Newspaper of True American, September 8, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated September 8, 1838 Page 2
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Iemualt np .ip lhrB a Lel te Psl the 6tl at l AM 1. Notllug iHeOi t Iofna 1inicalin ty No Oter. Behr lBndon. P stak.L, from lerpodol. ra tavana Stealsr Velonipede. Dolman. from Aleatcdrin. oeteres Gev iehlby. Krsehevl, from muth Teanuaree. Ute inemsr eoal, rneeth. fio s N Eaou. MA~OR1ALTY O(F NEW ORIEANS. Hr pf pe Cptre.i. floar tor-doy is $7 50 ter iL ooideg o the tarlf, Ite I~orie shall give during the a isnulg week, (fnm SMolnuy, otll Sept.) i37 eonees ol brmothfr abit. Broad of the secund qolality is re quled to weigh 5i oer cent. nnmr, vin: 46t ounces. 4. C. (iENOId, baeor. s seof-1838. SIMAYOKAL'T" OF NeeV UILOLANS, * ouecil f hmiuniempaity Jho I, Sitting of August 30, 18380., A N ORDINANCE. concerninn lurinls in the bury ti g gouuaae oef lMuaicillity No. 1. f the city of New Orleaen. The Couneil of Municipality No. One, ordlln us fol lawn: Art. 1. From and after the 10th of9cptembter next, it shall he the duty of the guardian or guardians o1 cemeteries within this munieipslitv, to demanl, a cr tificate siged byh alicesed physician, or tbe ceroher, or two respectable citietns, jontlty with the commis sary of the wanrd in which the de'lt may occur, statiug tne'date of the dreeae nnme, age, place of birth, sexr, edor and cause of dath of, the body brought to the cemetery for sepulture. Art. 2. The certiflecte in a'l eres, to be flrneshed by the porsan or persnonq binging to tile cemnletmy a dead btly or dead bodies, and In n, ase shall the keep. er of the enmetery reaive for interelolt bodies, wilthon having obtnaied the ocrtifiaote above men tiunoed. Art. 3. It h10l11 be the dity of the keeper of the remetery to record in a bhok kept fiur that purpoe, all the particulnrs obtained by certificatesn relating to the bodies having received repulturie and alsr to onr. Iis monthly a report to tile iecnynr of the city, con. dining a copy of the nanles, ages, plant of birnh. can eos ofdetit, dates oe dliesae, sex, color of suct bol ies, nuneaes ofthe phyician or other citizens attesting the same. hArt. 4. A fine of ten dollarnhnall he impned upoen tile per1a or persons hritltillua bldy or lodint foer nipul to lto tbecemeterieeof t m ulluicipnlity; itt nli nures wheretie cerdieats heretof re meotioned, shall not hane bhegfunmiehed. Art. .i Thle guardian of the cemetery shall in such ceses he, and ih iqhereby d tIeic il, to t01ae poises. ion oufltie hors ne horse rod aehicle bringing said bodies, and etMil keep paeserion of ruid horme and ve hicleas until the finel shll have been paid. Art. 6. The nmayor is heroeby nuthorised to tublith the present ornildece in all the newsa pers thiiscity, bots inothe French and English languages during tleo y i.[gotmd PAUl. BERTUS, Recorder. Approved, September 3, 1838. [tillgned] C GENIS, M~vor. A true eupy. TItEgRU, Ull.O ec'y. RITTING OF SEPTEMBER b, 1838. itodolved, That the ordilnane conrcrni." the hu. Try;ig grona, passe. on the 311th nit., be so amendled os to,rubsktiie the words atot of October next," for tile words llltth of Sltelnlher neat," in the first earticle o1 tihe old ordinance. * --igtnul] PAUI. IIERTUS, Recorder. Approvd, September 5, 11608. [Signed] C. GENOIS, Vayor. A trele opy THARI, Jun. Sae'y. Am A 1Ri.' DE LA NELLE. ORLEANS. Coucll del I Prnniere unicipulite.--Suu ceecxtra odiiuire du t0 nonlutl.. *Ontluonoee cotlcernmant rleeerpulturee dlos lee emr. ltu o tdell, Muuieipalipl No. , dn ille d'Orlbans. •ij4 . T:ooei| tie IaMunicipalit6 No. un, de In ville de ..ýk1ete.tOrhnee orrete r qui suit: Are I. A lathe d did oeptembrc proclmin in sera du dtooufltdu belien o des geardients ticaiolotliore dluns ieutl metvntipelltf d'rx ger un etertifieet tight mr uon medeein licenein ou per Is coloter 0u perdenx citly e 8e.respetbldeau eonoinllloemet ne le cnotlnlisstire tht quorti'r dana Inqu' lie Is olfero* sure lu lieu spect funt hn date du dices, Is n0eu., i'Ace, le lieu le toic - snore, leeexe Iacouleur, alnsi qnle na caotle do d'ces, naiesi puoth cimetere llnr y etrn entorrd. SArt 9 Lodit certiieel rra dutts tous lee cos flourd. pprlJ.pereru outi. persontaes portunt anu tiimletiet Olt llope 0o doe earl, morne, et Ie gardieu no deara lints auduf cneu rneeroir euilletiere ulenn corps polr y e7,te.8 r I rolns d'rvoit pr1llub.relenlt obtenu In etriificut sitttlesn menttonnno. I nt Mpo .du devoir Iu gardrlien dle tott rinletlere d'isecrirechaoCnoeour doen uno rgitre,tenu A cut ef t tuune lee detai onscentes an moye des cotiflcets able. nus nt slo0ye dea eetificate relolif an00 corps qui Iu root taule Is npultur', ogaleement do fornlir closqe mtai un rapport ao rtulr decelte vile, cootent I11tut des nots Ieual de eterance, tger, dates er causes du dlkes. acrn et eouleure des corps ainci cnteern sinri qea dee 'taen s de.tdecins uu autree personnes qui autmout slho6k i rertifietas. Art 4. Une ameaed de dix piastres nel imposede A touts psnreonm sppotant u onu plusieurs corps au ci cstiate pear y At. eunene; donu tous lee caslou lccer ittief etidsus msontionn noe sarn olint fuoeni, Art 5 Tout glrdien de rimelieire sern utorie6 dons leaa cidtles.ul meniloalb i 'emlnrer 0u eheovel ou dtee cheaux aittai quo du carbillnrd ou adtre voitnre puormet Ie corps et deur lns gnrder en o0 possession jolqu'au paiement de I'umende rideacu l precrilte. Art6.Le moire eat est t drmlde rr, surmise i faire publier dns tuntes gazettes de ette ville, en ntglgni et nokfmeai Ia presinte ordtmdowtoc pes.drqt I'espaee do dix jours, Signsue, PAUL IlIK'I'U, Recorder Apprevn In ""oepttembe 1838. Sign6 C GFENtI3, .,(nie, Pout copie conformse, THNiARD, Ir--,ccrrtaire 8sance du 3 soptiOnnhr 18?8. Resols que I'ordonoure relative uux cimetirre edepten leiii 000out daeuirr l nuwnodee le manloiere eubstiluer'dane l'art lere lc roluetobe preaiohin"au 10 septenolbr prchaln. Resulu que In -ame amelenlotent soit fait i I'orthy tde laLundins ordonnanece, signs. ' PAUL RIERTUS,Recorder. Appmeee Is 5 septemhre 183 Sipne, C iENOIS,maire. Poreepi oonfor.e, THEAID, Jr, secrelsire e8:10pi jlA nuosthly Meeting of the Association will be held at thp Lunoh, corner Poydrane and Camp-street, This vening, at 8o'lock. aep8 JAMES O'DOWD Pee'y. FR MEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW OIUEANS. rUE S'tockhuldereof this coempny sen hereby no. tified, that the fourth inrtnlmentl o thoir stock is due, ud pavableon dic niethday of October next, at th nhon., of the e mpany. E S TRACY, New Orlean, opO. Sec'y. LO.l.hA4NIE D."A.URANY COUN''KE LE PFEU--De In Nouvelle (Orlren.. ES aet;msnairees de canes comps nio ront noties queiee 4e vrecemenet nt du on pyable le9d'ontobre poeebet u b-e u den On larou~ngeg.i , "se8it EL ('RACY, ecreaire,. '/1¶OlI,'lE-.