Newspaper of True American, August 28, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated August 28, 1838 Page 3
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. or th e bttiior. SPLEASURE EXCiRSION TO BAY ST. I.OUIS AND PAss CHRISTIAN: Faru $2.50!! The fast running steamboat MA' ZEPPA, Celitiin Grlffin, leaves the lake end of the rail road, at the arri val oft o'clock cars, on Saturday eve: the 18th inst. and every ensuing Saturday. Returning, will reach the rail road by 6 o'cloek on Monday ieereel.. Apply In GEO. WHICTMAN. New Orleans * Mobile Mail Offiee, kugl8 fUnder the Exchange Hotel. St Charles et. IR XI & PASCAGOUL.A, Twice a week. I R The fine low presure steamer . wGIRAFFE, Capt. Swiler, will leave ~ for the above places on the mornings of WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS, mmeodiately ater the arrival of the 7 o'dlick rars, and 'return on Thursdays and Mondays to the Rail Road The public may depend upon great pinetnalitv.' Aug 14 For pasage apply to elotain Swiler. For Moble, and ali Inlermnediats t a diAeg. rherparticulars,pply toGEO. WHITMAN, jyl4 Exchange Hotel, St. Charlee st. P1r Mobile and all Intermediate Landings. SThefast running and eplendid steam eat' WM. WALLACE, entirely in state rooms, will leave New Orleans for a o 0, - 'an all intermediate waterinf placet, rre Tuesday -ad aturdae, after the arrrsa of tb c ar. GEO. WHITMAN, jy24 Exchange Hotel, St. Charles et. IATUI)RDAY EVENING AND SUNDAi TO MANIEo The aten ernSOUTg AeI.AAMA, m oad Mftheril-road for trl above pia , very aday evening, en the arrival of the 2 n' rlcekcart, and return the name nigbt,-and leeave Sn lay morning ox the arrial of the 8 o'clock cars; return ang leave Madisonville at 4 o'cloe, P. M. a2 3mw 2m FUl MADIONVILLE, LOULG. WHITMI , AN, E Sy Thehfat running ad S.harlendid strem boat T SOUTe ALA T bAA, LI. T. O aKnight m.te.r, will run al a re O lIse ma hoa er tenhe above pirts on Mionday, Wedboes e, a and Friday, ater th- e arrival ofithe a o'clu . cars, A lr. Returning, leaves cun-vigtoni landuje, Thuro. laysr and S turdayn, at 8 oi'clock, A M. NH. All bagnoge and parcein at the risk ofthe own era, unless a bill of lading is signed. GRO WHIITMAN, New Orleann and Mobile Mail Office, xg Eicha.i e o uilline ro St Carlans lt. FARE REDUClED! The steambotlr MAZEPPA will leave the Lake end of ate Rail Ruoal r*a h oeo on Mondadv, Wednesdays and Fi idasey en the arrival oft te 2 o'clock care, touechin at Bay St. Louie, l'ass Chriotiun, Biloxi, &t.h returiunin, will leave Pascagula at day lielt, ao nrsrie at Or leans at 3 o'clock, P. 51., touching at ill the watering places in day light. Fare from New Orleano to av St. Louia e 2 50 P'aes Clhrledina 511 Biloal 4 00 GEO. WIIITMAN, l Exchaonge Hotel, St.Charles street. NOTICE. T RAVEI LERS going to Mobile by the Mail Line on Mondays, Wednesdays ad Flridayswill-rci ter their loumes at this uoffce, as no sets cul be l ureinial in the otae at Paecacoula on tilhe anlioveaiole dayv, unless their nanam be pelced on the way lull. Those wfo nave teeny baggage cuat have i taken, directto lubile by any mate duriag the week, eccel, mn ihexaobur named days. GEU WIHITlMAN, P ORK-Prime and Meet Porl, full brlileil, sre and S O. Also, l0 pieces Koingcky ing, coil Rope; for. J itno ireavier e et ut sairs. Unleteir ll Iepieced of ptrie 4Ia illch Cleuuck ireBggig, londing roci el t. Csldrinhinn, t ir aele by LAWRENCE & LtEltINL)Dth, jel. i n28sdd L New Levee. ATESToR0 N LUTKTER-2.1i0 K . gr inc store, fir sale l by SLATER I" fbILE, jetll 410 Irir4 stlidrsa . U-1BIIISHCD this day, hrih.ei'ne 44ile iiI tilirec g torgy l n New Orleui*is and L.illil;n,; liir iale by AW IIA'Nl -F;it' & CO). ET2 N V Sittio-eri lliisl,24 Choreir sat. EAGOING & BALE tLUOP'.511il pa Keutlcky B bagging; 1"5 coils Id bale rcle, in toire and Ifr sale by YOItKK & lilWtI'HIERS, jy'2 ll.i aiOila .ei_. O"1% I KEid FlEJit UbSHEN iiTTER'Li, :i cheese, 2. 5 tuxe llaunch raisis,z (Ul bLuxes ilperial tell, ul bltrel s cherry buullce, Io laltf brrels C'ulln llarket a barrels laemked tongues, IU, tneous t .t chtt.c,, lo t bt ox, riilbih l u da hlltlu Re-eived per lshi Iluet llll, tor sale bve J y . . . l ' otI r . . & A.d I L L A I _D) . RUKh-U-, Cen t 1 U, ILut cb ine., Jnt oc.,eied, I or qale .y e D !u.,nd . jetsl +1 .ow l.cvee. - .ULED CAP & LET I'iLe r lA'EIi-Uy I-o aur, J1L large nsuartmeut lo law priced eldu voni aurett, Ltue and h'lut, \ave nld Blue Laid C apll u d'epen, er salae by A AIU FL helT , & Co, New tork Stubtters' Hlll, jyc2'd 4 t.lthurtes street Ai ' LARD--l tlllll aeg, lu bno ahltlllltg orer,ot r uperior qutl ty,nt .tnle dtgin,t artrulel by jy31 41t Now .levee. AUDVI'Ul 'S D IAFT--o thle i'rresury le l'ene . purchased by iA'IrH'L 'I'OWo. '.,, Jy Eluchange Hotel, (truver st.uet ih0r--et esaka Ike i goud old.l, uu bourn SNeltlute, laymg at uraug street whorlb, la r sale lbly U~.AE & DIXr.I, _jyl 6iUuK E ntollouao street. I/ A..',toL LLi;'"l'Gt HIl tt''iuK-J Usl recelved, wI an elegant asaerttnut of lastold Letter \Vri tors, some all' bountd, tor the Couulltig House, and ole nIeatly done up Ill Morocco e.aes with backs it trvaelling, n very uselful ad ceotveniLtt articel, lot sale tty L F.E.I &. CU., New York and Stationers Hlail, jy31 24 tlturtres street. It ioER Al--75 Obls recllied wlftt..ey, landing S lrln steamllboat altlltbul, 12)i do, lIe ttoret tar aiae by LAY h'T 6 AMIELUNL, jy21 17 CoIIIIIerte tree '1UPLPINUt'n, &c.-A supptly of SCuapping T netrungle, atent LPullp ayrltges, and Stomach t'sulpe. all o the loaSt iCmproved des cription, received by tie suOscrlbers. Also, Cologne Vater, Baul ot Colunbia, WArd's Hair Oil, tine tsho, hail and toutlh Brushes, c. aec. Jyl l o IlCa LES & Co, 40 Canal street. Il1U tRN--'h totusle uld Garden toljoing Hlerby'e A cadetmy, ottl' eult ircle colltsiutlg ix roouta with kitlheln, pantry, and out-ehouse, &c. allpply to JAKVIA - & ANUDLhLWS, _ jy 21 eorner Tchoupitoulue & CotItonttt streets. EAF LARDU--I20IU le superior article, itll shilping order, and for sale by ii VOItSEY, jygt _44 tMw Levee. L .TTFEI A ER..-Just received (ront the Brindy wine Mills, 6 cases ouperfine blue letter pulpet uome very.l3 w priced; 10 cases superfie white letle paper, dt1; 2 caes tlhin pink etter paper; 4 eases supet lnae 7Pketl pust large size; 2 caee superfine ttrer assm codord uos; cne-ua sperfine octavo assrted colorsc; for sale, wmrleaule aid retail, by ) FELT' & Co, New York Stattuoners' Ilall, jyg2 24 Caeretrets treet. 0llO tENr-Possesion givens itlnedttely, ilie N Hoe ne a e Balk Rail Road s ear the L ke Shore. The ewo Pavilious in Bath, near the Nean Orleans and te8hbville altt Road. Several Rottt in tile Car Houlenee of the Bath Rail RItoad Company. uFor tle lEtticulara applv to II BONNAIjEL, jy21 ciner Natchez J'Iclhoupitoulas ste. WC'PCH ALE--72 casks dcoth ale, (quartsand lAints)lar nale by HOLMES & MILLS, Jy21 Bank Alley. 