Newspaper of True American, August 11, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated August 11, 1838 Page 4
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hnoh.aoianippi ii Lniouiisiana Hotel, IRS. 't~AE Y sKl tIl 4AD respectully ae. Slitloee to her frienld and the pubhlic .o.e-. ally that she a preparel to "teenwmmdatle thmr at l hmoes establiishment, lnd hopes frim her snUtioen to render visitor cotnfort edo, to receive i nontinuOnow of former favors. She feels conl. est tlhat persons visiting Coviltoon during the aetee antlhs, eannot find bettor accommnda.tion, than 'eh san afford them, on more liberal terms. Her bhsee a pllasantly situated, and well supolied with every ennveniene.; the her is furnished with thelmoet hoeioe liquore, &a. in short,she promises "'at nothing shall hb weating on her part th give 5sti5 satisfaction to all who may patronize the iLIlppf and Laisiana iHotel. je3 * f'0 POBL1C.-T'he unddorsignd. he alndiacl under Dr. Set midt of Charleston, Snath Carolina, and for sone years his assistant in the practise of meodicem and surgery, has the honor tho dfer his services in this city. He aLuner the ladice and gentlemen that the most prompt attention will 6. paid to the calls which may be made; nd also offers his services to the beltersof elaves, being well acquainted with the lsees omenmon to them, having attended then in tie sgar house in Charleston. Thclhetous anti.bilions pills a ter the compostion of Prcusesr Suolalette, with directions, can be had of the usdsrigned. The etfict which they have pIedeed in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest succes, to which the best of rceeeoes can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. es Btroet. JNO M'l.)RIRNG. UUL *W AILS, WOOD) nK;EWb, ano IRONS, .e, THE HOWELL WORKLS COMPANY, No. 3 3 nWater, near Bekman street, New York, have received the past sesuon, and are constantly seceving large and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the llowing assortnment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Rollow warn of superior quality, consisting of lh~et 1500 tone, viz, Pets of S2 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, nettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Iakepes or Ovens, 7 diffderenot sies, Tea Kettles, 6 do SJkillet, . . 5 do Flat LSpiders 6 do SCovered Spiders, 2 do Orddles, . 4 do Finl Degs, . de Wagon boxes frot 1 1 4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 80.000 gross, iron and brass, from ye8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and lenw tuan Jatne's imported d .11 Ira assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for citnilieg. Talor's and hattor's Irene, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4 4 to SOl . ' 11ell for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &e. to order, Also steambats and other machinery made to order. The-aboes oavettment of goods is particuelarly recommended to th! pttepottn oof Southern a:nd Western neachonts. and are Effered for sale at low .risos, and open the nmet liberal terms ; it aw Ie *ivedtb he thei largest.and bet ausortment ever e'er.i for sale by any one eetablishmont in the Ujitied States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail. c in have a printed circular, willt decriptono lt' gotollhs, prioeeaud tenrm, from which no devoatoas is ever made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. j, 3 u i 5toi S SIp P l ' sod' t e. lo. tane.nvsp and Pickles, ".caorted izele; alie, 611 .bes of Lewis & HiakelPs Pickles; for clae II, c:ne a coserassent,by JAItVIS t ~tllii.Wt, sd vcor Conmmon and Toehll p nllhl SQOAP--liL hall iban Ae 1 1 Soup, brant of James S Gould, for sileobv IS l.\, B :'' i;.; . , '. Ss; . d.ellitll hotset on lion ICure', he tO.n o Tivolo 'ircle a.d ltroutdtl.: tlte-t. mtP. Apply to J UTi , ý. 19FELBARROWt, &c--5 h htelb srrow.n - dirt do. in ti*e, tr Nle by O CHAIIPLN & COOl .,R. mI SA :ul'a t "lAtdla uo ruatd Lop and Letter P..itPr. ,I 1t1. Slitie, eonsietitg of very sLperior blue laid, blue sa 0 white we, e, coil Ini auol rualeo rouoh edgv racordi cup, geustnetly eon hiand adl loo - ale by I'AVID FIC'L!' & CO. &C3lm " N I' itationert' Hall, 4 t'hartres st. m,1t,1 134Ai Su extra Cofferet IUt S t boxes of3 dtz etch Mo.rlle ins., 1t26, 50 dto of do no do 18s1; 511 .o olf' do 1. PP rt. 181ti +Si do of 2do L.P brown Sh^rry, till. 10 pipes ertr \tadeira. For ale bv HERMO(IOGENE, BROWN &_io. eur 0 Cr ti street. " LANK lIO,)KS. 0f' nary variltr of rlitie and I indinig, ronttantly on hfnd; ved dPrintire, hultl. cud Bindiag neatly oexecutd, at hort nolticl, lv I AVIL IPI 'r \ t'O. w31 NY ttatinnert ' Hulla,24 Chartres vi. oi - 17 Y-dO b fnurtll proof'.-tmericnto Briaody l, lsrdiog, for aleobv S,\AAC BRPtIDGE & (CO. mdl 1341 illrta.zine sreet. SNW two story brick loune, pitunted 5 doors .41 from the dnmned unaieionlitr liad,n St (lher es tslet. tnt veor li.,w, possession given mimediately Loqtira At the pcmise._ . .. i9_, f. 'LtURL--5 l blltia f Flour. for Palm by m10 G IOUR'EY. 44 .cw Eree.. C7~8SKS u:4oN idesa for ane by nl Ill ll'~"'l 4 lllo ew I evesr . 1liAteroI[rI A !.I)itlP.--.lzL pt i' .g iio,aOtla I 150 coilsa Raoe, lnding from Ambausdor. lir sale by LA YET & AMELU.\G, mil 17 Coimmeree st. S'tE ,-a pietieas . " Kentnklly aggin:, lad in nP tloioeunur Gen V Wave. ionl for sale ly YORKE, BRtOTHlER,, p,16 li5 Camp -triet. NO MERCURY NO. 00PAIVA ,New tMrie us, iN,. f4, IB'il SBOC'T se minthe ago I hcd the minifortane toI get 1. a secret dieasl., for hich I have applied to seve ral doetors for a cure, and then did not cure n nw on the abore date I put myself unller tI care of I toiet, Huet, and [ expet hiut to elue noe. Silnce tht tiime the dieuise got worse, as. i to break out in large ulcer, to the nulber of six olr eight on ea h leg, and all over my tace, and sore thront, and ilot able to work at he presoet time oil aceount of the dinease; luir leuer the right side of the throat. I in no oe ptltting r te eonfdently nuderthe care ol Dr. Ituel, ,. Paris, In hperfeitly cured JOHN DEAN. fey 14 ly I DO CERTIFY that the on-ove ient:oned disease h quite well cured to inv own isatifretiou, for whiih l hau. tr. ileto; ail moreover I tellae that the incoli rice I have taken le fit, and did not in re lly cealth at all; therefore I advise mt f Il, oitllcrirs t i loa no titme anid apply to Dr A. Huet, 15 olluroln st rImly will lind a tite dtol r lo thin coelplaitt. Jt)HlIN I)IEAN. (lrvier e treet. If any one wians to sete nlo call at No. 411U tla ie street, and they will lie eatiolird. To hbe publilihed at the opliitt of D . ouet. JittIN DEbN New Orleans. Feb I, 1818. fi. i 1, FI1HE (Genuine Ind,l Iauuiuilo ;.ive..ll ii. .. -i U hound, is plu up in botller at th l loIv price f alh ,eott each, contanilng the srengthl of three lounces " Liverwort, hbei les the irtuen it mnalty other ronlt and herbs known amont thie Indian as elficaeiious in cucriul. pulmuary eomplnlaints. The u oivalled success which has attlenied the -e ofit this inestimalle eBatlnm wh, rever it his been inteo dltetld. has oitoined the conllidlalce and reedmni, nda tibos of iellectaliles hlysicitas, for the cirri of 1 i111111, colds, ipai in the aid -, want if ret, spitting ou blood, li.err complitinl, &c. To whlal it man c neern,. Thin ie torertil t.t we hate tlt our prictice freqonvtlly preriehed lire tord. soerna adiatt Ioltall t o ft.iveiwor a d I Ini! ,,UId, wl II a decided rai.d efrlt: .re can therelor. ftrin the. know t11ne of the manerii.l it in made fro.n, niI o e v ,tson sll rterleoar re, meol.n entait ao a oillr.r pr lumrtiot me slJ.Lhtm oa.etlitrn of the lun,. If.r hicl it is re co!ienolstl. AiH"I' tlil 'iI.l l11; i, .I. D. CAILVI I1.1.1 il.1). MemObers of fith Iostnit Medical s-ociatin. Bosran. Octolber ,5. suloby JtltVI & ONIIRE"'S, tIla 1 1 1 all ,·* l i .era kee .nm.oe.ledl y "e M ..: ll ,' F,, ,,,,. SIUTI.R's lIfervesaent lagnesian .nerient--Fr Sdysprpeia on ijtlilceti ,I, InrcIt' o hle , pllii et ltoiotUdleh,nc-lietv o the etllich, esI'it. iIuiI co Mloe,,.neltaaeooadie.a.e elu ira el,ac .i I ch allsed . a centle, cooling plrontivi'. This dehirlablte preiarotiln, has roec-red 'I, r raer mr nee of ialny eiuent nmembers of I t :,,: .i> a. Imrmn adilsmernig iulllie niy ma lcaprl , .,r e l citd tli ll tits taif 'am y as e meallcila la c .ot .:,"n elicited.', Witl all the pleamng qualities ~,f a ico s o1 ads weaer. it pas -teen t i, ncllle me,liae inal prperlies ao the enct appr aed oalinm.e plrgativeer it Il pleasant .ti tbe llelate, nd mteflui t th stnacli. im POIT0'PA.\T C eUl'lOi'--the inieaireng erepto. lion and gret demand for e tatI il'a ffersreert logtioe. sias Aperientl, i ben n inll lduteht ar otihe o oiif f'ran imitcionutlhi ealuabltle ledoiie l. IPnelhaaere ars pantiri,.laly wnned o thin Is.t thoi they may he n tiatIuanirdo ld nol ploilur" ll llltpure arl ile. Thlslllllit ars renmelttlly inftr .ed thao thle iuhari Illi am enrlmenittly anpdlid vi h the ntriginl anil ge emai prelarati cis. Fior sale who rhaole a d reucil. SICKLEa & CO. iCenis. fals 40 Crnal .treeta N iO. W dARI)S Vegtatblr lair cti. litr the restoration i r td m th oIf Hlir, ivlng hbenlh atnd benut, andl I erehtit bailieaci. tlefte tlis lair Oil we ars o.Ioel to the Ihlic, it had I e.l Iriredin fnsesaof lcllir.e, Ihinuree atd oler nsoh dte hair, tind i every inotanle it eOlui ary afetllrFaiwere mlllioer. It herneer afi;d to prolduce tvaremu 4 heautlifl erowoh of hail cit hoed.o eileeiV lg.. Iaio.ta' wher,. it d.Y 4o eenccsIe " roi oi? i i .wil vran -+0 readelnr it healthlv, innd illriluc; e tit,+blP 4'b..uttiitl graltit of bhair. witiout the 'ea:l' tjuy il Wlue hbod. Tl'hlis Oil lieus ta aoreeelllir- fro rnrane itd ii prefrelobb to nnv lolher 1i it Oil for lit fimingrerlhlg nnd lelaioner th hair. 