Newspaper of True American, September 4, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated September 4, 1838 Page 3
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For the Interior. PLEASURE EXCURSEO.V TO BAY ST. I.OUl- ANI PASS CIIIRSTIAN. The 1 tctnnin tlteonlhnt MA ZEPPACa rai latGirittin, leaeoe the ___ - lake end of tile rail ten Itt t . i, for o valofie ck ears, on Saturday ee:tile l8ath inst. band and every enuing ,Saturday. lleturning, wilt relnc' tllerail roanlly 6'cllck on Monday , tri ll 1g T EO. WIHITMAN, - pplY Orleann &' Mrdhile Mail Oilcer. anglO tinder the RcamHag Matel. St Ciarletst. . "--pOXI l I p lan oSlA( ,A, o1 ' GIRAFF'C aPt, anp.wiler, will le i e - e t for rthe hae plaonet an the atering 'an WEDNESDAYS : SATURIDAYSa plauediatet afte the arhrial oa tho 7 'clck ears and ale .eetun eon' ur'dayy and Moln t n o the Rail Road- l '1he publi may depend n a it ngreat Cunctualt Ang t Pr panssage apply c Ca rain wilee. Far M eae, antd all Iatredils Latdita. - The low preave steatm boat CARO IlNEll leave New Orleans for Mobil., every TkPeridaty antd 2eM toa l l g ai t all the watering a or places at which pauengern may wis to land. For Jrtwrpactilra tt GE)y , WHITMAN, jy24 Eachaon o litel, t. C(harles at. Fee MobIl eend all I jireedlat Landings. Thele retmnlina' and nlenditlsteam ace i boot Wt. WACI.CE, entirely in aC atae.. rcomas, will leave New Orialan tie ei ha all inaternediate wittering plareei. cneryTtadtM aed BetS uitd, after the arriva at th Sclok car. EO. WHITMA Yl Eahane otlaL tCh rlre tt. Fae MATURlIAY EVENING AND SUNDAV ar TO. MANDE a ner! 22kIiIME S The steameor iboIA kAMA, d Cant. LT.Knight,will leave the lake en ofthemail-road for tile above pna eea, every n a venina, on the arrival of the 2 o' clckcar, and return the same t end leave n JF th aeritol oethe 0o'loek .el return- act lag leave it'adiston ille oc 4 o'clockP . lit. a2 SdtAw 2 )alt AAiSOYLLL, LOUIS4UI , M1ANOE VILLE & oVINOTN. l The fast runtinag ad splendid steam honct b StOUTHI ALAbAMA, L.. T. .; Knight master, will run as a regu Itar tial t o the above ports on Mondays, Wedtes dtins and Fridays, after the arrival of the 8 o'cleock cears, AM. Returning, leaves Covington 'l'ueadays, Thurs dais and l.aturdays, at 8 o'cloak, A M. t B. All bglafe and parcels at the risk of the own er, unless a bill of lading is signed. WhiMAN he New Orleans and Moblile Mail Office, h -2 Exchange Buildingo, St Charles st. FARE REDUCEDI h The steamboat MA'ZEPPA will leave the Lake end of the Rail oad - .p on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fui ojyenon t oe arivlo of the a o'clock cars, touehing at ]ly St. Louis, Pase Christian, Btilexi, &c.; returotli, will leave Pascagoula at day light, aind arrive at or- to deans at 3 a'clotk, P. M., touching at all the watering places in day liglht. Fare froan N tow Orleana to Ilay St. Lois 1 50 , " Pass Christiat 4 5(1 S , Biloxi 400 GEi). WiIITMAN, an2 Excllange Iotel, St.Charies street. NO'I'cIU. T RAVE.I.I.ERS going o Mlobile ,y tinh Mail Litle F an aluadaya, Wedlathtay sliad FErildaYs, Will reis- i tee their natPsa it this Itlicn, as il seAls.a cl .Il llr- l in the tags at I'ecuaola on tile above alaneald dotys,a t unless 'heir rati ,s le plmd dI thie way hdll. 'PhaIse wo ile ave heavy Iba;gsg. caul have it taken direct ta Mobile Iby ely ,out; tlurt , W teIvn' otk nl'oeape ,on thelaboveunaleday. ill wI .ays. , p.tKOl-- Pr.elt and Mes Porkt f'll bralhded, ' i) Also, 9 t l iece. t tentucky r ugg ll.l .g i cgitol ain; o Ir jot' 10 ltralvier st, titlairs.t I !vitii tll .ii pannt of preima 44 inoh KR dat oy Iit Ruggittg, loading froo It. t'Coriuthnee tar -ale by LAWItIlNtUE &L.EIINIIfI":, i1l . aid 2d' uN_,v Levre. %-TES'I'.RN BU'rT''iR-aOII) kl'ga in nitore, ,r salet lV by OLdA ItEll r I hTiilit, jet40 loydras -troeit. DUDLIIIlI) this diy, toiiat'a1 (ielenntl tlct, P tory of New Ur lclaec ll o l t ttttvL' itr ea l lby na2S N V Stattittor- Ilhll te-llhrtrv_..' 1 )AG-- - IN iti .- ii.-R. l-tE- til ta l 4S Keitutcko lihb,,ggiag l coil+t bit, ota. lti, on to. "e .tti lot saat by I lutio a - U 1101 lll1.15, Jsa te lhby honor, J(t . bo.urs ,resase, 2, h Ioxn blhll traitttnp lolt buxes illlelial ton, t cilily boutsle, 10 alnti baLrre ellst o ll mal rket e barrelvs ttaked tiagllaes, to maxen I' a thaean-. t box s iiilna rt'Stoa starh,, Received Iter ulittlllullsvilia, Ior sale by ,tbtl¶Ottltlla Il li, Li bhklottRtt. Jouet rctta;ttl , . ly LttiEa. I, Je . rr.-l.-i c ,e* l.ere. -)ULItD CAI' & LET ' ;I' i'APEIRt-Ut Ilntatr,. Slarge aalortnt elollW ptrced anlad very. nliloer jtlio mad iiultte, Wtne and olla Laid lt oal t t'pevl for sale by 0)LgA t k ( ' i-LT , Co, Ye o 5erk tatllonets' ait.l, 5I23 "4 Cthurtlaes lreet V( tAF LARlJ~-l) f aegvi tint auteehtpittdly utder,a Ssupoeiuer q4al ty,ut the landittg, far asle by jy3l 44 Ntw l.evee. AttIiLTI';'S IORAF¶'o-ou the Treasury ulohexu pnrchased by NA'tt'L . ''UWt'SkNti, jy EchRabange Hotel, u liranter stelt 'l-- . uti g rm llIt-lt SldlL-di easke on gia uta de a tatn malem. l eptoas lying at orsoge street whart, fob sale by UhIASE & [iKhYI jy.l 6 Cuatoamhouta stret.a A.,IFOIA} L'I -HTi;l W Iet--T Juet Mceived Ii an elegant assoatment Mant ilold Letter Wri toes, somae half bound, tor the I.ontiig hiouse, and some neatly done uIti Ila Morocu car.s with backs for trarellig, a very unmful and eolivenlait article, lin sale by h F1l & OtUt Ny aw York sad Stationers tlnll; jy31 24 Chartres street; HIiSKi "-75 bhia rectleti ,.v..t.ny, san ,i anrb SV ftruta stleamboalt Haunilll, il2 ld, o starei fur sale by LAY lkr '' d AMELUNUl toi 2jyitie w7 om__ 7 iercte siren 'Ui'iqNU iNV'1'itURUMRIC si&c-A supply ot ha Cupliug instlruments, Patelnt Pumlp syringei, fi and Stomauih Pumpa, all ol the reost inproved des- a c criptios, eairved by l ie oulcrltberas. Also, Colugne Water, Bahen ol Columbia, Ward's o Hair Oil Fines Halur Nil aud ltrooth Brusalh, &c. ilc. jyln SICKiEl C Ct U, 40 Caanal street. i I R - Tie House and Tlarden adijoig Hsarby'c i Acadely, o 'l'Tivoli UGeircl eolt ainlng ex romsH with kitchen, pantry, and ant- lusa , sice. Apply to JAKVISes ANDrIEWrvS, jy 21 corner 7Tchupitiulns o Co yaon streets. . RAF LARV-2iaO kebaaosuperior rerrtil in line shipping order, and toar alo by i DOrEY, jyiL 44 New Levee. T*'. P FA ER.