Newspaper of True American, September 22, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated September 22, 1838 Page 2
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1O0l1f0 of i lT.esdny, 15th Seplmnicrr. 1838. Thie ounecil met pnrsunt to ndjournmnent:- Wnemnt Hoen Jo.lua Baldwin, Recorder, A dr. Yon Caldwel , Glnyd, ILtll, Lockett, Meux, Nixon, VPters and Sewell. .The Journals of tlhe 4th and llth insta t haiv dg been read and apltprerd, a mesrage from the Mayor was read, informmng the cnoouel of the sril ] anstitoted against umrnicrpnliti-s No 1 and 3 and heir General Sinkinrg Fund by the heirs of Dn. n.ail Villars, and requesting to be informed of a.eoo irr4ieo the' sentosl in relation to their inode . f payefdnt to be nmde toStiteo Siller for p:.ving ot&t.. Charlen .trect with h exagonal b ockh of a Upon the second article Mr. Caldwell introduced the following, whlch the rules being dispensed : 'with wou takeol ap rnd adopted. Resulved, That the Mayor be and he is hereby 'mlthorie d to contract with Stiles Millr for pating from the south co'reer of Lafayetteo quare io. the north corner of said square to whern the flat t etPees join the cubic blocks of ctone in hexagornal itaskofweod, to draw his warrant on the Trea- I wier of this munieipahity for tihe payment of the aime in cash, Resolved, That the Mayer on sutisfietory proof of the faithful performan e of the work, of which SIlcrtificate from thle surveyor and the approoal 1thel committee on streets and landingo, rIItl kb swidenee. may draw his warrant t;r every 200 . aso approved on the Treasurer of this nu ' dasipelity. On the frst article on motion of Mr. Peters, the roS ·hbing dispensed wnlh it was asolved, That the Attorney oflthe municipality Ib and he is hereby instructed to co.operate with the attorney of the General Sirking Fulrd of the sityand with the attorney's of the first and third aminieipalities in defending the corporation of New Orleans, represented by said Sinking Fund, in the qamof Dubrusil's I eirs vs thle city of Now Orloans. The weeklys atemeot of tie Treasurer was sub aslttodshowlag tlhe receipts rince iort report to be 9S30tO 12, ileue of municipal notes $6,750, hbal eoeon this date $18,044 74 ; balance iart report )10.490 74 ; expended, 9,4139 62; redomptiorn of notes, $74 50. A eommuneration from tihe surveyor informing tbe council thlte hado :rljudicted tihe opening, eipeniRng and cleansing of Melpomone Canal to T esmas Reilly. who offers David McAuly as his secirity; on motion it was "Resolved, That I)irid McAuly le accepted as the security of Mr. Thormas Rveliy on his crontract ir opening, deepening and cleansing the Melpo. mene Canal. Acommuniention from the wlharfinger, playing for a delpty was referred to the coulrittee on Streets and landings. Petitimns ofJohn Minturn praying to be permit. -ted to erect Steam Engine in has ires-e-rftirrou llthe Police. I Ofthe Washington .rrti eIry Company, where. j ipon, on motion the rules being dispensed wrtu it " Resolved, That thle tue of the two pieces of Connon of this Municipality he given during the pleasure of tile council to the Washington Arttloa ry petition of Mvssrs. Freret proposing to sell to the council a certain lot of ground bounlded by It r ronne, Hevia and Pihillippa streets, was re.ifrred to the Finance eornitlee. . A petition lir the bitler ighling of Io.fayrtte Square was referred to thle corUatrte oni streets and landings. A petition against the establishment of another Ferry, to the same enmmitrice. The Recorder laid helb:e the council the ppers I in a suit or the Municipality vs. E. N. Ripley, in 'whichsand Ripley brings inr a elnim of rconven. tion, referred to the atturnery. Mr. Petersn s chuirman of t!re Finance commit. teeo made the following report with thie annexed resolutron, whlli tile rules being dispensed with was adopted. TLe financn committee to whon was referred the le.ter of the attorney in relation to the suit pen.dng with the Carrerillior Itnl,, hae cxao:inred the sublject with all the :tletionl its tuipurtauc merits, and respecthlrly repotI:- S That on it pli.n of diviionr into eily lots of tihe, p anltation otr I (travie., drownr by oU 'le'ru. deau, April I, 17018, and on a reduced copy of the .sare. drawn by tie sand Ilrvan, dIted April 2lirh 1788,-Ptrydllrs aret is represcnlltd as a pi"r' ctlv straight line, tfrom thie pubn, road ,rneo Tlchontpl. t ouia street) In Circus st r01t,--ad Pcrdido stlret is represented to he pairallel wit i' thie sald Poydraso Sstreot. fThe ihts of thi. strents fron Baronne towards the rOcr of tihe Ibllbourg live len crhnr. god by .ln (r \ier witha ut attlllyry. eI lay ia basin at the nllecrctinll i)f oydris anllld Barnnlllll streets and estabIshl o I C:llil ion th collntltutttio l of Poydras street Th'fre orange 0ltai n:oiU to iave been efri ct,,d in 1h01. ~, wouid apprr by an act of sale of tots iroen .hrlr n e.