'lie h ir mot eana dr" afcer ueing it. For sale at udqaristy Siture, 1 Lutmp'sreet. r, R -Jt &I D'LA" GgE. .... .;!:L ;+.., ... ... ...iii·..... . . ..-tY s t r "1' s^i t,,l i so cr, errmewno rncnvmtogrOc a :. board ship Orleans, Eagle, Hiehlanrier, t'oker Andrew, Frnrh and Gertnan play ranrds; Back omnmon Beards; Chewnomen, 21-4 andl 293-8 inch lii ard RBlls; 8,9.10 and 1t inch blade BRoie Knive teather ani other trnvellir GBreening Cases; Bell Pocket, Heriensmn's, and Nillinr Pietoltn double eandl '.inme hareled Gluns; Game lgag; Shot Belts; Powder nd Pistol Plasks, n ram Bottles aid Drinking Cupo; T'.res;on Cape and Cap Holders; Cloth, rair, Tooth tnd Nail lrnhas- Orrts and C'hlorinea Tooth Wash' ooth Powder- Toilet and Shaving Soaps, in great ova riets; lon. Hair Braids, Ringlets and Frineltes; Pear And Toilet Powder: Emery Bagel; Ivory Tub Cashinn Patent' Slnles or Ganer," Gum Ltatic Sua.penders; Powder Pefft and Boxes" iltrChains , Seals and Keys; t,.r-drops; Waeis Buackrl: Rmealre; Bead Necklaces end Chains; Gilt and Silvered Beado; Indian Beads Halls and Plumes : Shell Twist; Side and Gres.ine Clombh; wllih,in addition It their fiormer oceek on hand. makes their nsenrt ment very complete, and will he sold ow and an liberal terms, at the sig of the Golden Comnh. 125-tf ". 70Thartres street. TeHEn lhoariher-, Agents fior the extensive hette of W. & S. Butcher, Sheffield. En"land, have inst ecereld n vern extensive set of nn B rn.s. ronalmting of Table and I)aeser e Kniove ofl' . - d~er'riion, Pen, Pocket, flickR, nd Spear point lnlares: Rnzors, Sri, sora. Edge Tool, &Tc. &e. e,&. which theyv as predced o exhibit to the trade tar orders. Termo and conditions will bee n adekl a n as the time. m6 J. REt.t BEN & A Cnmme n st. N " -:h GOODS. ImeMOfNh , IARTT& CO.-Are sow neerinio T oer dip Flern-illn , Earl Mprrr Andrewl Hinrt. ey. Pro F tch HoDnGerman d.l nr heel plevine artrs: ater helt atl pokert pistols; ploin, rilhed and split ens.iOt eaps. Tel, nlders seins 1"s, Iznlrs, ilt. resr; ;illtt'es enmmerci l ane d other ateel rens: Vio oa; Violin strings; shell, ivory and hoern en.h.:; wafrn: kI, I.el and leather pnoraes; hair hbtidss, flrout, snl aick rintle;tss nPgro ft..;G Gernn.llillnd Frenc1 elon.ltr eater, Roe lanls m:lclraeser oil, imilatinn tl; dottil l:t rid hears il; p:mhlte ldeae .snd dl esalng cnses: .ast blacki.g; stalin nill toilet glnses; convex minnrst; op ai glAsses anddiens; indian ead, beltl saoP l pIlumer reorleon; whit- .einen toilet and hooing snmps; toile nauder, , smrltie wash halls: senetted 'aoin emshlionm pooln stnls; screw co'hions; fancy head ahains aso necklacat m hilliard .hnall; poert hooks and w:dllttts: German hones; razor strap.; fine ma, common gaum olaatic suspenders, grteers do; Bells lcif :r m:luches sil 'err penils; Creynne, &e, e.a. The above in additin to our former ocark of fanev artinlea, Inakesotr sasrltnent very nil-l:et-.. Plof all :l whnle·ale or retail; as the sign of lte Goldert, Com. 70. Chkrtr, e stlteet. m.. NIOTi E-E-The parsership :f' Kellev, Msason &4o of New Ortean ; Mason, H v rrit d Co, of Nstuhez; ad iarnris, Kclev t&Cen., of kldn-v, was di's Ivrd nn he2lst of Mav last, by the death f Saonbel A Mason, tne notihe pariners ot the tire h. The Ilndereivtcd. urviving pnrtee.r. will he ebetrced with the settling a nd elin g ani hnid ejsnesr s fdlo~a: Levi C Hrrtis will attend tu the settling of the b foineoo of 'oson, ltarrls& C'o., It Natchez; snd Flarri-., K-Il ey & Co.,at I,dr-nev; and Henry Keller will attend to he seltling of the hwieest of Kellev, Ma-..o & C,:., at yew Orleans. The names of he ecveral firms will : oted in liqsidntio r r only. Those ind-btedl m said lirm are earnr;estly requested ncome forword tad nake early ettlements; anod those ohaving claims will please present them withouat delay. S PEVI C ItARRIS, HENRY KELLEY. New f)rlhnno, Jltne 27, 1837. 2a raers mre of thin souprtor Cologne water. just received aot for isle h.V the dozen or sillalte bottle. Als Aneritnn ant I'teneth tilrt p w;lere, ]anwder Suffs and hexes, thasinri and tdilet e pe, --nmetec .lnsh hallt, milk ,f roses, emarit roell cernetn,rextr .n o nask, kephatta, Ward's vgefrnhtic h:: nil; polnltlsn, '-n:ede pere, Flnrorda hlv,- ,anr. roee ntli hnv waters, 'roe'.:' salts, lttreille- etr'l- nl<tr:e t.t- a., veeta idel tdr d liuid ro e, Chlnre-ne r:d 'ten -,-oth wash,, tonlth, ncail letd .fl, -t: 'rU-lt.; t r.tltecr with an arldlitiatnl solpply of f:.-:lloltn lc hr i nnd shell combs and jrwelrv,ltor ale lav :;, "s . "-t+!r " r roil y - StIlMOI.ti, tit.V, ti k ;," Wu!yi . ii.m co rtt& 1 eeiving frot0 on ntrd ashi1ps h:1"ae,n ::- . ,1,. <,. nd brigCorn:ordia, fronm New VYork, - n- ·nt ,.,: t, gloois in their lint, nhichl tocetther tn it;, t tw- ;:t . mr,' stoc:k on ht.nd, makes their a-nr., nt ver, ,te. The lollowing comptnse a port, vi: elltwist. + de, stak ab d ddersinaermth n horn do.oofall dh,.+crio-io m.., I ,I die rubber, silk and wnreted ela*tie e.arlrr.e, ,ntlon k fine elsstic snaspnndle, loco f sce and Itoil'r if imnhes, SNisilitz pnwderes, powddr rtfl ant Ibxes, toiler ti wdTr, pocket Itks and wallets, needle hooks, shell, pearl, ivory anld t'lol'loenord caases, hlead ornaments, llin o nl beads, necklaces ntl neoligees, head nnaill, hnad aecklcet,rent rJclas anl pltinneed,dilverand giltl ead', Indian headsi, hInlhs nd plnmen; pistol anld large ptw ler flasks, shot heIts, horse, belt. pocket end dueiliar istoltl; dntule and single barrelled cauns. Bowie knive., and dirks, sristsre, hears, pocket knives, eunrd cbhain, and rihlbons, waist buakles, clath, Iair, tmuth, nil,coomh, rumbh. sotce, pllteat, oar oanti dotint bruslet, Cologne, Flnridla, laelnder, rose nid hay wnternssnrwll ,srces, and extras, lanreassenr, hear,aotiqie, al V;nlard's ve getable hair oils, shavin andl toilet tontn ol all Ies. cripsinns, ladle-' and gentlemenr' desk :Id rIreosine nnses, hair rinlets, frizettes nod Iraido, plain, lonrv and musicnal workbhnxes, plain and ihlt, inrred. tl, i ad' st hllttosn, pearl and ivory shlirtl do, chill ,Ittlltlenol and silver pepnil ases, toothpoicks nnld tw-eezero,plhted and gilt Ilnk-tc, n'iniatnre do, eilver, hraos nod tthel 0itibles, hooks atit eyes, hlair pins, i::itattan fruoit, ,lk nod redink,.hne hleeking, violins and guitar',rilhttd nnd plain penrclsnon caps, linno tine, .ented allh tenn, ecld stnl silver lace and fritge, latter paper, egane htcs, riding w'tips, walking canes, pltac canrds, fine gtld, platd at gilt jiewellry S&c "ishe above, t nether with . great variertvof othtr trti Ios are offered at wh:lesale or retail on acomonsat ntgn N Shell eornlu repaired. ýOi.7TT I.Nl -A'IflET'AILCOglf t A'lY' W. RIEY STORE-at the Aiyn of the golhlen eonmbh, lMo Chartres teePt. '|The nubcribers have re ceived, in additioo to their previous rttak on hand, a fili and complete assortment of arti:les in their line; viz: combs, perfumery, Jtwellrv, brushes, lIo'king glasses. ftnry articlesr,&e. consisting in part ha follows: CO()ll B-t.trtoise sheill, wrought and plain tuck,twist, qiilled back, long round, dressing, side putT, curlandl ne.k, Brezilin 'eombt of every deserip.ti'on amongst whi',h are some Mexican patter., Ivory cotmbs of evter' dnaacription, horn, dreing and packet', rgetlher with o general assortmeot of Frenah anl A lrienn. PERFUiMERY--idogno, Lavender, Florido, honey, ha, rose, and erange( flwer wafers of every size and des cription, canphorated Cologne, extract of itergat not, tancy soaps o altl kinds, shaving do in cakes andp ots, cream roap io, Wlard'a veetahle hair oil, bears and an tiuedo. Preston's smnelling salth, plain andl perfumed toilet powder, pearl powder, pow lee rtafs andl lxes pto. matam, in potr tsad tllsorna andi chlorine tnoth washl and nowdeas, with a general assortment of JE\VELLRY-some ofthe latest tnd most fnalhionta ble netts, consisting of white and red cornelian, topa jet eardrops, set in filngree, breast pins o a gre"' ,'e ty ofpatterns, watch trimmina', gilt ant sil'v ,tackles, sileer thimbles, silver and gtld p tells and eguard chaias BRUS.IES-Cloth, hair, dust. lg,crauab,heartl,floor, hat, flesh, tooth, plate, comb, Nail, shaving, shoe and whitewas rltiruaalea. LOOKINGt 6LASSES-German staltia and toilet eglassa, mangifying and French dlressit glaarsa, hotme io, wilh a vtririv of other kiods not enttorated. FANCY ANDl VARIETY ARtI'ICLES--Frenlh and Amleriean portable desks and dressing cases, some very rich and finely fialshed ladies work boxesand dres sing cases, with antd witout nlmusi, musical boxes, Ac cordians of various kindt, violina aml guitars, silver and plated pencils and leads,wood 'nt:ils for carpenters and crayons, mantle clOCKta,gtunMld piistoIl withll d without eases, emeautiot c. p,'ret.naii cap chargers, allplle acrewdlivers, stmt t eleltll, e lhatr blecyioy ty, Ltea setls, lnhdin heads of very t nl, , beds aln plUmlts, ilueand commolllno knllves, rallrs and scissors, |nimbles, needles, pinsa, silver platatl, steel and coatnltn atetta nlas, pocket hbooks and anallet. ol various kindl, tatiaing cards mRi card care., pilaying cards o' French, Germaat and Almerican manuftacture, dlls, iallitation Ittlt,. boxes, prints of various kinds, Saladra' d IPole rv's, Emaeraso's, Hlillmnan's and liawkio'e razor atratsa unt metallic lonAes,dirks, fancy bead necklace, io wctie ar drops,toy watthea, pearl battnst IMwder flasks, ei. end platt seed heads, gilt antid silver do, gtan elastic suapen. dera, adt garters, plain and sword canes, backgaammn hoards, dice, optical vielles, jiwsharl, hmolero mlatcl sanonia drinin gacua with a great variety otf laer arti tlae, anll ot wh h will he rold Lr cash or ciu acceptan ces on 1a emnthaa credit. B H 1.Nl lt: S, & co. d4d 7t LCeartresa. I kOLBEAR'r Scienrce el Pemlnship received, ant Sftr sale at their permoent i tttllnng Aenti,'mie a\u. 8 thatre a ret, ,ev 'aI't:lt dtJ Blotadwtay It is particulatrlyelgy t .lea ur: tearnlers, and ,iosola, anli ia catLLtea tr t-Y., t i : t wtren. I.aties and genlt e auitlt rte .ela t"cal *,an I xalnile tile nytetm for thetnt,,wvea . Lessons are girean at ainc! i:'"nl.," - a illtill cunvenieaeo ofall, and to calii., lr;l..: ,: ,~l part of the city. Ladiesa wae refer ita reean ei eeo.;a em lcr n' , r' ele aidences. Peraot paying fiar no t itt :Ir t lt'e-,":;- ,,;c 'efired o attend until tunny arits t llt ett t', w o,.i., t nit 1) P. +EAnIS nt.' I',lf.,:L I)E.AFNE La' A NEW artiles for per.on.s ntrtiLel awcit i.. n e i(calleld th Ear irrtOltalt) he. jatl hbea rrt.',t,r, , tit e t tr.tlAt htch, the tugtlttatartieul.,tito tt n,., ,ai mtal voice is dittlactly cun,esed to the var. 