Newspaper of True American, September 4, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated September 4, 1838 Page 4
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L T~S l~Y tIIiLANU tsmpe.tlllly an. eit,.e to her hieods and the putlio gene. tlylat she is to accomlelate them at .it shbov, estahlisho nt, had hopes trim her ' iu·n0# re5l.' nder viutura cmrnfrtablc, to roeite a continul.nce of furlnlnr tavor. Sihe feels eonlR. alalit tlhat p:rsons v,.itine Coviagton during the Utlll'r montlth c.:,ort iu ld h.:lt r ,conmn1oda.tions t qll) can ,afford the:, ,n nmoere liberal tears. + h e qto' p easantly situated, and well supplied n o rmnvenienec; the bar is furnished with t..u i1q liquors, &c. in short,shn promises e'sat nothing shall b., wanting on her part to give 4l~I'l..'action to all who may patronise the Ala&sagipip and Lsminians Hotel. je3 · 1'U PUfBLICl.-The underagned. having kit*dli under Dr. Setl aidt of Charleston, "aih tmblPa, ale ir some years his osaistant in the hpaice sal ebo asd ertery, has the honor t o . .el a rnes in tjlis ity. fe i lf a tlndies and gentlemen that the moat lm attee nti will be paid to the call which 8 l alto offer his services I the II , eing well acquainted with the l oisllon t. them, having attended them in s gal. Imass in Charleston. 1 pill alter the omposition of P with directions, can be had of the The sffet which they have a ther cities, has been attended with t to which the best of neuren a ilT . o. 166 Maga. aim MM, IM'LORING. TH 05 ' MPANY, No. iqsr lt, New York, he re eied twe t , si ase norstatly inlg lark aad editions to the stock of the alibven whio. now consists of the allowing aseortmentl, sit for the southern and w tersa marsta. MeIlow ware of superior quality, of elit 1800 tone, via, Ptas of f di.breot sines, from 2:8 to50 gallons, a lels, 15 sizes, from 3:q to 30 gallons. Kettles. 15 sies, from 3:8 to 18 gallono, .h p or Ovens, 7 dfferentales, T. Kettlee, 6 do "Skillets, . . 5 do Flat ipiderl . 6 do 43overed Spidrs, S do Oriddles, . 4 , do Ir ,Doge, . 6, do Wagon boaes from 1 1:4 to 4 34 Inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 0,000 grees, iron and bras, fhom i8.inobh, No. 3 to 3:9 inlch, No, 24 of a superser quality and ib, and lees than Jame's imported prices. sad Irons, seorted, in easks of about 500 Iba for retaeling. Tailor'e add hattor's Irine, asorted. Sa.h weights, 100 tons, asserted from 1 4.4 to SOlM.. Bells for Plantations, teounboats, churches, d&c. mode to older, Also stoaembeats and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to the attention of Soutllern atnd Western merchants, and are ofered fotr sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms; it is be. lieved to be the largoet and best aesortleaut ever ofored for sale by any one establlshment in the Jdiied States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can hawe a printed oirnolar, with decription of goods, prid.sandterms, from which no deviation is ever made, ranieshed by return of mail. All sdea will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. j,,3 SON iltRIP & PI KLBR-Underwood's Le o m Sn vsntp and Pickles, neaorled misen; also, 60 axes of Lewis & Haskell'" Pirkles; for amle rta clhe a aon osieent, by JAKVIS k ANDRI tWS, ene ear omnmon and Tchoupitoala It sOAA--ilt half ebxes No I lap, brud of Jaamr S Goald, forala by ISAAC BRIDJl & CO. m16 134 Magazine street. to LK'I'. O ..sea dwelling heoho on Tri lon stret, be , weec Tinvoli Circle and Lrcndenlet itrert. mJO. Apply tn J O'1', W HEELBARROWS, &c-25 Whlellarrows, 25 dirt do. in stare, fo. sale by CHAMPLIN & COOI'R., m15 82 Jul'a ct 1LAlia nil ruled Cap and Leiter Paper, of all qua lities, onsisting oil ery sealrior blue laid, blule and while ware, and ptlni and ruled rough edge record cap, oesat.etly ma hand and aor rale by a DAVID FFLT & CO. al9 'N VY Statioent' Hall, 24 Chartre as. 1(0 A-S Sumtrn Ctffee Ac boxes of3 dos each Momelle Wine, H126, S0 do oif do no do 1821; id do of2 dI L P Prt, 1816; 80 do off do 1.PbrownalNh*rry,l1816 .10 pipes etra hiadeira. For .ale by UEIKMOiENE, IROWN & CIO. .i Ct;(:rti stmret. LANKi BOOKs. of every variety ,f ruling and Slbinding, eonatantly on hanld: ad Prineiga, Blulil and Bhallag anatly executed,et hort antie, by IDAVIt F, T &. CO. S m39 N Y Olsti.onrs' Hall,24 Clharlres I. A-;iYR -40 bl T tourth proof Aneeriean Brandy, Ila rabSAAC BRIDGE & CO. mill 134 Magpaine street. r rENT. NEW two smr brick koue, situatel doanra A frem the Seend Moanieinality Hltl,nl St Charles street. i st very law, possession given ummediately Enquire at the preantss, miii, if. F'eqOU i--5. biss f Flour. for salo by 01te0 G DOREY, 44 New Levee. ;CA iIS B AC aldes ar saelr se byG C~9~N lP Gt)O*EY.4 I4New -[.,C 4Ecols Rope, landing from Ambaseador,forsale by LAYET &i AMELUNG, netS 17Counmewee at. A 0i-9N t pidees Kectucky Blaggl-g, Iel in SYORKE, BROTH RN, 6 .5 Camp Street. •ew rlesn w.n1, 1837. SDOlT clx months ago I had the misfortune t. get aroen disease, for which I hare applied to i et e r( ' fl a es , and dies did not cure ee .ao now al'the obove date I punt mymelf under tt care of I)oeto H dunt,. lprte tim to ear Imc. Since tho time the dtate gt 'r6 e, s au to break oat in large'ulesrs to the nambr of six or eight to ea h leg, and all over nty fece, cad .tre throtr, and ist abhie to work at he prenat lieot account of the disease; Ilarge ulcer the .ial.rtltde ef thbrosn. lam nor Sttuting f se c tf-lyc a nedertie care of Dr. Huet, cf Paris, to blepe.btly cred JOHN DEAN. felt 14 ly I DO CERTIFY that the ab-ve mentioned disease qnite weR.etwed to my own ontiefoetion, for which I hsak Dr. Huer, and moreover l anutre that the inedi ire Ipi.have taken nakes me flt, and lid not ioitjre my an.Ilt an all, therefore I advise m1" f lonw e mferet'rt o loan no tee awi apply to Dr A. Hoet, 15 HRour.ou st. rhey will lfd a trrle e.ctor for this complaint. JOflN DEAN,40 Gravier street. It auy ace ant to r se tecall at No. 40 Graviet atreet, and they will be natisRol. To be iublithed at die optinn of Dr. iunet. JOHN DEAN. New Orleans. Febh, 11t1. ft. 14 Iv T i4E Genulem Indtan Dalstt u .Iivoe*otLoa eatr a - T htnd,.i pet uap in bottles at the low price of i4l ,.eateaeh, contaiting the otreanch of tlhree ouace ,f Lver wort, ksi tlee iat rrtaes o0 many other root anli herbh known onum tie Indians as e aicucious in curiag pulremonary omplainte. Thei a rimlled meccees which has attended the te of chia kbIlesmahle Bilsaim wherever it hot blon itro daeed,. hoa hbtasind the confldence neadl moeo.notda ti(oa nefrrtehaolte pIhyaieCict for the eclre of cngnt, colds, pain l the cide, want ci rest. spiltilg or blood, live conpiint,. "c. Te.hrn it may concern. Thit i to erotify lint we hrae in oer pereioe e~iaently prescribed Mrs iard oor'a lndicp B.i~ rtil r.I'ewort a d Hnorlo,d, with o drejtatlsgnd enfets ova nan theroefor, from the kattw ledge of rt natcanelle it is made fnroe, aned brerovatnn adl eaLrrlmmee, reeomaend it a a entpac , prltarnti,e, m.all those nateeonn of the lunge o1r which it in re nimmrade. AI,RIftf Wi.LIAMpt, M. D. CALVIN ELI.IN M. iD. Members oa h Ieastuon Medical Acteointinh. Blesn. October ii. cqleby r JARVIIS & ANDREWS, iot 1. :.t nt.r ,t t t' it~ r rl' nlr+ era ", uammended tly the Medical Faituly. SCTLER'$ Effersecent Magcesian Aperient-For U. d.yippsia opr idlgrpita, naervoua debtlitlv, giddi e..tu , hsdtaeh,otlity of the straaah, habiual e.n. twrneent ..ud segort gravel,&e.and ouch ihtp a gehtla., epmli purgwive. .T d 4 ta ie Ptto ltacs receivr*d the naOren eaE e mlanyc imen .anmber ofa tire pruoftoiiot, aml trom a ltenroaa iPt elti ny msopeabhle ard iallu. reitei;Whi all tuhe pleasr g qunalties f Fin , of esoda wale1e p er aee teq r e meldicinal prtperriee etf tll met Obto okiuc purgatives; it Is pleasant ol the la an re grate fl t th. stomach. IMPORTANT CAUTION-The iruanfag rprt.n line nod grear demand fnr Bunleoa I.ffrv emeent itenae rin ALerient. ha benta na iadamrt for nthe, to er l "m al emriatla of thn valunable tedicitie. crnr priretclrly wa ntd of thia lapt. tha iRe m bha onthbeirgtul, qd sot procure an epuarsleetaeri.. Thibloir. are ri.oa:dolly iee . d te t te alahc ri. bern are s srpled wth thi e toiltal anl ge aie prep araitMa. in nde tr whsnsale' aId ,i il. i S ICKLS &. CO. Ago, , ;.ARo' Vegacabie Hart Oil, lir the reltoeriA o V arid roat of Hair, ivirttg health and bess),·d UqLac this Hie Oil woe areed to the pfblic, it had cT teed, hitlrtedresis of caeflrbgnpc, thincoaess. d tallll i lr c af t hab isnevery lnstncr ire sllllary bffsri sllrbde reli~etI. it erfailed i, pouluce amnewau, beasiwfl grmwth of heir an heede already Lild. Is oer wler ith Imeeenss dry nd ceneea t ,,w tbhi tJ sill ner rantyr ilrdait hbalthy, and itroduce pi:Mi td if0rtifsl gowb o heir. witlnot the lecrl Wrlt o the ad. ' ch;ua Oil git,.l. aire hle anMd.,-eghoo aida rie lau o le.r 71Whi ater ita l't"l d lrorr tia aoatine b("or aile at SP i DYLA 1 GL iIMMONS IIAKTRT & CO ane now recelvallror on board ahip Orleans. Eagle, Higilander,Poker e'ry Atdnlw, French and German ally earle; Balk gnl1a1n110lIntaide; Cheftmenn, 214and 2S .8i ieh itl ard Boes; 8,9,10 au I inac I lade Bowie Knives; Leather end other tnrvoiel h Dreassiag Csels; Belt, I'nck,,t, lhairns at a i d S liae Pistole ; do nbi and natle amrrelled Gatu;Ii tate .at;;i :?hat BIlts; Powder ,.d Pi.tal Flskse; )rall nt tl: and Drinking Cups; ion Cpsn andl dn l thldor'; Cloth, flair, Tooth; id Nail .I)lshes Orris N atl ('hlorine Tooth Wash: Toolda Phwder; Toilet and Shavinr aapp, in great en riet; long Hair Braid, Ringlets and Frinetters Pearl and Toilet nPowdtieri Eery lan.; Iveory Tub Clhionse Patent Shdles or Gartars; Gum Elastie austpeaders; Powder Pafs and oxes.; Gilt Chains, Sealt and Keys; r(ardmple Wairt Bnekla; Brerlete; Beal Necklaees and Chalet; Gilt and Silered Bends; Indian Beed, Llls and Plame; S.hell Twist: Side i and Dressine Cntmhb which,in addition to their former stack tn hand, makes their aemortment very complete, aml will be told ow and on liheral terms, at the sign of the Golden Comb. i2i.