Newspaper of True American, August 28, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated August 28, 1838 Page 2
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J Jacque. - eu, J hwadia t co, a Gnoa, kIPalau itoann Tool. tA z tessLgy u & o, JH 6nLea, W oIn Pro PRODUCE. '. ieee t h .Por s. etRuUUai..rugo: I hq Ino unit. kU./WoeI W ai tdond do. f BlmlAt O co 104 'Wi a indleesho. g orded, small lot. Uý A ysWIaojJ tabaat," A L.ednee "i eod ra`1e4iLb M White Ar Yefm~grarEe 001301 nlbel cotton, to *we" . 6 4 Ia oe..I o0 Ido W A ,IBe+Ol a..ItJcie sot 6I do and Ifault- &e 0tilantte, MeWbA.I dauaweeoitwoehmyoae tkt Aiif~. f.IMk-4atri .sk Tin Sister. Perkins, ýý tililtst toCrad Key. brag Wash. NOTICE. ¶lE naotMeliat heretofore exinting in thin oily * hh ·the s tbers, undlerthefnir of Lamt V ia ~o. in New York, Laidlaw of Co antd in ki.I *, !/.aWWyok, Laidlaw 4 Co., in dinaoI. .Red ik'at algoset. t. John Luidlaw, Pter . Va '~~7bndS. Van pek, b Tomas W. Van Wynk are authorized to At a Isea int tiqmaide otin ity. JOf N AN REW LANE PEITR S. VAN \VYCK, TA'fOMASd W. VAN W YCK, Neow Ortepe, aug. 18th, 1838. CO.PA'I'fAERSHlp. The enbscribero have formed a co ntneertoip in tbhes:tponderthefirm of Van W I, 4* Ct., anod it N w Yath okde, the finn of John Laiilaw 4. Co. JOHN LAtI)I.Ait PETK~t S. VAN WVCK, THOMAS W. VAN WYCK, nngtg-1838. T .IMFi5O 0 Casko Ionnditi from ship .11 .U.l'amnaton tier, belotie lIt iil rood for sale by N &J P WHITNEY, coS - 8 it,,,,i 0. W 1L;.tAa DOCKERit 4 MICHAEL EGOAN, i atR'hTA.t in thcity, are rbequestd to call at the sli oSe i- a mte T o Co arulon n o NATH'L TOWNSE_'VI,, aug10 [ýJCE- eteee reak 1 at Ric, laminfi limn ACtý brig Ch15- bdo, iand in sltnr, air Iadtiby LAYET & AOtELONG, augR18 17 Coimmrce nlrrrt. MOLASSES-3flbhl molll·es in store, for'sle byy LAYET & AMELUN(I, anlgle I7 Commerre street, D 1-iAAlnls hhdt in'r ntan-t hond aide nape tlor e M oreele by LAYET &L AMELULNG, eutlR 17 Commerce street, 7ýI.A WING MeilerielacOn haMuh suprior neoort to menlof ewea l c& Souo' toperior 0.0a r ol Is id bonneaof, 213 & 4 rowe; Whnimn'on snplrior drnwing peper, ofailnines, f ,rmmedi,,n 18 ond213 in cbhs, to antlquarian 31 and 52 ijcltco; alno, vet nitto. rio Brbitcol board,, Capeol'o hnir and noble Brusies, ndia In, Indian robber, Iead pencil,. &c. Far ante by 1) FELl &G CO, otgli N 0 Stationer's Hall 24 Chortrel. 1 'A t\ýn-On hlan it aritperior loton la f eanciotiopp of o ariely of pluin and cut flora, ltg. gerhrbonn, Sillietan's p0aten counoing house pewt1er Ino Cbkote1 China, fancy of a variety f pllterna. Alco, t aplendtid slnorlenrht tofIroitze In ctnndibhen, nome ve ry eiegalt; foe taole ly D FELT & Co, onoti Nf Y Slieeoorr'e Hallt,24 CIhortreo. P tt tineu received 150 rams 1 e 1 dime printinlg paper, poe very low priced, and .omeof fine quality, or sale by I) FELT & CO, eseelt N Y Ftatiner'c Hall, 24 ('hnrtr 'TO LET. A eomanfitble small dwelling in Baronne sre. I'twetn Gravier and Conuenn. uit.n .l ble for small emnily; Enquire at 26 Tchouli itoualntuwet. ' aul18 LLINUilS O OiHO FUNIIS, for sale by SNATII'L. TOWNSEND, je21 Exchange Hotel Gra, il st. SIME--9O cnask of Thomulon Limi nnfoeal, and for sale by CHASE & IIIXEY, 24 ibntonlouse street. ALAbiA WINE--Sweet and Dry Mnnlaga Wins, in or casksand Indian bhljenfitled to dbenture, fos sale by BREAD & BARvIlOW, sug4 67 Gravier street. . AI4UACTUkElIJ 'Tobaceo-lOl boxes, aIe,12a lY aond pound lumps, of various brands and queli ties, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. aug1 134 Magaznie street 1 fl l7e0 rarrel ots 25l Btes Hay, land I. lag frotemo brig Uarnlino, and for sale hy LEVI H GALE, snIll 93 Conmnon treet. AGK:hKL.L--50 bids. N. 3 Mackerel, landing .11 from ship Ohio, for sale by augll STETSON VERY, SGOra ee O LET until let November neat; the elegant Dwelling House, No. 117 't; Joaerh street. Apply at No. 74 Pydens street. jyi9 P" OMESTIC GOODS--Lawrence & Co 1-4 heavy Brows sheetings. Jackson & Co 30 inch brown tings. Lowell Nea. I & 2 brown cotton. For sale STETSON & AVERY, eng4 Oi Graevir stree JAMES' NEW NOVEL, a&. I .H E OBBER, a Tale, by the author of 'Rich' 1 eliea,' The Gipey,' 'Attila,' &e. in 2 vole. Tea Love Case., a Comedy, in five ants, by James Bheridan Knowles, author of 'Virginiue, *The Daagkleri' Ac. A&c. Ior, a Trgedy, in five acts, by Thomas Noon Taltourd; 4th edition. 8ocMlnr mN ManNEsse m Amansc ; by Harriet Mattineau, abthor of 'Illustrations of Political Eeenomy;' in 9 vole; 4th edition. A Prandeda Summary of the Law and Usage of Bile of Exchange and Fromimaury Notes; togeth. er with a tion of tables, showing when bills, notes and leans, drawa or accepted at any date will fill dale; to which are added, rates of commission and storage, equation of payments, and general infer. snation conneated with business of the counting house; by B F Foster, Accountant, author of 'A Concise Treaties of Book Keeping,' Tihe Clerk's Guide,' &e. Tae Lrrnr.a aseruH Bano; a bourse of very easy lesons in Landcapes, Figures, &c. by George Childs; slt and 9 series. Just received and for sale by WM McKEAN, jy8 qpor. of Camp and Common sis. ALSO,-An additional supply of "Three Expe riments of Living.-Living within the Means, Living up to tihe Moans,-Living beyond the MeHats" "Sequel to the Experiments of Living;" .'The HIareoorts;" *The Saving's Bank," &nc. POFFEE- 30 higs prime Havana soffee,just recei J red end Ior iale by 8 & J P WHITNEY, augl4 8 Conti street. ARAS OL Umbrellas-13 cass of o-perir qualntylanding from brig Swan, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE A' CO, Saug 134 Magazine street. ATE Balances-.teven's patent alances; va rb.s sizes, warranted correo, for sale by ISAAC BRII)(iE 4, CO, .__ g2 134 Magazine st. I),OIDIANS-4l Cases Meas and Ifoye fine ndi for ' ggd Brogans, iandlngrom ship Chlrleston for sale y ISAAC BRI E CO. ant 134 Magazine treer. DEWEY'S SERMONS. J UST re a few ncopes of Moral Views of Cnm bmea Sleerety and Politico, in twelve discourses, by eev, Orvil De'er. For sale by DAVID FELT 4- CO, N Y Stationer's Hall, 2I chareres st. AY.-.b0tandles of bay laading from ship Win. adger. and for sale by LEVI H GALE, 9: Conmm.on t A tANA f 83, just received per shi Ar* A n eas, fro New York. 24 grace American Comic Almanacs for 1839. 25do. Crockett'a Almanacs for 1830. 'de. People's Almanacs for 1839. Calaula. tedforevty state in the Union, and containing a great variey ofgravisgs. for sale b thbe gmroce; doenn and mingiby DAVIID EL. T & CO, N Y Stationer's Hall,24 Chartresat. LIe h G REEN JNK.