Newspaper of True American, September 8, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated September 8, 1838 Page 4
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l: oraepdatfuly a.e t senelr st@40t1r frif w &nd the public gsne- p i hit she is red to ccommodate tmat M. nta aitd Ijnpcs" frai her : ¢ 4 tyi., eomonm .ortnhi, to r ionve i dt g411 sviiting, Oovi.gton during the p )UIts lA 0anmioiod better .rcc,tlnlod.tiones b "ao dnn so brd them, on mnre liberal termn. T aiOr rhu55' jnoy nstly mtutitud, Mnd well auppliod ri wltt.y .l"inonvehiehe; the bar is fornihed with utii ite It.iti &re. in ahort.she promises i on her part to give -. ý. Ipr to all who may patronise the Hotel. jo I -eI C -tlhe uiderhigind. hiavLing C drll . i. lu...midt of Charlesten, .Y i une sbm yerst hin owistnnt ih askeeiani'surgery, has the h.n.or S' hi preofbsional services in this oity. S1's ldslti, tidies and gentlemen that the most o-m1 p0!W alstttAent will he maid to the calls which ibger gle9 P A br his services to the steye being well acquainted with the a Stothem, having attoended thuem io hn Charleto. " klittyhllios pills alter the omponition I.suitllet, with directions, can be had . Th effeet which' they have in thi and other cities, has been attended "a.eoes, to which the best of e tmbhbebbe given. Applyat No. 166 Mgag . JNO. MLORING: S. w At, w 6 -ChwhS, SAD 4.iv. , ta- IRONS, do. ' MOWELL WORKS.COMPANY, No. SII Water, near eckmani street, New York, .ltpores lved the past season; and are constantly epit luarge and extensive additions-to the stock goods, which now consists of the, gss.rtment, suitable for the southern and ware of superior quality, consisting of m., iMl tone, yin, 41 dis ret. sise. from 9:8 to 5O gallons, .:iTe, fromn 3:8 to 30 gallgns, 15 sises, from 3:8 to IS gallons, or Ovens, 7 differnt siaes, * Ylltutr, . . 5 do ist pidetr . 6 do dd 3s, Sn do 3 do 64 do SeL 1 14 to 434 inches. Wood Sewsw, 20,000 mgri, iron and brane, from S r11 i e. St'u 3:9 inhel, N', 94 of a superior " lainieh, and less than. Jame's imported .i i Oohs, nssurted, in oasks of about 500 lbs for retailng. , tIhhlh ,sand hatter's Irons, aunurted. _hlLaweiglih, 100 ton.s, aeer.ted from 1 4.4 to PeIbor Putlentatione, steaoboats, ohiurelhe, 4e. stealubhets and other machinery made to 'T asor(ment of geood is partinclarly ' to dit atteiiton of Southern and. rhats, and are offered for sale at low priso + ul ~the' most liberal terms; it is be rlle Iatgst and best assortient ever ,.Scfsod as by any un establishment in the Veited Stow. ....heista;by forwarding a rrqueet by mail, can htie a printed siroulr, with description of goide, pjjealsam termes, from which no deviation is ever mode, figished by return of mail. HAotlders will receive inmuodiate attention. C'..oep York, 1838. j,3 P ae PlC LItS-Uaderw nd'a Le O luEa . e andll Pile hesore on Trite strevl, he) teun TiLe i & Hirkell' Pikld rond let tre t. uoadgume¢i, by JAp VI J t T TN)tEWS, u14;5 82 r C ,n nd h nul ' 'i A+k tt ad ruled ncp and Leur , bran, of all qnl L tieldlforis e io LAAC I I tE & Ci). bIt 134 nntn e r in e rcrrIl. fu LET'. S~oeea istleslliny h Loe od n Trit rt rel, laee i-ral Tivoli heircle Pai troendelt aitrert. oint. Apply e t. J o T, .. Ni, HE NIARtIOWSr, t&e-.i .hlubaroae, t. CIMI'. LON & COo.PER, ,o3 (aa.zine ltreet. I awl ruleo u Cap and Leecr . elIre, oI aIl Not rllit.s bonsistl, oF reino aritr nin b In Sand]white worn , onrlleiit nel rulled omlulh edge rlcord cap, irltcneatly on haund n hl r lor sale by ,DAVID FL L'& A COt. -- N V Steunet,' Hlll,' 24 Clhertree e. .I" . BAGS Sto Mgnri Coffre; IMPJ III bones 11f3 de eaqiM .slleeell Winer 1824, 5ll doe C do il di 1821; 50 do orf'r ldo LI'ee t, le 1e1; 0 dii ef t e do L P brown Sh.r.rry, c Oll pipes xtra. tluleira. For uale byI tI8RttCtfNC, BIROiW)N Ol &i'). IloANK HOOKL , of v erryerity ,f reling cad , hiadiag, roriianilv uia ban; id. 1rin'ivg, Kulia sad Bilnliog ineatly eteaniil, it short notice, iby NY IDAVIDi F '1' L CO. eill NY Slaii,,iere' Ilall,Sl, Clartie dt. "-t~ ff.hlY hmle (eatl), proef hircrirna Brandy, 1.3 ].-'.g, . ar t e reale bY .. l f, hlDE.1 M eaineietrt. ---*---ems ^--FO --I A NgWtwuetorr ybrick bonne, iltatedld 5 doors frdi the SecnnmlMsnibioulity Htel,oeitChbarlee FlpUetlitoll lbbls( FFleor, fee sub hr (OeI EVI. 4df Nrw I·(·CC. I.AYE & AMELUNU, pa 17 Commerce mt. t fl' tI¶-5.r pistes' Kenttaky Rtggin.., Ian flu e.l.Ra Gno W\Vavne. and for noale hlv YORKE, BKtOTHll.S, . i.5 Camp toarrt. le m ana Orless, N nv,Nmt 1,:,7.. BOLTe si.mnathn ago I had the maisnrt e t t gati a s eret d weasal, for which.l have a hplied t, sere IadishausAS cure, and that did nut care tet., no Ow. uL~e lnt atItm it syselfo adarthocare ofl)octtl d ai. ndm . cureu' mit aMince thot timed itha. ilitkhwole, sta no la break out in loargulcen Ir to lhe nme f six or night on e h log, anulall over ',by~almnLdmsoreethrot, and not able to work at he peeut tint" otn acc.tltt of the ildeae; laore clcar ti ri t ide of tIh tltat. I ant ito putting f "r ah enttyJ ader th cre oat Dr. Huet, oPris to caed n JOHN DEAN. l #'icTWPY that the abve tnentirted ditheseo . Ith J c ,d to my wn snatifttati-n, for which l , irrlpgaad ureiamver I aratre thakt the mtdi numeal ; lo eloe l oadri .n u f llie uerero t s IoseC . t ad .ltw o DrI A.,515 H our;tt at. tid d antosrr tr thlii culetlliatt. ' P ar++ I JIJHI . ID.y. l" U t ronier otreet. rany n '11i aee. rtoe. call at No. 4tteravilt St . wlI the satified. at thel o;.i'i of Dr. btnet. JOHN I). A N. ',lll, brlAne. pFte I,1 .1R. fel, 14 i v --t, ippl dt tIlaota.tuot ,.iverw." tl c ptl t up in notthtn at tlt low price of 511 ttl.. tig tte lrottth of tlhie ounitees of b had lenllIt.l t irtirm 'i tltttl ty otltr routt anti h of thP IDdiJns a eieeicaeioua is curing 01 lnresd whih bI a tbiyled the Mei , of hameetlnl .laNlm whereser it hal beo n illtro *Iitt t t lof'aaleototl the n aenr renamstn e n Std Id tltyiieiames, fr llt tlre of ctgans, ., . e, want of rest, ripitting of blood, ak n, ctonerti. This in to cetifc that we .ht,[ prtice fr.tnly prO lre d ete toard wi * nll-Bare~Pn of [.trertd llarhthaatd, w;a h ,n, we can therer e, franl tle ksuew-I lIet a tn I tiltoe"a" ptbioentitti ' s.eofth,'t li3tnth t edical A~.edacition. Roston, itt leotr °. t .;llb J tlVIeVlS & ANDREWS, ., l.Kmueetnaendad y the Medical Fcultyv. 1)TLER' Effervescent lagr e iun o Aplrictt--Fr yls or inrlgetioalrar ouu dedihtr, iddE. .ew,hsadallhc, aidity of the t*lwtan'h, labitlla sos-I •annt beeealltneueedlaesoe0as ut o eaoel, Vie. anl much valued no a •enlle. cooling purralltlvtI iIIbeblg.tahpeinarntti.hmna eacoivad the pteron aofmany .en nt imlwr tt It' pto i.uilt., aa d Ipqh Io msy ras .abia and uns eli. di . . eitfeef fi r aein I a avet Isa el d .WttlIie pleustag qenlitiea ,f a glaso of oeidiwte, it po.a,.testh haealr indlelanl propertie[ ri4 , o n.oy amie pitrgatinen; it li plrootoit 'ts..ihatwach. iON-The inore inttin to at t e lglnttli l i brlb ee cet t M uag s or)ti ft,' Nn tueamrt ikr ttlr r uto of t M p i.entli aOftill lod ie. Ptrehaesro it it.l.,l-y rarlmnd ofrl. that they may be viu~ceQroaloat yi late ed that the srocri I o atbal y snpplelUiAte acnnil nat ga. omaha pi pa ti+an. Jtr eso whit etale a d rutail. SICKLFat & 00. Artet. tclI " . . 49Oilal stnet,N 0. Vegetable How tIlil, hir th:nlrtatLdeo th of lair, airing holth .nd beauty, atd ihr'an, e . ni, .to the ptlrc, k ade Maltl .odl f anfe sof haslrl..e+, tlinoue, and It Wfiamfailed Cmoeoduee -i 'lN r~desetk oitft hir .o heai slersady --hi rmoader it b.althv, adt Imlrtduce gn1wt of hair, wirlta l tblea.-t Ird. 'Phis Oil. giewa mgr feiti ,ra . hiall .a bptCle In ot helr l itr Oil'far per ua {etl ral irla i e et it hair. T'he h ir ynjraaogfl . e's +br:-. it Ftr aote at. S, itrll r-a ,, net. IE: i i i'LA\;E. Sof bhed ship Orleans, Eagle, Highlandoer, t'or lery Andrew, FPen-h and Gorman play carde; Back nmmion Boards; Chaesmen, 21-4nd a 3-8inch o litl and Balls;" 8,n9. 1 and 12 ic.t blade Bowia KnivPs; Leather nnlqul'her travellinr Deaing Cases; Belt. Pocket, Hnorauau', annd Duelling Pistols; double emnd r sin le barrelled Gitlls; Gaue Bags; Shut Belts; Powder !h .hd Pistel Flasks; Drint Bottles ant Drinking CoiP; I Per wesinn Caps and Cap Hollero; Cloth, Bair, lToth; b nad Nall Brurshes; Orrtse di Chlorine ToMth Wosl; i' Tooth Powder; Toiilet and S~ving ,Rnup, in great v. i rletv; lnng Hair Braide, tglets nild Flintitsn; Pearl and Toilet Powder; E ry. . s; ivrya Tuhb Cshion nn Petent Slides r drbrtn; Ontom Elmtle Sispeo1)lrn; to; I'Pwdlr Puffl and Boxes; Gilt O1aine, Seals and Keyr; Ear-drolps; Viaisl Buekls; Brasuoleto; 1ead! Necklaces andl CIhailas; Gilt and S.vneted Beads; Lndin Beidels, Bolls and Plhrase: Shell T~iot ShIde and Drepsio ll Cnmbs; whieh,in lddition to their runmer stack on had, to makes teir assoertment very romple.r, and will he sold T now td on liberal terns, at the trAit of the Golden o Cuomh. i.5-tf 70 Chartres street. Y' V HE Subasriheri, Agoents fhr the extensive bouse of i\W. & S. Butcher. Shemield, Enrland, have juot ce nueived avery extemoiv setuof pa' rilte, eonsietine, of th Talie andl Disort Knives of o r- "d'detription Pen, F Pocket, Dirk, ani Spear point Nlnive;e Razors, ins- to ora.Edge Tottls, &e. &.. & . whichohey are prepared Il a n dhlbit to the trude oor nors. Terms and roditions ho will he mande knom n at the time. o i6 J. I). BEIN & A COHPRN.i Comman at. k 1\. G0ot. SIMMONS. HARTT& CO.