Newspaper of True American, September 18, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated September 18, 1838 Page 4
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3 lMARY AKIRALAN) p repett'tIyv Ca. - t. f lhthro hnr fhends and the pullin ~tne. afI o :t phl" is to -eenemoretnl theem at he sIo..astarblishnctc antd I.oe pe fr mt her Otinelalto render visittro- enmfortsIle, to receive a continuance 'f" former favorn. She f4"ls cnfi. dat. lot ptreons viliting Covington dtuing tell Ittee mnnmth6a, e nnnt find better m ecmlmonntions thic' bb can afford them, en more lilberal terms. 1 oer hoaeo il pvu*,.,ntly situated, and well supplied r with aevery cnnvoni.oe,.; the bar is fitrnmihed with the most showlnc I'lstors, &e. in shlntt, sh promiees "'e.Pi thiag sh '., wanting on her Dart to give Stitre aatistoCina to all who mcay patrosiz the 4t tialltpi nd Lontisanoa lontel. je3 I4OT T ll1fLIC.-Tih mndersitgnd. hoermg " .studied under Dr. Sl .midt i' Ch krleton, SLsh;Curmliusa.0nd Inr vire yert tits arsmetant in thspraield ofthrdich ,'I"d osurgery, has the ioner to offt his pretl..:o Ii srr'ije n this city. "ie asmttOytle "ih I; .~d almtlmen Lthat the most promdipt'it trnl : ' L. p ,il to the cails which ea be m le: alid ia, 'in r lis services to the hm1 ,;,t's, eet " 1.,1 acquainted wi h the ourtm~,lo t'i he hv ing attondel them in tore, ..lpuee i'n. Ci .,meton. Theftou;ant bil .etu pilel.terthreompoaition S IdtCb etr moletnt. with directions, can be had al.itmlhsdrilgned. The which they have ip this and other cities, has been attended t grete iat .iee, to which the beat of o .el seu bhe given. Apply atNo. 166 Maga. 1qtg.swst. JNO. M'LORING. WL$W3 WAR, WOO SCR W d, SAD ' 'IRONS, &e. . i.i OWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. W. Water, near iekman street, New York, hae seiet.wd the paot season, and are corstantly t large and eotensive additions to the stock of fI aove goods, which now eonsists of the loWitng amortment, seltable for the southern and w e -,rma ts. Bew waom of superior quality, eansisting of as'1100 tmi. vti, eb 1O N did eant ailesn, frn.m 9:8 to 50 gatlons, 1kites,1 .se, froem 1:8 to 30 gallons, eeIsle., Olsises, fram l8 to 18 allons, n., . . do t. . do 0.lStpiders . 6 do rda.... : d e. . 6 d* "W bi·mas'mn 1 1.4 to 43.4 inches. i -tt do. S to lieh06. Wlld Serewa, 20,000 goss, iron and brsas, from Siusho. No. 8 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior qeulily and nink, and loss than Jame's Imported -ad INea, easoratd, in cash of shout 500 lbs for Tl'l" sand hatter's Irns, asserted. ashweights, 100 tone, asorted from 1 4.4 to 3Ilk foer ttlantatiosl, steamboats, ehurehes, &c. maue to order, t iteambeets and other machinery made to The above assertment of goals is particularly ,egeosnaendd to the attention of t,outhern and Westrn merchants, and are offered for sale at low 1d., and upos the moat liberal terms ;it is he. to Ibe (lie largest and best assortmenllt ever 'M"1 for sale by any one establishment in the Usnited Stateo. lsemohlts, by forwardion a requelt by mail, can " ,} printed eircqlar, with description of gooda, terms, from which no deviation is ever adr, tihed by return of mail. Al ennrs willreceive immediate attention. eow York, 1838. je3 fs r r P A Pl L I-Vdere'od'o Le Aiaes Strnp and Pickles, leerted sizers also, 60O ldse'..Laio & llaakell'e Piekles; f)r Pale to, clrme i emtaillloeam; by JARVIS k 'ANI)KEWS, elat , ear Conenon and Tehompintmnl A rP--IUl hallh Lu)e~iito t Smol, bralld u'.lmra s 't (dald, for sile by ISAAC BRIDGE . & CO). l6M 1314 Matgaeine tereet. FU LET. j.NEsma dwelling hou.e on Tri.ton treet, he aweea Tiavdi Circle and t nrendalet -;Rmret. mlo. Apply o J O'PTT', W HEEI.LARROW , &c-2- 5 \ heelbarrown, 25 dirt do. in stOg forM sale by dr do. IAMPLIN & C(OOPER, dl ,2 . ll 'lr t S .t t ruled Cap and Lelmer I'tp'r-, .f all lu ElItleouomtiag ol very veperi.r blmle laid, lhle andomwhit wea, end luinl nod ruled rough , de recourd apr,o'boetnmtly on hand aed tlr asale y DIAVID FELT & CO. '~m1e N Y Stntinnce' Hall, 24 tChartre ant. Thui tA(i Suonatra Cnoel I 6n bones fS3 dmo each Mesille Wine. 1828i, 50 do of2 do no do 1821; 5i do eof2 do L P Port, 1816; ll do of2 do (.PbrownSh*rry, 1811L (10 pipe. extra HMdeira. For alte by IIERMOCIOENE, BROWN & Com. iN 0 (',mrti ttreet. T2LANK BOOKS, of every variemv or rnlino aend .B kinding, onetaently no haed; mnd erinoimg. itnlim and Blndlng meatly execuled,t e'hort notice, by DIAVIID Fi, T& CO. *,t+ NY Stationers' HeIll,S I Chartres t. lIfil 0.- h i,urh pro"fA-iericesn Brandy, l ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. met. ,131 Magazine street. A IL' .to mory brisk eause, situnate 5 dolor t, Ile .hennad Municinalmmy HIaI, on St o(h rice steest. I.nt very low, possession given momediately, epmpll " . the preiame. aI29, if. LLO UR.UI bhls h f Flour. for ali br E..l0+ - 0 b I IOR$I EY. 4 New Ivee. ACV G IOltSEV, 44 New I.evee. Ia ,.. .Rap, .auding from A .or,fr.,o br , . LAYITC a AMELU."O, mitS 17 Commeree at. fl']X(I? lPleea ayneuneky esagging. land in 'YORRE, BROTHERS, gs " 66p5 Camp .treer. A BOiYT sin methe age I had the misfortuun to get kan sWerdiese, for which I lave applied to seva r ta nte d a nce, and they did lt cr men so now on th~'ibve date I pt mynelf uinder tl care of l)Dlet leet, ltI ealpent him to csre tnm Slaine that time otbP gor to worse, en, breako st in large alcers to ~g mear of iix oeig on es h lel, atN ail ovar,'eMUl ne Ion ht, and ant able to work at he uArnlt lime on acosunt of the diseane; large n icer ie rikht iide of the throat. I am ano putting f as Temellity anderthe ears o)f Dr. ast, rT Paris tQ b~ ooerfnetly saned JOHN DEAN. 14 1.7 o DO OIiTIFPY that the meontinnd disease SIldltewell unlad to my own amatifsalion, for whic:h I hank aDr. Hn ead.motnnros In seM.e that the madi bose4 heatve la me fat, and did not injure my eoaltih at aln; ibtfnore I advine IM r f iw nstererst h no tind apply to Dr A, le, IS. .ionritent. t. ii'r w ell hd s eaindate stnr ire this complaint. JOHN ItEAN.I40 (ravier street. t.aqy os w'uti' to a me, call at No. 41 travrie tr a ntd thee ia 0l ye s . bld.e Tbaea lhbNed ate te apWi.n of Dr. Usi . S JOHN DEAN. ' . oea'(hi,-r lFlob, r 88. fbL 14 v WI . l 't-ine imnsa,, Pmlas rot .,verws ontu aie o.hsed. is nt up in bottles t the low price of 511 eaaneat.h, onoontmle the atrnesth or three omnces of Liverwort, heal lea the virtaus al munr other ri)ts nod berahf nown nmr g tle Indianas efla cioe in curing pt.oaliq.y eomnlaints. The. parivalled uccess which hat attended the inn of Iti. jnattunhlt Baleam wherever it hans been intr, 01tad. has ,dalodd the onlhldete and reoramendn l. on.Lc's.taeble physiieas, tfor the elie of conagsa, ald , to ne tide, want of rent, srpitting oa i'd, liver compltaiaiec. To whom it mr aenueern. This is to certiry that wm hneeli dae prnree . .reqemetly proesri.ed Mrs (iardl Ieis ILndi•o anlalllmfntfsrwtti aid tloarhaond, with a diad gosd Ntat we ean tharoinre, flrom ha khow Leda ofthe materilal it is made fs.n, snrl crhrvartlon numa epetios. r anm it ai a nperi s prpnareti,. or all rhos,,A ntnAnl a • at he lune , r rwhieh at i re tmmadedl. AI:.I r WII.IIAMS, M.D. CALVIN E.I.IS M. t). NMemhlb oftlesBeeton Medical Asnoiation. Boston. Otehtr fi. saby JARVIB &. AND*I)t.VS, r " r:m rnnatl I rl leitattlas ets llnttsmmended by the Medical Faculty. it-L.,tERJlS Eferv.een.t Magnetian Aperient-For I diaseia er idgeml nn, nertvolOi debility, giddi atilte iebi,alditly of the satinn'h, habitual cora. temýa.autiu~ansdieaes,goat gravetl,c.and msnk raelel-G'd s~ ~ geule ooing pnriali. . . This'deafle ipr.m patatn has reivedt the patron se oft many emieant senbers of eta profession, and efrom a discern pl. whMi mans respectahl and nnaeli cited teatimdmlfsl ,[fIts emtfey an medicine Iloav haeen elicited. Wid Uil the plesac qualities of a glans or eels water, it p ea oesl tlhe atiOa Smeicinal pntpertie;s of the moti alteppr wed il.aaai pargativea; it t $j snt to ho.lmlaOte,nnd gateutl th. stonach. t#Ii'OtANiT bT fUTIOP-ps'he iscrpiog reptlts. tion and gren demand for Bathi a i.nervaen"nt MtIgee. aian APaeiept. ha bean aa inducement for there t. ot feran Imitation of this va.mihl reed eioe. Purchasers are pnariclIarly warned of this feact that tnhe may be ht! rfdtir, tid not proctr a . lmpore ariala. 'The puhtle m reepctlullUy iefr ed athat t hseri lsrs are ,oatantly aai pplicd wih the niginal and ge aajtin prepraali-a . Fa Ile who rale a 4 retail. BICtKLI 4. CO. Agents. mIl Cenal steet, N O. A~"tA Vegetahlesirn iO. for the reoratlon Sadirowlth of Hair, agig heatth ana hesaty,nad t aoetlMint saldne.W. ntti;h gO tre hair, mad iseavry instancs its aitary tlTIC et'.t N' n retiid. It haaLtrerfiled topmrduce a nnw aa4 bastifal growth of hair as keeds already beW.'B. 4bytilI¥nMtt .e+oe. .iyT asd enewato prow tkii tcnlo ilR ean render it healthy, d prone m.ij dhe.b ts growth o hair. wtltout the hst I0t ° 0i letA. Tlti Oil ghe sI agreealIe ehi - eteetJad'i ptnttflnte an other H Jr Oil feer p. uni,;ir.. i/ geFtm· lloaiag the hair. The ib . el.4~~. i.. pc "'e. it For talc at , nt n nil rt'. se"e. 198 & D'LANO. I .. L-S a'1 i' & CO, aoe ': ' . r ,m. ivlnm 'ri o on board etip Orleans. Eagle, llighlaner, i.'ok, O' leary Andrw, 'renh anti r plnman4lay cords; Back ganimon Boards; Ches.lmnen, 21-4 and 2 3.8 inch Bit ar, Bolls; 8, 9. 