Newspaper of True American, September 15, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated September 15, 1838 Page 1
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'lil r I" ftltý / PRacz 12' CENTS. NEW ORLEAN8 SATURDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 15, 1838. VOL.'VI'rTo i l',l:r I.'~ Ne ap~~ e rsi Prss of erVc . Or.ean ft;f't l'rr'ii'i'el.,, hitI t" l"0 [ O." t of March, 183.. njR o',rOloto.- -ti lov i ()allars for thl draily p per *,r:t int it. , lyable i ni-iiulnl ;tiiy in oilva r e : te l',Ioi t-4 Phe tlli tri-wialkly couetry paper, paynhle one v tyr in o Ia'no i Enrelilo aon ity n i.rctl'o isor both No;iiptinl will I i ll cOnt N ut an nrrilraes n llre -ttla l. In11 !ett nf di c ltinlollols r, lile v.o h's notite r , eUliagr i illt b-u lvarlcrtl,y giveco, previous n tthe npxia a etion of sullicripriln. tas uioto rie irnoteraion fro.m the original advertisement witll i cha&rged as arnew one. YXLHLY AUVERrcosEra.-MerehInts anto Tra:lerrr, orty dollars for Eno;ish alone, and sixta for both Ian .ttoi. t Banks, lnsoura oe Oitinecd onfor. aimiler ph1ic iltituolr os, firy dollars in Enolioih only, oand •ighty for borth languanes; Ship and Steabnhoat Pac. r, or Commission inorchant esixty dolliver int Engl sh .no, andeighty for both la tnagns. .inflnouts Or iTnr NOTICES, and rtile e asl tile attoentlion of tile pulic to sale ot property, *d,'of p"assenger, fIonofitr, &c. &. will be lr one do lar per esqlra- fur the firsr insertion in qoeh lae guIgo. Sa-rrorvETUs.rc ios, or A dvrtisements, of any permnb n I naturse, W ioen admi r ible, shall be thargdd double, and in adrv a 'A .aed,.r tee f0 tr nty-fiver per ebpt. will he mbtdr to AucltiOandr , O lie, Rigis ters of Willt,o ad i orohals oi :ih0 of real Cestante published in Irthr lanoagoes, i e r.i5. p aer ttInr Elncglqosh alone: i0 pot cepl.oinsales .o' I t tr' prorrty. NV a.TInamsUetN out of tire direct line of businers ou tire aortiser, inucl as logat, naueion, anim plants . , "s:" n , e1. P. H" A' lot 'alek, rutohVuy i lavoe, stray anitnlr, &c. &c. will be'chargeil'fr oepo.tely, andf t the ordlinary rates. Arouvrltrtn S'rs nort specifeled as to lime, trill he ukltolled nle mohth, nitd ichargted accolrinlty. No advertil ol0 ers of I.ankruplcie will he. publinred a a y eaie, unrlen. paid flr previnus to aincrioh, or layment g eel uanted by a reiposiuble person in town i'litarce and otrher places of nrnsertoent, advertising erUly or tile Seascon to he chtarged 100 for Il glih .e .lie and $150 in Ioth ll Ingunges. ll Mnounolncecnts of carltlilnitr for political offices She'lrrged doiblr lhe price of oth l er atdvrtise 1 tt I.. lt, .i te imoterte lose ttlttAined r news .per ein a,l ther hrove co(imeo to conl l.iln trhat tl t oellan of prs t tna wli ne lnOtl tr i ave nott becrn pRi wvlthil oe month altar irc, nrtien, thefll be taude knoal (so fitr as )rneriitiol)l to crCIh oth,'r-they ohli.t otiler tohmselvers nat to ativertie to r print ftr eichI _elittiquutts, tltle.r in case etl delrmot pionatyrnm. tignod) J. C. Itr Se. ItOMhEr1 J. BAYON, I'. P. ItuiA, JOtlN (GIISON. .Veekly Press.--WVe, lire rtlrllterige, litee, gi, alide by tile lbove colltititnn, ns fitr as they are ty plticnblre to ,pirttlv patpert. (8igned) A. B. T.AWRENCP: JiýS Ntt mtoiocriplions are taken for leer tlhan 6 meotite. l,+tcrs teast, ill IIt caseo, be p1 olt PUid_. . I lbf+3.ifi -iiN RIns clo '-i), &c lAIN REVISIT'EDt by the ntthortif tt A year iti Spain," in I vole- lHrrkl 7re)-lr, n ,o,,el1 by '.1ti Ain t mr orf Cecil Hyde," i'ol vols. T'hr, L,'rcif f Joes Itf Fngtand with t itlrytile cotnttitt'tstnnd ie'llnrnl 1 lox ri; name, to.wlhich:ire ki.dded, Nitrot'scl, Ittcr' lie [ oitcg 'tHo tnds, ie, 2r Ilet . Iteir r lll cttc, tih laot (i I 'NIeionttII't .\htlntolnonm, fly Cltt. C(ohtltlnir, tR. N.,aettlor tllthte' "l.itf'ofa Sailor,"'&c. it vlctl. Cieltnentftritt otiollllioit.l Juristrudnctr. ist adllinicrteredn d :--t lldn u ltllAnv.ric tleitt Joseph toryr , L. L. , 1)t. vid, titt - Iled ty Itryde'n, PIope, (gnNri rovtt , Addison t anl l ttrs. t.ilral V." 11b1'ntry 'l'ncticr, or rllet lcir tho exercoo e 1Ltll i1ll.llllnu re" e tilt- United States Ifr tllel Sllr v, ] tIttjor Cl tnerrl Clott, U. S. Artty, iro 3 volt. Jtrtt t'-,tivedl uIl fior sale ty W3t. Alc.AN, 7 cornecr & tl4ll)t !rttell t. ftI ietl , y )llo nrcr sistmtti th -!br.itnI~ : 1itio , %t'it'.t i.ely 'witc"t l InAly Ile talo t4 cl nct t ' ,It L la . nit c itto leve ow W V +, I tlio to i ;ll i't Iltl Il l:ilt loik ; \V t: c h ',tI t e t1 1., t .-ro; tOo , tt u ;tt'tl ', (;at htro are -rt il. tttt dir,; -At nl-comi ltlha it., Vi(t cDtev, to erlt ilttt Billt . "l OI'tt O ielo t rl.e t ; ,Ivt' lit llritm'e' it;t )t e h, l oS i ttI vvA ,-v-r n +t a ; \ ti t It'r r , ,r ir t'r,,' a ,pt Ln Z vnre, v orv F lhmn.,, Beiv P,;shot Fonrte tnd im ll-ii "tc lrP. 'In10 1 '_. , -tr ,I F, Itnleatr'. Ph,'air:, l .r il,,,+srvn ' tltw ii, i tl ,.er dr iT. i , nn '. l: lisl iiinm, r Mion i t C flt t C- t ColBlction ft'll fai R ov r, topis t, c .r Nintai.i conver ica, ,r unIM r iolr'it hlolds, vitl Inuawrous remarks Tn 150 prnli !h;i~'in ac i onll and use ofI vrtiollo wordcln . A''ehI w n le oall r m, .,e i nA cmlsiero: blv to « lcili to thille m llai itill UI ls ]lkorrlilt lt»:in tiatol ri t tile Fr.aneli lly A Illlllln -,nt new Ledlilio, rei and elol c orrcl,:dlri .A. Snelp-ion ofcne hmudrelii]o PSrl~n'l of Lini. I, C- Il pnlliell with A key,."ltaining [lie trxt, i literal oand fre. Ira.onio, srranmed in sich i ntraer a it) int out L.rdilrene clcireth eilni the French uoli I':nliih idirl- , so ii igred rrallciatioe of tie [,'r e ording to the htrt Frlrel workoi etnnt o thle l.bllIjeet. t , whller it'cerall Iby short treatise lo thtA o lunIlds ofthe French Inll~ce"u', ctlopclred bith Illte o fIthe El *lish, lt. Pronounciong Fren oit Pr'iner, or tihe *ilolrhr's G itaidr to tile nellcrte proauriation and l.thlogrRntlhy of the French atl e, r.e tainiill its eolear.l ts according to the best u age. y Bernard Tronchtin, jist received ali rale Ly vM MeKorAN IN li' (.or Car mp & Colnm tf. .i v(t LE StlPIIUR SPRIN(llS. GRILp.ENNRILEs COUNTY, VIItGINIA. riHIS faivorite aiatering place ir the mountains I Virginia, 1t milesrweo of Lewirburrt,and '21 fro thie Whiti rirlpldr, will be t)pn in dto e season lr the reception of company. .lmnv ilnporlat illltrovelentlllt havenlbenr mcrlesinae thea lst ceann. A tpaeiotias l ll roolm and it number of oeagle -bidded rooms have Irtl add.Ul stl now rtr ishing; alording accolnnmdrtionts. Irv tir lt st Jll, for 251 t ioiilor. An exrcllent turn tklt .rea hal beeatnrlrstruterdl pansio9 by the springF, n-n ioteirscntin tie Koaawhn turnpike nea Leowis bar. Over this rMed, hv directiln of the pont office elpjrtment, Mearr. B 'dine, Wilkmer & co's. line of mail coiches will ran. A pomt oiice briong establishedl ttl te sprinsg, ei eite r oi mt receive news, and corre pond ldaily,eraotand nest. If the inedititnal qualtitice .i these wateo r thle itaolrihtor lueend not slieak. ithe have Ioen ant.itled abi hl anId roulin ed chlernltid. andi oltnld to htel in solnntii ll the vatluble itgredients o the rnast eelebrated eptrites in Virtinia. Ti ll ohimatioln eotaina mreul itr Slatrl r omter ply irnto of Lito, Sntlpehate Of olto, Mhoriaut: of Sodll, snd Aliitr't'lstt'.tlatnsaeia," tite ooilrtnry ellecto oftWcllh Anr. e ited in disrdiouea inoidel t tr foalesnald chr lon-t ie aflectlillitot l" the astoullah, liver, nd botwele; ir utrt loeil. aifctions or i seae oftre, akin no relo dy n rc. Itt, at er cimeious aPen ie found. Eleuis vellalthlig reabliolmelttil for Imtl Rexes have Irel errcthd contigonlllS I) elleo Rprio s. Viit scallnro l til ti-es eijv tle peo liroar, allventages of tiheir le Major illiamrn Vanr will cotitinlte the, upenrisel- t llact of tile sTring. Ever3 exertion on his part, ntllol tlwt tart ut" te proprietor,,,, anll ht rendlered to instre ifr t il ll"H toizalp r alimeorualelro of the pubeli pit- I .'lit r irorirlletr of the Bloti tSt phur loitrlng. wilo be i teral ik tri re-lipt o lf notera Irnll rt thorn and \es n lunlkse whiicl are cousidcrc4 lvoir ; Ital par. MARIA MONK. &c. A FWIUL diloslureS of Mlarian ln of the Ilotel ji l)iru Nnctlory itf Mylrontrll, i,t ,ar with an lip Ittlo, i u eahihdiilt, pitrt 1, IRrUOrpiuio t Ifrrtedirinn; part d, desqIoil nf her fnrrative; Iarard, Review of tile cltrst. Allsto i tlulllemnt, invillr more Iprtieulars t the Ntunery lid groundsle, illustrated by a planrof tie Niiletryi&c. 1 Maria Mok arnd the Nunnery of the liotel Dlietu---he. inl till ccount il a viit to thk Convents of 'lontreal aidt rfeutltion of thet "lAwful Disclosores-" by Wrll. L: t jStn e. I r Forlirth exprriment of Living. Living withont meana.c 'I'T; ldtttull's Insatrotetor tr IDawilig tnd wocking 'Tie Pijvp orders of Arlhirleetm," fully explaining p thie taeruhniis Ilr f trikiirg regular.and quirked mottilers; ftrdimlinishinsr and gluoing ofollotmnand carpirtals;tt I It jiinritr thearut.diattelerofra ordrto any given heitht; ti tler striking the IJaoie Volute, cirurlar or eliptiocal: with C iliirted examliles, on a large scale, if the orders, their i plt'.ilerse, &Gt. atd cnlte doesigns for door case, ole' it glll try tjrj r tl on fTtvconc plateu; rith eoxpIates--by IPt*.r "richoIol o, architeet, author of tie olitehaie's- ia ComrtllltlO'i-I.t orrlnter's New Gnidet" "Carpentsrt's Ii all 4 Jorier's Aisistant," &ec. "A Ptaoioral 'Ir.atis on th1 Culture of Silk," radpt- Ii . to ttl.alnit nrdl a linate of the United' States-by J. It ;. *Ctnltrick, secretry Ile tlre Flartlilr couniitySilk So- g eitt\ vli daitOr of the 0"cilk Ct ltrIriPt." "l'hIrSilk ltibsrts Maonul, or tihe artofroisirI and1 f-t.llil Is nna woru,i arld of crlliatirng the M Iterry tree--iy ML; trrian. '.ile Clerkr'e Guidot or C'mnmercial Correspondlenece; v colll;rikitr letters of1 Iuiats, Iormns of billa, nvoices, rcrrllot-.qleo, and shopkeepera, equation of payments, a rltllloaercll terms. &O.