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Alabama nots taken et hp rr and notes watl Ie teceived at l0 per cent diacount tar g I, orin pta tert ofdehr. ht' I n nIu MR. WILI, .,MS, OLc.IIs'r, NoW A? EE .FFLRtSO5 NOVSI5. JEPRlaSONS Rs1010T, LOUISVI.LLE. To the Rddor of the Lod We .41eeelier: l':--t ppr sie b the berat:inna r bi the Et"tsos ofthes. Nshite Peerhyterion, 'ni on and l'rntr, er;pt ar sell an the edltortrs of the bleopthio EanqoreR thot thse "Old ountle.rt" is oa nor the Dctrors l 'h s is prhated by ti intrlv rene, khnowite that bi hitihe i bat shortn, and that th- indehmdent emerisian perole see able to jodr e :hr thensealvse 'hat nre puoA no. impoeiliona. The tn't!ry editors who o*e Ioe tort, the prssietonr, odith or ne abth-e'itors of she nhrrve taied ihurnale pr erye letter frot pellrson I rafe a'oriod to sieht in tht nbthre slreoen. e wrr,. I. The T fact i, t at a ,ver hnao uh eorat suneers within ao imieed a 'reiodoa s ten or trerlve d'lr'. tine eho Renosteen ten rears, fieo hoad otel sern tire libit frosht his ith, beenn to aes to olrlow 'ris in ht'r to me hotel, in'tend of Ir'inae nirlioerl to hri. l11 hi ri Sr. Toerrovune I:odiep, ahtr had eaethlrt the ofr mrr' ure, nae for tirn sear and the otier f'r eiearlv two years, hvlintg both ci thrn the oitree ers -e seekes et eueh bif rllose voona Icnis heano to ore - -ri1 hloth eves, which treands nl eder mweeifetill eontin5u q reptine then ore tonder thie inflnuel ,r .rc nati d ,f rha 4edicat loete. r Anheroe in ille rur'elier of a o' enatilo. metrepnnto wroet enamne l') r iot toi n ·vrr to , etolin, (a. he paidl mel~n m1"(YI) F'il. ,I1 wh K,.d tl lest tho 'ight of one eye forn tiere' lI ohi hirh hot thntacr nssow hein' o o indre Itoeo wi tie owth'r eve srlplete t 'hot. 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It , i- r -'r 'it tsn, sther etre Ie'sr lertrpe ricel Iree A I ni - II. h.' rI heasnll a n ll er hrerieth te 1 ehh di r ofpi cprl "i, 'ih ilr oe l fnryr. ans that hiar trl pisia 'eiir .rc ediloind'sor nr f p i+.r r llr ,rrs l er.fhi r iei. h i l 2. lrepr-r.' r-o eal.FP P~rl EIIP-rl~l 5 enonvPrted frow. [ri e e Perfoi'r.' i.lil.i, to ieliec in h drlrtsin a Of flh htmrc ln'rrrt ,ct.- t hIa'no' virte'rrrodr.I't rriline errs--thos he mll t Ietlro' otrrro trh tt o ll t efre tile cad hf'tx ver' ts I',oo. o'-Ie.- :crMd bohe coeurrelrd rr hi iefilelisen, as tht mI.l if- s ir .. . 'rn see isitrer of tire pasecfri aoi hei.eidr ,h)t.ich If the t'htriie r.ino i In d ~a r Irsealtt tr',r lrrrrt, retirrs rsIe , er r II. ".lrl nLeirh ur'rd tos ,i e t-e hn t reti real tfirle., t t'mrlr man b.lho mrr h e krrta t 'droodneo el~oh R.II, a' ( 1 . jerv to ' ns n' . \In o o e hte hilwnt Ihf Nifrhei[ro 'it'ke uof iht rce et . I rn d huoal,,-ceps the edi..Pkd ht hnTr elter or thm aloey hid teen inS, \ce.rt5 h' 'ir le t o timre t'rr e pertl le n- 'd oer hi rs t ll irl r r erl-e. :. "'lt" fiO tton. ia-o ith S. roft'li, tort.n, pret , ' + ora icca t. 1hr O-outhrwest. Thie l)veg, hiaer b -o aei tori o let thec stll te rived ir-n r- ,..i . [ enined e'nhv othe nralh, tohl tow h.,u, h : .n ,. Id ir i rn. - r1tir rrr, r ca'tslroet , rrrrr I t crt11 am [ - '. them on olv var r thfir worl tr her I i , r r ve, i5 t spite .f tie sitrreritirn the ire e e )r .tif I I naV jlriarlg l e I e florhn thereon I oar hdbet'Itd or ir cite ithin. ihrcee daov. 4., The injecet Oa the pr'esnt is to i~filrm the nfie i eal floiiabh and editsoro f !he tieplrtili,,anetrtdl 'lI rot script, as well as trio clerical l)r ". ,,ithl of tile ( l'l~res buvterinand of the Uinie, of N:ccfiVi'h ts eerll s tike e&littor mld rob meedical editor of tsie- ,crlrtemhic l.:nqu,. as mci a o ltsr 'renait', tile e',itOr rof she l ¢.iih. Jnurertl, aml slse the medica'rrl tlitia iirt f" thid relv, tire ~rent DtI 0., tIret I llll hrill.ra'tiaras II l+.t tsrjemolt,.fre r VIli toePrdti n e rlcorlori 1 coro11- l Iflh llllli~ll,, aslv uftert mycerriVr in oNev tYork ao well i, ,maill:t shed rr riable h e Ire.'. the teiCrli qoltitth Oft!le north. I .lew hind ileorecfbl prrnoire, ne. r' re it ,],in bn' Imlet of lihe en', slntrl [ have I rn_. t t f ah y n, rte ir.l tlrrioihs rf stil t loe h, ac it , l t II Ii Illlltt we++t, to tll.. primllmtnc!u The u'ili<·l.ttd lhe~rt. fore, max. eillclllat o .l dilll.l· HIP Illtlin llr` the ,' ,1'.l+ rrrext voirs Net v . +.rk, .. lore lettertt Isir.l etihl, l ad no setlerr,, .'ill aoe sire to iriteah irre. o5.eet ' nforem lheekoli, rk arsio'r toe , rrrti no.1d l -hich' thie foev. rerlcfle s ,overtrl, irr ii{el ,, 'nrtr •rw o-rititenlrctea'It'irmtwol w-r rorritoeiir i h.. r'ro.e.r,t re-r .....rlir....ri.f.resirr'; t lkrrc Ittttrol, rc+ir,,hriert i /, Ipy ,rcnre itlrctcmffnifsr i . any rli..p rrr.t i fidnirr trnrtlretrrarcy. rocb'-itstririeesrl aorir'ernr'-e' , , lsIe wat ire rhd, whicr ie ld r e lho hrioi w d Im at·r -lsr nIutcrtr eetrrler; ie dIehSVrrere oIIher hI rth i wifhlll II tn ...... ll Lw lll .. ...I ..... t I, il,e hlill f,'.,'l . rlilry .ttltever r ,otrlrl Ilr .r'lllllr r ) ,rtrl'or chro o;·lllPlllilr o or any ollr r,o. .y nlrlnrey flc tri s jrgllrre | IT. l e I~wrlloer's olwn ..l~tenrr, i eief'rre slle Irr hC: hi d h. I elallll le l Ia ll Ii ·r c r i 1 Il lln a tatrreodiireiro-tl c ,ct~l.el] ncllrciiro ,ll l. potierle', io con1 1 ith I h ll llll l.i d found filnles .I toi he .illlloci,li slnll all IIV+ Im lfeL .+ t~l h, f orr or te t erfistrh , he r ev,,r rr-rr l I ha~e he+*, indurele hv o Ilotal Rlrtillut'r to, draw i1* I(I1I) im t . ti 'le fi. '.o x.ll~lol r thle <']earl i~lh'led IHI'+i(ilIlI (;IhIW h< Ilf silrv11e trok tih ri hr . ittd ier ithr-n t hr t ha,--r Il'oi'llr - trloti., . - en. nettled in ..e~l'e, f-ei tt-iit' n of t..O rrm tri oirr(-hot. ci.rttotl leri sitrirrofiIri. soie l t he rrf hr B ible thoO.O. i* ii,.... \' rroirric.ot-nror ot'irriirrioo IhaI preached frloca1n 7. II a evideltv wan, I t eiu'li- his I , ral '. 'r I Rc:er a+ a In ,,, b'y .llewhl.e ,h; It - he bl,+e jbl'lll" ! hrilwd. c ' ee whelhll'- e IIe, 1itn of thirt ti," - I" silver will apt l' tl Iin , a well a- it wh. el ;,d to aItu her tain erte ',infilel,.who ih the Ai i fir " n cairnation of his Divine thi i ser, albnol .t ' hi, t lat nilm er ofpier )iee silo r fllly n we is, t w. s never in elnde as if b ibe, nor ranll l I , h lb. l i',, ed a hby ani ine, as i wIas ' e , per uifall Ille rezulllr ;arinl'" f i t $1, , Vollia nine aw or. three collllllnm ls , , + s Ih , ,rel I cIlter which woke l. Ih' repcted haieae. i lis in ]he IPr bsla~e iati, l'niti en d \h l c il ll- 'I. . a;,l- Ii ll ever intnll o l Ihe i lllb him, I I mlId Ive oil( red hin .l al leIst A.H1 , hisi reenlar fe'e, i lh c d of $ I), ul I, aIr II probability, lie woui.l hve eblally re eied .us. hi fie, ,tli'l not s bribe. hin ,he coita l't if I il it In a waelyo hIae in-i r dl III- a'i elti 'e,. 8. l,'ir the Rliy. Ilhali.e heen tetlh ,o rei'ett d to have lironi m ed to ', m, awl e n. ini, ,, patients , iII -'tl keeping his word, as I hoIe alwyis Ibll d eeHry mlinilathe ofel pel ena lli. l- o,. 9. lHad he been rallh cnerteld he aw I in t mp e In h-ae spoikl, g-'ia--l r Le ii, 1iie'- ,u i t ,. wlich, it is wei know, tae iimo.rl nuilllelol, ld \i hi are euplrior to alinnV in -niie pats of IEurope. lit cond-t.l au iuinlh dij.ti ted some vtlor l'iterary .hilr uil-erl ai s to l e seieiel- resti lined fi.dlm p niwl hill, i tl the lpio,by layi enlt hainds oni lim. rle Icev. eentlemalnn,thou.a.l e otch ,,l a\illllll excise,,(unlea · lie is tinal atiilelled), alithea ., t ; think he ,a- a right ili ea e lhe Ail eriiill ill- I ,. becauae he iua c,ver-'ed infhidel. I sa, he -i. -. il'l oia hli to speak well of the ri .e.l h , - -. i viier. I fa cy t hte gallant Cl u',iu ';alllll . i , I -m I. thtre , ,iable "vmtg .enllt, men of t. It,, ! r,, ake~ well the c,,llduct Ilf his Pliou - expouindet, ,f .4lhe 1ll\ ' 1. I nl"el' few s,-'h n dlenm n illn hmn lZ shi;, e - 111, l, whe. he lllellleun .e I " 'v harl with dtu ull ilt,, -iglntie arm, s ifI h. ,. ,.I h',ve 1 ll, d e the leroun, ,fr d, ain"e .ii . l iling I.• , ifrcI his dutly f,hv a : , ,e es if -ilver! I i .ei ;l tre bllllled mnrl tl ,,, ill . " .l d Gentlemanl" hl.,d al-. peared in his iw, hi e. II. I 't .le mII. e ci eeiieiireeiei,aidlimnaiI frad toe ll i li,] to , 11 hv t Ie tleV ,, iln dllo whO le couri of 42 years pear.,,, as an nlelst, in tent Klilit. i,,,t ,s a mO Ienstit lll o r the ,lan. I ,,c = n"ra elpl 11n I Ir. /ril ll n'lee tehi( h I w'cas led .IIclu;"lu flnt 1 wn al,,,, Ilgeo . I1n, lined t'" re,el,,ce, rathe fll , nn 1I d ti ll a no....' 1 . Inl t c pll rltt r bl l; lwhclh is a tsu ic iell h roi llre t I t . noi tellion it bribe. 