Newspaper of True American, September 18, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated September 18, 1838 Page 2
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~,ISUUk A-P1.ubo ! ..oaoW'. 86 all pid.sha S t~ee. a4SdwypI· ole 6i b1. mnoorn... 6101.0t bems mAoeto'osd (.oheos.. Moirudoo.Ohder, ISo hot" hroito e. *AVr k-Aoaor..ui9 av ...'o lOObble dour. IMPORTS. U lot.SOL-Psvsh l Majoo lo,.'ovro. ,ellnoo Irn,, an.4. eJ IJMd and.lo Was Ml~do5.WM oo& O. -.e.-.a..r.Pws p hu do,..o oo rold lm aMroo. se "c 40. S 6n s te.o. Rft J Call. A "' J De...olonn. W H $own.e. 1ikr, J W Il.dlh·ove J Din,0 E3 Mllrdd. 8 Nnth 4 too, Rosody, Dsred 4 co. Sodoe, sod s ypý ee~erat event masts sell ruit-, t `Calltsi-lrel n1 J Vbni.: Lepage h Brut Curtl A C'astillo. M H.,o.. A Z.R a ; .t4 i Tlel'RCWCEE N e Ah ~1 f omm.. l 4 oxeC In , A Ome i l r.,ga.M i e 19 Ata loo. C CDDun net 39 I #6 sabct. onrto r sethorn; I5 do. 3d. C AJ oruhe 2134 plo. Ied. 341sue. crn, 25 do raw, A I nsof1"rep. Rily; d95. lk. Aron. 3dI sm, pot". l attan 44iosokoh sale. 37.t~d 1 del ro..lee (oashe nbo 0,' 980 malls 005. F tloevl*: 7r4 .. do. J 31 osoko .5t.0o. ot. e.toOrl.56 o4t b. V,,W LoVliehoveon 1o27oak as. H i owd ; 35 doum chicken W Boll. S ho 'Pi' Alot..erao oollhb'sfioor Udoond i "ud..A a t. Oddsoo: 1l1 do F J 1*t.'Ii 80 oior LlAtlok~t 4 . et'tartles 4 Wlslochem. W 0400,-w Nunt rho 1761s nootie. to 10 do. Rulio. Wool 14 t lt0 do dob~ M lk la Sdo W 'O ln n 20 do. B Loodi. ltdchTayl; Godo I odo. J dAr eol. ad 4Qoms. *de."ssool. Ferridoch A ndoelrtn A e:7 de.AN Wodoo o.o..; S do, Ahbln TrsmoeloO t we do, .odff1 F.,Zo)ss CO PASPKNII3RE. .tio'eO (..Pt shlp Amhsoodor..5.6.Ooldso aod 7 In the UCep.oos.lo.. Msss H Show. Smith. 111+wS `tler, Wlltll ..din the ooelep. MUnORnAnI). Yhier rieM 01.100 loftoh Mouth of the Ohio oe the SIb. ,lkbioo6 oho. RapoPllt ho rntlnome.Unitoeotos lat Crll ood Sham Aegon ·r.oi d at Padly Cory'a bosd. 3fIW'NIW 1kI,M:Aý`. CLE.ARANCES. 3,lgOwes. ¢oel. Phlldslphio 3 lIorooco Soho t.osb.Welhor. Haleo. 9 Msolto Soplehool l7h. No Cle1omr to-doy. ARRIVALS. SoM tshowo torpoise. Clerk. toom Ohs NE Poso, towod to .oo achy Colomhb.. llvosohtoop ohi. Mejollo. lsogafb.,oh.wt deepeo. Aoll'o. folm titshPo ..Oowed to e.ehin ,llhor, ohip Elizeltlh, hork U.nion. A brio Thon.o. Sooogho rap ht Led-is. o rom i n 0. M1( loll th eroliuos.. soh, C.o~doos. Rtopeors ain Hleod oltd., to. aohor. hlow. Ist vory fmh at 0oh nor, nothlhn i...i .11 oolthor bho. To. nlr In the rier Loft Aoleo)ldy sa 12' big Soloth Cm olt.oi, Lee i. rom Nondlleoo lo J Toro. pr. M..oay ,orporltd to. mo0t0r sod 00ner Brot Lodri fo,.l* lootono ..crgo:o lico, aill st ohe *ooehtLOhesuo Point. Caledonlo. PoO',.tfom0 RIeo.,. prat lvoeoho.Al o. oro. H11000. to Froeno. at th. Naar yyurea: eulaa. Ship taj kl lH.otr.l t o Liosopool l. 00 & JP Whitn.y. SNOW.. Llolopooo. ,Arknr,. ftom Mon0h of Rod Ri.4 ... rogod, oiyoossnble 0o no00t o00r Oho ho,. Shippeo. will pie..o oollm,4 make moblensnlrsh aoAt thoir goods. Sboposo Aloft.,rivlo. tenm 6000m0r Olteo. Notio I. rome St l..luio ooms paohlu Otsoilleo Jodos. Bayou Soee. Spepemhbe 171. 6SUM owehootP0ol By. Poldling fom the Phosses.o hroeahl up olnlAmbesdedOO, sod lwog Empoosool. Lof th1 Bar I&h rat 4 P Mt reportls othin;' 00.0. Ship Auh amdoo, Upton. toen Livsrpool. to Neol.t, loft bsL ZO l.oOUOrp. 20 d tysoeo a61ooeoto is bWus. .bk r4 C.. 1 passengers 1I'INTING OFFICE FOR SALE-The under P aligd offe:rsa . sale a splendid Job Ptliintg Of see clmplete in every paricnular and in nrst rate order. Will be sold a reat bargainVD F by I)AVID FELT 4. t. New York Stationers' Hall. ept 19 No 24 Chartres sI, N Orleans. O.'i'ICB TO CAIlIPEhTERS-Prnpoaals will be received at the ofice of the New Orleans and Nash viBe Ralroml, unil the aitlt inat. for putting plank at the lattrsectiaos of Marais. Villero and Roberson era., with canal; similar to that now laid at the intersection ofTreme and Canal. D1 HOP IAI), fspt1. 3 Chief engineer and Ganl 8npdt. W ANTED-A person to tele charge of a row rcowe and deliver thie milk. A northerner or Gertan preferred. Apply 4.9 'cTehapitnotlas t. sptlg:3 ,j-HIKEY--50 bhls raect:iied whiskey in tore add IV for sale by LAYLET & AMELUNG, septl9 17 Commerce at -AVANA COF FEE-75 bags greenaFavana cofee Z instore and for sole hr lLATER & TRIER, weop 1119 411 Paydra, street. W iiE V kNtA SUGAR-3 a , to stare, 1LATER & TRIER, aste19 411 Poydras street. 7JiUtO CLOTHS--lpinevy., kerne-, swannskins, A.e, of Variots qualitien, foat t a hew E-gland Worald Company, tsr tale, at low prices by ISAAC BRUIlltI & CO, rsptl9 114 Magazine at. E'GRO iBROGAN-50 cases amen's and bhoe Srusset brogans, cmmom.and extra sizes, fIr sale by ISAAC IRIDGE 4. Cl., esptl 134 Magazine at. W'IINDOWV, GLASS, 4.--ltl) bnxes of nwidown V glasn, assrted sizrs; 22 harret* of pal It oil; 30 bbls utpitits of turplentine; 17 bbis of whltine; 3 tons of green epoit dry an I in oil; 60 packatet ofgold lelt, d a general assortment of pnitat, latdinz and for atse by spll9 It. CL INNON, Ii .!amp nt. TRNISHRS-A elare and .extensive slock fromnt the mantlfactory of PB Smith & Co. cnlprisigl in pert to foil wing: eztrlt pohiting no I, do nt 2, furniture no I, do no 2, do i3; onlch varnish no I, do ne 2;:varnish no 1, 2 ad 3 for ordinary use; black and brown japa, for sale by S rptl9 R. CLANNON,12 Camp st L TIE-1400 casks "Ilalnseon time, tar .ale by HERMOLIINE BROWN 4. CO, ,eprtl 9 Conti at 2Ml1 coils rose, for alea ha 1.tti9 HIERIUIG/ BROWN & Cn. 9Cooti NEW O(RLKANS 4. NAS HVII. E RAILROAD I FFICE-- eptemhe 17thL 1888 a1EALt.D proposals will be received until the "5'h inMoaont; 'for laving twelve imile of sllperstructu-e alolg the Lake ehom lmle,,neci g near Baonu D or Allgator Bayon: the work is divid:d into three sec. ionsf four niles each c rntactors will proi ae foe one as m re eti ans, agrelb e to a eeifiatione which may be teen at this ofine. D. HttAID, septl9 Chief tEngineer and Gen,. uperdt. j'"ANVAS.EIs HAlIs-lIOO saperior canvassed hams, in store and for Aale by LARVT & AMELUN. OPE-, lo oils rops, a first rate article in statom Ilfar salt. by LAYET & AtIELUNG, sept19 17 Commerce street. LOUISIANA INSTITUTE. U tHIS Ins itution for the duacntitn of young gentl S asn. will ggo it,. o' eratio, in the early part of neat Iltober, under the ditection of the umlersigoedl who has accpied the lte r of.atlheltatita ill several Coiloges afthe north, and who is a graduate of one of the most celelrated universitkl s olEurope. The carse of studies In be pursued sn this aemina. ry will ho eaomln rhedad in th ' fillowing disit n, viz: I. lThbe lalish depatmlentl. elmbracling al the brancaes of a thorough und acano.plished .nglish ad. satIon 2. The rlassical derpartment, comprehending the Latin and trebek lasnguages. 3. 'Thesd'parttmentof modern languages, in which will he taught the French, lSpaniah and Uerman Iasn 4. TIs m sthematleal and philoso -bleas department seomprehlditg A sgebr, Geltmtrv, the t o TrigOnon. etrise with their praetical altpliteint to Qutlesing, N sigat on, Astrounotv ce. Ntumlt Philntphy atld; C(ellislyllutarattd by apprprllte eapefrilentls. The Ioalonf the Intittlina will be made known in a subCsequet advertisement. C J HADER3IANN, AM. Rrra.zscas: J GIBSON Est, Ral Pl'uIDTar SHANNON, Louisiarn Ctl'ege k)m C A.LUZENI8ERG, L C DUNCAN Esq, 3 NICHOLNON E:q, New Orleans. a.