--V B. . Foster. L 'llistoryt of then War in ihu Pleinsrtal and tile Southll oFr FranrO from tie year 1807 to the oar 18i4" by %V. F. PI. Nftier, C. B., wtl V. to whih are perfixed an- it swerrs trinme.ttnuhn in RIbinnon's Lile of Pictort, and in the (Inartcrlv Review; wltlt eolintor remarks to Mr. L Ill0iy M.tanrtl.r Pereiva's retalrks upon some panss. I ge it Coloril Nlitir'e ,ourth ohlama of the Peninsulno \Var. JustrerPived tdfor ableh je26 41 New Levee. SU(A Ri---50 Wttls, prime article, for sale hb G IORSY-' . jL'6 44 New'.Loere *)ORK-i~iS~h~l ln et, ? 'rimt and other tlaacrltttr SFnr sale by TETNONd & AYVF IY jo.ii It. B(rOwer & Co. i3 AYE just teeived it their F~tristhingWVare-house l1 No. I7 CaLap street. Ih recent arrivals from Eo rope, and the North, large additions to their stock of ilel'tl and ornamentul hoireelkeeing articles, which col lectively (they belier-) form an assortment more gener. al and complete than i' to le fuiand in any stinilarestab. Ihsment known; consistinl of SILVER WARE. Coffee and tea sets; pitchers, waiters, castors, candle sticks, cup , tumblers ani goblets; table and desert forks; table, desert and tea spoois; marrow and gravy, or ra goat spoons; sugar tongs; sugar, sauce and son ladils; hrtter, fruit, pudding and fish knives; pickia and desert knives and forks, napkins, riigs, Ic. princiially frl-o, the manutactory of Mr B. ftardlner, of New York, whose long established reputation for the manufacture of silver wa' is sufficient guarrantee of its superior qutatlity. PLATED '.A-RE OF SHEFFIELD AND Illt MINGHAM. Tea and coffee urn, tea setts; eastors, liquor and cor dial stinds; superb candlebras, and Epergues with mir ror plateaut, for centia of the dinner or supper tablet waters round and oblong, from 8 to 12 incliesa beef steak and vegetable dishes; rich dish covers; cake and I bread, baskets; decanter stands; mantle and chamber candlesticks; wine stranersa coolers and svphols; decan- 1 ter labels, claret corks, tea strainers, table bells, tea, ta. I ble. egg and mustard spoons; egg boilers and st-nds, I toast races, kc. SILVER ON STEEL WARtE. Table and desert knives, forks and spoons; soup and sa.ce ladles; Itutter and fish knive,. cheese scoops, as Irtigiue longs, vegetable fol'ks, tce. JAPANNERY. Pine Gothic Sandwich antlo round crnet waiters, in setti and single, from 8 tlo3 iniches; do of fapienw macre; bread, cheese, anti knife trays; large utlpriht plate o, rt:ora s pices lh'Ot antd nch ioxes; o.saingt sea S India tea tables In nocts, catltis ,l | iMalo saillld ott ric i tortoise shell, etc. LAMPS. An extensive assortmont, among wnic re Astrod Inps, all bronzed illd gilt, and of rich cut giss; mantlen tlamp do, do, each plain and with glass prisms t verT splendid cut glass do; rollzed anti Jaluantlle sitl t or braekm, lamps. CllHANI, LIEBRS AND IIAN(GING LAMPS. lnglish anti FrenIch c tt glass chandeliers or lostres ot 8, t11, 15, 18, ' anil '2 lights; French bronzed and gill Grecian lmtopl, 3, 4 Hll 8 lights; hall lalops lild lao- C terno, rich bronze boaet or aentre. t lampts Ili drawing f ronms, from 1 to 6 liEilts, laip shades, glasses:and i wicks. MIANTLE' CLOCKS, CANI)LBIMtAS ANDU VAS.S. CHINE A Ws \\.W ,.lI' l 'I; \91 '." l I (. , ' " ,of ' ' .ki l L . i ui r. . i \ , .. . . siirot ..o.. l oittIto ; , Ru . .r . .. - . ioo.. t -n It. h of'tle 'oles; ;\Can icatd kI -t ,'let wa ,,'; i t I'h rl I' it Solitit NWttrt tI o t', ,O ll ,s llof t , 'oh-ii tl I . , , . l i il i h : issh-s, ce Io' ... h .1 ,, ,- k .- %- -; bj tter lu s .i ! gel, no el a'l , al r t, 3-.i | lean sio , , .:o t lh ;lars ' SOU, I , ,. Iloooktlasses. SAl so,etliie dtlh. I Fine isorl blan:le .11ndllb t ll. tll :til l w lf t h h 1 i, ko sai- I;orks4 :t d o i i i Vil 111 l; ivo t ol l k t ., I n o t tI t tI '. I t ' ok i or v rl . c f l i vl , wll i · I ll.d illl l 1 I I'ot ntl lo i i ,' 0 . i e lln Fllitril r wl., wi oot I tlltE Iill' O T. a 50I , p s15Ms. tltit llit hL e it il t t or is ,tin i o, we :io IoNo o1oroloiooo ten ia, l\wing a;o . Ol ctt t, o I t toif ttlolttost ever. 'oticle w l olttl ' I;- ....' . e k epltr. , -s CHI il. l l tIlll l 11:1ot 1i o h e o ls . I l ' ll L l i ' t olll "n d w' , hit''. ' " t o., k .,to . t;, il i~~~lot 't 01 ittft101 wItlot 0-to Toll IMN F.1 TI tt il t Ih N Xli l ''ti tRlt It l I • i ll d. l , i illl .le w r wt reltoliqorhed owt o. I, , lu,. I ls r" llet i a in iD " r..... ill 31 Il I ' m t He I i .... G i .. . 1,tt " l)' b lo - to i 00r, I0Sw 1 0 1 sO;.I BSw ill ' TiJ I'Tol i . W it, $11, l i, lllW i r 1-7-210 ill) I Por a iotolo e sa(lt- ot s llws filta For olt. of' awls oil . olo. or 40 Saws. i a a t .s ie saw , or00 001 SINtI I' GINS . For a single gil of tio saws or lmore, with to toie soet of ftit ers, lonlids, &C.. at $6 por 6a1r, $1480 tt For do. of o60s ws, witllteelder, ot,& .t $6 t Fortoa ow2sws, with : eolers, &c. t$7 300 i d tioof do.t.1 atwl, wtitih oIoers, te. ni.t Extra teet where desired, for fotede's, sutpplied t o0 cents eHOh; ith tmobet' olfteot ietl bi; about equal o tihe number orf Staws. (le set of t'oede,'s, it is con silderl l however, wilwetr ot twi* or three sets of ows. iExtr saw sa tipliha at t80 iCents -ate-. mhe (o uninh ir %lll ll hle delivered wIn te aeiil lo, oil reasonble ttros, t will Ito ctowlroe tixtrat C otts, illioer oFany sclitiu oll can " e fbr llisthe l on likfL t mal illl ll stela enlgriees tean lsH be oirdere if de SIttto- i totti ttbl t, w teo tla ttr s i te orito ott 1 titoso thioty shtto,,u t tieomntttoe ltrioo Oitt oerti-otts ioo elIo to tolieglltrr an e o me Iotl saws, w st I ils , ri ohes co i.g Ie age " iao t elr li the ir.ltof ite ( ol. A.o i n sizeht is r ioel it amllie t wisho lt them icheres. Sode isired ti oai'gs le e busre on ao t xie, whill e oexts lot moderate. iront o tunn il goan, while ordered wolere del 'II.l on reasouab otevin o es, ill o niihl iitatg extra l lo's tIl iwes, ot'anld tle erinllltto, can e luotin thed on like. terticll. S Whl it is se engines to tll liscbe to eree i all Itr olrdetbl can, when ilanters glo e ortio ' for i nsts le thtY shounldaccompalny ttlem whitch theoviews n it reogo't b to tl'e o'arongenOtto saiws, loetls, orushest Ci, io t i is 6l und iflow ohe ba inion. Shome desire Saws. me ilig te tiet eoh,:t otlerso. lh to e in te onl., size isic or i tlli h ne; some wst n o hes. Sion I wish 5 or 6 rowsf brushes o lota axle, while olhers do t lot wailt more ImIo 4r lt ootllt. Stoot- woLs SawS itlt4 oglto il Stites ih, wile ile oih reas Wnt ble ter II . %mS umo isit t , we itreller tiey shattotlit the "iit- ofgivitg o fotlei.s ti-isi a staten eo t ofo their w toet, tooti tito ototl'ttureti't Cat foltfil otein hi evert 0 lirtiOtolar0. Wheore it is tIet to oordistrehion t 'e Shallto make ottbe o-t tile mott itotoerl, oltd oiioto'or'ali plato A,. oo'ooo tto'n hteexeouteoo, I'rotl tittllohe It is received, ill Ill itotoee ofloiglit ilt' toiit wtot'ks, still ite (in l i Ilit I tilae i'laccil no [litItoot tof ith l Ctor. TO hle "' itle fir ti' e Vf t eotlo 01`.10tAt t e tl' o I le ill tile 1 M s (t' tilt! ooooi 'totore'oooty tite lo'st 01- 1otiotnilo of Maty-; on-.ot for oloottoottions Wherothey o art? ntotlei int ,ooittltletotlhl to nt-it2) 6ruot STATI OF LOUISIANA.-First Ju.icial i.