Newspaper of True American, August 16, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated August 16, 1838 Page 1
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PRICE 12' ¬ENTS. Pated 12- ·----- s - NEW ORLEANS THURSDAY MORNING, AUGUST 16,1838. VoL.-VINo 111 erers of the mablsmier Press of Ner Orleans uatnirnoonol/ nyeed on at ( icjorntrnd maeeing orf ke Plropre trtn heldl on Lan 1311 if fharlh, I3 n Srntso.l rto3.--re alve )ll tarn far t ne daily ) q :ar penonam, Ipanyale bit-ntnlll y in Indvlldnl : (a nllad for eho tri-woeltly eorntry piper, pnvalyle ohne vearlnadeantes, Where no city rerferenc in given. Nr ,abeltipltth. will he dibabntinued until nrrsarag,. are tettled. In ealu of di contialanne, ,ine week's noetie *aeriliag meal bh inlriaeob y given, previous to te .oapialiln of snblceription. Avner tnO.rso.-J)n a dollar per estnre for the first nertinO, and hall that price for eaeIh susieqoent one :] snn material alteration franm the original advertiemenit will baOOhlrgad nsa t now one. YlnU*.v AtiV.EntsoRn.-MeroIcnntt anil Traders, orty dollar fet lenglis alonoe, nnd .itrv for Iboth lln iaoe i larlse, Insurance Otflees, nad other aimilar y dollar in Iolitsh only, and eighty for both eIoagttes ; Shi eda a nd tenohl Fae. rt or Comisioniti mnereoi ans sixty dollar~ in aiglinh at, andeighlty for both langoagei. *onARRIott, OnITlcaR NOTICESn, nod articles eall 'telt attention of the pollc to sales e Iroperty, auds of paonaners, henefito, &c. &r. will nu reelarre one dollar per square fur te first insertion in each Inn ColoiUNItCATloys, or Advertiermentn, of any pirscn a msln., whet admaissible, labll St e hlnrge dilnauble, an1 in dranon A ded,~es tweni t fiee per ent. will he made to) Auntlinteora, i of lta, ltgiirre (if Willenand nlnr*Bala no aslea of rLenl atate. punllillF d in batl lanll.nag", atnd50 per cent. in l.ntgl+h alnc: II palr cent. on o.les orf othe Peaoierly. Antrcc..mirarnts ot of the direct line of Ilbinnae *f thend,dertiser, sitehl ns leras, noaectin, nnt lllnltn iono raleo , runaway rlna.a, stray inul, &.e. &en. will be elr5red for selpn.atcly, andl t the ordiinry rates. Annv RTISMENTo 11 ti1 l l:ified a Ito tilne, will lie uhlished one montt, und charged necnorliolv. No advertinemelts oh Innkruilcic. will Ire published n y case, tilons pnild fir prevlonus tinseriont, ior u'ayo.t. g .antleeda byn respositble persn in .o.n. theatres and other alnoenea aot lnrment, ndvertising saily r tho .c.oann. to hie olirged $llt0i for Iougllioh a lne, anll $i50 in buoth langinnes. All annouoceultents of ntrlidutre for pnlit;eral olffices be charged double tie price if other odvertise , on." tthe immet n ase los uitainCd biy nwwpnaper opltetno)l tev havne eine to tln clnelusio tlhat the nllaes of peranlin mwlle lacnicnt Iclaveo llot belin panid within ons ltoallI after lirelitnllii, ini ll hi e mall e kunoW (so for no practicable) to each olthrer--ley nloli ating tll~esalnves not to nlverlie tlr priIt for such delinpqlts,, uldess n nca.e al ldnaoee pgy genls. 1aigned) J. f. 1). dT. TI.OMEH,.N J. BAYON, P. I'. IRhA, J. (c. r!ItNEn RfGAST, tJOlN GIISON LI;MSI)tN. tnekhly Prss.-V-We, tle undlersigned, agree to nlide by the above conditions, nas ar an they are aplliclbhle to wsanklv papers. (Ai ned) A. R. LAWIF.E\CEI:, SO :, ul rip ions are taken tI;r Ieol thnt ulinontlla. Letters lttst,tn i ll ca se, ie p ,mo cll in. SPAIN IltVISItTEl) Iv he iluthlrnfi ".1 vcear in ntiair," i`2 vole- Iharry ilceerl, a nitcel, liv oneatln.r of "Cecil Ilyde," it 2 vls. I'he Actlrena of $.tldn, nd otier taoes, ho the anthilor ,,ft Tlhe Fnera k e n," in 2 vo t s . N i nro d ', I lu 'l ' .u rs ; nt e rl w " neitli eharneleristie anieceotic, alingos and Irin -. 1" IK oring Meln, ineldiniig .f(fIfr ri ipn l n ratln l Jer t of E,!glnnd with ti nl:tienl ,lliiirin ~lnal ternorl der, ulnnme, to whilc are li.Idr illlarnl te'rl lln Ntig ,to iindls,, il Vla lien ra , tie at f Nole ,i AgmiDtnn I np.U y t. otn iK. Ninnunionllerntlllll)r ottllh "ife of a Sailor,'& e. in 'vnol. c nlllltar e uo iq ity Jnrisprudenced n s rdmlinitered In :: "er uns ald Americn, Ily Joasep Story, I..L. I. Ovid, tI.. Iated li Dryden, Pop,' Cngnrcvc, Addlison and (thrr. tn' . , .. Ii trlmin N 2O n ud 2l I of " Hlrn e r'i (n lus i.r d L ii nra r i." htlln tr I IT icn, tr rtn" f, r rllE a tar lx r i-e ai I miaiioemivtee oathie United Stateo'nfatctry, by Maior lt.oral Soeat, UI. S. Arm,. in 1 vltt. Jlst j eaivetO l nail for sale ty WN 1. McK -N, 7 .. . ... np & - ommo, -t-. [ r is th fuior; Is nte nOilt,- (ai Ohi in. i Sl.nwc; inthiit : It )v I.t'ýi , I I T it t "tn h me; I taly; Ile wl, itor u t L.en til'; E l l tl n I"I" 1 f nmlrot -ll V ,W o , I nlo to, iW il in i i. lfi l in n n 1 ."ll; 1 t: t nl i In o. ltrln ci ii ) to titnn. (u-nntinti-re it.g.inlttlil)lntlin .A e ille If n )II t-5," I)Zi ,e i i" |h, fills"; s.htl .t v'r I ."it ti-n; tV I, II IVfi ', llt' til t-in ; ",N, h' n ! l . ) nli Ill ll'; .\ lluli iI n I ni -.; l ,)in "r .hi ll , lll n) tlim!, ll rr *·Ig.I'yV C {:r -row, ; llP i -ll €.te ,ir Irom i el. Tnra I.i l i. IItI, I I i t I" l ll I ittIllB a i. of i t"i n;I. ile tlrnt n 'nei in' VoIrte n , iny V (il tient yort Vr,tin elfr l t i h ,annin )IvIi l'ui'illr a )V oo IIi nm SII ,In.lal. l lI i A ml l, I llllllK llo l Il" t, 11, ttt c it te . Ia,"mi. For ,tl " lt It C aOFV': Piano Polrte and lll l.u-ic iorl)re, j.n1 290 . . _' e ' t rr't _ II-oleor', I'r,mers. Collection of Uooillltl Plhr lim n verey tapir IIt I ce.,rar¥ t1 oiinnuiH Ionve' rltuloll], ilrll gllnloll ItrIll ' if.retott eiei, tilth ourlern retlolrok on the Iten toot t, r eii(atian antd ire of veriotlt, wordo. 'l'ilr wlde so dislntedl ta ct oolderatl v to ftcilitl, the a tiirto tiolI ",f torrect trotunltiatiotn of the Frenchl. ii t. li.olntar, 1 new ediliol, revised ndl eorrecntd. A seletion ollfte Ihtndred of l'errini l'ohbl. rcom. panied with a key, contallini the text, a litteral and Ire translation, arranged in ralll ch a ullrner Io to Ip)llillnt 011 "lt lifl'erence botwecen the l,'rctoch and I'llilh idlil, d figred pronlocia.tion of the French, aceordmg {o I the best IFrench works extantou IhI', snbject. The whole preeode,I by a short ireatlne onl the nt)uond of tie FIrench languagel conpared with thse of tile |.llglisb. A Pronouncilg Pretich Printer, or the Stholar's (;lidr to the aceurate pronlllltialtion tol ol,-thlogrtphy of tilt French L 1ng{: nle, containing its t4lelnlll{ aI'conrdln to the bert lage, ty Bernard rroncbin, tlot reoeivcld ald or sale tVI Mr KEAN, mnt, Cor Camp & Coem tr . f...P; SPIIlliTR SPRINrtS. GRP.gT R:+LIE COIN I'Y, VIRI.INIA. Illt itfavorite wattrint place in the mo.,lntttint i Virginia, I' miles wenof Lewirbsr.., nld 21 from the White Sulllhur, will be open in line season or the rediption of onmpany. Ml nv important imlprovemento have been ma. nseintor Ithe larot no. A .pnioUn ball rmom, and t ntlmbere of sitgle-b, delh n rot)ms havn e hln added tlnd nt fitnishittge al trdliog Itae oItlllnodatton y the lottf JIly, for 2.olt violoro. An excellent turn plke rnd has been eonttrtcted tpassingl by the sporings, and interoecting thel Kanrwhl tatpike near Iowis Iurg. Oear this read, by dlhection of the llot office departmenrt, Meterd . Beldin, Wialetor & oes. line of tmnil enoahes will roun A tost oltico being establishted at the sarings, violtors may r.ctive news,and corsrc paohddaily, o Vt and w Ot. if otle medicintl qualities of rweors, tte t pr lltrit ttneed Rl ot )olpin. 'iThey hlae been analysed hv ablle ald tr.dl.sed chemieto, and onnd t, hold in tolht n nil tle valnnthe ingrodieots oe the utolcelobrated aitrinaro in Vlroinia. "'he onmhinotion 'o otArints uch r l phrlltetteil ly elreon,. rcllp nte of Mnalouein, aulplate of Liln, Car miheet of Lame, Snlphat ofe .do l, loMriatO of odra, t.l.oMlat'ittof 1Mgc niaa, tthe altutrv eoleeltlo f oifwtich are exahibited in diotnses itcidetl to feooaleo;ltnd clhroo itafceotin- of tile adts)lelol, lier, oand oweloo; icoutan netoal affectionn s nr dioeon of tlht skin no remedy morr potent or ffienciouas ean le found. Exteoasive tbatlitthg eotnbliottnotllt for hboth exes have keen erectedl eoontigoll e o th* sltrinofo Viitolrs can at all tltre enjoy the i econli tr alvantages of their be nign otld wholese to e ffeetls. lMojor William Vaso till eontinue the oslpritoend. nco o, the soprirng. lver) exortilo oaII hil art, atd ato the opart If lte lroprtlotoUr sllall e r odlred to i,sotcre for t te Blute dalllr ia iilt,,ral haren of tle paltli tIt-. 