-ls arm end lanoling, 25tlh 5o-ee NrJqualitynol Hawn Coffee, for sole blI • S G BLANCHARD, 33 (irvier street s". P,'p ND8.i'i, Arc -In store ani for role NoI & Valestins and other brends. Judd'l WhaII ood colored patent Sperm Candles a upesioc sr Yl Pasi nihd Winter bleached sperm uil, esaeoeanod for sle by S G BLAN CIIARD, epfi 13 (irevier s0 DITlRD InV je.l.war c1imoif. .VI V OUR LEAAN: SATURI IA .....SEPTEMBER 8, 1528 DREADFUL MURDER. Many of our eltliens will remember seeing on Thursedy morning a neat, clean, and shipshape looking sailor, in the dress of the U S service, and apparently over 40 years of ige. His appearance was an remarkably trim, and sailor like, that none who saw could pass him unnoticed. Yesterdsy morning this poor fellow was found murdered and mutilated in the most unheard of manner. The name of the unfortunate victim of :unparalleled barbarism was Charles GeCdllp, saideto be a native of Missouri, and having served for nearly 30 years in the navy. From the evidence adduced before tee Record. r we gather the following particu lare of this bloody deed. On Thursday sbnut 4 o'clock,Gnodlip, called in at the low den kept by Anne lane Doyle, No :1 Girod street, between Magazine and Tehouptroulnd street, and took a glass of beer, served to him by John Johnson, who was allblating as bar keeper. Having drank it, he quitted this den of crime, promising to return iL the evening which he did about 0 u'clock,when he drank again, and asked for supper, which was prepared on the order of Mrs Doyle, by Thomas M Davis, and Willihm Smith. By the story of the former it appears that the latter put a quantity of laudantum in the tea given to the sailor; who speedily became drowsy, and was laidl n a bed in the room by Smith & others. So far the story is boine'ont by all the evidence.; About I I o'clock, as Lien, Fallon of the Watch was pasting he heard a disturbance caused by the woman of the house turning out her supposed husband, Doyle, who informed Mr Fallon thlt a comrade of his had seen a dead hmly under his wife's bed, Slpposing the story to originate in jealousy. all parties were dismissed, but great charge was given to the watchman, Alex McClure, to keep a careful eye upon the housev. Abhut I o'clock in the morning, a can wasobserved reconnoiteriiln from tire house, and shortly after another, bearing a heavy burden, onme our und passed rapidly over to a vacant lot, or yard. closely followed by the watchman. Dropping his load Ithe fellow ran, but being taken brought his captor to see what it was, a blanket liled with clat and soil. Thlis ian was conveyed to the guard houre, and proved ti be John Jnhsaa, a young, but notorious offender Shortly before day break, about 4 on Friday morning, Lieut Crane, hearing the story of McClute, narrowly watched the lnioe, and after hbserving a light brought fromt the back room to the front, and carried there again canatantly, knocked at the door, and took into cusmdy Anne .ane Doyle, and Thomas M Dovis.t On the person of the laetter was found a loaded pistol and a key, and under the bar counter. a blanket with hbout a coqple of 'hundred pounds of earth in it. The latter circumstance induced Mesrte Pill'on and Crane to examine the premises, and in the back room,-some six feet from where Davis was found lying on a settee,-the planks of the flier were lhund to have been recently moved. On lifting them, and removing some 3 inchep of clay, they. came to the blue round-ahout of the sailor, and on more carefully raising the soil with their hands, drew forth the body. But thn Grod! what a right did it present. The head was off: ,the legs both cut u at the hip joints: the left fitr severed froml the shin brine, and tie right knee ,o far divided that it hung but by a slight ligature of skin. Such a scene of butchery was never met with belre: nor was human nature ever seen more debneed than in the persons of the prisoners. They all shoonk, and trembled, it every fibre of their flesh. The woman professed that ahe slept on the floor in the front room, and snw nothing, heard nothing. alter the vieritn w ns pt to hIed, etupified by Smith. Davis proclar noed that he hadl slept frnom 8 in the evening, anid although biut about two yards fron where the bodly was.buried vowed the tros u rtaunconscinusnessef all that had passed. On Jiis nails, cheek, anid cl itlthe were fresh spots and stains of blood. A knife taken Irom l)avii's girdie had a quantity of 'flesh, llood, and hair sticking to the handle. Ni one would acknowledge the least participation in the bloody deedl and the three principals and 2 suo pecred palticipators stand remanded for fnrther examination this morning. Smith is yet at large. LAKE BORGNE CANAL. The Council of the third Municipality finding that every attempt to have acanal, euitable for comn imercial purposes, dug from their part or the city to ,ayou Blenvrnu has failed, nrve at lest given the privilege to a single individual who dig 1 a canal for Fisherman's Piregues. Verily this is the age of gigantic undertaknges, and of vast ideas. We begin to think that the Lake Borene canal will never be made unless, we of Municipality No.2, take it into our head, to Ihave a lltrl cut to our summer watering plnces--apd a mate conn venievn port for our picayune tier trade. . It is hintied, however, that the Navigation Com pany will probably take tile matter in hand and run a branch of this canal In hayou Bienvenu. If they dloit will Lea fine spen. Qr" lhe principle of "I take the rteponsibillty' seems travelling through every department of the general government, having alreadly runt down roum the foiuntain head it Washington to the de pury collector at Ne. York. We learn from the Star that Mr. Ferguson, the afficer in question, not finding "silk braid" in the new Circular, im itediately wrrte on his own responsibility "silk braid, twenty five per cent." Thus are the very laws defied by the re;sponsilbility- taking overn ntent, for though Congrese area fit to exemon t any article from duty, a deputy collector in hik supe. rior wisdom is permitted to imlpos.e on it whatever duty he pleases. An imprtring merchant states that on his remonstrating aeginst this new and unlI.oked for duty, the deputy collector remarked that mwe" the merchants, "had been iradilged lobig enough;n the construction of which is that they had lohng been indulged by law, but now it was time to try what could be donewitholrt the;co lour of law. Such are; the aceingprinciplte of out professed democraltic government: such the daily tllegal acts of its authorized officers. Fofreigners must deem us a most orthodox nation, for we cer tainly exh;'it the christian virtues of forbearance, and ,lng sufferine, to ttn enparrallelled !extent. When the execu.ive proclaims his right to construe the conastitution as hethinks right, it is not to be wondered at that a subordinate officer deems him sell competent to reform the law and supply what ever he deemsrl defective. But if individuals be thus permitted to aubetitute their personal will for the acle of the federal Congress what isour condition short of an incipient state of anrchy ? The following handsome complimrent to our fel low citizen, the Rev. Mr. Clapp ta from the Bos. ten Morning Herald, and will be acknowledged as just and well merited by all who have heard Mr. Clapp preach.. We undJetatand ithat large offers were made Mr Clapp by lmore than one congregation, but he de clined them all. No salary, however high, could induce' Mr. C. to leave the liberal city of Near Orleans, nor part from his many warm personal triende. Ma Enna .