Newspaper of True American, August 2, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated August 2, 1838 Page 4
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i . AND respecttully an. tli tiiends and the public grne. It i to toorommodate then at eat tshrneat, and hopes frim her e visi tora comfortable, to receive formaer favors. 8he frels coni., 1 L,.ti t per-suoe visiting Covircgton during the meI. ts cannot find batter aceommodations io c t *. In aMlrd them, on mor, liberal terms. rtSaplhasntly situated, and wr.ll supplied 7 litOVenit nce; the bar is furnished with ekliquors, e. in short, she promnises .- Itshl bit h wanting on her part to give . in*il 1i ulhett to all who any patronize the adl ia Luisiana lIntel. ji'3 a'1 P1,UBLO.-Tlo undercignel. hlaving . edled 0 under pr. Scrloidt of Clhalrleston, C~g p ille, and for some years his assistant in of medicine and surgery, hai the honor i til professional nervioes in this city. u ire, the ladies and gentlmoen that thie most tIMo-. nsti will be paid to the calls which a iatU; and also oders his scrvices to the hiirofs laves, being well acquainted with the .ame 5lIuismnmoun tothenm, having attended therm in hdo gat Ieae, in Charlrston. - i hILLAatesanti.hilious pill a terthocnmposntion . refamm r Sumllette, w ith direetions, can be had nthul lgd. The effect which they have dqltO `i1t Whdipoather cities, has been attended with t t ocý scess, to which the hlst of S ,e aB r n!¶ . Apply at No. 166 Maga. taus m JO. M'LORING. 4 t UUt oct;O!n'v, cAD 111 )NS, JOe. 8 OWE t .ORKS COMPANY, No. S Water, ,r ' eekmnanstreet, New York, have l th° i it as econ, and are corstantly ruelt fimg arid. t. tioe additions to the stocnk ot the ia we "In :h now consialsts of the Alowltg ismrtnmonlt u.rlhle for the southern anrd wtero n ohlkets. flllow, ware of s ii ltalilty, onsisting of • t 1500 tons, viz, tl) i ofl l difiarent .t.t from 2:8 to 50 gallons, lst. 15 izesl.rowl lli t0$U gallons, ities, 15siszes, from t~ 1t gallons, aihpacu or Ovons, 7 dTL krltzes, Toa Kttila, G adel 1.jBpders 6 aieddle, . 4 , t, , Fie Dogs, 6 do Wagon boxes from 1 1 4 to 4 3. t ishes. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron ~ai brass, from 3:6 inch, No. 3 1- 3:9 irch, No, oe a 4 uperior quality and finish, and less than J.liesi imported piecs. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of ateyt 500 lbs for retalling. ., ailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. asub weights, 100 llne, eacortad froen 1 4 4 to Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also steanbeats and other uaelhincr, tade to The abovo assortment of goods in particr'"y usemonmended to the atlitn illof Soiatlteri inYI Western mercharnts and are offereld flir sale at low price., and upon the molt liberal terms ; i is be. lieid to be the largest and best .snortilme: ever aterlid for sale by any one establivimcnt inll the United Stotes. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, cai have a printed circular, with dercription of goaods, prieesand terms, from which no deviation is ever made, farniihed by retrn of nmail. Al orders Will receive imnmediate attention. Now York, 187I$. j:'3 St tleles, nesUrted aies. laso. fi t IPickle; for snip to fly it,: -i . JAIlVIS iK ANDIthw '\¥, clur Comon alrndl Teho ipiralns n " r'. aiF-lt hull hobei Ic I iccar, hledtlloriaen, i, n' . Bonuld, for s by IS.AAC lhttrltiti .c COi. mif 141= P'tenlilne sirsom. TU LeT. OVNEamt d.vllirlr holllvl on Triton streeo, be S taen Tirnli Circil ancd t arondalct ".iret. o i'lo. Apply to J OT'T, IS"ELUBAIKLtSOW , &c-2-5 h lieelbirrose, 25 S dirt do. in ci e, tlicr l Oe lby CIIAPilLIN & COOPEI.I, Itl5 82.IU.a sit eLAtAand riled tLrp Iand Lteller 'iaer o. ell qu Slitiee, cio*istitlg of very silerioir bllie hiid, bluie end white wolme, and ll lllod lled rorugh edge record cap, cIotiantly on hand ald Ilr sale by l'AVID FELT & Co. 's2t N Y Sitne ,li,' Hall, ..'4'hnrtrns t.. rinris lo doen l eall .Xlnclle ie., I-i, i 50 rd oft n do do n i 21lil; St do o' I io L. PIort, 18161; dll dri of 2 do I. Pbrown S Ivrir, lith 10 pipes. ontra hildeirlL. lor iable ly UEIlOllI'NIli:, tLROWN & Cr. ear io r ti Strecit. 3 LANiOK BO)aKS, olf rcrry vcrierv if rlling nid b1 Iildig, cii ,ateitartyill ihlldlcid d i'rilllltla, RIa.l I and llinditg neatly eaccutlold, ahor noi'c, ,y hAVIII) Il, 'I'& CO.,. W:ll NY Stationcrs' liolr,21 Clarticsct. 19, it t e 4 Ib" fourt grotf 1 , Dri.ndy. J dl~ndg, fir rare b " ISAAC BRlIDGE &C Cii. mt 1·1ll Mlgazine treni.e A NEW two story brictk Iouse, iturlted 5 doors the. Sdecltd fluniciiality Hadl, on St Char:e i.lrt. lient very low, possesslon given g mmnediately i.nquie Ait the premise. .t, 'I' ILLUR--5til bbl l f Fluir. for r.ol by i ml0 G DO)KSY, 44 New levee. 1 5 BACON .ide fir oteo by 1% 121' l) OlA.l4:V, 41 New 1ievnre. i.AGGIN A KtND1.0 I' eaoe.c alg,ldti I1i1 ceila Rope, laldllng f'nm nAmbas~ador.orralc by LAYET & AMELUAU , lS 11 17 Cotmel're st. . eG s s llcky Inggii, land in rom stieoetr Uael \1Virlai. ee l for sile by YOlRK.l , BILOTIHIIIRS, Jl6 65 Camp .trert. NO iNWRCURT NOR OOPAIVA lew Ol'ona, Nov. 14, 18:17. A OCL'T six months ego I had the misflertune i, gel S a ecret diaeeae, fbr ,hich I have applied to aere eil a cure, aill they did not cnre iie. sia now on the dbose dale 1 put myself ilndr tiel nere of I hteto oRuet;and I bim to oure inm. Since thllt itimle thedilsellna ot worie, as as to break out in large ulcoer to the number of six or eight oil ea h leg, and all over my flen,t atl sure throat, and not able to work at hlie present is oni accoutlt otf the disease; large ilcer theicght iide olh thlthrat. I sin m+ puttinig i si ertndlently unldertlir clie of Drl. lluet, .f P'ios, to be perfectly cured JOHN DEAN. n DO CERTIFY that the ment;oned disease . quite well clrrd to rne 'wn eatietlieton, for whil:h I Iaot Drl. Haet; and moreover I lsore that the melli cite I have taken mlal.e.s me ftt, sid dl not ijure mily noalth at Ill; iherofire I advise ioi f litw aullrurn t a Slets no tilia nol apply ro Dr A. I-1tie, 15 lourlnon at. they will lind a luten dnr:ter icr tini corpnrire .JOIIN I)IAN-ItI} O;ravicr curee. .It ay one wants to ose me call at Ni. 40U iaviel ntreet, said Ihty will Ite satialhird. To beh poblished at tie oplin oIf Dr'. UUti. JOHN DEAN. New Orleans. Fib Il, 1818. fri 14 iv T I- (iF llriitie tLldillt Il:tclto ui i.lvcr.elet ill a tit tle hlainnd, ii put an in hollieo a0 hin low price ifl 10 aentLt u.n e contnlaimll lihe tresnglth of three olunces of laveiwort, beasi lea thi \irtlei 1:1 In0ll' other reanr and herbs kllnown mlog the Ialendi as rteficaciouse in curing inThe it icolle auocrs which lhas artenled the urice of this ioetllneiltrh Balnsam i beherevr it his been ilttro decli. lha ohliinod ihe conlltitiee aod recolmrenda tecir e elodeep rob h llhyiecainhi, for tile tlrc of rthiknc. dr rlainai thiei aeid.' want ie f cort, atc t tg c bliood, hireetmonplaollo tiLi t-..D e''To whm it m hv ec rn, M icc. Tlti to c artiov tlie we oher iii o practice Il1.llelily pIrvSribed il rlV (lord. anerte Iodinli elaneoul eifrrwort a d lilonhliniml, wici h L decided ad elect,: we C atl lhrefore, fats the know. -loglln of the m aterials it is me ds fr, t. rind o Cesrwonind enttecalpeieoce, reeilomero it a100 asiilller]. 'reparatilo e d.l there nalletio l of lthe lungs ,r wlie l ic s ore C.\I.VIN ELLIS St. tI. Mecnhee of th IUBslon Medieal Asoociteicen. Doatet, OctoLbr ill. Mleby JI.VlVlrt & ANICItEWS, C .. _l ie -nn2rislm 'or itiuillllae its b-i, icontmmended hy ihe Medical l nruelih. 1)CTL*$ Efferve+etnt Magnecaian Aperieoi--For Jy dyappia or iadigeotion, nervoas debilt,, l iddi. ae-e,hetdoclir, aei5licy of the eicantll, lsrhit.l coo. OicrneamcctUtneouadiU.eeeegoert croeeltll. and ouch · .11 a,. egetll, eboolinng inrgatlv. 'dr6i tt..itrahE pmbhllc elan renpectahiel and coseli. re-riovlenoltale roite efficacy as a medicine have bern eliceiml. Wbh all the plrsnoog qnaliien of a gloet of ede waler, it ponsrrcc the secanoirllcnel irtlrperlirs eibe sense eppr Veld la lioeus poealicee; it icpclleoait cult tinhtee, ad gratful till, - tomch. tM$ptT)I T TN CAU'I'JON--i'he iiorecsiig rrpitla ticLaUd grea dcmnond fur B ltulinr tifferrcecnit ,uSrlg wIse An0, It., been an iriduotenllt for otheis to o' ' alIr if atinn otlhio valuable nled cine. Pnrcheancr - o nel.cnly woened o' this tact that they inee be yeap r.rd, aind ol prauri: ae Impure crietle." -.e a5e coirece nttloi *ppliedwinh he olriginal 'lll ge eoin. pertjanoiuon. Fir cclei who ecale a d reteil. SICKLES & CO. Ageni,. .1m5 40 Cnel stree. N O. I n{RAR II V mgrt14.lo flatr Oil, tbr the retonratjn aatlsl growth o;f Halir, diving health and bcaut)-,und ;eey~k baldaard. ,, tti.if~ Hair if w's offerei to the pt'hlr. it had in irt" lmcameaaofhtudnest , tllmlre., mud ha 4 ed in every iutm'1Oev its miduisry puaul. It ha never faild topendure IF ne rr and nsrsntn~ro tniarrit hbalthy, anld prrurhcf tnrowt of heir. wttti at thr ;eats, rila Oil gilteatl e .gIrotot frn. tý prndtraluutto air etr ii, i Oil for ler i and$Imtiug the hair. The h it dry aftire atg it. Fur saut. at a,, Ytl} ) r 12amp ar. -iM MONB IAR?' & COQ , as now rocoivgltIarOn Ol board ds Orlan, Eagle, Highlandoer, s'oker snry Andmw, reaeh and Qerman play carde; Bacek [ttnm Boards; Cheames a 2 14 and 23.8 inch Bli. _ Bella; 8,9. 10 anld Q itch hlade oawie Knives: Leather and other travelling Dreming Csesn; Belt, Pocket, Horasenm', and Duelling Pistolrdouhle s and ain e blharll.dl Gunn; Gams lage; Shot Belts; Powder ld aetol Flanks. Drm Bottle a Darinking CCtes; Paetmes*sn Cnp. and Cap Iloldoer; Cloth, Hair, Tooth; and Nail Iunht, Orrin and Chlorine Tooth Wash Toith Powder 'Pnilet oed uShaving SSeal, in grmat v. riet', lngl Hlair Braids, Ringlet, and Frizetteon Pear: and 'diet Powder, E.tnerv talnr.; Ivory Tub COushionn: Pnre t Sldd aor Garter. O(nto El.tsie Soaenmlera; Plw ilr Piltr and nhen; hilt Chains, Seonl and Keys; r.ralm p.s; Wai.5 Buckle.; Rlaeleta; Beald Necklare atd lChai,; Gilt and Silaerrd Beadr; Indian Bonda, lsille and Plotneo Stell Ttkist Side and Drassine omah; which,in a,idition to their feror stock on hand, makes, their asortenat ery conmplete, and will be sold ow and on liberalt ens, at the ig. of the Golden Cneo:. i2.