'rite proprietors of the htioto dlt phelr s lrals wit ioe iheral it toe retti., of totis tonf ll l l tlt'n the tond . n n lthe whrteioll aeolo eOttittn4 0 tlrl t.alptnr r MARIA tlINK, &tc. r AV1Il. dioloeootr nof oItarla Mo of ite lintel I)ieu tNuotner of tf.nlrttrtl, I. .t, with at) op pentli ' cottutiitla part , 1eceetitinat, t lroteditioth; opart :d, Seql'oI of her ntrrotl t,; oar. Il, Review of teie case. Aot, o sppllmtilontt, n e tt arltt :Utro o tile Nut:lerv and groltlde, illnutratud by a pilan tf lhe Nn onery, &e. Mllrin onk anti tnle Nlnnnery ,of tto llotel ll)iet--be ing nn naeoellnllt on a iitil to tb Cotvenlt. ofilottl httl anl refutation of the "Awful Lliaeloenre;'" by \Vt. L.. Stone. Forth nxperitoent of ioilvg. Iivinol tihitttl means. 'The Stadtlt's Instrlltetr in ltrawillg anld wt)okitn "'The Five orders of ArcbitecturPt" flly expltitittig tile methnoi, for strikig regttltr lndl qtirked to Iltllllt; fnr dittiniodlit anld glueiing ofcdln tootosand tltailsll tor findlig the trte dipeoter ofntt otlrdlr o nly gten lhiglht; .for lrikin. the Ionic Vultott, tircttlr tr elitpical: witt finished extmptles, on a Inrge stall, ofl tht orders, thieir Itlancllers., am.; ild *nllltt idegiotn fotr loot 0a0.0, et .aotlly enoravedl toi o;'rtt-one plnItte with eI pl ateI-h Peter Nio.flnlonl, archlitect, olotk)tr of the ".llo'lllllli*o Cotlpllnt.iot't. "orneoter'o New (;llitle," "tCarpenlter's old Joitner's Aoeiotllltt," 'e. "A Ptractical I'reatiso tot tit Culttre of Silk," ldapt ed to the soil und ollitote of lth Unitted Mtl tes--by J. G( Cootntoek, soeretoary or tlle H:trtltri l coutly lilt So ciety, and edlitor of tIhe "Silk Clturoiet. '"Phe .illk Itiner' Mannual, or the nrt of rsaiser anni feodlng silk wormo, antd of cultivatin g the .I Iberry tree-e-I . Mtorint. 'rhoe lerk't (Goide,. ort'omotet1cill Cotrreiton lence; eomnprinioio etters of blotton set. htre of hilisinvooicos, acctmnt-looooe, nol shopkeepero , solntlioo of Iputyloentt e etntemial tertnto, o.--bh II. I'. 'Foter. "llistorv f o the War in oile Petoinstlo end thle Soluth of F'race, frot tile yealr HO7 to tite ye'ar I 181' by \V. i. P. Napier, C. I., vtol V.; to whit h ar, Jer' <Pd an in lhe (ilrtoHrly I.eview; wiotoulltoniter remlntrk to Ilr. Dudlbot Il tltatt Otereivalo e reOtf atrks o tottha o toto .poso ge(i C.lonl aptllier'o fltrlhtittoti e o the Ponttosulor tr. llt rereivr d I Ior ale bv t41 t.ol' thlt ...., tot toot', tor t. ... ip06 44 New l.evee. 'f; itt I(o.,Il.,; )l ILK--i-*i b1.1- I,- z, P'rihm,, n ud olh+r desr riaoli,.o F. r ,,r I" 'I r~ IN A.Atl t l h. Iro.w ier t 4,e . r AVI: Ijst i-ise il at their Flrnishing Ware-ehouse SNo. 17 Ca',p stret, by recent arrvatls from Es trilc',is atllte 'erth, flc rage aldditions to their stock of U tilli IIIdurcals ,Lecl AcseeA'ee/isg aitsiles, whitl enl lectivel1 (the3 believe) r'lic an lssotmtl'et nmnae gencer. st lad comptlete tilte i.ta he e ind in atny slitar cestl,. lsimellnt known; consistintc of SILVEIR WAR+E. CoetTe aad tea sete; pilcher', waiters, caltors, eansle sticks. csps, tauablers all goblets; table cInt lesert Ibforks; table, desect snild tea spoonls; marrow aen gravy, or ri goat spioons; setgr; slgar, satee antl soup la dles nlstter, fruit, plstdilg alld fish knivest Itcks s le l I cessrs knives anti o.ks, .cickins, rings, &c. princilcily iros, the maiuslaetorv of Alr IB. Gardlser, of flew York, whose nlol est'lhlished replttatson for the maanalufiture of silfer ware is sufficient gla'rantee of its superior PLATED 'cARif OF II'FF2E1ILD AND 11111. MINGHAM. 'Tea andl cofea llen, tea selts; eastors, liquor and ons dlill stancdsl snlterh c'i caiilelas Hall Elnie-lses with Iile sora plateaua, Ieor cenltre of tile dinser or , a.eper taiehc; wa s roulll and oblnllog, from 8 to I12 inclies; heef steak ind velgettake dishes; rich dlik covers; cake and Iread Inhskets; declnter stearl; mantllt anilll ehllcller candlesticks; wine slralers; coolelrsrndl syphonsE ; dIen ter labels, claret corks, tea strlairers, table lells, ten, ta. ile, egg iand mustar(d sipoons; egg collers anld stnllds toast anees, ke. SIIVERl ON 1ST'EE WARE. ahble, and delsert kinves, forks and spoona; sonp andl lalce Inadles; Ibuttter and i lih knivres, Ichese scoops, as parages tiongs, vegetable tro*h, 14ae. .lAPANNEII'Y. PaFe G;othic Sandlwich an I :ouadl em net waiters, in selts ad il ingle, fnrom i to l: icllclcllles; do lfIl' ier m.tes ; bread, cheese, amd kisfe Ieavs; lolgi'e iiitightl. plant, wlcrmlers; spice, snyir lIand ecath eoxes: ln'esiang cases; India tel tables ill less, c.'isdles sll aneld of rich tortoise shell, etc. LA MI'S. An extensive ansortm':let, acmlng wloe re Ast.,I tamps, all bronzed and gilt, snl of l'ieh sit glasai meanle nlamps do, do, each plain alld with glnas pris.mes; vers spledidtl ect glass do; brmtzed tandi Japanned siide(o Iromekcet lamps. CIIANI)IEIERI S ANM) II k(l I.AMPS. English anid l'French ct g"hasa chaltdeliers ir li-tres ti1 a, 111, If, 18, 20 and '24 lights, French bronzeed and gill (reci Ian lamps, 3a , 4 iS 8 lighits hall .l'Ienp1s tl I:aan tr els, rich broie ae ia: or 'ctre lanse lel. Ilncer ,,s , riones, from I to f lillnts, lamp sihles, glas,. ,' MANTI'IE CLOCKIt, ('ANI)ISMIIIt\S AK',I' V ASrS. Bronzed stle l marnlel; blrot'iinz and gilt. I all .ci , with lxatulies, etc; c sounticcg h i sei aic cl ki0s 1 c l .; inllll illkslillz ee r , .i i llc iper weig hts, ' e;lll : Inrs, call itcks, callestilks 1.11. linc' anr'lil', F lenchcicc I'II ,aI ill 's' C clsi, aci1 s escelra )cc It cscl . I'r {1:1'"1.1. h 1 iiii ill el i unN'·1, ll lll, d whes, el e vas, , ,1,, n t , . ,' ,'·. ,lille gncs, til ger I a I tI tc o r 'a 115llt1AI., l t.a , .h At 1.AII 1' i I .! lb, , l.; cI nrs l cc ,i c l . i ccn cav(e'iiirs l's c.cslill' s ,I f1 " I h f 'T lcaIrI'ol' ,la. sli llc anI t' . Is e . ' "c Isa';'c'c cl I c. e ccI . Isis li, cI ,,ll,. -hl .i) I +' h I mhu ' ci c '' 'l ,Ii , l p;.. i .c ...lz "lt n, a lll I~k l 'M t ,l .; ,. I'"c .:1.... h, I ,1; ;i; Ill; . lc.I haudh, l il s od f' * , , ,,I e x, ..... . ,"Ill !a ; inn 's, CI·.l l- i 'I . - : I ' i h ihrlvr : iii r iier, '1't. I ll olirt l · ,i .. .i' i ; .2.: I; ý ,", L le,.l io e l All nt' lot+ rv l ' 5 (1· 0, ,' ' ( ,''I .. ..._r ,, i, ·l'el s. ¥ I:1, 11(l onl lItI ill . ,' •li l,-.uli,+ ,l.+ o , ,l 'SII ~ rank "l, . t, ,w1 e , , +.,' a-d ¢ l'l lilsl~l( aes i 1 I . i,:> :'l-l'. ' I;.! ill) F' lh: i h ih the 1 1':ab r ,,. , \ . \I',: ',1', a , "tr' ', \e,, Ihir.,ms 1' 1.ulr; \11 I,. 1.l'l I{i!) II\i:)',V y( l(I B ' I. iNt"ilH ' 111)1; (& , 1 , F or a dnuble (.(u 0fl (1 ý.(((s o. [D te ,. loch ak 1 r , it ,, , I, hll t;.1 I-. )r , h an,, ,,\,. at 4fI per'~sw, or $9. r1 IH) I l:Forll Itoul ( i( . el 01t, , vs oI , I,:v liall r 1 lier 13I) ul . ill the, J lllld J tll, I .r., ;. ai $1 pi x. aw, or 20 () t F1(1eor ~14t)sawusOIl ndo.or 8 saws ia d starti , : , 6 919 p1Je .sw, oir 5() (W I Il0r tdo. W If c aws on do. or 4 Paws ill a stnld, r. yi.3t per s"Paw, or 9-) 0) SIN(L (INS. ( I For n I gle g;II .lll lo sa hws o1r mo1r,1 wilt 0ae set of l ders, ihttads, &c.- at $6 per s:Iw, a $a', 11 i SPor do. of 6il10 sw , nith feeders, &r at $6 h wper saw, 390 W i'For dl. of 40 aws, with lateders, &. 