Newspaper of True American, September 18, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated September 18, 1838 Page 3
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OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, SPEEDILY, HANDSOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT THE OFFICE OF THE True A.merlcaan, tST. CHAtRLUS STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 LOllISIANA IgRNITURE WAREROOMS NIs 53, dsrsestl" sIseet. 'V ILLIAM t. CAI.NEA, (fsronrlv of the firm ol Flint &o Clrnes,) woulIi resocisttUIly infrrm his frioend and the public that he is co.+siantly recesivtig fromt New York Iand i ,stona good assortlomst t of Fnr Hilire, such as maholngaVy O'irs. s fis, o,' -d tenlds, in pe lin . panted Iclirs nitple aind cherrv Ibedstead-, mahoganv andi cherry talbles sf all descrilption., nn anue, toilets, cecietorys, woritiu i d:sike, wsrslrn en of m thoginy and cherry, wansh suanIsl, ioniking glasses, feathers, beddig, ,.c. &c. NH. Furniture packed for transportation with great care. j]8 MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARBING HOUSE, Removed from 17 Csultomloute St TO NEXT DOOR TOST. CHARLES THIIEATRE, CORNER OF PuYDRAS on ST. CHARILES STREET. atig9--1838. MAYORALTY OF NEW ORLEANS, Councsl t (Municipality ..h I, Sitting of Aungst 30, 196. * N OIDINA~'E enenernins Surian in the hsry. N g goun d of 1M i itcli y Noliy , of thi city of New O'leans. Tie .uncdil If Municipality No. One, ord tin as ful Art . 'From and ater thbe 10th of Septrmnlber net, it hall be the duty of shre gunrdiuu or gurliane of' .eeheteries witlin ihis snuniipatuiv, to deannd, car. dsitlote signed da licensand phyniacein, or ti eciroepr, or too reitrttalile citisenRs, oinStlY with he cnimonie ary of the ward in whleh the deat n mny oenr, stating she dte o hhe diseasne, naie. age, tpllae ol birlth, en-. coltor aIde l a ie tfdhret of the hbody benugh to the t. T'he etrtiflcte iSt a case', nto be furnishesld by the roeonP or peresis bringingt t, She emietotey a .dead hnly or dend bodies, ind ion'iansen shall tisa keep. or of the CemdEIry reLeibe for intrrment blodier , wlthnnit havinig hbialed the ceitificate S re lanse sioned. Art. It rhiSl br the dolty of the keeper iif the aemeterv to r.c.ird in a bkoik kept for that ciurposr all thedparleularn ohmb I ied by telifiat relat,n to the biashuesviog rei-sive isepiitnre, nTul alsoR t. fair ui-h minthly a report to the yr of the Ecity, cn .... iu.. p e o£ tf ithe nfle', ogre, pilnu ifsirl i cn. easifdeath, dates of dnsee.e, uso o o c,sller is5 l as ne. of the phyicians or otlher citizens aiteting t ie Art. 4. A ile of ten dllars chsll Is iin ..sede ulpon the person or persons hrciiigi a hohly sir lsisstlr a ful. 0tur to thecemn e rleie of this ittisis ipuliyl in ll; ces where the Iheretofore esti si, d. shtll not havre hrben furiishild. Art. 6. I'hne nuardi'm of the cenmetery s!mll in su:h Eatese e, and Irusa u it!sy authsreil, to iake poss eT. alsa of thi* IS roe or hurasE ild ti.,.:"h L-rnsgino said bodies, s iall iee t,,e i ,isin of oid hrrc, slanid .e hicl a until he fine hall have hess paid ert. 6i. "'"s imayor is herielt aI t oriOsd to Pulish the presens ordi.nesein all h, ioewtapcrsnt 1isci'v, both in the Frencli and c.ngliclh lugifagei during ten -days. [igned PtUL. IBERTUS, Recorder. Approved ',ptembLer 3,18338... N [Sinerd C C.t] l.,,, lts or. A true copy. t'o. nRD, Jun. S". y. SITTeiNG; OF' .i:I' I \t IRll U,, 18.3r. sonlvrdol, Trot the urdnhalte eo.ntoraie the hn eyiong gron i. t a Iel eio .iui'i tih.. he lt s lametded sto to.u ito t e the o s slt ' )ite r tort.'* , the wordo Il it ,S.,jl.te I.hel itext" it the firat arliil< o l the ld Iordinrtso. [ ined] 'All' Ill RTUS,Rettrder. Approuv d,' iptember ,5, 1i1i:8. [posig pe C. ;E:NIR , Jo btatsr. PlIR l I)E LA NILI.t. OItl.IIANS. Conseil de tI Prot.iere uoit:iplite.-.tlcanoeJ extraa srdioare du Jtoiiust I 31. ORloolur ce cernanot te rpepltiures dont s tiers Ile Ill ut .icpaii i . No, I, dre Io vill. d', tiotu. Le Consei r la itluoo:ilhuile Nt. uo, de I. ille de Ia xe le. t'lino, rntleo aer qut aomt: Art I. tt dtet. d iralio it oe rt. prot l ail ii 'ar t d claro it do garolieu o* les lu, t ,'-c , i .pieo re d.itt reete an L bia ite d'ox ncr ttll 4 rLtir iT , Figl.oh r utl tso lect hoctt-t i to par be coote r t en io pr t " Ix citr Apil r I ecut',e+ l. jtii e , t oIt t tt. m It n.Olll 1l + ti du qutri r ot t ndon . rs d eI utn i i lrlo.. ti ll sieoot flolr to dl e donor le , i'TH eD, J ,. liei re Iir- a I Ire, il . l E'll tll llrl lllr I mt t 1 I to lir du , at ii r eldlll a ilme -re p -alr cie el "lll. rle. Art 2 le it cere prulr I dens te,,l ca- lr t yItr kn pe ug.o tis t I ts po+tr mellett ;olo.o . , lr lle .r ud to o t dto, rot vn, el I.r tt , lo allnt it or'tw llltlti a re t t r :tIt I iir "t li r s cllll l IP loue lrtifi te s l d .asu ,n en toi,,t n i. ted 3. tl d ll du den oI wil .thdl11mi 1dIout1 finrntierd d'iotrooo c Bo qarerj wil hdat tl stiodf t li oto elft toe ls bo delil obhen. a0 i Vr.e11" des ,l llflea .h du 0 a u mRot' r, tce t .r "ite ti r, 0 il. it= t in lllr Vt tt Ia - m ttiA t om·, Is ·II rt m ane (I -' rtI t:I t ti . ,'"ot-to.t 1'lo1nt do.s l , r a i del calr n ie, r e- , llolll e. f ter n +t Sis oi 00 , ot d r tou t t it dkeu . sreuillnle na t d n , r eram-. en fat tiol r u Art 4. Ur t o.ede de hx piaotreo e-CO ioroltootod nut o t person , t.t)ollllllloa t ulJ Ill lllov B lrls 111 (ot tirfat ciitidetssus eolmtmtnt" set t a IlOit p .rlni, Art 5 l'out gordien de d lttleibrl sera auttiie Jan a le cal eidessus I et.tie llllt i A w enluIrIler l, ehev al o)U del c levsux sn. i s ine d lt t 0rbllttrtl oti allr vttilrR p 'rin ,t le o r 1 e t d ee r i h., c'la rd elrl 11 e - u n s a t e io l Ljequ p i'tueo.n de 'ntelloe ciP:as un' dl'F(rit. publier dlonte Isol graze te dfe e, te l ell anis t ea fraeu.ti Is pretrt so td i tn nee 0letda'it l'earlae cte dix jouur. -igou,' PAL BLIIt Ui , L ecor ,er Aproutv. Ie 3lrsestt bre 1838i t Sigt Ut C tlIFiN'Ol t, Mo. t, tiooll opie tronbforte, ', %Jr-,eJr-.Termtir heanlce oud : ,cs ntollotire 18'8. RReulu qoe IT'ordonnanoe reoatives ou cimtoier r lopoero le tio1 ut ti d.raitr tlli, allnodroe le mtirr.l' rubTutiluer dnr I'rrt ter' le [eroetotre pracuainit 10 seprn Thre oprchain. Rt.h-ulu que oa mtoe aeneament eoit fait A lartiy 6 de la ouotitre dooNnOanceo Signr. I'ATUL RERL'S, Recordedr. Appr1av le s5 septembre 183 . Sigoe, 1"SI :tt)lSllmire. Pour copie conormlu, TIIEARD, JI, secratires autt:10 I.nE kPI8 I HO .Vlt W I--t50 gror. wi. S and It0 grooss lorter tcetl, for hole o by HLAEIILS & . tll.l., jyit ltnok tiler. PRIV IT'E BOARDING PIOUIrs r No 13S, toutouse 00,- itY Iro Ioi'maut.n. . tI.rS hoats is tpr-inuu tend ;oonvenreriio ituated I for nr of uitbuoineo, roar the Levee and tre New Ithe taide witl be well supplied and attended to, and h" lchargre ntderrnt.. Broarders wishing to have 0 tdginz, can be :acotmmo dated, at dilffrrrn prier. with etommodious furnished rnoms. Boarders will lhave thi. stiofo, tioto ot tert there, ososros speaking the Freich, Eaglish and ,Span. jolt lnagurgos. otog23o3m PENSION BOURGE()OISE, Rue Toulouse. n. 13, 1.