-vti.nt;t Court r ilb: STAT OF t.LOUISIANA, To all whom erlltse Presentr shill con, Greeti;ntg:-WVhereast 'Villialu llrn Ike t hnint prt llnrhited at a eade mnlax by tile Sheriff of tire ptiilh of' (Oreaus, tile property hereinfller descrihed, has applied to The clerk oft is I.ourt, in wholne ofice thile ed of snle was recorded on the Sith day of Mai, A. D. 133;1, i4r n orniiitn or od vertisemnont inl confortity to an act of the Legislatllre of tihe State of toi ina, entitled "An act for the further assurance oftitles to purchasers at judicial sales;" up proved thie IOth day of March, 1834. NO\'W, thrrerefore, kno ye, and all person, interestoed Ilreino, re hereb cited and nd!noniAhed in the nure ti tine State of Louisiana and of tie Fist Judicial D)i.trnct Coort. whoo can set ou) any right, title or oclai in anod to the property tpereintier dscribed, il conequoence of any inlllTnalitVa in the order,delre o rju dgmeAt of the conrt under which tire sale was made, or any irreglarity or ili.galit in thie approaispments and hdvertisemenal, in tie, nr of sale, or for ani other defect whatso. ever;, to show aonon, within thirty days ooln the day this iumnition is ftrst inserted in the public papers, why the sale so nade should not be confirmed and homolo. 'ile aidl property wasnold by the Sheriffof tile par ilh a oresai ont the 3tld day of April, A. D. 18;38, i virtre tofn dtoenre of thl.l:nnoitt,retndered ti the 3ddav ofMect:, A. I). 18311,ii a .lit entitled William Mackey vs. ounta l iell, No. 15,535 of the docketof this court, at whlich sale said Williano Mackey brcahme tire put chasefr r thire price of $3,;ilm, cash. Descliption of Prop.rty n given in tir Judicial Con vav0ncr, vl: A certain lot of gr,"und, together with all the build inga and improvements thereon, situated in the parish of Orletns, in the squoare houndeod by New L.eve, Louisn, Paul and Delord streets, desiginated by the No 9, on a plan dranwn by C. F. Zitnpel, Deputy Surveyor Genroa, on the 16t Decelnhber, 1831. tIai aetlosited a plan No 10, in the book ofplans of Felix Grima, notary blic. Said lot measures 20 ftet I I inches front en rew Levec street,75 leet it depth on the sile adjoining lot No 8, and 80 feet 7 inches and 4 lines in depth ont the side adjoiring tie property now. or lately, belonging to N donenle, anid 1 leet II inches widtl in the rnar, t hIere it fronts on an alley of three feet nine incres in comnnlon to lOlt Nsa N I, 5,'6,7, t andtI 9. Clerk's Office, I 't May, 1838. 1nt6 GW I EWI~ Dep C'lerk. Alit. WILLIAMS, OCULIPT, LOUISVILLE. JULY 21. It has been said that I ran awaV frun Louis ville and (among eother places) had mtade tracks for the Niaiar-thailtefrore resolved on T'usdav last. tript to Cinilansti, for one day only; I returned again tas night. piaeia to frel that I at a very ;mportait indi rvit't,al, tllis installnt tlhe Journal of tiis city was i put ilt Vy iand,i statinag, arsaags a great manIy oattin thing,ithat I haild actully run a ay nfrom t.i;asvill to escanpe the eflects of the wanderfil magnetic nee le of doctor Snip, the knight of the thimble, alias, A S 8, My return, hwever. prioves liat the thble if ile Ilr anti wolf, it appicalite it tthe Journal . The fable is "A lho was employed to watcht anti rive tle alarIm, when he wtlIf apipeared; hie being either a 'footman,'a tsilor'r sn p, or a liar, fi iteque:l cried out 'the wolf in coming,' i tile grealdismay of ihe citizeni ThI:v :t last tiund out his real aharacter: that hi wal a liar and not to be btrlieved rven when si rpoke the truth." The fact is, that causes must produce their effects. So it will prove, of the all-wise writers, I)r. Snip & Co., in thile Journal. would advise thelu to irovide them selves withll a staln engine press, in order to meet tlhe wonderfilrtdemand anti increase of that paper, as it is well known, there are many who seek ftr Iltlinag bu falsehood,out of sheer love tio te veders ofa that nrli cle. ButunfortunaitehlvfarGoliah Suitl, of needle and thimble celebrity, the great mass of the millihns of A merican people,are faiiied, ond far famted a5 lovers of truth. Therefore they will, (as effects produced by the •austs) inturallsy Say, I ewntt to read a palpor, tlat I mny relyi oil, thnefre I will seek ouat suichc d hbecosme a suestiiber to the other journals, whose stntelm-lts will not ipret, false. Theitr tlns: statenmellii are too pul pable to reqart, refutationi Vet will sai te: Itt. Ir aenamgtatsiistnl. zit. lhat I litallrain ti ' llil 31st Juil , 'tho )r I Snip & Co., have sent me a Ictlter thrueteniaig ay tieI, if I remained after iheti th.t. td. I'nlt fre.i th;s,I re ll proceed to Cincinrati, or fotlrtheel daý sole. of which l :vish D)r Stip & Co.. t inform tile ammittied, in their own miali ile never fnils ti brinme leitieats, nd4th. fihli frni tiilt C nati I . ml h n ilretet at thea Pallts of tieNnS eun,tobea t it tllI i. (tiff r Sui & Co. dii. inot tlkeni i ay illy life, o till til III, tielaeitmlier, nUlot Y. 5e t tl' l a the j St at Niivcl tier, til)elld It lIe whole ofilh, timext 111fiew, ilt order ) I toag sit t hi lt tmmholll IPhilitiaens; ·tile s -,,,die nl i i ola Iitiii)i, I'llhiladelt phin, p M erphi, Nrl , nwillte ,1l Louivillt, wh in ;ei probatit (befirte f. t lie arrives donresl~ ish I. ;{,;, u,to it~lrC, " I G-linbQd. Clurier &c. G,*,t malkhe fr ,it e , &il s 11111e . i Goli l ith. ior ttt.. -Goli l 1 5111, Pa1n1 nod drut ,n u, pi khld' ore. Galiah 10 l1i most n fOnl.n'ife. t I, al l, . ,p lhi fati e, to ill , irnqwie iiiuti ,'.it i l taeh . I , o 'I i l"sa t ý I .."old 1 , -o , , , .. l., r tm kao ii tPillt i litrmm til I Ie . Ii 't : il Ip l 'I. i anow, tate I ii hilt b ,.irsprni l a lisla I.. . i-.' . . :r . lhb h it of i estirii ' I "u " tt i tl . -tli I.liit, e iliel Cl Sarit... il, . . I I , 1.retl i l • ,.. I i, , 1,1-, 1 - . ivt tim e n+ t ' a it l 1011. t riu titW ta I P., a I .I mnil, t urtyIla tutu antd ill . IIH " l ul'l; If+' I I_(- 1 :t:"! +t*] 2 +l ,,'~ lFi I' ( l I P Ha ( iiI i h i.i... , I II-I , . i liir - liv,., 11111... l.. it Ilit l,1 1! I lito I; I N Al.. h ", 'i eu18 r l'I i r , V!3s. 7t l ilatt lip i t I- It, inli- t I li ,i rIw tl liil lii -.l, , -"I iII .il ii rt ic'Jis I I offli "I l '. 1111.- 11 ll miiiih t I" - I h e 1 1 fol ilino I I F ;I,ýýil ,ldk i Il t! l tl e I -h " iiii str ilt I" ti .e tht ' " ti 1 '.-h r t. '-k Ir 1+ r," " r. whit ali,, i l, I,,, h the . Mr. p nti ai c Th *, t l.!"o rl' 111` 1 '11'150ll l lll " +, " i' th oli ll'l' ll +l l irh t ., n Ivl i hll ll l t ltfi:h tl ll.lil . I ; Ii i. ' , I1" 1 1 Ii ' a. , '11 vo nI I l i?, I e!' mi AIl [l. l ,l i,. I i II I. l i. r.llll nl I,, I I I ,ll o wi· vll l [, wtl i% Ii l 1 ll. i ,. I r I ii. Ietll l r , lt itt th ulll lmo 1a i Ii ii ii . lilt, , lii . i th II. t'i ii, ii, .tm'f ilitm hit ala of 4l ii I t a r alII l fr i , ielt h ti .-, iti ht ri hi brall e the gi il, ,11 llli olinltitll 11,. 1 'hu i h hr i- iiu -I llsi ll ill, I e , pr i klli piI I Jl . 1i2e I i 'iiii lw L ef t . til e sI l l :00II" el mIm rli egif 11 I tle t i- r sl ts 111 Is1 ,,tl Ii' r· ( +*, Pil ile Iii) (1~r' I Tli-r . Inp; ali , ; "4. f, h e r t. 1 1 . illr i . . , i 1 s l i h ith l !ll ;t ] hfie e 1ai lleM'ls, lut tII ioL In. irils Ili tl I I Il II. M r, i It I l oie-is . a s ie I I]1 t1 tllly v , lli(ieeU ei eIUllll e tl mie, tsedlliit i 'o be wr il i1111 i e. i I i bl hn hhie v-l ..e , i hi lr . Tih I clll ll e lll if ll e cI ts ari ' i t. r 11 ts lllra ie a tlo, , i- 1/11 S tle n no -Irl' e I a oI ie.h llsy 2l2t iIip cOn to t. o ir-t-l t A. IIEo ,. Ih. e ih i l rI .t.i I ti a - I , t n .. I io h l int e ' op h t , f i n" t, V S' r - , ' , .t II iret il, tol. . to 1 i iit, a. I I, 1i 1 ihea tilt .lit .l . Iit o il, I h, o' o ,+Ithee .. 1v e, mq lhl pr -th .,ietof t<1 riL l a tnd : the i'll ,e r it ll se e ' "tllt , o hit ,r. h i I y mornin . F, Iru t lylr il I t. e.IYIr, t hiJh , &l e ti e iat l ,r ,i to ,ll re ni. I , , in l t r hto th In. , h..- i h I% j t~rI i e, e .a Ij l r, t l .td e211 i1ii p.fde hitl "lllll l, Ilhlli, ia h.;vr, mhi,. \ rth livh htim. HvI ',u1 . ht h re is y "1% tI ei hoilt h.ei. ,I th m l 1 i il, I • i i i evenstI ha t had le I"i , a the r A jilst , It s ll tsol h ouI(,+ .[alterI 'sg Ia to ul l o 183 -l lie Vhieul ;,k,,l if he r lih roilediv, vith wh,;e]t I Pr( Il%,'e h ew- Said lha w+,h raili r p;ity 42111, 'than ' eX h . ta e a drto p. Itfh ll e alli adtr . : 111t i'ces US S 111l l It. j tei t 'l , thim oille ill t -214ely Iii slwl k mI yi hi t ii rren i ng t he for AIIam It t io de wl Raod tlley l luid t r o lo ar o thin i s i t i d i inr tin , s torlt iittu fr t he her wIh -iut St) ali daye li(t o-r rrow) in Wt ich ther ca ll o ti l+ sirtolot w btk o s Nio t I.- have just re'-pi hed i hltt rt dated tr II n,1 inf ~ th is ty Iv ' lip writers tyleII Ih ll ii-elv+s ,.eulltu .ar s an or tce irtendilr thatlI alluded it, i e I t netparo lh si la oil I did L ia (It katso I eves r su-o pevt liv (:.llh it Ihe dri.hint Loa isville; r t, if t h ati lll) l it s nv gtel ll ian li e hc ili. ii course Wear it, though out nintenidd by he i Jefferso. House, Saturday,= JuIY li , 37. l sluiu-- hvii lione thI wI , . C I :tlvmr e sli it wll' i fuallt. this rov' , tit! the ve'l w J, 'f lv . i. T o ne Irv fto dih thle 1t te t.,ir t!