Newspaper of True American, September 15, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated September 15, 1838 Page 2
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1 D LA MIunialpalite No*. . ' "MARDI, 4 Sept 1838. a ctwA qe la Ismme do mile ploat=e par an ' i at dea r ppropride, pour Is Iutmin d 'lTa. A a des orphelins de St. Patrice; ladite aonime par qprtla aui direoteur de ladite institution ou k Uam agon, sur It mandat du maire. Signo, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. ~h IMA.ll sII eandip li plan do nou. mnrivr ,i nmoumais atle voyer et qua lo reor. S, ; I1 JOHk BALDWIN, Recorder. *a lue * . R4oae ait dmnie de l a plaed de ou 1 o1or et d whtrfilger de Ia blttore poor Il * tha chWl, linai m qua do I place do com. a ib bture poor le 3me. ditrict. *: f : OSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. qua lo voypr cat et demoure requisda faire S n.p ,qu ettes our In fagAde do Ia propri. y L. & May, A l1'ncoignare des rues du Q o abf6rteon, conformoe & l'lignernent do "hi aet auxiftis de ceatt municipaiiti . i B1516 uoIlW tideorier t t e dmeuru autoriti6 a iAkei'o D. Hoard, Erq, ex.voyer do eitt mu. . aeipaili imenoatn de ce quo coutera kdit travail. SJOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. *Riflan qu o Ie- ndnoiro do C. W. Commack, F. Joredy, ,M. Scaeib, G. WW, Harby, H. English, IW. Bloomfld t autre, relatif au pvrage on pier i.a yawea, at e'poogant -* un nouvenu ontrat avecJihn. Miaturn, pbur paver on pierree rondes So carrepM ,nit lddpo. . irdHfiniment sur le bureau. JSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. pdAwia que la pdittion de James Priestly, pour aOltinu"o s distillerie dans leI limit" incorpuiere do d attamunioipalitd aoit rejudle. Signe, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder Rdoim que la rdsolution paoos le 15 noot, ao. torlant to maire & tirvr son mandat an faveur do D.Hi Toogoud pour $500, uet et demture rappe. de. R&dlu qun D. H. Toogood est requis de dli vrer an moire Ie muandat qu'il en avuil obtenu an lertu do I& auadite ridolutiun du 15 eaot. Signs JOSl{UA BALDWIN, Recorder. Redolu que Ie matira, t et demeore autoritd a Contraceto avec John Minturn, au nom de cotte municipaliti, pour continuer le parage de rues asu conditionu auivantet: Loddt Minturn o'egge ng pavrr en pierea ron. des doe 'espce la plus convenablc; idgl au ueilleur pavage fast die nmnome minoiriauo, et & Ia stiafan tion du nvyrr, deputs 20,000 jurqu'k 0,000 yards, oinsi que e contnil Ie ddLeiminera de tems A outre; & commencer par la rue des Mag.dins, so point oh le pavago at termi a actuallemnent at continuer ladite rue jusqu'a Ia ligne supdrieure de cette munioipalith, et onuite a. ppver tell. on telles rune que to conseil dosignera. Ledit ouvragedevra s'avancor ans ddlai et .aw sit6t qu'un pourra se procurer lee maidriaux. SLa compinatuion ullouae & John Minturn pour lodi ouvrrage -ra do trois piastree et cinquante cents par yard corrne t sera do dix mille pinitrM an bonds lie cetle municiplalitd payables en vingt. einq ana portant un intdr6t do six pour cent par an, quatre vingt dix piastres pour cent, a I'option du consnil. Ledit Mint rn a'engage on outre a pavrr25,C00 yards carroie done telles rues que Io eonseil pourra ,dd.ignar, n bloce cories, depuisla rue Thloupi toulasjusqu'i la rue des Mugisins, pour le priz de $4 50paryardo carr6e. p yable comptant ou on bonds conrae cidenunu: ledit Minltrn aura le privi. l8go de discontinuer Ie pavage on blocks carres apres avoir place 5000 yards carrdee, au cau uo i no pourrait Is faire pour I prix convenu, mais de placer lea 20,000 yards carrieo reslantes, pourva que to consail conrsens o lui allouor telle coinpen. ation quo le coOt des malnrinux et de l'ourrage rendrait n6ceshaire. S Signr, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder COMMERCIAL, bX;PORTS HAVANA-rPerhrhr Rnbi s..carpo; 121) tkepi lard, 19 bbll Iduor. 40do flour, <1 do potaloes. MATANZAS--Per tahr F reci AmeS)..carvi: IM keg| lard, 10) I his dour MOBILE-Per crEmperor..cargo: 557 bibls lour. RECEIPTS PRODUCE. Vfckhurg--Per atenmer Betie..eargo: 4 biales cotton, Allsen Asher & co. St Loui--Per teatmer St Louis..cargo: 4557 pip lead, redlfry, Itrmsne & S.ll1; li8 bodo do. Vaoly W'yck & co:" B do do. f8 ti,4L lour, 335 bars bran, Boglrt a lawtrorn; I hhdl tobacco, W & J Montgomerry; 10 do turf, I tox omdze, J A M arlde co rt lckst orn. 19 do otoa. R H McOill, 3110i pies fled, ISJ bbl flour, Capt r'won, 10.1 bhayll nrn and oats, 151 blt apples, 114,4 dozell chiekens, &r. ownels on board. Bayou tra-l'er teamer Lt.evant..73 bal colltton Burke, Watt ro; 54 do. Peyrou. Arreil & co; 44 do, A Lldoxan; 65 do, olloai, Bellog th Deglos; 32 do. Wallon & ceo; 1 do. W FI rer; 16 do io. Lambreth 4r Tho.p.oo; 'II do. G M Lee; 1n do. nrndir, McKenillr a4 Wraiht; 11 do. J B Pltauche co; I hhd soupar. Gordeo & Beunett; suodries to Isue Phillips. Mrs Maszers . Wu C Wade, J G Uell, MUr. luc, Durand,L Usurou. PASSENGERS4. Mouth of Red River-Perteamer Vrlocipede. ,IrWilliam Flower, ady and ervlnt, . B Wilteaide--3 on deck. PORT OF NEW ORLEANS. CLEARKANCES. PFhr Emperor. Harrison. Mohile. Marter Sehr Fraci Amy, Ahbne y, Ahby atalu, Cueolln. Laptyra r co Schr S8ublu, Moore,, H ana. Rt roniui ar oe September 141'. No EclrucM to-day. ARRIVALS. Packet steamer Levant, Lnurent, Rayoo San, Htepurr St t.ouis. Swuong, rom St Louis. StLeamr Itltle. Mnthew., Irom Vick.hurg. suteaer Velocipede, Dlman. from Mouth l ead River. Mesar. Beaueherry, Dutilloy, Visimier, Salvador Frnardez and ClIaltle, ronsigneeo per haip ZloIffT ront l navre, ane riq)u-sted t call at tbe oflfee of the ubscriber and tukn IbeirgoodT. LEV IH. GALF, sppt 15 93 Common Mstreet lf*u li. . ~IK. THAT well known and epacinis l:oardlng hose a itla"ed in. Cllal rtretl betweea Llter. bLIr and Diorsiem 1?t., oeopied for the last orers by r rhklld. Possession given on or be. fore IoS ltlof Novrmlrrnext. Apil) to 1T, i. IHYUE & Bi THEl. iept 15 No. 39 Ciommon, corner Magazine it. l ,t ? l.uK?? I K??tI 0ON hand :; very large stock oferery variety of black, Sblue, gre.o and red fluids and Inks. all wrnm -. led to bc of auper or quulltyt, for sale by the groee, dozen or sil-gle bottle, by DAVID FELT & CO. sup 15 Nvw York Sttilionetrs llall, 4 Chartre at. - 0 IL'.ULS supebrior Kentucky bagging, for sale S.,y Rep 15 G 6. DORS LeEY, ree. k BULA. first quality Linseed Ol, fiO r ale by iU r G. DOItaSIY, Ti EXAS broeed forti bvdT. R. lh DE &uRO. rJ ep1 i 39pCon.mon, coroer Magnie. y A t.--S50 kaegs asiwrlel, for sale by 1. AIAMSI & WillTALL, sep 15 t 67 Gravier street. - MAV'OALII V OF NEW ORLEANS. PHEFprVl of Iresh flour to-day is $7 50 pr barrel L according to tit tarilf; the lakers shall give du ring the prse.a r week (fri Monday 17th iwl.) 37 oun eel ofb-ead fur a bilt. Bread olfthe second quality a I required to weigh 25 percent, nrore. via: 46 1.4 ounce. rep 15 C. GENOti1, Mayor. ]?PERM IaI 'dle-600 boxes New Bedford Mfand-n. I tucket spl m candles just received and for sale by WHI'ITIIDGK & CO, rep 15 76 Mag«aine street. Sli Eoii -laE O I S galoia ,o. mer.traine n 13air 1lr sale by WIITIIIDG E & C( , efptcW 76 Maaazite str, t. .-.r CA- t-a i!«>» blei,;:ulhi for Ml, I-- l ; Wl1 WtH'RI' GEr &CO, PV 7is6 Magazine atreet. OTICE.