00 c 5 wier ~1)w, FIo t ddo. t 9t10w',, with tillfeeers, &c. at $7 d SI) per saw 150 (IX Extlateethl where desired, for Iecdetr, supplllitd :i Sit),LtS each; the uetaber 0l'let1l t eilg a)out etual o the numbler o l'saws. llte set of rletders, it is cln sidered 1hwever,, will w.ear out tw IP0 three seti of so0 . Exl(,t s'Htn splplird at 8t) ,entls Ieach. The (iiln mlrredl(, will he deliverred Inlthe :agents of I plantersel ana t'the tt s pta rt, l twla i a te t ottton plal - e Itig Ilest, at t all aahoe rlee, t, e ag,-nls paling the Iulighl 00 the ~t4't, rtiro, \t0.w Y tta , nod hecotni11 re n slmanaible t t. the: aoullt othe G:l . A ;ii w;Pli0ll willhe sent with tlhe (in11lo pot thl-n up where dIe - sired; tlae eblalctet wlt1e tCt'terv w0t1 he ,xtuX. ht I, mderlate. Iroi running get.rell'can alsohe orderedl' where desirled, on resou11ale terms, but will be ehar-T e I extra. Hott '. if power,''·l n desrl ipi olln, anl It l'ln is'1ed o like I -te'lms. Small stealn enginle can tljr, be ordered if de sired. It ildesirble', wheI planters gIive orlders for Gtins, Lthey should atcolllpany 1lelU1 with theiS iewst it' a to tlhearl.agenlteto saws. hIrasts, lbrushes, &c. It is tould they ali t op)llilliol.. ou.e datesre tsawae la rger dialter tit otllher. Thie ,111ot cly' ,Ot siz' Is 9 or Ill ilthe, ; Smllle ish thelll illel es Oll wish 5 u0. ti rows , iruses oIil tll ax]ia , while others d h not waniL ioure ti.l a;Ilt l'l'( I t ls wi rsh iws witl a S.orl' t ll to tie, inch, while (thettrs Wllat llto a It W, at tu a stcreai ea 1, we prefer It. ey t sa lltt S the tina e ol'tga i ot llc, lllish ti statll; t . stl e, altl tile ll teilleleurrls ca ltlt l tllla J ,j l , Ie Iattuiular. Wher it is left tito ((Il'isla'atrli ,:,I, pait n sak tlleln.Ot l te ai ost a llaol'l. tll aa land by. N t, , tI` a)i , I ,. o dl,0 can be exltt tet I l.lo. tie tlla e ta't I the space of ti g t i o ltt'e., t, 'ks, and t,'11 tt t t, a S time placrelin the hI ..ds of tle lactior. T1., 1I . .. l li thlleu t Na Ille , all tOrder, oat tl It r tea , t t. i t lh ' '1'I( e ll at lll ', ll It,"e . t'irt I .r a i tddle a jt tt ,, , t It o :llr :lil ( lls (II lll' " h y ,It0 i0t1' in te. , ,t,, ask N or ill ctltla , ' 1 . l 'hnI tal. l i . I il a 'I t rA l1. 11 OF l IU.Il U .l 1b . ---'irt-l .lh.te.l ti ulet S"' 11': S'l'All.1i7 OF I. Illll ·1 N : , Too all who. , thes-e P1w4euts shall lcolo,, thr.:t.09: -WVhereans ue Withmn 11,ne. l'!ine purelve l a situe a1 e by the Hi T orf ,Ithe pariit of 1)rl0kn , tilt- pro qet, h. bereiualier described, has apnphed to the clerk of't is ol llllr, iL1 woi ,lie e thle d, ed of sll, e wA reLorded on l the 5th l -y ( Mai, A. 1). 1j , tIr a io , itio , or) ad Ve~l'll nlel111 111 r11onhtr111itr to aui Ili-t of the Ibegi'lature of a. Ine Stte ,1 1l , I ti, ftllltled ",\l : et filr the lurther (, 0ss trance of til's It purchalers tt jud,ciul sales;" up tg provO, tie IIlth day (r (itr'h, 01;31. Nt)V, thereloe, know 1e.(n) nilt persons interested jr herein. are hleb, h eitead unit isdtlll iedl In the n| 1l0(1 It; the :SIttl H" Loui'iu0,v an d o1" Ihe Fir,,, Jud11il 1I)Itrt t i t ('ort, w l can ll soet up nll rieht title or eli ,, in an1d t(t ii p S r o ,rty h e re in ,tr l e t ve r lth e d , i . e e u ne p lae , , tn v il n;l l h· Itty rin the o le', i.11'e, or Il(gen l t ldthear ourt Ur n der whiellh th- sale , *. .,t , n0. lit" i rre nularity or l l galit,It in th,0 a1p, 0ie i0. sllll and a ildv-rtls tele , in Stune, or Umanner to'sIle, or Iii ille llier deli. t whlttmo ev rt it show cat..t,, A lthul thirlv ,y< f oll th1e day t- this onuuitionin ir insetrtd in the pu'ahe papers',why J. the sale s1o made shoubtl not he colfir.led and houllo 0v virtue of a d(.reao of thi t oit.t, rendere, ,it the 3,1 day of 31,(r(h, A. II. 183:1,(J a o (t entlued William Mceykav ws. amuel Bell, No. 11,315 of the decketof this courr, at which sade said \Willnon Markey became the pur chaser for the p1 ice of $:3,3110, cash.I I)enJciption of Property u.S given in mte Judicial Con 0'. A rtanr lot of ;r <nd, toether with all the build. t*t Louisa, [';utit and i)chlld streets, designuted by tlt(' No - ,a ot plan drawnby C. F. ZI,.(pel, Deputy .urveyor' ltr; eneral, on the lioth I1eclllber, |131 and detlosite( as plan No Ltl, in thll, hook 0f 5(0n0 0f Felix 6timna, n01t11r1 plhlie. S. Jut oms'lasures " {) fret 11 inches Fromt en l0w LPvOe '+tr eet,75 te', it. depth on the sidendjolnete hnt N 11, and H0 foot 7 inehrs alooi - tines is depth on the w (oe (( fron ' on i I1'l(t'v litre. f*et nitre inches in S (r,11; l 11 \'I EW1IS Ipe,, t . tho i.iarua-- thei fro areroved o 'rI'nadar Insat trip toC inr rnnati, forone rdayoin It returnled again Int ht. I b il o fe Iltt It m vera n ita orta t ' l i Inllto ,rtllad ltat .i n, lo pt a grP 11 ar 11 a tl I thrina_, ,tat I hatd rae, ally rn a vnv o rtim ,tia S. to elar ntpe o i rt ta tlII' o a .llinrrftlu' tlll ni llnrt. ae le of" dthw or onip. Ilhi knir'it of tIle thilm+'e, 'i ns, ,\ S .4, hfim relar ter, h rtirove s thato the allioi of . i Ao rand off, ib i li.the to rt tae " own Th , o eI is-hta "A f ayo w ia trnp ,tedtot I' ra il dtat t' t e alaa 1 , wheln lthet'w4 up nrcd; Irhe i g chl er If 't znni abila,. n p, pe l ii lia r, leu ' ntr ltn ve ried 'd .st ", a'l l ' Ith e rg e stat t he f r th ,i , "' vt nat ] nlro tilt hita ratl tel ra't h t li ia t i l ri ald file to britl evcdeven when It.. ,puke tm p trnth.' Tfhraiet i thateat n mt pro dee atir ,'tri' t ta it willr rottos f t' rhlowit p writero , i)r. nir& (&'o., it Irle Jllrrnl. I wroala d tlavirae thtrl to provide Iirll-tt otelvre with n stnram rerall pr.a, in ordaer to leet r ,, wondefrfal d l elll d and oincreias . o' tat tiaer. Ir ir i. well known theare are many who saek for trtrinb i l alehlrttl,ot ofr sheer lave r tor thre r haetsao f that aroi. 'ha. J.ut t firratn ntelr for thr nitr Sni r , i '. neef i e and himbhle elebhritvr, the trent rlar of tt n Irrillii*a of A nte i(+g eotple,'ar, falme I, enld di' faied ss lovers o trth. 'T'hroiare they rrt:llt , (s eli'(t' ,,reIlla',a hl tfile rar) natiearot a, m ato ro itprper ,e roeatttt ptlI at m.t rely o' , tIllcrrri re will r.ii ak out rettch nni r I t erom ;a ahab, ribaro tr ito other jnurnal, a'tarre rsttelnmar .w-ill lot io, ftUas. 'rIh'.it I s ;.(rr lltll l art 1.,o pa p1able to reoal;trn .furitaton; yet I will tatu: tr,. i l. Rlnlnt , IT ul te]. 2,1. 'rh:t I hlla it I e t J l . 'tn Sniot :o., have speat m" a letter tlrha.itnier r lat li,, if re aroinrl ofter lhorh t'. :1d. rhon fr m th , I fa a, it I t talr i:ii ,.oi 'i,r forteren dar snlo . of whirl,I twiah t I Sanip . Co., I in'rllr trhe ,llltedro ,in t llrer ow n ll , o l le hve r faileto hrina nio p otitanlr. 4rth. T Ihat fro lt i'lnot:nti i ,i, l lr , ed Itro o ,llarrf tlheNiLrr,to lie a i h l t:! , : i I 1. net takenway iy lifer on Il1 t I or t i ; t ,tt ,her:al,t 1, 'Vow +fork it .le J !o irn lNv .tl P', ll . Ill llr .hole trle, n xrt ( tllllllp in trtlr r lt Itgl t In ti, m har r l] phm, ;lentlhis, Nashville ead l.ouisvill ., wh w;ti.' oba Iltr 1t time arrives , i l e nu t ire ht `l, i':rh ' t'ld drill, r'p, arrirckle store. 1;,I I, ' ,I, , ,I,:, - it; , , all ,i oll Ille, snip, 0l10 It ell , S..... ., , ir s rate tll rditor' of the Jo~l, I . t ,r l ' p tl hf t iI"e nolh e Itr. So ti , r t t I t ti;: " w ~cacll 'o t oPrto re NO tothi ne u S.... mo+ . ' F, o m, itly thr. t r nthr, in t', w l ': " r, ,l (. to 1t'h ' b'lid, nil ita a, t 11 ir t ,. tra r it, i lll i), ' " tar , t'the u r,'rei " a lorhi , Ir e . I.' · -,'. " 1 '.i i s. . ' "'r ',F ia ,,' ·. , :·. i , · i · n - -,r. I . r", .. . o o ~i n, Jtt' ta t t' a I : r ; ,, at': h ,lr.ennrr."ll prr inl- thl a Ih l: , Ie t ei m Iim"t ' ., ltur t l ip rI 'p+ rtl l O V s1II h h " I, i,,+U v el :rt her r attttt l. t itr tar,, ,,d ht r p r. ,,r .Ie i ,f ' +eI wII d"n r oii. o o,.n ' o l,, warI· t e v, , itrt t uiro , i t, , o. . hra, t in a raaiir oa'rr; .. .....tot ra h oi..... roarI r 11 1 rt . Iirttrope',ra. 't ,rio rl ,rot:ithr ioIt rr,"tit. , o tti' t ,'mrt tOa rr wit tr 't r rt I tI a alhet F'tith tt ti tlllo t lyr liv, Itdh i i- , r ta no l, o pahivi rtiirn , , rtl la -lGlinll," wri to th, t h ir , ,Ira I ,r llrr ia Joiri d .,+,'l'il1 4H)hi il ln'''m rh w ind, h' r ;i n ,t t stll ir thrrvt It, ltl , ,r lr :I1 , a)ther+ Il ii to !m an ilt. '1N t I irrlll- o ot,, o r tlio, l rr h tlllti. a r 'i, tl ttonh t I' "r ot b ltItttr ott f h t I toh r tttrt t, a. r t ao)11 11 o 5(1 II.It It " ;t r.++. Oro . Nell,,+ < o i hi . t )il Ilerl hy rl li1,_.h l , ýpll I +' it 1 ! 1~tn', itsI n Iyi, e rl)ll Il(:ls t| itbheat ilIN,1,-,Ir'rt' l ta toarit 'rort, taoi rrt'.'Iort. J , . ttoo<i. I hita Ioara'I t', or, a, l. i i] ,htIwrl rý, - at rri aa1), 1o l: h r ttr h a , ot'r.hsa l rre ra irl ot u oiBeal hlroiinh h, oh.- . u ;llx ,.lr It'1 I: ii ill h i , ." pi" k I" ?,n, 1 of , h l' e llil "r 1'.l n,- , nIIII n .., I Ihl f I li I .llll,. .1] fraar:a yarrI tto ottrtiiral Oti :to'lt g wart ,r Iooar t i;t o ,:ilt m n pr ~t' lh,1ll l l h l- rho ot'aIr ,1 4ll llo]si' .a ll". i'n I o i m )I r: ,i I, I n ;i 1,,r l, + e , lly opt ,"rit . I ,orme ltl I, ,< ,,filll l IP ) LP 7:+t . m t:ti l othl~l , .t1, tll ll +11 111 is ,,Pr,, , 1,+ ) Pr l m a, ll ,. 1,, r,., .lin; Ir,", rt, I 111. ', n l, ltl! Ir..