Newspaper of True American, August 25, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated August 25, 1838 Page 4
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PMA eoc csa' rnuccii eov .t.oato. L rt tns. ii Y a itKh1-h; 4, a,,d ·e fr +oM her 4 6 t.iOnele rr,,).er s ::; :," . ''t. r Cre.ive a of' or.teor anvort, i.': is .,t 1'd Ft that persons vliti), i .,,.I;.nr ,) (holrjn r (tr a.mmamr nths, o lnnot fld b-ti.r acc,mrnnd litita V` lan she con affiord thb.n, .n mora film v tr d nI. Her boI"le is pI:lininly situted, a:nl wll iuppli,:d 'ith every cnonverinnrVi'; tlhe h.r isa urnire!cdI with the ,nout hmeo, liqtrs, &n in short, sta t'at nothitng shall b, wantiing on her part to give htis n/is.laeinn to all w~o may patronize the dimissippi and Louisiana Hotel. je3 S.O TI.K PUBLIC.- The undereigned. hlving Sstdied ender Dr. Sol.midt of Charleston, Loath Caroline, and for name yearn his assistant in the poetis of medicine and urgnery, has the hoeior to il.r hbe pimlessionsl services in this city. Heasmreewetb ladies and gentlemen that the most prompt atteetlHe will be paid to the calls which ay be made; and alsn offers his services to the lIPietfof elavrs, being well acquainted with the .s.eas mao melO ttheo,n, having attended them in fer eager hea ia Charleston. 'I fatmee ati.illions pills alter the enmpositioa nr Preobesur mohetten, with directions, can be had of the madersigned. The effect which they have prrdaeed ia this and ether cities, his been attended with the grietest NMces, to which the hbet of WeIs tIb* b giene. AppyI at No. 166 Mage. - tesse. INO. M'LORING. UULWt.W WAM, WU~UI S -REW, SAD IRONS, &o. rpR IOWSLL' WORKS COMPANY, No. 1 r ater, ear Beekman street, Now York, have reived the pat season, and ame constantly eenvin large and eglsenive additions to the stock of tet abve lgood,. wheh now conasist of the allowing assortmeat, sitable for the southern and western marbtae. eollow were of superior quality, eonsisting of about 1100 toea. viz, 'Pots o- 0 dil.ret mase, from :8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sises, from 38 to30 gatllons, Eittlae 15sire, frot 3:8 to 18 gallons, akepsa yr Ovens, 7 difltreot sizes, ea, 6 do tkillek, . . 5 do tplt Spider 6 do _ alred Spiders, 2" do OOnddles, . . 4. do ihds Dags, . s de Wagen azes f.em 1 1.4 to 4 34 inches. Cart de. S to ? inehes. Wood Serews, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from A ihaa, No. S to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior qatlty end finish, and less than Jame's imported pises. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for etailing. Toiler's and ehattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, snorted from 1 4.4 to 001bOl Belt for Plnetations, steamboats, churches, .&e. sade to order, Also steambºeta and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particunlarly >reomaoeed to the attention of Southern and Westernmerobants, and are offered for sale at low riese, and upon the moit liberal terms; it is beo tod be the Iargest and best assortment ever jeQred for sale by any one establishment in the United Sttes. Merehants, by forwarding a requent by mail, can have a printed circular, with description of goods, prieeasmd terms, from which no deviation is ever slade, foraished by return o1' mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. je3 men o vrnp end Pickles, :OrteeII sizes; also, Flt hesec ofLewls & ·lnkeell'c PitIkle'; I`r vnie to chlie a co nment,Vby JAIVI ANDILVWS, oil' calr Comnmon andl '(hlntllitotl |..s QiOA -P t haIl boxeav to I Soai, bril ofllaltt+el I (inould, for nleby ,ISAAC ItlttItiP .h. CIt. m16 131 Magnzi.e trt. SEnrmn dwellingi huaos an Triton trrl, Iba . tween Tivnli (irela rod inroadalet ,treirt. en29. Apply to J O'', WV HEELBARROWS, &c-5 .0 leelbura.s, 25 diet do. in satoe, fial sale Iv C( SIMi'LIN . COOPER, ml5 2 oIJulat ILA. and ruled C,.p and Leiter 'aper.., of all qtn . litce, consisting of veryr amprior ilue laid, blu nId whil, norn, allllndil nlu,! rudd rtugah edge record cap, cenatlntly e habnd and hor sale by DIAVID FI.LT' & CO. a31 N I' Stlllotiol,' HIII, .i ('hnrtrs sat. 1 5 i %G S urn Crlhei ,. b1 1 b1\e o dr.3 dot ech Moeella \iiece, 1 P,2€, 50 do onf do no do Ie21; 511 do oft do I. P' Port, 181; A3 do oft2 do I.P brownSh-try,8ll1( 10 piper extra ladeira. For .ale by IIEILMO(;ENL, IIIOWN & r', . ist i Cor ti .reet. I.ANK BOOKS yh,o eroery varl nll and *I ndnding, eorrmtently nit Ihand: olI Pril'anp, It Hnlin anld Biuding ently executed, At alrt noalen, ih d DAVIo l' F1" 'F CO. m31 N Y~ttionere' IIll,l Clharnes .t. -40bg s alourh proo' Atar'rioar lramnd, Idiang, fir sale by ISAAC BRII)DGE & CO. ntIl 131 Mlaglzine arepat. A NEW ewo tory brick noune, situatedl 5 doors Lk frm athe eend Muinieion llallal,onStCharlea atreet. Rent very low, poasession given ;unmllditely, Enlquii at the premsesim, ra', f. LtOJRi-l00 bilas a I o Flour. for sl by into (i DItR.F.Y. 41, NRew eves. m19 17 Commsere ot. Aoc. p.i. Kentuhk mioggit, land i i roa sntseaer loan Wane. and oar arle h a YORKE, BltOTH IRS, N0 fi5 Cnamp Strirt. NO UlIIlROU.R NOR OO TIVAh - Nrew Orlctoao, on. 14, la87. A BOL'T six month age I had lh nmisfonrtule to get . a .tre disease, for whieh I Iave applied to siae aI dtoink for r cure, and ther did ot curea mt, ro nori onl, shn date !Iamt mylelf ender theat of l)oetu Ihnet, and t mrpet him to cure Aet. Sinoe that time the disea got wors, a as to break t in large alters to the omlber of sie or eight on e h leg, and all ovear my eet, rod stor lhroot, and not able nto work at hbe present time ni aoEemant of the disease; large DIcer ltheright ide of the throat. I am nos putting f se eoinlidently tinderthe eare of Dr. Inot, o r Patrio, to he porteetly cated JOHN DEAN. feo 14 ly T DO CP.RTIFY that the mentroied diserre .. quite well emnd to m eown atisfaetinn, for which Ic hink itr. Ht; aaolI reovser I assretr that tire medi rine I hae Laken tlanke me fat, and did not injdre my nualth at all-; therertTe I advise mr f Ilrtw eulfere rt tn lime ri time and apply to Dr A. Hrtel, 15 Itourhn it.n I'hey will ad a trte dearta r Ibr this eonmplaina. JOHIN I)EANI40 (iratier street. If any roe waoe to see me. call at No. 40 GIavia, street, and thor will he satisied. To be psblihend at the opti.a of Dr. inrit, JOHN I)EAN. New Orlseas. Feb 1, 1838. fer 14 Iv I HE l ien ine indue IBaiea el auta lrlsre SIrond, i put up in bottles at the low price nof 50 eneats elch, cannaidlg the strength of three ountces of Lrvrwurt, beei les the virtes ot msny other rtitr and orlbs kown amongl the Indiansu u effcacious in curing pnlmonaraty eonplailts. The if rivlled sonca whih hasgin attended the lee itf hdis inesomaot le Balsam whroevenr it ht hbeen intro dured, has ,ddniled the tenldasne and rerionmenroda timn ofrtapeteba phyliciansl for the care of eiuong, ailde, Iainh Ie aide, went of rest, spitting a" blood, liver eomplaisl, &e. To wham it nay etOein..Thi. is t certify that we have in our praetme frqnently prescrihed Mrs Gard. Ser's Indian Balsnam of Lierwre a',d Ilnolrhond, with Sdreined grd eloet: rw ear thevefnm, frnm the know. ledge oftho malerisal it is made from. and rlhreriiton arwd celmiatO et ramew5a5it an a s'periae prcparatinl or all tlheafeftieu of the luus fIor which it is re inrended. AI.B.Lr.+ WILLI&MS, M. D. CALVIN ELI.IS M. ID. sMemlrls of th Brston Medical Asaeaeiatins. Bostan. Oecoher tS. stleby JAIRVI. & ANIDREWS, 11 10 "m ae Ill r , trio itnloln osa keemmended hy the Medical Foeultv. 1 IrLER'S K treceat Magedsian Ap*rrient--Fr dyspepeia ar indigorion, nervoua dbhlit, , giddi ,tem,.hsiedhe,ciidlty of the stanllari, hlaituol eas tenes.astu em dhmeanea, goat gravel, tr. and mauch ranlued u a gentle, ooling pargltive. 'rhis disc" pparatlion has received the pntrr- ge itf many ailet emeber of thle prot's.:ior, arid from a dieeersmig mllde many ltepectahle and cited teetimanal rtf its alaery as a nrdicine hrave bee, elicitordl. Wiln all the plaing qualitien of a l=ass of coda water, it paoseselon the acit medicinal plrpertier. of the neos appr ned salmons pOrgaties; it is Ileasant to lthe pala.aad graele t, ith. rtomah. IMPORTANT CAUTION-The icreeoring repluta lion and demand for Butler's l.lervescent Mlagie tine Ajlerient, has bemn - indesement ol r uthurr' to of. feran imitatienofthi vleunhl blred sint. Purchaser ar parti.lnrly wrarnd of tibis act that thle may he n t heir guard,. and nt pree an Impure article. The inMlIc e respmcttull ifeer ed that tint ahseri tirs are eomartly anmltl e with tim tri.rlu, and ge Initrr ptltaraslri. Fior ar who k melam aril. ICKI.EB & CO. Agentt. mIS 40 Canal streetN O. VARnId VegealieL Ilair Oil, or the restoraltin a growth of Hair, giving health and beaaty,aod I revenlillg bharlnela. lefstre ltil Hair Oil ies f mred to the public, it had ae.a tried in huandrs ofrca oCheldn.eris, thinne.rand Inllhlu elofof ti hair, nur inevery istarser its salutary rIbci heve bees ealiead. It baaaevsrfailed to prdue , halwera bmllltwl .rolb of heir r bhnds aIreidy bold. In ou, wlnm it beongadry and ees to grow this Owilil vwl y t mr roche it healthy said prodeer r:a;ddand besuttll gr.wth e. W1. w.tmv tIk Ira lr nilry i the hld. TI. "m I given en nneerhla Ia. gneae and ilela 4nletoaur .elhr Heir Oil orr mr .ir in.,r.IrUr .adglsIa the. hair. "i h ,, met basr IdrpPVT r .olii or sale at nt n £I9 'r rcetl. RES & D'LANGE. TLonib,! Pow aV'l Ct, , T -lCavn o i r n" nlr Iv aol band ship )rleans Eartn. alhibland er,:'ker Cmary hi c t, in,,, !,d, ~, n - th: ( ir' '. e :d ;, ohrkr , .:*,t I l akeo t t r tom i and 3wihll itil , + llovi. Kai .,. -v, , : I :i. , n.i -: ,;a'"n t.t " -:ht Helts; Powd' r ,ra:mn rol andi Cap Hdlerlra Cloth, Haor. Tnh:ol; i:d 'nail !h-ah.o.: Orrian ;ll ('hlorhts Tooth WarF t tPonlit Po, 'l'sil|t natal Shhving Soaps, in t.ent va titt"; inns Banr iil' d. l iniletsand Frizettr.; Pear: sadl toailr Ponvd.r" ea.tnrv Iae-" Ivory l'u CItsvhinon: Patent FllOtS or GNart.e; Aum ElOtie Sp renders; Powder Pasilt and Boars.a ilt Cdninh , Seals and Keys; er.dronm, \Vnihl Bneaklsb: Rnc.