10 and 12 inch blade Bowie Knivr; Leather and other trnvelling Dreeainog Cases Belt, l'oeket, oromanni', and Dnelling Piseols; doulde and C' nitdle hnl Geled Ga ns; are oing; Shot Belts; Powder t antf Pistol FPinmk. Iesm Bottles and Drinking C lpe; in en' -son Canse and Cap Holders; Cloth, Hair, Tooth; b ~nt Nolil lh, tehe i Orris cad Chlorine Tooth Wath, "r Tooth Powder Toilet and Shavitg Sonp, in greet 'v . t netl; ].f; laiHr Brs de, Ringlets and Frienttes; Pea r nid T'hrot Powder; P Oeerv Bag.; Ivory Tub Caeshions. n riten' S'tiane nr Gartenr; Gum Elatie Stnpenders; r t' e"lfr P, ln and lBoxe-; (ilt Chains, Seals and Kerr; r-- Imsl.; Waiset pOikl'" Brnceletas Bead Necklaoeso ndl rt',aio; Gilt and Silnevr4l Beads; Indian Bends, 1eor s i h1 Plitmes; :hr l 'Twist: Side and Dresiog lit Cv I,ae; hlirih, aod:tia on tkeirfortmer seek on Ihand to mtlken their aonotne, very complea, apl will he iol T co- ond o ,orlal ter its, at tlhe alln f the Ooldea te LiConb. ilt-f 70 Chartre sta~ t. y NHl. i.-;hf i Angentse l thi Ir en.e ni e bono Pf W. & . l:~rmenr. Sheffield Ennand, have just trilerid very extneaire set of on rill, seoneisinegf to Table and Ieamet Knives of e-" enrriitifon, Pen, re Packet. Dirk, and Spear point lanlvcs; Razorn, Sels- to seeon. Rldgr Toonls, &e. &c, . which threv am prepared I. o nehibit to the trleorn oankrs. Terms and conditions bt w'ill be made known at thefl tae. mil J. It. EIN A COHIN.90 Commenfr. ht -evnogons. di I1,AMO S:I HFARTTI CO.-Are w receivig _ p mer itp ndvie iRegle, Merry Amldew, High- s1 ndem, Feh rend nGQerm an dbe ad plalingrels: V etr, belt sd prcket pi*a~i; plain, ribbed med sedit it onane . moes p halders; a iros, o nnesa , ore. Cn m; Giliaeott'snaemmmial and other steel pel; Vio' t ,at V znll Itrings; shell, ivory nd horn emtnh,; warre; i It, head and leatlir imtearse hair braiin, frnt and i act ringlets; negro lnas;l German mid Frenreh mologne gater. Rowlandus asne ease oil, imnitation dot antlue m nd hear, nil; potble di.ks andad drseng en ea peater bleohkg; santiand toilet Ianes; conavex mairn' el - sal glo*ses and viewrs Inlaen heeds, hrells ed plume n et aen; whipt twine; toilet nid shaivng aeat toilet Ger.n n lhone. eineor stpit finte mid eomntmei fgm. dela tic stpenders. gaersdo Belle luar nmatehes; ia- p erar "olet Creyons, &,e. &.e. I The above in addition to our former stk of rany p artnlelrs, akes ne almsatramnt very oe lete. Por male Wholele or meaili as the sign ofethe Golen Comn, 70, Chlward,n a 1rer. mln. d NOTICE--The parlnes hip of Kelle, Masen &Co e l of New Orlean; Huion, asrrin &Co., af Natrhea; l Hnrris, Kellr dCo., of Riedne, was diadoved on b aftle of May last, by thsedeth o( amuel A Mnson, Pd me of the parteon of the Airms. The undersigned, surviving partners, will be charged with the settling and eloping laid hsines as etfllews: Levi C Harria will attend tnthe *ettling of tle husines j' of Mtason, Harris& Co., at Natechez and Ha'rri, Kel er & Cn.,et Rodney; and Henry Kelley will attend to he settling of the bsinsess nof Kelly, Mason i Co., at New Orleans. The names of the several firms will weed in It..idation only. Those indebted to said firms are earnestly requeoted a learns forward and make early settlemeont; and those having claims will please eent them without delay. I L.EVI C HARRIS, HeNRY KELLEY. r New Orleans, June 27, 1187. 1 EAN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER S2 rasens mare of this reiprior Cologne water. just received tani far sale by the dozen or steingle ttle. Alo Ametrian and 'rerneh toilet pwdera , powder i puffr anondboes, sharing and toilet soaps, oosmetie wan . hails, mrilk of roses cos neti ecold cream, extrn ae i nink, krplnhat, Ward's vegentable hir oil, pomtnti e, dn, led peese, Flerida.laecndne rose an tin y waterrs, I're' ea', salts, hlMrseilles prrk"imery in trlnkse,veretet bile tid liqtid rou~', Chlorine and Orris toloth wash, I el l,,lthaSir toth, nil nod flesh rhebre" together withi an additiniahl srpplv o t fashionabl hioria and ahnell cemhe and jewrlry,fer sate low at wholerale or retail by SIMM., ONS, AR'IPT &CO, j"iy 0 7l Chdartres street. GOOD mtoono nlset & en w rn naim'cc cvig from on boe nd ships Yazoo, andi Saranto andbrig Cimeordba, from NewYorkc a great variety It goeods in their line, whilch together with tlheir format I soek on hb.nd, nnkes their aesortU catl very ' cmlete. Thei'nllowingeniipnoea prtevir: celltewilt,t or:. ;de, tPrk iand drnirtg enmoths, htoa do of all Idecriptions, In diia rubber, silk andi worsted elaotie garters, common t , fott elasetic tenendoro, loon fto mit.Lucifer matelhes, Sailltitz powdera,powder p.ffs olld hones, toilet powder. pocket iooks antld walleta, needle Itooks, shell, pearl, ivory and torrror card eases, Iead ornameite, plainco rl 'belnde, necklaces ant negligees, rbeadl chiains, head necklace.n, rt laes and plaia,seed,eilverand o ilt hh lti, Indian Iheads, hell and plumes; pistol nntd tare poew ierllduks, siot belts, thorse, telt. pocket ailnd diiltg eoMole; doubhle and single barrelled Lons. RBowie knioves, and dirks. eismrs, sllearsi pocket kittc, eCttrd chainsi and ribbons, waist buckle, clotlh, hair, Inuit, aittonb, -ritnith. rsoe, platoe, floor end dotting Iotosic', Coltonce, Flrida, Itvrnder, rose ndt hay wiater,tnooirterr essces, asd extrcis MnaceaserIer, nit lltioI fid Wtard's ve gretable Iair oils, ehaving atil toilet onaps o'all des criptina,. Itite"' and gettlenleis' ldetk and ,lressiner eases hair riegllter,frizeltes lid rtid, plain, fanevy andil mnieal work ioxesr, plain aItd tilt,figlredt, :oati and vest buttoe,a pearl and ivn" shirt do, rshllirt studdogl and tilver i nerill cses, tooihplekir and, trweeers,pltied and gilt Iockete, miniature do, silver, hrnts aoil ostel ,'himhlrs, hooki anil eves, halir pin, imlitotinn freit, ilk and relink,shle blocking, violils and gtitlars,riihedl andil plit, permsnion caps, liioa twine, ,tenited clah ,ene, gohl tnd silver lace and fr,nge, litter pailer, guaie hagle, riliig w'tils, walkiig reateo, playlig acnrdo, ratio gailt, piataol sild ,pilt jkwellrv &ri. The above, togetlher witlh a groeat vaoriety of other arti le are offred alt wholesale or reltail on accOllntidatiIU. N I heltl cnnoh repaired. r RIFiTS' S'r( Rt--at tie sign of ilhe goldeo cnmb,MoTi0 Clrtri s street. The silhcriherns have re ceivedt, indditiou to theirprevious stock on land, a full rnd coelnlete assortment of articles in their line; viz: combs, perftlmerv, Jeweilry, brushes, Ieaking glasses, faey.artirlaele, &d. rnsisting in part as follows: C BM -tortoise hell, wgeht and plaintuck,twilnt, quilled hack, long roennd, denrssling, skile puff, curland neck, Ilrazilian combs of every description aemongst which are saan Mexican patter, Ivory combs of every descriptiun, horn, dressing end packet, together with a geanel neeunent ofFreeah and Aterian. PERFUMERY--Cologne, Lavendcer, Florida, honey, hbv, mae, and orang flower wafers of avery line and des eription, camphorated Cologne, extract of Bargamot, lanney sops of all kinds, shasing do in cakes and pots, ceram Atap de, Word's vegetable hair oil, bears and an ituedn. Preston's smelling salts, plain anti perfumed toalet powder, pearl powder, pnow .ler pufl and boaxes po maiem in pots and rolls, rnsa and ehlorine tooth wash and nawiler, with ageneral asrtment of JEWELLRY--Rome ofthe latest and moat faselina bles tees, eonsisting of white and red cemelion, topes an ijet eardrlops, set in filegee, breastpinaf a gres' 'ol. t of patterne, watch trimmings, gilt and silver ackles, miler thimble, silver and geld p mcile and guard chaina BRUSHES-Cloth, hair, duelt .ig,erunh,heartth,loar, hot, .esll, tooth plate, comb, Nail, having, ihoe and whitewash brushes. LOOKING GLASSES%-German stetia and toilet gnen, magnifying and Fenl.h dreesing glasses, home t, with e varnyv afother kinds not enumeruted. IFANCY ANID VARIETY ARTICLES--French and American portable desks and dreesing rases, some very rieh snd finely finihed ladies work inenanddrnee aing eases, with sad without music, muaeial boxes, Ae en'ians of various kinds, eioline and guitars, silver aud plated pencils and Isadte,wood pencils otar carpenters and crayonts, nantle olneksgans and piteole with and withutt noes, perelsen caps, peruaseo n cap chargers, nipple erew driver, ht helts, game bags pealste blnckiog, toy tea nett,Ia lion beads sf every kind, bells and plumes, fineend ammon knives, raner and seinors, thimbles, Seedlle, pins, silver plated, steel nudl omman ipecta. alce, pocket books and wallets at various kinds, etsitin 1' curdsand card reaes, playlng nards eFrmlch, German and Anerioatl manuecturle, dell imitntion fruit, auss hones, pritts nf nuannne kind., Sanndnre' Poemray', t Emsneeareor'e, HillmMn's a id Hewkin'a race straps and netallie hones,dirns, anry head necklanes, do wth '-or drpnc.toy watches, peal button, powder flasks, nan., d plain and beads, gilt rod dilew do, gem elastia anspeo ds,nd gartcs,fpiiniand woerd Lanes, backgannaon aboard, dine, optiaal vriaeeh jewbharpe, lneouoto match 0 oauand dlriteing geipo, with a grent variety ol other adi f ctles,all nfwth h will he sold for sash or city aoeptsa. [d .tene 1monethsnrdi. I H 5M1O.0{S, &e o. ag .14 70 hatratla. SUOLBEAR'S Scieice ou reonmanmoip received,and L for sale at their poemanent Writng Academies No. 8 Chatres s!roet, New Orleans, 113 lBroadwny New York, lnuphims st., ,Mobile. It is plrticularlydesigned for private lenrners, and cletole, ald i i nclulaltedrtr persons of nil ases. dters anel getloenal, are invted to call and exnalille the system forthoamelree. l oItosr are given at saelh houses sanntv itu thtel ronveleiece ofall, and to cease frmnned c any paIrt o1 the city. Lndies wolo prefer itcan receive lessons at their own ref i Prrreoe paving for oee : . rse of lessons are desired o amend until they writae well as they caeb. ail DlJLIEAK , Il'H.'l-4.R. DEAFNES. ' A NEW article forpersons troubled with deatnre, J (oailed the Earl rumpet,)I has just been recclved, by thie ar of ohich, the scglttst arliulation lo f tile ilt. man voice is distinctly conveyed to to the Tar. An oe wlut huas ever been abligod t convrere with Oa very dts posaon, mnnt be rally men idle of the diltiectIc llatd etcI. barracneont eperctietred both by themselves and thle il i dividunls ro unfortunatelv aflictdl. By the une csf thI Ear Trampet. this objection is entirely obviated. ThI', most nceptteal have always a. andotedl their doubts alter having uoed too Trumpet. For sale at T1' F GUIlON'S, Faney tore,corner of Conmnon and St Ckarlee streets ldir he 1~ octotna Hetel. feh 13 PERM OII.