41 ARI'NTER'5 Fldid EdLrhrc of Saraparilla-t .J add all other Carpenter's Prepnrations, received lately by H IONNABEL, jy21 eor Tehoupitoulas & Natchez ste EMON SYRUP in boxes of 1 dos. each for L .aleby READ & SARSTOW, auo4 7, Hark Plate. UIUGAR House Molasues--2l barrels fur aale by J THAYEIL & CO, aug23 74 Poydras street SICE-25 casks Rice, juet received atd for sale by J T'HAYEItICU, sug23 74 Poydree street. C "AhVASSED Hams--in hhde, tiereeo and bble. in store, and for sle by LAYET & AMELUNG, .ang23 17 Commerce street. 1 .iE--t u cneks ''honmastou Lime, for Waleby Jl IIERMUHINE BROWN 4. CO, augl3 9 Conti st. W INE+ F! ULiquora--6,0 baskets Ch pagne V .Witne, (Congrese brand,) '100 dt wite, (Litalyette bratd;) 9l pipes Madeira; 250 qr. rautsks tultatun Madeira wine, in store and orsele by HEIRMOGINE BROWN , CO, Saug23 9 Conti et. " L-OLASES-7--0 bbl, e tore, for male by 1. LAWRENCE ALEGENDRE, aug23 28 and 29New Levee. ,,ILEAU. V Notes- dlls. forsae b J THAYER d&CO, aug2l 74 Poydras stret. 26 DOLLARS REWARD * TILL be Itildoetke appreehneion ol the -.hy AN-. V DR EW, who aiconuded front the subscriber on Ilthe 5thinml. Mid bay is abnout 15 yerem of ae out five feet high, black lace, and rather colgn king. epeksa faet and a little stamlnteringhen Iret spoken4,o; lld ott when Ihe left, en)tteludo Itrte, striped sltirt and Itrow hat. JOHNMiINTURN, • ,utlg'l--5r E ehltge l'ie.. bHIPPING. Wor Europe. FOR LIVERPOOL. The A 1 and fast sailing ship STEIG LITZ, Capt. Gil,.on, will iecelv de pa:lb. having the greater part of her earen engaged; for flreight oal' 200 hales cttn, or paasage, haning handsome accommodations, app ly i LEVI H GAIE, nug23. 93 Common street. FOR LIVERPOOL The A I fast sailing ship CAROLINE AUGUSTA, Calt. Bessat, ilving full cargo engaged, will sail with despatch, for passage only, having good aecoimudslationa, apply to the Cap,., on bhard, or to S & J P WHI'I'NEY, aug18 8 Conti street. o101 LIVERPOOL. The A I and fast sailing ship IIHODERT, Capt. Seldon, will recelve immediate des. patch for the above port. For freight of 250 baes. otn or passage, having handsome accom= modations, apply to LEVI H GALE, null4 9b C eommoen street. FUK LIVERPOOL. TheA 1 and fast sailing narque LAU RENS, Capt. Merrill, will receive despatch. For passage only having handsome accomi m datttns, apply to LEVI H. GALE, aug9 93 Common street. FOR LIVERPOOL. The A 1 anl Inst sailing ship GLOBE, Capt. Oliver, will receive imnediate des patch. For passage only having handsome acctmmodations. Apply to LEVI H GALE, aug9 93 Common street. P.FR LIVIRPI'P OL. The coppered and scopper listened ship CUMBERLAND, Capt.i H ty, iing most Iller cargo engaged, will have desptclh. For freight of 300 aoles or passage having superior accommodations, apply to S & J P WHITNEY. july31 8 Conti street. IkOK GIIIRALTAII . 'The fine and superior brig OM110311, Capt. Knabb, will receive immediate des patch. For passage onl), having liiadsini atcconnnedations, apply to IlEVI 11 GALE, ang9 9:1 Cmmion street. FOR iIlAISEI LLoES. The fin fast sailing barque NOBLE, Capt. Manson, will receive despetch. For passage only apply to ILEVI It GALE, aug21 93 Common street. FOPR MARSEILLES. The well kown and last sailing packer brig COLUMBUSIIU , Penrce, marster. will se. calve innmmediate lespatchll or the shove port. having lie greater part of lher cargo enga ged. For freighlt :sf2. hales titton, or passage, having haindsome. accommeodations, apply t,) S A 1) GiOIE or LEVI I GAI.0L:, naug7 9.1 Common lsie FOi MIARILIEILLES. . liThe hist ssilingbrig CAROI.INE, C('apt. T 1Thomepnsin, will lliha im diiiileilitO dusptchl for l thebse n olrt. For frelglht 0 150 Liles cot ton, or passage, apply to I.EVI 11 G11IE, saug23 _9: Coullllmio st. FOR IOTItIESE.'E. 'Thle fast sailing ship HELEN MAR, Capt. - , having full cargo engaged, will hlae despatch; fur passage lIHply to S& J I' WHITNEY, aug-3 8 Conti st Coastwise. IOR BOSTON. Tile packet ship Ol14, Cttter, minter, is now receiving fieighl, al liaving considr bile carloa eangiged , willi eet eiti despatch; fila reigti or ipaesage,applly on board o ti 1TETE'I'SON t AVERY, accl [I b10 (tran ier street. The ltie echr VI .LENT, Capt. Sand horn, laving iart if ilreargo ella llr will have despetc:it--ur Ireigh of 100 bile, or Ipanege; aipply to S& J P WHITNEY, ntie4 I Conti atreeP. I1t K liHl'I'(J.N, To snitn rniaturday, the 10th. The litit sailing hnig C(tRA1, Ge,. J. ( t rtis, will ail as above; hi'r d~ck freight lilythte Clpatllltlll e oar l. ioriat the R .O lllld I r toICHASIE A. IIXEY' , aunlG ii iultllll IlHoiu, streer. F'tiR t lTON. - __N, '.The lielig IOIttll)IIN', Ceotber,mn-. ter is now r, too to vrerive freight, anid he i; rt'i d ndClh t'arlgm aildiu, wvi llmeet wi I daltlltacll. flir freight oir ulatmrgie iliuv (til t.ard, or to St'E'ltOtN i-,I AVlElL', angll li (iravier street. A eill f ra gt ter o n.nigag d, w iia l , driuie har, lilr t ll y u e o l'ltieithit Fr Itlllla : Ih. hli g),d e tII III i.'till i;xl.tnti o.l-l mtr orN, Ienumberi aply r o111 tilesI . lti h foll, il lrt of De r a gd ttg-iglo titriiiii r , lll' i v Il I II it,. 'L ;Let~[·( it( 'l~illlll-r·i-, atreeIt. ii'tPi .ttt eiteet ,islii Iailes ae iAiirry. Iled teudsl; a lirt rate irticlnt. Aoiii, bit irti a-t imet olisp e.of tall lst, and Paintled ClIttr, whicli trill iae ol l tahe ltesrit e rhi .riae. , Jo.oe7 ; a ll Ililnnville street. i((tEa. l . ltElAi.t-I 1( AN It .U VAI(IETLY S'I' tOIFE, No. lI Camisitrre .iet lier Iliaol's Hintel-The atlihae-ilerts a-;' ltiti iltr-ig lrge tol er of Fal y tuiulales. (lie fllowie p Ort a d-errlptrmoll: COitHS-'l'orteois teand irzilitn highl tap tck, I st1 ularvel de. dil t n, W F nc Ilne, pdf, site. rk wlih anil dressing, ivory sal tlieunt frie taotll, iloesai)ir olll pocket ionllls; betel, retidillt sail ers ari llnhst senile 7 dressint, ice tilotht d ealp yaket cn.n. SPEIrFUMEII-s -A getsiral amss. aen, of per-etl qualiy llnear paisng Pertery blcking; boneo Cirtb, Nnesw, sail Aar-ioain eutarr -, caai i. Card . antler ill baottle, on all shapes an sizesa t laa ruter bttdhtitd, atc.olhitoy soapis of every lcriltantii mstsar, ailitais nvd aelallde Ihair oil tisld aulinllge fkltd lloride itatli wash, ear-boais anld eloilaitt dlltiittrtllee teol r Ia r lilaill and toilett iry ptanln; lest o a l salts, etc. !acUStE -n a aotm rit, p taing andral variety af ts; i, hair, hat. flesh, tooth, ail, et mhb, Ihailig, p laIe, eti. periclnui g slil white waseh, horse, hoe anr tl Fela's nlding AeAiclan l varfeish bornsiest ind ,-al and graite Bib tools oo ail sizes. LOOKINa GLASSES--Cs .prinesa g rgilt framer s l virioas aiaas, 5, T, 0,tl ait ril ets Gerina strati, toilet apotd lIoMk.t glats, treetlii vieR ntipniltS et. PIAYIKrG tCAIII.