-,u i,ap.otlI V. il ffotan. C/ ET htablissemeoot ert sasirenx, et oe trSuut situc pres do la Leve et de I. Nouricllo oures, c'eot dire a0 centre des altires. La table ., ra bien foot rie, proprement tenur ct A .usn prio tnodtlr. "'eu qui prenant penrinn dosireraiert y Ioer in mit does apiurtcriens de ddolrenoS prix, Iie.t gorio at io Illllooes. Lea pension ,airic auroot I'aPu onrnt d'y trouver des ereounncs prlaont les longuce r"am:uire, anelaitse "1 l tLA titr'i..wetto andtt dry, iZ quarter casks, SIldion oa ibls .forsalle ) REAL) 4' BAR'IOAW, au g2-5 7 Bank Itlae. mitUKb1I'U E--!u-t rec-i ing d i-on I. "pl0 from Now York anr lRston Pero in want of FURNITUILE. wosll do well t, crll a1 53 Itietville strot before oourchtring elewherre. Term. Cash, or good city uccepttances. W It CARNES. SIUEDICINIS, PAINTS t.tIL.--A large aod L generarul aaaortmeom o hnd, fur sole ltw, by JAIRls & A.\IRE\tS, or uoannot &. Tohoup itorulos NI)TI, F. rliHE Co lrrtnerohril htorstlore exi-lng i in thn citylv betweets the oubhet ioher, under the firm 00 Laos Van Vco 4' .'o. in New Yoork, Ltajidlo 4 Ct., and in Nacehe , Slisa., Van Wyck, Laiolaw 4' ot.. is diul+l ved by muttn l consoent. Johlt Laidlaw, Pet'r S. Vhn Wyck, and Thlnonmo. V. lno Wyck are authorized to us that .la0ne of the fintt in liquidation anly. JOH\ I.ALDLAW, ANIlti.;W LAN:, P-I+'. R S. VAN WYCK. T'HtOMAS W. VAN WYCK, New Orleansr, au. Itlot, 1838. CO-PAlI'\ AeISflIP. The snbhsorir brhave forrmed a copartnership is thliscity nlder thefirne of Van 11ovek ' 1'o. and in New'r'rk uode, the firm ofiJohn I.Uhidlaw ,. co. JitION LAII)I.AIAW. P E'.TR S-. VAN WYCK. THOMAS \A. VAN \VYCK, SIIO rlINt--i11 Cues, eonlse riino hoIrnv scaret CJ ff.anels; I.iveopool strilred. t.tlledl, and white crat to shilti; Iteuvv nlue striped rootooatus pantaloons, landing from slhip Concordia, fir sale by ISA t BitlttL;E & CO, srp8l 131 \loaoine at. IAVANA COFFE--IO- bug- in soe, arnd for SLATER & TRIER, Nep8 401 Poydras rtreet. PRMJVTLVG OPFICE. FOR SALE,--A printing office, cemporedl of all Slhe materials necessary four a new-paver A assorttotnt of Frellch noctnt; severoa fornte o Jo T z; a lares erxtra imlmperisl irss, &c, .e, will hie sold ehealr, lnd on easy terms. This ir an sexcellent ch5ane for one intending to eotablioh a country pallar, anrd vil lage Jol Mo e tv . will be sold apoaratlel from -opreosshotal sueh an Arroangm ent aceummt darte the psrchasr. Ipply st this rtior. atlly.' 1dr the Zaterior. For Springfirld, (Livio'geton C,) Pass Maonnhe,uanuth of thb Amite, Tanchii.alto and inlatereditte laudease. S THE well knoan a.,d light drntght Ste.atuar OU iCtH TA, PI. tieurd, master, will leave the Lake end of the Rail Itod on Vl t dnesdav Imorning the 19th inst., altLr the orr.ihl of the 8 o'eclck Cars. For freight or steage, apply to tiEO. WIIITMAN, N. U. snd U. S. Mail Oft-e, ior lthle Exchange Hotel, St. Charles street, New Orl, ans. sep 15 FOR LOUISVILLE, CINCINNATI. AND ALL INIERNIEDIATE PORTS. The hsutanttal stream bos t . GOV. SIH]I.IBY . J Klcbhval, .tt - . master, is hourly expected to arrive, and will have dep.lttch litr the aboe pints. For freiglet or passage, having superior accommodation:s, apply to apply AWRENCE & LEGENI)II E, sep8 28 & 29 New I.evee. - pLFASURI EXCURSIO.,V TO BAY sT. I.OUIS AND PASS CHRISTIAN. Fare $.501!! The fast running steamboat MA ZEPPA,Captain tiriloin, leaves the lake end of the rail road, at the arii veal of the 7 o'elcck ecrs, on Saturday eve: tite Itht in-t. and every ensuaing Saturday. Retiurnng, will.reatb tile rail road Ily 6 u'cluhk on Monday emrtcti g. Apply to GE). IVHI'T'MAN. New Orlenonn SMobile tail t)flire, augl8 Under the Exchange tlttel. St Charles st. OUts, P C 1-I.K ',IAN, BI pl'ASCAGi)UI.A, Te.iee a seeek. The fine low Prssure steamer _ "tItRAFFE:, Caplt. Swile , will leave for Its aboase places on tiler tornings of WEDNESDAYS & SATl'RISAYS, imnrediatelv s'ter tlhe arrival of tile 7 o'elock ears, ind returs ot l'htlrerdnya and Mondaty to the IRail Rlead The pullic ona depend utp t great .unlatsrtitv. Atg 14 Pa Br passage apply to a t in . wi!r. FyTM e. end all/ Itermediate s d.tlttgs The Isw presetcte steam boot C \tROII NE,,tllleove \rn Orlt ess filr Mobile ,very Thurslday and Sundaty, (t t2 tslck, ht. tnttthritnit all t e wu eren places at which passengers may asalh to Islad. S-st further particelar,a ppat t', h II rIAN r (Et). WHIIITftAN, jy24 Exchtanga lotel, St. t :harle at. For dMebile and all Isler rredinle LaredielYa. a '. ''he f ruae nin t and tp!edida steam m r state roomte, will eve New ttl'atts fcr to:il, .1tl al ietnlrerr liate s. teri :.: oe., very Tesdnty and Sata,'dry after Ih aurri. a ustth tiE ). WVIIITMAN, jv24 Ex hanog Ittel. "t Charles st S AI'UlitA) I,.VA i.i Nl %) SUNDA]d I EXCURSION T-) MNDIe Vtt. VI .e St tital CtNVII.l.t. l The steamere S. OUTll /t.t lIAM 0, Cap.. ,.'rKoigbt.will ;eve Ihe I., }e-i" -:" etd eftlsrrtll.road flre thee abltre te eta, seivers ; stctil - e wrt , c , on tl te r ivrItl f .he 2 o,' eahe:k cars, and retutrt the as e sie 1-t,.-and leav S'. l lay monre ioa ote arrival .ftlte 8 t'l(oke cars; retUrnlla inl Iae Iladtdolaovil.e at 4I 'clak, I'. t1. Ul clAUIES, I.ot)lU ,liI.rl, AtAN E. -yAVELLER bhn trot sle nd splendid -teai 1~* ot StU l',AI.41ItA tIA, ,. T. "n inv igh, t nmater, will riun s as regt lar itail hbat or the labolve ptas o allt .I tlldes Wedllets das a and Fridays, after tts trrinal of the P f'el es k r ars, A ..I. ntetureilg .leaves Cereincetun I uenld s, tlte't day and Sltulrdte , at 8 ot'clctk, A I1. N It. All bage.age nail part-.a a t ile risk of th i< n arse unlessat bsl lf ladlg is asgikeel. Gisve t) Will I',1AN, Net rtet taned laudloile Mail ll ilce, a2 Exrhctthce lildiltell ., i.t lhTt le st. l"AItF0 it r. el t r,. ! e. bteamotht It \ZlEPPtA will leaee ,heO Iit.n.etd ,i f tee Ile Ilil dallv n t lhe arr ival oft,t I'e o'cs l ock ire, , i oltelet ne_ at Ilay St i.oll, Sass tChristian. Ilihoxi, tea litoriii , will hi 'e cee-Pae.ottla at dlay lii.'h llnd le rict tit etr lernns at 3o. clack, P. St., tOalting at all tihe watl-ri lces il day Irglll. t F, i. IVIII l 'I 'M 1 t c, at Exclhac e r nge. hoot e , .r . Cl hlalLesar I)t. Nl I'k4C I. II' VEl.tSEllRS geet, ee lbetibile Iy ile tMail IoinS Itettll teel tti , itWtll etrd ,latil sled Fridtvs, will I'. _.1 Slr it, or il l 1'. this odtic ", l its no sr t+li'. t h ,,urd, ,lmae.a' l'.l r naut a1 Ie 1 cctl en te t a Wie thel, 'lttose wott) iveae tnevv tay tgage cr lIar it lttakn Jlre tl o t t le bt V 1e V boees dllItt;I iiil, tee.Cjc ec iltctlieltave uwielned dat s. tttO11 - li l -I Kg'tit il tUa +IIL BIU l'l'ltý ii Si b.,a a ,.hesew, let bhute+ tluctltIticilll) 'll oLuxest hle:alsI eteat S b rlitchte* lry blullue, teet lrcAl, attukeu iteg usa, I teeecet I' . , Slerceerved plr stielllaetevaet, ln sielet hv jI,;l i to i ,lt+" a 1.ILI AR . Il va + " 'e , ,I .. .... . . i 'cu". . . e... 