Newspaper of True American, July 26, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated July 26, 1838 Page 4
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s U-wwoaijps aut Lualelenwa Hotel, M ac I ,+ult I(oAIl Sli t MARY KIKLAND . onetfally an. I S se un qes to her friends and th pnblio gnne. p I tP.rt = s is prepared to neaommodate themn at * s eotahlis.hract, and hopes her to render "sitonrs conmtrtt.'.te, to receive alae"i e of furmer favors. Site felis conL thet d des visiting Covilgton during the p q~ lnMth 'oidn not Sdl qbtter acemnnnmodatioml * it ile "4k afford theqe, en mer. libhral termsl. ln pl.. utly situatod, and well supplied r + io weoniolnee; the bar is furnished with letai liquor., &o. in short, she promnise shall he wanting on her part to give S" r htcti1 n to all who may patronaize the d and teeimians Hotel. je3 T UUL1VC.-Tlsuwi uedosignrl. hetveg [ - ae.i a undetd Dr. Setimidt of Charleston, S' sl Ie, iad Ior soine years his assistant in SetE e mtl emimedioine and surgery, has the honor ,etr his prolemeional serviesa in this city. I + V 1''55.5 the Iodine and goetlmunen that the most S . tion will be paid to the calls which 1 C e ladq and also ofenr his services to the . laves, being well acquainted with the semhinn to them, having attended them in hM. e in Charleston. anti.bilious pills atter theeomposition Smellatte, Cith directioan, can be had ned. The efect which they have - this and ether eities, ha been attended greatest seccess, to which the best of S e h be given. Apply at No. 166 Mage. Sa Wn , .A SIRONS, ao. , .tS HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S2aiWatrt, nar Beekman street, New York, lvps reci.ed 'the past season, and are constantly reuivingh Irg and extensive additions to the stock of the albee goods, which now consists of the Sllewing ssertmont, suitable for the southern and mureter m hkets. IRellw wane of superior quality, eonsisting of abhut 1500 tons, viz, FPete of different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallona, Kettles, 15 size, fromn 3:8 to 30 gallons, Ke4tles, 15 sios, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Dakppae or Ovens, 7 diferent sizese Teet~i-ttlea, 6 do lt.lSpiders . 6 do Coevered Spiders, I do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fs beogs, 8 do Wages boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5to 7 inches. Weod Serews, 94100 gross, iron and braes, from S38 ineh, Ne. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior qeality eand d finish, a loss titan Jame's imported SIrons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for Tailo's and hatter's Iron, aesorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to Bells for Plantations, Oteambeats churches, &c. need. to order. S Alse sitembeate and other meahinery made to e ner. The above assortment of goods is particularly esemsmended to the attention ,of Southern and SWestern aerchants, and are offered for sale et low polems, and upon the most liberal terms; it is be. ued o be tthe Ikrget and best assortment ever desed for sale by any one establishment in the United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, oan heave a printed circular, with description of goods, elmessead terms, from which no deviatlon is ever aeede, f.rished by.return of mail. A llorders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. je3 t E'lON SYRUP & PlltLI4i-Underwood'a Le Smen Syrup and Pickles. assorted 0i.ed elsa, 60 ense of Lewis a iHakell's Pickler; for ale to clon e a tby JAKVIS ANDIL rEWS, cooan,'by cot Common and Tehonpitoula s OA --Iie al boxers o I Soap, brand ol Jasos GsOld, for aleby ISAAC BIUDGl)(E & CO. mill 154 Alsgazine street. To l:r.T ,V NEe.sea dwelling house on riton satraeet, be twce Tivrli Circl oal C'arenadlelt :nert. m7lS. Apply to J OTT, 'lHELIBAtKROWS, &c-2i5 'eheelberrows, 25 Sdirt do. in stuote, for sole by CHAMPLIN & COOPERI, mI5 812 .lula et I-.AIN ned ruled Cap reld Letter Palpvru, of all Ime i tilne, ernnotioig of very uliterior billu laid, blur and while wo e, and plair, nnd ruled rough edge recurd cap, coru.tnntly on hinod and for satle by DAVII) FeLT & CO. m31 N V Stntione,' hlall, 24Chartres at. ',, BARS.4 Sulmatra eCuflre; U h 50Aos 'are 3 dun otnh Moselle Winn, I,,^; 511 do o'f de uo ile 1821; 5oi do ell do 1 P PI'rt, I ;I Sit do of 2 do I.P brownrSherry, lil, S10 pipo e xtraf koeira. For cali by , IIEII.O(iENEB IIBlOWN & Coe. mer o Certi etruel. ANK BOOKS, of ererv variety of ruling and I hinding, eonstantlV on Ihnld; alid 'Printilg, RuHlin and Binding neatly exeeuted, rt h ert notie, lIy DAVID FlF.T & CO. mtol N Y Stationers' luill,2l Chartres st. A TDY--40f Iklb iourth proof Amneriuan Brandy, lading, fur sale hy ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. r21 131 Magazine street. m ORENI A NEW two story brick ihrr, ltentrl 5 doors irum the .4unculd Munoeinality Halloe StCharles treet. lient very low, posessionl given immediately. Enquire at the prenisere. n29, if. FLOU R-sl blesn a f Flour. for salc by .nlO L G ID)OILEY, 44 New L evee. 5? CAS.X.BACON nides frr ainle bry In29 ( DO)l1.IIEY. 44 Nerw Ieerr. Li cSltols Rnope, landing from Amnnnblodorforsee by LAYET &a AMEI.UNG, nl9) 17 Coonnerce st. IfI.-. i " 1e-" nrov setetu fiuiging, land in from etmneer Gniu WVyvne. nn. far utlle Ie Y(LOtKE, BItO'LrHl RS, Ier. 6li Camp l trert. NO MIERCURY NOR GOPAIVA ilew (Irleoene, Nov. l4e1l.17. A BOLT sri months ago I hlad thIe ipiefortune to get S. i"cret disetnaoe, for which I thave applied to seve. rell doctors for cunre, nlld tIer did not ulre ile, me now en ke above date I plut mysrlf tlnlor tllhe care of Dortma Huet,and I expect him to cure me. Since that tinme the disenae got worse, me as to break out in large ulcers to tiee enlmber of six or eight on ea h leg, and all oter ily lace, alt sore throat, and not able to work at he present tium oit aoueeut of the disease; lanrlo elcer the right oide of t hroat. I al nuo ,t putting f se o nrmfidentlv llderthr care of Dr. HIett, rof Pari, to be perfertly craed JOHN DEAN. feb14 ly I DO CERTIFY that the ab-ve mentioned disease iquite well cured to my own satisfaetien, for which I bhank Dr. Huer, and morelver I assure that the medi ine I have taken ltlales me fat, ned did not ineire eIy alttlh at all; therefore t advlin my f Ilow suffelcrnt o les teo time and allly to Dr A. Hetet, 15 tnourlot at. They will find a true dei.t for r this colnplaint. JOHN IDEAIN,4f (Grsvier street. If any one wants to oee me, call at No. 40 Gravile Lreetmaed they will ha satisfied. Tbe publilhed at the option of Dr. Muet. JOHN DEAN. New Orleans. Feb T, 1818. frel 14 Iv E iIKt Genuine Indtan, Harsem ot r.ierrw',el tn e aore 1 hetd, is put up in bottles rt tele low price of 5T eonti each, contailing the strength of three ounces of Liverwort, besiles thee irtles of mlan other roots and herboknown among the Indians as efficacious in curing pulmonary complainte. Tie u iivamedl suesos which has attended the use ef this inentinmable I.Rlsnm wherever it hsr been intero et'refl. has nilseied the confidence and recrmmenda tiene of reupectable plhysiians, for the elre of coughs, adlis, pain in the ide, want of rest, spitting or blood, Wear onplninlt, &e. Towhoe it mnuv coeern. Thin is to certify that we havi.anep oretice frn.uently preorihed Mfrs Gard *er'e lndine Balsaln of Lterwrt n-ad Hnarhouond,with ad oided gd effect: we can therefore, from the know. ledge of the materil it is made from, and bserveaton nd-eperiteoc, recommend it n a euereler preparatiom or ail itose effeetiono of the liereg frlr whigh It is re mmedetl. AI.BI..T WUI.LIAMS, M.D. CALVIN ELI.IS M. D. Members of theBoston Medical Aussociation. leaata., Otober l5. ea obleb J.IJRtVIS & ANI)REWS, l r.' n lesn sle.I Prihle itnlalo aes Rltenmmended by the Medical Faculty. . L 8 r Eferrveent lagueian Aperient-For J dyzlvprkl or indigestion, nernouedebdlity, riddi a.e* headache, acidity of the eromaelt, habitual eo etnemea,cutanenurdiseaee,goaut grvel,c.and much valued ma a gentle enuollng purratirve. This desiruin pleparatimn has renired the patron age ' of many emianet emahe of tile profueeion, aed nom a discerninolg Ipublic lely renseetohle end unmli. cited teetimoniola nf its effitcay nu a medicine hlave been elifi*tel. With all the pleaon, qualities of a glass of smea water, it porsesesn the acltve medicinal properties Of th entot epprivd salinous purgativer ; it is pleasant idthetpaaee,and gtful t th eratomeaeh. tMPORTANT CAU'TIO--'rThe increasing replta. ido en d great demand for Betle,'e iffensenmet Migee. ian A.peseret, has been an ildu~ement for others to of. fran imltationofthbvaluetlle medacine. Purchasers .ra ic.thrly warned eths ios fat. that they may be olesteeir gngrd, med not procureo at impure arlile. T'~ pbhlic are respeetloly iefarawlt that Tleu sUhri Imae eremetently llepplied withthe migiinal and ge ain pilaparalitilu. For ale who nrstle a d retail. SICI(.F. n & CO. Agents. mls 40 CUnal stpset, N O. iARID'S Vrgetablb Halir r4il, flr ht reotonrtion V.T antdgrowth of Heir, givf.g haltaled hbeaty,and it his Hair Oil was ofle to the public,it iad e trd in hlndtrdes of eneesdf haldnlesa, thinmne, and olitg offofthe hair. and irnersiy illiaraer its Salutary ela h.Ire f.en reali.ed. It hbnetserfailed toproduee leance lt 1 ro ode isc dry and reoee. to grow it;eii~ t Ne.ei dboe.l.r ift ealthyd, nd produen ne. ~ .erllfdl grewnt of hair, without the lekt ' t-Ioi' ts hoed. Thin Ot lllt*uulr eaahlg toe eIs prIaeeohluntoart en eecer felfir flt for poe e rle an.tea. glloutno the hair. T.e h it e dry er liring it. For sale at '' Py I Y Stoler It Crle q O: atr, .. pL+MON8 HARTT & Co. are now receiviglerr Oa board shbip Orleans, Eagle, Highlander,t'oker a Iry Andrew. French and German play ardes; Back ~ttmmo Boanre; Clesnsman, 2 1-4 and 23-8 i38chl Bii ard Balls; 8,9.10 and 12 inch blade Bowie Knives; Leather ned other temvelline DeCainsg Caes; Belt, Packet, Iaoreman's, ani Duelling Pistols; doehl and ce singleharrelled ; un; Game Rags; Shot Belts; Powder !l and Piatol Flasks; Dram Bottles nd Drinking Caps; in Pe.msaio; n Cap and Cap Holdea.; Cloth, Hair, Tomth; b and Nail llhnsh,; Orse andl CJdorine Tooth Wnash: Teoth Powder Toilet and Shaving Soap, in grmntva. i rietr lomn Hair Braids, Ringlets and Frielte, Pearl tI anti i'let Powder;, Emery Bars; Ivory T,,h Cushions: Patent Slides ar Garter. Gttmn Ehlatic Stapenderee; Powder Puf and Boxes; .ilt Chains, Seals and Keveys; Ear.drepe; WVaist Buekls: BrecetleLt; Bead Necklace, tnd Chains; Gilt and Silveed Beads; Indian Beads, Belle aMil Plumea: Shell Twist; Side and Dreveina" Comb; whi:h,in addition to theirformer stock on hand, makes their anemnrnet very complete, andl will he sold 1 tw end on liberal terem, at the silgn of the' Golden a 'momb. 70 Chartres street. 