Newspaper of True American, August 28, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated August 28, 1838 Page 1
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is (. PRICE 12; CENTS. 7'ra fa N . ... reroNo dss - NEW OR.LEA AUUS NEWo . NeLpEN P...8 b A . . . . TUESRDAY MORNING, 2,3AUGUST 28,1838. _ V . N 7 ,,li,.,i,,A y .yre Jd .. -l . . a am i r eeli g A the.h h --i --.. VI y o 7 .f l . rP.; ...r. .,.ý... , . ge " AY .... .....ý . "_ .. :-- - - - - .. 'eirse of the Newestnper Press of New Orleans t,.tnetnauly 'reeed to at as aoijnrnwd meeting of the Proprietors, heel on te Il of Marci, 18t3: dencnenrtoies.-t'Pwtr Ivoallars fir the daily pg per pernnlll, It tythle s niei nullv in advrlieo: ten dollarea for the tri-weekly oountrv paper, payable one Year in adivacle, where tino city reference is given. No 'subscription will be discontinued until a'rseragrs are '"uttled. In oase of ditcoitinuancn, one weoet' notite at eritag must be intnriably gisen, previous to the expiration e of subicription.. Aodvarioetsa.--One dollar per aqin re for the first 'nertidn, nod half thatt price for each suolequent one . .., material alterationi from the original advertisement ii llbe elarged as a new one. Y'tutfr AuvrariesRs.-Merchants and T'ralee,s orty dollafnr fat English alone, and ixtv for both Inan Cae a.nt Benks, Insurance Offices, and otler similar pa K anstitytiuna, fity dollars in o Enrlih only, and oglity far both languages; Ship and teamtboat Fac, rna or Cemlession merehante sixty dolfers in English he, and eighty for botil languages. AnARteAore, OBtrTARn NOTICaS, and artieles enlil thle attention of the pnulic to sales ti' propertly erds of passengers, benofitt, &e. &e. wilt hbe ebargud one dollar per square for the first insertion in each dn ge ego. COUnecutoATiont, or Advertisementsi, o any paerson rI nature, hen admissible, shall be clhioarged dble, aie'in advan• A dednet a twentylfive percent. will be made to Anctiseeiere,C ceffo, Rt gieterm of Wills,and MTarhals no sales of rel tate, panlished in both languages, tld 50 percalt.t in E.uglish alone: tllper cet.on saenles af otlher patperty. AarncreSasInTa out of the direct line of business of the advertiser, such an legal, auction, and planta ion sales, runaway slaves, stray animals, &e. &e. will beohfeaed for sapa.ntely, and at the ordinary rates. A.p.llwfrelra nTrs not specifed as te time, will be ubllhtted one motoh, and charged aeccordlingly. % ladlevetteleeitse of bnnmkratliee will Ie publislted . I y toae, uimless paid for previous to nsertion, or 'eirnient gumaranteed by a responsible parson in town. Theatres and other ilaees of amusement, udfvertsineg aaily or the season, to be charged $1011 for LgAlish a lue, and $150 in both langtuapen. all anouneesmente tf ctndolidat.e for politcal offies hbe lerged double the prise of other advertise. I s: at..' to the immense los sulstainend bv newspaper I ba, thee have comen to the eanlusion that the -t ne of persmsin waho se accoute Iae iot been paid vwithlin ole Itolutn after. presetuction, shall be made 'tiaw.i (no fir an practicable) to scht other-they obli-i ( gatinga tinemsalvs lnot to alvertihe or print fTr such It eolin queat, tnless ean oe ol f uanee p meto nre.s inignead) J. C. l). r l'.OvtMEi s J. BAYON, P. P. REA, J. C. PREIl)E RGAST, JOHN GIBSON I.lMSD)EN. Veklm Puress.-. e, the undersigned, agree to alhide oy thie above conditions, as far as tihey are applicable to e-roklv papers. S~1iged)t r A. B. LAWRENCE, ; No subscrriptions ar takeh for leen thnn 6 moiths. Lettere must, i all cases, be plst paid. t 9l g.i'd 11fiAfN RgVI FEff), &&o. AIN REVISITEID by the nthtorot' "A year in A7tpuin," in 2 eels- lurry _ lerly a novel, by o aulthoerof "Cecil Hyde,"' in 2 vole. 'l he Aetree f Pada, and otier tales, hr the aitlmr of "The Forse e hken," in roels. Nimrol'stlluotnr't'ours; inlteropered withl chareeterietio anecdotes, savings and doingis of " Men including notices of the principal crack Ifer of Etgland with analytical eonlntsl and foenernl b, dex folname, to which are addred, Nirttd'sa Letters on t oing IHounlds, in vole. IrBe Brue, the last ofI Irt~l"lo's Agameutaons, )y C(aPt.lChbamir R. N.,nuthur m1 the '.Lie ifa Sailor," .c. In 2 vyle. (C+aneottnrioo li Eitityo Jurinprudec.,r. as n thniistvervd tt t:--tnndk uet Aiericao, by Joseph Story, L. L. D. Ovid, 1o tlted tr I)ryden, lfote, Cotrayo, t Addisnn and otlhere. ingrolo. lecaing o J and 2 ofl "tilrper's h'se siftl "l f.ihrlrr." Infantry Ttoticr, or rnloe tfor thb exeriee tud i.tmeuvres of the IUnited Statessnfturyl by Major c,,era Sotlit, U. S. Army, in 3 votl. Jusot n:iceld nod tar sale qy WM. McKtf.tAN, 7 cornerrC a m p Comatoooito. oil NI\V MUSIC. let ve; in thi'. : llppty I li, ' Ie;lh cct tea wat,'Wll in tllt.+ I eu+it Ic.ll; iV, c shall ee. t tc \1ire; C)on', , Coa C(as+thners lar gull. Sounding; htt ' Vlhto . rs be a; I)t e i- y h l·I o'er "h l Is illow; l'if. o L +' lt llr s I ril ~Sl ivn ii ot l irin nini; l)l l l t ano aeI l"'a r, vorill J t)a.ln-: , lr t['o Y n cIIt . \',levi ; iol{ " tIIh lotin+ cf cr l, i\ "" t+;a Inv Iove I h,,r I'hri:v+; `h .l w' ,v,.r t it et ';tin; 1Vh' v-11t1u", lls ,re tCi 'bet ttdt, 'Titrh c ot,'Iottle; A,'oi boln l Ri cii.-,ted n'ots ct..iderablyvto f(acilitare.t he laiini Still so :re lr cc'ra al itLtio co tielet'r'tch. F lv (' blcrur o r teir fi.ll, rt I.e Zldtn, vori,d by I tuie A a+ i ,it ta, of,,: e arrltrt Ide .orfit, b'y T V ilrlne m. pa'lil tsfeit a ky, ctr ei f.lllg the tert, a lito t iI t'e I eI'llatioS larytc , m 'in te o; Vcvi r' fe r:t , it, Ilh.lle n trr li eren h et't n , thleoun Irad rks liti idio lae by n,.,ia ',re sId rounC itiar Irctilthe FrIc , .cerdi.'g to Ito Ia Fre ctll,:: er+ l extanto 'Vll, i l je ll l. \'it tlle. thc ecl. i o r Atitou. iof til aFr n.liv ; ttliere, h A C o lec tio n o f C o llu n r ol P ehra r s s Till s o w .ere o ci m.I Iangege,sompar ed 'i n tai tonversa tioe, orraite d der A Ptre hneIdsa itnch Priumero rthe lrks olrthe Ceacllh tlisp,.sd as considerably to facilitate the ar'nisuilidl of a orr thet acurnat ipron uciation nd h. llogphy oflt ti e eed with an akey, containing the texti tia licoral m f traoslation, arranged i u such a manner an to (mint out treede. by sort .rratis o the n s ofthe french ang inage, omiaresd with talose of tLe Ewnelish. v A Prononcitnelg Flrench Prh er, orthe t ar'sGnuide to. tol' "eeurete'pronneiati_ on aad otR+llogyrnp of tllth lrebeen Lmng re, continiu g its sleanttAs sacicording to te heat n nt use, y Berniard Traoncin, jw received and ,r alle ay h l WM McKEAN, mg ' r (rCamp &i Cam soi." GtIEENR1Et:t. COUNTY, VIRGINIA. a11l inheavorite atening place in the montaiats, A Virgiiat, I miles wea of Leionbwsr,and t21 frn i the White sdlphunr, will be open itl doe seanon for the arceptiona f antnpad ty. Matenv impottant iDprovenmet t have been madeince thelast season. A spacious ball roo ln, and inumber of single-baddied rooms hare been added and nwe finishing; affording aceommodations. by it', isttf July, for 2.56 visitor,. An excellent turn. thke read lat baen constructed passing by the aprings, and ittersecting the Kanawhan turnp'ke near l.ewcs burg. en et' thai read, by drectoaln of tle poste o, ce epartmoent, Messrs. Beldil, Walker &a c'. line of mail colohes will run. A post office being esthblished at ts sprinLgs, visitors raty rereive newsend corets jond daily, eastand w"et. Of the medicinal qualities of thase watri, tn e proptrietornts ecedot speaks They have been atalysed by able and ctfessed chemists, and tu d to hold in sotoiti u oll tie valuabale ingredieotas nice amnt eelebratetd setritts in Virginia. Thatoohinatioti 'containsio much tSilplttrettedl He elro.en, Stlp +ate if Mtagtesia, Sulph.tts of Lime, Ca'r btnate of Jltte, Snlphate iof Slo, Mnriate tof lSoda, andl 1orietoe of agnesia," tte sahlttary electos fwll elt are ehnibited in dia.tenet incident to feitttalte;ald cetr ie atDctio, iof tite ctnmahi, liver, eand bowels; i ntat noute affectione or diseases ofIthe akin no rettdy mare potent or eticnacionus ean be found. Extensive betbintg establismeutas for both saees core been eraoted contiguout to the sprigs Vi sitors can at all times onjo tle Iculiar advantages of their be nign ldur wltOletaoo.e effects. Major Williamnt Votes will continue the superitend. ane of tile spring. Every exertion on is p trt, and mn tie iert of thle pro irietors, seall be dren teredo isure for tle iliuet uipit nr a libral sharee of the public pat ronage. Tile propretore of the Bloc Stlphur Speringsa wit be ieraslin tie receipti ote o lote i Sftl ,thorn and Wee t Banks which are considored sine o, teat par. MARIA MONK, &c. SIVlFUL diseltosures ofI Maria Motn of the oltel Dieu Nuntnery of Montreanl, at. i , with atn ap pendi , conntaining, ptart 1, eceptin . t firset edition; part :1d, Stieqel of her narrative; partld, Review oftite ease. Alao, a stpplement, giring more tpartieclnrs ot tie Nttnere and cgrounds, ill nitratod by a plant f the Ntcery, &ln:. Mari Ml lk and the Nunnery of thelt Hotel Dieun-be gin atnccount o an visit to the Corvents of Monltreal and refutation of Ithe "Awful Diclostres;" by WiV. L: Fourth exlfrritrent of Living. Living without means. The Stuclent's Intrector in Drawing aund waking 'riTe Fine ardtrs of Architecre," fuilly explcaining ithe mttotdti for striking regtlar and qcirked moulders; fitlitor iiniolting nd glueig ofcolnumnae ad cllapitals;.br ficdttg the treta diameter ofan ordttr to any given height; for striking the locia Volate, cirecolar or elipticahl with ftinlshed examples, on ea large scale, of the orders, their planchers, &c.; and some desi gna for dtor caseo. le antly engravedl on forty-one platts, with expiates-by Peter Nicholson, arlciteet, author of the "Mechanic's Cmloanio,'-. "CaLrenter'se New Guile," "Carpenter's an4 Joiner's Assistant," dec. a ".l Practicol "rreatiso on th+ Culture of'Silk," adtpt ed to tie soil andl climatne of the United State.