Newspaper of True American, July 28, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated July 28, 1838 Page 4
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1St :', pissfr:' hOrl t, . n on Ilal th ie{ 0 tE tiy 106 b r' pr:ot oily an. I thrdde brilhrotblic lo with S i . id' hopet, fe r I Sn tur on her p: to grcive ue oin lillr ihiral terms. under the Dar ii iur Cheo with I. ihe1,,lldldo e . in short,ne lth promiseeh ~~ati nt4 will he n her pt gi clls e sr , od plit mtr y patronize t.he H11 hiTn te rl ucqointd wilah ti3 i'ni th, havdng oy6atr tindsd themnt in f nd rry, has the hurharhton tollt anti-biltonu pills nater the composition r fpltte, with directions, can be had des il.p . d ig 1The e "ffot which they have ifts.utocese.,. to which the bost of .ett ivon. Apply at No. 166 Maga. e;t. 310J . MLORINCG. O W e I tOU, c. v, A OWEL[L WORKS COMPANY, No. eter, near Beekman street, New York, . 4 ld the peat season, and are constantly ei ad extensive additions to the stock f i goods, ihisoh now consists of the ow g oinrtmeant, eultable for the southern and reftOln'wOarkets.. olipw wre of superior qopallty, consisting of S4et 1500 tons, via, 'et of St diforent sizes, from 2:8 to 58 gahlons, tle, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 tgalone, SKitle, 15 eiles, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Ppaes or Ovons, 7 differont sizes, T ettles, 6 do Skillet., . S de flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, o do Oitddlos, . . 4 -do F-Ut.:ý s, . I do Wagon hezos from 1 1 to 4 3.4 inches. .Crt do. 5 to 7 inches. W ri4 Sorews, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from 8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior tliety aend fimish, and loss than Jamne's imported poees. Sad Irons, assorted, nieeaste of ahout 500 lbs fro *ctailing. Tailor's and hatter's Irotr, aserted. Bash weights, 100 tons, easseted from 1 4.4 to Beils for Plaontatiotsi, steamboeats, churshes, &e. eaeds (o order, Alte steambeats and other machinery mdse to The abSoe' assortment of goods is particularly I resoi.mendod to the attoenion oe Southern and Westb.n merchaent, and ark offered for sale at low prlas,and updn the most liberal tont ijt its bo lo etioo the largest and belt aafrtment oer, e.'e for itse by any te0 ovstabial: Jmsm t in th# aNitei States. Melthane hy forwarding a request by mail, can have (printed circular, with dsoription of goods, p "ianesd termsefromn which no deviation is over Loade, frlished by return of mail. All orers will zeceive immediate attention. New Y kh.. 1813. j3 . - S-ItU T & PllivLitHS-Underwood's Le L mon Stroup and Picle, erete oizena also, 60 boe of Lw ise & -idskelo Pi'klel; for sale to cloto a coognment, by t JAItVISt os NDUL;WWS, e3u .men co Common and f'uehopiotoi so mAP-hl e h boxes0 No I Shut, braend of Jaoces Aiould, for sale l y : | ISAAC llittE& CU. . dm16 131 .eine streh. TO I.l.'. ,'Es+o dlrolliajc hosmse oO Tlron stres, hte Y t ioas Tieoli Cirls a:od Cioendatat trse:t. mtl. Aplty to J OT', tp tHEELiARl.itOW, &c-25 \V heelborroms, "5 dirt d.. in 0to, n, tsr on!s hV CnIAMPLfNI & COOPER, ml3 32.iul'ast u"LAtI d rsl"d Cap cod leotes liparl.of all a.. . o thle., o:rni ftinl of very sperin blue lalid, bla so t whille ou d, n" l no;d ruied rough edge rucord sup, ciatsrt.otly to haod and hlr sali b ,\tVl'ID IFBLT & CO. .I1T N V Statiouel.' Hu}lld_4 Chartrs st. bJ~s b..r..fl duz each ;,loselle 1 ine, 18.; V: i do .f2 d.. a, do 10l21l S ln do oft do .IP P$or., Ilti; doi do ufA do I.Phbro'shlltrry ,ll., p0 ipteu* xr'I adeira. elsr.ulu b. II RI (1), ,o'ni~. IRU(.tWN ,. QCIt. or 'rstli oteOot. ".|.1..LNK lJtlih;...f e rory rtt' of ralinn nt~d I ' bind in g ' C ,,sl oen y o ln o h on d ; o ld " or in ' zF, R u h Itld BitldJ.. tst'ttly cneolllh'd.i.t theft aneit.., 1,. l)Ai'h o.'m;'-.i' & CO. mn3t N YStatnilortlio' all,2 ('ihartr s.o . B' .l';V---]'ol"; i 6h-r i" ifid-(.s. i"-c.' ean urandj] sidirng, Ilr osl ho "n I IS.AU NIDGE & Co. ott 134 blagazine stroot. " 1..IL to tory bri:k !,ause, aito.ntd 5 doors S-.ijm thle .ooond 1 toniciality Itallino tCharles iolet. i'.lt veri lo, polUsCssivo gioeo ;ImmediatelIy, i[LOUIR--OU bls o f Flour, for al hv ,'it I Dr)iSI:Y, I I even. , d AcO1 N f; tr el, 41"Nv Irl , I161 coilds i~oIl% ladikg from Aimoohas~ndor.foruule S rmU1 17Commerce st. : L I fl'u, ctor.t: cja Wre.tll'l' & A1 t vola u :l stune Ge 1 :(C. 4151OTH RSL~ l" lf, o5 V R mp i tB Oo tn. NOw oIIR nF , ?inv.I , 1 t .7. MC S"Tinis mmssth ago I had thie oiatirtultie ti got t. sasrer dirnoas, for \ histI thuve to.Riled to eero olI dsleoro for a €ore, and lhod 'dilatl ooit ursllt, so now dn tis abose dots 1lot ystooelf sqsDr tI auto of ilnoto lsuet, and I exprm:t hm to oure ises, tiOn dalt tinhl te rt-ii.:s got t ,r s, so nus ot brok out ill large nleso to the unmttr nf sir or eight on ea b lo., an, sit over my the, Uad sure throat,tand lot al e sl 1 w;rk nl b e itosnlot lhtls Ott ao.oooioi otflhio stirO-; hslc llul.r lhIs riglh sdflhl t thilirialt. t Outl Irt,/ Ititgittt 000 enltldtistlo unlor thi uarn of Dh. .iers, o.f Pn io. to h pretlv euredot JtJlN I)DEAN. fL It I 4 I DO CF.IRTI FY that tic .b · se naletisuooid liote L qullite t.;;II r id to my own m·is.ooun, hltr \ih.isl I haltd tDr. utl;It aou morlover I str, tltol Iit, medi rise l have tkein mnkis me fat. and did nlo inhlro ily . Altlt i.t all; therforce I advist my f I1nw *s.uFrtrst lttdaJ lint" usd1 apply In Itr A. lunt, 15 liourbon t. lh-. ist find Iitrre ilector eor th, comnntait. S - JOtlN )KAN,4 l( iirorejr street. Iar eny tre v tiroto is o, coall at No. 4Oi oavia : 4ireet, cod thsiv will hi eatitoit.i 'To be pulbFsldl at 0t1 d p;is.l of Dr. M, .loitN Di..N. ltew Orleans. Feb I, tllg. fh I Iv P .ltll'GtE Ucoloe lhoin ltiu.iooontl t,,i, ,u mu.. U. hosot, is lint lil in hitltleo it Ihlt. low prics .,f .il Slit anchaoCotuitmitg tts ottorsirth if shrtt iotorc if S .ive*,rt, hei le tis thinllles at yl,lV er rol.ts nllld si~sssorsrtbssoiisolojsisslsti iUotl·aiorsso i,. t~itid 1r 4 o.own mstp hte Indihn, as 00fllijaiors iin euriing tsoi.[ otol nowhuio, t tt jPii ,lh'id sucetss wohich las aoltetlhd tit soe of u iro.nabL Itltnam werev.r i hrIs I,cron intr. d hais. n lht edl . the flliuai'o anod te1ostlnlltodi l .;li o lit, itus F of rlqogn, I • ·l, Frllp, .hai the .i:1', wnot of ret, ·1piinig,. or blood i tlrrs:-l,osuplit st.ot. ,*, i];. ;. s -';o sot us " us oanfr t-t.ue IBrlaritll proruoiltol r. urhl. I ser'd lhldlnusa onnroo flivorwnri a di !Imhouold. wuioh o, de.relsd goold etiol: ott oao thinrofos,, ftn lhs lto - teid ottlobooootrd?~l isitnId s~ frisoutoll rhsesoo;tiot SIddd i st of th is o fllt tr clibrv tlls is to.O:t 1. AI.tlVfIN WLISl.l 4D, .' I .Menlstr of tha t B1stoul lMedical.~rumeiatiun. alebv JARVIS . ANDRg1P i BostoI . Ootstttlr do. tndcld by tst Mlsdisl,. X LttR'$ Effemosaent Magnesiaon Apontilt-For .UCldrsuitPsin or is l ligclinn, oltvmoslo ds.lslitrm, oiddl sJoi4t i.ev of cthi 010 oah, Isltiousl osso. s.'l~5ItstaleandosuT5e .sut rMvel, kc. ad nlllch < . is ~ll, eo9liir ptlryativR.' 1 . ,renaratin I received the patr:n. n.h ,,a oft ,e profelstion,s ai.d irllpd tl pli.sasiglis.ithis l.f a gla of ,O t 5 itm05 it tam ,55 rI.eldinilil pIprtie pslssc tedtsli Isa purgativea it a pltaana oh R'rN.' ;:AU'rl)S-'rh inersasleg repilol. a deaond ft or I sut,' ~i'ssost Moues. vrlah~i bt6 nted ; Prbnrchnr ~* I r r wperu f i*hio fi . i r i ttu bh g u nl not proiut, acrtsir m 6nl, Ilorib esitsfuly ormo ti s .ari. s , m~sos;stiy "stPttlhd n ii h the -rgitlil Ad F. wiss ps! sootlhUst Pi. t F at 015u , , rstou . * d Telsil. |0 ilatar,, N t ; I i R1P4Ifoitto-di . isn , flit, dns, the tissto.o.,l; itAlts.llhraud it.r t-e pt-hlll, itoisrvI oetbooftlr-Olur~ fotrsiifksoidohudi, lid,,5..0 t t:¢t.[ati gll .t, I,,fhal, l |~lea~ds nr. -I', os i¶;l . Oss ,i ,tliioenr . Ie.a ,t 'tMI m.l~lh lu .. .. . . o 1s I . ,tljo.d. hulln . tit'umt t t l.t i .b .is l i; trstslo fe.. p' geoais'Lj~t.'videlpagv it ldi-r II it fus Juiitr Ii. t~unsltlsotsdt Ioit. 'Ilb Ii is i~ti~i~i~0;:~ ; d ohisv It. "', r sale at Fro', - , , u .ac 'l 'CT. ,. :I S r~.' C ` . Mooor .ALRTT & O, nae n rweceiaeglm O o p Bboar OrlEas, Engle, Hlihlander, t'okar ry Andlew nFrenSch and German nlayeanlrd; Badck tbmon B.ardl Chessmen, 21.4 and . r2 inch Ril ,d Ballr s 9 10 . end 12 inch hladeo Bonie Knives: Leather and other travelling Drosing Case; Belt, Picket, Hlloreman's, and Duelling Piatols;dunble end itine barrelled Gen g;.Game Rngs Shot Belts; Powder Ianda PPlin, Fu; Dnram Bottles and Drinking Cups; Prcteale Caps ted- Cap Holdern; Cloth lairr, T,nth; eid Nail Druesha, Omr and Chlorioe Tooth Wntcb: Iomth Polewdew aile, cal Shoving .tpps, in groat va. d shl lang flair Braids, Ringlets and Friretle; l'ear; rand ''leBt Powder, m ee h legse; Ivory Tub Cnahinrs: Petent hSld oer GarterS- GOlm Elan tltine upsnders; Powder Puhs and Bnuet . filr Chains, Seals end reys; Perdreles, Waist Bueklae; Bmleerlte; Bead Necklaces dChia. till. t and Sililered Beal.; tndian eadse, Sell and Plumes Shell Twist: Side and Dreossi le Comenl which, in esditin to their former saink on hand, omadis their ssortmentc very complete. and will be sold oun end oi liberal terms, at the litr of the Golden Loabr 70 Chartes stre.t. rH/E Suth.erilear, Agoents flre tl e etensive house of SW. & A. Butcher, Sheffieod, Enlasnd, iavre us meeled a very extensive et of tt":eestI, consisting of Table and Desnert Knives of e ...