'Ui 'I I'. I lt ILC., l +, ar-.t .apply 'i 1I Cul'il l e lunsiumljnt,, I'utul Ltiump attyd' II'-, alld ylUllUe Iu aill It the Iintl ilplllruvl d dlls .rlnlllulI let w ivell b h he uhlst: orllle r . rtia , i~oltell' dter t al, N till lhleillb, 1 .rd's. Hair Ull, i'lll Itai,, i\lll andlt Iilltrtlyi., .n,. o. J11 bl.C~h .:' Co, L4,u Cualla l tree. LIU RIat lI'- I'hle liloe aod -tiarden adjuilng ii, rby's l:Aadlly, o, I Null Cilrle contallnll; .-ix roullls tllll kitchen, pllury, anld rlluaeuaus, ac. ply to JA..V . A. iIIl.E'i, ", jyI e21 crllr 'l Iuupituulas .V. ult.ilun -ireets.. SEAF' I.All--t2t h;8 ie la ieni" arlitel, ill lhie ahi,,ping urdi r, anld lor sole by IlOK.E.I, jyY, _ 44 Ahu Letee. LT-' trlH PA1'-EI.l-Ju' re ied fro.n the Itraudy ( wil nell aI, l canes cupl lile Dtllh lerler lpial ueL ve'ry lolw pricled; 10 curi iels l "latn e witlelt Per, do; 2 cas.s tllll lik eler pll ,er I caes sui.e llle pachIk IpoIt lburgs :IZe; cast.. operllllrie eltl usalrtudec.ourt;uL as "suplt'lille uclltv ut.urledcJlUl'a; or sale, whollesale and ttil, y Ui FEI.'L & Co, oAew ork ltaulltOer' kaind, j.+l 24 bihartreas street. Sa n i.E l'--l'-laie Un gil e~ll lllllt.iy, thi J House oa Ike BUlt Ruid Road tear the LuAk, hore. tils two lPaioe.,a ii tlami, teur iltie th Utlelnl and -aI .hvllle tia Iheal,. everal rilloUs int tle car loue u e Il il iahu l .stid Culllpany. . to to pa jtieulaur apply to 1it li .,% Ai., )"v41 errer lulehez xl. 'etuewiidlan its. (Je '.Ci ALIt--iJ cli,.a 3ulch nle, (luaerls uad in nts) lot sale by IHL.aIb l alitLi.., jy-l Bank Alley. 4I AIP.PENTEtI's Flu'd Extract of Saraparilla-. .an alldah othler Callpeatei'., L'realllllll re,:celed latult rv II ,,t), lr.t, jyti cur Tch lupilutolua .Lalahiel sls Etlli 6'REUP in btxea l 1 dolr, each for Satle by tuEA i lI& \ito'l'fiin, aug 7, ltak i'luce. UlA.t l. louse .iUiasa.s--l Ilun-l.a ir sale by J 'ItiIAVEt. & U.,. aug23 7 1'I. idrae sn.eet l(UJ--"2 calks stle, ju0t recel aed ld for tale by J it I. .., .t4'Ct aug23 i4 i'utite airl . A., d.ioeb.I) ilnla--ti lldbad, tierces.lnd bbll. in Sstore, tand tr s le b' L.YEI' & A\IELUNG, aug23 17 kuillllir street. IN.LA Ef Liqurs--6 0 It aaeI. Cila 'thgne t l ne, (CEuegr R br.ei0d.) lilt dl wins, ( tltoe iru ..d) Ii plIei .iladeira; 2.11 qr. iuak iiltiaieu a ilad ira winle, in itirt. atid lorenle by Hlit. iUGlt.nb t.OA\V. . ,O, aug23 st Colti st. SOLASSESi-70 bil . i ntore, fur sale bi Li LA i ;4.E.\E k LttiiJNlRE, aug'2;I 28 and 9 \ew Levee. , U EA IURY' Note--10011 dlldlla.lrsae I b J l'il.uYe..i & Co, aug.3 74 l'oydraas ireut. OFbIE OF THE EWuV aOILEANt tU rNAlsj VILI.E RAIL It-,All. i RAFTsI oan New Y.rk at right, ill ale at 4 per r cnitt. praemium. JAMES H CALIJVELL. sep8 Pros'i. L i sl' t'UI.ICATIo)NS. -iHE l'aner Autin, contanii.ig 'Pride and I tirejudlicea' "lanslieodl iFlrk ' 'ise and 1ensi bilitv' l'Elranti and 'Noartnatiger Abblle' to whichI i preflixed a blograhicial nico tci' thi auhoru--coinplete In one llnlme. Nun. 3 i. 4 of' I'he Life and Adventirea of Nicikolas Nicklebyielatiainibga kaithiful aeouuc t of the furtutrs, .iolbrluuesa, dowoalliliigs, and comtllete career of Ite Niakleh, Family. Edited by'luz'--with illustratiutit by "Phiz.' AL' -, An additimnal supply II A 1o I,'Nickolb Nieklehy.' 'Oliver I wlst,' part first, and tl'ickwick ltapera,'ju.t received, aid fur sate by WVM. M'KEAN, sept8 39 onnrlcorner of l C ap lt alr t 4eiii DOLLARS REWARD. I OAT or stolen .',g otn h'la d ahlP IpENSINGi. L ION, while lyitg ,It the le re, 93 Culutitbian and 5 "einicait .ovoei'o,n --,lh alonere warid 'ill he paid for any inforniation thaat lay luad to tila discovery of the same. p8 .1 1838 CANDL):o-17 bite- permt eatndles, best branda. landitg trnai ship Plati, fier sale by ISAAC IBRIIGL 4. CO, e'1p8 134 ,lguzile asl. iEXCIIANGE i Io Batuu--lu aulia to uil pur Schasers, for sle by STETSON in AVERY, aug2t 88 traine at. CHAN PAIGNE Blrandy-lin aipa and half pipp.s, ia ery superior old articlel in stoe and far sule by T R HYDE & BRo40., aug8 39 Coillmenls, curlier nulag e atis .IULAS.ES-31 ltl ll irtle anl er fir tale bh TV LAWRENCE. ac LEGENDLI , ep Ij3 2 aiald3 New Lceor. SHIPPING. For Europe. Fi)R 1MARSEILLES. liThe ehat asclirg brie CA ROI.INE, Capt. SThampi onU, Hill harve ara-liiate dtlasathli fir the aborie port. For freight o. 15 baules cot tonl, or piausage, apply to LEVI HG LE, nugD 9 It (!rJroalllnno at. 'lThe ithalt rniig hip IfEIEN IM \R, Capt. -- , hvig full cargo aerraged wi il hhr e departchr; f.r passage apyla ao • .Y3 ..J \IIII'NBY, I au.2:l 8 Coati st Coastwzse. FOIR NW YORIr. L iia Ned Pi'otk aIine. Regulia Ihaeket l-f ile 'd insntt. S the regular and last g 'aakeit ship VICKSIU:aGi, arad. arn tec hiaving hif f her <:argo ccaenlel rIcA gliirlg ain r,:lrd will ncl tiv aiv sa i t ua trrurad y tcle :.2d ir t. or faieigirt if 350 balsc cottona or the bulk thereof or passage tuv. ing spleadid acomiiiodalions, apply na board tpposite the Vug-table liarket,or lIN J D BEIN & A CtIItEN, sepl5 at Laei o ar steet T UST recdi~ed at the L iuiIIn Furriture Ware aJ Riiias, 5t tienvill srieet, dlll) Mtapcle ca*d C'herry ledstenl.; a Bfirs rate article. Also, a good a-sort ne.t of O:ilh-. Walnct, and Painted Cha.rr, which wi.ll le suold r the lowest cash pices. AN (V g CA tINE-S, 13iy7 .5, _______ BrIiacrille street. 'V VARIII'TI'Y S'TI'()1t , ,o. 18 Camp strlee .l uer lishoa,'s lItel--The sbelLrtcraitrer n.- ,lrw 'ctelng at tIleir inew taltd, all extensive assortment i o ar*t lle i t thir lille, a re tintlieg eecy aa"ieif Comclcr, ttrr eaf Icerfallrrerv Ihokia -latcasses. PIta)hir Carelt aclt large unciber itf Farrcay rticles. Tltl Itblltwii. * ire a dearirtip CO11M IIS-l-l'ortoise anI Bratilitn high top tuck, pIaa a curtred; do. dr., rag, nekc, iufnf sider, potr act drtrr-ig, ivory ct hornai; file .oath, dressigana, :ccktr rlaahist horn, reddinhag tacm n.are; woodeCr Ir-cSiltSg, Il1 tactI car poeke lcoo.... 'EI,;IFUMEI+IVY--A garrertl aSS,.