1.. i.act .--t'he tlemphia Entqireirfei, ' hi, the 1. Giolinil s of the Nortih, and 1 claI w i ell them with ,ll, ,t ct elln'p ii llllil tle ;icOlar t ic n iveg : UnI,.'s it is l truie ht it en ii. l I bve ie iain - e at beggar, and you will 'arIh a I.- !" T'i gh I paid hin air nily milv.rtlaienltll for two or i t ree weeks, he cnai illsertt ilheiniti('e. VaoI will iense to insert this lettrt il your next pu per, atid oblige oaura, .e. In1 haste, JOlIN W1II.I.IAM, the Engliit OGuelier. I.otisville,Jelv 1837. Copiedfrom It S. W. C. AI diorate of the 241h Jane,.7. .it the requestf it der. IVull aitiS, we ,lser I flit] . inl. te frmn tie Ilev. er oweI.ll, of N\a-vII l, a l. ehl-or of Ii Stul WV.stern ,'hreiini Ad it,,,, I h, It a peair's, hat exam elld the ,liiloniit no iI l .I riu ,l set I tcre dtillthe crei o n atccienet, l). it wien r main in Nashlllle a f.s ilya lauoel thal lhe al lit intllned--ay the Ist July. Alev. hir ltlacel I:-- luvina been i equetel hc Ier. Williluae, tle oi ilit, n.w iB a .i , o "x l e i ai nulerousaa di dicmt and other , lls (a'ia'.voel+ lis claima to It1hhl lt lf(le.utel , i i illhi ,r (ess u, lhye in el rpati wittl wa vtleI tleienlli,olune so a ilt leaillre. httanpag lhetal iotad leat from Clir Pi eot, It pe se"t lharlge d'Aflltires of the Kin of thie rench, at Wtthiglon, adlrhleIsed In i)r. \Vihlliami te-tlfeie.ig lih gelllll.ue C of the dijd.llo Iit tihe Kill- it' r ii ,ei ele 'titln, i.e. as well a ro-e fron tihe e imlicl eIC. ties of a ranee. lHe haes l erous vaehwerI fin g ,.( hnowll Io Ie. lfhih reelaliaon in iaIl C lit rIVt, re I e,. ianet his taril in tl I ae ed -tatoe, dllt inge Intm ce, olf greal suaees Iim t e rtqatiolu of ,igu to t - sTaid. I have r-ie it tiFly all hi r i' Pa T roit- In tl1 a:l. Iklew losie of them Itevilus to n1 Ini r rom hIli; biut ll Ihave acelt tao they re up . i.sttliotliably beeiltand. ltriall". B] C H iWELl. eNashville, June 1, 1817?. P. S. inice wail g Ihe aiOace,"ter ofl I)i. ,li" , ' uit, tonli ly It the tilt .'f all ,, . ryi r s. e t h ,,, ars lut .aw det'laree hac'lh Bevl e t'nt' host tn lht far the lirst i ae i h ife t t C ie au rt cle he I ',id 4ls. kin iih, width I tii ve, a e .u, c the pr aiinmt l... Slearn that thi. ll Pt-itlelrl.t ihed my IlllllenV i this rdgleo, altd ea-a lihe lhae I-eco a iletlod,adi dtring ort) year. c Yours, truly, puglO It. B. c. II. TENNER'S MAP l)a I.I Lhuli- -IN n- \,'. ', - N Ew HAP og I,oulsA.., a with it. t"atil< roads A aId diet:lnese.frolll pace to ilace, allhg tile st , edteallllb0t1 ratitee, hy 11. I.'TI'ei r. 1 MIITCHEI.LLI HaP I) T ie I\tITDII iTiTEt -te ,weinft tihe principal Turnpike an c oulo roadsc *lau Ir. aIr ,elec the lsltsncee ill itiles frm ,,oa I, le t( anoth r also thle: o,4la re of tIe caalUs a:l relll rllalns throulgh'I .ul- the eotrliYe, carefully coimapicl tetfro tle bet -ot hlurili...--ptiul'ithed by S..·\ulgtiYti \h1lehll. .1IITcoELLa. THA.) II.a-ta Ii c'I i rat'li'Oca THI t"ITEa .t.A'tr; a eat. 1 rft tiP failL, dlltauanes steala h-t audeadtl tUlote, -cjit rece.ivIed anl HEtPKS ON P1111..11t LPIIIA--l'.,r sc . i it -RKr., i 'li l Ei err.'". n, l .-,. tp ,o . o(lt{ the ellleof ot'rheuumti~m , t fi ' oe kitlageveiigo tll, aeanca or Ifi p gout, irinipnl cancer, snlt rheum, siphilitie anild melrcturial linease, iparticularly ulcers ua panilllfftecliots of the bones, ulcerated thrtat o-' ni . trils, ulcers of evert ileu'lption, lever sores, nl inteneal hlsess.ti fis.tlas, pilts, sald headl, sacorn-, biles, chro nis sO e~re. eve, csip,'libhlntht's, csmi every variety of c-r t'arltslic atlE.ctio. eltreoie Cshttrrb, hetal ache prceed ing from anIIy ridi humor, pain in the stomach and d ds e,pia proe ,in. from variation, affectiontof thle livir, ,hlutia inclammatioc of thie kidiet's, amw eeenrl debhili itv ens I hv orpd aciition i of thevessels ofthe skin. It I; sing "'l" efic.aoios in rennvating those constitllions 'h havei hcen hilcrliken down hy ie ol'oiious uretmett, ji i'tllh- i irelarities. Io gent'ral terms, it is reIvom nled i all those dliseases whicharis from impurities of the Iell, or initiation of the hlumors, of whateter came or kindl. Some of the above complaintsmay require some tri tling asistant applieatios, ol hiih Ihe ciremstanees of the case will dict.': hut for a genetl remedly or Purifictior In emivethe cause, le INI)IAN'S PANACEA will generally be Iollold sufficienlt. TI') TIlHE PURI.IC. IoW terP it is. that modern Physicians, In their am hitiln io eceI in th:eir irf'essine:exleore the vast fields I' .ieele ivthe iteaid' orcheeisty, and seek ollt new re ag'lts; Illsllhrt, to arrive at perfection in the peietce hv meics of act alone,-metirelv overlook and ,,ghket, ns ho rath ther lnltlce, tle rich and bounteous stmes nfmedicine, twhicithe Alneghtlv his caused to tsprill ot if th, erblh ilr ev" 'clime! And how llltech Ire truie Isit thalt while the Ameriean Physiciaz looks to liii'eig'i eimtr'ies'tcli i'aiy of his ntiot citmmton asuit I cesuwy artioles, i)eletally) challgillog as they are at tihe Aetates ol(filioi rC folv, hlie is soetrisnhlid ih his ownl ellllrl with II'I endlessi rofusion if medical iclatts, satIlllci it tot aswer Iy idicimtiona in disease or cto ere i :ny cti-mblV dis lrderi and yet he is igncltant of their th uoes, ac1 hfl I stillteredlto 'astetheihealiig oi the (legl·l'l 'air. lThe etpets of vegetable medicinesupon the system :re ,terniloe--thlose of minerals Iasting. The otrmer ex .i't 'hir le Ilcts nci pass off-the latter, mercury ill pIrt ,,len-r, act lchmiiclly tiicni the solids, cIecllmlosilig i Ihiec cd *iiItiiIrminiogn the constitutiin hs a iti ni ,,,.~.s alth, efTiiieicllay .nl StA I E'"'Y nlofrqctr, , '*(,vter m lilnleai, nlm li estimated hb ceirwq,,t ,.., . ,.,t i".on¢tice ith thhenode lrn; or. t l h g il ,,q. i ,,, i.ll.II. merm rown ohserla o,.tl; h to ',,i i.. ciliwih th'th ifh wheites HhW.ilt ,il.rii ia., .I k -.wonohu,.rd oFr rc.[veated in.tliCns wheIre,.n ,- d o eiid, 're i t ding ; I ,, ti, urhuv .i np e , in~t di h a',ll..el. dth loors: ra.,i d asol, nih., idin, e rei, d ,li,, .ie dlii '' I e, i ,,c ,i. rl pr.leaotice lilrected ill thl mo.lst skilc l ru:um h.~·lt~c,r a11 f liil-.ite A w lvsha nol been IS lll~l/H wI .( l·it t ile ll s'. It \t~l~lnlR1. all'"AUty(C W t ~i wh( ,iell(19 11he lndia I't't' hinl s*tr, any ,listase, a ait the altiost Ita uai sinf ce ,!',hsrlic Iate:ave mII.,nI. thlem? \Who has ,e xl heard .n:*u Ildh n witha ..onstitotion broken aIn ruioed h)b 1i~,,aI, iitt caiil a t ititexlsl thai this hlapy ex Ct'llllljiti If the s'iioe blune ilrlst ,f the ills wlich tile iehall l'II iicileil'lo, is ehllltc c llog to more geia ii,. ,Ii erl'lence in success, is u lir eaxemplification of the E:ve sulperior'ity of" the Shuple and safe means of cure Srh (;,od has criated tri the benefist of his cihihlire, . lhose whlichl tile pride and the art of toan have ill l"rolm a lng residenl e among a portion of theahurigin .t Inhb:italltsof thLscountry, awlan intimate a(C (IfInm lace with tile mttheldp of' curoecof some of their most lsllll Illctitionters, tile pwltietor ot 'Tlhe hilniin's 'licia,i'iequiiiiedl a knowllele of some of tile most Io erf''illand llctrieremelies. Fromtheseheselectcel such las \ rere roost eflieiiosantll alpplropriates, and after Sil's i iexr'ilt tli tea list their principlesl an strength, he hus comhined them in thle form here ipresented, as the flia li '' d ,,Ie..iI icial fiIr thle )ur)ose for which it iq rl·rIpllllllll 1 (,e(·I. I'I i oprlietor Itoeslhi s preicatinn to the publie, cc ilh Iii citHti[iclI'hS tit:I ht is itaeig willintheir sea, ·I·(·IIII I r,.') l, l'r lticiiog cooy of his alictel ti fel l,, ln lgs. wI x lho all slllerihg IIIhT tile vaIious chronic 'I 'i i 'iStii:llli c'lllllllliits Ill ostkich it is applicable. To hll il wil clpIe o'f i.:eilculaile valie, as the mean1i coil ci cciiy ceas the only iieansoftlehevingtheirestf hIni.(gs ad'I esIolring dlthm once mos e to health andi hal .s, This is not olial~ as a c(mlon remedy, that lrll'll ''llll," Icha € ,.e oe',l1 good wi t maun othe'l s olwm; so ser, haIm as ll one hihiscaahi elli saT it g life inmt nv exll't ii cuCseIs . ii all le t u-uTIII L 'I elediesl'ai l. 'Thisil Ies0.' re tely; alll thisi is thie I'leplatioll ithasohb. ltilt has III c i eil n' itisloidulced. It is ,i ltl ht i ree years sinice Ithis prepaimtion was p i I irated Io l lhlie: i llt i ln tht Schoil t S)ac e a . tlW le, sap iuld,.e ls ci ~ I e1sm might I ei lahgld, who woul slhmnly dieitl e thi - Lie helieel thaIIt tihehi lives were sl\ ii ,.ilt, .I ll .,' l' I r l he' had tried many a l . k h ,s . *I I t h e c o n ~nli t i c d i e s i n v a i n . c l h e r - l,,,i, iti *s kInlowll t aira p lb c.,,,i ug into ulse, sad this a i l(·ie IIII Smo s~ctiall:l cIi, elootileig proo of it TI e saitle 'f lwv IP:muen i most cronl.itmtollsir those IIll. S~illlllinllg :,lid s!l~hililic ;Inl ycl lsr lo: nlls aibct ltons Il ch llt e ii i iii , all i i i ir' dities all o rlitullulv mc hi sll ll been so ildly uS..±d st ugg Il :tuns inl the bones, node.s, mlnrett l'Id[ I·I[ ISr i 't CIIIII/,IIrag onu ofthe d1igest lve or' "s, Oc. I So! il con.i l/L.: i ..\ p tl -L·· llllll I iiiii e i eall c iast i 'C itre h\LI edl'd' III1 emeSLI.' ,I1,1 o't'uets of ine ,c,1u i'. re o lIe' IIIt Ipll ll 1 1 il al'l tielLt silll IIIIi "ii .'.ell II I'[I, Illl~iiih :l.,r ;1,I 1 IIIE'l'ate.·l sMl!(· Ihl',lI.l, ilS I:I \ hL.e .rl' ii · II . t rio i ll (1,r j .