-tf 710 Chatres tremt. TeHR eltherihrn, Agents fr the exteneive hbee of T W. &S. Bultcher, Sheffield, Enaland, have juit rtedil a very entendnae art of am' taI., euoerisling ot Takle and Dessert Kniras ofl e - dseelption, Pean, Pocket, Dirk, and Spear point anlreat Rearee, eSis ort. Ede Toole,& de. &e. &e. whrlah they are prepared o exhibit to the irale lo oordhra. Teram anid contdatlon Will he made known at the time. m16 J.ll. BEIN & A COHEN.g9 Cnmnon at. ~---- - N-iP.i;Gors bIMMONS HARTT CO.--Are Mw .O A iOng I par hip Hull hu ill Eagle, Merry Ardres, High. aule, r eFsh el rrmane dellle heltplyingardsll: ter,belt Mid pocket piaOla; dlain, ribbed a el split enmiea eaipt ma ltidetar; snimtrs, a..ors, trn. vret Glltm'n roenm reial mtd other steel penal Vie nat Violia saringsa shell, ivoryand hermeania ; wafarst , headl and lather matre; hair hndo, from and ark rilet;na negro pnfr; German mmlFrwehn'e lognea water, Rowlrk n aninmaner oil, iittiwa cldot antique rdn bheeto il; ipartble deak andl dreasing atees: isant hinkiag; amttiealal toilt glawent eontex miroms; Op eal glamesand views; Ialian lbad, Ibelmtl idanmea; neoatene; whie rwine; toilet and pelantg aaos; toilet wunder, eanmetie wash ells; sarlted antin enaahia; pool aiuls; xarew famey bead ahains and neaklacesa; hillimal blahn t ieket hbooks ml walletts; German hmoea;l ran. mpaa fine nill eommawne gnm alatie msapealer gartera dea Bells Lntdfier an cahes ail er penils;. Creyo.. &n. &e. The above in dditltn to h ae rmer tock of faney srtieile, makennor lasmaltmet very aenapleta. For sale wheleale or erail; as the aign ol the Geoll Cn acnh, 70, C'hrttw e street. mil. aOTICE--Thepnrmterahipof Kelley, Masen &Co N of New Orleao-; MaMon, Hlarris &Co., f Natches; nd Harr, Kelley &Co., of Rodney, wea dialred on hellse of May last, by the death of lamel A Manan, me of the paraners ol the firmns. Thie amleraignted, arviriring partners, will be charged with the settling end cloning said hbusiness a filnwsa: LaviC Harris will attetd to the rettling of tlre bausiesa tof Msaa, Harris&a Co.. at Notchet; and Harris, Kel er & Co.,at Rmanev; anl Henry Kelley will attend to h'e aI.tliag of the buelna of Ke'lley, Mason & Co., at New Orleans. The nameo ofthe several firms willIt aneed in lqeiadatliononly. Thoe itndabred to aid firms are earaertly requested aeome fatrwrl and nmake early etatlaemeats and those having cluala will please presenet them without delay. I.EVI C HARRIS, HENRY KELLEY. New Orleans, June 27, 1837. EAN MARl -FAIIiA'S COLOGNE WATER s ceases mare of tit* tuperior Cologne water. just receivead andl fr ale V tile daeni or silglne ottlc. Also Americnn and l"reneh toilet pawdlern, powder pl lk and hexes, sravilg g"and tol et naap, eosenolle wash Iailts, lilk tf rosae, mmetlric cold truam, extra oe u tatrk, ktphnlla, Wardls vegetalte hair oil, poenotum, •rraalde perie, Florida. levenldr rose ane l av waters, l'res.'a awilts, Marselt lea , Ierrmtery in tntnks. vegretat. tat r lititi rtan, Chllarine and Orris ttmth wasl, elotlt,hair, aat,, nailatd flesh brnshes; togethler with an addlilional snpplv of fashionable haere and sholl romhs and jewelry,mor ale low at wholresale or retail hy SIMMONS, HARTI'T &CO, jat!v 6 70 Chartren street. caiving frtla tn hbernl ships Yazoon, aed Srnatoga ,adbri" Cea ardia, from New York, a goat a.riety ad godea in their lian, whiel toaethur with their formel stork on la.nd, makes their asaaeretentv rvrc a leas. The lollowing eampoae a par, viz: , elltwist, .,,,r..: ;de, tatek andtdrseincomnlhs, Ihtm do ofall descriptions, Itn din rahber, silk and worsted elaltia garters, eomaanu & fin. aste astllsapuanders, lo<a foen tnd LueiLr mathecs, idlalitz powders, powdaerptffia oand Ixesa, toilet powderr pocket bnooks uand allets, redle hooks, ahell, pearl, ivory anad toroca .a card aeses, ihead ornrment, plnin co ral aeads, necklaces antl Itegligoe, bead ELchainsi, head neklaese, cut .lass anda plain,aeed,silver and gilt heads, Indlian beral, hella andl ilumera; pistol and large pow. er flsks, lshot belts, harse, bell. pocket anl dlneiling aiastls; dlouhle and single barrelled guna. Bowie knives, and dirks. sissaors, shears, packet knives, guard ehaiut, ana ribbhons, waint buckles, altal, hair, tootlh, nauilOllh, ruloh. ashoe, Ilalte, floor and dusting brushee, Collagne, Plorida, lavender, rose ead hay wateraeeorterd acseaes, and extracts, Maccaaaser, ea, ntiqueu and Ward's ve getable hair toils, shavilng andl toilet soaps of all des criptiosa, Indla .' and gentlemens' desks and dressing cases, hair rieglret, frizettea alnd braids, plain, fancv aal maahral work aones, plain and gilt, figuaredl, coai anadl rest nttatalr, pearl alid ivory sthirt lll i slitt tuddls, gold nadl silver lenlail eaes, ltatlapmks and tweeaa ers, plated aad gilt lacketa, inilatluce do, silver, Ilraus anl steel ilimblee, hooks al eyes, Ihair pin,, imitatian fruit, tlk and rediak,eahn blonkilng, violins andl guitars, ribbled and plain aercuwssion caps, linen twine, seted culeah aetos, gold aad eilaer lace alnl fringe, latter paper, game bg rdlig w'lip:s, w elkin catet,lpleyaagnards, lia gold, plet;ul and gilt jiwrllrv &c. Tihe above, together with a great variety of other arti lef are olered at whlesale or retail on aneo.n.oa.. tilg teruie. N B Shell conmb repaired. W t ,t ,-EEA AICOMB AND VA ¥ R1E'rY 'PoRSR.-at thle sign of the golden comb, Mo70 Chartres steere. The sublsribers have re. ceived, in addition to their previous stock on hand, a fill and complete assortment of articles in their line; vin: combs, perfumery, Jewellry, brushes, lacking glasses, onsey articles,&r.eoaaistini in part as follows: COM tb--ostorioe shell, wrnnFht and plain toctk,twist, quilled lhak, long round, dressng, aide puff, curl on neck, Branilia cnmbe t of every description amongst which arc eone Mexican patters, Ivory eonths of every daserittion, horn, dresiag and paeket, together with a general assortant ofFrenah and Anoritan. PtEFUMERY-Cologno, Lavender, Florido, honey, hay, roe, oand srange flower waers of every sie and des cription, camphoren.d Cologne, extract of Bargeaot, laney soaps of all kits, shaving do in cakes and pots, creat soap do, Ward's vegetable hair oil, boars nod an. ittpedo. Prenton' smelUiag maltl, plain and perfimed toilet powder, pearl powder, po aler puln and hans po etan in pots ntdll rolls, eor and hlorine tooth wash and imwder, with a general assortment of JEWELLRY-Sonma ofthe latest nod aeost faCshiona ble srats, consisting of white and redcomelian, toper a cet eanlrops, set in filagree, hrea t pins sfa grso a s. t of patters, watch trimmitgo, gilt and nilc ,~tckles, hlier thitble*, silver and Fpltd pat ills and guard chains BlRUSIl ES--Clotl, hair, dutet sg,tcrabn,hertlrhfloor hat, wenh, ttoseh, plate, comb, Nari, ehaving, shoe and whitewash brushes. LOOKING GLASSE--German etatia and toilet gtlase, ssmagsf'ing and Prench dressing glaonsses, hone do, with r vut'iy of other kinds not enmneruated. FIPANCY AND VARIETY ARTICLES-Frsnch otad American pertable desks oand dressing eases, sane very rich and inely linLshd laudie work boxesnnddren aing eass, with and withoua t maies, mdicl hboxes, Ae ooEdiants . varktos kinds, violins and guitars, silver and plased petcils atln leadewod pencils lur carpenters and crayons, antutlo clbtaeu nsand pistols with asd wiahout seases, teasaito caps, peruainon cup chargers, stipple crew divers, hotl belth,game ltags paste blneking,toy tea Iaet, Indiml benls of every kind, bells and Islrnes, fineand etonmos knives, ranara and seiieaor, tiimblea, needles, piuaa, liver plated steel nad ssmanmat sjnrt les, Iplhet boonks and wallets of vrinos kinds, visiting cards and card cases, playing cards of French, tion and uad Amasricon manuacture, doblls, ituitation frail, anu booes, prints ef varioun khd, Soundtlers' Potnerny's, E.laersn'ra, Hillmanu' and Hawkin's rasor srape and metallic haneo,dlirks, fancy badl nesklaces, do with ,.r dr5sd,toy watehelrl butMe, ptowlder flnas, plan seed beads, gill radl eilvor du, gum elastic supeali der, and garter, plain dld sword clan, haskgastmsli boards, dice, optical vieakts,jewnlharps, loeoitu atatch es and drieking cups, with l greaet variety sa oitrer ai clrs, all ofwho.h will hs sold tlr arsh or city ntcnlsptan cos eald .uoahls credit. B II dIlMMONi, & ,r.. Id 70( hUrtresst. 1 OLU EAIt'$S oieua uf PrPenmantetip rcteived,anod lar sale at their psrtmanents Writig Acatlories No. 8 Clhatras asrt, NnSW UJrloau-s, 1t I lltmlway. ntew York, Darpoitto at., Mlobil,:. it in spartitltlarlydestgeld for private learnero, saJd eolustlo, anlt is calculated ftr per.nss of all ages. Ilics alld gtlolrlenftt are ltited trecall atd esnamite the avrstesn fls tletlelvea. Leos.oo are given at sorh hooees as mnlvy snit the convenieone oa all, and to a laosea Ioartnd i tll"sy part of the city. Ladies wlio prefer it ean receive lessons at tleir ows ref Pers*as paving sfr one :a rse of lenssos are desird SoseaMtdasll they writs t well sa they wash. ail L)OL JEAR & lrsTfHlR. IDEAFNESt. A NEW article forpsrsros troubled widl death'ss, (ealled she Ear Trumne t,) has just Imbeen rercived, by the tsar lit which, thn slightlest trlenlation lf the Ihu aoae vaice is diarirctly conveyed to tie ear. Arly aer who has ever Iser r t)ligrd r. conversa with a very den,, moaot tan ulsly sny airtse oaf the dittloulty asa lmao berrastccus t ra iemalt hn bonltrl thlarlaovea and that it. diriduals oo lrttattulaalc afllicted. By the sta of it., i Ear Tctetopst. this ahjre.tion in erntircely viatced. 