-In cnseoquence of Ibe moutha of Red Rivarleing eluised, the sriener VELOCIPEDE as ant enabled Io reach Alexandria. Shippers of freighta by aid boat will please call on boarl and re cei the et.e w thi'day, oppoqite Bienville street. l TErD Immediately at the Orleanm 1Ithogra V Printinr Establisbment 53 Magazioe stnet,l tPoer and Wrier on atone. Noe need apply but those ablo are fully competent. sepl5 'IRCU)I.At, Circulara Cireuelra 4- Mlerchau Jwibingto have a beautliful circular atruck offat P lbe shorlet t slce, hra4 only to eull at the Orleanr Li- I h.agrpln. t,>iae 4 Magazine asi oppolite Bank'a *1 Areade. aeptl5 - Lf AR N. CAt DLE-5 aes best New Bedford . usd anatuelkt branda, for sale by P ISAAC BKlI)GE & Co, ii ap15 * 134 MagIaine street. t OBA<;0--O" loNesson maanufactured tobacco, a, l.. it i d pound lumps, of various berand and qua- b site, forne by aep i A,1 Ai C BRIDGE & Co, 134 Marazine t a VJWHITRI41OG a Co., have removned to No. "74; Hagim» rtr. pope 14: 3d 7H a "*";lhamnte; "50It1ales Hay, land t by,and for rale y y LEVI H GALE, S 93 Cansoa streel. t 4f -'^'^! o'^;t™ TII ' TRUE AMERICAN. MDITrrD 1B JaWR EIqN. ralwaMus. AMD SOLD. lNNW ORtAI ANMv SATURJAY..8 EPTEMBER 15. s28 HealA of Me CRI.-Within the last few days we have been unable to learn of any new cne of Yellow Fever, if indeed, we have had any yellow fever thisseason. We understand that qo ca.e of yellow fever is reported in the Hospital. The weather is now such that all apprehensiona for the remainder of the season have vanished. Our t-quinoctil storm has been brewing the lest two days, and that once ,.nsed aIl danger is paned. We think, our catempnrary the Bulletin was im prudent in his remarks of yesterday, s they may cue* neeless alarm to our absent friendv, who, in our opinion, and that of manyof our friends, may return without risk. Four of the murderers of Barbs, have been tried, and found guilty, and will receive their sentencr, we understand The fifth, Tool, has escaped punishment, the grand jury did not find a true bill. New Trip -By sn advertisement in our paper of this day, it will be seen that Mr. Whitman in tends making a trip in the Iream boat Ouachita' on Wednesday next, to Springfield. It is intended ase trip of pleasure; and an opportunity will be afforded for shooting, fishing and bathing. VermWnt.-The Whips have earried the day in this Slte all hollow. In the thirty towns heard from, not one givesa majority to the Loco's. The fire in New Jersey, by the latest asconnts still continued to rage. Millions of property have already been consumed. A space twenty miles in leneth and 14 in breadth, through Burlington and Monmouth Countier, were in a state of con fliaratinn. The flames, owing to the drought, spread with great fury.and many houses and cords Sof wood have been destroyed. Sales of Stock in New York, 7th September: 50 shares New Orleans Canal at 30 days 3.-49 New Orlenns Gar 94.-Viekrbure at 84 and 85 - Treasury Notes 5 per cent a 97T.8.-U. S. Bank The steam ship Liverpool is not coming eut at r present. The editor of the Worreentr, (Man.) Spy, a eeknnwledres the.receipt ofa encumber, six feet Six inches in length. A large fire oceurred in Crawfordeville. Ge., on the 9ih, eonsuminr many houses. The loes is estlmated at *$0,0110. The wreck of a eteam beat hasheen discovered Sat sn, in lat. 22, N. long. 1fi W., supposd to be that of the Pulaski. The Slave Case.-Barney Corse charged with rel ceiving the money stolen from Mr. Dare by hin slave Tom Hughes has been examined and helJ to bail in the sum of $5000. A eoloured man hae alan been arreated on the charge of aid. ing in the escape and concealment of Tom. Ruggles is a fellow who has made himself con Sspicuous in several slave case. fie was required to give bail in $3000. On the examination, which consisted of many witnesses it appeared that the nmount stolen by Tomwas $9000. Most of the witnesses boldly expressed their belief that the enticing away of slaves from their masters was lbudable, that they had di'ne it and would do it aruin. So that rob bery is a virtue with those canting accursed ecoiun idrel the alolitionists. We hope for the credit of the city of New York that those villains will re ceive the benefit of the whole severity of the law. The long drought haa seriously injured the To. bacco crops in Maryland. It i supposed that not more than one third of an average crop will be real Slized, and that the quality will be poor and in, s different. The earn crop. are also represented as very bd; in aome ceunties not one fourth of the usual yield will be harvested. Kncxville ('renn.) is at present visited with an epidemic, of what natu.e we are not informed. Many members of the tmot respectable families Shave fallen victims to it. The Mayor of the city had in consequence recommended a general fast and humiliation. We have no disposition to bandy words with "Obusever." His charges against the Council in relation to the Poydras Market are without foun. dation. The market was needed by a large po. pulation and it has been built il confirmity to their wishes and the approval of all. "Observer" would like perhaps to have the leasing of the Market himself; it would prove more profitable than selling beef. LATER FROM EUROPE By the picket ship South America, from Liver. pool, we are ult in p.slaesion of late files ofl nn dIon and Liverrool papers. The advires from Lon don are- to the2d Augusa, and those from Liver. pool to the4th.. GREAT BRITAIN. In the House of Commons, on the Iat of A uguat, Captain Boldern asked the Secretary for Foreign Affaire whether Commiesioners on the part of Great Britain and Anterica were acting together with reference to the sttlement of the North American, Boundary qu. stion. "Lord Palmerrstn anid,in reply, that the gentle. man must have been aware that negotiations were being carried on for the lai year and a halt, he tween the Britilh and American Governmens,. the objert of which waa whether a new commission should he appointed conjintly by the two govern. menre to endeavor by actual survey to traie the line of boandary accordini to the treaty of 1782 Ac those negitria'tions were not Yet brought to a elose, of curse he could not be expecred to state what their present position wal, but he would state this, that the Central Government hd p- I plied on the rubj ce to the Legislaiure of Maine, 4 and that the latter had passed thre resolutaons, oa which the first was, that in the present state o j the qieetiion they could not agree to a. conven tional line of boundinry. The third resItlutio stated that they thought it desirable that a fresh attempt should be made to ascertain by actual survey the boundary line ; and lia two gegovern. ments are now in negotiation as to the proper method ofappointing such a commission saemight be adopted to undertake and execute that survey.' The question of the French blockade of Vera Cruz was brought before the British House of Commons on the 18th of July. It wascomplain. ed by some members that either the French go. vernment had not given previous notion of the blockade, or the British government had not com. muntm ed their knowledge of it immediately. Lord Palmerston answered that he had given no rie*of the blockadees soon an he knew of i him self, and that, although it was usual with govern ments in ordinary cases to give previous notice of a blcekade, yet in this instance the blocKade was established by the French authorricie on the spmt The instructions which msat have been given lor that purpore, depended on cireumstance which might occur to render it neeessary, and in the aase of an eventual blockade, notice could not be given until the blockade had been actually establibed In answer to an inquiry as to the truth ofa ra- fa port which prevailed and which had caused smine uneasineea in London, that packets to and from *Me.acu had been interdicted by theFreneh go "The honorable gentleman knew that accord- ti vernment from carrying specir, the property of private individuals, Lord Palmerston eaid: ing t the strict doctrine of the law on blockade, the French government would have been entitled toaeatrblish rn absolute blunkade, whereas they had made an exeption in favor of the packets in sadoultbeltwe this country nd Mexico Two to qnesti. n were put to the Franch governmrat, tH whether they would allow these paekqtl to carry ill specie belonging to merchants, and next, whether they would allow them to carry epecie belonging Jf tolthe government, and required for the service. The French government acceded to the Ilatr part of the reques, toallow packets to carry spcie be. longing to the govrnment, bu. declined to allow ihem to take spetie belonging to in'lividual. The 0*rmittin e parkets at ill we an indglpenc which we had no right to espect seeordinl to our wn prtnciples, and allowing paeket. to take lspeci helonging to rovernment wersnother indulgence which they had no right to expect." LoNoo., July 28. -The annmalou. appearances in the Money Market are creating dome Inquiry respectlne the causn of the preae presure,. toth on the Stock Exchange and in the commercial disenont marker The ath.olic Prieuhaod.