Newspaper of True American, August 11, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated August 11, 1838 Page 3
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for the Interior. FOR pRNSAc-OLA VIA MOBILE, k Ilrrrl Tie low presasure stean bent ll CAROLINI., will leave tlhe lake end of Ills Rail Road on Thursday en g, le te arrival of the 4 o'clock cnrao tfr I'el aneal , oechlug at Mobile and all the intermnediatle iv landings. Apply to GEO. Ht MAN, aag9 Exchange Hotel, St. tC;Irle st For Mobile, and all nlctrmediate Landings. The law pressure etem hont CAROLIINELwillleare New Orlan far Mobile, avery Thulateoy aand 0n Bnaat L lack, M. tealching at all the wi critlg Sat which pasengers ay wilh to land. For Further particulars, apply toGEO WHITMAN, altllYc EL). WHIITM AN, jy24 Exclang otel, St. 4Charlve lt. r M ll nermediate Landigs. ThIefaet rannint and splendid steam act inl Wil. WAII.,ACk, etlioely in state rooms, will nave New M01 l ars for ot el all intermediate woterig places, ever Tuesday and Satureda, afteri o thhe arrival ltn erclucnlkre.s miGE I. WHITMAN, jy2 e tExchange Iotel. St. Clb, Ir t. t. Fr Bay St. Louis, Psrs Cirislicn, b . ita t. a l.eaZ foar the abo.e places, oi the morvingn of ThuUsays aMnd Saturdays, Lnmediatelv after 'hoe rrval ,d lh,' six 'clIck iars e sapl retrnll a heoretofor. ao Fr tol tand lI ,tllny.' The public mna depvend on th lomt .avn I ltO.vttl I n00 the above dav. nor passage aply to (tpt Steler. p . lThe Oiralfe will he preparedl, on prevoaun noice ta Captain Switer, tot proceed r tre a wee o n Paonsure Eluesroit, proviled a eaufkiciett na ,icr users to nemunerete. A t UATU EI)AY EVENING I\NI) SUNI AY TO MANIIEVIhtI J . ItlONVII.t.E. - r l he ateamer t)UTH AIA IA MA, JZ . Canpt.L.T. Knightwill leave thelvke end of thte railtroad for thle above pla e, avery aet. .ay evenina, ot the arrival of the 4 o' cluckr ears, and return th sameae algit,-and leave Sllu- o day orain on the arrival oftlihe 8 ei loc cars; returo a l eave Madtasonville at 4 o'clock, P. M. a2 Stkaw 2m Wt MAIJONV.'...IL Ltt,,J'.tO ., SAN,,E i lr E, . l OVIo i ,N. `.s 1S "T la fast runt vi" and sltlendid at'am l boat SOUTI AIl..O lA\A, I.. T. ,ia~ c " Krnight omnster, will run a* a ryopsg asr mail' ioat or tlh• above ports oi lItodoaoto, \Vednes- p data and FridayS, after the arrioal flothe P ;iclit: k cars, A "M. Returning. leaves Crvingtot I'oeda. , l urhN- - days and S.tordavs, at 8 o'clock, A t1. N i. All bag.age and iareels at the risk of tilh own. er, unless a hill of lading is signel. r "tt W t I'Y AN, New Orleanj and Moblil n Mail tlace, 2 Echattge Iutoilding, St Charles st. S AR C R mDmUnC L lThe steamlonat ' ,ZEPPA will tll . leave the Lake end oft lie Rail Ioaid on Mnondlay, Wednesdays and Fli-I days. on tetarrivel of the 12 o'clock cars, touching at Dly1 tI.oais, Pass Chrintiaa. Biloai, &e ; retarnin,, will leave Paseagoula at day light, and arrive at t ,r leans at 3 o'elock, P. M., touching at all tile watering pieces in dayýlght. Falre frot New Orleans to Bat St. I.olis $250 Pansltoristian 250 a -1 Biloxi 400 GIt). WHITMAN, at Exchange Hotel, St. Charles streetal. For Texas.l Ior Moalanrdda Lire oah I'nonl. oad .,leeoosa Bayo. L'ta fine fast mooling tone GO It1U it l',I John1 Hasings, mactee, hasing a taeestpart of ,. lr .....g, engaged, will sail in a few days. O'er balaace of freight or ipassage, having eupe LU r ac .nenoenuodatio0.aPIapY vv hoar, onr to jy21 WvV'd lItIl'AN, 5ii Conunoan c. Nl Tlte Gool llope hlas been thoriughly repaired and newly evpltered on tile oPllosite sile of thle iivr and now stands A 2, at tile diereett insorance offices il this eita. jy- i leaf ac l ao ridncl rn I _ The very s perior new light draft schooner ALBERT YTF.IN, LCeptai. -'"7 hauving a " large poritioo fhlier cago, enagageo , will thove . p iiek patoih folr lthe albo. prts; ti.r lboo.,co a. freight i; r, apploy o W...l lA; .N, FOIL MIT II t -R-l-h. COX'S L'tPl,'1' AlND ARINSAS 11\Y. , To'e well knowi S chooltvr I.OUISIANA, CtIyl' otait Auilt, hiavintg i large Ilortion ual're clareo engagefi, wil l mitt ah OtslllPoatc For 'bhalnlte of freighlt or passag', aply ot bvoin ard, oppositeI Je.nreioe streeta or tIi W IIBLYA, --Volty .ji,,Ol IliA/,T, t 1 K, & 1,0tlll0tN. th l'he regulor Iatket clic SI U I'll lIiN l It, Captain mini l.ard. ...aster, walt-.111)l irle lv i Y. n comle,.I, lt lercoret. Ior Itl llto. o' I or'pas:'" , apply on hoard olppooite Jeficer.o at stret., er W\V I:ttlYAN. jvl7 51; t'o)inanlll asteet, i F U IR thII Ati l iti, lllttiXI, - Attd all Intere iatot .onlit ' . ootIet '.ot. I pot neo ag. Iat , e .. . oo t the 1o v . ... . .'k ear. _ _p'__-. ._ 10. 11 VISl ,1SCt,\lt1 VOil.1 1111. 1. , h_ T e well khowo li.ght ,lriu-vht c, hr I1E": K\LII. Cuvt ilt uic.eto ,avi a l r , o p ilt fh l r cargo nt ga ,'t d, oill ttt..t wlt ,-t spattlI. LForbaltllce of frcioht tiartt"00 Iota: o ott porter ace titn datiotlsn, 0lly t, the outai0 0.0 to.t, apspoite to St IPter vtreet, oe t) W AN, jel I 56i (omtcin street . For Sale. Freight or Charte-. t iOR FI.IGIlIT PC Ci "'eI i t lor . To load t at to't ' g, hI-,, t illtr ln efllti lanlingo, or ti - , ut h-, fi ., cop r 'ttaed .I1 e , I s h" III' tu'K, Canta ri Ipoin., w1;l t.t.d , ". 1. It i I,.r..d :e. Iliplh a Nation be made to L.1 14 , It., jell , ' inl l street. ( bOON 1 \' ; I itt .1, V A Vessel f1r 6 months, to rn between Mobile and Texa,nott to excve when to dad o feet, for terms opl ly to Jyl7 M it i .A N, 56 Comunon street. load for llava.a. For terms anply th WM.{1 IrRYAN, ve y456 3Connont street.e WANT'PEUD A Brig or -cl,ooler caprble o carrvying from 6itko t00000Irot lneebar, to oad rel bLaets Point, ilo Boay andl proceed to Itavutta.- A tply oLE IV: H. .;ALE, jul31 3 Coommon street! I tI A N'ITED A vessel of the capacitHy .of 1 till 0 Ihida. will receive desoAt It tfr Cbtlesan, it ionc thate appliuttuon b mate tt LEVI I G \LE, a. jyO4l 93 lottttttnlt street. `` A L0T-tLIN sCk Loierttl fi-ne slt In hoard Itareoe a Citizens, and for sale; by pI A. E, jell 93 Commot street, a U NUIDK--l es, Prima end Rkmp, for R smin bsle i m28 (i I)OiSEY ,41 New Leveer. U1--It0 bbls New lorleaon Rut,, for satle b) Sap 1R ',tI \YEKR & CO iREEN HAVANt A COFFEE--50 baIt, in store, t G and lorsale by SLATER & TRIER, t jvl7 40 Poydrst s:rtet. I AVANN \ CtIFFEE--9- hags ,otsulerltr qlatlity, .ik lending ftoal brii rowon Elrnitoe. Ior sale hb d SLATER L TRIER, jy.6 40 Poydras street. -yy IME.