+ -n :1, thfo tr e . im lien w ll ,, "S ',., ,Ie t. a pl,c,.i ,,to",, behim. ta th, ut It t hhie hifi til l' d right. o posited kyall the w r :tIr b 1v '.1. u I ; , -. temlpt. 0i wao wlook P JONll t I,,tth t;ll , llIAS , u l .IPinl whaot dillretillly: b.t et tt ls. I will .hoever eo llilellt his tal er of tle r.l rlnal, t ill iJs 'aga itv to etloy thoe flkroimer knight (lot o'fthe glrter or or le t bistlle iln) ofthr tocl lll to kimble, in order th:t he may kill two birds with onll ,ole t , i. r. I-) atch tile holes tihat mayv Ie in his natllll or pollii ill llrlnent and, if I tIy jude froml thallt exellent Ipaper, the Ad v setiser, Dr. Slip's master ii, politically, in consrl need othis services. When ater, cireullstttneraccttrsrr , ,hiptherdolnerstiroaIo at politioally, which reqtirrs a Itirttr, wrelherr oil it ,wn nose or oil tilo repttoinno ofthose wio do not iaII sen to please him, helotg ualike hIil, (wlliih mus.t le t great misfortune!) then it is hie rings iis BIIE'L, whieo afterall it notohing no:e than if it was Ollundillg brost or a tinklint" cymobal;'" Yet, to view it thlls--r. Blell looks well; ,but with an 1i. D. A. S. S, aler it, appears JOHN WIlLI ANS, tculist. Jouly 14. HA VANA Si\ Et''EtI% mtorr ond Ior vale je cor Commoln and aglna v inte s.,. SI' RIENT.. '['IE ihalndso.ti STIoIRFa nold hdl k IKiltcllli on Ithe onsement story of tihe Ttrue Ailmri call Ollice, two doors Irollt St. Chadrles T'le atre. .A lit rate stpitl tolra CoRte HIouse Apply tot to11t JHIIN GillttoN, Edlitor o'liri Alnerirti. prmIe.--\ mrnlr rto lierllt ol Ct tNails frolll sa In ed, byr slav CHASE & fIXEm. mI Iltmtn O0l00 1. . MII.ES' COMPOUNDI) EXTACT OF TOM A TO. A SUBSTITUTE FOR CALWMAEL. n lHE doctine pronlmul~ated with so mlch alssurance I y mlany elmpirics of the presect day, that one Ine diuine will cure all disearse, s riot, antd Ineer cttl be t trie; atndl ie who asserts it, is either a fool or ano in. Spstor. But it is a fact demonstrable Iw experience, uthlt combloatiotn of medlcine may be folniedl flener the Ve vtIAiiBLE KINGIOM, that will act sn univer.sallay onf ;, the systetn, when taken sensonably, and in jiloleious tpo portions ,s to Cete, ill lille esesolt of tei, aill liseses - within the reach and powe ef medicine. , From tne well known atd established reputation of a Calotel, it hais long been employed by the emnpirie, it and scientific ph:sicino, as one of the most lowerflti tagents for the removal of disease. By the Cforer, al r, most every Ido haos been delged witih nostrums, that their anuthors elhimed si specifics in every disease inci oldet to tile human family. The folly ofl these aions needs no commnen, for accurate cohemieoa investi* g-tion has sholwn, tht the base of most of tile Pa:ee:s, SCitholieous, ke. which rtnve been tr mnipetret l before the community, with No muClb assurance, is Calome,n or omercury in some form. Now, if this potent articlee even in the hantsl of the most skilful physioian, li-equeitt ly exerts niI intflllenee on tie hulmaon system, unllforeiseen atnd entirely beyond the control of art; undlermining th, constitution, anI bringing oil premiturie oli age, diseass aUll dieatht what relitih shoiiul lie expected when pre esriebed by tile ignorant? Couldl their many thousand vietinis sipeak, a voice frotm ith tonhb would ootn disiel hie npeeific' deltsion llhat now ways the minds of ilhe living Hlnmane Physicians deplore tle nad eviis resulting liroi the tvr.criatl practice, and will glally hail the ino InIldeCtionl ofall article that call saely be substitutedl for en:mielt. lThir feel, asitl that keenly. the tuertainty r of its priiartli erinition; theIyrannot say whether it will t flitoratlit-e ort iotroiable. They also kni~w, and I'el, II t ii Ils i( is counirid for anY considellble time, in .ili is coIIndarv nwlseI.eneces must follow. BUt tev I mlst chtooe the least (of two ee ilis they know no thlr I lirticle that will arouse a torpidiliver, removt e obtrueie. tioll, alu' set ill firee aotion l . wholle glandlllalr system, and it being indispetsernhltl"y Beeessistry to d1t iti, IteV Clllllenu its USe, ')twithoti litl thie e cil conseq.ncI . which 11l0ow. The Ilve Ill de-sired e oi solght an r article halt Iwll prilce the old effects of this Idrug, without ll'i Ictl tl e paitit to its deleteiou c ies llt.i Sitc. al di* " irlalle . it is IeliotedI hif at length beetl o.taine,.' 1 lit i t'. r I c w t, ti Iloi tilie public. T':.v iopiet. &l thli-iiticl keep ilin rview te 1 e ,,,-A, tha-t :, ri,, ..fnd bene.olent Bei'ng, ha pIced with 1. : 1 i Irfli , i .II, vrent dwlt.h soapted to tihe discases in 'i I- it tItA Iuh climate tile inhabit; alld knowing, like- it . drI rst to td the diseases of the South uni I t.' t . II I oll a nlic or fitletiolnal dertlngement lof i ti, lI.Vri dilirectel I teir attentiont to those a'tleles whih 1) irt ,,re ts eially oil the biliare l organts. A..[cr ilong, bborious, and expellsive research, tlhey h tlld ill oxtraeting a substance from the TO- I iA.\i I , ihicll, loll iis peclltiae effttt uplo thl the hie!lp tie I dllay ogiurans thei y hve denominated lepitine. 41 it . -di:ie ihit till brituce ieoall the beneficial It sl. 'Caltl t'el, ill both li cute atll chtronic (iBetases Sithetit lhe ii sibicht ot roducing the leeriousdetteol si ll l t'' i.e ii o t t l tu rtiit t. its :ttio n i II nIt it i tiion I lis i er::il, tno ll art of I sit rn i cAapinitg i itoi ntc e. i t it t'Vow vri t ' Sill tll O of wvvvtion in1 .Iut Xct retion, otlet itsicn gltil I r I parutill Iuay m ilvst.~ld i Heleles it pe ;uliarliv ml ytild to I.e tleatmlltlll of bilious fre'lo I"hC4 t tillu1 i ee in wl ich Itrllilltily ofr CiOIn tiole iof the ilv.r ta I poi tal t ircle prtlail. It is:,ishle in all wises, whler it is nece.s.Iry ti f1 \tIhe fil!sin:th II 1 1owll sl, i t tEmo1et ht .llatnt' -A tiott, ti eIlclitii'is , i tuillk i healtly action of the liver :,!i ., O e lehlil ai r \virlr of l th! abdomen. l-ilng dif- e l i til it , it pt i on ee. I'lee circilation A hrt lh, Itoh L Ii th(e slllace of thie ibody, ac/ ent niaed h% a :tiltlt perspiratio hI does lot exhaust like dlra s Ilt' III . ll,. sot ill, its ac eiot is llt ore llnivtersal, and llil m U l lofte e reatetdwt, ut m wi, rely w bith stiIly bit with greas hb.1p rit Thhi IslC0les i "dtltelisal"y BiCessary in ias,ý. lt Il ltaning; iil)th in iitl i. ~ nctlle 'tetilloriul imlprest S..i ilcIo I n o:illliiton iedlicirev s, sthldtnl, it ellr,' do ooi ut lteni tIo ijle thie statmi a of'lhe :istitiu ion. s h is a nde u i~i a. , ' ini to th e syit ,m , a c ts it. l l:riext harllmiony with hllt knownll lraws ;o lit, and is u. hedhy onea heol 11 1o valuable orticles e'er offer el tll. p0bli1h trial liI a ii in p elioni. Ior clll thiene l', nvithi 1 lsfrmed into . grllin pills. The uhit pills are cathartic, alterative, diao phoretic ln1l dilnetic. I hiC. low pIill il'C tonic, atm-. 'Th flle foll-oing extrnet III tht ildeet is rlom the Cincin r n.ti J urnd. i MILFS' TOI VATo MEDl)ICINE. !. The virtues of Itlh 1omnno, nIIut AlAC as a deliiouns .t ve lltab\e Ilr the Itabile, bil als , as a mlledicine, hallve t' iin,, 1,AAit, ial meiet n lit tle nttention.l It lit" I) el bieliLeed ·l tlo sess nti-bihio s ll liiei w hith i is lthly coollldl Ile l ell ll\ ihtraclled, lr s lparaltlld fromli ile sit r "hi l, l tlAr, Aoll ll Ile in':, llth '. T i s has ' beel th:r'eri,- llze: ,s ! hili : ,s conntrllll A larke por'tion Atli li el s It l lui ft tro l iswd tred liv :s, r Com fli-u rallpleds in the ghnl4.lhr s% lvm. This is espechdll III ,. , , III,, "-I,:ld A ! .-il ml e 1 III the ýoA th. 1 t. Ielhd, en., 0t, i ellOntAe: i is op tratiliol, ml1 le!i i llng Ihic slth'liiltu ti i Il redt, Colll o ll. c ilioll, itmli , "'A w uld o laieeolll inall. h 'e I II bi tile us"t healthl cliuIAte i ithe world I. "lIonmel ha,. . A. dh al iist it l i re di y illl- i 4a dis,!u-s Alf this character. Ibit it is :, r,., I i l l ltlhlil Ahilt i112 - 01. 11y "houl-d il hur ith ue o I I ' m Ae c o l s id 'i le d I's t r ei ' , I in g (i o il th e lwr o d i ic e A ; l' i .l ', Cln professiun to ste'k Vf this, et we i10 .b1--111144 1 Io ,Xpress ou si,.r.l onvic -t (.t I A l I'M Used witho.t injuriou, alud lstmin viI, iuponlhý Y- I tern, reael o' le c , ar(i- dili4 to the q iiits ti n, "ti the freque.oy of its lse, 'and the con-thuti, ith. P, ,,atient. A subhtitut, fi-r this, therefre, ifomn the I.