--J ust received frem the ran--dy S wine Mills, i ass asuperfine blue letter is pel satoe very low priced; i0 noses superfiae white letta paper, din; 1 eases thin pink letter paper, 4 cases super lino pocke. post largn size; 2 cases Superfie ttate assortad colors; 2 eases superfine octavo assorted couluri; for sale, wholesale and retail, by D FELT & Cuo, 0 New lark Stattonere' Hall, jy21 24 Chartres street. - 0l . ENT- iosassion given ietutedy, the . House on ihe Both Rail Road near le Ldke Nthorea. '1it two Ptilions in t ath, near the RNe Urleansa end Nnahvillt Kail Road. Several imssta in the CUr House tile BuaIlt Rail Ioad Company. For tue 1.,tieulars apply to it IBIONNA t.E , _jy'2 ourter Natchez l'l'choupitouiasst-e. a,.CUTCI ALE-7.2 casks cuatch ale, (quartas and pinta) tbr ale by HOLMES & MILLS, Jy4L aunk Alley. -ARPE.N'I'iK'S Fluid Eztract of SarnparaiUlaý - and all other Carpenter's Preparotions, received Jmtelp by H IONNNABRiL, y err Tthoapitoula C Natachiez sis !1: SY"RUP in boxes of I doz. each for l sale b as 7, Batnk Plce. SU~lA ll ,J t.'Se THAYER Ca Uti, 74 Paylres saseet 'j.J---9,nka ltiejuat" yeaeired and for sle Iy L 'E ) HIlAYEK A CU, ug93 74 Poydras street. f/ ANVASER* Hltsnma-ti bja, Is'cea tand bbls. in tero, and LAYl ET b a A1fE? UNG, Y A, 17 Uoo,;"!'ce street. U13ik, 0ll tasaks i'htsotaa nLi Setlroby S IJIERMUUINiC. BItiLWNS t,, aug43 C,.'nti St. N' 1Ne .S f Liqurs--640 Itrkeas Clts lt.'gn , Wine, (Coogress brand,) 100 dt wine, (Laatyet te brand) 1l pipes Madeirai; 250 qr. cUtasks iimtitin Madeira wine in staore and luearslo by lHERMOGINE BROWN & .U O, aau23 9 Cetii st. -iOLASSgES.70 bida. wi al.r, fsor di by yj LAWRENCE . LEUI2INDRE, aa53 _8 and "L9New Levee. T REIASUR¥ Notes-.190 dolls. for sale b J THAYER &'CO, aug23 74 Poydrara streetl. 20 DOLLARS REWARD lLL e pi d for the apprehension of the lay AN DREW, rho abseedlded from the saubacriber on a 5thlinst. Said bay is about 15 years ofsae, alout tve feet high, bllck lhee, and r tliter sood Itkit.g. peakas faul atd ' littl stammenrng olean brst spuken to; bid on when hie eft eotnonada nlIa, sirtiad shirt and e rarw hatl. IO' URN, tug4l-5f r. i Ii ,c. bHIPPING. For Europe. FOR LIVERPO' IL. .. Tihe A 1 and fast Iilinz shlp ":T'F: - -' I[TZ,Capt. Gi -ou, will c:, V. . -p 1`h. hIttailn, the greatl r part of her :alrgo 'nofedt.,; a fir freight it 21(0 hules cotton,: or pass.u e, huring -p ihudeourl' accuimnationst apply t r II VI I :I (Al l, - - i LTl me;iei>; Ol i The A ] aert seiling ship CA(IO)LINE. AUGUST \, Cuapi ust, thaving rull care engaged, will sai with dceputch,fo iaLg onlv,hving good acc umidaticr as,apply to the .up,., ou beard, or to S . J P 'JilNR:Y, aurl 8 Conti arcet. S i i LIVERPOIOL. The A I and fast sailing hip It I)BERT, Capt. Seldon, will recevo irmcmediate Ilea- pelch or the abolve port. Fu,' freighit ofi5i hales ol cotton or pIaeage, having Ilhandsome accolm modntiuon, apply to I II E, LEVI II GALE, anogl 93 Cotmoo, street. FOR L 1.VEP1'OOI. The A 1 and fast sailing barque LAU"G RENS, Capt. Merrill, will rerive despatch. For passage only having huodsone aeen modatious, apply to LEVI H. GALE, aug9 93 Common street. FOR LIVERPOOIr The A 1 and last sailing ship GLOBE, Capt. Oliver, will reneive immediate des patch. Faor pao age only having handsome accaommodations. Apply to LEVI II GALE, ang9 93 Comlllon street. FHR LIVe-RIt IOL. I The coppered and copper fastened ship CUMBERLANI), Capt. Haalv, hIving most ao her cargo engaged, will have deasltch. For freight oa1300 lales or passage having sGperiir acconoedacotions, apply to & WHITNEY, july31 8 Conti stret. kOlt GIBRALTAR. . The fine and supetrir brig HOMER, Capt. Knhbb, will receive immediate den . patch. For passage only,having handsome Saccormmordations, apply to LEVI H GALE, a- lg9 93 Comnmo, street. FOLIR MAISELLES. The fine fast sailing bhrque NOBLE, Capt. Manson, will receive despatch. For r. passage only apply to LEVI It GALE, Saagl 93 Comon stireet. - FOIL MARSEILLES. hav The well nkon and last eailing packet hbrig COLUMUIIS, Perree, master. will te . caive immediate despatch for the above port. having ie grtater pat of Iher cargo engaged. For freight f'250 bales caetin, or passage, liavig t hanldsome accomnmodationS, apply to RE or LE}VI H GAl', ill au7 93 Co inoriei stir ad - FO)R MARSEILI.E . ti- The nIht snililg lrig CA RrOIINE, inpt. at Tlatrmnon. will hove immeadiate deepatclh fir th, MLt te above port. For freight o! 150 hales ot r- ton, or passage, apply to ng p .LEVI It VALE, sag23 93 (eomrmo iit. The fist siling hiip tI'I.RN III, Capt.- , hlluvm fulI cargo rsicoetl, ".cIti ao despnatch; fira:-,salige ipplv to et. S i; J I \VIllI"'., ain ire°:i1lici ttaleaa mn~na..a~ Coastwise. I(OR litt i t'N . . lT he ,pi .ket ship - lll ' tCu' tt. , -,ls n', ri now rec , 1in.e e I hr 'I I-I hllV ilr 'oVll-iY, r igbIse r g ngaged, will meet wither t ; I li reight or p .a+.y e, a pl nn y J r ill r n1 t 1'l'l,.'l'd t+N $ AVEIRY, a m 1I1 InýI a s'tl Iiu r T , uslny S llt urd, , th l ih, I it itit S & J i ' 11'1!1 t \F\}', _ alle t l , w(nut, ~ c·hrr . ll i (t I T'i .ON . . o tail on itlr ifd iy, thr" lltth 'I.·i llw In:+I t rt in hl-; 1 4 '1 , G ,"+.. . {S-' u t" rt, illi t' l tlll e' faer an At I, 'i. Iledotde I.j t lo 1al t coi d Alirtio , gooede 0at -of l - willeto lto ror tAeot h i (ItI t it t I.. au. i ; I l ,~l W iL , tgii r .'., I'flT I I A I'TA)NI t r e S .VARIETY STOR, . 1, n. .1)It N p sies or,t n doer ishopt's Hotel-The ateriiheers ate olew tpenlgi jd. tine c , ,rnlc 1ap ,aiaen yn aiet, eincl th, w tll n t- ie at their d ew stand, an IvtenPive n ss ,fine lt . . atreit e Spocketonsit s hrtt, reddiTg ati nrsle o mbll;, . lntia, tdt decssingf ion tocik anti 1tooketo enas. PEltFUMlRY-A genecol aaocant of French and American Pecfnsmry, nonsisting . he ttr to hotlea, of all shopse and aioes; last osc, Fte, urose, o fage, leorn, tjesartne, Iett, t'gotKo, .ndle",ier, it' wa sin, e oroioi anlt hlorine tea.t hficet scentillend tl-in iR t tte e.orl totnle lprestlll , etl oof clt e or ifiSHESCt r and aareatsvarity co -(:I lit II.