- desrriptiun, Pen, RPocket, Dirk, and Spear point anlves; Razors, rels n.s,.edge Tools, &e. &c. &I. which they are prepEred aexhibit to the trade lororrdes. Terms and conditions will be made khten at the time. m16i J: i). BIN & ACOHEN.90 Cometn st. NEW GlOlt IS. I IMMONS, tARTT& CO.-Are now receiving A-pser ship }lutivnlle, Paele, Merry Anthew, High n rencah nd Grmann e double head pl vieng ers: te, celt eaudrctket pistols; plain, rilt.el anul split etlo tcepe rdep hollers; scise nr, Bpzora, pen. est Ofillmt's eommerlal and tlter steel Iens; Vie rm; Violin stringi; shell, ivory and horn eomha t wafers; k, hed ant d eather parsesl hair briald troet anei ask rinplet; netro puff; German :mil Frutch cologne taler, Rowlalnd s maeeaser oil. imitation do; antique eud hears oil; portable desks and dressing eaes: past, blacking; statis and toilet glasses; convex mirrors; op eal gloesio and views; linanlNt lad, bells sod plumea; eortleon; whit- twine; toilet td slaving soaps; toilet owder, oseetnclie wah ballet scented ratin ohitllone; lpol stands; scrw oltshions; fancy iread chains and neecklans; hilllnrd hall.; hoonks and walletts; German honest; razor arraep fine andt eommon Kum elastic lspendrers, garterse lo Bells luoifer matches; sil ver peneils; Ceyonse, &e. d.e. Thveslt in addtllion to our former stock of faney articles, makes nor assortment veear nnmlete. Pot sale wholesale or tlailt as lthe sign ofihe Groldun Comh, 70, Charteree sreet. _$ei. NOTICE--The partne,.hi of melt,,,, M '.l,,&,-C, .L f New flloan.; Mason,.llurris&Co., of Natchez; td Harris, Kelley d Coe., of Rodney, was dissolved on hIelt of May lado', bd tle death of Sdamuel A Maion,O ene of the pritners of the firms. Thle undetlrigned, urrivinog partnere, will be charged! with the aettling and claoing said blaeinas ae n ollrnm LeriC lnrris will attend tolthe settline oft. te bujtess of Sl.hteol,B Harri& CaO. tit Natchez; and ltrine, Iel ey &b Itdnev; and lenry Kelley will attend to heoettlitg of tho buiaeness ofKtelley, Maoa &e Co., at New Orleans. The namesr of ho several firms wihll b used in lietciuelntiatt only. Thosea idlvtted to said firms are earnestly requested ,eomo forward sad nake early settlements; and theose aihavg laeims will please rn them without delay. LEV .2 HARRI.S, II ENYI KELLEY. New Orleano, Jone 27,11837. + CakrT-7-r- te The. eriNe-6 .-g-luxerfi:K ar.2 ceasho mare of this superior Cologne water. jue' ani- sd Wench tmilet p ,wdori, powder n B_ S .haringeand toilet u aps,pa osmetc wash cole rsemeti, coled creae, rtr ac o k r a rnico'ms, vgoeable hyir oil, pomatom, ,ride lavcndr, rose and bay wtters, IPret semsah, Meareillea perlomtery in trunks. vegeta hble s d liquid routr , Chlorine and Orris tooth wash, cltlb,huirtuoth, null and flesh brushese together witt an additional supply of fashionable horn andl shel coubs and jrewelrytfor sale low at wholesale or rtail by SIIMMONS, HA'A T &CO, ju!avd 70 Chrtrna street. , VML .' 0 g';ODS-Simmons Hartt & co am noes 'e le carsinl from on heard ships Yazoo, an l :aratoga and brig Coneordia, from New York, a great varietyc o goiats mI their line, which together with their forme stock on h;.nc, tmakes their aesoet entv erye' lute. The ollowing ncompose a part, ei: c ll to let, I.,,r...;d, tutesk and deleitncemlos, horu do ;fall draceiptiont, ItA lie rueebr, ailk nttl worsted elastic garterp , enomlnoe & fine elastic saUpenders, Icon fco attdl Lucifer matclhles, Seidiitz podtlcrs,powder pualf nd taoxcs, toilet lpowder, plocket bhks and wellets, ncCdlo hooks, shell, pearl, Ivory and tno d rt card aees, a iend ornaments, plain co ridl tarsi, necklaeors at negligtee, head ctntur, lead leckleeces, .ut elona and plait,sctd,oiivec and gilthb.cds, Indian heads, bells arie polmes; pistol and Ir.e, pow ler flaek, hot belts, horse, belt. poelt ottd letoilin .eds;tn doable andnsingle barre!led uns, Bowie kaiivcs, and dicrk, reisor, shenrs, eocketlhives, uaord elchni, and rilbon,.w aist bueklos, cloth, Iair, toothl, naillllb, crumh, shoe,-plate, thr andl dustling brurshes, Cologne, Florida, lavender, rose tld bay .water,eseorted essences, end exatract, Macossar, hear, antiquen an. ar'ors ve getablo hair oils, shaving and ltoilet soaps of alll dles criptione, ladies' attd gentlt:meost' dck:t and dressingc esPes. hair rie letrfriztttaes at htraidl, plain, fancy aondl musirsl work boaes, plain atnd tilt, figu'ed, coat and reet hbuttos, pearl and ivory eltirt do, sill ittudds,gfoll and silver pencil cases, toothpalka find twetzer pcttedl l rand rilt lockett, miniature do, silver, hras sald stlel aimbles, hooks and eyes, hair pit, imitation fruit, hlk cid rod itk, lhs hloacking, violins and ogtiarsiribhet atd plain porcusaiton capst litft twine, sentled.eltsh t'ets geld etend silver lane and flret hlter p'tpP r grne sagLL~cS, "ditrg edn,,npi wikiK cl .s, playtugreCar&(]+ Tfin (I,., Nal t.;,1 dsid g lt ji, ll"-v tc.. 'ipo IaboVe, tOeeth-r wfilh iit ,rect varfit'vofthlcr ,rti lets are ttlci tat whelsaele or rat,.il on eccommodattitg N B Slhell cotmbs repi.-ld. -GTO'.l~·'BT+ .- iTc-, a.t i r .c. .... .\7 NSVTE . SRLRE'r Y T'1"ORiE--at It; sign of teo golden ecth, 11o70 Clartrelo soet;. The,0rie',ersec htve rc eeivecd, inltddtlion to theirprevioos oatrk tt hatdl, a fitll and eomplote assortment of etIttlr s in their line; viz: coetebs, perfumory, Jewellry, Ictrohes, lockintl glttosoe, lancy ecr le,:.crt itte.r g it prtt t s to ttt low:: COMt It--toroise shell, wrou lht sndt plain tuck twist, ql;lled buck, lotg round, drcecstl, elteep; ; ue urland nook, lBrazilian combs of verty dscriptionet t;onget which e some Mexiraoo pattr-", ivory eotlet of' every dlaseriptton, horn, dresi:tg anI pa .tt, togethler w its a gonerol asortotttat onfrh cotulls nid ; Anrils. t'ERFIUMERY-Cologne, l.t,mdlecr, Florilda, honey, hay, rose, ead orn.Ct tthtovr wat:r t toft: eesiz e As l deoe eription, campho'ated Column.', egtrarsr:';,l" L.r m ot, lany soaeps of ,dl kinds, shalting do ill caike and boe, errion seepdt, \artl's voegetale haeir til, busts and on. tiquedo. l'Preton's smelling nalt, pltin atdl perfumed toilet tlmwtr, , arl powder, poa ler pllfs ando tbtes po. aturem inputs :td .mllIort andel chloriine toeth wolh and rowdlee. with a general assortment of JEWL LI,4Y--sooo ofthi latest tttd atoat faohionato llo aetta, coniseting of wrlite and rned eontlian, topur 4. j:t nrrlep, set in filng e, hreaot pion ofa gre° at..n tv ofpttlrnse, watch trimmincaite, tll nd llve- .,uckles, adlcer thimebloe,cilrereel cand l pt tilf ttid geardl chaine lBRI"SHES-"Clloth, ltir, doiutl. tI,cr mu h leardhfloor hat, lesh, tooth, plate, colmbt, Nail, 'iocing, ahoe and whitewash hrush;to. L(sOKlING GLASSES--German stlia tnd tobnet elsssa, meig-iyiang and frcench dressing glasses, hoet , with a varieiy O'otLer o ie ltP not eotmteratcd. TFANCI'Y ANil VARIETY AITICLES--French ut Am:erican portabl dlasks and dramsing eases, some eer rill aitd tihely ,nitaltd ladies worklboxesanddra,. Sre tt, t witl :htoot withouttt mtlttc, mtusleal hoxes, Ac colti:,ot of various kin:ed, violins atd gu'itars, silver I nto( ptnrilo atd leaclds,wod peno:ils er earpenter eand erl ypl, ,i,'ride el ,'hs:KS, Ul,;e and pistols with and without .r'.,s, la.'r. , 5reap', p:ercussion cap charleurs, ipple aerev, l ' 'rt, shit t]ea. gnnae hwbags o t)at. lhckg,tttoy teIn tlts, lasnit tehlee(l'f every kiod, bells and pitemas, has anld t*,O | kniose, otors uted scissotrs, titt:tblos, a.:c,lhes, pI.u, .oil er pl+atol, steel ad lcomneltt spucta ald ..lw·rih Inale etldolo telstttt'lt, i:nitnk;on ti'ul,, ci-i hoxt-, prlett el aFoioteo kittle, tatttetldrt }OletletIee ,ttlmtmouttrs lilttsaeia'a aed Itewtin'a ritur stapos - and nectillic haulao,elirks, teicy lt.el tet:lltt, lac, hwtt ,.ri drop,; toy act-ltct,tpoerl lInlttet, pttottder laulol, ea te.nd plate seed htetdtl, ell entlsilveortitt gttt elatie scuopsl er'r, and 'oetersjelin and sword ctace, liecltguoitltte es end drinklitng cttlp, o iflt a grett variety e1 oduet- arti selt, nll trfwitol h will hIt sohl elt casha or city accolta-t. ce- oo 1.. hcunoett arcedtl. i IdI3lt:'e3, di ct. dl t 'I0Cotrtrcout. 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Ailertrnn, if -I..rll ana Freiin -lh!0iblxtrii, intfano ciren e-lf iniliin . !1-tii ,Icua.ri du.-uifittbrset, renriuente et, will bet tiialt:ti raalr y A eeii N if. Alaifmninag etak ti ni p- raned njif-if ipp nat,. rill I.e receirvd at [U ipr rent dinurriit fer anoda, or ra pay'.In tof iadfaa: jLI a1 1fi Lo ol$ ¶ andieg trim teanreer Iirtepead. II. ft . n " illt. 1IVLIAMS, OcULIST, COW AT THE JeFFERSOrN HOUSE, JEFFEtRSON STOtET, LOUISVILLE. To the Editor of 'he Louisrile 4dtertier: SIR--It appears Iy t ob rvntina. of the Editors of the Nashville'Presbyterian, Union and Trens ckpt, as well as the edtora'of the Me:nphiso Enquirer, that the "Old notlneman" is armong the Doctore. 