Newspaper of True American, August 23, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated August 23, 1838 Page 1
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PRICE 12; CENTS.VoL.-VI ,,, , NEW ORLEANS THURSDAY MORNING, AUGUST 23,i838. VOL.-VI N( ". Teems of the Newsspnper Press of New Orleans alaoiaeasly agreed to at an adjooraed meeting of the Proprietor, held on the 131h of March, 183 : tunuoatertos.-T'Pwlve Io)allars for the daily pg per per annum, payable semi-annually in advance: ten dSnllars far the tri-weekly country paper, payable one year in advance, where no city refereace is given. No subscription will be discontinued until arrearagas are asttled. in case of diecontinuanon, one week's notice a triting mast be invariably given, previous to the expiration of enbscription. ADVrTISINrse.-One dollar per sauare for the first nsoertion, and half that price for eaheb slhsequeht one: ona material alteration from the original adverticement will be charged as a new one. Y.AutLr Auranvatsaa.-Merchants and Traders, orty dollars for English alone, and sixty for both lan. gaes; HBanks, Instrance Offices, and other similar publie institutions, fifty dollars in Englilsh only, and sighty for both languages; Ship and Steamboat Fae. rs, or Comnmission merChants sixty dollars in English no, and eighty for both languages. Hlaantaoes, OBITnARY NOTICES, and artielcs eall the attention of the public to sales of property, ards of passengers, benefits, &c. &dc. will be eharged one dollar per square for the first insertion in each lan glnge. Can0eretcIcloatn or Advertisements, of any persnn. al nature, When admissible, shall be charged dauble, mid in adrnrn. A dedEt Ef twentyfaive per cent. will be made to Auctioneers, n gitersof Wills,d blarshals na sales ofrea r te. puo.lished in bot languages, red 50 per cent. in Eoglish alone: I0 per cent. on sales of othrr property. AevaarisndNTSa out of the direct line of business of the advertiser, such asn: legal, aunction, and plants ion sales, runaway slaven, stray animals, &c. &c. will be charged for sepa.ately, and at the ordinary rates. ADVYnoTItnMNTS not specified as tie lmp, will be uhlished one month, and charged accordingly. No adverteiments of bankruptcies will he published n a y csue, unless paid for previous to insertion, or au.ment guaranteed by a responsible person in town. rlhatres and other slaces of amtnement, advertising naily orthe season. to he charged $10011 for I.nglish a one, and $150 in botll langnoges. All announcements of candidats for political offices be clharged double the price of other advertise n aot., to the immense loss sustained hby newspaper oprlietota, thev have come to the conclusion that the sares of persons whope accounts have not been paid within one month after presetnttion, shall be made known (so far as practicable) to each other-they obli sating themselves not to advertise or print for such Jelinqusnts, unless in case ol advance payments. (ligned) J.C. DE Tr. ROMES J. BAYON, P. P. REA, J. C. PRENDERGAST, JOHN GIBSON, LUMSDEN. Aeehty Pres.--We, the undersigned, agree to abide y the above conditions, as far as they are applicable to eseklv papers. )4lig d) A. B. LAWRENCE, SNo esriptions are taken for less thian 6 months. ters must, in all cases, be post paid. -- LL'S SPAIN REVISITEDI, &c. PAIN REVISITED by the author of "A year in S Spit," in 2 ole- Harry Cleerly, a novel, by ae ataor of "Cecil Hyde," in 2 vols. The Actress of rPada, tad other tales, by tbe author of "The Forca en," in 2 vrds. Nimrod's Huntme Tours; interspersed with characteristio aseedotes, sayings and doings of Knorting Men including notices of the principal crack lers of England with analytical contents and general dex ofnnme, to which are added, Nimrod's Letters eon ning Hounds, in g vols. lIen Brace, the last ol *Neloe,'e Agamenmonn, by Capt. Chamier, R. N.,anotlbor a th6 "Life eof Sailor,"&c. n 2 vols. Conmentaries o sl Eqnity Jurisprdenceo as administered n E ltand nd America, by Joseph Story, L. L. tD. Ovid, tone. lated by Dryden, Pope, Congreve, Addison and others, i'l vole. forming No'0 and 2. of "Harper' Claessical Library." Infantry factios, or rsles for the exercise ,nal mnaeavesa of the United Statesnefantrc, by Major oaeneal Scott U. S. Army, in 3 vole. J'ar t iceived andl for sale qy WM. MeKt.AN, 7 corner Cap & Commton ate. NEW MUSIC. f.t is the Hour;Is she not passclg fair; Ols this h Iaove; Nothing: oappy Land, My Switzer lome; Italy: Besntenus Lnd'reillnot me of broke Vows; e ove to dell in the Ibosooms Cell; b- shall mee eo More; Co t, to Con; Castinets are gaily Sounding; geofvladit I(abber; Day is cloiag o'er the Ilillow; I'e l.6wlarch lride; My light Brigantine; tih do not esn F'raowll; Jenny Jones; 'rThe Young WVidow; Song of th Ifisbeis Wife, Relpte my love a lovrr Eve; Shall we ever a' et again; \Vhe evening bells are Chieing;Singhsr! for the Bottle; Aq'i bhon Ila Ri ah,.Y; . a Nrmaotlv,(air variedl,) by Blelini; Still so (.Oatlv o'er ne Sltenaliont arranged hy C Crera; ,Fe:a. rite air from olera La Zaira, r:risd hr F lHusten; Beau lies of the aolehrated opera l.a Normsn, by V liellina. 'a'rae favorite airs frs i the orera I Paritanil, arranged for .iea Flute ane Pi'io; Viea 'lIi frta .tosea Bolenr arrasgeld fsr he tlnt and Pianot 'nvitation a Ina vale bv t..1 Van sVelier; Farewell Waltz by I, M.ignano, litke of Itielhtadtn Waltz, isv Stran., R"labin Valhr.; Cl.,etea I.a'rarits Iltaca; A new set ofCotillioas from shas :)I da sf I.Ce Meon. For sale at It CtsSEl'S Piano Forte and Masic Store. jant -( I9 lCarp atrert. - elfme."'s PhraDes. Collection of Colloqualt PIhru eon every topic n ce.rsary to maintain conversation, arnrnged under itererot heads, with numerous remarks on the peculiar prononciation and use of various words. The whole so dlisposed as considerably to facilitate the acqaisition of correct prooanciationl of the French. By A Bolmar, n new edition, revised and correetr:d. A selection of .ne hundred of Perrin' Tabldee, raccom panied with a key, containing the text, a literal and free translation, arranged in uch a manner as to point out ~rdifference between tile French and English idiomn, .no a figured pronunciation of the French, according to the best French works extanton tie subject. The whole precedeJ by a short ireatiseonth othounds ofthi French language, compared with these of the English; A Pronouncing French Primer,orthe Scholar's Guide to tihe accurate pronunciation and orthography of the French lang, age, containing its elements according to the beet usage, .y Bernard Tronchin, just rrecived and or sale ly WM McEgAN, r _CoarCamp & Camsta. iBLUE ST LPHUR SPRINGS. GREENBRIER COUNTY, VIRGINIA. TnHIS favorite watering place, in the mountains 1 Virginia, 12 miles west of Lewisburg,and 21 from the White Sulphur, will be open in due season for tire reception of company. Many important improvements have been made since the last season. A spacious bill room, anda number of single-brdded roama have been added and now finihing; afiording accommodations, by the lstof July, for 250 visitorn. An excellent torn like road has been constructed passinn by the springs, and intersecting the Kanawhl turnpike near Lewis burg. Over tirs road, by drirection of the post office department, Mesars. Beldin, Walker & co'. line of mail coachlle will run. A post office being established nt tie springs, visitors may r-ceive news,and cortes pond daily, east and wont. Of the medicinal qualities arf these waters, toe proprietors need tnot speak. They have been analysed by able and professed chemists, and oand to hold in solution all the valuable ingredients of the meat celebrated springs in Virginia. The combination ' contains much Sulphuretted ly drogen, Sulp',ate of Magnesia, Sulphate of Lime, Car bonate of Lbme, Snlphale of Soda, Murbtte of Soda, and Muriateof Magnesia," the salutary efierts of wilch are exhibited in diseases incident to females;and chron ic alfections of the stomrah, liver, and bowels; incuna neus affections or diseases ofthe skin, no remedy more potent orefficacious can be found. Extensive bathing establishments for both sexes have been erected contiguous to the springs. Visitors can at all times enjoy thle pueclinr advantages of their be tnign and whcsome effiects. Major William Vass will continue the auperintend Tlce of the spring. Ever) exertion on hin part, and on the Part of the proprietors, shall be rendered to