\ l Ps'l" .I'll\ I - ra, f a nd piz rn i t~ts , n lltn , gaw pig, rohalnil f oliatIr , s 1 otnegso k gal swhntoioth chr ese odn taooc'a, Sncro g, p n.tan etihd heraltn t k rl+ took ,lln groII " p. y; to s8I E ,VI II 1 ; s . E. l gl4o og.i r tl 'Oirof, slir sl ltn, e aillT reue nde at toht eLaui bnat,, n alh,,F niirt. sart , R" ,o stnr, 5st mienvill s f reel,2111 ape nh lit Sberryi lredsteadml a first rate ob i Ple. Also, pe aod a sgoo h '0. ALOOK IN . L ASS IES-C o.:lprii -ggl t fa mes o{ at their new and, n extensive o a td sor das c k st. Imrion o s, 5, pr, isi ang t draw toiletsy n nrmt, stl ti, er, ! highlandor, Spiel Orfctens, Frnch and whim heck Pl*sa th'umery, ookreing Glcse ttues,' work oay esg Cenlc b. lae of ver of Fancy arteipticles. Thil for tlw nte t prt a deros, sipion pecc:ilCP a io heat S OM.s-ll sortoent, o soBrazilian high ealop tuck, slpesrir tod carved; d. doilli.d als, st lnekilg;k, puo, side, oest, all an i s teg, ivory atol h; iearl ito'tth, dre sing and - locketeombs; horn, relding sad NorsD s'atbs; woon,., ra tior stris, fine tooth an a litket Sonsnill. ieand amelecan Perfumey tacco, .islnlt ne waterr clc ain bottles, aof el shapes ant sizes; Itt I eW, callis; ida, arose, orange, lemnr atonemn, pisne, brgamllot, ptlerflellr, Sand W.Tt6able hale oil and esorlinle flnid; hlorine touth nnr d tttlltwmthflka atte kegs; r washr chlorine nemrnfiee; Teented ond plain toit poder1d potnatum; prestos salts, et. t Uty of oHEtSo atCrrrics, ln tieat vareli he t tfr low f hail hat; flesh, loath, nail, roe , shaving, plate, hearth, hfine awc plain dusting, sweeping, crmnb furiturTe, ri.ceng tmst whrite wash, horse, sthoe and taner's cerig, pn d a r hes, as d sash and grin S agetool of all sizes. r "et" ofS GLASSE S--Caiprs ngw t framets un vario- b sizes, , 3,00 e satt Iodr y I toilets; lCiermac tati. toilet and c oket gAssAh, ma s.ifegs Cmitor, etc.l S NG C -Egle Haaery 8th Brom, foighlander, Spiel Chrten, French and whitoi back Play ANY AND FLOATING BATHS IN TE spe-, ror assortment of porttle Ihdesks, dies' a gentl y EXECof va CLEAI.tions, Psuiale for the ewU A tand CE rtmanes' giets; pocket baks all c ots; apeat .r .tde's, cmleboxed, lend 'pectels, crayons, violine ea tings iad rclss, all tenasortent of facy- beads, sot prirn. t drqslity billard balls, panolte clrakin; bone, otirt, vetock feFall awl suspender battons; pearl Lultois llam]hirt studs, razor stropstt;es mat es for ratng light SInia. i oand meleae .earsdecnurto bat, lParisl, Ite heat IScote snuf s; aw asoor ment of plati alnd onrd afl-es; actik . a t hnen boards; dicent cy scree lls ti t cs tJews ht rpst d e the toiW oetttan peescs, tcla eesy itin tles, pelitCin liof Shadme ssrtmet ofegavings, tep a hee vata.Ie By nf octher ariin. 5 tikch will 5e sold fior lw it. pricee, tin cash city aeptanwesl, 5 S. fttm: hr as e ed hain l fee II,IANG y heast, proeted Itt o railimg lrltt the ett-ott rttebctmt of agll Sam, for sale by - 150 ounces hhrnncb Oinioait, t0 Ids 1,psom etna ORh LNarb, &c. c.. lading fi brig storeilli , foe AN Buston; andfor sale byER asle Jquare ' bel tAw Rhe 4a o e:d toand key; ladders and rps are rpared r ascendi at, agreeable shade over ltha bath, during l the heat ot thc n at y, it nw more elevated uni allows a frce circulation QJ"The Ounibnta.esplying betwer. Ca;nal street and - aulg4--m BUSINESS CARDS. TAYLOR & HAD)EN, r;-. 14 'ha rtre re. e rest FL c i .- " I .di.. I ti . le t 'c I ti' l l;l U + 1h1'A l li 'I1:'1. iJii U'! PEtlthilNS of these eanutiful ito a, a I Si e t i her o' netling tile , may he s.:e at he nulict oil J. B.Ross SURGNO DENTIST, A No Ili Canal tlreet. These teeth ilver rhalge colour, and are by taon. and in many csares, preferable to tile natural lteetlh. ILn Dr. l. will wait upon ladies at their residence, requesled. a[',i all S A. P Il(Itt)SSII;Rdll . r IMERHA T TAILOZR, til 7 Colllmlmon street, UEGS to inform lthe public IthaIt hlein purchasedr l B urom Meusrs HIOUriH, SKEUGIS & C. Iluart of their otck, lie will contiue thil ltr uai e at tllelr old etand, opposite Bishopl's Hotel, wlere he hthpes to merit u share oftheir potrouage. lie has made arrangeouetts at tile North t be supplied monthly with the latest and most fohiolarble goodea talr 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUI ALD SNLIP PLUNS 33RS, N o. 112 Paydras street New Orleatt, otANUFACTFReRS OF Lead Pipe, Water COset, and Pumpls Ofiall deseriptiitort. WARM, COLD, AND SHO HItR BA TS~r e Fixed on the monst approved principles. Co MILL'D LEAD, PIPES, I&e .oOrders exeeutad iu any part of the Southern States. mr9 Dr. Robert F. Lidvee. I)FFIC C! .eCeANo E Iloirle. . im o LAY & cL. AII, - E.mbosn and Lead Pipe Manufacturals, No. 102t Paydatr treet, s J Et'P on hind a constarnt supply of Lerd Pipe, t .fl .from 2 in. diameter down to -. inr. drla eter, fir' ORLSASL LITHOGRAPHIC PRITI G the, ESTABLCSITAINT 1 No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Bnthks' Arcade. WII.LLI.M GIlEE,'E, PROFIIE'OR t nr I .Wlic)LEAI AND le'AIt I - D1 ES ITS OILS Comntission wlll Forw\alrldilll Ml r(lhl'"lllt· I P SU S. I q S .1 New .) :lean, Felr JARVIS & AN K WS. 10 Ilan ES PAITS OItLS t. 1 ;v rto~ r a I .. on cI r Ill, = r i S IK ' I I 1 0 A h I i ,' ... . , i wth f l ot r eln eetai t i t ito: t r'a a STTt IO l ai E i IUC'T'. . 0 rff OlS, ,,. \nV", tI:1 lii l IV I' ' .'!"1 i'R EE'I'. ,.r; rnlll n i tel,,i.mrl. i ,_ e i ,hli-hI cIl, ,.-.- '.-- Ili et. I I lr Nh illllT i. ' Iri ,. .- ri ! I1 1n l':1 r ", . o N or,. . ,, ' . l , .+: . ,. r -is , ,rl t r..' . . SLATTr s w Or'eans 1 1 . ".1 1) 11 I. 1 i+ r rii i !h R f ar e , . u , A K t ' , . A . . . . . . . , u o. N" I o oII tI t , V S I.n t))) n )I Oll % .. I ttrl K-h. .r r ^o ^- N,, A Ia .I rll .ir e tt Itt ' "o, , c toad tt . a New Oletarks. Id . ja 22l. l I , tl ' ilN It r It . rtl 11 N a. Ill l'to ll c"trtirct. Ni't, r e, 1 . tt.... f li ITN . Pu ' tu t, ~ VII 1) t ac j i nll ut. Irt)e 0 wIel N., A rttl. , ; Co, R " t lt, ;ht i ar.,wn ut MOO I.l , t ) .rc t eta to t La to !', (I A.n' Th . Rare, A Irill. Irll N . I W"o'tltioru l ro ittt. tt h I l lleren . ii ' Je... &. P.. .. P o , BB.E ynr. . oc, L., -,TII J & P. Hoet's-I, ' I Cin Uillllnt O. Jt 7 iivll, STONE, I):EO.;. O het, It CrOM)TO CIr & Cu . Cllll nit11no i n- f N. AI.t , &l Co.. IeIIIu VI Nl'le l, I\ It A. It. 1T FF l Altln, Ill. Wit 1:. WI(TRROI, Iesheille. III ole SoLOnMO HeOte Now (Orlea-s. 1ead joe 22 plee A, ROY. cl OAT. Jon 22 DOYLER E i BAT, am I)EALEII IN No AMERICAN & ENGLISI CROWN GLASS, Nn. No. 3 CAIoNI.LET STIrKET. 01 i EN'S --- . t. INSURi,.0C ,.O MIPANY i This Company are now Iprenred to take RISES AGAINST FIRE. No. 24 Musson' nlitilotn.o, Canaotl tCr.rr. E L TRACY, New Orleans, SMav 1. 