Newspaper of True American, July 31, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated July 31, 1838 Page 1
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PRtICE 121 CENTS.- --- -_______________ ___ ~ ~ ~pe ~ . Nw Oleas - NEW ORLEANS TUES[AY M!ORNING, JULY 31, 1838. _ __ ____VOL -Vi Nlo i ns# 61f. 6 a r Y' Y eeg ei sly ' re l l nE nn c je rnr me liag S AC 4: maiý... ý a .:.s.._.I_.".I'! xre-" wt iur res lve ou 'nr dxv xsr Irs I II.:ýý `.I ý1 i 1 IX1 M . 2"erao teJ L e ete .,cper i'ress of New Orl/ean sa, aas5/ly "t, tee' ,t I ,t n t f Je rle l merlitag of lhe irorieters, teel to [/ lift of Ibrrc/ 13. 3 doasolarrtUo.s.-l'wlv ta )lr, fir the diuly tip i tol n,. u.iytble sni-'ltilly ill t ivii nCO: ti.l aulhrs fe r t s ri , wt t lv collllotrv I.,aor, p ,ynble one arr i al isvtie, .vaere it city r!!lretlce is liven. No aijoisrikitii, wl | Islibcoelintiell outiltri nerr.tran ore 4attlei; in nice of ii eC:lita Itiet5, line we'k's iltics a arilia sn Iu b i Ie.triab y giveen, previous to the eopitatioa of ootasription. ADV atrlsin. - ia dollnr per squanre for the first asertip, nod halls' th it price for each senlls. nent on .y -na onaleri it altl.raioo fr ir thie original advertisement .ill be charged as a n "w ione. YeLnr luraoaTistas.-1lerehtnts and Tradle arty dollars ft English alone, and sixty for both lan. gas' linaks, ansura tn Oie, and olher nillaer publio.Ipstitothinc fifty d lters in Ensliash only, and -inyT for both lakn t test; Ship soand Ate tlbo.. Fan 50,.or Uo.a niseien atarerslttas sixty dollars ia Knglish ne, sndeightyv lor hotlh lansneoeo . AsAatan.O , )Jateitac rtcer, and articles eall lh atlelioioi of the pmotlic to sales 0 prlperte, eok of pansecgero, bearkfitn, ec. c. will be ehor I de llar pqr square for the brat insertion in each tan CtdtuitClrATtoaO, or Atlrertinsecnte, of any person. al lpulre. whlen adiosskible, shall be eharged dotubie, A itedtiutn ef tweantyfive per cent. will be made to &a'tioneare, Sheri'f, olgisters of Willi,and llarshels a t.lles of real sotate. puiehled ino btlth loangu.age, aLt'5tbpsr oent. in -glisnh alone: lO percent. on sales of other piroperty. AevaatseasasT out of the direct line of businers of the alvertiser, such as lesll, auction, and plants ion sales, runaway slaves, stray aoinale, &se. &c. will be charged for sepa.ately, and t thie ordlinary rates. Ausalnssaellr nost ooeified as to tittle, wilt be lltoha hieth,'atd charred ncclr'et sly. SNo atdvertieeints of bHakro ucisi wcill ti. t)llhitied t any case, nnleas paid or previous I in lierlio , or amentll guaralieed by a respon.illte pl,'rson in town. !theatree and other places of a Isillmlnlt, llladvertisi ir iaily or the Meaon. to be charged $10 for Luglish a aot, and $150 in hbth lanltasea. 4A11 enoanceuent ofl esar lihut "a for palit el offices be charged doblte the price of other advertise. i; r *". 'to the immense lonet ontained by newspaper oprletolt., they have celino tse i. c clls.illll s hllt fl no ne of par.. mn wh ie acI)e at haive lot beelln aid within one moo.:h oalar nrec onlt1ioel, shall he ande snows (0o flr aie tractl.;lle Ii t ii cle thtr--thy Iliti itling themsllves IIoI to i Itverttie or prinlt fr such dilinoqaant, unless n case 0l ad.,csse paynitant. acigatd) i JJ . tB 'e Se. ltt)itE J. BAY)VN, i'. '. Iti . 1. J. C. r (IY')ERGAST, Jt)IIN O' l r.3t).1] 1.1,1 I S)1 N. Neck/y Press.--VWe,t e InI lersie'td, ag ee to nhidhe by the a tove cn litions, as Iar as they are applicabll to .eeklv napers. apiined) A. B. IAWVtE ICrE, SNonu ulicriptions arer Laen tIr Ile i,,l hain months. LA fiUO0 0lUeLi Ilia.a tieti iill pt plld. fi)tICU 1' It lEVli 1, 4c. Q PAIN ItKrVL'1 ) byt the nntliharf ".1A year in º3 Sptain, in 2 vots-. /Itrr/ :.'/eery/, it nvel, ahe a airollr of "Cecil Ivrdt,"t insl vtls. T.e .@L.reee of Padro, and jiher tale;, ihv the aulthor ,.ti 'ihe Fores e," in I vole. Ninrol Ilmllr eTlolll r; Illlers.,arnd wIth.chlra.teristic, 5lvitot vil Joitlit of -o0rttlg Men, ilncltding lsticels of tll, ptrlciinl irack Jere of England witllh uall ticntl illllns nll rnral dc d naUll te,o weaicl l a re roddei l, it rlelt aing -tlounds in tL vtl BIe Ileit, IthI net .it Neo1o eI, Aunlolelllll)ll, by Capt. Chlnineir, It. N.,tlltllltor eI the ofa Sailor," $&c. in ot l. Ci .altIenlatibis cii alititiy Juril sruiidence. na aleinisiilsred n i;: -land teaod AleIryiea, ' Jp.e,, StI.erItI, bttti eel 1tt ether..n. Ill itvul etini .ao2i1 aeltl i of "HllrlPr't te lotical Librari." ln.ltrv I'ructies ,lr rillll* ftli e thi rexri< atid ,tiu.auvreol e the United State'nfatr., e I v tsItni SlSeral Scott, U. .. A.rny, in 3 ile. Jslt reteived uad for sale qy V 11.,, 7 eoreir '.l np, .oimOn i tt . r isethe t1rar; 1 lil to t lair; l) i lhs I Ii.,va ; i O ut : Itl, : . t I. .I il .. illl) 'tsic; toit+ts l ; [ i lict m ei awn; 1illy; , l itel i I ' t . ,1 hl I ' 1 l l' ,,','t III- ir. Al | fI , I.',I I ', )~I _ c I ,1 1111, i , h : I 11.1 I Ale ft II l' I ii. : I Stil I. L? . : ) ll AiHI.; J'Aia . , : I l ; .I. iOi t It rii i tl-t si l- t i n t atnv ,"ie rtvl, J J " I,: + ;" i' 1 .1 : .01 11'; -,o,1.4 I't: Sarl r is r I t - f' t , i t II " hi rt for.h a t . '. t l ; r V ,r ',t L ra it te e , y .r i f , i.t i I " si . s 'llt tIlt, rf ii t I' It Vtt l. . l. +I, \ u t a , 1, ; alhta 0,11" . itr .r , tf la Us , tii m , .la lo jt anrr tfi .f i ai -.t1["'1re al it _ ja .^) . . . 't :t_. -, r','.'s I'ltenies. 4 Collection oa tll l t+, n ,inver t, p:c 1r c.seearr .s utriat) cotversion, nra :gI udr i ioret ieatle, wit l rI rel c umr of nlrkl oT tia pecubhar pr.nulciationlanrl use of various worll. The whole u dilmslseld as c.lside"ably to ftaciilital L the aIlt n1tion "f nI correct pronunatialio.t rf time ren'ch. By A Boilinar, a new e ditiol, revised entd c rnsrs.Ul. A selelnio o toe huti rell of 1 '-rlrin'r 'rabeIP, rccom pained with a key, containiag the text, a li.tral and iree tmrnsnslation. arrannged ill sut:i Iu nnller a. to point oui 'tndiiftreace betrween thi 'reiaeh and longtlit ilioml , a., Ia figured pronunciation oflthe F'rench, .tcording to th, beet lrench wourk enta ton the sllbjettt. 'lThe wlhle precede.I by a short ireantie oin tl sounls of the French language, ieonlarerd witah those of thle blalisI. A Prnoutneing French Pricler,or thIe chohtrslr' :lids L.o the accurate proluniatin a.l r.thtilgrlaplly of tll Frelell l.ang a; e containiu" its elemsnts according lto the beat usage Jy Bernard i'rinchin, Ilast received and tr sade ly WIiM MiKF:AN, a ___. (Cor Cramp & Centsuis. n T't SI'LP'IUIR SPRIN(;. tRP.RNIILI EIt COI.VI' V", VII:GIMIIA. rp aH fnvnrite watring hliace illthe mulnttins VnVirginis, I stiles .vite of I.e.vsilsli.c.a I f.t m Ih WiVhlto dalihinr, 'aill be spas in Ie do n asn fbr the receptiion of enmpany. 3I nv i npnrta at ip:lrovements ihave been mtil.nsince lihe larteasnn. A a1spaciis hIall ronom, anl t number of sinlgleb d ledl roomts have been addel and n- v lininhilw: nfl riling ace. nm.nodalions. byth" let ,f Jnly, for " vinilore. An excellent tur, pitk road has been culntrnct "lI pasniny by the splrings, anl iaterectinl thle Kanawha ltulrpih nrar Lewit iburg. Over this read, Inv dIL.lrni n of the poit office depart.nelnt, laeira. eIlldit, I\Vi'r I. c,.'s line of maailt ei these ill ruin. I pr ,:fi.:c ""in eetablished atlhe springs, viii ers tny r ,ctite Ilntw.sI ellttires pnnit iadiy,e.nltt.l .v st. f the. 'nadiisinil qtialities aof tilte Wlterslr ins Irieriri wa31i tilt ,n4. they have beon analyeLd iy abhle nu I pr IlaenaJd chamiin:, andl onn'4 to hold in saulti n all thlt vall tlle in.gretditlts of the mnet celabriattd s.rinl r~ in Virginia. Theaeonhinatio i cn Itains inctlll :tnlluitlrettelI Iti ar-ene, etlp ate *f \lsa i iriti, "lih tii of', Cr* blatne of Li nsa .ial ,ltat: r i, I+, i.tinta of .dlis. and ,liatetef din i,-ms ' t io nalutarv effects f WscIllt are'ohlnbited i dA.set+e, ii idelt tolhntmles; t nt chire,-i i atibeti n of tle iter tell iver, and Iowels; i telln nenun alfTitios or dieasea, of thi skin no remltedy morI potenat nre:R:laetlns nill e haI;nd. xteanlive bitlhint etali . st i. fiit r both nsexnll have been ereatid a mtiguo! n i ,h i sipri ,gn Viirtors ca s stall ti lnes nj, lthe ecutli.r a Ivantages of their be. aigtnind wh ,ldno e etiets. Mlajir "Willian Vans will continul the supbrinlend ant of the aprin.. Cver) aexurti, une his ptrt, unnd on /tha pawl If trm firoprtntur+, hall ie t nmiterd Io i InlreI (orlthe 1lss ulphtp r a libsrat share of the publi. ilat ronage, Trt* prspriotore of the Ilu1., Sullphr Spiriil n wi't he. iharalin tike ratcip if lota- i'n ll .tS rn n I BrVea a tIsakswthich aeimatl'ti.lere4 s.lvt tant par. I l"It I i NK. &ec. A, WVFUL diae'on+ar.. of Maria Ili of the lintrel SDien NYulitarri of It Ir il, ,i . t, with an .p pendt , eontai in, part i. Lteeeiti,:.t . firtelitio; part ld, aequenl of her ilrrativ ; par. I I, Review of tile can.a, Ann. t, wivinll m ire ss riultr+ of the .t:ltnerv said grunllals, illnat.attd by a iplan .f the Nnngarj, -e. MIritl 4a k and the Nunnerv of the lintel Uieu--be l'can aecolunt ofl a vista t the Cotvellnit if itlintreal aait'rtttaion of the ".