Newspaper of True American, August 2, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated August 2, 1838 Page 1
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FRICE 14 OENTS. ------ 1-- - ---- ----------------- ----- - -. re 11wry NEW ORLEANS TH(JRSDAY MORNING, AUGUST 2, 1838. y g g* d'ereas of £/se Nerospaper Press ff New Orleans 4, gg . Of--rY qu weasinwasty agreed to at an asioursed meetinar . ..0 * Line bin yara-thereforeresolvedonTuesdaviast.rrin I userusanurumam evanins* no , .... na. anr mr.armn......... A.... T'errs of Ie Newmspaper Press of New Orlenans a.unisal/y areeed to at a ao oourae4 nmetia-g Line Proprletors, Aeld on th 13th IW of llrch, 13 I uecasrPTlotos.- -welve Dallars ti the daily pg par per naunum, payable omui.nnuall pin advance: ten dolli for the triweekly country paper, payable one veer in advance, whera no city referene is give,. NI subesriptioa will be dibaontinued until arreouraes are settled. In case of di eontinuance, one week's notice Sritringa mast be invariably given, previous to the expiation of subseription. Aevasrsstlo.-Ot)n dollar per square for the first nsertion, and half that price for each subsequent on ': -ti material ulteration fram the original advertiseatenlt willhe charged ao a new one. YOeaLr ALvERTISERs.-Merehants and Traders, arty dollars fin English alone, and sixty for both lan gaas i Buanks, Insurance Oflices, and other si:nilar publ istitutions, fifty dollars in English Ionly, and .ighty for both languages; Ship and Steamhnlo.t Fac rs, or Commission merchanta sixty dollars in English as, andeighty for both languares. tARRnalaoS, OBITAnRY NOTICES, and articles eall tit attention of the public to sales to property, ards of passengers, hensfits, &c. &c. will be rhargol, one dollar per square fuor the hret insertion in each lan gauae. CosnheatcrTtose, or Advertisementn, E.i person. Al nature, when adnissible, shall be a horged "bevlle, md in advance A dodprtinm of twenty-five percent. will he made to Auctilneers, eheriilv, Registers of Wills, and loarshals su sales of real estate. puolilshed in otl, languages, lnd 50 per oeat. In Euglih alone: 10 pea cent. on sales of other ppelerty. AsgUrTImseaENTS OUt of the direct line of busineos si the advesrtiser, such as legal, auction, anti planta ion eales, runaway slaves, stray aninalE, cc. cc. will be charged for sepaotely, and at the ordlilary rates. ADVeeRTISMENTS not specified as ig time, will be ulihed one month, aslid charged accor lincbly. No advrtisements of bankrupcisor will hbe published a ny case, ltnless paid tEr previunn to insertion, or nayment guaranteed by a responsible person ill town. Theatres and other places of ulltemeot, advertisinle sally or the eanson, to he ci:arged $100I for Lnglia a sne, and $150 in both languaces. t rll annuntcetennts of c:cdllidates for political offices be charged double the price of other advertise sot.: to the immense lass sustained by newspaplr operetino tihey have come t rathe cclaeCon that the en-es of persons wslle accounlto have not belen paid within one month after presentatian, shall rIe made koowa (so fur as practicablc) to each other--they obli - atiag themselves not to aIeFrtie or print for such Jeliaquont, unless'to ease of advaace pa rntce. deigaed) J.C. I)DE fi. RO1MES J. BAYON, P. P. REIA, J. C. rPItENI)ERGAST, JOeN GIBSON I.IMSItEN. Neekly Pres.--We, th.; ndelcrsigl.ud, agree to abide by the above conditiuns, as Iar as they are applicable to -oslkv papers. I(digaed) A. B.I.AWRENCE, Ie NoI uhsoriptions are tken fori lean than 6 months. Letters ualust, i l ca.ea, hie ;at paid. SI DEI~d i SP lfl- tv l'f ilit, dcc. PAIN ltE.VII'I'Et!) Iv tile tltlllbtoro ".\ yeerit A pain," it, 2 vonl- Ilatrry &"iee-:rlq, it navel, b nuauthorof "Cecil Hyde," in.tvols. 'tieAtnlreafs .Padn, anil other toles, hv tile aurtier ,t t"tl Faens lie n," in u v o l s. N ih oro d 's II nt nzo T o nr'1 r; in terap erC lL with l charancteristic aaet:cdot.c, sanvintn atc iItngs a 13 neorting lien, including lllolicLes (oflht· prinlcipal crac,.: Iere of England with Iannl ticll :ttOluentna old t ellernl deolnl Hnne, to whith tare addhed, Nitenrd't eters alt aing ,.Hounds, isn vIot l ien lBrte, li,.hh.t la I Nelsot,' s Ag inostll ntlll , Ity C:pt. (: halllice, I. N.,allltor allthe "Life of a Sailtr, &c. to vola. Ci.amctc tariec an Etqulity Juriapradncet. aits atainitered nl i: -land and Amleriea, ty Josepl Story, I.. i.. II. I)OviI, ..t.s Isled la Drydlen, Ptetl, COlllttr*Vc, Addison and otllhe, invulol. farlning Na 21i and tl 1' "lhinrler's Clas.ical Library." nulfttrv 'ITactic', or rtee:e fir i th, exercise tld tOaulteovre of'tihe United State i'tt alttry, lby Major neersl Scoltt, U. S. Ar-ty, ill I vols. Jtst rceilved Int Ihr sale qy Vt. , 7 coerner Cautlllp &C.tlnton St. .Nc:W tIU'IU. T r is llthe Iloar; I. at not ptaaintar fair; Ot, thos ts 1 ., Iv; . tntI : I ti, I aI tn , liY SVitnee Hl-lttll; Italy; tie.ttnc l.lI.i"d; r1; t11lat ttt.of titrokeat Vowsi; 1I tlove t ei ch.ll 111 t' oo-', 114 Fell; iV: shell Ilre, n i Mlr,; lr n,,t I aa:t ;. nt illsie area gaily Soudilit.; fgefl t Is. ft:','t -; i h od ertila ee lhe tillo:i fbe ou~l ,t I Ilrtl:v IIv light lriuisitte; ll dti ot 2: t say 'aun vaell; Jetnnv Joett; t'ia Ytl)lctg .tV'dlow; Sa:il' of' ton rilt'i ' .Vili; it .etl O liy lav I -. a Inv) rs live I Shall wo ,e cr a el actill; iVita v.lltt belle are ocitaino; hali ihe ftc thi BIlttle; A:a:,i bon lv a li r-- t;s IaI. " t ttt I. , ir warir , I,)I ib t "llie, ; .till eo I.-.It ilt.'r ,t ia",tti, Ler'ogaelit Crronaca; tl:c fcsoairtfra. 'o i't t.t tetir,,', ieb:d h Ratni.; eat ,tti" t" t i.c ,i , t"d atdrt : Nor,ta, tan V ltell tta ,t r.ll i .'i "i I1 1't1 l.i; V i I I', fr ,ii \11mat1 l |Iot r ,n r .lart ',I :r I' l!tt: III I I llllltt ; I.inllll iU l it lit Vlle hb :1 itJot Vc:,; lc,'er;rll ,t'ailtb h , I.eiatac , litau I 'lt:;: It. -Volte, ay Stl'a, Iobia Wialte; Ca;leite Ftvlvrie : ttle;i . allW itt (:ll(tdliat. Pooln tJ hie lL r of ia Jleuat. four stli It jan ^t.I I1, '"1-tr . ...a t at lt Ifolasuar' Phrases . A Collection tof l lloutd Ptrle, un every t I ".re.eary . naiontuin cmnversation, arrnu, ntrirt ilerent bPads, with numerous remarks on ttlv stpaular gtrua.uinuntior annd use of variouo wurdl,. 'iThe so dispus. s considerably to fircilirroe tie t quietn A )ill corre, i ornunlciation o the 'renich. By .1 Ihlriar, a new *ti. ,ao, revised and correctr.Tl. . acr..t'iuon tI'.e ierrudred of Perrin', 't'hlot. t,, e'm palied with a key, containing the texrt, htlrnI and free translation, arranged in mucII ta ueler :la 0 io ilt out rediifencc between the French nr d N!.lliesb idRio, .ao a fignred pronuunciatio of the Frenlh, uacorling o ,tse beat French wonrk extant ol the sIulest. Th'le wihole preeedeI by a short treotioe en thIe relods dItheo Freuch language, conmpared with thlase ol' the .ilishll. A Pronouociag French Prilmer, or tlre Scholar's (l;uide to tile accurate pronunciatonl anli thography of tle French Laugo a;e, contuinirng its elel.nts according to ohe bet usage, Jy Bernard Trunchin, JUt received and or sale Ly WM M cKEAN, mt, Cur Camp & Cosm rsI. BL-UEST'iLPItUP SPRINGiC . GRRENBRIEtt COUNTY, VIRGINIA. TlHlS favorite watering place in the mountains * Virginia, 1 miles wae of Lcwilrurc,and 21 fromi the White Sulphur, will be open in due sealso for the reception of company. M'me itnportant ilnrrovemenlts have been matesicetr Ithe ltreaReso A paclius ball room, and i numbel of single-bhdtem rmoons have tsen added and now iiishbing afirnrdiug see ilrnlodatious. by the last,' July, for 250 visitor.. An excellent turln pike read has been eonstrueted passing by the eprinas, and intersecting the Kanawlh turnpike near Lewis burg. Over this road, by dwection of the post office departrment, Melssrs. Beldin, Walker & co's. line of mail coaches will run. A ost oflfice being established atthe siringo, visitors many rceeie oewe,and tcorres ponld daily, eastund w -at. if the mledicital quailitii s of threIe wOt', tio irprlerirte neeltd not spetll. lThey trave been anotlysed by uble lnd trrllboed cheloist., satll ound to hold ill soluti .u all tie valuable ingredients ol the maot celebrateed snirinlt in Virginia. 