-The number of deaths amnnRg th Cathalic Clergy of ihe northern district of England is truly awful. Within the space of eighteen monnnt, twonly.five prieats, motl of them in the very priae of lifehavtng been carried away in ihe midst ,f their lbore. The Irish 'tthe Bill had panned its third reading in the House of Commonc, July 26ih, by a large ma0oriry, but without the appropriation clause. PRAnlC--The Journal des Dehats in vindicating the policy of France in the blockade of Vera Cruz. saysthat necessily alone had led to the measure, and thae in adopting it, France wished not so oh lain possession of either Vera Crux, Tampico, or the she wished only for justice; that Mexico had only to treat the auhlecta of France according to tihe laiw of unitersal equity, and Frscre woul. ')e mlnitied. Disturbances at Parte.-On the .8 h of July one of the three days, $orne young men fron the Plnce de Is Bours, went to lay girlands on the graves of thore who fe!l in the revolution of 1830. A scene ensued which is thne lescribed: " Having attempted to pronounce orations of a republican tentdency over some of those graves (at the Louvre and at the Pont de Grenelle in prli eulIr.) the nuthorities interfered. Al the Louvre, itts incident produced a sort of scuffle, in which blows were exchanaud, ahnd in cons.quencn lt which several of the tlmourners were arrested, and the remainder dlispeied. At the Pont de Grenelle, the mauelrntrs, without having reenurse to vir. lene, induced the young tmen, who there attemnpt. ed sinlarly to deliver aediti: us speeches, to rerrc. With these enridents were connected, by inlerence at Ienot, the seizure of gunpowder, bullets, and cartridges made by the police on Friday last. Capture ofa Pirate by the U S ship Cqane.--B the arrival, last evening, of the hark Hellerpont', Larrnhre, from Orators. Tenerifne, we learn that the U 8 loop of war Cynne, had left the port of St. Cruz, Teneriffe, having been informed of a piracy commilted upon an English hria by a Spanish piratical brig, she loached aI the Weetern Islandsr and there receiving the additional infor. mlarion that the pirate was bound to St. Cruc, she bore away in pursuit, and found her lying at anchor in tihe h.rnor Thinintelligencee was com. muniented to the English Consul. and the whole crew of the pirite were arreered and carried helore the trihbunal at St. Cruz, for trial. The Cyvas iailed eesin on lte '5th July, for Madeira, on her way to Talierr..-- Y. Poper. OHIO ELExTItIx.-The following is from the Cin. cinnati Whiit of Tuesday. We doubt not that the perfrrnances of our Ohio friends will be as good as their prophecies: We nhall Live the Tories a terrible dressing in this sate, in October. Old Joe Vance will he eleel ed by a mnjoirily of 10 to 12 thousad. We shall gain oneor wo mermbere of Congressa-we shall have a handsome mnjorivt in both houses of the Legislature; and on the 4th of M.rchl next, shull send Thomas Ewing to the U 8 SenleS, in triunph. The people will abtundantly vindicate their rights avtd their h-rnor, and will tech those locofoco, and those who st vilely betraved them by the infamous Apportionment fill, a lesson tinat never will be foriotten. THE NORTH CAROLINA SENATORs. The Rich mond Whig says: "The North Carolina papers are speculating alout the colrae of the Senators from that State, Meesrs. Strange and Brown. The first, it is said, will be impelled to a resigns. tion by variors weighty considerations, which he ontht not and cannot resist. l'he la ter never be. lieves any thing which it is not his interest to be lieve, and he will ffect to disbelieve that the ipe.. ple are againnt hint and will hold on to the hitter end. HIe holds the same doeriseabhout democracy that General Jackson does-i. e. that the people are to he governed by their representativnesnd not their representatives by then " ioR THE GREAT PRAIRIE-A Train of Cars S will leave tie Depot at the foot of Canal s. lor the PRAIRIE COTTAGE, every day. Departure-8 a ml-4 p m.-Rtelurn, 12 m.--6 p m Sudar s-6 a m-10 a m-4 p m-8 a n-- p in 6 p ". This arrangement till further notice. I Sept14 JAMES H CALDIWEII, Rrpd'ti STATE OF LOUISIAN,) SParish Court for the Pariah anl City of N. Orleo.ts i. prerent the Hon Charles Maurain, Judge, Nb. 1, 193. John Wi te in actltal ntolody. vs. hie credit Sors and the creditora of White & r oley. September 1311, 1838. UPON rewling au~ filing the petition and schlidule in t;iti cane, it s ordainedl b the Court lthat a etlett. , i, oftle c editlrs of John White, and of White & Fo ley dt take plae, ilt oper Court on the 6th layv o;' O(r. toll r Hext, the and there tt deliberate on tile lfiirs of Joh \VuWhte in his indlividuoal capaci v andi n a <memblier" of ll firm of White & I'ole, ansd to sliew cause whv the said John White should not be dis charged according to law, and in the imean time all t iroerdings again-t his erson and propwl.y are stavd. Order of the Court. SClerk's Office, New Orleans, September 13th, 1833. sep _15 2-20Ud fJ.( LLI E, Clerk. TTAT DE LA LOUiISIiANE-Coour de Paroinse I2pour laparoise et ville de laNouvelle Orkae.s, I1 Present Hon. tharls Maurian, juge, mepteolmbre 13, 1838-No' l133-Jothn While ontresee crbssciers et d le» cr6ancier let Ice ertanecirs de White & Poley Sur leciure et onrhgistrement doI la pttitiotn et tableIau dan eetle affair ,,i e t d6ecrt6 liar lacour qu'une as semblhe due er creioer no John Whit * et de White & Foley nit lieu en plains tour le 6d'octohre prochiot, I. pour y d6 ihbrotrur lea affaires de John While dana me caeacine iRd,vi luell, et e.mmo un moembre de la so Scit6 de Whlie & Filey, et poor faire savoir pourq:,oi p ledit John White ne mera pas dlehorgh selol la loi et ern attendat outne poursuites contre n persaonie et see st prpri6tsc sent arreths. Par ordre de Ila our. Nou. velle Orl aila, set. 1838. .sepll5 J Ol.IE, Dhpothi Greffirr St0EiE NEi Wital Oil--lOl blls.reclitid wiule U|, L for ale by WHITBKIDGE & CO, S aug?8 130 Magazine st. , ANI)LES--250 Bo..esSperi Uandlns, lor sale by ^ WHIl'UtIItGE & CO saug88 134) Maogazine at. o ANK NOTE PAPER--Jul*6iived a few thou. 0 anud sheet a ofBank i-'.ealer, of very superior quality, for sale by t DAVID FELT & CO, S atg'28 NY St n-rs Hall, 24 Chartres. - CITY BANK, New Orleanm, 25 Aug., 1838. T HIS Bank is checking on New York at igl. T OItT. J.PALFREY, aug28 Cashier. JAMES' NEW NOVliL,, &. T ILHE HOBIER, a Tale, by the author of*Rich' i r. elieu,' Time Gipsay,' 'Attila,' &c. in 3 role. THE Lore CHAIs, a Comedy, in five acts, by Jaimes Slhridan Knowles, author of '*Vrg".ius, 'Thie Daughter,' &c. &c. rn lo, a Tragedy, in five acts, by Thomas Noon af Tallourd; 4th edition. r SOCIeTY AND MANNERS Im AMEICI ; by Harriet h Maitineau, anthor of *Illustrations of Political Economy;' in 2 vols.; 4th edition. s. A Pracnical Summary of the Law and Usage of e Bills of Exchange and Promissury Notes; togeth. . r with a series of tables, showing when bills, notes b e and loans, drawn or accepted at any date will fill n due; to whic are added, rates of commission and s. storage, equation of payments, and general infor. a ation connected wi'h business of the counting c house; by B F Foster, Accountant, author of 'A tl a Concise Treatise of Book Keeping,' 'The Clerk's L e Guide,' &c. p I Tl't LITTLE SrETCH Ban; a course of very easy Slesons in Landscapose, Figures, &c. by George SChilds; lst and Sd series. Just received and for salo by WM McKEAN, jy8 eor. of Camp and Common sta. I ALSO,-An additional supply of *Three Expe. I riments of Living.