7 Tlell t Sn d. priber, Agents for the extensive house of s W. V& . Butcher, Sheffield, England, have just eeeved a very extensive set of pa' elI t, eonalsetng of Tahie and Dertlet Knives of lp d-asrieitin, Pen,e Pocket, Dirk, and Spear point Knives; Raorn, Scil- . ealo. Edgr Toanls, e. &c. &de. which they amn pemnred Sexhibit to the trade tor onlers. Teren and cnditions will be made known at the time. m16 J. Il.BEIN&A COliEN.90C mmaenat. NEW GOODS. SIMMONS, HXRTT I CO.--Are now reeilving par ship Hmiusville Eagle, Mary Andrew, High ader, French atd German dtouble headl tlav ingeards: ater,helt and packet pistola; plain, rihltetl and hsplit eussaia capis; ap holdlers; aciasor, T zors, pen. vest Gwllott'a ommerelal and other steel penal Vi3 I st; Violin stringat shell, ivory and horn ecohst waferst k, beal nd leather pirsesn hair braids, front anId ak rinaglets; m al pffas; Gerno alnd Frenh eolo agne alr, tkowlands macoaaeer o ail, imitation do antique anl bears il; pertatle desks and dressiang eases: paste blacking; statis ad toilet glnates; convex mirrors; op al glasea and views; Inilan beads, bellsail plumes. ent-eon; whitetwine; toilet and shaving maps; toilet wdler, eametile wash halls; scented satin aotl iona; pool tamndas screw anshions; fancy beadl haeins and nebklsane; billiard hall; pocket books and wnlletts; German honeat razor straps; fine and common gum. olastlc suspenders, garterado; Bells luaifar matches; ali ern deits rCrayons, u&a. &e. The aboven addition to our fermor stack of fancy aeticlao, makes omr'asnrtment very onmple(t. Per ale wholesale or retail; as thne sign of he Golden Comb, 710, Clbtr,.e treet. ma8. N OTICE--Thi partnerlhilp of Kellev, Manoan &Co he2lst of May dast, by the death of Samuel A Mason, ane of the partners of the firms. The undersigiLeld, aurviving partnerea will be chasred with the settling and closing said husiness as follows: LeviC Harris will attend to tin ettlling of tlhe business aet Mawen, Harris& Co., it Natchez; and lHarris, Kel av & Co.,at RIdniev and Htenry Kelley will attend to iteeltling of the businaesa of Kllev, Maion & Co., at New Orleans. The names oflthe enveral firmsn will be used in liguidadtionnly. Those indebted to paid firms are earnestly rseqested emnre frward and make early settlement;c and those having clahns will please present them without delay. L.EVIC IIARRIS, HENRYKELLEY. NewOrltant, June 27,1837. I AN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER aI 2rases mare of this siperior Cologna water, just received and far sale byv the dozen or singla bottle. Also American andl hreneh toilet powders, powdler puffs and boxes, shaving and toilet soaps,enmetlc wash balls, milk of roses, casmetic clld cream, ext ie o musk, keplhaha, Ward's vegetahle hair oil, poamt, eritte do perse, Flnrida. havendar, rose and iboy waters, Prestan'a salts, Marseillec perfunery in trlnkc. ve.rgeta tile d liquid route, Chlorine and Orris tooth wash,, toth, nail and flesh, brshes' together with an additional supply of fashionable hIorn and shell combk and jewelry,lor sale low at wholesale or retail hy SIMMONS, FIARTT &CO, jnly F 70 Chartres street. EW GOODS-Sillnnns Hartt & eo nire now re calving from on bcard ships Yazoo, aiI S.Nraiga andbri Concordlia, from New York, a great variety of goeods n theirliner, which together witll, their former a stock on hlnd, makes their tilete. The following composea part, viz: t ell twiat, ,,r,'i;d, tack and dresiagnomhs, torn to of all deseriptilon, In Sdia rubbher, silk and worsted elastic garters, cinmon & fine elastic aSeUpindcr, loco faro and Lcifer. nmatclhes, leidlitz powders,powderpuftt and boxes, toilet powder, packet hooks and wallets, ineedle hooks, sll pearl, vory and moereeo dcard ases, hlead ornaments, plain co ral heads, necklacas anl negligees, head chains, head necklaces, crt gaSl pla lin,need,ailvrr andl gilt Iwade, Indiat, leads, belle and plunies; pistol aind large pew ler Ifsks, shot hbelts, lnhorser, belt. pocket ond Iihiling jietlds; douhle atd sinlgle barrelledl gn s, Bowie knives, Sndil dirks. scissors, lshears pocket knives, g.nardl chains, and rilbbons, waist hackles, cloth, Iiiir, toothl, nil,comb, c ..oirlh.ishoe, plate, fleoor n rl dating ibrushes, Cologne, Florida, tvenll !or, rose enlld bay water,naso'ted essence:s, and extrocts, tacnneaar, ecar, nitiq ae, nd Vardl's.e getable hair iile, shving andil toilet .oaps of all des criptions, Inlie.' acd giitliiirinS' dleks nlad dressit. eases, hair rieglets . Irizctteail baiddsl|,% plain, funcy and . anltsil:i work Ieoxai, plaii anil ciltl,uidal, cBot and vest lbiriti pearl nd ivory shirt dli, shit tuddIIII, i oIIli and silver pencil eases, tolthluekS and tweezrs, pl utedi and gilt lockets, iniatiaure tlo, silver, brass iudl steel ,hiimlles, lhioka and eyes, hair pies, imiitation tlrit, hlk and redlik,shoe hlacking, violins and guitarsir,rihhedl itd plah In per:usion celps, lilivn twine, scenilted inh ten,, gold and silver Ine anld fringc, latter paper, glllllm bhgs, riding w'mipe, nalkilg inlne, Iplyl!ii cards, tine gold, llattd ald git jhweltry &., The above, togethler with ,a gret variety ofither arti len are offered at wholoesale or retail on accominodaitig N B Shell cmnhs repairedl. TV RIETY STORE-at the aign of the goMlden comh, Mo70 Chartres steert. The subscribers have re. ceived, in addition to their prvionRs stock on hand, a litll and complete assorlltment of arti.les in their lile; vii: combs, perfumery, Jewellry, brushes, lockiag glasses, fancey articler, &e. eonsistieg in part as follows: COOM.1-tnortoise shell, wrought aud plain tuck,twilst, qnilled hack, long round, dressing, side ptl; curl and neck, Brazilian combs of every description amongst whicit are some Mexican patters, Ivory combs of every dasription, horn, dressing and packet, together with a general apsortment ofFrenah and American. PERFUMERY-Cologne, Lavender, Florido, honey, hay, rose, and orange flower wafers of avery size and des crtption, camphorated Cologne, extract of Bsrganot, tanry soaps nf all hinds, shaving do in cakes and poats, cream saspdo, Ward's vegetable hlair oil, hears and an tiqttedo. preston', smelling salts, plain and perhtnflmed toilet powder, pearl powder, pow der pufe anid bxes po matum in pots and rolls,errms and chlorine tooth wash and powdenl, with a generalassorttnent of JEWELLRY-some of the latest ndll most fashiona ble setts, consisting of white and red cornelian, toper +. jet eardrope, set in filagree, breast pills ofa grea* ,me ty of pattrrns, watch trimmings, gilt and silva .Itcikles silver thimbles, silver and ghld pe tIcils and gturd chlains BIRUSIIES-Cloth, hair, dustat g,cram,lellarth,floor hat, flesh, tooth plate, comb, Nail, shaving, shoe and whitewasl brushes. LOOKING GLASSES-German statia and toilot lnesa, nlagnifying anid French dressing glasses, homne don with a vareiv of other kinlds not enumerlted. JFANCY AIItD VARIE'L'Y ARTICLES-French and American portnble leaks ad dresshlg cases, some verv rich asd finely finished ladies work bloxes anddros sinkg dbes, with and without music, muasical boxes, Ac eorniians olvarlous kland, violins w ad gaiters, silver and plated pencils and leads,wood pen,:ils ior carpenters and erayons,mantlerlocks,gunsand pilatIs with and withoutt eases, perussiton cape, percusiton c al chargers, nipple scrswdrivers, shtot belta,gate bhgs, paste blacking, toy tea settl, Indian bentds ofe vry kind, belle aud laumes, fineand common knives, razors antd scissors, tfitnbles, needles, pinls, iler plated, steel alnd eonsmn lOpecta les Ieket hooks alndl wallets ot vrious kinds, visiting actrd e an d ar ses, playing cards of Frelh, Geormuan and Amnerican manue nture, dolls, imnitation fruit, asn boxes, pnts of varioas kinds, Saunders' Pomerey's Emmereen's, Hlllmnans and llawkin's razor straps ann metalli hlones,dirks, fancy head neckltees, do with t-ar dreps,toy watches, pearl bttens, powlder flasks, eut and lain seed beads, gilt end silver do, gumst elastic snspen lers, andt garters, plain and sword Lans, backgastaon boards, dlice, optical viennes,jawshlarpsa, lmotiouo match esand drinking cups, with a great variety ofe ther arti daes, all ofwha:h will he sold for cash or city arceptan ces on 12 months credit. B II SIM, MONS, & no. 44 70 Chanrtoesss. UbLBEALR'S Svience of Pomnalship received, and . for sale at their pernanent Writing AcMdthlnin No. 8 Chltres slrent, New Orleans, 189 IrlsadwayJ New Ylrk, Dlauhise at., ll.bilr. It is partiularlydesigned for private learners, and Eschotls, and is calculated for persons of all ages. Ladies and geutlemen are invited tocall and examine the systeat for themselves. Lessons are given at suelt houses an may etit the convenietwe l'all, and to classes formed in aey part of the city. - Ladies who prefer itean receive lessons at theireown ref sidenees. Peris paving for one : rsae of hseons are desired s attend until tl soy writ at well as they wish. nil IDUL EA It & BRiOTHtER. DEAFNESS. NEW article farporeast troubled with deafnss (called the Ear Trumipet,) has just been reeeived, by thle ise of which, the slightest artculation of the Ihu r mat voice is distintly conveyed to the ear. Any onet who has ever been obliged t.n converse with a very des nerseS, musthe fully sensible of tile difficulty and ens.m hareasstent experienced both by themselves and the in dividualsaso unforttatelv aflfiwted. By the ussef the Ear 'lrampet. thia objection is entirely obviate . The nmst sceptical have always au nduuedu tleirdoubts alter Iaving used tea lTrtrpet. Fur sale at S1T F GUION'S, fFancy storecomer of Coemon an d it Charles streets slndar liea rxchlamgs Hltel. feht 13 SPERM OIL-15i 0 patinas pure winter d lSperm Oil, in casks and hblls, for sale by JARIVIi & ANDKEWS, Wholesale Drugg atl, corner tU ttason and i'ehap S lie streeat. mr 13 °Iv ffrE LEAD-5b-.bils, I.sot Iti acsh; 40 kegs, 100 " a 200 do, '2.5 " English do-2.i 14 bbls. 400 " 100 Pait Brnshes, various sizres; L ae Vermillio; 5I hbla Copal Varnish; 2 " Japan ! " Coach d l packs Gold Leaf; ,50 do Bilver do; d 100 do Dutch Metal. d WINIDOW OLSS, Americasn, Erglilsh and Frenah V--I hboxnes, various iseIs and qualilies. Bostomn Urown d,.