Newspaper of True American, September 15, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated September 15, 1838 Page 3
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OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, &PEEDILY, HANDrOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTEI AT THE OPFICE OF THE True inamerican, ST. CHAKLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 LOUISIANA PURNITURE WAREROO M No. 53, diovell- street. W ILLIAM IR. CAI.NES, (frm-rly of the firm o Flint & Camrne,) would respecllully inftrm his friends and the public that lie is cousiantly receiving from New York and Boston a good assortlnnt of Fur sicure, such as mahogany chairs, lnfos, I ed teads, ma plt and painted chairs, mnple and cherry bedsteads, mahogany and cherry tables of all description., bu reau., toilets, secretarya, writiug desks, wardro es of mahogany and cherry, wash seands, looking glasses, feathars, bedding, &e. &c. NB. Furniture packed ifr troanportation with great , jo MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Renoved from 17 Customhouse St TO NEXT DOOR ToST. CIlAILES THEATRE, CORNER OF POYDRAS &. ST. CanRI.Es STREET. au;9--1838. MtAYOI.ALTV OF NEW ORLEANS, Council of Municipality No. I, Sitting of August 30, 1838. A N ORDINANCE concerning Burials inthe bury ing glounds of Municipality No. , of the city of New Orleans. The Council of Municipality No. One, ordiin as fol. Iows: Art. 1. From and after the 10th of September next, it shall be the duty of lte guardian or guardlins of cenleteries within Iltin municipality, to demnand, a cer tifoate signed ov a licensed physician, or the crroner, or two respectable citizens, jointly with the entnia eary of the ward in which the dea'i may'occur, rlating cth date oa the disease, naine. age, pitce if birth, sex. color and cause of death of the body brouglt to the cemetery for sepulture. t.. T'e certificate in a'l eaele, to be furnished by the Iprson or perions krinfing ti the ceiietely dead bhly or denl bodies,and mi casealIhill thie krep. or of ;ths cemetery receive for intermrrent bodie, without having obtained tile certificate above uten. tioned. Art. 3. It shrll he the duty ol tie keeper of the cemeterv to record in a tboek kept fir that piurIpos all the paiculare obi t en dr chll befi iae relatdon to the brodies havinr i reved sepultre, ad alo toi fur iA.h 6. nthly a re n ofr the cmyor of thle ity, cn leining a copy of i le neines, ages, place ofbir h.can. aesrfleatth, dande s leo de aex, otrilr of taclh bodies, .ames of tih phr oriciansr ond er citizens attetning tmi Arti. .A 'the of ten dollars isall b itnorsed o pol the person or persos bIrittimlo a body ,r Ir ll.ii filr .'pul. ture to the cemtde.ries of thie mnuniiliatlity; in all cI hsy where the cernifiene heretofore meutiorttd, shull not have hpoen furnished. Art. 6. rho guardian of the ceinotary shall in such cases ire, and he Ir herehy aitlborieed, to take posses. eion ofthtu Itrse or hurs i and riehiele bringing raid Irdiea. atd s all kiee, ponoiinr of enaid horses and re hicl a until the fine nallt btne been pild Art. 6. 'hie mayor is herenIy auntinrised to publish the present ordi.-nrce in all the tnewccpapers in t in ity, both in the French and English lagiiiuges during lea days. [igned PAUL BERTUS, Recorder. Approved, September 3, 1838. [Sizned] C C.ENOItS, lMaor. A true copy. THEARD, Jun. Src'y. SITTING OF SEPTEM11BElR , 1838. Reasolvd, Thit tie ordinance conaitnrning the hu. rying groitd.., pa-ne oil thie 30th ult., lie sit amended *s to shbstitute the worndsn "lst of Octolr next." fir the wordi'"l lthiiil aSlet'lber rnextn," in thie first article xl tile old ordinanrc. ( te o l] 'rne . I'AU 'ERTUS, Recorder. Appr.vid, Sepitemiber 5, 18:i8. [(iAgnedil C. GENOIS, Mayor. A true copy THIeAnu, Jun. Sec'y. MAIRI ; DE LI NELILE. ORLEANS. Conseil de In Premiere unic:ilpalite.-d 8unce extra. ordina re dul jit) . nu 1 38. OtJlotirOaele teoneruanl P epoultureR deris les ime. tieres la lt lUllii l il No. I, de la vil d'Iilr6 ans. Le Coniei l e isa ýluiripalilh No. un, de la ville de Is Nelle. irjan I ar, rr iP co linl tllt: Art I l.ale, i l. dix r ep eiilirc pirchain il sera du davoir du gardien wtr dens arndiehs les ceinlieres dllel e ite manaijia i6 denx ger no certifient Figill par un merlecin li'eneiri i ptiar le. coriter -i pardeix e itoy. Anls repectables onjoinle l t L e le colmiire du quorli-r dns I I Iu le le dre lourl oni lie speel iant la dare dou itPce, TIe Iort , iIg, lelio r dte ai. siace, le sex,. Incoli llP lr, ain.i qice 'a allr e du deles, i ainlli pori. at iilnierm pollr , eltr r enterr6. Art 2 Ledit certieol setr dans toum lea seta follrni. par la peisonire ol lin persoltnes o,,..tant aU rihneireM iori ,lps ot ditl ctrp, s ilorts, et le glari .t ne devra denls aniutun car rec-r ir ain Einlleere ualnen corps pour y irr enterr a Inlrin - d'vlonir lrlnlrnbeinnt obleu le certi fernt etl Jp tl elltitllll . Art 3. 1 l n tinoirlr l n gardir n de tout eimetise d'iiwrire iecrrq eillr doildr 'ill I CoriteleoP .1 eef eft t loom loiis ietol o]leiiri ill dl. i i II dIe s e rt'i crttl t ohi .. nlaso mov.u le, leriificats relaor ifs trl colrpas qi ou rolt rts l t sepliUtur uga elnent deti Ithnirr co qua me s tin t ppt i lr u p oi l im i dceett, iilie, optoiAt l'ilat des inoms, ilnx le uiit oince, ie-, iti, et enuer do dbtee. nixnm e iolllle rlll s . l)s alill i onter,6s airsi ie de d es i (, t e lo. nilitits ou atures lpetrsonile qui aurerI ii n e ceert-it.l a. Art4. U-er a enllde re dix platrer. sePn inpostier A loUt pesle nlort oute ptrnliear, (arlaull ci m tirre poar v ietru enlterruxi dIlat tit, leesI o lecre -s tilicat eidest.los lenltiollnr ne sern point lt)urnlli. Art 5 Tout anrlien de cietltiere acr auttoris dans le canl idesu llellntion)ll ii i'eml;arer u bheval ou des chevaux uilnsi line dol culbilitrd oiu alltr vnriilr* rrta.nt le corps er devra les garder en ,La passession uaAqu' u prienlretd de I'ieonde ridesrlls reerite. H Art f. Le jnnlie eet ret dem urt ruteise A fi ra publier daes iouhtO gazelles de rette villc, erll n.agli et nu franoris lo prisceti c6 I tinc n ee icidollt I'stpaee rie dix joers. -igie, PAI;L II 'IU:0 Recorder Approuvi le 3 se;ptdlbre 18iR. Signf (~ GEN[13, tnitse, Polr topie conforme, 1'llE. RI), Jr-eecrr6taire ______ Seance du seoreniler re 1818. Resolu que I'ordonnanc re!ative uux cimetier aloplee le il a -tt'r soil anntder de maniere submtiluer drno I'art ler `le leroctobre proehain" 10 sepltelkre prnhain, 1..l qle re o me amea:dement siit fait A I'artly f de loosurite ordonnrlace, Signe. I'AUL RERTUS, Recorder. Applrovie le 5 eeptembr 183 . Sig.e, C (GNO)lq, moire. Pour copie contibroo, TIIEARD, Jr, secretaire aus:10 SI-NE& fWlt ii'E 11 lOT tLE"S-51i