-Living within the Means, SLiving up to the Means,-Living beyond the Means;" -*Sequel to the Experiments of Living,;" r.Thle Hareourts;" -"The Saving's Batk," &e. COFFEE- 30 abs prime Havana coffee,jut recei v8 & J P WHITNEY, augl4 I Cooni street. NOTICE. W ILLIAM DOCKER If MICHAEL EGAN, if atprearet in the ty, i a mrequsted to call at the office of tie Te'iant.Consulate. NATH'L TOWNSEND, aui17 ICE--i7 Tierees fresh '*at Itiee, landing ifom brig Charleston, and in store, lor sale by LAYET A& AMELIJNG, oIsLAI, ES-50 kbls molasses in atore, for sale by IIl LAYl.T & AMELUNO, augl8 17 Contmerce street. ALAGA WINE-Sweet andDry Malaga \ i, in or casks and Indian bbl, entitled to debenture, for sale bv READ & BARSTOW, s81n4 67 Gravier street. It ANUlFACTUHKEEDl'Tbacco--MlI boxes, 8 o, 1P i anad pound lumps, ofvarious brands and quali tie, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. antgll 134 Magnzine street ENGLISHl BOOKS. PARTINGTON'S Cyclopdia of Biogtrphy2 vole. do. do Artsand Seiencos, 2 vols.-Shakespeare in 3 vola, a pocket edition illus trated. Phillips' Geology. Janmeson's Mineralogy. Brewster s l'reatile on Magoelilon. Gray's Elegy, illustrated. Rorpes' Italy asd Poems, illustralid, 2 vol. Ilcrding's Drawing Book fir 1838. Phillips ol water colors. Easy Dawing Book, by Childs. ltrult's Sports and Pass Times. Just received and for sale by WM. M'KEAN, an(g corner of Camp and Commen st. D1-LAWING Materials-On hand a superior asort lmeat of Rwes & Sons' superior water eol.r I hboxasof 1, 22 3 & 4 rows; Whmunn's superior drawing paper, of all slizes, from medium 18 and 23 in chOe, to antiquarian 31 and 52 inches; also, very ape rior Bristol boards, Camel's hair anl sable Brunhes, India Ink, Indian rubber, Lad A~c. For sale by D FEI:l & CO, augi8 N I Statione's Hall24Chnrtres. t NK .TANNDS.--On halnd a suprior lotof inlustani consisting of a ariety of plain and cut gloss, Lg gerheads, Iilliman's patent eounting house pewter Ink choste. China, fancy of a variety ofptlterns. Also, a spltndid asoortment ofbronon Ink standishes, some ve ry elegant; for sale hy D FELT & :0O, augl8 I Y Sgit;oner'- Hall. 94 rhrtre". SOET ME&l S PO K-8t bbl-7? hatt uu.,. mas fed Pork,in store,and for sale low, hy LAYLET & AMELUNG, 17 Commerce at R ICE-43 Tierees of prime ality, tar ale by 1LATER I TRIER, sepl 40 Peydras lt. G OLD FOIL for Dentists, and Gold for gild ers, received from King's tmanufautry, by H BONNABI L, sepil Tohopil nlas at. ANVASSED HAMS-1500 sbp-rior canvassed hama, in store and for sale b LAVET & A 'EI,1'WNI. LOU-200 bbl in store, for sale by . U DOIRSEV, aug21 44 New Levee. ACON SIDES-100lcapk supe'r Cincinqnli eured in store and for sale by G DOKRSEY, aug2l 44 New Levee. OOD CUTTF'RS wanted on the New Orleans nid Nashville rail road; a ply to H. RONNA BEL, Corner of Natchez A Tehopitonlas street! ang2l SPA NISH SEGARS-54 hilf boxes a nish oeger said to be Principle, just received and for sale by H P I.E\ V & CO, angl4 10 rravior Otreet-up stair, BULWER'S NEW WORK, &C. CALDERON, The Courtier; a Tale by the a, thor of 'Pelham.' 'Alice.' 'Leila,' &c. &e. BARTON, or the iegeo; a Romanee, by tie au thor of'Southoest,' and 'l.afiltt,' in 2 vols. THE SQUIRE; by the author of 'The Heiressl' 'Agneas Serle,' &c. in 2 vols. The ATHENIAN CAPTIVE, atraced) in 5acts, by Tlhomas Noo Tallnourd. author nf'lon,'& e. r MEMOIRH of Sir William Knighon, Bart G. & iH., Keeper of the rrivy purse during the reign of h mnjeoty king George the Fourth;iincluding his ecorre. podence willt many distinguished perasnages. By Lady Knightno. The SACRED HISTORY of the World, attempt. ed to be philorophically considered, i'l a serienf Let ters to a Son. By .Sharon Turner, F. S. A. & R. A i. L. &. in 2vols.-Vol.3, being 1o. 81 o rpers'. Family library.' CAESAR'S Commentaries on the Gallic War; and the firs hook of the Greek Paraphrases, with English r notes, eritieal:,nt elplanto'y; plans of bottles siegee., &e., and the historical, g, ngrephiecal and archaulogi: indexes, by Charles 4nthon, L. L. U. A GRAM AR fthe Greek Ianguage, for the use f faihools and colleaes, by Charler Anthon, L. L. 1). SKETCHES byllOZ, No. I, 2 and 3, with illus. ratiuns. J upl received and for sale hy WM. M'KVAN, Sa Corner ofCamp ard Common 0si. OAN CEIEN'r-UDirect imlort titl t alm L.o.n don, for sale by READ & BJISETOW, jy4 "7 Bank Place. HAEMORRHOIDS. SAY'S LINIMENT.-No Fiction.-This ex. , traordinary chemical comlpoition, the result Sof science, and the invention o at celebrated medi. cal man, the introdun :,n of which to the public was invested with tie solemntty of a deathbed bequest, has since gained areputation unparalleled, fully sustaining the correctness of the lamented - Dr Gridley's last confession, that " he dared not Sdie without giving to posterity the benefit of his Sknowledge on this subject," and he therefore Sbuqueathed to Iis fioend and attondant, Solomon SHays, the secret of his discovery. It is now used in the principal hospitals, and the private practice in our country, first and most certainly for the cure of the Piles, and so exten Saivelyand effectually as to baffle credulity, unless rwhere its effects are witnessed Externally in the v following complaints: For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary absorption at once. All Swellings-Reducing them in a few hours. Rheumatism-Acute or Chronic, giving quick case. S Sore Throat-By Cancers, Ulcers or Colds. Croup and Whooping Cough-Externally, and over the Cheat. All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a few hours. Sores and Ulars--Whether fresh or long ( standing, and fever sores. Its operations upon adults and children in reduc ing rheumatic swellings, and looseningo coughs and Stightness of the clest by irlaxation of t le parts, has been surprising beyond cortueption. iThe comnmon rentark of tlhose who have used it in the Pile., ic " It acts like oa clarm." TIlE PILES-The price, i is ret'hided to any person who will use a hottel of H y'a Linittieut for the Piles, and return the emnpty tbttle without being cnred. 'rhee are the postive orders of lth propsietor to the'Agents; and outl'o"t Imuny thou. v sands sold, not onnehas been unuctcessful. W i might insert cortllicates to any luength, but prefer that rlhtos who sell tile article, should ex Ilhit the original to purchasers. CAUTION-None can be genuine without a splendid engraved wrapper, on which is tiy tname, and also that oftlie Agents. SOLOMON HAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by COMiTOCK & Co, New York, and by one Druggist in every town in the Union. For sale by the Wholesale Agents, corner of Com non & Tclhoupitoulan street, and by lth Apothecaries generally. je30 S PEIt.M Whale Oil--500 gallona winter osle m ol; S1I000 gallous sumamer oil; 30110 galldou refined whale, lir sale by WH l'fltlD;,.H e Co. ag21 .30 Magnzinest. LOUISIANA INSTITU'E. ? HIS Ins.itution lor the education of young gantk J In. will go into operation in the eurty tart of next October, uniler the ditection of the undersignrd; who has occupied the chair of mathematics in several S'olleges of the north, and who is a graduate of one ol the most celebrated universities ofE:rotle. The course ofstudies to be pursued it this semina ry will be comprehended in th Ifollowing divisiin, viz: h The Etglish department. eltthracing all thle branches of a thorough and accomaplished Lnglish ed Ooatitt . 