-by J. ii. Cot*ntock, seretary of the HartrtI concnty Silt So ciety, and editor iof thIe "Silk Cuilturiet." "The Silk Raiser's Manual, or the art of raie'tg and fueling milk worms, and of cultivating the 31 t berry trea-be M. Motrin. T'he ilerk's Guide, or Commercial Correapon ne ; cl e t'mpltriug loiters of huainasc, formns ofiills, invoices, teraut-eeate, andl htonpkeeperoq'.tation of payments, ,'.ntunaeeial terms. &c.-by' B. F. Foeter. "lliatory of the War ice the Paenisda and thce So.tth of Perane.e, iroas the year 1817 to theyear 1844" by W. .:ters to some attacks n Robitison's Lilae ea" Icton, and ilt the (Itesrtorlv Review; with cottner rectcrko to Me. I),c'itee ;lontaclt Pertrivtl'e renmcrkce n sOmtOe I Ioasna. erc in "C' Ncohier'e ificrth volume ott te Pt'tijreuar War. Jntct received ctd flr alcebe L1) G )iOGS;it jee 41 Ne,, IrLvee. U UiA -R-5fil'icei..reic , I'tr cole be' G Itle )'I';v. ),1 )R--)1t Uto1. ..;... s!.'i, lr-'+ awf ot'l....r. ,i, no F'I vl.r I.' S 1':'I'l.aJ & .'aVtII' J. Lo; n B. Brower &3 cJ " AVE jnst ,seeive, at their Purnishing Ware-honse S . No. 7 amp treet, b reent arrivals fron EuE arope, and the North, lage additioons to their stock of t uselfol ndoronamenttl Itqeekeepiilq. articles, rwldbh ot " lectively (they believe) norm an asortment more gener. a ains complete than is .o be ooaun in any samilar estab t Issament knownt conslsti1g of Vhe SILVEI WARE. Corffee td tea ets; 'iltchers, waiter., eaton, cantle. ri stiats, ep, tumblers ad goblets; tabe and desert forks table, desert and tea °pOOhd; marrow and -sv = nt go ns r r, antilup l dle hotte, fruit, pudding nan tifkisnives; ptickle atd desert a, knives and forks, napkins, riast, fe. prineipally fotom In- the manudetory of Mr B. Gardsner. of New York, or whose long established npltatton (br th manufaetre n of salve war is saflcient gtwsrmltee of its superior PILs'ID A " WREM OF gHEFFIRLD AND BIR II- MINGHAM. Tea sliad donte .rn; tea setts; castors, liqtor and eoo dihl statnds; superh tandlebras, and Epe gues with mir. I roe plateaux, for entre of the dinaet or ssspper table; I wotere rqnnd and oblong, from 8 to Ill inlles;t eefi te tsak and regeta;e dishes; rich dlih covers; cakeased I bread lbaskets; decanter stands; mantle andl clamber candlestidcks; wine stlners; co0lers atd syphons; tdean. o tee label, claret eooeti lea streiners, table bells e, te, s. hi ble. egg and mustard spoons; egg boilers and st'ndsc a, toast raes, ce. a SILVER OR STEEL WARE. Tnln de ser t kcnees, forks and spoolle soup etd. s s mote ladilenti hotter and fish knives, eheose scoolps, as. ps rages tongs, vegetable forks, ts. JAPANNUERY. Ps i aGothie Sandwneh ad romd emfel walters, in Ot and single, from n to 31 inches; do ofpapier nmres e; treed, sheem=,,and knile trhays; large upright plate warners; spice, ssgar and cash boxes; presling eaes;r ndla tea tables in nest, caddles Japp. and of rich d tortoise shell, etc. a LAMPS. An extensive ssorttnsmt, among win re Astral P lanmp, all bronted and gilt, asl of ie eUat glass mnntle p1 lam ps do, do, eaol lain sld withl gas prisms; ver) p splenidl eut glass do ; bronzed aid Japan ned side or r cet ac s nlamls. s r CIIANI)DELIEIS AND) HANGIU.G LAMPS. It fggslist and French ne t glass hnlelirer or hlst.rr ol 'o A, 10,15,1 , dOntland 4 lights French bronzrledl ngill t1 (sreeian lam.s, 3, 4 a.nd o lights; oll nlamps andlt lati tre,b. rish bronze boat or centre lamps for d rawn mms, Ifromn 1 to 6 ligtts, lamp shades, glasses .anl k wieks. 'l MAN'I'LE CLOCKS, CANDLEFBIt\ S AND i VASES. W Bronzed attd morble; bronze, Ind! gilt. pod all gilt, wlth fixtures, etc; eonlltillg Iouse onl kitehen cloclks; stroonzed itksUalsl, centr tin; paper weights, tlses ttonr era, cars! racks, callelaticks etc. nt CIIINA WARIE OIL PORCELAIN of Entglish od frenool dillng Ilesert, tea nd coffee see "A 'ices of plain while, gold elge, ani very rbleoh don styles slelelidl toilet ctnts; water and miilk itterls, o mtatle tases; fleicy eatlrd ocks and hlokets. IA IRT1'EN WA RE. Ititg, dtt-serst, tsea, c!tie, bIrekfastll anls lipe, strts; -toileot Ware; ,thchers, Also, l.tnttO hia t lintOel setts; tt . C1"' GLASS. Delnterrs, litehlrsrnc; tlaet asltlsssttel . lok leealtares; to bowls, dishers, celery vase, snalt shtlns, sangr thowls, fn bsser tlbsa filtger basonso, tuttbllers, 'ille, eshampalgne claret, eordials, let a otsle al, jelly glasn.s; lle Colort Itk lock glacses. Aleo e:lne sss llrae. o 'I'AILE CU'ILEIY. n. Fine ivory bhlano e ,andles, seif tip Iand It k hadlle ore ,llivestll tsllrks oft 51 andtl 53 placesi tr i s te lOZetlls isev iyhandle kltvos ,.s leh fotr ilver' fitrk; stori alpt th stu'e tsvests; lnlgt sglleesn)r rfItn s w,. o st r l:,iv, e, ntst esonks otlls sitck,; Set eltltel.r , c, i k elho.s , . wt IhIIT IANIA AND It1.OC1K T'IN \1Alll. be nsitllthe for Iholels nail a sroteslsltls; dlot(ts at lad Il, l'o Eclll s rlilae Iheaters Cslllb1t, gsregs; let kettle, ngal tl rs W ilth I els e's , s:-g .,lstlso, et ps-r IANC\' II..1III)\V AItI,.I bl".o.* sllo s .ilts lsr esi dor llslsh.c:llnlsstsli s ;ts ass sstelo l ithe 'do(It]s:ot d1: 1 IllIKY · et lc P eI t I stls(g tcI II ts+ iro1t ll l te Ill; os \tah l l lll U c l. ;'l-lsn i hst amnl r e follnol t i <' tJll ll~.lrIa pl ates. I w, 'll IIFý r t \1"i ,da 1lt'ed s i tre :t nt-i gll sryol. iP ,t 5,5d l c IIeI-. 'IIilso l1I; . IIIIIlt i ll l , lls ll : i I ' .i n1 7ill IIV's:illlll : I '.1 'tCI Wlli 1 W ) Ii ' " "'. 1. V, i; 1.1O 'I i)t le I . ll Fll i lll; i;;; N.hrll i,' ll I ll. i t IU-w SlIp\ .liel, n l e sso hi lll '' I '. ' -II 'I Ottott :,ets F l'slo " its. Is.4 t st60 l, is.vnndr o, s. . i $6. w tats, or l 100, WiT i1. ' "List o il l t t l'- ' tln.ors 4t t es ti s does hit.t, et $L15 do lee nte, otr 5 05 O loos seor it. Ioli stu onodoeeiu. nr +O saen in a to se aso1, cos6.ltioer ouit or 160 00l I, thate S I N . I, 5 (I[NS. Furso sinage gin of S0 saws or more, with fe set oft wdes, [cno dls, &c. at $6 per cow, $480o o For do. of 611 saws,, with feeders, &r at $1 5 For do. oflO saws, wlthfweedlers, r. $1 o0 per saw 150 00 Extra teeth where desired, for felders, supplied a IO cents eash; the number ofteeth eingie aout equal o the number of saws. One set of 'eeders, it is oon siderse however, will wror out two or three sets of sows. Eitra slws spiplield at 80 cents each. The Gins ordered, will be delivered to the agents of planters in any of the sea port towns of thle coltto, plan Litlg States, sttie alhose priaes, theagents Ipayiag the freigt aON tile satme f'om New York, alo bhecmnaig re. sptosible for tle anmount of tile (;hi. A tlin wri-ght will be sent wills the (ins to pot them up where de sired; the charges l'or whose services will be extra, bat mawlerate. Iron rIunning gear can alsohe ortterted where desired, no reasooable terms, but will he chlareA.lextra. Horse power, of'any description, ona be fiarnhished oe like terms. Small steran engines cao also he ordered if de' aired. It isddsirnhle, when planters give orders for Gits, Irnv s!holdOatoempasy Itruos with their views in Itegl io llearlrmgtemestllt saw; Ibress, brushlea, &s. It is folund they dlife, op ldlo. Sote leosres aws of ll.l.l' li;llllletr th olthers. TIse Itsot Eoollllotl sizo is or 10 itltlles; some .islh them o1 inches. Somle wish 5 or 6 rows brushes on a axle, while others do nlo want molore l,.at.1sd. moos,. Seas wisll salws witha or:teetlh to the inoh, while others ant IOa. I I. SV n rahl dlsreplnetev, we rafer they shsolld, at sile time of giving olnters furnoish a stotemer t of therir wishes, anld the oataihetureYrs caa fellil them in tevery partecular. Where it is left to our diseretit we sIoall lmake tlenal n ltle loat n.lliele sl approved ilt. As order can be rxeauted, feo the time it is raeeive it tile ateef orighlt or ilm: wereks, aod thle (;ill ill that tlile ItpaLe di the haonds of the factor. To he in itne lio the wext erop, all ordrs ightl ttle le in thie ands of ithe lssailf aln orehy the first or midlloe of . lay; exeptt for plant (iotn where they are late in u aeo enrciag to iickt or gill ottaa. N. II. The el.tit Itight, for all olle of tile eettoo growilg States, willbe soh l al rcasaoutblr terms. Ia2) lllsos SlTATE OF LOUIISIANA.