Newspaper of True American, August 18, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated August 18, 1838 Page 3
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Pero the Znterior. PLEASURE EXCURSIOON TO BAY ST. .OUIS AND PASS CHRISTIAN. Aler $J2,50!! The fast running steamboat MA. ZEPPA, Coptail Grifin, leaves the lake end of the rail rued, at tile arri. 0 okars,on aturdav eve: the 18th inst. 'ed anry enduing Saturday. eItiuming, will reach 'to rail road by 6 o'clock on Monday morning. Apply to GEO. WHITMAN, New Orleans p Mobile Mail Oflie. '.ugl8 Under the Exchange Hotel. St Charles et. FOtKl PNSAAWL.A. Tho superior atnl low tressure steamer CARILOLINE, will leave the lake end ,fthe rail road after tile ar ai tal nao iok ears, otn Suodla evening, for Pean eeela, touching atMobile and all intertuedliare iage returning, will leave Pensacola on Wednesday ragin. the .ntd instr, touching at Mobile, &c. Apply to GEO. WIIIlTMAN, augl18 Exchange hotel, St. Chat le. st. FOR LOUISVILLE. The superior, light drtught and ttt running staanmtboat CHILI.I co'rHE. Captain Carliote, will ae. o at- .biahno ind intermediate landings, on T.eday the 25th lnst. For freight or passaee, having .legant state moom accommodateons, apply on board, btt of Poydra street, or to STETSON & AVERY, antg8 88 Gravier street. FOR BAY s'. L.t0UIS, PAti C' Icl I'lAN, Il. IX)OXI & PASCAtiOUIA, Twice a week. SThe fine low pressure steamer GIRAFFE, Cait. Swiler, will leave for the above pluces on the emornings of WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS, S-mediately alter the arrival of the 7 o'clock eare, and tu on 0 Thursdays and Mondays to thei Rail Road public madepend upon gret unctalitv. Aug 14 Ifor paage apply to (Cnutnin Swiler. FOR PENSAC. OLhA VIA MtISttlK. Tite low pressure steam beat CAROLINE, will leave the lake end of the Rail Road on Thursday S g, ire arrival of the 4 o'elock cars, fir Pen aAiela, tolching at Mobile and all the intermediate lna.digs. Apply to GEO. WHIrTMAN, leg9 Excthange Hotel, St. Charles est For Mobile, and all Intermediate Landings. S Tite low preseare steam boat C ROINE, will leave New Orleans fur Mobile. every ThAurtday, and S at clok, M. touching at all the waering places at which passengers may wish to land. For erthr perticelrsn, apply to GEO. WHITMAN, jyS4 Exchange litel, St. Charles at. Fb Mobile and el: Internediate Landitnag. SdL Thefast running and splendid atesm kanFot~ WIt. WA.LLACE, entliely in tate rooms, will weave New Orvllan for aa.a66 all intermediate watering planee, Servery Tudy nd, after the arrival of th 1 o'clock ares GEO. WHITMAN, jy24 Exchange Hotel, St. Charles at. EATURDAY EVENING AND SUNDAY TO MANIDEVI. K nSc AItI4ONVII.l.E. The eteamerbOUTLM AI.A iAMA, SCpt. L.T. Knight,will leave tl lake end oftherail.road fortle above ph ens, leery atut ay eventing, on tite arrival of the 4o' luekt ars, and return the same night,-and leave Son day orning on the arrival oftlhe 8 o'clock cars; return tag leave Madiasonille at 4 o'clock, P. IM. au2 3taw lm FUIR MADI ONVII.I.l, LOUIlULiLG, AIAND.0 VII.l.E & COVINGTIJN. VI x. The fat runtning and splendid stea,. Sboat SOUTH ALAIBAMIA, L. T. Knaight master, will run a a rtega Iar mail toot f oy the above ports on Mondays, Wednene data and Fridays, after the arrival of the 8 o'clock cars, A 'i. Returning, leaves Coingto ITuesdays, Thurso 4day and Saturday, at 8 o'clock, A M. N It. All baggage and parcels at the risk of the own r,, unles a bill of lading isa igned. New Orleana and Mobile Mail Otice, a2 Enchante Buildilog, St Charles ot. FARE REDUCED! TIe steamttoat MAZEPPA will leave the .ake end of the Rail Road on londays, Wrenevdany anti Fri. days.o tarrval of the 2 o'c lock cars, touehing at ian St. Louis, Pass Christian, Biloxi, &e; returninu, will leave paecagonlo at day light, and arrive at Ir leaeu at 3 Io,'clock, P. 1., touching at all the wateritg place. in day light. Fan from New Orleana to Ilar St. l.otuis $ 50 a a flans Clhristian i 511 SIlBiloxi 4 00 Gpi"tr . Wtlr'r1M'RN, ae Exchantge. Iltel, S t.Charloe street. For Texas. or VrL, uea. liUrorin ,ool .'locrian. 't 'he vry supe.rior new light draft s:hnnoier %LITER1' SIY'I'IN, Captain, -- , Ihaving a large portion cf her carg"' engaged, will hive --oick deeltntch foir the atbove pvrt+; fIr bIulnce of .fireight or passage, apply to Wlt 1t AN,, j 2 1 . . . . 5 6 C o m m o n a t . ARINSA. R.1V. The well known St Ihooner LOIUISIANA, SC.itain iAuld, having large porton of tier , . argo engaged, will inet .ith dtesopatl For ,aonice of freight or passage, apply ot hoard, oppositt J.tfhtuo stieet, or to -V IWRYAN, jy5 56 CIomII streeIt. FOR. V.-L.ACO, ltRAZOI(IA, R& ,IAtItlN. . The regtular packet ncltr SOUTIIERNER, . Captain (iavlrd., taster, wants 5' bartela to . complete hr cargo. For baulnce of freight r pasng,, apply on board opposite Jaffersan street, to W BRYAN, JvT 56 Common street. FOR PASCAUIOULA. Illl.tXI, And all Interned.iate L.andigsa on the Coast. I : 0 The steamer GIRAFFE tCaptain Swailer. will leave on Tlhursday morn ing. afterth arrival of tte 6 o'cloek eare. jylt bUlt VELASCO, IRAZtRIA & COL.UMIBIA. SThe well knownv, light draught schr I)DE , K ALI, Capt McLearn, Ihaving the gteatev pert of her eargvengaged, will me:t with de. spuac . For balance of height or passager, having ou Wetar aeoamrdntiono, apply to the captain on board, appreite to St Pater street, or to WMI BRYAN, jell 56 Common street. pe ý e.r gale. Freight or Charter. FOR FREIGHT OR CHARTER. To load at Baton Houge, the intermediate landings, or at this port, the Rue copper fenated and coplpered saehr SHYI.tCiLK, apta opkins, will load as anoref immediate appli. galton be made to LEVI I GALE, jyl4 93Cnommon street. WANTED 'O CHART'ER, A Vessel for 6 months, to run between Mobile and Texae,not to exceed when loaded Sut. 8 feet, fur terms apply to Sfeet, M BRYAr N, 56 Common street. WANTE D ''TO CIIARTER, J A Vessel to proceed to Mobile, and there load for liavona. For term apply t WM BRYAN, , 17156 Common street. WANTED. A Brig or tchooner capable of carrying from 60to 100,000 teet lumber, to load at East Point, Mobile Bay and proceed to I Ivana. ply to LEVI H. GALE, jul31 93 Common street; WANITED. A vessel of the capacity f 100 to 150 hhds. wil rreceive despath fore Charleston, it' inme diate application hb made to LEVI II GALE. jyl4 93 Cyommon street. AL':--nUtsancks I.iverooll fine salt otboard barque Citi0ene, nad for male; by IEVI II. GAL.E, jell 93 Coonrol street. pO RK--lese, Prima and Rump, for sale by