-,lert; head Neckehiat and Chins; (Gilt and Silvered Bnads: Indian eand,s Balls and Pletnnes. Slell istis: ide and Drensine C*ntbsn which, in aldition Io their fiarmer stock on hand. makes thoeir sannsenrt vory complete, and will he sold ow and on libral teens, at the sign of the Golden Comb. 25sti' 7e C'hortres. sreet. iH' .ub.cria oers, Aients for the, extensive Ioase of T ~h. &Sd. Bltchet', HImsleld. Enasland, have just ecrivtl.n very extaenive set of on tl.s, cnmairting o( Thabl adclf essnrt Knives of a" dRariptian, Pean, Pnatat. Moit. anl Sprar point knives; Razors, Be1i sors.E e l'eol.&ce. &e. &c. which they arn pre..emd o oxrianu to the tands for orlers. Terms and eoudltiuns will-be made katowa at teh time. ma6 J.D). REIN & A COHEtN.90 5 Cmmn et. NEW GCO T)S. , SLNMOS , HARrT & CO.-Are now re.rivlg piertlip IHtlontille, Pegle, Merry Andaew, High dO, rench te ti GermanUi donihle phinr srela: ter, belt aud latnket pistols plain, rillbed and split cnsa. .ps mt c It hld'en; si:,r Rznra, pen. net; (llInst's sommereial ad other steel penls; Vio ats Violin striags shell, ivoryand horkn anhs; wsfinr L, bead and leather t.rsees; hair nids, front and sak ringletst negro pulfs; Gerstan ud French cologle ae, Rowlands maeaauser oil, imitation dot antitaue nad Iears oil; portable lIsks and dresslng eases: paste sckitg; statisaand toilet glaseas conven mirrors; op. ol glnses and viewsa Indian heads, bells ani plumesa e.srna; whit rtwne; toilet and shaving snapst toilet omeler, oamnelie wass blls; saented satiu etlnshiomea pasl stands; sarew ushinrst falmy bead ehains sil -eeklsers; billiard ball.; pocket books and wallettt; Gaer.n n i Mest esn n straps; fine sitl common gum eleasic mspemlers, garteer do; Bells luaifar matadle; sit. td pencilis; Creonn, &e. &h The above i addition to ourmr acmr stak of fancy sedaoes, makes our assra meat very n tomplte. Poe sale wholesle on reaeil; as the sign of the Golde l tom i, 70, Choertreestrees. atmt. OTICE--The periteidpof t Kalley, Masa n&Co ,of Nw Orlean-; Monon, H rria &Co,., of Natchez; ad lHarris, Kelley &Co. shf Rndney, was disslrved n 2lsrt of May last, by the 4eath oflSamual A Mason, Sof the ptsnaes oa the firms., The undersignanl, surviving partners, will be eharged piththe aettling sad cloning said husines as fldlows: LeviC Harrie Nfl attend to the settling of the busineas of Mason, Harris& Co.. nat Natchez; and Ilnrria, Kel s- & Co.,at Rodnevi and Henry Kellay will attend to ienettling of the busmness ofgKslley, Macon & Co., at sew Orleans. The names of the severas l itas will be nssd in liqsidationonly. Those andehted to said firms are earneatly requested coans forward sad make early asettlements" and those haring claims will please pretrt them wiltout delay. ,EVI C HARRIS, HENRY KELLEY. New Orleans, June 27, 111.7. J-AN A I.J. -.fIN-A'- COLOGNE WATER I2 ases mamn of ttis atllmrior Colegne water, just received arl far sale by tile dozen or sinfgle abottle. American and lrenth toilet powders, powder puffs anad fnxrs, sharing and toilet seaps, costtetic wash halls, milk of roves, carmssetic cold :rnm, extr ne o mosk, kephals, Wrd's vegetabhle hair oil, pomatunm, tretne de parse, Florida. lvrodllar, roe and lapy waters, ltreetvot's anslt, Mayreillet perfumery in tornik. vearet tile a d liquid roll e, Chliorine slnd Orris tloth wash, eloth, hair, sooth, nail and flesh brushes; together with an additional supply of fashionalthe Iaor and sell enombs and jewhelaytr tale low at wholesale or retail by - IIMONS, HART'IT &CO, ju!y 6 711 Charte stdreet. TV - W--GOTJ1--+im-,.+ H-ets & co re now `re as clving fromt on hard shipn Yzoo, anl SIaratoga andhtrig Cionclrdia, frn Naew York, a great variety of gonds in theirline, wlliett togethrs with their format Ctrok niot l.nd, nlakea tllhir sene't0aentnrvey, plate. 'r'k Inlltwi toFt t:lslpse a part, via: ll twiait ,rl'dde, tusk and dresnsieng ennl, onn dolo aoll ldesacriptitn, I die rubher, silk and worasted elastic grtera, common & ilte elastic srnp.anaere, Ioe:o foco and Lucifer tontches, i+idlitrz powders, poder punl nndl hboaxs, toilet powder, pocket Itoks aid wallets, needle boks, altell, pearl, ivory and ltorocco cartd cases, head ornanlerts, pluiu co ml hends, nceklalas antl inegligeae, head chains, neekhores, eitt 'lns attd plint,aeed,ailver and gilt aeads, Indian henllds, bell and Iplumes; pistol and large pow icr flask, shoet hbelts, horae, bhlt. pocket ana duelling Jitool;: double and single barrelled gins. Bowie kniveS, sad dirks. scissors, lseovr, pocket kuivea, guard chista, anl rillmas, waist buckles, clout, hair tooth, nil,rolbl rulni, I, late, tfloatr and disting tcrualtes, Cotlgne, Flolrid, lavlrdr, row and bay water,ttaaotrtcd esroencera, and extrn(ta, aaneasvnr, hear, antiquet otlld Wtrd's- Va getnale Iair oila, shavinig and toilet snaps nolfl ide rilptlins,, .l-alit.' and gentleetns' deraks anl dlresainte rases, lair rieglets, frizettea and breaids, plain, fancy and musical work htoaes, plain anti gilt, liturcd, tot lad aert lllbnt, peasrl atndl ivory shit da , d hlirt ttdtlo, gld ant silver csPse , ttooihpllst nda twttt tezers, aa tstld anid gilt lacket, iritiatare ldo, ailvsr, Ib-ass au+ tlotri ,himihlea, Latks and eves, hnir pin, imnitation frtit, Iik nod redik, sh, slaceking, vitlins and gatitr-,rihbad and plain perrussiton caps, lio twilln, sr,'ot' enush lens, gold old silser let itlld fringe, iatCr papelr, gantIt hag e, riuing w'lips, wulkin± rnncs playongcarb, Al.. gold, plateda ld Sgilt jbwellry &r". The ahove, tngerther with a rert vart'eta of othlrr earli Isa are ulfred lit wholhsala or retail o itt tt:cullllndottt ig ter s .. N I Shell combs ropnirrd. ¶ flbýUX Li.XftfiWi tCi ifUofWAiiitNfi-fSA SRIETY ST'ORK-~rt tihe izu of the goldhn romb, lMo70t Chartnre steer,. ThIe sorscriber have re ceivel, in addition to their previous sterk on hand, a fill and complete assortment of ortifles in their line; viz: combs, perfinnery, Jewellry, bruhens, lacking glaune., fany nri,,les, &A'. nnistinj in part asofollows,: COM]lI-tortoie shell, wrought and pluaiu tack,twist, qnilled hock, long round, dressing, side pult; curl and neck, irazilian combs of every description anongst whilch a soome Mexican patters, Ivory ntmbs of every daescription, horn, dressing and packet, together with a general Ntorhltenttoflreonhahnd Atmerricnn. PERFUMERY-C-ologne, l ravender, Florido, honey, hav,rose,and orange flower wafers of every size and des eription, eoamploratd Cologne, extract of Ilergamot, laney sreap of all kinds, shaving do in cakes atnd pot, cream reondo, Ward's vegetable hair oil, bears nnd an tiqnedo. Prreston's smelling salts, plain and perfumed toilet powder, pearl powder, po, lberpuof and oxes po-, maton in pots nti rolls, te and chlorine tooth wash and Powder e, with a general assortment of JE WELIRY-t- mno ofLIts latest and most fashiona hle atta, conesisting of white and red eorneainl, toper I. jet eardrope, set in filagree, breast pins ofa gree' ~en tv of ptterns, watch trimmings, gilt and oslve .nckleh, ilver thimblso, silver and gold pt wile and guard chailns BRUSIIES--Clnth, hair, duet. .g,eranb,heartlt,floor, hat, lesh, tdth, plote, Nmnb, Nail, shing, shoe mnd wlhitewasil hrushes. LOOKINGi (LASSES--German statia and toilet glants, mtagnifying and French dressing glasses, onIoas dowith so varieiv nfother kinds not enumerated. |FANCY ANDI VARIETY ARTICLES-Fronelt and American portable desks and dressing caes, some rery rich and ntely lnished ladies work bases and dres sing eases, with and without music, musical boxes, Ae rordi.ns of various kinds, violins and guitars silver and plated pencils and leads,wood pencils for carleners and crmyons, nantle clocksguns and pistols with and without, per.ueriot caps, percussion cap char erse, rpple screwdrivers, shot belts,game haigs, paste hlaekling, toy tea aette, Indian (ball of every kind, bells and Ilunres, nennd scmnmon knives, razors and scissore, thim:bles, acedles, pins, silver plated, steel and cou mon sopecta clea, pocket books and wallets of various kinds, visiting curds and card cases, playing cards of Frenchi, iGormar and American manufaeture, Idols, mitotion frnit, an boxres, prnte ef various kinds, Snondrrs' Pmtaerey's, :etmeron's, Hillenan'e and Hawkin's razor atrups and metallic hoaea,dirks, fancy bead necklaces, do with tra drops,toy watrhen, iearlhuttone, powder flaskse, e. and .lain seed heads, gilt andi silver dot, gum elastic ruspen .ers,and garters, plain and sword canes, backgammon boards, dice, optiealsiennem,jewsharps, locofoco match Soand dritkine cups, with a great variety otother arti blet, all ofwhin;h will be sold for csh or city aoceptan oo oan 12 moonthe credit. B H SIM3MOr. , & co. d0 70 Chartrnest. -I-OLlBAR'S Science of Penmanship res eivenl, end lF ore sale at their permanent Writing A.coderti.s Po. 8 C(:llttr sreut, .'sew Orleans, IBJ ltrnllnbdwy NVew York, Dauphine at., Wlubil-. It is partielrarly deaigcedl fir private learner, afnd schools, and is canlculated for persona oftnll see. Ladies all gentlemen ale invtted atcall and earmined the svatem for tllematlva. Lesaun are given at snlt hosnes astl sa tlll tip l convenience ofall, and to Claire furrned itaony p.rt tf the citv. Ldiesa wile prefer it call recaive lobeons at their own ref sidencen. Prsa.a pavitg fror olts :, troeeoftlesons are desired o attend unl tlhey wts rt i well as they wish. ml DUt. DEAR & ill0ttlT,R. DEAFNESd. A NEW rticle for prsoe s troubled ritlh deafinss, S(called the Ear 'rumpet,) has ust hoer received, by the rtse of n hich, the slightest articulation rf the hun oan voice is dietinetlV eonveyed to the nor. Arv oire who bos ever been el;liged tO ronvers, witl a very den persn, tmust ae fully saonillIs ,f the difficl ty otIle bnrreasmout, experienced both v lthememlves nd tell ill dividuanl so unfortuniatel stlictet.. . Bly tile use of tiln. Ear Trampet. tins ohbjetiun is entirel onvinterd. lire moat semptical have alas a. s andntled'ltheir doubtlr atier hating used n wlT l'ru rrpei. hor lte at T F GUION'd, Fancyv store.curner of tiolrmon std St Charles streets ndari tht ran:h tn. IiHotel. fe I:13 ( PERM Ol.