Newspaper of True American, August 4, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated August 4, 1838 Page 4
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AC =tiala Hlotel, St VIN'ITnN , 3JEiY MdittKLAND renpecatfily na utie Ur... friends and the public oenr. a thu visiting Covi-rLttdutrtla tlns ll~ Ollannotnt)4at.qr as,,meno. tits th111 l ndl thers, on oren hh+rl t,.ns. GlUy situated, and w uppi d hlUl hea; tihe hr is fir. i.IedL wil ra, &c. ina1hortslw proisnis S s lairsaniting on her part to give 3Mir to nl a who moay patrLnizLo Iie ,Ibisi lam n. l is tt - . i,.3 a ;"Dro. t aidt ,' .thrlltona, Care . yeiars iwsistant i, Itl aOind tbrgery, hais tha i I I. aoanl sarvicra in thi LiaLy. Ii, amod gentlimen thatl IthI te S1ypaitd to ithe calls wllicb m* soa n*.iao'otrnrs his abvicn the h ens an vaee, being well acquainted wLtI the ; dises seolamon tethen, haIing attended them In the asgareiatseeim tt. Thea&Wmaus h o at rtheaonmpasrtUon Eof rafseer an, b h,. otue ltri` 'i thy'hll.,v, feiqtllath i5t been attlenaed with the gra to ili the bet of renaeam ona ve A ot No.'166 Maga. alae street. . Mf*)RING. C.U.4Us 8, tltJ i .'was, .a.j TR' OW t W A NY, Na. 236 Wptpea tneiatt, New Yet ik have recei.0d tchlpalt seiaon, And are conLr.taLtiy mmsaivin ilrge and extonsive addittons to tide :toLLk (a * im uld; which now coLnsists of the 3 MI omt, suitable for the southern and StI i f.etlrir qutality, nconsisting of d rent a;zs, from 3:8 to ,50 gaillons, .I.15 sizes, fromt 3:8 to 30 gallons, Ieil, 15sigei froim 3:8 to 18 gallona, 14 or Ovens, 7 diferuent sizos, G do il amSdos. - t d,, Osddll., .. do Fir Dogs, 6. d Wigon boxes from 1 14 to 4 3.4 inches. Cirt do. 5 to 7 inches. Weod Serewa, 20.0011 graos, iron and bruss, frc.m 3:8 inch, Ne. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of 0a sup(-ror qu littyd.finish, and los than Jano's impLortI.d ,ibiltis. assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs fr t. ..lia. T r'ilorn and hattor'a Irnne, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tonsr, aorted from 1 4 4 to 901bs. Belle for Plantations, staLmilboa, chutrclhea, &c. made to ardor, Also otlambeats and other machinery leadl tI. wrder. The above naoartmntt'lf goords is penrli,~lh i renmendaod to thn a Lttent olf SLLouL lLhtL allt, Westeafl merohentt., and areoffered ftr s;tle at low prices, and upon IlIo most thbntl terlms; it. tI beI eversdto-be the Irgcst and best asortla:Llt ever ollredd for 'atle by any ono ostub!iltuent i1t tLi . United States. Mllerchants, by torwarding a reLquLest by mlil, c..a have a printed circular, with dL~yorLptLLLn iLt Ll. priaesmaid tornn, from which no dovnation is evler made,stmrniohod by return of mail. NHorders will receive immediate attention. i~w TYork, 1838. j" 3 TR1 Ir t 1 Y2 ' P 1 PtI.t.l.-i-thSI-Lhte L,,d'n L..' L..mathll.vruap and Pickles, soLrtel .ire; ilo, bl) homeotLf enwi & Haskell's Pickle-; for -i-L uL, .I:c iio aaonigutmeal, by JAlVIS ht tI, lt. I.WS, ' 512 CLI0 C'lIlall LLc 'l0 o " ,1 . . OAPiaL'l, hall' hoaes te. I sel,, i l, it ,, sl-i lOildd,forsalebv tby t\AC ItillIlI, nllf " 1 1 t."....... benon Tirnll 'irle iat nd in~r 1 no'. Apply i., dirt do. in to. e, fur -ale lv CIIAMI11'LIN & '). )(1111 rp15 S.u ~ J liti.,yr'nnoioti..g of erlesnj1.'.ir ifr. I.ý. 1 I!i and Wrt on, i ,o i, a. 'I ' ail nIn,! to led ot ;il ,,l ," t r,,, cap, cculat·,ntly o~ il baud nun fu~r vale I,?· 'A31 N V Ftnliolurl. ' I lnll.·, -,I 1··· 1 oa 1A)i niy tiiI I ch1 I I II"II 1". l 1) dIoA(if% Co I' .o IIofli .itp~pen enler Otel1oirc tIral"h LA1.NK. Boob , Iof eel., ,li:. '.y rl liut ,rd E. b i dindi ogt, iii tl, ' un h,. n,,: "n~1 ', !:,,!i~ our Biudiog sully ex c inltedll t .:hart nwii, c ~ v ():10tH1 I'!''; O 1"H3 NY .ain i.n i n tll,`l ('linltir; t. J lrddng, fur lii)e b. ISA AC 11:11 ill A. ('4).. l tat2l 1:1I u;ru $rI .& NEW theci itorvh iv~ 'otto, '1 ',cIte,I .', dtoo, 'tfrom tre ieonoodbl nioejol ijr Fl iiou-t'inr~ atuapt. pent very ou, Inn...iv'loo given Inleltijlltl, I'.qgiurgtf tih otooine'. l 110 tUORc!A', 41 'wIra. LU OlBotols Rope, lodil.g from ttr o, (ur by LAPE'L' & All! .U \ii n19 17 CG.nruerlr.. t. AGptO-5I04 piers. c K.'ntooali _ito o u it II~sE Blt) 141Ho?', Mfi 131 (;uml, lIl!· t. NO MERCURY NtOI CDO1AVA ne i ().o i, Ae.1.1,Ii18''7. &B°V'T sit months ngO I I lhad th Ileru,,lll t1 El ,oecrel ditonso, Ilr iilii.. I halve apill d to St e. molrldtoidefOfr a core, nd.1 thoe Iill nott olltc Inin ~o. u on the aboro dtoe 1 pot oynellf .n~ioer il.' cni of .,I uoot Sleet,' adl'etpnet Ilia) to ) lloe III. delve that tin thedieu gotwu o nnt w ..nk, . aas to brak oat ii/IlaI ,icr= to thu number of six or eight on en ( e_, 0 leg llurl my face, still sore threat, and tail nhl,1l 1P to F riJ( it *lie prosnt tintr 'o nii nan t of the di,:rnre; limn Ili·r tho right side of the thllate. 1 nnI ci. o...';omi. .s, onlldertty underthe cour of Ue. 11Ie,,, I' It,., is, tbe btceeltycurad JohNA DIEAN. kb 14 l 1 DO,Cf:RTIFY thatc the un n·iFII1i'uoe,{'l diarnPR quqlite woell currd to ntv own sutii~l:181li:1, ('Sr Wllil h hbnk k. Hnter; and mnoeoier I ,ton',re flint th," nletli ringrL have taken maker a,' lilt,.' tad 11d nu illjire ivy tenltitat all; therefore I advi=,".n' 5 f Ilia' u:1 "i , ; ,, lose no timr aunt apply to n lI' . tlui.'t, 15 I:ruu "t They will find a true d etor foo r i,,rt rI,, nint. . J ii 1.0 IILAN, lntlrui,.'r,oti'et, If notyonen wnnt ia ll istt ,ll con N.,. 4iin.t ici., and tlhocn'llt hi'couislr. To be inublshed at tihe lpii" ' I:. of liet New Orleans. Feb t, 113".t1.. lE Gennuine luidixnt tnu..toi.... T + p h nvl l.o ict niollnbtile lu I1 [il ) io Inl I ht", s,',' 1. vrl wort, nirs I1to ioIo.'et `, c' III ", ~ 11,."1 r, ", 1''I1 harbnk',ocwooeult tin ir udilelwlj..i iicacri. , io pulnmonary complnaoints. 11,46it rivalleld ,ucreir which I~na item led 11 1^ , 'It Ir '111 ttetootule i ne.'o., intimo,e 'it fitot hor ittr It'ti. Utah "tat t·ined life lllnltirl lns 1 and TPr ·l ilil ti In ttian oPfooapoototth pllyioooiti, liiih It.. ,,,I",. gildot Itoinin the. oid, nint of to 1, If,, etiti.,.., ,I 'Il rrnl(, ~hl titucr palirtine fri0nue ptleolrllhel 1!+ our' Indlian Bnllon.. n if rwl ori t 'I n;;,,...ud )" h 4Slrnimfirdilo·trllltct: ,au can StorePIII·.!i.. ll1I1I kll, * 'boianftdoo materitilo 1t iR mnin n. nil {Intl Ip 1 Eap eihtlOO tntonn n.'ntlit ,1 n. c. ' r, . 0 loo :t lli ., 1sr 1i1ti hitue~otlctiono of the Iti , f.r.vhctt n inmunded. . AtltnR II WlI.1 11.1). CiLVI\ ElRI.II "i. II. Montho.u 1soli Bonn .ledi...l Is 1llntrin. Ilttona, October :i. . lit cci Id y 'Xla eC 'f*J~ Eflr t y 3'.o. -- - 4jJ rE n rvea? i nt Ii anto, ~ L or to finish ,n1, nerv ', .ll no ti M ecacllitaonn lnt git'i. a.. 