insure for the Blue iplhur a liberalshre of the public pat ronage. Th proprietors of the Blue Sulphur Springs wit be ihera in tile receipt of otes of all St ithern and Wes n Balnks whidh are onsidered o re rtoaltpanr. MARIA MONK, .ec. A WotL dnlehares of Maria Moen of the Hotel Dieu Nornneryf f Montreal, aevtte0 witt an ap pendi. containing, part 1, Receeptiona.: t first edition; part d, Seqrtel of her inarrative; parntd, Review of the case. Alet, a supplement; giving more particulars et tile Nu:mery add grounds, illtetratad by a plan ,of the Nlrmnery, Re. M1aria Mlonk and the Nunnery of the Hotel Diau--be in. aut account oR a visit to the Courrent of Montreal and refutation of the "Awful Disolosures;" by Win. L. Fourth experiment of Livint. Living without means. The Strdent' Instractor in Drawing and working "The Five orders of Architecture," fully explaining tire metrhod, for striking regular and quirked moulders; for dilminishig and ghea in ofcolumns and capitals; for Fudlrg tire true diameter ofan order to any given height; for striking the Itonic Volute, circular or eliptical: with finished exanples, on 0 large scale, of the orders, their planchroro, &r. and some designs for door cases, aie gnrtly mngrnvoolr on forty-one plates, with expiates-by Peter Nichoulason, arehitet, author of the "Mlechanic Companio'm,'. "Carenter'e New Guide," "Carpenter's and Joianr'a Assistant,' &e. "A Practical Treatise on the Culture ofSilk," adapt. ed to thie mi and climate of the United Statee-by J. G. Contstock, secretary of the Hartford county Silk So ciety, antI editor of the "Silk Culturlet." "t'he Silk oaimer's Manual, or the art of rainirg and fending ailk wormse, and of cultivating the M lberry tree-by M. Morin. iThe Clerk's Guide, or Commercial Correnponlenle; comprising letters of husilnes, forms of hills, invoices, accouut-ealns, and ahoupkeepers, equation of paynent.., eommereial terms, c.-by B. F. Foster. "Historr of the War in the Peaninsula and tle South of Framue, from the year 1807 to the year 1814" by W. F. P. Napier, C. B., vol V.; to which are perfinna an aware to sore attanke in Robinson's Life of Pieton. and in the Qtuarterly R.eviw; with couonter remarks to Mr. D)rlley Montagu Percival's remarhs upon some paoe-. ges in Colonel Napier's fourth volume of the Peninsular War. Justrereioed ndfor ale ab ma0 tOlt'PELAAS-20 bbls, in arte, or sale by jeO6 44 New Levee. SUGAR-50 hhds, primre article, for sale by G DORSIVY; je6i 41 Nw Love, I)ORK--lt0 hbls dc, P'rime antl ortlre de.rinrj . Fr oa:c .," UI'EThU nVF:. jse.t B. Brower & Co. I AYE just Ileeivedat their Fornishing Ware-houe l_ No. I7 Camp street, by recent arrivals from Es rope, and the j1orth, large additions to their stock of useful and oronamentul lorr.ekeeping. articles, which atl leetively (they believe) form an assortment more genes al and complete than i. to be found in any similar eltab Isshment known; consistingof SILVER WARE. Coffee sad tea sets; pitcher, waiter; castors, candl- stics, caps, tumblers and goblets; table and desert forks; table, desert and tea spoons; marrow and gravy, or ra goat spoons; augr tongs; sugar, rsae and mutp lailes; lsatter, fruit, podding and fish knives; pickle and desert knives and forks, napkin., rings, le. prl nipally ferom t the s aun tatory of eir B. Garoiner, of New York, whose long established reputation for the manufaennte of silver warel is saeticient garlrante of its superior qcality. PLATED LVARE OF STEFFIELD AND BlE. MINGHAM. Tea and coffee urn, tea setts; castnrs, iqoor ound cor dialuc stands; sutterb andlebr fish, id Epeguchees witscoos, asir =or plateaus, for sentre'of the dinoser or supper table; water.s round and oblong, from 8 to 12 inrhes; beef steak and vegetake dishes rich dish oeerhs; I ke ndte toast races, tce. SILVER ON STEEL WARE. Table and deneit knives, forks and spoons; soup and lanre ladles; butter and fish knives, cheese scoops, os rags ongs, vegetble fssortmnt, . w re A JAPANNERY. s ne Gothie Sand iltch and of round cornet laiters, nle -sets and single, from 8 o 31 inches; do o pl.irer mscle; brentd, cheesue, and lknife trays; large upright plate wa liers; anspice, dc ct lss haneliers or luotres of ndia, 10, tea taes in at, calits; Fencp l bronzed anof rich tortoise shell, etc. LAMPS. An extensive assortmnnt, among wote re Astral apronzel broanzed and gilt,and ofrieh ot glt.asn m alle lamps do, do, ech lountaing house wit glakit pnrll ks; splzedid cot glass do; bronzed and w eights, aiehaor bracket lamps. C HANIELIENA S AND HANGIP G LAMPS. English and French dit glass eebandliers or lustren el , 1ye15,18, spl ani d 2to lights ; French bronzed aod gilt Grecan lams, 3, as 4 and 8 lights; hall lamps and ha terns, rich bronze boat or centre lamps for drawing rioms, from I to 6 lights, lamp shade, glasses amt wicks. MANrLE CLOCKS, CANItLEBIIAS AND VASES. Bronzed and marble; tronzed and gilt, and all gill, with fixtures, ite; cunting house alnd kitehlte clacks; zwlsed iakishtas, ceegar do; a, lter weights, tser oe, ters, card rocks,, a l, at ie, i , etc. CHINA WAItE Ot POIlRCELAIN lret,nglish and Frenlch dning desertl, lea; at collc, er aires ot plain white, gohl eudge, nail srsy rich otay styleo ; splendd toilet setts; wattr ale d ,lk ii.hevs antle vasies ; y card rrks af 51 haks. 5 IC oam ottessrs; tocy scues fl sroeaall.boe. KI"A It'I IELtKN %A I AI. i iitalg, delo rt, te a, stee, brek sbaoot aandsl ipIr .lets; oenit Wlllres pitchers. Also, (1)str; oi I:illsn dllnr; iseb, CGlT GLASS. Decanters, pitchtlers; leret aed s llotrl honk ostures; bowls, dshes, celery vast, ault Salsl, sutl I;ll t ols I btter taub, figer basoes toslslora , aoine, elha ignI nee, claret, cordials, letnade aoll jelly glansse; 1fine keoloe eakglasosn. Alnso,, crosle s lades. TAIiL, Cl UTIllIIIY. Fine ialorv bilance Dnrles, t self tip anII d llack knlivles ll rks o(l 51 Ia l 53 I eceslutv O1' lil t" ilo i/alblll the 11iý"n .rusllen; olrvlrsI )lnc slies'fo ml hielS, , ur. -lla Inut cl(ak and lth k; ; glir f so a lilill pinesI .,, K ITLHEANIA ANI IICtIRoK TIN lf\ iI i, Tace n, corltle sia n astol i , ll in a cllil l id2 t, talote silsn hotels aeusres l(le llhth ulin aI) l aes ; clovers, plllaehfileairb, cpllier',.llea ktIt ltlctan sLtls a b h ever artibl- i a-; st el a i eate blber ,, lg thlirs, tic m FANCY llAlt% iVAlt. lcstl lsl wire Iudllts. eaat: ile : n. a stel ien lsnIn mIsigs, sti:ss ll i cl hoih atnd pss ch kens ta -i tllesr sra lllssi lll hltosshses hil ks; ,1.osa t bass Il ,rushes; critineg iS lluan ertinC rioni ; l l F lla suals, Iguobllllle tlle for wtarniiglll platss. ras,, sropfstorield saouriuesavreslsieg a collsection o or hiefadole os enry ortl tl ocdr eo keepsn cts lie founds is their estaltsl ts il . (x')Silvrassst ,slalilo asate ressisrie-l ansd t-easlisnlsst au ew. L llnd Is lai e altl rctlrz r 3s 0 00 Fora liouleRin of 60 sa as o l tinr JoyNE'S" i..9 T1:.'. IYIJ 7'7'O.. V' (L; olysbe l otesntee, No 53 Magndi, nesie, ale. N lr TO IE MANIIFACTUltoIs IN NIEn YORK BYR H SCALw OF PI00 'CS-Dsidle iss. I For a doile of in of 80 saws or ooe in each cylindera, ;akia9g lids ;s si t;h stsand, wtl f-"arIs :, bands, &.c, at $6 . salsW, sn- $960 00 Ftr a oibole Blin of 60 sacs ssts aoylitsdcr, or 106 mos in ithe sltand ts itlcrsslr o a $6 per saw, or 720 000 Fordo. ofl4Osawsondo. or a sows ioa stand, at $6.25 per saw, or 5ts0 0 Fordo. of t saws on do. or 40 saws in a stand, aet$650 per saw, or 260 060 SINGLE GINS. For a single gin of S0 sewsor more, with ote set of lieders, bands, &e. at $6 per tsaw$480 00 For do. of 60 saws, with feeders, &r at $6 0 pelr saw, 390 00 For do. of 40 saws, with feeders, &n. $6 75 per saw, 300 W0 For do. of fo0 sws, with feeders,'&e. at $7 50 per saw, 150 00 Exnra teeth where desired, far feeders, stpplied a 0 cents etash; the number of teeth being about equal o the number of saws. Onie ct of feeders, it is con sidered however,o will wear out two or three sets of sows. Exntra saws snpplied at 80 cents each. The Gins srdered, will be delivered to the agents of planters in any ofs the sea port towns of the cotton plaot tiny Stales, atthe abate price, theagents fraying tke Gsesght oa the some from New Yorku anot becotiong e siponsible for the amount of the Gin. A ti wright w'illhe sent with the Gins to put themn up where de sired; the charges for whlosa services will be extra, but moderate. Iron runniog gearean alsohe ordered where desired, on reasonable terms, but will