-.,tNI galionn pure winter d b Spernm (i, in canks and Ilat, for sale by JAIRVI, &o ANDItIEWn, Whnlesalre Drrugg sps, canner U nraoon arid r"trep lao streets. -- -- _ tr 1:3 4V 4t kegr, 0l l ,, ttt do n 25" English do-^, I-4 bihls. 4dtI tn ' 111 V'alet erushes, various srzes Sbhlo Crnpal Varnish; '20 packs CGoldn I.eaf, 50 do Silver do; 100 do Dutch Metal. WINItoWiV (GL.\n, Aneriesan, Erplish and Frenah --l40haars, varmnos ices and qualities. Belton tnowa do.-- 0 boxes, coasignmae.rt, will be sold low. Also, a general nssortment of artists' colourn and tools, fur ale by A W SCAI ES, No 16 Canal street. N B. Alahamaaot attaken, atn p r, and ilississippi notems will It received at IIr wcent discount for good., m in payment ofroet. je I It iOWeUR-30 aading from steaner Indepead. S m sit G ID)oRSEY, ad41 N'w Leae. .OPW AT TIIE JEFFERVS( t[Ol :31 .,Jt;I'F LItSOn STRFEET, 7. th, e , feor of It" I; ",.":, ;1' r . pretter.'r : I:lýt-It anpear Ihv tie obaervatlion of the ]ditntrs S of the. Nashville "P,-.4 lterinn, IPnis and 'Tr'a.s cript, as well at the editi.:s of the 'Iemltphi Entouintr, that the "Ohl G-eumleom" is among thet Dt)ctors. This is proved by hiei kinlv race, kaic"ite that let time is hltt short, ant that th - iniret,'aont atlerla eop tele are ahlo to judct ir thIemlelves ithat are puetTf aind impositioln. The worthy editors who are I)t.torti, thoe plpriettors, etditors or sttit-editor of the abllvo Inaloedljournials, cal evry letter fiot pCItOIsoa Ii have remored to eieht in the hivtee placeo, pultff. 1. The fort in, that I nwer hud su,+h great sulcesr within so limited a period al tell tr twelve dyatI. One who was aced aullllt ten years, twho had only sen the light Irtem his birth, leCatl to 'ee tt filow o is mi Ittet to my hotel, instead of iein ohlieted to lie led by him Two yoong ladies, who hoad each lost the sight of one aee, one for ton vears. and the other for nearly two years, having both of them the other eve verrvy eak; vet aeh of those rellne ladies bettll to ree withlthti1 eyes, which benofli I pledge mwoelfotill eontinoes, exo teptinr they are under tlhe influenee or dlominatt m of the Medical Doctors. Another is the daughter of t respectable merchant, whose name I atm oulnd never to tmention, (as he paid ne my fee), who nah d she tesd last the sight of one eve from the age of 1t meonths, bht that she now begins to read large letters with the other eye eompletely shut. Thin tlie doctor reltore knew, as the gentleman told mle himself lhe Ird edm duced his daughter to the office of the aedical editors, that they might be infirmed of the fact. The last I shall mention is an elderly gentleman by tile name of Yount, nearly seventy veors of age, wholtteelaredl puh liylv by letter, which le took to all the diltrernt tfite, in Nashville but one, and himself told mo le hha pail for the insertion whatever they demandted, who declar ae in that letter that he he torally deprive.d of the tight of one eye from If ko after bis hir!h, which his mother tated to li... oecasioned hv the measles ora all pox; that now he wetuld not onllv sea the liglht of the un, for the fieerst time tlhat hl reet.leet,. but the starts also, aed was beginting to dietinttui!th many objeret, and did, before I left that tqtv, give ttn ny lroof that lte could see to walk abist tile rtr.'et with tile other eye complrtely closed. Ht said lie had been a member o the Methodist Episcipal LUh'trel Ior early forty s tea, and that hir word wa nrever dout ed through the whole reotro nfhis life. 2. I reopetthel I had never greater etteeso than ati Nashville, and theo the medical and elerict; , had neverhefora so macl reason to he enrazed. Tithe pious indigationo eftlRe. clerical I)r Stmithl tro te, whet, ie statedto me that obottt rsx years pst,he wae ronverted from hal a perfect inldetl, to believe in the doctrin 1 of the B oble, that he most tave aode a tre illt error-at he nt heht have be ts.ltt to say, t it efotre Ilt end of si years to oame, he r ltottld lie elverrted fromtt his infidelity, as the spirit of the tr ti mioster of tite peaceful end tllnige doctrines of time Christian religion does Tnt breathe ouIt delcarutite, rlge, caltlmv to d falsdelool to please his medical fieiond, agaitrt the man whom he knew had ldote so niletlr ncod, anl no in-. jury to any one. All the inhablitans o, Nashvlille spoke of the aocc.s I had, v-eept tihe tretlical dtnroi . Most of them ati,) had been ilftrmed Lt ll'tr toutt of the cure perforred on hie totally blind eb r. . 'lre fateolus Gotinht S. oftti town, pretends thalt I have lost the lalrels I gained in the Norltr, tint e ttit arrinal in the Southwest. Thuis proves, howevrr,e I Ited, and that kept theulnntll I arrived it thlis eetion. II' I gained one in the north, I olglht to lhae Sailed ":1teht er insthe south and seothwet, asol I still hole to. otair them on my very youthfull brow oa the ula I iave, i spite ef tle vituperation of the creat Ir r, if I ot;jdge from e man I eve already beefitted ih judge feo ne r the eoet I aer olgtetly ettcfittdl i te it witil lhree daose. 4. The object of the present is tt ianru the t edi cal Goliahs and editors of thle Rlepttilian ttl 'In Ta ,i seript, as well as the clerical t)r Siilt of tle h . Pres bvterian atl of the Union, of Ntsvill, is, tell o nia thile editar andt sub-t lellieol editor of tle Mletltthis ill rte'r as well Pi r Preneie, the t'titrt of titlll Ie ol<vll Jourial, and else tilie ilelieal di ih ediior of Ihis city, the great DI' S., that I Ittl Itii r etll Iteitttt allstt tdeln all, tir vltuperation, oltlder ir tltlutnev, illlrrdi. ately after my' arrival In Ntew Yootk, ris elli :us list their amiable Ite hren thie medliceul Goliaih i fthe tirte I now bind myself b ptrentiie. ne-erhto tttit this ht ipv lotd of liberty, until I have brotllht thio loses I all tliy tiedieal Goliahts of tihe torlth, its well tie Ioiuti s tll iht west, to the gtrlndstoe! Tle sllliti , lhlel' litre, may calculate ot filldloe1 itit t llle itl I..,,b or next year in New Yoerk, thtere leItters, lust paid utIn no others, will le snre to reach Iale. .5. 'r inform the puttlit that the Int , so i e'fed twhich the Ret. clerically enuvertet illit preten te as written ttr him, woas written ,'ore tlhllao eit e h rh,r and inltanded Ibfor the tev. I). tIaw*ll, wht read it in my presence without ltnnilstiilt gv is, il.Oprhllln on the ontrary, took it tol his sletd"valldt lentt e, it il rithe way ie did, wltit ic e iit d lt Idoll ol t wlllh Ia wet my plurlloe betteler; lieo delvered tlhei bot, h t , i,: without pretedling that I wanted to trt ibt htih li 'll iv dty,, as [ never elild presumte to ttRr tli' t gtit i't l "or unv other, any nltoey f sttr lg feltt s 'tif 1tev I)uco'asown cta'tenant is before lhel pollc: Ilnd r.lno, l t txtaltlie ll ll lly diplotlltaR , & .- & . ill &tttl a t iitlttt II at itttuthte friend tf his, na we l s tt.e whot e t f in. fun el lheln eil to e he n lle ntc, land all ii1 , tir ill to he more or less he!leflttel, ie lever conl Ill.: Ie.a, inlueed by a total strangertt tut lt lrnlow ,tit i atg,.e wrote litimielf fur plulitcrioc, aond ttld', .d it to Mr Striagficld, editor oflitle S \ (C Adva.'te. i. No w.lnder tile clear .ihlted tn'diti l jtt li.!,s i" •lNashteiI took the lei. and h; rftre tF s.ed thiii, ,I't - fhrl. I join n with tlet t It all. I owerftl, '.thleliv, p''". ic'tl and ittelne] tual furte of t .e sctid tt-t v-itt o ,,, eleriloal infidel. le read in tl f ile a ' tr ," it knowtln by ita frllits." I ilare attv tihe converted t:l tilta preslhed from that Inl..taoe. hilts pi'ec.ed Froln that pia-ssee. 7. lie evidently wantarl tol.i abli'h lls nio! e!,d r nL sir as ta anl, by s iIewilg Ilst hewils alill\e .n Ils ihed. l nyitltee wlhs etlilss r ihe sil fCht I:i., -' silver will appl t ine ii . s l l . e. ,1 i wt= ll that n lher of piren of ill, r. It llio c ei' i< It l it ed on by fiuv one, as it wais nis en lli l II re i"!lh pert of ill the regular prinl'r's Ife, of t1 I. s q,,re Containin g two m" trnee colmns of cloyi lwilmr ntter, whiih were to be repeated three' e fi ' li in thle P'resbyerin, Union sld sllilllnt jllltrirllt. I LIit ever intendeid to brihe hint, I shlouhl hallve ulli'cld hiii it least $300, his regilair fe, insteaid of $ 0, n hicih, il ill prohahility, he would hbee gladly r lceised as his til+ and Ilot tea bribe. Ol thoe cntrrv, ifl II oiu] hb c:a. piable of ollerine a bribe, I ishould dertailly lhave doll it in a way to have inlused his accept;ance. 8. Hod the Rev. )Doctor seen really ellVrrted to the Ieliefof the doctrines of thle t.viotllo lie h e olli lno have promised to aoee ald examsine mnV p.aiiles ,-ilth. out keeping his worl, as t iove alwyis Ib'ssd weir, minianter of the gospel zeololn to In. 9. Had lieo been really coverlted, hlie wollldr nllt luh lislv have spoksn against the Americasn inelitutinuus, which, it is well known, are more nunerols, nlad whichh are superior to many ill lotlo parts of EIurele. His conduct so much disgusted some 0oung litererv chor ateers, as toibe sclceelv resttahiedfrol punislallng Iilm on the snor,lv laying violent hinds en hits. othe Rev. gientlemantbuglem a Seotachian, is wiaollt enexlloe (oinles he is ealunlniatend), altlh si tuihe i n tihik lie tis a right to abse the Amlnric letan iliutill, Ieenlase he is n eollsrlerl infidel. I say lie le altO-ane all ought to speak h el of the Irideas lie .