Newspaper of True American, September 11, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated September 11, 1838 Page 2
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lYadIipalite lbo. 2. MARDI, 28 Aout, 1838 eeia.dle aimorter palera our l'ordre du maim e Whit, vigt pies roa pour decx oeat qua. JOSHUIA BALDWIN, Recorder. J 1WDecnrme a.rLfnte de suirre O. joo terminoer Io march6 Poydrae, ii eat sy asitet demoure aeutorio6 a con. . a ýensen roonmable pour achever le bMW IF etsux sp ifnaclinas origi 4l. adu.atract olt approuvd -le 2? b ; i i tt en outre rdsolu que M ak ri responnsable do tout , at nid la noi.eo euntion do son JO RI : 'BALDWDL, Recorder. Sttdorl ee eat nt deseturo antorids6 Saper, Longman & Cic. do Philade' ai ai mill neuf ucents iizante quatlm at dequante cents, 6tant la balance a p0or impression des billets de munleipa. qulia remicde Indite comme leur sera faito elyhbiM d bmloqe ion enlettre de change, comma le e tldl do flanace le dIcidera JOSI A BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdusoluqlat iofinW do bent trdnte six piastres ot einquant' centi ot~pfyd ka Dejordeoier et est, ,loit pour tide.bodda pot Lux faite pour cette mu nicipnlild. iSHUA BALIIWIN, Recorder. 4*lI qUl le tr6d ier ~ aet detmnure autoris0 & amplfbybi lta n ascsistant dine con bureau, aux Qappep mntoi deiquante piOutrei par mois. . . ignb, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdabln qae la Somme de cent vingt piatres soilt payee a Victor Cunillier pour trois' mois do travail a bmnrea, do trdsorier jusqu'au lcr du prseont mois. J UA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdsolu que la somme de cent cinqusnte sept gestros et cinqanto ceonts, suit cayde a J. B. marks, notaire, ladite Comlle 6tant oc montant de noneompte junsq'atu lcr du prdchnt main. Signe, JOSHUA BAJ DWIN, Recorder 6reln qci le wharfinger est at domeure autori6d a obUnii'; cihq bbudes emblables a l'6chantillon poui.uIth.8e ceUtt municipalit6. 'uuhslu pti'il'est en outie autoriE ai obtenir do. h eIej 'eae des an res pour chacune des bofdos sus. I ur et prix uivan: leas anocres " $7a, 7 56: par chaque qt; les taeel. de64r2 n pe cheque boudl $8 par J( $* A BALDWM IN, Recorder. , Guffre de P. Cleary, danb sa lettrodu , pour l'ouverture et le dessbchement do`e dan les derrieres de la seconde municipa. litehte pedc; 'est 0 dire pour desscdcheri et erenser hlre den lo r it 2me districts, at sau -filsduo voyer, a 73 cents par ykrd cube; ple lbois, le corder et le placer eommce it eot 6l pear lee spdifieatlioni enedites; $1 50 par ccii, Le toet devra 6tre fait I la natisfaction du vaeint aprei qua lodit Cleary aura lourni edcuritd ielstlla.sten pour I'exdcution do son contrat. Signe, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rseolu que pourassurr uno fourniture frdquento do sable ou terre du fleuve, pour lee travaux pu. blie. de cetlo mupicipalitd; et pour aced!6rcr leo amdleorations Ise ayer est et demoure autoriad . louc ou I faire usage comme dipl1 de nable ou de terre do fleuve, pour lee travaux ordonn6s onu i ordonner dane eettiemuriicipalitd, exigeant ledit d6p6t; un certain esuoce sur l leovee se trouvant entre in pro. logetdldtlt deja ligue du ce.ty d la rue du Canal at 1 9moreongeuoent du sol6 nerd de la rue de In Comelune, *t 0 certain anutre eupace our l. Lev.e formd per le, pclongement du c6td nord etel de 1a Coelrpe, I ligne du cold KEt'de Ia rue de In Nile. Leved.t lea limilts qei adperent ladite Levde de Il popcidt6matuehtlme. t on autrefoia appurtenant SM. COharles Byrne. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdeola que'le voyer eat et demenre autorid6 a a. cheter environ 60 iarile do ehaux pour $40 et de l'employer r amdliorer lea promenades pardoc de coquclj de la place Lafayette, J OSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder f • lmin , t#... "COMMERCIAL. SYo .A ........31 OeWnahinoteo. Ang . 2.....2 Aote ....,...g..29 CLOOinotli, Aug......... 10 Phllullph.o '.-.......l ooioille, Au . It Batmnreo Auog ...........30 St. loui, Aug ,.........21 Sro qoa, .......,31 l.tearerolJauly ....... 21 oo (lx.) ep... 0 Paurim Jully ...... .....21 B2tor.0 ... J ..... 22 Naskvt.....-3 .avre July .........29 b' LXPoI1's LY PO.lsn..ro1014 hlle sco ttono,2 ;.R..EOCIPTS-PRODUCE. Soayoe St 1Pansr Huco llooitlec..oago: g 20t.leoltoe J Wallot; ccodreo, t0 obsette t haoat. PA, ENtE!P+. Peroteamer RltCui-R4!rociog, S ooee, Kitfoen., Jionee Pec aO00u10 Peloovte-A it Roloo lad .,'tr; J Battork, Alnta ond o osne, Hau', MIoatgino. U Letdettux and cev' t, Priolo.Mi DA Herey cod cee'lc, Mm, Daoon, Mrs Iloherte l c are,2eh Ad n I crv't ,M.McC Toehloau bad dhteO, 8ie,, poltoc. I P Cr C lrad.C eotoroa, V Vab -Jed e-~hio md .Ln lu E Gigt. Oov., Jtdge Deury.S N'i : 1. Nio, S J It Hnau C 'oIole bacc.n, R EeliSre.: Cotgor, . 1trraee.' .T Dawcat, L Cowell. $, lksr, O DeArnlc, J tbeand. DBradforbd. Powell. ilH gtley, JIf Pory, J Largoau, H 91o1ooeue, It Lacdoatcoy, A Solier.JS Lcprler, J L Lewis cod ceov't, MEMORANDA. Now York, Sept 1-Arr. brig %lVdliooly, Chlurhill from New Orleansship Hlbeaooille,Coeeelt, do; brig Atfred Taylr,, C Qtwa, do...., ie lame 3ioo$ SII*9 S Lo Id4 lost-met steamers Gen Collier ct meouth t Spohoct Lake Prtoviden. ood tCaor between Nitoltchc god heTirbtg. t'ttadolphicB t I-Arer sclar PoRtIloto. 16 ltofrom Now Ortoontt hriegUlie 5km. Shelton, 13 ha froom Neto Olobo.; coke HeloteFeclder, Caboo, So days froot Nw t Orleane; Rol ieIhecoid,*euiobte.. Sepit:t-Ct'dthip Chbater, for this Pyttc . Tke shlht Lt James, was apuhn on 4th Aug.. heore for L.oodot.. 'BAVANI0AII MARIET. SrPt. 1. CO ON-Arrived ointe 30tth July, 5171 bales Up lccd.oed balestSlolood. Cleared omme lime, I 193 hales Uýlhtedittnlo 107 otate S Ito'and, leaving a clock on hont, ciueluaeie of oil ont othiebtord not clear ed oo3IetSa j .A.,.of 1771 balm Upland red 22 t oles Sea Islldd We r4·nc eoperiened ton uouttolly ehll monthf in Ocurl ootlc mtpoket, siteo ottr Iaot, and! to few mtles hove beon R deelino oflt-7a3-4 cent upoo Ithe lower quolitips. Ofgmol the o tleritg etea4 ia light out prices wcwllýoagoeeted-tbhe sle durin g the mooth t ntttt to 4d99bill. as followr: 341 t8 .?1" 98 at 9 58 9 i.% 31 .9 7-8;87 at 11934-37fa112 1-2., In; Sea helmlt "leqa oor period are 5 thiet at 31 tattttO PU!T OF NEW OR.IEANS. CU!AiLANCEA. Ship MuHoL. Loeorpal, LI (totl Ship linehoib. Croshy Logeoc. J W Zrhlerie 0 co lik 4lepeP, Alfveo, CoopeubbY, J W Zorbarkool co ARRIVALS. ISaelt olcomtr Heettrille, Jordor, from Byoum Sarc. Smtar i R icc, Kennett, from St Loato. gle.b alekhwl Hledooe. oHrin. from the Peliao. towed tip hwkee elo, LeftNK PoshclhigohratPM-ottYolttinle 0el, oiI ghol to alp a60g. ship". ship Herold had bheen e Ll d steored for uSWPrcl. 1tSoef e lh pco. wAaole, tram B W, Pte-towod to oeoehlp tbcrk lttw Sle. trig Cothacrinoe ad otor UcokIc, Oelpew totownt Spkh c.oft the iBar9th lat. chip Yorohn"tsinhe d rek Pac, hot r0000l gat io until the .treeoq.N>SI b text tll South Ccotlinta sill below the Sar Sonedts PJdred., 20 dt from Philcdelphio. to J D Aj d?4(t--A Book Bindcoo-noo need apply but V orkman. Wih M'IOnEAN, warer of Camp & Comcmton ate. C ! 1f3-10 Casee, eoopritine heoro 0000lr0 Jt ee hLoavy aor1 twoet.owtllot and e cot f0 lioOo hevy btee strtpt C diltttp pnottolooao, Ioodlnnco cilp CoocerdiS, for sale by ISAAC BRIoLLGE i CO. 0gyi. 134 Mogozihe ot. AI AV A OOVER-150 bogs in dlote, and for 5ItO, S1ATER & TRIER, t45 Poydro e reet. os t tilol, or nolohe aTER40 P& TRIER. 1I Blho to.