-Sir,--flaving larned on Saturday that the Rev. .Mr Clapp Irom New Orlensa, had cngaged to preach at the Churcth of the Rev. a1r. Pierloult, cutiosity lorced me to leave rliy own jaqteof worship to hearhim. I had heard muol lot hipowere, but feared that oxtravalaaQe and over.etrained eInquence, would so mark his per faormance, that it would not suit our Now Eng land taste. I leokedabout nie and saw but few strangers that might have been drawn'there by motives such as guided me, and heneR inferred that the man could not be the star which he had been represented. He began his eermnn without Bible or potes; he look for his lext the eommannd, "work out thy eal vaiton with fear and tremblirt,-ihe divided the subject into heuad, and pursued and illinerated each with a power ihiat mnut have filled the mind of every hearer with astonishment nrd delight. Had the fact heen generally more known, that a man of such eloquence was to have preached in any church in this city, it would have beetr filled to aulication. lie incidentally described the seeees he personally witnessed at New Orleans, at the time when death made such havoc with its inheblitalse-a general flow of tear was apparent in the congrte.tron. The serptln, ae a whle, tnad more in it to admire th nl anty one to which I have qver listened. If he shiould preach agailn, go and hear him. H. Boaton Hrro'id. Quite an Adopie of cunt-throatas has lately been operating in Sttlyh Carolinl, add the proclamauion offering a reward for his apprehension; describtl him as well made, of lair complexion, with light waving hair, and blUe eyes, full mouth, and white teeth! Such an array of personals in Europe would have made the officers search the boudoirs lo every spidtter in the neighbourhood. lie is further described as being 30 years of age, and five feet ten inches in height t very fond of gronmbling,and brags mtteh of his manhnod. And alter all his name is Abner Stripling!-a pretty tolerable des. criptinm of the age, ditetnsieone, nd accomplidh. ments of a stripling. ln.atdting that a ruffian called Kenney, Intbly committed a murder in New York, one of our contemporariesobserved that his name sounds like that of the firmt murderer! Now Coin and Kenney may make a good Irish couplet, but have rather an odd sound to our ears. The Whigs of New Orkleans are making pre parations for the reception of lHii. S. S. Prentia' of Minssiippi, who is expected to arrive in a, few days in the packet shlip Yazoo. We hope Mr. Prentie will find time to accept of a dinner. Backing out-T he New York Whig says: The administration nashmed of its impotent attempt to fly i the faced of the act of March'I833, has abandoned 'the audacious design of Ilvning a duty on mdillinory goods. Cidlectotr Iloyt his just returned from Washington with this agreablo in. telligence. A delinquent named Nloble Bennett, long sought fhr by the New York poliae, was suddenly die covered by them while scratching his head at a window. HIe ought to have retmemlbered that when a iman scratchee his head it is pretty certain there is something in it. There is some novelty ill the stlry of a foolish fellow who recently broke into the New York Jail. Whether his oibject was to secure for himself a berth, or rescue another ftim death, remains on known. For the prevent lie is lodged inl the cange where he ought to be kept and exhibited na a rare beast, the very first of hisa habits and kind ever heard of. ", The great eclipse of the sun will tak, place on the 18th instant. It will he annular in 13 of the states though not in ours. The hlc, foco's oIf the 31 Congriesional Distr at of Pennsylvania, hoae determine on once more trying to send Charles J Ingersoll to represent the district in Cotngress. They may try, but the.Whigs whnlast time elected Clharles aylor nguinst him, will heat him again anti with a larger injnrity. If ungersoll t' would have been a Tory In '76,' as he himself avows, he myt do liir th, Iroo comps, lut cannot he allowed to lilbel Philudelphini as its represaentntivn, in Wnshineinh. Captnin Shr,ee is lm about lto reu'ie opmretimna in the Red Rliver rft, so, i In rl.-,opean the lavtga. tiou trune enouglhl in tile crimineg seasnr. C'rtling the Conserr.'ires.-- r wo uld nppear r ht he Pl'esident is solit' ewhar Ilnr l rmed tit the signmI tol the irles, and is endeavourinr to rllilng hback Ili old frindis. The A'lsdisrniati save, a" We hear it reported that ilr Rives lih been applied ed, to run dr the. next eliction on the tlicket witlh lr Van Ifurnn as canldidatn for Vice Premi. dent. 'T'le report renchem not in utcih a shaIp e that we do not diuht it. The poly desperuate enstninl for any ith an.-Will Mr R ciansent, it will nua rally he asked? We unhesitatingly eny, no. It is inmpossibly unless Mr Van Bures abando.ns Ins pullcy and ilenslres altrogether. Thl hlie canllon d.i, as lie slalldl pledged tio sink ir swim"l' with thlm. Even were he tol do so, we dount veiry much it Mr Rives would trust his fortnnes to s"-ink or swim" with hIr Van Biern. At all voents this shows to Col Johnson that he is to be cast off. This is'the reword for his lonalty in ging with Ute partlye supporting the Sub Treasury through thick and tlin, against his own conscience and against his interest also. lie will learn and eel thllat, Federal epublicans nas well as lepublics are ulngrateful "-St Louis Bulletint ASSA.I'T 'iF T0HE GOVERNMENT ON TIE NA.V. It isrsad that lMr. Ex secetary Dickerson speaks pretty Irerly eoneerning the raseality of the.Kitch en canbal at Nh nahington, Mr .D. will prohably lay behlre thee perle ere Iong, a delenee olf hiso ieial conduct.--Sussex (.N J) Register. We learn the ex secretary does not mince eiet molotler at all, hbut says there Iust be a recastroion and surensllr iof the agthor. We fear the Gl;v. erner will find hilnself in the dilemm a ef hi. pre' deessors, wilho have been successlively excluded to preserve tile "ucntlsystlem and efier their re treenent been loaded with the abuse of the unprin ecpled wire workers. He mulllst submit to the late of Inghaln, Duanee, terrien, &e Wa :earn that the Iriends it'Guv. Dickerson declare if redress to not nlmde, the Van Buren party of New Jersey will in albody nlake a transit to thile Conservative icr tetest. It is true "i.fd J,,rcey" is whmt enough without help, but we should rejoile to see tilcs adt ditional indicaticn of regeneration. Mr. Van Hu ren's must distingutshed frieqde in Virginia ack. leuwledge that tin that state alone, the attcnek on the Navy has list him' $201,00 vuees. Never wds any. thing more indiscreet and ill worse taste, but it It all tn clt.eacter and keeping with, the men who are guilty ol it, and corroborates ell thalt ur have maid ,ll them. N. B. Since ow'itingethe bove.Gov. Dickerson hine written a letter in defence of tlthe'dministrat tion, and saves e has been wIll treated by the Pre ideant.--N Y Star. A curious perstaogecalled WatIson, the .icu sater, latelv died at Iuxted. England, nilserably poor, though plsseqeeld of the ineteiclula reni.i ntecent power truly antonishilnt. A Suasex'paper printed at'Boxted rays of him : He can state accurately where he hadi been on any day tir the last thirty years, what person lie el0t, eqd what lie was abuut.' Ie live4 for mnany years with an uncle in this parish, who was a farmer, and he would recount the quanti'y of live stock bred during tile whole time he lived with hilm, to whton thby were sold, and the price they Itlched. He has been often askee toalate on wmat day of the year Easter Sunday was for a centurv posll, and has never been wrong in his answers. The birth days and eges anmong George's acquaio tance were aswell known to himt as thelmselves 'ad he has olten raised a laugh against stoIl' laduie of a certain age, by stating the day If tuelr birth in company. nut olse to his luvoute entu saenelts was to recount the numlber il acurs, alumout ot pnpulatiin, size o uthe enurcht and weight of the tenor bell of every plrish In lhe county, which ice would do without Ilcaking a olis. take. (l C mtunetr ealed) NEW ORLEANS, I1s Sept. 1838. To the Aldermen of Meunaciplity no. '. Gentlemen, A number of plans for draining the rear of the city have at ditterenr tinles been laid i elatre the public anti tle ltffereut lluniclpni Councils ol our city. Two have been worthy of attenlion. lst that hdopted by the Drainng Comtiany. 