'Iwu k haeuai·ePr,g,,yr era r., iti 'T'hin' duolepreraration hen rrrvi"rl Iiti oooutpe e ' tltistnot llt'rmtOrneof . P i uh~t-,u i I d tric r tublicO C'.ulllr .,till cit d motolttif its altitnony #A1 a~e~ice urI ; Atiet4' WithalU the plus-laeg uu!co. ··- . i a 10021 o it Oit pnnn.'ns'ctae ni. it r .it.'o.,Ill t. , r gttntpr nodl Oaltin.nt piiriutitit no el tttit AtnlirOtn genil'i it l'iit,"r.n +i, ,nI tiang dlemand r,;i~i.l, ', old.S ," ~.!,,n. been ouit,,Iiin.w,.. t on:o,. W' ahfti anl h m loentn.hle i',e, tu ~ n a,. .B ~e l y'uiarned Il Ifat I,: seh otO tfntl rs eotul 1 iie itt tt n·-iu, r irllle, .tornb SVitllt cottty v nt iil.eltu'i ' 111 i,' bets-,,wtsrat. In. plte- i l' t ,i e , l ( dlieplrl . or all w;' & : {ll 'l{dEO & '10Cc; Eý4 ", 01ll Grote .Vregoinlle ttn~r ()i!, fir the r".'oto'.ii.. ie .1 Hni , gio in g tl in i t, u r be l ,tt J "oereb ' uci O i w irof nf-rd ,. I· Ibk~ .it nt 'dum Jiap ieferr exil nn it,:uo, i ina," nai brand (,every itutn 00000 t, ~u gi'ooflnt'd. It hoitouner foini rittrthni', lbubh~t'fhl gotwth of hadi it. 0.'...) .1,.t 't Domue d,'y adotu lR r tou i :u . ottderiilt 1".' ,iiiiii rr',, ,unndtd 'tr'oo'nbof hicro n iit~u it~r, ylUL ad. 'run Oil Ion R,~r:!"d1Y lH :u to dr fe si" t irR:e i iho/lattogrebtorr I0'ntt pr~ nosl tad ii' ~ ll(. (1 la .,,: I.' a I"1 I dft,0 & ar nae rerr'iv Irrol Je, ry An.hrew, l+'rruvh and G'ermaýn pl!,v ,c,,,'d; P,.c 'ntL,;,te tiehmriý: Cd'('t-ese n, 1J-4'ata 2i 32 inch l2d I nrel IlI,; S, ~ i i d 1 t ilnch blade Blit ,r 'ibea i': Leather ani' l thIr ttrtela!i Dlrea.ig Ctlase; .elt. .i'. n l,,·|. l o,r- ,i'', ndl [), ollinr Pistols; tNd bhP Iand -'we"r P,, !h'd (gns; es Gael ital is; a ot Bela t Pat der aiad , tetei t rl "h ) ,t ltl . Dri C ltia. CMt ; P'-, re °.- n i<' p. madl CaI {Io ld;.s " Clot h. Tr<tir, I'r,,th: ttcr ll P' uTi " h.e notrc .i' ChT int t e Telt ir I ci .efy: I-c' ai r h r..{,ini lc, hlr' , ,ll .'rm r zct."i P ;ni, ,Ceivd l', l , 'e cr. , a ",r; rr v ve v TubllO , (c U..,inl ' Fcitell sHh cP s: .,C , I lf Oh /e n I".'" 'c ' , l th-4inrS in tho Pin 'a', ata ,itc (t ies; Glt a hieie , meal an.l I.a c:ar-d"·i E e: l' l a'q eal' t rn.,.it Bead N'rt i kioil'ae I,, 'hn 1I (;ilP and FetI' ,red }letd;; Ith utna lellse ( i nlo ; T w hh*hl *\m hiir ,,l I r h ah.rll Tw ; ll rl i totlr ,llnl ar°tt'rii , h 'te lled Pt ie, ti tr il rls ct st el, ' eIe r hll It t lak their s r n.t lilllt llentseivont;llltoe ai d wl a till I c it v Pat ,on lie; ,zor :. p . lInt e a ti" 'of the G oai n 1 !xt1 enlh u e tc , artli si f.rtll s lucife' . Il-e atchies; il 'ITe ab ev i'a)keitio t n ttc tt o tI e r .teck ftt lan, Purl ,t. (,inrk ct, . . d 6 o r. p in - n ivr. , ,,zrs, ,Tr l ce rd. ' teen. I ur, Ie v S cei . ett e ,e ,i llbe ei ed I ic H ', l r l nwill tl\tend 11'' h ' st ~lil' n fo,(i 1 th " in - b'ei' tieret.ecte'ieee te.i,.,h ' ev a rltr e rite .dttte au hilhe, wille, I e sl n II., e ltaa e i tll' to 1i eel n eealt ttilI , h , 8 tt tle lei. tllthl, cla t,.h l ,lie :',hel l stud 1 Ll vr;II i plall h . rthhvd a d s rl lh vel' Itrillll 's col,,ejli. ul,,1 oIl .,feel :.T1': ', . ' c i, l!s st I rin s sher]m . l ,n iar .i.·:i b o , .,, . 'r u i ,r ,Ir . m ,1 <1 ' r , 111 fr ont ai l a '',tr ,. ,, I lan( I ,le a r.,. ti, e nita aeltin do; ict la' et t,,ick t' e til; ;,nelh d lr - nd lrs , cat,: i,,t ,ll ,kh, a; ,t ll): , 41n 1 hl ,,1 ~~* I te s; I ,, vet l ' irvni oI c:f " -rl:1; s:", nli vielr.( I dall n l ll· I,€ , a l .Illsanl lim (·; c,"..,hon: hit- ;wldl. h.:t~1 hII andT sall 'llll. , ; ri+il. Ol ,hT . d1 ilt, ia c i llsli hall illll 'lllias v I. 1iIIllb, ; i l 1 ,ill e stillo| I, s.w llhlinii :II'ldi : Id c ll l aekict,'.s; billtrl ' le ; tl ' lialct | ,ks and, I lellte ut ol hoI nesi, l hll rlilsl ..f1aett't'rtt': Ilele. i 1 1)f ln t l c a - tvtr tecilst C'ra.,,,a. &.. &a. lThe aabove itat ell ,e to a 11t. o r atek f fac levi e aIrth la'a, ,,,atk t' , a,,,,,, ta'. , e, vli 'll ll r'i f' il ,ripht ,. 1' ,. s:d ' whI t etsalae ar ,'etail; as th',. si, ofthe ,lh , I3o ni., -t l, I ' t• e iew ()I".,u •t & r.& i ea;' ,d ltIrr'il Kaeleh &.!u.I', ' t iettte .,i wt cii'ee o tell lIt of t t% a last, htt t ite d ,'ti e t I e. i i A et le su, a *tk th"' lrt't 1't'- te to t ei ' irtu,.. Lvi t'C% Bh rris ,ill -l to tt e .virliui ,r th, hu'in,,, }o ýc'tli, o ;lha: clti p -+it e tll ie:, I,, tt et , lt cie t 1i V Ii " it IR :S, .1 tel te, ,I, \'1' a' 1 ' , 1 i, ,,,, Ia, o. I , i, a ,,d t ,!.• I 'll e, titlk ,' tes, , t en,,'i, ' ' ...,, S L "1 hu ~ l\ nr' tII[' 'l h , ' ,1r, it'.h de etI h cc,. es , eld,"1e',1 n ,, ." ,- ,ee ee't a ii it, )I t Ti ''''''tic,. s , , ," o - "1 l '' 'I -I" T I-:- l ti nl^ l fl' I , ,'1 .0 f i', l, ,ll0,1 , 1 llll;'{' ;lll lrt ll.-1| , II ;II r ." i I,", in t ilm " ; 1 " : 82f 1. t:r , r~l J'l we'l.l y,, II. t i: L u ' :le 1e , l 2o -g .1i cs SI .a ; ""- ~ i, 1,'- e ru 'II and pl , I";'!; , k ,it t, 1.ilh'd ] 1 11 ,ng rot m d, drste : l:ll, FI lln , 111 5 k, BrI,ziliau cowl,. of e,.rr. dr,,. 'i pi m a n9 mgz riptien enmplhort eed ('celrne, eceetrl 'n t' lt 1rant8 , luls, .l op, fi AI:l me-,. i shal i ile lln eaket anl 1 ts, nere.l .ie,,do, H\alrd'.s e,'e letld hhir oil, lieurt ae n an tiTl ,l .10. Ir1,[' . .t on l linnt. phd in a 11 pI.litlned t"i:lrt 1,\lcr, ,an1l ,miowle:, pot, li"( II:1ndhuxu1 T;; and .ln i , . li bi, ,5I. .lli2I:.I 1111 r-. o·TInll' i ( l 8l .1 ad n\I t.,.i uI T lielhIta tl p ie I or tmenf ofe lt l ,11:\\-1'i.1..lJ (1'-..i 111 n ftllo I n i ' I tend 1111(+( oh i1(na tntIlle lee, teeeee1:1 p. let ile and tl ll cora'linm, nel - (1 nlpolo r1f , - atell tri, ni s ', si l end e il lee eclee 12,1 De i ,ll' ,1% .ilvran : ( ,·,1IIII s it m .i d ull 11CMlin 1 ee11a.'' .eI I' e-trt1, h lip, I ,re.h ,nee tn 11ru: rlmn l' ,alli, hit, ttee., h2h1 , 'tl, 8 , ill i , :11 liol g, shoe and I());lKlINil GI.A.M.S-.e-rman atlia cnil tilet ele.eee, eea,geif eie5 l leld Fre Ich drelril-ir glehE , oltene I.1\N Y .IaND F Il? iY .tl irCI.';.a.iFrnich ndl .\1,1 ritc: n prable dIe"; mui dressin, cas ,s stone ler rich ret l [IeII1 1 e i "i Id ludie l ll rlik Ioxsell - Irllnlrilt9 ollllf lll2 .+, k ind.., o llls ,I) II[p2(6(2, MeTer; IlI platd pencil. 11 rl('s Ich ll., ..·.. 1 I'ils.2or ear p lletrr llhlI rnlyuns,lantled 822 , ý ,; la l mid piol(l1 w'j21 ll "Itha"t2[ eties, pc rcussionel l e, pl ,rleion eltp e htreel .rsnllllle ew iltv.els, eclw holt I .uiune ' 2ee s, p .tl lc,-i' ter settes, Iedianee b .l ofneaery kilnl, hetlls ae d c l eB lonee lctettio , .ile l Ielde 'lad F nrica"en Fmlea ctl e, tis, iln hb x,', primts of various Rw. i, sS,;.h112.12.+' ,n,'h.,',aid i, dlt.,ld ,ur ls2, plain .a l m.,- , ie I',,' tle e l C u bards, dle, optic l vic i ' - :, i:I I I ' I II I 1 , " I , ·. 821l. in inndlll ln n i ei . i iel, rleli' enc . a ll ciw stll lll a': li, r. . IcO ee(eferite a" \o, ; (:hair,', r,1; , , , 1) .' ,,,, 1',1 k, I, ;e let 2' .., eve1 , iI teileI, \i , -i tl: l n ' 1" l r ler e a ,IIt,'-. ?n nrt l n 1 . 1 . " cu ,,m :rnre of 5,1, 5 .1I I,, ,lu ,, , , , , ;, . (,art o IIll, s I,. I L, 1.'.,sI ,,111ufe It,'a: i82 1 o-5,,,, . . .,, ' ,'e I ,len-a , tIlIen '1 c,: - . l n )e1 ri . 1 . . . '111 I " I rl ld wit en 1,,I I, I.' t, . L.I -" . 11 e,e1 ee "In , i t 'i I be " 1n1211 :,,:,:a1 i. l. 11 .1( c~l(l lf¢,rd I tI 1r. aii' . :1,ye o,,,. n' .s e lr ner e, l ,h , e t-, , , " d Iar, 1.111-m ( o r.x . 