Newspaper of True American, September 1, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated September 1, 1838 Page 2
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CO 1MERCIAL. La.I sarsAu.. Cbltles .u" ............24 W hbinlaton, Aug ......a New .el ........Ag .21 Cinclnuati, Aug ........ Phildoipls da ....... ...P3 IIa.ouaisla, Aug ........... B.tiamus l .............22 IL Laui, Aug .. . ...II aBunt.. ua ............24 Ltaerlnal, July .........1 H M (su) Aug.... 6 Pr July ............ Boston, Arg ............. 20 Ladud. . July ........ 2 hvile ........ avre July .......... ... 1XYPUIIT2 tLV33 l.-Pae Chlp Cualina Augual.. aru: 139S bale .-.-------P r Bark RoLf rt Watt-cargo: 1331 hoasl cOtto, IS hA. tob o, r h lae l.giglu , case .igaeC , p pipaa,3 hhd nd I qr cask wn, , 44 NOBILE-P.r ft, Cbemidnu..bal o c e ft.dylI PatATe. l onse. HAVhR-her hlip Lpeu..aug romtandy. wine, dry gaoodh &e." Jely B o. Curmeon uu o; WV Dine. Do 4u a GriL, . A Barllhcrln. Allart. For ae e; Libmudt A We.r: FaernalldM., Dutillal Duron,. Chatnllu Kohl. Daraa * to; Bhleh. hahol,, Ilanra A -a; l.hadie & JanqlulugO; A Morel, Freanh Cunsat. Beat.lT my.C, atl. Cu r.tier. YViliner, LAfon, H B.C9,C B Laeote. C.taer, Fe.snrd. apaaeAalherry, l.anchery,GJullian, Nahen, Dalouri Rfflard, Clauda, Jacques, Teblier uad order. IlAVANA--Per achr Henry Clay..argo: 2530 houes sugsr. laem falts..lweet meats, a. R (iiling & o. C VFnle , J Prntt y on. S W A O Bryan, A C.tlIO, Nigul: nudorder. ------ Pea sabr mperor..arpam 265 bhp conte. 115 bohessugpr,.agre. fall &c1 toPelon Duforr, JE nmus, & J P WhA itey, J Corli, mater CANPECHY-pe.rl" h ells..eurgo: g Igwod,to order. RECEIPTS PRODUCE. Bayou Sara-Per teser evlrant..eargm hbales rottou. to OM L.e; 4 do, Peyrou. &a co; I arrlag' .A Rlaarda &a cu bblh pacha, order; S hhda ulasr, A Rivarda A co; auudries. to A Soulet Vignie; Mud A Docu r; Mad Maen New Yt.ork, Anual 21-Ar. .hip RieU l, Mmtou, hunct; .nd brig Iainoln,Riker,do. ostoa, Il. Augu-AArr brig Tholuma Edlwardli Howeat, ltimare, 22d August-CI'd bark Lufuycue. Landis, N 0. PORT OF NEW ORLEANS. CLEAIlANCES. ship Carolie Agual., Baaett, I.iverpol. S & J P Whitney Park Robert Watt. Dullimaure, Liverpool. L i G.l'. eril Comet. Dlikiuau., Havana, Cnrnllu, Lupeyre A re Sahr Champion, Whitney, Moblile. Matter Augast 31.t. No aluruc.s to-day at the Custom Ilaose. ARRIVALS. Brig Soth Carolina, Laewis, from Marseilles, i bhallas., to Nh.pherd. Steamer eveant. l.ureanl. from ayou Barn. Steamer Giraffe. Suller, ftrot Pusaagoulu. Au.I.UtL 31. Plena towaoat IllaLo. He.ariu. from the Peeae, tnwed to m ship Grorginn. bhnrk Jue Na'ly, and ehr Diadeam; rought up ship Zotah, aahr Haenry.J y. tepntta hnviag spoke Vicahburg nth elth21t, qy fW E Pas. but owin lto the agents reafuls to roa t cra t he ruls of othar packes, ro dts o take her in tow. Laeft 30th, at 5 P M. Steam tu.wbat Grumpua. Annable, from the Paes, lowred to se ship Globe, Ship Luares; hbrig Borndino, adl brih Architelt; hruought up schr Congrevu. lalia, atd Emperaraa L.R the aBr 10th inst. Reportil inthe N E ptlas a..,lr Gv Ie Kalb. Ship Zotoa, Mlerrill, froam Havana.2lth June, ao Master. Fhr Cnagress. Le.arho, from Mobtla, with flamea of honea to Kaicker. Sahr Lel, Sister, from Campeurhy, to J Pratlt n. Sehr Emperr. Howunia, from Havana. to J Pratt t co. Pehr Henry Clay. Pattetuoa, from Hlavana, to I Gro.ling aco. FOR O0S7'OS . On Monday the3rd Srpirmlbr, , The fine copper and copper fartmned ship .0111O, Capt. Cutter, having moat of her car v go engaged and going tn hoard, will psui tively snil as nhove. For the balace of freight or pt. nage, having excellent accommodations, apply on hrd or to STETSON & AVERY, sept 83 Grovier st. IF,K Nr.W YOIlRK. .. The New packet ship ST. MARY, R1b . Ftotero master, is now luading, and will . bedresptcled withtout hlevt. For lfright n, pnassge, apply to C lpt Foster, on I;ord oppos:ce the lower elnd of the vegetable mm kat, or to PETER LAIDLAW, cug30 2?i Bank Place. tobr Shrereport and nltermediate Landings. She staoench light drought steam h.t . oat DENMARK, Robert A Moore, mbster. will be at the wharf this day, readyto receive i'reopht. For which or pasonge, hain.g good accu odati , ly on, py o n, or to 0JNO. Hi GRAHAM, aTtO LET. A Two ctoerv private dwelling house, pleo mu u nntLy situated on Triton street, near Tivoli s t Cire. It ttta every convenience to make it a sir residence. Apply to ougl4 J OTT. MAYORILALTY IF NEW ORll.EANS. II1HE priceof Iresh lotr ton-day is $7 75 tar Smording to tthe tarlf, tty Ilohtlro,t ll give dtrting thit tatnig week, (fron lonnally, 3rd Sept.) 37 otncelc ofbraod for a hilt. Broad of the srecond ql lity is re. quired to weigh h5 oer cet.nt. en, viz: 46 tre C. GENOIS, latoor. Oepl--N1838. piEsAR PORKl 601.-tl ascle pnoik ino.tore and d four alel by LAYET k. AMELUNG, sepl 17 Commerce stret. A OLD-tlao lxegn Arime led Lard in ro L ao , t or sale by LA Y'T l. AMELUN(:, apll 17 Cont, ere street. H -AY'S Li.iment bor the te o oft'lies, u oteei. i r vedanod for sale by H BONNAItFL, seplt l'elhopitnulas street. I ARPEN'I'ER' Fluid Extract of her.-nporilta and . oowanod'a Tonic 51iotute, received by IH BONNABEO,. sept Tchopitmeess at. (IARBONATE of Ammoniac. Irish alos--Sweet J Spnirits of Nitro-An assortment of Hlerbs and Seeds, now landing and for sale b,y H" BONNABEL, sept Tchnupitoulan st. X1 CE-43 Tierces of prin e quaihty, fr sale hy 1L SLATER do TRIER, seplt 40 Poydras at. OLD FOIL for Dentists, an d oIf Ior gildt er, received from King's menufaGtory, by H BONNABEI., selt To hnpitonlas at. CANVASSED HAMS--t1500 operior canvassed hams, in store nttd Fr sale n y LAYET & AMELUNG, sepl 17 Colamnrce st SOFmT MEtS'POtK--80 bhbla-7 half bbls. most" fed Pork, in store, and for sale tw, hy LAYLET & AMELUNG, 17 Conmaerce st. EXCHAtNGE on Louiasville at tiht, frr nle by SLATERSrL & TRIER, nug30 40 Pntydtts at. B tOGANS-30 Cases n Me and Ioy fine anoil pegged onogans, For satle by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. ottg3r 134 Magazine rtrm't. HIP BROGANS-4O coase, of variousa quoitirs for omen ad buys. for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE do CO, nt.rI 134 .agezine st. A ,ta(Ac.sIU toa ie.I, JUst received par shipt Ar kansas, from New YPork. 24 graoe American Comic Almanacs for 1039. 25do. Crockett's Almtnnnca for 1839. 25 t o, People's Almanacs for 1R39. Cl.tula. ted for every satet in the Union, and ottaining a great variety oft geariogs. for sale by the groce, doset and single by DAVID FEl.T &d CO, N Y Stationer's Hnll,24 Chartres st. LUE &d GREEN INK--Just recaived on invoice lof Permanent Blue and Green Ilk for sale by the dozent or single bottle by DAVII FELT & CO, N Y Stationer'sa Ilal, 4 Chaertres st. aug25 WHITE HiAVANA SUGAI--50 bxesa c prime quanlity, in store, for ale by SLATER & TRIER, ug21 40 PGydrs stret . 'ARASOIG Pt Umbrellt-s13~ caes--f prr mir quality, leading from brig .awan, For mte by ISAAC BFRITGE. CO. R t134 Magaine street. PA'TENT Bdaavcen-Ste 'a peate t bltancer- -va. roI. L izes warranted correct, for sale hv ISAAC BRIIDGE I COn, ant,21 134 hMgaritc at. DEWELY'S SERMONS. JUST eeoived a few onpes of Moral Views of Conm. e.eridn'oeiety and Politics, in twelve disconnrses, by te. Oreil Doete. For sale by DAVID FELT & CO, N Y Statioler's Hll, 21 ( hortrrs st. LI ºk.