~OONU7 OtAIi CIPALITY STEAM FERRY CO. ITIE books ofasuheription ef tihe toclk of the 2d Mnnicipality team Ferry Co. are elred-tlh -uhb.ribrm will plt.,se take olce that the in. atollment falls due on the 14:h int, and will be hsyhlle aothe Firsmoen' lasnnece aOfs e, No. 54 Mussn's Noildings, Canal street sep 13 dOt ARCADE BAT'EJ.. E-NTRANCE st Bansker & Koifer's in the Ar. eande. 'I Hot, tepid and told Baths-also a excellent alower bath. s. p 13-St I .urttttAL aegarsntiQ.IS tobr le Ihy Slsp 13 8LAT'ER &TRIE', 40 Psydrae at. NEW BOOKS. SCloekmaksrr, the savings and doings of Sam 1 lick of Sliekville, teeond series; panrt d Na 2 o, Tllvr ,Tit; the parnish Hoy's Prtpties, by tlit an. o of *1ti Pcwick Papers," .Shetchee of EeR Life," "Niebolae Nickleby dr &e" illunrntad with plates frnldeaigts by (ieorg Cruiktbsnk. Also: an ad ilioel ~ ptPYI of "the Athenian Captive," by the autho o "'iot' J.ust receioved and for sale hv WM. MIcRAN. eo 13 Corner ofntatlp and Cnmmn att. SiIIt)SE perons who wish to take passage in the I Cars at any iotrmeodiate pntia. between New Or. leans and Clarrollton are particularly requested to nmake snse msteion or aigual ta the nag eer of she I.9e ral ties p viouas to hm or inig at that poist ia dly light, after dark it is neeossary in order that the Eagrlter may atop, that a Iisp a'hdo be hali out. GEORG EIMERRICK, sep 1--tI ChiefEngineer N. 0 & U. . R. SAVAw eo ,pe P .;r& . 50. ,s8 tld Java c .tfee 5od , pl ,e,5l onesreals blalIgsoa luaatordt 4) begs hoe s b eIttr, 1 kegs Fulton Market pickled toafgors, reeived per ships Viakaburg and Kesallion, or pse .y sep 13 PIThIRS c MIL]IAI. Whale 01--1500 gallost winter spertb oil lins summer oil' 31.11 gatlos m.._ S, , HI ItBRIDt.E 4C O. 11 ++lnziti e tt. ts l l'RUP AMERICAN. MuIr..Y DV inric Oli. ParTBPaY AND BOL. . NortS V OR LE.4N t TU S I)A Y.......:S TE 8M E SR S 1"s n Agreeably IQgrevlo;.s Ia ies, Aldermen Cpld. well is to introduce, this evenine, his ordinaner on paving. Knowing, as we do, the opinions or Mr Caldwell, upon t'is eabjeel, we anticipate an erdinanee againsr the present disalgreelle, ruin, ous and expensive system of round stone mtent. We ae ourself, in frovnur of hexagone, wonden bloeky, and ean mainaten that sha stort of pavement is the only one, that should be equn tenanced by iour Council, or our citizens; after which there can exist no doubt that the cabic stne pavement is the best, and eventually the •heapeat. The only tar.unent hitherto made use of by ,e friends of round street pavement, has been, that it can be done much somnert but if it can be proved that a suffiriency of cubic stone antd hexagonal wooden blncks can he procured to I romplete the paving of all the streets of the mu. nicitality in five years, and that the cubic stone can he procured quite or nearly as fart as the round, this t bjection is done away with. A con:raet is now passed with Mr. Minturn to pave frtn 20 to 50.000 square yards of round stone pavement; this will onccpy in tihe execunion some 8 to 10 months, whilst this enntrant then is beine completed, would it not he proper for the Council to make an t, rl to ascertain, whether or not cu hic sone can be procured'? Let. tlheCounil ad. vertise for propoalo, as Mr Caldwell proposes:if none are offered, then the project of paving with a superior material, ae a less restl cost, may be -brown aside. We have expatiated upon this very subj. ct for years, and only glance at it now, becaurse it is about again to be brought before the Council of the Second Municipality. It is a subjlet upon which we could be elpquentt one so identified wit; the pecuniary anid other interests of the neuple of New Orleans, that we think it our ito halllller upon it until we fllatten it to fi- their milrs We intend to go deep into the suhbjior of the ,aving of N.w Orltans, becouse we believe it to be one In whill uI or fellow i'izene, are more than any other interestedi, eitlher dire, tly or indlrectly. A few sporadlc cases of yrllow fever have oc curred in Mobile, but not sufficient to create any alarm. The health of our own city never was better IIt i true, there have been a few eases of yellow fever but of exceedingly light type ;and within tour very large circle of acquaintance, we have heard of a ut one death; and that was a patient tol. weak froml previous confinelenlt to support tlhe usual remedies. Since Friday we have had a succession of hard showers and the wind has been almost the whole ti ,e blowing a young gatle, enough to blow every thing like yellow fever far frim us. Our swamps are filled with pure watter, and eour streets are washed perfectly clean, so we have no apprehen sion of a visit Irtm yellcw jack this season. We do not hesitate to invite our fellow citizene to return, alor we think there is not tie le ss danger. The four convicted murderers of the unfortunoae Barba,-viz: Thos. Walsh, Alexander Adamnt'Jass. Tobin, and Jahn O'Neill are to be execu.dil on the spot where their blood thirsty crime was coei mitted. Girod Street.-- e are pleaase to find that our sug geatliuo r Ii regard to tie alteratio s in Gird Street have not only met the approval of our ouItt. remporarive, and the citizens gonerolly. but oahio If thie property holders in the oinaxiuus district, mlany of wihlltn even now reflue t it...ept any but unexce tonatble tenants, although at a sacrilice iI a Celllstlrrale portion of their prtvious rults. Ilow lteceianry ins , thereflore, that our A uthoritiee ashould oil the ir effrtis, and by widening .he stree. , hlatitngi it nae, anid enlarginglt its extent, make. a desirable and anur eable thoriughlnre of f Shn t ii now anl ext cruble precinct, alnd the very wolrst liI modern Riubicons. We sinc-rely trust th;, the authorities will set about this practical relforul with a speedy earnearnbs sahlch will not I(Inlt inoure its r,,pid compllelr tion, but the rltcient . xtineinrn of the groseest blt in our city)'s ecut. chein. This sink of iniquity should lie routed out * this Augean Stable should at once be cleansreu: and tile llircuirea w hoaccomnplirhes so desirable , good, will merit more of hisa fnllows than even Alclllaoa'ls Slot, since he will tilus destroy a flyldr. more, peohtlrenial than the Lernaan, with twite his hundred heads, and ten times his productive evil. While on this theme, we call attention to the dail0 increasin g evil of this Ientur in St. Chl'rles alrier. Such are te .cenes f iniquity ever visible in the square between Gravier and Piodras rhat rsl.ectabe persons are nece.serily deterred fronl passillnt, and is th period for opening lhe theslren apptroachles it becomies the •more necessary to relnure the nultnece since its evil ill tllen be come a hIunuared fold. Such disgusting exhlbittons as ure dacht, nay hourly made in this tlost publil place would searcely be believed by thse who are not bound to wilness them, and it has now become the bounden duty of aII who possess the remedial power, to clear this district ol its dis gusting nuisances. A Suggeslton.-Great inconvenience is oflten ex pierlenc d in tlhe of several of our Public liouisrn A gentleman having busttesso with Slrther gives him a rendezvous at the Ex changt: at which Exchanxpe i,,quires this one, rlie Ctty, the Merchsntas, the Cnmlnercial or the Exihag. Hooeli Some five ar ten minunes are aslted in explainineg. The truth is we have tor rtany Erchnoge, and it is highly expedient that the names of some of them sIhould be changid To this end it has been sugrested toIn call the St. Charle.s Exchtange, the Panheon Hoal, a v-ry pretty and very appropriate name, as the plan is thst ofthe Peltrhenn at Rome. Will the Exchange and Bnnkitg Company act upon thlis atngeation? or will our citens adopt it hy common cersen ? Brnker HIll.