- M set t tle k i ing d oi n is a dA e sid e ra tuh in th i th is co un ll l. . lVe believe this dhideratrmn has bUe- r.d ins he 0'| . lao. D il'. s, i' or this %itv, n1d hisl e witil lylel lab.or and i eCNI.C , is 11 u ,.s'lt astl, Ii,6 'A" ' sutceededl in obtailhing Rliel al txtract fronm thi ne v A - , hie as, it is hoped, oill be Ilii'l art t il bil"'I . ,u WVe hame eal, ln s8o', 11ils t11, enlqirll ailoiAng I Ic'i 1 tten alld othethe whil la e utse this iellicintl, lib to il. effi" 5, soul Ate ic il w ll Satisfied tIhol it %ill 'lt-C a Inl-t va u l ,1V r 1edy in. conmphltt. , o I- ,as we havt. been :,file 0 leairo, it Its pro' u'lled ths ,- ,il'k 4 1 effttet, oierati ig so t" iheahe'alth action IIIthe li.i" , I iii'i1ri-mg bili-,,s uhimiarge h i;h eded, Ail h i l; break,,."I, 'l wl ", 1 itil eln i c mo; cettai,1% Al i, hi a shirter timiieth 1 . en:n i.. ..h Fo'r sik orAil ilh s iti bhei s i has be,' ft Id 8I J od 1 ii2, .d11 L l- h . . ..t o Il t ' Tomaum l ill a. - -i , . i. It lh l , 'c I II r I t 1t11-ll.a ,m, I.ShIl Ia i thu-. ii i -i - -i- , I. -;+,, [, \,+i.. Wl\in. '.ihvl) . I;, IIv o I Xi , . l <i-lt b l iIi IIl i'i .olll ati - N -w iI o-ll. All plt' S t. p uot p , ,id, -lle l io oel it % dvld to. ild- .lSA ii Tlli I . l r t!i ' 'i t .h -l. l i- I l o;V ', 1 orpll n... Pllr ,-all t the Hi o n. (hII I , . I l lia n, Jld I [fil li, 1838 - 1 ,-Ji('i-i-i e I'sir e. : i -,eMall , in this a-T , t is onl. red fv l- l'o rr thatt le ridit - o ll- i lo lv n llt S l u lllilas - mopen nrl lllll-trda the 7th IN' ov Jul", i.3, wih |le ihh .ltd t hed Ieari e id iordih-N to lw; nilld ill the, ountien aIill prioceedlngaiI gainst him perison anu Io em, trev l sttay'ed. feiii a r t ai' -iS --l New Orlenalin, June 118, 18I8. jt H ;iaw -i i A iit.-x I A-i iNl I a1:l i'i-T,( lerk. .1 .TAT DE LA 1.. L\ I S 1, .-.1-Col ,lie Pa--, ,1 1i 1 rp.;t tr issaiitlh ville de ht Nouvoll, or leoan.--lreselit Phon. Charls .llrinm jul e, I I join, 138.--\o. II10,l ,-J:.eiue. Polier contii e ses i cr l cil.r.-Sur lectlre It ellr lhte-l lilt de Illn Ii on et que 1es crancieri de I'isolvalllle 14ire savoir leur- ri. sons1en cour ouver t, Salleldi 7 tit iui!let, 1838, popirqt oi il ne sernil point dech -rgý confIImInem nt A la Ilo, lt 'n prol uri t e ivA Roallt itrretl iiis. l. l:I1 , l t,-w AhItb1l % Nllll1) ll l III ll( l I il ti l II- I L INS EII) li-l.-II bbiis, iandmia fo t ,Icq-i-i Adiitiy, I-i-r i-ili :d i- IG DliOR Y. jel: l .-ItNew Levee.. ARILVASUPERIOU H.8-Nowladi-ngfro WA stem.khiat Sultarn, a suilply of the Above, pat up in Ihdu, t-ierces and bils; Itr sile ih l " j.l 17 Com-nnIerIIe stri.e. I INSEED 011.+-12 hbl anu. 2 casks hest Lenseed Al Oil,now Imading f irom ship N -Iiiville, And fI r i-e bly J.i1 VIS & A...,Iit hVS, hluiolvd-ii l)"ri-i-rists, cl 1il u 'i i i n iCi- nd A-'-tit li it. S vidi fnr raleh lin .1 l-lA & I lI.Ei s1 T ,3 " li--i-b k All-i . .........~· " -1 r -i -1- .. . . . ... =- - PI)AINTS,OILS, (ILASS, BIRUSHIES, &c.--.ukat l eanding ltraln Ani Coalr lltioar llnrri r ir r lalel--vzl : 16.I00fet o fOr lass, best ilualitr, f'romalra L0 I I, V:rXg3 W31W kegs "hite lead, pur; 356 dor gree prrnaint, il ' uibr. kea; 2-1 does japarnelrin tbrsgrailnsiOllI0 lbitbrage; 21; don sprlerdid 01000 groand brusTrale, alo o'010U0 awl le I) do:i 2 .an ersrome green in powder; superior articl I ano do In canl; a lilrge assortment of sash tools of every size aslid quality; sable pencils fir artisrs; fIat Larking blruslleals formerrihaals artist's colorrs ilc oil readh pre pared ,in boxes, litled '-: with all necessrry brusles; artisI's tnols, &U. Flake and rlmnity white; GO parks gold lear; white and yellow wax; gum orabic; and a large nld lchoice a I' artlncnt ofl atinr , dry colorrs oirl, tlarieritle, varnish, e, ., for sale,wbhlraleca r and retail, at thea lwerrt price, 1 by M1ONDFL.1.I, a 18 5r, 'coop st. .YEW EDITIO.Y OF THE CITIL CODE OF LOUISIANA,. e IT has been for some trira made known rto the puble I that the subscribers are enaaged in prepraring for tlre press a new edition of tie Louisiana Civil Code. Thel wenr. era ll e fsrat awera rl Ike great dilfrllury r, nd aresonjrarirlitv attendirng tie publicatirn rr tile work,. and it was not without great hesitation ithat they el)n sented to tile ndertaking But thle Iareellt edition. . alaountin r to ,boult thrert'thousarnd copirs, and which dlald cost tile State inire. than thirty tlIhusa aal dolit, . Swas entirely outofal print. For rllric thael' two ylurs pait, the usual p:ico of the work has been fronu thirty to firby dollars. it in a vrrtem of written rules wniell so ilamediatcly Sopterates upon every individual of the state, irnerstedl - either in agicullturo or collaerce .and whichb overns r [he disposition of so imruech prperty oniJ tle tis from v tbhr states, tbnt--unhke shIoos. witv othertreattm. m lp, i law--it is as mluch the tmxl-book 'lnd Ilantlual oft tie I, amrLbant all thelr Iaer, a it is of the private gentle l ranl and thn prolfes·si nal advoc r ro. " r'he lawyers of the aldjlinig staterr, and in fect of al Iho,se te'i arpoar the Ohio aib d Miiissippi i rivers which lilld a nartfor their produre in Loeisiann. have a fie qjuent lecessitv (if rel'.rence to the clade, lann mnake it an adiaspensable "rqraiasite to their librarirs; and ien th, ail ar1' he-w ernelals rie [look ir asn slre to LW |ielled in e rchanllt' counting rolllll, as uIIp I the desk of tile itndle, or tile tabable ifthe attuirllev. It is not sipIriT iqg Irr Iarefre that thle fiar. edliiran lfile work was so rquick- I iy disposrad aof; ulnd althollgh a mere reprint of it woull b in gsome measure supplay 'th Ilhlie neces-itv, vet it wouald be alprr:aCt a411t 1 anaRialislhaetary aarrlrtated witl relbrenllcee I tile lReport- and SI'ralte-, in order to Seran race aeUer ar naomaimeaa ts waiVa h have bIr en ma;nde b y the Lt.ishlllrll aod the imporl t I deci-slos anti fonlltrllctions whicl h e bli een givell pllonl IllUlny i its articles by lthe uaprnme Coullrt. T h'le lpublisheda have Per red, I;Ir trie general super 1 inllldence and editorial deIartmlent of tli cork, the r pIrfessinal Isarvices iecan h aerlock i Urtn, Eq. ae inl!herof thle New Orleansrl lia The Hlo. Judzeia v Hullard, J.luae Brundel, anlld i)on George I;ush;, I Ihave each kindliv nasisted a3r Upton with the vualm1ble * lnotes whih llPe a Illl- olected ir ll the rse lr iar t la ir I studies and l)prvltiCe;nnd to Mr N R1 Jennini s,the prt- C nerof 11r Upton, who ii also ePlrngoed ill the work, Geo tl Strawbridge, E1-I. ha pre)leented tihe reat l l a11t' rfit. - retlnler ontaineld i r his oiaice ile ?' of the code., alnd which nalve herln ade b Il hilm ring the wholarr a i arial) at hiar ia.ingauished prlof;sil,nln laborsa Tl'e p alis l elr may therEory e enll trud t ' hij t the annollliln or the .rk will bIe aII1 llvt i aduihtrv ad Idtbonr, assi-ted by lomarnia. an," xpr hqlt.e, c-all p,-rfllll. it puitting fiorllh this pr;;sRPetit andm solivitiang - en- tal sllllsreri s Il the l orllk, ml e pa a lir:ers take prildo i the fa1 t that thle Lecislallur of (llloiianl ihas nolllthllorized the r ;overnor to rdJr (lie thnmilld 4opies of it fl lhr pe fltllre tise of t'e Statle. Thle rnllaliner , wilah which thllis n ranll.jr warl ta ke . Ib tie, Aajrj hlrvr , a llre'd their .ll' t Sellpt of tIr vahlla olrthe winrlcatd illt e thlh bs\ extend ed t at allaridene in thle ability r ' a Ih r la .tajre r 7f a ad edilar s whicnll iti a i lo l is 'nit hoallev !indlese arivd. lThe worr will h aapratod ia F C mrilre a naial;shl rt upon a'ood papler and a vilth :letar tyi-r ; nor will allc ta lelloriir ranleP e p)read to 111York Ihne ra rellCecnit"al I xeculiton of it eorrespond lith itý erlval ill'lvl.11n' ce It will larloal le r, dv a rafu r d h.liva er ir n a Ire a onth .f S .lllr it eI ibr i ll l re ll n ; ahea i ill , t(i il eri!l't r i , fterl ellra--fie dollars to be ra id at the timre of sub- i 'Ie rarbrerit n haIre once olsaed, the store prie ar will b ae twelty dullars I lpr o r,i. rar ,a p t I ", J tE i S k "z C O . P u b lis h e r s . ! I. [I., seiaker and Ncow York .iae of apeaiec el] ix ae raraararab York iaIa every other ahanrlaa commeIne inr oiIi i thQI -2001 november , ll imr , ILl| to ill olra "Ill ! slrilr'eat Il tc.ael alit ia Ia e r till e ean iillvr , a llrg ille . i il l lhereaftcr ':ooicat s !f five Slhipja nvz: 'hir aj a, - ar n tit l'lr k tr leave n thle llt!l norv. Iaahia I a iviallr, laptiaril 'alllaer, to leac e on ilt: .fih r a ip cHt/l rille. Captain Eldridgre to leve ol n l aja I ti rll)rleD-ll0 , I. [ ar-' llr e above shr li l re all now. ,f the first at l - 4 Aboed anll t 11,rr lrilrel r ai ndl oli a .a'alr 0 loa s e d na todll elb ll, are of lighilt Ih'or-clall cr %L'ar r, b uiiallll chill e .Na- lark exprerjr faa r i'aralraalaaae Thli raice of Ira ir lirxed al oae aiadrerel a ltralrrr. Tlhleir ealpin on di i tilla e a Olti arIrar £tlire aa lldai j a r Oa vllirr ll 'r hiall, a ida - :i illeil III itlvent nod evýI anllt sltle. .1imple s+torel , 1 1 o [ thel, lir~t iltll itv will b 'It 1,rtIvi,hwd, anId every reord had II t I Ihe r lar ila 1talla ellllire s rti ri raelll raelila -elL' + ho I'lb se : ,,t are comlnlllllll led I y 1a lainr werll ex jeariernr l ill the tral e who will r r e ·e v r ly llano la O I: nl ex ,e l tll elp voq III rcloollllll.old le , 'I hb t w ill f1 i It all at'arr' I f' ..... -l rld I do ar trie Sicsi.a ippi rj ire a jtai IIiI rtile air-a t jacturr lity r lll rved in Thelia . r er' ra a he- ir lhps ll nct bcIr rs nj caihale far I areaIc, r trlr a it r rl l raraI ar-'rr-rra I lt th voita),lIic., to.