--11)0 galins pure winter S hSperm (.il, in casks nd bbls, for sale byo JAItVId & AND EWS, Wholesale Druggs te, corner t' tmaen and 'lcchap Ina streets. ncr I:1 1. ll-' LEAD--b hle, l5tt Ibs t act; S40kecre,to 100 OIcK do 25 t English do-5 1.4 bble. 4010 1U0 Paint aBruah ors, ar'u sices; I ease, iblhsCopsl Varnish; 2 Japan I oach 90 packs Gold I.eaf; 0il do Silver do; 100 do Dutch Sletal. WINDOW GLAS. American. Erglish and French -1W00 borae, vanrlnn sizes and qualiires. Baooe mrown do.-50tl Inxes, coesignme.t, will be aeld laow. Also, a nesral assortment of artiste' enloure and taole, foe ale by A WV SCA1 Ed, aNo Iet Calal street. N R. Alahamla altee re., t t r. and Mlissisippi noteswilll'meeived at itr c r, m disont for goods, or in payment ordehls. e, 1 t w MELrt)UI ttt ;a. e,. .: , indepw.e. FL a, .lI 6 NIe)RwFeY. e 4, Now Mela . bIt. hylLIll.IS, OCULIST, NOW AT THE JFFFERSON HOUSE, JEFFtRSON S'TRE.T, LOUISVILLE. To the Editor of the Louisrille .lod'ertier: lip: SIR-i apparq bythe observations of the Editors I of the Nashville Presbyteritn, Union and rons- tll tript, as well as the editors of the Memphis Enquirer, ab that the "Old Gentleman" is among the Doctors. This nit is proved by his kingly rage, knowing that his time is tatt hbut short, and that the independent American peopsle ing are able to judge for themselves what are puffa and per imposition.. Time worthy editors who are lI)octonre, ehr ith proprietors, editror sub-editors of the shove ty nalmed journals, call every letter from persons have is a reslormd to sight in the ahove plaoes, plitf. wh 1. The fact is, that I nver had such great sneeaes jv within so lilmitd a period as ten or twelve dea.s. One me who was aeed about'ten years, wlo had only seen the of light from his birth, bi.lon to see to follow !is mt-tee nor to my hotel, insltead of besin ohliged to be led by hibn. Two young ladies, who had emoehlost the sight of one flir eye, one for ten vears anod the other for nearly two au years, havine both of them the other eve very weak; to vet eaoh of thoss vnone ladies began to see witll both eves, which heoIlt I pledge myvself still contintas, ex eepsing they are tder the influence or dominati n of the IMledieal ietors. Another is the daughter ofa it respectable merchant. whose name I am bound never of to mention, (so he paid me my fees), who said she had last the sight of one eve from the age of 10 months, o bat that le now bei to red large lettra with the pe other eve ecmpletely shot. This the doctor eldttnerFi klsw, as the gentlamn told me bhimself he litd con- t dns'ed his daunhter to the offise of the medical editors. sP that they might le informed of the fact. The last I mt shall mention is as elderly gentleman by the name of t0 Younast, nearly sverly years of age, whosdeclarad pub- 05 liel by letter, which he task to all lls different offices t in Nashville but one, and himoelf aeld me had paid or for the insertion whatever they demanded, who declar- so ad iu that letter that Ihe he mtallv deprived of an the selht of one eye from ft ks aster his birth, lt which his mothertatdted to hi... occasioned by the dt measles or small post that now he soold not only ee the light of the sunt for the first ltme thathe reoollects, t but the stare also, and was beginning to distinguish saay abject; nd did, befora I left that ity give ma- tit n yproof that he could 'me to walk sbout the streets lb with the other eye nompletely closed. Hr said he had ao been a member df the Msetodllt Episcopal Chtreh br lrrly forty. eas and that his word we never doubt- hi ed throagh s wnhoe course of hie life,. i 2. I repettalIt bad sever grsater uccess thanat t Nashville, ad tL.: tile medical and clerical doctors had neverhefaso re to maih reason to b enrared. The pious indignotlo of the fr. clerical Dr matth proves0, when tsestated to s. that about sil yara pastn he was converted from being s perfect intidel, to believe in the I dtnetrio le of thebble, that he must harve made trilling error-that he must have nasunt to sae , thb t before the end of aix years to came he should be convertnedfrom I hi infidelity, e the spirit of the true minister of the P pa cefic ad henign doetrtes of the Christian religihm « eassn t breathe out destraetion, rage, ealamon and s fhasehood to please his medical friends, against the o man whom he knew hsd done so much good, and no ila- i jury to any oee. All the nhabeitantoef Nashvill spoke e of tile great suees I had, u-ce t lth medicl dsctores. I Most of them also had been informed by AIr Yount of na the core performed on hIs totally bliod eve. is 8t. The fasout Go'iah 8, of thi town, pretend that is 1 have lost the lanrel I gained in the Nortlt, sines my arrival in the Sothwest. This proves, hewever,I had, and thtt I keplt them until I arrived in this section. If n I gained one in the north, I ought to hnve eained anoth er itnthe south and sathwseet, and I still hope to we al them on my very yonthftl brow on the day I leave, in a spite of tile vituperation of the great Dr S., if I may judge from the msn. I rea already benefitted in tils p til within ther.e days. 4 d. The object of the present is to inferm tl, medi cal Golinha and editors of the Repndbliean olid Trast rI lersriitosIifi ead irh Biblth f Prce bvternn ant of the Union. ofI Nal' viele, as well as the I : 'itr os ltsl edical editer ofs te Mlstelyohis Enoqirser, in well es Mr Prentice, tile seditr (f tse I.oo, hvillei J ourl, sod .ote tshe medical otlilt t'eltdiior f thit city, tile t re r Aurnt It s shll 'ief s lls rli.s t U Stiln Ali In:r Vtlln lertiri slatnlern or lolusln y, ill dl - i II nter oftermnv rrival in New i lrk o. well II le insts l robioind.lsr herlv tpromise, nevers uits Ivt bis hs leiy laud of lilertn, nttil Io have irocght 1lin st-s o all my nedicnil tlialls of the norits, so well :oud Seo .nth elld tht west, to tle grilsndstne! lThe nlllis'tl!d Ihere fore, moy cIaolinte ro finlling lone dllrin the woslllu ot o next vrnre in New Yrk, where letters, poist Idi, ond o ollhcerh, will b we s mre nIe reacs h oo e. 5. Ts isoermr the man in t s ise p to, f Eso l est, tslwhich detie l v. clerically convserted infidel ierr wn t w- ritten fo himt, was written I, orn theu it uishn prior - loud inle sed foI r tie ev. n). Iiowtll, b ri o, teed it I s, my prercls woithotI lt u notsdilrsissg odds 'lis;slsslshss)IIs; - r. il the Cnltr orv s took it to his stllda y I t ',IsIIlI'eI it Il I, tile way lie did, which lie said he ti Itll n w.ul at I- tart my nrtr,- better; he delidhvered thed mthI t, hoe, Ad witlout pretenlin that I hwnelo l t, 1t, the hit fr.l n Ih:p o r l stv, rs I lieve I'oueal Itle siele 1o f ilt gh.lllllor r- Itsr y o lh'r, Psilly t iclley fs r s-i lils t i tIs l tin't g lescdiee's.toni ytiestsndl is before thsile cnsst had he l nt e ga r lllild fill tll ay dipanll t, .c. & . t! i h i :t +n'I{'rlIu ai a s ithimnte friend ,f bisf , .s t well no th. e w ko , of My Is, 1 uly 5 -, ill t lllll llln with e Ulls t r cleri i tlt c,l sOllsIl tl ssIss to l e l nc Cllteinss s, s lnot all s iss Ili'SPm I55 it , e Uiore or less; beoefittsed, lie sievt'r coull'l Ilu te Ibel indtced by t total stunsers Inst ew tl(.h all sstisle In i, wsvlle Isitelffir l elnlicatfisn, nil sddrehs-.d it to i Uc er Strimelh, edlitr ole h hS \i C Asdvnet. i. No wonder the clear sighted medical ololtebh of d Ntshv'lle took the alo. ..; slned thlelises seld tlheir i l-I iseisn tojsie with then tie all-potwersltl, n ilstie, phts d it'lml intellectual force of tile saoi to-be-l.tverl ed' clericassl inthlnl. e read in e he Hiblhe sit 'o trse, is Ssknlswn ic e itssfrsirs' I doe anyrthe cuverled infidel d heas prlehed from theat passage. 7. lie evidently wanted to establinh int Mesil sho'r ete r oa50 a mit ie b sbewittg tnIot io wahs sIove Ieinr Iv isrll Ie.s t r. see whether tle rum of tlillt pieces of silvwr will atlvy t0 hinil s s well as it was wiell lppled i-to tlster ,cntortedl infidel, who. in the drevl of tle in cI r.notin of his ti )irine Matter, absolutely tblSl hits fior tfnlt ncttior '(eif pio'l's f silver. My aumswer i, Ilhat it to uit ever inrtonlde e* a Ille, norecouli) it Ie :onale'r ell so ltv slty v osn, a it was IItI venl eqlll to thle lenilh Sport of ill the reular printer's fee, of tt per square. (,llta;hinn tweo n three cnolmns of closelv printed somatter, wlthih wese to be repeated hree Ot Poour timen int thise Pre.s reioan, Union a td lMonitorjo orols, had I e, rlr intended to bribe itm, I should have olsered him at learst $400, his regular fee, instaad of$ HI, which, in all t, plohnbllity, he would have gladly recsived as his fee, nstad not ars bribe. On the eotrary,if I "ad been coa st tnhle of ollerina a br:be, I should certainly have dolne y It in a way to have tinstred his aesptnnce. a . Fo d the Rev. Doctor been really eonverted to the eliefo the doctrines of tis ltsvlour, he would not y, have promised to come and exanmine my patients rith. - out keeping his word, as I have always foend every , minister of the gospel eealousa to t do. a, 9. Had he ben really converted, Ie would not nub nlislv have spoksn against the American inetilutionn, ed wlich, it is well known, are more numerous, and which o- are superior to many in some parts of Europe. Ils sb rondoct so untel disrgsted some young literary char c oa to he searcely reatreinled from Ipunieltng him a- o the rott,by laying violent hands on him. 