Newspaper of True American, August 4, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated August 4, 1838 Page 3
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For the anterior. br Ban St. Louis, Paos CArizlian, Bclo*A, and Pascagoula. S Tie fie low pressugre steamboat C._rGIRIAFFE, Capt. Sler, will leave ,T . for the above places, nl the ntlolingn or ThuIrsays ana Uaturdayu inmediatelyv after ike arrival of tile six o'clock ears; aol return as hleretofore, onl Fridaysand M mdays. The pahlionmav depend mon the Boat leaving poontna'ly on the above dov. 'or passage apply to Capt. Swiler. P . TkheOlrlno will he prepared, on previOS notice to Captain Swiler, to proceed oneh a week on Pleasure Faernraios, provided a suafici::lt nalaber ele..e to retniecrats. jyti at SlA'Iltl)A¥ EVNINtl AND SUNDAY TO MANtl'V1 I.LES & MAkIAIAONV.I.. The steamer SOUTH AI.ABAMA, Cnpt.l..T. Knight,will leave the lake end of the rail.road forte aebove pla, cee, evry tar evening, on thee arrival of the Ao' clack ears, and return the same night,-eand leave Sun.1 day miwornig on the arrival oeltie 8 o'clock care; return ing lIeav Madisolnville at 4 o'clock, P. M. a2 .taw 21n 'toli SluADSl1LVLI, L L OCIrBUIW, ihIANJJE VILLE & UOVINGTON. S The fast running and splendid steame L hoat SOUTH ALABAMA, L. T. Knight omaster, will run as a regu Ie 1' al at e the above ports onl Mondays, Wedoes da? a and Feidays, after the arrival of the 8 o'clock cars, AM. Returning, leaves Covinglton 'I'uedaye, Thurn days and .lutordav. at 8 o'clock, A M. N B. Allbognlt e and plrcels at tilhe risk of the own tre, unles a bill of lading is sig IeA. N ' EO Wl rI[LMAN, New Orleans nd Mobile Mall Office, a2 Erehange IBuildings, St Charlts st. FARE REDUCED: The steamboat MAZEPPA will leave the Lake end ofthe Rail Road on Mondnys, Wednesdays and Frti days. nat a rnvl of the lo'clock .corn, touc hinat la1y St. Louise, paso Christian, Biloxei, &e ;.. rtntng, mi leave Pa onula at day light, and arrive at ir leans at 3 o'lock, P. ., touching at all the watering plaeda indal2p light. Fare from New Orleans to Bay St. LouliS .g250 Pass Clhristian 2 50 - Biloxl 4100 GEO. WHIITMAN, a Exchange Holtel, St.Charles street. - r Texas. For MatLqgond Lies Oak paint, and .JArones Boy. ThM fine fast sailing brae GOOD IuOPE, John nt..tiog, master, Ilavlg a larepart of her ergo engegaed, will sail in a e days. l r~i lnc of frelgt or passere, having 0uperior ac eeilnodltions, apply on hoard, er to j W BRYAN, 50 Comnmon at. Ni l Tile Good Hope lu been tehorotghly repaired Aed newly eoppered on tle opposilesits of ttle ,ivr lnd nw stand, A 2 at the diferent iosuran offices a. this city. Iir Vciinr. Branioa end Marion Tha· very euperior new light draft schooner Jm&sLBERriri'EIN, Captain ., having a * large porion of her cargi engaged, will have 1 patch or the above pnrts for balance of pigtn h r~a511es apply tn "WMi BRYAN, 'ridhtr p2 tage, -l ,56 Common nt. FUreo ATAOtree , A. COX'S ItOLN AND ARANSAS BAY. ----FOR n VI'IAuld, leav~ingalreprino e The rwell known Sechooner LOUISIANA, i Calptain AUld, Itfasniog a Intsg porionof her M earofIo engaged, will meet with deopatch. For r lJaeenoreelpplyo or nasage, applr on heard, opposite fra atree or to cW BRYAN, Si Coltnmon street. _jyi A&CAIIN FORe VII la4 0ItLrAcllr SOUTHERNER, Candtai Cinterlne,iat;ber Landngs on tirrle .oet *,. .e" Ike r gFle slmer pakt0GtIRAFFE hoe~te t f;~Lf~· CO n plateI hdlc Fobalanea of freight or passage, alply on honed oppotite Jeferson street. Srto WI RYAN, v5 Common street. FOR pASCAGOULA. HllIOXI And all Intennreiatte lnndie en the & anet. va~s"'Yl l fita e aeae OtIILAkFE! Cjlnaptain Sellr, will leave on Thurlcdsy morn inger the arrival of the 1 o'clkjy ears. FOeI VEI.ASCO, IIRAZUIHA & COLUMBIA . 'hl well kbown, lilht ilraoght schr DR K ,LI, Capt Mcelern, having thie gteter part o" her eorgoengaged, will me.t with de npaleh. For balanoe of freigllt or pussage, ving aiu ptrior eceoimrdatiom alllv to tite callttin on tltwrd, opposite Il St Peter street, or to vM BRYAN, jelt 56 Common street. _or Sale. Freight or Oharter. lOR FIREIGHT UR CII AkTER. .L. Tn load at Iratn Iuoge, te intermediate S I andinps, or at thi port, the hfie eopper i_..fa.te fld a ld ,oppeetl .,hr d YI.T)(IC, - ICrttait Iopkint , will load as nnr,e if immn ediate appl j llt 93 :Common street. l... HN'I't I) 1'1) A t i t l'i't0, A Vessel for monts ll, to ru' ItwenI - Mobile and 'l'eaNe, w t to exceeR l wien .lded h'ele, for terms poPrly to yl? M 0 PItYAN. " Cnmon street. S ANTI.) 'I'( T ;rTlARI I r. it., , A Vesem l to npr', d to Mobile and there l a nd for Hva.b. Fur terms apply A , -t-o 56 C('omu streret. SA rit or ,.l lone ar ,aplll l erryine o from 6t 1 to 100,0(0 liet lumber, to hIad at Fsnet Point, Mobile Bt y and proceed io Htsvan.- po Apply to LEVI H. GALE, jul3l 93 Cuomtne street'. A vessel of the capacity o 0 to 150 is. will receive despatch lot Cbarldsuo, it iunzme LEVI II GALE, jy24 93 Commnon street. ,_t2,, ac Liverpn° t r uImonie burque (ntioens, and fur sale; bYLEVI H. GALE, jelS $ Coumo street. 1ORK-Mess, Prime and Rulit, for sale by tm2 ( I )ORSEY, 4 New lenvee -oANCV Cu itou- Letter Paper-J ast received, lour Scases fancy letter paulter of very excellent quality, for sale very low by thae or sinle &ea C,a DAVuI I'E l' L& CO jeI6 N V .ttntibnrsn' Hall, 24 Chartres st. UM--100 bbls New (rleans Rum, for sale b) S18 J TIIHAVER & CO GR DEEN HAVANA Cc o iEE. 1 5- sn sttre, G and tor sale by SLATER & TRIER, s , yIl 40 Poydlras street. AVANNATCOFFEE95bags tofFsuperiurquulity, la Iding fruos brig Towern Enrique, tar sale by SLATER U TRIER, jy26 440 Poydras street. LIME.-400 Cask Lime for sale by &I & J P WIHITNEY, jy26 1 Coati street. F ISH OOKO1, Lenes, lIobbers and Reels, just he -.L eited and b,r aale by B CASEY, jv26 19 Cam streetc SS Peranu ent lk, for markninr nut, silk I or eutton, with a uomion pra without prepara tion, for sale by 19 CatEYp vtrt. . LLAcK- riting Ink-Just received per ul BL Huntsville from New York, 24 dosen quart Black .Vritig Fluid, 124 do pint do do 2,4 do half point do do For sale whplesale or retail be DIAVID FELT k CO. New York Stationeros Hall, jy2y - -24 Chartres street. ' . NOTICE. T RAVELLERS going to Mobile by tbe Mail Line L on Motldys, Wednesdays and Fridays, will regis i ter their namee at this uloffice, as no ealts can be aesured In the utage at Paneasoula nu the above named days, unleus rheir names be placed on the way bill, Those wnounave heavy baggage csn have it taken direetto Mobile by any beats during the week,ecep sn the above named day.. GEO WHITMAN, PORK-Prime and Mess Pork, full branded, P O and Ml O. Also, 90 pieces Kentucky Bagging, 8I coils Roel ftr sale b HPLEVY&CO. je7 10 Iiraver st. up stairs. - BtO'I'S, 0 SHOES & BROGANs 1 UT renwied by ship Charleston and brig Tsalley Srad,3U cases Boots, Shoes and Brogans, corn prising a good asmrtmont, and whi't will be sold low for eash, or geood citY pper A F UtNBAR, mn31 • 21 Cnustonhoune st. FISK'S 'I'IRAVELS IN EUROPE. : ilAVEL, on the Continent of Europe, viz: in Eug ilanhd, Ireland, France, Italy, Swttzerland,(ermsal nv, ttthe Nethnerje Is. By Wm Pihk,D I), President o rthub Wesleyan 'I ivetsity at Midultetown, Coan.; in I volumne,with er tings. Just received and for sale by WM McKEAN, m93 eor Catmp and Common ate. "D0K-31 ibls in store,for esale by .L jet6 G DORSES, 44 New Love'. SL)CK T i, TIN I'ATE & ZINC-30pigs blsck tin, In00 Sixes tin plate, and 15 cuks sinc, in store, for sal by S LOCKE & Cs jyi4l 22 OldLevee `PERM CANDL.ES.