+rtov:er to lh. lcromr, in 1804, wheruhi it dcr:rl'i1 d a tl m re of t'ronl Irontihgoet l)uvergerstree, do , t;ae irrier street, (iow Perdldo street,) Pigionutr strelo, and Circus street. Alo an r llirre cr oirro .ilrlo'l by de la Place street, (ncmw Prrdido stnrnct) I'cglonuir 3 reet, and tlhe canal. A plbin dated Junie r 1805, drawn by LtIn and i Bouter, and roeerrcd to in an net of' nortggre by Jean Gravier to, tile Orleaon llrnurnce Co. shews the changes effected by the said Greavier. 'l'ileas changes are, 1 t a basin of 180 feet sqnaro at the intersection rl PIydras and Baronne streels, in. tercepting Baronne etreoet, and eaero.chlng oon part of the width of Prydras street. 2nd, a place named ,nPlace Gravier" extending enfrom said basin to rue de la Place Gravier, (now Perdidr street.)- t 3d,two stre ta onthe cast and west side of said basin from Poydras street to said rue do la Place , Gravier, (now Perdido street.) 4th, a canal in tile eontinneaton tf Poydrasarrnt,. beginning at the basin aforesaid and xltanding towards the rear of the faubourg. 'rhis canal is bounded on each side bya street which by a scale of compalison with se lot anttd other dimensions on the plan appear "aI be 4 leet each in width. According to eu:other plan shewing the division into town lots of tihe portion of the plantation of Gravier, comprised between Circus and St. Patul slreets, the wlth of the above tenal is 40 feet, and the streetE en ea. h side of it 30 feen one -givou in figures. Thl street on the south ride is nnand Pay.lrns street, and that on the north "rue tdu Canal" or Canal at on this last pln. The various sal a made I-y Jean Gravirr since 180l4, recognize the two last mentioned; accordinrg to there pIlans, tie seace represented ar a catal is n ontiucred to be public, as appears by the itrquent Ltte of the words "face a In rlac du Cana," "lt..ce au Canal," and "sur le Caani," in d, sirnating the proerties and nts tthen sold. By consultrg the original plit of the laubonrg it wilI be sera that the n.pnae as.ahliahed as a canal, as atnrevuld, Is a part of tile width of Paydra streeot,--i' fact, this street is thereby made orreprecentted 70 liet in width to Circus trm a; of these 70 teat the said Jenr Gra. viergtves30 feet tr the cana., ar t as tire width of Poydrarstrsoot s reduceed to 40 fa t tram tihe eastern axt)eamlty of the bha in above menrtLted to the said Circus street, and t,' enhance the value of the lots which he proposedl to r.ll and has since s.ld,he added 40 feet more in width t tthe portion .lf aid Poydrta street on the north side of ht.e ca. eal, and gave to this now, or additional width, the name "rue du (Canal." By the peceding rxposiltion of' facts i will be readily senal that the spaee tmaked by the canal as aforesaid, is pub ic, and its destination as such, well estatlisehed by toe docurmnrts above mentioned; eonsequently its destination could not he charged withtouta viplation rt exateting contracts aJld tie fundamental la]s of tite S;aate. 'l'hotse who pur. clateod lots having done so with the ltnderatar ding that they posaesserd the advantage nof frnting onil large tteete on wllle a canal of n vigration to tu. liteateomenerce was calcuhltted to have been es. tbliashed which woruld have given additantni valne to the adjoining lots. By enclosing the above space, the Carrollton Rail Road Company have deprived the public of all acores to that portion of the pubhoi property designated as a eanal, chan. gedtlhe aspect of a wide aid airy street to that of s trrow and very diragrrenble .urp; destroyed the advtantgeofarge t carnal of aavign. tieodealculated upon by tthe propritnors, and in every way have