Newspaper of True American, August 7, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated August 7, 1838 Page 1
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_P _rc 12, CENTS. _ _ -a 1 -.,NEW ORLEANS TUESDAY MORNING, AUGUST 7, 1838. V. I No Te'nrof the Nemspaper Press of New Orleans n .. .. .... - 'oernls of thLe Newspaper Press of New Orleansi -nneaOmcasly alreed lto f an ,lljonretel meetling of tlhe Proprietors, held on tkI Il/.A of Iferch, li). 3onmasRIPTIO S.--'ewve i)otllar forl th'.I d/ily g per a On, i.tblea s"eni-annllnol in n Ivannce, tin dllare for thie trt pcee .t co/itrv ps/ir. il velehi one rear in ldvance, where no City reL'renenis ivele. Vu subc ripti,.n will hr di.continored noti arraer ra no settleld. In case of di clco id e' aa , one week's onotice a writi" fl mut ba tnvariab y given, previous to the expiration of subscription. ADoFrts' o.-ll e dollr pr a lu nr Fr thme flant naortion, and hall' th/t price for each/ tu/.e'queot oen: mn, material alteration Iro.n the origiaal advertisemoelt will be clarged ae a new one. YeARLr AI VERtsea". - r t and '_raMerl, arty dollars fet English alone, andl sixtv or both Inn egis; Btanks, oseurtce, O/rlese, and other siailar publihc aestitutiond, fifty d pi/r/s in Engli sh only, ald tgl/ty for bot/; Ship and StOamo/o.t Foe rs, or Coelmattlsion erce.lttn sixty lollats in Engli.h ne, and eighty for Ioutt I/alletoe . inRRoIers, O)BIToARy VOTICen , andi e rtilca enil tles attentiol of t/e pouliic to taes I property, ards of passengers, beefits, &e. ic. : wilt bo e/lllr one dollar per slqear, f r the first inscrti he in each Int CoeroflncTron. odrtsert cnntet, of any perar.n rat n eott, U .ad' y, re ln ot/n de no . oo./, .b/ all be chearged double, SLovin s anna Iad yv a '" tc l A dedteton Aoctioeeersf of percent. will be made to eo sales of ISiT f Ilfegitre of AVills, nd Inarehal/ bud 50 per rea estate, puolished }n both lengeageo, bf. other p cent. in Egli/sh alone: IO pet cent. on oslu AecaR ralwrty. -f the ada..INTS oaUt f thne direct line of /enl/,. ion sate derthaer, /ch as legal, auction, aeed p/ents be nhlarge runaway setaoo, stray anicento, d&c. &c. will Ancaed for eepa.utely, and at the ordlinery roete. abMihOh Ste0NTn nottoicrifie'ele s to eeme, will be Na e ed onetmonth, an c//trgf'd accerd/in//y. n any case a-wlesue/eo coiecfeer proelous to i/nertioc,, or ,f/n,,nr rgeoeteed by a rraelecailele ttraon i towtt. a/ily stresntd other jeleemn of ootseemsnt, ndvert/eieeg n rir the season. to ee Charged $100 for bnglish a &.}and $150 in otlh languages. announeements of eondidatP s for political offces be charged double the price of other advertise n: ' .. to the immense loss nsusteincd by newspapcr oprie'titO , tteoy have come to th / c ncloeion that the n.a.nes f peorsone whose accounts have not been paid withtli one month alfer prosentotieon, shl/l he made kso .w (so far as practicable to each other--they ohli fltictg/ theosalves not to advertise or print for such delinqtsel, uonless in case oft adeance payntccts. ,iinnedLj J. C2. ft ST. HOME/S J. BAYON, J. C. PlENI)DERGAST, JOHIN GIBSlON, LUMtDt N. c/eekly Prces.-We, th, uodersidoed, agree to chide by the above condetions, as far as they are applicable to -.ea kl patpers. (d3iTned/ A. t. LAWIRENCE, 1W No sabscoriptions are takee fer les than 6 stoolthe. Letters nust, in 11 case-, he pst Imid. - -- I: /,PkIN I/IVfSIdTr1), C.c. 'PAIN REVISITc'tE!D by tie eutiterof "A vear in a'/ Slae " in 2 voe/- Ilnrry c Uclver/a e, a oely to ethr of t"Cecil HIyde,"in 2 vol. 'he Actress of Pednee, and otiler tales, by the autholr of "T'hle Foreta hke," in 2 voe. Nimrod'sIlluate'l'ot r;ee incterap'reed illt characteristic aoccdctos, savings telld ndoian of 0toerting Men, including enotices f thle prinecipale crack .ler a of legla ad with un/al'tiol l colnee lltent and elnerac dex et netie, to which are addede, Niecrod'e ILetters tIe eteg . Hotelds, ice 2vole ten Brate, tire lastce N'aeeces Altncemecono, /y Ca t. /lcecetier, It. N.,ntlllor of thte "I.ife of a nilor," ' c. tn "J h"ol. Cllceelltcltriu' oal Elqity J iiprurdcelte, acs aoeiceiote'rcde in -Ilanl andc Amerca, by Jor, ef. Story IL. .. I). Ovi,, tl..1, sled nv Drydenl e Co'e l rv, f c ddie'nrte he/l an d c ccr. retol/. Lmreing N 2N 1 enoc2e of "Hoc/er's Coieu il Librarv." tlealntry 'reatiec , or rll/e ntir thie ,.s rciue cInc nfe ceuvrces ofe the United Staote'nfa/ctry, bceV tlceor '..eerl Scott, U. S. Army, ien c .ol. Jecst recivecel ..t1d fir sale qy \ I..tlcl...tN, 7 clrner /C:tsille ' .eo)Itt/ n stls . N\V /t.U.L'. t/' isto. t eHor In ;iCj eot p.r/,- .alir; Oc/ tlhe isc Ifovne; ollolg: Il ,lv t .It a , l e iec ' ' i/ II et l tl; etr:; tIa r. '1. ) u lle Ua. rillnets Itr. sail, Souadliu'; rei cf Incit/ 'Ltch,• )tv i+ c ,,n fr It, llo.,; f l 1 cnl' ..n i,, l'; h d t en, 11ar.,v,.[I /.,~l; 'J -a.I. ; c'/c1c , ; .il v; "teoe , Cc' i i on c cc r , r. i l t _ ,cc; %c'ie it r ,eI. a c d c/ec t,.i ~i iS tai r,.[ ,l, rtr 1, tai, I v, V Britlltlo; * ! "a I' a- t ', 1) Vci l I 'rce . tt It e Le t r l et. , t Icccc'/' i ect'c' I c' O ' /.'V a n vit te'- V I', . c-c l..c'' Ca cone c'.c/c O,/ 'ti hu )fir nre o t., .\|1 .'(l. For t ceo .i t Piano /'oisoc c d ic ;tre. A jnitn '0 I,, tipI -trre. SC` ollection of C ull l l1 Pl'.I)es, o I ,výry l .p: n i I rcrnt ISce, s Vitli tunc v, ru118 rPln.Lrks "ui1 the cIull· li r I X o c t I a liid IIse of vairio ls a' rdel ., 1 i i" . 'Il i ole is dialosed nn ollnstdtb.-slv to, ifaciiaitllll the aRtlini.'f lonn of n .new editid 1.'revised and correct,'d. A n eleiion tofdne Lannd/ r, it Ierrino, Tables, necom planed with a key, contailling te text, a literll ndt !ree ,rneslathonk Vrra,,d il sutch it i ianner as to point out l diterea;ce betw.en tllhn FrenchL and in.lisl, idi Il!1 ,..o a figured pronnciaiion of hle IFr'nll, ahcorLing to the het Fiench works extatiton Ithe hsubject. TIe wille } 'cedeI by u short ireatise om the i llslltlls olfllle 'relleb language, rcomp ared with thlse of thie Egclish. A l'ro ouncing French Primer, ir tillh clhtr's (;uidl to thne c rait pronunit ill)li :n:l t.ltogeralhy of ihe trelnch lan. s.e, .coitiniui iits ýlcl.utu according tIn the best usage. .y Bernard Trruchin, lust received nid ,r sale Ly WM MclKEAN, mr. (or Camp & Cem sa. ----- ,l:T' LP'IUR lPRIN(i8. GR. rNtIIlIEit COIU I'Y, VILLGINIA. rrglSifavorite water..n place inlhe llountaino i Virg.ia, I miles.wes of I.ev, bllr-.,hnd I fromln the White dulplhnr, wilt be opeln il dlue seso Ifor tilhe receptio iof conloplony. lenv i ,nportat inllrovellllot have been ,'do sine e the htstscason. A l.aeil n l reooln, n u:l t nohlnli If siagle-b-d illo rlooln hIve Ilioa added and fiihillg; afirdling nee uInodation-. l-y . hei l t, ,f July, ifr ' il visitors. An exevllent tar , pike road has been co,,.tructed passing by the spring, and lintersecting lioe I.uwho tournpike near Iewia burg. Over this rod, by dil'eetin of tile poet thore department, leisr.. tieldin, Walker & co's. Line of mlal coaches wi!L rI,. A post office beingr setalisted atlte hpriogd, vi-iors ma' r.cive news ,tnd copr. Aond dlai, cltal t w srt. O f tile aedi inlln l q alitiet of thuae w oters, tle prlriOetors need iot prat. a 'pe, iare bleen i.aloysed t anbln and r,lfesse chelnitl :, ai l ound to hold in solr tl n all the valuable iogeldelo.lts rit amniat eleuratted sproigs in Virginia. The combinatiiol containt Oui:ll iilp hcIreCttel I ly drogen, Sul) arte af Ma.nesia, Sulph ite of linhn, Car bilate of Lone, Sllphate of SJoa, I .lnrittt of Soda, and Mukinteof Magnesia," the saLutary eflects Ifwicrh are enhilited in diseuses incident rcal'e ; todrre c llono tc affections of the atomabeh, liver, and luowel; iecutu neous alredtion s or dineaes of thc skin no remsdy mnoir potent nr aficacious esn bie foundl. Exntenive Ibutlilng eetablislhmets for both sexes tIw' been erected cnotiguonus to the splrilgs isitorsr ca at all tiuet enjoy the reculiar advantages ou" their be. nignatd whilesom.e effects. Major William Vots will contitoe the tuperintendd ance f tile spring. tver) eaertioa on his paert, nit on the part of tile proprietors, siall lie rendtered to iisuren for the Bluel Slpltor a liberal lhare of the publi., pnt rosage. lThe propritoetors of tile Blua Sulphur Springs wit hi iheral itile receipt of ntes ofall , ;thorn anld Wea n Baullkahwai:lultarctonsidered slolv t.elpar. MARIA lONK. &c. A WFUL disclosues of Maria Mnll of the Hotel Dieu Nunnery of NM\ntreul, -. l, wilth an op pendli, conotainiig, ptrt i, Iteceptinui i firetedlition' part .d, Sequlel nf ler narr.livil, par.ll, Review oftile cane. Alsl, it slpplelment, givlng nloem lartieilnars o the Nunnery and groanda, iLlustlratd by a plan if the INnullerp, &c. Macit Mloutk and the Nunnery of the IHotel )ieu--be ing account uo a visit to the Cornventa if lOilltreol and refulatiou of the "Awful Disolotreol" by Will. L. Stone. Fourth experinent of Living. Livinte without meaon. Tihet ttdeit's lnstrcetor in Lr\i lrtoc and lworkiong "The Five onrert of Arclileelure," fully extliilloi tle eitui .ot uir striking regilar and quilrkted inller,; or diminsittini and gluicing ofcilmntiand i aiitals; fr ildil thle true diaomteter of an urdir to any given Ltiglit; fer trking the ionlie Voilte, circular .ier eliiical: witl finished examllies, on a Iurge scIle, uf tie Idlers, their planehere, &.; and sonic deigus for toor ca , ele F iPter Yi tllaoll, nreliteit, athte of the " * llChnic's . nai ,.'