'Phis is proved by Iis klingly rage, knnwihno that lltints i3 but slttt, and that the itlne,. deout A:\oitrnt teolple are able to judgretr themnelves what are pull and iposition,. The brthv e ditors who are Doctors, the priprietors. editors or sub-dlitors of the dahoy named junrnals, call bvery letter fee.n persoon I have restored to sight In the above pleces, puno. I. The fact is, that I never had'eeahl great suerse within so limited a peeoltd as ten or twelve dayr. One who wnra aoed tiout ten years, who tad only saee the light from hit birth, beron to ane to follow hie meotee to my hotel, instead of being ceoi-ied to bhe led by him. Two yonng ladiee, Who had eacliloot the aight of one eae, on for ten yenars. and the other fer tlearly two years, having both of them the other vye very weth; Iet each of ttlove venug Indies began tin" e with both eyeI whichi benct I pledge mvIfed ill continues, oex edpting the,, a'o undru the inbfluence or dmnnati :n of the Medical Doctors. Aeother is the daughter of a respectable inerchant, wirloe name I aRm hound never to mention, (tas le paid te mty ftee), who sarl she had lost the eight of one eve from the age of 19 months, but that site now t egin' to rerd large letters with the other eye completels shut. Thlli the doctor editors keewe's the gentlemani told me himselfhn hId c nu dne.ed his dauihter to the ofncr of the medical editors. g that they might be infirmerd of the fact. The last I shall mentiot ie an-eldeee gettlriman by the name of I Yount, nearly e.vri'ty year of age, whn declared ph'b it hielyby letter, which he tank to all tho different'offiree in Nashville but tne, and himtnel told me he had paid for the insertion whatever they Er.ended, who declar nd iu that letter that lie he 'orally deprived of the sieht of one eye from f ks aiter his birth, which his motheretot'd to li,,. - occasioned byh tile meaosles or emll poXt that nw, fte could not nli, see the light of the sal, tor the first tile tlat lhe recollects, but the stars also, and was blginning to distinguish tmany hbiecte; aod did. hefore I tft that city, rive ma any proof hat lhi could see to walk aeoit tlie streeta 'with the other eyoe rocpletely elosed. Hn said he hod Sbeen a member o the tlethodliat piscopal Clhurch rta eI nerly forty rear. an I that his word it never doubt ed through the wtboea course ofhio lile. 2. 1 repeate ilucet 'had never greater aerrets than at Nashville, mld tifort o'ie medical and clericn doctors had neverteltta rce reatol rtan to he ratied. 'the Y pioueindignatiet-t hlh Rerv.clerical Dr Smith proves, when :e statedto ma that abtit six years past, Ito wtit etnverted from the lbet erfect infidel, to beliiive in the dotrin e of the Biblo.thlt le must have made a triflling error-tiat he muo t lave imeant to say, tltt befre the end of six years to come. the shtuld be converted frmnt t his infidelity, as the spirit of the trnt minister o f the , penaeful ard benign doctrines of the oCristian religiom does hreathe out destrucation, rage, cltutnv and *d falsehood to please his medical ftiends, dgeitit the : tman whom he knew had dNol sd much goodoand otn in Sjry to any yie. All the inhabitants if Nashviille spoke n. of tihe re'at ee.e i hdl, to-cnpt thie eediiru d etors. tMost of them also had been informed hby h" Ylunt of ,t the cure performed on his totally Ilined eye. 1. Thw e famiou Goialh S. oa thls townc pretemds that 1 have loot the laurels I gained litlthe Norte, since t y id airval in the out:hwet. T'hir proves, hcwever,I hod, Said tha*t I kept them tntil arrived in this section. If I. gained one in the nortlh, oaoglt to ha re gained annth. rin thoe slth and stlthwest, ant I still hope t weare thetm on my very vnilihfnil bri.w O the diy I leave, in spite tf tile vituperation of thel grout Dr ., if I may Sjudge from the mon I ave ahady benefitted in tile ertv ithin three days. i. c The obitlt *if the present is to inform the midi. Srtl Gfliah and editore if the Republican ilo i'l Trar e rCi t, as we'll st the clerical Dir litnit ef the C. Prae. bvtIirian and of thl Uliun, of Nrashvil'e, a well as the eittor tld sult medical editorof the Mel his Enquirler, c as well ca Mr Prentice, the editor af the Louiaville lJournail, uand alse the medical Guliah editor of this city, the corct Di' S., that t shill brilne actions agaitst I '. tiien all, fir vtuperati to, slaelr or calumny, itntodi. elly tete after ay arrival in Newt 'oitk. ai well as against their amiable b e h:o:n the medical Guolilnhs oftle tnrth. aI iotw hind i'selflhy proeisc, neter to qit this Ihlppv letd of lile- iv, until I have brought the no0ses o all my ~iedtiel Git liah o f the north, as well i the seouth and tht w rt, to the grindstoa! Tile nllietcdl, dlire. Sfore, may osledatloe o finding mto diinig thie ~irlo of o n vea er in New Yorkl, \ her letterr, pobt puid, anti ot ne others, will lie re reto reach tle. le. 5. 'o inform the poalic that the rtuil, so al'eil, o, which the Rev. clerically converted infidel pretend was i- written for him, was written 'l ore thou at week proli eand itianldd bir the Rev. D. Ilawell, whto reid it io ts, my prexencc itlhout manifetsing any dlee Itroibtiollo; Sr. on Ihecontraryv took it to his srtuld andl condentel it ia l, the wait he did, which in said lie tlulltt twould an ' ewaer lmy Iuroosc better; ha delivered thle, boith ti ite, old wi:rlitn. ireteniiog tlhat I wanted ti bilio trit fiom h: lI, ty, I neveri cuild ticrumee to nfir that geitlaurtn v- or any other, any noney for stating fuetl 'hie ltier if Doctor' ont ltement is before t heo puoblic: aoid he not ,examintdl all my diploimas, &c. &c. wilh a genotlrimtu, ', ate intimatro fritill of thi, o well at the wIcolo of Ily I.1' patieot', in company with anotlher rlrgvlmno, tilil ii, fould tiem all to he" tttlhantic, tand all u,v" puoito tit t, be more or less benefliltted, he ievt:r cttll lio o bei'i - induced be a total otranei to drle up c-'i anrt atlticle 0- s e wrote lhimieltfftr puhliuaiiu, i.i.I o-ridried it to, l',hil Stri.tfiecld, editor oftre i \\'r, , t' -at. d G. No tonder thle lerirs'i;hte.r imiriict (;lllialtirlf I Nashville took tio al . ;iii1 IIadrelloe tii d their l li forts to oin with themn the all-powtrliul thletric, .h'. il eo l andi iitel tual force. of the st id ' Icii e-ci i t ri-,iI el crlicl infidel . i :i rcead i. tit. Cible i ti 'i r , is k llllrv a Ilv il- ii's." I dare ally tile ae-nvT.rl.. ;fihi,l 'i lhas pruorhed frotiltmlit pa.r.y e. ' '. le vidimliy toetllhlisl his moritl 'h.rl to tr air a miac , tlt sllowiinrl that lip t was tii,'it c ' ,11 n hbribed. L.ut ua or whet-l. theirwlii-in ,nli',is ,f to another ci utcrtir iitt el, trim, ini i h, - "t a f t' e In tli]t t It lnel r nf'p iuri s of silver. t1 - t,,. te,;. : tho:l it "'ii rir,. tii,..,i-i- '.cv'., f. iii n .u-c "'i-....., t : ~ " : 1..." rlI ..on ry cnt . I. ', a it";i not ,.i .ce 1i.t. ,i I~I rl I :: li Sput;: Mf" dl theo r..dtl lr prinl:r '.' It-,-, t:1 i I ,p:r nrnl ,,,. I C-aitnr n, ltrol two o n t eonlnh-o of lorliv i It mt it,.d ii mntterwhich we:e to be repented clhlc t ,- eol;l limo: e: in the l'reebrter ic, Uniun :llrl 9llnitur vi,.,rnal.,, had 1 ever intended to brihe him, 1 .=hold have u.reolIe) hina ft leiit d$00, hli rei h-cr fer, illotad off I, whichl, in ali yilt. nbiiliity lie cwould I;tre gladly -rccaired as his fee, Ituitd nit asoi bribe. Ont Ihe Introly if i bel toean ca II lible ifofic lin_ a bribe, I should certainly have dunet y it ill i WSy o have ioltred hia scocptitrr'. a i. lHtd -thie Riiv. l)oetic beet reo.lly coiiitrel to tie It-li'eff the d,c:trineo of lie n'evi'citi. lie wntlldl not Ita oe promised to Icame iitd cxniaitn iit tI' lllt i t i ho i- ttlt keeping his wlr"rdl, or I have aiwiy's fourit teveiv t, minlster of he gospel zealoua to 'lo. i, I. Had Ire been really converted, lie oull nb.t' . Lirlv hluea spokill inhlstt the Atneriran it, itttint., hd wlich, it is well know, re more numeonro., iandi which 0-tire speir-itr t" lutnir it some parts of Europm. lia Sconditlit so ttluch dicga',tedl some young literary bchar. n itris, s.t to ie scarcely rottliated froit plunih.tng hilt Soil tho .ltlby laying ioloout hadet on hiln. Th'o Rtev. geotlettmn,though a Seotchmno , is withut e exceer, (illess hls is calumniated), olthoiugh lie mayy athink hu Iloa a right to abase the Amarilca inhhtitutiio,. en beeame Ito is a eorverted infidel. I any he has not-,a all ought to spnak well of the bridges he ges enofly over. I hnuey the gallant Cnplain Grundv,.and severe1 other aotiable yoeng gentlemen of NashVille. recollect at well the condot-of this pious expounder of thie Ioly to Seilitulres! lri. 1 net aisawn such a.ermln inbhnltn elape a the Ilev. Doctor was the day I eel ne to reason with him, a-len he menaced mny grey hairs with an uplifted gigantic arm, a if hoe would have fallrd me tr the grooul, for dsritg rn draw a pious nistiater.away from his daty, by a tribe of 30 pices of tilver! I really Stroeletd ainre than if the adIi Gentleman" had jal t petrel in his own shapen! S1I I a,.leinaly declare before lad, nd am ant I fraid to call (lijn to witness that 1 aecver, in the whole cnurse f, at 42pecua practice as an r o liet, in Great Britain, It'nnran, Iutrlam and AmericaI inn a single instance of ardu an brib tav umonent totheeditor of tniny jorn. Sbut tis a o:llpansntioa forthes spae I occapied Ioal tile i trouble which I orcnsiaaled them;and that enna olways more ianilined to roduce, tI'ther than add ary itlouyto tae printer'l bill; which is a asulfcientproof that I had d noiltennion to bribe. r hi. Lle,..