-Are now oreeivhig i K.iner ehip Huntwille, Eagle, Merry Acdsew, High- el tpd, Frntt h and German trotble head playing eartlcs V ster,belt and pocketa istols; plain, ribhed and split i eloniott eoal ean hehlert; seise"rs. RHzors, non. it yeo; Gillott's eommernial aid other steetientn; Vin- f nat Violin strings; shell, ivory nul hlrono'smtnohwafersr i, lbead atnd leather purses; heir laidds, frost end t' ank Iringlets; negro putfs; (lerman aind French eologrne water, Rolwlalts nmeuoser oil, imitatinl do; antiquet aultn onrsnilt portable desks ,sod dlresnpg raotes: npst hlreklhg stIthin mul toilet glasses; uonvex mirrors; np el glasses mid tirws; I~dlia iands, bellseand pInmes; eo;leroni,; whit- twineo toilet and shaving soaps; toilet swder, n am m ie was halls; saented 'atin tisbhins; poonl stands- l tew eoshions; thuey head ,sains and eseeklets; hilliard Imlnl; pocket hbooks atit willetts; Lesrnoat hones; inuzor stalos; fine andl eauomono guln olastic enstslaters, gairtersdo; Bells lueifer uatches; sil-. our po-ntil; +aryttlns, 6th. dun. " IThe leboein dtliio to our former stock of fattny triele', ttlakesnlr ssolrtllnat vtry etlllllrtt. Por Slle wholrnile or retltl; an the sign oflthe Golden Colnm, 70, Chuatr.e irnas. mtS. CN )TiCE-The perteerohiip of Kalley, .M1sn &Cn of New Orioan ; MaNlon, Harris &Co., of Natchez; in Harris, Kllev &Co., of Rodoney, was-disolvred on hellst of May last, by the death of Samuel A Mason, I ne of the parter o he at ifirla. Tifl nudrsaigoed, uarriving parters, will he charged with thenieuling and ttloing said Iptlsines as fI)llows: Levi C Hnrfis will attend to thie settling of the lbusiness of allon, Harris & Co.., t Natchez; and Harris, Kel ev & (Oo.,en Ra"lnev odul Herv Kelley will atend to heoettling ofthe htasnes ofKeollev, Mont i C&o., at New Orleans. The ntles of the eteral firnts will Ine used in ligtnidntieoonly. Thie iodrhtid d to said firmou are ernrn;tlv reqoeatel eollte ilrwlllnd llnd llllnke early ietllmlltui; and tlhose having olaiom will plene nirte4nt riel ilhuut delay. LEVI C 1AR.ISI:, ' HENRY.KELLI&Y. New Orhinne, Jne 27, l17,. if .AN MAIEl".FAfINA' COlTOG.NE WATER 12 a0.sw moan nof thibs Ilrier Cologne waenp. just receiverd snil fr lehlo I the Ib oern or sinrah Iottl.. Also American and I-"neeb toilor p,whlrrs, powdler nuls andloxes , haiie " aoeind tilrt nI.nps,e oatriee .aih balls, milk iof rupe.r omleetic rllel creamn, extr no a notak, kephalha, Ward's vegetablel hair oil, pomantun, .rllelie prer, Florilda. luvendar, rose and bty waters, ProPim' salt, IMarHeillel pIerfllmerlra ltrunks. veoeta Idlre d liquid rot-e, Chlorne autd Orris tooth wansh cliot,.hair,tn,mth,niil and flesh !irashes; together with an additimlal stpply of fashionable, horn and shall combs and jewelrv,or sale low at wholesale or retail rby " nSIMMONS, rlARTT gCO, ijuly6 . 7i Chartres street. -Iý 0TO s-Sin) t Hlartt & eo are now 'r. tsI cving froam on bhtard.hips Yuzoo, anl Saratoga andl brig oucrdiaai, front New York, u greot voiiety ol I good in their liue, which together wiih their fortmet -:tabk tnm bld, jInkes their assort. rnt very: , plet;. The tolliowinli compuse a part, vti: t ell twist, d .,er,.iilnI, tuobk nndda erssiouomih , bere do tofll deerriptioPta, In Sdiu rnibher, silk and worsted elastie onarters, eoufnoi & fin elastic suspenders, loto fhgo nud Lnlcifer msathelie, Soidlitrz lwder, powder ainf and btxne, toilet Ielder, potkeoht Inhls a'l wallets, needle oouks, shell, pinrt, n,rv r lir mlerloco rarl ctses,a bead ornalullts, plain er ral "h~eto,m.nevklnces anl egligees, lead ;.halos, bhead i"reklnrep, nt olnr andi plin,aeedtrilvrr anld gilt heads, ilnaln d eadl, holln atid lintoest Isitol ani lerge potw ter laiks, shot belts, horse, helt. potket tend dauelihn .iotoiis; ldoulle and single barrelled aoso, Bowie knives, and dirks. elJairo, she-lar'pockret knives, guard haibns, and rilbons, waist buckles colth, hair, tooth,)ll ilonlb, Srunh, al. l ldlate, floor land dasfing Itllhes, Ciolgne, Floridln,larllldor, roq and bany warer,e.ortt"l rdseaeesd e nd exlraetre Mcaenener, bear, nitiqne, andt Wttard's v otIbahle hair oil, plhin~n aldo teilrt eonps ofnall dIns oriptiois, ladiur,' sad goentlemit ' dt leks and dretu iu eases hair riegtrlet 'rizeotes ahd Rltaidl, Ilain, fiecv snal tusieol work boxni, pain and gilt,l figurld, cunt andl rehte IiIiti pearl and ivory shtirtulolitotuldodt gold andt silver pencil cases, toothtCkh and twetLeere, lilate'l and ilt Ineikelt, niniutore tie, silver; brass antid tel hidblen, hooks and eves, hair pine, imitotiun fuit, hlk and rdiik,shb o bloacking, violina onda guitarrihbedl and plain perci.ution aps, linun twine, semned Cushl lenu, rold and silaer Ince and firige, lattcr paper, gamei hags, ridltg whips, walking canes, ploylifg eoard, foen goldd, plateaedao gilt jwhmellriy e. d The aboveo, tother with a great nritv ef other arti Ile are offrfeduat wholesale urretail ion uccotntoddtiag N B Shell omtths re aniired. V RIETY STOR--a te gaen of tile olden comb.Mo70 Chartres nseot. The subseribecrs havB re ceived, in addition to their previonn satnk on hand, a fall and comnpcete assartnaint of articles in their lille; vi: ranos, perflntery, Jewellry, brushes , lcking glasses, faney arti nlo, &c. clnsisting in partlas followna: C(OMBSo--tratonis shell, wroaght and plain tnck,twist, qnilled hack, loig raoun, dresring, side pull,; earlaod ne.k, Brazilian combs of every dsacriptibn amnonast which ana some Mexican patters, ryn st anbs of every dInscription, horn, deaning ncl drkct, togethelar with gPenralI asarnolaent nftrenaand Amit. I'ERFUMINRY--Cologne, Laveandcr, Florida, Ihoney, bay, rose, adraoga floweAr wifers lf r v rery size and dch criptin, camphoratitd Cologna, e xtrsct o' Biarglamo , lanr sanapa ofIoll kinds, slhvilig do ia n cakes and Ivota, creamn sas, nd Ward'a vegeatable hair nil, hern anil an iltuedo. I reatas anleaslinag salt, plain and perllua toletmantwder, icarlpowder, un, al Illilth i andita x llil 0 nltuantnin pots and rolls,rrns anld ch orine tooth wash and towdleas, wit a generanl asortmennt of JE WELLY-an ome oufthne I llest and Imat tinulotna Iae n~tts, consisting of whlite and red conalinu, topae ". jet enardnap, net in filagree, breast pins nraP gaan. dn. tv arpatlarns, watch trimnangs, gilt and silva ~aekla, aolver thinahles, ailver mid gpll pa ila and guard chaips IRUSItES--Cloth, hair, lust. a.',crathb,llarth,flonr, hat, fesl, tath, plate, analb, Nai, shaviniag, shoe and whitewash blrahlnsc. LOOKING GLASSES-",German stalin and toilet lnss, mn ag;ifvihg and French glasane, hoame doa with a viarteir of other kin;l not eannttenitd. IFANCY ANI) VAR WeI'T ARTICLO -t-Fraenh and Amernean partable dekla and drlaing eases, some very rich tand finely ninised ladies wark Itrdiald drea ng eases, with apld withouat manie , nalileal boxes, Ac loord an f various kinds, rialits anld gaoitrs, silver ind plattl pencils and leds,wood pencailas tor carpenters and nrayons, nantle clocaa,guns tandpistols with and withoat eases, perepaseon capa, pcretnaslan caln itangere, nttple screwdrivers sholt lelt agaulng ms, paste blackitgotoy tea setts, Inian beads of every kinld bhells and I tnanes, finreald ertialaon kOtvea, rnantro anild sciors, tiatalles, ncodlesa, in, silver platedn, steel aundu onlam. ad oeta-p cla, po et bhnhook and wallo.a at cariose kinila, visaitig sards an d cases, ptaving elrds ofaFianch, lcneaan pod AnItoritcn nanitfact re, Ihla. illaitntinl fruit, Bait' bxesa, printe of various kind.l, Saiundnra' Polqa iy'e, I, ntmrasu's, lillman's anld Ilawkla's razor anad metallin hones,ldirks, fancy i.and n:hkliaces, Ido with inr dr11,1 ty watches, parl buttons, pwderalis, en. arnd nlat se- d bends, gilt andruilvr io, qniuilintian esl..lluc.kan - boards, dice, optical tinmnen , joes eurpji, laamnal, mauiell aandl dlritking cups' with a great irictty nill uer'uarti rls, all ofwltit. will Its sould i ne al or citi aucelutlan one on 12 amentha credit. B it dIl ll7(lj &I oo. 11iOLtilEAli'S Seitencne oft Pmutnanshilt received, lnid i.. ir sale at t aheir'jpllnloumennt Wlitilg Academninsa Na. I Cinuatres alrnt, Jriluain, I itNoadwuyla NeW ¥orn, taoilntae st.,.lJobil . It is piarticularly deaigaeai thar lnivite learners, and ,lnol, anlld is utalciuhnad flir pleraols L'nil feera. Lladies al LgcatlLiiitL are itulted tn i(nnll lntd Ixantline tin sysytleIim tl ttnemaI lveIa. 'l.sanulln rad givin at snch t llrOien as nlayl snit tle oatntvlicae a ufanll, and t classes formed in tiny part a' tihe city: Laaliea wili prefer itoan receive lessons n t tleirowu rnat 'tran in pnaviin tier a' . , in of lessons arenlesired natnttad until Itheynwitlein ell ialthey wneh. tnO IJULEAK ekel- KN 'Hh.R. SNEW. article ftlro lo troulled wid deafness, AL (cailed the Far '"'llistl, hadjnst bhearcarceived,. b tile nta III n bielh, tll aligllnOt Intit'trlitioli of le hl. tan voice is distuctty cova)ted toa lilt ear. Atiy alta wilt has ever been ebliged i., corversa with a airy mia .nnan, inlutelth fully ntinlileif Ittnll linittllnlty nid enll i blntmatesslit exparielled btih Itlby themselves randl tile in niviiuel at i,rt l nrntela aillietend. Ily the use tuf thea Ear Tnannpet. titn abjqtnlinn is entirely oviatedn T h. e llOtt.nt snptieal Lauv aln ilys aa talrnnal thmie doubts aliur Ihaving uasedttl arulmpet. Fur alei nc '1 F GUl)IN'S, f Fancy atareanrner of Coiniaan and St Charles streant nller th', rtl:aiHnC.i IHotenl. e 1 PERM OIL-IltI galiMans pure winter d A ptriii Oil, iL .asks and hbls, for sale by JAIIVIS ,. ANIDkEWn., Wholesale l)rugg eta, etnrne C Inainlan anld nTchap nis streetl. , ri 13 4Il kegs, 10111 200 du '.5 " ' English do- 5 I-4 blnls. Itt)0 " t111 itlint Brlshes, variOlls nzes; I nsi Vertnillinty 5 bblasCopal Varnish; 2 ' Japan " I 20 pleka told Leaf; 50 do Silver do; 0d 0 do Ilntch etll . d WvINIIW GL\SS, Annerihnn, Erglish and Frenchl S-(tln h nlxres, antions siies and elttitiies. Bo~ten tlrowl du.