. UCareuete:r'e New Ci le," "Curlielatir' ad.hiiaen' Aaasiantii," .i.c Praeticl I'reitc IIon tl Ch ultlre ofdilk,." adapt tie attil and icn ttutel of li, lUnitel tatleS-- y J. Gj,1iiiiataclk soereltry oitlo iL tetfl,r I couitty Si1. nio , to ct, aiM editor of the ' i"ilk CiItuihriot." lli e Silk Rics'rs ,lunLoolr tle art of rutlaeiit an I fh~ling silk wurmsn, and of cultivrating tie I Itherry til,---b M. aria. otbhu Clerk's liuide, orCnmm.nreinl Cirrels in'ice; csprising letters of hoati os, or o. of tilla , invoices, . "oot-tales, and sllopkeeperts, -uniation of pinylaente, natnercial tenns. &c.--by B. F. Fisotler ',Hiatorv of the Var in ten atnd the South T Froane, from the veer 1807 to tile vyeor 114" by W. F. p. Napier, C. B'., vol V.; to wuthiih atr perfixed n. iwen tr tluite attacks in Rnbinon's L.ile of l'ictftt. andt in tte Quaorterly Review; witr counleri r remnk itoi Mr-. Dudley Iloutdgrt Percival's roIItcark Upiot ioine pasRi. esn "Colonel Napier' fiurth volume ot tle Peninsular "Vie. Just reeivedl lfr ale by mgu C , tlE l A n -- t n tb ta , I I s to r e , tr I.'+. f jei26 44 New Ievee. SUGR- i-.bWlue, prine uirticle, fir sale by je_6 41 N w I eve. PORItK.tio bblN Mess. Prime and otbrrdeacription! SFes sale br STETSON & AVERY jevb al. ir's'lst'.4. & 1,4e. AVElust 1 seivcI a*t Ihleir Turnisiing lWare-hous;, [ No. 17 C~a.,jp sr;eet. sv reeent arra.vals Ioa F.. Ir'ss, otll tlhe Nolalh, larlge salldioust to tIheir sock I1 eIl'ti HIsll otUllameslll hos.'oeeekosp Htaitles, whch tI si lecaicely (thles believr) filrl:; asssot" rest more geace. .i Hiala ctelte Iliat iP to ino leI'ud n tay itntilar esttb ilt lleot kllnow; annsiacitu; sf ,SILVEIl WARE. Coffeel mnd tea sets; litclll's, wlliters, eslltor, catt e sticks. cipt, tumble rs cilt ;olets table and lesert farks; tatle, toesest landl tea spoons mari, row op ladle, or s; 'sitter, fruit, patling atl fish knlves; pickle ate dtserl aitves att (afoks, nalskins, rillngs, &.. rinaeipally frmo, o stt.toccor 1ffMr ., R Crster, of New cYo., whton long established i epltatoo Ifor the manufaleture of" silver aret is sufficient gsarrantee of its superior PLATFi I 'C AR OF SHEFFIELD AND BIII b1INGH i kM. l'ets and oftfeUlrn, te setts; cIstors, liquor and cor iHal st.nls; suplerb caollebras, and .:le.gules with nair U"r plateaux, for centro of tle dilier or sipper table; waters round anstd oblong, farom Sto 2'1 inches;i beef steak ill veg.etal.e dishes; rich dish covers; cake and treasl haskets; delster stands; mantle and chamler candllesticks; wine strainer's; coolers ail Ipllhms; ilecallu. er labels, claret corks, teo strainers, table bells, tel, is. Ile, egg anlil iUlsutardi sploons; egg boilers stllll tlast raes, lce. SII.VERI ON STI'EL WARIE. Tashle all delser knvllles, forks atI spoonslai; Soup sod wloce lallest; blltter and fish knives, cheese scoops, as Ilpags IongEs, vegctaler forks, .to. .IAIANNEIIRY. Plne Gothic Sandwich an I :roud col rnet waiters, in lts a:lll single, from . to 31 inchess do of papier mnache; Invl.i, clelrw, and knife truas; large upIllght pllte v:lrlars; s.'es, sugir illl I.ath hoxes; nlrnnsilngltosS I stlit:l tell lues in neats, llllles Japlistcaned and of rich loltoise shell, etc. LAMPS. An extensive assamll'mnllt, among wnch are Astrll lamlls, all bronzed sid gilt, alnd of rich cut glass; mlanile lams ts sI, do, elah lplais atd with glsgs1 prtisms; very s c ate!il cut gllss ldo; lsroled lnlidJapanned sidoe or Islcks. la Itps. CIIANI)EI.IIIIS AND HANGING LAMPS. En;glish cand [recllh cuit glss elhandeliers or lostres of N, 1t, 15, 18, 'tland st lights; French bronzed and gilt irecilan lanmps, 3, 4 ad 8 lights; hall lampns aslld lan l'trs, rich br'onlze bloa or centre lamtas for dIwillcg rlolos, from I to G ligts, lamp ,shales, glasses lesd wicks. .MANTLE CLOCKSE CANI)LEBRAS AND VASES. Brolzeld and marbhl; il'bronzed locl gilt, and all gilt, wills lislllls, etc; coulltingl hnouse nd kitchen clocks; Imozest, gegar dosi itier weights, lhermomne el,, crsrt rckls, ieltlesticks ertc. (tII\NA WARE 1il( PIRCEILAIN. English alnd Fr'encl diing desrrt, ea and coffee seo. ices ol plain wlite, gold edge, and very rich laecy stles) ; ssplendid toilet setts; water anuI milk pitchers, siil ia ses ilt s eCy c.lae d I'cks anld bIskets. AAlI'tlHEN WA I(E. lilling, desrert, tes , ca'i'se, bril'kfl;st and sul pper setts; et!rt ware; pitlchrs. Also, (iCanton china s inter setts, CUt' GLASS. Decanters, pitchers; claret .n' I olol ell hock ileeanctei; lowls, dlislle, celery vases, salt sltands, sulgar htolwls, bu1ter tllsll, fl;ger basons, ttsbilers, willne, caeliplllllaig;lr, Chect, cordias, le. oalld Hant jelly' gissses; fine scalosrslsd iokougla;ses. Also, oendle shaeles. 'AIBLE CUI'LIIRY. Iisse iory b;lae atilllllls, self tip an;d huk Ihaidle ksivs ni;t Iorks of 51 anid 53 si'ces sr by the dozen; isryl. satidle knist;s olll r t 6 ii'; t rks; g'k .rd naIltl gie rca'v'ers; lang slices fo't mnat hel, (i nr- kislv i ant clracks an spicks;s: a sr' ll tit;s, cas.k etCl. IIIIITT'ANI.' ANt I ltll:.( ''I.. \IAF. lTow mam coll.e sletts a:wll acs, v ih ull lJAd 2 t1~t s, y; v.llt l dtlishr ·es itl c v.trs. Its, e! s lln r c halisngslas es; ldisb I ,111., pdllat e .tlaersl' c',itl's' pl'ecgsl lea kclgsi t o;s st n a less I wu 1 heaterse ll'b ' , ill s e c.ll'. (l. Ilh":ss s lss wire C l tider's. brasi ' Illirlls'I l'sn .1Usl ) tool tshutels al ti . 1 etc; pper t enal t'oi 1 dd Ira;:,r i , k~. I sr h h: I !, ' ' b r , s, ilali c hsll w . ' i I ishrs es; cinllg .g :l I tis sa' ,a tllsC ... ,'I,,sa a stl sl;l'lsi assnslll l l t lsss l 1.''ns l ais s's ' li'' H';s can be Ii Is; t s'helr s't allll ;aI , s . ('SiH T,,ss a l " sa 'i , s se s ', ; s' ,:'h",' Htls rtep lisssllslas 5'',. L:ill;5e5 r55 l'5'' irt5 d ;'s d r5.5 : s' ll/.tsiI it t'lll ;I, "l') o s Jl. ld1AN /'.11T1'I',,)I\ IV 1 "50//1 16 1 lt 1. a ;s l Lor,1 ( , , tC, IhIl lt k i : ,Il t ; & ) 1 ps-w,,re $5~60.5 ~ J CF ."r :t ltll. (?ils tI. 4 IL' II1liP1q 111 "01"' :: l i·r Id l, 10 ,, . ;lal I11 9 ) s i. 0 l i., 6n l, t~ C,'r c I.. h .1 s. "' 40 pct ise- tIc" $ti per saw, or 70 1 1' sti.. at e 3i; "i el e aIt , lor 5(0) 0 l FIr l. olf eO i bcws i i1 .lo. o $ 4 6 Saw in I SING . NS. th For[" a sinht gin of st saws mr mnoe, with t Iole set of li.ederl' s, 1 tme0 , &o . at $6 per'. at I'Ford . of fn) saws, wthillleeder,, &i r a,$6 t ,er lt'scw, 1300 t1t i 7 o petr Iaw,. 3cti t1. For do. of ~tolsaws, with r i, &t. at $7 I n 5- per' s. w 150 I() S Extrateeth .lhere, desired, frr lie denss,sulpplied Is i ll ce ts l.ll; thle Iiie Ilr of leeh leil al bout o ct llll i1 tit n bellllR" Of sus o ,)ie set of lieeders, it is cln siderlled however,) will wealr out Iw. t. three sets if c ow s. lExtrla sawsi slpplied1 at 8O cuens tailcll. The Ginll, crleled, w ill !tit deelivered to te lgelnts of l.. '*rs ill Il. tl, I'. se )rl t/ow s of the cit)on to )i - Sli' Ir- ltat.ilt'hel l, .cI owl''s, et.h Ie i rders folr (igltl l)+)i,.Ill II flis (l l ul, ' I'l'tlc l ewl, Yil~l'o ooe lc ItLeljllll Iso. p (('fI l lirlol' l1t' 01111 . ltI e 1111 ~ r0rN wY r, mt lltt cYimf t. loonishle lthr I. amounl of the I-'i. A ii,, wr.;hl ,rill ll g i- with the fns t fet them l l where dh .ied:; the charges orw whase rervices will be extnl, but t, cl-I,, tu.du glo eCaI re lsordrdeeottelto whelr desired. I, .ro sulalr e te ns, bIui will lie char;.ge I ellxt . Ilors It idesiraible, when ptl:nters give orders for Gils, d t h .y slholhl accllo)raly them with Iheir views ill reggrlld p nI hl.larranlellmentl salws, hireastls, brushes, &C. 11 iI i e f . lllll 1 1 h " iliffel: olilionl. S ml e desire saw of pI tlt. tl-ial ter. Wth, others. Tlhe ost r coml,llon size ,i 9 l o i lcenes; . somle wish them 1 ilnchlelle. Somlle w.., .lf 6 oli slll brushes oil lan atxl while others ltl not wa.t monre thao g at mosi. Somle wish saws with or! teeth to thle ill.h, while others wanto I0or I. V . tch dlslrepancy, we prefer they should, at e the 'tiet. of giving orlers, lurnish a statement of their wisesll and tle imalnllth rers can lillA them ill ever ;art1: ulttr. Where it is left to our01 isce1tien, we shall llke t(loLo bnl tle nlost nmolderln nn l approvall pian.l .I " aomlllr onl lie exentell, Lronn the time it is received, I, the spate ofright or ncine week'.,a1nd the Giot in thati flllr ll eole crop, all orders OIullg to )e iln Tie hulls of h1 matHllllleturerlshy the firsll t lor midle of ilay-; ex1uepl Iorl pl:llllnidlo where they are late inll omlmencing to lick or gii colttoll. N. II. Th'e Pitellt Right, for any one of the cltoln grol'ilog States, will be sold on reasouable terms. 