Newspaper of True American, September 15, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated September 15, 1838 Page 4
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lisMtoaislipi .nId .ifana Hotel, RBY KIRK D octilly an:. iitlhjnpblic gene. p rel to tl seosmmodate temnl at fu lpblcinti, and hopes frim her r.dme vrisitors comfurtbhle, to receive iOf romnterfavorm. She fuels confl. ' it es niv is*tini Convi-iIton during the i Iate*Bnlth'lcanmot filnd better accommod~tions than she ean iffoed thean, an nore liberal tcnno. - '11" 'l.b I" plzsýoUtly sitnatUd, and well supplicd . t: E nonovense.or; the bar is iernished with ea .e st shoice liiurors, &.. il short, she prornisre . o; k ,Mthig shaFoi arh ntiinn ou her part to give S.tvattis saltetl tiont to all who may patronize the dliniasippi and Louiinnt Hotel. je3 • .irt) .,fflc PrOBH .-.,--I ,dorefd. h,aving t tudPie nr Dr. Sehmidt of Charleston, lath Carlida.and for some years his assistant in d.i. ao preticn of imediine and su rgery, has the honoe io re hir hi pmroo.ional service in this city. R'I.eteastiem the atmihd and gentlemen that the most Spront'attontiotl4iill bh paid to the calls which "'' iCyk made; and abo offers hir servicel to the &A . iir ilaVes, wling wullanoquainted with the ,, 4. mmon to them, having attended them in s sll ar house in Charleston. . 'TIlH*MAoo anti.bilious pills alterthe tpmpositlan *iPclhti iSrtiolelleo-. with directiom,%can be had t"ii.r adrighltbdl. Theseffeet which they have * .w ksd In this and othler cities, has been attended S* i .thi g'rie railt Mseies, to which the best of ,* :fti~hb a bhegivn. Apply at No. 16 Maga. .i.. iaiet. JNO. M'LORING. E . t:o W WAt WOO)t sCRIWS, MAD * IRONS, &c. THE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. "'s lSWater, near Buekinan street, New York, '" vt reewivd the past season, and are corstantly Aitiving las'go and extensive additions to the stock of the aove good, which now consists of the vlh*Iewl* iottenet, uitddblo for the southern and ilellow ware a superior quality, eonmsiting of I" osizs, ftom 2:8 to 50 gallons, . 41aless IS iae4i~tom 8:8 to 30 gallons, Kesles, Liuse, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, or OO , 7 different siss, .. .K .,,6, do Sbillets, . . do S1.f piders do dSphder, S do Striddsm. . . 4 do N. iMeDoIs . a do S Wipn ben s from 1 1 4 to 4 3.4 inches. ' dre do. S to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 10,000 gron, iron and brass, from i''S clih, No. I to 3:P ineb, No, 24 df a superior a mly and uIh, and loss tlIha Janie's imported .,* sd Irens, aseorted, in cukie of about 500 lbs for edtaling. Tailero end hattnr's Irons, assorted. ' eith weiglht, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to " e' for Plhntations, steamboats, churches, &c. JApde to order. Also steas delst and other machinery made to Ord*., SThe above amortment of goods is particularly eeomomended to the attention of Southern and Wmetern merchante, and are offered for sale at low * ris, and pon the most liberal terms ;it i be. Hnd to be the largest and best assortmunt ever eeided for salo by any one ertablishment in tihe OTited Btates. ..elhmtl, by forwarding a request by mail, cas we a printed circalar, with description ot goode, a~s-nd toren, from which no deviation is ever fo, nlraihed by return of mail. >a.Allrders will receive immediate attention. Neo. York, 1838. j,.3 SSyRkllVRP & PICKLI8--Underwouil' Le-. J mosn vrusp and Pickles, oasirled sizea; also, 60 ,1M4L dfl.rAi '4c Haukoll's Pi'iklep; for male to cluo a itkutient, by JARVIS tk NDREWS, Olt car Onmmoy n and Tl'ehoupitoilns e OAP-I U1 hall hobxan No It S.p,lnrand ol Jainrs Clould, for sale by ISAAC BRIDOE & Co. e Mti 134 M'ntrine stroet. .'. Eam dwellinig louse on Triton streetl, ba 0.y twe , Tisoli ;irele and Cterndalet atrert. m99. Apply to J OTT, -HIELBARROWri, &c-25 \i heellbrro.s, 25 dirt do. in store for male lh CHAMPLIN & COOPER, 15 2 J.ul'nist -.LAL. and ruled Cap and Letter Papers, of all qua lities, consisting of very noperior bllie laid, blue a whiwles wove, and plaii aod ruler rough edge rcord crpi, csutuatly on hand and for sale lv IAVIDU F LT & CO. qS N VY Stitone:' Hall, i4 Chartries t. W BAGA Sunlntra Cofre- " 6W 0 boxes f3 doz ench lonelle W inr. 182 50 ds nsf. do ao do 1821; m do ofJ do LI Port, alII; * do d L P rdown Sht9rv, 1,1Crv I10 pilom extra Mndeira. For ,ala hd HER10MGENE, BILOWN & 'C,. Pr q .,s ti ntrreit. L'ANK BOOKS, of every varilety ,f ruling and BL hinding, eor.tantly on Ihaid; lnd uPritiig, Itulin nd Ilinlula noatly execuledtit Islor nolier, ly "i *. lDAVID FKi T& CO. miA N Y Sltinoers.'.lil,2 Cllartres rl. j. lIVi3-4hiliW rthiproi'f merrie a Brandy, L Iciiug, fiirsle by S ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. c S14 Magazine street. a M-- -riEfIT. < SNEW two story brick louse, situated 5 doors f A tlem the seeond Munieinolity Hall,ona tCharles steel. lent very low, possession given 'tmediately. ' Egis At the preaisee. ino13f9, if. FLOUR-1t-Il bis f Flour. for sale hrby ilm.0 (I DORSEY, 44 New Levee. g /' CAiKS BACCON side for sale by mliW m D ORI.E.44 New l.eve. h O.P rman __ DORIY. 44 Nw l.w r. jblScouleltR i, Innig froi Amn n ndor rle by LAYE'r & AMELUNG, ol19 17Coannerce at. B n T$ Sll W Kontucky .agginr, lad in from steamer Goll Wayne. and for sale by SIY0KE, BIOTIll'RS, Je 0iI Camp .tret. -0o malOady NoB OOPAIVA, . O *I . New Orlenns, Nov. 14,1817. A .&..T six monthrs gn I had tho misfortune to geI L a .srMediease, for which I have applied to seve rl dnetorf er a csnre, anil the, did not cure me. so now on the above date I put imlyecif nnder th cale of I)oeutor luetsjW4his<neet him to etre ne. Since that time the a.t wprso, so n In hnamk not in large aulers n thelmhir of six or eight imn e h leg, andl all over -Iy face, andl som thront, and not able to work at he ItRnrl t~in o C neanlat of tha disease; large Jlcer tie rlIB+liJl ot the throt. I mt no. plltting f onafirYl Undershtb enm4Arr)r. Huet, r. Pri., to be perfret y cared JOHN DEAN. fim 14 ly TI n h itRTI PY that the ab .re mlntnlned disease . quite well uoonud to my own satisfaetion, for which I linuk Dr. Htl.n and mslreouer I snasr that tIli modi lae I hLa t akn makeo me fat, and .did not injure my n-taltlii-at il; ibereflrs I advime mY f Ilow n unfererst u lose n iet ri 4 apply to Dr A. Inlet, 15 Ilour'loi at. I'hlwy will Aa. a Ira ide:tur for this eolnplabit. I*N JOHN D»AN.-1i Gravier street. If May ome wants to e ni. call at No. 40 Grriavi strPet,Wtfitdlnv will be antiletl. To be biolaim at Ithe opti-n of Dr. Utt.t. " JOHN DEAN. New O ans.n.Ph I,183. fl fr, 14 iv TfP H ithl uiilM adia..n u rwt 1.11 iiur llosqd in pt up in botls at the low price of al .eAnt emlta, mllinlug the ltrietogh of tllre ouanes of Livev wurt heai leath vireos at many other roots and berbs kOi.tns uil tle Inmdiana as esflnacious in curing TI, iat ( icel naenmss which has attended the lse of rhis hitcatintlilk Blsm wherever it has bean intao Sd-icad. ialld ned the t enfihlnce and reconl.irnda ria,n or res t ltabli plhhyician, for the cure of cougnl, -aid., iitfI ta si<die, want of reta, spitting oa blood, livr eomplnhlnt&c. To wl bijt.e ny aolmrn. This in n certifv hat we h enve in our practe e ftuently preecribed Mnr Gnard tnr' Indi.u mlsiin L nerwort a.ld tlalthound, witlh a lArided gedl lmse wr san therfom , from the klew aldge of the materiali I is made f(ma, mnd cbservation tail expliirsaneamo nd it as a nuperie- preparation er I oe atl he gtiseas df the litnmg r whih tt is re ammondea AI.BVER WI.LI MS.,M.D. , ALVIN EL.IS M. D. M~ehimlM of thi Bltaon Medienl Asalcition. Boste Onteaber IS. nat.By J.tVIdi & ANDIlEWB, lkecmmnendsd by tha Medical Faculty. SUT ItN Effervscentl Maginman Alr'iet-- Fr B dyitLia o. indimltm, nWvus deodlitv,riddi. &re.,hihnd.ralhaecidiy of ihi tUlsAlh, habilual cos t nimesn. nlitauasiiaulieeoar t' gnavel, k. and muchi valued " a loutle, aMalina purgaie"m. Ttism djipbhl pratatitnu has rceivnd the patrrn nea of I|y litiamt l mebian of t ie profCesion, and roen a diuserolgg Ipulil many rea.leetable and unoeli. citel tentiontil«a ifiti efflc:ry as a medieine leave been elicited. J4iU Alithe pleasnog qunlities of a glass of oatla winmeL. itpotan*oe the active niedicinal properties at the mntpWi vedadlionua purgativee; it iu pleasant to th t Ihleli grateJ .tl l t i' Io InIsek. IMIPOITANT CAUT'ION-f-' o ioertaino repoMa lion and great demnnd fur Hlutleil s .lffrveenst Mngne ril. Alwrieint, lias bee an iidlirlleniit tar others to of. bran imitation ofthis valunble mledcalie. P.tclaiunr are prticelalor-wmnred sof thin fact that thesy my he on their guard, and suo piocnuro an impure arelcl. Thlopublic at res~uctlully infer dl hn ilth ubacri. hers are rqatlnv supplied with the original and e.p uui.r pr hlliis. lor Pelr who stale a d rtail. . SICKLlF & CO. Agents. muIS I r" 40 Ci al treelt, N 0. tAlLWS Vige.table Flair Oil, for the rMaoreliona %VaodtMr wlif Hatir, lieing health and bheuty,and Mafouee thisillorO wl o&faed to the public, it had -eans tried ifflti.tiTi nrcfasoofild hidOt, IhinDsa, and lailine ofofathe hafr; ind it.eesry isesuint iet adtuliry ebts heean .ah*lismIl. It hUns.e.failed taoproduee a nmwouro e ci*i rrrth of hair on heds alremady held. t. *hXr It becotmiin dry and csamelo grow lthl Oil wil "'n, rtlnr it healthy, asd predae A'},il »nd'Ltrdll:, ,, h irr, Wtath t tbl Im - 111 t . fm. A', ý ,t, gieseae agapeebeluh Ira. nd r; tý". v n s eee'- : O,l otbi? On foper o .,i.ig.,, ilinpkl.?tll..n ..l.,th hu. The hir " nut bkeu re idy di*t iJre !.. Ior sale at ZENE & S `D'LANSQ. •. --9t:': . "" =ut... _ 1IMMONS IARTT & CO, are now receivinglroir K on board ship Orleans. Eagle, Ilighlender, 9oker leiry.Andew,P FMancad rmafth play eanls; Back gammon Boardes; Chesl on, 2 1-4 and 2 3.8 inch Ilil ard Balls; 8,9, 10and 12 inch blade Beowia Knives; Leather andl'othnr travellng Dressing Cases: Belt. 