depreciated tie saine at tire pro. Iprty. It is not irrelevant to tit a questaion to state that the'Clly Council of 'New O lcons did by a, resolu tion adopted on the 4h Malurch 1809, dnsapprove o th(se alterations, and encroaechm nllt made by Jean Graster on the tiglhts ot'the pnbllc, a. hich resolu. tiot, is hereumnto annexed. Considortng tIt the facts herein stated, it ts tihe opinion of the Committee that t is a dulty incum. benton this Council to take all legal steps without delay, in order to protect the pinbl in the enjoy. meat of their rights, atnd the'y therefore suLmit the foltowig rcesolution. ' f SAMw'L. J. PETERS, Chairmian. JOHN NIXON. JOHN HIALL. Recolved, 'Thaot the attorney oft the inn icipalily bha and h, is hereby authorised and requtred to take eustph legal at tps L nmay be ne.euary in ordetr to obtdis a jud cial dr:cl-inn vebettlg tit tihe p,.hlic th right of ues of all thaat portacron of ground kltown as ra-vier Canal and Basnt, and Place Gravier, andtoo that effect he is anutlrrised to em lay Geo. .Eaq. as aoreniatnt council, who shall be enti. thed Lo anaive a fee of Two 'Ilhoaeard Dollars; five buintred dollars forthwith, and fiftcen hundred at thj utl termrnation of tthe' suit. Tea ae.gentlermetr also intrndrca d taie follow. iltgpednetttom, which the rules b'ing agrait dis .,nsed.wtthk wee omverall, taken up atd rdnpterd. Resoldve. That tite attorney o!ttl.c nunicpahtrly Ihe afjh.Iltsrcly it obtain at order ofr otqrgd b.'.o f tL' prtpeity of peflote as. sead 1"tir w'aitdktoav'cheytptstpa .n-eet ; roOitted ihe mounr.ts duo by thetm respective 'y ie not paid in on or before tie irrst day of October next. c. Resolved, Toat the Treasurer pay to John Gib. son, on the wearrant of the Mayor, one hundred and cc twenty dolbars; being the amount of his bill for Ii printing municipal bonds, &c. Resolved, That the treasurer pay to L. Rodgers, oc on the warrant of the mayor, thirty dollars for ci ringing the lire btll for six monthu, ending onl tu IlGth instant. Resolvred, That the sum of one thousand dollars If he and the same is is hereby appropriated out of i ay rnney inll the treasury, to tie Secret Service Fited, elhjrct to be drawn tir by the Mayor or Re. n corder in such taill and at such timenos and i f- J vour of such persons as to them or either of themn i may appear advisable. ' Reesolved that one hundred and forty five d ol ri lars he paid to Glvyd & McDonnell for refresh- I meats ftrnished at the July election of the Judges p and others witilin the bar. 1 Mr. Caldwell, as chairman of the committee on streets and landings introduced the following res. t olutions, the rules bhieg dispensed were adopted. R EPORT Of the Commitnte on Streets and Landings. Whereas this council has rbeen informed that at. d telnptslaro iabout to to made to make works in the p bed ot'the river, in front of tius municipaliy, at its lower limits,Ii to te great inconvenience of com- I meorce, and to the predjudmcs ol'tie rights and in. I tereots of the inhabitants of thismunicipality, Be it therefore Resolved, . That the attorney of this municipality be and ihe isehereby autiloriaed and required, to ootain an in. junc ion against any corporation or individual, who shall make or attempt to make, any work or works of any kind whatever in the bed el the river Mia sissippi, in front of this municipality. as its limits I are described by the law of 8th March, 1836, in order that such works may be removed or preven. ted fromi being mdde, as the ease m!y be. Resoalved, That thie surveyor he and Ie is hereby authorised, t erect an office 12 fest square, for t.he especial use of the wharfinger and the collector of levee dues, the same,to be placed on the wharf at the head of St.Joseph street JAMES It. CALDWELL, SAM'L. J PETERS, EDW'D. W. SEWELL. On a thlid, some discussion ensued, Mr. Cald. well having amended his resolution, so as to read "Johl Minteurnl instead of the "surveyor" which was necopted, he atcempted to show that the old contract with Mr. Minturn was completed but wass called to order by tihe Recorder, who decided that matter not to be pertinent to ihe subject Mr. Cald well appealed from the irecision oi the clhair, and called tor the yeas anu n ys, Messrs. G'oyd, Hall, Iclkett, IMeux and Peters voted to sustain the