Newspaper of True American, August 28, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated August 28, 1838 Page 4
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1IRt i 'ih i k htV.& d f an her n t'es1toi rrn ,io laeesnmfertgtlde, to 'rteive s 9iomapeg oFr fimtter fiver. Sh' e fetle teonfn. t i.'tintt yser.mtb viifitr". (nvitco st rdning the tuimer months, onent fi8l.d ttllter aconmmntoItiln trltb . a.efll~tr tr4 ,t1. in nmor. liberal te.nn. pao Iso pl0 itl tstty nivuatad, and well supplied wat'ev, ory eonviniena,; t.h her is furnished with lqers, &A. s short,ale. promisel ' hi. ". '.hiog s' hll .+J attier o. her port to .give t,. tik414iE lp $1 nhr m..y p1,etretiz the ".analegnpsiianwL.1emiahty hlotl.0 je3 S PB -LIC-The uaderet;e.l. havig S unrle tlr Or. Sot nidt of Ch irlestnn, S lth iiatiihr hd.s yativ hit aetidtent in thibee o .llasltatliad t nod eartiy, has the ottenr w elpietet .ol eeMS.otne in this eity. aled eand gentleman that tc most it t , pid t tg the .lls whiche t tnuI dttrntf1re liO erevicusto the el ; .twell acquainntedl,. wthl the t ti to them, having oattended them in 'Zt6li i fiattherlenmiadition thelf, wioh directions, tcn be head W us. gdS . T.he ef:Im t which they 1 have prodeedi. b i and dther cities, thes been attended with th d',. to wHits the best of orehe eAp tN t. o. -16 Maga. ns l +E ' l 1'LORING. U , r' WS, SAt) S l L OMPANY, No. 40 te11a Now York, ha* i1 corstantly acatven 86to lt the stock of-the nstsn of the .ilow.o 7 i rotethern and utnstera rnt4 / tehllo .r u dI a lperier gqiality, -ohnioting of about 1500 teand' vi k or i2 , l-h. sges. fetnm 8 to 50 gallonr, et ifrakiesr fkcamitB to 30 galion., oraisns,f heit Sl8 to 18 gallon,t ' thr b.J ot 7 different sixes, cured ]Ituiu. ,; as .r 6 thi o it 6 : dos , o.iter.el d ndpidere , 2 do .4hhbdlds)h. . . 4 do eth Degs . 6 do Woa .obaxoe front 1 1 e410 44 4inohen. Ut 6..d le. 7 tidhes ' .. ' , 2O) tl.w ia , iron and brals, from te o o.aiuch, No, 24 of a uperior qslity mtnd finish, aedleotd. thua Jame'i imported pricoe. ad Irope,. asseorted, isicaeks of cabout 500 a for atneih*g. : T.nrSte hatter'Ironnir nesorted. ash weights, 1(110 tons, assorttd fromn 1 4 4 to mifor PI ntaliotnstt steamboat, chturchtes, &e. Atoe steambeate ind uthr irnchinery mnade to order., - n , TOO atyh.d wortment of goods is perliielarly ldii(bld wto the attcenton iIt Southern nat n Whot*e14ie chlste, and are offlered for sale at low price, e Ahdi . ulnbo t libtrnil t si erma;i ii ber I liereh h lj4 hargest ani.besot aeorartaant ever osl.- by Vny aIt estabyo liclment in theW United Sttaes. .e.rshaftlu, by forwarding a reqest hby mail, can have a printmed circlar, with description of goods; pritena Cd.teria, from which no deviation is ever and aAsuibhdd by return of nail. A lllets will receive ijmmediate attention. 1.4 l'-oItl huini gasd, No I aslrted, tis h.mixesrait Loia & tpnakelhltto lejklec; ft roe P a rIntat An Untlent4'tiinEI hy JAKVIS to tNlttLUWa-, aid car Onotteese i.Ul Teheetitoanattiv 0A ,f i- lslt halt bones 'Plo t iplt, brantif.latura t. (tiold.orieleby ItStA.A BRIDG Ei . Co. .ri16 134 Magazina -tr-, t. TO L T. ..'smar dneoli u. hopu nn Triton street, he SWt- Ec Tivoli t"irelo ald' . eraudahet treat. tef1l. Apply is J OTT, 'It3+:hI. A.ltROWS, &e-2-5 Wheelbarrows, 25 V tr do. in ellt e, rhr ab hbv CINIAMPLN & COOPER, m15 - 2 ul ust Sa.t ruled Cga1and Letter apleras,af .ll qun Al lies, coni.ting ol very superior nlue laidt, bIlu n;Ii wilUa woL t., auidiala atilu ruled 1rough edge rt:ourn ca.p, b.,Uat*, I.') llanth d ad le latn' 'ny SDAVID) F L'P & CO). S 31 '"N V ,tititn .. Ilnil, i. Cha.tra st. i . e.. iaf . raetlf .l'aelie trine, 18a(;, . do drf dl P do 18+1i; nct tt;i ,tf iln I. Phrte Stitry, t iLt ni , ldtm ro te t IlP brownI . iPr tit Ilt " IEKcI tU(i EN';, BROWltN C0 t). C.'r I . ua I :t. 'tie. at ery lKS, po' every vgietv uon rulig ated Jkl. brir iha, eor.rtlltltllvonlnlud: <slid Prilloilng, ['0li11 a nild ph.di.]Kg ntlt exec.ltht, nt>l.rnrt ounice, bY L HAVID Fr;. T& C,-'): SY St tli, itmr' all, 21 thartre t. -LY ;ir. r+g.J"bJ al , I) 4e & Cn. m.! 131 | ugumlne tlrett. t-- ..--1.--0..ii .. - --__-_. ,1) iV two story brilsnk nli,, o ilneatd 5 doore t A froln thme 'Nr d Mluuiei )ality U, ib , odt (.hartes .thang., ltenut very lo. wpoaaessio0 gives j 'mueditteiv P, tl u St tho' pretdi+e". alit, f,' . .tL~tl-t--(I bble a.f Flour. ler sail bv 0.10 t; D)tI:.S1 Y, 44 New I eveo. tl l t1;c ltttt-rni:t rirrrco oogorood: .at 1511 eoil. I&l.oP, lart!ing from Ambatondor, for sale by L.AYE'T 4o AMIELU.G, • t9ll lConCotoeel st. 106 1.U- 11 ýl tra rhy togin., lad. in from ostuuer Glio.u htpne. rud far wle by YTORKE, BlkTHlERt, Jo ' 65 Cam. street. New t)rOc,nR, Nov.14, 11M7. SSOL'T'eitr moths ago I lad the misfortune to gat l.a e.rsrt diruos, for u hich I lhove applied tb 0ove 'eahteo for ciure, and then did not ctre mte. eo now onrht.i bete'd~ i d put omylf Itndrr t oh elite of Doetor i, anldt Ilxplrt him to cure nto. Since tihlt time the di'ernqr got worse, to as to break out il large ulcers t. the oumber of kii otr eight on ea h leg, arid il over Ytq. atnwa tore tt.otat, anti not able to work at he CfOtt aLic ot aounat of teit diseane; large ilcer then rllt oije of the throat. I sam oao putting f so o-.,lrelh tl motdoerte care of Dr. Iuet, cf Paris. II bt ltpeert tly:oured JUIHN DEAN. I .D CERTIFY that the nb-ve mentoned disease Jqitt well etred to my own satisflction, for which I hoak Dr. IfHot; adl moreover I aststre that the medi raste 1 have takl wakes me fatt, and did not injlro my nerltli at all; thirefrre I advise onmy Ilow oulfers t o lrse Io ttimtbsl apply to Dr A. Iluet, 15 ItOUr.oII It. I'hry will lid a tr.te lertor hfr this complaint. JOHtiN DBAN,0 Ueravier street. ft any oas wants to see me, call at No. 4U Graviet street, ud they will be eatitied. 'l'tie published at the optin of Dr. Uiat. JolIN DEAN. NewV Orleans. Feb 1, 1838. febl II Iv Lr hnrtd, is plot up in battles at that low price of 511 ..ettrt each, onttasiitg tie ,t ssgth of throe ounces of L.vetworrt, hei les the nirtnts~ of many other roots and herbs knorwn ptono the lutiino as eftacious in curing Itlnotoaury crntplaitta. The tt n'ivellcd antoceu which haeattended the !.e of thlis iroortmnhrlerb tl t clwerever it has been irntr d:i'e. bo, dlhrdtnethe o.odafioree al recromnndi - tio.ns of tre'.retable physicians, for the tlre of coans, rrnhltltia n sid.,.wat of rest, apiltrirg o blood, liver comptlint, do. To rhomn it mot ecmeern. This in to r.rrtir that we brte ti o.r proetice cfreqtently precrlibd Alce c(ard. per' loIdion Bnlram ofijhverwort a d lloarhrrnd. r ith a d.elrradlgor lefec: we can thtrVfene, fraor, the kDow lor rpfotettootateiitio it simade froth, rl rndc ,rervaton mtirdt 5eriarot, irernotte it at a aepri*" prrnpootictt or dll daebt tecoia of tho lok glsoo r whim it it re tttwt L At. AhBt 11 WI.L]MrS, M. D. ., Y ,: .I.lY . . .D Mtoreebea itthe Boton Medical Asoociation. llaogn. October 5b. ialehvy JAR.VII & ANIDREWVS, ti 1! n~' otl |'tlt itt'tol aot cendrd bry hlie Medical Frnlity. S 'I: ER'LP E i Efferveacest Mlagnesian Apticnt--Far .Ici dyltpiim or it.l gtatinn, nervous deollt t, gddl 'e, ettheadnehe, acidity of the' Ataoirrh, habirtal coe o*.iJen etseaenb e,.dinraoerigont gravrol.&c. amI motch vutadfra a m iantlee. lin te pureotrive. T'his d.ieble prearation has rr.ceiod the patron aas(ee taay . banMt' mheme of tCre ptof,,esion, ard realteaiewre alotd auy Wreepectable and noneli rited toattiaotk 'fite dteracy do a tmedicine have been eli8tedti With-all tie ploeaieg qualities of a lattw of maes wati, it peeaeetlethaoacltre thedicltal prnpertir. orf the oppr, d4rlnitaoe purgativee; it to plrueuat 'tie te lat.lad glratee hb, th- ioonrech. IMPOR'TAMP tOIAlTlION--'l'b inereontng repute tiou and tgest lsastd fltlatla.'s .ifereocent iagtuet eian Aoertet, pO beoa1itdustmenrtr for othle, to of feralnrloritatntfthi itauhlhe bidtreite. Petrchkoar. ro pnnrtie.,lat wer.oftt tints ott flctt tteryr may bt on Ibr onln o i8 rl'pta eniiir c .epvre eartime. 'rho Ind!lir; ane roit.cthblty infor ell that the. ruhacri htro are r.tet.ntrv .',[piied ,r i the erigtiual and go bae perltparati ,rA. For eLa oatOe a d re!nil. SfCKLE. ti .1t.e. ",gebto. rttt' Ii Coo-tI etm tr, N r). r]7 atit~grswe .rtlnir, giving baIt. and lueant.en :(il ºwtgeoireso doe rabeic, i hpdu. tew o.or dot8 -dif cerr of balnr eoo tlrhirroeea r. e.ttlirte qgitnsc, h air, end iaevery iunlOotre its clteary rote ltvte hoan rmoaliterd. It iaaneoerfailed topeoduce It nqqa" d beautifal growth of hair en hends nlredv hetlr.i a eeaeae wkrh h oeneM'deyd a.1 hseed tio grt thin teil wlrl weeoc"eo n.qI r. rt bsaldrty, and ptrnbrt. re,';, aqn ~,gh1e)f .rwort~lfn hair. w;t8rt ti.e least eainlv Io t .iAtd. fhl Oilt girer ona .eerr::blr f.. geossa eatdi .lbotibf o t ear other Uni tOil far per .00R t #rl og .ad 911sn altt . ct ,ltrur t a:" -,,ie',. PEr ar .ile at :'E6 &S D5I AGE. 'taId w ý R te s u ci ctst;" f Ahe Rmo n 1ý4 aned`9 nardie Tankl Seatrallng 8,,, toh er 1it', inch MAide, Bonwie 1cnivre: ltaunher,.ara olthr, trbveliit* DTeaintn (T:e.; Blelt. PeltrtarHnrntl'.t'', and ond lline Pi-tols; doubl, e and ,ingle barrelled (tome; (ant Rllils; That itleltt I'nwd'r and Pirctl Flaks; lra Bottlens and T)rininng Cups; P' r'c,,:nn ,'iP atind Cnap oldern; Clath, ulnir, 'rth: arl. l'enl *l)itnueRa: Orns and Chloine Tooth Wechil anOth Pewoer; Toilet and Shaihrin oaPl, in great le. tietV Iane r Hlar B hradel, Rinelote and Frizette; Plrs and Tilet Pnowder ntcory tnlep; Ivrv To, CIu-dlltenl Patent Sldr es or Oartlerse Gen F.antic , esponidet ; Innwder Pnfltk-aw ee' ; hilt Chl n . ina, . .nlrnnd lev r; iar-denn; 'VreCat iuckkle, Rmrenltre: tn ed Necll,.'cn anl CliAn; Git and Siveret Head-;: Inldian ltled, iolla and lunmee; Shell Twirt:e .kcide and Drerninz Camll; welaic,ia addition tn their fonner stnok ,ct hall, mnales their i.narrant very enmpleter, and will hetnhld w.andl on liberal. termac at tihe .eis orfthe Gal,len Cotnb. i¶5-tf 77(ll hanrtr enernt. Ye'1s;? Gile 's nr ommcanl. ml, ther stennive hopse Vi W.. .