Newspaper of True American, 31 Temmuz 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 31 Temmuz 1838 Page 2
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OPclt due every day at 1!, M e I i. a i el a)sed ever y dy at hal -P 0A M o--Is due with the great Egots Mail, ' " º J Nleik'¶,ia Coringt'a, La.) io closed e MdFay, Wedmeday an Fridayr.a t 6o.F. OOk -I de everyT Tuesday Tuday and Sater. Soe l vIer Jr or R e alsed every o' l Wdneday and Saturday, at 8 P M--e g, S ad tenedrs by ateasaboats.-Arrives irrega. ao efltlyhoe thase a week. .e.,e , e e e k .it.# 4. etleed every ct rn 8) 8e.M-Is selt an red - u 42, y~ .ao tBrilik-nt. r' a twi ee a atk l n 4".alvileor ctivsr Mail. b W ed, and adee at 8 o'clock, P M. 6 Coast .lail. ./ Im Cloee at 8 on'leak, PM", -' O ad lk;.rle"u-s Chbmber of commnerce t o- menes yva tla.a 1838. 8. . Peters, President, A, Q.esir, let Viae Preident W.'L. Hodge, d do. S AM TB OF APPALS,, FOR 1838. S Thomas. Barrett / he ,A e, el , H C Cammsak, .," kr til+'Lerih, Ahi ah Pink, GEO. W. WIITE, Seo'y. Labo bale. Itw P.. ...,......ye2.S Wuua le July J...... 3 7 liy T............3 p.FaKOi, July ........ 41 .Ip ... ..,.. . uit|e , Jueai ........E l Sa2y 51 .......l.4 ia Ju .......n...10 dm ..... ....I IP olan., Jne ........ a ei sell y' ....y........ 4 Htavr Juane.......... Q0 gt A aKET-Por ship Fsskla.,..caro: .17 bhhd $l OQSi z. Sag-.Per brie R aser,..cargo 205 hbds leammnd tobacba Ui ,OSeteaie..c~rlo: s90 hdl tobacco, 320 pigs Výb0OL-Per bPaq Dole..earn 13 bales cotton, 154 ta dha I.noae, . plbg linen, 6 dolodoallr, ec. IIW Y.r rbrie Nd ona deClarke..lcareo: 154 bal. caLe, 4 trab aklolth., 50 toe pig lend. HAaz--P1 haLt Citlal..earo: 288 bals ctlltn, 450 hhda ebneeol 3 bbls beeswax. ALnT.lO.E--ser brig Hr.oe,..arlo: 3a91hahes cotton, 39 .to pig Ial]ea,0 boxes and It Irllnk. a mdse. UIPORTa. AVAIA.-Perhel Comet..oalre 493 boxes sugar, 3107 ho ur a.s a smalll a actobaoa. ial li and tritN. to Stslou Avery; E LerldeaL Cunta; J CIalea e G Voglerunag 4 co;ai A asaUle; J Vialue ncd order. -- Per aer Idepesndetla..cergo: IO bags caoffee cad 01 botea aper, to order. RECEIPTT PRODUCE. DATOUISARA--Per il.tser Huntsrllle..uarto: 4 hates aesl.t Jl tLel II dM. ALedaonx a co; I box. L Plmer & Shlax Lba.ta. 1 box said demijohn. '' Ht Slua; 119 . pSarbes and andrnles, M \WhitsAc a; J Cas.e a co; J 4fste Laibsth 4 Tbomps.o. PASSENGERS. MIEMIORANDA. The her ateice wee captured by ther Frhrh blockradine aidre ofa Tuaa, and oldersd ao lacriliioas. where ale was Hecnd by order of the Commadndsr of the Squadron. Thly bad a bhoeard of the ffair o" the American scaooner Leca ~eb a 1 hl. July, offa the Hoae-In-thbe-Wall, mchr Ann, Iamuare ta for Hasnnm. Ith, on bthe abks, schoonee .oirl.h, from Baltlore for New Orlens. ubr Vigil was boerdad by the brig of wt Denwsar, blettaynsemd ammedietely. Seha Watlbuu taeft at Arasass scbr Alexander, soon tfor I :ac s OFFICE NEWORLEANS & NASHVILLE RAIL mar RuAD COMPANY--Drafts on New York at ighl, or sixty days date, fot sale, in sums to suit pur chasrs. JAMES H CALDr.VELL, t President. O LET until let November next; the elegant Dwenlling House, No, 117 St. Joseth street. Aply t No. 74 Poydras etreet. jyl9 1 liA LIME latding fro, . brig Uncle jyl9 S & J P WIIITNEY SLAVERY. PUBLISHED THIS DAY. And for sale at the Counting Room of the True A eeri can, Exchange Hotel, St. (harleo street, SLAVERTY: A Senn delivered in the First Congrrgntional ('ho in New Orleans, April 15,18:38. 13) lev. 'Ileu d Clapp. ie 50 cents. jc9 gboG .Wu 1I3 AND DIRECTORY .tlOR the State of Louisin, ana d Citienet New Or. e lean and Lafayette; for eal be .M McKEAN, mais oer Cnmp and Common ate. LOST. A WARRANT, drenn apto F. Gardere, State Treauret, itn favor of Lie,. T. I)nnlar, Civil En. gineer, for the sum of Five Hundred dollars. The find. er will contera favor by leaving the same with F. (iar dec.. E.q., r at the office of the True American. jy26 ASH, or BaLk Boxes,e- jut received by C SB BROWER & CO, jyS6 17 Camp street. .AF LA RD-Landing from at ser lTennesean; sarle by DORSEY, S44 New Levee. SON)ouN PORTER-10 casks best London double i Bowan Stout, for sale by HOLMES & MILLS, mf BLank Alley. O --L UGHS-37). Pittsburgh Blue Plous, hin stor P an I t it unmodtatieg t t, . S LOCKE IS CO. p 17 21 Old Levee street. M ATTING-- bales SpaniRh latting, for, e by M READ In BARSTOW, nm 67 Gramier street. NEW BOOUKS. I E American Demorat. or hints on the social and Sivil relations of the United States. By J. Feni more Cooper. The Two Flln; or, Adventures in o Cnuntry House; aaliaer tales, by Lgd Bleusitgtun, EL Itulwer, .Ila eE taBrry Cornwall, Mr Gore, Captnis Mdlewin, wad mlhre, i 2 wI ole. The River anti the Desert, by Miss Pardoe, author of the Clty of the Sultan. Thit Caske of Giltt, the Gift of an Uncle and Aunt with flee wood egraitngs by Anderslno. Jut reeived and n for sale by, Wil McKEAN, jela c r o tmp and Comtmon ute. ..,Yrut;KY---Cer. SIBRDeposLi of the Bank o c _Kentucky a.t Loiville; felra leby LAWRENCE L.G Nr I {.Ee j O I ( or iole by' G v e0 1tEY , 28 and 44 New evee. IL4 t--I0 bbl. lauding from stCelhont Em lS 1EY-It bbls reetifed WVhiskey, 1or sale VT by , IHOLMES' I MILLS, je fBank alley. A .er eAW Niwe1 end If ry Mrlaoga Wise, I ei ar casks and Indian bhl, entitled to drbenlture, fre sal by READ & IBARtSTOW, nm 67 Gravier street. 54 SACKS SALT. lndip tero brig Semus and John, for sale Ity jets S & J P WHITNEY. .y-oK-2,t lbis Mase, 311do Prime, 1411 half blts B elt Bles. D bhbls P1 , 40 bbls Rumpt, 40 bb, l heabldere; inxtae and f.,dals by, jell l.AYET & AIMELUNO. lORUAILS-namdials of different kindsl, or anle by JARVIS I ANI)REWhS, 1l81 ecr Commnron and T,'hOUlituMlas eta It BRE LLAS & PAIKASt)I.S-I0 coaea, conplria 5 ing an asuoruttet ofMantra, fancy silk ,dnd gitr ham UnUbrellas and Puetois, for sale ty ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. jeal 134 Mgaztne street. -IA0iS &OHIO FUNDS,frlaeo lt SNATH'l. TOWNSEND, Exchlange lHotel Garu at mt. 7ijF. i.T IJOTTFL m- hlampers in etore. und fur S ayleb TRHYDE & BROTHER, ear Comaton In Magaztne ate. . lb--linrls loein, lenand for sale Sy R Si 8Cmti street OlA .-"2Ohu" soap, vurhuae braead nd dilrcan " '' ton'eeilr tta by WINSTON & SHALL, 7 Pent Levee f 7 Front Levee. ,c R)P -108 tat Bagging; 287 coils S ,,- dii Iten steanmbont Commerce for sale by LAYET & AMELUING, Itf .17 Conmerc tret. PW LUMER.-, feet of RIEADII IARSTOW. . 67 Uavier street. W l.HiN-ll" ai dl in atore for rol by _ (iDOL'.EY,_ 4 New Levst art Whiskey aud Lard-f bids men0 leweam raunp and sumldear Pork; 210 bill de 5Wld·aieknn rqtifedand contsn; 1800 keg. iamoraw flbr male by WD Just ganeird afew gros ~,belsaw Bestu powders; neatly u 24ChutarglruteiI 'Pub a ,ruaasll lot 'r'- .. s flVIIFF T d'! dllrro4 TilE TIRUE AMERICAN. ITnmD iv J"nj 1 Sa_ .IB N. m PArLUIIPL AND BOLD. TI NEVW OR LEANAtm con expl TUESDAY............ JULY 31. !188. re reiddtonl Ue Poln a.e sta,,d -On the arrival of the cars at eah'etteli on Sunday, t T o'clock, P M.. just as the looephotive had disen- ha gaced herself from the train, the forward car ran eves off the track and upset aeroes the road: the next ito t cat by-the concussion Wan nearly crushed, and fell dolt upon ,he roadt the remaining cars sustained ne clot injury. The Stat and second cars contained lo negroes. In the first, one was killed on the spot whi by the car fallintg upon him an it upet, and some mis 6 or 8 more were severely wounided in the car, tog which by concuseion sunk on the road. There was no injury done to the passengers. The cause of the accident was that the ashes from the fire box had been previously dropt upon the road at the lake end stopping place, and were lying above the rail. Had the locomotive not bee unfortunately unhitched" herself till passing that be point, the above death and maiming would have been spared, aa her speed would have dragged the train beyond it. Too tmuch attention cannot be bestowed by the au persons appointed to clean the track of incum- M rances, and it is evidentthat the ashes and cinders Vs of the locomotive should not be discharged upon II the line of the road unless the officers see to their prompt removal. Such careleessness is disgraceful to all concerned at the end of the lake. . e Gas Bank.