--ISgl o, lratly tiet, lroono, Highl ainer, Spiel auteti, re anh al rwhie brclk Py iTnng aeer d .e andrer PANCY AND VAIET1IY Al(l'ICLES-- A selpt. r slorsrteirit of a prlttisble luesks, ladies' and geali metl's hleasing caae.s alid lallies' work bolAe aSli.y bOn es of -arious desrip.loas, saitblr lil te tew aeil atdll ristlsct' gtis poeSit ketliauks ot all aron es; uslet of ders, oiusib-boxaa, lead lIeuliils, aruyoa, violies, bead bags riol srades, atI ssDPtientl oi af toilie ty bertlS tie lit billiae balls, e blkif intie, thirt, vest, Hlhul erl nsuspinder bu:toa pecrl adltoas aitd askIt tads, reaor stropls; glat ,,tahithes trvi-reatiig light Sliatish adil atelee segartt eeecoaba, ('aiis, raptee asd Scotch aou's assortmle t of iraibo del s,.oiul alnest back. estniiio bof rslsr ice, lta t sabreets, altis, Jews httrla hnrilltiaitms, luitebrtnathes, pbos, Ilrelles, tperausalit catip, durltkitg clips, hletilig fnlsks anil game bagsd steel, sitver iali ltan l dalspectales; taimitles, twine, etc.t a hnuasooe a asortoiellt of elgravbnlgs, and a Is ba prices, Ibr eAasl or city accepltnaes. my m Ias eES kis, lANGE JiUtionlesUaili, far sale by jyl9 S & J I' WiIIINEY CININE, Ei'Ptld SilTSi,' AND CA\L, toll.: .150 tiuaces FreUch (haittilau, 10b ula Eiieats eahli caasks Pearl Aches, 4 cases Caluosel Iaseen.., Rhubarb, &e. &a.. iatlling froitt brig WVillntsl, frtltt lBostn, andlfor sale by JAIVIS & J ANIREWHT jy? tear Coamon k Tchotlpitouhs stri-t AND FLOATING BATHS IN THE RIVER, Opposite .Ilsnder-ille Ilreel, Third AMultripaiilp, hlco quaores relow itni 1ail Ruatd. EXERCISE, CLEANLiNESS, PLEASU .. ARJN tEARLTHI, SIE arrfngemests fir tliit eatablitltmeiI streenw completed, BhePTroprietNrs havepr itel vEr, Ihing whlieh titiy tend to tbitetnlsrt ii batlhrs. T"it dressing reooms are snow providel with ld tor dilr lock ed key; ladders abi roteis are prared tar oa cendiia frathi barh a ige ts laflt Ohipllty f clean ti yiareo s hept for the iathers. The ialwiag which throw.s a greenble lshade over thle bathll, during the beat ifithe day, is na tleae elevaltd iand allows a free circultiona of air. UiTTbe Oailtasses plying between Canal street and lhe lower eltton press, pass every ainlfliour withiu Oftft ateps of thle baths. ly subsceriptions. -5 tickets for Er Ott Prite of a bath with a towel, 25 U7The Baths are open froav 4 o'clock A. Mi. itt il 10P. 51. These baths alaordl a gradulteld Jeptl of water of 3 to 7fet, formed li au eeltaetJl basin 80 feet long by 30 hroad, protected hy a railing I'mnl the etriag cltrreat of the river, and yet lfliciettly e to allow a free pias sage to the water. aag4-l-n RIOSIN Dtoss--if bbls llaii i)rn, i afore, leo Ie aleby J THAF.R4 Cu, augh2l 74 PldraTs stre-t. OMlE;IC Gi .and Brandv--ll bhbll. -altimure 4hii ,; i) bibl Dnestie Bra.udlv. in stare, for sale by J 'I'HA VYER 4U CO, angelI 74 Payaras. sreet º.-e.rIetee. jeil BUSINESS CARDS. FASHIO ABLE OLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Chartree Street IIAVIE aeoonetant snuply cif every artcle pertat.ilvg to gentlemen's dress, of the latest style, at Aew Yo.k I"'etid e 20 TELfTH. SILICEOUS METALLIC TEETH. SPECIMENS of these henutlful teeth, and the man t ner of setting them, may be seoen at the office of J.B.Ross SURGEO DENTIST, n 4d6 Canal street. These teeth never change colour, and arehby matny, and in many cases, preferable to the nontul teeth. Eg' Dr. R. will wait upon ladies at their residence, requesled. l 9 if S. A. PERRIOS8IER, MEROCHA T TAILOR, 67 Common street, B EGS to inform the public that having purchased from Mesers IIOUGH, SKEGGS & CO. part of their stock, he will continue the business at their old stand opplosite Bishop'a Hotel, where he hopes to meri hIare oftheir patronage. lie has tande nrratgenaents t tie North to be supplied monlhly with the latest and orat faahionable goods. Iltr 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AD SB IP PLUMBERS, No. 102 L'oydras street New Orleans, MANUFACTURERS OF Lead Pipe, Water Ololets, and Pumps Of all lescription +. WARM, COLD, AND SHO WVER BA TH. Fixed on the most approved principles. MILL'D LEAD, PIPES, &c gFOrders executed in any part uofths SouthPen States. mr9 Dr. Ilobert F. Lisidoe. i)FFICe EICItANGE ItlotrE. lm ('IAY & CLARIK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No. 10.2 Povdrt. street, r EL:' on hand n cot.tnot at plyt of Lead Pitpe, I-- Ifion 2 illn. dialmeter down to t',- illn. diameter, flr sale. ORLEAS LITHOGRAPHIC PRITI G No. 53, Magazine Street, (tpposite Banka' Arcrae. WILI4. 1.GL t:R .EN'E, IR.OIIPRIE I'OR nrl SIi. PARKIEI -onnlis.iiol andt Forardlll'nt No 6. Flll1' T LEV:E, t'l" wPAlas New >"'S, lr'ni h. 2. JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIIlo.EsAI.E AND RETiI. ICEAI.EIS IN MEDICI ES PAITS OILS DYE STUFFS. VND WI.V'DOIW (; lASS, Corner of Common n and Teloupitoulas streets, NEW oRLEANS NATHAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANDREWS. A large upply of Garden Seeds, warranted the growth of11837. AT MOBILE Ala. S. I. & I. 1. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Now. 61 and 63 WATER S I'REET. .[ HE undersigned, hating established lhemeolon in Mobile for the p rpose of trnosocting the Auction and Commission businessin i e Its various branches, beg leave to ilnform their frieunas tnd the pnolic, tihat they are now repnared to reeeivn ronnsleno.ents, and mnake liberal advances on the same, either Itr private or pulic sale. SiI.OmIAN I. JONES. ISRAEl, I. JON :S. Refer to Walker. Knight & Co. New Orleans. Mtatile, Felt I, 1818. fetb 13 A CARD. ArMUEL SL.ATER. ABRAHAM TRIEIt. SLATER & TRIER Forwarding & comtln ssiou Merchante, No. 4t1 Poydrus Street, NEW ORLEANS. Ihey will devote their parteulor attention to the sale of Westorl P'rodulce. Refrerrenes. Abijal Fiik, Eq. ) 5 6. Itlhmohard, Ilrt 3al Shi.f, New OIleans. A te str It., aroen & Ca. J) &1 it \illintes, ) t riggs, Wilt & Co. IBeton, Itl.b, ts Ihthelrl t . Co. i.ever.'t &T homatt . New York. Vn ltil & Mec Gill. ) Stanlh.rd ' Ilat.i.. St Louis. Glan gow\, Shaw a. T'atun. S Hawley, Pace & Ilnlan . ) it ,n. A I Skidmore Et. ) (it 11 narsh l &. Ci.- -L.ouisville. El.) STONE. BT. SIONE. E & II.' T'. STONE. Forward,,lg nd (Colnulsiion . lerhnull., i'FUNISIIEIIS OF' 51111' AND Illo VT S'OREO;S, No. I 1 'T'cnourt rOUl.AS STREET. N. w-Orleans. Iolerenl e : Ales. le. BALL, BAKER & CO. nooo EBENEZER VooE Co oston A. If ME.cH & tCo. ew K. 'PUTNAM, Ne York. J & P. HOLLAD, I Cinri ti, O. W TSMITH I * DAVID STONE, D)ayton O II. CoMTroCK & Co. Coloumou I. N. Ar.nDRCH, & Co.. Ionloville, by WILLIs, STEVENS & Cvl. r, St Louis olo A. Ii. RIov, Alton, Ill. WM E. WIrHROW, Rushville, IlL J. & P. '. 1 ARTWELI, II0vou Solat, Ia SOLOMON lihn. New Orleans, ian 22 i)OO lioE & 1ii'4r, Ii)EANI. KIS IN AMERICAN & ENiGL[S[l CROWN GL \ts. No,. : C:ArON3EI.Er STREET. 1 INSUIIA N 'N(E' CFOMPANY ui NI:,\ ':,'!.EANa. This ComlaU ar-, now I)repnred to take RISKS AGAI.ST PIRE. N,,.24 11 as o .L ý, sud.