&-72 SmeOO,CentalniSgoe R ' C BayS Gloe hip aced Cl biepsopor super lgt hroeenr, womn IM, mt hilds"" twat pegged bro ei bnot!, ghlldtoe from Pelp Plto h ISAAC BJUlh(8R & CO, " rspl)174 Magazine street. |it TIRUE AME;WrIAN° EDI'rSED itY JOMt tISO.GN. FAITPfUL 'AND BOLD. NIrEW ORLEAN.v: TUEStDA Y...... SPTEMBER 11, 183. ,v The Express Mail arrived yesterday morning. but coatsined nothing of intorest. The New York papers speak cheerinely of a revival of com. merge, and stain that considerable activity exists in business. 23 shares of N. O. Gas Stock sold in Philadel, phia on the 3d at from 231.2 to 30. I. S. Bank Sttekis quoted in New-York on the 3'(L ! 114. Thel . ncil of the First Municipality have adopteo an ordipince introduced by Dr Luaenhurg tn relation to the rules to be observed in the con ducting of burial grounds, which has long been required, and by which many abuses will' he cor rected. The exact number of deaths will now be ascertained, the diseases, ages &c. of those interred known, and the detection of mnurders will be greatly easisted. We take the liberty of recommending the ads.p tion of the same ordinance, or a similar one, to the CounCil of the Second Municipality. A man was picked up in Jscksonstreet, sick,on Sunday evening,'nnd while he wnts being carried to the hospital, died. lie was apparently a laborer. Grog Sihop, Negroes, dc..-What is the reason that so many grog shops of the lower order are permitted to remaid open after gttn fire? Formerly' they were closed t .nine t'dlock, with creat strict. nesrs now, they are allowed to remain open until 10 o'clock and filled with disorderly and.rintorn negroes. The police in regard to negroes is very lax now a days. They are allowed to congregate in large numbers, drunk and noisy to insull our cilzons, and perhaps concoct plans against the peace and saflty of their mnsters. It would he well that the Policeotimnlittee should examine into this matter, and see that the provisione ul the Black Code and opr toutniripal ordinances are mprerogidly en;orced. Girol SL the den of infamy landi hrltoring plaee of low gam, blers, cut throats and pr,etitutrs, the souree of lie late horrible Mnurder of pur" Go.odltp should be purifie-d: To this cud we would propose that the street be widened by ita!ing tfr lifeen lest fromt tie flnt of the Ilto tn broth sides, thus not teaving a house ir.mait:ni that is now i sik ofil 'Iollution. iand changing Ite e name t Broad street. 'I'.e expense uo this great improvement would be setnll, as there is scarcely n dtnent house in the whole street. We just throw (iut this crude itea, for the refilxionoif oCurCouncil and" the pro. perty holders of Girod street: Siome tihorough chang, e in this street is nbsllutely necessary, and we I'pve conversed wtitl inany uof thie property itolders, whit approtve mruch of oar suggestion. Willotu Groue.-Yesterday morning we made a trip across the river'in t h hew Second Mu:ticipali. ty, steam ferry boat, and pail a visit to Willqw Grove, now kept by our well known our old friend John Wilcox.We were delighted with the short ex cursion. A cleaner, or mioreconvernient and agree. able ferryboat we never put our foot upon, fare only 6 I 4 cents. Willow Grave is tirdoted im mediately at the lheud of the- ferry stairs. It is a large commodious house, divided ofif'into many comfortable apartments, for private dinner, supper or card parties. The grounds are laid out curi ously" presenting great variety, no gardens, pre. terres, gross plots, &c., affording pleasant walks and lounges. In the rear is a very lIrger fish pond on wlich we perceived some wild geese and web footed plther sailing. Mr. Wilcox is improving the properly by' utending the walks, ilanting shrubbery and flowers, building tine pin alleys, &c., and in a short time at little or no expense a pers.n weary of his dnyUtoils may replir to Willow Grove and indulge in its shady and cool retreats, in a gameof billiards, ball, quoits, pistol shooting, &c. We advise our friends io pay it a visit, they will be induced to to again. Slatement of U1e Baonks in r.e Or'leans for the 34 Septenmber. LIABIITIES. Total amount of circulation, $4,933 313 Do deposilesm 6,637 903 Bills payawble, hbond, balances due'to , banks in other states, &c. 111.444 944 $.:,17, 160 ASSrTS. Specie. $3,653 631 Bills and notes discounted, 52,266,. 704 Real estate, lhmds, notesk other ssets, .8,825 303 Balances due from foreign bankers, 418 755 $I0,164 393 We have in ol R Reading Room, a handsome co loured plan of Dr. A Jones' improved patent cot tln Press, intended for plantation use. Dr. Jornes is now at the North, h,.oiloling cotton gins, which are described to us as roe rmost splens did article f the kind yet seen. fHe hassucceeded in adopting still further impro.emente, ano d tn Iling his gins the most perlect,durable and bea uti fiul miachines ever offered tnot,te tlteontll of the Planters. Dr. J. has dvo,ted lmny ,y ars of labour and troch expense to the ilprovement of Cotton .hlslchinery,tbut lie will no dtlvbt Imeet with his reward florn the liberality of our interligent and enterprising plonters. Tie Crops. Frmtlo varioos so,0,,0 , 0 e learnl that both the Sugar'and Cotton crlo !.lni InrA abllyfinoe, tnd'il not i ij r, d iy ., , to be most bhonuinfl. Some new crop coiton ,o :nt ttto ,y Saturdty, al 13 cenrs The tantio y yet re.<eIved issmall, tie platters nIot beintt wiloyg to, Ilos, th.s fne pitkinti wentlher in sending it toi allolrltt Smnlp joalous writer over th.glal, e to 'ltb server," it Flid.l)'s Ltutllslas Ados eClto , tols in question the motives oft ,e Conntell fr f ittlldind the Poydrasllarket, and accuses the Cotnocil of pri vate and personal interest. The Po.drns Market was built upon petition of many citizens of the section of the city in which it was lorcted, and' was requires for the convepsience tf a very arge portionufour populaeion. The fees arising Irmo the market'were given to Mr. John Branldt, iessue of the St. Malrv' iualkeo, not as a Isan,but as an act of justice to rerm mnerate him for any loss he mtightl sustain by the translerlf large portinn of bhsi ness front the old to tlIe new Maret during the continuance of his lease. Obseiver, is perhaps moved by self interest him selfin his remarks, .auch more than the Council who can have no direct influence in the nmatter. Late from the Pedo/ie.-The barque.Georgeend Flery, Captalin Wilson, hna arrived at this port from Valparaiso and Coquimbo, having left the later on the 23d June. We learn Irotm Captain aW. that the Chtblon expedirion, under the com mand ofGenernl Bullnes, was expected to sail Irom Valparaiso for Peru in about a month trom that date, with 3000, truoops, must of which were veteran soldiers The armed lorce which sailed against Pern with the intention of blockading the ports tl Callan, Ansen, and ChUrollos, were off the Island of 81 Lorent., waiting orders from the Chilian Government, as the foreign naval force at Callao would not allow the blockade to be carried into effect. Commercial business in Chill was nearly at a stand, is reaival depending in a great measure on the result of the intended expeditta against Gen Santa Cruz and his lollowers. At the date of the laet aseounts from Peru, bhtainesu thcere wr also very dull. The United States ship of the line North Caro line, and U S schooner Bnterprize, were at Callao on the 20th May. The U S sloop of war Leping ton wasee daily expected at Valparaiso on the 8th June. S- By the ship John W Caler,at New York from Jamaica, advices from the Pacific to the last' of July have been received. TheUS ship Norih Carolina wts at Callao, in all July. The Faltnouth had sailed from Yslay, having Mr Hodgsoen on hoard as passenner, with the treaty entered into between the Peru Bulivian Confederation and the United States, torits ratifi cation by Gen Santa Crue. The Lexih.ton was at Callao the beginning of May. The Chrlian squadron, consisting of seven vessels, was off Callan. The.hlockade had ,not been carried into effectagainst Peru.