'Plan twt t aneptisl hlaso fluraya a. otduoanddtrir tluha, atar aoinbga uedteiaTcar1cpea. ForUalear 'r F GOION'S, Fancy stoee.rnrser of Cnmmon antd 8t Ckorles streets ruler lha Et t rtafa Hotel. fit 13 ` IvPRM OII.--t:t gOliors pure wityer Sprm o(J, in cosks and Inc|.r sale hy JAIVl. i& .ANDREW1v4. Whslaesal Drangg ots, colnetr ' nanaan and 'l'rloa los streatsum. wrl HI j CE L -Av-a btsls, belts fls t -a"a T 4t4 kegs, It a 2lt, do Li. ' as Englislt daa-`Il 1.4 bhl4lt0 ,, , 10 Paint Itnsothe various saoes; l ea.e Vermill.sq 5 bblasCoal rtatnioh; 2 " Japan I " Coach 20 packs Gold I.erf; 50 do Silver dr; 10011 dao Duteh etekal. WINDOW (il.AS, AIerriefn, Erglish and Frenh t --IItaI Iteas, and qurlitiss. BoRtrotaNruwa boxes,eoaeigmaot, will he sold low. Also, a general aaromnent of artists' clorars and tools, Itr sale Iy A W SCA'I E:, No "4 Canl stcret. l n . Ataham .otie.aksn st pr. rsot Mi=oiiippi b nutes will he received at 10 percent disrotnt Ibr gdol or ill panmet ef debt,. e g Iw pIl.t)Ui -I1I andhag frt',n lstea lnadt as d. alI 41 Nerw Lrve. MR. WILLIAMS, CICULIST, 50ow AT THE Jstrneaso HOUSl, JEFFtgpI SitrREET, LOUuVUILL, 7o the Editor of the Louiseille .4deerliier: S IR--l appear by thel obshrvtinns of the Editors of the Nanhville Presbyterian, Uhnion and Trans elpt, as well as the editors of thle Memphis Enlirsr, aelu'the "Old Gentleman" is amon g the Doctors. 'hit is proved by his kingly rage, kotwicg that hittiome is but short, and that ihe itdlsodsent American people ave able to judge lir themosa ves what are puons anol imposltinns. Tlha snoethy editors wan are Doetoes, the proprietors, editors or s o..litor eof the above roamed joeumla, call every letter from ersones have eentonrt to eight in thl ibove placos, puffa. I. The fact is, that I n0ver had srb:h great sucess within so limited a piriod as ten sr twelve days. One who woo ased about ten vears, who had only seen the light from his birth, begin to see to follow his master to my hotel, instead of being obliged to be led by him. Two young ladies, who had eachlost the might f oone ese, one far m veanrs. and the other far trealy two years, having both o them bhe other eye very weak; ret each of those yune ladies began to sea with both eyes, which benefi I pledge mvsef still continues. ex esptiag they rte inder the influence or domlition of the Medical Doetors. Another is the daughter of a rspectablhe merbhant, whose name I am bound never to mention, (as he paid me Iny fees), who aid she had last the sight of one eve from the age of 10 months, hat that she now bgins to read large letters with the other eye cempletet) shut. This the doetor elitors kLew, as tde gentlemans tald me himsielf he had coa dnc'ed his daughter to the ofice of the medial editors. that they might he informed of the fact. The last I shall mention ias oelderly genteman by the mune of oanst, nearly seventy reas of age, wha declared sb ,licly b letter, which lie taok to all ith dllerentoeen in s.ahvllle but one, and himself s id me he htid paid for the isnrtoin whatever they deIanded, whoi delehar ed iu that letter that he he totall de raeed of the sight rf one eye from ft hI aoIer his birth, which his mothermtted thab.. oeeasioned by the measles or small poe at tht no he could not onli se the light of the sun, for the arst time that he read let, but the stare alao, and was beginning to distinguish many objets; and did, before I left that ety, give ma n proof that he could see to walk about the streeta with the other eye completely closed. He said he har been a member of the Methodist spiscopal Chnrrh ito esorly fony tueas, and dit his word we never doubt ed thrmgh thI whaol course ofhis life. 2. I mper tthti I glad never greater sleeess than as Nashville, sad thr the medical and clerical doctors had osverheforn ct aell reason to he eonrmed. Thi pioutsindignasln % kod Rev. clerical Dr Smith anrves, when tle srio to me that abont ia years pest, he wad onverted from hbet a perfect inflde, to believe in the dostrior a of the Bible, tdtt he must have made a trifling error-that he must have meant to say, tht before the end of six years to some, he shuld be convened frea his infidelity an tim spirit of the trite minister of th pseefal and benign deatrmies of the Christian religion done at breathe out destruetion, rage, calumny atid falsehood to please his medical friendt. against the man whom he knew had done so mucb good, ad no in jury to any one. All the inhabitants f Nashville spoke of the great ueeccss I had, a-cspt the medical duceter. Most of them ale bhad been iformed byr Mr Yount of the cure performed on his totally blind eye. 3. The famous (Goliah 8. ofthis town, psretends that I have lostthe laurels I gained in the North, siae is arrival in the Southwest. This proves, however, I sd, and that I kelpt them until I arrived in this section. If I gained une in the north, I ought to hlnve cgained anals. r its the snuth and southwest, aol I still hope to weiar them on nv very vnoutbful braw on the tiny I ttave, in spite of the vititlMroaton f the great Dr'S. if I cay judge frets, the titn I ave already bheufititte in T city within three davr. I. Tihe object of" the present in to istirml tiet medi al fGoliahs and editor" of the Rlepublican aIlnl 'l'ru= oeript, us well as theit clerical fir Smith If the C. Pret. hlvterian aed of tihe Union, of Nashville, is well isI the eliter and sob medical editor of the tletpltit Enquirer, as well es Mr Prentite, the editor of the Loulville JoesstI, andl alse the medicaelGolialt ediittr if thitl city, thle great Dr y., that I shall brine t-linn against thtmall, for vitloration, litndler or enltmnnv, imt r di ntely after my arrival is New York, it, -'l its :oeainat their amiable briren IR themedieal Gntli-.te of'the lorlt,. I now lind myselflt pttromise, ileittrltr lilt this hIal,-t land of liherty, ontil I have Ibrtgfht tia neves eltiI any medical Galihs of the inorth, ts t eil as tle south od the west, to tlte grindlstonet! The afflicted, there. fore, say caulitilet I, it lintte nol rlnig rite ticlu of, nexyt ya in Nework, iihreletters, It ptateidand os, otlers, will he t llr tt reaelc tee. 5. To ittfor the ipublic tot the puttff, so called which the Raev. clerically cnlverted ifidel pIretend was written for him, was written -,tre tlhan . week itior, aid intended for the Rev. I). Howaell, .i read it it my presence without manifesting any diledp.,trobntiol!; on tlecaontrary, tmk it to hisutmoty aid tetttleet.el it it the way lie did, which Ihe sait Its lthoglt wold itian war my ptrtnss better, he delivered thets bthl tn, ists, without pretending that I wited to brithe him ofrott t . duty, as I inever could itreonume to offer that iletlmen or any other, any money fir sttting ftrts the Rev Docrer'sown statesent is before the public: lad he lont examined all my diplomas, &e. &c. wibh a enllllinon, aet intimate friend of bis,n a well ts tile whole of ty iotienrs, in cmpany wilth another clergyman, ans flotud them all to he nthesic, ant all mtY patierts to be more or less lenefilttd, he sever culd hotve breen indeedl by a total ton.ger to drsw up sueb a artcle so lie wsrte Ihiselrf for publieation, aol addressed it to Air Strngfietld, editor oflthe S W C Advocate. 6i. No wondter the clear sighted medlical Golialse of Nashville took the ala ..; and tlherefoe used their e ftrl tosjotill with them the all-powerful, athleti, phys irltaltd intellectual ftrcr of the atid to-lr-.onlvrteil clerical infidel. We read in the Bible that 'ts trte is known by its fruits." I dare eay the cotnverted itficlel ias preoshed from tlat pnastte. 7. IHe evitdently wanted ttteutallisot his tmreal rh'ri necer as it laan, by shewisng thlt lie wne aovIe baeer bribed. I.ot us seae whether the sum of tiltity pices of silvr will apply to himt as well as it was well nptlitld to anotlher eonverted infidel, who, in tile idays of' tle in carnation tof his Divinoe Master, tabsolutely sold Iite Sime tltt numlber of piaces f silver. My tn1swer is, that it was ilever intendsed as bribe, nor rohldl it he :osidlet ed so y tnUv one,as it was aot evelt eqtl to the lentil part ,'fall ite regular printer's fee, sf $f per stgt:re. Clontaining two or three eolnmos of hclveIn prilted ter which were to he reperated three or lotor tites in the lmresby triun, Union and Mlonitor journals, Iatn I ever intenledt to bribe Iht,, I slhould have offered hint at least $30110,his regular fee,. instead of $ 0, which, it all problohility, he woull bhave gladly received as his fee, and not asal bribe. On the coltrary, if I -ad been ca pble ofoffering a bribe, I should certainly hlave done it il a way to have isnsured hisa aceeptane. 