1838. Secr;try. ( WILLIAM IRWIN or Commission and Forwarding Merchant fit, CINCINNATI, OHIO. th Refer to Layet & Aelhng,. New Orl.ans. rh Joe. Landis & Co. So o'24 hn [ al I{10 18 ' CI, k ,, NON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 1tCaol street, I'. Wlholesale Dealer in Painl*l, IVaiuislle. . "ru o u:It Window and Pie ore aro(tss, :.o .. T. W. COLLINS AATTOR.VEY & Lt a S'.SIE: Lul . !.tAll: i ýToW pr ti in. hi s u thie 'tal : I: " ' . t'|i- o ! cotls o, findtto l ooht. I , too,, . I - ý,il:F Cornll, ill fie CI st. wom lII[ . bIlr u r 1 , (i A OARD. FilTE undersigned have lrpneid hous, 't i ls A, lt~ Tbr hI Illlpurpose of traoll:aorCt -t GENEICAL CO. . i O)FFICE, No. It0 GRAVIER STIIC:oT, P STAIRS. II I' LEVY. T'Ie thouse :t tand (ldl, Miss,. will to coIItllw. i ill the a tlove i.mte. t 'eftrelces,. tli Ilill & Co, Louvi lle, J i .Iohn, M GilUore, l ickshnrg, s . I rpcreCter & Co ."ra d Gulf, Miss. ir, Moore C , l r oil totd, a to, yothetztot'o. A C(A.RIL. AT VrlIAN[ .l TO\V.1E11 halimg lhead hizii i sel in hton w Otlrlei, as r ftlo puI)opo.e of trnlln. etl a G e r Agency alldl ' lllllllis u)l )llSilln , would rc USp locttll) ,alhcit frutit the publio a sihars ulf their Ia tronage. w villr a house ill Te ., h. v ill lttendl o hie toUt-lno Snring at nay business Ihat ia1y I desired illnlhal c , lo ry, unid will guaroltt rt(llllt I tlld Inlrotlittol tot ok lllttillto all buiteo ellltoo lt dto Il ao illtre . tollll a g laitlhfl ollolicatlion (till rotlrl ololll t with iOltrucliolt ) tot to all I ds htttit tt OlnlP it llo t lit ho nds. tI Otli.o i No rj Exeholl ot ll o ltvior strty. , apl ottilr to tto A.v r tlappoolo'. toh, totnd ttljoittiltg Ilobt;ooo', 0 readillg orotNlll.sigol ttooI R N'xi COaulnoht. New orlotoo, Novototber '.o 18.3, td O ofNWi'rerANs. . oesoro Nloilyer, usho & Co. New York. Burr Waoktatn., Alvartz F si, Natchez, Mliss. K M IS ra dh r S" Lour-, M o. Joht T r ,.Loisvilie, K. to )r Joll A Stloe l tlopkltsooilot Ky. m2l' Ifo 14 PIREMURN'S INSURANCE COMPANY of OF NEW ORLEANS, Office No. 24 Mrunon's Eni:ding Joe CANAL STREET., tor GIBSON'S GUIDE AND DIRECTORY et .OR the State of Loisia'na, atil Cities of New Or l"t is'm leanssd Lafavetto; fur sale by WnM MR.F 4N, l ms car Camp and C'olouoi.a sIs. n'ASH, or Bank Boxes,just receivrd by )h 7I Itg.OWEIL & Co, jV.'" 17 fo.tot streo. TRUE AITs.IEICAN OfFICE. TBn : a sr rU4 TN'g ' 1H -. . -,- ,,,n with this Ofice is a SELENDIC AD t ENT liuNI't ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, rat P-ampt:cs. Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading j aLbels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Jill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circasars, And every descriptlbm ofJob Voerk that I tor may Lbe Iequred. it'l The proprietor respettfully calls the attention of he public to the above Card, nnd aan.rec thema that all work intrusled to his care shall he tdote athe short est nuutie, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at the I .Nest rates. GUIDE & DIRECTORY O THE CITY OF JYe v Orleans andt Lafayette Jt W AS published on Manday,2lst May, and is now for sale at the countingroomof'thepullishe-, Ec hante Hotel, St Charles street,-and at the ook. store ofeicssrs. E. Johlns & Co.cornnr rt harlea end Commn,streets. m23 of Pirates' Own Book. 18t T RATES' OWN BOOK, or authentrlice- an, of the lives, exploits, and exections of an T "tte hbaen R..lobers, with hietorical •tivS Chaslonee, lSpoutdh, La,drone, West ,and Algertse Pirates. in I vol., just r sale Iy WM. M'KEAN, - erCaanlp &E Common streets. JOHN lOEgS, Soddle. lareesas and 2'ra Mafrtarernf aand/r aisdlr t'" liMilltar Equipomeos ofeeery descrietln.4s No 189 IcOUPIourtULA ST:EE'r. hi pIHAVING in emiploy several Military Workmhtn, ea . Il is readylVO to execute worlk i the aove lile at the slsortast notice, an lon thle moast reasonabIle terses a llerclchtos ni0d elnPeiro' Pasoiug'T'reaks of every it.. e sehriust.u(,onstntl onhand s b 'on s . s, ss" Ill . 1 . lo5 r'a pa'rn t' ( , ceriud 2t'or 3tblushel J .I f umen, e, J," weli 'Il.a;' ,ni'lo, and they can be at tached te Icotton gin, and are particularly calculated for planter'- use. Applv to II \t'PLIN & COfPE.,, 1,13 82 ulin street. I t1 . , ireol l rlll; , at chcu r strc c , ,. I i t II ~II'I ,' . et ..lli Itl tIIe O)rlelllns S hi , '4 itllt ,.e slatrel, o i osii huonks il' Nu , :t i I elONl ,,. i ii S 1 .111 TIs, I V, i It, 1i7 G ittl' ier ntrt et. £ .I "t "..\ 0 a bNrsaleae ha NI ItI . , ,.ta . os is e. SgBnnk Ahlley n k- ; \ !" l ,1, \ , Alley L\, i . ' it . ' \ 1,, , I I I' 'hr onlr y S s .C9 New sLevee. ks'055 ss \csssc-t.0 sic ae d thirteen SCasts o, ' caistr .npel/il and gunpowder. s ill haly se. of ponel1I ten; oe sk ,l'. fresh nutnl and n tenerl Bahks i of >1 c 1 I ylo by , .1 \' .. . .I n No 't e ve -i L"*LI I.\,\ I. , \ 1", -Pt tll I-ale i-A. \ '', t , I ,, 38. I . I", \s tWIn N. NMartin ni ,i .ltrsl . . I n, .;t h'ei.'r Creditors an, i' tlhe Creditor f M rtic Ins . s slu t. 'I'lTe ccssio of propers y the I ,,'teics tss't it is uord red that s ng of sad cre.ihI . le h ld st theI ofllfice of J. It. Mert li .s1, Notc I.,b , on 'ede . Che :th ' eI se Inet; thlre and ~then t dlih erate inl the nairs of l the l aill t their perh on uIa,* .l Iproperty ore tarteh,. It s fIther ''oI,le d S hl t sis isu e It. into. erI , Er lq. Ie i ll - S i, sc' u Ii Ih, llsl'sill i So N ' hsus'e O l Oc.edins laser. i ,ttis isii ls Ido lenti e t . i' s ,sie.-S, ilr isr cals, I lnei d oi repic ' od Oth all it creditor.. t xar l u.: l'llll ! Ie lt eroal,-Ci er k' l et O rl tnl. '-tude liJ Ii M'arI , E -q, n't puh, iercedi,12 s ol'iru sir I s.'S i1 oe. i ss oh et, t'osulrde. It :ssstse passe K Rooers, Eoq, eointsmmus pour reprsenter see crdn c Per r u dIenP r Ih iom. Surearuo du rei ilde In NouvelleOri 10nout 1s38 alo ARMAND PI 1'O, rc t.her. deterst i: ,.reli.,lulle Martin & . ost-No I.-lIE Ameriocan lensi-La cession diesid the r sprial a ivil rla tiuons f the Unlted Steatepe lIy . iFen l oure Hier asul io d leert i.c Ill l'rdo, iethd ordon sr It e ourltie Icdits cratcier sR l rlt en te'lile 'rocht n ,'p'lls prel, lhe an USncle rand lant ciers uhI)a sen rsh. hyAtlde a iil relationsd ll tbeUr a SC y A t J. lcKFAN, jmore Ccmp r ar.p nc sommon ss. je16 cot' (;'tun|p and Co'o iton sta. f LISIN I)L-L)_S-70 bals roini dross, landing and A ti lr sale by J 'l'IA' Lit & Ca, en jy 14 74 fo'ydras street. CAVE & SCHAFFEE1S Compoun %uid i b tract f Sarn,sp.arillt, for the cure of otastinate aruptionp s of the sarn; pimples or puatula Of tIhe 11 fLna; biles whi, h arise trom an impure state bf the da blood; cbaly er tions; p ins in he bones; cllhronic rhcumantism; to t r; serrfula, or king,'s evil; white( sw, lling; syphilitic da,,ise, ad all disorders arising Iroal an im r. ctata thi*.' blood, by it alonge rleslldee n ' ,o a a..I tile iaijudilo use of' J Al'- -C'.vc & Sc.laiff r's Worm Syr p, or In. .: Preservative: it best preparation ,sw extantl A.,ong which are thr Iallowv ong:-Indian Ilye, ai col rnt tlt iaIl'r.; .. d; Rulan Bears Grease; Pomatun; illaw a Free le Wasll: su. perior Pearl Pow'der; Lily Whlne; C relm of Roses; V.egetablle Rouge; Ou t, lf Ia,.-; Lip Salvt; Kre. o.t,: 'T'ootli Vasah; Ca.: o. t Intratice; Oranlg FiPenr Wv ser; Po'w' L'ni In H'oxc; A:"er at'r Ca utrnoal, neatly , . o, ,,c, vial; a' eston Salts; Colog .. , ' r ,~, .tche Drops; flair Brlshe.; ... . g : b In a. flair Oil;- ': of er Perf - itenrrr, &c. For ar a., L WV GLE. ." I'ERFU.