Newspaper of True American, August 23, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated August 23, 1838 Page 2
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COMMERCtAL. I .nltel U ,n.. Cinlsta. A ........... 17 Whorlolctn. Asg ......15 w Y rk , ........ 14 I ii . ........15 InlEdo W h Yo ........... n I.YeOoioil,s Air.4e s a .18 I t a o Aug............181 d1l. l e..oo, 20 o ..1. . dru . A . ...T I.inverp.l, ly ........1 ABE1(loo rq Noble;1Aug. 6 Phaoole oly.o and 15 Ihds u. Aug..... .h I..cltdoac. Jily .. 20 .. .., PKrOVIDlENCE A u....... 175 l.vre Jon ...... ...d . 6 mi I. NEW YOeLK-Ps I.hp Kor.s so..cdc 051 oil todl. 37r , kola fin ood skis, 5u1e 1 ,csk. bofolor 0,0 IAM1N--ELIo.l s; Nolke; 216 Ibols c otto d e25 n and 25 h HAVANA-brsig 8.lvodoi 1 ibklo adtS keg. lord, 505 bbi so reb pork aon ST. J08 R-f. Vialia 1 55 ton is 2 bl. pork and 4 bd. ftour. t '. SAQ OLA-. sr Alexade*r; eoBr, whiskey wine, brandy, to corn 4u bi RECEIPTS PRODUCE. & SVkokhbhoe-Par summer Meophwi..s .to: 25 boles otton m LyiMe s arrc & c4 Ldo. Lambeth " Thaou. n;o 1 do, A H 8aer t co; 55 do, W Bagart; 6 do. N A J Dick a co; 6 co do, Smith & Yonorb; 74 do, Ruco,,r o 80aoto.i 31 do, re Ruitu.. erridy so; 6 do. Thomas Barro; 2 ndo. use.t. Toapon Wait 4 do, eyuolds. Byrne t co; 8 do, pinpe atRo e4--Per tme. HMorlner..ereo: 1 box mode, V to Aierdt Iklelrso,.La Ruad1 & sJacqlet; 'G1 bblh .uar, 39 0 do IOl.0 N & J Dick co; 30 du, I BrMoler; I tohit snur,.L .usa I boeo I boo. fDall4olo Amrut I1 biII lpston, Lt w *c. oeolone, o board. LEMORANDA. Noew Yorkh. 14tb Aouu.-Arr. bril Fow, Snow. heoce. outoon. Itoh Autass...Ar r ship Eai, Cihook, ke. CI'd ship Hlrold, Ho..e, for NewOrtl..s On 013t-CUl'd ship Aruo, Diauy, for New Orltas. NOTICE. P pITHE Cpurtnrhnrp hetodors exiting in thcli. cityy I hstwenthe oubee'iber, under the firm of Lane, Van Wyek to in New York, Laidlawc & Co.,and din NuuherMia-., Van Wyek, Laidlaw 4- Us., is dios.l oed by um5tna.oodndt. John Laidlaw, Peter N. Van V. yak, amd Thomao W. Van Wyek are authuriozed to I s the name of the slta in iquiLation oAly. JOHN LAIDLAW, ANIDREW LANE PETER S. VAN WYCK, THOMAS W. VAN WYCK, Nasgwt-83 , 18ai. 138. COPARTNERSHIP. Thsue cribers have firmed a ophirtership in this ith mde them, ke of Van Wyrok o CO., and ib New Yaok ududrthe firm of John ULidlaw ¢ (;o. JOHN LAIDLAW, THOMAS W. VAN WYCK, auugl--1838. IME--1510 Ca,.ks landing from chlp Charles at 'rhamuton tier, below thte anl road, for sale by augl8 8 Coiti at NOTICE. W1LLIAM DOCKER It MICHAEL EGAN, if atpresent in thlesity, are requested to call at the office o the Texian Comsulate. NATH'L TOWNSEND, nug17 2ICE--7 Tierces fresh loet Rice, landing faom R brig Charleston, and io roNe, toor ocl bv LA YET & AMELING, augl8 17 Commerce street. M OIASES--0 bbls snl loses iu store, for sale by S LAYlT & AMIELUNG, ,I. 17 Clommerce street. B ACON--II0 hhds Cincinnaeti bcon aides, in lore for uale by LAYET & ASELUNG, augl8 17 Commerce street. MAYOILAL''Y OF NEW ORIEANS. T HE price of tsh flor to-day is $7 50 per bll. - .roding to the tariff, tke blakler. hoall give during ith e sltning wreek, (from MoImlii),) lth inot.,) 37 ,ouces olirohad for ablitt. lroad of' the secold qualilv ii re quired to weigh 25 per cent. otiRs, Viz: 414 ol ,ao. C. GiENOIS, MN? or. aug. 18. 1388. "RKAWING MoierialshOo,.nd a eliperir aseor n ,ent of Rewes & Sons' saperior water colrs in hoxesaof I, 9, 3 & 4 rowe; Whatnnllan'l superior drawiag paper, ofall siz es, from mdim 13 land 23 in cbhes, to anltquariaon 31 a01 52 iilches; also, very sspe riorBristol boards, Camol'o hair and sable lBrules, India Ink, Indian rubber, Lead pio eils. &e. For sale by D FEI.T & CO, ougl8 N I Stationer's Hall24Chrtres. -i.- T -TA-.O. l-O and a superior lot of Inkstands N concisting of oariely of plain aold cut lols, Log. gerheads, Nilliman's lpaten cootlitlg hloals pwter Ink chbute; Chine, focv of a variety cf puttlerns. A le, a splendid aoaorlmtrat of brolze Ink cstndiube, somle ve ry elegant; for sole Iy I) FELT' & CO, nel8 NY V Stationer'r Hall, L 4 Clhrtres. P3RINTI~Oh PAlER--Jut receivd 1511 rra. me dium priting paper, some very low priced, and someof fine qutlity, for sale by D FELT & CO, augl8 N Y 2tationer's Hall, 24 tChartro TO LET. A comfirtuhle small dwelling in Baronne l street, bobetweco Grovier and Ciomoi. ouito hls for a small fomily; Enqloire at .26 Tlchoup. iAoas street. ugl8 _ 1LLINOIS & OHIO FUNDS, for sale by NATH'L TI(WNOEND, jeSi Exchange Hotel Gray c ast. SIME-tO0 casks of Thomaston Lime afloat, and i for sale by CHASE & DIXEY, jy24 6 Otomthoure street. ALAGi A WINE--Swt aeet-ld)-ry M aiga Wi, a M in or casks and Indian bls, entitled to debenture, for sale by READ &6 BARSTOW, sle 67 Gravier street. M AtUFACTRUkEDTb'r ccst200 boxes, 8 s,12 r and pad lumps, of various brands and quali- I tieo, for U.e by 1 ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. augl11 1__4 M ,oint street --l-...-70ls Barsrels ofLe.e-; 0 Ialesi H -, land ig fre.s brigs arolime, and fo sGale by , LEVI H GALE, agtll 93 Cormmon street. M ttoELttL-a- bbis. No. 3 Mackerel, landing trem ship O)hiot for sle by augl1 ST'1ETSON &- AVERY, 88 irasvier ree O LET sil ltsat November ieat; the elegant LTwelini Honse, No. 117 bt. Joserh strest. Apply at N. 74 'oydrs street. jyl9 D OMESTIC GOODS--Lawrence & Co 1.4 heavy D browslheetings. Jackson &Co 3) inll brown shirings. Loswell not. 1' 2 brows cotton. For sale STETSON & AVERY, art4 aI GraOier stree, JAMES' NEW NOVEL, dc. IIIE ROBBER, a Tale, by the author of'Rich' Selien,' The Gipsey,' 'Attila,' &e. in 2 vols.' Tas Lova Cases, a Comedy, in five acts, b James Sheridan Knowles, author of 'Vtrginigs 'The Daughter,' e. &ec. Ion, a Tragedy, in five acts, by Thomas Nappt Taltiourd; 4th edition. SOClty ANN MaNslas aI AMeICAc; by Harriet Matineau, author of 'Illustrations of Politisan Economy;' in S vols.; 4th edition. A Practical Summary of the Law and Usage o Bills of Exchange and Pronmisory Notes; togetl or with a sarioe of tables, showing when bills, so and loans, drawn or accepted at any date wil. due; to which are added, rates of commission a stornge, equation of payments, and general inf mation connected with buatosse of the conrti house; by B F Foster, Accountant. author a ' Concise Treatise of Book Keeping,' 'The CI t Guide," &c. Tan LrTTLne Saas0 BoOK; a couroe of very cas lessons in Landscapse, Figures, &c. by Gene Childs; lt and d ad beries. Just recuived and for sale by WM MeKEAN jy8 cur. of Camp aril Common at . ALSO,-An additional supply of Three E riments of Living.