8. nd the Rev. Doctor beetn reily converted to theb eliefof tmhe doctrines of the Saviour, lie ,ould not have promised to cones and examnise my Ipatsitljt c-ilt. ost keeping his word, as I have always fused every minister of the gnopel zealous to lo. 9. Had he been really converted, lie wosul not pub. lie:lv have spoksn agaiast the Anmeriean inotilutin.s, whi'eh, it is well known, are motre nulmerous, and whlich are enperior to many its some partsi of Europe. His conduct an inuch disgusted asome young literary char acters, nss to be scaecely restrained fro"t punishsng him on thte .pLt,by laying violent Ihands on hlim Tle t ev. gendeman,thoughua Seotehmn, in witltout exeuse, (unless he it calumniated), altmuglh he stv think lie has a right to abuse the American iostitutiontl . btecu he heis a conversted infidel. I say he ha ott--as all ought ti speak well of the bridges Ie goes safely over. I fancy the gallant Captain Oraundv, and several other amiable young gentlemen of Nashv'ille, recollect well the condoct of this pious expounder of ite ioly Seripturso! itt. I etere saew such a demts in human shale as the Rev. Drtor was the day I caltl ton reason with him, when he meoaced day grey hairs with an oplilted gigontie arm, as if he would have felled nme to the gomund,far dtlnri to draw a poean minister way frut,, his duty, hy a bribe of 30 pieces of silver! I really trembled nmtr than it the "ohl Gentleman" had op IPersd ia his own shapes! II. I aoleltssy declare before God, antd m not sffrid to call Hil to wlttOes thut I never, iii til le wole ourse of 4d2 years itroetice no at oetlist, in Great Brleeiu,t Iomnore, leletom and Amerlco, in a single istetlee tI fesed asn bribe ano alonstt to the editor of anvjntocts ISt as a.:mottspensesioorfthe sbepsac !cEurliel and site trtouble wiiehl I oeonsioned tltentt tutl that I was tl trts nnore inclinedl its reduse, rthier 51a,0 tld arn tilctl et to time prioter's bill; which in n suBeieles Itreof'ltt t lied 12. latscsv.y-The Memphi. ontltirer ftritwee or ehree weeks eootsltitsu a tissue of tiacront titisebei·, wl tel ste oirdical -tiolieb eldittrs leonrl frott e eh' brtchttt n tf the M. (isliahs of tht North, and I sslt l treat S Iht'll with ailect eoaiestt Itlstii lite pltoier tisa Ir.rivtt.: Unlce is io Irtt Wboll I tbave baeetn ilfrel.e.---".ettct lIrgenr, ald yoe will atceh a I.--." 'T'houghl I ti itltly e ItVolorsitluoelts far two0 Ur I t-re -ct~ W,.s i 1to05 will please ttt itttrtt Isis letterin Oyour nest la per, sicd oblige yours, No. JOHN WIllIAM-n, sithe Engsdlish O·cuisl. .ouiarille, Jnly 1837. Copied frm the S. W. C. Adeneter f th/e Sa .lk ,ne, lvrt At the retqIestef Dr. Wilieme, we le' t lll ill note hfro the trvi . Mr Howitell, df a. vii, a tore cetllnrof lirt. Sontlh Weltern :llrlhtilll dllelte, wllo, it nl leare , ha PXllieled the iiplllll ald ll er dou:l Nllutvill(.ie ufte oetoer' claiemr l to puilic pitlElt ag ie in h.lcqnllee f all eeccident, Dr. hW will rt Ilnl in Naehvllln fsew days lo ger than h ae t rlrst intenhied-any t le It July. Rev. Mr Ptringfield:-iHaving been tequersted by 1)r. Willinam, thte rialist, now in this city, to exanine hi noulnenlls dipionaa atd ether dorunlents etvicivl vof Ilis Clnia to pahlie confidentlde il tis Iprfession, I have, in cmlplan with a valued friendidne As wih leaslle. Amomg theln I flrind itn letter frot Mr Pageoyt petre enrio Charge d'Affaires o1 ilte Kin of tile French, it WaElhigtoN, addressedl te Dr. WilliamL , tentifring tlhe gnuineuaese of the diplomras from the KitRgs o(Fra.ue, telgimnr, &e. as well tihose from the lediael Socie. liers of Fraree. He has talrereu roaechers from ince known to I he f high repntetion in this country receirnvel since hie arrival in tile United e;ioten, detrolif,. ileten. eson of greit sueces in tihe reteration of eight to thle umd. I Itre meen nre rl alil his loer Ipatients in this e.:y. I knew nones of talen previous tlo thei. run,i,r his care; but ail I have eer say theiy are ue qe:leetionobly Lbeeftttold. RtiURT. B. C IIOWEI.., Nashville, June 21,1837. I'. S. Siree writiog the n,,oe, one of Dr. Willinams' Iptionts has called titsn mc, and seiv he rod tr tialh, nsad totally ort ttle sight of eine eye oleer serey tearu, bnrt itow declares hilsnlf beltter,;tlat last nrglht, for tio first tiile in hi life that he era recollect, he coull di-e. tinguish,twith It t ove, roeiftile tprominent tairs. I learnt that this told getlemrtn las livec mtany ycars it this rdgion, and suys hie Ihan been a Mlethodise during forty yeare. Yours, truly, auglr O. B. C. H. T- NNF- . HS A ol' LOUIS --NA -,&c.-r A Ntw MAr o I.ousetAt, with its eanuil, reads and dituneee,from plnce ton piae, along tile stage lnstetamtbolt routes, by I. S. 'tenner. MITCHULL.'e MAP r HC Te UNITID STATIC el.,wing thire principal Turnpike and eoomon moade, on which are giren the dietence it miles fromn one place to anothecr ahio the rouraes of the canals and oll troads through 'ot the crtrtrtm, rerefully compiled frml the best on.u ihoriti.---pulliahed hby . Antgasttu Mitebell. MfITIgeLLe TSAYR or.eo'e GUIDg THROUrtrH THe 'lITcD I STATS; a nmat of Ihe roads, dUietmre steam heat aundeasual routes, &c. just rceivet o n for sale WM M'KEAi, 'HECKS ON PIIIL.i.FL'HIA-For oale ihv YroliK. BROTHI(RS. 51 &i Cami trentc. THel INDIAN'S PA'4t'EA. Oil the oureorheumntiena,sel. ldaorkingsevil,gaut, seiwti. or Ihip gout. iciient mnoers, met rhbem, uphilite and merrial dieaes, maticularly ulcers andM painfiulaffeetions of the bones, ulcerated thronat n non teilsa ulOernf erery denemption, fever ores, and intenali bseeses, oistul, eaile, amld had, esrovy, Mbles, ehr tie s n, /rrylnerlisihlnthes. and oveny varietyofeu. taneros a.lfetle, ,hPonie Catnrrh, had mce proceei leg tlen any Marid humor, lain in the stomach mdl lys I pepsin proeedingl fromevriatiol, affeitionesof the liver, chrnic inflamanmtlon of the kileys, and al genlma I debill ty eanem by a torpid mation of e veuela eof the skin. It is siog'lm'iy elflsonious in esnovatie those eonstittions which have beel broken dlown by iljudieious tIreatmem Sjuvenile irrergnlarie. In generad terms, it is reonm mended n all thnee diseases whih arise from imlpurities of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of wlmtever name or kimi. Some of the ahove somplainetmay requitlre some tel. fling asitant applinations, which thebireturanees of the case will dietss-;bt for a general remedy or Perifioeaar toremovetheeuse, the IN LAN'S PANACEA will generally be found meflicient. TO THE PUBLIC. How trne it is, that modern Physlaians, in their em. bition to exelct in their pofession; explore the vast fields oetqiesa by the aid ofehemliasy, and leek oat new r n ll tgesmm; Inshort, to arrive at peefetio n in the i.etilee by emanl o4f st ilone,--ntieely overlook and neglect, us hes.nthtknmr nseetloe, re i and bounteous strems of medicine, which the Almightly as causmed to spring out of the earth in everyhlime! And how much moen true isit that while the American Physician looks Sto foreign eountriesor many of hismost common and asesy srtisies, persjetlsly langing s they se at the dlelates offashinn or folly, he is wrreotmde in him I own country withan endleprofuaion of medieal plants, snfisinml t to answer any indication in disease or t cure f any curable disorder sly et he is ignorant of da eir vle. ten, sd they are sledo wastetbeirhealing on the esert air.' The effetaetof vegetble midnedloe upon the syntem se ten n -those of minerals hilng. The formsar e errt teir feeta ald pmw of-the lItter, mercmy in per. tituslr, et chemia$lly pon the mlids, decompsing the boeae and ulsermining the emeistitutin by a slow mad sure destruction. The eongeniallity, emiienmey and SAPETY ofvegeta. ile re.manlina aer mlnel,m sa be estimated byeonirut. ingthesamient praItie withthemoder; or, tobring ii more immediteln under our own obhervmltion, i- indi an pratice with tat of the whites. Who, in America, anm lot known or heard of. resated intanens wherein ome deereidll nlmetendingfemale India, by reenanlf lier slee renmeihde slne, ens afeeted the meat rapid adi astonsihin; cures, afterthe Mateire Medic of the -neman Iaesdee, liretel in the most skilful nmanner, has foiled? And who has not been surplred at theom Imrativeemse andfacility with which the Indis hin. self frms an disease, and at the almost tote nbltinen.e I ofehronicdseaeaemong them? Who has -'es har d o an lIdian with a constittion brkesl and ruine, by ill treatmeot? And can a doubllt eist that this hepp ex. eniti of the savage from most of the ills whlh i the Hash oman in heir o, i chiefly owing to more gesies Mi l afe remedies which hi employs. m'hii astonish. ing difference in success, is a fair exemplification of the t ininite srperiority of the limplre ani emeans of itre which God has nreated for the benefit of his Ehiildren, over those which thle pride wnl the art of man Imve in Svented. From a long residence among a pomtion of the aborigin a alihalltlantsof thiscolnlry :mela, I.timnate aelualn tase witsh tlht. meltheds 1' ,,'I i 'le some of their lmoat l'.Frssfl lgo eIthlitnt - . I... . . lrll i etor ofl 'l'l e Indin's S; -,-` :i 4,e is '" ligm of some of the most ,+;ii. Ituli:q ll l' lnwa tI li.e Fromthelse heselected such as awre 111o.:|t t facios ,iI) taprolpriates, ad after vtinls explerimsnsI t s ,, t]-mir psirtilles Mand tm'ength, le is comn hinedl thlel II Ies llr litmmm li'e lpriesnted, as the mns perf a'isftttl ftrs the pmlpose (tls which it i . ' " i' lu tion t thtle pl om li, . ,,1,.-,, .,;n, ; i s Itrh,- i ss opii1,n w liltthi l tea, " "s1.1, L. Ic lieih, sa Lly "i` hie :Aflivled feul ; ulie ing Miler Iv ,arious chronics ,,, , :.. ,:+ ldn phints to which et i: :qplicablh . To " iseiil-ale abwt, :, the means, se es mtsob,, t . , ,, ,,i s i moft ct eringtcheir ., bti -nLt inos i tltra themoc u I.utu i m' ll ID li th i anlli hap p. r T:. tias n , .,,r a cmomnson r'medme, that Slld ''"challise be li tmllmil" g.,nt] with m.any other Ilnow i,. 1. las olomoe obimh seapalble of simsing life in manny exllvlil eases whichl all the nllliusnll emeiesd t il. 'l'llis it Ias dlone repeatedly; andi this is the relmutotiotl ithilsob S"tained whlerever it has lbeen illntrol.lduced. It is onlya houtll ihes ) Cam rssince this preplaRmtion was Iilesetted to tih. plblic: bult ill tllt shlort Space of tlllle, s smlll-t hllht"*I ms Ir isl ts~l mSnoilt llet ollln l, who would .+.]