·,Aa, Ol PrElh uidr Anlelrcica Pertflre,, consistih ,.. rI Yne water i a hotles, of all shapesancut sizesa: rla . .lere, Flrilt, co4e, orange, leui a, jesaalrrinle hargnrlicO..,lllenhs, It. l'alracV ra1nr ore ry ll ; l.t'n au, ancicclltr. wash, enrlhonlc nld chllorine d ltaifce; saenited aIcd l:il, tiler taowdelr; ptnniatlira preston saelts, tc.i IItUSIItSS--CoaeItcsincg a great v.arielIy clolh, hair, hat, flesah, oth, nil, catccb, chtriiigl, plate, hetl, .lle a11111 plaiu ndlsting, sweetciiig, crunm furtieiii .rllhbiiing :aIlii white wash, horse, soe ald talelr' aulllll'n, pitll a cn varnish brrtlshes. tod scsh anc gaill ig tIlts tf all sizes. CIOOKIINI ( LASSES-Ceo. ilsinicg gdit farames oI rIilos s izes, 5,, e, ret I d1W cailt ertleanl statia, tnile carkc tlllliel glasrst, araIllifc.ila mlrccr-,ae, ei. PI.AeI. (; t;AttDN-Pa-- ia, ra, l iyiTi, lircia, ltightltaler, Spiel Corten, French and whirtr ack Plac) iagtUacrtc. FANCY AND) VARIETY AtiTICLES-A supre lcar assnlnlrent of ol'htlrtr dlesks, tiades' andr gecti nell's drIlhSilg eas l and liades' wi'rk Iaoxes; Iacla bo. at if various descriptions, suitable hur the lew c ear allllcbhislltac ' gllirs; piclkil Iks i nel i sortstt; acspe dear, Irusri-boxe leatd Iellcila, elw)consi, violins, bead ieagalela tIurses,ranr asotilllellt of aliay Ilemls, superior iltcuah billiallrd balltt cesti rlackhleg; lrliii, srier, vest, hdl mli suspend~er biltions; pearl t altlton ntld shirt stltds, razor striltS; gsr machinei tIer creating light: Spanish aird nrclee rgerse niraecoubt, Paris, r;rpele lIaai Scritrh aluttb;n assanrtlieltaof plain alall oI'd cainels; back grealnllli boardscdi; lice, falcy teensc optics, Jews lpYs, har-mllOlicsrt, ialeal matchesia, lille, Ireel-es, I)Spel-rulon aiEti, drkihi i , huc hintluHi s nlta tI gar e biags; i livIe al plted strlcaaclea; trrhimbles, aura, ete., SIliltllliO~le+ asSSOrtnlutl t ol'ell~l'..h~issY anI al hu'e Yarlje tyt r oither acJiciet, all cit elriatl will ie sricdtLtr low prices. .ire tash or city acceptnceSiar. aray 4 tIE.RS Ic t),I.ANlE - A IttttEtS 1lIt i~ lil fio. r brig racle Lt( I) Sara, Ior eale by & P jU IN,9 E i S J P WIICAlTNEIC Q3 1511 Vilicea I'renlch tQlihllie, I bhisl E.sRUnIi -alie 3 c--ks Pearl Ashbs, 4 cares Calrnel. I lec i .. J-loa , Rhubarb c . Ne..a auding fiImi lrig William, froIr Boshn,sald for ale L"JAR\'IS & AN tIIREWS, WhXlerlaal I)ri,,cgiat., jr7 cor Conalalri a lh 'I'clitouri~i s ltreet. SI.'. It \IIN0 Sl'liril)L AND FLOATING BATHS IN THE RIVEA, Opposile Jtar hrille serecel tlawciriality, twe squires hlw, tie lial lioad. EXEIltCISIt , CL.EANtI.NIS., IPLEASURE AN.D ' 011. , | ,: rrnttlem u l s ,, thia establisInlhent ere nlOW tI clOiilr clli I II IriulIetO.III hiIve rl1cidd are thing wh.ich ,m y tt'nd to thu mo,,nfr ,t lf I tlu rs. 'Thre. i- krclt ir ihet iuies. Tht+ wiie l hich c h l sl ac Ii eIllIn e I-hi le lvir lhe cI cill, II rnii ile hliilte ri Ihe Ilyllllhi; l - -ic~l 111ll r 1- l!) 1 ll 11?)111(1tl ny. i Ic -oli cure ele ated aild .laobua fe L;rculttioll [Lw lh'h. l~laniltune'Fply inL' bt1\etwe11 (Calll stl el atnt il i ;Ilvcr tII at, r'e -, I).s CeV.I h1i h- ur i llllin I ily -h lS t l lii I i 11I ltrY -Ilhscirip l u,.c 23i keic i.e fi5 0il ' I r" l ih I lhs a ir,: Iple u.ll I l'c)ill k A. I. uIlltil lil t. I. Th s,. Iush a~lbrd ., gr:+,hmt.d Iv pth of water od 3 to wrn+ pi. o 'd Iv au ncl'ho.,d b,.II. 30 f+ et (l ,ns bv ,:ii) i r]l, a nd v~ auth elillllle t o pei r to aI l lw I a fl e a s -c iltge to he water. 1III- urii-c, III I c- -PII!1i(I' lIliii /rr I i a)II1I IIU lice l - It.I. t l 'S NEW \V-oRtK ---. ,lCT" I }KY lltl .\Itc )Ut \ irtl:thtntS Ilanid adiruture ill "hIrlile i\'edl," rldigeseflc,llaCrc Ihejonrialof l Uli i a-lr i I. [C liinavcllle, of thei ArIny o e td i llllr i aice, ainli iItl ir the'll llll various ohe ,Il'aceeiai bV \Vuaanliitcu hl-aillr· iallcl.· 'Il'Tl. VIC:TI itIs ol' SOIIt' L'Y--Uy the Counteer of tltssiai trin, iII v2 i. JaiP rt -ivCd alld litrsale hiV W Itrlol)u rl_" ) I.-1' 4util srt Nv,ermber lexr: Ihe elegant D)welling I(Ioose, \o 117 `t Josef h street, pplI.t '1.74 l'.odr antoee I. jyl9 1)OMII.S'TIC: (;IlOi)-l a-I. ee & Co I-J heavy l hroun ret eings Jackson & Co ill inch brow i thiringr,.. Lo eli los. I &2 brow cotton. For sale EI''lSION & AVVERy, anugl4 G(ravier stree l'1p )R.R)GANS-40 cies, o tf t-r ue q i for men and boys, for sale by ISAAC lIlI)DGE & CO, au31 134 Maralines at. A L\I IN ICS Iir 1813', just rectivred pe shit Ar. L krn+r's,Ir tn NetV lelrk. ". groCe Alcerican 'omlic lmllc s ,r 1,3:1) ,5d i Crockett ' Allt nue 1ir 1819. .5 o. Peoilrn'. I ltmacs for 17.19t. Cel.,ula ted litl every state in the Unlio, ad elllt aililg a gret bcriet, ofm graviogs, ifr sle by the r roace doer, asd sirgleby til) I,. & ('0, N Y Stalioler' a Ihll,24 Chartiesst. ang33 u1t OPPI.RAS-20 bbls copperns, i er sale byI G. l)01151:), augllf 41 .rw Lever. lr IIISKEY, I'Pork, lacon Sides, Flour and etrd, Sin store fo sile by G D0)RSEY, J THIIA'ER & CO, sur 16 i 74 I'oydrst street. 1.11 It--.. 0 bhl resh ground flot, landing from 1 flat borts, for areitbvt L;AYET & AmsEI.IING, aung6 17 Commercestreet. Syle\ li;UTI'ER--(I kgis prime Goshetn oet tterl Ifir sale bv VIVENCrS Sf I.F.GENDRE, tugt'3 _8 & '9 New I.evre. OR SAI.E--Fromn 1h to 202 wtl.of cr.ip Zt .p b au CLg2 Y l L CLAIi\,. l'llusere, antr23 I1,1P ' , I) IRK.- 0 bbla Mest II 0, pri ean I r oil e rime just inspected, for sale by (i. DI()ReSY, jy26 44 New L.enee. 500 SAC'KS S'·T, lirndlint from brig Samna L nd Jlhn. lo e.,le I jet6 _S JP'W!-ttT"11'. S1 AMS anld Slrelderrs-l1 Irbds. Pickled im, and' 1 boulders, landloi from flat boats, tir sale by LAYEr & AMEI.U\G, anglg6 17 Co erllllll e street. E XCl.sNUE on Louiseille ait iht, fi roie by SSLATEDiI &, TRIEIR, aug 0 40 Pordla sPt. .OIgA IS--30 Cases Mens and I .noy fine ant: pegged l.4 gaer, for sale Iby ISAAC IRIDGFE & CO. eug30 134 .lagazine 'start. L RELLrAS--6 asts tdf Uolhrell. for sale by 1VItI'I'BIIRIDiE & Co, aug98 1311 Magaz le st. HIt'rE Hlattea Sugar-50 boxers White Havana SSiga r, or very superior quality, now landing fron hlig A. E., for sale hr JOSEPH COCIAYNE,I nug28 5 triest.It "- II11 DUt.,. Ai<. - le t I ' ,. I. I, be paid by the suhbberibere fFer teapprelhenotn e tIre loay ANDREFW, a ltl,aonled on Ihe 5th inst. Said by is about 15 yearos of _ ge, 5 leet higl, bilak face, aud very glad lobkint; hen first rspoken t, hIr speaks quick, and etantrers a htltle-h'ad on when he Ifi, blue Luttunade pants, blue striped hirt and strawr hat. JdOIIN MINI'URN, aug28 13 exchange et. ULED Record Paper-Just received a few seams, S Iludsonl ' remy fine blue record C,.p, Loth plaia snd ruled, for sale by DlVID FI:LT & CO, aug23 N Y Suirtit ,er's Hall, 24 Chartres. R 3.IIVAi.. A NIIREWS S Brothers have removed their Count. Sig House to No.50 Camp aheet. rep4 COF. EE'--lIO bags Rio. 1411 do. Hlavan.. For sale by STETS(ON & AVERT'. aug4 88 Gravier tree L' URLRAN r--57 keg.Currants, au suprior article, rfor sale by LAWRENCE & LEIOEIN IRE, sep 13 2 i and 2'. New Levee. BUSINESS CARDS. PASHIONADLE CZLOTHI . TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 1 Oh.hrn1rea !rsesl HAVE aconestant sopply f everv article pertulinig to gentlemen's dress, of tile latest style, at New York priers dee 290 TITLCEOUds ME'I'ATLIC TEETHI. t PEtJIMI:Ne of theoe hentllful teeth, and the man s ner of netting the., nmay be s eo at tile office of J, .. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No 46 Canal .reer. I'bhe tee:h ,ever ,.rhnge cnlour. and ire by iuny. and in mniy cases, preferable to the [I FDr. 16. will wait upo. ladies at their residence, equlested. ap9if S A PEIlIt,.,I;l:. MERCHANT TAILOR, 67 Commlllon street, B EGS to inform the public that having purchased from Messrs HOUiHL , SKEtt iS & COt. part of tlher stock, ie will coutinue tla business at tlteir old stood, p1)nmite Bish,.p' Hotel. lie In pe.s t- teri a share uf'thetr ptroese. Ile has lode arransgenents at the North ti be supplied mon hly with tihe latest and Uosl fashioticble good elr 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 102 Ioydras stleet New Orleans, MNArurACTURFRS OF -oad Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps Of all descriptio 14. IVARM, COLD, AND SHOWER BATHS Fixed on the most aiproved principles. MILL'D LEID, PIPCIT, &e ]"orders exeeuted it any part of the Southetn States, mr9 Dr. Robert F. Lindoe. EctIBoNGE HoTre. fim ILAY & i1, tROK, Plmbers and Lead Pipe Manalkturers, No. cI: P ,ydtra street, Kl E.P on hand a c na:nt supply of Lend Pipe, K from 2 in. diameter down to 3:. in. diatneter, for ORLEANS. LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING E'IT'A lILItSe M CN I', No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite hanks' Arcade. IVLL,.l.. GR EENE,. PROPRIE7TOR torl SH.. PARKER t'ommist.ion atlnd For warding Merchant, No 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS New . leean Feb 3.. .TARVIS & ANDRE WS, WIlOt.E LtI.h: AND) IR \ill. DEALEIRS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DI) SI'N TU NS d.VD NLVI F DVDOW GILASS, C.rner of Common and Tchoupitoulas streets, NEW OHRLEAN s NATINHAN JARVIS. Jt)H1N W. ANItREWS. A large upply of Garden Seeds. warranted the growth of 11137. AT MOBlLE, Ala S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONBEERS. Nos. 61 anl 63 WATElR S lREET. r lIE undersignede, havring eetbhlihe thenezhos ein SMobile foir the pirpose of tra..sactlg the Auction anti (Comission business in its var ous bre'anceies, lheg leave to inform their friees andi tI e puolic, thdt they are neo v rep,ared to rereive ro,:sgnUellnetts, and nake lileral advances on the same, either for private l pube lic sale. SI)LOCIAN I. JONES,' ISRAEL I. JON .e. Refer to Walker. Knight & Co. New Orleans. Meoile, Feb 9, 1838. .rb 13 A CARD. SAMUEL SLATER. ABRAHAM TRIER. SLATER & TRIER Forwardllg & conmlml scion Mlerchants, No. 411 Poydrs Street, NEW OlII, EA NS. They will devote their partneul.r attention to the sale oa \Yesturn Produce. Refer,.oes. .Aehij Fisk, rEq. qill.i Illhrard, Iart o1 Shif; New Orleans. A 1i NotllI, K3 srsl 1Kuh, Ilaron & Co. t ricee, Wild & Co. Boston. 1 'vlrt &'l'homll . New York. S.VtUlord L Ilavis. . St Louis. 6ia1~h\(o, Sllatw .. [ tum. ) A R Skidollllre Esq. Sldar l o --). i ELI ITUNE. n. T. s1r000. E&IB.T. STONE. IFrwt rdllIng anod IComJinifion Mllerchalls., FUIRNISIIHERS OF SHIP AND BOAT STORES, No. 114 TcEIouPI rOULAS STREET. ,l w. lrleans. I:elerences : Messrse. BALL, BAKER & CO. t Boston Est 1a VUaseU CO A. f.-l rEAU & Co. New York, it. L'UTMAM, 0 " & P'. l1L.LA.N, Citenoluti, O. .WRIGHT SMITH i IDAVID, STOUNE, D):lt O . COMSTOCKr & Co. ColunInJ 'I. N. AI.n0.lCH, .1 Co.. LImIIIvle, Mny \VILIS, STEVENS & t L'hTIS. '1 Louie iMo A. II. RUrF, Alton, Ill. War E. \VrrInow, Itushville, Ill. J. & P. P. 1 A.tTWELL, ayTou Sara, La. SOLOUIIN 1IGIo. New O)lears. i,,, 22 DOYI. It & M1A, IDEALEKRS IN AM.ERIC.\N & ENIGLISII CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CARONer.LET STREET. of lIRE I.1 EN S INSUURA.NCd I COMPANY This Company oar now prelpred to take RISKS AGAINST PFIRB. No.24 lusson'e llhllling,Canna sirer. E L TRACY, New Orleans, May It. 1838. Seerotary. WILLIAM IRWIN Commission and l Por warding Merchant, CIN, INNA'lI', OHIO. Refer to Layet & imelune, New Orleans. Jos. Landis & CU. 1m24 1h RllER'I' CL\INNION, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. I. (Ulnl street, Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, 11130 Wiljdw and Pie,ure Gloss, &o. oc. .T. W. COLLINS .STTOI~ EY & COU.NVSL.LOR .AT LAW . NTOW praetiwiol inth Stat1e 0ad City Courts. Cli S n0ts 0 ill 1fid hil. at lh Cler1k's ofle,U US Circuit Court, in the Cnusrm Ilouse builling. je8 A CARD. T HE undersigned haury ,,pened a house in this city, for lthe purpose of tranuacting a GENERAL CO II sIISSION bUSINESS. OFFICE, No. II GRAVIIR STREET, UP STAIRS. H P LEVY. The huse at Grand Gulf, Mliss. will be couoinued in thie abobve name. References. Godfrey, Lawrie & Slmllll, 0 Orlo~nI.La. Tel, & Milrie Sallrd , INew Orleans.La. H 1 1lill & Co, Loui.ville, Ky. John A1 Gilmore, l icksburg, Mire. arper, Carpener & Co Gra..d Glf, iss. uir, loore . 'o, r ,, Sil a I.illard. Natchez, Miss. New Orleans, July I , 1888. jyl2 A CARD. ATHANIEL TOWNSEND having located him sell in New Orleams for the purpolie oftransactlug a General AgeUcy aRIIId ' 'O111ilbll o bsilesS, would re speetlully slicilt from the public a harem of their pa tronage. Having a house in Texas, he will attendIo tshe trans acting uo any bu.ines: t1hat may be desired in that elltryV, all will guarauteellt Irulllt anId untelllltted .l h nil n to all Iu.-iness entrustRd to his charge. nlld a ithful alllicalion (in arcordanILe with instructions) of all cnds that may comen into his hands. Office in Ne Exclhange, on Mravier strae', Ropposile to Rev MIr Clalol'e ehl'0,h, and a.lj ining Gibson's readig r.nolam.igl of tITeorxinn Consulate. New urlans, Norvenber .5., 1837. R1teferences. Mosers ilillyer, Bush & Co. New Yo,,. Burr WV e11o.]. 8010e10*11. Alvarez F kh, Nalehel, Miss. RlM Strllt r Lnu ", M,. Johnr T .r y. Louisville, Ky. Ohr .1, I r, if . k.nsill, Ky. n,28 6m FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPIANY OY NHP.W Itlll. \Nr. 05e Noe. 24 Munon's Baiding je2 CANAL STREET.'. GIBSON'S GUIDE AND DIRECTORY 1-OK the Slale of Louisiana, and Cities el Ne* Or Iloans and Lafayelts; for sale iby WVM Mct.F.N, mOS cor Camp and Commo tste (I .ASH,. r BanklBoxe...-just reeired b B I0 ROW`.r),, TRUE ALUMERICAN OWFICE. In connection with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, FOR TU. PRINTING OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circa.ars, And every deecription ofJob Worls that may be required. [tYThe proprietor respectllully calls the attention of the public to the above Ccrd, sn-l assures them that all work intrusted to his care hall be done at thile short sat notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and t tihe I.,est rates. GUIDE & DIRECTORY OF THIE CITY OF M'ete Orleans and Lafayette .W AS published on MIe 'a,.21t M av, and is no V for oale at the countisg room oI the luishe-,I Exchange tlotel, St Charles stre'et,-and at the Rook. tore of ibl.srs. E. Johns & Co.corner St Charles and Common streets. n,23 P IPER. quits, steel pens, ink, fluid, wofers sealing asr, india rubber, block sand, pounce, and every other article of statitonery, of the very best qualit, .con stantly ou hand and for sale by D ,VID F°'LT&CO. m19 N Y Stationers' Hall, 28 Chartres st. H TE II VANNA SUG f R-25 boxes landing florm by IE R, 40 Poydras at JOilN HOEY, Saddle, Haraesr autd -Trunk Maaufaciurer, and for aiuter of Miltarrp Equipsraut of'every descriplian. No 18119 'rsHOutriOLAS STREET. If tAVING( in eutploy several Militirv Workman, hl Ihe i ready to execute work in the above line is Ile sbortst notice, and on tie moat reasoutable term, moereeants' and Pedlars' PaclKig tl'runks of evrv It: acription, contantlv on hand. SOR.n It MILLS-tIl corn nill. rl later's .., Scombined. (One man can eriod I, or 30 ieltse of meal per diem with bhee miills, and they can be at tached to a cotton gin, and are particu!arl? calculaied or planter's use. Apply to otHA & (01: PE, t115 82 Jullia treet. M ERCHAN'S can have a beautiful circtilar struck of at two hours noticer, by calling at the ()reans Lithographic Ilioe, 53 M eglazte street, opposite Banks Areade. 