'Ix Tire Re. genema, though a Scotchman, is witheut -etxcuse, (unlOns he is ealumniated), nlthough he any , think lie has right to obuse the American intitutions, no becauose he isA aonvertsed infidel. I say he has not-as or, all ought to speak well of the bridges he gonees safely od over. I fancy the gallant Captaiu Grundy, and serveral otter amiaible young gentlemeo of Nashville, recollect let w ll tl conlut of this pious expooadsr of tthe Holy at Scriptures! 1I. 1 oneer raw such a demon in hlomn sloape as e tile Rev. Doctor wasoe the day I eel ed to reasona with In him, whet ie menaced my grey htirs with an uplilfed - gigaltic arm, n if he would have felled me to the €e- round,for daring to draw a pinus minilster twany front ad his duty, by n babs of 0 piteees of silver! I really ad trembled more than ilthe Jld OGentletman" had op pet Iersd in his own shape! oA It. i sdemnl declare befws God, nd am not afraid ey It call Hits to witless that I never, in the whole course os, of 42 yeare practice as an ocslist, in iGreat Britain, as, Imnee, Lelrmtlo and America, in a single instanee of to- fesd tso hs'ihe ons asmount to the editor of tny joer,-' ag hot asa :onlpensetinn 1w the spase I occopied and the 'an trouhlswhies I oc-asioned them;and that I was alwayt more inclined to rdue, rathecr than add ory ssrey so 5ie printer's oill;twhicl ies an sloicnle proof hias I had "t 1L. Lalstlv.-Tle Mamphin Enquirerforttwoorthree so weeks coetnioa s tiosse of flagrant falsrhoodo, which Stha to mesical iGdlish editors learssed ft-mn their brethren soaof tale M. Goliaha of the North, and I shall treat theso sh with silent costempt nntil the proper time arrivos: ro Unless it is trtn what l have been infrtsed--"Sue a an Iseggor, and you will catch a I.--!" Though I paid hilu fisr my ndvlnrotements far two or Ihbre weeks, ie .s uly inserted tilem on5e. loss willsplCplee to insert tsit letter in yoslr next pa .sd per, asd oblige yosrs, &e. IsIn taoste, tile Esglieh Ollc]i.s. SI~osliesillh, Irnl' 1837. Cospadfsuo the 0-. 0'. C. Adeectel of the o tt Juse, 1057. 'set scii ' Il'e slI' Roeut .l t 1 lltswsdli, ssf .Nn ss'tii so lists s lllUcllsu'vtcs otqare etoctor'. slsilol ot1 llllli: pt'islr'r olonin in .ioshvllsle sfs r' dayo longer thon lbe lt lets inst,'usled--sU the lst Jnlv. lres. )r beteI nRsiss'elrd tlsl Il IWilliase, thse oslslist, now is thii csity, to oSn sisse Jisi n nln ssesouo disislm'os aco(Istslessisr sUlsscss -eis(, v. i ss o 'n s wlsith wsstlued sricnd.done Isi ws h pllre t- sil tiledllsseg slAffiireo o tshe Kint of Ilse seT1rs-I', sts 1 W\Vnl'silgsoln, eddreoses tstlt)r. lb illiloms, lcre'iiiss sIe SPllisltlt'ssls ssf the diplonusss fr-msss tise (inog elFrsosssr, is'Il'itsns, -sc. ns well as tllsse frsnts the A.lediesl Stscie " tie of Frnoess. Ht has nlloerois vronsoeherofeoosrseen knoown It seI S1 •igh repemlieo n 1i0 r tlsios strv, reccrcd ilts' hiei nrorivl in tIe Usilsed -slolns, detsiisisn isshnll I, is.nd. I IltVe oS'o as rlv all lisis poor itient. in this ulser hsir r oreoIr; b lll lhavo ose1loay riey tyre son sqprcesionotbly blouelslstld. KtBlT. B. C IIOWEL1, 7 Nssbs'illh, JnP cl1,18i17. ip.'t. cuss' esitilig slte rueve, enes ti Dr. Williosos lIltielll1 kis called s n )a uodss litssy lhe hod st.stnllv bnIssst tiow decrloss' lits'eluIf Ietters; tlsol loot nsghst, (sr thlc firt timte i hisi life that he aol resollect, be could din tissgnish, with th t eyc, ollss of tioe 1rmui55e5t51 tars. I leart ttho Ihl o els gentlnctssn hao lived many vtiroy its Ithi rdcion,oad sas lie ssic been a Iletlsodisi disring fort es Toorrl ang-lO R. B. C.H. PiENNL MAP OF LOUItIANA,&e. de A NEW MAP OF LouIsEA, with its canals, roads and distances,from place to lare, along the stage audslteanmboat routen, by ll. .1 enner. MITCHELL'S MAP OF THE tTNITED STATES shwing the principal Turnpike and common roads, om which are giveo the dietenee i mialer from onue place to another; "lo the eourses of tl cannals anid rail roads thbrogh sot the coutrv, carefully compiled from the best uno tloritie-publ'oshed by . Augustus Mlitchell. MTrcaH.L's TRAVILER'I GUilE aHROUGv THE UNITr D 3TAToe ; a map of the roads, distances steam boat and aal roultes, c. just reeird d for t ole WiM M'KEAN, CHE'.KS ON PIHILA. I LPIIA-For sal hby YORKe. BROTHERS, 31 . . g Samlp strest. t. lld. enl'atllheam-n ismO i fu or Hklgsevlgod cialtica or hip gtut, incipisnt e ers, salt rheum, iphti ai mel c rial diseases, partianlarly uloerss alll painfalaffeetlons of the bones, uleeratedthroat b a- ee- Jan trila,pleersof ever desarptin, fever ores,and iternal by abseses. fistesls, piles, sacld head, seemTy, biles, ch-- be tle soreeyes, eryslpelis,.blothes, and every varietyol'm- el teaeomu affeetion, ehronie Catarrh, head eche proceed- the ing fromm any acrid houmor, paii in the stomacth nod dye- ties pepsia pr.tei.-,hlghfomavariation, affeetiooeofthe liver, chronie iadthaiotion of the kidleve, and general debili- n ty causet by a torpid action of tlleeels ofthe skin. It the is sitn "larl effinclous in renovating those ennstitntnils whicahve bcleen broken down by ijudicaius treatment, the juvenile irregularities. In general terms, it is reeom.- h n.nded nall those dliseases whicharisefrom imlnuitina thb ofthe blood, or initiation of the humors, of whatever iat name or kind. tin Some of the above somplaintsmay require some tri. ill fling saistant applieations, which theeirmumetanees of the tilt ease will dilata:; :ut for a general remedy or Purifioator eve to remove the ause, the INDLIAN'S PANACEA will mc generally be fotnd sufRiciet. thb TO THE FUBIIC. to4 How tIne it is, that modern Physisiane, s their am hition to excel in their profession explore the vast fields il of sienee by the aid ofohemistry, sad seek ont new re- vi medial agentsb in short, to arrive at perfection in othe f pestiee by means of art sleoe,--wtirelj" aoerlook and Ci neglect, as beneaththeir notee, theriah and bounteous thi stores of medicine, which the Almightly has caused to thi spring out of the earth in every clime! And how much do more true isitthat while the Ameriean Physician looks DI to foreign ountries for many of his most common and necenry articles, perpetually ebanging as they are at the dictates of fahion orfolly, he is asrsacmled in his t own country with an andlua .prflnmdoeof medial plants, ' ufficien to answer any indleatin n disease or to eure any curable dlisorder ind yet he is ignorant of their vir* ates, and they are mfereto 'waseetheirhealing en the t desert air.' fh The effets of vegetable medcline upon thesystem are temlnrary-those of minerals lating. The former cx t ert theireffects and pan off-the later, mereary in par. m tideur, act chemiscally upon the solids, decompoing tc the bones and undermining tihe eantilutim by a slow a and sure destruction. The eongeniallity, effimiency and SAFETY of vegela ble remedies over mineral, may be estimated by contrast ingthe anient practice withthemodern; or, toihring i - more immediately under our own observation, tI-h !Idi an practice with thtofthe whlte. Who, in America, as tanot nown or heard of repeated instanees wherein some deorepid, Upnlretendingfemaie Indian, by meansosf her simple remnlies alone, has fented the most rapid Iti anti astoishing cures, after the Mateira Medics of the -aonm tmratiee, direted in the most skilful manner, has foiledl And who has not been Surpnrsed at the conm parativeenseandfacility widl whicih tdel dianl freeshim self finm any disease, and at the almost tom ibstinence ofehrolic disease among them? Who has meet heard of an Indian with a constitution broken and ruinaed by i ill treatment? Aid emn a doubtesist that his happy ex. F emption of the savage from moat of the ills which the flesh oftman i heir to, is chiefly owing to more genie and safe remedies which he employs? This astonish. ing difference in ntecees, is a fair exemplification of the infimte superiority of the simple and saFe means of ture which Godn hs created for the benefit of his childlremn, over those which the pride and the art of man have in vented. From a long residence among a portion of theaborigin alinhahitantsof thisconntry, antiai Intimate acqulia-. tance with the Imethods of oure of some of their most nceessfitl pshetitioners, the proprietor el *The Indian's i'.aieeao'n muired a knowledge of some of the most powrl'ulllnd favoriter-me iies. Fironnthese lcolectel such as were most efclleiousllll a pprolpriates, :ld after vat'ious experiments to teat their priocildes an I strength, he has combiled thet ill the linllln here p1esensitrt, as tih most tpert et and .,.ctnficiat lltr te lInrpose tir which it is tr'ecolonuln.ded. 'I t r eilnuittlt wn sti u ml'Pei . to the pebil=, :t .ll~.l ;ihll i anp i"le. To stc it. ~ li ,,Il lhll ishln , I, till, mll 1,, .,. , t , so leo t icc tigth, irin tlt Si oncl e motre I bellIlth aill hap Sillo.· .'il- .."'Ved ees a col|rl lIn remedlliy, tilhat f i ' II, ir r -I'l, . .1.. .ll good will, many others now extllrn wem ; l:.u.. .. 'oll ll theult' I I- emnt diesl':il 'hlisi t f, haltllmn IIO*" I t ,, s: :de: I t!lit iii i I:.e i el:?lot ll u al 1s - :tHaine1d whin' v :, * t'l.h ., iin.)lti l(!* Ith i oiul h al,,,,, l o ne u +:n"-s tt lie , pr.,l tl-tin was ttt II'l: l ,ilt t i , t .i:Illlill hi:s Iiii)l t i1n I I, a rf tIle, I; tll h tll ( "I- II i,-:'Itons mli ht l betlnlne, IIo woIlliI {I) l lllh r:Il. e helt IImI h iulieCtI llt uisel , ith ,si n ti, rlt ll( hi; it, :I: , ;11 Imoa. , is - :ti,"r (lt' Ihe ad trICII evIenlj I t.