11l 1 :1, ' ' ; 1(e, .n lly Int:- ,, u ,,r lu~lu. 2ll ct,. I1) 'I' IIi ' Eel ; N.Rr I i 1,upel ihl- ub1e2lion (l ,'-e Iele ee,', 1o2ce The1 I:'c ',: ;h Ia l ...tI t e a a . i ence, ,.Je 1; POI)01 ."I NOrW AT THE ,oF.FFEtr ON ItOeSE, JrEFFRSOn STOEET, LOUISVILLE. To thie Editor pf thile lfrrtirst ie .qd.eifer :E g, ttt--[to rpparo ho' tire rrhrtervt'otioo of thle Edhtors Inof Nt ctShridle Prestbyterion, Union anod Trncs cript. as well as the edtllai of tile 5lemhlhi1 Enquiarr, h t he L"Ohl Genldeman" it anto"re the Doerors 'hI'a I rvedl by hisr kii.el ra'e, kn.loinre that his timne is ltt short, aiud that thtl iulr.,errdent Amerienn nerrle ore at l to j'udoe t 'r Iithems.el what are putif anl *irprotior l'tr. T rreta lt'lv editcors whlo are laoctor, tie pnoprietorr, 'eletrr or slb-relitors of the above orlaoe, "ijrrrl ,e i c!rer ei:i.r frrlln r er j I, t ue InO "nrl nneir tltut te Ir ehrt. who' hai d ,elv seen'ihe li htlt tre, hiit birth, Irrner to t, fiallow f iu i oan-t'r tr mrhotel,rtittead of beioe nblierd to be led by hiin. T'Iwo vorute ladies, t h haI each l.'tiiet the sig~lt rfrrr' ~., one for tan vearr andl tihe flror forlchriv tlc o reare, havint both ol tllr'r tile *trthter ee very r.eak; "sit erch otr lhorie 'Ilr nlt lgiertn'.le.uitoJ frrti ettl entlt ejptinr" ther are undrcr trle iniueteer or 'Ierminati n of tfe nled r'el D)oe'orr. .\nr:ther io the iduliter of an r'esperlrlable merchit, w! o,' n niltte I al houlrl nrever 'tui~ Iklli ,n (11911 Iii:# I I?· blbl10 6iIe + Irret tire oiettt'of otoc ens betol, lireoe ni tilror'trntlto trt ttlrtienrtllrrr her itet yc rald rete let'ers wit i the 'rtewr 'toe c'mplrtelt lhut. thin tire rdrctoere rtero Ireall inr ij tnir rr"i treeld rly gnrlfem nt riv thel ntetflo i 'ltiet ille tbut one. l:r rtilmself trsl me heot had t I VTer' hIut i y(,ertite w h.mer'tlftgey ,.rnrdedee who d .ctari te uit+ thtItauLtteriihat lit Ito ' otallY deptveod n' te' 'te't t,.fjrtrue [ey rn Oi" kh ther his.hbir h, fthich hlismnirr lrtart"d to, I..- r ooasunironed hv thp InrnlrS d r litnnall p,tx; iha l. vE V-.. CI uhl1 lint Ol'lly S 'tic' liht " thrit rurffi( r ho firt ltimt ritrt II rerttltei0' Irrri thir '-rrP 'ier, 'trttt iiryrs I''giitrrrt totttr ditstitertloit Ilanytlr O~lrlbiev; anti dlid, birefrce 1 t t'"tti rrtt'+', ivo ma clci i'll t itt telellh see trt wnllreb'rt tile t ir, eto ·r thl't!:o Ithvrl ever €',llt l,l Iv'l ,,ge~l~~d. It" saild he had" hbeen a' le r o he e r rtl rdit l riseopnl Chr,,ch ir n.' ri'v iortrty tt r:. il t ltt'tlt rii r nrrl 'a levcr dloulbt ed Ihrrqu~h" t:;-.!;. `?"e r.l:r··t ,.,"i. lil~c. 2. I rcer ; -'·L.r" . l.c Itv. r :,reenterr oneret tltn rit Nalthie, ne:t I[ ' le ...," l rll . doctors hIld inverhefr'. 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I r win ea ' t .L C ' " in:t r t ' A m eri n i' i n f u 'y I t i.rt i ttll ire, itt m e ft' mthri a'dci v re arell ihei v i tu +.u omel. parlts ofl umY pe Hist Uni"t' ''.i , , ri, ; tf s'' e er 'r ,tyJ i i l e','c r htcr rrf'pr~ylai voen r'rrriciin i: )e w"ilL el" the <ct, .br,, eiTges (he w :ts unfo r r' i th., i' ' r r i. rIr' I ",'r ri x'enrenl c l irtoe dlfe it ii r' ,I,, i ] i;+. cc.t I rrr t '. rl r l t r. r 11i tlior t., e vrr d te ,It t,r' .I ttrrr 'i+" ti il, l[ l '-+ , itort, rrrr -.rr ,r'te ttrtrrr .'nrtnerr~orrit'rt';in , ] .i rcr I re,,, ' iltl -i ' .;r'rrr r rr i .r t i, ,.l 1 io h , !11 ' ,+lrl 4,' ll the 'P~tl:ir tirel''l t.hroocir'rur1irt'rtrhrtlrirr } iill~ltli. t it il.I}I tr+irir':II1%i. I .erre' Ti'ire ro r t...e I IIIt.Pr x~h,'h e,. crlt i r e t.t< I hr ,.elre mlr ire iec "rrr' iiitee itfti'l 'r''.c"JtrIrr'rirt.tiD hrrrl)r rr,err[ tibeo'rtcrr li~bit'id'ilt]'iil"it "hf|,p, of N tt'il tr"'r'Jlllvh'Ive "o ! ,.t +,','.iw' Ils w rd err letirrrte etit'; tir Heiery I . I '. in II o is i h Ftla ri liopet'as thii | t'. l eh ~ " ,'it v I oit e t it re sloi aitt , hilnt, wle h e iin.l ".e I s} a +' Icnlrs with an ilalil e i; r. , s moli. :r , for :dl hieI 1 I1, r i e , tthe 0. twol l : " 1t dh w t . in illist:i IoutIi fo 1 hl." ,ilil , Iht , hnl- h f :+;11 pie.-. of 'ihvel.! I "really lilli]ii ] . t1111 th, : I'hc I J " ; u llenlleail" hhRd ul-t. 1,1. I tohtmIll t d h l re' bo lhre i;nlon t. Adm not '.froid io cally lii n wil ,' h t netto.t t ill the ath lt o t (l" 12 i-1'1"r ))FtrkO ( l0 L al Ivlr llin l , ill I.; rt Hlllill in. " [ ii('ln e uI ,1 _ Im iiit.1,1n , ihn i suirh iers f l e le " t l' rt at 1 U ilt i nl o It l ) et Ittlta ettittlo Of i et1 j "t.o t o tit ti n e a it f. t attitf atl p eti t I tto Jtae, ol tht r I(lll jl , tshf 1 n I sil'.mldt t O ht 1 li l lltt l dt IhII ,I w s atlll u.t i l tt I Pli . ll e, 1' h t i lli. ItI vsy , t P1 t, ' ," N sl iil ,r"'- hil; whih n t ou.ll t icir, ut . toml til t l tt. d I1. .ItII . ia ien . wiltira i tv ,s ,d e ha.t f , ,et i :-'n iliea tehd 1'h Iti.e I tnI (t i ita edt h' I otra r be olt t hei r b yotlmd n lt' . tnl t llh, I Nor th, ad I sltr i l trea t thre, , ih .de, i o tittitil tt e dtlaOa r atimt lr ve : tlttl it to I o tli tt t I hatvt t ef a it fi'.ltg t r e itpe iar. a , t e I alc I.- " 'I ' u h tI f. d oot tia ofl.l oaaia e t tttrIN ti Itp l ie r e r i for o ate we tctare }v n o h ill nd I Itane i ottile s th tto .1 r tian lr next i prt a nird bli e e lr t t, or. S11fIll IIIi ( rtthe- i dugli Ah Oculist, to.],f from tOe i. fti .ll fd..ale of tte a2theyoo J one 14 ,t1 ti h e r , - l l , ,l : I l r. Vt , l l a t n , w e d 1ualrl t h e | 'lc i w " il7 Ptll ar, hll ts ' x(*· ni d Iht d ie hllpl ls l ind other d fel. 4r 1i 1o.if.t, li t tl lo r', ttehth to publt c patron-.t \\ ll ('h",Lmllg e l ocel ll , D'r. "1 itC ilio t ill- w il rth llll il ll ·11 1 ,lil? 1i in .dny hinflr hIi i eda s o g rt Itha h first intrlol - lls r ~l 1 \Ji. 'i KE Au , Item. ir t'lu Ill:-IIi l +been r eI'qU eteri by Dr. .l'ilaIh Il, Ilthe a t tio tl,tnt in ahite ity, tto xl n e ai, I~=1c l Slul, hc1" oeh €: '1nide, t (, ir l his plllle, o iontt ht ioe it: tttttO t th Ith vailed ,it ldtloo toath plea gure. 1ie 0 i o dp l I o let lr flo i(l- Iohot, atII pt teeit .tl"e , 1tte'ame, ot tht e Kitt ll _ oa tlte French, at a a h1it Jgt'lli, d t itr te , tott. I till l t te-o ifa t thet Il'l:''.i ,,ii,,(I fl e ilh l llln f L. m lllhu Ki ln,- o lf ii r e, iltttit at, tott i. ll to thS . - A itoto f tlelll dc.ul c ocie. '1 rot I r t o,'lll , l t tl -o 11 ffittll' l v outtcr irtntbI iis t a '.,tr 1 SIa,te. 'd *,i ii t t lh h l ,hottlo, thllalaeal alteatlll . Ir hi, carlI Ihii rs1 1 hI'' It elll. yttt . a llre a . P'..ý ."tinl~t hu'i) fel 011h t. 11ofII Dr. W ii(t' llihlsn' Fi1ll t.lh'- Illt l,, ll up1 ol id rIl, llr hIeO had ,rtllcr;li ai- rllot.l· !'t I ' .iiht f of 1. 