-Jnst reeived an invoice ScPf mneem Blue end (Ire.ena Ink for sale by the drea r sisgle boti ba DAVID FELT & CO. N Y Saliooer'l Hall, 24 Chartresat. asug2S Wr I HAVANA SUGAR--0 boxes of prime a quality, in stee, for isi b; T I SLATL9 4, TRIER, g'll 40 Poydras street. I8 THE TRUE AMERICAN. EDITED BY SJCUe GIBSN. I FarrY~UL Ari SOLD. NEW ORLEANS: TUESDAY........AUGUST 28, 1838 tY Those indebtdd to os for subscriptions to the American, or Reading Room, or for Advertising or Printing, would confer an especial favor, by pay ing their accounts now, as we fI.d it very difficult to pay our current expenses these horrid dull times. The Express Mail arrived Inst night at a late hour, and brought us nothing of interest. The calumnny of the gallant Navy by the Globe, supposed to have emanatred from the pen of J K. Padding, the unworthy Secretary of the Novyt has excited in the bosoomt of thq American penple very generally, the most lively indignation. Thus far we have met with bht one print, and that the Bee of this city, who has chimed in with the infa. mous scandal and lies of the official paper. Blair should be made to swallow his dirty diftribe, and we hope he mlay not escape a severe and merited punishment for vilifying the American Navy, which he and his meaters have for years been seeking to destroy. The following remarks on the subject are from the Louisville Journal. The indignation, which the Globe'sattacke upon the Navy have excited ta almost universal. Com. ing as they do from the rfiacil organ of the on vernment, they carry with them i the seeming sanction of persons in high places, and produce a belief that that Department is neat to be sacrific ed tutle Great Mluloeh ol loco-focuism. A review of the policy of the present and last adminisrra tions in reference to the subject strengthene such an opinion. Stince the appointment by Gen. Jack. aon of Hlaneh, downwards, tile Navy has been in the hands of its enesres. Woadbury and Dick arson were in the habit of corresponding with the coanmon sailors, encouraging a spirit of insubor dination by inculcating a disregard of the com manders immediately shove them, and receiving every kind of excuse, the most ridieulous and ab aurd, fho discharging a sailor from hisenlistment. To such an extent, has this practice been carried that vssnels or war have beore detained weeks tor gather in port when the public inlerests required them to be abroad, for want of men. If any at temnnt waos made by the eommanding officer to un. force disciplite, the sailors were in the daily praec tice of eomplainrinr to the De'prtmenr, and they were disehargaed from tie service or removed to otler vessels. Andoan many inefances a ship's company hoas dwindled away till there were hardly enough nlen lft aboarl to reef a sail, because, forsooth, the men did nut Ulilt the voyage for which they ewere hippe'd. Every practice which seem. ed likely to hurt the Navy has brell adopted by the late Secretarice, ahd-to wind up the bueiness the"Govtrrnment Official'? comles forth and die noruncee rite whiole service .fruot eommodore to cocksrain. If ther be beany tuNth in the"offieinl'chare,,that a spirit o syclophancy and truckling have crept Iro the Novey. how came It there? Under whose management tf the Doplrllrotll t ane irsa.tices s, balelul, been introduced? trom the eonclosion of the least war until recenlv rur Navy has been the object next the heart of ile nation. Tlhe glorinos acloeveementsl of Anmericano tars upon L4so'aond Ocean, have shed a lustre uaor tle naticial arlms Our Oline ol b.ttle Ships" have been the wonder of Europe, and the Chivalry and "Esprit de Corps" which anirnated every officer, the theme of alunuet ulcvernai t'eulogy anti comendnti ort. flw haprens it thin, trIal this branch of the service is low sunk so low as to be lit : sibject of .Peal dll. iragv.pUe and serreom? Have t~~ yih reqcts of ruit' indeed added the deasruction of the Navy to the many sarilar blessings they have conlerred upon file ntalin? Can no intorest, dear to rh American peorple, wrrhstand ihe corrodrpg ie fluenees of the corruptions at Washingrtoo?..' The truth is, th.- attacks of the Globe 1l'oul alanders, or true only in reference tb'Cuom. rllih?, ofjigtar'e /Irad metunry, and a few others al. the same kidney, who hrve been the pats and bant lings of the adrninietrrtlin. In thre blruons ot the great'mass ol Naval officers, the spirit of an ex. alled patriotism and chevalr\aelill burns. No doaubth but nhat under Ilte tsrmnaonagetoent of h)ickerron and Woodbury, the service has mralrrially suff. - ed, that dliscipline has been somewirat relaxed, and that fnvoritisel hasnmude flahrrersoand a)ycopIhats of some; but the many have nol yet bhcomle con taminated,-not yet bowed down bhne It the load of corruption which is weiglhing every depatrullnl of the Government or the very dust. Buto there is a wtirling in the antacks of the Globe, which should not- be utrheeded--a wnrr ing, thli every thinig hue been; and will be dun, to reduce and dereade tle lav)y to the standrd of morals and subsetviency at Wa\VshnOueUtot-lo cripple its usetulneas--Iesen it in Ihe usrihnolcn of the public and,pur.tlan , a nllldl t i tlogel ther.T . e time solected by thie Globe(, to makeo tie attack. durinllgtlil absencel the Presideart ou his tour 11 electioneering, - is a lere ruse That paper would not dare tae a saep so oIIld wilhoalt tie ad. vice and consent of the Execalive. It is a mere feeling of the puyblic-oulse, that Von Buren may Fondulc Ilimaselh by its helrling. Ii tao resort uI a rltlion pr'lwn desllrate by repeated lueso, io reo oroseiloteie droopiYg popularity; aIl ilet tiere lie the slightest rldicatiun that sunch a nlteasure would he popular, and tile Navy is demolished - Introuch straita have lihe party lallen anti so rabid is their love ofl olie, that, could it advance their pnrspects,rheywould assail oalr holy religion.Nothl tIn is roo sacred for their lalt n no expedient too di mcult Ior their adoption. ''hey would "otevrn the infernal devils to keep their 8earaen Route." The Ballk,thu MnoLterl Bank klalsh run oat, it will serve. thetl no lneger: the delusion cannot be kept up till the 'nex election; other ganme must he put up; the Mastiff opens upon the Navy. Let the people show anry eagerness for the chase, and lte cry of the whole poak "Tray, Ulanche AndSwert heart"will be heard on that scent from Maineos the Gulf of Mexeco. T'he party nas'been kept abrove the wmler Ilor years Inst, by getring rtp pre. judicea against etalbllahed inrlllatlons rI boa not been vaey Irong since tho UntledSelaes Senate as a eonrlilui'onat frature of the Government, was attempted to be br.iken downs and blut that'ohy podltical comrplexion of that'body ta In their taoste they would be hacking at it yet.-Tlheir whole creed ten in the word, "pull down". They build oul nothing, acklanuwlrdgea otr hiig ,as usa. blished. To raose an excitement they pull down the Ban, rhe SeUlnae, Navy, Sae n lGovernments, dnd will cunlinue to pill down until the nexl pre, sadential elecrion, when the peopgi' prlfi'lnc by their rlllraetr obCa, will pull them down.-Louia etlla Journaoo. The Frontier Iotians.-The Nashville Republi can Danner of the 12 I inst. contains a correspon dense between Lient-Colonel IManen, of the Isi dragoons, Gen. Gaines, and Gov. Cannon of Ten essee. Lieut.Col. Mason informs the General in a letter under date For Leavenworth 28th July that the Cherokees, had invited the chief and braves of all the surrounding 'tribes except the Osag.tes nd Kansas, to meet them in council on the Illinois River on the llrh, enid gives itas his conviction that the ohljet of this council is I, effect a union of the different tribes preparatory to striking a simultaneous blow upon the setilements of Arkansas and Massuri. General Gaines in communicating this information to the Governor of Tennessee, oncurs in opinion with Col. Mason, and thinks the Indians have been instigated by the agents of Mexico, who have been endeavouring for more than two years past to organize a combi. nation of Cherokees with all the nations west of Arkansas and Missouri-a comtbinatiun capable of brlnging into action upon our frontier over twenty thousand molltunted warriors-u. force that under enterprising leaders would lay waste the whole line of the settlements from the mouth of t.he Sabine to the falls of St. Anthony,, including tih richest cdtion giuwing section of America, on Red river, with some of the most valuable sugar die tricts of Louisiana. Under the circumsatences Gen. Guinesclls uponGo;uernor Cannon to put 5at his disposal a sufficient frce of militia to enable him to