-T. 1. L 'I'RACY, New OIleans, Ioy Ib. 1,833. SeGlctary. WILLIAM IRWIN Commission andll Pleo wnlrding 3terchlit, CINCINN T'1, Oelio. Refer to Ilayet & ,teltn New Orleans. Jo,. Landis t'o. Rttt ~~lh .Il N'" N, ROUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12' CtamI street, Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishel , lBrushes, 31l30 Window and Picture Glass, &s. &e. T. W. COLLINS A TTORNEY & COUJVSELLOR AT LA W: NOW practising in the State and City Courts. Cli ents will find him at tie Clerk's otHieS, U S Circuit Court, in tile Custo Iouse building. jell A CARD. TllE underigned have opened a house in this citI, for lia purpose of tIrunacling a GENERAL COMMISSION IIUSINESS. OFFICE, No. 10 GRAVIER STREET,C P STAIRS. II P LEVY. The house at Grand Gulf, Miss., will be continued in the above name. References. Godfrey, L rie & Small, Now Orleans. La Peters & Millard, u H 1 Hill & Co, Louisville, Ky. John M Gilmore, Vicksburg, liss. Hnrper Corpenter & Co. radG , as Muir oiloore & Co, Ora GlMi Sils Lillard, Natchez, Mlis. New Orleans, July I:, 1888. jyl2 A CARD). NATHANIEL TOWNSEND having located hinm self in New Orleans for the purpose of transacting a General Ageny and yn omlnisaoon business, would re. speegtflly solicit from tih public n share of their pu lronoge. Having a house in Texas, he will attend to ie trans acting of any business thbt lmay be desired in that country, and will garantee prognlt and unronlitted at tnltion to all business entrusted io his charge. aonl faithful opplication (in nacordance with instructions) of all founds that may cme into his hands. Olfioe il New Exchslnge, oil (reavier street, plpooite Il Rev iMr Clogg's chorcN, and odjoining GiLbsoi's reading nal,.sigt of the I lesion Consulate. New Orleans, Novneober 2'5,1837. , Re ferneer. Msesrs Hillyer, Bush & Co. New York. Burr WakenAn, Alvarez F sk, Natchez, Miss. R M Strutl r, St I.ou-, Mo. Joha'i tit y, Lolisville, Ky. DI Jolt. A btee o, I.gpkbo.oille, Ky. m?8 fim PIRERN'WS INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS, Ofce No. 24 Muson's BDilding, je2 CANAL STREET. GBSON'S GUIDE AND DIRECTORY OR the State of Louisiana, and Cities of New Or. loears and Lafayette; for sale by WM MKrEFN, m2e eor Camp and Conon sits. C"ASH, r Baak Boxes,--jls received hb CS f IRO CanpE & t,r. jy ll 17 Camp -r,-,r. TBUE AIMERICAN OFICE. In connection with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, FOR THE PRINTING OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, - Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars, And every descriptlem of Job WtVrk that may be required. I17The proprietor respectfully calls the attention of tile punblic iI tie aboe Ccard, aml assureshe them tlat all work intrusted to his care shall be dne at the sahort eat notice, in a style unsurplassed in this city, and at the l . rest rates. GUIDE & DIRECTORY OF THE CITY OF .7"ew Orleans and Lafayette WATAS published on Mondayv, 21st May, and is now Y tfor sule at tile ounting room ofl' thepublishe, Exchange Ilolel, St Charles street,-and at the Ioki 'tore of alesers. E. Johns & Co.corner St Charles and Common streets. m23 Pirateos own Book. iFIlhE PIRATES' OWN BOOK, onr authentic nar l rativea of the liven, exloilts, and exoeclatins a tle Inm t celebrated Sea Robiers, with historical sketchee of rh Callasramee, Spanish, LaJrnes, West India. Malay, and Algerice I'irates, in I vol., just recrived, and for sale by W111. \I'KEAN, 6 etr Campi & Common llsteets. JOHN 11OEY, ,Mddle, Harness ad "l'rtun .lnaufaoeurer, andtfar nithee of tJlitiita EIquipsmesls cf'eeery descriptaon. hlu 11 'tIcul'OUct I,.Ac STRasEET. HnIIAVING in ',,llvoy severntl Militury WVorkman, 1 he is ready te. execute work ill tlhe alove line st the Isholttest ntllce, antllt ol the oilusa reacotble rterss merca!llhts' lial I'elllars' los.b-lg'l'rluks0 ' evere.ic . srriptinll, o sll llliv n hand. a S 1vtIN 'll.l.--i crs mill.. t f aluter's i tsu', S 'tsritael. "It iUson ars erinl t2,a or 30 bushelsi o if mlnl pet diem with ltheseCli:l, and they I.a be at. echlledl r., a cUlttm) giis, and re plarlicularlY calculalted for plunter's use. Apply to I:IIAMIPLIN & COOPEh, ll5 Uill .lia street. .I Ii(llt'AN'I' cn have a beautifil circulor struck ill ,,it tt iwo hours IlOeer,ly callilng at the arlanll I.itllhorplhic I Itice, 5'3 Mlaganuzie street,l oppoit Itnaks Arcadte. - m2 AtKItL- haafl N 2 ackerel, i. ale Iby ILEADI) I.tAI<TItt , II1; t67 Ur vier otrtt. B A:I)N---I elask primea bacon asldes, received p _lteamer IDaniel ; Iebsler, ilr sanle Iy LAWRENCE & LEGENI)RE jel 28 & 29 New Levee NO'TICE. T HE saubsrileral hcve this dliy assoiatedll them I selves in lltstesas, inder the firmnn of atllnay r Robertson, and solicit a continuance of the eutroluoLe rllnlienl'ed by t 11 HtI inay whilPeonductigh lusiness in h li b u nimllla, as General Agent anl Commission •le-chanllh ROBEIt' M HANNAY, jylI ILROBER'I' A RI(OBERTSION, L IF LAt.)11 heia at atire, for eats by jyl2 44 New levee. _ I'N'TUCKY II.LUjING-i-0I p fir sale by SIOLM ES & MILLS, jyl2 ]tank Alley. ` COI It BGStitiI N,; -tie , hbasy S cotch -legging S'. 43 inches wid, fur stls he jyt lank A illtv FiXCII ANGa tION NEW YiRKl fr sale I,v IA AWRIINCE & IEGSENI)ItR, jy 1 '28 & 29 New Ievee. V TEAS, NIUTMlEGS, te -230 six iand thirteen Ioni caddduies of gilluowder and tinperisl teas, ''5 aseS of caiiister iltperisal i mtUld IowIeI-, O 11t f chests of ipouchog tea; one cask .f frashll ltunegs, anld a general as.unlensnt of rocriest, tor sale low by LAWRENCE & I.E(i EN)IIE, jyl? 28 & 29 New evre S'I'PTE tF IlISIANA.. I)AtIII COla fOURI, tlr he 'arili of N.ew urlanr . 5 reaRlt Tite I,,lltllrlllhi t"lr.s Mataurins, .tfsgi', Aoaust II , 1,3d8. 'NoI . i,. Wi, Wai. N. Mahlrtin sod I Yith l tiiu Trhir C-iediirs tid the i 're'dlitors at Marti anli ao t. The cesCio t lf proil.rty br the petitioni is hralety srped b the Coturt fo r ith benefit of tlmir rreditor ll wa anI it its olrderedl llut II Il lee i , of aiaah credtiors ie held nt the lcfticet of J. B..MIrkb, Is+q., Not. PIlb, il Wllesdayl tlhe 12th of September next: tthre salll i .nthen t delibirate inl the af.irs of the peitionltrr. illd inl te lleanltimle il itle irocredllins Iii11t heii ersonlls nit Irolpeieti fi r.s.eved. It is fril'rr'lrrsediiit (iellr'e 'i, ltso,,s cq.l. l be ai pointed it represenl the absent credilors. Extratl liron tihe uhinutes.-Clerkc's tfllfi,. ARlM'd. PITIIT, iI_ l?-1-.111. Clrerk. ETA I I1,.; l.,1 tl'lT.$-. \I'.- ,. r ,r 1lrise A-pur la paroi-se et ,illa de in NoIuvlle ()lllep Ol. tiresetll: I'llon Ceharles . I 'hllrian, Jugs. i1T N Martli, et Rit'hd S utest ustcl ursinr t ri'c . TV titerset ce iss'roaa'ie t, IMartin & Scat-.a 111)82-11i .itlt hllh-in, cessiniil Ides y1irii'ti' finite par lie tititnllnairrs aiant ti' aeeerlrsIt'' sure i r, pluur ao hcii.fii.e Iltislra crnlaicicr itc.t riloaee garu li Psour Ilfie hailels er,'iei,,ers eh a ncibl't enI lo'tlide J it Mairk, Esq nt liad, erre se ulblllre ilrochi:hl.polor pillll re e eelsiiarcti',n easia ntlairec des iitlttiinniahenils l1 cth ll n'ititt, toites pour. slhtes snlltre lit persualle ct ses lrollriftses ontest d ileurc suspeelises. Et I1 est de pilus erret' qua Geet, K I Igers, ElI, isoi nollUnb pour reprisenter lesa cran tiers albleis. Par ordre ie Isa COul. lureau du Grelfficr, Nouvelle Orleas, 10aout 1838 AIRMANI) Pl'rO, Grefther. . ...