St2'8 i I)ORSEY, 4 New' .evee. SUIM--1 n bbls New Orleana f um, for sale by ap. 18 JTHAYER s CO -I REKWN HAVANA C ) F E:-n 50bJ a, in -tore, and tor sale by SLATER & TRIER, jyl7 40 Poydree trret. -- AANN CO 'EE--95 buAgs of superior qu tvC , Igl landing front brig Towen Enrique, for sale by SLATER U TRIER, jy26 40 Poydre streerat. Cgeb--00 c.ak Lime atreo byor & p WIIITbE.i , jy 26 8, Conti street. '1Sil HOOKS, Line, Iobberra andtl Rerljust rae r eied and for sale by B CASEY, v26 19 Camp stet:t U)4INDS Permanent t|ok, foer omarii" limano, slik Sor cotton, .ith a comntnt pan without pe.para tipo, for sale by B CAi;EY, jy76 19 Camp tairrt. +WI.ACKWriting Ink-lJust received per asit 17 Huntsville Iram New Yurk, 9U deana quart Black Writing Fluid, 24 do tint do do 14 do half pint do do tIor ale wholesale or retail hv DAVID FELT 4 CO, Now York Stationers fl1il, 24 Chartreg street. NOTICE. TRv AVELLERS.g4ang to Mobile by the Mall Lp-m :. on Mondays. eTesadeys and Fridays, will regis ear their name, at this ofce, a no nseats can be ecured aIn at at Pasecauola on the abmoe named days, halir" ame, be placed on the way hill. " Wise navse hery baggage cna have it laken dt1htýto Mphile by ay o hts during the wek, exeep ,'lt. vam e amsed days. G(iO WHITMIAN, p"O.rK-.l.rIs and Meee PaorkehLl branded, p -- .sd M O. boaf 10 parcea Kentucky BKJvRceeis Rope; far jel l0 ;arvicr at. up stair:;. bHIPPING. Port urope. FOR LIVERPOOL. The A I fast sailing ship CAROLINE AUGUSTA, Capt. Basset, having full cargo engaged, will sani with deepotch,lor pnssage only,bavilg good acctnoodations, apply to the Cup'., on board, or to B d& J Pj WII I'NNEY, u.l8 Conti. stareet. SOR LIVERPOOL. The A t and fast sailing ship Ifl)BERT, Capt. Seldon, will receive immediate den. patch for the above port. For freight of gO5 bals .i cotton or, having handsome accomn. mnodationa, napply to LEVI H GALE, nugl4 9o Common street. FOR I.IVERPOOL.. . ·TheA I and fthat sailing barque LAU RENS, Capt. 9Merrill, will receive deesptclh. na For passage only having handosome accoun amodauiios, apply to LEVI II. GALE, n_ g9 9:1 Common street. FOR LIVERPOOL. The A 1 and fast sailing ship GLOBE, Capt. Oliver, will receive immediate des patch. For passage only having handsome accom:nodations. Apply to LEVI H GALE, __ a 'i_ g 9 .1 C b m n ic m s tr e e t . icor rmight af301 Bales or passage having saperisr aecotodationms, apply to 8& J P WHIIITNEY, jnly31 8 Conti street. FOR LIVERPOOl.. v The A I and fast sailing ship STEIG LITZ, Capt. Oibson, will receive deapa:rh. +v having the greater part of hter cargo enaced; ilr treiglht of 150 hhds. tobacco, or passage, hnn lg handsomn accommodations, apply to LEVI II GALE, july31 93 Common rietr. FOR I.IVEIRPOUL. The hc I and superior ship HURON, Capt. Bnoardmao, will receive departch. For freight of 60 Lales on deck, or pn-toge, having hadl some accommadationa for 4 eabin pn*sengcro, opply to LEVI ii GAL:, )y244I 93 Common street FOIR BORDEAUX. Thee fine fast oeilino bhrqu,. NOBLE, Capt. Manson, will receive despatch. For passage only apply to .LEVI ii .iAt.E, aug9 93 Common street. FOR GIB RALTAR. The fine and superior brig HOMER, Capt. Knabb, will reeeive immediate den. patch. For passage only,having handsomc aceonmmodatilons, apply to LEVI It GALE, ang9 93 Common street. FOR MARSEILLES S The well kown anti last ciling packet brig COLUMBUS, Parce, master. wil e. cairne imlmediate despatch for the habove port. havirog the greater part of her cargo engaged. For freight f2o bales cotton, or passage, having handsome accommodations, apply to A D GORE or LEVI H GALE, aug7 93 Comimon site Z.I~i i+ I l+lI ll o-- astwase. FOR NEW YORK.-Parkes Line. On Saturday, the 18th inst.. ,. The A I coppered and copper fuastned ship SARACEN, captain Devereux. laving principal partfher cargo engaced, will have quink depatch For frlght tof 300 hales or passage, having packet accomslodations, apply on board oppo aial.le vegetahble market, or to S & P WHITNEY, augt4 8 Conti street. FOR BOSTON. TlThe fine schr VINCENT, Capt. Salnd born, haring part ofhercargo engaged will have despatch--for freiglht of 100 hales, or passage; apply to S & J P WHIIITNEY, aug4 8 Conti street. FOR ltOSTON. To sail on Saturday, the 18th. ii The lass nailing bhig CeltA, Ge. J. ulrtli, will sail asualoe; for dhck freight -Lt or rn passage habvilg good actontoocdatiolle u ll-. ply to the Caplain, on hoard, below the Rail IRnal, or to CII.\SE & IDIXEY, augl6 6 (lltom IHouse street. S The fianerig BHOIODINICooperlns trr is tnw ready to receive freight, anld Ihavin e 'hn.sidorahle Irrgo engaged will niel with despcl tch. For reight or vssnage anylly i,, or to SI'ElSON & A I\I' 1: , cnil 8 II 1N lraver street. The coppler fuatennel nd tvcppred big NEP''UNE, Capt. It. Leavitt, lilvilg n Ilof lher carngo engaged, will have daeadcth, for Iallnce of freiht or pnrauw l hvhilg goldl acconl mvndatiois, apply to tile Captain oll ,ard, foot of lIe lord stlree, or to CHASl & DIXE',, lg. l : if l. el sný Holue. FORK H.A I.tLETO:v, If a sllliiell freigllt ofbrTs a A 1 s lupe ri'r and fast sailing Ilri, haing parlI ef n ar go ettglgedl fr atbove iilled pIirl: will meet with inmnedil: despatchl Fl r htliulce cf fi.igll app y to LI:VI II G L E. angl4 9:1 ('olnusnrc staret. TUST received at the oulisinna, Furniture Vare S Rolanl, 5 liienville street, 2011 Mlaple ald l berry iedsteadl,; a first rare arlinle. Also, a good a-sOlr meat of Maple, WVlnut, aud Paillted Clhu r,hlligh will bh sold for the lowest cash prices. W R CARtNE iv7 5"1 EIiaville street. X HOLESALE AND RETI'AIL ':X)11n 4\Il VARIE'TY STORE, No. i5 Cnli sttree ,, der Bishop's Hotel-The subscrihaersa:s ait* ..te '.,g at their new stand, an extensive assortment lla rts 1 Iu: their line, comprising every variety of Combns, slranes Prrcfumery, Loklig Glasses, Playing Cards sal large nnmber of Fanny articles. 