--ierss Juieial iatirior Coart ,'1HE STATE OF I.OUISIANA,, To all whoml Sthese Presents shalle eole, eetling:V-Wheoreas Willialo laeket havins piurs ase at at sole mate, hy the Sheriff o the parish of Orleans, the prolaertv lereinafter deseried, has applied to the clerk of t is roerl, iNl whose office thi deed of sole was rtcorder on the 5th day if Mat, A. D. 183r1, for I monitioe or ad ertusemet in sonleority to an act of thile Legislature of the Srote of Ltari tno, entitled "Am net for the forther assurane of titls to purchasers at judiscial sles;" ap. pteved the lltth day of Alarch, 1834. NOW, therefore, know ye, and all persaom, interested lereil, are he reb cited aid adnonialed in the sname o tihe State of Louiriaa and of the Firat Judicial Distntl Court, who can sat up any right. title or eloilm i and to the ropuporty hereinaialerldescribed, i esonsequence of oan ilorunnlitv in sie order,decree or judgmsolt of s e f olrt utder whichi sie sale was mode. or any irrgularity or ill galitv it the appreissaements asd advertiseilents, in time, or moaner of sale, or firt an. other defect whatsa veor, toaslsw ca,0e, within thirty days faon lthe day his moaition is lirst inserted ill the puklic papers, why he ale so moade should not hbe confirmed sad homtslo. gased. Tim ami iproperty was sold by thie Sheriff of sit pse. sh aoresaill sa the 23d day dof t.pril, A. D. 1t38, hy airtoe Ifo decree of th,e olt, rendered t n thile 3d day of March, A. t. 18:lI,io a ' lit entitled Willioml salekoo no. omual Boll, No. 1,535 oftha ducketof htlesa court, at which sale said \William Sisuke$ becams tle par shotsr for the plice of $3,3011, gasa.. Description of Propserty as given in usi Judicial Con veyan .e,' yl: A sertain lot of grtound, toethaer with all the build ings asld iorpreemanta thereon, itaisued in tho pasiah of Orleans, it tho square hounded by Neat frae, Loauisa, I'Paul and Delord streeta, lerignated y tile No 11, il ai plan daswt Iy C. F. Zimpel, DIeputy Survoyore i;neral, on the Itith I)eemolber, 11131 alnd detlsited as plan Na 10, It the book okof plns Il Felix thinil, ootsry pahlie. Said lot measures 00 fset II inches front en New lsvere tret,S75 feet h depth ett the sidel adjoilinlg lot IN 8, ald 1f fcelt7 itheies sd 4d lineo in dleptllo i Ih Fidl ldjlloiii thºýpropeitt iItlw or lately. heloillgitg to N taoodlalo, and 1i : o eet1 l t icahl wdtlh in ile srosl s hirs il fronts 4 .a alley ofi dlre fPt eois ihs its Sltieek0 ttc.o l st ,8:1in , . lIln 5i W I E%\fLS I5. t lcrl. - gartltereloore revolved oil Tuesday last, trip Onto to Cincinnati, for one day only; I returned again last E,. ht. I begin to feel that am a very important inodi vdlal, n this instant the Journal of this city was uut l into y and,stating, amongot a great many otbe' Sthings thhh I had ctualiy Pun a'vay from Loamvills tab- to natletHl effects of the wonderful magnetic nee It of doctor Ship, the knight of the thithble, aliasi A S S, My rturn.however, proves that the .lable of the ho Ile and wolf, is applicble to the Journrl. The fable is l boy was employed to watch and gie tim alarm, whenth wlf appeared; he being either a 'footman,' a re' tailor'oaop, or aliar, frequen:ly cried out 'the wollin le crning the rent dismay of tse citiszens . Th y ao tea oundout h o rea eharacter: that he was .liar, Sand n et to blievedeve when he spoke the floth. r, The i ti*, tht causlep usa produce their efeats. Sn Si will prove,o the ll-wis writers, Dr. Saip & CO., in uiar the Journl. I would adetise them to provide them eelves with a steam engine press, in order to meet the ,. worlerful demand and of that paper4 as it in well known, thet are many ,ho seek for nothing bul t- falsehol', out of slteer lonve ill tlhe venlers of thlat arti. it. cle. But unfortunately for Glllah Snip, of needle and Iac thimble cdlehrlt, the groat mdss of the tmillironn of A ia metocn people,' ara faned, and far famed an lovers o id troth. lTherefore they will, (as effects prodaced by the r oaunts) naturally say, I want to reod a paper, that I o- may rely on, therdfom I will seek out sench, and become 1a ubsueriber to the other journals, whsae statmemtts ls, will notprav. falser Theirl.a. stateents are to pal paible to roqta r.latmion; yet I will state: slet. I no, again I0 totl hotel. Id. That I shallonmlrot ntl, ie lrtst Jli , 'tl it)r Snip & Co., have soent me a letter threateoing my life if I remained after the2oth. Il. rhat fr'm tel;, shall proceed to Ciuclsull,for tfourteen days only, of which I wish Dr Snip & Cd.,to m iorsem nhe affietd,ln their own ao,,iabl never foailto hring me patients. S4th. That from Ciln natilI shllproreed to tne ; calls of tile Niagare, to heat B.iffaln, (iLr Snip & Co. Sdo not take away my life,) on the let f .Septenhmber, ana aNew Yorkon the let ofNrvember, tooperd tile wholet of the next suorner, in order o loagh ato all the hollif d Philistines; tit ncedeal Geliahe of Doston, Philadel.] ephis, Mnemplit, Naehville aud Louioville, who wiei y porobbln (beferelhat time arrives ,rlnnondlii, tot, Rope andl thre Orlinli Id. Currier &c. (ialta ak fr assese, i les, tI. GoCliauh 4th. Cori cutter. (;mli r h 5lh Paits oand drug, nti pickle sore. Gorlieh 11h itle mIet .norificeut rf oll, Ir snip, olion Bell, c. - pnbelier to thre pr.prir.tor and editor's of h. r Journal. L.astoo n wburldl hve ti.e uoole ir. Sni1p & Co hnow, that Irnblog before y were ablee to reaod a ner i leor sprerd a ',5I0cr, hI a l Iorrn lre voes, in tle haei it of reotoringo ieht 5,t Ire blid, and 0lit ton, wlen o Ii wa0 aco:lector of tis llajescv' ca.tos r' Illtirest iltit. ain. I wa evon then rs er elloyed. lDi rite threan ci spinner; tile eurricr te hlarness oraker fr aseries ri.e w corn cutter; tie ltunt arI drug, store keeper; an. thle nmagnificent rdetror ory, )ever, even inre tihns dreaor of beinom able to do the like? I rwih tie Journol on, state, I shall receive ledies atnd sera erne frrm r to AM. andl gntlomeo frol 3 to 5 o'Bloc ' i! ever day,to obtaio my opinir wiiroorut fee, an" usual in grear IIr/tede, JOHN WILI.lA1itOcnia t t Jeffereon Ilouse, Louisvillc, July 21, 13i7. tP. .-rRinc writingmy last, I have 'reen informel re one of the causeo, lhy rite iporor lacquey of the Jonornal, nod Ilis nole rnnarr, ore so well Ipleaed wltlr meri, Ifor rlet lsorcirliuo thlen togelther, ia Irv lane re f markkn as Ithey so pelrrirly r se ,ble each siter they fulfil thealrnge,L"Iorsn of a feather foCk together." 0 1. Fe orrt paving tire itelr., lir. Prentice, alias. g' "knightl of the roil." rf thr raotrlv of Canter lbury, la eu Rckusetlrsr, the reperl de Io otr oelt h llgriferdt.rsoui o ae. It istruer, ie r rigbt ilave bhee sR elevated, an, ornnanntu d with tar. rrl tl.e rprr e of ...her te.oc.n 000l i own dug-l.i," ' twirtlr any mrtal nrrit,do cr ldeservingnno hii prt; a w find by aotreient histr)5 i thaotsoeowere burnl alive, others curgbhva haltr e wlrilrt a.rlre were reaiser to br,. rrbenvart. d . r. ble kights or tihe ra il. lrougr somne say Ihev oughO r to Ilrvr rather boen tihe knigrrs rf tie ralter. oBt on vrthv knfie is yeto only live, and l e, frormit rril I hri., r n Ilr brolrer, Ire knight of the oft I.... i n.,l u illlllllrt i~rte oriI d, Iblrt i alFso still ill b Ierfect Ilnillt,rard 00 rlrrrllllerg rra foil bono rrlre.. r If. eelialll on t/ projctir, we IItO vu;gr ca:li noset sol hut of woirh, tie 0reha e)r. Bell, aiie , . knight Lo g ri e o I h oilnl e 'r. w illf cp I d le ia i he s d vy i rg l lee nlt I tie re rr'h rrnforrllrl eolo r rf Ihit which rIak inLwe Alr l oI e lei'rIe Ic nar ort tiers e 110rrra . ia arri e odlitis fl r u1 ef e af: l.riri,"e r. e lrir use ofi arrr hoks rr rlroor ' crr l rillnirl, rri r rr rveil of by . tirnle a rieall i r rn'or f .Illr Inlil, l rii. rro V I a Iern. r r'lc t enr ! ,r iN. 'aeri: blurrrc ltrlie .....he of S1 illr eal t w h .I..arfe f(ir (;lllhlhs, ~ ~ Ih riliSKifl llylr. ii.' Ill .'li ci ' 11I( ilt it 100 to roveIltathe a ol Il m Ihe b, crr r , fie ) '' ItOl-rf I ll * .l o rlh)l l. u rl i r-rr i d il rerrr,1r1mrr.. lel'Nt s thai, i I ,ad si,,,, I, I1 'r, v 1. II Ir me. ti nk, 1 I to v rll cril , Irfrl i. f rll .:, kl i ofthel .I r, hiaie g~i I,'d I'i: e.a.,, ,.1. lt '-d arils,. re l I - .l~ t °i vF rnin g rlrtilrmr all r lur II . raerr ni, no.. .e l u.r . "a le, l,, " r i >is i "at r sui.ilar, ~ iiiil r,J the trrir, Ilrlrr i i F1 rr ly los trio. nei, Idr 'ir, orr. Itc lert frerr'nrr, mrl I irr rr ll;rrrir rrr t nlLr d lie airirrr r, or llll lld lrrirl Ir . hill rrrrrf.rrrr ,,r npl ,,rr ,,. r kirr It,... ... coo .... .. c e ,.e r Fr' hl no ,,I e.llr , ir e rrrrrr lh 1d a torrr Wlc.n-eild if h'e"l rpIr.r the rrremede , ith whic l , tl., 10 I. II IV III0 . I llll~ t] O ," I )~ l hu , rl dressed ]!i, eye. , saira r1rrrhlr rather iop lel, than dia o rIos L a siIgl rop1,. Ic caue upwards o' 'di li0 riles I ro to ile. b TIhe terl pes of the worrlhy knrrits of thie rail tilo il , ,I , . "1 s- "v ak ' "'- . I l " ~E~ I r( tihenb lvehrrstv leter. I' lv ver a itrlh rrfodve. irl "g I eo tihe forin oIf adrinklrorrtvr ortli"en will ort ll riglt oe. rand ,l.o wil, ,,orr r tr.. rer . ortr iri. to ar , it l, ... mrentaol appetrite, rf tie ri recrs, at brenikfust on M aer oilyymwrrlloig. Forunately foir them, Ihreris n whole I'a0 Srbbaoh dnv,( ..o-m.rarow i. whilchl Ihey eon do theit ic0 dirty wor. J WIVLt.lIAMS , N. B.-I rave j.ult r.eivedta letter, (.ited 21stJu he ft. i oi .,~l b n m 0 Okignapology to the druggists Will lol tllcity. I newritern oryle thclorelves "Kentue atCo Sereamnero," pretendiag tir t I alluded tr'them i f y bhie last letter. Tthov ymav r anonure,, 1 did not kuow or We even sunpeet any Goliuhs anong the drugists in Loo 'lor ioville; yet if the cap fits a0y gerntleenan nlU mut U el, course wear it, though not ittended by ie. tanro I- W Jeferesou House, Saturday, 22d July,183. JEFFERStO HoUse, LOUItVILLE " July 13, 1837. To the Editor of MAe City (iarete: R--Having listened to the entreaties of Iey pat patioents, I am reslved, if my heal l tpermits, tu re main in this city till the end of July. 1. To try to do them mere giood. 2. To convince the tlhabtantsa that the vile apt tltat the Medical Goliaha S. tke, hare applied toe wel belong to tlhem, as Illi ltawful right. 