*, of [ a,1 ol.,'lj t-()r tll elS a 'Lr I1S..N & . C IN; nov id Commo ( n1)111[I)11 sit. . +,'.s I )lllI aily IIll, 1" 11 ilh liilll e IiM)ll'ili If . 1,11 r 'a laa '.a' rul!, huj it -,,I ...... I,,.t.'llt' land ha.,; Iven r, ppo" ,;' I , - , ? i- . 1. t' ll, I • tll ltl!flll I1'1ýt llrioil ; 1l iooplingted, a", Ih.''r tire etril a aa'rrtrairw:en I a 1':J' a.. % hoae r ri - I,"M- a II 7 1 I iii . I ITY, t',E1SACtLA. " it"1 I w i er having o r-,:: , the olease .,.l Ito T l,, t l rInt p Iprieo,,l witl l hi , r. ir - o I ,ll - to; t ' I tel , , wil l ne t. n Sl'V ,,lliS tld d l'n,,"lV imP nttvner tsr will uh l land ir IIh illrlq l q o lts orf ihllo A llnlsiol .. l ie. "\ w IIIp d : b v l , l i s b l oi ., I'M ns ur a w ill hor ! il'h :i ti h- ai he I . l tirA lb j il a I a , l l ,I l r' -er 1nr' r ol'lr r *'iI ; t: C. ll . tr- , f. o ld rlilln t.a. Ient r i tre a:tI .'. -. .'r h nais ' be kept l'or hire lit n oderld ati rila.e , ; .illlf and I- I.. if 2ll- I .itll ,erl ollS ti I llolBII e lC elll h, i t l at o aýlrtl. iliard .alld olt ul squ1nen a isfr tr illll,,l at .U eringp leat orill Iorr i ie l'lt fheda ,ig- , II-w Ic, st.n ne o to itorfiure %ithtieC the ci m hrl llltd aJllrel u tilte bollalrders, Ti, wine ild litiole ,ill t 1 tb ill best i thel ail t tetl iound; it till is pII v- ol f go , v ert h oalrerd% bIeUn ortdred w l ituik aill arrive :l r'tll Itle tIa ot rhlov. r11, ,rthri k lant rdr l r af twrh o ta tket ith.o r polr r m[t o h ti t Wats rliaglrn cit o, w eit llrr ner l ine iro e for rairsrit." il, on ar, th roprIorir, aten.g enacllv, lbr Irt ,Kill r: v ~Tlol rv ftr ' ilp ier s ib oi Iand Trer , r rOLlito oa o ze.- za ti.eIc. io. ob'I Il vi i iru Clll Cll" , Ate: tll . p l· L I , 'all laei r l "llIit y r n l. e r, ic'r iRa, Ir'I.a! r t. l11P1 atil " Pisclllletit file t Io re `il loe nm"r ~rntillo It ' itr I ron; lh t th: ol its elilllallle refr'h d o lllll litnl l' rtil rt t'i ,I lii r I t srI i r I l e Ct i Ii t . a 1r I reea.. r t I rIrre tl ll or the rint of i lli l th rellan i t llehn llehbi l a ndll ill i voiersa ; il r frll a-ll all dll l lle It- v (it t1. elh f - vil,. h.tblch tilete r-ollldl d: v Ile n o lel hll i n., leetl e olr i ll (fl Po ptlllaes ill lthee rwlitude,.a s u il lll i i e at" In to take the lngrsd, ng-Irom frolllml dlo Neo Orleans bhotut N It AIRNtILD. 1 , i;-rrri,'l '.'ilr ,aishirlg to criage ro llls for thei, l Ailie, n.-1 al hdres, t rhe e I prio lor, at Vlellle C l l, or T'' Safiorl F, Mr e CNhtlrrm,1 It M A'. I Ean qr., t it. Kib ty, Ii r ,1ob Ia; S T '' aylor, P P Rea, ESar, it A,, 1 S-- lettea r than, ito receive roanbaratti,'riols for persons at Ite tr buve Iotel, i, placed at co \hiirtlllra'as oaitce, 51 St (har'les Exch rICge. FI'ImOID KROU'rtI MOR NEW' IYORK. S'I'r vel'lers itersirup f takinir r e Flrm' ida r onte r via Penllsaiola, to ttin N rthlae itir ll;ir tha tirt i rst rll, leavillnr Mobile li nd r ie'rr llllrlr a r %lr lte1" tor arlier the Ist ( i Miav. (;Glrttqge rwill latas be rroviled r v thie s thser;rher to bre i reatd iness iti tirikUa.aeag r Afrotrir Mohiler , iin avae t,' thi failure of the Iroat' N It A,NiNOIfD. The eireaoboatr Champiun Wtaves thtila for Pcnf - ola twice Ia week ' Ihb 3 y ,Ulr.A,-.G ilrd. , a irolrra t aicte, fir rlie hvr ILI D,. I itrEAI Ift,\ttPI'IEY'S FOKI'I:ItN 'tIOR. le. G'' tEAT iIIrAIN, FPRANCEI ad fill.titi IN a short I'r)rur in P:35-1- v tl. n ' llrra ile , e D.I. D., I'r. l, ,Iriu t rl Arttarst f' a ,.ro, i, -2ll . ". The. t'rks aA' of Jr.. Sfherrtroa'l.--iie', r, tire rav I t'"id a..l-, v.r. 15. JIrlit ree'ir' d atlnd fr -ir , by C orlner (,.m,llp ' l II eli-el: Dit W. VAYAN,' CAMuIILE PILLS. T HIS hligblyi valualel medilin ny be bhad whole 1 Mle aed letil at ,s 2s Yaork pricna, of ItE8 & p'LANGE.18 ('ap Iteat. It is confidently recommended for the filleowing dis A ,!stsi: Iye epi ýi in all its fttlls; bilious sltl liver at' A ] ntltctil. ill every sciatg and d, grec; fiatle aitae0els, y n;oru particularl the annsmeat i cident to mothers; floor :l]ut, fteer oUil clqnt, ilneipietI cllbtptione or den e -li,-eI, wh-ther of ie liver or hines- ttea'che or eiddli De-., to.-s f tippeti., nervotti.e etneor, iaobrinion or d:UlMir ll, U."'~...l. ~Ie -n.. lic aftieiotU ifall killkns rhean enisill, nw lhe 'l ronni or illamnltnorv: nervion or biliuns loers, of every varietyv; crolhlat salt rheum, al tell blotche' bed hl lOre ",e'd io1.tnlre iampleximi.n ofilie kinl rettates stes at night, Alid daily irritability and llilemleltclo'; tlie slllnmer ecnlail, atd cllera Itll ie or diirnhaln i i ienrow pert no; %isoret and fitu- leiev, with bed ibratl; ehlorois anitd .olpitation ofi the hleart and head;thange of emle yn'-s itjition; tt anid for "Ipaire' Aind dior:anized cousti-uti.ns ill riher Aex; which hae int btien Iipet.IiUntly re.ltenlvedby any tlher amlleicines A sinale trial olf r W Ebvars' tedicines in lati of theiselsaFen., will produc sIw'h e.flectsA as will in ai:nte threir inconeme rahle esuprioarity, and Induce such a use of then an will inotre a ApPeedy andl untiststionats bl, cure. iircctiltls fir irie accomle1vnIing them. N tiierouia erifntcalte ol'cnitre Will mtalthown, as from Iht lentlln of the eeat:iln e it ia ilnp-iible to give them pIbldcit' ithrnugh tle t.nidititn ofa ifs epaeer. On Dr IE.vans' ,itetalloie terre ea Itniward 4i2 5,000! eases, ad iL this city wie I:ca retir to mnany perllon- wlho have I;eenll lelieved,and in qolme inltlnceA entirehl cured of tliig tatentling diseases, by Dr livaIts' Camonnile Pills. STATI E OF LOUISIANA-Firstn Judie d. Courl. lE STATE OF LULISIANA, To all htinom l en11 este sents shall come, (hbeetilng:-Wtecreas Jameis Baiesi Diggs ha*,ing plurehased at a sale made by hIII. Sherilrof tht. paljil. of hllearc% the ln'Olesty hjelj inaflfcr described, hN:u applied tft thie clerk (l this .outt, in whorse oflice tilhe deerl of sle sa recorded onil thle d dly of Api l, A. I). 1838. t- sa monition or advertie. nlent in confllrmity to a :et of thel Legisinttte of the State of l.ouisiau, nl,titled An acnt tor the tiet. l•t nlsstE ralice in' titles to Itile lse li o at julieilal aes;" appollvned the Ill tiiy of 0 1iircli, 183 1. NOW, threlefte, know ie,and all llreonn intelt!ednn hi rein. arie heireb citedtid tall adoit hct l iin tle imle of thie Stateo l.ouIitiio lna, and of tihe FPitrst .hlicial District i Ctouti'i ,who ci et up any right, title or clair in a. d to tlte property heieinaltte ilesied, ine cntsetluee f nnrn I iiftrmnality in tile onller,ldeierce or judlgmielnt of tlhe coult i tn'ielr whi;,h the sale was tmatde, or ant in"gtLlpIily or i I illegality in tile allppisemenlts anid advertisements, in time, or- mnclie, of sale, or( fin :wIA oIther dt-lect whatso.- I eI ul.e to how ca ellt t wihh thirty*i l -N frlln tilt day tlhis llion i tirstl it llrted i tie ii. blic papel, whI tile I ntioneAid teon i t d fittl , tie . tit iit, by vii- 1 tule of I(Ice lof llhe, lnr'i ndii.redl nl heo n ih n lt ,4lel " Januainl., A. 1). 1838, in a suit eitlitled Jlames tloanle I Diggs vs. llufie s ( nliti e, No 15,191 of tthe ockit ofhlis Contt, at whlich ale su:id Jimes Barnes Diggs bee i• till- 1urh:Istr it'l tie price of twenty-fie tllhousand dol (,eseCiltion IIof pi'Olley l s given in the Judicial Con benetno cent. nf neoit or pantcel odt'gto'ncetit thgnbi c 1id bl.ngsand inilheients heren., iights lrivdieg,., 1-,. therullOllielo " -'gin, - or in ie - e jiltail ai t, 'silltue it, l bo ullg At mci tionrll l e t his city andi measii ig iin FInglisnl measurie, thele ihumlred I it n tie/si t iX Iete tilltlur-eighths i li t ieCII fiOi t ot tile v 1pllic .n:lt nln New I reVe st, tihree hlldredi :nI iixt!