0,24 l ACLKEREL-35 half bblt No 2 Mackerel, for sale lT by READ & BAl~'fTOW, m 67 Gralirvier street. I EAF LARD--1000 kegs in ttore, for sale by L.J t DIORe"iEY, jyl2 44 New Leven. K ENTUCKY BAGGINGt -100 psfit r sale by KHOLMES & MILLS, jyl2 Bank Alley. . C, t UHi B AGGiIN -3 Ai pso heavy Scotch Bagging S43 inchel cwlde, fc.r sate hby HOLilES & MILlS, jyl2 link Alley .IXCIIANGE (ON NEWIYORK fr rha hy A LAWKIENCE & Lt:GENpItRE, jy 12 28 & 29 New l.evee. r lEAS, NU'I'MEIiS, &.c -:20 six and th I pound caddies of gunpowder and imperia 25 cases of canister imperial and Egunpowder. 2 chests of poieone. tea; one cask o,. fresh nu and a general assortn no t ou f roceries, for oale low by LAWV ENCE L.E(; EN I) RE, jyl? 28 & 19 New evee N it ,1 bt K. I1llIE Ameritan Dl)merat. or hit on the social and ( civil relations of the United States. lIe J. Feni more Cooper. The ITwo Flirto; or, Adventures in a Country liouse; and other talec, bh Laita BRlessinton, E l. Iouliver, Mi Norton, Butry Cornwall, Mrs Gore. Captaint Medwin, end others, i'l 2 vdo.. The River and the Desert,by hlas 'uardon, author of tihe City ,of he aulian. 'Th itask, t oftireml, the Gift of a Uncle and Aunt with fine rood enoravi.,ggsi bv Andr,.h Juit reeeircd sad fr sale by WSI McKEAN, jtl6 cor (Camp and Coniton sis. R 21r .iey t-70 rosin driros, landing and fur note by J'1'liA'I Ett & Co, jy 14 74 Poydras street. SAVI. -&-6t CIIAFFER'S CtItip ouic Ftntd Ex a tract f, for the cure of ocutinat eruptions of the skil; pimpllie or pustule. of tile if-e; biles whiii ariso irom an impure ateto of the biood; .city er ticnc; p ins in tie btones; ccttonic rhouiuattun; test r; scrofuiu, or kiig' evil; whit ai, litg; sypliiliti diseases, and all dtsorders arising IroOt alln imctpure sttel of tile blolt., b ai long relide,,c ill a hie ulnate, or tiue injudicious us col incerceury, Also,-Cave & Schaelf r' WVorm Syr .p, or It. flntt Presarvotivc: Li. beat pir, pllraldOt now extant Among which are the h Ilioiw tg:-lidian Dyei for col rlieg thu hair; Bear's 01; Ruissian Bear Groane; Purmatumt; iltaw'a Free lo Wash.: so perior Pearl Powder; Lily White; Cream of Rases; Ve1getable Rouge; Ott, of Ros, ; Lip Salve; Krr. oritn Tooth Wish; C.rblonic DentrltfiC; Orange Floer Wa er; Powder Ptls ant Boxes; Atieri. cau Clltrcotl, neatly put up in tour tnoce vials; P eston Salts; C tologne; Kreaooote i'oth.achi o Drops; Hair Brtuhole; EighItn IDressing Co b( lu tan tlir Ot,;--with a variety of other Porfu intrtee, &o. For salt by L W GLENN'S PERFUMERIES. J C 'liINCIlARD, Corner t!' Canal and Bourbcttml treets PARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &e. -TOURNA of an Exploring Tour beyond the e Ruocky Mountains, under the drecation of the A B C F M, performed in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of the geography. ge. Ology, climate and producttons and the numl er, malners and ustulom of the Iltives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by 1 v. Sam el Parker, A M. Ihe River and hae Desert; or Recollections of the Rhone and the ~laurtreruse; by Miss Pardon, author l'thie ity of . S, tan, &c. in 2 vols. The Robber, a Tale, the author te Rchllelin., T., Gy(pyv, Attiln; ill 2' 1 lie '.'wo Flhrl; or Ad. 'aur in a Country House, and other Tales, by Lady Blessinigton. E L Hulaer, Mrs Norton, Barry t ornwall, Mra Gore, Captain Modwind , and othltre; in 2 vols. Tae L!tr and Adventures ol Nlchol as Nic.'eby, edited by Boz, with Illlustratiois by Piaiz, No. 1. Just re. eived ad ad fo ale by BENJAMIN LEVY. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFSIaS " N .. o.t a ,ate . -1,1, 0op,. t e .a ke .., a , L, STAHI.ISHED for the execution of maps, plans s and drawings, merech.ula' circularsr, busines and a:;dae.a cards of every description, funeral circular- on daeep mourning paper, apothecalary anld drugginia'labels; bank checks, dray receipts, &c. printed aid eaxect d inl acheap aad expeditions stylh, tb til plroprietor. NB. Bank Notes executed. m24 NEW HAT ' t'I()RE. JUST receivedpr late arrivals fruom New Yelk, fiesh aol, fashionlable sartlear t of IHA'S. The subacriber would particularly call the attention of the re lie to a rtsle of beaver harts of na suprriai fiauih, flie texture, ric and b.uautifui lus re; also to a fiie pl-:in IKusia liar of a superior quality; and also a Ia lendid article of silk hal, togett er wlth a general an sortment mannfaiet ed by hiusell, expessaly for this imarket, whosuirale and retail J W dvBIORN, 34 Camp ctreet. N. B City and country dealerb are invited ioitall. feb 8 PORTRAIT PAINTING. 1l R. PAitKEi respecalluy in nrls tre puhlie that }'t he will relnai a solurt ti n in New purlana lfo the pUrlpaS at paiiting portraits. Rtoula corner of Canal satl St Charles, in tile hlouae occupied ly Parmly & Lyon, Dentists, whel e alpeimen tf ris painti.g can be seen. Entrance in St t'harles treetrr. - _Uta181im % IIISKEY, Flour and I'Pk, in store for sale iy m-2 G IiOItSEY, 44 New Levee. BALE ROPE &I' TWNE-f-L sale Ib BL.%TER &. 'I`RIER, aug i1 40 Paydrae street. WHOLESALE TIN WARE MANUFACTORY I Ot)t'KE & CO)., No. 22 Old Ltvee, have in Sstore, . f their own ianunlacture, a largo anid x tensive aassortaent of in were, whicl they invite deal era in the trade to exlaminae; also 0 Copper, augar house ski amters; l250 do. Sugar Ladlres; 2 doz. Copter sugar lamps; 7r Bath tubs. assorted sizes; 30 gross asorted sierd I'offe Graighs. N. --Roofs of hu;ldiusan c.verevd with zinc, cop er I tin. CoppFr and tiai guitters put upl on Iile she rtra dolice: au s NI)ER VOOD, Pickles, Ketchups sad Mustard, in store and for sale by J TIIAYER & CO. aug 16 74 Poy Iras -areet. ENGLISH, FRENCH AND SPANISH AGAD. EM Y. )ROFERS)R tIOIt'1P Ysassisled hv rentlemenof prosper qailif ieanlan andip .itrialtan, h as opa red an Academy, II thi. rick bualding boh-nti.ugi to WVinl. 'tratnd Eaq.. sIjoi ing the t eranda n St. Charles sreetr, whbee v snLo c ntlemen, nell disposed, will re. 