be chared extra. Horse power, ofuoy description, can be furnished on like terms. Small steamt engines can also be ordered if de sired. It is lesirable, when planters give orders for Gills, they should accompany them With their views in regard tothearralrgementol saws, breasts, brushes, &e. It is found they differ opinion. Some desire saws of larger diameter the others. The most common size is 9 or t inches;. some wish them 12 inches. Some wish 5 or 6 rows, , brushes ol an axle, while others do not want more thi .a4et most. Somne wish saws with 8 or teeth to the inch, while others want 10 or 11. W ; oh discrelpancy, we prefer they should, at the time of giving orders, furnish a statement of their wishes, and the manulheturers can fulfil them in every particular. Where it is left to our discretion, we shall make them on the most modern and approved plan. An ordler can be executed, from the time it is received, in thie stace of eight or tine weeks, atndl the it ins tsat tite placed in tihe hands of the factor. To be itn time for the next crop, all orders ought to Ie in the hands of the manufacturers by the first or middle of May; except for plantations where they arelate in commencing to pick or gin cotton. N. I1. The Patent Right, for any one of the cotton growing States, will be old on reasouable terms. m23 Steos STATE OF I.tllSMilANA.-First Judieial Districte Court. rliHE STATE OF I.OUISIANA, To alt whomt l the~e Present shalil coli, iGreeting:-\-Whereas William Muckrv lhaving purchased at n sale lalde by the Sheriff oi the porish of Orleans, tis prosoarty hereinafter described, haes applicd to the clerk ti t is eourt, il whose office the deed of sale was reeorded on the 5th day of Mai, A. D. 1833:, fr a monition or ad vertisemernt in conformity to an act of the Legioslature of the State of hout i tua, entitled "An act fir ithe further assuranee of titles to purchasers at judicial sales;" op. prmved the ath day of March, 1834. 8NOW, therefore, know ye, and all person,, interested herein, are hereb" cited and admonished in the name os the State of Lotisiana and of the First Ju dicil, District Court, who can set up any right, title or clais in and to the property hereinafter described, in consequerne of an infrmslity id tlhes order, decree or judgment of the court under whielh the sale was made, or Rvn irregularitt or ill gality in the appraisementf and adVertisententi , in time, or manner of sale, or lir nl othier defect whatso ever, to show cduse, within thirty days from the day this aonaition is tirst inerited ill the pusllic papeer, why the sale so made should not he mtfirmted and homolo. gated. The said troperty was sold by thie Sheriff of the par Ish aforesaid on the 23d day of April, A. D. 1838, hy virtue ofadecree of this ceoot, enlerled o tile 3dl day of March, A. D, 1833, in a seit entitlei William Mackebe vat Samuel Bell, No. 15,535 of the doecketof this eouri, at which sale said William Mackey becamse the pur chaser for the price of $3,300, cash. Description of Property as given in sme Judicial Con veyance, viz: A certain lot of grt.nd, together with all the build ings and improotemnts thereon, sitouated in tie parish of Orleans, in she squsere boundedl he New Levee, Louisa, Paul and Delord streets, designated by the No 9, on a plan drawn by C. F. Zitopel, Deputy Sureeyor General, on the 16th Deernher, h834. and deosited as plan No 10, in she book of plans of Felix Gimla, notary public. Said lot metsures 20 feet 11 inches front en ew levee street,75 feet in depth on the side adjoining lot No 8, and 80 feet 7 inches anid lines in depth on the side adjoining the property now,or latelv, belonming to N joodale, and 19 feet 11 incihes width in the rear, where it fronts on an aller of three feet nine inches ist conmmon to lots Nos 4, 5, 6,7, ft avnd I. Clerk's Ottice, I I 1 May, 13:8. mt` ti W I c, . I'levk. the Niotgara-tteeebre resolveI on Tuesday last, trip to Cincinnati, for one day only; I returned again Las' nstht. I begin to feel that I am a very important indi, ttool, as this instant the Journal of this city wonas put into ,:y hand, stating, amonget a great mally othe, tings, that had actually run away from Lotulsvill. to escapetthe elfecte of tilt wenderfal magnetic nee:dle of doctor Snip, the knight sf the thimble, alias, A M 8, My return, however, proves that the fable of the ho and wolf, is applicable to the Jonrnal. The fable is "A boy was employedto watch and gine the alarm, when ihe wo.lf appeared' he being either a 'footman;' a tailor's snip, or a liar, frequen:ly cried out 'the wolf in coing,' to the reat dismay of the citieona Ti y at last found out his real sharacter: that he was a liar, and not to be believed even when he spoke the truth." The fast is, that causes must prodaue their effects. So it will prove, of the all-wise writers, Dr. Snip & Co., in the Journal. I would advisa them to pirovide them oelves with a stamn engine press, in order to meet tile oondoerful demandl and increase of that paper, ae it is neihknown, there are many who seek for nothing but folsehood,ont of sheer love to the venders of that arti. d u. But oofortunatel) for Gelioh Snip, of needle and thihble celebrity, tihe croat mass nf tihe mnillions of A moicn people, ar famed, and far nfameI as lovers e l treth. Th'lerefore they will, (aslefReets prodlled by the coas(t) natinrally Voy,'- want to rend a paper, tlat I nab' rely on, tlrefoerre I will seek out such, oun ihenonce -o sucn.riber to tih otiner journals, whnsa sltntnteents will nntpr ttn false. 'Their l;. sateoennetos are too pal title to retlnntt r,,.ftation; yet I will state It. Inn a agalanIo tonn hotel. 2n1. Tht I 'hballt rmal, n thlo 31st Jl , 'the F)r Snip & lo., lave sent me a letter threatening my lile, nf I retnmined aften lhe20th. I3d. Ihat frCcml tl:o I sholl pronceed tnn Cicinnaer i, foe fourteen aelanven , ofwhilchI wiei Ili'atnip & Co., t inform the nfllitieid, in their own nwtniahnle never fails to bring rie patilets. 4th. Tllnt from (oinnlnoati Il h rel oeel to the Folls of the Niagara, to heat IIn.lolao, (iflite Sluii & Co. dn nont take anwav nmy lilbe,) oa tie I ot of Steptemer, ann n ntNew Yorkon in, intofNonnntventer , , peindl tin e hol" fthlln next sunllner, inordelr o Iluoiat all tlne hollI Philistines; the nmedical Gonlinll, ofa lotnnnnn, Inilonel. p'ntn, Memphis Nnashville aid Lu.ouinill.n, who n;ej nrobhlv. (before n tha tinme arrive loor.,Osliah lnt, Rope and titre (oliall 2d. Currier &c. (nota mankeh for astes, mules,i &e, . (illinh 4th. "n-n i'tn',,. Illl alt 5ti, Paints annl d Inn, lnaro i ......ore. ('olin-h litnI tie mnst magnificent of nall, Inn, Oiptn n' hell on panolele' to tihe proprietorn. nnond edia..... of tile nnu"rnalt tostlv, I would have tie nobln nlr. lie n t' r knoll toat Ilnnlgbefir thl v 'ere l tnn eo.nnnne, a tiner dle,or s~pread it buster, I bud been fa~r wears, i th h , i of restoin-sitgillt to thel lind, nd'that nilt when o vas a cnlln''tnr nnf his M.lAn jete's utomls n o ;r, at Brilt sin. oaos env n thent so nnnployed. 1)ii l tn rea. tpinne 'n'ttnnioe' tie lnnneoo h nnshaker for aonen; tnie Co"rn I llttrr .' tr pats aInd dr!u store "eeprIT anti th e mncf intoninntor evioten, even mate hn1 i dretnm nof ei -n ' nlne to n-tnn 'h r lin e! I w is h ta e J, urnal n e otate, I shll receive ladh nnnand sara Rees flonl 10 to lI A. \I and .ontllonell fronm 3 5 o'nlnck P M . ever. lay, to ontain ny nnnopinion withn,ln f n ,n ats n ual Inn ern-n 11.11 Itl areasl hrtt,, 'JI)tIN W I II.1.1, l, oolit .Ien.Irs+n lMter, l.ouisville, Joly1, I::,137, 'I'. .