--lventyfia boxes, various 1r7 br nd sT, boe sale br 1 N~TON & SHALL., je22l 7 Front Levee. TO LET until ast Novermber neaxt; the elegant Dselline Houte, No. 117 %t. foseph street. Apply at No. 74 Poydraese street. jy19 l b'0 BARRELS LIME landing front brig Uncle 1L OO F Sam, for sale by jyl9 S & J P WHITNEY ST. JAGO COFFEE. DrOF EE --5 sage Uperiornrolsl, Ianding per C aube lor sale by ATER & TRIER; S L 41 f Porlu streoet TEXS ittD,'r'r' I.AND CLAIItlS-Wantsd Irb E N TI'I.I, TOWNSEND. j6 ,Lacliange Hotel, Gravitr tlmer. SHIPPING. bPr IaUrpe. FOR LONDON-Passage only. OlnTe A l and fast oilin:g bnrque NIMROD, SCaptain Poattson, will mine with inmediate .rlrespatch. For passage llly, having hand sollne cmeonodatiuns, apply to pW LEVI H GALE, jylt 93 Common street. FPOR LIVERP0OOL. The copperud and copper ftstned ship CUIMBIERLAND, Capt. iasvt hoaving most of her cargo engaged will haver depatch. For freight mf:100 Bales or passage oaving superior occomoodations, apply to L H o &rJ P WHITNEY, july31 8 Conti street. FOK LIVERPO()IO. The A I and foat sailing ship STEIG I.ITZ, Capt. Gibson, will leeeive duspa:ch. harving the greater part of her cargo engaged; ur fretght of 150 hids. obneacot, or passage, having hIondsomo accommodationsa, apply to LEVI H GAI.E, joly:l1 93 Comnmon street. FOil LIVERPOOL. The A I and superior ship HURON, Capt. t .- Boardman, will receive despatch. For freight .L.of 60 bales on deck, or passag, having hail. - onsa accommodations for 4 cabin ptsengers, pply to jySI 93 Common street. - FOR LIVERPOOL SThe elegant Packet Ship HUNTSVI.LLE, Cornell, smaster, will be denpatched for tihe above port, provided an immediate cargo offers, ber terms apply to J D BEIRN & A COHEN, jy24 90 Common etreet. FOIl LIVERPOOL SThe A I and eaet sailing ship ROWF.NA, Captain Reed, having thi greater part of hier cargo ngaged, will meet with imotedi to desn. pti. or freight tof .00 oualss cotton or passage, havinghandaeme eccomn ,dlations, apply to jyl LEVI Hi GALE,93mCommon 1rrect. FOR LlVEILbOiL. The A I and fso sailing ship ROBERT WA'rrs, Captain Dallinghom, having the _d Lgrenter part of her eatgo entgaged, will meet witl ia,,modidte despatch. For freight of 3i0 bales ottton or passage, having hmodsmnd acconmmodations, apply to LEVI H IGALE, jy2i 93 Common street. FOR LIVERPOOL. SThe A 1I and splendid fa t sailing ship HURON, Captainll Bortdman, will receive imtnijiate ldespatch. For passage, having itand-otmne accomtmodations for 4 cabin possengers, ap. ply to ILEVI H GALE, jyi7 13 t:onmon street. .. .. O astMwi e. FOR NEW YORK LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE. Regular packet 6th August. 'I the assendid fast sailing Packet ship HUNTSVILL.E Connelail master, will sail an Ns oabove. For freight or passage, having plen-. did accommodatitons,.aply to ihe Captaio, on board. oppositethe vegetable oIn rkeI or to J D BEIN & ACOHEN, jy26 90 Common street. FOR NEW YORK. The A I fat sailinog brig WEtLLINGSLY, Captain J Churclill, laving nearly all of her aesrgo engaged, will have despatch. For freight oa 300 bile or paosage, having good accomito- Ala dations, apply to the Captain on boart. foot of lIelorl staeI, apt to CHASE & DIXEY, jy26 6 Customhouse street. - Fot N\EW YORK.--Palkit Line. The A I colppered and lopper fastened TshipSARACEN, captaio Dsversua. Ianvig principal part of lier cargo engaged, will have quick de.patch For freight of30 ailesr or passage, having packet racommodalxl io apply on board oppo- t sit the vegetable market, or to 1 S& J P WHITNEY, and july31 8 Conti street. Iron FOR BOSTON. Rea ThI fine schr VINCENT, Capt. Sand- lie baom, baming p art of ber cargo engaged will ale have doepat h--lor freight of 100 bale., or passage; apply to r S & J P WIIITNEY, r ang4 8 Coanti street. - FOR BOSTON Son S The fast oailing brig COR., Calpt. Gen. J. Curtis, haviag one hlal of her cargo engs ged will haoe despatch; for ballanee of freight or pasage, having good acrmmodationl , aninp ly to tile Captain on board,below tile Rail Read,or to CHASE ,v 1)IXEV, jn31 6 Cuastao hoaol street. . - ---OR BOSTON. - ...... S TIe A I and fast Eailine eclooner aSlY I. LOCK, Capt. Hopkins. will reeive despaotic U fuor the above pior; for freihbt oapply to LEVI II o AI.E, jlllv3 1 3 ( llllll sitri I t. FIt Ib i)n.lI'ON. The A I brie Ellsworthb Captain Hormer, lhaniFT part of ier rrgo elgageod, will hIivec denpallch. o aFor iTig--O i raturd aog, apihy IU j.y b t14 &S &. ' J l VllNI.-V. FOL i'ENSAC OLA. S fTlie n!w onsl fant sailine sclieiner M ARYI EI.I.EN, Captai Farris, will lliiet with dIs nitch ftr tlie above orton. For freightll passaagi apply oil board, (ppolrito UPper n arkel.) ur ti J l'llA. E.R&. C , jy14 74 'ivdris sltreei. - - FOR CHIomARLESTON, m s. The A o aid lust sailiig ,cltooner SIt1' LOCK. Capt. Hopkins, halvig the gria'er L part of lie engaged lnd goieo e n i holrd, will recelve immcdinte desplatlch fr the iaoe Fl part. F.r ereigbt ofSL0 barrels or pamnnns, acing hand accrnllldaotioas, aipply to LEVI H. riAllE, ajy 91 Co:amne street. R FOR CIIARLESTI'ON. lThe A I and last sailing schooner SHY LOCK,Capti. Iipkins, will rean ie despatch S for t abone h port; for frnigbt a'ply to LEVi A GAEI. Sjly31 93 Common street. SFor Mabdii, and all Ilc aediate Landings. r The IwA prsessure steam lboat r C AROIEle wllleav, New Orlean. -for Moble. overy Thulsdag and daat E lock, Ml tluhiig t all the watering Ilsaes at whicl may aibls6 to land. For f lrer particular, apply to . GEO. WHITMAN; jy2l Excolnge Iloitl, St. Charles at. For Mobile and all oternmediade Lanilnga. , The fast running and splendid steam at WMl. WALLACE, entirely in state rooms, will :eave Nea Orlansa far o a, on all intermediate wateris" places, every Tuesday and Saturday, after the arrival ofth 1"2 cluoek cars. GEO. WHITMAN, jy24 Exelange Hotel, St. Charles st. ,.-_ The Ret sailing schr EMERALD, Capt. , Mlergera, baring mtioat ather cargo engaged, t. will have despateh--for fhiaglt fll 0arrelsa a- apply to S & J P WHITNEY, 8 Coanti at: UST" rr.eired at the Louisiana Furniture Ware Sa Roomu, 53 Bienville street,200I l Mlaple and Cherry I l Be dsteadse a first rate article. Also, a good asnrt a- ment of Male,l Walnlolt, tarod Paillted Chlairs, which will be sold for the lowest cash erices. r7 53 Bieavile street. Q UlynlE, EI'OM SALTS, ANt) CALOMtir. 