} tll~ rtr I mI ' xoa. Ile),I 1, . o+ l..llr rIn+It ll'lle ' ri l omed inc. clot t ,i •r If • )k boar art1 l.Pt o.I,lt'll rp t I v , ll ei. InI i.'hI( . l ',£ I hr !hr ,tJ'h, ,I mrly thi nlll-. h 'i,,it iii ru... I l l tlh o"Od i'1 • I w btllr ]11 l .1 m i hr. 7)i+1 +i,. Xi.ter h n~h ht I fda..,II I r iJ J r + dtl v ed I is leet, nl oll l ~a IwJImh a e II, , ' $ (I.I. I , i h} n m ,+)t srt0 l pi.ll 'ollf ihle l ire lli ll, I,* ely,+ I l ll andll r the ra. h it, L,, an ly let r. lll, owe llrl th Ile, Ia Ive, . \\ll'hen o f he ilrn r . tho,,llr o r ll t ell hwipl wotill f w igh coulrse wear it, thouIgh nollt i+tendred by llte. JefTfersoan Ilose, Satar lay, 2d Juoly, 187. JEFFERSOt. Ilo.ts, I.oUlsatII.LE, To the Editor f the ty (in:Gaette: lit- Hlavin; lierent.. to, th, entrll'ie. of my pta pnliticnt+, I ";'lre v I vr alr oa lt penuts, to rei main in thia city Nil lhe 'ltl ot Jlly. 1. To try to do them morr rnd.' 2. T'o onvin the i h..h r Its I'll it ,' v,'e pa theta th lediral I;llll ' e appihd toa n aelung to themlI , a 111 11 Ia lh :l r',at. 3. '1'h t 1 llm rn'ly lo dv ,p to I t t . ,tni fred duller, ill ,le s of th: U. S. Itan,., l l Ite hanuIs0el Ih. Iono , tle alltorofhliscitya, ani, 1S a llllllr umi t be de "politl" It all tIe -r at and l aghtav lctor- S. v a ,, that l taIltr Ito hr a.Nre aied, m dle-aged, orunll i),:rsr" + undll 'hihrld, whit a were totally or t ll|r li , - tlh " of short, weak or daeaa-lghta, I ,,or , I. 1,.1% -hlutll b it tula they n. iul. ",a1t • ,; ,".hllnllitlor".to alllinto thelruai , y hr ted ]uo esaoru and lot . cr. ;;! , c.,le t, - we , I as all the doe( ' at S . - to . I in pr.vatt practice, I ' ,! tI. A.,, l . w h o Il l . rl ldhe i. t naed o -r . l ... ... l .d or at - 1t..1... t. . . . . a n , " . . .,( . ,' ..t l a ct .... ,a . ... l, , . ai h., t .1 , l, 1 -Id ,c u l,11 s I w.e. na nI h II the' " ,. ,i , , ' ylm r ,n.l "c t luil .O h' an'S. ' of th." m, +'... , ' yh.r t-a war it t r rrll y ahd roltver , i0tl i,." . 1 r', l . ';' ta ,llt l t hi : ,. Rut) o l [tr th' at hts ta d al , t a i trl tI ul.e I l- "1sIr 11 t allll it l . natur or," ,tli ni tlarmenLh ,ntal tha'aaa latcaauaoittlatltaale ti-apo.-e tr-oibe na . ;h. t , hilt el L -' k ,,, tlt " I " ,' .al111 it l 'alal'lar tl re11 k)e 'rlti as', a. S 't' lau alr, it, ii a .11 r aital ordh.t theln 'le ilude )ellth,+it illllllhlt*t a t l it . cit. wotul tt W as t kl l writer bt tile llt, hti ,fllht om,, cal , o itsill weack elleh tiredll a lite, IIm a t'ttier I hiOD ;;ll I known lat P'oIIIuIILn of th, great iwoIortare t I A S r , i -t)Huad i' t tt) t it t ale Itri Itof the llrecimlr a to c ltXov lht fnrn.r klllnght I tlrt ,t ll'r, ter prof the thistil, hut) o l l h, u11 ,(ilh unII t'ih blh ', ill llotler tht he, 1ati. kill iw l!nrd, wI lhll n h ll tnl e i. a . ts (ninth irhy Shnil chatmt It li p il t I-n'It t pittl r & l h l t rll n. tvrl .r, 'lt. i'I o lltrrll at -, ,o tieul ,il l l-na r k t lhe l nh sanai dirlllll tannrt ''wllr, hllE h rdo lesthnci ra or prliticrltall which r,(lgmrt++ al blister, H- hatl ler Irn Ii ar.n u a.1 or o ' era a 3llll I alll oflth ors wh ) 1 )lt altp g)Xs' I|I t tl'hl it is h-e ria e his I;ELI., logc tnrrallt i' in !]ilL' aaer 1 5ll 1 i f i t it s i '.+'.l)lll|(]jld brllrs, or i thlkki ll t'yellllal;" tet, to vi,-w it th11,--llr. LIull maegnilhrnn!!! J ly 1 14. I1L V ~ , 'tIEct--h t ' .... Irho, e ar+s, .1 l, t wt r an d frts t'H .\,,. inns l .\p il i It I lIt . jN t "', In ;rj, - - a.-a-- r. c,". llt.l X It. hIlLES' CuOu Iuxu EXTRIACT OF TOI A TO. A mtiHTPrUTP E Foll CAPttOCL. r Il.E doetriie piromulated with no much asurance I by mmll.V emll|l ils of the pilresi. lat, Ilhal e nme Sdicle wvill eclve a4L dlisteases, is nor, ato l neer n:,l he r tei; mi he I whrll asserts it, is either a fool or al iml pattor. IBut it is an iet pImtnlstlahble Iyv expriele,. tfI:It lottbiaution ol' mdlicille llr tr foi l:led ft m thile tv:nPTtAIIIt tt(iunoa., that ,vill act sou Iltiversllay o ite as tehm, vwhen takrte smmnnhbly, nmldl in judiilts plro rltions .ac to c.tu, in nine etasteslt ot f t.l, il dieitases within the reach:nl l power 'of medicinel FroImI te well k ellmll al La ta tl!ishell'd reputationL of Clonpe!. it has long been I eplot e . hl " Ihe:llnirie mul scieulitle sv vise, is nine of t1, most powerful tgettts flr the trecpnl of dlitease. It, fthe ueormr, al everl\ Ilell h , .s ben dlILgll nithl ienostrulms, thar Ihit : tl'thoirs el'ainei as spin ific in ev.vy diseaste inci dat t t to Ihe hllmin Ihily. The fiolly f dwll preteI tsin1s 1tttp Ilol olllnl, ct for anecullr heuical ilnvesti ga.tiloll hn 1 Il, tht hlle bae f' mlut of the alllllets, Cutholicn,. i kte. thitt h Ihvt ibet. rtullnpeed t berlle ille collnlltily, wiil so mttil nserall e, is Calomel, or mnllciur illn some 111111 . , it this potent alticlee even ' hanl h lsoftlh' moit skilful 1,hyciciao, l'equeont i)y e.tltt' :,llllll l.t ept on the htlml l t ttl l re'll , :;lld t enltilrel Iyol thll lto l ' of Inart; llllle th onnllitutian, nll bringingl oiI ilt ' tlllllt o itget , dliT eas anll I t:,ih, wht rei'utlit sh l t be expecttt when pret .,r+ II.d I1, tile oratII' t lf (1 I'ould their numy tlhoulsaln i,,in s,.·k, :, .+ oi.ce from the t.uml. would nolne di.el be s.peific' dlelusinl tll Inow sanl th ie minds of thell 1Int,,Ilp Ph'lsicirns deppilot'e thle sad u evilo resulti, rtim the inm .rcAril pIectie, and will gldllt h it the in tIProelilll of anll mrlil tihat .pn solel he subltittllll d Emnllh.. '(-e'n fieel, .al that keenly. the iu c, rvi .t of it, Iprimaln, ;opt ration; they enll Ioi a w"hether it ,-it bei fill tllll Illor IlllI itt le. a rol know, :1 1 feel, It ,t ~i ic ee is com tinull l forai colsidl+.lrblr tine,, itl illlillls lnlllill Icut .Is quencp, lt est l ollIu w. Bill hII altet clh"ýr e liahst of two .evils: tvy know lo otlher t Iiitl:le a pl1u ar alls liverl, tIrllotl' Irtlllrte li l sIIIlet i llrret action It e whole gloltlar system, i. t i it hli t t1111 p e .3i neBessarH to di stin, Ithie lhtlllll , i itll Iatu IItttl ttlar iptll. e etil cnu i'tlltenc 1 Ih ' h nv", Inn; desired and songht an artitle thlnt 'l'mI p'lllve thie nodll rleet' olf tlhls Ihg, withoul o ytttll" p, Itto t la its delterios Ire'llts. Such a It t t t it 'ti I.h ttd hu ait llgth Iiptb p' oitttee i lt , t , ,l ' I I ei'Alih . h ll S. i"r. of thi. ,1ti, keIettpg in ii t iteie "ti . ttte wt.i .t l beluevtridt leind,, hI ttt cu. d with Srec, oI f it, remedies wa l'h .l t' t hs asslllll. iu S.1 t t the i .1oatl to" itthn n: , .di kA nowilg, lt ke e, th, Iiut i of the d.11',,ses of the Soutth I III [I 'l-st ai , II ~pee nlg.l l ic or 'llunc il.u 'lna ll ll d (era , II, Iof '"t I 'r; dwteetlelt theitr attl'tllln ti thlw. t ,icl, which il lorell el p ciall% til e beil 'l tI . .l ttr ' illmg, iori1 1t I 11, oe tpr siv,' ttr lleltart u ite, • 1itrllet ucedl.ed extr ltinynlt s.ui.bane fli n thlllll Il0 l , which, tlroai its pecubhalr t eli ctp Ihp ithe . i tliar ln tanllls, thi h.iVe lden nmlllnlu Ilel;ptine. It i, oaf .rdlicise that will lprulce l ti tntbeneficial rl,.lts of C;alomel,- in both lcutee aldl throtY lle illeases, with Ult the possibiihi of prolucing Ihe lealnlsdetcnl ,**Ilnces commnson to that *11'icl.. its action up.ll t e cons+tittion is universal, no part Il t l: ytle stm e llcapi.g it. ilfee. It is hIoweIvr, pi.lll the Il.s oIf -ariurtloll :Indl excretion, thatl its il lst llpower i a particulal alli IIII il.kstt.I ; hl.lnc i is pe ll l'll adlilpted to I., tl'rat'.l ent , olll ' bilians fevers not lthl illeases in ahlrh a tlllorpidity ior c,,ongeItio I of the her. aml portal circle pre'Vsil. It is dlll nsihle i all uaesl where it is necessary to Ich th.Illte lstmonaclh aml huowlsl. It remol s ll htlllr..i e lion, mdll ecices ii quick and healthi actioni of tile liver and ylhergnhtdetlh vicerr, of the b,vmleln. Bring dii f~'able is its opeeation, it proin.rc a free eiculetlion il file, I' oil the slrthee of the body, aceompanied hy nI glentle perspi.atill it does aiit exllulut like dr."s tli purges; .lill. its actilon is Imore nlllillraHIl, iillI may tlltl bl repen I lltedll ,tll t I 1 ' IreY with sletyl but willl r1"as of lmg tatlllil, g; fir iii itllll i'I ln-i Illtemploar i rellllll nu l eL iil.b h rang ,tL h l ines, sii ldm, f lvel., doteli1 l.f o lllllI; llt tell. Ito iljl(ur the atotEnl II II thI e st' ttll ion. I/ It I ltllll'allln m l Ia UIur ring o the I Ystern nets ill ,¢I l'h l II, l'l l nh N fll Ihl' ). e1h 1 Iw l s elt Iln ', mal Is tlt41 1 t1h lli\ enl the moi. ' t nnabll e . Mticles c) er a)e.I. i, "'I fr lli e Iriall alll inlsp.w tcliii. i'F r1, , itnlllelll r, Ihi 1 medicine is ! brdllll ilnto . .iin till'. The ~tite pills are m,,,,havti'c, afttativ'e, dim ,hrr'etic imill di tv'ti. I hie ot'liu pill'oretonic, stim ,,hant amt d ia/pho'etlc. rhe ttiiccittt extract (t 1tttc 1 shct is from the Cincin Uimti '.1 It l i iIit.KS' tT) 'tATO M titI)II'NK. T tu ll of te "om to1 , noct only tt .t dttel e iou Ir h+ en t *li, ved I poss H l-bilc u- L iti litt t t W hictht , it th y oull ." e ifci tutdly v.etraCte, , or w.p.r.n.