-tf 70 Chartere street. r. .~q hunrrierr, Ag~atr . dr the ertensive hou. e of SW. & .A . B .thrr lheffield, Encland, have just eeived a very exteneave set of t' e, llt .a,ntitrrint of lTaie and iesoert Knives of o- -" deacri&ption, Pan, Pocket, Dirk, and Spear point lnlvcr; Razora, Seis. tor. .dr ool's,, &e. &ce. We. which they are prepareds o rxbihit to the trade tor orders. T'erlm and oenditinae will bt mttahknnovn sat the time. oli COHfI:N.90dCemmrnnt. Q I\IMONS, HARTT& CO1.-Arennw receiving siorl ship Ihnttiil,., Enyle, Mlrelt Andiewt. High nder, Frlnch an.d GeiIoant dtidele heIat plaing anerdls: eter,htlt atndl aket Idolhl phini, ribiredl ande split clsimon crpa: eat Illrlder; soina ,r, Ilnzolra, iten. vealt Gillott's aommercil anld olther llteel tlens: Vio. nat Violin stringsa shell, ivory and horltneonls; waf rst k, heal nol leatlher iluses;: lair Itlaidtl , fronmlt anl ck rigPlets ae.ron paUt's; (;ermn:llldi t F.riel enologle wate., Rowltmds mvtilasrNer oil, imitatiml doint alntiqlu tal hearsoil; mortable leaks and drtallig neues: pat.t hl:lckhig; tatianld toilet g 1 enna econvex iLromr:s orp cal glmnes Iand views; Indtht lasias, lells antII plltmsi eaorlleon; whit-twiie; toilet antd shavitg snmps; toilet owlder, esmnetie nash heilm; stenliti tatin Clsllions, pool stands; sncrew culiollsa; faine lenad chains :IIl necklnaces; billiarn bails; pocklet banks ,li watlletts; C.erm:an holies; razor sotptp fites dt eold guoso. olnatic suspenderts, grtersdcl ; Blls luilr :matche; siall rer peniils; Cteyona, &e. &n. The above in additin to oor former stock of fatty ir.icles, im:tkesocu :iSaltitnlellt Ver3- eomltite. For sale wholesale mo Ittlhil t l tim sign ofthe Goldern Comb, Ti, haottie street. m4ll. ITIC'E--Tle irartncrchip of I(eHalleyv, .l.... &Ctt S of New OrlPei ; liane;ii, Ilrrici &C.. of NIrtrez; nil Hlarris, Kelley &C(o., lfi Il'odne-v, wits ditlis:drd on Irt lat of Mav Ilnst, by tie den!l of lllluel A MUtlaon clie ot'fthe partners of the fires. "l'iu ndelrroiyctl, itrvivinu pnitnr:i . will lie chargel titi sO ettling nulrl clloil. n.hl hushas us d olowsi Levi C Harris will attend ill te ip hlilla ot hlt buaincs (of llnnon, llnrrils & Col t Nitlelre; and il rri., Kel e¢& Ct.,. t iRolinev; and Inv Ieat'r, K v will atted t o ho settling of the lliasineae of hiKelee, nlioi &L Coi., at FlNew Orlh'aun. Tlir nlunle of ile uiuvecral lrS will ie nlerd in liqoidatieonly. T'lloSne idlbted to cir firlm ore earnetly rqurested ancome frwari and anlke eIrlY stitlemIenol; and thine having claims will please prIieutt them without delay. IIENRY KELLE'. New Orleans, tnae 27,1837. sl " caere more of this sutperior Colog'oa wtre". just sived enl far .ile Ithe dozen or sligleo bLttl:. ,Ayerican tad P'I"elh toilet p powdern, powder d boxe, char innrnd toilet nap, s,, cetm}ic waoh h , lk,,f roeso, cotomti coll cream, crnt a:oi imuk, ktphalt, NeVr 'r egetahie hair oil, pornttir n, rme do prse, Florid,e. ilvedar, rose and hav wyers, SPree";o' siltes, Sariict'il erln'mery in t tlnkrs. ve.r,:t lt i d ldiqid r e,, ('hloorine artd Orrio troth wash, :it;.'".ir, too, nil td flesh brusthes' togetheir rithl so i, lttioenl suplyv of fa.hiooable heor, and shell 1combe mad jeeolrv,htr salr low at whoesale or rt tail by /7 . NISMMONS, IIARIT'T &CO, .joI y a f 70 Ch artre s ptreet. I Nj+ Onio nsHatlla& c trooe w Ire i • F. d ship, Yoaoo, nod foratoga New York, a greal variety of to.ether witha their foire esOr .;llt very', plate. iz: ' ell twist, t.t.r'. tide, Sdi _" "er, common & fine lat. ,eiifer matthes, ieidliltz powt,. toilt powder, pocket books and , 'htall, pearl, ivory and I'mroco card cit ' tplain co ril bends, necklaces nl ngoemn,. -r, bead :teckhlie, rat and plain,seeo,. h',.ad, Indian ieads, bolle atd plumesi ; pis. a, pow eicr flasks, liot belte, lhoro, belt. poek, iiil" .,istols; double and single barrelled gttna, to ives, and dirks, scissors, hears, p'olcet knives, eoa 'itts, and ribbons, waist buckles, eloth, hair, tooth, a t. I srumt. shoe, plate, floor anti darting brushes, Ct. a, Fltrida, lavender, rose old bay water,assorted cneenuace, and extrocto, MaaCaerar hear, antiqrue, ttd Ward's vo getabile hair oils, ehaing and toilet soaps of ail desa criptions, ladlie' and g'ttemrlt ' ltetsk. and drlokina carse, hair riegletr, fraiztes and ridsl, pltrin, fancy and musical work boxes, plaitn and gilt, lignre, coat and reel huttoan, pearl anti ivory shirt dt, lshirt stadd, god and silver pencilrses, toothlpacks onl tweezers,,plated ',nd gill locket,, tetiniature do, silver, brass and steel ohiltllee, Ihooks and eyes, Ihair pits, imitation fruIthiltk and redink, nae blackiog, violitns and guitars ribbed and plain percssion ctps, liatn twine, scentcd ellsth tellst gold nd silver lace ad frtorge, blatter paoper, gam Iages, ridingp whip, walking caesl laying cards, io a grOOI N platen and gilt jnwellrv &tc. 'rlcl above, together with a great variety of other arti Ies are nollre l at wholesale or retail on accornadanlitg N IBt hell combt repaired. ' .WIOl J{TR-i- l ,1'-ULC O il N1 en c RIETY STORE-at tde sign of ti,, goldet romh, MoTl Chartres slreet. Tthosub.cribers ave re. deived, in addition to theirprevioans stok on ihand, a full and complete assortment of articles in their line; viz: cotaim, perfumery, Jewellry, brshese, locking glasses, fance artlele, &. e.aosaiting in part at follows: C(t)MB-tortoise shell, wrought and plain tuck,twist, qtilled hack, long round dressing, sid.e pol; curl and tnek, Brazilian conmbs of every descrription amongst twhich are some Mexican patters, Ivory combt of every daseription, horn, dressitg andi tecket, togedher with a general assorotmetl ofFrennl and American. PERFUMERY-Cologne, Lavendelr, Florido, honey, hay, rose, and eranga flower wafers of every sizre soid de. eription, camphorated Cologne, extract of Barganmot, lansy soaps of all kinds, lhvind g do in cakes andpole, creamn soap do, Ward's vegetable hair oil, bears and an tiuehdo. I rton's smelling salts, plain and perfnmed toiletpowder, pearl powder, po orluafl's and bxters Io tmatum in paLotand rolls,toa attl chlorine tooth wash atd nowdea, with n general assortment of JEWS LLLY--some of the latest tnd nmoot fahiaona IND setts, oonssting of white and red cornolian, topau 'a jet eardrops, art in filagree, breast tins ofa grog ~.'fr. I of patterns, watch trimmisga, gilt and silr'" .lckles, silver tlhimbles, silver antd gold p ,eils and guard chains IRUSHIES--Clodh, hai r, ltet. g,craatl,heartlh,locr, bat, flesh, tooth, plato, conb, Nail, hlaving, slloe and whitewash erushCs. LOOKING GLASSeS--German statia and toilet isaaes, magnifving and French drenssig glaonan, haom lo, ith a var[iv of other kinds not enumerated. 'FANCY ANTI VARIE'TY ARIT'ICLES-French and Americn potolable desks and dressing cases, some very rich nd fintlyv linisheo ladies work boxes and tLrdes. sing cases, with attt without mnusic, msincal boxes, Ac. cordia,: of valrious kinds, violins ,attd guitra, silver and TlaUd pelncils attr ! Ilenlr,wod pltromtil ftr carpenters and crayons, mntlc cloar ,g uata#d ,ptols with andw iLthut ecors, percCtslOllt capl. p, rerr slktl cop Cllargers, nipple screw drivers, shot belts,. bags, paste biac;.,iat toy tea oelts, Indiatbe, tas oftt ;'. r ad, iltl tnd liuotteo, oenteld Colmllolln knives, re;,,..., . ld scissors, tailnbles, neoeles, pits, silver pt, tai, -It ad ootnmoa spaools. cles, pocket books and w.aIl-:. :;: ttrioua kinds, visiting cerda atd card eraes, plta itlt ,t.ds of Frenol, Giortman sill Anterictn muuutartuoe, Iio, irttitttiolt frutt, sou bores, prltas nof various kilotl, .Saldarn' l'otc ay't, Etlamernon'a, Hiltnant' oad ltlwkiti's razor stras and metollic honeo,dirks, fancy eald necklaces, do with 'or drops,toy watches, pearl bttlons, lowdler dlasks, e.. and plaill seed beads, gilt atnd silver tdo, gain la.tllususpen dera, and garters, plhin and swordl caonesc, hlackgautnou boards, dice, opticalvietnnen, jewsharps, loeotico matchl esand drinking cups, with a great variety at other ar.i cleo, all ofwlht.h will Iae sold Ior cash or city accepta l. ceo on 12 months credit. B ii .Sd.Ill . "S, & ou. di 70 I.tarlrt sht. D/OLBEAR'S Seience ofPn'oomnlashi t received,and Sfor sale at their termanett Writing Academnies No. I8 ClItatres Orut, cew Orleans, hli Broadway iaw Yo,,rk,, Iattitite et.,. Mobil{. It is particularly dCesigned fir private learers, and lchools, and is calculroated for per.rots ofall ages. Ladies atd geotlement are invited tord l and elanmine tie system far theamthlen.s. Lessonsn are given at tach houses as mav swlit thti convetietce of ll, and to classes formed ill 'any part lof tIhe city. Ladlies who prefer it eat receive lessons at their own ref aidences. 'errons paying far on : , tree of lesnano are desired a attend until tiny writs t well ns they wilslt. DEAFNES.. A NEW artle forpersons troubled with dnafness, .(called the Ear 'rapet,) has justne been received, hy t th e .tf wlhich, Ithea aligittert artitelaion of tite It. elan voieo is dislinctly coveyed to the var. Any otr wh Its ever been obliged t, converea with a very dea e-,,on, trust he fully n.t ttitlo of thie dlifficulty and a.n baeeasleaal expeerioncd both by tlhenselvel and the in dividuals anso nltli,rtattlv alieited. tBy the usoa of th Ear 'I'ratnpst. this objetiotlia is entirelye obviated. Tihe mooat et-pttcal Imve nlvoaysa andoaedftheirdoubt after hrting used ttw' Trumpett. For nale at 'r F GCUION'S, Fancy storo, earner of Connau and St Charles atetla Oder it EvaIh ,eta Hntel. fob 13 ,PERM 011--1500 gallons pare winter d ; Spermt Oil, in casks and lbls, for sale by JAIIVIS & ANDjREWI, Woletsal. Drugg sty, oarertt nno C ttttn and 'hetp las streets. mt I:1 W HITI'E LEAth-.5 flaw l0ot lbs tael VY 4ttkegs, Ill ae 201l du L u a English dno-? I-fl bln. a00 a t 100 Paint Brsnhes' varit.u siaes; I oate Verwillio;e ii bbls Copal Vantliah; 20 packs Gold L.eaf; he do Silve.rtlt 100) do Dtch Metalo. WINDO\V Cl.h4St, Americaon, Erglith and Femnoh -tl tt Imare, vartons si.naes and qualitic. Broton rowwn do.