\IlERIES. J Cl iKINCHlARD, Cttao . C, L.. d anltd ourbont streets lI PARK IR'iL:. OCKiY 11OUN'IAINS, &c. OURNA oi a a ' Etl., o.lg T'.ur heyoand the 1 ky ik) toellub ufala r ' ,.n d'.ctclion of the A B C F 1, p:rlournd it thb years 11835, '36 and 73; contannlmg ai description of tih gogratphy, go. oilogy, llltnate IanId Iproductlons. aMd the inuin or, mann rs illll l t aLI s fII tlg IIttlV '; t h . t' a ep ,of Ore,,ou 'I'Teoroy, by R" v. . a,,"*:ker, A '1. it Riverand t ne as a ,Ra laatfoat or, the R1..o fa te Ca htay il a " ' laPrdoe, alltilor ofthe : ity al tie So :Ln &c. t, 2 vols. Thle Rohbbr, a 'l'al, by the author ol Riclhaliou, I T'' Gypsy, Atllla; nIt 2 vol I he Two Flirts; or Advern ar in a Country Ilouse, and other Tales, by Lady ilossington. E L Bulwer, Mrs Norton; Barry Cornwall, Mrs Go e, Captaln Modwin, and other.; in 2 vols. The Llaih andl Advntaures o Nichol : 'V'. edited by liz, with fllu.trata ht I' o~ NJ N _J . Just re. eived and afor tal ha, BENJAMIIN LEVY. LE a.nd-tl a rea 'anI 1 lnt Iaa.aa, nat', and ils by LfAYE' ' A1alE,.UNtl, li Caonlmaere arse; H OLLANI i.-3 ipesa iiallalld gilla allaa ia tit, sale by . R & C - liRE CH f(lANI'I -7 hall pipts French.aab I in storo, for atlo y Y J 'I'IIAYER & nauaL 74 Poydn "i.-LA~NS alsTHOGAPUlO orICEa N,. a0 .algata nll rotel, aoplolltt, bleas.' A ea,le,, E STABLI`SHED for the execution of mna, ,lanns I and drawings, merchants' circulaer, busineiaa aad addaesas cards of every description, funeral circo as on deept mourning palr, th aosecar and drntggisar s' .als; l can ltoecks, dray snceipts, &c. arintfa nad 'xecntt d ill acheap andt expeditions style, bh tle poprietor. WILIAM ti EENE. NB lonk hNotes not'ly eenreated. m24'EIL r.-ti'Ei---A saperior article, ftr salo by SI.AT'I'.ll & 1RIER, jtat4 a 1 I 'c rnsa .ear.,. L.tON SYRUP AND PICKLES. N Ild 88J7bn 21vumf1 .+. lyrup; Id: . ho aSartn .. w l'e.e, in qiart, twio quorit nd . n.loi bot- t1 :ri, itl ihe unt ia ctorv io WVin 3istie o rd, and e lewi" 4 Hikeill, If" Bsteon; landing front b, rg Tal'lthy p randa ship Charlestne, fort ale by t JAIIVI &t ANDREWS, S cear Common and Tlchaptonilas its. 1 . I i OC(-)A-100I0 Ia- le C G I o 4 t'3F.EI-49 bogo pirune greof Hbtioc Cotie, miJi ;' landing from brigA E, and f.rDaoale ILv of . _____ of J1 1- .-i'l-. & RiOJPE8I.-I3. pa Kentucky Itagging, J and lI1 Coils Rope; also a small lot of Twilrn, h tomre a d for sale by J IIANIErI., till) 59 Comp street. 77. rit (I.ICLO-2l bvnxar and 4 kego trite Chiang trh " I 'Tobacco, (l.e;ither's brlood,) in tore tdl for sale al by J. DANI ELIL, Je00 59 Camp street. i10 COFFEE-8800 hige Rio Coffee, of good :. jqaYlity, lading from barque Henry. for sale by joe STE'TS'ON & AVERY. -LMANACKS for 183J.--Juat leer-ted, a small lot L !, People's Ahnanaeke and Ctockett'o.Alma. noaeks, for male bly AVII) F1LT & CO., New York Stationer's Hall, jeis 24 Chartlres reet. i Ih.XA8 FUNDED CERTIFICA'"ES and Audi 1 tor's Draft , on tie Treaurv,woled by NATH'L TOWNSEND, jel8 Exhange tlotel, Gravir st. j -8EXAS BOUNTY LAND Wanted by . NATH'L TOWN4END, jel8 Exchange Hotel, Gravier street m-PIrMuuwls WUAr an aoaP&It I 1 OF NEW ORLEANS. TOTICE is herebv given, thet the bonks of suhsrrip. 11 tion for the realaiing shares of the capital stock of rhis Company, were reopened on Mondaiy, the 18th inoot. l tween the hours of I and I n'o'lok P N, nol remain open the name hour oleaeh day therealntr, until tie whole shall have been rubseribedl for. By order of the Board of Direetors. ELT:ACY, June 14, 18.38. Seiretrrv 3I3ID. WIKINIION. - DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, FFFRS lia servicesr to the publie in tle depart O mel tsi o Survying and CivilEngineering, both f in tlown and clountry. Frou considerable experiencen i n his profession, and by proeoptnless and fdelit, it rlee n execution of businesns entrusted to hlm, he hoples ti, af, mterit and eceive n salirt ofi phlie pntm.aoe. he will alo measure anid calculate etile nntentn tl wnll antil t excavations. Odlice No 8 Chatrtres street, second story n I. jn7 IINSI,.ED OIL, in Casks aend in bils, .arrnnted J pure article, fir sale, whoLesle a nd retail, by JARVIS & ANDIRE\V, Medicine, Paints & Oil IDealers, je1B Corner of Cotinma & Tcehoupitnnls ate. ar HjRtlwY Si4EETLINO-"81301,l yarde 4.4 ]frown h SSheetilgs, landing fi um ship Ciherokee, suitable Ibr the Mexican market or Cite trade, Ir sale. lby p 'rE'l'TSON & AVERY, jel8 88 Grnvier street. fSPF:lfI CANDLESi, OIL. &e. 1[ lMu BOXES New Beldfordl Sperm Ctnldlee; mIJ 31 casks New Bedftrd Winter Oil; 1;, casks Rtmliine Zinc; iiboxec brown Hantlua Sugar, 11i1) coils little IRo e; ii casks ~ ick I.'ead Cracibles; ,II casks Palper Hniutinoe; i . baskets i('llatmp e tt ine. For sale by JOSiIPII C ICKAYNE je8 23 Grnier street. , ES'`'liN BTT'rER-139, received per pi ' stea.ner Vanidaie, from Splringieldl, Illinois, a fi sulperior article, Ibr stele, l e S.LATE'R & T'Rltbl, jel8 411 Pnovcrh c street. (lttK--RlimIi, ,mit 3.11c ome 1' ii mite siii' by jf (i 1)lOftEY, 44 New l.evee. IS i'El i1 till, C'ANEII.t', &e.--il ncasks New lie ] tfinyfrd WVinte'Oei; _'l10 boxes dh. do Spere:, Candlis 21i casks rouoing Zn'ct, IlIi boxes llo'tu M,)iuill Ciandleo 'Jlt) sliects Braziers' Coppe. l ore, for sale by JOSI.l'I lCt(3'KANEN, kch2 I5 (raviter slr.ret. n --I\ F LAI-11 ':i kArgo i... "tm', Ib" atle Iy I l.e ; D,.itrE 41 e,'w i.ev,. . SiESS v D't tIe\SYr; bfeint ea new ittr aluctio. in d Ih rlldii es lr lo lf lrt at a scienlll.c u d popular tcone. Ito (ierge Wralker Teacher ofChetss. ITu le t ir m , i' noerl, by rs o le ll, ia ll, linr of .l'etchee fn lrist CItlruter,'Lt' Be llcaneeiir, &e. in 2 e lrt of the \VWod, illuctrlted by oenlored en Sgreviags, It' te aiurther IoTr o tl tral of plower. Flindel' Views if IPortel aued tlnrbtoUr of Grent Bri lain. wFlo' oraes( thle TreaCur's of thel Perterre; 12 vIlmtq etr . lr tint r ii foeu Ir leit n tunre, li JTnre ul rdrews: with peleieI illustnitmoll, by totliine Atitl I' caniley, aunthe rl"f lThe Ronmamlem of Nataire. I A flitehi ofi Tierms used in Girecian. Riomuln. it limt, and Got'il Archlitecture; the l econd adition, ens lr,"rd; exm nelifie I y .d310 woaod rcat. it Addoek's ouginers' Piocket BIck, fir the y nr 1831; 8 witliti Aliniana; by lenrv Addltk, Civil Emnigneer. Workis f Lord iacion, with ant intremlt.toriy essay, rin and it polrtrit; sew edition, complete in 2 vols. ie Iii-p iitt l etrl HistIirv of tIu olwn Time: frtom the SrPste ornt ion f Chrleo II. to tie treaty of pendae st I Ureeht,iittie r-±nol foeuelt Anne. Anew edition, mwith hitilerietd, ilt' Igratphicrll noter; cnlnlete ii one voluete. Just rmeived arid for ante by WM MIceKEAN, m:il etr Camtp and Comr.lmon sit. Stti;n is trrectedl on lthe nno*t imprited plin, atdl in an airv Ia d most ndmirable crltnlion, in tile f eeleau rl Franklin, uplon the railroad, tne tmile rinom the Missis alltjh c ildln in are nd mnotenmnnltdiosly dividod I" intit apartments, fir keeping separate dilferent classes, f auld ditffurent dliesess. eThe inetitutinn is uppliedl with the mit skilful antIl P- nttetlive mtale and female iultoe, alnl apeaking the vn rsnrioe nmntern languages. Ir Private roomstn may bh had by gentlemen at five dlnl le- l per lday, ineluding atrtendne, &c. . 