-- 00 Coak Lime for s e b NEY, jy 26 8, Conti street. - "IIS-I ilOOKS, Liies, Clobbers atd Reels,just re K ccired and fotr saie by B CASEY, - 3y6 19 Camp street., 0iND'S P'ermanent Ink, for tnarkmin ien, s k D or cotton, Pith a common pen without prepara- I lion, for sale by B CASEY, jy0' 19 Camp stre. 3LACK Writing Ink-Just received per sit j Huntaville traom New York, I dozens quart Black Writing Fluid, 24 do pint do do 24 do half pint do do hor sals wholesale or retoil bytV F C IAVID FEI.IlT CO, New York Statioters Hall, jy'l6 4 Chartres street. NYI'ICE. Uj.RAVELLERS goite to Mobile by the Mail Line a on Mloedews, Wednesdalys and Fridays, will regit' neyhelr itamesooat this office, as no sents can be secured in thb seq. at Pascenoula on the above named days, .ual*s :heir nam n be placed ot the way bill. Those woe nove heavy baggage can have it taken .ilirttcto Mobile by any boats during the week,relcet cpa the above named days. G EO WIHITM.t N, TPOllHK--Prime atd Mesa Pork, full branded, PO AAnod MO. 4lb 190 pieces Kentucky Bagging,85 coils Rope; for layH P LEVY & CO. 0j97 10 (iravier st. up stairs. i '_ TINt LATE & ZI,-0ipigs bloc. 1L1 i*9. dil Ostee tin plate, etd 15 eass zinc, i .tosm, f(tle by t LOCKE & Co jyli4 22 d yero riO LET nttil Isa next the elegant Dlwelling Itouse, No. L17 ht. Joaeph strest. Apply Lt No. 74 Poydrn street, jyl9 001"|j BARRELO LIME lattdiogfree. brig Uacle VUUU Stam, ter eale by jyi9 S & J P WHITNEY 1NINIS, EPSOMI .i.A1:FS, .N) -ALt/91r·.iT 151 t ounces Frs:htl Quitittao, 10 blbl Elpaut Salts :I casnks Pearl Adbet, 4 cases Ca.louoel, ItlaC :.. .tut, Rhubarb, .e. Oce.. landig frmlu brig WVilliote, fromt Jtos ot, aoldjter 4:ale by siI JARVIS & ANDREWS, OWholeanle Dr't.fists, i.. ,:i,..t.Cumt.e On 'i'ehpupttotlu rr. rrt. bHIPPING. Por wurope. FOR LIVERPOOL. TheoA 1 and fiot sailing hbrque LAU RENS, Capt. Merrill, wail recuie despatch. lor passage only harig hasuslell lutdulnus, apply to I' LEVI HI. GALE, - __ug9 9J (Cotmnn anroet. FOR LIVERPOOI .. The A I and last sailag ship GLOBE, Capt. (liver, will receive munediate des patch. For passage only having handsoome accunuoaudations. Apply to I.tVI II GALE, sug9) 93: C(Onun street. ,F)1t LIVi.RPI lOL. S Tihe colered ad cepper II:,tened ship CUMBEIEl. ANt), Capt. loIt, lhating n00t ol her cargo engaged, w dl hlave desplltchl . For tielglht t ;300 Iblae or passage huving snproiJr accotoaldations, apply to W ITNEY. july31 8 t o ni stratet. FOR LIV:.tLPO IL. The A I and fast sailing slip STEIG I :TZ, Capt. Gib-on, will eceive d.esp,: ,I havino the greater part of her cargo I ,', ftr fro+git of 150 Ilhds tobncco, or I pasage, hat i handsome accotunaodutions, applyV to LEVI H GA E. july31 93 C(,,omon etrr't. FOR LIVEKI'tl, L. The A I and superior ship HURON, Capt. Boardman, will receive despatch. For freight of 60 bales on deck, or passage, having had1 nom accommodationls for 4 cabin ps-agelgurs, apply to LEVI I G \Ll., jy=4 93 Comno street FOK I.IVEIRPOOIlI.. The At antd inat soiling ship RO\VENA, Caplai I Red. hoaving the ernoter part of her _A c r eargo engaged, will meet .w thi irnn wdi tc de- ptoch. FIor freight of :100 uales c.ttnl or passate, hlurvlg hasdasome ncEollllnidatie, apply to _j1l LEVI II GiLlh, 93 Coonno streetl. FOR LIVERPIJOL. The A I and fas sailins ship ROBElt'" WATTS, I'aptnin 1)allinghlam, havinte the grmater par! of her cargo engag,'d, will Inre witll ilt,ediate despaltch. Fr freight of lO0i hale cotlusn or pussage, having huIlmner uIIOlllmmOdliOs, apply Is toLEVI II ALE, jy.. 93 Cnommol ilreo ' FOR LIVEIP.O111,. TheA I and splendid fa t sailing ship HURIIN, Caplain lit rdman, will receive immnuediate deaptcll. For I use-ge, hlllarg haod olle acomlalldUions for l eabin P -P. e ise , i;, ply t, LEVI II G OI.E, jyl7 93 ' outotU strlet. FOR BOItDE \ UX. 'The fine flat .uiling bqrge. N lilBE, Capt. Manon,, will receiieu I;imcllh. For passage only apply to lEVI II ;\I.E, a9 9:13 omlllon street. FOIL ( Itil 41'1'A.R. IThe fine and superior blig HOll It, II l. Capt. Knbhb, will eoeive imm' diate dIs patch. Fr passage only, having handslome i- ucconnnodatione, apply to LEVI I (GALE, aug9 93 Cuooon lreet. FOR . A REIII.I-;. 'The well kown and l la saillE packet Sbrig CIILUMBUS, Poree, ma-ter. will te esive imlmediate despatch for the above port. osing tile prn.ater plrt ofter cargio etgaged. For freight :fhilfo bales Cnllll, or passage, having handsome accolmmodations, apply to A I) GORE or LEVI iI GALE, aug7 93 ConIlonll stlcet ,7. ,+ maa mmt. ... m ýp._m Coastwise. - FORl NEW YORK. .. The A I f sailine brig WEI.LINGSLY, ('aptain J Clhurchill, having nearly all lf flir T earg o engage, will it've despatch. For/,,, feiight OP;hlOt bbtla or 4assaage, haviag goad uccaln ll° Inv dulltns, apply to tile Capjraitatn bonatrd, FI i ot Ielied n street, nr to CAI.\A.I & DIXEY, jy26 G Cuatomahnbaie atrint. liR FO NEIW YOtItK.-Pa. ket I.ine. Tie A I coppere nd ad copper ifetlr,.d R shil: dAACIENcaptain I)velruux. Ivil g 51 p rin ci p l a p:p rt ,f h ei r c a ro n ro e na ,ed , w ill hn ve quilnt ite.lmtth Fo'r trelghl t l':ll hailes orpaanaer, iatving packet atccunttidtllltiuos, apply an boIriI IIp- S. an slit the vegetable iun kie, or tI[ .h J P HI'TNITt Y, f -. tjuly3 (lCti strere. ,_ The fle sl VI.r.ICN', tanpt. Saml . brnt, havinna. .rt oif her eargoinegased will Tih have. pit'tn itoh--tr frtigll of 100 bale or fef 1l 13"3 & J 1 il\II') NEV, g1, 'K il l d, upt. Up l1 oo 1I,01 do e of r lt ll ,1 pa sa e, lain [ c' la I arh I I...i h illnltir rill Il., tot he the a il| tin imarl,l.Iý,aw tahlr i',ut li.p d,er to I ju t l -;l it :. i S '1'[ll A\ [ Ittlll I'a-t tlll Z.1' 1 ll j1;119 r 11.l, - ViaR nIa % ii;N ., . t' i tn t i iiI( 'i'tln' I __ .L;ZC Chl-. Thellli 1:1 I lll\ .l'-ii "r,",i .- LI. a' fo he em Idecdr . ... . I ol - . e f,1: i 'bjcil(h d] .. ,, .1, fornalaneof rp c hn- I, . t it ta i:t 'I'%llN ''p \a nil sau, ( ;t;: r;ni,,r sheer. . . . " :(![.- I:I l VI1 ! ,N l . -111-, ' . . ... tNEi"'LAE, Capt. 41i.1,,ll, b've a, Re ha f tf her caitgo ntiee, wilt li )e d-It. ior l.'ai'e of freight atr pa.. hling gnream Irlelations, alpll to thie iCa1tii on biard, I oot it, lord snroet or to /Ibt.SI & IXEY, nllugll 6 Custollm I use.i e S'I' rLncri-ed at the Inaoi'l'n--I, tlalitrn, Nall, d. Raone, LPt Ilientvilh lnreit 'iN \pit ai l hrr leitstead-; a first rte articlle. I.. 1. a '' i - a ( it at of Maiple, Walnlt, and Pi lld C it r-, whi[h will lae sul, lor the lowest ca-lh piiAes. a it iti 'AKi E jy7 5 ie ville . RUsIITON & A:- PINALLS. Ot COMPOUND TONIC MI I'UIE.