons sites and Iualitis'i. Boston La trown do.-5nit bobxe, co-ignment, will be soullow. Also, reneral asortmcent of arti'ts' colours andcl tools, fcr sale Li A W SCA'l Et, N B. Alnhnmn noirl take,' atI ip andil Mliis iplli nores will lie iee.ivtd at 10 ller cen discount for goode, Or in pmlltent oftdebtsh . jt I 1w Ir1.LLU.- auding froui stcanmer Indepe.d. MR. WILLIAMS, OCULibST, NOW AT THE JrEeReON HOUSoFe,JEFFRSON scRen, 1 LOUISVILLE. To the Editor of the Loisoeille .trdvier tier Slit--it appear by the obscrvationo of the Editnor P of Ite Nashville IPreshvterinn, Union ottl Trans- t eript, nas well as thie edotons of the MeIllphi Iknquirer, t that the "Old (;etntletmlln" is aonllog the Docters. This i is provedl hi lis kingly r:err, kenoiti that hisi timt in t hut short, anil lthalt thi ited:nellent Anmereint'people it are alo to judle ttr thelnselveo what are putlh al iltposittoos. T'Ilet orotl editors who nl e t l.tors the proprietors, rooitor otr sub-editors of thie hbve ntamerl jouerllllt rll every lett'r frlom o eoroont I hltve restor.d to sightl in tlt: tbove pIlcero, poult+. 1. 'Thle ftet i, tllt oI vert hld such great surcest within no limlited . perlod s:t ten or twelve dayvs. ne a who wos n~ot rllhout teIll l etr, wlo had onlt: seen theo light brol hio holtht, hreooIl to Pee tIn fllhw hi tItot tero tot m hlotrl, itliteod of hlin ohligred to be lod by hin. 'tweo votlll Itllire, thtoo hall erolt' t tle sitllt iof oef lie, one fr ton eamrt. tand tile other foer earlOYtwo .,ear.., havinfg othl; t thoom the otlerr eve very e:ltk; vet ec.h l of th,~e vehL. t ldies hna, to' see with olth wyes, which enlefit I pledge metaelfstill etlln llanes, x ceptinog tihey are n'lltdr thIt inflloell.e or dlominati m otf tie Plellieal IDo.tnor. Aatthelr is tledto!tlelr otf t1 reopectobleorehltllt.t welee name I aml botlo l never to Ientlion, (al he paid oe ny foee), who oaid she hlnd last thie ight of tne eve from the oge of 13 Inaths, but thant ole now hIegins to readl large letters wilh thete otlhr eve crolttoetell thot. T'hi. tile lhoctor etlllrs kr.ett,a ttloe gIttlelltlilt tohlo lo hioRmL.fhO hd en due ed his dautohter to tie tottice of tite otoedircl editotes. that they might he iofoermed of thle foct. The'lasthljt shall tmenion is an elolylrv gentleman hr the nltlle of Iont, nearelyett oeey roftage, whoel dlerlnro d pob liclv by loltetr, wlitelt I ttok to nll tlo dil'eett til'oCe.I in Niashville but one, and Iimself told me lhe hand aid for 'he ieartinon what.ver they detranold, who dclar :l iu that letter that Ie ha oraltlv doerived of thie toll of ooee from f I ka ifter i. hlrthl, whih hits mother tatod to Ihn, - neesioned hv the mettslcs or etll tox; thtot ntva ite totld ont IeoY'.leno tite loght of tite 'un, fer tite lrot tiooe thltttltI roerlleeto, hbut thle stars also, :nd wao hbgilllling to distinouish many oliets; aolnd did, beftre I let that c:tr. cive oma nt po;rtf tltat It* could ore to walk abonut'thle streets withl thle otfther ee (onlaotery elosed. II." eaid Ihe ht been a member tf tile Metheltist Episcopal Chlrnh tor oeOly firloy e an.d that hio nrd wna never dolbt Nashvile, atd t;, 'toe tteditalRo tt lOin' oa ocItoenrr had nerthefe.r ath i. hrsonn th be enracl. 'The oeeoilinttianatien d tt. ,no Roe. clericll Dr Seith ploroves when .eotated toto tt hn'it llhot six aear past, le wa .cornvorted fre o oi'.t perfect itfidlel, to beliree in the dotetrin o ef the Bible, tlht Ite tottot hace p,.tn e trifling error--that e must lnave meanllt to sal, lrt blefolre ItI fent of rii years to Cvomle, he shald be cenverted frmn his infilolityr, as the spirit of thie truoe oltiister of tlhe peerefl and henllian doctrintes of tlhe Christinn relieio h teeto i: tl '' trotd" o'lodltrutiOlil , r:cte, CallH1ltV o nd fIoloolhoottl toI te otte It0, otteditol fiit.olt.. otetillcrtlte manil t Ilom he, klnew hlld dte s.O mllutch)I 6mnd, and no iu jurv to any one. All tihe inhahitantsolf Nashvilb*- spoke of Ihe utot. - I aled, n-':rtt thle ,oliroial drttetor. I~~tite'etltlo'Iltee o lot.1I t'en iool'ooettoeol It It\' ,totlttt of tite o'rt per fontttled ott hlio totaltt ' lind rve. .'. The ft noas Go'ilh . eofhlis towen, pretenda that I lllVt lost tlhe laurels I blaillned ill thle Nori, eitlcet lly ar, tivl in tthe t outhwoest. T'hit prtvis, htowoevcr,t Ih . and that I lt- (tIherm until I arrived in tthit l crtion. If L oiletrdl onitr thle nortlh, I Ollnht to htlve elint anoolth or ill I .ulth and sentllWest,a d Itsll ill hl ,1rto wear tlhre on nv very vnlthfnl brow ot the dany I leave, ill tpite of thle' rihtleration ef the gLreat Dr .,if I lav judge frtmo thoe mao I at alreaody benelitted in thi elt t olt tihree da t . oi. lThe oibjEt ol the proeCtt i to ilfotrem the rmedi tool Golitho .nd eolioteo of teIt Repuhlio'on nd Tt rae s r a 'rit. well o to , o 'lerio'al l)r l itlh o' tlhe . Pres. ot I ttieoi al ttli the Iolliooo.of 'relhtilh l, 0s ell at to het rI, tolloor oool.-otlh oleli 'nltot ofte Tlhe 3 mirollltEie It ooreP to teo on It I or'oitor , td o col te tinrof to " , ole tto'ttt, cll. letr vitooretotielo slrnder tf" chltmtty, ilto:trldi. etrptctly tfte tor rrivttl ill cw I'oolk,t-c well ut :tItotlltot tIt ctheir otaiabllo te hret thor tellodhal Gloliahlt of the nrth.t roIloot I owoiol t nvserlflt h otiooe, aeVtotto qoit thlis hoppy 1ni l I of li-c .' uuoil I looter hrototht 0tIo Ootoe to olal O++ lhl[~[t;+il o-ootthO oo'ooroho ltlooWellnasofle .ottluth Otto lth too' totoo ilotent .rt~ltooc!'The afflicted0lee nit rni·r ini New tl oer!, \Ihore letter, pot paid, allnd o .th'I'e i tr obloh that bhe toi', sto etoled, r whlih lte Lrev. rler.tilr ovoollot'erted itnfiderl prtenld waR wI rriltlen lhr hirm, w~;l· nl~rhtep Ioore tlhlll a weekrl t~rier. to e iteto ,ottte~lttu"tooeoototoiotrotowteolttttot ret'dhitine lA. .1otrrtd lIPto trielrlltllt llotlll.Ifntin Itlli oectrolititt t, t th Oltro'oottlet tuooth ti hlis ltodcly r tll ooenoed it itt l, the wly he dl, whie h he said he thull ht wlo d an ott -or me ptelrott tthtlrl:, e dLtcverord tiocoto llttot.oo. too oithloui o ltelrtrottlio thloot i wvnto'o t.tblohe hillo froeoo hin I, llot, ns I lh.