Newspaper of True American, August 4, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated August 4, 1838 Page 1
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|je One me i 'itICE 1!. CEIN'I'S. ENAU 4 V*L*-VE No 1'6h -NEW ORLEAN SATURDAY MORNING,, AUGUST, 1838. V6L.-VI No TO d'cs% Ifo e f .Vens ,japer ''resr fof .Veo Orleans aun.i ie.rully ,rrle L 'I 0 u as ijocrne l meetli.g flhe fPrpri.:nrs, hkIl on Mhe 3tllh of troch, 18:3 ,duniceurtoos. -I'.,llve )allar flr the daily Ip, Mr per Is l toini, yable te n-anull.lllly in avncllee t Il lollnBr to tri we.tlvy country pOper, pyable onle Cear in.:t.llael, .vulore Io itv reference is given. No hubscriltio l will be dinclnuinned until arrorauros are tortled. it case of di cultin tnllce, lne week's nlotice ot wlSt Intfai b i:)v:torln y givenll, previous to the Clji,'tloa of an!oarijption. AtatrastritL..-) i d lli r per mloure for the first neartioea. s hal l ItllI pric for each snllll.unet 00n.: no inaterial .tltralion Iro ,i the original advecrtisemnlut wilbe ehaigeo.l aE t 'W one. yA u.e Avcrtsl:na.-Melrchnnts and Troler. iy.dnillars lfit Eonghit alone, and dixtv for both lunI gIl.fea r itnks, lusturaoce OIj8es, ndl olther sil ilar Spublic mnltitutions, fift d 1alIra in English lnly, un.I -tiaJy for both languages; Ship and Stealhmbo.t Faoc no,or Cotamissiou iwnrclhants sixty dollars in English uaatldeighty for both languales. AlioellasOn, OBtre.tae NoTIceS, anod artieles eall the. attention of thie pnhelie to salps o prolpertv, aldmof parsengers, benefits, &e. &rc. will be rletsnr oea dollar per square for the first insertion in each InlI CoMMUhaeortnot, or Advertisementt, of any paras Salnature, who. odmlnsible, shall be chargel d'iuhle, sad in adoa"+cr A ded,ro, of tow-ntyv.five percent. will be m,10 t,. AuCtio eers, Shllorh'f, llgislerso f WiVisllt, nd \InrelrI *asalenof real notale. punlished in buth Inngl t.o-, aed ib pr.enant. in liugliah aloln: Lfpercet. on ul, 1. tf ohir ptrloerty. AnvalTISgMarT out Of lth direct line of lubuvite tI the advertiser, such as legal, auction, nola iltnse ion sle., runaway slaves, stray aonnala, &,. &e. will b: e.blged for sepa.utely, and at the ordlinry rates. AuvaarmlaemENTs not specified as ta tlie, wil he btllshed one month, as1 ehargend nceor lillly. No adertlsements of bankruplcins will he pnblinlshcd a any cane, unless paid for previous to, idnertion, or s.nymsnt guaranrted by a respnneihle peroln in 1town. Theatres and other planeee of ausement, ndllverisintl knily ir ths eeason. to he cIlhrged $100 fitr Lnglieh a ate, and $150 in both languaoes. All announce neint of cleniaola for politecal oices be charged double the price of other advertise s,. in.a to the immene Ios ellotitalned by newspaper eprlirt they heave cllue to tls ell eltlsio, that the nani of prsll is whose accoults have niot ben l paid within one moltlh after prena'tioln, hialtl he n1s11de kanol (so far ae practicublel to eah other--they obll caitnl thenselvee not to alvertioe or print fAr such dslialesntr, unless in case ol adeance payepents. eiWigFed) J. C. I)S OT. Lr O ll S J. BAYON, P. P. REA, J. C. pIRENI)ERGAST, JOHN GIRION I,UMS I) N. NeekE Prsc.--We tho, uLndersiiloId, iagre to abide by the above ondlitions, oas tr as they are applicable to aenkle papers. l~igaed) A. B. L.A\VWINECE, l No uhbscriptions are token fir Io- Ihlill f iOntllh. Lotters moasti ill caoes, he plot lpid.1 . ESDI.L'S l' bt'I- Rt0VIo'It II, &e. 'SPAINR IPVSI'rltI bIo the llanlhrof "A year i j tSpain," in 2 voln- Harry , dIeerh, a nlvel, bIy ou aotltorff"Cecil Hyde," in2 vole. 'he Arlres of Pidui, and other tales, by the uthlll IIr tit "T'h Fl.r boo,'' in vols. Nimrol' lltlllln'Il'ollr; IntlrrlerCed will chanracteristic nOeclletdtes, savin " ul hiiilltsO (( tnoriat Mien, includinihill nltitres of he ll iricilnl crack Iere of Englond withll :ici tier Itll lel'i :ii ,s1mrril des iltltla, to whichl are Illdhell, li eni . I,lo'ters ci11 aing IHoolls, il 2 volii Ill Ilrllec, I1h last oll Neslln,'i Aanmenloollol, Il l Capt. thltnlier, Il. N.,lltlathor Il the "Life of Sailor." LSc. in I ".ll-. C..llnlnelttlriel oil iltlity Jurislprudlel1nc Itl llll:ltled in -lan cod Alieriea, Ily Jloseilph Stor, I.. .. ir. Ovil, III it tai.iolllljcott, U... Amynl i .* il l Irll. Jost'l ,,.noli tlault .r Illy l' itll h.P\V .IU I (jr is the bour; Co 11's 111 oI't t oIrf i )1, 1111 10 is , ' .l1ite; dlhlulilIl t r+ ., 001. 0,0v -b llued' Home;, tlo ntiu'I-rel.nnl; oltoII rle m: f V1 Til.e.'.bhl.,hl l l; Iv I lt ilt Ilrlt' IIIbe t" ' I do not )ay PFmre ) ,ll;. ilv J.n). I' to yeIti , id,.v; ion 0 of ila f;r ltrs .Vu;; Lti,.n. In, Il-, t v"rt lrt; I 4,1l we rv01 r t 1 t 5"V ." n 11.,1 trpI t t ýi ." . an (,ni nltg; i - i I V for tt , I l,,; t l. i ii i is li chr ss; litr f rit nl tit .,(itr vllt i I . ii; . il i.0 i ' tI l ni 01 ,0 r Oit" ,t r,,tl hd 1.+ ,1 ". 'I.r ' h , ;, . I - rSid+ t f tr r eels:.rate); . ,. rtt - , t t IhIe.+ llintt r, en foela' .,l7 e I I .t 1 '11 .'1 I i ' , i [ll byt.t. i Vil o Vii,; *rive lt .r I. ,lUloeo'll, 'el st+ lf .v,n10 0 t1 t: 1. a 1111t -i . olt,ll' h l e f'on 'tho,1i ra of I~e I 0,0l11. Ftcrolnt. jan 991 _ Il ' a'a t rll - ct. CL'nllcliono of Clot laqt Phrass, on '.try t11t1a, Io wwsl) ,* nlnil[taie c~,onvdur.linln nlrtsl ,cd lundeIl'r ittledt'heads, vith ilnumroos relarks or tile peculmr erotote iation and use of varioto wold... 'The what: sot 'lislosed aso .onsL, -ably to fnilitato the iCquniitioo if a correct pronuncailno. of the French. By A Bohinar, new ledition, revied and corre rTted. A selection dofnte Ihndred of I'errin'e Tales, occom.. panied with a key, containing the text, i literaln and free ,'ranslation. arranged ill sueh a innner as to point out '. ditferenco between tihe French loand English idiom, a figured pronnnciation of tle French, uccording to the best FPrenh wdrks extanton the suL sect. The whole precede. by a hhort treatise on the sounte, oftlle tPrench languago, compared with those of the English. AlPronouneing French Primter, or the Scholr'e, tlid to the accurate pronunciation and 't.hogratphy of tll Frenci L ong. a e, containing its enloso totl clording te the beat usage, ay Bernard Tronobin, lhet r'eciveio aid or sale Ly Wor \iclkl.AN, wI Cor Csuip & tJsto et I. ,I't. ItIPHUR SPRINt;S. Gi.;. iNOllIEtt COUNTY, VIItll(;IA. T IH. F.t';nrite watering place in the m0,otain. Vilrnia, ,o: mileswes: of l.owihore., tad d1 'r at ,the White Salphur, will beopen in doe seasIn or ate 'reception of cibtpany. Many imporetait i rng~ave a".'s 'have beon mtdo J sincte tlast season. A -ta," ll'to btll room andll nuberl of single-bdedri r atlllll d addeA and now finishing: afitdiag ace. mnoslatonn, by the Instuf July, for 250 visitor. An etcellent tur., pike road has been constructed passini by the oprio:o, and intersecting the Kanawlha turnpike near [ewio borg. Over tlis road, by dliectiin of the tpot oHtyce departiteot, Mesars. Beldia, Wealter & co's. line of mail coaches will run. A pont otfice biilg esotablished iatthe springs, visitors man r'coive aew lanld cnlPs pond daily, eastand w-l. tOf the 'nedicinol qaolities of those otairs, toe proprietores nood tot spe k. They have been analysed Iby able ond prifbs.ed chtoemis, and ouald to hld in aolutt n all tihe valtble ingredients ot the nost aelebrated sprints in Virginia. 'Thneculbtin. sron' cotainso oh olne tt huretd tIl drogs, Sip ate of Magresia, o ulpl ito of Litm, Car benuts of Lune, Snlphate of SJia, towrinte of Sodal and Mtlinteoof agnesi," thle salutare fllects "fwhich are exhibited i, disdmses incident to feinale;oand chron ic atfeetion of the etomnach, liver, and bowels; incutn toren anffetins or diseases ofthc skin ar remedy mtre potent or eicacious con he foount. xtensive batling establisohmtlts for both sexes have bthee ereated eontiguonea t, toe springs. Visitors can atall tines enjoy the Ipeculir aolvantages of their be nign and wh,emto ore elfects, Major Wilia m Voms will coultirun the superintend .ua0 of the spring. Ever) exertion on hio part, and on 'the part of the proprietors, shall be rendered to inure for the Blue kulp.l ur a liberal share of the public pat ronage. Trie proprietors of the Blu, Sulphuor Splrings witc be iberal in the receip, of notes of all ' .tborn and Woo SBatnks whicntrecoosidorel os,lv t.atpar. MIARIA MiNK, &c. A WFUi dietlostres of tMaria Mon of the Hotel Dieu Nunnery of Mlontreol, t. t. l, with an tp pendi ,conntioin.g, part 1, tece tionn . r irt edition; panrt d, dequel of her narrtivr; par.nd, Review of t.e case. Also, a snpplemoat, giving more particulars ot the Nunnttry and grounds, illustrated by a plan ,f the .Nnuqer), &Ic. Aqria Monk and the Nunnery of the Hotel [ieu--be .jtei n acount ot a visit to the Coovents of Ilontreel and4.titation of the "Awful Disclosures;" by Wit. L. F,ortb experimtent of Living. Living without means. 