'rThte olrbintion ' coutains mnnch Sulllhuretted Ily drogen, Sullo ate of iMalrnsin, Soulpltiie of, Car' bouate of Limne, Snlhate of .sooa. Mluriute of olld, and Muliatt of Mnll;esia,' tire salutary etlects ifrwlicel are exhibited ih diiretaoes incident to ferarles;and chron ic alfecti.n' of the srllilach, liver, and lowels; in cule neous affTetioesor diseases oftrh skin no remedy more potent or eficacious can ti found. Extensive bathinlg establisiluuilt for both seors have been erected contiguouls to tilre prrign Vbiilllrs call at all tirtes enjoy tihe mleculi ir advantages uf their hbe nign and whtedso e efl'eels. Major William Vsto will cotrinue the superintend oance of the sprig. Evert eertion on hi pnrt, and on the part of tile iproirterrr sheatil ie rendered It irsuo-te for the Blue h .inirur a liberals hare of the public Iat teknige. The proprietors of the Blu Sulphur Sllrinlgs wi!l be .ral i teratrecip, if nrotas of oCl SI .tlhorn and Weo n lanks which are mtlusiderled solu t.alpar. AIARLI MtiNK. &c. A WFUt. dioselsures of Maria Monl of the Hintel Dieu Nuumtelr of oltrtrcal , ts. i 1, with an ui pendi ,eontuinin,parr I., 'leretirouth ittredition; part d, SertcJel of lier inrrative; poarld, Review of the case. Also, rl slripletllr, ivin, g more particulrs o F the Nu:rnery and grollnds, illustratred by a plan rf the Nnuuner, .Se. Maria tousk and the Nunnery of the Hotel Dieul--be ing tri actout to a visit to tie Convents nf Maonomal and refutation of tihe "Awful Disclosures;" by WVlt. L. ftrtne. Fourth experiment of Living. Living without means. Tim Studtlt'ts Instructr ill Drawing and working 'Thte Five orders of Arciltecture," ftlly eaplinintg the lrethOda for striieig regular and quirked ittulolirh ; for diminishing and gluemi r orfeolumlnt and rapitals; fbr ftndin thle Itrli dillrttcerorirrlaa rdlr to ally gives height; for strihing the lotie Volntre, cireculr oir eliptical: wit finished examples, on a large scale, of tdie orders, their planchters, c.c anld some designs for door cases, ale etfly engravet on forty-otne Italos, with rexplaes-h.y Plter Nichulnn, architect, author of the "tlcihanicr's Cuonpanio ,'. "Cartnter'a New Guide," "Carpenter's and Jtitter's Assistntltt;' dcC. "A Practical I'realito on th' Culture ofSilk," adapt ed to tim soil and climate of the United Stters-by J. G. Contouko, secretary of the HartfiL county Silt So cietv, arad editor of the "Silk Cuituriet." "TPho Silk Raiaer's Manual, or til art of reinil"t and felding silk wormsl, and of cultivating the 11 Iberry tree-by M. Morin. The Clerk's Guide, or Commercial Correspon lence; cmnlrising letters of husia es, forms of bills, invoices, smcount-sales, and shopkeepers equation of payments, eominrcinul terms, &.e--hy B. P. Foster. "Hintorv of the War in the Peninsaul and the South of Frlwer, from the year 1807 to the year 1814" by W. F. P. NatLier, C. B, vol V.'to whieh ar pertixed an. sworrs tt anlle ntrlaiks in Robinson's Life of Piiton, and in the Quarterly Review; witn counter remarks to Mr. Outliey dlntleu Percival's remarkas upon some passe. ge io CUlomnl Napier's fourth volume l tbe Peninsular War. Jst reeived nd for ale by tI''PElRAi--ti bihis, in store, or sal b jeit 44 New Levee. UGAR-5 It ltats, prime article, fir sale by L G DIt)sIY; je _ -ti - 41 Nw I eves jOil.-l-10t bhis N'c:,e, Prima end other acriTptu'n FI,'air oh, ' ST'E'rSON & A".AVER. ' S. llrower d& t€. A A.I'.lUSt , ,eiverlat their furnilirg Wnre- houae . ,freeet .reee t uvul from ott,* nl the North,i lalrce alditlonl to their smock of ocmlitl aIIdornenenlcol hemieceepicig articles, which .cc leticlvy (Ihey belicve) form on aborttnent more gener. 4I oll elinplme ic n i ito lie fountd in any Ihomilcr eslolt Ilsmninoc kllnown; ecitinlg of SILVelS WARE. Coree cad tea setsi pitchers, esitmelr, nastor, mtndle sticis. dap, tumbhlers ald ioblets; tallde lad delert tork; table, dene.t aind tea spoonis morrow ind rosvy or ri mUeci spOnsll; nognr tolglsit r, sautce aitd sIop ladles; ntlel, frati, DlIlillig anti fli khivmsr; jillkls amil dilerl koives ail forks, .pkino, rihig, ie. princilmlly fron. lhe Ielnoouietot y of Mr B. GoatimiJer, of NewwYork, whole boiig ersiblished reputatlom for tile manuoaetu-r of silver wane is suficient guraInOtee of it superior Ittlitty. PILATEID "'ARE OF SHEFFIELD AND BI. MINGiHAM. Teen and ofte ore, tea sitts1 cantos, liquor and nr diel s mlni; superb canidlebna, aol Epergues with nder rT pleatneX, for centre of the diiter or npier toable; seten roondi and oblong, from 8 to l12 inciers; bLho-e nebok hnd veetabe dishesni rich lia coveeri oake iaii I ered bosketni deiantor stanlsh; rotlie isli n chnober eomll eicko; wine strlnern coolers and syphoef; tical ter labels, loret morks, tea Itralners, table bells, tea, tcn ble. egg ond unlard poons s bil oile arid atnendtl tmlat rces, iso. SILVER ON Y A'EEL WARtE. Table and desert knlvel, forks anil spoos oup seaod alle Id lles; hlunter ancil 0lm klives, cheese aronie as-lt Iliaguon teas, vegetable fnhkl, tite. JAPANNEI'Y. Fine Gothic Sandwich nld rcounl cornel wmiters, in set ms, odsimgle, ron I to 1 inlcse; slm ofpapier eneclw; mread, ehteene, acd kntife tlrys; lage uetright dlute wonrmletr,; spine, sugimr ncd each boxes; pr.ssilgeaset; India teo tables in tilts, emidllen Japplenell cnd of'lbh tot AOise llell, cr. LAMPS. All extensive, onmog wonlmh are Assmi 1 lonies, all broned mandl gilt,nrnl elrtd anl glelas;l niolltie wioo tdxo,nld, etch mlathi emwit eth gloss lurinties ; srmllelil cut glalas do i broinzed and Jipunttei, she o Ibraooket Ilciai CHANII)lAEU S AND IIAN(IRG LAMPS. EIRglish mil French eminci gs cldellcersen or lustUle Oi i, 11i ), a, tlo, mm 24 ligltse Itea.rondI brsme t anti gilt recinl tint,, 31 4 mIn 0 lighll: hats koll LaIis coil Ion tlllrs, nia Itrmeoll Ir. lior centre chinall fier dltusiig rntll;St from I to 6 licimis, lonop shudel, glmlsesollod wicks. MIAN'TLE CLOCKS, IANJLE BIAS AND V"ASFSS. llcanzers luli mlbler; Iturel anrcml eilt. acil nil gillt, win mlcs, i t eleci mounmbtiuae house i hnkilhenti clileks; itrleroll i ioslatines, m.aer lo; umileriir weiilghtsl, heinoe erl, cardn clks, clllmld csticks etc. tillSNA WARE eli Pt mIIIEILAIN. Emngitesb iii Frccmdenihmdglcnremsero ond coffee see ices iit iaic imlle migcl etrlgel aiil iry ricl hanl le kirel 111 Iorks of 51 and 33 picles, orII bytel ~ d~.11Oze ivoyll!. hllln tll knive nls I tr ci" lnll oilk it lgcliel., Oylmme muiii ;llv :ilrm mtrries; l miis mmkpiierk s, mmmitmiiicoiletrsmtistmtnteririrkvmmwiilcktht.nd2the IlAII'I'IENX WA liER. I)ilmime , ilesr lt ti, icel'rs , hmlmelm kt,sl; lll mii s i m)er cetis; It o rtim walim itmchers. Al so, tlmlmi ch il Illiln " ret. CL.'i' GLASS. I)teccilre, Iictelers; clmrltimlmreill-ll ell hock hlecane iie; owals, Ithih lles, e celelory srS, mllt sti ls, s llill l l. mi ell iimIs, imllll i gr I ImIoImv. III lti nlW l, 'im e illct c It I.igmmlir a mhm'ci jov lt~l, itmmmml icmit't cmiiil jelly gicsers; hine ciih m'mcI Ilr~|luslala s e:LIII r slllll ha tuln ltes. immhgimet.Aimd g, emmmticimmtmiei.n uhnulpnhkt TlAIII.F ICUTlIb.Y. Ithid e i bnrv hIlolmClle lnlllvssI f i il tfor Lw finn Ug p IhIlII lii~i\l~l~l , ilI (I:l'k1t ill 51 s1lid "13 IiLtzct's Il' by Ihe IIII/,eli I iKlll mi mImIli m mlliTi imtlicfill. mitt lSi mocilnm milm Immmimmtmmmttmmivmmlictimec eim'mm ytmiletmm om . m'ciar.'st ully' k c ii mem'ifor u fts ort h ILI; 'r kiiVmo ) cot linl ll(~S ibmd ,.ind lirariicid lmcimeol; a It IrI "INI IAN) 1. tli TII SIVAi 'llllvlr Ir,., clGe tlo l b ll ill*~lI~W ll, rl t i h I~(0~ 111·d I Iullet. tll r11 l th ilP. tr ilt Elulto . iitll c m11 mi)SI .lit,( mOImIlml n .lmtvt Vt.*ilh l Ili~els h l'.s Iilh t:O tTr l btlL·. l*ihdigd~l~iiil cmmmlmvll, mrlmmheiitil' clltimlm mgmmgrn;teil telllcncmm oti mmite wimh ht~iicet21ic 1em ,ilr, n SC ml m O tltxmmmmxm'~,imm ms mmmtm'ls~lllllI"n \.C mm Immim cm Imtm IIVmrImmiimm l it Ien .sm mllclm cllmil, eilllmtii Ierim IuIi i ItIIiIII 1 IIm, I. , I. i:III I I~c ;l'lllblz S1111 iI'Il~IIS h Ir l'l o(Ik. l il!c }~lI)W 1:(l( JI~viillllllt In's lin:s mi tr i n m i k i n, t ih g mmi' inueh ,lt m litic, h victll i IIC 1i m . llsllmlm Iiln I tmimm l m lm ilc , ii dei milmic. kilt ill \ ( I tutu l 'iii lawim,, in"m1ic l 00m ili cie .o/Im/c'isnam eln io.eo sallclle i.\ ili n.c cii cc clll cnobe mInule in il m ) s mmi h c, mi i. c kie ionetteitmmmmlcdrcm$ e F Lo . oil fel·tlid 6 .0 saw w ,ile i'cdr is &.. a,$ll6r lis hd ilc ile~' tl, r·UFii'lm ,i : ml'l s I' i'o iiZc S Ilt : I] timitmel itmiti saw sm w ciohfeds &mc.i 'ciIelmc Fl 1019k 1115519;l l'R)Elua11 ( iii l~ tiN r O~ltli e d -I}{Diwil i I eIII.i's c.L m tli m l Sso ni oiimjw ' f •;~l [0.\'i';.$ /71~5 7,g,\ Xl gCt '7I).'."llY (;I,% '.(I tll r Ia tcllieehwher. e \ir ell , fofle. d 'r s, sp. p li I F"iJ mctomno; Ft.eTuIbeI o N hein\ Yout BS' llEGll 1'· ilL\l. 01 19 . SCoII.s. elr ' sawaul p ,i-- a , 8 ; c . . a h isoremkmieicctnml tedeimerdo hagnso mII ,,,t ltl I iiilt",8 &e~l etimlltmleeteicr $960 m milie l~tm smwi i llimmmmioiamm cemimm ,.cvimie.. $6 pleresci, or he rwmet 0 Fcrmic.ofilcimewsonlm. or 1 noon bins scicl, ntmGlm m Itemos,.w. or 500( Flsrmill, ori omt w il Lon. or t40 ilws in w amIutlI ,t tm$1Si, pee saci, or 260 00 IN iF iNS G IN h. ' m d inte fi. inr mtwt Fore ningle rcanol n lso .r oe whe d , on let fes li moers, b;idll bc. amt 6 lecr now, $4011.80 k Formlc,. of 6004 nwii lt cleecres, &e o.t.6 O) lmer saw, 3000 I"nlr d'o. {~ It"40swsI w~ith fr(eeS~dere. f FLor do. c ctLt;nomws, oithib'cefoeers &.c. $t 6' Ici Itoe ut, 100 l(Ii 501 ler saw 150 0(I Emlmeeteimithhere devileml, for ft'etllerr, sUlpllietI im i0 oenits eomll; Imihm ilcnllbI hir'elhl Ileimlic alotot r Idec o ile noloober ofm ciw. Ilie set ef feeiters, imi coc lidercd Iboweveli willurer onel two orl llle sell cf X)wi. r ecomnIuI' tii i cil cItm 80 elialteh. lrile Giicer itemel, will tic deliveleil ti mie egemlms of Id:lnters ill tIny mif ithe iii .lmrc clmlln li tile umtio plan iiltt Stntes, at mite sanoe ilultlr thegrntoln pe)iig the lichio el timmeeciuim n Ne YorkI anlIe heerobll. I imlcmltiblefor fee timemitnict dte Iof mithh A .l eAi wright ciillbe seimt with imc Ginm to Imit ilmeontp where tie sireml;mlbc bnlrllcmicroie ser.ices will be ernie, bat timn er. lte. - Iroc runi mh rimea 'ccl also he onilerle Ielhere derohild, od recmccctblele lits, ItUL will be hbrge:lcexIc . Ho'hn* l OWel' ofo'an iler:cicmlliiiii clil be fuirnbishled ni likt Smmmnto. Snltll cgioc clue i o blcla e teol'dcrem if dci tenls. tmo stearm gi Cn n he orderedr if de It isodesirablr, when planters give orlders for Gins, ti lhr.y shnlhl accompaly tlhem with their views irn lrl p to hlearrIcrgemlelltIof sawo, Ilbreast, brlusrhes, &e. It is fuolll thier difflr ill opinio. desir sawa II. larger diametnrr thano others. The most coo tonl siz is 9 or 10 inlols; rnut some wish them 11' inches. Soout ish 5 or 6 rows of lbrushies on an axle, while othelrs d not 'want more Ill 4 at most. Soo.r wish saws with 8 t r'r tLeeth to tihe inch, while ohlers warlnt0 or II. W eill diseleor e 'cy, we prelor they should, at the time olgivilg orders, fio'.rirt a statermert of their d wishes, and the nattlhiures caO tilifil them in every rartirctulr. WIire it is left to our discretion, we shall t tmakethelr onl Ise olost modern aln aprtllroVe ian. A odol-- call he executed, llom the timie it is received, i thile srt aclrttf ight or nolre wetks, ott tire till it thato timle dae~vlt)l the hando of rite fctoor. To bie inr ttioe t nlratlol' y Ithe tiat or mildile of .1ay; esxelt for plantitrons whtere they aretlate int commencing toi pick or gin cottonl b N. i. The la.leet iight, tir any oneof tile cettol t growirlg SI:tes, will be sold on reasotable tortems. ":t3 6lros SITATE' OF LOUISIANA.