Newspaper of True American, August 16, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated August 16, 1838 Page 3
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.'or the Znserior. F BA '11'. 1.01110, PAS: C r ' l~IiN, ItI . A OX & PAS:CAr)OU..\, Twice a week. The fie ,,lo's mprsur. steamer (1IRAFFE, Capt. Swih. , will Ieave for thie above placr on tt -lll tllnup of WEDNESDAYS C& SATURLIIAV:, immediately nait'" the' rrivll ofthe 7 o'ilec!t cart , rod rMatll on hursda ls and Mlondavs to thie 'otbi I{p' to- The public i, wrnd otp m n, rat, ntClr.etV. Aug 14 FI or passage noppittv _ I'n ,r. Il FOR¾.5,s; t t nlttt, i. . 'The low presre ur, eatu huat CA.t-Ol.l . bI, will Itlve tlo I htko rd enoifthi Rliil atord Thursday a efi t- arrival of tihe o'clock c r,, foir l'eI anaela, tonehling at Mobile aud all the, tulermodiato, laninge. AppFly to GE!. WIHITMAN, sur9 Exchouoe lotel, Wit. Ciharlet st For Mobtle, and all Ioletrmodiate Ltandings. The lowr pressuroe steam boot C 1\OI.INE, illleoav' ter Orltanr fir Mobilo eoarry Thrsdayr and SI rat2tek, al. tlchio ao t ,Ii to.r oi ,,in' plases at wileh paassengers may wish to lanl. For urther particalars, apply toGl WITAN, jy2l Exohancre lhotI1, St. tharlea stt. ror Mobile and all nler,nediatte Larndiotgs. Thie fast runoor anod l t!ctlid steam \VM. WVAI.LA(CF,, entirely in state rooms, will 'etve New Orl.ans o ,. - and all intermediate wrterino places, erery Tltday andand Saturrty, after the urrival of thi P O'.o.o.k cars. 01rGE. \VIlITTMAN, 24jy4 Exahnnge tlotel. St. tlhalrle rt. IA'rUKI).Y tBVttNIN(ii \Nit SUNDAY EXCURSION TO MANDEVIILE . I tlrl OO-NV1It.LIE. a 'Thoh shamcr Sr UTIm AItAAItAM.\, Capt.l I..T. Knitilt will leare the laker end aftlerilI-rord lir the auiv pill oamar it)arn) eventlrb, oat te' arrivall of heo4 a' ar s and roetur ts h sale n 'tat,--anr leavo Sr.rr any norrinag O t the arrival o tile o'clca cars; return tig lan Madlaonville at 4 o'cklock, P. IM. a2 :taw 2mn UL MAII tNVILI.O J I.UUI .t"IUl;, tol. ANI); VIIhLE & COVINGT IN. re se The flat ranotnme Rand rlendidl tteaNm i. e Iat SUlt'II ALAIaA)IA, I.. f Knight master, will run o . a rot u iar 1- n.l sut lor aioolve p1rtr on londayvs. Wednes dae aand Fridaya, atier the arrival of the 8 oclock cars, ANl. Returnint, lenoves (CninEton rT aesda) a, Thurro don and nSaturdavy, at 8 'lochnk, A Ni. N B. All 'Irgaga anid prcela at the risk of tie owa ern, unlessabill of ladig to is aign A. oilt Wi-llTMAN, New Orlenha' and Mobilr Mail Offrice, as EIxchunroe tltilrinr, St Charle art. (-'ARE IEEUIIUUEt) Tihe teamh,,at M ,ZEPPA will leave the Lake end of the tail Road Son Mldays,v Wo-dnerdnys andl Fi y -n at s arrinul of rthe t'_o'clohk ctrs, totthing •t Ba St Louis, Pans Chrirtliaa, Biloxti, &e ; retornin, will leavse Paosagoula at day ligrht, and arrive at itr leaan at 3 o'clock, P. M., tourtling at all tire waterlng places in day light. Parefrom New Orleans to ta St. Loria 6.50 a 1 Pria t.hristian $250 IBiloxi 400 GEO. WIIITMAN, ( Exchange II,,tel, St. Charleas street. , . =, . , = .. . , , . - = . For Texas. For Velasco, Bazoria and .Marion The very superor new light draft schooner' ALlBEIRT Yi''EINY, Cnptaii -- , having a large portion olf her carg enngaged, will bare y link despatch 6.r tie above portlshuletl ce of/ eightor pasaege, apply to W.I .BRYAN, vot VI,-AtI'AGCI)II lU\'o IA ' &I.tI' ANll " The well known Schooaer 1 1):IS \N., . Captain Auld, having it lare nt rtiln t .l r c !l,'s argo engaged, will Input tllh tlpa retch For i balance aofrelght or passa, al,pl oalt board, opposite Je0.rnt sttreet, or to V F.i l I tAtO It.\ t IA, & eII lC iptllln lite'l, .liur, wa s:to b i lst i 'onlplt' catlir oaroo . Fo r h aitoo o.t' f it lt or passa lg , apply ou board do oi e ll -llesstl ilr l tluu leet , or to 1't .or S Fig1,at II. 'Xl+ And all I Ir Ir t llo inlr - oilt tilI ('. it. ;\ v I tin it Io · ttioo nt' tito-l t oti'ttl t cars, t o tt t' allt) t VEt . , h l ll \Z I I ll ( i11 1 i l hn well 1 . T 1. w11, Capl II-. l lill rit, l -'i1" " _ 1 a Ka rt It 1 r ron ,go I , t .[ i , my l it, Itii, Itt op It c h . F o r 1 a t u , w ,i h r,, i t Ir 1 14 " , _r , , , - 1 t Flor Salet Freir' t or Ch l rtl , FOR l 111 1 1 0ll ('Li tll 'tT i .LI IT lad at ntal t the itrli t Al , tV d .e l I .r . 1t , to , I betit Mibile tld ' ols, t ito xcol wih' c lo, ded A S thlet, for terms ally tl in WYANTill) T(O t118llI'X" ___ jyl? \\ 1 II o16 tto ot ott WA N''I D. A Britglt or eOllorlltr cllble 1 o etrryrilt Point, Mobile Bay and i,rteed to In Ilva,- AtIply to LtVI IH. IALE, jotl 93 Commontln tlreot . . AN' 'E, ) . , A veassel of the apacity of 1110 o10150 hhds. will receive deslpat :l lot il irleltn st i iallle. dlate nl) iloaor bl re mae C Ytot LEVI H GALE, jy24 193 Comtuon street. AL'- . h io rpolllintlli salt n toarld bar qu oCitizens, ul fr salte; bY LiI. lAiE, jo18 9'3 Cotmon street' '3UlIK--esas, Pritne Ind lltitt, for sale by Sm28 (Ii I)OiSEY, 41 New Levee. tM -i hhlal New Orleait ltttti, for oale It) ap I- J 'I'll1lVE1 & CO BIEEEN HAVANA tC(IOFEE15S0 blal, ill store r and Ioraale by SLATER & TPRIER, jyl7 40 Poydrat l AVANNA COFIEE-t--O9 tagt of superior qullity, Slanding fromt brig 'l'tottl Elrique, lot sale by SLATEIR 4 TRIER, jy26 40 Poydras street. IME.--B00 Cask Lintte for asle by S & J P \VilITNEY, jy 26 8, Cona street. IoH HOOKS, Liles, Inoabbers and reela, juat re. L" ceied and Ihr ale by eiaettt Kntuhy B CASEY, S j3y26 19 Cat p street, l D'L~t ruanent llhk, for nlarkino lillen, ail orcattol, with a eoonuon paell withot Iprepar lion, for sa!e by II CASEY, jyf6 19 Camp street ILACK V'ritiltg Il.--Just receird per alt luntsvibe Irtua %ew Ylur,,. 