-dome personsu are hby in digging down Ihle old battle ground of the revolution. The Bouton papers are loud in their denunciations against the desecrators of a a spot baptised by the blood of Warren, and his glorious fellow martyrs in the cause of freedom and independenece." It appears that this ground upon which the hattle of freedom wae fought 17th June, 17-5 Iha passed from the poresessi.n of the people In the htnds of individuals, who are preparing to throw it into the market for speculation. They paid a debt due from the Monument Corporationt the land was mortgaged to them as seeurity for the repayment at the money, the period of redemption is peat, and ttI y exercise no more Ihan a legal right in taking measures to recover their property. Will the citizens of Massachltsetta allowBunker Hill to be levelled! Will not the anne of New England, wherever they may tw, step forward and make one more strenuous effert to preserve this gloriase little mound of eaerth? The Yankees of New Orleans we feel confident will do their pert most liberally. On the 30th and 31st July last, several houe.e were destroyed by a mob of sailore and soldiers in Hlhfax, N. S. The houses were mihabited by prostitutes and were situated near the I-ererke. The cause of the mob was, that a pailor had been robbed in one of them, and an a!tereation ensuing between him and the landlord, he weas cruelly bIeaten, and a report spread that Ihe was dead. A erowd of nsil-re and soldiers soon ssemebled around the house, and began the work ofdestrue trin. A detachmnent ol the 23d and 53d regimtente mob until i revenge was ed~hpleted. hMatrtfal.- edy several of te .e4rps dra- a matique of the St. Charles are in this etey, and others daily expected from the W-rth sad Wiot. 'oite St. harled will certainly open oa the lit Ortob r, sddelthouvh the company may be web., we shall have the pleadura of aeing daily new sac sessions that will keep op the niovelty at least. In the course of tho season, we are to be visited by almost all the prinecipal stars, either at the Camp or the St. Charles; amnong the redt there is Ssatrung probabiliry that Mr. HBoth and Mr. F.,r reat will bhenga.ed. The former g p-lemean il tie does come will have to walk straight, for the New 0 leans public will not puIt up with his hum. buggery so quietly as a n.rthern audienee. He is highly eateetned here, and so long as he per forms what he promises he will have cause to be pleased with his visit; hut lie must not play cerzy. Mr. Ptw, r mlost probably will not he here. He a. it too high a value on his talent antdhti asslumed Irish name. Irtih or Welsh thle Orleans public would like much to see hitm, if he would conde. to pay them a visit. Celeate, the great unrivalled, will he here in r. novated glory, with several new plecea, and she will perfornm tooto the adautratium xl all in deep tragedy, we not doubt it. It is possibtle that Madam Augusta will appear at the Camnp, with a enrps do hal . The steamers Notches ant Cubha re to start frott New York somewhere sbout the 20th instant. It is more thatn probable that uoe will precede the other abtut 5 days, or a week, and as thie stlate of tesalth here has baeen so generally good, both ves* sels will uudoubtedly be illed with our returning citizens. f Moore, of the Carrottlon Hotel, is daily oh tsaiing a large portion of patronage, & still greater share of popularity. The Hotel is adnirably kept, and the rare beatsr that now oengregate around it, and with their gay and ship.ehiperews impart asch a lively sapect to the river in its neighbiurhond, delight the eye while they improve the healmh. The "* Arrow" is pointed to the aI Wave," and will doubtless hit its mark. 11' Thie Ecipse mneeting ti the Stn and Moon to day, will not be equal in attraction to the Eclipse meeting in the Ist week of December. Regarditg the Eclipse ti a thottautd doublt are current :-ol the brilliance of the Eclipse Course nexl imeetllne none exist. Whether the sunt totday he obscured or not, tihe at sars' will he visible then, especi.lly the newly discovered "Surah Bladet," nd others that have lately shone so brightly. We gather from the Astronomete that during the eclipse It-day, the planet Venius may be seen by tile naked eye. This is quite nnlural. Veins is generally in the ascendant when Sol is obscured. Trhe Iabundance of geme ntw oxistinu on the greant Prairie is daily drawing to the Corrtgr on the L"l.e shore, a I rge nnonber of sporttmen Powder and shot Ir e tllere most valuable inverl mernts; therir repitrte are more productive thani ths, of Ctongrelsional ,committels; tlor are tlhey at all affronted with the wite who make oame of all tile) shoot. The song of the sFlprtsll In is: ' Well, wir canrranjjt, lenny them neot: at While Ihave nmy dog and my gun.'" Vermont Elections.-SuflirienI returns have been received to mike it certain that rhe Whignhavb triumphed in this sltae by an .ovrrwhelming mla jrity. IIn thir:y-two towns the gain f-r Governor Jeniaon is 325. The hnn. Horace Ererell is r. elected to Congress in the Windsor district by rmore than 2000 voles. Hiland Hill is re-elected in tIhs HrlleninlttOn histriet by 10110. Vhe have heard it htistered Ihat a meetingor the Presidents ol all the Baiks of this city is it. take plice his ti day, for thie purpeose of dtlermiini on II resalllllin t sprcie p 'tey rntts ii ile 141 t . Jatllari .ext. II thiis aehuld ibe the eitr, my G d what a blow uip thtre WItl bie tlmlong the halvi g hiops ctl the city. Notice, creart l persons who are in the habit ti ilnruding thetllmelvpi into our Sotnrumr under prr. uxr oif buoaintes wmth us, are olllt reerseclfutll tnltrme', that ll llilloeLs i dlne in .lr CoUltin ig Rooim, nid thalt InII. are adlilted into our S.enC un t ithout especial illti ation. WVOtmDEN PAVEMENTS-if will he reeclleie'd thab we touched ullton thira subject in a shrtrt paragraph a '-w tin)* Itore, antd it tmay ralo i be recatll c ell hat we aslid o rne , litte agoe thrt the lockl wmill whll h the streer in tt .ln t lour i.ffie is loved, jumped up ald ettlled downn gtln when a cart ,i corurtane poased ov0er themn in a very rainy dot. like trro, in a mud puddle. Stme of Ille block are sunknie, t\o lond three i cheeb below, blll hereo ro rn Blirorany, andl the new v lEaid onte in Chlhurlt eslreer are followinu amelt; lind althounh "iutderpitnned"' with strne, itese ipave. misrns tree eerton_ more anid Uore uno,.n dlnly II in inlI hwitr le in tIhe ,ordinalry way of paving with wood tIlo revern it. Bilt we hitve see, anlld exanl iied the utodel of a new invention which not onll puts.he ni kntr of the blocksa "trelthr out ot ther queis ioi, ut also preclldee the lieceeslty ol first paving with Itnne, or ul Ilyilg any founlla, ton Ior it, whntever, exrept smortling tihe earth. The blitocks tay be rnclined or r,yrpenldicular, and we think, call be pil down faster thuin tire r,lri. rnary kind. II thile Itla heaves tha. itavelntll up II sieles hack illto i' old bed agai n masrse al ways presroeing a selreoth surface alnd Ihua pre vrlenintg tIe porelbility ol holes being worn ill It, ta In he Broadway pav.vement. Our oittionlr its la nio reusnahble boun)td can t llt Il the durabillly lo a povenlent laid oll tihl p!tan,a nll when e m nonsider the mlmmense almoun aved by tltesenaingl with at ne lir a fiindirnd n, we rny aiely vcnclude, that if the Fathersel th . City will it, lcrtaldway will soun he paved in thil way I rtll tirle end to tile other. We coutllllend rI to helll at all rve'nts. The lnvlelltor has nredeotll hies specification,and inltelldo Is ittelllo a palent for II as soon as pos. eible.