-A and coatain core for tilhe Felver an re remittent and interilitenit ihv ers; prop.are .. the original recipe. Ufcd with emlnlllt anld u'. versal success tn 1832, by persons of the llielho repectabihtlll iti tils eity, as stated in tie lnlelll·l icertificlates. f Tlis mledicine is highly recomnmendd, and li I l been extensivoely used in tile above diseaaasi with such distinguishend success, that tihe proprietor of ,t the recipe has been inlduced to offer it to tile pubh. lie in its present form, in the hope tlhat it malily be the means of relieving matny of those who arte suffering under thne scourge ti ouul . oltry. I. i a mendicine possessing greatvittue, aii when uased anccording to the directions hias net:-r failhd of et. effecting a care, even in the inoat ibstlinat stage ne of thle disorder. It is not at all dla.,gre-abht, and persons of the weakest stomachIt , children may take it with impunity. It strenigthol s the digestive et! organs, reante an anppetiti,, and seldolu requires more than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither iercury nor arseneic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to tile human constitution. The proprietors arn so well convinced of its tfie icv, tl.t tihey agree re, to refund the price of every bottle which ihas been taken in accordance withl the directions and hns not iffected a a perfect cure of it. fe.vr & aguie. its, A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug antd medictan store, cornier of Bienvlile and t hartres streets. s For District Agencies apply to je5 T. W. SMITH, 48 Conti st. set. re l W HOLESALE AND liEiTAIL COMI AND VAIII.TY S'uTO'E, No. Is Camp stree .un der Bishop's Hotel-The subscribers a.t nu n opet"lg net, at their new stand, an extensive asotnlent o art ltidas Ik their llne, compriaiag every varcly of Coubs, stitna.s, an. Perfumery, Lookitg Glasses, Playing Cards and a large number of Fancy articles. The followihy as st. pn a description: eCOIMBS--Tortonseand Brazilian high tnp tuek, list and carved; do. do. twist, long, tneck, puf, sile, ipose and dressing, ivory and htarn finie toath, dressing san pocket combs; horn, redding atilt hJre ramnlst wooden, dressing, file tooth and pocket conh. PEIRFUMEIRY-A genernd assnm.nslt of French and American Perfmnery, Eonsistinig . s it rgne water tall, in bottles, of allshapes and sizes; lan, aler, Florida, eet. rose, orange, lemon, jessapine, bcrgam.., ,otllerletus, etc. eIancy soaps of every tansliiptioni; maeassar, eatiqan, and vegetable hair nil aidl narling fluid; ahlorine tolth tine wash, carhonie and chlorine denutrifie; scenteda nd plain gin' toilet ipowdler; pomatu.; preston salts, etc. r BRUSHES-Comprisitg a great variety of cloth, aye, hair, hat, fleshb, tooth, tnil, cenlb, shaving, plate, hearth, fine und plain dusting, aweeping, crumb furniture, tken srubbngt aid white wash, horse, saoe and tanner's m rcp nouring, tint and varnish brushes, lnd sash and grain ng tools of all sizes. -OOKING GLASSES-Co.ipelsing gilt filmes of P0 various sies, 5, 3, 2 and I draw toilets; German statis, toilet and iooknet glas, nlagtlifyig mirnors, etn. ; hfor t nYI G CaURS--Esgln, Hatry 81th, Broom, Hi-ghldaler, Sliel Carten, French and white back Play lig Uneris. lok CY ANI) VARIETY ARTICLES-A supe. c, in rior assortment of portble desks, Inadies' ati gentle men's dressing cases and ladies' work boxes; Lancy bo. e es of various descriptions, snitablr for the new year anti Christmas' gifts;l piaket books ot all siorts suslpen gant ders, nmusieboxs, lead pencils, crayons, violins, bead bags nd h utrses, ali nasaIttIent of fan be hadsl, sll.peio quality billiard balls, paste hlaHkini;l bone, thire, vest, fdlal andt suspender buttons; pearl i naInl and slirl slad., razor strops gas machinercrinen illt arnalitig light Splnaish VEY sad melee ngaral nmnaouba, I'arms, nalppee and '.ah i:nffs; an usurltment of Ildai ant s. l chanes; bauctk. y lanUmen boarnds; dice, Iallcy sreensll, optics, Jews Iharas, alte narmonicas, ticiter matcheb, plill, netdles, perLIcuaotn Sclls, drikling naps, btliing flasksl and gnie begis pool, silver and plated Sllot caclt lihimibls, Itwine, ea., I itilacI.i lne assoll tm r ut o f nl. i'.l i lo g s, sl d a l a s t- va tei . tv of ,ser aritiole, I tl a otallnh all be sold Lr loaw r I . h Prices, ln l " c.i4 or ciy t" a Iccp iLa .s. Ill:ma i l I';l.CS k l)'l,#i(·lE. BUSINESS CARDS. PAMIsIONABLE CLOTH8ING T'AYLOR & HADI)EN, No. 14 Chartre. Marrees IIAVE oa tnnaut anp jiy, a e r i ucle ieertanl ,ie , tIn geL oninn 's dregl , oi tihe Inetitl t I, at .ewa Yurk plrig:inr 211 +SILICEOUS METAL,T,IC TEET'II. PECIMtEtNS of thnee henati'uil teeth, and the man ner of setting thel, lnay be a en at the olice of J. B.Reos SUlnGEON DENTIST, No 46i Canal street. These teeth never change eolonr and a re hy nnuny, and in many cases, prcefeIn.!e tn' t' - IL) Dr. It, will wait upon landie at their rnqllneled. - _ - rq A. u e PE1 Ih+() I I.,! MERCHANT TAILOR, n7 Conumnnon stne t, HOleSn M-, NlI .lD SK.i(iP \ CO. part of their ntock . I ,rnt linllte tie buinaewa* at thnlll old t ad, pl, e , I Itr:, where ie hPpea to lleril hon ! ul'nin.nn I ,t ,ro l t," ie hits ollnide arrangeme nts at thne Norll t,i i, .p,,l nnoretlly with tIIe latest ahd moshIt d l otshihl h el'ol f.L· i nc mr 14 CIAY & CLARK, HOUSE &ND. SHIP PLUMBERS, ro nIobet . . nrleans, Plmbd res and tea Closets, uand Puseps lIAR, ITHinL.D, RIND S1tlI'ER .TII Find oni the mnn t n nproved print iplna. M ittI.:) LE .1, 'iEd, &C ; No. xecutd iagazineart Street,th . tr. Itobegl N. Liandose. O F F RC IC"i E XCeseI.o Inneto. n Plomibers and Ladr Pipe Manu Mctrers, INo. 26, FRPndra street, lon and a cnnt.n It sTaply of l end Pipe, r fraen ih. dinme.ter do'nt.a ....n. diametnn. r, it l ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTI.iNG E.TA iLl'Ml. ENlT'. No. 53, Magazine Street, tO Uppocite tRanka' Areada. IVIiJ IUJII GliEK'IE, PROPIIII'TOR ' H. PARIIER Comnmision ituad Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRON'T' LEVEE, eP STAIn$ New ) -in ac Fri,. 3 .' JARVIS & ANDREWS, W tIn)L.ES +A.L AND itI.I til. DEAIL RSI IN MEDICINES PAINTS, OILS, DYE lL/'UI,'% JIdnD 'I) iV0n%1DO (,j.Id S", Craner of Junmon aend 'ciehnopitonlae streats, 00.NEW nnnn EANS NATIIAN JARVIi. JO31N W. ANDREWS. A large upply of Garden Seeds, warranted the growth of 1837. AT MOBILE AI crp S. I. & 1. I. JONES, Ct AUCOTIONEERS. Nos. 61 and i3 WATER 1'TREET. c tI.r to i ndr.i.ed a, loig es .blinbe d thbeialeo s in Mobil e for t rilse182." " of tru~lactlag tIl Auctiol and Cmamisaoao ht illras in Its vartoi ulraehlle, beg leave to ar inrm their frie,,a s and the purbie, that they. nr nonv prelpr'd lto reoeive. ron.igan.nlts, and make lihend advaullc, ol the sa rtc eithilr It.r pivale or public ran!. ,r.tlolAN . ONIES, Ltta tSItAEL tJON .. A Refer o W.Viablker ltiglt &Co. New DOrles.l .a.........-rn. AAuW raictD. S.\MUKL SLATER." ABRAHAM TRIER. SLATER & TRIER Forw ardil g inonlul t ,sirt) Merchattlo, Na. 4, lli'ay,hnas Street, N I lt \ I It ,il A NF. 'I'h v will devote thleir p Ilnrti olrtr n tlt i iu n to the sale oul \apta;InII rlrdan.e Rob Al nefrn. aes.a, 1 1; otlnlq u llllo 'l , O l'aln . IA . I LI AMtllN 6 l l a al eala) , a Irni. It, r ,t . '. COLLa. N o,,eurt , &inT heiustm . o New York I Voii t'-lnl ,\ ) t %;1'.l t . I). , . ilia 1 r . e.. . .t E Ot Bo. 