-l Irom tlie sup . unrn. I niuerk, woulH d e illnvoluahle. #lis has bi n e rall tri.zii e, ? s .( a hiliansll eitrmu .o11 • A large por ntllotle i ,t the hdi sc t nise "rom +:i+ itr't l-tttt', ol'lttt e-l It1'rtIn mentlS t l Ithi glIttulghu sUl e 'l. IT lic cI epet ially i. t.t It o t , llllma a I moret t ltlhe Il uth. ' ' 'U Ien.d.,tt, t lti a tiellct lita isl 'tl+ eai a' ilt-tti ir lihout complaimtt, thin woihld unyopt,~l +ahl, he among + the Iout iallhh rlim es in fhle mall.i C(tdnl ll hl' keenu the .almosM t smllttertl rte (dyv for dieasesi of lij l h.clttt ert . ut it is a lt e wlll hl h li 8 wtlisi abut necesitly shol ld il lut tahe use olt . 11 may . Ilbe cullIde, ell as ti i ntig (l the brut l e of Inouth' r it It prollilts io sp ak ,li thl., yet we may he permitl ted to I x |pr 'o aul lr sItr' II t eo ,1vietI that ( oin l , and i otlla t he SuseIcd t1 w a t ' tius ard lasi t vieaat, tulon the sys- I ll :.H or le, , He. 1%- ii to te ~n'" . lit .ll taken, t and . 1t ll r t let .w ofl Imlle, u d tl.he cl t' l i tihe I I ipalillent. A a, h-thll I re this, ltherl'ure, Ir(mo thie ve S tatble khgi om Pl t . t d u .ler I t 11 it c lo co..tll. ei i ctuetti. tttt11tle ', of i' tt city, a,ol httt att it ate. with tmch labor amt e.Jense, as 'ttt Ierttan, havei suc, vede. in obt h",ul .l tllch ark + ext'acl Iraml lt vere. l | a.' tat t-t8 ] e1 t lcllltta 'eta t. t'ce.. + tile sl, it tl e , is lld i , bt m an td -u atttae. We hate taken tme pain's 'o euluar.'e ilg medical' men stll olhel'a n o have used this ledicine, as tot its elifflli a and we rel we I 4xltl let tihat it will pnove a m ) t valua.le r.v .ned. in tbhous cuomplaihts, bo I'st as i'e hay been able tI h1.'t, it ha+ pro.uced the desI.'rd efict, ol er.atil. to produces health, atetn of the lsier, I ,stancIe ias tac heaklnt' lip f ters, wit., rment ,ee cr t ii'i h i . 11 in a hh o tt r tim e th ,n rca lb m n l: F [ r ., ' . o r ' li otts hte:.achev, it hIrs been tn , di :1 .u dr, ,i | . Tb . iwh hale l ld it secy Ihat i Lt l els l n It atli' ti i ngdi g i'tls t o tm.t o ither 'ki t Is ttti ',,jg , ii i.. Ihat 'here is II. incr-.sled dl:, , r I, , use, and x here lirge n.oes o rc,,lem I x d, 11 thi a, . gc t t, e w titmut an t datlicr of t i ,. i 11ti 1 nriious efilects of tcalo ,d w h, ,, i prub ... na, As tie bate reason In hope Irvi (t1," nu .pa·n, a i ite a l, a NmIs In t t III iihun '. li th , I- l j .l' 1 I i rtlt -tll ittla, lttttdt tt+. ct tttt ,tteell ct a1111 ,erlellrlhyv aiie anc Irl.e .lRot all mlinenr is Ie tJll, w." p k of it, l ind "e trust t urn .Inly te-.edl by Ind'lie . \,e ha;ve l.eve illlr I l' tatrve ,ici e tic e t hil ,h oi t ih. Ge , e i . lli. .h 1 - r ' l i I -i \ec te e V l. i lll. Sr ' I , ,_iii S . lr, +. a i; i ,.itt'ti 1 I- Iaadi .. gents oll 7, :'a,11 ttaeeeaaa'tt t ]" , . ",,". . .. " ,' , 11lt.1 l,ciu Sk · or lpd1 . e uoub It 1 31 m I, i It kiln - ý, ' tll t ,,it e lc a S Itlll '1 I [ 1d i C o, t a cdutl- 'tch' itt." tt t · t+l.- i . I ;|.;r ,t |++, • r,+'I it - Ii 1 5ii il I w ," llel'Pr llk rt le IIKy on ScI , I.. i O,,tr \1':.rthh trr , a' a I.,ln, t, t ti Ic" t ttia, Thin .ll ull s h "cry:I , n l i J 'r I ns*.+ " , 'I re thr,' r e nt, cr rn,, I'l, m-, iyn d a Ca ly ts. l, m e It . e ,a Ie t ll ', erl*ti tcil a1 New & t.leue . |'rlathr ns. IPre n the I ll.n. Ilhal es . ll ria,. Jndlle. le', . l--c l Il, lh ll3-\. ll , .-Jacqutes Poulie . ,I c \lle. ll, ,,+ p hle . h It . . pld . . .ed by theCou. t hat the creditor- o|f thl, in lvent i how rouse im open rclolrt (i $mlrdua the 7th day of Jly, 18..18, why he h luhd not lbedevel'h +d i'rorolhne tolaw; aod iim the melnnle all lpP4¢eedll+ against his person and pro jei 1.a e AKr ,IA \1 ITI)T, Clerk. " ' T 1'1' 1)F: 1.1 .itol;+S \.\...-!.our Ite I'arle+, d A pJ nt I. p rh-it -Petl vill" de la ., wvlh, le )r leans.--Presert I'hou. Charls l, nurian. juge, 1l join, l .:S.-:t. 1,ct4.-J. cq ,es Policr eslt.r als creo..l. tieri ,e~ l ari ers o. |'msulvahle h ure sa'is letll- rni re thlldndan toteile ploraritca contre sa perslnne ou ses ur*tie glen rerr k;,.=vo lh. Orleans, I I juin. I38. i L, Alha,,y,f or de lby l . t' ,I, iEYv, \+ lA11.1'S SU"tEPll. ll.\118l--Nowlandingfrom '4J stenhonl 5, tl L.n, It sutlllply of the above., put up Sii m hdl, tierces andh hll; t or s ti, by - jely 17 Commerce street. '" N,'.l';i I 11: --121 ,bM .nd " . sk.- , . L.inse"d lJ t)il, n,., lulud gn. from ship ..M ds iih., and !or al, 9 I,, JAILVI- & \ ,IbtI:W$S, 1 hhol.. .i, l")rglairJs, .l3 ('ommn . "1'T T halittul.n st. , i '" Ih st k 1l'-v aAINTS,OILS., (iLASS, BIRUSIIES, &c.--strt La Indiny lr{ loshrip Constitutionnn, dl fr r lh'--rlz: 1fi6.0i beat glasr , leat quality, fronm 8XI0 t 23X28; li3) kbge whiii lead, pure; 356 dr greetn pint, ill n. libr. kets' 21 doe apnnrd tin r hw signs;fiu0 l I ihllr~te; 26 dot splendid Irati- grotnd Ibrucicei also o(Iiiin00 aled IC,1n do; colles crmne green ill powder, superiolr article no do I cae-; a Iulre alsortment of sa-h reol of every size and quality; sable pencils for artists; dlat Irkiire brushes fr merchant-s; artist's colors it oil rvad prie. pered,in lexe, htted. .'- with all necesa.ry brushe-; ar rrlt's tnole, .nc. Fleake and tIrnitr white, 60 ipark gold leaf; wiite and yellow wax; gumn arnic; and a large ai choice ase r.rrhrent of paints, dry colors oil, tripelutirrs, ernich, n. Ibr srle,whol'usale and retail, at the lowest pries, by MONI)IEll.II, a2, 58 sCatp st. t'tt.l',P it. L . .YEIW EDITIO.V OF TIlE CITIL CODE OF' LOUISlMd.'9. IT has been for Rame time made known In thle public that the. suberribers are ellneraed in IrePparins for the press a new edition of the Loenii:a. rCi vi Coud. - "'they were .lrsn tlre first, aware f thie great dilfielty and responisriiitv attendinrE the publination ii the work, and it was lnt without hesitntion tlht they coin sested to thire undertaking iuis thie present edition. tenlllllpnti I I toe slilnhe lthuanlld erpiesr. nod which rlaird tcet tise Strres norr thais thirty tIlstlraild dollars, was entirely ot of luprirt. For ilore then two -ears Iast, the, mrenal price of tie work ians been from thilrty to filRiv dollar-, Is i .a revterln c'nritten rules wnilrh .a immedintrel ,eratsa tilpon every individual of the urtae. interetrred -lether ne-iltnl re or cllnerre r und which liilersl lhel disposition of so much property utnmil.g tosen iefrot ,lher stsltes, thtlll-all ke inllm n a r I rtherrentleruponll ,lw-ir ie ea lluch the lext-bunk and enllllrll o the merchnnt nll thle planster, as it il of thie private gerlne nran tland the prllls.esional advoe le. ' Ilhe lawyerofs the ldjoiniog t:ress,and in lert oeral Ihnoc sentes1upr1 tsie Ohio and ilin.isseilopi rirvers hicl I id n inartr for rheier prrdu i' in Louisi:nn. hive tre qi.ent nece-its f rIeference to tihe code. enl nake it A Irdi.spen.nble rrqrgl nite to their lie rarire; n-d in t,,ih itres New Orle ne the nook in 1n stile to r ...:ind il the merrhlnt's eonoting rn,.. aip n .ie .lesk if site ide, or the table of lit at rus e . It is nr I tarpriinl thiretfire that tile rlrs .slitin of ihe work wasr so quick ly disp.ellr d c rf; ;ti r ailthll h lll r irrs 'ee reprinl of it wouIIl ill ome aullre slusre ilther publi c ecll'e-it, vet it wllould be impPr irlt nsd unaslisitret rv unlt-. 