·i · i ilsll, lic i' cc viii 't l cutl tici' ii't liii. li II 1"1'" , ,t. )L H l~ l' ll:ll p'll rthre boksinu1u.1410 ;'% 1 l' Ih' ll'll; will u lt, 'cll ll l wI ci lwii, ertliciit ', liac If iii' ed l uii . li, I I,\ ,:it ,., ;cii i l,'i- . ,lil..rI ,..,II ,. . l i' I~'I'It'' l'l,'·:,ss..1 :,.l ,,lIwn. ;lllr :1I1 IlllllHll~lgl:(I!lu·." (;t'llrl-i' ael? i 1 ,1 iii ii' o I tIht cipil 1 'lt!l."h11. V'1ilclllLt-I ·it ,lll.:c, *:)1·9tI~!l~llF L'lilt.l'llHl If1 nl t' i1H , ilt ll l l iiu ill l, lll. I tUI, l I.II11, [' m1 litlPI. I'1 ' iei' Ii i I , nt a 111111] hi'hI: . 1 II 11 ill IIh: ,11i h I i , Ih , ,v 1' 1 it it I reii in, h ' .liea icti 11 , I aIi l ' I' I Iiil II 1 u Ih , 1'II .l '1 ~I('l. llNi ' [ i. i 1 I FERG SON Ki' gth , i h. I. ; i( i1,1 1 , I .IIII I t h,'ul l S l~ !II 'U , - .. ..ll ell~ - \ Vtl U~llll'l!l'L l' l~l ii lllllll i· I((· I ,ill . 1 i' 1 1 ,,L.:S.,]" thi t IcI il l i lll ic t i c llldl llll '; will llll all Il 11Tih IPhi. S, II Ill"I' I I 1t . pll'b:lltN iill tt li: lli' ,,.'.i "l'l t i][L *11,·111111· , t'l11l IIl." P:iillllnl~l .It~i( l·lll·k r~h lll,| l ull,,. ll,.,. ~l ,lli c:lt l.., I:I11 t. IIIIIL·Ld ll II iit11 tl, 1I.Il I,,llllll'h I'ill,l~ll·lql, ill II11t'.ltilltlS e(,lll~ll!;lil I.L I1t'l,';II I i t""' lll\l.i'''al~l` ""'S''l~txlh !i'll llt' Ih:lil1 Mil',t'Irll' IIlit llt i :1 ( V1. ,1"5 1 l1l r :Ii1'IIhl" h) I 'll ,. III illlll~ll.(ll i l~l," { IIl ·lv~~ \n",1' III·*ci : ·J { Ft "l~l,\l. IS eil11CI \ i .tllla. ,I11:ltr, l\ l i111(is (ll,., IlF i'h iii111 11, I.III IIIL*II (·e 1.·( 11 IlleIi Ile·l'li'.l hog:llh11)1111~ I COllfl I.lllJ) rl o1I1111111.1111 il I.. :dlI .ilnilarlyl aflicted. .lolllN F I"I((USIIN, tKil-st. (C4ts.,,rEnT' , \larclh 27, 18.12. I :l 1' -sr: er 9 ll ullit t Ire, , na' hinlltet, 'wit ali.1r s. i ,il. srn. cat-u;led bI ta' n I tg a S eiti ru coN ll, while ni!. , n. ,'ttcektf Iw'"Clt , .t I WhIoCh bhas IIIsIIld,:'. earh . ever ince. Dinril4g ti. s., .u aiia t in It(e 1larie hi ospital, t i at' ti . tI i , m t .ths al a ndt earl 1h e la I, ti' ý,tt:c i , 11. .. ti 'm. . t11 osp t ai il'I. i ! .. . . :Ir Ihis . ,ilt il, tht a u 1 11. Iti i 'it l i m 1 IwIkno .Kice , I' i \1I alle w s ChI %1r S 4l-" h' il.' i ind hU, de11ey thii a cut ~~ Illlllrl. e l;, le nc Yoaw , , SItr iep t 1 , Ivatil,, I'his I uitcliuu h.iatill tla i edll ttelm S, l e. Ats s .il i'h a lll t t ellh _,. a , h icOnillll lieh h anlll I erwm.e h..rlwll. ild IIeI e , lii b hi lt4,,la tl h lrli C a Iin1 n I nellec . I'll ade' llptio, Ita lple 'd ,ilt httl I Jider. the ci of rulll. I'11 sm a oslle. Il, h Ie ehUllelie t otre itle ivatlat hi ul.. hIn reat stlIritse as wells's 12tita-tion,e h, ,lol'il;'et, I WIx ill (1Il " lle.l y ( llde lll e. Ah.ll. Ir ll i e couIltelltwo hlllotIso , illl 'sa enlla d eso rtrsitllc. . a.lela Ctlisstt imen ila sho ateri h belleti 'jtlt gatiakhu'ite, a liich had iow becap me a' llret heli ite, ieturled to toy parets hi New York in n1 iata. a s.rtl nlsll o a I iliti. nl'elti llns, thlt e t tey may klow st.. 'I-lh i,uy grt-at, iibleth, as well as satisedation, lllll uld llll rllf t idly recovsieregd eed ulyo thide u tme ui oideetlhe d tita istealed and 1 became iertei ) well it, the coarse tftwo etltths, at'd have repained ta \blll hir rivedlloine'.', liE li as suliered every thi g but deah, and a .hi coasi.lers his life saved by the abovc.dv. WVM. IHINHA (n]tt '.xeTl.... Jly 1', I 131. I was riiilelte, tlutr eas with aullleer hi the leg, aO .tn.ldll il'eompInI:lllled wlItI CIrSil matols inflamatilm l t exce~givetRin lilil th leg a t h anel t joint. Several eInt phydsi cians exerted thler tkill upon it, but with our p ermanent benefit. It, hisease five bottle Illi ,,'s. anacea mle a putlect cure. MAlIt(;AIHI A \'1l.LiT, 121 Market For sulde IY ItrNiiY ta).tNAtiEL, dIrugglst, aeen t ltitr',tlletors, ui rltitltitoalla r atel I ia NEW ORLE.ANS , NASHVILLE RAIL IROAD CO31PAN N rf II E stoetkhoi!erts of this company are iereby no. i ticd t;lt v I ut resthletiln of tihe board of diret lnl p .s.sed on tihe 19ll inlst. the call made on theml o the I ih · February al, lthr the payment of five dollars n shale, was r I"-intlled, aridl thesaid stockholders are fllahera antieed that \\VI IR.E.S,d b an resolition of thi board passed on thle 19tlh ist., a till has Iten ,lde on the stockholderi of llhe \·ew (Ireals olid Nashville Rail Road Company t ,r t hl[l ing payll,,ltuts o tile the tok held rspc. tir.hl Iy shm,rivi::-two Ioitars per shlare, payable on the lrsiday " September le iext two d thellal , Ipr share illt ale Ittlflhte l ct t, tI of I)eeinaer aixi attlld two Il Obrsper share paval-dle on tile fi et day oil lareh ,xl. \ow tlhereltrt it resolvedl, th:iat the secretary Il Ilii Plllily sihall notiv thhe share holders therl, ttl u te pllllic pr t ts t ofl the ,ct ,eeitytha iln i llort ity will llu -iiritlc, llof thel chlart, r, they are tperaitted ith otine ally payl.n'i t called tIill tile stock ofsaid Ia plln fl l fill" Ithl leril ll 'sixty d11 s l 'r,,.r n l, , after tihe hd oil w tleh it is made Ipaable, wtilhe ,exp leas cotn ct'11. ttwetler, II t tilf an reutl elately paid within the all , I±:'11aL uoIU1 o sixtyd. tlisf r alld'nd aft r th day i; ,vhie it souldh ite ieen putli, that then thle stock 1n11 bItlch aidi ,,ntl llillsshold huhave ihatolmade isand r intl 'o ler f to tfl a t e ie char t ea pintutia Iutl l sil'ntitte. ii cluliant1ily thed fot,t tho nsi of saiI Cihurter, 'olill ther31t dry of Ictolber lext, that flhe iym::lt oi tw, ,':llar: per ,sh:re caled ifr, and I,,u ! ulli tile:1,,,u, . a ii J laiIrv le lt;atld ili'pay il: .ll ,ll llllllir- p'r -hlure cal,'*l fhr ulnllldue on the alai dot of tthea neit, may be posliwe! d until the 3Uth ELtlraclt o ti Iminute of the bntrld. inA s __ A R AlchAlIR, Seac'y. y"(t'', II -\'I'c, it,'autc-ttbdr .e ha wh it'u tt',e eate JOIli It (ittAtIA3I. STATE OF LOtlSIANA.-Porish Court for the J Parish and City of New Orleans. THE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whom I thea Presoents shall com, Grenting:-Whereans, .rmes Hinose hortvicg preheed at a sale r cade byt the Serifiof tole ptrioeh of OUnens site prosrtrt a brreinalterdesrlertbd ,o pplteol to the ulelrr of thi's eourti n wtloede ofle he dred of olsl was reaorded cn 5 trhe 9d da of April, A. D. 1838, fijr a mouitiln or Adver- I tisementnrcontnrelatfntoton etofshel.egielature ofthe itate of Loeieiana, swirled 'An art for the farther assu rancs or titles tor h prchsers atsjUdiciotnolos;" Apptraod the 10th day of March, 1834. NOW, Iseerefre,know ye, and all persons interested Iherein, are herehy cited and admonished in the name of 11 the State of Leuisiana, and of thIe Parish Court, who can set up ne right,title or clajm in and to theprowpess heesiltafserdeore n i ,eoniaerueneoofany infomrtliso in the ,rdarl decree or iudcrrrut of she court under which tls nato wa mandeor any irregularity or iil gality in the appraisements and odeertirements, in time, or manner of sale, or for any other defeet whatso ever; to show cause, within thirtydays from the day this monition is first inserted in the public papers, hy tie alr so madie should not be eoufirmed anudhoe logated.. 'Ire said property wa solid Iy the Sheriff of te per; lt clbrueat,, ore the 14th day of April, A. D, tl8:l8, by virtue fu decrde of this Court, rendered on the 5Nh dya of Fheeary" A. ). 1838, in a reit entitled AleAnder Caldwol] ;s. Jamos lhesce, No i(le.87 of the dcokrt of thin Courtat which sale thle said James Hensbeecame Ihe prrchaeer'for the price of stwenty nap thimousonal dolltrars. I)escription of Property as civen in the Jndieial Con eyanee, via: A certain lot of eond -instted in te suburbh An nunci tlion oalias Lacourse of this square No 5, :ld Ibt b:hving t rench measnsle, fet frIint In T'chou pitoulas a-treet. fli fret fro n U'raJngers street, and h0 feot on I af ende du nlamr r stret*s,in such a manner tsIti saetd Iota' ground is 6f feet wide Irom oe side of the q ans .a the tIher, tgeather wit' a dwellitg herse front Ie oo Ie'teoulitoules ater.r, the k sr-hen and thl pendrnci a, also the distilleory eslabli h aits ereeted Iheseor enud other huildings anl imrpodrove.ets, the snrchr'eer ·.itsi',, impletents and intu-sep bhrloins" to serid dstfltel y, its dpeslceneias and appuctenanrcs. Sand the riglite. cIonsPano, privileges therets btlongisg ws itt any wire oapprsot'tinrie I C e t'il ti.e, New fOrloo, Maoy 7, 183in. ri r ,l-. ji, J, ttll:lr. l.,t I , Cl-l.rk II" \T 1' )i, LAs t, bitUI-,+, rI++ tot tic |'P ~ .+u.u Ipirr it pwarisse el \ill ,h INa' Ntmrlle (rletr:na. j 'ET'Al' tIE I.A L)UISIANle--A tars aenrr que cos pr,.selaes eorlCernesclr, Sahlrr: Attssdls qu ,asmes lanose uyno'trctt r ct nlse vertc' faite par leSherif derlaptorisOe dYrlerl,,, fle 5rfs'. ibr) e-aipst' eleirle, s'est adresssb ue Gryffe de eette Lottr ort Irs dir veute fit ehregist-le.e Ir enme jlor lie Mai, Ite 'flahtee 18380, our silt vn esollforsllerlelt r U alsrt; lier It.gislantue le I' Etat sIe la Lolisiane. isrntitslrt ' Aelre polr tronfirmer leas tltres des seqrmrL s e sx enteas juediiairies r" applronvB le I \liets 18o.4. Q:'il sciteontn, et toutes p)ersaonn intlr.inseesOllt pae rcapresentes SOnltmr es a nora de I' Etat lde Ia ILtueiesne st de la Courl de Parroisse, qui nouterient ovrir droi.t a Is proptible ci-slupls hecriie, el conseqrlente d'un dbfaut de f rllte dials I' ttle, Itrl derrlt on le jgement de la colr, en ldu iv l vente a 6te flite, on sI toete ire.gubla.rite ou drie. ,ile oans I'estinmtoti,l'aois ou le temps et le mode de isa 'tei, m o lmUr uneasntreenoseqeleolqlle; lde faire voil, dons reaste jours n d..ter dela ipublienltioa desselte Avid poslilqIoi a aerteoinsti faite ne saerit pss confiermne el horsnlaotge, sta foltoifst flrt sendee prcle Ihcheliro'irsti, le qcon toerzilf'te teurs d'arril de Paronle 1838, en vertu d'sn delet tIe cetse eaur lI 5 do fbvrier de I'ann6e 18:18, dons I'affaire d'Alexander Caldwell, contre James liunse, No 10,3 du do icket de eette Cour, A laquelle veals e Iit Jaluss lane s'est rendu acquo~reur pour Ic pre tde $21i ,r0. rsription dale PropriirF -d'aprts letransferlvJadiire, Saveoir oUne rrtain i t de terre situ au faebourg Ie i'Anon eilation alias Iaeurse, de cette ville, dans f'ilet Nn 5, Ie dit lot de tetse ayant [mesnre fr neainir,J soicoote ptedr tie face "b ht rue 'l'citoupitnulas, trnis cent wedsl tie faCe ti It 0R0 rice casroors, el eoixautre pitds tIe fosee I Ia fearade dit ruu du tecrylf-,de aorto qu' 1e dit lort de rrre rn soiXsntdepiedn ds auren d'aofssut de I'ilet d I'aurre enseolhle nne maiso Ibfent ifue i laI rue 'Tehoirc itois,fs culisis e t Iu a diIstillerio eonstruite sur e dir lot, esr tres hI slasse et etc blsrenstoes; Ice asehi-e.', aereneilee. in:tal ations, &c. napp rIenant lIa lire diriill-ri e ineditard ane, npllartenatces et ls s droits. actiones t priviles y Blp It inulit. ur. ,ro Is gerolier, Natrovlle rlsRt sn,7 t loy i. '8:.i. rrrf-,ii-. 