211 dorl quart Ittlack i lIitiuI l"lltl, 24 it I iott do tin 4l dl hall pihnt ll do ior Calo blA leAlo er 'elol bIty IOAXII) FEIl' It- CO. ne Yorrk tlotliolra olll, jyti6 L'4 ('hartrelt street. VrIRAVEI. I':K S going tI, hlhiit by Ithe t alil llht on ltndti-ti.. \Vedllt.lav+ anllt 'Fridynvs, will retgin nrt thltir lt.ns'at tt i ll ,lt:" "I-, n s u itt' s 1 e to ectrel In thel ,tare. a Plscu.r lllll l ,lo lhn , ill)O , le lnamlel. days, uanlesh .t r llll a be P Itttld oil th. wl ay Iill. , 'lltn wno anwIeIt heavy b tgage C lla hBve it taken dliretttn MInheih by lit Ioats ho dritgttle wetil excel) Son tIe above lltota d dysl tit ) \VIII''MA N, S OIIK--t'ritn sad 'Ioa I oro, oll blroa:odetid, P O P Slid lI (). Also, I cettt n loeluckt t lut;tii , ttt ils Itople; fur iClebv " tl I,' V'f o CII. ja 7 10 (tit 1 yI OCS Ile stait. jI G -'l I I-\'1',-. Z4l\-t-C- ml i l-.l l i <ld . Stiel ll:l 1 1..ea1 tili piei, Hnld ,5 c:0sks 0 ' .nc, ii I storefie sale by 3 LtOCKF; co' Dweollint IlolItt., Nt I ; -:t. Jt.(tl , h itt ,'t At)plr It N. 74 , yllydras itQtol jyiI bj' o wn)I I e r I Ie'.. I tlt m, I . 1 0 t I' It i n c h I t -, t - t lilrtina. l.n'i ll n. . I . Io i olit, lI e rto 1y "['I'l'.ItN & AVIl\, tgl . , Iat Ittolot )ECI BRANDYII A fe I:bls old pencil Ih lody an 7, o ita k I'lacX i ina n assorenlnnr ,t oil'\lntota,, ihnv s ilk Itl' hia' Uabrellaa anwl LPar0lul., lfr taht bv IStbAt I11O[1t1 & ,iO. hLAF i.-(,.n;g fr .I,;;{.+++.i; tIrtle by I)IORlEY, i'5pý "14 New Levee. F 'NiF.F:U O[LSIIn) ci . ', ,d I"-. i:nelij' lin... ... "+ lO b.II? PING. For Europe. I011 LIVERPOOL. 'FT A I antl fant rsilia r, hiall')BI T, ('aL t. ' ldo , will re.elv i ,tllcdiate des " ch Il' f li , a, ore poat. Fo. Ireight t ,.f.5 ,lLn . I clatt ar pa .+-ntg, Iainrmg . -cte tuom r LIEVI II GALI,;:, - l1 1., ot'rn1ot t strteet. l'.( IP.I O i , RI'O I)l. I' 1 rfn rht stnlit; b'o"tqe LAU , - N , Cap t. l rrill, w ill a e,. i e despatch. - gt 93 Craaommon ltlr t. i-t\Ot: IIVI',ILPOL.. - , The . 1 aln fast sailtag ship GLOII'E, . '',. ,ia liver, will rce, ive inul ediate des , patch. Ior p"assage only havigg. handsome plnnd ,l, lll ull o AIT ply to IEyVI II GALE, . .l9ll1 'Ol C alllt lrnetntet. - '. I LI V , t 'IIL. The coppered and copper flatenetd ship 'e. 1 C H ilt A..iN), Capt. Hta,', having most For l rof rl.r Inlt r, or sagSt hapPving supe Iri accammodtio lt & J p WplITNEY. jly;l 1. 8 Conti street. lUOli It VIV.tlOttl.. k 'The A I and fast sailing sh,p STEIG LITZ, I apt. ti+tlon, will rebeivr desp:tch. having the greater part of her cargo enaaed; tir t.rilnt of 150 hSh! . tlobaacco, or passage, having lhandsolnn accommodations, apply to LEVI II GAIE, +july31 93 Comion 9 lreet. ,. The \ I and superior lship HURON, Cpt. onoa ardman, will receive drpmatch. For freight A.'t of, al It bies an deck, or pannage, having haud some accmmaodations fir 4 cabin passengert, apply to LEVI II iGALE, ,y2 il 3 Comnmon street FOR BORDEAUX. S Tlhe fine lant ailing btrque NOBLE, Cnpt. Manson, will receive despatch. For pasrsage only apply to natlut 9.t Comnmnt street. --- 1.) GOl( ilnAIA.TAIR. ti ae fine and nuplier btrig HtOM ER, Capt. Knarb, ill receiver irmmediate des Stpttch. Forrprasage only, havinghandsome accommattdations, apply to LEVI It GALE, aug9 93 Common street. FOR MARSEIlLIE , VThe well tkown and t at eailing packet brig COLt.UMBU, Pacea, mster will n e ceive immediate despatch Ifor tihe above port. havirg ite greatr part of her cargo ergeagd. For freight ' bales cotton, or passage, having handsome accommodations, apply to A ) GORE or LEVI H GALE, autg7 93 Commaon ste Coastwise. FOR NEW YORK.-Pa ket Line. On Satumday, the 18th inst.. The t coppered atnd copper fastened ship SARACEN, captain IDvereux. hnavmg principal p:rt f her cargo engaged, will have quick despatch I` or 'reight of l0 bales or passage inaving packet accommodations, apply on board oppl- A aitettio vegetable market, or to S & J P WHITNEY, angl' . 8 Conti street. FOR BOSTON. i The fine schr VINCENT, Capt. Sand = biorn, having port of her cnrgo enggaed will I*._ .ve despatch--lor freiglh' of 100 bale, or poasage; apply to S & J P WIIITNEX', nug-.l 8 'onlt strpel. INl< itt~t' ON. To sail on Saturday, the 181h. oi. rtes, will srail os nbnvO; for dck freiglit ,.ý r pieto ae iog villn o iotg l g roodicoln nldtioo. l e ply to thoi Ctptait on board, tilow the lail Road, or Swl CII 0it'd & 1ilX1tY', anglll fi 'u+t oltll eloL street. ' Alil It) bftl' t IN rim Iti aII' -.- i The T T,. 11 , 8 I II tOI )\ C,,o ire ins i h'r i ...... , a to ......iv, fih,' ...... tvinoi lit tI'SiiN & AVlb , n"0 '' i 'utue '' ill e, i tlh r ; . li I + e r va"ri o ~l Ii , r.Fl; h. ig e E lsr -' t/1,c -d Ii '- i' red b-i i Slr \ .n,- r \':I V n \1't:iles. ;. Ih IIl, iol low ing no S';ý--__.._.., ` . ih l ,,,e... II I tt ." l 'h l t d.-IA t;hll , 1 i.: I ,, , f I '.='I ' ,t ,"r , - ' l , ' , - ,1 lt 1 .. N,.,, ,, l ' i I sl l N I.. ll io,, 'tre te i - put.a 1, lipt !,,, ( 1,, Cne.,,; o. Cord, _-oda C:, ll - 'Torto ra,,t t, hii ,, ,,, top i, tua .n ; coeni,; di o. 11 , tog,," ici, p.:.,-ll' idte, Ipo l a "lo ettoi-,' i r nl,nl heo r iln- g nri u', a toI 1 mt; p noden, i PE.sF'.,1 ."Y--A geit,, ' teil oas 1'i-aurt linfl wrneht Sfaa Aneicc i'oo t'eclioai'rct nni ii, cni. -a 0 ,nee u satr elll ore; ge, ltei in, jesoriiie, hrl ur, ooin " l ithle ite Ira w tll i , rni t ellosi[ i ilt-th, l ll i o ll . wali, hu rhol nit, . ,iditr lo ii.e t aee iitrtiuni.\-arinr i. toiltertion ,ter p atonllnm;l..t 'nteson tal,c,.e h r HIRUISIIES-Comopoirising n great curiaof glotn, hair, hot, leti , tooth, nail, rneih, shaving, plute, . ruit h, filoe uni 1din i drtiioting, ocw-hittg, crumi foraitnrt, 7coorin, Ao inian oiinhd esi'lhes. rdaashu atgraint. ing tnl of all ti l I'.I, al k Illr LOiOKING IlLASSES-Co'prising Alt firmes .t nusc Vllero i s ies ,;, aIi ait r a s o ele s m ell lllurn sat inll a, Ithit nil, ctcari slg el, r va giclaty ra, r l.r't, I hlaai, ler, Spie loo arec, 'rnch anhi arllte ack Play rio' asaortenit of ptii arc l tiles.r , Tlndie' ani gentle mrnls Hldrenaiten ripinan , Laiesh' fnrk the eanec'year plrllnt dct'illn ctlk:n n snsant: en derS-, si.oes, - misead pnraili, t high, ioptink, sthead Scarved; do. d. twiet, long, nekar , pIoollai sirde psie id dil yalls., i 'y and trnte lcrl; fite ; kt, dressing nod raket coraps; oga moclines fd r ceating lr ights; woSpanish amlinag, fine eti