--150 bUaes, ceolsiglment, will be Also, a general asaortment of artiste' eoloure and teols, for sale by A W SCA'i ES, No 46 Canal street. N R. Alabama nortes taken at p r. and Mlissaippi otrea willbe receivedl at 10 percent discount for goods, or in payment ofdelts. jr I Iw 1 'L. IUR-F-3RY aoladi from etra,'a r indepeed ea ne, t. r; .)OI, 'q:V MR. WILLIAMS, OCULIST, NOW AT THE JEFFERSON HOUSE, JEPFERSON STREET, LOUISVILLE. bT the Edder of the Louisoille .Adverti'er: lR- It appears by the observution. of the Filtona p Sof the Nashville Presbvterian,. Union and Trans-. I cript, as well as tile editors of the MemphisEn9qirer, nh that the "Old Gentlemnah" is among the Doctors. This 5a is proved by his kingly rage, knowing that his time is n but short, and that the indepeldent American people I are able to judge for themselves what are puffs and inpositions. The worthy editors who are Doctors, the pruprietors, editors or sub-editors of the above y namedj voteals, call every letter from persons I have is resatored to sight in the above places, pafle. w 1. The fact is, that I never had such great success ju within so limited a period an ton or twelve days. One t who was ared houtt ten years, who had only seen the ol light tram his birth, bhegan to see to follow his mavster to my hotel, instead of being obliged to be led by him. Two yong ladies, who had each lost the night of one 8 eye, one for ten vears, anod the other for nearly two yvears, having lnth ol them the other eve very weak; t vet each of titose vyoun ladies began tosaee with both eyes, which benefit I pledge mvaelf still continues. ex ceptig thev sere Instlr the influence or deminati m of the Medicsl IDoctors. Another is ths.danghter of a respectable merchant, whose name I am bound never to otention, (as he paid e tomy fees), who said she had lees the oicht of one eye from the age of 18 months, but that she now begins to read large letters with the other eye completelt shut. This the doctor edtors knew, as thle getntleman told me himself he had con duce'd his daughter to the office of the medical editors. that they might be infirted of the fact. The last I shall mention is an elderly gentleman by the name of Yount, nearly seventy veaer of age, who declared pub h liclv by ltter, which hIe took to all the different offices II in lsablville but one, and himoslf told me he had paid c for the insertion whatever they demanded, who declar- a ed it tIlhat letter that he Its totallv deprived of the sight sf one eye from fi ks aher his hirth, t which his mother stated to hb.. - occasioned by the measles or small poxt that now ne cnuld not only me the light of the sun, for tihe first time that he recollects, I but the stars also;, nd was beginning to distinguish many objectt, and did before I left that e;tyv, give man- I ny proof that he could see to walk ahoot the streets a with the other eye completely closed. He said lie had been a member el tihe Methodist Episcopal Chubrch tr nerrly forty years. andl that hit word w"t never doubt ed through the whole course ofhis life. 2. repeat that I had never greater eteces than at Nashville, and that the medical and clerical doctors had naverhefone eo seml reason ye be enraced. Tite pionsindignation oftlle Re. clerical Dr Smith proves, when he stated to me that habout six years past, he was converted from being a perfect inflidel, to believe in tlhe dactrin , of the Bible, that he must have made a trifling error-that he must have meant to say, th t before the eni of ix years to come, he should be converted frem his infidelity as the spirit of the true minister of the peaceful and veaign dlctrines of the Christian religimon does not breathe out destruction, rage clumny and falsetood to please his medical friendis, ogainst the man whom he knew hbd done so much good, and no in jury to any one. All the inhabitants of Nashville spoke of thle grant success I hld, a-cept the medical dectors. Moat of them also hadt been informed by Mr Youat of the cure performed onwhis totally blind eye. 3. The famtous Goliah S. ofthis town, pretends that I have lust the laurels I gained in the Nortll, since my arrival in the Southwest. This proves, howevsr,I had, and that I kept them utntil I arrived in this section, if I gained one thle north, I ought tohave gained anntl-. erin tle soeeuth and seuthwest, and I still hlope to wear them on mny very youthlful Ibrow on the day I leave, in spite of tihe vituperation of the great Dr S.,if I nmay judge fronm the man, I ave already benefitted in this city within three days. 4. The object of the present is to inform the medi. cal Goliahs and editors of the Republican and Transo script, as well as the clerical Dr Smith of the C. Pres ,yterian and of the Union, of Nashville, as well as the edittr and cubl medical editor of the Memphis Enquirer, as well es Mr Prentice, the editor of the Lounsvillr Journal, atv alse tie medical Goliuh editor of this city, the gret Dr S., that I shall bring actions against 'them all, for vituperation, slander or calumny, imnmdi ately after my errival in New Yorkh, as well a against i their avviable brelren the medical Goliahs of tihe north. e now hind myself by promise, never to quit this happy alad of libertyv untl I have broughlt the noses of all my medictal Goliahs of the north, as well as the south a dthel west,to the grindstone! The afflicted, them. fore, may vnlcalc te oa findiug me daring the wcole of of next year in New York, a where letters, post paid, and Sno others, will be sure to reach mIe. 5. 5. To itiform the public tlhat the puff so called, , which the Rev. clericvally converted infidel pretend was :- written for him, was written more that a week prior, Ic and intended for tite Rev. D. Howell, who read it in , my presence withntt nmanifesting any dlisapprobatiol; , on the contrary, tt*k it to his istudy and condensed it ia , the way ie did, which Ie said he thought would an o- ar my ptrpsoa better; he deltveedl them bothl, to me, td without pretendling that I wanted to bribe tim from h~s a, duty, as I never could resumne to offer that gentleman vor tiny ether, any money for stating facts. The Re SDoctaor'sown statement is before the pvblic: had he not a, exmnicd all my dliplomvn, &e. &c. with a gentleman, i, ain ittinmte friendl of his, an well as the wlhole of my h, patiente, in compnny with another clergyman, nal e, fiund tltem Iall to be authentic, and all my ptatienlts t, , he more or less bcnefitted, he never coulid have been - induced by a total stranger to draw up such an urticle as lhe wrote himself for publication, and addressed it to i Mlr Stringfield, editor ofthe S \V C Advotate. iI 6. No wuonder thle clear sighted medical (iolilsh of td Nashvdilc took the aln...; and Ithrefie i sed theirelt i focis to join with them Ithe all-powerful, athldtic, pylat iceal and ittellectuel fi.ce of the slaid to-le-cotvrevled Sclerital infidel. We read in the Bible that 'n tree is lb known byv its fruits." I dare say ithe converted infidcl a lts preattheld from tlhat passage. h. IIe evildetrtly wanted toratablish his moral cher eacter as n man, by hewing that he war ehove being ao bribed. us see whether tile sor of thitv pieoe of silver will apply to him as well as it was well applied to tvinther cmtverted ivfidel, who, in the days of the in Scrnatusioa of his I)ivite altster, ubh.cnltlvy sold ht ilfmnr that ncmler of pieces of silver. .ly aoswer is, that it was never intenddc as a brihe, nor could it be cnuvlider cd an by any one, as it was not even eqtal to the tenth purl ofalnl thle regular printer's lie, of t1 ptr noqtrv. c Conttainling two or three columns of chlttelv printed I matter, which weae In Ie roepeated three or ifonr timets 0: in the Preslbyteria n, Unin and Blonitor jturunls, Ithad i, ever icntlde to brible him, I should hItve otnared hitm at rlast .300, his regular fee, instead of$ !0, whlich, in all pt, probatility, lie would have gladly received as his fee, d and not as a bribe. On the contrary,if I had heen ca at pdlle of oferlin a hribe, I should certainly have done y it in a way to have insured Iis acceptance. a 8. IlHad the Rev. Doctor been really converted to the 'beliefofthe doctrines of the saviour, Ie would not !y, have promised to ceme and examine my patients w ith :o- out kceping his word, ss I have always found every at, tminister of the gospel zealous itt lo. to, 9. Had he been really converted, he would not pub a- licly have spoken against the American institutians, ed which, it is well known, are mnore numerous, and which are superior to manty in some parts of Europe. His ah conduct so muchl disgusted some voung literary char acters, as to be seorcely restrained from punishlug him a- ot thi e lartby laying violent hands ot him.t Thite Iev. Geittlrtman, though a Scotchman, is without to excst, (unlees be is calumniated), nltlhough he m:y ns, think he hlo a right to abuse the American institutions, tta Iecause hI is a converted infidel. [ say Ice has Inot--as or, all ought to tpeak well of the britdges Ie goes safely td over. I fnt:y lte gallant Captain Grod, end several other anmiahle voung gettlemcn of Nasolhville, recollect let well tthe conduct of this pioun expounler of thie Holy re Scriptureo! 