--,5H leoze, consi.lntleltt, will 1,r Ssaidl low. Alan, it eneral asaortillleuti o artints' cllours and ants, for sale Ly A . SCA'I ES, P No it Cannl street. SN BI. Alnbara noti- iaksn at p r, and Mississippi notee will lIe reeivedl at 10 percent discount for gRads, or i Itn paynat of debts. ,je I Iw LtUR--tiO alinag frta tranmer lntaepent, ntnre, 'lr. a ItIRlSEY. n2i II Nee 'L.rnau'. ML. WIUJAMS, OCULI ,, NOW AT THr JrFFzEsON HOUSE, J.ItRON ST TREU~ LOUISVILLEo Th the Editor of the Louisille .dveo#ter : ItR--It appears by the observations 6o the Editors Pmh of the Nashville Preshyterian, Union and Trans- tril eript, answell as the editors of the Memphis Enquimr, ahs that tile "Old Gentlemano" is among the Doctors. This nic is proved by hitsingly Ie, knowin that is time.t tons but short, aml thatthe ieeonoendret Amerionr people ing are able to judge for themselves what are puffs and pel impositions. The wo'thy editors who are Docrtrs, she the proprietors, editors Or sub-editors of the above ty namned journal, call every letter fronm persona I have s a mostored to sight in the above places, pulofs. I. The fact is, tlhat never had ar:h great success joy within so limited a period as ten or twelve days. One too wir was neeo d atoot ten year., who had only seen the oft light frm his birth, IbeSan to see to Pillow his tmtetr rt to my hhtel, instead of bring obliged to be led hby him.t Twb young lIndies, who had each lost the sight of one fl te, one foe no veors. asod the other for nearly twoc years, having both ot them tile other eve very weak; to vet each of those votng ladiesobegan to se with haoth eyes, which henefit I pledge mveelfstill continues. ex cptinog they are tinder the influence or dominati., of the Medical Doctors. Another is tle daughter of a it respectable merchant, w sites name I am bound never to mention, (as lie paid me my fees), who said she hlad lestithe sight of one. eve from the.arge oj ll months, hat that she now beglin to iead large letater with the Ps' other eye compeletely shut. This the-doter editors krew, n tile gernlatean told me himnelf he hld eon doc'al hisq dlaghter to the office of tie mcdieci editoet. lto that they might be ifltred of the fact. The last I m hell mteoioti is an elderly gentleman iby the nnme of to *Yount, nearly seventy venars lfage, who declared pub- ne liel by letter, whloh lie took to all the different offces t in eashville but one, and himself told me he hIad aaid n for t:h insertmit whatnver they dletanded, whot bdeclr-c -h eldiu tio letter that lie he h oullly deprcved of aOt the siglrt of olre aye from fi k .tlter his birth, t which his mother tated to Ii.. - otcasitoned by the t meooles or eomll pox; that notn hv could not only me tile liglht of tie pun, ftr the first time that lie retllocts, te lbt the stoas aleo, ntll was rgAininhg to distinguisl e tany objects; nnod did. rfore I left that etv, give tia- tie no proof'thbt h de o neto walk abhdt'lteo streets t with tile othei eve oru tietely clled.l iHe said he hrad iaen a emlter t the Methrl,,st Episcomtpl Cltrceh lbr noerly forty yeae, ond that his wordl wa inever doubt- hI ed through thee e mor intrpo of hio life., . i 2. 1 repeat tire trtnd. never greater Foeree. thlon i st NesR'ille, and thr t .ee indicalanrod clerical doictorn had never before orn uath reason to be enraged. Tihe a pimos indlignation ei.t~s .ert. clerical Dr Smith provee, when te statedto see that abont siTx ers piast, he warno coterted from bicng an perfect itifidl, to believe in the l ie ddctrino . of the Bible, that he must have made a triflinyge errmoc-trkt he msst have tmeant to say, thlt hefore the end of six voers to oenme, he should be converted rmn his infidelliv, as the spirit of the trot ,linister of the peaeceful anti beonin doctrines of the Christian religion does nat bIroathe rt destruction, rcge, eaiumnv nolised falsehood to pleose his medical fitiettd, aoitnst the oan owlon lhe ktleW hols done so tach good, anrd ico il jury to an.y one. All the inhobioansItf Nashville spokee of illt great sueoess I htd, a cept thl medicoal dcratoS. a ost ofmhem alot had lbcen ilftloed by' Mr Youot of the crte ietrfir'maed on hin tott llv blind aee. y i . 1 TIte 6famto Gitiolt S.ttfthi town, pretend ftlint i I have oat thelnarela [ gainedl in tile North, siloe mov ar rivat in the Suthwei t. This proves, hboweveri I t ac athaltl kept thcem onlltil arrived in this tectir. If I gainedi one in tlhe'nortl, I light to lhave gained ontlt eorilnthe srntelonld nstltwest, and l'still hope to wear thoie m itV very youthfil hbatv on tlhe day | (ravc, in o.pitoo of ate vitnemraio nof the great Der t.,if I may judge from the rnRii I ave already benofittod in this -it within three days. tt uthe objeict l thoe resent is to ifoirm the medil - cotl Goliahs lid editors of the Riopttllienttand Trata o script, as wofl as the clerical Dr Smitll ef tha C. Pres Sivtcerian atl bof the Union, of Ntshville, as rwell as the s eitr atnd edl to mlicl editor of the Malemelphis Enquirer, t th well es Mir 'regtiice, tile editor of the ,Iouioville t, rontli, and lne lie -metdicl Golialt ediior tf thist Setvh the lreaint rI) S. t I shalll Icinot aictons aninst t ?' c i all, i3r vituperatilon, slalnder or calttmny, itt redi Stely, after m arrival in Now York, as well as against their amoiable Iore lren the medical Golils ourfte north. l now bind t.oselflh y prolike,never t quit this halep lald otlf lilhertt. untl I o l havroght the inose el all ty medical Golinhs of tile north, well as thie soutl It tid thi west, to thr grindstone! the aolictot, tllere foire, s csleolate o0 finlldhg ate during the wcolo of ol oct verb inNew ork, ahere letters, olat paid, and tao otflters;'will toe sune to ereah toe. e. 5. To infiorm the public tha thile pAn , so calied, , awlil the Raev. clericallny covertertiefidel. tI.teotL was - fi wasr witteo:, livt toireu i re lt a mlk ior, Saonod ietatleil for the Rev. l). H-owelI, whI read it in ts, ty ptcolpnc ithlou nt omonif. ting soNy vis, prolttti r, otrn the ontrar, took it to bi stud tltdl cumdtentl ed lit in 1, tile way he d Fhl which he oil Iehouluht would an at- tif I tr l ttlose betler; he delhvered themllti t o) ns, d without pretending that l wanted to brlibe hil from hl:. It, dty, s never coalld precutne to ofter that gnotlelmn "- or tin othli, any money for etntiltg filcts. The Rev Of Dnctirotowntt .totenoo'tis beforetlue tctldic hat h cotnt ts, eXaliiell alil my lipllomas, oe. tc. .willta gtllllilltrn, io, all itimtoe friond of his, as well as o the woln of oly i, ptlicent, .in tue)titioy whaith oaotller elelgvtalln, atll( ie, fintud Ithon all ito be" lnlellntic, lnd all ty" altim+Is to t, homo ttltr tS beoefitted, , e Ilever e ul o lve Ileell .s illdlluced hv total slrangter to ,raw tip uH:h anl article - ]s he, wro+te hintfell'fl~r publieatilu, aw' l addr+s.;ed it to 0e Mr Stri.tfihll, nlditoer oftlhr S I' C hdva.cote. Id ti. No wondtr tict eleareilrited medicil tt( fd fot fitoiwit toi lthe Il. al- owerflp l, athletic, pIh to •l cleriehll infidel. \e read in the Blible, tha, 'i trrr is I k I ilnown by its frutits." I dare .ay tlhe emierted iidel edt hao prtrnrllld fiom thtat pottre. I- 7. lle evidletlyv wotto'l to toatlliah his morn l (n h r ote o ao;r as a ran Il thewing thbat he whio , 'ele !bIIIng 0e bribed, l.ol't onttVe wheltlrile ttni of crhblv Itierto, f silver wll apply t+ hil Hs welll ait otorowellt l ttiedt a ti- |to ,lr einel· ill ltr,l ith e, who, in the ii s of[ the. in ooetrtcih tf i s lineit 11tt.attr, alboluttly solot hitl, fIr tint mortltt l oel lfliott f silovr,c 1y llarttt it thal it I was~l ne~ver illtellde I at l b. ite, 0cuc ul it h, l . r nu b, env titynv , m i, ttt l o0fcve:,tool'l to the tenth 00J pert ofall tlle roolllar itrinltrl'tc f, of $1 t '1' sillre. "e- Cotllloaii twooi or tihe ttlnoot of cftleh pltlloelt III ttntter, whicht were tot ie rlelptedl thierP O titrt tiers; i: in thle Pre'sboltrian, Ullioti ll alditor jjocrnols, hod I " bot 5.t0t, hiia regoitt fec, iustoal of $ 0, wtirh, iu all t, plrobaltlity, ie wouol' hate gladlly re, aited t toi fi, Sand lnot nt itbibe. tin the colntrarry, if I all bI(en (ot tot It;., f allcfrincoa br'he, ! should .certinlv ihave iltle rv Ititll ao l to( have iUsatlred him oortunooet. 2t I. blld.the Rev. !)ocetor heen 'elIly cmltertrd it ithe Ieli,,fof lh doctriveb af thloe ,vi.o'io, lie wlolllld ot cv, hbvo prltniiel t etoo alndl ea;tinont IIt hitilllrt.. hh i- out'kteepint his word, Ao I have alaoyd Ibfoud every t, nillistelo of the gojel zellOlloS to do. its, . lt . llle been realty ocotveroted, he'ontlhl n,ttltb li- lit lv- f-oe pokspthlt .ninot the Anrri,'tnl inol.llthimt, tel whichl it is t .ill knowon, o re llore ntlUlttrtotlltlthichl to- fare stpleeriyr o lllflly 'ill some larts of Eu[ll'lop". lie ih 'colldllct 1con Uotlh didgostcd nSoUL votlll litlerrtv lhalr netersats tb oet scarcely reetr:ileid froat lllloioltg him oa- tlu tile .t ol,v'ltt:L ving violellt lollldt+ on hoit. i The li t, gctdeotmao, thoaclh oS Ottcoltnt. it withlt fr- ecllse, (unlb's he is caltnnniatedl), ltlotuu lIte ItlIv ios, thitki he Ita a right to elaio the Antritan iutliottoa.o, iis ltecal.e he is a elvrledl infidel. I Sty lie hat not-as oir, all ougholt to spneak well of tile Ittidg.r lie gfat- tollyl otd over. I fancy the gallant Cnapltai Urlvy, nnd sevenrl other ,oialoho young gelllemcn of Pithvoille, reoltlect ilet well the condut of this pious exloundler of thle Ihly il'e Se.ilplotures . 10. I neoer saw each a demon ill human shanpe n the Rev. Ioctor was thb de I cal ed to reasoan with him, when he mnneed toy grey hairs With an. utlifted tre.bled more thu if the ".ld Gentleman" had anl plared ill his own1 she pe!, 1 8. I onlenly decleL beCfire God, ani d am not afraid to nall Hi to witnHss that I nevetr, in the whole citorse of 42 years tractice as an cenlist, in (Itrelt Britain, Fanatlll Ilelot.I lld A micrica, in a single inlstane of feroedao It bribe aily amount to the editor of nmy jaurn but as aii onpelltionll flor tlhe spacel I acenllplle and the trouble whliichl icasioned theml;and tlhat I was nlways mol'e incline to rIedu(eL rathler thanadd ara aloney to the printer's Iciln; wlhichi is a sufficient ieroofthant i id nointenlloin to bribe. 