-lhi-, lpt .,I h i nn n l".i. b is(d s il taill. \ultI. ' " t nt .I i iit l ti-tlli iit-In itulll -c..U iitl, -i-- Ilis alt l ll tl t-t 11i t 111 ituit ituii ntitll-linI proof of it t'I I '.Ie ,lý:. Ith-ic'. : -I:, i * .t.1t col;ipiIumiLuSg 1 uri tIII.' -o - lll uflal . t.lll it: .I, settlalii s i ti lt'clinils wh iw!6 , I,'., ii.., Id ! It,,lh r r .,edis. c u. d pa;tial ·arr lyP i.f n ,- e. , w. lir oi-,IoltttnV Is ielell so ll- rt!it ull I l it lu ilutt lt-g. ains ii thI e, i node. , mrl leit - ufilit. I , tliet i.e.,'tol, of ihl' ditit sllo t r l. s.r-I , r-utI i it -Io I i ct ultk'luteL tl) ' :,illua d i ill cgi it a i e -tle , t;i he lnt f , ii olr i st ct nu ei r le lcts lof elrtui t llc , (rIo'" !' .nita wil t a lt wI ltll cltlI, lel settc e lidtit i | en i b.tiId ntl . tI tltin i uiasl to e i dl it ,allcse; lte ans alhrol, i1 : toes, inc it=ik less o time, e at lens enten t, oil it t la lellre algeatblle nitlllls thar t tl; common dilltul itstub. n tillt igal be :ll mi-srel, ardie agi d e t inll.ow hn eicd it ,,I iuol,,1:lses, un astmlal:hi,candl murelatingo . te'as Pnacd. it incr ses a io te somlt.aitnse n:e ex to tmntill., .eIls (ttsIn to eteallct ,in the xtes ctinhlsl inl Spi.hi illatio uilis mn ll e under.sloon,)ld. II U or "'isnuedicioe ,s been fintmd highl usenld in e ratn t .abiguh., disasens ti: here spcified, Ro.d it has bIv+n lsed w ill wonlderfll "I css I'sillas Spring1alan Flail w'u. riler', b thosere who lre sllier ooalnlm llan of the hl Iem eanl whose conithailltontequire new tevigor. Slluh tre lSous will do well to ese t eo or three I ttleasin svll t.*. set. WVhenever a diet e'ink is consideored neces.ary, this P.anseen, taken ihn a smalldose; will answer ell its I saiuposeg, in much tless time, at less expense, sdt in a is lm ire agreeble manlt ner onlld thll common diet drink. S The followingcertid tes, out of hundreds similar, t which might be procured, are given to show th effect of the Itan'i Panaceased bin the various e complant thielet.n SIe tionled; asm also to exhibit in the most satifactoryled y mannere nitasptie l ot s the ri Hospital, inmm use. S.asls ia otOi.T , Nov. 15, I52.t During tilhelast winter and spring, n was afilicted with a very severe and distressing rheumatism, occasioned by laexposure iathat iml weather. I now to oake gret tpleslu oth esstating, om ietx the tlse of tldiau's Panaea, rest. lored month I perfect health, and l ofdetly f ree om mend it to tie alimlr'iy tafslitteld.lonernselfie el. n JOH FUCRGUSON, King st. CI..ntuSrnNE, March 27, 183.. t I waest seed about threeearasince, with adistres-Ig y rheamatliml, caused by takings severe cold, while under thehinluencef mercury, and which has disabled r" a fromr business nearly ever since. During this my eriod n.have heAfrr patient the Marine Hospital, in this eit upwards h iatfoip ml oths, and nearly thl same length, c time in the Bialtimore tHoital, almr tried almoist eer, remedy, with little benella. On the 16th of FePumarj e last at that ime scarcely able to move aint upole. crutch. yt mli commtenied the use of lstimnd's Panacea. dlri ou i monthIs of Ptoeund myselfetirel, freed fio airn, heoll r now hapipy to state thi ll oolh de myselfow lo rfietly well, CASES OF SC(ROFUI.OUS UL lF.IlS ieln to Nzw YORK, Sept. 10,18,30 This may certify that int deathe fll o 1825, I was ize d with a swellingin my neck and faee, which afterward he lcerated arn became Ian'a ghastly ulcers in my nect. ten htoill i at ny id lhaced m1 self under t nst are i ecrs. To hysy and te sp, when, fter repells ated ialvtioto,. to noetlrt.te I was prooaned ultterl incrnable Alerfter. Id wllns ilook twe ty O B ottlesoftwlim's Panice rund eigh , ie v driue.g of liue which had snt ow itei ne t blirthn ti o e i tclurclied tio it Iretolt inoNlew uoik, in 18t9o , bi ol vem oelf upIto t lioeriig det earhed maring of tih h een sucet of The n ll.a.'s Pan ,aces, however, in cals n sinlar to my ow., I was persuaded totry it, as a last. • nsrt. To my g|at sorle, as well s sa-tisacions itiuh crjsihlintu :l . l. .':LI.1" A WEs'l, i1 Marketec .hI . I(Y IIHONNAIIf.Il, drltigist, .eon tnn-'otIr ueitaco1 re- It I NEW ORLEAN-S NASHVILLE RAIL .tJ.AD CtOM PIAN V tlidi.(] that by a rvsohttiom of tlhc ibard o" iller t o l passed ll thIe lhis the call alde. oI thell- on Ihe tilh F lrlllu lust, tlir thle Ipaym/nt of five dolla;lrs :l shlare, wis recinded, aille thesid ltockhIillter are fllbh,.er tilied Ihat It' IBRRAS, by a n esolution of this board lasced on tile 1119 ilst . a call la ie lode onill the stockhIollers of the New ()rlteans and Na.hvillCe tail l(o:ed Comlaeny for tie Itl lowing py reni 4i3Ihe the Ile stc, hehi rest . - the!Yv by thum,lviz:-two dot}Zlr per slarl, pIayahle on thie irst day o Septembcreext; two dlolltrs per share paable l tll ti. e iir.t dlay of Decembe lr iex; ad Iwo dllbhts rper sICe payabeo i onb , th Ii at dc:ly or ,lirch Ill o allbi l thel puhtc pr IIe oi the itltlhtt inl conlormltty with tIhe ixth Rlrill ofI the clllrter, Iteyare pernittad t Ii,! itilc ally tyllllteol' iil.dti n In itth llte ol l sif l Cawiijp fiti r the terme f sixty days, fromt ad after the day on wh-ich it is made tpavble, with tihe enoieso con dllior. however, that if not reglllarly paid within the taid proluneeatioll of sixtv days, iPrtt netd aft'r tIhe day on owdhich it should have leetl paid, that Ihen tile stock on which said pvments should have been made, is and reIto orfeitedto the cotmptant,the ellrter o, that pointtmng imperative. In ecnfomity therefore, to sail cnll,all stock of the stockholders in said company, as think proper to ot off tile pasmeotn on their stick to the end of the additional ixty days, which tile clarter allows them, m notified that the paytment of two dol Ianrs per share called for,and due tn the first of Selt tember next, may be paotitoned unlder tith sixth sectilon of id chtarter, until the 31st dry of Otoler teast, that the payment of two dollar per share called for, and due on th firltday of necember next, may he post poned until the 311th day of Jonaenry next;ad the per meot of twodolarin per sh.e celled for nonddie on die first dy of March next, may ba postponed until the 30th day of April next. Eltrmets of the minutes of tile hoard. junn21 A R AIcNAIR, See'ry. -ifOO '. HATS, in ..a.e.-5 d...n whiite Woo VVHnte,fo're ale JOHN 11 GRAHAM. op 16 STATE OF LOUIISIANA.-Parish Court for the rU Parish and City of New Orleans. TIIE STATE OF LOUISIANA. To all whom three Presents shall omce, Greeting:--Whereat, ¶ James Hanso huviig prehased at a sale made by the Sheriffof ithe pish of Orleanrs the property hrecinatter describdt, ,on arplice to tie clerk of titis si court, in whoso office thedred of solo was recorded on e* the 2ddav of April, A.I). t183t , fr a monition or adver- 'i tisementin conformity to an act of tiheLegislature of the go btate of Louisiana, entitled "An act for tile farther su- an rane oftitles to purlharers atjudicilals ales;" approcwd the 10th day olfMarch, 183t . NOW, therefore, know ve. and all persons interested herein, are hereby cited tid admoished in the ntme of t the State of Lonuisiana, nod of the Parieh Conan, c who con set up any right, title or claim in nad to the property herelafler deecrihed inconsequenceofany informality in the trder,decre or iadg,oent of the court tnder hicrh the sale Wae made or any irregularity or illegality irn the appraisements and adcertisemenat, ttt tite, or manner orale, or fo say other efct wthantso toohow eaase, within thirty days frtm thedoy til a monition is first insertend in ihe public paper, why the sale so made eltould not obe ranfirmed eand hom lon'nted. thte said property was soll hy t ie Sheriff of the parot ish aforesaid on the Idlth day of April,A. 0. 1138, by p iru ofa decree of thei. Couto, rendered ott tte 5th dah o ofFebuary, A. D. 1t38, in a altit estitled Alexandetl o CaIdwoll vs. Jaomes Hansre, No 10,6 of the docket of Is this Court, at which sale the said James Ihants became p the purchaser for the piee of twenty mm thousand dollars. it li)eseription of Property as gren is the Jadirial Coans , w.s.vyaace, vls" A eeasin lot of nrond itunted is the subehurb An.I nuneioion aSne Laenae of this eity,in square No b, *.nd Iot hoeing French measure, 601 fees frontout Tchn pltnulas surest, tfeet frn a o agnors street, and 10 feet oas LafiadL dt Mareih street, in 8uch manner that said lot ofgroand 1is60 feet wide from one ride of the sqaare t the other, together with a dwelling house froting on Tohoupitonlu street, the kitchen aud dt pendneies, also the distillery estsbliehments erected I thereon and other uildigs r.tend imoproement, thel machinery, utensils, implements and treoure belonging to said dibctillery, its depaudenctis jand appurenaees, and the rights, actiones,and prinileges thereto belosgingsg or in any wise ptterttinitg. Cler,'s Office, New Orleanus, Myt t1838. m14,24&ji J. OLLIE, Deputy Clerh. "'K'TA UE LA LOUl:lAS --tjs"t do Por.otose pour l sroiue t e illa ae Ia Nouvelle Orleans. 1 'ETA1 DE LA LOUOSIANEg.