0:1e l I.Ot e .ntve ly ear hatl ,t-w dc ure, 1 h tclh in et:r flllittl htotlll ng t (,r Ihe lfrl s i ,.c i 1 i f Ifill Hat he ran ecllect, hi o could di-. Set,'r t.." ,'+ rs. 31T R L RY}1S' 1110 T R lC H -~0OR the curene frhemnti sm 0er fule or kingsevilgoIm, F asciatica or Ihip gout, incipient caniers, sll rlhs um, IF siphilitic and mnercurial diseases, Iparti.ularly bhlt.ers and ainfil afeetions of the bnes, ulcera.ted thro't v'' a os-. J trils, icers of every desorsition, feter soe s, and isute .pl I shsesses, fistulasl,piles, scahl head, scuary, hiles, chro- h nic ore eyesl, cryspells,elothesa stil every "sariett ofeu- l tasneo.s at'tloni, hronic Catarrhll, head cbhe proceed- l ing froit ally acrid humorr, pain ill the stolraeh nJes l- i t pepsia prmeeslding from variation, all.ectios of the liver, chronui iliammatinrqfthe klthises, and gCeneral dtbii tv cause I hy a tiorpid action of the vessels o the .i. I is slag l'Intlyeieacaious inaenovatlngthosae e- 11, iwhi " haveleen broa ken dtoawn iiiti'a!,ns . jIsaHile irrictullarities. ji genlal tes . nnlatet iall those diseases whlicha:rl, e of the blood, or iuiltitito of the Iltilts". , oi w - .,L , t r asem or kind. Somepf the above aeplaints may" require slome tri. itinag asistaat applications, whichl thecircumstastae.s of the t case will dietats; but for a getletal remedy r l Partifilean l to remove theeanse, the L~tIIAN'S I'.iNACEA will generatll he found sutfient t . TO I'HBE PUBLIC. Stow tesie it is, that iileta. Physicidr.s, in their am Iiion to exel in their ipmeissiions expilore the, vst fields of'scienMb hv tlle id ofelsty, antik ouet new, e mesrlidl inllsau, t 6'hiiie t jairt'ct'cetitht the i p1ractice bly mlean of 'it atlone,--lntit""ef oerloeik adi "leglect, as blnesithtll irtinbutleetllelrth ch iand unllliteoius stores ofnmeliejne, w teh the Almbightly hap eumsed to, spring mut of the earth int evety clin ! Anu how much more true is ifthat whc ethe Acmeriea Phvsician lInoks 1 to fIoreigp eointries for imansy of his most asmains aind I.csgiq atiqttlea,, chaangasgstcthpy are at the dictbtes orafahiml or fillc, he is sarrsasusT in his owsi amntry withhn endless'lp.ofeason of mnlie:l plkmts, simcilt to'ansor'datty idication ti disash or to alds e a..y cair'bl. laisorderianl vet he is ignstl.t of their vi tsi, 'ssi they are stuffer's to 'wpstetheaihealiog oni the sdesert airt.' l'her fet, ts of vegetaihle medicines lon ilthe system ai'e ternc t.'i'sr--these af haite..s lasting. s 'the Io,.me, ex tellbr, act chemically tpo illthe soiliads, esji qposin SIl;bt'Oes anid tiderscatiingl Si l ienttittitol he4 slot and srie d iesitu5cstisn., The ongeniallity, effi.cency mall S\ FEI' TY ofI' ive .:o" - illg ltha alciellt plnctice' nlith the t llerl; i , t ; ;1 u rtlteimmediastelytv In .l" o l % I t)* obsrtl tul l, thI " ' :.'a pratice with that oflhe whites. \\Vho, is, .\1inc.11, ass sot knownor hearl of repeated sisst:nees wherein asome decretelri, nplretcndti female s IilI, by i mea so her sirmple remedies alone has affetcted the Ilost rapid I all;lnstonisthillg cures, dlli.lthie \Istciria Melies of tile -!,mmn.n p-acticee dlivreelI in the most skitlll p(ntertrtet" hI h.s fbiled ? Ait whd has not been swin' snitsl at trieeom I plrettcere Ade l'mility withi which the diati fvteshim-I self lil'n ila " disease, illld t tile almost tot a stilellce otl'hrtioic la sease among them? Who has . let heard nl:ui hll udi with. constittition broken ,and r',i.led by ill tra,tl llsti As:s can a di ollllc t is thll this lusa+py,x i .tiais of thet savage firom most of thse ills whi.hl t(lhe lk shIIlman in heir to,( is chieclY o ingto more ge ia ant. sa1e remedsies hicah 'et es mploysa 'ahlis astonlish ilg difestasnce in success, is a ilr exempllification of liet illlillllte silperiority of the siEmle and salie mnllls of cllle sllh (;od hasit created for the benefit of his :Ihhilrni, overthose which the pride and the art of man have in fveted. From a long rt'idenc:e among a portion oltdeahaelrigi-: al iihabilattsof tiacoatisy usas istiimte acuan Ist:ice wih the illthkids of cure some of ihe ir most isuccesslil p.eiio~stners, tilth isrietosl 'l 'The Isninin's SPaieLaa,'aequit ait kisno, ledge of' some (f the most powerful andl f(av(ritr Ia edii.lit. Ftiromi these heselected suchi as cs e mI.atem c ntsCiustI ~p lOpriatUe, astl after saius s expintinasts. ,t isa their princip lesiandl sirength, Ie sas conlfinied them isll ite sill'r hc'Ierei Ieetell, Ias the mihst lpef c atnd lUefl lertie sur the puriapose Ii r whlic it is rec.n mllm ei e. The i'sflaoietor of'fers this prepavation to the public, switll the Qcolsiousniss'lhal he is placilg ilhinilUir s.a, Sremedy capable otI'lieviig malny of Iris amficlees fel low beinigs, who n.e sulIerii under. the a·ious chronic:e all Ihstilate complaints to whissh it as applicable. l'To suchi it will prote of incalculsale va!le, as the isieans, and in man:1.11y e:ses, the olly Itlsatl ol s heh ing thLir sif lerihg' s and arestoring ~ lhem lce re to healthl :ld Ia ip piiless. TIis is illstolfrea as ca t ome n rentliy, that my pear chautse he cgtsi'ly good with m.ny others now Sin ius', hit sas otine which i calpale of sat in life in many extremecases\h Ihch ii tiheun u il emediesltal. This it hassidone repeated liiy; ad this is the rl puisutio iti sso taillded wherever it has been ilntrodluced. SIt is ollyahl.iLtt hree l 'eal's asins sthis prepal:lltion n s prseutedl to thle public: bltill litt sholrt .pace (of Ille, si ae IEhndi ist of ipersons might I hea s uni , ai ha wohld ,solaemlls Ideclare that they believed that their lives itrei sased hy it, and ss Imust.asesalt'r they had bled many and plrhps ill tll cl lmmo renwdises ill tLai. \l her i ever it is ko.l it isrlqllly coming li to ie u s., aU d Ihis ati f ldsthlemo st subptalln titla c) lll C I [I l .<ig p of of it The valueIf'the Pan11ea i now estoliel us in Ihose I l s llnhli lt , t l, all l.i chi/li, t.i as s''ss'-a l ll,.s' all' i ' rl a lth ae t~ll ,4 .ll.ll. till otheIr. ll." !,t+ t l, :c ii :1\'+,· I o1 ,.\ : I .ri " sah:l. it t'omla l e.,h r,'les , :n, l ias l ' i e c:I's :, it a'les. r\ sl. ti li I e lj:l'il , :lli til l sas.lIsls laI i l, ,'I. ,, , i t a ils daI, Iis -asts as lasIs i t th n.s Lt ''a' Wisia ''su 'e ssr'i tale sul i s is ' 1. pan, i ll t i, 1,'ati ·. .+;,\ h," :1n , 4 . ,+,,,l " ' ,,l " r " ' isn+,. ol d u l ,:.;'IIt,,* I ll.,, I :h ,,hlt+ u.: ( .: i , ,, i,\1.1st t l s'iii g iias 5' iahýi'i'.a. 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I was s-:zedaii sls uii i e al-ii, ill a ,l . i, l enot sm, caulised hb ti k lg c 's..,l coled, t Iih, onto. h ai :lnittilllu sc( ,ll" i I' L c lu , n' ,ich ha s : !hil. e r allil ds fall . nl" ol:ll, llls, : ldI mlal: l " i: a ."" i. . In itie thdti o ve l ii pii n l,.: I m ei,111 iisi thl l .Id lll.i I i llr l, ,. i . CAloES OFllh S l lllI IIUs I CII S t . T'Ibis m'il certilli thiitl i ili i,, !: il ii X5 , I as s I wilih s Ii iiII) s Iefllisihii rl) i iy e :e a l ce, ich :.i erwar" liirited al lbeclrIs laiige ghilaly ulcers it my aect. o Ph Iladelphiy , t mllte il:t Ilcl h ,rd l lll l slf lfr t.l . 