10. I nlear saw such a demon in human shape as the RLev. Doctor was the day I calued to reason with him, when he menaced my grey hairs with an uplifted gigantic arm, as if he would have felled me to the grolmlnd, for during to draw a pious minlster away from his doty, by it bribe of 30 plieces of silver! I really trembled more than if the "Old Gentleman" had ap peared in his own slhape! II. d solemnly deolare before God,and am not afraid to call Him to witness tlhat never, in the whole course of 4' years practice as an oculist, in Great Britain, Francs, Belgium and America, in a single instance of fered asna bribe any amnount to the editor of anyjouratme but os a". mpenlsation for the space I occupied tald the troluble which I oensionedl them; and that I was always mtre inclinoed to redlece, rtber thanadd any noary to the printer's bill; which is a sufficient proof that I had nonltentio to bribe. 12. Lastly.--The Memphis Enquirer for two or three weeks contains a tissue of flagrant falsehoods, which the tedical Goliah editors learaed from their brethren of the M. Goliahs of the North, and I shall treat them with silent contempt until the proper time arrives: Uless it is trite what I have been iufunnsm-"Sue a beggar, and you will catch a L-!" Though I paid hinu tbr my advertinaments for two or shree weeks, he only inserted them once. You will please to insert this letter in your next pa per, and oblige yours, &e. In haste, JOHN WILLIAMS, the English Oculist. .olttisville, Jaly 18.7. Copiedfret th. S. W. 0. dnoecnte aof the 14t Jane, 1837. At til request of I)r. Williams, we inserti tim Ihllow it note ftrott the Rev. Mr lowell, of Nashville, to the editorof the South Western Christian Advocate, wlo, it appears, has examined the diplomas and other docu. manents,evincive of the Doctor's claitms to public patron. age In consequence of an accident, Dr. W. will s man in Nashvlle a few days longer than he at first intetided-say the let July. Rea. Mr Stringfield:- vinag been requested by Dr. Williams, the oculist, now in this city, to examine his nunerous dipiomas and other documentn evincive of hioclaims to publia confidaent, in his profession I have, in comapany with a valued frienddon so with plensure. Amtng them I found a letter from Mr Paget, at pre. seot Charge d'Affaires of the King of tie French, at VWashlgtin, addressed to Dr. Williams, testifying the geuininess of the diplomas from the Kings of France, Belgium, &c. as well as those from the Medical Socie. ties of France. HIe has numerous vouchers from men known to be if high reputation in this country, received since Ihis arrival in the Unitrd States, detailing intaun ces of great success in tile restoration of eight to the 0and4 1 have seen aalrly all his potor patients in titis saty. 1 knew none of tbem previous to their coming his care; but all I Iave seen say they are nn questionably benefittnd. ROB'T. B. C. HOWELL, Nashville, June 21,1837. i'. 5. Since writing the atove,oneofDr. Williams' patients lihas called Iupon mIe,anld says he had actually and totally lost tlae sight ioft oc eye tor seveaty yeare, but now dteclares hinself better thtat last night, for the first time in his life that he can recollect, he could dis. tinguish, withlit t eye, owme of the prominentDtare. [ learn that this olt gentler ao has lived many year in this rdgion,and says lie ha een a Metlodit during forty years. Y Yours, truly, augl0 R. B. C. H. TENNEK'S MAP OF LOUItIANA,&c.. &6 A New MAt or LOUISI.tNA, with its canals, road. and distances, from place o plaee, along the stage and steamboat mroutes, by H. . Teanner. MITCHnLL's MAp Or TH. UNIsED STATET. htwing the pricipal Tumrnpike and eommon roads, on which are givet the distncees in miles from one plaeo to another, also the courses of the canals and real rouds thrlghl ,ot tie country, carefully compiled fron the best an.u tliiririew-pudl'iohed by . Augustns Mithebell. ,lIITCHILL'e TanV nLaa'e GOUIDE THROUGH THE UNITED .TATaS; a map of the roads, distances, stea.s boat and canal routes, e. just received and for sale WM M'KEAN, C HEC'KS ON PHILADELPIIIA-F.r sale by YORK., BRIOTIEKIS L'Hsl INDIAN'S PANACEA. ' SO the ereofrheumatis,strfla or kingsevll,gout, sciatiea or hip gout, inscipint cancers, salt rhcm, r[ hlitlo and mereurial diseases, particularly ulcers and ll ainfulaffectionsofthe bones, uleraoted throtm..! o- J. il.,ulcers of every description, fever snes, and internal by ubsess, fistulas, piles, scald head, scurvy, bile,, chro- h e. nic areeyes, orysipelia.blothes, and every varietyof eu- c taneous affection, chronic Catarrh, head ache proceed- lie lIg from any acrid hmoer, pain in the stomaech oid dy- lis pepsia prooeediagfromvariation, atl:etious of the liver, chronic inflammation ofthe kidleys, and generasl leuili- at ty caused by a toepid action of the sesels ofthe skim. It ti is singielcly effl.sious in renwvatin these constitutions lie which have been broken down by injudicious treatmellt, t juvenile irregularities. In general terms, it is recom- iv sensled in all thoe diseases which arise from impurities till of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of whatever in nameorkind. uc Some of the ahove complaintsmay require some tri- ill ing asistant applications, whichthccircmistances of the tit case will diuta:-; hut for a general remedy orPorifieator ev to remove thecause, the INDIAN'S PANTACEA will no generally be found nafienit. th TO THE IYPBLIC. loa Itow true it is, that modlern Physicians, in their am hition to excel in their profession explore the vast field is ofacience by the aid ofohemistry, and seek out new re- vi medial agents; in short, to arrive at perfection in the of praetice by means of art alone,-entlrely overlook and Ci neglect, as beneaththeir notice, therich and bounteous it stores of medliine, which the Almightly has caused to tit spring out of the earth in every ellme! And how much d more true isitthat whilethe American Physician looks l to foreign countries for many of his most common anmid neeesary artiles, perpetly chaging a they are at the dictates offunhon or folly, he is surrounded in his 01 own country withan endlessprofsion of medical plants, al sfufielent to answeor y indication in disease or to cure any urable disorder; and yet he is ignorant of their vir tues, and they are sufferedto ,wastetheir healing on the ti desert air.' fi The effectsofvegetable medicines upon the system are temporary-those of minerals lasting. The former ex- ii erttheir effects amlnd pass off-the latter, mercury in par- . ticulsr, act chemically tpen the solids, decwmpsing t: the boncs aml undermining the eeastilution by a slow a antl scre destruction. The congeniallity, efficiency and SAFETY ol vegeta hle remedlies ever mineral, may be estimated by contrast ingthe ancient practiee with the modern; or, to briog it more immediately under our own observation, ths Indi an practice with that of the whites. Who, in America, nus not known orheard of repeated instances wherein some decrepid, unpretending female Itaian, by meansof her simple remedies alone, Ihs affected the most rapid l adastonishing cures, afterthe Mateira Mediea of the vommon pactice, directed in the most skilful manner, has foiled? And who has not been surprised at the eom marativeese andfaoility with which the Indiani fees him self from a.y disease, and at the almost tots abstinence t ofehreniole see among themt Who has ;vet hiean otan lndian with'a constitution brokan and ruined by ill treatment? And can a doubt exist that tfis hapipy ex enmptio of the rsorge from most of the ills which the flesh ofman is heir to, is chiefly owing to more genic and safe remedies which ihe emliploys 'liv aisiollnish ing difference in success, is a fair exempllifieation of the infinite superioritv of the sinple anod sof means of core which God has created for the beefit f his children, over those which the pride and the art of man hate in fvented. From a long residence among a portion oftheaborigin al inhahitantsof this ceonntry, andniI intilmate equcain Iance with the methds of cure of some of their umost successful practitioners, the proprietor el 'lThe's Pnsleea,'oquiredl a knowledge of somlae it the most powerfuland favoriteremedies. From these hecselected such as were most eflcacious and appropriates, anti after various experiments to test'their pricilelsc and strength, he has combinedt them in the form here Ipresented, as the most perfect and benefieial for the purpose for which it isrecommended. The proprietor offersthis preparation to the public, with the consciousness that he is placing withintleir sei, a remedy capable ofrelieving many of his afliited lil low beings, who are suffering under the various chronic anlobstinatecomplaints to which it is applicable. To such it will prove of incalculable valse, as the meaus, and in many cases, the only means of relieving their suf ferings and restoring them once more to health and hap ,piness. This is notbflred as a common remedy, that if may per chlane be equally good with many others now d n use, betas one which is canlble of saving life in many extreme eases whlich all tlse ums,,oaliemedliesfil. Thils it i, has done repeatedly; and this is the reputation it lasob s tained wherever it has beec introdleed. r, It is oslyahout three years since this preporation was n presented tothe publi: butlie that short space of tIne, II; some tlinlrcels c persons mig t bei tfolid, who wol an solemnly declare that they believed tIhat their lives itre saved by it, and in most ,ases eiler they lad tried many al and perhaps all the cosnnon emedies in vasin. WheIr ever it is known it israpdllv coming into use, and this . affordslthemost substantid. nd convincing proof of it merits. it The value of the Pavaeea i vmost conspicviuous in those i long standing and syphilitic :and scroulilous alictions y which have defied all other rt..elit.s, acid partiladvrly it, those cases where mereu'v Ibs been so arisl !y ulsed as to eaclus distressing pains inll ftv ite, nodes, o Imetc I rialulcers, ideagemelnt ol'the diihestive ov:tga, lLe. to These it ensilcll elv rrnovin, n nv il i alll c:es itinltiSe lt er;tdiates the dliseases a1nd tlilCeS no nercu;it, I.. ef otfesltvli colismtltuilln, :ial Ilav.