--.. Y Star .Anthraocte Omal in Bnglond --0 Friday, July 20t11, a trial was Iude io the use of Anthracite coal as fuel lor the lorienutives on the Liverpool alld ,tlanchrslter railway. I'he reult was highly alltierallory ; the engine doing the same duty, bolth as oIp ed and ferce asi t het coke is need.-The avinll is e tlllllated at front thirty to forty per cent. in coul anld quo:ntily. A Liverpool paper stIlates th we (l+ln lfor our countr Ithee.rcluslv, pro luctltn of this col, but the coal fields at Wales contain slurres Anthracite.iperior to any Amte' rsca spel"men evr seen Ira England and thllt it can be lliell.. at rallellr ust.-N. YA.nterican. ECLIPSE OF THE SUN. The Illowtng tccrount of the remarkeableeelipse of the sun, visible in thls cnuntry on the afterns, n of Tuesdy. the 18111h f Septemner neat, s a bridged frnm that in the Amertesn Almlanac for itir present year. ThI ecip ps-the filth and last of the singularc series of the five large obseurasilon of the Sun, vis hbi touns it seven yelre--will bi. annulr in the Territory of Winnollnstn, in the District Iof CGlaln bha, and throuoirUl . r in rtlnma part oi thirteen Satlre--v. Il, rolughoul Michigan, Penusytlvanlta, New Jersey, Dtlaware, and Marvland-t-hrruah. Onio, anld VIl'ginia, wi:h the exception of the south weet port of each-nl the Wearern and southern parts of New iYlort-in lhl nnrthesllern part of lli.oite, Indiant, KIntieiky., and Nrlth Carolinei and in thie COut y pf Fairlield, inl the southwest piul of Counecrlcut. The path tI Ihe central eclipse first toulhes the Earth at Ihth paint ailuated In the unknown re Ulanl neaer the North P.lle, and a litle east of rhe inerldian of Greenwich; in a law seclnds it ef taise its gr aSleal nortll lrliude (li8 dyg.;) whilst for the first eigiht ifonu ts it rapidly advt. :ce tIo. wardesth westl, untl it i 99 .eg. west of tIrat inmrldian. Th. path of the centre then p. sel Ito I sIuUli by east dlrecrlltl arver the whole ex ant of the eontinenl lyi Ig ntorh nl Ihe United Statest It pIoe. s a linle lo tilhe west of fludson's Uay, seer he I rrilury ol the Htuds. n' Bay Cumiparty, the western part oI Upper Canasda anid .Lake Surperur; erne over Int i.rltheal part ol the 'TeerrIutoy "I Wenstsnland the state I1 Michlllgasr ,ver the L .non Usetlect ul Upper Canada, and Loke Erie; ti nre aocrous Ithe notoest par iof the ltloultes ofi Cuyahogu and Cul.obntllna, and the ecuntiesol ;iea.ugo arlid Tlulbull, In the hnorltheastern port ou )ii; thelnce sacross the southwest prlt ot ht. countllr of Mercer, butlrr and Bedford, aild the 'eonrrrees..( Beaver, Allegheny, Welnlmoreland aoo S.mlnrrts ,inl the atllhwest part of Pelllsyllnla; olence scrmsl the salern part of the ceuunty of AI. rlrglheny, in te western part of Maryland; thercei across the .outntles of Morgan, Berkley, Jefferson, L.-don ansd oaiusa, in the northseaurse part on erptia; Ifete atiee hI i s£ntiet ai i5 ce5 .enrge, Charles and St. Mary, in the aouthest 't pas.of Mnryltne: thence ecrous the Chesapeake Bav,and the county uftAecnmac, n the eastrrn ' shore of Virginia, to the Atltnnte Oean-and in ten anintrs f.te wards it will Ieave the enith, at" - pairs r:tnateit in latiande 34 dee. narth, las,.n rode 63 deg was, (-erv ns art,.) air-s havrinm ctn tinuedtln the Earth Ih. 48 I-n... and deseribed a' care it of abouit 5000 Englilsh mtiles. Much diminuti.tin of te hi lie dtring the man tinanste ol the eclipse, is not to be expected, hut nt .s vers considerahle depression of the thermonmeter I will be nutcerd, and lir half sat hour the power of a lena to produneec..enbuslion i retryetrtgc lihe n.l lar rate, wi' I e nearly it no w:,ll, destroyed. It is, however , a -t impuosible tl:at Ii t planet Ve nus, nitwithstanding hter areat distance train the Eaet , smay hre eetl by the naked oae dlritg ,he greatest oiseuratit, as she waill then W N W; of the Bun. Perhalp, a's ~,some one of the lullowtng bright stars may be isicov' red:- Ar turus high in the southwest, Lyra in the east, AlIair rather low in the sautheast, Spica in the southwest, Antares in the south. The planesa MIercury, Jupiter and Saturn will be above the hortazon, but too.near the Sun to be seen. 'The eclipse, with the exception to a small part of the narihenat of Aia, will be wholly invisitble to any cotsin, st hbi America. Bistona, Aug.21, 1838. Messrs. Beaucherry, Dutilloy, Visimirr, Sahlador Fernandez and CUlarles Vouillarmet, ionsli.nee per ship Zuluff frotm Hlare, ase requtvatel to calt at the ofSice on the subscriber and take their giLds. LEVI it. GALE, sept 15 93 Common street. TO R.t.NT. THAT wellknown and spacious boarling Shouse situated in Canal otreet hetween Char trei and Dorsiere sat., occupied for the last four years bs MArs hall. Possession given on or be for the at'of Notemhernext. AplT to T. It. HDIIE & BROTHER. sept 15 No. it Commnon, corner Magaczne st. I.e1.? i:KaI I't 7ll N hand a very large stauk of every variety tt black, ~ blue, gre.o and nred Mlids and Inks. all warria ted to h' of rulterhor quality, for aale by the groce, donaen or single bottle, by I.AVID) FELT & CO. s.p 15 New York Stationera Hall, 24 Chartres t. 1040 PIECES superior K.ntucky Itgging,fursale by gelt 15. G.-DO I L.'ie. '4- BBL'. first quality Linie ed Oi, ftr saue by CG. 1DO1S Y, sep b1 44 New Levee. T EXAS Mo5mey forralhoby . 't.YDtit. B , . sip 15 b1eCon;mun, I:urler Mola 1ýAIIS---U kegs Luasurlten, for sale by l ADAMS, l& WIIITALt , sep 15 tr 67 Gravier sr rt. MAYORALI I ' OF NKl UkLA.. THEprive ol frsMh flour today is $7 50 iper barrel Saceuring it) the.'arifi; the bakers shall givr du ring the pr, se ,t week (trm Monaday 17th inst.) 37 outn ea of bread for a hilt. Bread uofthe second quality t., required to weigh 25 per cent. more.viz: 44 1-4 ouncea. sep 15 C. (GENOIS, Mainor. PElRM Ca dies--b00 boxes New Iledford and Na. by tucket sperm candlesnajrt receivendail ftr sale by WHI1'I'II)OG S& CO, sep 15 76 Magazine street. l M KE R0ii--1000 gallons u uII .t raied -iperm Soil. fw saleahy WLIIPrID E C sept 15 76 11a i li.' street. ()'lICE.--In consequene of Itihe nuauths of Ied 1 River bcing cluaed,tli tra ner VELIiCIPEDI. was not enablel to reaeh Alexandria. $hipttre nr freights by said boat will please aIa no bald and ren ceive the saene thin day, opposite Bienvil'e treet. sep 15 ýATANTI.D Immediately at e th irleanas ithogra SV phic Ptintini EstablihLmlet U3 Mugazi e street, a Printer and Writeron sset.. None need apply but those who are fully compeitnt. aepl5 ('IRCUI.AR., Circu'ars! Circulars .-- ercltuIas Swishing to have a beoutif.I circular struck offat the shortest nitice, lhas . lv to eall at the Orlennsa .i thogiaphic i.fl-ce 53 Magazine sis opposite Bank's . rcade, sept15 P.PIM. CANDLES-2511 boxes best New Bedford and Nantucket bltnds, for sale by tIAAC BRII)tG(;E & Co, _ap15 131 Mnaygini strea, ItItOACCO-U0I 0 hoxes manufactured tt.b .c tt ia, and pound lu ups, of various brands .and qi lilties. for snle by eepll ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, 1C4 Maeazine st t.WHITRI *GE . Co., la.,ve to No. 76. Slamazine street. Sept 14: 3d * I t--71i Bunels oa Lit;i ¶511 B0 les Ilty laud L ing oll brig Ca.-lne, iia d for sale bh I.EVI I (:Ai..E, atell 93 ConmloIn street. In tuR T1HE GRIt .AT PIAIRlIE-A Truitao, i ao. will ear the It,1iot at the foot of tCall st. ItI, thle I'R\IRIE It '"A I, every dal. Dealrture-8 a ti - p It.