2nd the eln vsitg ul the ground by means of the deposit of sand which would be left by inandalion Ir.o the river. Uoth have their disanalleltt-. The first requires the elerral action ul drt111111g mis chines, the etenleu exctaence of dikes, aluces and draining canals; and yet never rids the country ol a low and damp soil, which must overluow and become marshy during the raclty sas.on. The second plan presents the breat incouvoenence at the nuntdati o ut tis elnvirons of the city, besides lite rlsk ul prodncing epidenuicu and the Inmlrense cost o lcvters and siluces to protect the tllhlabi iaslts io tlie tleated iatmda lying ntweeno tLidold the slke, &e, &e. This method of draining would - be the most expensive; yet it must be admitted that the results obtained would be the mtost de, sirable-a dry and elevated sail and (after the sil is once elPvated) exemption frotm the coasunlt use of draenint mnachines and ea nu!s. It is evident that Ioth plank are defeetive, and we should srek aunstherwhi-h might unite tihlir ndrvnlages, without the difficult as and incolo," nience. This end tiany he attained by the plan I take the hhlterty to preseni to your onnsideretton Let a ennui ei•hi or ten feet wide, and Itn deptlh each as experienced engineers may decide to he he blet, he deu frolm the river th tie sw ltlp, and from this canal, let a number of pretty deep draininng ditches brhgch out in every direction. let these ditches lead to Bayou StJhn, or ie sonme nonvenielt i place of dischorge,let the place or places of outlet be partially clobed by sluiees. AlIhw the water of the Mississippi to flow neto the ditehes, 'sn a to fill them, and when sufficient deposit is madlle, elos the inlet from the river, rnide the sli :eas, let all the Water fl,w off, and use the Ft d Let "his he ropneaed as frrquentliy as necessary, and a aflli,'iency of riversalnd will be obtiiteod at the very edge of every square fir raisihg .he lots and building upon lthen. A little refl'cti,,n .will bshw tcls superiority of this plan. It is the chenpest; it requitys let dtalin:si iaftinetlie, no levees-it may be appi ed to a few squares or to a whole sectionl; it tay be put inso rexcutnon es as to advance gradually fromn IIe relr of the city towards the lake. It will avoid the' inconvenience of inundation, it will' prcure 'a high and dry soil; and when this is done, it will furnish at the very door bf the land holder, abundance of sand for building. Thiseuut advantage alone should Le suffitient to induce tshe adoption of the plan. All who lhave had houses' to build will appreciate its ilipor tenee. The Second Municipality ii about tO drain a small seetion in the'rear of suburb ti Mory. The ditches for this drain are so laid off that they may be readily adapted to this plant nothing more is wanied than a eonmmunieation with the river by means of a evered eanaol. I humbly submhtit thb propriety of immediately carrying ipto effect the above mode of elevatinag our 9narshy'grounds, and of thus obtaining a per minent and cheap improvement. Leaving to your better judgment the further inve.tigatitn of this subje ct. I ant resspectfully your sb't serv't, - T. W. C. LEMON SYRUP-50 boxes Underwood's Letton Syrupt Ir esle by JARVIS & ANDREWS, eep8 corner of'Common & Tehopitoulaes. .IABDICAL, PAINT & OIL STORE, Corner of Commmon & Tehopitoulas streets. , A LARGE and gentural assortment of Medlcines, Paints and Oils constantly on han+d, and for els. ou the most reasonable termt, by JAaVIS & ANDREWS, sep3 corner of Common & 'Tchlpituulae. 400 DOLLARS REWARD. LOST or stolen from on board ship KENSING L TON, while lying at thl Levee, 95 Columbian and 5 Mexican Doubloonsa-the above reward i ill be paid for any information that may lead to the discovery of the same. nsep8-1838 CApOLES-. 75 boes sperm candles, best brands. landitg from ship .Plato, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGEH ICO, sep8 134 Magazine at. "ROiGANS, Slipters, &S--2 cases,cotaitnig all 3l aanortmert of Mlen's nd fine hip uand calf bregens; men's and boys super russett brogans; wom en'altsting elippers, extra sizes; small lovs fine calf, kip and seal brugain; and tcildrens real ipegged bru gutis; ankle tiesnnd bodts, landing from elsip Platoe for anle by S ISAAC BRIDGE'& to, sep8 . 174 llagzine street. OFFICE OF THE NEW )ORLEANS AN) NASH VILI.F. RAIL ROAI). D RAFTS on New York at sight, for sale at 4 per D enit. premiutm. JAMES H CALDWELL, sep8 t'reet. LAST tJlLICATI)NS. tHE Novels of Jane Austin,. containiag 'Pride tnd Brejudice,' "Menfield Park,' 'Sense and Setu i bility' 'Etmmtna' and 'Nprthenger Abbey' to which is prefixed a biographical notice of the author-c-omplete n|t onls volutle. Not. 3 & 4 of 'The Life and Adventures of Nickolas Niekleby,oturanini. a fairthful account of tlhe fortutue, oniefutrtuoes, lowmltllhlige, nld complete cirer of' ilit Nicklelv Faltily. Editet Bby'Boz'--witr iilusnottiot.. by "Phi..' AISt`, An additiontal supply i d' No I,'Nicknolus Nicklebhl.' 'Oliver '1 wmta,' pIrt first, and 'Pickwick l'upels,' jtit received, nod lir oualaeby WMY. M'KEAN, Srlept ctrler of Ctamp & CtmIittt it t. I V,\ly COFEE-1511 ugs itn lol, t rllr - l . _.ep8 _ , ll 'tydrt s slttn ret. s. ,8 ill 't.ydrus street. tsade, laitBg, fwm -hip Ceneurdia, and for sale low for,or p.eucd r Ia flnr, v. 'A " DUNIIA It, .sep8 ' 112 -la a l altrele. FI[IIHI" large tpreditiaier fciaied htrem; orhe t rn S dearon I' fir e ,1 " Iol.o e I, 21 tar ct, Ib a Iteanltollrilll i wbg e wiloll le kat giratsoble Illui aes, ,,i.d will ame iall Ihetllre, fiormerlv occpiedt by A A 1 IDubar, k o. 91 (Clor- a Ilotle 'St. ATF aIDUNI It , G E.ORGE.' WILKINSON. at',8-- 183 . -:._,.VA.A iO'Fl..r.-- d.ý bugs iianauu CotI'e, ,S'I'i,.N hF AVI.ri., sep8 e13 ( Gaviaer at. TO iRElN'T. etIIOSE large prea sesr it Gtirodl street; ne lat from il arno.n, the i rt iu Gry is 128 leol, bry r depth.d )i0--the limprovenis consist of a double fitl e dwelling House and kilchea-.