-The following brief extract of a in letter fromt one of our citizens, now in New York' will show the directors of the Gas Bank the im policy of not proclaiming a dividend, which they to are sot fully able to make. Nrw YongK 19th July. to "There was a hetter feeling towards the New of Orleans stocks rv*sterdav. though no sales were eftected. All of them advance more in favtor, and in price, than the Gas Compeny's shares. and I.hI 3g is ,wing principanlly to their not declaring a divi. I dend One if not less than 6 per sent per annumo , Y would sensibly improve their value." t I' The new Railway to the Lake, running a pie arallel with the Bayou St.John to the light house, t: reo and finishing at the old basin, is to be put in hand It immediately. This undertaking is one of great ti ten interest to our citizens generally, who are tho- [ j roughly disgu ted with the utter want of accom modation, and the extravagant charges of the Pontchartrain' Railroad Companty. lng The result of our election has been hailed with I 11enthutiasm in New York. It is considered another r nir powerful indication of a change in publie senti. t n, meat, and will haven sensible effect on the summer Oand early fall elections in otbhestates. for ft" The Csrrollton iHotel was publicly opened, I at 3 o'clock, on Sunday, under the able charge of Mr. J. Moore, when a very large party sat down attto a dinner that in its profusion and excellence ur- satisfied the most epicurian desires. The viands . were indeed excellent, and the wines of a very ant superior order. The party assembled continued se. their enjoyments ontil sun down; and wine, witt cle mirth, and music circled merrily round the boards E and at the conclusion of the feattvity, the approvaI of the house, its conductor and his entertainment, was warm and unnnituoua. The same style of dinter is to take place there every Sunday, when teri all who love a merry meeting will be sure of finding one to their perfect satisfaction. By the logic of thie Bulletin, it would appear that none but the intemperate in the north die from the pernicious practice of drinking cold water while in an overheated condition, yet out of the Or ten or twelve victims to it, in one day, at New York, no less than four were females. 07-Mestvs. Harper & Me.rick have become pro ate ptietors of the short railroad running froml Wash " ington Square, Rampart street, to the Bayou St. iar- John. This railway has been thoroughly over hauled and perfected, and will he open for public - use in a very few days. At its termination on the Bayou a fishing station is being erected, with a crt. restaurnt and tavern connected with it.nnd as there tan; isan abundance of fish to be had there the propri. tors are determined to give every facility to "the lil gentle art of angling." r We are concerned to hear that Dr. Wieddemnn' the house physician at the Franklin Infirmary, met . with a seriou saccilent on Friday while alighting fronn the Pontchartrain railroad cars. The ae eomtmodating habits of the road not permitting a n, stoppage Dr. W. got himself 0o entangled in his and descent that his foot was smashed to pieces in en. ani- deavoring to get away from the train. fse; Capt. Clark's memoabhle exploit in the schoon hlt er "Lone" is everywhere exciting the most lively et, interest. It is destined to he a merry travel through r of the States and will not prove less amusing although not less agreeable to France. The Circus in to remain open fore few nights Semore, an the steamer intended to convey the com ill; pantty, will be detained until Thlursday. As the . pretty Mlrs. Benerl will continue to display her Em- graceful horseuomanship, Adams tlay his capital tricks, Vail exlhibit his herculean powers, and the '. whole company tlteir skill and dexterity, our cut - sale nens will hove a few more ocensions to cov y, . pleaaat evenibg'seanmusement. The whle ~IT;r ino, richly deserves encouragement. 't.i Ir During the thunder storm yesterdty th ne electric fluid descended into a house in Coemt rce street, and did some damage to the brick work, jj though fortunately none to the inhabitants. hhlI U] The trial of the murderers of Barbs takes place to-imorrow. C".MMt'NtICATED J Sir,--Ohserving that some ifi the papers make it appear that the nian found dead on the shell road by th.b (nuaol, came to his end by otli, r hands thae hi. rn rn,oiu will serve the cause of truoth by setting the lt .r rightl. The uniortunate man evidently put t ipt, r to his existence, as I examined his body withnl about an hour alter the art, when tihe blood was acarcely coagulated, and it was then evident that he had committed suicide by firinga pistol into his mouth, since all the front of the head and face, above the lips, was blown away, while the lower jaw remained untouched, end tile hands were Iting close to the wound when I first saw him. Alter lile body had been buried, I ceased the mutilated remains from within the head to be buried alson a they had been left un' attended to. It is but fair tler.efre that tile imn putation of murder should be removed fril the public mind. .1. D. D. The "Steamboat Act" eurtes into operation on the let of October, after which we hope to hear of less "accidents". CEslRnoEa.-l'he Knoxville Register of the 18th says, "we lear (room Capt. James Morrow, late of the army, that nearly all the Cherokees, to the number of thirteen' or fourteen thousandl, have been collected by Gen. Scott, and are stationed at the Agency, Chatanoogs, and a point between Red Clay aend Cleveland, where they will be kept unti the let September, unless before that time they nmay wish to be taken to their new country west of btheMieissippi." Not a paper arrives Irat any part of the country but contains three or four paragraphs abusive of the hot weather. -. Sane asaert that boats have lef Uthi wharf without the least notice, the steam havipg :"p geservted by atmospherio heas with. e.ol-aioflre; while another n.errs it an impossibildty to write while the thermometer SHte ralga ahove 90, Lyiwhich we learn how far re- and moved is an editor from a salamander. Left shp The botler of the little steamer " Mary," which cen ennveys the mail between Mobile and Blnkely, it exploded at the latter place on the 25th. There m were about 20 passengerS, all of whom fortunately raes escaped. mat The Boston Courier shares the Counteaas of Dur- ma, haam'spines horror ofa hIaek stock. Its fury, Itow- I ever, is as yet directed only against binec stocks Or in the pulpit. Merchants and Meehanics may in- an delge, but we betide the clergyman whose neck i at clothed in sable. John Knox could not rail more Dt lustily. Hear him! t The minister who is unilty of such profanaltion, L whether young or old, ought forthwtth to be die- Mi missed from their eongregntions, and sent to nask- 0 ing shoes. Until hbetter informed by this Boston reformer, we s fopiishly thought as good doctrine might come through black silk as white muslin. But we live to learn. lin wit t Forrest will not be run for Congress, as has been reported. Cambreling, the premonitory, is to v be again "the party's candidate" in New York. tre opt Captain Marryatt was in Cineinnati on the 18th. The 'Post," of Cincinnati, asserts on theritod authority, he says, of "one who knonws" that if Mr. Clay be the whip candidate for President, the a Van Buren party have determined to take up Gen. 0 Harrison! Extremely probable! tio I Edwin Forrest's4th July Oration hascreated a i powerful senration. It was delivered on the stage fie of the Franklin Theatre, in New York, on the 19th Cu instant, by Mr. R. Blake. Terian Compliment.