&S . ltrbher.e SheS-ld En-!;eind, hern inl-t teaivetl a very extnari ret . lf o:n ,1., en mi. otine of Ta'ble and Iean t r Kn Ieian tes.. -" daserilliiua Pen, Pcltie. )ik, ewil Stonr nellt t in;even: R~or.. ~Ils oarn. .'e Te l'ols, &c. te. &c. weicbh thryl prenterd naclteihit to lblantr ac l ne rde.n. Termen an de aletiosA willd e tlad., known at tIe liuer. .'16 J. I.IIF.'N& A COH1lN .ottCenmrernt. -* NE'l GOIi6. ýI15IfiOc" .!IART'P CO.-Arce nnw rreto vile Ln cer mill Ihenaiille, .elet Merry Antlraew. Hiehe nader, Itrtclle and rteailla dinir b heeI ld.laveng elrd, lerbhelt aillsltpcket litolel plnill, ribbedl nd nplht cnllnla cpena rell bn hlddersI nias ,re, Ranam'. 'ree. Vrse (;illnlt' eomnaerial anti oller stlol'penst Vi-n an;f Violin aqltitrtit hell ivnoryd nrd ho n aenb, weaibrt h, bead and leather ile.lse; haeir Ieldell, froint anll ain riwtletat e gro p'l ; Cerena ao lid Illclt eololi.a water. Ranlllnl mtneeetnoelr nil, imitation dll;t Imtiqer Aled tbeersail; lortahte tdenlr ancd lltetllg wetlstn: lirit ilalelp aonli ie nland toilet laecnanore inira etor al n.l glacaes alid viewn Idelina lIltdIo, bhelilanl nlumesn. canltlann; wlhirtwine; toilet end nharin sanatps: tlolet. one dr,i a aetir owasle balls; leelted edrlln' allinoalln pool eIalde; rcnrrw Cachioio: n itly head nlaitln s nllall emkleern: bIilliard hy.all~e plket hoolls and leo etilt 'erman hnnsr ral or istrl; ll ile ateil onlmonn gtnn )lantie lati.allelner, glcrosdaI; Beali lucifnr matchetls.; il ;'er pencils; Ce-veones. &e. &.e. The aboe in ddlteion tl our ertier stack of Caner nrtielra, moakenar san.ot ment vera clplteatc. For asIe wholesale or r petili a a the aign olthe h ielet Come.t 70, Cleat tie. r s7r. nlCan , p rlti c atlrhllnt, ienatl, &U ief NerwOrlean-; Alnnion, Hirnri &Ce, of Nattelez, and Harrni, Kelley &Co., of odera. an di.eiie on he a t onf Man lnet, by the death oc Samuel A Mason, ,nne f ltie prtners tof ike irnan. Tlhe inllerifone, C rvlving partne.r, will he charhte witlhthe s ettling and il.rlina g aid bilaineal aes fllAwp : Levi C Harria will ntrlcid oIn te etrlling of the r bciaiean at' Meeota, Harria& ('o., te Natchez; anlid earr., Kel ,e & Ca.,el odeltetv a ilel e-lry Kelley will attend to he odl ig oftlegiAehin rnr of Kelley, ltahnl & Co., atj v-Now (Orlens. The nnnies of the several tnrles will ba sand in linidalioan.'ly. ' I'rhtan ildrbteid to sn rid firmi n re earneItly requelated • come forward nod nnke e lrlv nettlleenrt; anld thoee hlavilg claiams will pleaet, pialent tlemln witlpu deleiv.y. l.EVI C IIAIIRI., Nl ENIEY KELLEY. Nwawnrhttn, Jrune 27, I1337. . j RA AItlE FAINI.tAs' COLOGNE WATEIi VSonnet am ere f. this eApeorior Collgle water. juot ree aeird aod flr nle bY thle loy.en or niet.le botlli. Also Anlerioan'elld l'tenah toilet Jwdern, teowler nrull antd lxrec shevinbt aed teiletn.tap, rostetlic hallsn., Iilk tf rlrrc, ransmetier rold garom, erxt ate o I olsk, ,,arclt' vegetahble Ileir nil, polnntetet, n.neee lle prrs., Ptlridi1eA . eerla e eer nneibay wnters, P are t ,:a's colon, lnrenillor lierrnttrry it neaunb. negente'. ilntit, nir,.teett, nail anrti flit !tanheo, tgertlher With an ndlilitimel ltpln nf ienltionable. itIre and shllil mbonI antd jewelry,for ale low at whaolesaale or rtail by StiM3ONS, HAt rT' &CO, jet!y . 70 Chartrlsestreet. ýfEWGV T hd()1diwteeatna Hirst & gn dreC a cmiving from tnt handl lielp Yazno, aOI go and birig Concordia, fbrht New York, a rgli ery of g.nlds in leirlinar,.wnbictl together witl t r fotne/ atnok an hclnl, einres Ilteir assnrt:, entrvre pleate. The bIlwltenag etltpeae a part,vir: - ell tIt"tt, (..r:., Ila, tack anad dreesinegetntte, horn dn of all desceretititns, I n dia nrleber, nilk anid warslted elnstie gartern, conaonan & fitt elastic tlanienelert, lon:o ota noed Ll:ifr tinntlere, aiiillitz pnwder-,pnwdcr puffs and boxes,toilet powder, pthket hooks and inllerts, needle hbook, Clell, pearl, Iwory tad tionatnl'o fe tl4id es, heo d ornaments, plalnce rlil helnrs, neckluens all negligees, ead chaisia, head neekhlcre, cut elnn andI plkitneed,lilvr pndl giltlteede, indian beadsi, bell andl plumes; pistol and Inrge law icr llnsks, shat hboltes, horse, hbelt. poeaket and dcilin' aietoln; double and aingle ,barrelled etna, Bowir knives, and dirks, weeI rs, hrarl pocket knives, inaelrd cbain-t an rlibhnhs, waist buekl-i, eloth, lhair, tooth, nail,rnob, -recee. abhoe, Iplate, fleet and dtiaring brhal.b., ColemAn, Floridlnv, Iender, roeteed :lI ay wttenrasosteld eaeece, and exlracetsa, tncnaar, hear, antiqe, antild Ward'a ve getnlle hair ails, enrlclng and toilet soaps of all des eriLptionP, .ltdie',c and genteeloens' eleak antd dreI ine eases, hair rierlet, liizetten and herids, plain, Phney tlld nmutictl work boixlee, plain and eilt, fllrcdcaee:o t ael vsnltcetiteaI paarl nIccd ivory leilt Ice shitt lundelt ohtlI and silver ell ncil caIPs, tooiliincke and tweezers, esPted atld eilt lcket ,ai ietlletre d, sil-verl brta eend s teel ttienhle.l hlok ani te tees, aIedr piln, inilalion fruit, blt and redlink, she bl.rtincr, villlc ani gen liltcrc,rilbibel nnd plain erealnnien ea;en, licen twille, eneiilted ecle entc,goaldalnd etniler Tarer ae ftr,,gleet cr aetpe, l',.llleee bago, ridli9g w'tilea walkinlg eantclleen,liige'ard, iei gotld,pletoid acud mill anwellev c-. Tle ahnove, teelthel" willh a great vteirle ef ttillr artli eI rare nffeiredl i wleelelc or tithd el ucliuallllialiii Nterlsfl .N aTeliSh cnlsamba repnired. V ~f lEu L E AfP1[ l li'Al fiFT:1 liY) I V RIETY STORE-at the sihn of the ghldeh eombl, ol70 Clrhrres steer'. ''l;er slcrilbers have re ccived, il addition to theirpreviouts stock on hand, a full and ncomplete assortmont'of artu lee in their line; viz: combs, perfimery, J, weilr, Inrnshes, icking glauses, fIanc artic:les,&. rlsisting itl pirt ,is IhllloWhe: COF1A l--trtoi.e shell,, wrilehi nall paiin tuuec,twi-t, qiilled back, lung r..rtlll dresi.. aide pul; curllend eck, Brlazilian eubs of every 't, .rdiptioe nl which aoer some Mrnxic'.in patter, Ivory combs of every daseripltidn, born, dressicj and packet. togrether with a general orae t ffnr eneh nt of l l , l] Amlenriteau. I'hItFUJE R thL--(Cnlog'e, linventler, Florid, hncev, hi.v, res, and iraoge Ilowrr w.ifeiir of every size tad dle criptioe, eandplnhortt'd Cologne, extract of Baree'aot, lancv eaps of all kinds, shaving do in cakes nni pots, itearn roap hln, lWard' vegoetabl hair nil, beps andian iiOjIed. Prrtion'i smellAiEg salts, Ilain and perfumed toilet poder, pearl powder, pAR ler puffl tid bLtxl pu etist in pots a 'l roll, orris had chlorine toth wrash and ondeatt, with a g rti ar hl ceortmennt of JEW ELLtY-on e ttnitethe latest anul nmoat Irsiotulnie ble setts, conuiting of wrhite nid red corneliau, tolpe r. jet rardrops, et in flmtgree, hraet pins ofra grot' ai"t. tv of patterns, watel trimlntace, gilt and silv .itckle, 'der thilLhho, silver .old ai ull it teils and guard chlins BIRUSIIES--Clitlh, Iiir, luot .Ig, cranh,lrrth,flomir, hat, flesh tooth, plate, eoib, NLilt :.iviing, l itu and wtitewaesh ibrus lites. LOOKING ldLASSiS-German r v atia antd toilet laess, marniefing hrd Futch dresiug glasses, hotme o, with it nari.iv of other kijds not enumerrtredl. tFANCY AND VAIIE'I'EY ARTICLLS--Feetwht and Alarriean portnlle desks and dressing caten, some very rich and finely initshod ladies work hnoxai.nd rtlr sing cases, with ied witchout nittiv, eitoicn l mhe.e, Ae eordiaus oif vrieon kinds., vitlh and guitoar, silver e nd plat'd pencils pnd lends,wt.t pencils lotr cupenterl end erayons,tantle elCitae,i.uislud tistoa with iLud uwithoet, ptectuseioi cep., cap ella.:trie, thnliple erwwentlrivirs, sIo btltnme h gs plate blakiig, toei toa sctts, idian l aedls of every kitdl, bells and ialnteo, fin cand connnon ktliie rm.zn and heirsnor tt:o laft neredllera, pinsa, silver plated,I steeorl' andl eimt.n Ipeeu. ties, pocket btoks aitd wallets ot vario, kindslu, visiting cards and card ciaes; playing cards of Priaclhi Gerutit etd American tenaoiiaoetcr , daolls. iititioul fruit, so boxest, p rlts of t tarims kinds, HSnntler' Pooerloy'a, Etnnieraunte, Hillatmi's sdi Hatbkitn' razor straits mid metallic hlone,,ldirks, fnty bead necklaces, do with " .r dWrnp,toy watele, pearl hutellr;, powder lrloa on. and plain seed beuladigilt.and silver do, guilt elatile tnu pen dswes and garters, plaintind tsward cnieni backgaiuuion boarda, dice, oliti'al vienes, jciwhuarts, lucoliou Iitatch ns anJ drintking cups, wide ta great variety l otler arti 14 70 l. :o rtressl. i jOLI".AR'i Science of Petulanshij rerl:eive, anil 1e for sile at their psrlarneo \irlting .h\acdlut.i No. 8 lhatetra ,cret, New Urcuien, lej Itealoiay iNew Yuore, tlpphinltc ti., ,!thilr. It is plrticlrirll designed rillt private leartnera, and scholle, and in cleolntlal tier iercooa s of ll tats. Ladies and gentlemenl areio invited tocall iLUlr exalie the evsoteunt fln"thn:lv es. litsun are given t at eh lhouses as moa still t e convenience o.t ll atnd to tclatso farted ill tity pard of the city. Ladies wiho prefer itcan reeive lteasoes at theltirown ref idetnits. PcrmIs, poiing for 'un *e •t ire oflrsmens are desired o attend until teiy ,rct u iu sell as they wiih. ul iltt. ,,l'i II, & BItOTHt.R. A NEW artiele forpersoes tioebld with de'nuitre, (called tha' Ear l'runtpet,) has jait been recerved by thie toe of i.bich, lie slighitest rrtiulation of the ifiu nasn voice is dilinctly eotiveerd to the var. Any ont t who lais ever bhern tiliged t- conlverse winth a vrclce prsiem, mltst he fully tea itiiMao tlr;. nitl sll. -.ra....t xprienrptcd both tily thlomol vots antid tie it.l dividuals so Imfarlltateltlv alictllld. By Ihe unse , t te E.t TraropeC. thi oitirction i. eltirelh OlviatedR The nutl aeptieral have ula iov a axloeinel threir ilubt. alter having uod tnile''ruleprt. hoe Itie atiI 'I' It GUION'Sd, Fancy stoee.corner of Catntno ansil St Ckarles etreets hler etoi tlti.tdtL IIttel. ficb l SPERl OIl.