- --~r ';. - --. I . .. . rgill;;: tnerienol I),Dem rat. or hin ion the viIl and I civil relutioln if Ihe Uelid States. fly J. Feei more Coteor. IHle 'ITwo l:irt; er, .\dvenrlst in a Countrv Ihouse; and oti r liale, bIh Ludy Illessillton, E i B lwer, M.Is Norimt. Baury ('o'rswall, 71r Gore, Captain Mledwin, end oth'.r, iT' 2 vol l. Th' tiver tald the Deser, by Miss I'ardo, author of the C 'it .f the .hle tn. The 'l sk I of i.ens, the (;tif of an Uncle and .tlnt IJ T'IIA\ I.R & Co, jy 1I1 74 Pf'ydras street. C-AVE &S SCIAIAFEiR's Cpipou, , Fulid Ex itrachtr l'tSarsraprilla, r thie coure of oietislitci eruplions of the skin; pimples or pustuleofof the iei; biles whi h aroe trom an impure state of tile blood; solly eru ions; p isin rhebones clhromei rhllolulallnm; to t r; screfuin, or king's evil; whit Sithug; syphilitic disenses, ad all disorders trising Iron al impure ette ofl tile blodl, by a long reidlue in a Iho slimaite or the cijudicious use oft meroury. Also,-Cave & Schlaff r's Worm Syruip, or In. fant Preservativet thle best preparation nstw extant. Am:ong which are tite fsllqwng:-lIndian Dye, for colrltug the hair; eaor's 011; Rnsuian Beare Qruease; Pomatum; ichaw's Frecle Wish: su. perior Pearl Powder; Lily White; Cream of Roses; Vegetable Rouge; Otto of Rose; Lip Salvel Kre opite Tooth Wasll; Carbonic Dentrlilce; Orange Flower Water; Powder Puffs and Boxes; Amern. can Charcoal, neatly put lp in four ounce vials; Pieston Salts; Cologne; Kreosoto Tooth.acho Drops; Hair Brushes; English Dressing Coibs. Iulltan Hair Oil;-with a variety of other Perfl meries, &c. For sale by L W GLENN'S PERFUMERIES. J C TRINCHIARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets PARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. JOURNAL of an Exploring Tour beyond the Rocky Mountains, under the direction of the A B C F M, perlformd in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of the geography, go. ology, climate and productions, and the numt cr, manners and iustoms of the natives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Samuel Parker, A M. 'I he River and the Desert; or ttecolleotious of the Rhone and the Chartreuse; by Miss Pardbe, autlhor of the City of the Si tan, &c. in 2 vols. The Robber, a Tale, by the author of Richelieo, The Gypsy, Attila; in 2 vols. The Two Flirtsi or Adventure in a Country House, and other Tales, by Lady Blesoaiigton, E L iutwer, Mrs Norton, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Medwin, and others; in 2 vols. The Life and Adventures of Nlcholas Nick leby edited by Boz, with Illustrations by Phiz, No. 1. Just received and for sale by BENJAMIN LEVY. L EAF Lrd-2ilt kegs prime le lard, ill , o nd atlg2lt I? Commerce snreet .ale by J. R. & CO, F RENCH ItltANB-7 ha"ll pipes French Bra, iy J TIIAYER & CO. aug2L 74 Pedhas st eel. OBLEANS LITIIHOGRAPIC OFl'I g Nol. u:l .oug.iuciiI sltii 1, cccc lu . I em I , le, LSTAIILISHED for the exnrustillo n nof mps pal U and drawings, iiercht.nts' cireclitrs, business ItIIf alUreles cards of ever, deseripliti, funerul ciltelore on !eei mnourning paper,,npetha all e tind dtruggisne'lolel ; ,ank checks, drav receipls, &c. irillatd slid execell ,d i acheap and expeditions si tle, by the proprietor. W!LI.L.AM tIGOEENE. NB. Bank Notes nt.liv executitedl. ,o2 kiiaEý l I TTERý-A sittteeoru rtcie, tur sale hv B.LA'I'E & '.llh:.R, 1.4 " t l'ovdriii t eert. LEMON SYRUP AND PICKLES. 100 i BOXES Lemon Syrp; 145 boxes assorted `.I Pickles, in quart, tt6 quart and gallon blot ties, tram the manufsctory 61 \VWr le lnewoond, and Lrwis b& Haskell, of Boston; landing from brig T'alley rand and ship Clarleston, for sale by JARVIS & ANDI)KIWS, ml2 os Common .nd ''chapitoalasn to. G UAyAhUIL COCOA-I-0 b0a le S1GFFFE-19 bags prime green Havucn Codee, lundiog from brig A E,und fJr sale by J. I) .ti'II.L, je210 9 Camp srneet. JiAiGING & KOPE-13: pIs Kentucky llragmg, andi III Coils Rope; also a enail lot of 'rana, in store md for sale by J D.ANIEL., je'W 59 Campr street. tIi iIBiCC(i---25 boyns and 4 kegs priorl tta.wmg ' Tobacco, (Leather's brand,) in store and talur sale by J.DA N I ELI., e."0 51 Camp street. )10 llOFFEK-800 blgs Ilia ;nlffee, of good 1j qaUlity, landing from barque Henry, fir f ale by je'fl S'rTE'I'.t)N & AVEIRY. 5AL A.'K3 Sftr18t39.- Jnt ,ea"ived, a snu1lot r.f Pet ple's Almnanaeks u nd C1oekett's Alma. nncks, for sale by DAVID FI.T & CO., New York Statlioner' Hall, il1( 24 Chartres ntreet. t i.XAS FUNDED CERItFICATFy and Audi tor's Draft , on the Trenourv, wanted by NATH'L TOWNSENI), jal8 Exlhange lnlMtl, Grarier rt. rIEXAS BOUNTY I.ANl) wanted by NATH'L TOWNSEND, je18 Exchange iHotll, Gravier street. IREMEIIIN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. TOTICE is hereby girbn, that the ooks knof subscrip 1 tion for the remaining shares of the apital stoel tf this Company, were reopened an Monda, tale 18th inst. hetween the hotrs of 12 and o'clock PM. and renain opelt the samen hour of each dey thereafter, ..til the whole shall have beehn suseriled for. By order of the Board of Directors. E L ThACY, June 14, 1838. Se'reterv PRED. WILtKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, SO FERS his services to the public in the departl Smentats at Surveying and Civil Engineering, both in tawrn and raoutry. F ronsconsiderable experience in his professnion, and by promnptnes and fidelitr in the execution ,t' bulsines entrusted to him, he bhopes to aert and eeeive a snar- ofpublic patrtonage. IHewnill aelo lleasre nand cellllulr tIre tlatentls of walls and esncvations. Oice No 8 Chartres street, second story S1.. ijey I INSrEDI OIL, in Casks and in bbls, Warranted J pure article, K eie, wholesale ndrretail, by JAKVISe & ANDREWa, Medicine, Paints & Oil Dealers, jet8 Corner of Common & T'I'chupitlulae ss. IthRWN SlIEETIN( S-i80,0I)I yards 4.4 Brown SSheetings, landing ftom ship Cherokee, anitable Ibr trie Mexicanin market or City trade, for sale, by ST'ETS'ON & AVERY, jel8 88 Grovier street. NPI:R C AN lAC\ ,il ll .C. 00 BOXES New Bedfifrd Sperm Candler; 2U 311 casks New Iedfiorm Wilnter Oil; 1U casks Itoolinte Zinc: 6 boxes baon IInvana Sugar, 101) coils halo Rope; 311lieces Iingging; Ii casks Ilack lend Crncibles; 311 casks Paer Hatl.ianest S(kbaskets Cl "a .5neW\\ ill. For sale by JO$.l'l| C ICKAYNE Je8 2:5 Gravier street. W ESI'ILN NVBUTI'ERI-3 ee-1 s, teeeived per Ssteaone Vtxadallile, from Springfield, Illiolsaii superior article, for sale, hy aLATER &. TRIERt, jel8 40 Povdra. street. I )ORK--Rulnp, Fot Mess nad P O, for sale by jell IG DOIStEY, 44 New I.evee. PERM OiIL, CANDLES, &c.