--.,O Iohuntlet of hay landing from ship Win. I Badger, and Ior sale ty LEVI H(AIL.., 93 Cottamon at M ACKEREL--50 bbia. No. 3 Maclerel, loanding eo arm dship t Ohio,tor role byi aunglol STETSON VERY, A-,otlavhtn st. 710 ILET until lot Norvember next: the elegant Dwalling Horuse, No. 117 7rt Juseh streel. Apply at No. 74 Poydras street. jyl9 IOMESTIC G000D--Lawraaee & Co I-4 hervy D brown hesotingr. Jacknon & Co it inch hrown stirtingo. Lowael Nos. l.S 2 brown cotton. Fee sale S'TETSON d AVERy, Saug4 R Gra0oer otree )INTINGi PAtER--Joust received 1511.imlns me dium printdtg paper, some very low priced, nd nomeof foine qanuality, for osle by D FELT do CO, augl8 N Y Ptationer't Hall, 24 Chartr TO LET. T LA roaofortablt small dwelling in Baronne I rit, between Gravier and Common. Suilt.a ble for a smalI family; Erquire at 26 Tchoup ton street. soglO 7 I.LINOIS 8&COln FUNDS, for snle iy B NATI'L TiOWNSEND, jar~ Exchange Hotel Grntio, l1 TII V'RUE AMERICAN. EDITED BY Jesfal" CaBSON. FAZTIr a.L AND so D. NE IV aOR LEANS: ATURUA ......SEPTEMBER 1, 183t. ..lenlion!! The members composing the com pany of Mounted Chasseurs, to be attached to the 4th Regiment, will meet on Monday evening, the 3rd of September, at 7 o'clock, at the Exchange Hotel, St. Charles street. Punctual attendance is requested, as the bye-laws are to be submitted and other matters ofimportance acted upon. Applicants for admission may leave their letter with John Gibson. We have asserted that the raund or pebble stalone pnavdlpnt was being exploded in all the northern cities and in Europe. Not a mail sarrives but brings us papers, containing strong and cogent argnments against it and in favor of the wooden pavpfrnents and the asphalte. The followingarticle on the subject is from the Philadelphia United States Gazette. It is less strenuous in support of the wooden pavement than other papers we have seen. Wooden pavement enn be laid at a leas cost in this city than in New York, Philadelphia, or Bal timore, and so far from costing twenty per cent more than the round atone, no doubt can be enter. mtined that if a suitable person were to contract for it on an exlensive ecale, it would cost con siderably less at first, and not one twentieth as much for repairs. The experiments that have been made if this mode of pavement in St Charles and Carondelet streets were on too small a scale, tile blocks were not properly laid, and yet, they are in every reepect superior to the round atote and will stand longer without any additional expense. The hdvnntaies of hexagonal wood block pave ment are numerous and evident. First, the whole expenditure for such pavement will be disbursed among our own citizens, and remain with them; second, contracts for laying it rmay be distributed among many mechanics, thereby causing the general paving of the city to be accelerated, and sooner completed, and ivingemployment to nlany worthy men, instead of fattening with tile pulbli money, a single rich monopolist; the pavement when laid will require less cost for repair, a single horse will haul heavier loads over it, with less injury to his feet and legs and ruin to his consti tution, than three horses will now haul the saome load over tile round stone panvemen ; with this kind of pavement, drays, carts and enrriages may go with greater speed, at l-ss risk, and will last three or bour years, whils, the running over a round stone paveuent will rack a dray or carriage, so that it is in constant need of mending, and will eldomnl last mtuch over one year; the wooden pave. ment is cleaner, and causes no noise, whilst it is impossible tIo keep the round stone pavement clean, and tile noise of curts and earriages travel ltg over it, is most intolerable. The routld atone pavemellnt has been the cause wiry many persons decline keeping carriages; and there can be no doubt, that if our streets were pinted with wood or square stone, the number of hacks and private vehicles would be greatly in creased, and the ciy revenue eounsequently greatly augmnlented. T'he people, yes nine-tenths of the people of this city, are in favor of the wooden pavements, or square alone, and we feel assured that a large majorily of them would prefer to see our -:reets laid with flat boat gunwales, temporarily, than that tile round sone pavement srhould be con tinned. WOODEN PAVE\MENTS. 'Th experiment i.ii' woodretn Irivele nt srit s have been lalrly tried in t s city, We rignrdtl ile success which lane stten ed the efit'ris in Wilmut street below Third, and in Chlrnut above Fourrb, as conlclusive of the adaptioin if that speciesi i1 pnvement in city streets. Of 1Ill duration, positive and comparative, of wooden povements, we of course are nort yer enabled to speak, but we. may any that in the several streets it our city, alone pavements have exhibited slrong cvidtctens of needing repairs in less ime than the wooden pave. nIent has been in use. This part of the Chrarnut street Iwooden pave uneat nearest to Fiflth street, was, we kno.w, in a had situarion for a considerable time; hut this sroue, we believe, from a want of proper know. ledce of the best mrrde of putting It doiwn, and especially for want of some drain Ifr the water falling uOn it, and soaking through betwen tlhe Ilocks. The whole was taken up, relaid with care, and a drain made for carr)ing off the water; biut especially were there stnoo nutters laid be Iween tile blocks slid the curb atnrr. We are nrot sure but we shall some day see it t uttersol nur streets furmed of cast iron, tihe upper surface cst in such a way as tolorm a drain for the water. We must enquire into the probable expense of of such subtistution for stone. The business of street nlking is as yet but little understood, but we hope that in a few years erone esbstlllte fir the present wretched pehbl.e pnvern, nt and brick gutters will be generally adopted. At plesent we tnow ot nothinll that can exceed the Ilemlock or hloast hlrecks, and stone or Irna putters; and we believe that, with a Ihile loresight and care in procuring a supply of timber at the right season, the streets mav thus be paved at about twenty per cent more than the pebble covering costs. The difference in con fort and wear and tear to horse and carriage, may be ot'ssed by thrar who ~i ccasin ally ride by the United Statrn Btank. The diference in neeatne of aippearance and clanlirnesa is obvious to any one. PA VING. The argument urged in the Bulletin of Thure. day regarding the contention in our council on the subject of paving, is entirely ex parti. But one side of the question is even referred to, and the motto of justice and the journalist should he audi alleram padent. Had the editor of the Bul letin been presen t at the dehbte, hie could not have no limitled hin vi w, hut writing evidently vn the suggestion of cne party he has not treated the asubect with importiality. IlHd the arguments a gainsl round atone pavement, been as cloaely urged, as tholse in its invur, the publie-who have to pay for all improvements undertaken-would have had the nlealns of judging ill ir relative advantages: but every opposing proof is carefully omitted, and each rebutting etatenent cautiously avoided. The people,-ttoo litlle thought of by their