1,123 m61,os STATE OF l.OUlI.\00NA.--First Ju.edCitl o.iteeat. CoUrt FIr l STATE OF I.OUIIJSlANA, Too all wehowl , these Prese.nts shall come, lP. recltingl:- hereaCC William \laeket hvtllo Ipurcllchased at a sdle Ito e by the Sheriff of the palish it' Orleuls, the pro et, Ilereinlaier declt ribed, Ias a llied to tnl, t lert o l t ie ioullrt, il whsre ollice tle d. ed of sale wa c recoirdd ol the 5th dIy ofl' la A. 1). 13..;, Iltr a m wouiti I or ad. ve eltr, o llt in conformliy to an t-i of tle I.egisltllle of tibe Slate ot L bnci lnt, ellntled ", cll .,lt for the lltlier Islurance f titles to ircehllaers at jud eial sales;" ap I 0Pved thlle lith day o; \htre lIb Ipoe. NOW, therelble, knowv ye. anitd aill ,person. interested Shereinllre hlcrebi citlt atnld lllllflllilsed In the nlIie I) Ole :tate of Lolisil0 l llld ofilte First1 J1d1i,'iI l)itr.lo t turt, who can ,is t ul. alln riht, tle or Ichli in land b I1the propp.t'.Y hrein illterlcud,,,t, Ihn tltll-rqllrnece, i,f ally nll41 lnl ltv in the ot der, decre ' or ludgln.'t t tlhl eou '1 coder which th,- soal wuts ,,,ade, or unt irretularitl or dIi edrllt, ill the !pllrli. lentl and advortlle.lnet t-, in timne, or inlllll0r of sale, or Ior anll otllher idefect whltso eve; Ill <how cIet.s, vilthllu thirty day fro n I.a day thisq ,lonili11n is ir.t inaelird ill Ihe Iolle pup 'r. wlhl thle sale no mIade sould inot be Conller lied slad Iltlillllul The saidl pInperly was shld by thie Sherll l el the par virtue of aI of thll colil t, renldredI n the 341 da of .larch, A. I). 1831l,i: a s it it eil WVillinm htackev v,. amul IBell, No. 1I,515 of thll d.ocketof tlis couri, e; at w oll: sale sild '.illialn Mickey became tlw pur .' laseror r the pl ietd, of $1, ,cash I')eseliption of Properlty a given in elnw Judicial Con h vevan ,, vlz: A certain 1ot1 f r toietlr with all the build Singsl aid improvoen nts lhereon., situated in the pIcrEish Sof Iorlens, in lthe ~ qar boiunded by New Levee, . Ialliss, Pau and IDlord streets, des gnaled hby the No S.i, ol a pla drawn by C(. F. Zi upel, )ep)uty l urIvevor S(eneral, on the tlilo nece lhter, 11314 and dslnsitell as plt n N.o 10, il the hblk of plans n* f elix imitn, n itrv pl,. ie.ISaid Il't mO.lulr.s 'II featl II inlhes frnhtl t. Nes Levee sir etlTf 75f,,l'lt i I)' tin the oidslIdjoiniIg lot No 8, and 81) 1elr 7 itches alh i lines in deptlhlon bhe sine adj lligell ll lpclrty II rv.r ltIlely, lleltngllhg to ŽN icuudsie, a.l 19 freet il wtidit in bhe roar, where It fronts on at itllev 1f tllrer feet nil ilnches itl colmol t Ilors N sa , .i, 6, 7. 8 lnd 9. J lerk's Oifice, I I' NIeav, 1838, 7 m16 E 1 WI EWIS flop I'lerk. tue taat: ar--tiheretre resolved an Tueardnv llast trit to Cincinnati, for one day on v" I returned agoin ne'z ighst. I ie~in to f, elhtc l haI 1 a vPery iporrtat indi id.l, as thtis instant thbe Joiurnal oaf tfa city was at te o hand, serting, a oneeg t a great anv obate tlhingt'at I hlad actually rea a say from Ltnsvill. to eneapetle Eef fecof thI odt l 'drrfe mgletic nee l. 't dector "enip, thd knight l thle thiels e, arias, A S S, Iy reture hwever, proves that the tiable af he ho an ol, is applicale to the ~ornal. The fable is o"A oc was employed t waleh ad lvet the alaa, laithe wCrlf llpered; he bei g eiltera 'footman,' a tailer' sen p, or a liar, fiehen:ly red o ut 'the wolf i cerin' to the re rtdisa.rv of tle citizrns Th V a last fonnd out his real ehatrater: that e e was a liar. annot to be rl eved even wl en l . .spbke the truth." he lfact i 't, nttea c ne mut paret uce their effetsa. So it ill provet of te all-wise riters, Dr. Snip & Co. i le Jelrnaml. I woutld advise them to previde them yelate w"ith a stoas entine press, in order to meettthl Jannferful demsae and increase of altat sper, a it is well known, lere aure many who seek for nothing bite falelehod, oat ef enbeerlve tethe vesters of that arti cle. But te 5fetunatels fir Gitliah nip, of neerdlle sad thimble cer lrita, f te great mass of the tnillis of A. ie ea po ople, a, famle , ad far famed as overs oa apth. ThPrfre they will, (aseffeota poduced by the 'iess) natur.,dly say, I want to re:ad a paper, tdat I say rely tle. thekefsle [ will seek out such, and become n bUls.r:br to the otltler journal whose atcatemerlt sill eot prei. false. 'Their I a statemseats are too pal table to.req ll,,fuatini et Iyell will state: Ist. t al,'sr ll ll tl. 'he sr 2dl. Ph:t t sltillrrnl tt 1 hie 31 at Jul , 'th Itl qip t Cto., lhave ellnt me a letter tlreatening ly tile, f I remlined sifter theillt,. 3d. Pthnt ft m tis el 'tall proceed to Cicinnati, for brrteen dst. aonlv. of whieil I wish Dr Snip & Co., t fars the ,flti-ied, in their own atiniald cier failete hring li peltientae. 4lth. .Tlit frlnm tincilnati I tshll proreerlto time Falls tf the Nialra, to e at I.iffLloe (if ir Snip i Co. lh not take away my life,` on tht' t t nf'Cepitseoher, arol Sheew York on tie I at o Novetmbeer, ilpend tile whole fntit nret aslluler ia order o laugt at all the w holll lhilitines; ilt merdical Golioht of Boston, Poiladel. ,Il, htMemphis, Nashville and Louisville, who iei ,robahlvr. Ileiretehat time arrives leera.Galiah tsat, Rpe asn takre isslieh2d. Currier &e. Gula make' o.r ases, mule, &c. (Goliah 4th. Caorn cutter. Goli vh 5th, Psints and dr.g, an] pickle tores Glinah 6th le most ma'neificent of all, tr. Snip, aiase Bell, &c. ,atcer to tipe proprietors and editors of the Journal. Lartly. I woled bhave the noble Dr. Sni, & Co r now that loagbefebrthev were able to thread a noseer le,aor spreal a I litart lied been fatr arsu. in the habt t of resterig ilht to tile blind, anattlsst too when o ens a c etor ofli hiss .Mlajesty's airtstas l (treat Brit Lin. I was esen tlen stl enp loyed. Didi the thtress planer; the currier; tile hrara es.lalkerr Us assea; 'he ear cutt-r the ,sint and drug stere kteper ane the eeagnificentdrctor .np,is cvr, eves more than drealn if tbei. able to do she like? I wink the Journal i, tate, t sanll receive ladies andi eia geras fltm l0 to S It. ad gentlnemle from es to .aecl e, P ll. ever, tay,to obtais my lpiainla aithoet fee. as usual Sl great alste, J()IIN WtII.ItlA.,ISOculat Jeflerso n Itloue, Louisville, July 21, 1837. P. S.--ihlce writinagmy last, 1 have teen lnfarmen rut ste of tie eauser, hy I tlte poor laquer of the Inurtlal, and hi. noble ilmaster, are so well ple:ased w ot, ateis list oat :,sscstliil themsln tosether, iolIvs late re larka,ac Ithey -o Iel.sesit r nals ble etach stier tlert iIlil the adage, "; in irs oa eaftltr Sleck tagtlher." " 2. Usr )l' patsine lhe lattera, ir. Prentice a liasr n rhf as li ril," 'f thle reutOI of Cantelburv hlsla sssUsette, IbChe rspect ltl'e to stuch a digified a'rce, i ee. It tistrlee, he Iliachthrav ee so enelevated, a.r lruamerst d ith tr.I anl tier p kunge of airot tr'"coeln i:us own dun,-hill," withot unv moral merit, du I.r nvinerl his rt al; s w." find Iv" aneiei t pil.on:, ,it, !oInIew lre burnl et li t lhers hutg a by bsler hldt - SlnaP were raised) tL oe lI"I Ilare, sr 'le','uIed se knightl s f ti e ls's i r, ls't -Is ''t e s ay hety umes s tt etVa r'hsrbes s he tliI I of e he t d Ill or Iest ll t ,"'s rly knihlr is yetI lt aliv", s ansl b s li, stfo ole bruin,, to johs t in ler e Knit osr Isnhtsflli ilhlllllmna tle Ie I Id, bt is a so still i redo, It 1I lr, toi. n i, ' llllno Ig os a fll rllown lse he -ll fllllelr , ,l . l hlle..,,d,,,v f h IIt to , "n his III my cl te sivls thse ss n; k-an eill lille a, m lt. ll o'lll 'h' I1e of concl , Ile ·k.i ous tiunn. its Thi iasnslls "lft iV.e Is Is t Isl,' h'sle, elsier,! jli lh-k, al s., knishtss sh a, pi ai pck ard+ bu woil I llstet'sl, i . ul l. iaa -,i sri.t'lla OVss th . ll il i l l5 s Ii •l lIaIals -t sl''sf !.' valhe hil t o lh, ''sti , h' . t -s . s, tc 3.'l Is r leas I ll I ty nllll , l u ll rI i.- t r a 11, gl { " i ero rs. uV . + ibdil e , 1 the i t I ' a lil " 'llc ' i,+ cr , g ,tic l th ,n s es I It s ' .nI I lP+I 'l.ll ar, t ll 's \+Iill ( :Ilcnlae h.t e (: ll" n its, lie hdI I nIrlv Ioa t thi, hIv·! 11t 'J'\.r, lie I "'t f l I N ow Itr sas, ,~ here hli e' h \i ll llnltlo , olie+e I ha il Ieft fu)r I e r' ,b , t-, wM lllel !I.,>tv ro -, ! ld to hi:l, he 1i, !. 'I'", iv l l ,+all"t:u ll i im a l . siti Ita nt itn"'svrd in :ll s,, nIoh st i+ 'liitlis all ho hes:s rI II' nt' hli'l is, idthu , •i, no h u',d= I ,' Oolr h~e p vaid all the .oouey ti le l ,"l " il . nodl, that hd he !maL~dl, s rhod an t d's' eshsl I hlo I a r I- o t ti n sk¢d if Ile! +proved hw reOlidie. wihh ihleh 1I I ,te a sisgle drop. DIe aci te l tpwards. l 'l'i11 allies The sttel wno if the wrtcly lIniaghte of the roil las e ,Inlsbs , sle ill 518e-r!lc ies:k legible, slv a clli reig lie abl ve hvnty letter. lhl we; r aI tile indyeille Is fsiresf Its drinksrs st,.ts'lls-ee stwill ctaltc right nta the+ will noolo uot ,rlnulre lOlnllhll ng lo suit the 5ilttl applt. + Ill sI lIhei r dielsrs, at hr.-li t l t son 3lel av mornin g. Fortssately fi' Iihrtlsst l is e wi hle S"tlslsoh ,Ia,1, (It-lll lrro l i lwlhc tiles dlc r s ot tIekLiL h. w(,k. .1 'ILtIAtIn, N. I.