oaout , Paris, c ppea Scot auIif gnassontmert of l lai aads, lloer canes; rackn ianm Amrin ars; dice, fancy scies, optic., l se water hurutnicausIncits, Ier mtiatena pcis,acpa, eltes, tmenrnunso in bottles, I cul" all hlae ls arid sizes 7 al rtl, Florid pose, llilltek clls, jeaa ine Ili laskll.aill ga e vlfleurt praces, tr cash or city a great vaiiety of alot haUIIr, at, lesh, PtoIth , Sil,'s, ANDt heartLO flote a;d plain dstigen sweepiCtgle, cruon ure nturl, crthbiong and white wash, iosJAR , AoeW and tanner' coming iait and vcarCninsh ilshs tond sash ant grainet nag tools of all sizes. rLOOKING LASSES-o.In froising ilt frames et rtions sizeso 5,, stll o I draw toil4ets; German tat l, toilet ral s orokeg of, agnifirent ilu, m i r etc by thnlbJ &AtS iDtt E'S, PLAYI IE'NG 1l fS- edig, ftry ibi, roomle ighrl, SFrh an k Play liag Car'ds. FAND FLO T ING BATHS IN THE IVE upe rior assoitent of portlle desks, ladies' and gentle-,o es of various ription suitae the for the new eaad I- XI It CII)I k ·LA.tNElSS, P11itLttSURE .b:.D 1 l hristns' gills; pocket bi a os etaoll iotlls rts; suspen r, musicoxes, lead pencils, t ve ns violis, bead bags ad ures, a assoement o a heads, superior 7ality i oliad halls, paste biklditu door indr la vest til ii t sispelden ibuitons pearl Iintotr 'n dhr studse i razor strops; ts machin he ifor reatii light; Spanish and melee segers; inaeo hat, Paris, rappee and Scetch I ist; n )o asortmient of lii tln al tl sword ae es; backt i I- l ll boards; dice, Iincy crtee ns, optics, Jews hanpl elnoniea lu le n lathes, plas ery, needlies, peu witdl i Daps, drhnkihg cups, hunine fasks and game bags; 't, s ilve hriand plated sleti aces; thmbles, twinel etc.; lt'a haliate tinas rtn opf eiravin gso o lk A. 31. eare ty of other articles, all of whilh will he sold Hre low 'ices, olte shlto or at arepntcr lets. ofwaterof3 7may 4 orEES a nind &:i 8 D, LANGE. b rtl0{) BArotrRELS i I riliEn frIin tie tron ctr.reUntof aht river, enedo't o Wheiretllr opn to allto ifree pas -l j .Ti rl9 Sam, fo r sale by tlr, &ei. & i m n & b ing am, fromn, t Rs lo -- ini .rs Indl n bur d tr sule 'iv JAR PI .tI f1NEW, o 'onti fr g trcit ,,D .,.J 1" 1"1,1TN.El", " BUSINESS CARDS, PASHIiONABLE CLOT IN TAYLOR & IIADI)EN, No, 14 ('hoarte. o frres SIA\'VE e costant .auppy c f evet article penl al, Atll! lluls i2 de l.., if the intent style, at 'iw Yirl. '2 CIU 21 N1IIC Ff)Ui SI !,;'l'A11,I ? 'T ;El'I!. 41 Pi:sCIMENS ofi' he::e lieatlitl ith. aud the nmn L nor oft' sntlg tlhe, sflity ib elln at the ati . bof J. . Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No l; Canal stlree. 'Tlheier teeth tever chllinlls colour, d re I llllly, m nld ill ninny cases, preferable to the one rlal leih. iL. Ir. It. will wait uponl ladies at their reoidence., MERCHANT TAILOR, 67 Collllonll trotoi t, ;Gj to informl lth public that having purchased lfrIn .lesses iOUtiH, SIKEICUIS & Ci). part of their stuck, he will eonlinuoe thl bolsineolss at thr1l1 old at rh N.irsh It tie supe)ltied ou lhly wil thire a1tet a.ol Icustol ashihl)l to hil gos(ld toll 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 1.2 iPoydras treet New Orleasa, .ANUFACTURFRS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps Of all descriotionl HWA RM, COLD, AND SHO WER BA THS Fixed on the toast taproved prin(ciples. MILI.'D LEAI), PII'E, Ac 7Oirders executed in tiny part of lthia Southela Stateo. tr 9i __ - )r. ioberlt" I. indoer. O F Fr' IC I F.xtaosnoe tlsToL. sltt Plumbers and Lead Pipe Ml 4ufactnrers, No. 102i P,ydrao street, K E P on hand n cnatanlt supplyV of Lend Pi1e, Kfron in. diameteo r down to -° int. diameter, flio isle. ORLEANS LITEOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTABLIHIMENIT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. WILLI.4.M GREENE, PROPRIIETOR nrl S i. PARKER Commission and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New :lrans,Fehb.r.' JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOI.EXALEV AND RETI. I) DEALERS IN MEDICINES PAINTS, OILS, DYE STUFFS .?AND IIVILYDOIW ( LASS, Burner of Cosmmon andi Tehoupitoulas streets, NEW 01P LEAIVS NAtilAN JARVi[. JOIiN W. ANIIREWS. A large upply of Garden Seedis. warranted the grstwth of 1837. AT MOBLE Ala. S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. No., 61 and 63 WA'I' )I.L+ . i ;:'. ll undersigned, hao in, g e-tlli h !'., H Mobile for the parpoat t - n and Caonmiriolt businerss i ta t ,lri ,u :r.,, to sa, 'vg leave to ino llln tlhir trioltlt , o at I ' Il'hit:I htt they re n o, v Ire p ,a re Id to r e , e iv + , e o s lg , , trllt s , t . t t n Illllik . l;rer advatncll on tihe saRme, rltbe'r tfur rl" e -II r tIul,,ic sale. + tLl AN l. JONES, I t.R IEl. I. JON, S. Refer ro WVlsker., K!niht & Co. New Orleans. Mliole, FEl 9,18:38. feb 13 A C.ARD. .AMUE r.SLITERH. AItA1n er lr SLATnEI & TRIER Forwardlioa L t .I-i loll 51erch i Nike No. 10 Pot 'r, .Street, N 1 \,', - o , .I 'o, - They will ,levow e thtir ltitle l r r t+.,tho !n tike al,. at. ,. ' Ii, (eff . +-.Pi , 1I ItN, I nI f A % ) II) a T STXO0' irdi,.,u, a . on' , i doi J1'rn hantt FURIo ERI S O, i'1iP, St LOLi sTR a INo.11· Tl' lotuernors bs E . i It P o t hLa S iid r (" 'oI. )I I ,1 ho , Ptc .v. Ila . t a It n. 1. & P. `o.';hl .rhlor Ci- iin:..ti. O.. AIDnl TONE, T...r4 0 r H.1OMTOcK & Co. C2lu-mrOTO 1 A. II. o , 2 P AIlt n 1 I' S No. W111 lC llOUio, rt R.AS STRE I r. N w-OrI an r. Iielerenvol,; m aMIERCr. BALI, I LoIIt & Co. N GLASto II nnCEzt:n Vore &_Co A. I SAIaaiI & Cto. New York. I. PUTNAM, This omra TONE, DunoIlw t RI. OMTOCK &o. Cot.loREo. '. N. AI.24 ICus , & Co.. I.ottiralleo, ·r WILLISSTEVEOOS & t r.'l S.t Louts ,o A. II. lO-e, Alto , I. ACY, WILLM I Ii. rRWIIN, lunhvill, Ill. J. Comm P.ission . lorwLL g ou rcharaLa OOr Mef ON HIhnH. New Orleanrs. jan '2 ImEAI.LS IN AMERICAN & ENIILISII CROWN' GLANON OO. 3 CARONIIE.ET STREnT. of FIRtIt- tIEN S INSURANCE COMPANY This Comptany airUe now prrlniroel to take RISKS AGAND INST PNTE. No No4 Muslon 's. liildia g, Corenl it, f t. E I. TRACY, Ne Olendow and Pha 1icure3. Secretary. WILLIAM IWOLLIN Commissrt, in te llu ot burding Merchalnt tIN'oINN API, 01110. Refer & t meltng, , New Ortenn. ROlERTI CI.ANNON, i NOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER F No. 10 Camp street, Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varniahen, Brushes, minl) Window and Pinoure Gllss, &a. &c. T. W. COLLINS aTTOrI'VEY & cOUzvSs'FLOR .T L«4(1.