'The followins . prrt a description: COMB-I-Tortoiseand Blrazilian high lop tll k, lIl and carved; do. do. twist, long, neck, pIff; side, otUn and dressing, ivory and hobre file t:ltlh, rn-. paocket eonthbi hnl, redding alit n.,et l nn : , ,l ,: . ldressilg, fine tooth aial pocket o,... PERUMEIIY--A general e,., .. ,a ,. and Ameriean Perftumery, consistii • .. uli-: in bottles, of all shapes slnd sizes la...ter, I'1, rose, orange, lemon, jessamine, belgatnlo, .tille'l etc. lancy wsOIp of every toscrjlliO; t, nllt lessr, :il,,,il, and veaetable hair oil and eurltg fllidl: ehlorn.. wash, carbonic and chlorine d'entrlice; seentertl ;. .cil toilet puowder; msInatulIaI; tpt stot salts, etc. BRJSHES-Comsprising a great varlet) s i ;,.3 hair, hat, flesh, tooth, nail, cnlha, shahnv Iglult, inoa. , ne andil plain dutsting, swelting, ecrnanl fuhr, ,i scrubbing and white wash, horse, shoe and I:eIo,,, eouring, paint ant varnish brushes. anl sash and grlea ng tools of all sizes. LOOKING GLASSES-Conlprising gilt fIlnrei ,I various sizes, 5,., S and I draw toilets; Gerran statias toilet anld pooket glass, magnifying m.tores, etc. PLAYING CAIIDS--Ealo, Hairy 8th, HillmIa, Highlasder, Spiel Crten, Frensh anti whlit back Play olg Cards. FANCY AND VARIETY AlRTICLES-A supe rior assortment of portable desks, ladlies' and gentle men's dressing eases and ladies' work boxes; lanm) box es of varions descriptions, suitahlsl for the sew year and Christmas' glfts pocket hooks h all sorts; supen ds, music-boxes, lead pelrils, crayons, violins, bead hagsand paues, an iassrtmenlt of fancy, superior quality hilliard balls, paste hlaekin,; bone, shirt, vest, lill and suspender buttons; pearl I lltons and shirt studs, razor strops; gas machines for creating light: Slanish and melee negnrcl maocouba, Paris, rappet and Scotch aifs1i al assortment of plail and st ,d cutllea ; back 's bosrds dice, ancty screens, optics, Jews harps, harnontias, Inciter matches, pins, neetles, lpreansson caps, drinking nups, hantisg flasks andl game hags; steel, sliver and plated speltacles; Ilimblea, twne, etc.;i a lmandsome assortment of engravings, and a large varie ty of otlher aticlee, all of which will be aild tor low prices, for cash or city acceptances. may 4 REES k I),LANGE. 1 )() BARRELS fI E lilalndi, litroul brig Uncle jyl9 S & J P WHITNEY QUININE, EPOeOM SAI:'I', AND cALOMfKi . Q 150 ounes French Qutiniae, 10 hbills Epeso Salts : casnks Pearl Ashes, 4 cases Calomel, lpeca,l.. Jalot, Rhubharb, &c. &ie., landiLg fromt brig William, fraen Bostona, andfor sale byARVI JARVIS & ANNDREWS, Wholesale Druggists, jy7 reor Comnsn Sn TchNouptoulas streets LOUR-1-IS bbls, landing frm steamboat E.,l Spress, fIr sale by i DOn liSEY, jell 41 New L.evee. lO LSCodials tf dilrereatl kinds, ur sale by lJARVIS & ANDUREWS, iels cos Cormlte and Tnhooloirsulaea ts IIISttl" - Il ht r I etifie WhiaLsker, r sale Vhy I Ol.3IES & MILLS, jnt' w Bsank lley.ti SWIM.ILING SCIIOOL AND FLOATING BATHS IN THE RIVER, Oppostle ,nanderilce nirert, Third .lunieipah'ly, tean squores below the RIail Road. EXERCISE, CLEANLINESS. PLEASURE AND IIEAITH. IIE nrraneonrnts for thlls esetatlishslent are now T completed. Thae Propetomrs have pro ide.. every thing which may end to theseomflrt ol bathers. Tlit dressing rooms am now provided with doors under lock and kcyl ladders and rlpe aere prepared Ior ascending from th bath; a eousant supply of clean dry sowte is kept for the bathers. The .wnitg whilch thrrows an aerelhble shade ovar thes bathll, lring the heat of the day, is now more eleatsed aul allovn a free circulation ot air. IIP'rheOnmibnte plying between Canal street and the lower contton press, pass every hulthour within fipy eas of the bathse. By subcriptions. 5 tickets for $5 05 Price of a bah with a towel. 25 V'The Baths sre osen from 4 uiclo k . 1. Il. until EI0p. Ml. Thesa baths airred a Iradlluled leptllt of at er c of: tst t7fet, ormled by aI eslclnsed hasim ;l It it ,emg hy :ui brad, protected hy a e.ilitg fronm he srrens elsrr nt of she river, snd yet tllieirlnt\ apen to ulloa a free pau lae to tile navatn, augl--ll BUSINESS CARDS. FASHIONABLE CLOTHINGi TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Chartre Istreet SLAVE au ontlltaltply uof every article pertatii, to getletonn's dress, uof tile latest style, at erew York prirce dIer 20 TEETH.. SILICEOUR METAILIC TEETH. SPECIMENS of the.e beauthlul teeth, and the man t. ter of setting theLm, inv lie aruen at the, ullie of J.B.Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No 46 Canl street. TIhese teeth never change ceololr, ond are by many, and in manau cases, preferable to the natnral teeth. rE Dr. It. will wait upoin ladies at their reciden e, requested. sp it S. A. PEltROle lit,L MEaRHANT TAILOR, i7 CommLon street, EGIS to inform the. pollic that having purchased . oLLfrom essrs Ih til l, tIREtliS A CO. ,art oIt theirstock, will tcomtinue the business at their old stoand, opl,oeite Itislh ,p' Ilte:, where he hnps to merit a shre ofthtelr )tlltrlt;,a'. uit Ito LInade orrangetAent1 at thel Nourth, tlo I' ::I el iflon hily with tIle latest and most fasbionb e" 'c mr 14 Cl1 ` & CLARK. HOUSE &LTD SHIP PLUMBERS, No. l u . ot,,n rheet New Orleans, Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps :)fall dlecriutio I . WARM, COLD, ANtD SHOW ER BAI TIIS Fixed on the o'ot n.proved prlineiples. M1i I.'l1 I.E '.]), I'Pl: ,'. &c :P'Ordere executed in any part of tlhe Southeln Statet. lr, IRobert if. Iinde., tFF IC PE ExrLttA.GO HOTEL. Lim I..\1Y & CIt.l K, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, NI,. tIU Pitdrtls street, I E, P on hnsid a e.mtaut a tpplv of Lead Pire, infrom u in. diameter down to 3-d hit. diameter, fri sale. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTA ILISIMI EN'T, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. WILLIAiM GREENE, PROPRIETOR art ' IL PARKER Commn aiuon and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New o :leane, Feb. d. JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOLESA.LE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN MEDICINES PAINTS, OILS, DYE STUFFS .NJVD WINDOWI GLASS, Corner ol Common and Tchoupitoulas streets, NEW ORLEANS, NATHAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANDREWS. A large upply of Garden Seeds, warranted the growth of 1837. AT MOBILE Ala. S. 1. & II. . JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. 61 antd 63 WATER STREET. IHE Indersigned, h aving established themselhot in Mobile for the purpose of truaLsactog the Auction otlon Commission business in its voriou branches, beg leave to tororm their frienos and thle public, that they are low Irepared to receive conastgn.ents, and makh liberal advances on the same, either for private or public sale. StILOMAN I. JONES, ISRAEL I. JONES. Refer to Walker, Knight & Co. New Orleans. Molile, Feb 9, 1838. feb 13 A CARD. SAMUEL. SLATER. ABRAHAM TRIER. SLATER & TRIER Forwarding & comm ssiou Merehants, No. 40I Poydros Street, N EW ORLEA NS. They will devote their partiel:lr attention to itt sale of WVestorn Proudlce. Referem'eas. S ti Itlanehard, ihuIt 11 Shill; New Orleans. Mers. l h, Onrou & Co. J 1) & 1M \VilliatmIs, I. riges,\Vild & Co. Boston, T'hole Voee Eom. ) RLh. rt r Irtothres & Co. leverelt & t'l'hulla, . New York. Vto I'hol &, .,Ito ill. ) Stanford e& Itavis. St Louie Gla.gowo, Shaw Tatumttl. S ltider & io. ) llnwlev, Poge & D)nilnp. Alt n. A It S.kidmore Esq. ) (i It ltlrsh'dl -. too.