--I hstav. lst received a latter, tlted 2st ae of thi city. The writes stletlec-elves "KenitUt scre'atmrsa" pretendiealllt sl alladed to thete it my ev c nesspsct any Guliahss aiecg the drigeietabt Loe eevile; vet, il ile ceu fite ally gctleeala lIe nuat o tcorse .vecr it, though eotisltended by lte. J... W. J. W. Je(tirsn IHouse, Saturday, 22d July, 1837. JEFFERSON ItOUSF., I.OUt UVILLE, July Ii, IR37. To the Editor uf the Ctty tinaetle: St-I"'Ilt--"at lislen"l t'o t te enltreaties of my pon Stirtt, I ia res ,lted,l if y health permitst to re. eliu tothIiscitt t il' the end of July. 1. To'Ir to do them more good. 2. 'To ctnvinea the Ihubhitants .ait the vile apt Iets the Iledical oliuah S. &e, have appied to tne, elong tot th , .tlt it lawful righlt. 3. I'T tI al roady to deposits two hundred dollars, in ote a of the U. S. iBnk, i thile hands of bl, lonot tie Maytr of iThis city, sgaiast a simllllar sum to be de osted byhyuall the gr at und m glhty Doctors S. & Co. buhat I restre" to ui.htt more aged, I ddle-aged, young persolls and childire wilh were totally or jrttdliyl li. u thaun they do; and that I aleultlled to cutre 2 rearer lltlulte of slort. tueak tr dll.-sighlted trsort during my short visit, thau, they do. Yet 1 w I alo. ic v ise calumtnianert to call in to their aid all the .ert deusrvedly cetlbr ted pro'essors and Doctors of all the luedlial colleges, au well as all the doctors and quack dactor, t be' ulod inl private practice, (who lire not fte in the Slates of Kent tcky, UOhio, ludiaut anl i :l in'l ennessee; here there are indeed s ,me two tluhre, tilnmous doctor, whllose names oug t to be handed dow as low as posslile to latest posterity. 4. It lI. st be leaurly understoud that all the cures if auv, on both sid u, meast be Irovle hall have been prtionned ilthout the aid of any surgical o, t ration 5. 'T'hu. wihe really merit the epithels they have s, liberalltel apslid t, toltt, LelI l toetit the $lUII fOu' t t benelfit of e almn houstes ill taiu city, und the uther par uv shall take back h],s own $201), whoever he or [her lly be. If eteu the mighty medic d humbugeer St oh ;uld pr one of thle suuccesetal candidateso wilt tualt tile old proverb, and give the "old gentleman" hI. i. At all events I wouhl advise tie last enamed Goc liall . not to sa ler tlhat letter to stand lute, as it gone tit- 'atilll I,:uto" as well as ",[alient," but , yesterdup nota. ao, i t o.but advise hit to and to it ItS legttlltautll emlltauiors,. A . placedl belre it, ill allphabetlcal urtlh. then Ihe [leto ,,dlent inhabitants of the cita would al w.ays know i:l writer by the melody tfhis, [ice. JOII. \V'ILLIAMS, Oculist. 'I was weak enough to read the mass of talsehoede signed d., which deserve nothing but Ily silent ton te.a Nt. ;lad Iltnown last evengng of" the greet i'nportaree cl A S ., I should have treated the last of the three some what ditfereutly: but let that pass. I will. hIwever co.mplittBut his tmaster of the Journal, for has saga ity to employ tle ttruler knight (ot of the garter or ol tihe intstlh, but) ofith needle ano tisnbhe, in order that he moy kill two birds with one stonee, i:e. tI patch the holes list mnat be in Ils natural or p~htii, l g lrmtenrt .m, if tI ,ty judgetfrom that excellent papler,the Ad vertiser, Dr. Sntip's ltater is, politically, it c.usltant Il e"I of lie aeerG.hs. itttet at c u tt,(lirlnlni qtkcturs, whluther domesticall or ipolitically, which requires a Ibli ter, whether on hi awvn lose or o, tIle rplltallllit those who do nut hap sell to please hilm), be ng ulnlke Ilira, (Wlatch lmust be geatn mislbrtune ) thenl it is nti rnls has 11iB.LL, whilc aftel'all ii nothing muo e than if it was 'soullding brnls or a tinkling cylltul;" vet, to view it tlll's--It. iiel, looks well; Ibut with aut 1. D. A. S. S. after it, appear ugunifieetut! JOHN W\ILLlti8, Itculi. July 14. I jAV t1ASi\ EET.IEATS-- n store and lrsale j4 cur Ct"omutn Rod ailge,;n-uo. THlF hnnds noa STIOURI and back Kirchen, tll tttourv lf Ilh 'lo Atetrl. ran n aline, two d,,lr tettun St. Chi 'lest the atre. A fitt r:ae tud flr.1 .e llllse Aipl' to tit8 J,)tIN GItlISUN, Edltor 't'rue A'rjri-an. .)A.;tINGG .* ItRP -90 IPiece hle.uc.y .ag Sgiing; St coils do lto,e; for ait bIt SII I.CEVY & Ctt, jet No tO Grit ier steet., p .tnl, ,TAILS.-A prite aeusorttmet nf C'nt N\aiSa ro, L h to i, for .aleby CHASE & )tiXEY, mnt 6 Cuaveru Hou t traut.. MIILES' COMPOUNI) EXTRACT OF TOMATO. A SUBSTITUTE FOR CALMP.EL T HE doctrine promulgated with so much assurance by manv empirins of the present day, that one me dlcine will cure all diseases, Is not, mnl never en he toee; and ie who asserts it, is either a fool or an im poster But it is a fact demonstrable by experience, that combinations of medicine may be formed from the VEOETABLE KINODOM, that will eat so universallay on tie as stem, whaen taken seasonably, and in judicious pro portions ans to cure, ill nine cases oto of ten, all diseases within the reach and power of mediaine. From toe well known and establishe$ reputation of Calomel, it has long been employeda I the empiric, and scienttific physician, as one of the most powerful agents for the remaoval of disease. By the former, atI muost every land has been deluged with nostrums, that th-ir authors claimed as specifics in every disease inci dent to the human family. The folly of these preten sills needs no comment, for cculrate chemical investi gation Ias shown, that the baseof most of the Panaeas, Catholicons, b&e. which have been trumnetted before the community, with so much assuranee, is Calomel, or mercury in some lorm. Now, if this potent srticlee even in the hands ofthe most skilful physician, frequent ly exerts an inflaence on thehluman system, unforeseen, slid enltirely beyond thie control of art; undermining th, constitution, andl bringing on prem:tonr. old age, disease anl death, what result should be expected when pre seilbed by the ignorant? Could their many thousand victims speak, a voice from tile tomb would soon dispel he a'pecific' delusion that now sways the minds of the living. Humane Physicians deplore the sad evils resulttng from the mercurialt paotice, anld wll gladly hsil the in teoduetiml of a arlicle tilIt eat a:lfely be substituted for calmuel. They feel, and that keenly, the uncertainty of its rlimar, opl ration; they eannot say "lhether it will be fasocable or unfvaorable. They also know, and feel, tha:t i its use is contioned for any considerable time, in julious osecondary consequences must follow. Bet they must choose the least of two evils: they know no other article that will arouse a torpid liver, remoe ubstrale. tion, stll set in firee action the whole glandular syatem, andl it being indiaspetlably necessary to do lois, they contlnue its use, notwithstanding the eil consequences whielh follow. They have long desired and sought an article that would produce the good effects of this drug, without sulajectmg the patient to its deleterious results. Suhell a deslderatam, it is beheved, bha at length been obtainer* in the article now presented to the public. Tlhe proprietors of this article keeping in view the fact, that a irise aml benevolent Being, ha, pitced with it the reach of all, remedies mlapted to the diseases iu cidlet to the climate they inhabit; and knowing, like wise, that most of the diseases of the South and West +re based upon oargati or functional derangement of the liver; directed their attention to those articles which act more esp dally on the bilioar organs. Alter long, laborious, ams expensive research, they have succeeded in extracting a substance from the TO ,l.I'tO, which, from its peeuliar effect upon the hepa tip or blliary organs, they have deno.sinated Ilepatine. It is a medlici e that will pruouue all the beneficial results of Chlomlt, in baoth ;acute and chronic diceases, withuit the pnssibilitt of producing the leeriousde teoon sequences common to that :article. its actin upoill ttoe clstitution is universal, no part of toe ) stem esecaillg iti fluellnce. It is however, upon thle organs of reclretion and excretion, that its gu ert power is particularly manifested : hece", it is pe culiarly adapted to t..e treatmtent of bilious fevers andi other nlis:ses ill which a torepidity or eongestion of the liier and ]ortal circle prevail. It ius altisbible in tal caRses, where it is necessary to leallse the stomachll and bowels. It removes obstrelle tion, and excites a quick aid healthy action of the liver and tother gladular icerta o tile abldomen. Being dif flusble in its operation, it prodllceb a fire ci. ulation ill th vessls o011 the surface of tihe body, accompanied by a gentlle perspiration It does not exhausti like drs tic loges; still, its action is mtore utniverasl, and ean altnll b repeated,lnot n rely with saltet but with grees ben fit 'bi, becomes indispensably necessary in caso. of ltong stawling; for in thelt iuenure tmpoatt.s impres aloYns made b strong ten'dicines, seldom, if ever, do guod; but tend to injure the statnt o f llbe u:onstitu ion. It is cleansing and poi tillngto the ss\'tI.t. acts in pt ct harmo)a witlh thet kto.w laws of ile, and is umlnlluledli ole of the moslt taluable .rticles ecel ouf}L edll t' pltlllic trial ald inlspection. For eaclllliecle, this nltdiotme is frmeld ilnto 3 grain pil Th: white pills are catthartic, altrataiae, tua phu.oretic atd ditretic. l'hcellow pillat urtonic, stno. ulatt adil ahuapi/trcatic. T iii 0oll:wing 'xtract on tle .uIA ect is from tile Cinin nati J irnal. 