'O'r. iltident's Instructor in irawing and working "'tle Fire order, of Architecture," fully explaining 'the inethoda for etrikog regular and quirked Itoudle.r; fnr dimionlihing and gluinp ofeotumnsand capitals; for findin; thie true die tater ol an erdrto any given height; 'lir striking the lonie. Volute, cirelar or eliptical: witlh ,finished eao.plte, on large ca.le, of the orders, their ilarnoeri, &c' and some designs for door cases, ele galfeqlhtg aveoi on platen, with explates-by .Pltet'Mtihulseo, architect, authkor of tie "MeShanio's Coameaiel.0Coro.,ttenr's Nrw ;laide," "Carpentar's dmndJiit+n Ae intant," &c. d,.lRrca1 Cl rr'atio on thi Culture of Silk," adopt ,d toius soail and climat" of the Unitett States-by J. O. p, mstok, secretary of tle aInrtf itr.t coanty Silt So ctett; and editor of the "il k Culturiet." tthe Silk Raiser's Masnul, or the art of raislg' an'l fneding silk worms, and of cultivating the M rberry ts'--bh M. Morin. The Clerk's iGuide, or ~'ommereial Cnrrepono Icnc; comprising letters of husin s, ser os of bills, invoices, actonottt.ales, and shopkeepero, equation of payments, eomtnereial oterm. ,cc -by IB. t. Foster. "History of the War i ttit Peninsolta and the South of Fra.nce, from the year 180t7 to the mar 1814" by \V. F. P. Napier, C. I,, vol V.; to which are perexld an awers t, some lltasho in Rohit.oou's Lile o PI'icton, and lathe Quarterly Revieo; witt counter remarks to Mt. Dudles .tolmtns Percival's retmtrke Itnt some pnsa'. iol 'olna1 Napier's ftrth volume ot the Peninaular Vr. Justrdereivend nl ftr alte bv '('t1'PKttA-2tIbl le, to sset,', 1r -ale by .i tt)1R4,, jet6 41 New lteve. Sor f e itsa f # je:I 41 N ,'t,,vee OGRK--'O hletIbs Mess, I'ri,,,, and tertrsrdec t i .s5j !l For ea;o r br . 'F'I'S , N &o ,t'ERY " l. Ifroswer' & 4'. I AEIJsi i 0.i'eInlot their iFrnishling 'Vore-hbot INo. 17 Ca:,,p r~l~eet. I" recent arravals a rom F,_ pe, lt] the Norith, rge adlditilns to to their stock oft sleltl nid ornl:lotnul I hor,.ekeeping artticles, whicl el c leclivch (Ilce belier..) forlm in assortment mone gene. I atll a comlplhte 1tt, i.hi e ltthrltaittt in asy similar estJli. Ilamcilll known; collsistill of SII,VEIR WARE. Cotfe ild teo sets; itollherla, waiters, ealntrs, canll.' stleks aill, tIlnotedrs ol .;oltlet.; tshleatdhesert Iberks; Ihkle, tesert all tea spoons; marrow oll .t'nvy, or er to;t slooIlys; sug.l toglls; slgacr, sltee andt toup lales; :etter,Frutit. i,'ldtitg andil fi kivena; pickle ald Isert knives and fiorks, .itkins,, Lie. prinocil dly iron, tile mnillao ctorv of Mr I. GCarlhner, of New tYork, who l long estahlished tepletatiot for the manfaocture of silver cao. is solltient gu.rratntee of It superior ,;Anlity. 11.ATEli "ARItL OF SIIEFPFI.LD AND BII1 MINGH \M. 'Teo 'eali cnoftr urn, ten setts; castors, liquor and cot Jittl stttuls; suptterb comllebras, and Epe:gaes with mit·r oi' nraiettnlot, For.centlt of the dfillnner or stppeir table; .v :rv rol otd atil obloog, from 3 to Il inches; beef. ,:lk .itd vegetal.e dishlis; rich dish covers; cake andl einltl htaskets; detaltetr stanlds; mantle andt chlmber .Imdlehtticks; wine strallers; conlersaotd syphotns; de.t a ,r labels, elaret corks, tea stnroiers, table bells, ten, tp. it., egg mll iumLstad spoons; egg boilers and stnodss ."ti races, ce. SILVEIR ON STEEL WARIE. Tablle and desert ktlives, forks and spoons; shop and tose ladies; pitter and fish knives, cheese scoops, as. :Lgtl;is longs, vegetable forks, tte. JAPANNERY. Fine GotLic Sandwich and round cornea waiters, in sells and single, from 8 to 31 hchesi do ofjaplicr maeche; clhrl, cheese, and knife trays ; ltrge upright plate wliltters; slitce, sogtr anll cash boxes; pressig ecasest ldia te teab tes isl teta, ota.lIles Jlpp.llied sld of rich tortoise shell, etc. LAMPS. An extensive assortn.nt, among wnlch are Astral onips, all bronzed and gilt, and of rich; mantle I:hL,,n ih, do, ea.h plai.n am with glass prms ; very splendid clit gilss do ; bronzed anld Japanied side or blrtack lanin s. CHIANI)IELEIRS AND IIANGIOG LAMPIS. Etngihsh antd trench eut glass chandeliers or Inlstlre of 8I, t, 18, 2 ilnd t24 lights; FreInch bronzed and gilt Grecian lamps, 3, 4 and 8 lights; hall latllts antd lan terlS, rikh bronze boat or centre latllis for tdrawing rtonms, from 1 to 6 ligllts, lamp shades, glasses ant wicks. MANTLE CLOCKS, CANI)LE I\lAS AND \'ASES. lBronzed cand marble; bronzed atnd gilt, and all gillt witll fixtlores, et; coollting house oand kitchen clocks; bronzed inkstandls, eeter ido; ipaper weights, thertnomt.' ers, card rocks, candlesticks etc. CHIIIN WAIlE OUI PttRllCELAIN. English an. F"mnenh dining desert, tea lnd cnffee ser ices of plain white, ,.ldt ngo', aid veery rich lliely styles; splenldid toilet netts; water oIld milk pitclers, Imantle vass; (Iait llC o rli Irck ailll ,ackets. IAtTIIlMN IWAItE. D)iting, dirtert, t oi, co'f tL, b teaki ,t :an Sltpper setts; li!t ware; pithers. Also, (:anton chlina dinner setlls, .'1'T GLAXS. I)ecnters, pitiche'rs; claret nitd l.lo el hock dlecatllire; bowls, ldishes, celerly ass, all stil.Is, lSgaerl Ihwls, Ih ei ts.lle n s, lnllge'r Mlsasn , tmllnlllerl's, ,vise, c amlll :,ign,c ' ctlret, conrdials, lem t:ld andlt jelley glasses; lite colrd Iloukgloases. Alsn o, t.lll - , shadlcs TAIIt.R C fUTLFIi't Fine ivory halanc .alllldle, self tilp ,' fk hadle :nivesnt. florks of 51 atd 53 iece', n' doze"; oIvo handle koiv~is aoly ftr tol. mwtt - aindi ,.ne carters; hoag slices ft.rlund h,. I, ,, e k.,ive-, Il.t clacksold piciks; sugI c.ller.S, con k t C.,Ih e. III"ITTAl IA ANt I ll.)CK "1'I \O\t i -.t 'l'ea:olanl eVo"l.-e Slets anId l11ons, i ith I aI lttie cet., llilabhle lo' hotels andl seam:olllhol ; .;moons al.i hIndle; vens..n .lishcs x illh covert, Ms; ster',r d. lghdh tnes; ,tish c.:o rs, :plat.h: pIa:ters, c(tlher g"legs; tel kettles oin, with heaters, rg luilr tos, eir. -ANt'CY IIA lillVAl i.. Ih as s:lad wire lr' lurs. rIoas,:1lir, .s: i 'nassm aI a lsttel ,ho r ls:. Id tour,, . lite.: ,;,tor c 0:d ,,,d .. . pan t t'h k.. Ih.*%; zle '; l·rll IlI:tLI lt- bo111 111 * h ;,,k. . .hll:. p: . td, I.l;.s:". :1a1111il hLtoht s; criiiiy +uol Iltl ir,"; Ie 1, !LeCI tI I ,: ..!I i h, hi t, l ll tc , iti' , "il h ,I. i .I i int - I.t - ,i, l , 'l; , i. . "¢ Ih ,Ir.,,..! i t,. I -,I , ,' ,, ,ir-.,l l rel l lih K,,T" . I.:,lI l ,11111 ,III : -<I . ,,h .s.c de :itr i f/ N:.,' /'.1 I .' 1''' F '. 'L ',.\"!!., :I 1I, the. I'.,teý04'., \,1" i. i L':RIoc (il·.l ."r. \x" 11 lol EO4i 1N Fi(C'I Tl; I 1:,1 YORK13i1' 04 , NV r) U ,! ;01' ,A// S a Uf S/ /h t e/I/./ . ",r . ,'OF \1P , : -Yt, i. rf,. I li , Ist I cllki. g 1.0ll s4 l "n $0 /e ("h /1/ .oh ford. r , h'nd,, :e. at T i ters+:,n, nr $960 00 I , l ,. ( t 6i o sa vs a idel. ,or 101 swr in the .Alll, lveinders, ae. n $1a pt '.', 0' 7/00 00 For/ Ido 01, 0 4aws4o/ do. o/r saws iln ai stnd, a jai 25 per a)w, or 504 Pordo. of sanawsol do. or 4 I saws in a stald, ekti.50 .petr saw,, or 20 0) SINGLE GINS.. For a siglne gin of 0 saws or mlore, mith one aat of lodr-s, h/a/lh, Jon. at l6 per %:11, $1-0 00 Fonr i . lof 60 saws, with leeders, Mr ,,t $6 ;l per maw, 390 (n :. / /No. of 40 saws, with feedlers, &c. $6 75 per 3aw, 300 0 F-or do. of 0t saws, wihh I/oed"-rs, &c. at $7 5) 10r saw 150 l4) 'ltra'teeth wher' desir'ed, for featdes, supplied i i l.CLien csh; thle NI ofier l'teeth being about equal I l Ilth lumbr ol' saws. ()e set of feeders, it is len sideled however, will wear out two or tllree sets oI souns. Extra saws supplied :at .0 cenllls each. I'he Gilns ,rderedl, will be delivered to thle agents or /pla/tel'/S ill nilll" i e Sea portl LOWla of the LI ttoL plan lill, Sltates, at lle ahlte /l,0//, thleagelll paling tke lfoigIht o the saaoe fril/t N/I:w York, i/lI llaeaatonilg /e / pon.tible for the amount of the titl,. A Eiil wlihtglt ,rill be sent with the Gina to pFt them up where dle. -ired; tlahe charges for whose services will bestrla, bat modlerate. Iron t'ranaing gearcnn alsohe oarer/ed where desired, a.t reaasoable terms, hIt will be chartj4 exltr. Ilorsa power, lofany desraipltion, can be t'rltished oil like Iterms. Smlall steam engines call also be ordered if de sired. It is desirable, waen plntlers give orders .tr Gins, thIy should accompany them with their views in regalrd tothearlIangemento t'aws, lbr/asts, hrushef4 &ca It is found they dilter in opihion. Some deasiia aws of ibrger diamLe/re 'than othrs. 'PThe most comamonll size' is 9 or 10 inclhes ouat soli wish lthem la inches. Somle wish 5 or 6 rows of brushes oil an axle, while others do noat wat more than Lat most. Some wish saws with 8 SN.t.'reth to tile inch, while others wanllt10 r II. VW / tall discrepanev, we prlefel they should, at tle time oa'giving onlers, fulrnish a statement of their wishes, and the tlaallkcturers esn lfulill them in ever) iparYtlularL. WhVlere it is left to otlr discretion, we lhall la ake thel on lthe most modllern and appOtedll aIlall Anr o lrder can be exeluted, fral the time it is receivld, il the space of eight or nitneweeks, and the (;iin it al litac te lacedin tilhe hand of tll etor. 'L'o be ill llll b ll' tle next cropII, all orders oughtl to he ill thie Ilhanls ol e the Iumaniheturerl Ib thie irst or middle of 41ay; et/Cept lforl 1anl mns whealrethey arelate in commencinlg Ito Ick oar gitl tltaOll. e I. 'It l'T .otet liglht, for any one of the cetton growinlg States, willbe sold oiln easnable termls. m23 Galos STATE OF LOUISIANA.