-Captain, said a rough t looking personage, I dent wish to hurt your feel- Dt ings, but you surely stole that barrel of flour. Up It to the latest accounts the Captain was enquirinr aof all his friends whether the affront or the apology were the greater. In speaking of the general banking law in New so iI York, a correspondent, intimately connected with t the monied institutions of this state, ,ays-"The le 1nieng feature of the law is this: parties may make a bn.k with as large a capital as they planse, but they can issue no paper unless it be given them td .y the Comptroller of the state, and he exacts, by at that law, a corresponding amount ofapproved mart _ cgage bondre or state securities in equal parts, a . gainst tie same. Now it is quite clear that each he company will only ask for as much paper as they can keep in cirrulation, and no more; hence tile little demand for State Stocks, besides erery one ih gives mortgage bonds in preference to them. They or may be needed, however, by and by. try the i. same companies as suhscriptions for stocks, to hbe tr afterwards sent to Europe for sale, and thus create funds to bank upon. The law is very good one, and with some little alterations would sd, suit our state very well. of CANADA. wn As a specimen of the rumors prevalent in Upper ce Canada in relation to this subject, we make the following extract front the lHamilt.on Express: do The report that Sir George Arrhur has been re- f erv called from his government of this provinee, was I ted very general this week, but there does not appear authority forit. We have seen a letter, however, r it, from London, received by the last arrival, the enm d, rtents of which would warrant the belief that such I an event is not unlikely ft oscer. The writer says that ministers find themselves ini a dilealnn in con. st, sequence of tile execution tof I.oult and Matthews. or as they had sent Lord Durham ou oas a pa;rfiraltor. and not an execultoner, and ltehough the "aollo -we tan had its fattened pey" before the arrival of his ng lordship in the province, yet thie circumstance must be as annoyine tr hil inll the disiaharoe Ir his andministrationt of lhe e nvern ent, it ir cy a trury to the undiersto.rd exprureson of Iher M.caj styo, ar enillrcters in the Is rt e ol Corlltonsll, Ith t iePr, orn would be no extreme measure(r reesortd ctr ir C - neda until tire arrival of Lord Durhnam, whor wrould ter exercise his high pow era ir. r l err ilell milllr. the The rcater of the letter is u itano posasessing, tu(il. w ities ler gaining court intelligence, a..1 he, Oeven gos'ee farr aa to any theat Sir It. Itirliat fI Horn.,., late Governor of CEc Io, is aPp,ointed ihe Bsoce oear of Sir George Arthulr. lThe Londhu pit 'c, tro tory and whi.e, cnedemn the execltlinn of Lourle and Matthews; and Mr. Humoe has asked for a ro. sh- py of the instructions to Sir Gecor:ce Arthur, r h cil St. the tliis telrs have prromised. Si that iby l:e next er- arrival we shall be enabled to judlge who is to Ie lolatmed tar this "nntwnrrd tevent," which hnas i smeeared the judgment seat with hbl, nd. Rerinew al the Falls -No prince, no pltetntare orr stateslman out of our country excite lrre rtlent now than the Earl of Durhamn, VICe.rteg.,t in Ca. nada. The arduoea nature olhi hihghly respien. sible duties-the ralisfnctorr, humane,anid politic manner in which he has filled them thus far, and the evident liberality of the man inet at his cinrme ter with a pleasant interest. The f/llowing notien of the review of British troops ,t the Fuils, wiich .icenrred on the 17th instant, we cut from a Buf. falo paper. Mliany of our citizens yesterday went to the Falls expecting to see a brillant display lof Britils trops, who it was said were to re cnneentrile tl r the purpose of being reviewed by Earl I iri nl. They were not disappointed in the revie"l, blit Ihe nuem, ber of men on the grund was much less than had been anticipated, prohahitl noit rexeediig 60 lrl 800 in all. On reaching tlII Pavillion about II, we lound the trools, coniiug of the43d regi mrent, a part of the 241t, and a company of the draaoon guards paraded ill the open, level field in trout of the house. Besides the troopa we have mentioned there was on the field a small park of flying artillery, ahd a few lancers on guard. These troops made i very handtsome appearance, and among them were many veterans whlol had served in Egypi and throueghout the peninsular war. The brass helmets of the guards are beirut:lul anll classical, but on such n dav nas yesterday, must have beh n rather erincomfortable. A little after 11, the Countees of Durham, with several ladies came on the pground. Tire Countess does not now coie uil to Byron's description of her when Lady Elizabeth Grey, but she in still , very fine women. Soon after the ladies made their ir.;earance, the Governor, dressed as a general r it er, and wearing thie insignia of the order oefthe i catl, necom pnied by Sir John Colborno and Ad. I.: Sir Charles Pager, and a brillant st;ff, rude Ith, iiIe field and look his station directly in front ,I t(!i line. The review was managed as such naigs usually are, and concluded with a shanm tl, in which the43d displayed considerableskill tn ,1, tImvritg and firing. The soldiers, however, attra.ted little attention. They were mere Ian chl.les, Iand all eyes were directed te him who could put themI ill otion,t end direct them at will. The Barl of Durham is aboiut the middle height, very younlll lookinr,with a rather pleasunt expres sion of countenance, but there is nothlng in has appearance strongly marked, or indicative of the great abilities lie is reputed to poeseas. TIe gene. ral cost oi his features struck ts as being decidedly Yankee. Ilia lace is tolerably full, but has nothing of the usual bluff. English lo'i . A very large num er of spectatorr, Caodians and Americans, were on the ground, and among them we noticed a lolerable sprinkhlingof American oflicers, who, we were pleased to see, were treated with mnarkedceurtesr: Col. Grey and several of the governor's sides offering to dismount in order to I aceommodate Maj. Young witll a horse. The offer was declined, but the making it sllows the elaeling which prevailed. Sir John Colborne, the commander in-chief, is a fine spaectnen of an old war-worn veteran; but lull ol ife, vigor and resolutin. Alter the review was over, cards were sent round inviting somte hundred gueats--aoulrn whomnu one quarter perhaps were Amerneasa-tor partake oI a colltlion with hii excellenev. T'he oletlaon proved a dinner, and panssru off eceedingy well. Just at its close, alter drinking the heialth i the Queen, Lord Duihamu arose and gave the President ou the United States. 