~ors eifely over. I fancsy the gallant Caltnai r ,rilndr, tied shver.e. othler almiable youn gretleeoien of Nalltille, iecollect well the conduct of this pious expouader lf tile Iloly Seriptures! 10. l ncver saw slch a denmn in hIltman hoIape ist thie Rev. Doltor was tile day I eal el to reatnn ithl him, whensy he mennced sy grey tairs witlb a uplift, e gigl.tic arml, as if lie wonld lnVe fIIl Ilel tie te ground, for derisn to draw a iateus ninister nlwty t'roi his dily, by a libe~ of 30 pieces oenilver! I rca!tl trembled nlnorie than if ith "oild Genllena" had it;. leanrd in hie own slhnle! 11. isoleellvs declre befrorerol, and s tinst a fraid reall Hinm c witnesas lth never. io the whlM e i colursoe of 42 year plnractiee as aall oulist, il Grepatit itoil. lrantce Ieclnfi alnold Allieria, inail sito eisltlinc l fered s a bribe an iy alont to the'edilor of ayv jotunr e bit as a.oillpetluitlsson fir lit spaen I oeeupiell and hile troleli which I oeeleinoned theon; anid thtt I Wils hali more inelised to redin, ratlher thln ld u are nole iso thie printer's ills iehls b; iasueient proof'that I hsdi no intentioln to bribe. 12. Lastlv.-ThMelaloHis EnquirTe rfortw or thiree weeks eoiltaillS a tissue o' flagrant fnlselonds, whlichl thie nedial Golial elditors learneI from their heil usil of lth M. Goliahs of the North, and I shalltr trhene l with sile lnt tontemprp until le toper til srrivls: Unlest it is trite what I hIUve lienll infrTlneRi-"ue it hbeggar, and you will catchl a ..--!" 'totgll I paidr him for sliy advertlsetnsents fir two or Iiroe weeks, lie only illserted liteit once. 'ou willpleaoe to insert tlis letter in your next pIa per, old oblige yours, oo . In Bhaste, JOLPIN AILLir Al 1 I.auisville,llly I t nli: Copied frns the a. I5'. C. Adeolite of Lie "ist Jene, ie1C. At the request of l)r. Villinums, we itnie't the till iw. its nlle from tihe liev. lr tlowell, of Nualvilli, t. thtu edliurof ifI. ,is ilht Vcstern CIllinilaln Adisitaltt, whit, it ti 'lars, hasn examilled tsie diplomas an oher Ini . sltnls,evisive i ofthe Jioctor's ilisn to pahlic Islrou age In cosllsteqlloee nof ni aentitellli, Ir. W toill r-S miliin Nashville a few days olinger thanlie it lit.t intesnled-n-sy thlie lot July. lRea. Mr Striniglid:--Htlaving been ieqelled !sy lIr. Williamti, the oculist, now in thisi city to reotniIIe liti numseroes dileoussn ani other dloellllents evineiv of ichissisiso to Islhihie esnaftdelil, in hia lrofessioo,l htre, is Iconyllny with l vailued friee'l, with pls.ii... " AIlesg them I fOind a letter froil til Peot, at I re. ellt (Clhrge gcA'Aire'i of the Kilg of ti le' re lll, lit i'alsli.igioni addressed to D)r. Wiilliase teiti) ting tihe gellnlsllenters if the dililollman frolnlthe Kng Ftit Hiag e f Belrtittin, tc. ns well as those fTrotm the Mledieal Si ties of France. lie has numerous vouchers frito ites known to ie of high repntotion in thinaeoultry reeivred sitr lia harrival in tlhes United Stiates, detailinti ins.nni cet of great sucess in the restoration of sight ti tli' oii:d. I have steeln tirlv all hisi por latient? is tis c.:t. I knew none of themn previous to tllei:'uo;i i~ his care 'hlt all I hIave scee say liscy ire ll qtestionably betefiated. ROB'T. It. C IIOWEI I, Nashvnille, June 21, 18:17. P. S. Siee writingthe natnvetie of lr. Whillsti, isatientoka calledl e lpon li,ii ad stiys he lad attlentul I and totallv loast the eight of one eye For seventy tarit but now declares himself better tht lasttnigliht, tel.c first time In his life that he can recollect, lie could din. tin'oish,winh th l eve, soue of the prominent tar,. I learn thst this old geitlelmano lin lived naisty ysnr I ill this rlgion,lsd saoys lie has been a Mlethlodliat durig fiirty years. Ynoure, ttruly, augltl R.n. C. II. --TTNNEI'l bMAP OF LOUI:ISIANt,&c. A - A New MAP on LouIasltNA, witl its eannl%, mnad and ditanteoes, frtl place to plre, along the stoge aid steanmboat utee, h II. . S.l Tenner. IITCHELL'S MAP Oor THE UiITEI) STATFr l elh.sitg bthe principal Turnpike andceoinnnoo rodsd on evli.l tir se giveo the distances il miles frosm one plote in another Ilso the couriers of the canals and rail roads lhrogtlih out the eounnsv, e.ureflly econpiled from tile beet ou tllhoriies-puhl'ished by i. Auguitus Mitchell. MITCHeLLs t TRAnt iIOR's GUID THROUlGta TiHE UNsITD a TBnTs; a itanll of the roads, distances n ten.i boat anodcanal router &ce. just received and for oale WMi M'KEAN,l C1HEKfKl ON PIIILADFI..PHIA-For sale 1,y YORKr. BROTHERS. Sl 6.i Camp rtrrr. 1s li, \5.N' l'A" AI:A. .rOl( Imescurefrh 'l m t'mfulaoorkighsevilsont, Saciatlica o sr hip iit, ihvi nt cancers, tlt rlollltll, si Jhilitc and merecviaul discas,.s, Iparti'larhly ulc,,rs and p a i l lu ll atl.i o of the bones, Uk era ed thr ant ,.a t hOS - trilssulcelr ofreverydeertli a) i.t:It sorte, nt d int'rnd -,issosx. liitutlts, iiit', s:hsil 'HIad, scIsy, biler, cllrs nie suor c..vs, crysilplis,blth[.s, and evejy varietyof cu santout a'ltion, cthrosic Cst.iLh' sIes d ais oics d ing. fr-om ny:l arrid hw.,:or, p siln in the, stomach ut, " p": rsin prodtteings tisls'isisoii, o aietions.of the lre:', chlrlt'~ i]nlamatiton olthe IWihsleys, ands general deblili ty 'us-c hy a torpid action ofl thevesselsofthe skin. it is s tlladl st ef tttts ics rnorsvatinog those constitsutions whi!shatse been broken dow by injudi.ious treatment, juv:tilh, irre'' uls rities. In stgneral terms, it is .ecvom ":cndld I t nll thosd isotses whicharise liom imlpurities ofthe bIlnod, or initiatiout of the ttors,ofslctver iare oor kind.l 5osse of tile alsnve cenmplaintnmaiy rluirs some tri fligttristant opplicationtts, ohish tllecircmntcmstes of'the a.e will diotaie" tot ilr a Lene.ti remedy or Pm'ifiiator to imovethe c'ese, the INI)IAN'S PANACEA will genelully be foulnd o~uitient. TO TIHE' PURLIC. lolw timel it is, tllst modern Phylicias, in lheh am bition to e tcel in their peotessionl explore the vastfiehlis olhsienee by thoe aid oft'chelistry, aldt seek out new re nmedial agento; in short, et arrive at perfectioo in the 'eactiet' mi aons of art alonee,-'sntirely overlook and reglet, as enenlthtlhelr nouce, therich and botllteous toses of medicine, wrhich the Almightly ihas causedoi to s.prie olut of tle in tvuet- clime! Andhowl mueh tinore trne isit that while tie Asmeriean 'lhiesicn looks to listeign cruntries hfore ml of' Iia molt colnll alsld artiittteeiperotully ehogiht asteys :ire at the tietate ol'shoiott os folih, hie is suortoseltssi in it i owil countiv wih a t endslesps'profusion of medical klints, .snflicints to alswerIlllay insliclotioa in diseate or to curo any clrs ldiit sordbrin; oiudl tt Ie is ignornnt of their vr..i 'lies, ansd they aree silerffetlto swastettheir hieling on the desletst ai'.' The etiTeets of vtegetable m.ieines upon the system are tetmpor-ay-those of minerds lasting. The li.rmer ex I crt their eltets anod pass if--Lthe lstter, mercury in par-| iticliI', o't chemically iupon thie solids, Ieoonmoslnt It tie Iones anid undcrmining tle oenstitulion by a slott llod stit oltstllectio n. T'ie csgenliatlliti, eileiteorr maid SAIET'Y of tegetn sle res'nslictes over otinelral, moy le estimalted breontrast ingthnatiettttt puactieo wih the moders; or, to brinig il nsore immediattely ther oir ot wnc obsltatlio., tie h li cn tIostis:e with thatof the lwhites. Vllo, ill Amteies, as not khnown oreheard of irepeated instances wclereis ssms: diire'st'hi, untretenilng femiale htliitn, by mcnltsol ier silllple iemedlles :lone, Ias afiltedl tile mlost atlid anllolaeishingll cores, afteethe 11ateira Melica of tile m lllllllprctice, directedI in tile most skilful mallner, Issffiledi' Andi hto hes it set cost ceicisit eatitrotom :' ie soitetiliyIcts with wiiich titt Indiin ftees hin tiItefrnl asll disease, oind at thie almost tota abstinence odchronic disesoe among thems Who has ever heard l atn Isdiasll with a eolttituliUol iloken anlldc riiseli bts !ill 'elltlllIit? Ald tcal a e otuSi t s eist thai ithist hap sv ex-. ; t.tilon o the stavge from n ost of tle its whiils til lesl ofruan is heir to, is lchieflv owing to niolee geniaoi luld .li.rslmedlts swhlich I: isettloyso 'I'thi astllliI ii diRlence in rule.s, is a lisr exesc llliicatt ,n of tihe i' i sitle osllu'reiorit) Ils' thie sim le sllsd sal , e'ne s o" ctti ,e which iseid hsIs clreltel s folr tile benefit of i is cislste, e otsietsset which tle pride alid the at of mn have in vented, Fro c a long resideneos·motgo a portiont of lthenborigin Iao sitestsIof thiesoolsre,si alldail intimate aliuain. * tiloce wisi tlse.'t Ietho s os curt e of soms osf itheilr most i iccessli l pnectiiiolners, thie Ioplrietnr oe 'The Itdian's 'I sallacet,':lscllsised a ksnowledge of soimte of thie most ItoClolitlands favosileresnedsies. Feostisesecheelected suncllh as were mast elPmlcitus'llid ar'oli'tiatesi ald atlier wa.riouis exleltilmlents t terst th(eil' Iplinclile miInl l slrenllgth,, is hls omlsbsisdl tihemI it Ih tie tis here sIe.sented, as s the mu st perf ct :llll: benelu ial tor the punl'lose tfr wlhich it is recommellllnedalcI. 