11s I)r~s. Pha~ ste a I (li c .; wHen.nrl r Pe('i't] s1tlisati.ns I Aoell ti 1 as plrolnoed Ss tIIrly incuable. Aisi .i iwars Iiook t l'len" llt ilsi ho lnis'l .a Ias i ael an ile iiii les of Psotter's Catiholicon, witih o mati. ri al eeitiii Ilespairinge ilitea b ich hal now beco- ia IVor lie , me, 1reel'urned to mI parents in New t ' ark, illn 1 Sill, an iie iysell up to i a liingering death. Iiiisa ii. e of il ai sicciss td"lfiTe Indiia's, "nace, ho.eer, in as sort. Ti o y gr t sia d l llle , as whell a satiii tionl l so .o ell'nul n, 1,w ne5e ra hh. AI, ii. Iseve n I itl gi the lil iiibiil cii is alllliils |b ie i pila ti h well in tlh course ofilt' o li lllollths , aid ilhave remainedil so lr ui heeill i of t se liiho arel sufl rieing unlder similar w:rull lellllou er pllitnit ical"fetions,tlewt tiey milv know CIsa.srxsi. illy 12, I I31. I was alliited, fi.rsyes r withi an i lsrs i it the ICig, ii and excessivr siais ithsie leg troutcle joint. Se',ral emlill t phyll sici ansexetll edI their skill upuo it, bilut with pcllernentbeefit. IntIhisclse t tebol_ iue li) fuas al Anac.a m Iide ai rfecet o iur. MAIRGAIREI A W\1'3, 112 Market ,For sale bIy HSENRY IIOINNAlle,l drluggist, agen uo s It s pr rsllesors; iTieh isuiitoslas 56reer NEW ORLEANS f NAISHVILLE RA¶L IfiAD COPII.N', . PIE sitobbiuilors iii tluis ciipanuuy sr iierriiiy no tilied thia by a resiluli l of ta e bulard of direc tin pllassed noil te 19 h the call made on theirlll on-u the lah erilh iua.iov 'ai t, ftr thle pary ent of tive dollars a 'hile, uas uIritlmdelI, andi shi sIid stockhulders are furilihriniuified its l REAS, by a resolution of tlhisl board plassedl on the 19th ins[ . a cail haisilrl asu oni tlb stlckholdersl of lte New Orleans nod inslville Rnilil Ruoll Collpanyl ibr tih followingpsl"vniiats oi. the thbre ock held reIsps. ield y tihium,.s.i wZ-iLo a itarli per shaiii, paiable on tlie tt dly .f Septueaieiinllue re I lo ialait s per share iusbleo s tale s i sutisI Iduof i IeceLmbi nextu; ils i tw o"llarspe'r shai'e panybl oai the fia st dyl(ipls..f ac nixt. Isu theei l-e In i rliea, tlhat thl-e secrl iof is colui any shall notifsiu:e s hure holders liuein,i tHlaleh the y u ri l in of the oit rth oinen b ir with the i 1a secl of tsilueartr, themade n ptlr:neu h pani for tI,e teraian, f sixty illay, rlllil and aftel r thlle ait oile whch it is made pay an e, wIlth.le exprleschudi s coar Sl": IEaiii, ih iat i i iiot LtIn ill I Ihill wrilhin toe aiid p1rolhnation of sixty d asv, tram and aft r ah doi on hbich it should 1jac Lieel piaid, tlt ti en the stork n tiilirh isid payimntss sehuld ilhave heIr.,i ad, is lld rema i blorfeited to tihe s ompayah, ure , hartr oai that point rInta imperative. It, conlifmity therefore, to aent cl' ali l ts e Iiana 'll, allst th De- r t in said co l nyll as nsiik prosber to iushiIuuIrurrsa iimerleulliuihiii stck toa ,lars per shar called Ora l duile o li the first of Ses hpli t.iia ia r iii rfi otis ia. I it Irs .li ' sLsasI, etfa t iie usrU. ember ext mae od undr tshehe sixthi ' i ti ' " lif said charter,uostiteril i hi,(dry iof October next.that ithe paih lnt of t or , dollars l per s hal l s cled s i r, andl ment of rtwo dollars per shari caul olI 1r ianld due r the irsldary of Miar. l next, may no p.ajl puaind uisl tie 3tlsh ian a 5f"April nxi f ietracts of t al minut ' of . the loant. junesi AR SIlNAflIl Sei'ry. V` liu istu Ashu i ha. fel:aS, Ihzt tcn the w itoi STATE OP LOiuliI'aNA.-VParish Court for the J - Purirh and City of New. Orleans. T ItE S'TATI OF LOUISIANA. To all rwhomi I hase PIresents all comte, Greetiag:-Whereasr , lamertes lnse ls huvit purchased at a ailte oade by tihe Sh'ritfoafci lte paliah of Utieasa the pero tyry hcrciaaaterr descrired, .ae spp.|ieol to tie clerk ot ltis I cutlrt, ill ttte'ra Oeici tile ieed ot rsale was recordei on1 hre "2 day of April. A. D. ttint, fir n manitiocn ar ser-' ien:"aonrit 1 as act'fthn.eeilatare fh t: Lu ,, t, d'an erti:led 'An act fbr the fulrher aersu ,.. ,, h s!,so par ar atjudicial sules;" approv, d . 1, lu:otMrch. 1834. - a. . fri, k rlow, yi and all persrrons interescd aaLrlY Ieted dd adatoaikhed i the carte rI I Laui'inna, and ef the Patnish I urt, rset sp anCright title or crlainl Il and to aire hrerell Itrel aiir de'ribed, in conseqauent eo l nIV tl.,ninlity inl tie .rdkr, detree or jud.,.rnt of +the court tinder whih.he -ate wuear itarlls, or ay irre"ularIty c r illegality in tre apjrpaisetentr anti adlvrti-r'trn, in tilne, or manner Irf'saie, or for an, oa e'i eilfect rahrrrro ever; to shown carse. , ithin ti;rtyday dysmlr thie day thifs moitiion is firrst inertrld in tlie puhlie pprs, ay the eri so made sihould noUt e aollelnried sad lac oisg rted. 'ie rr aids p reCpeetry wen old iyf the Sa'heiT af tih san drh nRie-ar|,rrrt n rhe I·lnt daY at' April.A. i}.1;: 8. bAf tirhtttri" rt decrer ofet'is i.rattt, rendrted ui rICa 51Ch dlrt .dFPbnllnr-vA. De . Dt918+in aait earttd Alrxaid. , CaltwIl ,er. inlra FlaneP, N. tt0,.tdif thrie duckr Atf ,rhiaCotaraliisL.,lau. the ohk isatda.. ita.i e h :tIr. lre plrt.han . r rho.. m ptieeo a, w . . .i c,+un Ienacriationl of Pprolet ars crien i the Jktdicial Cun ry-oanco,nriz: A rerotin i rtef 'atld r-itrnled iellrcr sdht'rb An nonci tin arlios aitnre, bf tille ts q lare \o:, ii ud hIIt halvjift 1 reilch Ineam+e, B tit) fee.t I roalr, n 1"6hvlu irlttlatls trrrree:.6'; teLt Irtr ,+n Or'la l ar r rrceer, alld r etoni n u e an do ll are criln t, ill are ia tortna e thrtto said hrrttt r.lrloda is rit) frrieetwie l'rn t r .ida a tire' tre sortle rtlhr, artrelher wittt ra dwe'lingi hOir,P raont ur on ':'rolottpinulraa st e., tlr. khtchiaen ari 'I, - pertdetcit s-alio the .atrille a n tdli h Mv rts erctrd .JI~rteot alld ulller I+ hlirt]llog. rlr i-lq~llllr e tl. t. flle Sto satl di:-tillel v, t itr ~.).l ~let tcies atd a11,. I'l 1][ ., S Sand thle ripht,., 'tdtoo.P, anllp rivilegvs thclet h~longrfig atr in ll rrt tr i re ap ertrt tini tqr.rre t tClerrkis ()file, .'ew Orleun., 51.,~v 7. 1:;:10 pnur la p: rtis te pt rill.. tie la N. , h.,rlrr ns. [ 'ETAT ' E LA LOUIlSIAfNIf -A ,,u teux, que IA e2 prslltes eonellrellltt, 'allt : At( qlle .Ianmes Hatlls're .r aht'tr h ol vntrtell faite Ilr eIc Siieril Ilelatrat'issr d'th'h~allS la In'opr·i8t+ ei-:tp.r: i~l ecrile 6'est adIrFst6 1I GIL't.F. de eutte {So r oi L't' Il t, vellttl 'ilt' co~registi e Ii. .tlmejou" de 11at de l'tnube, IU33, polr' un avis coIonnernzenelt h I1 ci A e Ile la Ltgislalulur de I' rntaael ten la L tuisi erer i stitnit "rAcle iitr conit rmer lld titres :lipIt quelt'l nu nxventes jlldicitires;" aly tpFoIIT( In Mearte's 18.e4. tQ .'tl suiteus, et tepr 'irtit Ilntirks~e e · sons pa ces\' presenIteSLIC 81lC sonake an um dle I' Klut dt lat la ],nisitolne at de la .totut dit |P;risSe, qei latlraient avoir droit e la pti opt i tr e i-u l decril'e, em toalseqtu'tzrw' d'un dfatut eth f.,rne duns I I'qlhe,1e tiiit oi le jrgera e tl e la t ntrica lst etl l dt uetl hn rte, nl 6te thirfe, ou ie l otute irt iTguelere, u illog:,lite tl an11 I' ,stilmlaion, l 'asis o le tclm ps Jt h- subiidt t nt: e;1 ,elllu, 011 Ion tr 1 onut rllelll'12 atuel qu ( tlel mOll q e dll + ii ve '4 soilr, dins tl lllejouls d ten Ieni pue h j lieioi n a ii e te x i, 1tlt qu.