-A tees eotx qtto lA_ ces 1trlente eonneerntet, slut: Attendt qtte James Hanes syntaheta I n ne resth faite dtr lSherif tI i elzpaiu er d'rleaens Ia lnoreipt. cieaprhs teerite, s'es adtusA mn Oreffo de eerie Crew on Ito dit vents ftlr enregiatre Iee h cr emejo de I's dnnte 1P8'8, 13I uon avis aonformemeat I n mo r de Ia Ldgilnture ie I' etat de Ia Louisine, iultulf "5Aete pour eonfilrmer lea titreu dt ates elrur seas entesjudictairesa" approur o Is 10 Mars 1834. Qrtil soitconnu, et toutee personnes Sinthrhuessnt isr Eel cpresentes erm.emtra u no tdie i' Etat de I Lostsnne et de In Cour de Parolinc, o iq l poursa t scale droll a Is peoprihte ci-rts c nit eea rlnt.eqoene n 's an lbtut de forme dons l'nrdlo Ir de orer ou le jugemte Ia coot, , versna dtlel L te oste s inte fTlse, ou deou tute tin6gulrite ot illhgalite dae l'aestialnesl'avis ole temps ent le miode tie la ve, on toeer onte rotne cl.e lnqoeonqtte de ofire riilt de tlsrentejousa aI dtter de puhlieation de eerite avit, iPunr'oi lo estit einsi nteue serait pas confrllaie ct hlnolcgune, La proplriett lt vepemnlue n seril'sdiannt le qn a Storzih.:e Ioh r d'avril de I'annae 1 28e. en vcertu 'ns tlciet doier c onet t e o dl uriklr die l'anohe 1u138. ii Il 'noffoire d'Altxaoder Caldwell, cotene Janoes I l:a-e, No 10,137 do locket de deolte Conr, i laqrelne ve i te Jdis e a lmne Iloe esoralt rends aecqirerur pur SleP ptXade.i l. n 1,1r onrtsterioo delto Pro'riiC 'apr(dl ct'f I oasorl Sudioiare n -·-roinol t de terre eeiti-a l fnel cilg do 'Anneu r;. tin . iierie cit. , Loee, do c 'iiN 5 + e Ilit hlt his tv "rbl mottllth leetrhe frs of llitwe r vtiiXentsI 1e1x+ t. :, fn-ce ni i tnItll(" hlllite lld r ss tnii t'e e lilt'ite o bae nt'it I th wien lartli-rc, it rhitiiIIe tistdo aliri~oeltfitiion.untdiierof eoustlet'iiofldonocteq iigl sld fsl'O I thelllrll· dp hi Tif e ssio ,t is ho , no" a er ole (Im-I ,it h 't i oiC rl io oir pimthe pil-ds aemdPI, ditttl icittc 1II 'ilet i Itnrtller: eteoituis ale C aii iit'n onl'tet i io ql 1t0 mitirerhous eOntrelte nldthr li( tsin, el Ilutrat of atqe i t. El el 1i.mptit.; t il. Irtnhle, sustilet , intltt - I iltiitc-, a&' renro itrilt I n ,itr. Ui li,'ri ro c i' ml " wtple ofh.Icn Ie' o iVs, uItil' tt nlr' t-e.t - '--I. 'i TI lltot-l.a 't . thIr- moe,tiia'lid, i-C mi. " in A-ant-1a3i. iii it n ltltte'itr fr-iyitli- ro-tamiiseti I l t+ , I'',it It-e l rl iiiiv i e l tn, tiia 'i o trt' lttrmi n , "plaint,lh. h10 ob,, s,+, ,,rose tht.l, in - t spe+i,.-. t oIl' ori'tto ilit I ti-tie ll gd tihrse ertcarl edi r edhsoli er'terriatr triot tthel.Tri trio s t i, ' p ai.rt1. at licttit , li c-il . nc h, ord e hv , I * h, I{b 'ale '--i Ittr, ,,f c lle t, iirotllg l hllrl of ie -ir s +=n:i) ·h+ :n l ctl "th a nn n, ithel n sll t dull r, ( l . II tt bion o. ,Irs. lThe orire ots mlooi s, inli' olgt iii it-cit tllhrIr fi+ntetllc i|i pri.Stll Ilt l llltrtiSt lnlrl Arel t, an nlil'o tlhl ilr. sllctloro b i mll t orellool a Ot i outirle taor It' o h rr ll ll' h tllrt Ihor terane l 1 0 tien Ilinel:lo l Nt h *1r l Vdrrllhl c 111l(, iNll, ayrllcijel Lot-I: I rlo(.ttrhia -l tIC i'r I iUo , w rillllt -liinitttlirccrinri ' Aitolol , 3n A sgettiictIt ii ttOtt iSi nt l StAllerlUs .+e - '~."1 'It O(~l'l+++ the ,ll'rrthir lllll li, ll S 1, ,, WL+ t inklirb- si, J.l y "iotHerl , Ar llnlrt, rlulitn tls, Nit ' untllh b ItdRloctr hltallD:I Agent Ifo)r+]JCt l ' Stteo Loisi I I' anl.v uilvtl ]' ld+1 Ih+ll·~ied~ Stlelnk(IeCI· n.tll| it~lnlpO(h ;Ihlaoliuil*Ole i t~ r, hi~ll.ll 11 c..rl l1." |IIHIIII~ .f.'r \V1 fll A]h h. ,2.i),]lg~l .t,,l| koill I.;cy, tr. "·l'hc.lo, 1. Iiq, Pohl Ilu=, artmalo h. oht'kttct'nl Agro,h,.¶2sl..lev' ttl,, htraiTi ItalOire .,t, thrd Ah , r.hi Into mn+, i, e i mtptcItotl into 0', this, ciornllhn iod't'l lP wIloll tiral. "lgh n ics i. p:* .,u q. at 5+ ers,.I.ul..esh h ''eylse .I0 , Jit. llrislWEt, 11, 8 Wooer1, PItocp, N, Tort. Si , l,.c Cetlle,'al Alotit tfre tire ricil Stlate, tIn. FOIr· Trlcb Ol'r]icndlsitrruis-f rte origiool o'eOjtiototr. I lh7 gwo t, Li "Inah-onta, Ite dihts No II Cuimpwotrert, by L aINw Ae. ntTlor Sraltldrofkcoiaioa. jalsl - i rHIIY It LER & co, No 3 \logznelt street,are S row receiving from ships Nashlvlle, Louisville, Kelntek , org!e .,al other tao arriv:ds trem :he S.-ethern citios, a iarge and new seleCted assortlment l;ir., Boots, Shoes and Brogans, ansitliog ofl'.gnllcllen's fine calf sald Morocco hoots do 4d qurlitv; dlo hlltl, and stout wax pegged aoom o various qlalitlest men's fise ealf seal and Morocco thle pups anlid istroans, buckskin shoes, Ihrosllll l lsppes us men's fine calf and kippsed pegged shoes all I roanml; do ootls: do stoat kip asil was pegged shoes P d brogas; entlleaien's best suality call soewed shoes, t-sogans Rnld lack Ihlowlilluýs; o calf ond Morocco s lsa le slis allo brogans; o roellf, seal anill Mroen I dian sihoes iant slippers, do calf, huII l o seasl WInig a sew article; do fine calf, seets and morerocco qiurter lota; loys', misses'llnd childrenl's peggedl nd sawel bh gsn, anil sdes eol'very qgalitr and kinlll Also a general asalr·ltentt of imen's stot wax and 'tast blrolns and shoes, together with 10,000t pair lago bist quallity, russett brogans, ntiled is the I.aks, made expressly for plantations use; a goodl as St'ienl of Imen's fine and stout kill rssett br'gans, a Sw article, nil a illrge quantlity of al ifterior qalit) r sset and wa braaloes. Lalies' fine calf, seal, mnroeeo and grain wells, and plUmp sole shoes; do tine Frenhl i Mrtulrao anlll kid run si.rld dilpels; do roan shoes, with anll withoat heels i olll, seal nad stout leathelr lltelsn; Io lPru'ellalhdte. I ltall kindls allil quilities; it IstitUg brognits; i gaitelr. r'anlsl Ifo\el bootees. MliRses' I:ltiltgsprngill olsaeistn * gsnts. Childfess'sleolored Mtlurcocoid lalstdin brm Ss.wand biolls, Ine. ientlemen'ls .inuashionabibl ishk silk lass; do blaek ain drlb Istver do ol a lslriors illiity; lio iiiitltionl is ram do; leand Ills narrol'iw brim men's fine dralb olid 'I. :k sihort nlliaed hats, a new article. Yontlhs I:u e size hailts of dilleretst qualities; do children's, N .s lland b..'s black aosl dr.b wool hlns of rlarios du pes, wist general assortment olf bo ss' lill men's esa tiips. 'I hla aslsllltiee will be :.,ple ishlEd :i t ie arriEal of tat packelshirrnI tie snoe nmined citics, all of watch e il i bie sold oi accomnmodatinr te.osl. alg I--11 /..! .. 0 /. Ill: - T1EETi. ir;-.;t: 11,st illtltled reptlaini nniad rotll-a Isiyoera ine Sdtdlltllmtd lllior lhth tct t etil IlI te.lty Illt'elpnldl por .rva tive ofi Ithe ji, h, ha ilrs incd" ill the Iub-iti r o t-r it toi the Anit.itt pslihc. Arrit ng.nin s hai v hee lmade nll .iuppll . nts in l ll the ' principall chi iant t1ar, in ithe Utui-d Stntes, ut ai to plcet' it iihi i reachit l thoIinse sutrins and likey to alr this io harrasmg of ll c ;enh,.' Toth-lche. t1.... li i o .c stdea to direltion given oil 1":,.u..", , t . Det, ,,er lltiei I... offon'd im diate and ' il,. tt re iof. It aIls arrests the dl erli in - ilrn ticiv not:.i tI reliv' that!ll sollreness r licII. en frquentlh ,i,;s lae i fi. iissth l.t:le.s TIe , apliati,,.i rily i mel.. r iuellr, i,,lll e tt ll ri i e:tlt n lll; atolI ti Itlarge .ither oi persons in dlil;rent sectiols of Iib conttlto, that have ;:rsaIld expetlieCetd l tsl h leli.thrllll ld ,llmtllnrv eitelt. Irol ilia iuse ol' I Iali, iare ready it h1(lr i the h public goot ) llheir testion tllllll o ils n rivllled qllihl lea . It ins Italidil retl, , obllllllined Ainglahrlv aUJJ linesplctodly. tolu ,,a I,,: r trltd hI thie cit ilig'.ed world ns the stnlt vaIIhIble discovr " rtedmul of the woods. ';rec l1 ter ttlla . Soll Ib JARVIS & AN.IRF;WS, nr 5 Cor Commnn and 'l'lhalitolus .ta. :EW IIOOKS-Nnvnl Sketch Ilook, nl, the Service Afloata and ahollre. WVitlt characterisie reminiacen ,teF, fragments aild opinions. lv i the lauthor of 'nlahsol a Tar,O&e. second serres, in vloal. Itlllltollt lieenllectiolst of thn Ilsu of Coanlon, fsomi thIe -y'r ts 0 tIO the closero. 1835. In:llding ]lefsoe iltl sketlles of the leading members--by one of no par y, jlst Ieeirved and for sale Irv WV McKEAN, .A'fE PIL5ICtATI()lS. (i RIOMWEIL, atn Histori< al Navel, hi the aulhor ol ) "'The limlhers," &c. in 2 vols. Popular Mletlieie, or Inss.ilv Advioro; eonsisting of Oautlloea of Asslaomy, 'ilyeiolocy. nti Hygiene, wills suchk intl oni the pretriece if Phl y'ic, Surgrry, anl the i dierses .if wromen and children, as may prove useful in famiilies when regular physieians tallnno be proeured: being a companion and guidet fir intslligenl pricipsls of ssalliau'eteoritrs, lantatiois, ntd uolldilig seihools, head. of families, mnaster of vessels, missionaries, or traveller; slid a useful sketch for yonong oen eommene. ing the stade of medlein . Sly Revn-ll Cauaes, M. D. Peter Porley'l Univeroal Ilistoy on the hnres of Geaeraphy, for the uor of families, illnstrated by maps anni hgraving, in vtols Jst received asid for salhe by W MeKE.\hN, i!) .ur i:amp and Co mlllonll u. NOTICE.-The wner f severIl paekhgas merehan Sdist marked Madame V. Artlqueneove. per ship Groton, froms Now York is hereby not fled that they have .in amsod by .STETSON, AVEHYesCt,'. MJ31 conilnees "Ggroate JUST FUBLIHEDFROOM STEREOTI E' PLJTe S, 1T.e Fith Edilinn of ROwt.ETrs TABL68OF Il.tIP.t.wl't: Swhich is now adsed a Anerage Time Calels tor, or easv methmls for ltirting the average time oni storage, notes of I ne oat hills of gaois, when pur. by chaeld at different nates, en differnt eredits, and for variatssamounts; besidesanuefa l and complete bankinag T Time Ta',le, the Iert that eel be eontrived. or that fi gures can pr rluce within the same colrdeaend compass, and sise o t lie. An aevertisent in hook in tltcok i in nearly the follow ing worst: T l're high distinetion this work ihas received through the ten legislative acts prefixed to the title page, is a re emnmemltitn itn itself, aso atrelmon,, and so eonelu sire, th t strhing is necessary more than by way of ad vertisement, to give a condensed view of some o it pe euliarities:as riltanece, the Intrerst4as been somMs. ed from,and compared with, what is equivalent to four. teen letnfesrleulatione, examined in the presethirty five times, and printed from 'terentype plates tested B thirtyty-one timea, from all which it mast be evident H eaen I the sieptio (especially on the e.sonasl ofthe de- p all f proof in the prefase) that tie work mast Ire arish- B mstielly infallible, atd in enfirmetioa of this beliefs p premirmt of two hundred and fifty dollars, is now offer- V edl for the detaetion f an errtr ofta cent in the present or fifth edition, as exressnid