\er ,oell ptlesolillle e tco nfIr thalt gerlltlooan llr !Inv tsother, llr ny ll0 ' o rV Ilr ot:ltill futt.. The Rev Itoe Itnror's o',en tatet(t'll io btlforoe tlhe pptltlic: laod e olnot o p~lllllilli· el llly 1 I ll!l,,lli .\, .. tqit,, w ilh a .l~ll elllalt, aCe r'toootet'olead eelthoston \o'&cnto hogeadroeott0m It, , ill lllllltt llto lhor eholt't l' r oo man allottdo fl thal lha, t all , ltort:l l ,ti I t ll t ll 0 ,n p lehts ti |,i iiiimueio r fee never touldl . halve beetn I inhlood o . a lo t tal o*r'lat rolel• t o praw ot tltooh oto tiole e- O, t i t wrth lilll-0 f " ;!o r tt t ioi'l ,n, i t I O ad[resot d it to . 31r BStrin hir l ,,< t ow, o tcoI t th 'l o t.t\dVO.Clute. tool. t.1 "td,.r l,,, oh0lr sit'oted medical tnlithe of I t Na hvill o ototk th,' . I:t I ttherelort usdl th irel I ltoo1 t1ito lin wi I h.. : O.t-t .or0 ' oo t . "h'4ri':'al ilflidI. W e. r , , 11'r' i) ;r lihh. Ih ' "+1 i is i <nnu by hci, .L" I d ,, "esn the converted infidel . i .,*. ,b'tlv :ent: l t,^ r:tlish b. mnan l €hr vrter e . a n, 1"v shil-wine Ibt li he wea s n eing, l ibe,ri. 1 vt ifs :q,",' n.· h 'r· I " ."l I"u n of tllill v Ii -,ce (l, lo t ;l.ltil cl, r ! 'f'i, -:, ie' e.I e i $ tl t ich , i n ftill .rlstr 1,i cIl t' hi.t" tlt w o , , t 1,i r I . i .hltt -nit y ie tln ft"t ' ul il eil e Il " e ill'. " sl-. . r.e v 1 'it , Itve e i" lnt t itt I "11 ," 1,.'. " in'rr r.. I b i',,', nori ' 'ouldl i, h" , n-bh '- I httIF '" ' lilli ilvl I I41" ;lee' ,'of ttlt t ittll rjllf I . ig h II ('uoia ni", ice worli s have s ab ull reivedIv priue, ,r:rr. li r I r , t i , l ,i. r IIe 'id blr s , ll lrBeertreII t n Ilhel e l rlb i te l t' l iiti tih tll 'itviolers i"el ellt',cld In rttlet tI. eb ie' t u d i ayuri ents withI our i kille pllll" II) wIor, oI I .hav ]I;II'I' I rou d bv il. Iondr hhr1 ay et serw e . dtmertem h immulnt shbe t li t l ha t, ti e l t ilr e o'l $ 1ei , i eti llh, in ill i,.,i lhill v I" I nl' a e mIta' llt dl F re ceiil ed w hi itr ce, vWi n'tt a'h I e r tbc . F Ii ttr 'ltilrie, ',it t I l' a i been ist ilt vi ri e il r ti) o liave ii t ll s te h ti t o t f EteIII. . hi I , l e s, t' beltl.evt. tltllttl'. etl ly t r' nvtritlet ot trler u l tt f'.ih dIt f t'esi .I fille 'itturll, lite w rld hint hle b, e m lnll:ted It slrl enll e otl, I If i sll trt tl ir rithi Iollt k Ilop his w olrd, if I hanve alwo ys lI uhd ePv ry lenlilte, h lr tit te c sl" 1e nti t thll ee Iell th he !i. find he nlilt' lt l'tverned, lie would nt pub Ill Iv htile i tiv.c : alll at ilte k111Pitl' institut one , rell it nupe r lt llll t a y in so llle p rts of 'llErop . HL is ecI meilt l lt n lm rlid Iv ttd t 11nne I y g iterary n har pctrss i lle you tecll restraiInledfrot tillisorllng him o'ie llte ul t tb v tvtill -i ole et e el ud rf th e (1 hi . Shle Il( rv. y.llt lllml, Iln t dinl a notehirtin, imn withouta rll., tt t i etl a l cei Ilet ere lrd, tll tle.h sn eilirtae thl k Ite h t a r i, t e I trll 'e u t th e llr e illt it tieoll til olr lii t to sittple.I 'l l th I t hIl e it.s n gh e WOlle : Iter. ' ll.Ve dt l Ite irlltl (t 'llt eI 'lit.,r tsll l n sev rli ti ler felr li ot l : n tll i Natie ielee trecollect eirll thtt r;dtr uth rti L'iestxpoutlttr .I the lloly n n n ip ont o mi h l en. l v.-T e w 1si liue It Elnll eir"i i no r ieon ith, hlll, hen eaieltr t td tr oler iylgt hairs with igeits , lite t ies I dti lt t itr, Oli, it tose, Olt I. li ive ll;lt d mlr tIe thre ,"iilU h011 r dtnil n \uc, ll drl:vr p ion, s ei nis tlr , Iw tren hisf d tth, irl ttt cl. 111. tis of I , C . I reatll t tremlneaoud y i wnilllllIlh " lll tellb'ul ltlt" T loitd IllP. piear i' les owt n li. tt e! ti. J sihti l dr c ie t ' h itf onlr tin,",ll and i ni i t feItI'td to sr wllill, io l hsrl IthIa lr e tt, iln Fhe tolet r nr-'e 'I r.pttrP , i llllg o b till n , i i ir d n :vilU, rb l ly nl I i l" e edior of yi jl r. hpie .fro tls nhle l i.Ir i ette s ttetett. i t .eU lhl lUtll trII tra.blewhice oueatuntd the' anianr th 1b was alvw'ays lorte ircllr d It edt -el l' lher thtll atlnr t ed t tly nlltytl lte pii irrt bsr t il lrtltf l w ih r i rsile n t p l r.n i )tad Wieeks l nttnit it i tisutt , ii " etlt rt tt sehmds wh hlinn edi .l I naliah efittrs rlarlll from thine bretvren on tl .in l in is of the Norla , a lo helul i esh at theo r a with siglu,l .oth1 a t we ll the .reper t ime Me rivsl, s Unless t i r neat n in I r e t t ..ion oifred-"Se tue beggar. ha el e t will uteesh e s.--i iThough I tUid hti ftr my ke dvrrolln ti f o t in frt ou or three w k, lie t ad rli tnl e r se to insert this lettr in o tu r next Ia per, mIcl led o e Gl r , F .urs, . tPtsit'L.'i tier g t he toerr nglise hr Oclist.s rir.nele ipall T uJneirk . meid tdsn e hiert nst lc iredt tihnt h S. If ti . c. i dmi rte it he Jte, 1tlle. tri te til ' etlre', l trl+ ttelt r. \i ltunsti ,ti Perl tite l'tft an titi. t elrl l l lhLe' D . Ate r Low ll tit ,hvill. O th -!ally of 11 II. S lath .