¢lntly iIdchtlt o Ih st they elievel ithat their lives ,we, ryed byhv it,m l i mIonswslesalter tlhey had riedl nmny al lerhaps Mill thie eomimon remedieis in eaiu. W'her everit is knllown it is rapldl colmig inton se, anl this afflmrdmie tl motmiltostn a lliit onvilteiocing proof of it merits. t 'ime value f the Pamnenrr i monst caenlsicuoell sin those long mslmoing aInd sephilmlitic ani d slrolillous utfifetions which litae defied till other re.nelies,, Miland palioultarly Sin those calses where llmerl.l.y has bey s Intvi.l y uvel as to eausli distessillg pa:ills ill tilhe bones, ndes, nlleprll rial uleeros, ldea.ngelnlt lofl lse digestive Iorgans, cI . 'these it completelyv, andii in all c as' it lltire ly eullicetes lthe m limsease.I ci eif ctIs if mercms, rei. r eoleslmhe eoistillution, illi l leavestl le plitirlet sonllllmlmslt well. I.n rlllllllnanislm aMi ill illCeraledl SOe tholrml, its II:'ply i)'elfaoe tSm not lesl aairenllt, giving lal t immllllle. li:smcmrmiefi 'TIkrll inii prlv doses, t(Ioluliani' Palnsees ojlelisles salh ierliativeaml dhlet'gemt; a diltihirletie, dm| tic, and laxatives, In anti-pasmIollie all anodyne; and in popel'reases, asasltlmacill111 ll enntene1lgouILe· . (;ee . :mly exrileSnel , it ilmlmerstl s oil mime ,elel tina nm Mlli PSc r e'lmiieris, o Im- miote tuilaiotlo, onld excisteeinstoh i mime glaem]illm n IIti t lamleil' lllelmer. I:F'ioim these ]ri ei. Iesa nitnolvrtios allnv m he n'rll. l'lisnmedlioile lhas'ben limsll hi!; Ill mef il ma niy ahihmigom.a sline ondrotue hIre Rhesle i,,e dli it Ieo bsee n1er1] whh wonderflld onemes asam Sllilg smill a m Fll l. riuler, by lhose who a e soI eo io lo ilaitSc ofmlmhe ehet Iirin wholbe coniitelionssIelnire new tigor. Such Ie selsn will do well t uinse teomr thrlee holttle, in assll dli aer. VWhlenever a diet rsink is conisildoelr tceoesa7, tmi Is 'laes, lakels imm n somalldl e; will answe, all Iis nthloses, ise much less tile, at less extensoe, all in la, more gmeneable ma mier mhnio hne ommomn dlies drink. Tile following nertifiatetn, nrt of Inmdroms sinlila', which might be pineutrel, .a r given to show Illm effect of the IMldian s PaMlac, in tIhe vtiou eomplaihliat nero;n nmentiornetd;al nl to exhibit in tile most .slialtoorty mnlaler ilsuperinriOty over ie sroIpes in comnulon . . CASES _F RHEUMATISM. .e.oULTsrow, Nov. , 159.12. a vrey oere antd liletelmsin r elllmtiam, oseealieoned my expomure hi ead wetther . all now ske great pleRnmre iII stating, tiet six beotles of le Iadial's Panacea, meto .~arett hnalth, and I comfidently recommend it to al sismilrly amlitned. JOItN FERGUSON, King mt CnLsxnss, March 27,1 32. I was seized hont three years ine, with alistressiig rhemeautinm, eauled by takng a serson col, while nllerm. theinluenteef mernaus , mid which has hmonblea rw from Imeaeanelrly ever sine. urise g this period Ihave Iwen n Iutient in tIe Marilee Hompiial, in ihis t': upwlwdsoil four moltthe, sad nemuly the mlse IAnm ill.' timee in the llsltim oelHoitnl, nsi tried almoat "ver remedy, with litle bnefit. 11u the libth oatf Febru lat, at that time lsaeely able to move about umpon eroah. es, I omlleteatml the use of tndimmi's Panmcea, In o1e month I found myneli eatirely f.ed from pain, old an now hIaplpy to state thatl consldermyself perfeetly well. WV1. TIUCKEIR, 13 Market at. CAmES O)F SI.IOPULOUS ULCERS' New Yeoan, Sept. 10, 1110. Tii mny certify that in thie fall ot 1i.2, I was eizt with a swellingin siy neek nIdi f.e, whleh aferwnam iloeratem aid became large gbatly ulcers in my seel. Afirmllyimg s'versl hyshimainS to Io oliltmemsre, 1 wem. to I'iliidelphlb, omni idnemiI llmjssif sitirer tmi eare Ihe. Phyensic mmillitohsi, whosl. otier I'riasotmi ailieI-ommms so oo0leoiLtsto e was ilolooirmies neterly I-m los hble. Afiet. wmaoms I took twe.ty btleSomIeoflaimo'n PlllsoenoItd eighI ilsmitms of Potire|'" (2s:il1oiommmo, wisis Iso illsmerhil heelslr leliepiriilg sgliie, weieh hlml mowim bcnnle n burlhes s tie', iretn'nme~l sllos)m ns)li e itNowt'mmm- ill |1841, an 1smet, t yarlopmC t 1s'ms iigIm-Vshsseli.i Iille, .'eoimlso ill eas molli. 'mmI I c sr, s'I sem£iie s, , cellos noil it Imtaiosi, • ivt II 11, l!11· ccisla , i v,,, lslmlm lis, Inn sleve reenmolmmei to eel's l mmlslsms mi sclll<t vllsl sitemesl mmmill O'sihmilmsillilsele 1 mist h efii lhlm w ill, mios ohms tmlelm 'c iels tls' ln moer n] or;rl m55lll it o mI) i+li'iLc itm ,li t i]lc mhe ssInyl)" kowli whal hmitlrmel]millse mhs ]uo. omllhIeresl rem's'3-i Sii him o•Ie.IL s Os.s'mfc -mso , ,Imri- sm 1 .Fer role by HLEIIY VONNAtIEL, drlgg.nise spes misi plru mprilmienoe, 'I'ohenmitlmlasi snrerm in NEW ORLEANS e NASHVILLE RAIL TOAl COMI'AN 1'. IHE stcrkhhl'ern of' this company are hereby no Stilled that by. resulution of the heard of dirc tion pased ou the 19th iut. the call made on them on the 13th February last, for the payment of five duollar Sshare, was resciuded, and thlesaid stockholders are urtherlc tilced that W H.REAS, by a resolution ol'thit hoord pseerd on the 19th cust.a cill hea Itea -,ade on the staekho!derc oif the New Orleans and Nathville Rnil Road Company for the fidlowingpvmencts eon the the souck held lively by thurn, va:e-two doiiare per share, ivyablo nt Ihe fhlrst day of Septembacruext; two dollars per sitare pavable on the first day of December Inext; alt d tie dillarsaer share payable on the list day of' iMrch Iast. Now theITfore be it resolved, that tlie Secretary of this company shall notify the share Iolders thererin, thrltugh the public prnts t 'e tie city, that in conftlrmcity with the lixtlh snetiou of tihe eharter, Ihev ate permitted to lastptnle ally payment called in ol dtlr stoclk tfIstid cotmpany for the termtof sixty days, frrot and after the day on which it is made Iavubllc, with tie exlless muo feitioa however, that if not regularly paid within ihe said prlchmeation of sixty days, hloncteol afcr tih,i da on which it shoul have bee aid, tllt Tel Iathe nk on which said payments should lave [wen made, is a nd rema ": Ibrfitedl to the rcompany, the charter on Ith tpint tauing imperative. ri cofitirmity therefore, to sai call,allstick of the slockholders in said cmpanv, cc think peepaer to pat oi the paymetts on their stock It the and of the addlitional sixty daysc, which the charter allows them, are notified that the payment of two dol hare per share celled for,aed due on the first of Sep Jrmttaernext. may be paelepned under the sixth sectiit of said clharter, until the 31 lt day of (ctober next, that the payment of two dollars i;r share called for, antd dce the fleerstdayof i.eeuiber tiet, may he poat poneatl until the 30th day of Jatmary next;and the tpay meaat of two dollars per share culled for and due on theo firstday of Mareh next, cay he poetpa.ed until the 30th day of April next. Extracet of tile mines of tile hard. june21 A R McNAIR, Sec'rv. -).iLtsA tr in aclca-se-2 t d .en rhire lo aYHntsfleehe JOHN H SRAHdAJ . apl1 STATE OF LOUISIANA.--Patish Court for the Pariuh and City of New Orleans. TIlIE STATE OF LOUiASIANA, T all whom J lmee Preents shall ome, Greetil.g:-·Wherea , keens House hnving plurehnasea at sale made by toe bherilfaf the parich of Otlenne tile peepost hereioatter deecriled, las applied to th clerok ofathsu sulan, in whIose office the deed of snle was recorded on the Qeldas of April, A. Dt. 1838, foIs a toaoltion or adeor tiemllent in econfaraty fo an act of tlael.egislatare of the blate of LeesioilMa, olilled "An aet for tile frther roee of tile i to purchasers atljultdilal salos" approved the lhh dey orMnreh, 1834. NOW, Ieerehr, know ye snd old persons interested herein, are hereby cited aod admonished i the onsne of the State of Lotllsiena, mid of the Parish Courtl who sen et ip ansy right, title or claim in and to theproperty hereinafteideserihed ilsncneeqnenceofnny inforcmality in tre .rdcl,,decree or ludg,,ens of tha nonrt under which tdu sale oat sarie, e anay irregularily or il.ogality in the appar'osments and sdsertlsetnents, i' tame, or manner oftale, or for any o'her rfect whatso ever, to ashlow cause, within thirty doys from tlheday this mouition is first inerted in the pablie papers, why ste sile so made should not he confirmed and homo I ogotod. '1 artotaid preperty was sold Iby the Slheiff of thsepor ish aforesaid on the l1th day of April, A. D. T1838, byh vistea orta decree of this C nrt, rendetred o the 5ih day ofFebaary,A. D. 1838, in a sita entitlrd Alexander Cnldwsll os. Jates Hanse, No 10,36 of the duhet of this Colort, at whieh sale the aeid Jumes Hanie became th puhasehnr for the palea f twrnt y o ne tloMnunest leeeription of Prolwrty a giren in thl Jadicial Con ssytnns, slat: A eortain lot of cround situated in the suburb An nuneiss inun dias Laeoure of this city,in square No 5, and Its haeing French stepstla, 60 feze Iotl ea Tchou pittulas street, :aitt feet troni on Orangers street, and .0 feet on t.nnsde da u h streed, i. e a manner that said losofgremod is 60 feel wide from one side of the iuntne he tnoher, toelther with a dwelling hotun frnlin on Thouapitoulan atreet, thI kitchen and de pondenies, anmle e dintllery tadbliahmentn erested thereon, and oAther buildlIngs and improsemens, ihe machinery, ntensils, implments nd fiSatures belongiog to seid disillery, its depoudenies and sppurtenanpes, and the unghrs, 8 tionS, nl prisilgs, ethereto kehLLeong or in ansy wise anrcitniEtg. Clerk'h Ollcn fdnw Orleans, May 7.1838. unld,f4&j3l J. OLLIE. e, paltv Clerk ETAT d E LA l.UUi blANud-Cutoti de Passear pourlu amisae et voilke tie In Nouvltle Orleans l 'ETAT )E LA ~ItoISlANE.