'jf J. stLtI. ll ltatt fisaloler royi Collace st I.aPysiertnss iasl (t. rILlFi orlginal Vegetahler Hygeian Univerndl liedi aine, treparsd hy W faiskin, Esq. Metret r -f ste R(val Collegq of Srsgeoms. I.icentiae of Apolthe toary's aomllnoy, Fellnot of Btol CoLerl Soriesy, Surgeero to the Roiyl Union I'eesion Asociation, Larntrstr Place, Waterloo Bride, andl Perpetual Ptpil of Guy' atd St. 'Thmllas's Hosllitals, Ieondon. Tlhis svalulsle melllillre, tile 'raslt of twnrty 'ears' experitnce anti unprrallelrd success in tie exenie SatIl highhll i~Ces wtVtble pract(·ice of t +e r I) el)', iat~roIx~ Ilisedl I," tilet Ihcll~tv s-1 lold oilitv, audis ir~owr hltluarodee lo thIe notice otf Ir Asrlean i llric, at the earnesi t s - liciltation tl' a suulhtlree Ol'ertlellrleU otf lo1esrp e high stadin in the profeission. It is hoped, as a prelimi Itlrv snseo, tto check Iht evil, oRtl ltral els.ctlnfseutes acising fl om th. liS ol the+ nullmlernllo aln{} Idele)1e1i.lllS s-tortISI ti lstee l Is tuI the illlrlir hb the aid Ilfltl riel t . d T"l.sIo ! iliLStlons t'enl rl't's,+ and oelr I'atlnds, hv a stl olr -r-'trsfsrllt rtillrrr etltrPcrlr-e rreltsl erltdes so ('tt llyr iaIIIse I, of ;n' d hica sti .ll.t~t ,r tt it h n sile l e mil l nsivlu1 s e clvlle an ;any lngT t Er) gtowr \bioo te e iIlib e sh p; p,, ' fthi. e.+munll e. Th I' pills t .ilt d tlaglr rrntrb tt ,ill h ' h re s IIh' n r r r sts in k ' Y troilt i n cy . se i n L? III.'. for:~I:, h'. I·· S YIh' I'.+t adm i++t. , ul . . ',ich t. ,,l+en prove i t tsdr s lt , be so I, I ript l t 1. ln tc..r. Inttlht all tlhose woi. vw g , rt -l. p rlre-tr-, r 'I tlllttt- if rrrr ltiertrl,ltc rett) rt.ri t't ---tlr-ttnl tir, st 'ktrIler mul lynoatrnf -rricirs i I, mi:'c , rd g IC na llallas. wil erfO s Ui d ilrect -, c'tnbr wth l sts r.trtnialt, nf proifesiX l t akilit . . Ill~lt th :il~x~:. lid I~tl). .'ll1[(lU/ S sl(l: . il" ll (lh'\ . lllll.,. i \I.(·r·"1.hI,\.auW+L L't,'mhll-ll. M.· D.~ \. IS~hek~ M. It. . A loll Kete A. l'atn l , i. )., alnt] IItllrn lt's're hl's. l h origioln. , mlaty trb seecn t prrlrsion orIrt {imrlal Agent, hlV who - Lh nltllmei he is itllltotrted ists( .,.,, mutlaMto w h, + all applicationsforlagenckt. INt. t111I.51ifN, '29 orsoterly Place, N. Yrrsk, ;ole trseneral Agent r or 'he United rrrt.s, We FI'or iy, l a p lllp illlllnCent of .rte tolrigintl p rl'l)1I'lt'[, I' t u'sV f ar H t-cian, t1)rul'llogiats, No f Intro art,... t'e. trt, A .ll r Siorlhrestr 1,y sl al r ,: receiving fir n ships Nashv,'le , I I uisvn : llhek, eagle, ail other late arrli, -1 ". :, Itn:., tooft, tcsS es mod trIoern ve arnnsiing ol'g nlleon'sfilne calf anld , ' - do .4 i.:dity; do but'iI, and stout was c warioiqualities; Imen's fine call seal a td 1. "ll" o1w Is anllld hroglts, Ihrkkin sho', ,11 ii. lippe men's ine allt' lld kipprd Ilg .vi shoosru,`i I Iollll do ts;l Io SltI t ki, l :' 1n,, .n I·I t" Iogans aod lack l)lnoi,m; do cold rl I ickl sh.i t 01il brogant b i el f, : ,I li d .1 ;1'w " I tdiall shoen s a slitpper, ,~i (,! I, lll cc 1 % nls'!i a ew allicle; do filne call, s:,l and i IIIICCOIl qla 'ots;h 1'. s', missks'int chilhhn's pet,,ed land sea r h. u gans, Ian d shnlesoft lt ll '*r 1ii and ' il Also a genera:l ssllt'ltnlt o' !;lev stout wax an's n hilgs lls anlld shiei, origtcri, it 10,000 pair, Ioit h atolity, russett iron..c,h n:.,ilecd ii aliks, in:i eatrcosly for atoaii,,i use; a gotl n iti of mir's Itoi sid stool k;t irisset' hl-llS Sw artic.t'sml . orgo quantihy of oi mictrior quaoltn r nset Al s sl ogcs, Illadies' line cilt, seal, morocco nI grain welts, anll i ,pp solle shoes;I d fine Fi'relh torsll~ o ninid kid rIt inlli alilppn sC do Ir:o. shoes, with aln wilthot heelsc n calf, sial ;ni stlol lenlther lnootes; Ito Pl'unlla shoe I ,i kinds illd( ioalitiesi do Ilstingl blrItognlls; to golitl. S.Ilil io\e lbootees. Misses' llastig sprlingslt o seol i guns. Chllldr"e's colored Moorecrn aul hsting bro. n .itd booes, .e. .entlemtec'sfinetfashiionahle black silk hits; do block ,n o r'Iab beaver do of a stlerior quality; do imitation Ito ri do; bhrndl noId Inarrow brim met's finell dlrabl ald 1. :tk ItRssi short ialiiUd liats, a new article. Yootlhs I. ,e size hats of diferentl qualities; do chillren's. II on' andl b) 'a black and drab wool hats of varitous alu las, with geleral assortment of boys' and mle's 'I his assoltnent will ti replenishod by the arrival of eat It plaketslrom tshe aoore named cities, all of which a i be sold o aneeommodating terms. aul I-If Mi INrTAGUE'S B.AL.V FOIl THE TEETH. rF H o estahlished ropualoni and eotstatl.ll Ineres op Sdemlantd fir this efl'e,.tual nremedy, oft lly and pro servative of tthe teeth, has induced tie sub-criber sifer it to the Alesrican public. Arraungeoento hsv been miade to sUpdiV sCoents in all the prineipal eitie oaid tolots in the Unitar d Stales, so as to pltce it ithi the retch of those suffering andi likely to suffer this mos hantssing of tall ache.. l'oitth-eche. Vilieen aplied accortling to directaios given on bottle, it lna sever filelrt 'lo ffold iscnedille and ialnent re oif. It also arrests the denav to defectiv teeh, and relieves that soreness which so frequently renders a strong tooth useless The apilicatini soii remedv are sinstle,ianoent an lot unpleasa; allnd the liege nuoberr of pocrsos in different sectiols o I, ioln'trv, that have air ady experieolced soch deliehtit and salutary effects Irne the use of the Balt, are reade toi hear tier the ptblic Ciod) their testimonv to its un rivnlled qualities. ht is an Indi:ui remedy, 'bitaoied ingtlorlty sad onexpectedlv, and mn be regar led Ib tie ,icilized world as the most valuabtlediscoverv redssn of the woods. I'tcee $1 per bottle. Sold by JARLVIS & ANDREWS, nr 5 Cor Comlmon and Tehapisoulas sta, N EW BOOKS--Naval Sketch Book, oi he Service SAflIatandl ashore. 1Vith charatesristic relninisen ee, lrsgntests atnd opinions. By the author of fa'as hoi a Tar, &c. second series, in vols. lcaldoln Recsllectioas of sto touse o Comimons, loii( the near 1830 to the close of 1835. tsdudisg perso cal sketches of the leadiog mebersr-hy one ofno per y, just recetived and tor sale by W MceKEAN, LATE PUIILICATIO S. -'5 ROM\VtII.l an Histotrieal Novel, by the author of )"T'hle Brotlhers," rc. i2l 2 vole. P'opular Itedi:tile, or Family Adviser, consisting of of Ansatomy, Physiology, nd l Hygiense, witl, atch hin's oil the is lir te if Plysic, Surery., nui the diseaes lof women land children, as may prove usefti in "ulllies whel regular plyheiacins cannot ho lilrcured: Il'llllg a ectlltltinl aud guide for intelligeont irileipals I n Illstllncioris, plantations, ansd Iomadane schoo hed of lfami.iec, maters iof vesel.s nissIUn.rea, or r ,yellers; asd a nseful aketch for voing men ces eniec. ',at l stlv oif roeilicia. By Ifleo,'ll Caltnes, it. i). Peer I'lvo.' lniversac l iRtdryo oil the hnaee or iei~mtlphy, fol thseuse of famnilies, illustrated malts ins egrutwinec, i nvols Just receied and for sale by 1'W MrKEAN, md ,,r iuamp and Coinmmoln ts. WJOTICE.-The cowner of .verlt pockag.s etserrchuns i ilse mtrked Madame V. Artiqoeneave. liper ship Iiroton, froi Now Yo rk, is hereby notifled that tley have Ieen clored biy TE't'SONt, AVEY Y&ctO. m31 Con.igoecs "Groton, JUSTPUBLISHEDRMDFROM TSEREOT7TP PL TES, The FYth Edition of ROWLETT'S TABLES OF IN'i'REST: T O which is now lmied an Avenrge Time Calenla tor, or easy methods for fding the average time to ~tmage, notes of hood or bills of goods, wahn por crhsed at different dates, on difl'erent credits, and Ifor sariomsamonts; Lbesiesanusefol and cotoplete rhanking Time Tla'e, the best that can he contrived. er that fi gures can t.'oduce within the atme condlemed compass, and size ofte pr. An a:' ertisement in the book is in nearly the follow. nagwords: 'hl high distinction this work has received throngrl th ten legislative acts prefixed to the title page, is a re aommerd:;titon in itself, o uoncommon,, anti so eomeeo 'ive, Ih t nothing is necessary more than ib way of ald oertisemnlt, to give a condensed vitw of some o ts p'r. culiaritirs: an fcrinstance, the lntsrest las been eolt.