--iS boxes, cml'tgnniet, will he soMl low. Alan,. general asaortnmelt of artists' colneura and tools, for sale 1y A %t SCAI El, No 16 Canal sreet. N R. Alabama noten takeno at t r, and Mis'aiippi notea will be reeeived at 10 per cent discount for goods, or is payment ofdebts. jo I I w FLrtrR--?O ·andig frm stelaamr ladeenofetld. eeolC. "1~ Ih D¢CRSt.Y. II Nca Latee. MR. WILLIAMS, OCULIST, NOW AT THE JEFFERSON HOUSE, JEFFEROM SITREET, LOUISVILLE. 7b the Editor of the Louioille .ddertiser: SI --It appears by the observattnd of the Edliton of the Nashvile Presbyterisoan, Unlon antil Tran cript as well as the editorl of the Memphis Enquirer, that the SOld Oentleman" is among the Doetors. This is proved by his kingly nge, knowing that Isl time is but short, and that the indetenodent Ameriocan people are able to judge for themselves what are puols and impositions. The worthy editors who are I toors, the proprietors, editors or sub-editors of the above n tmed journals, call every letter from ersons I hIave restored to sight in thl above plaeeo, puff.. 1. The fact is, t'at I naver had such great sucerse within so limited a period as ten or twelve days. One who was need about ten years, who had only seen the light frosn his birth, hetgn to see to follow his master to my hotel, instead of being obliged to be led by tim. Two young ltdies, who had each lost the sight of one eve, one fur ton year. and the other far nearly two years, haing both of them the ather eye very weak; vet each of those voune ladies began to see with both eyes, which benelit I pledge mself still continutes. ex eopting they ore under tih influence or dmnooinati o of the Medical Dctors. Another is the dugohter of a respectable merchant, whose name I am hohund never to mention, (as he paid me my fees), who said she had lnost the sight of one eve from the age of 10 months, but that she now begins to read large letters with the other eye ermpletel) shut. This tihe doctor editors knew, as thbe goentleman told me himself he hod coo dtic ed his dauollter to the oflfe of the medieol editors. that they might he inof rmced of the fact. The last I shall oren ion is an elderly gentleman by the name of Yount, nearly sevcnv centn of age, who dcelaied poh lilv by letter, which lie took to all the different oficea in Nalshville but one, and himself told me he hod paid for 'he inserton whatever they doeanded, who dcar-. e iu that letter that lie tha otally deprived of the .ight -f one rye from f kh *-her fhis Itirh, whichl bhi motherrstated to ihU. ; oocasioned by the measles or sonall pox; tlhat iMv rto could not only soe the lirght of the sun for the first time that ha re olerbt, but the stars also, saol was begiening to di.tinouish many olhiets; ond did, before I left that erty, cive ma. oy prif thnat ho eould see to walk aborut the tr.oetl oith trhe other eye completely cloased. H said hte ha beeon a memnbr st the l hrthorlils Eplecopal r'loeli for one. ly forty earos, anu- that his womol wN i never doubt ed tirough the whole course otfhl life. 2. 1 repear th nI 'lad never ereaer er orcete than at Nashville, and tlla fle medical and rlerica doctors had never hbefos re :e tell reason to be nor rcd. fThe piona inodigta n i hit. IRev. clerical Dr Sit ithl proves, wheo e stated to ,a thlat ahortlt six venrs post, he was coonverted faro. hi:be. o perfect illdel, to believe in oth tlreto of the Bible,thnt he mn0t ]have a icotd, triflin Crror--that he must have miealot to 0ay, th t hefare the end of onv years to como, lie al- ool be convertol fron his iTfi lofliy, as the spirit of the true minister of tile peaceful and benigon doltrioes of toe Christian religioon does noot breathel olr deioruction, rage, caTumnv aod falsehood to please his medical fietud, oglaioniot the man whom he knew had done so much od, anold no in ury to any onrei All the inhabitants of Nashville spolke of the great oce,:as I had, r-rept the edical d--chtor ost of tlem also hado been ionformed by Mr Youet of the cure perfoirmed on his totally blind eye. S. T'he futnous Go'iah S. oftia th own, prltends that Shave lost tile laarels I gained in the Nortd, since ly aral in the Southwest. 'This proves, howver,l had, nlod that I kept them ontil I arrived in this section. If I gained olne in ths north, I ought to have gained notlh or il thoe ollth and snthwet, andl I still hope to wear them on my very youthfol broow on the day I leave, in piteo of the vo.peratio of lhe gyreat Dr S.,if I hmay judge from the mon. I ave already bcoefitted in this city within thoree days. .I. The oojet or the present is to infoe the medi. ral Goliahs and editors of thie Itepublieani nd lTearos mcriot, wa well as the clerical ir .llith of tile C. Pre.s b teorian and of the Un on, of Nnoslville, is well ats tl e2itor sod solb medical editor ofthe horolchis Enlloorer, abs well e Mr Parentice, the editor of the I.nutaville Jouroal, and alseo he medical Cueiall edilor of this city, the 'rnt i S., that I lhlliar aetious ogainat tlor.m all, fer votu nratiol, slncler 0or oaluoy, ionotdi. atelv atir my aorrival in New York. as well nas aionst their amioablcr Ie ren the omedical Goliahs ofhe loortlh. 1 tow bilnd myself byl promoisc, neer to ito li lthis hal yllV latd of liberty, untilo I have hbroo ught tio nnoscs of' all moy tedicail Golluh of the nor;h, Its well ns tile sotth etd it west, to the grindstoane! 'The alllicrted, lher fohre, may calculate ou liointliog l he olrng tle ool of next year i New York, ohere letters, post paid, a od noothers, will tbe s0re to reach 00e. 5. To iolbrm the pllic that the ptll', so called, which the Rev. clerieallv ooverted infidel pretenod was writoen for hit,, was witten I nore liun a week prior, and intended for the Rev. i. Howell, who read it in toy preaenet ithout manifesting any disapprobation; on ilhecontrary, took it to his stdy and clndensedi it ii the way he did, which e sa id he thouglt wold ait war my purnose better; he dreovered them bolth ti oe , without pretenling tlhat I wonted to bribe him from hn s duty, an I never could presuooe to offer lthat entletan or any othler, any money for stating facts ''he lev I)otor'aoown statemeot is before the public: hiud he not exxamiled all nmy diploomas, &c. &e. with a geonlleatun, a: inutimate friend of his, aa well as tile whole of otly patients. in company with another clerrgyonn, nnll fouud thlem all to be aulhentic, and all ty patientst to be more or less heotefoied, he sever could have be.uo induced hy a total etrnger to loo o pw scht 00 aticle a. a otete hitiielffitr putblirationi, oo addressed iota Mr Striogfreld, rditor ofolte S W C Advlocato. 6. No wontder thie clear si.rhted ioedical rGolials of Nashvolle took the cln. .; atd olherefre used tlheiret foots to joilo with thaer the all-powarfiul, atiletic, ply s ietaol atod intellectual fiorce of the soid to-be-cotnvorted clerical infidel. We read in the Bible ilhat 'i tre i. knoown by its fruits." I ldare say the conarrted iloidel hats preached fromo that pnasage. 7. Hto evidently oaottad toestabiso his moral eh'r actor as a olan, toy hltewiug tiltnt xe was ablove Sling borehd. Lt usn see whehcIr the o uln of Ilhitly piceO of nilver will aprly to h lit.t s will a01 i0ill wall pplied to usltther couoerte,I itlfidlc, who. in the .lays of tlh il crstointlo of his )ivioe Muster, abholutely ;oldl hil im r toi:at ntnlher cofpi'eti of silver. Mly aoswer io, tltI it was never iltende tl as a I oie, uorcould it lioe oliilooele ed so by any one, as it was otio ven eq ii to thle enthl port of tll thle regular printecr's feel, of $1 per sqt.,re, Conta;ning two or three eolnmon of closely n'inteo sttuer, which wme to lie repeated three or four ti0e0 i tihe IPresbyterian, Union and .Monitor jctrs.l , lhud I ever inteolno) to brile him, I shnold iave oflebred hii at beat .3l00, his regular fi'e, ilstoad of $ Ii, whichI, in al problboility, he would hove gladly received os hisl fee, and not asona bribe. On the ontrary,if I ad lbeoe ca lrtblea ofolferitt' a r:bhe, I should certainly have done It itn way to have insouied his acceptance. I. Hatild the Rev. I)oetor been reloly converted to tia Itelihfofthie doltrioen of tile iaviour, he would not have promieed to cennoennd exalinte my patients o, iht. out khepina hbIt wc-rd, as I have always found every oninisie,' of ihe .!-loi0El zealos to dI. i. 1-lhtto l epll really converted, he wociol net pub lie Itocha snlaetat tgainst the Americon il ioitttions, whtioh, it is well known, are more numeorous, and wlilch are .nporior to omany in some parts of Europe. His roaidtot tso nouhIlo disgusted some voung literaryl enr acIere, as to be scsreelv reatruited'fron putishaong hio ,o0 the pto, by laying violent hands on hin. Il'he lev. gentleman, though a Sotclhmat, is without excrse, (unless hle is calumniated), allouoglh he noy think hle as o right to ahbae the American isitittoimioe, lecauie le isoa mooverled infidel. I say lie lhas lot.-as ail oughtl to speak well of thie bridlges Ie goe( uofely oever. I fancy the gallant Caolaino (;rue.:. ned several otlher aniable young genotlemen of \a-ltville. recollect well the conduct of this pious explouider of tilhe tloly S.ciptuores! 