\wftul Dijiselo.rei;" by Wii. L. tonee. .Fttllrlh exarinent of Iivii;. Living wilhsitat means. / Th A uidlt's Instirctir iNo ril,"tg sad werkibntr uaher Pine ,lters of Areltitielnr.," fiully expl,iningi thie tlethi.lir l urtiritig retultr iutnd qaritd Itniultlias; Ford i artaiiug and gluein'wip ,int,:l t Itntl capital; or `stln rcy the r iliaster ofan ,rdr nto any riven h ight; Bo e striking the Iotic Vollt., ircnls .t r eii ticihs with diibhed eaantltesa, n largestsnle. ofthe i.lire, theilr ipianehere, .t.c.; Ind mnus deti.ot Ih ar d ror cae, ale antly engqrveti on Irtv-ilme pililin, witll tmlllrte-- yr .ltar Neicholon, rchsitet, natthr of the b"illtnltainit' tC nltanito l.'. "LUrnteter', Nwur ,lti le," "Cairltellr'sn ant Jilne's Aaitlettlt, " Sn. "L Prnetlial rranrie oin th Ciilt re onfilk," adapt. ad Io the snil and lilntte of thb. Ulitell etaltes-bv J. ft. I.ltnosnk, seetreary of the tirtfir I coulty Sil : 4o siet'v. tnd xiatr of tihe ".ilk Caltturiet." "IrPh. ill ttRai+asr's \[lxttal, or the art sf raielIi ano, f,enling *ilk wtarmns, and sf cltisvatig the 31 Iherry tree -by N. ,Iorin. rht .Clark's lilaide. nr t'n nmereiltt Crterepnn 'ese; co:nriein lettere of h iso. sna, or n of nfbille, invnices, sleti tt.laes. eant -h,opkhrepers, qinatian of payments, onit nsoeail ter:n. Irc --he i. F'. Ietear. "llltirv "of tlht IV,r itn tin Plalintla and the Snuth et irnier, roln the yeir 19tl the ysar 1814" hby \. F. P. Napiier, C Bt., l V.; tii which apre porisel an. sweas tl enre attauke in Rvbileoa's I'Le iti ics( mienn.d in t'e to rtnrtcrlr tviews; with ceuiarer remarks to Mr. Dudadu tlontxrut Pereivnl' relu rks lllr n snmi e puass. iailniCiltonel Napier'" fiurth volumean t tha i'Pninsular War. Jt r,reivad n Itfir alt by tl't'Pastll ,-)--2. , ill slori . . r vil.: lt ,- G ilIs.-;l'. jt6 4t1 \ee Levee, r^ - ''". _. _ _G." ae ORK-1'11 I, GUf-r~at M 5a. ,rler sc t b ee ,. llelo (Inebitt belsev) I.l larmrS. n mIe geollrL. i co't ottlthtlre han s to he ltutin in any simiar eata, 1,sltsh it1 knownle; enlistillog of SII.Vl"l WARPE. :'Coffee and tea sets; ritlhers, waiters, alitor, endiler t>leota. okst, tumblers .,ltn oblet(; tll aeaol d desert ,ter bese, let d tea tonlls: masnrrow ti Rtstvv, tor t. . Iss tem spoons; sgar tongs; sugar, alcer andi sois tiadles, iter, fruit. PIlrtling anti fish knives; iickle aon I.soert knives and forks, nqikins, rlgn.s, c. priocilattly hols, .le anulatacltir of Mr it: tarthi;er, of NeSw York, ,JslonIg established tepta;otl Ir the nmanllctutr ql silver malr is sull iiento'aote of its siuctior tI et+... t e tAs'st mv OP mn.lPI"Iw.Ia AND IIt-r. . A", I SIIN I;H l A. 'en l and eoffr- il, tea ellns; cintor, liqor nod se o dil sotads, sutperb andlehra~ts, and Etr.gues with mini'l Ir plateallx, for zeitl of" tile dinlsier or s",plser tale;l waters rolllll altll loblong, from 8 to i inllells; Iuw steak :inll vegetake lishes; rieh dilk il.Oers a; cake oi, I)br(I hasket s; lecanter hta us tt mnall sit l sl e tl s inhr calltlldMicks; Wille srailllels; tOlrsall it ilo)otN; de, l ter llalsh, elaore corks, tea stinisers, takle bells, tll, t'. ble. egg snd lIlUsutalI slloons; egg biilelsl I's s toillls tost races, kc. SILVER ON STEEL WAIRP, Tale and ie desert kiVes, fol'ks and llatslsli suop and utalce ladles; iustelr and Afsh kitoes, chaeese coops, as INaragua tongs, vegetaele fnks, itoe. JAPANNEIY.I Fine Gothic Se slwich all I wlOIn eonles waetoer, ol setls nds single, lnom 8 to 31 ineh;S'o of /tpier inacrir; tlaeat, cleese, ali knife trayes I lage Ituriglt plute wlllllers spice, slulor utldI blth; Itrsslllig u1st's; Ilda te tr ies i netsts, caddlle Jsalslnise t d ol'rieh tortoise shdll, etc. LAM I'S. All extensive nasssoitultm t amslnSg ie o re Astlrn i Io s, all bronzed tn giitandgol ot'rieh llit glaIss manite; l tleldid ot glss do ; hirozes Soii Japanl e l siie lr btlreckiet ntits. Ci ANI)FII.EttS AN) IIAN.I.tG LAMPS. Eniglishwl out t''ohi cust tlass echatlelier or Inlsirre nl ,'51,4, tIS, I '2414(11tl2 lightsi Fricu h brr t zeol, toto i ;itei latl , ii.s, 3. 4. m, i8 lightIs;: hall lat )11 .til - tIlRs, tih Iri)utzr Ion' o" eulittell lopiIs for iln, :.I 'oo s,i .inm I to 6 ligls, lamir, shades, ghal esasi'si \IANTILE CLOCKS, .'ANI)LIIIII.kS ANI) \'AStrS. diwith livlllls s elr ; onulltltilln hrlltss alt kioliltI clack ; IIIIZtaI ihlkntaolls, er3gart lo; tmoIr weigits, tllerittln,. ners, e (d IOctks, emdles l t , ta , l ie. ititIA WVARIE Oil PwstLj+tAINy I';.glish aw Fl't ll iFr .u dicing ,lel lt, aell anid illl, -, r. ees tit n whie, ggoilI edgel, otid terst ihI, all 'e c ten hnwlid t 1h , Ise l lS; at. er anInmilk a io t ei t. , lamlh t .ie lrf a wvcr Ousk11 t ai isst r, l. Mhie ig, deswert, Illae,ar hl'l akf. tII w tri t ls p .h r .lls i ilii utvt s tets. t t it;l .lll t t lt, llti cl nt m uls Iill Is, w d all el Y1h als , at ll +l+ lf R, l,;lwr' hert'. Is I, ire tise, citagel, ioart w, tisn er.s wilne ehantrai bgtw eI nro I l :d hllim lO lrlm .:llm l awl I.ll .;Is.i s; ".l. edI.. ,ml, k glt mses. Ahn.. e:dh .lisde i FInIell ' l allllwe Ih% at(If lipi :t, 1 l ek Ie +,,,q K turktsRtllI l ')Iiks of it : Il ,' I tples s "*l' ht Ii i d l). lImar h1 llllte kfitr,'s fui l ,t -rn. iilt k t',l' e+l,,' :ml .m,1"it. car 1ts; I'm Ln slicrt h. I I..' r Ill.t I ll} It.I--,1, 1k,;t ,ill' .lstb.ititl ptot+:,, . t " l i.,, cork 1etel, t.. I 4 ' b'A\IA AND l Is 'it. Ii Ti ,';l allit a tl o ltit ". VIIttm I :sti ;l ii, ,i :ll I I d j. c."t.+ , 'th. m iii Im toll{ a d stw d-tuaA , ,i, i , S.i ii ,r ,.,,nI , .lI !.." s,, l :h +, .v ,<, . It . 1 . ,,r ti :n,.i ,r'.,, , ',:; !l+ m, lliIllt' IIJ'lt i r ,',I, r t1i+ , ~l ,_q. ; 1r:1 k 't(Il', w, l:,,,· Is i ++ h ,.iatel'% ',;e I , I +t,. .r~ t I', \( ; i \rt . A I",. It^" .ravd wh' - I .~ ,,,.I. ' ~ u ", -',ram!l t i I b awi l k :, ".eý : '- j .. .. .. . ...1 "7 0I I. ,Ii 1. - Ii.*+;.". I r' 'i Na''' "12, or 5i+ 1 " - , r,1[, .,. IIh 'u .[ nn l t1 nn:', r "l: , r Is v , t \ . L, L - , 1 ' , , il. ItIort r i. l,, ill ti,:" I It , i til. iti ! ... .... ......... til. "I, i r ,. ',+ . + ; .'' "j ll ni0-114 160 H( il ' :.. t ll (l l l. )' 4 +" . I' ",r, ,+. .++i , • l • ,it $ % () 1 1 I iit. It,,i lb b it. ptl ur i .b' l a i. ?it tl , llra i nt; ,r. I 1o stws i Ihtst i ,l Ist- t ladel' .4..n a v.i f ;e i in ' o, or 7i11 il0 I!'or, i (idl. of 4t1 awl oftW I II . l'J eWS I n a, l.e lii tl' rsiaw, or ur 11, tib l4 ort,,r. oti tit'l u sr, uith eodo er 4&s .w i6 75 tir e.,ttw, tter till r ' oi 1.,.,. ..t.l :I ,. . ..+) Fcua sineri a'isr dals fr m ts,, oit i tlo s $4ton0 it) nol; o1n. thnft-i sa l ottith llfedr Ac. $oito tools .11 Ett l ri-nia s it; It, tot i l 1to tie tos 1 ttinp Atrltos, te ttitihet e deichu , lfitts ri ti, pp tip the llsjoonlts irsh; te oi hrttt tl bi ia iii.e u ea s thilnlltes'ir othstlas(lielst ttItt 5ii dest s is a itoss silleteo s wioaitehegi aill iear iout wo;hol Itre iset bat tooThe ellales for wll 1,1'ver, ti he llote. oo Iroi ruining gearean he orlrced where, dessired. in, reasonsble terms, he will ble Clle lnre i exlr. huts' pnwer,of'any descriptian, caIn lie fnrni.ksd oi like leimns. Small steam cngines el all.a be orderled l de siedrl. It i desirable, when pl:nters give ordlel for Gins, Ilhy shoutll coslpally thelall wilh their views inll io lhearr angementolf aenwsI, Ibrushes, &c. It is litonn they Ili'ii in opinioni. desirle lsaws I larger dsiinlller ll n others. Tile mInIsti conm ol sitz isi 9lr I inllches; Ints I ul wish them IS inches. Somle will : or it rows of Ibrheslllils on n axle, while others do ilOt wanlt more Ih:l. ,it Io5;5. SoIIIe wish siws with t ir'liictli to Ihe insch, while othlers want It) sr I I W% se 'il i ,llon alp as, se aele' r lis ll d :.i ,he time, of ls ing IItlelh lrs, fin' 'ish it e a ;nill 1o1 Ihtrih i. hel , ulla l Ie i :illlllis eturla cal t, i ll i Ielln ill erIII Il4clal. W hlsie it is left it ni a r disLeli iii, we shi. ,ie.ali.i Onl tihe mot modern nil mid ippovl s lj1i 1, ' .1, idl inslia exerstel, b'oslb the tise it in illsl e Ialtie i l.d igh i it. i 1si 11ewes,l. i till lie mill ill itne thae k iln al theiMatii. To lie in iii Silthe nextI ci r ip, all ir i- oil tl in be in Is lol l Ie\ 1 sinst ,itleturnse hby - 'I iI lst or aiddlle of disy; l .,.e t Is l l:h silious wher'e.e y elre late in ciaanaeiioisi II *ick so gin ll U niiIi. N. It. T'le.P.,c P sligtl, f.s ne io,tu fl'th, c. tisi :I'hsa"in. St les, will be ilhl rat rasounaille tlvis.:. I I'Ai I'E )L' L WJIII N.