-30 casks New Itie Sford Winter Oil; 91llboxes hene to n trer Cadlles 2i casks rooiting Zra, 1110 lrtnees IBorston Biould tCandlea 300 sheets Braziers' Copper. In attre far sale by JOSEIHII C&LCKAYN E, ap20 25 Gravier street. JEAP LARD-00 kegs in, fur sale bey .jet t I):LL.ItSY 44 Nnew L.evre. I. \'E PUilICATltoNS. CHESS lADtE EASY; being a new irtrodaelion to thIe rudinlrnts of intit siemllrtie rrnd trorular game. ly George Walker, Teachbero ('hess. Uncle I|erace, a novel, by dras C Hall, anethor of Sketches of Irish Cl:tracter, The Buccaneer, &c. rm vols. The Spirit of the Woods, illustrated Iv eoloured en gravirgs, Ib the author oft l'l Moral of Pllowers. Finden'a Views of Ports iand Harbours of Great Bri lain. Flora's (ierts, or the 'Tresures of the Parterre; 12 Imouqetrs,drawn aotl coloured from nature, by James Ardreaws: with pioeticnl iiluntratirre by L.euia Anrn 'Tl'manlley, nrtllor of lTre tllt Romace of Natuire. A Gilossarv otf 'acrls used inl Grecian. Romanr. It limen, and Go(iic Architecture; the second edition, en lired; exet plailiei byv 1110 wood cats. Addock's Engineers' Pocket Book. I,r thre y, ar 1838; with an Almanaal by Hienry Addock, Civil Engineer. Works ,nf Lord linolr, with nrn introdui.try essayU, nd a portrait; slew edition, complete iu 2 vol. tli-hop lnurnet'a History flus Iown cTitnre: fom the retrcation of Charlres It. to the treaty of peece at Utrecht, intlte anI oi Qneen Annle. r new edition, with hiori4rlll i lin . biographical n teri complete in one cvolumti. Ja.l receivad and nlr sile Iny McKEIAN, tin9 cr Cimllcr p C 1pald Co.tloan srs. rnI\i pblic are re..eeti fillv infinrmnd tIlr this insti t is erected rn the aost improved plan, and in an a.t' and most nthnirable situaionin the faltlhourg Iranklin, upon thle railroad, one mile fronm dhe Missis 'l'hnlailding inlare and motconmnodiouslv divided int, sInartmlus, ftr keepling separate dilferent chanse, ndll, litfcrent disease,. The inswtiltion is supplied with the nmst skilful and atltentive nale and femal nunse.,and speaking the vu rious mnoern languages. Private iooms masy he had by gentlemen at five dol Inra per day, including attendance, &e. Terns in the or'inary wands, two dollars pe danv. Slaves nlso two doillars. Small Pnox in ilie ardinatry anrds, five doll:rs. All capital surgical operations extra. 'IThe resident phvlaicia i Dr Weddeman, to whom application fIr admission must he mlade. or to f)r C A l.uCembelg, No 17- tampart street. . apl9 I 1E.' I.A.)--600 t ega in store, for ale hy Nd G 1)ORSEY, je29' 44 New .ev. NEW WORKS. F II E NATURALIST') OWN BOOK--Comprising 1 descritiuonsand anthentic aneduotes of luadrup. etd; cienticniullv urrnged according to tile systea ul auvnet by tihe uittor of lthe tYuung .lau'a Uwn Boank! TIEIIi NA! URl IIfSTOItY O' IN.SEC''s~lIn two volules--vol 2,1iring no. 74 ofl' the "Fatnily Li brary". A digesfof the i.Aw Ot E.VIENCE INt CRIMIIAi. CASnE -byHaury Rosnee, Esq. witli ntts aid referinces to American decisino, and to the Etnglish ittmttn law and eccleoiuarieol reports by George hurawooml. ON DIAnNiI.UnI Or DISEASES of the CHnS'r--hned tip. on the nomplhrison t f their physical atd generul signs, by1V W GUeillurd, ill U. PRINCIPEI.r S OF PATHOLOGY, AND PRACTICE or I'YSIc--Bly John ltlackiutok, 11 D., froun tire last Lot don wdition tit Inten anld adiditions, by Samuel Ger. ourian, M D, il "2 eel's, in'n An..iLc. (nltUAnTErLY IRvtiaw-No 36 four lIeceother 1835. Just received uand Ibor siale by fl Vi Vm McKE AN.cortar Caul tt ad l Cat. a L EAF LARI-- 490I kein I . . g in steambod t (icnernl 1, ayes, for sdae, bv LAVYET' & AMI.LUNIT, y _ 1_ 7 Colnere rett rt. A. , bot t.neral Wrayne, fr salet byl I.AYE'l' & ...IELUNG, lye 17 CO iierce street. J about 140 llogs hting at Carrdlitou. tir sale by 2 in cor UCmmatn & tMagazine Itreets. sRpc imneai d151 do fil fll ur; In b )l d nna, ant 46 Itbis tectifled wi.skey; 7 tils tenss and 15 blhs primie pork, ;It 2hb rim, bey.; theu cargo of a fiat bunt for aler eL, to clot.,. b LATYET & AMI,:IIsNt, '.jy 17 C.mmtlterce street. ` AL T-.I3' iers lilt haoe.-seacht) tale .ault, for oal IJ 1 ý REAl) , JIARSII'UW, i.i 7 eaukrt Place. READ & BARSTOW, jya 7 BlUnk Place. AGGING--500 ps iKentucky balggig, br alo by -EAD & lARS'I'OWV, j6t 7 Bairk Place. AMIILY IIAMS--74 IIIhblsmnvsed Falily Hams of Sulrrior qualilv, llllding froet nteatllboat Monnah, for le bIy I.AE'I' & AII .UNO,, jef26 17 Lnamerce, street. -OS.--5a bn..ela R.sin,, lanling adl fr sale'ny -('Aoi street IIAtANA SiG i(i5-30 a litdilaf dl;rei i bIru ad. ill atuuei :or sale by aug4 LATEIEl & ' RIEIt .t.Ig.I O iibte ) w linted by l - angl4 AIIIJAH FISK, BRANlDi'-8:ibuts dill proof InIKaritif, hitnnndyi ft sale by ISAAC Bill tnE , (Co, aogl4 13. Magnazihre tl'ebt. I AV AN AIEt l RS- nlf-l n j hIR inofg ee coffee land ik g Ig.trl ellir Itiberty, and :IItt Ins in itor fur sale , SL'AIER t 'rlllElt, allgli 411 I'Oydras street. M..II'E IIA.VNNA Sllft.'KiR boxes prime S quality, hudieg from:; brig Pol'dor., fhr /ale bv SI.AI'I'EIR & ''RIR. ngl _ 411 Podrns altlreet. i)EAC11 BRIANIY. A le Ikls add leasl Irandyl I for rale by READ) & iIARSIrow, Saul 7. Blnik Plane. . 0IE 100aska Philadelphit Ale, Abbot' brand, "_ olt necivenl. and ftr rale iv *t D REIN & A C'OlEN, i"'" '011 Colmllin l,, lIstt . EW MUSIC-She W .e a wreath of noser; Ellen Tree; Lmook forth my faireet The ltar Spiri; Come sing oour lesson, The heath this night; List the lay of tihe (Gnondolie, T'he lady leaves the banquet hll;'han poleon a midnight review. Just received and Ifo sale at B CASEY'S, _apS Pianoforte and Music IRVING'S NEW WORK &c. " HF, ROCKY MOIUNTAINS--Or cenes,incidente anid adventres in "the Far Weal," digested fremi hetjouriniof Caplnin B L E gonneetlie, of the Army of the United Statee, and illustrated froum various oaher sources by Wasnoiict.n Irving, in ave.. '1'H VICTIMS OF SOCIETY-BU y the Counteas of Blessir.gtot, in 2 vols. Just received and fir sale by W ..t ,Kte:ACAN APER, quill, .teed penm, inlk, fluid, wafers sealing war, indlh rubber, black send, poam'e, anid every other article aof tatntOer, of the very best qlalit,.con etaIIty on hand aud lotfale by I)AVID FEI.T&CO. m19 N Y Stationersa' Hall, 28 Chartres ct. s, HITE I..VANA tlUG tRI-25 bhoe landing from sechr Texas. for sale by may 2 SAEIIR & TRIER, 40 Peydrse st T.IEXA MONEY-$18ttt Treasury Notes for ale Sby T TK HYDE & BROTHER, msy v2 39 Common. cor. Marazin. ot UiAI-2--a l hhds in e, ftr sale by .- m w4 IX) eselare. I ACON-4O r ake Cincinnati Cured, in stare, tor sale, by. G. I)ORSEY, jet8 41 New l evee. 