--Sin intwritilny 'n'at, I Ihave tcol inln,ronne that onnen not onnonno n In ine looan ney of tin, IJnnnl annlln ntnoinit r, 0000l n o e well tn esn 'e it~tlrlll, aml h q e Phl++ ll ll·,' PI+ l re ,r t ldl: '*+ Clasts, Fnnr ait oaonn.nntonsilnent nnntheonlnet' in I late re ,lar-ks, as they sol r semle eac e, ther: tihe) nioohl ntheon Ic v, "l 'CsI of neo lrihnr nl, nik al n netiler." . F o~ r not p ai z the l atoerl e M r. P Pnn in e, ani i s . n''LIght ofin tlhe Pnnll,"'f nI the ou n f t'anteiuryMaes wlehusctts, the rspe(i ot tm' < sor i+ ignifiedle 's< v tint' htis trte, he tnohtnlhav ' beeu so elat ed, ann ornamllenlt dl , ithlltr, and tl,, i1 jlfe r'u of tufr"t c, + I nnt h : ' i nnt t 'lllinrn-h "il nntln t 11ne cnn trl meri nt, ' ;' olrsli nhio n hn s o art; ' n s oto i d lln n J- o itnl' hnn :tara. illl ll lllso vl're hllrll ,h1 e 1 , er:, hung yllll e hv ] lter h o IlnntJ-it o '.r lle 'noo Io no enopr'otr, rr levaned 'Intol' of rll. ntilteln ot l inv tey o lu t iI nar ti o rther il en t the koinol 'C innf thl itoeI . Bl ut II out otolhy khhllhl is tet naot on' I ve, ann alilns, frCon inls rolini o bruin, t oi Iis ireath rn, a klnig lt of ine noim l ,in t ilhuit ion t he t o d,'ina noon i.r nt as n s tilI inn rtinct h,.lthnln Ii tn lonotng as a mull I0w1 rse Sl i ndn- o t i pr t ilet, i, , i n vu a" • cnt ot' nn i se tint of wich, hIh irentroi. Inell, ol i, a, ht ninlnn/ tinlt th leni ,, wm wn iilleop n In n e l hi s dll inln appeeni nt he 4ethlalwalll pltllllu). ? . l ·rae hav, t v II s() tiul s A ivc tilten'' Is ll'o Ill n n nlu ncnod a nit sr P nl. ns de nitll tis' p air f oeu. i n-,e r ^ rn tlhse o rlre leneksor onunno su mua.) apps -(d of bv so~me Indies. lit n-tisIno t' oly', Ineand inn'~ leut prs nf nnfn ti tit lo, annnVn.asonta ttiing shoot tnett.nuolleaI t:,lihaalio,, knigln s", Iofnerglalle Io ta.iet. +n din k le stores ll' n niltl" 'thinn T gne nt lnne I refertonl N. aoid; lbtn wtllhcet)e slkea of r*ytin, Iona aInnoon afraidti it was oprovell theat . he adhis noble tiothers, th G iahoufl thelCity, ha1 nlie uv re-tared ", eight mornll lersons tln n t hdln sice mlntllrti val. ti ear allno Ieleink oimysel n 1hnllon thI e kanii ht of thne noinlle, &e. nave -iniaed tne age, as li ,a tly res oanre tot t ght, n ent an'th ni all taa vso tn Ian, whnotn case, t otigh, i'-0 n-theingnlar e,.nn . Ill n le'niieothen , , ll tene bad n elro nnt his sioht ion n'l'to n. Ie llnft o l New Ire here he hed to mne me. I had left fin r tie .'est. Ile f~hlet i, nold eoter enin-inn t' enk finst ben'ent my latieten. Withinn ne ihnr n e o lod clearly aee ohjent witi nwere ntcr visille to hint itore, 'l'se ldn thit geiennnnntl ontnt o.ak .... impnonoed.l inn ight, 0.0 ao lla i alo hl'lr feimi. tHe san one rati td hlls o hounds, tlhnlnh he p od alltho maonn-I deloln e olanti niobathad he intidInin i thousan dollars bc Nhould no loet e Ise g reel, bth i tin-n ant to me-. Whe nasked if me ae ltroand tie eolndies with which I dnssed his eyes, sand hit wnnd rsather pay $Qi, tha, n-ont a single drop. Ile camne upwards p o 2000 mileas ome. fThe cetel pen of tie wethty knights of the rail an the thimble, will scarsely mark legibly, after reading the oh ,ver Ihsty letter. Iwet vsur a llnin asodysn. it the form of a drink or two or teree will set all right and they wdl nndouht preenre somwthin" to salt the oental appetites of their esaders, at breekfast on Men bly morning. Fortunately for them, there is a whole S.thhth day, (toon-orrow) in whch they can do their dirty work. J WILLIAMS, N. B.-I have just received a tetter, nated 21stJu •, insisting on my making aon apology to the druggists nf this city. The writers style thounselves "Kentuc Snreamers," pretendiag that I alluded to them in my s¢t lettsr. Theynoayoeotnasuedldidnotbkom or eyen suspect any Gothalns among the druggists in Lot inville; yet,if the cap fiets any gentemnan ]ho must a nourse wear it, though not intended by one. coutrse wear it, though not intelded by ate. . 'ou.t J. W. Jefferson House, Saturday, 22d July, 1837. JEFFERSON HOUSE, LOUISVILLE, July 13, 1837. To the Editor of ihe CtLy Gazeette: IR -- Havi og listened to thie entreaties of ay py u K patients, I aio resolved, if my Ihealth permits, to reo mail in this city till the end of July. . To try to do thet more good. 2. To convincs the inhabitante that the vile apt tlets thel Medical Goliahs S. &c, hare sapltiei I'. or, belong to them, aor their lawful right. 3. Thot I am ready to deposito two hundred !ill:rt, in notes of the U. S. lank, in the hands ofrl I itoJ the Mayorof this ceity, against a similar sun t,, ht Id, posited byall tile gr at and t ghlty loctor. e , .. . that I restore to sight more aged, m dle-aged persons and children, who mi, wete totally ie. pteallti blinl, than they do; and that oI am eotlali.i ,. tei greater numdem of short, weak oir diimsightd '.or. during tmy short visit, thatn they do. Yet 1 w aoo my wise calumniators to call in to their aid all the ver, deservedly celebrated Ierofssorn and Doctors ot ti I, colleges, as well as all the doctors uid ut , doctors o be found itn private practice, (whot. ra w:i fewl in the States of Keot eky, Ohio, ludtla;aotot stitv, in't ennessee; where there areindeedo s ":e i,; no .a faouas dolctors, whose names oug .t to be It .i d dlw as low as possible t Ilatest loattrit . 4. It ttot Iu clearly underotoot that tll tile cures if ly, on both tid s, iustil te plove, -Il lhave e pel'hrlnetl ithout the aid olany urgeia o erationr whatever. 5. Those who really merit the eptithets they, have sa liberally applid to mr, shtell forfeit. the $folt fort t heaefit of the almts houses in tlis city, and tihe otlher ipar I ty shall take hack his own $tt111, whoiever hie or they may be. If even the mighty mredic d hulho uigur tI should prowe one of tile soccesfatl cnlmhdate.,, I wilt fitfil toe old proverb, tand give the "old geitltman" hi . due! f. At all evcnt I would advio the lut Iulud ri 1 liuL S. notto stlffer that letter to stand tloot, ti It one fthr "se n pl to l" it won l is '" i iet,, Iot im tellt U I alnl to.aII ;i hi t , dvl e hinlitli ltIo a to it it s lel ltiltle compaunills, A S placed hefilrte it, ill alphabertieal ldes then the independent inhabitants of the city would al ways know thle writer by Ilt melody oflhis ,Iict. JOI-tN WILI.IAMS, Oculist. *I was weak enough to read the mlass ol lolellood siened .., which destrve olllthin but miy silent cot teitilt. tlad I known last evnllin orIf It great i'-.i.o(tr oItI A S S I should hart treated thte astd o t"he three same what differently: bulit let that upas. I will. however compliment his master iof' tile Journal, for his -agao'ity to employ the f irmer knight (loi of the garter orof the thistle, but) ofthe nseedt ia. thimblr, in order that lie many kill two birds with ine eone, i. . e. ti plrch til holes that toao be in Itlia llllllti l oir political garlnets and, if I may judge frotm lit texcellent taper, lie Ad vertiser, Dr. Sttipt i master i-, politically, ill cntalll ured of his servics. When any cirnumstanctttcurs, whether domesticallt or politically, which requires a blister, whether on hir own nose or oil the reputation ofthose who do not hap sren to please him, being otike hiit, (which must he r great misfortune!) then it is lhe ringr his IBELL, whice afterall is nothing more than if it was'sounding brass or atinkling cymnbal;" yet, to view it thus--lr. Bell looks well; utt with an 1. D. A. S. S. after it, jappears mugnificent!ll JOHN WILLIAMSOculias. July 14. I AVANA SWEETMEATS-In store and lur sale Il by T It HYDE & BRiO, leg ear Commoa and Magazine sio. To RE)NT. THE handsome STORE and bhack Kitehens on the basement story of the True Am*ri canOiece, two doora Irom St. Charles The p atmc. first rate stand fitr a Coffee House. Apply to tl18 JOHN GIBSON, Editor Trite Amenasn. BA(iG NG t- RPtP-9 pieces entucoy tng tging; 85 coils do Hope; for sale by It P LEVY & CO. jel No 10 Gravier stReet, up tans.. to ll, ir sale b ' E & '. HIt tullnte lll , I tIr-- .tre . MILES' COMPOUND EXTRACT OF TOMATO. A SUnsTITUTE rIO CALOXIL. T IHE doetrine promulgated with so much aseurnme Sby many em iries of the piresent day, that one me dieine will cure all diseases, is not, and nIever can b true; and he who asserts it, is either a fool or an im postor. But it is a falt demonstrable by experience, that comnldnationa of medicine may lIe formedl from the vlEETAH lltonaDOM, that will act so universallay on the system, when taken seasonably, and in judiious iprn portions s to oure, in nIne caes ount of ten, all diseaes within the reach and power of medicine. Front te well known and established reputation of Calomel, it has long been employed by the empiric, and scientiflc physician, as oe of the nmost powerful agents for the removal of dienease. By the former, al must every land has been deluged with nostrums, that their authors claimed as specifies is every disease innl dent to the human family. Thne folly of these preten sioas needs tin omment, for acoumote chemical ltvesti potion'has haows, that the baser of most of the Panaeeas, COtholionse, &1. which have been trumpettel befor the comnmunity, with so muchll assurance, is Calomel, or mertcury in some fortm. Now, if this potent artioelto even in thehlnods ofthe most skilful physidian, frequenot ly