'ocket, Hnormanti', and' Duallinr Pistols; double nnd single barrelled Guns; Game lags; Shot Belta; Pnowder and Pistol Fluanks Dram Bottlea and Drinking Cups; P-rc'wnion CapP and Cap Holders; Cloth, Ilair, Troth; and Nail Ih'-nalh*- Oreis and Chlorine Tootl Washl T0oon1 Powdler:' Toilet anl Shaving loaepe, ill reat va eiete: onr Ilair Imlids, Ringlete and Frilzetees; learl nd Toiilet Pn"vderr Emnery lIars; Ivory Tnh Cusliolns: Patent Sides or Gaentrs; Gum Ehletic Stespenders; Powder Pilff and Boxes; Gilt Clhins, Seals aind Keys; Ear-dronp; Waist Bneklea: Brneelets; Bead Necklaces and Chains; Gilt and Silvered Beads; Indian Behds. Bells and Plumes; Shell Twist; Side and Dressin Comb ;which, in addition to their former stock on hand, makes their a sortment very complete, and will he sold ow and an libeml terms, at the sign eof the Golden Ctonb. i25-tf 70 Chartresa treet. T iI-. al)trhee, Agent« fer the extenive bouse of _ W. & S. BattKher, Sheffield. Enrlond, have just aeeived a very extensive set of uta , consniltine of Table and Dessert Knives otf a -- dlescription, Pen, Pocket, IDisk, and Spear point knives; Razorn, Scis seor. Edge Tnolh, &e. &c. &c. which tlley are preparedl o exhibit to the trade tor orders. Terms and conditions Will he nadelknown at th time. inl6 J. 1). BEIN & A COHFN.90 Conman st. NN'.w GOOIs. IMMONS . IIARTT & CO.-Are now rewelvilg perhip ltlllville, Eagle, Merry Andrew, High , Frenclh all German double lieandplcain cards: eter, helt and pecket pistols; plain, ribbed and aplit cousino capl cail halderl; seisirs, Rnzors, tlen. vas Gillotl's commercial and other steel pens; Vio ns; Violin strings; shell, ivory and ltonl etnnhs; walers; k, head and leather nursefs hair braids, front and ck rimnletr; inegro pnfft; German and French cologne rnter, Rowlands macesser oil, imitation do; antique and hear oil; plntble dleaks and dresilng cnses: past blnckhig; statin nil toilet glaRses; convex min-ore; op eel l:essn and views; Indian beads, hellsand plutme; nooeeonn; whi- twine; toilet and shaving soaps; toilet ewder, c-smetie wash balls; scenied atie cuishlions: pool lstandl; aclrew lonseliolns fancy ieadl chainl anil neckltnces billiard balla; pelket bloks anil wlletts; German hones; razor itlrap; line anil common gtnm. olastic aillnleders. gartersldo; Bells lucifer matches; nil r ,ei!l« Creyos, &c. &e. Th4e ihovein addition to our former stock of fancy ertilcne, nmakes oar aoarlneomt very cn ]lne dete. Pntr ll e wlalessle or retail; as the sign ofihe Gnolden Comen, 70. Chetwreenset. taO. OT TICF--The parnllnrip ol Kelley, &Co N o fNewOrlean ; Man, Hurris &C., if Nnrchez; ml Harris, Kelley &Co., olf Itodne, was di-rallred on heIs.t of Mav lastby thee detlh of Samuel A Mlason, me of the peartners of tle firma. Tihe underigoned, mrviving partners, will be elenrged with the *ittling and elosing Pidl bltsiniers ans follows: LeviC Harris will attend tothe settling of the butainesS of Masone, Harris& Co., at Natclhez; and inrris, Kel e1 & Co.,at tldneev; and Henry Kellev will attend to hesettling ofthe business ofKelecs, Mei.on & Co., at New Orleans. The ntmes of the several firms will le used in liiaidlationonlv. Those itlehbted to nid fIrme are earnestly requested *eonme forn warld and make early settlementt andsl those i Shaving claimIs will please prseetf them wilbiot delay. i.EVI C HARRIOS, HENRY KELLEY. NewOrhlann, June 27,1837. SJEAN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER 2cases mre of this su .erior Cologne wRater' jnst rcerived anl far saole bY the dozen d or eiEle bttlC. Alio American and Irench toilet p'wders, powder pufrs and boxes, shlsingl and toilet soelup, .osmletle waht balls, milk tf roseS, eosnmtic cold cream, extr ae o musk, kephalt., Ward's vegetable hair oil, polaltutm, creedCle perse , Flerin, llvendalr, rnoe tne y waters, l'res' :;'s salts, Mlarseillces perleneerv in truntlks. vezete le r id liquid rolte, Chlorine and Orris tooth wash, rlatlel airm, tothl, neail n ltll olh brunhero; together witll Ot additional sepply of fashionable hori and shil Scombs and jewelry, flrnlo low at wholesale or rCtail ey SIMMONS, FIAIT'l &CO, Ju!y 6 70 Chartres street. Wl c-A4mnions Hatt & co Are ntew i cc ceivine fron onhi nardchils Vaineoo anild Saraointco andblrig Conacordia, fn New York, a yreat vnriet of goods in their line, which toether with thei'r fimel atock on ln.nd, makes their asserte ent veryr, elete. The lfolltwint etolpeens a part,\iz: : ell teiate ..r:.;ee, terk and dlressingcomlbs horn do olelnl deserilptiones, on dia rn E ber, silk tand worstedl enrstie Farter, common & fine elartic asspenders, loco nfoo and Lurcifer mnatches, oSaelitz powders, powder pf leand boxe s, oilet power, pocket books nlld wallets, Inedle lr oks, ahell, pearl, Ivory and rliroeco rsl oseaes, helnr oailent, nit plain oe ral heads, necklaces anl negligee, ,lead lchnin, hloea .reklncee, elt glnas and plain,teed,silver land gibllreds, Inllien beads, belle ndld plumes; pistol antd large pow ellflasksi, lhot belts, pl.rPe alei. pocket eane dceili isteels; dohule on oelingle barrelled 'ei ns., Bowie knives, and dirlkt, srinnr, earn e poeovket ksinve, b rllad nlis, n rbbots, wist uckand lees, clothi ir, tit , toailconinb, oruianli. shoe, lact, laingr l ds tizl bruslles, Cologre, Florides, nlavteder,rse allid lty water,asPoertelryll e ilCes, anil extracetsnce ae, lr, beantiqne, anll Wsnard'ea c geelelel hair oila shaving and toilrt soaps eo'all doe eritllins, ladlie,' tanlld getlentean' iIeskl nnd doressilli eases, hair riegletCfl'rinttl Andee lrlrl, pldai, lfancy lleod meseincal ork lloxer, plailn and ctl , figiegrcCatll c antl ebt di ltioen, pearl nld iverv l deiresit stIeolud hnl and silver letnt eases, toeoilh ecksa t iety w ers nplfate cled gilt lofekee, einhiatlre dor siloer, Inass no d atel thimlesl, hooks noit eves, Iair Inei, im.ittion fruit.blk nnd rd ink t shoe btI king, ireliens ee11 goitear, riabel and plaipl trcuitocalls, ll twill, sc tted teas,teold snd il ver lame and freee eln:ter paper, aellle begA, riding wa'ipr, wannliege cise, llavngcards, llnt gole, plantl and gcilt jie rllr &e. c Tile Anove, together with anzrent valietv of other arti lem are olffereld at wholenaloe oetCteil on eaenletninodalieg NB Stell comblsrepairedl. S RIET'Y STORl--It t le signi oef ellt geldone enmh,Alo70 Caiertres sleort. 'llerslerersi have rei ceived inadditin to theirpreveoni stouh t n hand iil and eomplten n anorttont ofeArticles ien tirir lise; viz: eonbs, perflninery, Jrwellrv, brllens, heelihlg glassno , fanle t arteiles, cone. nsitine ine part as follows: Ci)OtBir--o rtosi e hell, reanllet l A lnd pin tn ckh,tnie , qu;illed beok, lon rond ae , re ilc , p1nlT, celrl tnd neck, Brazilian conlds of every dlescriptioen aeriongat hiceh aLt some MNG xican patlers, Ivory cota l of evelery deriltin, horn, dremsing andpdck ct, togellr withl a "-elloI nssortnent ofFprenh ad Amerincapn. PERaodUlEo Y-Conn ogne, Lavetnder, Floridlo, honmbes hav, roses and erange fleowr waners ofnvery .ize and dce ri'ption, canphorated Cologne, extract aof l Bgamnt, laney soaps nfall kinds, shaving el. il cakes n nd atls, create sonnV do, Ward's vegetable hair eil, leerso a n tiauedo. I reston's soiteling cnlte, plalin eite perfunnmel toilet powder, pearl powdelr, peo%% lerp pcfl anllt boxes po nsatant in pots sill drolle, nrris anld chlorile toth waish and eowdeAse with a general assortmlent of JEWELLDtY-ome ofthlenli-st fend most ashliona lle sets, conlisting of white and red cornelinet, topa ,. jet earlrops, et in filagree, hreeat joins ofa geo a ie ty ofltptlerns, watch trimninigs, gilt glal siltc ackles siluer thinmlbes, silver satl geold In, cilis tnd gaaerd cheains BRUSIES--Clnoth, hair, dust. .i,ernall,heartltllhor, hat, flesl, toothi, platce, comb, Nail, shlaing, shoe and whitewash bruslehe. LOOKING GLASSES--OGermnan etntia and toilet aSss, magnifying satll lreelcl dreseig glassaes, heine o, with a vnriet ofotber kindls not enumerated. IF 1NCY AND) VAIRIETIYY AIL'LCXl0A-French and Americe portable desks and drcssing eases, somen very rich atd finely finished leldiee work leexcSand dres. sign ce, with anti without ceuoic, enusical buxea, Ac nreod of eareone kinedl, vilelinc and gotitars, silver ndI plated pencils and leads,woaed pencils tafor c:arpenters acnd crayons,mnntleloakcgunasaml ci cetti with ned withoutt smle, prcemeon caps, pccea.u4eion Ce p ehCltorge, nipplel srAwdreiver, alcot blelt,gamoet bag, panqte blsaeklg, toyY tea sell, Indian belds of every kind, bells and Ili'einel', fineand lommnn knives, ranors ettltl scissors, teieehles, needles, pins, ailver, steel aned coenonee setnec. nle, pioket hooks mid walletca o various kicndis, necitisig oanlnanad cardeases, playing cartls of Frnchl, Gonrema and Anenerio n mnnefacture, dnleo. imaitation fcuit, sun boxes, prints of variaots kindcl, Sounders' PoesCrey's, E;nnereen'es, Hillman'n and Ilwbkin's razor straps and metallie hones,dirka, fancy head necklacee, dlo wite .