'LO)UR-400 hbls, in store. for sale by S jel8 G. IDORSEY, .4 New Lever. - EAF LARD-S0l kegs, in "n u* hipping neder. ,or J sale by G. DtIlEY, jel8 44 New Levee. M ACKEREL, LIME, &c. 274 bhls. mackerel, nos. 1, 9 an 50 hall harrels Inaekeral, no I and 2 1129 casks oflitme, 20 buatles hey, 5000 feet lumler, Londing from brig Rinaldo and for shle,by J 7 ISETSON AVEIRY & "t). NEW HAT STORE. .j S' Treceived pear lato arrivals frm s New Yak, / fresh andl fashionable nssortlnent of HlATS. The subscriber woanl partienlarly call the .ltention of the public to a style of beaver htats of a superiet finish, bine texture, rcich and beautiful laslre; also to a fine plain Russia hat of a superior qualitn; and also a tl'lenlid article of silk hat, togett er witli a general an sortment osnaftetuftoed by hmnoell, expressly for this harkel, wholesale andI retail J W J0ItORN, 34 Camp street. N. B Cit$ and country dealers are invited to call. K RICHARDS, Tobacco and Snuff manutltc tarer, No. 277, Camp: et;reet, New-Orleans, wishesto inform his irlendls and the publie in gtenad, that he i ,now prelarm l to furnish any thint, in the above business, and has aonstantly for ale the tollog sng articles: SNUFFS. Rose, German Rajslee. Maeatliy, Englist Pit : Ilgetnt, Am trie.l Rappee; Natchitotles,, Imltated, American gentleman's, Bergaitlt, Ilviket lntappe, IrlilLh Blackgard, St., Cureoo, . , Pise PurSpantish, Hall coarse Rapplne, Lcoich, and remine tooth powdcr. 'ItOBACCO. Fine cut chewing, sweet scented or plain. Fine cut smoking, of various qualities. Rib-foot Virginls. Slanish, &e. Thealtaventctelesrear reall warranted as g d, tnnt se. perior to anything of the kiin imported, aid n ill be flrnished to deanl, ton the rmost libetertelms. iosY 4 EW BHI.UFOKttr SlPEtI CANI)I.ES-l-III boxe N If New Bedllird Sperm Candles, landing frout vhip Kentucky, and for sale bE V IAWHENCE 1. LEGENI RF, l.t .C8 4..:9 New LIeve U) IA ZIERS COPPEK--1000 tet teiiercap er B weighing ten ponnds enach,i atom and for atle by SAMUEl, LOCKE & CO.. o 0 Front Lever, between Cstom Ilause and Biin ville streets. june 24 Narn Orleaus a d Coarrllteu Rall Rond Arrangements far runoning tise carairion ttiluemote. FROM CARRnoLLTON FROMu Nr.w (OtI.ANS. The hors ear at 4 'el'k A M1 Steam car at 7 A 1 steam car 6 do do do do 9 do do 8 do do il d It do do 10 dn do ao I eteam car 12 do Ia steal ear at 3 do stral ecar 2 to IM i d do io 4 iodo do do its 7 do do do . 6 to I d do Io 9 de to do 8 do do Thle Jackson streetcars end I.efovelte, half rsa 6 o'hock, A AI. Canal street at ti o'clackA A , nmt run niog hourly at 7 o'elock. These cars will ctutiieni" running every hall hour. aid continue tlhroughout tits day until7 o'clock, P M. Thooea rranemeat for the La Course street care the sene as frl JaceksInO street. eT. JAGO CO)FFEE, in grass hegs--100, received per trig Star, it store, fr sale by SLAT' t1 & TRIER, m23 41) Poydras street. ())IOGtNE WATER-Ditretly itlerted frmi Co logie, by H IIIONNAREL, cur Natchez and Tchnpiton las at. uI Thte genouinenee of tihe article is proved br tha utora.rh ,f tile IuiuiiULUeturer, Johaa Macin Ferma. op 4 A GREAT BARGHAIN W EILI. he given in a choice Parcel of SIi3MEIf CLOTIlG(t i, r. close a e.ns.ignmant. Per. eon, wishing ro purchase are invited to cull and ex. amine tile sume, at the olfce of NATI''L TOWNSEND, je21 Exchange Hotel, Gralier at. tIbOUI-301 b a ho laudinK, per t, u, t iors `` byG loOItSE Y, jjel3 44 New Levee. 117ALAGA WNt'-Swevt and IIry laIhtn Wine, II in qr casks and lodi R bbhs, entitled to debe.tur; four sale by READ & BARSTOW, ja7 67 Gravier ar. 5 CAS1ES l perarial, gunpowder, young Ihyoun ad tll! nsouchong Teas. lll )b .ne M R Mntlag Romers. 100hdfI do do do. 101i bags prime green Havana Coffee. 2l1 boxes rlresh Hlarnn Sweet Meats. 300 hoxnr Young's suemrior Champagne Cider 75eaoes Bor,'eaux Clarmst. 30 cases superior Old Purt Wine. 25 do do Sherry. 2 pipes ld L P Tenerilfe. 30 kegs prime Goshen lButter. 50. coils Meunilla Cordage, assorted siaes. 2lledd tarred do do do. Ik14 doienauperior Corn Broous. 511 kegs assolrted Nails. 511 kegs No'2, While Lead. 10 casks Winter Strained Sperm Oil. 11H1 boxes New 1edlird Sperm Candles. 100U boxes Boson No I Soap. 30I boisen French Brandy Cherriesa. 111 hoxes Uederwood's Pickles, assorted. ito hids Ameri:n Gin. 1iS bb Atoenran Ilrondv. 5 qr casks Barclay's Port WVine. Sugar. Butter, Water and Sodal Crackers, Pilot a 's, Navy lread, manufaeturted by the (Patent Steam on ken constantly or hand, togetrer with a general assortment uof tirnceries, wboleeoale and retail, b ZACHARIl & IIKOTIIEPR, je 27 6 Old .evee street. SINSiEL ) OlL--S50 gallons bet b Engelish inen Soilt now landing freo brigt'Willianr. tr, IlBoto,. gallous Ioreign andnorlthern nuoufuatclared linseed oils in casks and barrels, in store, and fur saol low by JARVIS & ANDIlEWS, WVholsale rlruggibi,, Jy7 cur Conntlll & r''ehooptteolas strrets. S OAlP-3t benrs No i soept brand u- tes imc uld Slaetding frtom brig WillIms, for stle blv ISAAC BIRIDtGE& ('o, jy7 13_ M_.nine street. JALE ROPE-I5IS coil bale rope, ubl arp.riur jy ___ 1:- 1 Bl3 teit s treer. puRK-1215 hbbli ess and Prime l 0 antd P O SPoark, for sale low by LAWRENCE & L.(iENDRIE, Jtli 28 anld 29 Nen Leeer. FUIABLE SAI.: 30 Cases: 60i heoes each: inle to b'e enlt, Fhor sale by READ k itARSt'IW. july 19 7, Bank Pltce. LLOUlR-:US bbls, landing from atraboat ?- Ti SMilles,for sale by G I))RSEY, jyl7 44 New Levee. O'I'ICE-The subscriber havitg puorchased Ih., S Stock of Messrs. Irwin, Ilnal A. Walton, will contintle toI transact a Whoesleeto Grocery anll Cola rstmiou Business. He has on hand a lgenerl as . menl ofSTaAM OATn STORus,wbichl he offers liarJ o n moderate terms, and solicils the patronage ot his friends of tIhe Ibtner concern, and the public in geme ral. jyt4,7t JOHN CHRISTIE, acikhlartu LitB oat Walter Scott. &c. ART 7th and laor,of Lucklitnr's Life of bir Walter Love, by the aethurdO Flirtation,The Divorced, &e. in '2cba "I h. Wdlrkb of Woshillgton lrving; lew edition, vole. ,Ill. It and 12. TI e American Joornal of the Medical Sciences, No 43, or Maiy, 1838. Just re cived ros a flrbs.l by W S McKEAN, nor arran tnd ehmm erstreets. Alfo, a f.rthrr supply of Alice. or the Mlteries; ; sequel to Ernest b nl. r.vers. " jloti EMION SYRUVP-l t lial:es slllrter t.emnsn. Srul LiOr sale Ily REAL) & ItARS'l'OV, _. 117? Grveirrsrieer. ,OKK-1i) blre Mesa antld M PI'umk, 125labls prign P inspected Pork. hfor sale hv LAWRENCE & LEUENI)RE, n'.8 211 ew ' VtLe.vre. T Ir ISKEY- 9 bbl le rectified landig froms seam, VV er Splendid, hoe saleoby (i iIKRSEY, S14 4 1 .ew Levr. IKCE- 5 , . and 5. cks landling and l. . sole Ib. J ''HAYER& Co, iyl I 71 Poydra. street IM L--Blc,' ,aoks to Thomaston time fi,r tlea L CHiASI & dIXEY. lY II 6: llnlOrlhOwat. ~ trOt. r. Sale by "' TR IIYI)E & IlROTHRig jests cur eeurtmron& Mnwatnersh jlIOMAN CMLENT --lirnctiesIU ata1o tu Lo ,ten, for saleh REA1) & IltTAIsTo , iv4 " Bunbk llaie. NEW PUBLICATIONS. L'FE lifLondont.. the Day and Nigtt oene ef J"fe Hdtt;' Esq. tad Cornmulm, Tow, an I S.o Sp ry B0 LS c, the Ossmisa, in their rd IthM i tefl t hso Metropoelil by Plbrce Eganf , $ volt.. Vivian t(tev,o No4k4e l rif it , rhmptle4e 1 votl. The Youl'ngDulke,a u'nvehlby the A+tnlSt of Viviant lirey,coMnplele' I JIh The Hueishnt, Edithd by 'nre1o Author oF Gilbert r;drney. Jnt ret:eired anl fmo rle At dlcol e ofe.ldCmp ant Common .trceam, by Wk ,ieKEA . _ SI N 0. UiRnot 1ttR .