10. I never aw srlch a deson itn hlmoan shape as the Rev. Droctor was the duo I cutl el to reasou with him, wheo lie moenaced toy griea hairs with an uplifted ,ignntie armn, co if hie would chave lO-Ibold ti0e to the grouall, for darling to draw a pious in uisiorto:wotV fromo hli dltoy, by ai bribe of 30 plces iaf sil'er! 1 really Iremblcd intlo than if the . dld (itetlcmooo'" lad ai-. Petred il his owo shupc! I1. I solemnly declare befre God, alnd am, to afraid to cll Hiim to witness tlhat I neover, i thle whlole curtrae of 42 years prcaetice 00s aa oculist, ill (;lreat Britain, France, leltgollll and Anoeric, ill a sillgle instonee ol fcred aoa brie, anyv amounot to the editor of tony journcaj hbot as a oOtlosnOation fTor the splco I ceupced aunl the troubleoolwichi looasioncd thae; old that I was always store inolinoed to redone, ratloer tlhan add ary o oooey to !tte printer'o hill; wlichl i a sulfteiiot proof that I had naoiotcn~iol, to bribe. 12. Loot yI.-l'lie Memphtip Enquirer ortwot or three weoks eontoilos a tissue of flagrant faloliotoda, which lte oleclioal Gidoliah elitors lournc I froo tIheir brethren of thlo M. Goliolhs of tihe North, otod I ehall treat tiloo with ailelot ooutretpt untl ttile pooper tim urrives:- Unless it is trne what I h0ave Joee inf.oretrd.-a"u a lerggtr, and you will catch 0 L--!" .l'oough I peid hibo fur toy adt'ortloaolenta for two or three wehsa, he only i ihctiodilnton aooe. soc will plcese to insert tloiu letter i your noat po per, and oblige yourns, &n. In haste, JOHN WILLIAMS, the Englisll Oculist, Lojuisville, July 1337. Copied from the 8. IW. C. Adnocte of tlhe 24th Jne, 1837. At the request of I)r. WVilliams, we insert the folloaw iuT oate from the Iev. Mr lHowell, of Nasdvills, to the editor of th South WVtstern Christlia Advocete, who, it appears, has examtined the diptlomas and other dtou. muts,evitrcive oflthe Doctor's cinaims to public patron. age In c nsequece of an accident, Dr. W. will ra. maein in Nashvdle a few days longer than hIe at first intended--say the ttt July. Rev. Mr Stringfield:--Rving been requested by Dr. Williams, tie ocelito, now in t tie city, to examine Ilia inuineroue diopitlas aid i other documents evinciv. f Ida cluimn to publi eonafidt.o , in his proeaisionl hae in caotlany with a valued feiend,dune so with pleasur. Amongo them I found a letter from Mr Pageot, at pre. scot Charge d'Affoires of the King of the French, at VWashigton, addressed to Dr. Williams, testifying the genuineness of the diplomas frno the Kings of Frane, BIelgitumt, sc. as well as thos fromn tlhe Medical Socie. ties of France. He has numernus vouchers from men known to be ofhigh reputation in this country, received since hit arrival in the Unitd ldtates, dctailitng inaten. cas of great success in the reteoration of sight to the o,nd. I have seen no rly all his poor patients in this a,:y. I knew none of them previous to thei. conming ueter til care; biut all I have seoot say they are un quesrationably besnfitted. ILOW'T. B. C HOWELL, Naslhville, June 21, 1837. PI. S. Siince writing the auove, one of Dr. Williams' patients has called upon me, and says lie had actually and totally lost the sight of otne eye lir seventy years, but now dlecareo himself hettiti that last night, for the first time in hlis life tihat he can rcullect, hlie could din tinguls, with tI t yT.,sotme of the prominenti tars. I learn that this old gentleman has lived many yan in this rdgion, ad says he has been a lMethodist during forty years. Yours, truly, aug10 R. B. C. H. I'ENNEK' MAP OF LOUiel ANA,ac. ar A NEW MAP or LottstAnA, with its canals, roads and distances fromtn place to place, along the stage odl steamboat mrutes, by II. S. Tenner. MITCRELL. 3MAP OF THE UtITED STATEI ehswin. the princiwpal Turnpike and common nrods, on which are given the distances in miles from outne plasn to another, also the courses of the canals and ntl mads thrtough oit the cooutry, carefilly compiled from the best an thuriti..--uhlished by S. Augustus Mithell. MoITCHEILL TiAV 1LLERt' GUIDE TranouH THE U roTED "IATaJ; a map of the roads, e ilstanee steame heat and canal routen, ci. just received and fordtkle WVM M'KEA.V, ('llIE'KS ON PHIL.IDELPII.A1-For sale by YftRr.Kr, r BOTHERS, t.31 tlump slretcl, 'lHG INDIAN'S i'A\AI;KA. jlOR theeueofrhlenmatismlel vfulaor kingsevil,gont, soiatica or hip gout, haeirient cancers, salt rheum, splsilid and lmereursal disease, patineulanrly ulcers and pldnnllhniouns o tthe loes, ulereted throlat s-J ano-. trils, ularsof evey desarnption, fever sorae, and internal abaeaes, fislasl, les, Bald head, urvy, biles, chro nie soe rysipeblots, nd every varietyofeu. taeousm afelilon, dhrme Catarrh, head ache proceed. ing from any crid humor, il ini thie stonmaeh and idv I pepnia poeediigfronm narstlin, fleetions of the lier, shlr.oice hlflmmatlon of the kidceya, anid generai dilbili tyeaused y atorpid ationofthevesselsofthe skisl It is singllarly efleaious in renovating those eonstitstions which hlve been broken down by injudeiions treatment, ljuvenile irregelarities. In general terms, it is renom-. lnned In all thniedslleses whieharis from impurities of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of wihatever name or kind. Sonse of the alhve eomplnlntsmay eaire some tri. ling aisltant applications, whiclh theeirenmstaneen of the case will dieta*; but for a general remely or Purieastor to removetheenase, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally be found uafiiment. TO THeP PUBLIC. Ilow true is is, that modern Phlysicians, in their am hition to enel in their profession; explore the vast fields ofseieseesv the aid ofehemistry, and seek out new re medial agenst in shlot, to arrive at perfittion ill the praesles by metans of art slae,--entirely overlook and seglect, as heneath ther ltose, therieh and boulnteous stores ofmedisinse, which the Almightly his causesd to spring out of the earth in every elime! Ani how muoh more true islt tait whilethe Ameriean Physician looks f to filreigsn enntries for tnny of Ilis most common and Iuenetsry articles, perletatlly ehanging as they are as the dlictates otlTahion or folly, he is surrsctudled in his own country with an endlessprofusion of mediel plants, smffieislt to answerany indication In disease or to cure f any curable disorder; ani yet he is ignorant of their vie , toees, a they ar sufferedto 'wastetheir healisg on the Sdesemtair.i The elfisaof vegetable mediinel upon the sylem are temporary-thole of meinerls lasting. Tlhe normer ex rt their effcts and pllr ioff--the latter, meruery in per. tieslr, net chemie•ly ipion the solids, deeomplsitg the bones and undlermining the cenatitution by a slow aln sure destruction. r The congeniallity, efliciency and SAFETY of vegeta ble remedlies ever minleral, may ne estimatedl bveonetlast hingthe ancient penatice with the mloern; or, to bri if luore immediately undle our own observatinl, Ale Idi. an prltice with that ofthe whites. Wllo, i Ameriea, nan not known or heard of repeaatd instances wherein some decrephi, unpretendingfemalelshtian, by nseansof her simplie remedies alone has affected the most iapid lnastolnishing cures, ltelr the alsteira Mediae of the e-mmot practice directed in the most skilfuil manner, I:is Ifoiled? And who hiss not beess scrps'sedl ats IesEols n ' lativerase attll tility witll whlich the ldias firees him n:sel frm aol disease, and at the almost rota abstinence Sofhrollie esenaseamong them? Who has ever heard ol fno lsitdian with a eoesttitution broken and rinedl by illtreatment? Antd san a doubt exist that this happy ex esidstion oftlhe savage from mona of tile ills which the ets of man in heirto, is chiefly owing to more gesia if al safe remeldies wlicth lse emsloys? ''lhis astounish ing Iifference in sueess, is a fairexempllilication of the t infinite supeirirty of the sitple asid safe means of oure which God has created for the benefit of his ehildren, over tiose which thi pride anod the art of man have inl I vented. From a long resideneeamomg a portion of theaborigin alisihahllsntsof thiseonntry, antdan intilmate aeqnain Stance with the mnthess of cure of some of their most Ssuccessiful praItitioners, the proprietor el 'The Indian's S'Panallssela,'ainied a knowierlge of some of the most powerful nod favorit remeliies. rome these he seleterd such as were most eleaeious astd appropriates, and after various experimentsto test their rinciplesand strength, he has combined then in the form here presented, as the most peirf et and beseficiol for the purpose for which it is recommendled. iThe proIrietoro nrsthis preparation to the public, wills the consciousness that lie is plaeing withintheir sea, a remedy eapable ofrelieving many of Iris afllieted fel low beings, who artsufiering' under the various chronis and ohbstillnateeompla.sts to which it is apptlicable. 'ITo aulh it will prose of inealculable vale, as the means, Sain il manliy ases, tle oly means of relieving tIhenirsuf i: lterings and Irsntolig hem onlee mote to ieitati and itap. - pisness. Thlisis intoses red as a common remedy, that of taay per chaoue rbe etllly good with manly others ilo' ill use, butl as one whidl i ellsable of sat ing life ill man extremne caseswhichal the unlsuall emediestall. Thlia it d, hadole repeatedly; slid thi is the reI)utltion ithasole Stainedlwherever ithusbeen intronuced. It is olsly about tIere veaes since ills I repaatsion was in Ireseutedc to the hublis: but in t stsut shus ance of tsime, aI some hlnhreila of teralus might Ie olollldn who wouhl i solemnly decla'e that they believed that their lives were saved by it, atl in moe..ases after they had tried malny ansl pesirhaps all the eolumon resicdies in sain. ithrel" ever it is known it is alndly coming into use, and this Ssffornlsthemo subs aataslIalani uollsilieing proof of it nlrtrits. Sn'lhe value f the Pannca i most cols licuousllin those iwhich lhavie defied Ill oilier reHlhdie's, andtil pl'tiulialyv ill these eases whetle itllrelller' has Ilben so lavil !y usedl as to cause llistlreasig lills ill tile hollles, nottles, nlleiu l Ir 'ialu lcers, del'rangemtut of the digestive org:oll, c.d. 