'le proiprietl" ofiiTferllsih lli elleptlali to tIIe ilihlc with the.cosllsioislssisthait heisplaci~ nwihiltlhsetscsa. s s.'isde" t'ao"ll5elte ofrelievingi ianys of hIis affliuteid il low b( mgs, who arl.l suleri=l~illn uinldel, the v,,ll.i()lll chronic aid ss inate compltints to l hiei ll t it atlls ieuble. ' 'o sc , it 'ill proive of ieniclshihe visle. ais thie iellens, anldt ill b ,ly c.ass, tie only means of rehlilel their .suf sissisia'st I.cestorilg tt once ios e t'o il,.oth ald hlalr Tilrxs. 'I''isis inotoiit n;.ll e is ni cullnon11 iri medy that iilhy pl ch ti'w' le e( uall" good wIhh many olhrs now ull srei, bil!sa oue lisisi is oilleilis ls f fil"avhilg life ins ll ien extlml'sciu t iesw sli s e all hl s'll.ll (llsssiefsial. T'l isii hiss dst'se s's'atedl.; s nd s hiso ii ti e'p'stps tion ithissstsu; l s'sd I ' i Isn\er is tias i iest ilti sii(m c i. ht is oen. abut ihr'ee J~ rais tsir e io s is epasi.tlls os e i s,, ste s so I he ulsic:shlt in siist shoit sssatet (of ls st / eilill h u s ofl p l,.oiis uigi i le I llrllllt , tibe wolulil sohlmnl( dleclare Olut they Ibelie,.,.d thallhei lives w e-re savd s ilo , i most ehssalse ' the ii had trhe sic ;and 1"rl.(I 1s all the coimmoI mlrlllemediestii vait. i hIle :\ ili is k nits l isrs:s idlsosi' I - intl no Illih ;isllci .1 it elnost .tuistal iniallid com\ i ll isig s soof tlf it ' ' s ts sii sle I st lllle P n i ll I't IotPIuotl Illls t sei h~!'\li. l· clilsllhi. ill1 +l~l~ l :I/ illl.• Lil· l~t|lihIlie nlitlll :lhln wh hhh hiave_ dtefli ;ill oihh(.iirl.[idh s, iand p riall' l y lliil 's i s 's ,di.s tre'ssis g I cs:iils , uesc sesI· .i, I r'; lll Idt:L'F.% l dur : 1,·'1'1 o:1::! j"i suerlilr os'g':lt ll C ', :i 'h . h c(lisl" ll? 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I was s:zed ahrllllt t llnoe o Is shoi e, with a listressil;, rIctuntlism, cmUL.sci by taklgn sleverel cOld, while undr theiltioootc.(ol Im rctnr, A.d which ihas s ,thilcd " illl business nearly eve'e'lr since1 . l)uring Ilhis periodl base lenoa patient in the M'thine Iospito:, in this cit Ipwards of . months, IIIIIIIi l nearly ti h s:une le t," timrt, il ll e al t til .e H olh ital, :, (I l tried allooiso t f ve., r ili:tdvr vith ilttle heolit.t0 ()2 thl0fil4h o4 1"t bru04 ,1 thattime sarcel, Ibi to move !n.ut lupo crutch. es,, I I.,Ollllellln itge the. its of l hlian's ]'amII)um ea. Inl nnl low h1ppy to hitate that l ono-idelrmy l" pr l'octly well, 1V \I. TI O'1Kt ol, 1I3 Market st. CA.O.IS )1OF SC!lOFUIUC'S LI C.tEIIS NoIwv Voitnt, SUI t. Itt, bil4). This may otl'tii lhoi too Ci e ' ll of 15 , 1 1 , ize Aitll, as llolooleo12 Io d oice, vo o cn t o io o rwa led o , e 1 la0 r blge ghasil y uoo ers io I 1o neci , wrdll s t ot k t t llll. bnlll slft: ains'i ll I'racenansldl eiri' b Ltes of iottert's (:lnholinlon, wilh oin mil ttio.l bhnetif lihspairingof floe, which hold now Ieoenoo a oorio en ir oie, tliu.ti to ll no y 1iP.II' nt ltoN ew York, in 18III29 JI fire4 iiosel0ph1 ,r0 l a Iter wing deathI. II orioth of ti g , cut bhCcecs0 l of I'e h 0hi l ,l tuNvCRl , haul evep , iltln c h sollar r to nl y ow ,n1, , o t ar ioltosn. led totrl it, ast laS Ia r. ot. To n y g0 g tol sorpr10ise, s well:IS satio0lio,0 Se nCll'l(oi + l.ll ct myse 'f al'lidly trinOlll, lghlllet ~0p tiiipo1 44440 toltthol th tuS (l4 1404dell0 nit I ',. I r 1o ofooll)t wellt i thle Ulrsel ol'tlwlo lnths,imi d have re0nl4ed0 0 " lll s fi r syphi o" (titic ( llilionlll , that l they iio know dea Ot, . ld who cosiiO htrs oib tlirl s it ) by s till.~o ovl4 a. P1'0. titilA' t:oins.t.s'ri.nJuly 12, 1 A.A I , ', ,,li.cted, fo .orl , ,e:,r , with an tul. ' ioll Illt lg, n.oi iill theio tive i inoll in the l thg and anolll join. Se4 E ot , eminent ph ysiein .h exerted thelrlskill Ipon it, but with 'u40 p fur1no t ho iefit. I tthis e "ase II 6ut1n . Indi:,t's Iauncea made a peh icot core l llAl(. Al'El1 A WICoST, 11 'llMaket o0or doley flit '0vY ILONNA.EI. , drulggist, aeen In: tl,~ .1rpll.ietolrsl0 l I hpll tll oi.t lal ltrcet i1 NLEW ollLEANS I NAslhhVILLE IiAlIL i(),h ti)111 ": solll[,nll|t fl iII t ohis lpn y 0 a ly e o lhrrv no til; 000 Iltooloot I uttloi,,iu of tle ioard of 04400 r tlion p;P ed on te Itlthl it t. tllhera1tll nii, on themt n tl)e 141414 lrlrtirutar o Int, tor othl pomenltofo five dollars Soh te, 4a0 re0ind4.Id, d1l t4 h 0440 id stockilldetrs 4re tIo lloll lf l' in t it n t i Ih th I il9 elt, .l ih ll ji 0 t a .ihod t -ln e thlre oi n ktiroleo too thnfoil! 000,0' p:oot n ot oo' it)ool n Il oto 14e101ld 0034 0 t her irt 40e" 01' toep 'mh! , o rxt; two dollar per share' ipate t d p0 0 o0f l IIe 1tmber 0eth ct.h ; , hand tl0o id llar;s el r in t ; , Ir - ue llt i ll dtlt of i rch11.1r" nilrt. A - nll ,ýr,"tr b t rl, olvelt th t It levrettrv Io I"' ,A I, , -; n r hare hi lers ther lin, l Boloitl Itlepol. II 1' o itt.ll the i thoi l I n oiolotl , t i0t4 the ,oixlh ., " ,,io fit the 1014lh r , v e4 illo il loI r- ill .d to p \ u-, y- pa, nn fit t o · I, in n 1~ ? 1 the k of , col Iahi upanh.l fl l IfhII lll,+,)t 1,i lhda slt 1 Iom Iud afihre tho tIley oln, ilmo r i 0llt l 4 l,1 ,w It h h tllr et ll rIn-o ,1.lion. ..owever, that if ,,ot, reen inly pail within 2l I sat t lrol vcation of IP sI0,4 s, ll 4 ro. and all t r Iel* dall on wti hl in t 144old av0 ,,l0 e I0 , , that t I I1 the l t00 on .'high:0440.404loirlow m to ulo 1 b400 ennu0 4is4 t ltreia ": 'l l ' , ite llrto ie 1oo l iy, t l te .,rtehr oci Ito polit oti oio, t operalioe. Iu r ui y therrio Ih , to se, id trholl, I i ~ "<a f ,I'.t II "holders ,hin saild 'p0llltl ry, ta 04low0 th04,4r0 t oio edtha0 t the ntyment of t o 0 010 hlrs per hcare ra. d for,a, nd deo on t ilhe I st of 4001 . , wher itex t, may be poli .poned . i h00nder the sixth soi"tl n of -id liarter, toonio tl n he do r of t in toer uext, thn the h.u.lnt . iIn do Allarn per . are calledi. P rli , .r i due. the lf it' dI 1 ,, of 4 1 lmer next, may i 4'l4 xrancts of . ~vi minuterl . o lf t lit rlra Ii op apo h l , l It,\-nidll+"-~ S'T'AT E OF LOIlSIANA.-Pariph Court fhr the lParbh ued City of New ()rs.ttlr . fE STr'i'F IF LOUISIANA. lo <11 whom . II:I I'rerstI , ler shall role, Gre rtirt:-\V hiereas, a!rs ilousc toavi t, purchated it a salo mnle :olurt, iul wh ote offic tile dIed nl sale anus recorded on lnel ent in tonoirmity to ln act ofo tite I.efir i ature of the ttoeu of Io st-aso, entilehd", Anl not for thme furhter nasu etuic at titlle 1t p all'sr.:T atjudicital ale ; "n pprovnd NOW, literftiCre know y., anti all p'to-no interested Ihrei n, are here v cited and admouished in'1 tr;,I name of the State of I ituieiann, and of the Pl'n ih Court, who ':aull at op) nnllv right, titler or claimn in nd to the propeltvyhereinafterdereribe,- in eonseqocm t of lony itfilrmtaltr in the orderl eeree or iudnttient of tht oonart inder which til sale wt made, ior an irregularity or ille.ality in thi nppraisements an ad;vertisemente, in time, or nanner of sale, or foh any other oefect . hatso ever; to show cause, within thirty days from theday this monition is first inserted in heil public paperb, hy the e:tt so Inde should nrot be conlirmed and homo 'l'lm said property was ol dv b te Sheriff of the par ish Ilrfiseui,] ou the! fl4th day o1 Ap ril,A. I). MiR3t, by virtue of e decree of this Court, rendered on the ath day of Febuary,A. Di. 18f8, in a neit entitled Aleltander C("ldwell vs. James Manse, No 10,387 of thle do ket of this Court.,at which sale tile said Jame Hanise became the purchaser for the plice of twenty one tlouusond dollars. I)es:rilption of Propery ns given in tile Judicial Con veyanee,vie: A certain lot of royund ritated in tile Puburb An onuciation alias Lacourtre of this city in square No 5, .:nd lot having rench menuslllue, CO fiet front on'l'ohou pittolaa stroeet,:,ol frnft tron on thrangers e treet, end t;0 feet on I.nfag'cdo du +'arc' @ street, in sutch anranner that said lot of grorind is 0Ib) feet wide 'rum nlne side of the square to the other, together with a dwelling hdouse fronting oil Tehoupitontla street, the kitchen and de petdencics, also the disilled y onistolirhoents erected thornol and other huilding aind itSprovements, phe maehinery, utesils, imndemlrent and fixtures belonging to said distillery, its dependeaeio s Illnd a )plputenaneas, or in any wise pieran inn . t Clerl's OincIe, ew Oreaans, May 7, 1838. nt14l,°_4l J. OIL l., Derputy Clerk pour in paroisse et ville de la Nouvtlle Orlethns. T 'El'AT IDE LA ILOUISIANIL.