representa tives when once their voices have been seaured, have a right to know tile reasons urged in favor of square block pavement, ons well as those in defence o tilhe round, and where their interests are so vital. ly coennerned, they shall. It is not true Ihat the materials for square block pavement have to he imlported from abroad: nor is it a fact that its cost will be as five and a hall to three and a half. The price for round stone pavement proposed to be given to Mr. Miniurn s $83.50 per yard. There were In the spring no less than four of. fers from highly rtepnsetble individuals tot deliver from fifteen, to twenty, thousand square yards of granite blocks per annum, at $3,50 per ytad, and thus for the mere additional cost of laying it which is but seventy-five cenis-a pavement can be secured to the citizens of twenty times greater duration. And with these offers before their the Council have every right to auppose that Mr. Min can easily afford to lay square blocks at $4,50 per yard, and that, too, quile as quickly as routndatone pavement is now compaleed. There are already 760 yards of granite blocks now in ite city unlaid, contracted for by Mr. R. Aiken, of Maine, at $3,80 per yard, and adding to this price the entire ex pease of laying &.c., it will coot but $4,55, conn. It iaan assertion void of all proof to say that round stone pavements have been succeal fully used in every city for many years:--it would be nearer the truth to say that theyhave been so long uoutrnessfueyll tried. The public money has been utterly wasted an a pavement perfectly in. It Utile, and to perpetuate it here, when entirely ex t ploded in every oily of the civilized world, were { not less a fraud on the community, than a disgrace t to the enlightenment of the age. It is capable of proof-for the experience of the present day has demonstrated. lost That round stone pavement cannot stand securely on any soil,-hut more especially on 2nd. That its cost, and constant repairs, will in five years greatly surpass the expense of a solid pavement formed of square granite blocks. 3rd. That the latter will endure fifty, or proba bly a hundred years, without needing repairs. 4th. That it can be travelled over just as soon as laid, while the round stones must remain unused and guarded for at least a month. 5th. That the citizens are never deprived of the nee of streets paved with granite blocks; while those oeevered with round stones are constantly stopped for needful repairs. These arguments are clear, and should he aun. vincing, but what most clearly proves the utter recklessness of continuing the round stone pave. ment, is the indirect taxation theyinflict on almost every citizen Ilorses of burden, wltose ordinary duration is from 14 t11 16 years, seldom survive the desperate labor of two years through our streets and levees in their present condition of round stone pavements, while over those of square blocks they would grow fat under the same loads, and last their natural life lime. This is a tax of fily per cent. per an numt or the cost'of your horse. Over the present pavemetnt lhe uses 12 sets of shoes; on the proposed plan he would not require over six. This is a yearly tax of $12 in shoes alone. Drays and carts, that are now used upin two years, would last from 5 to II from the smoothneass of the surface over which they worked, and gigs, barrouches, and oth er carriages in bike proportion: while now, if con stently used over the rough and broken pavements thlley are either rendered useless in I or2 years, or are kept in repair at a cost of from fifty to a hun. dred dollars yearly. Nor is the anise, inseparable front the present state of our streets, a alight in" convenience to be removed although it be a token of business and industry, since in forms no neces sary part of them. This now glaring annoy. snce, would be trifling over a smooth block pave ment. Theee plain, and palpable arguments elould have had some force with the council, for if their views were eorrect then, there wee no fear they would be wrong next week: nor can I think it justifiable on the part of any four members of the council to urge the final close of this impor. tant question, when not two.thirds of the citizens. who have to pay the contract, were represented When six menmhere only were present of a council formed of ten, was it proper immediate ly on the introduction of a resolution the very plrport of which was unknown to the four nh sent members, to agree to an expenditnre of two hundred thousand dollars of their constituents mo ney, and that, too, without asking them a single question of opinion. It may be asked. why were they absen,? but it maybe more properly enquir ed why-contrary to practice on all important occasions--refuse to let the cotm unit y see the res. olution to form so enormous a contract, hefore they became irrevocably bound to its fulfilment? This coulld easily have been done by yielding to the motion to postpone. Every usual and parlia mentary means were adopted to pines the matter before a fuller meeting, to delay its action bht fSr a week:-o-nne only resource remained, and of this the eoncil were not irnorant. The delay requir ed could he forced, if all more rational menslres failed:-they didl, and the alternative was inevitn blle. 1MIr. Caldwell quilted the Council rather than permnit what he deemed injtneioee to his rnn eritlents, what true patriot would not have done She same. A UNIT'ED STATES ASI'H A LT.E OF SEYSSEL C(tlPANY. E trnet from the Iinuties of a tmaLtiin.t of tile i rei-tors held in L, n on, on the 41h July, 181131. Rreo!vted. That Mir. Strlcrlnnil, the eneinler of eompnnvi, he nuihoried into sell and neeign to ia party or parties in the United SPrnres, ,r to norv cmpnny to lie esnrhlished in the city ol Philadel phin, ihe sole and exclusive privilege and unreou. trolled patent rightt now vented in this cmtllpon, for the nse within tile hboundaries of the state oi Ponnsylvania, of the sphalte ruck from the mtines of Seyasrl, in Pyritntt t. That thes rtock company will enggee to furnish to ihe Plliladelphia comllpany, or tr such party, or parties to whom the privilege or right set forth in the t,ecceding article, may lie assigned, with the Asphilte roc'k on conditinns similar to those spe efied in their own contract with llears. Cuignet e & Co. viz: The United States Asphelle of Seyssel Co. will engnge to furnish during any year, double the quantities which the -aid paries or conmpany will at tle coomencrment of the year bind and engage themselves to take. That the price of the Asphaltlerock shall he fromt 145 to 150 franes per ton, delivered at Marseilles. If delivered at Philadelphia, the charges of fretehtt and other attendant expensee are to be added; but, that this company are not desirous of engaging to deliver the rock at any port In the United States, and would prefer the contract to be limited to the delivery nt Marseilles. That the payment of the purchase monev be made by inseelment., as follows: One half the purchase money to he paid on the signature of thet contraet, the remaining half to be paid by equal instalments in hills ofaix and twelve months from daie. That whenever the sail; parties or compa ny in Pennsylvania shall require any supply of t