check the incipient movements of the Indlans. He requires five thousand mounted Kentuckians and Tennesseans which added to his present force will enable him to threart the designs of the enemy. In reply Governor Cuan on asssrees 'se General of the readiness Io the Tennesseans to join him whenever called upsh, he states tiltt several com panies are now ready waitittir thIcall. In a letter to the Secretary of War Gen. Grin es says that the he permitted to obtain ten thousand volunteers from Kentucky and Tennessee, he will attend the Indian Council, and will take such steps as he may judge hear to insure the quiet and safley of the whites. Wooden ionements-As fare a the s4atis~'tit has been made, both in New York and Phbldlael this, the result is decidedly in favor of wooden pavements. In both cities, however, thb matter is to bestill more thoroughly tested. before the new mode shall be generally adopted. Theeoxnriment tnus making by our neighbors is notfor their own benefit exclusively, fIr if wooden bltoks shall be proved to be the more suitable material for street makinlg, our own city will befglad to adopt itin lieu of the present imperfect stone pavements.-Ball. Ameriean. FROM TO. NEW YORK STAR. Wooden Patements --Tho Corporation are, we are pleased to see, making further experiments with wooden pavementa The cross pathein Broad way are being laid down in blocks of wood. It would appear to us that the part of Broadway near Chamber street thus paved, and which for years has so adnmirailv stood the test of the immense a nount of wheeling upon it, might have juattlied a greater outlay in this experiment. While but twe or three solitary blacks only in this work h've'bepn replaced, all Broadway nearly hase had to be repaired titree or tlour times with the small round stones used in outtr strets. " There is no doubt of the superiority of wood in the end though it costs more at first, and what a blessetg it would be if twonor three oLtur great thorough fares couldl thus be muffled, as it were, from the distreasing and pepetual annoyance of clattering carte, &c. The experiment has also been made in otr city in the Second Municipality, but on an exceedingly small scale. Tite smtalt bit of wooden pavemtne in St. Charles street, has been very ladly laid and with badly shaped blocks, yet it is decidely pre ferable to the round or flat stone pavement. The second small experiment making in Carondelet street we-think will convince the most sceptical of the vast superiority of this mode of pavement over every other; Our Council should have wooden pavement laid around the Council Hall, so that the, members when speaking may be heard, which they cannot be now, when a cauriege or dray is passing. We should be much obliged to them also to lay the same kind of pavement in froat of our Reading Room. We think the churches also should peti. lion for it, and if granted thley never would petition to chain up'the streets. A bale of cotton of the new crop was received on Sundayt its quality is represented as very fair From all accounts the crops getierally are very promisitg. The Nashville Rail Road did a fine business on Sunday. Upwards of fiftee~r hundred pensengers vi~ced the Prairie Cottage, amusing thenmselves wjt. shooting and fishing. The new Legion of the'Second Munticipality iq fast filling up. Desides the Washington Guards, and Louisinna Greys, several new compantes are forming; and we have no doubt that in Ihe course of sin weeks tle uniform companies will parade Sfive lhudred.rtropg. A good feeling now prevails which should be encouraged by our older iliazens. 'he Council of the Second Municipality we feel assured, will make t liberal appropriations for the furtherance of the views df our zealous and patrio The stearn ship Natchez left her moorincn at the Upper Cotton Press on Sunday gdtornit n at 7 o'clock, and passed our city, riding the watere, like a dltck not too much inta huy. .heO-arried away about fifteen of our citizens an passengofs, arid a like number of Mliseissippians, together with 35 bales cotton. She is a beautiful ship and it .sufficiently encouraged will prove profitable. The heat for the last three days has been nlmpst unlbarnble;'the thermocmeter et 90 to 99. Yet we have no sipknesse,lihough we heard u young M. D. assert that he had detpa!ched a pntientt wh, hlad tie black vomit. In peram!pltting our stredts yesterdny, we saw somne dozen napthecuries shut up; t1je cuppers and bleeders halve left the first pair of elaira to go into the garret, and the P:iystro iledtsus are obliged to bell their gigs to tpuy for the keeping of their holses. Our friend..of the luuis;tina Advertir er. will please oaek a word Iof advice Irmlm us. Leave ialone Ite subject of Adopted American Ctlizens, and Sthe iprprieiy of forInIIg military copalnics of alny patrtlcular class of tndividuals. The weather is r v ry warnl antd any excitenent at this timite would be disagreeuble at least. Frome tte . Y. . press. The Ivan Willian Pattersmn, Memb, r of Cn grees frllit (GerleseeeI ounlty, die(d Ont lihe 4tIl inst. at \\ar'tw in I tI a State. His health had been ieeble since adjourement of Congress, and twot or three weeks since he wes attacked with a billions fever, which termninated his life.-The Allhny Journal .nys *'Mr. Palterson was a nativeof Nel Hampshire, from whenice he movted, about filte.n years agi, into the county of Genesee, where he enjtoyed, in an eminent degree, the respect and confidence of his fellow citizens. lie was one of a family of. btroth.ersdistinguished for their integrity, inte:li, tence and patriotism. His oldler brother, Pe.ter Pattetrbon, has twice rqpresented G(enesee in the Assembly. His younger brother, G. W. Pstternto has many years represtnted the cpunty of LiviLng ton in rite Assemnbly, and is confessedly the beet pracrtcal legislator in the State. The servicesp.l the deceased, during the latq session of Congress, had been eo acceptasle to his contsituents, that the popular voice had designated hiim forh re-election, lout his deatlt vacated in iConlgress, antd the people among whom he ived, have lost one of their meeost valuable citizens."' W·onderful news-hut rather apocryphal.--MAtck. enzie's last Gnzette, In te lh)orm n coaresponldence froal Toronto., tells the likely stiry ttit the object of Durham's lissitl is to unite the people ofCan-u. ads, and prepare hfr a war with tile United States, we don't believe a word .l it-NMtwltnstandinlg the positive assertion of Mr. Mlckenzie'a corres-. pondedr that .'the whig Unbinet, hacked by Peel atd is adhlerents, evince their determination to have their own settlement of the boeltdery ques tion," and that "Lord Durhaml therefore came to this prvtinoce (Upper Canada) with the final deter-. mal.tion of assumingll the ugovernment and decka ring an amnesty." ' The ttherefore' is astrngdly out al place-lar the Maine Boundary and an am ineaty tt Upper Canada have no pileatble cuonnex there is one item in the lettdr which looks tol eratly plausible. It is that Johln B. Robinson pro ved to Sir George Arthur, that by a blunder in the Act, Lord Durhaml nes not a partiple of cuntro. over hIlt-that after ctnrultation Durhalt with. drew, holding his right in abeyance, and Sir Gaol Artharureat home a despatclh, justifyinlg his reu sal toi ssue an amnestap. Thie letter writer says confi dently, however, that Arthur will resign. DEATh or SeIGOR LORENzo DArONTav-This Vre aeroble italian poet, who Iaa n Loine resided itt this citv, departed this life on Frldsy evernig, ht iso residence, 91 String strbet, at the advanced age to 90. To