\ N OW re neiinat in the StF, lia an City In cnt. Cli entl will fl u himl at th" toCtrko ooltit rS.LIi. i Cotirt, si the lIotone btlotding. e A CARD. itH u illdersione.l hao o ced hotse in tils r it, i . inch 1 itlua i m bIIf tlrpnliolg i lIENE A181L t:t) ' .,OSS,(tN II tNi-I ,. The houseat u rand Golf' 1lisd. wiltl ,o l i.tedi . I the a lbove name. roefi're ) odfrey, L ro, ie& S talhit de' r; i:, a, fetcl's " .I l l· l l l , i I ,i l ) il ".. Cu, I. , I .tll,', ;iv. n Y ,etao ,I lilteo, \ t1, .sbr, 1 i'.. lIrcI r, ' e i l te & Co t o i d G ulf, IM r0in l.l litlltn, , oo' r... dIo, ) oo. a jil , s hllh t ,m , atcoleZ, i n,,. N elf ir Aeo> le oo l tfn- it l uon a inte a a ot m'-a,- l \a'.1, aid 'aoli+i -,o siane" wo uld, n, SNe i lien o the publi a share of their pa ta tron e e. It TOil" hoiise i I 1,-tao, ih' ,' ill )irate, t the true,) rach i I a o lll - i lllioo thIa 0 b01 t e io , r-ed i, ,0 t 0on ityo, auil o l ollg oooio''e O I o-o.ol t lnd ooot,-tioottool a. It i ;,n I 1-e -, oyt to t Is har+e. 'am a l tiltll l tI 0h',.tlon ill ocouot001o wiolo Ia ructiaoa h) oo all IIIt ililt tll s'o o e into hie S i ha s. Jolloce i ,N..v I. yloC loge, Oll 0lraVi.n .tr , o oie a lot Io , Mr t',tp'I , it oo h a d aillj'i ig m(tIl.oo'f Of's Iti lv, Iou. I & C . n uIt . It the State t I nsintli and Cities f Now Or tohn T . and Lafayeste; for sale y et I 6 17 A(',Ap TreEt. to ilt 17 t'olcnlttrre0-r TRUE AIIHEI5tAN OYFICE. In conneation wi/ this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, I,,a t l,, PR Nrc ,,a (,F Pamphlets Blank Checks Ontalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Reccipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Dill Porms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars, Alnd every tsrocrilptiotn .frJob "Vorlk t lt nIny e reqairnd. .-The l irotr/ttor ret cvt a lly i alls the attelti tn of lie pn~rillit, to the ni ce''t~r!, nres tha e that all t o inna te t t t, as ,ig 're hol Ia e sone at tte s hort Ist notice, in a style unnll p+n:edl in Il a'ly, and at thl I ,.est rat-' GUIDE & DIRECTORY OF Tlt. CITY OF JVew Orleans and Lafay tte W AS puhlished n Mn!av, U1lst Mlay, and i+ now v br sale at th collntilng rloonlm ol'l re plihe-, Excllhaage aotel, Ic ('hrles -res,-nd - ll the i oIok store oif leasrs. E. John &. Co.carnoer St ChLurlhs tuld Caolllll atreata. flil\ IPIR.1'T'IES' OWN 111(1,nr latthentie nar 1t rnativaes tof at' liv., expalot, anuid exec.tioas o the most eld. l :ed I :Iolber, with hi/to/ ieal skitetch+of" the ChPa+ n ri Spa-,iah, Lutt/r'ae, t. et India. tlalav, nwll r Algr ine r irates. ia I vot., j.ost tari ela , trad Iacsotr l ti . l'KI:. je.6t ear hCallmp ,& Co Olllitaltln tat ect.t JOHBIN 00E VY, Saddle, Harness and tw'runlk Manufacturer, ad fuar /ia/tr oJf Mittary Equipments of/e'rty aescriptiort. Nt 1oY '|rCHUPITOUrl7'6U1 SI'REI'T. DI ItVINtV in employ several A/iitry Workmoan, Ihe io ready to execute work ia t/as aabove li/e at tile shortst notice, and on the most reasonabllle ternl lerchaellta' and Pedttrs' Packing Truanks of evervat .' acription, Clmtalntlv on hand. a ( " ltN 11 :L.,-- I co rn mills. at;1 later's aerent, ýJ combhne"I, Oile man can grind` 2, or 311 Inchels of mana Iser diem with these mills, and they can Ie at. tached t,, a ellttol rill, and aire particularly calculated tor planter's use, Apltv to CHAMPLIN & COOQIEh, m15 82." qia ptlteet. 1...r+ - 0 E tCI.A N'I S.| l EiRCHA't. ca,. haven a Imeautiful circular ,truck tf " at tw, h our. notice,bby nalling at the I daceaus Lithographic / tai;ce, a3 il/gllaztle streeal,olpploite IBanks Arcade. - / a I I i6 A('l +'t -.:': I .-alf thl t c .... ..t 'a'ck,,rc,, ", a Aiy :,hIf A) i i tit T W, na22 67 fitravier str'.et. B1 ,Ai -1- casks Irime Ican siatdes, ýta/crived per steamer Itnllel ',1 /halet, to'r Ile hv j IA21 VIIN, i . I IaE'lti)REtce S_ .1x21t .. . . ... 5? dt v w-'Y- Leve III nlhosrihbeos h 'ave this day ato¶-niatlted thea l -elves in b)usinessnr uo tihe lirm h if d in a y ky Robert.on and solicit a continuane of tI~. pcctrniua ellerenCelld by R I Hanuny whil a ndlucitian hoerii e in bis an lname, as General \gent anlllt .Olltlnis.ion i (leschant. ROtll:ItT M IIAN.rA, ljy2 ROIBERT \ Ri* R T.T'lE IN, I: AF I A -Il--l100 ki ge in tore, in sale b, jyl2 ,4 New I.evee ElNTI) KY l.,"111 l jy1 Banlk 1 lev Hl1L ,iS & 3111,1.,, a"l(\e-.; (I""n·1 8I'M i. rIc-pit·., six mci ihirteel s.1.--i 1 ,,,,".-.:"I tat; ,ow e a-k f r -i" fI' h .'it 'w, " .inll I . t 2 " ' ,·1 , 1--o t,,, In wl .rlotl-eni..",- I lir de loaw hv, i 2tT ' ,i ; '1 I"w - ',,\ "I' n ' ,Ik . 2,, n V !i 1 1 IC '' , fm' , I h I 'i llll - ' ' N ,"w , i 'hll; l Ibr lr . ir Ilii o: r ! I ,i ii ,,,d1q,,d i!1:1l Ii IriSi V!r N I " I'.'I t .rhl t. , 1. t ,1 Ii , rl II . r u i.. 1ir1"p , n I., h ' n I ,r I a ,,,, Id'h , r air rll r . tlr ,Ii t l .,il-', re I . 1-.,,, the ,, r ,ra, , , .l i a , , ..ih r ,.r 'l |i l " and o t III . , li~,~'iI 1 .. t i n. I, li au , I l l' llst: I. on ( llh:, ll I i Ttlllioar n i ·, e Io t 31 iltllit t \ i\ , lloI N r Iri-t I llnt l l trs i crr al '. . i;('lrset dI'- rhenlli t. l d d .li rle M r i l & Yrlolt- e ll 1li1lll--ll \H 1 05II l3--L E i', llnn ll4li< rll'otpricths litilte Ipar " i l itrr, in tile ' tit' :l oot r. ic r .iar l i n , ti t alar Jit Ir' l , d atl t p I.Iettab, a ir-r- ,,ar l' it winbre Iroch in, pour pi reI e en cons,.ral tni le.r I al ires i s p tiltionnai es f t l ,n ritt ,l a t, tlie, piotr aies cl onllltr .et ipersonllie ,t ar perolri6ts inon t de. our lls Mtl pildl . t R I eat de plus arrett qu03 G o, K l logers, q a. q it n elutnrt pual reprsenter p lesierea clers bsen rteedet . IlAirau du Gretalfer, NOu ir le Orllann, 10 anur 1138 AIaIAND V1i'ro , Dnrter. pTI loh r c ei.' ' , )-iII b , er" lle il t , i a .Crr lerr tao the Ir la f te Uied ls. . FeCii the u . l'i'ltl, T IJ'lirt·; orIl\r, ill , Cmintrf 2OUyep solwln . Billrp anpwlrlle i et h' t s ore Up hlhli y 1tet don, nnd I olho nd% i Ft . t "lq. 