(a. ed from, and compared with, what is equivalent to foer tren selsef eatlellstione, examined in tile press hir.y file tires, and' pritited irom trrentype plates te.ted thirtstt-one times, firo all which it most be evident evenlt to he skept~e (e~peciuliy on the le snns rl'tht de tatI at' proofln the preface) that the work otst he ariih metic:lly i:lallih'e. and in confirmation ofl'this beliefo prenim ofl two hunmlred and fifty dollars, is now otnfi ' ed Itli the delection of an error ofa ent ini the lir,'sert or fifth edition, as exressaed in tlr gceface, mnakmltl'fi lat.lieonis n fl'ered flr the aln.rnrror sintethiafirst ItnlieOatio io the .enra 1.02. fOle of the mnst cooIpiemnols features of the tablsa is inthe :.rrangement of the Time and Ami onts, which for expediti.ns, roferenee and perspierity, with the help of the side and index, cannot he exceile; ats d the esaly ty ant ease with which the interest can b. fomdl 'to the extent of generoal bnsiness, withont driubling of slms as he-id rs a convenience r' essential, that in the estlma tinn of some i the nmost competent and praectcal busi. nss men and publle offi ers who have made egr at rse of the work, it lhaesen distilgiahted by thlo lhonotbhlr oppellalion efofc "moster piece". And considering kthe infallihility of the method originally odopted iI eomronilg the work, and the extrsatnliuary uumber and variety of the examinations, and tests of every edition it has passed in the i,~ss, eotwithstnlding the whole is in stereotype, considering, in shctl. lie positive aecuracy sacureld y the unpreeedcnted means emplor ol, the vo lumehas heen held ouJ and emphatically styled " the most wonderful hook in the waslk;" most certainly no maoean anamea figure work of the same extent, which since the beginnigolf creation, has had the same nutm ber and variety of tests in the same number of editors; no. nor one half the number, as is clearly shown in the preface. Besides, as test and standard, it has been tried Hcd peered in nearly all the bank and pnhlic ffilles in the Uniteso Sltartes, and lby the pnhlie gonerally, during the longperiod ofthir.etfitoe rears, yex noerror of ihe trt a•nlatmens has ever Irie feidl in print,althongh continu ollv ehallenged hb tie ofterofovery tie peemiums. the in ?act expresly adopted by all theeourts oflaw cl seve(ra of-the States as the "rate of uleculatlon forotatute interest," as also by law for batnk interest, accordingos the hook is used, and as may he seen in part, by .ir names of the subscribers, anld few of the subsequent purchasers, inthe lst at theend of tha hook, is in posaession of everv aloss of citizens in every quar to of the Unii ed Statas. It is moreover well known that, by its rearly check, it has so often detected large lores, long after they were tmade, even by the most careful and most competent arithmeticia,s, t'at its usefulness, and the absolute ne cessity for its use, have been extertiyely insisted upon, so evident, inceod, iave been its advantages, and its savings, that, severrl .earsngo, whilst the first edition was scarce, and out of prit, a great tumber of second hamd copies were sooght for, some to a gre t distance. and lmrerased at various prices, as they could occasion ally bo picked up at from $10'to $25 per copy, and some tersons mave reccn..y declared, and instances counli be quoted that they would pay $51), $100, and $5150 for a eopy, tfnot to be had Ifor less, anl n indlividual in the latter instance partievlarly, having at the sotl,m iime rxhibited satisfactory pronf, to several personr s re. sent that to him it was really worth tat money nod more thiough the saving of hls very voalabl: tlace, he beil. a very rich main atd i pnblic oflice. It s likewise worthy of notice, nItt indeed prolwr to impre n, thlt uech is the o:rture of figoe work genrnlly and aspecially when of lthe extent and impomrtlme ol these to los, that iad this ronk or its like l.oto prepar ed in the usual mannler tione, bt the most collpetent calculato nin tile woril, and afterwardls printtlrd most cautiouly under his own correction of proof sheets, it woult, almost to a certainty, have been unsaf " fnr re l'ecrene,and dear ,t any price, as the prefeae darionu Irilp epldains. Bat so perftit tandll vaable have tie steire.yie plates of this worklbeen mas'e, that toisreiere dithem, withtheir numercus and extradrdinarhy exalmin tions,against fire, for the general henl fit, they are (by advertisement) onstantlo kIept in a ipaee of speeial saift), except while use I in printing. Ampledilrectiors to findl bIlr bIanks and statute inter eat with usel'ul notes, fllow the pretitce, wbich, in this fith as inlthe two prcedhing tditions, contain mrth in frL'nation concerningll tile two la fri muds of comlnput ing inter Ii, itee dY s of gtR er, e. It renlr,:lts onlylt to rcnalk thalt, notwiltstanding this tncomnmnlv :costly work which wapurblilhcd hefoe interest tables were, ilutroul.d is dollars and cents be yved aliihnluiaicn hs hi een so extea ivel rll d tblll iioiratll paitrnised, it :has nott : so much its paid with intro t,e tee lheavs lous of nlyal.yf rlll. 1'santld d(ollars,: beside, six i~enl tr:r froilr 1799to: It115, susta:ined or thefir*st edition of 71,i0 aspies,.arisg rhbitlly from its publii a tio at thai trim, at et i iler pricet:,, to say n hltti ,t (penlAtlPion or profit fI r n~ol~t a lit :tine of :. at. I t l, landl srifice 1h herr.eiot the rnloo setll r. lie. oo tll dil.,l'rn nl anlld l.ri rolsily tof IIh ipiblic o1 r :ro ti n : :Iuce of prefllreler s a patrorl.,r:. rl tl i by th |, Si..:llad, in tOh aIultirol ". ear ill . rIrll ,i Inr ie 1., _- o : 1il ti 1, i a .o r sl, I v t rt rru i -i _ t _._ llt ,,lll, -tit iotiut,,N, .,l-; 'l ,' aee n d 11.1tur, e "l t s h li\ lt. ,1t'I .1 \N, DOC.TOR .1011XNSON .. ie cons rd otli'lHnativ at his tole, I,14 I (t ustt(I lllnurelrat t, a t I)tni hlullpe I str a lt, a li tll'ailll" U t of a r'rtntlll l+... o de i lte dl+l'ass Fr, r. ttitP . u's,.v axtehte i ott I oanbu, I. alf thill m stsl c'l,,,r itteid H t int:i t Ill iurolbe, G"xcluts ,rl 1 devoteld to Ih treat ellt ol t et..ri: iland S. pII ll .?tiev 1 rl'k, during hih little I r .uloin -on col l ne 1 hit lprac ice ,so ly t th tr llllelll oef ho-e dlisceses, wtllit ithe l llst lprel' ed ntll r I lle:s: ie is enall led t, re- i arv ila y of lithe, adlowihl tonwliind y fluti 5 to .i da : wltlllllt injUtrll t Itllh. tI.tinlllOi y ladrta uryV'e or anlly other .eletrrious medlilie. Ghonallril ue, oi, Structure, aiuan.l WaIklVeis,.l Iections l '11" Inld der, w idneys, Prostate tlaund,ad any of those nunler oistr uin of lafectious, whiclh generally follow neg.,, l ed or lmul-lrealte, es,,s of Venelllial. Serollfous ·ores, ulcerated legs, and wornlms,lrmovd by a simple melh .1l of treatment, withouut restriction in diet or interrup tion f~rolu bullsincss Personsreidmi In tile country, and who feel deli cate iuco suhttug their liunily phaysician, by seulding a lltellllrn of thlir cal e by letter (post mid with feen enclosed) cull lave Ih. ioinstis advice, ir their own Ireatinint, with medicine, necessary to be used, forwar. del. I ,:ptrate oficees provided where patieaut can never comp' in contact wilthl each ther. Attell'lannce Ilol muring until night, at 143 Cuatomt Hone lyeel. HITCn. .ltations strictly confidential in all cases. dec 13 () YLE & IAY, House, Sign, and Ornamenta Iainters, N t 3 Cuavmdele street, two doors tiom ;:Lnal strete. Imlitations of the following woods and marbles, e ecuterd ill a masterli nata'uer. wulns MARBLEa. Maliigany, I gyptinn black iall gold, (Oak, G 'lla antil Antico, Pollard do, Or"i. tal or verd antique, Curled tdon, iluspnt' Curled Maple, i tlonclStone, irds Eyre i, ~ Daby GIanauit Satin Wood, Potomnac, Hair Wood, l Dove or Ihirdello, Yew Tree, I ilian White. Coronmanle or Black Silana anId Brectella, lose Wood, Ameri :an Grey, Ash W.Vite Ouk, &c. & &c. Curled Elm, Specimans to he seen at th lshop. P'aints, eils, glass,t opal varnish, bae. on hand mitor sale. ml ON, ,' CEI. & HEAVY (it)OODS--lat, aquare and bundle iron, well assorted. Hoop, scroll andll rod iron, il rode and plough moulds Cast, German, shear, blisternd, spring, sheet satl Crowle) steel Hollow ware, aut and wrnouht nnils and spikes Zinc, block tin, mill and grlld stones, salt keltles Clain cables, anlneloru , hoa Ox, leog am.d tLace thails, corn mnills Anvils, iesn Illmn, ri and bellou s Wire, sheet pig aTnd lba lead!; shot Cual, and eoltking staes Ames, Rowland's and oither spaldes and shovels Hook and plate hinges, door attd window hooks Callins, Hunts, Sharps, ani otlher axes Far'd afld lManilla cordage, lines and twine Ilast aud slleahiog lopper; Naval stores Pintts, linseel antd speram il A full asortment of hadware ani ship lhamdlery, always on hand, and which are offeredl fr sale at whole sale or retail, on the most favorable terms, by m4 IA YT( N & Co. 53 Old Levee. IARROWGATE SPRINGS ItonitN.iumee comttinty, Alatiattia. THREE DAYS JOURNEY FROM NEW 'ORLEANS. THE proprietor of this establishment has the plea sure iof announcing to his friends and the public ingeneral,that he will ie in readine.aby the first day of Mlay to reeeive visiters. He will also state for the he nefit of those at a ditanece, that there have been large improvements made, and othere now going on and in rapid progress for completioUn, which will enable the lbseur.her to alconunlodale iI mu:ch larger numlber thalln heretofore, and at the same time mueh better. Familie can he accommodated ith gaoo room., or those who refelr can have large cabins etached from the maiu building. It is deemed unnecesaary to say anything in particlI. lar of the charaeter of these waters, to, it is generatrR believed that thier are not inferior tit any in the SoutlI ern States. All tile amusemnita that are generally litiud at Watering Places, will be fhundl at this. The heat music that this part of th coontrv afirnls, has a bee. na gedand will be ineoast, ntt atlteldaneent the tpirines during the whole season. 