--.toisvillh. EI. STONE. a. T .Y. E &tt..T. STON: IPorwnrdleg and Comumission s ric;-.l, F'URlNIIIERS ,OF SilIP AN!) it );T S'tulCtEO, No. Ill l TCIIoUI',r LAS tTREOtT. N "w"11 ietllit% IReereonoR~ :C RAa & C.Ol . Boston AC o. New York. ' l.LAND. I Cinrinnsti, O. rUNE, DLrrtti o roc & C(o. Columnous ). . .n, .0 Co.. Itouisvdle, . y ,,+ t, ' r+:,+''s .':ch rlar . StlG o . . mR , O ui. dt U. .a , ONttLE . OF NE ORLI;A This Company are now preplrdd to take RISES AGAINST FIRE. a.,. 4 u.s.lson'I ldulnd.., I. E L I ILCY, New Oleans, May l. 1833. Necr taro WILLIAM IRWIN Commission and Forwarding Merchant, CINCINNATI, OHIO. Refer to Layet & A nmelng, New Orleans. Jos. Landis & C ro. m2ll. ROIERIt' CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Camp street, Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, mi30 Window and Picture Glees, kea. &c. V. W. COLLINS .ATTORJVEY & COU.NSELLOR AT L W.jI N OW practising in the State and City Courts: Cli. Seats will lind li at the Clerk's ollice, U S Circuit Court, in the Custom Ilouse building. joB A CARD. T HE nndersigned have opened a house in this eity, Ior tlhJ Ipurpose of truanacting a OENEItAI. C()\IMISSION BUSINESS. OFFICE, No. 1 0 (RAVIER STREET, Ur STAIRS. I1 P LEVY. Tihe houae at Grand (;ulf, Mles., will be continued in the above num0e. References. Godfreyo, La e S lumll Ne Orleans. Las: Peter/. & Iilluidt , 11 I t;llt & Co, Louiaville, Ky. John Al Giltmore, Vicksburg, .Miss. IapirrCrpenter & Co ' o Grand Gulf, Miss. Silbs Lillurd, Natchez, Miss. New Orleans, July I2, 1888: jyil A CARD. N Ai'IIANiEL I'OWNSEND haling ltocted him. self ill Now Orleans for tho plrpose of transaeting a General Agency anud otanmioslon huinese, would rre speetfltly solicit frulo tihe public a share of their pa trongape. Iltring a house in Tea, hlie will attendto tim trans. acting o anlly husiness that many Ibe desired in that country, and will guarantee pnrompt and unrnitted at. tenllili to allblll euness entrusted to his charge. and a taithfnl appliaiotion (i accordance with isstructions) of all lnls thllat iay omne into his hantds. Oftioe i Neu "Exchanage. on Gmnoier striee, npposite to tier Mt Clanp'sn Cnrhurci and adjoining Gitnsolns leading rouosigl ao' he 'reliun Cunsulatl. Now Urleauns, Novelber .bi, 1837. fReferenwes. Musrna Hill er, Bnsh & Co. New Yohk Burr Wauntn,:u. 5 Alvaror Fish, Natchez, Missa tMtM ltrulth l S Louw-, 1It. John T t;r y. Loinville, Kv. ,lih .\. A oe, ItI lnkms.ille, Ky. 9nay in -FIE1MENtS INSURANoE ooMGANTr (IF NEW ORLE N.' S Ofince No. 24 Masmnt Uulliag, Jeo CANAL STREET. GIBSON'S GUIDE AND I"- ,: t.= ultr OR the State tnl Louiiann,;: t ,a r " .e., Or Ilonanaenid Lafayette; fr s-n .. rv W11 :,TeKEAN, m cor Camp and ommea sls. A:'ri,or Bank Boxes,- just reeiedby B BROWER & CO, 2G, 17T Cemp errant. TRUE AIM1ERICIA4 OF RICE. In connection with this OUlice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, For. THE PRINTING (IF Pamphlets Blank Cheeks Catalogas Bills of Laitafn Labels, Dray Receipts, legal Neoticos, Auction Biis, Dill Forms, Show Bills Steam Beat Bills Circulrs, And every deecrilplem efJob Work shLs may e required. it The proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the nlublic to the above Card, and assulres them tha! ±(, " ork intrusted to his care shell be done at the shor' .t notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at tile I tl est rates. GUIDE & DIRECTORY OF TIIE CITY OF ~; e :,. e Feaes and Lafay tte " "t'hbed on ltt 'ev ,2l1at lavy, and is now :.c: nale at the etoulting roam oi tile publishe-, : ne tilel, St (:harle street,-and at the Rook .e , '.flecsrs. E. Johns & Co.cornmer StCharle and toolt treets. 023 P'lritest own Hook. * 2 l'lkT'ES' OWN BOOK, or anuthenic nar ' r,'s of the lives, explaita, and exeuatima at " u . a cal-iirlted Sat Itabberc, vith historical e etch,. of the Chansamee, $pauish, Ladrone, West illlii Malay, anl Algeria 'irates, in I vol., just i. iced, salN for ale by WM. M'KEAN. 6ei eer Ca"mp & Common etinete. JOHN H--O-E-Y, cSaddle. Ilarnee mand 'task Masfacuarer, and fur Stielek of Meilitnryi Eqaipntaten eJ'eere description. No 189 I'c ovrToeULAS STREET. SIImAVINi in employ several Military Wornmatn, h lie is ready to eaecnte wnrk in the alboe lile at ,c :lsholrtest notice, and on the most reraonable terms ,I.:rchenlts' and Pedlars' PaekiagTrunks of every le. ocriptiCH, constantly on hand. a SUORN MILIS--Il corn mille, of flater'a patent, cctcobined. One man can grind in or 30 blshels iof meal per diets wi t thee mSils, and they aen be at. tached to a cottol gin, and are particularly cealculated for planter'a use. Aap lyto ;yIAMPLIN & COOPEh, m5 82 Julia street. to MERCIHANTS. M ERCHAN'T can have a beautiful circular struck off at two hours notice,by calling at th Orleansa Lithoraphls (hllie,,i53 lngazinae streeat, opposite Bank - ACER L-35 half bbls iNt 2 Mackerel, For a1 r by READ & BARSTUW, m.'1 67 Graveer street. B ACON--I0 esks prine bacon sde, received per steamer Daniel Webster, tor.ale by LAWRENCE & LEGENDRE, je1 8 29 New Levee. BHE e.bscriberh thUis daly aesaciated them S elves in bstnmee, under the firm of Hanna Roberjsa, and solicit a continuance of the patronage e.perieneed by R M Hannay while conducting business in his awn name, as General Agent end Caumnmiaion Mlechant. ROBERT M HANNAY, jyl2 ROBERT A ROBER'TSON, L EA.F IARD--1000 kga i astore, for sale by tB DORSEY, jyli 44 New Levee. KEN1'UCKY BAGGING-100 pt fir sale by HOLMES & MILLS, jyli Bank Alley. Ctt l'dH BAGGINGi -8 tin hleav eulctchBegging S43 incites wide, for sale by HOLMES & MILLS, jylt Bank Alley dgXCIi NGE ON NEW YORK for alo by" 14 LAWRENCE & LEGENDILE, jy 12 28 &629 New Levee. iEAS, NUTMEGS, &c.--250 six and thlirteen pound cuddilr of gunpowder and imperial teas, 25 cases of canilster imperial and gunpowder, 20 hall chests of poechone ten; one cask e f" li'h h nutmegs, and a general aesortlent of roceries, for sale lowbv LAWRENCE & LEGENDRE, jylq 28 &'_9 New eve S'ATEE OF L.OUIltANA. DARIrII COUR, for the Parish of New Orloeans. Preoent the Honorable t hoales .lourion, Judge, Angost 111l, 1838. No. 11082, Wm. N. Martin and Iri blrd S. not, von Their Creditors and the (reditors of Martic nod ¥o-t. T'he ccetion of property br the pIthion i Ihreby aceep ed l t. o t:urn for tie bdncefit of their erediors, and it is ordererd that a mneoti, of idi creditoros be held it tine ~ffice ofJi. Il. Marks, l.q., Not. P'uh, on Wednesday. the ICth of Sepotelber the d e d h to dcliherat i the affairs of the petitlnetr, and in the meaotihn all the poiceee ling jainl6 their persoans anl property anre toned. It in frlher ordered that ieorgbe KI. ieers, Esq. he ahe = pointy:d to represent the absent credilors. Ixtract fnroll tn mllanute.