--'i'edtl iu..isl isi let Cutrt ''ill SPATE OF I.(lJSIAeNA, ToI all whom W thes Presents sull co ue, Greetaigs--\Whereaes aYilliatOn s aks hl- sine oatehae.el at a le Ia hby the 'laerif ,i tlas parish il Itrlalesi, tlie rlpeat.l Ioreilaller ,Lcrieil, Ilas ao plied in ito clern ol t is ellrt, i I whoaln sllltsae til e t ed if l anl w ru:nild Iao lee ,h l el i.o A , A. Io. l81 , t r a nessities or ad. ertisePllent iil conlturlil I in tl of allse l.egshltarte of ilie .ilte Ii L t i ei . i me i Lei l ralei aill the I ellai r anira f ll i als titlea i, llrchianers at jud'calr sa as;" ap hlaosl ells Ith days o slarch, ihSm1. Sl iV. lier,'tine, kna-o ye. and sill persson inltareteI lereill. tire lerbh ealtsel and dlielanlld in the, s.llta l -e is.ate ul' L.nlila tialld llf lle Jodiu'il iletrlata "osnrt, wlh Caen sit up any relta, sor clri i ain tila I lths nridprnpte sy wa ale sle b the Shadin neqof te pfr ih a i ,renuiau on thoe isd das i;e ,jeril. A. D. 1iJso aa u • ' le Oicll th ( eL o" t, ecI;I l, judgment the can'8 at whlih alal saVlliaisle. r \Iky bteaiml tie pur llhaR fi the aiprsiio;ani wad c sila eihae, in sI, niptioen if Psale, rt a givn n ue Judifial Cosan A ocr tain liat sarsn,ndasi tlaitnE di fee itl btla dy li.s n ronitiiOn .nl idre i t lllsa d ill autie papes, wh tlit sle olen a insth d etlm hounllo l b V Neo d sovde, Tre siol esret7 was sil bedn:h tl Shl'aiof shei . inip. ist nle 8, lnd i8 fee t inchtaa. i ao esn i n Ileed on the.dy a which adj sintle arp illi n .or laeey beesoi alas to lchase . ntlbs feet II b hs la iila in hIs aearh A lsrta in rinta nf i alled. a shrr with all . ie buils 9ll, lOi a Ca5 etwn li C. F. Zi, ilel. lspead ji. so pI na o Cin sie nftalonet f Folis i-inuiaea sate I lerk's Ofiscel ' 'a 5, a sit (1 GWL.CWsS... . te 'lrk. lie S tit: ala-riellore resolved on 'l'needav last, trip to Cincij.ati. tat rae day salt; I returned'gain Ins' 'ight. I begint of elthat I am a very important indi vidll, aaa tii instat lthe JoiurIal of ti i city wa pl ala a haulZl atiag, ainonist a great any elae. Ihing-, t'at I hall actually run a ay from Lnmasvill. tl a t:ap h e i clre tft of the it nl crtil manartic nee i. if doatr :lip. tit " knigit of the Itimb e, alias, A S, S, lrv retar,, biowever, proves that the fable of he ha and .tlF, i tlpplialle to the Jrlltel. The fable Ia "A boY iwan eamplired t,' walth Ialld tive the alarml whran Ith" wl'f atlpearil; he bei g eithera 'n futmen,'a tlil en'- sa p, or a liar, f'eqea:l ered ouat 'Ihe wolf in I citine,'' th, tb re tdiamay of tihe citisne eh r .y laRt l.oell ot Iia rea shrecfer" that hIe wae a liar, ani nst tu lbe brl cred even when hb. spke the truth.' Thei fact i that enaira must prlduce their effatea. "n it will prove, af the nll-wine writer, Dr. Seip &dCo., in 'ile Jatmrnl. I woulmd adviae thekm to provide them elve, willh a slat engine prese, in order n, neet the wm lerflal e.lemanrl anl inrele of that ialper, as it ir wefll knon, i ible are maly who neek for ,rthing but hlecbaoad,aat of alerr Ilaae to tibe vender. of ilt .erti. er.. But inte,rtannatel: far (ioliah anilp, f needle aid thimble celelritv, the grelat mailn of the ttilliina of A ine'ieanrpeoale, orefnate t,snd tfr fa lied aes lovera at trtih. Thernf ire they will, (an elfect tirotuced by thle ,it.a e) niator lly .trv I want to rmi , a pnater, that I may rely n, thlefnare I will seek out suheb, and bheoamr a uanat.ltberi i tho Ihther jtarnal',t wieee l.ttteIaiit. willt nor ara. fale. 'Their I e staltleilmia are tIo pal palile toesqttris i.fuatiot' vet I will ntte: let. I el,. aeamln it.un ii'tel. 23d. 'ghat I shall mcn t I11 he 31et al , 'tho li) Snip & 'o., have sent mat a letter threatening my lilf, if I remainrd after the'l)t ,. 3d. I'hat nfke ill c, I 'hall preed to Cicinnati, for foterteen de,. nonly. of which I wiah Di' Snip & Co., tc, inrfrm lte nf.llitel, In thelir owar t .hsiilt never fails to bring tile ptttiente. tlii. Tlhatl frm 'innlniati I "hall prireeed n ire S'all, rf tle Nierl, tinlie. t ,tiiatlo, (ifhIr Snip & CP,. d, n it take awne y talfe, on tit'. I ti f 'eptenbqr, ans a \-I,+\ Ytork on tlle I aC d Nev,,mber, to~penaIthle whole Fth' Iext m tlllnlie.i in order o taug liat all the aiuhll P'hilistine; the nirpdieial Golihr of Boston, Pbilalel. ph1n, lettglh", Nbashville stnd Louisville, who mw prohbaa i., (hm'fiteth t tinme arrives loorr;,'; liah Itt, Itloe and tIre (;olin v. Cuterisr 8e. hullsa mae.. fert it,.ti Imiile-, Ita lniah 4th. Caorn euttePr. ll hF Wit "&it" taill I, rel piinhkle aore. goliah ,i, tI' ' e i t,'ifi.ent ofa lll, I)' snip, a'ia Itcll, 'e. til. t t'i' roltteriitnre na d iilit,,"tof at e Ii t terl . t utlv i wrllid ivae stlm aoble l)t'. :aijt Co I kln, .tl'n, I teieliemtl'r u wnre ahtit ti rcal a leoir 'l.r0irc'i li'tar, hrna l eenitlrrveratl in ti e , IhI i ' (" rt s < ii i, igi u to the blind, and, fI nt tonl wh,,,n i an a a + Imnllt r a .mu ii t lajesly'i crnto iit it :real Irn". a i. I i"'as e a Iliohn el' emlll e laed lil 'he tiureno 'lliee; fits currier; the hir lea ,'ahker far acnes' be col~rllanill;tile nit nil 'rtint 1| s stir s heepet; and ilte ,,nrlit+ia nal ,let .tllii Peern ven ' n re thnl I dreal, .f hli'i allI tII d. h li."el I wnhb the Jaurneal . sta|, I A,1h 1 reeivt, Illll' anl slra eln g rii ,m io t, h 'I. ntl gtitlttitet 'cnr isn 5 .rl,.. P I. eve, I hvito tiii:ri I anvplinlla wilhnilt nee a t usul ' II creet 5.lte ae J O :I N ,V IL I,. IA Nld Oe u l at ,-tllerean llno'e, Ii.nuiisille J,,ilav 1. 137. 1'. .--Sinc writinglaut nit, I lave ern insnrmeni tlht niIPeof t tir tcail., stIr tie Flnor lacqtne oaftite .ilril. anti hii sohle naeterre ert weill le,'ed w t ie, li, mir a.t ianit.n iti. theml t rlelter, iln t late re 'tarlks, ai thee 's pln fit ly rentable cabh tibiar thei folli. she atitige, "i it In o1 a fenatlite leehk tiietler."' !. Ci:te el puri s lat , lie. Prentice, lien. ti'eliiii' Ilte railj;'f the itititt at' Cantha rt, lase n. mmhu' s. the rndatli d(.r toF tich dindisfitlcd n,iel IeIP I itrnllie hl ith lave been so elersted, an: tllllnellt niI taill tar. 1nd ltle phlltnga of antitler 'cOati i, h w hiirthtlli" h lt aa t ia moral ierit, do ticeeitnt na hits irt;1 is w finl In anlieirt Itintnre5 thalt s,'ltlwr re bun tll Ilive, ol rs hllang b a htit r Sil ~r1 e1il "en-rP r.ised to he etpiei.'nra, orelevated be kttigr'ltn ofa tiii ril. I'hoazh al le arn they ought ti iae, rihelr ePaii the khtletnlr if tlh Iolter " BIt tat ttttihtV kti:itI ins lt l lllV saliiit and an e, frun hl roific m lrai:n-i to join hii hIIer, Iie: meight f1 the I I hhl , i n tiltllll 'lnn i tl l w rl, i e is i an till ii. ft:, , t i ll lt,, ldti ih t i i a l'll blown rnic In l, t ll y i e, c e, the rat',a, e ill oe hotto whichl!,r er ft ! i.ettcr l , +tar knght anh tlhe bhn lde, h . willex ll: a r, t lo l,, in is dyin .t opee it' i mnmittimiattlxr"!ý4 i thamt"'aic I, lei'h,iai,111e.Il tri:,.. ,. ,.+..e" , -,,,,,; , n "rt+. it : ." i + e phi I "" ~ " ' i s I' 'm u.o "la l li Ii. F t ire h t I I .n, · nIr ~llih l Ho r h'oi , t'b . inhe,,+ _J. ll-'t , , ,t ..e rop y I, e ", , la lilt ith . tile "i, , 1 II 'i l , ar ta rn If, lPa"ietf eCu~'ýIalas", h-hl s-'t'"!;llipr aid plli~l I ltlo-1I I ..·l 'I'n + + l i r l l l IrI) ,. ,' ! I c , r , p i c k ,+ +,,L~ I I lllr, ] ,c ,,I+, '"i!,e, ',ý ,.l, I r, lIrtn N. l ord: h t ''h,:: 'r . r,~ . (1'e 1 t t " I lno t nfiri it in. t, ,, a -i.lil ti "it i., ' r'n~". , thyIan }l~to . ii,'ll i tr i ii ln, ":I Ot':"ie Hi ll.rlds &c \l" ilI, dfiitpl~e. ,a in itrimlliaielm noidenmtbmsplh, I rcF · .r , ý". n,., r ,a l t,!!; ,-ra l '',e (;,Iay n 1i, . iha I1 n r ' v [o! hi.. l 'i " ~ hr i,, 'I', x:,". Ile I 't tio +r ,, No f r hl,, e ', ili.r hn I ,l 'siial.m :tr athr I a h e,] sf i tir ble wV",. I : Iis' ''t's n :"0" t,-' I' , I V wl o 1,Cc f t a"t "' na i 'It: ". % " ' r' ! ld cleri h'e t'm , t i w ," v ljh!n t"tin hearerri T'F; rI .y teli ;","ltt'r. +:'r+" i e 11,lh t im or ved ih ight, an I, +t~t,*,ts, all t''h,, h,'+lr hin. [ " - ,,'"ays bi. er-r u nie i,;t- ti(l I , ,. h1 ~ t*O l I~,;lt |al til+l , ev I o enn IId," .q.,I '.+ i '1iii .le pid es ii a I oltn.r, r hiler,, b "1101111 oallt h.- s" gr Zlltafidl h h it f+ lindl fnd to ,m,. "%%hen ::-k'dt if he..pprovcd the rcime'ies with whi ch I elrs*-.,d hli' ev're- Lai ',a w .ti, rather pay $21), than ',':5?+,,.+ ,..e ........dr . Hu ..... |+d o,' V1,oo ,,,ile, Tlhe .oral ,+ ,ril.e ...... ,i... ,...--- -."... . .. . Snre .