--Ficsa Juaicial UitrietiC Court r' HE STATE OF IOJUISIANA, To all whom I these Presents shall come, Greeting:-Whereas William ,lacke. htaina lerchased at a sale mase y lthe 'heriff ol thes arish of t'Orlieas,tlhe peroperta hiereinaftler described, has applied to the clerk o'ft it court, ill whose aofice the d ed of stale wa recorded on the 51h d.ay t Mlai, A. D. 183/j, for a mnnitin or ad vertlsement ill cunlormity to an act of tile Legislature of the S.ate of Louui oa. eatatled "Ae alt far the luirther assurance of titlla to purchaserNa at jud/cial sales;" ap. g roved tile l/th day al March, l03,. / NOW, therefore, know ye. and all person, interested kherein are hereb cited and admanisaed in the nnaea a the State of Louieiaa anld of Ihae Flrst Judicial District Collrt, who can set up any right, title or elai ,, ill and to ho Ikroperty hereeinalaerIor ersibed, iht1 cosequene ofanv infiormnitv in the ordardecree orn a dgrmet l tibecOuit Sunder whlich the sale was made. or any irregularity or IIl gulity in the appraisements and advtrttlseme/ts, in tan0, or laaaeor olf 'ate, orir thllr el//er eca whltlo. aever, / aho,v ca,,e, lv/thl/ thirty dfav' fron tIhe day t this 4monitin i/a irst i/ne/ted in the piublic np/pre, wht Sc the sale so made houl not be uofir lied aild hoaulno Sgated. Tkhe aild properly was sold by the Sheriff of the par ,ish a aore+ail on tha ':ld day of .\ oril, A. D. 1,/30, h avirtne o aI d/aJree of tIl, c/I t, rendered ,,n the 3d da) of M/trh, A. It,. 18.g, i, a it rtitle/ i'illit a.ltaekfo e; va. amual Bell, No. 1o,,55 of the docketof this courI, at which sale aild ./'illiam lMackey became tile pur a, chaser f'r the p~;le of $3,i1111, casl I)esciption of Prnlorty a give 4in i ne Judicial Con h .rvan -.,vlz: * A certain Int ,,f r /dL to.ettler with all tIhe build 1- ins and i/.rproeln -lts l/lere/n.N iltaatd in the parish id ,,f Orleans, in the /./Iar/a haoundd b6 New Leve., Luuisa, PI'au and )elord rtreets, des gnaled by the No a- , /4i/ a plan ll/awn by C. 3. Zipel. Dcpulv Surveyor ./ 1/eneral. on the 16/t 1 rteetanh'r, 1631 andt delaoited as p4l n No 10, in the hook of ,.lns f Felix 'riea, notar pnhlie. Said lot -ortasl/res /' 0 / et II inches front .n New Ieve street,75 flrt i' deIph on the side adjoining lot No 8, and Uct feet 7 niches and 4 lines in depth on the s ide adj 'taing Ih prop ',/n,.'t,ora la/Iy, Iel//g/kg to - Nhoodale, anl I9 fe.t I sI . iid/ widl in the rear, i lhere it frolnts.n an alley of lthree feet ille incheaa i aconlllltn tao/lts NoIs i15;, 6, a nd . S 'Irrk'- O(Nce, I ". Mav., 13:18. i ml/i G \ LEWIS, Dpeyt ('-rk. the \iao e-araeaettor' resolved ot 'In'eedoy ta lt, trip to Cincinnati, fot' one day onlyt I returned again Mat night. I begin to fel that I em e very ialporrant indi' vidnl, as tlis instant the Journa oft isa city wa(s put into -y hand, atating, amongst a great manv otllbe tringsthat I had actually rutn aay frma Lalulavill' to escape the effects of tile ttodarful Iaagat'tic neta le of doctor Snip. the kniglht of tae thimb'e1,nlin, A a S. My return, however, proves thlat the tfable of the be and wolf, in applivahle to the Jorttal. The fable .iat "A boy was emapoed to atoll attd go the alaniin, when the w.lf appearud; ie bei g either a 'foutlmno a tailor's no p or a liar, fequealy crted out 'the wolf it ottating;'tothehre tdiema ofi the citina i yat last found out hbs real ahtractle t-hatl he was t liar and not to be bel eved even wlenr Ih spoke the truth.' Tile fact i ., that cauere mat produce their reffects. Sa it will -pmreve,of tir alt-wise wrters, Dr. Snip & Co., itn Iae Journel. I would advise them to provide thetam aees with a satat engine press, in order to meet the noitlerfealdenand and increase of that paper, e;a it is cell known, there are many who seek for otllhing lui felaehood,out of slrer lone to thle venders of that orti le. But unfurtunaotely for Gliah Snip, of needle and thinmble celebrlity, the great mass of tite ailliona of A ne, ean .u'ople, arev fatled, and far famued as lovers ol trutlh. Ther"ftre they will, (as effeet produced by the crtilus) natur.lly say, wanltu read a paler, tlat i" may rely oil, therefoie I will seek out such, and become n nuab.rlhber to the Uthelr journal, w eltate ntnte.llntp will not pr.a. false. T'heir l ,Ia stataemets are too pal phble to requta r.cllatatitl; vet L-will lstate: let. I gtn atgaotn ttns hotel. 3d. That I shall rmai+tta thlthe 31st Jul , 'the lt Snip & (Co., have sent em a letter threatening my life, if I remaineLd after the20llth. 3d. That from tl's,Ishall proceed to Cincinnati,for fourteen days cnly, of whilch I wish DIr Snip & Co., te inform the ofllcted, in their owt atliolie never fails ta bring tne patients. alth. That from Cinclenati I shallpmroceed to lithe Falls of the Niagara, to be at Itttffalo, (ifrv Snip & Co. dtt not take away oy life,) on thie st ot'feptelber, anon atNetw oerkhon the tvnt of Novetber, toepoad the whale of the nexrl utattaer, in order 'o luaug at all the oholl[ Philistines; tate tatadicol Guliaha of Donsott, Philndel. thes, Bloophit, Nashville and t Louilsille, who wie[ probabl-, (Itbre btaatio e arrives dltare, ulialta lot, likaty anodl hvo Gotliah 3d. Currier &e. (Salta for asses, mules, &c. Goliallh 4th. Corn cutter. (;nl, ah 5th, Paints and drug, onl piakle store. Goliah 6th the most magtifieent of all, lir. Snip, alias Dell, &e. patbeh t t tilte proprietors and edlitnorsof the Journal. .aitlv, I would have the noble Dr. Snip & Co r know, thet longboforethey Were bhls to thread a neer dale.or spread a blioter, I hadl been for years, in the hblt it of rostoring sight to thlt blid, amnd' that too when o main a ct'lectorof hin Mlajensty's cutoas in Great BDit a-n. i an eaven thee so employed. Did the threan ltnnaer; the currier, the harness maker for asses; the corn lttt-,r; the paint and dIrug store kaee1pe; and tile ianeifce-nt dat tor Sniap, ever, vea more thIan dreaen of alie ~' .,- to do It like? I wisl the Journal ,. talte, I ";:! receive ladies and tra gera fnom 10 to I A l1. eald 4",~tlmsten from 3 to 5 a'cloc P M. evera dny,ao ubtain my opinion twihoalt fee, as usual Ia great haste, JOllN WIII.IA MlaOculist effersen Ilouse, Louiasville, July 21, 137. I'. 8--Sillec writingmy last, I have evn ioformen that one of thle causes, IhV the poor lacquoe of the Journal, and his noble maaner, are so well plooased wltni me,io, for alot lasuciaillao tlhem togetlaer in in lante re oarksh, as they eo perfectly r selnble each otlier: thtey fulfil the adage, "ltrtles of a fenatter flock together." 2. Fer ntt paviog the latte , MIr. Prentice, alins. "knight of the rail," of the eoualy of Centrbury, Vlate achusoett, the reapeca d'te to suioh itdignifAedaaursoa ae. It istrue, ha might hove been co elevated, eec ornament d with tar, ndl tlhe a u atge of onot sr"coea :in htia own dnng-hlil," withtot uay tural merit, do dlserveaingun his part; as w' tfild by atrient liraturs tlha otamtwere burnt alive, otherv hlang by a Ihlalter whiltslt Hoto were roaiaed to be eperors, orelavated be knights of the tail. 'l'houolh al atn t tirev otght t' hlarratherl beeln the knights of thle alltr. Btaa out, worthy knilht is vet not only aolive, an l c, fron his prolific brains, tojoin his brothler, :e o ighta of tia tlimbl, in ill ua iuaatina toe w"ot ldI I t is avt still in prfect hl'allth,n and it h.lo..o.e u a full blowcn rtore-, t l'y on tha prtltja'ctile, ae, tLhe, call a tose lat of which, tle erteat lir. Icell, ali e, S. hkmght o? lth" Ihilttle, -c. willex lniat t tIme, in lhils ]t)lya alr.'el the ttt'atiaclataeotalhatgt, f that sa,.n titnttttct t-cia-i(' hlenll fl ;o laft oth,:r a l it a , dhl inll pmt llatae u coettta tealie lm th usn of frOiti, lettkls o• utiont . so nuccc p rd o bta- a o i tat ladt-.'. d. l 'hils inlntn tl[ u l L, 1 ir. vd tl a I y' rle ant q .'m' of1 .+ f th 18111, 'ati,, on'. ,, 11 10 sha m T t ," ll..+,.,)" Goi inh=,,i.t: , kei'...its -il' 11eth, uh a and pn, fi t nd .'ck Ic, t 'frth o lt lealla)h . 'Fa t, ilti'ao. oit at, , [ 'tta t rioN. - aorda bill ia aln h. +1,,Ik, Iot a'llcaa l Wns natlmst frald tattvoo ta prove h, h. Itu hl t li' Iti'rotlla-r, thintG, - laa Lu tf, ccaity, htI, ca.tatla re.tat.I:d "I t 1 oc. irce Srr.,l'uts tl,a i had, +vi'ie n; v Teri,.;l]. Dtenr titt tltla, k. I to tlat,-I ll, 1,'ola tt ., a' ' kt el iatll" 11 t ia E sla I c&e. t tllve .er l t ht t ., a Iat l ,d .Il retalrttd to shlI Ict, our c<'nrl,"mnu ail 1h0, },i-t,,Iaht, +.'h,)- cre, tl Ilt" ' - t alat h tor an' r,' n, a i llac -t , , the I ;intt + If e l- J n rtl,) hut hirr .l., . 'a '['t'xi u . lie [,,It fo , ', I, at" ll, ,Is h·tl o i le lo llted t t tialt I P, had lf tt I hc Ie Iwel , ' hi t tulteltd aa ',nd oa l t l r .lb l 1 'lock fI , i ohet a llmy n ' ,thllttt' . \ ,l t olaat lttr Iht mol Itt lt ntec ob ,'tat. wat.ia , ale at. -intlIat to hithlohfort' 'to. Ito I e taa day I1hia gentleman i" ~ \vllllll F im C I.roeo isiglt, i.s til 1 t ish a ,ll w i t.rlpe ll Im. l v !.,,8 Ibn er1:1 habs bha, 110 I) 7t'i'+,. t'llolll h, " aid al Iia liPV,` I ]1,mui - , tle; and tat had h at,' iI It ' a tdwo I di , rs h h hould notoaeI er lealt'lbtl. l to, bu st acnd to il: \aVon eak.a if he oapotlrrved the r'aretieo witl whith 1I dreossed his ret, said hao wul ral ther pay, $2o, obean loose a single drop. tlie uaete upwandsl t a200 miles an toe. T 'hesteel ren of the wortlhy kntaiats of tho rail andI the thimble, will svo-ocel'y mtrk legilc, after readgtlt lthe ao cc heasy letter. " Ilnwevr ith ley antodyne, ia the fiotrm of drink or two or turo wl dI etall rigiht and they wll uodaauot preeore sometlhaie to aIutitist mantal appetitee of their reudeer, at Ireolalonf ot Meno d'ly attathtatg. Fortunat'ly flr lheat, there is e whole S bboth dty,.(a-morrow) in whlhela laey can do thein direv work. J W\'ILIAMs, 'J. t.