3. 'h t I ean reody to detpouite t Ihunadred dollarn, i, totes of the U. S. Bank, in tile hands of his Htnoo the Mayor of this city agninst a soimilar sa .to be de posited by all tile er attad m ghty Doetors S, . Co. that I restore tp eight Iore aged, th'rlle-aged, young persona oad ehillren, wlho we'e totallyv or iarttol3 blild, than tlhey dt; aul thatt I am nal;led, to cure a gr.ater numbe of short. weak',r dil -stghted erNotm during miy hort ,isit. tait they d. Yet I w ll olior my it ite calumniators to call ill to tlleir aid all tile rer, deservedly elabne.ted pro nealrs and Ltotrs of all trtt mnedi ialcolleges, rs well as all the doctors anl quack doctors oI be oud itt private Ipractice,lo nlot ore npit fow) in the Statea of Kat oky1 Ohio, lttdlaa an]),v it Tllennessee; where Ihere aretldeed as e two thndi e IfattOUs doctor, whtoee names aug t io be hl;nded dow As low as possille It latest posteritY. 4. It m tt tle clearly utderataod that all ithe cures if any, on bulto aid a, mostt te povan nall Iharv been pelorlnedl ithuut the aid of an d surgical u eration whatever. 5. 'Those whl really metit the epithets they have at liberally applied t ttoo, sh*ll, trfeit the d,00 fur t.r benefit of t he als houses ill thiP ity, and the other par ty shall teMe hack Iti, owen $0i, whoerer he or they may be. If even the mighty aledio.,l Ihuutbugager t should prove one of tile anecestell candidatesl wlt fulfil toe old proverb, atd give the "old getlemna" htr. due! fi. At all evento 1 would advise tilhe last namedl ioe liah S. oltto sutffer that lettar to stand :dnio, as it gone for "siompleton" as well as "sapient," botl yestrdopn anto to.dale hbut I advise him to and to it its legitimatn companitns, A S tlaced before it, in alphbetioual ardres then the independent inhabitants of the city would al ways know the writer by the melody oflhis voice. JOHN WILLIAMS, Oculist. "m was weak enouglt to read the mass of laliehoods aigned S., which deserve nothig but my silent con tnttpt. lHad I known last ovetlng of tle great importance ot A S n, I should have treated the last of tile three aolte what differently: but let thatpass. I will. however comnpiment his master of thle Journal, for his saga.nity to employ the former knight (not of thle garter orof the thistle, but) ofthe needle ant thirable, In order thtt he may kill two birds with one stone, i. o. to patch tilhe holes that may he itt his natural or garulelt anl, if I may )audge front thlt excellent paper, the Ad vertiser, Dr. Snip'l master in, politically, it constant need ofhiasservitoa. When ant ciralastancacpeeurs, whether domestieally or Ipolitically, whlich reqmre a ilistar, whether onk hil twlvn nose or ol tile reputaltion ofthose who d, not hap sea to please him, banli utlike Iita, (whliemuaont ba h. great misfortune!) tlhe it is ri rils his BELL, whicn oterall is nothing more than if ii wss'aounding braso ora tinkling cymbal;" yet, tl vina* it thus--)r. Bell looks well; but with sn A. llD.4. . S. alter it, eppanrs magnilicent!!! JONN WILLIAMS, lualit. July14. A VANA SWEET.MEATS-It store anud fitr sale S by T iRtXDE & BRO, _ _ car CnaaottOn and Mlagaczine a. TIIIE hanldsnme STORE and hack Kitchens ss.u. tt tle naseloct story oIf tle lTrue Anteri. 'I11] can Oflice, tw,, diors Iton St. Charles The uare. A fitt rate stand torn Coffe House. Apply to itt8 JOHN GIBSON, Editor Truae American. B AGi . NG -ROPI ieeos Keatuc..v Ilag Sgin'; 8i coilsdo dRope; for sale hv It I..EVY & Ci). -jel Na tfGiravier ntont,atl ttirs. , nII.- , prtms tst.,tmi,.t o" ' Nuilt otee,,, N" to 0d, aarsleb V (tIIASC 1 I),XEY. ml Cutttum Ilou.o .istl. t MILES' COMPOUND EXTRACT OF adi- TOMATO. p e staotttr1.i FoR CALnowl. t e' Ha dast.ine pr, mldatd with so mic sslranee till' 1 by many emptrirs of the jiresnlt lay, that one ome n s dtliine will uan all diseases, tnoi and nevnr. mn be , toe; arl he who assmerts it, is either a fool dran im. ho , postor. But it is a fast dlemonstablsl by exrlerienee, i- that reomanstino of medilain may e fnlrmed from the Ottl, calslal, tuosaox, that will act ao universallay on tihe system, when saken seasonably, and in judioious pro lit potions as to oure, Iine saes OU often, all diseases yU' within thereach and power of medicine. li, From me well known d estabHlld ptation I. Calomel, it has long beep employedl by the pwmpiric, n and scientific physican, al tI of the most pbwirful Shents for the rmiaovl of disease; By the former, al the most every Imnd has been deluaged with nostrums, that a their authlors alaimed as specifies is every lisease inul ht dent to the human amiy. Te folly of these platen rti- sins needs no conmoent, for acurtane lhemical investi ,d stion laslsewo, that othe n of most of the Paowee:ts A- CtthaoleoMn, ke. which have been trumpetted betfor Sthe eommulnity, with soa much assurance, is Calomel, or the mer curyin some lore . Noa, if this potent articlee 01 even in Ihehalt ofthe most tkilful physiciah , freqlnet m ly eerts an llitflonee ona the hlans, sntrem, nlllfearen, ats aud entirely beyond the control ol'artj undertmning oh. al constitution, anl bringin on nrrma tuat old ge, lisea and death, what rea t dtould be expetetl ivlohen pre s.rioell blyte ignorantm Caold theair many thousand It victims speak, a voiae from dit tlomb would oon dispel Ihe 'eptio upf' delusion that sow sway a the mIads of the for living. to Jlatu bootjý ojqs ssaý,jlspls.s',sa wasils rnsstng m sthe mersaullol pitrdlee, sodl.wt - ldlv ha:l rthe i tridution .o articl tl tas t to an srtheI snbstituled for we alonmel. They feel. anl that keenly,. the areertnaitv of its primer, oprationl they caniot say whether it w ill a be avoatable or .nalvbrable. Tlhey s alb kow, anl feel, n l tiht it its ise is ontinnrd for anymt aierablc e time, int in jt'iouns secondary eonseueates must tillow. Bit hery . omust ehlnse the least of two evils: they knw no otlhe I i article thprt ill arouse a torpid liver, emtbve cbnt,' e tion, aitrl st il fire action tie whon e glmaldlar system, and it beigg indispieachbly neensarry to dI tasi, thse cltinue its usea, noiwitlhntahding the evil m oLriequcmncs wi hich fallow. h 'inhey have long desiredl an o sarllet en article that t would 'procuee the good effeets of this hrotg, withnut a sulj, qtitIg the latient tio its deleeriqoy resutin. Stlb a dtestlleium, it is lbeleved. la at nlea nt bea obtaDneot. i n iao the article aow taeIuntelid t tl tittlide. w "it 'in tl'Olprietora of this altiale keeping in view the 9 a ftit, that a miere and l henealentt le, Its, Iloseal litl o Sin the reacth of all, remedies liapteltto tile diseases in- a citleut to ite climate lmtey itlhlabit; usd knowing, like. ewise, that aost ao.the Ilisrases of the S.mth. ald West re rbsetd'u ol t en1C ort functionat l deranige nt n oft in n the liver; edirete tleir attention to those artieles which pt eat monre ersplrei:lv oas the bilitdr n oega. o r It Alter long, Itoirious, sad expenaive research, they II hare sucrmlete in extrectinga subsance fiom the '1'0 i MA i'O, whioi, from its anculiar effect ct uponl thepa- no tiic or ilitr oregans, toe ihave demiatinted lli'taine. 1 It ait nle ict. tt lat willat'oumce .ll tle ehfcin oan reuTmits f C.lorl, ill bo th ocute and ihrooie diesates, e without tio poasibilit' of i.odteing the leerauuadc taon e' stcnenees eommonto tuhit notaile, . I Its actitio upoll the eostitution as niversal, no part o or tie aystem escaping itfltuence. It I.. thowevvr, en upon tle orngans of seeretioi antl excretion, thllt its a gleat power is earticulaly mniifreslted t l tarl i itde b le clioarly adaptela to ttle i.iti.tcat of biliousfenverrie tll ntlee diseases in whilo a torpidnity or caigetiol of the rft liver and poltolcircle pevaii. th lo is ciiisais.le in il sales, wihere rt is necessrn to n i elealse thle stim.acloatidi hbwels. It removes htriuc- fat liiu, aldexciteI a atuik andi'he.lth actioln of tie lirer and other glanulao st erti n oftle a*hilomete icing fi- e d lafible it its aollentionl, it pirotmces a lree circulation tci ill the resstls ol tile alrc'ae of tiihe biody, naceiatoniie Iby i gentle pertltpieation It ides not exniust like dts- . , tic purges; still its ention is tonrne lIivrnesl, alid nity tet uftei, e erepeateds, esot e.rely with l s"sty bon with gread e, ierni fit 'fhi beeonaen indiLenSc:att tyiicesoaiv in ncns. I blnug atatm i liog; fti in ttetiinraan temporary impres Sei soa tesiMl d b It atrlng, seldom if ever, tio I o gonl; lut tend to injure thcie i tea:tta o'flthe enstitu'in. arn It is ulaloniii taid uriviig to Iihe l ystcm, acts itl 1 pe trl 'et ha .rm on y w itlh f e Ih lq ow olna w s'e ,f lilt , aolf is ail Uh loutt'dl lr ont one rlthe not ,uI luhlI ;,lrticles ecrr .llia" ci to itli t 'eh icltirial ndic i eritllion. FIlnl' lolienice iti.t iediicine iS I''oil iitd o S gr:ii :tills. T1 whiile pills arcc, i, ical v l'ftica €,t r tit ',ias Utthorete ad di ,i.'c "1'h' : i olt'iLo bI pillsare tIIfc, sN c allonlt ard tlidchoretiie. i ll'n foallowitg eita\1it ti.i tti si'c ct i, from tile Cinaini ci tI ' T s 'i'tie ilii citD'itt'I F Aa' 'i leI t iit l l"tl it 11to t iiaoll it li I' M ut .lit v .: dei i oe s t i i i vrgrl':dlv f lr the. lit, e bhuh llr, us ttl i.i fi'" hoo •l l Sl j h is h, ea beliIare'l . purlr : l li , litswll 'Kl i it int' icould he tii cttilacrt tiottot, c 'tititi p nidt nh I tI tlh. t.i l giiaitti 1'eia , itliititt ,tient. Tit nl