-A lollscouxp ul -J eos presentes eoncernent, Salut: Attendu Ipa Jahmes alnose avtntacheth t tllle veidte f'rite Ie lt le Shtri dhelparoisre tl'(Jrlehnn Iu proptfii~t6 cl-aprs n deeeite s'est adr+ss6 all Greffe de cette Coin u hI. dite verne ven t eoregistre Itr 1 teme jour de Madi e l'anaute 1838, pour ul avis colltornlement t uttnin tioe lp L6ogislaturo de I' Etat de Il Louisiane, intitulo r "s Acte pour eonfirmer leo tittre des acquereurs aulx ventes judicitresn ;" approuv6 le Ill Mars 1834. Qu'il soitconnu, et toutes personnes inthrOsseoesonr paor oes presentes so+nlmole as nom de 1' IFit de nl Louisiane tet die la Cour de Paroisse, qui Dourraient Tvoir droit II a In pronitole oi-up:rbs dlecerile, on econsetec di'ull ditlrt de fhrlne eans I'ortdr, le detrut on le jglementi e I: cour, en vethIe dtluoel lIa vete a tre itoite, on de tulle inhrgularrlte on illtgtlite dani I'estinoation,datis oilo temps et le mode de in remte, oe pour uonrIItre cunelqueleonltue; die faihe voil, d+llln Irette t ours ad ,ter de la publieation lide ctte noit, Itllllli na vente aillo i il. e n e serl oi pas coftlllm e et homologuoee, r Ia propriet, fat vende par le h rliil ausdit, le tla tolzi ipe lour od'avril t'de i'anut. 188, eOn vertn din ltr let doe itteour lt 5 de oiviter doe 'aoaet 18:8ot dun 'lle ,I'nl t re d'Aexaldete Catldwe i , icentr tle Jame Ilnurei, Nio 10,3t1 dol docet doe lte (our, iti r luquell vele le do Jnt l s Ior llse 'tsio t ret dll auetllniletr poor ht prix de t ot1,nl0{o t "scription tela Prolantii tdapro s ltetil toeoitt udtieae Savri r ue, tertetn rs I et ie lorre sitit n fit ltirt de l'ntpln-S ra'ioun ohias Iamnur ott, th rilte vilt,o duos IironNo 5, le dit lt de avae r [lesore ir n.ioo.,] oixuo' e plods dte fet it r t,n i tti tttttito tri,,loig t iete t Ideiace o i hto lUno te iso uert , et toottiae ri to don te fare t Ito f'ranat de la ret du larelt de ni olottner ql letI tlil lot dte torle in soixlnte oiodel dte ort or o uo dllllat de f'let t .'i'ogoho nlll, l e I I n isoe +sltll t fate i ln rite T'Ichotltmh eols, I uoinie t t oes odI p ehdis. nitosio que In ditialerie el +h'ltite :o r ht dit o ti , rt utlt Btissei etl (lhr t o In (oetoe st nsilt s, irr tti slions i, he. alppt r:.nul ;t nli dlt rlie illloino, o qoopr l Unlr:, appart ancts ct Iea (h tilt, .- 1 1 prig il Ies t lnd to o ht o1 is . Be' on dl, ( "t'lIher ,i voeile , r (. li'.a,, 1 7 !ld+, M. 18b. st, jt J. p)l.lo i Ieillll , ( rrI lli' Iroyi n t' i, 1f .I tolle oroLo itd t.tot, o.:cll, tGeral Vg etaor e lirt g ttteit Unteatd Medi rI sine pr, taord tt t'1r totlski, Esq or tetn trr doe iie oP.eIl Cirllhrid: of loollllt 'ioellllle omitsef Ap tpoh e,) i,: .e :ll lll A r tat h,1 ente, ml ot ttlIs i e lltt I jl;. .rt anmd ni;ttti tr. r tertre trtr ti. e ,ot tttr, ,roio ttt , tt o -ot Io te' o itrett of i ldi nrertrtn pm lo , :ip t lh, eari . i ,i.t 'i o, i !i.l t oiei . 't ti Io " it , in tIo i00 l /p {.i n ts:rti htsl f.a o1 ,,rtii Ir t, l at i V li'o I)t the al o lih a ., pli r i, +ato l , . · .Iln - : i, . I I,,i:tohora Io i ,+ . bti n , , llt l, 'oi tm ii el-:.. 11 lh;-tD't''' rri ,''h ll'mri I.h.moigom: .r lt It'nto tio tx ;t ll (.01 ~ . itr .r !,t it lrt lo i h p.r It,mt ,ri tto.r ,r ro tl' ,. toh1,0 , ( tie t o , I., , r e+ t',l\ n t t'l, Il, i.tale, i, ,",,t,!," o. ! ' .i, . ,rI.n l" 'ih, I . ,ills, lll :Ih I:,.1 , R CIIC ,1 t, l... nmIt r.rte, tin rnnr ,., , • ,', i "to',, \ I m ",lI, vot It r: ti , h 'ii Itn r t:, 1 r th 01 1 r t' , l .:nt r lle+ ! 0 ' ,' t' I i, h. o. . +., t : h, : i. nt- ,dr t:!.r ,rti , I ' , r 'io , In'.'-l, ,! - ; I.;, no ,;,. C : ol t t,,, s e, nr,h . ", , : o''.I: ~ 0;s . , l i i~" (l:, i .:oll .i ns , ' ll r I i, l :+[ !, l\ r IF,, +il~e l o . i 'k em en t + t t . 'II: Sr ;.. l-, ICo s, ., J. Astol l "[. .1, i't:,tott 31.titu) .tl il NM, t' i Ptolot .emitnr~ Aer frr oie ililtd, .. For atidtet v . pn- u 'eroh lt of Ite i o iel',,,h roi i r u"ol. _ . . . 8 I " i. Y It LEE &' co, No i h'01 1 ne1 str eer, l u 0 (0:,w receiinag frominips Nbi l v le, louisville, tloentck., Engle, nl.d other late arrivals hk...1 :la" all etrr cilies, a ialge aii new sclevle¢ .I r meOll !, i. ooto, i'hos aidl UIroanoits, rcnsitllg of g.ntl. men's lihn calt and Morc.c. o horns do 2Sdluality; do hufl', ailm ,lootou l\av 1e((, ,oirk ariosiquuIIitioes; men's Itht ,alf sea.l t ni l lt ort<e *P6** pllnpd. at hrofglls, Imkkill Lnslhe,, broglnsu:i I roi;nms.; do bouts; do wout kip :"mod 111" pegged shoes s ro'nnsm;a gentlemen'ts best ualit) eallfe\ edi shle_, blcoganls ;mIi ,a|k 1)Owniig; do nl"f Nai |Morocco 1 Ickle shloes lll::l br"oon ; do call; seal and .. ooc.r. St(lialln shoes and slippers, (h cull', buff :0ul sear wm'ps, Sllew article; I'o 'fine calf seal and lmorocco quarter lote; boys', llshl S'nuallll cihrlnll' l l's pegYed and sowed b oglans, nd shosl oft cl ery l' alit. d-fkind. Aloa geneta il osor~tment of me~n's stout wax cno r IIt brogans l :ll shoes, jlllet . wiltl 110,1)00 pairs l.IO l~: nt qunality, russeit hro-;uls, nailed in hr I ks, made ex'.,ressly f'or' phInt.ln nor; a ganod l . ament of mn'l s t"in. I i : Iont kip russett hlrgu ., a w 'licl,..'md s u'ge quaulity of a" inferior quaht) r Sii 00llII I'It Itlltllot. I. de' fine cl '', s l, tl cI.0n an. d I gri in well ltls, andll p ,np sole shoes; In lime r e,,h .Mo1meco and kid run ,tall lianal tootec. lissesiastiogspringshnesanu at g',ms. Chlllren's' colorle M"ilolcneo la lasting bro ,-m~inl boots, ke.. ,;,tit n.m lineOllishiomhble fllk silk halts; do black i helr ,! heaverdo of it superior quality; do imitation t. into do; hbradl :,Id mnrw brim mnl's fine dlotb slld ,i k l(H sia shorllt unp el flats, anew :arlicle. Y'outlhs' l e size hats of till"rJent J uailies; do 1 hil.hen'. to 11 ;ll1 hI.y's black and so:(l hlats of various sl lis lith general assortment of boys' nid men's ='! Call;s. has 1 sortmtIlent w illbe ellenishld t y the arrtivo of et ipllack shn the rore mimed cities, all of whitth t lhle, sold (l lenimolllat ing letr'is. i -g I-tIf I ll I' It0t' I' , ]': 1 qItototoo to 'I t Ill 1.4L. II . OIt. TlE TEI.:Tl. r'l l: ;e~stalblishe.d i-ep tltillol sotd oustal.tly iu eat~- ; II dt o,,nut fo~r this ellb, tolol remdy,y :t', puin, nud pre rvntive of ill,, teeh, has inducedl the ,Iloeriber I ,,!ter it io fthp Amelricanl 1ubli,!. Arl'llnl. lie ir.. . herol llidnl to s;up llv leei~ ls inl all lhfe pri neiIa r ife l tow,# inl t l+.litood Slat-, .o it to phano it ihi Ibe reol lf e sufli ring and lil,.Iv to stlffr this tooe 10lns Ila't'ltlloilt'orolio 0to- h 0ttto. A Whe, applied a.eording to diretions given on bottle, it has never tfiled Io foil'll ilunediate and inanentl relief. It also arrert+ ifil a ie ,lm defe.tiv" hlethand relieves thdt ror-epss vbich ro elquntll ! renders at tlong tooth useless Tit o lappliltioln mld reledy are simlle, illurent, an not unpleasant; and '11111 t hli t111111 1t1,11v110 i i'thh r'Ie' f1 tie w i 1 todl .0 n it'cy 1 t en ba ttll. SlId I s JAtII\I, & ANDREtWS, il ntr 111 orom " Ih I no h 'l l.aviouhin( ra1y to \ In (-lthieui c vooal )c i, t oerm,. , toe rv . I - Illo ut tnod tIrilte. With s 'lar Id 101c remtd . , fng mln tl l an d opinioil.y. ln v ,h r Ulihor o1f fo0 ue if ar I t311 o tihoe olos l l - tunl dl uding l p n' nll s k tc e o f t l e nI ir ! b e r -- y ie ff l wr ..0,v j a bte. chill. by t KI d " I0MWF I.I+m nit I sii llinulhor of ibes whe nm nioe. Wih ricano ivrntia e rpuioicur a. m The nrud o ptih ne, ' . ii author,0 f '', o a i ' s n i, i ersecond ,1 hi n n a ` rib ovf r i ic, -n It :o llll ion+ illl, fl oll,, t ,'ll b l ons l o l o)'et ar I t;:I311+' louthera 1,.11,0 11::1,, m.lui ng prrsn-l+l~ (;. o keIh'le ofu the i1,tll" ad in ii -, ilher - ti6 i. o ir O iu por. J ust received and frt .ule by W' 1"1.l.K \, mv , ,,r * allim' p l 1n:d ('nl, b, lill. t n Ml (.. 1, `'t Ire n I wit +I . rk , i n I r i nI f e d vh at e (h', lu .il e - 1 it~ o lio loly, h '[+.l'p , .1., 11,jl lien', w1I. t"h -h -a-., " 0 , I0 air,, p tirvto, ,,i JUSTPIUBLISHJEDFROM STEREOTTPE PLJTES, I The itsh Edlihiorof f IROWLETT'S TABLES OF INTEREST: ir i ) w nhich is n e w w h adtte a A va l g e 1 "im e C al te lla S tor, or easy metholls flr telnding the v.lrage timne I ol sternge, notes of haul or Iills of goods, henll put'r chased at dlifferent dates, onl lifiertnt credits, and 1^r rlriolluso Ilollts; besides l u.',on'l and comple te anllkillg Time 'Ta le, ti.e be.t ilthat c be cous iverllt. eIr that fi gtres lon s irlltce within the samen collldisend cotmpas, ant size l ft, Ire. Ans asuvrtisem.ent in thehlook is in nearly tlI: follow ing words: The high disitintion this work has ruelived hronugh tiro tet Ihgislutise acts eflixed to the iitle rage, is a re. eonmer.dlatisn itself; so noeommon~, anti so eoncll siv, Il t nlothing is rnecessary ms0e ir an by way of ald vertisement, to given onc.tssn'dl view of sonme ofits pe culiarities:asforinstance, Ieht [ hie been eompos. ed fiomsanti compared with, what is equivalent to four seer relse, feleclllatiose, exemiued ill to e press thirt five tianes, anld prilled hhrne .streotye plates test1ds times, fiom all uslih it asrot be evident even to the septic (epsallyells ,n th, ope.osinl ofthe de tail of proof in the iprnce) that the work must i e nrimh metieally infallible, oosd is confirmetotn of tlhis beliefa premrniln otf two huntoled and fifty dollars' is now offer er folr sle deteetion of o esrror ofm rnt t ill the present or fifth edition, as expressed io tole 'elnace, making five lt'ere(, esmions itfferse for the e error since tha first pnhlioatn ll in the leakr' 1 m80. Ose of thoe most eonspivuous features of the tables is inithe arrangemeso of the Tli oe osll