Asphnite rock, theirirders for the samne on this company in London, shall he accompanied by eanid hills for nle half of the amolunt, said thait tsl i remainder hlie paid for in hills not exceeding sixty i days, ito rn fromt the date of delivery. That the lonltrlceling parties In Pennaylvanis shall give noie of the quantity they eneanue to ntake itlhin lithe respective years, in Ihle followine malnnePr: For the year eomlmncineg the 51h if A pril, t138, and ending on thle 5th of April, 1839, asuch ntlice to he eiven on or belbre the lst day if December, 1838. For each and every followin year, soch notice to be given oni or before ithe h dae of Octeobr in eachl year. That all pieces of Asphalte which may be laid down as proof piece tiostt be paid for, if approved, ,ithiia period nit toexceed six months. T'Ihat lMr. Strietland be arhorized nto form sim ilar contracts fur the sstal otf New Yirk, Mary. lund, Massachusetts, Virginia. North Carllina, South Carliuta, Georgia, Louisiana and Ken tuckh. Mr. Stricllnnd announces to the publicef Phlila- I delphin, that 100 tons of Asphelle rock i0 now on thie way from flavre to New York, and that all the necessary tools and implements for vworino tliv mnltrial will arrive in Philadelpia in the coulrse ofa few weeks,and that an offic:le and depot is fi. liln. uip in Unil.n street, between Front and See. nod astreet, for ithe piurpose of preparing and euhib iting specimens of its chalnracter and utility. Steanfront Liverpool to New Orleans.- A long I time since we called attention to this important subject, and hope 'are long to see the enterprize taken up seriously, convinced as we are that it will not be Ic.s desirable to our city, than profit able to those who embark in it. In the course of' I very few months a large number of the largest stenmers will be on their way to this country, yet I all appear destined to New York. That the Western, Sirius, and Royal William have profited greatly by their tripsat. the Commer cial Emporium of the North, no one cln doubt, but it will be different when ten or twelve are in the trade. Then why not induce somen to conne here? The Eomporium of the South and West would be sure to supply them with abundance of letters, freigytt and passengers, for a large proportion of those on board the "Great Western," on her honmeward tripe, were from these sections of our country. We learn from the English papers that I two new boats are about being built, that will carry engines of "a thousand horse power." This r unprecedented force, it ts believed, will enable t them to effect the passage in nine or ten days. I Now although tihe distance between our port and I theirs be greater than that they propose to traverse, a yet would the passage be through calm, and quiet I seas, in which their progress would be far quicker, r unimpeded as it would be by the violent storms t that so constantly beset the Northern voyage. I There is also another large source of profit on which they might calculate should they cotte to this port, in the towage they could obtain. With their enormous power they might convey, to and from the Belize, so large a number of ships that their towage would pay no inconsiderable portion of their voyage's expense: and as recent news is so vitally important to our cotton growing community, no charge would be deemed too high for the car. risge of commerctal letters. Philadelphia is already active in procuring a line of European steamers, yet her proximity to New York renders such a possession almost unimportant, compared to the vast advantages which our city would reap from such an enterprise, and the profits that must inevitably arise to those who undertake it. 6J The "Prairie Cottage" on the Lake shore opens to-morrow, and the rail cars of the Nashville Road Company start at 6,0, 12, and 4. The Wfeekly Excursion.-The beautiful steamer " Mazepps," Captain Grilfin, makes her regular trip this evening, after the arrival of the " o'clock cars, visiting the Bay of St Lours & Pass Christian. None but those who have participated in these pleasant excursions can imagine all their nterre tions. On these calm moonlight nights to glide across the glittering lake is, of itself, no small enjoyment, while a hathe in the green, saln, sea before the sun is tp refreshes the feeble and invigorates the strong. Oysters are there to bhe had, gratuitously, of the finest quality, and in the greatest abundance, while at St Cyr's anti Saulny's may be had such a feast of fish as St Peter had never a notion of. Let these go note who never rent before, And those who always go, nowe go the more. The Washington Guardsa ill take passage by ttle Mazepps, and form their camp at Pass Chris. lien. in avotwal. We have long known and felt that the acts of the demagogues as practised by most of tile present loco foco party were in direct oppo sition to the laws and constitution ofthe United States, but have seldom seen it avowed so openly as it is in the Baltimore Republican of the 22nd, is which every loco foeo is urged to consider that "hil vote and that of his neighbor may strike the bol ance in favor of thie glorious cause ofGrayson and Democracy. Let every man then, friendly to that cause malkeit his duty to register hits name and cast his ballot against the Late." The First Municipality Ihne sncceeded in bor rowing from the Citiznns' Sank $200,000, an ordi nance was passed at the sitting of the Council on Thursday evening, appointing Mr Denis Prieur, late Mayor, as agent to proceed to Europe, to ne gotiate the bonds of the Municipality for one and a half million of dollars. The present Council of the First Municipality, appear determined to go ahead, we wish Mr Prieot success in his mission, attd prosperity to the old city. Mr Fnures, Alderman of' Ihe lot Ward First Municipality has resigned. Old true blue, must look out for a proper person to replaec him. The COanda Prisoners.-Sixteen of the state prisoners lately condemned for treason have beer released fromt prison. Eleven on condilion thai within three days they banish themselves for evli fromn the Provinces, and five on security for good behaviour. Three, Chandler, Wait, and M'Leud, were to be executed ol the 2th Angusga, agreeubly to sentence. Eight others, including Miller and our other countrymen are to be transported for life to suomeo British cohlny. Three are to be con filled in the penitentiary for three years, and one, Waggoner, not yet ditslo td of. UDeauler it is thought will suffir. The officials ol his honor Julge L,ynch are out of lun't in Gotham. 'Three clant boys who trited uptt one C.o- nion to a lamop post e elre caught and intpounded at the ratle nl' 51500 rnch. Tw, oa a lite.-Nithiolav livillie and tile S~l Sorpelnt were bth setc at Naliant ol{ day lint week. 'T'wo ettl:l mourlller, al once etlnough I to frighten the li=h"t and drive ibatk the narrow ro aks upln Ithe townll lit In . The cobblers of J ,tuit oh s ell s ari be giinnitt ii lrivean ain. Abllngdllnn hbs just w lked up, alo1 i l n is active to Ihe LIst. N.,thirirg lik . Itlla, r " Ulnited States Blank Stob ia New York loft lra 123. Good Governor-On the inioterlus eubjnct ol the lichigan [ton lan Goenonr llaas, aJe ii that heI received $100),000 Irm tile Morris COalla Cilna. prny but did not count it. Such pirfect indillfer once to money concerns will doubtless highly cmmnluend him to hiialoco ficto supporters. Sympathy.