-Balt Amer. NEw YORx, Sept. 3, 1838. Lter-from .Tamaica. The John W Caler arrived on Friday evening last from Kingston,, Jamaica. with letters and papers from our cortereondent, to the 13th. CoreeponedeantJ. Y Whig. KtNsueon, Jam. Aug. 13.-I send you a file of papers in which you will find all the news, parti cularly in relation to the abolition of the eppren ticeship' system in Jamaica. I am clad to say that we are all quiea here, and in the country. The only dispute is between mseeter hnd servanr in regard to the rate of wages, and that on the estaers. The town negroes are working quite well and in goodconduct. They are more civil than whenl slnves. The first of August passed off in great qtietness; all went to church. Tile second was set saide ifo rejoicing; rockets and bonfires were ihe order of thy day. L. C. New Your, Sept. 2-The flatness of-the money and stock marlkets enntinuet-Vieksburrd hank, Mohawk, Boston and Providenee, Stoninrton and Ulicad,Rilwave went up yesterday from '112 to I per cent. on Friday's fateb. All ~rlher stocks fell. U. S. Bank shares closed at .122 l4,Ieing a de elineof 114 per cent. A large sale of Morris Cnnal Cotmpany's shares was made, !losing ar 81 112. We note a transaction of $1000 of Six per Cent Treasury notes at 101 114. The doings in the hblk note market were very limited. Money is d'fieult in get, and speenla tion centeq'rently sufferi a cheek. The rates of drmnealie exchanges did Inot unldergq any change from Friday's quotarions. The United States Btnkt in New York is r. pidly urganising. The caehier nna assistant e.,l,. ieior, both Philndelphiansn fave beten appointed. T'-. concertn will tranes'it,business in.threacten offlee 'of Ihe U. P. Bans of Pennsylvania, until the new banhking housbe. erected. They are abhout to erect the Atchlnflcen railroad in 'Lonuiinna at once. It bhrins at Oprlonsas Church nod terolinates at Point Cooup., nearly opnoiila Rayoo Sore, on the Miseirsippt. Its Irlnlg is 33 3 iles Bv his way, the 'cot en of rite ')pet lones country will reach New Orleans O ilOt ober and November, ilstr, adlof Ferruary, as is tuntw th case. A constant supply of fine alttle will I:,ns to marko t by this rod The R lld Rlveror Alx andrin Ranilway w rill in(erlser this route and ltirs the rich, bittnrsofl thl t stream will reach a o1 'lrk el by a chnap, eal.y tad exditrlinus oiutlet. The Lnlisi nia.n are not only deterr ine, t, .evelutpa the resources .of their admirable_ .. , bh t theoy are busily engaged in rstablishino i; , grnea Noashlitl Railway, in order to open r it new and rich r obrin thoi th iuet l -.ttelfi tile interior to New Oilencs for the clu tly st alttt'I ttgoods It is n itut r.l that the'ltm'rchuitot s!hoilld la in his supplies hf nmanuiactured . g-ttl tihit. Iet sellalht, raw rnaterial. sueippel by himself t,) i.,r kye. The Nashville road till enahl, the r·)Iri. r dealers . accomolhsh this oUiee, whiln tihe C;Gral River will serve os antoother coIlnlltolcll.atI lifo e radtrs oil its banks and hlerders. 'iThe OraLw Itl rrlation of a nw set oee cottonll nrokes i. Ntw"t Orleans and Modile, with and btnn lide hranclte of their lhouses in Livtorptol and Manchester, will enable all larrp ilport ors to brinlg their coltto (Iiret r to the wharves of three cities. The irotlnd is now unocor eicd, but from tie movements in protreae iti eill not long reloain so. The Ocean Sotealo Nnavlatlon Cotmpany, with its valuable charter, is to be rlviv ed the coiniug winter; and if we of New York to not inke care, New Orleans may have her steamr -hio afloat belore we get an orgalised company in operation. OFFICIAL. ,NOTICE.-The moine hequeathed by ihe late James .mithsonlI Esq. of L nlo in, for foun'lin , in instilutein n the city of lVkaslingrtto, amounting io about half of" a million of do;llts, w ll, it is expected, lbg received during tke preseunt mnthl. lvu an act passed, Jrly 7th, 1338, tihe Indersigned is directed to invest th.e sllt stocks of Slates, beariltginterrst at !th rtoe ,if n less than five per ceon. per autlurn. lien is nwle prepared to receive iroposaals lllmn l.persons t o o have stocks o1' this descripiunnto dtp6sb. el. LEVI WO)OLDUUIIY. ecretary of the Treasury. Treasury Duprrtrnent, August (6, 13ll. Thea lirsrt bale of no.w cropcottor from the pian. taionl i Maljor Joers O'llanolun, was sold in Cl .. unlbla,301t ult. ior 13 crlns. .IAgusla Chrn. We do not wish to ossail Mr. Kendrll lPersonal. ly, yet we tareol inion tlht In e is the moLt or serupulolu and corrupt maln tlhat has evo r palrliti pated in the admnlnistrai, n of the (l.tivernio , Raleigh Regirter. Oh there's nothing'personal' in that-o-ttitllto all. It is'pler c:tly free from personaliiy as the remarks of a cerlai, worthy pallor at a vstary moeeling-"'(.entlemein, I meanu noirng perspeanl In Imy excellent friend Mr. Ii., but 'it ns oly tcan abientiot s belief tial he has pindered tihe pulri-b ever sineo he was born and isethe)gr.atest thief in tile niverse. I repeat that I lean noi l ing personal, but I must sany, he isa vi an anlld a an infalous seoundrel, and I thinl1 thoat every hand should have a whip to lasit the raecal nake through the world." t Lua. Jour. Rhode Ilrrd.-The Plrovideneo' Journal rugs that the chii majority it tihe ilolse will ie ir - oebased, olld thllt the whig niajrilty in Grand Cornruitllte wdil noto: rv much r ron Ihirty, ' On the liclense quelttiont Sumithfield oives a nin jllilv of 13 for, Richtllion id uajorty ol I agailllost granting liens, s. Front the Ne s York Whie. DRAn.tAric Ruotar.--'The IOllowian st'oy was .currently iteprred yesterday at iour hels, iis true: though we hll"e on Iceltll, of all co, etrln d, Ihlt the parties wn ill ir tu It able t ia xpnln antver tit p, l lntsactorily. A !,,w dI ye siner, li. Charles .| 1i theAs n d his na h, i nldame Vestrls, witrh five servants, or itedd+ Ih,, 'lincipal heoej n. Sa all ga . tlp" on ItIhe o",o. It 1i ,., plll y " Ml, ,ital lhen .'" Al.r. nui4 \Ir,. iI. i tk ii·"ir ,eakS .iu their ron) sil , whale ih, -rvunn ,ere re~a erln y calei innt lTable, li,' in the ordinary nearly all th, bnlrd i era tck ' mcer als, h as fil there are many dt, tin.ul e.I -,:-.!o s now at tha t prants, thi a II 11-1 ., s i.linl beside the sl rvat lls il M1. Ch..rb,,s a:Ettews uand hi cihere ante I'hr lnat.,,ra i p;..,ead themrs to be the ttrveh .g aopp' L, t.ns of Iri. Al. (Int libe wI l lit i,,oh Inii setre- Ih an toffl.nditd Ilo er. 't'lhen aill' a blow al, n "r. 1I . inlli.sti na t it l e had a ridiht ti i iin hr pleasd ito a repub pean govrrnme t, o,( the .i~iii --uiaii itad iii-. i tlnlh, ., i 11 ..,ebll ` i d. tdame--I 'I'h 1.arnll r h ,, , i,' w t It f <i +'l&' d e th \ 0 r ll rll . IIi e , E. l e - ithe r :fa \r . ('ea ta r hwa airiJ hi: l iatres. 1 , ,li V's r"-, ,a i i.. kin . ,;r r talk in tl n, iteill Ia sh~Iuh i.t he sai p risn d il Il to the Ai ariean pubihe at a lasnauanale wu lerrng place, they caune inmeaureilly to Pniih k ceps r, and there repeated the offncle at the. Ex change Hotel. Mr. atlltew has bean i 'bil - I upton tr an axpllnationt which i is exnpeted he wail give. II he does all may be wmral it he dIne lt, i e will be uasedl He is looked upon as great simpleton in having atlarried, or pireaen td ever to marry, Vestrinvhe is 23 ad she is 4§. Power eommenths an eanngatenent at the Parkt to-morrow evening. He as a areat In.ri a Ie wll us, nandl will be most cordially reeived.