'nntelltd wilth efrier iceesr It the be1port and Statute, in or,!' r to nll race tne s umneroui ainendlnlents whirlb Ilve I enl illlde by tile la islature, ned tile illlrtllnt derilons and consltractions which ha e Ibeen given upon Illllny e rI articles by the SprnPlle rlurt. iThe pubiishern have s'seared, or the r'loerld super illendenre al editorial delrtlerrnt of t;. work, Ilhe profetmonal servirec of Wh.ishek S 1,r, ';. It re, l'eralf tie New Orleans line. The fIiln. lt 2t illlrrd, Jund-c rernlnldr, and lion (;Gorge letetia. Idve epch kindlyv asisterh Mr Upton withl thi vialbleI riiIesP which thitR have (orlls-ied ill thlre tuitrs o e lthe'ir liesanil practice;and ro Mr N It .tenineathep Ilrt- I eer ol lr llUptol, who is nlrs enagerd in thle wvrr.i (re strawbriilge, Efeq. Ia'a presented tit- great cilne sri ll. ,.tcns ons. tsileed inl hl obffici ies Io tsef nll s nich nave ieen made by him durid g tilhe whol priod of hbI die inmenihed lproletinal Ilbor- Th,.b pnh+i:h ,re may tlerefore wesll trust that t tnonnn+etionr ltof r 'e clirk .will be all Iht itdutrv a id lanllur, tasristed rby learning lend experserne, rae perform. In pltting ortlh this pr spertes- aRn n olicitinr gerS - ial suliserihers to the work. snl plllihers take pride inl the fia that the Legiilature os nll Iriirinn has ilthriez'd the overnor to order one thnousanr coplies of it fill' the firslre Irse ofliea state. iThe readiness witli which thlie wla.r was tnkre b Ihr Arasemhlv, pvinced their jiii seerse o'lthe vnle r(th worrkellb d thelv llreblrr extend-r ed that c-,ntdence in the abilityrv of ithe l~ bltsii a and T'lbhe wek wall he printer'd in Fermrh ind i .n.gthr . Iupol goo~d fairer nnd with ,lamr tvip,, hl w, I :lu o x pfnetorernrtp d to make thie wlle I.t'hliral I expeutr!llon it crreondsiis rh ites g.rt illlmn rt.t It will penbaehlv be remdv for delivery in th,, ,..,.th of ept mhler next; and the price will he, tno ulbcrilhrr, rifeen doldolars-five dollars to in paid et the ise' of ll- - .srrrihi i i.g. The sihreriptinn lists enne closed, the store price t ,, ins be twenty dollars per o yTyie up K " I Ji)IiN S & tCio . I'.t i s!n ,r , li NEW Yurt [I.oli. alun rl al New : York I.iiln ol f i a:Il'n'.] '"] S ip Lois illep Cap. ltin_ thi L er, n lenne "o . 4t. 1 . (L too... nd anti ew Y'ork on .eterv ttlhe, .)lood:ay c ip meI ntn lle C: th novielnEd r aldlg nt: li ,r' the Sh.r iet ckast , Cal'it in the: lr tire , : li: i: o e a "ill iere.:itcr eo.-ist of five shilps viz: .that ]+qlzo, (i Iatplan'rl k ttl elatv, on tihe 211"1 nov. h i r :Louis pi, Cap:ntain iPali, to leave tille i 154th ac 1 ienler. one ndri d ollar h'.ir htitled p onl trile. Captain Eld dcolngr ten J ,v an aliv I i aNc11th )o'eti l I h. 1sto Jearv. d "' J'I'n LIIIIUIe nt hnnv ed l . ':"i w .ill p'le e above noicp are al n o lrw. of tibe sult d nt.,l, , t rlpaid ano r Itopp hth e e pw thele nii dw.rdl I-lls n I bTlhen, packlre t re coaght dril w Ctatr, hin"- ,ll n it .pewrinc d in th" e rel, hly wilr t l ive evTh, 'prier li, 1 t. alltle i ix.Ir ,l i1 onIe tIodred dollars. Thir w'idm. er il r all timeu I(n tohe mi t improveda nd cnvetn hhnti l ,iPnlln l i a :i :isclnd tn.. 1 i an nd eienafit s:'. le. :\oith' o to: ts :o lhe first n ali he lit w ill ten Inav In actu itve~ rencl ll:l in itfshe uiil oranlond enlP hips will not e respie~llrs, lr will pleae take notee thailtl an erth ells he pllt l ed till t I d or ntiate hofsce of I the aninlln or os nr. r hl art p riculrek, arple yilclllc n m l b A C a il we - perieicmed in the ntr , whi, wi l giveli ever, a elii, , ai llnl , exert thle hell en ell a c aellll llO he is l ' i t lII, all l imes nop towed Ii li'ili l o : n the 'Alinat .-in o '" ane gmht fivt, alilh e ., strictest p. n +iu lito rillsIV'( inl the ln freoo ilin r S'e ownersae t:l hee hip, will not i e repll ntN ibla il an: let er, parcel or pnl n i:' e entl:yg or: ut"hnl'm of tl HE ulesri areelIhr biull ol ladingi t ig In. , dr vliro nit t uree colntin wll r l: Utn l aI, or o ll'wners. F or rtlor partihe l lnr, prply to t r Ii' II EIN & A CO IIEN;r nail 13l 911 C.mmon at. u m i'- lnd , fift li nlllri thell l l wll nininulll. ine h : In v of Jrnllenll are n:u:n li: h (la:n gin h o i. wl W co ier aid ,glit f'r1 lo wnl all . d hit- I LUtn .loop r ,+ld, n I. is t fil i fre iom.n tr IIo atfh, il'l o uise aiOll t en N r illr - Ii n wll bee , la 1 Ius, ith . 1a 11r m +lit Na E" CrItY, PItNhSAIoOLA. It ad e l, lullscritler havin ilo It rcr with t he cll:er, fol a . ilureol t le t l rdell. knTIn will ::i i nilnI, Irol. lli Ti. : 'hl lie ,lie proprlitor, n witll hIe n:rdv to r, Pel i-o ie , i: cr th Ihat alref April nxtordrnl, hi n iinl aro :Nu: l'reldi: nld i love'n'erts wioll e flopinldl ll tilhe trr* lt n ng l lrn l l , ' comde I: a. te, \dil n id ho're .r uloptlodr h Io bIthhnl n h, IIe wC itoil':l: in i witnl L Ihi l lnin Le , nlovidl al lo lr Ih .olrs. a. o till' bwile h attl lli t ev user s h llS with good acn ni ,llllt I'w n tn n e ed a lent. :led rIelnI UInnn 9re I liulc fhar toi - a n l l ao h rrilges. i a ral.e n olle: rn ots .lc un n l . . hi:N iltlin h::: olP:::of, : .......... lnt ..... Icrh ae li Itt e Ih lel k ol p f r Is rle antl e Iullrereg ;.ri -l; Inl and Inrs h el wbuminll prs tod uhen thn i'r rs llk" beau,,l tit mt errin g phraes, v ill nlsobla, fut ler e-d, itd artc dutsteJ , i:t lot t r t tl.rhe | te ilh th e allhrl n q tlire ll the boltder. ill T h , w ltineal t and hlls Will hi, T tit" nd , b tn itnit :llou : h i e r ' a t ' a i till, inl frmt r Ithe I-t rll .t 'nV1. e ,e Ir n t till h, .noalb r, te I llne:r: rl Ip t rl iin pl:on ln , hi~tel nit n athi.ndton chv. w, :'l cno ::t ,In s of.': nine le lif e. p ( t:h:':l w .oocitlt sh tii,l n mlhhn lt, lc .olc lY. thnu will n.nei.nvne hlert I n.' ibi e .tniobii I n itetntgenn. e tiCe, . nl et Calt EX MIc Ic nav h IIII "nan ' trhell. h eneil rellndu ,r of fllth Fi i ,l; If lte,i. r on; the sL tlliurity aI its P; tn ln e rei'r'.hed rlII aiaI ti . duel hrl e lul; It'ill,.Ilil, o llf the bllilt, ll lller oie.lghliar lh i+ Int late ha t Onlll i hetwl c will alieoven ole alid ,-- u bile, .lld will it all tirtes i h a 'll l+. to t",t\ thel lpateln r.- is frl Fa n t i le N r lnlam htl lls. N 1t ARNNll.D. Te arenms n (ampo, n lFe ve. I obilt I, Pena n I[ ( ,"nlltlei e hil l i oneogr r m fo r thleir ' - olotwienowek up -i'll. . -aiddress the I+I, lpha , l" tit J'r1,aro nlh , err IIr Uwcll ilPH r lE'S te tiliN 'Ri., e i. rt Ir in Plen- In H h .T iSne. lilOrd, :lf, A illric on I:' l hl, ieii , q., i:t ntor . ib d in tlte, ;.. Iu . Jual rerae I n1 Eo rn nl b i In ' S-, letter in r, to r meive cn mun i t f n tri s .r U)K W. EVAN$' iCAMUtIII.I. I'll.1.. THIS highly viluihltie tneddinene mny bIe had whole alale anl ,'etail at New York prices, of .EES:t & I)'L ANGE.It Camp sltreet. It is ot,fidentll lecomunuudrd for the fill.wing dis e',ie: 1)step-i iin ell its fin ,; bilious and liver i i - ie rons, int every sto'e tnd degrPee; fI'i hin,:kn u ', more partienrh;al the to wen inclhden l to m tht rs; Iluor :nlh a"fhver nnda~ho le invi isiii eilint it i,'n+ Ine ri' n' s, loss of aippettle, lcrvous tremor.-. ;l, ,rintk n or I I iremen- ini' , odlic i tieitio. X 'fiell [ii1 rh, onlill n, whelher ehronih or itlnstnlolrlllt+ nlrvousllP nr hl hoi rlers olt everv variety; nrrlftll", .llI rheum and all hItclhe, ad htllrre 1.ud iltlprE co-nmPlex+ niI llthe akin; re Ilranuessor night, a1d dioilyv irrltability •wl 11 lau;rhn'v; Ihel FsIII111er m plhint, and .hteran ioils ,,r dinrrhn in Crorwn per, n; woror and fllt eny, with I I hrOtllth; chlorlni' and ialpitnilns of hllle hI n anld Ishdl; inI1ii et of .male constiii tilc: arn fir tinl'nire l iIn ili rlte, lized conu tii utOlnt in either sex; ['ii i nIIIO l'l nl'irl or Dr W Eilws' t'ediiinei I (i iet ' + r + pt' l' lr .tl prrinrIty, Cni i.| +:ie seifh la use :t'i , will' inlfrei p a l nI e i lllwn l, n ines r on Cn fiirn- inip ine themi the I lt ii of the -u? I'`I nnI. i.i it 1s illtpoi ble i. i .' 11' theii pulllliity thlroltl lh tie ill "liltn of I nrwnp ller. ii 1) Ev.0ns' .:.lnterne h urI " u )pw+ardtl "of 25,000! ce.s, a ind in this itiy wie 'i relC r ioi i V iipenin- it , h ' ii e wiertll lelipvetda lll ill ·nlnl iletwllllli enliril:y'II'I'Ii oC (l'o tnl'llll.liu.i il , illI' 1)r ,ani ' Ciutloni ii Pills. Iiiii0i'lli al11111.1 i.Tll: Sl'IitAI'. (I F I +oU1tiS1\ , o nall altom .). llthese PI' eiIIs I ll colet, (iirlltiln:-WtVher1'r James uAr",,ts I)ggs l" hlllsreh.ld al a a111 madle tL the SIrif'f h ihf he ,..ich oft tlhe prlpel* t hit r.e IIlafter de ,rlibed, I, pplied n to he clerk I of I tIhs eInCC i . in hlle Of ti'l k le IIe d oli fl eiiwas rclr, n ' n tint he ',. fIa n " of A p il, rA . It). ' i i for a mi nit ion or a hS l ib < - Ii Ct i n l Cn CI it I nall ' Oi t of t i ll . e ishit'lle of t he S.atI o f .loiiitlls Pll d ' Al ari t I I r I tl e lt ,1 rll sl l-l IVce of titles 'o purcht'he .