-Living within the Men Living up to the Means,-Living beyed Means:" "8equel to the Experiments of Li .'The Ilarsourt;" ",The Saving's Bank." &c. EIDLtE.''Z POlWIVER--Just resoed a few Sof yvery sulperior SeidletL powders; neatly put . Stikboese, for salu by the rgts, does or single DAVID FEIl' & 4(CO New York Stutiener' at i, j,'26 24 ChirtnsM t FLOUt-I0 bhbl., laoding fro i stea huoat ' peerns, for sale by G DOK.'iEY, jelt 44 New Le t oDIlALS-C udiul o frdials eret kinds, fid is •J JAItYIS & ANI)ILEWS' jel3 roe Coammon o i Tehonplitiolas ifo COFFEE- 30 bags prime lHfvan coffee, ju veil aud lor sate b s & J I' WHITNEY, augl4 8 Conei r.eECU DlY oG(0I)D--2t'0 tackages, compriring osnety Saf seasonable articles, fur tale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, asrl 134 Mlasazine street A AS:OLS I Uuhbrel ns--13C aes of s1perior quality, landing from brig Swas, for sale by . ISAAC BIIIIGE , CO,. _ aug2lI 134 Alagaziue street. P ATENT Belaees-rrStevei' pllatrt balance; va rious ioes, wwarrinted correct, for suale by ISAAC BIlII)t.E Jr Cl, ausgfl 134 ltrgarrins t. I K-Nlse ' ink in boxes ot slid do b.stires, for sle by ISAAC BRIIGtE 4' Ct), asg2l i34 Magesasae s. T AY--500 bunlles of ahey landing from ship Wn. S1 edger, and fou sale by LEVI H GALE, _ a`tst1 93 Coommlm st Pl RM CendA.l .;iB Boxa. New B-ilford, -man. S tooketsper caNdl ITIbr sale b C .131 Magsoine st Ift-MLggBA !?s-4l reS he1aud Ilss lIne t5a5' ,I lsd useo, Ilinr Ir.o sbiCtlaerkaomn r.lL.,t ISAAC IItrllttF &Ceo. t131 2lagoidesteers. iunicipalite No. 2. - MERCREDI, 15 aout, 1838 mn Rdsolu qe IHilaire Ddnis eat et demoure auto. Cal rids6 eudosser poor le comptroleur lee billets de la municipalitd, pour loquel travail lui sera alloud Isa mdme compensation qui cello actuolloment alloude I M. Dean, juir. at autres. Signfe JOSiHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. j R-o!lu qu'il eat inopportun d'accilor I la de. mande do VW. E. Kennedy ot W. Stone, de lour avancer lea bonds do cotto monicipalitd pour lea mettre It mnemo d'riger une infirmerse. Sign. - JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdsolu qua le commissairesa do la catase d'imor tissmmeent sent et demeurent autorisds a avosir esconmpter dana uno des banquea do Ia villa certains as billets do Indite aisise ayant moins do deans mote to t courir, afin de.mltre loeadits commissaires b me me d'eocomptor pour le tr4sorier, lea billets a re- lit couvrer, appartenant t Ia municipalitd, pour cot- St respondre aux paiemens courants. II eat on outra rdso'u qu'il sera du devoir du comptrblour de fourni ace conseil ua tableau de or tour billets escomptld en banque on vertu de cotts be auterisation. Signe, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. 11 eat rdsolu quo la proposition do Patrick Ca. E rolan pour I'ouverture et to deso6oheatent de cor. taines rues done Ie derriere des premier et seconds districts de cotta municipalit6 et pour couper at W corder Ie boil, eat et demoure acceptde comme suit: it pour roueser le canal soixante cents par yard clbe, ti -le deseahement pres do cimetibre protestant, aa mema prix de soixantt cents Ia yard cube,-l-ou. d vcrture des rues comme il eat mentionn6 dane lea Ii aspdoificationa a soixante cants la yard cube,-le ambme prix, It comprendro Ia coupe du bole sur les a rues projat6ea en boil de corde pour Pusage de Ia t muunicipalitd, a uae pinatre at cinquante cents par corde, y compris la d6blayage: pourvs que le tra. vail soit fait conformdment au sapdcifications du o voyer et asa satisfaction, at pourv aon outre quo t ledit Patrick Carolan fourniue dees securitds sasi. santee dans Peopace de dix jours, pour Ia fidble a-d. n cution de son contrat. Sign6, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. RMolu queo le voyer eat et demeure autoriad i pennettro anu eitoyens de prondre do Ia terra dans It a'importe quel endroit de Ia facade de cette muni cipalit6, conformdmeunt aux erdonnancee existantes. 'Pourvu quo Ie voyer no permette pas quo la terre ! du flouve ou terra de culture soit prise dans n'im porte quelendroit do la fatado de cotte municipa lit6 ot elle serait ndcesaire pour. lea travaux pu Signe, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. S Rdeolu que le comitd sepcial chargd de conlnrer avec la Banque du Commerce, e'informe du droi t1 qu'a cotte municipalit6 d'insister at do contraindre SIadite Banque du Commerce a fournir de lneau a Is Y dite municipalitd conform6ment it a, A l'es. prit et a I'intention de Ia elharte do ladite btanque. '. Sigfin, re JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. - 11dolu qu'un coned d'absence oat et demourn ac. e. cordli Benjamin Whitney, alderman du troisibmo ic distri,.t do cotte monicipalilt, jubqa'a premnier no d'octobre prochain. eSirne. JOSHUA BALI)WIN, Recorder R dsolu queae maireeot t demoure autorisd I td. livrer I Jobu Minturn on rdgloment do son compte t. pour parage en vertu do son contrat, des bone do e- cttae tunicipalitd, 'de mille piustres payables on to, 25 ais, portant intdrdt do six pour cent par an, Iayables armi-annuellomentt, au bureau du T'rdso rier en cotte ville; cot tresignds par le recorder et Ic ' trdsorier do cette municipalild. II rot on outre rdsolu qua lesdite bone seront I ddlivrdo a Johh Minturn no taux de $100 pour ea shque $80 u lui dues; ledit Minturn u'accordant e. avoc J. W. Breedlove commae sa dcuritd pour te nir ces bons a vendre jusqu'au premier do decenm. h. Ire prochain; t moine qu'une vente n'on soit faite s. auparavant avec I'assentimeat et payeren outre anu od tIrdorier, tout montant r6edied par la vento desdits bons, exc8dant 80 pour cent; danrs Isqelle estita. tion d'excddsnt deora 6tre compria tout profit par diffdrenco d'dchange quo pourrait rdaliser lodit Minturn. Sign6, :1- JOSHUA BALDWIN, lecorder. Attendfh que la Cmpagnio do aI Banque et du clomin do for de la Nouvello Orldans et de Carroll. ton, a, on violation des lois et des droits du public, sr continuer I entouror I entourer Ia propridtd coom. me la eva du canal Gravior. II eat en constqueuce rdolu que aIndite compa ,t gaio eat et demoure requise d'unlever on do faire - enlever toue entourages et barridree dievds par elle, on par des pIrsonnes par ello employdes, autour do certaines portions do terrains, 6tant dans le centre de Ia continuation do Ia rue Poydras, audemous du 2. marchd Poydras, dans l'espaco do dix jours, sous li- peinu d'une anmende de $25 par jour depuis I'ex piration do ce jourjusqu'I cc quo lesdita entoura. gas ct barribres soient dnlevds; cttel ou ces amen et des reaouvrables pardevant touts cour de juridic Id tioes comptente, an profit do cotto municipalitd. COMPTIROLLER'S OFFICE-SECOND .IU NICIPALITY, New ORLEAns, Aanate 22d, 1838. A GRlEEAIIILY to aresolution of the 15th inst., I l will adjudicate, at this office, on Monday the 3rd September ex', at 2 o'clock, P. M., to the higlest bidder, seopitrate leases f the followinga stands for the sale of Oysters from the 15th of September, 1838, to the 15th of .pril, 1839, viz: One at the footofCanal street; One 1 61 Gravier One " 1 Poydras One " " Girod One " " Julia One " " Rohnac " One at the corner of Market square and New Levee. One at the extension of Nunn street and the Levee. cras: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 monthscredit in sat .ctorily endorsed notes. It is made a condition of adjudication, that all oyster shells, belonging to the , ..s of the roepective st'dals, be sold to the surveyor the municipality, at twenty-five cents per bLrrel. " JOHN CALHOUN, nttg93 Comptroller. urea du Cotroleur-Seeonde Manicipliie, S Novelle Ortihoane, 22 aout 1838. k IONFORMEMIENT A une r6solution do 15 du 'courant, j'adJugerai & men bureau, lundi le 3a 4e Septembre, D ux heuree de Papres midi, au plus b It euuh6risaeur, les haux a6pal.a des emplace a ns suivans pour In aente des hultres, du 15 de aep t the 1838 au 15 d'Avril 1839. in ans pied de la rue du Canal, Do. - - Gravier, ko. - - Poydras, Do - - Girel, Do - - Julie, Do - - Delord, Do - - Roflignac, Un au coin du ttarch6 et de la Nile. Levee, Un a Ia continuation