(mni a ante it ie r .n t Qr e ' ciii IpUi orllfi.laree ip| hlolltologo~t,+ L a ptrori t h fi it vendt e plar It sherris sdit, r lla toaz irle ,oler d'avairde I'aulile 18' tr i8, vert a I l li~clot de entte er It+ 5 de r delwl I'mlntee Is:,t dazlla I'tl|.,tirP d'.\lexaodeir {htldwell, iOtlltro Jltllrll~s Itamne, No 10,3 ;7 a o dotckt de st' le (' l'ur, a ]lu tuellt' \e'lle e dit Jatnet lanse s'est Irendu acqlurctr pourll le prlx de d21,r(l:1. ¢criptilo dell Propri 6 i, pl'rs Ictra'tro'r J udliciare, I rr eltill it ite terre situr 'lu taborr e i e Ir lhr iarr'r - tiltlioll nprlia I.areoursP, de atte villr danrs 'ilat Io 5. ic it liotfd a to ree ayvn [ialelrmei , r,] t ptlas e tfce dat i'arru Tehorpiholnlg, ascet a ls de.· fat'e h ht fa lnt t It tl. t "HafIt~I ,,d I·LI 1 rllt.l Ii u, h ,li hlt aIe 1errle rl i'ntOin pieds dl i Iieti 11nrarrlle t'r imt dIar 'j aie 'allrrer : enelllar le tiatl micil foulntlt tr e a la rue Tehodrritoalae ei cuisnie . ct seri dei pa:idale ~hlee i que la dhstil'erla colrn st. ite -tr l' dlt h t et ,ntic9 LA* tiiseaeteainrrierr ioiaPti; Ilr tchit et nuain's utions, &.. app rtenll ie la eite distile rie, as d( palhd allraeS, afparlin;nces it Iris rIits. actiola s tr t privrac ctr " )n iiiiir r , J (rtirlet It Ni t. eealrttritdt greal'ncerteevlle rle!n,,re it' 7Mar 'r3l. rI. '2.i1& j3 r, ill , I,'F !t l (I " " ItttttsI ('itti o o f tt hv Il' t I.nta no., 5 IIw i.,vd ( .Colle of, ,ien.i.,te of A\ rhe cur? 's L(.rnpay, F'ellow of Holt Court Serial, SI 1'o k l the H.o l Union Pl i' n Asoitihs, J t Lo , ea,' I] l'v, too \ l': ur t i ridL" , n Iid erptoa I hq'il otf h ijtoio 11tanli!, .T h . ls I.·,l, . rn . i ,,, no1 m l: ,r11 h·i:,11, ._ :.u c,.t.. i:, 11: , [l' llG : o·:md l"II, . h r:l. "., ,.l : l l i, , I th·ll c p; l', j,1.t" . i , f ot, .,: , I .lot .0 IIoo u 1 1' it Io , u 1 r 1 · 1 1 it'I I, " l' 5 :i ' , h. .. 1 5 i 11 .·I . I r .,ln . 1 1: 111t 1 l n s 1,,n.h ! , , I 1 . 1,, , 11,11, . :,. I ., , ,1'. , 1,: 1 t. L .LO .. .1 ., Litle a . 1s 'l.lia . 1 t i alit' e r., l, . l o . . 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TEE TOO. toer oti e . ti tiEtho, ht o ll 'indll'l 'lle d t 00lll cri prt oIfe it to tle At.:ric I ll pu bl'. A '.ot 11 .rn e inllr , I o tll i t oo Io LL lo Lttlls i tllt t) o pIl lllllla l oo ti , Slad o in tLe U,.i d St. s to i ,i;ta.c it ile. i la rei-. O 1 l tollioOe u ,tl` r anne d li, , l., su 11r- 1is 0us, to tot relitf. It nlo aetrrtot t1 e rLtt to deL tivt reotluald rolievs.tlo .tr s ooneas o ict ioit' Io o bltit rO dlrs a gt oen tottt th usoothoo t To5' e l p"Loioot ttooo5I I t1gre o tt",re s imp l', itnoco t. i 1n ti 'tot S i ttleda to f toI I t'ttt ,o y de e lohoto lr!o Ily oo t't .55 ntoood oi tO a doctoitt i do l'llsot y l tilo.eto too tio 5oo of to trlio t11, elt toodI, iteur (ifo tho pu.ollic tltlto) h ltir teti olnll t' toi lil oiktlia qotiti o. l, t is t, " mlo.r oo To·oeti, tolotiostt ii - z otol ci tl. i It'l) ll . 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ANrlre ne ns ,I hntott'otlood aoodinglo oh" yl' e Wn •,00 rl ot ih t a lsh o . \+i551 ft'ttet i to ity r& tiziv .ttl' n, 15 ~ - \nk s L cs n id t e tae ",'n' -t,,r,1 hy f::"'I',.t F\. AVI'.']¢y' & r'"0 - JUSTPUBLISII I)EDFRIOM STARk OT PLATES, The Fith EditiO n oI ROV.LETT'S TABLES OF IN'T'ERS9'T: O w hlh ils lo w tudd ait Average Time Caleu-a 1 tor, or easy methods flor llning Ite alerat ge' ime olstorage, notes of haatd or hills of goods., lwhen pai.l chased at dlifffrret e'ates, on dliffelat credits, and f"r vr:ousi. nmo tn; Iesidteoe usefit l and complete tsaoking T Time "i .le, the hect that c:t be contrivetd. ar tiht fi golres ecan ior thlce within the same condesend eontoes, nlid size Iof tI pe. Aei a vertisetneat iht the book is in nearly the fullow ing words: T TLe high di tinrltion tlhis woTr has reeeivedl tihrogh tih. tl tn g.'lti\e ats p.l fier! ! tt tIlt l title ipage, is a re tllillt. edi oii in itselfe so IIncm.l ,tlll ad so eOlicl siee, il I nothing is necess:.ry tore thtn. lt' oas of t atl tertienttl ,lo I gsite etoits,.cd vieei fsommf oi its pe ctltartllii s:n fcr' inscta cet lh, Int'i rest a :s hetern comp Is. edlrom+oaneid coUltnred lith, what is equivadent to i'ut. , ln, seit felletlationlle, rx:l',ited .etl i h thie tIresslhirty ife tit, es, te ti printed fromt terentyjpe plates tested'l Itesitlell' llle titli t('Ollltiollct.oIleoite sla trolttio diht tall ,ir tofhi the itnetlaet) tteIt l w kitnk lltal te a'iib Ietitenilt il'itihle tned ll in 'onlit 'fl lotcion of thios tllli.f Ii ir't. I l'otf t wo hun dlt o' )lt il l lift dolllars, is no w cotli , d thhe iletetion ft a ierrl'or of a cent intheirt'sent l or filthtetitit; Ii t 'l exl-.tsel 'in r.e iprtface, tdkling flve I let.e'te i t e el,l i ed f,, the s let' trror sicet'lh firist inthltlieit in tihe a'ear rlld. lOne lal n mfmo Icn-l ni.his tI ulrlc es of illtile bl is f it liatd llt taient of tcie Time iao Am lllos,' whichl tlfr'ex ,etlitilltns. roltrene and perplie it, with the hcllelp ofthieside att index, cannot helOxeoaled;t tl d th saity it and ouste with whlich the interesl con her fonurtld to the ta l l et of t n illlllt rnetces, '.wilthollt dol ling ofaselos hhei ,s It ctl enI enctl ," . es.sentiallt that intll et tstlma ilnl n some ofi, lhe ioi Ico llitent Illod pr-aclll usi- I Hesmerne'n etdeeiirtiioiii teag o hthoe ade ettl, ett e of th1e work, it Iilshe Isettbee ti ,gieishi alo nh o a llOlll pipel.ctio, efofa "mooster peoce". A.t considering ihe inrfllihilty the th ethlod neigitlally adopfed it comhelsiig ithe ork, 1iand the xttao iilli'l uuluer iandti vlrity ofI the exallll stionsl c illl tests of e verIt y edlition it flas piilst'Sd i ll eh passlls, onll sl illhtanling the whole is iln ste'enlteft, cosi.teTing, in sh6 lt. he positive .,ccracy screld y the Itunprecedeutied mean emplot-l, the v Itnue haots been held i p an d cmp tichilly styled " thei imost wlondelrfull hook in Ihe wu lk;' lmo't ierltIlly ni , man can-nam fi.hre work ofthe 'ame extent, whichi silnc the beginning of creitlion rehs had the same num l illt'ill varety ' le tstt in lthe smit number illof edlitors; oi o nllte half the number, ai is clearly shown inl the lesitt'h, as test andi stani'tln it has rbee tried and prelled ill n l.:rly all tilhe Ilanll anld publli offices in the IitedI Sit els, ant e the rp, lic gonerailly, dilring the long period of thi -fitrt e', yet no error of ihe cal cltittons ihas etl ler been found in oirint, lthougyh clnlitiet alh, challenge.d by the offlerof very lar'gea prminms. ithe t ihetexpresscl adopltd by alll Illheonrts of la ci setrat o lhe SItates as thie " rte of calculation tfr ''alute interst," as tlto by law for bank interest, aoII'hg l th ile l~orlk is used, olld as tnl he seen in |1:11ar"1 , m lllnlles of the subscribers, l ld a few of the sllbteliCent parcltsers, in