grose wlmo T and 100 gr)os porter hbotllee , for lotl by HItLAMES & MILLS, jvyl Irank Alley. PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, No 13, sr,-I-lv Mrs Iloffiear.n. r.1HIS house isl a:tious and conveniently bituated I for men of business, near the Levee and tihe New Exchlange 'hre table will be well supplied and attended to, and the charge mioderate. Boarder wishig tor have londging, can be aceommo. dated, at different pr.ces, witl cmmnodious furnished rooms. Boorders will iave tihe satifa lidlr to meet there, poerson speaking the Freclh, English and Spa ioh languag, a . arug0]-"ttfi PENSION BOURGEOISE, Rue Tordouse n. 13, tenure par Jde Vr. f f.m ann. C 1 ET taubliaseme.t et st acieux, et se trouae situ6 pres de [a Levee et de t Nouvelle Bourre, ceost dire art centre des afflires. La table e- ra bien fourlnie, proprement tenue et A un prix mod6r6. "eux qui prenant pension drsireraient y lIger an ront des appartelmens de diferlens prix, bien garnis et coemmodes. Les pensiono'aires auront l'agr6iment d'y trouver des personues parlant lea langueo ftaneaise, anelaise et e ol l 23au A inA owe t an dry, in quarter eoakm, Indian bbl., for ale )i, ILEAD At BARSTOW, aug23 7 Bank Place. UKNITUi!E-Just recei ing di r in pvl feroo New York anl Iostao Pars in wantof FpURNURIT . U rorll do well It call at 53 Bienville street before purchasing elsewhere. Termi Cash, or good city acceptanoes. W R CARNES. aug'5-2w M EDICINES, PAINTS & OILS-A large and general assortment on hand, for sale low, by JARVIS & ANIDREI 8, or Common & Tchoup itoular a NOTI E. I HE Coparmtershrt Ihretlfore existing in thiecitv, b netween the subsetibers, under the finn ot LanW Van I)c, 4. tCo., in New York, Lallaw 4. Coe., and in Natche t, Miss., Van Wyek, Laidlaw & cot.. in diseol red ny u.ntnil conaent. John I.ardlaw, Peter S. Van Wyck, and Thomas \V. Van Wyck are authorized to uo* tha name of the fi in liquidation on ly. JOHN LAIDLAW, ANitI'.W LANE, PET. R S. VAN WYCK, THOMAS W. VAN WYCK, New Orleans, aug. 18th, 138. CO-PAR I'NKRSHlp. S Tbe snbscrihers have frnnme a coparlnerhip in tiis city nnder the firm of Van WVvek 4 Co, and in Nea York undei the firm of John Laidlaw 4U Co. JOHN LAIIDLAW, PFTEIt 8. VAN WYCK, THOMAS W. VAN WYCK, sogl8--183R. THLNU-IO Canes, conipri.ine heavy scarlra fi- laels; Liverpool atriped. twilled, and white cot ton ehibts; heavy blue striped cartolade pantaloons, ianditg from ship Concordia, for Sale by ISA.Ct BIIIDGE & CO. seps 134 Mpaginte at. NTAVANA COFFEE--1SO bags in stole, aud for ilL lale by SLATER & TRIER, sop8s 4J Poydraa street. PRIVTIOG OFFICE. OR SALE,-A printing office, compoled of all F thr material necessary for a nawapaper. An oplortllent (if F ranch accents; several fontes .l JOB STrP; a large extra imperial pIr.t, &ce, Are, will lbe sold ihap, aud toneaoy ttoim. Thisis an excellentchanre for one inteni.llg to establish a country paper, and vil. lage Jol tffice. Tile type 4c. will be aold separalelv front the I)r14 Eltoild Bueah an arrangement aecommo-. jdae thoeurchaser. Apply at tis office. wes:. SFor the Znterior. ED For Springfield, (Liviageton C ) Pase Manchac,mnuthn ofihe Amite,'Janchiaho and internmediate landoing. , rs'aT* " TH E well known a.,d light draught -Ss a Steamer OUACHITA, P. Ificord, r.EJ. aB~ master, will leave the Lake end of the Rail Raid on Wednesday mornilng the 19th inst., afkr the arrival of the 8 o'clock Car. For fieiha or passage, apply WIn iEO. WHITMAN, N. t. and U. . Mail Office, under the Excbunge Hotel, St. Charles street, New Orleans. eep 15 FOR LOUISVILLE,CINuINNATI, AND ALL of INTERMEDIATE PORTS. IV The shubstantial steam boat ng . .V. SHELBY J J Kercheval, will master, is hourly expected to arrive, .a- and will have dlepatch for the above it.ts. For I,, freight or passage, having superior occommodations, u. apply to of LAWRENCE & LEGENDRE, is, sep8 28 & 29 New Levee. PLEASURIE EXCURSION-" at TO BAY ST. I.OUI AND PASS CHRISTIAN. SFare S2.50!! The fast ronninp steamboat MA Z PZEPPA,Captain triffin, leaves the hke end of the rail road, at the arri val of the 7o'olk cars, on Saturday eve: tile 18th in.t. and every ensuing Saturday. Ieurning, will rcac. Stite rail road by 6 o'cluok on Monday nuorni g. S Apply to GEO. WHITMIAN. New Orleans At Mobile lail Office. augl Utnder the Exchange Hotel. St Charles at. -F 1.0 iOUIS, P.AS. C RIIST'IANT Bl I & PASCAGOUI.A, Twice a week. The fine low pressure steamer GIRAFFE, Capt. Swiler, will leave if for the above places on the mornings of WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS, I- immediately niter thl arrival of the 7 o'clock cars, and return oll'l' hursdy and Mondays to lie Rail Road SThe poblic inrm depend up:n errat ,unctualitv. if Ano 14 For passage apply to ('a!,t n Swýier. Fer Muihle and all Intermediate Laodt1.1 STbe low pressure steam boat C tROl.INE, ,ill"leave New Otrlhan fa r Mobile every 7Thurday and utnday,at 12 .'clck, M. toaching at all t,,e wa ering places at which pasaengers may wials to land. For I further particalars, apply to GEO. WHITMAN, jy24 Exchangeb Hotel, St. IChrles st. For Mobile and all latermediate Laridinoe. P "L The fast runnin and spnlendid steanm o.,nt A.lh, V WM. WALLACE, ertleiy in state rooms, will eqve New Orl ans fur Moiie, Iod all intermediate woteritt piacr., everv ToIenday and 8altrdy, after tile arrival f th 12 o'eloe cars. GE). WHI'TMAN, jv24 Earhange St Charles et. S'ATURI)AY EVENINGi \ND SUNDAV TO MANDRVl. :. ,aTlI 4~I NVII.I.E. 1 SCT"ik.P- 4 The ateaaelrS()UTH AI.AAMA, I Cpt L..T. Knight,will leave the lake ' S ' elnd ofthe rail-road for the above pla e, esvery Salurla) eveninv, oi the arrival of the 5o' rhitc care, and return the salle nio it,-and leav.- Sun. lay morniog on tite atrival ofthe 8 o'loKt cars; return iw, leave Madisonville at 4 o'clock, I'. M. iFll ,tlAl)ltDNVil.Lrl, LOUIJBUO.t, 0IANI)E. VI.LE & COVINGT IN. 8 T"- The fat runa n and splendid steam ,.. . hboat SOUTI ALAA.bAIA, I.. T. Khnigt master,will run s aa regu lar mail bet !or the .ove ports on Mlndayn, Wedtem daI and Friday, after the arrival ofthe o'clock cars, A 91. Iteturniog, leaven Covington I'ueddays, "Thurs. dav and Saturdayn. at 8 o'clock, A ,1. N It. All bahoaie oad tarcels at tile risk ofthe own era, unless a bill of lading in sigel. GEO WI[IITMAN, New Orlean. and Mobile Mail Ollice, .2 Eschanee Ihuildinm., St Charles ot. FARE RIEUlUHIU ! The steamboat M tZEPPA will leave the end ofthe lail Rtoad on Mondtcw, Wdnesday* and IHi days. n the arrival oflhe I o'clock ear, iouicatO at Bay St Iouis, Pass Cbristlian, Biloxi, &c; retrlin ,[I will hoave Paocagouls at day liht, and rrive. at I ir leans at 3 o'clock, P. N., toulhing at all the wateriug place in deay Ight. Fare frma New Otrleans to BIeay St. Louis *ý2O " " Pass t'ristion .5n . " 0 1Biloxi i4 UU GE i. WHITMAN, a2 ExcalngRa Illtel, St.Clharles trcet. NOTICE. I ERAVEI.LERS ruino to Mobile by the Mail Line I_ o Monduys, WVedneddays alld Friday#, will reui tr t altT Olle this allite, ths no se.l can be orcured in toe ,tlOg at Pascmueouia o thie bove named days, UItl-ss !