(thi e ptiet sand :tl . well. 1I rheulvvati.o :anll itt IuIler:led sore tvhi.i:, lt I hsppy elivets are nto leas lapplit.lit, gi\if I ailmost inle Taken in prop" oCses, tlhe Idlinn's Ivaill:e operates asal. a ernl.l siatienvll d tlvo iint; ii disp:t lav rv'tiv', ditullll.eti', and laxatives, i anatl-spauulic u ntl lllan ;toll i e; al ll properlecases, asstomachicai d v nilts govue. ;eslr S:ly explireaild, it ilnreases all the ere t:lvtnl s call ".x f cltHians, ga vs taur l lilt: :ir aclll:hI , :nlll excittns :etio in tihe h glvlv ill a i arlii hv " nlallnls Illo these priil pies itsopertttiots ylie inIICstno. Ir 'hislnedicine hats iteell ni sell iill mI:nI it aobhigumto.s diseases not hilal spllciFlicl, and iii I:t l. t'lusd with woalierltl success as it Sprint'andl al . all I'lwc rIifiel,I Ib t llose whe arc sbdgjectito coplI nlntls o|' thleIuIchest, antd whose constitutions:elleie netw vigor. Such pr r soss will do well to use t vo s r three bottles in small do se. c VWhenever a diet diink is mtlloiidlered lccess:ry, this P llacea, takes iin is allt n doset,; will nswll all its ipuriposles, in muchi less time, at less expense, and i i iar more agreeable mi:llinero than thle oollllon li c dlilllk. The folloiwing eertirleatvs, oil of Ihundvels siilur, e which might be procured, are giveli to sihow tvhIl cl.ict of the itdlan's Paiacea, in the var;ius eunlllaitat ineric t mentioned; and also to exhibit in the lnst satislacielry 0i iIaU er itl lsalriority over the syrups in ollmonlo use. - CASES OF IWIEUMAITISM. Cuntinrlasox, Nov. 15, 1832. During the last winter and sjrirng, I was nOlictell leith avery severe nd diastressing rhn umatin, occasioned by exl,'nse in adl weather. I now tnke great pleasure in statillg, that six bittles otfdle iadlian's Paniaea, ,.at cdl me to ierfect health, and I confidently recommend it to all simildarly anllicted. JOHiN FEIIGUSON, Kingst. Cnal.FTroN, Mlarch l '27, 18.3. I was seized aout three) ears since, with a distressing rheaunatism, caused by taking a severe cold, a hile unter thlinfluenceof mercury, and which has disabled lpr from business nearly ever since. D)uriag this periaod have been a patient in the Marine Hospital, i thils citr upwards of four months, and nearly the same length. time in the Baltimore Hospital, and tried almost evcr; remedy, with little beneft. On the I11 t ot Februnar last, at that time searcely able to move about uponl crutch es, Iommeneced the use of landian's Panacea. In orn month I fiund myself letirely freed lrom pain, and an. now happy to state that I eolldtler myself' Iperfcty wail. W.\I. 'TUCKEII, 13 Market st. CASES O)F SCKOFULOUS ULCEIIS Nxw Youn, Sept. 1,1830.. This may certify that in the lidl ot 1835, I was seize with a swellingin my neck aned Iee, which alterware ulcerated aal became large ghastly ulcers in my neck. Afiertryingsrveealphysineinstono adlanotage, I wen' to Philadelphia, and placed ni)self utllder tihe cares Des. Phvse anid Beach, when, atter repeated salivations to n effetct, I was pronounced utterly incurahble. After. wards I took twenty hbottlesnofSwnim's Palncea and eight bottles of Potter's Catholicon, with lno material benefit Ilespaiing of lite, which had now t beonie oi burthen It me, I returned to amy parents in New York, in 1829, an gavemyselfup to a lingerinlg death. Hea'ring of tis great success of The lndianm's Lnnanea, Itowever, in cast similar to my own, I was persuaded totry it, as a last s sort. To my grent surprise, as well as satisfaetionl snonf'ound myself rapidly recovering, cnd upon takio1, seven hottles, the ulcers healed anl I became perfentlt well in the course oftwo months, and have renmained so ever sine. I make this statemen and wish it published forsthenbenefitoftheos wmie are saluering under similar scsrfulousor s'philitic allutions, that ithey may know wlhathe curedone whln ha:s sllffered every thing ht deata, and who considers Ili life imedl by thle above ev rrp. W. M. IIINIIAP CulanLt. ox. July 12, 1 831. I was afflicted, four years with an ulcer In the leg, co casionally accoumpanied with crnsipel:tous itlamnation and excessive mann iI the leg and a.cle joint. Several eminent physicians exerted their skill upon it, hut with out permanentbenefit. In this case five bottle Indian's Panaoea made a Ierfect cure. MARGARET A WEST, 121 Market For sale bhy HENRY ONNABEL, druggist, ages for the proprietors, Tchoupitoulas street 16 NEW ORLEANS & NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. II stockholders of this comunpany are herby no Stifed that by a resolution of tile hoard of direc ton passed on the 19th inst. the call made on them on the 13th February last, tir tlie payment of five dollars a share, was rescinded, and the said sna.ckhohlers are further notified that W lI'.REAS, by a resolution of this hoard passed on the 19th inst. a call has been alode oan the stockholders of the New Orleans and Nashville Rail iRoad Company for the following porymlllnts n thhe stock held respec tivel bytham, viz:l-two dloilra per share, piYvalie en the hirt day of Septemer next; two dollars per shame payabla o the first day of December next; and tow dollaraper share payabhle on the fit dpy o' March neat. Nown therefore h it resolved, that tie soerotary of this omplany shall notify t slhare hold tlers theii, through tIa psaulic jrtuas L f the aeit, that in ronlitrmit' with tme sixtnh aeeiorl of' the cmarter, they are terumittad to I'postpe any paym"'it called in on tile stck ef said empaly for tsle te'in if sixty days, front and aear the day on which it is made malnhle, with taie expto ss on dition however, thalt ii' niot regularly paid within the Ssaid prolongtion of sixty days, rmae tall nife th~r dan on which it ashould have ee paid, thatn thenl tile st:a on which said pynrenta ehonnld have esn inade, is and rema nl orfeited to the companyi the charter oai that point being imperative. In colmfirmity thereforel to sai call, allatek of tile iockhhollers in said coiiinlaai, 1 think pro per top1at off thle ipayments i their stark to the nd of the aditional sixty daya, wlliclI tlhe' chiiarier Sallows them, anre inotilireld tIhat the pavmret of two dol lars per share callnd for,and due tii the liet of Iep Stemlmrnent, may ie Ictlpo ned iunder tile sixth section of said charter, ntil tile 31st day of Octoiber next, tuat lIathe payment lof two dollars per snare called ier, anl due os the firet day of Deeellleer orel, may be post pUnod until the 3til day af Jalnnry Iniet;lnin Ide liar mallt of two dollars pier shnare ealled for and Iue lit tio e fI nl day of Mlarch next, may lie poIstlld until the 3L)th day of April aext. Euxtreactsf Ia minutes of tile hoanrd. june21 A R BeNAIR, See'ry. l.OCOIL HATS, in caev-2 damn whaieuVoo YV Histlfor el JOURN 1 UiLAIIASJI. STATE OFL LOUISIANA.-Parish Court for the IS Parishl and City of New Orleans. IT HE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all wlhomn I thnes Presents shall come, Greeting:--Wheresu., T anres Ilanee having purchased at a sale made by the Sheriff of the parish of Orleans tile propery oereinaltcr cdncribed, has applied to the clerk of this 01)0 court, ill whose office the deed ef sale was recorded on var he 2dday of April, A.D.1838, for a monition or adver Ti tisemntrin ont ormityto In actoftheLegislature nthe goon State of Louioiana, entitled .iAn act for the further asu- otd ance of ties to parcsers at judicial sales;" approved n the l0th day of March, 1834. - t NOW, therefore, know ye, and all persons interested erein, are hereby cited antd admonisied in the name of tho the State of Louisiana, ,and Of the Parinh Court, who con set rip any right,title or claim itn and to the proertv oereoflrerds erihed, in teonequeae orfny er inthrmalty in the order,decree or iudetet of the court :.0"in ne :i'J''" e a onl under which the osale wo tlld, or any irregularity ored illegality in the oppraisements and adertisementes, in time, or'm ,ter ofnsale, or feor any other teect whatso- e ever;, tohw couse, within tlirtv dysn root titeday this lie monition is flret inserted in ihe public papers, why thi to sale s madne should not be confirmed and hn3 o e logeted. S The soid property war sold by the Shertff of the pr-m ish aforesaid on the l4th day of ApriltA. D. 188, hy pr virtue of a deroee of.Lti Courtrendered on tie 5tlo day ed fFebuary, A. L. 1838, in a suit entitled Alsexanderor Caldweoll vse. Jamtes Hanse, No 10387 of the docket oelf this Court, at whie sale thhesaid James Unose became the purchaser feor the pices of twenty one thousonl dollars. n )ccription ofi Prolert nas given in the Judicial Con d, veyoanee, e t .f A cerltain lot of tgroeund sitouatoted in the subrsh An. nuniation alians Laeourse of this clty,in square No 5, and lot huraving French measure, f60 feefrot fonTa ouhu-n pitonlas otreet, :,6U fret frenor on Orangern street, and f0 feet on Laofotde dn MrleCb setreet, in such m anner tbatesah lot of ground ii 6t feet wide from one side of a; the square to the other, together with a dwellang hllouse fronting on Tehoupitouhto street, the hitehen and de- 0P ndencies, also the distillery esatrebli:hnmts erected a tereot and other buildings anil improvements, the i machinery, utenosils, implenents and fibture belonging t:o said deitillery, its dependencies and appultenanees. and the rights,ictions,andt privileges thereto belongeig t or in any wise appertainiutt. Clerb's Office, New Orleant May , 1838. In ol4,24&jt J. OLILIE, fleputty Clerke E'f'A'L" HE LA LUUIIIANK--Cour toe touiarons poir I vsronisse et vlle te In Nouvelle Orlneans. r 'ERTAl DE LA LOUISIANL.