's 150 oaunces French Quinine, 10 bblo Epsom Salts 3 casks Pearl Ashes, 4 eases Calomel, liacie. Jala ,m Rhubarb, &a. &e.. landing from brig William, fmlo Bosaona and fr ale byRV Booto nd fa m JARVIS & ANDREWS, i Wholesale Drt.rgista, at y7' eor Commoni kTchoupltoulas street. LIFTY DOLLARS REWARD for the conviction ns i of Thief or Thlieves.-O Saturday night tit 7th isa instant, my Iron Chest was forcibly brolken olan by ad aone villatm and robbed of the fullowing: yn, About twenty dollar in specie. A small tin box having my name on, and containing, ten Jho H Graltaln's tlote at 4 montas, fromu 9th op January, 1837, fur $1011 75 C Caatagln'm note at 4 months, front 14th January, 1837, for 609 70 +O C Castagane'a note at 4 months, from 8lath January, 1837, for 600 00 for Morton and Paittaron' lin liquidation) itae at i0 datyse from 28th May, 11837, for 400 00 Julin's Vairin's note at 60 days.trem July 1th, 1837, for 115000 Felton and Holder's note at 60 days, from Feb. ry lot, 1838, for 129 25 m Felton and Holder's note at 4 months, from ow February lIsa. 1838, for 1100 Felton and Holder's note at 6 months, front February 1st, 1838, for 1I1 00 Pergumo, Parker & Co's nots at 10 days,from g 3d January, 1838, for 722 s7 m Seraphia Uucullu, due bill, dated, 25th May, o A 1837, pavable on demand, 682 71 a 1 And sudr otherdocument.and papers notrecolleeted. by ALSo. The Wesltern Marine and Fire Insurance Company's s. Policy for fire, risk or goods. Ditto, certificate of shares of satock. WMerchants' Inurmne Company's chares of stock. !2 Commercial Bank' aettificate for shares o stoclk. tb Canal and Banking Cempany's certificate for aharea in ofastoek. The public are hereby eaationed against trading or eta negotiatig for any of the aboae nots or docutentsl as payment of them are hereby stopped; they baving been stolen from me by some thio or tlisees a bknown. canJ G BLANCHARD, jyl2 33 Geavisr street eta. t2'e . i asWllot'Utl. Oomph)y, Maew Orktm tu HE BStockholders of thia Compane are hereby noti rt ied, that thle Third lsimnlnaen on their stock Swill he due and payable on the 10th of August next, at sle the omie of the Company, No. 24 Muason' a Buildings, Canal street. jyl2 EL TRACY. Secretary. per de Ia Plounelle Orians. L le treisnle paiement pour laeso atianas merunt eee paeyahbleo Ifnout pmrebai u bureau de lacompa. tins,Na 24, Maisa .Uitena a0 Canal. I2jtuillet E L TRLALY, SacrCtlirt. -IIE-0luicaskh el l'rhm natoa liu. Ibr eami by .Y 14 6 Cuatoaiboua nltrret. BUSINESS CARDS, IA IONA E CLOTdNG TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Cifktree. Street $ IIAVE aeonastautupply at erery article lertal'tinl to genttlemen'a dress, Tof thle latest it le, at .aw Yurk priers de 911 TEETH. RILICEOUS METALLIC TIETII. PECIMENS of these beautiful teeth,,ndnthe man ner of setting them, nay be s.aen at the oflice of J. .Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No 46 Canal treet. IThese teeth never ctitnge colonr, and trehy many, and in many cases, preferable to the atntral teeth. QP iDr. it. will wait upon ladies at their resideare, t requested. ap9if al S. 4.PERRI(oSIlt0, ea MERCHANT TAILOR, at 6(7 Conmmop street, B EGA to irform the publie ttat having pureharel from Meser HlOUdH, SKEltjS & CO. part of their stock, he will centinue the busineess at theitr old stand, opmoeite Bilh,.p' Hotel, where he hlper to merit sharr eftheir spatronage. tie has made arroanalntat at the North to Ir suaplied monthly with the lateat and most fanhiottable ala tdr 14 CLAY & CLARK, HeOUSE A sPD B PLUNMERS, No. 102 Poydras street New Orleans, MAUNFACTURERS OF Lend Pipe, Water COlsets, am Palmp Of all description+. WARM, COLD,. AND BSIfOWtER BATHS Fixed on the oast approved principles. MILL'L LEAD, PIPES, &ec 5.Frders executed in any part of the Southern State. mr9 Dr. Bebert F. Linde.. O,FFICE EcltatNOt lIonte.. . Cm CLAY & CLAIEK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manuacturers, No. 102 Prydra" street, TI EP on hand a conitant eupply of l.ead Pipe, 1K from 2 in. diameter down to 3.- it. diameter, fre sale. ORLWANS LITZOGRAPHIO PRINTINS ESTABLISlMIEN'T, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Ilanke' Arcade. WVILLIA.SJ GOREEE, PROPRIETOR nr I J H. PAREER Conmmissito aud Porwarding Merebhant, No. 0, FRONT LEVEE, 'P STAIRS. New t lerne,Feb. 2. .'TARVIS & ANI)REWS, WIIOLESAt.E AND RETAI. DEALERS IN MEDICINBE PAINTs, OILS, DYE STUFFS AND WIVDOW GLASS, Crmner of Common and Tehoapitoulas streetns NEW fiLEANS NATHAN JARVIS,. ,r JOIIN W. ANItRE\t'WS. A large upply of Garden Selds, warranted the growth of 1t837. AT MODILS Alao S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONERS.R Nos. GI and 1t3 WATER STRIEET. rU IIE undersigned, having erttlblithcel tlemwelvoenin . Mobile for tihe purpose of tran.ractint tIm Auction andl (Colmii.o hbu.less in its vltriout Braicne, heg leave to inform their Iftir.ns and tihe punlie, that they are now prepared to reeiver conaigntreot, trand make d- liberl advances on the satite either Ir private or pubie ll sale. :SOl.OAN I. JON l, or IsRAEL I. JONES. Refer to Walker, Knight & Co. New Orleans. Mobile, Feb, 1838. feb IS A. CARD. SAMUEL SLATER. ABRAHAM TaRIR. SLATER & TRIER ofi Forwardita & cosutntasion lerchants, No. 411 Poydrua Street, to NE W .i L, EAN S. t. They will devote their prtic r attention to the sale ol I'esert i'roiuce. Refererres. b tbijjlh Finskr. -q. S t Itlnrlrlcnral, hlart 31 slhit; New rttleatra. A M1 Nitibitr,, et. S1lrn.rKhntre lt err & Cor 1tr. ~rtl. K L, ithr & Co. Ieveret & Thoms. $ New York. Vou Phlubl & Oe till. y Stanfrd & Oai<.. St Loui-. (- V(i rtia w, ShaI l tt t''. n . ~ I ti r & C. lt rtlln", I';re & I)&lti liht Altn. A It Skidrorr 1nr q. G t t l .et .el i l t& oi t .- _.+l . , :r i l " . IE Jr. (I. T. I'l NE l Farw-rdnsil aod (o.,olnli.oO ,Il ucolHo, FUltNISIIEILS OF SIll l' :.I l1('l' STO)RES, No. 114 'i'cuouP roul.As STREKT. NewrL. Lit Relernenirs t A tecssdrs. lI.I.I., BAKER & Co. luostni EnsJCaE VUoaE In Co. A. II MEACH . CU New York. It. i'UTAM, 1 J .& P. HIOIANiD I Cineinnti, O WRIGHT SMITH i DAVI nSTONE, Daytalt O . COGTOC o & Cou. ColUliO s 'o. n N. AIDeCHI, & Co.. I.ouiville, ELy WILLIS, STEVENS &CLhTIs. St Louis Moi A. U. IoeF, Alton, IUll. We E. WITHROW, Rushville, I. R J.