'The remarks with whillh lhe prelaced his toast, were very neat and appropriate. Un risintg rom tlil table, mtost of the comtauny froit Bufftldo were severally intrulucid to the karl atod Counleas, and, declining an invitation to alttend tile ball ill tile evenilng, soo altter returned, highly gratified with the excureion, arnd the polite. nens with which they had been treated. PUlt'l' OV NEIW Ri,Hl;AN; 1 . CLEARANCES. hibp Frankli., Burgen. Cowes and a market, L tI Gale tarq Date, Ba.rton, Liverpool, W Vance eBrig Mne., Doaldusoe, New Castle. A t. Addinsoa rieebon larke, Pitma .Newn Yorkne O4 JPWhloey eiy Ualoas. Calnuen N-,pkg. Narer Jone 3trt. anq Citiua, Tholrp., Havre, L It Gale rt HalentBieraiuard, lalttmore, F Gamnble t eo ARRIVALS. Bnom toeboat ltadaoe, Ioeri, from the Pt'aaa.--lneving nowed toea ship Narmaudle. laeery, oed bargeqe imrwl.- mreturaed to tiwa with hig Coret s and Ipaib hir Ildepec dents. Lef'N tPits .r.tulatn. at it i--a ship aad brig in thatiSa;. Steaml towboat Gaonpur, Asnhle, front the S W V .o.- NE Hlring teoel to tea ohip. l'aeneot, H. rewiri e 'home -o ' atd Edwlrd. Alvra, Aondrncgin hand scbr HenryO ruetrned I to town with hip Alabama, bnrq Josephirne notd tci Mexico. aft the Bar 27th inst. AtO P it; nuthin. In sight uff in Ili Me h pe of vessele. Vhm , Stelm totehcat Porpoise" Cl ark fron the Pames, towed Io i se s.hip Kentucky Imd Monomtoery, and eihr inerld, t tiro:ht hp chip Cohee.. brit Chieflca , roor Col. to o ty, Ellaebeth, WVatchman. Viryil, rn.eii Ay ; left the N mE lest ant -9th. Onre rch in the ntfnH. nothing in the riveri. ehr Virgil, tarnteller, rom oe a Lo M ritohvj ton taumor, rtulteaedrlrgo, to K iroin t&t e. ehr WratLotae. aurnry, 7 days from Artlats, aihnalltMt, to in master, Shipt Cashmere, utstetm, o7 dayn from losvn, in ballast, to matter. IBril Chieftain. Kine, from New Yfor, to S & J P Whltnev. Behr Eliuab th, Oakley, 29 days from Nea York, to G 5 Bedford. i Se r t'ol. Do I.Uy, RLNerC. from Mobile, to oaster. tehr Fr ci r Amy, iAshby, frone it l ivoa, lft on thre d01 to r master.B I Ship Alaima. Brry. I days from New Yorki to H O Ames -cergo, neor elt mercheeodi e. iarque Josephine, Jobhnon, 30 days from Philadolpkia, to J Ja DDsyeneNre--cern.etoote merohavdize. Itril Comet. Diekttion, from Havana, 1ith July, to Cm ueulu, Lapyre. -" bis ol. r d SeOI tntilepnde.t., S..tie.., 12 layts fr it . , to nI d Ti MirOndA 6 ro. Sehr Meaxico Croshy. frim Coast tMexico via SaErioior 14th July, ti alter..full cargo, wine and morchoditse re- E turned. Steamer Huntsvtllle, Jordan, from Bayou Sah. WTANTED.-- An accident lhaving occurred to Doe-. ' tor WeideNoIn, resident lhysiciav of the Frank t lin Infirmary, tito iituation is now vacant. Applicants dt will please apply No 17, Rt iparlOt t 31 iuly-3 t STATEOF LOUISIANA, First Judiionl Diltrit o Court-W.orner W. Stewart, in actual custody' h c. his Creditors --Tile creditors of the petitioner, o\r- C Sac W. Stewart, are hereby notified to I e and appear in G open court, ott Monday the 211h Augosl next, at in o'clock, A. Mt., to tahw cause, if any they have, why said Warner ltould not have the booefit of the laws ttmade for ilte r"liefof Insolvent Debtors in aetal cu C tody. ly odenr of this court, this 30th July, 1838. P. LEBLANC, D'y Cl'k, jr july30-- tnwfO1d (TAT DE LA LOUllI NE--i'uur do district do I PmroierDitrict Judiciuire--Wrneor , Stewart, ri dhtenu, eontre see crhanciers--en ceranoirr do phti- L ti oloire, Warnor WV. Somith. ont par lo prs.ent ootfib . ie tompari tr t en pleine o our, lundi le n0 aout proclaio a I heursado nloatin, pour ftaire valoir leur raisons. e'ilt en out,ponrquoi ledit .'orner n'aura pasl Ib holh. flee des lois pour enir an secour d b dbhiteura iseol vablea dhtcnua. Par ordre de In tour co 30 juillet 1848. 31 jaiil P. LEBLANC, Dip Grefl er.f W ATER CI)LOI.S-Reeves & Son'e euperior water colors inboxes, ,,n, two, throe and efor rows; w.,orratell genuits; also, a fine assortment of ierman otlid Tuoy palints; also, r uddleton r & ewall'n D" eawing Pencils; a rew very supciur rcohleoa ocameol' Iair Brushes for tale by DAVID FELT & CO., New Yrk and Setntiiner' HaIll. i(31 94 Chlrttre street. f - ANIF©I.) I.ET TEIt W 'RITRll t-Just re eived, L lj nn eleoanntasortment of Manifold e.tter tVri. tere, somtie half bond, lor he Coutntig HoIse, and f some neatly done up i Monrocco cases with lhcks fin r travelling, a very useful ad coonveriett article, for sale by I) FEI.N & CO., New York and Stationers oIll, Jy31 24 Chartres steet. t EAF LlARD-- 11 pegs, in fne shipping order,of S i osuperior quaity, t te landing, fursNale by yjy31 44 New levee. FLOUI--lll bIIlls, laodiog frow oteaomr luockyeo, e,,ndfor sale by G DORSEY, jy31 44 New Levee. ft ITIIISKEY-150 re old otifiod, in store, for V sale byhv ( DORSEY, Y jy31 44 New Levene. C ACON SIDES-7, casks alupe 'r Cincinnn.i ctred, l1 in storo anid for sale by G I)(iRSEY, j,31 44 New Levee. Y T HOMASTON LIMEl-600 Ceako fresh and in JLgood order, for sale ill lots to sit purchasers, by I CHASE & DIXEY. 't iuly31 6 C'ustom Hoiae street. s 'AGILNG-tlIll piecee of htovy Koentucky Iog. Sging for sale by HOI.MES & MILLS, Id jv3L Bnok Alley. LOUISIANA FURNITUREI WABREROOMS, Ne. 53, Bienville street. r .1TILLTAM It. CAILNES, (formerly of tile firm ol ' Vbh Flint & Cnres,)ii wouhl respeotlullv iiform lhis fri,etds and the phlic that hlie is 0coustautlv receiving froi New York and lBoston good assortmlent ofi Foil t inltue, oeicll as mahogany chtv irs, eofs, ledtetado, ii r pie and painted chairs, maple ied cherry bedsatead,, Smalogoany and cherry talies oof til descriptilco,, bu n reauo, toilets, eecretarvys, writingy d,ks, wrdolr.l es of mahI ogaoy and clherry, wIash slnds, lokiil glasses, libathels Ibedding, &r. &c. 3NB. Furtituro packed hir trinsporintion with great e I care. jrh l yeor sale hy G I) 0 ) 1U:') l-o,( l u'ihased by NATlH'L. 'rO\VN ,'NIl), jy6 l,'Ixihasngo Ilotel, GrCnovicr stire t TS ''I'Fl 01' LtVISIIANA-Firot .lodieiai lois lr ot fihi ''sioyl oil" thie i lii er' Iii roe els Ihaving Iri li '' oyiccepitel yl'i ('Io "t foir the h i 'oo l of illo oi b yit ll-s i is orylie io I Iot o ioeytlii. of ..i ol 1. ihlob eoo ilo l o il tcbn iUn Io l'l of 1lilt , l , ai111 oti ll. - oiT-- Il nI ll hrV littic I i u e r ; a n d i i in ii e o .o i a lo l o i nlo is.. . , o r u ve od l lie l i'r.i00, Ith. le ii I l lloOl l O ' ", o I lam l Jii i ll, i ,. ioo n risht l ob iio ,tv ol, l lio, l I, .hld'ii- of ois I llslo'oI io ieo l.f lt.iio ilyo of Iho llllll' d.o e .i i el Buclhu. 'rl lle . 1I.:1 Ib,l j0 I9 3t t'i, eii v opre ilier diintit joliajoire. tAI OB r1.0V13 CIl)S.S1 lrotrt sea y (IIalwers. No. a ll o,ISa.-l.ccsionyoi div proiIoy o'tia"Ioo ,hilioirire nvoit hic iuoeiotL liv In Cionoir peer to h i yie doe c;o(onierot; 11 et dbcl'tob qu'une us,e s bolo desdits o cobuociero aura lieu ou giroll de Wioi. Y. lbeni, Noh t tendnnt tertes iltlollioies juAicinil`+ coltre soo lieinSintre tie Par orrlr dle l'Hon. Charles Moulri:ot, Jugs de lo td (our de Paroiose, aogiosnot soiorse juge d i Ottoe o.ur t.doa I l'uhsnca do l''tion. A. .Bulboanion, o 1jr il--3t "l'lll)0 LEVWIS, l)p. Grneior. ch oNI IIUNDlI(EI) DL)Il.l,tAIl.h lik ARD i. COR the oapplrebvllion of the pn Ponl, r person wlho, shot my by o Illa, on hii way from tihe ily ol Its Lafiltree to his msnrer, I) IH '1'Wli)OUI, io tIbe city pe, of New Orlalnls, or ally itlfournmliou that will lead to lithe onvctionl of the perprltlor tIhereol: jyi8-3t Cy i MAYO I'4 iYt uFt'ohL\V loI.EAN,. fl, -E pno ul' resH Slour to-dly is $6 i50 l r bbl: oe. S IL ordiug to the tar'tf, ilie I,ak ero hnll give doring orI tileu edsolg week, (froli II ouolno,30th July,) 41 eldes IIof lbread for laitlt. ltnd of tihe os ecold quality is r. qoioled to weigh 25 ier coet. lore, vri: 511 iuncoes. C. GENOI.S, Mayor. he iv, 2vl. 13:30. T IME--eIIO cosks in good order, er board brieP J Neptune, laing at Oreange street whcrt; for sore by ICHASE & I)IXIY, jy28 Ci Cusonhouse street. I EDcICINES, ImIPAIn ... ILS--A large cud Sgeoer.l uasortmleo oen Moen, fr sole low, by JARIVIA .