11[II'S' "lMAT'lt) le)ICINtIa ,,t. . uI bIel l e Icr d Is to osiseissa ti-biioiusq ltllih swh a ichl, it tit, colll tie .h'cetl a flly. trlilatei, it stt lal lel Iifron tba " .l 'l\elft ItUIlt'', (,Io ldl heinvadluble. This has S:ll,. :, a tliliOtls COenIItry. A largre plollion ,1 di. dstaseti*isce IFldiiittdtled lives, lor titolrl iranll me ts o the ' l l slll tenl. ti'h is s es cialy (t i : t.e i: the -et, Rod still mi lore so lt tie south. l a r lv l , e.ts , saf, ell ti~tal i i its nieaiSn, antl leav in : theoe:,hs' it:utio~n.s itn airetd te tuldi bedi i overvd L 'or hiltoua cnmllnts, Ihis smid unquestionabily be among b he i t hlthl climates in the worhl.t tlslllinl h ltbeen the almost tuniversal remtdy for a diseases of tu his cltaitter. i llt it is a remedy whiech Inttl II buIt ne-'cssity should induce the use of ilIt mh y n be cosidltered ats ttpass1tg oti tse prtotitce of asnother t roltesin to, s aak ut thtis, yet we may he permitted to express Snr' strog on iiction that nalomel canntot be 7 used \ ithutt i'ijtiitus and lasting ttlets tupont thie tys. ite,, ator Ies, .ecorsding to tihe tuantitties takisat, aient. A sbtiltas e for this theeifore, from the va getablle kilgdom is a desideaillttlm iit this country. \\ t believe this tisidestlnutm has been dlsctvered in ie Tomato. Dr. Miles, of tits city, nod his assciates with mlucllh Ibor anll expense, as a e undirstalld, have stcicesled it obtailning taci it al extract flrol ithi negeta hle nas, it is hoped, t ill be fuund anti eleffEttl subsi tbte. We iate tIken some pains to enquire among mIedical iell and others whio have used this medicine, as to its effects, and we let well satisfied that it will prove a mt t valtahle remedy inll ilious complaintl. So f1tr as we have been able to learnt, it Ihas priduced the desiired effect, operating to prlodue eahealthl action of the liver, ptucing bllitu bis rgesdtschi hetn nedli led, andt in some bceaint.lllg ti fitser'. with eten t tmoe certainty .aid iln sniser etim e tia calonlte: For sick or bilious henaaches, it has been foutld a good remedy. ThoseI who hate used it sAy tuat it t does not produce tle idebili tating eftIhts of most other kinds of purgatise medicines that there is i.iilitiseased dinllgtT. tirm toldln anter trs user,asll hese argie doses of ;itomel ould he tneededl this olersates without ans) tanger of the distressing and iltlttrliOes tib'nts of eldot nl when prx ling salhalion As ce Ilate reason to hole from our invlestigation, his extract of the Tomato will irove a substbutute fu nlo.el in a great vatiety of cases, we cane o asd it is a Ilessing to lthe human Ianily. uOgi perflecllvysnfle and tree Jrom all miner is e that we speak of it, and Ce irlst that ilturann filly tested by falilita. O\e have ceryr anal subs The above medicine cain e obtained only of the Ge nerrl Agets, anId those retailing igents haviug a e ln missioa nsigned hby "A. Miles, Pres't . M. C." asi countersigned by hiE &. 1 T SiuSne, General Agents fbr Louisiana," and bearing the Company seal. LAs of Igenites. E & B T Stone, General Agents for Louisiana, 114 Tchllouihnulas stret. Ititiedsr Ceo. 133 Old Ltvee street,opposite Vegeta a I leMarke'. Paul Martin, car old Lever and Hospital street \VWl .h)e ry, eor Camp and Julia starets. Ire MuellerC, or T achu uitoulas slreul t .d St nMary's J P tiarbat & Co, corner 'Icholaistoulan and Giri,d streets. it J PP PHIartwell, BayoI Sara, I,. I)r Wm Sta.aburs, Nat:blitmehes, Lae T'htmnas Stansbltre', lhlluston, Texas. Frelderick Scrda, corner Io'ydras and Camp ste. (;ti Jauen, TivuhlCi elt. ht m. (vase No. 4 li,lding Co. Ros. Ai Allhtisn for agencies or medicines by wholesale must IIh ullale to tie tGineral Agents an New O lealns. Al! lterers, post paid, wall be promptly attesded to. -- 'rf. LOJ.tlSIAA. SARISH COUII'T. for the Parish and City of New Orleans. Pree-ant the Hion. Charles Maunan, Judge. Jane s1s, Iet --No. 10,984.--Jac nqes I'tier vs, his cerediters.--Upon reading aid liling the etitilion Iand schedule in Ihis ca-, It is ordered by thie Cort tthat the credito e If tl.e icslleent do allmw malse in lsen csort ot Sa.urdtot the 7thI daiy of July, 8ll8, why he ishould not bedlscliarged ecording to law; sad in the e meantime all prceedmngs against his person and pro t r y are stayed. Clerk'si OIce, New Orleans, June 11, 1838. jeld sla ARMAli) FiTi), fiClerk. *?'ErP liE i.A LI)sISI.Al t.-Cuur In Pait.sen, i pOlr In parnisi e el is villt de ai Naivelle Or leans.--P'reset I'hen. Charls tnAlasin. jugi. Il jinm. 1il38--No. 1,984.--J: qitues Polier eoole als ereret-c i ters.--Sir lecture at erregistnessent de la Ittid-n ci Ia schedbIule dens eette aTalre, ll est decret par In -55Cr ta itle lea eianeietrs dtie l'inslvahle thire savoen leur rati acaraaaen reurouvelt, S.t edi 7 dj juiilet, 1838,poulnqoi , i lie sreail point deeh rgfa eonformment a Is luit, ti ern r. itedlanar tolrte eOllealis nnretr perlsnne on set lrollre{livii sent arretles. Bterea tie greltier, Nen vile liheens; uy juin. 18J:8. jel4 2aw AiSRM!NI) PI'OT, GeSrffie - - NL'oS El) OIL-.i bbll, landing from eseImbuat SL Albacny, for gale bh I [iORiEY, jel3 44 New I evee. F ARILY'S SUPEitIOR HA \IS--New landing from hen stesa boat aSutana, a sulntly of the above, put up n- in hhds, tierces and bhls; for nsle by s- I.AYET A AMELUNG, e" jeln 17 Commerce orreet. w jINSfEiLt bbl and Y teas nest Linseed S Oil, now landing irn silip Ntshvi le, end ior ale 9' by JAKVlS & A.,I)IaEWt, Wlnles.le IDrugglits, jel3 ('ommonand4 Tehapitnulas st. ~ ot iU ri ALE--c0 aenhk (fits and quarts) i evtore Sand fur clshev llt)L3M. 1 & MILLS, S JIl1 3 ank lir"e AnINTS,OILS, GLASS, BRUSHIES, &c.-e-Jst b landinghtram shlt Constitution, and for sale-vrl : 1i.000 feet of glass, iest quality, fronm 8X0 t X a 23X8; 30tl kegs while leand, ure; 350 dn green paint, in L libr. kegs; 94 do jnupjned tins lbr signs;ittO lb. li lntoraga 26 doe splendid 010000 ground brushie-, also of 0000 arnd O0 do; 2 cases erome green in powde, superior article no do in cas; it large as.nortlent of sash tools of every size and quality; sablepencils forartist'; flat marking brushes fir meechants; artist's colors in oil rrady nrc pared, inhoxer, fitted :.p with all nccoss.ry brushes; artiot's teools, &c. Flake add .ermnite white; 60 racks gold leaf; white and yellow wax; gumn arabic and; large and choice ao s ortment of paitos, dry colors. oil, turpentine varnishl, &c., for sale, wh'leala and retail, at thIe lowest prica. by ,MONDELLI, a28 58 Gamp at. fKUlOeLt . I Ub. NEW EDITION OF THE CIVIL CODE OF LOUISI.A N . IT has been for some time made known to the publte Sthat the subscribers are engaged in treparing fo" the press i new edition of the Louisiana Civl Coae. They wern,. Ir',n ttie first, oarne ol the great difficulty and resapuuti,iiitv attending thIe publicatiun of the work, and it was not without great hesitation that they con senated to the undertaking. But the present editio. alnounting to, bout tilree thousand copies, and whichl had cost the State more than thirty thousand dollare, was entirely out of print. For moae tlan two years past, the usual price of the work has been from ihirty to fifty dollard. It is a system of written rules wnirh so immediately operates upon every individual of the state, interested either in agRiculture or commterce cand which governs thredisposition of so nuch property ,omiog to us from other states, that-unl ke altone. atv other tteatflse upon law-t is as mouch the tcaxt-honok 'and manul of the merchant and tthe plnter, as it is of the private gentle man and the prufessional advoc tre. ' The lawyers of the adjoinitg states, and in fact of al those states potn the Olhio and Miittrsipjti rivers which find a'mart for their produce in L.ouisiana, ihave a fre quent necessity of reference to the code, and make it an inliapensable reqtuisite to their liraries;, and in the cite of New Orlens the hook is as sure tr L found in the merchant's counting room, as upaon the desk of tile judge, or tile table of the attorney. It is not surprisieg therefore that the first edition ofthe work was so quic. ly disposed of; and alrhough a mere reprint of it would in yome measure supply the public necetity, aet it would be imperiect and unsatifactrorv unles unnotated with references to tire Reports and Startlc., in order to em race the numerous atmeTndmnts wtich haov hlenu made by t .e .tgislatture, and the irmportant decilons ant consltructions which hive hene