chair, and Mesors. Colowell, Nixon and 8ewell ngainot. Mr. Nixon thlen proposed the following Tl'hiat a ve tirement be made, calling f r pro. posals to relay lhi said round stone in Carondelet street, and that the work be given to any person who shall exlcule the same for n less pric , than what the raid Johh Minturn may herdelter he willing to take, when thai resolution is handed to himn fir his accepltancnu. Whicah Mr. Peters moved to reject. the yeas and nays were again called for and resulted in Miserse. Gloyd, hull, Lockett, Peters and Sewell voting in the affirlat ve, and Messrs. Caldwell and Nixon iin the negative. On motion for tLhe adoption of the resolution, the yses and nays were again called for, Miesrs. Caldwell, Gloyd, Hall, Locketl, Peters and Sn well voting for, and Mr. Nixon against, so the reeslition was adopted as follows: Resoaled, that tihe round stones now being taken tip osl Gravner street, between '1chonipitoulas and Meagazine streets, be hid on Carondelet street, bh twoi Graviier and Perdsdo stroets, Resolved, that Jihen Minturn be requested to do the aforesaid w rk forthwith. Mr. Nixon as chairman of the Police Commit tee uside the subjoined report accompanied with the resolution which the rules being dispensed with was adopted: REPORT Tihe Police Committee to whom were referred the pletion acf'Jhn Mimturn, praying to he per. mitted to erect a stena engine, to conmplete his cotton pares in the square, bounded by Richards, An nsciation, Constance and Market streets, have oexri:ticned the matter andl find, 'T'rita the ordinacesi, passed the 7th of Novem h r, 1837, prelhilbit the erection of any steam en. gine within tie inctiorporated lisisits of the msunici plity; but also provides, that the ownler imay ereet onne eiter haviing o.tained the colsent of the property lihders oand residcrnts of the vicinity. tltilt the pIstiti,oner has received the consent of thlie property holders, and residents of the vicinity, within wisrrih lie intauds to erect the steaill enlgine, anut that nIs olposition hais been mde to to tli council grainieg their permission; 'iheorotore yeour comallllitteo are of the opiniotl, thati the prayer of the pettilloner be granted, and the followings resolution hbe adopted: "Resolved. That John .Minturn be permittcd to "erect a steam engCLtgine, within a fire proot building, .to coneplete his cottton press, in the squarn bound i',d by lt.cllalds, Annunciation, (onstaneo and \"MarLot hiolesLt, withinss the third wIerd of tile Mu I"iietspalit. JOlIe NIXON, H. LOCl;KETT, EDWI'. W. SEWELL. The sanme gentleman also ilntroduced tile h!oow. iig wmhieh was likewise adopted, REPORIT Of' the Crmmittee of Policer. The committee of police to whom was referred the petition of Mr. John Brand and partner, far. mors of the St. M:,ry'a Market, complaining ofthe ofllkiil misconduct ii Mr. B. WV. Elliott, commns. sary u'tithe St. Mary's Market: itRlttl, that tho petitioners e, mplain and say, that I hry moint !rsp, cttulty c 11 the attention of the coUnllel to thie jituation inl which they are pla. :.It, respaetlng the great amount of money they have to pay In renung the St. Moary's Market; that without wishing to cast the smallest blame on the cullcil, they say the appointment of Mr. John Howy, late colntissaory el the St. Mary's Market, who was ignrornt of'his duty, had sonet tendency to tInjre tie progress of the Markel; that being relieved fromn tht cause by h:s removal and the appointmentl of the preoenti incumbent Mr. B. W. Elliott, they did hope thant the prosperity of the St. Mary'. Market would be tie sole object of the newly appointed comlmissary, Iut in this they have been liost unhal.pdly deceived; that iestead of ear. rymtg the low a all its hIcltth:ul regulationa into effect, to horveetly aid the farmers of thb Market and hold out inducements to bring nmeats, fill. and vegetalble, which had been daily oni the increase, Ire B. W. Eltiott, knows not law, but that of h.s oen arbitrtary wltl, and If persisted in will drive a great cumber of dealers from the Market; and in the end will revltually destroy its revenue; that evct those who coUme to purehase are interrogated anid t not to the satiefactiotn ol' the commtllissary, the rane is uned oni their bucks; and the petitioners conclude