-rald the rear lot adjoin. ing hiasa brick building 3) by b.U--dwidod ilnt Ithree sep48 1 Arondelet at. SANTEI)--A Baook Ba ider--Ileneea j apply but a workman. WM M't EAN, sepi, cornaer ofeCamp aa Coaltmon .st. I.OTHING--10 Casesl eomprisin heavvsyairl.t c flanels Liverpnola striped, twilled, and white ert. tonn shlrts; Iheavy Iue striped cottomande puntaloolr , landdig afront ship Concordlic, for stal by ' ISAACU BRIDGE & CO, .a SUItiVEYor OFl ICE t e ed Mlunicipalitay. NOTICEr is hereby given that, it conralnily to ta I resolution ofthecunci of the Secolnd andluici iaelitya, passed at their sitinlg of tile a1rh uly lastt I will, at inop , of Sarurd.y. Lthe 15th day of s eppteluber ld3cadljudite ate mv office, In the lowest bidder, tile opneailng, delle nig, anld leau tin oft elpormee catI eai greeailry to the i teiticons of t raoltion oif ail cerun il, ased otile 2d day O AuguIst 18E, (Eightreen hundred N ad t n in accordauce with th pecificatiou ,iowexbirited at the sdIrwvatr'l dfl ce, dalaUsh ) to tle satisfaction of the Coauncil t dt unnieipahity. ' JOSEPI! PILIE, Surveyor. New Orleans, Sept. 6, I , 38. iUREAU UDU V tYE1rtti de MUNICPALI['E ii N conforite d'nle resoldutioa da cotail de ie latnle nluoici ntlite pasheedans I seannadu 17juillet dernier, et aussi an desir da autre rscaoltion dudllit lonsel passen dana l seanceedi 2 gout 1836, Ais earr doune lque lbniedi 15 do present Moga de septembre 18"3 Qnmidi, a men bureau, j'adjogerai au tabais, lee trayrux A faire poar recr'euser el neltoyer la canal Melpomeon atnivatt Ita instrnetioas exhibeel al bureau eusdit Une caution de $.o810 I-t satiafnctiton dtu canseil sera xigee. 8oeplt JOS PIeIE,Voyer, NSURIVEYOI'S UO FLICE-d Mnicil,itiY. O'I CL is hereby girra tbtr lpratanaa will ei 1ItII isctant, tIr arerting ai Vegetable Market on caet i llrolumntia at juncrtion of chIalupitlaela and Au iuucittioti streats, near Delord street, agreetly to the Ilan lppioved by the ceunoeil of this ,bianicimality. For further particulars u1n dt at this lofice. JOSEPII PILIE, Surveyor. Naew Orlaatn,Sept it, 1818: ureau du t Vyarie.r It i Maluticeipahler. SIS eat par le preeent donne quejusqu.a mardi, i11 bducourant, septembre, desoffrea seront regus" ton bureaun pour I con-trualion d'un marbhe nux I,. Fumesa la junction dt e raes Tchapitoula set Anntsi ciationprea la rte Delotlrd. L'edilica sera sltpparte par daes olaanes en far suivauit lI pla n approave par e aonsail e ete rsniipaalilte toeutes Insa iitrmaiiutis et dletails relatilfis 1It coatrutction dndit mareheseroat dounes Ai ecbureau, 8Ilpt JOS PILIE, Voyer ttRtG ANS, Slites and "liieras-12 cuaes, coal prisiog a uaassrliteitt af Men's ahal ltoy's fice kip, pegged'aud Russelt Brogans; Men anti Boys tioe af sltoesr; ien's atl wolllen's pumt nd sli il)l'ds, rlhihlrens aid inlatl.a boots, sloes atid ankle tie t; land nlag fru, shilp Ohio, and for sal Iby ISA.AC lBRIDGE & CO. augl 134 Magazine street. 3PERKUI ,11.--8 caski pure, blld.eil d " catn, Utl, buading froa! shlip Ohio, far sale Iby S ISAAC I.KIRDE & CO. eagl l 1:31 Megazice areet. SALIK; RI IE--AItiLtoila iliassouri awl liKentucky bale rope willlie sold low by LAY4T & AMELIJNG,, aug i i7 nomtnere street. N EGRO) ULOTIIS LINSEYtS & KERSEYS S'l he sulscriber f ofr fr sale, landing from ship LCuoeord, 2 bales plaiti mixed negra chit bale Caiilled Inixold negro cloth; I18 alhs linaeys, asstrtidl t'tolurs; I bale white srwan skin; i case prioledl keraseye; 2 bales leavy aised Cordova aerseys; I bale uutlioished Eva ker~tys. ISAAC BRIDGE t Co, jyl2 134 Magainea street ` OAP-.i5U boxea No. l.oapi bralnd of James Youllld, l, ailing frou, brig Boradino tor sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, auag7 134 Magazina street ý I11E- Csks 'ho n ...Liwe landinig ftn-m Sbrig Clieftai, and fr sole by S & J 1' WIIITNEY, iull 1 C tiitrcet. ST. CHARLES THEATRE. r ilE Ladies and Gentlemen engaged in the Sobove establishment are requestedi t assemble it the Green Room on Friday the 20th inst. pre viousit to e oponinc o the i T'hoeatre, which will tyke place on Monday let October next. Ey order of tile Prorietor, GEORGE HOLLAND, Treasurer. N Orleans, 4th Sept. 1838. 0rp-The Cinciennti Whig, Louisville Journl, Vicksbhrg Sentinel and Nacltrz Free Trader will please insert the above three times. S OA'P--12 boxes Boston No I Soap, Gee Jackson i' Brand, now landing from ship Concordia, lifro Boston, and for sale by JOSEPH" COCKAYNI, sept 6 25 Common street I AG(iING AND ROPE--Ib00 coill Kentutky for sope, 800 pieces Kentuckh Bagiog, in stcre atd for sale by LAWRENCE & LFpGENDRE, sept6 28 and 29 New Ievee `V'TEEL PENS-Just reeeiceil floa New York per 0 ship Vicksburg, 10l gro e Gillott's Eagle Pens; 10 do Perney's doublre areant pets; 10 do India rubber pens; 5 do National pens; for sile by thegroce or sin Dle FELT & Co, N Y Statliner Hell,, eept6 21 Chnrtres street EW MUSIC--La of the Troueadour, I rise fnrom Sdreams of The; How sweet the Chimes; Lucy hours farewell, Barnett; Yes! think me happy, Sprole; In this Cottage he lived, Cooke; Warriora SIlome Let me rest in 'te lIand ofmy Birth; Thy Ipve ud Mine: Land of Love; Soen of the BIll; , ietora ile georless lose of England! Up to the Forrast; Happd Fare, Bright, Bright Wine; ly Mountpitd Pine; to Sthe Beave who have fallen no tear we beatow, Russell; The peace ofthe Valley, Balfet Our way ncross the Mountain hat Minetrel of the Tyrol; Rnggio d'Amore; Al Camps dellp Glpria, Doolietti; La Ltuo.n,Tadolini; Le rieer non pass'lo, Marliai; Kentucky grand marchi Andversae y Quick Step; rhlval Waltz, Une Perle s Waitz, lflioene Carnivat Waltzes, Strauss; Vietoria Waltz; Ladeil. Wdltne Strauss;Les Fleura a' Italie, 2 3 4: Renembranee a mndo; Dmlicee de l'Ope Srd Italie; Spanisi Stngijuet received by sept 6i BCASEY, 19 Camp street. S~ALLOUR-Iit Ides best quality, made it, new wheat just landed from steamer Czar, and for sale by s G DORSEY, sent 6 44 Now Levte e. Feor trereporl and Intermediate Lanrdings. SeP The stauehl light draught steam e~.s.hbtboat DENMARK, Robert A Mbore, i i ntesr. will le at tile warf this den, remay to receive freight. For which or passage, vm ; mbdlations, appely n eard, or to S JNO.H GRAHAM. aug30 C LEAR PORK-60 l nrelo clear pork in ntore and tfor sale b by LAYET Sr AMELUNG, sepl 17 Ceomuerce street. LARIl-1950 boges Preimn Le Lard i astore, tor selc by LAYET t& AMELUNt', lepl 17 Comilerce street. HI AY'S Liniment fir th e ure of Pilese just recen r S wred and lr sale by a H,AIB.EL, sepl itoulas street. y -- ~I' ENTE]R'N Fluid Extract of Sasapareilla aed / lowad'a s T'onic itixture, ieeeived lv ' H BOiNABEI.. sept 'ITc'cpitmalea it. NEW OIILEAN'S COMMERCIAL INSTI. TUI'E. Peasce street, bretwenn Jllorrau and Caaralvo, scub'b. If Jtlarignty. SSPECIAI, Coarse -of Book Keeping.- le course f,. 'eiieoa Keeping oeltned stince seuv!rl Iolth, will close in a few lday. SMllne good accountantats, amnong whm are genlle eensolhigh standiog in business, will be the rcferon ceas oflred to thie Iublic ietroeage. . A new evening class will be ,pelled a s on as a se.f j ficieiet nu:.lher of suecribrs nill lhve Iiein obtained; it will close in November next. iFor gentlemen residing in the tippe rtl tof itle eity, all eresing class, three timiee a week, will be opened at thie comrner of St. Lonis and Exchange Place, ii' saub eeliptionare receiveld. GENERAL COUnIE OF COMIMIERCE. id This course is opened every day, from 5 to 9 o'clock 51. M., for exereising on the dillerett branches of efc ce lnl ibikl . iTlhe Iiteraec antl Cemtmercial Inlstlitate for youing e gloleno i oi;pened from l o'clock A. M., to 5 o'clocke I'. II. lll'boardilog scholers adm itted I' A AUBEIRT. is )ll..AStltI'i Ntf'.