2. The classical department, comprehending the Latin and Greek languages. 3. The d-partmet of moderm langtnges, in which will bh taught the French, Spani d and tieraun ma guogee. 4. The mt thematical and philosophical eotpprehending A gebrn,Geometr, thetwo Trgo.oii. ctries with their praeotical ap plieation to 0urvseing N vigat on, Astronomyv c. Natural Philosoaphy ad; Chelisitrr illustrated by appropriat experiment. The loaion-f lthe Institution will be mdle omown in a subsequent advertioement. CJ HADERIMANN,A M. J GIBSON Esq, REv PREIlDETr SHANNON, LouisiarM Col'ege Jabkson. lR C A LUZENIERG, L C DUNCAN 11sq, J NICHOLSON E;q, New Orleans. -AVA cufe .,pepper &e5*0 bags old Java cobee 50 do MT pepper, 50 oaes frefsh English Mustard, 41 krgs Goshlen butter, 10 kegs Fulton Market pickled tongues, received per ships Vicksburg and Kenaittotnlor sale by sep13 PE'I'ERS & I.LLAIID. NEW BOOKS. T HE Clockmaker, the savings and do:ngs of Sam SSick of Slickille, second series; part 2d No 2 of Oliver Tri"s; the parish ttoy's Proglea-, by the au. thor of "the Pickwick Papers," "Sketches of Every Life," "Nicholas Nickleby &c &c" illustrated with plates fr m desigs bv George Cruikshlnk. Also: an ad itional Ruppl of "the Athenian Captive," by the author ol "Sou;' just received anld for sale by WAl. McKEAN. sep 13 Corner ofCamp and Common sts. TI t)t SE persons who wish take poasage in the SCars at any intermediate plints belween .New Or leans and Carrnltont are particularly requested to make some motion or si[nal to the cngi eer of' i he Locomn tive previus to hhisar iviog at that point in day light, aftler dark it is neceseary in order iliat the Engiteer may s:op, that u la.i.p should he lildI ouut. GEORGE MERRICK, sep 13-tl ChiefEngioeer N. 0 & C. I. R. SECONIT MUNICIPALITY STEAM FERRY Cu. FlIEl books ofsubhsription ef the ctock lo the 2d 1. uniciipality Steamn Ferry Co. are cluied-ihe subscribea will plines take utice tlha the eec(.nd in 1tallnient falls due on the 14th inst, and will be psynble at the Firemens' In'urance Office, Ao. 54 Mussen's iuildings, Canal street sep 13 d6t ARCADE BATHS. E NTRANCI. at Baneker & Keifer's in the Ar. Scade. 3" Hot, tepid slid cold Baths-ales an excellret shower bath. sep 13-:lt Ii.tPEKIAL cegoare, ~0.0O br t ale Iy sep 13 SLA''R &I'tKIE.r, 40 PPiydan t1. (fU RRA N rS-5f keltCurrants, a superior article, Sor sale by LAWRENCE & LEiGk.N0RE, sep 13 28 and 29 New Levee. R EGALIAS Seear. 150,011 for Male by sep 13 SLATER & T'RIf, 40 Poydras st. DICE.--5 teres riee, landing ex Brig Daniel SWebiter from Charleston, fir sale by SLATER & TRIER, sep 13 40 Poydrasst. IHELVING.-A l.I of very ood narrow shelving for sale very theap by DAVID EL 0, sep 13 New s ork tatione 4 es at. ME Beef.-2 i at the inspec nn, I r sal by LAWRENCE & LE(;ENUDIE. sep 13 28 and 29 New Levee. M OLASSES-31 btl urimo order for ale b In LAWRENCE & LE.( ENDt'E, erpt 13 28 and 29 New Levee. SRI'1MUVAL. A NIREWS S Brothers have removed their Count ing House to No. 50 Camp street. sep4 CiOFFEE-IIIl bags Rio. 1411 io. Hav.ia. For sale by STETSON A AVErI antg4 83 Gravier tree TREASUfRkPB OFFtCE-SECOND MUNI CIPALITY. 1IHE owner or owners of Let of ground, stusted on the Est side of Mlagatin street, between Bartholomew and elicerte streets, distant from Mei. icerte street 63 feet II 3-8 inches; in the suare loran ed by Magazine, Constance, Bartholemew and Meli cette street, imeanrinr 31 feet 11 5-8 inches, front (is said Magazine street by 128 feet 10 5-8 inches deep ie tween parallel lineas-ounded on the north by sim.. lar lot a id to beloni to Zeno Victor, f w c, and on the snuh by another nimiar lot sid to be own ed by IH F Wade, are herehl notifed to pay the um of eighty-two dollars fiftv-si cents; the same he ing the amount of the lax due for paving the ilde walk in trontof aild property, within ten days from the date herrof, in default of i'hith the slaid lot will be reized and sold tosatieay the said tax. e - dJ 1DOINFE, t sepl0-litTre. rurr. - RIREAU IUTRESORIER-Seconde ,Uunecipatit6. LT propribtairn on le propril.nires d'un lot de terre L iltue sur le cot6 E*t Il la rue dties Maeains, ent, e : Ie rues Baithllelniet MAlicerte, A une distance de 61' - pieds It 3d pouceu de la rue M6licerte, dan l'ilet for. nib par les rues dees I, Constance. Borthelo mi et Milicerte.mesurant 31 pieds It 518pouces face A. I la rue des Magaeins rsur 12 pied- 1i 518 iounrre de Sprofomdeur entre lines parilleles, born6 an Nord par lot de rmnaes dtmentionr, que I'en dit apportenir A Zeno Victor f e I, au tud par un aut a suppoo6 app r tenir A it F Wade, ront notfi6 de paver la de qnauiringt deux piastra el cinquanie id cents, due pour le pavnge de banquettes en theace de lad'te p pri fl,siius un d6lai d ddi jluru, de ertte date, iA dfant d dequoi leditlot ser saisi et vandu pouj satisfaire A ladile demnnde. septll,3 J. IOANE, 1'r ier. S ORTER B) I'' E--l.,. gr.i.a Porter Bottles L in store and fur eale bv HOLMES & MILLS, SeplI 9 Bank Alley. 1 ARTIN t1 I)fVEREUX offers fe sale, a large S quantit of superior Rusoian sheet irn, from 9 to 15 o. weight. Also, a qualntit of Eiglish sheet SIron Juas received an assortment of Cok and Parlor stoves of the latet prtterna it 926, Tcbopitoulas street. AG'ilING-70 pieces heavy Inverness bugging, in store, and for Sale by ifHOLMES & MILLS, sepll 9 Bank Place. O LD COPPER-lIb1O eeiht of old olp s, le Iby MARTIN H DEVEf Elt'. spil 26 Tehopitoulas i ILED L TEER & CAP PAPER. HIRTY reamns uperfie blue wove Cap, ruled; T 311 do do white do do 5011 do low priced hlue r white Cap rul'd, 51 do assorted blue & white letter, rul d; Just receired and tr sale by DAVID FELT.& t:O, S New York Stationer's Hall, sepllt 24 Chartres t. St'ATE OF LOUISIANA, FIRST JUDICIAL IISTnI T COUTr. 1 H IRAM ULI.ER, vs. His Crelitors; No. t1,543. l The ceation of thi Petitioner's property having I been acepted by the Court. for the benefit ofbi credi tors; it is ordered tlht meeting of his said creditors do tike place at the office of William T. I.enm, Notary Public, on I hursday, the 4th of October next, at 10 o'clock, A, M., for the purpose of delherating on the .afairs of said Petitioner, nid in the mean time allju i. dicil procredings against his person andproperty, are stayed. Witness the lion. A.'M. Buchanan, Judge of the Court aforesaid, this I t Sepitehe, 1838. G W LEWIS, s nepll-3t Dep'y. Cl'k. i AT DE IA IOUlSIANIE-Coui de District I'.lu premi r diltrie judiliaire-Hilam Ful'er con tree s crlanciers-No. 165419 - a enspion des propri 16s du p6titiosnaire ayanl 6t6 aceept6e par lacour pour Is tn6fice d sea crrninciers, il eat dberfti qua o* un assembl6e deedits cr6anciberm it lion an areffe de it M. Wm. Y. I.e.ii, not. pub, jeudi 4 ec obre pro h. c in A 10 heures uo mttin, afin de d6li 6rer sur lee a affaires dudit p6titionnairr, eten a tendant toutes p iur d suites contre sa persons ou sea propri616 sont arr6 tI6e 'Tdmoin l'Hon. A. M. Pucohann, juge de la cour ci d oesus c It seltembre 1838. ' 11 pt:3 G W LEWIS, D6p. Grm ffr. .PERK-M CAND)LES & SiOAP-20t boxes New Sf Bedlbrd Sperm Candles, best brands, and assort. ed sizes. 