Newspaper of True American, September 22, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated September 22, 1838 Page 1
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Alf I-~ oq O ;ý C PRICE 12, CENTS. LI"U '_ ° NIEW ORLEANS SATURDAY MORNING, SEPTMIIBER 22, 1838, VoL.-(I1 o tU 5t .EOtam,! Cdt(al Pr eraetpoe Iwny xveernctdorcm,,, l TUESDAY, July 17th, 1 i38 otat, Urv p u d tills M in ahty to ina t en - tobe relt d ..uRalgarbn-tb ee, rt icrux Fiant ,te,, ' Rn'td that thi.l,..;a.,:I ..d.' .. i i' t : M. TUESDAY.28,, Av qA .t ,. .. :...... .., ...__. _. _.., I I t S0ottlittga of ounttil. TUESDAY, 1lth June, 1838. Resolved, That this Council d, persist, notwith. -etadling the objections of the Mayor, in the rash. lotion panaed at Sho meeting of the 5-h Jule, no thoriilng thle treasurer to sign, and the Co,mptrol Ipr to cotnltetlign all notes or orbligations of thii Mlnicilpality, not having tihe seal of the same, & and revoking this power in the Ma.yor. JOSHUA BALTDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, June 13. Resoted,. itat the suln of one thousand dollars h .tinlil l sa is iereby. appropriated to the chla -ltty'Ii;id, attLe dispousal the Aldernen. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder Seit to the Mayor, June 13. Res.tlyed, That the M yor be, and he is hterob) .iitthrhced to draw. his wrirrant on the Treasurer 'fin eOhlit hundred and twon y five dollars and tilty Lsis dlets in favor of Jao;n Mlnttnr, L MiILltndon ihlarida Gardtier and J. W Breedlevne, fr layint icharld streetwith gunwalee, Irom 'ethoupiloulao Io Ctinutance street. JOSKHUA BALDWIN, Recorder Senotrt the Mayor, June 13. Resolved, That the M ,yor he, and he is herebj *cthfriMld to draw his warrant on the Trtnaure: .r*ity d01ta1g'o fvur of J. Elli, for stantpytt dbrtyliitl'thousand two lundred shleets Mutticipa JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder Sent to the Mayor, June 13. Whereas, the applicotion of sundry individuals to Open, prolong, extend anld drain certain streett heremnafterdescribed, has been advertised durln.t 'tei Aleys in Frenqh and Englith , in the 'ruCe Ante ieant and Bulletin newp.,pers, in conforti ty tt law; and whereas, no opploitotn Ihas been ttat'u II lid projected imrproVelenuts. Be it thetefore resolved, That tile followin,, •treets be, prlonlged and dratned, in co, formtity with the act entltld *lAnl,.r t to regoul to the epeniag, laying oult atd itnproving ul slreetit end puibhte places st the city of Now Orilans, &c. :ppratved 3. April, 183,2," and t atlt In0ite itce thereof be given itt Elnglish and 'reltlecl, in two n ppers of this city, during teul days, ill order latU perlon le avinlg oljoetltos to the said improvet . .tetst.ltiay mirak t ietti known to thlit CtoeItei: sead iinprovenetnto being t., filt om. to wit: rat. Commlctitneing ol tite eouth saidl of Canal, at eanal Clailborne, and prologing said atreet along the southl sid. of .le N talvelle road to tihe BOyou St. Jnllll, to a point minrketl A, tbn Lti phlit drawon lby tile Survlre or folrlranllig till e oak part of the aity, bellig is tltatnce of about iflteon hunired yards Otldow et Isl atilb ortn. 9d. To cut a latertl aollt flirt a epoiit aotorked .A on anid plan, whiiell point in at tb lot five hnn. adrd yarls b.tlow Willow struot, on the prol ongattonl ol Jlia street; and loil tlonce ton a etrtig lt Ilto to Qalves o . at tht interaetion of C.):Inan, an rk. ad B C: and fromn tthence in a stra.golt Illt,, until It intprtecla tise iain c inal at U, oi thle south aido il' Ctptil street, on a prololllgation fronlt catnal Clai. borne, atnd about two hundred atnd liiuety.eilht ihet below lJotnson street. 31. Jackson street to be prolongeid fronn caltal Claiburne to the proposed lateral canlal. 4thi. Painyra street to he prulonged Irom eanal Claibeore to tile lateral iatl. 5th. Co,;nlonll street, lrotl the same to the saine. lt.. Graier stre;: to be prolongelld fronl the wust side o'tile Gas Works to tile aloresaid lateral catnal. 7th. Perdido, street to be prolonged frotn St. Mary street to tile aorlirsa;id !nteral catlll. 8th. Poydlra street to he iprolonlged frota (;ironde atteet to tile aforesald laterall canl. 9th. HIlviantrent to l, protou;lgd front St. Paul to the athronald lateral canaltl. 10ta. Cypress street to, be prololnged fro-n St Paul to the weat Selt of tlte Proteosta:ti Contotery. and i drain on tihe woet idr o'i tih Celletery t Isvia street, an., in orer t. carry thit resolution it eafoct, thile Ml|tyor is Ierehy alteritclel to caisal ipplieati.Lt, be ins tile to the First Juihelal Duo rlct Court, e appoint tllrae discrot Uled dltillolorestlldl perons, compel tet Ito serve as jurolrs ill r idl C urt. as oretttrtioneaes o f stotant a.lid aol enots.w,, ceontornily to an act, etlitled 'Atl uma it rgliuol.. tlie openilg, laying ollt an;d iolrovigilg o t rutes, Ac., aplpruved April 3d, 1832." Be it further retsotleol, that the Crnoptrolll.r he, antl lie is Iereby authollrilzed old requlirlled to give notice during tea days, ill Frenchl and Elg Ill, that proposals to mn.ake said illiprove Itanrts will be rareried by t lis Coutncil until the 9lh day of Jn v neot; the whole to be dione in eotftrnmity to the plIn and specifications of' aid wo,k, ill toe So,. Yeyor's office, and under the suporintetndellce ut tlle turreyor. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, June 13. Whemra., the applicationil of sundry individualsI to have a new street opened, eotendmlg from Puy. dres to Girod street, through the meltro of dll, i qu iries bounded by Poydras, Gruod. 'Tclnuptioulan, Mlgaiql and La ayoete a reto he.s been udverti. ed dimring teq days in r g:ish. in th TrlueAinerican and Bolltitn newsplaiern c,,. fortuity to law; and wheroas, no oppmoition hls L.Cen 1m0ne to syid. prjre.ted street. Bf it therefore rosolvd, T'hat a new street be h . p~p through said qouares of ground, u: tho widuth ot thirty.five foot. viz: fromn Puydras to Lafayesti street, and fronm Lafayette street to Girld stree ; as tin order to carry this resolution lito rtloct, tile Mayur is hereby authorised to cuuse applioation to ba.made to the Firot Judicial District Court to ap point three dlsereet and disinterested persoos,cnsi. petent to servo an jurors in Court, as co0l0lin. siegersof estimato and ,aseseniiIt, mn eoformlly to sn act, entitled "An act to r. gul le thle olinmng, la3pig out and imlproving of streets, &c , approv.od April 3d, 1832 " JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder, Sent to the Mayor, June 13. 1. Be it rslved. Thaot th Mayor be, anmd he is hereby utllorizid to accept, on behalf of this mIu. nlcipality, of time .sle of a lot of ground belonging to Thllomlia Bankp, E. L. Bernaid, and P. J. Trcuu, ani. bounded as Iollows: 158.3 2 on Tcloupitoulas street; 143 feet on Anouncmtleon strert,80 1 2 on Poyfaire st., and 210 feej 3 imnches on the lino dlvdinmg said lot of troui d frotl the triangular lot belonging to this Muilcip,,l. ity; provided, the titles of tile saule hme asprovd i, by tlte.ttomUqy of the Council, and that said prop. erty be freefroin mortgago. 2.' Be it further resoled. That the Mayor be, and he.jehereby authorized to assue, and to deliver to said veadors, when the sale mIay be co'np'Uotd - Forty bonds of this Municipality in the uaial torim, the principal and interest payable at the treasurer's ofl.oo for one tlhousaind dollars each, redoeemable in twenty years; bearingsli per cent per aninumi in teor.t, payabe a.lnui.aonuully; and time mayor is for thea'autlhorized to agree that this musicipahity will erect on said lot of ground, within two years, a vegetable market. 