&P. P. I'AaTrwLl Bayou Sra, La. SoLOMON HIGH. New Orleacr. jan 22 M DOI.6 I Ir H1AT. DIEAl.ERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLSllS CROWN GLASS, Noi. 3 CAIONI)ELET STREET. O 1 'IRE ri REN'S INSU ' c()R ffLL ANY This Company or, now prepared to take RISKS AGAINST FPIRN. No.2 4 Musson's Building, Cbnl street. E L 1'TRACY, New Orleans, May 15.183r3. Secretary. WILLIAM IRWIN Commission aPd FIorwarding Merehant, % CINCINNATI, OHIO.2 Refr to Layet & Ap elung New Orlaons. n Joe. Landis & Co. N 24 lmi ROIBERTI' CL.ANNON, HOUSR AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Csamp street, Wlolesale Dealer in Pailts, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, m30 Wiodow and Picture Glees, &o. &C. T. . COLLINGGs . TTORNVEY & COUVSELLOR . T L4I F4 OW practising in the State and City Courts. Cli. Sen ts will find hio at the.Clerk's olic U 0 Circuit Court, in the Custom House building. je8 THlE unersigned have opemed a house in this city, . br the purpose of transactiug a GENERAL OOMMISSION BUSINESS. OF-ICIE No. l0 (CAAVlR STREET, UP STAIRS. H i.l.EVY. The huse at Grand Gulf, Miss., will be colttlnued in the above namie. lfterences. Glfly, Lawrie & Small, NoN . L. Peters & Millardl, H B Hill & Co, Louisville, Ky. John M Gilmore, Vicksburg; ales. Harper Carpenter & ColJGadGuIfr ilo.. - Mluir, Moore & Co, CoA Silo' Lillard. Natchez, Misi. . New Orleaneiuly 1.,t1888. jyl2 A CARD. NATHANIEL TOWNSEND having located him. sell'in New Orleans for the purpose of transacting I a Geera Agency ond S'omnmivlo busions, would . opectidlly solicit from the public a shar of their pa tronage. Ilaviog n house in Teuts, he will attendto tIe trasns acting of asy bueinens tlut may be desired in that coultry, and will guarantee prolmpt and unsemltted it tnntihn to all business entrusted to his charge, asnd a laitlhful ppliceatiou (in accordance with instructions) of all lUnds that may come into his hands. llo in Ne Eachange on Graier street, opposite 1to Rev Mr Clapp's church, and adjoining Gibion's reading rOll. signll of the Texlen Consulate. . New Orloens, ovember 25k,1837. :Pferennr. Masre Hillyer, Bush & o. New York. It Burr WLskem.n. Alvaren Fibk, Natehez, Miss. SRM Strouibh r, is L.u, Mon. John T ~r y7. Louisville, Ky. iDr. D.iomi e ,, i v. aopkiisoville,Ky. m2 6m it IRUMWN'S INIURANOIO 00CMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS, O t.s No. 24 inOn.U'U 3E l4.1 r, Jeo CANAL STREET. E ..l'E .NCiVEJ' RISATIONS, CELLER' &.,u leJTIONS, of S T Coleridge. RI Koinosmalrke, or Old Times in the New World- he. a. og ica 7and 8 of the Uniferm Edition of Pauldmiog'e £Coihon, on the Rieligious State nof the Conout. -Whale Fishery; beig Noe 26 anSd 7 o athe td y ao Girls Library. aunt received by et. 312 CII I.,N(fRll' 14 Csutp TUIEs AmIIUICAN OerlflU. loo E sMei 3BsAUrTHa 1 In conneeidn with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, ra FeO THE PtIMtINGO OF iamphleta Ulaak Checks catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, lAseties Bills, ill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Dill I Circelars, And every description o.fJob Week sthat s t mtay he required. (l7Thr proprietpr roespectfully calls the attention or the public to the above Card, anl assures them that by aII work intrusted to his care shall be done at the short est notice, in a style unsurpaosed in this city, and at the lowest raets. GUIDE & DIRECTORY or TME CITY OF ,J1elwt Orleans medc Latfrwette `.AS publihel n i Mendlra, i1s May, and is no; f or sole at the aonntineg room o. thepubliihe, Exchange Hotel, St Charles street,--; d at the flk.e-t stoes of Messrs. E. Juhees e Co.comer St Charles and I Common streets. m,23 0 '1ATE It.OlUI ANA-First Judicial Distict I . Court-James MaOyield vs his creditors-The an ase.srion of the petitioner's preperty having been accept eel by the court for the benefit of his eCeditors; it is ordered that a insretecin lf his said creditors do take place at tihe office of Wm Y Lewis, t:eq, not. public, on - Thursday the 9th August next, at Ill o'clock, A M, for the purpose of deliberating on the affairs of the said petitioone, and in the mean time all judicial proceedings against his persen and property. as to the crpditors menthio-d in the sceedule are Ptaved, By order ot the court, this 7th day of July 1838. jyl2 P LE BLANC, Dep Clerk. ETA'I' DE.LA Lt- '-i lANE-Premier District Judiciaire. TAMES IAYFIELI) conrte sem rrfanciere.-l.a cession des biens dcc phtitionnaire avast tr ncceep the per la ouro au bhnhfie des crlatciet;i it eat ordon ns qe'une arsemblfe de res cebanciere nit lieu en I'Ph. tude de Wm Y Lerwi, notaire public, Jeudi Is9 d'Aout St10 heuree do matin, afir de d6libhrer sur lee affoires dndit petionnaire; et on sdmee temps routes poursuites contresa peronnms at nee proprihtts sent arrdthee. Par ordeie de la Cour ce 7 juollies 1838. 12 juillet P LE ILANC, Dip. Grelfier. Pirtdsatowo a Book. T HE PIRATES' OWN BOOK, or authentic nar rctires ft the lives, eaploit, and executions of the cost celebrated Soa Robbers, with historieal sketeche of the Chaesamec, Spanise, lIadreme, West India. Malay, and Algerine Pirates, in I vol., just received, and for sale by WM. M'KEAN. je.6 ear Canmp & Common streets. kTflilSKEY-15 Mbbil Rectilid, in snoe,for Wale 10 by G DOIlSEY, je24 44 New leves I ED BEANA--0I bbls in .tore, tar ale hbY EU. 1 IJORSEY, je'21 44 New .evee. ý TJiTiAi hhds very prite, ldig thi orrnming, tS and tur sale y T R HDI)E &t BRO, jel4 cot Cosmon and Magazine st. EA I.ARI)--600 kegs beet quality, in store, for L esale by U 1)0RSEY, jel4_ 44 New Levee. 1AMILY aepin bogs. also caorvaoeed 3' do, in hbls and lehds. roperely for family usore n ut lande I and for sale bL ET & A MEIUNG, jell 17 Commerce street. C INCINNATI BAUCON-h7 hhda Hems, Shoul c ders and Sides, of superior quality, landing from steamer Chancellor,for BRIDGE CO. ISAAC: BhIitDE S" CO. je4 134 MIsIgazile reet. -v OI L-I il 1-320 casks Winter irpere Oil, bleach ed, for sale by ISAAC BRIinGIE&dCO. jell 131 Miagazine street. SIlISKEY--27 bhls Whiskey, landing from the nelVteambont Merrimack, for aslo by jsel LAYET 4 "A EIE.UNCG. ARD.- 40l kegs prirme Lard, in it re, fur sale y ghrae .J jet2 l.AYET & AM#IUNi_. p OltK-RrO bblls prinle Pirk, landing from steam* t Sout Em- peror, hIlr salel by lUN i I Ji OR IRA'E1' L EIN(I t ir It-io l0li h lhs n eplneutationl, t.r sale hy T i emill SA ITL 4'lTItllt, 40 l',lrans is. J.. 7olloi7s ioEv,, Snddle, Iearness and 'Trunk Aianefaltlrer, and four. ailer ee' u Milialr Equipmentit ojeteery deerittien. wit Nit 189 t'iCHUUPIInuLIN& STREET. IIIRIAVING ia nilil IIvy stl Military Vorkmllen, u l e i ray to execute wotrk in tlte atlove lile at Iithe liurtot Itlce, nld a theu lust reasoet ablle l n re 8lnrr nteunutlliad i,lttrn' Pacniingilrnnknt of everyw Ui .crililltl. c iaie ditltlV nn Itall. _ _. a_ A0KRN 1 llIi. li o.rn mille, tE lIhter' ipnter t, n i cteOliilie ,. Ole m tr cull C ri el t2. or 3 ilbe hels ai mnel tperdiei with tieue lail, anl iltey ralt be at. tlae ied l. in Clttu gilln , anti lire partieularly ell llatled orplntr' use. llV LIN & COIE., 1i15 8 r Julia street. Iý ELR'HANT$ .a cai lave a beauntilut eiretlar atlrick iTl o6 at two loirs notiee, ly cialling at thle Orleans ' Litha.reoplhie t lhe,53ut tgazinet stret, pposlite Biank Arcaie. t241 - ACKERIL-35 half bbla Ne 2 M1ackerel, fer ali Il by IREAl) & IIARTU'W, u'. 