-cr drops, toy watches, pearl buttera, powdelr tlalskc, u. .d plaee seed heads, gilt ,ad silver do, gco elastir aespeeu d ,dts.aadgcec, plin and nworn canes, backgamcmon beardsd, iles, optical vieomen,jewailenlrt, laceinct cceatelu easand dlrinkinbg cups with a great variety ol other arci cles, all ofwelh:h will Ie euhll tier scale or cite ancepttan ces an 1 nentlas cedit. B Ii SIMMGC'S, & oo. d4 70l(Jrecat. ID OLBEAR'S Science of I'enmanship received, an for sale at their permanent Writing Academii, No. 8 Chatrad street, New Orleans, 16J llroildway New York, Iaulphirt st., llohilc. It is particularlydesigned for private learners, saitl acdools, and is calculated Orwpersnns offll alaes. Ladies and gontltiealiare invited to call and examine the system for themslelvcs. .Lessons are given at slch holuses as may slit the convenience ofl'all, and to claýies formced inllany part of tile city. Ladies wlio prefer itoan receive lessonsat their own rel sidences. Persos paving for one % rse oflessons t are desired o attend until they write 1. well as they wirh. nil Di(LtEAt & BIIROTHIIR. DEAFNESS. A NEW article for persons troubled wird dealie.e, (eailed the Ear Truimpnt,) has just lcen receivetl, by the ne ui'wllich, lthe slightest arlli.ulatihi ofille ioI. nian voice is ditlinctly conveyed to the oar. At y oter who has ever been olliged ta converse withl a very dee mrson, minsthe fully onile of he dfuifficulty niid sn barrassnitat xperienced both by tlhemelves and tlhe in dividualc so unirluoruatelv hffiiellt. By the use ul'f th i Ear Traipet, this objectiui is eiilirelv onviated. The moet sceptial have always a. andondrtlheirdoubts aniei having used thle Prulpeti. For sale na T I' GtUION'S, Fancy atore.cornr of Comnmn and St Charles .trecto ader il Eclhuliio; Hlel. febh 13 PEIRM OIL--IA0 galions pure winler d I l STrn Oil, in ceaks and bhls, fur sale Iy JAKVIi & ANltEWi,. Wholesal Drugg ats, earner C iminon and I'hap e estreers. mr :1 W tHit LEA --SI chl, ;lii -t.taci- 411 kegs, o10 201 do 25 EnlishI do-25 1-4 bbli. 400 " 100Paint Brushne, various izes; I cae, Vermillion; 5 bhla Copal Varnish; 2 Japan ' I " Coach 20 packi Gold Leaf; 50 do Silver do; 100 do Dutch Metal. WINDOW GLASS, American, Errlish and French -1*110 boxes, vanous sizes and qualitirn. Bogton urown do.-SW boxes, conlignmeiit, will be mld low. Alo, a general assortment of artiots' coloura and toole, for aie by A W SCA1 E6, No 46 Caial street. N B. Alahama notes take at p r, and Missiasippi notes will ie received at 10 per cent discount for goods, or in payoent of debts. Jo It w LOUIR-00 anling from steaomr lndepend. Smsar, 0le a ND R vY, m. 44 NIvw Levee. MR. WILLIAMS, OCULIST, NOW AT THE JEflERSOt HOUSE, JEFFERION I(RTITM LOUISVILLE. Tb the Editor of the Louitille .Adelrtier: SIR-It apptars by the observation.r of the Editors of tie N-shville "Presbyterian, I'nion and Trans cript, as well as the editors of the 3lempthio Enquirer, that the "Old Gentleman" is amnoon thel octors. Tihis is proved by his kingly rage, knowing that Ilis time i hout short, anl thait the indenredent AmeriFan people are able to, judge for thelltselves what are puffi aod imposiiions%.'rhe irotllv editors wileho are Doctors, the proprietors, editors or sub-edlitora of the above tamed journals, call every letter from persons I have restored to sight in the above places, punts. I. The fiet in, that I never had srleh great suocess within so liiited a period as ten or twelve days. One who was need nlout ten years, who had only seen the light from his birth, began to see to follow his master to my hotel, ilntead of beinr obliged to be lot by hi n. Two voing ladies, who had eachlost the sight of one eye, one for ten vears: and the other for nearly two jesrs, having both of them thle other eve very week; vet eieh of those youig Iediea begon to'see whith both eyesr which benefilipltedge myself still continues, ex eptling tihea' or tnder tie iofluenoe or doniinati, of the Medical Doctors. Another is the daughter of a respectable merchant, whose name I am Iolnd never to rmention, (as he paid me my foes), who sild she had lost the sight of one eye from the age of 10 months, but that sihe now begins to read large letters rith thie other eve cormpletel) hoti. This tile doctor edlitort, as the gentleman told me himnelflie had con drc'ed) his daughter to the office of thie medical editors. that they might be informed of the fact. Tha.lht I shall meinion in an elderly gentleman by the name of Yount, neatlIv seveWty eas of age, who'dechredt puo licl 'y lette'r, w'hih r e took to all the diferent office in Nirtlville bllt one, znd himself told me he had paid for the insertion whatever they derrandrd, who declar ed iu that letter that ie ha 'otally depried of tile oilet ef ore ave from fi ke aiter his hirth, which hii mother tated to bI,. - occasioned by the measles or rsmalil pox; that nov e erull noat only see the likht of the sun, for tihe first time that lie reorlleets, but the slurs also, and was hbiginning to distinguish many objects; and dill, bef:re 1 left that r;ty, give n-ra iny proof that he could see to walk about'the streeta with tihe other eve (completely closed. He said he hnlI been a member ot the Alethodtl Episcopal Church for ne rly forty ears, an Il that his rord wa never doubt ed thiugh the "ahote coursu ofhlis life. 2. I repeat tbr 'TIt tad never greater slecers than at Nashville, and th: t'e medical and clerical doctors had never hoforen. :ciel reason tir be enraged. The pious inldienaticn.: .e Rer. lericai Or Smith proves, wfien e statedto t. a that abnht six o ars prst, Ie was converted from telng n perfect intfitel, to believe in tihe doctrin r of the Bible, that he muet have nade a trifling error-that he must have meant to say, it t before tile end ofsrxr years to tome, he should be converted fromn his infilelitiy, aas tile spirit of the true minister of the peaceful and benign dortrines of the Christian religion drres n.t breathe out destruction, rage, calumny and falsehood to please hris medical firienld, against tire man whom lie knew had done so much reood, and no in jory to any one. All the inhabitants of Nashrill, spoke of tie great FaceCCs I haRi, -cept thie teidictial dextors,. Met orftheor also had been informed hy r rYourat of the cure performed on his totally blind eye. 3. T'ihe farnone Golinh S. ofthis tror, reenods tn, n at I have lst rthe laarels I gained in the North since t a antival in the Southwest. This prove, hmver, Il hall, snrl thit I kept threm ntil I arrived in this sectioi, If I gained loe im the north, I oght to harve eaind o anotlh er itl tie sourth and estthwelst,andl I still hope to wear them on cry very youthfiu hrow on trhe day I liave, ih spire of thie riltuporatio of the gret Dr S., if I oma judge from the mano, I rve already benefitted in this c ity . ithi thiree dvays. i. The object of the present is to infrirm tile medi r 'l Golialls ittd editoro of tie ltepolirian and '1ralla I: iit as well as tihe clerical Dr SlmithI of te c. Pres. Ivterirn an d of the Union, of Nashville as well as the ejitorriad si rllredical editlr of the Meilphtisri IEnqirer, as well es ilr Prenlice, thle edirtor of tie t,oi rsville Journal, asnd lse the rmedical Gioliah ediior of this ityv, the ireat Dr S., lln I i shtoll hrinr aictions agairet thrm all, ar vtilteration, sltndlIr or calunriny, itoldi ately after iny arrivnl i Ner York, a werll os against their raiable bre iren tile ireical Goliaris oftre north. I now hind myselfiry promiser, neverrti. iuit this hiapy land of lilbetr, until I have bright the oseso of al itv nedi al Goliahs of the norlh, as well as tire woulth ltiln west, the rindstone! o The arllictedliberea fore, nollv alelnto oil finding ore driinrlg tile. To' of oext yerle' in New York, where letters, postu pid and i1Io rtierlr`' vili ie s oret to reach rie. 5. To iulbrile the pbltlic that thle used; so called which the Rev. clericalli conarertisd infiidel rveteind war written fir him, wras written n ore than a week olirh rond intoended for tile Rev. I. ltowall, who rreal it in nly presence v ithot manifesting taiy dira rr robaio; i Ie. letontrarys took it to hi stn toy a hidet piciie it ii rile wily ep dnid, which lie raid lhe thirght wougll fri rtr siy iurlose betterel he delvered them btlri toh 11 i oitkhout ipreteoling that I wanitell to Ini'te him irfiroi 11: it as n ever r oeuelll pIresirnre to offer that "eiricnrtoia or anov other,o Iny money for eaeting fi.lito he ievr uiteetr's orn, sitleent be fora e tile poblic: had hie nit exa oine all iyv diplon s, S&c. &r. with I peillillllt a:l iintel It riend of Iris, 3 f eoll as file wiole of h lr tle 8nt. 0, in rc m pany wi th nil n lie o r clergy l eih, n a ll] fIlri t ein a ll to ra e i s. utllnreaii l, ani l o i i l Ite more Ior less benefitted, le ilevetr icou. Iie l:ll indueed by it total strangcr to 'l|row up such on article as Iv wrote hiriielffiir pibliri tii. , iod addriresed it tr aIr Strilnfieli, editor cofie S IV C Advocate. 6i. No wonder the clear lrIited Ituedicai foiniirs of Nahvly ae tooke te al._.; aeidt thhetbmre use(I thir'cl ficrr to inin wilih toein te all-pIrImerfiul, atiIieic phi ictri alrl ite lectroli firce of tire rtid IF-br.e-rnvs ri clerical infidel. We realr i thre Biblere that hIi r, i hknow by ihs tfruits." I darse ily tie conrerued iifidiL tiree iiar:lired frol thaot irsager. 7. llh ' evideiyo wintied to establisl h ris lral r h',r rc:,a'r ot a lon, Iv shewilog that Ite wns aiovp I eia, ibrilel . I.ot us sce wo ielher thie iii ofI tnbl' ieter of' Silhr will m ar iv tiss iii is .,,I[ 'it it ai io llm ied to} inll i'r evoii ruerr ioririei, will). in thie u i -v of ilre iI carunatin of ihis Divire 1atieer, abioluicly aoId hihi fir ,t 11111olllnber ofpiaIecs of silver. III v aIuvr ie, tfiot it was nle'er illrenddclt a.n ba ihe,ijor eonld itI lp eon..ilcrI· eI ro |i*v amt oer, as iit was lnot evill -qniur Idto lhe llthi I'ro ofoll te regulir priotcar' ire, of' $1 13.r sfin:,re. .illtihoinr two 1tr Ihree cihtulcorf clrselr teiiitel enlttrer, wlllh rIle IoI he rtelpated Ibrei r iilPe r lillrn ever ilendei to bririe him, 1 shorld Iby iirrle hil atl le:st .300, his regular ooir. isiteid orS 0, wihidh in ell Irobabiliv, lie wolhld haw. zladly ret eived as his fee, and nottiit a bIriba t) ile eontyrivry, if I ' ,ii bIee,o c imile ofrletrinr'a iRbr:Ie, I should i:iernioily have ilone it il a o luvto hvrlro insllrdl Ili act-ieltatet' II. hd a' the liv. I)oetor ieerll rp llv crricrtrl to die Ieliifofthe dociutrineos of lhra tr avior, lie ,wooli not ihave promisPed to rtnie arid esxainl. Inv iiatielll.a r irli out ker.riz his woril, as I have alweys foould every auriaiser of the gospel zealoou to 4o. i. aiud lie been really coiverted, ie woI.iiii n(;t iol li, Iv Ii:,ie spolsnt against the obrrriror inaoirrrtiollq, ivch, it is wrell known, (te o aore numenrcos ad whicl are irpIrior to ItiitiiiV in store Ilirts oif EiruropeI. Ilis coulte t so Iriilrch ditgustW, some voulg litcrarcv char. nctles, is tooti soeauelo reryaoined fraon iituinii.og hill) (tire ii sqoirbv laying Viottit Ihand on brile Tire ier geritleran, thooghr a Scoitchrro is orirthou excul i'c1111lel - he is raluoronintern), rittioirgi Ii tots' think li Iirp a rrinlt t. abuse the Amorican illstitiutfilm. because hs is a o'ovirled infidel. I say l e Ias rot-as ail olht itl spreak hell of tihe bridger lie goes sai'ly liver. I falry the gallant Captaia .iandv, anid severei other aioahle younrg geontlemeea of Narhýile, recollect well tre conduct of this pious expounler if tire llly .itriplurers! crtipitnrcri 10. I neer saw rich a denion in hunman shapenit tile Rev. DIicor was the day I caul ol to reason with him, when hle menaced my giey hairs with nit uplifed gigantic arm, as if lie would have flled ume ti the groundl,lfr daring to draw a pious linister r'wa. front hil duty by I bribe . 