'These it eolplentely remtnes, tinls illl ase: iteltle ly elrldieaner the dieseases tild ethlet8 It el'tel ll', t rern. fvolesthe conllsliutinurll, atlln t te l iete ntient s .lll rond well. In rhincmatisrs and in ulter'ated sore thlotlw, its hap ye etsare lot le.sapparent,,pti ingai. st inn,. tdit rlielt t i'Iskest itn s1sitI ittuse, thSe Im li:st'' Plat:aets s l' aee a as nll . rl'tllsliatI e tst IdI tla's't'sall I aplra m tic, llll'tt ., auld laxativesne n lsti-sttse:la stin url anotitnirlt; t andll ill iprpl'erllcaes, asi atlmlollUchih id molnlJlello ilge. lletterl. r tilt exprlessed, it increatss a l the seeoretat'tintns and tex t etctinll, gives toll le atomach, and excitess:ct in Sthe giland ill ait t itlula r m't eri1 . Fr'oa htse grin.a ples itsoplrl;tions may be nllllerlt I. Tr tlismediucine has been fotud hih11v t'lill in tmt .s uit ntbigunos diseases liot here speifieal, anal it lIs - b.en Sused with woldertfl success as a S pllil~nlll :, "all I1'n. riller, by those wht o t re shlect Io comaclisilt t of the cheb, as nwhse esonslitultiat equirh niew s iioir. Sch persl an.s wil sto wetll to use ' voe m three bottles in ts stl fi. ses. WVheuneLr a diet o.ti,' is cuonIhidred necess.u-ty this Panacea, tatken inl a Snlmall eian,; e iil auswes all i1 irl'lloses, inll uclh les timoe, at leas exlpelus, and inll 1ats' Il'ore agreeable mntnler thllal tihs commonlol dies ti iink. The fidtowing cerifecates, out of ltrodrtds similar whichl mighst tbr procurned, are given. t uS . th, eftfc't of the Indsan 'a lallllsell, ill Its' valiss S ,*,ailllss :l tst i,;il isllensi saeditoadlllolts oexiliil ill ti' ', ' a-s.tiul.letolty annler itlul'iriy te s! itl.t raI ii',. s at use. CASES uF itlliU'.mi A I Id Canansceree. Xe>. 15 nafr. CeasLtnreN, 15, 1832. During thelastl witeri n'ig a ,l lprit4 stlllctetl with a very severe and distressing rha uai:1 m t, Uoccaioned by exlsun'e in badl weathetl. 1 ow take great pleasure in tatillg, tlhat six bttllls ithe Ilian's l' iilcea, restored mee ti ler.te health, lid I Uollnlillctly rCCUetlmeld it Ito dl similarly afflicted. JOHN FF.RGUSON, KiIegst. COUnLSineo., .larch 27, 183.L I was seized ahont threei ears since, with adistressin,g rhetiuatilsm, caused by takiug a severe coli, while titter the inflsenceef mercury, and which has dlsablled r from bulniess nearly ever sitce, lDitl tin fis period hane lellr t a lpatiellnt the Mt'Lnle tIs itale ill thls oi stlwards el tour uttsiutls, aid i early the saime lecgth." time ill the ilaltimore los itlud, rde triil almost ever remedy, with little beneelt. O tile Ifith of l'.:euar last, atithat time sautrely able to move albut upon crutchl. es, I ncommenced tile useo if ndi:ntls sllecaea. ill oil mlonth I tnutld myself entirely f'reed tColr lpau, amp ter low haplpy to state that Itoll.lllr i mlysrelf prltfectly well. \V'tl. 'tI'CUIC'II IlMarkct at. CAr-S OF SIOFU I OUS U.cilts. NtIw Youlx Sept. lit. 18.50. This maiy cerCldl thai tlit Itt ll oe 1i5, I tas scizs with a swelligiitn ilmy nete+ ld -ice, which :daietwart. ilolrated and becane large ghlstly ulcers in my eecl. Atirtrityiig ncai.ll s lihyistialls to itilo stltage, I wne' to l'lilailellpli, it lind ilcl is toll' utitler the ca'ei lirs. Plhvste aml Iluacll, whenl, lier repeated salivattlon to nueltret, I was tprxiiUUiced utterly incurable. After. Wallsa ltmk twenty bhutlelol'Sw'ioi's Palltea anti eight loittles oflPotter'a Citllllicoi, witth ino mtiteikdil belleit )esplilritngof lite, which had nowl becoelre a burthein i me,I returned to lly areits iy n New York, ill 8lsJ, an genem'yselluli to a lilngrintg death. Heariig of tin gttt sue .ss of Tile illdiat Pi ll' ate, however, ill can sinmilar to my own, I was plersualaded to l it, as a last It. satn. To my great sutrlprse as well as satilsfation,. soolnttfounidl tiyselfrapitll.y tevertnig', sid upon taiti1 =.eei bottles, the ulcerslhealld andt I hecamne tpe.feetl) well in the course oftwo monlth, and have remainedl so ever illce. tusak thbis sttutemtn atnd witsh itllulisied fortlheatenlt'eitthoet wlolt.l+ su.ffeliet il, nier similar seerfilulus or siphilitic alHtoIetis, that they may know what he cured one who hlas sfluered every thing but deatli, ild ito contsiders his life saved by the above ov. rtp. WM. HINHAh CtttnL.Urex. July 1't, I a;31, I was fdflioted, four yeas with an ulcer is the leg, ou easietally accompanied will, ccrsilpelatous inftilttilti anlld excessive nsint i the leg lnd antlc joilt. Se.ural eminent physicians exerted thilrskill upoln it, but with out pei. atellnett benefit. lin this case live bottle Inldian's lanacea made a pcrtect cure. MAItGAItB' A WEST', 121 Market 'For sale by HENRY IONNABEL, druggist, seen tfo tias proprietors, l'ehetat.itollas strest 16i NEW ORLEANS S& NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPAN '. ilI: steokholders of title company are lerely no tilled that by it rcsolutilon of the bohrd of direc. tins passed on the 19th inust. tho call tade oil them oit the 13th February last, for the payment of five dollars ashare, was rescinded, and the aid stockholders are further notified tlat WH REAS, bh n resolution of this board pasuted on tie 19th last, a eill has tIeent adt on the stockholders of the New Orleans iind Nashville Rail Ioud Cmlpany for the following pavyml.ts oni the the stock held relap.c tively by them, niz:-two dliartleer shae, ItSyable i the trat tidy of Septeutther ext; two dtllars pier altre ittyabla on the first day of Deceimber next; land two dollursper share payable on the efit day of March next. 'owrtherefore be it resolved, that the secretary of this company shall iotify tie shae Iholders therein, tonhieuh tlie public pr tils ii thie city,that in confermity wtith the cintis ecation eI , the t lartertheY lie pie rttllittt to itoatpote atry pi ylsint called lit on tele stock f said eslpalety for tbe teru of sit y days, fruit, and after the day on which ii in made payable, with the exlitens cen dililn however, that if not regularly paid witlhi the said pmliloneatlon of sixty dtys, fron iadt aft sr Ih' day on wtich it sltould have beenl aid, thit tlhen the stcnk on which said paymentst sluuld hluev been made, is and rema ,. lorfeited to the compauy, the charter ei that puoitttieug imperative. li etnefrmhiy therefore, to said of the stockholders it said company, as think praoer to eat nlf thie payletls on their stuek to the etnd of the additional sixty days, wlich the charter allows them, are notified that the laylent of two del lara per share called for,and due on thIe first of lnee tetinor net, may ti ltustponed under tiet suth sectio of samid chater, until the b3at dry of October next, thnt the psymnt ol twn dellars per share called fur, and dueou the firsta tiy of December tlet, may Ie post potted until the 30th day of January i'ext; ald the pay maul of two dolluars per turre called far and due on the firelday tf March nexn, itlay be tinilUSled ultil the 30th daye of April tSext. "xtrniCts of teli Iiues al ' tile board. june dl A It AMcNAIR, See'ry. SHant.s for ale JOIIN Ii FR0I1I, r snifi STATE OF' LOUISIANA.-Parish urt for the Parish asd City of New Orle . a T HE STATE OF LOUISIANA, all whom i thse Presents shall come, Greeti -Whllrease, James Hatse having purchased at s ale Imde by the Sheriff of the pnrieh of O(lMest he prolerty hereinalter desecribed, .s applied to thelerk of tlha court, in whose office the deed of sale w recorded on Ihe 2d day of April, A. D. 1338, for a o r odver tisement in conformolty to an actof titeLegilatore of the htote of Louisiana, etiitled "An act for th urthr assu rluc, of titles to purchasers a tjudicial sal;"' approved thle I th day of March, 1834. NOW, herefore, boow ye, and all prens interested herein, are hereby cited ao d admonished irohe name of the State of Lauisiana, and of the I~rish Court, who can set p any right, title or clamlt in and lo the property hereiafter described, in consaeeHse ol any ilformality in the rnler, decree or iudgtentnf the court stider whilh the Palo was made, or any ittegulcrity or illegality in the appraisements and adiertlemente, it ttte, or manner of sule, or for env other C'efet whatto eve, rto show cause, witlin tlirt dlays from ibeday tlis monition is first inserted in tile public ppers, why the sale aso made should not he conftirmed od homo located. 1'he aold property was sold hy the Sheriff the par fh aforessai, oton ti 14111t day of April,A. I IL:'F. 8ty virtue ofa decree of this Court, readered ot tlie 5th day of Febuarv,A. Di. 1838, in a suit enuttlld Alexander Caldwell vs. Jmtes Hanse, No 10,367 of the docket of this Court, at which sale the said James HLsse hecame the purchaser for the price of twenty one tlosusnd dollars. iescription of Property as given in lihe Jtdcial Con veyanee, viz: A certain lot of crouud oituuted in tile siburb An. nunciation olias Lacourse of this city, it square No 5, td lot having Freneh meosct, 60 feet fiosst oTchoeu pittoulas street, :611 feet fron. on frangers street, and 6i feet on l.nagasde dti nlrc' o street, in such u manner thlat said lotofgrotnd is 60 feet wide trote ote aide of the eqltare to thle tter tiogether with a dwelling hotse front ng on ''eloupitoulans treet, the kitchen and de pendencies, also the distillery estohli h:uents erected tlereot and other huildings and iulprovementa, the machinery, utensils, implemttents and fixturet belonging to said distillery, its depreo enrei and lapl llenant e . and the rlghts,t dtions,andl rivileges thereto belonging or in any isoe appertainine'. Clerk's Office, New Oreans, May 7, 1838. m14,24&j3 J. OI1.1IE, l)eptv Clerk T.T:A-ri LA LD USIANEm--u our, de Paloltso Ipor In piroisse et vilt t de Ia Nrucelle Orletns. L 'E'TA1' DE LA LOU1SIANu.