- e i. noll. f' ll bi t ilil ild IfoIr-PigImit of an inch fioll llt 011 I Cel..te F, two hiundret and ftilty-ive feet nine iii iitshesnd t i. two-eighths ofanii inhl In Ia line fronting on Old Ioevee F. sit'tet, uinil it ti'ikes thie 1ountlhi8v linof l.nurenit m il- p :llon's pll pert., it tlhe cunier ote Olt Levee aliId NunsI stlietl there tituilting il right aligle, atlld extendin gr Sighty-fihe S tr t nid thl'e ilc int fhpilleealonlw the lbonillaY A like af sad Mlillandol'S properti parallel to (Celest-e 'OHI Levee s.lrel ;the\'e lorming allinot.el rigiLint a.nt-.l::dll ntlettiho lin l twi l eo i e etsi ent i 'ties it te ilbe Ihthts of . iellh o ttlhe hound liner hitef lil ellWde' pIroplelt , arall l Nt (t Cla te ll; Itthece 1lomlilf Hanothelr right nlgle, aIid "ieaiding (iA6 hu'dred and t"went3 se5uen fecl et inclels anid ioulr eighths of an invbh on the houndaru hine ofsai Ded tle's prllperliY parallel to tile lpubllic rei;l n ulin N.w I.cie stl'ettr a illl levetiiv six feet ifour hiches i ai 'ou eihtlhih.qi oriadiuellh fo':nt or Nun's street, a'.olldl- 1 ing :lin plan :l. J. Pilii, City Sollirveol, made 123d Jan- i : 183l' it anitxed to ean act paISed befoie Louis T I iite, N try IPV llublie, n t l 2611ith Janllarty, 1832( l l Witness Ihe ,lion A. M1. hincihauln. iidge of e c te Count lmorlesailiith 16th Altil, 1838. 1. :p13,nt'i&l3 P'. LE BLANC. Dep. Clerk. e SANUTC'IONFLN ) ilY 'THE FAUJUL'TI OF MED CINE. 1 THlViOiN'S Comptredll Extract of Copaiba and Sarin I e rltla -A clrtalin, sale, and ai irst effectual remeu iy ever dicenvlrre forl the cme of Golorttrlhet, (Glets, SttriturLes, Whites, Pains ill the back aII di(lins, slentnal Iweahlkl s, aflections of tile kidater, gravel, sorbhutic eruptitlts, t&c. ll i t iotroaduation of ai metlicine possesig tile usefnul anl active vittue of tihe one now offered to tile lpubilic, ite l.roplietio ha bllt to refllr to tlh nulimrous reco0n Intcllatlnr Ireceilved ionl the most etlient of' llt nle dalid iettulltt in E.Ulope, helittting that it aill he dtilv appreciated'when ia p illrits tar mrie fillv knowll. The [lisana of 4 oplaniba, so rtelnhvlh Hied,'has hlst much of its i.rom tile dislike hich patients torterly exprlets d ritegllingil, its disagree;rlre taste, (litbutnlll prloduced ill tile borels and stomach, atill its heretolflr inetlicieller ltllen used ill the itfltanllatol stage. The i:iolprietorhas i tude anl i anslysis of tile IBalslll, cone tiv rig tat tile more activequlitisr weA:ld therebh be inllel a nraae tollcentrtetd lland more ttseftlih" adlministered than inl the prestlr t slate. iThe :,ove mel cine conbilnes ill gredients which arie il tie highest repute ttoa, tlhe most swielllifle and ler'tll i ill he pilofesion. PMeih tdtUtg i tietcompoitioofthis aaon ine ses th elfitav" of tile other, plullcinllt at operation truly nito tnishintg, anld surilassig tiLe lot sUill in( eXa lel'ta atioli poiissshingat the saie tiue tile adtalataige d(t its heing ,ad-linisttre'Id ewith pellect suess illn ile diflerent stages orfithe aloe diseate. The most elinlent thysianttia atnl tsurgeons of tile presenit day express their tieeatell ap io tation i iltvor of Satepatrllni, whilst its tse in tile rinivpal hospitals and public mlelical institllutions lhle he nt, alld still continues, elry extersive. It was a liv orite rellilry with the celerhlatelld l)r Abeilethy ill at venereal affjetions, tand in athtiateealHltaotelt riols, arising liom l dlisordered state of thedigestie liafunctions. lavittgi been snhmittedl to tile test aldl -perrience of tile taost celelbrated atoang the a teirIty, thry hai e expressedc their satisinctin(n of its lextaotaliratt efficac ia t evna.n cllse- nislr theilvr charge, bk Alopthig it hoIlh ill tllei ,tllic al privte plracieee. Their iil ervations mill he i wir ell hirew4lfer. PireipareI h) J f Thorn, Chemist, .aldoal. Pr'ice $1l 51prel pot TES'TIMONIA l S Flm A 1i Sillt, ESn, F it .. SiLgeon to tile St Thlnms I lospitali, adI Leeiurtr noil Anatomy. The trial which I htivae ttaale olfy)our ieratlation ile a varitty ofetasst%, otllh mitle and Ieimiale, ill its results have p.oved so Ihighly Iavoulrabile, tihat I do ut hesitale ill rnouteinlg it ole irf the tf ot :Allable land iitncaninsi remeliies ever ofirertl to ith i public, aulll one ill ihil, fromt experieaee, I tall Itiace evt.lty treiltaiee, tlhit it does not produe tile the lle unllleaittat reffects suallt y ex. periellced fronm cOllaital. Fralm G II ILa)yartd, NI ItC S, Phaeiciac l to tim St .anrylebolte 1)isalttsart.. I take gralit pleasauln iln a ftling inv testillloi to the valnable palioperties ot attnur preparaatitio/,i wishHItll toa the success You .) flll aiiltrterve, i ll alltallell rtewari lior tile laborandl expense illurrlledl ill biringing it to sulh colll pletie peltretiloni Fr rom W O Cooper, F It S, Surgeon to Glly's II.s The unirovl success 1hich has stolnded the te11,1it'l Yloui Imt'dicillne 2I1l11;mo g ill + p+atients alllietttd milll the above disewses, has tully vsatisfitd me that it hls oGly to be known to be trull :tl,lapreclatettd. .\ay the icrtess yollus wetl dese rve, amply anld slieedily rplny you ' lo youlr valuable , epalilnatiOll. Fromln Sir A Cooper, F R S PI' RC S, &. Neo. ilavilg i.been illeiled to try oult Extranct ill several cases of violentt w :rThtat, wiliCh hai hithelrtO bffled every paleritaion adlllillatelt. b i)e, Ihailtg found l surnt 'ahd speedy cures a elllted hv iit, ill a few days-i-1 led n alIfill dulllt boutr t stalte Iha: I now e ie Ioy Iirtac tice both public :and private reconmenld 'd Ilse nea other. Ftaom G W Blair, M D, Physician to Guy's Ho0n The strict test which I have given your medicine a1aagitalll I. laieitlt and iit invariable thus ttr, I will illuce mel Lo rsetvc rein itt ule, and I ileem is hbut atct ofjituice and of duty to at il my feeble teiti lonlial incoll tllnt latiion if its' irtues. I'rom in C Thompson, II D F R S L. I retulin Volt my siacere thlanks for t valuablhl pre sent ol oualr Kxtrat foi the cure of tltonoriham, kl. I Ifeel graittili that oat havu at last hrought Ia medicinet inlo ie Ilich W'ill prove a ldettielratulog ig sought ll. ill the aedlia. a ot al-n Sure, speedi ir i ati ellfectual cnrm ill ar.esth" lla above class t atiatiord ne reat pletasre i.l tldlishiig toI tihe old tile l.luable qualiliaiol'your VWere it necessary, tile proprietor enald here furnish lanyllv more testimlnmialm rql:ali Is commentdatort as tile alt)ite; but t uest that its great uccesi hitherto-the care & expense at which it has been piettaredl , will proveit glcadest retommentalion among a discerning publie. Oulet rommemlisaion this preparatiine enje s above all oil.ers is its seat, lpoltat e torm-put igp in*t manle in which it nay be taken, being bolt easy an ple.a Rnt-iL tatstel ntIlure, with no estrieiml in idiet, or coltinuement froanm Iusiness. 'rarlleers etpecially aluiti find this mldictine highly usMlul, and ought neier it be unaarovitled with pa reparation iossessing the aid valltnges whic the lliresell one comlilles. Acreoapeaying thie Medclielne isa iamphlet explann taor f the dililbenlt stages of the diease, without an extlle charge, containiltg filll said siple directions. For sale by 8ICKLES & CO. nmr 14iNl.t 4A11 Cannal striert. IACON-2a haiha aia 15 ldllea,ad al Ithds rSh Lai.. a , a irant innti cured, landiag lront steam. er ltebkere. laaia lit elo Iar :STETSON & AVEPRY, -it# l",n e s et THJE V.* I IDA "AAtGO COMA(UM TIaOVeUt I th MI AND A d'S'l From Mobile (Alaboina) toAW " rta ("Guw F AVES Mhobileery piltlr flu' imt$*."lM*u Y S 1 the arrival o thie mail &*osIo w Wr0,tba1, Ple stelmbont l .itI.-tO Jn, lklyl, "esse to 'Cal»all8 steamboats (per Pens.aolaHs . tgioHva*uClhiCer tithchie itiver and liny) to I SIi W vi« Ma-itnne, Clhot0,oo0ae, (B *.'A»WMNltVeN non,) Ilainbirlge, Pinllaruoi J ki;*w &t4 * a A1 W vilc, to Atguaa. A plnneagaw«iakll4 hil"t MlO bile in i no dionee of beimll ttrowa n, &0*'* iib ])relr byoreeb otr ciino g aiwrl , Uat b Hl t)A IJNF. s bait on>concera, a"l VlU*.8W I*DWto tbmhromuht , and way rely wTrrh (Tan MTN X up. he Iarrival tt Angtita ill tiue peoifi. , ~ ldtrougln lU weth er unl t IR wson, utdleM nUae. most a Wtre eauta." ttrple dloulri ocir. I'l Griut New Orlelta Mti is carried by this roite. The Ageant toA caouaniodb tion, TantI , (onehes and Driversiare anrt urpaaed the arnthern cohntry. The smoothr,hrlr natuml caado't 1II anod iater etig wate*r ftvigalit on, the e laidI emmll i irtilhe traveler speted, ert0rln s,eoetoad iaeas illg variety; conentenei a it wOrWtfu lb. lill Q IKid C titnteston , S.C. an the atenm p"Itkt eas.N ewY i'k travelers can resmth Net York -oato N lr Orleans Laus THA 11t-S A'-W1VahimgtaotdLly ian . From Chattaioochee, -PlorTdt we ba. It Bant Litle via Qxiiaaue Tallhilace ,btAtdai"oal4 bor (iot ct.chei. ,M two Breaebel froa Inia kltblMle Sone to Ii.litgeville, and one to Mliao 11 twoT'ibre ,, eoache. o.- suac rarr*rA, t201t Jon,8 f&S. Office at Mnasioti House Mobile *Disuiier, Nee Oriluas to Mo.ilt, 150 miil* to . iln to Augulta, 140 AntgianM to ClurlestuM, 1SO " SChrluesto to New York, SOAY Il Time, Ne ttOrllean to Mokile, 21 ho*t AMobile to Augusta. 