-I have justreceivede letter, dted 2lstJu y. inci'tinr On my makitag ao apology to the druggiste of this tity. The waiters atyle thtmselves "(entuec Soereuaanora'" pretending that I alludea to talam in my last letter. They may rest assnre"I, I did net know or even suopect any (ioliualh alog tlhe dRtgriuto in Loll iville; yet, if the cap fits any goatlentart he must u course wear it, lthouggh aotintended by me. J. W. Jel'erson ollcse, Sattnrdaya 22d July,la 1837. JEFFERSo- [iOUSE, LOUISVILLE, _ . _. Jdale 13, 1837. Tol e Editorof othe Cty Geirette: SLlt-Havning listened to tihe entreaties of my p00 I'patientt, 1 .. resolved, if ty health pernitt, to re meia in thin city till the end of July. 1. Tn try to do them more nod. 2. 'To convince the inhobi note that tie vile apt thets rie hMedical (Goliah S. &c, have applied to tne, belon to theunl, as their lawful right. 3. l' tt o am ready to deposite two hundred dollars, In vosto of tihe U. S. tank, it the hMndasof his Ilonot the nManeor of this city, agailnst a imilar sut to he de posered by all tle gr at and mo ghiy Doctors S. & Co. that I restore to sight more aged, 0 ddle-aged, young persons and chitdren, wito were ittallo or panrtmli) blind, than they do; gad that amn eaufled to cure a greater numbe of short, weak or dito-sighted person during iny short yisit, than they do. 'Yet 1 II all mty at ie ealumnuttors to call in to thlr aid all tile ver deservedly celehbrted pvraltors and iDoctlors of all th colleges, as ell as all tile doetor ant quack doctors no be toltd is private practice, (who are not few . in the State of Kent meky, Ohio, ludtuaa and ov i in Iennessree; where therre a inded a ne twd v th.o e faumus doctors, whose names oug t to be handed dow as low as possible to Inltest posterity. 4. It must be clearly udcrntod thatlall the cures if any, on b,.th aides, mus lt he 0ovel hall tave been ieIlenrmed k ithout the aid of y surgical o.,eration whatever. 5. Phore who really merit the epithets they have nr lil.a.liv appliad to me, h.ltl oIrfeit the $00 to soit tl, ot'te alms hotuses ill thiscite, nld tile otherpar ty .c oll take hback his own $20.0, whoever Ithe or thes may ne. If even the mightsy ncedic ht humohggor Ad 1h.aldl prow. one of tile suocesetal tandllates, I wilt fulfil toe old proverb, and give the "old gaotlenmon" hi. due! 6fi. At all eventos I would advise the last named noc lih S. not to soffcr that letter to stand ;done, ae it gone for "aimplctoib" as well as "aapialt," botoh yenterdap ant; but I lvinbe hint to and toit its legitima t colnpaoioon, A S placed lefore it, in alphabetical ordes then the independent ihabitants of tile city would al ways know the writer bv the melody of his voicu. n JOHN WILLIAMS, Oculist. •1 was weak enough to read the tmass ol alsehooda signed S., which deserve notling hut my silent con teClotPt. Had I known lastevnlrng of the great i.lportance cl A S , I should have treated the last of the three some what differently: but let Ihat pass. I will. however colpliment his master of the Jo Ruotal, for kd .aga ity to employ the forner knight (1nt ofrtle garter or of the thistle, but) oftlhe needle ano tkisnble, in order that he may kill two birds woth one stone, i. . to patcs Ithe holen Inat wma Ite in Ilis naturel or itol ulkl garment ul], if I may judge fro tht 1ht xeolloet paper, tle Ad vertiser, Dr. Soni n master is, ollttically, il cunatan rneed ofhis s orvic.s. When any eiraumstaneeto ecurs, whether dournesticall, or politically, which reqimre. h blister, whlether on hi olwn nose or oil tile relplatiion oftlhoee who do not hap see to please him, be ng unlike hint, (wlch ooust be clreat misfortnnet) thenl it is lie rilngs hi BELL, oVlieno after all is uthing onoec than if it wasonsu llnniol bra. or atinkling cynmbul;" yet, to view It tlhus-lir. aldli looks well;01 ur with anSl. l. A. S. S. after it, appear, nlagn Grant!!! JOHN WILLIAMS, u culit. July 14. i AVANA S \ EET.,IEATS--lan tore and li,rFalr hby T R Hftoh. & BItO, jaw coo oloeon and 3laaimhr ecr. TO ltrNl. TIIFE hunolsmont STOIRE nol hack Kitchrlen. I'l thoolvelnooolt stenr of lhe 'v ruo Aoner reu' entllice,twol doors troa Sts . Clha ila'Thc tr. A filst roett stund f.ora Coffe. House Apply to ools JOIIN GI BSUN,Edtr l'rlt. A.seriraun. . hing; 8i eonlo do Roper; for .eu Ive II I' I.VY & CO. jel No t1 GrIfif r .o iotretI.oop I.ot. .1 to^d, fcr relcr y t:I ,51I: ! A )INIY. j o tl litt 1toot 1 [00 i l"..0 lo , o MILES' CUJMPOUAIJ KXI'XIAC'I' OF TOMA TO. A SUBSTITUIE Ets CALOtELt.. rt.llIE doetl ill promulated with so much aslurance '1 by many empiries of ll~ presert day, that one nme dicise will cume all diseases, iu ont, and never canl I true; amnt he who aserrs' it, is either o fool oran in pIstor. But it is a filet drmonostruble I experience, tlhat ombinatioos of medicine poay he thmed l front the VEOETArLE KINGDOM, that will not no oiveroanllay oy 1 tihe a stem, when takep seasonably, Ran in ldiclious prn IOltions .as to clre, in nine ases noUt of ten, all diseases within the reachi and power of nelicine. From toe well known and estlblished repulatjon of Calomel, it has long been employed by ithempirie, andi scientific plnysiilan, as one of the most poweOrful agents for the remnovl of diasase. By the fo'iomte, al most eveiry hol been deluged with nsdtrulns, thHt their authors claimed as specifics in every disease incia ldnt to o the human t'nily. Thle folly of these preten sions nebds no comoellnt, for accurlle chemical investi gation Ilasodown, that the base of mtst of thelPanaces, Catholicons, k.e. which have been trlulpetted before the comlmunity,with so much assurance, is Calomel, or mercury in some :mon. Now, if this potent articlee even in the halts of the most skilful physician, Irteloent ly exerts o:I illloncel oln the Ihtuan system, ullforesren, and enl trely bryondl te control of alt; undermlinitgi tit. constitution, and bringing on prrlemalole old ar, disease anll death, what result should be texpectedl when pre scribed by the gnoroanot? Couol their many) thousand victims speak, a voice from tile tomb would soon dispel he 'speciic' delusiuo that now sways the minds of tile living. iHumane Physteians deplore the sad evils resulting fronl the mercurial practice, and will gladly hail the in troduction of an oltinle that can sahelv he sutbstiluted for c:lomel. They feel, and th:at keenly, tile uncertainlty of its primarj alltration; they ennnto say wlhether it will be favorable or nolftvorable. o They also know, antd Ie),i that it its use is cotinonle for any considerable time, in jurious seeondar' consequences must hollow. But they must choose the least of two evils: they know no other article that will arouse a to.'id liver, retmove obstruc tion, snll set in free action the whole glotdular system, uodl it being indispensablly lecessry tod to l d is, tiley continue its use, Inotwitlhontlding the etil consequonces which follow. 't'hey havne long desireld and solught an article that would prodLuce tile good efoects of this drug, without subjecting tie latient to its tlelete'iots results. Suchl a odesleratoum, it is beolloelv, hal at length been ohbtaltu' ill tile article now presented to tllo public. Tilo propilietors of thisu srtick keeping in view the fact, tlht a isle and benevolenlt eingi,, h.l. plauedl with in the trach of .all, remnedws adaptedl to tile diseases in idlent to the climate toey inhabit; and knowing, like wise, that most of the dliirsses of the South andol H'eat te based upoon 'rgani: or functinlot derangement of tihe liver; directed their attentionl to those articles lwhich ant monre e.sp cilly n thle biiare norgans. Alter long, lanborious, andl expensive research, they have succeeded in extracting o substance from the TO MATI'O, which, from ilts pculiar neffect oio tile hla tic or biliary organs, they hI;ve denominatedl Ilepatine. It is a olLdici.,e thall t ill priotuce all the beneficial results of Calomel, ill both acute and chronic diseases, without the possibility of prooducing tlhe leeriousde tont scuoenees commno to that article. ts action upou toe conslitutioul is universal, no part of tie sa steo escaplll itg illnfluellce. It is. Iowetrr, upon the organs of a.elrtion and excretion, that its gtoat power is particularly manifested : hlenc e it pe culiarly alapted ho t..e treatment of biliotts freer aotill other diseas+es io whllich a0 torpidity or coUngstion of the liver and portal cir'cle prevail. It is ad,,is ible in ail oases, we're it is neerssory to leanse tle stomach anll bowels. It removes obstrutc= tion, old excites a q(uick anld healthy action of the liver and other glanduhl vicer olf the alldomuen. Being dil fl'ulble in its operation, it I)rodu:es a free circulation ill the veosals oni the surthace of tile body, acconpanriel by a gentle perspir.tion. It dues not rexllast like dlas t1 purges; still, its action is more universal, an Imay olieu be repleated, not n.rely with safety but with goeas Into fit T'his bhCelnloes ildispeniably IIcessooy ill .oI'. oo long sto'lioog; ftoe in them intense tlm,'eaoty itnlipres alons idll;ad b strong mliCines, sldmlll if evCer, do goonl; but tell to iljtjoule tile st oan l lilto th: 'o stitu iolll It is cleolosilgo and p. n'i o oag to h svoot, osit pel'tct harmoo.oy o wol tile knloWhil sof o io , nd isl uhdolllebhh one of the out valua:blllte ., ticls ctr u|til.r ied or p olio trial io io.otolilt,. For cIlo'lenoince, thlis Ielicll is orllmd inln , gr:in pills. The ,hllit: pills oar, coathartir, alteratie, dia pholor'eti diloretic. I he lo, luw pills :uOretonic, stn. olaoolo dotlaphnorea. The lollowing txtrucf II th,. .utuecrt is from tile Cine n MI.ES' T)11MATO .