de la rue¶ls Religieusea et la Lev6e. Conditions:-l, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 et 7 mois de credit, en Ill.ta endoas6s A satistctitoL I, hailt contiendj la e inditiol q to utes ler ia-uilles d'huitres apparte. a inntantu lil8.reus emplaceentae, devront etre vendues a0 " e 4e - munici aliti n A25 rents le haril. SIIO, uudereigted lhaving been dnly apptiiftd th Hnnorable, the first Judicial District Ca. :;ommissioners to estimatel al assess the damtnge an exp'nse of widening Itnflitac street, hetoeen New Ie vee street nd the river, have matde their estimate andl aseoanlelt, and have (hpori d two coities thereof, to gether with the plma, ine t hhei fl o tile cloerk of hcid court fr thie inslpctitn of all whIen, it nmy eolrernt. And public noti.e i hereby giten tlhat laid lestomte and assessment will to uroselred to snid court , er co. firtlation, on Salautintd the twenty-ninth day of Sp. t.thber IaPt; aid oll portlonte ilaermted itn promertv alt uated on Rletinae s1cet, or Ites v:eiity Ihtereo( are hlerey aottfied to make their objections, l any they ald esltimate andale esa.nt, on at bletire tile: tu etv-hrit dat of Solpt mhr ntCext. G. BNlKEI S. FIELD, Commisstinc it A - poir c'hoorchlc rdprmieodrdirit f tl ,mttnaires pour e valur et taxner l dolnmagt eti t fnie de I'ialgtnoerletnt de In rnc RIoflignc, e trpae a ro I de la Nouvelle-Lcvee et it Iletve, ott cotttplete lur tableau d'nvaluation at le tase, dotal ils oat depose de vraies copies, ave: un plan, an bureau t.r, de Indite 0our, pour T'instetpeion dde inti rescas. FIt avis public cnt duoci' qo I l snsdit tabltiau serc pri6oen it Indite cour pour confirmation, emncdi le "S de Septetobre ltmlhtiu; et toatet Iersonneo iltereas(es dons ledit tableau d'pivuluatlo eht de taxe, sen ir: t oo Ite perscnners va.t ilotate datn lees proptictsoittte, dana la rite Rolki.nac on le voisinoge sot ar Irle pri seanut n.otifies de fare leur objections, .'ils en ont, atldit tableau d'evaluttiou et de rtae, I oau avant le vines ct un de septelmbre proclhuin. Nouvelle Orleans, S2naout 1858, G BUSHKE, , S FIELD, Comolssairce CItARI.IS A JACOIS, PlI -.-- Go o P/,C. FoR SALE,--A printing olfice, compoaed of all 'the laterials ncetasary firo n tewopuaer. Au assortlent of Freoclh ac:crite; everal f,,tt oa Joe T'r; a large eeart imperial pren, &e, &c, will Ih aold elapo, and on easy tetmse. 'his ia an excellent cltnee for one intending to etablilhe a coinutry papr, antd vil lane JohiOffce. Trle type d.e. will be sold separately ferU tihe p.e. should such un arrungarac: at eon;ru dute theLlucu.letr. App:y at th;i cfic.. [ rocatthbaif of (ouftlil. wi TUE.nDA, 21st Aui., 11138. nt The Council met pursuant to adjournment: pre. sent, hon. Jullshua Baldwin, Recorder; Aldermen Caldwull, Meatx, Peters and Sewell; there being no quorum the Council adjourned to Tuesday, 28th m instant, at 5 o'clock, P M. the JOHN GIBSON, Secretary. the T'ilK 'RUE AMERICA,:N. EDITrED tn J *una euilBON. un PAITRTUL AND BOLD. las NE5WV O1L LEAN ftm THURS)A 1 ....AUGUST 23, 18:8 oP MILITARY. Those gentlemen who have enrolled themselves as members of a company of Mounted Chalse'ars, to be attached to the 4th Regiment, Loueiana Mi. be litis, are requested to meet at the Exchange Hotel, it St. Charles street, Saturday the 25th instant,a.12 o'clock, M. The attendance of every memhbr a erneetly requested, as business of importanc be transacted. 17'The express mail did not arrive yesterday. The Lady Killer.-Among the present sprigs of a English nobility there are, unfortunately for the e nation, many whose sole delight is notoriety: h who seek, as earnestly to estahhlsh for themselves t the character of a roue, as their forefathers did h that of a hero. To them a paragraph in a scan. dalonua hronicle, or a place in a police report is fame: while another genus there is whose highest ambition is to have their names associated-no matter holw or at what cost-with any of those whose talent, or position in life, attracts the public eye. Who prefer the reputation of oah intrigue, t. a that of a victory; and without a particle of pas sion to excuse them, covet the consideration of an intimacy with any female, standing in the world's repute, for the sole, senseless, pleasure of being talked about. Of the first class is the notorious 1 Waterford:"-to himn a night brawl is enjoyment, and a watch house row, ambition. Of the latter, the most notoriouls, since the time of Col. Berkley, now Lord Seagrave, is young Castlereagh, son of r the Marquis of Loundonderry, and nephew to him a- of infamous memory " Carotid artery throat culling Castlereagh." To be the supposed favorite of a distingutshed toast, or a public favorite, has been the acnte of his or paltry atnbition, and often and often has his name i -mcll to his delight -figured largely in the on e dits of scandal. Some ten days since we received i an account of a duel, in which he both figured and suffered, arising entirely from the unamiable ella. rsacteristic to which we have above referred. We did not think him, or Iis affairs, then worth notice, tnor should we now advert to either but that they no have been named elsewhere. We learned by a or letter from London that his slip slop attentions a la ditante-to tie celebrated crntlalrceMadlnme . Grisi had been remarked by natny for some months pasl. At length it appears he ventured on a lw. written declaration, which was intercepted by to lone. G. Maley, the husband of tile lady, who ninstantly called tile honorable lordling to an ac on, count. A meeting was appointed, and the parties - et at a place in the neighborhood of the metro polis called Wortanwood Scrubbs. On taking his at ground, and prior to the signal beinlg given, he "r delivered itlo the hands of Iias Insulted opponent't second t written paper, to be nesed after the issue i. o r tile conrst, ill whatever way Ito might deem lv proper. CuOllereagh took his place in a position its presenting the least possible portion ofl his chest a. exposed, while Mona. Meloy presented his full or front, and at tie signal both fired. The shot t of the ntblremao missed its aim, while that of his adversary ilussed thlrough Castlerengh's arm, r. near the wrist, and grazing the skin in a lile across his chest narron ly avoided a vital part. "Tha on-. test was lta ere l ended, and the documlent on being ic, peru-ed entained a complete exonrration of the n- lady I roi all possible blame, directly or indirectly, - lich was coroborated by tne titercepted billet ire which was evidently a tprocrir declaration. This le, o act of apparent magnaniutity might entitle its tro doer to some consideration did not his subsequent du endeavor to take the life of the man lie attempted to wrong irreparably render it entirely nugatory. r. It is truly fortunate for Mbons. Mcley, as well as n- Madamue Grisi, that the exculpatory evidence is so ic- strong, but It is almost)at to be lamented that the titled puppy purchased at so cheap a rate what was to him superior. even to success-notoriety. Hlowever, it was perhaps too near a tlhing to make lhinl liohltly hazard another such a life risk, and if it t, I direciis s almbition to worthier pursuits may prove ,lt of more ultimate service thai hlis intentions he , merited. The Atchafalaya Railtoay.