--Clerk'o Ofolnee. ARI'd. PIT I'' ,crl't--8i38. cl0r eIT.A I io .A lO h 1inE; ' nl--' our de Pnroire .;t, la prriee ret is llee lIn Noumelle Orlsano. b r6sen: 'lion Chprles intriuun; Juer t Mnartil, rl Richýrcl Se oat ol,, lre lourscehron w linerec lec riloncideo de lartin a Yosol-'o S1108d-l II out Il83Sl--L atessino ties prloeibc6 fniti e pirn les 1iCiticoan ,icn ovant rc Wb eeeldr pr In, nour IPr eisnvfice de leur.,c tr6 eraier ; i et oraonnn par la cnr wiue C rledits crbsncirs a'assnmliler:in t en mlcre dc J l3 MarksLI , a sq, nea pub, mnarerdi, 12 sep. Glenre ,rcmllin, pour prendre an ennsidlrotion [sur. o:,,r do s W;rticnnaites et on ottenldant. toutres tur ...r .h ro pereeaotl t ue. Propri'loc snt et de. S . ,cl. Ic .t I st di. ilis 1 rretl qua. Gee. 'q sei nomni o lepur reprsrenoter le a 'i dre e In lirh. 'c, .. u "irefier, Nouvelle t)rlpnn. lnt 10an1838 ARMAND PIllt) , (;lther. --- ---- 1t ------ NE l-,cn )Ke. m mrerlas Dr. ,,otet. or hima nn the ril and ,.ii relations if tie United Staoes. In. I. P,'.'E • Sn "!lert; or, Adventures in a Country tlcuu, ,O- : ale, It. Load Blessloinet, F . beoul;ver, ltry Cornwaill, Mrs Gore Captaion Medoin, cod thers, in r volr. OI'lo River and lth Desert,b, Miss Pardos, author of the City of the Sultan. The of Genie, the Gilt of on Uncle add Aunt with fine wood engravings by Anderson. Jaot receiveod d fr ale iv Wdt McKEAN, jnl6 cor ('anip and Common tns. ROSIdN Dl: Bot-70 b7Ip rosIin lr.oe, laoding and four sale by Je 'HA' ERl & Co, jy 14 74 Poydras street: CsAVE e.a SCt AFFER'S Coipotun Fcild .z. tract. I Sarnaparilla, for the cure of ofstinate eruptions of the kitiN; pimples or pustules of the f'ae:e; bile. whi h arine from an impure state ofthe blood; scaly eru.tioan; p tins in the bones; chronic rheumatism; tact, r; rcrofula, or king' otili whil. swelling; nyphilitic diaease, andt all disordera arising erom an ntpure atte of the blood, by o long reoidanc. P in a hot climata, or the lnjudiciiou use f mercury. Also,-Cave & Schafll r'. Worth Syrup, or In. rant Preservative: the beat prleparation nmw extant. Among whick are the l'llowcg:--Ildian Dye, for acoloring ti hair; Bear's Oil; Ressian Bear'a Grease; Pomatuml iclhaw'n Frocklo Wansh: au. perior Pearl Powder; Lily Whitei Cream of Roses; Vegetable Rouge; Otto of Rose; Lip Salve; Kre. amite Tooth Washl; Carbonic Denttrtllce; Orange Flowur Waler; Powder Puffs atid Boxen; Amerc. cnu Charcoal, neatly put up in four ounce vials; Pesaton Salt.; Cologner; Kreoacte l'oiloth.ache Dropsl Hair Brunhte; Eiglilh Ilressing Comcbc. Indtan Hlair Oil;-with a variety of atoler Perfu mneries, &. For aule by LW GLENN'S PERFUMERIES. J C TRINCHARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streeta PARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c, TOURNAI. of an Exploring 'Tour beyond the Rocky Mountalns, under the direction of the A B C F M, performed ine the yearn 1835, '36 aid 73; containing a denctiption of the geography, go. ulogy, climate and productions, and tle numlci er, mannersa and .itatonu of the natives; witllh a Ilap of Oregon Territory, by Rev, Satn.el Parker, A M. 'I he River and the Doaer; or Recalleationa of the Rhona ead the Chartreusel by Miss Pardoe, author ofthe City of the Ba tan, &c. in o vol.. TIhe Robber, a Tale, by the authlor eul Rtichalieu, The Gypsuy, Attila; in 2 vols. The Two Flirts; or Advencure in a Country lodei, and other T'oilcs, by Lady Bleosington. E L BuIlwor, MrsNorton, Barry Cornwall, Mre Gore, Captain Medwin, and others; in B vol.. The Life and Adventuroe ofNicholsa Ni, leby, edited by Boa, with Illuteatatina by Pnin, No. I. Junt re eivc anud for sala by BENJAMIN LEVY. M ATTING--20 bales Spanish Matting. for nale by ikREAD & IIAReTOW, mil 67 Granvier street. N AILS-750 kegs asortetd Phicadoplila Nail, int store and lor i.ial be YItIOrE & BROTIHERIS, jyl2 65 Camp street. .-! TON 1BAGGINO-In nroare and for salhe by 'tT YOItKE & BR')TFHERS, jyl2 r5 Camp streeat. SAIlt- 1779 kegs leaf Lard if quce c, a laedlng Iotn steamboiat Mooar-h, fi" I t I.,AYtI' & A IO II U it. ,,i I ,ie p . :i..n... ' uit. ae boers, f,r ý,tla by jr22 l " -n" . rv1 e L E"',.'I RUP in b .... . I i .v "itch far Sale by IEAD &. I lt.'IrTiIW, aig4 7, Rtak Plare. LEMON SYRUP AND PICKLES. l00 BOXES I emon Syrup; 145 boxes assorted Pickier. in quart, two quart end galhon lut tic: fram the nannteutury ot* Will ulndePorMd, and Lewis & lnakellt, ol'Boton; lauding from brig Talley. rolad and ship Charleaton, for sale by JAltVIS & ANDIREWS, mot eorr Comluon alnd 'elrupitolas itO. t" UAYAQUIL COCOA-l00O bh le SIC FFPEE-4 bgse prims grleel Iotana Colee, I loading(rurn brig A E, aod trrr rule bl J. D ,IEIILL, AGtING( &c ROPE--13:I pa Kerlucky ulapngug, and I I Coill Rope; also a small lot tofTwiuo, in store aod lbr sale by J DANIEa.I., 1mlo 59 Camrn street. rI£l) 'tltrtu--i lutxes and 4 kegs trierhr- wmog S fTobacco, (Lerlher's brand,) in 'tore and for sale J. DAN I IJ1l., .... : _! 559 Cat.p ~.t tret. iiirO CIFEE-.d 0 bags iris i 'et, em pool -i qmuality, lauding from barque iedry, 1:,r oale by jeOU STETSION n AI'ERLY. A .l\IA.:ACKS for 1839.