·lr nam Ibe placed ol tile way bill. Those wno nave heavy b pgage cn have it taken direetto Mobile by any hoats during the week, excel, on the'above named days. GULU WHITMAr. N, I F Y l's KrtUJ Fisll OUtjUIIEN BUTTIKit, S5 boxes cheese, L 2.5 boxes Iunch raiills, LIIl boxes a spel ia ten, Io blrrelo cherrv bijunce, 10 halt bh.rrels t llleoal market 5 barrels swioked tougues, l 10 boxes ' chle, , Al btx a -iilliserl'n tarch, Received per ship fluntacdli, for sale by jy~lI t''tlkS & MILLARI. ..oKt--8U bbls .j U, 15 buls cliune. Jiut mtiv, , I 'I I r lrsale ty .i iltiE't, l I Jet '14 Nle. -.I Cualting Intutlllteti, I'maett L'ump .yri igt,, and StOltH;I i', all ul tie I0oat Illlplcovd de crljliu O , le yiv sc t b) tale stu bloctiell r s. arltO, C.lugnal Wiater, llsl of Coullumhbin, 9\Vrt'li 1i IHir tIll, tiaJ lail, nallodtI , o U0brns Lr . '. 71 J3It JIUKLEt Cto, 4u COdIIs I i l't, 71 j.yJ lJChLLES" & Cu, 4u Canl saire!i. tiU ille' I'- The lousce and iarden adjuing H-,rb 's SAadelly, oi I'lvoll Circle coultainile six rooul itll kitcihen, pantry, and uiut.lhueie, &c. . ply to JAitVIj V A.uit'tE , jy 21 etrller l'choupitoulas i t.onjoiou ·reetA. L EAF I.Ail)--).OU kegi superior article, in line shipping order, and lur eslh by . tiUt.REYV, jy*l 44 ,*w Levee. U :TTER PA cRR...Jut r.ndned fliln the irmnedy wine Mil, I6 cases supelliue blue letter Jlapie UllnC very low priced; in cases a lpeltile white letae pper, ldo; 2-aesase tiln pink elter lpaper; 4 cases suplie line pieKet post large size; 2 cases superilne ettl ss, riedn colors;i 2 ctaes -superine ctavoI asserted cJiors; hew l urk staiouners' Ilail, jyl* 24 Chlarlres street. 'Iu IetE'l'-rIo etnlun iegiven llninUdlelrly, tile l. House on the Il Rail aid Road iear the Luk Shore. site two PaIillone in UBall, nler thie Ae Urleaso and hliville Rail tllail. Several houunis in tie Lar Hlouse ol ilt Uath liail niad Coupauny. Pur tile IpatilcularB apply io II Bli,\uiAUA* ., .jyl corner Natcliez i T'clioupiniulas aes. ICO'TCH ALE-721 cask Scotch ale, (quarts aid lplitsl) forsaleby HULMES & MILL., jyd Bank Alley. ARPENTER'S Fluid Extract of Sarsaparilla uaed all other Carpenter' I'replaraltiuon, re ened latelry by I liiNiAAllH L, y cor Tchuupiluulas & Aatchez sis EMON SYRUP in boxes of doz. each for L s ale by READ & BUARSTUW, aug4 7, illk Place. S UliAt louse .iolasses-2il barrels for eule by J THAYElr &. u.), aug23 74 Pljdlas .,eet ICE-2i casksa lice, just received and for sial by J ' Eli 4.Cu, aug23 74 I'oyda sltreet. C A'.tASi.I Haun --ilI hIllds, tierees and bbls. in store, and fur a Il by LAYET & AMELUNG, ang23 17 Coelleeice street. 1 .--100 t casks Tlhunaslto Lime, or leby JU HEiltlul.E lUto 1i 4A, Cu, aug-23 9 Coeli iat t-INES . Liquors-6 0 liaKaieu Ciia-paigne SWine. (Congrie brnd,) lull do wine, (Lef)etle im rad;) 11 pipes iladeira; Zt0 qr. casaks iatitaion -iadeira wine, in stone and Inr sle by HEItAlU(iAE ittOW,'A 4o CO, aug23 9 Coi.ti at. OLASES-~0b bbl.. in store, for le by LAWREA:CE 4 LEGENDRE, nUA23 28 and I9New Levee. rIUREAdlUR Noesi-100l dolli. f.r sale b 1 J 1'll.kEllt & CO, aug23 74 Poydras anreet. OFtICE OF TtEl NEW tI LEANSr-AN1 NAi il VILI.E RAIL KiADl). RAFTS on New York at sight, lot sale at 4 per eo7lit.premium. JAMES H CALDWELL, nep8 Pros'l. LAIT PUBLICATIONS. T'HE Novels o Jane Austin, containilg 'Pride end 1 Brejudice,' "lannAInld I'nrk,' 'Sere and Sensi bility' 'Etnea' and 'Northanger Abbey' in which is prefxed a biographical nolice of the author--omplete in one vuluine. Nan . 3 . 4 of 'The Life and Advenltume of Nickolas Nickleby,ontaiining a faillful account of the lfrtuane, nifalbrtunes, downiallinge, *nd complete career ola the Niaklebv Family. Edited by 'Bo'-with illualrationa by "Phi. ALSO An additional supply of No I,Nickolaa Nicklehy.' 'Oliver 'twis, pat first, and 'Pickwick Papers,'ju t received, and fo ale by WM. M'KEAN, sept8 cornar of Carimp t onlnmoiti t 411o DOLLARS REWARD. OST or ntolen Ihom n n i.oud ship KENSING. TON, while lying at the Levee, 95 Columlbian and 5 Mexicnn above reward " ill be paid for any information that may lead to the discovery of the seae. sep8 -.1838 C A NDLES-175 boes sperm candles, beet brands. «| _ landing from ship Plato, for sale by i i ISAAC BRIDGti 4 CO, It nip8 134 Magazine lt. E XCHANGE on Boston-ln sums to suit Iur chasers, for male by TETSON & AVERY, aug2 88 (;ravier st. HAMPAIGNE Brandy-In pipre and half pipes, S a very superior old article iI store and far sale by T R HYDE & BrO, aug.i8 39 Conmmnn, cormer Migazine t. SHIPPING. . For 'urope. . FlOR MARSEILLES. 'I'le clast silingb ri CAROI.INE, C pt. h ll.Ok ll. will hl'.e iiaii|| desep i lllch f, il tile bore port. For freight to 1iU l alescot of toll, or passlge, apply to ., LEVI Ii G .LE, _ aug3 93: ali i :i c-t. The fsl lniling ship HELEN MAR, Capt. -- , h:viig full cergo engageid, will [are despatch; fIr atii r e I l) v t JL eP e 'lW NI EY, t au 23 8 Conti st SCoastwise. e'I, & rst vessel--'o a hil ou T l YO- lF'eat Al'i cket CKlqae (n , .%,- iti. - havingalfoer. 100 ble os to ctlon or thelilk , f rof ou r pnsage hal - i ir le u uc ha inog ler liee' ii cI c l ieou ard, ipie.It I I' CIL 19e and.r7", l u > t Alley, Swi sor tie ows li cai s e roelln st IVA Otlstree N Yn. l, Hi nsianai and Neta Yeol Line. Regull r l icket ,if Ihe 'd -l nu mneit. her cargo enc elased al going Con boa rd i il poeitivcelv il oil Soeturdlav the `2d i-it. For frelgie lonf350 bule s ttoi or ihe'bulk iatlre oflor peol ge ir.h v ing oplendid ;ccolt So drn i oad , apply ol t b iolduplite file V, getable Markel, or Ito J D BEIN -. A CtoHEN, 1 epl590 ___etie street IUSI'I rc-Pieie at thi e Irozliainlln lg,' h rit o ck alre R caires 53 iliet'ill slireet, 200e M1ale aid Cherry Iledstead; a naie rticlen . Also, a god ts uksor meet of;a iplep. W ldnit, ancd Paillted Chicu r,, which d will be sold oe thie lowest c .h pilie . S V it CA'IINES, vj7 f5 Bi ,tvill e street. W VAIlLAIG'' SBTI'OIIE . In CTll) strle ll der Iieli,( 's intel-'IThe stIbsceei ihel ..: . ,iowI 'il ',i'g iat thleir siew till , ii extesiicve insalseieul t l iof w ,ce . Sthelir, c prisiug evey vasiety of'Collhe, ii'aresa Perc'cmercy, Ieiig lne, olcsiing C'ch ' mellu w a Slarge cuiiliee i Peat'ey articles. 