-ei pien, o the warity hullthte of the rail and the Ihi chic. ','ill itc.tele mark cegibl, after rending tile .h vc hsr,' letier. I"iwm ver a Ittle a lodyne. ir the fern ir it Drink or two or tihen will set ll right and tilrI ll noldhuot plennlrte nomnrlline to suit the niental nppelnit.- Ilf their enadero, i hnreitnintt nn doen dly eirhninlg. Fnrtlluintely for thOle, thele, is a whole S hbeath l, (to-morrow) i nwlh itueh can do their diry work. J WILLtA..s, N. II.-I nhave just received a lenter, dated 2t lJu y. inesitini o Itnv ne inm on a. uplny to the droggimtr of thie city. The wniters style then-erlvre "Kentoe Serneno.r; " rpnelie niJoht I tllided to theno in my St letterf. ihe r nn.may reao amn ure ,I ilin tit know or e'en neaepet any Gitulha tn h o . Ye dI Igeistaa Lo itville; yet, i thle calp fit. aony tgentie an, Ire tmt et o course wear it, tllogh nore intended by tee. J. W. JeRenosml IHIotls, Satoinrey, 22a July, 1837. oJEFFERSON tt l Let OUIstVILLEt, July It 3I, it. "o the Editor of te (;Cty Gnrstalea: LIlt--a ving, tn the entrelties of my poe mietlnttr Ia run ·reh'Ied, if my Icnrlet permitn, to re noitma in thinin city til Ithe enl of uly. 1. "nro ny eto tcln en more good. 2. 'Io cnoe ,ileo the I -huhintal niet the v i ept theat the itrrlicne (;olinh. h t. dr, have opplied to na,. bclong to thein, an th ir leawul rignt. 3. Ill I nt rosd l tto dveioit, two undrend donlar, in ol, n t th- U. St: tank, i the hand otf his Hoonu tile ltuyr ofnh i city, ogait-r a ioniltr tent to he te o ns tekl y all tIte gr att and m glity DIlntor Y. t. lo. Ithat I reiore to e hi more t ged, mnodtle-ged, touno en)tedl n r .n hihlrei, who went totally or prlteoli) inand, t inelthey do;n a llthat t . lm .eal;nled n cure re en nulnh" of m htrl. weak hir din-sglightl i-ruon t.rolz. Ily -hlnt visit the, they do. etliit I [. urea .ie eisnculenaeout, tt calltin to theiruid oili e rrri -inn rvedin, c thr tell pro eMnllr and tDocn, .ii. ni! t ni-lin nn tv.lcere, no we I atenll tne docior. iel, In t ri l ie to n itd in r te tt practice, (wssol, .,e t, fkt- vit the Stntee of Kent evn thio, Ildt uo .h d t :" -I n leeasee; wher terire iAndeed n t e -i n orn Ile ir nlou lcoeinllnl whose nOeaonllee i to be hIt J d dw no Il in un inil lil e ti, late-t peotrit e. I. It Ini et I clilly utlderetlnl that all te curi. il nyl, oinnth nid s, innot n ivene bne hal ave btCoe lie hlrlle I inhuuo the aid ol any surgitc-l o elrtnilln nwehiever. 5. lhoie wnht really menr the eptithene they Inaver n lilberall appnlied to m'In, lell lurelit the $ inn for t benefitel lie Ahlin houlit nii i icity, .nd nhe otloerpar ly shell takie ack hi ovn - 0, wnaver lie or ther noav be. If ecrll the in ghty maoelie i houlnnennger . oh alii trove ooof the iuceetottl candldate., I Willt iulnil tine old proverh, atd give Ith -old yiotletmuIn hi. ue! fi. At oll eventi 1 woult addioe the Itet eoned cite liah , not ion a ,or that letter to aolnd liau, ao t gole tu- "siln Ictue" as well t "ialnietnlt." hot vetortlp tn.. to. Ia,; but a-lvie hima to and to it lln (egntialni :imltininoi, A ,S lacted iefiurn it, in elphletoeoal orden thetna nIe inldenenlneut ilnhabit nte of tine oiny woutd al wmay know the wriner b) the melody fl'hin tuier. JClol nVILLAtIS:, it-olin). '1 wns weak ennuegh to read the mnae ol ttleehonde eigned .a., which deserve nothing buhot my ilenl .on telllpt. "lad I known ltat evennleg of the great I iporr.trce t I A So, I shulld havy- trenited the anot of the thlnreeotma what dilfecentlv: hit let then pas. I will. h,, ever enoninilineut hiiomantet of the Journal, fur hlu agea i) Co emnrlny tlIe frller khight (not nl'the garter Orot the tlhinle, but) ulthe needh antn thinlbla, in orderi' tht he may kill two bl-ls with one etone, i. . tI, inetch the hole0 htt mnav he on tia natural or polltitalog £lneet. n I, if I nity judge front that excellent paIer, the Ad ermiser, Dr. Soun 0 msoter in, potitiiclly inn entlRnll n need of hi Whenall eirontl-tuenc rien, -hertherdulnestieal or politicillt, which, reqieirra a blister, whether on hi otwn aose or o. tle repeuetion olthoet who de noet hal noi tit pledoe himn, he ng unlike himu, (whIich cust he E'n-at mieolbrtne') thern i is lie rines hio BELL, whicn ulterll in nothing nel a than if it waso"soindio brae. or a tinklin cynemal;'" yet to view it th,-lr. Unell Ihks we; ltblu with an J0 . D. A. 13. 8. ater it, appear. uagniecentll! JOI1N WILLIAMS.,uoultnt. July 14. .J AV.tNA. .[ EI2T.iitA'f--In ttorm and Inureale by TI' K ifV)iE & Bit), ', r Common and ,tla..I inn I. : TlilE hianlnsome ''TOltel: anbil hack KI(itchen, t on the ,neemrnt er te.. nf the Trie Amer - can iticetuvo diort tro- -mt. Chaslee tl'ho enre. A fiHit ra'e etnd fore Ceffes tll(oe Apply to iilt JOIIlN GmIJ*N, dietor True Au.reril-n. ]A]o ii.i J.r R,)PI::-90en-ieces Ke,. '.y ,;0f i S+int+; 8I nils do Lto," f yr Iral hvby H _ L v.Y & C,. jel -:a Il Grootier AI;ullqlu. tTILS.--:. pnr.e nas•otment of u l a is f MiLLE' CUIP'UUtNll EX 'RACIT OF TOMATO. A SUBSTITUTE FOR CALOMEL, Tr IE doct.ine promlul.ated with so much assurance by malny emptirice of the prlaeset lhe, that one le dicine will cure all diseases, ai not, anltd nevr cw he te; alIl lie who alsserts it, is either a iool or an inl. ptOttr HIut it in a filttetodmontratle It experiene, that combitaaions of medicitle ose Ihe f.aletdl film li VEOLArBLn t1IxoDOM, that will set so ttnieroaIttay omt the I. stem, when taken Searsnably, Hoi injudlicinus pro liortio.a tso curae, in tine oaseo .t of tell, all diseases withlll the reach and power of medleiia. From toe well knowan, d estiblished reputation of Coalonl, it has long been employe I by the emnptlier andl cietific phlys elan as mone of thde most powoefil agelts for the removal of dtilase. Bl thle former, al must every land his beenl dltged with nostrumts, tiht th-ir eauthors elimend n sler fins ins evey disease inci 'lenlt to l humno ia.aili. The flah ofI thoese pltele silos leeds onodanno ni, for naceuate chemical investi gation Iis shown, thlUt the bale of mlobt of the Panulae:., Ctholieons, hie. which Imve been trmpetted betlre the community, whith o much assurance, is Calomel, or merolry in some on. Noa, if this potent articlee even i. the hndsl ofthe most skilful plhysician. , tt que t ly everts tin ilfltenee on the Itumnit sy.tenl, ltfineneNt,ll anld entirely beyotd the control of artit undermining al tottitutimo, and brin.nmg nol n prematu oldi age, tisease lald death, what reasUt sho;uldl be 'x ietel when prIe ocrltdl ty the ignroa.t? Could their niain lhotsatll victimnssptok. a voioe lir:n the tomb wothtl oon hIe specftc' deluaisn that new so a) s the mintls of ilt living. lumane Physicens deplore ithe lad evils tenulttrt from dos muntsno ts l tthni·e, atd wIt gladlo h it lthe in trodnetihn ofun sri;le tht an a ml htl be subltiuted forlit clttanel. They feel, maIi that keenly. the u oertaitly l'it. lrimar, opeu.tiot; the. otIUt saya .htlhelr it at i ite fintaroable or nttl.oratle." Thi.y rIo know, .ad lfeel, llt t Itais use is continedrtl forany conseildblnrbte time, in. jlriotls sertollir cot elslqueces musllt lliooW. But hey mnlut choose the least of two evils: they know tin totiher article thlt wtll arouse a torpid liver, remnote olb.true lion, midl set in fIee attLion the whtle glttduhalr s stem, and it beig iodispleslyl, necessa.r to d. tiisl, they tttilUtn' its use, iiotwithtstanding the enit e.uttqtctens bhioh t'itlow. SIIe hive long desired atd sought an article that would ptoducet the oul effects ti' this dlrug, withlou .ulj cntg the otoeit to its deleterona renults. Stult a datlerittotm, it is tBeltiedt ht at liengt beent o!tatiie It the article nlow pres. etted to the phlse. fTh ploprlietotr f t this, rtiel keeplng in view the 'ant, that . wire nld benevulent Beingtl I h pl se with ill te reath iof .11, re'tnetra aibs tto ti the tits-anes Wt. nitettlt tI tihe littate tiet inihotatt; itud knowinig, litke. wise, thl, t mostof the diisea iesof the South utie West ie Ias.ti upon 'tlrgitui or ftlttttimtlll Itlderatilntt atl thei iner; directed their attention to those articles whilch not iorei e ciadlly on, tile billir organs. Alter long, inhori)us, mlltl expentsive research, theP havre succeeded ill txtracting a stbstllce flost the l'l'O tIA I'O, which, from its peculint efitiei upon the hepa tin or tiliary orplis, tlhy I. no ie lainteo Hepa.ite. tl iittaotlia.n ehit vi ll Ien. ne itil the Ialtefiliol t'slllts of CUliomli, in blth nlute and elhrnoic di ease,. with Itt tile ptsillility of iromluiehg the lueriousde tonts seqla I Us ttnCeo C nonti to that article. Its action up.m te eotstilatiou is universal, t o part of Ite ) stem escaplingit inlHthtenae. It is howrevr, Iupon tI olrgans f s eretion antli exretion, tihat its ,trwt power ai partliulauly m:uiirst.nti ; itloie i is pe. eolinrly adlapted to t..e tret .ett of' bilioust fevers lnd nther ,liaenses il wthich torpidity or elgettlot of tlhe liver altl portal circle iteaoil. It isahimtilde in n.I litses, where it i tteoessars tt eleatnse thle |stolltmSh iand bowels. It removes nbt~tettt liont, n e.Eitesn it quick tItd helIthl nctioa of tile liter otd othergltulaliar tierlt of the abliontte. BttttIg dif fltibl il i ilts pltoti,ll it protlellse a free Eilrclatitot ill tih vetas Is ol the surfalce of the hadtt, accotplllalietl Ity i gentle pet s pit.tion It does not exhaust like duos Ilc purges; till, its actiOln is ltorde tllliv'erSal, mIad mIm onite he tIrltrtcl,lnut tm rely with saelty but with grets iten fiti Thi. becomesn inllsitstpetly Ittlt entr ttty ill t:l.. oit log .sitliitg; for at tht' ioernte temtlolttr imnpret mlosinallad by atrnlllg illticier~, asetldm, it evle, do t good; blt Irtltd to itnjur the bontit lia Itf he cntitll ittn. It it atld puri ttg it the ofsteti, tlts in prI.