--:ilU gatluon pure witer d Sp.rnl ()il, in ekak and btlls, Ior sale hy JA, Y.S & ANI)Kl:WV.. Whlensale Drtgg .tt, C i..e..... atd l/uhap tlx steets.r. r 13 IHITE LEAiO-hthtli, Lil Ihe~hi; YT1li krg,, tie - - I. . ,o ,5 " EogliLh da--25 1-4 bhhll. .110 ', 100lPitlt Itlruitee., varioaus izes; I are Ve:rnidllitqu 5 hbl, Copa VarniRli; 2 a Joapan " I " Canch 511 da Sil'er dl; 11tna ti Dutch .,Itt.n WINDOWt (;i, te.. Atimeriran, Errlish and Frencht -illfi hox,., e.rione ,'e neurunit i . Baton itt.oa, dr.--,o :ten r, eeIar it,L.:iý t, tiil be .ol.1 low. Also, iI eneral assoilturneot of artists' :elnllrt a:ld tools, ic nult by A hi tt." I'I Ea, N IB. hlaimau' oees taker, at pi r, ael .Mso..aiii'i notroa will It Prrpictod at I per cIi dLa:unnl for good., er ci psvment i,fdt ba. it o w (LOIit h-- -i anding from .tranier Itsepend-. 'enre, *In G DORttSY. mrl I.1 Naw SIree. .·x·;--h·';11--i·----j-i---; 7 rtew ,A4 TUtX lO;Fart.on EoOS. #r alVow s .aSrt', LOOISVILLL. To the Editor of the Loaiseille Adnertiler: S IrN-it oppear by tho observaionA of the Fditor hof the iashejile Preshterian, Usino and Trans cript, a. well as the edit~rs of the Mlemphis Enqairer, that tilhe "Oldi' is the Dactoers 'l'li is proved by hls kingiy rage, kn )own that his time is htst hortadrl that the itdnopendeet American Ieeuple ore. al' to judze :ir tleelveiroo what ore Iufs andl impositions. The woothy editors who oe Doctors, the prprietonras, editors or sub-editors of the above nnmed journals. call every letter from Serlons I have res'ortas to sieht in tho shove llrrees, pnlff. 1. The fact is, t ',t I nver halJ .eh omrat tuccess itlhin eo linited a persinl no ten or twelve drvs. One who was axed about ten years, wilo sad only sern the light troe, hij Ili'th, hellon to s fer o ol folw io s mio r to my hltel, io-trnd of heirie ohligel th be led h hyiil. Two voune ladies, who had each lost the sight of one eve, one for ten rears, and the other for nearly two years, having both of them the other eve very weank; vet each of snoner ,,.e !,di·a esen t )see with bor! eves, which benefit I pledre myselfstill continues. ex espting they ere under tihe iolluenee or dssmisati o of the .ledseat Doctors. Another is thouhlegigre of i respectable merslant, w'aose name I otam trld never to mention, (as he paid me my fees), who said she had lost the eight of one eve tfrom the erre of 18 months, bht that slio now begli. to roarl large letters wirh the other eye completely slout. This the doctor erhtoIn krew, as tie grntlonemsnn told me himselfn Ito hsdi cn. dtoe ed is idool terr to tile office of the stedin:l editnro. tlat they ighllist itfr:uaed of thie fact. The tIno I shall menoion is an elderly entl man by the nante of Yount, noetrlv sevpeTs venes of ae, wlo dllellold plt licly hrv lette., which" he tooh to ll the dife rent offices in Nashville but one, rnd himself told ms lie had paid for the insertion whatever they Iser andvd, who dveclr l-I iu that letter that Ie e h orally epr;veld of tihe ihht of one eye from h , k asiter hlisPierh, whilch his mntherstatrd to h is. ooeasinned by the oreasla or small pox; thst no v .. could not onlyp Os: the lihlt of the sun, for tile frst timne that ihs rerolleet, but the stares ola, and wso bhginnine to distintgish mnos ohbec:ts; anl did, before I left that r;tv, Dive mt ornv p.rf lthat h, cold rsee to wallahoilt the streets withltho otlher eye completely closed. Ho said he had been a talember ot tie Metotlist Episcopal Clhureh for neorly fbrty yearn, an01 tlt his wolr wa never doubt ed tlhroughl the thoso rours. ofhis life. 2. I repeatth.r 'tlad never creater ellcess then at Nashville, and It, eto medical and clerica doctors tad never ettnnt tm to elt reason rto he enraoed. The piongindlgatian a . Reio . e clerical D)r lsitll provre, wheet :o sttatt;o. h., that abnrt six .earsr past, he .vn, converted frosm lole, a perfect inflidrel, to believe in ithe dosetriu of the Bihbl, thnt he nslltt have otusle a trilling error-that he thust have meolt to say, th t Iefore tihe end of six years to cnote,he shtuld ble convertetd frnsm hlis infidelity, as the spirit of the ttrue minister of the peaceful and henign doatrines of the Christian religion does p.t breathe oslt destrction, rage, ctlumyv and falselio.'d to plrahse his medical fi'leudsl, against tile mnan wholi he knew had done so mach noodl, and no in any o5ne. All the inhabhitants ,f Nashvill- spoke of tle great .sft:ss$s (!lad, a-iept tie eledierl dtctorsr. Most ofthem also had beens infoimed Itv lIe Yountt ol thn cure prerflo'med t;n his totally blind c'e. . 8. l'he fit:noses Go'iptl l.-ofthis town, pretends that I hav lost the lot tha.rels I gined in the Norti, since my arival in tile Southwest. This proves, however,I has), andthat I ketl them until I nr;ived in this sertitn. If I gained vrme in tile north,'l ought to have ganined neath er in thle sntoh and senthwest,and I still ho pe to wear theni ol mn very routlhfl Irow on ti.' dl I leave, isn spiteft t i of th ltuperatin f tile great Dr'..,ifL I mny iltlae front the-man' I ave already bens.fitted in lthi within three dall. " 4. 'lThe olject of the present is to inform th, meIdi rcal Goliahl and editors of tl Ieplhlptlian ant 'ol:taus script, us well :o thle clerisal IDr S'ith of thel C. Pre,! lvterinso and sf the Uniol, of Nashville, ns well s thoe eJiter vel stuh medical editor of the .frsplslio Egnsirer, as well r Mer Pren ice, the editor .f the Si oa ville SJosrsl t nwd also the ilmedicasl fTliahl ediit ,f theis eity, the ,rat Dr S., tIht I shalll bringe ations aa inst tlsnm all, r tlllper.atoli, , slael r ollr oI calunsy, itrmmedi ntely after y eearriv:l in Neow lrlk. ts well as their amiable hre hren the omedical Goliahs ofthe tnltrth 1 now hind Reselfhv plr iaos eneversto quit thisthap;nv lsl sdf lil'tttv, nltil 1 have hrought the osnis sf ail ev medical noliahls of the norihn, as well as the sinth asd tht west, t thse grindlstone! Thle licted,l there ftsre, may cltlrlrtito no fihding inn dulias tle wtstlo of next yone in New York, .l.ere letters, post paid, and no oothere, oill Iso stre to reach Ine. 5.' To mitsrm thie pubhli that tile' pul, so iel'ed, whlch ihe Rev. clerically ennherted infidel pretend was wrIjtterl for him, wasn w'ittrn '. are.tlh a week liraior mssd intatldns lie tile Riev. ID. Hwall, who rendl it is my prstAmes withot mnoifeotintganysisst isstsiost; sn tstttloutst toory k it to slisottsldtvaslss cdCnresl it int the sony- lie dis, whichi hiennisi Itos ugLstsgltwold sss w r pmy turpose Ietter; ie le!livered thsens h.btlht to10, wirhrut preten.iin th0tt I tinter ta bri hint frrorn hO iduty, at trrrver oulld prcrmne to offer that gentlerman or any other, any utrreV for stating flotr The Roy Doetror'sown statemoent is before the public: hod he not examined all myl dliltroa,, &c. &Er. iI a h nnlomod ,n n a intimate friend of his, as well as the wrolo of mo foouiid them ll to er autlletio, an ail ly lotrelrrt to he more or less benetllted, he oever coutl hate been induced by a total stranger to draw op such on artitle o s wrote hilelfr Inllti(eion, llo addrerssedi it to Mr Strisgflohd, editor oflhe SA W ( AlJvoitr.. 6. No ondoer the clear iohted mrnnical G;olinhs of Nashville took the ual. .; ad tierorlioe used their ef forts to jon with trtr tire all-powrerftl, athletic, pltn t ne t s1id hlleotool force of tile s'fid tnr-n-nn,,rto,l clerical infidel. Wle rean in the Bible thla 'o is knowne bh its frats. I dare sa the converted infil'l hta prenclhed from that psslor e, 7. 11. evidc;tly wr atodl to e.ntnrolis Irlnls nrIn ri ant,ýr na m. ainI by SIewinIP pbhl he h v, ofllltn nu .1''11; hliibed, in'. nee whe "tho m h s of thirty pii.e:r t, so!;'"'r will apnlv to ltm. hhn I'.,,il f, itf wasw ý :l. I, It tIo ;ily "0 t0lr0 ' rltd inilaude!, w.. ill s the fat, of i if'l, It Icr.:'ati, of hi-t Dicvie A",toro lr, th 'olu tely t . l.. hI , Ibr (;tnlll:ll i . w r 1 rlr tIIIO'r colulnns of clRr ly 'i,rtl;..e, Illtter, whi tls wei, n r t i re peted Ihlo re 'or i imell l in the I'Pr,.b teniol, I't e 1 , . d tlo I ilul~ o ra:.I l],1- 1 ovnrr ioo . i,',l t bribe, hi, I shultd tIn v ooirer , hbon mt btin lulity r Iett wo l! hay e' gladlly I ited el hio trel-, ,aun not bo a hile, t h uV lid o' er t' d. n, bee he orlilcr'of ' lf r.hrrle b h.trnlourri rrt) ave do, it lo a ,nv to have lin rr rr hir, rer epnrtane, 6, rho iRe'v. Dorr ct r brernl rrally- cn'3 erled to the hebet'of the doctrine. n it tlto :i.'rver,' loll would no rhave promied to merai d erxamin e Inv patierurr or oat keping hlis wond, nou I hve ,alwys lotd ever e rnirof-ol of tire gorpel oor to r to, io d r. Had he been really corcnrted, et w'ul io t nth linly have spoksn against the Amerroeaa inrsiintions, which, it is well known, are more numneros, and which arl. uperior to many in some parts of Europe. His enhduct so blutfh dirustftd some vnotng literaryv rhr coers, rns to bio screelyo ristrinoredo firom purrinh:g him oi the tlooor,b larit vil oinlcnt tnds on. rt, SlThe Rio: entlmri ,t u~'li a rotrchoel , is without hrmtllC (ualesna he in ealuno miete h, oirbtreir i' tlni'v think htil,.rria' a right to ont eo the rAmelrico lntlrtntin,. ibenat. ce i, a rorvenred infideli. r I say riebis not--a all olt lit to nrrr nell of the bridgc's ir goon ratolv overr. I In try the gnllant Cootain (irondr ninod oevenor oIthe <iuble ynttg nige entlemn of Naohoie, reaoll ct t wroll the oonnuct of tdrf pigrr roponori tfof tie Holy S1f. I nsrer asn olrlh o demront in horlnun h s ope n rthe ecrv I)lrtor' wan the dov l cotl to reiaso ritn. hrrn, whi"e he mrenacedr my gtey Iirb withran nrlifted gignrtio arm, oa if ho wotnlil hve fulTed mor tr the "groond,' for darilt.g t draw a io[ins minister :owaY fror his dutry, hy. bribe of 0 piece'i of silver! I really tretblor moro tmhan I t ie ".l t Gentleman.n had rp Ieourrd inr hir own shloe! If. I , leorlov drcehrc hefic Prr od andeo nnnot afraid to call Hi:n, o witrnens tit 1 cover, i tiile whole course orf 4 0ears prartico a oe list, in Greot Britain. ,'rallco, oielrnor andr Amotrica, inn single iuste oc f feredn a bribe ayr amotnt to the ediior of aov jotnor rbut as i.:omianrsititin rrr the splrace I noeetiod oal tire trorrrtthie ich I a'arrsionmld them; uld that I was nlwos more inclined to rerces rather tllnn atld avry ino to the printer's bill; snich ise sufficient proof tibt I had noirtenrion to bribe. P'2. LasIt yv.