1".. Lastlv.--'lTh Momphis Enquirer fir two orthree wekclis o'ttitis a lisear of Ilnagrant iilliotn.dst which the imcditcal Goliah editori ltotrmeI from their irethren tIf the M. Goltinls of the North, nhd I shlll treat theal wnith shieoa'ntehnt util thne orer i tininfeenr e tn- Ibeggar, and 'oel will catch It L.-!" Thaugh I paid li.i, for my Idvm'ertseleits fur two or three weeks, lie nily ifnirrted theml nenlce. hote will lease to insert this loltter ill your next pa per, and oblige yours, ae. JOHN WILLIAMIl, , J 137. the English Oculeit. l.olniaviut,, Jalv 1837. Copied from the i. W. C. ndoornat of thn 24th June, N7. Ain tile request if lr. Williams, we insert the fullaw i -ate from thei IeV. Ialow lietl, of Nashvill, te. theo i l ft of the Socutlt \Wetrn i thhristia Advatet wooin it nII uri hallas eannlilad lthe diplomla and other dcieU illants,ovitciye of the Dctres laims tin o il lie patnil-. age Io' consqcenHe of an uaccident, r.. w l. ih ra inain in Nashvile a'inw days tonger th lent ait first intndeihd-i-aly the l .J Jyr. Rev. Mr triungfieldi:-aviinon been requenstd hy Dor. WIlltlnIn, the ocalist, nowt ii thin city, to exa mine his nual'ons dipiinian aeil other dnnments evipcive of Iln etelam to public tonfidant. t in bis profession, I tlve, in cmlpay witg a valuedl friend,done so with plesnre. Anmnl tnlre I auend t letter fro e Mr Pagnett at pre Neat Chrge d'Alffares of tile King of thie French, at Washingtoan, addressed to D or. Williamsn, tetifyig the gcattinnee iof the diplomas fralgn hoe Kingonf France, Belgitn, &e. as weI as laomse from the Mediicnl Soeie ties of France. He hoa nnlaroea voncheb rs fron Inen klomn to he of high rupntatioa in this ounetry, ecaivner inste hisr iaivna in nte Uaited Statesl daetilige intuan cn i"f greant success in tle restaraOn ilo of sight to tile .ltlll. 1 ihave sci non-,rl'all his panr itiulitsi il this c.:t. I knew Doitn aof thn previous io ttlhr etamilng aner hin care; hut all I have deealt say thcy are un iaestionally bhoelttad. ROH'T. B. C IIHOWEI.L, Noashille, June 21,1837. 1'. N. ianel writiugtie eiAAe, onef f)r. Willians' patients hais caltled u olIn if aetin ays lie hlld atLll a11 totally lostaesIghot Ofne h fo eve tilr seventy years but Iow declareos himtnell bettei that last nigtl; (ir tlhe Anrst time in his life that he aon recolleet, he coul dis tinguibh, with nh t erynotne if the promiettnt, tar. t learn that thi de g entemnln has livel anlly yeare in tis l rdlgion,ad say s he hasneen . Alethodi nidtring fort) year. ]'ours, truly, augI0 R . C. H. 'LENNTI:S A' ..P OF l lt )ISI.t N\, ViN . &s A NEW N AIP lit IaoUl ItlaNa, witll its canls, "gds . land distances, from tlnite to tla'e, along the otag and cnasi bUt roates, by I I. S. 'I oanl er. MtIrCHELILSK S IAP IF THE IL TlTaI STATES FhIwIil y tile' riollipal Tutnlpike ndll ttatnnn randslle whin r. nihe the ine iniios frnlllone lace to another; nlgo tlhe collr~+i of the canals ilrd to roads Itroughl oait tile otauirv, cntrefilllv colpiled froIlll tile eat a thtanitii.--pul'lihd byl tie' Atigsuts Mititelll. AlIecltiEI.lts 'PoRAtV) Ln.R (;Ue)eG THROiIUGH 'rT LUITED S A It; i-.a; t al1 of tihe roads, distances sitena himt indecolenL reoutens,i jast reiveld anti for nin WAM M'KEAN, IHE':KS ON PIIILI-DA LI'I lA-Ftc-nah hy VYORKe 1ý IOT I E's1(, 31 .;5 Ca J, !n 't TO0e ore of ehc tinMeAtuSICR let, a'irhilitio and mererai.i dite.r lI'tiemorrly meets anol pailfultffeetions tofthe bone; ulaerstedthmrontsmn± nmo trilsulera of every desarpii, liver aoe., ad intrl albs·eaalstalon, ilaas said bead, nlooroy, hUes, sonI-be nl sore)yes, er}ystpehs,thlothes, and ever)"vrietyildO- OaU ten-oels efibetion, ebrmnie Catarrh, head nehe proneenl- It ing frnm yn acrid humor, Paod in the stomael emt dys pepsin prtroeiit Crom noarintlon, idtentionntof the liter, 'I chronie ineonmmation of the kidneys, and general trbii- e ty onnedl hv ntotpiitoction ofthe vesselsofthe skin. It ' is singlnrlyemffieios inrenovatin those eonstitntions il whnic have been hbroken down by injudiieus treatment, t juvenile irregul'ities.c In geniel terms, it is renom mtendetl in all those dliseases whichlaris from impurition lth oftie Iloodl, or initiitloi of tile Iumorns, of whatever ii anmeorkinld. on Sone of the above complaintsmty require some tri- ill fling asistant lapplieations, which thIeirrerusetance of the ease will; hut for a general remely or Puarifiatnr e. to remrnvethe rnme, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will m generally be found solticient. t TO THE PUIIC. lot now true it is, that emondern Physicians, n their am. hition to excel in their profehsinl; explore the vastfields il of scienoe by the aid ofchemistry, end seek out new re. vi medial agetllt inhort, I ie a p eis in rto the of piratice by menes of-nait sloew,-antirely one'loonk and Cl neglect, as hbeneaththheir hnote, the ril and bounteous sh toes of medicini, which the Almightly hais eausedn to aqrilog'nut of the earth in every olime! Andhow mush more true isitthat while the Ameriwan Physician looks 1) to foIreign countriede for many of his most conmmo and enusetory ertieles, perpeteally chbnginsg as they are at tle dictates nfesioht orefoally, he ism ortdele in his ni own counotry withll an endlesaprofuasloan of melioal plintts, " suoicinlt to answer any inicatito in disease or to ere any eurahbl dlisotrder d yet he is iKnoerant of their vir. tues, wall tilet ae ll.erdto 'wantetheirhealing olwthe t deslert air.' The eHfets of vegetabnhle inedlicines upon the system are temlnorary--htnhse of minerals lasting. The fornmr e ert tIeir cffects onae trUes ofif--the latter, mernry in lar tictilr, ant cthemiandly uiponl the solids, ldeetmlposlng t, the bonls ld unlermininlg the constitution by a slow andl .lre dIstrt, lcioon. nThe oetgenialtity, etlicincy and SAFETY ofvegete ble remedies ever mtlneral, may be eimntelatl bv ontrad ing the annient ianotice with the modern; nor, io hring il Lo tnimmediately ulnler our own observation, th Ihuldi an 1trqitice with thatof the whites. WVho, in Ameriea, nas lnot klownmoheaorl of repeatlg Idestnnea wherein some doerepidl, tnprteetldil femnale Indin, hy meanmsof hIer sictple rnoietliea aloi,'fs naeetecltdte tenst opldi as atonihl rures, aterthe Mnteira Melien ol the -mmonn puactice, directeld in the most akilbl manner, has foailed Andt who has tot been surpritled at the coin paritiven nenndtt lcility with whilhtheItndianfreIeshin self from any disease, and at the almost tota hlstintenee of cnlonic dIaiase among them, Who has evel heard I o aln Iltdina with a constitution brokon and ritedl by illllteatiimeit And cdn a cdouttexist that this hapy ex-I cmption of the avnagefrom most of the illwlticlh the fleiiish oftin il heir ti, is chliefly owig ito more genie and safe remedies wlhich liae emnloys 'lhis astonlish ing ditiference in aeenost, is a fair erxemplifiodetion of the iafitue nlyriiniity of die nilplettnd safe meots f'core oltiah 1iii has creitted for the benefit of his nlilitren, over tho which thle lritie antd the rt of man have in From ta long resi lene among a portion ofthehlorigin alinchaitantsotf thinsoottry, anlda intitmate aluain tanIce with tile, mtltidae oif er ofr some of their most Y successtidl practilioners, the proprietor et 'The Indianl's iPaaiCeCa,'eO~ Ui red a knowledlge of some of tihe most powefuhull favoriteremedices. Fromatheseohenelented snch as were most eficacious anit aplrla'tiqtus, andl after nrthtnt cexterinlteii to test their tprineinilesnnit lrengtl, ihe tins eombieei them in the Fir'm here pirenentnl, as the mst aperftct alld benefinid tor the purpose for which it iocis itcnnmmecttd. i'nhe proitrietor oflerlsthif pretrartion to the public, with die entciousnetls thalt lie is laciing withinthel seaI an remedy nnlable ofrelievilg natny of his afticltedl fel t low beinigs, who at sutlseritig underl the various chronice and olbstinaite omplanilnts to whiehlt is atpplioable. To'I such it will prove of itcalculable valte, as tlhe means, Santi i manay e tses, ihe only means ofrelieving their suf th feriigs ai restoring them olne more to healtll ad haitl Spiness. T'hi nsintolfelred nes an commo remedy, that nf ay lier channe be eqllly good width many others not d hl use, but as one which is oipahble of savitg life inmany extreme cnses whlichl all the unulualremedliesfail. Thlis it i, s dole relepentedly; ald tlhis is the reutattlon it hLasob a taicll wherever it nhas been intrtodacd. I, t is only about three yetrs sinice this prepiart.tioln wts in prenetedl ttthie plhlie: hbut ill tltllt sht slla~ of tIlltn, en; i m hIndre ls of ipersons night ie iiunl, who woua l in solemily ideclarle that they believnld that thtteir lis were saved hr it, nad in mos-.asesaliel, thev y luu thied many alnl lietapls ill the common remediert in vain. \1 her r eer it is kllown it isratidlyi oming into use, and this Saffbrn stnllee sualtbsantoalandI eonincing proof of it imle*rits. n, long etaiing arid sylihilitin anl aroftlloas al.etions which have thefsed :Jll olther retmedclies, and p:w~tisnholy in thoIe lseSt whelie'lrrclly has been slaio ultvisl tctse as to tnclls listless ilg p:lills ill tile ialnes, noles, lelr.11 rind uhiiCrst, Iciol'.ieilent I' llle iligCetive oRlilti, .'c. Tlheslit cmnitii ltlc. ii'tiiiiiesi r ind in all naeas t eitire In o lesitcli nsintintlli, ind live i titl e it: btotitt it' tIand ,. t, tI'll . th lil noatili tbah iiilIIIllI .c 'teI .cl re l it tad iitt h b IuI'I'! ',S a a:ue lnot Iuls :tpll,: retllll givieg almlotis illlllle i hnll eitt ]i' tan ktil inn ttti" . Icniones t ianai bigl:tnan optii0l0.0 3ll al i alteriilln ivessn ,1d Idetrt!l'l.'ll ii Ilii l'pll, r e el, Ilirth ce anlllld la: tiv ler s, :nI an ti-spasll. dic ni auilln l olllt I :it hli ir • op rLe.l s in* , ,, st I tllhie a n tmlnlll tltiiil tgo tll t, ( ite er i : ,1 .x l .e ssh , , i ill t c It .ist s : Ii t h e S ei itaiil l l : a l e x of tial,. gi. lnt n Itthe ,titit ach, and citchesi:lticn inl S thl litllt, s ii itlllblli.ti 11i1nti ela. len It i I tt.h l ilnik ncphin inipotratiotCs nmai tte iitidirsh tt.ta "r Ti'l ttimigtlin, i wni rb ic ginn t Ililti n hi5t.'i Oiin ihly S:unt~ldiguo.s 4lisea~es ilia here speitilii, a tnt it has h'i r u d:wlllli tlh lwillelri ltl su so hI s a ,l-it, S\ and ii I":u Pli. l /Iil ,le, yhr Ilol twhmei r slli u ll llttl |ett uio(l pi iillll |ha. thechest, Sllai ullh IuecotihulIlSonqu I'Crien I.lgori'. Siulbp .ei' sons will dIo we11 ltoliset, via rtihee Imltlesi s .I l wt. .. allcllmetel. a die tlink! is collhhid rcd ccesss u... this I.nlacst~aikeil il li small d ,se; will anlswer all hit i.u'pot'ss, in nlln'h tess thie, at less e.xpeuse, aId ill a itl, mlllllre algrte:lble nllllaer th''in1 the calnnon diiel drink. The followinig certl finte%, cut ol iluullth'sl simil|ir, .