--or lc 7-lcel itia day, oit F $30 "'"rerteseY notes cud $eiliil 4iioeirntmln t c ht::ilo tile ltlll oaf Americaie, New York, ill differ ,,iet Ams. ;,\ll at Ihe ine. of ,t t:9). WtlITMAN, ,il I I'xell r tIeh , i . ('i rl, t. 1k 'TW1) Story frame dvlelling Il - nnI l kilchiens, \Ar.. ,r i:t , In .ydi,-l rtel, lhtween St. i (IIrlnllul r.nIot ire t. A"iii y to -eps "10 LI,' .1, MAY,. F. ID. WI.IHINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA. , i4 "l", s hie .I rvie to fill e pul blie i:; th. deirl i nllln Ilno Srvevin. nidl Civ Ir, tineeriou, b lh I ill io%.i. Mil YII~I(·('l lr l Ir.olejI(I rLI*I ' i;xl lll ' nl in lowuc nd e.,ntit Iry. Froiconsid r·"" ',a''po's' in hint prefersionI , and I ipolnl s: lllllllll a lidelitl i. th exý"c' tien A, bih -ine-s eltrult' In l it hm, Ih' hopet t IaIhe) Ille·lIllle U 1.nd culeu11 l ltr te Lllf ellt(l of Wpll s enl Ie .a ;wiiins. O,hee Nou Clrtries rirelt, second lnot,c SI-- S ,.i ) (ill.. in C.,isk nb d ill bbl s. i rrinted a4 Iur article, fl r sale, inIole-ale tu retail, by JA.IltVIS & ANIIILEWO,, .Medi.ine, Paints & Oil Ilcealers, j,. l8 Corner of ICommon & . ITehopli hlus ate. I llWN S"I:'I'TIILS-- II-20,001 l varlls -I Ilrwn SSllheelillns. Inlldling fnlom ship CIhlerokee, siilubhle for the Ilexician arket or City trale, or sale, by S'l'ETl ON & AVERY, jel8 8l G(Ivier stre.t, SPEIEM CANI)ES, OIL, de. BA)( BjIOXES Nrcw Iellfor Sperm C'ntlles; 0t 311 caks New Iedllrd \Winlter (Oil 15 casks Roofing Zinc; 6 boxes 1rown Havana Sugar, 1(111 coils 1Ilao iRope; 30 pieces Biifgging; Scanks llack I.end Crueibles; :10 cake Ppller liungines; 50 baskets Clhampagne Wine. For rele by JOSEPH C ICKAYNE " Je8 25 Gravier street. W ESTERN BUTTER--139 keen. lceived ler W stTner Vmalulia, front Springflield, Illioii, o superior article, for sale, by SL.ATER & TRI.Et, jet8 40 Pnvdram treet. 11'(.ORK-Rump1, .oft Aless nid P O, for sale by je6 O DORISEY, 44 New Levre. ~PERMI OIL, CANDLES, ec.-3ll els ks New le. Sford Winter Oil;' 0) oinxe' d i in Srierre Candles 2i0 casks ropfing Zinc. ll!1 boxes olrltoln o ild t.Cadles 3001 sheets Braziers' Copper. I strlle, fr ,stle lie JOSEPII COCKAYN[, na.20 05 Girviee street. "EA F LARD--ttOf kegs in ,or seale Ilty .Il .e G Ii)l.EY 44 VPwI~ev,. R ICiHAILDi, Tobac.o and nult' manlleic turer, No. 177, Cam' reect, New-Orlenns, wishes to inform his rienls iand the public in gellell, that ile I snow prepareld 'n frnislih il Iltlne, in tlte above business, and has constantly for ale the tollowing articles: SNUFFS. Rose, Cnrmnn Ilaplien, Macabay, eglish 1i i :ltegeti, American Ilappee; Naetllto :leas, Imitated, Alerican gentleman's, Ileranlot, IDunikent Ilappee, 'risllllaekguerd, St. Omane, Curneaon,, Paris, PurelSpanish, Half coarse tRappee, Scontch, andi genutilne tooth powder. TOBACCO. Fine cut chewing, sweet scented or pBlin. Fine cut smoking, of various qunlities. d(ib-lot Virgiina, Slunisl, toc. The.abo eartie esmredl warranted asg II, ifnotsn erlior to any thlilg of the kind importedl, Iand will be furnished to dealel .on tile inst libera lterms. may 4 t," P1i".l CA CDLI-S-IlI I 'lioxes New Bedford S'Sllern .Candles, ergcres tnwlnnllI brand, lanling frin slhip liinsingtoii, and Ior sale b sept ti ISAAC iRIDGE .& co L1OR S.\LE-A House and I.ot of liround on Rntn I' iart street,between Conti nd Bienville streets, (Pritchard's Row,) having 26 feet ti lines fromt on Ilan lart street, Iy 108 feet 9 inchles in depth, with tile privi. tege of a panage way from Conti street. It now rents tner $1350 per annum. Far further particlars and ortitapply to R Ml WELIIAN, sept 6--3t No, 79 Comemon street I)OSIN DI.uos-70 bble I tsii ro1., in i oate, for Il sahby J TIHA ER . CO, g21 71 Pnydr as str-et ENGIlitll BO)OKS. pARTINGTON'I Cyclopledia of Biography 2 vols. dn. do Arts and Sciences, 2 vols.--Shakespeare in 3 vols, a pocket edition illus trated. Phillii' (Geology. Jauleeon's Mineralogy. Itrewster s 'l'retise on AInguelisnt. Gray's Elegy, illustrated. Rogers' Itanly slid Poems, illustrated, 2 vols. Ilrrdilg'ms Drawing Book fr 183I. Plillips on water colrs. Easy Drawing Book, by Childt . Struat's Splrt e nd Pass Times. Just received and for sale by .\MW. N'KEAN, nag4 corner of Camp and C'otililn st. S LIVEI TW1.'; t;rthlie Parish lloiy r.gress. -F part seenid, by the author of'Tlie Pickbiak Pa pers,' 'Sketchsof erery day Life,' 'Nicholas Niekkhly' illstratedl numareus designs by Cruikshsnk. Tie Life and adventures of liicholas Nibklbv, con tinilng a faithful account of the fortlnnesi, isfortunes uItrninilig, dowifnllinge, nnd complete eareer of tile Niicklelv Ianmlily. Edited ly 'inoz,' with'illustrations ly 'Phi,' N.i. 2. Sketches of Young Ladies: in which thbee interest. ing menlmbers of the Ilimal kingdom, are classified ne cordini to their several instincs, bhabits, andti general characteristics, lv by'uiz,' with sketches of Young getn tlftrnn, liv Quiz; ir. t.inhts unit s hadown of lrise Life, biy Mrs. S C Hall, tihblirecs ofithe Iccaeneer' Uncle IlTlnce,' &c. &c. ill two vole., just received and for sale by WMI. A1'KE.\N, nuIl4 Corner of CampIn & Common ant. POILK-50 hls l Mess aml Prime PIrkt-, luniirig Sflt bouts, for sale by LAYI.T & AMELCNsI, augl 17 Ctommerce strect NOTICE TO FIREMEN. if"h Cortes atthoed t othe Fire Plunge of the Com mmereial Water Warks, wore to have beent oeanged on the let inst., but in consequence of the of flers in charge of the several comepares not havinge called for the opanners to fit the caps, the change has been prurasatinnted until this day. 'Tihe panere may v he the office ot the company, No. i60 Maga zine street. The attention of the gentlemen in charge It of the Funeie and HIose Company, are repectfdlly suli cited. By order. E ELill) rT, aep4 Secretary. It NOTI'ICE. ('0I1'E enhecrihers have retired from the Dry Goods S basineess, in which they Ihare been engaged for ears poet--at New York, Huntsville, and in New Or- - leans. They will contite tlheir respective branches, permanently, at anle nlaess and under the same firm, for thepurpoae ar condclting the mereuntilebusinesr. Thtse indebted to them will please call and makes aettlement. Any elaims which may Ie due by them will be paid at eight. ANI.REWS - BRlOTHERS, mNames of prmners and residence. J J ANDREWS, New York, Z ANDREWS, New Orleans; EL ANDREWS,Huhtasville,Ala. rep4-1831--3t REMOVAL. A NpREW$ .n Brolhers have removed their Count. L ng House to No.50 Camp street. SERVANT WAN'TED). ANTED immediately na goand Cook, washer and Sironer, filr.which good wages will be given. Apply to 121 St Joseph street, between Camp and Megazine streets sep4 -AGING-51 pieces KenttLcv habging for sale B tby IlOLADII & M ILLS, Spil 9 Bank Alley. D RAFTS on It.osisvillg, for sale by HERMOGINE-BROWN & CO, aug30 9 Conti at WANTED TO RENT. A larre, airy and convenienet School S Room. Apply to J GIBBON, Editor. aag30 -FFICE NEWORLEAN. k NASHVILLERAIL O RAD COMPANY- rafts on New York at sight, or sixty days datefaort le, in ssWms to suit par chasers. JAMES . CALDWELL, iv6t President. A IOUSE. kitcheln and shloI lot sale, hoiting on iA .5irus and Basin street. PriAilege a te givoen i Il5 1dave. JAMIS I.AMIUFERT. auglI CO OF it P.i I. TICE OF LOUISIAJ.N . I 1HE Sttlosriber has been soame time in preparing. t and has now very nearly 'completedda new edi tion of the Code of Practice, upon a plan which cannot fail to bse ucseawfss tO the profession, in which he is assisted b, a few sf Iis friends, the experience in tlhe law of some of whom dates from the establishment of our judlcial syavtem, and atder whose especial direction the smatter has been prepared. Since tile appearance of the apecimei namer of tshe Civil Code, pkishes by Mlessrs. E. .Jtohns &l Co.. it was thought advitblnhle to publish tie Code of Prretice is the same form, that those who desire it, nay be enabled to Iind the two Codes together. The arrange.ent, however, will se diflprent. After colleting all tlshedecisions of the Supreme Court sgpoa the rle it practice wllhich Uply to tihe articles con ained in the Codte, they lave been digested and pln ced under neach lnppropriate article, in tsr shape of a note; together wit rerrences to the emne; so that tile reader by turning to any article of the Code of Prace tice, will at onste know tiae decision uapon it. The work will also coptain all the amennsonts to the Cods of Practice, as well as ile laws creating and regulatiAag the City Courts of New Orleans, witlh a complete in dex to the whole. Thle labove werk will make its appearannce as .on asthe first of Alarch net, andahound lin good ubsotan. tinl sheep eolsanoo low linding, soldat tlt sIOLLARS Or. GREINER. nu2t--t2m At'ersse at .asw i~ ANTED--An overseer to take charge ofneegrna. I tehrerectes for morality and alpacity will bI reqairedl. Apply to t11 IONNAIIEI., assg2 _ Cornear tfNstehrs. and Tc ltopitoulae. ILS,. PAIN'tS & TIURPENTTINE; . 