exerts an infllence on the human syatem., nforeseet, and entirlyl beyond the colntrol of art; undermiaing th, constitution, oanl iringitrg oni premature oli age, diseasa and death, result shl.ould e explctenIl wlhen pre seribd by thlle ignorantl (Couhl their nmany thousand victims speak, a voice from thel tomb would soon dispel hie 'specific' delusion that now sways the minds of thb living. Humane Physicians deplors the sad evila resulting from the mercurial practice, Rod will gladly hail the in troductilon of an alidle that catn salfly bte slthstituted for -clomttel. T'hey feel, and that keenly, the u,,ertainto of its printaru olprartion; they ennaot say whether it will be favorahbl or nofavorahle. They also know, andt feel, that it its use is contined for any considerablte tim, iln juttious secondary lonsequences mtust follow. But lhey must cholose thre leat of two evils: thly know no other article that will arouse a torpid liver, Iemote obslru. tion, anl set in fiee aetion the whole grlnldular system, oand it leing inldislpenlisly necessary to ald tnis, they e nntiloe its use, notwithltanding tho evil oomsequenane w;'hich follow. They have long desired anti sought an article that trlll.lodoane the ood enRicts of this drog, without suljt cilitn tile atelit ill its deleterious results. Such a deslleratumn, it is btehvell, has at length been oltaineu, inll the article now pllrseted to the public. T'lli. pioprietlors if this article keepinlg in view the ftat, that a wisie anI benevolent reing, hli planed with in thelt reach of all, remedlies dalatted to the diseases ia. cidlntt tu tie climate tlhey inhabit; and knowing, like wise, that most of thle liseases of the South and West ire basned Opon iolrgalli or ftlnctiOlnal derangement of the liver; directed their attention to those articles which aint nlare esp eiallv oil the hiliar, orglas. Alter long, ladorioas, ansd expensive researeh, they Ihave succeeded in extracting a substance (t'om the TIO ! A'I'O, whlihl, from its peculiar efliet uponl tile hepa tic or biliary organs, they have denllminated Hepatine. hi.a nanledicioe that w'ill produce all the heneflcial rIslllts otf Calomel, inll both acute anl ehrolnic dliseases, withul t the possibility of producing the laeriousde tcont Slequences nomnoon to that article. Its actiono1. toile conslitltionl is ulniv.erl, no part of tc ysteml escaping its inaluence. It is, ho(wter, upo Ithe ogans of secretioll and excretionll that its gtea rt power is particularly manilfestei ; hence it is p culiarly adapled to to e treatment of bilious fevers and other l dis nses in which a totrpidity or congestionl of the alll portal circle prevail. It is almissible ill all ulses, where it is necessary to clans te stomalch anld bowels. It remtuoves abstuc tiont, and excites a qjick and healthy action of the liver land otherglanlulair i.·, of the ahnlomen,. BIeilng nlif fusable ill its lopeation, it produces a free circulation ill tile vessels oil te sur.e of tie o lla t dy, alomlpanlied by a gentle perspiration. It does not exhaust like dras tic purges; still, its nclion is more unliversl, and may oftel be releated, not merely with safety but with greia benlfit This becomes indispensably necessary in eat,. loflong stalling; for in them ionense temporary impres siols made by strong mediacines, seldom, if ever, do onld; Ibut tend to injure the statnml of the e3nstituionl. It is cleansing natl Iurilying to the system, acts in perfllct Iharmtony with th klnown laws of life, and is lndolubhtelly one ol the most valuable articles ever oflfer ad tfir public trial and inspection. For eonvenielnce, this medlicine is formel into . grlin pills. Th'le white pills are cathartic, alterative, tha phoretic and dluretic. The yvllow pillsaure tonic, satm aolnt aandt diaphoretic. Th'le following extra on the subject is from the Cninai nati Journal.d MILES' TOMATO MFDICINE. The virtues of the Tlomto, not only as a delioions vegetable for the table, but also as a meldicine, have for a considerable time past, attracted no little ttention. Ir i has bn believed to possess aooti-bilious which, it they sould le effectually extracted, or eplarated Irltm tbo sup:rtluoos natter, would he invaluable. This has been characterized as a bilious cotntry. A large porltno of thle di.seases .rise fitom distordered livers, or fromu de- I rangenents in the glandular system. 'his is e.a'ci.lly thle tase in the west, anl stoil more so ot the south. Ito ' aremedy, easy, safe, effeetual in its opration, and leav ing1 the consatitution unimpaired, could beo discovel for I btllous omplaint, ithil wouldl uonqetioablly be aoling I th1e most healtlhy climates in the world. Calomel has been the almost uniermsal remedy for t diseases of this chalracter. Ilut t sto a remedy whichl nothing but necessity should induce the use of. It nmy be considered as trespassing on the province of another 0 profession to speak ot this, yet we nay be permitted to i express our etron;g convicton that Calomel cannot be used without injurous and lasting effcts tupon the sys- ' tem, greater or less, according to the quasntties taken, and the frequoney of its uOe, and the olaotiatiout ofthbe patient. A solttitute for this, therefore, from the it getable kingdom is a desideratum in thi 0 ountr0. We believe this deoideratum has been discovered in he Tomato. It. Miles, of this city, asu hisossol ates witlh much labor anld exletne, as we alderstand, lhave succeeded in obtaining such an extrnct trooo this regeta bie as, it is hopled, will be footlund an erffectual ubstitut We have taken some pains to enquire ahmong medicai men and others who lhave used this omedicine, utto ito effects, anl we feel well satisfied that it will prove a moat valuable renlell ill ilious complaints. So fotr as we have been able to learn, it iha lroduced the desired effect, onerating to produce h ealthy ction of the liver, prourntg bilioos dishdlrges when tneeded, tand in some IstatlleS tblreaking lll fiIters. with even more certLaity and in a shorter tole ttnlt callomerl For sick or bilious headaches, it has been foud a good reoamed. lThotve who have used it say that it does not produce tle debili taringeRfects of mott other kitnds of purgative medicines that there is n ioncreased dalngr freot colos after :ts use, and where large doses of calomerl woull be rdled this operates without any danger of the di.tremOioog and ijurmious efects of calomrel when prontci,: o l,, ,, As we have reason to hotpe l'o.o s " hi t extruat of the lomato will pro o: : alotoel in a great variety of cases, ., oard it as a blessing to the nlootoo 0I0 0,, t s pllerfeelh! y safe and free romul 1 , i ,r 1 le that e speak of it, and ,eo o,. -":.o:, lilly te ed by fianihe. t, . , t td sube t'he above t otdici & , 0,00 of the Go. ý,,,=d.q, signed b+ ,, .h III _. :" l ý M. ,'." nim t ounll r"tt-r lled It "6.c 1' . I I Ill, n u gents for o'ui un , " ' and dIie In: ', i l alllll - i. o totot ao.tso oE & ItI1' ,toner tentral gelots for Louisiana, 114 'cheaupituulas street, Kiedor & Co. 133, 1,d Levee street, opposite Vegeta t) Ie Markel. Paul Martin, ool O1d laver nod lospital oto eer. Will tlhel ry, cor Camp aLd Julia streets, fir Mueller, car fTchoupitouhls atlel t and lt Mary 'a alllrket J P It.rbat & Co, colter T'hou, Itnuluo and Giird J & IPP tlartwell, liayou o aru, La. lOr Win Stansbllury, o ot otthus, La. Thooutas . So lsooryo I oustootln. Texao. Frelerick Ierdl, urll I',tydlruas and Camp sta. (toe Joooes, Tivo.i :orih.' Win. etvnso No. I tlUndt (Co t,,w. Applilatioo fore | n `'lis o madicines byo wholesale to , outole to the (lo,,eral .gu..t t .New Oleauns. All rleterss, post paid, will be illlo tily atlo ded to. ST 'l'TH. ' o toISIANA. h) \111tlI COIIi'I'. i.r the t'arilh and City of New L trileans. PreCoent the ilnt. 1t Mlpea r auriao, Jn Jllle thc , 1838 - No. Jl, I I .--J 83 e Po. er vs. ,ois creditors.- lo t readillg dI tiliong the elitiol lll shtedllle ill thisoot -r, It is orlorerd by tile Court that. lot creditors ul tie illsollolet d e show r 'use rn oen court on Saturdao the 7th doe of July, 1838, why he Sshould not ohtedlcIarzed colorllmng to ow; and Into tile lteanillltte all proceedlngs ooliOlt Is persaolLnd .rO ert oolre s.ayel. Cleok's Otfier, New Orlesua, Jonr 11, 1838. jel4 oaw AKMANII FITe'r, Clerk. ipoh r ie pam rosaa et la uille de ta Noovell tOr leano.--Presett I'hon. Charle.s lnurian.juge, II juin. t3H1.--No. 10,984.