'hlase rllowinci , pit a de eria lleo, le : n e e rg n .l il e , COaI M IIS-'l'o'niiselnd lerazilian high teop ltck, pint Inll car d; do. dlo. twist n, omg, necha, pIllt; side, IotLer SaI al reesitg, ivory aml hcirn; ice i tlh, gl ech singull, polekeleonls; hl'nrs;k e lhil, ldingll nJcc eca 'Uii e woole, I husshru , ing L fall h t 8oot Ian sket c on. PEI'FUIIPUI[Y--A geheril asm.,ei,i elof Frencli s and A ciuicce lmPei' ccucry, consieli iie .' ..-IA iie waIer in bottles, of all shales uind sizesi; ?a.,ý ee, Ilhml'i elt.;imllicy sin:lc is ceS l'e licc li tilt; Ii:ric mkde , cantiaqii still veetb le hIair oil a c flui; tchl.ilr ooti wash, earbome ic:ci d c hlolitn teil iifice; scenteillad p llain toilel ioiwllrt Ie llOnltllllli pr estOl i sklts, etc. II lUSItES-U on'i p ising a greal ivalety of cloth, haeir, hat, fis , tooth, naicl, enci, shaoing, plate, hearth, titlee sIc llalhl p ustillg, sweepllla, cc.ltbok fiurilture, crubohig tii white wash, Iloese , iie •l al'lc.c.l ecitig, iiliue, anl ollc tiill bheisli nc.iAd sash s ull .g aino ge tools of all sizes. LOOKING (;I.ASSES--Co.qtp riineg gill i'rames of varioHis sizes, 5 ; , to l d ile c leton; Li;ercliu statin, toilet aml t ortket gl ss, 1;n1 t1 fviog ollnr)on s, etc. I.A IN(; CAilDI--'Egle, IMlary lth, Ilrolme, Highla nler, Spiel LCartei, French and while mack. Pai iIgICard. FieANCYe AND VARIETY ATIICLES--A suite sior ausslu nellt o(f polvtllt delsks, ladies' alld gentle Inen'lls rssilga cast a all ladiesce' work boxes; Nllcw) bo. es of :llicllls lesci l tiollchs, stlil , fill e le IeW )csi a il hlrislnials gills; lchkel lsooks o n all mintas butspe S s 'se , lslllsiec-b s, hleald pencils, cll : yoils, vtlins, .e' ad liangeslu pars es, all assor lomet lo of little l id hea s, a ,f tlrior t lqII billiarl balls, panic Idtckic 7 I . look, hlirt, vest, fidll k sind ,lledlltl lle l h Olltus; p)eal I . 1 11 1 1l saidshilrt Sollls, .t. .iiii, i Ioh ril.s; lice, ':llc'y wCic.Ui'lll u ) i eSlics, lews wIn , Srrlc i cats, h licitcr llatclles l ll nlelllUes, Llelru ski lIs, driullkl , il and. n nil f gle bags , Steel, Sill· 11118,11 JAM SCll a b;It. ITol i IMi.ll) .Sco-i nb abu - etc.0 - - ] 1 , . a [aod 1n)e . SSIo M ount ofrcur.l , i( g-i , .,;:I a lab vv', r, . t. I I pryiuilik lc iri.hs, , Il lcl-.el c Ii lie mii63iuuic., ,ho. i It It 1, NcL. 13.. f l veI t ing fro u brig , i uin, 'r I),:, a pd-for sl e o ly i ul' l\ I e E.a 1 l)rttiltAl, jr C ' 1 11 ) ii ', ,l l p it), n ý.S rei ll. :4 ca-llr i ceoor; Ash,, I cu-cu C ixii i', Ii - e lk o.. , Jil ivt An' aod N uil N'.S, s[' j%7 cCii i , T h'lll llik0I-u i ilc rtcce i R AND FLOATING BATHS IN THE RIVER, O, ,lme .1 lr,,,ii: s.dr, , lhiriIl .blorilc U ,iipc Iyiro s*qu ,s iti, t..e liu / Rlad. I i EA .Til.i f gN II1- E rriun en.o P nw s r tIIhis tabl' llil rlltll iltr o Ci (,, Ih'lo -,.l lh V'l o. t., hii hI ' drhd -Iy SI. ., Io , id . t11.0 ,li 1,i o l i. .... ,Th, idsi'g . iblig Illiuu I proy li j d , ith di' ... r, h I hlr'i h 11nd fl ,l; l ,i\ llllll a Id !,- 1. i ll l t~ll-t lold e n ndinglll otw alli, I)llll I Ol"I : ll 1iin hw Ca 1 , l,:n alsl t 1o I1 El thoe [,I\ It)F e tt , i~.rei PJ e d rliall iullir h it lill ole i ei hSee i, c Ic ll i te oI'f , Jl lie I'll, )In oll , t'S[ilT11, io i'i !t 'Ill Cai i al tii e ei looi . I o-i I i p f r , t l I nt ,,uis eit 'y. Iitll lllr , Ii i lif e le, of nlll i lv b LIC Ic iiiiai b i ce Pe e-tl , i of a bl ih . ll i t awo l l ' r p au 1- I IRtINti'S NEW V.4l1iK &C. Sl".1Hi.CKy MI I NT INAI -Or -e, I Ad tlvlurern ill "lth IF:ar \\11a," digetdi finolt hI inejouriof Itiiai I , E lIonnu.illc, of the Army of the Utimen Statee, ~and ilhltratei, fro'a various other wu)Itrct', bv Washiuii t-n r Irving, in voh. Ir'HI , \vic- l .' .o4. . t II'I'Y--Uy the Countess of lrlesi l s ton, ull i V(0 t. Just ret rivid , ol for stle Ib rll I.T lun ti rl- allUvber next: tlhe eleasnt S[wellin IHi,t,+e, NNo Iii t Joselh street. Apply i. No. 74 I'lydras streetl jy;9 Il tOll.STIC ' IO;llU)JS-ILawrence & Co I-1 heavy I roan sheetinla Jacksoin & Co oI inchll brow shirlings. Lowell As. I & 2I lw ) cotlont FIr sale l'ET'SIJN & AVElfiy, naug4 Gravier stree K IP 1'fiGANS.- casei, f ' trit' q ' i Itr nrla.iud baov. fur sale by 'ISAAC IIlIDGC & CO, nutc3t 1.4 !ta.narine st. A L.1iNACS thr t183:1, just recirved per shiil Ar kanias, IfrnabNew 'Yo° . 21 gr'nie AI arican Coaniic Alituiaes fr 133 )5 d'. Crockett's A iaunlc or 16:19. 25 o. Peaople' Ahnanneas for 18 :1i. Ciraula ted ifr every state i tlhe Unioln aitl Cie lu.tain a great variet, oaf.gravinags. Ir tale Iby tie groe, dl.ell and sioglo by IOAVIi I- 1V.'1 & (CO, N Y Siationer'R IIlaI,24 Chartres at. a ug30 i)PPifiASl - oh«i8 lir reras in st for iile by G. DOIiSEY, J THAYER hCO, aug16 74 PI)dr Leste. LT IIISK -Y, aPrk, Bac eroun itd ourn,laouiildg Lrom in store fa sale by l G DOIRSEY, augl3 a 41 . ew L\eve . FOR tSALE- From ls hit ro i . in goo ht i.. , oie CLIY fi Ct.Are, .t'lcr., J "'HA YEPR & CO, auI 74 drs street. Ii )RK.-4' 0 bls rsh ground Opri nc, anding frim lu it insetd, f for sale by . D , jy>-6 41 New L.evei. 50 S0 AISSAI., Indin fromn brig Samue 1 ho A»13 anhulders, l in r a-1t houl'l I'r rick le by SLAYET & A I'MEIlNG, augl6 17 Caonrerce street. nug 0401 Piiydia ns. t A iOi N I\'S-30 CaI-s legs prime G O s fie at pegged r la . for aale Iy ei tAAClUE IDI E " & C.EGEN , augl3 131 Maga.ine ' rsal. I i tELLAS-6 calrs8 f llmiiirellas fursleby r F CLY \HI CLRIlAE & Plum , r aug23 131) Magazine *s. ~J it Ii.-a'aihitia Irles i r-O% ri ie anl otit. rimave 5 SoIK rir qSAT, indi n io lfi anding I 0 i, L1 b" pai by I i ubncribrB j" ti S J PIF 1%l1T- 3 T•I P. AjzTadl alitihulders-1,' tiitds. |hickla hirn. and S fshoulderso, laudn ie n relatibtin ao i aleby LAI le' & AiEi' UXG, iust. Saidl b..y is about 15 vpers of lage, 5 ler high, black faec, and very atg od6 o 17 in C nhnirt strpeen t . l Cpeaks qiC I ,an Lauiseillei a liAil-t, flln ale by SLAI'Elt. & MIERIl, naug" i 40 Poiydifs st. I O, blue coltoade p h antst n d I ay ste raw augaS 13 Exchaneei. at. 1^ ULI.D Record Paper-Juisrrt ceived a few iepan» l pegged Iogana, fur r sae by DISAAC BIIDG I. & CO, auig3 13Y S 1l r Hall,gan Ciartret. r EX AS I aOUNA mt . llriellan fars SttHI'lnR Dtl & I,'Et, aug9s 130 Mlagazine st. iv Sgar, ol rv sttteerior quality, now landing from bhig A. L., for srle h JOSEI'IL COCK %YNI, auglt 5c GreaSeriet. F'IFTY DL nLAR. t t. ILI. be pai t by ih," subscribers V for he aplrehesti, of the boy ANIREW, who iasconded out thie 5inh Sinst. Said b,,y ii about 15 vents of age, 5 feet high, black face, and very good leak~ing; when tirst sPpokeni ti n speakstquick, atid sautniners a little-had Uit wttlllhe hbfi, blueartutonade pants, blue etriped shirt ned straw aug28 13 xehnaiee us. fl, 1irdsan'n seiy fine blue reerid Cf.r, Luoth plaia na tt l r u rle d, f or e s a le b y D % V I i) .F E L & C O , attgl3 N Y Stati'iirn'e il., 2i4 Chartres. FfIEXAS BOUNTY LAND waaited by T NATI'L T4riVNSEND, jl8 EZxchatnge Hotel, Gravier atrea BUSINESS CARDS. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Chartres streed rHAVE oa oasnt suply i f evert article perasrin, to gettlem o's doess, oI tihe latest atyle, at itew Yol prico-a dec 20 N.TLCE(OUS M TALLIC TEETil. S PECIMFNS of Ihese blieotlffl toethand the nmn Sner of settingthem, nay be s8 en at tile ollice of J. B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No 416 Canal otreet. 'TI'hse teeth norver change colonr atad are by many, and in many cases, preferable to the imtllral teeth. S'.t Dr. R. will wait upo:. ladies at their residenee, torequestted. ap9 i S A. |Et(IiOl!s<l ll;, MIEBCHIANT TAILOR, 67 Comoonm street, SEGS to inform the pullile tllt having purchased front Marse HOiAll, SIK(EiGS & CO. iart ol their stock, he will iontintto thi buoinesa at thleir old stand, opposite Bislpll's Hotel, where lie lwpes to meril nlshare oftllelr patotroire. tie hoI ItAde arraongeoents at the North to be oUpplied itoin Illy witll thle latest and If ontosl fashiotlole gotl Inlr 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, iNo. 102 Poydras street New Orleans, MANUFACTURVRS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps Of all descrioltion. IWARM, COLD, AND 8110OWER BATIIS Fixed on the mosnt a'proved principles. MILL') LEAD), I'IPES, &c BPOtrdera executed in any part of the Southern States. mr 9 Dr. .otberl F. mlin<oe. o( F t' I r S EsicrsNoiti lIor'L. fim (*LAY & Ci.\IK, Plumbers and Lead Pipo Manufactarers, No. 102 P..ydira< street, EK rP on Ihnnl a n c t:lt supply of Lead Pipe, fron l2 in. diaIeteir down to 3- in. diamleter, for Sale. ORLEANIS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING E6ITA HLIS ilM EN T, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. IVILL.2IA. GREEXNE, PROPRIETOR nr I J H. PARMER Commis.iion and Forwarding Morchant, No. 6, FIRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New )lans, Febh. 2 '. JARVIS & ANDREPWS, WVIOI.E.AI.. AND IHETI I. DiALEIS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS UI'FE S 7'(bU'S .JA)D t'VIDUOW (L.A SS, C.rner of Commontt and Tehoupitoulas streets, NATIIAN JARVIS. JO(HN W. ANIIEWVS. A large upply of Garden Spnes. warranted the gro.wth of 18a7. AT MOBILE, Ala, S. I. & 1. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Ni,. 61 andtl3 \VA'TILt. S I'REET. r IlE undersianed, low, ing eoi,,hlished tlthemsehl o in I ,Mobilr fir Ithe tlirposen of Ira..sucting thl A\toclion andwl (Co11iýiolll businesI in its varou (luS ,'blnches, teg leave to iflllori their frie mo and I e piolic, lhat thery nre Io rel,arei d toI re,'cive co:oet.nt.iiieiS, aId iiMake lileral advailces on the same, either for trivate i,r public Sole,. S.,) I.)A N I. JO)NES, ISILAE I. JD.Ni S. Refer to Walker. Knight & Co. Newr Orleats. M ,,tiltie,:.e ., _,:18. .b l13_ A CA.D. SAtIUEL SLATER. ABRAHAM 'TRIER. SLATER & TRIEX Forwardittg t%. icotitut anlmltn .lerclthauts, No,. ll Ployras Street, N I' \V (R I I E .\ N S. 'They will devote their particul ir aittetion to tie sale lf Welonst Pruduce. IReferreces. .lijal Fi rk, ,h . I tirtl .lS1i S.i Nc. Oileans. .sr Khn, )roi & Co. I i) & 11 \\illiams, ) Sriggo, Vild l ollC. ostrn, A .t' Tiillinr . New York. Vtlt P"h ',,nI& 4;ill. Stanhrd , Loaio. hat.)ow, Shaw V ''tm. S ibdr & . [ t. law. o ae l lap. .lt n. A It Sfiihnore h . ) ti If \Iarhh di t C.-Lonkille. i s I I a rj irl1 & k.8e o _viIIc. Elil roINE. B. T. BOONiE. E &l . T. STONE. Forwardi.p.; sud Commisitiioni Jerrelanuta, FUIJIR SIlIERS OF S111' AND lOAT STORES, No. 111 TCltlUl' roUl.As STREET. N. w. leano. Referorouis : ,leisra. BILL., BAKER & C(o. eE.EZE \uE0 3O kCO o t A. IT 2IEAc" & l o' New York. I. PuTNAM, J* & P. o.i.lA»,l Cicuniti, 0. WKInIIT SMurIT I * DAvID STOUNE, DIhytCn 0 H. COMSTOI:K & (Co. CIolrumns 3 . N. Amo.nItc, &A Co.. L.ouisvlle, Ilv W.\Ir.lI.s,TEvE ns (&chrl, t Itluis hl A. 1, lit'FF, Alton, Ill. WM E.. W\\'rH ow, IlushIille, Ill. J.. & P. . I AITWEL.L, laIyou SBar, La. SOLOMno HIGH. New (it ORe:s. .inm 22 ___ L)OYlIf & it l ,I T IEALE S IN AMIERICAN & EN-i.,Ir1 CRO'VN GLASS, No. 3 CHOSII.EL.ET TREF.T. 01 1Riiv; ,, iNN'S INSURA NCIý COMPANY OF NI. O ORLEAN;A. Thin Company ar, now prepared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No.24 Muuson's Uuilding, Canal t rer. E L TRACY, I New Orleans, IMay 15.1S38. eeertalory. I WILLZIAM IRWIN Commission and Forwarding Merchant, CINi INNATI, O1i10. Refer to Layet & Alin, New Orian. Jus. Landis & L3t. o. r sOa. mr4 Imn IROIERT CL\NNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTR No. 12 Calp street, d Wholesale Dealer it I'aints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, bi in30U Windo,w and Picture Gljss, &i. trc. .T. W. COLLINS A TTORF Y & COU.VSIELLOR A.T LAWV. N OW practisin- in the State and City Courts. Cli-I euts , ,ill find himU at thlteti rk's of.iceU i Cirouif Coalt, ii the Ctstom ilouse building. j0r A CA oR . fi HE undersigned olpeied house in this city, ' Sfor ilia puriosei of traetiaeting a GENEItAL CO l..vlitslIoN liUSINE.A'S. OFFICE, No. 10 GRAVIER STREET, UP STAIRI. H P LEVY. Tihe hmse at Grand Gilf, Miss., will be continued in the abhOve aome. lRefereinces. Godfrey, Lan tie & Soijtll, I a O L di , t , %S e ai rred , ' Np' " O rleans. La. th Petti6 & Mlilford, S LA H It Hill & Co, Louisville, Ky. .ohn l1 Gilmore, lickaburg, Mias. or llarper,urpentr & Co Gad Gulf, lis. Muir, .Moore & Co, l u Sils I.illard. Istchez, Miss. . New Orleans, July I , 1888. jyl2 A CARD. NATHANIFL TOWNSEND having located him sell in New Orlean lIor ith, purpose of transactng a General Afgecy gild ' 'lnno.lislnOU IiIsines, wI)uld re spnectflly solieit from the public a share of their lit. I tronage. 1, toaTing a house i T'rexaP, ho will attend in the trans acting of any business that may be in that ti cou'tryo , daiiill ill gualralle rotet and unemitted atl tt i in to all buiaers eintrurled o his charge, sid ah faithful atpplieatin (in accordance with instructions) of ai aI IlllnIi tt moa come into hii hands. as Office in Net. Exelange, on travier sBtre-, opposite to Iev Mr toapp's chuIrch, and aijiting Gitbso's readitgt r toln.sigt of the 'lxian Cinatulate. o New orleaaus, November 81, 1837. .Referelnces. Mesrs llyler, Bush & Cu. New Yrk. Rurr W.'eiinn. "or Alvaruz F sk, Natchez, Mis. R Nl Stroth r S. Lou, , li,. John T i;r y. Lmlisville, Kv. Ir,. .1 A S"et, I Itiikmsville, Ky. m28 6in FIrMEMEN'S INSURANOME COMPANY an OF NEW ORILEANS, I Office No. 24 Muison's Bui.ding je" CANAL STREET. GIBSON'S GUIDE AND DIRECTORY to OR tlte Stale of Lmisiana, and Cities of New Or le:uls alid IAlafiyeoto; for tuli by %t 1Ai IF k N, mto cor Camp and Coummua sts. st A.SH.rr BankjBoxes,---snt receitrI bv C yli B-RO VER t 4 Cat, jy'G J7 (Yam 10et TRUE AMERICAN OFFICE. BODO3.s