'Son T ' .tt-e r is.l i rin t. i n c a t : , t , , ri,, , ' I s l :sw O rl. 1.b.L . ,. I ilt t iEN j INSUIt" iE $V 1' 1b Y1 ' ly . ;· e- f "' lt+% euce ul i1 l, A , ,d , ll I At hisn Coany aier nw pr3 atred at take N e o. RISKS AGAINST FIRE. Na Iana' I . i n,l." a .. a Ne o.r a ( ut, N Ita v t 13 Ie y.1 T IItIy a! WILLIAM IRWIN K C atns sorwarding oerahu, ci ¶3 I IN IatNAI El' , 0M Y It hi (NOleuv n a& now prre ane. k Ior HOUSE AND SIGN FIATER S e aNo. t .a ili ere rt,ar b aoefc le Dealer to tointl , Oit, Vara las, iNru ntea, . No 1 By"iCp street. Met 'e:10 \Vif dolt, andt lPic orer Gllsl, &a. c. ,a T. W. COLLINS in. TTOIRNIY & COUN'SELLOR .T LAV.W N UW practising inthe Stala and City Courts. Cli re enta oil! find hito at t'e clerk'a office, US Circuit Court, in the CnostonU tlonse buildiag. jeo - A CARD. - iiE unadersigncd havr opnced a house in this city, .L for Ita purapose of trattacting a SGIENEtRAL CINMISSION BUSINESS. oFOcto, No. i0 iRAnlata STRaIT, UP BTAIRS. atHP LEVY. Is., The Lise at iGratd Gulf, Miss., will hbe toustinued a iu the above name. itefereneeto. IGodfrey l.a rie & `nOll, Hen Otleans. La. t ele a't & il itadat, II. I itt il& CuoC , louisiille, Ky. an aohn Ai Gihin ,re, b iebeburg, Alis. lee, IlarperCurpauter & Co Grantd Calf, Mie. ino Silo Ib ilard, iNatchez, Mitisl. ute c New Orle aans, July t-, 1i88. jyl2 A CARD. NR uATItANIL TOWNSEND having located him ati tfl in New Orleauns fr ilt purpose oa transacting ioa GaneralAgency anild imnisslOn ibusilneSS, would re. apectlully solicit from the public a sham of their pa iIr, T ii nhusen ia Texall , ine will attendn t terans uit, ating at inv businessi r dint may be desired in that e, country. nad'will guarantee prlt and unrenaitted at. atiniu to tt l aees neatrunted io his cthare, and a al itbt, ptiti i acnl with i rteutaoun) of a fall mioA thaintay coteiats his hands. aOfie in Nan Ealc ange. ni iravier ltre', ntpnsite W tis, to iev Mr Clai,'s ihunrt, and aljoinig Gibson'a riading room.sigtg of tie Teciaa Coulats. , New OrlOr lm, November '25,187. laey- * fereces. asersi ilillyer, lluh & Co. New York. AABur \VhaII - . l ling. wll Alww+. , Fi lk, Natchez, Miss. boa. IttmlltStroll n A Laaau l . year Jobit ,r y. Ltiu le, y. iten i 3. i ti,-n , itl pkT a tle, e y. v ille . tt61n -FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANT OF NEW 011'R tit,, Offise No. 24 Maaoron'3 uaididnu, iiai" a CANAL STRra. I'. p ile.. r al. o L,..n lanatll, d tutied ti Oew Or. Iat ,, ,. udlaafav ette; for n alt tin h " W.I rcKEAN, w r ,r irCamp and nitmmiltsotuat l to w Sh ,tul In oror lub r eve L b rlo III. lttob El & CO, y> bIr. 7 t"Comrp atteot. TRUE AIIBitICAN UOFICEI. In conneeion withl this Offiee is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE tlo T .t P lIINI l I P.mphlets Blant' dhocks Catalogues Bills of Ladint Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Porms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars, ad every description of Job WIorlV thil many be required. The proprietor re.spectlully <alls the attenth, ¢ le iublic to tlhe above C.ld, sanI aiusnrees llthl tIt all work intrusted to his care hlall be done at the shoet - al notice, in a style uni urpassed in this eil., nid at the I bAt rates. GUIDE & DIRECTORY FIP THE CITY OF A,,ewv Orleans and Lafay tte ; 1 pnliihedon lion n y,2llt iay, nd i noN " iw .amle at tile e.timtigroeamw l the *uhlille-, L..a .nme Ilotel, t ('Charles slret.--and at the Ho.k "i c ,f .leanrs. E. Johls & Co.corner t Chartva ,nItI Cnmoen ,treet,. . 2:1 S._ l'trt--as.lnn Mavtield vs hit crelditors--The at-i ,n n' he petitinner'nsproperty having been accept edl ,vlte court fre the beneflt of his ecedilor.; it is ordticd that a meetine if his Mid treditors do take plane it the offiee of Winm Y I.ewi, :"I, nt. public, on l'hurtiayv te 1th Ancost nwxt, al Ill ,'clock, M, ftr the IrnPsie of deliheratii" on tise affiirt of tlhe said pet tner; and it lhe mea. tihe all jndicial prtteedings anainit his )t.ra n and property a. to the creditors Me ti -d in te, .chedniles rre tnyld. By order oa the court, thit 7th day of July 1838. jy12 p LE I1.ANC, DPp Clerk. ETAT DE LA L' I:ll INl'-PremPier Distriet J udiliaire. I\ , s1E .IYFII-L't u:ntre Fes lcraneiers.-l.a o clession ties bitlnt tli pP toisesire nyt(ut Pie nrept. tie pair In eour au thltfis' deeerPuneiers; il errt ordon q nl'une asnemtsiih de tes ereaciere sit lieu en 1'. 1tde de Wm V tLewis, ntlnir Ilublie, leaudi is le9 d' atoot A 10 heire dn mtntint, dit do dtibrer nur lee affitires dudi, peliomltnre; eitt mime tetpis trul)tes neursutites conte sas personllr st sao prorietit i elo arrtteten. Pr ordlee de la Cour e 7juiliet 1838. 12juillet P LE BLA.IC, Dep.Grefler. Pirates' Own Rook. T il PIRA'TES' OWN llO01, or anuthentic nr ratiyes of tile liv , e tploits, and execsiton of the imosut celhbrtled Ses Iltobers, with historical sketches of the Chia.nlaiee, Spanish, i .lerone, hIest India. Malta, anl ligerane i'irntes, in I veo., just received, arid tor ale 'ii WI. \1'KIAA.l. je.G ear ('anmpI & Common steetrs. JOIIN IIOEY, Saddle, Iarness and Tsrunt h llaMsfacturer, andfur. nishee of 'lit-tre Equipmets of J tery descripitan. Nt 189 l'CHdUPI'UUnLAo STREET. TIHAVING in etmploy severaul Military Workmisn, h 11 lie is ready to execute wlnk in tle absove lile at the shortoet notice, and on the most ronatinble terms i- Merehants' and Piedlrs' l'tainehg Trunke of every a ei seriptiotl, eutllstntlv on hand. a C5ORN MILLS-10 corn mtills, or' a later' intllt, a combined. One man csan riildi2.) or 30 nlshell of neni per dieitt with these tIills, anld they cal be ut tlahed t- I eliltilt gia, ettd are particularly calculated tur phiitcr's use. Apitlyto i :AMPLIN & COOPEF., i l5 , 82 Julia street. ER F.RC.AN''S ca have a beautiful eireular struck jifL Il lit two hours oieice, by canlling at the Orlenan Litlhoraspliei( tliee, 533 iegzttte street,olpposite uanks .., ...,]itnl2 SACKEItEL-35 hall fible Ano 2 Mackerel, fur saIe L by READ& S A It. T W, mjnl 67 Grnvipr .strrt. l ICON-1il enska prime Laotn sides, necoved par C ) ateamer Iollnrel hoedtler, for le by ri jo ( ?IIS 9 Tw I.ever ke .(iToCI,'. T' \11) onli r rier bet hii dolv nanrin lIll*Io - ic e lh it.e I.m I l N p , a Roberlo, . . d e tnlir:l. 1. a ..... or ti. p:trniut riln er . e reul' le d b y I I I' lf s l ll'lt ' u d l ' lll Y I tv , b n s Pt e s 1ill i owdonll ll.Uin int. GL t iiiI i OiiiiisiiOn hel 3lc aot. A" l . It or ilýl - sn talt -ntty a lieu uh IdOtes t "s , I l ,"' t llILCd In . I l i.iIl; lilt) o l tir sti lo w jlOLM.i.S & itll.l.ý, H1 T HITa1 1 yl. . I A ' : ; t,- wid v e., fr ,b h e l gli il 3 & i ,,lCe II( I-,! 1hVlo) Ni -ul AlA de Plrne plo r t j l a: .\ ., UTIet' ;;; .