the Ulstcatbhecd of tlta book, Iecl Int 'etiel'n l e clos ei olts cit izensl ill every quar 1t o ,Irll Utte oFl Staoes. It istunrover well knohvn that, by its rearly check, it has soll olt detecte Ilr·'e eirors, long Afier they'were de, weill by the mlost cleeli l aid moot competient ilitmeticinll s, "ll t its uisefillness, and thll aIbsohle nle cesiety l lr its ll , hlae Ieen exiensively insisted uponl so eavi lient, incrlel, imvc leete itcs llll tlllla s, and its ingsll hllt, soe.verl d : yi 'l( : i(ei, wlils thl e first edition w lleltrce, and out of print, grtalt number of scal lnll hand copies were oought Irt, stte to it gee t distance nll(d pullreli(d at vurious prices, als they could occasllion til be hpickled p at If or $li lt l t $l 5 per copl;ty, lotl some persons have seet. y declared, I nd instanes colI quotril thatl they would pay$11,.iI W0, amill 05o t tor cop, ilnot to be had f ti r les, and i n indvl idnl i t the l'ller instane pll rti nh lrly, havilg ait the si owi ' iin hrletril cd slilisfactory ,,arl, toseIeral pI'roIt Iire Sent thalt o him t i tt was ' eelly r worth that loey aled one tnu eh tiihe esaeving of lis vere aitlaleh tit ie ie lein,^ t s a rich't antanri in public leell c. It is likel 'isrc worlihv of iotI e, Itd ideed prlopr to in tpre , -tt tsollcl is the ' of fige work generally :oi I p"ittAI l"y whenl of thi e extent anll impotii celllllll ofl Itse i t Il..t, I ethat d thie hook or its like lllil prep:-11 ted in he i .i' iu t o , 'Il the most com tl lnt e tleul.,hll in tile orld, e i .1 l t Id'le ler rlu! s priie t fi lIOstt cwiiou lll ndlr hisn ci orre..tion of pr.oof shot, l it wounl, lit to a 1ertahb iy, base heeii it. e s for re fi.rnrca :lt ,t .l" y pri' , aeli s the p't't'eeea dariin L,'i1r cxplhins. lint s]o Iietce t t eI " ainable " ave Ile i ,1 ,' Iexc p lt i., ile e I p lin.. I Ampln sheer io to ile e ut. lymks ni d sCtlat into) " e.t .ilhll ,'nl~l es, h 'olow, h ll.p Int, 'Boll, c mIbis fish , to h ' lt" ' e lo'rln ditio s, 'lnll ltill I llh l til 000,.,, ,1 0 t,. , d:l, 0000 , 1,0,h 1, a 11 I , 1,1, 1 .hy l - S'.I i,',', ,,."' o1 'lt, l . ,ii O > l. v %1", . M11lEk .1N , " I II· d· i ;ll 'l.+ (ll t tl ' ý ) li l llt.' t :t4,i - M.,e .ewaly e l IC Ii1e nt c. a 6,a r fir tnS m iý11- ana thc" Ill;?t 1 ,1t . It h e ettll ,: io e l i ih .eIII. C dlite 1 I'n a ;i h r l - ' - , a, i n u. I , llt ,,-ar c:, i lo cI r,,,, ,, 1 1 en 1, ,It I e: e11i ht\:eo t I 1 Cell dItll 11. I' 'll c llll , I e etee1] i i t,11 ee1fi ,, l etilie, 1 Ilv(, ic.,ee e. -) l i,. 1.11 ,h-i l I ( lie lllll l lllI . I tll, n itntlllll, o n o p e a, ; 11,o lnt rer; tL is nalobed t ore. SII . . e I t el C l ll t. l i ll l et l t, e l t . t Personsul e " IIu )ant I hell, counotory, ywh I fwel deli o tIl(he inO lr , I+ l +oei t il. i a (g .+p . l- he tJ, e igel , ti, ci1r .lit -i t it , e I nd ar tle cu e s hof , tl n r el to it -l!r rllt t I whi1' \'Jlre I atn Ic. . c(1tl'l n nevere uhter he..i, and ,ormsll ed Inv P "ell eeeti lit l: l I Itllll ll tl t retientil in ti t t it1 u l. hll ctl nlI lllthll,, Wc. I(e1.ecunie lee, il the moatiy andl whl lel deli. oj u iN t'uhll-lsi &hi IctliP Yon i'flli tsiall , mltcn Ie. 1 tIdi ,I ein of lh,tr eellle ri by litter i t paid with l ee Zie i.,eh) aen h ie Ill. guetllnl 8 dii l , foi rt. lk t otle l C 'llt leb ti, b ih Iiedicine, nee . lty Ito be a lc 1 ,ur, Ip e toeIn in iah mltel witel, elt he. W lee, thc- tol, mt in m i night, pt 14el bla- idonl wIli.i Alee Ia'tr Ionin is tictl en llal c or vn rd i n liue,. le1.- ., teie A,+, i fai,,,, i . ian , ed d, /lt en e falotleilliel t i g n Hl ak dlell a t t e ,sod B ll, l" wIi ll ilc e kt, A re 1it h e., e pecimte ns to be seen at the a rt o saloits, ,ils, gl:ii ogal l l gyptin b aisk and goldo And nl et edlel iron, lell ass te edid. '1 a l, Ged d i n, aila ndea d plAtic gh Ci l - te e n,ee l ee e re blif t ea b , Slt m pr , b hey nd HIollar wd ct dn d rOt ani drrll rd altikeq , i cl i ni 1 iS rt n'dd &a Ca £ l en ti:O ,Ill ': t i.d, lc o el h. Atmlel , S:,TiE DoAI J RotRYRlE lir Woodies, e ove m" tr ellollow , ell et, T a bi letdim bWhole. (neoms IallIe n lack I the l sllie ndll sdeclels ll, t.l i e V hiilges, door anl wiei edow e oolae Ash chite Oakl n leee e.e g e" ke. eCele lil is, i te eeln t ti she tel , aints E F il\(S) l :6:1. Il 11I'Y ropri-tor s uilre nnup, srl ltondcn rod iron, al rodlls and pheloghl Cai l e , German, shear, di spring, sheet and (1.otlee h steel giun c l, tllcn , mill nInd M-I'l iI stotLuc, saill kettles A l nt iresle, vi eleeto rs a ed ellow ist e te W ire, sheei t ig ian e tr lead; hot a n It c.i t md ai nad or e en ting 'a dat l s Anes, o land's ad ilhel spades endtia, ill shovelse e I sloo al t e hinges, IIoor and window hooksr r Cot lliSe Ant hn si, ee ther tite nd u bte n hll t and shetll hing oapde ,et; Naval storl s 'aiit linseed acit c s nirlllm oil d i s. A fill assorlt t of hanv dw lare and bi.s ehand erly I ise t a iel ed ultich ary e fred anythinr in ateticu sae o th carileo r ci thee w rs, Ivorable terms, by all epi n d Y'reot e Co. 53eOld levee. Iliteehetr tha tey are ni inieriot te l any t Ie LIe a th. ETI t t-ii L..' h ea tttili-i1nediltkv, - tllait' t elail ta. rt ,ic tha tis tar of tt coalnre e ha TIREE /A1'S JOURNE Y FROM 0.E IV i e. e ii pe oprietd. r n f ilt e in lst ab lishment has thel e pi ure ann eing h is friends and thE publni is.r altl t.ei n he will ie i n etdiae-lvi hl e first day of ltoljl* ar v. n de, el .inde ithers 8 o I gl lln ai t 1nd1in pid· n t pr nre s fl o r llr etop1 al a lielh w atr ill enable Ihe. herlllllallv , and ct ainthe ll.i Intm e in lih r bee n. ltIer tbah refer reu have large tabi s he d trm arol MAIL ARRAlNGE 1NT Northern Mail, uClU E.qr day at l A. -Wetern Mail, Due ever . day, Wed.nday an e ' Friday, 5I' .M . by a. o o Clos every AMonday, Wednesda Coast, aud Tetueadnby 9, P. 51. Ie Lake Ma l etureda v 'e Thiursday, an via 5 Closes everv Monday, Wednesday - EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPAR'PURF DISTANCE &e. of the Express hail, betw-i Moeile and New Yo. k--lceaving Mobile doll' ot 3 P. M. Northwar New York doily at 5 P. 51 southward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. 'ime. IRe(ura'g lontgomery, Ala. 9 pm. 198 m's 23 h 12m. Colaumbus, Go. 11 81 91 34a.m Milledeville. lGa. 2 133 141 21p.nm l SRaleigh, N C. 51 215 22 1 Warrenlon, Va. 12 m. 55 A0 a Petersburg, Va. 10 p1i. 83 10 9a. m Ilichnmu, Va . I ant. 21 3 64 Frederickshmg, 8 67 7 11p m. Wasliainoi.n city, 2Ipm. 61 61 5 IBaltimoir, 6 38 4 04 Phlildelphlin:, 6 am. 100 II 2 New York 2 pe. 90 84 1305 143 h. or 5d 3h Northward. Caming Syowhwnrd,the time issixahoan leer; Ilinie5 diin anil 17 horo. T'r..