--A tous neu qne l s lota-bntalt eOnnenentst, Snlut: Aleedu s uq James Haane ayan t anhetir a .une ante fnite par le Iherif lelsparoinse dtretaso It jemopri6t6 Odeln S te e eriete, s'eat sldet td a a eet; e f rie o os don e o vsto ilete nst Ir iensejuran tie ! M tie I'ltnite 1838, I-r in ais onfsnenm mt iAm at e aile Ida Ltmgipsture de I' ieat de In LourIne, inlitult "As ele onr cqunear lea tiatr das nequeneurs an eterjdeltubiairensi;" pltret6 ie 10 Mont 1834. Qoti oit emu, et rotes len ronsneso ialBrhesanmt par ee pesenmteas oam saatt non tie i1 dett dleeha Leiteor et de In Cour de Punoiie, Itni ponrroiren eaoir dlex il a pleoprite ai-oils itmie, en; ltmeenuaretcet dte ceieut tIe forme oell 'ovre le ieret so lIe jugeset ealde Is sor,u velnau d rqel lae venot aitse fits, so ds toats irehgult'ilA so illstnalit Ltht I'eatimtion,l'a vil oule temp et Ile mode de Isa vette, so pour atteontre eanwtjelcosius; dal faire voilr, lat ds tre otiurs a n lder de la pahllsaotion dae rete uPibt, iOUaqUni ias V ite tinble tle eseraistn lot antfia-iele Ia Itlrolpriite fut vende par le sheirstledit, le us a tortiice osr tl'avril de I'annab 1838, el rau d'iun ihtret s;e decte roar iu 5 de fcvriar de l'unnsh 1838, dsnrs 'taffair d'Alernietlr c (nlalwneil, rentnre Jates Ilnlnte, ceo 11,r17 ten hltl deit te eete CoUer, o lallseilI veol;e le it .Jlrtelas lun'esttt rtllllu actqueretr pour l prix tIe $'cl el0th. Dtreirtltite scltlt Pl'oriiltt ei'cleets lereteasferJsudtiiare y apSo at nait It;l:crlain ict gse terrs oetlls itrllellollrg t I'e ainotn Roiyn alis iolleur aer dce ate sillr, clans 'tie; No 5, le otit dte leere assellt [sI1eClolro Fr Itecoiec,] seelsxaste Httr oelfseiaiat eI'kembetitteelae Ursiorsel Meirti Pltdae far I ce riu''etie culan , tlros Puls o e iet aInd SllcP Th ms ruH sils, randon., , Pt ixantc pirds div fove A lie tfnele de it roa ds MarchIlde nestrt e ]e di; ices tie lerre Ia scixante piltds de targeur d'ulcl sta de I'ilet i i'ualtre; enceseelde sateiicaisa leseor faue In roie 'chnltiueales, l eoisine tt sea dr p sentnes.nasi qne ia ftslillerie celntruitc cr le icot lit, st toinatr ceri tissri en etletilrtsionr; le , uotrensils, insat.l atisone, & o. hppckrot;rett A Ila sd tictilrrie anses dpend eutee, nppartnanees et rlea droits, ateions ct pri iltigesn Y lpaltp.ttntat. Ilereaia datl gralfer,N Nelvle Orlilans, In7 SMai, 18a.b. ntld4,1sd&j3 __ J. 'ILIE tlt. unn relfie RoynAl College of Phyosi enes, Letrdns T HE orihtil Vegetaele HIlgeion Unal atierrsllI i si. Aone, plamel ty oV Mi is, Eai. Meean llf tier Renal Collteg of fiargeono, Iicetiaer of Allohe. cory's talitpnty, Fellhw of lolt Cmalrt Steiety, Stergen to te luovsl Un ion ttlltiom Anecistioa, llace, atleerlo. tlLitge, 1 id Wterlretoli Platli of (;tis)" ste l St. Thonants A tlon tielts d Inlestetet. lidsis valhasle merlirine, tihe restlht of ltrot, years' exlrriunee oajetlln sallell edl umteern hi tile exruls ve aste iigleic t-e~leiectolle istsette tfth lt ittstrrietl, pat,.t einetllet ihr the tHCultsaItte|t ttilits, eleli sttow illtetrtaeted to he nttieu ott li.e Amteriesat jitldic, lt Iel tier n - lioilstiolo .f a ternnitlur afgetttleonetl of lentegoce higie nlehtelili in tiler litoltfnicn. It ia In indI al a luiii tor)y atwle, to cehtek thle evill attid fatal EollltT e ce ce'isinlnete tihe ui ott tle lllllllac ait) it e terlus i el tr r l lts ieerr, I I In t h e lt ilt ei e sy t he a ie o f f bio "t e a I""la'onfsomiti rll'lnlOl illn~,lrllfn ,.llter nrlludl ill, a ilel i" ilnl'l~llO%+,an 'h , lucd lledotelers so Imlull?;iKII·lol t eelteitidm ielilea, tiet.l it ieltttctsil.ilr tillr ItrOus ateusliin I.I ltly liltlllc getl dowec tit tbw i lthlli gtee, le(-llei ttftltias.etllttre. "liarst nll., llilI atletteges tIe se teir tletet r, aletlo Ile kclee ieiIaFerv lfoneile itt streb tefaltletittn ilbesn, frce, hits lheir Italltn.t nelili ltiltat~lcs, ellnieml, amunlms, sl.(III~l(OPI.% m el 1 stilLer edloeisig It clll1ile r ie tIsole. hiefect,all tllsarit.t tans iteaite, shtnltel teeer- it, lielltellt lellar eec i. lietsylle ' ills eketsts Iti ceteteli .$ n tad 2 eche, Iv vre.y realpe LatItl iestigglotI heeksrliea, telr tlltehlroef Illeeaineiir iate Uniltcl ttles t n In t e ,,lClmdlas, with topitlea Isentineethla toglater wlhh. .oltnmltelals l" profeefioesitt eIlhilitv frata tile llls. in smailneeet getletlenet: Sile Antlev Cotuoll, J Aherehaley, las lltallnrll, SI. I)., W. ltth, M. It., 2. Aloas "ey, A. FalsetlleOa, Si. Ii., sat atastnmernu laleronl Ti'll rgllg nlela neay ar seesn aluseation O'the Genrest Agent, by wlscuna llhe nstlice ias imtptttetl ieats tits itellttety, nosl to whom oil apsllieationa ieognciet mitllw emnladse. JNO. HOI JIEIN, 188 Wocerly Phlee, N. fork, Sole Goeneral Agent foe the UnJitedl State, .Le. For sale by pltlmontnoemt of lie eriginal propjrietor. ly SwallnsI fllo.Pnna, ]htuggistn, No II Camal street, ;aun.cre : Ae.Ste fi.n.m _ Stl___a .,.s_.-_ . s n IRY R LE]E iU no, No 3 Maga.tale street, are S nrow receiving from ships Nahtville, itmlisvile, SIe tokh, Egle, and olher late arrivals tream he tl " n citina, a large and now selected assrnlment Hian , Boota, Shoes and Brogans. colising ofgentloten's fiat calf and Moroeoe botsa do d qli., do huflad, and stout was pegged hoa o Snriostqalities; men's finl erlf sl anditi Moroect hees t fus stt brogans, laekulitt shoes, brogns amn Al p a s; mee'l fiane calf anti kipped pegged shoes and ro.n; do hoots; do tout hkip ant wax ltpgdl hoes Sl s gentlemen'st qit aly calf sewed shoeo t 'lý l wasn; sl Jack Dowinge; do calf ael Morocce t rshtloporus all brogan; toe calf, anal antU Meroae, Sdian shoes andt slpplrs, do calf, buff anu se.l wnogs; a ew aticle; ido fine calf, tead and morocco qonrtet Soti; tayst', nlisses iand hildretn'k pigegtl aod owed hb ognn, and slies of everyo qolit o aicd mtlkind. Also a gecer awosrttneont of nto 's stout wa aned ral bI. .o g lllt td shotes together with 10,OtniO plirF ugr ,east tqlity, ruotset brogans, taiedi i int, I ylmks, laldlr eopemsl) for pintlutia l s; a grand at. Irtl ofen of ar a fit ad st o ht kip rusoatl brgtat, i So article, and a urge qtoatity of c a iterior ti;ttltt r ,et ltto wonx rogans. Ltr lisr' fine clli, tho, notr as grini welts, andl p nap rhl shoes; edli fi l i1e lus M il.l It Stledlieitr; d n tim, r sanet wtlth .Id withtot teels; mtot s, illll a tt s ltlhlsr IllbOtt.,t; ott Pmrnell shllo, S all kilos Id tomilios; to bAuitg brogntts; oe goite. . Otll lotedtl hootees. Miet'lstilngsprineg sltoeinn, ge ttt. Clhiler.,'s colelst Morocco Ieed ltstit biC, <, : li fn et, , l.e. aI lold, li,'s fillla ,i ektio•ablv Itldck lb hats; ido black tl l.bave h ilt it tlteittior tulitt ty; do itte ito tilnt 1i.llieo tliill Ili I cllena IImal laetls ti.e tlIb dnl ý1 .. il.,I... utrt i :44 ; .,a ,n ell t rll ricle. Yeronths S:n Ilt, P eeeit ta t ,citl ll i tliti..: Ie! ehidh en's. 1 slt ,4.r$, ..iii; ::l·,11·1..t< :,l w..Jlltliaeut a) IwIo S' to Ittwen's r sy,, :q.... i . hle p cton nteilleteo t. uloit,, ci.r s, t lll ofa t I-l 1.3l i. . ,I OIJ tHE TEE TI'I. jllH ostohlillthdreptntiorne ndeel. ttlltltr tellui. n oientd fotr thieio t.o n remedy t il'i, aid ret servrtive of thi tr.lh, hoe inldcedd'Ol suboscriber oter it to tihe American phlic. Arreogemellts too been mttode toi Sptulv tgent it l ll ie printcip tlltia ind tIowiIs it n ethie Ittlitel .Mtiol, s to to plane it titl roea:t ol tlhoe sullbring anti likely to aeuffcr ti inntl hnarasing of all oehrs,'lonth-ouehe. Whon applied ancordingg to direction, s iven oo , bottle, it has ever fauiled to etftrd itnnedilote nni temneeit relief. It also arrestso th decao to defoctiv' teetlh,and relieves thlt toroness whiceh o fietlueoiet nadtrla n trlttg tlootlh ilvlel The apteieoaietn alld remedye are silple, ionocent, ln tot unpleaeonllt; tll the laige nlllllr of persono in diferent sects o s if o tf 'olntry, that htve ollerndy oxporieloed rarh toli te"t ond elnatery eects Itlom tls ue of thell BoIlll, nnr tady to ber (for ithe phblio good) their teeliotaolv to its •n rivalled qelittles. It to an Indian re utev, olelt,;t id oingulalrly ldd ulnxpectedir, and ate Ito ger hld le sthe citilised worl itl t t te inoat vuluhble odiicoivrc llnltll of the wootle. Itiene $L ltr bottle. Sold by JA.III. & ANDREWf, ttr t5 . , C.t.ollnen end T hapitoins . IiElW BO)IIKS--Novnl Sketch lock, tt. I It Stervie Ailtnot and ashoire. Withel charnteritiu treinPl ccI Ce, lirngmlellts llndl opinintte. l tIke t ltorte of "t'aleeoel Tnr, &e. second series, it, vlto,. RIttouit lRecolleetions of thn Ilosso o' Colnnotals flol theyenr 1830 to the close of 1335. lelulild i perso nOl oskethes of tho leading erambtro-eI oe ofl no par y, idut received and for osle lt 3" SIieKEAN. . .A'l- PUBiLlC tAllti --- (IV RM VF.I.I., nn Hietloit l Novel, v the ntllllhor ol " |l 3lir liars," &c•. in " viii.. Popul' r Nledlicite, or PFntily Adlvier; rIetetil.,n of Outlineo of Aeattmy, l'byeioloey, alnd Hfoeloe.with tech hints on the portieo of fPIhics i rgSn v, and 1 ie dlisearew tf wonelen and chilrenm, ns may Iove uihcl'o i I fnttiliei wheno regular phvylisneil clllo h it procured: being a coltn1snion ond guide fTar intllli;ent princiials of mnonu'actorics, pllntatieones, t l,, ite aroole hnes of familieo, taserol ," veselre, oi.-ion.ritse or trveollert; atd. usefel sketch for Yotntg II Contt .,t,. ing dtle stldy 'lmediein. By Ioeynell Cooitc,, 6. D.t toeer Pansey'a Unlvorsnl ilistylv il tim bl.." of (isoglph., for tho ooo of fnmilies, llsnlrattcd I , ma,0 and erngraehis , in vlrle Juotrcchve. d end nlernile W MeKEA N, n9 e tt t:nlapaell C ommon stie rOTICE.