191) boxer Bolton Soap, Jackson's brands, now land I ingfrom slip Planto frotm oston, for sale hv JOSLPH COCKAYNE, sepl " 25 G(raler st. A ANTEI)-T«o Trumpeters. for the Governor' S o Guardi-nol.z but frat re erforers need spily at tlh Counting Room of the bditUr of the rue Ameiican. By order of o0. CROSS, Iemmolsander. WA TED, Also, as above, a Room, suitable for a Drill 'nott, in a central situalion. sepll f ABLE SAIl.: 30 Cases: 60 boxes each: fineta h ie saolfloorali b SREAD k BARSTIiW. septil 7, Bank Place. tliVIAN C .lE.NT-direcl frm Liondon, lir ale by it, ItEAD & BAKlTOWV. aseptll 7 tI«ak Place. AGilNG--.And lile Rnpo, for sale IHy Bt',\D t BARST'I't,, esptll 7 Bank Place. SI NEYi' lt lNi. '. A fel bhi old peach bndly for sule by READ )& BDASTOW, pepll 7, Inllnk I lace. I 4 \1i): ,f V tL't'o-5. bi<Xet ouperiir I..rnn.ndroul, 1L fir eal. by tEtAI) a HI\tIS I'OIV. IAA(iA \V i,-weet aniI Dry ita I t Wine, I i qor casks anti Indi n ls, entilled to lheOltule fors ale bv LEAt & BUAIISTO\V , septl l 67 Grariersr. -r'n L^^Lirs-i- im--ii--------~" 1'E:51 LECANDL 3--er ole Itv RIEAIJ & 'U.RSTOW, ItiWl.AND', itf.NTC lIXTUt., - fEl la.Il.EATl lr ihe te nre oifl.ever d Agile, and geuirral dPbilil). O gro. of this iivalualle medlicioI. Ilt bee, received 'v tle anu.sciibtere, dirrct fom Ihe mantifteli.ry, who ore prelired to supply dealers Ind country ierclidlltIt, on tle mont readont. ble temon. JARVIS & ANDIKREiW,V Wholesal &. Icetail Agents lor I.ounsifat P ep c I coroner of Common & Te hopitoulan. p ICKIES-I0ho . Underwoiod, ; I.ew. & Haa. keil's Picklis,l.r sale by JARl IS & ANDREWS, repll corner oftomsonAr I'copituoulan. NOTICE T'I' SUIJltCIBtlIEItS 01' 1i GI. AT NA'IONAL it IRK. SPHILADE.,iHle, Iluly 30,1;138. ~IESSRS. NORIAN, ST'I'EI. I, CO, are the LT. only authorised agent in Now Orleans nSnd it vicinity, toreceive molies for "'Ti e lit )trV, fth. II diun ' ribes of Noith Ameri, a," now beiog publisrheCl, and for the delivery of the numbers thereul to eubscri bisr. Signed, F W GREENOUGH. No. 9just received and ready for delivery to subseri bers. ALSO-Complete sets from I to 9. OFFICE OF THE GREAT NATIONAL WORK. v No. 12 Bienville street. New Orleans. 'tSublscriptions received ai usual. NORMAN, S'EELE, Ar CO. d s:ptl I..riw- rUGA , Iihoes ant. al il,.la s--lut2, cuo, prising an assortmaant of Meln's and oy's flue kip pegged and Iti-.elt Hrogani; Mlen and Boys fine e'l' ites; lIen's and worten',; pumps o nd slipp"rs" childrens and in ant- boots, shoes a ankle tie; land ing from ship Ohio, and al IIGE & CO. ISAAC LIY<ll)GE & CO. augll 134 Magazine street. N EGIRO CLOTIIS, LIN.KYS & KERKSEYS I lhe subscribers olfir for sale, laudin friom ship Cuncord, 2 bales plain mixed negro clot bale Cwilled mixed negro cloth; 18 bales linseys, asserted itolors; I hale white swain skins; I case printed kerseys; 2bales hnevy mixed Cordova neraeye; I bale unfinished cva ker~fys. Sk es. ISAAC BRIDGE . Lo, jyl2 134 Magazine stree L IE-1500 Casks Tho.naston Lime landing from brig Chieftain, and fur sale by S & J P WHITNEY auga 8 Conti street. SURVEYOlt'S olFFICE-2d Municipality. rOTICE is hereby hiven that, in conformity to a r resolution of the council of the Second lounici. slity, passed at their iltting of tlie 17th July last, I w till, ooUn, of Saturday, the 15th day of :'eptember Id3l.adjudicate at m, office. to the lowest bidder, the opening, deePiening, and seeaning ttf .Melpumene i anal, aRgmealdy to tile ittentitie oft resolution of said eoun. cil, passed no iho Id day o:' August, 1836, (Eighiten ounlrred and thirty-six,) and it accordaiie with the specification ,ew exhibited at the surveyor's ofice. .Securilv will bu lequired in the sumi of $10tl (one Thousattd) to the satisfaction of the Council of 2d Municipality. icipality. JOSEPH PILIE, Surveyor. New Orleans, Sept. 6, I 38. BUREAU DU VOYER DoL* s. MUNICPALITE SN conlinmite d'ntie re .lutiou du coneil de la 2 de EI municipalite paasseedanns l eannidu 17juillet derier, et au*si au desir d'une autre resolution dudit cons.rl passee dans la seancedu 2 aout 1836, Avis eat donneque eamedi 15dnpr sentmoisde ssptembre 1818 a midi, a mon bureau, j'adjqgerai nu tabas, les traaux A fain pour recreuer. nelat yer la canal Melpomene snivant Is in-t nctions exhibees au bureau saudit Une caution de $ll00 a It satisfacti .n du cnsewil era exigee. 8sept JO.5 PILIE,Voyer, EAP LARD-200 kegs in sure, for sale ly el (i . .)AS EY 44 Now Levee. O LIVEILTWIS'S';or the Parish Boy's Progress. part second, bJ the author Mo The Pickwick Pa pere,' 'aketcheaso every day Life,' 'Ncholas Nickltby' llutrerted numqrous desgns b. Cruikishauk. The Life and uaventures nfd Nir hulas nickl.hey, con taming a f.itihul account of the flutuaes, misfortunes ipraisings, duwolalliogs, and comnplstis sear of the icklealy eamily. Edited ly 'floz,' with illustrationsby b Phiz,' No .. a Sketches of Young Ladies: in which tiese interas k ng members ofthe animal kingdom, are classliied ac. tunling to their aeteral iintincts, habits, and general haraeeteristica, by 'Quiz,' with sketches of Young gen lemnen,by Q.Iizijr.' Liihta ant Shadows of Irish Life, by Mrs C Hall. uthores of 'the Buccaneer' Uncle fllrace,' &c. &e. a two vols., just received and Ior sale hY WAI. M'KEAN, suel4 Cormer of Camp & Coinmnon .AHli.l -is-ai |pieces hentucky baLging for sale .l by H3OLIME' & oILLS, Mp4i _ __ BI_ Allay. RDKAFTS on Louiasillse, or sale by HEIilIOGINE BROWN & CO, fu aug30 9 Conti st. S OA .sP-tleMip1'O I so8 p. . eo Juksoa 9 Brd. llw laull iapm ship COcdla, from lMnton,,ad lor leby JoaEPH COCKAYNE, sept 6 _ 25 Common street Rople, 801 peces Kentuecky Bagging, in su re and 'or sale y LAWKENCE & LEO ENDRE, sept 6 8 and 29 New Levee STEEEI pENS-Jult received fiom New York per ship Vicksburg, IO roce Gillott'e Eale Pean: 10 do Penel's double rainet pent I0 do India rubber pens; 5 io National peas; for ale by the grace or sin (le cnrdi by "D FELT & Co, N Y Stationers "all,, ept6 S21 Chartres street N.1 EW'MUSIV.-La ofthe Troubadour, I inee from SdreamosofThe; How sweet the Chimes; Lucy Dfra! Lucy Dear! Joll Noot why nol; My cnilldhod honra farewell, Barnett; Yes! think me happy. Sprule; In this Cottaee he lived, Cooke; Warrior Llume; Let me rest in the land of my Birth; Thy love ald Mine; Land of lore; Song of the Bell; iciorii ihe peerlesra oss ofl' England; Up! to the Forreet; Happy Faces, Bright, Bright Wine; My Mountain Pine; On the Brave who have fallen no tear we be.tow, Russell; The peace of the Valley, Balfe" Our way across the Mountain hl. Minstrel of the Tlyroll Raggio d'Amore; Al Capo della (loriu, Donizetti; '. Luna, Tsdolini; Se river non pose'io, Marliani; Kentucky grand mntrelc; Aniveltary Quick Itep; Carnival Walt; Ue0 Perle Waltz, HIinten; Carnival Walltes, Stnrus; Victoria Walls; La lies Waltzes *e. hv Stra ie; L-a Fleurs a' Italia, I 2 3 4: Remernbrance ltando; Dtlices de I'Ope ra Italien; Spanish Song, just recerred hb sept 6 , I CASEY, 19 tCamp street. FLOUR-IIHI bhils best quality, made f1 new wh just landed from steamer Czar, an.] for ale by tU DURiEY, sept 6 44 New Levee. LEAR PORK--60 Larrelalear pork in store and for sle by LAYET I. AMELUNG, sepl 17 Conltnere street. ARIK-19i5U Kel s Primm LeafLard in tlre, ftr sale by LAYET & AMELUJF4, eeill I7 Coml, erre stree. H AY'S Liniment or tIn cuie o'l'iles,Just recal red and Iur saale by H.,AIL, sept itnol a street. ARVIENTER.S R Plid Extract o .-arlaparilla and Rowand's Touic Mixture, received by H BO'\NAREL. sept T'I'rhpitoulast. NEW OILEAN'S COMMERCIAL INSTI. TUTE. Peace street, between Maorrau and CMacalvva, sub'b. Marigny. SPECIAL Course of Book Keeping.