-Just tlec ivnd, analh lot I. f i'erple' Alnmaneks and Cockett's llme. nacks, for sale by DAVID FEI.T & CO., New York ltarioner's Hall, ieO0 24 b;hsatrres treet. ' T.XAS FUNIDED CERTI'FICAI m.M end Audi tur's Draft , on the Treeaur . wanted by NATH'L t'mtW,\rED), jel8 Exhlatge Ilotel, (|rnvier st. E ,EXAS BOUNTY LA \Dmanteody SNATII'L 'T'I)WN..NI), jel8 E__ xchange Hotel, Oravier street. FIREUMN'S INSURANCE COMPANM OF NEW ORLEANS. TO'TI(E is hereby given, that the Irubks of easubrip o tion fIr the remamining shares of the capital stork of bias Company, were reopenrd (n Mlonly, till, Iti1 insrt. tttween tlls homrs ol 1 alo I o'clo'c P .t, and remail open the same hour of eachl day tlrreualrr, until the wilhole shall bave btcc eullrncrilred frr. By order of the IBoard of Directors. E L T.s\CY, June 14, 1838. Srltarv. PFED. WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, O FFEKR his services to lhe plublic il. lhe depart mentll ol Surver ing and Civil Engineeritg, both in townl and coulltrv. rrolO crncoidernlmle rxperietrce iu lis profession, and by pronlptnesl and fidrlitm i ll n th rereltion of busine.. entrusted l to hin, he tllpes to mnerit and eeeive a altar of mpublic potalroarrry. He wrill also ineasure and canlculat he lh.untents of walls nld excavations. Odice No 8 Chartres street, u rcond story rack. IINS:ED oIL, in Casks and in bbids, ,arranted IJ pure article, for caln, wholesleae mon rtail, bly JARVIS &. ANDREW\V, Medicine, Paints & Oil I)ealtro, jet8 Corner of Cornran & Thclnpitoutlias ste. ) ROWN SHET INijS-5-l,00 ylards 41-4 Brown SSheetings. landing from aship Cheroker. , sitabl for the Mexican market or City tralde, or ale. by STE'T'bUN & AVER', jel8 88 Gravier m:rvt. SPE.rI CANDLES, OIL. &c. 200 BOXES New Bedford S.orm Candles; 30 casks New Bedford 'I inter Oil; 15 casks Roolin, Zinc; 1 o boeas Irown Havana Sugar, 100 coils tBale Rope; 30 pieces Bagging; g.ý 6 caks lack ed Cru le; 30 casks Pater Hangings; 50 baskets hapne Wine. For le by JOtrlA'H C )CK.\YNE Jel 2-5 GrOnvier oret. TESTERN BUTTER--13 kers, trreiel d per Y steamer Vanrlaliu, frort Springfield, Illinois, u saperior article, for sale, by SLATER & TRIEtR, jell 40 Povdra. sreet. 1.ORK-R. mp, Soft Mese and P O, or salel bv Sjell O DOPLFY.-44--N,.4 .,,,.. SPERM OIL, CANDILES, &.-30 easks New H1L Tfonrd WinterOil; 200) boxes do do Slterr. Condles 20 casks roofing Zinc, 10i boxes Bostul MAtuld Condlec 300 sheets Braziers' Copper. in store, for sale by JOSEPH COCKA'NI., ap20 25 Gravier eree. LEAF LAIRD)-200 kegs iR Store for sale by 1el I. DUItSEIJ 44 rw l.,,v,.".. LATE PUHBLICATIONS. C HESS MADE EASY; being a new itlro ..tiomn to the rudiments of that scientific snd poIla.r game. By George Walker, Tearhe of Chess. Uncle Ioraeo, a novel, by aidrs C Hull, author of Qketches of Irish Character',Tle Buccaneer, .c. in - vole. The Spirit of the Woods, illustrated by corlored el grarings, by the author of The Moral of 'liwers. Finden'a Views of Ports and Harbours oil'Great lIri tain. Flora's Gems, or the Treasures of the Parterre; I bolquets, drawn nei eoloured from nature,l bv Jalres Andre.n: Nith poetincal illuslraionl, by Jll'ina . I 'T.wamley, author of The eRomanca of NatIre. A Iilioeory of Terms used in Greciam. lltcan, hIta lia, and Golthic Architeture,; the seoilld ditioII, ei lurged; exempliliei by 'Oi1 wood ruts. Addoek's Engineers' Pocket Illok, for the v lr IC3e ; with an Almanac; by Hlenry Addock, Civil ::ncineer. Works ol Lord Heon, with all ircdu,. Ie.ry essay, alcd a portrait; new edition, complete in vlls. Ii Iop llrcet's Hislotiv of his unii lTime: lifo the restoration of Chnrles Il. to Ihe treatyI of ipeie at WVf 1cKliAN, _nil eorCoIIp land COir.aiOe .Li. 'tIXaS MUiONtY--For ale byl T HYDE & BL HnI'L!I;R, jei27 orl Common & taiaozine. "ELI l ii--l 6 blie ne tlie Fluii, latdi i cud for v1sale by SI'E'l'SON & AVEIRY, je , 88 Grairer street &LOUIt A POhK.-St bbl Fl.our, 500 lea S -lesMe M.0.. Prime P. O;, tLumps & thl ulders il store, and for sale by je21 I.AVET & A)MFI.TNG. W HISKEY.-ou0i base rectriied (ll'llreo' b for sale by G. I)ORSEY, je22 44 New Levee. PORK.-- 00 bills. of nil tqalitie., just inspected and will be sold ,elie the quotatomn, li h4. PORSE , je2- 44 New I.vee. UT'T'IEI--31 kegs fresh western butler, ibr ,i h . n e18 J 'TIAYER & CO. RANRKLIN INFIRMARY T/ i{ pibllitc are resieetiitiI11lcturied that thise in-ti Iutiton is erected tin the most improved plan, and li, ul a iv and most admirable situation, in tIse lll.,iurb rleankili, ulon the railroad, one mile from die alissis ikhe building is large and moost eommdionsly dividrd into n parinents for keeping separate dillferent classes, add iifferont diseasro. The institution is supplied with the most akilfil and, attentive mlnIe and femiali nuise, and speaking teo vn rioun intern languaees. Private roots may be had by gentlemen at five dol lora per diay, including attenldance. &c. 'erims in the or hulrv wards, two dollars plr day. Slaves also two dollars. Small Pox in the ordinlary n'ards, five doll rI. All capital surgical operations extra. Tbie resident phoririan is Dr Weddeinan, to whnn ppllication for adnission must be made, or tn I r C A Luzemiberg, No 17 Rampart street. aptli Il L EAF LARD-- 00 kegs in store, for sale by jeI9 44 New Levee. TUI I it'IN. ItEGO MORPHY, Professor of Languages, is now S prepared to receive gentlemen, wllu hiay he dis posed ti spehd an plrt ,f their leisuaa hours dlrilg thl nummer. i nequliring the Frenel, Spaniah, or Englhsh Lagngnag. lach -gen.leiean will hanve a Separate Iour, from 4 to 9 o'clmk, I'. M. N. B.'l'ruanlations made as usual. Office, 67 Char tres andi 4 lienvlle streets. jr""-1w ,RW--R NEW w ;-- . ... T IE NATURA LST'S OWN BOOK-Coimprieilg deecriptious and authenic anecdotes of (Qundrup. eds; orieutiltially arranged ereordig it) tihe t ritell c f C.uvielt by thIe ntlibr of the "Young slin'e Ow;e Ilook! ITIIENATURAI. HIS'rTOIlY O) INSECTS-I. two volime--vol 2,forming no.74 of the "Fnamily L.i brary". A dglrstof fte LAW OF EVIDENCE IN CHItMIVtI. CtSES --bvhlanrv Ioscne, En.. wiith hotes IIIId refere!nes to Amuericnan dleeisin, lid tit, tile Egilish ecOllnlill law nd ecclesiastical reports by George lsarswlold. On DIAGNoISt OF DisEASuE of ltir CaHEaT-h-toed ilp. n the cntitariron t f their physical ald general signa, by W W terhord, M D. PRINCIPLmES OF PATHrLOY, ANDi PRACTII'.E ot Pavstc-By John Mackintosk, l I)., frolt the laist Lion doni edition with notes and additions, by Sullltel iee. -Morton, M DI, ill 2 vul's. THE AMERICAN QUARTERLY REVIEWT-No .G fir Decetber 1835. Just received and for sale hi fl Win McKEAN.cornor fU'naliu end C :t a SEAF .LARD-- 440 kegs hunl lard, hlsg in Ssteamnboat General Wayne, for sale, by LAYE1' & AMIELUNI, jy2 17 an.onercett et. .) ACO. SIDE1S--I hids tiaerdd sidel, landii,g frio I b outti Uneral lVavlal', for csalebv LAYET & S ilELUNiv, jy2 17 Co ioteree stret. bi albout 14010 loge, IcIng lt Carntlllo. ftor ale Ih T It l¥1YtE & ItlfIl'll.i, j2 cor ColllllOnur Magazine i treets SLUOUR, WHISKEY, PORK & HBREF--148 bbl auperfine and 152 do fi, llotUr; 10 hoble colliuii n .li 46 hbls reetified whbi.ul.c; 7 ltles area ontd 15 blel inme polrk; 2Hbls prims bee; the cargo of a flat boat xr sale low, to elone, by LAYET & AMIEI.NU~ , jy7 17 Conmerc ilerrt. by READ &c uB:IASTOW, Jyb ? Bank Plane. R (.M ,\ " CEMENT-tbr Isle Ie READ & I ARS'rOW, jYf 7 Imnak Place. S.