-Thowre.. o orof.e olpo.h.se_, t,.rn.,"ts dico marked Madmtaw V. Ariquenscave. prrflli " (Cideln, faonm Now Yut.k is herePby not tied dlltl livey. - luteweelntored l y STET(SON, AVMly. C.A it , U.llmignlege .r"'(sfoint,' JUSTPUBLISHEDFROM SPTREOT'1o ' PLJTES, The Filh. ROW1IZrSO TABLES OF INTERiST: T O whleh is new tafled , an Average Time Calenl tor, or esyd metholds fir teeling the average time Ssertange, notes of hlnl or bills of goods, wheno pur -absed at different datte ma difflet credits, lnd for eariollus amounts besides a nriaful anl complete flanking Time lTale, the hest t can he eontrived. or that fi urta oal mlanp)lhtee within the same comlldead comlose, an0l size ol t1 pie. An enivertisement in thehook is in nearly the follow-. The kigh diatlneion this w has received thragh tha ten leiidlatie aets prefixed lo the title ge, is ai re eommedtlaon in itself, so uncommon,, mlm to conElu live, th.t nothing is naeafry, more duis by way of ad vertisemenl, to glvee onudened viewof rome of its pe mulieritiele:sa fr imisan e, the Intoere han been sm p. edleom, al omtmared with, wht Is eqivlel to eur teen metselesaltacntione, exnniuld in the pant Ithiry five times, an prliteld trm tereoypa 10amdtentied tlnttyty-one times, from all whiet mnst he evident even to the keptie (eapeially on tlit pesonatl of the de ail of proofin the preface) that the work htne he rith meticald Infallble, sid in firtmation of this belief premium of two htthnred lid fifty dollars, is ow offer ad for the detenti n o f a nerrar t'i dstehypeeent or Afib edition, a emalawnnd In the preface, mnikisg fie lnlnet plemieis afereI fIor the same errar ainedt fitnt pnhlieation in thye nyear l4. sde of the moet oan anpieudan features the tables in nlathe sevensglm t of the Time ed Amounto , which forapediti.te rfense onldfl eaw aity, with the help nth orid e and index, oak ot be exedled amd the sd i ty and ne wit whech the isnwr sesl and flmnd,o the etent of general bchn edsl, wilthnt dathling of t reme lahesides a nomo.elenoe ao enantlal, that in tile etlmh-, iden ofm enm o the most eompetmlt antd practical bmel. naa men and pablie sofleeri wie have made grealt me of thework, it has been dixtiplid eld bythe houorable nppei.ation et ofic "mstear piaee't' And nes.idering s inllitiility of the method origlnstly adapted in Sorea.i the work, ad the extrmandiory uambr and nriety of the examnion, td tets of every edition i aspsluled in the preas, eotwithatlnding the whole is in reet)-o-, miderntg, in ishflrt the paoitive'auramcy m y the nnpreeedeated innr employml, the vo lame:has bea held up sad emnp hetioaly tylerd "the moat waonderful book in the wnslhk;" mot emloinly na aman namee figure work of the sae extent, which since te beginning o creation, lesa had the same naue ber nd vmiety of teats in the ame number of diltors; no, nor ne halfthe number, as is clearly showv in the iprefta tue. tBenladlo, astent and tandardl, it ha bees tried iaml osed in renrlty ll the e nk n pli is in t he United tates, and by the pabli gneraly, during the ateg priond ofdthirty-fiae resrs, yet noerror of ihe eal eoultin has ever beo n ound in print, unthoogh moutirn sli chalwlengedt yd-,e fer of verylorge preminma. the eook.i ia n lees txprenoly adopted iby all the oer oftlw td sevalel ofde Sties asl the "miate Of aonleladno fordlntute inltreast,t s as al by law for henk interest, nemliodlog tile boonk Is ured, ail na asay e seen in part, by whar names inothe allnubriher, and a few of the thaertneoit 1ntrealmtr, in tile lil at the esl of toe book, isillOsealon efevei'y losla ofeilizens ill every taer t of the Unit ed Stite, It il moreover well known ihat, by its rearly cheek, it lhs to cteit detteted targe eitirs, long after they were emade, even bIy die nmoat tend.l nld most comlptent i'ithmematshei, foat itl marfulnoesl, nml the nhsolute ate ice.ity for its us, have been exteiasyely inslisted upon, so evidetint, lutes ave beIen its advantages, andt its svingl, tlhat, ivererl yearo ago, wlilst the firmi edition wassiow ae, st ot otf tri't, a great himber of soaould itnd paureraled at arious prices, as tlhey couhld uueaoo. ally obe picked p at front sl10 to $25 lper copy, ail tome penrsIon have recc.y declmedt, nldn inttalctn ould be quoted thiiaty O they wo py $50 100, .inl ,5loh fere a opv, Ifoct t bethad for les, nlcl a n intividunl it tihe hiter insatace intrticvlarly, having ot the nsame itse exhiltited ltialloteory lproof, to sveraIMl loirselnee. eit that to hiim it war Iieallv wostl tIlt moleoy inl mnore dthocgh the atling iof ir verr saleale time, he bai e rit a erniic ooh m eld ill Upblii offle. It Is likwiset worthly oli ntic, llld indteed proper to anlireot, that mllch iS the nclre of fgl"e work generanlly anlt aopeciolly when olI thle extent dl imptnuaiee at dinese aisto, thlt hod shil book or it like hcn presl r ed ill the anal oiaine' lon, in the most uionll.lent mlcullator in tlhe worl, and otiterwnrsll Iritedl most o.utionly ulder hialowo eorrection of ptsoftt'ets, it wveol, almost to a eertlinty, have en lou naor for re feremoe,anld der at nr prior, as thie peritrle dol.iici. lhrlp explins. lIst .l perfect and vaihlttle htve the stereotype plttes i dhia worklben tom'c, that to .e e iem, withtheir numeren oiad ext'aoirliat"div exntina tiod,vgainost fire, for die genertl brenert, i'y are (hby advetisemlent) contaimtly ket in ta iceas f special, exooept whiilruse' in pinting. AmpledirSctionll to tfid bitul baktm ncd alltlle hilist' dlt with ¶iefhl m.elsr, follow ile eiirrfloe, whihoi, illshia fitll il in she two ireeeliing editlll o nlLati n neilt fermtnion comeernig thie tiwo ltfl niwlos let osptol iuitertist, err Ie divs iflgroce, oe. lt reolliuinli onl'vi roniktlliht, tilWltlstlllliotlg thisi nteotnitieltv rootl wstik, w ihc wnetupliioheilrks interest lhatles we't iulll.lciicL.ii is l ollria avil cots Is' )yl. edealoalmne, hlasIlll" so exlctluaveiy da.l sr, l i berolly tntlinio l, ht hi s o illt yet noicith all Ilill with illtlerll. tee Iliw Islals of nitlrv oseur tihaoond dillnita, oesiles six ) ers of time frOli 1"7|j5to 18!5, nsntsinl.l n Ieolln lel fim edilion of 70)0 solpirel,srising elielty froat its pehlics theuat tlhl tillta, at itlilner price,) III ay Illnolig of c_-noloienttiion or i rofil for falmtat a life-tie iollf ctte,' till, sill aellt.iti. i lltetlire Ilie iheiitiihosill il elies on the dai l m aint ill giserstitil of the Ittli hie ft' a coltill: omce ll' pIref'ereoi ad paIntugle. "-or sile liy tv Pritrei/sl Iltk.onlle,. lo e Undibd Sltsre. ti:land, by t.....hilte n otlie".A1 ear in u pinii,," in Nblle leeds of WomleO, in S volil. Th'le Yosnl Witfe'i louk, i ilosln l moael rali ous lind Iltolleti dultio. Jlitit nricedl and fortlei by Wit. I'KMAN, ILrlI.t) IIIUAI. (IAll.f DOCTOR JOIIN.SON If Al' lie cOlousltoll eoni'lentlv it his tetitfc. o143 i CuAIilni Hoansale vtriet, ticor IDauphine utraete or the treatiment if u csrtainiclas of delicate dimenans. Frolo lir. Jihncmec'o extensive oillortlulliiy ill snr. of the Imlsta eelebrated ilo i ltilc in auro el, ei'elgtive ly devoted so the Iriatmelot it' i veeriol tl Slihililiic omplaintos; and alo o tlreetl Itrest:!'noe f five yesrn ill New York, during whih llt ti ier . Johimnt. confined his pesucice solely io tsile toeamnlt of thos)e ilicenoes, wilh tte lclt unpaccedenil su.a'ea: ho is esabled It re. moae aly of theb followiilg roolmnliutllt in from 5 ao 20 oye#,wilonlt ijolrinig the eOa itatitn by inrearyle eor any other deletorioue medicine. 'Ghilnorielo, Gilet, Stllrectre, Saminal Weaknlles, Afoctioo oef tflHtld. der, Kidneys, Preatoe Gidulallllaniy of Ihoor numaer unstrail of afllfetion, which geoarnlly foltiw ing. ma. se or mail-treetetl ases of Venerial. Serofoloue. ures, alemrated legs, and wormna,.movad hiy a simple meth ml of treatllntl, without rostriction in diet, or interruei. lion frolll iueineos. Porsaonn remiding in the countr, and who feel deli cate in coiaaiting tleir famally plivsieien, by sendlig a etinteant of their case hy leIter ipoat paid with faes enclosed carn hove Ir,. Jnohmle'n advice, foIr iheir own treatnlett, with medicino, neceasry to be used, forwar Slparae oices providedl where patients can neter eCollie in eonlltct litlh each other. Atteodsce fliot tooritig iUntil night, at 143 Cocitol Iousae street. IJ"Coneultotions sariitly ronfidenial inal l eansei . dot 13 pFa OYLE k MAY, Hlose, Sign, and th'namonta Painters, No S Carmlele street, two doows from Imitations of thle following woods anti mat$les,o: ecoted in a masterly manner, Mahogany, Y.ypstin Ilaek antd gold, (ak, ( ,ilts and Antino, Pollad do, Oriental or verd antique, Curled tit, Jalper, Curlecl Maple, J ihtoal Stone, Birds Eye do, 11mby Geranite, Satin Wold, Potonmac, Hair Wood, D )oe or 14ordello, Yew Tree, Italian White, Coromandle or Black S anni and Brectella, Rose Wood, Amerias Grey, Ash Wtllte Oak, ke. & R. & C.urled Elm, Specimens to he seen at the shotp. Paints, sils, 4 glass, sotal varnish, ke. on haind mtor sale. ml 1 etoNl'"$EL% I IIEAVY (;OOt)8-Hat, square Il ad bond i,en. well a.solted. Hloop, croll sad rod iron, nail rods and plooglh moulds Cast, Germne, shear, blistered, spring, sheet and I irowlery steel Ilallow warr scut old wrounit nails anld it.dke Zinc, Iloek tii, mill aet grsnd stones, slt ketdtles Chain cables, Inchors, hoas tOx, log and trace t ains, eorn mills Anvils, vice, Rammeors and Iellows Wire, stin, pi andt bar lead; shot s 1d, tnt eookmng stoves Ames, Rowland's and other spades and shovels Hook and plate hinges, door and window hooks Collins, Hunts, Sharps, stan other axes I'ar'd an i Manilla cordage, lines and twine IBolt al sheatlhing cotlapr, Nand seres P'aints, lins.ed ts.tlers- oil A full assortment of hatslware and ship chandlery, lways on hand, and which ase tdfered fir sale at whole. sale or retail, on the mostO favmathle terms, hy m4 IsAY'tiN k Co. 53 Otl I.tiree. HRrW BowATSE SPlrlRG .]ntgm·tFolnry ¢lmlntY, Alelmrultu. THREE DAYS JOURNEY FROM NEW ORLEANS. rITHE proprietor of this establishment has the plea . sure of lononnerig to his friends adl ti puie G is genell,rltht tie will Ieo in roadiiseahbt the first Idv of May to receive vi.itera. He will also state for the be aefdt of those at a di:tance, that there hatve been large improvements made, and others now going ol and in raptid plrogress for completion, ntichl will enable the sntberbree to ncommnodote a nmuch larger nmber than beretuofr,, ald at tile onsne time much better. Yamilie can he areemnadated d ith gold rooms, or hoe who reler can have large cabins tainched feromn the masit boildiog. It is deemnd uiosaessee ry to say onything in prtie. a toe of the rharaeter ot these wnatere, fr it is goneraly p, hali eed thrt they are not inferiore t ant it ste South- BI tero States. All the tlsanement she: ate generally do Ibonda: Wnlering Places, will hs foan at "tiea. T'he trot los;ie that alin oat iof t' Icountry ealets, has t. beel rogoret' nod will be in roost'nt atteldane at the a Sliriags doring th te whale eason. 