10 a'aks foreigns LinRseed Oil, 15 Iarrel. Spirits Tunipentine; 5 caks Splerm Oil, 100 kt's pure White Lead; 150 " No.1 " 5t, " . Also, n geeara' a<taortnl'nt tfslutdicie.t, just recei red from tthe North, fIr sale low, byII JARVIS 48 ANDREWS, .. . - ..... I T hrophitso as at. New Orleal,. '5 Aug., 118 T ýI Rulek isvllvckiue ln NIew York es eioli. 121 Roll I'. J. IALFIE'. jj.\VAN8 COFIE-II3181 bngs printsl, in store 1 cuel fIr save LteI tv ~ ~ ~~LAE vvl Tv$.ll~ 1811711, 4t'E' .1( t IN s 4 , , A trl et. I~le 'I II t\. 115i1 11 &S 1181).500 A7. n "nl 'rrtý. Il't:tlity Inllllil' from foie C (nlflrine, 411 I'Ily ens yrvlt. l :/ r1188111 forI' sile I'lv /E" S'l''l'c iN It AVERY,' ( I ll ' '. r' \l'; N l: I i etI v n- v ll e I, i4 Ch1e' p- n ll' piv J/LIII)r rellill l'll~l II~ li'v-jl iel vvveIIeFl~d v ;) ho' 1 j* nlc?: :11 (IeVIIII F·I lTr &;lllil Co. ll l N tort 8pi, ol ilv Iltl, ll( 1Jf1.Hl'or . fy'I It1~ lllolv k~~~, l oil/) , nuc!1 :II (om m n, 131)e Ynlzn, o fiw I. 1 bIll I F4i'I I' \ 1'E Ill-J liI r~oive it e Il - thou. fJSI 111,1 snebir 1 l, il,' tiikbv·l P apir, rtv superioy al131) llif sal!'.i 1)AV1 FEIe k CO fail0 e NgA 1. lilvilile liv CC CaNe. q eug28 RiodP5ru rte iie eit. ! 9.1 ' vATILI. flni RIi br heolrd Loth plain VY up S~lrr Rllieai prvqll.Siriyi IIu tIll iIg ARll uled, fu h sal cviuilvl on the 5&C tit. $ii uyislbll 1'5 telee o nag2 N YS ntonerH Hul, 2 Chatres igeS l evi hig, 111lek Osev,lilidli'ry l9 for sle by H1TI laIGE & CO .k. 0 lokilie; iHbvi hlllR sPlikel Si) Ie 1)111kv I i1 30il illimllelil s Itialv-bIIl vi ehee ite /1fi, ,111 Ioiiul.lli p111e, bumlill eipel shiv! ale il Itraw hit. JOhIN &IINTURN, 111128 13 EMagizige it. PORTAIT \VIlTING. Co, itd be 1i3l vvIiie1o i llvi 1ivI i New s trlalii fvr 'be SIuga, oil v r spriqialpityirtiw li. Rioliuii illivnr iii' Cvi~lsleiil Sl CbnloRv, i ho lolelise 1cui01i11111 'oirlyll &r Livlet.Il~eotir le, whievelRplillleli if lrii poilsileg ciet be ieee. Eslrenivi in ht llharlri nlrvel. u1)8 liii YHRG Flanl 5111 Ieoe. il loire, ro vile by Iv1" II ll)l{8)F.Y. 4·1 Neinlevee.. 'KL LU I'WINE-fetl vele Ily BALII ~leR LATER& Rh T~ER, ii gill .hllloydeae liree I. frum l tri g A ie brig for sale v ,y * TETS'ON &r AVERY. jyl2 28 Gravier lireiHt. W AN'rEts-A 1 e0K plai)bER -Ntheiiev n ip. llyaeta iaidbmiie. W MleKEAN, ge, e5 r Cmet I ('h, lllsion snreery [ EMIIN2 viYI(lHl-1181 hocus Ivoalnll vep, Ileolilig jS llk uck o ta mr 74te-a oelno whenlie leftlblue 8o8 pa , balhe stripee hrl t r de ty n. JOANAYER &N CeR jmilTI I3Eixlhra ne stri 1'r li willremaina apat tim in New Orleans for LRom Ioe. C anllioi- nd hales s-8 i 4.4 Lorell %egvi Coltoos , ii lya&re. heln fDe eale sby SIETAUN & AVbRY, I t Ili-Ia p i vig be orea iE trii e Li $I C hiloel and LIlee eale hi CHAvij1 & DtXEY, jysi h Cuaiieiiiliie srevet. 'Tcj jLeSt v- huh Sliieeoh ndiglreitr WISIKEY aiF lor aindPor, in store, for sale by LAYET &I AIRLUNG, nng2117 Ciimvioe street. CARE SI'S CREISIT S VS'I'E81. THE CrFdit 8ysleiiiof FIloee, iraee l net liuo i ilie eitneefro-m bC Cri rry, fosle y I jevive2eiGrilviirrestiletsi %yAN'rED--A ROOK BINDER-None need ap- c ply lout a w lld or kman. · WSi. 8l'EE.AN, j l l l E o a r C ie i b i i i E'u ' m ao n strt e d F reieple'v lielureo. lev'lLiimolnt yruning l fll, sll hidplI on Iorii d Cfortire by.y sale he JAIEVIS &T AEDR&CoS, jylI coy Ct4l lliueTrbepoeelis tet *'512N'l'li'.i leAll .1 Zaait eaei 1511 rreals il. I i ~pig~p paper, Cllev very los'rie, n siiiiieor lilleilaulila, r ir s re by pale b d 0 FELT &C yCO, iiIIhU1 N Y ~ttell.iiuevs DHal, Ls IlcK F~UlLNYILUijjiE-; sess SIeloeril oli-il.vdlt lbvie eva lidiilglllihr raloi.rur itielpleill jllsereiledit perr 11111, titlt t-oilgvoili and ir eglehv I trAdTONrCO., iugd 530181' *rvs. LILtNII &i OIIO FZUN~IST, Or role lvR NATH'I. TO'(WNSEND, jrI.l E 8eh 8lee I-Dol (iravier at. 3 r LUla l GREEN b Ny-JUsl eveivrd & a eilive 1 ill'Peeeevnvlso Rldtitol lirstsr: and for sale by IllS dooeii er lingle betlll liv t)AVDI) FELT U CG, Y S e ilnrr' Hall,4'DCllemmorns t IV alehy StA'I'ICS e I 'l'lltlC r , )idfd _____ 4G Psidresetres'sc JI relll vieldvy rdreeleby le'. . rDSl:. SECOND MUNICIPALITY. W ERE brought to the Police Prison oftho Second Muaicipality, the following named slaves POLEDO, aged about 48 years, says he belongs Ion Mr. Nansnu. JOHN, aged about 23 yearn, says he belongs to Mr. S Bldwilln. HENRY, aged about 19 or 20 years, says he be longs to Mr S BHadwin. The owners of said elaves, are requested to prove property, pay charges and take them away. HARPER, sepl Captain of Watch. ICE-Si casks low landingd from Charleston,for sale by S G BLANCHARD, jytfS 31 Graver street "f O0 RENT-'- lre nod airy f sfit-e e wll sitate I Sand in the most husinesspart of thecity. Terms, moderate. Apply to' W. GREENS, at the Orleans Lithogralphic Office, 53 Magazine street. jy94 r/[0 LET--Te Hor"e situated on the corner of J Orange and Relipious streets;aply to J 1 BEIN & A cOI.EN, j2r4 i90 Common streer. A Card. ORLEA .'8 LTHOGRAPHIC ESTABLIBH ME. T, 53 MAGAlZINE lSTREET, OPPOSITE BANKSt' ARCADE. W GREENE rettrn his sincere thanks to his frieinds and the public of New Orleans, for the S'atronnee behostowed nt tbin for the last two yeares, and rege leave to asure thsth that all orders comn:itted to 1 his charge shall blie punctrually attended to; he will as sual, keep the office open auriong tire summer, and shall be always ready to strike off merchant's cirnu tare, business and address cards, funeral notiese.msp, plane, and Irtwings, of every deocriptio, sat the Ahortest notice, trid on the moat rensonable terns. Ileing nassisted by artiste superior to any other establish meat in the citv, and from long experiense in the litlogeraphic lite, ire feels confident of giving entire ratisfalcton. N II Apotlheearies and drurggists' labels executed in as good style os copperplate engraving, and st one third of tire expeene. jyl . F OR SALE--l le splendid steam beat MlrRsHAreT bhaving undergoes a thorough repair, will be rn dy r sea in a few days; this boat is copper Ientened Snd coppered, with a copper boiler and splendid 'en gin: her aeeormodations Reing very extenstive, end well found in every roeslect: for further particulars op ly at tile ship yard ofdretor Byorn where she now lie, Or to MAUNYSEL W1HITE CO, au_'tl--15t 96 Grevier ereej. ALT'--54U0 kst lites tolt in store oand for sale by S & J P WHITNEY, aung23 Cti st. . 