\lE.I)l'N F. . T he vilates of tlhe iosts1, not ue y :,s a delicious seg tatlt-t t lls e WileltI, hist als . 0 o l a nlui nllle, hia s lt It l t hlt+~ bcerll b+.llu'v¢(1 t,* '·s' e d ,, ,l-l o d l l He utientin.h h t: ilth rluh) hf b ilql: ,ul.u.dl x t 'rll.: te.,, we ulriltl-:dt.l lllll :u ha U tl ll ll( l i 'r, wL t ae It lettnct. This has bea. cllh. wag terlIZed :is a blliUo, ntl.). A i l:ril, g portt l tar of th tiwe itsts:'itse I atrotl , Ii n, t rehaI sac t i ' d m ona Ic I t rallt ngle ls its ll thl e hlllhubd ; U ) steml. This Is especialy tle ci:se im tihe est, and sti' i' It r a .Itthe south. It IIIIllcc easct hiaati, k lt1tit: IU. llu opertatlo, and leav- 1 ilg tileat sltititiuior utaired, could bl di ltdicetat d fort biheous cotplaints, this woula d unquestionably iel aIolng thle mosti heth) iltlahaes i s the i torltd. Calomll l an been the altost universal renitdy for t diseases of this chaurater, But it IS a remnedy which nothlng but necessity should induce the use cl. It mlay I be considered as trespassing can the prlotiuce f anodutet llrofessioln to sp lak of this, yet wc llay be perlnitled to xIpress our stwLng colviction that C(alonlel cannot be used aithoat iljut'iwu and lasting ell'cits upon tie sys teln, .reater or less, according to tilhe quatities taken, and the frequency of its use, and the costitution it the patient. A substitute for this, threfolre, fiom the ve getable kingdaom is a desideratunI il this couItrity. 'We believe this desideratui m has been ,hlseuvired in lie Toumato. DU'. Miles, of this city, adll hisassurcates with mIucll labor alll esxpetll, as me uinderst:d, have ticceetied ill cht lialsa l IIa extlact fitl tillh" tegeta hie as, it is hopedl , ill be lnlnt alatl n flfecttal suhstitst. We hate taken some pains to enquire alntEg medical ames and others who hiave used this mediscine, as to its thects, asll co leit well satisfied that it mill prove a mue t valul:.tle remted) in hilhus complaints. bo fol as we have been able to learns, it ha, produced the desired effect, ouerating to prosduce a healthI) altlson U tile liUer, IprocUri blius dlischarges t he: eeliced, said ill some ilstanlcc breakutlg upi ft\ters with even more certainty amti ill a shorter nns Il :II calomel: For sick or bilious leadaches, it hlas been foutd a god remedy. lhose who lhae used it say that it doles not produce the deblli tuingefflets of mout other kinds of purgatise mdlicines that there is Io increasedl danger lions otsns after :ts use, and where lalge dosesof e mcalouml lad be ineeded this operates without any danger of the distressing and ilUuriouseffaets of calomel when produacing slrationl As se Ilae reason to hos1e fProm our illestigationa his extract of thle ',Tomato ill iprove a subsabtattte fo alolnel ill a great variety of Cistes, we cannll o ard it as a blessing to the human litnil. atuql erfeelthysatS, as d Iree arout all miner is Sthiat wer speak of it, alld me truesty:at itslralln filly tested lby famie.a. \Ve htusevery asal sube The above medicitne can be obtained ,nly of the Gie ncrdl Agetsa, ihd ihoae retaliing agests I ntig a cIna isaiuu signaced htv "A. Milcs, t'les't I. I. ,E." sual countersigned by 'l & t 11' Stone, iGeeral Agents for Louisiana," and bearing the Company seal. if .gertwncs. E & I T' Stone, General Agents for Louisiana, 114 Tchullaitulas btret. aieder i o. 133IOld Lavee strect, pposite Vegeta t hl! 1|arks . Paul Martin, car Old Luvee and Hoslital street. Will Shilery, car .Camp and Jdllt streete. Ier iuclier, cor 'L'ehuupitults stiret iand St Mart's J I' larbat J& Co, corner Thouitthoulas and Girle streets. J &l' P P Hartwell, Baon Sara, I. l)r Wm Stanshury, lnatcltocrhes, La. 'Phmas Statnshuar), lllonettn, Texas. Frederick aerda, cornr l'oydras and UCnp sts. G'so. Jonesr, Tlivuoli Circle. Wm. Evans Ao. 4 Builditg Co. Row. Application foragecties, or medicines by wholesale must bhe made to the General Agents at New trie.lsa. All letters, post paid, will be promptly atihlded io. m;ls ly s'l'ATE lOF LOUIISIIANA. PARISIH COURT. for the Parish and Cits of New Orleans. I'resent the Hon. Charlees lasuian, Judge. June lthh, ln3 --No. 10,984.-Jacques 'olier vs. his rreditorsa.-Upon reading snd tiliag lle peiorne and schedule in this ca-e, It is ordered by the Court that the creditols of tile insolvent do show rause in open court on Saturday the 7th day of July, 18tl3, why he should not bedlscharged ascordsng to las; and In the meantime all proceedtlgs against his person and pro erty arse stayed. Clerk's Olhffice, New Orleans, June 11, 1838. jel_ law AHRMANI I ITO''T, Clerk. I2TAT'' DE LA I.UllANs..-Cotur de Parnesse. Spnor la paroisse et Ia ville de a Nouavelle Or leuan.--Present I'hon. Charles Maurian.juge, II join. 1838.-No. 10,934.-Jrcques Potier eoet as.. erbln reirs.t-Str leattire t' rllcegisctlelit tde i] .i'tiitn e la saehbdale dons ette tfface, II ret deerttt pr lia tour que lea ertunciers de I'msolvable tire savoi leurs rai llsnn cour anvert, Sat edi 7 d* luietis, 1537, purquoi il tie oerait point dich rgb conlbrmemeltl A i loi, et inc ilttendntllll toutes Iiu ultts contre si p:rtonne ou tes itroprities snot sarrCtl's. Bureau die greflier, NnvIIil Olrlernl . I I jlut. 183i. is14 iaw ARM sNIl I'ITlOI, ettile:' LINSEED UIL--l hubl, laudut' hIu; l tUIlUboal Albany, for sale by i 1)i)RO Y, jel" 41dNeo I lees t A lilY.'e SUPTIttIOK I,\ 11" --Now landing frtom IJ ten hboat ha Slllta, a sally otef aile above, put up in hhds, tirltsc and bhus; tbr sale I Gy I.AhI LT ASiM. LUNG. j,pit; 17 Commerca Wrect. a INSEE. D OIL--13 bla aud ' cas'ks ltres L.inered Ia Oil,now slatd;; from ship .-s "hi Ic, ald for ale by JARVIS & . ..I)so ., j\ i)rueults, jelft nmminanL l0'a Ipt'iuus tt. 313, fr tle'' LllJ ,lll ?L JAINTS,OILS, GLASS, BRUSIIES, &c.--Jaet Slanding tlrn obt nI1itr ltto n nlir, i nld r sano --vz : IG.O 000tet ofglasso best qalitr, Grlnit 8X10 t l :X'28 fIII kegs white lead, pure; 10 j di green poeint, in " lihr. kegs; 2- dot japnned tina fir sigap; ithrahgo'. Sd'z iidrsplcmlid 001)0 ground brush-e, alno oIf0Il00 I ro io00 do; aonses corne green in powder;, uperior article no do In cals; a large as0ortoll0 1 lo f sash tools of every tie and quality; ttlde pencis foriarlise; flaot marlking Irushes tor nrerl.aaite arulisl' color i ofiF read,'pr' upredl,in hler, tiltred '"-p w ith all necesos.ry bluo lo; artist' tools, &k . -Flake and rltnmnitr white; 60 tecks gold leaf; white and ycllowt wax; gno nrabic; nod a large aud chuoice as airltllent of paillt, dry aolers oil, turpentine, varnvill &.C, ior sale,.wholesale and Glail, atthe htweet prices, by MO D ELI.lI|, a28 58 .nnino at. 't.UPE' tlC 'LU,. YEW EDI'TIO.Y OF THE CIVIL CODE OF LOUISMI.\Y /. f T has beenfior somte time mae nle known to tile pnitbl that the subcnberrers ae enogaged in preparing ter rle press i urw edition of the i.ouisiana Civil Code - I'hey'wrr. Iroll the firer, awarr oLthao great dilliculty and responsoiiit- atrloding tihe publication of tile work, and it was not witlhot great hesitation that they enn. seoIted to tile undertaking. But the present edition. arnountine to bout three thousand copies, and which had cost the State more than thirty thousand dollars, wa entirely out of print. For morte thanu two yeant past, the otral price of the work has been frotl thirtI to itti dollars. It iaa systern of written rules w-lirh so immediately nperates upon every individual of the state, interretedI either itn igiculture or commerce .and which governll hllldispIosition tr fo Ino ach Iropmerty cOlllillng tO Us firomt other states, that--r l be shoireos. tv other tIleatim i m law-it is as mtch the text-book and manual of tle merchant and the planter, a it is of tile private gentle lnan and the protheioual ndvoc,te. SThe lawyers of tiheodjoinirg states, and in fact of al those states :Ipon the thin and Mit s iii iii rivers whicl find a rart fior their produce in Louisiana, have n fie' urnlt racessitv nt'reference to the Emde, and make it an inlisprnabir e r.quisite to theiro liboraries and i: the city of New Orlo.n s ti bolok is asuare tog L- fond in tile mernelant's eourntlng rooar, ns unpr .Ile diek o tile judge, or the table Lofr tre attorney. It is n sut 1priau thorelietrn that tile firt tedition ntilhe cork wias so quic ly dispoused n or;nf d th ugh t iimer rerepri nt oi it ,,uli n some tmeaolre supily the public neceseity, vet it would ie iarper:ect aid unsntiiihitilly u le o ar tolated witl references o the R tprorts and SIarC a, iln l.rr to er raonce tie nonerouo n entotletr wlt;icl hwnr h e, made by the L t.g iilatore, nd tile ilimporetlt docirtons atill contrllctioans which rate teer given upon Iilalln o its articles be tile Srlllrentl C(ourt. 'lhe publishers have secured, Ior thie general super intendence and edilorial department of the work, the plrofessional norvlees el Vstheeori S Upton, Esq. a nieg.iherlf the New Urleands ar. The Hon. Jode Bullard, Judre ItBerooudl, and lion George Eosti;, ihave each kindle assistei o r Ulpton i ith tle ritluhle l iote i whicl te havre collected in the t'trioo teir I 'trdi'es aid practiee; nmd to lr N I.t.einnetns,the pirt. ntor of atir Ipron, who is also ert.aged in the work, eru Srtrawbridge, Esq. tos preoentcd tile greart maos of rnte re-."oru'ntaiured ill Ils office copv of the clde, til i whiehl nave been made by himl dlting tile wholn period ot his dis:iinguished prelsosionnl laiore. 