\ .'OlIARS HFalARD. IANAWAY fr it, 169 Cirondelet corner of Ilevai' S ietreets, on lie night of 30 h of Augull, and wee ieen ,he next imorning in Padras street, a negro boy named (IHA ill a, aout 17 years of age, Inl 8 fee on thetenbouls in heiliht, very blaek, and has an imjiamd iment in his speech, one of his lIoe is sore, oceasionet' by a recent hurl; he lnd an waan he went away a white aoltop or lite selhiti and s+ilte cotton panlalouba. aotl, res f vessels and stle'm ~hts are cautioned a gainst receiviig or lhrborig snid, negro, as *ell ts aIr other persons, a the utmost rioour of the law 'ill b6 erlforierd againais th.m. The abode reward will bep*t' fCr delive.rin" hipe int any of the josi of either o lthb lunicipahties, or at 169 Caroadei tiCorner of Heab. +teoet. seur , N TCI' -Tho e noal/tiershii heretofore eaiatir trnder tlh firm of Iubois & Garerieon, hasbeeel dissolved. The stibr~iriber wil'llilulidate the affairaO the concerto in this city, and requires all piersons indtb - ed to make payment to him only, and all thoeehaving clnimar, to prenot hem foraeettihoael. ourI -7t H1 ARRlETSON W. W. S WA IN. No. 11'Canal Sreet' Ar Orltano LTAS always on hd c tad nly l r*eiving DL E1 )yes, Chemicals,and Pamn:anlaca. thaen. an. ullownig: ... 1ll 1UGOS. DYI# Aninony, mcrude, Argols, red, do regulns, Annniott, OSilew.. Arsenic, elodle, Alum, do powdered, Brazillette wooe, n.alsa : enolavia, Cochineal, enrax, crode, (:op eros, Amen".lin, do rntined, Cnpbeor, B/rimstone, corude, Fuatic, Tampioo, do roll, do Cnubs, do flower, do Mainne, Iirnmuth, French terries, Castor oil, Indigo, Begngal, Cream tarinr, do Manilla, C~nthoarides, de farreacca Gui. i aloes, do G(., tmnla., nio Anmbie, Logwnod, C.nmpechy dio ossaftidna, do St Dominga do amoniac, do Jamnaica, do bIenzoin, Caolwond, do conlu, rough, lmaodder ombino, do do sernpeda, Nieauragun, MonatlIre do do S Americ e, do Corn, ndo Caoniphor, crln le, ido belaraclb do do rel.. do iHahe. doi gaiancur, CHlEMIGAlM. do kiuo, Actd, nitrols,. dIo Inastlie, do ml'ritic, nIo noliun, do nollonmie, dio .ielIse, iliec vitriol, .. snegal, /oalonlvl, p Ino sand.all. ,.orrosivernsulimatlib do tiinanoemlh/, ihlorideo1'f lime,/ (nanmoger '"nsomi nlIdts, niunnipUr lnerries, Americai.n,IunoI einlnstis, Inn Ion Inroeign, ired iprecipitlte, .lc n tsin:l, E olihm , I nocll.e llnt, do A nomerinaon. Red chrononate Iltsh {Ion,,, flakS, i/t cinarnlb Snae S sortsn , SilU p polar Iidlý,g ice ball, SugIor leno, (il cloe s, Sulp 1ine, ll a:sla, S lll ininlie, b, hr l'. : int, Tartarn tnmetie, do I/ 0/nin PAII TS-lin d(o Ip lepl. il Rhe, n IL.u gltit, C(hromie yellow, dry, !n ii ec.u , do i in oil i n, n,, , o [ndry, SAm r.,iran 1': d "'l lli , I':1"i, o dit ,e Engl ish, I,, , I n ni n , A . t no , (I n.c oe , A n nnn n/n 5 III o, Is "Ll llll l ( r,1 t ·1 m ol . er% N b Ca, ptaln, 'I~i nll, i/i d l, I i/nnse. Inn Insn innin n nh, ,I dn "nntnnen i - V il, jI ft, " 1 , ill, r em Lib1o ed i. fie! 'J . rl t ed , an orr l sa eb F gl/ i' n nn I:nlni,i n gn nnon roiAliola Th" i ticl r 'no tAhm ntn/red lnut, Rnll//ln It/ Rce r, ho io Illloator l Pieter Sileir. dto Cu. in.l si norn a inlcr at ctlloss Ilai'dfirlI in l.oL Stri ia, by 'aptain Bujl oilai, Royal Navy, F. L I.ond lnnn, ro onncr,.l, Allan Cunningl".n,l v.. SIhrr yninl le.r, inei an by ginooelf, nin n voels. d Compen'dinoe histlory , Inn lrowylanlrd from tIns origll I:alianl v huneie Gr n inn vol. for nn l'ng N i 9 inf Itlarpt'e" anmitl Library. Volia.x &i the rII new comlete and uniform oneitio of ln ea songrlinilr arnn (Work,. TRgnrat FCe o noatd Engilih Dcliionaryain I vol, ioa hur l'I, d tEnli/h nDicinnorc. Loro-A ha 0nore cn llnaoof Coulnn's Phrenology / c" nenci"ovets iurivyor'osoI aoll r1TRoel d prior qua il. a nl innhainn , lilli/rd NlhnilGr' 2I.4 and 2 I b inhes.r in n ni o 79n/ aidnn I'nroejpd ionpr, weights Jisnt ncrcc d, and for sle t by on'ENJ. LEVY. SPAIN iIiFVISiTEn,&0c., & "SPAniN" REVISITEL D&e,by Inhe olnoofAyeoru S aty o+ili chains, rll cter, as generally applic-nhle i Jin, Poliical (roronr, of im.e United States, or a 0/nmloleteview oft/i tn/noon and pro/tio a/ninte gonern oniad sinnre gnnernmoets, wit/n the relations Intoeno them Stnn", h E I) DMansfold, Est. Aiu/orl'nn Ilonn//g Tonao i/nnnroperreod winbobaroreer ntic ianecdoted, rayninc ond doings ofjsorning man, is eldiong notices of the pri/nc/tpa crock rbders ooongland with inalyticN l contents, and general inder of oanoeoji vol n es. da~~ -un niFO Too CURE0 or Snonlain or Kig' s Evail, Chronlic Rh numotils, Chrobnnc Cutaneous Dia- Pains in the Bon, by toes eases usne of Mercury Ihe blood beag ain vitoiaed otaten. Thi/ vtryr concentrated Syrup is prepared with the groeatest iewor noc/theol careo and accratey, lhd contain the acti/e prnoilen of Sarsallerilla in the Ionatnoen onct -imdte degree, nombined with olther vegetaloe substanc, of konown efficacy. ThI egeot deslderntu on with or iteicine ino being ab) nto exuh nt a large quoantity of Snrsoporilla niomen dose, l /ar been obtained in this pro/irnoton-they, beieg fu/lly onotinced of its mnritn, confidently onmiolnter the cournio oftheir prctinoee. Pr/on' 1t 50 poe bottle. Sold only at SWAIN Bftfll"l S drng store, Non. I ]Conal streot, he' may lno had, fresh and geno/ne, direcltfom the worn, tore, Snlan'o Panacea and Vernoifuge, Potter's Otiaoi con, Cpentaro reppouratione, and a large and geone'n assortment of fresh dnugs, mr 4 p PI1NOCI'S IMPROVEl EDITION OF DR Roonno Il/toncyand oi great vrinety of naluable tioe nnation addo d throilnoii t ti e weork, 0on ite Mlaoo Instr/tion aned Antiqeuitie of ie Romaens; with ni meronse lbiogrplnicaol and istaricanl Note; and qos lione fcor erannnion at Io end of rach sortieo. t lustred e , inted with o r ngravings a uwood, by Atne of nogland, fro the Invasion aof nls Ce tno t.l death of George td, with a cyinuianion to the yea 1832. Withlinuetions for examonation at the end n ocl ectiona/ laresides a n riety of aluabble infonesa tion added nberougln thine work. Consistia g of table of conuanenpcmay Sovrconeigns d ominaent pernog Copious expl/anaory otes. Renlarks on th 7I, n/eo, nanners and litaratn. eoftes age. An outlil' t/n Conoitution, o.e' a e. IladV rnged by d tany eali ttngse onns' Ennoer'a or Antraooner, and an Aorldganon of eith'o New Treatis/on I/ne UC of (bnbes, Now American odition,with additions and tlopronene. one an eplatioh nbthe arotrnonnol part of the A. tiean Ahnoat.. Jon streeooved and for alenl y WViO II'KEAN 0an0 024 _ cornerro Camp and Commoon m el IIARPER'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. IiO/IE,iraoeootud by Phill/p Fnrncdo, D D, with In aop/n ndin, cnnnenooong n onunaloooni on rwhrios oeons doe, by Ies Jonsoo, Corwloy l Nilto, nDryde Popn. Addison, Snwin Cattneioo, li e Vadofeliold, Puree. 4t"nteRUS, wnt/ tIe appooins n .oedis b ntla P o'in l/p rdoo d of H fJ Dnrb CI.i.tNERnin edlEngtlad 'io inth/ la Ioon/c of ioAnior, b'To, 00 oer....., non odin/o, nc/l nlnrano, bth netrh on/n uorgeody," to,, witnh onotil/l/lnn u 2 o lnee PAUL WLIFFO nRDby tino e nonn 0Pslb. Tn.e1)ion dedt&nnogno, tio/want. instione af able ft aoeo n n pien inks an so remineold alaCON IE-n t t nnatoryoonoteo er onh l

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