-I''he.Memphis Elnquirrtortw or three d wee. t containa ut tissue of flagrant faleahood, which Sthe medical (Goliah editora lenret front their bretllren tof the M. Glollahs of the Nortl, and I shall treat them with setr contompt until tie proper time arrivesa:- inless it in trLe what I have bon iDnrateal--"Sue a hegar, anId vy:l will catclt a L--!" 'Thougl I paid hii for tiny t;tlltulSallenat for two or lree aweeoks, lie ulny inserted t110 111 nO ce , You will plense to insert this letter i your ianext pa per, and oblige yours,E &. In haster, JOIiN WILLI.1.'n ., t1le English O:uliet. Iautieilh,, a ly Itt7. a O. ,d.f,'a ti1. S. WV. C..tevoclt. 0 4t2ih Jan', taim. At tIe rolU,'ent of a r. Willianms, we insert the fullew. it. ttl ti'oti the Rev. Mr Howell, of Nashville, to tal ediats of ilt, Southl Western thristian Advocatoe, who, itkitpour ,lo hIas rena ind the alilomn antid onlhrt drcu. ne nts,eaireiva inothe nDocaor'scit puat blict patron. s ago In cgreatsucmce f tan t'accident, )r. W. will to Imi.n i1:. h vslle anfew days longer than he at first Rev. Mr Sreingel.l:t-ltnavieg been requcted by Dr. Williama, tie nonliwtnta i ton hia city, to eamine tin nuaneiaouo dipiaeas and other docaneneata evinnei. of hilsalainm to punblia oonfideaar cin his protesion I have, i inapan) withlt a Vtall Ihriend,dn seno with pleaare. a gtihoa Lm I found a letter froea M Pagrat,at pre. Nrt Chargia e.d'Alhire at thae in at fIen Frencb, at nVastiacugt, addreetal te Dr. Williome, tnttifying the Senaiienaanh aaot the diploan remam tihe Kingh aotFance, jolgiane, e. an well an those tent the Medieal iocie. tiea of Fnrance. le has numernll avou ahera htem fthn iknowen to be of higl repntiatian in hisaeoletry, received tinen his arrival it Itho Uni.ed . tata, detailing inaten. rca ct great anrcetain thle etratiaet ola ight to the tel, rd. . have cean ne clv all ia peoor patiesta in thig c.:e. I knew aonn of tilnt praeioua to theiracoming tater bis care; butall I have area nay they are uu queotionably henefterd. u KOi T. B. C. HOWELL., Na.ntille, Jine 21, 18w17. P d. S tSitncer ritiagltne toveone fcnDr. Williame' patientat lbna called upon ne, and says he bal actually end totall- loat tte aigitat one eye tor aetentytears, bet now drclareahinself bhater that lnast nighrt, or th firstertime na is his TCieat he can recollect, he could die. tingelalhwelth Ol t .I men t ofe the prominent 1ai tarn. SlOarn theeatthie'old entleman has lived many tyr. in thdi rdgin, o ndraya ha has been a Mlethedit daring forty years. Yasr, truly, h.ruhi R. B. C. I.. FTgNNgc'8 MAP OF LOUIMItbNt,gta. Grr a iT.EM N Lry Tlttllsana, with it canals, roadse . anti diatncenfroem plain to lraa;nalonag the stagh ot etm oaedea r nutea, by II. S. recaner. the preincipal Tnurpike annd commrtin cnadsr, oa whieh are _i- le eltslien etioa nilon iles troeln at place 11t anothe,-, aleo alt rcuatt n ithe cnal and irtl teadt thrcuh aat thle t-rtuaet-c.cnrtiillay crnnpiled fronti the bent au tllraii.'s-puh l i S. Ana-itatn t Mitcelaol. MIt-crtteL.L a Ttnt at neR's GUIDE Taeeenccnt Ttar. banrt 5 a aen a a d ao tle roela, alietnerr aterawp boot anld caeol matne, ia jast rnecived anal toer cle WhI tl'AaN, ( IIlnlt "J KlO PII1LAbELl'IHIA-Far cainby 'tOlli·e, al'lt(tIIEtl e 31 ti.ateealp ait'a .... I... Al... 'S t'( ;:A. irOR thearef leaIsii tA fulN o kAy'evlsout, I neiatica or hip gut, inti.eht cancers, saltrhenm, I '|philitie and mercurial aiseaset, lt tictularly tolere anol paiifulaieetiona olfthe bones, ulecatedthm ate:as jt a trils, olersof every densetptlon, lfevr sores, ntl intental shtess. fitulnos, piles, sndd bawl, stony, bites, cheo- I nit stre eyes, ey siltelis,blothels, and every varietofen. - tnirtous al:haetioe, erolte Catarrh, head ache proceedl ing from any acrid humor, pain in the stomach and dts I1epsit prooeeding iromvaratiion, atlfetionseofthe liver, chbrmiin litetanetation of the kidnsern , ail a generl lbili tv eonued hb atolrpid action of theveels oflthe skin. It is suing tlrlyeficasios in ranovatingl those conetitutions i hiob have been Ibrhkeo down by injudiclina treatment, juvenile ireluities. In genernl terms, it is rreomn nntedl In ol those diseases which arise fia*n impurities of the blond, or initiation of the hunmte, of whatever name or kind. Some of the above cnoplaints may require some fri. flinhgatnot appllictions, whiaichl theiretoamtanees of the ease will diota:"t but for a generel remate or Itutlfinator to remnvetheeaua, the ISI IAN'S PANACEA will geanendly be fund sullaioi nt. TO 'INE P lURIAC. hlow true it is, that mnodern Physioians, m their am hitiot to excel in their profession explore the vast fields ofseience by the aid eJfohenmistry, ann seek out new re mnadli as'hits; in short, to alinie at perfection in the pInetice by means of art alone,--entirely overlook and neglect, as benenththeirt sttee, therieb and bounteous stors ofanedleine, which the Almightly has canused to spring out of the earth in every clime! And how much more true iait that while the A.terlean Phvnleian looks to fitreigt countries for many of his most common and necessary articles, perpetually ehanging as they are at the dictates o'fashion orfolly, he is strunanlded in his own eountry withtan endless profuslon of medical plants, to answelrany indication in disease or to catre acy eurablt disordera and yet he is ignorant of their vi. toens, and they are satfered to 'wastetheir healing on the desert air.' Tlhe eleets of vegetable medicines pon the system are temlnorry-thoe of minerals lasting. The former ex etitheireflt'etand pats nff-the latter, memrary in pr ticilra, act eneminally ipon the solids, deoomposing tie bnutes taud ndermiotsig the constittiaen by a slow oand sure destruction. The eongeniallity, efloincy and SAFETY of vegets ble remedies ever mineral, may Be estimated by eontrastt iog the alcient plrntice with the mmlni.t or, to bring it uore immediately u:lerour own observation, th hlnli :nt praetice with that ofthe whites. NWho, in Americn, els lot knownolrhetlar of receated lastmanes wherein somae deirepild, unpreteeling female Iloian, by matasof lher simple remedies alone, ihas sctedt the most rapid I nattlstolhising cure, atier the Miateira Meldic of tile -rmmo t praetice, directed i the most skilful manner, Iha friled ll Al who has not been sur'pritsed at the om ,aretiveuaeatt.l facility with whioti the Indtaian frees him sell from any disease, and at the almost tln alhtinence ofchrolie disease among them? Who bhas t et heaolt uo an indian with a conttituion hbroktn and rlinedl by ill treatmnbut A:nd can a danubt exist that this hayspy ex. empition af this savage from most of the ills which the [Iush ofeman ie heir to, is chiell owing to nmore gain cad safe remedies which lhe etilodnysn his astonish. ing diftci rnce in, is a fair exemp lificttion of tre iinurte llcer'iorily of thie sinlple alcd safi mesans of core which Cot has created for the bettefl of his cldhera, over diose which the pride antid the art of mati have in vented. From a long realdedce among aportion of thehahrigil al inhabitantoof thisconntry. etelan intimate lrluai. taoce with the methodsa of oreof some of their most successtll practitiloers, the proprietor et iThel Inliat's 1 PanuteL,' aoqtiree a ktioo ledlge of some of the most poweri'fl and favoritenremedias. FPom theset heselected such as were most efticacious atia nIoIiypriates, nod after vrios exeriments to tea their tpriueiplesandl strength, he has combined them in the form here presented, as the most peref et and Ieneficial for the piu'pose for which it is rtcommetnald. The proprietor offernthis preparation to the lpublic, with the consciousness that he is placilg withintheir san, a remedy cnpable ofrelieving many of his afflicted fel a low beings, who are sofllring under the various chronic antoi otistinate complaiRt;to whickh alt is applicable. To suich it will prove of incalculable valle, as the means, and in natty cases, the only meansoftelievingtheir aut Icrings al restoring them oncre more to health andl hap piness. Thisis notoll'ercd as a eomnnon rendy, that Fm ay per clhane be equelly good awith miry others now ill use, bie as one which is capable of sut inglife in many extrenme eses whilch all the onoaail remedliesfai. This it iels delo repreatedlij and tiis is the re alt.tioi it ls ob t ined heTrever it las been introduce!. It is only aboot three yeears since thils preparation was preseuted to the public: hbut l that short space of time, some Ihnteh'las of penmltas itght he tfoend, who v uttt solemnla declare that thev believed that thel r lives L n ret saved b il, taln iuo nmnstiesaliert"they had tried many and perhalnps all the common rtr.e dies itn vain. their ever it is knownit isranpldly, tnig itil uie, and this tltoit tlhet most sublstanltial .ntd iotintCirg proofl of it T hel ue o ,f tll P:1anre::r i mnat reonsplienos in those Irng stunlll anll. slphiliti': ntatd scrtofuilous :ltectitols Shih ihate derfied all otlhr re.edies, and parlithlagilv ill those cases wetnre mt.rtt'try has lient so Ia " I.!y I L-c as eto 0i0 tlistresasing irens in the ibois, i ldes, Ittelrct rii:Id lers, deratllgl:totnr the digestive Iirgat l ..c T'hi.e it contpletely rnemrldtl, i all as i i r etl it{: I e",l :0icaees hIIell heaset nl deflikcts lf.l ,oerctur, Ir0 01tntustlhtonstitutirn, usn l ek-w Ihe pni:;, at s,,,I:od w.t"ll. In Lh, unnatis nll :td ill M Iltletaed soure 0;,:d, i tll I ilt cll' ts areti c i les alnppailuC t, givi rg alr a e. t i sn ' "l':' Irt i t oi n". eln .s, alll li:lll 'n o rPIr-a aer.tatet 0',`t l ' + '-,- b , ( ua, ., IIII~IuI t lt'r ap id ral nt li'tnc I I'. il+h "0a - d.1i' '-I !r? . wltrlt, i t ihlt'r.:,as'.rat s a l lr th rbt l: .