-The course fl Boo» Keeping opened since nsveral muonthi, will close in a few tays. Many good necountantis, asong whom are gentle men fhtigh standing in business, wll be Iha referen esa oiffred to the public patronage. A new evening class will he opened as seorn as a e frient nu:iber of subhcriberr will have beene obtamnd; it will close in November next. For ger.tlemen residing in the uppe parl oa the city, an evening class. three litlmos aeekh will he opese d at the comer of mt. l.ois and Exchange Place, if sub. Ieiiptoosare recelecd. GENERAL COURSE OF COMMIERCE. This course is opened every day, from 5 to 9 o'clock P. M., for exercising on the different branches ofac countabi rty. I'he Literary and Commercial Institute for yotng gentletnen is opened from 8 o'clock A. M.,,to5 o'clock P.MA. Half boarding echolar admilted P A AUBERT. sep4-I838-lm IlI~ibASUI Y NUTI.SE.-or sale this ilay, It SS51.00"resoiury notes and M) O f (iovemnin checks on the Bank of America, New York, in differ entsuma. Apply at the ofice <of GEO. WHITMAN, ep4t Exchange Hotel. St. Ch rles et. TIO EN '. A TWO Stry frame dwelling Hoise and kitchens, A e., situated in Poydras street, between St. Clmrles and Carondelet. Apply to raep4 IOYLE AS MAY. FPn D. WILU1EI ON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, O FFERS hi services to th, public i. the deprtl nments or Surveying and Civil Enginrering, both in town and conllry. Fronmonmsiderabl e experience in his pmresiion. and by prompnessii and fideliti its he execution of' business entrusted to him, he hopes to merit and eceive a har ofpubllic patlroage. le will also measure and calculate the contents of walls and excavations. Oilice No 8 Chartres street, second story barc,. je7 i INS,;ED OIL. in Cas;kl and in bble. anr.ilnt.,d I pure article, fa:r sale, whole-ale ,ndl retailby JAltVIS & ANIIREWT, Medicine, Paints & Oil I)enl re, jetS Corner of Common & TIh, orwir las sts. IIJWN S;IEF.'lI'INvi--N8,111( varde I1. Ilrown . Sheetlings. landing f on1 ship l'herokee, suitable for the Mlexican market or city trade, cor sale. by STET'SON & AVERY, jel8 88 Gruaier street. SP FR -I CANDLS. tilL. &ic. 200 BOXES New tledforil Sirm Cnrlleer; A 3110cutk .%\w Redlfrd Winter Oil; 13 casks RfAintl Zinc: 6 boaxes ltroan llavnii Sugar, 101 coils Bale Rolle; 30 picea Baggino; 6 ca.sks lack I.eadCrncilel ; 30 ckellk P|.'1a ac 5, baskets Chaorpalt %t inc. For sale l y JOS..L'.l C )CK YNE JeOl 2o Grevier sreet. VESTrEKLN BUTT'ER-139 kere, ird pier eV teanerr Vanlaliu, froml .Springlicdi, Illinoi, a auperior article, for sale, by SLATER & TRIIll:, jels 410 Py,eIrna --rlet. I)OlRK--Rlunp, Sol Ale-s and PI' , for male by ja q ( DOSEltI Y,44 Nevw Lerve. SEMO)N SYRUP-50 boxes Und-rwood's Lemon Syrup, fur Wale bv JARVIS & ANDREW'S. erepl8 carrer oft oilrmmrn & T'rleropitrolies. COoE OF7'1.1 T'E OF' LOUISt1.4iJ l sIHE Subemcriber hen been tsele tiime inl preplarii . arid r is, nola w very nearly colnplledr irtiew c ert. lion ofltile Lode of Practice. upti r n lia fr, rlIhr llnot thil to Iwcolmr ire ful to tie profenaion, in ab ich bw is ourjuidicial sysltem, ad rnder whretespYecial dirertion Codes together. The arragrmenl, however,will It dillertet. After the rume ol praetice whilt applv to the ar'itlea rn tHired in tlse (:olte, ttbe have been digested aedi pln. ced under eacb saplrlpralse article, in thie olmapr r-f not; tgrther with rterrlrnces to tim rae; en titro tihe leader by turning to any rticle sf the Cdtd rrf Prna ioe. will at one knowr the decision upon it. 'lThe work will Elsocontain all the amenrlent, to It Code ot Practice, ne well sn the alaw cealing and rerulatihg the City Cournl of New Orleana, with a comprlete in Toe abtove wcrk will mske itm epptre-ne ee so in de tle firr t o f tsfret net, sand bodnt in good tllb rn-. tial theep commron low binding, sold at si DOLLIAR per co,y. MI. GREINER. auTa-2vm At nrnee at Law antefis f -rhjet,,ddboe n oddibtn NOTICE TO FIREMEN. InII'. Corps attacl.d to the Fire Plugs of the Com L mmercial Water Works, %ere to have tWen rhonged on tMe let inst., but in consequence ol the If. fieers hi charge -f the severdl cbminaTiro not hIvilg eailed for llhe panners to fit the caps, Ihe ehng.u lian ihre pruorsatlincted until thid dty. TI'ie swpnnerr mity be obtained at the office o the cromp anv, No. fill Ma'a. zine street. The attention of the gentlemn ill charge of the r gins and Hose Company, are repectfully uli. cited. By order. ELL.1O 1'T, sep4 Secre y WAN IED TO RKNTI'. A A Isre, airy and convenient School S Apply to J GIBSON, Editor. O FFIC.ENEWORLFEN k AS'VI.LEH AIL S RUAD COMPANY- rafls on New York at sight, or sixty days date, for Ic, in sms tio suit pur chasers. JAMEM b CALDWELL, iv6t President. A IHUS E. aitenoan and ship h ue, i,a niiig onu 1 L'rcu salid Uasin street. I'rlvilig. te given mn 1S dais. JAMXIS I.AAI tI'Il'. I augl4 IOR 8 %LE-A House and Lot of Uround on Kam SI' art street,between Conti and Bienville slrret, (Pritchard's tow,) having 26 rfeet 6 lines front on Hnam. |irt atreet, Iy 108 leeto Inchies in deplh, wilt the privi. age eo a papage way ifrom Coni street. It now r nts ttfr $135ll per annum. For further partiulars and erms, apply to R M WEI.MAN, sept 6i-3t No 79 Common strret StRVANT WAN'ED. J ANTED immediately a good Cook, washer and W iluner, for which go ages will be given. SApply t 121 at Joseph street, between Camp aid SMagasine streets sept NOTICE. SR HE undrsigned have associated ihemslres nn. S ler the firm of A F Iunlhar & Co.; for the ur pose o'ltranaucting tie wholesne bhoot and shoe busi. essm, au will conduct tr same in the store, formerly i occupied by A FDunbar, No. 21 Custom House t. A P DUNBAR, GEORtGE WILKINSON. asp8-1838. t -EXCHANOE on St.Louii,for sale nb ELA'I'ERt &" TRIER. sap8 40 Paydras street |. RUGANS, Slippers, &e-72 case, co. aining aui I . ssortmen lol Men's and lBy fine kip and eal brelano; Inlts' and boys super rusell brogon'; wom en'ilstaitno lippere, eltra nlin; una I boya fine calf, j kip and meSl hrogans; ant childmens real becreil bro at;. ankle ion and boeu, landing from ahip Plato fur 'lI by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, sep8 174 Magazine street. I *; ANTED-A Book Binder-none need applybut - a workman. WM Al'niEAN, seps8 corner of Camp & Common ots. AVANA COFFEE-3 bags prime, in bore and for ite by SLATER & TRIER, u8______ _ 401 Povdra street. R EGALIAS k CAZ/DifltAS hero -75,Ililllu 1 a supcriur quality londintg from lriLr Cotlarine. vi for sale by LATER & TRIEtI, aug2.l 41) Poydras SECOND MUNICIPALITY. W ERE brought to the Police Prison of the Second I Municipality, the following named slaves POLEDO, aged about 48 years, says he belong* toMlr. Nnau. SJOHN, aged about 23 years, says he belongs to Mr. y Baudwin. HENRY, aged about 19 or 2 yeanr, says he b longs to Mr B Baudwin. The oners of aid slanes, are requested to prove property, pay charges and take then away. H 14 HARPER. rept Captain of Watch. I ICE-5i casks now landing from Chnrleaton,for , ale by G BLANCHARD, SJyl 31 Gravier street TO LET-The House situated on the comer of Orange and Religions strneet pply to 1 U UEIN & A C6liEN, jyid .90 Common atreet. A Card. ORLEA IS LITHOGRAPHIC EBTABLISH MSE., T, 53 MAGAZINE BTREET, OPPOSITE BANKO' ARCADE. W GREENE rtiurnn hi nincere thanks to his friends and the public of New Orleans, for the patronee bestowed on hil for the last tun aears, and begs leave to assure thie that all orders comnmitted to his charge shall he punctually attended to; he will as u'uatl keep the office open daring tHie summer, and ahall be alwars readv to strike iff merehant's cimeu larn, bu'iness and