r 8! aPRmm n mai m In connct..ion witl this Olice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, FOR THE PRINTING (OF a Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Dills Steam Boat Bills Circulars, And every descriptir of Job Work thai mny be required. ]l'P]he proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the pullic to the above Caurd, n I assuares thean that all work intulruted to his care Shall be dune at the sion't est notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and alt Ite lwest rites. GUIDE & DIRECTORY OF TIHE CITY OF .7rV~c Orleans and Lafayette W A pnblishled on Mn s!ay,2lst May, and ie no. sale ate cllanilg rao ll ol he plla[lihe-l Exchange H el, St Charles street,--and at the Iltok tn re eof lousrs. E, Johns & Co.corner 8tCharles and nICommoln streets. ujaa SPF , quils, steel pens, ink, fluiad, wafers Pealing San, india robber, blnck nalld, punce, lanld very olter article l ot starery, of' Ithe very beat quality.cou tautrly oif altady and uipments of DVID FPLT&CO. el9 N Statin-a'r Ilall, 28 (haertret t. HAVINE in VAiloA SaUel Mi-25 blitxe WIaln, ioman s aleby IR2IEI{, 40 Paydras st JOiN 110EY, .fnddle, Haernc s aLad 7'runs ll, a aactrrer, andr atr sistler f llileary Eqpipments ofAevery description. lie is ready to eixecte work in ttie above lane l the shortast natice, sad on the most rea.natble teran Merclrtst'. nd Pel'lars' Pacinng'rrunks of peverr itA almiption, cosaiantlv on hand. I i OlN all %ILLS-10 eaarn mtill%. a C.staa i 't ( a ACOlllelile (Slin aa c aill oi 2 ali , r 30 tll sall . iof netil er dier with thesea aiis, and thley cosa be at acbed t, a ctto gin, and ae patiulSalyS & CdlClated sfor plater's use. Apil 'l i (i II'rA LIN &b (\ O aPE, el5 82 Jtrlia streer. iL ERCIANTl ca' ha ve a sbeaustifl cicllar atruck off at two hours enotire, l, callia at ti Orit, ar ns Lithosgr phi rll ice,3 MSag; azne street, oposlit Iu t aks Agrealt. at d a. lA(ICER-EL-0.5 lhalfblas No 2 Mackerel, isat sle i llcby READ ti'i.B tT!RW At, dEAF LA D-I0rluO kega iasnatr i aer ,n loo by t L 0 IWOR-E4UERI1 jvyl 44 New LPrvae. [ EN'I'UCaKY BAGGINa-O lfr Sale by o IrIOLMES & C lll, jyl!nanAlley, S43 initcas swude, fr stale by 111-lIIES & lit jyl H. asnk AIIPe 4iXCl rI. EtINs NSEV W 01it fr tat le I ev S ItAt E 'dsENCE & I i Gri ailK, jy ILI 28 & Q \ew INew ce. '1'1EAa. S, NUI'r lS.Y , &n-2 irx san ald sit Ia out h caddisa of EsIa rIIaaaa eIlassP ilnace ri a '5 cases of cenister tmpeiali aa1a gslllanlOlr. c2letb ho )optholllno tea; one ca-k 0I' firsh lit11 sIit a geieral aasIeotll of eroeris, for un le l h ulO by LA\Vi .NCE &i I (a';l NDi(F, ivl- :28 A,&! '9 rNe rvee SllVIi \aeriasnnl L)Delcra t. or h illla Iaita the ollaall anad 6iril et-aiuls 4T l the Uited taLs. Dy J.Feni ( ass .eaaas FI ILsl CIaaea lan E. " tr / 'T1' o Ili-t or l,6Snentl r,s il ii(t Cal sattrv Iouse; e a I watl r tales ,w ad Illra esia tan , 1,I L tlas ere ii ts asor ,. ll arrv at,.i alltc M GasI e , tal e aI a, i)edll. i ruid othe inj 2 Vir-c l'Ites Iirivr an tih )estralasv hans lPardeo author of tile C ailt r. , a Ih astlll a sall. T'Ih ieask,'lo lor Ich ar hfe Gift ,o all Uncle and A.lnt Jul reccid alad fiar sale by s\VlM a1(KE AN, peior Cralp aind|1yO Com mo RSig. V fir 'dale by J '111[A I E I; & Cow jys 14 7 ln oydra s street. 1liber W1eIiir P OrOl' s' ill I. C AVI &rSClhLAFFERS -aaaapssas i Fleaslb Ex n flearll lat sitr osssa n als a ;rl'll tlit|l I (A t , iua; pimplehs or pu.stulo.e of' tie Pkiei ; bils es wal l sa a a reaiit all a tinlm, u re a t eu oa th e hlo std; ascily cruis t. elu ; E inl ss II rlloe bote l; Clalnsll haamna ,.aa .sl; tet L r; scrIflsa , or kinll's evil; whi 5511 allag; alahilitia disia es, all a l l dsaorded rs aalinilag ftont an implare sla uta It' fa e bloaod, by ia I'la:g res Ia der,, ill ;a ho a ilate, or tile illjudicio us use oP " mer ls cur. ssa, Ales.--Cave & SnSlalr r's Wortn Syrsp, or Ill. firiatl, Prestsairtiv: thL bahst pnrataaeiaal a wc rxtant. Aasong which are e iea f,,llaw ng--Ila Dye, Air col 'ttia thie hair; Bear'ts O,I; Rnsllan ;t IGreasei; l'salastni; i:liaw's Fro,,lao Washl: si, laeri,,r Pearl Plioscr; Lily \Vhlte; Cream tol a ,,eas; Vegaltable Rouge; Ott, of Ross; Lip alalv; lnre. aosito 'rTtstl Wkash; C.atrtsoie Iiantrtfice; Orange lisesetr Vea el; Psadet Puflatiss Btixk!a; Aaaerl. casa Cliacoae, leatly put uIp in laur oalaces vial6; P eston Salts; Colaogne; Kreosta TIoouth.ahele D)rop.; Ilair Brusho.-; Esaglns IDressisag 1Sn .I Ilafl fa lair Oil;-with a variely of 5!tar otirf.u utcries, &c. Far sale by L hW GLENN'S P'ERFUJMEIES. J C 'TINCIIARD, Corner !t' Canal and blourbon streets PARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. TOURNAl., of an Explorjing T'olur boey(.d the SRocky Mountains, under the dcraetiuin of the A B C F M, performed in tle years 1835, '3G and 73; containing a description of the geography. go. ology, climate and productions and the nnm on, mannaters anid lstoims of the nntlivea; with a Map of Oregon Turcitory, by Rrv. Sam el Parker, A M. Slie River and tet Desert; or R1 collections of the Rihone and the. Chartrusre; by Miss Pa'rdoc, ainlltr ol'the ity of . Su tani, &c. in 2 vols. Tihl Rubber, a 'r.l, the author of Richelio, TiA. Gypsy, Attilia; in 2v ' 'Ihe T'vo Flirts; or Ad. -'urn in a Country House, and other Talce, by L;uy B Lasingtun. E L BUiler, Mrs Nortan. Barry ( urowall, Mrs Gore, Captain Modwit, and others; in 2 vols. Tile LIth and Adventurae ol NiUalol:a Nicl;veby, editd by Buz, with Illlusttrations by Paiz, No. 1. Just reeived and i' i.iale by BENJAMIN LEVY. OBRLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFPICE N I. ., . ,a a. a t, i ta ,,(lhhs A alcad. SdSTABtiSHED for the execution of maps, plaus and drawings, nerchatls' ulculars,busiaes, and addle a cir ofa evere descrlptin, liitnerui cilellllr- on deep mournitng paper, apolther-ry and tituggista'l ibel; bank cheeks, drav receipts, &c. printed la,. excutc d in acheap aid expeditiuas style, y thrie pOpiInetr. W ..I.IJ M e'llEIc'ENE. NB. Bank Notes nt'lv executed. m'4 NI'W llAT IUtRE. JUST received per lae arrivalsa roan Neor Yolk, trsh ariiln fashionsble eir.rtinear aslt liATS. The subsicriber would particularly alcl trh alttetion of the pu lic to a -styl of aver ItI iIf a slperin titih, fite texture, ric and b-nautiful lus re; also tn a fine phin Russia hat ofa superior quality; and also a sI leadid article l fsilk ihit, tgett or lith a pgeer.l ai sortmet manufri ctu ed hy tiluielt, expiesly for this nrlert, wholeale ald r t ;ail i J WV )JIHORIN,34 Camp streert. N. Cirj and country deaalr are invited o call. Feb 8 8 PORTRAIT PAINTING. i R. PAKIcK respeaclully i uran e a thpublic that he will remann a short ti no in New Orleans t. r ihe puravoi , ol paintincg partnaits. tloln crler nf Casnl aatl at8 Clarles, inrell|iuse occupied hv I'armly & Ly) u. Deanists,where tspecimens tof his pailticg can be weuc. Entranuce i St 'han.i lr*. '18 In HISKEY, Flour sai Pocklin store clr sale i n ..