3. Beit further rosolvnd, That the resolution of the 5ltOatober last, psoviding for the erection of , buoildig for the hook and ladder comnpinmy No. 1, ont heteriengular lot belonging to this nmouicipality bounded by Techtopioulass, Amnunciation and Do. lorketretlp, is hereby repealed; said ground baimng indopeasebly necessary for the projeetsd new smar. let. . JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Set. to the Mayor, June 13. Be-it- resolved, That tile mayor be, and he is herebyouthorised to accept, on behalf of this omu naiipSalty, a bond of Thiomlas Barrett, jointly and smverlly, with Silvain Peytoux, by which they guarantaUthms Municipality, ag'iest any claim re sulting from a judgonest for $12,000 inacrilbd a gaimnt slid Barrtt, is favor of Mary Hampton; and when said bond ms completed, the mayor is al thoriLed to canse to be delivered to Aud'w Hodge, the notes due him, for certain lots bought of him, and situated in Girod street; provided no oth. or lien or incumbranee exists on said lots besides the judgiment aforesaid. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sopt to the Mayor, Juen 13. Tesoua,. 26th, June 1838. Resolved, That this Council do persist, notwithl. standing.thle objetions of the Mayor, in its resnlu. tiomn of the 12th June instamt, having for objeit, the purchase ol's lot of ground bounded Iby Telonu. pitoulme, Annuneiatioun and Poeyfarre streetc, and a triangular lot belonging to this Municipality. .JOSHUA BALDWIN Recorder. Sentlto the Mayor, Jmne 27. tWV itere.a, L IIls C'outilutll i n Illturlltlsd [I the (.Jr leans Coitton Pr .aC. omiau ny lvu esrcterd,or eau. d to he areted ti.:eee or birriera scroas Fint atreel snd ireni 0ld 1 Fret street on the )lnk. ofh.iI. river, to the river; therebly imlpediog ad ubstrueal ilC tle ree ip:eae ge and use of said utreel and Ud. j ctlt lai<lilgi, nIo violatiion of tie Iowa of thie. rLeate, thle ordilrace of' thle city I ,jew Oricami, aof this aMuiuipality, aid of the rightta at thei pe. lh.: t11 it t erefore Resolved, That the Mayor he anld )tie is herh by nuti.,liaid aid rquestued, to cnu e soid I 'neos aed barriera to he remaved withlout I,. Ily, its celorealt y w'th the first eecltioa ol - all ct eitl e.rie' ttld for other iuroseuas, approv. eit 1Grit Mirel,, 163d." JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the ±Jaytr, June 27. Be it resolwed1 That i..*iderig tile duly of Julhie Kalr. hi t furnisetl the L ra........ - .i tlteu cmlteulttoat ti LeU P, yd;.r.. barket, occasiaaU grent iICuoIelvea eoau to tle lur areciilig .iadt markht; the eotntractur, WV Daorulai, iltall be entsiltled ti receive hie pay fir tle wurk as It iPropgreses, on cerllticlate i te Surveiyor, liotwtih atUndieg aily Clause t Lthe coitrary ial hi, auelrtaite. teas oalt titlu ti. be tielrilt reserve tint'el tliu eutltrct be cuaiitieite. Be II litlier reolvIed, that tile Ctmplroller be riqut ri d to Illte orll Juhlt l Kellar, thalut ttllon h tlrlt:l. p.hty will iokl hiut reeptaihble fotr all li:ieear.ngtlg oilll tile ilonl ierl ralticu ol' Ills e cultrict to tiuraish iroii tohluss lir said market JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder Sent to the Mayor, June 27. Be it ra* lted, TI"h t t. ,wnrr of loet in Ike iqiamria ,ilittliled by Carotid let,Pte)dros, ht. (thar-i.e alid tildltdlot etrcuti, ulld ledlO, i.Catalaulcl , StI. Chiariee oltd Griteir strecti, be cUiimpuld to eli. cloac theirr s,.d lts, anld r pair tluelr Il:.'e wl IIt I Lte dlays, uaider pt.lally|" five dl jjur. pur lliy tIn;t e**ch1 uld every let rlitl ul| ilIrII| U.IIII. cihseid or atny tl:m ut- repiaired; uaid tital tile aur veyur be autLIIoried atId aqiited allter ' if tle tlloth to ncltele aid .,te, or repvirtmid learee, as thle Ecaoe lmay be, at tih expense U f the Unor. tltertof. JOSHUA B.ALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to thie Mlayti, June 27. Whereac, at the :tlig ua' tile 5til June, 1838, iunlitdry resoalllluie warv Irjiis dtb by la ~OCatcll uu. tlourslilg lse il iu Siv r to .IdJtudscdle to thle how,'est ,,hiJer lur ao yuear tat tt.atklig o| the bitq aetluc u .*d lytug enlro. nll d gutser .,unteb; all d where.,IS es tain Ltlpeeficatiia atc.tenlip itaaed ad retolutimis, by t\vllcl the coaltrautclor ia to uU rtl.d avid egulaa. tau ,r' Ill work; a.d wheret;s certalll word eor sauid alttciliitisolis Ihava Ilitdverlalty beIn retainied lfoela tlm r etil.clfitclotau o old L'IItrICLv t lltltait ul|ttir i urditlltncias ,l'thte C-u citl bet'urue thhedllsloll at ,f tile Ctlv. vhlli:ll aord. arn oily IIpplIcab e to e bLreclts a t curtainl wtt1thi, lld are e illap. phlc.ble to ille prcaellt conltrac : ta it tiiireiire raolvedl, That tie first .pecfic.t. Liol, which rtoads tLitel- -I l hU Ili ,t wiyt y t prt bt'l t ex Ititlg In ll. aid etreett hlRl bie o eilalrgetd s it b'h 8 I;:et in wn i'lil They shalll bc Iiii-d wi'i ciuIbh stoalei," &. &e. shalll Ie amended so us to read thui,:-T'l' m 'lit ,Peys shall be il.ed wllt cuoo i toneus, tl. &0-· at JOS.IIUA BALl.UV "N, Rctarder. Sent to the lay'tr, Juite ;7. i Wht,,nas, lhe fi·'t I lrtrln of" the Po\des roar di Ilerl., tleevnllldg frt,' t rToitItia d PoI' nltltpt Itrhit . Ja IIow compI letdl atnt; it Is impour ita t that lablritattit, as si is pa,(tobt , derive ea t rL l tilt+conivrunerc. it iacleulated to +I;uths : Ih: it re'olvedi, Tl'*t the satid MAtrkeL be -pene'd to the putbhlea. thelitirtl day oi Jdily iext, usier the liiiretl tut critylrldri n ti oi f I lthe Cullmii sry i or tile firii w..d. ' fit+ Rl,,litedi, 'fitl tIe two sIdes ti" the midd, aleyt tftue Mtd riet, w.it0at tid cxcaplon or th-e fltur - l ':r')e pasl+g le: , I,e. ahd( thlls .e mtll! a s her, hy anIoI te(. Io fluitl Imt. T,'Iuiat ha pIx tee,,ith F tra lalt tic w:tt rll or ]ittil 1 stre.I i leltr-icl iltlt = . t.h alley hm tlired sr fi.i. Thjti ol e h xtieil itt l ad. e It'l rolrilt ed to r iii'II . Vlalll l)llP it l lly p ilte d ,tIt· ' It 'loht tilat sipiaci oI(tvoilld ly sixtiaa 1v,11.ilt at :,ichi 1t Seat the eerl or B roln tret eltrie t the, iurt .oiti2 ild \olutllt a!leIcyn e o hr groeIralne. And.ii the re. [,. nominlder ofi theu Inrth an~d auttIh tulle'y+ ht' l, veg..+ hales,. on+ly. R ol)ved also, That Ithe presIenit Ftril]+r of the t St Mlry's At arkl<t shns e ,l .a, nd hi. is If relay) charg., lr) ed with lihe P,, rs,.rt 11eskt during t. he |lerml of tlu+ 3 '+ Ipresentt h'ase o)r tite 8:. Alsrys, +.inrket, w Lit ull li, the r ghts anld lprivallg.,. oee r file slelltt. tilt twi inow s posslesses vleer th ++ said St. At ry's .Mlark t t Pro. itr Vltl ,d, thtlL he IIIId rtl.lkcs to ktet.p tile be +se clou tllnd ill yl)(ltl order dllring fihe le·.a ualkcves d, allnd I"e I,) the clatre s:.tidactiont of the Council in .ll re. te spects. i BI, it thrther rlesolv .<, T l'tt the Coueil hereby rt deservu the right l allllnl'ndnlll or st pealillg thL e I thi reaolulions llre+ ve'r lhey mlav doenll i ex 1dldlrlLt. JOSHUA BALD\V IN Recorder. tin Senlt to the alayor', J tule 27. Rren!ved, T.o at the R-..order he, and he is here. by an horined to lotnh tioe t ield plie, cos bh.tngieg to this Muohi )slity, or the purporte of flitg hg nationeal ,lu,. " ,,, the 40, d y a-l Jolt it, xt. JOSHUA BALIIWIN, lRecorder. Sent to the Mayor, June 27. TIUEDAY, JULY, 10t , 1838 It Resolved, That the 'f'rtasurer Iay, on the war. Srant of the Mayor, to John Ga eson, or adverthingt, tile allm of' ollne hl rl and thirty.fivoedodars, land iL tile proprietors of the CoUelini.roelitl Bulletin, lot advertilsig, timLe U 01 oUne hundred and evenity. six dollars twentlyfive cOlei. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. V Selt to the Mayor; July 11. Resolved, Tlhst theo att of six:y.two dollanr 16-100 bi p .it to M31jor Wtllard, oir rxpllnses I. curred tll frnlg a nLttat salute on tile nniVursa. ry of tie Decilrntiot of Indlllepo delne. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, July 11. Resolved, That the Itxugeonal block pavement contracted tar with D. tl. T'ougood be laul in Caroultdelt ltret, Ilel.w.11n Gerod .oit d uhlt strelts. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor. July 11. Resolved, That tihe t.uotr'ct for oblong block stone mie de with Rb,,rt Alm , tie lead toI pavement In St. Charles Ltruet, toLateenl Girod attd Julia tlteets. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, July 11. Resolved, That the coaled propllala of John Grutnt for the weod work of' the wharves of this municipality, under date 26th June, 1838, he, land tile nanln is Ihreby accepted. JOSHIJA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, July 11. Be it resolved, That tile Wharftger be, and he is iereby authorised to cause to be olad by action , after tell days provitua notice itn two ulewspplerar tit Entgislh and it Frencih, all tile flat boat llllumber, empty casks, ballast and othler tmateriall now ill tle depot of uths Municipality, removed frot tlhe wharves and tevous; tihe proeends to be paid over to, tihe owners l ilal s property, alier deducting the files and charII .le .tte .dent on the same. JOSHUA BALDW.LN, Recorder Sent to the Mayor July 11 Resolved, That the Treeuror pay to Robert Ai. ki a, o. the wa ran t Ul the Mayor, tile auto iftigth. te.ra hundred and twenty five dollars, being Otte Sallount of freight oil unu thoIusand yards ot p vlttg stone., t'ruished by him agre.uably to a reaelution of the 6th M1 rc:h lI.l; aild freight to bu JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recordea. Sent to the Mayor, July II Resolved, That tile petition in the ense of Clarlet Goelois, Mayer, vs. 11. Lockett, tile Mlumn ctatity .\o. 9, and others, be tranlsltlted to tto Mayor, with tile request that iet cause t hi Munli eclaglty to be defended by tthe attorney of tils Ctnacil. 3e it further resolved, That this Council disap prave of tile seit instituted by tile Ma.yor against Ht Lckott, Eoq. aind the Treasurer of thli Munti iplilly, inallasmuch as said suit has been instituted wiltout tile authlority, and against tile colecit of thil Council. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, July 11. ITUESDAY. July 17th, 1838. SRerolvcd that this Council do persist, notwith. sltadig tlhe objectlons of tile M.ynr, il its resolu. tlon piased at its mitling of the 10th July last, ane. 'lloriingl tle payment of the teo aceoullts one to JIlln GihIo, and one to thle popr etiers ofthe JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recoder. Sent to the Mayor, July 18. Whereas a suit has bes•a instituted Iby the Hon. Charles G(nois as M.yor of the city of New dr. Icane against Henry Locket. Mu nicipality No. 2, ,lid tile ''r usurer and Conptruher of said Muni cipality; and whereas in tin pelltion a prayer is illn soerted praying that said Municipditey be riled to answer said pteition, and by lite, 198th article of tile Code, of Practlce, service of all petitions -e i'cent cerperuations of cities imust be made on the r voir of the city, Br it ther. lre eslvntd that thei council do per. siot ill the'ir reoul.tion directieg tlint tile petition and citation in tile case of Chum. Genis, Ma.)or. vsC. H. Lcckett, tile Mnoieipality No. 2, and othlers, b served on ote Mtyor, and that hie be re. quoeted to causet 'he sneee in e dlo findeed. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, July 18. Resolves, that it be peritted BDas & Hawthorn to drive tiheir carte on the wharf of Litle Municipa. ilty opposit to which they are receiving c rge, of ice, her tile purpose of reeivieng maid ice, pruvdedc they callo. said Iharf fur the liere beilng, toebe on. ecred with plauk, 'strew and shaviungs to prevent any Injury Utereto, and providled the •m•recbe dune under tile nelwrintldentce of the wh crfinger. JOSHlrA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, July 18. Resolved that the sum of seventy dollars he paid to the city morshal for larneolnt u judgment mIud conts ile Ile CASoe of G rleeze vs. MUolldlp sidy No 2 JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, July 18. Resolvedtt hat the sumo l $2,1(2 .10 be paid to LeythIe & Ce,. for amount of uiur'IaccUUnt up to 0 JOSHUA BALDWIN, Sent to the ~iuayor, July 18. R-ao'ved that the murc oc $317 12 1 2 be paid to ihmlijlin Levy for amoul t of hi acceuunlt up o hie let cnelicilt. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, July 18. Resolved that the Surveyor e and he is hereby authorizo to adjidicael to the lowest bidder, llter tenl days prevlnous eitice in two nIlwcapcers cn En. .l -'ilh anid in French, tile upecing anid cweanieg oul i M3!lpo,.lee (cneltl, ogrohble toe lie ihcelcnteloim uf a Pi remllcnen 1I' this Council passed on the 2.,d Au. C gest 1836. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, July 18. R solved that the Uniol Insurance Comnpany be at ulilcorized to rep tir tthe house eau Ied in Gr,.virc li, street lbtween lt. Charles and Catoindelet streets; tit the roofoIf which ws lately destroyed by fiar: pru. pe ideod Ite new rouo be ceovered with tile, slate or other inlcombu tibloe matericl agroeably to the or. dineance reld live tI W Odeld builljiis. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recor er. Sent to the Mayor, iJuly 18. Iee, olved that the Treasureir of this Municipa'ity i ,to acd;,, is hereIly authorized to pay to J)ohn Mc. ,trly tee dalltrs alile allounlt of a tineO rcovcered rile him hvIc t, M lutniiip IVy. JO)SHl'.4 BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayo), July 18. Where:las ItI vcndi ig ef fish fir yearn past has ii ie iiihi z i 1 mi the city tof I "w i Urlcans by .. anial, hei ly of indivdidalls l Ilc. derlncd an eexurb, j lit price, andi who at ito s iame the are lot diii ' i-ed le fierni i the in irk. te of thle 2,d Maii.e!i., .lity with aI regielar ipply. Aced whereae the rc vucllu of said markets weoli h :0 gra;tly iero.ied1, -o;lhi. tIlhe pri prl tor.o f he. to d cls arlnd boardi Iglllcnces be a t all elne assur,:dr. Ih t nisy qlca;ity of rres 11111d wlllholll fseh., at low rlc:, 111 m- he procured In tilea mI..cretc of tils cn Ii ricip)li y: therelibr I R cl.,vd thI.t 0Ir. D C. Iilchkisn b, alid he is p" ireby permitced the iree Iuolo anie t,. ll, and one, 11, in eii cc of the im retile el' this Munic ypalily ci ir tlleo ell of" five years frlelll Ihe firet ofiJ, Iuary exl fcr lthe vending It fiih aillnd gn illle I'rov led sl id markets au llat a ll times be plan. iitllr supplied iy said liclehkiss with he above tll e riclels areably to tile true inlteut ancd emeaning u, his r-soluliOl. Rescolvled hi t hat this cu c possees the rigt at t ill icels of revokileg tll. privilege whenever in their pinione thle above reliilsiols have nolt heren coClIIh ied with. BENJ ilIN VIIITNEY. Ch'Im. bl JOSHUA BALD)WIN, Recorder. -xi Sent to the IMayor July 18. fier Oeart to tlse Mayor July 18. Whereas the Tableau lt estimate arid damage and asiserment for wid.ining R finac street, as r. mala by tile ceaii.srorners .ppoi taid by the first Jiticii D.-trIC' Court has nut bhen confirmind by It ieuprrel.e Court, B, i, theretre reolvedl, That the Atlarney of this nmake inimediato applicato to r s.tid Dislrict Court to rnfeor said Tableau aglin Ito , suid cnlllUisioej r for orrectionl ald revision. with i ilstruction to file the Tablo eu corrected and revia. ol wiritin thlrty d ye of saue rtfirence; in can. t irmiity with the third sectio l an o an act entiltled, "An act to regulate the openling, the laying out an;d inproving olfstroete and puble plicas in tli, City of Now Orleans, &d:., ·pprured 3Sd August 183.." JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, July 18. TUESDAY, 31st July, 1838. Resolved, That Hlillary D nar b.