-lhel hle brouglht out several new Ipiah pites with hri., which are said n tio e mot execllent. The Siheridan arrived to-day, brinta gin, oea i s later intorauliuin ramn England, but otitg qo thli heavy wlld neaw blowiung off ile coast, s!i I:.t not reached the eity. Her nensa isantuportnantl. No chagel has taken place ti the trade. Cotton wase the ame as per pGrea.l U t tielrn. Corn a -t e nrik. Want gslgtly toproved. i--K Y. Daily Thi THnAnIES TUNnanE . tir. Wnlker. tIe i lebrated engineer, linana tinhea instance il i-a ernnent, made ia report on that inalionudl ollll l. Thamne Tunnel. He in decided ly of a. hloI riat it would bhe imprudent no carryt on the rila ntion fartlher without adiptinga some plan for t ivn. greater solidity to the bhlioun of it Ill te ru, ie tween the Mliddlesex shore and the p-lintwhi.ih he shield has now reached. The grn.ld under lase palrt lof tie river is cmponed of m ntertalls s,, lSe that it would bhe an inclculatbe expense, s well as a dangerous experilent, to praceeo turlher wibh the dhield under present cnr'ustnes. Mnr. Walker reeontnds that rows of close piles should be driven into the bed of the river, one row on eacih side of she line of thie tunnele C thatn the tops oI the piles sialt be as high as the tide ut low water, siand tale the space between the rowsti af ter having bean emptied of the still, sand,&c,e shaltqbh filled with clay.A considerable tlime must thlen be allowned for tilifeiicmtocn, after Whlch the work may bhe resauned with severy pr.aspect of sue. cess. The expense of piiinc Mr Walker esli mtee at £10,IO.000.--.Y Epres. [Glimten munieaned.t COMMERCIAL BANKIi'. Amnsit other redwelIues cnplaneisinis ofone of the swidliig nlcsne 'i'i.ns ,I thii Inank, we find ii the ti aslnientn t;id',, l hlie 21th July, tihe nfollwin, rexnret Irlem c I'redienta' letter. '"W\Ve, therefore, (withncut luchl refleciion n the sithjec,,) dir cred lhi in Itnture these notes should net he redeemed at thie counter fItheBank of A mierica. \e were nla ntll lrther induced to thtis siep by thie fic, that few were anetually in circu lation, thbet they were in the hands of brokers who picked them up hero and here and there, and so:d t!ltelnt a premtium, just as they Ilave our notes ol thie denoinatidons o $5 and $IC, which we have inv'nr ceased ti pay in sipeoie hornl the tirsta, and .still conlinue to pay. So that a measur adopted br tihe convenience of the commnunity, to lurishl specie itn atnat sumin ir alo classes, hivc been detected by the enpidity of btokers who bougit them cpi Just s+ bla it bPeen with the n.tes payable in New York; and without thinking much of the mnItter, or dreaming of the clnmor Inat wculh be. rnied by those peeple, we directed tlrit they saluul not be paid. ulne were llrn sent dl, refusedi, prutested,anid.henb paid ly tlie Isl.o i Amnerieca." Commenti on such reosninng is psele. P.r hlps the ieSnagers ot this bank are nut -sware tthat any hlder their nits,hlns no a ielt tc seen Stheni wnecrever ie ihcuosqF elm'ibaosy av entigeon whicii they entitle him to, and is uader no obhiv. tlion l withlld ihse ii vanirtages thro' ciharlelitle allowanee ter the weaknhas or ilbeilit. of th Imianagersof a lianji, whosein harily Ior o'ters lhas Snot ddeterred theln I ,'ie using luilliolns i the peo ple's ionlle Ir vetors, without interesc, ned when called upod b.y maln drafts Ii reuild--lthey ner. itably ineirse itlua ill the hl.laiig nmanner, pay menlrefuseid in spancic; even at times wiben they louuld tliive pluSlhlilc l the ralnis,o1r sl. cie at I to 2 pI,. rcenl., prelllUl, and had already rnialized a prtnlit ul 15 to 20 per cnt., lby thuse use of the funds. Ltlie ncgnailcers of the Baik think thatn thlp coiutnity" cat a. i, led witllh such Straih,lI would reeoitnied ,,ther expedients which have tscctd Ilitr tienil .e,--vez: Ist. .sidies thlir Preside I chonging hIis poMliii ecal coat, alnd erasinn the wolus on demand frum tlleir ntes, aeint eidtecelg toe wo·rce on Ist barch, llII,. thley hould i.d after nti word bear enr, exept lo BIrok.hi By hllus cliane Jien ceulc irade pa,,l'g nearly all their iotes, nd ,. thestate an imin.ltant sor vice, by brunigi, t li Ightt a inuiit b ot real rhklers whet, eilndr lie gar tl Biatck Dirttciols sku\lk et, el' \ pL i yni i re r' taxes. dlli'. A.lh 'ti 'i' :lllbpi llle llll Ill lr I lli e - dis s--lietulw in I . t i /c a It ylciar old , i t + i t e lt , .i ail +la d,' on thog.routnd ihalt,* ,, +)= Perfeits Iin ciretic tatli On nit i iu i il ie t wii L " scel',; but ill hitule itaki c io i lcri n inleltllll whic'h are titrtry celul iu teI ciiy it N, in ' tinl. IE ,RIIlUAIKilU Its iltbALTY oF.,INWX ORfElIN..c rl" pr:f e of Iresh flou t iu-di y is $y ii. i er bbl.iie orlinl to the tairil, tide Iakrs shall ivce durnie ot iiri l, lcitr ilt itl. narld of lcic seondn itintal iv ii re qirn to .weigh 5 per el cet. ieorv.: 46i tll ces IN (l'G ENtIS, M? or. +.el)8--1 0:i8 cciii t [it li ~"l+',VtK+A+ Coulncl .f MiielOiptr!i'le'y YO. I , Silting of' AugullUSt-301 1838. iA N OIRI)INANIE :onllearn:i lurials in the lury. 1.c t gleunlds of Muiceipality No. 1,of thie city o Tile Council oif Minicipelity No. On ', ordain as fil v ows:- Art. 1. Froll' illrid atrie lthel0tih of Setimltbr next, it shitll le tht' duty of the .uarlian or iiiardians of .cemeteries within lis illulnicipalitv , to dcllannlnd, I I:le ttificatc silnend Iv it licenl'd ilhl sieial, or tile mlllll i or twiio repcctiIiable ceiI.ei, joeill with the comnlis 'sarvof thie wiuad in whn h tile ldelii' millv occ'ur, statilg the date o thie dtiseaesce, namei. ligce, pl:e if lirth, sex. n color ans enuse of diennth tt" the tIoiiy brceght ti tie cmletrny tilr ee lulturhe. Art.2. IThe crlticae i a Icaselin to be fieriseI tine bely inr sie Ideotcieu, aml i ii{. case slllan the nt' in er otf 1|th crLnl.te oe i iter eci o inr eut IIe ict without haviig ottained the ccrli tate above itnterd. ArI t 3 Jtli shall h the niny it the ke.('a r lftihe uneS lf the p hiI ii:aini otler o'theti'n, ren ci t . h . Ao e l ·iain7 o lf en d llrt:. iltl hi' itllm : J ; Ill- i 'inl i peron o1Itmc tn et tish ' f lnii I ]il.'t' i' I th i i l t .c .in its' '5cch I nu ri'.i lit nteti, i.ane. yM tfi oes f t;h, dlrse tor bres.t , an x. w.hirc lslh brine i.+ , 1. lc s oaf. .the ,im r1 its he'I+ y o ther t s at u I* t1+. A it fie i'e"y. , " rlh . .uIn tho Irl-llzlllld orII ;PCl()lf li1BIURl·i r hI1I r·h" I,,;(i.-'si itllr s IH Xiircto hi. t, ' lii1c(.e itiiec fItt ll ) iitie ioie~c cii) : Ill f ill h SITTIe OF SElEfnii .I, d. Iesoled, T(I:1 tche ti rdinmn'econcenin tm' Un Ar. . 'lf: ll 'i.,.lP itlClt'll~t 11! t[C l tl~ l It a l-lt·y hltl+ ill ift1~ . It lasnai , itidii tis, e t bit iif 'I,''re o ll.+sIld \,l Ii~~l:1 : t~ hitcs it lllteillnte ihti w slll "i i I' Ot't r ex r'n i thPe wpresl le io l Illtember l l]lnext ," ii l' 7 i ll the firt iurt ictl le i o li l tsl o ucdii ilcoi A,.,hr [+';inedl P !\UL I PbRTI:·· IS, [..e:llrlcll,' iArl ' , ee ptelblr 5, IL:I. Ainetee y T'i Jcede. 'y tin ,t nt ineniii u nith- sc's IhP i -nll~~tP 'i~o (tlilg te b site ocrinillc liaitt cc"tjme~uihucthcc i~t.te<lietin mu hi. ii t Iits sold ce nilinitt. j ["nyenit] '',,\ fib BIn:LIIt'S .trlr ii Aflinac vd, Iii'pteu iter t5,bI ti ttlJ. A [te4igetn] (In IN)s , 'v' MATllAItlIE IE A NEI.E. ORLEANS. Conseil tie hI Premiere lnciipalitc.