'sive a go-d ed catlon. Atr. a1. nsolicits the co-opertionu of bio friends snd those ofedicato i. to enable him to reoder this inti; tution u.eiul and permanent. au.2: S..LhiU. I ,TI.'' Lt.hTe, a.1 tC-.lpig, blacs i tin, a ta ,es tin plate, and 5 casks zinc, in store, for nte by S LOCKE & Co jyl4 2 0 a. ,t HISKE'Y-'0 blts in uro for sale by S nV eugrl il DORSY, rtiNet N eoes. aROrGANS-40 bases Men's and Boys' Kip and B Ratsst BUro;anstlort &i bv ISAAe C BRIDGE & CO, jy9 134 Magazin, street. MR. SAMUEL SHAKhPEARE in my authorized Agent during my absence fro the city. DANIEL DANA. j9-law4w. I' RA I,DNES. SBREAITTIFITI, bhed of hir i. thf crandeiet orna ment belnnoine to. the holl, frame. How atra.tsn v the loss o it rhnneue the c,,onn'enlce, and promna uitrely I.rine on the apptearacee ofold ap, w hilh u' et nny to recoil t it t bee . ii eer.l d. and snometimes even tteeltctcitylv to vod ithe test cnd tobers of thllir cr'qulni. tneet: the remninder Io etir lives l are con egeq.tntly sp.rt in retiteonent. In short, not even the ot.f rnp6f1chrt.k ilio ihe 0entroa th'vhkite mith with tlnt nenvv srineine elnom c doe' the Io'h of Iiof hair. en atret fil the.e Ittid.e nt cirrrnlstnneee, f)ldriree' Bnlln of tenltmhlcin otr thie hor freom fnllite ngTon the reot acrplisrtinn, nod ol.fw Ibottle re.nort it aeni0. It likewise prodnee. ec ehowe end whlisker;r rr e etr. the iair tromn tttrnin eras, etakes itt enrl hcantiftlly, and frees it from Aen rf. numorrono eertieaesre of the first ret.etnhility in erpport of the nviriers of Oldridge Balm are shown hv the proprietort ip Re:d the itllowino: Robert Wherton, Esq. late Moavr of Phl;ndelph has Certifir' na may It. ore, below, to the high chara terof he fdohwingeientlem.n. The Iondorigrnd do hertho ecrtlife at we hove used the taI" of t'o .tethin dii evoered bh J. (Oldrid.e and have found it bihly Aervi'eoblenot onlv os a preventive aceinst the fnllinotfsffof hair, Iut aso a cerlmn rester live. WII.I.IA T 'I'HATCHER. Senior, Methodist Ministerin St Geore cehar-e. No 86 North Filenat. JOIIN P INGLIS,321 Abh 'trees. JOIHN I 'f'It)ASAS, 31 D, 16:I Inreet JOHN S Fi'It El.YI( Spruee stlreet. HU lit tle"URIsY.24: Sout'th:d st. JOHN, GARI),Jr, 1i3 Arch eitret. It Is known thathree of the allonv sinero are more thian 50 years of aee, and the others not lens than 30. [Fromt toe flavor.] Counmonwealth of Pennsylvania, Ci'y of t'hiladehthia. I, Robert Wharton, Mayor of naid citv of Philede. hie, do hbereby certify thot t ote well acqainlted with Ilearer J P Ii|lis, Join S Fore e, and Ilt.g M C eurdv v hose names are igned to the shove certificente,thot they are .enllceler tel ctaratter aldl reitctahil.ty, anc aso stoh fTll eredit ctoeull Ie given to tilte sald certificate. In witeene we oreef I have t hereunto se my hand and cousede tile seal of the cily to be ftlted, this tis dtIc of )Ioeemhee, r.&e. Rti[L. S. ROEIT WIIA'TON Meyer. OBRSERI E that each bottle ofthe G e'uine BaIlm eas a sIlendli ettecroed wrapper, on which is rteprct oter the Falls of Niacara, Ac Soldhi holesale and retail by the sole anentr or Am, rice, No, Fletcher street, neor lMaiden Labte, one 4oo below Peerl atreet,nnd by most druggistsaltd perfuntre through h eountrv. JARVIS & ANDItEWS, m9 Agents, sew Orleans. PROSPECTUS. THE subscriber proposes to pubhlish, in the he. ginning of the oonsing witler, a Condensation i s the twenty volunes of the Old and New Series of Martmn's Louisiana Reports, to be comprised in fter volumes, 8.ot., aceording to the model of Peters' Condensed Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. urtoer Harrison, Esq.. of this city. assisted by William F Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, and by one of the sitting Judges, toIn expect from their personal supervision all the advantago which may naturally Ie reaped froml their experience. Such a work is becoming every day moro no eessary, as the original Is voel utmiouo, expeonive, and searco. An increasing curiosity too is nlMni feet, in the other States of the Union, in reference to the peeclcarjcrisprudence of Lomsiuna; and thre circulnltallee of theo nullleroul proncipls here de. cided in the adjustment of :onflicto of laws, makes the knowledge of our adjudged c;tes of prime utt. lity to the jurists of the whole Utnon. Moreover, the rising ,spuobhie of Toexs has adoptod our codes, and thus there is a great decand for the Louisiana dedisions fromt a frers quarter. Conlvenient notes, icdlcating the pornllel cases decided in Lutioinnt, and occasionally those in the imore authoritative forumll of the other States, will ie tadded to each case. 'The work will tbrt foor volumes, royal octavo. And will be delvered, bundl, to subscrihers at $b per vol.I in ctae it shoul I be foutd practicahle to comnpres* it into three soluloes, the price to sub scribers will be $i per vol. subscrhptions received by WM McKEAN, jes5 cr Camp asld' Common sts. |on maii-ie nol tise ciity, list -ale by lT iitH ItE &'BR(;TIER. m?9 :39 (. at corner of.l:agazine ft. JITIRE! IlA:-A a. SU.S--2ca ec. cmll'is Ud inkl+ a` (in iltln Iu ll lm tirrt o 1tu % G ,( g Ul Lm hrella. ad .,1 araols, lmlhn lam oi que .llten, Haud -9 IS ! AC BRIIDG(E & CO),134 I!Mlageane r t ) -ETbi.a' l alls, 1,ratdrethl, P).l, oene Lmitane,, -a dkb a an 'i I, Geramn ulnatle pills, Butlers. l'rven.=,t e ia Slegia, 1ahul of Cl ,d, ac. &c. lindiog sod for sale hb II !INNAII.A., m".5 car Natchez and T'chupldihlhsi,* IF t1.Ol. - '-iI bhlse uperine Fhour, Crest and will lewep it, m sourinllg or Stllle liil,, Ibr sale by G(. DtiRsEY, jr22 4i New I.eve LJ AV i'NA C FIet.E-r2, hbug green c'od'c, lisa L shr lHero, funl Havana; lr nle by SLA'I'ER 1. TI tRR, jel4 40 I'uydas stlreet. j o store ahd lr sa e by the -ubl cibur,; O 4d Peach B rand y it hbl s; ' Amliecan lBramlndy ud iam in du; No 2 bracker. I in hell lod; 'T'able .It in caseof ti I s; Mlaelno: \\ in,ni,-'eet ld it ,lin qr cooks ahd I di.l, bbW, (-onltled Id Ileboatre;) Spllni-h b lattiig; I.ondo,, Poiter i.nd Allt; liemon Sy.rjt, lPhiladelli ui White Lead. No I; uJdlish In boxes; Cottion Ginu. IlEAD & ItARia rfov, r12 _ _7 mir.ier treet -SIHEN I.11TTE1'El-60 iubs supeirior Gosiean buiter put ui ex prsly for inuily use, for cale low, to close a conei.migiiiml, by LA\\LEI'I:- & LEGE'DRE, j.y7 21 and L9 New OACON-f libdy dala. b3lahds shoulders, Cun Sclnntti bacon. ihn prime oa der, ill imore, Iblr alb by LA IE'' & AMi I.LJUNi, - l.al3-i-7n hIds, ; tir.'es and 5 bhiles e, • hu hn.a,:1 hhda tied 5) I.bla, Iaged do, Iput uI for fiaily uoe. a superi r utrcl-h, in tllre, Ibr ale by jyl17 17 Cd',,ern-e stre, L'RE>i WESTERN BUTITiFR- ikegnrceiivear i from tealuboat 'larquin, for sale by SLAEIt & TRIER, jyI7 411 Poydras atreet. I]LANK BOOKS-Just received by reeneea rrival. Gloull Nvlw Tolk, all a' h ,tiinot Iply of BlluL lomks, ofevery variaji of Rnllil and Blmding. theat. in "ant o Blank Baoksarid Paper, are rnqurestel to call and examine our extenivwe athck, wholeasle or retail by ii.'Ill! FEI.' & CO. Now Y.lrbk $tatliiar'o Hall, jyl7 .4 Chaltrec stire r aLOURh--I4H bbln looi, lanidina, and for salt, by J 'IE'HA RI & tir, jys 74 Poydras stIlerr. C ANVASS I.)D IAilie,-a rakles Cinciailnltplbked -J anvussed hanas, for sale by J TIIAYER & C). jy6 74 loi drns Ptreet. "\ii.U) I.