Shli Sben clon atrig ned :,ast ilnt tot llllr t ItIIeo A it lie" or+i i Ii Sull the thu lsrv, ae./: t '1, . Ihs lwdv illred ii,,' s "|or llol, - .i , Ilthe Ii t II t hle ctlll :ns i i 'tasilel L atti the ,hitsiit t'ih peri ! Cl'tmlnd\ L+, tlr. e', lf .'e tunlt i" 1, c ul ';ttitw l.d loller i e Ao,,lttAai ,ltii i oen tirti a, Oltotld bticar.teted fna - ap h0illous kiio llns d cilg hin i wuii . slllllitlU tlh he lllg hul tWe Iia.;[ healhhy climaies tte he wlben i Nba hlio.ftaset. oD" this 'f t ict le. ity uit it i a oanitedy thich ife nlot alon lut hcehsia y situ old o 'nsi'e a he e oln c Itod lhne ill, be consiuired as tresiassing ;ni tile i"a itae oif ".olllt the o'eoeaionl to slrlhk r this, yet wue mybrpenlttted to to II iex)'ess our i hLI+IIt',cll tie:tIai that Ca, anfcl cmto iot be will Wne.l wlthone ilto.elln l+ cat, pa atin g to l ooit'll iton g e sys- tol. tell, edaltel or ess aleordillng to te tlllantjtii tkena ia fll ts il aleq tvny wf itsl use, alti thie co iuttt nilothe pal er t patie nt. A blitea te t ur thlis, thifaeet fron tloe vf - and efctble kingdom is p da.idehaloni ilanis outatllyta. iter t Webel hiuv tlhis dilaretLatom hnoas breen dis eed in atria he T osa teo. k o. Mile nrs ftthic itna cad niiscinreiotot tita. eith much Laborl idl elxpcltt, as ate Ulleltd* a.ld, have ' T sicCeedit ill obtaiin g suchll o d xtract iiothi 'ol dtegeta- ih u bit , it is hoped, will aa e fou null l g tbstitate. i i t n We htave taken o ma sIC in to eLaulrt Ouccia sca' mlital as, imea Lal tell r elegdo har e used tl.o iledln hot, as to it. J effiits, tic'tn winel well satisfied tlat it will provi a"lI nj mi.t vailuiable remedyn i bilaious complaints. So i ar as we alv beenr able to learn t it rha tlgniueed the dele fd ' efect, oneratitllg to I)triOue.t htealt0 atiotl onit e li Ner, e pmaroUsn billou dischar,.es when needed, slid in +.Sotie acrd ioltltces bhreakllig uip f r ves. with evet nole cerl:anly thier -lnd ill a sllorter timethn calomel: For sink or bilioul ' coK lu Iacies ,,it has been tblud a l oe d reme dy Thace toc " whi hare used it say that It dues ,ot produce the deili- a a tltihgefle°f` ofmost the'rki°'ls flal lttie ahedic:es that there'is stn inhreaed danger fron Colll after :t¥ s et --e s -a n d hllelre la g e d ul s e a o f ca lo m e l w o u ld I b e o r a:d td .I hijluiops erwats of Ctlonyel d mu produoistlltvarton 1oI is'te have relallnon t ope li't from our in'.trtgioO, [ f his -xrltet olf the 'L'Tlalno sill plre a .atbigltaute fu alom,,el inl + glroat va ielv of easHan, we ease. ',v ard it as a bleassng tor the huesn falli. oes lueg tparlclh!y snott ston I rte Irow,all mliner is NI e tIhIt we npolk otfit, mlid we trutlsll t itaurnno the billyv teshid by fullelllle. %Ie have everyv isl cube mor ..... ,r I.r, The above Imedicile can be obtained only oi the Ge. neral Ag ,iat, alnd Itne rhne lir i gerts eling a r mi n .,iaxsn xigncd by "A. M ilc, " en't 1?' . M. (;." sld ruuntcreigred by E & 1 oi'' StUoe, (;enmral Agentr lor Louisiauaao,' and bearig the Colmany senal. JI.rt of .eincra.. E tiT Stone, t;eneral Agenls for Louisiana, 114 Tcheudiaulas street. laiedar a r ue . r 1, uld Lavee atreet,opposaie Vegeta roul Martin, cor Old Lever nd Hlopital strect. Wn, Sherry, corCansp and Julia strneel. Dr Mueller, car 'T'clupitoulua strer t and St Mary's J P Itlsrlat c& Co, corner Tchouilleoulas and Giired J Pdo P Hartwell, Bayou Sara, La. t)r Wm Slutalahsburv, Nutavlrraohaa, La. TPhnlna J Stansbairy, luaston,, Terns. Ferelerick Serda, corner tlaydras and Camp ats. (iu. Jones, Tivoli Circle. Wm. Evans, No. 4 Bu;lding Co. Row. Alpplicatiun for ageucies or medicines by wolteaule must b," made to tit (faneral Agents at New UOrrleauas. All letters, post paid, will be promptly attended to. nm28 ly ST T ITl OF LUUISIANA. c)ARtSHi COURT. fur the Parish and City of New Orlesans. Present the Hrn, Charles Mearian, Judage. Jre ttllh, 1838 -No. lo,9134.-JEcques PotiPer vs. his creditnrs.-Upantrcading anrd filing the pertilion rd schtedule in this cae. It is ordered y thle Colurt that the credrlt as of tie insolvent l .how c 't ne an open court on Aurdnla the 7th day of Jlvy 8, 1 r, why he should not bedlsclharged accnrdalg to lIw; and rn the meantime all proceedlmngs against Ils person and pro erty ore stsasd. Clerk's Olttee, New Orleans, June 11 I, 1838. jel 42aw ARMAND FITOT. Olerk. ('ITAT DE LA I.SItSINL.Cor Is nar /`pn/ r In periese et ln vitll e e Is Nouvelle Or lenns.--Presert I'hen. Clarles Maurnlon.juge, Il jrin. 1438.-No. 10,9I84.-Jucquep Potier otrrr srr s crirn. eiaer.-Str. lecture t errregistraear t de Itr eta itin at Isn schlbddle dnnsrcere ufltrar, I1 eat der.nth par la 'our qule lre crEanciers de I'insolvable r ire savoir leurn roi sons er cour ouveat, Sa.edi 7 de juillet, 1 t38, pIurquoi it nreseeit paint dec rgh confurmomeent A Is lui, et n attisdant trutea poursuites colntre as poraeairs o0 se5 proprieties sent arrbeles. Bureau de grelier, k.navelle Otleane. 11 juin. 118. jel4 2aw ARM thN) tITOT' , Gretile, INSEE)( OlL-IO btla, lndsn tfrm rteonuahunr Li Albany, for sale by IG ItttREY. jiol3 44 Nen I.reve. E ARLY'S SUPEROI(O IIAltS-No- tadiagaom i steamnboat Sna tann, a uplyof tane above, put up in hlds, tienrcn and bhls; for vale Iy I.AYET AMELUNG, jell 17 rCommeres street. T INSEED OIL--1 Irbls snd c rohra Linerd OLd il,now landing from ship Nelrville, sand fur ale by JARVIS & A..I)KEWt, lVrlela.r _. a)r o ltua. jet3 'ommon a lot Tchnpitoulaa st. ci'rcit AI.R--d cahks (uinto arrt trn.ats) inastoen nsl ari lrtr.ey I" L-tE"; & ltll.La, 1e1 tsratk .llen iP AINT'8,OIL.s.1LAS8 B3RUSHES8, &icc.-ýut la. in trlon shIP Coonsttutioo, and for osqle--r: 16.000 feat oflglas, bst quality from 8XI0 t , 3X'3 h.0 lke white lead, pure; 350do X praint, in 2 Sibr, kegs :94 do oJapsnedrinseforsi.ln;6000Ilb. lithrag-o I- dos jp.endid OOt0 ground bruae., also of 000 and 000 do; - cames crome gmenmin powder, superior article m. dodo Iornc.s aalrge asmortnment of oas toonls ofverr eras emd uality; able pencil for rtists; lt mmarking. b urushednfo e iorwreanls; artist's colors is oil reuds pprc 00 predtll hoxes, filed *ith all neceshlry brtaalmea `o artiat'i te~lk, &e. e F.lake and trsmniltt whlrte; 0paeks gold leaf; whlte and yellow wax; g'.l 'abil" and a large sod choice as. -f isnrtmaentso pait, dty colors oil. turpeotine, earmoih, al d&a., for sale,wholeltnle and small, at the lowest prices, hI byMO Camp MNIELLI, eaa( At l' tuLW ~i r.Jb . PEW EDI77ON OF THE CIVIL CODE OF SLOUISL..O.a. - TT hIs been for somae time mde knowa In t he publc , I thlat the oubacriRen are eng:aed in preparine for lt ts prese a new edition of thr Louimliaa Civd Code - t- they menr. Imm tlme rlt, awar ol tkhe great diffielty n, and resen,mmi,ilitrv attendiog the pubhlhiatin t' time work, o and it wao sot without great hesitation that thiey con-l s Iaeated to the undertakhing. But the preset edition I amountiog to bout three thousand copies,and whishk d hadaolt the Siate more than thirty tIo.ummmd dollaes, el waentirelylmntofptiatl. For mor than twe yeare hepam, the uoual price of the work bas been fronm ibrrv to fifty dollars. It is a system of written rules woichr o immediatlv 'I op rates upon every Individual of the .te, iterseted i eltherin agictulture or commerce and which gorerns i thadispoeiinn of so iuch properly comlng to usfrom v other states, that-ua l ke a Ino., a v crthertreatise upin i Iw*-it is as m.lch the texlt-book "und wmaoiaul of theb merchant sad the plhnter, nrsi it is of the prirars gentle mman ad the prfecsional edvoc rte. I- 'Tle lawyera of the aoldjoinimg states, and in fact of dl Ithome astes .lpmr tia Ohio and tlis.cipripi rirers whici find a mart rfirtheir produoe in Louiaono, have i fre qurnl ot esrsitv ,f reference to the code, nd imake it a indispenrhble requisite to their libharirn; cod in ithe ityt of New Orlen a the hook is as sure to LI fonrd in the's couatming trom, as up,li die dehk f" tie judge, or tie table ol te'ttrortariy. It is net si prmiing I thercefre thrat the first neilitin of hle work was oaluick ly dislposed oiound l lonm.lh 8 meatre reprint of it wollu in some meqsure aiipply the pollie necessity, yet it wuuld be implerect le imnsaiisfaetr rvy urleo annraterd with referelces o tIhe RepoIrt amid ltatute., in ordler to em race thie numeromn umendmamlrot whicih have b .-en sn itinde br tlie Lgeirlitore, aid re imiporiert de ismonc arI contrunctions which havie been given upoa miauy o its articles by tie mPmpteire Cotrl. 'The puhlishers hive secured, isr time genernl super interdence and eaiorial department of the work,L the proiessmonal searvices of imheeloim y Upton, Esq. a meberof tihe New Oiloans Iar. Tie Hon. Judge Bullurd, Judle Bermndes, and lion Gceorge Eustis, i lave eachl kindly asoceted Mlr Uptonr with the valumnle J ones whlich tbey hilavecoleeted in tile oeuree o their I ntulies anid praetiee; Mr N It Jennites,tle part- C nor of lr Ullon, whi is also e'oeaged in tie work, CGeo II rrtramwbrlge, Esq. hao prerenterd tie great mass of refs-. a mencremontaimed in Iia office copv of thc code, nd a wimich iave been miiade by hiii during the whiole period ot his dis:mgnished rolfeacional labors. Tie pumlish er ma y tIerefor well trsl truat tt tle nnoorltion oft tile worl; will Ie all that indusItry alm labour, assisted by learnimg Ond'expmeieuce, call iperfourm. p In plating forth this propeetus mnd seliciting 'ene ll oulmrihert t tthe work, tnu. phlih mli ri take prilde in the acht tia thd Legilatnre inf Loliminai has amdntrizem the I;overnor to ordimr one thomsand colies of it for tlie futrre mire of ho mrtate. 