-lietlrn, 1 mi.- 6I pit iu d Sundo e-6 a mi-li a au-4 pi ni-8 n i-I p in 6 Il'is rrangemleut till ftrthler not an. rent 14 J.AES l, t I AIciWEI\l, l'rc'l't STAT, ' OF It stt \N "i, parish Court fur the Pari II and Cityv of N. Orlek , s Jnrte.e l the lIn nChsinr 11,urn nJuld:.e. No. 11, 1"2. J lIn WiV to' il act el cls otio. PS h credtt rLs :ld Ite creditors uf 'Wlte I& . let. Setri th r 13k. I:;l 1. t1pof' en 'i g otl filing tlb e itio arid scl d, I in tf;i. cnae, it is ordRtlnet bI thl (1otn'T t'n Iu .'"'. i g ofthe e edui re o J ha %White, n.d 4fWVhite \ Fe, ley dt t kl. i;'ocn i~ pen (,ae llrs (st tllc t illor, .'Wr o k)i: Cil r ~ixt, tiNe . ilea' , T etI tember 13 TI , :l8.s Tf J Dbu' \iits iLu hi iiTSiNduE-l copuri v rd olia •1838-c . h 1 tt- John Whhitcne hnl nt be c irl It crnancinrw et Ic f s .tItItet dt ,il! it FltIt-, chSurged e.t-ndig l nt I niir cand in tie tan t ila drn: cedinge afai ,it in dcr.aren lad Ipor . ety ire semta, I Order o the Court. n Whit Cl rk'oly ait Nlie en p leai , ettcoter l 3te6 , pr8hait. sep I1 i2ttUd d. L 3 rk. y dnlibpnrurs laneet villaes de John While da.s, Peniteol Hon. 'hnrh 0a1 ouri t, juge, ,sp ttlel .. I:'," oet craneciere et Ite eruttioons de. White & Fol,. Sur lee.tore ""t enrtgistremnet do In pititiot en ttblcan dana oents affair., it e t dhcrbth Ior lutotr qt'en. a-. semltle des cerbh~ciere or John Whit et de Wttie poor y dbtibtrerorur leo anllites de Join While dtns 00 capalcle indivitluelle, et e;mtme un membre de Ia so 'ihti de Whhe & Foley, et pour ftire savoir pourqluo ledlt Jcht White no nera pan dbchargb selon lu o ie ei er, atltcuditt ttute poursuites centre sa personne el oce preprits nt arr . aret Par ordre de lan ur. Nou velle Orlfaut, sept.1838. septI5 J OIIE. Dbo,,tb Greflier SEI.NE \Wl haole Oil-lfu0 bll. rectified whale oil I br sale by WHIfTBflhI)DGE & CO, aug28 130 Magazine st. (A:4DLES--.250 Boxes Lperu, nutdte, tofor sale b Jf Will I'. KiIGE & COi agb8 1:10 tiagaine At. B ANK NOTE PAP --..t rye t .ed l.,t w thou u alid slhee. ofl anlt Bill I aenr, o v r ry superio quality, Ior sale by D IVIII FELT & CO, aug28 NY St ,rrn a ll, 24 Cllhartres. CITY BANK(, New Orleans, t5 Aug., 1838. THInS Bank is checking ot Ncv York at sight. I OLtT. J. PALFIIEY, nattg8 Cenhire JAMES' NEW NOVEL, &o. IlE IIROBIIER, a Tule, by the author of'Rich' elien,' fThe Gipmey,' 'Attila,' &c. in 2 vols. THE LOVn CuHDA, a Comedy, in five ahcs, by Jaottos Shl.ridan Knowles, author of 'Vtrginius, TThe Daughter,' &c. &e. Ion, a Tragedy, in five acts, by Thomas Noon Tall.urdl; 4th edition. SOCIrET AND MANNERS IN AMEnICA; by Harriet Mattineau, author of 'lilustrations of Poltical Economty;' in 2 vols.; 4th edition. A Prac ical Summotry of the Law and Usage of Bills of Exchange and Protissuory Notes; togeth. or wit's a series of tables, showing when bills, notes and loans, drawn or accepted at any date will till due; to wlhichl are added, rates of comulission and storage, equation of paylents, and getneral infer. natine connected wi:lh busines of the couuntini : house; by B F Fotelr, Accouontnt, author of 'A Conotse Treatise of Book Keeping,' 'Tie Clerk's Guid,' &.e. THs LTTLo . .ETOE Hi Dc'O a Co UIrse of very easy lessona in Landsct.p a, Figures, &c. by George Childa; lot and 2ia series. Junt rcceived and fit sale by WM McKEAN, jyl cor. of Camp and Commou ets. ALSO,-An additional supply of "Three Expe riments of Living.--Lving withtin the Means, Living up to tie Muans,-Living beyond the Mteals;" "Sequel to the Experimouts of Living;" .The fIarcourti;" "The Saving's Bank," &e. OFFEE- 30 bags rime lHavana coffee,just recei Syeal aud Ior sale by o & J P WHITNEY, augl4 8 Ctlnli street. NOtilt E. ,dTILI;AM DOsCKIat 2, MICIIAEI, EGAN, if 0 atpr.sent iti theiity, are requte led to call at the office uf the Texiau Conaultate. N.'I'l'L TOWNSEND, OLASSES-50 bble, ttl se a in aere, for ale Iby .l LAb.. I' & A\IILU.rti, augl8 17 Co ,,moerce street. 1· AI.AGA WINh--.\'werei and try .olajga l,\ it', Al in or cask aned Indicn bblt, entitled to debentUle,, for talc by RKAD & o n tS 11'O\0, ued" 67 Graeier street. 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Constance, 1lartholemew and Melt ndte ttreets, measuring 31 teet 11 5-8 inches, front on obdd Magazine street bv 128 feet 10 5.8 inches deep be tween parallel lines--ounded on the north Iby a sim. lar lot s id to belong to Zeno Victnr, f w e, and on the sonu by another lot said to be own ed by H FP Wade. are hereby notifed to pay the sum of eighty-two dollars ftilt-six cents; the same he inl the litmutnt of the tax due for paring the aide walk in ront of 'aid property, within ten dayse from the date her.of, in default of bich the said lot will he sexsed and sold tosatisty the said tax. J DOINE, epl0--3titd Tre'sturer. BUREAU ItU 'tI'ItESOIER-Seronde Municipn'itl. - , propritai;ra ou le prpmriltnireo d'un lot de tetre lsitun sur Icnte Eot de l e les Mngasins, ent e lee ruies Bonthelemli t Mhlicerte, A uone distance tie )1 pieds 11 3 d pouce, de In rue d6blicerto, dnns Pilet for me par lea rues des .Maoanius, Constance. Barthelo miet M'blicerte.mesuraunt 31 niods 11 518 poues face Ala rue den Mogasino sur 127 piedv 10 518 Inuoeer de proft,leur entre lianes pa nlleile, born6 an Nord par lot de mednca dtmeonsinn, qua lou dit appartenir A Ztno Victor f I, an otd par on nut esuuppoeb app r tenir iA I F Wade, eont notfi6s de paver la sontme de qnolrevingt deux piastro e t Imnqgnnte rix cents, due pour le paoage des hatquette en onace de ladtre pi tpri t,eanus un dA6lai do dix joure, de .otte date, i dfanut de 0uoi ledtt lot sera salat et rando potu satisfaire A lodite demands. nepll ,3 J. DOANETr ier. P ORTIR B )TTh.ES--10 gr~oss Porter Bottles in store a,.d for sale bh n-OLMES & MIILS, sepll 9 Bank Alley. .1 A$TIN H I)EVEREUX offers fur enle, alarge I quantit) of superor Russinn sheet iron, from 9 to 15 o. weighlt. Also, a quantity of English sheet Iron. Jnst received an assortment of Cook and Parlor stoves of the lntent palterns at 2i, Tehopitoulos street. B AGriNG--70 pieces heavy Inverness Bugging, in store, and for sale bHLMES & MILLS sepll 9 Bank Place. OLD COPPER-8IltO wei ht nll (t oplr., F soeple by MA'FLI'N H DEVEC EUX sepil 26 Tchophoules RULED LETTER & CAP PAPER. IllRTY reamns superfine blue wove Cop, ruled; 1 311 do do white do do 50 do low priced blue d white Cap rul'd, 51 do assorted blue & white lelter, rul d; J ust received and for sale hb DAVID FELT & (:CO, New York dtstioner's Hall, sepll 24 Chartes t. r 'ATE tit LIUIcSIANA. FIRST JUDICIAL I)t STRI T 1:OUnT. _]IRAM PULI.ER, vo. His Creditris; No. 1,5d43. [ The aseion ot tha Petitioner's protperty having been aecepted by the Court, for the henefitf his credi turs; it is ordered thI a meeting of his said creditors do take place at the office of Bt illinm T. I.enes, Notary Pubhlc, on hursdav, the 4th of October next, atl o'clock, A, M., for tle purpose of deihberating on th1 affairs ol said Petitioner, e itl tn t Imean timl aliju dicial proceedings against his person and property, are stayed. Witness the Hon. A. M. Buchanan, Judge of the Court aforesaid, this let Septenher, 1838. G W LEWVIS., sepll-3t I)ep'v. Cl'k. I-t PAT DE iA .OUISIANE-Cout de Dtistrict .dIdu premi r di-trie judt iaire-Hiltam Fulo'r con tre ses crba~,cier-No. 116549 - La ennsion des proprih Sthe do ptitionnaire ayant tle aceeptbe par lan cour pour Il hnBfice do ses cre:nciers, il est decrllh quo nf one stlrtblbe de-dits cranllnciers nit lien an ereffe dn M. Wm. Y. I.c rt", not. ?Iul,iiludli e 4 c ibru pro ch in 6 10 heurllns matin, afilt de dlilihrer ear les al.tire dlldt p1ti.allllirs, eten a tendant tootesnp pr Wuiter contre on personnl on se prpllrita e snoot arif Ttemoin l'Hon. A. M. Puchanan,juge de la cour ei desusn ce 11 septembre 1838. II enpt:3 G WI LEWIS, Dp. r.