'aitAP nnd 'Trlow Chedles--10 oozses Tallow Chan 1K- dies; Sl20 boxes No. I and extra soap, brands of lames (iGould a Jacksor If Trowbridge for sale by m ISAAC BRDITiE & CO, nug23 134 Magatine st. AOFFICE NEW ORILEANS & NASHVILLE RAIL ROSAD COMPANY. "RAFTS ion New Yok at sight, 30 and l60 days sight, lir sale, in sumst to suit purchasers. Al so, Cedar timber for posts and sleepers, mrd Philadel I phia lumber wheels and earts for sale elr rearonablo ternn. JAMEJ H CALDWELL, aug2i3-Gt President. rJTAKE Notice no bill againstl tIhe Flenting Dry . Dock, nigned and approved h Jamenrs Dick will Ilemifer be paid by the owners of thie Floating Dry D ock the said James Ilick having never been author ised to make uny coetracts. Moreover, all hill from this date will have to he ap proved and signed ly the agent of the Floating Dry Delck. IIEBMUGINE BROWN k CU, itng39 CoatiaI. RA¥.YED.--On thre I0Lth-inst. a Scotch Whte t Terrier Slut, black on the polint of the none, hair a little rough. Whoeser has the sare willt pleoae I returt, tir to this affie they will be liberally re . warded. aug 2t SlATE OP' LOUISIANA, FIrWT JUDICIAl, I)ISTRICT COURT. ATrRICK I)OIFERTY and JAMES P. NOLEN, . vs. Their Creditors and the Creditors of P. Dnh elty & Co., No. 16459--'Te Cession of the Petitioner's Iproperly having been accepted by the Court, for the benefir f tteir (Creditore, rt is ordered tlhat a mrceting of theih said Creditors do lake place at lire office of Ed: ward BaIlornett, Esq., Notary PuIblit, ott Tbursday, the ith of Seltleremr neat, at I 0o'clock, A. 5I., for the pur porse tf dlierating on thre llairRs of laid petitioners, and ill thre trio .tirne all jrdicia.l procedilgs against ti ir , :. 0oa and property, as to tile credrirlms en lov, tire schedule, ra stayedr; anrd it is frtlher or. dered that Micoen Esn., be i iiomiated to reprresent tire abirel crr'et or, in this case. riltiOse the Hloa. A. St. lruchannn , Jurige of tae mlid court, this 4th dry ulof.tgust, A. It. 13t1. { Tll't_ LEWIL., nug7--3tbm Ibep'y. Cl'k. ---.,. .-Tln - ,..,-T .., . . , . . . _ IDisitrict Jdlciairiuie-Platrick t tatoaitv and JaeS P Noire, lontre sas ercibncier. etl leas r6ancicrs de P DIoherty & i'i. -No, 1619. I.acesasi.t des propril- t1n der ti.titionires ayallt 1a' awtpl pare Ia eaourltor lel Ibi , liv o ie loiara cl.rtlleti cr . II tat dloer(t(, tauollln as.blnb (o dedits cr(a.riers inllr liie eu I etude Sde glslnrd larnett, Esq. Not. Public, Jeudi, 6 a1p. temnl pncllhnin, a I I heirso du nai, in nl de b'flibl, rer sur ies .tainr s desdits p" titiinaires, at ell at lendan t out.s tturultes judiclnir's contra lelr wrsnn ie on lear •pro riti"Ls lont orrt(tt,', quant aiux eliun ites el itiAona i t i ls t a ble e li el e Iitt de pils d4 lrr(l q, lirl I, s .l . soit lamllnllll e pour repirt.elter nesi (. . in ii -es n tit,dnt aete afttia. I'r t Illu n.ia. t 1 Iih:li:lt, juia do lndite cour I ii - Ist,. ) il:.:3;:. 'TIEll . I.EWIS, nut 23 -_ eputie Clork. e,1i't0. & ItAKUI. FOI(T'I'Y lnle, ot(llnkUin anl IdlOicoils Malnilla rope ld izes, j ,st received land aor sual by 1 LOCKE & C. nute7 'tOid I .era NttI'lt:E. r tFIlE uldersiglaed haing Iein duly aplintled by .tle lhunoale, tihe lirat Judicial District Court, ('ollmisi.nura In Pestillde and sstaos thie dalllage ail rexpn.e of widenina Intl.ilte srreet. Iherwi n Nae I. vee street anll the river, Jhave aUle their eslimate anlld e.Pe Sllleflt,an1 hallve deeposi ell triue copies thlereof, to etlher withl the t ll, iu thi olltie of tile clark of saiil court fir tile iiUSllion of tanll wllhl it may cantcern. And iublic uti:e is heorebly given that said estimate and alssssmet will be presented to said court for con. firnatiou, on a ptiurdual), the twenty-nlath day of Sep Uex;al alld l pcrons italerslted in proterty it eld on IlaUoltiinn ae slt or the venilty therelof, are herebly nontified to nake tbeir objectionsl, if any th.y have, to said estimate and assessment, n onr lfore the taoatg--irst day i-f Septtohbar next. New Orleano, August '2 1838. G. RIlUtKE, . in. FIELII, CaCoatnnnsianers. CIIA'S A. JACOBS, naig2 --11311 I VIS-Lee aaacligilla.tynnlt f1t duament nasaste t r I'honoallgle cur tlu premlier dlistriat judieluire, atouniaire pour P6valueOr et taxer l dotmmang et leair foia de I'(Plna.nmant de la rue Itofignae, entre nla rue do In Noaveoe-l.evao ert ile luve, oat complret leur tableau d' uiatin at de taxe, dant ila out depose te vrair U as, ates itin pal, au tltrena du grelfii de ladite eaur, pour P'iu.leetion de int lrenuon. Et ovis pIllic eat donnt que le suadit tableau sera Irimltlo k ladite cour pour confirmation, samedi le 29. dI Siatlelu ,roruclaic; et routes perouaes interesaeesn latr !elit taliliau dtlPliuatitt at de taeX, save ur: toi - ItC lietrlunes avant illlteret duna lea proprittes situean duns la riue Ilatfialtae on le voisiaaga oant par le pr( SPit igotifio lIe firae leur objections s'ila etu aut, audit table ai l'eotaluntiug ot do tare, Is on avant le ringt et Iate .apioiulbre pralchtil. Nnuvelle Orleans, 22naut 1838. SIIURKE, i t FIlElID, Comin CIIAIRtES A JACOBS, FIFTPEEN DOL.LARS REWARDI). WTILL be paid for the apprehension and lodging in " " prison u eitheir' o1f the municipalities, \VIL 11AM FEIRG1 ER, an indented apprentice to the lboksmitlh trtadel; tie said apprentice I about lfive feet lour or five inches high; lliht Ihair, blue avoes; a Gaerman by birthl; apenk tile English, French anil Gennrn an uages. All persona are forewarned not to harbor or trIt taie said apprentice, under the severest penalty a tis law. NICHOLAS MURRAY, augl4-tf Blacksmith, Triton Walk. COFFEIE--14a1 bags Rio. 141 do. lHarvnR. For sale by SITETSON & AVERt'. aug4 88 Grnvier tree HAVANA SEiiARS-)l0glllij eediam iquijijfur sule low, tn close a consignment, by STETSON & AVERY a - 88 Gtaviar sutte NEW ttEtFORli SPERM CANI)I,El--1101 bones Sof New Bdflrgd SpermI Candles, landing frota Ilip Kentucky,.and for sale by LAWRIENCE k LEGENDRE, ie2l 28 & 9 New Levee SRAZIERSCOPPER-1000 sheetabraztiera enppe weighing ten poulas eahab,in store and for sale by SAMUEL LOCKE & CO., nao8 Front Leven, between Cuatom House and Bien ville streets. june24 " CO oFEE--800 haga Rio Coffee, of and jtqnality, landing fro brque Henry, for sal by je.O " STETSON & AVERY. A'LMAoAUta..S for 18;3l.--Just re.ivedt, a iaull lot - of People's Alinaneka and Cloeketl's Alma nacks, for sale by DAVID FELT & CO., New York Stationer's Hall, o020 24 Chartres ntreet. Stl. XAS FUNDED CERTIFICATES and Audi t tar's Draft , on the Trenaury.wanted by NATH'L TOWNSEND, jel8 Exhabnge Hotel, Gravier at. - r EXAS BOUNTY LAND wanted by NATH'L TOWNHEND, jel8 Exchange Hotel,Grarier stree C landing fram brig A E, and oir tale by J. DANIEL, jail _ a9 Coap lireet. a rod 11 Coils Rope; also a uanall lot or Twann, in store end for sale by J DANIELL, oin 59 Canmp street. I'OBACCO--5 boxes nod 4 kegs prime Chewing . T'obaco, (Lealther'a brand,) in store and for sale by J. DANIELL, je.2u 59 Camp street. ,I ,CKEI.rEl., 1.,IM4 Eug . 1 274 bbls. mackeral, noes. , 2 an 50 ball barrela mackeral, nos 1 and2 1129 casks oflite, 20 bundles tay, 5000 feet lumber, I.nuding froml brig Rinaldo and for sale, h S 7 S'IETSON AVERHY& Co. Wý Y ,ITE HAVAN UGLAT-50 boxes of prime Squalit', ti sture, for sole by ULA't'I'.It 2g TRIER, u;l. 40 Poydt*ae street.

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