*, and lie in here. hp authorised to endoreo for r th. Cumq roller, Mu mceipal lnotes, tfr wlich hii shall hie all-w d tde a me cUlmp nsutluln now allowed Mr, Doaceu. jr anid t others. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor. August 1. R "slued, that t is rxpedi nt to accede to the rcqiu rt of W. E Kennedy, and W. Stond, to ad. k vaice to hinc the Bot lin of lisi Munlcipulty .o renable them to erect arn Irfi t rv. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor. August 1. Resolqt.d, that the Counniriaoners of the Sink, ing FIund, be irnd they are herebiy authlorised lit I v ea d scountad rd any of hli atinks of this City . ny its ain said fund, hniiRng ihus thanlr twerlve J ulattlnI to run, in ordler on eable said Comnimssi. olters to discount for tile Trcuurer, notes receivable b, loing to to tie Municipality, to mnet the current payments thlreort. Bu it furthld Resolved, That it shall be the iduty of the Comptnoller to turnil thisi council with a statement of all nytes discounted in Bank unudr this autlloriraton. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, August 1. BD it Resolved, That the proposition of Patrick Cairolan for opruing and draininig tertlal stredts In tihe rear of thie first and searid wirds of this Mu Unitpahty. aid for cutting down and cording the Ltmber, he and thd same is hereby acoepsed, as ul loews-or digging the canal sixty cetta tile cubic yard; do. the drain near tie Prutestant Ceinotry ,i the same price of sixty Canlts the rubic yard. Op dniug the streets as iii niloned in the spe.ifca. inUas at lsiy . rIt tee cud.c yard. Tle said price to inblud tilo attollg of the ttmler onf the pro j eted strerts into cor we .d tr tio use of th Mu. nicip isty at uoi dollar a.d fifty cants per cord, in. eluding clearing : pro.vldd, the work shall he done agrloably to the epecfi.itiuons of trie Surveyor, alnd to his s.tteractioi; and provided turther, tlhat Said Patrick shall furnisr su efflent eecuri ties, within teao days, for tite fatthlul performance of his conrtract. Resu.ved, Tial the Surveyor be and lihe is h r sy authurlsed, to permit the catur inz take dirt trulll any part of the front of t is munirpality, soi cntlormlly with thhe ex sting ordillances. Provided, Tla.t the Surveyor shall not allow ri. iver dott or sultors di.rrl to be taken from ano part Ie the front of this Mn ,ieayaliy wheore it may be wanted for the poilitl nores. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sentto the Mayor, August 1. Resolved, That thd special eommittlee, charged withr ceonfring with the Corrmercir BRanh, inqre jlllll lll- rlg mt ai tam Mli,capalay La insiet on 'ith. a ,id c.i pal tie raid Cvnarimrcial Bank to fur iu h alu. wrier to tts a:d M,tateipality; ace rding t , tl._ all. Lttr, pirit and intention of the of caid toBik. the JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, August 1. ler. RItsolvnd. That leave of absence be and is here. by granted to Bmj ulnin Whinney., ofthe Inn. third ward lo thi Mtuiippodhlmy, till tie first day . ofOctober next. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. uIi Sent to the Mayor, August 1. ito Resolved, Tihat the Mayor be and is hereby an. of Ihorsend to delivero IoJo. Manturn. in setttlment o of esi accouul fiir p;aylin under his entrarrt, boade t of sils Mrnicip ality for eone .heusand dollars each r. pyabll in 25 years, hearing an interest of esix per Ior cenitum annau., payable seum.anuualy, the principal o rd ,tterert. rlllg pnyable at tie Vrrssurer'a oBi4 e rthis ity: wlne barlli shall be irured in tiheus. ud olI fom nd a.:ourtereigned by the Racurdor and r. 'I'rereurer of tllhs Mu.telp llty. Be it firlrthr Re.a rved. Tnat said Balds shall be er. daihvored Itos sa J'o, Manturn, at tie rate of 10l fea every 80 -* hirm, siod Minturn ogr:esng witll J. W. Brred iove. a Ils n security to hold said Bonds am for seletll tih fl.Aat d.t o:' Desrembr next, unle.s a sa. eal bd prvirlus.y adn a lde ith tae onlleent ufthuonun eof el of tiha Eunaicip tlly; and to account for and pay ld over to tiUe I'reoaurer. any omouot realtled by the :e. emief f su Bands, r eteding 80 per cent, i. whlich i esratimate oihllxres, shall bd inoiuded any *nia'by no d fireneasof exchange that many be realisedrby said r. JOSHUA BALD'VIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, August 1. Wid Wseras, The New OrleansanddCarrollton Rail rid Road rad lakiarg ('nlopanv have, ir violation on 2 mile law anl tre rights oftlas prbhe, coroatiru.d to r elosc the property knuown as the seite ol Gra. r vaar's caral- Be at thirrefore Resolved, That said Company be anld they are heraeby raquired to remove, or cause to to a eremlosd, all fences nald barriers erected by shem. to or by pr'rarso in their employ) areand any portion of raid groudsa, being inl the cent a tofthe contirru tr raton of1' Poydra street. below the Poydruras Ia:rketr --~iithi teall days. urdr:r tile p laty of 1'25 per ir day firao tile exiairlati, of that term until said ftia. cans or barrlers be removed. Suchll line or fines to .0 bree, rverahle Isotore ary court of cormpetent jitrie 0 dlctloa, far thllo lonait Oriatti Marieipildity. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to tIhe Mayor August 1. a D Wr EaDnArr. 15th August 1838. S Rnolved, thlat this council do pe sant. nootwiri Staldiamy Iha arbjactions of the Mayor, in its rarolu.t tlin of the 31.~ July. authorising Hi ary Deris to signl the small notes of this Municipality for tlhe Caumptro!ir. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayomr, August 16. of Resorlved, Thr.t this Council do persist, otwith.dr s tanding the aiijo:rrionr of the Mayor, in its rese lalionir of tlhe 31 .t July. authorising tile ecnisein o tihe bronds of this llunmicpality to John Minturr i. paymenat o t he bt anc' edue Ilnl for p tVillg. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. pl Sent to the Mayor, March 16. th" Re.oiverl, That l all appropriatione heroteforr ala made ly Ihllaa olnail to Hook and Ladder Conl pa p.iry Noi. 1, bi asd lithre samo are harby reacided JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Aug. 16. rit l t.tcia-s:d, tlla tlaw prllnsitian of Chra Dimned' trhe E. I. 'arser, JL,! laenrl.. John tKeller. D F oc lisathe, J. B rry, J It. L*r..rsa'l and others, to gu or ;arutl:eer ,-I thSle prof toted vgetabl I marke't, at the tit jnt i,,i irhia'ran, iluanmd Aaumnciatin straet, A .,ll hoe for $5, OiJU p.:r anm.;un, be and it is here 'my mccrvplal. sr 2 Raso'verl. Ihst the Survayor le and is herebv Ca r sirled to in.iita t a lni d am 'stim.ate ofai d prj I ted al.rket, lad to allb net the eamni to this coullei ,t its ra in, r ets.g, thr isa approva al 3 Bo at further resolved, that the Surveyor ba La. and Ie is haeirbv oitt oriial to givr noticea for pro tusasls to erect as d market and to, frnlral the iron Iaphnias and their iron) wore th at ,,ay be neces vary for the i int ; Lthe IVwhouai Let tIe do:e ill cOurier alaity wiltl spssllel t'!Il.aua ino mile by tali Sarvoyosr. 'rT. im rlet l Ito le fi-ished by tihe let January next. f Tire proaatlsa to i ie r.ceaivael till tIh, let Tl'ueday aut feIt'sltanl'nlir necxt, when uley will be acied on by loor tils cuuncil. amrp JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sentto the Mayor, Aug. 16. Ren!otd., tht the cnptrollor be, and he is hereby an harmed, to adijulcate to the higltic. bhlder, wttheot Iltnits, and in conformity with ,xisting ordlieince, the tollowing named stands for dale of oysters: On at the oot't of the fodlowing streets, to wit: Ccl I. Gravier. P tydrse, Girod, John, Delord and R il tae etreett; ole at the corner of Market Squiare and New Love strees; one at the extension o;' straot and the Lweae. Bie it t'urlher rsttlved, that it be made a cendi. lint of tiln adjtnhct.tion, that all thle oyster shells btentgilng to the loaoees of the reapaclive stands he eold to, the urev yor of the municipality at twenty. five cents per b rrel. R *nlved, that Ihe eum of two thousand dollars he paid to Jthlti Kolla r on account of iron column. anid other caltings furnished by hitl for the Poy. Inarlkt. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Aug. 16. Resolved, that thle sum iof five hundred dollars be advainced to ) H Twagood, on account of the wood pavement now macking by him on Caronde tat street. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder, Sent to the Mayor, Aug. 16. Resolved, that the sutn of one hundred and twenty.nice dollars he refinded Mr. E. Yorke for watchimen's rattles, bouglit by him for tihe use of the night watch of this moticipahiv. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Aug. 16. Resolved. That the resolution of the 10th July for the saying of granite block pavement be so far amended as to reoad instead of ',St. Charle street between Girod and Ju is streets" Graier street, b1tween 'l'cllhipt'ouas and Magazine ats. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Aug. 16. Resolved, That Mark Cux now acting as com. Imnlsury ol ti Batture under tile temporary ap. polntienta of Itle Surveyor, and sanctioned by tle committee on Srecets and I. l.dilng, he confirmed by this coulcil ald that ia r ally be fixed Irom the date of has Iit eointment, at az ) danears per man'h. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Aug. 16. Re olved, That tlhe Sunveyor be, and he i here by author;z:ed to anjadtcate to the lowest bidder alter ten days untice in English and in French. ccn two uewepapore of ,his city, that furnishing of all the timber required for one year from the date of adjudication, for bridges and other municipa works, exclusive a.nly eof the ttber already can tracted to be furnished for the wharves. The wood to be of awed cypress of good q irifty. free of sap ancd without R6 w of any kind, and to be delivered days after the Surveyor or his D.puty demand it and Ic rucOt q uati y or qutlcties as either of astese ccffitesllay require. In oese of neghigene or nell eolnphallce, tile surveyor or his deputy, to procue tile required timber at cost and risk of the aelitiatiar. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Aug. 16. Resolrvd. Tiat the eninme offered to this muni. cipality by Pirv comp iny No. 2S be purchased; pro. vided tile same can be hb oght for not exaeeding d800, and that s.tid eongin be kept as a reserve eti gtO., and shall be under the oharge of the srvesy or anid be loaned by han to aly of the fire comnt pantie of this Municipality whose engine may be out of order. JOSHUA BALDWIN. Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Ang. 16. Resolved. That $250 be appropriated to porebhes a tender tlo til Proestion Homeo Carriage. JO.HIUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Aug, 16. ih "TUE SDAY. 98th Avgult, 1833. ' Whereas W. Doorman ha refuoled to proceed ,aid Wit h hi, contract to complete toe Paydra. Mar Iket. be it. r Resolved that the Surveyor bn and In is hereby a .enhoriend tel etreet wlth a respon.ible mechaoic to ecinpleto said m rkot ioi colfoniity with the origianl specificatiloln-p-.vid~l the price of con ire. tract be apprvied by the Fioance coi eidittec. Be the it further rsor lveId ti t sa i D;orman mlin I he held fay rponsible Fir nay d im age rieulting fromn his non Cuinpl ante with Iiin contract. cr. JOSHUA IlALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, August 29. to. Resolved, that the itrmaureer be, and he is hereby t aothoritsd to to Draper, 'r p .an, Long ore, id . & Co, of Pililndolphid , Ihe casm a one thouleoid oh nine hundroed ad eixtv.for Iollar anrd fivly cents. or being tile balanuc due them for printing Munici. ah pality nltes. anl relnittenee to hit ioade in bhank Sechecks or bills ofcxchange, am the fillnanco coin. . ilittcc may denide. ad JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder' Sent to the Mayor August 29 il Resolved, that the uaa n f one hundred thiriy.six dnllars and fi'y cents be paid to Dolerderni r anda a , Nart(it, for a buoy made by them for thlis muli. to cipality. i. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sentto the Mayor August 29 S R.~olved, that the tlrasurer he and he io hirohy id gthaiired toiemplhoy anh aneietant clerk il his office at a ealify ,offit. dollars per loultsh. r. JOSHUA BALDWIN. Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, August 29. ii Res.olvd, that the sual of one hundred and Stwoenty dollars be paid to Victor Curillier for thre o munthe services ill the treeaurer's office, to the Ie i"- instant. JOSHUA BALDWIN. Recorder Sent to the Mayor, Augusta29. Resolved, that the uut oalone hundred and fiulhy seven dollars'and fitVy cetlt, be paid to J M irkn, notary, being tie amlouat of his account to let t insantt. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder a Sent to the Mayor, August 29. i - Resolved, that the wrliarigeor be and he is hereby utLiriMed to five bouys line Lile pattern, one ilade for thil use of tlis munuiicipality. Resulved, that hbe be frtner autoried to ohtcin Illlcoars snd ehaine for each of the afar, eaid buoys lf the followliig weightlo and lengths anl cost: anchors 8 cwt $7 56 par cwt eacll; 22 3.4 fatholoe chain for ealh laiv, $8 per cwt. JOSHUA BALD WIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor August. 29. Reso'ver, that thie off r if P Cleary, in his letoer ht of thile 6h, 1838, for upauine tihe ar i 's ard ed draining in the re ,r ua the fecndll M.i.c p lity be ca accepted, viz: for drlllaining and extc tilg t o It , treets agrubiy to tile p la.n and s..e fiatijuon of the slirveior, at 73 cents pir culae cya d. F.r cunling downl thle linl.r, crda4t it, and plclimg at as dlrectld by ill, aforesi.d .iO,icatie C' cln at $1 50 per earl. T., wluic to us dI. to the satlslnotion of tile surveyor, aller said Cleary iall have furnished satl..actory securiy for tlhe porformianee of h contract. pr JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Ua Sent to the Mayor, August 29 Res 'vId, that to inaure a fraquent anpply ol rlv-,r e nd, or earth, for tile pulac works utl th hunicipally; and to acclerate tile Inlprovemaenis, ll u tile surveyor be anll hIe is hereby auutnrized to u oatel alnd cause to be used as;n depot of river andl or ar:.l, or tile worllks ordered r to bh ordered ill t the aMiuicipdaty, req-liring thie vane; ia e.tain ba spice oil tla Levee, lyllg IIand eillg btween the Pi .r.olongation of the line of the ceilrc of Canal aO street. .aid the prolongation of the north side of W1 Ca l.anon street; lrid a Certalln oelr speice oi the Le¢Oa, tiarmed by tii prolongation ofta noirth side l R cc street, tihe liae ol' Laie east &iii f Now L[cee street an I the li ils wliecll epalr .te tile said Leae Irill thi plroperly now, or lately belongnllg ., Mr Cearles Byrna. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder oll Sent to the Mayor, August 29. Resolved, that the survuyor he, alid he is hereby .utltoralzd to purchase about 60 tolns Iof alk ut loose li Ie for $40 [Iorty] and moploy the sanie I lmIproviln the shell w ~la of LatUnyone Square JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sentto the Mayour, August 29. TUESDAY,4 II Sept. 1838 Resolved, That the sum ,1f O to tIhouand dulls put alloll ba aid is heraty approlrltlted, for tl, support uothe tSt. Patrick's Fa It tI Orphan A)s Ilnm; mud *un to be paid in qua terly iost.alment to the Direct.arc of said Iastitution, or to their au thergeod agont, on the w trr it of the Ma yor. JOSHUA BALD WIN, Recorder Sent to the Mayoz, Sept. 5 Roeslved. That the C ouLail approve ofthe pl. of the ltew vgetable m larket, eubiLLttotJ by the tu voyer, and tile IR terdor sil the same. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 5 Rtsolved, That the intertor on the Bonds to be issued to John Milturn, in .ttlemnlt ,| Ihisi p;, vIng coltriet, be m tde payable at thi: Unliol bank, in the city of New York, inlstea of tile Treasurer'0 offie in thi .tlmaieip.alty. JOSHUA BALE WIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayer, Sep. 5 Resolved, That Wilt. Reese be removed from the oai,.. of celle or atnd Wtha finer of the Ialtture for breaking up flit botts. a ls bo 'rort the duty of eatnmlllisry if 'toi batture 11 thie third ward. JOSHUA BALIW\.IF, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 5 R, sl,l d, Tolat the surveyor be and he is hereby dire:ted to raelay batlq oattoe in front of the proper Ry of Djyl, & Mtv. at tile c,rler of Catal an.l Robartson altroou, a reea bli to the prllor Ioes of t I tying eit said street, at the expensp of this Munt. panty. I.solved, Tihat the Treasurer be authorised to clalsn tiRoiu D. Hoard, E.q.. lat. surveyor of ties munielpahy tile amlounIt of cost atteldant upotn the ato: s.a.d work. JOSHUA BATDWIN, Recorder. I Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 5 Reseloed, Thot tile i1 tnorial of C. W. Cam. ' mack, F. Jordy, A. M. Sotte,. G. W. Itarby. t. English. Wen. BlotuutfidI. anid ouSters,in rel'ion to pavi'g with square stotas, and olpos,.g a ti new Co;tract with John Mtluturn tr paving ti with round and oquare stones, be indefialtely ti asd on thie table. JOSHUA BALIDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept, 5 rt -c RPesoved, That the petition of James Priestly. r to continue his distillery wttllra tie inuorporated limlts o'fthis msuoicipaltty be rej soted. it JOSHlUA BALDL.rIN. Recorber. s Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 5 Resolved. Th it the rpsoaluton passed on the 15th August, auta.isong Lithe Mayor to driw his war. hi rant sn favor O: D. H Toouood for .500, be and fr the samel is hereby repealed, R"aolved, Ttal D I1. Toogood be required to r.dlhver to tihe Mayor the warrant obtained usnder the.aforesaald resolution oft • tut. Aug JOSHUA BALD)WIN. Recorder. It Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 5 Resolved that the al tyor be, and he is hereby aotltorised to contract with Jno. iluturn on bu- . half of this munoiipality for continluing paling of the etreaoth os the following conditions. p Said Mintorn to agree to pavo wlth round stones of he ion approved hitd,tll~ pavement than made. with to be tifully equal to toe bust p,aveaenut made of eitalla r llattriala within this Iamuoipalatt. ae~o to tsoe saltslation of the Surveyor,-fromll i,O000 b to' 6,00. square yards as tike colnsll trom ttni Lo e tilbe deotrltions to collluoenoe with alaaatlle sLt. I at the point where the pavument now treniotpia. t and to contaue said s.trit to the upper line of the mt~llicipuhty.-and then to pave sueb street oa greets as the counaed mcy d.E g.a Said work to prlgret withlou-t delay and as fast ed as the materials ean on pronred. Tie cennpeotwtiol to said JIon Mlinturl for elid patvem nt to b, three dollars and fify ceeln p~r by e's ire yad old to be paid in ce.t!l ol tLie certilicate of the surveyor for surls net les. than ten thous. he and dollars, or in bonds of tie municipa'ity pays. n hie in twenty five years bolring six per oent. per e annum inutres t Iliilety dollars for one hundred Id at the outlin of the Cotnedl. n Haid Minotrn further to agree, to pave 25,000 sqlnre yards in such streets as the council caoy designate with equate grite bl,cks, of the kind t1o be used in paving Gr;avmr street, from Te:lhpitou. I s to M lgaine street, for the price of $4 50 per a nre yvard, payable in calh or Bon)ds as Ilrlreaid y Said Mlinturn to lha the Iprivilege of dieco niu. a, inog l Fti lare block p:avemtnt fIer laying 5000 i square yards. i :c.e h callnnlot make it at tIle pile. -, agree I onl, bt to lby the remlllainilg 21,000 oqu Ire i. yrrds, provided thll counil will agrce to allow acll t extra eolnpoell ion its the Cost of the materials and . work ul y rendler noevesarv. JOSHIUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 5 'fUES.lA , 11 It Sept. 1838. x Reanled,. That the flIt ton1e paveleolt from tile dI utth corner of L fayette squ;lre to the north cor , ner of said seqare on St. Charles street, say freot the wooden block pavelment of the forolmr to theI . eq .Iare blocks of etrie lon tIme latter be relloved. ald oIn it sead, Le laid a pavement of hexagono l bleeks of wind. R.,slved, 'fila tIhe Mlyor he ande he is herc1y Sautllorized to contreot with $tyteos Millr for the albersaid hex gonal 6loek1 of wood. agreahly t.,s Is ltefr to tiie Coneii 10r ipavi." ,x ilrx guIIIll ioIl,:. paveonellt in Iln letter datedl the 4-l Sept. 1t31, the work to be done ullder ie ullp .rnllltlndne " 01 the Surveyor and to tile satifuaction el the ctlnl 1IIttd1 Jnil Streete and Lelldinge. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor Sept. 12. Resolved, T tat the newly organ:zad company. eIllllilnatd the Louiliana RifO fnesr to be alttach. ed to the 4h1 Rgllleant of Lmelliana M.liti bI" perlntted tie use of thlle rooein adjnllliln tlhe Conn. oil Chamnlber as a dr1ll rooms, aIll also tile use of the Ilmuskets in the armory to he used until such0 tile as they cen prlfure arlns froml the Norhll, and a suitable ruo in tile Seconlld Munipell ity, the said conlpanly p edging themselves, thait ther IlnI.t iny or drill slall not b bheld whon the Connell l Ily he in sessiol, and that thI muskets and roo0n shall suffr Ino dalmlge. JOSlHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. ! Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 12. Rreelvead, that the petitionl of Sa ..ucl Chase beU r. jected. JOTdSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 12. t R eolved, that tile eetrl part of B n S!reet, hetweeen C tial a ld Co.Inon Il reets, b. appropri t. i ed a a tand lor tlle public bale of Iutsea and JOSHUA BALD\VIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 12. Reesllvd, that the 0u I of 8 000, voted ,b thisi j Council ol tie 13..h Jit: 1837. appropriated tI, w.lrdnaterecting a mlonu ol t to tIIIh III l ry of ti.e thi Ilteo rld Frry, le pi rt G.Borg1G r. bai i r - ,,ail of a cOnll.ttll o'Frer Cl.iupay Ni 2. al- (II prolprated to superlntend the creclioe oisaid mos0.- , umento van JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. l .. Sent to the MJayr, Sept. 12. Resolved that the Treasurer be and he is hereby l :ls ulthorisa d ill dmandll and receive firol te Treea- ' L urer of the State tie cost of tile side walks andI p"- i- i vilng to bupport te Ia rn e lll tlld arunlld the prop ,r ta of tlhe Stite situated in thisi MuIcipalil"'-a C, lbordereld by Canaol,Clmllll.e ,.arrunlln al Pll Ip pa strLets; anlldthe Tresurer i heoreby oallthl I,, to pay over said sull to the pIerson lr pelnos t, wholl, the allOla ily be duel or hIlvlg ImaId sai'l'd j worK, whicn shall be ascurt.lined by tile certificate of the survevor. JOSHUA BALDWIN, IRecorder. i Sent to the Mayor, Sept 1 Tile Colnecil of Muoliciplity No. 2 ordain as 0'.n follws :- i Art. I. From and afrer the 14 ofOctober nelx, n1101 t shllll be tile duilly ol thlu gu Ir lll or gu rrdina l f .d e :eleeteries within thlli Illlllllp lily, to delld a 1'crilfcatsleiglled by a Ilh"lnseld plly ui in or the 0 eor. s11tl .ner or two reepl t.hble ciizons, jnontly with tihe I :untlnissary of tile ward ill Whieil the death maiye , a0cur, statllng tile date of the dIts0ee. entio, a.l, expl I ce of Ilirlt!, sex, color llnd caue lfdeatlh of thle I111 Idy brllght tt to tle einetoer for sepulture. n11i Art. 2 The certlifiate in all o ases, to be fur- proi ,is led bly the person or persona brlIlellglg tho tie 1I eoln.ltory a dead body or ided hodle, and t,, !"" ro a h all tile keeper of the c in tery receive IIr in Il I .llorIllInt bodies, without hav1ig ohbtiled tile cor. .s.d t fille lbove IllmentlOllned. ,I1; rt. 3 Ith lll be the duty of tlhe keepr of the 1 i. etlet "ry to record in a book kept for th..t purpose, n11is1 Ill the particular olbtaoled by cer ificotes reoltlnlg pe1s It tite ,ldllo havlng reo0.ived sepllture. and also I ad he lrllish mollthly a report to the Inl ylr of the cv, I olth ntairllng 0a copy ofithe noalene.nages, Ilaeo oftbirth, s'i' lses of deaoth, dates olfdislae, -Vx, color of IsuhII p1" 1} ellldiel, .mea of the physlclaun or otllhr cltizenl, nttetin tIlhe i1me, e . Art.4. A fine of ton doll"rse shall he imrposee : port the pir.olw or peraonll brIlnglln a bhoy or ii Idie for a pulture to the enlctetso of this mn-1 Ifa1i Ilipllily; in all cases where the certificter llret.