-ti r. SPE.RM CANIILES & tAP ,'-2UO boxes New Bedford Sperm Candles, best brands, and assur ed eises. 19l bnxer Btolnn Soap, Jackson's brands, now land ing from ship Plate fronll BostoCn, for vile bYe JOSEPH COC:KAYINE, sepll 25 (rnvir st. W ANT F -i e'Iruoepetere. il ile (Sorer's S Hors'e Guards-no- e but first rele ,erlore,ers need ap:lv at the Countling Room of tile ,editer of the True Anmeeidan. By order of O. CROSS, WA TED, Aleo, as above, a Room, buitable for u Drill ,-e,, In a central situaeion sepal _______ __. .. . . T ABLE SAI'.T: 30 Cases: ti heoxes earl: fine to ble salt, for sale by septl 7, _link Pnlace. l.,JlA.\ CE., ItN PI-dir re, fr,,e I,oeelen. or sle eby sciplli Illk Ptline. Rl, Ali & IA.tcr IV t1, . L -Ii- III -l ) . .. A ife ' . IIl oldpelhnb il indy , ' sale l '.y 1 \i l V - l is ile , I o l e.t .l 'N \IAl e '"I ,--''wc't a.e l ler' 'lhloea Wee.l , i qgr e and l lu Ii s, eoCeiit l oI ieI ell l llel'.. iLr ceale y RA l 'sel, dp)l', ti I ree ( l tr 0t. .PE t1 C.INDLiSl-" 'rue I-v I"READ &i'1.llitsrOw, sa 'll 7 Dhi k I'le,'i . .- RKIVt-fIl)'S 'le'iCe 1 Tu' i'Ufi.---. .I.EliAIATI) libr tile cure ef Feaer and Ag.e, alld geIneral debllilty. 20 zru. l thls invaluable medicine has been reeeived tv lthe alusclibher, dirnct f.ol the mllanuflclryv who are prepared to supply dealers lnd country Nlcrchlllt Iof the Ino.( InPatuna. lie teclns. JAIlVIS & ANIDE)I\VV, Who Bsal J, retl AgentlI lor o umulsna, seepll corner of ellllnom n h e 'leihoitmelar. JICKI.ES -111U1 Lxes Underwee d, i.ew.d s e& in.. t kell'Il Plckhl s, l.r ele by JAIlR/S ANilREW'S, ill I corner of (omnnon si 'I'cholpitulan. NOTICIE T'O SUHIISCIl Et OlF it. GRiEA NATIIiNA 'IK. PHIIs.e. s I 5iA, eel 10,i:368. I'ESSRS. NORdIAN, l.'EIEtE & ;O, are the LN1 only anthorised agents ill New irleana ied i.t vicinity, to receive smonies firr"The Ilioerv of ftle in doan 'Tribes of Nollth America," now heillg publishel, and olr the delivery of the eumbers thereol to suhscri Ilels. Signed, F WV OIIEENOUGII No. 9just received and ready lIr delivery to subseri hers. ALSO-Complete sets from I to 9. OFFICE OF TIHE GREAT NATIONAL WORK. No. 12 Ilieoville street. New Orleans. [i-.Subseriptions received sn usual. INORlMAN, fe'1'EELE, J; CO. sept I I--w i R AIGAcNS, Shoes tawl ,liiere--le I cae , com D prieingl an assortment of l en's and eioy's line kip, pegged and Re-setet irogano; Men and ooyes fine "ll'lsees; ,leets and womnen's one a es ll slilepers, hildrens and in ants boots, renes and anke tice; lned tng erom ship Ohio, and for slie eby IS.hAC I:III)GE & CO. augll 1534 Maelglilne street. j'.GItO CLOTHS, I.INeEI"S & KERSEYS I he subscribers olier fLr sale. landing from ship Coneord, 2 bales plain mixed negro clot bale Cwilled mixed negreo loth; 18 lales lileeys, asserted tolora; I bale while swan skins; I case printed kerseys" 2 bales heavy mixed Cordova ierseys; I bale untinished cva kerneys. ISAAC BRIDGiE & to, jyl2 1.14 Magazine sIree LIME-1501 (:lasks Thomaston Lime len lilg from brig Chieftain, and for rale by . S&J P AlHl'NEYl " nu g4 8 Conti street. , KVEYOKt' S FFICE-2d Municeipality. NOTICE is hereby given tlhai, ill conlblieiy to a reolulien of the council of Ihe Secoud lulnici. slityy, passed at their Sllting of' tile 17th July ILste, L '..,, ,at .ooll, rof Salurdn y, tle letli day of 'oetellllne i r Id38,adjudicate at mI oflice. to the lowesl bidder, the osening dse'ePniaC, lld eCteUUclaU of tlelpolnene I Leal agr.eully to lle tilutetioe ot t resoluntio of sal|l ce.o cil, lased no the. 2d day o: Augusl, 1336, (Eight on lhundred ad thirty-six,) lad ii accordellce with tile speceification nowexhlbtled at the surveyior's omeff Security will be I:quiredl in the aseit of 1ill0 ions Thnouslnd) to tile satishcltoln of tile Counecil of 2d M unicilplity. ni JOSEPH PILIE, Surveyor. New Orleans, Sept. i, I 38. BUREAU DU VOYKER DoL.A 2s MUNICPALITE LE N confrrmited'une ret elution idu eonell de la 2 de A municipalite passeed ns la snannodu d17 uillet dernier, et au-si an desir d'une autre renol tisn dudit consel passele danu la seance du 2 aut 16.16, uls i eat doene que amedli 15 dn pr sent noie de s,+ptembre 1ll.3d nltidil, n an0 bureau, j'adjeigerai anu labels, lee trnvaux Sfui. pe ..r recreu es "s eelstleer la Icuntl Mlelplomene siven lea ,e, I ,.aliens exhibeec an bhireau.u-dit Une caution .Is $Ill00 I t satislocties du ceeseil sern exigee. 8belt OS PILIE,Voeyer, AEAF LARD--200 egs in st.e., for sale eby Ssi ,.tbE1' 4 4 ",w Levee. SLIVER TWISti;tr thle Parish Boy's Pregress. SpLrt seeontl, b th. authlor ofel'The Pickwick ehn pers,' Skesche ol every lay Life,' "Ntcllola. Ni:kklby' illnstrtned nuemrstela desious bh Cruikol.shk. The Life snd adsentures fr rillelans Nicnleley, con taming a f iltiul accoant of tile brtunes, elafurtueees upraicings, d.wunlnlings, and ctenplell e eteer o tihe Nickllby amily. Ed.ted bly 'ilas' with illusialtins by 'l'hiz,' No 2. Sketches of Yonne Ladies: in which tllese ilnterest inlag members of thea inolal kingdoms, are elassi,,e, ,.e cording to their several iulsticiscl. babits,,an. l g. ral charnaelernties, hyv Qule,' wiih kiietches of YeuUll g in ihts a.e l Sy . .,,ws of Irish Life, by .Irs. SC Hall. antliorses of'lhe lbuccaneer' IUncle Irace,' &c. &c. in tw eessi., just received and ilr selle by WM. M1'kiEAN, aug14 Corner of t'lnlr l Conliin, a BIAGGING-51 pieces Keintucky t.clis isilnah by bIOL31ES & aLLS, s8p4 9 Bank tOlv. D RAFTS o LouiviUbe lor sile by RA HEIOiGNE BROWN & CO, aug30 1 Conti st " OAP- 125 boxes' enoton-Na l'Soap, Go Jackson . BrIauad,. now luanding from ship ltnordei li roa Blleaon, Du d lorale by J SHL i'H COI:KAYNI, sept6 2 .i Ca mmon street .l pei 80e piecesa KetMucky Hogping, in l. in said hir sale by CLIAWIIENCI: & LI'.GEkNDIE, sept6 '218 and ., N:ew Levee t r.EpI. NP -Jst rfeein.Dl New 1o,k per T ship Vicksborg, Il crane B illtl'au Erele Peao-: 10 do Penry's double- atun-t pens; Itli do India rubber pens; .t 'Nation lpenr; for bale by tile ga'co or ata gAe card, by Da, FELT & Co, N Y Sltinnutner : tall. eplt '21 Chaltaresa treet Il EW UI':e-I.elar ofthe l'roubadour ; I ,'re fmn SIalrenmsornTlhee; Iow sweet the Clhimes; Luoy llea! l uay DeaI! ,lbn Nntnt n ly nt;l My eui'haod heors tirn.ell, Ilurnlett; Yes! hik one bappy, lpnrlle; In thll Cotnntee Iu lived, Cooke; Warriorn Ihntnn;1 .t noe rest ia thae land a,' my Ilirlh; "'Ihy lone aund Mine; end of Love; se ,r e Be,; i s tle peerless tRose of Englnud; Up,! ato the Frre+t' Happy Fncesa Bright, Bright Waame; .Ily lountailn P'lae; lt Lhd Brave wtn hIave fallen no tear we ie.tow, Russell; Tie pence of tie Valley, Balle; Our wany aTcros the Mountain le ! Minstrel of the T'rol; Roegilo d'Amore; Al Camp1 tlella; orin, Dounizein I;a, Todolini; oe river nun pons'in, llnrlini;lcKeolntkt glannl nmarclhl Antnivernry Quick Stelp; Carnivsl \iulti; Uue Perle Waltz, llotantn Carnival Waltzes, atrcianl; Victoria VWaltz; La lies Valtzesi c, by Stronno; L. FPleura a' ltlieI 1 2 3 4: Ilnenebrnalee Rllanlnd, Dilicea de l'Ope. rn lialicr; Spnnish Song,just reneivedl Iby sept ti IB CASEY', I! ('amp street. SLOU t-It-nl ln bnls an qnulity, aianldte f n'ew wh ,l just lauded from stcaamer Czar, nad fia sale by li DUIASEY, sept 6 44 Now Levee. ClEAR PORK1.