--J:cquat Potier cottre rees crfat. ocirs.--oSr lecture at euregitetnentt do In petition et hta othdule dans oettle affalro, Ii est decretr par la rour lne ois erbao:iera de I'inolvable fais ire vr leurs rui uns Oen coarouvet, rSolmedi 7 dn jillet 18, n11,foitr aoi i Sail t raipin dec h o rgo corlb t efor lent A la loi, ot en llttelldt loortioes poooreuitea eontre aa persollne oa sea proprilties asout rrthoes. Bureau de greffitor, Nnuvelle rleanso. II juin., 1838. jel4otaw AMANmtI) PIl't)lp, Grrflr. S INSEEIl OI-lh bles, landinta frtomo atelntbua IAlhmay, for nalo by 4G lI)IRt.Y . jel3 44 New Levee. - ARLY' SUPERIOR. IIA MS-Now latditglito ateambnohat Sltana, n supply of tfile btove, put u in hlods, tierces snd bbla; fbr sale 6y I.AYET & AMELUNG, jel 17 Commerce tmreet. I NSE ED OL--1 bhhls and d2 oahks hbea Lintoed S Oil, now laading from ship d ti*hvillr, and for ale I' by JARVIi & ,..DREWo,, Wholoerle Diu.egist., jt13 Cotmmon tot ''erhapitualsta t. - % tt't )0ll0 AI.F--, c' oth·k (!0t0 ,i00 ,tI ert0 ir Storr I,.I' o 1oo ,ot , .folho t I AINTS,OILS, GLASS, BRUSHES, &c.-junt Slanding trom ship Constitution, and fir sale--va : 16.000 feet ofglass, best quality, froen 8X10 t,231X2&8 31111 kegs white lead, pure; 350 do green paint, in 25 libr. kegs' 24 doe Jalaned tins fir sigas;fltfl0 ll. lithraga' 226 do splendid 00000 ground brushes, also of0000i andi 000 do; cases erome green in powder, superior article no do in cans; a large assortment of eash tools of every size and quality; sable pencils for artists; flat marking. brushas for metclmants; artist's colors in oil readv pee pared,in boxes, fitted with all necanesry bruashe; artist's teaools, &ec. Flake and trmnitr white; 60 Iacke gold leaf; white -ad yellow wax; gum arabic; and u large and choice as eortmnent ofpaints, dry colors. oil, turpentite, varnish, dan., for sale,wholensa'ls and retnil, at the lIwes prices, by MONDELLI, 028 58 Camp St. N.VEW EDITION OF THE CIVIL CODE OF LOUIS.'iN . I T has been fin some time made known to the publt Sthat the subecribere are engaged in reparing flr the praess a nw edition of the Louisiana Ciwl Ctalen. 'hen were. tIrtn tte first, aware of the great difliculty and responsltiiity attetaling the publil:atioe of the work, and it was not withount great hesitation that they con sented to the undertaking But the present edition, amounting to 'lout three thousand copies, anl whieh had cost the State mare than thirty tlousaad dollars, was entirely out of print. For more than two years past, the usual price of the work has been from thirty to fifty dollars. It is a system of written rules whieh an immediately operates upon every individual of the ftate. interested either in asgiecltare or cumtnmrce and which governs the dispsuitien of so ltuil property aOmitag to as froti other states, that-unlike alhnos. ala othertrratfae uaat law-it is as much the text-book "and n lanul of the merchant i tliehald antr, as it i of the private gentle fan nl the pr.feosional advoe te. - Phe lawyers of the adjoitniag states, and in fact of ael those sates al)ao the )llhio and isteissippi rivers which find a mart for their prnlue in Louisianna, have a fre quent necessity of reference to the code, an make it an ialeiaharncalal rsquisite to tlhir libraries; nl.d ii tile 'itts of New Orle.ns tile itok i ias sure 1. t etlnd in the merchant's counting room, as upan the desk of tile jude, or the tale of the attarne . It is not surprisiag therefaire that the first editin of thei work wasH so quick ly dispaosed of; lutd althoagh a mre reprint of it would in some measure. snu) lI the public nectesity, yet it would be imperfect and unsatisfactory unlets ainniltated with reterences to the Reports andl itntute-, in order to emnarace the numerous amendmants which have, bran made by the Legislature, and the inmportant decislons and lcontructions which hlte been given upon ttiuny o its articles 'v tile Sullremer Court. Tlhe publilshers have encredrl, for tile generae tluier intendence and editarial deparitmrnt of the work, the iprofessional servaices of Whibritek S Up toan Esq. a mlether of the Now Orleans Blarn.te Hoa. Judge lBollard, Judge liermndes, and lion G(eorcge Eiutis, have each kindly assisted Mr Upton with the valuable noaes whic'h they have collected in the course of their studies and practice; and to Mr N R Jennitsa,the part. ner.f Mr Upton, who is alsao enaPged in the work, Gee Strawebridge, E+,r. ties prarnthr tte great mass nf ref-. retarneontniied ill his itlilte copv'eof tIle clde. and wlich nave been made Ita him Idring the whole pieriodl of his dis:inguished iprtessiol Inlabors. lThe plttlish ers Iavy therrefire well trust that tile annotations of tile work will be all Ihat industry aln labour, assisted by learning and experiaaene, r'ttt perfoirm. In putting forth this pra selretus atld solieitino gene tnl stlberibers to the wrk, tlla Iluiliherse take pride ill the fct tlnt the Legislature of Louit.iani has aiathorizneil the i ;oveiraor to iordr one thousand copaiet s of it fr tilhe future tate e of 'te State. The relladines with which this number was take by the Assembly, evinced their julrt sense of the vanlle ol the work;andl thlev thereby exteaIl ed that eefidRenee in tile ability of the pihliserls auld edt ie wich tit , tislioieetlstnot wholl, ,'ialrcerird. The work will Ie, printed in French and Engl;sh, upon aood paper and with clear type; nor will any nx pee ore are ie spared toll nlake e whole mechaaical sxeution if it eorres a od with its great iltoirtane It will ptobably le ready for delivery in tile month t.a Septclmber next; and the price will lie, to insttrietrs, fifteen ldolla's--ive dollars to be paid at tlhetimne fub. scrihing. TIhe subscriptiton lists one sclosed, tile etore price will hbs twernty dollar per icopy. ilap 6 i JOIdi NS & CO. Publishers. t,'R NEW Y)RK. [loieiana and New York line of Packets.] Si HINsrills. claai Eldridger th in o leave rmi the altaiteact pattiettility in thter time at nuailing, tila line ailltherraefter ionsit f five Shtips virt lhip Vicksburg, Captain Wrs to leasu, to leave thn It. i st Jani.tirs. Shlp Minr tse;pi, Captain Iavis, tot leave on the 1th I 1,-"" Thle above shi ss are all new, fg the fliet elnfs, cop aoratl ena cnpper fnstei'l,t and iitnlwrd of 5.i) ttas burlheni iitietf light ilratuWit of water, laing bal t ill New iaYrk expressil far lie trade. T'le price 'of p sage is fixed at one hAruCred dollnrs. 'Their cabins are fitted up)lon the neostilnproved and convenient plauand finished in a itant nd elegant st'yla. Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, andll every regard had to the comfort and entire satislaction o passengers, who will please take notice that no berth can be secured atun Ial paid for at tie office of the consignees. These packe.ts are conunanded by Captains well ex perienced in the trade, who will give every attention, andl exert themselves to accommlodate. 'Ile will at all times he towed up asld down tie Miisaieippli Ib steamboats, and the strictest punctuality observed it the time of sailing. The owners of these hips will not bi reospunsible for any let er, pitacel or pcknage by or lut Ion hoard o, hem. unless it reular hIill iti ladlina'la signpIl tlhrefPre at thei cnonting hoiten of the ageits or owiners. For urther particualrs, apply to It BEIN & A COHEN; nor 13 90 Conllnn st. AS fuatnaf fify eail t atlr ba tlhlineiA iiu h., tat i of Julv,a large launt:h, ( English Ibuilt) copper faItened, and has been coppered, she is 2"2 Ifet lonig, and eighl feet lea'n,; -ad has Loe, s.lop rigged, ua there a re iron straps Itrward for rigaing. Whoever re cogniees taid launch, will pltatec call at No 7011 ld Levee. a i-I PJ2NSU40L IL tiASION HOUSE NEW CITY, PiENSAGOLA. it.ll eIt slbriter having pur.ened the leose anl fTr mturel' thlis well klowll sintbllshment, ftror Mr vior, thI lute proprietor, will be ready to reecive vie ;(elta Ir the-lasr i April next Nu. lroaas and totav ilynlrotovemera t, ill be fcund in the alltrratelllte ents ol ie i sion ll ilotse. Žnew land amore connudious li bathing blre will ie built, and warlu b tit i will be provided at all hours. A stable will be attachltd to theit, te, with good g caon mt da tions fir horses and enrrales. iilaer rate horses and carriages will also be kept for hir, at nmoderate price; and sail and row boats, with pertons to einuage them) for the use of visiters. LIliards and othee alnutselenls usually found at watering