--Tlre 13ostln Post endorses the slan dars of the mendacious Globe upon our gallant Navy. Schooner lost-The sclooner Joseph Stuart, Capt. Worts, front Havana to Philadelphia was to tally lost on lthe 21st inst. ua the Gasken Banl.- crew safe. .laodame Vestris.-"Thle wise men of the east' will still insist on making Vestris a danseuse, al. though they would be as correct it terming Sid done a singer. One of our neighbours gravely assert that Jlladame will appeaor at the St Chairles ont the Ist October, nl'hogh site is already an nounced to commence in September her engage ments in Now York for one hundred nights, in Phliladelphia fr thirty six, besides nuudry more in Baltimore. We do n it ,so muchl wonder at this state of confusion into which she has tllrown si, maty of the Corps wvle sheo has already turned the Iheada of half the ynunc fellows in England. Tennesee--It speaking f tile notes -fthis state tile New York Express snays its papelr has been greatly depressed in cenaerqtence tf its interior position renderitlg it dificult In send thie crops to a market. Hlow eager then ought rithe state to be Ior tihe completiont of thie Nashville Railway. Soutern Exchnanges -In the North, confidence in the Lnuisiana, Mississipoi, Alabama and Tenessee bank is daily increasing. Discount on N, Orleans paperis4 314 percent. 'Tennessee has negociated a large loan in N, York and can now draw heavilyon that city, and the U. S. Bank ias become the de ,ooitory of "the Union." This greatly assists in improving her paper, and the exchanges are daily bettering. Alhbntma bills so me time ago were 25 per cent below, they are now under 10. Tihe very best of the Mississippi banks 2 months ago were Ifrom 25 to 30 but are now only 13,and her checks, drafts and notes are in great request. Thus on all hands are our southern prospects improving. From all quarters we hear of fine crops for the picking and ginning of which better weather was never known. The new cotton is daily arriving, in small parcels as yet, Ibut with the promise of a most abundant business for tle Olcoling season which will inevitably commence early. The mock philosnphers whosn constant cant is ebttunt "the poor despised negro," would have been somewhat surprised hadi they been in Camtp street ton Thursday about 6 p. mo. The corpse of a co. loured woman was passing to its final place of rest, but the cerleg, attending it exceeded almost any funeral of a citizen :hat has been seen frc many months. The procession clmtmenced with a carriage contaeiintp the'tatholic clergymen, and assistarns. Next followed the hearse with two fe. males on either side bearing the funereal pall. Following were about a hundred well dressed mourners, whose complexion and costume bore some sable hue:and then came 6 mourning coaches filled with coloured females, and followed by a numerous throng of pedestrians of tihe same tint, but opposite sexa, the env ,leads bring brought up by several others on horseback . Tile demeanour of the whole was orderly and quirt, and neither hi.drance nor disrespect was shown to their proa c edings. One of tilhe most eilly and winrn 'ot rf all the Tony erlnharg aganot the \Vhins sa th.t they are formed out of thelodd, and ends of all other pai tiee,--ct is their raneour less against their pro. claimed opponents thln titlir qumondamt friends , the aonservatives. How happily do lthese oechrle and contumelies agree with the acts oI the great loco fIoco lender. Martin iho firet, who hoo of nhl Rives, the head of that very e.nsvvalive party, it allow hir name to he placed with his own on the next Presidential ticket. Indiana Election.-Froli the hest accounts re ceived the Loulsville Jouroal gives the Iollowing as the new Indiana Legislature. Senate, Wlteas 31), Van IBureniies 17: House of Represeotatives, Whils 58, Van Burenites 38, Conservatives 3, Unknown I. In Illinois thie Whigs have retarned two out of three onembers of Congress, and perhaps the Governor Branchl--'l'le Frederleksburgh A:enn, nnys:--'lGov. BRANer., hnving stnoainted an igno minioun defeat it North Corrolinn. has gone to Florid Ito try his luck ihere-heing a candidate tfor Ihe Convenrtion called to frame a Constitution for that Territory, preparatory to its admission into the Union. It is good to have two strings to one's bow ."' 07 The Express Mlall did.,,nt arrive yesterday. . TTENTIOY / LOUISIANA RIFLEMEtIN. A N adjourned meeting of thile above company will Shbe held at the Planter's Hotel0 this evening, at ha.f past 7 o'clock. By order, JAMES SHEEHY, aug30 ".e'y. pro. tear. S KRAFTS of l.oaisville, tar sale bv I hRMOGINE BIRtJWN & CO, aug30 9 Coti ast WANTED 'TO EN.I'. aEug30 A y GIBSON, Editor. d O FFICE NEWOELEANS & NASHVILLE RAIL Y ROAD COMPANIY-irafts on New York at sight, or sixty days date, fi. sale, in sa0na a to rsuit tnr echabsers. JAMIES II CALD\VELL., is nivt I'President. SAC.U--IItO hhd Conoltmona aenon aideas, in atore for sale by LAYET & A'OEOLUNi, ang18 17 Commercn e treet A O!U.E, ncoioen aen su oeit imo ale intao.ot ino SCin:us andl Ilssn rtntt:l. I'tiviltgt to too giveo in I~olos, JAMEd l.A,4InKI-R'I'. otgll ' - A'IATENT'ION 1111,'L CORPs. AIHE Mesmbers of this conlnny nre ralested to st iend a meetig This iEve ng, at i o Plantier's n otel,Cunal street, at 71 2 o'clok, as Iuloino s r'n the utnost i portaltone will be laild eforae tilhe mlony. ', Aeeonmitaeowillb selencted to ballot filr all new ni, poinitmeos. aug28--1838. CODE Of I'R.,C7TICE OF LOUIhLo/Jhtl SIHE Suleoriber blan beeen somte lise in preparing. i and has now very nearly cosa lltled, t lewl eli lit of tlhe Code of Practice, pon a plano whicnl cant Ir fail to become oaefil to the prNfessioa, in whichI I is d assistedh a few of lis frilndo, lte explrinee in the law no' noillleot t In lootl.mIdae foot tho, estaollishloent of lntr judicial vspeiool, nd under wlltose espcil linctio tile matter Ior been preplared. Silct tihe als elonoto at o pe en noe of the pcimen nubr tCivil Colde, plblilshedl by Meoars. E. Iotbs Coo.. it wes lhonghp t ndvi=inlle to it pll0ish tln Code l Pralctice ill tlin olllt e fuIt ttIIo t las who deire it, may be enabled to IDind the two Codes together. T l'lile arraglen, loo ever, wil lie dlifeetrut. A colleting all tile deiisions of Ihe 5upralle Court if nthe rule ol prnctice licl aupply tr lite niAela taired in thl Corh, tiey bhave oeen digestld inol ed under each aIlropriante ,Irticll,' in thie sohupe ar tic togetlner with relreuerats to the ame so lha ertlder by turlnng to n0 y article of lthe Colde of I' 0ice, will at once kno. the ldecirion u lon it. TIe 1, work wll also contain all lo e s nloo ealollotoatto Io in Colld of Practiean, to well as tie ilawn c loreting ld reglllatilg i' the City Cotrts of New O leats, wisth a omplleta in d tIhx ts tilo wnhoole. The nabove wrk ill naknl it nteaoranl e as o on ar ns the first of lalrct next, nd ltbonl in goo stlotalo-. til lsheeip onuoll lorw biltipiog, soldoint sinox tooRS per copy. orenl0' d.0i l lotoo II n IN. N , nit"Q C ' liornlr n ';tt:!ehez call " l''hulp lilPt· m. ll s, l.'i". &, il ' r ll.l 'i.N l N'.