-0 acrrelscicare pork in sntre. nd for sale by LAYET I. AMIELIJNG, sepl' r Conllllen, street. LAll)--1951 Kegs Prio* Lenf Lardn in,. Ir rule by LAYET1' & MEIUN3', fnel 17 Comtt enrce street. H AY'S Linimnen t io tnl cure of Piles, Ji ant, - H ved and actr aule by H i AFL, sepl clloss osreeth atAthl'ENTe R'f FlutdinL Extrceti u. .nca ulnrilla and c IRuwat d'a Toic Mixture, receivned I H DO NABEI.. sepl .'h.phtuniest. NEW UIRLEANS COMMIIERCIAL INAlI. TUTE. Peace slreel, Nbt hoen Moreau and Canaeolvo, osb'b. lnt brign y. SPECIAL Course of Boak Keeping.--'It e course of Bo'oe Keeping oplened since s.renul tuontlcs, will close ip a few IVsa. Mlan gaood aecountant, an'oug wlon are gentle men alkhigh stanlingin businsseo, w , be ith releren cas offered to the public aI arunnge. A new ean'llino class will nse nieued nv soon an a s.,f filientO nu:lter of stubcriberas will hnue Leoa obtained; it will coune in Novelllber llnext. For geoltlelien residiing in ile upper plrr of l' he ity. an evenineg class, Iree tillS It seek, will be ollened at tIe corner of tt. I.Olis and lchalge Place, if sub el intnos are receied. CGENERAL COURSE OF COMIIERCE. This coarso is opened every day, from 5 lto n9 o'ck I'. M., for exercising on te dillfferent branuhes ofoc a:ounl.abi iv. Ire .iterary and Comnmerial Institute for yoinng gentleien is openred from 8 o'clock A. lI., to 5 o'cluc P. Al. llulfboarding sclhulars nldiltted I' A AUBEIIT. sep4--1138-l--I m o IlcAIlj'Ri ;tl'l -uct c- Iean . Ilalin tiy,-.iT 1 $50li'Prreultrenntnirv taend $n8'll¶ tiovurnlnllln $nhocki on the Bank of Aotienicu, New York, ill diller' nt staums. at the olfie lnf lIEO. WHIIIAN rep I Eclxtunge lointel, t. Ill rles rt. T TWO(W Story fliame nnelinng Honotoinl kitcineno, oc..., silulled i l'tylhslt siresn, blttweeu i. Clunrlea und Carondelel. Aplv to rep4 I)OYL -. MAY. FRED. WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, ' olFr.Ri it hls rsie r to Itl- public i: thie de"p rt Il rntln ol nrne ing and C/ivil I:n inreriu ,. hol inll ow and rot ll rv. ICFroI lns)idera h. expe f enIce IIIn hislprofesio.ll anlr Ii ypro lnv les, an I Ridelih, i, the execL tion of buile's e t.|ru ,d to himn, i la hl, es t,, elso eas 'illlr uu hd ulllt*, I Ic , (.l' h IIPIIIo n Id"t o w Il an d exavetliolns. OnUce No b Ch,vre . street, neIohd story j "la ('ntri lr Ie'l o l lm, . i "'r' oklllln sit ate TStn. l AV .RIY, jerl 8 (; r. v:et stre.t - t .t'i l cu-k-a t. t l, --- 10 a tOii . -; li bu" l, i,. ,ai! nlan n S gar; 5l ' blskets ']iCw l al Une 11 inse. ror l Ie Iv J,)S 1 I I I) ' i \i ' 1I - "l : l'1. I:;Itr N ; I ll Tl '. 1,:l e 0 eT'I I - fII d e~rI superior I lticle, fi ul',' I. , v , I L, i Tlli & Td T', je 0l l0 Pi oy Ir l. . ,rI, I ) ORlh-K-R ti , or't .lit'' and 1' ti, liar sl, by jile l t li I)ilO , ( ll New Leer,'. r EMO1IN S1'RlUI'-:ill bo",es Und rwoo"I's lcotta otAgodh aitau.o l Itie S t ANtt'p .lt S. ('O E OF I'11.4 TICE OF IOUl['lW.,Il. II 'I E gSulceliber hasl beenll sll e bate l lll ' , n Il . tlttctt It". diatit,trty arwI .delet, lit.ten el.t linl of f 'racile ( el u pra.lI e ll l 13 pan ti Rich 'l.l lllot htic io btcoglte no.eful to the lrofessan, in which lle is assisted h, a few of his friends, tie expiriente i. lfr law lf sni e of bOl dat's fl 0.4 ltt' e a lublilt ent ofr oulr jdicinlll stelanl ilad tinder whoe especiat dieea'nol the llttdear bee.'olt n o rt l ule llt. a ll e lhei apptellnn e of the r i aeal llln l obr o tll, tCivil Cod, published ey ,lessr at. E. ohno e. Co It wis lbmhogt ahiable it, topublh tille Code i o I'.it clIe in the ttall- tofthe, [oat Io'r who dei ire it, ae uy be ent' la hd to I ir d Il.o two The irrane ntent, however, will ae diloewnt. After eol'rcil. ull thes deeiein. s of Ibe Aui reIlte ouIrllr ulol dle trul e a pati bhlch apl I bl th r h.le e ln tained in thel lod, they ha e b'.ten digesl ed and pla ced ' dlsr a sillh a prll riatle iaricle,, llp c ha' e r la note; togeher with ref ren:ces toi lhe e Ull- a enso that tIb eder It urlolllR to aloy artic.le of llie od.e of PrI c i lee witl oa eat know the deci in upon it. The twork will also contain all the u gen . tll- tI h Codl. of Practice, a. well a:s lte Inwr crrring and legulhting ite Cily tnltl of New Orleans, with a ioopleta itn. The above work will make its appearance as soon as the first of ['arch next, and bounld in gooe attran tihll sheop cotlllnto low bint ding, sold atlN six LLAa el.Al. G REINER. ana.-l m At erne tI Law - WNOTICE TO FI. t.RE\N. Is Ai Corps .taclard to the Fire 'alugs of the Coma Srual, mior. Water Works, ere to have bteen lchanged on tl e [st inst., biutL illn consequence ofl tile of. feiler ill charge of the several cmpalll l not hatllilng culled for the spanlers to fit the cape, the change has b ten l'l silted i ti day. The raill nelllloa t.a be obtained at the office ti hll l coLp Lyn, No. tl .0l0a vine street. Th le ae ionll of the getlelnen in charge tf the E gie atnd lose Company, are repectfully sl.i ELl.IO0 rT, sep4 Secre WAN I ED 'l'( RI N I'N. ih A large, airy antd convrnent School ax Room. Apply to O, ir shtlot r $ sixty dat date, for a, in tm toaot pdr iv6 lPresident. Ai e 1mudli'. . Is l, h lllg a l6 .ou I. -ie , ro t ill hr m I.Ceiupipcay tod i tsln . o1 la.l..e I . n Iptia-3 NAr:S Cot..AmIoaa T., SEiIE tN'r WANTED. OrS ANTED latattely an glot otfh, wouied o atd ppel r Jopstreet, between I ti nd ile Can.ilpe, (Pritcliord'a Ri,,,) haviog o6 feel ot aiata frona o 00 'tm lg da tefi ott " o1"f1ro o i ree ICa dw r'sr otr annuting ilte Fourfuahe loat icthats han. seo.iiltp co3 t Nt i7 thCatmte, street 2 V4 SLAE N'I A 'IRIER. ArgcanT; i atd biately a per irrat hed og.oo,; werd ki oter, for whichnd hilei a ges will be given. \ptlo to t21 to Josepha l street, ot etuha Ca leep acd gnao aakle ties ond boktt, tan linog touto ship Plot, ISAAC IltRtOGF. & CIA seRazi 174 tenzin OsOtrt 1OE ANTundr-Agned have assorited rhed apelvey tn CV a corkman. li Bi't.SlN, der the fir A lDunar f a Coo.; r ten ti Re alldAting the Wolea0 t and shoi busi IP tOE- taeaeor tr i dios 00 ntlrig tlaai& tle, oI willta l o lot t lle i the sCoo re, t r merl A F I)UNI AI(, I SLA.I'iER & 'I't[ER sep 13 40 Iodlr etre SECOND MUNICIPALITY. %VERE btought to the Police Prison of the Seconda S Municipality, the Ibllowing named slaves POLEDO, aged about 48 yelrs, nays he belongs to Mr. Naota. JOIIN, aged about 23 years, says he belongs to Mr. S lhtadwio. IIENItb, aged shaut 19 or 21 years, says he be. longs to Mr S IUaudiin. T'he owners of said slaves, are requlested to prove property, pay charges and take thean away. IISt PER. sep1 Captain of Watch. SICE- 5 casks now larning irnLm I'hnrleton, for sale by S (U ILA'CHAI(D, jyl 3 Gravier street TO LE'I'-'he Iluuae situatatein tohe corner of I Orange and Reliious streets;npplov to J U BlEIN & A CbIEN, jy24 90 Common street. A art; ORLEA 1. LITHOGRAPHIC ESTABLIBJI ME.t T, 53 MAGIAZINEB BTREET, OPPOSITE BANK.' ARCADE. W.V GREENE rettrns his sincere tbnhanks to hiL frliends and the public of New Orleans, for the Watritacce bestowed ot hi. for the last too yvers, and Iegs leae to a.vsare tho that all orders comn ehled to his charge shall be punctually attedled tt, he will as atsual, keep the oalice open trltrog tile elllme, nand shall te alivn, s roeav th strike dtr ioerchant' cEre-. lars, butineas and address cards, fineral iotices.maps, plans, and drawings, of every description, at the shortest notice, and on the most reasonable terms. Being assisted by artist sauperior to any other establish