0 li eerrsi of silver! I really trenmhlrd mor than it the t4ld Gentlemna" had up Ipered in his ow shapele 11. sllem t ly tdclaIe hefire d,no anr amnot afraid to Call Hiimto witness that 1 never, in the whole course lo 42 years practiee as an ocrlist, in Great Britain. France, IOel].rrnU and America, in a single instance of feredl as bribe Ian alount to the eitor of anrvjourln but-lo as a.uelnsatioa foir the spaen I occupiel and tlhe trouble which I oltccasioned them; and that I was always more inclined lo reduce, rather thanr add ar mnontev to tle priiter's bill; which is a sufflcient proof tlat I liad noirtention to hrile. I1. .slo ty.-The Memphis Enqirr for two or ihree weeks eontains a tissue of flagrant falsehoods, which of the M. Goliabs of the North, anil I shall treat tlher with silent eonrrlemt nntil tie proper tile arrives: Unless t is true wlaP I have besn ianruATed--"Sue a beggar, and yul will catch a L--!" 'I'lgh 1 paid hit fo;r my nadvrtrsements for two or hree weeks, lihe anli inerlled them once. You will please Io insert thlis letter in your next pa per, and oblige yours, &a. In hasute JOHIN l WII.IIAM.S, tile English Olculist. louisoille, Jly IV 7. Cepiedifren the S. W. C. Ad.eeete elfthe 2lt Ame, 1t.t7. At tile relautit of DI. Obilliauis, we insert tile filllrow i -I te froint the Roe. lr Hlowull, Of Nashville, to the editorofr the South Western Christian Advocate, who, it appears, has examined the dilomnas aindl other docu motsedviteive l'thle Doctror's claims ito public narron age It consequence of an accident, Dr. W. Wvill r. onain it Nashville a few days longer than he st lirst itinteed-tsny thle Ist July. IRev. Mr Stringfield:--lTaving been requested by Dr. Williams, tile oculiqt, now in this city, to examinie his nenerous diplomas and other documentrs nvitnivt. o his claims to publlic cofidnet r in hris profession, I hate, in eopaloy withtl ai valued ftietdrl, rlono so with pleasure. Among. them I founl a lettrr fitolui r Paeont, at pre seoit Charge d'Affitire of the Kin4 of thre French, at Washington, addressed to Dr. Williams, teslifinig tile tgeuineness of the diplomas from the Kings ofiFrancei Ileltinum, &e. as well as thse front the yMetical Socie ies of Frasne. Hie has numerous vouchers fIml IIIn I knoasl to bIe ,figh re pItation it this country, received Since Iis a rinal iin tile Uinited Statone delailinr itia ees of great stacress in errstoarntio a si lit t (lile oaind. I allo sen no rly all in ii or patients is this e:ns. I krlerw nouit iif tlent prei ous tl ltei ittinr te unter Iris care; ibt all I lhave bneen say they are an qoestio ably benfittrdrl. 11Ol'T. B. C IIOWELL, Nalshville, JueF 21, 1837. P. S. Sitce writing lthe noove, ine of Dr. nVillitsa' patienlts has callel uipolfite, ned says lie had actually and totall lost the sight of ore I ye Ir lseretcv years, but stow ileclare himself betteri; tfhatrot rlsthtl for the first time in Ilis life thai he can recollet, he could dis tinguish, wilh th t eye,duome ofetie proinioenrtbstars. I learn that tti,; old gentlemano Ios livedn mllv yeanr ir this rdgion,and says lie hasbecen a bletlthodist duriag foty yar. Youres, trnly, anglo R. B. C. II. Naw MAr os Loulsean , witth its canals, roads and distances, frotn place to plaec, along thie stage oad steam boat routes, by 11. S. Tenner. MITCHELL'S OBAP Or To E UNITIA D P TATEiC n t,,wie thIe principal Turnpike and common roads, oi which are girven the distsnees in miles from one place to another, aslo Ihe courars of the canals and rail roadsthrlugh out tlse countryt, carehlly compiled from the bes anu thrities--pubfished by 6. Augustus Mitchell. MITCITIE.LL' Tarv LmtrE's GUsIDE 'uotiROU THE UnrITEDls TArt.s; it mall of tihe made, dlistaners stelte heat andscanal t roatec,&e.jaust receiveld ant foreale WM M'KEA-, HEIIIKS ON PHII.AI)ELPHIIIA-F-s eh-,by I YORK, HRI H'I'ItIERS, II 81 (:lisp slreat 'TH INDIAN'S PANACEA. I.OR theenreofrheumatism,se.fulsorkingsevllgout, ' aciatiea or hip gout, inciient cancers, saltrheum, siphiliti arid mercurial diseases, particularly ulcers and painfulalfections ofthe bones, ulceratedthroat pr nos tris, nieers of every desoription, fever sores, and internal absesses, fistulas, piles, scald head, scurvy, biles, ohro niouore eyes, crysilpelis,tothes, and.every variety of n tanenus aft'ction, chronic Catarrh, heal ache proceed nlag front any acrid luamor, pain in the stomach andil dys pepsia proceeding frnm variaton, affections of the liver, chronic inflammation of the kidneys, and general clebili ty caus. by a torpid action of the vesels ofthe skin. It i sing-darly efficaoious in renovating those constitutions which have been broken down by injudious treatment, j:nenile irregularities. In generml terms, it is reaom menled in all those diseases which arise from impurities ofthe blond, or initiation of the humors, of wlitever name or kind. Some of the above complaintsmay reqtire some tri fling asistant applications, which thecircumstances ofthe case will dictp.-;buht for a eneral remedy or Purificator to remove the caue, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally he found sufficient. TO THIE PUBIC. How tire it is, that modern Physicians, in their am bition to excel in their profession; explore the vast fielda ofaciene bv the aid ofchemistry, ani seek out new re medial agents; in short, to arrive at perfection in the practice by means of art alone,--ntirely overlook and aeglect, as beneath ther nouce, therich and botnteous stores ofmedicine, which the. Almightly has caused to spring out of the earth in every clime! And how much more true isit that while the American Physician looks to foreign eountriesfor many of his most common and necessary articles, perpetually ehangng as they are at the dictates of fashion or folly, he is surronntled in his own country with an endless profnsion ofmledical plants, soffieient to answerany indication in diseane or to cure avy curablu disorder; and yet he is ignorait of their vir tees, anl they are suffered to 'wastetheir healing on the desert air.' SThe effects of vegetahle medicines upmo the sstem are temponrary-those of minerals lasting. The forsmer ex ert their eflcts and pass off-the latter, mercury in par ticulr, act chemically upon the solids, decomposing the hones and underminilg the constitution by a slow nal solre destruction. The oongeniallity, elficieney and SAFETY ofvegeta ble remedies ever mineral, may be estimated byenntrast ing the ancient practice with the modern; or, to bring il more immediately al;ler our own observation, th- heidi an practice with that of the whites. Who, in America, nas not known or heard of repeated instances wherein some decrelid, antirctendingfemalelndian, by meansof her simple remledies alone, has affected the most rapid andustoislhing cures, after the Mateira Melica of the -ommon practice. directed in the most skilfil mmnner, has foiled? And who hs not been surprtaid at lie com ptrative ase andl flacility with whlich tie Indian frees hii self from any disease, and at the almost tots abstinence of chronio disease among them? Who has ever heard oflnt Indins wliha constitution broken and rcltsed by ill treatment? And can a doubt exist that this ha ppy ex emption ofthe savage from most ofthe ills which the lesh ofnan in lheir n,, is chieflv owin to I moe geltia a il sofe remedies ohich hb ern'tloyes 'his astonish in " difference in oneceas, is a fair exempliication of the iloicsto sperliorlity of the sinmple and snafe meors of care whiceb Gad has created for the benefit of his chilren, over those which thepride andi theart of tllll have in ventel. From a long residence among a portion of healhorigin alilnhaitattsof thisconntry, andan intimate aclluain tance wit te. mtthsds of cureof some of their most snccesstui practitioners, the proprietor et 1'The Indlin:'s Panueen,'aonieired a knowledge of some of the most powerfulands favorite remedies. From theselheselectle such as were most elicaciousand o l llproIl ates, salnI aftei various experiments to test their ,lieilles and strength, hlie has combined thert in the form Lhere presented, as the mont pieri ct and benetizial for the purpose lir which it is recommeldled. lThe procprietor offertlhis preparation to lth public, with tilhe consiousness that Ite is placitig wilhintheir sea, a reeoldy capable ofrclieving manty of his alllited fel low beings, who aret sufering lnder the various chronic cand obsliateeeompluaints to which at is appliecanble. 'ITo such it will prove of inaeleulable valte, as the means, anid in uiny cases, tile otlly meansof reliiev ,gtheir suf elrillgs anld restorilg thel olce more to healti :onl fIil IItitess. This is notoflvered as a common retmedy, that ily per Chias be be eqclqly gool with many otllrs now ill ti, but os one which is catable of saving life in nlla , extreme cases tlhichl all tile otsu:anu renielieslatil. This it h:als done repeatedly; and this is the reputatiot it hastob tained wherever it has beea introduced. It is ollcv ab olct three velars ailce this Iteplcletion vias itesentel cole tlcic: tttitt tntnt short space (,f litte, snme hncrells o elr, Instmtnlea beit ond, he t wo sotemotyt letcte t lctt tley ltelicted tlhat theitr licvs mcru ovedc by it,and in mtaostasesafter tlhtev hall tried man ai l pel:hils till the common remedies in vain. Whe\' Seer it is known it isracllrt conll i inoto Ilse, ag Ilis afl'ords t l trostrtlslaltntalli cont il et intci t iroot (t i .ril s., I- ti. The ne tlv lrte Ptllntet i illnost coinls liclr s it thrse Slong slaudie laid sve ,hilila.c d st crot,'unas e fne s o, which Inl'! 