~lPit t ooin t Sl'li«,} .it.~r igL , 1tio thiot,irt.e : , i . ,, : -n i, So.n:+w.i. ll ol,,t lt,.0 ;hsIou..a'.,r nrr. Ftroe n r e:- nti . Sltin i l' i.:i l;:, Po u+'0 IIn : :tiiiy 0 t' i ll a I iT heuao1st', itt iih tlr, itite, at Ji ets cnpens nc'i f..... o,0. ,G r,, r I', hatlltte f i. h titatu It,... ,.t . IT llf , li, illg cierl, 'tti i Cte , i :t of hinii:'l lnll t.': l r ,,. ' 1i,'ilt, h iu thn e;i.ei0c w liIaa': t.iuts;· l ar Idlt icia ..l. lnit thI::t tntl,1iutn:lcl,'e:nirui'tii t. titaitllt. "iach ,e ' Ainn a UPi l tl mialll0 u· B ltl 'Cie)t't h'lieail srl ,hld t rthis !Ni . ll1i..l ll ken ill a sculld,,a.; , t s I ttt, alle t1 . l1oin tii b I telIt s intt e, at ru ei ,s aI1 xpt.lct , n latd ll itn ltl. cilolrleuglral l t1:ll:nel l n thetcn,lBn0lt dliet d t k. T'rlu fdlblwing crttiilcates, out ef hu llll(]r*kS sinlatiff' tiery0 iRht berln 'r aren u gi's to show nan, : c llc:c of fle Illdltlls e alarc, in lc he ntl mllaitnl It tl,;. itea titig, d; tnarn ItliO to exhibit in t ISi, rs mtit , t t, ii','t rmOullter its supicrinrity over lhe" s.lyll s ill 001omnt11 unlse. CASrti OF Ittl. EUMAt.'t'ISMI . (uarnu.s. l oll ' vls . I 5,1 733,. ll~ain.'lhe a: winter antdxprill;,l Sins atlliclcA wilh i very snverle ildltlhliltSntallt 11i i nlltbit , ' ccniiuiitd e 1,i iex lethlle i1 badl wneathle. In'lltil kegl'tnl pleHa"tl i. me to perli.,t health, and I onlidently rcconucudit to " al similarly' alilitctttd. ,.. . ........ . JU5IN FlIItiUilON, Kingst. CncHltLEs'rOt, .\lmtel 27, IlOS. I was seiZed slhout tIhre years since, with a dit-r'es;ing thmclnatism, caused .iy laking n severe cold, while muler the ilfllencesf merciury, ,lti which ihas hclicJi r fnrm buslinss nearle v evr. siiice. lDurig Itis plt it huve bei II Iatient'inthe .\arine ill olpitl, in Ina chi pIIwardsll fI;lr months, andL nearly thse mime lengilh, ilc ill the llilitimoeH llosital, til1 tried etncr remledy, wilh littlehenel;, Ui. the lith of Liocualu' last, at that ti me aseiltly' i able to movet aoltll epol cr thel es, I cotlmelcedl the use of Inllila's anllltee. Itl oi' month l emlut mysellentirely ftied lifrom pa, 'Iand ati now happly to state staltl CoItenr m peIf lerfietly' well. \V, . TUCKEIIR, IS M1kt Slt. CA.\ES SCROFULOUS ULC.EItS. N eTw- Yow, Sept- lto, 1830. Tihis romy ertify that ih tha fall cf 18.5, I was seizc with a swelliingn my neuk anld thee, whilch alierware ulectited anl beaLLm larget ghastly ulcers i n y necl. Alilrl'llyillegu 'veralphysieminllnolll acdlalil;lll, 1 weo' t Illilalellphia, and iiacel I self unierl, it care, rls. Phlsic and il eitel, whiei, iter repeated sl livattont toe it lHect, I wcos pi .OOt eiel Iterl iy ilcarable. Afier. worll I risk wcilly Utrtlesol'Fwninl, s lltae eash tiog )espeaiiiig ofliil, ehe ic hall rlOw iceaonl hllr:hcn bi me, I retul'nel to y inreotlls ic New Yolk, in 1029, an qav myscll'nap a litlereing detilc. het-litn of thi g nut sscese of Th'be Iliillu's lPllctot, Ihowever, il cam similar to my owo,,J was icre.acid Ie tr1 it, alsa last . sort. To iy gellat.Stall.ell, Ii well as aitisfacion,, sionlrnittl iyyelt.frapidly renmel'ilt.g, and tpne Lcakit scel Iltiles. thle to erslhealed eldi I lbeca:e lterfectl) well in tle coarse oftwo lmoths,eanll Ilnv rel n sie ever illce. I make liis stitmetl aenl wish Il ittlished li t" Ill benefit ofthtsa whi are llslteig ler si til r e'lalous lc ec lphililia aelectiots, filtt they tliy know whIlt h ecre tlone who ile, sttlfeied" tliilg hilt death, ind a he considers his life saved by tle above v. W.I. II11lAP UcnanleslsTao..lely 12, i alt. I was aillicted, fon ryars withlo ulcer In tle leg, no casiinally t,- nislnmil. with er sipiteltcnis ionllati ctc and exreusive llin in the leg amd aIclC joiiit. Sevetoal emtillntl pihyseicians exerted their skill uponi it, bt withll outil permalteltl=hetel i Inihi lse lise heottle lndlialo's ianaceea mnlle p fecutt cure. MAIRGAIIETl A W\EST, Itl Market -,For sal h by HfENRY ONNABEL, druggist, ane, to. tie ,l.rtlrielors. Tcholtitmtllas street ii NEW ORLEANS & NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMI'AN V. TlIE stsckhollders of 4lis eompany are hlerebly no Sililed bthatby resolutilt of the hoard of dircc. tion pased on the 19th inst. the call nadle oil them on the 13th Fehbrary last, for the payment of ive deollars a share, was reecinded, aml the said atockhulders are further notified that WIJ. REAS, by i resolution ofthis board pasend on the 19s isor.a call hasbheet tlded on the stockholders af the New Orleans and Nashvills Rail Road Comspaiy for the foll.wing.pavtmetse on the thesatock held respac tivaely hly thain,s alt-two doiiars pel share, payealbl on the ifrst day of September next; two doll.its per share payasble o.the firsat day sf December next; cud two dollarsper eshare puytbl on the list dcy of learch next. Nowthereforte it resolved, that the secretary of this comspany ealt sotifv thse share hIlders tlieeoil, ilhrongh hll politc irn aniethe Fityy that in colnfiteei l with the eixth u steiial of the charter tlher are prtcil;d to tostpona aoy layment ca lled in on tte stock of said company for tle term of sixty days, frn alnd after the day on which it is made payable, with thie exipes a en dition however, tlhat-if not regiularly paild withint It said prolnration of sixty days, from and after th dele on whiech it should have behae paid, that then the swo:d on which aidhjleyments should lano bean madei, is and rema : crfited to the company, the charter tse that point heisg impseotiroe. Ia coaformlty thlerefore to fsai call, allsitek of the sockhslders li said compaey, as think pree.r to pot of thle payments on thicir stuck t thenlid oa the additional ixty days, which the charlte allows thsln, are Irstiedtnlt he payment ol two dul lars per shire csllsdtfor,and due ol the first of Sep. tesnliernext, Cayhe pnstlpMoed under the si..h section I of said charter, entl the 3lst dry of (Octobelr let, thlint die payment of two doilars per share called forl, a dire o the first dan of IDeeeshel next, nay ho pol.t pllel untiel the 3t0ih day of Janoary ne t; and the pov meat of two dollars per share called fir asdde etc the filrtday f olaircl next, may he poslpoied until the ;lit day of April e. n et Etraets of hee minutes of the heard. junle 21 A . McNAIR, Sec'ry. C A.TS, inhSW 47s-2 dofln wile il1'0 . Hatsfar sale JHOHII till.l.ti l.t: 5 16 S'IA1TE OF LOUISIANA.-Parish Court for the J 'arish and City of New Orloann. T1IE STATE OF LOUISIANA. To tll whomt Sthae P'resents shall come, OGr.tirug:--WhVer'eu Jamesn lfnne having purohpaed att i salnte rtade by the Shirid if the pordeh o'f tlhiro liI, property hercinafter denseibed,',as applied to the clerk of tlobs veurt, in whoss office the deed of sule wai recordedl on the 2dday of April, A. D. 1838, tir a mouitiou or aotter' tiremeont n conlbrmlit to an actof tiel.l,:.htureof tiOe I tlate of Louisiana, entitled 'An act for tihe fuirler nasu rtiaee of titles to porrrarehatr t judicio: talo.;" appthivad the 10th day of March, 1"134. NOW, :ierefore, know ye, and all peronns iuterentod herin, are herehy cited and admouiserd in the rname oif the State of Leuisiaon, and of tile 'arish lCourt, who can set up any tight,title or claim in and to the property hereionfterdescribed, in eonsqtlere ol. any inlbormalivt in the order,decree or iudg.uent of the court under whi:ch the oale wasn made, or any irregularsty or illegality in the pll raisements and adiertitilementr, ill time, or manner of sale, or for nay ohIer i'efect .hlirato ever ton lshw cause, withit tlhirty day fromr tile day this monttion is first ineerted in hlie pulblic lrer', pershyi the sale so made shteulld not ti contirnir d nld iioutl losuted; rie said prtperty wa sold byv the StIrifi of the par ieh'aforefaid on the 14th day of April A. It. 18:3, ty virtue of r decree of this Court, retdered on the 5th day of Febunar, A. 1). D1813, in a esit entithld Alexander Coldwell vs. James lanaer, N6 10,317 of tile docket dif this Court, at which sale the said James liantn became the purchaser for the price of twenty one thousand dollars. Description of Propery as givenn in the Juidicial Con veyanee, via: A certain lot of renotd situated in the suburb An nunciatinen alina Leaouro e of this city, it, nquaie No 5, nnd lot having French meouore, 60 feet irort ron Tchou pitoulas streeLt, n6t feet li'ne on Oragerso etreet, ano ni0 feet on l.ah.gode dr ll.arc!, street, in such tanrrter that said lot of round is ti0 feet wide from one side of the eqglare to the other, tonether with a dwelling house front ng ou Tclhoupitoulas street, the kitchen and de pendencies, ninalso the distillery estahli hln ots erected thereon and other buildinge and improveLueerts, the machinery, utenratil, implements and fittur-n it 'onging to said distillery, its dependencies and apoln renatmes, and the rights, actions, and privileges thereto hclongiug or in any wise eppertaining. Clerkne Office, New Orleans, Many 7, 1838. S1m_4,4&j3 J. oLlt1. Iteputv Clerrk ETA'1 DE LA LtUl1SAe.