'rerm in t ltn or linary wards, two dollars per day. l- Slaves altso twi dollars. Small Pox in tile ordinmiry wards, five dolllre. All capital slrgical noperations extra. The38 th resident plhvicia'n is Dr Weddeman, to whom application for adolmission oust he made. or to DIr C A Lzentimbeg, No 17 KRnmpart street. apl9 lt 'lE AF LARI)--i00 kegs in store, fir ale by " G DORSe.Y, 44 Ner t evee. NEWT WORKS. rmllE NATURALIST'S OWN BOOK-Comprising . deectliptions and authentic anecdotes of tuaudrup eds; scielitihcally arranged according to the system ot Cuvtet by thle author at the "Young Man' Own BIook! T'IIEATURAL HISTORY OF iNSEC'TS-I tab volumes--vol 2,forming nu.74 of the "Fanaily Li i'nhiy". A digeastoflle LAW OF EVIDENCE IN CRIMINAL CRISES --bylnry Rbsco, ReMI. hith lotes and retlbtcer a to Atlerican dentiion, and to the E ngaish Catnllw law and ecelesiastical lcrts by George Smrswoaod. ON D)IAGNOlls o. DOI"ESES of thI CHEtr--based up. on the tconpbtison f tlltir ph) aical and general signs, N bUy WW W eriardt A, D. n PRINCIPLES Ot PATIIQLOGY, AND PRaCTICE OF Of )iaslc--By Johu M4.kiiitook, 31M D., from atle fset Loi don edition with notes aind additions, by Sa.auet ieo. lorton, 1A D, in 2 vol'. THE AmkILUCN QtUARTER.Y REVIEW-No 36 for I)ecetmber 11135. Just receivedand tlar sale by fl: Wia McKEAN.corlar olCanlu anl Cmn. an i EAF IARD)- 410 kegs Ih t,. : g a steambbat Gtnerel Wayne, for sale, by LA YET & AAMILUNf, 7 Cal,llnercet et. 4 C., SIDES--13 hhls hbacon sides, landing from S" J Ia bot i.tneral Wayne, tlr sale Iv . LAYET ý& CIELUVG, iv2 17 Cu ,,lelro street. A * '''lSO T tlBtc-l-Twc Sittit, ccm h aoult di4h loes, ling at IUerellto. Itetnale bv i It il al D & BtI(t)iIL 1t, j> 2 cor Colon &, Magaezine 4treets. Ltil, 'Hilttl,)', tE A, IitEI.F-18 bltl I sci, atie aid 15.t do lin? elllr; I) bids colelllla aI' 4( lbls reclltiedl liaLskey; 7 1,16s ameas and 15 i41lc, - rele Iork; :Ila Is l rilll be ; i t calrgo of a flat bott tor s:11i law, to close, &Iv LAYET & AMFLOUNG, vjy 17 Ctrnerte astrr.t. . A --:I cases (601 bxee arlh) tabllle sit fi.r sale I 1,v READ L ItAItS'VO\V, W) 7 Bank Place. , I ct .da N CEME.el-f"r 't e bty I ,I ItEAl) & tIARSTt('OW ,l dA jyvc 7 ISink Place. ,e ' g AGUING-500 ps K Rtel ky hIll, lir sille Iy H, RL.E 'AIO & iARIS I'tOt, 1. j.y 7 IBank Plnce. e, T +AMILY HlAMS-74 hllacnmatssed Family Hams t n7 | superior quality, Ilaling fra, Itcambloat t ], . haar h, tbr sle by LA't'L' O AMItFI liNt. . je2' 17 Cnltunerce strcet. i L oSN--75 bLa, rels Kai', lanlditg ad f1r eale ,v S J P'&J P WHITH.K), , lTtni street ;'ill te:o sae Lt & l1 le b d " 4 DIJAIIll FISK, td l g14 -.. :it hd 4 ,A )- ,1bbl ,4 proAf Ateelida brundy, tor it sale bt IOAAC IIIU!);E & C:c, or angl4 134 Magazine street. A VANA SEGtAK-7l- r hagsogl'geen co(eelahd S ilig bron schr Lilertv, a'nd 211 I in ltor for sae? 1yv aL k'1'EI(R J' TRIER, augll 40 IPoytdres treet. S III''E HAVANNAt SUGAiR-50 bbxta Squaality, lauding itat It,l' Pomeher, for nale Iby ,LAT'IrER & TRItER, ann U Ig+l 40 Poyvdlra street. oto IpEACH BIItANDY. A fc [whhs old peach boaudy di.l READ & BARSTOW, nagl 7, Bank I'lnee. lr l 1.E 100lcasks Philudelphia Ale, Abbe's ratd, S ..,t received, and for tale by yt 4 I uD IEIN & . CoIEl.; i" 4r4 'Ql lCtluoee atra,,, N EW MUSIC--She wore a wreath of loes; Ellenm '1'ree; Look torth Iny fairest The Star Spirit; Come jj4 sing your lesson, The liath this night; List tile lay n the Iliatoljier; The lady leaves tile banquet hall; Na loiea moidstght review. Just receive ln d Ibr sale at It CASEY'S, ap24 Pianoforte and Musio Vivim IRVING't NEW WORK &ie. F ¶HE R.OCKY MOUN'I'AINt-Or seenes, incidents a g J nodl dventures in "the Far West," digested froIt he joornn;of Ciaptilu i L E Bunneville, of the Army Je of tie United Satree, and illustrated frmu various other or source, by Wuiiltht t, Irvinu , il Y vl,. 'I'H. VICTIM S ii" SOCIE'IY-I the Countess of fileReirkgitn, in 2 vein. tits retAived nd Ihr sale by S W .- AhKEAY . np -P ERR. iu bile, stei N, ohI , e , k , li. iferoee sadtiae CLe axd, india rllber, 7L.ig oni, poiune. asld "eery uoler article of stationeryr, of th very besti quulit,. coll- (l telatly on hand asd n Lr idle hIy DAVI) FELT &CO . fur m19 N Y SRttiinnrrn' Hall, 28 t;hartrms t. bITE h uVANA SUGAR~-'W hoaneihnding f e1 liromehr Texas. fir aleh bv . enavi'2 S.ATIER & TRI.R,40 Povdlraer st IEtEXA" MONEY- -llra Trenaury NIotee fir ale bhy T I HYI)E & BR1RtTIIII'R,. Ntay 28 39 Commnn. car. Maorain at li S UfAK--Sl hlds in e fi, IbiS 1 ) aw ine. uACON-40e ks iinill Ca It Cared, in e*tire, far is1 eel, b (h. I) R ;ena jteis,, p" 44 New t.H;R ee." bLOUR-400bbsle, in sonrenfor sale hy 1 jell8 . IhK iE'Y, 14 New Lever. "I- --EAF LARiD-500 kegs, in fine shipiiiig order. fir . arle by G. D )RosEY, jetl 44 New Levee. M rACK.EREL, LIME, ,&. 1274 ble. mackerrd, noS. ,2an 50 hal hbarrel mankerel, non I amlo, 1129 casko of lirte, 20 lbundles hay, .400 feet lmbniner, l.andinofrotie brig Rinwldoael for salen,h NEW HRAT sTo)RE. e "UST received per late arrivaln front New Yolk, t h fresh andi fashionable anelrtmneuet Nf IA'PS. TIhe sIibchiber wtld particularly call the rttetlioner of te puolic to a *vtle of belaver .tnts of ii nlllceri, iti finish, fiie itetre, ric u and honitiful tnmn;iil.