- ~tIsl ire lteltiOlled, shall not haive bo. fh.lrisheda1 i ull thei. thbll t tle duty of any teeper o at ctlllter) eIe 'ithin this nunicipality to give iummodLttet infolr IEli 0ation to the Mayor er R corder of any violitlonll ler tfthe provisionr of this urdinalleo, ill def1ult LO"' hich, sech keerper hllall be liabla too a fie of 85111 JOSHUA BALI)WIN, Rcor.der Fr Sent to the Mayo,. Sept. 12. i Pi4..SACOLA MANSION IIOUSiE IE\b" CrrY, Pt;\StC0ILA. 'j HE eubhcriber havintg puranened the laeor md fur niture f thin well aa..bli~hnentt, ftin Ml T' ylur. tle late proptri'tor will be reandy to rereive ti. ere bly the eIst f .pril next Non ro.a al tcostly in it:.vemennte will be found in tle trronytemtcta olf tile Mltihiton Hose. New a. d ore to n.tltolte bathing ht ures will Ie huilt, and wearm b h- will be Irovtded at all Itotrt. A stalnt will be attached to the Iotnse, with goodt accotnt,.da tione ftr torted anld carriagres. Fi et ratn |trtes and carrngeea will also be kept Ir hire at to.,leratlu ien..; and ltil and ltaw bonta, ttit peileon to ntaege tlhell, for thb use oflttnltrl. Itilliortl* and loeth alntlulellell rillly fiound at watering placesa will lwttthed, aed so elnducteJ .1 not to itrterern with the c,lclrl and qit ot the boarder. Th. wind a d l iquo . ill bi uf txl beat qualilyq ad to e.sure a ull applI ult ic ,a cargo has already hoen ordered, al tict will arri f ubout the I-t ot May. Mr Frederick liareard, who formerly kept eso poptlal h htelat Vashitgtntn citv, ill c iudtct Ilis ho el Itt tile prprtetlor, ehe, with auch ailt, eoillidotyv edtute. the etlltic of last year, sad hi frinods geunrally, that tltv will r.entve avery Itolhlile r.ttentino; and thereby enx ete to give geenenl alitiaeýion. TIha local advantages of th Ia hen are too ell knowo to need a Ient. card de.-critlicn lere Trl rfaces tat Prenscla is tlhe largost neal station of tih (iunnonlro ; the general rendea-oueo ttte 'tdlf squa.l ron; tile ealubrity Oa its Cimate relreothed constattly duo toag the sunneer lutottte bh the clooleat I reecct fruot rite iull; tIns btoty of the bay and tite teiglthebonn island, a-d riven; ihe hualdalnce and tinlicacy atl it 5-Ih with which the waera vnboutd; and ita pntxitaity t. ith beat Southern mtorkets ,tnV lI'enraenola the pro ference over all otier ptucel in the-e latltudt.e, a a healthy anttd delightful numnerretreat. First rate hoeats ill r hetweent Penacolda aid Mo bile. atd wil! at all times ie aLls to take the il.tnacngtr from the Ne, Orlteln boate. N B ARNOLD. Iensecnle, Feb. I Sth,1838 I[ (ientleoen wishilg to engage renma for thei fanilie-, can uddreae the proprulottr at i'enatole, Tr Mr Sewell T Taylor, the rforein proprietor, at :aew 0. leaas. R.,Groeneeo. T !anflord, F.aI, Mr C Cndlum. B McAlrin, Esq..It ib nmoleeTTaorPPIe.Eq, in N. ,tlealtt. P S--A letter bag, to receive camntuntationa fir I pere,,a at the bone hotel, it placed at -oe Whittu'ne Be of, St Cbhurl Eih eage. FLORIDA ROUTE FOR NEWV YORK. ' Trevellera desirous of taking the Florida route. via Pensauola, tito North,ar ihtf,nrmed thet tie rat. buate will aouatoetly ren freu. Mobile t, Penoanl. ;eevine Mtolii and Panscala rev*rv uther day ifer te Iat of May. Grad stegee will always be e tite eubocr'.r to be in readinee to take pakOeae .rs fo,,. olabile, in nase of the of the boate. N B &ANOLD. The stembhoet Ch,,. gi n neces Disbu foe Peven eet- ta-iea a o-e. ftk .Y i i I. W. .iV o.n.U' tAt.dtJai PLt.d. 'illf i hihlyv valuable medicine may bebind whole. s llo on I at New fork prices, of REEt do I)'t.A i. IWI Cuamp street. It ii t"ionfidlletlv :rreollrendl for ith follriowig dir rmasct: Oltrrpe r in n rl i., itirr mar; I.ioiirl lnd liver of ielrlle, l everyotr lrge trd d.cgeore; femleanickn er e, orte Iptirll.rei. thie nnllreo ilrdrent to tobikerl; loof aliru., (err rod siute, ilci lent O.tolnum tlnha or doe dIei, i. 't her of the liver or lutdg, haieetle or giddi Cots-, In; i tf .ltleltie. nervlou tremonr, hinebiatitn or d litnu rf tremrr s , in. aodre aflnetion of aill kida. rhea IOihrol, wohether cironic or inla nrntOry; rjrvous of i ToIs leeIrP-, of every variety; rirofol.a, alt rheum, .Il al ,hos', Irl hbluI,. nl compleoino rf rie ,kio; re tlesnet orat night, rod doely iritnhbility and tmei ehor'vy; te nmer cometplain t, ar4 elMler Ilr im r .or r ditrrlrhas in bro perR no; woltmla cid satu. encys, with I hlr-.tir; chlorooie norl prlpitltsit of the ieart otlll heor; Ihengr.ll f ferali cootitmrnio and fot i ell dle Atill .di.rort ooed eorti itioon il Ardteer sexJ itellr hrrir e illt ben pie man:tl si rlievedlby itn other trrli:ire. A in rin trial iof Ir W Eva.s' odieione i any Of thlere e.e, will prodeec, oeh efflrte ae will int dliro.e their incr'pairaIler upeoinrity, and in.)ea sonel a ise of thern ro will intrm a aperedy end rn.ttlettionti aore lure. hirrcetul s rto e n c ompa.yning tIlnn. Nu tern rrertitnrteetofrereor will be'.nowvr ea fromn itl lPonlith irf the rat onoue ite t ri lpuorible io.n tIheom Ilrrllrity Ihroolh tile mrdiom u, uor ilpa.p loret.i D F:vnor' tntrilorrt' thernenr u iwerdt of25 %OyQ eomeO, nl in this 'ity we nen ofer ro inany prrtisn who have Tei relievld, ano d in rsns itlrt:me entric lt tdurerd o iorg rl.idog diseaseo, by Dr Ereva' CAmoi31l Pillr. Sl'ATE OF LOUISOIANA-EireoJuditcil. Coort. T I ;F. STATE OFr iCaU1ISu , ToN llt whom tho tuosert P.relt rheoll errot, Greetngoc:-Wots tel rJ-leit llrt.'eas Uitýt hel io ll 'rrirn:d atl II saMtldtmle by rt. Irorirr tri l.rrrrnltaie . i: tOtbrserrbrlt hCeron 'naf" l-l,. drst rlitnl hlild s ep).liel In thrclnrk -tohis EOtt. iot uhorr .rir. tihe roeider orf wattl 'omt td on tonthe t ry oIf Ati ii, A. 1). 18.iS l' trla nlrilin ilr t doertire. rnrerl iti rrnrlllrrlritor lnr nit rf tihe Ioegioiaonle of file [i.fte 1 l.nri.loi;,rehlir d iei "Arefl eit in' i t lhear nact 'aee nru tiltiht Cri ;.ttehtCr.r joldirieil alnesi" aloloveet , rhe loh d:? otf tmtel , 18t1i. NOW. therefre, kinow %, orid ail lornon intnreesed /i re.r.e t Iaehnd r cited rir tl.otlnlrti il tlth inlrae hr Slurlrrl 1 siinrr, tod 1' rite Fisn J ditrio Distriet I"I hl ll ol t I Ir. l t ilnlrre i ht.e tri en ll t rrit e nlln Ieanld t (tie' ning theIir afIer two r i w n In h nse qvenighte of ill" omp itl lithle oelar ) .' li eee o rl j oll g llne.t de' lr e.o t irlel., wi iteh he srlle s , Ior anto I'regttlrthy of gIIe, Cir ir tihe LI.prnsemerts lr I ilt dretie tetr, ine hit ' , riallt l1r eigll hof 't fit 11oy her i eet wlbountso etl.. ito 'ld.te se, wrlth.rt thiriry ae form tihe ~ bl r thil otlin i fis sllfl iun'l inil tht onbi ,,llhle ir wirt tialt Thlre rid rrorrr'rwat sol hr tl he rhtr.irltoril'lll ontlel . oI'es id lht. 0t'h Ait 'tot rer, A. DI 1833, by vira f t ilre r rih tl ldir tr t"of l rl t r n . I t ilt r hr b 20,flt idt of1' rn note r.. 1). 