'lTi publilh err miay therefore wrril trust that the tnntortion- of ili' w'ork oilh be all ithat industry and labour, seisted by lenrnin' and exerience, can perforntll. In putting firth this iprnplectulr aoil soliciting rene. ial subscriers to thre tork, til Ictttlr i ,ii.r lake pride in tre fa't tlht the Legislature oif louP m , "as authorized tie t;overaor toin rdor tone thronono{ colip. oif it f)l, thP future le oftlhe Stoate. 'Tire radiner" winh which ti.e Ililnt.r wen take by tie Assembly, r vhinced their jlst sense of irthe value othe workand tlhri therei b exteodcl el that ro.ofidence in the ibility of tile priblistoro antd editors w hich it is ihoiI i lvnt s hhll v ,ih'i rv d.o Thie wre', will ho priroed in Frtinch nod Engl:h. upon goond iaer id with clear typeh ; oe r will nt ene - 0 n 0e or rare ia spareod to ilake tlih o hole inehairnieal I exeutilo of it orresnpord witd 'irts greoat iinintance It will ptubihli ie ready for dioiinro ii tile mionth of Sie )tii'. r nexiLi; nd the plrie will he, Iro hl criT .or<, fifteen dollars--five dollars to be paid at the time of subtr scribing. Thie .subheri.tiln lists once closed, the store price wiLl be twentl dollars per copy. I ip "i E JOItNd & CO. toirolieshro. r? p1l ;~hlitIips c 4rn sesii. this Low... eI seilwNel fet e I. l tnlleset Nel w York )ih erel' other ,ondedt- conllencing on the tth lnovember, aend to islrtie the rictost tunetlity in the r time of ailing, the hue ill heceiat: r eoeist oft five Shlit viz :ic Ship Ieieeo, c(laptune Iak tl leae . n the 2lthtt nivr. Ship) Louisvtilhle, C "ataie Pdller, to leave on tie il. t ilecerath Slip lluntseille. Capttain Eldridg!r to leave oe thel Ship I'icksburg, Captain Yoetllousea, to leave ot tlhe Sbhit Afiettitp pi, Captaitn Dacis, to leave nilthe 1nth .is' Tile above .hips are all new. of the fret clnea, eoptarei d all 'copper Ihsterned, and lupwards ot'Mt00 toiesi beurtlen, aroe t' light dlraugtht of water, being built in .Now York expressn ltir the trade. l'e. lice't of alea sage is fixed at one hlundred dollars. 'heir ehtins a re i titted upe!n the mlust illproed antd convenient ilan, an.d fluished in t neat and elegant style. Almple stores ef the first qtljity will be provided, and evety regard huad, to lthe cenmlbrt and entire tlttiucntioneol pnnengters, who will lease tate akellice that tno berth ian be sectured ell Itl padl d or at tilhe lice et the consignees. 'I hese packets are eonulandedd by Captmius well ex perienced in the trade, who will gvle every attentiln, and exert tIllheselve to accommellodlte. I' hey will at all tines be towed up and Itoan the Mississiptpi by steamboats, and the strictest punetluality qbserved in tie time of sailing. The owners of these hips will not be responsitle Ior sky let er, tparcel or package sent by or put ail eoard nI .tent. ualeet a regular bill el aInding be tigned th*erefre ut the cnlntine Iouase of the agents or owners. l'c .rth,'r partirulara, apply tol BEIN & A COEN I) REIN & A COIIEN; notv 13 90 Cunonlo sat. .. AS ftound fifty milhefro nl the Ilealize,ttlthe month. .¥ of Jly ,a large launch, (e glish built) copeilc fateinedl, and heas been coppered, sle iis e tcut loog. and eight feet beain; and lins Leen sloop regged, ase there arte iron straps forwrld fl rigtgiu. Whoever re engnies nsaid lautcl, wtill plaaec call at NoI iltOld Itve-r, a It PENSACOLA -MANSION IIOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. TIIIE ubsucriber having purchased the lease nll fur S tilureof Ithis well known establishmtent, froltl Mr Taylor, tle late tenprietor. will be ready to reuiveti. rterm b the et of Attpril nx[t. Nuinroas andi costl improvelnentee will be flendl in the neangagements of hille Mansion House. New atid more comnlluodlous buthing litoses will be built, and warm b thil will i.e provided at all hours. A stnbel will be attached to thle house, with good aceounnet ca trim for boltele and erriages. lie el rule oreS elad carrlluge will also be kept for hire at moderate t-nict;e and sail and roew boats, with Ielenll to manage theel for tle use el visitlcrs. [llili lerdt and Otnell el IlUlllt.eielll ueaslle fotulll at watering plaes, will elsc be fernished, eold no conductee. nts not to interlfere with tile colllntlrl nlld quiet ot the boarders. ThI wines uad hlqLuse eill be of teil best quality, eand to ensure it ull scply Io ice, u cargo has already been ordered, w ehiht wrll arri ei about the let ni May. Aier Freledek Bluard, who formerlv kelt st populhar a hotelat Wasllilngtu e city,will condect i ees ie el fort tihe prTtraietr, w ho, w th i s nIUall tl COlllnidentl llt 8ssu ic + thile vtsilP n oflast ?ear, and his frilends genelly. thle thlty will rcl:lve every possible .ttentoun; anld thlerebv ex ceels to gi g..nircl sanllnetaciun. Thex locl advantage~ oi Illt houlse are too ell known to neItd a Irnugt. eed decripeticn Ibre. ''Ine facts it-at Pelstcula is tle largest elevan istetite of tihe liovrunmeint; tile general rendezves oul the (;lf squad roll tile lriv oits climate refreshed constantly do ting tile enlllUtner montls hb the cooIlest lt r-eeeees lifrut the Gtll; tile beauty of t; lierv and the neighboeurmge itland- and rivers; ille atlundutce and delicacy of the h with w weh the watera chaound; and ils itprximit to the best Southern tIltrkets, ene I'olutacola tile re lfeellce, over all other paces ill tllese latitudes, ac a nealthy and delighttiel sumet er r.enest. FIirst late batts wilrnl r leewtte:l I'cnuteola and elo bile. and will at all times hn e Lie to e ke tile plascellg.r. fromu the New Orleans boats. N B ARNOLD. I'eneniela, Feb. I 5th, 18l3i. [r i Gltleme el wlhlnbg to engage rooms for their families, can address the Iproprillotr. ait IPensalcola, or Air Sewell T Taylor, the former tprulre or, at New Oir leten. T SafirdI; Peq, tleC Cellhe, t D Me.lmpinc Esq., I.t. Kihbv, in Mlob I; S 'T aeloer, P P RI.e, l1cl, in he' Orletns. P S--A letter be_", to receive eiinmunieeaioni fier periaues at the bnve hotel, i iplaced it (iro Wliu.ta'en office, 51 St Charles Exch lnge. FLORIDA ROU'TE FOR NEW YORK. 0-. 'l'raRllers desirolus f takling the Florida route, via Peteinleellt,to the Neortherm i.rn.ermed th:t ire rien boats will enntauniy run frot blttle t." I'eneacoln, leaving Mobile and Peostcula eveiry ot.her da alter tlee lit of Ma. Goinod mtages will al:tays le itrutvdenr oa the subscriber to be in r.audiness to take pesaengets trum Mobile, in case of the fiilure of the: boats N 1 AnNOiA,, The steamlnat Chamnpion Iavers Mobile for Penca. -eolal tuiea a week feb21 Ii -L---Zhdi ., ceu imerr neetla tne-.ale bv t;. l. R-tE'l jeclA __f,_._ I'I'AT111'AEY'S F'i N 'C'tl'. . &e 't EAT 111.P.tlN. FRANCE and Iti;I.GIIt'Ai, ý1 ahaorl Inur in IP:l--Bv Hlemua Ilum phrely, it. Ite Petldcut nof Aulnhetrt ('oilenl ,, in 2 toel . The7 1.rlen ef lirs sherenrod.-l;elte thle nnlv e ttell l.l eenaid il eentlln edieitl teter i tdobl tled in ihe n.n eetd~'1,,, · xI I. .utel rtcvte d and lnt ael' be . Corel ( '.n 'i ItCJ etcclent. Cit W. EV.rIN' CA.AJllJ..I: PIL.d. ri , +IIM hii)hl vsasIsuaide ledlicieh na bsas l h hoae SSalShi and retail at New York prices, df Itl.Ed I)'I.AiN GE. l t"nansi) street. It is conidentlv reconumnenaded afr the fhllowing dih eass: iD)sp''"psi in all its li',lsh biliusa and liver af tliclogq,'in every sta.e .ad dlgre. ; g lfemale e.ickn.s, more partiedi;Blrly thd as.ta i.csidear to miothers; staor uits.a,fae#n llllssl. a,t illa ,i-ist ai-sl-slmpaiit c os ds' ,'li ell-ts, litlher ta f' tile liver or lua ,'it, lir l tsh .ir gisIdi fler, llasi of aypealii, nervous, tremorl, inebritain ar deILr l tlllll tr m ni,,ll) slpa t ollic aofiT: lio, of all kindlls ihru, wLhether chronlic or inllainmattory; nrrnuu+ or bilioau fevers, of every variety; scrfullai s,,h r heIn. sid all hlhtcll,-, ibil huatls, nd in' lre eaml!exi-an flihe skin; re Ileratesa at night, r.nd daily irrttalbilitv and sIlllilselll'v; thie sumlmer complaint, and ehl.lera sablbusaor diariha'l in groiwn pelas s; woisi andllt fal lency, 'itih bau hrthal; chlorosiss and palplitations of lth heart and head; changes of lemalt constiltnsin; and for ilalire I and dlisorgi zel loaistiu ns in either sex; wvhlh have nol been le ltanllntliv relieled by any other medicinesi A sinele trial of Dr \V Evara' aiedicines in any of thete csesa, still prodale a ll PifTentas as will il diatle their llsCtpolllltrble superiority, and ilnd:ce suchl a use .lf them at will iasllre a speedy and auqusrisetoa' bls urlle. Dirictisllm ior use accoulls i q hIg tlt hm. Nus5er555 +sertificsteasoftiire will hli'shotwa , as fromi sIhte Irs't of the cut:"lte it is iapt+iaible to ies them publhiity lhrl th ut e lmdium of a newspyllper. ''n Ir Evanls eatalaogie theranre upwlardas. 25,000! easte., and in ibis city we can re!.er to many ,eraanum who have Seeln lelieve s, and in '*sole instances eilreid of luong sitilitlng disiases, by Dr 'csans' Camaou il Pills. oi-I) liIl STATE OF LOUIsIANA--tsirstJudicisl. Conel. T.IE STATE OF LOUISIA..A, To all whlom Sithels Prs enta 'hall conei, Glrreetig:-Whlreslas, James llin . tiS igss Ring priC.Ilase at a sale nmadle by Ihe Sherifo'lf tilhe . aris ofl Olrlean the Iproperty helea iielnatr descried, Il, asappliedl i tlhe clerk of this court, iln wlhose asie the dsted of sale was rilec'dled on tie Yd day of AplilI, A. 1). 