by pyranylg that the Council will enquire titotils, nalld II their wisdotm will appornt a mian whlose knowledlge, presence, and character will commland resperot, Uoiorce hobdience and carry the laws into l without the ignorant use of the To this complaint Mr. B. W. Elliott, commie. sary, answered that he is not guilty of an official nmisconduct, dt leil tihe genleral charge and re. quieted that somte specificatlion with thle name of tle iprson or , erscue whom hey say he had carled or beaten be Ilmade, il known. The CoLrnmittee was twlee convened to examine this case, but in consequence oftile absence of a Imember at tile first omtld the absence of thle prosecu. to anid wlnllenJse at the second sitting, nothing was done. Atteliwards Mr. John Brand was reported to he sick, Uand tne tafair was lput offuntil his recovery. Biing niw restored to bhtter heltlh,and being itn. torted that tile ctommittee were ready to proceed in thia c Pse Mr. John Ilrand, the prosecutor answer. ed, that hie illlactndrawn thie complaint against Mr. B. U. El.iott, colmlesary, eo tile prosecutor hbeng dts.teclllled or unable to p)rove it. \ihereltre your coulllmttee pray to be disehar. gr'U Imo tI eo further tx tliminatio of this ease, and ofetr the following resolution. tReolved, That the petition of Mr. John Brand ,id partner, tfarmern of the St. Mary's Market coli. platning of the official misconduct of Mr. B. W. Ellihot. tonlataisry of the St. Mary's Market, not being substantiated by ile prosecutor proving the ellegattlis therein set forth, be heloco dismissed, and l he itonir tiebe discharged homn any further consideration of the sam.te. JOhIN NIXON, EDW. W. SEWELL, 1. LOCKET'T. Mr. Lockett introduced tile tbl owing: 'ftle undersigned. ntmonb re of tlhe Potter Com tmitle,, to wholt was referred the petition ofJames Prietl.y and the counter petition to that of said Priestly, beg leave to offer tie fitllowing resolution. H. LOCKETT, EDU 'D. W. OEWELL. hhrslvetd, that James Priestly be and he is here. by authorlsedl to continue his distillery where it now is, provided tie same be notsa nuisance to the neighblrhood. Mr. Nixon protested, as thei subject which had heen roerred tile Police Co,nmittte had not been acted Ulpn by that committee, although lihe, as chairnnai; ofsaid emnunttee, ha I convoked tile coal intltee toI lntel tile night prevlous for that purpose, atnd tl.i majority of the roml ttee decinIed acting ipin it at tiat tine. 'The IRecordier decided Mr. Lockett to be in order. Mr. Nixon made the fol lowing counter report: ''lhe Couuter Rleport of tile Minority of the (:o.lunitte of Plice for thie resolution introduced by fth ry Lockpt, alderman, and the petition of Janils Prlostly, praySiig permission to continue his dstl.lry win ththe third ward. Respectfully sub. nit, . 'that this subject was referred by the council nto thI cinmnittce 'of police and thllir unanlmoas rpd.rt thereon, was on Tucelday, ite 4th Seplateber instant, adopted; and the following resolution be . came a law, ,Resolved, that petition of James Priestli It continue his distillery within the inorporated limits of thin Municipality be reje eid." - That Mr. Henry Locket, alderman, the imover of the neow resolution made eand tfrerred to your committae for thri report thereon, to d.i', " Resolved, that Jnmes Priestly be allowed to S etain Ilis distiller, where it now stands, provided that said distillery be so kept as not to be a ituiiance. tIar signed as member of the c mi. C mittee of polie- the report a d resolution nnaitlst James Priestly; and on the final passage of thle same I efore tie council voted itn the affirmativ . Toat owinen and vote thereon can fitrnish no reason for cn inning in . rrer if any exists. Have the majority of the i.ttmtittee of pol ce given any good re sor for chnnging their former opinions. t The nminotrity think they have not. By the anst resolution, referred to the eommittge, the whole subject is again open to investigation and argument. ith ordioance of 17 h Dec. 1827, provid., e Ar'. 