'i.tied nif a kll" other r,.,a,'dies, tald , : "n!wt: Is W s e dlul -1ihrle .g paius'in tile bolal-s' -, n od el ,c I rial to t ersth de lt'gtt , nit l'the di-ctit e ' sg n, &c. I cvlhes. it e',tncitt e tv , I iv , altt ite al catct it tclctic"It 3) tadwcals fihe dis;eases, a,', tts oclvetcorg. IcTca. Hccl . In rc I tllumatish :IIal i ll ctl'ed s(re thr II , i cl; a ct e) l s rt e I ln o t eit s aupt c il l g i vit i alco s t ian t llc L I " t ataL'ln in - c rc1t* d l';esi tht ll,:t 's Paat e d o,- pic te csc hltretncitettc.n t. cvt .g cvi a liiph ..tit, ti., and hIxatlves, an , ti-~dlc aI :tmodol:h :uIr I Iro tl' t:tn es, aLs :. st. , ltl.. ch s :nt. l ll...e..l.g.. ) c t, I ch Cxc'eessdl, it .iltcolcrs c tle secrcvti.on ii I tx toetclls etit.os tiloe to thclclciatmct, atcnc c xocc tto s rtcth, th.ltlhlococuia e Iicrllcltla licrv ll r. oio c LcI, in |l amllligul ý diseases not here specified, og d it has t ., . s119..d w1 tilll dlerfnl stttc:wess aIs n Sprinill and a Fa:l Pit ri ier, I thos IUA Ie i SlIblCt toClllopdainB.of the cAlSsIt, 111,4h,- o'co ims.liL-ni,,i~srcvjlire New %iov. Stich 1 Ie. It diet tt.tink is consiteta ecess:toy, this alulaeti, tatkenl ill a soall dlse; will Ianllswer il its purposes, sn mill ch less timnle, at less expeellse, n ill a Iaril Itole agreenble lmal er itho a the coaltlon diel drioik. T'he tblowinlgl i rtiflt, ,ut of l'n"d s sinti"r, whitc:i iglti i be I pr'ocuree, atrt egivento show hIII cuel of Ike olianl'ii Panacea, intlhocarioos ceonti t :itcoctcl cIllltaiirlaldsolltetl· I ltlhe. s sost I 'alsa sie to lierlcet health, and I confldently rev.oei L. ea it to allsimlarly ffli uted. JOHN FERGUSON, Kingat. CLttl.Ew.roa, March 27, 1SS2. I was reized abslt threea ears since, with a listeshilg rIheutmnitiIm, coused b.% tlknin. severe cohl, while ul.e1r the influence of mercury, ald which Ihas disabled p - liron Ibusiness earll ever silice. I)nig this ielio d have bet na iiatient in the Marine Hospital, in thiNs vit utwotards tof tur laolths, nalld nearly the statlle ilength i titull: in thle Baltlimore lospital, anl trieda almost ever Iretedillv, with little bettei,. Oil tile I6th of a lchrutt litl last at that time scarcely able to move about uponl ctrteh. as, I eonllla.rlieell stttie ilf Ioiiaa lll' Paaaces. It1 OIa molltllth I toul myselfeltitelol freed froat pare and a, oiw haplpy to state that I eonsole myself perfectly welt. WXM. TUCKI i"t 13 3haket at. CASES OF SCROFULOUS ULCERS. Nvw YORK, Sept. It1, 1830. This may certify that in tlhetfal of 1825, I traos seize tiitl a oawlli.gin my neck an sd tihee, wlhich ialierwali oleelated anid became airge ghtstly ulclrs in lyt neca . Aftlerrryitgil vealal ithysiteais totlntaa atnhitalaget",l el to Plliladelplhlla, and ptlaetl r self undlcr thie eare lrs. PhtY.lo and Bieait, wellnt, fter relqlated salivationt to noeltfct, I was pronouneed tterly inleuatble. Aftler. wards Iolk tt welnty bottles ol'fSwacit Pailltt's ea taend eigil bottles of Potter's Cathollicon, with no matllerial benlelil lespairing of lile, which had nlOw become a baurtiltls tI me, I returned to lty larents in New York, in 1891, all itaeia yselflp to a tingerig death., Hearittq of tht gtelit sllecess oil'ele tict inll's Ptllteaie c howaevlrl ill c a siilar to Invy own, I wtas persuaded totr. it, aaa last p. sort. To lay great suarltase, as well as satislaetion,, oon tlound nIyselfIrai dly reenvelrln, land uponle takil satell battles, the alcersllealed slta I became a laitretli, well in the course oftwo moneths, and have t remailned so ever sinle. I make this statemen and washlitpublished tfol.lll, iienetfit of'thote awb nire suffering under similar sctlrgtio iatlr ylphilitic al~tiions, that the-y ily know whata i el cret one whol has suflered every thing bilt ilealtl, .ld wtho consilers his life ated oby tile abovte av. WM. HINHA' CARLEtTON. Jolyl, 12, 131. 1 was ailicted, rfoal years with an ulcer In the leg, to. clsilc:tly tacrolnpanied with creysipelatous iniklmatitni arid excessive iaill ill tile leg anld ncle joint. Several emilrni t physicians exrcted theirhskill upon it, but with olt yclr.lallent benefit. I thlis tcase five bottle Indital's I'alaacea macleict ta feat tllre. MARGAREIIT' A WESTr, iI MaoIket ,For salte by HENRY iONN ABEL, drllgglit, age to:- tlUe Ipolpl:ietors, Tehoulloulas street 16 NEW ORLEANS C NASHVILLE, RAIL ROAD COMPANY. [IE stttktloliiare ofa this company are torebo no Stilill ithiat by a resy utiio n of the btoariof dirce-c tiun passed oil tile 19th itlst. the call Illade oi them on the Wil rl eblruarv last, tor thie payiitent of five dolloare a share, was rcciiined, andl tthetaid stockholders are frtlicer notifiec thatt WiII a i.eS,, ItF a resolution of this oard pnosed ol Ile 19111 ili.stit, actlait has Ibee i ado on tia .cto.kltoltheor of the Ne Orlerans IId Noitville Iail Rold Coll tlriy tior the lthlctllitihog p ta t httst tieo the stotck hIrl rer iac tively hy Litill, viz:atw-o doitar tler asiarea, iayalllticl tile lirst ti.y of Septtember thaite two dollars per share luavabla onltile first cdlv of December nelt; a tll ost d|larlper -hatire lavabile oa tfile fisat day of' Mrchl loxti. Nowthereflre be. it resolvel, th'l tile .ecretaryv ol' this copllaity sltall Ilotify the sLhare holders tllerein thronl tigh Illb[liC pr:inas of the cit thabt in eontormil y witllr iti ixtll saetiol oft t he rtCtilhy are perllitt;dl to plotpolie liV anylvanenl caolled ill tlla th stock n1,lliul t ~collll rI tireteu of sixtyt aiys, frll d after the dny oa alich it is made payable, withl tlie eslSO clt c - diilt: hiwever, thilt if tot regularly atid willthit flo said rolonc.lita olt' sixty days, fitrlon tlli afttr th, 111nv on whoich it should have ibeet paid, that tlhe the iow!:'k on which rsaidlpotlelttt shbould have been made, is and rema ,,: !orf-itelltlt tile ceopany, the charter oil thlat point ttinga itoerativeo. It conforaiaty therefore, to said enll, allstucki of the stocrkholders in said tempanv, as Illnlk proper to plýt off the ipayments o Ialthir ostac to the end dothe iu ilitonal sixydays which tile charer allowsc thetllatra not litd thlat the payrent of Itwo dil liho pttr share called fArand duoe or the first of Selm tlatler llexl, maltv le e otpo d tnder the tha h sterionl (f saidl charter, lotii the3tit day of Octoter iexta, tlatt th ltalytrpat t IWttw olltttars per share called flit, ald iit dineoalllllth first li of ec ielber a ext, iLavy hle Isot Itnred until the :3lih day of Jnlnary ilexy ll atl dthe'pa. Tmeattt e ttwo loll4ro per share called for ald thdt. sil tlen firsday of Iohisr o next, may be postponle.d uallil tle alli day of April next. Etslrclta of tia milatteat of the hlord. jtrie d1 A R MuNAIR, Sec're. IV lllat, fcr ale JOIIN I IOtlAs1AM. Is it 16 i STATE OF LOUISIANA.-Parith onltfourthe Pariah and City of New Orleans. T IIE STATE OF LOUISIANA. To nil whom thnse Presents shall come, Greeting:-Whereas, Jumes Honse having purchased at a sale made by the Sheriff of the parieh of Oiloner the properly hereinafter described, ins applied to the clerk of thin court, in whose office ti ndoed of sale was recorded on the 2d day ofApril, A. D. 1838, for a monition or adver tisement in confolbrmity to an net ofthel.egislature of the Mlate of Louiciana, elililled "An act fer the frlther assu rance oftitles to tiorlnaers oatjudicial sales;" applroved the 10th day ofl Mnroh, 1834. NOW, lierefore, know re, ind all persons interested herein, are hereby cited nd d adonished in the natne of the State of Louisiana, and of the Parish Court, who sorL set up any right, title or claim in andl o the property hereinafter described, in consequenceofony ioformalitj iln the ordcr,decree or iuodgoent of thQ court onder which the aole wa00 ladle, or any irregularity or illegality i thdie appraisemelts anid oadertisements, in time, or manner of sale, or for any ot'lher efect whlatso ever to showcause, within thirty days Irom the day this monition i first inserted in the public papers, why theianle so made should not he confinmed and homo oIgHted. ilhe said roperty was Sold by the Sheriff of the par ish oforensid on the 14th day of April, A. D. 183t, by virtue of a decree of this Court, rendered on the 5th doy ofFebuary, A. . 1838. in a suit entitled Alexander Caldwall vs. James Hanse, No 10,367 of the docket of this Court,at which sale the said James Hanse became tile pnrehaser for the plice of twenty one thousand dolitrs. Description of Property as given in the Judicial Con ...*l veyanc, vi»: A certain lot of aronnod situated in thile suburb An nutciation clias Lacourse of this square No 5, od lot having FIrench measare, 60 feet front on''ehou pitomlas street, feet frollr ou Orntgers street, and ti0 feet on l.afaoade du Malorcl t street, in such manner thatsaid lotof ground is 60 feet wide from one side of the square to the other, together with a dwelling house fronting on Tehoupitoulsa street, the kitchen and de pendencies, also the distillery establishments erected thereon nod other Iuildings ntld improvements, the machiltiry, utensile, implements and fixtures helonging to said distillery, its dependencias and sppontensnces, and the lights, ctions, anl privileges thereto belonging or in any wise appertmsinc.. Clelr's Office, New Orleans, May 7, I8.. m 14,24L&j J. OLI.IE., DputyvClerk. ETAT D)E LA.LUUOlalANte-Uour de enrolsla pour la roiose et villt deI la Nnuvelle Orle:ns. T 'ETAT DE LA I.OUISIANIZ.