},ichl mnight hIe ilrttenl,.d, fire gienl to show thi ctfeel iol I1mni,nG.,nls nul also tl, ehibit inl the Mllmt s:~n~oldiarer ,,, lilnllllljr ilSi\((l~l~ltily. iRvtr'~lbl' syl·nli8 ill COltlllIU ll tI1e. (SAbBS OF' RIIF:UM1AT'GI. Ata(e3.s'eroN, Not. 15, I:i'2. theuring Ihe :Ist . enter .d Irilng, I was ultnl.te with ie. tellI sere :Ill istltasin ~l r I'll. lm llsnt olnzontlletd t .tatlag, that ire kithlic iofthe t he tan's P,' a ct , recselr.d (' AIlll.tieIY .\lalri -7, i. I ws ReiZe lll t three var' since, with o liidressingl rhetunutsn, utsatd Iby, takinglt severte coldt while nider tltheilhluence ~~lellcury, aind which Ihas iti(abld Iri s from business nearly ever since. I)During this renriol have tben a patient in the Masrine llospital, io this cit upwaRldsot feour moths, lnd the same lengthl. tile in thq lilllimore Ihollspil, anlld tried almost over remedy, with little benclit. On the 16th of Feltbuarj last, at tht time sensely able to move about upln crutch es, I commllenied tile use li alin' I's Panace. In on month I foundl myseltfentirely lreed from psailn, and ll now halipy to state thatl cnlsideri tlsti a llr efeetly well. W3I. 'TUCKEl11 13 Mlalket so. CAtES t)F hClROFULIOUS ULCERS N1Ew YVeOK, Seplt. t1, 18.30. This may certify that in the full of 1825, I was saite witi a stwellingin ity neck and lfae, whlich afterwal oleealed caln became large ghattly ulcers in mny nech. Alticr IItillg seelr al llysianis iato o adetlatlag, I Weles tn l'hiltelllphitle iltl teldeasl my)self tniler the lle lirs. Phystei alnl Ieach, when, aliter rleeated salivttlon no etleJI, I was titntouned eltterlyl- inecurable. Atier. t aldS I took twenty bottles ofe 8wni m's Pllcseet end eight bottles oe leoteter's OItltolicon, with no nterterkl holettt IDespairing of lite, which had now become a hurtthen t ite,tI IetIrnedl to yiiiytynttSine New York, in 18 ,i an gavemyselfupto a tingertug death. Hearing of ths great sulccss of The hIlian's Planaeea, Ievee,in case simlilar to mly (own, I was l lrsuaded totry it, as alast o. sort. T'Io lsy gret sulprise, as well as eltisfaction,. sOolilfolnd nyt'.'lfmripllhy rtcoveri tlln , aInd pon taklnI sevenllottles. the i. lCerstealled eteet became e perlectly well in the course ot'two moths tlaeld have remainecd so ever since. 1 maike this stitemeni and wlshiitpuhlishetl forltht benefitloftltone whoare suflfering under similar srflous or syphillllitii: affections, thtt they may know whtlthe cu redonell who has stlfered every tching but dettlth, tnd elsho eonsiders his life sivet by the ahete ss. W.VM. IlINHA' CHAltLEereos. July 12, 131. 1 was afilitedl, feor years with an ulcer Il the leg, oI eelsiinally tccoiipaiee d i ilie crysiltelatous iltflnlati.t, and exiessive aill ill tii e leg g nd atele joint. SesIce eminent physiciant exerted theil skill upon it, Cit with out sceritanelet benefit. In this nse five bettle lelit:i's l'sutnea madle a perfe.t cuie. MARGAIRE 1' A WESl'T, 121 Mairket .For sale by HENRY BIONNABEL, druggist, ager tat tl e prelrietors, Tel llpltoiulaststeet 16 NEW ORLEANS C& NASHVILLEIRAIL ROAD COMPII'ANY. f.HE' stoc'kholders eof thi company.are herehy no-' Stiiid that by it, reslutinll of the boare of direc tion pitased on the l9th inst. the call made oil them atn the 131h February ltat, for thIe paymenet of five dollars a share, was rescinded, and the said stockholders are further eotified teh:t WVr .iREAS, bl a resolution of this board palsed on the i9th lust. a call has heo t lede on tha stockholders of the New Orleans eid Naslhville Rail Rolad Ceoupeny Ibr the llllwitlglaettelltst onit the tthe tloek lheld.resale. tively by thun,vlas:--two doiiarspler share, payable on the erst day of Sellt bernext; lwo dullars per ihare lay abeo ion the first deay of Decenher next; lld tao doalarsl er sharee pecele oe telia d:ly of March iltt. Now thcrcfrle be it resolved, the secretary of thits conitiey elil 1itlif the ,lire ts hcilers therein, tllotuigli the pe lit nlp ti oI the aciy, tlmt iln onforllii wih thle siitlh esiltlii of the ehartler, tli.e lre tieeritt.ll ti parsallueiaIey tei c a eileBn d onld the stock e f saeil es tapiuy for the tei.i o ixty days, from eand after tht dav on wiil it is inllude Ayllldle, with tile expr'ss to. diliio: ihoweveri theitie nt reiglarly flsid within tic snid rolonalion of sixty day'., from and oft 'rtrh,, dllv it whitlh it shllul htiee tieell paidl, thet then tile ietei on which aid iveonts'aehould have bheen mde, is land rela et oreitedl i the comlpa y, tthe charter oil that painte illel i l'eeative. In coflirmity tsheretitreeeotiil Sllll, alls l{:k of the sioe'kholder. in saild ialilitny, iln thiclk pleter to ptet ol th'eeltaytlletltt olt tleitier tao stieeindof the addlitional ixtlydnay, which the clhnrier nelliws lthliisera notified lhnt the Ipymnet t t f twl Ishs - Inre per sllerf ellled for,and due on the liret ofe Sei I teinller next, may ee postnetld underI the sixth seetil of s eid chirter, uttil the 3Jst dey of ()tetleiI next, that Sthe pIyme at o wo dollarse per share called for, nlo dulie on the first duy of l)eceeber next, ilty le ,poea eLeined until tle 31itllth iay of Jaiary next;all Itihe i iv nutt Al i two dollar- per sliare c'aledl foc a'nd itelit, tile lirt iaily of Mllarch next, may be plOsiaaltlr d ulnlil thle .0ith day sf April sext. Erestes oi tae illinutes of the Ioard. jer t21 AR MeNAIR, See'ry. - hiT1 lS f ,N casec-1i5eten ehilte Vs Ilatfltcesile JOIIN II flilfA II eje I6 STATE OF LOUIWI~atltS t-'IF l h Court for the JO Parish and Citl Niw Orleans. T HiE STATE O4 LOUTSIANA, To all whomn thote Presents shall come, Greeting:-Whereas,r Itleas Hnnse having purehqsed at a sale mdtole by the Sheriff of the parish of Orleans the propery on hereialoter described, as applied to the blerk of thi oh court, in whose office tile deed of sale was recorded on va the 243 lay of April, A. D. 1838, for a monition or adver- Ti tisement in conformity to an net of tie l.egislnture of the go Ntate of I.ouioiana, entitled "An act for the frther eonau- an races of titles to purchasers atjudicial sales;" apprond tile lith day of Marsh,18'34. i. NOW, horuftre, know ve, and all persono interested herein, aro hehrebycited and adumonished in the name of the Stanto of Louisiana, and of thle Parish Court,. who cnn set oip any rigt, title or claim in and to the property h teeinafter decribed, in conouence of any inforonlity in th orseder,deee or indgment of the court under which the sale was made, or any irregularity or illegality in the apprani.sements and adocrtisements, ito timne, or manner ofsale, or for any other refect wholsdt ever, to show monies, within thirty days from the day this fi mnnition is first inserted in the pubnhlic papers, why t the ode so made should not he confirmed nd IhomO losrted. he saidpreoperty wao sold by the Sheriff of the par ish aforesaid on the 14th day of April, A. D. 18:18, by p virtue of a decree of this Court, rendered on the 5th dtiny of Febnary, A. 1). 1838, in a suit sentitled Alexandere Caldwell vs. James Hanse, No 10,367 of the docket of I this Coprt,at which sale the said James unose becanme thepnrchaser for the price of twenty one thousand dollars. Description of Property as given in the Judlicial Con seyanee,via: A certain lot of nrlund situated in thne suburb An nunciotion alias Lacourse of this city, in sqnare No 5, cnd lot having French measure, 60 feet front on Tehou pieulas street, i,6t feet fonps ctn,Oraogera street, and t fl0 feet on Lnlfaade du elarahu etrel, in such nnoner that said lot of ground is 60 feet wide fromn one side of the square to the other,.together with a dwelling honsg fronting on Tnhoupitoulas street, the kitchen and dI pendencies, also the Ilistillery esltblishments erected thereon and other buildings and improvements, the mocbinery, utensile, implements and fixtures belonging to said distillery, its dopendencies and nppurtenances; and the rights;actions, and privileges thereto belonging or nin ny wise appertaining. Clerins Office, New Orleans, May 7, 1838. m14,24&j3 JI OCIIE., Deputy Clerk ETAT DE LA LU OUIblANF.--Cour de Parolsso pour In paroisse et ville de In Nouvelle Orleons. L'ETAT DE LA LOUISIANE.