placea, will alobe firnishied, ald s, condlcted s lnot to interfere wi t the coniirlt and quiet of the boarders. Theu wines and Iquors will be of the beat quality, and to ensure a ull supply of ite, a caren llan already bLeen unoreld, whic will cruver about tile Iat i Mala. Mr F derick Ill:uard, wo formerly- kei e sil Itupelor h .,tl alt chSlcl,,,tti caitylr ill ....loltoatiiia eIe lirt the proprietor, who, with sneh aid,:confildetly aussure the visiters of last year, lad his friends generally, that theyv will rceive every possible ntention; and thereby exliects to gave general satialaction. The tocal advantages of this house are too ell known to ne.d a lengt.ened decrioptin here. The licts tliat Penmsaola is the largest naval station of the icnrotarllat the generel rendezveua ol'the (;Ilf squad. rin; tile elbrity of its climate reflielhed constcntly d ti1g8 ile unomer noanthi byUthte coolet I rteera frat tihe iall the beauty of ithe lty and the tetghcuring islanud- ad livers; the abundance and delicacy of tl fih with whlch the waters abound; and iia proxinni to the best Southllern markets, give IPenacola the pt cIrenee uver all other places in these latitudes, as healthy and deligihtful sumlnerretreat. First rate huats n ill rut between PenacoUla and N hile. anl will at all times be able to take the paiireng from tie NYew Orleans boats. NB ARNOLD. Pensancola, Feb. 15th, 18:38 Pr Gdentlelmen wishiing to engage roomll for their familieo, ian address the propriotor, at Pensacola, or Mer Sewtll T Ta'uylor, tie former proprietor, at New Or leano. Rm aceecs. T .9coford, Isq, Mir C Cllect, B MAlitin, Enq., It. Killi, i Mltb Il; S' T Taoiha, P P lRin, Esq, in Ner P S-A letter ie, toe recriv eommunieationa ftr persmnit at the obve hotelr, is placed t iGee Whituaia's office, 51 St Charles Exclhnge. FLORIDA ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. [7 Travellers desirous of taking the Florida route, via Pena.cola,in the North, are inlirlmed that lirst.ratu boats will eoustantllv run fron. Mobhile to Pensacola, leaving hlolile and I'ensaehta ee.rv ither day after the lst of lMa. (ood ctages will always be ptovided uy the subscriber to be int reladines to take passengers from Mobile, in ease of the failure of the bnats. N I AtaNOLD. The steamnltoat Champion leaves Mobile for Penca cola twicei aweek feb _'iltl U R..Ali:6 hhd,,ptnnt a oneals, er .sale Iry HU\IPIIREY'S FtOREI(;N TOUR., &e. G REAT III.ITAIN, PRANCE and IIII.GIUM, nashort 'Tour in .1,5--By Iletal Iluallhrey, D. i)., IPresideat ofAlmhere t Clegle, in ! vols. Tiha Work, oJf lMrs. Sherteod.--ietlg rthe only complelte andl unifoerm edition ever IIatlished in the l!nithd e ctrtct. ol 1.. Jlst retpceiveld and tr s:le by W 3111'it oN, 'i r te I'eIC C .r nit' .it.-'r . ---------m · ... ... - m InK WV. EVANS' IAS tMIILE PIS1. THI highly valuable medicine may be had whole. sale and retail at New York prices, of KEE & D'LANiE. U Canmp street. It is confidetl recomm nended Ior the following e s eases: IDyspepsil in all its fillsoe: bilious andl liver af lictonse, in evvey stage and dagre; fecoale siCkuoas more particulorly the naseon illeltln to lthlers; Iluor ulbus, fever and aone, incipient c.,noumptbms oar t"e cliures, whether of the liver or longs, hs'tlaehe lr ' ili ness, loss of nppettie, tervous tretlrrs, ine!,ritilill er delirium ttrmene, epas'rodic ffsetion of all kinds. rl'u matnism, whether chronic or inllammatorry nervous or bilious rivers, of every variety; n:crfula, rheln. and all blotches, had humors, end imneure cmpne. i n of the skin; raetlessless at night, and daily irritnbililvt and nrelanhoy'; thle summr cmnplalc, ailid cholera lorhns or in grown pern nt. warllr ailo fontll oInty, with bad brath; chlorusis andi palpirtations of its heart and llead; changes of femalel cnltittiton; and fr impnairel nnd isoreanized conslit.tions in either nx; whicl0 n rtel )enI pmanentla relieved by snY o ther ecdicinest A naine etril of I)r W Evars' ledieines i any of thee ceas.r, will prodce sucll refcts will ill diauot their iuelromepesrlle suerilrity, and ind'ro uch sa us ofheo en 'will insure a speedy lnd tlraestinll bhl" ure. I)ire'eriots flr use aclltnllnouin' theil. Nalerons certifincte f cres will hbe shIown, as fron the length of the catlogue it is iempoosible to give them puhlicity through tie medium of a newsmnler. t nn Dr Evans' ntalelogue tblr are. upwards of 25,000! n ces and in this rity we can refer to many pernnla- wlho have bet ,elicved a"nod in somea inetanern entirely relrred of lolg st.lllndi. diseases, by Dr eveans' Catmlllaolie fills. anll) 101, STATE OF LOUISIANA-First Juditial. Court. llIE S'I'ATE OP LOUISIANA, To all whom I these Presets shall come, Gtreetiltg:-Whelres, James Blrnes Diggs hcbvig purchased at a stle nmade by the Sheriffllf the larish of Orleans the prnperty hltr insaier d.esribed, has applied to the clerk of this court, in whose oflice de ldeed of sale was icrlrlel ot tllrLe l day of Ap ii, A. I). 1838, for i ninlitiot or'liat llmlt it aolitl.rity to an act of thle I.gislature of the State of Lo.isis,, entitled 'All eact for the ftllhlr assI rance of titles to purlchisets cat judicil aldes;" she 10th day of March, 1834. N.OW, therptfre, rknow ye, and all pr'eons Itaterested he rein, are hereheby cited and admanished in the Ctae of the Staent Louisiana, and of the First Judicial D)istlrict Cour, who ca set up nany right, title or eltiml itn s ad to the 1ropertyi herelinnfter dlcs'ribted,in lolseiulenae f alny inflrnlmality in thle order, iileree orjudgmtlent oflthe COIurt mtler which the sale was made, or anye irrguli r illegality in the alpirir. se.ntets and d.hetirrlolalar . , in tine, ort IIantntCr of le, (Ior fil any other dreecrt O llrtl e r;: to .how calse, within thirty days from tile i Ithis motion is first inserted it, ite rrrlhliaper% whi tot shl. so nmde houl d nhoI t b +firnlcd aml hnlohl aitgd. The said proltwrty was sold by the Sllriff f the lpali;h thaien'liid on tdle u0th day e Mrli·ch, A. D 1i8:0, t ti. toe of a decree of this court, renderedi on lit' 20th day o Jllluary, A. 1). 1838, ila sulit entitlled Jinoes Iai'nae Digigs ea . lufll Greene, No 15,191 ol the dckl t of this Corot, at whi Ih sale said Jamets iarnes D)igs bemle the pul;lser iLs' the price of tweany-fire tlLuslll dIi. e'ription of irtet'ler as given, i the Judicial C;l- ' yesaliC.e, -Iz: Acrltrai' pie," of propertry or tlarcl orft gronaltll o I,'le' .ith all the bui linrs and ilprov'cenl'ats hereon, riilhts ri'vlleges, 2s. tlereullllobelolrgiln, ror ill anlly ise persining, sitiuate in fauhoerg AlincllOini.lllo, lioe this nity anrd nl.ensrm'ing in E.i'glisl mrear, three huhed at Ifstiv-six oirtn md Itur-eigllths of ia inch front ol the poblierodloil tlew Letvee st, lthree hIurl and sixty en. feet six ilnchendl ftour-eighths of an inch fmt a i 'eleste s, two lulndr.ed lad fift1y-ive' feet nine illllerF'nllrl two-eighllths df:ls inch orn a line fnting onll Old l street, until it strikes the boundalry lirtaof liulrelt %lil landon's pro.rty, t the corntr oif 1111 Levee sand Nuns aree't; there fol.ring t' right nrgle, e't'raidilg Sigitry-flva. fett ilidr tli'ree islihes dellpalrgtile lonunil, line of said Miliaudono's propertyn parn lrl to ('eleste street; there forlllig a right nlgle, n lll etendilg ni it thrre feot eleven ictahes nld three eighths i d' a.b itch onl the boutllnr lin.e of Lois edes I) rd ' tIrly, pLarlie Ito OIl Levee straet;there hlrmlingll anotlher rightna..l, ind extendling foty Itwo tfet sevel inchesn d s lit ive eightlhs an inch mo the hioundary line of said Dedl's I'operty, imrallel to Celeste street; there ftorilg another right ngl'e, andl .xtemling oe Inldled lanl twenty seven lree ten inches and four eighths of all inch ul lhe blnltlllary line of said Dedei's property pariallel to the publlic ro.wl and Nesw I ee street, and seventy sixi feet four indche indl fourrighths of nainch frolt on Nun's street, acncerl ing ton planby J. Pilib, City Surveyor, mode :lid Jan vary, 183In2, aliexed to an act paslhd before T Cane, Notary Pullic, on the ..lth January, 183'. Witness the Hon A. M. iInlsubao, Judge of the Comrt lforesmud,thlia iath April, 18.8l. na'23,m;:&l3 P. LE B1LANC, LDep. Clerk. SANCTIONUD ilY TIIR FAoIUL L1 OtF Il)E CINE. f.lIORN'S Compnoltu Extro et of Copiha and sl rsai S irilla -A certain, satst, mul mst eletual inme ld ever Iliscovel'l for the cmal of Gollorrhlsr , Cluets, Stricturles, Whites, Pains