-First Ju.icial District" d Ccurt 'TIIHE STATE, OF IOUISIANA, To all whom I thee iPresents olrall collme, Greeting:-Whlereao William Ilacke hating- purclasel at a sale haolo by the Sheriff of the parish of Orlcans, the property fereiafter rdescribed, has applierd to thle clerk oIf I is lolrr, ill whose olice tile deed of sal wits recorded on tihe 5th tIry If Mtti, A. D. 1338l, fer a otlotittt or ad verltortel inl onlorliety to aln oct of the I.egislature of tire otate f I.ou.i t:ra, entitled "An o.ct fr tie further oJoraneoe Irftitles to purchsers at judicial sales;" oe. rrrted tire fith day or fhiarht 1834. NU tYI', herefore, know ye. and oll perseo. intrerester horein. ore iereb siterd and admornihed io the lo.oe o the Store of Louisioiana and of the First Judicial District Court, who can set up any right, title or cli.r inl and to rhe proirrty hlreinoafterdesecribed it, euoseqoence ofoor inflrlnllritv ir the order,decroe or irdgnment of tiheouot under whichi the sale was made. or nalyirroeularity or II g.lity ill tihe appraisements and adv.rtiseietitr s, inh tles, or manner of sale, or lor an. titer defect whoaiso. ever; to show care.t, within thirty days from thie day this mronitilrl is irst io.erted it fihe ptoiie paoters, why the stle oo made should not be eonudotl asod homolo. gated. The oaid Itrperty wase sold by the Sheriff of the ear sh a otrestai oo the 23d day of April, A. D. 13S,hy b virtue of a dlcree of tlhs cotlt, rendered on thile 3 da of March, A. I). 183S,in a s lit entitled William lacksao vo. omuel ell, No. 15,535 of the dooketof thlis ourt, at which sale sad o illiam Blakey became the pur hasaor fur the prire of $3,:100, cash. Description of P'rop.rty as given in utte Judicial Con vevan-*e via: A certain lot of grood, together with all tile build. aogs and i.rproveeaosts thereon, situated in the parish of ()rletos, in the qoaor bounded by New Levee, Louisa, 'Pau and Delord streets, designsated by the No 9, oil a plan drwnlby C.F. Zirtpel, IDeputy Surveyor eneral. on tIde 6Ith December, 183t and ddosoittedos pl t No 10, in the book ofplanis .f Felix Girimo, notary hblic. Said Int emtsures 90 feet inches front en New Levee street, 75 feet ill depth on the side adjoining lot Nr 8, and Oil feet 7 incheo and h Lines in depthos the ide edj ruing the property n'.weor It.ely. belonging to c dortod t, hsd 19 feret f inhes io dthn in the rear, w here it fronts on an lley ,.f three feet nine inches in comsmon to lots Non 4, 5,6,7, t8 and 9. Clerk's Olir, lI't" May, 1838. 1111 (i \V LEWIP, lisp. Clerk. (lok 'ute .maram - eleteore resolved on Tresday last, trip to Cincionati, fot one day only; I returned again last nlight. I betin to feelthat I am a very ;mportant indi vidral, as this instant the Journal of th cit wa p ito .y lhand, stating, namo got a great manty othel things, that I had actually run avay from Loasavillr to escapetlhe elfecte of the wonderful stagnetic nee Is of doctor Snip, the knighlt of the thimb'e, alias, A S -, My retnrnthowever, proves that s the abe of the ho antd wolf, is applicahle to the Journal. The fable is "A boy was employed i watch and give the alarm, wtht ihe wolf appeorrd; Ire bei-,g either a 'footman,' a tailor's n p, or a lit, frequen:ly ered out 'the wolf in lting,'to the retdimay of the citizens Th y a ast found out his real sharacte': thiat he was a liar, and not to be believed even when he spoke the truth.' The fact i", that causes must produce iteir elfacts. So it will prove of the all-wise writers, Dr. nip & Co., in rte Journal. I would advise them to provide them. selves with a staam engiie press, in order to meetthe wonderfuldemand and increase of that paper. as it is well known, there are many who seek for nothing hut flsehood,out of srin erlove to the venders of that artS. deI. Blt unfortuntely fr Gliah Snip, of needle and thimble celebrity the great mass of the msillions of Ae mereian meople, ar faole. and frfar fed as lovers o truth. Therefre they will, (aseffects produced by the auts) natural ly say, I want to read a paert l it may rely on, therefoe I will seek out such, and become i austhtiber to the other journals, whose stataemelts will notprean, false. Their Ila statndents amr too pal pable to requtrs rfutatton; yet I will state: tlt. I aui agamat tore Imtel. 2d. That I shallmremsn tl itIie 31st Jul , 'the )r Snip & Co., have sent me a letter threateni;g nmy ife, if I remnined alter the62th. 3d. rhat from tls, I shall proceed to Cincinnati, for furteendays only, of which I wish I)r Snip & Co., te inform the afflicted, in theirtown amiala never fails to bring ,me patirtots. 4th. That from tinelnati I shallproreerlto tihe Falls of the Niagara, to be at Baffalo, (ifl)r Snip & Co. do not take away sty life,) on tile Iot of September, ane SNew Y'orkon the It of November, tospead thie whole of the neot summer, in order ao laugh at all the whall Pbilistines; tile medical Golialhs of Boston, Philadel. shit, Mlemphlis, Nashville aud Louisville, who wiei rtl"ably,. (heftirethat time arrives Itr, (j'ioliah st, Rope and thre (ildiah 2d. Currier &c. (jGolta make' trussaes, mules, &c. Golialh 4th. Corn cutter. (lol alt 5th, Points and drug, anl pickle store. Goliah 6th the most magnificent of all, l)r. Snip, alias Bell, &c. palteh' to tite proprietors and editsrs of the Journal. Lastlh. I would have the noble Dr. Snoip & Co r know, that longbeforethey were able to thrsead a ner dlr,or spread a blister, I lhad been for vears, in the hubs it of resltoriag night to the blind, and that too when a was a collector ofhis Majesty's customs In Greant rit. air, lwaseven tisen so emnployed. Did the threao spinner; the currier ; tihe harness maker fstr asses; thle ornl cutter; the patnt ald dirug store keepser; and the mnonifieent doctor Snip, ever, even nore thao dreas of being able to ro the like? I wilsh tie Journal to state, I s.sll receive sladies and stra cere ftsm Il to I A M. and gentlemaen fronm 3 to 5 o'lia, pI . teverrj sisy,to obtain soy opiisrun witrlosit (uo, as usutl In gteat haste, JOiihN lt' I.I.IA S ,Oenliat Jeffersen Ilouse, Louisville. sul v l2. 1137. Jet.ersan Ilouse, Lolisville, July 21,18237. I'. S.--Sice writinglv last, I have ,een informes that one of the causea,, .hi tnhe pear lacquer of the Journal, aed . his noble ,,outer, ore so wel lplea;sed witt' lieis, hr lit ueiliti. thllte togC her, ai I late re tiarks, ntt they so pett ely r setble eac t letr: they fucllil tlre adae, "lbrds of a feather flock together." i. Far not payti tii stae., Mr. Prentice, alias. "linicht If t he reil," Iof tile coutlV ofi Cantelburv, llama WIchusetns, thl respecI due ti suci adi daiied tntro, aoe. It is till, lie oi. Ht have bepan sp elaated, aPe talnetat d with tar, nnd thek plntsge of oIther"coiln 1ia1 hlis own dng-hill," witlht uany total r serit,do dlsrvingou n his "a'rt; asr wi find by ancient history5 that som awere burnt alive, otlirsr hng by, liulaer wllilt son were raiused to lie eI eiorst , oitlevated lbe knighla of t tlail. 'I'ltoulh tue as they ought tt rhae ratllr been tile knights oft tlte haltr. luat ola worthy knlht is yet not ollo al tlivc, ati at t, fr hist prolific bruinns, to join his bro er, t e kniglt oa the hmnbhiu illmittinitog the ,mtoh, btt ins as nill i plt'lt hltiat tll,d and a s blolntleig us a ill blowt rurse -tnoi'lll't tprhvtn of t jectihsice, sil e vgat, cllsu nie lnt ofll nh, t agelt dg. ~ill, eall , S. igt io? tlt ''ittlhl, uc. tillenhlxtit to itt, in hir a tIittaipeeclyt I *11it u ,alp" eilt of bit' L"sO I wtdi . . " . 'Irhis wtai l nouh It re d tChe ' as. o Iraentanle t It u.',t i ih s serv seno s l l ng bu . t ai hi len cal; talithst, aisu ihtisle ia t Il lrldg lahd Ii.tirlnd pt.ick le ,uyresttt'Aleoutihiu, 'Ilitat' gian! ttitle I afernto N. f'osl; II h l ie =p'ol ite Ifan h0, eI ra i slnoe tiril I t di:tu eo nly bIt ut. lhh i" noble Iork I u dl, hite air .ee mykel toh b h iire i,, o s ret ie t ire.atc 'ih itlis lthei cntl . al ll ' i , 5llu in r. n I ' o lit l ' it lit. lato tisvll, pwholt1 tile kl tehl Iof the IlsittIle nit lirers hulal1% though lil attliiiiiittlev, ltt de a tshdu l tlsinai grde lu ihlle tie allon Iet airis ad erhouhl nls lie I al aete tul, bot lld It io all tso l I. dresead lii eyesr, said It w1 dtit rasthar pus tiet, than : ,ooe a sigle drop. lie cose upwasrdsa of.' nlo tile b eto tre. 