'The Caske t of tlinsa , the (ift of ian Uncle aid Alnt whittutne .ooda aIenratile gie AnrlaaRO. Jintreecuied id oresnle by IW' lcliEAKN, jel6 car Comap and (COlnon stR. ORISIN li8iIS)--70 blis rosin dross, landing ani oIr sale by J IHA) EI & Co, jyl1 74 'Foydras itreet. C.AVE &-SCIiAFFS RIEl...u iid E tract oar' ears pri illa, Ior the cure of olstlinate cruptiotus of the tkini; pim ulih or postuler of tei tote; btes whIti arise role n an impure st:te of tie blnnd; iscaly ru ions; p ins in hiu bonesi chronio rheNumtilUB; to t r; acrofula, or kitng's vil; whit s ellingi syphilitic diseases, ad all dslorders arihng Iro n n impure state of the blood, bS a long reeldena in o he eiimste, or the tnjudicioue use of mercury. Also.--Cave & Schaff r's Worm Syr p, or In fant Prnearvacive: the bfest irraeb rlWion oew Ictant. AritirN g wiliicl are t-ia : rilow Ia g:--I:lrltin Dye, for coulbng tea heair; Ior a O1; iaRaoui Hear o Oranus; PoLatull; iehaw IiC Fro \VIe W i: su. perior Pearrl Po! er llr; Lily WI t; (Clcri l of Rtose; Vcgltlablrl Rrrg.,; OLt; ,i 1 |i-, i LIp Salve; Kre. osite 1". r. \i ; CI a r..rrI Drlntntrlti:e; Oraoige I Flouer Wtci t; P ;tcroIlI Pfl r alt Boxs .l; A hIer . lo Chrtaco l, n tutly pi up pIll four ol ei vialr;i P eston Sahle; Kresoto Toalloth.aei ris,,g; Hir HaiB r e, ; Es., h.el .o t l)ro.,io o - oe I nUir Orl;-wti toao teiryof lt.'er Pert - onerier & io. Falr sle by L WV GLENN'S PERFUMERIES. J C TRINtlI oL.D, Corner uof C:all nlid ourribou sirIt PARKER S ROCKY MOUtIhttbS, Ne. f OUn NA ofr ant lExtllbe rint t our eiiyond . he . I for)eJIoIN oa' uhorrot Ol 'tar tr er oUr oNJ Iallt:ko r llatolrr!or 1 rr 11rr , (tl r.t"ir ri ,,tL' A B C M1 , pi.Tni,'i u d oll 1 th LI L i 1835, '36i and i3; . Illlllo a delt criPlt Iii I! a (Fr lt s y. go. arr ro ad t t I tnrt l tt of ti ;tirp.r wiSvLe i r a P if O"rte T.cerritry, by Rv. Sa r nl tairk, A l1. Ihe Iiver ait tih Drlrert, ; or R. clltit trte of thre Iottro anol tle Clhartreuarso; hy MIsr Pardte, ;tllllr iot'Lie iry it pirt Sul to, cr. Il 2 vrls. Tia topb tlhr,l Iral by thI autruor or itaciheli, iTo Gyt io A ,; .-'- r .. Iu ' b. Iaie T o tllrr -; or Advll re ill a Country mollts, orld tr lt e s, by v uly tr larlntII. t El It! a. r, Mrs N lrtrr, thrre a or iwri, M's GN re, Cort.rr r t w ,ro rd o'rra-; a in vros. T'Oe. L oe li d Ad vEnltu or olg N:,uil· Ni d ,,bye At d R , F l ie p, tl Illlu r IIi 'on. r ir l r l , No. . i oJut ro eRd itdd dII gale by BINJAMIN LEVY. f tIorego rYlb RKEv & UIr I TIIE S, ejyle G m starite;t a rr l t r ' l reet. I( e liN Il AGi I - Iand thetIreu t r sale by .jyl \'tllbi . I- . S 'ttamn l E I`.S, i . . '.s No.l o . .rral . tSiO r llI.r.L.. A - 1t colarm,' q ua C " ° tl "I '., lri.v ,,d by Ile, t Othr a Oll ,. Ji s 7 iow aii l.aee 7EMON I RIUP ir a ' al th eacr flot 1 il s t', atlrr Place. L)MON SYI:1, xNI) 1'I(KL'S. I ( BOXES I elnon Syrup; J4. bh. as a.sorted l rF P k . ia' i n quartI o t IcInart ariIl allon hot lie-. morn till| e llllI llfItC to'v it %I? IH i l tl .I)oml, anI d , ,-. i-:, I| ,kell, ,,f l'..,+t,); le dir, ci't i big Tulle, 3 j. . .u j,;,lN i ....'ll -r't. , reatl 1II Cr ih Rope; ,t.o a ri.l i lt ,aT Trci' a, in reto w a d h ir s a le bL y J I 1.\lo:rl ,I ? lt) I .+ l l::- .l'+ hwo r m i ll 4L k IInII nio . :lia - Tu'l-bac't',tg (l .e .th.r )r , I) ,,r rn t. J. 1 1 11\L1 ,, ., TL alii.t I llldlngi 1Iid I lallrI, r'lv R lr ai' jel. • 'I'F+I,',,\ " e bi" s. f1; 111. ; :: I') l' is A c te iaae' . in l l', t.. t ' I...l nFrcke. it'y l VIII FII.' & (CI.,N T ri,'II 1 ii 'h itery' trr' . L t I' (th.n tr t r l ct h, |'le r Pd Il s k NA O'I I'L '(1i NAE'r ; \ Sli, jeltl Fxlhumg ll tel, (r ae i'r sra. r'\iExIA 1T i A\Oa"annlerd'y BOrNA''l'l'H I W':x E ts, j el 8 bechan c, Holcl, travier t ,rept. rI1nnIUN S INSURANCE COMPANY IF NE'' cIRLEaANS. +OTi)'F.'E i+ hereb givencihil thit lblkhasefalhserip f his C' n pany- 'rO .lrael ullrd in .ll hl y, n lhi 113h illet. t llreii t hl I o1 r I' e r"! .Iar III IbII . P) •I, unt i 3l the w0i',l r' h II II0 r .l Il crks! Piherl for. l a y r V.d'l fl inr ld..rd of l t, m i l l io' li n Jonllt1 I, IA'3rl " .-tlll".' t, - a, D. WILKINSON. DEPUTY SUR/V YOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, I) "u'i :its licl, me -icra l i ' ii ;r. i d part - Y a - ,u', ;isg and Ci'iEl necinerini, Iboh I t 'i . IL-n n i iii .i) " all san idh- l' h ae ex ie r i iiec if Ili . pro fesn ion. clulI ry proa iiaiire ii aiid fidelii; h , 'lihe fxeclati r It rrsiale a entai'ci ii,l to him, ha hopes ' iti iernt aid eceive a shrIle rf l" ublic pdlrotliic. lie will Ia ii lea lre and caalr ti tile i .l ltnla fI if cnali all excavaiolls . (.uti e No I h:irtles l rit, eL c tlnd stor [ INS EI l ll, in t',i e B :c-\.i ll i I) r, n a d jel Conic;r of i mr hiiiraa &'Fahaa llr lh S eecingia ladling f oir shi) ('herllkel, cuil Iie Itr the Meienll ll mareI. r c 'ilv trall ' (r salea , v S'E'SOuN t . r AVElY; jell8 b :ravler ' r t. SE'ER 1C \N DIf i, OiL, &i' 200 BOXES New Bedford Splerm Ci.ll; 31) casks .iew redfIor \Winter i ia ; 1. cask,+ Rltooin_ Zinc; fihoeas lr bron Havalua SurI"lr, 1011 eoils hale Rope; 31.) riece' Bh ot'aic 6 f .ks Blla'i ck al (Lie ar::(ibiS; O3 aalrks I'alfr I'in:in.-; 51t' baskets 'hlcauIpn' ihe ice. Foir saIle by JOSr'iil C iKto \ hi JeI 23 Granvier slreet. ESI'lit.IN BIIUTI'EI-- 1:9' ke -;, leci erd pIer: ci ctea ler Vxiiihllllfroiii Ab llrha i e hl M lrlciiiii e I upeia iar la;icls, for sale, h,' L.ATER x' Tll'l, jcS - 40 P-vdlrntlI'' d:, -ll 1(1.t ll n ll t ,11 anr I' -iln l cril' by Sied (ib ir'Oi i (i l 3)l.'r:aid , 14 Nei'. I's I0 ct;iiqk rootlhl Zll t % .