-'ihe Mfmpheino Enquirer fol twoor tllrec nweks anttoirns o tisrue of flaigrant tilsonorod, wrhich tile rmedical (iliaior cditors loarrnl froll tlir brelhren oft the l. Gioliahs thf te North, and I shall treat tlhe with srlortmont.rltc r until trle proper tilr arNrives:- Unlics t is true rwhat have hbeen ifb.rlned--"Sue beggar, and yor l will cntch p It--" .hourh I poid hiN for my tdvrtllOUSetnets for two or I lroe weeks, he only inserted ebeol once. ' ntOit willpletse to insrt thirn letter in your net ain ITer, nd oblige youri, :i! e. hI haste, WJOIN W'I.T.UA.Ma, Sthe I'rglihr4)eoul;tr. ~orrionillo,Jnli 1837: Cotored fruro te S. W. t,?. ld.onate of t6as lt, Jne, IO.17 ArI re nequert of IDr. Wllliams, we insert tire follow. rl' Utro fronr tihe Ry. AIr Howell, of Nashril.e, to lrh eriofr o, fl r Srrllrl Wrtsterr Christian Advoc.ate, wrho, it1t' eorn, bus examined the, diplomas and nohae dnc I' ;uts,eviocive oftho Daoctor's claims to public patron age In etnusoqueace of an accident, Dr. W. will ra nain iu Nasovlrrii a few days longer tran hI at firs intened--sany the ltt July. Rev. Mr Stringiold:-i aving iberen requeneted by Dr. Williimns, ithe onlist, now ir thir city, to nexamnio his lnlerous difionmrs ond orler dncu llent evincivo of Ili elarns to ulblie confident i in his ptofeoiion,' Ilave, ra conrpanr) with rvalued friend,dono wowith pleasure. Amnong them I fonnd a lettr frorn Air Pageot, at pre osent Charge d'Aririreo of the King of the French, at Wasrhirgton, addressed tro lr. Willirars, teotif' lg the ,mnc llneners of the diplorrns fromn tire Kings of Fra re, clkinrm, &c. as well as tione from tih Aledioil Socir rico of Fralge. lIe has nnmeroun s vouchers franm mren knownwto he If hi ftrepntntion in this nuntry, receivrd sinc his arrival r the Uritcd etateo, detailiru intoan. rc of great success in :o re.toratialo of sigllt t tire onn;ld. l have seen tie rr y all hir poor tian.. n this c.:0. 1 knlw nollr, orhf hll rr;evious to td cuoIing his care; bht nll I have srn ai suy litfy aro un tq:tetionably hbeofittdl. ItfolIT. B. C IlOWE.LL, Nashville, June ii 1,187. P. S. Sinrre writingthe alove, one of I)r. W"il1iams' cialeats has ,cpll I up-n alnrelu i a ysie hlaid ar tu tiv nfl toltally lpst tl iirht rf mne eye Ibr seoentv)reol,, bult ouw declares himself leurt; tihut last rbht, for the first time in his iifdthlat lie can rrcolledt, he could dis tihguioh, with h tt .r.,e,noRnofth prominent, tIorn. 1 learrur thatlliri dhl gertlrfarIoi hrts lived mnr ay yeanr in ins rdgion,nd says h ho lt beer a flthodror dtrirog trty yeaors. 'tours, truly, erglQ I1. B. C. It. TIENNEI'S MAIP OF' L.(IlolNIAtAwc. n.' A New MIP no LourSror., with iti cannals roI oln nod diotnoo,nfrorr pinec to jlrce, along tho otarge ord teoall flOlt rorlen, tI it. S. 'tulltrrer. MITCtO L.tS m m AP OF o.rHE 1o t . INr SrATrS .oo h,,ing the principal T hlrroike and nobrliioun rrd,.onr hlhc .rnt oirrren the tlls.l:,ts It mIltnCs nliilmnr oe r laeri tr Ii)orr lSuO Ihu eOtaell- uf lit,. tItll1Ill and rail roads tlironol: nlort the cooolrrngnrrfnldn cmomprrlled from the lrcsti.t tlrriti. --roiiolro1tf hy S. .XAo-strrs Mlitchell. llrcntolr.l. . 'Prrrti rtt's t'tro rtHILoOnGo Tnori /tnrTED rT So-'+o: a n1ol) 'nf th' ItorIS, distoones snior boat ond carll rotltcn,o'n.i jll receivoed andl firoA,I. WMi M'KEIAri, I ' HECKS ON Pl 1111..111" rooe y v 1 1RI'o , r. tROTHEi;R: " 1 ~'Crnamp rtln't. Oitthe euoeofr dahw ismamerfulstlbrkingsevll,gott, .aeinticn or hip bout, insiMient caners, saltrheum, hilitic and mermatrsil diseases, particularly ulcers and paitifiaffectios ofthe' bones, ulceratedthroata ner trils, iners of every desuraption, fever sorcs, and internal I absessta, fiatulas, piles, snaLd hand, scurry, biles, mic sra eves, ar' snelii,lithrs, aed every varietyat oc. taoous astihetion, chronie Catarrh, head ache proceed ing from any acrid humor, pain in the stomanh nat dys pepsia proa,.dinag from variation, atle.ctiona of the liver, achroe inflrmmation of the kidnert s, and general dthili y 'ase'l I:v a torpid action of the vesselsofthe skin. it is sing lqri- eftia.calos in rnovating those constitntions whi• have beep Iroaken down t y ijttudioemas treatment, itvtila ittarlraities. Ion general terms, it is revom s:÷ufrd to all those diseases whichar is from inmnl.itins of the blott, or initiation of the humors, of whatever nameor kind. Soome ,f the above onmplaints may slenire some tri. flintg asistant ap plicntinas, hichle theircamstances of the case will dicta';but for a negeneral remel or Purificalnor to remtvethe, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally be found asufficient. TO TIHE PUBLIC. flow tane ict is, that modern Physicans, tn theh am- I rhitioa excel in their profession; explore the coast fiehls ot'sicienc by the aid ofchemistry, and o eek out new r, mtial agents: int short, to arive at perfection in the . practice by means of at alone,-ntirel overlonok and ueglet,as 1'eneaththe irnatace,therich anti bounteousI stores ot'medicine, which the Almightiv has ncaused to spoing out tf the earth in every clime! And howa much mare tiue sit thast whilethe Amerietn Physiciaih looks to ti'nreign tontries for a.nt of his most common and necessary articles, perpetualil changing as they are at the dictates otffasihion or fily, he is surrouncded int his own country with an endless profusion of mnedical plants, sffiioi-nt toi nswer any indication in disease or to, cure any smablhe disaoler; and yet he is ignorant of their vir toes, and they are nsuiteredto 'waatetheirhealing on the desert air.' The effiets oi vegetable medicines umo the system are temnotr.try-thote of minerals lasting. Thd Iater ex crt their tlee.ts and pass offeli-the latter, mertcury in par ticla.r, act chemically upon the solids, dieecompsing the hones anod ualermining the constitution by a slow anpdi are destruction. The onnageniallity, effhieiey mstld SAP.ETY ofvegeta tie remedies eaver mineral, may oe estimated baheontrast igthe uancient practice with the modern; or, tohring it more immediately under our own observation, tho hmli. an practice with that of the whites. W\Vo, in Ameriea, ass not known orheard of repeated instances wherein some deerepid, unpretelndingfemale Inldian, by meansof her simlde remedies alone has affected the most rapid and astonishing cures, after the NMateira Medica of the atmmon practice. directed in the most skilfil manner, has tiiled t Andl who has not been surprised sat the com statrativeeaseand facilitywitltwhichthe Ilndianfreeshim Sself from any disease, and at the almost tota abstinence of chronic diesease among them? Who has ever heard s oaan Indian with a constitution broken and r.ined by ilitreatment? A:nd co a douhtexist that this happy ex Semaption o'f tie savage from, most of the ills which the f.lesh of man is Ieii to, is chieftly owing to more genia and sale remedies wlhih he employs? Ti' his astonisht ing difirrence in sueeess, is a fitr exempliflication of the t infinlste staperibritv'of he simple and safe m'ceans of cure which God has created for the benefit of his chilren, over those which tile pride andtl the art of omat have in vented. From a long residenoe among a portion oftheatborigin r al iinhabitants of thiies.onty; andan intimate acttuain j ance with the. methmlds lof canre of some of their most 1 ssecesslid practtitioners, the proprietor t The ilon dioa's Panueea,'acquired a knowledge of some of the most powerfida sd favorite remedies. From these he selected such as were most eilcactious act appropriates, aind ater varimus experiments to test their principlesatutd strength, he hascombined them in the ftm Ihere presented, as tihe 'lst perf.4t ctnd btenefiai:d for the purpose s fo which it -is recommended. ttht proprietor offersthis preparation to th'e uthlic, wilth ta. consctiousness that he isphiniig withintheir sea, na remedtly capable ofrelieving many of his allicted flil SIoiv beings, who are sulfering under the tariouas chrdonic andt obstinate contplaints to whicl. it is applicasble. , To such it will pro:e of icncalculable vale, as the means, a, in omany csases, the only meansof relieving their suof sevin-,s atl restoring thent once more to esilth and haip piness. Thisias ngtoff'ered aa commnon remedy, that f not per chaIeae he etlually gof with many others now in lse, but as one witcth iscapable of saving lif i moany. extr tae c ises which alithe unus:, lv'tmediesftll. This it I, has dae repeated!y; and thin Is the .",ultation ithusohb Straietd whlerever it lia been introduter. Iit istilnlthtttloree yt-arfitettisptreparatioalt was r preseoted to the uhlic: htu inaut salhort ttltce tit ttie, i smle hltdlretls of persons tigltleht lie 'tOn, ,ic o would n sootlally dleclare hat they believed that othelr lies wele sated by it, a tld in svonsses alter they halt taicel mniy SIknd pethtps all the cmumon remoedies in sain. \hi'lc "vt -lt is kaown it istlptlls caniag into tSe, von thi tlli'tllstlh anst spalstantulatald catoaitaig prttf of it tI he vahle f th e Pnacea. most conspicuous inl those iong standinitg andl, simlitic lol selfullos afimctions I lhibl hvt,-elofiut al l o utr I.tlirs and ):,tltv !elel ill thll ci.:aie S L. IhIe nlter ha been so t avid : I ow as o I llns.dlstroess-i ng .ll i in the ho iis, nml s, merllle ial ulcl:er der a11-nent of the dIli~ elite(I orIs, ctl These it completely reun.ti.i, ni ii al-u-.