'Thle rendimeos wilsl which timsm numaer was take by tihe Assembly, vinceed their limst t sense of the value mlthe work:land they therebh extend ert that enflmlene ito tle ahility oi tihe pubhliob,.s aod at edlitors which it is hIuo ed i naot "vhlllv undeserved, t Thp woirk will h. plrinIted it French andi Eng ;h, t upon geedi paper andl aitl clear tii;ri nor will .nr.. i x- t imae enpared tp ma r e tie whole a rhlechirical i ,xecutimll of it corresn,lmId with itp great imollmrtanee t It will probably bie renirv fr Idelivery in the monrth of th Septtnrber eilt: amid the price will lie, to embscrilirra ti fifteen dollare--fire Iulloec to he paid at tile lime of sub- ,O scribing. in Tihe subscrimtin lists once closed, tie store price ao wcill be tenoty dillaorsper copm . ImI aop Ii l JOIflNS & CO. I'PublishLers. aim vI-i0 NkiVV Ylltlk. [l.ouisiua andl New York Line of PackerTs.] Stlh; s lips crn usin" this Linew ll silll'rom New . 1) lollleHllc New York on every other lon lav- cmnlnllmneii· oIn the :l0th iloveanlr,anld to insure "he trialogl Itllntualili ty in the r tillme of sailillg, te line will helrralier consist of five Shilps viz : Shllip )'nzou, Captain Tal'tsk to leave on tle 2lttlh no. Ship Inoujatillr, Captlain alomer, to leave on the 41h I )51r 0ll 0. Slhip ulslrille. Captain Eldrillger to leave on the Sll l 'irksbur.lg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave tin the Ship M tideorstpi, Captta. Davis, to leave on the 15th Jailllnnrv. U.? 'P Tle shove shilps are all new, of the first clasa, t :pp'ertd qanl coilpper litelled, and upwards of 51g) tors urtllrn, are of light drelafht of water, being built in N ew illa rk expressly for the trade. The rieoo of pas s taie is fixed at one Uandred dollars. 'l'heir c nll are fitted uponl the l lt iproved and convenienlt plan, and fiailbed in anent and eleeant style. Ample stores of the first quality will be prvided, anil every egargn had tto th eolmfort and entire anlistuctillon ol plsengera, who will pleate take; notice that no berth en be secured tIn ttil taid lor at thie office of the consnignees. '1 kse I:aeklt are cotmmnllanded bvy Captanins well ex perienced in the trade, who will give evera attention, and exert lthemselve to accommodate. they will at all times be towed up and dIown the Miasiisippi Iby steamboats, and the strictest punctuality observed in the tinme of nailing.. 'iThe owners of these Iips will not hbe responsifle lor aly.,et er, parcel dr package setlt by orput onl hoerdlo hemnl.nesa a reglular bill o lalinig be atgned therefore nt dte aoantillg house of tle agents or owners. For urth.r particulars, apply to I) REIN & A COIEN. nal In 91) Commlon Al, . AS founlt fiy mileslr, t the Balize,it, tn.e Illol ` of Jnlvt., Iprge Ilalaeh. (Fnglish bailt) eoppler fasetem!d, and has been coplreed, slte is 22 feet hung. and 'etgt feet bealm; dud has Lon sloop rigged, as thlere are iroln straps fliwarl fur rigini. Whocever r cgniases said lauInch, will I.lsasa call at No 70 Old Leve e. a 0 t Ma e P1,SA.1C9L, iMANSION HIOUSE NEW CITY, PENS..COLA. Tl..H subSriberi havi utl ells.aed the lease and fer . aituresof this well knwp ttabnlllllalllsonl froll Mir Tia:lor, te latc plroprietor; wll be readv to recein e vi. ites by the let Iof AIil artt. Nuilltrop and cotlly irll.ovelltlclt will be Ifound in thl arrangements of tl llnaio,n lltse. New n,0d more eoatlolllula bathing houses will ha built,and warm hb th will be provided at oll hllre. A stllle wille attached to the hlose, with gjlou atemlnalda tions fprlhores anld earriages. Finet rate tlrlaas lnd corringes will also be kept fIe hirei at inodlerate prices; and nail and row boahts, with person to anlage thel for th, uae of lvilttrs. Ilillinaeds and thl ttiuseulet isunlly flund , t u storing places, will alsob rn litmis d, ald so contlluted as not to inlterfere with tile lllnlilr aid qietofthel boarders. The wines and liquors will a of the beat quality, and to ensure a oil ataplI yf ice, a cargo has alrreod lltan ordered, wlhira will unite aboutt toe toat l May. Mr Frederick BeHrnard, who fnrnerly kept so posllal a'hutel at Wahilagton city, will aondact t ite hatn ebr the proprietor, who, a ilth lech ailtnflldently assures the visitere of last year, atid his frienda generally, that they will recive every o.saible attention; ftid thereby exlectsa to gle gmenral satislenctin. IThae local advoultages of thin belan lIra too el known to need a lengt.ened deserilticn hare. mTe fact, • atPe aca ies e narget val tion of the (iovnratenl; thel genaral rendenaous o the Gilf squad i roe tae slalubrity of ita climate refrslled eo*ntantly doa ting lth su ller montlhs by thre cnolesl I erens'from rhe Gulll tle bealaty of the hay and the naighbourn g island-od rivers; the anludauoe antd delicacy of the fisb with which the waters bolund alnd ias Iroinaiity to the heat Southern anrkets, ginl Penacrola the pre feretue ovaer all otlr placines in tase latiltdes as a helalthy and delighltfl summlerretreat. First rate hboatsa ill in ,between Penarnaldnand Mlo laile, td will at all times ,t e aible to takhe tlha lnnatgnr frola the Noew Orleans buots. - N B ARNOLD. I'rneeala, Feb. 15th, 3ll:0. ItG (irntlelnen withilag to en.n.e rnomea for their fatmilin, can address the ppriltelr, at Penltenola, or Mr Sewell T 'T'aylor, the former po-apriitor, at !law Or leans. T Sanlford, Eq, MarC Cldlliotte Ii lAllehl, Esq., I.t. Kibhv, i Molb leI; S 1' Tayleor, p P Rea, Enq, iat N.1 (irlefas. P SlA letter bag, to receive connaltllltionsle flr persona at thIe boe hotel. i pllaced at iea Wlbitman's umcen, .51 it Charlst Each age. FI.ORIIJA ROU'TI'E FOR NSEW IIRK. )I Traivellerc desirous of taking lthe 1 larida route, via Pentacola,In the Ntlrtbc,ne ifirntllretltt ira rate bats will coalatnllv rlan fruet. Mohile t I Pesacoula, leaving Mlobilt and Pensacola cverv thller day after thl let of May. Gano1d slSge will alwalay In prnoides ,v tile siletlcber to lIe in readiness to aIllke paatllgera froct Molbile, ill case of the fiilnre of tle loats. N 11 A..tNt)I.ll. The neanbhoat Chanpio I.,avea Mobile fer Posna cola twice a week fob h08 ly St U.iAR.--,t hliad, a ptrinae l tcola, ot r iala by JeT.2 41 N, ' trae HU\IPIIRI''S FOREIt:N IOUR. .,. G R.AT BRI rAIN, ,RANCE and IatI.GIUM., ashort Toner in IP.'--By tIenan l tumplhrey, I). I)., Presidenta of Amuhella ('llesge, It 2 al-. Tha aVorkh of Mrs. .oherwoosn.--lIcl, tlle oinly contplele nalln unifirlo edition ever Iubhalted in tie aiinliStatlesa, vol. 15. Just relvatd and f ltr sale by Wi' M I I" N. -. Cnoroet lll'mtlitn('ol,,n1,i tt.:re ust DR W. EVANS' t.tAtMcIL. PILLS. 7¶HIS highly aliuable medicine may be hbd whole I:. lde and retail, at Now Yosk prices, of &LE D'L.ANGE, .1 Cam street. It ia confidentlv recommenderd for the following die eades: lDy'pepsia in all its fame; bilious and liver af ftielitons, in revery :nd degrree; female sicknree, r njore p.nieulrly the enanea ileldeat to mothers; hllor rlbus,fevor end ague, ie i lent tcnoumtitla e or ds gclies, whether of the Ileror lungs, hetnache or giddi ness, los. of appettie, nsrvuon tremors, itlelfiatlo or delirium tretmens, spas , odic affeetion of all khtdsa rhe te maim, whether chronic or inflammatory: nervous or bilous levers, of every tariety; scrofula, salt rheum, h and all blouhre, bed humorm , rid Iteura eampleireta Softheaski; re tleesbese at ight, and daily itritaobility s' d omelancho'y; the summer conplaint, and clhtera orbus or diarrhtbs in grown par no; a ore and fltau Isncy, with bad brdoth; chlornoie and talpitatione oflhe hreart and bea; changes of female donotitntion: aol for imtlaire and tdlaorganized eooeti'loltos in either soa; p which have not been pe-man-.otlv relieved by any oohe medicines A ainle trial of Dl r W Evans' auedicines in any atof hee creas, will prodcee such erfetas as will in 'diare their sneo'ptrsl.latseperioritr, and inddse eurh ora use of thet as will insure a apeedy nd uoauestiouae -lo cure. Directions for asee accompanayin then. p Nu-ne'ouaeertileltes ofeures will be shown, as from b, the ienth of the rut--loaae it is impoatibte to gte them tpublicity throughthe medium of a newtnner. .n Ir) vt Yana' catalogue thereare lpwards of 25,00 0 case;, Sad in this city we can etier to many persnu. who hare a leen telieved, and in some inennere entirelt eared of long standing diseases, by Dr Evans' Canon ile rtlls. ao.0I lo STATE OFLOUlISIANA-Firet J.udcsid. d Cour. I HE ST'rATS OF LOUISIANA, To all whom I these Presents shall come, Greetiong:-Whebae, James Bartnes Diggs he'ing Iprhnscd at a sale nrde by the Shlriff of the parish of Orleses the pyrperty ht re ieafler described, has applied to the clerk of tlis coure, iil whose olliuhethe deel of sale was recorded on the Oct day of April, A. D. &188. for a mnaotion or aoltertic meot in conlormity to an act of the .egiasltueo of Ihee State of Li.uioiano, entitlel -'An act for the lirther .ase tvnce of titles to pdt.lhasers at judicial sales;" aptyro.od the t(th day of Ma'cht, 1834. NOW, therefore, know ao, and all preonnes inereated hI srin, are herpgb cited ad to ulmonibhed ill the tuse oi the Stateof Louisiann, and of the First Judicial Ilsatri.t Court, who can set up any right, title or claim itn and to the Idrolcrty hereineQalescribedin consequence, fant