\V.'t+tl 'lr TAa.tb lllv(ll, wife itn L i rs, his rnuncls d h e rdilh b ,en and eetherdis ta r ea,. Irrn e m&' ere of| aI acident, sar. will er i t~l.. -el|-- v the let Je v. ee. r Stin lll:- I(,vin; l IIequested .I K. . N\il jjijs j the j ojiuj, w i j this jity, to exnls, is ulmero ds ddistanc s Wila th pl*•lllllei .',ionri.' of big la inid te a b lliat + oulidenl i in leis prrlt ysi ,, I ITh ve, in erincnv with T u lrhlenl fried,domemo o w.ih plhia re. ' ven therge d'Ais t'ire, n thes t Kin ofh l't e en nt+ r l' lio n, ,b.., ao wel iof thlme lieni the .\r edieral ties o" FrtaLc. l es hT , nlnltE'rs VU l:hE ' T fro, ml n sice his rrriv ;al in U thed Srtats, distaiine lolhl eof gn" reat Sutcess in t' c .justoration of sight ta tle [;ud. I hKve Oeen Ie rh' all hLP p.r l-thrl ts inl y s t FIC'.KS ON Pttl Ul;! I Lp1l.\--'t', si.. hh Sitts ii+t.'A,%'O, i'A \+Ai.k&. 1 iOitheemoi r rheunmtismi crn fulaorking.evil,gout, ! aciatioa or Ilip go t, inci p iente ancers, salt rlleum, r is'hilitit snd mercurial diseasss, po:ticularly ulcers and pinfulantfctions ofthe boles, otlcrrated throatro. wns- Jis trils,uiers of every dies.rption, i:ver sores, and iitenoal bsesses, titlias, iiles, sodd heai, scurvy, biles, chro- b ,io sore eres, srsaiieisvldsiotis, slot every variety ofoo- IsI .rnrims affection, ohroslesicC :3ooob brad ache l.rorein ing frominiv yacrid hutnor, s:tdilni sthei stomsCIh sali dis sepsia prooeediig friom vlrisiso, atiections of the livber, chronlic initsrmiation of the kidneyrvs, and georal debili iv coosd hby a torpid oction ofthe'veselsofthe skill. It is sisgialarly etitssioas in r:novating tlhose colstittinloons whirtsl have bel brokes dwn bi v udiious s treatlent, th jurenile irregslariies. Io senrlrss terms, it is resosn- so meitnded masil tiIse diseoases wslichtarise from inurities III of the blood, or initiatiosi of tse isuorFs, of histever t name or kind. Soise of the above enomplatonistmy require some ri- ill tillgsistanl applicatihns, iwhlh thiclrcumstanies nflthe tis case will dicsas'; but 'or a generrl remedy or P'rifienor e toremovesvtiee:ose, the INDIAN'S Pi'ANAsCIrA ill i generally be fsisodns ai t.lciUt C TO T'1iE PUfTtC. is, tHow true it is, that modsern Physiyias, i to heir am kition no exel in their profrssion;explore thie vast fields i ofocience by thie aid ofchemistry, and stk olt Ioew re- vt msedial agents; in slert, to alrrie at perlfectil in the Is prctice iy means of art alosne,--s ltirely overloolk su Cn ineglect, as beieathtlils r natice, tlleloiei issi IoOInteous II storer ofmedicies, "hicish tile Almsightly bhas o:usedt to I spring out of the ears h inevery clilse! Atbndhowo meh d more true litothtit wllil the Americm PfhysleCian looks 1 to oreien ocuntrivies ilr nmay of Iis mnost coosmoa snd ueceasery orticles, perpetialty changing as they are at the dictates of fashion or lfullv, hre is surronedi i his " own eounltlry withias esdlessiprlofusion of medicudl plants, s-fficitnt to answer any ildiotsion in diseasne or to core sny eorblii drisorder; and yet Ire is ignorant Of their vilr tues, and tuler are sufsiredto 'wastetheirthealig oci thue desert air. F Theefectsr ofvergetable medicines upon the system ire temponrar.v-thse of mineralts latsting. T'he formecr ex ert their fRketsand pass ~f--theI'lstter, meernr its p:r ticilar, act chlessicalss ir n tss se solidss deIomposinsg i tihe bnses snol ondesni' ings tile ucnsiotitutin by n sisis and s5lre destsr.vtisn. The cosgesislitiy, .eflicienry oud SlAFTIuT fvege si rolrelliesis , lll|e issral,n s is oe estimatedr v cntrlasst isgtse asciente isssetice with thle mosdern; or, io blils g it mitore imlllmediately ulerouor own obst'rvltion, iht Ilsli asn piltlice with lhat of the whites. .Whin, in Asmerie,i ilos not known orsheerd of Irrs'tsilted ilstanoes wherein sosaredee1repid, nnowetenstrhrligfoureosleluiensebosissunsof tll simpile remedies i lnsse, hr s :rdTrtedo tr le rsi osl rcs pt isij andrtssooishsino eis's, sfter tire .\tetoira nielsses of stie - tmmon practice, directed in the most skilfil manner, lhas failed P And who hals not b~een surprised at the com psls-tiveense and tlcility o ith which tihe I dlian firees riim self from anoy disease, amd at thie almst lols aHstiienes ofchroni disease amoed the'm, Who has .'. l heard of an lldian witha costltution b rokn lind rllised Iy cllireatment? And ean a dlootrxist that this haplpy ex- i erlptilsn of the savage from most of thie ills lhicht tise flesh of oman is heir rt, is ctrittvo owing to more genia ani s1afe remeieos which he e;lsDoyst '5his astonis.h-u - ing difference in success, is a fhir exmnplisictioiin of tihe infinite superiolrity of the simnple and safe eans of cure which fGod sas irrated For the berneft of his chlidrn, over those which the pride alld the art of mall io ve ill ventest. From a long residene among a portion of thesahorigil rlinhabitantssof tiiaecoonlry, andns iotim:sie ir quain tance with the, muthds ofel cure of some of itheirmost s tecessfil ic'etitioners, the prolaietscr et 'The IndiInn's Panacer,'acquired a knowledge of some of the most powerful and t \sorite i smedieo. Fromt these heseleeted sueh asuwere most e(thleislos ansid :oslltl'sllrlristes, :nol after varionesexerimstsltS is Otervt theiri iticitstrslisiitr oSrrigoisth5 ire It:as romnbinred them in tile tiru here pbresllset[, as the most perfc et nel buuficial ir thie purp sse tur wlrich it i s recomlmended. 