-We are truly glad to learn that this important link in the chain of our internal improvements is about to be commenced in earnest. This most useful road will commence at Opelousas church and terminate near Point Cou. pee at a spot nearly opposite to Bayou Sara, a dis Cance of 33 miles. This road will join on to the Al exandria, or Red River R. R, and shall we not only have Opelousas it all times open to the Missis aippi and thus ensure a constant supply of Beeves for our nmarket, but the Red River cotton, which now by the natureof the water courses it is compelled to traverse does not reach the city un* til about February, will come to tmarket by rail. ways as early as October or November. This is indeed a mnost impurtant object to all the planters in that fertile region. Twelve miles of the Nashville Railway are now cotmpleted, and the lake share reached by the lo cotmotive. A house of entertainment is baing built on the shell bantk and will be opened in a fortnight's time. They who have not traversed this admirable road can form no idea of its beauty, or diversity. ''The fresh breeze brings thie rumlld waves duslling oil to the shore, while the outspread lake anid lth' extended Prairie render the place tuly delightlul. The Prairie abiunds with game, rId the luke anld large Bayou, Verret, are teeal. With most tempting lish. In the present mer weather the great advantages of air anslid e draise should tie partaken by all, anld in the loll i l over of teld spirits and naquatic enlljvtint i here have ample scope and recompense. T.'l'hie eatnier Girufllfe, Cpt. Swiler, ldeparts s iirnitng, anlid on Saturday, at 7 o'cluck, for le aterlng places ll the lihke. The Giraffe is a tobi . aut, with oxcellent fare land aeclommldu. 'ions, plld piossesses a colentonder thian whltm ail Sbller, or a better, cannoit lie ifound. 'ITheo weather continues delghitlli: tile ei:y he.hlthy: business dead. The rau loalls daily, yet so doeu the river, while the lake, on the coiItror) is remarkably higih. It is laughable to obcsrve with what faciity black becomes white, when it suits the purposes of our luco loao opponents to iishi the metalor plhosts. The Post of Boston, declares that the coLnest CI t Governor in North Carolina "iis mernly v nomintal," bIcause Dudley Is re-elected by twelve hundred nmajority, altlhough toe govcrnlment party went such extreme lengths to tiurt him out that they adopted, as their candidate, a main personally ;uIoxious to the P:esident, ye+t hoJ Ithy swallow that bitter pill n the htoc. that iot oextreme persa.oi al popularity would have dtoatied ithe whig party' AltI ouglh acknowitdgind that the lere legislature has a strtOger whig mI uri niy avetn tilea it lately had, the sanguinc 1unot consoles ttsell anid Irieden I(O vith thle osaunal that "North Caimuhola will soon he arrayed emphatically on the side of the adninis tration." if, in theI year 1841, rmeane "soon" we it entirely belilve in the prophecy 1o tile Post. tern We are glad too see that even sonme of the ad ministration are beginning to dee and reprobate Ile the iniquitous system of favoritism exercised by iD the department at Washington in tmaking appoint ments both in the army and navy. Some of oar r most efficient officers have left both services in dis gus', and few will be ambitious of entering them under such malndministration. The Courier of ' last night says: bot With the finest materials, perhaps in the world, mo for making soldiers and soiltrs, a svetem of p. pie pointmenta has prevailed, bothi in the army and oavy, that is certainly contrary to the genius of f our republican institutions, and illy calculated to inspire sell-respect and emulation in the ranks. Types at a discount. Some discovery at Pitts we bhrs, it is said, enables its owner to cast types fully I fifty per cent. cheaper than at present. .'Arnewgrowth. Acontemporary observes:"tihe ardest in the state of Maine is very premising: heat and cornmeal never looked bettor." Bad news this for the millers. The Astor Libraro.-lh appears that the report of the munificent donation of John Jacob Astor to establish a public library in New York is all .a hoax. Mr. Cogswell who was sent to England' "by the Report," to purchase the bnoks declares he never heard of tihe matter except through the medium of the press. Was not the story intended as a gentle hint as to what the great ntillionarc ought to do More .lurderal the .Nart.-Thomss French, a blacksamith employed on the Croton Water Works, near New York, was murdered on the 8th instant, by four of his fellow laborers, named Peter Farren Oran Murphy, Peter McKinlay,and John Conklin. Farrsn is in custody; the others are yet at large. Stabbink.--A colored man in New York, oit the 13th, stabbed another in the s.reets, but his " in tent to kill" was frustrated only by the rib bone. Tile Cincinnati Gazette in its summary of ns Oans news says " a netw steam boat called the Champion was to be launched, &ea." The Ohio River is so exceedingly low that the mail boat between Louisville and Cincinnati fails d three or four times a week, and it is with great is difficulty that the ferry boat at the latter city can to cross to the opposite shore. , Sable Vocalilsts.-Corn-meal is in great force just td now. lie has a number of fresh melodies which he gives in his own peculiar, & most singular manner. ~e Corn-meal isna genius, after his own fashion. Could he emigrate tt London he would make a fortune ay mong tle Cockni.e, and consign the memnory of o Jitn Crow t to tlhe tomb of all the Capulete." It would be a good spec. t lladonte Vestris.-It is runninge tile rounds of the papers, and filltng the minds of the people at large that the recently imported manageress of the Olympic theatre in London, is t Madame Vestris, the celebrated dansease," as tile Augusta, and t many other journals term her. Madame Vestris never was a dancer, atd we preatte, tonever will is be,-except so far as the graceful art forms one of he tile accomplishments of a linished arliste. She was ornmerly Miss Bartalonzi, daughter of the celebrated engraver; was for some years principal contrallo at tile Italian Opera in London, and sub n sequently up to the present time one of the most at popular ntd talented actresses on the English ill boards. She is ill to nway connected with the at dancer of her name, tnd never made a pirouette on of the stage except in the dancing duot as Apollo. The great fires in tfhe ine lands of New Jersey still conttiue, and tile excessively dry oitet of the Sweather in that section threatens a lo)tg continuo. tion of the calamity. The civty of Philadelphia was le almost * n child of the mist," on the 10lth instant, I, owin to the dense smoke cumting over the river from the extensive fires in New Jersey. A hundred is tho.sand dollars would not cover the loss already caused by these fires. .Mystery.- We recently stated that a morder of a very mysterious character was supposed to have been perpetrated on the night of the 31st July, in Rosevelt street, New York, as a party of men had been seen to lift and carry away a human body, and a pool of blood been found on the spot where it ihad lain. It now appears that a southern gen Ileman disappeared about the same time without anly trace, or apparent cause. His name is not given, nor his location, but he is described as short, thick set, inclined to corpulency, with a full but pale face, bushy hair, and large heavy eye brows remarkably black. Gold.