& ANDIREWS, _ Temple's Mlixture, IHny' Linlljent, RLore Oint mtrnt Hoeadael . ItRemedy, Ilrn'o CornI Plaster, &. lor sael y JARVIS & ANDREIIWS, jy8 cor oe Cmmeron & I'ehoupitoulns st. IIFT'Y KEGS FitESII GUdSIEN BU'TTER, ,50 boxes cheese, 275 boxes bunch raisinls, tI0 boxes imperial tea, I0 brrels cherry buore, 10 half barrels Fulton market beef 5 barrels amoked torgues, 10 boxes P A cheese, 5(1 boxes Gilbert's starch, Received per ship HIuatsville, for sale by jy28 P'ETERS &.'IILLARD. PORK--8t bbls M Ol, 15 bbls chiuos. just received, fir sale by 0 DOILSEY, jvr8 44 New I.evee. ,UiK-65 hhllde, ureriper qualitvyi i srore, for o7 sale by )ORSEY,. jy'3 41 New Levee. N) ULEI CAP & LE'ITIIL' P'APER-On hrod. a large ae ortuleont of low priced ard vr.e superior Bleue anrd hite, Wove and llr Lsaid Cap .nod Letter Paper, for sale by DAVlI) FELT & &Ce, New York Stationers ' Iall, jy23 24 Chartres street. UNIH IIILE INK-Just received, an additional s. upply of very superior indelible ink for marking linen, &r., warranted a firstre rate article, for sale by thI dozen or single box,by DAVID FELT & ('o, New York Stationers' Hlil, j28 24 Clhartres stretreet. NEW ORLEANS & NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD nOrCOS OF DEPART'RE o.N bUNDAYS TO HATI. From Depot. Fromn Bath. 6 A. M. 7 A. M. 9 do. 10 do. 12 M. 2 P. AM. 44 P. M. 6 P. II. The rest of theek. From Depot. IFromn athb. SA. b. I0I' P. i,1 12 L. p. A1. 44 1'. " 1'. •.. N. b.-Persons wishing to or tihe Prarie, can do so as ar as the road extends without nY extra Coarge. SJAMES II. CALDWELI,,, jy2d-lit Plesblent, NEWV DIR ECTOIY. PURBLISIIRD this day, Gibson'. Guide and I)irec tory of New Orleans and L.afalvre; lir salt by DAVID FELT & CO. mtre N Y Stationers Ilall,21 Chartres st. fB)AGGING & DAI.E ROPE-500 pP Ketrclrky l baigging; 125 coils do bole rope, in store and for sole b VYOIL.KE & BROTIIERS, jyl2 6t5 (amp street. UO OWNERS AND USERS OF IIORSES SURGEON WALDGRAVE'S CONDITION POWDERS, &c. N. Ir.-This article has bose introduced into the country b,,t aboet three men he, and the asrnomshing demand it Ih.s met with has enltiely exceeded the anost sanguiie hopes ofthe prop, i-tr. Naerly all livery 'ables, and a great cumber of gentlemen owning hlrses, have used and are delighted with it. It not only improves tee pr-ont appeasarnce of the I:orse, but is of permanent and trost decided ie,efit. App'y to the drupgists generally. jy 1l '~- 7E---~t"--~- I 1EW ORLEANS COMMERCIAL LIBRARY. - . lIE fo'lowing new wrks have been r ce vod by the Library Society, at their room in the Merchants' Exchang,, fronting on Roya street, Lady -.Lyons. by Bolwe; 1 vol. 2 copile. liampTrey's Tour through Great Britain, Fr.nerto and Belgiu n. in 183 ; in 2 vols 2 copies. Love, by Lady C. Berry; 2 vol.. 5 copies. lonl The Two Flirts, atd other Tales; by Lady Blns. ington, Bulwer, and others; 2 vole. 5 copies. to; Rivers and the Desert, by Miss Pardoo; 2 copies. Thb Robbgr, by G P R James; 5 copies. Mr The Adtentures of Nicholas Nickleby, by Bon, Ion 5 copies. CHAS. RITCHIE, Librarian. JAMES' W NOVEL, &c. pr T IE ROBBER, a Tale, by the author of Rich' elisu.' The Gipsey,' 'Attila,' &c. in 2 vole. Tile Love CnAes, a Comedy, in five acts, hy James Sheridan Knowles, author of 'Vlrginius, 'The Daughter,' &c. &c. Ins, a Tragedy, in five acts, by Thomas Noon ye Talfourd; 4th edition. ab SocltrY Aao Ihlannces In AMsalCA; by Harriet Illattineau, author of 'Illustrations of Political pr Economy;' in 2 vols.; 4th edition. A Practical Summary of the Law and Usage of Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes; togeth. r or with a series of tables, hllowing when bills, notes and loans, drawn or accepted at any date will iull Et due; to which are added, rates of commission and storage, equation of payments, and general infor. mation connected wi:h business of the counting a house; by B F Foster, Accountant, author of 'A Concise Treatise of Book Keeping,' 'The Clerk's pr Guide,' &c. Tl'n LTrrTL Sacres Boon; a course of very easy lessons in l..ildscapes, Figures, &c. by George Childs; lst aid ld series. Julst received and for sale by WM MeKEAN, H jy8 car. of Camp and Common sts. ALSO,-An additional supply of ,"Three Expe riments of Living.-Living within the Means,- Living up to the Means,-Living beyond ite t Means;" 'Sequel to the Experiments of Living;" a5 "The Harsourts;" -"The Saving's Bank," &a. CAVE & SCHAFFER'S Compoun Flu E"- tractofSaraparilla, for the cure a ob nmate eruptions of the skin; pimples or pustules of the fa.e; biles whir arise from an impure elstate of the blood; scaly eru,,tions; p iins in the bones; chronic rheumatism; to t r; scrofula, or king's evil; white swelling; syphilitic diseases, ald all disorders arising from an impure state of the blood, by a long residence in a hot slimate, or the injudicious use of mercury. Also,-Cave & Schaff r's Worm Syrup, or In. fant Presorvative: the best preparation law extant. L W GLENN'S PERFUMERIES. Among which are the following:-Indian Dye, ] for coloring the hair; Bear's Oil; Rnasian Bear's Grease; Pomatum; ichaw's Frecsle Wash: su. j perior Pearl Powder; Lily White; Cream of Roses' Vegetable Rouge; Otto of Rose; Lip Salve; Kre. oasite Tooth Wash; Carbonic Dentrfice; Orange Flower Water; Powder Puffs hnd Boxes; Amer. i can Charcoal, neatly put up in four ounce vials; P.eeton Salts; Cologne; Kreosote Tooth.ache Drops; Hair Brushes; English Dressing Co,.bs. Inlan Hair Oil;-with a variety of other Perfu meries, &e. For sale TINCHA 3 C TRINCHARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets. HAEMORRHOIDS. IlFAY'S LINIMENT.-No Fiction.-This ex. I traordinary chemical composition, the result of science, and the invention of a celebrated medi. cal man, the introduction of which to the public was invested with the solemnity of a deathbed bequest, has since gained a reputation unparalleled, filly sustaining the correctness of the lamented Dr Gridley's last confession, that "' he dared not die without giving to posterily the benofit of his knowledge on this subject," and he therefore beqneathed to his friend and attendant, Solomon IHays, the secret of his discovery. It is now used in the principal hospitals, and the private practice in our country, first and most certainly for the cire of the Piles, and so exten sively and effectually as to baffle credulity, unless where its effects are witnessed Externally in the following complaints: For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary absorption at once. All Swellings-Reducing them in a few hours. if Rhoumatiasm-Acute or Chronic, giving quick Sore Throat--By Cancers, Ulcers or Colds. Croup and \hooping Cougi--Externally, and over the Clhel. All Brullse, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a few hours. Sores and Ulcers-Whether fresni or long standing, and fever stres. !t. opierations uU aldul's arli cildren iin reduc Sing rhuta Ii swelling, land Ill e nll'(.ti~l Ig and Sbit lieen sturpir e.g b iocid ic. ,ltiol. The K Ioi ii reIl.rk of tli it ii.l tr havel ul s d iti tee the Pales, i i ", IL .et, likle ai c'l;u r in.h pr Til E'i li ' 1 i-.T iie rlr'e, " u is re.ln i.iid io any i. hoi ' iU 1 will ,ii a ,tl! ifl ay'. [L'l nItIII tIr thei P.les, and ruIrI tienpty buottlue without beung r:.r i 'T'hr s are Ile plsilive rfders of the ~I. prI itolr i, the .