\iled-e l i- N v m,,erl ne, . pI r I . Stirt:i S 'ra·- · n.o" P1t o 1 har.. il ea .Mh'au ' ,' JoIn h I e '"re i a n d i t it. ni , l :t t i e ea -Id th ' rot h i I. , ' N C'; & II ti I I hl", [toe ,. si.':?.: :h a ere d thot r, ,, neo a ...i.r ' i ! 1': e oit r y n Ie . e e ti . rl1c u, air u: ' ' l' ...:··: · i p t.llR , tI li,.,i- inter- t-rtt' , l / I * :,rl c n l, o urlo crv thi letli -n l " i ira i-' t: I:tr mid llt en , : d.linbl i IIt IO .S'Irt t: the 11 '.1 m - annd i., the. liit- II Ir ;,rih,. -'tlienl - un. ai .I Mhai r pert, nit i p ubn m.era:rated. i, 12 ise f .(,h+r at itreltlhin i ,rnr ee K. tterr i. o.- b a,:" i i'tttt ,e I prhnl'ient t . alenre n Jcn.iltoro q i I t I n p rolr e a t d illr de I , N l .uelln 0si6-u. . It o I'reum a 'lln ihone a n C loe ion, Jnoen I Iv Al Mfirn or RicSan ln d lpeeRt l ntre lotr l.erL. - iil ci orn lee irCorncieals oe Martin & Meet-No 11082-Il Anuto 1 838-It eesion das prepriethtob faite In par r tieeI st opoe htiti IS toenpebe. poe b Ia ot,-ur, Or eour lto.Irblfice de nourn chinenieroo; il ent irdonnk par tl court oe resditn the relcirs ar. elnllearn t I el iwbtule d dJ BeMark, ESq, nt pub, mterrediA, op.t etnbre nrooloin, npoir preodre o econeidonmtion leor offairNo dn 8p7itiennaioes et en ottedartnt, tlotn Pool- In - ' ites j14tre so pfromte Po siin oei prie r s'n rt eo t t do meure ,.ospedn-o. Et I tat de ples erreen quo Gee; SI K Rogera, lIeq, soit Inoml pour treprne r loeasinra w Icierus baou e Par ordre do lo cout. purtac en illeswir, Niouv lle loanellr, Oranuat 138 AIIse AN h P11in I, on;ctler. L r an Etir seate nt e bloo bras rllI1 ncae eiesaln leb r.t or theinln on .ie d eiosl ano A civil rl.tiorns aif te olited Stales. Ily Jd Fou i eloen Cooper. Tho Two 'll.ri ; oer, Adrntearcs in a Ceountrt Hear and othlr tlnle, tb) l.ud Illeosingou. E L Iulioer, Moe as, Norton, Bory CornMall, Esa Goret Captain lrednin, nd trerso,i u a nr 2 vle. S hite Ri er and thle lteepby Mies Prdsni wauhor of the Citbe Rnl e;. Ie e luln a ' oIe i'On tuft of i ent., nhe Gift C nta CIe end Aeunt I w ith ioe aood euigreui'go by Aoderon. Ia ut 6 cot eW e:otnul and l's, oont oe. DroSIN l)FS-70 bula room dnits, laniding and t orf tuleby JT.IIA ER &CIE. ity, jy 14 n 74 Pnydre street DAnKVE R& SCIIAFFEd'S CUinmpOUnT Fluid Er . a o tract B ary apornillo, Ior the cnue ofnateinaete eruptions of the .ukci pimples or puatules o f the ed fa.en biles whil terise tIrolto an lnpure te nofthm Sblood; scaly ruatioel p ins in the bones; chranic rheumat ieiv teorand .r; eruls or ilg'l evnil whit. swelling; syphilitic dioasesn alld all disordoer a friing tro ato impure state of ine blood, byA i long I residence in a tae slinle, ore thoe injtuinieu use of f hmer c r riyroA n iue stat .ofthe foa onea orurvtie: the best preplratlon new extant. 12 Among whisk are lthe sllow a':- lldisa LDyea for al-t not tile hair n, Ber's o. 0h R pian Boer Gruasn,; Puoeatui; iclhaw's eFreC I Wash: ius. eint- perir Pearl pou'ser; Lily White; Cream of Rnured hog Vegetable Rung-n Ott of Ro,.; Lip Salvn; Kr.. Ire- aete Tootlh )Ital; Citrlonile Dentrfice; Olango pa- Floweaer Wa or; Puowder Puffs an Boxe; Alor. can Charcoa, neutly put up ill four uueo vailli na" Pienton Salts; Coh(,gollt; Kreosote 'ITolh.anche taDrops; .air Bralo'.n; Eighia Drosaieng C:o toe Id a. Ionan Hair O ,;--n r vorttly of aour Purl - Sof mertes, &c. Fo r snlI by L W GLEN N'S I'EIIRFUMERIES. iite J C I LINt'lH RD, s Corner o! Calntl ilid Bourbon atreete PARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &t. OURNAL of an Explorong tur beyonod tile a Rocky Mountains, uandur the direction ef the A B C S M. performed in the years 1835, '36 and 73; countaining a description of the geogruphy, ge. ..,ngy. climate aned productaons and the nus or im malnellnrs and ultnom of the nalivcrs; with a liI o of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Sao el Park,:r. A A he River and the Desert; or Rcbullect.ors ,a the RIonlo and the Chartreus; by 1fue P.rlird". autlhor of the ity ol tihe S.t tall, .n. ill rulO. The Rabber, a Tale, by the autb oul itici:elie., Tle Gypty. AItlla; ins vole: TIhe Two tirtnl; or Aden uase in a Colnntfy SHouse, anlld otllear Tales, by Lady Bhiosiegtoo, E BaIwir, l lrs Nuoton. Barry , ornwall, Mrs ore,. ae C.ptota Med.i,' and others; ill 2 vols. The Lil .ad Adventurea oa .tlhlol e Nic..:eby, edited by Bun, with lloustrations by Pmi. No. 1. Just resolaved ald Ionr rale by BENJAMIN IEVY'. I.iMON SYLUP ANDL PICK.L S. 100 l0UXES Lemon Syvrup; 14: bo s saonrted Pickles, in quart, two quart and .slos Iot lie from the nanufeltory ol \Win Und( .*oid, andd Irwi ha IHsbkell, of Borton; landing frm b ig T'ulle rand and ship Charlretao, for sale liW JAIlVIA . ..NDIFIEWS, In'I 'or ('olrlnlon end ''rbilalllllo llal s U. SUAYAI I. tOJCFLI--IIUIO uia e u j"ll tCFFp't'RK 1:' bng Iprimne green Hivunai- Caoier, li thoditg fruta brig A E,oud fir srotle by J. ID AIF Il., ji0 _ _ 9 Camp r + reer. 'o. I.h jW ; Ith oPE-- 1I:t pa K .n rkvy ,,aegln , . i ! I oil I:ope;ras alo awuml lot FI 'I wor, to le by J Ih.1l...F., 'iw CI ,i Tl ,e. , , . blxaa cfd 4 kegs lprtre Chtwlng rco, (Leatlaer'n brand,) iI -lore ulld lor sale I.0 . 9 llaImtp street. Sil (l OF F:F:-80 I,.8( ii, ,.7..--fle, fii ogla jI tuality landing froin Inrque H'enrt Ir rsale by I A'I'E'I',"N & AVEII'. J- , ... . . . . . -; SII.FAA'tACIt S Far 1839.-FJ lit ,.t ii' . n n al.,ilot ft Pe..ple'sa Alonhearka i,,1 , llil nacks, far sale Iy It a t; FF..'& . New YUak. HarI:(II11' lie'i, jrit :1 . i hirtrP' treat. S-tXAS FUNDFtFD:r Fl i-tIiA I ii'., and hdi fur's Draft on th I're:i-ur.,wateld by NA'I'FI'L TtiW'n,,E\F), jel8 Exhnt. otg i.el, Giavier o. r EXAS BOUNTY A` D want'ed h NATI-H'I. Tt IWN"H'ND. jel8 Exchange Hltel,Gravier st eat. IpmBNEN'S INSURANCO COMPANT tF" N1\\ ORLEANS. TOTI''E is hereby given, that the books of slbierip no. C..r the remnaining shares of tIhe capuitl: stork of hkiec Company, were reipened on Monlday, thi 1')th inal. llweena the hours of I ' and I o'clk P i, .n"i ,•llain open the same hour n'eaeh day threalftelr, uti the whoiile shall have bern nubscribed far. By order of the Board of Dirvetors. June 14, 188. ieeretary. FPPD. WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, fFF.RS his services to thaI public it. the depart ment atl S.rveoing an <id Civil Engineering, both in ttnl sind coIa1trv.i Froieu nideranlle eXI erieneeti his profresini' and by pro,pnlltesv ani liilerit itll ioh e:eetfilio oft bulineti eutrutied to bim, ha nhopes to rerlt ad cecive a sltrwof pblllie patrolmnae ilawill also Inesore alld ealculate ite iPintelllt of walla nod ercasvatilts. icne No re ilurea Iireas, secr d story ' INS 0 E lIl.. i Cabte anlrd in bbls, srra nted l pure rticele, fte rale, while-elea nl retail, by - JAILVI & ANI)REIVO, b ldicinoe, Paints & Oil Denlers, jet8 Corner of Ctommn T'I'ehoulitlulas siat. BR IOVN ScIEE'I'l liSa 0, o l11e coda F-F Blwnt p Sheetlmgs. adintg ftin sulip t')lerkee, s itable je18 _8 Grvier street. . PER ( C\NDLI:. tiuhL. &.e. 0 BOTXES New Be Itord Sp erm. C eidles; 30 Ecasks new Bedord Yinter Oil; 1., 1asks RAoofin Zinc; 6 boies iri,.o Itaasoa S urgar iIl coils hale Rope; 3U piecers lagging; 6 casks Black .lead Craeiblea; 13U casks Paper Hanging.; l50 baskets Cbamnlpagne a ine. For sale by JOSEFPHI C iCKAYNE Je8 25 Grunvier street. I, E.'l'EIN BUT'riFLt--I39 kegs, received per V steailher Va.ndalia, frot Springfield, Illinois, superior article, for sale, by SLATERl & TRIER, jel8 40 P itlra' aireet.I. a .ORK-RnmRip Sol't Mesl s and P n ), or alrle by jul Ii DO)lFFEY, 44 New l.evee. 6PERM OI10 , CANtDLES,& c.