-lt harmoaln y l ith II . ktottwn lawsot .' t ile. nod is ot hllbtlt;' oleoo thle most t itblthlo .+.titlese r Ut.;fflt toi fur pubitt trial u tl to illrst'ialo. 1'orco venietce, this tuedimttt is i:+rmted ihto 3 gr':oi 8 pills. lTh white Pills e cathalti, altertove, di phoretic a d diuretic. I he yl lo :' in totic, eatt. donlt a;tld diapqhoretic. MILI.' "iti iATOr Al u(r[xti. 'The i.- tre .vi ott tr., rnt mil - a delicious vrgetable a! labire, but 1:1so as a nleicinec , kw,, It's rotst lera l- tim. I ot i r l n tic a t ". It ha, b:een believal t Ittoorse t a ti-bilioll re is whiqrt , itthlte ci hi. l tu elli ett..ll .tira teel id, I sHteparatd tint thle l llou~a. mt-Ier, ~uhlld h I0nv:uluhle. This h.: I beuull oitierl.iae'l, ash a bililrus l"l rtrl. A large Illlii( ofis 1l the it +'aser,:0 ni from pisir',th red Uit+ s, or '.w d - e Irangclllsl inll tl t glllllllhlatr stei . L hlit n IIec iallyl t1le c·le. in the welrl, r11) Ili 1 ll010 s .t It e . tlbth. 'If remlll, east , sll1f,i-tll.ctual isn tnillSelat n, allt le, ing the I.l.r ns. i tiol e Ill , tetllll . I Ii e lereard tfor billlous complaints, this tiuld unquet nLti( alll bty ble ariutlg the llost healhth) cli:1aties itl wrh Ii. Calorlel hIsa bell thie ath alost alliUerea! rlc dy hflI'i lliseasci of this ehatcter, lut it it is ta retledl hich nothaing Ibult .reesslity should ilUI tte t.Ie sottr. it tIlit be Uconestled as trl. ptllsig ol thle pr1ll ic ofllr.1f Ftiler Iprotausiol to si a hk . I this, et ) lwe tuie perIlllltlell to our u eri g Iu o eovt:tiC n that a.tlnluel unllllOl hi usatl titlhout itjuritar at d histittg rthtl ulon thin ' lo temt, . te trr oles , airetrditg it Ithe h tiltoitles It k It. and the ifrlquncy of its ust, anld ti"e ruot-ttlrti, ti thke latient. A salt tlhtuI ,it tll.t, thllrtillre, irot Ithe v gtetable kittslao. is it dtitl.terottu.t it its.. tatiny. hehbulieve thllt i d.irilelrltllll Ites batet llihor.aitrld in he T ntIllott. I. e. italllr. tllitti. h it), arnd hisi.isn.EIluteI with mura lablbor n•t. , s ,"e urde siad, have souetlcele. in obtalui.g strall xI. Ixtracl froml thlia togetI hie us, it is tlopel, ill Ibe .tllai all eulPffCul ubahItite. We hate takel sauhin pain., iIt enquire. a.mtog nleulital lmel and other who oirte uased this Mlediiilne, as to its efects. atis we lede we, lt alt.fied that it will pIt .e a tou t valu:akle reiitmel in thellous complaiots. r t1i ast we hav. been able to'leartt, it ha- rliutilltlie tlthe desirrt iffoet, olteratitg to prloucea he1,lii actionl f the liver, plr.o.tUrup billiou-,a e u htai enl ed, a nd ilt so.e i. atauIie breaklng IIp f tees,. tilt.,, etl itto e cetLitl atilt in a abhtter tltt Ih 'it cd lcultt t 'ir sick or mliltts lheulichestle,it itu .Ien fud a ,a d remt d, . 1 hte w.ho tuate ued it I e) that it t.tues not pr dui e t. e d lutlli. tutig tefiiets of i sua. other kil,is of puiial.i, ito d i1tei that there in rut. irureasedl dttttgt r II c.t1 afte :ts u, astllll a heu IlIrge llesa o' 1rllaa I wIlllI ber Iit dI1I this llneratrx itlllut atll dallger.. tof Ut di ,ut.rilg and A .aie htllte 1'roastui 1 111 " itle. ltl irlll ill t litltllttItt Itis tlttllt of Ie 'iol tlo wi lll a .itoe a rutllh li1. ale T.oll ri ia l t glo tiat I Il U s l ,. et ea11I 0 i'd it as t hlesa.ig so Ih'e hueiahi..ith0 . illll. tefeetlllystuie au:l Iet-e ,trou all nititr is lhlltwea leaK of it and .e IIaIt,tt i..S eona shally te.led yv fl insca. \ e have every aatd sube I he altove redici le ran Ier ohained I:lrv of the Ge. ." Ieett1 signed by ".t. tll:el, Pte.'t .M. ;1 " reed cOUlt -rel.ed by ',. Il aItatcll .t erlusl ngetir rte Iooui.luan," slid bear.lg sie 4., panllv E & II T =tone, general ngllte for llouisiana. It Tchhlll ,i ,.ulI h itr.lel. Ifledrlr at ao. 133J id Lnvee street,oppositle Vegeta aIe ltrkes . Pauil Ilrtin,te, r ('l ILever and lri.lita l r t* et. \V ii ehtelry, cor Catl, and Jus.a l r etr. M art uellear, cor I'chuplltulas atree t and St Mar' a J 'P .ilrbat & Co, corner TChoua U Itoulas and t(ino, J P P liartvell. liayou eare, Ira. IDr Wam Stasahuri, tr it-lln:hlt he,, La. T'hlmasl i'lsllh.rie, .itustoui, 'lexas. Fresaerick .'erda, cuns I'.ytdras and .l Jap sti. (iru Juuiee, jovu illClel h m. .ev.rna .n. a4 li.irling Co lRow, ApuIlidtion afor agelcles or medicines by wholasale must b mlade to the Agenl Agets a New O. lteans. All letters, post paid, will be pj amptly ait ded tu. mth ly PrA tiH COUII'P for the i'ariihl ad 'ito af New tirlemen. Pr esnl the Illln. Chiaiers Maarinur udeal. Jne ItIh, lo3e -.en. ttII;4.--Jscua o Pu1tier us. hit criditers.--Upoa reading aud tiling Ithe Iprtlao nd l,.ltallle il thit eta.e It is ord.-erd io tie lourt th.t Ihe credill.e oftll" int'llent d rut ow ,111 0n m oren ourst oat alu~rda, thie 7th dray ofl Jtly Ill , wleto het ah.ald nb: bed" . hcnltdi I law; asd Ina the ieantillr sall tiroe.rldat anso a lt hli ersoll anu d pre arty a.e rttyed. Clerk's UIt'et, Ne. e Orleonn, JunS II, 1838. jell., At-,AIll FIl'1)i. tiark 'rA' rE IA I sL;iJlt. ti i.--t; irt. a e... .- por IL parolt-eR It lu ville dI In N+.tvelh+ t)r lesanl.--l'rleert I'hn. Charlee ltshliial.juge, Ii jtn, I138.-- ro. III.,84.-J: cquo Potiter cOst.cti era uol rils.-ilt lecoure ti rllregietlell.let d, la In, tillut In cehkdldho drins eellr otfi ir, II r.t decrelth it r I 'oaur roe ,0 crt..nries dte I'lasovahle ahir, savoe lesr- rci. eriasen cour.tve-s, Sa .dli 7 de lsilet, It;l3, iu q ai it , e rail I dint dech rtrat conlrmemlat A Ias lti. et 'n titandntl ilutes polrltUll couelro • ti.tollne on sea propriatie anunt arrtttes. Btureuu te greiaer, Ariovelle nrleene. 5I ~ain. 18e8. jell'aw A tl I N PI t ot, (ireh-, T- .SEP5- ·t"l.i l bblhs,, la.s-ieh: fort . noau,bu..t tO Albany, for s hle by . I)ltI -F;Y, jet13 44 \e .veAr. E ARLI'j40OPFp.Ill IItt t18- tra Itirthittbgert airs i bntl 0i to ts, a aui.v ilf tlrle ulluvs., put up in hhde. tiamrs and bhlle; for halt hy LAYET ? A.F]:ILUNr, jel 17 Co7tmerce etreet. LT I. LEEI --i. h-'s sad .-. ..... tisead L Oil,now a sadino romn ship leslb Iy . lad Or ale ,y JAKVItl$ at.. f it. , Wkhles..e I'troa.e.t, ijel3 ('anom'.rnnud 'l.pitotl0 t us. COTiCHt siL . -a a at-ho (intsiend q, ct.-rt lit P JtAti ,O)LS, (ILASS, DUlUSlLes, &ar.-.nst 00lan tromshilConstutlion, ndfor Ial.--vz: 16.000 bet ofrllan lest e nsqit,, lir, i t8XIt t I 230Y"5 ; ; 3111 kegq whtht lend purr; 390 do, green tintt, in .5 flibhr.kern; b 2O4o eler... lb. stadoza panplosigns;, ht"a. 26 dort splendid OliOit ground bruse , also oft0O0M) nd 100( do; 2 coes crome green in powder, au erior artid.e on do to canll; a lrgo assortmlnent of sash tools of every , ize and qoallnV; nialepeneil. for artists; flat markinj Ie nrules for mren"lhnto; artist's coeors in oil read, pIr i' pred,in hloxen, fitled nhih all neoeasery brushes; artist's tools, ,n. n Flake and moist wlite; 60 tacks gold leaf; white and yellow wax;um aorabic;n and a Irge and choice aon of nrtment ofl aionts, dry colors oil. turpoetine, varnish, n., for sal, wholesale aond retail, at thel lowest pricea, by MbONIELLI, . a8 5T Coamp at. S'it tt lo.'tP " L 5o. NEFW E-ITIO.Y OF TFE CIVIL CODE OF LOUISIANAd. I T Ilas been r some tinme mad* known to the pttlhc lth t t ile nslbteribrrs are enga sd in preparing for t:le press a new edition of tie Loisnanan civ l Cui - 'I'hev aere,. rtlon tl. firetn, aeware if sh grent diffieultyv nod .repunoti,iiit attending the puoldieraion t Ihe work, and it was cti without great hesitation that they aon. neltcd to the indertakhing But thle present edition. nhltonlhirn to out Ir re i thousand copies, and which hI d aest the Stales r the an thirty thrittn. .d dollate, was nnteirlyv out ofprint. For lote than h to yeare ipost, the trattl p.ine af thl work has Ihin