-A tout ceux quc 1J ces pr6seotes concernett, Sallt: Atteotli que I James IHanse yatnacheth A uone vente faite par le Sherif delaparoisse d'Orlell Ia propri6th ci-oaprs idecrite, s'est adrest ao Greffe de cette Cor oen la dite vente fnt eriregistl-relr2emejor dcMal dIe I'annbe 1838, pour nit Rvis oonformoment A un anctd de la Lbgislanturie I' Ftat de la Louisiane, intituli " Aete pour confirmer les titres des acquereurs nax ventesjudicinires;" appronuv Slet 10 % s 1834. Qu'il soitconnu, et toutes personnes int6basoeessot ipanr ces presentes so.imeles nit nomr de I' Etat de In Louisinne et de la Cour de Paroisse, tui noutrrieolt nvoir droit In proptrite ci-aprls decrie, ell consequence d'un d6fa.rt dte toornie dants Iordrie, le decrrt on le jigement de la cour, enl vertn ( lequel la vente a te fiile, on de toute irr6golarit (I o illigtlith diae I'estimationi,l' is on le temps et le mode tie Iaivente t on pour norotltrocauseqneleonoie; tt.hfire voir, (Iis trelltejouirs a dlteir dt i pilicEaton dei ctte avir, po ntun Iio la lota ii faite l e serait pns confirulbe t hollologni.r, Lit pro prit6 ( fit vendhie par le slevrl' susdit, le qua-. it tliziie fioulr d'tivril (to I'llollf'e, M38, en eerie €l'ou' ii.elot lie ctte eilor le I de I'vrit'r de lnllllO ct 168t, ltils 'aflhiro d'Alexander Caldwell, rcontre JoreS Il une, No 10,307 dit docket do cette Cour, A laqnelle r ellile Idit JUames Hanse s'est rentlu acqnrcur pour le prix de $21,0 tlO. Description del Pol1ri6tt 'al'inr6s letranislfer.iudiciare, t Savoir t'in orrllln Iit de terer siti nlt fanhtlnrgi de I'Annon ialln alins I.acourse, dtie cette ville, dans I'ilct iNo 5, le dit lot de titre eve0lt [inis'no Fr nletisto o.] soixnoote l ei ii de falee it in i: e T alo tlit ilt laSt ,irois let lt littled de face A lh ruo des t aer, et soixlnute pitd Ile facte I lit faiadetie lit run du Illieli(,de sorte qttd, l , it lot dee lerre a stlixntme pieds dIe ariour d'llun hout Sde 'ilet A I'autre: enSeilble nll n maison fieant fa.e A I -rue Tello tilulsa , isint i t sOSa dIl t q.e lt n istillerioi c nstruitit e li r le dlit ll: , et iultrs Ill tlssel et ao So llornlilOtls; les mlllahile-, utihensiles, intlal. ations, A&c. aiptelr:ctinut Ila lilte distiilerie, st diftal It lllCosppnrtollilnaies et les dritS, actionse ivhltoe s t' app,tt Ilarel. iortll dill grcfller, Nolivelle rIli ans, l 7 Va;i. ll3i, my i!,1&j3 J. 01.1,1K Ittti Crotlrer Rnoy. CollrecI of Ph1yritit, I- tut, iii-I oInI iginaIl Vegetable illgeiait ll liniivtrtil M -li cine, rl ti rl r byV W likin, I... lelllller I ii It otatl Call ' 1 titOf nl' , I tcoiat of Apothelc 'Vto i , I im of' l''? * nl'll L'olorjr .i letv, Sull'g,. to Iob tioti i ,no ALociaLion, Io.ncAc a: ld St. Th,11.. is. I I st iti: ds, lI .olo . This va. llle th ie0 , l iitle , l h t 'silt of lll i li Sxpirl I. all d unlll t r allllllildoe s - ss- in fE ill r ill ni , ami hiIl Ih I re...ihable P ictli"*,I iof ! ll], ,- o ri' llilY - niswed bl y thI hc u V l i cl i , I l iat i o ilit n, I iS ooI iii 'odul .C.d W illh ,olice of h Ant r. , .ai alflile .,,;he I'arl s - ltlilO .f I nImr o111T 0 (1 "c 0 t110 hO , lOd hiigh i . l i n ti le jl o lt s ýilll it kis I .p e , ,lt. a l rt tliti linrv slell , to llh eck l th" evril lll l tl, ti "I'ld lllct l·' aI tisoil iitte attOr 1tw 111111it t dil " dbtlo- i I ll loi t4110.: td oA(; theil l p I. l b. I, th' id Olil kIl im:; . oolI I'lll of ]i i u' srllllLr il · e r Ms i id If1";'fr o I. j lik io) S t ll i ntlI is. r" 111t lh i l tl, i. i , i i lll I u, ' ell., n011 11v I ,l l (, tloll ll do a. ih ltlli, - t iC lft i'to i.c, teionireI '1h,-" il!a t il d altI ill ! l aloh, lll , , do o l l, I a i tit u i , ti ih i, c:., tc n net ft . S i h, o nt w c ti t ts o t t hlllple r, i s wlnlll)l i tl. ti l t t i d li i ill l, r I n C Jltn1ill ho liihN I ti , 1 i 1: 1- I i ,. l ll , I el , Aslc. :i .I llt'lll "I l - , pr .-ole t I: n , ill ih, , "\ ho i dae, ,Iln oIh. Thchl origi,..l he h. )ih en tll TI..v siuo . l ololl. Nic cl. bc . i toi ttIh. i lt til I,'l. it' iti td' i i Ito IgellT fitl I-itt11rIt no ttlotf , Nlll it, :,l oillili I ol I doi, f1!h0tin, nolila"'I Sh m ll l ir . rli, en.cin.].eT . JIh ". t I 1o.alo IhA h M o, , M . DI., Wl . l :c , .1. Y I , I J. ASolel G1. _k. FA'entowi Mr . 1i ,tle, I others. The ;ri pi'.h lsma, ).i vt . " I.. ..1.t'l l(l. i er F.Ie "ale 6y n. ofillll lllt ( f Ihe rLIig*ill a", i l rchr. 1 Y sllw. & l th n:, 'ing:i- i& N;7 It CannI1t S t, 1 C. .Olr AEeit tlsor Siwlt et itf ]Lilisi m. illi IS lil lfIfY It LEI U a, So 3 \:+lplziair slcrt. r Iz i w receiviig tlell shiflS Naslhville, Ioeisville, I icutaock, Eagle, a,! otwr late arrivalsi r io :h I :thdrlln ciist, :. ilrge aNd new daitlled assortmentll Itnis, Bools, shnoes :111 Brolrltlt, I nllsit ilo of' tllisll'S ilOe c:ll' :d Mor1occo b1oo0 s b, tu qmlidly doh ll"d, laIld stoat x puh1ged Ilo.,u a 1 ious Illaliltes; mnen's fl l", tlf slt naol .M3orlce Il~? pumps a111 d blrolgans, I0 kskl shoes, ilagaiis atl% el si men's l callf :d kippedt lgged l hoes an o0la Ihootl,; do llout kill and wax Ipegged sllhoee il brogans; genttlemen's bl.stlallulity calflseed slhes, 'ogns alld .lack )ownigs; il o ialf lanl lMorlooo Ickle sllas ad tlllbrogalls; ( all seal anld Jlailt·ne .dian shoes and slippers, d calf, butll au soeat wn.~, ,lewarticle; do line callt, setif laid Imoroccoq t I lots; oays', misses'nlnd children's pegged and sawn d Ogains, anid Ishoes ofevery tqulllity aid kind. A lso a g e n elra l a sso ult / nlt! f` , e"ll l l sto n ll w ai Sli d .t rogans nuol shloe ogither with 1O4 ti ll'o lft quality, i ssett n elgans, a 1imilt d II I.kis, illde iex.lessly for lllnitatlill l use; a good .. . I tlmcn of mlen'ls ilie and st~1t kill russlett I'rlgns,i I w articl, na l a arge quantality of tan infeiortluall i sslt and wax brogSns. lladies' filne calf, seal, nnlmorocco and gin wilts., llll ilnlm solo shoes; do fine F,rie,,h MNlo o Iall kid itIll '.aln sliplet'rs; do reot, sIIoes, wilth :an wilholt heels; cl f, M'al and stout leather iootelms; ale Prunulkla shoe, tiall kinds ma. lal litiesI; Il asting broti 'kas; ti lait.. S:uill losed bootles. Misns' lastillagspraillg llll a 'gutns. Chilhken's colored lolrecl aid iastilng bro ir llnld bloots, ke. , ienrtentlelcnfitsti l lshionable black silk hailt; a10 blackL i I Idra beaver do lt a sulrior qullit); Ia itililtiati • irml do; lerlmd ullUl oIarrow brint men's line dl llla lid 4; ok Itirssia short laIUppetd b1lts, ai new article. Tol'ths :u e size hats of Ililleralt qnudities; Ilo hildrle!'s. 1,n'% anal b,l's lllack and drall wool hats of valriol nu ops, with general assortmlent of bos' and tlll 'lls ra! esps. I hlis alssolrtlten wi:l lle repllenishltd i, th arrival of th ltlacketlstromll the novoe mimted clties, all otf which oill Ib sold oilecolll nollatilg ternls, atg I--I" MtON'TAl; UE ' BlJl Il .FO W It TlE TiEETII. T. II eostabblishedt reputal ion and Increa ;ng 1 delulld dfol Ilis eaflutial reledy oflain, anlld ort ervalllve of the toeeth, has iinduced Ilte subt(lrtlrt iler it to tihe American public. Arrangements hav e Ilmlde to lsutIIpp a nt1011s 1i all the ptripnil cilia ind towie1 inll te United Staies, -to pl Iplace it ithi ill reach ilt those Isufltlillr anld likely to s lffer thi llovos aralssing of aIl tlehlI, lrltllt-ache. blhe O appliedl aletording to direclions aiven sIl (tfile, it has 0ever faile o atillord inl 'ei'iatt and lalent relief. It als, arreals tlia dIctavt tn ll'efectiv e'ili,and relieves thai soreness vhichiso frequenth deOlllirs a ttronllg tooth llsasuless The applitiotli and 'elledy are silllle, innocent. an t lit unpleaslalll; auld he large nullltlr of IpesosI. in diftrelt seciionl, Ih olllltrlthat have alrnrll experienced sluch deliillfi "IN Ilsualualllr elffoeot 1 e 1110 b tifo e ia Imtoe 1111 0a rir d' Saill I henar (irn'the publle -god) their teitnimoni to its i ivalled 'puilitiles. It is al Ihnia relmedl, lhmiined iitolltlav ald oelsplctrdl., and1 tla lie a elllrt ghId ib ie cl-iT'led wotrld 1 t iltle tiItI volullble di.sicO-. elhnllan nf the woods., I'ice $1 iper btlotl. Soll It, l ,IAIIVIS & .'silIEN lar 5 CorColullnnan 'Id T'lhalitotuls ai s, ia 'N EV lOOKS-Naval Sketch Blook, ol, tile Servi. SAlnat and ashore. With ellarelereristie reiniiscen eel es, iragnIlts ndll opinions. i tho arthor k of il kalesot a lTar,&e. second series, Ii vols. ral lilndlom RecIllections ,of ilhe Ho11se of Commlons, 1 ln the llear 1830 to the cloeofl 1835 le:iluding lIels- hle at sketches of the leading 0eanbers-- I0 one of no par- J r,j tst ieeired and for sale b W McKt AN, 10 r I 11M WEIl., a n Histori ll Novel, Ib the liaulhor of ar 01 ''The Brothers," &c. in & vols. ,et Popular Medicine, or 1Familv Advise'r; consiti ngf Ill ern lhulites of Anatoml, Phvtilllootv, a0d 11 yiene, wlth ou acl 1hints on OIle pilralie olf Ihl'ilic, Suri YlIr tllad lit bes i.seras of wonen anod ebilldrel, as may prove Iseflli in beo unilica when regular physicians ealnllt lie proeared:t Sn eiag a companillonl sanld 1gfit Ibsfr ' inllell principals 4 F monnuloctories, plantations, Kald botdllng s.chool in .,d of famllitio,, nlasters of vesseli, mini.ssionarie, or orelera; anod a llelll sketch for loua i en elO Oal:en- lion ' Itle ,tdlllvafmediin.i Iavl Itev.ell Cfi tll'a I. I1 11.11 'teter Pliey's Unliversal fist,;''. ,1, t11e lIases 01 rt(raplly. for the use of Ialnilies, illuslrated by unps Jlt'eng.rvind ,n fir ale by IV MKE'AN, 110 -r ur nanmp llan o nlllloll si. LTOTIICE.