-Ptiauce extra ordinctre dn 311 rtem lt33. Ordonunce concertant le sepultures dans le. cie tieres dlct llluticipliti6 No. , de nla ille d')rlinli. Le Conseil die Ia Municipaliti No. un, de aI ville de hn Nolle. Orleans, artete ie qc ui uit: Art 1. A dater du dix selpemhirc prochain iil sern d dvoir du gardien onl tdes gardients tls cietieres d(Ills eette anicitpalil6 d'ex ger ule certificat signt par pni iledecin licpei/6C ollr hle oloner c plr ediux eitvy ens respeclablet, icnjoinltrelllnlt .ee It olnlciasiire idu quarier dans Igqht lie eI dfcrec cura mn lieuýpci t fiant lI dcdc dtdece% le noriu, iie Ide atis qance, lesexe, ]acouleir, iiulsi que ia onuse dll de, es, ainsi pnrtr au eimetiers pour v 6tre entcrrb. Art 2 Ledit errtificat ea ts dans tons le cas fitrni par Ia persolne on lei personllec pgrtalft anl clietiere nc torps on des corps morts, et le gCrdiell no devr dals nucun enr recevoir au cimetieri e illn nIo ps porl v Crre entbrr ii mainsll d'voir prllulublenienllt oblellu le certifieat eidtlessus nileltionll Art 3. If serai do devir dui gardien lie toot rinetieeu d'iuscrire chaque jour daus n Int1 icl-e, tenl A cat n' t tols les details olE - ll IIit -i des cerPtifiat Iobtile nis iln aloyel des iertifie nts r' lil ci c x corp.,l i l ilt re ns the s 1itllutire; og irrell nt do foul ir Cnqrellll inci, oil Iapport tlln mL ai' de ritt tile, e ptont it l ,l i idest Is, lieulix lie nIisCll.ecllle, ie, ties elit easer s (i i tie des nolms dties ideius oil a lts plersonniics qu ri.t siu il :ei- ter-tilii c. c i Art 4. Ue tta i code ite dix pi:istres sea iulcpos ttll pirsolnne Ioppc i c mvriaatu pcii ons carpse luci - leli-re pour y itlre ntllerr;, d ilstoll lee CIIan Iecer tificat ridess.s ileticonu" :1 se'n ponll t Ifourni Ailt 5 Toul l clrdien dlt ine!iroe sera ulntl l'ill thin lto s eclidessus nl-eltionl6 sI'eim rer i.n ehevll 8 n iles echlel anini Iae dt cIa rhillard on Ilot, -oi!r, portant ier coi rps et derie Is aricter e . Isa poSSlesio jusiqu'iu paieinent te 1'unende eldessui preicrite. Art l, Le aire est et et ldeentr- auttnise A flre Ipblier d:tut rllcns galzetes dce Betle t ille, en ang.uis et in francillia priv'ete oldoune.e peCdant I',espac die dix jolls, igie, PACLtl. ;ItI'U, Ricorler A'i plro ouv e s3 ept . lntre 1 i3 l. Sig C - CN GENOI., Maile,. Pour cpic liitei 'l'llCr ', TIIIAII, JI, Jr-secrtaire eleanllee du s .neoibre 1818. Releirs i olt, Ill'u l liuln i relltllive iuu iulnetl ere adopices leV_1 i t d.I . ir soil al d e tI ie' substiltier dans Part 1or -le Iernetobre prochain"au 1 iseptemr i rrlgeinarcyin 1 tesolu tioe tne Iile ndenlit citletait lait i l'ardtiy lilte It tie crdi telll . ci l ci tct ci Sig. ucAtii e i iuETUS, Recorder. FiflitiMEN1S IN`UI)IIi I C C1ANY FI NILi THE tockinldersp this company am her n titled, th he irthinsta(ilient sttirstc due,and paIble n the ninth day of Octolpr next, atr i te oce, of the company. t el tir erYll 8piA ' TRACY, New Orleans, sep8. Sec'y. COl lE'.E, NI1E )A.Lit uANCE CON'i'RltE LP, FEU--) la Nouvelle Orhton". SI ES nctionnaires tie ce:lo compalnio sent notifies g ne lc 4e versetoent eat duvet pnaybIs le d'uctobre procl-iin u buIreati de la eompagntie cr 8 sept 11, E dl RACY' serelaire. "-Nti I,' EE--In si - Iire crod landirid, Ps5 e cbcgc'ci dc duiliti ot l cavara Coit'le, for sale b d e sG BLIAN.IIARD, sipiq 33 1irp(ier street OAP, CANDcES, l-In store and foir si el No I l i , t soap, of Vtlenting and other' re ias. Judd's whi e and colored pttent Sperm Candles, a superior article. Fa;l and Winter bleached sperm oil, n store nad fore sle by nB sep8 3 Gravier et O OOTS, Shoes amn Brogans, conprisin., a general trade, lallie. from ship Cencordia, and for lonalrow for cash,orappioved-apeu b" DUNB \. & C A F DUNE IlRl CLo, sep8 , 2 Cusrltn Ihu-e. .11 .DIC(A.L, PAINT & OIL STO(lE, Corner of U.Coiulon & Tchoplpouils strtc . ic. LARGE andll geral assortllment of li di it ,ie IPoillts a ,nd .I usicontantlyh oIn llld, alld for salt, a tilhe most reasonuble terms, by JARVIS & ANI)RESi , rep3 corner of C. . & t t q itb. TREASURERIB OFFICE-SECOND MUNI CIPALITY. rlIHE owneror owners of Let of ground, situated on tilhe East de of Magaline street, between Iartkholomew and Melicerle streets, distant from Mel icerte street 63 feet II 3-8 inches; in the squaren orm ed by Magazine, Constance, Ilartholemew and Meli certe street, moansurino 31 feet 11 t- inches, front on said Magazine street by 128 feet 1(I 5-8 inches deep he tween parallel lines--Bounded on the notth by a sim. aor lot u id to knel.ny to Zeno Victor, f w c, aond on the south by another similar lot said ta be own dt hy II F Wade. are hereby notified to pay the umn of eighty-two dollars fiftyv-ix cents; the ame bhe ine the oinount of the tx due for tnviog the side walk in Irontof sid propert,'wlthin ten days from the date hereof, in defilut of whichl Ihe said lot will be sc.zed and sold to satisfy the said tax. J D1.ONE, sept0-3titd- Te Isorer. B t;IEAU IU TIRESORIER--Seetoide 3hRnlicipulitlt. i E illropribtairn loa irolprihhires d'un lot de tetre usinlbsurle cote Est tie In rue des Magasins,entre 1se rues Barthelerntiet MAlieerte, A unn distance tie 63 pieds 11 3 d pouces de la rue Mhlicerte, dons I'ilet for ntn pur les rues deos laganin-, Constance., larthelo miet Mlliceerte ,mesurant 31 pipds 11 58 Rppcnes fure i la rue des Mgnoslns sour 127 pieds 10 518 ponces de profondeur entre litteos panrllles, bormb an Nord par lot de momes.dtmensions, qute I'n dit apportenir A Zeno Victor f e I, au Sud par un out e suppos aopp r tenir A ii F Wade, sont nottfins de payer ln nomme de quntrvinogt deux plastres et cinquaoto rix cents;due pour le pavage des banquettes en thee deladite propri hti, ous on dblai de dix jours, de cette date, A dbfiaut e quoi ledrtlot ser snisi et vandu pou.t satisfitire i indite demnnde. Reptil,3 J. I)OANE, Ttlrbs.rier. ORT', BTTBI.TIES-t-l0l gros IPorter 3otles in store and for sale Oih HOLMES & MILLS, replt 9 Bank Alley. '3 AtTIN I' DIUEVREUX offers fr srle, a lar.' .1l qutantit} of attperior Russli, sheet iron, front 9 to 15 oz. weight. Also, a quantity of English esheet Iron. Just received an assqrtment of Cook and Parlor stoves of the latestparterns at 2ti, Tehopitouins street. B AGGING-70 pieces hIeavy Inverness Iaging, ill store, nod for rsle tby HI)I.MES & MILIS, serpll - 9 B k Place. L Ci(tPER-IbI-t i eir-ht i! old 1'o1ars f sxle hy MIb'lTIN i IN IE-1 n0 f1 'EL M, sepil 26 Tehnlilouolno Pt. Il LED It:It'T R . JAf IAPPER. rHlInTY reamns supertte Ilue wove Cap, roled; rt 30 do do wbite don do 50 do low priced blue & white Cup rul'd, 51) do assorted blue & white lelter,Tul ; Just received and fortsnle hv DAVII) IFEI.T & :O, N.W A tork Stationer's Itull, seI pl 24,Chartres -t. ... ... S A 1' I. ti(tiI -iANA, FIRST JUIIrerI.L IIST.l I r "(erio 1nr. Il-IIlAM IUI"I.IIt, on. lie tCreditnrs; No. .i,ln51 The eassion of the Petitioner's property having l.been nscepitod by the Court, for the Ihnefit of Ihi. credi tos; it is ordered IIt t i eetine a of Ihs si id ereditfrs do ltke place at the s.lle:C df i\ illim Tt . Iemrs, Notary Iuluhe, oil I hursdae, ite 4thi of Otober itext, at 11 qt'lok, A, M.t, for the purpose of deiberating on Ihe atfftirs il said Petililon ir; i:all in ith( ll meanl time Ill ju ditil nni rseveli,.s against his persoa and propery', tire elavt!t. Witttess ltle IIolt A. O.I. lillllllltt Jtdge oftt the Court afrensai,, this Ist SepttemI.o, 183:. G W I.V,:WIS, sepltl-3t epty. t l'k. D iAT DE 1.4 ,OUISIAN-Co-ur n i IDistrict -dlu proemite di-trie judiciairer-Ilimm Fuliler con tre sir etbanciers-No: 165l9-i-a ansion ies llropri(d - t(s du ptllrionlaire avant i'ti' atceetitc oer Instor Iour lo Iti(nfier do ses crfntiere oir ii et oltcrblb l ne [llc? tnrssi ) (i S de-dlts er(lulnl(:iers ilit lieln e sfrolee dle 31. W llt Y. N. eti-, tot. iltb . jotli :e 4 ie oll, pro (. ini I O1 hetso't.n aotin, nl fllu e dn liltbrer rlit les aulilr- dudit pltiioatiro, et ell i tendl nlt to[ntes p n lr suites contrb sa pel'rsonlls otil se 0 r~p00 llpi 1 s oot orl'( 'Til(lnnis I'lhon. . A. A. M. 11chlart, juge de In colr ei drssual en I seleo1tt rel 1838. 