67 Graier astreet. ACON-Il im.s prime btacU aides, received per steamer )Daniel eber, tor letra by LAWRENCE & lEGENDRE, in Iie own naite, as General Agenat and Commission Meteltaut. IROBET M HANNAY, -R jyl2 ROBERT A ROBERTSON, LEAF LARI)-IINOO keg it at re, ft alt by jy12 44 New Levee. F K ENT'UCKY BAUGING-e rpl Itr sa le byth t HOLMES do MILLS, jyt2 Banb Alley. at iiSCHBAtGGINi, -80 peheavy heet le ggiag 43 inlhes wide, finr tale by n c OLdIES & MILLS, ri jyl2 Bank Alley XCHIANG ON NEW YORK for alne he 1t E L.AWRENCEl & LfRtNtIhI, 9 jy 1228Ar.29 New Levee. a F1EAS, NUTMEGS, &rc.-2x ail and thirteen L pound eaddie l gunpowder and iaperial teas, 25 caene o canitaer imperial adeandaun ler,. 20 hall cheslta of pouchoag tea; onae cask oF rsah nuatmegs,. and a general arten o groceet, for tale low by jylql 8 & 29 New evee AILS-750 bell rted PlIiladelphia Nails, in NTaUr and tar melth b saee tOLE & I BROTIHERS, jyl2 65 Canp atet. .43 i1TON IAGGING-Ir sta al d fnr tale by P SYORKE & BROTHERS, jylE 65 Campn kt. eyt ;I ju uAGGINtNi-t15 pieam oaf pritae 44 itch Kentuebky i A Bagging, Iandiag frtE aO b Corithian, for ale Iby t it LAWRENCE & LEGENDIE, j1l62 and 9 New Levee. W ESTEILn BUTTdER-2o kegr in oerte, tfr eale bhy SIATER A- RIE4 , Sje of ia and dra ret. ll land 1a79 aegs leaft Lard of e perior qualit IAYLt & ALELUNG. , " Ai it 210 tCatommrc treet t OR tlhe Ste oa Lneiiana, and Citia oa' New Or-.e AIlei.- mad L afatalortmi tmltlnd heKEAN, m2 t ear Camp and Commut seta. LOST. {{WARRANT, drawn upea F. reardate. State AtTeagrin, H in faoCf a. 1'. Duinbart , losil aO, - gineet, tbrbthemete of Fiat Haadred dolltar. Thu find er will coatert fatar by letaing the eatetwith Fi liar. jl * 17 Camp street. AE r DAF LARD-La eiatfrllo at maera ennauait, . T L d f b se tea nh , DORE by a apt2 44 New Levee. of NIDUthN PORTER- caskts l abu Ltdon latou l Brown Stout, Lar tale by HOLMES nk ILLAl tt m5 a And ll. SLOU1H-37J Pitttbergh Blue Plaigltr,io tar art. sral iit. S LOCKE It CO. up 17 29 Old taten strtet. J11ATTING-_ 20 balet 8 hnirb Mattia forsaleaby OAD & IIASTOW, m22 67 Vi.rrierstleat. TI\H Artletin lhetincnto. aT hintuntar sciail tnd r g civilnreor tisu of tite United taIrs. thy J. Fen The Twa Flirts; or, Advantures Ia a Caunitr yIHme, ad ofther taler by Lndv tlemaing th, EL Ilulwat, Mt. Nottan. Batty Coratall, Mr selle. Captain Medwit oad otheet, it 2 tole. The Rivet anil the lletrt,bhy mitiea PFaritutabora a r the City of the Siiaent. The Cabket oaf taes, mhe Gill tf at Utalt tad Anta twith ine wood engravitth by Alldttetti Jm n b-ust reeDed ad fr ae yWltteKEAN, ja jells car Cap ad Ctmnt.m eta. L AN tL:OA--7L0t.1i a osit met, aeneieg and ifor sale by Ra E1' Yt & Co, jy.A 74 Ptdrat rtrc L. LEMON SYRUP ANI) PICKL.S. BOXES lemon Syrup; 145 bi is assorted 100 Pickles, in quart, tyo quart and oalln bo ic de, frotm the mantfoctory of W in Unde oocd, and Lewis b Haskell, of Boston; landing from b.ig Ttlley. road shd ship Charleston, fur iale by JAItVIS & ANDKEWS, r UA VAQUIL OCOA-10 iole V , je¶0 , I ' GCFEEEl.t bhog prieo greroc ,l..ata *uner, h landicg from brig A , .nd i l.r le bL L, je0 59 Unomp street. and I1l Coils Rope; also a csall lot .t'Twinu. in score a,.d for sale by J .)ANIE. I, je) 59 Camp ntrretr. I . Tobacco. Leatlhr' brand,) in -utore anld Ir stle by' I. U .: I I !LL, y e.0 51 Camp rtreel. .110 COFF.'E-80-l1O bero ti .cr, ol good l. mquality, landig fricm tarque Henry. 'or sale by join - l'E'I'.)N & AVERY. A LSIACtAi S iOre 11139.-Duet rrc letr, a sall lot f I' peple's Almtoosea and Corkentt'e Alon nackie for sale by DAVIDP FEI.T & C t., New York 5taticrr's Hall, jes' n '.4 CoharreTo lus seet. Fm ILXAN FINI:hI)CJLInWCKcIEP ncl.d d Slr'r Draft ,ao he T'l'ransr, wrotcd Ie v N.TIt'L TOWNSENiI, B 8 0 N dUNT lAND wan ned my NAT'I'H'L ToWN ENP, jet8 Exchange Hotll, Gravi-r street. SWIENmUNS 'INUsANC COMPANY! S OF NEW ORLEANS. ' 'JOll'Ie'Ein hereby giCenhet then be' ,k ofnnohrip. L tun for the s reouloing shaes of the capictl sItck of this Company, were reopened on tcsdoy,, thle 11th inst. between thte ours of I' anl I o'clock P i, and retnan open the salme hoar of each day tIereafios, uotil the awdle shall have been sIAlrTrilREd fur. By order of the Bo.el of Dirretors. E L TACvi, June 14,1118." .eeretnrv FI IU. WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEIRAL OF LOUISIANA, IFFERS his services to Ict mpublic in the deport a ment ofi Survoeilg and Civil Engineering, Iboth in lown and country. Fro eronsidernble expeerience i his profesnion, and by prorHplonCes and fidelit it ,he execution or braoinae- entrusted to him, he hopes to nert and ,eenive a shorcsof plblic patronlae. Ihlewill also measure and alnalnate te l.outents cf wals ansod exrnnalirncu. Ontice No b :hre'nce starel, secort ostory bac. je7 T INSn;EI) 0ll., in Caske and in . btn, o'trrontcd Ji pure article, fur ole, wholerale and rletail, by JARVIS & ANDREWO., Medticile, Poaints & Oil Dealerr, jell Coiner of Crostcc o & cl'clu rito thlat etc. -I0)R VN SlEITlfiii.4llrlll yards 4-4lleowo i Sheetings, landing fron ship (lltherokee, suitable for Lhe Mnexicnu market or fitn tradeo,r ta te, lby S'I'E'TSON & AVERY, jell 88 Gracer streVt. sPER- . CANDLES, 01lL. &e. t 0)f BOXES New Bedford Serrm C.alles; 31 )Y aks New i Bedlrd Winter Oil; 15 casks Roofinc Zinc; G hobaes Ibrown llavan Sugar, 1001 coils Bale Rope; 30 piecese Baggi g; 6i casks Black Leoyl Crucibles; 30 casks Paser Hangino;i 5,0 baskets ChlalpagnelM ins. For mslo by JOIL'EPH C ICKAYNE e8 25 Grlvrier street. W ESTERN BUTTER-139 kens, received per V steaner Vandalin, fron Springfield, llliouis, a s uperior arliler for sale, bLAEI &e TRItEnI, jell 40 Pvdrrd e troeet. d )ORK--Rlnml, N.t. Mess and 11 U, for sale by )je6 (I DOItSE., 44 New Ilever. SPERM 01e CANDLES;, nlc.--30 casks New lb , -foun) WiternOil; 2l) boxes do do 5I0rlcc Candies 20 casks roofisg Zlic, litl boxes IBocta Mould Candler .300 sheets Braz liers' Copper. In store, for sale by SJOSJEI'Hll COCKAYNi, el,20 25 (;rvier street. LEAF LAIID--'. kegs in etcre, Ior sale by .Ljtl Il II i)L cEb' 41 New l.enn",'. S. 'lLF PU IliCA PIOiNS -1 ESS IADE1 EASY; being a newo inictrodultlio to the rudiulmits of tiat sientifie and popular name. By Gleorge Wa ker iTeacher oli'Cbea.. mc Uncle ILfraee a novel, by drs I S C lall, aulhor of' kebiches of Irishll Charulter, ThLe Bluccaneer, &c. tos vols. The spirit of the Woods, illustrated hv co'o fred en gratingh, ha tit:e autIhor .f lh Mural ol lfo'h rs 'I'1 gFinden's Views of 'Port and iarbourso(it ' Bri- o'air .nd rews: itll poetical illusantltli, by Lousian AIIl ' le amtev, author if The ioii Il h uof Natlure. se A tilo eurv oii T' rllle u oi -ed ill I;l 'eaioi llh. Ilat i n. Itto - . Sliandt Gotllic Archltcturei; the secod edition, en harpd; ixniplifiel )y ,01i wtiood cuti. Addock't is irgieer4' 1oaket aI.k, for tile y r 1838; witi at Alllana; by lenr Altlck, Civil Enlineer. Works htl Itord MotIln,iilh ait i illltatlitv eosay,^ midin a lor raeit; yea edilion, conplite in9 vols." ( Ithp lol rnet'l Iliito rv uofie of n Tm00 flroe tot (lo he restoration of tllrles II. to hll treaty of plenie at ULirecht ititne re ["n f i, .tle. elllllllo, VOlim Juol received anid loEt sale byL 1.)1ii IlcKiAN, m'il ar Clplll llnd Co. Ion sllla. V TIl\XSot IIIINIy--Ir .. . rle lt I I Ir YI) K &" B'! ''MIN I , jep? cor Clllllon & ManieOczine. FLtiltit lidhIl I topeelise Fiow, lAaidig and for o,e by ST'E'T'SON & AVFILP, i..iiT)liir alre P~P t i -- bhl-&I Fliur, 5(nt bldl. .CI.eL Sleas .I0.. Priti e1 P. 0; Ruiiis h J aiulders in store, and for sale lby je2l IAYEI' & AMtI.IUNG. 1 ISlKEY.