-st ot er ly ai .'ales thetdlisease, andelli"cls of " ,ercr, , r" no.I h , ii- Ijl Iil" , -llla h l 'l-. hl,- a l i loi,ll-l. Iri ,l' , - tt ll ,i t. , i. -l., -t l it4. c~Ob, I in'n i. ,1io1 :el,€,11 vui'tl t I 1,: ll, lit in; toE' ll . i ;II .It, ,.Itt, IIE'. ]Itong thlo ,eL iil ptitstto iel: ll I:Ie.eetNtht1t. III Ilhihut '" dlis t l ci- e iti ,:s htoel eol.i high ,ly 1' t lt In n,:-te a ,le n .ilh toc ,l n' I ,i , ,ys :.t atio nll'. I, 1:1 n :, s lll,~ n 1," l! I i'11,I b FEltli iF IIJSO , olegot.e,/ II:I11(. r.ii,"1, ht 1hl r ho e ,: " r ,t, In!s tle t o, l itime h l 7s , , nd in a I t t- o nn-e i ti ahdltttt.: te I , o.l-, it e, cl l lilon sti sll.,ik. 'unt bUoi in.llSing cert'ic:u e, 'siCe of huilo sIh i1iod, t 're .hlt aln's I: m~nlce, lshe mll ,.,plnll florill Hi er henthimdH-l;: l also -l' ' , n the , s; shi- alr e)s Svoe . its tNa tprr~t eor tie lle pth i tt i othi use. Stti'itt S tlt '' c ItIIiItitM.oT-I-\s. ' Cunt. rte:tl'ole, N(tv. 15, h1832. D'uring thellat wIhtl d m1l1,rni, I wxs aithe0ud w h a vsry ,.v.e time odistry srbleto mrhove itlitoc.lUcationlle e. posur in t wl e thear. nowl take l reat p)leei asur. ii s:ltitln, th tix o to tlle tl. i yll lndiao's 1.ati· ea, restr., . e, om4t ltopl et halh, amtnd I coi tlantly lrcolunfend it toell, .OAES N FESC IIUSON, Kinglst. C owa nt.esto, ear ch 27, 1830; 0 was sieild- tat ithre earh sinel o withai, ttre sino ithel o lll lllts l, Iaused by takinog sevel e , wi hile euntleel, Illetointhteeellt leg'tu ttry, .aul which hacs distbled rc irom business nearly ever since. Durting thi period hae lbet nl paltient in the Marine IHospital, in this cit tlpwnlltet ol Ior mtlintlts, a-iltn nearl.y ilthe oe lentlh." time ion the alen i ote Hospital, anl tried alme st' ever remetdy, with little benefot On thelo6th of lvtbl'uair. lastattlofat timetosale tly ableto move Iabout uptOl erutc-ii es, I coIellnced the use of Inditn's PalaceYo s. In ot, tmounh I fuund myselfetttivtev ti'red trhom pin, takind now happy to state mit s ohenaltdr tyse If ose pety well, CASES OF SCROFULOUS ULCERIS: Thell s may certify that ill the fill ot 18r5 Ie wa seize with a swellingoi liuy neck aend i hee whitch alierwar rtl elaelrtl and obetl large ghlstly ulciers i in nleel. Atlrrl"ying'sevpral physiitoas to nno tdlantage, I wen, to l if ct, I was pronounclied utterly incurable. iy er. willts took twenty hitles ofSwaim''sfPanacea av d eight o vtttl ines of Pnoitt tvr'is thico ith yo materhkd beaneil gavemyselfupto a lingering death. Hearing of thI g, e: suess of The Ildian'st P.tnaces hlowe ver, in case similr to nmyi wnet , I wa ptersuaded to tell it thas a lst tr. sornt. To mh y gieat sureiisel, as well as iatisitetion, soot <,ntheuyselfrali}!ly reeovering, and upon takie I iei bott-les, the leIrshealedinee I beiame perl'ertl ever sihe, l make this statemen and wishitpublished forthu.betleflofthose whoare suffering tnder usimilar sli'tous.tor sYlhilitie affections, at they Imay know what iEw cured one whp' has sulfetretd every thing out death, inad hn considers this tilnl sa d biy te tabovl o v rP. . TVW . IIINIIf p Crsn;T ronv. July I2, I i431. I . ahlin ted, foon ea1rs with ot ulcer il the leg ot. taoionitly a.eompsmie l with cllSIoyelatous inle dlmatil an sh excessive latin i o the I adl anlels joint. Sevld era lemnent physieians exetied theh'skill upon it, btl with not II. traeut benefit. In this loase live bottle ie diat's i'ntl.oll tlen ma e nrhit calre. MAfRGAilT A coiVll oi d Co121 arket For sale iy HENRY HiONN.i EL, druggist, e en proplrietor, 'ehou nitlou as sltret, I l NEW ORLEANS R NASHVILLE RAIL RtUA-I tion ptased on the 19th list.ot thca ll made on them on tlhe 3th February last, lir the payment of ) lve dollars f s lhare, wa resltinded, and the said stockholders are S i..oREA, by a resolution fc; withis hoardl passd o the 1 -th asL., allt if Ito br aildeoly pait .withi thler on Ihe New Orleans Ipto d Nshville Rall Roid Coptn ya llr the fllotlowi engf pce ie o the thestock hemld respac tiet hvbthesviz:l-tiu aitarns per sharei Ityable on Ilhe lli thday, nof utoiebr ltl ext; two ii.iiars per share chellar.per share paiya)e o n the lhot dsy of MSrch next. Now therefore be it resolved, thte rthe secrlan~ O1"t this com:iiu y shtdl noti.fv the slare holders thereiat through the pVuttlie pr ensof the ity,thlht in lonlormily wllh the -ixl seIection oft the charteer, thett aroe prtitt l l i poot poti anyl t payment ell,- o in ott-i i stIock of said ntinputly for lile ter. ou. sixty daes, from and after the ,liltiol t o f lol sixty day, ifit li. tosieo tlli-l afo:u t'h- day on which it should have )ectn paid, that then the stack rtlnl !orf ithedto the i 'oDtpav, ithe p harter oil tlwodl intt 2I.1 im ate. ito oNf AIIt Seore, st lws th-m, are notified tifat dIh Itent of two fl I trs per siare called foramd due on the first of Sep tembliernext. mav lIe pnotpnned under the tixth section orf said c'tlrter, uintil the 31St dvy of October next, that [leh payment of twn ,hollar:t per share c dled for, and doe on the .int day of lIteclmbe'r next, may Igo Dost ine rluntil the ?' th dany o f.hnwarv nett;a od Ilhe'pay meat of per ,l te "ilell fIr ind du, il the fr tdav of Mareh eoxt, may be postpo ,'d until the 3Itih Extrnets of ice minutes of tile board. imue21 A It McNAlt, Set"'rv. al, 1t6 It Y Op` LNtIISL4N4 Pofir Cotrt for the 3 Parifs- andCioty 4r Orleansm. TI TE STAT F OI )INA, To all whom tlfte Presents shall come, Greetingt-Whereas, .toe Heose having purohased atito rale malde by the Sheriffelf the parish of Orlean tile property hercinaolerddeecribhd, .as applie to the clerk u this court. in whoe olfice the deed of sale was recorded on thc 2dl dat ol'April, A. . 1838, fir a monition or adverg tisielt in contbrmity to an cet of tile Leislatcure of the L ote of I.nui4iann, e-,i:.ed "'An act for tlhe farther assu raefce o' tilos to ourhaters aiojudicial sales;" approved the lllt dclav ot Marci, 1Lit. NOI\V. -hoerefre, know ye. and all persons interested hlrein, are here'ty citd,;d nd tdioni-hed io the name of the State of Louisiano, and of the Parish Court, who 'oan set .p any Iighlt,title or claim in and to ihe property heeretifter deecribetd, in oosequenore of any in;m):ality iu tle rnler.dTecree or fudgtett of the court under which thie call was made, or any irregularity or illcgality in the aplprisrmenrts and advertisemonlt, in tile, or manner of sale, or for any other defect whatso ever; to show cause, within thirti days from the day this monition is first inserted -in he publie papers, why the sale so made should not be confirmed and homeo lu,,ted. 'Th'e said property woyr sof hv the Sheriff of thIe par iehb foreosairld o the ltlt ddy of April, A. t). 182.. by virtue of a decree of thin Court, renderedn to hf 5th day ol'Fe1efrv, A. It. 1838, in a uit entitlod Alexander Caldwoll of. Jamres Hense, No 11,367 of the dcket of this Court, at which sale tile sid James luanse became the plrclaser for the price of twenty one tto usaind Description of Property as given in) the Judicial Con veyanec, vis: A certain lot of reruund crtoetted in tile suburb An euncitiuion alias Lacourse of this city,in square No 5, nd lot having French meaouoe, fti feet front on Tchou pitoulaes treet, e:ll feet front on Oraugers street, and t0 fiet on Iafm ide d Slle 6c street, in such a manner thlet said lt oflg'roud in 60 feet wide frot one side of the square to the ither, together with a dwelling house routing on Tchoupitoflas street, the kitchen and de pendencies, also the distillery estaoliohments erected thereto and other ibuildings anoi improvements, the mchiner o u tesils, implemloents and fixrtres belonging to said distillory, its ldependencies and apportenances, and the rightt,Ctionsanti privileges thereto belopgieg or in any wise oppirtainitg. Clerl's OfWer, New Orteans, May 7. 1838. mlt4,24&j3 J. tOLLIP, tDepltvClerk ETAT DE LA LA .UUlTANS;--uout tie Patrotu poror In pmroisse et vill tie la N.utelle Orleans. I'ETAT )E LA LOUISIANI.