'I he suabsih t will avail Iimself of rthis opptnrtanity in returning his unfeianeld bhatkh fer th very lilberal ittlpour given hil 'last season. and hopes Iv tthe exer tion, that have been ,rolde ill improving and e.rtending the aut otunodations, to lmerit a Ihheral iptrnatge tile present season. JVNOl CRAM. .rcTO THE LADIES. 4 TKINSON'S DEPILLATOlgY, thr remnving sul_ :p perfluoua air from the face, neck and arms, with iqnal safety end certainty, leaving the skit fli:er and wltiter than betlbre tte application. A frelh ,ppl y jist received at eGUION' S, ito Etsehange litel, ctiner St ('harl, anid tnimmnr s e 't. ap I MAIL ARRANG.EM NT Norrn Mail, De Every Day at 1 CIots EVsrv day at 104 A. t Duo every oundae, Wednesday d* Weittern Mil, Friday, by i, PM.' b y t t thei Closes every Monday, Wedncsda sa andl, odNStrdnyv, by 9, P. i. 'e Le ail Doe ever Ttidsy'ursday, an ieLae Mat t Saturda),lIv 5,P. 11. via Closes every Monday, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIIVAL,DEPAR'I'URE DISTANCIE &e. ofthe Fxpreos Mail, beissr-s Mosils and New Yok--leaving Mobile dail,' at 3 P. M. N orthwar New York danily at 5 P. M 'southward. Arrives Arrive Nnrthward. Distance. lime. Resurn'g' lotgomsery, Ala. 2 pm. 198 mo's 2311 12 ,m. Clunlhtms, . fl 18 4 0a Colofba ba. 11) 81 94 31 a. is Milledgeviie. Go. 133 14 21 p. Cslaoelta, S.C. 7 am. 183 171 10 Raleig-h, N C. t5 215 12 12 Warreston, Va. 1Y m r. 55 ol i Petershourg, Va. ]it pr. 83 k Ind a. m Riehnrbld, Vs. I aml. 21 3 64 Frederi-ksluog, 8 67 7 i1 p i Wssblinmorin.i.n it, pm. fil 6( 5 asltimore, (l4 38 4 01 Pbiledelpliia, 61 aon. 10n 11 2 aNew ,on, Y th u2 pm. 9. 4t l 1:31)5 143 l. or d 2be3 Nortlward. r'nmmeg ni ol, thewalr , ties li i r six lours lee.; beins -5dss' iaI 97 baIe, ____ I IA iNAeWAYS o rs at 1 'us.tdelelr corner of Hevia Ssreets,on be nis h of Ih of August, sad weP seen ,e next mrnigin I'evdras streetr, a noigro boy nanmed I'HAltl.', shabom 17 yesrs of age, an 5fees or tnereabouls in he ielt, ver blacks and aston iamped imesnt in his speech, one of lis legs is sore, ocs asione' by a recent hurte bslp Id e wlan lie went awuv a whir, rotron or lilen , hirl and while clm'n saintalhbns. Mlasirs of vessels and stoem boste are antioslnnd a gainst receivisng bse rlrieg snid negro, as wll as al other rersoons,o a thn ulnost rigour of the law will bht enfnreed igains.t Istim. 'he above reward will be pais fnrdelive:is Igitm intS any cof te jails of eilher oifthb muniipoloties, or at 169 Cnsandelet, corner of Hev s steUet. sIslt AnOTIIoE--ylh coimleirsolsipl beretofore eatoling under lit firm of Iulsbois Goaretolm,, h bees dissolved. Thb sbsesrilvr will liquidate the affonio the eonlertr, in Ithi city ,ilhd rIqures alr l p .sons in leb. ed to smake piIVioioIl to linlilly, and all tbleseblvinp elailse, toprusena ieu Ibrisesll A merel. das 8-tn ri AARiRETSON W W. SWAP. No. ll"Csim a S.reet Aer Or.enss HAS always on hand can taully & racrviio DIrt. Dl yes, Chemicalo,and I'u.l:s,lnou,,s elter, oilt ollownig: .., l)lUGS. DYES, Antlimhony, orolr, Argols, red, do regslus, Ansltto, Spars' Areenci, clre, Alum, do powdered., Irazillette wooa, Balsao csopnvis, Uoebhieol, Btsrax, srude, Coppaera i Americane, dO rotfiond, Cplsbear, Brimstone, crtude, Fustia, Tamplco, do roll, do Cubs, do flower, do Moine, Birmuthb, French o ,erries, Castoroil, Indligo, Bengal, Cresm tartr, do Manills, I Canltbarides, de f ceocos, om aloens, do s., taoml, do Akabie, LogAwod, Camlpraehy do nseafstila, do St Domni go do amoniac, do Jamaies, tih benzein,, Caomwood, do coIal, rough, Mmhllder, ombis, do do serspelt, Niseanmora, lOssntre, do Io SAmerisor, do Coro, Id, annmphol, ero'e, do Molusolb ndo do rtlt. do Ih.lae. do, gualsaum, CHEMICALS. ido kine, Aeli, nitrous, do mastic, do mT riatrc, dIo opium, do ..l l,,hrie, lo sLellc, Blue vi'liol, s, Senegal, anslomnl, pp, do sandolra. .orrosiwr suldlimail, t do tirngralet loide inknin Gamboge, lb lO, lll o ilss Ilsuipr bellrries, nas ealmSlic, Sdo do Fnreigns, k1d rlriciillae, Moagsesia, EInglisll, tloe'llle ill, do AmericslJ Heidlslromleo ,otaisb v Manoa laike, Siap arip Swa du sorts, Snulip i1t Lhtb iso'e halll, togsl Ical. Oil closes, Sulot, iie, doSaiiai S. ll ililile. dI hrgaount, ITartar I'Ivirc do I. anoss, PAIN I'--Ilacs.. do peIpllpel'int, lllsr, Rad gentiaun Cbi',niic I cllow, dry tlo( i'pecac, do C o i'oil do jalap, ale krrs, dle.) d r hii u lil ,Ieiie , I.aI l llos l l lel ll l be e, ie ish , I ,itolfl-it, A il:ie i., Sli. k sap , t"ni, ,tn A nl irhla-, I !d" doI 'i'i,, ic.l, llis eepiiive h i gledi, s ii' - .! i o ", t enr : l1e ldcmesei lle I,s s.III , ill,. , , i 1d. , lh.r l hn. ii, A i i, I 1 Io.n vrtl .I . I ,l " Sl llll.l t r.. 1:to glrll~llla i,1 ,., tl,. d,, lee l ,,le ,,(lIt, IIC,,ll lee,,.:, i . i I , . Ii n , . d oli n.I. ih ,.i. I ... ......e......i S' tl1 i .1 i ii li g1nn1 nl (Quotaili er Au.,a r l Ipure d"1-1"ta Ratioi /r Reefer, v th.e autlhor of Pvter Si nple. ,. in 2vo .. C(umnlina., or Wintetr nt S.hlosa lnice fi eld in I.n..e tv I ti, + (:t(io BasIdl htall, Royal Navy, P.L. y., in vo Vt. Lord Roldan, a romance. vy Allan Cmnningham, I vo 2Fheepnerd .Lee, ritte.n by limtielf, in 2 vols, d Compenditar 1/istory t ahely, tra.'lalted front the orietml Ital n, hy Nalh, lle Greene illl vol for rtiang No 79 f hrler'r Enlllv I.i Lirary. SVolsC. 3 & 4 ort ie,, w complete and uniform edi.ia* of Washington rl.ciar's toarks. Ro.r'cs Erench rnd E.glie/s Dietia I vol, 3oe -V Nnaet's IFerrh and RPla/ish Dictio.aatr. Aits--A fiew more epicesu' Combe 's Phrenology "Itiernzi," larges snrvevor'e ('omtaesce ofruperior qua itr, with chlti ll. Itilliadt" t llsr f 21-4 anl d' 1 i(' ml (Gilh rt'se iioveidmletale I'ens,jtapaned papers, weights &c. &c. &c, Just received, and hre cale by 4m31 BENJ. LEVY. $I'tIN iI''.VIctTEIh,&e.&y S IPAIN DI1 R i l) ,&c,try the auth of 'A year _'rnit f J'tde.te rhre/cner, besentaltr ppateahte to the Aboriginies of Northi America by , d TumseEtq The Political Grammar, of the United States, or a complete view s fthl theory and praetict of the genera and state governments, with tihe relatinns betwenn them --dedicated and adtpted to the young men of the United States, by E I) h:anfiell, Esq. Animrod's Hlasting Tours intenpersere weth charatetr istic anecdotes, earmge and loitngs ftsporttia ng cy, n cldling notices of the principas erack rderasofEnagland with analytical contents, and general index of namaes,2 vohtuns. FOR THE CURE OF Scrofula or King's Evil, Chronic Rheumatism, Chronie Cutaneous Dis- Pains in the Bones,by the" eases, use of Mecrecury the bland being in vitiated state. This very concentrated Syrup is prepared with ths greatest pharmaneuticul caretand accuracy, and contain the active pntcipelo of Sarsaparilla itn the anot concert trated degree, combinei d with ther vegetable substance of known efficacy. The great destderatum with physieians in being ahl to exhiltit a large 9uantity of a.-saalarilla in a sna dose, has been eItamed in this prealtrntion--tlhey, being fidlly convinced of its mterit, confidently administer the coarse of their practice. Price $1 50 par bottle. Sold only at eWAIN RIOTIIER'S drug store, No. I ICanal etroct, whe' tay be had, ftesh and genine, dlirec tfrom the pr,.Fri tore, Swait's Panacea and Vennifuge, Petter's Ct.ttolh. con, Carpenter's Preparations, and a large and genera assortment of fresh drugs, m4 PINNOCK'S ROME, &e. P INNOCK'S IMPROVED EDITION OF DR Goldsmith's Abritdgmet of the History of Ratts,, to which is prefixed ap Introductiot to the dItedy o RoEman History and a great variety of valuable infor nation added lthreuhott the work, on tel Manners Institutions and Antiqnitie.s of the Romans; with nu mneroan biographical and historical Notes; and qtes tinse for exa.ans tion at the enl of each senetiotn. I lustrlated with tirty engravings on wood, by Atherton Ptoce's Ianpreoved lition of I)r Goldsmithd's History . of England, ProYt the Invasion of Jtliun Ceesar to tltl death of leorge 2d, with a cdttintatio to the yea 1832. With qestions for exatnininati at the end o each section. Besides a variety of runatble informs lien added through,aht the work. Consisttng of table of contenttrasy Sovereignes and eminent personas Copious explanatory notes. ltemarks on the poel tics, tmaaner and literature of the age. An ontline. ithe Coastitution, d&e. &,c. dllustrated by many engra lags. GUvYs' ELE.Erre OF ARTnOeOnY, and an Aoridgmen of Keith's New Treatise on the Useof Globes. New American edition, wltht additions and improvemnent ann tet explation of the astronomival part of thte Aw rieat Almanac. Just received nd for sale by M'I tIKEAN nov 4 corner l Canp anld e ol.amon aeb tIAItPEItS CLArdICAL IttitAtlY. SOIltACE,ttranletat m Ity Ptdlih Frantci, I) D, wit! I an apellpetdlx, contaitlnt.ty tnlltslOtlla ot variunu odes, lc. by Ben Joanso, tuwley., Milth, Drtdon Pope Addison, Sawift Ctntatlerttl V4 akedeld, Parona Bryan, le. and some of the moreMnent pouts of th dav--and PHt.EttOUS, with the appendix ci ,adius transla ted by Christolmr neart, ie d v lcs Icriaa veluntea 18 and 1Ia otl"arper's Claatcul Licrarv lThe EpdxpaUdit. of IIPILttPI CLLNKI~R, lty Saollett, .l ., withe aetonuir of the Atthor, by 'PI oa ts ttuascoe, Esl., newa edttiou, with illustratui,. by 13 cruikeltank TIlE 1IP:Y; a Tale, by theanrthor of 'lc.ueale., Mary oil' .rgeady,'" &c., ew edittio, I v.e t.u.apk" P'AUL 'LIFFORD;bh the aututr m "Palha. TThe li,t r'," &c,hbilt. oIumen I Oittrn new es? nof"bt s e4rt Uomplan .hke. austrmteired t sale', WM MeKtArAN SACON SIDES-38 cabks Cincianati eamkh "!ali.,e from thenteameoat Echo, and for satesy BOGERT & IIA wr

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