'b'ihels 5ipr'iesr olterst1ti pre )alation r t Io t slpltlic, I ith the conseioisuiess that he is tlacinig withistheir s' o, aremedy esabtrle ofrtlievilg many of his aittlictesd l Itlow beings, who art sulferis uIo der thle varioos cironic alo ohstioate eomplaints to whicth it is alplicable. Tr i tsh it will prove of insalculasise vIa1e, as the meRnS, 0nd in many eases, the only mneans of relievingtlheir sufn drings and restoring Ihem once more to iealth and tIp loI ess. T'h'isis not olfered as n coomnov remedy, tiet of la per cbhel be errusly good with macsy otheirs low id isnse, bIt as o which i iscualabhl of ssavillglife intmanv extreme eases which all tise nusuwlirenlediesfeil. This it i, tsitdsni: ressesstedls; ald this is the retuetation ithssob - a tained w m.'ver it has beea iltrodl ace.l , n It is only abest three years since this ss eparation was n presented to the rultlic: but in tilsts shtsrt spaIe of tlulle, Ssome hllndre ls of pelrSvioslls iillt ibe isullds, who Wolll i solemnly declare tohat they i erlieed that thei lives wsre s ived Il it, sall ill lloislsesalerii they had trled nltn s and pessYps r lslthe Ecomlmn resedCss in vais . \she-lo Sevr Pl. il s klloiwn it issrapsllyUlls~ oin inlllo tse, anl this Safthrsisthelsstsso tstaltnsussdss os cnssinsis g ris of ot' it tm-rits. t The vanleo'fthe fitnsr C' i i r st consi , ,so1 in those h sl s sauslis, g elsl syphilitic :id set rol s l Ols I tios i s whuch have deielid ai[ other l'e.,edies, anll Iarticulal'ly ill tose cashere mlrclut.tllV hS beUn so lurist !: u.e as tO iL' Lstreilsilg laius'in tht isi ls, 00odes, theLmSl l'ridl llce~rs, dhela,1tngem t of lhe digtestise lol..llls, de..I 0. \lOrli ll Ulo ilSltillr iie tllt,! oiis *iil5 ( LIB pllh ll 'lllld Ind to sIsisioe itiiissgissiris sinte n ialcu: tcv sotreuetiiossisi tiintrisiusiswiosii cs of sisit oilsen to sssticii Instis tiOliir suit tics' sthaiet sionon 1 t;l !. hl. Ilth,,lllo lali~ :no iln llle s e hlllt, lhronll , its |iI p V t'i '' cn; ts ;rlle nll l~i s I p s .lrtIillt 'ivill g lls tls illlnls e |,r~1q: ,r,'lis·( s- a.l a..T,,ni hll *:l ,,i~~i :1um (I .a111 t-. I ( ;. t -11I l i :(In% (+.l".l)],t,.q ' iT illl:r-( t:l'lt' t tt I' .I· ti h ,dlIt ,,. Srlt~l..,. ·iv lt ol-lu ih(. m11w t :,h, ald '\Cite wI:- lti . it, th+. qiml,, in it (.H'i',Iwth la ounwH . I'rolm theset ps hwp,' |),. l'li· I1'lr l+ L. ll,:W !Iel Lll, l I'' lrl{, l\.I. ilI11111 'i alo i i.. lli... .l it. h;,.' I lt highyi er tl I' "it , ? i I llttethint.l ditlttItti hrt'tL h tptilld :ItI it h - htt t t t, n ASed EiSh ESlerbaIll .Iucc.s l I ItII AI. nd [' I,8 l I'll - I'ithr'1, \\t ho.+' w\h :re su1('nl})levt'l OIomlalI; intel d" H ibclwa ltld i.hltgtn lllslltstoittttoiitlepttt. I en" . s-il plll IIso. I ll -ih ~ a ltsi.-*th(,allls t Ii , llll-hllttt tll h iI - toleIccitothaoitlliointdattt)ototettii oiithit attyafflictked.nrn! dmswl nse si Siurlll'pose in i lh ~less titc eo, l at cl l t exiiei s, :1Il ill 1 ther more toperaebdle mane;, thl~ n il c,,mmonl d11,t drink. The hlli lowin g cerlifleatl., ullit no." hm il slll I;llIIIl i which nmigli bei iploicuredl are given-l tie :. ow il eie, o' f c t 'oledian's itlshttth iei ohori t s.t.og Il intiotis anedaclll s l oto exhihit o i the iottto ll llIC i m~ain tt t it su t'itrit t ) i cIi th c. , hs h ton i,, r (ASES OF It IU'.\IATI'I S Ce ll.llt. itrot, Nov. l1., 1i 1 Duahg the ltci oiotec aIloitit o.t as tillici ed -lcvely tautP(: n dll l lsitte.s lt. h lnt llht ll, t l:o:t llllt lll t i " el posuiie hnbul w a t~her'. I iow taikte rettl ipleasull'e in sttiilg, I at i b tlt s t i ota e latitl aId 's P:auoCet , Io tI.ied meo to irlet tetlthallt I coideslntly ra cml-itendll it Il all s 1)nSl OI- afUlittedl. JOHN FRIIGUS(ON, Khig st. UInl(tLi6.rroN, M.larcdh 7, 188 2. Swan .izel Plrollt thre ears since, wihho n dlitessol.g Ilrheult'ism, autsell-'tl h. takitg a stverlte cold, wih IIuln the intllleneed*ff nie'lui'w, .1.1 whitch has dlhableld r' frol ttiusieuts lielarly t ver silcte. Iurini ~tis ried ive hiel li It latietil u tIhe MR111 1ine8 olie tlal, h iin tils cli cwttillaclIos m'ncho, ood o etrht ttl lenrth" thiue iln thle lltrimlae ltos'itial, attti trhiihllIt etverI ienely, with little beinth. Otitie t Itth t It Uil. Inst, atthat time se.reelv ible to mot louttlstt i ntlt, cteltIlliil es, Ieomlnlmcncled theuse t lof Italli's Ia. .ito-. 1I nh: imonlth I itloido myself elti'elt iuoed finom in c id t ii i now hItllly to state Ithat ole k.i ns·ldnC lol" irlo tly t ll. W\M. 'I'U'C!i~({., 13i \:l~ll'k_ st. CAFES O1" SCI.OFUl.OUs UI.CEItS. N1;%%" %loulrll.:., S tIfL I1l. 1810. Shils y certlif thal, ItIr e lo sthttho2t , I t i- stioiz w1ith a swellhin hin Ill? Iitek iindl t'iee, which ::.l'erwarei~ loterated oid heclualoei ,e t ho ly ti lcsrs in nt o ed. iAtliuaer 'oittl o oveillll i toio"tle o v ni1t IlenLI to IPhilhad lplhltn , il pllaced slit self lilller the I'. I I)ls. PhAIs Ae l Ilelch, wAihllftet reP'eiled ..diVtOt to no elTfet, I was IlrouIltnced utlell illtcllable. Afier. Warllds Ill)oktwelltl IbIotlesofSwahn's nIIac:ltleanlnd eight blottlt'sl of 'Polttl" a C":ithollllion wiI ll ill o laterl'll bIenlei St'ls i'i of llitie, ih had t iu ilass e c. L .i bur- n t me, I (etu'ned to 'sy pretnts iI [ewV YILkt inl ltsJ a ihl[e systllu o t lhidgh ris h dthis htioao hio E of i hs !rTl't stllul ic of'io'lle Isdillllas Iaitl ea, howeved, ill Ca . similo r to my own. I was lersllded itl it, tla Iest r. sort. To my glealt sillurprise, als well as satisiliol,. soll(itl'ld ItIyshlo oidly rtt thel os.oeotitfad UollI takilo seven hottlhs, che iulerlshealad and I ecame oitel.d.llo lll i thie cIUse' O1t1to moiuths, anilthave ieLahied 'lo ever since. I mluke tils statemnen nl :l wish it pullished fol.tll Illletlllt hose hpleU e i ulflt t i ling r i' dler imilu I r tutu-liuIt.. tihtltispt ,iliticlliutiots,athat ty mttlty khlow whatl b . ell.te wt o hut Isltolhed eeril thhin. kilt lde slh, al | llho l ont idrlar s hio lit. :aei t lll itoe oilhove t .. teV 1. . e'11.'1.e Cle t lE.' T Ti Ot ..