--Cour de 'wrissoe pour In plaoisse et till, die la Noirtelc Orlleans. ST:1'A' 1)E i.A LOU.ISIANi.1-A tous ecux que Sers pr6serntts eocernent, Salut i Attentll qua James llanse avantachete A une vente faite par le Sherif t elparoisse d'trleas lan plroprinth ciri.ntrs dleerite, s'esat atlr'S aet GrefL de certe Curll oin tlitire netto ft enregistroe Ir l emejour de tl, de InoAie. 1838, lpour utll ivi conftornement A uot neot de laLtgirlature ie I' Fiat de lo Louisiane, intitula " AOte pour confirmer len tilres tdes ecquereurs aux venter judieialrese" approuv6 Je it) Mars1834. Qu'il soitconuu, et toutes personnes t(rt'dehseessout par oes prearntes eorimnes an nonm de I' r.tat de la IouisiLane ct de lt Cour de Paroisee, qui pnutraieut avoir droit A It prope lite eianprda decrite, etn consequence d'run d(ftiltt de forme dans I'ordre, le deeret oa le jugement de ln coltr, oe vertt liuqud lia ventte a ete faite, on de toute ilrr6golarith ou illhgadit dtats i'estinmation,l'avis onle temps et le mode de nvente, on pour Ueautlteenusequelcolique; dei faire voir, dans trente jours a dnter dela publicatlon tde ceite avi (mndlttloi la o ventoe aidsi faite Le IErtait pas confirmine et homologebe, I.a protritt frut venduo par eii rio'e Puddit, il qua. torzi.hierlort d'avril de l'annhe 11138, en vertu d'n d& cette cour le 5 de f6vrier do I'anho 1833, dons a'arfaire d'Alexander Caldwell, contre James Ilanre, No 10, 37 du docket de cette Cour, Alaquelle vnone le dit James Hlansoe est rendu acquhreur pour in prx de $21,e0I. lleeriptioudcel Propri6tl6d'aprds letranafer J'.liinre, Savoii, Un pertain lr.t tie terrn situ6 au fauhotrg de I'Annon ciation alias Lacourne, de cette ville, done I'tlet No 5, le dir lot do terra avant [mesuroe friniso,] soixante plrde te face B la rue 'Tloupitoulae, ttoie rcent Ieds do lace A In rue ines raner, et aoixrnte prids d ie tao l Io fagodedo i rue du llrcl.h,de aorto qu toI dit lot do terre a oixante pieds de argtur d'ruthtout de :'ilt A l'antrrq ensemble ene mtaison fesnnt fiate lta rue Tchrol.itoinls, I cuisine et seo d6 que la distillerie construite our Ie diit lt, et ittrero bA tisses et airBlioration'; lee manchies, ustensiles, instal. ations, &e. app'r'enant An lait diditillerie, ses d'pind t ances, aplartrenoces et les droitu, action ct privilbges v •fllt. Surtera dIn greffir, Nouvello Orleans, le7 i.t, 1838. nl14,^&j3 J. )I.LIII 1.1e6 h Gr raeier 0 osyal College of' Pilysicans, LoI.sdon. I rlII1 ori ginol Vcletable lisgeian Universdl Medi t cine, preparecd by 1V 3likin, Esill. \hirner vi 'I he ltl vl ( lld eg of Surgei ns, Icesnti't of lArothe a I l'y"'s oU psll]sys' Fcllosw lof Idlt Court Society. Snurgo c to the Ilos l Unison l'le min Alsoci futin.5 , iI.oesSat PInace, \'Waterlo flirIdge, munt P'crpetu:al I'uit of (;y a ld St. Thoma'S lhoslpitals, London. tlhis valuablle medl cini , the rtesllt of iwenty ll e P l experi' e ne and utp; lliletle su e tess in the t, lmsin reilll I; hlr irlr spr ble practice of the a:, 1 rllnl'. i hi lsll'. ' at il eoio, f shl, Amers'eml pus's I5, at1her'isii et $l0" )iiio hy I llt Iinlill)l | i ':ill ):hrily e d it ih h .lernlh ci n.. i, . , 1 al 1 l Iu 11 i · h she iiolf i.1, I i ,i! a llnl - o.r (t LnoekIb, evil5 :ls stobl t.' lotkt ! l el e ii | . 1lt.- I o nel i lla 00 t1 , 1. l.l - I " s',, , ' t h iosl , tih00 titl, . ! ,) t t, I ",+l's ll'ls ihlsls, is's, ot I' 50ll 55i , l '"!i.' ! . , ' ,h. , i . ,It ,, oi s s. i ., :'. I! i, .ll ,. l .' tiiirk , i ltl Illi l li; '. .. .I . It:.'i bl I.l .: ', 'I, ,, - ?.I I, .:. :i + -- . ": ll I ' . .. , I ," :i' , n a i .\ I. 'is, I o it , htis s t t Pn Fro li'nsr . o.s.s. ss.. s ;..l ies.. m en's ,l1, .ll ssl n ii; l . * s, s io . nh "rýs)lslcs bslcs0.llsi thor0 0I, i mI : " l.,. i i h Ct e l nll .n ll·Sl !r , ' ""I "t ' ,r .l"icv ( it ll-l ~, istslte s; tl, 's isuln c l hi, od. kit. V ' : 1 . h 1.k t eogs ins hosots; I n osus ksp n s s wtoo so'' ow, otb : . s"sm,,o,1 o . \i.s 1) " s. lvlis ooI s l o Ios it sl, s so a sn In a lls s e i wa ll ctn. I, a l ts Toisll e il ler4I,I, iI so i, ilbss Isll I:ns Il Sslis ,.ec , ;it; : olld o slil, :oi e .l and u,' li ,r~l l'"i ;o" ! J' l l. lt ,II: l' ill \\".," i,> t'LI,-r, N . York, o to's; o ', ' i cs, ' t s l n" 'iths:. 1 lit l d :l saltr ' i . Aogaln,sr I dshots of o fi' lit, os l: i nl, .llll :. . Alson , '.eilr al :a.osor! tl S l h it I.sslc;i..oul os's l s a 1. . .lr b elstl Lt ', .t(r, sl ots, li I islki , soi lex c i ,'ess 'r t lat' n ' I . l ·t;h .r + M I..'5t , o liis s ig l lo s to l' lls o .oIb s [l* ncstil of m sln.eo i l f iches'l r luln l snlsl nu lic'fssill ul, seol , sosroccot s nd s oriJl lt, mgsn o t oll i ssn o n c t lillr i e ire l sr is l l'l l ,l+e' a r'i o l, d s ol r. Is nlst bllanhstoitss m n is t inoo rasl ss l n 0.'ssl sis ',.1 .0 5,n. i! brlogn's' , bolr led lar 0hoil lustsilsg .io. ie 'le mnssci n sfine caltr i ld itn iile ll O th(i , lssss; JIo lIIc. oilobl drslbl a boos do spel or kill tl sy; W o iioe,- tlo Sos brligso ; bliesit tunei's r Iltt' i im mti's lu el l'li 010 it Iek hnrb ald b Ic) bl, .ilk ; id l d tl, seal h w.s %v:iou, , ulial shoisbt gsnolol ussoore,,o l o'f b os.s' oIlt mol o's 'lits tissost ens sc i llohiltlh n ol h' lsed e oi l of 5ognllaensssklh el s syoe t s ilm o it soals'ly ls.elsd. also t giton thil ettr.stl It: i y of pmi.s , sall o . i e^ii hro on tnls hncos , iboo h iderms. ;vilni stsll -oib " 0ervati0( of t4he teIth, h*s inhduced 11 dI ad er-ib et reinr s i a sto nge m t.iah ' phle s .'h e ; a nlicah h ant sin or f lld o ti tl sn soo k to plooc it tbi' she rco ls Cosriog and tlieoly ul le3 is iooo oi o ilg ofil' obio, 'Ioohoolis. Wlisll oppiod . all.,salig sno alisoeiono glsn w ln bit.ll, it sl ietpersee failo s tl i .i' lsl w1 iis oolist coil . i TE PUBLh At Ibtonte'.5 iio) ll.i l .i, iullit ro lil a Is l iti atr it l, t ile lu tho so ito o li'o t'e.ld eal sis bose sho t oissot s' oa lstl ri:e fs esllj'. tl ean s t o nis llllea lc i s lht .u ni opli C ttino, co. ls vilsgo ensli'rfinol'shoinable blak tilk htti;tllo of tble sn drab t e pve lld o o l )i s thel r ail toyi o itlls ioni i o illetfd is liFses. Ii isr a n o lioms cioney, sAlttoi tnl rioll oirl so on port, s llyed t newo aiole. gtort.d so I av size hal s o l" difcrenl qualities; d i ls dLi i'.co . Itan b d drab wo ol s f v:ou Ilii; ti , wiL er botli. orslll t t bo s' I m n c,'1 his gmsolts cnld pi s. be releiShd by he arrial of S o h palketslrsc l the otoi e ofnllc loale all of wisll, it l ItEesenbls 13hed to tto t allns co I nstlr.llyg pecrP o o demandboo t his leffeltlul remeyly o pin ofnd prs oi:r it to the American pblfo ie. Arrangy i ll nt hEN hTlen tld Io aupppl aLgent in illall tiro principal chit iid llln inllltle Un , tdS as no ll to place it ithii the ret lie o tLi ose nutttoting nd likely t'.bs th l o s io ol Vlieiinn pplied ai,cordiI g to dire dmins . Ill g el bottle, ilt has lnscr o efnord inl- inth an,. innlnis re s liiso a 'lc arrttsit the sils cy ii dC.olo clivo nubelll hsli| relieves thatl 0oi0(n01 0 hicch io freqi enlljl rallllers a trong tootlh i05l000 T'he Itpplicnco , aold remedy aire l ml:|e. nlsm len Oncent. anl n t unpleasllllnt; s di tsllo rgs o n ellmcr o'prsonst i . .ia tl 'eot sesol ois of s i eosyilior thlo i have ialrcsdy extlerienced s ch It o .ihit u bcndi alulurys clcsp s Iros i the utsi ol i ' ll, irt retlly ol bear (otr hio public good) ther tiesinlsv to sus n. orivalled q' itslie. It is as Indian remedy, s ohtit I5 the civilisoed world as to e s l ,a valuab e dictovt.rv " I'oJil of the s olls. t • s 1hi: I . ohl by n oe Cnr Coinoosol ins hapitoulb s 'so. fO .ulhnot. Retollecsi tion of o elsti fItloOll CoioilI yJ slotseceivsd ascosdl'sale ssy W 5lIKEAN, "'ThOTC es o i Is" hi'o\.jc.u in s . Pop1 lr Medicie, or Fsinn|s Adviser; eo esl.tir -tf iOulin." of Anto y. o .:o..,c.l, _ --t.t l bIv-osinoh such toiI s to e po.l , t , urger, ' I 5i'eo m. I .. +"".h~nc. " woo,*,, JUSTPU BLISHELFRO-STEREROTVPt PLJTES, The Fdl" E£dilior.of ROWI.EITT'1 TABLEB OF INTFi:gtilT: A" f1 tJ whicll is new adoled an Average 'l'inme Ctahnla-t S ti., or eae noethotls f.urtllnint the uvanvngre ln on steragr, cotes of ha'd or hill, of goands, when pu. II' emChed at nliffrent dotes, on ,liifetm't credits, andt lf; varint lono unetsn; Iasidlesanmtful uanl complete lildlling Time 'tI' lc, tihe be.t lhat rann be ountriell. nr that ti guras tan produce we witinlh samle cna;:desend eotlass, I and .iz-e of type. An u:verlilsetent in tihe'ook is in nearly the follow. ng woerdas; T'l'ae higl distinctlon this work tens received throgh the ten le islative aets prefixed tO the title page. is a rle eatmnnrtidtlln in itself, so .lcotmmon,, and so eonchl sine, h .t nothing is rieeesst'l more than by way of ad vertiemetnt, to given condlensMed view onsomt e , its pe-i elllinritieo:sfalenslance, the Interest ihas been onmpas. ed iolllst,atl compared with, what is equivalrentto four twRe netcs naletllatione, exo.iuael