-A toto rena qute . Tees prauroes eonernet, Salut: Attentd qits ' sames Hisenc aylnt aclwen sB unc ent feitr lt e eShrif treiparoisse d'Or'lesasl a topci6t6 ci..prEs deerite, a'est odrestn au Oreffe de eetre Cour no In dite vente hot ettregiottie Io SemjAu'r de M! de I'anbthe 1838, peaour o avis oetifonmemcnt , un onte de mn L6gislature de ' Etit tie la Louilanke, intitusl "Asteepour confirmer lsee titrseooslmereurstis auveates juditeiresl" app roach le t0 Monr 1834. Qu'il sitnonnt, et tonteaperrmnns ihllesrce, soun pr uespe pretentes omm.ts au nom tie i' ni Eota tide Ina Losiane et de Ia Cour de Pmosroise, f r1ui .touncaint voir droit g loa prpriBte ai-apra tot elrtc, eni onsuenece d'ue dfisut de fornmie dtla e I'thdre, le clreot ou le jugement de i cott. en celnt dqoruel Is vente a ite faite, ou de tone irr6gslritat ou it illo.alite limne I'esatimstion,l'avis oule temps et ie amtine de inwnle o eur unaautreoeuoequelontqne; defeLire oct, dnrente jioats a o:ter ndela puhbletslion t ctte er i avisP, louruoiIo aseite ainsl lite ne erait maes coufirme ct homologu~e, n lt Iaproprilt filt vendte par le sharifsusdit, le qna tzirme iour d'atcevril de it'ann6e 1838, en vertu i'uns decltt do ceote cour le.5 de fhvrier de I'anns 1838, a dle. I'afiairs d'Alexandcr Caldrell, contre James iHanse, No 10,317 di docket de oette Cour, tolaquellse vnto ler dit James Hansae s'est rendu acqubrenir pourIa le prix tie $d1,100. i)mcription dela Proprin. td'aprhs letroneranj uoliariois t Sovoire Un cterTin ltdorerre eimtu f au faebourg de I'Aon ofe tritirn aius, Lacttrse, do cette ville, dans I'ilet No , I ]it lot de torre aynlNt ItWeure fr naisne,] soixntet pd Ic fled e a B lit rue Tehboupitotuas, trois oect pieic, tie lace " n r en .t raoeerse, ent soiante. petds dI fuce f i lt fcetdo dv to rne du Morebi,de sorte qtetoi t ditltt . tere a toixntme pinds tie largeur d'uor uieto dei 'iiet i I'alttrte ensemble nne maison resent Ihce i 'lrue 'Ielhonititouier Iin c iiieet ens eat pendaneres.itisi It lue la tistlllerir eonttruite etir In dit lot, et tuttre bit er waet aolIort cione; lee noiitos, ustensiles, instl a o ios &e. app:tr:enant I la ditthe distiirie, ev dpnlt nntet, apprtenonces et Ice droito, act0on0 et privi geo ,.y npp,*tt nant. Btirteu i du grefier, Nouvelle Orlbanv,lec7 Msi,ii8i3. i ,s 1eit,2&j3 J. OLLIE DiEpunt Grottier Royvl Collote of Phypsicmns., totidono. Ii rIIE e origonal Vegetable Hv..ian Universal Meli l nine, ttrieteru by W Mtskin, Fsq. Memtuer of ty royat livl Collerge of luttegev., Licentiate of Apithoe cary'osvtti touov, Fellow of Bolt Court Society, Surgeon it notiti Itoayl Uttion l'eonsilo Asocintitm, Lanovekor t Ploce, Vteotrlntoo Briduge,t :rt PerpretuaIl PuImil of Outy' entit St. 'lhotros's Ilosiitoit, Ijndtitoi. T h 'tiis vtlutible ucldioitte, tite result of twenity Years' ex LoritmCe and unlmt lRlel'd sItCcesS itt the eoxetstoi oised Ir ib I t tull Stull obility, tidl atlOW iruitcIiutct,l S t Ill]e ii'oli:(: el' Ib.e Amn l~ericl imhllie, at tlt,· e:n'~nell sit Slieil:tliou 1" t I tnumer otclctetl of long ieti tlig 1 icrc saei , itt teti o ie ctilst : lld al eolllelllt' ler v;lltinilg nl lnl tilt tse of tile ileltlt1it311,t {t ld c .il.i.. ll(,,,,,Il'll S I Ito u the pallut i hi tile ;tid of I-d;iU:.t, d Itit1.1rt:11.lltv |111 a·illl: l dedI /Iret.C;.tl's so· )L O l'd)'PI! ipllHtll[~l o[" ( 1 ,1 ll ,ll ..:;J sllit~l· |:lt it i c i sib e thi e nlImslroU IS hhl ti.i tatl i t'.tl lt I iretm iioc, o·l t itc t etJ c Illt iaIt IIIe t- • tlt e, StI~tl4 h('k(' tl lctllv-v ~llt~ i ibttu t 'l~to I'sitltl lt ila~t cs Itn it, vt Ieiltt [,l(llltc it l t c lllitt tl't:til)n, t[ lli,{''l 51'tle5; 1 .pI~e~nlt.SI.I ";s xillel~lrlls IIIP~l~rMrlng i). Sin u' , \ilot',h Ag orl' te |ttoti: am beo, s di-c. hoMth co.le he ,. .'iittui ul tHhe,. noigito. "lohir ictit ll Iwt. ,h'iL·, hetiont.sll, Ibt, git, hof Ite htirot Ioti' re A I\ sloe tllStotnice t1b L l.lS atlllat jt c, ill ,t. I trs .'i cst ,qi lla IH l S o " | " l tc assio t aiu llv fl't41 Ce.:ntra·l A.est, k'. whoml the me(.ieille is importl~edl intlo th~ li s t'llllll.v, altd't whlel~ln all api)C:IIJuls |'er·:l~tell~ie41 01 1I.;I b I|·Il(iC·. JXtl. IHtI.IIEI'3, Ilt) Wn¢Cl·ly Place, N. YI)rki 1 Sole Geeralrl Ag~cct for thle Unitedl States, d.'c. For. ualr Ibv appoinltmlent of Ilt Bie ,gilnI proprictar. :,v Swxln Lt l)HmrrEsn, Ih'oITGi.ts, Nou 11 CanaI I l sret, (,.enrt, Agenlt sl Stslthlee of .ouisiana,. jI v: . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . _1 REItY it LEE & co, No M3agozlae street, are row receiving from ships Nashville, Lmisville, Klcncick., Eagle, and other late arrivals train :lr "tlern cities, a largeadil new selestcl assortmrent I!;.is, hoots, Shoes anti Brogans, consistilng of gentlemen's fine calf sand Morocco bola Io '2, quality; do hnfPd, and stout wax pegged Imots o 'nrious qualities; men's fine calf seal and Moroca, .)ea. pi,"tls "and brogacs, buckskin shoes, blrogals i lhppel; mieno's fine calf adil kilpped pegged shoes nod I rogaos; do Ioots; do stout kip and was pegged shoes a td brmans; gentlemen's best quality calf sewed slhoes, _olhans anl Jack I)owinge; do calf and Morocco r ickle shoes and brogans; do call; seal and Morocco I alian shoes and slippers, do calf, buhl' ann seat wings, n ew article; do fine call, seal and morocco qintei nots; boys', misses'and children's pegled and scwed brogans, and shoes of every quality ai kinl.d, Also a general assortmenot ol men's stout wax an,, per-n binogaos and shoes, together with 10;,0K0 pair agro Iest quality, russett brogans, nail4Tial iIth Ittlhks, made expresuly for plantation use; a goodl us c-t llent of men's fine and stout kip russett brogans, a , w article, and a arge quantity of an inferioriquali) r sset aid wax brogans. Lties' fine call;f, seal, moroceo and grain welts, andl pImp snle shoes; do line French Morocco and kid ron n d1 slippersa; do roau shoes, with anud witlout heels; b calf, seal and stout leather hootees; do Prunella shoes I all kinds and qualities; do lasting brogans; oi gliter Sand toxed bootees. Misses' lastingspring shoensaua t gauns. Children's colored Moracco and lasting bro s: t. ancd boots, &e. ieostlemena'sfinefsshionable black silk hats; do black sn I Iraib beaver do of a superior quality; do initatioan Irt ram do; bread and narrow brim men's fine dash acnd sl".1k Rassis salrt napmed hats, a new article. Youths' Ieu;e size hats of diilereent qualities; do chihlren's. li.:n's and hbcy's black and drab wool hats of various slapes, with general assortment of boys' andi men's sand caps. 'llts assortment will be replenished bythe arrival of eahlt packetslromthee oore named cities, all of which niltlbe sold on accommodating terms. aug I-tf M iN'IA GUE'S B.RLJ I FOIl THE TEETH. TH ll lestablished reputation and constatly incres i;n; deoind fitr this elvc.tual remedy of pain, odl pe serentive of the teeth, has induced the subscriber offer it to the American public. Arrangements hav been nude to suplle agents it all the precipal citie and towns in the United States, so as to place it ithi the reach of those suffering and likely to suffer this moa harnasiog of all anhes, Tonth-ache. When Applied aceording to direstions gien tin bottle, it hias never failed to affonrd imlmesdite ndil manent relief. It also arrests the decay in defectiv" teeth, and relieves that soreness which so frequentl1 readers a strong tooth useless. The application and remedy are simple, innocent, an. not unpleasant; and the large number of persons in different sectionls of th country, that have already experienced such delightfu and salutary effects rom the use ef the Balm, are ready to hear (far tile public good) their teAtimony to its on rivalled qualities. It is an Indian remedy, obtained ainglsnlal and unexpectelrdly, anid ms he reeseled bv the civiliied world as te lanst valuable discovrrv reloans of the woods. Price 1 per bottle. Sold by JAR IS & ANDREWS, nir 5 Cor Comlon and Tchnapitoulas st. EWI BOOKS-Naval Sketch Book, or, the Service SAflat and ashore. With charactsritic reminniscen ees, fragments and opinions. By the author of Tiale ol a Tar, &ce. tecond series, sn 2 vole. Random Recollections of thi llouse of Cotmons, form the year 1830 to vtle close of 11135. ieluding perso nual sketches of the leaning members--iby one of no pae y, just received andfor saleby W McKEAN, LATE 1)Ui I.LU.IUA'll iN .. ( 1ROMWElI., ane Historical Novel, bv the author ol l) cThe Brtllvrs," &e. in i vols. Popular Mediciie, or anamily Advier; consisting of Onolites of Anntomy, Plhyiolrty, ad ll Hgiene, with oouh hints ., ' !. rv-tice o Phyiic, Surgery, oti the livrnseps otwo~ . . : a, As emaypreve usefIl in fitmlies whoo regiagL . . *annet be proecred: beillg a cnppanioni cun ir iintelligent priteipal, of manunlaetoreic, plantni. cal hoarding seheola, lends of tfatiliec, masters ii vessels, misionaries, or travuellere; and e useful skerfn'l, yoang men cominsne ilag lthe study ofnltiiediine. tv Rcvell Coaentes, Al. A. Ilcter Patnly's Universanl listcrv ot the bases of Geiograplv. for ite tse of famiisa,.iilaustrled by maapa aulI etgrarings, in 2 vol Jusot reitedand for sanle by V lKEA NS, m9 or niamtp and COnlmon stas. NOTICE.