ý!2 G I)tIitIt. Y,+ NewLevee. ALL KUPEC &I IWiNE-a lt iby iiL IER ..'TIllttER, llIgll 40 Prydras street. WiVOLESA, RL TIN WARE 11ANUFACTO RYI SI r LKE & CO., No. 22 Old Laev-e, have in - ae stre,, t their own inanulactIre, .a all ex tensive assortellt o( lil walr, whech Ihi y iiinvit dea l ers ai the tra;e to examline; alo'll tII Cpper, Siu.r i in house ski :aners; 5ill do. Sugar Ladiles; 2 doz. Copper s aiger latips; 7. Bath tusil. assorted sizes; 30 gross as,.rted sized CIuffee Graighs. . N. 1-Roofs of bu;ldings ccvered with zinc, cnpplr r tin. CoFper and tin gutters put up ont me I sh re s o aoitle. .r'; NDIIERVOOD), Pickles, Ketchups amid Mlustard, in stocre and fur sale by J THAYERI & CO, aug 16 74 I'ydlas street. ENULIISH, FRENCIt AND 6PkAN0yi ACAD. LEM Y. I. ROFERSSOR IMO\ I'llY, acrisldc ihvc entlemen of p rmner qalcific atin and ep eieitc.. tIa1t oh t ced an Acadetmy, in thc brick buddintig ,.htccig, tor WVai!. P.racd FEq., nAjoiicliug thIe %eractit ,c ' Nt. Charles street, Whe:R Vr ai14g ientlacnen, icell dii)uo.ced, will le eaiive a good ei lccatioln. aIr. cI. solicits the co-operation of hit fiiends and those ofeducatic, c enable i.hni to rellder this insti tution tuIldt and permanent. ý ýL1tieC1 I -1 es ti. Ilate, a/t c5 uccScs .lctcc ll store, al . c.y LOCKIE I. Co jytl 2"0 0 e StII IJ --5I hbl. in Itrm Ime .ala hv e .'IF ugl t I)KE, 1N." ev B OGANS--10 ases Il eu's and Buyi' Kip alid nlsaett Bro.oan-. for sale Irv ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, jy9 134 Magaziur otroet. I R. SAMUEL SH.IAKPEARE is my muthorized .1 Agen dtiurag r ily absellr fro n ihe'civ. l)Al "ANA. j9-linvw4w. FI I " TIfN RULDN)SS. A EAHtF.ATIFUL head of hnir im thi grrnndet orna Mnrenlt helonroin g t te Iht iot froam i. Irow rAtrrungl oI the lor n of it lchnnfre tiPe cno'r eaon , and proloa turlv Lrin.s on the nppearnceP nfold nEo, whiclle c , ies mnnvY to reenil aIt hcie reetvered. nod somletmlne even to ill, . lcie'tv to avoidill th lestI alind ineero if their nelnitanrec tciO rp tInndero o' tir lives are irn eonlly epltO in rt le mSnt. In I),rt. not evn lthI I lr* 0l'ope rJOv , fills the .otipro , t1nkin . rer ll l with th1 lf nerv ineklnc tloim as droro the Ir.]o of hhir hrir to avert all thosc atiolpi mnt ceirlomtttnPe',Oldridee' inltm of Colombia r lopn tise hnir from fallinvr nff'n rth firmt nppliretrrn, ard afew horrttles restorr it again. It lthotoioo prol' eorohat o .ro ad whioaoi'ro; looovrnto tie hicr from rrtllirnr ers, okeo irt eiro bifRtinll, tind Cree' it from ,enrr. Nitmeroont erltiflcnte of tile firt .er8pectaiiyrt in suopport of the virtues of Oldridgel Balm, are -lown by the oropristori. Rb Read tile following- Robert \hrton, Etq. Iare ltvnr of Philo idelph has eertlifir' as inv below, to lthe igh charlr terof he fCiirowinlrenrr lnrrn. "r'ho undoreigned doB herleb crt:fv thi.t rellrve used the i1dm o.f C'ormbia dircovered Irv j. Ol(ridge and have fannd it highly servierrblenotonlyv as prcventive a.ainat the fdlling offof hair, but also ilcerita rector live. ' No 8ii i Nrthi Fifith t. JOFlN P INGLIS,3" 1 Arhe street. JOHN 1) T'11)o31.AS, M D), 1.3 Hollesrl JOHIN S Fi:IE',V l 101Sprucer strent. IIU'If McCUiR DY.2430 outi l r t l. JOHIN GAiRit,Jr, 1?3 Arch irlre. It is known that three of the allove miLner- are more than 50 years of age, and ite others not leass than 30. [irom the Mionor.] Counmonwealrh rII offoonvlvr in, Ciy rf l'hllotlhil. Sv 1, Robert Wharton. Mayor of cid oity of 'Philode. 1 hindo Idohre h ertify thl I aim tll a cqu ioied with li esrs J 1P Ilglin, Jon S frilre on, ld Ilueh M tlCrlv. 'v hoe nI o lren ' airrosi d tr tleill or, rl tito eatetint tt ey are en, tl lmet of" chlerll er anll resileclilil Iv Otled AnO sucrh fll eredil houltr d lie giveIin to tle said o eRtiorfieute. In witn A whrolu I have hterlllO tt el my ntiond nttd euon c the sreo l ofthie I.) be tried this I tilll ity of I)o t'o l 1her , m& . oIo.] Rt)IET'I' WI A ItTON, ii.or. i'E thor inoI h i olleo lrf'lh tin ilr inrn a oitlendid ensovedi wrnpper, on. alwhlic is relorc t titr the Foilsorrf Niaonot, &c Sold It hoIsnle rnrd retail by therose c rffelltf fur Arit rico, Nr 2 FItchllr ' streeol, tlor ýloilnI' Lane, title rdotl helow I'Porl nsreotrlrd by miost druggstoesallnd irPft ro throagh Ir country. JARVIS & ANDREWS, 0' m9 o Wholeorle Agents, New Or iorni. PROSPECTUS. STIlE suberilor proposcs to ptlioeh, in tw ibe. 'innr ofarthe a n.rincrg wihritr, I C toot in.t nn r It trho twrnty volumes of the Old and N ones ero aof Mnrtt'r Lonisiama RHports, to he compirised in ftr cdutneot, Srt.. accordit g to file aiodel of Potera' Cont doled R riptrrts. Thli work is now iq preparation by J. Iorton 3 Htarrison, Epq.. ofhtlio city. saoisltd Jy rhilliar , F ilrand, E1hq. The Editor ia also pInrintled byo a discingunioled retired Judge oft the Siiprr'llen Coirto, and byils nof tl sil.titg Jnudg,,s, to exti c fe trlnl tileir Itersoral supervision all the otdvtrlltaoo wllblh y liy ealrtall to oe roped fronl their exporrielce. Such a work is becoming every doy intir no c Airy, as the original ic voluminusitto, oxpcrraive, and scarce. An iooroeling curiosity too iA rlnni d tolt. ill te olher StateN of nli Unlion, i o frore.n a J to the pocuiliarjurisprudrtnoa of Ltntrioilo; lld tlhe I irorlllrstlle of tdie nrrullerotr prorcripcs hier de, eidod in lto io ajjutuert itrt tnottilieto ofiy.r, ouko ci thle kuowrl'.rgmF of or aIdjodLred olols or' pllrtroe uti liry otr tlilrlojtr of thI wol! tUion. Mttrorevnl, - rthe riirg republir oo'.Texis III, adoptrrlt mr code-, a nd thu, s tl e r s ' a re a t d eo lanrd fo r th e L o u is ina n a decisiooa forllol Ifoirtl qularter. (:onvcitnt notesn ildicatiig tlo parallol ases decideid ill Lorisianal, nlltd occaionrllnIi taiOeR in hit( u ite i tuh rohiitiV (lorunms of ti e othir Staiest, ill Ire oildrrd ito ttll aes, i. T'ihe work rtl frui fot ur forvolumtois, royal octavo. and will he delvered, botlllnttl r itsulb iltritr at 86 ter vot.; it c:ttse it. sirtllr i bht filuit d o lractire a le to oillrelo it ilt, hr!oe volumllns, the prieno to cSb scrih,,rs will hIt .47 per vo l. ulSeiritr i~tou rnecivef d iby 11'.1 irrTEAN,. jT5 oor Cnip l ad :Otllllo C st. cillIe fil)lll r t tt ti t tt l ltr tole III T 17, a ntileE, &'i8l{0'I r it. or . It ll itrtorlli : II r. t o rton . tiilghtlin i. - ttoelltn o id P'tr'asols, lruding firrr loarqr lrll Itroud lor - lI by _.9 IS tA(t IRIDG & CIBt, 1 fW4 titio lum6il r' v)int ,cl, (iernma i i,erl ril ele 1r E:ffo;rvncetlI .lleaSlriat baillt uf olltrlrlte, &Lr. &.o l. litdllr rn.l dor trule hIy Io llNABI A ,t tolrttlo ro.rir Fuit rIo hr, fI es lt And will it I ,etpir i..l nolllillg tir loItle it lltr , fro ul by tU. D IR'trS.Y . AV .N C:,-,'A:l6--"51 bags prreeu CufK'c, --j ochri erolitmn|uvana; Ior oa] n by SLATI'E R ."1 R I rR, jet14 4n Phydror nh roct. , store nd llir tAle byr Ihe y ubcltr iboratt, () I P'each Branldvyil bb,,.; N'o 2 lnackercl ill hnif!, o Tahle ,11l it.eases .f1'6,, xe-,; l'l'ionga I inRinareet wild lill l qr cahks ' nd I hln bhlbi, (otlitled Irdebeu toren Sioui-h 5hilioirg; .llll Pot'lterr .t Air, I Lemon Srltup Ctoiisil in borcni CottoIl lltro. IL. Dt & ItA rotO'W, oti ,7 ('rqvirr ctrec Wg OSIlEN DUITEtH-rit ruls atnterior -Gotidel lult:ýr pat up expr.alvy forr tlrnily use, for aale low, to close it Clltigrmenl, by LA\V RE\Io B l .LEGENDRE, j!l7 8 and :29 New LPvne. .Cr-Il~t~ hia dehld. id. i di. l 1 -s; i aC. by cinati bacnu. ill primel oder, ir ;, lor sail. ,3l--71 hlead. 