- to a i ii m'rlaion Russia I ht ofa ltuperior nlqiditv and o le In efleodid article if silk at, toitge d enr witi a .tnero tl ii. I, sortnunt iillifiitu ed biyv hllnsell, explresly fur this r market, wholesale and retail Rn J W SItORN,31 Conlamp s.rt. fi N. B Citoand country deaolrs are incited to Il. ib fn- u8 _o__ oi. RICHARDS, Trouae o and Snuffmanuulnc- er Sturer, No. 277, Cnlm e:r:eet, Newn-Orleann , I wisles to i niom hl friend, s :nd the puhlic in ge MKe d, Ii Ihth he rcane pelUntrl o fiurnsltr aty lang, in the shove bhsitts, u.It has aonstintly for tae the u ,liRtio, articles: hit SNUFFP . rle Rose, CGermen rnpeeIro Maenlhy, Y.iglilh Pri eieguold, t An.riNli Rnappee; Natehito.lioa, hi loiltered, Amariu, gfentlcmaht'a lt he.glnetin Dunkbnt Ia roilee, tlisll [lackgoard, St. Omhar, Crmecio, Paris, PBre lpInhh, Halv " coarse RV:apre, coolah, untl eloeill u tooth powder. '1 OUAC(O.. Floe cun t ohewing, sweet saented ao plain. Fine hut smoking, of various qualities. Rib-foot Virginia, Sinmishl, Stc. The almveratle les arendl wurirntel as l d, f not un- tii ,uerinrto any tlung of thle kind imllmotlel, tnod will lie d fur O-nished nd 0ile st Ihe mn.t lihctn d termds, may 4s S of New Medfiird Speiri Candls, leidiig fov. -hill Kehturkv, and fore hutu i I ,AWIIENCE i I,EC.EN1)IIF., je.2s 1 & _- Niew nL 'IIRAZIERSCOPPE I--.lhO ( coplp.r Sweighing toll pounds each, in Lstore t nd for stile by SAMUElt I.OCKK & Ctl.. toin Front LeIve, between Cousom Illmiieb and alien ville ireets.. juitle _ Near Orlonno and Cnrrollliu nuil Rond - Arrnlgelunelli foir ruallig the callrs fuln tuhis dIllte. FROUM CARIIOLLTOn FeM New (tiI.EANS. i - The hurse car trt 4 'el'k AM hteute car lit 7 A M sean car 6 dol d, d do 9 ri I do do 8 doi do dol di, I or di do O da do doi I II elehin car 12 di d, steie ear alt 3 du of siolenicr 2 do P 41 d do doi 2 dui io 4 do do 'it, i,, 7 ,o - dod do 6 iio do dii di I n- dn ildo 8 do do The Jackh n streetcars 00t L aofuiw.te, h nlfi t rf in i ti ci- e'lock, A M1. Counl slreot at lid'eltick A l, antt run- t n ine horly at 7 o'clock. l'hese cors will eolmtlmenllc 12 running every hall hour. and cun'linue throughout the - co ldov urntil7 o'clock, P M. " IiThe armneniremit fir tIl IeL Cdurit street ears the ettle as for JEckoIn street. I tt- `'r tAG) CO)FFEE, ii geraie ago-tll. nriseiii 1J per irig Star, i st ore, firn stle iy 3.LA'Tlt & T'RIER, meS 40 IPoydrs street. y CIOLOGNE WA'rL--Direnotly imptletrd front Co the logne,liy H IItNNArEL, oor Natches and Tehapitounan ets. o 7 The genuineness of tie article is proved by tile onnautograph of the n olulareturer, Johann Mariha Fariiit ap24 A stlEA1'T Ba.itIALIN .TILL. he give. it a ehocn Parcel of SIUMMER YV CI.O'PHIND, to close a cnsognnlecnt. PIer ti- eons wilshing to purchaIse aeM invited to call and ex amnd nitnin te ea,,e, at the officen if NATHIIL TOWNSEND, uie jel Exchange Hotel, Graoier t. o LO R-30lhlb at rhi o taudine, pper iant, iraI s, __jel(3 44 New Levee. il ALAGA NE-SIN weet ati Itry Mlalata Wine, in qr casks and Indi n ihits, entitled to dtbeituie; fur sale by REAL)d & IIARS'I'OW, S je 67 Giraoier ni. Jet 50 CAISEioporrinel goepoodor, youneg byoantd IPe souchnuhong Pean. It0 ,txes M K Malnga Risons. per I00 half do do do. IOlbags prime greeo Havana Ioftee. MI hotetbeetoh Havena Sweet ;lerts. 300 boxe. Youneg's Ulerior Champagne Cider 275eones IBor eaeo Claret. - 11 casee superior Old Port Whie. 25 do do Sherry. 2 pipes old 1. P Teenrilef. 311 kegs prime Goshen BHtter. 50 coils Manilla Cordage, assorteld size. I 2l cells tarred do du do. Ilol dozen.superior Corrn Broomt. tbre 50 kegs assorted Noils. oIbr 50t k..'g No 2, White Lend. I0 easke Winter Strained Sperm Oil. o 111110 boxes New jedlord Sperm Candles. 10i boxes lloeton No I Sedp. 30 boxes French Brandy Cherriesr, t Sl1 boxes Underweol's'Pickles, ssotted. a )IIIt l American Gin. Iibbls Amorican Bramlv . |. o qr casks Bnrclnr's Port Wine. Syogar. Batter, Wter and Soda Crackers, Pilot a a1 fl Navy Bread, manufaciored by tile Patelt Steam Bakes constantlv on hand, toelhotr with a general assortnment of Groceries, whllesale and retail, hv ZACHARIb & IIROTIIEIR, je97 7i Old I.evee street. I INSJEb) OIL-500 gallone best English linseed A oil,now landing front ti.i WVilliam,fre,tn ht.on. 110 pitalonts 'toreigo and northern maatu.fe llrred inaseed oilt, in cask and lbarrels, in stmre, and for ale hlow by JARVIS & ANIUREWS, \Vholesale l)tug gist, jy7 ecar Como,,rt & Tchoupitoolas stmets. utOAP-S-3oi oxes N I soatp, brand -l atJaueo ould 0. latdnig from brig Willihm for sale by ISAAC BitlDGE I ' Co, jyv7 t134 Mataine srect A I i.-- -tt p ,-lS roilo bale rope, of u ouprtor 1) quality. for sale ly ISAAC BRllIDGE&Co, jy7 134 Mnt_.tinte stteet. L)ORK- 215 bblM o Mess and Prime M O and P O 1 Pork, for sale luw Iy LA\VIWENCE & IlEGENI)RE, j "i 28 lnd 2 itNes Lever. fTABLE SAIT : IO Cases: Mi boxes each: line la 'e salt, for sale by REAlD O ILIRSTUtW. inly 19 7, Bank Pace. jyl? 44 New Levee. tn moderae toern,, ean sohlitt. the Itronlltg t ir l h.. iortoer concern, antd the pic ai gte jvy74t JOHN CHilS1lti. - Loekli bite e. Welter SeitL, &c. ptA RT 7il and last, of Lockliant's Life of Sir Walli 'in , I orks of Wnushligiton Irving, nm, .ditionl vl.. S It,. ii and 12. t 1'1. Ameriean Joorno l of the Medical .~ieno(l, Nio 43, to" tay, 1832. 4Juyt reondtle nd for sal' by WM .IcKEANl oit Camp ond Cflon streoetol.. Also a ftrther aptply of Alice, or tie. Myi erte a 'eqol I. Ernesti trenrveran. "__ _ jelti I EMON SYiULI'-- boxe oo "ertor tetttcW.U t t L tor, ase by ItE.AD BA. S lr\, i,_2 7 , ravier street. I OUIlt tlittiien llesset td MO tbot'mk, 'b,ls prim 1 ttopelel Pork, for sle eb LAWItkNCE & LEIiENDRE, r ºIllS bY 299bhblsrectified lanligfro team o or Splendidl, lt .mle by (G DOIlllE 1, o ml4 4, New l. et. 1y hv " 'I'l A IR& ('o, iyll 71 Cedra, reea. t rIME- thi ncasks of Tht oa ul ,tt ttore ni _ j iv 1 l li |:41stuah'"llsllhl tal" t. I le hv " R HYDIE t i''iER, iA I : br II ydt'.W.o - Jy IcrB 7 Buar ll arn: 0 m / nI i se. cc, ini 11n$ I-- In,,. NEW PUBLICATITI99. L. Jerry HawthoirnE q. soi Corylnthian Toni, .a. ertompahied by 91 Logic, the Oxnoian, in thei ramble and eprPri through the leartrnpdl, bh I'iereeFgan, in 2 vool. i.h H n VTvel. (irevMat Norel, l )'lameli, caoftirte m . Tie Yo.onUeko, no lby ie Athe )r a i 'iviao ,,.Grey,conpleti a in l .oo. J. . - .t,0. 1 Tlhe ltmorio. Edited hy 'I'hetife hlook Auath to Gilbhert tnritev. Jrio. receive,) ,an fo r seo uo t the T iner ofap a,'T Cornmoia etrnr., hov Sv, c o e.?. ;-. t .. eTpl " L: o, . eei sh,;p o rtir lraderl . and r sile , Id I.A Y'liN h.fClu.. a p t1l4 , 53(,tt t ,,ee.. ' 'r e iladei !rin . a1ar in a1is tolf r. ir ale.. by L. W KRt';NI; !.{ Il.E D.K jv21 n r9 New. L.,ie e : jy9 134 Sheetriz,, neret: I'.R.SM KL.Q ýtypatbt i Agnt during mny abse ne.i o on L A: .