--A tols tieua qeo I ones prIsentes concernent, Salut: Attendls qu James Hantse ayantacheteo une vante faite par le Sherif de lt paroise d'Orlean aIn propritlh ei-lprsts decrite, s'est sdrerds an Grefe de eente Cnoou Ina ditre vente ft enregistr6e Ir S ee jour de Mat de l'nsee 1838, pour un avia nonformanest A asn acti le la 16gislature Ie I stat de la Looislane, intitulb " Ante pour eonfirmer lei titree des acquereurs oux ventes judioiatres;" npprouvO le 10 Mnar 1834. Qu'il soitcomm, et toutes personrnes inthr.ror sent par sea presentes soomet. an nnm de 1' etat de li Louisiann at de Ia Cour de Paroisse, nqui poomaient anoir srotit A In propriete ci-oprts seote, e conseruene dc'un dlo itet se fonrmse dass I'os(tls, le leeoret on le jugement deIs ! ouor, en vert sdquel la vente a te tosite, on de tonte irrlib;larite oi illqgoliit dsans I'estimation,ltovis on I tempo et le mode de I lvents on ponr uneij e otrecansesuleoqne; de laire voir, dans trest cjours a dater do lea plnhliation dIe cente acvi, poniuluoi la s vnte e iusi fits lie escrat pas confidtee et hotologuae, S l.a propri6th fit vendue par le sherif suodit, lb qga torzihstme bour d'avril de l'annbe 11138, n vertu d lot declet do cette cour Ie 5 de fhvrier 'do l'aoloe 1838, st soa I'ltsire d'Alexnhder Caldwell, contre Janses I anse, No 1110,367 du docket do cette Cour, A l.iqaelle vento le dit James Ilause s'est rendu acqaureer pour t o Iprix de $21,000. UDescriptsion dea Propriet(ld'aprsl IntraiiferJudiciare, Snvoir" Up nertain Ist di terre situf ano fnuhonrg de PAnnon Scinetin ilias Lswourseo de cette vilb, dons Pilot No 5, Hlo dit lot tie terre nynnt [mesuro fro yoso,) sisoIxsete pfleds le fste h In rue Tcllonpitotlos troiseeo t peds c de lace Int run dos t rangers, et soixsnte pieds eo le fiic . la fagadoede In rue du Mldrch,deo d.rte que le slit lot de terre a soixnnte pieds de largeur d'no bout sde I'ilet I'antrerensemblne unse nioon fesant fa.e ; la rue Techonpitotdas, I cuisine et sen dIi pendnuresainsi qiut e In dtisillerie eonetruite our le dit lot, et nutres hii tw sses et amslirtiortins; lee machines, uetensiles, instal talions, &e. appolr'enant A Ina die distilleric, oeosslD6pnd ntt snces, ppartenances et les drpits, actions et privilhgeo ,b- v ap.ptt anot. i trana tie greffier, Nolvelle Orloans, le 7 MaIi, 83. as m1,24&j3 J. OLIE I) Dputl Crolier Royal College of Physicnal , Inc.cfmudon. T HE original Vegetable lHgeicnc Universal Medi- i I lne, relmriIl IY W iV iskii, Euml. Meiec ofI the Ii1'al ollege oif Src yIcons, Licentiite of A pi the earey's Lompamy, Fellow o Holt Comer Society, Surgeon c to the Royal Union Pension Asociation, Lcanca.crI Place, WaVterloo Bridge, and Perpetual PuIil of (u)y' mcl St. 'lThomas's Ilosplitids, Lonlon. This valualmle medicine, the result ol'twenHly te:ars' experience nuil unlrallcleed success in the extrllivei acl lighii respectcble Ictieioe of tlile n'clijletlct, picteo ncisd by thce iieulty slcc nobililc', cciisciow h'irohlcc, to thie notice of the tmerican pichlic, at theeane c so licictlio fl at number ot gatlemen of itoin and It igh smiulitg in die prollssion. It is hoIltl, as t pwrlii nary step, to check tihe evils and litciI ensl euet'cleS :rising from thie ciw. of Lile lllllctrs :sadi dceletclniS ncscmins bi ied upon the public I lhc aid of ihcricedt , proofs of mitracnulcns tesl ci, a tnd tl't'f chls, bi a si t e IIl ell ." tll l lllplll et urlet.endersi , iso lIIu l ihgllno 'tll o . ditnitd cinc. that it inpossi 6blh ith lconllcrous hdelhtmin clo any ccci er igo down lc ith tle intclllenti oplce oill this country. T'hcs' pills, mild cui l g'r,.e,,h aIl hcihc ilatlre, .llulcI bIe kepti i T.- namil) i caseMi of d'dnill. its, for, Ic their ic omlpt Ii hntnciti l clhohll, crlolls, alln's, fevelrs, :lllc otl Ilatlr gF IImplcinti, litch to i lifte p iroile cial, Iay lbe spei, IJ cr-ld or pil touted. I i lter, all lthoet who) vlUee god lheMlth, shlld sIII e.r be withoult thelll. "hv Illrem ob, in llp.k.ts t :', centsc . ,Ii ac d ,- ea chc , hrby e lry retper Itle dirgist, h tokst lier, and "nelldlr of medicine i U itId .ielsil et ce i Canlasi, with coplc s cc lectluns, tc.llelLr with cumFinnials of c.ofB.siccal :icilith frm, Ile follaming ethinent genllemen: Sir .stle, .Cooper, J others. The originals mazor be sects iu possession of the .I. +I.. i*, Il', A 'ra 0.cicc.c . ccll, B Ilr (;rlld llAgent, y whom the ll millci' e is il'mport into this cu11niy, ml to whom all npplications i'oaglnci must he tlads.. JNO. IlOI.Ill:IN, 129 \V:,,trly 'Place, ,. York, Sale General Agel t lfr the United States, Uc.l v Sw'cAIN c1 ItcIiciraTnc , Drlc ggits, Nlo l t Canal 't'loec .-.unlaI Agen.ltstr Sttlthue of Lnutlsinova. tUt t x ! I.-w rCceivlig from ships Nadardle, Louis.ille, Kn cwkll , En.lgl, oll other lite alcrlcvls lDctlr :h ciiie " ;.cithern citiesc, a tinge al c c new seleied assoroenlct cccictiiccc o ci g intk ec's line cclf acd Mcorrco ioos o 2d 2 ality; dio blilll, aned stont wl+x lpeg~ell boons , veariousclties; men's foll calf seal land c rllltlo. er ll pups slill brogaus, huckskin shoes, brogans ail slppeas; menn'shne call' asd kipped po.igrlgedahos ln I; li boots; lldo stoult kip at wlax pegged se a il; gectl.mi n' best qulity calf cewed shoes, biogans iad lack lowninga; to calf and Morocco c ickle shoes and hrogxns; do calf, seal still Mic.c.o" I dian shoes EaI scli ppers, do cnlf, bulf anu seat wngs, a +few article; dlo ine elfl se.l nuci moriocco qucartet Ot;, I ices', nissc'alld clhildren's picgIed and sllewed lct eOgcns, ind shoes of eiver qucicil and kmid. Also a general assclortcint ocf men'cs c tcnt wax andl cr crt c hrogans and shoes, tog ether wiikh 10,liK) pair, I' c Iost quality, rc cetit wInogmcs, nailed in the it is, mlade exprlessly for cplantllatil useI a good Is. ci cctme of men's ienl anll stout kip cssett bcrogans, I ew artile,iuc c ccgc quancity ofi cl l iferiiorl qulil. -r sset nlld wax brogltlU. Icdics' fine calf, meld, morcoo and grain wetisc, mal piunIp soe shoes; to fine French lMorocco acll ki rnll ccnul slippers; do romi shoes, with and without heels; Ib dlcf, seal ant stout luelher.iootees; do Preinela shoe I lall kinds and qalities; do lastinu brogansl ; o gaitier ccncit foxed bootees. Misses'estingspr'lg shlsttanl on ,gcms. Children's colored Moreoco and lasting bro g' .s and boots, tee. ientlemcnc'sfinefshicunble black silk hats; io black m ldrab biaver do of ai superior quality;do imiatiion iu ram do; brhead and nsrrow brim ccmn's line dnb tiold lack Rlcsia dhort inppied htcs, a new article. Yorthse ' ice ;e size hitcs of diflerent qualities; 1o eildren's. 1r clnd bhcy's b clalckc and drclh wool hats of vcrious slu ies, with general assortment of boys' aslid men's 'lIes assollment wcill Ie replenished hy the arricval of eacl ipacketlrom the aoove amed ecities, ail of which SilU le sold on accommodating terms. aug i-tf Mt iN''AGiUE'S H.AL.M FOR THE TEETH. T Hehiicilishediriputcitcniacdcecnstcutlylicc rea ;nc servative of ithe teeth, has induced the subscriber offer it to the American public. Arraigements ive lbeen made tid supp igents in all thd principni citie and towne in tie United States, so as io place it itlti t.e reach of those sufflering nd likely to suflfer his ios harassinig of all ache, Tcooth-ucie. When applied acehlrdiug to dcirectins given on bhttle it hs neier fitile to i'rd immediate ind llllent relief. It also arress ithe decuiv il defuctiv" 'tee, ai d relieves that snreness wchichso frequentl, renders a strong tooth useless Thi app lication recteily are simplce, innocent, an not unpleasanti; and the acgce ntubcc r of ecrsous in different sectios of th colntrc , that have alrenad experienced such dolighthf aedLsalutIrv eflIacs 'rom the use e ofithe Bl, am read y to hear (io the public zioo) their testimonv to its un rivalled qualites. It is ao eliia reimedy, obtained singlcharly and unexpeect'dlyi and ct Ie r'egeardc, .iy ithe civililzed wld i s the ac t ic 'valuableh discoveryi i redll of IthIe ciwoods. lriea'l per botl.h Sold by JAIRVIS & ANDREWS, mi 5 __ Cor Common and.'cchaplitoulcs ie,. EW BOOKS-Naval Sketch Booki, ithe Service l Afloatand ashore. With characteristic reminiscne ees, feragimets aid opinions. Ily the icuthor of rales ol i' T'ar, &c. second seties, inh vils: hcialdom lllitecollectioi of it Icusi ofiCommilions, fron the year 183i0 to the close ofi 18l3lncluding perso nal sketches of the leading members-by one of no par y,jusct iceived an c f or sale by__ V I 'c icKEiAN, ( 1RtlWEi.i., an Hlistorical Novel, by the uthor eo cl"The iBrothers," &ce. in 2 vols. IPopular Medicine, or Famil Advisor;, consisting o Octlcllh, Iof A catomyP, Physiohi.y, u.l Hygiene, Wil llceh Ini's cit clie acrtice i Phys'lc ic, Snrger, and tcle disracrcs of womUie andi children, ns may prov use ul in Hccmilies when regular physicians csnoI ic e procured: beiing ct ecc paniu ani l guide Itr ineIlliecnl principals ciii nctllcti'.icocies, hliios, sacd bloiiiclucg school, travellers;i and I usesl skeletch for iyouiii, nllc c llhei l' ig 11e c study ofmed'icioi. liy iRentll Ccc cs, c . I. feier Pullc v's Iniiversal Ifist.iry i t the bases of G(eoraphy, falr Ihl use of liunili^ , ýilustrtetd !yv .uap, iunce ii'l i d ein '2 colh nc t rca l cl d fierhsle i' W IieKEc c c'tN, t ccr Ctp nnd Comnidn sls. N(iTiCEw.