'he steal pens ofa time w "rthy kbithtn oa the rail gnd trIe thitltble, will sgicaely unark legibly, saer reading tie ab vehasty letter. However a little anoidyte. that foru of a drinkhr two or three will setall right ari they wt l umio ubtn t itre is r te rintrhi IL t sit the a irinl lppetits ft theiin r ntadar, at brwankllt oui .ea Idtluurntig. Fnrtullately Ibr tlleln, tlereisu whole S-ihbath day,(ta'i-iurro)l iIh wihchi tilea att do their dirty awork. J 'ILLIAMS, H .--aN lsve, jtust reaeived a letter, nated let J u j nuietn os ymki an saology to the druggists ld; this it. thalwriters stylae tlensedves KearstIn herealntia," pretendisg thnte l allaudead to the in my last letter. 'riey Ilav rsst assureI, I d d ot know or ven suspect any Gol;as n stg te d huggists in Loit isville; yet, i of the a wo its tny gietlet ia r le muat a course wear it, tahoull not teaded by ale. Jeffersoa llousa, Satnrday, 22d July,t183. July t3, Ift?7. ' Toa te Editor of th Cl , EnrlitorTe: lR,--ltavig litsteneit tie treatreatie ofsmy pea iausaiensg am retalved, ifmy blheih pertnits, to re main this city till thie edi of July. 1. To try to idi theta more gred. 2. To cttvitlca he illtabhituts titer re vile eapt theta the Medical (olias a. & have apped to ars, belonatu thueilr, uas th-!ir ilwl'sl right. 3. i Ia ants r cady ito deaposit tawo hulatred dalarsa ia oise tof the U. 5. Ilak, in u tile p llids 1' hi u HnistOl Sthe Mayoi of this city, agnittar a sitilur aunl tit be tde paited by all thregr tatl g I tllny Intors ih . & Com tlit t ersture to' sitlt yore sutged, In dllr-egad, n oung irton inp t thildren, wolti amon totaluly or pirt a l 'linl, tyti lth'ei ho;n a u flint slty iuiltlllad l iure a greater nulahn of utturt, weak tIr dii'ui-glitud liersas during way ort visiti rh they do. lnet iwI alia tlu wiae chlniniators ito call intIo theiraid all tbe ver, deservedly cslebrtted prul3esnrn and toctors of' all t1e itedial colleges, as we ll as all the dctors asit quack doctors i be fluntd ii private praectlicc, (wslo are not fewat in tiel StatesoflKedt -ky, Olia, Inldiana andt,to: ill I llnessea; wcl tlr thre are iudeed sale two ,tllra inous dncatrs, whos n llneSaoueag t to behhadcd dow as low as piustible to latest Itoslerity. 4. It inst ha clearly untlerstoid it all the cures if ally, on otnl sid.s, ulst ibe psovet halt l base beea pleriorms eMitheutl t aid ls Slly surgical operadit o 'hatever. 5. 'rThose who really tmoeit the eptithles they have st litberuslly nppliid tii m, chli tbrfeit lbe $ti fosr t hbeuMttflealnshioouth us in thitioity, sud tile otl r i r ty s blall take hack i aa in htyiil, iteur he or thC, tny be. If eein the alighty medicnl liuigbueygruer oluauld hrov l one uh the waceststal elndidartec, wi n fulfil t ne old proveshrb, and gie t'h "olid gustleuu"e" ti duet i. Atall evnuts a would advise the last named cit lish S. unteto sdly r that letter to stand .lous, as it ll e ied "sits; lctoue" as wellaapll a bUast toilt uestil.dalI oat. tordas; but lavine hiln to sad to it itas ( citiar t, fompanions, A placad het're' it, is alihubelicial ordes ten bse ihtdependenter inhbaitants ofa the city would al wfays know to whriter by tilhe elody of his vosce. JOHN WiLLIAMS, iectlisrt. St was weak enough to read the mass l al sehoodeu signed S., which deserve notsing but aty nilent con t lllatt. IHad In nown last evening of tile great iaportance ect A S p ,I shutld have treated the tayt of the tilreesailte what dilhreve tly: but let that pss. I will. however rs'ulplimaoew his master at the Journalt, ftsr bi sagaity to eriploy ihe torier eknight (loet ofthe garte r or of the thistle, but) of the needle anu thiitbls, In order that he may kill two birds with one $tuae, i.e. to hateal the holb'en Isat may he iu his tiatural or e garuliSt and, if 1 tnely lude farn thnt ecelledt paper, the Ad vertiserlDr. Sailps master in, uoliticlaly, is cnsstane need of his earvices. I.Vlen allv ceiretltaanecueadrs, whetlher donmestially sor oliticslly, wshih reqarea a blister, whetber ason hi wn iiose or ou'tlre repus'ti oftlhote whol do not hlap eau tos please hint, be og llike hitu, (which must beaa grtal misfortptea) thea it i hbe rings it BELL, whicna werayll is ltlhilg morte than if it waa'oof ndilug bras. ora tinkling cyilbal;'' yet, to siaw it thus-IDr. Hell looks well but with an i. D. A. 8. 5. after ii, appears JOHN WILLIAMIS, iculin. July 14. AI wVANA S EETn IEATS--in stem snd irnals e edw cr Comlhng bnd MayihP len or. TIIE handsome STOE ate l hack Kiritehenrs uA l a the tasemed story aof the True Antri wha dfcartly e,two dlers Itlru ts . Charles Tho e sire. A fite t rate siand farg Cofl'ea House. Apply to inl. JOHN GIBSON, Editor Trai* Atteum an. 3 AittilNGi . ROPt---90 th,.ere Reisiscy stag t ringt; 85 cudtsdo ROpe; ne tmale bh H P lEVY & CO. jetm Nt i0 trer s tnieet. tlp ptta a . A rtd, L-_ e mseurtmeae af nt L ptrI t Afee jjAto &D°Xd, for.ani l y ma Hter IE &oDic EY MILES' COMPOUNID EXTRACT OF TOMATO. T IHE doctie iamnulgated withI a much assurance by nanv empiries of the lresent day, that one me dicine will cure all diseases, sa no, anl never can be trte; and he who asserts it, is either a fool or an im pontor. But it is a fact demositrable by experience, that com'biwtions of medicine nay be formeied from the VEGETABLE IsOnOxn, that will net so universallsy on the system, when taken seasonhbly, and injudieious pmr portions as to aure, in nine uasesout of ten, all diseases within the reach and power of malicine. From toe well known and established reputation of Calomel, it has long been employed by the empiric, uad ecientif ilhysiciasn, as one of tile mnost pwerful agents for the removal of disease. By tihe former, al nmost every land has been deluged with nostrums, tht their authors claimed as specifios im every disease inci. dent to the human family. The oully of these preten sina mLneds n on omment, for acurate chlemieal ivesti gation has hIown, that the baseof most of the Panaceas, Catholicons, &e. which have been trunlpetted before the community, with ao much assurance, is Calomel, or merenuy in some otrm. Now, if this potent artiolee even in tihe hands of thie most skilfuo physician, frequet ly exerts an iflotmene on the hummau system, mulfeseeim, and entirely beyond theonnrol of mrt undermining tL, contittion, itmm brlagingin o fremnture old age, disease cnd denth, what result sitculll he expecteit whei pre scriled by the ignorant? Could their nimanny thoumnd victims speak, a voice from tie tomb would soon dispel he 'pecifr' deluasion that now sways tile minds of the living. Humane Physicians deplore the sad evila resulting froo. the mercurial noatice, and nill gladly hail the in trodection ofan article that call safely be subatituted for alonmel. They feel, and that kee.nly the uncertainty of its primary operation; they eanmat say whether it nill be favorable or unfavomable. They also know, and feel, that it its use is contiuned for any monsideblable time, in jurious seeondary consequences most follow. But they must choose the least of two evils; they know no other article that will arouse a torpid liver, remove obstire tion, and set in firee action the whole glandular system, and it beimmg indispemsably necessary to do onis, they coatinue its use, noIwithstanding the evil consequences which follow. They have long desired andti sughotai rticle that would produce tie good effects of this drug, without suljcectimg the patient to its deleterious results. Such a desideratum, it is beeaved, has at lalgth been obtainel, in the article now presented to the public. Tha proprietors of this article keeping in view the fact, that a ise and benevolent Being, lihas placed with. in the reachl of all, remedies slapted to the diseases in. cilent to to the climate they inlhabit; and knowing, like wise, that most of tdie iseases of the Smouth and FWest ,re based upon org.nic or functiosot derangement of tihe liver; Iirected their attention to those articles which act more esp cilly oil the biliaru or ins. Alter long, laborious, siin expiesive research, they have succeeded ini extratcting a substlnee from the TO :IATO, whicl, lionm its peculiar elect upon tile hepa tie or billary orgallis they h:ive denominaloed Ilepotlin. It is a mcdiceie tloat eill iroduce all tie Icelleficial resullts of Calomel, ill both acute nod chronic dimeases, wilthout the possibility eof roducinlg the lceriousde Leon seltuences common to that article. Its actilon mupon,the constitution isuniversal, lno part of tile systemllec tcapiOgits inflouele It is, however, upon the orglls of secretion asd excretion, that its gloent power Is articularly mallifeated ; hence it is pe culiarly adapted to tile treatment of bilious fevers andi other iliseases in which a torpidity or conlgestion of the liver anl portal circle prevail. It is admlissible in all llses, wher it is necessary to cealses the stomach oand bowels. It removes obhtrue tion, and excites a quiek and healthy action of the liver and othergludular vicecia of thle aihlomen. Being dlif. ftilhmle ill its olperatioin, it )rotduces a fee circulation in the veslaIs oil the surface of the body, accompanied hy l gentle perpiratilon. It does mint exhaust like dras* tic plges; still, ils action is more universal, anmd may olten he repeated, not om ely with bmfety but with gieas bhell fit ''lis becoues indispensably ticesasary ill cas. of long sanlillg; tfor in thelm illaeuse templorar impres onals iade by strong nedicines, seldom, if ever, do good; but tend to iijdure tile stanllua of thle conistitluion. It is