-A tous ceux qne Siarcs Iprsente coneernent, Salint : Attendl que James Hanse u aynt achelth? ne vette faitle par le Sherif defslaproitse d'Orletat Ia proptriiti6 ci-pedrs rdectite, s'est adLressh au Greffe de eerie Cof r ou f tlite vente foi erregistr6e Ie e eme jour de Mt de l'amtnte 1838, poor un avis confortineme't nto acte de la Li"gislalure de I' Etat de lft Louisiane, intitul, t Acte pour onafirmer lee titres des ocquerears aux ventesjudlieisircs;" approuv6 le I Mars 1834. Qu'il slit connu, et toutes personnes intr6ssecs seot par ces prnsentes sorntmes an nom dte 1 Etat dtie In Loulmisiloe t le la Cour de Paroise, qui pourraient avoir droit A la propltite ci-aprsa lerite, enl cons eqence r'u dlfiat de forime deans I'oldrl,e rle eret on le jlgement de lit coulr, en vern dttquel la vente a i'le fitie, oil l(e toute irrlgularite oU illealite ltl I l'estimation,l'atis ou Ie temps et le mode de i, vel-le, or pour in.n llttre leslrequelconque; de faire voir, dans trctejoturs a deter tde la publitatiol tie cette ries, youo.t oi la atclte insi it fel ie sel it lpus onfitrm e et htologe ego', I.a proltrekte fit vendoe par les lrtr ilsnsdit, le qan tozinmc lonr d'avri do aonde 1838. en vertn d'un dtit:lel de cette clcr le 5 eo tirieri de l'aonno 18381, dans I'tlfitre d'Alexarlder Caldwell, centre James Ilanse, No 10,3G7 do docket de ceutt, Cour t laIRnelle vela e dirt James Ilause s'et rendu acqu6reur pour Ie prix. doe $1,00 . i)e-eription dele Proprithttd'apr6s letratsferJndiciaro, I Sovnir. Unp ertain li.t de terre situ6 au ftioulnrg dte I'Annon Scianiot alias I.aeoutrse, d ticette ville, dans 'ilet No 5, Ic dit lotl'I' terca avant [tmesare fr ntiine, ] soixtmnte tredscde rlel f . leo e e Tichoufitoutir , Iloit rei t e lrt ds I t. lace A at ran des t lage¢rr, et soixante pied' de iaoe A l filg'de de In rue dt .,larchc, de corte qne le Sdit lot. Ite terr a soixante pieds de argear d'u Ie de i'ict dl'otrs; ensemble site naiolsen Isant face q In rue :i'eltnldteleaso Io citisin et ue ode pemntlances.,isi t que la distillerie construtite ar le lit lt, et iteutres hl ttissev et air i'lioraltion. les allchinee, ustensiles, instal. pttiopis &c. app .r!cueim A la dite dinsillerie, aos de-peed t unces, pplarteuances et leo droits. actiona ct privlleges t t tint. I io.iu u It grelielr,Nouvelle Orlban, le7 nai. 1838. e r14;.&j3 J. OJILIIN Dfepult Cretlier ttoyval Colle:tge of 'tPhysictan, Lotlrlon. nIeI r oei;ganl VtRgetahlc Itc geiln Universal Mcdi . se, preR td n 1Y .1 fiskin, Eat. Ilemo er of let [ltvnl Colle', of bulgenoes, licentiate of Apothe e Lare'sbnom any, ello of lint Court S(aoiety, Surgeon s io tihc Iloial tUnion netnesii Asoeoiatioln, L.onnoutLce Pl '1er. \Vlerlot Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil of (;y' and `'t. 'Thics's hospitals, Lodon. iThis vPallle medicilne, the recsall of twenty tyears' ef l."t' iluce adl inpltndlield success it, the extensive and h ithl .'cn eeetntlbi- ptat-ice of tle ,'I'.prie y , pnat,= Sim dl n ilc i;n ,hlh Lan ili l coilt is Iow iasltlodu ton li the etiee l de A tieie pit ilie, li At it he earnest ro -li:,riic ,t' " nmbeer of ,gentimei i ofhi-g And high tia edie , in I 1e ( It is hr,,'e, a1e a prelieui 'n.r, stem, to rhtBck til evib; ad t-dil causequenceus risi R tllll f In IfoS of .lU lluinereno s nl (;'leterPiOls . nsl ,t e fistele upon thee pe ulic IO the id l of lhrt.ute I I:. tl c |' Illil:lcril|OllI- at.l,, a dl othelr fIrtl!s, ).yt set al i 'll"la i r : ee1ll eto l e]1i t ee' Irti' p iitOitli' e e o tftliy. it l ill o€)1 P',-i o .c .:lell , mlldl u:m tilur h tl....h .1", mo11:u1.s l ...i , .t , ' A r ,ni, l g m ir I i 6 , i ,i ~e l ite Sta, 'l ll h , l I t eli tall licai l ly en:. '-- ' . 1t"i . o !e , 1en A i-i ' l i vie i lac, , N. YoII r , lii,, nte (l;: l , s,,, .K , li. ' e U,, ited llL tes, ttc.l ,,I F lut.:l:le a ,vh h II,,,h"i ono t poif thie i, In o,.,e eprie o, I i'tl If.f: o »tt' t\ih) :io1-u in- ie:tu, tN. Yell t. uI>" *it itl t- .tieie : lli t flee eol m .lteu+ol i tn l iilte ti'' t, t:e i , , lits linotr , .-ei l esN t eoCtnal srt-ee r t, .As~o entv i A. S ituieni l. I. D, d. rferui s i,,c,,Ag~es! : fbr Slauthee 1s1' Ib li.;alm. .jul s8 i. : ItY t IEIf c, Na? 3 Ia'luoz er s'treet,are I. o otw receit'u g from shbils Nasohville, Il.nisville, Kitinltk;, Iagle, o'li other laIt arrivals trsotb :hr "thlern1 cities ;, inu'ge aHld new selected assonllltme t +.i, isBoots, shoes alnd BrIlogans, consitliUo algentlhlbsteuni line callf atll Morocco boots do i1 utilit; do bulohill,oi ad stout wax pegged boots o vroarious qulties; man's lilne calf stal atld lorolcco rho.. fa ops atindI brogans, Itcokskint soes, brogans ea. sltqlto s; mena's bine calf atnd kipped pegged shoes antl I rogans; do bouts; do stout kip andl wax pegged shoes a I lbrotans I'elltlemlen's best quality ealf s'wei sihoes, I, stans and Jack I)ownings; do cnlf 'nl s lorocco SoKtlc r noes Iod broenas; do calfi seal In s Moroeco I bdian sllobs andl lpptrs, ub rcaill, bllt anti seatl wIIIg a lew article; to fine calf, sald anil morocco quatile lots; Iys', nisses"' lan clildren's pergged and s'ed bhogans, oani shoesol ever) tqu litvyuld kilL. Also a geteltsl assorntlnllt o tf mn's stout wax and "^"tt I.gnilnls t.d shoes Itogelther wit 10,)(Jt) pait :iro host ttllality, r..ssett brop.tns, nailed in ite Intks, made axproLssly for plantation uset a grad as. S etolhl f ime l'a lille and stout kip roslseltt Ihrogs, i o articl and to l age quantity of ai inferior qn:dlity r sser lll WilbO-oa S.b . ladies' rin clOtl seal, looeeo anild grain awelts, l:oit pnsmp sole shoes; ldo lie YFreollh Mi -tcco and kid ilot , :n1 slipp ), s; fno rol t shoInes, with :aol witlhout hels It clfi set l :ld siuat lther hootti;i (to i rtlllellashes I all kinds olaid qtudities; ldo laooii ibrogts; ult gatte'r .' anl lfored boIltces. sistes'la st.ig p oriog stosanti D gnais. CIlihbloti's coloredl iLooreo lnd lasting bro -t,, l boots .oo. - l:lotlioien'o'a lneufashionlnbl black silk hats; tlo black n Ildrab beaver do o ai siuperior qiluality; olo imitation 'I ran dol; briload : l ni:arrow briml mn's fine drb saold ,l sk Itassia short tnapped hats, a new article. Yorths' L.nt e size hats of dillelret qualities; do children's. .If stn'and h)'s blak aold drab wool tats of saloiollt h pauos, with genllcal assoltlhent of boys' anld omen's bl hls asslllomelt ill be rep Icnishtd Iythe arrival of eat It packotstroml lte atre otlltnatd cities, tall of which w ll tle sold on aceoontotldatillgternls. aug l-If 1.1. L.La FOR Til" TE'E TII. rIl'tll :5slldished re fulfl'nio n antl onstlltly i eren ibl h deind fIr ths r lli. tul remdly orpain, tai pro serv alive of lie torotl, liot indtcned ile nloao rieor titlbr it I tle Asmourilcl pbtoli. Arralgen.etrs tos beten lnade ito sup o lents i all the prit i m ioil tino li1d towta ill to Unoild Statesro na itar c I pl t ithi rtlo reach to tllloseo sullring and likrly to suffer ilbis oo aloorosing ofall icttt, l'oooth-uctlle. When opplied accordilng to directions rioyen in bottle, it to il nevrr fliled t O itildl ilntediatet andrI tnllloent re!io-f. It also llr's Il tito tlbrl o 0 In iltroti.' teetll,lld relieves that toltnO.ssl vich sio freq tenIiit ratllersn I song tooth usless T lhe application and relledv are siople, i:llnotert, on a lot unpleasant; and tllgemangf n f.ler of p orso in dilfetent sectio0 if th nnoottr,, that hlav aNlr.ady esperieotoed oich delighifu odsaolottary erfi.cts hoom the use tf tie BaoIs, sore radv ivallud qaalitles. It is n lttian reomey, obtiiniled oinglarly anl unexprctirdly, l and r e reganorld by tie citvilized world as toe 0l01 valunable diacovrNv ioliotan of tle osotds. i'tcs $1 her bottle. Sold hby JAIbIol & ANI)I+:\ta, iltoo 5 Coro nllooion tto 'PCu a TCha)itoutos sio. S'\\ IlOOKSli --Naval Sketel Bo tok, o,the Ser ties bllb-nt tool shore. \Vitb earacteristic rtoinin.en p, fragments lnd ot inioni. Ilv the author of l'a looito'1, tto, &o. srctonod series, ivols. Iloonlltoit lnoiolleotionti of th Illlmtt o1 Clmolnonns, loall the lillr 1830 to the o eose ul a1i35r, onnltoding perto dil sketcles of tho leading Icmbhers--lmy one of no par y, jst tIrci. l e lldn for sales h V lW cKEAN, IIt 10 IIILIIA lpiiS, I tItiiii\VtII.I., tu icInrio nl Novel, by the author o i' '"lh llrthiert," set in ' " vols. I'.nlur \Idclbme., or Family Adviser; eoosisting of tiatloloe 5f Atoo, ll-\olonV l otssio.t)y, and Ilygaes with suc0h bin's 0n tlle pImotliso oit .iosiuo togerv anl the die;;st.-+ I: WoTlrll ale l clllroen, ias masy iprs r nseful in floiioto owhon egular o phoys. ant coaut be ptoerod: bing a recmpaniottlt ad goidse lor iot.lg .et principls ofmioooct-orti-o, ltlItioo',; aotod boarsd,,ing schools los o slE-- a Thuostoel sketol fCor o' cIsmts eato til- ttoii ofo'oeloo'os its lfvnllltroote, M. u (irogslpol, loor the n of fslnilioolo illoUSrtoedl be ctips otbdl csravgsoo, it too. Jostlt'IaICF ahot fis sale baa float Is moobo1 ' m9 ·dr ''osthop tolooo Ctotmoon oRosp I , dine m!rked Madame 1 , A rllllelltilae per shi rotonromNow S osh , ' It 'er·tc Otto ind bo they JUBTPLIMO M ElO tPPLATEJZ , ROWLETTh TABtieS li't.Rtr: A T O which is n lw acted an Aont1ge Time Cal·ula tor, or easy methods forinting the averageime V on stlrage, note, of had onr bills of goods, when par ehased at different dates, an different credits, and for various amounts; esides a usef and complete Banking Time Ta le, the best that Cal be contrived. r that fi gurs e nan prl Irlue thini the anme oetlemend compass, nid nizeoftype. An avertisetent in thebook is in nearly the follow ingwordts: ' Thehlig distinction this work has received through tihe ten legislative aets prefixed to tie title page, is a re oenmmenc.:tion in itselfl so onoommon., and o e.onllo sive, th I nothing is necessry more than by way. f ad vertisement, to give a condensed view of some of its pe otlinrities:nsforinstance, the Interest has been compos. ed from,and compared with, what is equivalent to four teen sets efealnulatione, examined in the press thirty five times, and printed from .tereolype plates tested thirty ty-ots times, from all which it mest be evident ven to the kepti (especially on the pc.Msonml of the de il of proof in the prefa) that the work mustl e arith metlealty infallible, and in confirmation of thlis belief premium of two hundred and fifty dollars, is now offer- 