inf.r-ality in tile ordet, decrree or jlntgmet eof tlhecCur:t under which the sale was made, orl anl irregularityor illegality inl thle apptraisenlets and adertnisenllnts, in time, or tianner OIf le, or fhl at-v other dIrtert ahatan. i eaer; to -how cause, withm thirty days from the d.t this motion is first insortel in the jntblla papers, woi the sale so made sthlld oat he confirmed and ihnnolognledl. The said Iproperly waa atld by the Sheriff..f the arlcd. I ott the 3Otlh d.ayv March, A. D 1833, bt ir,.. tue of a decree of thid ecourt, -elndlt-.yd on the tn th ,la, of January,. A. H. 1838, in a esuit entitled Jatnes Haone I)iggs vs. Ihtufit Green, No 15,191 of the docket t of this C(:onrt, t which e ale sillJames B:atnra Diggs Iec:tme the purchlser for the preceol twenty-fine thlotwand dol esemriptiom of property as given in the Judicial Con ve ance, viZ: Arertai piePe of tiOp.IrtyI or arel of grou.dlttquther itil all tlthe Iildiog andcl improemr nts h ereo, I pctt ights irinvleges, ,as. thlrttttlobehlttging, or in tay - lie:qt pecrtaiillg. , Sitlate ill t.altoorg Atllnlei lion,ei a thia city and Iastllilg inll English nleasre, tIlre ltldred I and tilo-o.ix feet ald tour-eighths of an inch friont on the public rgtldnl New Levee t, three lhutdtnr aId sixty- tt o. feet six f.ichesundltour-eightlhs of an ineh i'rmt ot - eleste s, two hundrled and fit) -five fet nige inchesa11,1 l two-eighth. of an inch a oi a litle Irontling nt, Old leover E ntreoet, until it atrikes tlhe obotddats v l f lmtrent tolil- p landon'b property, at thecorner of Old Leoce and Nuns i s atroct; there a right angle, aid textendinlg tighty-fvq ee1t st.1t tltee itnclhe dec aloag .lhe boumla' lie otf said Mlillaudon'i proprte Ira tl' Ie tt leste at stret; tlhe forming a right angle, Sltdr extnldtng t si t -l three fiet elevenl itche na d tlree eighths of l antiiet aoll the bound·ry lil.oe oi' Lalies eder's pr-o alr., IrTalle 11t n Olh Levee sire..;there Ihrming anaclr rilgtto ,h-.a.d extettling ittly tan Iel sevetn itnchels and Ilte eighttlhn If a incll on the n oundary lie ofaid Ded's nd- property, parallel to Celeste street; there forming another right aunle, ahcnd ,iealtiltgoe hultre lnd endl tIely seven feet ten inches and four eighlhs of at inl.h on ilhe hountdIr. liie of said )ede's prpll'ety prall.l to t he public rlal J anld tXtw N t vee stlrt, nld sevennety six eirt four elte I Sll fo, eighthl ol an ith fil nt on Nitun's street, scelrd. dt ing oa pIlanbt J. Pilli', City SurVesyer, made ')1 1 Jan vary, 183: annrexed to an act .Imassx i'Lcore Louis T, Notary Poutl), on the 26thl Jlnuary, 1832.t W.titnaens the Hon A. M Bttehanln, Judgce of the at Court afolesald this 16th April, 18.S. Ia ap23,mS&13 L. LE BLANC. Dep. Clerk. I SANCTIONSIU HY THK FACUL I s UF bME) CINE. HOIION'S Comepuonl Extrot of Cot iLb and Karse p Iuilla -A celrtain, sle, land oresl elt'Flotual ceme ly "ever diseoveredl fIt le tare of Gonorrhea, Glerts, Silritures, Whitees, Pails ill tie back anllIins, semal weakness, ufllotiunll of the kidunie, gravel, acurbtltle erlltionls, ec. In the inltroduetion of a medicine possessing the useful and active virtue of the one now offered to the public, the lroprietor hats lbut to refer to the numerous r.etn.l metllatlon received from the most emineite of the le. dteal tlaeuIty in Ett)ope, believing tint it wll be dulty apprecieted whetn iae merite are more fully known. Ther Balsam of C(opaibl, so extensively ared, has lost muael of its remlit from the dislike whlic patients formerly express d regarldmg its disagreehble taste, disturlbare produced in tie bowels and stoumeh, and its lrrtofoeee itofficitenc when ilsd in tlhe intt.almlmtorv stage. The proprietor has medse an analysis of the Balanm, conceir imyt that the more active qualitics woeli tdthereby be much nmllr enoelonttrattrd and more usefully admnieiiteredl dun in tLie presect slate. T'lhe otve med cine cnnlbines i, grdients t hich are in thie highest repute emont tile mollst scienttic and learned in lthe profession, .luch drng in die composition of this preparation increses thte ellitory of the other, prellucing atn operation truly aeto nirllintg, andl surpallnigl the most sangllgin exnectaltionsa possesslng lit the same time the advantage of its buitg administered with perfect seccess in the lifferentt stage of the above disease. lhe most erminent e phvsieiansalld surgreons of the present day exress their Iecidlel p. proalion in favor of Sailiiatrilla, whilet it use in the principellhspita ls nd I public menlical institutions hobe be s ntid still eontlnes, very extensive. It was a fin. lttie renedly with the eeleluated Dr Aberleltvy in at venercal affitnions, and hit obstintateettmullels ntelllln arising from a disolrlered state of the digestive fulnetioiln lavinig been sublmitted to the test and experielce if tile nmost celebrated among the totalty, tev have explrnesal their salistetion of its extLaorditiy eflicacy ill eve-• case nder thieir ahlaPe, by Ladopting it lot iln tIlheir publil anud priivepleptllcec. Their oat ervations will le isseried herealter. PeparetlLby J B Thoan, Chemist, Lu.elou. Price $1 50 per pot. T"'ESTIMONIALS From A H SalmonF.1, PF R t, St Igeon to tile St Thomas Hosptild, idad Lee nrer on Anatomn. The trial wllich I have made of Veerllfee llle!in'tn in a variety orf eses, botall e mud ellale, in its rnuoita Iave lioved so highly favourable, that i do not hleitate in lronouncing it onl of the most tatablhtvan eflietoilon temrtelies ever ttffredl to the public, anlt one ill heth, fromn exlperitee, l cahn plae_ eeery Ireiiantc, whilst it doees not iroulee tile alle unpltsllt ltFr'eatusanlly ex perienced firm eopnibla. Froml II Hayward, M it U S Plysicia t tIl he St NMarylebnne Din aenlts. I take great plemsure in aldingt moy testimony to the valuable properties of your peparation, wishinig "ou tte success you so fully derve, ori a nmillde tewoee l fbr the haborland expense incurred in bringing it to suh olne plett perfection. From W O Cooper, F S, Surgeon to Gu)'s 11e- i pit1! Tihe unifolrm loscess which has sltended the alnltni s tering your medichle among liy tlpatients fficltled with thele aote dlicesene hal fully satisfied te tlhat it lhas oelly to be known to be truly apptllreted. Mlu the seets.. you so well deaetve, almply nld speedily reepay you for your valuable prelparation. From Sir A Cooper, F It S P tc S, ?'c. ae. Ilaving been iuluced to try vott' Extllret in e.Rven asaesof violenllt cGioltrhlca, which lhad hitherto Iltlil 'd every preeiletion administered by ee, toaing teuutel sure and s-~ady cures effected by it, in a few elays-I leel mytl illt dutty bounld tletate that 1 now in n lirasuc lice hoth puiblic ad plirate recommentl ad use uuote ocher. Freom G W Blair, M D; Physician to Guy's tlos. pitot The striet ltel which I have given your nmelirine among my nltients, a.., its invari.hle ounces, tlilu trr, will induec et itesevere in its use, and I deem, it hut an net of tistiee land of duty to add lnl foeehle tnsti monial inldoetoulatsletio of itsirttiles. From LC Thompson, M ) P R S L. I retaun you my sltcere tihanks for tI valtlabr per sent of I our E.trcet fto the cure of tinoirrihe.i, a.t. I feel ; that you have at Iost broutght a o nlelein into use ehich will prlvut a dlebidertwlm long .ntglt tli in the medicathlltl--n sure, stee.dy acni el.ctll elet in eaes ocf the abnts clas. It aitold nme geat plesmnlt ill illtliehing tu o the WorlJd ie valuabiu qutalitic ouf tuurt Were it neeessary, the proprietor could here funi hi tlals) morer testimonials equally as cona enddtor as the abore; built t, ists that its great saecess hiehe:tn-the clam SeXlpense at wlich it hals ben ptI)let'red, wtll pIuneilt greatest rrcotmnelndtioo ameng a disrtehldg public. Ole recolmmcntiation tlhis e Iertati n. ejaos yabo hr all others is its ceot, plortls e tfrm--plut up Io llol--iw istade it which it aen he takei, heilng both eacs altl plea nt-it tnastely nature, with ito re-triatinn in diiet, Sclonllinement faroi bu inesl. Tranerlers espetill).ey would fEnd this medlicine hitihly ustful, anll ought tonet to be unproviled with a prerlration polseidulg tihe a Vnlltlaga. which the pirelen one t Co o bilel. Atnemploteving L e Mudlicitle is a mlcphlet eiplana try of lheli diferent stages of the dlseasr, withoet ante exlt chaBge, onlliioitll ,ll and oltde dir.etio.Ia For oin" by SICKLES k CiU. nr 14 i.1em t4 I ttal intu t t. . lShulenle , Cecillnai i cured, lnldug frutnlet, as. er tBaiketyb . nd for sale by STETON. & AVERtY, i ,l G.rlieel hlleet. M*'RM Y.fLb leA i EI~ t I. S TurioVot is il A VAW, Siso P-rarmn MobIles(Alabama) id Augusta t@Seij osnlot EMaists, to 7ial y. -asf5J 1 it enirlst. (pat Psea.sola kis,m Sl stad ~Eusswo b Wos v s Ninard Marl ILedsrflltsulesflifs aim,) lbloltlb. PItaletost HiswkiLmss osd's veib, to-Ata -A - snse nTkisMs oatHe s hitse5 Is b odofy of bt throws e e t i r ý' teol t ittrm R s ic~li'ltýrtM· dsts l is bg t nosd ot roin, ad t 4ss o osrn ' 11o sor °ItAt tt mtayl rely wi 'nn ·ss wr' spons lsl rrival t AtitI_ il_ time Iecified throlgh all werthl' er tlool at an , sot" Maim o me most wi-dFrc.w elta tonplhe lnid daor. TIM GGrm New Ori.k. Malt is ooesrsed iby tlikl route. 'he Agsis for sailtsOds tin,,, leo.em, Cnsoheimnd m misot sssi i,,i 'Ot tlttern etotitt.. The smooth, rail, tmssusal ftdam; , YOr t 'intre water navigalton, tie* sind oessmadsatioal afid. the urn eler speed, oufin y, txnoanorA[ a p tsill rin o t letu |not l au l ilt te e dht e w NoI t Ciharison, lio5. av.d ..Wrstem pu~ s lto lWcir tn l. travel,,, cu,, e -it New York (fro Ne'w "rleass LL. T7a.