-The ship "' Ville de Lyons" brought to New York, on the 13th, a million of dollars in gold,-- art of the Neapolitan indemnity. Treating the Ladies.--A man named Philander Worden, keeping a public house in Chatham Square, New York, very gallantly took a party of three fair ones over to sundry rural and watering places on Long Island, at each of which this Phi landering rascal gave the ladies "a treat," to pay for which at every one he changed a $5 bill on the Morris Canal Banking Company. After five of these visits it was ascertained that though they were apparently "a treat to the ladies," they were no treat to the landlords every bill being a forgery. The magistrates not deeming it quite so god a joke as the fair ones did, took the liberty of sending the culprit to Sing! Sing! but not to phi lander the ladies aeain. Honte bred IWhales.-Six L humpbacks," as they are called, were caught some ten days since witihin nine miles of Mr. Desert Rocks. War in Golhat f Harbour.-The French strips of 1\\1r iii New York, were to have a sham fight on the 1Gt insrrtant. Sltae Vl'allh.-Th'ie tolls on the New York Canals thin seasuno up to '2d July were $631,387 08, being $141,221 87 mote than last year. POlRT' OF NEV iItLE, " s. . CL.EARIANCES. hitlnp Saracen. Devereaux. New York, S J PWlitnrey Bark oNsble, tanso. t, trsille., I. tt liale Irig Cora. Curti, oreton. Ckhale Diay Iitrg Neptbtne, Letlltt. eProvidence, (hiies &c Utoy erig:oolvdor, Rurnt, .rraeillr. J IFatot&o Sn Cnl- Ito.o ill Itlluu t el, oy, Mobile, iMster aClar V .sier, ttlllic,, St Joieliep , Suster Sclr Alexanoer, l.iddle, Lt'Puseola, Mster ARRIVALS. Sttorierto Mariner, Nortud, fro.f atotei Ritute. itelrnilr etrlaithi., nrr:eth fruom Vl'tsbtrg. i~nterome..t Irihter. Repouru the teci.utern liurduu and titra irpus c trmtng up w anth a tow. ENGLISl, FIRENCII AND SPANISII ACAD. E. 1\'. J).otoFESSOR 1i()RI'IIY,asslited Iy gentleroo of .- proer qualificatiolnOl, tll ep.erlrnte, hltt oplrned ai Arcratnry, t mIt t Iric:k budldinrg b.longing tI Witt. Brand Esq., adljOiinng the terandht on St. Charles street, where voun gentleomen, well disposed, will re reive d goodedrtrr. Mr. A soelicits the co-operation of Lis frienrds atrd Ilthose ofrducneation, to enarble rim to render tlria innti ltriuort itl neul and p:naneut. SilIE UUflu IIt--it keg primre iushean but G ter, Ioudi n arid fr sale be I.Ai.VENCE b- LEGENDRE, a,,g :t -8 t & d9New Levee. FT(IR .ALE-From rrl torr irn cwt.efeftoepZinclby I CI.1Y j.CLI.AIHK, Pluotue.s, ainl?3 .I1.! 10'. .,o"a slt're IFFICE NlW ORLEANS & NASIIVILLEa RAI1, ROAlD CiOMIPANY. D RAFTS on New Yt k at icbt, 31t andl it days sight, flr sale, in sumns to suil pumchusers. Al -o. Ceda tllmr flor lst and leprs, and hkilhIdl ohia lumber wheels and earls for sale ou ltnitoable " terms. JAMIFES H CALDVnEL, 1, aug23-- t President. bAK-E Netiec no bill agaillst tle i loutiung D)ry Dock, ainned end approved yhv Jmtn es Dick, will hereafter Ih paid iby the owners of th. FBlorting tlry Dock. the said James lTick having oever beeo M uth'r ised to mnake illy Eotracts. Moreover, all bill- from this date will bnve to ie ap- C -proved 0nt tigned fby tie agent of the Flotiu Dry Dsk. IIERMGINE UBROWN d" CD, aug2d3 9 Conti nt. t\O I'ICE. r IHE steamer CHL.ICeTHe, Capt. Carlisle, for Lou isville havingbeen unavoidably detained by tie bad weather, will positively leave this ('Thurday)n morningo,t 10 o'clock, at which time passengers will ,please be on board. STETSON & AVERY, nug23 sb Maniestree ot. -' OR SALE--Tne plendid steam boat MERCHAe'iP; L'avinigundergeeaa thorongh repair, willbe rea dyfiTrseca inafe adye; this boat in coppler lastened and ceppered, with n epper boiler and aplennldid en gine: her aceotenodations being very eatenoive, and well found in every respect: for farther particulars ap ply at the ship yard ofGrepery Byrne wheat the now lies, or to AUNSEL WHITE 4-CO, augl--16t 96 ravier street [IME-501 Casks Thomsston lime, Ibr slne ,y CHASE 4- DIXE, . - ASR Note- 1000- -- - doHA 1 eb aug23 6i Custom Houre st, ALT-500 s acks line salt in store and fr alay by S & J P WHITNEY, aug'23 8 Conti st. -OAP and Tallow Curdles--100 otes Tallow Cant Sdies 210 boxes No. I and extra soap, brands of James Gould and Jackson 4 TrowbrideL for sale by - ISAAC BRIDolmE & CO, aug23 134 Maeazine St. 'DEWEY'S SERMONS. UST recnived a few opies of Moral Viaws of Crn sner a Society and Politics, in twelve discoursen, by orv. Orvil De e·y. For Aale by DAVID ,FE LT 4- CO, d N Y Stationer's HIIll, 21 Chartres st. b TI--E--lI00 caek TIiii'iih eiii;innrtj-I~ - - SHERMOGINE BROWN 4 CO, aug23 9 Corti at. RTINES i4 Liquors-6 0 baskets Champagne Wine, (Congress brand.) 100 do w wine, (Layeottse brandc;) 10 pipes Madeir; `250 qr. , casks imitation Madeira wine, in store and noronle by HERMOGINE BROWN - CO, nIt aug2 9 Coti rt. -, OL bblk . in atore, for sale by a LAWIENCE * LEG.ENDRE, Saua3 '2 8 and 9New ,coee. Ru T oulsY U Notes-Inl00 dolls . firsale by SJ T'HAYER & CO, au ug3 74 Poydrss street. S UGAR louane alolanse-s- 0 barrels for Sile by J THAYER & CO. nug.3 74 Poyda streoet of ICE-25 casks Rice, just recrved and oBr sale Iy Nh J THAYFEII . CO, S eug23 74 Poydron street. C ANVASSLD Helam-in, hlnds, tierees and bbls. in store, and fur sale by he LAYET & AMEI.UNG, ang23 17 Commnerce street. --, l AI)--iob Kegs tnrimo Lard in sltore, for tat 1 sale by LAYET & AMIELUNO, aug'23 17 Comn.ere" street Ci -EARP. lP K -6 barreieciear prk in sta and for sale by LAYET 4 AMELUNO, let oiug2: 17 C aonmerve street. h PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, No 13, Toulouse st,--v imrs Ilofl'mno.h ar. rFi\IiS house is spacious and convcuiently ilauted I for men ofbusioleoss, niear tihe Levee anod ne New Exlchange Tbe table will be well supplied and attended to, aniil the charge moderate. of Boarders wishinge to nae lodging, can It nceonmo. It dated, at different prices. with commoo iious litlrnisled rooms. Boarders will have the nsatifanticl to meet tbnre, persons sipe nking the French, English anod Spnfn ish langusges. nng2b:3on he PENSION BOURGEOISE, Roe Toulouse, n. 13, Ltenue par.Alide Ve. H-I,,fitann. e RItablissemeot es ot slpacieux et se trouvo sitn he pres de la I.erie ot de Nouvclle Bourseoo, c'.t ris, dlire au centre des alirces. . Lai table serr biev fournie, proprement tntue ert d ind on prix modtrv. via Oux qu'il presnt ttoelSionl. dtireroient y ioStr ni rtnt des appnrtemens de diflrens iprlx, t iel gnrois et gel commnods. I a es pen ioienaires irllo I'tl('niel'ni t d'y tro uver des prersonncs porlbot les (nlllg- fiorouuisr , onglaise the et spagoole. 13au Ie IL bL npaid fri r tih ie apprelhnioni tl hoe nv AN V I)RlEVIbW, who aiscolncdd fiillll tih ,n rIlsIir tl On the 5thilst. Saidll biy is about 13 years 'oIIIIlg, about - fiVe Ifot hligh, black lhec, and olather goold lntkit.g. t wspake fast alie ttln, ltlleii rilllio hieill t'slt nken I fih straw nat. Jti BIN iTIIItN, thie i . g'I-- t _...