mett in the city. and from lone experience in the e line, lie felle confident f giviog santir N ' Apltbecaries and dretggists' labels executed is an good os le as copperplatti engtating, and at one third of tih expense. jv24 FOR E-The splendid oteon boet MEatCHA.a having undergone a thornugh repair, will be Ma dy lir sea in a few days; this h at in cptli, taslteued and enppre0d, with a copper botler ald eialeodid on gino: her neccomldttilons being very extenrire, amd well f noul in every rolseat: tir further pnrticulare sp. ply at the aship yard afGreory lBerna, wlere she sow lies, or to MAUNSIiL WVHITIE a :O, aug23--15t 914 Gcavir stret. SALT--S0 oack tne salt in saltore and fir sale by S & J P WHITNEb, SOAP nd Tallow (aeodles--t1 bolxre Taallow Cans Sdier ; 2ft hboxes No. I and extra ontp, brandi of James Gould saod Jackson df Trawbridge; for asle by ISAAC BRID ,1: & CO, aug23 13I4 Matgawie It. OFFICE NEW ORLEANS & NASIIVILLg RAIl ROAD COMPANY. o'RAFTS on New Yo o at rirhe, 30 ant l0 day. sight ftor ale, in sums to suit purehnsers. At so, Cedaa tiltrber fi pIota' antod voleirn, aottl IPhiladel ,lia lumber wheels aid cars fir sane in re.ntrable terms. JAtI'o II CAI.D\ EI.L, ao' Presidea.' riAKE Notice no till against the Floating De r Ilock., sined ant apprverd hby James Dick, will hereafter ie paid Iby the owners of tile Floating Dry" Dock. tie saad James hitk h eaving iever been author. ioed to make Wtty contracts. Moreover, all hilla from this date will have to he ap proved nona signed bIy the agent of the Floatiing Dry tiock. IIERIIUGINE INIlOWN iF CIO, asug2ir 9 Conilt. i 'tAYEIt.-t- n tihe tyth itl. i Scotch White I'errier Slut, black lin tihe point of tile nooe, hair a little rtitigit. h.tioevee hvs tte' tite will tlease ia, retlliri hier to thins ice tlley will be liberally re wardd. aug 21 ,iPct, & (A tAKUJI. rORTV i:des ofOikuun and 150 coils Minila cpi L assorted sies, just received and for sale by i .UCKEr & (: o. aua7 2fOd iL Ate NI TI'I . rlliE undersigned havillg bern duly appionted by 1I tll, htuoralle, the first Ju.lcial Distriet Court. S'ommlissi.ners to eesiiute antd assess the damage and expense of widenlintg I'nflie street, etlween New I. ee street and thIe river. have mlale heir estimate and a-se rutlrl.and Ilbe d,,posi rd luce lopies thereof, to getllhert wlt the plan, in the oilil of tile clerk of clid court flr the of ill wcIItIII mly concern. A.nt public wllooti i+ hereby 1i+Cn thit ;aid ets1nret and ass.rmetll il Ibe i reellald rII sid caurl for coa firatlil. on laturdal ,the twaellt liilh day of .Nep In,helr lnext allnd ll per-one iotersted ill proprcy tit iated on IIifli ancrse ect, hor the v inhity hermf, ore hlerehby itlled to uitsac ,er objection.i, if any they ,ave. 'to raid estltllle and are ntoet, In or before the i ectl-Bret daor, 1'.M pt It her next. I'Nw l)rlcol', "i.l 1818. G. iE, KK, t. F , LD, Commimsioners. ('11 .' A.JACOlIIBS, on." -183 1. \ lI--Les oellagt'sl ,.t iot &(1 durment nommee tier Inhnailbl i ctlr du precnut ditrict judi'isiro, :..... 111.......a l.. ....r C. il..l an. 1' ........ et1111 ý a a lee a it" e 1'- o ..]'>i +-P +,llt de la rau I,,lluiina , ee tre l s ri I " In ,lolillle-l ., el I dlamIve, ulnt cilmpilelb Ile bl,ln 'valluaten il 411 do tIae, daol its ion delpose t,, emr:;ih ,pie, a , tn pcn, l UIllreou tl greml.e, ii t I ilbr our, pour I in-Iei tein idsn lllinrrses. I 'l , i , l ,i h ,c ler oi -undLit Ib can sern ,ri P nIe a '.ablh snr pour . Onfir..leth , r amedi le . 4 ,i pllo lr l pre II t'I ill; oe tutes persl , nrlles inlelrtsre s i 'llts l dit I t l d' Ill ' lthtlnl l i e c i e l axe, st voir: IoU. tIn. In rue Ioli 'on o le i',e. . "I wont paril, . lreprd - ra ititirnd·r Ifinire l,,r h e'nlllsll, s'ilen n ,nt, audit lllllllll en i' IIl lto, el doI uI11I, tio o iavant e vingt el iltd rp alnbre I' llll.huis Macslt,a, P'l rait 1838. ti IllIKE, p n sLlo Iow, lose l a stIlllEltll v ad lK ( stieet l` E\V l'Fll:ll)lt. SIil\iIt CANIII,Ei--10i1 baset of n te sllIdicrd lSperml It'anadles, landing from Kelnturkv, and thr saLle hby I..tAW'IENCEh I.EGENif l)lF , ier,_ I _'.8 & 19 New L.e. Itl A ZtlE:iSCOil'ltPEl-IIi108 aheel brllzier ecoasitar weighing tenll puds each, il store ntd for ale fby SAMUEl. LOC'KE & CO)., .luo8 Front Levee, between Colaton Iluu.e and Bies vjunlls4 It "i F atF.";.--8(11 bas RiO ('olfe, of gne l aulality, hlalilt hials Iriqae lrenry. u fill le by jadl TEI'c iN & AVERY. o I'e, lP'le A nteke isthcrll trorlti't Io. nucks, for sale I y DIAVID FEL'T & CO., N a Yolk tlalitetl's Iall, illt 24' hlrel b trstret. t,.XaIS FUNI, l ,s TIPICAIES and Audi I or's Draft , oIhT T asaurtwnted by Nit I tL 'TOWNSENID, jelI8 Exhsge Holel, Grraver ct. CFFEPlir--ltile greena lavaia Coffee, i handigil frotl brig A E, nd r slialei by. J. It NIEsi.L, I ? ton Krtatbrhat m ,+AGeIN,, & I<OPE--3: l'-po Kewk S aond I I Cil.l Rolpe; also a smtall lot aiT'l'wltr I tor,. a d for sale by J DANIEr.L, iflnl 59 Cullp ereet. 'jiihttl ACC25 bolres lad 4 keerI priaceChewing I Tobacco, (Lelltlcr'a baind,) ih .lore and Iar male v J.DANIILL., " +20 59 Camp strt. i ACKEIREL, I.IME, &c. a1 274 bbls. imuckeral, nos. I, 2 an 50 hall barrels mackerul, now I and t 112. casks of lime, 20 bundles hay, 5000 feet lumber, Landing from brig Rinaldo and for sale by J17 S1ET'SON AVEtIY & cO. I IIITE HAVANA SUG .R--0 boxes of prim qualit), in store, for .le by SLATER dr TRIER, ua21 40 Poydras street TO RIEN'P. il IOSE large preati in Gilod slreret; one o from Ilroan, e, tie fIr t ,on Giro1 is 128 feet, by a. .Iepth lof il--lthe improvets eolnaistl of a double frtmte dellint thuse and kilcheas.-mad tie rear lot ,djoie I Is a brick Laildilg 31ll by b0-dLvida d into tibrea len ments. Th')'e w le will le ilt on reasonable terms tIll good tenasu. Apply to DOYLE & MAY, sep4 8 Carondelel et iUOt)TS, Shoe. aad iroearen, eompriritg a general n aeaorriact, uilabie for the eity or eounrtey tradc, landling from .liip Cteordis, and for eare lsw for eash,orapploved piape, by A F DUNBAR & CO, sep8 21 Custom Hourse wi DICAL, PAINT & OIL STORE, Cornear of ColImon & Tchopiloula stremets. A LARGE aid general arssortien at f Mdiciee A 'nnI.ts and .)lrsaaonatuntly on hnd, and tor sel onl the llOt reasonable lerms, by JAaVIS & ANDREWS, sep8 corner of Co tmo &I "l' -(i l'REE-I o at re ai. Ilonling, .50 begs prire J qIalty el Havuaa uliee Ier sole Il. aG BLANCHARD, septl 3:3 iravier sitreet. OAP, CANIILI:S, ,¢e -In torea aid for 8ale lo i S \ Y a all, of Valenline alnd other brshand Judd's whi a tad coilored Il tent Slleralt Condles, a +ui'iior article. fall and Winter bieclIead rperm oil, tn atore and for sale by S G BLANCHARD, . ep8 33 Gravier et Fli:t IIEN'S INLUIIANCE COMPANY OF -EW ORLittEANS. rTsHE Stockhtadereof Ibis stmpaoy n re hereby ea! I t hat ld ie oait rlt insltaulmet on their stock i uoe, a.d pa able un tile ninth day of October neaxt, a Ili oalIce, oflthe colianny. E S TRACY New Orleans, sep8. R ec'y. ;UMIPAGNIE D'ASSUIIANCE k.UtrtE L FE;U-De la Novellle 0 Lanr. I ES act;onnuiret dle Wite LCetad niu tontosthki LJquo Is oe vereament esl do et poyablm a ic 9dsclteb rueallin aa bureau de aiconaiplagle. 8 sept E I. I'IhA Y, eecrelire. ýrLo, PAIN-, .Y, '1 'UI(tPbtV I sEu IL a+aks foreign Linseerd Oil, 15 barres SpirIts 'l'ulpentiue 5 casks .pterm Oil, 100 kegsa pura White Led; 150 ` No.. " Alsu, n gen ra assoartment oftmediilles, jultl nee.i ted from lI.erNo¶ i, for sale low, by JARVIS &' ANDREWS, on 1 T'ehopitounaes li

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