1 ed for 'le detection of an error ofa cent in the present ] or fifth editionas expressed in tle preface, maktngfive Slalerpremeons offered for the same error sieetha firt itllicatinn in the year 1802. One of tho most conspieaons features of the tables is in the arrangement of the Time sand Amounts, which' for otexpeititas, roferenee nd pierspieoity, with the help ofthenide and index, connet be excelled ; and the atty ty and ease with which the in:eresl can be founl,tothe extent of general business, withont doubling of sums is besides a convenience so essential, that in the estlma tion of some oi the most eompetent and practical busi. f nass men and public offi:elrs who have tnde greotule of thework, ithnasbeen distinguisded Ihytht honoable appellation efofa "master pinace". And considering the infallibility of the method originally adopted in composing the work, and the extraordnliuary uumher and variety of the examinations, Rnd tests ofevery edition it has passed in the press, eotwitheteading the. whole is in stereotype, considering, in sh6rt, :he positive accuncy secured by the nnpreeedonted means emplotnd, the vo lumelms 'been held up antd laphetically styled "the most wonderful book tn the waslk;" most certainly no mam can tames figure work of the same extent, which since the begitning of creation, hIls had the same num ber anti variety of tests in the same number of editors; no, not one half l'the number, as is clearly showh in the if prehe. Besides, astest and standard, ithas been tried and proeed in nerly all the bank and public offees in the United States, and by the public generally, during the long period ofthirty-five reus, yet no error of thne al nalatioas has ever hbee fouml in print, althnogh contiuu 6 ally challenged bythe offerofcry la. premiums. aThe boe .is ian astexftresly adopted by all the ealrsl oflaw o l severWal ofthe tRtes as the "rate 0fealculatlgn foratolute interest," as also by law for bank interest, accordinges the hook is usacd, ant lls may lIe seen in part, bhy .,e nanes.of the sllncribers, and a few of thie it subsequent purchawers, in the list attheend of the book, in in possession efevery closs of citizens in every quar te of thie Unit el States. It is moreover well known that, by its rearly cheek, it has so oiftendetected large errors, iong after they were made; even by the most aretftl and most competelt arithmetlicon, t'at its seafulness, and the absolute ne cessity for its us, baNe Int, extensvlyel insisted uponn, so evident, inceed, ihave been its ailvailtages, nud its , savings, that, neverrl ycarsago, whilst the first edition was snaree, and out of print, a great Inmber of secoml hand copies were sought for, semine to a gre.t distance. .eand purerard t t various prices, as they coulll oeasion ally bo picked up at from $10 to $ii5 per copy, and some persons have reeen.y declared, and instances could be quqted tsatihey would Ilay $5t, $100, and $500 fir n copy, fltnot to It had for less, sai an ingividual ill the latter instance particvlarly, having at the same hiane rxhibited eatisttotory proof, to several peronas pre Ssent that to him it was really worth that lopey and more thtough the saving of lii very vaunable time, he being a very rich man and in public office. It is likewise worthy of nlotice, laid indeed proper to imprea, that such is the nature of figue work generally and aspecmially when of the extent and inpolanoce of theI e li los, thathld this book or its like been plrepar ell in the usual manner vloe, by thie most comlpetent calculator in the world, and afutecrtrs ri pinted most cattiouly under his own correction of proof sheets, it would, almost to a certainty, have been ahitau fr re. ferelle,andlidenr at any price, as the preface duriicu -r ilp explaias. Butot n erfect and valuable have the stereotype plates of rdi s worklbeen made, that tooecere them, wVittheir numerous and exllraonlinary exanlilln tions,ngninst fiei, for the general benefit, they are (by .advertisemenllt) conrtantly kept in a l:lace f alteeial usafoty, except while uoe 1 Ii ptlntitg. 1' Amtplet.ietiollsuo ofintl btlh uinuka and statute intnr Set with uIsetlll notes, follow the ieflace, which, in this Bith as ia the two preceding i diittinrt'eptatain much itl * f' ferlsation conenltingthle tiwo awful miodes odf omplut ie u intaer sti, tee days .fginee, ke. it rent:in onlll to reHtark that, ntwithstalnding this U ienionly costly wo.k, whitch w published bett, re interest tnbles worn introlnc.d in dlhnlas and cents )e tend .nltttitatt., a.i tnen tso exteiiosivel ad ln liberally ipatronised, it ihas lnot yet so uch as paiid with internst. tee heavy loss of nvearly jLoi thousandl doalhus, lresirles 1 six ienr ll tintte frot 1799iJt I NOtt, us:tinoed on thle firt Sedition oft 760K) so iens,:arlting chiefly- from its publien otiol at thlt time, itt nIll iLer irice, I to ssn Iai hiig of it cenll,te ti on or1 ptIrlio t ir dasll tl It lire-ti e iiof Il e tIail, i aid s:rifitce. Wherefotrr. tihe ithor still 'rlies oni the it diseenIhn.t and ,enIrosity o" the public f'r acm tinu: Ir aunce of prellll::cc and lolrour;rp. I'-rsh:de by the Pr . r. e t J. ikt"e;:llc. ion iet ('nited ,Yntes. "I a:L N ; viU WvUli ,.--hii ,Atn..i.u. io I7 t"gla.d, by ti.e autotrof '". henr in Spain," in :Note Ii(;i· of ". n We , it t.i. 1ite ou, Wi .' ti, h, , tiatnal a mora ir eli Jost receivet- w d foriti by Wil. 31'itlN, DoCTORl J.OlNiSON It.1Y e yonsulted cWonftlntly at his otliiie, 143 SCusml litouIe stret. , near Iltuplin. stire.t, ot r the treatment of a I:ert.iclsa if deliele dlisculs. Froom r. JIlllllh o.q. S.tehSie opl mortU l i inn'o-. of the lo celebra ted Ihnnntnllr In olo E moe, "exclull'e Iv Ili'li.ld ItoIho treatnltltol Veouritin SyIhilhtic complaints; and also reits a resietoue of five v.ars in Niw York, during whieh tine olr. Johnonl eoineil his prac'ice solely to the tricatmentit f th diolses, itri the most unprecedenllte sur~c:; hI is enabled to re ino'r ally of the followilng complalit in i fromt 5 to 20 doyo, wiltollt iojoriig th ceolltitltioo by nirrclly'e or ity oilier deleteriolt moedieino. iihonoltrioe, tilet, Strictole, Sullillnl W hknelos,Alfkectiona t' tehollad. der, Kidnilci, Prostate Oland,iand any of thosle nullter ouns trai of affections, which generally follow neag. . ed or inal-treated cases of Venerial. Scrofulous oorer, ulcerated legs, and wormo,rmloved by a simple Ietllh oil if treatirtnrl, without rostrictiou in diet, or interrupl tiotl from hbusines. Persons residing in the country, and who feel deli. cate incoanslrmg their fitily physician, by sendino a statement of their cate by letter (post paid with frea enclosed) caon have Di. Johlnsoo's advice, tlir their own treatment, with medicine, necessary to b osedl, forwar. ted. Separate olffices provided where patients can never come in contnct with each other. Attendance from mnorning until night, at 143 Custom Housae street. lI'Conosultations strictly confidential in all cases. ire 13 D OYLE kr SlAY, htouse, Sigo, coil Otticanittis lPaluteiS, Nso 3 alit.otl le street, two doors fbom O:nal street. Ilnications of the following woods '/.fd aorrbles, x eouted in a mastniy malner. WOOlDS M. A nltLS. Mlt.dlgaity, Fgvptit.n Iloak cnd gold, Oul, Gi:(lla and Anttioo, Pollart do, (/rieital or vertdl antique, Cuirleit (io, as r, Curled .,n ple, Iltool Stone, Birds Eye do, tIarby Glrllite, S rti Volil, i PoltolitC. Ilair Woodl, Dive or Iurdello, Yew Tree, IIalitan White. Coromanole or Black Sillli and lBrectella, loser Wood, Amero ian Grey, Ash White Othk, k . & kc. Curled Elm, lSpeeimens to ie seen at the asop. Paints. oills glass, soli varniilih, rc. on bland olier sate. m 1 I tOUN,S' EELg,& IHEAVY G(IJI)S-- lat, square L and bhndle iron, well assorted. Hloop, ctroll and rod iron, anil rods and plolgh Inouldls Cast, German, isear, blistelred, spring, sheet and Crowley steel hollow wore, out andt wrotht nails and spikes Zine, block tini, mill and grin stones, salt kettles Chain cables, enchors, hoes Ox, log ansi trace chains, corn mills Anvils, vires, Iammers atl bellows Wire, sleet, pig eid har leadl; allot Ciald, and cotking stoves Ames, iowland's and other spadlles sir hovels Hook andl plate hinges, dol. and window hooks Csllins, Itoots, Sharps, sad other ties torm ernd lManilla coredage, lines and twine Boll stll shelli.og copper'; Naval stores Paints, linseed and sperl m oil A illl assortlment of hardware and ship chandlery, always on hand, nod whliolh se ofenred r isle at whole. sale or retail, on the most favorable terms, by mt LAYTON & Co. 6i30ld Levee. -iziow---iiw-- .