Amounts, which for expleditins, rofference ondI ersp eitSl wil the help oflthe side and indexs cannot he excel ed t rnd the sandy ty and ease ilth which the in.eresl cun be lofiund o the pxotet of gsteesl busines, withont doublling of sums is beides i onvense e s sens osmential, tatr io tho estlma tion of some oi the mast comspetent aid paectreall usai otuss men ai , public off, ers wh o have ade k great restee of the work, it hs been tliutisngseid cl I o Ionolable appellaton efofa "master pioue". Ani considering the infallibility of the metlol origisnally a opted in ssomtoslun trie work, and the extraordiuary oumher and Sariety of he examinations, anl tests of every e rition it los passedi ie Ihe press, eotwithstasding the whole is in stert:otyts, eonaidering, in sh6t, bhe positive accuracy secured by the unoreseelanted means emplo oel, the vo lume haes een held op and emphsltieally styled " the most wonderfuell ook in the owslk;" mast eertainly no man;ss n Iramea figure work of the msne extent, which since the treghoti, gol creation, ihas hid the samoe num ber and vsaisnty of tests it the same oumber of editorsI no, lersiao Ialf the sumber, as is clearly dsown in the preluce. inesideerb astest aod standard, istheas een tried ond re eed in nearly allthe bank and phblireo , fiem in the U slet Sti, Ies, netd y the public golernlly, luring the long periof nt'thilte-five rears, vet ineeror of the eal oulations l:b ever been founor in print, althoer h eonstine ally ohallenged by the offer of very large petiumes. The bonk. i in fact ex pressly adopted by all theonarts oftas t oseveral ofthe Stales as the "rate of calculation forstatute inttriest," n aleso by law fore oak interest, aeeorllilngps the book is used, andi nasl may he seen ill part, by . e names of the satbnrihcrs, and a few of Ihe suhseqre ht lr o setst rs, inthe list at thes oi of rihe book, is in posession ef cuery clots of' cltizes ins every quse te of tihe Unit ed irttlrs. It is moreover well known trhat, y its rearly cheek, it has so oftei detet;td largle ersies, losg after they were nade, evenl by hio n rst careful and most comlaetent ariohmetisians, lal its tuseflrness, endt the ]arhsolte tle uerssity for its s, have ea eteiyl sistyiy tlssed sp',n so evlient, ineesl, loeo bten its ladvantages, am its sVillrgs, Iral, sevenl' voestrsil e whilst te first edlition was scare, ald out of preint, agreat imecnr of seunh anld copies were ounht fo', trse o a gre t distanee. ad purcrased' :it saeinus prioes, as they cnhyo l \erasion ally ho ptickell si att from $lt to $5l perr copy, TIe oeme persols have reeen.ty decharet, stll istanees frosp ly a fot to be had for leas nod ao individual in the latles instance iarlosvlarly, havingi at the satme iimne rxhibitcd slotisaetry ipro., it trveral persons pre seatthat toh it, it was really worlih that nltet:y and more til oingh tle seing of Ilia very vdollale tirse, the brisg a vur) rich nomasetid in phbli offics. it is likewise worthly ol' niotice, inrdl itedl proper to impre:1, that schr is the nteorle of figue work generally anll esp.ecialhy when of tile extent and 3111la111ce el thee lti" Ils, 1i1a:had this hoink r its liker ,ni psrepar e ill tle iti IlltlllIer vlll.u, i the i r emoll etellt calulsamtor i te wirid, and afterwards trit,t ist ru eatlnly lly lllthr Iltshwl correction of proof sb t1tan, it would, il I l iijt o In a l i , i lim hae blee floa ' l )ur reli - f1reter, alld isdttr'i 'itl) pri., tr s et lo rLaee darii f' hsi'Ip exiplais, ils t s tiperli's asd raitable have the stere,a)r. ,talestoer itis o. t klteeon's ivuc, that to swecire Ie \llnl, i llllonercus trolll e xilraordinsrv etxalnina lists.t'gaisstiises, fir.s' getlisusI betcrfit, slisy are (by ::tscrltiselrlnI ) sisstaitltr keprt ill a place f stecal satis, iexcet it sl hitu"ill litiiln. ,tal wihl aslHl 00111, fo.llow lhe preface', which, ilhllhs fernlll:litl ^I ICTlriho tihe two ilat ul odtiles of ' . 111nit siuilter s ts' ts,' d,,\ s; f gt-ce, ste. It rlllrl oI: dlll y lll illnlitklll ,l l IIt I ll.l| t Ilhluldilng lhis tuneo s'os nsosoii.sths e wnrks whlis.c wasmhitenc i fs eI il stll t:s i.'' st 1ih iotll hh s at n i t s s ii-isc :a11 l ) .Itdli, thi. s s1it. s. utlI ish 'o isj witit sl si t rlre sle a''I Ihtots tutu t se :,it, bose thoit' 1 g dollar, rsd six 1 1; 5,I tlnll te frolml 71.9;" 18113, alL t:,me Il 11l, first editi'i0 of 76Nl a'fie,',trisiril rhi.,h ' termt its ,hlia a a('ll1atli.q tle prfit lfltr alm ii.i I se lllts.o"', i t astt it :iild b .'l'l:.*,". 1 lye, hiT " I i ts' tilt, lils' silt , i ra e 1 5i , I. i. n t, tic utr tis its''h ii isis 'luhlc I ' sl , i ts N t1l0 1,s ils'V;. !lItde. l h rol ".l |",r h Spol" If s N ui *, ' I ,,l t,, tf 1'. ,,..], in') \,,1 . The 1',':o lm b's lov its it Is U lII I moral reli i'\t thttlot J 'i ,t o ' DOCTOR' i .JOIINSON t o. 1 A b , h o nsulted c.,ait Ilyhv it his otlie., 143 (ret'onto) Houer atrlPt. lltar lnpllhine strev , o, lity tl hUa td' a ,:artaion class o" delierste diwnar,. lom1cn itr..holnsoo's exleosive opportunity in 0o0r of t1e L~oit ceolobrated lo,,sotal- to Europe, exclusiv, ly devoted to the treat )nent of lenrri,, and t pbilitic mnp chilit" :l)nd alsfront Il re-rju:nce of five veats in Now oo'ork, during oloich tioe lte. Joolttont ctounetl his pray ire solely to the tretnlent of Ihbo-e diont,,isw t Iovot any of tot' followinic ootalh'lil'tt il froom o to I) day.,witolotrt itjturi the, o noottottiont by neoreury'o' or any other ee't'ricool tn'edcioe. (ihltoriheo, (lOt, Structure, Sulmi tool Wt r:okllnecs, Aflectionis .t th Ilind. dter, Iidnev, P'ro.:tatle (lnd,n l non' of tlhose numr -ustrdo of aTototatoit, which genoerally follow neg., t ed or ooal-treated of Vellerial. Scrofulouo cores, ulcerated legs, nod worWms,romoved by a simple melh od of tlrAltlment, wltollo t rettrictillo in diert or inltrrup. lion front buainess. I'eronot reoiding ft the rtuntry, al whot foieloli ate in co sulrotoa their totoily plhysieian, by senling a trlltelnnt of their el-e by letter (poet paii with fees enclosed) (on have Ir. .lohnsoa's advice, for their own treatmeont, witll medicine, nrcessury to be used, ftrwar. ded. Scporalt office provrld wtlhere patients crn never cooe in conlort with ac:h other. Attendance frol morning until oight, at 113 Custom House street. ..1f ooiotuotions strictly confidential in all cases. oe, 1t3 D (lYLK Ek o AY, lootoo', blot, too t il(roottottos ltaintel's, tol CNotaolooltdtle 'tcet, ItWo doho)r' rooil Ctnal streeo. Imitations of the following woooods :/ad m.robles,ox ecutcd in a masterl Iltanier, woons Tp tin.I'a . lftogauy, IEgy tito lck sand gold, (lok, (iloolt otlid Aotioo, Potlat' i), ()l rietal or verd alltique (Curled do, lanp .,. Curled Maple, Itlool :tone, l irds livee c, larby Granite, Satin \aood, i'otomac. Hlair Wood, Ilove or IHuodello, Yew Tree, ltalian Whie, Coromaodle or Black Sialnla sald lroctrlla, Rose W'ood, Amer~ien Gre(y, Ash Whlite O(ak, Ie. h Ire. Curled Elm, Specimens to be seen at tlht shopl. Paints. oilt' glhss, sopal varnish, ke. on hand nd!lor sole. mtl toiN,rEEL& IIEAVY (;roI)sl-Hlat, square and bundle iron, well oasstorted. lolo, setotll and rod iron, nail rods and pIlough C:ast, German, shear, blisteryd, spring, sheet and (rowley steel Ilollow ware, cut and wrought tails and slike e Zinc, block tioo noill sad grind stotns, salt kettles Chain cables, anehlors, hoes Ox, log ar d tr:ee t hails, corn mills Anvils, vices, Ilanmlers and bellows Viret,slot, iol arld har led; uolot Co.l, andl eooloting stotes Ales, Rowland's anld other spadee anlld shovels llook and plate inges, door and window hooks Collis, IlHuots, Sllhrps antd other axes l'a'od t Manilot cordage, l, and twine lotand sheatlhing ol .eio'; Noaval stores Paintos, ltnoed aod speorltt oil A afll assortmenllo t O hoolodware ant ship chrandlelr always on hand, and which are of trtoed f )r otle at whole sale or retail, oil the most favorable terms, Jy md ILAYTON 0 k Co. 530 ld Levee. UgAROWGATE SPINGS ltollgoloryerv elllootv, Alnlatno T!IREE DAYS JOURINEY FROM NEW ORLEANS. rjTIlE propriet.r ofo this establishmlent lins the plea u soru o lltl tooiaeb .I to his iiends ao d tile public in greneral,tlat oe will too in readioors by the fi"rt day of Mov to receive visitors. Ho will also state for the be nest of those at a di tanoe, otht there have been large improvements mode, and otera now goine on tad in roooid pororess fior romtpleliooo, which will ro'Oooe the rllbsr her to onecommodate oa omull larer numllllber tlan herelootfoIr, and at the salmln lime ImooUC better. Familie can oe acemnlnlmoated o ith good roons, or tlloe who prefir can have large cabins dlt ethed from the omaio bailding. It is dleelmed ionoeeenrsror oe sa anything in partic. lfr oo the character of those oc uiers, "or it is georally telieved that they are not inferior to any0 iin the Soluth rll raters. All tite amltosemtlo s that are generally iontd at Waterino Places, will he fouool at thio. Tle ,est music that this 00rt otf th- country atTords, has (tel engtged, and will I in conhstnt attendance at the Slprilngs daring tile whole seAson. t hesutfbselifbl will anvtil Inselfof Io his oponrtunity a returning his t onfeigned thanks f~ tthe very liberal Iupllport giveon hit Ibast .taSlon. nod hopes hv nlle exer ion that hoae been itar i. ilmprooving andf externding he aectnlooodations, to metrit a liberal p0itl' the eenernt Hra-Jn. JNO ('RAAM. - TKINSON'S l)i'.ill.lAT. l Y, bir removing sul 1 o perrllol Iair 1fnon the (orn, n(rk and urm' w lh qpal ltfilrv a~d ab.I' , bllv. oooing thte skit finer andt vhitr than luotr,' toe applialaynon. A frh *lpplyp iiot re 0'i'd ' c ioro'lol S, No 1 Exc-anrlnn Ih)oI, rotir St t'llartl- ad I ,mldnor. WtrP ,,i € rolt-`- ro'o'o· MAIL ARRAN.