given upo mantey o its articles by tiie Supreme Court. The publishers have secured, lot the general superP intendene and editorial department of the work tihe professional srvices of VWheelock S Upton, Esq. a tme.eerof the New Orleans Bar. Tihe Hun. Jud.n, Bulard, Jude Bermudes and lIon George IEusetis, hiave each hindiv assisted Mtr Upton with the valubhle notes which they have collected in the course o their studies and practice; and to lMr N R Jennin.s, the pert herof MlrU Lrto, who is also enaaged in tile work, (oet dtrawbridga. Eaq. has preaented tihe great mats of lci renec.eootatined in his office cape of the eode, tnd wiieh nave been madr by him during the whole period at tis dia:inguisahed pretsionaln laborsr. l'lthe pulish. eran may therefrre well trust that t'e nnouttiona of the work will be all that industrv atsd labour, aasitted by learning and experiince, cue perform. In putting forth this pr ispectll and soliciting Eenr-e. tal ohkscrihers toIn the wrk, tno puhrlinhera take tride in the fact that the Legislature of Llttstionn has authortized the governor to norder one thousand coties of it fIr tite future lse of tlhe Slitate. lThe readinenss ailt whch titts anmrer was take, Iby the Assemhlv, evinced their Jutt aene of tie vanae oflthe wnork;and they thrreby extetild. ed that crtnfidence in tie ability of khe publisioe.s aud rditora which iit is l ed is not hotlly tundrserved. T'le work will be prinad in Frenth and EnglIsh, uport gaod paper and awith clear type; nor will ano ex ptase or care tr spared to make tle whmlet mrethcnicul xecuntin of it tcntrrespd with its great ittmttt taner It will prtbahl Ihe ready ior deliverv in tIhe mrcth tf Sept 'tker next " and tie price will ie, to sahscriltre, fifteen dollars-five: dollars to he paid at the tune of suL scribing. T'he rhsubsecriti. list once closed, the store price will he twenlty dollars per copy. ap 6 E JOHNS & CO. I'ublishers. S-- _____________________________ [I.ouisianaYm d New York Line of Packets.] uI l1lll;e ships e pslline this Line wIl anil from New S leansand. New York oil etery other Monday- commencing on the 20th novemeber, anl to insure tie will hereatter miEn'ttin Iette .tripvliz't ' ';n'.. - Ship Yaroo, (aptain'l'rask to leaves on the 2tth nov. Ship Louisille, Captain I'alner, to leave on the 4th I lepembier, p Ship iluntsville. Captain Eldridger to leave on the r 181h1 )eeen tb Shill Virksburg, Captain Weoodhouse, to leave on the dI Ist Jnllaerv. i Ship .frisntsppi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th w Janouary. e hl'" The above rlnipn are all new, of the trst clas, enplinred and colper Ihfeeted, and upaerd. 'f50u lhps t aI butien arne of light dlauglt tf water, being built iittl New York expresslee for ihe trade. The price of Ias- m age is fixed at one Iund.-ed dollars. 'heir cablins re 1iI fitted u ionthe most oimprove( and camenient plan, and fillsed in alneat aid eleegant sithl. Ample stores ofI the first quality will be providid, and every regard had of In thle contobrtand entire satistaction el passengers,whi ea will please take notice liet no berth canl be ecuraed tn- i t' paid tor at tile olice of the consignees. hee !,ehlkts are commanded iby Ceptins well ex pecriened in the trade, who will give every attention, i anl exert t ertt lves to acconleodate. l hey willt Ia all times be towed up tnd doen the Mississippi by i steamboats, and the strictest punctuality observed in the tune, if sailing. The owners tf thnese hips will not be responsible for oEy let er, iarel or package sent by or pit ni bolard dl them. unle.s aregulnar bill of ladiig be igned tilheeore i t tile cnamting houn. of the agents or owners. Fcr I urthrr particulars, apply to nE ID BEIN & A COHIEN; at nov 13 91 Coalmton Ht, ot -W AS found liltn mitest'ro nte lth tlize,iinte aluleIh of Julv,a hlrge laun:ch, (English built) copper P fastened, and has been coppered, she is 292 feet mlong, and night feet beamn; and has Leon sloop rigged, ast there sae iron straps forward for rigging. WNoever re letgnisea said launch, will plnaCea call at N 7) Oii i Lve. a l ta PENSACOLA MANSION |HOUSE p NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. T lE abscrihberi aving purchsaed Ihl asne emd fur L noitureof this well known ashablishme t, froln Mr Taylor, the late proprietor, will be ready to receive vi.. iters by the let of' April next. Numneros and costly imlprovements will be found in 8 tile arrenc'eelents of tile Mlansioni Hotusc. New eltd mtore comnmu dions bathing houses will hbe hilt, and wart h te will be provided at anll hours. A stabte p will be attached to lthe house, with good acconnnmmda- p tions for llorses and carriages. Filet rate horses and carrnages will also be kept for hire at moderate prices; ei and sail and row boats, with persons to manage them I for tie use of visiters. Billiards and other aenusemtents usually bound at watering places, will also be furnished, and so conducted es not to interfere with thie comlbrt and quietof'the boarders. "The wines and liquors will be of the best quality, and to ensure a ull spplvy of ie', a cargo has already been ordered, whica will anrie v about the Ist of May. Mr Frederick Ilrnard, who formerly kept so popular 11 a hotelat Waslhigton catv, wil condaet hi e or Ir the proprieor, c ho, hith each aid,eOlfideatlv aensurea tie csitesl oflast year, and Ilis friends generally, that they will receive every ioasible attentlou; and thereby I exects to give general satiilaction. The lcal advantages of this ttlnso are too "ell :nownl to need a lengtened de.cripticn here. Toe II facts tiat Pensacola i tile largest naval station of the t Govtrnient; the general rendezvnou of tle GClf squad. ron; tile nallbrity ot'ias climate ereteshied constattly du ting tie sumnner tniuths by the coolest I teee foium rhie Gul) the hbelity of tile bv and thie neighlbiuming island- and rivers; tilhe aundance and deliency of the i-h with which the waters e bound; and is proxneity l toi the bet Southllern markets, anle l'ensacola the pire ference over all other places in tllee latitudes, as a healthy and delightlful summeriretrent. First rate boats aill ru l between Pensacola and Moe bile. and will at all tines he able to take the passengers 'front the New Orleans boats. N B ARNOLD. S Pensacola, Feb. 15th, 183I. it iI Gentlemen wciiin to einngage roomsn for tleirI faltilies, can ddress the proprietor, al enaacola, or SMr eowell T Tayloi, the former opprietor, at Now Or Riee,-ree. i leans., T ..anfld, Egq, Mr CC Ctlnlam, II MeAin, Seq., Ltn tibbh, in blob Iet; T Taylor, P 1 en, Eeq, in NHo, Orleans. n. P S--A letter bag, to receive enmnunieationns for persbnio at the ,boee hotel, in placed at Geo Wititman's office, 51 St Charles Exch age. FLORIDA ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. Ti Trravellers desirctus of taking the Florida route. t via Pensace a,to ith Ntrth, are intl timed thais rs rllr N iI AnNOLD. Tie steamboat Champion l.sves Mobile for Penna - 'ola twice a week feb 28 ly p UiAR. hllda, a prune artlclt, ter le vy ti. DttRE1', Je2 41 NI I ve. IUMPHRE Y'S Itl-EIGN 'I Uii. &e. d RF.AT BRI FAIN, FRANCE and liEL.GIUi, e a short Irour in IP35--By Helani Hum,threy, D. I)., Preident of Anmherst t'olinag', in 2 vols. The Works of Mrs. Sherwaood.--eing the only conmlete and nif.nrm edition ever enbli.hed in the re 'lunited States, vol. 15. Just receted and fir sale by Wai M'p AN. leý Perner Camp mnnc;t. rlrrrietse. uD W. EVANS' CAMUMILE I'ILl.S. T HIS highly valuable medicine may be had whole. ¶ sule and retail at New York prices, of tIEES & D'L.ANGE.18 Camp street. It is confidently recommended for the following dis eases: Dyspepeia in all its fa ms; bilious and livfr af iflitons, in every stago and degree; female ieckn"0s, more particularly the nausea ilcident to mothers; fluor olbus, fever and gue, inei nlent eltcn-umtings or de elites, whether of the liveror lungs, he-olache or giddi tRe, louse of appelttie, nervous tremors, inebriati-n or delirium toremens,-pats.,odie affection of all kindao rhea m:tistm, whether chronic or inflammatory: nervous or bilious levers, ol every variety; serefula, stilt rheum. and all blotches, bad humors, ond impure corpplexittor oftheskin; r-llessoess a nighi, cnd daily irritability and melantho'y; the summer complaint, and cholera torhuo or diarrhea in grown pers no; wormo and flatt leoney, with Iad breathl; chlorosis and palpitotions ofolat heart and head; changes of female rcnntitution; and for impaires and disorganized coelitutions in either sex; which have not been peomlanenlvt relieved by 0nv othek medicines A sinale trial of Dr WV Evars' medicines in any of these cases, will produee such effects as will in dicare their incomparable superiority, and induces such a use of them as will insure a speedy and untsuestiunaa bie cure. Directions for use accompanyine them. Nonoeroutcertifleatee of cures will be shown, as from the length of the cat:alogue it is impoossible to give them publicity through the medium of a newspaler. tj. Dr Evans' catalogue taero are upwards of ab,1004! eases, anl in this city we can efer to onay ipersot whlo have 'eea telit.eedl ad in some instances etirelyv cured of long stamding diseases, by Dr Evans' Camouwilo Pills. au.