21 n t aw.nndl '5 bblr2 canva,.ed blhana, 311 llhds aud 5'1 II.., Lagged do, pit of| Ibr fClttoy use. a IupeTri r artichi' in *tore. Inor ale by LA I'.T l A AM t.LUNl jvll 17 ( o( ..cree street ltlESII RWI.'TERN BUTTi'FI-49 kegs rrceirae I liom steamboat'l arquin, for sdle by rLA'l'It V TRIER, jyl7 40 P'on dras street. IlLANK Il()(KS-Jula rnceived bIy rreent arrirl. flnal Now Yol'k, "a adrit n al tiialri nFlBla.: Books, of every varitly ofu Iling and Binding. ttlhor in ranlt of Blantk lnooks anlld Paprer, arm requested in call nl exatlile our extensiva e strock, rvhoioerale or retailby iAVID FEL.T &' . C New YWrk r ttatilner's alil, jv17 _,4 Ih'nre.,, slrvet 'LOt L-1-10bbil. nusi, lindit, and far sale by -- Ii J T'il.AIElt & t(I, - jvfi 7! I'odra.R silrcet. U A N% 1tart]) llAt_,.ss tire - ita'inaait-paa-d h-6 Y 74 i(odr A l *reef. I can1 Vat tini pl r t iidj c, r ta ,f sate i [y _______ ') It (SF Yl. f. j.i 41 New Leven. C OLOiNE WA\TEIK-- irelriy itrpr. rtcd rntm Guo L logue, by i 1IH,\'\A LEL, cor Natchez and Tchlapitonania em. E7 The genuineness of tatI article is proved by the autogrnaph of t hei anuaceturrr,a ulJhann Alaria Farinra. CUi 'tVINCIiElr'liSY81TRVl. 7 Il t'; Credit! S'sltem oft Fral'ce, (;reat Britain l II thie :i'e' Sintter--bv i CCarey, au th r 'Prianipl. ofi'oiticlt Ecrnuly,' &e. Just received ard fur sale iV. m na ,1 Ertua i aN al'l empI's Ctlxtrre. tlaro'A I.imiaert, arom OSnlt irent, leaducha liemedy, Buirr's Cori Plaster, &u. for salerv JAilLI\S I ANI)REWS, p jy,8 co Comron & 'Frihronpirtorlae ist '-Ri.\ 'l.\(i PAltI(--.iist receierd l5tt rrasirrme. Iliuo Illirllh r piIper, ýolnrr vrry low priced, and sotneof lille tlqality, or Sale by I) FEI T & Cr). rlti.lI N Y Stnti..rer'a HaII.t!t Charresr%', rare,1. . > ulriir-auu buira ?-b \r 4.1 Luacl iNegro C trona, in sh.r.l ac!d for -ale hv S'ETSJUN & AV'rRY. arrai _ ___8 Grainer st. LIMI-F' irl casklis oi' Thtrlastln Lime titnlt, a d tor sale hb CIIASE & DIXEY, i'vi 6 Csltaoldlnsore triat. is. Ho als 0 dilin, in store, and tfr tale by LAYET & A\IELULN;. il lit ha CairriarniI rt' I.3 ut a t V :ei. McKAN. jyl~P2 eatr Crir iit, nI rt lmnnl street Iri',ti a .-ir Cainis.irdr and ltr tale by - TIIAYE & Co. jy96 74 Poydras stree .1 fil'ia--lJUL Laithi i ntnor, rnd ior rle I J T'HAVYER I& C(t, jaivi 1r l'raideai merre ILATE PIIOblCA'TIlUAi . C HESS MIADE EASY; being a hnew Iti pedutiae to ire rudiimentr ul tlt ei retflcr und poulakr game. By ae,.rge Wulke,1Terlael.lftier.. Uncle iorat:c. nvel, by - Iits I C Hall aboebr of 4k et clhe of Irish CIIracter, The BIuccuaiert , &e. a. nols. ThIe Spirit of tieWoodls,illustrated by e.nloredl er graving+, yli r.e aatlbor ot"l'laa M.ral ofn bleter. lFinden's Views of P'orts and Harbuufa of Greet Uri Floalru's Gems, or the Trearenr, of the Pa.rtrrtl It onqlluetei, drawn uaa coluored froml nature, byJarmne Autlreawos: o ith pI)tir;lil i alutraonl,-, b.ov .,sao A al 'wunllh, lbr ,i' 4Tl'ile R. erlllla if Natrtil. A ltioryv of T'nrrils owd ine tern I r;t !or. lla liall, all (Gohie A\ rthilltlnrr; the rcl:oeu d atlioU, eal lurgrd; exelilidire.i lbv * 0o ruil ll. Adrloek'ar Eaginecra' Plcket aHk, for the y r 1830f with all Ainalmanu by Hlenrv A4dock, (ivil :.rnineer. ,Works if l.ord ilnrnin. nith ao inrmdntodt-ry lMay, lull l a porti'it; triw diirol m,trolplll ill r.2 vra.. Bi io:p II"i-ot'a liarlm ii itjr amll Ou 'irTUe: Irate the re.toration rf (lharles II. t thi e Irn-rntty oi' pe,:e Utrecht, inlis .a en p i Queen Anne. A new editioas with historici t r.t lioinraplllric'l nw"res; retUanle oDt oliume. Ju.t reaeived alidfor saule h Will MeKF.AN, mnl cor Crpllp snil coauIntma eA. --F p-il i- - r<|>icirtf+lly ainflrliedl that thin It. n il ernettol on Ihe mllllot iirmealed plan, and it, an airy .. "ll host aailitiahie Pituslnni, in lh faldlrbult Fronklii, upon hile railroad, ohe irlin fmriom Jba Mi's i Tlhebhuildingialarre and moritconoieliNustlydivided inti nAiirtinret. l;r k. pi'unig meparlata ditfTreml clas.e, rail il'Urreut lalinroapy. 'The insltittion i, supplied witlh tine ntt skili) and attentive mtlle nod feolial' UUIoser ald speakieg thie vI riou. nauoarn ]lngwieaPS. Pri ate 'roumn r ma Ibr hald byv rentlenen at five del lara per day, includin, attelndancia, &e. • T''erlnu i tile or inarv wardt,l to drJlae e dapy.. ýlsve, also tuia dollars'. liaill YPa in the nEilimy" anrd, live tidill r. All elittl urrlical nl-eratins extre, Ie treridelr p)Irlilvria is tDi Weddeman,to wlltmt aepplircatin fir alininmn mourt be nruil ur to D)r C A I azeiiberig,i No RaI pari t ret. aplI9 t L tLAll)-- 10 kegs' i slore, fir sitle b%+ 'LEj ai G DOR-!EV, 44 %m,.w l.eve. NEW WORKS. T HE NATURA.IST'SOWN BOOK-- toraeinlng de(r .ti, niin araluthentic aneedotes of QUiadrup* eds; irientilieallv rranoed arieordirr tar tile sistenim Cua let bv Ile titalilr of the "Yourig Man's Own Boon. THI';NA'IURAL HISTORY OF INri;ECTS--|t two linures--voil I,forming In. 74 of tlre "Fauumly L brarv". A 'digestofthe .LAw or rAVtiDuK Isn cttrr.Iat, c0 ea -bv Henry Roscoe, Esq. with nota and rnfitrrnees ht Am',riarn deeision, and to tne Enerlish lcmrlnon law ad ecilesiastical reports bey George Sharsawood. ON DIAGNoSIS OF DrIsKaaS lloftlhe CHtaeu-dlted up on lhe corinpuaon < f their physical and ogeiral aigne h by W \V lGerhard, 31 U PlUrcrIPLI. S OF PATHOLOr T. AUD P"RCTICI AP PHVsic--Bv Jolhn Mackintosk., M U., fron tlhn last Le dion diioln itil nite tund addiiionl, by Samuia Geo. Motrton, IN 1», inl 2 el'ts. 'iTHl AMEIlICAN tIUARTvRLY Rl.VItW--Nu 38 k Decermber JllSW. Just received and for sale by f12i Wini MIcEAiN.rornei oCuiisi and C.Al a L EAF 1ARKI- 420 kli:s It m stearubout Generall Wavre, for masn, hv r LA YEI .& AMI LUN. i Ij AU '" SilDI'-l.llhiliib.ronn.'iuB,l i- .gfl jy2 17 CaoIn a elen. 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