\ATGGIi G-f00 palKentinky bagginl, fir r Pale by REAc)) BIARS 1'.W, jy.6 7 Bank Place. I4iAMILY IIAMS--74 hblacnvassed PFimily Hams a oa rusriar tl.ality, landing fromn leamboat Jlonarcb,for ale by I.AAET 'IP %MEI.UN.,. j4t= 17 (enmmrne Stree. iOSaN--15 Lbalrrls RLosil,. lllmther aI fr Male cy R1 Ji&J PWIl III,\ 4 ( Doti overt N "EW MUSIC--She were a wreathlbe lato ; ElleA o Tree; Llok ierth ly ifuirelt;TheJrtair itil; Comie sing your lesso,i '!'!te helth this night; Lill Isie hlv or the I.lldolier; 'I.' lidy leaves tie hanquel t ill; C Na. pileon's lcidtItlri 'e. JstI received ad olir aIle -t 1 CAS.EVY'S, IRVING'W NEW WORiK &c. ITHE RIOCKY Mtl ;N'Il'AIN--Or icees, iucidente Silld nlllVtllllreo ill thlle For Vesi*t,'digeated frcon le jourotllt' Cll'ii it I. El Bionlevllle, it' thie Armi of th Uii teGci 1noee, na ill istrted liOlll e variousc ther .:'.e., iNv - hli elltin int g, in 2L r y n r. of Illessirgtnn, In 2 vOle. Just ret.ived *tid Ir sale hv W .l ,blcliAN - \wax, i Gdiurltlrobb blck lsand, o uNe. aLuuevery tither ariciet ol.laktiirlrv of the very tall ilullit),cill. l autly n a hlaed makil ipi le Lby )AVID) FIl.Tl& (O. nl0. N Y Stui1tiict'I I all, ''8 'ht'.rP.t cCt. ýp,`t HI'I'[' h1 .% Ai lIiAR-i-i boces lcnditg nit schrcl'rl' rnaa. fir sale b oto 2ri, SL.ATElRL & tl'ilI[IR, 40 Peyihere. ct ', reXAl *ONl ''-$1tilt i'reitlsury r otiet frit ale Srh 'i K l HYDiE & RItTIIERl, Ine lyi8 j COalltilon. eil.r tiNanritne t thA-U hulddso u ite, fr sale ilv A III CeI. ), IRS. IEYI4NewrloePe. i+ACtl, N-l-ie turks Cicialllti .eurerl, in oilret, Ito S ie, by U. ll)JlcEY, j ill 4 INec l.srvee. l. i)Uii-4illi blt, in auer. iir ealie b S jell G. itILSE Y, -4 New Lever. iEAF L. A I-5ili kegi, in ine torder. far I sale by . DI' ilsCiEY, jell 44 New Levee. S21174 bllr . iackerl, r am. l, e rl d0 holl arrels minekerel, lun I any t K 1129 casks iflitlie, ha 0 buindler latv A5ii11ih Reer e ltii6r, Lnotillmfi rotit brig Itinnldnt an for enle,L us J 17 I ETISO( N AVElit & 'A ' ). PU'" receivhed ,r late arrivnl fro Nell Sw Yolk, T frph I ttlhitlolmithie ac,.irl.rnt cf H'AI'S. 'rlte elll c't'oiher i Wnil Pallit'uttcl (ly 'ill the ilteniiiiin of the /tl:lic t., a llte t'of heater !hl ole ir Sapuorii t flti.l, 11ie tioxtre, ri'c and helntitiill Itheow l ie to i Fine pliin Ilt+ia hit otf a slperio'r uality; atd tal.t i eI letdid llrtile ilfeilk liit, tlgei er hlt itll geit' eelo rittehnnl I rliIF l(llll ef l bY hid llnsil, eiO pressly Ior thisi mllarket, wholPsnric le al reitll J V'irtIllOlhN,m31 C.onep treet. . i Cili adll iortrv dealerl are iioviled to itl!. filb R RIliCIiAltD.]'d;,'T'obacco .lnd d-ullll' nla:tiot1c. tJ urer, No'. 077, Cul,; r:.rcet, Vew-)lerlello, -rishe to inlform hi tte ant lbhe olitic in grinel , that lie i tnow pparei d tol c rarniih ll tiilniig, is the lcIve b.line, .i.l hI.s nctalltttly I'le nicibo tollowl.t; a'lticlea: SNUFFS. lose,. (;crinlll It:illpea. oeMatlbay, tuiglisl Iiil . IegeenI Amtiritcit Itappee; Notc hilo thius, Iltttlled, Airiei.c gieiilltlclui'ns, Culrteotx Paris, Parrt iLetilh, toll' clslrte hillutp e, ceollri,i nl tlll llilte othtl l, iowdle. lUIIAUCAI. Fine Colt lhewtll, ll sweettlsLettel il aplin. Flue llt cllllelkii., of caiees itlclillsc. Virillua SIpiliish kC. Tlle lhvc rtittlcs.o ci| warlt-,ted as g l , ifllot vs - eriinr to lYnthluIt O' tilhe kiiirl imporctedi'lIIIl will lIe "!rmisheil to'deal t .Oll Ithe iost li, lrallor.,s. li 4 IJ-lN\ W lt"ll'iiltieti .-F-'ilt-I il,'lle.,l- -1ilis ci e 1 if New Ihrdfnird .'4prnto ulallles, Inlallit+ IProlw' ship Keltirkvei a.ltll hilr oleli by L.A\tVIINCE Elc I.EUNENI)IIEI 1.©+u & 1l . e W l.e'.'ei weighio. tell pouml'. rluml, ill stwre ndlll fur sole by SAMUI'.I. I.Oc'KE &CO., 'o Froll t beret, bectwlellt Cuictoim llioae anod IPI .'ille srel__.t jllne -1' new yrienn6 06060 L'orollton Rail RoOI lorrolooooil.00 lorllrlllgtl o.* e001 lm this datllel. 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Ho r loloIr ,lolldo&e:I Io'oo1I ill (0)1)100101190o00an0 0 Sa r\a oleiotole O doomrv and C1, pus1-iUh Business. lie 131[0 nu baud1 a 9041Ylrl assn, t. d Ilmdert 0lof S0M1110, SoId IRc001 ohicl1 Ihllt ltr for .lu3 I an mIoderate tons·, and solicits the (I~rlnungl o f iri 10110 ol* ,ho 100110r c000000, and thie Ipublil in gerne jytl"t .JOHN Clll0IITIt, JOHN ChIKISTIE h4(. 0.ollold frooo No.15 New Leoc 10 21 o ll7lollmn s01000. )vJ141 1 1ck0001001 Lifo of Walter Scott, &o. I , '10 110 010d101010 of Loobloot'oLifo of Sir Waltr :II t1e 011110,1 01 Fllrlolioo,'Ol'e Dlvorcod, &r. ..--0 If Wa'.hiugto1 Irviog, 001 odioion, ols. , ;-;~~n l al of' the Melcal Sciboora, NSl 0111 for Pat,' by W' MoKIAN, 1.r1 (I'lllllo anlllCOlmnlll 0100010. s'I 1001 of 19115. or tho 510lrrle1; a Pcq , ,I·lnlo ro0)0. j..lli L a *rlr y READ) x I)ALRS'I'(IW$ 13)ORK-00000 blob lsMoooodUO1bv l45bb0jribo .5. lpectpd Prloo ormullob LAWI111'CE &1 LEUENIDRE, 0121 211, ow .a Il.ooeO. III20KEY-298hblareetifird ataliatlTrnnmleal VY r Sp11011id, for .oIeby (1 D 1.SEY,' f 1,14 41 New Lee.o . RICE-50 cakb ad 51 Sooksloadibo and for alei (714 74 Poydro usnlto 2I11 E-700I rcals. o Thomaston lio 000r dal 1 CHASE do 1"'.Y, J3 14 0 C('oo.hoo,' str101, (LAl$lolllo.1'l'I.o.ý ill baorijoero in s6.n e, 040. (.16 3.J onby TItYHYE L IRTHgF.R jc:00 CoIOIOOua & Moori.:er or.. Nl;W PULI;i.CAtIONS. T .FEin Lonncr,acri Ii Day and NihiE s'acnec . . A Jeery Hawnth.r.Laqn.rl a].r Crrtintt. Trnat,. iii *:maitretwrtt,.lt,rhriaaei,' liao O.taa,hilj them ramblner al "pri"cs rihrotlC", atl. ,trjatanlid.. by L'iere E.t, il . , n it Vivian Urea,.. NI.a.ei; Il'1.ra air arnlim~ ?erhit)i..• Th oun. n'r. lel, ain.a'ly ilhe .\uila,° yJicriail lirey,eoncplerrin a v. T tie alrirl, ,i'ri it l'her olre Ia Ic (ftk .flnM t e (urtGran.ey. a" JCu1 eeaaitbua naad tin ,ala at tae crner df'cels and Carht ata ~ l~la~.i., byr pellet lqi t , ,, n . setbrass lidin. doolrl[@ ure Kr a sle Ill I,..'l "|itT .. O., f(r salei b tlitl - a, i . ' . a jyn ~ .es ,. on N. I Kve.. i tal t nn,,ir.. nlai' sal iiadgr' tt, a ISAAI Bit(;GN & Ci.,. jy'. 134 Alagane;+i rot. ... ... . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . L ..I . - . .~ R. A. d lEL. a1 aKei AR[- ina a ver n iized SIAg .!t darg n, ab-e- f , i n e' ta S I..N I EL AL'Ll : B Inaatie..'ea t,. nnal.,,t in-' 134 laaaaval'et Ii iNIC' Jir .y th,, low1 Of it c'h/nners thle coutl'tn*R nue, nodlt rhbma.. turriv I'rinis on the appaeprane of ol, idcir on thae ie T t ahlr ,Ieti tro aid vaei Ihe tc andreena their neo.intnlil the re la lderlr , t erelivrafrP ca - selnlm, rlnnlD:t i, I F l'lt lolllpllo In lalrt Inot pwn iI Io s1·, ,f1 ,pell it llnn the h; Ik tr~i,,. ..t ih thet nonvy mi nkin , n rl cs ipca tl e er e of i h'l . ha ir ; CPam' tnv ciItcl 'IatiP , ta anhirl aIri. ietc e'liieg {te fa,.