fromt ihiry t 4fftv doller, it i a system or written rules waich a. itnmediatelv S Lpeornsiana u rn ,ry indisiduat of he statke, ilterested eather in asgienltutn or ecolaterre .nd which n overns tlsh, lialsoitilOn of no much Iproperly ,ototll .tt, feiottl t r tther states that--nal ke al.nst t to ntert sniotr upolt Itw--it is as mnuch tie latt-book and tllnllnl of tile mtrchnlt aoll the tlanter, a. it is of tsie private gentle ina alld the plrrrfeionol advo to. : the lawvre. of the adii ,iui staten. and in fact of al ,hose ettrtes'.pr t i, In thilo antd s iritii riversn which find a ilort fir their iprnu e in ioloisians, have frle q cent nicrtesitv nf rrefren e to ihe ede, and make it a, inditopnsablso raqourite to their libraries; ae.d ii tl s'itt of New Orle nt the hook c i sure to Lt found in the nerchat's contirlg rnom, as u n he dlek of the nItudce. orb thlte It f t, sit orniv. It is art sua lsing Ihbresfore that site frst editi.'n nt lie work was no qaick ly disposed ors; d d nltholibgh n.t.rerepreint ot it sown, s Ieanorsen e htple Il pullie neces itv, yet it would be ittper ect and unmisetaet rv unle~s annlated aith riser, tes tol the IReports and nStnute ,in orllr to els race t he l omernu, amendments rwheh hre b ean ,made by the I.islatlltrr, and the iuportaut deeDsuone anl cotruio whih h e een give Con c laln y u its articles he flhm uuprprne (Dourr. Th'Ie pliiahers chve b eoere fdr the iCeenraet auper intetdetne slt editorisl deparsonens of toe dork, the Ipmlenesonol nerviene of \Ilbrlock y Upton, E+q. a el erof tile Notw Orleans Her. The Hin. Judle Itlllard, .ludlc Bernudes, nod tlon (Gerrles Eustir, itnre emh kitdli naoiatedt Mr Upton with the vnlnsble sotes whilh then have eol!rcted is th rourenen o their 'tladies and ptaetice;and no Mr N It .lenninrs,th emart nor or' Olr Upton, who in solo en oraed in te work,h lien Otrawbhnie. Enq. ht. penretned li ea e erea ee renrn* in his offe ropn of tie rode, and tviieh na00 been lmade by hti dtining the whol Iperid o1 his liis.loltuished pinrote..ioal labore The pullish orr tnay t'ernf re ,ll trllson til tt annnlttionn of the nork wil h all tht llnduetrv a ,d lablour, asslited by iearrin, tnd experi 'tce, eno pnrttrm. It puttling fo"Ih this pr a.cltu+ and sliiting gene. tal eulsceriter to tho wllrk, tnlu ihliderrn take ritlde in then Fa, t that tile Lerislaturoe nt't totisanb has aulthorized llte onverlnlor to ilrd.r one lthtlsnnd coptie of it fot' tie futllre lito o ti'e :-sate. The rendinees wilit which tllta lnto+,r wn .a tk, bv the Asemblylvnced their Just nlten of tle vhleto of te wHrk;snll tten therees extellnd. eli that ennfidittee in tito ability of th'e publisboe's and e liitt which ii is It etl is wit 'h-llh tndeserved. The w',rtm w II he printed in French and Engllseh, npon coold papler and with clear top; tonr will anr ex iiaen orereor e spared tit son e tle whole nleshanicnl exenltilnl ofil tcrCresllllld with itt great illmelrtaloe It will probably he ready fur delivery in the nmonth f 'rpt 'tlbtr nete; and the "riee will be, to nhlrcri'tcr,i .*ett dtolloat--five dtllars to be paid at the tlse of eub scribing. 'l'he -ubnerilllon liats once closed, the store price 'ill be twentdy dullar per copy. 01' 6i E Jt)IINS & CO. Publisher.itr S[L.oiuii.ia r. oond Na, Ynlk Line of Packets.] top 11 1 -hips cllll nlllcm thini Lle n ill stil lo tr New w t o ,,m.. 411 NowN )ork non eter other t lolldsv- ;:,llnolenvin iu I~ t he!11!i nova short andl t, insore the 'I'raltl+l Iplllo rluulit in tr r titte ol nailinug, tlme liue m ill hreritcr conoi'tl of five Shlips viz: 'i th I ) or,, :aptRLt Tv,"k It. leano on the !tpti nerv. "hill Lnuincille, tpa,tina Palmter, to leave on ton 4,il Ship Hunttsi/ie. Cnptain Eldri-'gcr to leaoe on nhe S hol t I .m 'bur", Cnaptais Woodhntoe, to leave on thd I Ship .tfisutssppi, Captain Daits, to leaave on the 15th ' JantlnaV. LI.J 'I'he ahove nblipr ore all now., If lhe firan elot, e.-pl.erl'ld atlo cspperiotatnned, and ,lpwardt + of 0;-i, to1 hurlhen t are If light tol+lthl of wirter, beine on 11 is t few 2 ork 2 (xpre-sh fir the Irnde. ' 'hil plie o +as-o Itel i.nfited atoone ludred dollarsl. 'ltll'hir ctlls ir fitted u ,ron liho iiiD)l hlproved mutd convenient piau, arld Ii in.lPd to 11 a na e aTd cleallt stle. Alllple stor,.' uI thel firs qunlilv will b ' Itnvsiid, and ioen reatl hat:! itt lhoa enolort antlnd enltrettnlslaclilnof pnsetllgrn., who will plense take soiltieo tha nro berth can be seulted on ill paid tf" at ilhei ,ice al the mn.uigonet. '1 hkse I a n to are eantonnded hby Captaitl well ta x. 1perienced in the trndcr who will give vert' at enniul, and exert Ielsellives no acolnlnnodale 'l hey will w all tistes be towed In ard down the Misis.ipii tI etemhoatlIt . ntd ithe nnctuality obsearved ic the tisdn of sailing. ''lih ouwners I these hbip will not obe responsihle for an:y let er, parcel or pos age nett by or Iput o0l l0old51 thno. itnlers a reanLtlr bill ol ldllig be Itrned thirsfure at the o.lnlnslg tols.a of t to angent or owners. Fcr Ilrlh 'r p.rti'ulars, aitpply to In BEIN & A C(t-IEN; noa 13 911 Collllnon at, IV A-i found fiftv mtles!t'ro II tle I.dlze,srs. ao Ionnh f ofJnlv,h largelaun0:h ifEllill bIill) copper fhnt.l'd, ned has been coalpered,rhe is '2 lenet lng, F and nght fct- ben'I; a d hitb Lo o .loop rg1Fed as tfrlte aee iron straps ilrwutnI f. rnionitoi. Whaover re. c gniaea said lanlich, wil plU cl pann li t No 70 Old t v.-. ... ..... __ all n A IN~ ACAVT1 SA1NtSION IiOUSt. NElW CITY,P' ,te d tw)L.. rlHE subsriheir havigr punt.rased the tease nd fub L niture l thin wel ksutvn a sablithment, n nFli Mi T' ylrr, nie late. pr altn lor, will ie ready ti rereive Li. iere hy the Ilt ,it .tprii aext Nulm rllea anld ctily ipllrovemener will be found in the arruanerntenta o tile bllltsita Iloua . New ar,d amore coan ,trlitia baiticItR ht use will be builtaltd wara h th- wtl .e pr lrovidaed at l ihourr. A atait e will he atairl:.d to th honase, with TgoI accomm adta tiOl:en ftr horte, std carrages. ii at rate blrrse and curnae- wil. alsnt be kept for hire at tmot.lteralut ;tie-; I , llI wail a td toW bo t*s, w ith pe ltrsll to nana eU theln fr irth use of virlely. eei* i:,nlo ead ,thee amuse .ret ret a lh iau,d at ,arlering places, will nlsi be tliriahed, a ud cmnltetor,a :,a nrt lu i terlere with the cntlotirl nld quietot the boarder.. Th. w sll anlld hque will irtt of tl best qttttiy, atd t. ensure a uil s.pplv of ac , a cargo an alalreudi bien ordered, whiLe wii arrive ibllUtI tite I t ul Mav. itr Frederick tal.nard, who formerly kept so popular a lttel at Wallthi,,otn a lt, will etulact tis hio el fer tlhe pIr, llfleo]tu who, aith earh aideoltfideat:v d it sure athe I t lloat le t yenr. ttraitd hIt frienrd atgenerally that ullv will every posiibhe .ttention; anid thereby expellrs to give en. rat sati-lac.ion. 'Th luottl ndrunttgas ol tia hiulle are too all knltlwno I Ied t iengt. ened der-riptirn hlre Tne facs ti-at Pentlaeola is the largers nsval tation of the iUer rlmnrsl; the general rendezvtes of tlhi Gulf r quad run; the .dlunliv or its eaimute refreshlled cotntantly du tttg ith euIer mllouths b. tnh.I coolea treeles from rite lulI; tine Wanttt of tile hay antd thle neighlltluritng itlntd ad ,tites; the abundanea and dellacv el the Sb-h with which tihe waters tounttld; and its prnallnity t the Ilealt Soutellrn tnrkets, give I'enrculoa hh*r tre f.rence over all olier paces in the.e latitttdes, an a heallthy and delighttIAl tummerretrntt. I'r't liae toats nill lu heweel Pennacola and lMo Sb;i, auld a ill atuil ti mes Im able to take the paasengws. tfrontiltie Nec Urleans bauts. N B ARNOLD. t enlaenla, Feb. 151b1,1338 t (G:t-lemen wlshulng to engage rooma for their f trttlint, can address the lcprprilttor, at l', ier Mr ' ewell 'T l'aylar, the formeur prprietor, at dow Or-. leans. R.I t .c.tes. T Sanfitrd, Psl, Mr( C IIattm, II Mc ltpln, Esy., LI. Kibbl, in t\lob Il; S 'T Taylor, P Rea, raq, in ta. Urleun. S I' S-A letter bar, to receive communicetions tfr per+ean at th e hboe hotel, in placed at Geo Whitman's flice, 1 Slt Charles Eztch age. FI.Rllt)DA IO)U'TIE FOlR NEW YORK. .i (fl 'lr:rollers desirlu.s of taking tilh Florida route, n via Penainolu, to tiet NMrthl, ae intfreod tll l t in ratl. a biotl will clt.ataetaly rcn fron. rdlhile t. Pensaaula, leavinl Mobile and Pensaeol evrie tither day fatr lit' iot blt May. Gi.ol at eges will alwaya be preovdeo av ttire auittrtler t be il readielirre m tlake pasleattCr. f.en MobiiIe, int a-a of tile failure ofth bonata. N it AeNOLD. The cnteamtoat Champion I naeval obila for Peata. cola twice a week feb f8 ly p J,.AR.