+lI,ia ' II}.s i - ,,1 h1u,,I II Id Iaudi., :llt) shee ilrs tliit, ie, ti pr l for cilh i• I'y : AF I Al' ii--l l ri ii I lI Ih i .ure, or sti IV ci a, irtar 41'_ . ,I-. i'E, iH , t I' c llNl (N ES1F \lMlxii: ' \xe I;'hrci a new ib 'rtic'l -1t Ii ,r'l l 'liu llnl. iof Ihat etlcntalic cini I .pulal cLiame,.n 11i ieec tb(kia r weiieulrer'fii'hi.i I nic l-Is, o'", a isi' r -, , is .lr. Si ill- i , hur ni 1 Tle phat ,rtihe \U'sr! illllaitehrtd by r.' i l u Rinv I', II' uit hnresl hIt i', l i I -In I aldsl I \ e'a f 'ist - a sid liatboar.: Ol o lat c h'i l ,'ai r 'rc t 1 t I. I,,l , ',dla.rl y: will i r lll -otnr l fll i aII11 1"oI h lil l11. \h~ i", lliln i "': v.;t po erlh', ilhs tiLn Inn. , b". I." Ault .10:, ou l, ,sdi,' - i i' ll . -i' i lii , a i '' hA il,:, '.n,l,i" \.l.hi t nr ; bhe - bl-- ,iiiis ' si , Ia tll, il , i' Ii ý i rl ' . ii -l i. ~i h i '' I'~ : Ii' I'ni r .llll '". Ji t ir''iiid 'll-cr silia cv SI ' i r N Iti lll; i I1 :TIb1Ei , jr'+7 cmar C'rmanm & l nci zilne. -i I :-- b lhtis I p - i e l'l + II , li- _ sI i L l aje , li7 I H lorui5 ir [ i rlel 1 p .S 1. I.. Po r '.1);, In . u pts h u. IIt t " i -tore an lit r Iae by 1t for sale by (. I)i tti," I. )ORK --5010 bills, of all q, alitiee, jllnt inop,++.t<ll and will be sold .elow thoe qtlornlllll, 1,\. je2 44 New L,-re. - oUTP -l --- ke.- tis) Iestern butter, Ihr . I 1 i a 1 'J ITIHIAVEI: v II'. tj lUt-4uIi hili in sat re, or sole by G l lll) ',, I )e : 44 )lw I4 vr'. FItANK LN INPIFR.IARY rI' tl hll p le it s r p tt liy lllll' ll t Iuts intli t tutisn i erected nt the I nt i nmrovd t a n i ll n i. v and nost nlnh he letlli4 l imnr~ n lll heltilbt lif+ FIranklin, upon Ihe railrunold, ene nlhe Irlin lhe t ii+iii ''hel [sibling is large and me tconnmmdiotSly ,Ivided into apaIrtments, for keiping separate differeslt lasses, and ltirelren tliaeaers. 'I'h instiutiem in supplied wihili the i'o't skilf'l an l ettenlive Llle and Iemal ' Iles and alreakieg the via ria!r nolltern lamguines. Private roomns may bel had byhv getlemenn at five dal Ines piir de, includlgatcstend'emle. , &eC Terms in the or illnnry, wards, ltoo dollnrs prr (anv. itlve.on llmi twl doillurt. Smell Pox inl the unliuilIry r+nrds, flve delllrn. All eapittl cnreihil nii~"iiinNnetnra. The renileni lilp iix is ior lIedltemn,",, whn application tinr n lllllltll iIntl Iet madeCo. or t, Ir A Luzeinberg, No 17 llanpart street. npli Iv PAP- LARKU-600 kegs in store, fir ale d Illlt E\', je9l 44 Nli w I 4 ee. - I1!ItO MtORPiIY, Prnlsiaor of Lnguaogogle i w n ,l I{ iiciored toi rereive entlemelln, wIh, lllv he .b IItnsed tt speold a p itL f telir leiilllle hnours IrUing thl ,munnmer, iu acrlllgon the IFrench, S tais, oer tllglitlI l..llll . I: , Loch g.nel nllll mm ill v llrei a 'ep. irN: houi from 4 to 9. 'elor., '. l1. N. II. FIriulhiist i to n usIi l .i l Ollice, 67 Ch:ar trein snlt I ienvllesirl el. tii' -1w .... NEWNI I \ r TilE NA'I'TU . 11.1te ' I)\VN IOt )K--Conp, ing tIdescri tinsandautheintic anlcedltelf uoalrup edpe scieitiicnllt yneneil according to tIlle 'tlonl of Cuotet by the nluthor oh tile "l'outtlaNhl'e ()Ga IllBok! IIII NA'I'IL\I. IIIS'I'tlRY OF INnIFC'PS--th two volulnes-vol 2,foilillig ni. 74 lof tle 'LFamlily Li henri"i rA digestof tile LeIw' or FvnIIINr INI catntslt. catSEn -Iy Henry lineoe, llq. ilth lnotel ll referenlces In' Aotlericoa iletision, ltd llto the Engllish ceulll law n reclesiasticol rpiortn by lienrce l1arnoeudl. Ge ItltseniiitiF t)ir;aEe Of tlhe (lttlte -IileltcUts - nui i e miarison 1 f their phiensal and .-erIal signrs, ti iV \V strum til', .11 i " eltl rCllIP.t+. ,I If tl'lf.l. at', AND Pn:1('II I- ori . Pttli'rs -- ll' .hoi ehn kl niol,, Il 1 h11uoitkno,11 . il .t n dimo editionl . alh nlotecs ald mddious, iiy tlt*o rllo \c , l 1i .i t i n, , T'I:o A.1EItIC\ (iUITErIi.Y.I REPtvlie-No 1IG for December 18O3. Julst received andll fi sale by ft1I WIli lcKeAN.cornoerolUnna ,d (;in. s SEAF I oIi-- uI, y, hci lord, u steaolnlu;t Uiti, iIil nsWa iy , for sle, by LA'fAT & AMI I.UNG, \t1 r ,l i ) I i --Iihhi. . Llll h ie l, iiiiihi tlroit . s bout 11 cerall %V[, n lk, Iltr etIl Iyi LAYILI ,. ..SlilL(.i jit' I o m.rew+ street. , I;+-'.o-- ! eic i t, cTi -ei 'ii,.ei i c a! out 1 I, in:i !0 it a.-o! ,i i ni r - kL j .2 cur lO nith ` lilhlzmiCe stirets t I A J , , \V i l I S K E V , P l R t : K & Itt l ' I F - -I t1 ,b b! . n, t6 boss smi. d whi. i ry; 7? bbl, .es uanid t:, 1,'n primle, i.t', "2hhl- pronl ben; t + +rge oif itint it oat i A..YET & A111tI '1.1\(, Y1v 17 I ',..I ll ne'w struet. S Ii-3 1 o (; 1 , r.h) lasli, ci-,r i-;let n lay 011.11) D R.11t .\ TOi ,V, 141 7 look Plne, + (.1.1 N CE11E.I'-i . , ," . i, . I ll :.11 l) & IsiAltSTIW' . jcG 7 liask Place. . (GII 7i-- ii00 p Iieclttickv laie00,5e. fir salo by 3(. LAl in 11.0 ll TOW, T'A\1lttV II 11\ S-74 hi,l nr i , dl',tmily 11:im r I I l. o \ I(IeIOD igllil. I ,11 I sm ilý+ BI ri+ll:~bo t rf,,nr- h. it T lssr h h} LAS .\ eI J'?,i 1 |7 " llommer, . r" et. , I .:\ - .U "LS C -- 14h e w .o re a w r ,ea th o f lo st ..-; Fil e n 'Ifree' Iook tltrth liy fairest; Tl' l ire S nt)l| CoIIeP sin yfIr r lesson, ft heath tl nikl!; l.ilha av onlf lir heunldolier; The Irdv leaver ti.e banuel halrl;lih ioleollr d Iandtgll t revi'i. Jaut receivw alrd f'l # ,ale atiB 1 'A.SI'.. ap2 PI'ianoalirt:'and hal ir IlVING'SlN" NE' VOK c011 ' .e. "'1t lltl)Kl Y l3.10l.\'NI',\ INS-(lr re,i,- i,irine T i o a- it* ltusrar-a i ll "th - ar Wea't,"dir_+il trot Jli lll"n (':aiaiir i I i I r l uonn till l, ii til( ralll, ' thme i;In avie,ri'r, di,,ni varioi a r lher C Tltril. V ll'l' l l, l-1 } lle ('ountes of lih.-iri.on, i, vols. Jusrot r-vard aInd tbr rsle hI \)1 ..1 0h ri N 1' I't'q' ',ni prio nk. Iliiai ii-rt - K1ig a-'x, inldi rlbbel. biu 4 - i n d, poIr ) :eri and ,,rverV tither i-ticl! l at 1tahti, erv, of Otl very bera quali: . "icoU lariy ulr harndd aU r saile i V 1 VID) F'I 1T' V CO. ,19 N' Y tst:'rrar rs' Hall, Uti (lhartlr.: -r, -- II Eil 11 V I - 0 'U \Sl --2i arxet ',l - S Irllllsclr r 'rThr a , I I e r lr-r a If -\ V AlJ.\ril -$111 T1Ireaiur} tow fu= r' J. 1 v bK I. l E & lil l T ll'' i, ,o.,v :. .1 (·'ta tl , u c',r. ll-nllln at SAI,.