( tllneic nr,''lcc icn.l:it.<' thle cthailr d ,'c a' rid, llcptrm 'a., - emqal~etivepyat iatac~tair.c~rit. ia'l.'~rat, act eaaa 1II,. nrlace lpr'i'ip ,' till" cI,,' amiraIcIII tllilcksgl a·1acb) iitli iArt at' alentin. lua' l fiw Ioltl,,a i rlen tui* re irtac i n. It likewrr lpr'lio ces ee o ws P oWnlind hii hskers.. ; ilnlbtiR. t 'rl-ller at ll/ltm a, i ran' rlu tt it er trara I",r a liinla" "ri'ac ilic'acrr,',,ri'l. N',,nr,,'a = ccaa'-tif.crt'a!,3'ftba-rfl~t 'a.'ehihilca al ntQipat 3' the ei s If Oldridge Baltm, eta clhaac Iow. I%" lhe prcct'rm. R Read tie rilloawirr:-. Rlcln Wlr' ton, E q. late lvr i'r of Phi'iladelph, Ilrt certiile l Il' i 1i r scee i el, , tl at' high ehara WII.I.i 'i"1 TITCI'iER, Senior, .lth lllodistllla ister in GoI {elll. Farr s t. JOhN P lNGt,ts,:.i .acli lreea. S h1 II tN1 Iainl)i Til I.' . 1- nid it, ofhi e.sea JOhNe n r .i til l ib t I h lit rlrti e n atealtrel y Dieit wla'I i'ti "ht'.hantb' ci; tit 0 C li .1, ' ti I e i ze ,ti ph J 1 l p ell,' Gl l r, ln M:l+lrh rtpr etat. d it i r h,,'a,, char n ! i c la" a, m ic errn m beard tianlli,[%aaira nina"l.. ar"l thea.thaaaaaltactih'itall3i. [tar,,,.teM,~. l ira iialcrc~li I , l Ih aa a,,f I 1 rih ll al . if v i , Phl& AN Idellh S, a , 1 lli, 1hl' ' in i)r' y. L f '', •' '' tn nir I.b a-t do hl'"', na ,itre artt a",1 ' aaraiurltt-,nada idl caI,,... 'I' ii_'''li.air'il, Ii Fil''' a. ', ai', ,acIt a'l a "t'difae •lul '1 hcare tl,l,. .re· .i,-'n t lhe 1!l,.. e1) cerifial that1 3h.' i tl,'l,,' till l't tI t , h a . "lllll IIr I,\ ii I N In a i siltl,ndid I nffilvI iI I trllllil T 1;1111 PII lib Li' ll is di-¢ lrll:aei tire i-'rtl Illini'i!na'aa. All \qI.l~h,-al. J ll~lit··III i•! tltllPI [1% tr , Ii* l lh rllq: Jell = 'liIII I1III.IT . l,' ell'be, Mr,',.i, liI r %lihhli IliiP, thlOl ell3 ' l , lrl, a'l by tir ,' a i t'It t IrS!,,, i .lrra funti inRC . hria. ' I l 'aic ll lt ir 'a V1 .1ilhIh 11 V .I.<, 3'. A tRI'S ,els T1] E albrl crirer rr rrblish, in tin6 be. firmning of tite on-jini w".edr. a (ondenrsRoti,,n eCf tl twcnrv vonrrlume of tllr Oh( u;a New Series of \lartmun Is lielrailI. rie torts, tr Ire compried Inteur vlrurer!. rI,. accordrrig to the model of Peters.' / Collirlrnseari Re irle TIal. wok in In t iv rprearaiion by J. lurton Ilarrisonr [ e*. eftiis caiy. resinta! by Wiltiani F. Brande EIq. The .ditor ii also permet.te bIy a di iltrtuirrrstid retired Jhdge or thie Su preme Csri, trlld v OI orri f the 'ittnC Jrdg.lrrens, r expect from their peeronal e tuperorior all tieo ndvatrgeo whaili li:ly noturally be ro aped rano their txperionce. ,uc a work it icolrriog everyr dlvy Ilore no ecsarry. asn thie original it volumiious, txpersivnel lnd sccrcet. Aol ilelore:sinrr I:;rlriy too in Inani test, irr the otiher ttates tr Ir t Uirnio, in rcfrqlrou to thie pectrhar juriserudrce of' Loulinntl netthei Oircllrtttnce of thie ItrUrereosr prmecijrles here deo nided in the aedjustmetro~lrr cntern of lAido, nmake the knowlhdge of our oRdjuoired eansr of primi uteie lity ithet juristse of the wole' Union. " -iinr e, thie rialng ritipullico or'i'e iexas Ihar idnptn our i ets, an tihus rthere icr: great deilranii fir ri:e Louisiana decisions fronm a itrllc qrlarter. Conveniet noter, intinatrirg tier paralbi een decidte:d i Lruiniann, anrld o~,treitanlly ithose tle I more aetthorit:rtiver iorrurIo ci tie strrer Stlartle will le cdded to eaci h c.ri lThe work will orti for vouineiOI reoyal octan. and wilt ie delivered, bonud, ito suscriherrs atG per vol,.; in rcrre it shoul a b f'undi eracticabe c compres it inti three volatic , thie prite li ireb adrilbere will be $7 p:r vol. Subsuriptiolns received rby f WS M eK .N' , jeR eSr Cilllr ilrlnd COIIrI nste. it Ut in 1 rs M otr i Itr'lrionj fj. Iiitil' trie lir' EInt rlit I . n T I)I III) 11" Cl~l(· .'. "l(L{,;'il: ItR tot 39 taar ast caraer sre.1tr eiti t. lirug eel ,l r rri.rInt tt t j bllsl oi n ri brell a in It rlrari.iola, li,|llltr titt e. h ealorqu c Elicit $and tee eat· ire' nor tl Irt Ct I[IIeGrs, & Cr, 13,1 itigaznre cit I Tullklt ' ')itlllrl, (ieir u hll r li i e Ii illni iutln r'ao, I ItRt'r-ear ir At !rtall a.,i lcie alt ' U:n nortlol n s, &e.&'c. ladidrg antr lr tale t r I ltirN t rI, - tn, 5 ...... t'or 1ethrn iltrlI "·l'hllfittllu l.o st.. '1'O Ie.T.l--A )1h,..,.1 1111 (t'.,,,.l ..trot,-I IBet',lP, i, i olr l (Id Tllb i r liarer lt uitlef r, e adiein J et ira sournigtitatrt ulierrtttr eor aileib . G;. IroRSElY, tritriyi tinny is : irlti~l~: & Mill; dLAT'ER A TIUIRR, jel t r 'rrdertr strete. 1'I) Ia Il l Otrlll-l ns r tire lnt i e, fire enie he" . - 4 1re m~d th r Fd i s i er r e __ Alll:r l!Crlls I t~lll llllr ll~d llr lll d; trsieh 3LrTrfiI ..TRiI RRi je I 4r chrtyrie tInnt l. i %'. ~,',.<L',, ,,,: "i,,',,,l; ... ,,,., A .ireatllirU lirrlorir raid Ilt crc drer o 'odlio ien bler. ,. Gin . air hr rirart or tar~ RJuEADl tl;l~o'~ &iHo LyeF. y mnl? Ii7 Graviii Ltreet .ireiartt \ine,.,eot rtdJ, ,q cartlenteotlt onri . low, 1t lol r at cier-i rlllea n o , yll- ol r Iuririhirr'lrriii Atirire eIriri I Jn teoriiish in br'xea; e.niaro tin. RiADO & iA.ttiIO.y, - 'Cf eii ct eraI~utea lt , tipr,,s- t're firreey lice, fr teaid SLA\IRENCEi & LIEGIhNDRE, JO At inn at Newn tkete. -- iiybi7 ra i A td hbdn olrNiee [fliii hy eitalth acon; iLrld ( 3 .II I* a jyl7 r7 i.e t e'rce rties. ri irila use a spetai rr artricl, in atelb, br sleh b l IL tL' r, ret iiLUNOi Jyl/ 17 (IT htoem street R-lTit it E Lab iti Bitt I i419 kege reroebic r roe|'Cll c llt lir t "ts inllir, te r I fl u TL.'i'EIt & TRIER, .iF';'40 Pcj dreg coegant BlLANI ltOthK--Jil rl evried Ira recent arrieslgl fcll, o v N nork, it nrtrlitimlnrl ;dtiple ofBlloek Ilattli, ui raery terarp. ,,f I:, lil.g nod finaoe3, Shast or ntatl~ itiek.,oni sari !'apt;nl'r, ere recuqies tso eahll cod recitee ur rlterivr rrf tak, rienolcloa ir reteilbe I tltAVII, l ELT& CO. now Titrek ertrliltltea Ihell1 S1 .-'4 tihcrtre.eidii : uilt 40 h-turbi etI , iltldi,.r, nod fir salaiM S'111 I'rl.K &E.i;i, 74 ItrydNes Leeto 4 ctnvasned it c , a llr sRle hi c " I ' JJ ',\ER & . J*IItYE:t a Ic 4 rttrt45g. Jab; " T 7':t .~O,., 3,ACON. . ud ng-fiTm steamer Ei4AdIn 55 bcidg., 10 c l.a rion g...-wall sine utiS fee c'l' by I.Ae A ooAd[rulp hg. a JcL tCi tiiae Irope ~irite ".' O........j ,.....~ ,r: rl ~iilOJ Llfr M hnyn at•cerAiteneitte ole ltj· ' 1jiti slflAF4 lnrjtoJ. etatne I.rlt-Niot OsYrelt air-Si "tinIe.

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