-.t-oti h.d..,a prime .tr.tta. ar -uea y ;" 4', v,.' ... I!L P" F 'I EY'S rVI Mtl. e:\ lit i. ci REd.T BRI rBAI, FIAANCF, addi IIY1.GIU.i ae r Iet t lt i7 IP.un--BV Ilnntl llrmelittei I). Il., Itl.r ltentt t o r .lllhert ",lhlt- ,; in ainis. The Wiort of r.s. Sh..ttonad --' the only cmpietlte andl ir.n f.r eaditirn ever ,,hblihed in tit tfi.d ata.e, evl. 16. Juat ran'-vsd naI ,'cr a, ar I, DR W. eVAN.S' CA I ,t11LA . I'll.. T HIS hichlvi valulle medicine ncay bie hod lwhle .ale and retail at New York priees, of KEES & D'I.ANiIE Id Camp street. It is enfidently recommended for the tillnwing tili eadne: :ly1ept in in al ita fotel; bilious and liver al. Iietton., iu every stagoe and degree; femalie uick tc. nmore articulanri the nioloes incident to mother-; fluor albus, ;l.ver and igue, inci lent eta.ucl.t tie- ei dte Eli'l-e, oh titer of ithe liver or luett, herinche er giddi ieSa-, to i f tlppettic, nervltte trmlnnr, itebriitin, It r dehIlnrtult t-nmec-,elna odie afflction of all Linda. rheu mttrtla, wtether chronei or inlltlumatory; nervouo a hilluls users. o' every variety; nerofula, enlt rheum uttli .: i I: re tlei.,t:ne at night, tnd deily irritntlility and ts clancho'y; tio summer complain, land choiera cc,,u, .., dltnrncew in grown pers n; a ,rlsts od ttlltt rnrvo. .lil lta I lhni ; elhietetlo and palp ilnnailn s ill heart ccid ner e clla. * of female ient ltilciit; on a for inlllalre t n! dintrlanlieed conlstiutions ill illler sea; inlch hivnr not Ihen Ic mto ntli relieved be nany -thier lledicinen A ein. e trid ollftr W Enats' tlledieines in any oe there cee. will produce rnth r.fetrs a will in. dicate their n iopitranle ulperinrity, and indulce sucll a use of theol nc will iniuire a lpnedy nld eni, eanti cn ble cure. Dirineite for one uaccompenvinc thetl. Nulnerntts nelticntn of'curee will beeehlown, as fromn theb lenlgth of ther cat locus it in ilnp-niible to glive them publlicity th rugh the mediumn ol- e na nater. .a. Dr :Evans' catalogue therenar upwards of25,000! eones, anti in thin city we can refer to mieanv ierson- with here l.een nelieved, andl in somt inltanene enirr.lIv ellrt d of long stanlding dseaose, by Dr Evana' Climonile Pills. oel.O fIl STATE- U' IUUI.lIANA-- irst Judicial. Court. FT HE STATE. OP LOUISIANA, To all whom I helse P eeint hI:ll Ucome. Gt rtilng:-Whilerlas, Jiamer Hltreer DigU s It tiltllnllrintlsed alt a ale nmde byIt tilhe 8hilriftf the it clit of t I)lrn the troperty heard. hunltir dlewrilerl, lila iltJpliled to the eltrk tIlllia court, ill whone oflice flt delid of srle was necordtld on tihe 'd 'Icy of Ap ii, A. D. I8.i8, forl t.nlitiont or ladvertise. tnelnt it cllll'lrllnlt to an cIt of tIhe Legislntlure of ilte Sttrte of Lniiiianltl( iitld l Ani art fll the lilltller a.u raIter ti titles .nt cln allnla lt judicid allesl" uapproved the lllt daiy otf .aiunclit, 18tA NOW, tlhernfore, klow ye, and all presont lnteres*ed l renill, are hereby cited anIl adollo.lnletls in the ,·ele of ire Stateol L.luin;itlua, aditl of the First Juidicial District C:otul., s,ho ctl set iiup Iat right, title or claim itll ull to the pr(toprtn hereitateridesclribed,inll cosequencll f any I illf rntlit'in the n.ltr,dclreel or juildgmertt o thte court t lliuder whlilh the sile anl metde, nr any irregularity or illhholity in the .pprnisetntrnrs antd adertiserientn, in a lime, nillr m ner it sle, or f.I o n y ther dlleet whalltS. inet; to lhow a ellre, within tlhirty ldas fromn the deo this motion is first iiinsertedv in tah publllltlic Ipiper, wh( the sale so made shoulll Inotbe c ,nfiined nill hounlllolled, t Tihe aid lpropertl wasl a i d In the Slerilf of the plariah ot;lesl id ont tlh Slth al i r ilt ll.rci, A. D 1833, by vii-( toe of a decee of Illn ic urt, rIndi.-r(d on the l0tlh io, of Jallnury. A. D. 1838, in a lt iltletlll d James tiarnes I)iggs vs. Ilftils Greene, No 15i,11 of tilt dock, t of this Coutll.t hllich sale slidll Jmes Barnten Diggs ieetnle lie purch.serlr'r tli price of twenty-five thlouanlld dol. uescription of propelrty as given in the Judicial Con Acerbaic piece of proIpert or parcel ol'ground together with alli the bItuiligs andI intprv.rments hetlreon, righte. i privilege, &a. therentohbelonginh;, o1 in aOtt aiteepo perlanitting, slittte in l'tahotlurg Ainutinoi dtiotn,ahoe this rit land ltesullr ling i EIglish measurel three huliudrld ni fi liy.saix I(irt nl tolr eilghthl of an inch frolnt on the iublic roadlon Nwc Levee tl, trl e ehundl.rd nd lsixty nI,. feet six ilnchleslllldo ',urlighlhn of aln inll'h fnlit n ti clete . Iwt hllllllired oil fit..filt tet ninile inchesltll twor.eigltht lllfl t in oa line litin on Olt L-evri E it-ret, until it strikes thie bcutldarlr, linf Lauent lil-. i Itntlltli proplier., It d lllco r eiO dli Levee ild Nnllle stalreetc there tr liniig A right angle, aod extendltg gt Sigthty*e ftert- anc tln ee itncle deepianmngthe unolacc a' lne ilf miid Milhludon'n pl .ellty piara eI to C('leste e ntrlt; thtterl Iorniinlg a ri.ight intg, atin etending itsi ty- iof three f1et eleven inrtns l three tecig!th f ias int . n pi t houldary lire of Loiti Dedle's ipet ertIy, p.u ile lt po Oill Lever stieet;tthere orinh anohttr rightt. i -Ir,.e. I extending .lrct twav' ,etenee etr itn|ries atI tlineeiohits ofi an ilch oin the oulndit.y lie f Iaid Dede'lb IlpOllrty, iparilel to Celeste trenert thetre f'lrmllinlg inotlher right aigle, a nd oas lling ot e hundred t I tre tye tin vei test len inches and t'onr eiChills of nto inch un <ie Uinctlarnn lite of said +tle'.l pr .pelrty pnltllli to hle public t·tlt j lt Nntw n uI -,eetni' ~--n nt, c, etlty -inleer four ilnches llN a fsour.iglths of Illlilllh .tn o NU Nn'o stlteencel rni-ee ing Ina pilaniby J. Pilih, City SurvtetY)ltr, t IIe 3d Jll oarI,t 1: latneltd lto an i t I aI l.l before Louis 1' CUalt., Noltrl Pudllc, nln ht.l,. lt I JI Jalllal .y, 183.) I htinlest the Itllt A. : Htl.illcatn, .lldge of the lb [ 'cmur aiforrsan,thlt I nth Apl.. 138. n. [p°,m.ikn,.&IJ I'. LE BLANC Wil. Clerk. SANCIIUNFIl B TI'HE FI :ULl'i UF At:ED CINE. TItIlN'S Co polalil I lttnet ofCooihibo antl Faaa Iptilliia -A c t, t tailn, salt', :tnild mst ttCii.ctal rim. 1 r ever oi.elntrttd fl'r till" cure of (tonotrhn, lei tIs, Strictures, Whties, Pa.iso in the hck and ohl int, saointi we.knrs., afetiions lo the kitdnier, grael. seiLbutic erlluptinll.. ..r. In Ih iintl' lloucitlo nl It me.lilino pousOeIilg the usllef sin I Hctiv. o irtue of ti IIt ne now t ll er t to tihe publit, te. propitr lllt llo tll o trierll tollle. ntlolirous rIlatn. i ll l lt.lo l rIl eidl f ilro the Inmost lmini.t of lhe mlle .c-l lields in Elaope, that tit wll be duh pll;lriated whell i o rite Itre orlli1 ftllylliit klnow. 'I i il Il8 m tit t;. ilat, r o texotenivtly aead,ha lIost mut.I. SI.t credi o it Ir lilt lislike whirch patients ttlorterl ' rInlllhg its disagr.eeol e taste, distrllbhrI t.l*ltc. i itt ll bowels anil sitmlintifh, anldt its horetolfi oin-l:.t i v- Ha"n ued in t'lt inllan.sor hthCY stage. Th., ontC; oareactive qualitieswotlidthereby littet rIa, :.- . at id and ioire uselul.lly administerted tlhu ill I site. Thell tboe mied o ine oot lie.~ ii at s I k:l ll are in the hlighest repuite no," ill th ,l s f.t : li, atio lllrIatdnll ilue profeIssion. lll alll in ~~ o lnti o i tittllln ll Itlhisplrt tlllltt ion iltrtl tiea it Hturhy o!g the other, producin g an opetl ion trtlty at oL.uln,. n.l o.urlesing the most atsagUi llu n estatnl pcsse.sing at tIh ilne tie the ldvl t tge of its twt aditni stltil t ilh perfltel saucets in othe diLrirenlt it of lthe albov, dis la,. iTlhe mlost mitnent pi i i.iCmns ayi srglleoullof hi. pose.r dlay exportss their toi ed al plro atiotl in lar of .ola.ornl illl, whilst its use in tl principal hospitals and public medical inhtinationi h he In, ad stilltonttitnits, i se. extaittatllse. It l wa a llt, orlle rtitmedly with thle celeltoetd i Dr Abetl nthy in at venrlal l ani.tilnsmulllllld ul lobvlinatecuIeollel uull r ril twisting from i dlislodered s.ii oill thedigem altiella tiot bhttt l sutitted to the test tatd expet. ritnce Oe tht most celehrated t nlng the stirllity, ithet hlave exprets their satis'.etimt of its extraordiilary taoffitota i evte case under their hartge, by adopttting it both in thtitl Ipblic and pri\tt practice. Their oh ervtotions will in el hI'teatier. VPtojiretl by J B Thm.n, Chetmist, London. Price $1 50 per liyot. 