-r a jliicial sles;" al Plllrm ell the loth la. ~f Mhrch, 1831. NOW, Itchrefonre, knowil' t e. and all11 Ip.jr - intelrsl"'I 'Ili l ' I ,rerbylvn c.ited nd admml t haI in i Ilhe 1nal1r( t)t , tI. dl enll .ouii:.h, all llof ,hel " i. l JIdimull l D)%rl I I:t o''lr l , h" . o s llln set tI atnr Ight, title or' I. 1 IIm in allt I the propsfelr hrll eiill esclor hednI , in ll lo ll'l e'iII " 1n inf hntalitl i trhe Ilhleeer, el reer Jllegmlle It of b e <llnr, uiier whll ih the :,l e lwas lll e, or anl)' ilrr lnlnrity!) lr' il'liegalit I the appaiem ts ad adllllll tisell entll , i I llle Ior mannIer'I , i, Ient fl l I t ny th r d letl x I llco. tI erl l; i'1 to h llll, , witLlln lhil'tX datn + fromllll lielt ihm1 th1i,. Io!' Ir h mat elh,,dd o| I,,tI' c ,: n it dL and hon, lhlgett ,( The said propi r\ was ochd bh the l.rlt iffof [he p1ri ., orelal i Io the .O KithI day ra \ar11'', A. 1) I 833, 6, sirl. slile of a decree of tlhi . rtRll l l'l, , rlllll onL Itr(Wllh Ils Ira Jlnnlu y, A. 1). 18:1, in no snit t titlehd .llm e 1e ' h D)iggs v. It ,Hne Greene, No 15 ,191 of the dock, t ol lhid 'the pturllhsel lur 11e tlh rice r of twent'lll -f.e IIiou.,In dol ienerilpion of p,,,elrvty as given in the Judicirl (Con Aeertai", piece of prol'ie ny or parcel gl'grolnd to.tler pe'istinin , n itate it. tll lohu rg \1 nnnci111 l r ino, a o I - I - anil fi t'v.-ix t.ns a n h tour-t 'ghths of an i,(.1h I 1mt o , I t. he ullblicro:nt ir l o " t+. LeveecLl ,t, Hul't's Inu b d 1n111 snd ixtI .nn ftet six in|hes:t'll foulr'-eigh l hs of a II inch llllrt n , ot 1 no.-ightl l a n 1 iiith nnl a lint. I 'liIn o|n O)Id I ' eve shirt, u til I it I , -t k th bnnhl nhu'. ie. ln of Ldu'tent 1 1i Imi]on " 1ror, t tdlhle eorer of tl-Id Let ee 111 N\:|m, Ia hle I , of said Itillandon'o properlt p irn&leI n |eleste (t r, lth r fl l, , t int llg a eight angle, al tl erred11 it.'1 g el , I, - the hou y tI l lr t;.e of L llts !lehc' pet,'. ert, I'mt le i ,11 , 01. 1 Lcl e su ret there lr,( ing umanler ri ]) I - sI,1 ' |.' imlall' dh o 11 lt.elte hb ":'e; there :Il mi. . notll 'r right undlh+ nod 4"0,ro,'iig c hnh tred :llrI int " seveyn I'et teni 'bee' . :0'd Ior c 1ihths d nf i inth ,,n ,he r ,1 line of x I14 ,I' I ,r, l lrperty pnnd1st I to the puhhb e i ,ld X.1 " I. .v' .. i , ý, t, al ah e lehut .i rt four i t'l t , 1 .t, I32 lverfl to an act peI t before L u ' I H\ itnes te Ili,.. A. M IJuch. ,ma.n, Judg, of the ClOm aioml[Old~tlis itiltt .11A , . I lSr. 1 eo.'3,lll |;& P. LE i||.A.N|J. lOrl,. (:|tl+.,i l it I:. tat .II l '... . . .......l . E.ract o( n pnib n r ...nd Snra do a tt rillat -A rt I t in, Sal' e and talt St Alicttul , Inre- t a. ldv ri ell.... is Ii :i i. t hr Icu L. of tl i..r.hh ., lne... . ( II" Striltures, 1.'tl , Pll+li+ in the luck l til l ioe , ne' n1 l, e wt ako .es, .'it. t.. of ita e kdO er, grtel, sa .t l. t .e .trfprtitt httt hitltai rfa r taa ita a ilttatt a it a rt.t ,- , en tinne rs sllll edlll ll Ii ll l ',Il tl hPli "l ulsrlia ofll he f or) i l' dar'i fai' ulty ian t iro' , btelia t ig Ibt It kti. ha d lt . spIpr ciated when i\ . t ritl l l re mit ire ( tl' know t . T lt ' , 1'.l.' I atlllp.,iha, tev n ilt ll ' Illt, ha sl llLilllt of it, crredir Ironi a tha disltike hich patients horneart ex,. esx t1 lii. lllg its l.llb.l lll)ollllltl~lu l Uta itl~· l Iht· , Ii + ltol 1,, I I h n bri- l+ Hod .,t l:l tl aneh a llallch, .ll| i r o h tit, h l, i .-llit, lel, w.b et i d n it, t+ ;lllllI I lllllo.ret Sh . T h, p r p r ri t , rl r h + 111 : nl i l yl xsis la f t lth a dhi iut, ', t n eil on tl: s Iif Ill< , ll ti 'll tl lit i r lil dll tii r l, b e I. p :. 'i""r," a . .'l t :,r,, tl slld otnre uefull y mIInu1,isterre 1, ' I ,tl i" . , i..," : t e'an' l, T illE hlle mtC d l cineh ccomhie. . I,. . n,'., ee in - . hl th ' h 'iHh o'''t rL e w ,Ll I11Is ,odi . ' eIr.. l h il the a 'ot at"t i In. l ont ion oi t ,61,-l artttt iaetl s la ,. U '...eI II m lar, pro lhling.lln illop lilra tlion it n1 I tlturp't i t iatgt t heal the mat ini',, rc tt'., i.,a , ' t ilhet .a, tint l te uhlli tage f its U tI . i l..t' r. I lll I lprfect slwcces in Ihe P hi I lrent <Il.: ni .t.tdattta'ai at'. ahe tmst eminent pht siha surgeon t of t preset ty e rs< thei iea plro .ll, ,, i o h, ·r.l · t'-:·. I, ll'rtwhi; Ihlh" i,,' , , priolei p:d hox glla ll l and lldh' pub lc l+ l .r t0 ll 11) 111(; v t n r Iti i l, and si ita a lest neitt s t o. -ilnt. n,li t" i ll l the citaoa itl l u iht e , .. . . l'. i. l i . Itt i n Ia t it'a lltat Il o llst 1Ip' ar'ising n l li -l : l ii lhl.lhrt>. st:,teof I ' i, l l'llioot'h loot l Th st'h itd Ie p ,o Ic f r h It' ttt tat ' I, ta toat th e' . i.t ,t't It t ha at t ual n.a'ta iat, ihatat' tat, -s t case'ta Cdis" (it .htat bIIntIU ,Iati tt tn itS. Ir.liie t I thlt lt cabt . htal r h I - lio il Iri h r t'ilo h t'tr, lll. Otl l i Li rilll,. l lr t h.1r r l l. t g a ae' t T a' itat h ai it, u tll eaat gttai a u a ttll a Fell ll IT A led ll l lll I1, 1' t c, ",rn-n to Ihu Si rol m G l inypiwl:, ln I.1'. .I...r o, .\t ho to t he Tr-ill tt O Ct l o p o lls t I, S, Sualge. t tlr, a I s l io - I iete ,' e r k ow t ltri'rrl+ t he l li , att i! Hi te ' i .hich t a t ol a Sio r al-A Coe, Fh t S l 'et:,tt tK'i bl . t' i oeh ,' tarat tac ' tal t ipi t' aa. K ta i c ron vl G III Vla Ir., I It(, ha L htih in o f tl ,dt , It.a i.t':tl ol tin oe ait , aat ina yt ati 't" t Ito ai 'minabtll ruble ' .',r ,'t' por'IrlllF |(1;ellt" .lll I. ilnltg +a. or ih tel'lin ,inlo t m . i cf inh Il ilon l vue p t I lh wir mlta ,I " rh h n~ l t'1~(11·(·dY C01·(·. 'ti'.. t a'tdL i t I Itt i tt a F.aalt a ,-"I-t thi att t l'lln " .ltblc itd pa, t ate rctllmtatn d t n ta ut ,II - o ' atti me el lair, .U I 1), iha sitint to C u 'osa Ito . will itare seve it u aa I m t it b t an aaCtt jllltt Iet aa, l t dIti to tta d..allt y htt ll t't i-sit miatalt iattcatatta at. t t tttl tttt ita "iattaaat fIr, . i( ' lomp o, .11 1) 1 ' It 1S.. I rell.u n ly nl sin cerl t-ll 1 t"" r t ii.I ii Plle IP| i - c s t tatft F atlr attait t totr tite cu hl it o tll hl tl l d I ilnatt re aic . tt'l Al't.v tH t . i tmt It't'i ouglhlt Ior a titr s at ttt a ua aeat I h-'a 'ut i, taoa a tt w 1:t % c ie l nr e ,, I h llsh w h Clo i. It tle 1tl4 I ti iv. alilI . leL. 1 i t t, h aiidai tila lo all tIle laltable at |tila sl Itia r ae . it n. a s-' ary, tla e 1pr prit tor 'h oi i h I.r"le funish 'i'l str . testi. o .li I I . Iate i .to. at o t".rt as thli le a ILbo; but at nSt thatI itagarat s.etessitih er.t-ie ica.e - ' will i&aa a at w• hich it Las Ieen Ileat'et,. will it t rilltesi cat rc Imme liat ioa n iamo tan icaatitm t baicta. O ie r tnam-anlata-o t this taPara ttatin at tata-bove Frial" 1, (n *'liorl usi' li.. c |) |" l ]T 1) + S . t retuian ,ii ll ih t.'tt tat taattli tell h t e valth ea api I- Iat .i-t atF.ttt astel- atltre . with n reltrUlitonin iet, tfel gittat id a ta l t nli lita hihly a sast lha atl ng ht i lt icti' to hlase ,aoitdh tid with a reiaratltioa pose-isng l t Iae a iatllael t ihch the e re ent a nea o i-ai ll i a aaait aa, t t ag si aitne ltai It iaaisalia mi"ia lat al.alsuatat i th, lse,. io the w rld it l t ilxluxhle ytlhlit'. ol ur IHI ta le it eeth v isia , ltta e proprf thor dist hes, al it rsh aaai'a entha.t Iaattalt tttts tgtalt| aal cattata'anioi a aa the ta ; I Cats hat igt eawd e cl hd ahuaanit ltaialu Ia i le in which titai 'i lta iia -.iatm e t n b olh eaisiy d ur ho.lert frio usines ctoe. Tradgvellers eSfa istall at iata thitl mtti c itne hit hly usful, ani ought never t o '% O f t e ili '. r n l s t a g e s o f t h e d i s e as e , t hitr a ttaat !,er l arkeve, and for Pale TF O R tvTT.'rsON & AVERt, 1113 ER( Gruvier ·t'rt. I'il.E , 'aeº.iA MiAt l4 C4OJA4e4.·I .'I't A .11Bt AT ,l11% , fHi;4! .iti In FIVE AnD A HALt DAYS' FroVu liobjle (AlnbaHmrn) to Aubgusta b(doe'i) n S F.1\ VI . \I.,llro .ver y other ,1 . rannlm -iately alteV i the :..itea of theP mail from Kew Orlfans, per the si"nanitlr Uie :l.m . Io ilLakelv. Ioacnes t6 Pennla.l .nambonts (pr I l - Hav Sit I(nlm .uunld allld l t.hah-lo Hli"rr :,rl Hrav) to C~el.r liCn; -asdhertheaSt vi .':triannls. Chaltn,rateee, (tormerlv IaTontM Vet n0l,) airild IIfe, FI derton Ih.w.kinville rand ELooi., If ille, tII A.iiI. A IpassengeertUkikn;his letatlI Mo" bile i inl Io :danger f hneiug thrown olt or losing his pltn e~i , ihnIn other conflieti, ianterest, as *he FLOtllI 1)A I.1NE is IIItlt oena- rn . and a ulder olee cot.