-t - n vef a ptior plot. d, rlatl sens [ k Piars furn lr rnpletr. just receird per 1flr pl an an Co asi' 6v GUAY'It & E()., sag 24 .. ' , ,e.. HF.tCKt O i7il UVo ,1' errs P E' B L of Phitadelphia, and in lisnc Itffi fpuere4 for ekelbty L. WI ILKt~E N k I Ntik' t!.D ROGAN 0 a Men's a. l Be.' ip atw Russetl Blroga S for aale b I':.AA(3 URlIGE & air jy9 134 Mlgageh lt. M R. SAMUEL SHAKbPEA .itr -.m atIso tai.e Agpent durirg nmy abseo fro n the cit. DANIEL DANA. j9-law4w. RALDNE@s. A IEAUTI FUI. head of hair ir the gendeat ea.lf mernt helonneing t the heman fHame. lienw oteng. y Ilte lose ot it eheange the eenoetrediC, ane'" tllrrly' .riner on the appearaneeofold.,age, whffe.(il not meav to esenoil at being ntipvenred. and nonvmeimq even to .hIov en'iety to anvoh the jents and anoir o" their arquit.tanee: the remainder of their live aie con. eequently opt it rneilmtent. iA rstoe, not even the Intie if ropert fill th)e genermffa thinking rnt with tint nenv rininn elotail ae der t(r loe of hin hair;. To .vert,nll theei atnpe-nt peirueisinihaeoe .Oldridle' Rolm of Colombia atop. the tilf from fnlli.t onom the ftrot n Wpliettion, n.os grew o(lltereetrre it gaidn. It liLewie prnaur e ereheowe anih ohiekere; one.ents the nnlIr Onm tolrtuin tay, mrhos it curl Iedlfhfitlly, and rre it from scorf. Nlotei'ittt eerlife(rfe of the lirsr reh*eetnhilitr in .ltpport of the vinrlen of Oldridgej Blhn, are liown hv Ihe proprietor.. It. Read the following: Rohert Whnaron, Efq. late Mayor icf i ht'ltldel..l han certiier neo Inor hr se, below, to tliei 1bh Ehoar ternof le fflowinl entlemeii. . "The L ilthriued do hereby ertifh (that c mbnb oare, the elil rpf tolumnhbia dio*iovered by J.Oldridge. and have fiond it highlv ,.rrvienle to only ata preerentivi aginst the filling llt'o hiai', but alsoe acertain restor live. WIIoi:AM THATCHER, Senior, Iethodist Minister in St Gearge har'-e. No 86 North Fifth et: JOHN A iNGI.Il,321 Ateh treet. JOHN D TIh)MA. M ), f13 Recast. JOHN 8 FL'I[1EY,,0 1 i pruce it' t' JOH(N GARIDJi, 123 Arclh etti. It is ktowrn ttatiltree of toe baltyi.oterari In orot than 5t yeorK Of oee; ann rlt othard not IeA'n6d6 t0. JFionm ihe Ma'n.r.] Commonweualth of Petrnivl'ani, I City of Phincaldelpan. I, tohert Whlarton, Moier of'ld cityn of Philnde. hi, do I ireihv certify thit i nt well aciqnaintei witht ý1it+frs J I' Inglis, Jeiol I n!rA, oS'd Hepb M,'Curdv; v h,,e names are signcl to tIll' 6i n *Seerliib nt,,that they are eontlotmelr of character and teI retanhility;and ac wech full credit *ho.ull hie rivenrt( b fid l ai eerlifeate. ln witsne, whre.ofl have Ilrel{tii. ret mly hland and Eouted the t eet..ofthe city lii hb ,ffiedd; this tih dIei of Dtedber, e.r. L. S. " ROBEIt'r WHAR'tONo oin3. O S Ele f thn teah bottle efthe Getrie* I a sm bam a srlendlid engraved wrapper, on wnlith ts rreesente the Fullsolf Niagorn, Ac Sold holerale Ind retail bv the sole aente f.r Anti erle, ao 2 'letche, otreet, din r Maidden Lane, me duoi below Pearl troert,nid by morte druggist and patfnordt tlnhrogh h. counlrv. t9 no WholeaalP Aente , rNen Orleane . PROSPECTUS. 'I'It athe criber proposes to publish; in the be.. ginning of tie onensitng winter; a C ndelottiein of the twcntV volunioe of the Old adid Neoir oeij h' nlarthit'. Louisiana Reporta, td be bhotp tlait in font volumno. 8.o., according tLb hb tol h1 b f Petere' Condensed Reports. this work is now in prepiatation y J. Bualtot Harrison, Esq., of this city, owmited ba William F. Brmnd. Eq. Tim Editor is aela perlitted by a distil.goiheld retired Judge of the Supreme Court; and Ity one of ttes sittitg Judprei to ripent froa their personal nupernision al tle advantage which may natulolly be reaped fromn their e*pferhl6;tbh Suhol a work is becoming every day more it . oereary, u the originol is volumninous, expenave, and a.ere. Acn innraaing ourinity too is mari; teet, in theth. 8atsaeeoaf the Ulpton; in refenili to cthe pecutiar juriltrltdeao e l ldhl'iatat asd the oiroumstaone ef the nnlnerouse prinoilelsa hea eer. tided in the adjustent or conflicts dfaer., esahed tile knowledge of our adjudged cslo Uof grime ate lily It thejuristsof the whole Unidh. Moroynetll the rieing repoblie of Texai han adopild our codes; andt thus there isa geat demand far the Louisin.a decisions fromn a frish qgllrtoi. Convenient notes, ittdltlatln till ihfallul esced decided in Louisiana. and lutaiteialf tilie in nth mulre authoritative lortuln of the l.utiT Slathe, will be added to each case. Tile work will form tour volumee, royal setavo5 and will be delivered, bound, to aebeeciber at ig per vol.; in eas it shouhl he found prantitaLle to ompressa it into three volume, the pritd i to nb. cribera will be 7 per vol. BuhbecriptiOns rleceived by je5 nor Camp and Comiton ise. `ý UliAIht-it hltls very prire, on 1'lantntioeg a € Smiles from the cits, fur rule by T I IYDE & BROTHER, m29 39 Clltttl si comanel e tMagaiil it. gIIIRELLAS & PAKASOLS-25ca5Ie. Iu4s. Sing e asnelanent rf 5ilnrutua d Ginghm UmiJ brellas errl Parusls, land.ling from Barque Ellen lied far sale by r.N9 18AAC BRIDGEL CO, 134 Magusine at ETE S.'s Pills, Branlldrel Pills, Mliu Liimment 1 udkens' Oinlment, GrmanmDrn1n fmule p BULeUr' rvetfncellt Meglania, Bla l of CMla, btl &a. Ie. ladi t and for sle lby H BUNNAIIBL, _n_ 5 cur Niichei and Tehapitilslae l' i ltU LKT'-A Houue on Canal Streihi i '-. SMuriase unaUl'remr 6 Stret,, suitable for : " lamily. Apply rM DEIYLE & MAY, je8$ 3 Cnroadelel street kel.eOU',--pu O bblt surfild J .R'i [n hd will . kep Ioian sourllg for i lrsb ilrr, oPt esle by U . DolRSEY, Jel. 44 Neie Levee. a-it r HLen, ft'iii tiuvuia; tBo iaus kb jS LA'TERi & TRI R, jel4 _ 404 udr ns treet. ., slure rid .ilr eas bY thb etbribers; ( it Peach Braddv in bibl; Aimerican ltrallllV u Gin in di; Nu 3 Mackerel il bolt dli; 'fable Salt Ilca euse of li bouxe. i Malaga Wlhe, Sweet nti Dry, in tl iarks atld I dies bile, (entliled tkdebtlthbs;) Slln|ih Maling; Isinbrm Prater aild Albi Lksl.hbi S3rhp; I'nlladeltllla White Lesd, No 1a aotdfih In boies; Ctitoin Gins. REBAlD .HAR,'rl)W, tl2 6"f Graviet xiei (Sif iyeit TeR-i b tabrt upers rta ible Sbutter pu up expresnlt fotr famlly ualit gr salie lol, tIl telbe L6tJn, E ,ime ,nby 14CIct3. 5 hi sid is, El- talms ahbutld .t -m innud bu.con. In priite oeret In rflaM , oi sulh llt fisruily use. a aupeulri r itrible; in tare, for ele by LAYLT. .4ELUNG, jyl7 IT Comarce steet Iteal stetaumat TLa'qultl, bts lube by SLATER. & 'TRIER, jylf 40 Poydre street; LANK bLr)kS-stiu i ieeivld by esee gl ·esa l tiol New ork, I nrdditanl tpply of dBlenk Bibke, efecey is.ii, tIv f Ruling end Bluihyg, thush rn ..altl iollenk Boos aud Paper, aret ce ueed Id call and fxaulinb im rxteenslsv seek. w kwea of retail by IDAVII FEILT & CU; NbC York Stationer's Hill, jyl7 t4 ChUrts street: +. LOUti-140 bhla fluour eldig, asd fi TIle by J TTHAYER & (, 74 Prydrssu'seet. Scanlassed h fr iernat ae f eby jy6 74 Poysdne'ster . j)'6 "Poyds siret j ACI )-3i2 amke.laedli-i nannier tupulmand bIagg .ing, 7I0 s-ts o , li, hi fLr sale by LAEA AMk.LUNIf j"?7 17 tCdantell s. le laiCrg fh ee liteny;aet l I4 A Al. a Itr _

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