- II auee'-Wadbt.a., th In IS. on. (C'ttitoecit. , Florda, y lµven a Ireme f.h via m trinnn. t. Toallolr,e., to Marist, 4 hu poo·t aooltho, slas tro flltamdba lftsggoku"8a!),WlB none to .lie dgenille, sad doe to 1btd'ttt, light tairliuor oou cheb S'OCK I0N3 t06, Aoousr.., 40th Jai. 1'5. - )iftEroet Man.ittt hltoto lnhile t listcu. N, New O(rlr,,s to Al.iile, ISu stile Mitile to AuKgatt, 541 Auuttma to Charleseuro, 1.o th:erliston to New Yorlk, t l=O-le Time, Now Oreasn Lt Mobile, 49 lhouri mobile to Amltpoc, S' At;lnito tt(hatolesitm, to Ch'riesnn 0to New onrkt, ft- 150 mll.kin- tfig miles fope div. or 7 miruesl i,.cr lolr, inoti tine ot aol nst.plt.ges o nr it X. It. I hIug leao to inform the ilhlde rikt tll: h hidgca.,%rl' . f]. thunekerbwn tllPli Hard lal ,h nonLk hiv,.j lus brtn colletetl the gtneral guten, mtent, (Ibre lly otbstncles ontertilttg; railo tthi r e nti o l.e" rlulnt,- ate thus hr.ply rlelvledt and I Lhe rite' io l.llolr ofle, tllltg fiom .nvellleatlhnl he uoesles,hnr. '%dtist',overanoI adsareo thelrstnnotder wltls o tthe wmttr tlllt firm iln I emot to CClsi' lih; it is anmit, ted by ll who hove taostsl ti.otgh it to, ioe uIsurt.,seo ii tlflntlltti leHIe ty Otlllt stt'ty. TIhe hrltCtges grug.i' F.(tortjiu Ite rso ittl' I rlairt'o.t tJ V C HAIC .. -- v E,.,r , JAOAL. pspj. T 5 AIID AJIEV6 i ---OT N tilt ltiA~t~% NS. ny 0 sEPW KNF.-rrt.t, st Co.--Imponere n, ~i n' J and lomeslie HOtlwme, are reeeivinr lr'nm 1:u £1e and the A ntlnne Cities, dbel from the 'l i n fcu m.r, on extensiw, aebor..m t or Fuae) end Hearnr itnetrnuwe eomprdging ever nsrtld In t s:n wl t t!,e. offer low. "whe Coontry +lerhouti and ,otL+u lie nnvii'd tt call and ooemnie their utuob" whin connui*tt, in pti¶.t, nF tab!., hutoher'a pocket, lddlers oti 0t1w kltroe platedmoj itrionia teo spo-n)tsnetdle pines ka d etyes, sh to aod ,spoden, tnOa. :tlJelt, f.enderon, andimon, Brit tnoi anudlaponed Ware, brobhea, blun book ts and pa .roo Iooking gl eser, antivi ce, V se mw clotse; hand, nldgcte and wdl hammerl, smiths httllfo-vA iur.un -ad Engliah blister, rust, shers, (Alfltut antd etrorley stesel, tlottgh nttouls trace o antd log chain, woeedit l.nie. mot oa andgrublbihg hoes lalttokc, pick l esucorn b nd' gea. so\ IIPR) CllIlinn Kiing's aw~d .q mlans' chap ng ootxe, wrought, tiore and aUt , lil nd t ltidn ping ctolos, coffee and con, toilh,plmoet and pl w ls, ugrsoeu, lock.r, io,ld, irol., boos and Pistol sxhnt, powdter wid htIuur dtuke,| er ou, uer, toon, h,t bLI ea Iall ALetol kunob heat t(runuk tod pad I oreo, briuie l:U (ISA I A N :- t~aat COO prauue t a L II - .let Judilai2,,. i-. L+.TAT" DE L.A LI)UISIAN .r-- u I ;t, o.rnI,.r IJIggH .vnlI S1e au. ...m que JHJlltes In~al ' Diggs c'Ul aC ,A, test I'tee qua' iet +rite aei ceaaia it jee venOtsc ei-spear Grrttoeteeaeur aterk,,. n dine1. Bo oi up p l tccrr te e icel r ase U I''IIO . curte Cou.ti in d;ilt vtuc tt r eh ,p egietree la I "in jour f'Avrii, I'a nb Lht, 'E, pour nl i atisfr c .hor el, e ul uIea dd ia l4a.e. cuut r er le titre. H iesc-n -rniw vee juI+Imure Cllilt+,l. litr i Us Ll.11.t 'he~b: UI Velttjt1.ilj~ eill.Ol sppwI v lo Ii M. re .-- , . Qu'il S oui uaul, at touse.s, ( I"`Wl. nlr)11l i ttir ll a oneptar sel pe.e t. t i A r art ss5c DeI'i Je 1'Eut I. s I.o " istunet t-de Il.Cour do Premier I slritie Ju.icis. t. ajr, y luuai jell ia,, ti a hlm,it I a pro aeteda 'e tut decrhee, r at e tan I aae d'Ie, Prei ee ete niduan 1'oaietlen , l dean u I. ju.. et.. t e Is tea-i ell vertua do Old PIIY Oit ~~; N~r sm r~~ g,}it ea, ,er tinie e, amlts tte~u liar.l ou ie;t t 'aalicute, d 'efntieteae { Lets a i t trem et l it S il ie j ll$oe, uup r tl r eu i rtasaauelqa eq duil voieevi polv,s ltu~ii l l e iillr "ue -- I i.! l d .".reai eslti i.. dane, ni. l iebisjl pe, ucjuY xr.dal lw nteaenhtct a% se iestattlg,e `e: Mmini tUe et, srareil paa Lu dire 'roprtett9 t endue ig iE iteejoa. de . l al s ut vep ile par Ia S tarlt" sate din |; de rotenJClatr ' i 111e ai e a l 18 e d'st,, . kar t Qttct. lil~l l l teerl-. .... e. ti e ,+, ld~ ~d days i'sasirae de Jatacs Bar. ec t ) Jr ne r t ad 1i Is1 8. dl.I rr I. s , i . Hlurs I.ruan we~st retxlu aqudiyuel oa lI p ri x ti ) vitr g ciaq mliles NelltlS. t ~IX]t IOdff latcda ae Cater, tel Gteeatee Ue)a riptiou de le Pl9 pri1l di ' pr s le htltaal r tede ai ellsa, Havh.i. ia ceretain ntttttasa de ten'. Maca taut.let I tee trt' etleti~,u~ars .teaes~jn~ Mwerntalw ca a~ttainq pelile ges etqa. ll ..ei t ans 'n tvr , ii q li letms rol eat Wot poe r B e na Cadlseta in 'g bliyoel our ' a de eIt tuvellaiaacee taois e, Joir'anteue rntgrassix teu ts eee ngatels d aj p nat juoe abt itrute sar 's ,ces eta tigue iau inrue due veil, Leabe, t y 11 . plea -a eal.sangatroe tie late i-: -, i t .r nl~ll ilmh d l Ii pi. t i,/ i lm all le nlbudl n hi I u'elrsata de .cta n ns 4e{la Ir e N jd r, ' fe de eta du etnt M tt tsstaa, g p' Ei . %tj ct 6 ha Jcetr e nl a isa~ l lsa dealta. tl illlt tie Sal Nete ttaoin dIpi a tue s hlem e, a rout rutilneltta ,r as lite, r limlaite e tpj I lr elsas ie eal Ita Luei tilde, Ijawall t l6 " eIa virt" ll L-S- ; d" I, Ceit uest an 55lm, jan kleteteit et "erteeae et de oastasts Itru jirda sep t 00ut4"east ni lkn r it tale lIemiti ph let la Is t tlop de i ltot iwa Jlil,..t +)I l ll irajes6 Pl~iete p 's ni u e Ivae 'sty el a I.s IA orllil lunkl l ~:'lp~·~(l:~ (ei •. In ln I'as l c dir u• tetaae dei i , u at i heSt, en sls t dBaal Ict aiigt I pied, ejtdaeix >ous s . J ht d. reties ntee t ibetis d ite ttpero ti e d t1 9 elel.t-a-dt ity*edellis l aera eat ulel it elqii su 2 calle t e atn din ,ilelldsati ll ie piesrr sl. l+et i uatie pence, al tre uaetee huitin, aetirs i ad s ipe dos Noolte. etitatn, Le totl pa rrnIar J. M'ile "Ove·r da IN rills, IN S9c u+ {assi~rl~ld nnie¥t, par daunt " a '1j lane, lecuni 'ublicr Ise i Jeltalr 163 -. Trmoin ltluttl i. Bu. je sctJna.g, lg.a d ilO nsier re 1a Gea ffi.. Li ail , Juejti ris , .ANG, elt'A L. L. IOdIA.- - rdr Pat r dP i. ltr ast Jtuds da eii 1 .A'lT Dl: I., 1lOUlUjlle l+ A tOU1 OIn l qu. 1ii e wed a tter a t aec ent, sat-- .rle ,l dilli, ies k uderc iny ett etaat lsle rn t ic e ita opt a ea s errii gi dr - ~ a -eeaea, • e t -". i a Maj-e . 'der:l,,, +.. t lant S '... 's (irn fe de Bett ('ou on l e 'oi. 18th:. j""eer ace' anfsorms Isa natauee sdoI LrE5sh san re dou nt de I. a I eearen , 1qleIIte "Alel el 1 tu'A' 1 p Lerpnre Intl("tt.,htRIUIY+NI<, -iu ·C .. .... . ea t uu".e uItsmu d." I'c.ta de la Lrs simtc ef eta jeaseb a ea rtc6Er , li asaejscre.. saya ejda trenner ceeptetca Judiriare, qi pefra sat i n t ir asaa a ela pr s etief" Ealoes d are risle n ct, uen e d'J d d o Isar dr. Brmae dt a ire , tL ases o iam u u etr tre unee, tn vtitie uuditel Il cu te p sa e ne t es ei del ut A uct . t.,.i on ilr sll (1,4 eli d / (ou ol ditu tirrie t ik.a it as'eatimat ,l' tsteda In Icllc de es t ea neeert d cs1t e drta e lda utre d tiat eterpe siora tBte eta~ irer rg lae dse fairi e es i . .eas . - j tiur e our tr.a dis larlre . i r@ t vri, s-dil I. Sldint jllnl duAv l' Ifate,,, 18, reh +oet u on. tcat de les jster us l tdu fila Prl~~nlierl :l~r(lJd+ re m d, ,1at . e 1'ot'ldu e1e, neeItla I'a.fairs de d 'illam Mtlaey va , stle liel In laýH iot it hii ve; la kev, sw leatdu' r dcqA @u poslr I e prix t do c$: ,o ur EMe, pt co I:ueoripsete ,Cn. d ISC , i .,'pt J, i c.afer Judi. 1rn deslrts lc s e a erd st etiy i c ct raI dat. eec. tt~turti l jeet. I5, %i"i e dr ea eaista d'Carl na', east cuats Er pdr Jilc rue % ( 't Is Iuureaetae.,46 % Louisa Pall awl Illai d d 'e ilt"g par le A. 9 aprons u plan errC par ( t 1 Iprl. Dsa t, ( . atasa ..t ars I. all cPl"rrr 1834 taet Cer rse p I'erue dwo A.I tee ctees~aeer elixtttm ti tnin par ea, rurafiti Isn oierai, a e di4 lot dasei teeae, .tsi v det pieda . fle ecllem a. eP a st r dea deusele Lt fet t Zu ateji qui let e laae j i i. ' I....5 d d k e I-irde de pn . liie r du r-ta quo "1 q" t' l -e l i 4 ti rl a +i ig tielr . I uapt Ine' jr ne trrll e l" Iura, N l t r enl d.; Ite d te ue t' 1l f htle i p I. ,le : rler , n e lll d l-ie rt.l mu It pl (.LYeIl!5' :NeGst da ed u e ..Ciw u d,, teeise de lal ge Jill I et p l", t I ui r et e tl f e aU Ndres 4 d" ritr netdst eta Ixnt es eaeoat Ra ovr Ia 8. + on.( . o 9+,F. D,,, , V,, ,. b,. - .. ael re et.l . Er C et _.ii , -_ ,.. i~ llllI eler ,ýtl NN[,P CZIIIYNEy 'II'GF: NE W,,rtm,,c, Cu• oml. u , e , I hz. I o Uer, 1ri!! hec e q milease .te Eptpra tiel p. c ti r.apt vh ubocrilwnt are now r CepiI1ng ft.~m therir fac. tonesl isl New York, and will keep dtnataotry si hated a general assortment itlllrble S naile'rfegc orruuperior vwlrtkm hp, an~d e fttti laterr pae t qut etads of tse best Euyptiscnr tr, sa t aritrh end ecear asir , it airjr ier atss ra, ' tar, eup s e ran5,d.r d talae qu ( tr.-te d, t5 a at e elih .new tesets th e prl m e Tiestrinp done in thr ap astat mauneYff tucelor i n Ntice , 9 roariae fr e st rae ortl eia ts owt t k.t..o n.. .. ...-,+atto 9ie ' lutes pat e, " Aere auehol Neortka a,.ii 'ra JAMEeast, mrutuiU Ae ii i' li eier & tr tn 'l e e' lt#,o rr wegeermnsi, w qe, o le Its all.. .lreeaoes heu .lsd'sad ypliaNe "Gee .. r0,i' at-uctra aetnes e~ t< e, . ,ejej+ - stralse abei~gts wamrk. y+ ufetes ,th 'eatsL g + ta :, aiR.a ly6jw al ,;N ,.&...; .e.fl .Lt a. Ir ol~krli1 l

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