-Thewnerrofsveralr packagas tionrehen dime marked MadataeV. Artigqeoeavs. a erahlp (rotee, froet New York, is hereby ntified thet lsey have j wj n stored by jTON AVERy &C. JtJST'PUOLISHEi FROM STEREOTIYP.t PLITES, The FRhJ Editionof I ROWLETT'S TABLES OF IN'EtRESTT: i TO w ich is now added an Average Time Calenla- N tor, or easy methods for fbding the average lime on storage, notes of osad or bills of goods, when par- b chased at different dates, on differtat credits, and for various maents; besitesi s asefol and complete asnking Ta Time a'l'tle, the hest that etcan be contrived. or that fi gures can ireduee within the same condesend compass, and size of type. An aoverlisement in the book is ih nearly the follow igvwords: TI The high distinction this work has received through T the ten legilintive acts prefixed to the title page, is a re commendation in itself, so onoommon,, ans as eonlu sive, th It nothing is necessary more than by way of ad vertisement, to gives condensed view of some of its pI- Mt coliarities:as ferlnstance, the Interest has been compos. C ed from,and compared with, what is equivalent to four- c teen setsfealculatione, examined in the presathirty- C five times, and printed from stereotype plates tested R, thirtyty-one times, from all which it mnat be evident W even to the skeptie (especially on the pe.sonnl ofthe de- ps tani efproofin the prefnce) that the work musthe arith- Ri metically infallible, and in confirmation ofthis beliefa Ft premism of two hundred and flfty dollars, is now offer- ' ed for the detection of an error ofa cent in the present B or fifth edition, as exltessed in ste preface, making five PI large premions offered for the sane error sineeth first N pnhlieation in the year 1902. One of tho most eonspicuoe s features of the tables is inthe arrangement of the Time and Amounts, whicht N for expeditns, roference ondperspieuity, with the help Ie of the side and index, cannot be excelled; and the salty ty and ease with whichthe interest can be founitothe extent of general business, withont doubling of sums is besider a convenience so essential, that in the estlma- at tien of some oi the most competent and practical busi Saness men and publi officers who have made great use of thework, it hasbeen distinguished bytho Ionoslale i appellation efofa "master poee'". And considerinlg b the infallibility of the method originally adopted in p i composing the work, and the extraordinanry uumber and variety of the examinations, and tests of every edition it g has passed in the press, eotwithatasding the whole is in stereotype, considering, in shfi6rt, die positive aeourany secured by the unltsrerledted mreans employod, the no luamehas heen held ns andl emthotiemlly styled "the most wonderful book In tile waslk;" most certainy no man can names figure work of the same extent, which since the beginning of creation, has had the same nus her and variety of tests in the same number of editors., d no, norona halfthe number, as is clearly shown in the preface. Besides, astest and standard, it has been tried and c 'preed in nearly allthe bank ame public offices in the - United States, and by thepubdic gonerally, during the long period of thirty-file rears, yet no error of ihuse eal slations has ever been foundl in print, althongh eontinu ally challenged by the offer of very hunge premiums.. 6 he in fatetxpleaesl adoptedt by all the neeta s oflaw c lfevaral ofthe States as the " rate of calculatlon forstatute interest," asalso by law for bank interest, I is acordinges the bookis used, and as may he seen in part, by use names of the subscribers, and a few of the t subsequent purehasers, in the list atthe eno of tlie hook, isin posseasson of every clos of citizens in every qusr e to of the Unit ed States. It is moreover well known that, by its rearly check, se it has so ofteudetected large errors, long after they were I esade, even by the most careful aid most competent arithmeticians, tfat its asfulness, and the absolute ne . eessity for its use, have been extensively insistesd upon, I n so evident, inceed, ihav been its oalvantages, aid its 1 8, savings, that, sevenrl yearsoag, wlilst the first ellition I a was searce, and out of print, a great umber of second I a hand copies were isoght for, same to a ge.t distallee. I ar and purerased at various prices, as they could occasion ally bo picked up at from $10 to $25 per copy, and e, some persons Ilsave reeon.y declared, and instanoee could be quoted tiat they wouli lay $50, $100, at $500 t.far a copy, tfnot to he hald for less, and an indinidal 5, in the latter instance particvlarly, having at the same e iinle irxhibited satiaslatory prIof, to several persons pre s sent that to him it was really worth that money atd dv more thoagh the saving of his very valsable time, he le bein a very rich manasid in poblie oflice. SIts li kewse worthy of norue, lnd ideced proper to tirmpese, that such is tme nature of figue work generally and aspecially when of the extent and importance ot these to los, thlthed this book or its like eren prelar Sed in the ustal mmnner vlone, by the most cmnpetent calculator in the worml, and alfterwarods printed most e cautiouly under Iis own correction of proof sheets, it i3. would, almost to a certainly, have been nsnlut for re ferenco, and dear at any price, ans tile preface ldariieu larlp explains. Buit so perlfct and nvaiualie have tile stereotype plates of this worklbeen made, that toseenre i- them, withtheir numeroeus and extraordinary examina of tions,agaist fire, for the general benefit, they are (by he- advertisement) constantly kept in a place of speeial rln safnty, except while tlse in ahitatisg. inr Ample tr ecrt ms to findl ioth anks anld stallte intr tt' ent with useflil .otes, follow the prrftce, whtich, inlthis fith as in the tow t i precedinlg elitions, contain murch inl If'ellrltll att l)llttllerni the two lnwful modes of comipul ve a iug inees itsl,ter iays af gtace, ke. 'xe it raelts onli' to sixtlt'k that, ntowlthstaoding this id sscosrlllals t cissili soisrk, wllich wasblished before o- interest tibiers weretl initrodcds int dollars asid cents hie .h n :Ilmli arl aht* eo IIe:e s I exl s te sivehlll y so lilbelrally n- tillllhel, i h l ot s t sl ,uell as paidi with illnteest. ies lsea sri s tlar ' v:aof Itir.h he usand dsolar., besides is six 'isle ,iitl t s ' 179I t 'i. to s i , sl st, ed l n ti fil'rst 1ts edlitionl( .0 s iltm, 'aLag hlu fI)" Isllln its publia o t l l IU a:tthat 1 :tl, it n ii 'itrtiitie, Is to y nti tllig nf slilt I "..oin nilllt S ' i v oit s itl tb s, ' li e-ti nI I ares taIs il, vlls H tl lll .s n ice. t\\ t reItsri tihe aiti l still relies on tie h0 tut'e tl' I tprel C.sri Iialrolge. F'r srle by the use . Prim ' ifii li k,,, llN,. inl llt' L ,b, l S'labs. 11.ilifll'. xNEW W5,il,\e,.-Th, .\I,.rican i ,+ , Eg~l:, au,,, , by .li. ,ator, l".l 'rear in Spain," i, sad NlW, e I)P·of l 'lleine.n, it vot+. h t ih sil'l' s't a l Io kl, a mila al l moiI reali the lat lre.rcein'tIVll I sI e or t Y VW1. 't KE\LN, DOCTORTt JOILNSON ,AY he I o. ullthd eIoli bItly at Is.t oftie, 113 (:lttsoli lHtlse :trdctt sllcrtr liauphine street, oul lit trentllmenl of ni crtaiens'llIof d delicate diseuses. Frolll )r. Jo.oloo'sexlet'ive oppertulli in Rsonl of the mostIl celebrated iH .oaols in uIIrop,, ex,..clusie• Iv devot cll to the trea lltelt of Vene'ltt ori i Cn iphilitic P+oin ; (lt lt l al(o Irin n re-st:Mnle of live *,';v ill iracice snletlv to tli, tretlmnelt of those disoet esawitb tile ort te lneetienterlI wecee.; Ihe is e cabled to re tom any of thi Ifll,twino i na nlaiots in from 5 to 'mli aloys, wittlot injurig thl consintutiton by Inerurv'e or ntov other deleteriost medicine. iGhonorilhe., let, Structtre, Sotninnl Weakness,Affections tf thaBld der, lKidtnevy, Prosntlae il otd,a,d any of those Onnmnr moi traintt o nlitinse, whick generally follnow negal t ed otr tam-trented cases of Venarial. Scrofulnos sores, uollcrtod legs and wontnaremoved by a siomrple meth iod of reuteanllt ,itihot restriction n diet, or interrup tion from business. t'ersonsresidin in the country, and who feel deli catn in consulnttng ttei Iiantily ptivsioian, by 'odilng a Yateent t of theo r cltic bhy letter lnst pait with Iees eclosedr) can Io ve I)r nnJohnon's andvice, r their own treatment, with medicine, notesstry to be used, forwar ded. Separate cruices Irovided where patients can nover eone in conoct with teach other. Attnhteo firoon otonloing until night, at 143 Custom Houlse s treel ILCoosnltatiioos strictly confidential in all easem. nec 13 OYI.r, \h.\\, Iests.,i Sign, and tO rnamenl 1.o Paillnter-. N (lonre,- o lle sor et, two doors flom ootliltns tilt floinwoo and o mhe oats nrbles,ex relelt ad l m orlst arI e ilna laer Itettyt ton. p:t ltlttv blacII k atd gold, altk, tI,;ti and Astlico, Piollarnt dr.; Oriental or verd antiquet , Curlnd din. Jasper, Coot-led lhaplc Btlonl Stone, Birds Eo-e o"t, lnrtby Granite, Satitt Wood, Potomanc, Ilair Wool, Iove l" Burdello, Yew Tree, Italian White, torommrlle or Black Sioonao anid Bretella, Rose Wood, Anmcrioma Grey, Ash White Oak, kc. k ., bc. Curled Eolm, Specimans to be seen at the shop. Paints, ils, glass, aopol aromish, Ioo. ot handt ndtor sale. mt I HON, STItI.& IIEAVY (GOODIS-Hit, square an bndle i ron, well asseortoted. Hoop, scroll naod reod itot, coil rods and ploulgh motlds Cast, Germni , shear, blistered, spring, sheet and Crowlev steel Hollow ntoare, cut ndll wrouoit nails and spikes Zitc, blobk tin, mill ttd agrald 0tones, salt kettlel Cuhaill titles, alltlloePs, hotrn On,l log t.a tlaee hainos, COInt o mills Anvil is, unli, amto meraind bellows Wire, sheet, iig and bar lead; shot Coal, sttil cooking stoves Ames, Bowlanl's and other npades and shovels Hook anti plate hinges, door and window books Collins, Ilunts, Sharps, aili other axes l ar'd and antilla cordage, lites and twine holt and sheathing e oppmer; Naval stores Paints, linseed atd s.otrm oil A full assortment oft hiardware anl ship chandlery, always ot band, and whiclh are dtfelredt for sale atwhole ale or retail, on the lost favorable terms, by m4 LAYTON i. Co. 53 Old Levee. --AEROWGATS SPRINGS lnotgomtry ntonllty. Alalltna. THREE DAYS JOURNEY FRO.1 NEW ORLEANS. HIlE proprietor of this establisllment lban tihe plna sure ofatoouncing to his frieods and the publle ia general,that hI will be in readitesstby the first day of lay to receive visiters. He will also state fCor the be neoft of those at a distane, that there iavt been large imoprovements tlade, and others now going on and on rapid progress for completion, which will enable the tlsotcriltr to oaeomtlmtteo a nluch larger nuombter than heretofore, and at tihe tanm time much better. Familie caonhe aceomntodated nith good rooms, or there wio) ptre-r can have largo cabins detached from Ithe nitin building. It is ldeened uoenestry toe say anything in parties. Inr of the charoettr ol tthes o waters, for it is generally belinved thatt they are not inferiort to anyn in the Soutl ern Staern. All the amusements that are generally found at Watering Places, will be fo, nd at this. T'he hest motsic tIhat this part of tIon eouttrv alornds, has been ngaged, ant will ho in colnStallt atteldance at tihe Sprinos dl ritt the wtolCt.t- son. ' ho osh.clieth will avail hitenoIf of this opportunity in returning his bnnloigoed thanka for the very liberal sunnpo-t given himn last n.enon. and hopes tV the exer tio thato ove been tt lleli it- inttro'ittg and extending the eottllolltlldLitless, to oterit a literal patonngr tim prtea'ltO celau.o. JNUO CRAl. TICINSdti)N'S I)EttI'II,I,A'I'OCILtY, fr removing su' perflton-th air liroon the fIce, neck andt arms, with aqcao snlett and eortnillt, leaving the skin fittelr and whiter thn bulrite too apWlicatioo. A 6Cesh tpply jnt recetived at . (ilUI' MAIL, ARRANGEMENT S ., Due Every Day at 19 ll. Vorthern Mail, Cluses Every day at 10L A. M1 WeserMa, Due ever' unday, Wednsday an by ways e Clases every Monday Wedneda Coat, .and Satnrday by 9 P. M. The ke Mail Due every TurePa Thursday, an Tlrel~bke a i I aotua) kiv 5,P. M. via Cloesa every Monday, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPARTURE DISTANCE &e. of the Express Mail, betwnao Moeilo and New York-leaving Mobile daib at 3 P. M. Northwar New York daily at 5 P. M Slouthward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. 