\g,',sl ; and out of mneiy thou. I sad ioil, lnot one Iiiais ibeen unsuccees>flil. CAU'TION-Noue can e, genuineo wit hout a I splendid eigravid wrapper, oil which is ily nutne, e a'd also that of l hl Argelt. I S 'OLiiMi( N FlAYS. it Sold wlholesallo u d retail, by COMSTO(CK & ii. Co., New, York, uld by one Druggist inl every t town in tihe Uiini. For sale by tle Wholesalo Agonts, corner of o('nmmnon & 'Tchlulpitoulas street, and by ilth II Aputllecurcs. gecneally. je30 II AtILE CHIMNEY PIECE WAvhEuouss, ' ( Custoou so street, opposite the post-office. Thn nsusc: iIrs are now receiving from their fae. tories it N,:w York, and will keep constantly on hand a g nni. issortment.,f Marble Mantle Pieces ofsuper,. n ·a tmnusliip, and of the latest patterns, made ot thi. best Egyptian, Italian, Irish and Amnertet In,,rbloe. Also, Monuments, Tombs and Grave Stonles, moulded and plain sills and lintele, narble tacings, hearths and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, Roman & HIydraulie Cement and Plaster. ing IHair, together with a splendid assortment of brass mounted and plain Grates and Russia Iron Grates of the newest and most approved patterns. Lettering done in the neatest manner and at the shortest notice. They have first rate workmen to set tile above work. jc5 JAMES RAIN & STROUD. N OTICE TO THE PUBLIC.-Unfounded rumore of the undersigned having sold out, or diseoattnued hlis old and long ostablished GARDEN SEED STORE, .No 15 Customl house Street, Having been most industriously circulated by self. interested parties, tbh subscriber begs to assure his friends generally, and thle public at large, that he still continues within two doors of his late, or termer stand, to be furnished with a full and ex. tensive supply of all the standard kinds of kitchen or vegetablb Garden Seeds, of the growth and imn. port of the present season, 1837. Since the early part of September, he huas re. ceived ample suppites, by the packet ships Vicks. burg, Kentucky, and Arkansas, all arrived in short passages, direct front Now York. By the Missis sippi and another packet, lie is in daily expects. tian of a supply of Fruit Trees and Asparagus Roots, hIaving already received invoices thereof by snail. The subscriber begs further to assure tlh public at large, that he is at present as well enabled to meet and execute orders for all the kinds of Garden Seeds, either wholesale or retail, as he ever was since Ihis first establishment in January, 1822. Country Dealers and Market Gardoners' orders filled at the lowest and most reasonable rates. by the pound weight, and gallon or bushel measure. Catalogues, either in French or English, may always be obtained on personal application as usual, to WM. SMITH, Garden Seed Store, 85 Customhouse street. NOTE.-A constant supply of Bird Seed, either mixed or plain; pulverized soup; herbs, and Shakers' dried herbs,-with a supply of peas and beans. NEW PUBLICATIONS. Tales of sy Neighborhood, by the author of "Tlhe Collegians," in'a, vols. Agnes Serle, by he author of "I he IIciress," in two voluues, Eltetets of Interalttonal Law, with a Skcten of the lListtrv of tle Sotence, by Henry Wheaten, L. L. D. A Practical I'reaoiae oa Laoeoiaive Engnes uaon Rail hVae;s a work ittended to show the Cosotucttou, the sode of acting, and tile effect of those engines in uonvsyisg heavy loads; to give the means of ascertain. ing, oi al inspection ei the load,asad the results it will produce under d arious circumstances,and in dilfereat lu. calities; to determine the quantity of fuel and water it sill reqatire to fix the proportions which ouglt to he laopted io tile construction of ats engine, to aake asr stoerany iiteoded purpose, etc.: with practical tables, giving at i the of the firmuna , founded uolte a E great say new experimentsa, made qa alarge scale, t it daily practice on the Liverpool and ditnllhesate iRailway, with miay different cogiles aed cuoelderatle riatis ofcarriagtts, to which is added an appendix, show wieg the expense of conveyi;u gu ods by IIcomoitivs .agices 'o railroads, Iby Cllev. F il G de Pinmbour. J wt received and for saae bv Will M'KEAN, a13 Coreter of Cotip and (Cominou streets. -jAT-E PUIItICATIONS-PAUL Pay's JouNAL o J a residlence it L.ittle Pedlington. Cooaisv, or Italy; by Madamu d, Stel; lolstienu, traulnteod foir the Libntry of Smtaudard Novels; The Pu stiias Pauages, by L El.. American editioa, with aU. mlo eens il i vols. DRas.u' ANsD tiALL.ECK's Poms--new editioln: 2 lf luotnd i i;lane. s'li wo-Rts ori Jolur Dnvy,:--in veruc nod prose, ilt a life, by Rev i Mitford: sew edition, complete in l Jat rcscived aod tbr sale by lIlV Mel(EAN, cor Camptl &.Cutlstoi t Sot rl.t LET-.h cTafoertatls I),elliug Ilouoe, S, ,rPelli a styr+t, 'iatwve it St Gli.,rla anl 1: Il, 'sslr.t't. Apply to jyll J OT SECOND MUNICIPALITY. J XJRlE Irought to the Police Prison of the 2nd S oaunpaiht, the following onaml slaves, viz: HENRY, aboot 34 years of age: says he belongs to IMr. Collins. ANDERSON, about 40 years of age; says he be logs to 1ir. Edward Chiffie.. S, CHIARLES, about 2years ofage; sayshe belongs to Mlr.Mondellis JACK, about 13 years of age; says lie belongs to MARIA, about ld or 17 years of age; says he be U. long to Mrs. Gormlv. T'he ownor ofnCaid slaves are requested to prove property, pay charges and take them away. 1H. S. HARPER, jy31 Captain of the Watch. WVERl br.ught to the Police Prison of the Secovnd S Mnvicipalitv,tsil fallowing named olaves,viz:l M ALEXIS, says he belongs to Mr Sauve, aged 45 Tu years. W GEORGL, says he belongs C Johnson, aged TI about 25 years. 1- r Ti: owner ofthe said slaves ore requestedo prove S propoery, pay charges, and take them asay. H S IARPER, Re jyl2 Captain of the Watch. en. "L a 6th omeobe A Ia plisna dela Seconds Muniei Scipalith, rue oarronne antre Hevis et Girod, les Ensclves suivvnta: ALEXIS, so dioant appartenir a Mr Sauv6, Ag6 ac d'nvirood 45 ons GEOIrGE, se disant appartenir A Mr C Johnson, hgb d'environ 25 aes. Leo piopritairess des dits esclaves vondront bion prouver lrers propri6tb, payer Ica froiA et leE retiere 1H S HARPER, juil 14 Canitain de Watch.. WAS brought toPd of the Pound of the Second Muniel ipnlity, situated in Baronne 'street, betweenl Elevia and Girod street, the following animals, vias k One Brown Ieorse and Bay Colt. One large Bay Mare and Colt,j Ontt White Spotted Cow. The owners of said animals ore requested to prove to pmperety, pay charges, and take the nawy, on or beforet Satardov, July tile l21st, when they willbe sold at auction, by'P A Iuillotte, autotioneev. tI HAIlPER, jv 12 Captsil of the Watch! b IIla t aanehe an dApt de la SecondelMunicipaliths rue Barroune entre Hevia et Girod lea almmon lit doivants: at Un eheval brun et un Poulin hbale. to Une grande Jument baie et poulin. Une Vache blane et tachetoe. Lee propviltairest does its anillattx soot pice de prnou vc'r laura prolrielfR , paver la s froi et l retrer d'iei e ,amedi 21 Jnillet, 1838 uo ii eroot vendues le dit jour par P. A. Guillotte, encaoteur. st It HARPER, 14juil Capitain do Watch. IICE-50 casks now landing Irom Chorleston, for a Ssaleby S Gi IILA\CIIAIRD, jyl2 31 Gravier street. O REN -A-A large nud atry office. well situated, J and ill the most busines prt of thelicity Termse, moderate. Apply to \V. GREENE, at the Orleans p I.ithograpvi_ Olnice, 53 Magavine street. jylil4 f 1 OO LET-The Housae situated thile corner Eof' Orangeantd Religions streeta;apply to J 1 REIN & A COIEN, jy94 90 Common street. A Card. ORLEA.