--T'hoe swerof everal i,acks-ns Ilnetlhtl A d.iA marked Iladame V. Artiqtecave. per ship 01l1. rotno, frotl No Ybrk is herebv t fitn thrd rIi y i, tvP h0P1 stored by S1IETORN, I .VE ilN & . ( just ,JdS C'lin''ae '"rltnnl' N, I UPffSnPfBLaIkffL IRO sfltSEoor'P PL.OTFS, The Fith Edilioncf ROWLEKTT' TAdlLES OF INkTitREST: TO which is now added anll Average Time Calenla Stor, or easy methods for finding the average lime on storage, notes of hand or bills of goods, when pur olased at dilferent dates, on different credits, and lir varilou nmounts; benidesseRaul fual d etmplete Bsanking T'ime Tale, die best that can hre conriveid. or that fi goures can ritluce within the sanme eomleselnd lmniass, ind size ol t} pe. An aivertirement in thebook is in nerrly tile follow ing words:r The high distintion this work has received itroghi til ten legiilative acts prefixed to the title page, is are comnmerdiltion in itself, so necommon,, and so eonclu sive,th I nothing is neeessary more than lv wny of ad vertisement, to given condenaled view ofsome ofits pe culiariies:; lferinstaonce, the Interest laI been eomp.s. ed from,anrd comparreCd winh, what is eqisvalent to foui teen selseotealeulatione, examir ed inr tihe press tllirr five times, and printed Irom tcreotype plates tested thirlytv-one times, from all nhich it mnst be evident even to the sketic (esprecially oil tihu pe.onal olfthe dec tai of proofin the preface) itat the werk munst e arill metically infallible, andl in confirmation ofthis beliefs premium of two hundred andi flftv dollars, is now offer cd for tile detection of an error ofa cent in the present or fifth edition, as eaeraesed in tile preface, making five latle Ipremions ifflered for the same error since the first iprllication in the yoir 1802. One of tho most oonspieuons fenatrerofthe tables is inthe arrangement of the Time anrd Amounts, which for expedliti.ns, roferenee ond perspieity, with tile help ofthe side and index, cannot be excelled ; and the sal'ly ty and ease with which the intercsl ca be foundr to the extent of general business, willtnt doubling of lnns is besides a eonvenience soi ess tial, that in tihe estima tion of some oi tile most competent and practrial busi ness men and publil officer who have made grelt use of the work, it has been distiguishd bythlo honozable appellation efofa "master pince". And considering the inltlibility of the method originally adopted in composing the work, anid te extraordiunry uumber and variety ofthe examinitinns, and tests of every edition it haspassedinthe press, eolwilthstnding the whole is in stereolype, considering, in sh6lrt, he positive accuracy secnred lIy the nnprecedented means employod, the vo lumehs been held up and emphatically styled " the most wonderful book ni thBewnlk;" most certainly no moncan name figure work ofthe same extent, which since ite beginning of creation, has had the same num ber and variety of tests in the same numner of editors; no, nor one half the number, as is clearly shown in the preaw.e. Besides, astest and standard, it has been tried andt rocedi in nearly all tlhe iank and public offices in tihe United States, and by the pulidic gonerally, during the long period of thirty-five rears, yet no error of lie cal cllations has ever beZen found in print, althongh cnltinlu ally clallenged by the offer of very large premiulrs. rlhe in fact expireisly adopted thy all the osnrts oflaw el sevoral ofthe States as the " rarte of calculation forratatre interest," ars also hy law for bank interest, according as the book i. used, and as oay I.e seen in pr't, by .,,u names of the sunscribers, and a few of the srlrnsequent pitrchasers, ill the list at tile enlld f thia book, isillo iosessin frefvery class ofcitizeuts in every quar tu of the Unit el States. It is moreover well known that, by its rearly check, it ha so oftn te detected large errors, long after they were smnde, even by the most careful and most competent aritmeticinls , 'at its iasfslness, anti thte absollue ne cessity flne its usa, hllve beoen etensiyely insisted ulpon, so aeident, intace, have bce r its lidvarn ltages, al its savings, that, severer vaersago, whiilst tie first edition was scarce, and out of prinit, a great .umoner of second hIand copies were sought for., seome to It gre t distance. and pur'erased tit various Iprices, as they col(d occasion ally bo piked apat fbom $10 to $25 per colpy. and sorne persons have reecn.iY dieclared, anl insiances could e quoted that thiry womuel pay $50, $0l(, and $t50 for aer opi tf not to be had for less, and nll ilividnlal ill tIe latter instance pl:rticlinrl-, having at tile silne ineo rxhibitd iartistaetory p'nai, to reverni persoisrpre sent tihat to him it was really wortt h that monev and more thlollgh tie savillg of liis very .rvaltale tille, he being a very' rich mantln d in plublico(ficc. It is likewise wortlhy of notl ce, hnd indeed pr. per to imnpre, that suchll is tile onture of figle Wlrk g.ncrally andrl aspeciallv when ofi tile extent iand implorlallce rl these It lrs, ihatl hd tis book orits like hit n preprl r edl it the na rIanner, vlole, bit the most coprnr tert i calculatorin the world, and afteranrds prinrd maost Srnionlltly under hisown cnlrrctionn of proof sliets, it would, Ihdmoo to ta Cel.rtaillt, havn fitteen lllts fa ire tecll andr dear i.t any prli:l, as tole ireface dariica hol1 explains. But s; petrltrr at. vanuabllte have tit, iItenrtlr ptlls Iflll this wtlorkllcrll m e, that to stetlre Sthenm, \- telrlnlvllus and extlaoeinlinary extiinlll o tlols.agahintt Ctror the gelrIroil henetfit, the tare (by :ndvertisremllt) conlltly kel int a piace .o spceial alfkt, ex c. t " hilT. "'e I in ,rintig.r A -nvhllirtions to fied both I Inks and sfatue into,, i t ith slcrefrll Multei folllow the irltlfe, which, io 1i fulh I s in tilhe t . prlcedigll ll dilions, conlltali nlllo h in re rlninll eflc(lonll the two I.,llrl l r il1les olconmeiut 'il tcr #,, tle dmls ufhgIlelek &. It rent.os otlh to rciak h:It, notwithstndhing thi, I utncommony I.N lly work, ihtfil was lo h pblihed r elllre inteelltnl' nl us enl' Il 1odol, d. in dl olls And l .IeI E s hri tend al a , l.lil ll l )lli h l.lnxtUlls livel l id so lb rlihr ll Sputronill, it Iit,. o it tr sol nnhl lts rrnal with iteresl. SI 1, hear y I Ae of . ttly latre ti rrrralt d dollat r , n teide' six ,: lllelo s of l 'lr' t to M IN I o, nr tained orlr tlrhe. t i t ion Iof 7 rt . . t.s, rriig cel,1 trout its p bill ti,. :t ti,, th , I't -o nu ' o '. to s.- n it i,,t h i I : ll.+ o-,tion or+' liwol516-' .1 -1l a r lil '-ti f - li I ' , t,'filot :lj Id clicrifim hw eif , thk ·ti l still r'clie oilfitl .o l' d I, rer F. Ir .iI ly the e'et ,I / ise+.,, rr:s ( e I nlel ,ortrr r'ti-i l ." \V itfiK, -. e A,-iik i l, bity thea rnrlorof "A Year in painr i ah Ya , Wi a lac nk, a i meut l s moral reli tJ.reerrtIal and o"rWlelc tate l. IM'IKAN, I,'loI I l)l(i Cl, r Ai.. r C! DOCTOR JOHNS^ON g .12Y Ir 710l ei 'anie-tlov at his otlire, 113 rlrre'it.r Ihr.D irr.eer , near trtr till, tralt, air terf "r.r;,aIn ','ettritetalt F'- itDr. Jllhlelam'sex e+,.. :- o0lpuatajitv in so,, lorf lle ,r'st tele'rated Hos,'ar l r Hiln aeleerxeBtirhrlr I' devtedl to threallellnt i Viner t ll(d 8lihgli, 1(l1lll 1 il lttý w d n]l-,'fom I 1 Pe<].nmwi.e.,P of five 'Illl% ill ,)auw York, (ilrg whc itle r. JohnsonOll eir his pra'ie e., lely to tIle Itrelatmelt orf IIhoe diseaise' with tie rmost unpriPdentell I en .:iRs; ihs enalledd I, re m tovi, lv . of . l.. 'll 'twi i complaints in from 5 ,r, rlM atiothr ý'eletorini 's medicine. (;hitr'ri:erl W;et, St.otllre, llinl .ri., Af( tiaonrr 'f 5rillOr der, Kidneie, 'nrostate ilen alld any tof tihoe Ituni ar outr.irn e'f alrectiroil, whicr h gernmrally follow nrpg, o r et or nal-ireated cases of Venerial. Serofilout, aores Illcerattd legs, and worn rnsjloved lya sihlllle Ineth ole of trentreit, ritholt rtstrietrn ii diet t or interrop tion ilroli bitestin nl ralte inclting their fim ilv flysician, by ie eding a stateelnat rof thlrir cge bey hllter iretst paid with tiees enclosed) call Ilhave ir. .l . ohnon'a adice, fir Iheir rowet trlellalt, tliti h ledicine, aiecessary to be uedt orwar lp nior'atine file r Iravildie wherel patients can nreor cIttle in |.atlt wi]| lli eah ther. Atl reotln lce iaren aeoring Imtil night, at 143 Custom [ Cot iashreeiatiolls strictly eofidenti in all cases. 'ne 13 IPoillnter, So.3~GjR'onIlol e st nel, two doors lirln IitatioMollS '" ll f'lll.w'ing wo\i , and nl] ng bles.ex a eeltcd ill aI rt s\teei!n aleIhorer. Mahtogmly, Fgp''tian black and gold, t).k, (tilla :ar Antlico, Pollird do, Oriental or verd ulotille, Carled dr, .J891W.r, Birdes WEve t, Ilrby Grnitle, S.tin Wl'ood, iotonew I lair Wood, Io +,e 0o.r Iurardello, )"!w Tree, Italian Whoile. Cormatnodlle or Itlack Silnta aid Itreetellas, Iose Wood, Ano'I a-n ,re.v, Ash While Oak, &kc. & k. Curled Elm, Specimens to be seen at tilh th4op. Paints. oilt, glass, sopalt varnish, &e. onl hald nlitor sale. Ol T LEL& IlHlEVY tirJtlS-lui, sieure ind undliron, %ell assorted. itrop, rtroll aInd rod irr,, nail rodis atl pilogh Cs';l, (-German, shear, blistclde, spring, sheet salll Growley steel Hollow ware, cllt nllr wrouaht naile andl spikee Ziutc, block till, nill and grind stonres, salt kettles Chllau enbles, aeclers, ehonr (h, lorg aed trace( Ia ins, Eorw mills .\Anvils, vices, Hllllmerseand bello sa Wire e ,he lpig and liar lead; idiot Crnl, sand aoooking stores Alies, Itowanhld's and other slades mnll shovels flook antIlllate hillges, dior an window hooks Colnlins, leint Shtaerfs, att Uther axes 'Irr''tI nilt lrltillsa eU'Ietge, lines alld twine I olh nt ll shtealthing coppitr; eNaval storec Pai'lo linseed anlld spem oil A teuli aissortmetlt of hnldware a' l ship chandlery, always oil had, aild which are )relillYd flr sale at whole sale ol r'etail, oil tile loest faIvoraIle terms, by In4 I. k VTO'tN h Co. 53 Old Ireea. .. -AIRROWGATBI SPRINGS a.l eraeaortrery trtita' .40limolI. TILREE DA 'YS JOURNE r" FROM NEW i ORLEANS. rfI1E lproprietr of tthis establishment has tile plea IL sure of'announling tai his friends and the public ias eneralntlt lie will be in readianesnb the first dav of May rt receive viitaers. He will also state for the'he nelit of those at a diatance, that threm have been large inlprovnments made, and others now going ou and in rapid progress for completion, %thich will elable the sllber herl to nl.onllnodate it Intuth larger nIlmber than heretriilera, and at lthe slime time mluch letter. Familie can be- acconloidated -ith good roonms, er thlire twho ,prr. r call .ave Iarge cabins .r.tached fromn It is diremed utnecessa.ry te say anything ill partict lar of the charaeter of these walters, for it is generallyv believed that they are not ialerinor tl ainv in the South ern State All thie amusements tht are generally d buladat Watering Plnaees will he found at t hi. The best sic thant tlhis part of th country affords, has t beea engaged, and will le in eaonstnt atotendance at the Sprino-odtrine the whole searonn. 