bestow a peanegyaic on ote iwose namte has heren hfor halfa century, w intineately blended with the music and literature of Italy, and the introduction of those refinemen t in Amnet reca, would be a superfluous ihlar. It should be ronaigned to some gifted eounlrynme of Ilia own whit would, iin doing jutice to the subject, occupy a Iluch li tlr space than could be comnprised nl the i:cIiansiti of a newspaper. We can only here brnety say-- hat this sia itgulshed indivldttl was a Venetian aind a native of Goneda-educated for the church, and lterwardt--from this fie ioetic talent land pasion ftr inmic, becaIme a prominent person In the court of the emperor Joseph 11lof Austria. Under his special Iroteeition at Vienna, he formed a close triendship with the celebrated .lozaart, whiia led to the productlun of those ad, itared iperas, Dan Glovane i, the Marriage of Ft, gauu, &c., i wlllci the poietry of Dapolte is no tass eternized by its own beauties tItha by th eat vine music ti which it is embalmed. Alter the dscease of Mo;art, who died int his friend Da. punte'a arrls, til poet went Io Lhendtn, and there for'vears was lntittately asa~,ocated with tie eqrly eltfrts to introduce a more petrlect Itolian opera. b'roln thence Signor Dapoalte came to America, where he Iea resided 32 years, etilley in this city; to his indelatlgable exertllna, cl ttanatldiing talent and prulound hIterury attain lents, are we intlllly illdabted tur the taste everywhere diffused itn our country for the uasic and language ol kis natie land. lie has been the Cuadmus to wnOm we iowa ant unpayable debt lurce thellse nappreciable illtt Htsa tlleluty will endure: lr bath his native and adopted rounltry harve been honored by his diam. terested labors and passelllate devullun to the arts which he cultivated. As a Latin and lHebrew ecliolnr he had perhaps nio equal, or unperior ier,. Ia his own language we will say: "T'ruth anu honesty as Itublte-the in lt hven receive into besitude 1lie ondi nndian the hnomm of nor God do he virtuous restr.'--Snday Morning News. Q Sheridan Knowles's new comedy called " Woman's Wit," has been received in London g with distinguished favor, and the usually anarling critics are for once unanimous in their approval. The English papers give extended notices of the plot, Ihe poetry, and the play, but as we hope to have it replseented in our eoming dramatic season, we deem it unwise to spoil its freshness by letting f6lks into the secrete. In Bentley's Miscellany for May is the following song written in honer of the Bard with whose dramatic beadles we oil have been so often, and so much delighted. SsiEIDn- KNowLEs. Fill, fil upa b ampe no twilight ao ie Let heart. now or never and goblets 'er gow, Apolleo commans that we drinkald the trne, A generous spirit la generous wine. The ross smells an sweet call it what name you will The ribt shoest heart ia a honest heart still; Cao we fled a truer to garnulh oerhewl That Sheridan, Sherry, or prince Paddy Knowlen ? The hard ln a impser beheld to the brim They rise the c.y apirite of pasy--whim ! Around er'rygten thesy garland entwine Of tprit from the laurel and leaves from the laae. A bumper! the bard who in eloquence bold Of two nosele fathera the story ha totld What pangs heave the boasm; what tears dim the eyes. Whei the dagger is sped, or the sharp arrows lice. The bard in a bumper! Is fancy his theme? ' 'Tis eottive and light, s a fairy laeddreaam: Does loae tus his harp I tin devoted and pre: Offrisendhlp? tis that chbhll shal aways endure. Ye tramplers on liberty tremble at him;. S it asoie s your knell, and the slave's. mornig him ! Hitis frlikhsome humour is bunom and blind, And bright as the goblet I hold in ily hand. Fate si his cup ars'ry bleassing inooe, Cherish hil fortune. and smile on ,his mue Warm be his hearth, and prosperity cheer These he is dear to and those he holds dear. Blithe be hi autumn ay summer hath been- t Froy, but kindly-al d sweetly serene: S Gren he his winter with snow on his brow, Green as the wrath that encircles it now. To clear Pddy Knowles, then, a bumper we fill, In genius he's left all behind him, by gales! But he won't leave behind him another Pat Knowles! " Virghieu, and Tell. SPORTl OF NKW ORILEAN. '- CLEARANCES. Sehr David Moess, Row,, Pedsaeola, Mster ARRIVALS. PShip Rtnssia, Elliot, from Havre, 27th June. ip ballast, to A 8 ltHgter,--41 teerage pasengers. i Brig P'nora, Foarwell, from laveans, i0th Aulgut to R Gronink r co, Stenaer lutsvillre, Jordan, frota Inyodu Sara. Steamer YaIooLastham, from Vrlksburg. teaom tovboat Grampus, Asahblt, from the paesre. Banvie. towed tosea ship Alabama, erig Home, Empresario, OSinv dors, sehrs i Sccse and Diigenoeia; returned to town with ship Rupais, brigs Pdlstora and Swan. Left N E Bar 24th instant. a . S Aaust 27th. Steam tewboat todno, aiouren, from the Passes, towed to dea ship Sarncen; bri Charleston, and brig Coluenhs. 'Wought phip Ann, ship A, lliance; and brig Abispa. Let the Pu'e1e20th iut; hothiag in sight in the o.lhig, the brig Southl Carolina inside the Bar, Pulled the steam ahip Colum e bia off the Ptar at Poverty Point into deep water. Ship Alitnce, Tereald, days froth Noew York, to Master. Oehr Ahispe, Altars, 14 days from Campeachy, to J W ,lacire c. - Ship Anu, Penhallow.,rcon Liverpool, 27Lth June, so Nater. "Thesinam packet COLUMBIA, froa Toexote is ashore dear Poverty Point. e ATTENTION RIFLE CORPS:' t'I lIE Members of thin comppny are requesotrd to at Li trold a imeeting T', his'Eveing,'at the Planter's intel, Canal streetot a/ 2 o'clock,yp busineoss of tie utmost lnportaroee will' be laid beTore the chtpanev. A eomnetitt, c will b etletetd to ;allot for all now nl COD OF' PRsdJT.Ilf OF LOUISkheAdd. t I HE Sulscrilr has been some sime in preparing., and hat now very nearly comnpleed, t new eit lion of the Code of Practice, upon a plan which aennot ffailto beciome useful to'the profession, in which h ise assisted h. a few of his friends, toe experience in the ,ay na some of whom dates from the establishment of ourjtdicinl setelm, alnd nder whose especial direc tiotn tihe sutter has beep preltared. Siter the altpear. ni:ce of the spcimen numbother ot the Civil Clde, pub. lithetd by E. Johns ,c Ce.. it was tlhught tvial cable to publish the toir oft Prtetile itittte omne firtt l trlnt those who desire it, only be enabled to Ihind tile twio Codes tgethser. T'he arrangemnent,l hlowever, will lbe diernett. After cellectinl .l the den siones f the Soprece (Court Il,, thile .ile il practice wshich apple to the arlicle.s roI. tniled in tile Codle,tb ethn ae heen digested anl pta eed niler each ar)lr)tpriate articlet, in the haitpe ft in ilite; tllgt'lher iith rleterences tt o the ; amI, , ) otat !te reader by ternin to any arntliele of the fnod,.. of'l'r - tire, will at tlnc. know Ilte eiEitiol ulpn it. 7'the wnlk wi.llo lsoentttlin all lt. ,tlertltents t, he Codtl of rl'rttitce, ns well as time law*r rcratin ndtit regplltlit a Sie, (Citv I'illte if New Otletnt, nwil, etttn;tleto in diex to Tint whole.n. n'ot tleranve w,,rk ill make its eproemnee e s sec , iat. the firtl of taich el tn nrt t olt li, gtot tI,, |linl slhlee ellmell low htillitg, esold at tx nOt t..a.ll per oiop. Ai. J. GRFlINIR. aa ln.i--m e At rllr, !L . f AN',:'1 f/-.u),l:Me,.,ea- III tak.,.