-3o0U bil s re..tti-d (plie's- - for sale by G. Dl)RSElt' i oRIK--501 his. of all qnlitiesa just inspected and wilkbe sld below the quoratoiRe, by jeil 44 New L.eve. I)UT''EK-30 kegs fslit wester bhutter, itor tie I) a 18 J rI' AYER& CO. tI b t ure1 or l dl tSEY, Je29 44 New Levee. HE pl i t arnrenpett ay hat thinsti Stolln is erected on tho suot imtprwed pla, pand in an airy and most admnirsbie sltOtlonti in the fultoork Franklin,,upon he railroad, one nuile ilfrom dhe Ilisi ' hebuiding iU lare alit1 mo.teunildlileiusly divided ilto apartments, for keeping separat! di.frerut clasaes, atil dlfferett dinseases The instithtion lis suppled with tile iItsmt skilRl an attentive nale and fenaD lue ote-, atld slenking.the ov rioustm o iowle nguagesa tPrivate roonls may be had vby gentolen at five dol tart per day, including autend:anl, &c. f'ers it the or inarV wards, tio dbilllars per day., Slaves also two doilars. imall PIto in the ordiaisy wardo, five dollre,L N All capithl surgical olerationt estr a. e The resident phyvsiia t is Ir Weddena, to whollnl. Iapplication for admltsinil must be tilde. or to Dr C A 1 L.uzeltberg, NO 17 lRatpart'street. elill Il L LA i ftti00h keg. in atlone, o'r etIle a '1".,'. 1 ), D IEGO MIORPIIY Professor iflilnguages, is tnw t. prepar.ed to rertiv t genlemt., , holo nie he iia poled to setlnd a ptrt If their leisaie hourt oing r e sulmner. in asquirinl tihe French, S paniii, or Englishla t Languag. lEach gen.lemwtt will Iatn a separate hour, lteant 4 to 9 o'cleck, P. 51. y N. U. Translation made as iusual. Office, 67 Char y ires lnd 4 itieitlloet . jtereetw. STlIE NATURALlIrt'S OWN IOOK--Comprising le • detcrittions aindl tlhtntic anecdotes of tiadrulp" edscientalii allyrarrauged ncurdiitg to the ystaeil ol t. Ca;int by th uthe ator tthe "Young IAao's Otwn Book! 'THE NATrURAL HISTOIRT OF INSECPS-lIn two volunmes--vol 2O,foriaig no. 74 of tihe "Family Li rv erary" A digeateof the LAW oF EVIDECE It CRIMINAL CASESt -by letry I.iMne, E.o. with totel4 d reforencee to SAmericanl decision, and to tin Euleolir enllmmon .w atnd eeeeclsiatieal reports by George ShnrewuoaI. ON DIAOnOets oF DIsEaSEs f the CHEtT--bated up. - nte eompaoriln i f their ph) aical and general signs, by W W Gerhard, 6 I). PRICeilPL.t OF PATHOLOOI A0D P.oOCTICE or PuYSIc--By John Malckintoask, Mn D., fan tite lo.ot Lon don edition witl notes aid aldditiotns, by Samouel leu. Mlortou, M D, in 2 voa6s. it All AuMEIorci tUAITERLY REVIEt W-No 36 for n. Doeimber 16.5. JuIareceived and for ale by d- f12 Wm MioKEAN.corner ofCltaio ClIl CIn n- A EP LAU hh-4'20 kegn leaf' td, lorinog f . asteamboat Le eral Waynr, fur iale, b SLAYE'I & Ati.LULWf, jol 7 (7 iioi'erte stiet. t, ) ACON SlDES--13 bhds bacon sides, landilg from LB tteatuboat Gianerl \Vavult, efa sale Iy aLAY'i &, A(I'LUNiiG, j.i2 17 CillSterce street: C abotn 14I. logs, tioll ref Ciitllnil . tUr sald by TIt' tt¥1)E & BR(6rIHER, j)2 cor Coimmoltin & Magazine street.s FLOUR, WVIlSKEY, POIRK & BEEF --148 blbs tiperfine .n. d 15o do ftl. flulr; II hit bllts ct.l, . h1t 46 bbl keclifled bwhiskey; 7 bls mess aond I bilt prime pork; 2 hils prielie bow!; the Cargo bof a iat boat ' faorll w tlow e tnt, hv LAYET & A31IELUNG, ij3 17 (._lnlnreCnaceatret. tqd A. by READ & BARSTO\V, ai- Jo6 7 Henk Place.[ i| [.LEA)D & BARSTOW, bli ja) 7 Batk Place. AGlNOl DptKenttiehck htehiip. forenie by rat RELI) & iIAut1PriW, j)6 7 Baeh Plore. not [<.'t.1' oR Itl ARSTO have treotilerd to Nt.1 7 Bank Place. jO) • ] FAMILT i AMSi--4il lltou. aseed Family Hiama taJt2t. " 17 Caamerc e'tcrl N EW MIUSIC-Sthe wore a wreath ot lovre; Boml Tree; Laktctorlh amy firei'; t;lhe Sr .Slirit; Come - sing wou leseMn, The health tlia night; tie lay a I the tlitdoleer; r'he lady leavel the baaquet hall; Na potetit a midnlght review. Just received and for sale at B C'AEYl'S", ap24 Pinnuforte and Ml Iie - Vi IRVING'S NEW WORK c. T rJ tIIE ROCKY MOUUNITAINSi-Or senei, inlcidents Th I and adventure in "the e'nr Went," digested tirrol t joaurtiualof uaptaii I I. E tummevll.lle o, tile Army of tile Uiitead lState, aid illustrated frl.i vroeiooa imllier Co. mlo resa by Washllilwt"aU lrviir g ism l Vlo . Tlte. VIC'TlNS tI SUt.iE1'i'Y--ty the Couultes - of lheirtm.i, mi vol. Just re rived.lli tibr ila /y' P \L'i;: , qudl., oterl Ipeis, iik, Iilid, wa.fers eealig r L alx, ildia rllblmer black miIIand, pI e and eIvery other article .olltatimoery, of the very best qualit.0con etiatltmy .i hand aiIl loer oale ty D.lVID FIELT &O. ftor IIl!t N Y S'tatih ie'r' Ilall ul, :hahilrel yt. tiIll'f. Itt'jNA IJUGAR-"i hoexeladdi ngi I'ý h'oo hr Texas. for atleirv may 28t.l A I':K t 'r "IIIR, 4nt Pevtrae at fi \0 tMONE 1-$tiii lf rteiy emote 'a le l " ' T K I!.ll/ & FIUITHER, - ' oavae 3lnn.nk, r. ..t a zin. At `v UeItAK--:u blithei il i ..1... spi l h- . 1 t 1m tIRt E.4-1Jewl.evre., SACttN-4 imaoke Cini ii ti Cvuri, ere, fr aule ily G. It)ttiEh', jetL 41 New tleve. a1Lodn rU be n otore. for ante toy jell O. )D(iISEY, "4 New Levee. l A I tDit lknge, in .n stmippitg order. fom II mle by G. D ,iliSE, jell 44 New Levee. - A'.lKREI, LIIE, &c. M `274 bhll. metkerihl, mee. 1, 2 an 511 ltl ll arrel llru'kerul, nos I nmll 2 9IIii clks of lime, 20 bundles tiny, 5n01 feet lumber, ' IAnditint fi m berg Rinnadim and fur aletv, i J 17 S'I LTSiN AVEIIsl "o& I't,. N W HIAT SORNl.Iv StJST rCeeived pUrtlate arrivalrs from New Yolk, freill . uo llilhioablte a.nrunea nuaf It A'rS. oe T ihe eitll 'ihni r wiuiti parlietlarla y e dili e otalenion er 1Wf th lilm t 'lir mt a itile of beaver flatl of . n airilm all fii,lh flle texture, rli. , amld bo'ttlliftl lltire; nlin to a tlile plbiini tnoia hil ors aii tperior qualtity; iillnd to a ti o.atedil asti:ie of milk nat, tsgeml mer wimha geneol in e i eilti.ea.t IIIt,'icti ad by tt ell, er, teely toe thin ' tuarket, wholiesale sdlll rt lt SW mOBOItN, 34 Camp ;tnrert., N". R Cit and ieountry dealers are inited to iall. lt, it "_ -~n ut\I abw, T ve .. .d ... ic lurer, No. 277. Cneall. I.. r.rt New-l)rleauelt I wiraii to iitforM thll mlemlts alid thte tiLlil iti gummil, hat ehet i I uow preired .o lheumis ally thlir.g ith ie ove bthieai Il la ertnll for alle ic-ll lidtwlwlg I l lt t c- : S ,N U F F S . I, Roner, Gen ran RanilmcI. alb; liErgi.h Il' .ll