-.a-,uI nld, i ,,,r,irr ale lr a , il I), l) 5\ 1,41i [ t, l .r- 4 r e. f 0 . 't --4 l t , a s k .s t'iu i, u a i i C i 1i , 'i ti c , j" I^ New Lever. S1''I 11l-400bbs, i store. hr sale byj"1 . . SE.1 IRI)-51111 kegs, in line liiapi.g order, for 5 Ie by G. .d ,I YI.evee. l sticIRa C:.11 IMB&, SY 4 t .New l.revee. 4A 'V7I arickeral, Po.M1, 2 a, l 0 Inllu arres ir kt rial , io' 1 ali ,l 2 1:. ca ska of lime, :hil 1.1 ih+",: iamby. I.rintli riaar i hig Ittihi alnda for sa le,hy I EPeSON ..\rlEl & \ 111 HAT T-I'$)1 I":. "IUST r'c'rive pr lpal te l rivll frrlr n Ni f 'rlkr , r Irealh r ul a ilr l iontlhr i rlI as rtilet iR . f lA'I'S. The sulrlariber woul l ll partiitlarl .roall tlre uttrl'n ti a of the pua-lic to a -tyle tf hilaver h!rl ofl' a peri, i rltlah. hnle tel ltore rit anld bl -a tliful In re: nr s tor ia flao ptlirn Ilirnan llrr ol'a laprhlr r Illulrlu alll ;a d als t rrr lnr ai a all rti.lie rii lki ha llroto er , witi lri err'r tllrl Il s orflnrnt llmlnfacto ad hl hlni pell, ,ptessly fir lhid riarkel, wlllli.aite ltldr r l rrI J WV l,alltotN. il Camp 'trer, f N. [I Cit and cl tlatry dealers ul aivied i -caull. - it :i l i . Tobacco~~ ,o aid StirlI t ar. r, No. 277, Cai." : rt, v-eirltti ar, wtishes Ilto iol'lrl hiS t'i'teths l.tol IthLe pubilll ill to eillnirl, dmt a i i no , v prrpar..l to furbish aa v thing, ao the abonve bsinie",s t a id a alaaittan i) flotr le e iltinawlan SNOUFFPS. t It!le, (lianna: IRuapprer. hlSirde-l, tglish . 'Iti .leltegent,( t Alarica, RaPlncel Natteioahiaos, nti d, A wArlu- i ehlll ll elrll n's, cbgnirai, lir, h rnke)t ituppei , Irish lIlrrck:aratI, Ot. linear, l'at a-i p-J.i n Par ris, P'ure 9l., ,,I,, ,11?t" coarse (lt:tapp e, :.,.xd,, an hn tootth powderv. File cut che,'wl'g, swteetacented of plain. Fiatilt smoking, of various ailalities. Vi rginia, alsrarrirll, ke. Tllrdboveitrlicle ari e all warranted ias g ti, Itlnot ll- t perLiOlt anyllthing Of the kinld ilmprtrIdl , landl rill e .'lrnishl I tl deale ron the ,,ostliheralterms. Ilt 4 L.-W 'I) il-l i- .e '.r I 1 4 1 N I :\ =ii.b -- liil b r)s i ,of New iedford Sperm Candles, laInlig from rhip Kentuckt, Ant tilaraa le Irv iA7A.El-SC rri heeitbraiiar'iippr , S rn iglhii o, n iio]rd. It rird in atlrda nu-l - tir l , a al |i vol-8 r lll e ,erl,, rbetrwet Co1lstln lou e nd tll C ,i-o - i crtia.i ln lll (.,relltoib br nil fI It le ... trranI ,rLi .i t' lle tl.ll nia g i r t bllr n..r. Ii iia ati . I Fba) Carltttrv FIa NaEW RtlEANa PrTi rararll se rar tla'l'k .\I ri. aacara tl A.11 itl lllll ll r l do ddo i 'thmr -ar 1.2 do Ir srrru ear tit : do -st, , i Ia o lui ;A lu tt ai, I0 ii d I u -r -ro ar oh d or " it l o t a ,, . .. at ,, b , +r) In It nil ,.lli , llia d contihloo thl tloo hotl t the ' l ,it. " is7 , . , I. V , ' i ,ll rn iri I",a ½ 'l-- -La in --:relt-- ars ti- a rtniiii- in-i illorin 1ph iriiaciiuiriiii ,Iaia i-rand l aihria iara t. .l ·' "'''' 1 I 2 : l l I;.(R ;'"' "'(ifi 0t i, to \'lc.- in-. · It c n lr:; \liil nt I'rr alnlne 4114; it 1u, It the o ien o I"'.~ 1· l~m III"et I inv u'liu'dT 1.4I'I'(1 'IOW'.NSEN1. n'''c X2r owr , 51 - .lli l , a (11 Id ll:it, a+-lllrv, or 1, y,- -ý - 34 )I0I I ' .\, i-I N nc 011 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I ll1IIil !.\\lc-I-IPII j^IJ ~~41 Nc rr 1 .II :1.(1 t .hi \. - ~nii i e. m D "- t Icc Fl. u, In g r 48-k4 still I,4i it 112RI-:A rII & intl I" I j. 7 67 Grav ier 4r.I* ~ jlh~d i~ll~tlll PýI suh n li'feI In' 11 ,2x."4 ll, 11 dl1 Iga 11444.4,4 I ?; ;i Ilif do d" *re do. 12. 'COprueCrc')? hne alF en) CofiTL 'Il . IL -biil 'InIlclnl' II.u I h n e els. l' ox-1 , ',. errcn-(bIanpn' ae(Cider .1. n v4. Bur e Ioux ))stet.~lR III( tr 1IICII(V bS ;H1 c u'ug-ue' IId for I ~ I' IIPII I)IYF ) d.. do Sherry.u g~lll~··rrl. ) I , l 'I. I' '( + e d " - 50 'i'4 d54int I'Icge, 4nn4'c 1 size-. 54 1'~ I's'gnntuud Nail. III WIineer '1eciccel spnerm Oil. 1It') b N-. II:I u-nc, C'inrt '0211-t lK'ist,, Io III,'LLC ;I!, boves Fsuc l lirn.,v C eel res ILLII XIIILL nIL - Id 5qIILLa n Il LIILIL' I':4L t 1 inn. cLIo.IinF knLd,"r.neeedll nrsu 'itnt hlyI! IlL"lIC I~t'lLcg 1',c l-'44 I4 I e 11) I '.1 r lc l llsii-* NI-DI'& 1-I I- t.FN1IIItI. UI Cl I,,roeneI,"b'nnd"'Ia)J n Len"'.t tII ýI '2. 1 I I.- 04 Cln nu (rII ot b ngl'r* linL fine 4 o m~ nuw holding trn11l 1 b1(4 Willis,,, rI, 1nlrt utoni 0 _alld J n' lolL· g8 and r tlertheru nletthe froltie i :Ciusrc oil ill casksslid b1'rels in stre, ud for sale l ow by h hol I, salY III1II u 61 gi t', l d: )y7 c r Common &( I'cII o p tou & I't' 10W. ii ) I'uI' f m rie; 4li Iii 1S :L I e'L, nell11 F nw (uli toils 21.; rule, o('lilt I~ 1 A 7 134Carii L. OE\[ REe ON lJIKl-315hill Irl4 anedlli mLe Al' PlLL 0in 1 YoeI",for ¼L.'aluc onw b LT-e.4 p s111ibLL I 'Le uP ya I'' 1111 4,..II) it 1e1S 1 W. Ali,1 tIsIt, ,c41 Ony UI IIA Il l :e h j 17 1cc 44 11 L11r IL4., Littlie 11111,' on - soIi 14. 00: (414,l 1 ur tnnll'lI,))iII o'I : hTOe C~h h111 III raI~rsl -i m iiu v,8 Indbte "14 Itel he' ptnIr-iI "fi oftnns Incurs ~ ~ ~ Lll lee 41( 14)4 .nc% n h lin, i2 V~r jyI l be42 ('111(1let 11. I p "t C 4I'lŽL'a'.i I OH IA IIJ'l SLIFA &uo e fro lN..1 ', jn-Il boCc lncuubwt 0e4e. ..e,. NI it PUIttI.CA jI'OtS. II. h trevol the .tb I, by Ihl yenin tot toeo V~ Ilvoot, Itl rlivr I Itevhitte (~looSAttrotvlLf vet VvSl (;~i·. ~ ltvlt I Mt)l~~cip hitpl~r l-ttvet o~fi nth by Ill 31·~i) oh ItNl..t: Otld J ~ v A -II vetAle'v ot MIoy.IIoh I)l u-ot nicliebot-itiR tvv:-: ho l rr~i eAA'j~ p~ I.,·· rt 1hthslt~l uI & o ,lfl~itr 0,n' el· ~. it Ftei ..trAr )ypt~t.t21 iv ttuhttrioeS tll Ytt1 JONA C~1C~O~'I~IVI' 1itr rl iij th ee 1i elefi h e.U.e'cecrtee t irel eete t pet tettteitttct. Ilte dreelolet.i i-t li· e or· c lcb~Oo. n~t)lni eie ve elnll ·nm. t Iehveccii ·~with tttlr·voet-t-ittttetvltttttoatletit'tt teee (1.6·Vlitit Itt. I T t eel nvii itto. vel~nlet tiievetevrttltledrorite fe.I't·1t;riittte~V ie . tttvetelltttt.t'vett ittole I th lrtee. ilin t ~elll n r ttetettt eeiI~PIone of hei fleet 0evii r -Itevo-r Il the) eeepeiett--. I~Reo RilthIfnlltto itZ-- Itoheet Wttoetoc. ~Eeq. Ioac Filvcit of Pltloldolyttt SIln beeectifii'cv iee he~ eeK be hlt-il, to, the higlh chars S"' Ite Ittllttttieegoentlemett. Trhe oodetigoetpn 8 thohlethovettife ttvt~ echoic ore-i t he Ilvlct ttf Conlumbia Ilivvoo~et-.l hv J. ()lt~dria sod~ hoof~tedTln Iithihte neeoit'elleetttvoilottee IPetceett vt-noel the Ititlion ff~of Ittie,- totlall v ae oevtvtoeeloet.l tliu.. Metitediet bljittiv Ce i tl~rc.