'T.St'Il IONIhLS. From A It S.initon, FRl, IF it S, S(."ueont to the St ''hlall as litlili, llnlll llr i.r iont Aolatoony. The tl int S.litch I hv ottotOf oi our i ,rlp;atllion in a variety of te', botlh taltoti fe .ale, in itos eults hate nlrve, so highly fit·nublell, that I dit notl hesitate in pronouncing it one of the most valuable atli ellicttaio I.raes ever atllrell to the politic, ltnd one in whitch, Iran ex lrielce, ca;n plaotl ielvlIl rillnce, whilst it ,toes not proldee thle sn. nI)pllasant effecl usually e-l perienced from aiopait a. Froat II It ywai , , tM C 5, Phit)siiant ts the lSt .Mart I.artteo l ioeletrt.e I take pileasure in 'Lding my testimny toI the vahluiale pmprt llate of yor pi lr ration, wishing yl ou thei .lsuess yollt im fl iio lil seovei, il a t plorillnlrd for the illlholL extllpnse ollcu ld il bLitingig it to stt lo~nt. Froam 1W O Cooper, P R S. Surgeon to Guy's I11t The unliotrm steeres which lo.s a eteild the aidmliis. teringt your mtleitinelanlg tnv patinlts .tllicteL witth ihe Iblve diseaseto, ha iflilly satified me that it hia o illy to he knoW too he truily ollletlllltd. blat the a.lcess yo o itwe ll tresat t, tply anti sipetdill repay you for your valuable trepatlltiln. From Sir A Coolper, PF RS P IIC S, te. oe. Ilantg btetnii ta itdl totiyo o to'r yourl e F ttseilo seveol oatlotl violent (, whicth hld hitietoeilto .iliel every plerlsrition administered by mel, ihvintg oultd tiure ald sp edy cures ietolted bly at, in tl few days-1 ledl mnyslclf duti hound to state that I now in it prac-I tice both publlic atd private recommlend ad use none other. Frtm G Wi Blair, 31 D, Physiolal to Guy's Ilot pitht. The strict test which I have given your medieelne artting nit piatilteo , a,1 it, Invoti..ble locts. tihus faIt, will ttiollltc it I tol ervelt in its t tus, land deem it but t to t of'jitito otd of ld utyi to aslhi my feeble testi. monial itneo,.Nlnduton of ihtviretua. From I. C Thomplisoanu, 31 1) 1 11t S L. Iretorll yon my .micete itha.ks for t c lotosble pre. seot of tour a xthlrt toll' the cuer of Glioorrlh.a, . it. I tfeel gailiil othit ono hl:ute at last broulght a rttliiine ilno uesoohic tilil 1-10 a ill idertitit a lllli tu logit'lr ito the onedielt Wol Itt-a ture, eoetth tnit l'fftotiial cutit ito otoseatI itoho ttaooso. It aliott dot Ot. gnot ltlreo it totliitiig to iTrli ti.t taliultibla qutalitieoof ot o i W\rle it necessalry, the proprietor onuill here furniishl Inoot mre teltttullaials eqail as coioeodatlloon as the Nb e; to ots lthao t itsgreat success hitherto-tie care & expense at wticlit it Ihas been lotepatall, will pooells g teratest -omitenotlatiton mlung a ltrlcrutliug public. One reoimnwnillatoi this pr.plirtin anyije shuvt all others is ito teat, Ittitito e i ornlm-.tlllul a lit.ts-the iosle iob which it ttayh b takht, lbeiung tht eaty in' pica ont-its tstely t.oure, with no reotriction io Hit, or confiotmeni t troia tuo-iots. Tlotetlei-s especially woull foil thisi meditine hithly o srlul, : h i t ogoi ht never to ait" unpmtietil with a plilbOrtlitlon i-oSg the a - vatoage, wh"ich the present oIne combinest ActtCloaotlyig Lto ioleoiein, is it lttltlh'et ta1fttt . tariotof lat olil'aiet ot atgea of tliheots., withintit ts estta oharhge, colitattltg full sad amu il deetitoil, F'orstle by SICKLI S k CO. mr 14si &,wm . t It ml street; A '6 ~ \:lt o*oFT4 do iaol and _fl ha StShiultdre, C.,.ia"tail ctertd. ltadioagf ntas In er ellokeye, ad folr ailly byh SA. A' 'PALiA ala ,i'.. r .=t".-A TRROGnOH IN FIVE AND A RALF DAYS. Promt Mobile (Alabama) to A 'gusrota.fe EA ILVVMnile vert other doIT, aemr. L4 the arrival of the mail from New rIes th l"eamntl.t p.; iVa, to liiakthl, sennteesIato Pnas st.trnml.ots (per PensCaeoh Ita, .51t Iowma sopts and Chaa. tolihtrte Hi er and lBy) to Ced.eP U aiat mcChea theaa via .hriatitl, Chotsilre:atee, (f(pqe4lt Mount Vert. nor,) laittldg, F tlerlo; hiswvioslle M.n Inl uk 'ille, to.u titIa. A iaese.lgeertakwl,;his eart Mol t bile is in n t d inyc. of tytag tItrmot outt or looic Ii re eteenr bv other naSmliotino iterett at;,'lie FI)HI I)A LINE is t onot ooneern, anml tdetin. d &t ett thrpou;itmt. anid man ielv WITrH oraTAtlC a. Op .a. titivolot Aug.,ata ii; tim.a etrtfiedl; elltogh tll wetat. er all at bna a.sea , unileas nome mtost sltfotlmeen est toldie. ishoil ocenr. Thl, (r.ret N.w Orleans Mi.k i .,re ettlls) tlis ro te. T'e Agehttes or atioenlaod tioto, 'Al'tus Coalles and oDrrve o are anrobto m .a tie ot.sthert e. tr ley, a , l5. - ie 'he itioth, hard, nturls rnror , the sale snd 1lt* ,sting water urlivration,t e time alid aeconlml.t a ('or, Ill etarelt oseneles er sin. t .omfminsitphi pl itg vtiaety; omnecOtd as it were withl te Iti, BItd. Clo;t,, S. C. -It the .tet.t phekt, ttt New h aw a trvtetr, ,,nt reao, Newo York t onm Ncw Orleans Lst TH.I 11 otlto--n.WahiaK11to1 eitt ill 8. t.ikd eO cmpribemg 1ev article ,,.n toco i+tie, ui,n titwo hlltchas fitot l!tawkittehill° eto t. l cilldtgeoillo and olte to ILttot, litli to ae o . erdcat. ' STOCK lt.)lS U s. AcortieT, 4QIth Jan. 18.5. tiffittat IototiIoo Ilotl.e N.oldile lista , Xew Orlemos to Jlt.ilw, 150) malt .htobile to Aogot.t, 54M1 « Aiosta to Utslaltwat, 1i6 t . CIarlhston to New Yotrk, 98t- Ill Tine, Now (rlean tt Motile, itu honar a Mobile to Atlgatsla, ;S A)ttow to lChaleston, I2 a Callleton to \N.e orh, F. 15 Mlakin 168 mailes Iler ay, or? t moie. i.r honr, i(tolta. sire ot tal ,l ttpagesa. Ion to N. It. I Ieg leave to inform the putlio that tht htitlgeo oertlhtt Utth.ltoehooreessamp lsoil Plantlsbur crtik o, tjut tIet r otl ltlteqtle. %tl Ith gnralgooteetn. m it., (1t1 tsl tbstattes nlirtlttitt,. tgilltsl ttis afe anld steely rout_ . .o thus happlrty .t.tlottl.t awl I hanstha pleasre ofl' leo g rom trvemlerotho the u aos,.ehoam s A, d.1\e," anti scatldoato iltOeliroioee.tcta;ustll as ttosb attttlultt fiem I . tiaooa lo t'o(tlt.i ltltl; it is admit., tell Ihv. all lwo ha,- passed tL-migh il te mant"Is mt! it ta t e ," iny "' lsafety. T ,' e b idl es th;ouegh itrgm I te ol; :htrttl.oir".l. ,,. J 1 C iBARERl I 3A IIAinVA- RE . O NEW-OIiLEAN. -10.EPH KNE']"PIE. & Co --lr!,.rtera ofFlmia iand Dkomestie Hardwa reare r eeiving, " rm . es rope and the Atlantic Cities direct fas t", t ,M La turnes, e, extenarice asomeortmtt of Fancy atid litany aetalware comprising every article in the lint.e wi, tiny ofner low. t'oaltrv elehasnlt and others re invited to call sad exatite ileir stock whict conists in prt. Of.. butcher's, pocket, saddler', ants straw k;nii" tritti lea poon sneee iOt hoks t nd evet , ap o netl anid Maedee. tono. .hovelsr, fantda+, andirms , Belt. toiant.tndtopenteid waret, bnlslr., blank books and ia. poer, lottlitlg Ilao.rt, nevils, vices stlrew aend .l slt'der and nil hamer, etoitto tItllow, At orticaa sad. Engl ish blster, c ]e'r, citron German amt crutrley su' __ tpliotg i, at ettr n, 0n atnll t ain, s eilg l.ouie4 toaws and erubbinp tocs 51n'r.:kti, pick nxeocttin aso gruss t$othes, Cnllinr liione and Siinn ona chopping axee.vroutht, lhorse Aod cut eils, carton du w as cartls, cutoffee and corn teilltl1s"l - and alni ol•, a~tlges, lucks, lad, il-olo, Ileokw a1. lt pintlo , sttnti placter atlt IlOttur aake ocr o.e r. t , a sh, brs s at at beoll oh.ial .nob c0 e*e, tronk and pad 1 ocks, bridle EUUISAIA Nl:--C.o .i du Pltnetre Dis - '.TAT DE LA LOUISIA.E.A ttts rena qno L. Ill cste'lttts 'UCOrt'r0l, Stut.-Attlndttet qua J'Ittt' BAtrlrt ltigga, aytttitoettt o d e ttoet I ior l a rl o Ia p ls, tot. ro).ietec..t d, dt itr, ,.a.l atll ottloot Gnt}e de Itti C0 Cit: I I dire Sl.tue lttret l. ie Itn 14 it O , u ' a 1 'Nt tttt tiC' i let rOt em,>eiLtCO tttt itt ut urite Iu l ai t. ut h It t tll.ari rt L ttiiatol, l ttlll!, "t t teipour. laao atitie tt ieas 1t04. tot n I.s til ott t ,llnletstas 0III'II IhIAI Lt la Lo tto .liln t a er it hlou du rtt.rll, n .a Otate tlr l tttit. ltttta. t tn puw1 tu 'it e"' itt qnrltottI A ea fIt S." ilt ;, &tietmt. o,+w teI, t' 1Iait" r u, d1 s l ito t, 0la. c e (o t, a i lt ubleitaiotnl n'OH ciodu lwoudraur ('-U r It prI x d, vo. gt 'iat nmile l.,asrles. - i I)t.'eitliiatsIe lin Prer i iti At elne lse ettrer Judi. riall, Saeoiel UIi (st I'till n5OteSae dr vv tnI.e..v latotes a p.dto : ,Ct. u,+l;. liuý.. (Ilui all n)utP , it, ! .iu.- ui leaf -" 15 , - irisilece ,e. ?c spp:,'nr:n l -"tletetse)t. vv +,ir, eaiUit lttib t'.viqlvtr stliz , tr:sz u," Iru~rcea a*ll .el'lucttetisi.. elisaic ctsie qeaelitt alCl,, Crite . ilsue s"va ueLIc, l loe tee)l o .( iar t JOi+21+. to, pit( X I X I p"( • t' eft) it sule hi Irs1r uL hullt eviac hillce r. ra u da avgts t vs Itit 't. d lt IteI qu t5l u,, ) ur- ' i Ir:, l I -Cil Lar. i i td i ltruil n p lailld p hi le p(tiii e AIc itil 1. lincuillule lrree 1I ei I prop fet lu flit ii llflud par., i lUaIt hIN m fml( ; lu( b ruI e 1 ,lle o l x tneti IaUrli , i.~l It lol.twttt al agle l atl fA tt,,dliu toe t re iteu -.ipieis l.uel luc rt caS ulile hg i itoit ie Ac IvoprIete Ile " Luaº U. di, I I.'Hl i, . " ,e t't "e 1, ti lud nt"i, , . 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