11 sept:1 I ' lEWIS, I)p. Grelli,r. l' PlERM CANII)tiS &I S().\P--20 Iboxes New I liedti,rn Sperln (Cales, best blallds, and rssort ed si zss. IfI) It-te- lton solt .Iacksoll'so brandsnlo)w lnd twurm ship Plato fOm uRoston, for Sale by JOrlPI'll Ct'itKA'\NI,, sepl1 2.3 Grti BY.TAN'TrE --Tw1)o' 'ruri.npwrs, ior the Gorernors' VIV HIIorsc Gua- rd s-Uoln built .rSm rate p.el lll ('l5m eol apity at tle Ctounino Rool of the lEditor of the 'flue .Aimttriiai. Ily ord ' i of - il V l m ler. WA\'TED), Also, as aMsve, a Room, suitable foria )rill olhom, in,,c ejnilral sitiiauonll septl1 AILE SAI':: :; Cases: (i0loxes lillt, t ble salt, frsaleby 111 ) ll sepOl 7. 1u-l- o'-o , e. 113 Ol It. 121' 0ll c :,11) & F.i'S '\, , l "11 ' l, . inC , j gt RI 1:v s-pll 7, uhi rtor l. e a . I f . r, r y :Fi.,'i It M i-lt I. o 1'.it'., I . lll Inlyotoit a ile lcn oio a on lii iN , 1 to o- Io l itn N'tnr E tt t REAo e t itr t ArA, I lt' tr\A, septo iv s tr L i ll tr ilt l - S, ,Van Tb i iI 'eIi T I) foo r the s,"r no! lef ng r nud ,1l" , f lom tile rlolre'v, of twho Italre Ieprcol Ito sucply oidealers ldoetynf men., l' W Oh n eoll C i Uillt il ks-lI s IPiek"s, INVr sa.leL by blera ,. ,ALSO--Cumnpletn seti .o I tor 9. OIFFICE OF '11; il: GREAT NATIONAl. W Il'K No. 12 tliinville streetr Ntw Orlaens. []E'Subscriptious receivel a- usuCl. septil Iw \iiililiN, ,11FF! F A CO. -t<L'VFI'YOIi'S' tit, ICl- ,i Xt t~ieiialiiy. OTC lf'(l, i hereby aivenl tin: propolsn s il h e ctre ved, at nat.+ flic lu e J' her~ nett 1,+ l11h iust lltc , fr tjre.lin: it Vc l tlho i l rl ket o i . eit trillO llllilil~ ion ofI TehoullitouLtm nild .1U" nllllh il+(lll strbols, neIa)·r D)el~ord .trelt', ia rreutbly\ t11 lilt, plan1 appllior lld heytin. Cnlnocil o f thifs t:u niri jli t? J,: ftlrther (1tlrticu\(tts ii +i. lit )1 kl~tis ellllee. . O+,ytrk':ns,Sept t, IU.~'I l1r:lI Nc-i ica u \ , erN o n , , M unicip hte . I tVIS Z)I', Irepeet downe + llosqu.n Il alijdl I I rU e n p nrtI'e lll l r ,, I.'OnltrueZL(lioll d'lUn mal'chc i X t. Yp nrlp sa la i j euctio u decs inc "'ehai itoulisiet Aioi - ciutilh , pres la rue Debtl:d. I.'edifitc s,. ErnsupIporei'Jt dltes i+' anIr el fer Fllivlalllt ]e 1)tI l) lr1 lu',t, pl) 9 t olln sil li itie tIC allici c lite; toutel Ih jlifl a ilio Idtatils Iretlltif- A a COlu.,trnctionl dlldit IlurChel o ul'Olll dotlUne ] eIlulreau, seplt JOS PILIE., Voyer itIISso an lig-er--lii ki coco _ p o ]Irisillg an .kssoJrtllllUt of Men'san1 * It o +'s 1* . a+~flll; lr-e ..I~lI's 1111\;I(UI lllln;"' IS"'' ""'ll sl''Ci:+I~ chilirius lnlll inlaliici boots, sLJol llnd aI lle itio1, ind lcg Irou ,liip Ohio, and tor eale liv IS.AC I{li)GE & CO. atigil 1i4 Maigiaicie -tircc. N'412RO CLOTHSII, IINNEYS & I.iE'SEYS ' he subscriers oifer etob salec, luding from shi Cncord, 2 balps plhin mixicd negro cl, hale Ciilled mixed nieglro cloth; 18 Iales lilseys, assorted dtliors; |i bale whiti sIi sikiis; I cace prmled Iccrstcyi Sbalcaslavy mixed Cordova erseys; I lale ulinishlied eva kerseys. ISAAC IRIfi)GE & to, jytl2 1;I4 Muag.zine street On AP--U;r boxea N~o. I soul, bran~d of Jamcs ~~ould, J l eiig from brig B,,idiy1o or sale iii 1 AAC lILIIGIF & Cc, aon,: 1:A Ma'tie ireer. lllcI-- 5I)I Casks Thmastan Ilime Icauing from C bhieftain, and for sde by s& J1' I T11PNEy. cugi i ( un1i stree. W IcViY(Ou's tt-Fl o -td Munciiality O~iTICE it lhtecy gui-ul that , iii ...i.i,'aiy .a leohltio ofthe colccil ii) ii, icoaic itlllllfci Iiliiy, iasscdatticii sitilig ofi llt 1711h Jlly laai, I \r·1|, tlt, O~f dltturda~. tilt+ 15thr'cly of :" +.tlrlalbrr Ih.cladjiliate uat my office, to ll, laowest liddler, tie o )o~tlll~ loel"lllg, aiR] ctaciuca ipf ,lelebtuctnc i ai a Iagrcoaal\i a tihe iiiicitiucs oli i solutiole of+aid eii ,'. cil, licssad oi thi 2d day g' Auguaa, 1l2(i, (Iliglieiui hunrldred and thirty~six,) anld ial accordanl~lCe I.if tJ1 epecifuitil IIIow exhliilifed at tile surveyor's oatcLe. 'efwaitv will bo reiuiredl i a th i sum of g10ti (lano lTh it ll ) to the satisfufatioii of tie CoUlneil Oi .d JOSEPI1 PIILIE, Surveyor. Nce, Orleans, Sept. i, t 38. BUREAUDU VOYER DL., n2e MilNICPALITEi /. N confuinlite d'nle resolution du enoncil de In 2. de Silluuicilite l asseedans la sclniuuitnlu 17juillt lernicr, ct aiuu i all deair d'uae untre rc:inllitio duldit Iconseall pFelIe cn c l aiincedc2 iiaii 8u iii, A cI .tt toine qiai. 'ilid 15 du l1i)irlclt loiscda tcii)telubrd I Ij.lj u luillla, Ii lIn lilreau,c j'adj g.eai ii ioiai.;, Is trvllux a flili, plau re-iec -r I l iUUttayel la -cUci \leltiiUiiii -lli c I -t lie tiiii caliheio cu liiie Iii i It .ll PILIE,Vyer, 3 1- 1 ILA)1l)- ii lug iin ct, fiiuccale- b IA cIi IUIcilF: ii -. Lov S'f. CHARLES THEATRE. I ti.T ILdies nnd teenleltl. n e.g ged in the i n.- iove estlablhmenl are requesteld tcen. semble " the Grien Recm on Friday clie 2U8t sc.t, cre vines e the , ope icl t IItee Tcheteern e which wi lakeP )lau s o n.j r~a It Octob,,r Ix, GEdRGEE IIOILAND, 'Tnaurer. N. Orlens, 4thli Seli. 1838. IV½T'Ich l Cincinnaci WVlhie, I.cuisvFile cm rnal, Vihk.ibcrel Sentinel ndl Nn;cnhr z Free Trader will "OAI'--1.5 btexcs Bostoen no I Sentp, Ge-eJer ksen SBlreaned. nee heding fenrcn ehip teotenrciic, froer Itsnart, a d lur rnle by JUdl'SEPl CtCtlKAYNI", septt' . 2 t clllcenno u street G?~(ULENG AnD KUPE-1000ili co~ila Ke~ntulckyd -. Hetoi, 800upicet rtucr c , cgi, itn atc re and f,ir sel by LA\V I, & I.NDR'u, sept _i . . . . 28 nt nd t New Levne ,T E EI p EN S -J use t ereecc ld feoc a New York per k. stee Vicebnieg, lt graer Gci5ot'r Eagle Penerl0 do Pre "ev ' s t het le Inle uct pceee ; c teeo Iled ia rubber pene; . ceNeenel prerf; nrtsale n Y teie groee or sin gle card, bev c D FELT & Co, NY Santieers HUnllt,, seatfe 2e Ibartreertr res t ]FWr MlUnIttl- y .-othef'bro Irelur; I rine f l dnare s of'Pbee; How sweet te Chimes; Luey lire Leey Dtecu' l te lt why net My euildhedo loa1ra Irewell, Iaornett; YeA! th ink me tep pne; e u this Cotnqe he e lite, Lnooke; Warrieatr lhle; teLet et re-te tiet teetdeteel~m itrth;Th''ylnre aucd MtineeLe nIL an fve; Song oefthe'Bell; Vietsria the peerles i Rone oel snrgleneUd; o ime Forret; laeppy 'eedt nright, crigt dinr; My Mon tin int; tn ti e Brvre who Iate fe f en no tear we. b restow, llacll The peace oFtrie Vallry, I1alf; Ocer wey ecneec the Mloueneain hu! ,itatreI clf trie Tyrol; Raggin d'Am ec; AI Celctt della (;4oriei, Doenzetti; I.a, Tdohlec; ' river ann oes'ine, Mnrlicti;Kenulrtky grcnd maret Abicivere-ary tuiek Step; CeaenivalWctth; Une Perle \Vtsat, Iiectect Ceenival Walter, Stlaunse Vicetori WV ie; Ina liees Weltere &Sc. lv Str euss;Le s L Feimere a It:elite I '14: Irnereemtrcen R aIndo; DCliees de IOlee. rea llienc; Spnise lengt reride, js t r ecei y sept I I CASEY, 19 Lamp street. tilt~ ceedec eel' io.O R-- tie) dI sequality, mde e , new lient just hnnded frmn steelter Czar, and fir sale Icy , i DORSEY, sept . 44 New Levee. ic ,brec reinerl ned Inctrmeedisie Landings. FP 4 . 'tler TiM trenaunct light dautghte steam .4 eAL ICot IENMAIA lKeoet rt A ileorce, .e.srr. will e act clte whrf tis i rec hee i e o ff t r er which er onuasanne. oodalrttlati o I , I iI'h~ l, Ioard or to JNOl. "I GREAIIArI. :NI t ll i',ci li nct c ick ice wr n LA.YET O' F.U3I NEtE.G, T ls.. l 17 ('iiv l' iincerlm trec t. SAhtD-- It Jir rae P'rlne' I.eafl .ant in teore, hlr I salenn iy IA ET &'l A.MEI.UNt;, S 1e l ul n c 1 7. Comt crre tEreet. i Iclcd d tcl l t lr slby II A1IWI, (e10" , u noe nd iloll0 st vreet, I k on I L e'IN T l i,. , i r-in!x i o- r0 , if n r ills-d e. lIiui d 'i A clcc io le li Wtre eeiv elldnhv 1111O N tl tl.. NI TW oyin ecit <~ ini dltbirIsenl litsh. pcl'\ ' I II I nA .ie!,lnreiteeclt ii~--- II I ~c~cr~ercc NiD Y OI VYLEAN ER (;OMnMERAIA L" INSITNA T'UTIE. 