-' g nn:En;. s,, Siletert,cet for miorlity and intlinritv will bt requireld. Applyto ' tl'tNNAI:lEI,, a etutt. a (CornPr of N atnhez oal T'tlitnblas.t /ýli d, I' Rei tUltE'I NT'lNEe. - IB ('sks fo2reign Linseed Oil, 15 bharrelts fpirits Tupentine; 5 neaeks Sperm Oil, 1110 kegs pure White Lead; 150 " No.e Also, a genrral assortment oftlnelieadese, jnel retei, vedl frot the Nnrth, for sale Inow, hby JAlRVIS 4. ANDREWS, auR'.8 I T'ehopitlotns at. News Orlons, 25 Aug,, 1838. l[1 HIS Bank is checking on New YnrkAl sigh1. J ROBT. J. PALFIIEY, f aug28 Cashier. H ^ AVANA COFEE,-300 bag rime, in store II and for save by SLATER & TRIER, e aug28 40 Poyiran street. Rl, soeperior quality landing from brig onthrine. froealse h SLATER & TRIER, _ aug2 40 Poydros street. E XCHAN E on Bloton-In aums to suit pur S chasers, for s1le by STETSON & AVERY, aug28 88 (ravier st. CI AIPAIGNE Br ndl -Ih pipesand half pipes, a ery superior old artlicl inotore and far sale 1 by T R HYDE & BR(h., nug 8 39 ColmSen, corner Magazine st. " 1ANK NOTE PA PEIL-Jitst received a few ti.ot * sand sheets of Bank Bill Paplwr, of very superior quality, for sale by DAVID FELT & COt au 28 NY Stiatinrs Ilall, 24 Clartres. "-iD l-, cord Paper--Just rerived a few re a. , ohlson'svnery fine blie rctrd Cnr, bp oth p iaa - and rul, for sale by DAVID FELT & CO, ang2t l N Y Statioer'as Hull, 24 Chartres. SEFINEI WhVale Oil-.O bhhlbe. rectifid whle oil K fur sale by WHITBKIDGE & CO, aug28 130 Mlagazine st. C'I A ullES--250 Boxes Sperm Caidle , )or rile by { - WHIITBKIDGE & CO aug2d 13I Magazine as, U TAIBRELI.AS-6 tars ofl' Umbrellas freanleby 'WHI'I' RIII)GE & CO, ugi28 130 Magazine st. I Il-5t TEHE aventSugar--50 boues Whito 'Havu.n r Sbgdr, of very superior quality, now landing from broh A.E., for sale by JOdEPH COCKAYNE, a.lg8 25 tGravier dl. 'IF'ITY DOLLARS REWARD. W ILL be paid by the sbsceribers Sfor the apprehnsion olt.he bhoy ANDREW, who absconded on the 5hi inst. Said by is about 15 years of age, 5 feet high, black face, and very good looking. when first spoken to It speaks quick, and atnmmerrs a little-had on when he left, blue cottonade pants, blue triped shirt and straw lhat. JOIIN MINTURN, auOg2 13 Exchange at. , PORTRaIT PINTING. IR. F KR respettalty iormta the public atll lie will reerin a nhort time in New Orleans for the purpose of painting portraits. Rmtmr eoroeor of Canal ant St Charles, in the house occupied by Pannly & Lyon, Deqtists, where specimens tf his painting can be seen. Entrance in Pt Charles street. " u8.81m IiSKEY, Flour und Pork,-n sore, for sale by V m22 CG l)ORSRY,44 Newjl.evees. 5ALE ROPE &' TWINE-for sale by SLATER & TRIER, aug24 40 Poydras street. O1 COPFEE-41100 hagos Ito coffee of inest qunlity landing from brig Chl tpion, for sale r. " S'iF.1ETSON & AYVERY. jyl? 28 Gravier streets. ANT'IE-A ROOK BINDER--None need up ply but a workman. W cKAN, W rIcKEAN, jy12 eor Camp l'ounon streets PROTECTION HOSE COMPI'ANY. I'Mouthbly'teeting this evening, Saturday the 25th inst Punctual attendance is requested. Monthly washing to-moorrow morning, I- past 8 o'clock. By ordler, K. E. GARNIER, antg26 Secretary. L EMO.N SYRP-I00 boxns lemon syrup, landing from ship Concord, and for sale by j THAVIEt & Co. jy26 74 Poydrs street. SA'i'HS3-4011 Luths in staore, and far sale by J THAYER & Co, jyS6 74 Povdras street. -(}tWEitL j (oC ilhlu--1t bal. 7-8 &- 4.1 Lowell Negro C'tions, in store. and for sale by TEl'SON & AVIrRY, aug25 88 Cruaier st. OF EVERY DEOCRIPTION, SPEEDILY, HAND-OMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED I AT THE OFFICE OF THE True Jmerican, ST. CHIARLES STREET, NEAR 'POYDRAS. m23 LOUISIANA FOINITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, Bienvtlle street. I 1.1.1 I 1 R. CARNES, (formerly of the firm of I Iflt ti arnes,) would respectfully inform hrs frills anld the public that he is constantly receiving from New York and Boston a good assortment of Fur niot,ur, such e mahogany chairs, sofas, t edsteads, tan ple and painted chairs, maple and cherry bedateado, mahogany and cherry tables of all deecriptions, bu reaus, toilets, secretarys, writing desks, wardrobes of mahogany and cherry, wash stands, looking glasses, feathers, bedding, &c. &e. NB. Furniture packed for transportation with great care. je8 MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removed from 17 Customhouse St. TO NEXT DOOR To ST. CHARLES THEATRE, CoRNEs Oe POYDvAS & ST. CHARLES STREET. aug9-1838. W INE & PORTEK BOTTLEh-50 groas wine and 100 gross porter bottles, for sale by HOLMES & MILIS, jy21 Bank Alley. COMPTROLLER'S OFFIL'E--SECOND IU J.ICIP4.LITY, NEw ORLEAna, August 22d, 1838. A GREEABLY to a resolution of the 15th inst., 1 will adjudicate, at this ofilce, on Monday the 3rd September neat, t2 o'clock, P. MI., to the higtest bidder, separate leases of the following stanutds for the sals of Oysters from thle 15th of Septetmber, 838, to the 15th of April, 1839, viz: One at the foot of Canal street; One Gravier One " Poydlras One Girad One " "Julia One " Delord One ' " Rolfignac One at the cornerofMarket square and New Leven. One at the extension of Nuns street and the Levee. Terms: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 monthscredit in sat isfactorily endorued notes. It is made a condition of the adjudication, that all oyster shells, belonging to the lesPeye'~thhe respective stands, be sold to the surveyor of the municipality, at twenty-five cents per arrel. JOHN CALHO)UN. S aug23 Conmptroller. to Bura dau Coaioeleur-e-Secnde Musnicipalie, NotvelleOrlbnns. 22 trout 1838. R ONFORMEMIENT ;1 tne rbsolttion Id 15 du . courant, j'adjngerai A men bureau, lundi Ie 3e de Septemabre. A i.arn Ilture de l'apres mirdi, ou plus ahnut enehbrisoeur, les baux saiptlos dec rerplace Saena suivans pour la vet1 dels Ilitres, du 15 de sep l temtre 1838 al 15 d'Avril 11139. th Un aa pied de Ina rue du Canal, Do. - - Gravier, Do. - Poydrtsr, I Do - - Girod, , Do - Julie, ig - -6 Delord, n- Do - Rffgnore, SUn aur coin di marche et de In le. L.oueve, ' i lv , :1a In continuation do Ia rie des Religieuses Nde la lpye. Conditiur:--l, 2,3,4,5,6 tt.7 utnoisoln crdit, oe Iillets elodnsseeo A latisttction I.e bail eontiedlaa ln Seconditiona qua toutes les ,:<ailles d'huilrer apparto s nant aux ditrens etplulacemensa devront ezre vendnes ar vcoer de la muniipa lith 25 Cents le baril. LL nout JOHN CAIIIOUN, Cnttrolreult PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE: it- No 13, T'otltuse st,--By Mrs loftmatn.n. r's T HIl house is spacious and conveniently ituatend e I for men of business, near the L.evco and the New Ev. IAElanne i. the table will In el ll supplial and attended to, tnd life charge moderate. Boarders wishlillg to ve lodginrt, can he n:omlno date, at different prices, with counlodious furnished roorlr. Boarders will have the natisfit.tiatn to meet a there, perspns pe aking the French, English nulll Span it- ilt languages, at'23:3mn ' PENSION BOURGEOISE, he Rue Toulouse, n. 13, tenoe par. lde Vt'. Ifbfmann. of 'ET 6tablissement srt epclpicux, ot sC teUrouve sitlt .c- t pres dta la Le.v(e et de Ia Nouvelle tourse, re:st r a dire atu cenltre des natlilres. lb. La table rcra Ibirtn folurnie, propIrelent tente et i to ull prix mnodcrb . lilt ex qui pren lut pr"nsiol d(',ircrnient y ]oger Hu o rtrt doeosppartemt..t. de did'(ntt. prix, I'it': garni., .t er Les pensionmirel nt ntt t I',t 'mernt d'v rouver ides personnts parlnt les leeangues fithneai.e, atlaltise n- m espagnole. 2,nu I AlItll-IiI0t 11 b.s t'riIte it sttre, tfor IAYET * ,A.MIEI.UNG, SLt03 i tt, Cmnlero,'r street. I Th Il i.-llA Wi'e, it aiel dry, inq tarit ta kst I rL I aw i d p r h ri N rirte h a ug. a 3, t3la., I'N O 'I1.' t (lI ,lT Y'I NI'\:V Rit. ' NS.3 q ti: prire.l' Irn.hs IloIrltl,o-day is *1 i11 plrh hl. on. '" :ording to l la d 1!ie I r. h'ek{,rr ,slull give dariig twil liel in ek, 'rile thInlly, 't 71h inton.,) 35 tllle fhirBead ii)r a Li. ltrild of the. se rtid qulality i, re qli mae o eil igh. ) pi.r eat. ie, viz: lle5in,. a. C. (812NO1S, Mayor. 