--3l casks New lie, Sfird WintearOil; 2183 boxes do do Sp ten, Candlea 211 casks roofing Zinc:, Ill bores Ilunstn tould itadies a300 shaleetsa raziers' Copper. In store, fir sale by JUSEI'I IU:cCKAYNE, sp'O0 - 5 Gravier street. L RAI LA L.t--.'uU kegs ii, ctnre, lnr lile a oy i .. I. , I 'R t ,i lt Ilý It-.I . , CHESS IAI)D EASY; being a new introducthio. to the rudiments of that sceenttlic and popular aine. lit Ueerge talker.' Teacieral, Clheaa. o lele |.race a novel by .sr C Hia:l, autdhr i f ketchesa of Irish ChLIracter,'l'Ie luccaneer, e .uc Tle prit of the Woods, illutrated by colo red on Iravi..s, bI the nuthor aof'he lori of a lowern . . id 'en' Views of Puots and iharbours of Greatr lri- no'l tain. dila F'lnra's Gems, or the Trenasur- of the Parterre; I raun bouquets, drawn and en!red f'rolt nature, by Janme da Allndreis: ith poetical illustrant.ia, e I,h Laia.A.n ' 'T'o amlev, auther of Th'e Rtomtcran of Nnatre. anlr A Glossary of Terlia used inl reciau. Romann. l- I - lian, ad nohicn Arehitrcturc; the second edition, en hilrgd; exetiplifie.l by !Oie wood cuta. A ddmlk's e.gicleere' Packet BInk, for the y ar 1838; with tn Ulanctae; by Henry Addlek, Civil .naineer. l VWork I .orld Iaecon, with iitrodll t ,ry eesay, itai '9. . liTY t,. ,,i 'I r nom t, Ch . 1 ý.. , of hbarles It. to the treaty ,at peace at ni te atitof Queen linn-. t. new editton, , ,. J.Jceived andi for aOte blv ol rrX8 ,a(tNI' i ;--Ir)ainoi in t lev 'I It 1 i DE &" i c 'TIKR, Isi jc27 ca. Coni.,t & latzine. am \ L( R0-111 blis alt telre lo i , nailg antd for i Pala by 'l'..'l',' tJ, '. .. AVE:LI', ja'7 ,ist ;racvier strea c l l nnttesjstinatnect i Mean .ill ., rio~ 1'.');, 'l ps , brhuldeir . nd bere, id fuor ,o p a ti, - ýijHIShElI.-JO" ntta tetijijid (Itiet' l or nsalby i. I.t)il. V, 3jeO 44 New Leven. fa S6") )IK -abt l. tf all na setiie. jilrt iltstecttd t f andi l b d eina'thic iatantln tt, he ri. l.(IRlSE i, r jeni 44 New Levee. D I g d resOketehallelirntll t ateinr, ir t.i J 'ItHAYEIt&CO I tutin erected o int che n a Imprl ed p)lan, and ln an airy and most aitlirnaie statounn, in the fuubturt F'rluklid, upan Ihe railro.dcl, une mate I'onn t Ie t lisnid a Th' Iuilding in Inrge and moet .nle..edic.Islc y diidld tit., ep artents, fcr hkepmg separete different clasnes, rnd liffrent disneeasr. SThe institutit a is supplied wit the imost ekilfel and attentive InIle and femalc nausne, and speaking thle n i. nin ais modert langun-e. S Prnivate mr ms may bit had tby gcntltnaen at five dot SIna pci day, including attenlIce, c cla. S'Perms in tis or niry wards, teo dollars per wtay. SieSlave aelso twii dullars. Small Pok it the drdinary wards, five dollars. N All capital surgical opernatilns extra. c The resident phAiriia is Dnr Weddleanilto whom im p lplcictin tr tlmisesion ust hae Lade. or tinr C A Lucemberg, No 17 Rampart nret. nplt in - EAF LAiR--i00kegsg sontnreai'r ceat Icv id L U dORSEY, - je29 44 N.w I.evee. 'rut IO)N tIE"0 MORPHY, IProfessor of Languages, io now t" l prepared to r.eeive gelltlemeu, hli nilay bie disc n' posed t stpe I a part f their Ieiau • hlert during the a sumaner. ic aeqaring the French, eptniah, or Einglish in.ang.i : t .ach gen.lnian will ihave a sepratna ct hatrctn'rii 4 to it o'loiec, P. M. N. II. 'ranslationma adl as usual. Office 67 Char tres all 4 Ilienvdle strenets. jsiid -i tlIE NA'TURALIST'S OWN ]tOOlK--Conlprsting ad deelri)tinil acid authentie iaeencdtee of Q-adrult edi; ecieiiticallv arrsnt ed necnrding to the syataem of ct Cuvet by thle aithor of tihe "YnounggAn n's Oiu nook! THE NAI'UKAL IISTORY OF INSECTS-In t- swo ilimes--vol 2,formning no. 74 of the "Famtily Li ihebrasr". he Aydigeeliorthe LAW an ...ENCE...CRIN. C... he -by lHnry, Esq .ith lotel and ret.ancec to Amnerienie decisian, and to the Englidh enmninutlauw and sc nelesilastieal seports by Geoge Shnarwonod. t On DIAons oFr UtsEAnseas of the Cilan-itneed up. Cs on the compnriasn i f their physical and gmenral signs, ngby W WN erhard, A D P RIsCIPLL oF PAT lOLOOat acD PInaCTICt OF Po'cisc-By John nlaekintosk, 1L D., from the last Ion dun edition witl notes Ind additions, by :Samucs Geo. Mortun, M D, in 2 vul's. RI 'P AI gc.MrERIC N JQUATERLY t{.Vw--No :6 fir I. UDeember 18s55. Just received and ar sale by Cs 1'12 Win McKEAN.carnor ofC tmin anc d C:c. . SLsteamboea tat bnnr tl teaV an, aor se by ft. LATE'I & AMI LUNG, n- CO.S iDES--l13thll baeonid., IdIc.,gitp ht: ;, ) ate boat i. eoral \VWanc, for elIs by -LA\t' . J.,i r :LUNG., Ln- iy, 17 Co mnerce street. SaIna lout 14110 TlIos.g at Canrr ailti. tcr ale by j)2 cnur Conumn & MaIazine streets. A LS l UR, WIll'SkEY, P.iRK &i BEEF-148 bblta Li pRefin" aid 15i do fill t' flonr; 1i bhld commoni tice a- 46 bble relctified whliakey; 7 hbls mess naul 15 bhila t att rime pork; A bhlst prilm be:i th i a . rt , of a fat bant srd the isle lne. so clude, by LAYET & A .,LU.NG, g"e. . 17 :,Citcaec street. ,I , Ia. I t (6h U boxes elachl)i ihi lnai , tar Sale READ ia tbdASTOW, i l ' t7 ( ank Place. t I.1 ;ME-- T-foa s,,le i,. e i, jy6 7 Bank Place. if ? GGING-500 p Kentucky agie, g n fur sale by KE.\rD n .irSrtt\I, tie, j)6 7 Batch PIcIne. eby, I-AMILY IIAM--.4 bi.ecmcnanssned Familys Hams 1. P of superior qllthl, lnihng from ctlstmboat aMo.rh, for sole by iA It'c' & A.Ice UN(.. jc2 jc"6 17 Ceulll, ll: reel. LW I ! t,alu--theo wore a wreath of o.le; Ftlrr Tree,; _o.i hlrlh my fairest; Ti'thnrSpirit Conue sing .your mcin, T,'. h.lath thin niglht; List the sayt o the G(ndoher; 1 he lad- lea.ver the banquet hall; lln pollnuo'a ndulhit revieh. Just receive and for rale at II CASEY'd, an24 tI'-,Irtet un V tltNiU'J: NEW WOtK c. r ItHE RtUCi t , T ' 'AINl-Orserner;inacidents I and adrouluraeu I "the Fnr Wet," digested fromn he jour.alof Captain H I. E lBonev.tle, of the Army of the United Statde, anl illustrated from various oher C tourcee, by Wehihttori irvning, in 2 rvl.r. I('H1, VICTIMS OO N IE'I'Y--By the Conptem of tteoeirgto, nd 2 vle. Just rettied end lIbr satle Ity W .