-- A tos eceux qne p. ta prestens eolteenneat, Salut : Attendlu que James Hotse avosttlst te a Ottne oente faito Iar le SLorif delo Iptoisse t'ltrleansla miprnis-te ei-apro dleercite, ar'est oTnssb itu Glrfr de clrtne Cmr os In ldite vente tint esregistrte Ir " cmosjour de Mal de I' lane 1838, ,our uo tvis coOllntfottemol.t t i tn ate o t la Laigislatult dt I' Etat de it Louisianea, intitultlf Aolt pour eonfirmer le)s titles des aoquerurto nux ventes judiciasires;" pprlouta le i0 Mats 1834. Qta'il soitcotus at loutesrt personne inttrhaseea sollt par ees presenes saootmtsoe ill nOtm tde 1' Etat de Ia Louisiane et de Ia Cour tde Parojose, qoui poartrient svtir l droit a inopoa itiet ci-alpres dteorte, es eonsequenoce dl'uo dtlftut de ftrtnt datn Itvttlto Icl deert ou le jttgttment de a cnu, n verte lduquel In ve1nte A te tteit, on tie route irrtgulorite ou illhggalit dlnnl I'estimatitn,l'tis o uleI temps et le mode de In vente, o Ipour ,tnouvtte oo ea quelaleotque; (. fle volt, dasl trentsjours a d. tar ld i tpullialion de entle avis, pou|luo i l aotttooaittl Ifitt tc seatit Lpas et hotologuet, La proprihtb fut vendee par le sohesri adit, lc quna torziefle lour d'avril de I'tstseh 1801. a rverta dl'un! d6ctet dte ctt0 cour sla 5 do lfs r ivr do l'nnnlo 10:.3., dons I'uffalir d'Alexndeor Caldwell, centre James Ioanse, No 10,3y67 du docket dIe cette Cour, 1 Istlluelle vents le dit Jasoes le tte s'cst rettdu ecqutreur pour le prix de $21,600. Dsceription delo Propri tp d'oprts letraosfe Judicliare, Stvoir. Un certai h.t lde terre oituA no ftsubtorg de I'Annmo ciarion alias Laeoturo, tde celts vilie, dlns filet N,.5, Ie dit lot tie terre onttt [tlttesore fr teeo 8] t ixatt-l, plteds ie face a In ooue 1'clhonpittules, tiois ct iieds to aco A I rite oohte's trtoers, tt oit:totte ptt ido lie face i l fnacrrh: de ht runt du llarch cde. eerte clue· t dit lot ie terr at soixante picds de areaosto d'uu hour de 'ilet t I'tatre o en;eO thlt ltse tlaiqnll t ltlt e i tt rue 'l'chotltirossie, hl cuisit tit soa dti pestlncet., ttsi Iue disitillerie ctsotruits tur e l lit It, et I tl't*o Ioa tis.e et a lioratallitra it les ntliess , useln.ileo , illnost ll rations, &e. atpp r:enottt b la Itdli dlistilhrie, n.. d0p0nd s,nllappalrtrenaccs et leas droits, actions at t prvileget Bturttu dt grefltcr, Noullll e (Irlh.ant , Is 7 ' ti. 8:I3t tsl.l,'-&j3 J. t)l.l.ll Ito.- ttf. Gr'r ier Roynl Collece of lPhysicans, Ltd:. l i. T il.l original Viegetablle lilgeiaii Universal Sledi finfe, oilpared y WV \rimskih, Esi, MeNuie if ,lie IeIol Colleg, of kclcrgers, Licentiale of Apche-b carv'sOicnllIy, Fellow if i imitl Court Society, Srgtoni to ihe loyadl Unionl PellsiOn A iCictilc, Iaca'csr flice, WVaiero Itrlge, :d oieyrteal Pupil of Guy' a'lli St. 'I'onts'sc Ilosl it,;p id . l'dc11 . This iaduaile nwdicine, thie result of twec vcts' exlvr*tree ntll utural:lell d success ih the exlellir srod hght' res rt ,uil'lo p "ic . of coic pro iieit-, po iIsd biiiii'fi I'he cficist .lii biliti , i iu is c ow i 'lf i uc. I Inttc Ipucice of ,ho Amrcicaii ilhlio, ait lthe aloesl si Istaoii in tile ic i ".ssion it is hoped, i l a preliil nary step, to check the e 'ilso ml i inli coi e .l...ce arising from the use of the uinerous mud d ltle osi IlosIr'ls inis8 sted upt n the publi b1 thei ulid f l'I abrici, I io ft m l ireco ll lllli s itr , I ni' t 'ller fii Is, bi ) t l It Imei r uiliiry, uii llln i prlete del r so tll tal l illl uliv t dll -Ias tcan ny 'l In h g r p" dou'wn I.ill Ise ihtullige., iiipe i oftiscou'i tr. The'i pills, nihd c l n r lIivi ,l iit Ihelt inaulll.r, hIoi( ,l l r Le ihi r'Lte li ll i,h c:,l I, of snlden illness, flo, I ll l ,1er pro i tlri' n, cI ,ll t, cl lntt l, ra ps, sp ll at1s, Plt e rs, anlll l ohilr aill (il, ii curedor preveed. In fii t, all those whin ,'I" i d , lietI, should neer be wit h I ,c ml Ihe. are Ih bi t ketsat 1 s enst J1 and "_ emeh, by eery retin t:icl druggists bo kse ller, sanl tenter lf tinet iie. is tht tUniltel Sialae. t I he Canadas, hh sc pinUs +hreh+"leim Igelher itlh Cstunanials of prfeot sio u hl : "ilits' f" a JheO. r 1101 ll i I' 1, M. I l.ce, N. Yo)k, I A Sole .el,'all A e iI.i Ih ,lUti se f, oe. , er w rece. ivii igni s i tiu.i ,ls N s ,lle, l Auisuillite t;cneral Aget ,t is hr., ther la..t , i:,vils .trini te o iits ercllt.deso t l algc w . illi I leleJ. iassOl r itelt i-. sonai tilgolntllle. 's in lf m l M oo o JNO. iOI1B11'IN, "los ne .. ' Place N. York, i olo iulicl; do bGil, a d clit oilt a iilp ell .l ots s i er lsin ba ci s floeou cl F seail Ineol Niovro'i '~w lc cd . nbc'rlloa, bIJikki\t sei s ulc tretlg' ct Icogccn; 'Io boot1; do tocic kipi 000 wax fioggeiloIcies lied bofei gia o tlem ien'st, Ilivulaliy call Iwei shaloes, l'ioanc alll Jck Iciocigs; Ic ecif cl ..cccoo ` c11,w recehivig if'cm ships. Nashccille, Louisville. I tierkl citioes al'og.ianiis; ior Ic lf, bsel d acrll'tli ioclt I!ots; ir Boots, n oisse' es n edll l Brogandl tonss, t igofg shotel r's qin clt andkinv c cco oou. Al so ualitge l o lld , ii tuniit wax llegv' clul lx onls iar inocoans iod shoegs, lIckskio shi esi b oi I, l 'c li ouclii, cIvil iiocaiis, unilci ii , Ilnpelts of men's tin calf andu kiplld plggsshto ssands I rogiiidhooii ' boits ' do siit ki sisciii wax c'gged sigi I ii brogacsl ie tle i s best qi lalliy illiersioruhoesliy ttlr ns ald Jack lDowlin;,"" do calf un .lorocco lklie' shesnl i ccl ,e saol, miirocaic iaiil wdel i"Ac1i, u solew satclos; do lin e aI.Elsh ad lundroco m kid IUte otst Iboysl , llssl lolusd shoes, with elld gwi hout leed b if, Seal iand Is llboo kll ioi NlOec do 1 i.ll, pir.i r ssetlnaiild WaH brognsalls, pomii o sll shcesi do line F'ie los.iit'oei aoiuio ki ,u ci gana. Childrei's colored M1'ccocucl Hd loasilng boi . .ob. anl boots, ic. icintlenucsn'islln ftilshionble black slik liats; do black f IdrabL beaver dio iof a supcrio quality; do imitation It ran to; broad lanlld nlarlrow blrim men's fine drab anl il.; k assia shiort unpped 1hats, a new article. Youths' mI ;e iae lits of dlitercii l quaiiies; do chilrel', \1 sll' ad bLc) is black ouilld d(b wool hats of virios ih wes, with general assortment of boys' and mInc's 'I'hls asotlllseot will he replenishld by the arrival of oe Ii llacketsronm the rlcie nameiiid cities, all of which sifflbO sh i aiocencllllnodalhig ierms. aug I-I1f AI iN'f'.A U L' If;' 1,.1.41 1F'01t Til 1TEETII. rFTHEentalisle(c rc iutian ced co.etrilty neraI ;nicp . dcncicdd lot' this cllcie tilill relied oi'pdip oic pr Servative (i the teti, bu in ,luc dl ie sub-criber lfiver it I tihe Americoou Iublic. Arrangellcncs lia belcciiud to Aicc lile lt in ll lhe prinlci citie alld tolwVv il tec Ullit.d dit!s, so its to pl0ce it ithi the rechl ol tho ic outliriii and likely to slffer tis inoa Iarassinig of all ocbe-, Tnoclth- pne. " W\Vlhe applied u vecrdif to direclcollns icons io bottle, it las never flilud ito lfflord ilhiuledic. iid cnent reli!f. It also ccrreict lic dcCa' Io defeociv teeth, and reileves thot l envss c bhich'o frequecily readerc a strong toothun ilcss The aplilicalioi as rledv are Silisioe innotccnt, an cti unpeasani ; vina the large number of persans in difilient sections of it cullctry, that Iave alrir'ady cxpcrioioed such deiivloifc acdculutyry ei ctos oilin thc use ofo tl huln, are catIdo to bear (fr the public giod) thei'r testlunvy tio iuti a rivalled qdoflitles. t iu a Indiain, restda', oiv till - sinlgularly and usuexpectedly, anid no be regar led bI the ciiloizd world us tie onat valuable dicuvrv s rellluun of the wooda. llLce $1 lre bctti.s Sold by JAilN IS & ANDREWs mnr CorColnoult aillll Tcluaoi itousa "o . i I E\V BOOKS-Navsc Sdketch Rook, or, the Servioce ., Afloat and ashore. \Vith characteristic reminisccn es, fragimeluts and opinions. By thoe author of i' Tuersol a Ter, &c. second series, il y voi. r alundols ltecollectios of the loouse of Commooqn, from thie year 1130 to thIe cloe of1835, ii.ludiig peu s I cal sketchei of the leadlog membcr---by oce of cc par y,jiiot oceived and iobr sale by \V McKEAN, ii ('1 ROIIWEI.I., all Histrioil Novel, by the nuthorr Il lPopular Medicine, oc Family Adviser; coneisline of Outlinee of Anatomy, Physhilogy, and Hygice, win fl succh hints on the pracilic if l'hyslvic, Surgery, nid tl rI, diceases ofiwomen acd childrec, is may prove usefo l cce h fomilies when regularphyuiciens ciilllv be Iprecured ieing a eoopociuu aod goide Ibr iulollgent irincipali of muuualcturies, Ilantlalions, and iboaditIg nhool' ii bead, of families, nluslters of vieecls, Inisionriics, cu ti ravellers; and ct usfil sketch fir voanz men connsc . cit. icgtl ti tudy of uedi'.hi. Rly feycIll Coier, 1l. I). Peter Parley's Univcrsal listory on the 'iedo til G.eography, fur ime use of fomiliei, illuitrated by luaptoI and engravlngm, inl ,ols • Junst received and fur sale by \V McKEAN, - m9 ,ur ooalp and Common te, I OTICE.