1838, irn ib sitt ltrl it Jah le t h'tet I li.g fn. ItIls Gr..i,t N I 5,191 oflthe dokulof thie t'rrrrr, 't .hir iee srirl .itmes BolrNeo Digge hbleerk It pnrch ,eri r oth iprirne of tweoflloive ithousand dmr - L escritllin of ip'l. eirti as 'ive in tie Judiciel Coon toru kice, rlr: Aeertitlr precr rf roerr to': rI parcetl ol'grondtngehee' eio all rhe htrildirranl iiproe in ts heolr'nn riehtel Miirlil es :?. e lo erelli lo hel otgil og o rt ill any wile mu l rlrlllllarg t t it holl tnlll lr tlrltl ei tion, thove hill "it nl Ir oenratlllr in orel.gli etll Illea li, thne rendt Irrr lirtV-r ixt r Irtr ii l llrllr '-ei`rtior rrr'll illolo f'ltll ont the rlltl i ro;llll .ew Lre e te itlrl.ree hir ielr antd sity) ;e r I se x rre isresE.i rttdf r mrt..hs of ott inch I'eon on :.tle s .. I to hunIrvlletll ilrrl lillr-ire fetr tint irr eltler lld u-ei;lhh. l-an inh ,n. i elice Ilirnting tn Oild oevee iflee atlil itlrl Ihtrlres illlllte i intlinIeof.oelrA.(tilu inl toll rrllel 1 i r' ult ir te rorir tll it' lt Levee ulrle Ildl: thee 1,1 gll ii it o rigahl lle, eti ltendig lrl rit r rfracnre l ie. I rer nllll ti o lttlellllh hll buneoy Iim tr ll" lllrll urrlr ofIlrlin't I)1r IIll tn lmleslol .i I; r herr'nt t'rritllll t rt'ight rntglet rttl ite.rlrttl i it;.on 'rteotr".t elrovt itotls ith' l Ihl~to t.iree tlrtls f all iigth ol' t' h(l'y lirte oi" Laolis Defins lprt iemrv, treille tIvo II Le e orret",r; here I frringrarrgtlertri rro letlad tItiilhll fnlll' Iwo: feert se eiu isles ,h n five eigllhh of hi, orllrin tll rie in31 .re lill. orf a ii lll D eo's iprollnt, odlhel In L't es. setl.;+ ;there l~mil~g soteher dight Ilk.g nille e ad a emifr no hured illh I Welrli1 *e feet irhinrottrrd I"tlr' virhehi tf ar iiletr rnite botdlary AI N.o lrIll.ollel, rietr'toi .i liet noIUr inches : toin Itlllll.ry J Pili6, Ciy Snor.ttr,r rrorie : drl Jon* lri, 183 orllllrrrtd to Il not paorb.torI itlrele Louio T ,rrir, Nrtorl Pullinc, rl filre rillr J:aniuryrr , 1133. Viii'., ,, r thilttrr ,r A.V,: BIe.nIrtro J.dge of the C tlililrrt n rfte lllt ir litlh Apii' Il 1 n38. 2'd,mr ntS t'. I. III..\NC. Liln. Clerk. ANLi)'NE Ii) iBY l't filAt' AUL I uD' IliED tIIUOIN'S C.nrirrlrlrl Extrllcti ofConiba and Sara lI'rllol --A ci tint tr I111, ndiollrrorleLrmeol irelme 1-itUr icI·Ir',¢vl lm..I he cufne d'1 G(Crol)lTrrra, Gleett, rIn1tirrr, Ihliler, Prllt in thir buok endll I ilinr, seetnal tkir-rr, a iiinls of tirhe kdrniee, groel, seorbtlis ir tihre iIiilrrditniCirl 01: t meltltiln potRsesing the oseful o:rlrI ot lrlue of thle ole row ortiorl tito lhe imdMi iltn hr hiot to rultn to re o ilrtre ilorertns eoretn rIlritionsr rrceivtrd firml the moslt eminicol e ' the roe :i i'tculht in Irtote, b'lieting Iltt it wrll hdllly itritled whllrell i o Irrits nre iIor. flly ;knotwn. Ile inrool Jrqptilr,, oe\terllrirrtr hcord, lloS lutnlteolt ts orrlrtlil irollr the disjike rhirh parie.ts Iornlerly ioness If ieirtflillr its dirIrnerl ti'e tosme, ilnttt.lltnn. hlrcrd il tttrr owetl and rtttctritt n itsr hretofoo.e ffiicrtrer o ah it n till irh i.llllon;,tter stnage. The Iielir itnrr Ol t Ihlloriis of' tile BInlon, conoetl flla tihe mtor'r acrioqurtliiia wno ,it titrrtehv he milnch rC .nrrllrrllllt , tri lrld i1o1trr o '. iouL iloytlrr lirioletl ' 1than i pire.Lrol stilte. lThe o)ol r me;tl hi eonlbidneloh il-llts ahiel re in the hiihect irellle emoo Aoe et ociretrrfin aerr] lonrned hr to iprorfesioin. Etrg , in tihe .omlloilli onif ihinprr':nlrnin ineroele tine rocy of Ilte onher, lrodtlling Ot operltion truot' otto ihg, olllrrIe nrItt·trtigi the olllOt clltlllll rexi'etinion tos.irlgrtt llrrcreinite tihe adcvattrte of its eitg rillStriel w tllh poiert somrss in Ihe difltrent stoges Ire oven Ilisortt, l'hte most eliniter ilriyie inntbd 'onnelri tIrr pr'Lteset dhar eXnress their tleei ed Op. .iil hospitaIs sod pIrhlic introinal intturntientt hla ic trlte o- with tile eolrllhlltl Ihr Abeltutllty in all 'real rrflii'r'iror, nrri , ohstiliturrrttiorrerriret.ntrlione li' from r dlionlolerll sta:e ol btheligtseireifneiiioro. illrp btrl rmr snhlittlrd to the Lnet nlld expetliene ti the rreel rerl:lhd htflnrl l rhu faclty th, Ilaver exlrpesed r .liist riir rrf it exnt ttlrrrtItrriia ioen ih t e etely unrder Ilteir hminge, Ih aorilril;g it till in their ie :Wrl piv:tir ptltttice. iTheiri onh'itOts cill he Pll here.fl.rl . o l'rolred iry J Ii 'Tor.n Chemins, Idon. irice.$1 5lllepr pot. Lt wtlon. tIttce e1 50 e perot. 'fES"fl\I MONIALS, -tom :A Ii S.itt, nq, F 1t aS St.rgemto to tise Sti "hri- 'ltlpted l)ill 410f oll 'r o1n A1atomo. The trial ithicht I have roie of vltr Iptttluemtotn in a va ti h t o l' tliases, b lotth nl l.lf.t..le, in itoreulttsi h.vp proved sn hilghlyv lR'a,, le., that I do not hesitate in pronounicii it in: of tilte most valuahbe ond ell eainra rlemetlie ever alured to the lpub lic, and one in. whieh, Irolls experliece, I can dlace every reliance, wlilst it h, ts not ijt.rlllce the attlo unpleasalt etfntnasually exa tperientio d fiom cotliba. Frnm G H I Ilavw d, NM It C S, Physician to the St I takt gre:a pleasure in a hling my testimoay to the valntale l pinmetIs r olvenur Ire ntmlt, wishitiltg you the slrtea y ota s t ftllv tlheve r, itl ant I,lae rewaotIr t.hl exspelr e Illcurled in brinting it to such deoa iletn Iorft-ctiot. From \" 0 Cooper, F I, S, Surgeon to Guy's II*. The tniform stccei s thich has a tentled the alminis. telol-T yor' new lhcite mttllng tlty Ittiotlts afflictedl with thruitto line tot,ses, hne full atiiftfed l that it wnoa oy to be known to he trull alpplrolatel. .Ma) the success you a w,th dete , ampnlllly and lspeedily rrepy you for )nor tatlutble prteptatetiOi. From Sir A Cooper, F RS PR C S, '. &e. Iluting Iloeet jii(httetd to try your iKuteot in oseveal cascsof violent (;mrlolHu.,, blieh had·hililerto ball" etelt I.srcil-imit ladminttetd by me, inewl sute aed ispeedy cureis e.ttaid ht it ill a few ilnys-I.. ,eel mat stfitll titv himt d tou sittethat now in Il.g Ieoa. tiet botlh pubei and private recommend aid use none other. From GW Blair, M D, Physiolan to Goy's floe. The strict test which I have gi'n your medisine amrntg nm patients, a.d its stcces, thuta tar, will indu.e one to llerevere in Its ile., udl I deem it buttam at of ljstitpce an of dinty to o td tiy tyeenl sti mooial Ileolulmeodatio of its viartlue From I C Thompson, . D ) I R S L. I rettra nit 3m sineere thaotlks for t e valuable pa.. entt o'ft orgnttrtt lot fio he cure of Gotonmhos ice. I Ietl grntttul tatl )ml hal at lst b oueht ao mo lieian ino use hieh will ponle a desdderln aumo ta tughtfep f ill tle me, oat a o, l-l.-a nre, ltetti5n am etffetteh our* in cases 1 the above class It stlrd me great pleasure i I.i plishing to the world the vahable Extract. t, ere it necessary, the proprietor could heao furnilh tlea t mlra tesitonlals rqtttllmy seomendatory ats toe oabhe; bt t uts that its great suoeshithbertatihe care S& expetse at which it tea been pI elpared, ill preoeits greatest ,recoameotdtion among t dnearnmitg p I*bt One rtecmmendati,, tins prar"lati to ej..s abolv all atlalm is iis med, t Ixtrtao e t1UT.--ail up ip . ts---lk Imnal i t whiclt it n.y Ito takeL, heitg both eon one plea unt-il tastely nature, with no restrrition i diet. or continement froal butit*esa. Tnsmellet0 erl.i twouldt fitnd this medlcine highly usfel, and eal ngh to be unp, ovitied with a prelaretioon e!tlo0Ly thae g. vnttages which the pIreset one coalbiles. Aaeomlny'ing t toe iidoino ins t lisnilel tot. nlttbeihfentttt tan of e t. t dis.aat, si -te cl rge, ontnitaog fB tull ad i Foor alehy , fldrawl . iat e.ti 11 wo. , a. ",.4a t t oner ases,

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