\5 LITHOGRAPHIIC ESTABLISHI MEANT, 53 MAG.IZINE STREET, C OPPOSITE BANK'S ARCADE SGREENE rettnos his sincere thanks to his friet ds and the pullic of New Orleans, for the patrones Ienstowed oa him for the last two years, and begs leave to ansure thta thbt all orders com:.:liedl to his charge shall be punctually attended to; he will as usul, keep the offie open s luring tihe stunmer, aid shall be always read, to strike osf Ivercnvnt's cirel. lare, business and address cards, funeral Intices. maps, plans, and drawings, of every description, at the Sshertest notice, and on thie tout reasonable teros. Beine assisted iy ariials superi-r to any oh er establish Iment in te city, and troma laur experience in the I lithographic line, he feels confident of giving entire eatisfaction. N II Apothecaries and druggists' labels executev d in as good style as copperplate engraving, and at one L thirv lol tile ltpevsc. AirLE 1111 easks IPhiladelphia Ale, Abbol's brand, just received, nnd for aile byA J i tllJ .I & A COIIEN, j)24 9v0 Common street. 5'CIIAN(. 1IN BOi'I'(hN-1)reil, itn aur(a to E i suit porhlneee, fior soie I,, jy"4 Si'I'I.:I' ON & AVIERY. lt'ltilt 111.-1!i ,nk,, winter strninvd sprmvv oil, Svwarrante d, lor sin II'v I I'SAC L "ll)t;b & tIo, d jy` 1:1 l a, street. IS it -- i b -li r it , , Irrn l -', for . J iLOT It ; It) e' Si,,t ,l c r : j n ti r 'lll nll t, l'tr s il a iy V - L)Ti- N -I":. I n\ '--l u,, ee l' nrt g ,i, om, f n, , I,,-\ 3 l Y tmbl'': e I . I -tt.ll .c IlA.If'I·'nNV, yt ý rl.ý,I F:.l: ; t;l"l' Iti::;- .\ +th , ý ,"r 1w .,, l,:r --- d , P - ' \ $ : ; slit ,-, ,.: i , f t-:t; '"II\VlNG "l'tB.1\t';C-fC,0 b y i' y i :11 bIrAig'I ICt h ll , iv\l -I ·l ~LlAoyLrL ?litnt. I, brig - l ank and Ior Ca , h oie C SLA'E 1,L & DI'RIEI,. jvl ' . Poydrne mtreet. 11 - c, l s ( ol+''h lUm ln i, l+ne aflllotI[, n d jye4 lOlnlnnnlmos street.( , El. c ('. IIII.-.S-5.40 boxes, landing ir, alhip r I11 'ltovlle. lOr nlah Ilve ISA'AC BRIIIGE & (C', jrv24 13+4 LMi:zine 24 rl , BEv2l I VS .-. ses double warpI kery, linodinig from nhip Inhtsvvlle. lir alll by ISAAC IIII ll(IE & Co, jve4 :.3 Mlllagazil street. 6 1.I A --35 boles of Ihv, rerreivcd pr nlli I IClluvile l and litr sale by J 1) IEIN & A COIII' N, .jy24 90t C.{nnillln street. )LIASURE EKCIlISlONS--Persons iClillig tIC 1 charter it Steam Hona for I'lcaulre Excursions, 'an beaccodnunnded at ile shortest notice, witllhlt fin bIont and first rate accommnlnodatiols. Aplplv ll GEO. WIIITMAN, jy74 Exchange lHotel, St. Charles st. i INI)RAIE Iray he had by applcing at No.28 __New Ie_ e. jy2 iv r Coli--iO I l~i reif lllest quality landing lirom brig 'lmlon, l f or sode by STE'I'SO N & AVIF'I(Y. jyle 8 l(iravier streets. 1ANT'rEIIA (iOiK -liiNIEit-NonIe need ap I ply but a workman. 1cKEAN, yW SeKEAN, jyl2 eor Campllll I nllmon streets. ORLIEANS LITHOGRAPHICI OFFPICE, No. :l .aagICll . Cs-trt-l, Cllyusil+ lolnllsr Alcude, E1.STABLISHEDi fr the execution of maps, plans .i and drawings, C lerchllnts' circulars, business and address erds of ever v lesripltion, funeral circulanr on deep mournling paper, lpothecary and druggistr'l bels; bak elreeks, drav receipts, &c. prtintd nod execul d in acheap and expeditions style, by tie prlprietNr. W/I..IAlM GREENE. NB. Bank Notes neelv executed. m24 SPORTRAIT PAINTING. ,11 R.. ICARKII. respetrlully inlorms tle public bhat lio he will remain a short timl in New Orleans for the purpose of painting portraits. Rooms eorer of Cnanal and St Charles, i thie IrIouse occlrlpied by Parnly & Lyou, Dentists, wherespecimens I ft his paiilting can be seen. Entrance io St Charles I rtret. tll_ ]lrt O AP-150 boxes No. I soap,braud of James Yould, landing from brig ChanCpiu n, Coe sale by ISAAC 1RIlbibe: & Co, S jy 12 13G4 MagzinoC street. FINE GUNS--A few fine dnble lbarrel guns in atoru, for sale by S LOCKI'o. &. o. jyld4 2_ Ol levee. Sl HISKE-, Flour and Pqrk, in store for rule iby InP2 ( I)O)RSIY. 41 NRew l.eve. P 'UBLIC NO1'ICE IS IHEIEIREY GIVEN, I HAT, whereas, mv brother Docor Jaaes Grant J late of Corlhnila andTexoas, died in tilc armly ofTexas, ill the month of Marcll, 1136. \\'hereas, un der date of August 20, of thire salmeyear, Daniel I TI'nler addressed a letter to oin from Nacogdlochs, ill Texas. acquaitiu m with rllisi having erecened my said Brolther's Will, dated at Boxer, De. :30, 1835, sntting forth that lie; Mr. Toler and inysell were namled exeeu tors. And, wlereas, thie sad dToler menltiis in tile hotter above alluded to, tlhatr bhe bad the \Wiii dIuy regis tered; notwitbstunding, whichl have lstrng Iroof ltat Iie rever lrnd it prrated; and furtler, have louod lily most auxious enquiries and exertions, for tile last two years, insullicient to obtain ll copy. Now, throrel, be it hereby forltlly known that the said Toler bh s no authority to make any displsition of, or give title o, any land or other property belonging to ithe rstate of ry deceased lBrIrr or r1act In ally thing aplcertaining to lthe seane but that I b m instituting sotep rtowards tile recovery ofsaid will, Ien snall at IClos proceed to such measures as in Ily character of execu tor, are now called for. HLUGHI GRlAN''. NoTr:.-The editors of lTexas nwpperi anod New York Albion ar c rs ectlfulln reqlsteed toi copy this advertielcnt thlree oimes aniI solid thlir oeorCtl 1i tor rthe office ol'the True Americarn, or to IRe It the Sur vavor's (Ofice, 2d Municipality. of New Orleans. 02e7-11_h L LEMoN .YRUP-i-Il0 b..e. I .lemlln iyrup, ldillng from sahip Concord, and for sale by J '1'IiAYEIt & Co. jy26 71 PoydraC street. nALLaL' I -60 bugs All ice in stor, ond or sale - y J TSIIAYEIL & Co. jy'S 74 Poydras street. A'l HS--4ICI Ialta IU storC, and for Cale by idJ TIIAYEIR II & (u, jy'26 74 PI'odre street. Ol K.--r ' 0 bblr less 0 0, primC ard oflt. -riref n1t Inlpeterd, flr aile by i. IC)ItSINY, j)"t6 -I New LevrC. IIIE--'Ob Bll gs ofplrimnn gren Hllarvalna Coffee Iow lndillug ou brig'l'uorn Etritlne,ler l Ilvall Iaa, for cale by JOSEPH cI)cKIAYE, j ti .. lra ,ier atreet. T3, IF---._ OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, SPEEDILY, IIANDliOiMEI.Y AND CHEAPLY EXEI'UTED AT THE OFFICE OF THE Trie .nmericala, ST'. CIIARLES STILEEI'T, NEAR POYDRAS. mn23 U. S. MAILI TO AND bFItO3 MOBILE DAILY Comprising tilhe foloawing boats, vi: Fo N. U. Fm Mobile. Sunday, Caroline, R A Jeffire, Swan. Menda, Mazeppa, Seatu( rittin, S Alabama ruesd.y Isabella, lE Murray, Catalina. Wedoeeday Swan, S . 11., W Wallace. Thursday, Caroline, R A Jeffrey, Muaeppa. lriday, .S Alubaai , J AB Careou, Caroline. SatmadaY, WV WAallace, J it Knighlt, Isahella. tlhe above boats will leav the lake enl of thle Rall Road daily oui the arrival of the l14 past 12 o'elock car, A M. Slaves musthbe cleared at the Cusltom Ilouse prior to starting. An extra boat will always be at each port hi case accidebt. Forfrieght or passage eappl to (iWII.'OtIAY ,I0 St1C'harles Exchange Baidildpe, N: O. r to SAYRE CONVERIS d CO. Mobile. W INE & PORTER BOT'l'LES-- 5 gtas vine, and t00 grnas porter bottles, for sale bf HOLMES & MIL S, SCOTCH ALE--7 casks Scotoh ale, (qUarte and plats) for sale by HOLMES & MILLS, Jy.l Bank Alley. CARPE.NTERS Fluid-Etract of Rareaparilta Sand all other Carpenter's P tparttonN receive Jy car Tcholpihoulas & Narchez sat. Fifty Dollars Rewards I ANAWA about ottoe month ago, the Negro Boe ROBERKT belonging to the subEcriber. 8ail boy is between 13 attd 14 years of age, slite bilt, not verv dark, and very intelligent; speaks English and a little Fretecli. Twenty dlollars will be paid foe hin apprehension so that I call get him; or fi ty dollars it tuban out of the state, on appilication t P DELAHOUSSAYEE jy2l-4t Faubourg i.nfayette. New Orleans &. Carrellton ltnilway. PROPOSALS will be received by the insdediignea S auntil Saturday, tlh, for tIlia eretein of 2 two story lHouses anil Kitlteo. oae Ilaikhsuiit'eSh)op, onec Ciril House, onea Stable for 23 horses, 1210 y 10 and one Car House. 