() tit STATE OF LOUISIANA-First Juditial. Comut. T HE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whom these Presents 'hall come. Greeting:-W\Vheas, James Barnles Diggs h.,ing purlchased at a sale made by the Shrrifoft thre ,riah of Orleans the proltraty here. inafter tleserilbed, has applied to the clerk of this court,. in whose office the deed of sale Was recorded ont the .e. day of April, A. D). 1838, for a monition or sdvortise meot ill conformity to ant act of the Legislataue of the State of Louisia,m,entitled -'An set for the ftrtlher ssu rence of titles to lpurchasers at judlieil sales;" approved the loth day of Marl,, 1831. NOW, therefore, know ye, and all presons iiterestel he rein, are hereby cited and admonished in the iame of the State of Louisians, and of tlhe First Judicial District ou't,who can set up any right, title or claim in and to the ltproleri( hereinafter descrihed, in consequence tf any inf rmality in the otler, dereee or judgment of the court under which the asle was made, or eer irregularity or illegality in tioe aplpraisementsl a ,nd acertisenents, is time, or manner of sale, or fth any otht r detect whatso ever; to -low cause, witlin thirty days fromn the day this moticn is first iasrted in the putlic ipaeer, why thle sale so smate slmuld tot be lnfirmel and honmologsted. The said lroplerty was solht y the Sheriff of the parish afl.esmid on tl.e i0th day or March, A. D 1833, by vir. toue of a decree of this eautt, on thile20th die of Janu:ry, A. D. 1838, in la ilt entitled James Harnies I)iigs vs. lufus Greenle, No 15,191 of tile docket of tlii Court. at which sale James Barntes Diggs Ieccie the pauchaser for the price of twenty-five thousand dolt. e0scriptiou of property as given in the Judicial Con vesance, viz: Acertai, piece of pnrperty or parcel ofgronoatltogether with all the ibuildi.gst.od impt.oements heilenat, rights t.ivileges, &0s. tltecttlarto betllgialg, or in any wtise a l pealllttitg, sittite int faulourg Anttuta i tion,,love tlhis chit nl end measuring in English measure, three hundred assl fifty-six feet and tour-eighths of an inch front ol the publlic road tn New Levee st, tilre ohundred uml sixty. s .i feet six inchlesnd four-eighths of an inhs fionit on Celeste sr. tawo hundred all fifty-five feet nine inches and two-eightlhs of an inch on a line frotting onu Old Levee street, until it strikes the boundary line of LIAurent ,lil hItlono's property, at the corner of Old Levee sand NStIs street; there ltlutaing a right angle, and extendilng tigty-fie eet e fet icite dep aldong tile boundary lice of said stiliudon's property Imralrel to Celeste stet-e; there formatig a right angle, and extending it sit thrtee feet eleven idnces atld three eightl.h tf ant inch on the houZ y lli il.e (If latis Dedte's Iprertya pralle t11 01: Levee sIeer; there hrmning another riglhtae,u;, tad extenlting ftrto two lfet seren itncihes and five eightihs of an inch on the I oundary lihne of atid Dede's ptropert-y, patdletil to Celese street; there formeing another right Ianle, and uXtllendingonle hundred and twenty seen fteet tetl inlches ald four eighths of all inch on the blounmlury line ol said I)ede's property parallel to the public real ald New Levee street, and seventy six feet four inches nam I.- l eigbthl o nn inchl tont on Nun's street, neelrd illg Itla la:tI Iby J. Pilib, City Survey or, made 1)d Janl vary, 183S ontexed to an eat passed before Louis T Clone, Notary Pautli, on the 6ith J.tanuary, 1832. Wittesa the [Ion A. M. Buchanan, Judge of the Corlt aforesaald,this Iilth April. Mt%. auter SANCTIONED BY T'HE FACUL'I' i OF MED CINI. TrilOtiN'S Compound Eaxtlret of Copniba and Sarea Sptreilla--A certain, sale, and tnrst efiRetual treein Iy ever discovered for the cure of Gonorrhea, GIbets, SbUictures, Whilres, Pains in tle back and rins, seminal weakness, affections of the kidnier, gravel, scorbutic erllptioll,, tEe. n Ih,. introdruetion of a medicine possessing the useful and active virtue of the one nno ottiered to the publie; tne prop, ittor ihas but to refer to tie nIllrous recoll menllations received from thle most eminent of' tile le scdl liculty in Eurole, belieing thllat it wall ie duly) alpreciated when i e mrt rite are oriire fully known. The t:dlsam oft Copnib: , so extensiveh sed, has Inst much I of its credit ifrom the dislike wahich patients tormerhl express dt regardling its disagtreeta'e taste, dllstrlbantre produced in thIe bowels and stomacht asl its theetoirn inefflierev whenl uased int the iniamm:atory stage. The proprietor has matte an analysis of the Balsam, conceiv ttg that the more active qualities would thereby be much lmore concentrated antd onre usefully administersed thlan in thle preselt slate. The above med cine combines inl gredients which are in the highest repute amoas the most scientific and learned in the profession. Easl. drug in the coromsition of this preparation increases utr reticacy of the other, producing an operation truly atsu tishiug, and surpassing the most sanguin esrrwetatrions; possebsillg at tsle same time the r'trage af its Ieoit, liinristered witr perlect suaeless t the different stager of tie above disease. The most eminent physicians amu surgreons of the present day express thseir decitred ail. pro 'ation in favor of Sars.qaprill, wiilst its use in itr, irriniral hmtspitals end publie medlial irstitlltiola irn bens nI, l still eontinues, ver.' extrnsise. was a fas . tlne remerdy with tile eelirrnatred Ie Abernethy ir al venereal affe.tions, and in obstinate eutaneons eracptions, arising from a disordered state of thedigest ive funetions Hlaving been submitted to the test saud experience of the most celebrated among the faculty, they have expressedr their satisiaction of its extrarrdin'r y efficacy in every case under their charge, by adolptitng it both in their publi anid privatepractice. Their oih ervations will be inseredt hereafter. Prelrepred y J B Thorn, Chermist, London. Price $1 50 per pot. TESTI \IMONIALS. Frem A It Salmon, Esq, F If S, St.rgeoa to the St Thl'mas Hospital, and tee urer on Anatomy. Tihe tria which I have made of your preparution in a variety ofeases, both male Said fenale, in itsresults have proved so ihighly favorehable, that I do not hesitate in pronouncing it oae of the most valuable aul elieacnious remedres ever offered to the public, anid one is which, trom exlperierce, I can place every reiiance, whilst It does not produce tihe same unpleasant effectsusually ex perileend from copaiba. From G H Hayward, MtCI C S, Phsician to the St Marvlebone Dispensary. I take great pleasure in ahling my testimony to the vrarlde properties of your preparatidn, wishing you the success sou so fully deserlre, in all ample reward for the labor and expiaese inurred in bringing it to suclh .m. plets perfection. From V 0 Cooper, F R S, Suraeon to Guy's lIns TI he uniform snecess hich has a tended the admisii= teritting yor medicire aong ray pantients afnited rBih tsle sbhre diserses, Irns fully satisfied me that it hIas otly to be kaown to be truly appreciated. May the success you so well deserve, amply anod spadily repay you for y)our vaiable preparation. From Sir A Cooper, F S P R C S, &e. kc. lating been iduced to try yo'r Extret in sevcrd easesof siolent i;oorrhr:a, which Ihali hitherto hastled every prescrniption administerred by me, aviring found sure and spreedy cures efected by it, in a few days-l ;eel mt sarlf in duty hound to state that I now in ms proas err hoth public and private rechmmend and use none Froth G WV Blair, 3A D, Physilola th GCy's floa pital. The striet test which I have given your tedicine amdtgi my patients, its iuvaria te succes s tus far, will induce me to ersxevere in its use, and I deem it but an act of justice and of duty to add sty feeble teili monial in comnmertation of its virtues. From 1. C Thompson, 1 D F It S L. I return you my ttl.cete thanks for to valuable preo sent of stoUr Externt ftr the cure of Goontst.hiri kc. I Irel gratetid that you hate at last brodsht a medicins : into use which will prove a dieskienatum .lhg tsaught for ia the mediirc: wobl--a scre, spteedy and ctfritnral cure ir cases ,f tire abshove clss. It ordiais megreat pleasure i 1i.ldishirgl to the world thle sluable qaalitie of jtsou E tlact. Were it necesmary, the pFopriltnor iaold here fuanish n:to more testimonials equally is commendatory as the ahi~le; but t urts that itsagreet sieess hiherto-the eare a& expense at which it his bkfitpeepartd, will provein s gratest rrsommendatiori among k discerning public. One reermmendartion tiis ptreparation enroys above all others is its neat, portab e tirm--put up ie pot-the made in which it may ie taker, being both easy sad plea ant-its ttstelt hature, with no restriction in diet, or continement from husiness. Travellers especi.dly wonld finl this medicine highly uiseful, and ought smver to be unprovided with a prelaistion possessing the ad. vantages whlich the present one combines. Accompanying Ite .Mediclbe Isa pamphlet explana. tory of the dilTerent stages of the disease, without a exrtl clharge contanilrg full sad amole dilretions. For sate by SICKILES e CO. mr t4i3awm 4rt Canal street. hTC hhds Sides, 15 hds Jolsarnd t6 hhdr r. Siurldera,.Ctsinnats cured, landsmg from steam er Burckeye. and for sale b TON STETSON & AVFRY, m la Geraveg etct. THE FI.RIDA gTAUI COAS#L TrioUOt l 0n frvE NO a HAL? DAYS . From Mobil. (Alaboma) to AUgUtSt (SWI temhloota (per Petooeolo lei, St toHssin l bid(N thehok ie Rier and boy) to Cl0' uhC domehys dared via .inriosns, Clkttlboooeaee, (formerl yo.