\I; i ii t:.s+ks I'urc.ire ].il. 15 hatrel; Sit et; '1'Inp leIi, .e cask IIn • 'll t 11,11 keeli ;p r \\'hl, " L a a 5ifs " _ " V ittl from the Nrih, lo ot s ie Ic,, by I 11'.1 ' N \' ;\ 1 ', 0! 11111Jul 1'ni dons41 tOet ) ve:GAL ltS to i; tc01Z ilS S111 1 1111 fir so of notenlv Stno.1l'l t & ', 1 01ll11 :li. -ill 1 1T. J. I' r \ I.I,.r n s.'. , oan A..h i : i' - t o,'l, -ill ,a s y tl o o t, ioll -loio o t u0000 f00r sale l,. £Y Ilk\I.I(IN-: t1n,1-1 .pipes ot, i b-ral-linf pes .' alveoyuperi tdto oloartoile i.toareiand ti o tlri eno bh T It hI.Vl' & I1010.0 og-ll 39 Comonnn, ornoernlagooiolot AN KNiOTEi nPElt-Just receiod ao t oe toilhon' qnlityr, for sn l oby DA VIT FEl.'T & CO, naug2t Y Stationers r Il8ll, 2I Ch(trten. C1". IHudasntNy rg n -l-ereornd p noh poin o i +and ruled, fonr aal r b lle instr r s yI_ T R FII FIE & CO, ung9 NN Statin toners Iloll, i2. Chartres. augd2o8 _ 1110)nine Mgoainat. n1 d i)rLEdf--or slel By neerm Candles, lon sole by DAVII) FliPI+ET & CO, a-g8 _ 130ll) ogonrise st. r.I EI W-VHIT11BRII);1. & CO, - aog28 h131 Illognzino at. .-HTI'T Hl.t a Saongre1-) Ionen ithio- liavnnn V Suigr, of very superior quality, now loading hfrom blin A.E., for axle by JboSEIlI COCKAVNE, . onglito . . . ... . . . . . f'? .. i _o_,ne ,: i FFI'Y DIOILLAISt RKI\VAlil) . ILL he paid by the subscribers ANDRIE who absronded on tlho 5th inet. Said bIy is about 15 vyear of age, 5 feet high, black fitee, and very good looking; when first spoken to he speaks quick, and stammers a little-had on wheno lie left, blue cottonade pants, blue striped shirt and straw hat. JOHN AIINTURN, aug!28 13 Exchuage tr. "p R. PARKR re olly intors Ilt public tlat She will remain to ihort tine in New Orleans for the putlrpose o painting portraits. tRoms corner ofI Canal and St Ciharles, in the house occupied by Pardly & Lyon, Dentists, where serimelnu of his pailtiog clan be seen. Entrance in St Charles street. 11 8 1fil TIIISKEY, Flonr and l'rk, in store, for soir by T ant2 i I)OIiRS iY, 41 Now L.evee. A ALE ROPIE & 'I'WIN--or sale by SL -V''I. &. TI;IEPR, auttgd 40 Paydras street. . CtiFEE--800 bags io coflfee Io t inest quality landing froam brig Chaimtin, Ir sale iay STETSON & AVIERY. jyl2 8 Gravier streets. i ANTED)-A 1OOK BINDER-None need ap ply but a workman. W ieloKEAN, jyl2 crtt Cam I. 'wonltionl astreet PROTECTION HIOSE COMPANY. IDTMonthly meeting this evening, Saturday thll5th inst. Punctual attendance is requested. Monthly washing to-morrow morning, I-l past 8 o'clock. By order, It. E. GARNIEI, aug116 Secretary. LEMON SYIRUP-100I boxes lemott syrup, landing from ship Concord, and ior Eale by 2 THAYEIR & Co. jy26 74 Poydras street. iATHS-40i 0 Laths in store, and otlr sle by J TtlAYER & Co, jy'26 74 Poydras street' LOWELLL C:oiitttl-100ti ales 7-8 & 4.1 l.oell Negro Cottons, in store. and itr sole a y STETSON & AVIR.RY. aug25 fi Gratvier st. L IME-800 casks of Thlmastun Lime alloar, and for sale by CHASEI & DILXEY, jy4t " 6 Ctstotthons street. jr GLA tS-- ta bils. Molasses htndit untot setrt l itos also "0 ditto, in stor.e, and litr sale by LAYET & AfMELUN(G, aau7 17 Common sileel. C IRE.Y' CREDIT SYSTE8'E I. rI1-lE Credit System of France, Great Britain a lthe Uni'ed'States-by HI C Carey, nau lt, 'Principles ofPolitical Econamv,' &c. Just received and for sale iV VM 'EAN, augl-I Corner of Camp & Common st. F OR SAL.E--Balm of Columbia, Eisttaice and' Temple's iMixture, iay's Liniiment, Rose Oint mont, Headache Remedy, Btrnl's Corn I'la.ter, &c. hir saioby JARVIS & ANDREW:4S, .jyi our Cmotn r t 1T'.clh itt el t et t &r*U mBr:31W. oF EVERY DEsCRITtItNc CPEEDIIY, IIANDSOIMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT THE OPPICE OF THEI True Jmerican, ST'. CITtt{LES STREET, NEAR POYIltRAS. m?:3 LOUISIANA PURNITURRE WAREROOMS No. 53, Hien'llle street. W ILL.IAS R. CARNES, (formerlv of the firm of Flint &,Carnes,) would respectllllv intrm Ins fieadls and ithe public that he il constantly receiving from New" York ad llr oto goood isortmentOot of Fur niturrael nca, mahloanoy ch:olrtl, rldle, led-tooleR , ma ple aonl itainteod chairs, maple ootl chorrsy edetetdt, rnahoganv and ceerrs tahles of oll olocriptioo bu reau, toilete, ocecolaryr, writiag doosks, wartlrtlote of tnahoegonv nod cherry, wtsh alUods, looking glasses, feothecs, bedding, Sc. Sc. NB. Forniture pucked for transportation with groat c:are. je8 MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removed from 17 Custonoaouse St. TO NEXT DOOR ToST. CIARILES TIEATRE, CORNER OF POvDRAoS & ST. CHARIEs STTREET. auo9--1838. ' INE ' 'tR&. l'tIT II'YB LES--5f ross wine and til gross jtorter bottles, Ibr sale by IIO)LMIES & MILLS, jyil Bank Alley. COMPTIROLLER'S OFFICE-S-ECOND JIU .NIl'iPALITY, NEW ORIoANoS, Augsat 2t2d, 1838. AGIREEAILY to a rsolotion of thie 15th intet., I will adjtdicate, at this offlr, on Mlonday the 3rd Srepltember nex t,t '2 o'clock, P. M., to the lhighest biddrc, sepacotr leorcs nf the Sallooinog eanttlc for the calb of Oyaters from tIre 15th of Septetnder, 11138, to tire 15th of A1pril, 1839, viz: ODc t rthe flt of Canal ciree;, Onle " " rnier o 'le atoi t Poyrt e o Otto "Girod Dno " "Jolla )toe " " l)elord Ofle t: Roffigtrc " anr at Ilr coneor ofiarket square nood lNtw I,eves. One at rietensatCeion tf Nuoe ttreOt anat tire Levee. Te: o 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, olld t IIIOtll creoitt in sat itfoetorily entlorsed roles., it is mtde a condiltiorn of the otdjudioation, that oil oyster shell, kelonging to tile lcstros of the respective, be sold to Ihe surveyor ofthe muoonicipality, at twonty-flo cott por arrel. lJON CAl.IIUN, otngil Ctoporolsoiir. "-reau dr Conoltteot r--,teitt r ootMaoniitilc, * NottvelleoOrlbouto 0210 ntttr 11388. 1 toNFORMERIENT io uno rc~eml ntitnt du 15 dll "Jcoutrat, j'ndlJgeroi it on brlteau, lendi le 3i deeptcmbre,t EUX hcoIureers de I'pres aidi, au plus hlauot enchrisseur, lee laoux lt -rbs des t linplce nmen i llsr lit ventso dAl· Ihnitrer, hes 15 de ep ternot re 1838 o I5 d'Avril 18391. Uo no pied do a roe do Crno!, Do. Gravier, I)o. Poydra. D-o - - irot, )o -- -- Julie, I)o - - lhtor, D)o - -- oligon, ltn tot coin to rnarclhi et le la olle. Loeve, 1t a lr conltinuatioo do In rue des o eligieuses de I,. Ievtoe. Conditiohlt :---I, , 3,4, 5, fiet r7 nois lie trdit, en bille ts enldoess s o slttisIlelin I.e tl ail clnltiendot lIt eondiior n qoo tottotes les I tiilles d'huilre aptr arti - nant autlx difrlrtons eoliplaccloolos, dolvroat etrc vetndoce an v o ler Ito l totlnlrloto it/. ii -25 e'Itlo lp barilt 1115ot .III tiA..IIIOI;N, Cototrotlooo PRIVAT1? 