| t y I 7, I ep'tit I w:s :flictell, fotlur veart with :n tihe Il, the leg, ce elihlchat physicians ehltled lt teir skill ilpoll it, ut with o l pellmla elnt ll ietll ,it In tlis c:l ie li ie eot lle httlo!'s a'inat poi ma tte a p ittI f.. tlt Iurte. MAIRGAIRI'T A \W'":'T1, 1.21 Market .l"or saleby IIl.ZIY IIO tNtAlIItL, Itdruggst, a-e Io: tlhe proplrietors, "T'ehonllldi ulas swll . l t l(l r NEWV ORIEANS-- N-A. IVILLE RI.-IL lROAD) CO..lPAN 'l'.I Srl]~ll F. sl~lleklllllders iff' this Conlp; llly lie Iliv'bv nnl. I- tililt I Ky a aresllloIll of tie enrd of irec tllq iI)ased on the I0lh iinst. the cllll made oln lleln Ithm lIIhe Lih February ,laHlr the pyI(mentf fiv" aislarewn.i recindih, mil the suid ,tockhulders are fthrilh r ilotilled thl t Wib..RA'.S, by a re 01iutn otthi 1 hIord piiIsel i Stihe 19th ins.t, n eacll hal. bieili atde onil th, stoc'khld hhre of the Ncew ()rleanr lilid Ne.hrville Kiiil tHo~al (:d llillliay Ifor Ihe fdllowinl paylmilulr ~i oih the the stor.k hehl I.ipc-L their Ill" Ith1tU vxili :--It Wo dalilrLI'. lpll' shilr,., p y.hlh on F le fir..t daty of .itenm.rlel; tlwo per share I rll e ail r (. the fi s' d lay o f lD e l m b er li ie x I o i ell ll U.l.x. Sow thcl'efn; 1,1! ii n·,-. re,, Ih',lr II;r Mcl:relal'v +. of +ihi. com i n yliV silll I lify tIhe haIre holdeiiI trs thereill, thwlllln h lILs lwlhlic pr tllt t het lhtllly hlll alt P onllltiralily wil the sixt| 1 ert! ia{lt th' lhart|r, thoue peranirsl. l oIs'o i11'l in! ulll pi~?ll'l(,ll Ieallml in ++1 nl.l~ r.~lloe -f.d:l d clid lv Tor tile leon i iiio f sirxty ,lays, Iito iIl 1ilidh Iililtr ile I daly {)tt w·hich it i. lllrl~l,. llY~lltlh'\lwitlh ~ (.IIe ex IeS.i~o SI~l(ll.+r lloxl, ver, thatl i~l"r It _IIIf" ( r( rllielyihl( withlil Ih,+I (11n wlhich il s ul] t hlali tte ll eers p it, thait l hell ltih sto k .n whicha idp y:lviil.'Ilt s.hnitd hlave bleaualilm, i ianu l rtmlnu ".' Inrltited'to lhe comlnllly, the chalrter oill lll!r pohnt I,+.lll impl erative. Iii coulwnsirtiy therel'ore, to said di..I, allist,{k of the stlo:kholders; ill said collpalll, nia thinlk ,roemrr to ttrt pay ments on their stock ,+ the e.nd oi the nddlitioal sixty dayv., which the chrterle al~lows t~~lhemlrel notill ",that lhe" palmirte of two-l dhl lilr lltr lhllrle ic ll ill lbirtnd dule nll i the fIrt olf se , rrlellr Ilr. II,( lel~llly ,. ~.Illl~d I11Illltflr Ii iXtlll ..e.'il..u I r, the pavienltl | llof n t Io llar. p'r rhare enlled lir, and t Idueouthe Ih rstday1% of |)l'eember lirxIhit)• may bepl+ I-poindull il tIhe I:llth d yI of Ja iilry n llllrl|n Ithe pi\ I oril*l io ltwloril~llfr per shar, ,all,. t ihr unli dill. oil the 1 E irirtday of bir,-h nevxt, may b poI "" i <1,, . u~ntil ihe ,,3li Uday of Aplril niext. E]xtraetll oi" tule mllinules lof the hrdnl. JnlillmL' K t .R o AIR. ,er'ry. lttI~!f~,i. e Js-t'5 lll. ti it GK ;;ltll STA1iE OF, LOUISIANA l- nh Court for the Jmts ' arishu and City of New ')rleans.i Tl IIE STATE OF flOUISIANA, To utIll whm shire Presents sliall come, Greeting:--Whcrea ri., Juies lutlse havint purchased at a sal) inmade h hv tlie Shkriil of the I anlih a rll. Oeatlin t iie pro ierlr ot ltreilltiierrdacrired, ia n applieI ti thi lerk ou thiis chlase cill;rt, ill viilr oilcru tiell ,led ol snle wai roiecorded on t ilthe d day of April . L. IU.18, filr ra mliition or adver- 'lini tireeltnt in cltlllbrit tor all actf thi e lil ,lalll e of the gr t buite of Louisiana, cilled "An o act fir the firlher eau- nd inte at titlesl to piurchtl ar atjoudicial sallan;" apprlv-d A the Iluh dn, of. Alrcl, 18 It. ig NOW, herefore, kouw ve, anod alI pernnns intieresdell hrin, al'e ir eleiv - lncitetltt \d:lio lltlr , ill t hli Illll O thue 1 ittafe o L i titiuoi e, R ind ei rile I'nouitl I itii't, who ell set uip liyn right, itle or lll itll I to tIe prolperty hertilfrcr i deIer .bed, in coaneaueln uil n5v infi i ualit v in the rnlridecree or i .tlr, ent f thll cour indter valtl- h the salr , wais nuld , it"t Itv irregula( rity Itl" birnt:-iiitio is fiitinii ttl t p titet t a l i rtei ng bui 0lt il i tige,ri allle r takler, l tir fo lile li The prr e ni f t al l:lre tver; in shuw catse, t ila in I t duit avslrml n ' ll a'lily thi nition i first inser il it he [Alpi pA I tll ld tllo aul so gm ade shuuld not l be ctn lirllu ed an d r Te 1t )e a n iThe anid rpeertv wan sen ld hv thlle heriff f I elnr-h virtne tf a decree of tlhii ClrIirtlreid iiired I l the 5tl' day of Feiu tnir l, A. ni. 1e1l n, in i suit entitltl Alexaitutd r Caliw.ll v t..itll~ieo It it.t', N titti,:i;7 of tIh lltihatllf Oi L the purilchaer r thi e Iti e p If " n twr. t oln e thoii landl dt.llare. I tl lDesription of tIropertr nh given ihn the Jitdicial Cian r A eertnhl lot if rnialtl rcitnlted in tile sub1nrhb An- i nlrncition a/lias .acllre if this cityi .n uarer Noa) i EX .ud lot lt iing renclleu allu e, feet Irs lt ntI'l' lou- ia pirtoulu s str'et, il feet t tlnr on ()rllrgirl street, nrln i lit feet tin I.nafa tde dall antr set ,lc , in such a nner that sid lets ertlr.nd is il feet rwide frominle side of the sqalre Il the other, togetlher with a dwellillg hi lou front, ng tin Tcsou pirtulas streell , I lni kitciei n ald le pendenrois, tieu thie distillely esalbliltti ts n recrted the thaereo lnd outller Iippling anll iIIprT eneitI it 11 e n machinerv, utensils, i 'nle iell ts taifnd altr I tItlinging ni to stid ih illel y, i n l eh A:rnd t fies ald i i elt nances, and the ri- . th.,ut ns, nul pr ivileges ther etu longig str atn ill týi- ta rry w ie el roit' iiir. ( i r a's Ii o, Nli Orlerlan, Mlil 7. 