\l11 ,,KF.,AN A3,PE3, g.tils, ateel t..., ink, Iluid, wafers peeling waux, ildia rubber. blke .a.nt, poate, and every other rtie of l.madery, f th very best qualiteon Inantly tu hand and for sale by iDVID FFit'r&CO. t 1ntl N Y.Vttitnrr' ialln, 28 t tlur ltes t. R IIT'E HAVANAr SUT 'It-. bhaies landitig 1 teome sch Texas. feLr -n'e by may -8 tI.A 1'1':It ';iIi:lt, 41 Peydra et Tfl{EX-:' yOtL)EY--$18. l'ehrlsurv ortes ibr ale 1 by 1' it IYIE &' BIUo'I'IIFER, A V8 39 ~ rnllmln . o r. )Iletarin at IU Af-""JU ghd in a ,t-r sate bI, A en G D ,iR.EY. 44Newl.evel. SACI)N-41) cackru Cinicitlati t; red, in store, br Ssatle, by U. l)tiJ. R d' 1 LOUR--4l10 bbls, in ulon., Ibt Sale by jet8 (i. .)R."El', 4 New lerre. -EA.F 1.Atii-5.i0 kege, in ine shbipping ritder, far I rsle by U. DiiSET, jet t 44 New Levee. SACKEREL., LIME, &r. IV 274 bidl. mckeeral, no.., 1o an 50 hll anrrell nnckerat n l,n and t 1129 casks of lime, o11 bundles hav, 5.50 feet lunber, La.nding fruts brig Rlnaldheail fo rosle, by J 17 STIETSON .VEt:HI" L 'O. NEW tHAT STORtI. JUST reeeried eir late arrivals tin Nr.ew I'ut k, reh aneallalntfashion"ble IeortiineaPt of HATS The sllbolriiber would partirtcularly call the alttentione of tle putelic to a sti le of bellver hats of a sul eriu t fiish, fne texltre, rie and blritiful tlusr; tild to a fine plain ltusia linta ofa superior quality; anld alai a erletdid article of silk int, tugell or with a general ta i sortalentw ililtufuettlt+d tyl Iunsell, exprersly for this iltarket, whlatlele aitn rletail J W O)SBORIN, 34 Chai, teh-et. N. 8 City and country dealehs are invited to call; I RICIIARDS, 'l'ohaeco and Snlluff nufac turer, No. 247, Camii e::7et, New'Orlant, widtes to inormn his tMrends and the public in genltal, thnt he; t now ptepared to inruhidl any thin`, itt the abrove tusiness, netd has toilitsntlry for alr the !ntthvltlg article: SNU . tioe, Gelmani Raltiee. .Mtebuy, Elnllilh Pei .-lL geni, Ainriean Rappee; Natuhito ties, Imltaied, gentlem:m's; tiegnlt Ot, [etrntell tt tIapplle, Irilh lllckgt rd, St. Omlr, Celucon, Paris, Purelpaniisalt, Half course Iltppit, Saotch, and lenline aoth lnowder. Fine cut nhewltg, sweetluented at plain. Fine cut smoking, of various qiualities. Rib-foot Virginia, Spanish, Ito. Theanbeteatlelestareall wnarrantt as g dati ifnti su r peritrto laythng of the kind inlportrll, msil will be furnishedton denl toc the ni s mt liberh l Iermr. lni 4 NEW li3e. ,r'lL S.i' lttb CANl)lt.,S--IIIi ta,.ten ilf New Iledltrd .ipenerl (:tndels, Idnditlg Ihfi shipt Kentucky, anl for otle be tAWRItNUb' LE.ENIttiF, jes1 2li.l 29 New l.eve B RAZIEt.SCOPPER 1000I h-eeahrh iern copper weighing ten pounds each,in sttre nnd for sale by SBAMUEI. LOCKE& CO.. Ivo8Front Lever, between Custom Ilouse and Ilien ville Streets. june 24 New Orleanna and rrollton Hnall Reind Alrranllletntei for rolling the cars fiutnmthts dalttr. tFea tirnnOLLTan FoaM NEW OnIt.rL eS. Te hi,rea ati4 o'cl'k AM Steil car at 7 A 11 I < i, 10 do d to d li 2 : to d do do do 7 du d L do dor do do 9 do Ii d t,, do The Ai 'l.+n t,-en uart ind I.afovette, halftpast 6 io a'hne',, \.1 , ".I: II ,'iet at t o'clock A MA, and rult ningh.t h l .i t , i-i' e,:. The- cars will com mence Srunnincv e.iryl. li i ier. lld continue throughout tile a day ut:l t n '' r r IhIle a C elure street care the anme jne Ilfl Jac: nitl alrect, S AT. ,lit) 4' it- Et, i gpraee ltg,-t0S rar-miedt 1per trig Star, io stiret.lir rsle iy • / SLA'I'tR & TRIlEl, mnll 411 I'ovdrns street. C ' ;I \WATErl(-Dircoely imported fromt CLb l ogue, ly H1 IIONNARFenL, car Natchez and Tchapitutas te. ce i'7 The genuinenees of tile article is proved by the an autograph oftthe inmaulacturer, Johann Maria Furitl. I t, sp24 to A GREAT BARGAIN cii ArTILo. be given in a choree' Pircel if SUNIMERt cc 1' CIOTHllING, to clos e a cnignmenlt. Per- 1t sots woiohilg tt purelhase tre invited to call and c- lit onlinte Ilia sale, at the offiee of NAT'IL TOWNSEND. jr'1 Exchange Hotel, (raoier at. tn HIl-'o:-.h is io mltoru, o br sale hrv 1' I1ll24 , 0 i Itt)ItS"Y,4I4 New Letey. I-Oi 111Ji-300 bblh atjthe lauding, per fhat, Ir gale n, jr.3 44 New Leve. 1LA3IA WINI- Swae t ano Iry..alaga Wine, n qr cke abed lndi n Ibblt, entitled to debentureo for sale bIy RtEAD) & AIAltSTOW, je7 t7 Gravior et. c SCAA.E S lmarerdl, gurpuWtlder, )oung i) eslt asrd OJ uchuag leas. Ill h ,xI It Malaga Rasims. 100 half do do do. IOtllbargn primer green Hlavaoa Coffee. 20 hlrxe irhel, Havana Sweet Mlelrt. 300 boxe- Young'a' superior Champagne Cider 275 cases Bur, erux Clnar't. 310 cases superior old Purt Wine. 25 do do hiterry. 3 pipes old I. I' TeneriHfe. 30 kegts rirne Goshen Butter. 50 coils .lanilla Cordage, assorted sizes. 20 ctll tarred do do doe. 100 dozen superior Corn Brooms. 51 kegs aossoretrd Nails. 50 he'. No 2, White Lead. Ill c.riern Winter Stlrined Spenn Oil. t0ro boxes New Sedlord Spler CUnodles. l. 1011 boxes Itoston No I Soap. 30 boxes French Bnrndv Cherries. 20 boxes Urderwood'a Pickles, assorted. I lllhli American Gin. 15bblo Arl.trasn Brandy. 5 qr casks BUrclnv's PFrt Wine. S loar, Butter, Water aal Stdl Crackers, e Iilol a .r Navy read, matnufactured by the Patent Steant i*hke condlantl ran land, tdcerther with a general assorutllrt of Groceriesr whoultale Lnd retail, Irv ZACRIIAlrIl & IiltO'TIIEIl, je 27 71 (Jld Levee street. i' isflt t -tI 5001 garllrns Ihet English lineere o oil now landing from blig WVillian, trolm HlIstn. 11r;I0 gallorns foreign and norlhrnrt h nlltrntftetturtrl titrseed oil, in casks ant barrels, ill otlre, and tir sale llw by - JAIRVIS & ANDREWS, " Ithlolnele tDruggioto 1 y7 t ,r Cotrlrnon & Tchouplstoal, sltreetr. h (OAt -3r brrne Nr I erI n rl rtblad ofrltrd rould r jy7 134_ lagl ine street. SA IE IOPE-CeFl5clls Uhle rope; of e perlpr tr i quality, for tale t iv Itg ISAAC r IDE e&tU, I jy7 134 Mhguuioc tlleel. 1 I_ ORK-21i5 btle rlo ss and Prioe- I O rand P 0 k Cl Pork, flr sale law by In LAWR ENCE & I.E.IENIDRIK, .' jlO '2 d and29 New I.ere. s OABeo. SAI. : 30 Cases: b0 boxeso trach: tlit. t b'e alt, for sale by - IdEAD k BArTrIUW. july 19 7, Bouk Placc. , ' F.L0.UI--IIr tInbl, laoding frrmtt erruburr ,. I. Mills, for sale by G lIit"EY, e jyl7 44 New Len.,'. or. 1J OTICE-The subscrilber havingrr puerhaed it S Stockle of Messrs. Irwin, Iloll &. ortor, will orutinueo trtransactsn a WVhrcsalc Grocery and Croill r ,lll-i ,a Bluhlress. lie Irres one hlad a get.eral atrolt. ' r J oi f t raneT eornT .toa bSwhlch bhe fro le for ul, ual nlmoderate leasr, anti saotritl the patrouage of his t.l:;ai or ilhe eormer concern, iand the public in g, te. ua ý rai. r 3. It JOllN CHRI "TI, " ri r n 1'II:'L'I has rra caoved from No. 13 Net ;,; l. tt" t, 7 Common street. y 147t I ,ckhJrt'a Lile of Walter Scott, &o. et 1) 1' , I t i .. Ist, ofi rockhat' Life ofitie Wautr S I.atn , )y th.. ...r! of Flirtation,The Divorced, &e. by h· r o. i Wraahingtou Irving, now edition, vols. h1vw1 ;e n do; arnal of the lMedlical Scienrces Ni bla 43 r, le I n" , . , Juee rcclr.d orrd for sal, Ir WVM CicKEAN, hI cur Catr;p and Chmtrarn sttrios. ant Also, a rther supply of lice. or the : ,lynerie; sequal to Ernest raltr verr . "j.ltr I EMOS IYK lcCI40hreoouperior lIcetrm1Yvrul ret .L oer aln by READ & BAIISTOt. 