__-. ___--. ' I,:_,_:__ ,,,, _ 'lac. M ANUF'ACTUltEI) lllblcc- .ox :.a-aura II' nufcitlretlrd Toeh , iau. re, aIo r sae by 17 C)lIIII(''re trePt.I LEF LIarl: 10 11krgs l'ie nt lard, I and for sale by IA E' ,'A %III'1 I , agiilig1 l ; o ri lreel. - l f.i -71 bbl R.i- I tl s u s" rc l, for b sle bly J TIIA i tl a CI, nallu al i 74 tibal'.ls .rlrtl . D- ),ME.' `T ilt aed Blrailyv--til iblb. fislliiliore Gi; 40l bbis Dou les lic 1 .n , in lr, for i sale by J TIIAYER & C, jjIli.LbN AN li,'s-3 itilld(i CD, sale by J. T'IIAYEI. S" CO, i ulg: lt 7 4 P al oyl ra s stre e +t. FRENCHi iRANIY_-7 hall pipes Frenh Brundy' F in store, for nale by J TIAYER &( CO. auglL 74 Poydies street ST'RAYEI).-On the 0th inst. a Sclol While Tlerrier Slut, black on the point of the nose, hair a little rough. WI ever has the saelae will please tI, relrn lier to this office and they will bo libernlly re wardd. aug 2l -VIS-AnaTPropTtnfioesde Ia SeiaOde MoaiIiipa Aiit'Tou-r lao bilets de toxe de 1837, qui n'oni pas 6te pav6s, seront mi s daus dix juoura de date entre las mains d'un avocat poe urcollection. 20 aout T DOANE. Trbsorier. STATE OF LOUISIANA, Pagrish Court, Ob ile par iSh and City of New Orleans: Present tihe Hon orable Charles Maurian, Judge.-No. 10627, J R Put nam, vs. His Creditors. On lmotion of M. Greiner, at tamey of Miatrese Lotise Eunente Delachaise, wife of Abraham Mace, one ofthae creditors of said insolvent and ore showing to the court that James M'Enery, the syn die appointed by the creditors of said insolvent, at a meeting thereof, belore H B Conas Esq., notary pub lie, an tih 7th day of April,1838, has formally declined accepting said yndicshlip; It is ordered by the court, I that another lmeeting of said creditors take Jplace on Saturday, the 8th day of September next, at the office of H B benas Esq., notary public, then and there to deliberate on the astfairs of the said insolvent. Extract from the Minutes-Clerk's Office. A IM GUYOL, augl8-1838 Clerk. STAT DE LA LOUISIAINE--nour de Paroisse llpour la Pareisse et VIll de i Naouvalle Orlians SPrbseat P'Hon. Charles htMauriant, juge-Nto f16627 J Plutnam eontre sea erltnncirs--Sur motion de Mr irenier, nvoeat dt madtme Louise Eugeni Doelalhai se, ospuse de Abraham \iare, un des creancieredudit insolvable, prouvant a lacoer que James McEiry, te I syndic nnmliml par les cltoanciera o l'insolvahle a one senamblhn tetue pardevant H B Clnna, not. pub. le 7 acril 1838, a firneallement refusil d'aecepter Le ayndi cat; ilest dacrtt par lacour qu'une antre assemblie des crhanciers aura lien namedi Ie 8 de ~epleibhre pro chain, as bureau de Ii B Casoo, int pub, pour dbllcb rer sut les uiflirea duditinsolvable-Exirait des minu tes-Bureau du Greflier, 17 out 1838. 181,1ut A IM. GUYOL,Grefllter. SURVEYOR'S OFFICE SECOND MUNICIPAl. ITY. NOTICE is hereby given that ney of the sectlons . for fillig or celnbanking ilte Levoc and wharvesa, is front of this Mmaidcipality, adljudicated Iy me 0il the 14lth day of thel present month, (August,) will he readju dicated at noonof fthe Old lost., it not previously pro n ceeded wilth i the spirit, and on the terims ol tle con tracts and specification. This second adjudication will he at tihe cst and risk oflthse who become contractor on said 14th day of August. JOS. PILIE, augl8 iturevnor. BUREAU D 6VOiER aoc " MUNICPALITE A IS st par le pri-ent donu6 A ceux des adjudira l taires .u remblai des wharls, ui out oUt nglglig6 de sno aonrmer an econditioas de I'adjudin.tiut qill eer a i60 faitlete 14 de co.,ois (oIuI), q1oe jeoli 13 1u CouO raut,t aiid i,a ulo boreau.j'adjllgerai de louveaun u rbais, i liurs riqoaes et p6rile l.dit itellblai, at i'oil' iqu'ils te rempliseent avant is jour susdit, lea obliga tinos ilalnpoese lors de lI susdite adjudication. 21a JOS P11.1t, Vivar Y LT Al, NA 8KtdXi~teS-ýiO0,ll u dullerout -brad,, it stone, for sale by Y S1.A'I'ER & ' llER, augl4 411 Iouvdras street1 XCtIIANGE on I1obiie ianild by .4 AABIJ.AII FISi, .ug14 In LANDlY-50 bllds 4th proof Aloericao brandy, for o :oyie y IS.\AC BUlI.liiE & Co, angl I 131 Magazine street. ° AVA'XN S lGfARtS-... htl na{ofll le coffee land f i-g frln sclhr Lilorty, od lll1l blaIgs ill tlur for alo bly SL.IL'll.I J, TRIER, algl4 0 Pllydras street. S IT1' HIAVANNA SU:AR-- 5 Ioxes prhiaen quIaLlily, huildin g fronI brig l'oUIcher, for sole by If Y SLATER & TRIER, a naI;4 ,I_ l'ovIlrln streel. IdEACII tI.ANI)Y. A Ile bbli old peach buildy r forsole by READ & BA RSTOW, 00 7, filbk Pilace A.i .A|;A Wine, sweet null dry, ill quiter cr.ka, 1- 1 Iidion bhls., for sale b) K AD d BIRS-TO\V, tnuglI 7 Baink PlIce. 1 rMBRELI.AS & PARASOLS-2lai cases,comp rit Sinlg an aesorlulut of.atnlan , IaUnv silk ,andgir, 1h.i4 Unmbrells and P'arsnols, for sale Cv ISAAC HRII)DGE & cO. jell 131 lign'le lt recl. LOUR--3(0 bbls Ireeh ground flour, landing fruoln flat hbats, fir '.le by LAY & Ai&MELUNG, auglf 17 COlllerce street. - 1RK(-5 Iblse ess and Priime lonrk, Indig frato Sfiat boats, for sale bylYT t EL LAYLT & AtELUNGi, aug6 17 Cl cree street. 43 0 end A5u2 kr 0 loesp ickstore l'ts, aneis h . shoulders,ludiog froln fiat boutsE ' t o, A Iley [ au 16 . 17 Comeree sh'reet• COPPERAS--20 bbis cr lre-f n -[l " auglG 44 New Levee. sut 7 HISKEY, Pork, Bacon Sii., andil Lrd,i in stre for sale by G DRE G DOKiEY, angl.G6 44 New Levee. aegl Hi; nrs -E . arb-tlot UBnCe lauding Lfron, V e. sibr Liberty,forealeby A. FISK. on auglfi 6 I rM. --ONR .--iý 4 begs wbite c.ri in Ridshilpstg order MI in store, for sale by J THHAYER & CO, aug 16 74 I'oydra street. pri ITU DE~RWVOOD, Pickles, Ketlhutos and Btes rl trd, in store and for sale byJ THATER & CO, 3 TIIAVER & CO, aug 16 74 Poydres atrrer. r IN --O 70 ble osiln in stote and for sale by nit J 1TII'IAYItR & CO, aug 16 74 Poydraestreet. Cs ARD.-4U0 kgs very suenorr leafýTi s alo L by JOEPH COCKAYNE, cl 13 Grdvier stret. aug 16 T EXAS MONEY ibr sale y I T '1' YDE & BRO. uf sgl6 39 Common ut., corner of Mlogazine. A IOUSE, kitrteltn and shop for iale, fronting an Circus and Basin street. Privilege tuobe given in 15 days. JAMES LAMBEIT. L aug14 FIFITEEN DOLLARS REWARD. sTILL be paid for the apprehensien and Iodging In prion in eithear of tre nt llunicipalitiss, eVIL LIAM FI7RGNER, ant indented apprentice to Ihe Sblacksmith trde; the said apprentice sr about five feet tour or five inches higlh; lilght hair, blue ayes; a GeOrman C by birth; speaks the English, French ani German lan Sguge. All personas aer forewarned not to harbor r Strattheid apprelntice , under the severest poesolty OF iths lw. NICHOLAS MURRAY, ssug4-tf Blaocksmih, Triton Walk. y 'IO LET. A Two istry priAate dwelling house, plea t. I L sanetly situated on Tritor street, near nPioel S IL Circle. Iho ls everry convenience to make it a d.airable residence. Appll to n auel4 JOTT. NOE II' ORLEANS ... NAS RVILLE RAIL ROAD OFFICIE. ERALEI) Prrpnoals will be r rcelved at this office until the lst of SeptsIber, fir flrnlishing 100,001)l. feet lineal) of rylpress, orr ellow pisi, 2 I-_ in:lches w thick, b 2 ibetols wide, atd in letgthlr of l .0 flet or u- t ly ward; to le deliveared along the line of the road; on the shore of'Lake IPouclartrain. D. IIJA RD, in augl-6t Cief EIg'r. &. Gen'l Superd't. O LIVER TWIST; or the Punrit Bny I'rogrele. part second, b o the autihor of'Tbe Pisekwio Ie e. irs,' 'Sketebosof every day Lilse,' 'Nichoel Nickleby' -o tilratedi snumnrua deuignos b Cruikshank. rThe ' Life anl adeneturs of lNilhlas Nickleby, eon tsaiing a ftilhfal accoslt of the fortunes, mlisfI)tltues t pmisiatge, Isowosllinge, nd se apleist career of tIe Nieklely .m. ily. Edited by 'Iezi , with illo t.ti.lts iby ,,'hiz No. 0. Sketches of Yousg ILudsie is o whlih sten interest. t. istni mttl rs o frthb anit al ki ugdol, are classified o-. cordin gts Illteir several instincts, bsbits, an ilgeSneral characteristisoa, Ib 'Quizi,' swith sketches ol YotUtg gen tlemens by -uliz;, jr.' sl L.ights ani Shabdows of Irish Life,bv Mrs. S C flail. 