'I heneie er.cietl aill aail himsiaelf of this oppnrlunity in returning his unlliined thanks for the very liberal Frotctto' giVnen hlile lert season. anl hopes lte the exer inn t tnll hvep been ll.d.nel i ietproving anlle( eXrteding till- It:i nsmllnodatioins. io) Inrit a liberal palronage tilhe fpeesei't season. JNO CIRAM, a "TeIs\i "a, lEI'll.I.A'TI')I'Y, ;r rremoving io, e IcrllUlllo lllr fllolll tihe fare, oef'k nlli armse vtith .ll t aleCty and certainty, eIavilg the skin tiler hll whiter than botbre tile oapplieaden. A fresh opipply just received a: Wi; INt, " I .No. I Ehange Ilnt'l, toriller 5t Chathlll, ld f'oame, 'tea' r.4 6 MAIL AfllAWXEM*f Tl M. .., Dte EVyy'av atl2lI. Northemr Mail, Closes Every dny at 10j A. M W ter ., Due ever S unday, Wednuaay an W na t Fridail y, by ., P.M. by ora the Clas every Mondra, Wednesda 8o1s.v nnd Saturday, Bv 9, P. It. Th Mail se every T eilwda, Thursday, an Thelia.e il Sa ,rdH), y 5 ,P. M. via Closes every Monday, Wedneslda EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARIIVAL, DEPAR'tURtE DISTANCe. &c. ofithe Exprcan Mail, betvi-a Monile and New York-leavins Mobile daily' at 3 P. M. Nortiwar New York daily at 5 P. M Southward. A rrives Arrive Nortlihwnd. Distance. Time, Ietern'g 4Montgomery, Ala. 2 pm. 19 nm's 231 12 in. Conlmbus, Ga. l1 81 91 3 a.m Milledgeville, Go. 2 133 14i ip. Columbliia S.C. 7j am. 163 171 . Rnetrhi, N C. s| 215 22 12 Wortrenotn, Vd. 12 m. 55 A1 Peteraslurg, V. 10 pm. 83 .10 O a. Riehir ul, Vs 1 I. 21 3 61 Frederiekshoin,. 8 67 7 II p n. Waehington citv, 9 n pm. 61 64 5 Baltimore, 6j 38 4 01 Philedelpliai, 61 am, 100 11 2 New York 2 pn. 90 CS 1305 143 it. otr 5d 23h Northward. Comiln Southward, the time is six I oura es; h being5 days ana 17 hooas. _ rN'1 ijOLLA"8-R-iK WA-iR--5 SANAWAY fr,,m 16B Carondelst rerier of Hevin streets, on le night of 301i, of Asgustasd wai seen loe next morning in Psydras stretn, a negro ioy named CHARI.iS, abotl 17 years of ae, anil 5 fee or thereabouts in heigli, vev bhlaek, and i an imped inent il his speeh, one of his lags isare, oeensionet by arecent hurt; lie had on when he went away a white cotton or linen shirt and white cotlon pantaloons. Masters of vessels and steam holts are cautioned a gainst receiving or harboring said negro, as well'a alt other persons, as the itmost rigour of the law will be enforced against them. The above rnward will be pail fordelivering hi into any of tie jails of either oftho municipalities, or at 16 Carondelet, corer of Ilevi stenet. Mplt OT lCE--l icopnrtanerahip heretofore existing i under the firm of Iubois & Garretson, has beea dissolved. The suibscriber will liquiilate the nffirao thle concerin il this city, and reqaires all person indedb - ed to make cIavment to him oi.d, nild all thoselavinp claisloi, to lreiintiliem for setleent. sg il--7 ' H" ARIIETSONJ W.W. SWAIN. No. IllCrnal S.reet Ame Orlncas AS always on hand con.itnnly S receivin, nnD SIyesr, Chemicals, aid Pain's, amoug IiInY. nr, ollownig: DIUUGoS. DYES; Antinrny ore, r Argols, red, ili rngulau, AoiAltto, Spaii.. . Arsenie, crnlde, Alum, do ipowdered, Urazillette woon, Ps:aa oopsavia. Cochineal, BoHer, ermio, Coppen ils, American, dlo refinedl, Cu'bear, Brimlonei, crude, Fustic, 'Tampico, do roll, do C(an, do flower, do Maine, hirmitth, French lerries, Caiori oil, Indigo, Bengal, Creamn tartar, do Msanilla, UCalthsirildes, st (Itarrrnees, Clon aloes, do u lwltnmal., do Aci:ie, Lop no . deAnitioood, Ctnipea do du alonisa, dno Jamoien, do benzoHiu, Cnawoodl, no copi, rough, Madisde, omlnio, to ) lo serapeil, Nieouragiiu, Iloonsere do al Anmerieo, tie Co')r, IM n ....i , c :phor , er le. In Mal, .. ..ib i I ali " Ill sIn d io' . he. dlo goillun, CIIIlEMICALS. o kino, Actal, nitrois, 0o Inlastio, do Amuriatid I I, 110l'; , . k, P. I lll , tric, Sshellac, Blue 0ii, 'ij, .enI. . s, duI ull 6I, I,|,, 1 " orgdlrl. I lolrrosive ml limatio (.lulla, iosmn milalt ,lolilmler helries Aiierlccniiltlnu, ensili, do do PirlUeigvi5 lIed In'iied .iv Ngiislaa I Hochi liolc lIemt do An i ier i t Redllromaeii ponlislh .lumn Alke, SuIp car, Ste". do nioli, Sal pow? I il clov" Sill.i vlle, I.L- "im Stllgiilo. khlil].ne, PAIN 'lt--lllnlc dio luqeruinti Blllue, Ha:l lllli:llhi di ipeil i in ail .I . la ,l, l' cen,a, lii liiuniii do 0 i I dIo I-I'lilml4, 1" t 1,tIA-lies c RI'gillth , dol %lwi I .' 1 Alrllnwrrw Il In iiiu I dalll r lhilea Iitgl;l, mt Ilisi ti A'i i -ll lei cipli, JrIl Icgad. ntlgel. 110 f,,l'i:llh. l, S I,:1 n Al·ol, n, Ilr, Enlir i, dili imiW in i, Joklin oo ili ?91 wr' eomile ,i1-' Vý,,. Irtd i'.li.h .trr. Stlfti, r, Sl.0ir l i Aro ll illrc d i i'1 S nIoesnr i F ,I,'y Iio iilloi ii, a hii g dni i eh miO Sladon iio, e alneci Silo-- I silie 00 gin CAP'TAtIN MAII'LY.VIA I" NEW NOVEi.S. RlWtulti Itre.Rfer, lit' thi aulholr I 'er P iiimrilr, &c Cosmnrindi, or a Hisnter at Srhloytr Haifirlcdl in Ille St i a, hv Catito Ia 1il Hall, I1,oal Nar, P.1. Lemd Ioldhn, a rtmneP, lo Allal (onninghunlsI ow, haer' FIcreh. rittn er 1 rel, 3ro illgioal Itmarolnliad N'etlaolianel (iree, in I ol. tr uift rleiegdo Iru i ' freorsa byrks. SPAIN REVISITED,&c.& c. " SPAIN ItREV'ISI . F, by a le aulihh r D of 'At y in Spain,' iw 2 mvol iea. 's Phology T.Rietzi." LoIntr ie rhr'r,'as m enerarit f pliale toqa i e Poh hinl rillmiar , lsof tle United St2tes, or a illot's ipovrued nletali Petero.jpntred papers, weighte &e. &c. &e. Stours,by . I) Kanalil, Bai. SJnFtln rcied, atl for n ale b nie , roni Cuneous EN. Lon by ree ePAIN RVISITl &ses, n, by tie author of Ayear to ini bsing in vlinta . a. . This very oolncentratel .iyrup in prepared with the Tgreat off hatlnctaceul care al nerllray,naplieontain The Polriral framrunear, of the United Stoates, onr trolplted view of inte theory ild pL tie r ftble subgetnce uTIr tate goernleidrtilm withe reyiiant in bein abthe to ehilited Inrodt ipted to th ag mapril of thea United Stati, bER'S ilr.nsitrel, o. Canl ret, wh ANimrod's Htonti, VTors einteirper.-d with irtaeoter isie arneoitiC, tav angs andllilo iegs o fpnrtia tmen, in onith, lytirpenrl contto t.., m and geral index ofan ae,2 amortlunm.t of b .sli drugs, mn4 PINN' K'S [MPROrEn eR t TIO OF DR r oldfl h'o AKirg Eil, t of tlie RHistory of Rot, Chrto nich is preous Dix - Plaiu in t o toe te, by fre na i, d a t ie ofvlub inury ther bld bing in litio atd itial N nd ; This very eoncentrated Svrup in prepered with the lifEn tivplal ro tle In ariopn of illinu C esar to thc trated dlngrer, comined with other vegetaabl substanci ofiknown efficacy. lie Conestitutjdon; &c.&. willusatrledin in being a toU Exhi.Eit r OlEg A titOy of r a ana n Anridmn ofeilh's New Tnretatise on thipe Upe of n-thy, beis. SAmericn cedt of i, meit, aoitions f nd iiproiniter ieao an xptin othe oial part uftlie Apr rice 1 iv0 ad for tsale. o only at SAEAN R HARPER'S g CLeAS NICA Inal street, L w r.TollACE,lr«.islatld Iy P'hillip Francis, O D, with oTlwaxpely Betn JoIiUaIF, I')>ley, Ciltnn, Dbvdon Poayt e Alidon, r wie t an genaieto, dir atfromthe , PreTit tore, Swai's antd some Vertnliftige, Potter's C.tolf th con Carnter Ppwith rati apen, anlii a large and genera leortu xiit of IIU l dLrugsR, by os lluse, Eksq., now edition, with illustralions, by Ge I'INNOCK'8 ROME, &c. P INNOK'S IMPROVED lOJIITION OF DR o1HE l Sit; a Taledbythentofthor of M Ri lf Rii to which is prefixldatn hitriductlon to ti ointuy o Romtin Ilistare, nad n great vaiiety ofvaluoble infor ile tion added," , htr i;lh t tolue k, on the ltiners noltitutions and Antleuitis of te Romans; with nred tnieroos hioeraphicol anul hintorical, Notes; and qnee ioACOr Semintio t cthak d of aciinnt timo. II lItratedwi th thirtu grt vings ca woodl, by Atlerton Insoct's Ithuproved Edition of Dr Goldtmith's ltiotor) oftEngland, from the Invasion of Julius Casar to thia deathoof George 2d, with eritloituttion to the yea 1183. With questions tar examinatiot at the endin iatch section. Besides a variety ot raltable informac Latio added throttgholot tile work. Coisisting of table of'rlotln ipreulo Soverelgnt Ead in andent ,ernolrl Copious explaliturv notes. ReT arks oi t.e oli tirs, tIanners anl literaotier of the age. Anu i the Constitution; &r.&c. iluhstrated by mniy ngrae GOutc' Eal.tEnETair Or, ani an Aneridgmen of Keith's New T'reatise oi the Use of Globes. Now American cditiot, with additions and improvement Ote t expiation ofethe attitronoicol part oftho Atl tican Almanac. JtEt received and for sale b7 WM llKEAN nov 24 earlier at Camp and Coutton it, HARPER'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. 11 OIIACE, translated by Piillilp Fraucis, 1) D, witl 0aplpetdix, containitng trinslations of nariour waes & Bict Jonson, Ciwley, Milton, Drydun Pope Addison, Swif Chottierton, hi ialakeield, Ptirson Bryai,&c. and some oofthe nottaeetinlmnt poets of th dae-and PIIIEI)RUS, with the appendix .hf a.ttius treuttla teil by Christopher Stutrt, ai d vods furntn, vumes I@ still h orafa rtitrrs ChiasijA Lihbrare o Tht toxpiittin'I of I Ih lt'It yCLINKER, by Stnollet, al 1), with o inette ir ('it* the Aiuthtr, by Yriotn us Roscoe, Esq., new edition, with illustrations. by Ge C-ruikshtaik THE 1IPSY; n Title, bt henmtther of "Richelieu Mary oil! urgundy," &e.,'tow edition, 2 Yale tomplo PAU1, ".LIFFORID;hv the antitor a# "Pelhit-. The i.i fr 3d,1,1i &ie, heittl volume 1vt ofthtn new ea ni of"rE I a r CotnplelV #arbks. J uat received a asIe j WINM MeKIhAN W eJll,~hll ý iunit-- %lerntci',cnt Erlin, and for smle.JY. if)O IRT & II1Wr n t

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