183l. tt inli ilL&j3 ,1. 1 LLs A\F , Ceat iv Clerk. Ii ti i,-ller li l:tOl ie t rill ·li Ill Ni uiclle )rlelan . 1 ':.1AT tiE I.A I.O1ISI .-A tou.nlx qS lia IA oes p .eil'out-s collntltitnti, Sallt: Attelult quo ita, siest ilclr.sti liit tltLtre te cello itlll' i it tillrlii c ltte rrfu ,rmes Il nse su yanofinerI~aviugput u un ts fe Iar e nlchrite etnregistr t e Iiir em joilr i e a:tie lalle I 1r3ta , pollU u avis cnfrmle.nt i un I cI t e ll a la iL6 isaure l de 1'I Ettl l ae ,la lni sinne, illtllc'ii . te rr t I'lllfil'le le u es tlires ndes ! acq lereu ts alltx v lts rejd s a nollluv( n Ic t oi lalls 1ti. Qt'il soitconn, et tiotes irlsllotnne i istirbs-eer 0111 lntlr i.res tIaesentoes Sniti.fettr Ini ntIre ii fl iEtt de la Ltlisilloe el lie I Cour tIe laruoiosse, f q si p hor-ei foo i ca l'i i " t ciril rata iir -asatrued I'o1r re, i dec ulet o i le jtl elllenllitt e lat I clllo , eli pr tll u sel I vet a ite tiei ou I tiois lte iii o uit·rite ou it illite itnlls I'usttitiniflio,l urais onll e temr l et le Inole ni Ie tvenie on pulllr iiiu t llllll'e aul lll lequck lnllt.;; d0 aire h voir·, hlans trelloe juiris ad pler dle ll eplention decette l i-i , ioitr. it l -si ni tti ntll i ,ll lsii fit e i llte it p o ttfitr at homol'ogule, . l. aijreni{ti hit vendae par le sh i'riindlit, lo . quan AirFe r ,tio ee 3 ll7 dn d otine w o a i'le i-itnt -t, a ll h d;llrs Iton itis .ln. le d it il l d inell, (in t rlle JRt nie Ir S llitn, NO 111,t:17 itll it l tt t I(er e!t ('tf.r it e , ixlI ilh tItI lo p c theia ltllr s Iia r i-o'esl relltill aoqtln~cr pote tn tilc Sli prlx der $ s1 s 10 e 1. t Ilccrilttiali dl ro wltttt irp i iF. d'alti I".tlallia i:l. 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JUST PIttOISIIHEDFROMSWERROTIPk PLJ2ES, 7l4e fYlh Editi,on RtOWLET.T'SP TAI.Yi Ol' I.'tS.*r T:T I" 7 lichll is n: w aduled al Averagle Timte Gdlcula-i . tor, ot calsyl methl8o thr filllndin rt avvrlge tilme tol stlorler, notts oef ha a l or bills of ll"todts, henl L pti . i' chased ot ditlltiH ntt dttos, on difltrtlt tredlitsl, nd ttSr 'vnr~i lls :Irs otu llt·t Isesicdepa .ldtil unId Cotlllplete liallt ing Time l'a'lc, thie bestl Il cnll lthe ctmll'ived. ori that fi gtres oaol Lpr lilte wthlt ttte mte ct dClselol tOjmpton |and size ofl't pe.. 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It is e to'rthI r l" tllltre, ntd intleed proiper tt i40nl00 th, thlt l tllh i ' tlt ilatt)ltl o figeuek wo r tnl l hantt a4petiall' whion. t tht14oe etlnt altld imtpoIRlae o Ithese to l, ibha hlll this lllonk or itt like ton pntlrrt 1I edl inl thle usant~l manner1PI VIone,· h the m.ost competenl eneultor i t tll ' woMhl, anId aflerwnards pritt-d mno anltioli, ullrldle Ili.Ow44 0o4t4eC4tio of pi'of it seets, i 4wouhld, t4t i4t a c'''l4ririlt', tatt't'i en ntsll e for re ftl'ii~lP. alid·:1 :it lill.' .1.i.', 'As \)I, e plreJ'm' dal~iiEul 44.,Iori tll.iils. Bt1 4 It , 44';'1 t nt oltl tolet tnoVe ttt I" tree' Il]PeI Ip te oi t"f hills w00klteIn ma0te, ttlat ton ell hi - I h ., w ith i heir u nlll nl trcl u s m ,d e1 t '4,l'li nl art Y exi lli llt t Ii tioni+,,,.ag illta ii,,, fo rthli'leterlb enefitill, th'"illynee (h Lhe- odvrot.iiv'l0l4l) 040i4a44l) Lotpt ill a place of sPlKei' 4Oi 444l$ ' +ttI 441,it lil tll 44i i tlllil liil t t -+i" AtiiI · lll+ l i'cllio, ti i'ih It h tI lli tl :Ilil lllltatefi4itpt )l i+t w lh iieintl nhi i bll, i nlhw Ithe lpr'th,t l~.whiclh, hnth1 lith . in. th+ t I , . re.lihQ dlhlll lll , colntllill nllllulh il f'rmllllathii n1 1l1 'll·car ung the IVt la' w ilil flodes ofmc apllrl, ll Siri~l~lllt.l" l,+, lilt, It·iVbltfl..lllIt+ ... In t itl,,., l'h l.a k tll: t wit hsltwh~ :mdhln th olllrnl i ' olnl nt ,l 'Irk, 44i4' h watllu liho hl'lit p:tll++llij t+,l i + 11p to1 Ih i l with i1terl'n ttL' l I I1 ll,.: i. ],..:. III ,.ua' . I IIi' th,,,l.:lh l~l~l a1111·l+ hl+'.il( l. , t ,:l.4+ <, Iiiii. '1,1,,,,1 ~11.i ti il, .ll~t·lill( i)l l fii 44"I-,,iiiit lll 194l4lll . . 0.,i.i.l" S t'ht11 ) l.llli io t , lt llo - . i .4 4 I lll4,, i :111 4 h4.4'4 l 1'1 ihl 1 t I 4ll s4i Il'llt i,, t 4ill4. ' l '' ,' l4 . t-lh l"44 4 i til'i, :'1; lii~liVIIII+l,, l, \\II ,,I ,i+ t1·.1·! 1·ll,. . ll+. i.+t 1lli II Cllililt l ,, ,t tt ,.,.' 44 o..4tl+ lti , fl it th4ei'Ottitl ··~Ii l ia 1 4t. . , oXl+,qil.. ,, I,,l..: h+ hv iht 4.44. 4441 4 444, 01i. n 4, t 041 >J44I.44 li 4/S· e J . 44i4n "i4i4 1 ,1 t , \i.'(I4.hN, ins, - , ro , Oln 21f 1 , 0 11i~ ll i 41 ' 4, 11 t ''liiln'i ,I , i isrnI.s' IO N in1' ir Ini .' i nl -.ii nn n - !i.'n s. iv t his fi 0, ll 'i 1:1 li..: i'i. .llsn nn i'i in;s'. .iiv 1i nr iu lhy isi iilnjilr t.he or Iosil ri, 'I . i, n . - " +nl " r ll e isllO" , s Inr., I rI t l,,h i. VOIIi n., , mIoii d , h, y II i' m .plle mo 1 IJne ,o " o y 1tr w t ihllot ri h tric ticollp l in dict l or it errul t ti lllf'. lo, l . l l l r tin i t a ly othler r len riu thllieo .ilntr, n holiil e , fl deli inio't'il,, .i;imn ,i hlll h ,LII.I n, ll i n, lllntll. ," nl B u4i t, un.i t eliin' niro , i;i ll theolll liP lPl nilllerw t ot r .a ll-hI Idltvt loe+ \' erh,'h -rI t ra tlui s o.nn nI er, lhe., tn len. isa li, and n isniovd s y it I:mu' l etihi. I o'i i nl i d lll'r, hi n I'f t ti ln cnit, t 1 r tnulls , lio n c lnnl n slns as 1O1kb he i and hof ld i Plb., alltn lt o" their rate by letter (unt aid with lIes Binc sowel) rlt hoveli.. Iohn ron's raditce, l ther own Cn-in pl',! to a nded t. n, sj elraei ns 1o ,e seprovi t t her ot . ainets c.n l ,ler Ico II hir l. irlnt , w.t e lh a srh th rd. lli hn cu lln tlr nil. i llln t l F onight, t 11 3 lItom l I am:,, sl:rsn 't. Cml , smrun:t , shea blists..i, kiiing, sheet