address cards, funoral notice. maps, plans, and drawings, of every description, at the shortest notice, and on the most reasonable terms. Beine assisted hy artists superior to any other eltablih ment in the city, and from long experience in the lithographic line, he feels confident of giving entire ratisfactlin. N D Apothecaries and drugsgint' labels executed in ar good style as copperplate engraving, and at one third of theexpense. jv4 . O- E-The splendid steain boat MancHANl Sharing undergone a thorough repair, will be ra dy for ma in a few d.ys; teis bt at is copipn lt amneed and coppered, with a coppe olr tler nd Aillcnlid en gine: her aceonmodritions beinr very ietensive, and wrll found in every rspecsl: for further particulam ap ply at the ship yard oforeeory ByRvn, where she now litee, or to MAUNSREL WHITE * ('O, itl-15tI i96 Gravier street. -ALT-500 sacks fine salt in store and for ale by I H & J P WHITNEY, agQ3 t. tSl P mnd 'tellow Coiandle-10-t Anoxie Tallow Can. dler; 201)0 Iboo No. I ndl extra soap, brands of James (ould and Jackson 4. Trowbridge; for sale by ISAAC BRID ;E & CO, aungi3 131 Magazine st. OFFIE NEW OILEANS & NASHIVILLE RAIl. ROAD COMPANY. D RAFTS on New Yo k at nishlt, 30 and 60 days aight, fir side, in nutms to ouit purchaeers. Al son, Ceder timer f.r porat nnd salepers, anl Philadel thia lumber wheels and earts ftr sale on rea.tonabl terms. JAIIE Ht CALD ELL, aug23-6t Presiden. 1nAKE Notice no bill ageainet the PIm l aing Dry I Dock. siened andl approved by Jamea Dickill hereafter be paid by the owners of the rlonting Dry Dock. the sail James I)i k having never been nutlha. iied to make any conlriets. Moreover, all hilln from this date will have to he ap red oan aigmed by the agent of the Floating Dry Dicka.1 IIERMOUGINE BROWN t CRn, augg23 Conid l. TRAYEIi.-.ln ilhe 10th inst. a Scolch Whie Terrier Slut, black on the ptint of the noae, hair a little otugh. Wthoeer hs the raine will dleae tta return hier to this office they will be liberally no wardld. aug *' o HOPE & OAKUti. FORTY Rales ofOakum and 150coils Manilla rope assorted size.sjust received and for sale by 6 LOCKE & CO. anug 22O0d tLevee S NOTICE:. THE undermigoed having been duly appointed by T le Honorable, the irst Judicial Distlrict Conr.. Commisioners to estimnnte and assess tIle damage and expene ofwidening I')flinme street. hetween New l-. ae street sand the river, have made their estimate and aseeamrent, and hare dpori ed true copies thereof, to. gether with the plan, ill tie office ofl tle clerk of sii court for the iahlncliin otf all whollm it mfy eoncern. And public ntolie i hereby gi.en tlhat aid eslitatS and asnessment will be Itresented to Paid court for cot. biriation, on Salnrda%, the twent -ninth day of ap. leober next; and all peromn ilerated inl prnperty stt. uated on RHofi nc blteet, or the v ciniiv Ihereof, are hereby nuOtlied to mate tteir obhjectio4n, if any thay have. to said estimate and asoer.nset, m n or before tib t ently-rst day f SIept hinher next. New Orlean-, Angust .!2, 1838. 0. Bi KBE, . FIEL.D, Commissinaere CI 'S A. JACOBS,) ang-2 -183R. " VIl-Le oenutmig.f.enyant t6( dorment nomeae Spar I'lhbonornble :itr d premier dinsrict judiciaire, enlmmisseares pour ovuluer et raxer In dommnnge at lon frai. de I'llartgi«enrtnt de Ia rua lioffignae, entre In rte lie In Noovelle-.Lvv6e et I fleiive, tntc rncopler. lees tableau cd'qinvalttin at de taxe, dolt ile metdeiste do vraies copie','te un plan, o1u tbreo tld glefliso de Indite cerr, plomr Itill .etildon des iotlrresses. I t avie poblie ept donnl que nle -usditt1brean term pr6*ent iandite rcotr pour ronfirmanti-n, rstnedi Is 29 de Sptlmbrbnte ,roh in; at Ioute p crponne interlnptiel dnt edhit d'L A vn JAltir l de nxeo , savotr: tU. tee personetrev.,t inletet ldan lee prni)rirtre ee ,tem dane la re nllrynac ou loe tttlllregs nrolt parl Islprd sent ,otii de R mire lelr objeclion, s'ile n ,itt, audit tablea d'enoltaiorr e tie , eI o arovit ile vigtel , eltde n sep etlbre prlchain. Nou tle rl1ns, 32nout 18,3. .F.i Ilt, l Onwmmi CII tliLES A JACO.P, HA A A itIEIORS-l~lO.ll~m rrhiojit qooltty for JL sale low, toeloses a onuignment, byh STETSON & AVERY R2 811 U(i ,.ir st, me e2 8 G81 nvir stiet N1 I.f Netw lllford Sperr' t'nandles, landing from ship K.Etucky, aId flrt .le be LAW\VIENCIt'k LFG.EENDIM) . ie2l !'8 & 109 New Len. "' KA -ZIlKRS C PI'EK-1('00 0 .heetl brazier coipper I weighing ten poundr aech,in tore and for saeby SAMUEI. LOCKE& CO.. iNo8Front Leve-, between Custom Houe and Bien ville streets. june24 lU 61 ti0 f.l.-t-ll Itooer io ,' fler, of gnr* Squalit, landig frotm I aque Ienry. fr oa[by j"lSt " ITET*rON & AV ERY. AtL;.M AATlnS itr i81y.-J u1t iei ilel. Ro i II lot rf Ile ples AhAltnanks ond C.0oketi's Alma-. nucks, for sale by DAVID FEell'k &LO.. New York 1:latlioep's li' , fieil 24 'hbtterps treet. ST bXAS FL;N),. I) TE0T IIn CA'I I.u and Adli Stors braft, on I.' Te.orwurswanted be NATIb'L TOW,\.EN.I), jel8 Exhnng Iltltel, Gravier Mt.. COFFC pr-~imn reen Hr aasas Cofee, landing from brig A Eand fr sale by J. I) NIEI.L, A(.tSNi & li'E-13,i fp Kenltuky Ptnggi, aind II IRope; also small lot ol Twint , iL store a d fur sale lby J DANIlfJ., .e4, 59 Calr street. lUB.'tV-i J bxs nod 4 kegs pri.e Chot in uTobuluo, (Lealhr' br ndl,) in iuor and tor i e ly J.DANIELL, j"20 59 Camp sttreet M ACKEKEL, I.I1ME, &e. T 274 bhlb. mackeral, nl. 1, 2 an 50 hall ITarrel inlnckeral, non I and 2 1129 tanks oflinte, 20 bundler tiy, 5020 feet lumber, Landino from brig iinaldoand for sale,hb J 17 S1ETSON AVE.IIY & CO. W"HITE HAVANA SUG %R-50 boxes of prim W quality,n it store, tor .le h7 sLAT'EIR . TRIER, u21 40 Poydruas a t. TO RENT. r HOSE Ir pnmises in Girod trleet; one lot from SBa.ron., n fm on ;Girn I is 128 feet, by a depth of 160-thbo imprnven's cotaiost ofa donble f(raie dwllliag Housne and kltehen--and the rearlot adjoin ii.ghas. brick btlilding 311 by l.-divided intothrbe t etmenms. The whlie will bIe let on re;.onable terms too good tenant. Apply to DOYLE & MAY, sap4 8 Carandelet at OOTS Shosc and iOmgann, cotifpriing a general Sasortment, uiiable for tihe city or couatry trade, landing from -hip Cencordia, and for sale lor for ah,orapporapp ed paper, by A P DUNBAR & CO, sep8 21 Cuatom l toir. 3 DICAL, PAINT & OIL RTORB, Corner of Chumon & Tchopiltoula.s stmt. A LARUE and general amonrtnlt of Mldkiiam Paints and Oiltconstantly on hnd, and lorer on the mont reasonable terms, by JAhVID & ANDREWS. Np8 coner ofCeonm' & 'I'abehpibtal.e. CoT . EE-i t at .re and landitg. S5i b pirinmm qltalilty el Harulo Coffee, for sale by S G BLANCHARD. Eati,8 *I1 (tianier ltenet. -OAP0 CAsNDL", krc-lato eenad foreileNi 7 ap, of Valf Vlentine in other bnraui. Judd' whi a ald colored p.tent Spertn CL'audle oupetior article. Fa I and Winter bleached operma ui in toem and or sale by S G BLANCHARD, vep8 s3 faimn r it FTIRs;EN'S INSUIANCE CUMPANY ýOF NI OHLEANS. THE Stokhh.ldcr« of ihis company are hereby na tilled, that tbe fourth inlstalment on her tiiek i duell, d pavnble o1n he ninth day of Ocltoer nmil, a tIhe olie, of thl coiipny. E E 8 TBACY New Orleans. Mp. ee'y. c;OMPAGNIE D'ASK URANCE CONT;O iC FEU-De la Nouvrlla Otlinls. L ES actonnninre doe eoit compagnia sont nolhil i lque Ie veramennt eat do at payabia li 9d'oetlbr prochain an bureau de lacottipagnie. 8 aept EL I'tACY, secretain. ILS, PAIIT'- & TURPKEN'J'I.B; 10 Casks 0 oreign l.iseed Oil, 15 barrel T'ipcntine; 5 casks serm Oil, lit0 kegs pure White Lead; 150 No.. " (, 0 2. Also, a general osnrttment ofimdiciines,jst lecei. »ed fromn he North, Ior salo low, by JARVId 4r ANDREWS, no I Tchopitouls alt.

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