'I hesube.,eibrl will avail himself of this oppnrtunityv g in relurning his unfeigned thanks ior tie very liberal u seotpport given him last season. and hopes hv te exer.0 I ions that have been mlde it imptnving and extending the aneromodations, to mwrit a liberal patnnagnnthe the present season. JNO CRLAo . m3 ITO THE .ADIFS. TKINSON'S DEPILI.ATOItrIY, r amoaning ptn! Sperfltoo halir from the hue, neck ansd nes, wiel s"ual nsafey and e'tointv, having tl skin finer and "Aliter than mfoes the ttplicution. A fresh Pslyl. just received at GUION's IlO I E.l.,one Hotel, ornoe St 'hrl nirtF sion lmen ' 'tre -:-. ,i 6 1 MAIL ARRANGEiMMlRlNT Nm".e Maoi, $ D)u Evemr Day at Ift A. Eve.y ,v s' y A. or Wester Mai . re . y, Wldh.nday an Weskr Mail, Frkpy by . . A1. e Lake ... { D Trl la, Waeday, nda Te e'."ailT .rdyay, by ,,P. M. va . loGees every Mominy, Wednesday EIPEgiS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIYAL, DEPAR'PUIh DISTANCE &e. ofthe Eapeas Mail, betws.. Moailh nd New York--hmviv' Mobile dail ' at 7 P. M. Nrthwar New York d' o at 5 . M S Mou award. Arrirs Arrive Namhwl. Distamme. Tim. leturm' Woatgoa .AerYa, iell. m. 196 m'.b rh 2m. Milledei ls. Go. 9 133 141 2i p, n Celumb 7. 8.'C. 7 a.. lt 174 It h, C. u215s 2 1m2 Warreaton,Va. 12 a. 55 0r I Peterb , Ya. 10e 10 9. Riehmo ,Y, . 1 am Frederiheb a,nd 8 67 It p m. tasjo . 61 -e. ' Phihadelpl ha, 6.. a. .,' .... J 1366 ALke D id23Y Northward. Caderie Southwal, the tiae iss hqae leae;bting5d ly l7 bomi ns. em rANAWAY hle m ' Ct t of in rI mte. CSa ruLFe , not tijf o A t, oh ,usruin roplel ( d ol. . imente in his peech, on e aa" lii i re o .e by aresent urt;behed on whaen lieweant away a his . tonr linenh shirt and white entto plamlasooa. Masters of venels snd steam boats am hdnalonad a gaianet eeelvlng or bar.dag hiidrl nq, aU tell as a o other ,mu i a i i tat rgoar of te law will ha e ed ai thoer . The bov nd Ill be pi. fordelivring him lany of itthJal.tbfohee o the o uitcipalitle, or na1 a c Ml e. r af Hvi. steast. , 1 , dOTICE-Te cprtnaerahip .o e e eimting Slunder the firm' of DubAois dt Opat , hr disolve. The subnscriber will liqudate the ahito e concern in this oily, and requires all.ons indeb. ed to maob payment to him only, and Til thenshavinp claims, to preBenttHeo foroetlement. fag 8-7t H' ARR TSON, ANo. IlCe.iu R.ras N4 OMeraso LAAS always on,'had eetanstly i reseiviia I)rs. o iDyes, Ctsnmies,sand Ptuno,aoong theil ar ollowniog . DI, DH UGI. DYES Antimony, arlie, Arg lo, red, do aregtti Annitot, Sper.. Arsenlei, erde, Aluma do Ipwderd, Brazillette woos, ltalmm e solia. Cochineal, en, onrtle, CoepperCs, Anlerisoo, do refined, Cupblasr, Brimstowe, brlde, Faurie, Trmpleso do roll, da Ca's, do fower, dq Maine, Rirmutb, Frneh, teeriae, Casteoril, ildigo. ,r a , Crem trt, do Mn Cantharie, do leralves, Gain aloes, do ta'tasls, do Aidble, Leool, Cotamlpeahy do ntafmtiia, St Domingo do amonieac, do Jamioia, do beztii, Camwood, do eolml, Ielgh, Madder, ombin, do do iteoi, Nieaantgn, tltslrr, do do S Amerie-a, do tote, do camrphor, ern'te do Miarseib do do do ilaehe. do g.iaerum, CHEMICAILS. do kino, AtiI, nitmra, do moatioe. ,1 mniatie, do o ium, do tlidhrie, Io sielta, Blue vitriol, aeeg.ol,, pp P le aoldrllno. \ ;Orsivesblbin mtta dio trgaonthi, chlorille at' linme. Gtniaigv, lpaom Ils,. J mitwr elrriles, AlmntretllLounr eoansti., do do Fnoaigl, eed prlveipilale, M:Igeihia, Ieglieh, Roalolle rlt, do Anerito. Ied ehromlste Iotass Mona fltb ke, Sap carp Sei% do arta, Snlp pous Lii-niceie boll, Sougjr Ioo, Oil cloves, Sutl zinc, dncuii, Snip qaillone. do bergmnot, Tortr emai.ts, Io lemon, PAIN1MS- BsIsa, Io ltlst.t iitie, flte, itl gentile, Cremia yellow, dry, io ii lis, lie Ido in tl Io t ,lnlt. gre, dry., Io linonlrie, do doil tsil, Io rthihtrk, E E, Lsdihlak tnrglih,. Ido aOteo, *ie eslaoatw_: do sert irg, l.irg, gs, io mr.l tLoriiona, Ilo Amterie. do iti "''nmpitii, Pi, s while ottIe 4, en, Ili.. vie Ascs'icoo dr emvi, lio leat, Potin. ito esi.,ih'r, S1ms isrouni, i,, Fotliih. iiloimie idleO, iai doi Amorim ii f'rroooo,1nc, do enmanin oil. Io'glceins, Y.., red lintlitldr, o fine, Mtall, do Acrie.,s S-iltll, lStaiiltl, granmd i.lI -Nii, an..l. Ye vpilliiit, tkiir . n Io Imad. , elnligri,id."., San, Inaves, At.1, do lo.tld'pola. do if Inhob, do do reduced Sa, Winodsor, English, 11 hit" sodl, dI Ana, is do io Asaoiien, Ei .ipliht, do astile. so glo mItd i, quiaksilver, Am wicneaot ire. d,211--sma CAPTAIN MAR&YAT'l"s NEW NOVESI.. Roie te tReefer, by the author of Peter Simple, te Caneoipse, or a Winter st Sahloo lttielhe, ie Iiea.. Slvrn, by Colptiell Bleil Hill, Royal Navy, F. I. icin loo. Lord kodaSo , a romance, lv Allan tCudinghaa,l vi" he1pplerd Le, iwrilten by iiticlf, in volts. d Coapendiess History of faIs, troanrled from theIi migionnl Italio, by Relothaiel (iren, inl rot. fobr aitig No. 7 of Ilarper'a Eamity Library. Vole. S & 4 of t'he new lmlleta and onihnn editioa of Woahaesbn Ireing's Works. Ro.'r'a Fretarsad Rag/ist Oisa ,iay I Vol, ;vo Nsyngas Pra"e end Enjlf$Lehedaesr . loso--A few more eopbeof. nba'ehbreaology "Rieali." Large Surveyior'rCat ee gflror qua it, with chains, litilard Bolleoft2.l4 eind -. inohe Ginlon's improved metalie Iens,jnponed papers, weighte Just reoeirrvd, and for sale by .m. IIENJ. LEVY. SPAIN REVISITED,&ce. c ~SPAIN REVIMWI'rED, &0,by the author of'A year in ain,' in 2 vole. T'ro.t o flenduo tec .c j, ngenerall eppleable t, the Aborigities of North America, by G Tunier. Eq 2 vols. SThe Potticaiea Graum r, of the United State, or a complete view of thi theory qad practice eftht gernera and slate governments, wiih the relatiens between themn -dedicated and tidopted io the young men of the Unitdi Stnte,, by E D iMansfleld, Esq. Nnroed', Hetlie. Toeruitereperred with elqracter wtle aneedoles, sayings and. doegs o..arting aeen, in eldiog notices of the prieirpal erack rrde ofEagland wit analytical centente, and geesral indenx of name,s voltnaee. rYoUt Ten CtIRO or Serofela or Kiong's Evil, Chreaie Rhenumttisn, Chroaie Cutaneous Die- PaI'nis in the Bones, by free eases, use ef Mercury the bhied being in vitiated state. This very concentrated Syrup is prepared with the greatest phuarmaeeutcieul.aegn awceuraov,and contain tile active prneqiple of Sarsaparillae in the mos t concen trated degree, enined with otlher vegetable auhotaneo of known oetiacy. The eraeot deetderattm with phvsicinne inbeing abh to exhibit a large qlatitry of Starsaparilla in a mn dose, has been ,btained in this preparation-they, beino folly convinced of its merits, confidently adminisrter the coeurse of their practice. Peies $1 20 por bottule. Mold only at SWAIN BIOI'Hr R'S dirug atore, No. I' Canal trect, wlte coy be hod, freeh and georiitto, direvrfrom the nrre-ei tare, Swaoi' Ponaoea aed Vertifoge, Potter's Ct.taOli con, Carpentar'a Preparations, mod a large mtd genera. ussortment of fresh drugs, 41 PINNOCK'S ROME, &e. DINNOCK'S IMPROVED EDITION OF DR PL Goldnsmith's Abridgament of the History of Roat to which is prefixed on Introdluction to the Stndy o Roman History, andt a Cprat venety of ealuable infer nation added this ttrghot the work, on tlde Manners Jnetitutimo and Antlquities of re Romans; with nu mcroun biographiceol nti Isioricol Ntte; and qrree lions for examonatin at tio, end of eaeh seetie. I. lustratd with thintyengravings on wood, b Atherton Pontrc'gl~u eenfhlh lnl'e Mintng1 PNOKSIntrove Editaon of D)r Goldmneilt' it of Englmad, from the Invasion of Julius Caaetatll death of George 2d, with a cmltlanariato to the yea 1832. Witllh questions for enxamination at the end ae. each section. Besides a variety of valuable informsa, tion added througbtoto the work. Coesieting of table of oonte.lpernsy iovereignq and eminent ereo.nll. Copious explranatry notes. Remarks on the poll ties, nmanners and literature of the ago. An outliner the Consitittio, e. &he. tilustroated by many ngetl lIig. GeUS' El.eol ra or A'wrorvo'y, and an Aoridguen, of.Keith's hew Treatise Ol . ho Usne of Gobea . New American edition, with adlitions aml impree1nert nt art expiation of te astrmnomical part f the Ae roener Altootoac. neAust received mld for sale by WM ,KEAN nov 24 curner of Camp nd Comtmons et. HARPER'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. ' OILACE,tr nsluted by Phillip Franoia, D D, with i Lon ar appeodix, eoroaiting translatntos of variout odes, dec. by liBen Jonsoon, Cowley, I nltn Iredon, Pope Addison, Swift Chatterton, -tfWakefiele, Poren Bryan, &,. and sanle of the o..eln inei por of th wwth rte appendix tf indian wueelr led by Clerisopher SUUmrt, in 2 vale Penning volume,. l9 nd 1- of"rHarpetr's uar.t. i rbr nion otIry Tire Rapediton. of Hdlt·it'gtY CLINLIRp, Smollet, . h.) with a memoir of it llAnt , bhyTE u no Roscue Req., newerbtio% with illUatrarenes, by Ge THE SIPSY.~Talna,by tauhentteog al~ic~inuj TMaryo! urgardy," dec., now edition, l v.Ia ueeple PAUL 'LIFFORDi by the nuuaer M 'Peh Thlae Diet rl" rtc, boin vulume, I ottita new e4 nof"tl, anteConplee rifse. Jauoeeived a sale 13 WMi MokIcJIJ SACON 810Hll-36 cacsks Cinreinnati cno lainaL frn te e ,emtmort EchEeho, nd for Ieiejt UOGEKrT & HAW F

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