'nedac bertnec bl hrer Jlbrner' anid Cbaeialee sranb. c- f lo cl. Itel, ig e sael, nhl a wloanteal eontns, elannv good iece ccio nt aao l onti re entle Imql II hllighI .talllllillg ii. Illtsiaeas will be tile. rel'rl z-l c s l rli .d n u tle n-c he i it tr lNg. A new eVeingl as d will e i, eeiP d ac sHo s a s -i f hic e Al m: e ri ofa rkbet r8 C ill t have, he obalne.h ; i ei-l c clse ill eter 8n ravc r I clrl . r el -c I tlelllel t l e'd tile itln t ) I cllt & 1c heianI 1n 0e)n.clss the 11e a nreek w il es;)ll. l(;ItII.\I. I:OICtj'' (1," COtgLtIp iCE. tc k cite Ieit neee ine -at "rrheis reo'l e c i- ceitce e'd ecver i ldiaty, frll te 5 c h c9 cec P. fo e'e'siC ru Inc e .ier IIr hen b Th I t{.(l lfalll ld l IlsiTle fr yl.l~ L,'nlleu.'nl~l is , ,eml'dl~l t'*¢m.I CI:(l .'h i\k A. ., to 5 ;'cllck " I'. \ e Ilu - • ,,,: i - c. ,ne. n ei,l-nn c 1I A Al IKII I II 2- Ga ieeeeer 1ni e'21 1 'ii \teit'n"'e·. c'ne' -ttle. cite-c t.· er.( (; i cedlllt~ s,,I I-Iit .I- I in I ·. i .ll ' \\ll,,\S l'liI\ ,Xtll'l, , o. . b -l's d v i (:I' .l .fr l (14] '" )UIISlV/l~j ciirel t l ei . A v tc tleit~titin cci 'ZED WILINSOF \ DEPUTY Oh AIDYAR GENERAL UP LOUISIANA, tol~II I l l 1··I !"x ltltl (·)I I ';ll, llc i)" ('1 le ll ,.i 'I'"i ll,'() ShIIll\ lall·le dw,', l*f 1IIh seand kit chensIII (·8·: 11J 111 c-e 'c'cc.i tit' elel' ( I t 'I Iie l In'i ve'-it Pa n t, i.h. ,,e m ten ie ci'a lichhe Aletet y ce . cii ete n'l ii etc cit. I tfYlll': . MAY. ci-ic' ct,, ii w umsriccc. ti-'- l ccc II. , -,r. esc- cit ctth- eleul ic e mu r le d c ccri an. l itt ciii iil , ~.uile . ulfi el ., it'l llt '''l II ll-ir-d & I lic .tt'11c ,z, ll ,ll i-el:: te nir .- i cllh( l enlel clliec I . 'II I clclc1 ecl c ce \V leer c c.Ilr j,¢7 inlel c t I . -.'.i~ L ,F L I:,,, iti c ci-: ,,,,,;i ,, ('Clrl(,Ii ' ettcte ll llft itec IcIeiiicnbcecceIII( iciceii Sli cite' tr.rci h', cIf.ii ie h.. tettenI,-, lee ,, IIc rt iY . V I'ncrse A It AVI'tI\Y. j~·lil eil t(rncirr erect~·. c d I tlint Ial i h jfll; tI ,rr e f'nec t'edlncl' T('h : P II). .. {. \\ % ii I; .', I . i. --';i iiii (; a.~rds 6rI- I ll, }' e.'li ': 'ittl n it f tl ahpcti roe ,sda~ be'I trbcitl'e'11 neitei vc- tet t'lntanstiinccni, Z iia c e errt c :dccci ill escc KA.ien-; i R '-STEI lN It nl_''n I'I.:-1i I e ag in the SUlT rihr article, fir sh le, I d, it' ATER & TIR I, ik lt:R - ,, ,-t ht, and I't, hr asia bty ' I O.r n DOtIREY, 444 New l.evre. E 'IhN C'ltt-50 lhioxes Uiad rwood's Ieton Jata Riyr'h, fi-J' 'laV re(lta h coIler e f i '( ollnIi ac z l're T radel llwl (fODE OF lI'1A TICE OF LOUISIARVT. ! s illE Su IeIiber ha t 'r'e o me h imae is, It+ s Ida P nd(. W Veea l'. Iledn lly f eolm l shi C ed , c er a ell - lilll 11' thn r e I1 lra'ss,' liftt , , i )I I'a i daa, x l hiea- ('a oulr j ,idi ral s' t le llt I lld ntl dr whose i es Ci dIare:io ''C tlhe"'pei'tss 1sabe- .I ttihCiil (io'de, iab lisht1 Itv alepes.le . . (. ll 3 + (Co..t t. s thltuta it t advgitstii i t tllhlisel i 'etde td rl f ' tie e ill the sat1e fate t tll lie'll arangl.e t, hlwever,will be dilherant After it:ol' i tiuu e, it0l p aes o tu Ii ' i N" ttie, n ltlllt a Co t t'tj lt rulet al raatiee ahlliti tapplyti th ti' arlitalee aOe rined in tie ('iode, tl have ieen digested and pla ced ulder teh a pr ,elriata article, ia the shape of a lote; together aitit reacareacesat, tile ai alt; ao tlat the reeade byy ttin' New aritle ef tiie oh, of eVie ice, will ut once knot,, ' t ie lecisilo n it. 'Tea work will also coltaillnall tpll- ane n 1lllelto l tle Code pf 51'antiel a frell a e ythe liwt creleaig lnd regaul aitg Ith ('itt, (eorts if'New Orlans, wiand a aampletua i Ilea t,) the w lo . Thl~e IIIII . w~iri \ill eake its a h,?earant e pe aalec' ts tle lirst of hateh liCt, Nlli bYlitt ion irgs d aiIllitt til s:e'p aomlloa lhw Iilding, selChit sIX DOLLARS per ea ,tay. 1 W USC-Za t ihlllf u 14 LIIw NOtIllE T'i) IttltEAtE N. T mIa, Corpl attaclhd to the Fire Pligs o tie Com u, letial Water Wa\orknh, awer to hlkve hlae. i -aed the lIt it st., iut in conseluelece eof the f lers in charge of h several collatie s o Ilt havig a lled i1 r the L pan lers to fit the caps, tih e ell; ga tse I tell Buraaaingat,'d Btilt thiti day. TMhe apaanee ae;y e litaeineI at thie Milte oa tihe tarolp t, No. i0a Alalga Aillt tlet. Camp tt etllititt el tile ntlt'lttesI s caUelsaa tof trier aad, tloaGe Cetejsayl eee aap atlnly aali cited. By oadae. ELIili'T, sep;t S 1eCa e tar, hANTED tol Rl':N If. Rj-t o A Idred , airy anld eoanved lle School J GIBSON, Editor. -h t-Xl) GO.\I'ANY-- rtatlSee New Yark at sihat, ar aixty dlcc date, tbe, le. ill alles to sue t paa chasers. JAMES L CAIDW\ELL, iepit 4Noesidteet. A Ist t'.1 ·, itiaII ttlltl sttL'j It'- 'tIe, tarllt.ttt- ait Oir ShiE--A tlo aItt aiieiredad Lan det r t se ((lllli te tl en I i etil atret, (ttriutal's eald,)I, hasVigi6 fLee t lines'fiobent Ato R eU Sl a e eiva-l te a w erein ts orl ili str It taaa raeat tt ,ge 135 aller ai nlsla e ot Fee ttther Ilreetilahro and tOR 1 aAlVELrN, seltIti i t N !i Ce mnoin street .. ANUEDfitltttttttedly ia fed C(ask, tselaer a ad • ilo, fOrwi gd watega will he givet. all p to 1I t Jacith eselr, hbtaoeU Catp aed tll - aldnrsigel dace eassciated tlaltealas ca . -':rathe fisnl ofLA I" I)utEa" & C.; ta re dur-a IllS+. O An's tinmeg te holestt. ,rol t ot'1il. o bust . | iteas, atl taill tatlnllttls satia i ltae ttmae, fbrmer a v a lsl,' e' Il) A htutis ts ar, Neo. ii l (Mi 1te111at Htaa a 1t. A F' I)INAIIAR, (EilTTE Wtt.tINS ',1 -Peace +?- "tet "rtrnlra n aaaesbb J'IcrP~ni; SECOND MUNICIPALITY, ITERE brought to tie Police Prison nrthe'Second ,V Mlunieipality, tile Iillowing namedt slaves POLEID, eged about 48 years, saryS hehaelongs toMer. Nsano. JOHN, anged about 23 years, says he lIelbhng to Alr. S Iioccdwin. HENIRY, aged shout 19 or 2 years, says liehbe longs to MrN S Itatdwin. lce oewnero fsi slaveso are reqoestCdtl'preove proaprty, pay charges and take them awtay. H S HAIlPEIE. op Captain of Wart!,h. R ICE--50t casks auow Indiug traom Charleston,fbr' sale by SG0 IILA\CHIARD, jyi l Si.Gracier tn.e' o LET--The IJouc siruated rc the coroer o 1. Orange and Retinaa estreet; atply to J R BEIN & A COHEN, 2j.4 90 Conton stroottet A Card. ORLEA .18 LITIIOGRAPHIC ESTABLISH ME, T, '53 MAGAZINE STREET, OcI'PIOSITE BANK'S ARCADE. W E REENE retlr rs l sincere thanks to Iisr friends and the pctthlie of New Orleans, for the patronare bestowed on hica for the last two years, and begs leave to assure thmt that all orders eon i:'ted to' his charge shall be punctually attended to; he will as aulon, keep the office open aturin rte rumtner. and alcott be alwas roady'te strike off merchant's circn lre, hobuinessr and address cards, funeral notices, maps, plans, and drawings, of evtre description, at the ashortest notice, and oln tile most reasonable terms. Bteing ssiased y artist s tperilor to any other cstablish uie t to the city. ancd from tont experiece in the ltllto.grphic line, he feels cocfident of giving ertise ratisfatlion. N tt Apothecaries and drtggists' labels executed in as good style as copperplite engraving, and at one thiled of tho expense. . jv94 OR SAIE--TIe splendid tseam boat ldERaCHAT h iuti ugndergorne thaorough repair, willbe rea ty Fr sPe iu a fw days; this boot is eCttlttIe ltestioed andt copered, witl 0 copper Iwiler end splenid dn inr: her accutmmdcrations being very extestive, and ,erl Cound in every rasleta: fa~r furhettparicanuses sp ply at the ship yard of Hegory Iyrnc whlesM she now lihs, or to MAUNSEL WHITE & CO, anugl-15t 96 Greaer street. .ALT-500 uacKs fine salt i ste anre for sale by o S & J P WHITNEY, aug.3 Pri It. 13 P,. oad Tatllow Candles-100 boxes Tallow Cao tdiesr 2S.) hoxes No. I and extra soup, brhamlds of James Gould and oJackson Tro bride fornle hIy S IYILAC ORIDIf;I. . CO aug23 IPS Magaoioe st. OFFIC NE:W ORLEANS & NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. "f-RAFTS on New Yo.k at srlrht, 30 anl C0 days Ifl sight, Ibor sale, in stants to soit ptrchasrers. At so. Cedar titiher titr tPot nodc sleepers, ond Phcilodel lia lutnlhcr whleels alo curta far rate on reneonabhl tcras. JAMES It CALDWELL, accpQ3--it . . Presitdenl. I'AR Notice no ,ill auaitSt thO FPloting Drv I Dlock, aicned tnd appreced by Jrames . t, will hlereafter e paid Icy the owners of the IPloatditg Dry Dock, the said .nmor )ir k having never been author.r iacd to ake ally contreacts. Ie oover, llbil Ifl this date will have to be rp prt d nm t signed by he ageRt of the Flotin Dry 0l ' tk ltIIIMOGINEH IOWN4 ¢Ct, _____g _____ 9 Cuoti st. TIltAYPI.