al Ci~, sll Crn , "I-i - I ni roun, ul orhnl sns k Z bll cl t .i , m i l l - lw l grldlilllid itt . C hinf cluo.. i h b l ,, . , .,lod i lnclh 4,,t olAn rs, onn l nli otsei ssles or v'd sa ovels insiled mini Ies'l,. , idb (.insa, liy elk ane d l I'ne i llge, oo l Old I enon s C 5ins nig, . anbs, G'ri, n ai hn tlies laE'I a AI.o11S, DoreU li 111d twinell y e.i Tres, liidiii Vho E e. ,litllll sh athin lack nll tlureo tIs Aits, linsee lee sni I n ' oil e Al+ i ·l,+rn toe Ie se a at thr sh ship aints. llls, glwP.isonl ailunis , bic. l w h illh re I l sd frtoir sl. whl sl ,.tI':`l, o ,n I Ib \'1 Gtio t la--in -Let er tm l hs i d, is lio n 11, rlnssistm' n in s ln ln. i] lle l iitloop l s h l ill n e inio rli llran,i thirro lt lilough Cast, h;er t m, vsec n.un. r le a ci' , pla irger, sn r tllifn ltin linlw lore ln, t a ll ii lllr l l hti ni m ls liin spike Zinn balh n l , n.l miiisll lienl'il Rn n Uiell n ku tles Chlir l n a li i t'h tr lini s hi iI rtos (I.o,. Ith 1a' trace n hahs, t te d merills .IAto i l s, sle trs. Ilism'r s I' 1 lo s I ii'c, slttiiit lpri. n t i ior n in tl lead Suln Ani IoI . antPlls alid isienir i api ds .nt sia'e gen sllys l k and plate higres, ill m 'a str nt, a nt i Idw hooks T rt lin, !lItS hli s alll ns, in nd iinl esr ls he i lad LI n n a ."t I i l s lstlge i' ne nd lll nd t tine I lt ail ndl sheathing l p e isMll a PIII ll . sris i 'ni s, insi' ni d orms i olin l nl i llwe-onll l i r llll n thi e r eo ere f il sal- ll til whtllet naltoi rii tail, oi l t inn ' mo nis vi llble 'il i n, li by er 'sli.' ti r thill' Ieis . ·. im s islsrli nsiln . iais f nns ' mlupp S At OW'ATc SPRIvNGS l IHaREE .IiYS JOU.'lNEY FROM N.VIVn siri noiiih.+ to his frien ds miilnt the publih is1iea tlt, lieulii ll ie hii i li is ssii. n i the lil rt day oi ' inviy ttlo rniihe viniiro, i e will dso n iii te fnr hle hIl; inpnovenmsnits ms de, s lt others now ;mi1 ott and n MAIL ARRANGEMEN 'r Nor Mahr .lnil, 1Due Ewry Day at1 I . Northern Al lChases Every day at 101 A. M r Mail, )ll every Sl davy Wedsday an \¥tcroft t ,ni , Frida, b. a t'. L a a ,y wtay o the CIoses' svry Alonay , Wednesld Coast, , and SatnrdlrV, by t P. .1. Th'I' akeMail Iar ever ''eday. '1'Thursday, an I Satuanlr, v 5 P,. NLI via < Close every Monday, Wednesday TIMES OF ARItVAL, DEIPAII'TUIRE DISTANCE &c. of the Express Mail, bot'or. Mooile aal New Yorkl-leaving Mobile dail uat 3 1'. M. Nwethwar New York datty at 5 P. NI onthwnrd. Arrive Arrive Northward. Distaner. Time, lteturn'g t(aoteoanlrv. Ala. 1 pm,. 198 n'a 23 It 1h mt taolub s, l"tia. lll 81 94 3 a.m Milledgeville. (Se. 2 133 141 2 p. t Cathni a S.C. 74ate. 16am, 3 17 10 Ielaigl, N C. 54 2t5 22 12 \Varrenton,.Va. 12 m. 5 P'etcrrburg, Va. l0 pm. 13 10 9a.m lichmonad, Va. am. 21 3 61 Fredreiielrks n, 8 67 7 tp in. Waslington ety, 2 pm. 61 6 p m flahtimore, 64 38 4 0 PtIildrel hia, 6I am. 1010 11 2 a:New York 2 pmi. 90 1 S1305 143h. or S 123b Nortlwardl. Coming Sonthlward, the time is six hours tolees; arine5 dalys aad 17 bours. 'IF ENOL.LARS REAWARD. e I ANAWAY from 169 Carondelet corner of Hevel a.e tnrerts,on the night of 30th of Aagust, and wain ntan te neat morning tnet Peytlatnet, a t t negro bay - naamd CHnARI.ES,abut 17 yeart of age, na fee or tllereabout in height,vern btack, and as an imped e iment in his speech, one of his logs is sore, aeccasione g by a recent hurt; he had on when he went away a white cotton or linen shirt and white cotton pantaloons. SMOtatrsa of vessels and steam boats are cautioned a it gainst receiving or harboring said negro, as well as all other personls, as tihe utmost rigoir oat the law will bha enforaed against thnem. T'he albae reward will be paie fordeleivering hit into any of lther joils of eitller ofthe municipalities, or at 109 Car ndelet, corner of Hevi. lcostt. Sept T NT C'lC-'I'E - olcpartnershipl heretofure exitling nIldter the. firm of Dubois & Garettean, has bees ditssolved. TIhe alubscribr will liquidate the affairs a t'h coacernl in this city, all requires all pe'sons indeb ed to make payment to him oily, and all hloseehaving clnims, to present theta foraettlelletnl. 8---7t IH 5ARRETSON w. w. .W -AiN_ I- Ao. ltJCanal S. .reet Arc Orlermt 1- I AS always onhand con atnntly & rtceivintg lOw I)y les, Chemiealte,and Pamles,antung thete ate to ollownilr: 11) lUG. l)tfEs, t, Antioi.y, 'crude, Argols, red, in do iragnlos, Alnaatto, SOpao'. Arsenic, a ole, Alunom a, do powdered, Ilrazillette woot, Sl Rlam. canlpavia, Cochineal, loranx,etrole, toptpetrae, Amerilan, k, do refilled, Caobeeao', re lrimlstoe, crude, Fustic, Tampicoe, nt do roll, do CubIa e- do flower, do Maine, n, Hirmuth, French Iae*rie',l its C(atonoil, Indigo, Ilengal, ant Cream tIrtar, do Munilla, t C(anthoarides, edt (rracneng, a. Blaum aloes, do la(tnamala, Ido Ataiota, Logwaod, am1pealtnhy Sdo ossantitidl, do St Doetinge en do oaontiaa, do Jamaica, tIa do benzain, Camwood, ol Ido cnopal, rough, Madder, ombin, nt do do scraped, Niceuragua, ioIatUie, l- do do S Amerier', do Coro, d to e.a. horl eot e, do Man enib he o do rrefit. do lanEhe. dl gaioctnm, CHEMICIALS. to lo kicno, Aoelt, niatrous, Ily Ia mastic, do muriatic, o at; opium, ' do allpdlurie, otdo sliellac, Blue vieriol, 'eatt senregal, Calomel, p p, oat Io sandrte. Corroaives tblienatl, , it rdon trugacantth, Cthloride of limen' re- 2Gamboge, lpsom slts, ea- Juaiper berries, Amerticeat,Lnar cauatie, ee tao Itl Foreign, elida raecipine te, ore Mloagaenia, ghlit, RIltarelle mlt, do- do Amelricani Iledchromatcplotnsh b A I Ahlla htlke, Sutap c .onlur al do sorts, Silll potar Lisl:rice hall, Sogaru lean, Oitll