cleansin anl puriivyiigto the system, acts in pcifct himmiaony olith ime knmown laws oit life, and is uoiumhbtedly one of the most ahluable ;rticlea e.rl efer ei tli public trial slid isopectioii. Fomi cloveielice, this imedicine is formed into 3 grain pill.. lie whi.e pills are athall tic, alterative, dia phloretic asd dmiti rtic The yelow pill.are tomnic, soiU Nuhtt :lild dioplarretic. The follouwing extract on the subject is fromnt the Cincit iali Journal. MIES' TOMATO MEDICINE. Tile virtues of the Toltmato, not onl tas a deliciou vegetableto± th tie table, but also as a medicine, have for ' mcnsiehluable timte pt.tlt, tttted no little etleoliou. It htas bLe believedito ,ossess alti-bilious oualiitteswhich, it they cotll be elfectually) exhtrtetl, or separated from tl supierllunoeus matter, would be invalua:lie. This has hbeenll lutrutelrized as Itilious country. A Iorge lortiot lof tihe ililsetts:tist. fi'om disordered livers, or lirol de t rangemtents in thle glandular s) stem. This is especidlly tile case in tile west, stld still moo sooattle tooth. If a I remlody, easy, safe, effectunl it its operation, and leao illg tile custitution uninilpired, could be dliseoverd for bilious complaints, this would unquestioambly be almong tihe most loatltly climates in the wortl. Calomel Iha beehn the almost universal remedtly for Sdiseases of this ehaclacter. But it is a remedy which anothlng but necessity should induce tie use ofl It nmy be oollsidelred as tlrespassing on the prohince of allother profession to sp,'ak t4 this, pet we may be Ipermitted to express our strong conviction that Calomel cannot be used without injurious and Lhsting effcts upon the sys ter, toeattn or leoo, oaoonl'dig to tile quaotlties takell, auld tie fiueuolty of its use, ad tile coostitttion of tbh patient. A substitute for this, therefore, ftiom the v getable kingdom is a desideratum in this country. We believe this desideratum has been discovered in he Tomato. Dr. Miles, of this city, and hisassociates with nmuch labor atla expense, as e understand, have sueoeeded in obtaining such an extract from this vegeta bie as, it is hoped, will be found'an etffeltual substitute. We hate takeu some pains to enquire aoong medicalen tomen and others who have used this medicine, as to its elfects, and we feel well satisfied that it will prove a muot valutable remedy in bilious comoplaints. So far as we have been able to learn, it has prolduced the desired I eflect, ouerating to produeo a healthy action of the liver, r provcurtng bilious discharges when needed, and in soine lstoooees breaking up feerls. with even more certainty and in a shorter timne athn calomehl For sick or bilious headaches, it has been fotnd a good remedy. Those who have used it say that it does not produce the debili tating effects of most other kinds of pulaotive medicines that there is no increased danger fromt colds after :ts use, sand hee large e Iosesof calomel would be needed this operates without any danger of the distressing and injurious effects of calotmel when producing sallvation As te have reason to hope~ flrou our invstligation, his extnrat of the Tomato will prove a substltittte fo alon.el il a grKat variety of catos, we cann o and it as a blessing to tlie human lImily. talu Iperctllty staf, and Iree ruotu all oiner is e tltntwe peo k of it, an, oe trustolhat ilsuruno filly taested bo fotiloa. W. tIhave every aoal subs The above medicine canl be obtained only of the Ge. neral Agents, and those rl.tilion agents haviog a co mission signed by "A. Miles,,PIes't E. M. C." andl eoouteroigned bh"E C B '' Stone, General Agents for Louisiana," atd bearing tie Culopany seal. L1ist of .gerrttes. E & B T Stone, Generol Agents for Louisiana, 114 Tchouspiloulao strvut. Riemdr & Co. 133 Old Levee street, opposite Vegeta Paul Martin, cur Old Levee and Hospital street. \%I0 Sohetry, cor Coamp and Julia streets. Dr Mueller, cur 'l'chupitoulad sire, t and St Mary ' market. J P Ilarbat & Co, corner Tchoupitoulas and Gitnd streets. J & PP Hartwell Bavou Sara, La. Dr Wmt Stausboury, Ntchitolhes, La. Thomas J Stansbulry, Iltouteon, Texas. Foreoerihk Serda, toroer I'ydras and Camnp sts. iro. lJonue, livoliCitele. Wm. Evans No. 4 Building Co. Row. Application for agentcies, or medicines by wholesalr must br made to the Gesneral Agents at Noew Orluas. All letters, poet paid, will be promptly attoeded to. mt8 ly STATE OF LOUISIANA. PJARISH COURT. for the Parish anti City of New Orleans. Present the Hon. Charles Muurian, Judge. Jouo lthh, 1838--No. 10,U84.--Jaeut nes 'otier Svs. his creditors.-Upone readigo ad lid g ths peitson nd selhedule in thir, It is ordered ty the Court that the ereditors of the insolvent doushow rause mo opeen court on Saturday the 7th day of July, 1838, wlhy he should not be dsharged uacordmg to law; and m the meantime all proceedlngs against his person and pro erty are stayed. Clerk's Ofice, New Orleans, June II, 1838. je14 2dw AKRMAND IITOT, Clerk. J TAT DE LA LOUISIANE.-- our tie Parmosse, Spour la paroies et la ville de Ia Nouvelle Or y lesns.--Preent I'hon. Charles lMauri.juge, I juin., 438.--No. 109t84.-J:teques Polier eotte M.t erssan cirs.-Sur lecture at enregistlament de Ina petition et ua acbodule dans cestte affaire, II et deret6 per la tour que lee crbanciers de I'isolvahle faire savois leurs ri sons en cour ouvet, Satedi 7 do juillet, 1838, pourquoi i neseerait point dech erg6 conformement i In loi, et et attendant toutes poursuites contr eas personne on sea proprieties sout arrl6eta. Bureau de greflier, Ntvelle Orleans, 11 juin, 1t38. jel4 2aw ARMIAND PITOT, Grltier. L INSEED I01.-- bhbl, landing ftol steamboat L Albaoy, for sale by 0 DORSEY, jel3 44 Noa Ilvee. E ARLY'S AUPERIOIR HAMS--Now landing from steamboat Sultana, s supply of the above, put up is in hhds, tiarces and bhls; for sale by - AYET A AMELUNG, jell 17 Commeore sdreet. S INSEEDI OIL--Il bbls and 2 rrke beas Linseed - Oil, now lauding from ship Nashville, and for ale by JARVIS & A..*DILEWS, WholesJe Druggists, jel3 Common and Telhapitoulat at. - COTUII AIL--.t oasks (pints and il etl, and forasltby ItIIOLMIE S& MILLS, jel Boank Alley PAINT,OILS GLASS, BRUSHES, lte.-,ust landing rom ship Constitution, aln firr ieale--sz L.000 feet ofglhun, best quality, front 8X10 t 23X.28 3181 kego white lead, pure; 350 do green paint, in2 lihr. kegs; 4 dox .aponedtitns Ibrnigans;ll0 Ib; lithrag; 26 dos spiendid 00000 ground brushes, also of 0000 slid t00 do; t cases crome green in powder, superior article dodo reans a larg asesortment ofsaosh tools ofevery oize and quaitn ; nable peecils for artist, flant marking. Irushaes for erbhants; artist's colors in oil reads pre pared,in hones, litted :'p with all neceeasry bruishea; anrtist' teals, &e. i Flake and srmnitr white; 60l acks gold leaf; white and yellow wax; gum arabic; and a large and chi aer s. sortment of pints, dry colors. oil, turpentine, anrfahb, d., for seale,whulehale and retail, at tse i west i prices, by MONDELLI, -a51 58Camp t. rl U ULhn ~ U . ,EW EDITIOY OF THE CIVIL CODE OF LOUISIANA. IT has been fsr some time made known to the public that the subteribers are engaged in preparing eer the press a new edition of the Louisiano Civil Code. Thev were. Iron, ho lirst, nware of the great difficulty nsd reephitinlli arttendilr g he publication of the work, and it was not without gret Ihesitation that they coa. sented to the undertaking. But tie present edition, amounting to about three thousand copies, and which had nset the State more than thirtv tlhusaud dollars, was entirely out of print. For nore than two years past, the usual price sf the work has been front ilirtv to fily dollars. it is a system of written rules wnieh ao immediatel' operates ultn every individual of the strte, interested either in agieulthure or commerce and which governs tledisposition of so malch property soming to sl fremn other states, that-unlike alshoo. slv othertentfsle upsin law-it is as allch the taxt-bomk and ioanoal of tihe merchant and the planter, as it is of tile private gentle mals and thu professionaladvso.:te; rise lawyers of tleasljoinitg states, and in fact of al ihose states apsa tile Ohio ansd Miissisipspi rivers whichl find a start lir their produce in Louisiana. have a fre quent necessity of reference to the corde, and take it an inlispensable reqlisite to their libraries; and in tihe city of New Orlens thie Iook is as sure to Is. fbond in tile merchont'as eounting roomn, as ulon he desk of the judge, or the table oftlhe attorney. It is ntt sulrprisiog therefore that the first edition olile work was so quick ly diposlaol of; ansd nlhoaglh a mere reprint oa it would in sorme n" aaure supply the public necessitv, yet it would he imper:ect and susntisfactory unless snnuoaated with referenees to the Reports said Statute., in oirder to etnerace tile nunmerous amendments which have hbaen mnde by the Legislature, and the itmportant decisenss anl collsatrctions whiclh hate keen given upoln maony its articlos by the Supresme Cllrit. The pullishers have secured, fir the general super intendenee and editorial departmnent of the work, the professianal services of Wheelock S Uton, Esq. a ine.tber of the New Orleans Bar. Tile Hen. Judee Bullard, Judge Bermde, sanid lion Gieorge Estis, save each kindly assisted Mr Ulpton aitl the valuable notes whichl they have collected ins the course of their studies ausid practiice; and to Mr N t Jenniners, the