get, Aelnmriennm ialt deei Nallhoi. Ill Re, iortselr Auleritkll Ket tlelarto', t pBergali oie llrlrkemt app IElt ie, Irlit Niwllrullird, Si. o)l trri CatlmOK, Pari , LPir.Slllliilh, Fllf eoarse IRe)ilwe, Loudl WAd Teui llre tlooittt pomattr':e 'I'ULIA.IULO. S APine cut c thetrin, swettmetaeted aor plain. Pine lut smoklug, of variottil olltitliet. ilofue ot Virgeini. SpanihL, Ce. Thewlhoveanlrnld are il| waerrlite a ll IoRe, al'llod i r eor tot anvythtinl of ie killd iupoorte, Io wmi ill ihe Pa (oiaeledt tou.ldei, folk the nlaist ilelal terlow m.n.ti im Ne w lu lnloearSe rm Clr Cdle.., lrdilt n roll hilp Kenllluikv alnd fl male b d I "iLAWI1IENUE "l LFEGENIIIR, jell 'U 4.29 NeW Levee 7 P m weighing tei pounda each,ill ltore and lnr sole by I eSAMUtLmi m 1(tKt & t a o.. l do8Front Leve., between 4 llttom Hlud e iltd I7iet ville doeet. . jldnd.e I Nw-- Oi-man, and Cnrrelllfn Rail tind" -Arrllugenlent` for rulning hectiae o fllu lhis d41e. FROM CaARItOL.lTOs FROM NEw ORL.EANS. - iTe horseear at4 o 'clk A ,1 Sleilii ear at 7 A Al steam ear i6 do td do do 9 do do 8In duo o do do 11 ar o do l0 t do dn do 1 leanm cear 1 e do III l ttetm elr lat do .... steam tr 2 .to I' d.P d, f d do tIo 4 d.o At1 do do 7 d<, do do Ii the do do do 9 du n" ds do 8 do do 'The Jacklon stlreeltcurs nud Infavette, half last 6 ri-o'aluck, A M. Cranl strelt at, o'elak A AI, ainl rin miui hunrly at 7 ocluck. Tlhrh eeare will coalmelnaem 12 aiuiigeverv ehnllhour. aldI mcolilluo thlroughout the la dv utllil7 orclock, ' M. ill The riuelleniat ir the L.a (aItrs .street earn thlei allltn ea liar Jackson street. T .I , A , ' ,t t ; , 1 F .I E E . i ,, g . ..a k ,.g -- tlUU , r e.e. i e d Sper Iri Star, iil stotre, lir atl ehb 3..SI.,''Il It & TRIEIR, lllA 411 Povdram street. te)Lt'IL.OmNti WATEL--tireetly iaitprted frilll Cm )the log, y iI IIUN.iAl'.it, tor Ntelhez and T~'hci l litouoi ate. ! Thle glllllilelie' of Tiie article is proved by ite ..n a.elreph of the ml i ilaelturei, Jodhliil ltria Frhirma. Ulill 11.'.Ll be 'iseii in a hoice I'nsrel of SIUMMSIIER id S 'I.O'rJIING, to class a cosignment. 'Per- tit s8.el wishing o n urchate are invited to call and e.- lit7 anine the saune, at tIe omlc.e oft NArTII. TOWNSEND, t ijt'l lhtel, Giruvier At. ..,I-il(I; -aot. l l Is il lAtom, Inr sale i v iIVnu2l i I)OIRSFY,44 New Lever. .iU.i -- -bl-;R- aithe laniudsr, pa r ftt,r sai alte c Irv J lltte.SE, I, jeI3 44 New leven. ALAGIi WIN -- weet awn IDry laltsin Wine, rn I in s qr casks atld lndi n ibbl, entilled to delnturea ; fai sale by IREAD & ItlAldt''OW, je7 i;7 Grar i s. a. 50J Cu,:S n,,trial, . ,lpundsr, yugaa Il:sun .... ad 1MlH btxaes MlI Mainge RIaisms. 100 half do dot dio. ilhl uigs lprime ihen Hivana ('cf.i. - 21) bxaes resh lhlvana Sweae Meral. 31111 boxe. YVong's saeulrinr Clmloapgue Cider 275cases Bur'eaux Claret. 30 casna superior uld Part Wine. a5 di .dt Sherry. 2 pipes old LP 'laTenerilrr. 31 kegs primae Goshen Itutter. .,r 511 eoila Mnilla Cordage, assorted sizest It lciel tarred do di - i; litl dozen ruperi r Corn Broadts. 5 kaegs assartiell Nill. 50 kers Noa , White lead. 10 cs.n(sa Winter Srained Spenn Oi; . bIH Isonxe New Bedlord Sperm Candlie; la 100 boxes Boston No 1 n ep. 'i20 bxets Uuderwoo l's Pickles, uniusted. 111iilh Amaerican Sin. 15 bhla Anilertan lrulandy. 5 qr casks Bdrelay'ee ('ort t%'ine. Suner. Butter, Water and lidae Crackers, Pilot ai -1 Navy Brnad, mitanufacitired 6 tile Platet Steanl takeb editslatly on hand, together with a general aasortuierst of Groceries, whoilesle a d rctidl,l i ZACIAIth. & Ilt ''i'IilEl, je 7' _ 76 Old Levese srect. L I.SI'Il) OIL-500 gallons beat English linmaeed oil,now lauding tria laitg William,f troem lHtitn. t1260 gallonas torreigt mitd iorllern ieant.fctlired liiiesnd eil,i casks anli barrels, i, ttore, and lbr sale low by - JARIVI & ANI)RtEWS,' %lolleale I)luggi-l+, jy7 e,r Comnion & T 'rlllbupltllas streets. O h Nt -A r p, brnid. e natie Goutl a J laudiug from brig Wiltiai, for sale by ISAA, C BRIDGE i t.&('o, jy7 134 IJsgzlne itrrt. --AL 1111. 'O'E-1i coils baile ripe, of suparsal Squality, for sale yAC sI.tG e&C IseAC lIh •GF &ti, jy7 ltt131 Mt ianziar teter. S)UtLK-:Yih bbla lesa and Orima M1 uand 1' U I"ork, fur nlae.hlw by I LNrk, for E & LEI(ENDR:, j1 28ani LYR "n,2 New Lever. Is L I. lt St 31: 30 Cases: ti boxes each: fine ta S b'e salt, tnr sale by READ It B3Itt'5`()\ V july 19 , Ilh B Llijilta-J. bils, landmig fr slmaimlltdat Antic iOtlsfoar sole by iG II)IKlY, jyl7 44 New Ivea. *. )5llK-2lll1 hlljruil I' U anti tisli & altltners, I. firsalke . iu r DoRSEY, jil7 I4 New Lahveb. OtHLCE- LIST auliiber hnaiiog' turchiasd tIh SRTiStk o lrsttmes. LOwin, Ilall & Waltoa, will 1 I , -in 1 uo s oWiness. i tq Ita r u i hlnd a gi ierl a sora rt. le.nt of TSTnaAM biiATaliOrstc,whih tn ilarti for afet Oil ,lnderale ierms, and sliites the patrlonage uT lii rfiitends of Iha ltianse cltcerll, and the public it gonre - rat. m jyl4-.7t JOIN tIlHRISl'If. A Card. 1OHLN CIIRISTIE Ias remnoved frett No. 13 Nei : Leve' to 27 Cliommon strect. jy147t af Leckltart'. Lile of Walter Scot., &,n. p ART1 7th and tact; of Lcikhtart's Lit. of Sir Walter Lnve, by the authtr of Fltrtationtlhe Iivared, Si. - ini vols. i 'Iba h, Works of Wahingtaon Irving, now ediliou,voils. s T'The Amerrian Journal of the tldisal Saieices., No at 43, Lfr SAv, 1813B. nJuast recOived aid far Calp h nb WCM Rt KEAN, cor Calp anti Ciiiaaliet flttteei. t. ]Also, ft'rtbcer sipply of Alice. or tie Slyeerleifs; a e Seiqul tO Ernest ilaltravers. jolt SEltON ~iyliti-5lllnaeesacperniOci5ttn iicril . LA. for sal. by LAD & BAKO'UIV'W, ! n a-2 6 Utdrirrtlteet. ce. I n t Ulspected lork.for hlie iy by anO LA Wtt..CE U LEOLENIRE, t niiO l ,is .it) 'VLn ee. ' 7 HI)i5l. --'"t1hblmrertilrdl iadingI'o,,.tgnt ' r Srplirilid, lot sal biy GINi ,iti.I'L', 10114 4, New I.eie. It L-CE.i ,iai ai a . ii ..r I..,Withiltral It tin sal "ol R l . J TIIA.YblEt&C. reli tl1l , l Pisdran s.