in tre preface, making ive P largpe presionrs afered for the same error siae the first I pnhliientin the year 1104. One of the most annptenous features of the tables is inthe arsrngement of the Time and Amamtb, which i for eaxpeitios, eforee ao perpireity, with the help 1 of the side and indet, cannot h exsaelled; and the sslty ty and ease with which the interes can be foundtothe eatant of generl bosiness, withont douhlina of sums is hesides a convenieene so esetial, tlhat in tie estlma tion of some of the most ompetent and prsatses bhei. nrn men and publilesdrers who have madegreat use of thework, it has been distiangised hyt ho hannble appellation efofa "master pinos". And considering he inLhtiility of the method originally adopted i ;n comprsos the work, ahd the extraordinaly oumber and nsvriety oftheexaminaionls, nd tests ofeery editioa it haspasedinthe preCs, eotwithatsadingthe whole isins sterarepe, ennsideritg, in shfirt. ,he positive securacy seeoredi by the anireeedcnttl means etnploaem, the so omeua ohemn helddnp and empdhatially tyled "mthe most wonderful book in the wslkdt" most certainly no manean names fipure work oftie same extent, whieh since ihe Ieginnin gol ereation, has had the same num ber and variety of tests in the same number of editors1 no, nronone llfthe number, as is clearly shown in the 1prelfae. Besides, astest and standard, it has been tried and proned in nearly all the bank and public offices in tile United States, a by the public generally, during the long period oFlthirtv-five rters, yet noerror of ihe sal eulations has ever ben found in print, althongh continu ally challeng d b the offer Of vry re pr ms. rle i fact e l)ressaly adopted by ili thecourts of law cl several ofthe staot as the " rate of calenlatlon for statute interest," as also by law for bank interest, accordlinges the book is used, and as may be seen in part, by Ir naimes of the subscribers, and a few of the sbshequent practners, in the list attheel of ties book, is in psessson of every closs of citizens in every quar to of thile United States. It is moreover well known that, by its rearly check, it has so often deteated large errors, long after they were wasrde, even br the most carelul and most eompetent arithmeticitans, tat its usefuhtess, and the ahbrlvte nle cessity for its use, have been extensiyely insisted itn, so evileant, itceeed, Ihave been its aidvan.agra, amn its I. navings, that, severri yeursago, whilst tile first nlition 'was scaroe, and out of print, a great t.umber of second hand copies were songht for, some to a gre t distames. aIr putteraed ot varieos prices, as thely cout occasion ally Io picked up at from $10 to $25 per copy, and .ome rersnns ihve recen.,y declared, ntd intancea could be qootd thalt they wonuld pay $50S, $tlnd, Stt $5lt for a eopv, lf not to be had f:tr Ites, aironr indlividtal i,, the latler instance pIrtievlarl, hIrving it the same lime rlxhibited rrtishtcery prr.d, to severarl larsolns pe 0s oentthat tO him it was really worth itat money andi imorI thlrghl thie saving of lis rery valatable time, lie r Iei. : v ry rich moan altl in ptbile oflice. It is likrwise worthy of nttre, nald indleed )proper to impre s, that such is tre nature of ligle work g.errally att anspecially when of the extent and imporTlnme of ithet d a ltos, that had this book or its like bon in''rt - ell in tie usual nmrner, roln,, by the :rost trmptetent calttllaltor in tlhe vwonlrl, and fi'Lery snrs I)lllld mst :ti)Idy l undler hisown orrtctiln of itrof strt'os, It Swont1i, litIm 1to a ertainay, avre lwern nsatll flr rt fe.rerce, arlt dtmr tot any prieas tle 1ptattr" dtnti:,t - rl explains. But so per'ect and raitrlllh htlt tire telre.:lnpe pilltts "f this worklheen im l .rt, tair t trteorr'e ir.cln, withtheir r mer us andI extraordine lllllllin ttiants, ngirst fire, for a tie gret beri t, tr'y arr e (by t) c.n,,antly kept in a ,lace "1' spcial nn +f.:l:?, excepl hlilo:un t impl iatin.lil . Am"plerldirrcltires t lit tllt tl)b :tI hanks t:tl s tte ilttlr e',t wi0l 3 llllt'ld nobes, thllow the pr++lbr', which, in this li:t n n i in f or t pr terding a di tirtas, ltoain mtrlh int l'"lranttlion "ltiwernnlg the two in.f fU[l moles of lmnput t i g inter er, tee d1.ia of g ,are, kte. It rertll :s m ly it reI ark ell:tt, not witturlll n ing this ranrnrtrlol ctstly work,i whialh ttas. lpbliih.t" irt -,.t talbles Werl. intlll set:ll'.l is dolhtar tsIor I e . btr - Fh )eo llltllna t tlunn:., II sCh e nsIIos extensive:, pIlt..aliherally tr I rotlllisrd, it Has nt. YVt so inl 1h at s p id t ith illtlerest tm trte Ele:,' ilns of twarly m.] l'mr thnuand, bhldesl tIS six te:trs+t timne ftronl f799to R) , ,sataitned tn tll lfirst t redliltion of 7ito aspics, arising chielly liorm its pbllira i 'time al lht ttiean, at arno nder pricer,j to s:an n thing II ,nmpen1 tion or prfil rr almotr a lifie-isrrtt" O ttrtt, tril, I o r l -cerite. 1 heretftw tht auth-r still Itlies 'n the ditat 'nt t tailnr l gr nterr'sittr of thl e plt hlie It' a tantinu le note of paeftrener a r.1ttain....rr lo-rle bly tihe P'ritrel ttl /oinkxrlers in the trnited S'otr. n' i.DL'tr 19ti.n \t.V WitRK,.e..-Thtie Aniattan - a, Sil .1tinland, by tisl authoriofA ~Yea in r .apaant ' i ani Nolle Dlelbof tlVen, in r0 vol-. ' 'lie Yotrlg Wiite'"s Itok, a intnul o mornral reli tlt isi drern s ic re d i. KII .I tu reat'eive4mill fors~lrlly Wa l. %I'KP.\kN, .Jtilt.IICAI.t'Ati{I.g'fl DOCTOR JOIINSOX 1IAY e consulted cnnlidenitvn at his otlRr., 113 Lnstm i Iflotse errst. I:Cnear l)anpbhine -tree,. or tihe treamull of a iertiaieileass of delicilae disetaseis. From Dr. Johans 'eCi ecosive opportunity in onr. of the mollt celebrated Hiospitaln- n iuro lpe,exeluaire ly devoted to the at Veneritl and $irnhililie complaints; altd also from a rest:aver of lire Vyars ill New York, during which timine r. Jobhnson clined his prac ire solely o t he treatment of thoae diaesees, nihi tile most unpreeedented uereas: he is enlabledll I re move any of the following, complaints in I'rom 5 to 231 days. iittoutt injuring the n, ohllltion by be rn ryre' or any other .eleterious medicine. lGhonribeni, Glet, Structure, Haminal Wneakness, Ailectinns If ti n.lad. der, Kidneys, Prostate Gland,aad any of thise numer oustrain of affections, whielk generally follow neg., I. ed or mal-treated canes of Venerial. Strofilous sores, ulcerated legs, and wormslremoved hy a simple ment od of treatmlent, without restriction in dict or interrup. tion rom bhausiness. Persons residing in the acuntry, and wilo Iel deli. cate ineoaiulting their family physician, by sending a atatmnnt of theiir case by letter (post paid witl tees enclosed) lean have I),r..ltlhtlon's advice, fir their mwn treatment, with medicine, neeessary to be undi, forwar ded. Separate offices provided where patients can neasr comtne ill eontacn with each 3tber. Attondlnce romn moraning ntil night, at 113 C(u.atoti House street. 01"Consultations strictly confidential in all cases. doe 13 lOYLE P MAY, Ilttae, Sign, unitd )lnsmnlta IJ Painters, NSo Caroadele street, two doors liom Cafnal street. Imitations of the following woods and mtrblel,er coted in a masterl( manner. wllaig , MARnR.a. Mahogany, Egyptiat blahk anId gold, Oak, Giulin andi AttiEo, Pollard do, Oriental or vernd ntique, Curled do, .Inasle, Curled Maple, Blooi Stone, Ilids do, I lrby Granite, Satin Wood, Potomac, Hair Woin!, Dov er Ilurdlllo, Yew Tree, Italian White, (:oromam le oar blaeck Sinian and IBractella, Hose Wnod, Ameri an Grey, Aslt 'White Oak, 'ea. kP kc. Curled Elm, Specimens to be seen at the shop. Paints, ells, glass, eopal varnisht, Ie. on hand nilor sale. I:'tiN,.Il'EtE & HEAVY GO(iOl.--Ilau, .square anmli bundle iron, well assorted. HIoop, scr.ll sid rod iron, nail r'lads lal plough moulds Cast, (Geman, shear, blistered, spring, sheet and CIna te. stle Ilollo.w ware, cut Iand wrought nils and spilkes Ziten, black tin, mill and grind staons, salt kettles Chaitn cables, anleors, hloe Oxo,hlg al d tinte tlilus, corn mills A ivils, vices, lialmers and bellows Wire, sheit,pig snld bar led; shaot Coal, and cooking sltres Alnts t i(awbmqls stiti titllter sRetteS Htilt! 8bore]. Ames, nkn whadiant othernpadenand Hbhvels Ilook and ilate hlinges, door :nd window hooks Collins, lits,; Sh:alrps, andi ether axes l'ar' idtl a Mauilii cordage, liies ttld twine Iaol aid salisnltig tipper; Naval stores Paatisi, aintneii and inn.aote iil A liull assoltmnent of iardware and slhip c h:dlery, alway:t on hland, and whlicimre oaftred tfr sale at wholu: sale or retail, oni the most favorable terms, by ink LAY"TON I Co. .5 1i lIevee,. IABRBOW0GAT SPRINGS .thmlglterv ciunti . Alnlintna. TIREE l)d a' JOURNEY POD I. NEIV ORI,EANR. T HI Iproprietor of this establishment he the plen surae O announcing tio his friends and tile plblici is genlea ,lhatl he will be in the first day of Mtay to receive visiters. Hle will also slate for the biE aelit of those at a di-tance, that there have been large imbnrovements mande, and aihers now going on anl in ripid progress for rcompletion, whiech will enable the subserlher to aueommodate a much larger nulmber thlan heretofore, and at the nsaLi time much better. Familial can be accommodated a ith good rooms, or there who prefer can have large cabina . stached from the main building. It is deemed unnncessary t say anythllig in particn. lar of the charaeter of these waters, fi, it in generally believed that they are not inferior to any in the Sounth ern States. All the amusemenli that are generally found at Watering Plngcee, will he found at thin. The best maseic that this part of tb* country affords, has bese engged, and will be ionconatnt attendance at the Sprines during the whole eaason. 