part nerof Mlr Upton, who is also engaged in tile work, Giea treowbtidgea, Esq. hua pre.ented the great massaa of il-e. renasonastntlied its Ilis office copy of tle codel, and wlichl nave been madte by him diring the whole peritod at hin die:inguished ;roleasional lahore. lThe puhlish ere may therefore well trust tisat tihe annotatiens of tihe work will he all iltat ististrv sand labour, assisted by learning and experience culat perform. In putting forth this prl-elspectus and solicitinig err lal sabscribero to the woirk, to Iptslibert take pride in tile ft tilhat the Legislatare lof Ittiainna lhus austhorizord the governor to ardr one thousantd copies of it firi the future use olf tlh State. The readinesa with which tist numsor was ttstrby the Asseolhsly, evinced tleir just ense of thle vRii tfo ithe wnrkhaltd theyI thlrebv exteRnd ed thlat confidence in the allility of tile pnblisritro and edlitors whliclh it i i lin s nnt i h lltlhy ,solyssleerved. The work will bl. prisited its French ndl Ent.l;shI, apon ge| ptaper sand witl clear tyrpe; nor will any ex pirsetnrcare ie spared ttI maket thle whole nIeishusicai execution of it tsrreopotad with its great ilsortrance It will probabllv lbe ready fr dlelivery in the month olf Septrltler next ; anl tile price will he, to eultselitssr+ fifteen dollars-five dollurs to be paid it tile tsle of aub .erihing. Ilse suhteatiption lists once a losed, ilsa store price will be twenty dollars per copy. np t E JOtINS & CO. Publishars. .... .. . . n foR NEW YORK. [Lodisinueaand New Yok Line of Packet.] Pt Il ltaips copousian thin Liue will soil front ew I Ulensiaad New York on every outlier Monday cantaenciog on the 2tth novelmber, atnd to insure the strictalt puneltality in the r lime of sailing, the line will hereafter consist of five Ships riS: Ship F ezea, Ilaptailn Trak to leave nin the 20th nov. Ship Louisville, Captaio l'ahler, ie leave oo the 4th DLeemober. n Ship Hmntaile. Captain Eldridger to leave on the a 18th Decelmb I. Ship Vickeburg, Captain Woodholise, to leave on the - ot Janonary. Y Ship AiMstanppi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 151h January. lT llhe above ships are all new. of the first class, or ceppared and copper fastened, and upwards of 500 tons g burthen, are of light draught of water, being built in New York expressly fer the trade. Tihe rice of pas ir sage is fixed at one nandred dollars. Their cabins are it fitted Uls the ietoo imnproved nod convenient plao, anid y finished in a neat and elegant style. Amtplo stores of a the first quality will be proided, antd every regard had o to the comfort and entire satisfaetion of psl engers, who will please take notice that no bertll can he secured un Stl paid for at the office of the consignees. '1 hese packets are conmUanded by Captains well ex perienced in the trade, who will give every anttetion, . and exert themselves to aeeccomtodate. ' hey will at all times be towed up and down the Mississippi by n eamboats, and the strictest punctuality observed in the time of sailing. Tie owners of diese hips will not be responsible for nay let er, parcel or pckage sent by or put (oti eard of thetn, unoless a reglar hill at lading be signed therefore at the counting Roes of the agents or owners. Fcr Sterlher partliculrs, apply to i l I BEIN & A COHEN; nor 13 90 Commotn t. W AS fSand fifly nilaesire it the Balize,in the moath of Jul, a large olaich, (Etglih bunilil topper fastened, and has been coppered, she is 2" feet long, 'e and eight feet beamt; and hias Leen loop rigged, as y there are iron straps forward fhr risging. Whoever re cegnises said launch, will pllat call at No 7l1 Old Lever a. 0 l M PENSACOLA MANSION IIOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. IIE subscriber having purchased the lease sIl f.r S nitureof this* well kniown astlablilunetr, frolt it Taylor, hie late oporietor, will be ready to receive ti. iers by the lot iot April nexrt. Nulmenreut and oMutlv i:ll ,toverlleent will be fitnid itl the irrallgemntuts of tile .ullslon Hllle. l'vw an ia more coEnituodiiii bathing hiiiuses wi ill he built, d wornl b the will he preoaled at all hours. .A tElaine will be attached to tile houe, witli good accomlnllluda tions for horses and carriages. F'ist ratre leores ani carriagea will also be kept Ibr hire at nmoderuti ,*rice:; and sail and tow boats, witlh pecsoens to inanage tllellt ' for the use of viltter. Ililliards and thetl aoutalenttet uisually fotund at .oatering placces, will altubL Icrnishied. alnd so conducted . au tot iti.ri ,a lielitth tie ,iillorl and quietofthe hoarders. The winesatld lhqor a ill 4 e of tile best quality, and to einsure it ull spplvy of ite, a cargo has already bceu ordcred, which wiill arriie about tihe taIst lof May. ' Mr Frederick Ilafeard ,lto formerly keat tso popular a hotelat Washintcton otto, oill cotdoct tIb lit) el icr the proprietor, who, with such aid,coofidentiv assures Sthe visiters of last year, and his friends generally, that they will receive every postible att.tentlot; and tlhereby elfecte to give g'noral satisletiton. I'he local atvaltages of thin house are too "ell knotwn to need a lengtr.eted description here. Tle lacis tlat Penacela is tile largest iunavl station of tile (Gorrnmerot; tie general rendezvous of tihe iultsquad. ron; the sdlubriy el'its climate refreshed constanly du ting tile llnutiner mtonths by tile coolest reesl.s t'ol rite Gull the beauty of the buy and the neigllhbturulf islands and rivers; the ahundance oand delicicy oI thie . fish with which the waters .hound; und its iprximity to the best Southern imarkets, give I'etuacola the pre ferelce over all other places in thewe latitudes, as a healthy and delightful numter retret. First rate boats will raf belweea PeCIsaeola ald Mo ibile, and will nt all times ht able to tak e l piacsu, rss er frot the New Orleans boats. ts N B ARNOLD. n Pensecola,Feb. 15th,18:t8. ell q (lGentlemen wtshing to engage rootes for thlir he families, can address the proptl tutr, at lensacola, iur he Mr Sewell T Taylor, the former propricttor at liew O1 o- leans. Ref'retree. T Ranefr Etq, eqMr C Culllot, I MeliAlpin, Esq; ILt. e, ihy, in tob.le S T Taylao; P P Ren, Eai, Id Nei. Orleans. in, P S-A letter bag, to receive eommunoications for Spersons at the finve hotel, is placed at lea Whitmat's et ofice, 51 St Charlea Exehange. i- FLORIDA ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. oti 'i Travellers desirous of taking the Fldridn rmute, ru via Penseola, to the Nnrth,are informed that ires rat* tao Last will coentantly run frot. Mlohile to Pansncela, leaving Mobile and Pensacolaevery other day sater the let of May. Good stages will alasns he provideo ,y the n.becruber to he in readiness to take passengera from t lt lohile, in case of the failure of the boats. N I As.NOLID. The steamlbat Champion leaves Mobile for Penra. cola twice a week febh 8 iv up UlAR.--ei hhds, a prie srtlel, ltr sale by t lh.. DOI.4EY, Js22 41 New ' reve S IUMPHREY'S FOREIGN 'TOUR. &r. l ( REAT BRITAIN, FRANCE and BEa.GIUTi, S a ehortl'omtr in IP35--By Hteman Humphrey, .D ., Pree*ldeil of Auheret Coltfge, in 2 vol.te the Iorks e f Mrs. .'ersed.--lotng tfe ioly complete and uniform edition evrr nuhlihed in the ore Uited , tates, vol. 15. Just reeiven ain for stule by So W M'E AN, ley jei eCoraet Camp &mCmvnn streete. DR W. EVANS' CAMOIMILIE PILl. T HIJ highly valuable medine mayrbeh ad whole Sade and retail at New York price., of REE. & D'LANGE. 18 Camp street. It is conflidently recommended for the following Iis eases: Dvepepeit in all its trama; bilioae and liver af flictions, in every stage and degree; female sicknesa, more prticularly the naeeon incident to mothers; fluor albus, fever and.agne, ineipient or de lilres, whether of the liveroriungu, hetalrehe or giddi nesa, loan of appettie, nervonu tremors, inebriation or delirium tremen,a SlMasodie affetion o all kinds; rheu raslism, whether elhronic or inflammatoryrnervou or bilious fvera., t every variety; scrafula, at rheum, and all hlotcltr, bad hnIomm, trd imt.ure cohmplex ions of the shakin; re tleassueas at night, cod daily irritability and rmeaneho'y; the summer complaint, and cholera iorbua or diaorrh.ra in grown pers n; worms alod dlarin leney, with bnd breath; chlorusio and palpitations of tile heart and head; changes of female conttliution; and for ilrpairld and diareaonioed ronstitti.uos in ither sea; which have not been pemonentlv relieved by onv other radicie.ins A sinle trial of Dr Wt Evans' medicines in any of these cases, will produce e eh effects as will in dicate their ioneronprable superiority, and induce such a uoe oftheln ae will inoUre a spee.yrynd unnrestlono ble cure. Diretirona for use narolnpnnvino thero. Nuorerouocertificates ofeures will beshown, as from the lenglh of the rcatalogue it is impossible to give themu publicity through the inedium of a neewmnalr. .,n Dr Evans' catalogue there are upwards itf 25,000! cases, andi in this citvwe can rer to Inearv yPerauus h have Leee lelieved,and in sore inratlnce eatirvln cured of loug rrr.ndlng diseases, by Dr Evrns' Camrur'ile Pills. na-O0 hIr STATE OF LOUISiANA-First Judicil. Court. T HE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whom thsrre PI'resents ball conle, Greeting:-Wherea-, James Barnesa Diggs uoing purltbned at a tale made by the Slheriffrf the Ioarish of Orleans the prmyla-rt herote iafter ldescribed, has applied to tie clerk at this court, in whose office the ldetd of sale was rceorled on tile .ld day ofApril, A. 1). 