18.18, for a monition or adit vertiac mitasi in conformity to al snt of the I.etislature of the State of Lisianlsilentitled 'As .et for the li'tther asru acet' of titlcs to apurcharsrst judicia sildes;" approsed the ilith iday of Marcal, 183 . NOW, thlerefore, liow yle, nlld all lsons ed h rein, are Ithereb cited an' l hls hcyad hail illn the a as of the Siatesl Louisiains, and of Ihle ,'irst Jdiiail Distrivt Courli,who cin at up any righl, title ort claim in ald tp the p'operly hereinatlerdesebrll.din coisequtcel fain inl" t.iralityl i the order, dei c iir i judgmenll t ofir ihertl' nodea which the 9:,1e was made, or any irregularitv or illgalit y ill the I pi sir l iset i is n l adiertile nl, i time, tor maI r l salt a, or fil :soy Othetr ditsect w hat.,, i ier; lt how cause, itlllll thirty s Iavi s froml tile dto thi, mathin is lit issrasd ht i h italt p blic It r'i , lats t'es The said ilproperty was siold i the Shel ilff f ti e ipurish afils lidl oil the 3S0 day of Marit1h, A. D 1833, by vir. tue of at t dcrte Of thiit co.llrt, rend-rd on 11he 01th Llsiv t of Jantuary,' A. 1). 1838, in a suit t-nlihisd James Al-lles I)iiggs i. Rltlld'us Gilee, No 15,191 olf the docket of silis Court, at wliuh isall: aidl Jaltl, s llrises Diggs lcme the purthl:ser fur the price of twenty-five ioutisllad lol (escrlltlioti of piopIerty as givaen in the Juadibial Corl - ve)unee, ztr: Aeertait piece of l'propetiv or plt CrlI of groltud toglelther wilth all the buildingstipi insiptnsnts thlie.., rigihts irivlletges, &s. ilt-latttlii)belolhgig, ora ill ad wite si pr-itlaina, sitlslste ill ihbsag AsOtlllllllil siOl',i ssIie Itis acity - lh l nIessurisig in Englislh Ilellre, tshr-e Ihuldred aRI filiv-six teet Iand tour-eightis ofill inllh ltrolit oal Ith spubliieroadon New Laevee sl, three htundred and ixi - eis. feet six insluiesndlfi-ureishlah of an ilnch ifront o Celeste s. two lundlreld aIId litty-fie feet line inahslals sid twoaeiglhhi of anl ilth nl a line tiilling nll Old I-atne siteelr , luntil it strikes Ihe blu llndalv lint of Laui'rllnlil I:hudun' propertl.y,l i thecornler of 111 Levee slid iigs street; hllere frihl,,"ng N right aglellP, and exttCidllor eight.l-file Iftot slud trt.¢ iltleld dlrip )alonglhe hImunllari") lie oif alitt Millatldoli's property prl1n'rl tondleslei; there ifrinlm g a right angle, asi extending si xty tlhree it eltvel ilclhs t ntl d Isihhree eilhths of all inch iun the IhLundI y hle iof t Ollis T)elde's pitr'erty, pma'lli Ito Oil Leseets.estithere friing anii 5thr rights ile it extedlillg isll tsre feet streni inilhs lad liive eighthsl of an iich on the I OUdariity lime (tf saidil Dede'ms irp(i tl', I I 'all,- l to Celeste stae tl; there fiornting anolhcr right aigtle, and extlendinig one hundred and twenty s.''sen fteett ten incles ind four eighths of all ilnch un he houlldaly line ot staid ed . a .,perty parallel it the public riad liand N\w Itcve.I stireet, and ie'en. si le lt iour inhe alt ilourlcig tlhs l Ilinllc f:Olt oti N n's streetl ase ril ia' to psla nby J. IPili, City Sin"ictsa, ,sade s ad Jam var', 19,32 :initxed tl tol i t pi+at d before Louis 'T Co'li, \uta Publi , on the tttll J;ilialv, 1832. Coi' rt I orestdil ,t' is' Auth April, 1831. ip2d,m 3&iS 1'. LE BLANC. IDep. Clerik. SANiJTIONEI) iiY VIJI FRiActai,i F i 31Eu CtIE. ) r"I ORN'S Compnuill EvLctLte !' Copaiba and S1e i 'paill --A cerltale, sallll Ilcst ecltetullt aler dv e ter discovered flv the cure of (llonlrhea, (;lects, Scrictures, W\VIites, Pains iln the.c=ek anll loins, semnal l weakcness, affLctiucs of the kidlces, gricel, scorbutic c I tIll i lctroUctinOl of amnedicine pos.lssillo tIle ulsecul and actie' virtue of te nlle now o.eled to lhe public, tllt pro l ictor has but to refer lt thl llUlnlmrous rec onl ell at.llll s received lolv tlie most lllillnt oft' Ihr nt dcal tlulty in iEurote, beliiting that it wtll be oled u!llptcialte wheln ti merits are more fully known. T ll Itlisbum lt o ailbat, so exteincivcrt sed,ihas lost mphci of its credit trom ihe dislike which paicts I ort.erl t 'xpress dI reuading its diaglreeab'ie ulse, lldsturblcr I' tprenccec it tie bowels andic somnet , siitaltl its Itretlt'cn intllicientl when atedI ill tile infailctcatOlr' stage. The roprieor has ud l an anllalysis of thell alsilun, lcncei lg tlhat lthe mnolr actiequalicies wouhl thereby be Iuch mlore ecollcentllrrt ad mloe cusefully adiministeeld than I' ill the present state. The above e llcile colbille in-c i gledients wt hiclhare in the highesl repute nlottl thte most stcientics anld learnld in the Iprofession. Each dlug ill thie compnsitio of thisprprlltilo increases tIe liiecacy of the other, producing an operation truly apto tlishig, atci surpssll.g the most 1gucllillt epcotciOUS possessillgt thl se sc llce ime the ltitallaage o its being adminisatered with perfect ucccess in the different tag e s of the above discse. u The most eminent physicianucald urgeloins of the preselt luy express their decied all. pro atlon in civor o ',l wllt lniltt u wilc l iti ucce i t, tic p.cceilclciitc hsltitt tci Icclctic ececlical iltitutiot htc , ibe n, lll scioitlOllciltur, sely extensiec. It was a fic orlte remely uith tlw celrclated clli Abercthy iy at venticrealaftRetions,eand cidatinatcccuuteouserupicnts, arinllll ag t c lio.r, a lls 1 s t lll0l)i lle tr hei tllllht' alllll lltion sI ilvin beenl suhlilttecd to tle test lld expe'ienlce of ltic most cclebrartedl among the lhtclly, they have eLc)Clssed their satistletion cf its extraordinalcy ictacey er easecc Icdc" their eInrgee, bt adoptcig it boci io Iric'c pubiclic a privatc pectie. lTcheir ohi evrationc will he illcerled iherenfter. Pretpared by J B Thorn, Ciheoist, London. i'rice $1 50 per lpt. From A 11 Salmon, Esql, F it It the Sct Thomas Hosilit,:t,tc Le, lcc urer cc s tumcc The tt ihl 5 Iich I have male of oulr ccccc oeth in ac var clv oif cealC s. oth mi ale sl .,idiu tucil in " sulits bhat e pi oued Io highly ft.,omllIlc, tihat I o nut .seiutae in pllOncaUig it orll of the ost valuable all I etliaciuIsl vr mIebeIcs ever l olleredl to tlleu ublic, lllcuole ill a ihich, Iron,,lt I caul place every' reliillCte, whilst 'it ldoes not plrlol l tlhe sl .lplt ltt cricetssuacurlly exc pelie.cedt from copaiba. From G II Ilaywncr d, 1 R Ct S, Physician to the I. Mlarlrebone Displensary. I take great ttpleasuret in a iling my testimnc v to .he vllnale propertie's ol" your plreP :ltlilo, wilillg von tiheI success tlo so fully deservett an a aple reward fir he inhnranil expnse incurnred ic binging it to such cOlllC piIet perfcectton. FIcun \ WO Cooper, F R S, Surgect to Guy's 11o,- H 'li'ce unifecrmc suqeecs which ':s a tedled the a.dc Iniii terinG vllll" medicile amnlcg ccv pctients alllicteil -ich cr,lcliseasee, hae fliy sc'citised sle thlct itl hs btly to be kllowll to Ie truly appre.atecd, lay the llttIy W you o w,.ll dleci ve, camply and speedily rspay you for ourl valuable lUreilration. From Sir A Cooper, F R S P It C S, c. eke. Haiing itIen icduced to try your l" xteluc in lls'enti casrof miolent c(;ollOlllo:a, hich had llhitchertc lo ifledi ev.ery preicritiou Iadministteted by Iice, havig lnuit sare ald speedyv cures cflectl stel it, in a few dlay- I eel nmvscif in duty hourl tlo state hat I ilow in mly prla tree hol h lpublic :ld privc a recoUmmted ild e nonel Frtol \V Blair, Ml D, Physiciall to (iy's itelm. pital. Tlhe striec test which I have ginlc your medicine camong ln pacltieuts, a,.d itc inc.tiiIble succes thul iLtr, will inllduce uste tte ierevrc in its use, ani I drem, it hlt an act of ;ustie cand of dutiy to aidd nty cfeebl ett.- I imonial ic ccti meldation of its virtcues Frcon I. C Thonlpson, IAt F rS I.. I reteurn you my sincere lithanksi tfl t e valucle pie sent of your Extnect for the cure of GclloIrrihllc, Ike. I feel gnclttfcul Uiat sou Ihas at last i bhought a menlcicnec into use which will preva s ldesideratuml long son egltfor in the medlicc a woil-I-a icure, speedy clcI el; rtbr l sure ill esfc ite thlle icot relass. It albrdis me gl aII pleasune ill cllclcchilge tie wlorld 11hc vuluable qchlatllcfrfpiouF Evtr'mt. Were it necessary, the Ipoprietor conld I ilre furnish rnanm more lesticcln ilb ctlwliy as conlmend: tory as tie abl e; blut tlust that itsgrcet ccess hithert, -the care & expense at wicich it ihas beeniieparyed, allc proveict gc''.att recoetllclndatlion aong a diauh rilc g Ic.blic. One re.cllmnliicc iatolein thics plrtnuil'ii clijels abore all others is its neat, polan e turnl-i-put ip i pI ts-the madlle in which it may le .kelit, eilng both cusy nii pl anut-it tastely naturle,wllh no rearitclion u diet, o1 conlvinement t ferom boucets. Trncellers esi ceally would find this medicince highly IusLcl, cad ougI Sever to be unllrosided wiitl trilautio.l tlol possestc inlg the ad vahtagc wlhihch the p e.ilt oei cc mhiues. Accompalniying the Medlicine is a lpuiphlet e plalu Itorl of the diiercl't Itcccs oll thile dtlceL, L s ItlN . e-ilt halcoke, contaiilul.g full alid ccple dlihreciucm,. .1olrstIc by SICKLES t Cot. ii l1t3awt.Ihln it Culual llarVt. 