0v authorenss of'the lBuccaneer.' lUnole llraocc,' &c. &c. in two vols., just received land lis sale I nlll4 Corner of ('atllp & CoallUon str. Mct TINT' ON'S 'lNTO ' CyciltanVtialof iocnerlplsy i. lN do. ino Arta and , s iecias, 2 vols.--Shkesbca re in 3 eelo, a pbckat edition illus atre. Phiips' (eleoinev. Jal lelso'ls Mineralolyv. IlesteTro 'l'rcsatise is , ll tagnetism s. Gratv' Ilegs nn. illustratedt. lssrs' Ihulm d Poems, I illustrateni d 2 co. lliing's lDrawing lhok f.r ItIl. Piillils e ot en waiter colhrs. EIsy l)rawisig Book, bIy Child,. Strult'S ipyrst Slprll IIts s illles. Sl Just receive s a ndl d for sale by W.i. M'KEAN, m ll .(l cornler of ('taump nlld (CmIIIIlIo(IU St. s NO'II'E. "ORRIStN'S' Ilvyeian Veetlnhst ltIniverasl Med. s icoin, fi)rnwrh;y +sth by 1t I Sykes, iat 27 ('b:r Ie res tlreel, has II'esIs;I'ti tO the ionki'itoris oi I)A VIl) llFl.T to C(. Nio .1 .iarstlso, (directlly oslti ite. wio is dtli a iiisinted Sub Agest tlt, th. sale Ii' sib.ef 1iuy.i alhsld tletdi nnlts. S.Itl in ' , s'skt of , ¢ , $2. : seith anmpl diteclitus in Spianishi, French 5,tin out English. tis. A fEiw pi,,s o" tie Morisiuiiis, or iFaly. Ah,, iuser if ithe British i otlleeif Iltohh. ssrice :S.2 7.. Alt)o, tshe PIt iticllmlltsalt lsi eltslitiui, t :7 cs tlius nois', s it gsuite iri' tintnver siold int ts I Arte e se , 1 eitsi ll ici uly lt' sItu iln thi s city at 2i Cllrtue.' street u ' .\ su pl)ll just r,: iv ad al an S &. J 1' \VIlllIN T 1:\" aunt 1) ('an)li street. S itr tlt Iv S & J P \VIII'FNI'Y, art. a 8i Conti ss ress . NOltICE t)TICE is lherey civo'n thni e ln ebt .ietrs e d 1 from this date bv theo.fcers tricrewrsf the steamo , Ihot Mherchat, will Ie paid by the subscribers., unles authorie.d l v tIelll.eves, and the ncclltsl couetel siglned by 5r. (;'ealItrv tvrne. d MAUNEL WHITE & CO. ugN b4--9SI)E--7 hi s bacon sides. Canvaoss llams. 1000 hns in hags superior quality,in store,nud fIr sale I v LAYET'& 4MIIIUNG, aug4 17 Commerce street. B ALE ROPE--500 Coils Missouri and Kentucky bale rope will be sold low by LAYET & AMEUIING, aug I i7 Comnmerce street. COFFEI--140 bgs Rio. 140 dlo. tAna a. Fur natle by STET'SON & AVER C ang4 88 Grsvier street. H AVANA SEGARS-l00,000 medium qluality gr sale low, to close a consignment, by STETSON & AVERY, a2 88 Gnvier st,oet. TINSEYS-50 bales Lowell Lienys for sale toy L STETSON & AVERY, anug2 88 Grvier street. CORDAGE-Manilla and Tarred cordnge, and spun yarn, assorted sizes, flr sale by STETSON & AVERY. al 88 Grnvier street. PORK-2c ) barrels clear mess, soft muss, and ether . descriptions, for sale bT STETSON & AVERY, a12 t3 IGrnvier stree t EGRO CLOTHS, LINSEYS & KERSEYS The subscribers offer for sale, landing fron ship Concord, 2 bales platoin mixed negro clot bale Cwilled mixed negro cloth; 18 bales lioseyn, asserted ditlors; I bale white swan skins; I case printed kerneys; 2 bales heavy mixed Cordova kerseys; I bale untioishen eva kerseys. ISAAC BRIDG)E &€ Co, jyl2 134 Magazioe street -H[ AVANA COI'FEE-`50 bags prime, in store SLATER & TRI'I ER, aOs7 411 Poyzdra. street. OAP-250 boxes No. I sotp, brand of Joca sYol1d, ilanding from brig Borotiuso fr sale by ISAAC BRltiDGE & Co, augl 134 Magazine street. RIOGANS, Stos and Slippers-- 0. aonest, mt prising I asasortment of Mlen's and Boy's fine kit, pegged and Ruselt Brogaoi; biMen and Boys tins calf shoes; Men's iand womien's puemtis aod slippersi childreno sod inl.ts boots, soboes and ankl tieas; and ing from ship Ohio, and ito sale by ISAAC BRII)GE & CO. augll 134 Magazino street. I'EI ER t OI.-hI ouk e pure, bleached Sperm Oil, S landing from ship t)io, for sale bv ISAAC lBRIDt.iE & CtO. anst l 134 Magazine street. SOAP--t40 boxes Extr No. I oop, brand of Jiack. s on &.Trowhridtge; loandin Irem ship Ohio, tIr sale Iy ISAAC BIIItDGI , & CO. ' agll 1:14 szo;,c street S ml.ASSES-3 Ihub,. Hloolus'Len tdr Rosm Ii ne I, hus lso :h dlitto, in store, ald er sale by LAYET' & AbLELUNG, aug7 17 Coal ies stleet. E D) FLUI--Just received a new article of Rued I Fluid Ink, cosaidered equal I hite French Chr. r iin, and at onle foirh the pries. Also,u tisw dou iBuyol Carihsi Ink. For sale bv DA VIl) ICI.T & CO. aug7 N Y S.ltiuoners' lall. I, D ICE NEWOtLEANAI & NASHI VILLE RAItL I t ehAl) COlII'ANY-Irafi s on News York at sight, or sixty days date, ntor sale, in sales ti suit pur chasers. JAMEIS It CALIIWELL, iv6k PAresidKW t., CAl.i UY'~ CREITI' SY TI'YtE. Tl1ji E Credit System of Freee, (reat Btritilt sond tbI Ueited'Si ; tei--ii I1 o- (it lsy, sith.r of ''riicipies ofl'olitiisa Ecciooiiiv,' &c. Just received sd for sale 6y nigl4 ' Corner of t'amp A Common =t. LOR S.\t.t--Itehns of Collmbiah, EIustsas isd Temple's blixtuIre, Ilay's t.inieint, Rlse (lint oeat, lieadalihe Reesndy, Buru's Corli 'laster, &S. lor sale by JAIBVIS & ANDItEWS, jy"8 cr Commoan &'l't hoipitpalas st LINS EI) 01 I,. SINSEED) O11.-3,00II 0 gallos blt English lilsreed oil; 1010 kbgs IIbert's Ni,. I wHite lead; ('ItIroso Green ahint; blaoek do, Sptirits otil'rpntin'o Valroisn as; Brushes, & c., for sale by S LOCKP, CO., IrEDICINES, IPAINTS &o OILS-A trgse sutd M1 general asortment iln haid, for suob low, by JARVIS & ANDRIIEWs, S' ort Cilnioui & T'llsuoiitiiaii s. SECOND MUNICIPALITY. J 1ERE brnouht to the Police Pound of the 2nd S 1Municaipnlity tile ollowlin named aniulas- One large Bay more and Colt. Oeesnmll Bay Colt. Tie owncers of said uanialsl are requIested to call to tlhe l'onld, Iprove proplert, oal take thlon away. . 11 S. IIABPR, ougll C tnlui of thi .Vatch. L u pninei ok Ot ' l 2de, lee I nil anx sIni vr: Ue grunds jomltt bse onavce son suivant- u po aui buil. .cs leaprietair~oldeslits haoi lur ollotpebs de vsir anr depot, prouver tour proelri el, payer len fruis,et elunaener tIcditl ullniux, 11 anut H S IARPERK, Capt dtalGde. ERE brought to tho Inlice lprison of the 2nd V Municipality, the following named slaves, via: ANDERSON. about 40 years of age; says he ae longs to Mr. Edward Chiflte. JACK, about 13 yero of age; says he belongs to Mr. Ceeggs. The owners of oaid slaves are requested to prove property, pay chargoes and take them away. Si . S. HARPER, jy31 Captain of the Woreh. ONT tbe tlltnenl A ln prison dtIe ;Is S-conode . anicipalth los eselaves suivante, savoirm ANDt: ROtIN, iepi d'ctnirnn 40 ano; dt apparoe nir A M. Edward Chiie. # JACK, uag d'environ 13 ans; os die apparera ir i 1.m Creggl. propr'hsairen desdite eelaves ent prioes de ro claIer leurs esclnves en payant lea fruis . 2soat 11 S. HARPER, Capt. de Watch.