18.8. for a monition or advertiro. mert in conlbformity to an act of the 1.egislatr-e of the State of Lntiiaoaen.ttitled rAn act fotr the ftrther astu raonce of titles to purchaers la judicial rmles;" rll.roved the loth day of March, 1831. NOW, therefore, know ye, and all ptrsons interesled I t'rein, ar.e hereby cited and admollished in tle name ol Ithe State of Louisiana, anl of the First Jludicial District I Courm,who can set u anyv right, title or claim ill and to the propertly hereinafer .etcribed, ir consequent e lo aeny inftrtlraltv i title onlder, lecrrtee rlrjurglgt oa the eourt under which tile sale was madce, or any irregularity or illegality ill the prnisrements anid advertisements, ill time, or IImanner o sales or fr alny olther delect whatso ever; to show eonse, within tlhirty lday from the day this motliotn is first illrrted ill the purhli latlers, aIry tIhe sale so made should not be confirmed andti homologatel. The anid property was tsold by tie Sherif' of the Iprnish afotnreid on tile 3uth day or Mairh, A. D 18:;i, by vit. toe of a deeree of this uourt, rendered on tile t211th 'lyn of Januory, A. D. 1838, in a snit entitled James lial'en I)iggs vs. Rulos Greene, No 15,t191 of tie dlnoekt of tlis Court, at which sale said James Barnes Diggs became the purchaser for tile prieeof twenty-five thousanl dol. esceription of property as given in the Judicial Con veoyacte, vtz: Aeertain piece of property or tircel of ground together with all e tlbuildlings anld improvements lhe ren, rights Iprivrelee, U.. theretrltobelonging o0 in t l, aie al pelrltanog, situate in tirlbourg Anualorai,tin, ilbolve thIt city and measurigi Eng i lish measure, three huldredl and filiy-six feet and four-eighths of an inch front oan tlhe publicrondon New Levee st,three lhundred and sixt) rrt feet six inclreselulfour-eilhths of an inch ftont oal Celeste e, two hundred and fiity-live feet nine inehreanl two-eighths of an inch on a linle fr'o.tilg on Old Inve street, until it strikes the Ilundary lineof Laurent MOil landon's propery, at tile coler eof Oll Levee and Nuns street; there formlig l A right angle, andl exteedling eighty-fite feet arrd thra. incitnl deep ulongrhe boundary line of said Mlillaudon's propert)y aora lel to Celeste streett there formtng a right angle, anld extendling si xtr - three feet elevetr incThes ucl thren eighths of an ilrlh orr the boundhlry line of Loutis Dede's prer rrty, parlle ito OIJ Levee aseet;there Iorminlg another rights .;olr, a.d extendinrg firto two feet Ceven itchrlres ol five eighths of an inch on the I-oundary line of sairl Dede' Prop erty, parndlel to Celeste street; there forming sonother right angle, and extendlillg one hundred and twety seven ect ter inches and four eighths of la inch aoI the boundary li.e of said Dede's Inroperty parrdlcl to tire Dublic .-asd Nw I vee street, rtndsevelltry if let four ilnlr:he air four eighthl s of tl t inch front rnr Nun'os streret, accrd. ing toe plInby J. Pilit, City Survenor, made 23d Janl vary, 182 rannexed to an act pausCd before Louis ' Cane, Notary Public, on the fGtl January, 1832. Witlness thle Hon A. M. Bucllhanan,l Judge of the Court aroresaid this 1I6th April, 18,8. ap25,mo&1S3 '. LE BLANC, Dep. Clerk. SANCTIONED BY THE FACUL.'T OF MED CINE. fllORN'S Compound Extrant of Copliba and Sarrn j ptrilla -A ceritain, sad, and iment eficlual reme dy ever discovered for the euI.e of Gonorrhea, Gleets, Strictures, Whites, Pains in the bck anlid Loinel, sesumal weakness, allfotions of the kidnier, gravel, scorbutic ecuptions, ae. In the introduction ot a medicine possessing tle useful and active vinrue of the one now ofuLred to the public, the propl itor ihas but to refer to the numnleous reconl mendations received from tile most enlinent of she me dcal faculty in Europe, believing that it will be duly lappreciated when its nlmrits are more fuilly known. LThe, Balsam of (cnpaiba, soextensively used, ilas lost nluch of its credit from the dislike which patielts tonrerly 1reu aess i reglrdig its diilgreelele tacti, dluslulnbitaicr iloduced ill tle nowell and itomnll, alt d i. Ihlllrlr iellcffieicav when used ill the inlilnunatlory stage. The. proprietor has made nel nalysis of the Blalenm, corneio tng tltot tlte more activequalities wod therelilby be mnud , nmore I.otcenUtrctd and imore usefillv administered than I in the present slate. 'lhe above mel cille comlbines in gredients whlich are in thile ighest repute amio" theli most nsientific anid learned ii thl tb.tri oluin. Edch drug in the 'omposition of this pt'epanytion increases Ith ellimcey of the other, pIroduciig ain operation trunly rtu niaihiig, nld snurpllssittg thle mosnt ulgllitin exlenlations;ll poasessingat tllhe sae time the Uldvantane of its being adlmintisteeld with perfect success in the difelrla t stage. of the above disease. The most eminent physician alnd surgeoti of tie present day e es their leied ap tou'alinon ill favor of Samqlalilla, whilst its use in tle prhitt'i ltl lospitnls and iublicu medical inlstitutians lna he n, aoitstlluootinueo , tite exlensiie. It wan u tav lorate remedy with the celebratedl 1) Ahercthyl its ao venelrel Ilfenttions, and ill obstinateutcaeous t ronttliion, arising fron t dlisoeedl Stalt: o tl, ligstiteliaefncionl . Having been sulbmitted to the tet ind experience of the imost celebrated namong the liteally, ihy aIe IxpresInd their antistlOiuion of its extlalrdin:uy etfiLeY ill ever case under their lcharge, by udotlting it Imth in ihli ' ulblic amd private. practice. Their Ial ervoPttilU will be ins.riec lereli ier. P arll.yd y J B Thorn, Chemist, Loudon. Price $1 50 per lot. "'ESTI IONI ALS. From A II Sanlmo , Esl, ' it 1 , S l.rgen to the St 'lThomas l osplital, I ln i ec ur ltr on AnautonItIy. a Th'le hilt which I have I Ilde I iepaL iratai inll a Vl'illy lcases hoth n1llld0 n0mllll e ,.ait, ill itblreultI hoave n-ove so highly faoolluOla , that I l:a ot hesitate it 'pronouncilg it one of the most valuable anlr vnii ncialls iremlltiesever offered ti the public, uand nle ill w hih, fron experilence, I can place evlery relianlce,\, Lilst it does not produce the isame unpleasatlt ell:tits usually ex perietcd firon copul taio. From G H Haywnard, i It C S, Physician to the St iMarylebone Dinpoensary. I take groet leasure inl adling my testimony to the valuable Iroperties of your llrCparation, withinig K oll the ucces you o ftill't deserve, ill ant aple rewaiod for the laborand expense mnCurned illn bringingllill it to such rollls. ptlet l pr'ctlion. From \V O Cooper, FR S, Surgeon to Guy's lion The utnifbrmn suecess which lls attended the adminis tering your inedicine among my atlients atflicted oilh the anlve diseases, Ilhs lly lsa tifled tie that it lhas only to be kInown to be o truly ItapreiiiIed. Sy the uliCJ you no well deserve, anlply and speediily nrpay)ou fIr your valunble prepmration. From Sir A Cooper, FP S P RC S, &Lc. he. llasing Ieen ioduced to try your ta\int iC several casesof violent (;onorrhkua, w'licl had hitllerto battled evc preIrsciption adtlinstet.rd by ilne, having found i sureaod speedrv cures effacld by it, in a few lday)- ;eel my selfin duty hound to e tatha Ito now iu n au' prac tice Ioth lpblic and private recommend and usie nio oilier. From GWV DBlair', D, Physolean to Guy's l os pitd. The strict test which I have give your medicine among mty patients, n.l its invariable success thus fir, will ilnuce me to erselvers il its use. natd deem it but an act ofjustice and of duty to sidd my felble testi monial inlcommendation of its virtues. From LC Thompson, MD FItS L. I return you my sicere Ihaik for L e valhoble Ipre slent fyyour Extract for the neue of Goinorrhmal, k.c. I feel gratteful that eou have at last brought a medlicine into use which will prob. a dtiallerlatm iog onught for in the nmedica world-- sure, sirneedy atil ellic.tual cure ill asesf the abohve clsn . II ilfordic nrgrit hmourou in puliditlengt to the eorld the *aluable qualities ofoiur Ex.ttet. Were it necessry, the propriwlor could here furnish many more testilonials equally as eomnelaettoly as thy aboset but instl thatt tigreat SucCwes l ICto--the c-le & expense at which it isW been piepared, will proveito greatest rek.boltmetidatiotI osong a disc.rilug public. One ereoammeu dottion this nrearamtionu meys above all otherl is its eat, IpeSo r e ltnto--put up in tlets-the ntld in whichl it may he kiken, being both euy n It placsnut-its tostely iature, with In reotriosion i s ,dks, or loflitement from businles. Travellers esrueldlly wo(ld tind thil medicine highly useful, andl oughttiyer to he untlwovided with a pleltnration pnoeeuiD g the dl vantlget which the Itreser Itnp ombines. Aeoauliw ngey the Medicine is a pamphlet Oistdana. trt' of the dIlfeenlt ptages of tuh disease, without an extra charge, contaminig full nail ample directiono. Fur sale hy SILCKLF.S k CO. mr ia; 4lt Cald street. fri(dS'4-1 si; indhiW th1,i&1JoToihnd iS hhudl I.P Slilitde.CGCla.innati cusedu, Indiugfromoteta. er ,uckc y e, add for Sale by STCTISON A VERYt. ;( THE F.IRIIIDA STAU cog t THROoGH IN FIVE ANlD A HAL DATYS . From Mobile (Alabams) to AugUbiat(eO*J T EAVES Mobile evet y other dan, imnalitly e the arrival of the mail from Nay Orlesa Wit -.e ateoltboat EmonaLIN to ilakely. mnaelento Penas s.nlodats (per Penieos a lar, St tor miond 0dChs tahcmhie Ri-er and 1a) to Caler il.rl s hestheam via Mlarianna, C (ah tohee (for moedr nMm t- Vet non1,) Bainlaldge, Pinderton tawkikuville and ltAm. ville, to Augusta. A pitseageeriaklghiis satat Mot bile is in no da.rge. beih thrown out or ll si i olurreteee byL othlinafietin iataetS, s50t eUOI !)A LINE t t ou oaoneern, and ader one mootoe thromugiot, ad may rely e nse en.