-Tc ..u.eccf s'verl ,e,.cl-an ii cze marked .Madanin V. Artiquencave per ship Grton, fromn Naw York, is hcruey no't il thtdse have brew stoc'ned by SIE'I'StlN, AVK '& C(). " ccci i O li 1e. "{ritonl JrSTPUBLISHED fl P, f lgflY P& LJflRe ROWLETrie TABLEE OF IT.Ft.reRn: Nor Swhich is nw a ded an Average Time Calenlta tor, or eey methods for finding the average time We on storage, notes of homl or bills' of goods, when pur- by ohnaed at different dotes, on dtiffertmt eredits, anmc for variosml moont s hesidlel astefoul a complete lanking Th Time 'a'de, the beot lhat ann he cotlrived,. r that fi gures ca lt,.duce within the same onlde.lcud compass, and inze ofotype. o An as.vertisement in thebook is in nearly the follow ig words: TI 'thehigh distinction this work Ihs received through the ten legislative acts prefixed to the title oage, is a re comnmtole tion in itself, so mnoommon,, and so eonclu sive, tho t nohing is neoeesary more than by way of ad vertisement,-to give a ondensed view of some of its pe- t euliaritires: ak forinstane, the Itetrest s been eompos- o ed from,and compared with, what is erquivaleotto fomu- Ci teen setsefenlouulatione, examined in the pressthirt-h C five times, and printed trom .terentype plates tested Rc thirtyty-one times, from all whichll it must be evident W even to the Skeptio (especially on Iho ipeonal ofthe de- pe toil foof iof u the prefame)that the work most be orith- Ri oetieally infallible, and in confirmation ofttis beliefs Ft premium of two hundre, and fifty dollars, is now offer- W ed for the deteetion ef an error'ofoa tent il the present il or fifth edition, as expressced in tle preface, makog five Pt large pwemioens offhted for the same error sincethefirst N pnttliotittnin the'year 1102. One of the most eonspicuous features of the 'tables is ip the arrangement of the Time amuld·mo unts, which N for expeditibon, reference ondperspiemity, with the hel le ofthe side and indtex, cannot be edee)led ;and the safty ty andt eat with which the intercel can be foundtothe extent of getneral businese, withont doubling of sums is besides a conveniene so essintial, that in the estima- in tion of some oi the most competent and practial bsni ne se men and public officers who have mde great use 01 of the work, it has been distinguished bytho honolable it appellation efofa "master ptooe". And considering b the itnfalilibily of the method originally adopted in o composing the wodk, and the extraordiuary number and I Svriety of the examinations, and tests of eery edlition it g has passed in the press, eotwithqtanding the whole isin g stereotype, considering, in shfirt, the positive accuracy secured by the unpreeedented means emlloyod, the v0 lumtee him been helo uo andil emphatically styled "the most wonderfol hopk In the weslk;" most certainly no man can nmmes figure work of the anme extent, which since the beginning ot ereation, has had the same num h ber aoud vriety p" tests in tle same number of editorst no, nor one hlalfthe onumber, as is clearly shown in the 11 if prelkee. Rileodes, astest and standard, ithas been tried e and proeed in nearly all the bank and public offices in the t United States, and by the publie gonerally, during the Slong period of thirty-five rears, yet no error of ihe cal rclations has ever ieen fmmod in print, althongh continu ntly challeged by the offer of very lare premiuCts. .The in hfact expressly alopted by all the courts o e oflaw cl several of the States as the "rate ofcalculatlon for statute interest," as also by law for bank interest, according as the book is used, and as may he seen in s part. by ..,o names of the subscribers, and a few of thie l subsequent trehasers, inthe liot atheeod of the book, isin possession efevery elos'eof citizens in every quay to of tle Unit ed States. I S It ismoreover well known that, by its rearl}y check, t it hae so oftec deteted large e.rtos, long nfter tiey were I ie sde, even by the most caret'el and most competent twithmetic:ins, t1at its .usefuhless, and the absolute ne Scessity for its tuse, have been extensiyely insisted up1.0, I t so evident, inceed, have been its advantages, ant its Is, savings, that, severrl ),ears ag, whilst the first edition P was wcarce, and out of print, a great httmber of'sreond ( to handl copies were sought for, some to a gre, t distanoe. ar nd purcrased at various prices, as they could oeension lily ho picked up at from $10 to $25 per copy, and , some persons have recen.Iy declared, and tintantes could he quoted that they would pay $50, $100, sand $50)0 for a copy, f not to be had for less, and on individual 5, in the latter instance partiavlarly, having at the same tie iime rxitibited satistactory,proof, to several personspre i sent tlht to him it ias really worth that money' and ito morethlough the saving nof tie very valuable time, he to beion a very rich man nd ih publie offie. it t is likewise wortby of notice, and indeed prolwr to I impre,ss, that such is the nature of fige work generally and aspecially when of the extent alnd imloltance of tltheseta los, tlhatd this book orits like been prepar - ed iln the usual manner vlone, by the most uompetent ealculctor in the world, and afterwards printed most es antiouly under his own correction of proof dleets, it . woul, almost to a certainty, hove been nlleti fio re frelec,allnd dear tt ally price, ics the prefice darlicu - Iurli explaitis. Blt sailt'rfeet and vainable have the s atelreyte plates of this wonrkllkten lmac, that tIaceer i- thlenl, withtheir illlnmereu IIand exrordinarv examlnitn S tionsaogainst fire, for the greeral benifit, they are (by he- dvertisninut) constantly kept in a ipice of speeiat lol saliet), exctpt while iiori ini rinitinig. cot' Ample diieltiotls to find lilh Ibaks and statute intar i'' rit with useful .otes, follow tihe Ipllreee, wlich, in this fith as ill the two Ipreelillng editions, conltain muchI in ' ferl utioii c.Oleirnilnge t two lawfuil modes of compllt tug -ilter t, trie days If glec I heoc ke. to It re toll tiio iaiiienoikthcit, ihotwitlhstndiig this ' iiiteonllllnlycostly woirk, which was:l blibedhelire -ll interest tUllb s wern illtrolluc.l in ilollats anlld cenlts Ie y'gh dinalhmllIiiiii hiaelIoetll itnI'liiivt'ih asllsoliberally iltrtlniwtd, it bIes not et iso iuch as paid with intere'st. lee heall loss of nieltl four tholsaedl dollars, hesides ls six , earot'. time filom 1"799 to 1805, vustnined oil tiefilrs al ,tilion of 7 (eA 0)o , "ar) ig cshied, romn its phlich - 10 tirol litdttinl, l itll no te priCe,) ti" i say nlothillu of llt ciiieiCt ioii or irofit fo r l ntlr a liti-tinle of srre, i,,il, 'ti dis,,lrn. lntISul ifgenrosity of the public flor n collilu 'It oiel of r't.efr.osid al etrorgi. .r'.iule by il'. I , ;,.,k, Vli s in he Iiotle St-ales. .iI i.' ;tIS NEW Wt IItK,&c.-T _ 1'h1 iiwucrie'n i etl Fhn'la I, by the authorof"A Yetr in Spain," i I.Nolel, Itteduf Wni..n, in2 vols. The f1ou111 Wifs's (look, it iiin l a morll roli ,re eiv 1 fiiir ln e hy' WXM. 31"KRAN, DOCTOI)R JOEINiON S1- is.e .onsl.] 'cnitenily ait his oflh'c, 11. .4 let.rnl (l isetr,!l nlllt r e l ptbhi.e stre.tI , or the tnrvlvi t o"f a rrtin cla. oof dielicate diseae. FI'(llir lOr. JoI.Ihn,, exlleice olpportulity inll lIo.l i of hlle ost ceIlhbrbtllld H 'iatliils in ffrope, ex'lusi.e ly dlevld, to ile trIan,enti ol venlrie l and Sa philhit rnalalunut..; and nl;r IrImai rr.rir!OrleC of five y'ntlir in LNow York, daring wbtieb tilne I r. col...,eel his prat ilce ,e toll th treatmenlt Of Ihose li.llea.t with nure. eny of A he folluweill c.ul!,lnidtt in from ,5 to 211) Lth..'wilolit inijuri.n tht.olluitulltion by mereury' or Ianvotll.lltr ,Irl1tcrius mdnriue. iGhbuoribh,., Glet, Jer, Iihenv, Pro.mite Ilbu ulnn ani n, of tihose nunler on u train of allctienius, whie genurally follow neg,., - rd or ulal-tremled a.i'es of Venerial. Scraofloua sUres, ul.rn'ted leob, ai,, wrllms, removed by a simple sleth uo of tretuuint, without restriction in diet,or interrup tillo 1io111 I+ll::illc s. l'arsotu re'idinl in the eauitre andl who fiel deli cnte their faIily pliteviein, Iby seillg a atllt.'iert lit Ileier cale by letter u lost paid with fees enclosed call hlnve I. .I..hnsoua's ,dviae, for their own Ireatluent, with mediciae, lnecessary to be 'teld, forwar deid. Serate offices provided where patulients can never euome n countlle with eaeh other. Attelldarcefront morning uutil night, at 143 Custom ilouse street. I'Colluusilllionts stricady eonflideutial in ll eases. 'dB 13 f IYL t k MAY, Honuse, Sign, and t)rnmelata lailllnters, N. 3 Clurwadele street, two doors from (Jdal treet. mitations o tilhe followin; wrools and sltlrles,,e ecutld in a mlesterl) mnnaer. wol111s MAn II LEN. Mllhogany, Egyptial black and gold, Oak, Giallt and Antico, Puolldl do, Oriental or verd antique, Curled do, Jaqlepr, rlel uMaple, Ilbodu Slone, Birlds tFye rn, D)Iuby Granite, Satin Wood, Potonmuc, Hair Wood, I!ove or Blrdello, Yew Tree, Italian White. Coromandle or lilack Sianna antd Braclells, Rose Wood, Atlericmn Grey, Ashl White Oak, ke. be. he. Curled Elm, Specimens to be seen at the shop. Paints, 'ils, glass, uopal varnish, kc. oil ka.d ndlor slle. mt IitON,STEEI. & HEAVY lil001iS--linat, sqere nnd bunlle ironll, well asorted. Iloop, scroll and rod iron, nail rods and plough Cute, German, shear, blisterll, sping, sheet and Crowley steel Hollow ware, cut anl wreusht ltilt t.d spikes Zit-, I.blaok tin, mill and grt'lld alrIs, salt kettlels Chain cables, ancllehors, ioes Ox, log and trace thaion, torn mills Auvils, vices, l.Immlersa ld bellows Wite, sheet,pig and bar lead; shot Coal, and cooking stoves Ames, Itowltad's aed other lsamdes adll shouvls Hoklm and plate hinges, door and wildow hooks Collins, Hnd Sharlls, ani, other axes I'ar'd and Mntilla cordage, lines and twine Halt tnlld sheuthiig uooppel Ntvtal stores Pilat., linseed aad thetm oil A full lsiortment of hardware andl slhip chandlery always on huand, ad which tare offered for sale at wnhe aale or retail, on the tnost favoerable telrns, by mA I.tlYTO)N hk Co. 53 Obl Levee. BARROWGATE SPRINGS THREE DAYS JOURNEY FROM NEW ORLEANS. T HE proprietor of Iltis estallishment has the plea sure of annlouncing t his friends ull the public in general,tlat lie will lie in readinesby the first day of May to receive visiterse. lb will nlso slate foir the be nefit of those at a distance, that there have beHn large improvements made, and others nole going on and in rapidl progress for completion, ahich will enable the silycr her her to aenulld.. ,,lte a lmulh larger number than heretufOtr, alld at the same time much better. 'Faulille can be accemnuaoalled , ith good rooms. or thboe who pe.ler can have large aebins detached from the ynibi building. It is deemed ttumnceescry to say anything in partieua lar of thl chlarueter of these wlaiers, fe it is generally believed that they are nat inferior tI any il the South ern Slates, All tie ateUSeoenats that are generally found at Waterini Places, will he £lund at thin. Tile Iest micti that lthis part of th eouhtry affords, has been elgaged.anti will be in clstent attendance at the Sprints the whole teact,.i '1 lie subselibl will avail bimselfof this opporlunity ill returning his unfeigned thalnk for the very liberal iupport riven hinl lat season. anlld hopes hv the exer i..