i. es, Stilll zine, hi docasit, Stulp qnlnuic. in- hd. . erginot, Tartar enetie, ,iht- o li;emani 'AIN'TS-tloea. tla'i 'tlioa, Ibmit, nmio yellow, dry, ure i ;Meeel do do illnil '1" Iala, tIo gre d .ol, lly ohliorn(ice, al dA ina il, dta ritatttaab, E I, I.atalaotak E.nglth, tes do stlnec, io Rermntow" rst do se.'pI Virg, I.ihhargaL, ar;nlgnh, ign- ddo 'srsp I o:;tmllars, on AI i te.lien g of ai It Tampico, Pnlis wAite Engl llle, on: i iirld lllMina lin, do I; lt nrake e., .... ((UI,',hI·( h', , l" ra'I' r ,llh i i to a aiatle, 1 l a.a a, ,o I r 'ntt, r ,illt. , ' li ni. l e, l4i.In d , sedr v, ao i t,, t\l,'l, [o A mrii; r e I rIeltrt., Ilriilo , 'o ., V. :illi l, ;lll t'll r.I '111, V.gliilt, I\\ el s l.a Jet nrl it 1 ai ,o Ctllh, ,n gr'ount in, t"' o (I. r, oalt' A ilal lte-i pure.LA. 1t t1-- at t; t'AIPT'AtIN .IAiiiNYA''l',r NEW NOVEIoE , I taa lls the Rertrr, by the author of Peter Simtple, de I ' oun mings,a or a Winter at Schloss Ilaifield in Iames "y vrl t tb hpnlllttin BasIlil Iall, Royal NavyF,F.L1 ., iin l voo 'tL ord dRoldaan, a rooannee, ty Allan Cunningham,I rv 'or he pard Lee,owritten by hi;mrelf, in 2 role.s let, d (ompendias Hlistoryof tay, translated from a la- arigo.ol I tfton,b Nnathalntel Greene, inl Iol. for lainge No. 79 of Illrper's Eltnily Library. V olt. : & 4 of the new eomllete a od uniform ediaiel coO, of l'ashingtlo lrerine' Itarrks. rat aRoger's FrTench ald E anglisfj Dfitionary, i I noil, 3a oap', Nauent's Freach and Englith Dielionary. A sta-A few more e opies of Colnhn'o Phrenology "eli- ttRinzi." L arge Survevor's C'anoasses ofsuperior qua g ita , it, ith rhnial, llillilrd flallsootl21.4and 2 I12 inehles et illo 's iomproved oretlic Pensa,Jap.aued'papers,mligh wn &c. &c. &er. uar- Just received, and for sale by m31 ' DENJ. CtOO. SPAIN REVISITED,&c. &c PAIN REVISITED. &c,by tile author of 'Ayear Sin Spain,' in 2vols. r'mits of ladean eharaetar,as generally applicable to the A inorigniies ,f North alerica, by G T rer. Eeq The Politieal Grammar, of thi United Stateas,r a i-mplete view f lthe thetvy and practice of the genera l td lte govertnllntsI Wilt the roelaotle between dtale -d(llet nted and adapted to tile young nlen of thbUnted tites, l)y E .) IanulO'fild, Eoq. i.'ir'odl'. Iuntiab Tours interspaered with ehnacter tie hdatotee usings a.d doings at sptlting me. in oediug ntices of the principal cinck riders ofEnglaad with analytical content, antl general index of anmeea, FOR THE eURE. OF Scrofula or King's Evil, Chronic Rheumatism, Chronie Cutaneous Dis- Pains in the lones, by free eases, use of lereury the blood being in vitiated state. This very concentratcd Syrup is prepared with the greatest pharemaeetical care lid aceurcvr,and eorM ai the active prinmciplo of Sarsaparilla in t" innsa conea. rated degree, combined with other vegetable subtane. f known efficacy. The great desideratum with physicians in beiag abh to exhibit a large quantity of Sarsaparilla in a eae dosc, has been Cbtamned in this preparation--they, beiol fully convinced of its meurits confidently admnister ihe eourr of their practicea Price $1 50 piar bottle. Sold only at SW~AIN" Ito'rIIER'S drug store, No. I ]Canal street, who ilay Ie had, fresh and genuine, diree t from the prrr tire, Swain's P'nacea and Vermifuge Potter's Ot.tell con0 Carpenter's Preparations, and a large and genera nossrlnlet of fresh dru gs, m4 I'INNOCK'S ROME, &e. -lNNOCK'S IMPROOVED EDITION OF D. S(ioldsmith's Abridgment of tib History of Roem to which is pretixad an Introduction to the Stludy o Roman Ilistery and a great rariety otvahlable infor toation added threoighaut the work the Mlanner Institutions and Antlquities of tie RoMans; with awl eleruwa hingraphieol and historical Notes; and queo1 tilno far examnmation at the end of each section. it. I mtroed with thirty ngravineaon nwood, bfAtherton la..oc as Improved Edition of Dr Celdamit h lietlto ofr ngland, froi tthe In arion nf Jali s Cn totha death of George id, with a eontinuation to them yea 132k. With nuestiaone tr examination at the b d. each section. esaides a variety of valuable inform, tiol added throughou, the work. Consisting of able of conlutnpernsy Sovereiguns and eminent imerson Copious explanatory totes. Itelmarks on the pa tics, auanner atnd literature of the age. An oulliea. tie onstitutioun, &c. &e. illnstrated by man. eange angs. GoYS' ELEMtiTs OF ARTaOnory aid as Aortidgmneo of Kitlh's New Treatise on the Use of tlobes. Neo American edition, with additions and ieprovement unul ala taalatioa otate stroieical pant efIth AI ticnl Alnlanta:. Just receired andfor sale by WI M'KEAN lian 24 cenooter of Camp and Common son IIAIPElR'S CLASSICAL I.IBRARY., [lOfRACEtrauslotad by Phillip Francis, D D, with i-. an appendix, conttaiugl trtuslatnl, of varinam odes, &c. by Uit Jonuson, Cowley, Mlilton, Dryden I'hp AddisOn, Swift Clhatterto,, U \Vakfieald, Poisrb r llert, .o.. nd anise of the ilore o.ittleot poaucts of t I'It(EDRUS, with the appeleldi et dadli tranhl "d by Christopher Smart, in 2 vole filrihier volumes I1 ntd 1i of"llarper'eCluasioal lih'arr rlt IExpeditan of IIU.tIPIP:h' CLINKER, by S.,.illett 11 D, with a memoir of the Authar, by rthot. its iGa, Esq., new edition, with illustrations, by tim TIlE .IPSY; a Tale, by the author of eRichelt. Mary olI! organdy," &Ao., tew edition, 2 vela waa PAUL ULIFFORD; by lie nabiler at "Plhua 'he I)it r 1rad," de, hci; rolumnae IVo ltt new e. notf"Et aera Complete Vlrkb. auatreeeired a sle i) WM McKIAN ``ACON IIDES-4S cauae Cincinnat Aj"l"adingf11 doemlsaabee4,

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