~ As apo h Irrival at Auguts, i tiome .peeiad, thrmeng a 'r asdt an0 onseamey lr as ne moa eunhfotei.e s trtolde shouahl maer. The Grtu* New Orkolns -i is aorriedby this nout e The Agen tOs f . tiol, elain COhenh dlhir vern s 's 'otn iepae the isotbera onmtry. . . 'T'he imooth, hard, astusl roola, the rre and iiter Le ia Qutcywater and Taolaho se, toand Seaorbas i poial ,hes, avelso twred, Beibn, fotam tawkisavlltp ing variety; connected as It aere with thi Uidl .Rod' Clorle to n, lgille and the itnt M n paakeoitte liwalY t travelrs sr, ol th i ew o. ik fom tw .Orleans LEIS t Mansion"-WVshigOn House Moilt 1 Flom Chattahooohee, FlorMda, we ISta •Rrsnle Line via Quincy andl Tallahsee, to St.M 4ki, hure rpost coaches, aIs two Bunrchs from Hlawknisville one to .Milledgeville, sial Olr it Macon, light two ol' s oowches. , STOCKrONS J oa. A coterrs, Y'Oth Jan. 1138a z ffct Ma tosio House Mobiles , S Taimae, New Orlean to Moile, Sl houri Mobile toAugusta,, .4S "" Augusta to Clharlesttn, 19 I " Charleston to New York, I-. .458 Makhing 168 miles l.p day. or 7 miles per hour, inclu ve all stolppaqgeS , na 1 . N. I. i bg leave o, itl'arm the publicthatlth bridges over the Chatalhnoheawanmp and Harld Labo eek have jost been completed ty the general govern ment, (the. only obstacles operating against this ate anat Slely route aie thushpbleuly remttl ad..lbvothe pleasure ofleanmsg from trtvellerasthonte .oabhes,ior. is," driverset and ds are ol the lirt ordaer; a am ts the water oomse blemb"enloaml, to Cilarr. L;ff, it is:qdmit. tcd by all who have passed t.rouglh t1 to e unsorirpmti. ie novelties beauty and.l safy. ThI bridges dthergl Georgia have als beenretmir. J .M C BAKE HARDWARE. 29 MAaAoIeNE 'STREETa NEW'-ORLEANS. ,, JOSEPH KNETTLE, & Cu.-Itpporteras To l fn - ando Domestoto Htdwaroe, aie reeivin r frm L. role and the Atlantic Cities, diaeet from ti'b ,Ma e' fac uersn, anc extensve aiV ortmen 'of Fuano and Heavy I lrdwaore comprising every article in tie line sitich they offer hlw. Countlrv Merchants and others are tnvited to callod exumoir theoir.sock whirl 00n..010, in prt,, of Ia.e ltcbr'as, pockrt, saddler's and srawbknies, plated sad Ilrilant teia apoons,neelles, pion, hooks aud eyes, sho vel aotd Jaldes. tonge, shovclt, fndeen, andiros, Brit. tonia and japnoed ware, hrushes, blank boouks and - per, looking gloasse, anvilo, rices, unrew plates, bilJ, l'dcge and nail hammeror, laithe bellows, American an,( En:glish blister, cst, shear, GOermal. and' crawley stool, pluo.h onutldn trace, ox ppd log bchain, woediug L.uLi iuna ,nd grubbing hoes Mattcks, pick aeesom and groaes scythes, Collior Kings and Simlonoa 00i)Jn® uxes, wrooght, horne and cut nails, eootan d al ,ards, coffee and corn tills,pltes and tai. elo, .oigel, lock., sad, irons, hooks aind h pistols, shot, powder tand liquorinbks,per io.owcer, rto,hh, brass and hell MetalU nKob chesat, trunk and d I ocr., bridlo EtMISAlANLEL.-otio do PooMouere La teit Judite sis - ..; •... . 1 '0FAT DE LA ULUtSIAN+--.A ,totq Q ..41 ce. pre..n lv aIonerote t ll,.int, K a'r._ 1 Janltta Beat Ligg., eyaat ih'ei.e * 6ess. 8.118 jot; Is blierit de h |iliala d'.Itleals Ith j'spri.l! •iaq"t-s decict, W'eal Lrtssaiu Grte deouc ocale-ti), dho o lt' ct eireogiaete led elite jour. di'Anli o Ibi s! ' IN, pour ull on il IOltornlime ll $ onl mete d e l Legit, Ilant dii t' ld Luuisioit, ieleoltu "AMn. Ilur callririrret lit eis dlel acqs. rtiiisaltx veltiljtlilseilts. ; pprlIu le tO10 Iaes II, . Qu'il .it wouau, e mtout s Itrriton e i....s..oua atbesto.s .tun ol Inot idel'llat be ii t llO lswet de I oCo s.dleteooicr s,llrict Judicialil, qui puroion.tavonrj dloit & I pleo. priea- li-aplrl. decteilt en esllsequeee d'usl ditta de lunne dalmsI'oi.hh, le dee rel l tjutisucxcl dalssur., ell trlo d,,au c ,l . vene   lti lit', Iio . ?ei u ine, larite ou ilegalit lul I'etlltiMlirl vii ot et ol le,teCIet lIe iode de le c vine, jou po..llirautto, piw quelleAqsi de lhire vei, dails trehtc jours Ia hater I ell· ,puhiioiI| de niiaesii, ojounusui late siosi sicoc usecat pam Scoll m L e e tlom lo ldeo .. . /,. oat die, pirpri e . uit .e.... Its rle Stir: i , I. SO riteionr doi ai Is ie al'att 188*, ei vetus d'un deaor ltice C:O i loulo l "20 etro e t lig e t lvitlo r r nnc e 1fo 8,m la.- l'tffilr. de Jnames Barntes Dieggs vs. tufu. Gretoia Ku.t15,,19l, Iula Doketdie tute Cnur,A laquelle val DcNig. ttiout its la eokitci de sprathle itploll unIt •i'o ctaut.t tttaqniveir pisr Ic lirtj deviolgeioijmile iotiattis Sdas , o i , . o.a. ,tlenr Snvbir. U e.t cain mor.i..ncu des t ..e. .s .tut Aft; o ,lao ci qut y Vuvlt aii 'y osc qul laedrelo, el priilges eoi. p Oppieinaont dcoli mlniaoe ealdatqul% site.,u .0XBou8 Aoiai, llolislioll. O-U.WiiOuit(IIr-w l aIt;alieI) irois ilit s lslsllaisnt'i itlcltl qutte-4hi1.eam a'uta poturaie ii so Chemion lotliltiqiee us r. 0na.e dt ,.,001110110 l~el de,trois Fell Joirnanttcm, p Pds11ixrX.Smr· Sqltllt, hieilon.ei sItct Ie Jt tue ne.lCte, dall eiptoaeioe at Cii ttiao piedipi enouf I.liee,lt ldex I ouirote.llo'ta li-tat lin t In iite dell meille Lene, jUns fat ibq'ipl ligu'rliuopollhede I. iiete de Miir.i Mi. i Iaaiugi iile t laVeieole L vl .vht degl\11ew.-i dti idat F-iiiiit ui egtle dcruit ei 4-eitatdait S l auuriiee Ciy tt wads elauli pouer.s 4uuIr1 de tigae luiutlythite lt.ppr-ieeid di di t lfili.duO mr llJk ll la i... U lestt,de IA lol'alllill ll iagle droill I :illda itt e it ix:i tiiIii i sgrsxe i lue C.ia . ools iuiei,' s lur l ligqe limitlophe doe. Is l7pori.l. de tIe leuis Iktlle, isttllt rl .sne jill Loe :lp i; l'liittiit Uo lsllain ilgle. itelle t 'el.ehlatit do iqojsean Ieulx pieds "I"pt lotct el csip buiticsta sl JiI-1goat, li~mitrop,, ' l a lurlpul',. t iu di, Dctie poolkl' x-i ruet Crlc,,tr ; Blelk roraiui loo aatr angle d ch eI j n du-i 11ic .- it1tl i rintli p iaiall aIele dsoit o1ist, tenor itVout lijittg jinuto tilt tasp-Is otvt oatic- dtot italei pa-tel srl lll Iaetillaiutubliie toe I nettleij Ne. it-llu I.0aac eit i1ixslt seize eilotllta, q"n1o licQiee ot ulllre altieuw s ieaaatl:e ta inte it onncS 0ie1 fOllnrljiO& a ut platii rdn-a- lit . Ltili Voyri-,di Is till, Is gpd luta~ aI.1 15t, elaine a iiieci toute ter dan-as Lowusa I ie, aitarle aitito le 26 l .nvter 1832.', Teiaaiu '|.-A. A I. lStaalauanc Ji.c do Is, Cui.hyiltilete 16 Acritt1i.i;. P. LE: LAkN, il.91 Dep. Groflior LI1 'A1 i)8 L.i LOUIdIANEE-C ourdu Preoiler lii Iril t Julicasre. I 'E'FAT LA I LUUIJ IAA\E, A Ius '¶~µ, quo I1illinl ualc.ev .yint aciaed tr e veeos fai, ier Io iuteri de lats pero iLd'OrJeaes, Is proarigCte ti-oipcc.l ] dcr'te, s'eluJlmre·rl ou Gw l'e de efltd C.Oie uoola dyte veae fit etlu'gJisole le Seimejojr de Motiado i'nnie 1t8i. pour uia r i iii coticlr.uent i un as te de Is Legis. I-turr de I'Etlut de hi Louisinoe, iitintlt,"Acte jpnyg canlilellr las title. es ucqucqreoero plux eeIjtojudigc iil'," upilliwo 6 le 10 A.l. 1834. Qu'ii .oi.4.,anue Iutilis pelrOltetI itlilb . es lout par elspn alqtttess.n tiloE r . nlll IOl d'l'tut iJe ] de lrLpur 311 I'rellier I di-lrl tt udiatiare,gi LIrrtii.t avpir dro t it o propltcia dcteo, en eonsequ c eio t 'u do last dsticlrat dre I'ordre, tolu dec uu le juoill'j do lo cuer ei uotrlc itliquec lIs o it- e rite, oU do tel e i'reuhitoou i it,egal a ,d.uell n I'atieitdsI'orLs ou Iest ti... e at0aode de lat vetc. s pos sop oas ika I veou osqru~elul ei quo etaque. de faire nir, dans trelmctjoeuu ler do it tiibtiattilu d tdeci.e sci"epttquuit reuteot insi ttle tan vormqt P'Cl, ldrm6e elt Iomdugue, La ltfe 'ar.iric2il Ct veiatle par le Olterit, ss-di lto ' 3eine jatiur d. Avril, do' nle 18, en t Vrtu d'iiun d,. cret deo ehteaouriendu Is nJrite doJ·sy, dp1.'a ntlo 8i b,t duii l',lloio de Wllio.o, Hakey v. .yp.uel etu, 'All. 15,535 du docket do erien Cqur, al, Iaquelle t oelil dBi Wiha in Mackey,,s'eo4 oendu ..qu-iri I iur to pign de lItJ conmptonl ... , t. epatriplion dl Pp. d 'eprll I0 itnsolfr nudui .' - rele'OSl-,, 0 h U1 certain lh t t e Jerre, e Csiyriomo , hxin ,s -. eIooeotlcoiienlrl, jitll &lnt Il ,idIsaodiq4s-- d-n. I'ileo burue Ipar it- ruei-ce : i Nooellq Le , Leao L .~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~C ..,... ,la .Xli+ lpmb I. le j'otsotid Diteor~deoitprlNt9dacio ti Ilr. oar Ci Zitieo et, epo Veya nseoi tWeekgaitoitc, Iaits 18,4. ,I aep ro,,l( I'elude d. Felix Griiuoi :r+ :.ublh e. lilnl c plait Npo 1I, Is dlI lot dtrrtte I , doalv d, ,ntopee. o & I. rue alel I lotOv p0.sel, ieantNo a q opnitdrdep aeleduro di 1(otE6e qul touche le hIt, INO 8. el·' vtimtq piede. sept pIre .Nata ete e, qtt.c ligues Oi prt pndeur du cti& qui touCIuhla}tj e apre u asro..o uaui apparte atr daoytoejd itatontaioro Iwi, o or puunar¶ do large danvoauimlutleur~suil.Ffpit fate too llie ,iu to U. plegý{e nePlpOn.esl aeulrmuos arier ;1. IoM Nos 4..,, ?,i 7 m 9. do Bur iu du fir Loop i- L E ,Sr di~ le b- y ""-"tii kegl, , _InI¥,_, -- j .5 .w " ves Iy gyp` ('Ol~ t~t itA, je .-ltlk ii Zon& Th . I ho " i" baots d, u..N. tlurnitis.---rl·) Ia; t t., ttiipi idrr+a tlrocllj ijkand O UA2WY fihihiL- AD o Lw il (1184 n~)I

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