1BDAIIING IIDSEiI, ...... l~t v lE~i-h'ilTNT;?,+BO-qi )TN.; i1.. --- No 13I, 'loolse st,--Ity Mrs IloifInatn. FrrllS honse is .......ion . . n Id convenientlY .sitlhuted ofr f Itt11 Ot oU LbruSi neao r tihe Ilo.evee anl t c ew Exchannge Thl tatlo o ill le well suppliedd aot attendoed to, atod totrdetrt o toil oog have o t Itlgit, tan be niet n - dated, al ditrdent prics, o ith conunodious ftt risho d ron'1 . Boatrders will have Ie tsaliot ion itoo meet0 thole, personss .peaking tht-FIclh EcEglish nnall( S)all ilh +Inn gumgti.e, ttllC?3 :: 111n IPENg ON O)UIi4 E()11SF But I"l!oust ltt, 1I4, tenot- .Tdei Ve. /offlano. I.1 tot e)tooaILtIotttett eo.t 5llli000ll 0X e l rnllvn Il ET rals ntoot itpr o o otro veiit, lll r s dl l 'ivi'e t lle liourlt, E',t dire In ,tlllre o it s lll-iles. u tuble a u fh i t fotunit , prot remno t teno t t o un l prix riiorll t'h DeuxI r lli llrenlnlt ol [n l ,hireraiont v hger 141 1"1a t d.s l|a l llien doall+(Ik lrix, hlen rtll'l . tI M 0-of 1 toi t 11i 01000 Ot lr,: penill I milie llll'Ollt I' IIII..r'+'+lll d'v troulver de.s .erstlrle i~lhll lts latlguc+ livoln:+ine, unirnise' et itspag o ' tole. Otlll iI I . i<)r , ie - u. Itol- , Sf010 IG F 10t) o o ner.. of v ,perts inl i],, Secr.,l 3:un ,' 1 p itt all o t hio to r "1.,t ,ntOil. tIl lld Ott00 ub lot i t oot i o rsd se woul d II I RhEi R . w.'lddo wil th> cilll al' t :13 -it olill te t 1113 uriiII h I ,I t l'+e e T r to ohth t it Ito I CitoNIt S l. 11O. IllboIt+ ll t ootCII oll t'olh tlit-l t I oo h'otoililol \ro l' ullls~IItIooi 00000l otottottIo C.\ U NES.. I AY'S LINIJMENT.-No Faction.-This ex. I1 tr.aordmary celmoaical composition, the result of science, and the invention of'a celobrated medi. cal man, the introdnution of which to tile public was invested with the solemnaty of a deathbed bequest, has since gained a reputation unparalleled, filly sustaining tile correctness of tie lamented Dr Gridley's last confession, that t he dared not die without giving to posterity the beuefit of his knowledge on this sulject," and he therefore baqueathed to his fiiond and attendant, Solomon Ilays, tile secret of his discovery. It is now used in the principal hospitals, and tile private practice in our country, first and mlost certainly far the cure of the Pides, and so exten sively and effectually as to baffle credulity, unless where its effects are witneEsed Externally in the following complaints: For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary absorption at onc.,. All Swellings-Roducing thenm in a few hours. Rheumatism-Acute or Chronic, giving quick ease. Sore Thront--By Cancers, Ulcers or Col2s. Croup and Whooping Coughl-Externally, and over tile Chest. All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns-Curing inl a few hours. Sores and Ulcers-Whether fresh or long standing, and fever sores. Its operations upon adults and children in reduc. ing rhoumatic swellings, and loosening coughs and tightness of tile clhest by lelaxation of tile parts, has been surprising beyond conception. Tile common remark of those who have used it in the Piles, is ' It acts like a charm." THE PILES-The price, 51 is reruaded to any person who will uae a bottle of Ilay's Liniment for the Piles, and return the empty bottle without being cured. 'rhone are tilhe positive orders of the proprietor to the Agents; anti out of many thou. sands sold, not one has been unlraucessful. W, might insert certifclates to any length, but prefer that those who sell thle article, should ex Ilbit the eriginal to purchasers. CAUTION-Nono can be gemonino without a splendid ongraved wrapper, oiln which is my name, and also that of tle Agents. SOLOMON HAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by COIMSTOCK & Co., Noew Yolk, aud by one Druggist ill every town in the Union. For salo by tile Wholesale Agents, corner of Com:nan & 'I'choupitoulao street, and by tile Apothecaries generally. je30 S PERM Whale Oil--1510 gtllon.a winter sperm oil; SII100l nallous satater tail; III11 gnlleuC relined whale, fbr sale by \Vt/ll'tlllBtl)taF A CO. aug21 Ifi Magazinelst. W IIlISKE'I -00 bc rectified Whiskey, for sale thy L. OrtMES & MILLS, je7 Blank alley. I LOCK T '1, ;IN t L.TE & ZI.\C-3tpOpig Ilaock )r tie, I1tt tatoes tit plate, a l .5 c ks zin, in store, foe ale ly S L.OCI(KE & C jyltI 2- 0 L IIISKiE'- U btls i atlore, ftr stale by Sugag t; I)O1ItSEY, 14 New Levee. \lLOU . -2Oui tabln int satre, tone cae by ti ItlultSET augl 44 New I evee. .AtU. ,Sllla-ltI cao.n aupe'r Cid tsuati cured Sill e store and ftlr sa:e by ti Itt alt 'Y, aagtl II 4New Levee. Si/001 I: tJ ';I'It tLS watattl u tao atNewOr tieens and Nasht ilia rail roald; e ply Ita I. llONNA BEL, Corner of Natchez T'clphopituntls streets augll PRIYTILVG( OFI,'ICE. FOIl SALE,--A printing office, comlpntel of all the materials necessary tbr u newopaper. An assortmaent of French accnts; several fmats ol .on TYPE; a large extra imperial press, &e, Are, will be sold cheap, and on easy tenms. This is an exllaellentchance for one internding to etabliash a conulrv paper, and vil laoe Jolt ()ffice. Tle type 4A. a ill a; sol separately fromn hle prense should such ain nrraa menta accommleelllno date aihe purclhascr. Apply at tlti ..tfiee. aug:3 MirEDICINES, PAINTS & taILS- I laar and Ill generI aai>lmtenlotn l n.t i. fir hl .'llo, hv JAItC Il ,a- \ l ilF. , " jy 8-h s i . ,r a Tc .up i"., m SECOND MUNICIPALITY. WfTERE brought to the Police Prisonn ofthe Second TV Municipality, the following named slaves viz:- POLEtDO, aged about 48 yeaws, says he belongs to Mr. No.ah. JO11N, aged about 23 years, says he belongs to Mr. S B:nidwin. HENIIY, aged about 19 or 20 years, says he be longs to Mr S Iladwin. The owners of said slaves, are requested to prove property, pay charges and take themo away. II S 1. IlIPER. sepl Cptalin of Wateh.. S/ER1I, brought tot the Politefolond of tibe 2nd S SMuniciplity the followi la lamed anialns- vtz: One large Bay mare and Colt. One small BaD Colt. The owners of said anilmals are requested to call to the Poond, prove property, and take them away. - 11 S. IARPER. augl Captain of the Watch. L a ilh amte h auo deplt do la Ode munutiipalith, lea nnimaux ui ans: Unoe graod jument hae nvero seon suivant- n poulain hal. Les proprietaireeldeadits ani maux saontprhs de venir au dhpot, prnuver leur propri Ath, payer lea emmener leadit animaux, 11 out t11 S IIAIRP'ER,Capt do la Gartoe. R ICE--5t casks now landing lrom Charleston, for Pale bby S G BLA\CHARD, Jyrl 33 Gravier street. 1O REN1'-A largeo d airy nh-ie. well sliuattde m and in the most htsiness part of theeity. Terms, moderate. Apply to W. GREENS, at the Orleans I.ithographie Offilice, 53 Maegine street. jy24 TO LET-The Ilouse situated on the corner of Orange and Religious atreets;apply to J ) REIN & A COHIIEN, jv24 90 Common stret.. A Card. ORLEA.\' LITHOGRAPHIC ESTABLISBI MEAT, 53 MAGAZINE STREET; OPPOSITEI ANK'S ARCADE. SGREENE returnls his sincero thbanks to his friends anid the public of New Orleans, for thei patronane bestowed on him for the last two years, and begs leave to assure thm n that all orders coln:sitted to hit charge shall be pnectuallv attended to; he will as noual, keep the oat:en open d.rinl the summer, anil shall be always nread to strike off merchant's e rco lars, buiness and lddress cards, funeral notices.niaps, plans, and dtrawings, of every description, at the shortest notice, and on the most reasonable terms. Being assisted hy artistns tperior to any other estahlish mieut in the, anId from toner experience in the liltho.rallhie' line, he teals clofident of giving entire SarltiaMellOn. N II Apothecaries and druggists' labels rxecuted in r good styhe as copperplate engraving, andI at one tlhlr~d f the expense, jv24 SOlt SAIF:-Th.' spllendidaleast boat MERCHAN hnaving utldergone a thuroglh repair, will be r.a dv flr sea ill a fet tlavn; this benat is cotplet autsltleo and coppered, with a 'copper boiler and splentid en gine: her aceonllllllnlltios beCin, very extensive, and well found in every rasoictt: for fitthor particulars ap Ilv at the ship yanrll firegoryo Byolte where sie now lit, or to h,.r.NSEL WHITIE r 4+u, uan21-15t l9i (ravler street. .AL'-5110 sacks line salt in stare sul for sae by S & J1 P WIIITN,'PI , aug23 C ti st. S' OAI 0 aItI Tallow i0atiandles--II) t 'l'aulluow Cai It dln Ittt',1 h ixe t No. i antl extra soapt, IbraIIts of James tiothln ad Jackson T 'lTrowbridge- for sale by ISAAC BttIIl)E & CO, aug223 134 Magazine st. OFFICE, N l:WV O)IL, ANH &' NASIIVILLI, It2ll, ROAD COII'.