'I heaubrelibel will avil Ilimselfof this npi:nrtunity in returning his lnlienited thanks for tir' very liberal snpaprt given him last easenn. and hopes by the tions that have been mtade in itmproving and eaxlending the arolnmodations, to merit a liberoatptronage the pesent season. JNO CRAM. )3 TO TIHE LADIES. I TKINSON'.S DI:PII.I.A'It)I(Y, for remtving elt p gerflunmt talr fromn the hace, eek and arma, withl aiaal safety and eertainty, enating the shin finer anisd whiter than before tae nplienet,,n. A fresh rpply' jast rereived at rfillliN. , No En hange natel, orner St Charles and on me ctre fI. ni 6 MAIL ARRANGEMENIT1 ,Vll. o Every Dlay at It! Al. N trM a.s Mail, Clonoa er day at In0 A. M ... De every lw Weanear .er ata Western Mawil, i Fdv.y, by , i. l..,v y . o tle Clunas every lnda, Wedoruod Cn , and Satnnlav, by 9, P. M. • flke even lr.TfiesdnyThursday, an TheLakeManil satured, I ,P dy. via Closaes every Molnday, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIYAL, I)EPAR'PURJF DISTANC$ &e. oathe EAprees Mall, beDi lollaoi and New York--leaviga Mobile 3 P. 51. Naetkvar New York daily at ! P.M M toukward. Arrives Anive' Narthward. Distanee. lua. ltetina'g Mlsnontaoery, Ala. Apm. 198 sT n'a3k am 12 a. Calnmuash (In. II| 'II 91 Sa.s Miliedteville (In. S 141 2 p. at R i.C. 7Wam, 7 10 Raleigh, NI Co a 215 l22 1I Waveanton, Va. 12 a. 55 R00 PetersburgVa. of p0m. 8n It Jaun a Riehmnnd at. 1 0 11 2,, m uneder ick sbur , or at1 9 t c r of el vi m Wtshineton ti city, n r i Bmh~imom, 6| g~ ~ ~ Philaisdelpi t mn. fore nt New York, 2 pro. 90 It 31105 14ttlsoae dtA3h Northward. Canine Southward,lkhe thab is sia aoun lesa; bkinag days sna I7 hoea. TEN IJOLLAR REWARD.T ANAWAY Iom 1 Csrndeleet eonesr or llevn 1a siretsoathe night or 3u h ofA Ato t , and wae seen the neat maAini in Pydma aeret, negro boy naed CIiARI.ES, about 7 yz.l faae, snl 5 ee tmhernkouts hi heiglit,verv blaeL, and-has n imped iment in his speech, one oa his leg is sore, orvainned by a reent hurt e had on when ie aente awanny a white cotton or linen shirt ad white eataan iantaloens. Masters or vessels and steam kavs are eanlincoa r gaiast reeeiving or harbehivg said negro, as well•s ait other perons, as the utmost rgoua of the late will he enforced against then. The abave reward till he pair livrdeliveeiag him inn, any aifhe Mtls oa either althe munoieipalities.or at 116 CaroMdelet, corner o Hera stenet., Ini__ _ tl t OTICE-Trhe eolitnaeehilt lhereteett Oeisting Sunder the fle atrm Unnit & nretniam, ansk dissolved. The subtcriber wilt lliquaote the lfftirs a Sn te anrn in this ity, nd requira all pevsons ileb. ed to make tayient to iva oldy, and all thoselovinr olaima, topesen them foraedtlesaait. oual8--t Ht IARRRTSON W. W. SWAIN. - No. &Ca, ,reet .n I.AN always on hand eanntantl, & raceivina ri,. !I Iyea, Chemicala,aad 'nam:t,aionlz Ihl.i nr ollawnig: D11 UicGS. I)HEIS Antimtaty, erode, Artgolt, red, do reginus, Atanato, Spnt o - y do rustlle, d nrre Anair enrdace, Alitm, do Isowderd, Ilc'zillette wtwm, Idamtacolevi,. Caehihst , tlasxorrrn, CoAptvrni, aAmeriea% dI,, mOoed, Canlbear, I riotasloe,oertle, Fettie, TsltpieO, In roll, nda (Calmh, do flower, do Mlaiii, lirtouak , Frrl'e h I.,rri,,,: Csaalraoil, lndig, Iaengol, Creitas Ioart, do hloanil!it (Cam aloes, de i.tmnas, dv A,,,ia, Logooik, Ciaieahy diio asmtmitas a St Iloaaiigo S do amo,oia, ilo .Janaota, Cunlvowovi, ito a, sog anttlerood, Id l c woes,, ti, inllder,, Wmoinr, |I~ doeah se ulpd, quaargo, eha. t- o le anon, lr ~ iAicurlnTS-fitnes. 1to1 ito SAeier, Illo Ila ~Ihl killo, e Intol do enonls "hio ml!l lllli r ra o .. e. do All lll oh ii, do d' rcns, styo,, , ctIo a anillrr i e, iA ortlo leh, Atarc llc, ,ni oii rit s. skIlnl'lt.Sl l , rIII r , i.inqllI di o e oini ne miai , l ea c laiit,. e r do anagrbi; Hlaoitriot, n arorolt tlhV rt Elphp, t -. siaH, c lpni shi , 'c t ,ilt . a li , i-do Aaomelltlac tied,ii~ae i- askl iy itoe, ctoi', Intl, . ctr, a.-'. at do nlaq' ivIlI pior,, I ia Wiod etlt, oghi r i(n, 111 choiSip tdtioii, in l I l moat, ollll)p " IrIrIr t·innlar. iti iolrrgcr oeariave I-io hue,•m " PAINlS.--ioao., l to t a tip , AIs ni-.t' t h,, tnit iii e Cirmia wrrleto, sir, io tiieorm d o o in sil, dO. i'nIl,lial II . lCI Lsnlilhhlek Cnp 'i.,m dI rl q vi I.itslorgs., inagoli, a- ln t linn1,si tllarla, tIn ARor.0iros iiildo di T'lmiiocr, P:lrts whia uCelldh, In Allolrirn Bet· trasiI~ itn, Poor,n. ii I al'ol nnv IaI Cle asvatrera I kiii eri ,iy tEltirke us. li al.tIathrlcI do do Anartenr i i g Ivneaietlia , . glI it, ,,i$ ! t~lillaelaio'io Vii. rePd Pniilishtiid, t lie hon, hte'dhs lin Ai~irits~evn nclrl'l, l ltll,, iI gllr l lt , U ioeni, In it,h rafinad, Veoligrli ,illy biralatle-lves, Itiv, da t lOllOa¢ attini~i Ionit, Wsaid~or 1t',iiithi !; lihu Paii, stirvA e ,cnl~~~ Al, , I dr, " Il ro ". ell-l'l.i I I lr do. "Fngl iih d ilo Cusnitnn C 'e l u in Qii" Qilekllhner Am mal.irorro pilil. d"IJ<>TT t ...., CAPTAIN MARRtYA'rI'N NW N.w VELO. th, ltefer. Ir' the auhronlr I p Pe irle, ,es in 2vetl Cu'mminge, or a Winter lt Ielhlneh Hai"fiel in Itres Stewt, he Cnptsin Basil Hell, Royal Navy, Jt. s.,in 1Il . errd Rodnr, e rmnne. h•. Allen Cunnilnglam, i." Sheppard Lee. written by hilmerl, in 2 vols. . Compendious Iisetoryiof;a41, trrnnelnted from the original Itaion, hby Nathantel (heetn, s i rel. lbr sing No. 79i of Harper' Ramily Libirary. Vole. :3 & 4 l'the ner e. rmpler nti u.ilorrm edition of aIaseohnvom, Irvne's Ware.. Roster'g Fresno sati Egll. Uicb. erry. m 1 ie, 3ro'a Frawvh ,ed Eetsr Cretro.inr..l. ALIOsa-A filw more rwlies rf COnmllme'I'hennlogy "tienni."Lar~Le Snurevor's (enitnmuires orfeltrioi qua it,, with chains, Ililliaed Ilellso elft4 dnd 2 I-2 inche.. Gillt ilmproved metlir Prsi,jnapnred papers, werghts &e. &c. &e. .Just rtoaeived, end for sale by m31 BENJ. lEVY. SPAIN REVISITED,&c. &c SPAIN REVISITED, &e, by the author ofA Ayea lin 8peii,' it vools. 7'raie ofledian ekareifer, as eneorall apliicable to the Abo e igiriea of Nith America by d Turner, Eq 2 ols. The Political Graminor, of the United States, or cmupote view sfthe theory aIl preerrise f rth geaera end statre governments, with the relatins teilemen them --ledicratel end 'tepid it tih ).reg nisu ufnhe Uinted Statesr, IYv D :t.noafield, mi. 'imrod's Huline g TI'ors intrspetrd with elhracnter jtie anecdotes, royangs rnd doings ofpnrsiiig mien, in clndiog notiees of the principal eraok rides olrEngland with n.elyional cotene, aonl general index of names,, volumes. Fn. THr ccRx of Scirofaln or King's Evil, Chronic ltheumatism, r Chronic Cntaneoua Din- Paine it the Boses, hy feen enact, use of Mercury the bhlod being in vitiated stase. This very concentrated Syrup is ilelored with thn greatest pharmnae,-uticul care and atrneoy, ndl cnteitai the nlactive prmncile of Sarosaparilla in the most conc0 tateld slgrre, combited with other vegetable subi;tanmo of kbown eflcoaey. The gmeeat desderetnm with physeirinne in being al to exhibit n lnrge luantity of $aneurillr in in aena. does, lits hbeen obtained in thlis' proparatin--they bei. el hilly convinceld of its tmerits, eontsfdently administer the course of their practice. Prieu ft .0 par bntrle. Sohl onrly at SWVAIN BIRl 'T'Ht'S 'ln den store, No,. I ICnial otreet, whe imay be lhd, fresh nld genuinc, direstfrom tihe ipr,'l e tors, iSwaitn's Panacean nd lVertuifie, PImtter's Cclt.nolh cen, Carpenter's Preparation, noid laOrge and1 genera asortlemit of fResi dru go, im4 • PINNOCK', 1OME2, &e. OINNOCK'S IMIPIO VIHi) MITI'ON OF I)R S(Goldsmnith's Abridgment of the tlisto:y of Roum to ihiielh in prethxed onlsntruduoction to the lt tdy o liiRonpn Ilistorv, nod a gret Nvariety oIf alusle infer inationit added ithrougll the wr, the nor nr, o c ti ae lastitltiotn ani Antiquities of tire Romans; with lsnu merons bioigrhcohitol iolld ioirieul Notes; aod qItoa tine for oxamnionation at the end of eachl seeti,i. II lusnntedl with thirty cngnvisg n wood, by Altherton Pseocn's Improveed Editiin of Dr G(oaldamitih'a Iistory ofEngland, fronlo Ith elonen oif Jalis Censar to tih death of Gieorge 2d, with a cotimi itioi to the yea 1832. With qe:stions ir examinntion at the endlo aceh neetion. IBesides t rcriety if vlahabl ianiformn tio addelld througholu the wdrie. Consisting of tuble of contetupcirams Sovereigus alll emincnt person Copious explatntorv tnite. Irieumrks on the poll ties, manners nol literatnre of the ag,. An omline tIhe Constitutiom, &o. &e. illustrated by riany engr mugs. Guio.s' EaxrIoens or Arn.caoNei, nl ane Aoridgmen of Keith's New ''reatise on thie Use of (Globes. Nov' American edlition, with addition ea td iiproemetot oiae an expiation ofsthe e tronf nical part of the Ae cloan Almanac. Juet received and for sale by WM M'KEAN yv? . . e2orner of Camp and Common ete IAKRPER'S CLASSICAL lI"RARY II ORACE,nsilanted by Phillip Frieui,, D D, with liJ an appenlix, containing translations of various odes, &e. by Ben Jousoi, Cowley, Milton, Drydoe Pope Addison, Swilt Chuttertoa, G Wakefield, PoIre Bryan, &c. a ld sme ofahie ucre ueneut poets of the day--and IHCEDRUS, with thre appendix .)r ;iudire tranl h ted by Chriastoper uoarsi, oi 2 vld tirmni, vulumnso iPt and f9I utfUHarper', Clsieal Lirarv 'Th Expediton of HUIII'RPIIy CLINK.R, by " Silollett, Pd t, with i unemoir o' thie Atboer, by Tiong, tin Ronoe, IEsq., new odltion, wir illustrationae, by Ge Cruikahank 'ITHE 3LPSY; a Tale, by the autlhor eof "RicOliu lMary ofl! urgundv,"' &o.,taw 2timt, el tose mpl n one. PAUL "LIFFORD; by the nauser e "Polli. hi t r il," &c, hbie; volrnim IV el trat now ol iof"Et a cre Ciomple b iT*ae. Just r anuled *. sBalete3I McK3f" WM MO:KhrJ4 1LACON SIlUN.-ri3 isns. Citeiulosti s Ii ll"hney oi O etn . vmnat Ich,. Id for e a+te_ If.gTEI1T & lw r

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