40 iby 13. llans and Specifioatiens cin be seen oid epplicatiot at th office, corner Poydras and Barmnle streets. y2L GEORU E StERRICK. SETTER PA pER.Ju t rceied from the Brandy wine Mills, ii cases supelifne blue letter paper some very low priced; 10 cases soperfinte white lteto paper, do; 2 cases tllin ptnk letter apeer 4 eases espeY fie packet post large size; 2 cases superfineletear Sassorted celrs; cas superfile octaonassorted colors; for sale, wholesale and retail, by D FELT & Co, New York Stationers' Hall, jy2l 24 Chartres street. ritO RENT-Poceseaiot given immaeditely, the I lime a n the BoIuU Rhail Road eamr te Laok SShore. The two Patvilioes ill Batl, near the New Orleaons and Nsehville Iled Road. Several Rooms in the Car ltouse of thle BLathI Iail Ilad Compaty. For the particulars apply to H B(ONNABEL, jLa2l conler Nietehe ,t? Thoupitoulas e. n . O RENT-Ti s House rood Garden edj oing Herby' Academy, on Tivoli Circle containing six rooms with kitehen, paitry, and out-hauseas, &e. Apply to JA IVIS & ANI)ItEWS, iy 21 eirner Tchltupitoila_ & _Cnotnon streets. FlOIltfY ltltt.l.Arn IIEWARD. N ANAWAY fCm le subselrier, flteen days ago. Sthe Nelgro Girl I.IUCY ir LUCINDA. bhe Is stroeg and well lbuilt, speaks Eoglis, said ntire brokes lreILnhi; hrr skill is inot very dar. Sll was owned by rc . T'fogod, tbet by Mrtis. (Cark, inI Poydtas street. who sold hier to her pleet nmasterr. Siter has bees n seen fiver lys ago, in the lower part of the city, and' Sundav betore last rse exlinded tile whole da. in brick yard, near to the race rround. H BONNABEL, Sjy21 cornler Natelze naid Tl:hcupitoulas ste. SIEAF I.Altti-l).tll kegs superir article, in fine L i iting order, altd for rule Iby G I)ORSEY, jI, 44 New Levee. %lI front stru, t baut Rnullol 12:+ Jdo, in store, for sale 'y I' & ASKI.UN(i, jy2t 17 Commerce streot I \Ci-Il I)l::l --7,- hl , laillo cl b ides, in - rll n-'. Slhr .lu ly I.AVI*:'1 .' do ;lJ.U\Ii;, jIi!l (I7'Ill..iu'iCe -trce5. l Ci ,,cill In.irtlnwn, l'talnt lmll p Soritcee, and Stlomuch l'n ps, aI ,f the mo t inmlr.ted des .l-ll, ('l· l.,Ilo(' Mohlerl'l, h11 ll Of llllolll /l in, alrli'r 11lir (l1, lim'n lh1x, \.il - (ll to · lhr..h..11 rs, Be. . lla( >I' i.I. 1. il . ( , I c ll lll dltrdet.. fall) ill: -1 1,01,1.0 \1 .tnicll lair- l tle, wa& wr. .\ lll)Iv ),) 1 '.l ':,.i II'I, I o; il, ljyi It; ('a i n p treatt EUlil S It 1 t'1 ' in b + s .o I ,1/ .'. Ib-lt a; for j,l,. II 7, Itllk Pl e.a ' y V\l\l S'TV ll:'l, 1,. IS Canp nstceeron Il it line, l Ig tor'y itctiar; llc 1.Olllll o t'l Co l Ill e i lo tl ir Illl., i..glv , L III In:, l l 'lll 'l i nr' C(sll (l l(ill a.IlL I SI'fge n uber o, ,ll' a 'yarticles. The f'liwin'i * I CUM IIl---'loirloaisela Ih ltrazi lin high top tiltk, l a t. ' ilict:ii . e o; . dt, . twist, liong, neck, pt l, side, lt.te sd Ircessil7', ivol., adI bornll lilne [n)h1, dresshlg andt Ilocket combs; bnr, redling nora, s'nts; woolen, di'essing, fine tooIh al1 PEIIFUNIEIIY-A gc,.r:d l aS..eacIt of French anm Amelllrican erl'tollnry, Consistinl ., i l lgne waler in bottles, of aIll sla:pes anl sizes; la. nter, Florida, rose, oranger, lenml , joesaiile, lbegomca, nillerfleu., etc.lllctc coa:ps nfl'.ly tlyselriltiinltlnfe.e r, antiqlus, alid ic .ilI Il lar eitll and curillng luid; hlonllltrl ooth waslh, carbonic aid chloriner di.:n11ince; scente nl ld plaina toilel powder; pollatull; Preston salts, etc. IIIUStlES-Comprisini a great variety of cloth. hair, lt, lesa , Ile oth, nlil, comob, shlaving, plate, hearth, fine nid plain Illhtitlg, swoeling, crulnb furniture. scruollill iig l ad lite wash, horse, sLate d ntId tatncr' courinlg, pint and variisah Ibruslhes. al ash an d grain ig toolds of all sizes. LOOKING GLASSES-C.o-. prising gilt frames et varLiots sizes, 5, 1,2 and I dllow toilets; Germsa alati, toilet Hndl looket ghlss, Iatgifilog mor, ors, eta. I.hAYING I AIII)S-Egle, Hlaiiry Ith, Broom, Ilighlotler, Spiel sLaten, Fr'ncll and white back Play. ing Cardh. iFANCY AND VARIETY ARTICLES--A sl. rior assortment of portable ldesks, ladies' and genle men's dressilg cases nlid ladiel' work boxes; faney box. es of various dleseriplionis, suitable for the new year and Christmas' gifts; pocket books ol all sorts; anspen. ders, tmusie-boxes, lead lencils, cry)ons, violins, bead bags slnlt rnes, al asortmieet of facly beads, superior qoalily billiard balls, piaste blnckin.i bone, shire, vest, fall and isulpender buttons; pearl tiuoins and shirt studs, razor strops; gns machlines for ertcating light; S.pnish and melee segrs nlacecouhb, Paris, rappele sin Scoth alulis; oan assortmeint of plain nli sionlld canlus back. goumnllnl boards; dice, lihey screells, optics, Jews biarll, hormoolus, lunciter uatcheL, Ihins, lieedles, percussion calsi, Itrinking cups, hunltitg tlakh alnd goie bagsi steel, silver anti Iplated speecleics; thimbles, twine, ete.; Slial.otloe assortment of engra'ings, aId a lase arie : ty of other articlcs, iall of whiclh willbe sold for low prices, for cash or city acceptances. ntuay 4 RiEES ki D'LANGE. RUSHTON & ASPINALL'S eCOMPOUND TONIC MIXTURE.-A speedy and certain cure for the Fever and Ague,.. remittent and intermittent fevers; prepared ftom a the original recipe. Used with eminent and uni. versal success it 1832, by persons ol the highest. respectability in this city, as stated in the annezed certificates. Tlhis miedicine is highly recommended, and has been extlnaively used in ithe abovn diseases with such distinguished success, that the proprietor of t the recipe has been induced to offer it to the pub. lie inl its present form. in the hope that it may be tile means of rolteving manyc of thuOe who sre suffering undar the scourgeo ot our eountry. It is -a medicime possessing great virtue, and when used according to the directions ints never failed of Sffecting a cure, even in the most obstinate stage I of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, sadi persons of the weakost stomoach, and children may .ake it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive d organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requires g more than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor Sarsensc in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to tile lhuaon constitution. The proprietors are y so well convinced of its efileacy, that they agree to refund the price of overy bottle whichlhas been taknt in accordance with tile directions and has lnot eSLitIcoed a perfect cure of tihe fever & ague. * A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at. Shis wholule ale and retail drug and medicine stler,. corner of llieltille and Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to . jt5 T. W. SMITH, 48 Conti at. R U.IN i)lt1II-7-- t bal rosin drocn, landing aoldi lor aule by J TlHAI ER &Co, jy 14 74 Poydras street. Is I'--y5U cosks and .l coaks lsndiug itd ftor ale I biy -"J'rHAYEl& Co, Sjyl 71 Poydlra street S Elti) CLOU(thS, LINrdE 'S & KEISEYS O le subscribers offer for e letlandiag from ship', Cotecord, 2 bales pltin ntitad negro clhtb; I bale' Cwill ied id egr rlhlt; 18 bales litsteys aoortnes t. dulorc; I ale wltile clt okhitls; I case pristed kerseyc, 2 baelr eavy Iilxrd Corldova I.oerseys; l bale utiniehrbed dova y. ISAAC BRIDGE o, 12 1:11 nloezinas street R I E Sl i .LO U It- -l biAlla lholing ted for sale bV It. ,lY I tORiSEt, 44 Naw Lver. loon'1'. Jtl7) OFFLE. --r 9 Ih9 , ý' u, r O+ cllirea ilcr, landing per brig ' Eturi,,i,or ,.:0 ..l aLAcbIEI 4. TRIER, I I t IPydlas sreet jots t; iuhlluc illi!i , ltCovio.l hotlc y __-. BOC13a d

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