-Raod.b;,. ol - - w - , h r . i t . E F.TiTIFll. tifnd ofheir i".the graudet.:rtar tlont Iglnneine to the hhojon frtpae. Htw etrmate : le. the Its of it hlehenmre the co n.oeortl te Old'rpremot itr-tv Irionv o, th appnrenornao of otklalo thich. .?. sne man too recoilest Ihetwn.footverr Pihr 0trtti aA mew v fo Itn ot o rn ao RVOii t 1e ievnts, Onf tie. ri r oq if .ee hie remnindt pr teir j.ypbar.Fm, srlu -nl y s iw,, in refit , ment . T 91 ort. • , ,. , i... Inos ,," prop.rtr fiLl th.e, eneron.. ikinre tnth 'ifh: th .t nevhr ohnkin t.. inr as to .r the l*oN of lthio.h r: 'r avert alOl thesP tlt In LI, ircmtnJste, Odridpt' , tonln of Coleomhin o.ftpa the hitlr fro fnllitg, fonn dtie firt nppliatinSl, amd few, hottleat.entoron it a0ain. ,It. ihke.. i- prodg..oele'(Pehromw' andl elhero; .t vrnir the n.ii rnm teronine ornvo it ceIJ hieatttrnillr. on frfeesiitfrom e Nromerm-in elrtipafs 'o'k:ef ;rs1. ,e'n,'etnhilitv in sippo.t of thle rines of Oldridge hlalt, are shown hby Ihe propri.tort. "T Reod the followin: Ro.ert thtrton. rq. lao te, Mayor of Philgtielpth Ilas ertifiro' at. mov he ceen Ielow, to the high chorn t Irrf hr fl.enwinr gettl et n. A'ro ondersignoed do hrsley ,perotif tht i relSt esed the of Colmlchia di'overld by J. Oldidge. .an, hal f.,hd it highly ,erovienlde no nilyo as a tfvntive riginNt the feiling :f of heir, hut lso u certu l romoor ¶ttt.I Att THATCeIER, Senoo, Mtethothot Mnioter it Nt George eortre. No l T North ifth 0t: JOHN P INil.r S,3'1 tiolh stretnete.. JOHN D 'TIIIOMAS. M,4), 1.3 RlacosO JOHN .FhREtfVtllpnrree otreut: HUGH yteCURltY.J243 4,gtth2d o t" JOHlN oGAVtl,Jr, l t.:.~hetreetre. , It ir khown that three of the wateor, salonrsar oareo tlhn 5 of rear. of ace, and the Oldter not lo. tiiar 31r. fFreon, tlh Mveor] Cul ,odiealth onl thent r fvlv. Pi.r, onCido v 'o e f'lhlndolpria, . I. tolont, Wrtoln. Mayvr ofi'std eirt of Phil'm e. Bi do hirel.y certify to;li no at well R mqUiltted with di J P Inelind Jolnt N lr r hre ,, ldlugth MCunrtlv Iv h Ilhos, oe ineostr nell dto Ihl;ofo ..e pertiftien,thtt ttey o r, .oetloo!t: Of elnlrattef cl| r t,..cttlility, anda Sich lull credit should lheJ fiven to th ile said ertifite. nl witnere wh.:reoft hive hero.unto set mt hanttdl and eooed ihe Cea1 of tohe ite ,i te be.ffixed, tloi (ith al:y of Itee.nlrer,&e.. [I.. .7 ROBEi. .tbyT IAm '., Mnyor. OIISkrlI'. thot eoonl buttli of itm Gelste toiraltp htt a a.Pltrle ngli enrrl elWranpper, on uwhlh its rprsct ted ie:lsll [if Niafurn. .c ho h] opcrliear nd retil t the rolf oeoea for-A.te ri-n, No t2 lyltca streat, hliii'o I.ape, nre doott below Petid l nIr et,o ad by ioot druggietelmd lerfaemers thru,,gh h, culolrv. JARiS & ,NDRIWS, - ,t - Wkoleoale Agpnts.eew Orleans. e. IPROSPEC''TUS. TIlE i ultsrilor proposej to publith. in the be.. grtning of tleo enmliog wintgrx a Condenttlion otf t, twenty voltumoes of tle Oldmant Not Series of SMadrtin's Louiaem a Reporte , to he neroprired in four volonnllte. 8 ot. aeordintg to the idodel bf Peler' Coadenomd Reports. This work is now in pvepo·rtioii by 1. Bortto lIdrrilon, Esq., of this city; utostbdl by William F. Bronrl, Esri. Tie Editor is aloe o crmitoed by a diotitleuicheil retired Judge of tVt. Siproýnegourt; and hy one tf the eittiag Judeil~e th eprCet from their pernol supolevision ll tli e.ivgotane which olty nater illy be reaped from thtir ex.perence. Sucl a work is becomitog o.lert lay inre no0 neorarj, a. the original it volumioteim, expensive a and sorern. An itnoreaing uoiirliloiy too is mini tlst, in thte olther States of the Udilnon in refoTenee to tlfe peculiarjuripprldenon of Lbmuiaana; agd the oireunlatllanci of the numeroua hello de. .R cided in the aldjutmoent of otnfliati of lmw. riakei the knowleti*e of oah adjudged piobe of prioie uti lily to tiltejo ista of the whole I nion. Moreoreo. the riliog republic of ..'exsa h hglbop t. ouroolen, t. andl thlus there is at great dematd for tihe Loeliiana rdecisiono from l fresh quarter. Conoeniont notes, indieatino the jarialhl n.aeo decided ii Looieinnai and oauceionally tlhose in the tamore outhoritatoeo ornmes ef the other 8tatea, will he added to eacjl, coien. Tl'h o.or will ortm r ou,volrooinn, rao1l oam00, and will fe delivtoIr, buttnd to ealnori .1a at vi j per vool.i in oase it thiull be fotutd prantieble to nomopre.a it ot.t, thrtee oilltiie.; the price to stb. scribhor will be $7 per tL. hubaerittioto received by , . jeo5 or Camp and C i olw ee. ilAK-l70hhda very prime, oil I'laaiaioa eit aur mlea romth lbaits".rsateb Y saiekTH . m29 39Ciw.o , stl carner of M jiehnb ft. UIRELLAS & 1'AKASIOLS-2 eara.aaannia ingl a. aeeraIlent af .d M waea, (4lugkam Ur Ibrellae oa Paraeols, loadintg fri, l1nriaue flen Hand Inkr sal by n1*r2 ISAAC RRIDi G ig CO,184 lnpaglne of ý EhTEiIS' i'ills, Iiraundrpth illq, e Linaaeai, C Idkiae lt inotnet, tarrnman finajg pills, Butaer's Dfyrvneoaeci Magneslia, Maltia(Cifil 4 a. Ce. landingg and for sale by i IOQNOABF.L.t mAP5 cur Nalohon and 7 ohmnitliailnitd" til) LET-A Hnoun an Canal Street.. it.. Mariaj and Trr.ut Strea,, usalakie lb.i family. Apply ta ja' 3 Cnronitlet street iý OUil.-2901 biadeuwlin FlouEcrs bookanwill l1 koee r.,., enaring for ione line', for erie by i.W Mo~sY, je22 44 New Lacer. g AV N.O ýl'FLE-h lA leg2 a gsrreCakt e, per erhr litrre, fern havanna; tir sale by Sl.A''R i t, TRIER, jeid 411 PRydrene etrnt. N tr Iadfro e ik te eclicraibere; O tl l'eseh Brandy in bbls;c AmaericnnlBrandy and Gi iin do; PIoLb nrke'rl, iu half dui Table Soil iet earres f hi . boyr;, Saloetai ire, Sweet and i r;,in q( enallk L.d I dine bleii, (ietitr oda erniuinrc i·eeteleta Putter ntd .Ala, 1 e rTemna yej, I'leihdeeilea IVhite Lead.jao I knlis (Ib salle Uine j KEAU 8r.-hilt u"ýMV, al2 6y (.rnvicr olsee iG(t.S14EN ijtiffi"iit-tIF ji lii i iheee(re n e ' NIbtii~r pe t np a et epresei ftr Mmile use; fur Bale Ire, to slaw a rettnitetltt.tet, it LAWI ItELOE A I&EGENflrt3, jeI7 tl ul e 29 Nae Levee. -ý2 AO -li hl. l- Ades, Y,.{ýllde 6 ntlul ens Cut B reowlnti bLoce. I.. qi icceefre. nar n lAYElKT & . ULUNG, jylP 17 CLomercerreeret. Iii AMe S71 kinlo 2. lie oe. ned 5 bIde eteneasree ii hoos, ;III hhdal and 56 "kin, Lnjged,dnppt up for fnemily use, a eo1tprior aricle, in dare, for role by L:AiYLT ar.AMIKWJNG, jy17___________ It Catltneinee airee LVRitlL WESTERN BUTrFR.-4 kbgseeivrin ra 1mn irmbioat'l. qnuin, for sale hr SLATEK . 'BRIEE, jyl? 40 Pordtae street. J b LANK BOOKS-Jet etlnivned b recet nrtmrmaid flne. Now Yntk, an edditicna iia Ivn ply nO leaik B oIoks atIvery n·arYir trel Rlteg tend B.diag, fIlctan in aunitti lulankI Illree and Paper,tere rcqitenncd to I call anti enminine our exteana Clarke, wholeaale ta retail lee DAVID FELT E C& . NoS York 0tationer'o H4111 j~LOURK-Jb flou, __~dug tantfeib 14 J 1',Lli 1. a LA), jd0 74 CoH ºAcnli".D bAn-dO Ins na nri pea Ii Sensanaeed arms, far tale hb ' J THAYER dk 7,, J9I 74 Php (ktre tiee. `'1ii iS ENE a Witii. CORNfa-Ir oak b J TIIAY I.R En i:t _ ______________4 Puy!li streir. f1 _____ ___________, trtFlj~ca Y. f for a-te by G d 1SY ba hgging, 91 .ilsndi r#.o ,neell a 11141 e~e _.n"f. leeae bey Ii.h T AiMl, UN j17 Uawwaerceertct tlj fenca ci anewiltna4trttl CnJ 0dla, N i AsoN AA ' nc 4 i." t stare 0r ,.in

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