-r ·, e·r JohlN oAUIt;Je. tt it~;\chl r~et titon 2tyioe Jttf acenr, end rltt' theee eoierso ti-..11 (1. f ~evct the iklio.e.] Cottonllo.ttltlt if Pettttrvet,-aic, (Civ o P~rhi~odel~thie. I. Itlttetrr Wltoetoo, Moeteotor Tuit v-lev tt I v Itove ott toel~. dent!l Fit~ , l, l t I1Ee vt-t tttl ntett i~ etttlvvtetttt:(1( Illm(fP -lttte tteeettt t-ettll~.v-t.jhtaod iir v-ItII fille ve-rlitt tot1111I PIttteytt(ttlter ti~ltd eetilitete. vn~'ltletlitl tcttgtaved WtvRPet1. t Iv*i! it te ettet eerdt i lte F tt .livofNivneett, Ac eltolevttlle-~l enld itetvil by tteol elF otoette Ii Acle tt·I, iv 2 Plrcevlt electl, toell )IteitIl~ Iteen, coti Invi ItetoleetelP11 .teeet~ ent ).lht'tttt dtlettifvteetetLl ttttflttvoe eva Whol-ottl,-~ ttttl-',. Nt-to(itt-vetn. l'RhfE(l 'I t I112 Ii citeiioeiic pr cica~c i iiii olvii, in the be. gine p!C 1c, t .e oicccgtia ci·I.Ti, a (cccldcccciin c-f 1h.Itttnv v 'u or I' l' ().1anti Ncic Serieso of Pinci In'- c . i ii Ic RI'II In, tol II aompri- inc four (.ldl·(il('E· ·\ll·· e1CI)rdI: IC t~ the nilodei of Peters' ('n iccrrr ILc pots '1'I~s ne!;is in, lr cciaimciv lby.?. Ilcirtenc , I.-. ,.q *- I 11ii c-a S, cnccird iy Wiliieim F,' --c-i FI-q 'Icc Editcor i alIoej ocleiid cy a ,ýý,ýý~ý,",· I rr~ilad Judge .l, Oa the iupme. ('curt, .' It a. iicccitlicg cbieii t e-xpioct fromt t uý"i c "r .... .I rep. cicicac all tie ad canciage which c-lm,,\' u,.tnr^Ilq rcoca- d in om imit c-a ccii mac acrh It work ic hc'cmingc evry dc more nc. a~-,try, no the c~gmial iv VcclaaclccOnou, expenlc, iandscarcc. Ac, inert-.sing cicriccic tau is njn Trot, icc then otIe SPinto cf ila 1"IcicI in rcfiaccocc c lhc pceclior jricpccccioccch of Lcuaciccc; andtirc cireccocicciccu of Ilio nniicnecilr Iprlileencs ihoe. It, cldici in the ocljccctcicccl of cnfllci of I cc.. m.akdc che kIc cclc cld ciof our adijudgedl cncoes of hiricse uh. Ilcy lthej jrccits of thin whole uc I ijan. Morcovec, Ilfo ricinig copublii of croexts iia adopoci (Isti codrc, :t thus there' is it a gcct dc cicacl Iilc tIc tLouisina de e c Trio a fcc-ciquiartc.. ('ci i-iilent ntal cc, Iccciicaaiccg Ilic paicll.-i 0cc-eu d. c in. tc icciii~tnci Acid icnor ccic~,-,!Ii- Icioco itsth nst ii cliiih cIrIaIc atr ic tDliie IthestctI onili acicicilii l acin hcci lca iiaclcrbo i9 'Trim worlk will limn tone vo. VIII1111·$ royanl oatlve, accd ccill iccvc' c aai h l b houIci it, clreoih ol it $ per vol.; in suerF it rshouoll be feared l rnmiiian le to ccci p0.-ra it into thrce calonioc, thIe cribs to stil. rcn cirs will be Ic per vol. "'ubscripliolua rreclvedc by WMf McKEAN. cor Cacmp cnd Coionoin rte. N1 i.. tl:-cc cill ve iccpa c,oi lconPioutn.sgh: Holes horn the·l\b ci jilt, rle cc ' l i vi CcciI'CBciio71'ilft c ii ic tic lc I cc miii'J. il9 Citioiiiiiicui-i liiorcqia Liloccl-lonilit t(,J iuý uý nsurtt litsl Snnn, e ar l; n Plll g (i onplt a im Irralhi- a l I''uul d lu q tr i.·lll Ijalqul Ellen Hand~ for r;.rlr by co-i9 IS AC : llrlt))E & Cci, Ut hIagoccicires I coTikio filolscc, iic-cciccccl li-iclc Rs lciimc lert, Li hi-ne' icint Mo 'ci , licrici ci ii6ao ill , But.&t. I:IT:ifner.eellt BIUpllr~i, 13(d11, of Coluu1111, hr. &c.C· acidicg ccci for ole icc II IiiiNNABEl:.. 0025 te cilciicycc Canti riipitcci.irs-ica 0 cI Ie I'- ic llicc n cinail i`c't r f-ei, ccerl Illulirr illl 'i e-u:P C JIrli, slitabl f r i s larg :3 Calontlllllet sheet i( iliii - ii ut'iaclc-ip rliiic tic ccr, cocrk ccndi aill Av; nmItw u ciciicc caic , iciccciidceiby i-cc Ix crer..V ;lb. KIA b lcill" i'l.: ,l.,_ :rccii Ccillccc pcir 1 BlrcHellrcfcc Hcirocvunc; forcol Id cLA'I il & 7'lrl., jrel 411 Pcccicon ritwc. S.Y rturu undtnlr .care fit the: *aLr;rit,.·r American cc andv sld ) in ii t,..; Nri' Hackrnl u llc I duo 111a13ea 1t ins, ,we, t sod teI~r. 1II qr. eels slid 1' tllm bbl~l-, ( -lllljrd t..dvle"1o111o(·j I uni.., 1'nu1; Le on ` lop c .1- i bons Poito Gm i ioi l' i 67 -dve-re i G~os'lIc.N fltaII iiiFtubs atcahorior tioohod i urItlcer put oil exirelsly fir ccmily use, forecals loccw, to eleoe icccciccrcoreohy i LAe1tItEc a I.EGE'iDREc jyr7 :18nd _.l fewe T reec IB cimutt bn l. i: cuba.l ordelb, lin clori, i or i Il flI ccci cic c' Olcici iiiccc lyl7 I;(7olulLIerce icli, 11U5-Iii iii hum-," cclie m"- .it iiicuicii~fcO IM--, it. I( Ids ,-,,l Si 'h Ibls, Ihw·ged dlo, put up~ cci~r1(iid r, cit i-~ cicc arccic-li, inc citce, for roieibe Ij Ii IT onull h"llce=rect Irom' Ic-eu cicccicc 'locryqiiic, ior ccale by cLATER ca fIl'tH , )y17 40 Poydraiic retcr. i) LINK IitOO{P-J iircc icc-c byc rcncnc aririvals II foimi Nw ccc )ci c, aci ncciii ilcicni iccicly of Bleak Books., levrioyari.-icccc ricing anucd Bilnding, Idcom in -taut of Bl Riank li 1wk Pa per, are rcqucceed to coicl and exnaminiicccciccxicicic cccick, chcleosale riccil cy IAVIIi cU l ll ' & co. New Nrccrk Pin liiiccc'c Hall, jrA17 .4 Chartres elce 0I i. ic-1i40 lri-d dc. ici, liluwicic, ccii for sale bc J 'fHA IF~it S Ct), jcli - 7 lnldoracc ret. 11 icc I 1-Sa=ie, - vcic mciunccipwcclw - % I. (a-d Ii0LIs, fcc aud- Icy IiAYEI&AC ), j674 Iccc draw ulnet. t :)lab dclLac 11 iI11k. cjcil-i-for eal" by` iJ T'lIAYER & 1'p, 74 Pocclre street t x At I N--_ý? cc-is.c iciccg ic-m -crocer Empicc t c ccr Sale byc (I I)iItEO, ic _4_4 New L . AI.(.lb,; c, Iii Pi-lihic pcabeoy Ka kdki bigging,9dll coiils roc. clic rile, tc t fl.4 bic clie by LAN ET a, I.MI LCIt'4: - 17 CnaW.0icber.f. 17l fat lle by I.AYET it A *'ELUNiI3 0 17 Cidonaercccacee, S1I lucniig ficc rcn ncaiAllcocccIo cale by dtTI.TcON &t AVV.I(i-! p icE icc-. ichlcicit 7,iccc. . ti one atbnnicinit ucocsalce byc Woc'.LNCEA LlECdplt~ uuIitt ace? i" Do

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