in the back willl.ins, semlllal I weakness, affectionsl of the kidlie, gravel, scor.iotic er.altioas, Usc. Fl toI inttodtetlon ofl a medicine pttssctintg tIe tsefl c andt active virtue of the one now otflred to tile iubliu, se proprietor hlls but to refer to the lnumesus t. ttae metalistltms received fronl the most eminent of thl le dteal f:lutlty in EUtlope, believing tdst it will be idls aplsreeiatedlwhen itse neritesare sore fully kttw',n T'I e Bnlsam of (Cplliba, so extensively aored,has |list much a of its credit tfrom the dislike which atsients turn erl, t exles. t regsal'dia its disagreeable taste, Iltatula'.ttl:e ttitducede il tile boaels sll stontthsl, atdl itsi letsetttlre inefl~cielte when used in tile ilsttllula)r stage. The proprietor has nude ali analysis of the BaIlsa, co.'airva atg that the more activeqtuliteswould thereby be tuch I notre Inoncealltttrtl td and ire usefully oilllinstit.eed thans ill the present satet. Thi lhbovee mel.Oite clnnlines is - a grt'dients which at're in the highest repute auleo. the most saicntifie awl klarned in the slisfensiot. IaEch I sirasg ill die compositiosn of this pretalation incresses stt et etfieacy of tale ohewr, Irtt~luilng all operation truly asto nishitilg,: sti rlaing tile most aagutinr expe'tattilots; posseasiig at the same time the advatlttae of its being administered with perfect mueesel in Ilhe lifferenLt stase. of ttlte aore disass. The nolt eminenut Ihy-siians and surgeon.1 . ' tile pres.ert day exojreas their dlcit el ap iiro',lms il ftrvor tia Sr.'ltatilIs, whilst its IIust ill it priseinsal hospitaststtls 1dtpslic medical isstituttots hlt he n, m.d still contiUttnes, very extt.sive: It was a lsa ollre rellme with the celebrated Dr Altetlrithy ill al venereal afil.letionll, al inobstinate utlansoutl erti arising frotl a itisortteredl late of the lli tive tnctionls. laviil;g been suabmitted to the test ani exxperiresre of the mnost celebrated amoang the faolty, dtey have etlas¢sud their aotittisotinl of its extraortdinary ettlacy ill ever ase tntder their a harie, by aldoittisg it lHth in their luhlic ad privatj pasCtier. Their oh ervltions will be interled hereafter. Prepared by J i Thornl, Lhemis Lonldoll. Priae $ S0 per pot. 'TESTIaMONIAIS Fron, A H St;dnmo, F.Eq, F itL . Sieloni to the St Thontas Hospiltal, anl'surr ml Anatoni. The trial which I have made ofyour pre.partoinn in a ] variety of eases, both nmale Hl female, in its results hote p(rved so highly favosablle, thalt I do ot hesitate its IronoUcilg itgi onIe of tile most valuable and eltteilcaus remtties ever ofltredt to il publlllic, and one in whiCnh Iron experielnce, I scan place every liiattce, whlilst it dols tlotlrolltd the stnne unp.l.skatt etiutsustuaily ex jt'rietced tfrom coptt sisa. From G I Hfayward, M It C S, Plhyslcia. to tile St Marvlebone Dispenssrs. I take great entsoe a i in idting my trestiltay to Ihe valuable properti es o u t'.r Ia'rlarVti nh , w'is sni g "ou tilhe sucless you so fully d.kerve, Is aoll stsle 'aarlt lifor the lnhrablndsl expenset t incurredl is bringing it to seuh at'tti islete pt'fectioa. FromW O Cooper, F I S, Surgeon to Guy's lio T lhe anifor teees wi s has sss tiatits teriur m-'.seit'imiitt ae'{oat t ar safflietes.ta'itli\ it oa sdiseases, has fully satisied me tha it it has oly b known to ae truly alpalpseutd. l May the success 'o so well deserve, amply nal speedily reltay you for ourti valuable npelration. From Sir A Cooper, F S P RC S, &e. No. Ilaving been ilduced to try yoularxtiet illn sevem snearsof violent aGonorrhba, whi had ad hitherto blflrt every sprescription tdminisered by lue, havitg ft.ol1 irealai speedy cures eife.ted by it, i .t few'1tn a-I Icel my self|, duty bound to state that 1 now in tar luwnc. tire Ioth public and prlivat resmss el and us e nso et other. rom GW Blair, M D, I'hysiola to Guy's Hoe pitasl. the strict test whicb I have given your medicine r song my patientsl its invariible sseees s thus tha, illt induse me to aersevere in its u.e, and I dsrsan it san cot of jttice and of dutyi) to d may feeble test iasl ineonumendation of itsvirtus . Lrerntpyosl my sineeshr alos foi t e aluabh pre I se fyot o Exttr t fo the ure of (Ulontlte, ' sa i. I feel grateslful thalt OU have at last brought a medicine, rto utse lwhieh will prssve a desideratomnor blongsgit tin ill she medieo: worhk'l--s mrse, slLedy tIlll eltectusl cure sin easses of the above class. It attFatla sle idesotur in pulhlishiltg to the world the valuable qualities al o'ur Extract. Were it necessary, the pro.rietor eauld here funsish ainly mrer testimoials equally as ctulmesndatoor as the abSore; but trusts that itagr'ent stuceealshithenrto-the r.e &s expenlle at which it Ils been preareml, will prove its Sgreatest recommendation namong a diserliing publle. One recommendation tills preratatioln njo)s above all others is its seat, poata e tormnl-lnst up is pets-the made in whiOh it may bhe taken, being both easy and lea piant-its tastely inttutre, wath no reatrietionin Ittlts, or cnllmllemtent from btlsilless. Tratellers eslpecially would find this mediecine hitghl usoetul, and ought stnever to be unprovided with a preplastion pIossessing st'e ad. vantagres which the plssenlt onle cmnbines. Aceeompanying the Medicinl is a atmaphlet explana tory of the different stages of tlhe diease, withoult alln rta extla;tr, eontainling full anssd ample dir.tioni . For sale Iy 1C:RLES kI Cat. mr 14 Snaw.tat 1 Clo al o t.ta o 1i UShouldera. Cninnatte tled, landing fruomstail er Ill. aye, c. )lld for salPe t Ts t 'T:'I'a'gs'N & cirPx, .._-- _ ..:=..m.,..ii~_-imnl.i,,, mm·lllih TIlA FL.I.IIDA SFPAGL) COAt.It THRGUCGH IN FIVE AND A IAL DAT9, From Mobile (Alabama) to Augusta (tce. I - A \ IS lMobile every (ter d , imo em olately ailte Stile arrival ofi tll mail from New Orleans, per the -telamino l .mEnuIn, to Blakelo. colohes to Penanloe stomtoboats (per P'eneo ol IBa ',§t Rosa sound aind m hol e tahaehic River and Bay) to (dtluor eBluC, coaehes thenlet via Mariannie Chattahlochee, (litrmerly Mount Ve'e non, ) llinbtlldge, Pidlertoo; Iluwkinsiolle and lauios ville, to Augl.ta. A possengeer taki,; his seat at Mo bile is in no danger of beiag thrown at or losinng his b|alerence b. other conltieting iatersts, ar the PLORI() DA I]NE is but on ooncern, and unlder one eo1tro thentgiots, aind may rely WIZTH cErtNlrtT uYlM hi atrriltoat Augllsta 0i titla spectfied, thrmegh all weath' er and at any senson, unless some most unforeseen estaes tr ophe should oertlr. The IGrat New Ohle-ana Mail is rrtoit by this route. The Agents for eeeomototbda tlln, Tlr'ts,, Co.ches andotl)rivers .el not .Iri.npieb the Latthn conatry,. The smooth, Itoe, nntoret roads, the safe nlanfthsir esti.g waer neovi.alin, the titme nd oconnell latoimo: attelfl tie tralveler teed., cerwiore, comflort, md a pletd tgI vm-ietyo; contne'tedt as it weil witl the Rail Roal t;hlarleton, S. C. eto the teln poeotte to New Yer:, IcItels.r c 1't rn. ll New York fromn .N.W Oldeon.. .b,- ra^. 11 too--t' aWohigotto' city in 19. Flrlao (ChaotahaooIee, Florida, we ItSle a lrto.j I.ina ea h and Tot!llo:t e, to St Mtcks, hrl, posit tlalch:, :dmo two BRHlChi:s fitom Hawkinsvilly one to \li!ledgeville, ul one to Mtiaot, light two lot a Atll tr .TA, 0oth. 3t. R 1.5. c: tat OItoMotio t Hosee Mobile ,lltile to A.tglto, 5411 .t Atgllao to f;iloi:tt.,t, 19G 3 (h:lol'tt ton o AVt. to, orl: , 18- 180 litme, Ntw Orlea to Mobile, o8 isoir Mobile to AugusI, 59 ", A.tlesta to Chri. 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[el' L 1" l ool l aol d elrordl. dllnot pr lto t No 9 dopt, 0 lo toeu. d loto j pjr ' I' Z oiool~o.ll hop L(o Vl'ox r (iretO l, to 16 tl o L lotto i nh Ot tr, t rot o lirolo Ir tixd (0t-oo thI 0l O 0ub0ci c 0000 plono tr n f rot o oit logetd dnrie. torieart o oioo pird Oooo pOtwuo0 C ,p olor t OiPlt hNolooo'lltioge, r otot trtoIooiu th pxooolblneo ooo tLf0 Urioi tor wloF0oo0r 0inh p qndu t 10ha001teri00 orluoto ;orin m tarbleo 0 oo l'O tI r tlon nito, T oli pods t potla~ea et It~liitsn eP" e ~ Irofnndur In u,616 qui lrle ltaOp llt& i o' otall , 0i 0 ot o dlin id , oiutl alparte. ba l t ( iai !,ýnt flix Ileaf ri*·n ,no, ponced to lnrgo dLns it tootu,'oo ohorsu b d Itr tco o tolne alitt drI of Pgird-sH ptourn. Hydulie eUOIelite(- lee and ti otra. ld., H 1 ll Go do~e tot 1ohtdo floi.t tor ood~~ llpoooooooiu00.togiia tot Noo(oS 0Ž07, 0001 01. 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