· SICE-50 casks now landing from Chnrlestonnt fo L saltby S G BLA9CHARD, jy2 I _ 32 Cravier street'.. T dOli.ENT--Alcirge and airy office.well sitnatedno 1 and in the osaint bsines part ofatheaity. Terms, moderate. Appny to W. GREENE, at the Orlelmr Lithographic Oifica, 5 Maga1ine street, jyt4 . O LET-Th IlNHouse situated on the ncorner oa SOrange and Rt lREIN & ACIliEN, o jy24 390 Commaona sreet A Card. ORLEA \S LITIIOGRAPIIIC E' TABLISrtl MEAT, 53 MAGAlZINE STREET, c OPROSITETE NK'S AORCAOE. W GREENE rtrlnn his sincere talaks to bi friends and the public of New Orleans, for tine patonacno bestowed no liln for the last two teart, and kegs tlave to aasste tlicou that all orders coan:A:ted ito his charge shall be puettualiv attended to; he will as Ii usal, keep the ofctie olen luring tihe stmmer, and shall be alwavs ready to strike oil' mechants eireua lara, buainesa and address cards, funeral noticee mals, platlns and drawilgs. of every description, at ltha shrtest notice, and on tile most reasotabie etnas. Being asisted by artlets superior to any other eealblilh. meat in the city. ad from ong experience in the illthoeraphic line, he feels confident of giving entire eatislactlon. N It Apothenaries and dlrnggists' labels executed in Sas good style as nolnplnerllte engraving, utalnl at one Sthird of thelexpnese. jv24 hIALE 100 caskn l'hiladelplhia Ale, Abbot's brand, ust received, and lr Pule hy .J D BEIN & A COIIEN, jy24 90 Comtimon street. - 'i i -ANI:N IIOSN .TN-Drnlts, in sanmt to suit pturchasers, fir sale bIv jy'4_ STETSON & AVERY. a"ICi EM OI.--10 casks winter strained sperm oil, warranted, for sale by tISAAC BI:IDGE & Co, 'y jy4 13:14 Magazine street. t LOTIIl NiG-1 aee aumner etolhing, comprisiag an assortment, for salep by cISAAC BRIDGE, &l Co, ul .jyl 131 Magazne street. ) OMOIAN CEMIENT--Direcl innprtation from Lon. dI don fnr saleby READL) & IARSTOW, 7ijyl 7 Bank Plee. BALE ROPE il, T'WINE-for sale b SLAT1R . 1TRIER, J.y"4 40 Poydras street. W: k'I l.'it U IlIU''Elt--A superior article, for . sale by SILATl'II &'lRIER, t jy24 40 Poydranstreet. no- lHEWlING 'I'tiBACCO-for sale lby SLATEl &T RIER, jy24 I41 Poydras street. S1'-,t5 brtlen of Itayn, recaivnd per nliIt Iluntovillo ps R and fn r nsale bIy ID LEIN & A COIIEN, 1o jy24 __Io lnlllmon sntreet. ItIIASUlfI EXCiilitsONtSo-Persoos wishing Inn I charteln Stlnlln linoat for Pleasure xrcursions, can be rt:t.uuu11nnulnlnutd Ut tile ilnorteot notice, with a fitn, et. buntosad first ratn acclnlllnnnonlt oin8. Anply Ito .1E0. Wll lIlAN, jy='4 Exh loitng, Iltel, St. Charnrles P. T(tI t'l' l nl unny Inn hlnan by nngginnniuiFNa .1 II Nenw _l,,,_e. iy12 e') ft)if'lll' Iiii) Itos 6io cInnifnre tnf qqullt I lt, I lin RinnI iii tbrig nt)nlinnion fir slob) y S'1'.'ESON & AVERY. jylt 8 onnravier streets. rinf ,V xN'l'.:) tin In ti tK BiNDlii. Nnnnnnoed ndiu. t lle plly but a IlnrLIlt,ut W McKEAN. ie jv' clr Connn n n i n)lnlnon streentu. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFICE No. :L .\ l zi tlle btreeit, i'l 1, l h ' Arcade, 18TAlibII:I liEr the teecutinU of sUaps, pliau li lld drtwilgs, erchlll~r ' Cihulars, business and addle-s curds of c t decriptlllioll, liuurarnl c:ircullars oin delepC llouruilila IIH"uller, npt.tlurv anud (itegir'lbelbels; b ankeck, ,h iltlen, ti reeit , ,i. rillt' Itd t , PCl( di ie ill a chp ul d exp tlllliols s. I.I, th e p rtro) rlet Nr. Ii \bl..IAMI(htEENE. N1. Iank Notes n I.v exeuted,. mn24 PORTRAIT PAINTING. ItSR. PI'.KI' Lt repeetlultlt mlcers the Inhlic that Tle will r.llliil I sihort lijle to Nio. OrleasIC for thie Iu rose i plttlUintr jirtueuic. l.i eleroe, pl Cni til Si Ch.irle, in .ie house otcupiiiedtly IP'ritly &I Loull, L)eililst, whoe a leilllmen of his ptnliiln cua be Ceen. Entrunce in it ChIarlest street. 11 0 111 1.'INE GUtNS--A few line dohlle arrel guna in Istar,, fur alte by S LOCKE & (o. jyl4 -' Old Levee. N / IIlSKE\', Flour and Pork, ill sore, for sale by . niu2 (; I)OIlSEY. 44 New Levee. L EMON SYRUPI'-- 00 boxes lemon syrupp, landing from ship Concord, mnd a ot sale byy TIIAYEIL & Co. jy26 74 Poydras street. LATHS--4000 Laths in store, and Ior sale by SJ T'IIAYER & Co, jvy26 74 Poydru street. PORK.--, l hbbls Mess 10 , prime and solt. Prime just inspectcd, for sale by G. DORSEY, jy26 44 New Levee. IIAVANNA COFFEE. pRIME--10' Bags of prime green Havanna Coffee n ow landing troa brig Towen Enrique,pcr Ilavan no, for sale by JOSEPH COCKAYNE, jy2 t 2 5 Grevier street. cLUE \WRITINll INK-Just received a small lot of Permanent Blue writing Ink, warranted a su. perior article; for sale by DAVID FELT & CO. New York Stationers Hall jry26 24 Churtres streer STATE OF LOUISIANA, FIRBt JUDICIAL I)ISTRICT COURr. - ATRICK DI)HEIRTY and JAMES P. NOLEN, p vs. 'Tlheir Creditors sind the Creditors of P. Doh e ty & Co., No. 16459-The Cession of the Petitioner's property having been accepted by the Court, for the benefitr of tleir Creditors, it is ordered that a mnating of their said Creditors do take place it the office of Ed ward Barnett, Esq., Notary Public, on Thursday, the 6th of Seplelber next, at 111 o'clock, A. M., for the pue. pose ofldeliberating oil the aefirs of said petitioners, and in the meantime all judicial proceedings against their lersolu and iproperty, s t thle oredltrso moen tisned in the schedule, are stayed; and it i further or dered that Micon Esq. be appointed to re.lreset the absent creditors, in this case. Witnless the lion. A. 1. luchanan, J udge of the said Ecourt, this 4th day ofAugust, A. t). 183U. TIIEO. LEWIS, ugn7-3tbht Dep'y. Cl'k. -' TA'T IDE LA L OUISIANF.-Cour-du Premier e District Judiciuire--Patrick Doherty and James 1' Nclen, ountre ass e'rcuceier: et lea crbunciers de P l)olierty i Co. -No, 1649. Lancession des proprib teu des pi:titiouluires ayiat ..e accplt ar pa ourI pourur le bhoufic de leers ectenciere; II eat ldbcretb u'une asseniblhe desdits nitanciers aunr lieu en I etude dt Eduard Irnettir, Esq. Not. Public, Jetdi, 6 sep tembre prochlain, a 10 hIurrs du matin, ofin de b61libb rer saur los affaires desdits pthtitionaires, et en at tendant toutes poursuites judicaires contre leurperson Sne on leer protrihtcs ant arretees, quant aux craon tiers mentionnis dansle tablean; et it est de plus db crcht qua biicon, aEq. snit tnomlu pour repraenmer les cranciers ibscns, done cetoe aflira. Present l'Hilo. A M Buchanan, jugc de ladite cour, le 4 aut, A DL 838. 'THIEO. LEWIS, y nat3 Dletpate Clerk. DIUPON'l'.. POWDI)ER. CONSTANT sutlltl', of Il)uiui'si n'i F and Eagle Powder kept oni htid, tor salh Id v 6 i.GulE & Co. nug7 2 Old Leee. IlORTY lHales of alku, ani d 150Ilcils Manilla rope 1. nasorted sizes,just received and lor sale by S LOCKE & CO. L nug7 2_ Old Levee. it WIIULIS.\'l l'IN WAI1l IIANUFAC'I'OIY r I.)CKE & CO., No. 22 Old Levee, lave in S. store, f their iown uillnauacture, large and ex. tensive cusortllntul nlius wIre, which llt y icvite deal er illhe the trade to examiuie; alseo 110 Copper, liglaer d house shkitlern; .05 d,. Sugar Ladles; 'i2 doz. Cppler o. sugar linps i nU Ballb tub, oausorted sizes; 30 gruos assorted eict tt'ulicr liri.igl:s. N. B--Reefs of buildigs covered witl zinc, copper ol tin. Copper and till gutters puit up on rte ahorten nollce. ea - pOR. fybl s,a prime M O lire & elloulde, S or Kaeby Ii ' RSEy r eug7 i44 New Levee, t NDELIBI.E INK-Just received, al additionml saupple of cery iperior indelible ink for maarhkig - liten, Se., walraltled a lirst rate article,for sale by the idozu eor single hbnx,by DAVID FELT & Co, J 8 New York Stationers' Hall, 8 24 Chutrees ateet S A N I S EGARS-4 half boxes epanish segr, sid to be I'Prilcipi, justl reneived and for sale by H P LEVY & CO, ano14 it1 'nraiar ltreet--up stair abljE t)I'E -200 ratls, of 1l tsale I* lv1A.AG BR aauc,2

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