-l haihiOIiii-ni, aiid niin ii'is wir rI '"'t upon hit arri .llPi .ieaur.ti it loiw s ecilelf.d, thr .h all w lath erelair lnoi-aRS"' rsn IIo . pi,asisieionisnin ftui*Sm aa+M tlun,, s..tti ,cc:lur. "'hI Grea( t Netw OrVln, Mai is .srri,.,' ) thisi ione. lthe Agents for netonlna.lw Si¢n,. T'l' rt, , (o"Ches kanal Ih-ivelrsa are IoI n sot passed fy.r counatry. lThe - Ith. hII it, naturIial r-snl, hE. tse and inter ,"tlllm{ ngtu r latl tiolitll ItIlne and aeconmtldation1 adolll- thImvltwe.r splee, lai't a et i. rollrPtain, and i oliil o,; ,:rilt l:oCteld asi if we"a; wilhl.he Rail Rad I !i:t , l 'lesi, .S. ;:. 4d the mIeInl pa.ikets tn-New York. te'tltrl e+n rr ,h New York from New Orleans .r-. wA 1 I t'-11~a~shisngtlon it in I1. i.'l.r , hIll et--: : :I.eL , Flioi.I jidha, w. havse a .neas. Los 'l" (1 to ,n y and "ul'l::hu.s,.e, to, St Marks, 4 h.r Ipo+ c ,aches, tal. lIiela.; w litioae an Hawkinavilflu , t, ''tide ale. ai., and Don. \Ina1 o ligaai twalort ,:'I:ýs ,rs.. ,rttiI i I'PI S i ae. .\ 'sa-al. '.iti .Ift. lPS - l)kMeel \ 1, nilll Iuonou, 5vlioIie l')ist:ne,, N.iw tl)rlial is to fia ila, 15(1 stile 4bthilr to gtnp , nai. ni I fl .Ae.tustn to (;hal)hmton, IS t I (hor.stin i New r 'tonk, 910- t70 ine, New alriin iTi Ploeile, hfaours mol.ile to Anna..4s'. Ia. -Au--gunt to lharleaosn, 12 I 'ar s fn a Ni-ae.w erk, *- 2s5 f hi"-'n i lA perila ini f.eor i nalia per hemi, inolsf ,, or :lt ,o ,,-l". nnv I N. II. I Ih' I to inform tIsn .ie publiethat lht Ibidges na'ler the (:hlutahourkeswanmp aini Hard llabloa creaek lhaenjlist Pben compnlleted i e the general govern-= plenlre of le. iing from trsellersimtI thie rchnleslaor. s s , ive s :ra l ,.a ls Rl.e of tlhe he.r l nl a l i'er d aI as i C the wtI'er roTe 1'0 0. e.naeilo .oCelIr filsfl- it is ladmt. I el atl Ih r allrp nl*ltlt n trlo enli}tn. "dht t 'ill ) C oll , lie-t'Si+ iiitie lR burn reiliis ).i nI al 1; I tAKFIR gro h)·I,: CKa'.' 'T . .. Co-iaalll Co r=nim m ofppre,,ign IOrI wold t Ii nlti t(. ('IInii., Yin.,'t i tOei lTie D1anuaac tIoc r.+rs. ~, n -Iimi a lts aor iPllnllt Sfl"lne. and Heavn s 1:1 11;_t tlw .ni-sri- indlire ' isn te line Lwhich Toone ltldp. hr.hitts: and ili fiers e -, nii-ir.vit a tosaill and ClPt~ , their stor,.k 01,ii ,h liril ci ian ", in lUit a of table1 -h--. - r',lti- i,, le . ll'lar' n rrown knivesn, iatedf nd Ir siui,, i ., I .p,, . ,si. iili,., pi. iioks sad ey aes, law n l ,'ilea, [oen shnvelh, fainers, andironhe Brit iini i isiisl d itw., linniise Fllnck bioko and pa al,"d,, ngl DIl annera, smithi hiel,,, Americsn and l:-i'lnfi, h.i.-ia'nliia ler Giiiiei and ai"r.;ev snteef, i :vI-.. , ii I-', n.I o ops- ln ninelcha nm dina Lxe.a-u . ann ati,.:r,,hbhi'. il+. .hlns-khs, ie). naee, a corn and :rg+.nn .i.nos, (.,line Kings asiill : msanus ahoppiang uecs, '.t ro l, htos f'nnie n oi t nti]pil, cotton Slid woo' : -nl -, n o t l i-i-i-an iid tisa , S lriit . . i- , Iimiinnli hionk nnaa h I"'t . D P3r. t 3- l} brs ot.Ft+ Hll h ll ,P.t linl kniob r ittit, 1trtn , wllplf l e Ld nd nis llosiei _ I i"L\ IA i E- -Caur du L'rua·ewl re ias trce ' J 'lie rii .. r'l I'Al'r F K I IO LUISIABl.N .-A ton ecux qu. A A t . its trt tlll" ciIlrllra ll 1, S lint.--Altelllhl que' " i"l, s Jl1:r . Il.'lg , qtual s I h tl dune l rt te laite Imr' i let,, , ;ri n c. U (nuthrueft 'f ectterj nv to In i 1e 1 * t 1' I" t h'it t' I ' l it : lil i iiff I i Ow fi* I:h ,'~! d t I'. t., de l a I1.- isiane, intilll e "Atte tou pI)v l llro ttT c I llte 1 ' r ljl(ll ren..: kI ve .l jt (( icill ; " apt Il, II. , illc Ii rit -l'il 'd it eoiio u, l tolter , ipr ue. . ll t. . I"'l ý s r x1111nlm. cc, IrtEse tt's sonlt ..s a u 'l t""'h|I . rLn isi anl aIt I.C o f(l it P remier i l-),i'it JI lliaei , ulli pi OI li l .ii ir drolltit a ipron SI e Ir t eh l i-.l.le 1' I s. l l lt - I'a, 1 t t ll l b b b .(· l It' ie n· I fllI Iu d ie S int iad 1'(1, le Mtret p .u ,. p ltl md . dite i eof r, a i tll ro tIi'l - I, li ~"f'p; Mf S a llt 'ii I OI te ns te Iset Ii , au i 't e ;A Oir iiifn,uii i'is iui lertmsit ll m e , , r t e, i l [Or"il, tnun ns ' t a j . . oqul et -I toe p o I ,s t' i i rlii tr' l ll Ie sl d Sl illeo al ',...',.r, a ;a ih I ba..l te a i e lusrer'it psr I ',. imiiiiiiiii oi~,e . Ii Itilo l r~T I T IA ti do 'ogton s ue. prh t s rendt" , ll Sar.ii r ',l le usdit le S ah.i Proprl db npr r forll Jeudi .;ii -l'iir l li 1 o l e sot l o'I' tt de oer h ht lean Ilet , s to mnflt eA a r cat ilne i "e " ' .d1 l' A (1'1A I :uI0m le s lr e t, os snil Ui le lotl re t ne . I...h Iil m l 'l'. l hl 'nll (lt " (;uth ltt 'iitI "I f je ude' T h crlllrih r r rllll r t IIeill ilrlot i frIai h rl nt l eO , n illllill 1 hlnir-Il Ilrlll~ ter at ma i rlel . lu n tlil sUrlOnee s, 1nuerh x h r mla n . i l, alnll o ll, h l est I oi a tni e SaiIt s f ta .. t L :yi 'tit' iil. ill ta h Irs ele n ai ,A , a ni I m'lll i. I ll s nn i.ll, ihn i hme nt\ ll. o T lmbe d a in s- h'I~e~art pand i ary s pn. ilasttede M,1 i I ., ra- t l r 'ill( ao " I le A a lll i, do i t el i ,a hl .a .l ..te h'.i .la 'i't Iaii lll. e IIe t oi l ; v.Aa or r th'I Ae.S newa t p , i a f yeit "t rl p a lroe me a 1:,1 ue a i-11 d l'e la dohe al ksI mins pne atllnd us fit ,ll ' i itp tt ' o ha'l hitl pitlltt\, d II lieholo ' l;l,i , \ l. li ,",(A, s 1'lt, I Itl le n r",tlt'l Isllh l \ m i l tl .a' Al, i ni c' " i ii A0'. . hi l i ''lie ,Alo - . tifg S t lt ' i ily p avhe rll-P.t a Ite I. g , ite I zi ii' ' la iiligl- ilisoih T tau' m Ale lJso iii eit l f l LI, di ,., i .l lilll o ih t..( 'oiie Air l' .eeoil dts. "'1.i 1· ,, IIi ,.i' a.iiii, iie.f ol ih i III v iii. itl ift pee ' ,+ , A i ,'' , :J ie t"lm e I i. fi ucl l l l e d n iinr .ll . i .ait, qoio. I tt a it III ( Hitii eri i dIti , ellt tlloui ,'" n st,+. 1\:, liehe lh s ut ' al Ii i ll ffope d fr , h i'" 1 e atn Car, ir gu ouI).o i h d'eu do r 1 i']i l it , I1 I It i ilottit.. tip ( 7oill 'iii trjU efiert do pn s li, l obsi In : i O h i fi r , dotl. o ut. . J .last .I.'"lll I p:,J.thaI i oll lr lll . lllll' o . i l ei Ii lo Iss \ Ai . . .lt ' i x ,¢hA i ea l .l.P Vsv te Idis Louis ' h tlto iiid'.te i\ II It e i '. 'Jh. l t' It i 0oD t\life esei.l 1 lltr ,+, -i It>to i t- i ii. . i iiitl iio liiieol. oui roffei I . Iii' do Ii iio ' 'oietlil. rie iinll nloifo i *lYlie oo· d lmi+ SIIIl I t ,i, I. ,iIiiot do Wifliooi-(Nl'uur oP ie.o it t t t l, J Ilo P lll. l m lllr p Iii U iJ n iicf ili 'il:ii' \' lls ti, .I Itit A aIt llrt l lXoot ic l qu i l ae al rii d o llli Pll ouipi i l doii, un pfl ooi (lo'e i-h e lnu, ht, l agar Ir, l .. I, cil r i , iopli font fo ls s a o fiose d un e t lestbli llu . I ' FYiiiMrl. I 1tliot . 1r'le iIulteooni u 11d IIi''' li. t sae Aif i,, o looilea do Felix Gemipo, *, i . '11, u t lill o l lit r 0 ll iff n i It ~ ait lotu de rt o . A rt ttioittt l ,iiiof , IIitdo l a.o o pi'eti l It l't io O l 4 u u 'll i t Id hn t6,etleuoau Sil, ioiiue otilod- o liolCoue tef s Is . II u l liull Pi i It l f ii No Ii, if~ll+ q'I o'eli oir gf pirlll do. opltr p thh. l i i f d oi'P , i, l .ll liieoiiut o ite i tlal qlte ; ll I I r i, it I r ritu - li h illofi f . d uti o c it pa llo - i i, l uuildl i,do 'ituunl 18i18 o f lioo tt d'so de. , Id,; . l'olTlire di iInrou i Mi o key .emm .oi 4ae Inel I' ,li , ,: I d i t d. t d t , ' r i ulle 2 iI lle',, is 4i lt"i.In \ltk , c'CE W esqo es.e S alI r' I e f ii et , lblspusnrl. TI it i liie tti rprie d'0p00 et Iti f i rsfler Judiei eirei, st ir gh: l ii New Voeli, and will hoop eanbafIeqn h', o" gi'iilan!1 -t Iifor llefii .ff illolile M nutet isaFae il , -tllioit-r;e willilri illll ~ip. o1 d it th l u. ripto Ut dusq I- lut slid )eord, tildd f'i f,(' tar 1. sllis mod 0 9nla. uriiolihi p ifig. heF i thesod I hotdl sy Vhll.e. eop lsto le 6 If -l' Pitoh. 1I', ltl llyly eool i-n tuole d ie ehix (nssrI . ' Ii uti l, it lell u ol h l ilan No ulI: to dh lot detrs Olt,. Illil o uolll olle t o I i el tiitlri *inltf pior eIs.ep rr it.en w.l ,i i-c A na ll pot rolillll tr Its wto , ui I ituc diin s i f f n ilu ioelo it io dt A l our s e le I al' hll .il ( or iAs tl(iL' tlMNSt PIJ:CE W& ltRoaop, • | 5 JAMES EMN&|I 5 RP(OUlto

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