2 aug.t D N. rs6ri NOT'ICEr TUR thIe owneEtrs t t ree a n thle l'hld tlni-i. palnt lia URNITU hills fr u 837 well nitell a 5pid, nill be placsreed in the h of an ttorney, lsewhere. Tcller tias, in te daitys froa date. SJ. I)(ANE, aug--11133 reasure tAY'S-Tu INea bidets de tate on837,-Ti en of science, and the inventi x on ofa celebrate entrmedi cas mains he introduction of wllich to the public 20 aunt Dt)ANE. Tr'6nrier. bequesthassinclttE-Junt re ualion unpdditial lled b' plyhd te Iti Yorki and Bottendant, Poloon want URNIow URsed win the dprncpao well ospi call at 53nd Biertanille stnly foreet hef cure puof rchaing elsewhere. Tern. Cash, or good ecity a s eptances.o b y, unless IV R CARNES. aug2--2w Ha1EMORRIIOIDS. AYfollowing'S LNIMENTs:-NFieton-Thi e tordinry chemical cxtraormpositin, the result atof science, and the inventio.n f a celebrated medi. cal man, the introdtntion of which to the public All Swellted withngs- theuing olemty in a dw athbedours. equest, has since gacued a reputation unparalleled, fully sustaining thu correatnees of the lamented Dr Gridly' at-Byt Canerseion, that rse dared nots. dinver without giving Chestto posterity the bet of h knorwldge an d h trs- th lerr fres oron ing rheumad tic wellingsiend and attendant, Scouglo Hays, the chret o hielaxation discoveof he parsry. It i new remarkd in thoe principal huseditl i, nd THe private prctl ine price, ountry, fire t and anyo certainly fo thes cure urnof the Pilty bottld without eively and effectually as to h.ettl credulity, unless whbeing cure. its effectse are witnhe positivessed ordEterally io the following complaints: Fproprietor Drto the Ay-Creting etraomrdinary absou at old,notoneas been ucc Sore Throat-By Cancers, Ulcers an Clenil, s. Creoupfer t andose Who sellg Cthe arti-Extcle, shoulrnlly, and everbit the Cheoriginal to p. All BruisesON-Non, Sprinan d' Brn-Curing in a andw also turs. of te Agents. Soresld and Ulcere-Whetiher freC &or lng etCo.,ndig, and ver one Druggst in every town in opthe raUnions upon dultd cildren in redu ing rheumatic swellings, and loosening coughs and tightForne sale by te hest y lelaxaton Agenof the partner of has been surprising beyond cmnceptioa. The Common remark T of those wire ave sed it in the Piles, is " It acts like a charm." THE PILES-ThI e price, $1 in rrcunded to any person wh will use a bottle tlay Linimentblock for the Piles, and return the empty bottle without being cured. 'ritnse are the positive orders of' the proprietor to the Agents; and nag tof any thou. sands uold. not on ine haeen uniueusaful. Wi might insert certiftcates to any lengtlt, but prefer that tIhose who seantll the article, should ex nbit tnhe origiial to purchasers. CAUTION--None can be genuine without a splendid engraved wrapper, on which is my name, and also that af the Agents. SOLOMON HAYS. Sold wholalesaln and retail, by COMST''OCK & Co., New York, aud by one Druggist in every town in the Union. For sale by the Wholesale Agents, corner of Cammen & Tehoupitoulan street, aiid by the Apotlecaries generally l je30 tloltI0 galtons uisuaier oi 31(011 gutilnii rnlined whale, fir sale by WhvltItBttltttlr: & CO. au21 311 logazine et. HISklE f--100 bl't ectified Whiskey, tar sale y. ', I. OLJIES & MILLS, jHlank alley. BLOCK T' If,' TN Mkl4'JJE & ZhI'C--:0pigs bloek store, nor sale by " S IA)CKE & ('e Jy24 2-10(1 ve. HISKEY-50-biIh in starg or ,rIse by jilUttma.-.. bbti api stare, tar ante by aug21... "a..." 44 New Levee. I(ýIACNStt)E3-tttt onn. aupe'r Ciaucmnaii eared U]5 instore and for sale by 6 lDOtRSEY, aug21 4 t New Levee. V 0ý00CU'r,'t'lERt wanted on the New irljetnai Y1 and Nashville rail road; apply ti I. BeNA BEL, Con,,er of Naitchee J Tiholtiteti in.street' I aeg21 iLOUR-3i0 bbts frish ground flour, landing from flat boats, for sale by AMLNG, nugl6 17 Commerce street. bORt K-f5ibol Mese s-td Irline Polrk, lnli g from flat boats, for sale AYLT AML augl6 17 Commnerce street. HIAllS and Shoulders-lo nhds. Pickled harns and 1 shoulders, landing tramin flat boats, for sale by LAYEr & AMELUNG, nugl6 17 Commerce street. OPPERAS-20bblse.pperas, in tore far sole by 0. DORSEY, augl6 44 New Levee. ` 7 tHI9k(EY, fork, Ilucon dides, Flour oand Lord, in store for sale by G DORSEY, angl6 44 New Levee. W iT.-- ' R l vlaa 'gar-ltol Boxes landing from V scalr Liberty,fur sale by anal6 A. FISK. ONN.-40 hags whitoe orn in goal shipiing order in store,for sale J THAE O, J THAYER & CO, aug 16 74 Povdroa streot. U NDERWOOD, Pickles, Ketchups and Musturd, in store and for sale by J THAYER & CO, aug 16 74 Poydras street. 3OSIN.-70 bbla Rosin in store and for sale by J THAYER & CO, rug 16 74 Poydranstreet. AI I).-4400 kegs very supeOrior leaf Lard for sale L hy JOSEPH COCKAYNE, 13 Gradver street. aug 16 T EXAS MIONEY for salebyr T R HYDE & BRO, aregl6 39 Ctommon st., corner of Magazine. A I.OUSE, kitchen and ship for *ale, fronting on Circus and Basin street. Privilege obe gvren in t15 ays. JAMES LAMBERT. ugl4 FIFIEEN DOLLARS REWARD. S ILL be paidl for the appreheion and nlodgin i prisoninL either of the munlieipaliies, WIL D LIAM FERGNER, an indented apprentice to the ° blacksmith trade; the said apprentke s about five fest four or five inches high; light hair, bloeaybm; a German by brth; speaks the English, Frenchl and German lan guageo. All personn are forewarned not to harbor or trnst the said aplprentice, antor tli severest pe.tlty a tile law. NICHOL.AS IIURRAY, augl4-.f Blackhmith, Triton W\alk. ''TO LET. ~ A Too story private dwelling house, plea sauntly situated on Triton treet, near Tiveli .' Circle. It bns every convenience to make it a f desirle residence. Apply to attol4 J OTT. r NTIUR. NEW ORLEAN.S I NA SHVILLE RAIL ROAD OFFIC I.. SEALED Prtpoalu will be received at thi office S until the tlt of Septenrber, for furnlishhtg ltt,lb00 feet (lineal) of ,ypress, or uellow pine, 2 1-t incltes tthick, 12 incheoahrs od, and in lengths of 20 Let or ntap ward; to be lelivered along the lilie of the road; on the sshore of Lake Ponchartrain. D. IO.)A RD, aug14--"t Chief Etg'r. & fien'l Superd't. /-LIVER 'T'WIST; or the I'aris Boy's Prgregns. Spart econd, by the author ofl'the Pickwwik Pn "p re,' 'Sketceo of ecery dy .if,' 'Nicholas Nickleby' dlsotrated numro,.s designs by Cruikshank. The Lifp atd ndventures of Nichllas Neklbv, con taining a fidthful account of the fortunes, misfortunes aproisings, downlullings, and cenmplet career of the Nickbelay Ifamily. Editet bly 'to,' with illoatratimos by 'Phil,' No.2. Sketches of Yonne Ladies: in which these interest. ing members of the onimlnl kingdom, are'classified nac : llrdin to thleir several instincts, habito, and general characteristics, bv 'Queiz,' with sketches of Young gen tlmeta, by Qulio,ir,' lihts u nl Shadw of Irish Iih lit,v Mrs. SC Ilall. anthoreas of'the Buccaneer' Uncle HIlorae,' &c. &e. ha two vola., just received and fIor sale by Wi1. M'"EAN, augl4 Corner of Ca,,mp & Cocnon at. '" ENtI;I,ISi li ttlKS. ARTIN ;'ITON'S Cyclotpedia of iogranphy 2 vols. do. do Arts and 14,iencs, d 2 vols.-Shankepare in 3 vola, n pocket edition illus trlted. Phllips' Geology. JameSon's Mineralogay. - Brewter a Treatise on Magetisma. Gray's Elegy. II illustrated. IR.oers' Italy and P'oeom, illutratetd, 2 vols. Ilardinag's )rawine ilok f.r 13t2. l.hilllIls on water colors. Easy Drawing Book, by Clrilla. Slrutt's Sports and PIass Tl'ba. Just received and for sale htv -t.I. M'KEAN, anag4 corner of Catlap 1at C:ommon at. IME--I BItt C--ek1a'5 n'hll t,,n t.imeo landing faro brig Chiefluin, and fir sale yV S &. J !t W\IIlITNEY' atn 8 Conti street. it -ACON il)Ii'S--753 idit l bacon silds. 