- t!ht have l,.e e ollde i, i iltproving andl extelilng i, ,ac,ommodatious, to mtrit a liberal lltrn,.ge tilt ;ilest-I Isl'liit. J O KAM..01. T 1' JHE L..A DIES. A 'KliiNSON'S DEPILI.A'I'T ltY, for rmnovinllgu l . perliuus hair froml the f.e, nectk nod arms, with au.lil llaely and certainty, leaving de skin lintr anll wtliiiter lhUbire ace igpt'li.eatin. A freit otupply jist -ecelved it iUION'S No I Et,.bu.e Hotel, cornera' St ['harl. . and Commn I ,Ire t.. a., t M nTh Ale 1DIISIWET Nbrke~ail, gas Diirleef' ,y at 12 It. losfAer Every d ry at d0 A. M eer Mail, D every ndy, Wednesday an ?eknr Ma| Ftday, byS, P.M. n way of lb Clones every Monda,. Wednenda Coaslt, and Saturdany, by 9, P.M. The.e. ailI D avr Tueday, Thursday, an Thre lvae .. turday, Giy 5,P. M. SC es every Monday, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF AR!lIVAL, DEPARTURE DISTANCE &R. of the Express Mail, hetw'".n M6oila ant New York--leaving Mobile daily at 3 P. M. Netkwar New York daily at 5 P. M Southward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. Time. Ietun'g lontgonmery, Ala. 2 l. 19 a's 23 h 12 inm. Columbus, Ga. 111. 81 91 3a.m Milledgeville. Ga. 2 133 141 2p.m Colombia. S.C. 7} am. 163 17 1 Raleigh, N C. 5; 215 22 12 Warrenton, Va. 12 m. 55 It , Peteraburg,Va. 10 pm. 83 10 9e.m Richmondm,Vs. I am. 21 3 6I Frederickeburg, 8 67 7 I p m. Washington cty, q pm. 6 6 5 Baltimore, 6 38 4 04 Philadelphia, 6 amn. 10)0 11 2 New York. 2 pm. 90 84 1305 143 h. or d 23% Northward. Coming Southward, the time in six bours less; being5 days and 17 hours. TEN DOLLARS REWARD. I ANAWAY from 169 Carondelet earner of Hevia I sltrets,on Ithe night of 30th of August, and was seen ihe next minndng in Plydrsa stret, a s ogr boy named CHARI.ES, about It years of oge, neal 5 ta or thereubootsin height,ver bhlak, and hsean impeln sitent in his speech, one of his legs in sore, occasioned by a recent hurt; ie had on wien be wont away a white cotton or linen shirt and white colon pantaloons. Masters of vesrels and t.eam boats are cautioned a gainer receicing or harboring said negre, as well 0 aOit other peorsons, as the utmost rigour of the law will he enforced against them. The above reward will he pail fordelivor:ing him into any of the jails of either of the municipalities, or at 169 Carundelet, comer of Heeri steet. tapt OTICE--'be copartnership heretofore existing 11 under ths firs of D)uboia & Garsetso, has been dissolved. The subscriber will liquidate the afllhir s the concern in this city, and requires all persons indeb - od to make payment to him only, and all thosehlving claime, toeresent themo lfsettlemeant. aeo tl-t H UARRETS4 I w. W,. SWAIN. No. ll1Cmad $reet Nese Orleane "'AS alvais on hand .:.t.antly It receiving Dre. 1 A Dyes, Chemieals,and Pante,among them are ollownit 0 DRUGS. DYES; Antimrny, erNud, Argols, retd, do regulut, AmUatto, Sp.a/ Arsaeio, crude, Alum, do Imwderd, lle.iltlette woom r ialeam uolavia. Cochineal, Borax, raDo e, Colperas, Americean do refined, Cupbear, drimaetone, crude, Fostie, Taempleo, dto roll, do ubas, do flower, do Maine, IBirmutb, PrenCh berries, r Cnatoroil, Indigo, Benogl, Cream tsrtar, do Manilta, t Cantharides, id Carraceas, Gum aloes, do Gltamalta, do Ambie, Logwood, Campeebhy do aogsfnitlds0 io St Dominge, a do amoniae, do Jamaiea, I do bonzuiu, Camwood, i do otal, rough., Madder, omhio, ,e do teraped, Nineragua, Ronaire, Ito do S Amerieo, do Core, I do camphor, anrea de Maroeaib ie do reh.a do Hache. do gaiosam, CHEMICALS. t do kito, Aclr, nitrous, ly do mnauia do murintie, itd og iure, do malphuric, t i tielln Bluevilril, s.i . enegal, Cslomol, ip. at ,do mdes, .nrom ive stliomsth, it qtdo tragacti. , hloride of lime, - G.mbtge, itplom salts, t- Juniper erries, Amelioas,Aluar caustic, lie do do Foreign, Red preiptitat, e, re Magnesia, EBntlith Rl ahelle anlt, N- do AmneoUtr4U oil ohroimat I)otels Itt c orta, Salip pot". itlt.oee Itall, Sugar lenR, s- Oil clove% Sulllp ze, his d iae, Sallp qilnline. in- dtberygniot, Tartar emetio, tt- do leion, PIAIN'CT--Rlsel to 1Cptettwaitil Dice, is Ihtl ( wttian, Ch.otmle vt.low, dry, e tio tpcawx,t do ilo lte 1 tIc tollap, .do green, dry, Ily ti litpmrire, ts do in il, t tdo ithltrlsh, E I larItla)c. E nglih, es do sInct, id l,ermnlto. Itdo serAp virg, L.ithnrge, oingtih, I, d.ttsrsutp mwtinels, do Amtoieea in id drn eaterst, Patri white Yatglidt, il, s.n nisi, t Atlerictn he do werni, IRed lead, Pltter* u l: do eo;,hunm.m h, do G(:tasllaker, do cienndt, SsIn rbrou n, ItI, 7.-glidt,. e. do fmniedcle, do do Ameries I,, thanugkr, do groand in oilt Sjo ttg enorY , E Yncu. red iengli, da). .I f., A.Iot, do Atenriolt,, li tNite, iotlo Yt etillint,, Ctitntee, io dti ro-fell, tnrdsgri,,iy,, Swttto laen, tAiI dois groat. pt h ti i toi littlia, tte do rti'ttet'. Stotp, Sbi |tdeer, I aglalai, I\ hitr rdt, dlt, Ant tis 1 l3 o d i A m." 'ic , d " E.nglih b, do (hatile, a grottnl in or Qticksilvter, Amt wlrrantcd pure. CAPTAIN MARRYATI'T: NEW NOVELS. RatUin the Reefer, by the author of Peter Simple, A. in nw s. 'nnmmt, iaor e Winterr et Schlo, Hni',field in I.nwe Styrva, by Captain lnsl Hlall, Royal Nary, F. L .,in I vol. .ord Roldan, a romance. by Aaon Cunningham,1 vr S-heopartd Leew. v':t:, y h io.etif, iu vols. A Compendious 1.1.e.:, cf jtnd, translated from the originnl Ittneou, ', nathaniel Gdrene, in I vol. for ming No, 79 of Iiper.' FEamily Library. Vols. 3& 4 ofl~, tnew re:he,te and c nefurm edition of Wa.nhr ..c r :r.'e's IVnte. tRogr's FInre. and Cnrglfrh Di mry. in I tol, 3re Nlycagee Frnevc .oeZ inrtf4 D Dcnmmoe. ALse--A few imoro trnon.lof Oumlmne Phrenology "RhKlmi." Large Psrve.Oe', Compwees ofenperlor qua iv, with hins, lilliard Biulleofl 21-4 ansod 2 1-2 inches dillott's improved metalic Pens,japnned papers, weights &c. &C. &e. Just received, and for sale by m31 BENJ. LEVY. SPAIN REVISITED,&e. &c. PAIN REVISITR), &e, by the anther of 'A year Sin Spnin,' in f evole. Traid ofe ndeaNraeh'er,ae fnerally applirable to the Aboriginies of North Anlmica; by Turaer, Eeq Svols. The I'Plidical Gramntar, of the United States, or a c'mplate view f the t.enife and practiec of the genera and state governments, with the reeatien betweee themn --lediealed and adapted to the yeng len of the Unitedl Stateso, by E DMansl.etd, .iq. Nimrod'e Heiden' Tdfrt interspersed with character istie anecdotes, sayings and deth t ofsportint men, in eldnling notices of the principa! oroob ridere t England with lealytical contente, and general index of namest volumee. rot TCUllt cUE O Srofula or King's Evil, Chronic Rheumatism, Chronic Cutaneous Dis- Paine in teo Basones, by free, eases, on ue of Mercury the tlood being in vitiated etate. This very concentrated Syrup is prepared with the greatest pharmacetiel ceeand an curaey,and contain the active priciple of Suroeparil.a in the tnoat canoen tranted degree, combined with ether vegetnble substance of known elicye7. The great desaderatum with phgyicaes in being abl to exhibit a large qontity of Sarapnrilla in a roma dose, has been obtaiaed in this peplrntion--they, being fully convinced ofire tnths, eonlldently adiioster the course of their practice. Pric. $1 50 per hlm're. Sold only at SWAIN BROTHER'S dr.g store, No. 1 ]Canal etreet, whe" may be hall,fresh sed genuine, dirtc tfrom the prerfrie tors, Swaiem's Par.acen and Ver.oifuage Potter's Ci.taoli con, Carpenter's .epartiuns, and a large and genera enrrteiat of fre -A du.g, en4 PHINOCK'S ROMIR, Ac. P INNOCK'S I!P"?/OVED EDITION OF DR tGoldsmith's Abtridgrieet of the History of Romu to which is prelred an Introdutaioneto the Study o. Rotan History. and .t great variety of valuable infeor motion added t..r.,i::it thi work, on the Manners InstitutiEns and ABrtuluties of the Romans; with nu morous biographical an.v historical Notes; and qitea tione for examnt.tilm at the end of each tection. II lustrated wit. thirny en."uvinsre on wood, by Atherton PIueioans Improvedn Etithon o Dor Goldemith'e History of England, rmin the Inrasion of Juliusa Csar toethe death of George 2d, with a COeantinouation to the yea 1232. With queetions for exatination at the end it. each section. Bresldee a variety of valuable inferet ion uddded throughout tthe work. Consisting of table af noutaeerensy Sovereigne and eminent persona CopiEus explanatory notee. ltemarka on tiae pll tile, ananner and litereatre of the age. At ontline, the Constitutio., &ec. &e. illustratedb y magy egao GUYs' ELErxnnFTs O AaTIROunOeI and a Aoridgmen of Keith'e Newe Treatise onthe UIse of Globes. New Atneroan editron, with additions and improvement net an expiation of the astroaolnieal part of the At riean bAlhnanac. Jnst retiived and for sale by WM M'JXEAN nv 24 corner of Cemp and.omton aete HARPER'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. II OlRACE,tranetated by Phillip Fmnel, D D, with San aipeldix, eonttoioitg troattlona of variuans odes, &re. by Ben Joutlu, Cowley, Milt*n, Dryden Pope Addison, Swift Chatterton, Gi Wakefield, Parees Bryna, &e. aod some of the nuoreelnioent poets of th day-and PHEDiRUS, with the aPpendix ao Guditn tranela led by Clwistophier Sturt, in 2 vls iforming volumes 18 and S19of"Hnrlcer's Clas'sical Library 'Ih' Expeditioa oif ttlltl lt'" Y L'CI.NKEt, by Smuollett, iM i), willt a lltlomlll"i of tile Authot, by Thon u.t.o ..oem, Re., -l w e.liti..t, wi, lltrel.ues, by O. THE 3lPSY; a Tlde, by the authot ef albchelins Mary lofl? urgundy," &e., tmw ndititO, J eats unapi, PAUL 0LIPFORD;by the autler o "pelha, The Dit t.d" 6&oh li e velumet I of ttte new e. nelt"E aoreCe Cmpiie iCrks. Juntreweived a ale ) WPM MaKbiAN R ACON SiLDES-3i6 casks OCicinati atl !anttlog fns tthtawnee ot -ho. adtd fox uit-.v BOr;iRT & tiAWr

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