-'Th'e cunerofc sev:ol packagms mccehanc N. dle marked ladua ie V. Areiqsuensave. pee ship s _roton, from Now Yurk, is horeby notified that they olave boenstored by STETSON, AVE.Y. O"'o n1il Cuiii tec. "Grc.t N JUST PUBLISHEDFROM STEREOTYPE PLATES, ?he F/Ah. Edition rIf ROWLETT'S TABLES OF INTtEREST: T.O hich is new added an Average Time Caleuln torl, or easy methods for fnning the average time on storage, notes of hasd or bills of goods, when paur. clhased at different dates, on dife'rtatt credits, and for various amontms; besidesa useful and complete Bonking Time Ta',le, the best Ihat can he contrived. nr that fi gurs call produce within the same condesend compass, ald size o tyt pe. An navertisement in thebook is in nearly the follow ing words: The high distinction this work has receivedl throgh the ten legislative acts ptr'fxed to tih title lage, is a e eommendat i nn i itself, so uanommon,, and so conclu sive, th t nothing is necessary more than by way of ad vertisement, to give a condensed view of some of its pc enliarities:as for instance, the Inlarest has been compte ed from,and compared with, what is equivalentto four teen letsef ealaelatione, examined in the pressthirly five times, and printed Irotm terenlype plates tested thirtyty-one times, fiom all whlEch it nmast he evident even to the skeptic (especially on ttu ip.eonal ofthe le tail ef p'roof in the preface) that the we ek muat hie Mrit - metneaIly infullible, and in confirmation of this belitfa preminmn of two hundred and fifty dollars, is now otffer ed thr't e deteetia, of an error of a cent in the plresent or fifth edition, as expressed in t.e preface, nmaking fire Isee plemioas 3ffereed for the same error sincethsfirst pahlication in the year 1908. One of the most conspienonas featres of the tables is inthe arrangement of the Time adll Amounts, which for expditis, roference and perspieuity, with ih help ofthe sidle and index, cannot be excelled ; asnd the saty ty and ease with which the interest cea be found,tolthe extent of general business, withont doubling of sums is hesides a convenience so essential, that in the estlmn tion of some oi the most competent and practenal busi iems men andl Ipublic officers who have made great ouse of the work, it has been distiaguishecd by t/a honorable appellation efofa "master ploee". Anal eonsidering the infallibility of the methodl oiginally adopted ia comalosilg the work, antd the extraondiuary number and variety ofthe examinations, and tests of every edition it haspassed in tle lress, eotwithtaunding the whole is in stereotype, considering, in sh6rt, I:e positive aecuracy secnred by the unprrecedented means employod, the vo lumehns been held up anl emphattcally styled " tilhe most woder'ful book in the waslk;" most eertainly no man can namen figure work of the same extent, which since the begionnligot creation, has Iad the same num her and variety of tests in the same number of editors; no, nor one halfthe number, as is clearly shown in the Sprelhee. Besides, astest and standard, it has been tried and btireed in nearly all the bank a/n public offices il the UnheUt Sates, and by the public generally, during the long period of thirty-five rears, yet no error of ihe ral a enltions has ever been ound ill print, althongh continu ally challenged by the ofler of very large premiums. The il ftiat expressly adopted by ail the sourts oflaw at several of the States as the " rate of leulattlon foratatute interest," as lso by law for bank interest, according as the book is used, and as any he seen in part, by ,.e snames ofathe subscribers, and a few of the subsequent purchasers, in the list attheoed of tah book, isin lasessite c'evelry eloss of citizens in every quar te of ti/e Unit ec States. It ismoreover well known that, by its rearly check, it has so often deetedted large errors, long after they were wonde, even by the most careful and most compaetent arithmeticians, 1-at its usefuliness, and the absolute ate cessity flo its use, have been extensiyely insisted upoen, so cvident, intced, lhave bre its advantages, aod its savings, that, seaerrl yrars-'oi, whilst the first edition was sarece, and out of print, a great number of second hand copies wvere sought for, samne to a gle t distance. and purerased at varions prices, as they could occasion ally ho picked op nit from $10 to $25 per copy, anal some persola have reenn.,y declared, and instances could be quaoted that they would pay $50, $100, and $500 for a enpy, l' not to be aal for less, and an individual in the latter instance partievanrl,', having ati the same iime rxhibited aotislaelory proal, to nseteal persons pre seat that to him it was really worth that money and more thoin ugh the saving of his veer vanlable time, he beigr a vrry riach manad ipnpublic office. It is likewise worthy of nItice, and indeed proper to impren, that such is thepature of figue work generally alld aspecially when lof the extent and Siporlance of tllehee tlas, that had this book or its like bta on iaa epar ell in taahe usual manner l ollne, aI. thle mnost compel tent enaleulatoler in tile world, and afterlLarda prilltd mnIst cautiouly lunLr hfisown correction of proof sheeat, it would, allmottto a certainty, have been ansail tIe re- I feearenc,anl dear at any price, as the prefore dar/alin lilI, e plains. B'ut a perfect and aainable have the stere,:lylle paites of this worklllern mae, that no scllre thelm, iathlllr lllllercusa ad eXaordlinarl exallinn tOinse, against fire, for the general berfitl, aI/ay ale (by Idvertisemenl) cons~tantly kept in a place of special Aslay tea/iauatiots tO fiat La/ ts butaks sad satatate ianta est willtlanaaid tl tIs fol'low the Irt'l'tie, which, iln la.s tllh s in the tnit preeding ediltins tan/r ma in / . n. i fl'r .atinll cac:ernihg thle tun lawful nmodes of comput I ,t rnllllaas only to reualik tllt, notwilthsutmding thi m nll:I tV co lly wolrk, /ll tell s wa, /llalisheI d tlitre interest :table's ai inltro tl .ll i dolli llt a .I l cents li e Ipatrolllli l, it has nollt t y at no uenl as laidl w s /illll.l.l. ptel Iea all / of I ar:ll l ' I. r th asallllli d llarsi, tbesidte six)eari ltllo fi lllo allt 9tl o lit)5t , sllt:tCa Oi11 / t llln n t lita sa t dililltot of 7ri 'll /ll llope ,:llall ta g chIt/ ly rimlla a1 ptllhbli' a Stiny ati that l le, a tt a tl nI tar aprit,, tt stn n bing ,dt / vmnl, enFI t'u Ita itla pl/ a.lal' , l a t :t -tall lilr f t' c ./,i t'l) , dise n, .n alln d nll; a i/y l tlllie plbli for a aconlil/ : anlloe of illlll ..llle n d aIoIIa Ilr l*e. V ra ahlmat( a rI,/.i/t ai t .tkaat/t r .s in fe ' 5/taal S,,ates. No/la I)/hdaof 1 men, ill/- o/ls. 'lt: le ll n\:i eon i bl e ool, a a'iult L a Iflor reli "I <<~ le fr~ m d h oat by W11. M1'liGAN, DOC'TO R JOIKYSO iA " 11' o ne hi sulte ctlt.ently ut his office, 14: F 11 t cr t, uphite stlie.t, o the tran ll i of u c.rtlalItcllus d' deli tle dL.easvs. Flomn 1)r. Joinol ,' B*oxtall he op Il 'tnlllity ill so) of tile mstil lehratled Ilhot.t' f kllInrope, exc lsil. ly devol. le to rle treatlneetl l ~I rte t:li r na l n ohtltic ctllllntuititad dl o rltin a irec+.l:" oful' lint tcsu it Ntow hook, teriog wehieh theb lir. Jioha+uo oUltlicol i: prac ice solely to tihe treatcment of thoe dileases, witll the iost ouprecedcuted succeas: he is enabled it re+ tlUov, aIny of the Iltlnwing contilaoicts in fromi 5 to 21] daygs. witllott illjuringl th, colintljltioi by lll.ncurve el toy other elet.erious Intdlcie. Giloorihec, ilet, Structure, Satminal W\Veaknes,Atfections of tt Illud. dcr, Iidilne, Prostate Glund,a nll l of those lllnlr oustrehi of affections, which generally follow neg., I. ed or nllal-treated cases of Veneriel. Scroil'llous ores, ulcerated legs, and worlis,removed by simpllie iotlh ld of tcreatLlntl, without restriction in dict or interrup. tion follu lusines. P'ersons residing in the country, and who feel deli. cate inco:sultmg their fuamily pthysician, by seding a staluenlt of thir eose by letter (loSt pail with fer. en:losed) canll hlave r. .lnonson'ti advice, tIr their twn treatunet, with medicine, necessary to be used,forwar deld. Separate offices provided where patients can never come in eontact with eachll ther. Attendurce from iuoruing until night, at 143 Customi House street. I ('totsultntions strictly ronildential in all cases. See 13'J j O)VItE h M1AY, inouse, Sign, anid tirnaoinlt a ai l'nter, Neo 3 Carunldele street, two dooers iomo .:oe sttee'. imitations (f the fotllowing woods and mrtubles,ex ecutltd in a masterlt mannler. WOODS It I .F.I Mahogany, Egyptian Illek and gold, Oak, ( Gialna and Autico, Pollard do, I Oerieltal or verd i atique, Curled t1o, Jasper, Curled Moaple, iBlotd Stene, BirdstEye.o, Darby Granite, Satin Wooend, ' Pootmnae, Hair Wood, , Dove or burdello, Yew Tree, Italian White. Coronmatndle or Black Sianei and Ilreotella, Rose Woodi, Ameri :nn Grey, Ash White Oak, k.c. &. kc. Curled Elm, Specimans to be seen at the shop. Paints, oils, glass, aopal tarnish, kh. on hand neitor sale. eti fl OtN,STEEL & HEAVY (OOl)DS-llat, quanre and bundle iron, well ssorted. Hlop, seroll and rod iron, nail rods and plough Cast, German, shear, blisterd, splring, shleet and Crowley steel lollow ware, cut and wroughtnails aill s tikes Zinc, block tin, mill oli grind tOllos, lti kettles Chaii cthbles, aichiors, hoes Ox, log a d trace chains, corn mills Anvils, vices, tll,,mnersand bellows Wiri, sheet,pig aotl bar ledi shlot Coal, and cooking stoves Ames, Rowinlldl an other spadesaid shovels look and nlate tinges, door ind wildow hooks Cnllins, Hunts, S.iarits, atid ether anes r'ald atld .nItilla corlage, lilles asti twine Holt and sheathilg copper; Nanval lstrLs inalits, linseed aid sllelnl oil A lii nassortment oa hartlware and ship ehandlery, always on hand, and wlich are offeredl f r ale at whole: sale or retail, on the most favorable terms, by nmh LAYTON k Co. 53 Oli Levee. I ARROWGATS SPBINGlS .tliit,gle iery cllnty, Alalinlla . TIIREE DAYS JOURNEY FRON NE IV ORLEANS. rilHE proprietor of this establishment has the plea. sure of fannouneiog to his friends andl the public in ernetal,t< at he will be in readine.sby the first day of AXla to receive visiters. He will also state for the'be nefit of tiIse at a distanee, that there have been large inlprtovmnents asade, and others now going on and in rapid progress for completion, which will tenble tihe subscr eer to accounnodute a luech larger number than heretofore, and at tile samte time much better. Faueilia can be accolnuodated itih good ronom, or thope who preelar can have large cobise etached from the mail building. It is deenled uutaeeosa.ry tr-say anything it parties. lar of thle charaeter el these waters, for it is generally believed that they are not inferior toI ain in tled South ern States. All tte amusemettll that are generally found at Watering Places, will he fotuid at tIis. 