-cec NEW PUlII.ICATI'ONS. IFE inlnlrdotior thie Day ad Nlht ra t!! iL Jnerr Haeeitu"Esq Cadnohl 1 ..aI I'Thtee Egoro; e k role: Vivinl fhe v,a Novelt, ry DI o.rcli; elti e nle I t 4+ Tre Ynoltrtagfke, t ,torel,by the 4duieh at Virtlti (iOej,.o'rmpleehin I mop. The HaM6btit, Edited by Thtiltor Hlunk Anliehmm t4 , (iilhrt GUtrel'v. Jnst reciie ad lit, sle at the acoriet ofCanEt tp . CoarUron street, by Wli McKEAN. Q I IN i oort iURNilvtiltE-6 ioU .htSiO Spteriar plot dall: etsr hr.e+ lidntl drtrrtfiltlno rnrploet: just recriver'd per thip W 9.e s nt d+il or rlo Ib." LA'tFON A00 ., sf t I '!Cr4.d wad, 'o f I'tll iladel in a i, nir l -s. toe it pl,til orsale by L..a Ivt'IKNCL E I.I&.:O t " i.AA: Bii n & . , jr iANS -4 es lien'S iid SAgent dri+ne, my theehm frot the et. heo dtgo . DANIEl D*hn A. h i rl t" af e t .ind JO IN 4 I.N SP.iTIPtTl, heod of riir i. ti eridr n . r" heloarcing, the honlaes frfaule.. N ir ft Iv th loot rt it rhaneor the eroroenol eiehlld lurchn Ilringo on lthe Oppterale of olf age` wbf ell sre rcnnv to recoil at bell, oeeerl.nd sard~t evrn to nhlrr raripr r tr .t void the iem and tileir wrequeit.ralnr e: th reetaider io tlle' trens aiV e .L rrlqugrhtlv isp.t in retlhe'e.,t. In s.rt. nl eveN dtis. iosr Tf llrl'perrt illsr rthe eneroU thinkin mli th with thatllo e P'v sinkinr clnlilm a dmofor the io.e of him hleir" Tra eCrr all tllhe releirle ort cifulrrectltreell'lddeat rnnlo of CLouirina Reporthe haolr froml f.lline eif the trrt opplieotion, a.doi few hortlre reerra if glie. It lilioenire prodlnee evrhrowb' aid whiokppori remnt etlb air Iron trlrtllnr gr.. mo.kes it itl eisaufftilhll, ne Beoe it from rt. N.Troer rer ites l io.let ittf bi rsa rerPerlahilitv in.srpport of tle viortura o OldrdliM aIlrn, are lhowr by thie pmoijdetora. S l3 Read idftoe lltertitg: Robehrt Whorton, EFi. ela 1il yor of Plhiladelpht hta ertoillr' as ma lie oeii below, ito tleshigh ilnra StProf il h follhhwingle uen. , --rfeee fh r ..lirrtied do ioerercerait'c fl.t 1ejta.ViTe the Birt of Icoloumbia dnlt1vered rb Ji. Oleidge. re have frrtd it highly ,rrrvilrtienht liit s otleeareemltivld algait t tihe f.lling of lt lair, lidt io. a certa re tstoie five. Wl.LLi},Mt 'i'oiATCIIERt 3bitlr, Methodaist Mltinterin ist (ioroge elttr..e -N $6 North Finlo at. JOHiN P InIcatIS,3 Ath Itblest. JOHN I ''illotMA Si, al l Raeeat JOHN r Ft'mllEYif h0 Soee tateret. , an illUdelld bCounti '.+4borthetd ait. JOIIN C AR, i:.trl 3 Ailit street. It e krnown thdt three of tllh CthUe iieýras amo t i than 5U years of age, t.n ltie otiheln u t Ielu ttn 3 l0. [r.rom aloe tl. rLJ:] ClUmaonwoelt(r i. rl l Peenal gii ,d City rd'Jaltihldel |7 1, Il.ertlr Maiirn. layer of aid.lit of Phillee. hln doil heirrby hrti , ltat I lln will .qtaai leted tiSl Xl+rs Ji 0 lnll, Johu n . Fture t illrdHth M-Curdvl * Irue rmnliins are irined to tbh lrhhr i ertifllole.that th are rrtiloorren it' lharncter cld iemltahiliy, and ad I lleh full di hould he gi t the uri efll eifale. In wlirliir llrrrfl hIbth l hereuneto alt ihlead tIdll roorred the ieal itr ile t.y tr be Altid~, fali 6th day I ll lloenr, 'eic. .. ...] Ra)" OIIBE.IIT WARTO;MayaE. OfltEIIVE fthlr erichi birtli oflhe Getnuiie Blem ill Splrendlid ergrared wrapper. rti irhich Ia rthjreanoedl tire FIs of irliarao. ore orI ohl hrreoalo and retail by thlie rle egenea for Ant. ri,,a, NOo 2l lether ttett, r,.ar Maiden alif. mt dkioi below Pearl artreetad bIy trlri drugglstaadll prfuturri Ihrlgrho 1 UntrJ. JARVIS & RNDftEW, r9 WVholesale AFgeIttIrl New Orjealtr. PK-SPEC.''US. TilE .ttblioriler prrpot.a to pdblibh, l. it. bii.. gilnning of tihe etaaing winter, a tiindefiatllma ifC tire twenty volinnea of the )id and Niew aeri af Murttln'l Louiaiuat Relports, to be co inpriaed it fr rm a vonlumnee. t81 ., accortdinIg ta th modal Of Pehctai Cotndenserd Reports. Ir This work is trRow lprelaration a fr J. Burtold ilHtriorll. Ea., ofhit Ir Oty. elatruld by WVllleta P. .jBraud, Eoq. Tirbe Editor is also pedfnitted by a rdirtinguirlrhed retirod Judge of tire Soprano. Coell I atd bv one ill' tile sittieg Jludtei, toi edpat Bond their erra.,,l rlrrorvisibn el the idlem I which ailly itatnrrllyt lirt reaoid folrl tllelir e*plleiehe. Such a work is beolllrn oCeery day iteo. M corsory, as tire urigieal is rvolaminoues, eipsoaivei h and scarceCt. An incraaeinlg buriosity too is mami. tlot. it tihe othler Statesa of the Union, in rifarnsea to thr proliharjurislrrdenco of iooalianf uandtl8i circtumt;cce of thero nuutlerbla prinnple bhea d. a cided in tihe rljuattthnt orf conflicut otflaw, alkeli 'tihe knuwledga of tir adjudged elosei of prlmnutlI Slity to tle jurists ofI tho whole Union. Maorrovel thel riing republic of Texth hao adoptel our endue a nui thus there ist gtratL dlmahd lit the LoeiiOiutll deciai new fro1m it tirlsll quarter. ('onveeiont notes, inadicatlilg tIreia iealhll eaum d- leidoed in Itrihieanr, r d occarionally thore In iha ld trore althoritltivre furimo 1f the otiher Statel, Wiltl lie nrddi to each cate. SiThe wrork will form four rdlditla, tbyal oitavso. 1te and w ill ba delivered; brund, ti6 arlcriheri at I$ i per vol.; its case it ltiuldt be foihd rrlieleiolde 4. oorunpre eo ilt it tiree ihlurca; the pfiell to leli. - orilmr* will Ie I$7 per vl. ad ubecriptiuon raiveioed by W it kiAi'l, Jl5 ii tdamp ilLd CeaLde et., Tli-iAK-t i hhde 'ern prime, io planallta L .ig: th thila fr3t etlllr rJty, lir sale by TRtl1YI)E & BOTHER 11.?R 39 CoutrUtlin at corue' ftfganmart. U IR ELLA , & l'A RA 1510U-25 ca~ee. k~aipjiI-rt Ing an aneourist 6f Mannina & Gln g NUI U brcliii al Paraaalalindldng fPram Barque 0M1l Hand tar sol, by m'19 IS %AC BRII)DGE & CO, 1:4 M ia apual L)El'RlIs ' l'dil, Baidreth Pill, Sines LIudhin,' Oilntucr' tieGnran feihsln jh;lle Batlet tf esre-cei llMagnesia, Balm of Onion,*ubY mh,:e. Lauldicg and fur sale by H BIINNAIBIE, m125 car Natidma and Tclaplteuila*IM. r 1 TjA:'-.1 Linealr .mn Canal NI~IIbt w..II . Marie'l'r mcf Smmee, suuitable le ak IcI~Y.AIIY W fltlv IF. & MAX;, _j328 _ 3 CurmudeWo sties,: ý t i-1.1 ilceaparilce l"'laur, frnehmk will IL 6ep ILulin auurilig f1r delve tiuaF fi UlOll-b iij V.A :lF:,2 bags ekiel 'o p~je .1a ,cr Hete, iuaa Ilcvans; flor antlby lLATER TRIER j 40PIudllsy arttet. s tory alnd tutS l5l thle aubcrlberd; Oid Peach Llrsady in bblk; AiMtricka Brasndy had tih in do; Nbi 1 Ma~etril in hlf do' 'fable S.1: l aneaimecl liu'se' llalaiLa '.% ike, Sweet tad l~r.*irn qr ltaja uMid I diva bbla, (entitlled wtIleItitIZ;) Spuasib Ilsting; Icadna PnatbI sild Ale; Iemmmbh SyrhB 'liluaclplaa i While Lead. Nb I; Cc alain buxCci ('biaos Aiitli. REA) IlARirl*, mli 117Gravol te~m tk G68ififfrif- BU'1'TRR-~ tdh m ..eldb* coattail but er put Hp eaprsanly fbe fatily jide; ll WAl law, tis cbise aelease k5451,bY LAWItET:N' do tLEGtN.ItiK }y 7 ___ 5sid 29 New 1i eue .j.?A7lt 115H ;tnxias, g di h UIs 1 cintuii baciu. In psems lftldr, t 4ditlilt nimb by 1:A 1ET 6t A 16LUNU i ail7 17 Om1ssssblishait. _ A J1 d71 I's. dl tircee. a dbb byba4M II Limn,, 311 bltal and Ill blls. haggll a~b. pea~t p thr crosle sre, a supel r itesele; il stare, Itibells II LAYELI' & AMELUC, 1 Imlm atudwwtlat ldrqulii, for mile by SjLATER & TRIER, j~17 Oeqsiesidte·eS jilT7 40 Piydeaseekeeot. RLANK iOOkS=Jselnua ivri let w Sftromsat N Yk, as l i tlski, at'rrv e n*ire y e f a Rolla` and B it n an of Rldak honks and P.P., aria t cull andl exatlnui kstir osbtensiv ·tcl, ts 6 retail br New r) FUT NoNw 3Yttk ritatwwwrr Hall, jyiT .4 y\uLOULt-140bblr 9uut lai cn o~uvar bule, fir skle IV J TIIAYE I&C mdii & ~cl , jy6 ~ 74 Poitdrse iaqI. .3 TIIA1RRJTG1 ji6 7'l Puy 1t low. a jlt \j-3 c. eaiijadiao fromnlseeow~i - ) lIn laik by 6 DOMU LA I L.:: Ill tas. In its~ i)ýýnaiug f'ilerroppyt ha . ~Y for eile by LAYTr&At j.7 11 I)AeON-ltd h bil r.a giit " 5.1 siltby LA Y;t A0 l a oi t w lameltWA# :tt~ jiLbi4 iý* /

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