in t le Lupreas tnhihty fle tintes, Tild lPiltedi from trreontpe platns tes te nlnirtytv-Tone titnes, from all tt tlich ittost be. evidelont elle to the skeptie (etltrcnalyon tll nnle le soirt eftite de bill o 'prim fll tile praiut e) thet thle wvclk neoat bIe e'it i retictnlly inhllib!e, n ho d in celiarmtion oIt'l is bIeliefs " pre.lium of two llad Illfv dOlla's, is nsaw offeri eI for nhe detection of al error ofa cent in the presenlt or fifth edition, as rpressed in toe preface, n;kingnfive llceprero ffred r the sr:e error siloce thefirst pnhlieation in the neatr 1Btt. One of the moat Eonspicunus features of the tables is inthel arraogement of tile Time and Almount, which l for expeditions, roferece Ondlerspieuity, with the helpi of tie side andl iarlex, cannot he excelled;i and the salty ty and ease with which the in:erest can be foalundto the extent of general business, wilhont doublinlg of slnms islesides na onvenienee soi essential, that in tile enllma. tion of some oi the mont eompetent anld praett ca busi anes men and puthir offi ea whulo nave InIdegetJrat ouse of the work, it Ias heen distinguished hy tllo Ihonolotnble appellation efofa "master pioene". Attl eollnsileriong kthe infllillity of the metthold originally rntontenl in eomposing he work, ant tihe extranrdliuery uunmber and variety of the examinations, and tests of every edition it has passed in the prens, eotwithtanllding the on hole is in stereotype, nnesiderhiig, in hb, tt. he positive senoceacy seeuret by the unprreedelteid meonllu emntlo ol, lthe no lumehas heen heldu Imi enmphatlically stn-i ' the most wonderfil hook io the wshlk;" tnost certainy nia man can namrn fiG.lre work oftlnh sime extent, whilch sinoe the Ibegltting of erantiol, hans had tile nste Il Iner anti VnUietav of 'e'at iu til,' samen numbiler of editors; Ilo, llone haillthle tnumber, as is cleatly nshowni inll the Spielae. esidrs, an test nnd standard, ithhns been trid and preced in nearly all the hank antd Iltlic ofices in tlhe Unilted States, and by the public generally durilng the tong period of thirtt-fia re ers, elt "tn elror of ihe E.t ,etlations has ever been lonlllad ill print, atlthongh Contiottn ally ellntlellgd hy the otfer of ely :large prPniums. 'fhe inn flteraiteae-tl) anl,llntel Ity all tile cours oftaw Ill seuarl othel Staote o tile o rate of otaloCnatlan foratalnte interest," anos :ln hy law far Ilank interest, seordglilg s the hook is usre, aend as way he seen in part, by .,,e inmes of the sulboiriiernl , ard n few of the nsuserptent pilrcaserr, in the lint lt theenlll of the book, iain Iossessiont efveryu losof e citizans in every quar; to of the United States. It is moeover sell known that, by its reorly check, it hus so often detected large trrorS, Ilog aftel they were Sondal, evegn by the most ecaro l atnl miort colmpetent ayithmetieinas, tat its osefuiness, alnd the absolhte ne nesattv for its use, hae beeon xtenslyelv insisted uphn n,n so evident, ineend, havoe Iwen its adlvntglles, ant its savings, that, severrl years agn , whilst the first edition was scarce, and out of printli great tnanber of eondt I handanpics were sought folr, smne to t gre t diistance,. r and purernsed at various prioer, an they' could cr'eation. ally hobe picked up at rm $10 to $f5 per rcoe, and Ssome perosoll have rcc.,yv delanred, and iI intters eould be quoted that they wouold ptny $50, $100, ottl $500 for a opny IItl not to be had Ir less, antid n individual inn the Jiner instance itartievlrnly, hnlviog at the same iiimne rxhilitell satiltletory prot, to several persons pre selt that to him it wals reallv worth th:t nlney id more through the saviog of hlis ervy v:oanble time, he Sbeiln a very riclh nnatlRHll in pthlicoffice, It is likewise worthy ol' notce, lllll iltdrlol propnrn to Srmer,. that suceh is thle Oattre of figne wo.rk gnt.illy notl aspecially when of the extentt all irltnpttornllte to thlsetn losn, ihoatlat this booIk orits like bcotnpteipar ed in the usual tnlt ,t'r :tnnem, hn the nlost comlpetent S ualneulatoil the worli, alili anler"anr ia prit.tltt-i most enotiouly ullder his own LI.recltion of proof sheets, it woutl, altnlotto a certainlly, hve beer natsth ter rIe fe'ete,andot dear at anoy price, Its Ite prefare dariieu l- rlp explaiao. lBut so prflect and laitnble hlate thet stereotypite plates of this wan klthec mn :, thant to senre thenln, tvithlt'lirnumercus andl exitaOrdlintnil exnnlina tions, agni nst fire, frl theP .'relnti henrfit, Itity are (by andterti.enalt) constantly kept in a place nt f specit A nit Wint, 'xcept nt hidne itn to l linlltil it. r Amp ledinr-tins to tin hotllt h:itks nlt ..i'ite intti eat with uits, t ol - t,., follow ihe prri'.lce, whihlh, in t1his Pith as in the lit,, pt'rteedting elditntioet, attttitn mnot, in feinnlintinl cernnll tile two nlawfl modte of copuit iug illter" st,, t e' d. 4 s aee, ke. It rait .t onlt Lo Icinal k t't l 1, -l th -!. li . thi i 111. 11,1\\ly l · 1', 0 ( \.',11 rr i, :1. ~hll .hr l hetil'nII 1, y l',i e i,:t'.I , l I it. ho, ' . ! ""1 ' ,L !. :, ir ,r I ooi lib . ltt' y't't t' h',: .' . ' tt" ti, ni '" - t a t t ll.' It i 11.e 1 Ip \ le-. 1 t11 ,,,0" f. , ý < , ,i' . i 1 (11·, I t' 1 1 t' i Olli ,,rl1-. .11, il , tiT i I.,l ' tJ.. ilhlt. I. -ti'Jt.],t 1 : 1.t , to , . I lii-ll, illl il :i~, ,l . r l ., "e,1 , II f-i l' If " i ll" ," f " a .rr lllill: ; oa . t 00 .et.t n :"..'. 0 .t,-tt Ix Ih, (t itoara'' 1n-alt ,, ti n.--tt nnn ' on ,, t l - ,..-It.o d esi t ,t ,-,,, it., I aI .a' ,,,,,, . L ant, it.. ~ n( i tn,.!2 .· j i~l· n· u i otit.lcll' + i' . " - ' ttlt.r D'.rmnol',rein no reti-in t;. n rtltnnt.t a s(on. . , e ,of,,. c !001i0ted 1ii,, m. a is in.nropr, rvchs i o 2 i. ld, letl, ut, :: c aku ren V n tin'ri: a. C te c liltic m ,:t' , njl it tciu wh11 r, in- ger; a.Iry I o: i i lv toe.ll in . . \.0 1~l I,. d, , lllro x IM lole tiele I I r, Juhe it,,u it Io lle ,his red .r itt nl-re.a-t lca t lo:f Vaiecrial Scf rol.e d0itotWar rionnn ft""' buline ,yerlwilstrnt ijn. in thie :colantri, n y 0 reirye deli rlr a cu ther ,'tittteriu:t mt il c ine aB td honl , i se n ingt, a attn tln l t h e t ir ll toe 1 Iti1 '.k .. post ai~ i:t lin l . de.n' 'lti) rotn irove I'r. 'lhni.on',0I and of li tnllrnilron ttilt. wit E diolne, trrestry to 01 t'eed, foron r earll . teoth etr, 0 i0 " Vciaero latinsrlour nree oa- t,', atmut' ttt, without rtea tri'tiu i dit t nt r iutrrup tinr i -- of their ca ie ts t It'it r ( oslt afd winth tes llea;d.n'tnirn tmoryinn t aitl nitht, at 113 i lnottI !( il,()1'I . St ' . 11 )l\,)wulr": H 'fin . i ,ý: ".,,,n i uv +X 1 " ll" II\ i. ,. ,Jr 11 II.E S f., lt.cttog i-on ,msh IP 1 l lo | do) ( )i ltl e :dor w rd l:ulli.q l, Ci hih 1.\ ule. tloh( , ..tone, Satin 11\oo., Potlmare, air Woon, I ). or Iwnldellou, Yew 'lee, hItlian iit'hil(e, (Coronl.nllle or Ltlilack ' !io:ol A*nd thirecltri!a, h. A o ;i k Amer(i -, y a rey, Ash Whitt . e. Clledl lollol, attecimelns to ae een ai t the st lot. Inllnts. Nils, gllbslls l opl owish, t &e. o kalld oltar sale. Iiltt..,T':llt It1+AVY (iti)ia--iin', qtoltre San:l btttt- ir,na, tell assorted. Hoop, scroll and rod ironl, nail rods anld pltllough Cast, (Trmnll, shearn blittervnd, sprlingt, sheet alll CIrotlcy steel hIllow alre, ctlt aolla wroupalttt lin and snpikr Zine, blrock lit, mill :Ind gra stonls, sttl knoite Ox, Itn" at d trace tll ila, cornt rills W ire0 Sheet, ma g& .Il an l.ead aa -!t Ataal, land llking ta aI. os Alues, IRow h;lan and hlllle.r s I.cles alid .lhovels Iltook and plate hinges, door and window honoks nt(ltlJi, Ilitts, IharpsL. andl ther axes I'anl'd attl Maillta eordiage, linen anid iiet aillt and ia elalhitl ucopper; Naval stores lanlto, ailaaLse aantlld a Qei il A ill lsasolrmtllt of tnlnl.vlareill and hip chandley, a wlay on handl, and whicl are oltered f :r sale at whllel nlie or retail, oil the tonal fvotable telrns., vn o ..b l'AtlN &- C. 513 (llt I" H-ARRQOWfATB- iPRINGS %inatttoaterv outyeav, Atotoote. THRIIEE D A JOURNEY FR..OIt Vl .VR' ORLEA. NS. frll .E proprietor otf this ctablithrtrnt - at the plon Sstre oft anlltolnlaaing t his Iirlldai, ttlt itole blic in gotltaalatblt it will lhe in reudineao Ih te. flant arIv of tMayn teo rcaeino.visiters. lie will also silta t tr tllo b nelit of those at a distancO, tht tieret haIven been t nl improvements allde, and otherl. nw - oi1or on and in erapid prilnresn for cot I ietioa, whicha wiltl enale the tullhairllher to allconmmoataa a itch larger g inlller thaun leretolftnr, and at tile same time aelmuch better. iFamiliu ean he accommodatned t ith gool d itomn. or thosel who prelilr can have large cabins oaritllad fromi the main builditlt. It is deemed tnoclesaery to sy anaythingl in partic Inr of the claraeter oel hesn waters, fot it os gCenrally Ieliavetl that thy are not inferior to atny in the iSouth ernSta tOme. All tIae u nauPemotllts Ihat nrn genelall ounda at\Vatarinatnlicns,n wil b' 't ootl at bi'. 