-PNY. fRAFPTS na New Ytk at siibt, 30- and 60 days sot, ('Ctdar tilte Ir to11 pste atd seeperso, atd Pliladel titia tth-tvb wheels and t arts for sale int roatenable terIins. J.Htlll" II CALI.WIEI.l., uat°;3--ft President. eIIAKE Noti.-e ii bill tgait-.t.+ 'laatiag Dre I Dock, sinned 1t0 anratredl hbv Jano Jt lick, will ereaficer hbe pitl It tie iowtron t. i' Ploaning Dry lock,. the sail James I)iltk hIvlntoig never beenal lntor. ted to make ean contrnets. t Moreover, allltills front thit dite will have to be ap proved anlt signedi hv the i.get of the Filoling Dry (lck. Ilie t ftl.\lt I3IIUWN , C(ti, d nlng 9 Coni st. s ilalllt(Cit tf Netw it)rlatln: Present the ]loa rabile Chras Miiaur ian, Juldge.-NNo. 10627, J l Put. n0 r, v0. Iliai Creditors. On mliOal ,of M. tireiner, at IOr tiPV ,'I i.tIt-St I. ,ti e Etyett I)elbac it.e, wife of Altbraohtu 'lIee ttrc.flhth rcditort-e,,bo. nitl intsiol-nt anil h shl)w'inog ll the otret thati Joan. \l' Eery, the syn i lltl llltr , lilt b rttl lith c ot ctrtr ofal ls ill(.Ie , il t li t t c ni i,'r t sli, or id redi rs tel re t "i I it Penitnls 1:-q., . Inutri n lie, then and thI ere to S IExtinct lion ,he .llinut e-t's--le .+ +18irm. A M (;Ytl., n olI -1-831 Clerk.; itse t I'lhlon. (hur r.a \llli:io, jll -No 101)i7- -|it Putl, ('tfe e,. ii' . - atr Iltiil d l Mrl (; 'lt,tr, t 't ,h t ,all ta tll b tta 111p I to, !iap Euci'.n+ Lhht,1 h i -e, i"fl t."n d'. \Irhnt tldr , s 1 hl o1 d18 . lllllilr lldl il].<,le*a+]P, Irmltvanil T a 1it ,a ." r qlt , .lIlrl+,,+ r Fc'lllV, in+ S tdoi; o , it, llallllll l ,r - . i ,i ii terr t 'Ililho l It,'1 in1- i aswd,,.hh, nC1llH pt ihlv tlin Ia i 'i .v, not. plb. Ie 7g a' Ivril 1i8.:18, it f'ir :,l']]+ ,IP lll , ] I' I IHe.ep irtr i," svnldi ,et; i et dT ,,r'(li. ar l ,llr i ino. sl11( I his:lll nt s3 e ill.Tllll l'tr Ier ! nit II lla k s , al piint ub, enll erd I hli - ier Sie I 's ,l'",,,i I' ndIii t i ll d i; sI - +.xl ll.·l rait leaIlinu worded. ... . 0 ['A II ' l ) )IA aN. l r.11, FIs' Jn3iici I)Ir.sTnaIcT Coounr. I} TIiCK 1) )IERTY iand JA.MES P. NOIEN. vs of i heir tiredio. iado thie lCrditor.ili of 1. )oE city & (Co.. No. Ii4,'!l--Th'l' Ceasinl ol the I'etitioner's Ibenllrt of their Creditors, i! i, oIdrrcd that ai meeting of Iheil said ( rediil othd lake place et the office of Ed ward Iarlnit, Esq., Notary Pubhli, on Thursday, the 6th of ;e oc imtr ioxtI lin t 0 o'clock, A. MI., Ibr the per pose ofdliliheroting on Ihe oftirs of said petitioners, and in the imantime olljnlioml proceedings against thlir ler-ona and llroperty, asn to lhe creditor men tiined in tilhe chldule,ra siyve.d; nall it ij furtlhr or deroel that Ilicln Efq. be aplpoined to represent the absent credllors, in this ease. Witneas the Ilon. Al, l. IBuchanan, Judge of the said conlt, this lth day ol'fAgust, A. II. 1838. T11HEO LEVI', nau7--:3tlbml 'elp'y. Cl'k. i'I'AT lIE I. lOiltl\N IN1-Cour-du Pr..eier .dDistrict Judicinire-Patrick Dohcrty and James 1' Nolcn, inre ano croncioser et I n cranin ie t P D)olherty - Co. -No, 161). I acossion des propri( li's tos ,i'titioiolres syant (it ancepto lior I ruoonr our lebioi',fiec de lIers cianciors; II ost dicr(ttitrq one asspelf oiIe desdits ci'am, iers auto lieu en I'etudo in Idoardl Blarnett. IEsq. Not. Public, Judi, 6 saep tembre prochluin, a 10 hlcuros Idu mtin, anfin dtie 1lib rer oar les aoflires desdits piio ittionaires, at en at tendant Ioutes Iorsulites judicairs contr leu r peraon ue ou lear rooriitts osent nrreteeo, qnnnn aia erehn cier mz.otionn6s dansa In ablean ;et ii ct de phl d( cr6t6 quae M nioooi, Eq. soilt nomte pour roprhaenter Its cranciers nabsen, dons nette affairs. Present I'llon. A t IlBchanu^a,juge de ladite cour le 4 ud t, A D 1838. TIIEO. LEWIS, nut23 Depute Clerk. 1hOPE & OUAKUl. "ORL'TY' IDales of Oakum anl 150coils Manilla rope a sizes,just received and for sale by S LOCKE & CO. aun7 ?2 OldLevee NoT'II ,E. 7'1i1E undersnigood having beei duly appointed by the ihlooruoallo, toe hirst Judicial I)islrict Courti, (Commissioners to estimate and assess the damage andi expense of widening Pltollimn street, betwean New Le iee street andt the river, have made their estimate anti asseiment, and lhave deposi' true copies thereof, to getherr with tlie pli, in ihe oaito of the clerk of saidl court for tie injI locil off l whom it may concern. And pblic nouli:e is herebly given that said enatnooI and assessmelt will he presented to said court for con firmation, on Saturdav, thle Itwety-ninth day of Sep tembohr nexo; anti all persons intersted in property sit nated oon Roinl.nnc slent, or tha v:ciuiitv tlereol, re hlereby notified to mnco their oljetioni., if any they have, to said estimate and ansessmenit, oa or before the toeatv-first lday of Septliaber next. New Orlcaon, Angust 21, 1838. G. BlUi KIKR S FIELD, O Commissioners. CH.t'S. A. JACOBS, aug22--183i8. A VlS--la aninnioussig6n ayent 61 denment nommine tpnar l'honanhblc eonr du premier distriit jidiciaire, cprmntlsaires pour valouer et onter Ioo dnmage at lea fiais doe I'lmnrtgssemnt dler. l rte Roflignuc, entre In rute de la Nouvelle-Leve at le fleurve, olt comnplet leaur tableau d'valatioua ot tO tie e, dleot is ant delpon do vrais copies, aive un plan, nu bureau du greffini de Inditoe cour, pour li'insl.eion des intrresnes. El avis public eat dmolii quo In nuladit tableru sara pr(eet ait Indite nour pouor confirmantion, amedi Is 29 de Sp, itelnbre lochain; i tutes personnea i tereasees dools edi t tabloaiu dPvilolotion et le tuane, aavoir: tou te pernann.1e ant interet olans lea proiprietea sitaeoi doaloai riti Rolb2glm nol le voisionge sonl par lo pr6 sPit i.oifieo ol( foiro leuer objiootiilt, a'ilaei ont, andit titoteau d'eo a ll ti-o l e da tae, I Ol avaent le vingt el uui di seplemihbre proehaiT. Nouvelle Orleans, i2a3out 1836, (G BV l KE:, SFI LD i • CjIAlUI.ES A JA(CiOls,S om i NE IV ORLEANS & N.AIIFILLE RAILROAD OFPIC/. EALEDI Prcpe, lsi will he receiveo at lilh offica ..unlilllhe Ilot of Srep ober, Ior fioolislini 1O0,(0)1 rent .lieanl) o eYlypesso, nor yellow pine, 2 - iocit a thick, 12 nctn ilnle, ani in In cihs of 20 fee: orup] aord; loile deliv.oredl along 1ie In eofthe road; on the shore of l.ol;ae P'onchurtrain, It. HIOARD, nugl i-rt Chief Frg'r. &. Gen'l Sulprd't FI I' PEEN i-(i)I..A -Fii VA n. I II.1. be paid rit the ailprelihcason anil lodging in 1¥ prilson in either " tla m Iunicipallitin, 1111. I.IA I FEIIiRNER, au inlennl apprmnltice t tlre blJacksmiinili ti le.; i,"" ajid aplrent eiie I abo ic e feet lo0r or finc oin oi li; Ii li air, blue aoven a a German by Itrloh; .onk I thei E lioh, Ftncl tl mdernomn Ian Ifir,, .lhl " . het , h lcio ir., in.lenr the o,,vrerrst ienahli I i;.- ,t'ItfAo MURl' y. ' lhi"ln `'3 .11il

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