5a 1 ;Iodi; ) Canvass llamns. 10110 hams in bags suptrior ar alit?, in satoare,na ftor LI' V I I.A\'ImT& t\rEI.UNC., ' aag4 17 Co,,,,erce.streert. . . A T- n-- ie I ls Miss ri and Kentucky IJ bale ..I w+b I b,- sold law by I AY," & AMELUNG, a1 n l 17 Commerce strCor. OFF1 O -tillt bags i. 1411It. HtaV.l . I-11. sale by STETSON & AVERt' nlg4 88 Gr evier street. t. [ AV n . .+r. iatS-lii,)tbii needina quality ftr - sal. low, w a pnsJninacnt, by " "IT'E'f+:iNs AVEItY a2 8R (i · ha straet. NEiLO f ILOTIf HS, IINeIEYS & KEitbSEYS The sbifsrllir. offer n or sale, landing froni ship ConoriI, " bales plain iixad negro clot bll Cwilled iixed nelgrn clath; 18 blals Uilnv, an..arled R llors; I hale wlile awan skinlls; I nare rintled kerseys; 2,ale heavy mixcd Cordava ..rey.cS; I baale mllinishe ISAAC BRIDGl E 4.Do, jil2 I.-" Alagazins street A il'--45bolxes No. I nIop,brand of Jnmsal'uuld, Slaldilig from brig lolodino foil sale by ISAAC IKtII)G .: & Coa ntg7 131 Magazine street. If RO(GAN, Shoes and Slilppers-1-.1 cases, mll i prising ain a.sortent of lManls anld lIy's Line kilp, eagged tad Itfet lt roSana; Alen and linsa fine calfb shoes; MIn's nm woien's punIps nll slip'pers, childrcno and inlant Ioas trs hoer alid annLe ties; land ing front ship Ohio, anl for sale by ISAAC 11tlliGE & CO. augll 13I1 lMagazine street . I PI I II 'lL--8 ,nasks pure, ll., .l d Spe- n Oai, S landing ifrom shaip Olhio, for sale by ISAAC IIItIDGE & ('O. nugll 131 Magpzine street. Q OAP--10 baxes Extra No. I soup, bract if Jack son & Trowbridge landing fron ship (hin, Ir sale nity IAAC I1IIDGli: & CO. angit 'tiiu , . street j1 .tLASSES-3j blls. tolnssas leadirg firm sl!m r S lis nalae 3,0 ditto, in ate, andi fir siale by LAYET & AllELUN;G, nng7 17 Ctommon nstet. SFIFICE NEWO R(IIEANS & .,AS:lIVLLE ItRA ll. RUAD COMIPANY-ranfts on New York at Sight, or sixty daysa date, le, im as, to suit Ipr chasers. JAMES II CALItWEtII, iv61 President. CAtlY'Slli tEIEilT1'SYS'I'EII. t INHFl tCredlit yslateim of Frlace, (treat lrtain ia tile Uijni'eiStiihe.--V II C aIrey, Ianih.r I rinciplesofl'olitic l Economy;, &c. SJust received and for sale N, WVM. M'KEAN, aul4 Corner of ItI p& Coliollln st. F t1-I( -AI.E-iall1a of Coluinaii.. EAlntace -nd f ' lnple's Mixture, Hnv's I.inient,l Rose Oint nmnt, IlHonadaelh IPliled, IRe lld a B ali nPlanter, &. tor snlehfy JARVIS &. ANIDilEWS, jyv28 ar Coeninin &'l'Thnupitoulna at A llf EDICINES, PAINTS & OIL.-A large and L general assortmenlt onl hnid, for iale low, by JARIVIs & ANOIEWVS, or Cnmmon & Tchonpitoulaa st. NOTICE. T HIE undersigned having been dily nlapoinltedl by tie Illnrable, tile firsat Juilicia Dislrict Clort, Commnissioners to erimntlle anld assess tile dmage and expense of widening Idolinac street, between New Le ve street and til river, Ihavei made their estimate and anssessmaent, aid hlave dapoai ed true capies thereof, to geCtherwith the plan, in the oalle of the clark of said court fr tile ins ttntion of ull whom it mav concern. And publie notice ia hereby given that said estimate ant aanessment will lie presented to snitn colrt Ibr cn-. firiatiun, on Saturdanl, tle twenty-ninth daly of Sep teiber neaxt; and alil perlcns inte'sted ill iroperty sit. n atedl fin i.u.ulli alltu l or the vicinity thereot, are hereby ntilied to aulie their lobj,-tioin, it any lhey have, to said etimate and nienssnia nt, on or before the twenty-first day ofSepteitmbr next. New Urleans, August 22, 1838. G. IUtRE, I. FIEDiC, Commissioners. CIA'S. A. JACOBS, n g22 -1 833. A VIS-Len seltegib, aynt t 0ib dueinmeat nominc lpar I'honarnble ctr dn premier dlistrict jdliieire, comninisaires pour evaluer or ctaer le dolnmaga or Ie fraiia de I'lnargasanent ie aIn rue Ioffignac, enSlre In rue de In Nouvelle-Lavbe et le ienve, ont inimplei. Icur tableon d'(valuatiall at de taxe, dolt itse int depiose ie vraies copies, aves un plan, an bureau du greffier de ladilte cour, pour Pintl.ection des intbresses. Et avis public est dound que le nusdit tableau seran prbsenh i landite eour pour aonflrmation, eamedi le 2' e Sptesbre irochain; nt toute personne iiteressees dana Iledit tableau d'ivatluiation e de tane, sanvir: toU teas persnnees yvant intret dans les prnprietes sitleaa (lans lan rue Rtfiignae eil I voisinngei snt lar nle pr6 aclait notifies ie hirc leur olijectils, s'ils ei ont, nudit I tableau d'cnelutioiiet de lmae, Io on avant In villgt cI u a do a sep uibrn liroantin. Nouvelle Orleans, 22 aout 1838, G BUIlKE, S iIEI.I), Commnissaires CIIARILES A JACOBS, PRILVTIN'G OFFICE. iOR SALE,-- printing office, enmpoe.I of all L the materials necessary for ai newspaper. An iasiortment of French lnaclms; several fants of Jos 'IT'PEj a lnargerln imperial prenss, &c, AC, will bIe hold eihealp, and on ensy terms. This is an exaellentchance lor one intendlig to establish a country ilaIer, ald nilt luinge Job ci.le The type &c. will ie seld separatlely frun tie press shaln sal aun arrarnemin: aceommo date the rbhnser. Apply at thin u.lica. t)OLK.-nilI bbls Moss M U, prIne and aolh. Prime . justi napectad, for ale by G. DORSEY, jy26$ 44 ti Levee. 50 SACKS SALT, indin toino , ig S ,an, telnd John. for nale h P I jesti S JIP W! ''.i. . SECOND MUNICIPALITY. SERE I luglt to the Police Poaund of tile nd lMuaicipaliy te lfollowing uaoed animals One large Bay mare and Colt. Onar soall le Colt. The owners ofsaid anilolea are requested to call to the Potlnd, prove property, and take theo away. - 9. .IIAIRPERI h1aall Captaia ofthe Watrel TL aICE aiP 1 nl d npot d InL de munit.ip-aTit-, le lanimseax naoons: Ule grands jmeoth bam oe a easot bltivaant on poulain hai. Lea proprletaireirtdeedits ani m onux sentprs d venir ain depet, pmueer lerar proprit jthl, payer lea emmener ledits animaue, 11 nout H 8 HARPER,Capt de la Garde, -ICF.-50 casks now londing from Charleston, fot i salehy B BL ANCHARD, jy I._ 33 Gravier street. .O RENTA large and airy office. welT ictated- " 1 and in the most basinesspart of the city. Terie;t moderate. Apply to W. GREENE, at the Orleeil Lithographic iOffice, 53 Magazine street. jy24 O LET-The House aituated on the abrottt' tf L Orange and Religious atreele; ap spl._J_ jy24 910 Commoaetsreet. A Card. ORLEA %B LITHOGRAPHIC EBR I f F H O MEAT, 53 MAGAZINE MTRE OPPOSITE BANK0 S NACADE." ?lT GREENE oretrnl his sincer te tlt ' his Y friends end the publac of New Orleans, t the patronage bestowed on him for the last tave yeato, tdad begs leave to ansure them that all ordgrs lbmn:;"tt to hin charge shall he punctually atcten.d to; he will as ntisal keep the office open uring' theettmtper,.nd shall le always ready to strike off merhant e circu I late, business and address cards, faneoT onoiee.mtpts, platn, and drawings, of every deeriptiot, at the shortest notice, and en the most reoasohbwe thers. Being asnoited hy artists superior ta shy other .ahlhith meat in the city, and from long eaperiepee in the lillographic line, he feels confident of giViirg eatira ratisfaction. N I ApItheaonries nd drurggista"labels etetetsd in as good style as copperplate engraving, and am'one third of the expense. jr24 1IOK, ALE-The splendid~oteem beat MEcaClan ,' having undergone a thorough repair, wila be rea dy fOr sea in a few otaysthis brat is coppeir I cEntend and coppared, withl a copper baler and sptleatlld en giase her aoenonltdationt e bing very enteouive, cand well found in every select: for furthe a pd'ticulcesap ply at the ship yard of u