--:iili bblaui a Ina ndliil, per flat, for saleI ji3 44 New Levee. COLOGNU IVATEli-Direcrly imp, rted froml Co lugne, hby H IfiNNAEEl., cor Natchez and Tcllalatailas sis. KP The geni,'anes of the article is proved by the autoareph of the nmanulacturir, Johann Maria Farina. C'a IY'SdCRE IT SYSTEll. -Ilz O'CHredit Sisteln of Frnce, Gil Great Ilritain a Ill I'nie,I .lsit'--b-lv I1 C .are, au in , r Prineilesa ofl'olitical Ecoealnv,,' &c. Just received and for sale bv W31. M'KEAN, auR,4 Cornr of amp & Comnlmon st. ).It) S.t1.E--tlihm of Coluuiimia, Eu2tace and A' Temple's ALIxtire, liavn Liniment, Rma Oint mnet; Hiendahl Remlled,, lurl'e Cro Plaster, &Ae. olur salebv J \lRVSl & ANDREWS, j vl8 co ',,llommona ,i &I' houllpllaln at! )RINTI.Ati PAltER-u it received 151 reais ae mdiul plintill plier, some very low priced, and suone lif uei i.llity, 'or dtile by ) )ELT & Of), non!18 N Y 4 titi,.,er' Hall,2!! Chirreostl L "-, ,, :ill 'i--aleoi-iiI nera 7-s & 4.1 Lun.h1 S Negro C trans, in t. re slid lir sle bile STET'SON & AVERY. aia2l5 ill iGranier at. IiE--till casks hf Thmash, ---a aflont, a d ilr sale bd CIHASE &i DIXEY, iy24 6 Cl!ntomholsc strmet. U)L.aE a--: h'bh. oiuss,,' uS I nn;hI ' Ir1ln ae.'r I los aso O. dittu, I store, and for sale hv L YET & AniELUNtI. a1n1e7 '7 Coanmmoe n reet I ply but a workman. W McKEAN, iyl2 fior Cram. Commonl al t see EMOIIN SYILII'--100 bhrnya leim~lOli srvp, lIadijg Sfrom bship Cuncord, and " sarle by I TIIAYE t & Co. jyS6 74 Poydras street. LATl.-i-4i00 Laths in store, and tlr a.l. by SJ THAYER & Co, jyC6 74 Poy.dras elrrrt lATh PIIILICATIUN5. C HIeaS MADElAS7* latatit 416 to the todimentsa o tiat ~saentCl.tand pepeled game. By George WalkeTeachee-rnChem. . SUnclse horuc., a novel, by dm L C Hall anthor at 4ketchea of Irish Character,'L'he luocauer. a. a. bihe $pirit orf the Wood, illutrated fi' clo :red a. graving., Ibv tte authorfl'Jhe Moral of Flovem. F'indeu's Views of Port and larb'iun, of Great Ua i thia. F'lora's Gemr, o the Trearnr.s of the Ptamc e 1$ onclquetl.dracwn and co!olred from nature,blJarp6I Aedirear: cirth poeticai il!-tratnn.,I h. 1., iaa A .s 'I'. caley., atllort I Tfc he Rolnljec of Natrcra. A tih.oary of Tnillls .led in Irt irtre Iltnllu. It lill, and /:tihi Archiretlore; the secloe edrlionl. en. larg'd; exeerccpliie~i by 0, wooeed. el Addrok'c meg.teernc' Pockertl ,tk., for they or 1838$ with an Almanuc; by Ienrv Atldcki, Civil .uaiuerr. Works if I.ord I.con. with an inradatu.ety mwany, ,lodl a lortrti; irew eriiil,), tomrplete i, "f ,ole. a lli coyp llrr,-t', Hlrv , d'his ow, 'cr me: flem l4 restoration of Charles II. to the treaty of peane at Utreeht, it 'r ry ,n of Queen Anne. A new editltep with hiateoriedt rc bioeru phicrl rtFes;l ompletad It eile volume. Juol received and for s ale IC m31 eor Catrtp and Co,,now Its. r THF: public urn n'. .etifulli iu h h L ttioll cre .ni ne Cf etnn the teoted illprved plaldc an1 Io an nicy si r ncmoe uelrirnhie ttlsrtirilitt the tanlttalilt 'Flrcklii, upot Ihe railroad, one mile frola the calia i. ,pi. lThie Iuildlng in lare and m- contlmm tinlttly divll into tpart.rents, for Lkrepdg separate diliatent elaeeki. and I fferrct rliseat.. Trhe irrcltrdcio in arupplied with tre tract ikills aI4" alteative Ilae ard licmala ulhr, atd speaklhgl tft ryt"' rioure oneln langucet. Private rooas may lie had hv eentlelaen at Sef dte lZet per day. ineludiak c nlteCdncltCp, &e. 'errn s in tihe or inoy wards, two dollas ptr day: claver also two dollars. Small Pen in the itJi4i sards, fir dull ra. All eapiil crnrphc:rl opeatirnr extra. . The morrident pa..liriar it ODi Wfllldemnel tfo *mYrh' application fIr rlrmitron mtat he naide. urtoDrC A l.rzemberrg, No 17 Itaripart street. aj7191b LE-A- LARI),--OO0 kegs in store, P ante liv G DOR,"t+V, NEW WORKS. -". fHE NATURALISt'"SOWNB 1 deseripctios aikl. abthetdiec atcwa fha .tr4*0 ards; c.ientifieally arhlmed tetl.tdi Inlip saydham Cuviert b thie athbi of the "Yrtlilg ih lr Q I'HEli A'I'UI.I . HISTORY F i s- two olueres-vcl 2,focrning no.74 of ithe A diceste o "f IDe1r OF t v ac Ca It cvIMtvtA tAt eA --bI Henry REcoae, Esq. with tifbte nod'nr afnittrcos Atlcerccn dlecisiUn, and t trhe English coinmln tAliic W eccltlestasicr l reports by George Shonswel. Or rL)ulosr ait DisEnASEs rf thelo CHE -enlr-nm.. on rite c.rmlaeron c i their physical and general 'iagle, by '" W Gerhard, MI PRaICIPI.e:s OF PATHOLOGt, ArD PtACric* OF I'cSic--llv Jlohn Mllckintok. M D.; from tlte lat Lou dcn edition vith notes and additions, by Samuelt Gel Maortoi; 3l D, in 2 vul's. 'lice A~mEuic.cN ltccayTFIR aterctp-ScU i 26 fef December 15I35. Jurt received and lar sale try t'12 W l McKEAN.eorner ofCanac and (auc. * LEAP LARDI- 420 Lgps I, steumbuat Gtinearl WVane, foarrie;r lby LAYET'I & AMI LItN# jy2 7 Coumer " b. AC "' SIDES-ld.hldiltbabtnsite- I l 11 Igroa sO boat l .ntlerai WAvcr, for rct h) LA1'ET & ,.Mt UN :, jic. 17 Co ,ne eaireati LrLULR, WHISKEY, POhIK & BEI .e,-4t l tlperl fine and 15c dl) fill' lllour; Ill huls toecnand nc 46 Ibils recrfieil whiskey; 7 bbils mess and 15 bbls prime .orPk; 2 blI perime ber,; tie caergo if a flal baat Lcr sale rn, to close, by a.AYET & AIMELL.N, ')V 17 C.rtmseraeaeste. A3ll VI IAMS--7.Ihblebn m:,mV eFamily~ 4 '" nor sai erior quatdilv, Ihtnding from teanmlt Monanlr h; for stile by LA '''' d AMELIjNm.. Jets 17 Cammheme ,satC SOS.N-i-75 bails IlRosin, lahiling and for Able 1. S &J P WHITNEY, Coliti traeeg IT A AN A SEGAlt--500,00 of di het ao d 1 li l one, :or salb by SLATER & 'IRIER, - eugl 4 O Peoydrea itrMt. up E Mbi JAH FISK, IA..ItY-5rl'- beul 4i proof leArrien Ierandy Ptf sale by IAAC.' BItIII;E : & Co, nugl4 134 Macazine street. AVAAX 4 BEGAlS-I hancuflgtcen cofke llBd i icb froml schr LibeLrtr, ad 2110 Illas in star for .le b SLATER i "lElI'tFllER, -+ atig14 40 o)drs etree. S VA. OA SUGAR-R50O boxc pa. m candicig leer brig I:,cal(her, crn ala b SLATER ' & TRIEK. nncl 1 40 Pdydra stree I - LE Ioln conk s hildelplhia Al., Abbdsl. ,.al juisurceiveod. and for sale by JI) BEIN & A COIIEN, jy24 90( CsoooomssreaL New Orl0.c. uttd Corr.llon Ball Rood A rragement' li,an aiiog thlr cors nooo do dose.y FiOMit(0051'.LON o Faoo NEW ('OLO.AOd. TIhloooroearatlo'cl'k AM Steolu, caret? AMa stratacur (6 do do do do 9 do do 8 do do do doll do do lIb do do do lea car 12 do do imbdorrot Idt steam cur 2 Jo P l do do 3 do do 4 do do do do 7 de do do 6 do do do do 9 do 8 doa d0 Tlhe Jacksolnlo stooree cars aodl l.ofo,.'tte. blfiastl o'olck, A 31. oll.(7ool mt at. o'eoh clwo k Alo ad rudo noine hourly at7 o'clock. 'Th roors itill romrloene runnior every bhll bour. nod continuo through bt the dao, uoil7 o'rlock. P MI. 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