--I-t tice 1thI inrst. a Scoteh Whfit rrier Slut, tlaeck on die point of the nose, hair a little ropugh. \Whoever has thie samer will Iletse to retir, her to this otice they will be liberally re wsrhed. aug21 TATl'E'l' OF LOUI.USIANA, ? FlnsITt JuIc lr. )lsrlcor CoUr. fATRICK I)1 )IIEIT'IY anod JAMES P. NOLEN. 1 vs. Their Creditors and the Creditors of I'. I)oh cety & Co., No. I(l39--Phe Cessioc l o the Petitioner's roperct" hoaving been accrepted by the Ccort, for toe lc.ucfircfm their tt'rcditars, I, is ordered tlcot a lOatita of Ibcei, said Creditorae dl ake plon ae tilhe olice of E ward liartnet, Esq. Notary Ptblic, on Tahursday, tle (ith of Sa,)temher tic, c t 10 o'clock, A, M., br tle pnr o tofe oldlicrating 0 Ithe nalirs of sold petitionere, and in the ccacthmc alljedioial )rtocrdicgs against their tacerOlcllc clld )r ICec1tty na tc) cite oredlclncS taert clclcclce ill I ochccteh.dlllec, cc' loctud; anc it it Illrlher or- :htredi tlhat ,lc:con 10:. Ice tl ooinitad to retrcosent the \Vicoe, the Ica . a1. t. ltchanan, Judge of the said eourt, this cIth dy 'a n:gust, A. It. tack. S T lE:) IEWIS, b_.o _T- locn _: . . I t._.p'y. Cl~k. iu T -It3 I, \ ci, IS.,NR-Conr -h reC S 'Distri o . 'ludi.iiire-Platrik I)olrtIV ub d Jamdi s P Nohn, coalltre s ctr'tllcier et les 'ri'ncliehrs de I' Iohertt cciec Co.-t No, 1I1i. L.ccssicc tea crcsriftcrR, t(,s de.l)('rlitil~rirunatl(·ir nvsnt .( l<.'pt(. )at" ]a eunr )out (It.-.l'lll )l dL'Pll tel' il (·lj'l~llti~lrS Ilulr0 licit tLnilll o I:h :ih:clrct llacrcctc e. N::. Ic'lcicil, Jedic fi +;ee+c ttelnlbrel not'hllia+ s healres dll Imilin, aItn de MILO+if. I c:r Sllr hls at lhir's destl its c )atitilc 'aires, et c n al hulfllt tL J lll, tesi jlllli'li rs rc trC leati r person' It. l ''t :l ellr et It'lcH : plot .arrhst qnicln Uxi:ot' rn-c eiers imentionn(.+ dacs e h"ttubjea; ot al e.: de pl~ l eI'l' q u \1l i.lhloll i , IE , Ioc t Illlclllc c onrc rclerb n5tei les I-'illllicr s I At* tincl n c c'.le jgcirs. P elresecn I'lh A Ml Ilachunaju+. tie ladhte Dour I: 1 attot, fIt) t{;.: } 'Itll c. LEeWIS. uteS 1)3I).,puto Clerk. PORTY I'V k ,f ),kdr n and I.n n 15'I Mnn ila rope Sassorted size.,j Ir,(h ie s let ; rc CIv talh eb IK & : 'KE & Ct d tr 'llln i ini)tIr :lS:i c:llllt neci seil s lclct le luiiaecandy xpense of w 'idenllilf llinllule stretlt, helelll Neiw nle ll.r stre.l.t all tlh liva e l lvr, hayv , Imlade their esti llllte anldc a-sP ' e tll ,alnd h:lnt de' )siPd trtlt cop ie.s therteo)l tll c6sthor wlth tlc llan, it the 'llitec of le clerk of said conrt fihr the illnll:lilo all wd hloln il IInlly cIonC'rll. And .Iulb nti.e i, Jwreby gicen that d uid I.tlemte 11111n ate(.s*lllellnt will lbe presellted to said eourt fir cow. (irlllltill, oI llItnllll c, IIC IWPcitV-nihlth iay oc f Sep tv:),lbelr IlexI; 1unl ail " lllron+4 illnBtrted illn re ry H erT1*( utllltd on Ho an11111ne: ,~'uiP a o cr le v ccitniy cIercog srl hereh ' ithtl d ti 'c nIakcI c tihCir objectcion, if no thel hclve. to P id cllnallcte and c sessnlCo lllt, on or bettire the t, elty-lir.t d cay a, 1f.:l'nt men c ir next. c cew t)rlctoa, r Agt 3, t-1838. 11. IUcc, J ,Co5 isinr EL F FiI), ."Cuaccndiei~cceer .....o..l.S. A\. JACObtS,) io7d2-I13:3. i's l..- es .o's+ign(,c nno t i'tii dclient eolemes lr Ihono<ra leetir dit iremierdistriit judieinire, ensun ,re1· iour .1v UlnPeIr et taxer le damnage et lea Frai, lip I'('irgiss~eoPllent r1. la rule I~oflilgaacl emre lit rule ic hic e et le flve oe, ut touple6 Ilena tollcan dvl'taloaticn et do taxe, dnt ils ot depose de raies c u tiesa e lni, lnll buretau du grelffie de ladite ceur munr l'insp ection des intbresses. IEt avis public est donl que le eusdit tableau stra .rbsent i· hndllto cour pour onfirlanct,t samedl li I 28 do Stptelicibre iroclhill et totnics teronnor irotetes ticp deinis dildt tlcl enu od'i'vluatitn it Ie taxe, savoir: tou tl erilllne.s vat interet dnans les proprietes situeos doaublre tr Fll oe cII on le isinage sent par leplrl ntuoitifiodck lire ie ler objeitions a'ils etltotnt, slit tlableau l'evac luatioll t do taxc, le on avnti le vingtlet nil dle EI'p)'lelll~re proeballli a ,oivelle he itrleto 'acout 1838, (I HUNKE, i; iL. A JACOl,,, Comns FIFPI'N 1)OllARS I'EWAIIt). W "'!T Ile ,aIci fot thle oltprehoenion and ledgiag in 1"'" riso in eilther of tbae mul~elipalitiesa W'`IL IIA lI FI'KG %IER, au ilnrloaled opprentice to the Idlo bksoill It rode tbe sid a pprentcee l about live feet lr tor ie i.nies high; lihllt air, blo eaves; u German bly Irth; pilik tle En.lith, Frenech alinl Germnan lan guage. All plerons tte Iorewarned lott I harbor or trust thesaid alpprenticel tuder tihe AIverestpedltty o the Iew. NICIHOLAS MURRAY, ald4-tf IBlacksnithb, Trilton Walk. =-I~tE-.NA BlGAI[S--1001000-melliam quality-.r 1 sal ow, to close us~ a cl gnmnieet, by STETSON & AVERY aI 88 G tvier ateet ofr NewV Bedfird .. rnmll andles, nnd n. from ship K entuck ;,, and for sl e bV •LAWRENCEi" I.EGENI)IIE, ie_ l 28 & 029 New Levee. -BR IA3i ll SUOI'PEi2l01..let.b a , ler . -. "- oneighicig tea piitioue aeoh,in ttore and for ealehby SAMUEl. LOCKE & CO.. cto8Froeet lever, between Csteot tlouse anid ien villi; streets,. june 24 )10 Ctl)i i'll otI blgs Rio Ciuffee, of good j qality, I.odlng frn hbarque Helrv fur ral by je"AlA STETSON & AVERY. 7f 1ie;lel s Altnunutieleoto CUtoehetlt Alma nclick, or Fal Icy ew AVID FEI.T & CO., New Yochk Statlooer' Hall, 1.08 24 Chtrtres treet. .XAS FJUNDFI1 CEI1.1 IPICArE, aid Audi - tor's Draft , ou Ibthe 'fceurv, antled b NAO 'll'L TOWNSEND, j _rd Exhlige Hotel, Graeier nt. -ICOFI"e r--finoa greru Iletet Colree, _je211_ ....... " 59 Camp street. U)A~iI',ic,; ,A. lIOPE_~;-O~ ie- Kettachy-tgging 1Owi oiid dcl tieli by .1 IIANIELL, jill)t. 59_ 1) Cactp street. Pj .OBACCu-ndl hbixr and 4 kegs pirCo L 'follco, (Letllerg broand,) inor sale or b l jr(1 EiAAN UGR 0boeofpm ~lYA.R J DANIELL, Ica)0 59PCa. p C streaet Il ACKEI2CI+IL, LIM, E, ..c .VOl. 274 bhbl. ra ace . i 9e n 5P halteo l ebarreeai ran, con s itto a d " l2 ra 1128 coeha iLflinue, 20 ltuedlle hioy 500811 Iet lomlacr, Liottiagtltlt ei g ilhlatldanal for sale, b J 17 5IE'rdoN AVEI.k' & CO. V T[I4TE HAVANA SUGAR50. baets ao prime clulual iio stiore, br b.le b r aI-ATOR V . TIllER, 02 ''il0 Poydrea street 'lit RENT THOSE lar-e p'enlnitc i(tieo.l 'Otreel" one loe rarit J hcronre,tihe fi, .tci (icrd is 1011 feet, cy a nlii of lhi--tlhe ialnirtuineita oitc if c dotable fralutil welliug Iliiiiee andt I:t Icii --ntd the rearliit adjoin "lig~a, a tlriek buldtling :WIll by ti0--divilded iulto Ibree 1''PIIIOIII% ·l+! e wV1~lml +,Il~l e.leton re.sonlabla terms IIa a :, licc, c I toil) li. A b'aolyotn DOYLe & .i't, s,.p I I 'll 'lh ts

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