18 " AIIuguis to Charlestonl. I. S Charleston tn New Wor, .i- s. i .Mkin 16 mites per day. or? miles per lior, ielot Ssie of all Stopiages. no O10 N. I. I beg leave to inform the pllit that the bridges otcr the Chbtahnooreswam and Hd ard Labor Screek hanvt.ju st een ptetetl y the Igenea ern e. I atnil, (the. #Ly <obladce« o|rengit; agtIlgitthus filind sliwelyroute awl thuslliupily removed; audilhae ile pla|ilre ot'ler.antjig from travellerthat tlhe 6lhesl,br. s as, drives and otls areof thetirst tt ld artaa the water rotte from 'enssaeol to Cedar IUt it is mlmit ted by oll who have pInsed llronugh it to be unsurpausel iu novelties btatlyt and iafety. The bridge through Ge Uoria hAve ali .l Men relmirtdL. J M C BUA.EH S29 MAlaiuna atTr, NEWV-ORLEANS., StOSEPHI KNETTLIE, & Co.--lmpanrer ofForein J and Domestic llardware, are rceiving from :u ; rope and lia Atlamnic Cities, direct tfrta the M"anfa ture.r o, aextensive arortment of Funcy and Heavy I lardwarecompriaing e*ery article in tie line which tdtov otijr tow. tounitry Menrcants and other are invited to call and Sexamtinoe iheir stock which coaNsts, in l.rt, of table, I butcher 's, pocket, sddler's and straw kves, plated and i Britnia tea opmons, neeoleo, pins hooka aud eyes, aho ;els nd spades, tongs, shotels, iolidetI, andiroas, Brit i ania anlt japanoad wanre, brnshes, lilrak books and pan Spier looking glauses, anvils, vice@, emrw plates, hand, i lilire Old ail hnIlnmero, suiitis bollottn, Amnecari and :nglilsh blitlereBst, shear, Genrau and erotley ateel, piotli nmtou;d trune, ox and logl clain, woeding Louia taoit and grubbig hoeils attocks, pick axes,eoara an grass ocythes. Collins Kipus and Sinontons hbopplaB o oe,, wrollght,l hore aod cut nail. cotton and wnod otrds, collce and corn millsplsnes and plai elt, guges,lock, sail, iron, r hooks and pitoels, chot, powder and litluor flaks,pa i .iI.tlvr. tva, .ah, brisa and bell Metal I luub cheslt, trunk and pad I obka, bridle bEUISAIAN8:-Cour do Pcemuuett Uis criet Judlicaitee. 'ETAT DE IA LOUISIANE-A Innsesux quc tca pl rectntii uoutnierteni l Sult.L-Atecdn d qn its Hiarties W99% itykitt W- kte A one veate trshe pnr Ac if' lie Io pwioiccc dillrcani I proprifti cii-sparc rile. a'ient adreaCtiionireffte de oeteclCa Ik dlte te Iut eitccgiclde leseuiine Joun dc'Avrili , Il'anib K8, piii " ltui ttC'nciicemcnt & un not te Is L.Wo %M- ile I'Klni d4i1 lit LlAciu illtitl 64 ALtc pail ciV hs lci ivce lluia eulcKaUc a1.9juiiric ci"' Is W %IhVA Is"aF tBY. QWH adit touolit, V& toutu ýsfcimes in% ws Slumpacr we limcatnu ucnmes ti% in dl'Ehll be in Liauihetl de IaCouru di 1'cccuc8 ecici JAidicihii ,, qii pcurrsieut acmei droit l Is pro uk' liicprses diucilc, ct coecn"Upla diia lfanif da "Me time I'oriihe, It decret on lIjacgaenA do Is cur, Vrlltu timpel Is vents aW aidhe. uca ditenite irregu* .ite ou i tiac'dlitt i lI'catinnitine, PARcic on I techs ei a1o ced, In nil pjhnul'utre capat qaclaioquy. ccufaire d, idlaljeiii A lhatii dattdo Ispddat a ceilcllvie il uuibiV1i10 akau#*n rsta it Pie Lndiiite propri ui Jnui duepaaper Slairli, an dit ItL eiljauc de 11-a lie Pai ne 1888li, cn etlu d'iA ilccret e"ll Cout i ewhi l h I, eine ile jauvice ltie aWie jur, .m Vxff:ire de James l uec'c lhga ci. Unfun Gien ii, ý 1iiiiL,dun ",ckceclde tcwit Lour,4 Lhquelle icmit r ccunun aciunfteeni piour It pric dtieigiiijmutec Asti-es. laeiithi1 itie In Pioprbite iIe airel le trimuir Jciie' cairej Saveir. Unt ieccuninns'urcncu d te-re tie touLes Ie kgestIci nclleliuiluntioeui i ul'y tlrouv a iuc4 i m qm leadclta. - 'ileg" etc. y iipliiiiurluu d'une lituniorei quo m fL" Leiii LU (iiuiihuig Aalroceiadeii. mdccciit (hacali LgUm) tlli ielOl iXunAu11100Itdcdll. Alkelmsont Q ei In pouIi fale an Cicucun Ipuhiiqueo "Z 'n i'`u11h nom rilel Lel-le,troin m-u Joistente suspiedsitix tw, v. ijlcili' ~tiiieaLl.acnut srue CaWcae. dent cIiit uc - U ceUila t piela omen flooelet ti des buitreucii hur 1 i pe like ii In ilri eh In lelle LoAsi, cqiu Alec1qfl 1i' phn iliiLiephclhu In prpritlt de Lagstreut U3aIjla.c i'nIeIgnIUries Ires uiaYileLexdeelt ds INcuuuc i; i fuiulalit un ngle ia-nltit a'ehnmdaila d qualmhnnuq 1 iii.1 IA.(is et UDIa ounc eaprolfitiiier ls meg il ii gne Iijmiitr(,[ - - V ' pl'ftinnink [u ditL YAlllandoll', t " i"d Iql I4 1 c Ucla-ni, ilei Iaicaihnautuoanigilruil tluulelihut lie SDicuucu 4iacia pull aic · a t ci ii ah uc hi lisulliglis ltaln lle (I sa= 60rivdle It Louis M416, nrualcit d iIn rue vjelle Leiba: de 13, inmnt till sulinuligle dlrolet 5eiccdaut de quoa,., ciii Ideds aiep tiniee et chill heuitimicas nr t i' 0 ihnitrolalc lie Icn Indulrli' e i dii luetlIL paraclnti ,cUc leaie 1;ielit fnrniultll ltllaiire angle dildiilijiujllv. Sum iii celit vilngt wli pi ts dii POica l ip aiiutu lc-., etnca sun Is li ge lilitrllllic di ha japititedun In Iicile plaurllcl an ileu lllnapubliqne cir In ice dii N-ý,. vcllctI ei c teinixlile seizciue a i un illum ,nnnt qnnccc Ilueititel es 4ce A . ruI ue Le.e Nucec, onfuiumEtfi Aitil l pluii' drcitllu J. I'ilie Voeya die ta ville, t. vinh-clri lt8I, nenIlluCeX U UQ lite IWiru Pu deneui ltini3 'r ciii,,, iuoCI,. pluliuc, Is 26 Jliaiiist 112. Terctuc i'llot. A. M. llcchcuucun, Jgc die In Ciuriiadiie ý Ill Annil iSR. P. L1X BJLLNC. sI ii iep. (irnethcr. ý.1 Ci 1DE LA LOiU(IANE-Cour du Premier DL7, iriýludieiari. a 'fl TA U1 ILA LtUhUIANPiA toA nus ccii q A-un lurehlncli. einunecnii Slutu-d'Attcdu dii c ci illiel Slackelwnluitul achetued. A i'e vcnts faie 1p, Sh 'iliccil Ic In pLroiuue ii'trleaui, In &iroieriid einpu-c ildiie, lisci uddlli.-innc iinc ffie d eeslta Courouiun It te veiuc Iccit cucugiclc(u. Is 5eimi joii don id, do I'unti i ISM, D iur u cavi. cofnoruuii'uecAI un actci de tn Legid ture lie I'Etan de In Louisiuae, ijuuidiii "Acli I IIi cclfirncer c las teliCc cci cqadreurs aux ccccliijudi nires," nppncL, I i, 'luars, 1 834, W'i*i cciuncuc , iiiutes ,ieriireg inlltesiiiis InouL pa t ca prdi ntes.0ic - flcih' - li 111 m idu I cd Lht (toiu I llulllcanel a cldeuIn dci*i 4, I'recni ce )i-cri, ludicillcec, qtill etni qn uavccird'ec il in proprri~t6 ci-api Oia decrite, sit consequence d'uln tbýr oliii deii llueii da-uhc crde, Is dcemionl Iejiigilclnt fic fmlouuir, iu Ihlclillellinllti- vlIa atie faite, ou do eouc ignhC e lc i lc ii ieeilii' diun I'cciimctii. L'avit oii 1. cllis et In niodlie die In cucia, on pncir une antis call" 'Itle COiI'ua- tie iie vccir, daic treiuijourn L (later do In puuli irall i ie cclite cci, pourquui in veuteaiari laitj jiW icermi pa. , confiru c at homotogute. till't at\,pri)ri tft ic d-i el par is Sbcrit, si-dii le "uine juir d A'cril,di I'siui 1l83% an certa dll dc ccit lie colic ciuicr ictivi lot 1crime ide ula, do I'caunbe lii;B, faio I'aftire do William Molney vc. Salnlal Bell, No. 15.53i5 di douelct di ceiii Cur, A Iclaqalle vcltit le dit Wihnii M bIycks, i'eat reldu scqnc iaur iiiUrle-prix de*lIiie compiacit. I),.criculnch delI Pccpribl d'spcce ti transfer Jaleti aii, iascvie Ui eiulsinl lit tie c1m,Y colepcic tus Ic bfaixmces pltiicliccalcn, cit",et Iala pnseicaa d'Uritdcn, dun l1ilel hIs-8 plr Ice riiec do to Ninsitll Leuldi, Louisa, ted calila nulor d-igca pier i* NaB diipres tin ilac dele'" liii C F kit ' I Dcpoutc Vvner Gieneral, is 16 Iiircc i i A, et depedc I. unlic de Filia Gcicin elcnica punliu, IhiiiniS plan Pid 13, Is dii lot dotilcuc ,,&.ýuratt vinat pillc, care panela (Ace A itn ct#do 1 N,,cvcllc Lridi',huishoe qinnacc piedacproundla uc rcin qni oniche Ie cIa No 8, ca qualm usiung pesis. Sips i ues lt quatre uhps eiu piroandoun dti ell qat unuche lIasi jciriWs apidmam, iii deruiecai mut ali lintIii N OU(JR1i, ayt cliia dix neuipiecc iucc jcuiWAcS iii Inrge da I[ pcni iOnur,ou ii fliit de A iii alI itc itOi* piedn ncu picta en cummui avc-i- lI, lr,* Ns 4,5A,8,7,8 Ron UI. Ilii nil ilili i U AMPLE CHIMNEY PIECE WAcacataig Cusctmhouse street, opposite the psei.lffie., The nibtcribeci are ncw receiiing from their fcc. ories in l9i* tncb, aid will keep mramiftlly u hlnd a foncral cortnlmaii.ct' Marble MacU. Puccs nfosrimpii wirkmanship, and ol'be latest pattlens, made of the belt iritPttall, Ilaltan. Irish and Amaricin marble. Alco. Neacmeuats, Tomb sa Glas Shluisi mcullded and plain suIe and liuils niicble facings, hlceellis and baoadary rdolss, plar af Paris, Reatan & RydxCelia Ceccstact sit PlasW. agL Ifair, ogelther withi a splendid siti a. Aseiqt briasu Iluited and plain Grates abdlamialk 1don Crates of the newesl ao most WPpsud pai n Leltihieg done in the niatilsst macaew an shortest notice. ibey have first calt cat taec ahncwachi v it-5 JAMES 1CAIN &I 0#i

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