'ihe iest mlluic Ilhal this part of It'- country ain nlor, s.' ls hoes agreled,r, d will be inlll.ol.ot.t a. tt'n nCesat the '1 he stthcillj ' s ill sol all n I fol'" his op nrtnity in r lolrllinl his ilnti'lltld ,hialm ks f.r Ili, veriy h, rles lunpolt piti0 him last 'earstu, and h. o),. h!v tIle oarr sios thai t l ,b,,e bhaen lto, in iapra,,"or aln the arnao'. ioatlidat. l.m"rt t ot hob-taa l p.n,,,ttnae. tlln ptraott t.a...... J.ti a CIilnt.. i en tt lttlll ,a+ II.t- fir. too,o tt,., nIt.ik i nl i)ooto ea l t11aI. tqua n t ulttty snt ,i llrtn it- , l.tteta tibn .skin liner and l whiter 1f tto be.'ti, i ilo l iita. .1 fresh =natppl , nst r tot-'r -td tt p- ,l'in ' tt1 ,,0 I, ':ill +.: h'. ll , Term r :`.t r'"oarl. - and l o%'.ttnll \tit I - t a t t a I1 a MAIL AREANZEBMENT Korthr n "fail Due Every Dav at 12 M. , CluNre Everr ay ay t 101 A. 3j . .. Due evr nday, Wednesday an eter Mfil, i Friday, by , 1. yIta 'y; casy o he Closes every Mondan, Wednefda * Vass Sa,, a rnd ay by 9 p. 1. , e)vtrrreeryTl;ne y, Tluredayt an She Lnke dlail a Sturda . ,y5,P. . via Closes every Monday, Wedneadea EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL DEPARTURE DISTANCi &e. of ike Express nail, betwaen Moole and New York-leaving Mobile daliy at 3 P. M. Norhwar New York daily at 5 P. M outbward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. l'jm, Return'g Molntgmery, Ala. 2pm. 19 m's 2 3h 12m. Columbus, se. 111 11 94 3 i.m Milledgevile. Ca. 2 133 141 % p.m Coluin C. i am. 163 1 Raleigh, N C. 5t 215 22 12 Warrenton, Va. 1a? m. 55 gat A. Petersbaurg,Va. l9 pm. 83 10 9!t.. Richmonld, Va. tam. 21 3 6n Fredericksburg, 0 617 7 ip ot. Waslingtun cir, 24pm. 61 6I S Baltimore, 64 38 4 04 1'lilsdellrles, G am. 100 11 2 New York. 2 pro. 90 9 | 105 143 b. pr d 2lSh Northward. Coming Southward, the time is six bourn less; being5 days and 17 hourn. TEN DOLLARS REWARD. RANAWAY fro.. 1109 Carondelet corner of Ilevia Ssreets,on the nighst of 30th of August, 0lul was seen the ext morning i Pevdras street, a pe o boy nimed CHAKIRLES, aboat 17 years of sIte, ari 5 fee or thereabouts in height, vary black, and has la ileped. iment in his speech one of Isli legs is ore, oceasioned by a resent hurt; hehead on wyhen Ie went away a whilte cotron or line nshirt and o hlie cotton pantalouns. Masters of vessels.and steam boats are cautioned a Sgrinost receivirng or harboring said negro, as well as all othrer porons, as the oumnst irgour of tihe law will be eIfUred against them. 'The above orward will be pail him intr any of the jails of either oel the municipalities, or at 169 Carordelet, corner of Hervi street. sopt tOTLTICE-- he ealrcmtnershilp heret.rrre existine Ulunder thie atrm of liubosin & Oarretlaon, has beor dissolved. The subscriber will liquidare the affairso eoncnin th ity, and ,. all pron ideb - re to mke Paymert to hirm orry, and all tsoe haning Claimrr, tprresent theta forserlererrt. ouoe-t __ IARILETSON W. W. SWAiNb. No. IlCaenal Barreel der Orleans IAS always ouhnod conatoatly ht receiving Drt. i L)ves, Clremieals,and Psam:euornng tlllre et. rrllowni' " tRUGt(s. DUY1., Anlinlr.l. crude, At'gots, red, do regulus, Arnnatio, Srps'. Arenlic, cnrue, Alum, do poiwdeta d, . Ispzillette woo,, ltanlsas eo1ari, toaoenhcal, Ihnrolx,,rtucer, Copprat. Ar'mtrilicai do iefioed, "'laphear, Brimatone, crude, "Fustic, Tampleo i do aoll, . do Couha, do flower, .io Maine; Ilirmuth, French 1ierries Cnstornil, Indigo, flengal, Crea taOelat, do * Manilla, SCathorides, deo Irranoeeas, tGum aloes, do lratnmtlia, io Arlabi, Lo wood, CampeahLy do asafmtii, so St Domirrtg do oamosise, do Jamnaica, do benzeoin, Camowood, do copal, rCoigh, Mladder, omhio, ll r do nstrapedr , Nieanmogua,st Iolare, do dn S Amcnlie, ' do Crore, do .cm.phlr, ocarele do Al.arsaib do do reft,r do Ilache. do gaiocam, CIiESIICALS. lo kino, Arid, nitrous, do mnsti.c, do muriutic, d]o! opium, do ulplhulpl. d0 shelliach ItRe vitriol, St senegel, lonaIvl, 1 pi, rdo s;ldrlra.. osrrosiresIaliati io trig.r1ntor ', hl idrnoridri l" lile, (ia:nbog;e, ':psom st rts, Jullliper herries, Aonerienalt.unrpallslie, do do Ioii eiagn, lred precisal.te, largresial, 'ngliiih, Ioclrrillarl, do Akotericanrc Red elromatpllta.slI Miarrora !lke, Shp e air rrr ' io sorts, Sllp potas. liqawice ball, Slugr l is, O()il cloves, Sll. zillne, dnhergainor , Tartar oonier, r lir: rira , inillil l il S i , i'l.l:llo Aln el i can d,, lemon~. I'AIh'l'St-lrll'ar l ra rlrrl,1t I ah , tter ad rh olrahl r.e rinlllrr '.; d o c. or ir sy i h t , rla ,Erllr i, , 1 I i mblril..e, IIv itlr hmrll in da dr inrari n, rie E. glirh, thr o rair a V, tilrma,- st , drou nr in da iar-ia r rar ta toa-cn C(II'TAIN :AI. ifYATT'S NEW NOVEI.,. Rnttlio the IReefer, by the autlhr of Peter Simple, &a i '_ vols. ('trminiag, or a Winter at S.closs Ilai.fiebl in L.*.na St'rna, by Captain BaaI Ilall, Royal Nary, F.I. ",. in 1 vol. Lord Inldan, a romance, hb Allan Cusnnigham,aI ,t .h'epptid le. rilltten b. limnself, ip 2ola. d .t.mnpeodiots Ilistoe of'titly, transnlted from til., original hlIIind , ho Nath.nicEl Greene, in I vol. for r na No. 79 of nflarper'e Eamily Library. Vole. 3: & 4 of the new .,mplcto and uniform edidei if I'ashington le oIria.' ]'orks. Roger's Freneh and Etntlish Dictionary. in I vol, Urv Nueat's Frenc- h and En.ilis Dietiontry. tfw more cupirn of Comb, I' Phrenology "Ri elzi."L tnr e 8arvet.r'sC ('nmnaecs ofl pernr qua ity, with chain, lliaLid Itllleaol.2l-, nd 1-2 inches G illot's improved mnc.olic Peus,japanqd papers, weights &c. &c. &c. Jnsl received, and for sale by n31 lBENJ. LEVY. SPAIN RfAISITED,&c. &c PAIN REVISITEuD c, by ie autlor ofAyear I. i Spain,' in vole. Traits of Inda .r.elaroedr, n s gtverallr •pplicahle t, the Aborigiuies of North Aierie anby U Tunler, Esq rvolr. r itr "r '.wth Pmlitical .rontnaar, of te t' nited States, or romplcto virew if th theory and practice of mthe gern andil tto governeunts, with the rnlatione n bteen ther -ledicated ail idoptedti t htlte .oung men of the Unte Statis, lby E ID 3hansfiCld, aEq. A'imrod's lluealng Toure interopersed with eharacter istie irtanecdotc, savtgs an diongs ofsportinlg men, in oluiine notices uf' lte prilcoipl crack ryders of ngland with analytical contents, aud general index of nannte,2 FOR TilE CURE, Or .,cron ia or Kiag's Evil, Chronic Rheumantim Cittonic Cutt.eous Dii- Pains in the Ioone,, by free, use of 3lerury the liatd beitn in a tiaterd state. This very concentrated Syrn is prepared with t!1n gqrneatest tlharl.eri utiettl erre and accuracy, antd lontsin I.n c.tio pnrciple of arsnaparilla in the mnot concen trted dlegree, cemibined tith oty.qravegtnblo hubotanea pf knhown cllcy)". Tlie great deseid.ratotp with ptbYaiciann in being ahi to exliilit it larga qulinntity of Sorseaparilla in a setn. dlore, ht bea.n tlitaned in this preltratton--thyv, Ieing fully convilncerl of its itt-ite, confidcnrly ndeltninter the Covviir of thleir Ipraclie. Price $1 50 ptr bottle. oldl only at SWVAIN. IIT(YI'iIER T' drug tmre, Np. I Canal- street, wiho may i lied, fresh and gcei'l w, direc tfrom the pr-erit. tors, Swaim's Panacea andermifuge, Potter's Ct.t toU coo, Carpenter's Preparatit.p,, and a large and genera assortment of fresth druogs, m4 SINNOCK--- ROME, &. p~lINNOCK'S IMPROVED tFIITION OF DR t(;oldsetnittn's Abridgmoent of lo tHIietlter of Roane to ahich is prelixcd aentroladultion tpthe Study Homan Iliotor., ind a greet variety ofaipunable infeor mtionli addedl tlhruugholt tle work o tle anil tienrs Institutions and Anlquitien o1 the pans; with nu. mtierua biographict and histortli al otes; and qtnep. ions for oexumtt:ation at tihe qpll of enach sectii. II. lustrted with tlrtitvengtvings an wnod, by Athlrton PItoca's Itnproved ir ie oI.ait'al Hilatry of England, Froma the Invujiqn ,4f Jdiutn Crayt to thi ldeatlh of iGeorge lid, with a ttnltipiation to the yea 1832. With questions tfor exatminotion at theend y oeach r.itioa. l;t'ida i .vprlrktyof valtalbi infrmna ti h atlddcd thrnoghotti tile work. Consisting of tabli of toeteml.pre.y titnc, yig:ie anl eni nenat iereone Copiouta exflp!eatory lqoat. Ilemtorks on thei po tics, rmtmers nld liltratlre of tihe auei. An lttlinep lthe Consutttion , &ce.c. nlluotaled by many engny (ltva' EI.EaEer qv AoTRo.'.otr, and an AoridMmep of Keitih' Nww 'Treatise oil !the 'Ue of lobno. 'New American edition, witl adnilitions and itrpnmva.opt atna anl oxplatiu of the astrouomieal part el'f tile A felelt Alimnauac. Just roceaied and for sale by VM M9E'KE(N Sov '24 corner o Camnp and Coin.on op IIALPtlIBt'S CI.ASlICAL LIBRARY. T ORACF,translatad by h'hillip Francis, 1)) D, wi;h no. all tppcndi, colntlainin translntnmst of variogp idec, &c. by Den Jiaton. Cowley Miltot, Drvdop Pipe Adhihin, tift Cuittertoa, Hi nakVhield, I',r.oa IBTrya, &,c. and some of the ietre eminant pacts of th du ;'--dal llI'EI)RUS, with thte appendix oI ,l;dina trantla tedl by Chri.amther Slwart, il c vtla; vnluliat, At an 1ol'"f "|larer's Chassical Lib'rarvy 'l /tr- liapedtio of IIU.hL'ltY CI.INKIBRI, Iby btocllltt, .1 D, tailh a mmoir ol the .lnltor, be "'Ilie ti I(neoc, Etq.. now a.litils, witl illu.trnoon;e, by '1e alaiksdank filE iIPP'n; a Til-l,hy thei :utlhr of "Ribel.a , Mary oil' "rgunli-," Oc., teow editiot, 2 rots taanunl PAUL 'LIFFOIR);hy the aiutir or "Iolhatl, Th 'h iht tad ," &e, bhlno volulno IV oltlt new ad. nutftl atvrs Cmplcte leke. Joaintreirel al sale n) W31 McKb:AN ArCON SIOES--6f caoks tinineionati drunk Ulandin. fram ti: satoin,'oat Echp. and t.n nielN DOuialT & l],"JL--,--

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