llory rvmn wheret she now lies, or to MAUt iEL. WHIlTE -.CO, Saungt-15t 96 iGraier street. ALT-- A k I fira l sHith in stom aid for sale by F3 `r & J P WHITNEY, eaug 3l C li at. p .OA anl"at'o1w Coandles-i0r oDxes Tallow Can- ledi; 21) hoxos No. I and extra soup, brands of James toenkl sod Jackson { rwrowbrid ge far Bale by ISAAC BRID'tE & CO. auag23 134 Magasine at. OFFICE NEW\V OItLEAN & NASHVILLE. RAIL ROAD COMPANY. fRAFTS on New Yobk at siukt, 31 and 60 days Ssight, fitr tle, in cosums to suit purchaseer. Al so, Cedar timbher for posts and sleepers, and Philedel phisa lumber wheels and earte for sole on retnonablo' terms. JAIME H CALDWELL, aug3-3-6t Prenident. fAKE Notiee no bill againast t- lim tinag Dry 1 Doek, siened and apperoved by James Dlhk, will' hereafer be palt by time tvenrn of the Flnoting Dry Deck, the nsail James Dik linvinm never been author Sisoct mwke ally contracts. Moreover, all bills from this date wil have to te ap proved ann signtd by Ila eagent of the Floating Dry aug23 Cond llat. S ITATE OF .OUISIANA, Parish Caot,, ofthe par ith nod City of New Orleans: Preent thp Hon orable Charles Maurion, Judge.--No. 10627, JR Pat aam, vs. His Creditors. On motiot of Mi. Greider at tosney of Mlistrenss Louise Euaen Deslalhaise, will of Abrahamr Mlce, one fll ecreditors oisam insolvent add : ato, shwig io tineCotat slant Janes ftWnery, tihe syn die aplpointed ry the enusaoes oa soOt insolvemlt, at a lmeettagthereof, beroro II -Cones Esq.,;ooary pub Slie, si ter 7th dIuo of April, 38, has fornarlyddelinst' - uceepinagl il au evndleslhp; It in ordersed by the tourt;; tliat attnher Illtdng of aaid erelitorns take pldde on Saturday. the 8itla Ly ofSeptealtr teat, at the oflie I, of lI It ienusa Esp., ont:rv pabtli, thea and'there to 'deliterate oa the alkai of Ito aid insolent. . Extract froat the Misaat--Clerk's Office. A IM GUYOL, altrgI 1833 Clerk:. F llotr aIn laroise rt Vi'brdo lit NoloelhrOsleans Prheetrt I'tlto. Char es 3ttttirut, juge-N-o 111617 J It Pt'ainartn contiear-e crtnriern--Sir etotolril de Mr (Crelaitr, aarali dar toilnaltae Loaise Euglgltaie Il .ahabl Sse, ('"'ri'.' la Albrolatat tIare, otn dl cra.n.ciers.,idit iISoil'llelillyR n I tlotllrlte ne Jalesn McE.tlnv, lo s.vlalic no,..K. pur Ilee(,.rtleiero ti. I'inulvalbleh uass.llhl.El hets! ilirievnall II II Cianea, not. puba lel' avril I:fl, o fraollet.,nl rerntis d'aoeeeplerls nyr nd Seat; ii eat ,Certi',lit lit rnetoer qtinoe ontre assamblt' dies ecrreaters tIrn litlla io.rttni In die Septemlitre prt Slaetin. no blarelil dle H II Celaii, tttst tt,, p-oulr den hlhl-i rr Fiot le ffelalreliul iaitRoavollth-Fit trait des Iaina- Ioe--lhniauda Itreffier, 17 olnt 18:18. ll i8iout A It- ftY(.,GCrfier. Ql'RAElit-Oin. tthe Irtla tanst. a Scotch Whlte b. eTerrier Slut, lit nela tiu e h rriat tftlthe noseIair a little raullgl. \Vhaoever Itor tl, llalnP will abaess tU, returtu her to Ilhis llice thiey will he liberally re ward, d. tug I1 - - ATt; tip I.a t tIIUISIANA, alt.esr Jeta-tlt lto.ravlns Coutl . It .'IrtItl' I), IEI tT Y omid JAMES P. NOLEN-. i . l'hrir ttreollltrr tlri tie Crmlitors of P. I)th rocty & .., No. Itrtllti:--'a l'h imt Itt IrI e Photite llnauier'o ierm ltrty hatvirglttci m vral la theltr Court,. fir thas d itiitlil of Iedaii lhlitrei iit irlertrrlcd Ihalt u a.etiIg of Ihei salll I relil t. iatoak iltt (.iat ithe tOlfie of Eld ward ct!roa.ri, Its( .,.rtlary t'uhlrlirOtt ttursday, thi lth If t .r tlell tr lirpxl, entll t 11 'l'lc k, A. it., lir I.e par. rawlr tffdtliberarting tOt the lrfairn of said petitioters, Ia nd iu the itlllatallilat oljttlicltal procaedliags against their ltr-t rto l artprpertyt, onsta thlre creditars en tittier in tlhe shedtulr, rtr'octrayd; and it is furthetr or. atarell tilt tliacoan Eor1. I- lppolincd to represent the absent credilors, in tits catse. tihe imao. A. 31. iluchtnon,Judge of the said scotr t, thris 4th day afAugust, A. t). 183:8. TI'IIEO LEWIS, C auo7-3tfrt DIep'y. Cik. AI`Ar )I: L , LOLlalAN ,-.Cg_ ur-du Pnmi;i m 'District Jdllciaire-Patrick Dohertv and James. P Nolen, oontre sre erienncier et lea cr.anciera de P" I)olherty &. Co.--Not, 1619. Lacessien des Iproprib, the des pititionuires ayant 6t1 acept6 par Ia aur peour lebBintrfiee do lurs ct knciaru; i eat dhrertl u une. assembltae desdits taanciers aura lieu el I etude Ide Edl ard Brnett, Esq. Not. Public, Jeudi, i sep tembre prochain, I 10 hourcs du matin, nfei dao ilihB. rer sur lea affleirca desdits pktitionuires, et en at tenlldant touas pouruitea judictires eontre leurperson. no oi leur p~,it ttesant arre s, quanta nq t saa ecrkar criers teotioan6s dens Ie ttllean; et ilass deplus dk erkt6 quee Micon, Esq. sait naonne pour reprlreeter lea erkanciero ahbsens, dns eettrie affairs. erresent I'Haon. A 1M Buchanar,joug de Indite cour,, le 4 aour, A D 1833. THEO. LEWIS, aut 23 Depute Clerk.. & DAPE . OA-U_._ FORTY Hales ofOakun an.ll 150coils Manilla rope se d sizee,just received and lfor sale by S LOCKE & CO. aue7 L2 Old Levee, WIII sALE. 'fTIN W Ati .tI AN UFA1'I'ORY i. lOCKE &: CO., No. 22 Old Levee, have in. Sstre, .f their own manulactere, i large ata ex-. tensive asortcent of tin ware, whlch they invite deal era in the trade to exatline; also '210 Copper, Sugnr house skicmaers; 250 do. Sugar Ladles- t0 doz. Cepper sugar lamps; 75 Bath tubs. asorted sizes; 30 greeoss assorted lired tulbee Grtigbu. N. B-Roofs of fbu;ldings covered with zinc, copper at titi. Co1 per atnd tin gutters put up on the shortea noice. avgg7 PORK-3i11bbls,prime NI 0 soft irime S ,ltoulder. iobreale Iy G DORSEY, aug7 44 New Levee. SPANISI SEGAR:S-54 half boxes spanish segars said to be Principie, just received and for sale by H P LEVY' & CO, ungl4 10 tGradier street-up stair, ENGLISI , FRENCH AND ePANISHP ACAD. EMY. *R)OFESSOR MIORIPIIY,assisted bv gentlemen of S roper qualifications and experiene, has opened oan Academy, i tlit brick budding beluongiug to Win. Ilrad Esq., adjoinitg thle Ieruttda n St. Charles street, where oaung gentlemen, well disposed, will re aeive a good education. Air. 2. solicits the co-operation of his friends and those ofedueationa. to eralle Iin to render this insti tatio useIful tnd permlanent. torg23 OStIEN BUTTER--20 kags prim Goshen but Ster, landilg atul fir sale by I.AWIKENCE's8 LEGENDRE, aug'23 28 & 29 New Levee, -OR-I AIE--From 18 to 22 cwt. of e.rap Zinc, by FCLAY SAL . CLARK Plummers, aug23 l02 Puvdta street. 3BULWER'S NEIV WORK, .y SALDERON, l'h Courtiee a Tale by e wnthor of Cj 'llelnannt "llVcOe, 'Leila,' &e. Lc. BAIATON, or the iegee; a Itoma te, by the au thor of'Suthlwest,' and '.ulitte,' in 2 vola. THE SQUIRE; by the author of 'The Heiraest? 'Agtes Serle,' &e. in 2 :il. The AT'IENIAN CAPTIVE, atragedy inBacts, by Thomas Noon Tullottd. autltr of'Ion,' &e. MEMOIRS of Sir William Knighton, Bart. G. & H., Keeper ofthe privy purse during the reign of hin ttajesty king GCeorge the lFourth; iacluding his eorre tpolene willh many ditiguied perauages. By Lady Knighton. CAESAK'S Commentarirs on the Gallic War; and the first book of the Greek Paraplhrases, with English totes, criticl ttttl ealun.tlory; plans orfattlea, siegen t.,I and he Ihistorical, gtogrphical anld arehaolegi, eel indexes, hy Charles Authan, L. L I. of s'ouls and colleges, by Charles Athton, L. L. D. SKETCHES by IIOZ Nos. i. 2 and 3 with illus. trattons. , N Just received ntd for sale by \V2. M'KEAN, a2 Corner nf Camp ar.d Common, ass REAbD & BARSTOW, stu 21 7 dank Place. Sa,11 BItANDY-oI1d atd sullperr, tfor sale by EAlE.) D & IAlRS:'I'O\V, a: ,7 Uatk I'lacn.

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