'I'e best muice that this part of th country affords, has eena congged, and will be ihl eoneltet attendance at the Sprinea during the whole season. ' he shasclib '; will avail himself of this eppartunity in returning his unfeigned thanks for the very liberal support given him last season. and hLpes bI. tile iser liona that have been o.ide in imtproviig and extlrdiog the a,' ommodrltions, to merit a ilbernl ptlrtaltli telh piesent seasnn. i CRt't. et3 It iimb, LADIES. t TKINSI)N'S DEPIlAttIRY, i.r ei Zi. perluoua I:cair fronm tll fTace, IeCk a illln . terith aueal nalfiy and certaiolnt, leaeiln thie ekihi iooer aord nhiter tian hetofe th anppliatciil All fres isipplyl ilcl received at cli llN'er -. iont Eco:han r Htoter Lener St Chars z andrt r .... i MAIL ARRANGEMENT NorthernMail De Every Day at 1 Al. orrnaa Closs Every day at 101 A. M SWesternverv undoy, W dnesday as " " JFriday, y 5, P.M. by tway of a4e Closes every Monday Wednesda r oast, and Snttnlny, by 9, P. R. The LakeMail e ever Tuday, Thursday, an TbeLaeMa Saturday, ,y 5,P. M. Cloase every Monday, Wednesdat EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPARTURE DISTANC h & e. of the Express Mail, betw.. nMooine and Ne York--leaving Mobile doill at 3 P. M. Northwar New York daily at 5 P'. IM outhward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. lime. Return' SlMontgomery, Ala. 2pm. 198 m's 2.3 It 12t. Columbus,Ga. 111 81 4 31a.m Milledgeville. Go. 2 133 14 2 p. m d Columbia, S.C. 7 am. 163 17 2i di Raleigh, N C. 5m 215 22 12 at Varrenton,Vam. 55 fA t a e- Petersbuts, Va. 1pin. . 10 SRichmond, Vs. Iam. 21 3 6 n fa Fredehricksbur, 8 67 7 l Ip h ai Wr- ashington city, 21 pm. 61 6 itt Baltimore, 64 38 4 0 e Phildelphia, 4 am. 1t00 11 2 ret New York 2 pm. 00e is 1305 14.h. or 5d23 oh Northward. Coming Southward, the time is sin boo *tp lea; being5 days and 17 hours. Ity TEN DOLLARS REWARD. he R ANAWAY fr,,m 169 Carondelet earner of Her ms Ii slreets, on lhe night of 30th of August, and wa io. seen it next morning in Peaydras street, a negro bhy ai- named CHARLES, about 17 years of age, and 5 fee. tre or thereabnhouts in height, very black, and Ires an imped. ole ioent in his speech, one of his legs is sore, occasione4 06 by a recent hurt; le bad on when he went away a white In eotton or linen shirt and white cotton tantaloons. ld Mestere of vessels and steam boats are cautionaed a it gainst receiving orharboring said negro, as wellas ala in other persons, as the utmost rigour of the lan will ha Senforced against them. The above reward will be pai r fobrdeliveing him into any of thle jails of either of the lie munieipolities, or at 169 Curondelet, corner of Hevi. no steset, rapt al. OTC '/cE-h'h copartnershtip heretofore eaisting U. 1'!under thile firm of IDubois & Garretson, has been -.s dissolved. 'ite subscriber will liquidate the affairno he thle concer in this city, and requires all persons inateb. ed to make payment to him only, and all thosehavinl cl laims, topresent hem forsettleetott. lie oug 8-7t a ARRlETSON h - \ W l17 , 7r .oits.-I It A LA RETSO N w. w. SWAIN. No. llFCanal Sreet Arte Orleans T AS always on hand co tauntly & roceivog Dr,. SDyes, Chemicals,and Paln:s, aloa tlhe. ar. ollownimt I.l UGS. DYES, Antimliy, erude, Argols, red, do i regull, Aonatto, Spar, . Arnenie, crude, Alum, do powdered, Brazillette woos, Ulalsawe coapvia, Cochineal, Boerawx,crae, Cop eras, AmeriRan, do refited, Cupbear, llrimstone, erude, Fustle, Tampico, do roll, do Cuha, do flower, do Maine, Birmoth, French berries, (astoroil, hnligo, Bengal, Cream tartar, do Manlill, C(:ntahrides, die 9,rroess, Gun aloes, do (a.ll.tmala, do A.Iabi, Logwood, Campe lty do oassantila, do St Domingo do amoniae, do Jamaicl, do belzein, Camwood, do copal, roughl, Madder, ombio, do do scraped, Nicauragua, oliln"r, do do S Amerie-', do Corn. do ulamlphor, cru le, do Maraenib do do rrf.t.a do Haele. do gaielum, CHEMICAIS. Ito kino, Acol, nitroos, do mastic, do nluri:tic, lo opilulnm, do s.ipl huric, o shelllac, tlue vitriol, . senegal, tlamel, it P. tdo ttmtlnre. orrosive so linmatio do tralaeanth, ihloride f lime, ficnmboge, 'psnom s lts, Juniper hellies, A it.ericat,tl,.nlr caustic, do do Foireign, lied prtecipitte, Mognesiar , bttgltyi, {.hclle .alt, Ido Alnerlali Ited chromate Rlpotasl MI:ania flake, Supi carIp Steb. dIo Sorls, Snil) potlat I .ii;toice ball, Sug:r lean. Oil cloves, Sulpt zinc, do cassia, sitp qitinine. d, le.rrg.nt, 'Tarttar emettric, dlo Jrlion, - I'AIN'L'S-.II..e d,. peplleriuint, Blue, ILi.u gietiau, CIhromic yellow, dtv, Si ;pecanU do do in oil ido jalai, do green, dry, di ltttrie , o t io do i etoil, do irhubthri, E I, i.ambilak Englmsh, do scca, lio i rmuYnow. di elll illlrgcr .n: l, io -;'salp ' ,.am , ,en Ameriean de to Talpic, Poris altoe Eoglish, on A merican o ,iedlead, Pollers+ Scaontl in, Co ;latsinaker., io I ngrek, dlto, grondI in iil ensilr kn.. 1'ni', red IEnglishd ir, ., let i tlt, lo A itnt rie o, nitoS Spttoi, grouint r rh elihd itotvl N i t, S l, i V t m illio i, C hinei e. d ii do iretfined, N Hal", igrl Nadhy, nllna Itoi I E iA, l, i ground 1olr. St i l, ia, lo 2 ro Id llhn.ed Salt il o nll, , ngli ll, dry Att i do Itle, to grotne iia Q irt: i;t',ott... Act e ,rrotcd , I ri... CI''I'I IN AIit'YlA1"I"ts NEW NOVFELS. lal/in the Reefefr, by tile author ol Perter Slimple, the im B volsL 'Caotuio s, or a Winter at Scltloss naifield in Loes Stvloa, by Captain Basil lall, Royal Noay, F. L S.; in I vol. Lord Raldtn, a rtmance, by Allan Cunninghnm, 1 tv Shteppard Le, written by hitnself, in vols. A mopetptdi*e Iilmory oJ'loaly, transented from Ilsu orignlal Italn, ly Nathoan el l reene in 1 old eor s:tig No. 79 If Harier' Eatin iy Library. Vole. 3 & 4 tnf ito lew tetlte etand eniform edition of ll'tshi/itlon Irvine'o Wo(rks. RoTer's Frcmh and Ea.glish iticiconary. in i vol, 3re Nttuget'e Frereh tand Enl /is Dictioaart,. few mlore Ocultis of Cotbo'anPhrenology "liiezi." Laorge Sorveylr' (Cot.nasses ofl perior quon i with cellins, Biillisrd lIolle'21-l4 and 2 I-2l inhesn GilTot'st improved netlic il'ene,jjaaedlnapers,bweihi &c. &C. &c. Just reeired, and for sale by em3l BENJ. LErd. SPAIN REVISITED,&c. &c SPAIN REVISITED, l e, by the author of'Ayess ill Spain,' in 20 vos. T'ras ofSulndc a charactlr, as generall appliceable to the ,Aborigica of Nuorb Anerico, by Turner, Es. 'lte Politicrl (ramonar, of tihe United States, or a colcllet view of lthe tlheory and proltice f thea gonearra ul go slate goernntlllsa, withi tit relations Itutwean them o-ledic th!ll uod adpted to tile i ung men of the Untied Slates, by E 1)M3ansfield, Esq. Nimrod's eluMting Tours interspersed with eharacter iltie uteedote, sayolgs and dolings ofsporting men, in cltding otieca tf thle principal erack ridersofEngland with analytical contents, and general index of namen,2 vonllulms. FOR THE CURE OF Screfula or King's Evil, Cbronic Rheumatism, Chronie Cataeonus Dis- Pains in the Bones, by free eases, unse of Mercury the bload being in vitiated state. This very onooentrated Syrop is prepared with the greatest pltarmaeuticeuul care olld accuracy, aud contain the active principle of Sarsaparilla in the mnnet eoncea tIrted dgree, comnbined with other vegetabln nsubetanen of known efflcaey. The ereat deuoleretam with physircians in being abl to exhilit a largeo qouantity of Sarsaparilla in a nto dose, has been obtained in this propuration-they, beinlr fully convinced ofits merits confdently admniidster the course of thoir practictte. Price $1 50 ilr bottle. Sold only at SLWAI.P BOT oEI 8 ~ otr tor, N,,. i tConaL street, 'he may be had, freshl and genuine, diroe t from tlhe prfr rib turs, Swuim's IPunanea and Venrmifuge, Potter's nC.tanni con, Carpenter's Preparations, mid a large and genera assortment of freshl drugs, m4D PINNOCK's ROME, re. fINNOCI'S IMIPROVED EDITION OF DR SGoldsmith's Abridgment of the Hietory of Rome to hichl is premixed ant Introduction to the Std tody Retotutt History and a great variety of valuable info, Ination addedtl tIleugpbot the work, on the Mantiecs Institutions and Antiquities of the Romans; with no merous biographicol and hlistorial Notes; and quea tions for extnination at the end of each section. 1I ,lustrated with thirtengraviungs on wood, by Atherton Pr.orocK's Itproved Edition of Dr Goldmith's History of England, from the Invasion of Juliue Caesar to the death of [George 2d, with a cottinuatiton to the yen 1832. With questions tfor exanination at the end , encl seetiuo. Besidet a variety of valuable informn lion added througholt tela work. Consisting of table of contemlporasey Sovereigus and eminent personn Copioos explnmatory notes. Remarks on dtIe p tics, nmnners and of the age. An outlinen the Constitution, &e.&. n dllustrnted by many seagn Guys' ELmsteors or At'raosone, and an Anridgmen of Keithln Net Tretise uo te Uso of (Mubsa. Ne. Aoericla editinn with, adltlitola and improvement Iul a0 exllutioa of the astolruutlnieal pat of the As Juse received and for sale by Wi In'KEAN nv 24 C omer of Camp and Common at, HARPER'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. SOltACE, translated by Phlilli, Francis, U 1D, with alpl ape lindix, ctlitilaug tnu lla of evnieas odec, lC, by Ben JoncUon Cowley, Milton, Drydo Pope Addlison, Swift Clatterton, Gi Vubfoh'I, Perle= Bryan, eo. oad Saee of the moren ai,let peotei of t|n -PHIE UKU, with tIe appendix al iludius transla ted by Cltritoither "Jtatar it 2 voul ftutriut vulutnen I8 and Iof"nlloper'n Clssitoal Liltrurv Tea Expediloan of ItU.IEt tIEy CLINKI3R, by 1'IE .lp.Y; a Ttlo~,o hdeoeutlllr of nRicnafhn RIary elIl argotdsy,'m £c., tow odietmna, rSa ntpne PAUL jLIFFO RI1 ); lho etrttoe - "b.Plh The )it, rOndttaiu g voluo Io elteittnew ei ufot'"Ef *utr'n Cuotple* V srha. euat eeesired a sale. WM MlahAIM ACON SIDES--IStt s..k. Cisteianasi N hcttditf,,otl eke....n,;.tt "Ech, and f.

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