--.f--~ HARROWGATUE SPRIfGS lllteigniiory tiunty, Alhaleutt. THREE DAYS JOURNE Y FRoM NEW ORLEANS. IIE iroprietor of this establishment har the plea. sore of anosuncing to his friends and thle public in general,that he will Ibe in readinees by the first day of Mar to receive visiters. He will also state for the be. nefit of those at a distance, that there have been large improvements ade, and others now going on and in rapid progress lir completion, which will enable the sbllser.her to arcconrlodate a lmuch litrger tumlber Ithan heretofore, and at the same titls much better. samilie can he aeccommoodated sith good reooms. or those who preAer can have large ctbinsl tl:eacled from the mnilt building. It is deemed nnces, Ito say srnythilnlg in portielln. lar of the character of these rwoer, for it is generally believed that they ore not inferior tto any in the Sruthi eri States. All the amisements that are generally found t Watering Places, will be foutl at thii. The best music that -this part of h rol ountr affords, has bee sengaged. and will be inecoeatnt attendanceat the Sprige during the whole season.s Sbhe subserilet will avail limself of this oppnorunivt in returning his unfeigned thanks for the very liberal ispport given himn last seaolln. and hopes hbv tile eer tsonr that hver been nmade in improving and extendlog tie acrommnodations, to merit a liberal the present season. JNO LR SM. m13 TO THI'; LA I EdS. A TKINSON'S DF. 1P.l.'l'filtf, i.r rernoving ati .L pegrfiloUe hair from tle fotiueerk and eaor, with eeualsa!iety and certnitIy, leavieg the rlkill liner and whiter than hbeuro tiue oplhitirn. A fresh sipply jast receised tr GUIOfiN', No I Esclot Ilotel, corner St ('harle .iud ICornmur otre ta. 6 owne ae a[ 1tat F Otl er. .ny ,t l1 A. a W. a. .. f dee nvery h gldtyL .Wedot alatv an' e t l Fid5- by P. P. . I eloi overy Monday, Wednesda Tll .deMaI De evern Tutwl. Thursday, an vi ) atrda), iy ,P.1'1 " - Closes every Monday, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL DEPARTUKI DISTANCE &c. of the Express Mail, betwtrt Manilt and New York--leaing Mobile dallyd at 3 P, M. Nortkwar New York daily at 5 P. M Southwaard. Arrives Anivre Nerthward. Distance. Time. lteturn'g Montgomery,AIl. popm. 198 m' ISh 1lm. Columbus Ga. 11 81 94 S a. m Milledgeville. Ga. 2 183 ,T 0p. . Rialeigh, N C. 5j 215 22 12 Warrenron, V.. 12 am. 55 l t etersburg,.a. 1 pm. 83 I 9Oa.m Richmotd Va. 1 am. 1 3 64p Frqderichsburg, 8 67 7 itp M. Washington city, 1 pm. 61 5 Baltimore, 6 18 4 0 Philedelpliia, 6, at. 100 iI 2 New York; 2 pm. 90 84 1305 143 h. or M.t 23h Northward. Coming Southward, the time In six hours 'loss; being5 days and 7 hours. TEN DOLLAIR REWARD. R ANAWA from 169 Crondelet crner of Hevia ostreets, on the night of BOth of Angust, and was seen the next morming in Poydras street, a tegro bhy named CHlAR.ES, about 17ears of l sad i fee or thereabouts m.henlot, ry blask, aod hie an inpced iment in his speech, one of his legs sleorpoeualeaned by arecent hurt he had on wlhn he woent away a white cotton or linen shir , and white cuto.i pantaloons. Masters of ressels and steam hbont are cautioned a gainst oreeriiugor harboring said negro, as well all other person, as the utmost rigour of the aw, will be enforced against them. The above reward will he pai fordelivering him into any f the jails of either of the municipalities, r at 169 Carondelet, corner of levi. steeet. , M ltt NOTICE--The copartnerhip heretofore existing under the firm of Dubois & Garreton, has been dissolved. The subscriber will liquidate the afairo , the concern in this city, and requires all persons iatleh - ed to make payment to him only, ind oll those hrevinp claims, to prcuentit he forsettlemeut. orug 8-7t H otARRETSON W. W. SWAN. No. a I7Cansl B.rret Aeto Orleans .AS alwnye onhand essitantly it receiving Dt. I1 Dyes, Chemicals, nnd PFons,amaong tuen or' o llewn eim o wnR UGOS. DYESJ Antimony, erule, Aegols, mid, do regalNs, Anmtco, Sps".. Arseni, re, Alum, do powderml, trenillette wo.e, Salurnoplvia, CoeMineall, Rerenx,erude, Copperas, Anierison, do refined, CApheaitr, Brimstone, cru, Fontic, Tampico, de roll, sie Cubs, do flower, to Maine, irmuoth, French Lerrien, Castoroil, Indigo, Bengal, Cream tartar, do Manilla, Cantlmrides, ile (iaersoeas, ainm eales, do (.Ciatemlta, do Atbie, Logwood, Cempesnh) do adafmtidta, do lt Dotitgo do smoninec, do Jumaiss, do bennei, t awoold, do colol, rough, Madder, ombno, do do serepedl, Nieanrasga, Boaitre, ido do S Amnclic-, do Corn, to comphor, ertile, do Muarncoib do lo rtfi., i do llrehe. do guiaume, CHEMICALS. dto kino, AtI, nitrous, do Itmntie, do muriatle, do opium, do mulpharie, do shellac, Blue vitriol, d euegal, Oalomel, I p, tdo mmdrae. ;orrosivr mvllimatlil •do tr.-iacontk; tbthlorideof lime, (Gamboge, 'mlRon molts, Juniper berries, Aimercsic,Lunar msatie, Io do Fnreign, Red ',r'eiipitate, M igtinesi, iEnglish, lulolloll uit, Io Amorleo. lt in elieronto potals. Minoll flake, Sp corpl Stc%. to tort;, Sulp pots, Lit nm'ic ball, Solgr lean, Oil ,lovel, Uep pile. do csla , lulp lylilinsc. e- lrNgalUlt T trter e tiea, di,, lmon, iPAN'I'S-IItten tum gltiltla, h'tnisii yellow, it,, don ipere, ti .1o in mdi Io jalop, d green, diy, y do lionriee , doil do ini, Io rhutnlmrb, IE , lueiblatk Engadh, iII) .e.en, ilt t.irmLm...-. itdo oeiptv.ita, Litttgr, .ng:lmlm, iio aIumti 'itmmrtI sr, do Ametiilt it t Ihi 'Ioii i'iti i, Pa'in wlitC (itglhim, sins, nlith AmetriCna tillt ca rpi , .ll ,,l l l, I"'nd uei ill, nlolonilmm lnhl, li (;laqilmkee., o iiimoviii,, ,Im, Spn liriti., by, lKnli.l.i, Ililo nic.ilglrll +t l i i llld, ll iml ,il, Sp in , i nii llllo., \ ,n. reel 1 aoglitll "e 1 ltm6nr, 'irln l, dio ebimomtIirl,, +:ilSut , .lr:,tll % l i 'Uillll d hilieil, Nit, , om'diml, 'r't nllimhn, t'C" ,., ti ,In trithed, \ Im'miigiii.,idr Sillent,, b.I!m , A t,, ti giio itn. So dho Indio, du ri'e.lid 31m',, V'h1III 'n , Im rInli, 1 Idtl , oil, dty Anlnl l Quiclkiltll, Aix IlWtlalll'd Iiil. . .tO--l. - CAPTAIN MIIAVi:ATI'S NEWV NOVELS. RagIlI the Reefer, by tilhe author of Peoter Simnple, &ao in 2 vol•. Curmeings,,r a W'inter nt Schloes laifield in Lone Steria, Iy Captain Bsil ln ll, Royal Nary, r.L. S. in I vol. Iord Rolden, n romance, by Allan Cunninghtm,l n, he pphid Lee. written by Iimsnelf, in 2 vole. d Compeodiana llistora ,fi;Jay, translated from tie original taltnn, by Natheniel Greene, in l vol. for llitg No• 79 of Harper's Eamily Library. Vole. I & 4 of the new complete and uniform edition of W1iehintfon Ireinu"' Works. Roger's nnd English DidOuionary. in 1 ol, Sio Nuincut's .Freet mnd SIniok Dietiosary. ALs--A few more copie of Comoe's Phrenology "Rienzi."Large Surveyor's Cnompases ofosuperior qua ti, with chains, Billiard Ballsof 21-4 and 2 1-2 tiahes Gilltt's improved metic Penejapaned pperOrweights &c. &.C. &e,. Just received, and for sale by nm3l BENJ. LEVY. SPAIN REVISITED,&c. &c PAIN REVISITED, &c, by the author of'A year in Spain,' in Ivole. 'raicds oflndiae charcer, as ogeneall applicable to the Aioriginieo of North America, by TurenerlEeq 2 vols. The Political Grammanr, of the United States, or a complete view of the theory and practice of the gearra and state governments, with tile relatietons Itween them --dedicated and odopteol to tilt yaung nmen of the Unated States, by E 1t Nansfield, Eeq. Nimreod's fluetiu Toears ionterspersed with Chereeter ietic mrecdotes, pnyllogs and doings of sloriting men, in elading notices of the principal erack riders of England with ontlyticl contento, tnd general index of aamee,2 .olaiues. -___ _ IOR THx CnRu' OF Scrofula or King's Evil, Chronic Rheumatien, Chrlonie Ctantieous Dis- Pains in the Bones, by free. eases, use of Mercury the blood being in vitiated state. This very concentrated Syrup in prepared with the greatest pharmaceuticul care and accuracy,aod contain the active primniple of Sarsaparilla in the roast concen trated degree, coumbinrd withetlter vegetable substance of known eficaey. 'The great desideratum with physicians in being abl to exhibit a large quantity of Sarsaparilla in a urea dose, has been pbtained in this preparation--they, eing fully eonvinced ofits merits, confidently admniniter tile course of their practiee. pries $1 50 par bottle. Sold only at SWAIN BROTHER'S drug store, No. I ]Canal street, who may be had, flesh and genuine, diree tfrom the pr,.- rit tore, Swainl's Panacea and Vermifuge Potter's C,.tcolt son, Carpenter's Preparations, anda large and genera assortment of fresh drugs, m4 PINNOCK'S ROME, &c.' IINNOCK'S LIPROVED EDITION OF DRi - Goldsmith's Abridgment of the History of Rome to which is prefixed ano ntrlduetion to the Study o Ronma History, and a great variety of valuable inkr nationt added throughout the work, on the Manners lnstitution anad Antqtities of the Romans; with na meronee hographicol and historical Notes; and qtee tions for exaumpantlon at theand of each section. II luwtrited with tllityengravings on wood, hby Atherton I)INOCR'S Improved Edition of Dr Goldsmith's Histny of England, froi, tite Invasion of Julius Caesar to the death of Gieorge Id,' with a oantinuation to the yea 1832. With queetione for exaninatinon t thm end , each section. Besildes a variety of valuabls informa Lion added throughout the work. Consisting of table tf eontemuperasy Sovereigns and eminent parson Copious explanatory notes. Remarks on the poll ties, manners and literature of the age. An outlines tie Constitution; &C.& . itlustratod by manty ang00 GUY' ELMnieys Oe A'rnoosMY and an Aoridgmen of Keitlh's New Treaotise on the Ule of Globes. New American editin, with additioun and improvement ant on expiation of the attrotonieal part of the An riean Almanac. JIut received and for sale by WM M'KEAN nov 14 cnner of Camp atd Common s0t HARI'ER'S CLASSICAL L.IBRAIRY. -I ORACE,traonulated by Phliii Fr Pnci,, D D, with 11 an appetdix, containing IranslaUmon of various mlas, &c. by len Jonoon, Cowley, Mihiln, Drydon Pope Addiaon, Swift Chatterton, G Wakefield. PIrson Bryan, &n. and some of ti meore etitent pott of th day-and PH(EDRUS, with the acppetdix ý gudius troanal tad by Christopher Snmrt, in 2 vole for emg voluenet 12 and 19of"Harper' Cloasical Library The Expedition of IWMItREY CLINKER, by Smollott, I), with a mmotir of the Author by 'ltorm 00 .Ro,eim. Eaq., unw editoui, with iliuateation.% yG THlE 3IPSY; a Tale, by the auttlor of "Ricbelinu Mary olL urguandy," lot., tow edition, 2 iVo wmpla n one. PAUL 0LIFFOD; by the aultur at "Pelhae The Di.e rd," .c, lieiut volume IV otta. new ed nof"I, eurs Cotopleo Vurka. ust received a •.ler] Wi( MoK..AN LACON SIl)kS--tti cioki Ciu innati snica U 'aLtnlut f fota "hot.tean,.+aut Echo, nal far sate ) BOtAlr & IlAW r'

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