'Time. Return'g Montgomery, Ala. 2 pm. 19 m's 23 h 12 m. Columbus, Ga. 111 81 91 3a.m Milledgeville. Ga. 133 14 2 p. m Columbia.S.C. 7j am. 163 171 10 Raleigh, N C. 5; 215 22 12 Warrentnn, Va. 12 am. 55 t 0 Petersburg, Va. 10 pm. 83 10 9 a. on Richmond,Va. I am. 21 3 61 Fredericksbuar, 8 67 7 11 p m. BWashingtn city, 21 pm. 61 61 6 Philadelphia, 61 am. 100 11 2 I New York, 2 pm. 90 Ci 1305 143 h. or 5d 23 Northward. Coming Sonthward,the time ins eihoaur less; beings days and 17 hours. TEN DOLLARS REWARD. 1 3 ANAWAY from 169 Carondelet crneer of Hevia S 1 streets,on the night of 30th of Augtlet, and was seen the next morning in Peydras street, a negro bay - amed CHARLES, about 17 years of ae, and 5 fee Sor thereabouts in height, very black, end ohis an imped iment in his speech, one of his loga is sore, oceneeioned Sby arecent hurt; hehad on whoa went away a white acton or linen shirt and white cotton pantaloons. Masters of vessels and steam boats are cautioned a it ast receiving or harboring said negro, as well as all other persons, as the utmost rigour of the law will be 'efoaeed agaest thesm. The above reward will be pai fordeliveriny him into any of the jails of either of the e municipalitlea, or at 169 Caruadelet, corner of Hevi. sotees. Sept NOTIC-The coartnershtip heretofore existing un trder the firm of Dubois & Gerretaont has been dissolved. The subscriber will liquidate the affaire o she concern in this city, and requires all persona indeb - ed to make payment to him oaly, and all thosehavinlg If claims, topre-ent them forsettlement. aug 8-7tt H"GARRETSON W. W. WAIN. I- No. 11Camal M.reet Aee Orleans I- T[AS always onhand een.mtantly k roceiving Drt. L1A Dyes, C(lmicale,and Pamts,mnonog theo ar S l IDRUGS. DYES; t, Antimony, erude, Argols, red, a ti regulus, Aneatto, Sipas.e i Arsenic, crude, Alum, S, do powdernodl, Brazillette woo, r- allsameopavia, Cohineal, Bnraxcrde, deoppers, Americas, , tn rsfined, Cupbear Brimstone, erule, Fustic, Talmplto, at de roll, do Cuba, e- do flower, do Maine, a, Birmuth, French berries, is Cattoroil, Indigo, Bengal, at Cream tartr do liManilla, d Conthaerides, de Olasraccas, e Gnm aloes, do (ultatsala, a- do Amble, Logwonl, Cnampeaby t do tasuftidt, t StI Dromingo en do amoniao, do Jamiea, 30 do benzein, Camwodl, a tdo copal, rough, Madder, ombin, ne do do seraped, Niaeuraguo, tonare, e. do do S Ameriw, do Coro, id do camphor, erure, do Msracaib he to do refitc do Ilnche. do gaiaotnm, CHPEICALS. to do kino, Actl, nitrnts, Ily m do natit. do mtrintic, tn bopium, do ttlhurjin, ir- do shellac, ltte vitrlol, :nt d. senegal, Untdmel, t p, at Io sandrac. Jorrosive suldimatia , it "t do tragaeantl, Uhloride of lime, t - Gaboge, Epsom alios, au- Juniper berries, Amter'can,Lunar cannatie, ie do do Foreign, lied Itreeilitate, re Magnesia, English, Renhelle colt, ar. do Atnericann Red chromate potash by Manna slake, Sn, earp Soo.a, do sorts, Sulp pons. Liql1oriee ball, Sugar lean, Oil cloves, Sulp zinc, his donasia, Snip quinine. ,in- liergamot, Tartar emetic, -do lemon, PAIN'TS-lolacs. idon pleplpermint, lilae, his Ila genttian, Chr)mic yellow, dry, y do a tee, do don in oil to liq Eorie, I do in oil, eat. io rhnlmhr, E I, 1.asnlaik Fgnltah, des io setneen, doe trmnlon.: i drt do serpt vieg, litrge, rw.h:n , a- do Irtal lltnornas, Id Ai'trican g i of n do Tampico, Paris wloitn F,;lih, oil, em nisi, d, Aomerien the do tarni, Ies lead, itu: di camiunnatmin, II, ainu ker,, do coriandler, Sa ,: brown, dry, .nli.h. Iti. do tieiulct, to dot Atnrie do tigenuretk, do ground in oil S pongreotrn, 'en. red IRitlish dry, tIn fite, 1Metlil, do Amrcn, S:l're, Sipantish, irotnd inil, rrli- Nitre, ounde, Vt millbt,t CLinete. o I rfioti|, erdigri v ,,i, Se,,,rn ....,. Alax, tio t' ttnr,,,, , -- o tin do Indin, do do Irtdted Sogal,, Windsoa,Englis.h, 1%1ite end,dry Imet it do do Amtdican, dtr Eiglish, o11:1 fo Castile, tt ground in iQtieksilver, AAm wsrltanltd ipre. ddO--Ctm CAPTAAIN MA IliYAT'S NE.V NO)VEI.. Rlttlin the Reefer, by the atlhor ol Peter Simple, &s Cumminqa, or a Winter at Sflhldos Ilaifiehl in Laow Stv.n, by Captain Basil Hall, Royal Navy, F. L S., in vol. Lord Roldan, a romance, by Allan Cunningham, I vo be'rpaurd i.e written by himsel;f, in 2 vol. l Cenapendians History e Ita/y, translated from the original Italian, by Natbniel Greene, in I vol. for ming No. 79 of ltarper's Eamily Library. Vols. 3 & 4 of the new complete and onilimt edition of Waskinpto lrrvine's Works. Rogr's French and English Dirtiower. ia 1 vol, tvo Nugenfs PrFean and EiePith Dictionary. ALns--A few more cupen of Colnmhe' Phreology "Rienzi Large Survey's Compasses ofsupenrior ion ity, with chains, Billiai Baill of 21-4 and 21 .2 inehes Gillott's improvedmerali Pea,japasted pape, weighbt &c. &c. de. Just received, and for sale by m31 BENJ. LEVY. SPAIN REVISITED,&c. &o. SPAIN REVISITED,&e,by the authr of 'Ayear Sin Spain' in vols. Tredig oefledta ckwealraege.eerra npplteable to the Aborgmien of North Amelia, by GTurmer,Esq 2 vols. The Political Granmear, off the United Santer, or a complete view of the theory asd practice of the genara and state governments, with the relatioan between theta -dedicated and adapted to the young met of the Unted States, by E D Mansfield, Esq. Ni ErED s Huatsl Ters intevpersed with ebracter istic anecdotes, esaymgs and doings ofsperting men, in euiading notices ef the peincipal crack ndio. of Englandt with analytical contents, and general index of names,5 volumes. TroR "rL CURE or Scrofula or King's Evil, Chonic Rhenmtisam, Chronie Cutaneous Din- Pains in the,.by free eases, ne of Mlectry the bloed being in vitiated state. This very econcentratd Syrup i prepared with, tih greatest pharmaceutical care and accuracy, and contain, the active principle of Sarsaparilla in the most conceet trated degree, combined with ther vegetable nubstance of known efficacy. The great desnleratum with physicians in being abl to exhibit a largo quantity of Sarsaparilla In a asma dose, has been obtained in thtis prepration-they, beinll fully convinced of its merits, confidently administer the course of their practice. Price $1 50 par bottle. Sold only at SWAIN BROTIIER'S drug store, No. I ]Canal street, who* may be had, fresh and genuine, dime tfrom tie pre ria tore, Swaim's Panacea and Vertmiltge, Potter's Ci.taol con, Carpenter's Preparations, and a large and genera assortment of fresh drugs, am4 PINNOCK'S ROME, &c. PINNOCK'S IMPROVED EDITION OF DR . Goldsmith's Abridgment of tie History of Rome to which is prefixed an lntrdolctionto tite Sttdy o Roman History, and a great variety of valuable infon mation added thneughout the work, on tie Mannera Institutions and Antuquities of thae omans; with eni merous biographical and historical Notes; and qtte tions for examanTation at the end of each section. It luetrated with thirty eu.avings on wWdlby AthertoN Plnsocr's Itproved Edition of Dr Goldeoinh'a Histori of England, from the Invasion of Julius Caeor to the death of George d, withi a cnmtinuxtion to the yes 1932. With queations for examination at the end i each section. Beidei a variety of valuable infonae, ion added throughout the work. Consisting of table of contamporasy Sovereigns andt eminent person, Copious explanatory notes. Remarks on thei pali tice, manners and literature of the ago. Ant outline, the Coitu.otiaq, de. dc. nlltntr.lted by many oager inga. oas'' ELnIuten of ARTAnOaOrs , and n Aoridgmen of Keith'a New Treatise on the Usti of tlobeh. New American edition, with additions asl improosemen and an explatioe ofthe astronoadcal part of the Am rican AlmanaCn Just received and for sale by WM M'KEAN nov 24 comer of Camp and Common teo HARPER'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. 1I ORACE,translantd by Phillip Ffacis, D D, with I an appendix, cuataning traalcantiots of nyarin.a odes, de. by Bein Jonson, Cowley, Milton, lrydotn Pope Addison, Swift Chutstert,,, G \Vakefield, Porente Bryant det. and oatne of the more eminent poets of tIn day--and PH(EDRUS, with the appendix ul (tudius transla ted by Christopher Smanrt, in 2 vate tfrenug volumen 19 and 1 of"larpter's Cluionial Library Timh Fxpeditoo of HUMPKREY CLINKER, hy Sitollett, Il I, with a memoir of tihe Antilor, by Tlhto ns Konoee Eeq., new edition, with illustraotions, by G iruikshaonk 'ITHE 3IPSY; a Tale,by the atthor of "Riohelie. Mary olit trgtandy," doc., tow edition, 2 vei wtompli PAUL 4IFFORD; by the authaorne "Pnlhati The Dist 'rd, n ,d, being volumne IV eltt neow ed nof"El war'e Complete Warks. Just received an sle cy WM McKEIhAN ACON 1gS--36 cosks Cincinnati Blaodiag from thseanoe et llEahoad nd p for lt

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