( MENT Nortn Mai, e Every Day at l A2 M. Western il, Doe every 1'unl v, Weiliilidy iv n ray f ie cd , byv ,1'. l. by erryoy te CioeRvery Monday, Wednesda Co.s, R and Sratnrdaov, by 9, 1'. M. helakeail ae every Ti v, Thursday, an iaL {E a L rISa3turln), i6SY 5,P 1. Closes every Monday, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPARTURE DISTANCE &e. of the Express Mail, betwir,,n Moilo andl New York-lenaviF Mobile daily at 3 P. M. Nortiwar New York daily at 5 P. M Snuthward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. Time. Iertorn'g Montgomery. Ala. 2 pm. 198 in's 23 h 12 n. Columbus, G(ia. 114 81 I 3 a.m Milledgeville. Ga. 2 133 14 2t pmin Columbia S.C. 7; am. 163 174 10 Raleigb, N C. 5j 215 22 12 Warrenton, Va. 12 m. 55 t 1 Petersburg, V. 10 pin. 83 10 9a. t Richmond, Va. Ilan. 21 3 64 Frederickburg, 8 7 lI p i. Wnshington city, 24pm. 61 64 5 Haltimare, 64 38 4 04 Philadelphia, 04 am. 01 11 2 t New York 2 pm. 90 8 1305 143 I. or Sd23h Northward. Coming Southward, the time is six houn le s.;.bein.S days anadl7hours. S'EN DOLARS REWARID. DANAWAY from 169 Carondelet comner of Hevels aL streets, on the night of 30th of August, and was seen the next morning in Pydras street, a negro hay named CHARLES, about 17 years of age, sail 2 fee or thereabouts in height, very hlack, and bha an imped iment in his speech, one of his legs is sore, occasioned by a recent hurt; he had on when he went away a white cotton or linen shirt and white cotton pantaloons. Masters of venssels and steam boats ore cautioned a t gaia receiving or harboring said negro as well as nil other persona, as the utmost rigour of the law will be enforced against them. The above rward will be pai fordeliva:iag him inti any of the jails of eithler ofthe municipalities, or at 169 Carandelet, corner of Hevi steset. sept oTIE he olmrnership eretofore existing under the firm of Dbla s & Garmtson, has beam dissolved. The subscriber will liquidate the afairs o tie eonceru i, this city, and requires all persons indeb ed to make nayment to himt oly, and all thosmhavinp Sclaims,itoir,seaint eim forsettleantl. aRa' --7t H LiARRETSON No. lICanal 6,rejet A'ew Orleans AS alway on ha nd cen.ttly kar aeivine DrL tj Dyes, Chemivals,and Pliana,aolag theri. or.. o :ll .gUG, DY .S; Anliminy, note, Argols, red, do regulut, Annao, Slat,'. Arsenic, crude, Alom, do Imwdle.n., hIrazillette wom, alsaoenopaviu. Coehinetl, UBoraer eine, Copprers, Anleriesn, do refined, Capbear, lnrimstome, erdle, Fnstie, Tsmplno, do roll, d Coubas, tfo Bower, do Msine, Hirmutb, French aerries, Catnoroil, Indigo, leankl, Cream tartar, do Manilla, SCanthlari dr , i (are aeea, Gan naloes, do "iswtamsalo, tlo Atatbi, Logwoodl , Camperahy do aseufmtia, i do St l)omingo do amoniae, do Jatnaies, do Ieloreiu, C.mwood, dIo oleol, roogh, g h, adder, ombio, do do scraped,l Nioauragos, bIlonsre, do do S Aimerieoe, do Coro, In .n.lpor, :r.'ite, do M.tnia ib ln do rrefil. do Ilcbhe. ido oeiium, CHEMICALS. d kito, Aed, nitrois, 'lo anntic, do smm'itie, m opu snlpohuric, Io shellac, the vi triol, .senegal, ;valomel tap d ' s a m lra r . ,oi'vor esi ,ili, l it tdo rl- aoaith, bhlorirle of lime, Gamlioge, .'p im salts, ,hfilpCr bercries Aoielllrtlnnuoar castii, .i'giireia, t':igliab, lilheolle dlt, 11 A' neiet t Ile v Ciiioiiitt vio 1+ash SnaUI Il kb., Sul carp So'.. a dIno cto, SUII'ol pnti, l.i1l,:a"e b:dl, Sgar lean, (Oil c/eh ,noip H izili, d, I~e'rgyam., Tartar emetic, d11. lalUn, PAINl--bllaco. I hiul gl.ntii,, Chn"omi yellw, drv dho ialp~aI, ,o o iloil do i'illtld .ti' tle i ltPh , Alog , d'lon Inlltioog ii n nil, do r1htl h E, 11. 1, l .anlbi yk E l,.h, (11 Wn-t1, la fi.Mliatuw11 e Sd1 werpt vii", i ltarge, v'n;:ilA , do Ie'iiilvli, Itndml to Anu tiie a Siie, 'eId.uTaioi , l'oio ohi~l.l'o .liel,i C." Hi l , d~, A .... iertln I oci, h:id, uoelteid d ......r,,l,~ , Spal,~ Irrn, lro n. , r El glios, do ("o, iii-k1 4' il g~nadul nil ovl'i,, ,l if.hli, 'bot. rid Fdngli', r'is, Y I,"|E( , S rlll· h. l ih.,l Niht" ih, A 'i i vill, Cinese. Senn~ l 8, .It hlx, ~o grl:otid ilto,e ,1i lt, di,, ranI 111) d!+) l' 1hc.d ii,,I,11 \i,,,1.r, F.,,gll sh, r\ bill . .. , dry An... in do I voile of gel in 11ti sih(nr Aol W lo'nlvoos li rt l 20--Gm CAI''r1.AIN M AIti VA T T'IS NEtV N-IVE:l. iRo/in ihe Reefer', i tile nuthlr ot 'eter Simnple, do in+'.2 vols. Cuaminer, or a Winter at Schltlr Iaifield in .Lae , Stvria, by Captain Ilasil Hall, Royyal Navy, F. L S., ia vl .1 Ird XuRd t, a romunre. lv Albln Cunnirgham, I v1 sheardl L.e. written hy lihuaself, in 2 vols. : Coontpesdlirtn )Iit coflhtaly, translated from thi original Italan, by Nathaniel Greens, inl vol. for rsing No. 79 of HIarper's Eamily Library. Vols. 3 & 4 of lIe new eomlplet and nnilbrm edition of Ii shinqgon Ireiny's IWorks. Roger's F1rcneh and English Diclioana. in I vol 3u Anugend'u French and F&gisk Dielionecra. ALSo--A few more copicuof Cotumin',IPhrnology "Rieami," l.nrgi Surrvevwr' ConOaanses ofauperinr qua ity, with chains, BIillia'd Ball, of21.-4 and 2 1-2 inches Gillott's improved oetulic P'ensr,japnned papers, weight &c. &e. &e. Just raceived, and for sale by mIl3 IBENJ. LEVY. ISPAIN REVISITEI),&c. &c SPAIN REVISITED, b&cy hie author of A year in Spain,' in2vods. T'raes "oflvdt, rmraclr, as generally appdlicale , the Aiorigiie of No'rhAmerica, by n Turner,Esel 2 vols. The Political Geranman, of the United Stater, or a complete view of the theory uaid practice of the geaera s oi v state glvrneonllsl, withl the relatijons bltween then '-dedictedl nol adnpted to tle )eung meon of the Unate Stltes, lv E D M:asfieldl, Esq. a'iimrod'a Hunting Tours interslirvd with eharaeter utric aneoiotos, soyingv ail daidoigs ifsporting men, is clnding notices of the principal crack rilers of Englann ,A with anolytical contioiti, and general index of names, voluames. FOR THE (ClURE or Sirofula or King's Evil, Chronic KRI umtismin Chronic Cutaneouns Di)- Pains il the Boner, by free eases, ise of Mercury thn blond being in vitiated stlte. This very concentrateod Syrup s prepared with tih greatest pharmae eutitil care end nccuracy ,and contain the active pnnciple of Saursarilla in the. most conner traed ldegree, comnbined with other vegetable suabstanea of knownt efliccv. TIh great dcsfderatum with plhvslcians in being abl to exhibit a larges quantity of Sarsaparilla in a ama dose, lhns heen oatuined iii this preparation--thsve heing· fally convinced ofits merits, conorifently administer tle course of thlcir practice. Price $1 50 piear bottle. SLold only at SWAIN BROT'HEIR'S drug store, No,. 1 I Canol stet, wil me' nay be had, fresh and genoiie, dirrc tfonn the pre,.fi tars, Swailo's Panneaa and Vermifuge, Potter's Ci.t.nlo con, Carpenter's Preparantions, and a largo aud genera assortnment of fresh drp gs, m4 I'INNOCK'S ROME, ._. -INNOCK'S IMPROVEDI EDITILON OF I)R - Goldsmithl's Abridgiment of tlin History of Rnome to wlhich is prelixel al Intlodultion to thle Study o IRomau lirstory, and a great variety of valuable infer ,nation added throunhant the work, on tih Manners Institlutions and Aatiquitiks of thie Romans; with na serous biagraphicnl and hiastarical Notes; and quen tions for xaminmation at the endl of each aection. II luetrated wvithl thirtyeocravings on wod, Iby Atherton Pli'.ocO's Iluprcved Edition of DIr Goldasmit's History of Eghlad, rofnl tilhe Iinvasion of Julius Coesor to the death of George 2a, witl a continuatlon to the yean 18132. With qaestions ir examinioation at tihe olt io each section. Blcsides a variety of valuable inferuo Lion added throughoutl the work. Consisting of table of cootaumprasy Sovereigos and emlnent persons a Copious explanatory notes. Rllearks on the pob ties, manners and literatire of the nae. An outlinea tlel Constitution, &c. &. dlluntrated by uany ageol logs. Guos' ELEnrnTs Or ART naonorr nal an Aoridgmen ofKeith's New Treatise on tahe Us of Globes. New Amerioan edition, with nddltious mad impnrovement tmw an eaplatioa oflth asatronauic l part of the Am rican Ahoumac. Just reeoived and fir sale blv WM M'KEAN .ma.. .. e2orner ifCnmp and Common ate tLIAPEIR'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. 1 OItACE,iuraoslotd by Phillip Francis, D 1), with i1 an lappendix, eootanig traaoslatmmls of vaoriou odes, &a. by Ben Joton, Cowleiy, Milton, Drydon Pope Addisna, Swint Chatterton, G WVkafiel, l'ran l lryan, &-e. oad asomer of the more oiaiaent poats of th day--and I'HEIDRUS, with the appendix ,i 'lali,.s teitsln old hb Christoplhr Smart, io 2 vol frlae fti novlaic l 8 and 12 ol'.llarneer' Claoeaiol Library iTh Expediuon of IIU.lPLy CLINKER, by Smolloti, 1 D, with a meminmor of tib Author, by T'Fimi as Rosaco, Esq.. now edition, with illu..a.ion,, by Ga Cvauikyhooh ltlE .iPSY; n Tale, by the natthar of "Rionelien Mary all' urgundy,' &c., raw editlio 2 votn ,.mlpel n one. PAUL LIFFORD; by th auitor o UPaullhn. The Diet rdi" rc, bein volume IV elt t new erA n of"El ter:l's Comnple facrkse. Jst received a sale, 3 WM MeKE;AN " .AC ON SIL.DIe-36 ca isLa Cincinnati soau . i'nl,: volia "ir.loteanll,tmt Eo Ecol, all for sateJ IlOGERoI'" & IIAWp "aL

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