+ VMo il non,) Bainbrtdge, Pinderton; lnekri. n l li ville, to Agusua. A lseentertoaldn.hins mat atM bile is in no danc of being throwo O o 1o a ri k reerene be oth rhro fltpa ites the fo Do LIN isCos but er . .aid u ot ~.l througiorlt, an.tion Ieareroinn n r mrriv oiSa Au rit h ii .-eikiddhr h . *Disnnlltm on, Ortle ane modyso Trotihe, should ewur. ,Ti e rat ;W' OreN io ened by ii Mrot.l , . t FAe luusa, Iosr tioes, 'eam; Coohhenaodlrir n e not um psa i ihbeaotbern oi- totr, bin w.teer no hathudonoteFies, ad i speyro the hsped, etrm,' aon or 1MMIa . itg riqtoy; eonol tooed to it re h i i.t ,, s.C. nod w.nmpn okonsto i tranvelerns .oan oh New 1 f eyrm Chn..l rimire, 3, M K theyeooyejolt exto nrs uw n. a~rle ants at a mit pm olo.ooahan, sine Own Bgoaoekn Bsom ii.k~iJt one tit ullndgenille, ou onertina.oot a €oqoei .e STOCK'. it, -. ifveir at M alaise e Ho t e HotMoble t 5 fl~~hue~ionnoo, Neri Orlean. idoi Sii oaror ile to' Amannim, 4 0 Aognsno to Uour'lestn, 1$it n ., L'horlanon toNew york, P9-.. icte Nourw Orleot to niI4J 9r heii Mobile io Atgam. It s Matkinrg I8 miles p.r clrj orr of.los pr bmor, ieai soive ol o e' il t oppager iaot i N . it. I k .,anem d'er t m ie p !h.. p bnriedges overthe hinCkPhoosh.ewamat nod H creek bonejut bnesn oeoniledt ees ge t aNvnd t meet, (thc, .ly khmdela opent.eigq.ltnathinsmaie mid apreolvoootc neribsulsbojitly~eraooatjrnneilm I,oleitieofientoog from tr'eltrn thdsibono.l no, driveranoi oadl nore ol th snt oomde ml aiitS[ oulter mo.u from 'emnohio to Cedar liff', it k nd. ted by al whno have pDoisted tioulgit t be tmosl io eoenltien broof toi moic-lety. 'iebige kng ei u . e oalsnllueenr ed. ,1 C rBAKE JO Ho.di,, azotan Swa J OaEPH, kXETTLE, & Co.--I,~M rppor ~lel "r.d they onrer boo. Ye.onaaniam id l,,untry lrelmpt and otlnrs a+ mvitt.! o al exanine oheir stoek on*deb etnti Ot in vit st adJ butcher's, pckrt, onddler's nno stoaw purat tao1 Britlanin lea edles,pio. hbl k bte tiaanJ vnelstoi vode.. tangoebo , rels. 4 mna t lonio an0, panpod oarel hruahe hhmk poolsns nor, lookeb.g glksel, v l ln kokes, 5raeH ] oledee at naiolhne-, sm itllon ri. English blisterneast, hear, Ganeooland eeolleyaoaqo plough m/oeodlo rae, ox nod log chain, wmetiai Lomb' oano and grubblng joe. fttntoekeb jpieb o U grass eey'thes, Colbon Kings ned Sim opd ewo axes, wnooght, bone and rout oailh roilann cards, coffee nnd eern etill.pletlesod alai elnb gaitrs, -luea lus, eirons, h0okb andba' pistols, shot, powtler nd lielnor fnka,per penner, tea, f lbh kr and bell Metal knob ehket, trunk and pad I onbo, bridle EI)UISAIANE--Cour d, P'?-ounnnIs. ,tl'jit o~liotn;re r 'ETAT DE LA LuI SIASP.A touse4ui ei r iptenreoeul eonlleCoonlll Sint. 'sjoAt , Ca Jolllis nrana Dig iynllt ae"etd nel vente mlae It Slottra de in ooteiase 'Oin'lnomsI* pIsoluti th'crlte. alcst Ydlresm an Gretffede O(eerieO Iu C n dl. vretel fot eCregirie oe Ic 0 ciot jol' dori'Avaiialo 18,10, pour unt avis nolthr e uO ti.oold: J lntr ie l'Etat de to Louitiooo e;....o 4 ; o e -n L "l ,ltoone, vierosoe aoo lAo. eon louta aeminrsh no0, de I'Etot be In Lo isiiotode bi Coni· ailsaPreno Db oo Jottditotire, 01000 IItOurihot .ovooir debit A I. pen. IS'oh li-apoioe deeeito el conseeuoehee al'uoon al'anti . leorm.,.,.s lre, le decdn lejugdmelt i Ia b oor so.erroo olooiol nn evone atie latte, otolioeoie briE;t lrtile en lrtoliolaoos l'oooitieooiojon, l'uia os leo mbegi le Ino lle d ntr, 000 pIootueeor ntit.e ea lot quehilocagamd d, flohe noar, Ioart tUl'entjoeu t I ( 'lOtr old Ia itablioioinsi r ca n llte oioai faiti, ne miout pad la dioro rI·Ooltr lot oernole tootle Sh~if, ani dli Il 30 oitoejullr de lota lor I'o8ttlldb,e eeis' doia d,,,r ole crtte Contr imonlou e t rl elie Jaa Jteoerl lie Inad;l 114. IJ. oblfteii'ee 3OmesB BoroIoo" dioga na. .-iiso Ca.' i/. \o. it,191, do l ,t atlcete eol r, tini leqeell. sen onoto'oet r e tjnuereur pour lotprix iao'iii;tgcliii 000e0.tiolteo do In Poopriot.~ a p·~le soe h raisliob jiiii irer, Sieoit. Ue1 crttin noteteeu dr trte ycvs toetes lit. bati noetnoelooolooooomoo taoi y'erouvo. aitoal iiui lIasd.rolri toio oileges etco. o~t elnridmt tld',oe mooiore qkaijne oitut no flotoboono A~ntooEton. i oem. neoranf (atotib a.glnto)otoooi len imuot000000 .imlr dantoeaqslre inteosisse in ,mn~velle Lev·de, tiro cent Jor:l..tnut un p~~i;+d; si oq..'o hipior fore n lojot riot teltliaettee mer 'isl lIooe cino I'iedor iloof otlngrs ,t tdox huitioma n ra Ile i'aellrt i InPr ~ i vil) Le'.e rlu.. i+,....+'J ge beet lae le bmoil LeibC, ogoe Iiotitrphbe ore Ia1pro00rioe olu Ltureneta 1 i'eeogtoura dea rors Veille Leve, ct ale- Nmalmo do i olrmqid unlo ooapetteoit et s'rexlat iio .l,, .I,,q i,,' . ,t·I I)E..o ~,se rlr,,r,, ae. r • Iis t ognerlineitoophoene L1 pro e riele d i dMlllilhasn j. lll I it eun (UeClestat tIn IC Ilooianot i anhle din i a leorolotot tIn Suixoano trois plod notgel~lies noh a mo Oat.U l s s la Ilgen lioeo dophb dae ia ibloridtd Am ,lo Loois m Del, porollel di la ro virl e Leote do I.m Ilootott 01 otlttroge nlr droll tot s'iorlalalt de ot'mr leux pinds e~t ptoet lcVt eql biezi hdomen oae loIg liotitroiloh tie In l'opritel ou e0dli .le plh-liel a jgi ,teij.lento' o drtl.e.o,',t oto oi; r, e Otpin dI!ro ajanto. ole e ueo en-te mitt npoeldnolt lla Imoues el qllatrskoa :e tot sur Is lgoe lioitoltoie de Is lrortaiai In f I~deo onrallel ou cleinotopuoliquio et" Isa rle e. NMao vole Le Ct 1000ix01te aeize piedi quaalrn oi. dt quatre huitiemes tenl i Ik r lub Noos N6Jme; b-i.a.riakyi. loon d lollo i ol,,, lor J. Pille Voyer do I dii, In, - " i Jambior 1832, tulotx. 0 0U seteol . 1 ar derditi.,olaid T 1:ane, lotoire phblio, Is 16 Jsnvier 1804. 1,ot.,,. A. e. Sotiunon, Jnie It ICr , a Ari, ... ....... P. l. g BIONO, alt 2 1 lDep. Gletr.' Stnirt3udiciueb. I DI; L.A I OUISIAE, Aiola- beaquio 1I rxe presetitea enncernent, Lialur:-At·l.d1 .t Wha!ium Macke, nyant achet it ace venta hite par Is dheriide Is psroieae d'Orleaas, lit proettribt utpitpri duarte, w'ett addre aub st (uiaffe de atta tle toymiadj vealns ut aregitrha Is 5eiiue juiii de MNt deot' ta I8d8.paour on anei conftiaa,.ant g . ,te Ao IA . l tutc da l'Etat de la Lauisiane, latiith 'tb op" e confirmer ]as titles can scquemrs sox·ul gneehhui j aire.,' upprcu~f le 19 plate, 1834. Bil'il relitppptuyýF~o~~o~ t~rutesperobnrse inlsl@a, Cr soiltp rce pe ej,, sýý MI· mba s au nom de I'titat de Is Labisiane at da 1it oa P rmier Di-trier Judician e,giii jlourmc- 1 t ali i ý, Inl propribib ci-apt e. deilrite, add coneequnoL .lu 71a taut da tohan dani d'oaire, Is darat obaa s jenchliitt tocour, cr vrant duquallas vent a sn bito, oda irregularilt ou it,egaii6 dan pesti.. o'3o I 3 I-tn et ltt madt. degaInvents, nI'estr tndiau. ·t q uecoicque. de faire ntir; deal t'eult jau Itaapi d t nabli cilia de cadtt uvia;puurquei luvotttersjoj uiiat1it serait ritc eonatrme at hlamoltgtah: ' L.a Stn Illruribtb flat veaduepab,~ý e 8 r i t.:ýlflk C3rine ear 1 Avril;te tunatl a tbe 8th Itum i. clot db erlr clur Irrdu are l8'p "e I s ile Illra, llp 'am 18.+8, dot.. ''ffhiro do a'lllia n Mac e a~n~~i Bell, N.. th,585 dei daeket itb itte Ctua, !L toiat vants Ii di t Willitt Mackrey eset emudiL i ehj tcur Ia prix. dla $3! bautitiaL t)ascrtipaian da a t1'oipeibltnl'aprH a to teuttta * Ir altir, $arl rr I'ict buira ptr Is ritlea de to LbeI Luit Pauluand ualort, H -ciga ,sur tle P1tt 9 its 4ýitai dlrerei liar C F Ziimlrel. Lopute V~nyrr iteceatirr 1834, at iianl san 'einrk ddo o a"-tais pishlib bualite pta ano 13, Is di! dua mittaunut ettt' tleta, ohae pjises tice 4 In eased. Naietllt Leitbb; so'iaota uicte pe Dir tiaca quat iltase le n a at t , g Ot d.8.n Nohes a t igatl s i nesen ptt adena 9. touche lit rbpri~tP Lprbsent, ad deroiieoiooit notit a N Grbdall. at nyont dix ueur pmi ot de sIerg dait la Idloiddurroh ii -it iii dv }rate ptedi of ppoalal'etn c tsaul siso Nne 4.5 "."8 ·an g B he os dua a Go (itni.-UUd i dleld piatae sN* metutr uole lay s . DD 75 csalt a i1.inltti RANBNERRIEii.-11 I br 16i. Crophearl rZIJp L .rat by NIIMTTON & LlAII.L, r ORTER rnnTTLES-10Olrý, fa nir Itnre~i-hod itd":.ired ) AhPaintawkws i F nnu, a g h od fain said *OEM ] 0~I C (II mil CMA4E a M*.Ii ir

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