1 iAC15iTA hhci; $iclr T c htbdvTccdMCwl i7'icr, i L 8hllllldrr, C ciLnautls U wI, Iluada 11 roui ie.anl er cBckeyr. ucl lor i ale, e v -1n l u3 ti: akr1 btreci. TiHE ; 91tlUItA S'I'AtEi C 'TEotai Gi iN FIVE AND AB aAtL-t-...' From Mobile (Alabama) to Anlusta ("Yj - EAV EA S Mi-bile every othelrdac., iemmn.i.atello iel Sthe arrival of thle mail frod Ned O ls t*h .lrA.ll.bol.. E..Iti E, to Ilkkely. oatds tOVt95Odr. SItrAttutnct (Iper Penceoli Ialet Holiiouul It "he t|ieHai , H li ,'d il Ha) to (Lear Ulhtnd., ol el henýi md t,) ntajbi lcge, PiHlerton; Hnwkillactelfe ad leti ville, to Augusta. A ptene rtakr;hlhis t st at MOe bile is in no danger of h.alg thrown ut ori sleaog hi i).ereltce by other eonflieting intereist ar the M..0141 I)A LINE is but one eoteern, thd n[dier(d4 WIt" throughout, ottd may rely WITri en OinT T e iiY hi :naivalat Augtleta in time specifid, thrh , .Cloat lmtropht e stilid aoeur. '.hitq Grat New elnis Mai' is earri-;i.y til plte. The Agets foraPaliloedm' lio., 'Ieaom, :oahe l rs and t e aotA I tihe o.lthern contry. The amoath, hatd, ntpral rotads tlte uode a1ClakMr Ellt t ter ntg'cviagtiooh tim tal aeaeopmekctlc, attitcd eti toltrter petd,0t atsinte. eopllroreuedý{e illg varietyv; comeote nas il were wititht. le l m Lat Clarltchntot, S: C. actd thie pten ppakets to MpwYle srcrt.lrs, -,,, re ,h New tnork fr'em Nett OlrieC. LIESS TiH*A i t csai-WaS.intont ityln t. rontt Chottehooeee, Floeiti i, *ei'MO:'s41 "d Line in inc ai.t slld ''alahassee, toin 81 M q,46 e post coachees, slao two BmRnches from ,Hi.lioi uate ct.Millcdgerille, aclone ols to 1,M n llre. U8ýTUKlrciS a .. AU strTA, 0Oth r 35. Oiueat Mansicti tlouse Mobile "Ditmale., New Or(leans to Mo~,il 5. mile Molbile to Aueguclt, 5411 " Augs ili'lCharl~tdeite, 136 (h:larlstonn th tNew York; a it! Time, nw.Owilean to lobile, Yid "o Mobile to Aaguta, t:il Augnesta to Charleston, 16 " Chaleohn to sew orkl tai- $sI lMaking 168 miles lper day, or7 miles per haim l; el vrl ci t :Iotltages. c 1llO 10 N. II. ltog leare tb info;m the hlutie that tli bridlges lver the Cht.tahohilieswamii nae l Hard LAir. ceek Iave just been cunltItelledl y the goiter-l govek mfntt, (thc uly ohltacles hp~oiithg aginsteftlis c aels..i' elyt·e'l oute atethusnhstly roetovcdt erilhavet.e pleasure of le"I;,ngcg ifromt trceelle|Itdithe t olasiesta.le'. s s, h'tivers cid to1es ire ol the tiiit oitbrls mad las thit water eoe ·ir. oin .,:unstol toCeldar Illlfr, it is.ldai. crd by all who lit r e, sscdcl tl.isncgh ii oa unsuemeeid il: iu nvelties ltbe uv cnlt saleity. The brieles, E.ecigl ieogic Icveo stc baetc rccalreci. .1 let C 0nq IIARIDIVARE. 2r Mn teyartic Hrsar, kN W.dORLEANS. JOSEPIH NETTrLE, & Cb.--itclirto., hff, and I)omestic lnlrware, an rticebinR tlnt i tpe nind t!c Atlantic Cttiec dirteelt Cf.-, tsle Jlanoii cer, o extaOivr asnoorlinent df Frh"ci Illlhea,4 Iclardware comlaing l evein y article id Ili III oihl1 tiet offer lAw. ICilbctrv Mcrchants and etl.ore qhl ienvitd oil ball exn!Qine Tlheir stock which eohlsit!! in IIItrtt b. butener's, pocket, sandler's l4ndstrw _kn BHritanin teo spoonc,neodleaies, p hoekadl ee, she vea antl dptdes. tongst shovhci, iindeno, aldirima, Brit= t tiia n tdlacaned wolc, hbrushesc Ilank hooil l.a pm . cl- tlonkintg glneasesce die s vieed, aemwiilae1 , handi Ahtdte and dhil Iamenrs, smithcs ill owl,Arhki-ien ta Eutglith blistercaae, lstear, Getmi and roil;ey steelc itt:tth ttoutcls trne, oX and log tehai., t.edli .klut ,nun and grubbing hoes 51nltoek .i'k aiteatc i rl graas scythes, Collinr insid, S 5 I ceim c i ihuc axes, s'rocght, horse and ,cut naiti, elottodti kd Wo ccrds, cefle and corn tcllls;plncns end Tlet eis, suges, locks, sad, itlons, hooks and i pistols, shot, powder and liquto rflbk,per powoer, tva, fih brass hid bell Metal kcob cthe , truik Otdpd iLt locks; bridle EOUISAI1A NE1-Cour di Premiere Del ltric Jrriitilhv. " 'ITAT DE ILA LOUISIAANF.AloUii . ..t . cbl ti ecvnles iuoeieluit., Suuldt--Atemlu iujt ic lle arIICs Diggs, cyc,,i bi:hle A utb Sente tuie p.t h iSerf de 1n pocsi l'Oc h iielihs In it. ci-oprei dicrlc.e b'lst mol eie acu Gretdl de toteCbllr eu Is dire vite lfur i.rreghidue le si ele joluh dPAurlH b I 'llnbe 1 8S8, polu till l uiis .ceidecucmie a ua aler d II LWgis. Iht,. d"e AlEc cu he Leldhisiace, icijile IA,c Ad 0in 1; cuulirilr lilitre:esa cjU it liclzl l'eclojuldlncres;" a'lpruu i le Ito luel 184L. lu'il uiell. oiu, el lwioz I erronnrlNr inrereises aunt p ar L ss prIC*.IC1 Uo1IIb· iii iil ,e dl'l'i ui hi laI Lo 'isjluect de Ic iour du Piehletil Dlrielc J hcluireE. ii jiuci.raiUenl dqOlit In let: Stlet c li-aec is crle'lle IUl c.llu.eq luce ('i, lu i doutIlk lIll ur I ( INN Veitr I c dI.I . rI t. hitlel j lie Ier lI . I Icola; iei erltlIl dnqu Icuc-c a enid lille,ceU tie 30;te indyu larIete oUl nlji20t1 icihs l'eitindlic, 'vis ou. IrUU li s .ket I. Inlle lie IN venlit, Ounc ujio. lc sut iu.icue qnedlnconnt, Au fiee I'AI, Iliotb I'Cre ijoutlr. i (lucier Ai AI.blicnioh di- celleta i, ipourlucoi cllta Ue miii iA: .alit pli ccilicdreciicmnoelegec. Ia, ld.uc iIop,61 hic t jueldue jtir c Slierif, iis dit iH So cincicer rItc Aha ide: l';c I888, ein cCIlU dimw,.HA,4 Ide erle (;or ieh"i h, Ic A( cicde I lvierl dle anI. | t$$; dm. l', deA Jaene l Brn:a vs. llu'us tirero,~, \n. 13,19(, di l'ckciiic relic Cucc1 A lqouellie vomi 'rait rc.dui ui.ilnrcue jUmn Ic prix buvigtleitlslp Ifimstt,:'I. . . Deucleiptji dA lhI 1iuOrcl16 de prles Ib ltoler SJuFh s mire, Savoll'. UI. ceetaij, uiorceau de tcnrele bto tel eaolulnt ci .trelioraiuii qilui o ieunvcai, uillu i ole lod.rohl Irvileges etc. y app:jrtlilut d'i.e musdnge quatlslso sitce muo l usxIiuurge Aunoduliu.nli m slir, (Iti"reo I lllorrlle Li0cl ciCllnlsmt Iti lil eli. tl.dur t·tl II11. ' 1. p our fluc an 11t1]111 puIlllilltle il' ou 1k,11. ]i In rrouellrl eves,trois,:en Joirdllte t pit'kiLx poik' l quaut, hintiene tre* Io In rue (dIe.lte, "...... shvp .lumue r C( (ie plls (seul' pouces~vt dlrbr Mlitrellir IIL Was f , cue t~ihee dus.k• i.ig ice i lu rj dii l ville LeuLu ; pei iF h f ! u llIgne limi'o edlre: dIi Iwopriet1 de Laurenlt .i I'e.rcr ,lgc.., tilcruis Veille Lcse,et. deNsisimo , do .Ai culut uit algle Iruii eCt 'cliidollt iot itln l Ainq I di e t Hu d cuits. e. pufimdiehr Is Inn stL ligst liiciel:ledhede i I -rollprie.ed lu lit Mililau ar,. hllel A In u I Clie Alrit Ib n titsut ol agle droll et , iceheijdh tde Scixuuc lnejill l0eils ooue mcst t roll Huletm" a bur In ligtR li1l1bil e ilh do l d lurOnishi do aIe Lotois De,l io.jlleI l il rue vicltie Les: de ii.t l4ll1lli tll iIIec au;l.U druil it 5'eleonii•it fi qlleq 10(x purids .plt puiicct el uimi Iuiliimeu sh la tllls luitrphu dlhi Iiprpricel i'll 'dlil DeAl jiolidlel it Ih rie C.lete ; djel bluruiun uc titre •ougle Uldcii; ei jhlhro' dnai (Ar ccllt vciug shA Ilieda lix touErs if- .botre liui :.llle i ur lignt liclitlluleid AC i.Emil:td dldi lkrdu Irlullel au cursor pbliubu ifor Ix rord~lel NeplI lcclic L toelc ii ilii e llkeiiubpi.ue n'atre 1eo 1eo s q ,+id huiilic.nel,:et Is e reli de,+ llotlst coblUtso. " .ij plhu .lrdn Iuer J. Pili u nyuer lsvlah i i'.. s .Jcuntirl 183A*, c a . r : ImeoS la.dein0 ti nT' e,., ircepuc lidic, le 00 JHnviei II.is9. Tematg 1'I il. A. M. I eilbitmi, "Jug. le In Cijr eSuitee 11 A_ iI ,38 . P. L"h"Ac ETAt 6I L-i LOJUSIAE.-Col( do PeisiD l----l 'Irill JudbinCre. , !'hPATAD.h: LA LOUieIAcE; A |h leOr,.Se .lif J cc c preseniloe onicenlrc , Sault:--ltIIeoUU qol 'illinnlc .ilackev nyullt uchelti uoe veanrsf pt to Slerif e to piaruibse d''Orlelt, la prmbW*.e eidratt decr:te, .i'tl oddrleou aul Grefl' de .eelt Cbr oh hIdtll vene lot eoregislrbe le 'Sein jul.orde MIii, d l'oldl. 18l:18. ipool rL uavio iOM.iim .lnt i Maonnqle delI Leogio t.lure'de I'Elul dt I, Luuiisnel iatinlb "Attl rnil olirmier lis tilH tens atquereuro sti voe.ntd.lri," wpprtll If 10 Mariu , 183.: Qsi'ehil niteanlit n; rues lrrrmnrre inteo("s 'Ebeolieuunt ourseo ploeiinan mIhBosI InIiII dAel' r1nttlel Luuiuiuint ue dlt'obrdn l'rul1r Iji-tric Judicioeuq;rqui loburuiren oveb deil t lu Ir lictjib cijpiAs declle, cl eftwsueneo.f'um do laul de Aiiecd ana I'Ordcr, le d.:olr bsu le jsfloimo t* I luilctc, uc lIer.u iuqbl In venY a Ore faitn, ou de tohal iregulcrni on il,egaliil ild.uo I'dtinlaiuo. l'Inia oo I" leulc et Ic incolle de tl velve, o wllr uoe slatl taiie que c.qeauec ire fui dou r, duns triiejo it iLnler dol pebhlicctulu tde seeri aviuliourquui luvoreonlehi blites erlt pot runirlcreb et Inmoulugtn. L doa: prcur.cie fud veuduepa Isl Slu4' dio IN i 3'Jine lout'~ d Avril,de I'abnls 1838, sa tanorEu ow, cret de cette `eudu te :otimone .t ,o de ].-a. Ii:is, daei i'cUleirc do Willium Mackey 've.byoM llli ,N. 15.535 du dtrtcel de Cetll Cori lqinlt 'cunte le dil Wiliunm Mackey, t'e/e rei; o loiii ' errour t prix deOMM$ cb,l. lanh L.c;:ilptieu dulel rkl e e.d'op oo In Irao a et CudkiBi lre, Sa.iVUlr: I Cu Certuin lot e I'e ery, yomwr.ol.on lessla icnluieccrlrnties. uiutul ro itIipoooa d'lletl6s filet heeds liar l eneruoes In Nuuselale Le4, himiaha i Pilo ud Ulorold. d-isitr prlr Nelod'o"cn ognpis dres c r C I'' Z.lel. Doput Y oya' - elel 14 IUcccvnre 1834, ,t r,.,o 'etms. n I_ @ pup,. . ,,, wu-mirc public, ciunla plan No 18, laSioljcti.g - ineracllt in d-t c sold- o .cnuepos ok lIo . c . E, t irze ,, e , qt A -i qll p it,, p clcu.e qci tcl.hgI lel9i 8aet ftoiro duig paeda, qe e i t ;cei Cl queue Pli o º ci ponfusufruc do eI ms Inurh I'i.'cd'riOlE opelucci, nof &eelserra osssqipo se Nt c1Godl. c(Iredujl dio peof phocdr*o aiq r se rge du It proem ,liur, of il th 6 Is t1uO e O d icrree piede evnfpouee o, o e jr ca·Y .u· U 1e,, lC·' s J45, 6, , it aw 9. lHur i.u du (it I a .... -,i . -,e . keso to pifao yes to coan by u. .U t jr,,'.,' iir'',j..:l. .. .... e5 1ju.5 s orlthio .re oa I F ·otfh HO..+. 'S ( \I r' r Hca h,. 1,. , W , ,i, ° " p?~:p'hR 501Si~ d o. Thn " , .. i 4 Imauc I Loo I . i l e d iFdi c. ..l. .ia S. :r " ci Ine~ C 1S7llAd II Igt'RRrT.~ o n17 1-01F

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