'l" t' 67 Gravtrttrent. OtKt0 Ibbis hMesand 10 Pek, I.bbls prin ce. iuspecred I'otk. fr alea by LAWRENCE : LEciGN[)TRI,, rm28 2 ew 'Q NLevre. uee. IcllS.ISEY~.29r ,lrertified landingfrom steam er lplendid, for ala nby Ut)tSEY, u,1il 4. New t.ev'e. sla ... . .-- ..- ----. --- I) ICE-ZOI colasr atar 56 taka laeeine d Oer ogle ,ot 11 i -Du easkh of I'homstaetu huIr ra Ib a J l CII.StE hr DIXE ', "el. jv I I ti 'rlr tilhluqr-,r a Ilrcrtn . NPW PtIYRICAit ONd. T 1lF u .lnan,c the tiny enl Niyiti ccthiit L Jerry Ii tu:btuO q fr.l Canridliaui TCorr l 3t . oolllpaniod by Bob .ngýýIe the mu d, ý "!R" earnblec anod sprees ,lnroah iit. Metropnlibt by P'iecre Egan, itn volt. Vivian i~rev,a Novell ,yri'fieueti, eomplete in l voa, The Yioung Dube, ovel, by the Autlhor of Viriari (:rey,coaaplctelh 1Ivl. The HIlutaww, Ftoiicd by Thetdirc I, bk Authnor o* Gilbert (Dornec. Just reeited andlti wile ant thbe crner ofCa'np ann Comoan streets, by Wm McliEAN. I N Il( iltt FIR)l'UFt lITI ll coin vuryee S I crior pr ..'i, in d' set I) ou ·liiinin t door tui ut inpleic: jslreeecned pr shlip (:li Ilodge'nu o ak cr ale by L.Al OlN N CO., C HllCK~ (IN HE U' I EI'"I $ l'A l' a Sb for Babe by I lvi ENiI. S i.iyEStlt jot. _;t__ _. New Levee. pl)ttliANci-ldl cacic .llco'o and BItc' Kip and 1) Ituoti.(t BIooco'. or acr bly ISAA'C tt~litr:ft & CO), jilt 134 Mngacin'. striee; M R. $AM1'enI. 'in.' K'iyoIc is m ar l o riz. d 1. Agent Bari,, I II), ahsenllc" fro n for city. DIfNIEL. bANA. :ii RAT tNEtq. 4 11E:,AITIF1'I head nfbnl~ir in rh·· Cmnndest nma~ S evelonTin' t In tbc.llhlcrman Aoiln. Iornwilitr ri t l OwIon. tit it bchoner. thr cc'ccnnccce, ocll pratnte tlureiv Lring on iih nlpiiea.nrie of oldi oc. wlhch c ii. tie m,,nu to rceni it heii unecvrel. noaiilnrtimes. even to dlluu (eoviet' In avoid t cint ci ad cnuac of thrire. manittRnce: tner renleei ri,,ltreleir lives are rem cignqoillccilcl.t in rotiIc',,ient lIn shrc not evnrths In., if propirty fill. the reecroie thinking youth with th c nrnvv sinkinggoiomlltcm darni the tc'r of Ilid heir. T.r n, crt Ill thica rcliteinrt cire mrotnncrr,Olrlridr' .nl1. iii iclimluim b itp. the Ihir frum fllilcoiil tn thi lr-t oplipticotinn n:cd c fic lnttlrs lrareeec it again. It likpicia, prnIIIturcc Pi Clerci.' aiud ahitieCre; Irecents the lair rom iooaine erne, moket it curl lienotifullte and frc it iilrmirurf. yanaero.n eirotlfiiicte'tiftbe frat rrppertnhilv ic rsipport o the ciriiieo if Oldridgnj Blal e arliedcwn ,Ite plropriceoro. 12" Reich tic lolltoing: Itlhrt Wh'artbn, rcn, . lnte Mavor of Ptiladrlph licg cirtific.' + ilac i' arcno beloa.,, ti the high clharo ier..f hbe fIoctlloi cenilcoce. liTi unIIdieoigiulrd it,. tic e.bly iC. i iht cehnve anse the I1rlnl o f 1!'obumb r dir~cuvcrrl by J.()ldridge. andd baer f..cnd it liIclt ielel tc not only Ii a iprerreutiv Ainiti thi iullinig .fof haii, liut aliom certamn roetors five. Itt.I.l "t M THII ATitll, Senior, Mcthodlist Miio l.iaco in it (hilrcege h'nes. N" li Northi Fifth at. JiIHN I) 'fIi)M lht, It 1), 1113 Rarent JOHIN V FtRlI'i\ tlt Spruce street. HUGH el~ licCIT V.24.:t ýcotllh. 2 r( JOHN G A It It. Jr,t143 Arch rirret. Ic is known lhntbthree (il' ilh aliovi. oigneosanrentrt thina50 5uars iof ise. anld thie oticer not leta iiac 30. [Fro.. ther 'ucvor.J Commoiiialiih ofl uiierclinni Ci'v *yfi 'll lnoiiiicphie. "I, . '" crrrlifv Iliat Inn, Heull ,cqluninted withi * 1(lis. lilnii Fioe,, enlid t.iugb MCiurdc. '-1 - e i · rr i ,' lie iiloiic ireiiliiciteltnit tie. ," i , 1' Ihlr nulll rrrcCeil ittc, nnd ad i,, -hIiiii bie giver tice i th aild certliicato. !II :"",; s bvn rout lioUe herIuciiiii t c hI nrc u'ii r.I1FI the n,'III of the e ity t,, be (fixed, this c, a( ic reliber, \ r. [1 ] ittIE'l' Ic IAelc 'cliilntr. n ~il It'll, r", ý." Iid itblienpp iinwhciis reprln.,ete lh :I- i c ci... cciiiliitiicihuia liin. 1,"m l'.cto..eiccllniiiiiit ieefucwio tii..d, cii rnInutr tARVI$ & ANDItREWS, .c'i Xtlonlol ic' vrtinc. TIl E oubarri',er iprlioae to4 ithli.h, in'the be. ginintgl of the t ninii g wirler, (a Condensation rf lh'twenty vlolulu ilf th., Oid and Niwa Series of M. Irtnl' Louisiana IRports, to be colmprisod in four volinoIe., AIo., accordilg t tthl model of Peters' Codrn.ed Reports. 'ris work is now ij preparation hy J. Burton Iit rrl-en, Eaq.. of thi city. unsisted by William F. Br.,nlt, EIq The Editor is als permlated by a. dirs~ingl .hised retired Judge of the Supreme Court; nld bl) onie of the titting Judges, to expect from, their iermnomnl suprvaiion all the advantago which may lilutrally be reapedl tronl their exporienne Such a work is becoming every dly more n; ceraury, as the original is volulinous, expensive; and scarce. An inereasing curiosity too is mani test. ii the other Staten of the Union, in reference to the pecuhlarjurisprudence of I.iuosiana; andthe circumsitaonce of the nllmerouls principlCe here deb cldod in tlit adjustnient of crtllhers of laws, make/ the knowledg oif our adjudglld cases of prime uti lity il the jureits of the wlole Union. Moreoves, the riling republic of Texas hI. r adnptld our codes. and thus there is a great demainld for the Louisiana decisions from a fh.-sh quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the paralltl caead decided in Louisiana, and occaionally those in the more authoritativ ltoumil of the oller States, will lie added to each eise. The work will form four votlumes, royal octave. and will be delivered, bound, to suhscribers at $6 pir vol.; in rase it shoul I be found prnetinable to compress iit o three volume, the prie to sob. scriobrs will he $7 iper vol. Subscriptionll received by WM McKEAN, jcl5 cor Camp and Common ste. S;GA -- 1 ; hllhd rvet)grine PI'lntition erigh: mlehs. horn thle cityr l~e tle Iy i ItHYLIE II ROTliER, tn99 39 f1Co' u1i . at cornei of Magazine i r. " IlitI I--LLA & Pa.LtAS I\I.S--l ,ae. rl.-om-ip-s i_ i an asni)imlit, li i n ntua & tni. tiillnlldlll Uii brella. a id Paranoie,ludiuug franu Barque Ellenu niln lo sale by S1101' " IS A(C IBRIDGE & CO, 134 ingnelane : T - i: T iS', Ihotls, iriiilerith h ilei, i l. n e Lininme i, uitldkine' inunlelIt, tertian atbiile ptills, Bulilel' I.i"raveriill Nltlllgicii i, ialui lif ;Olullehk , &ie. i-; I oilin a I beal e bh II III)NNAlEL, I~n t eiNr .Ntches and Tchuapltlutinisale. U ii Lt-A Hull-e iII Cenol Street, beta em? S harise ild t'reliL Streets, suitablle f r Ilnur: lnily. 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