1. No one sltall be allowed to estab:lsh a distillery within tie limi a of the oily or its incor p rated suburbs. Art. 2. All persons who shall infringe upon this prIvition shall pay for every offence, a fine not less than one hundred dollare, and besides five dl. t Ire per each day until said distillery s6 built inl contravention shall be demolished. Now the question was, and is, if the present applicant has established his distillery in contra. I vention .f th t ordinance. Inr his peaition, James Priestly states, that hsavng a distill, ry in the square comprisod between Noew Levee, Teoupitoulaus, Do or and St. Louise streets, t ceased its operation on tte 18tll June l e, Ip to which time he had permission from the Recorder to continue it. Nov rthelees, from some mistake of Commissary Ft inger, he has betn fi ed three a veral times to they amount of three hundred dollars, which he prays ltay be remited by the council, and ho tirther prays, that he may inot be forced to remlove his distillerr. This, hli pet tion, was accompanied by the certi ficate of m.ny respectable citizens, stating his distillery was nonuisance, and was also opposed by tihe counter petition of many respectable ei izens, representing his distillery to be the cause of a nuttstnc in the vicinity. It is evident that the IRecorder hae no power to permit the retiones or eoutintmt on of a distillery in csntravention of a law, and that it is ilnmaterial who her it b,, tr be not ndisanece.. T.e ordinance totilly prohibits the ,reabli hment of any distillery within tire limits of the Second Municiptlity of tile City of N w Orlenn-. i ie noew resolution, now inrtroduced by the me jority, violates the principle of eq.ality whichl ought to be maintained i the enaoctiorn as wel ls in. he execution of aws intended to operate upon cit z ns poe osin t equal rights. Grnt thlis privi. loge to James Priestly, atid hereafter y,,u carnot jtir ly and ,ansistently ref se the snl e to any otlter citizen. 'ile laws of the 17th Decembehs, 1827, will then b cones a dead lette . Better it is to repeal the law, if public good require it, than pur. rae so tortuous and iniquitous a process of legis. lation, 'the minority of the committee are of opinion that the re-olution eatrodceed by the nlajority of the committee ought to be rejected by tN e coeil. JOHN NIXON. Mr. Nixon then proposed the following amend Sment to Mr. Lockott's resolution: Provided, that eve y person, whoi has, or who shall hereafter he desirous to establish a distillere I within the limits of the Second Municipality, shall he ontitled to the samne privilege aid right now granted to Mr. James Priestly. The yells and nays being called for on a motion to reject the nomndment, Messre Glnyd, ia I, - [eckett andl Sewell voted in the nfrlfettive, andi Messrs. Caldwt ll and Nixon in the negatave, so the 1 resolution of Mr. Loekett evs a:dirptedl. ORDER OF THE DAY. The ordinance in relation to farming of Poy. dra- Market being in order was postponad. Mr. Caldwell agreeably to previous notice, was Sabout to introduce an ordiaince on paving, when upon malting l some introductory rolnmrka, he wes o called to order. Tihe Recorder decided tltit Mr. Caldwell was not in order to preface the introduc tion of Iis ordinaance with any remarks. A motiotn wts made ts adjourn, tihe eae and l nays wtcr a enllel for, Misers. Caldwell, iloyd and y Nixon voting in the negative antd Messrs. Hall, fLorkett and Sewell in the affrnlmatlve. leter heing a tie, the R corder gave his cast ing vote fr the the Odjturrmett, on the Council stood ladjiuirneed to Tueetday next, the 25th September instant at 5 o'clock P. M. JOIIN GIBSON, Secretary. P)u ,T (IF M\V 0,1,ill A C NCE 'Sptenlr `omlh. I,ti ,nt til no. .nh la, Caldiaoz, 'rats. Britg Licls bt ii i .. lll oatbrc, RIichm otl It . r AI(RIVAI.. Stela er C ,i tail t Colllottl, Millbr. fro t Vickal th r t ae tinit Aulo, I' tlel froln tootna, let at the Poadtr Saga Itrigtnahor. Almy O10 Cya fro'm lavtna, Iogmar. cito Atckatttter, ftri, StiGl. Steam Tow ,ota trk, Itos ddle, rom the pltser. leowedt tos set I ryt tiga soidUlloi. broutht ip thip ArlO hrit T (rs optell trio Goad Hoper schrnoanphtta Scierotd obre Ivlritbo , tIr, NlEadr. Ileptrtlh sit4 P aL Rspor.d tie pa ,hiclc.atliouti St Clud tA , t a lint matS t the bh r waiti a trig oad lop, Almy 10 ayso from flavanago, R ro. Atmlow Oo thtrk . 'trotlltitlil from toeile pes. Tlowed Sloop td)riet. Goollope, schrtotphs Sie tneo d i lop Iaret-e we bar, roatine th at 4 P . Reportd shil (ical aott, ncid, d Lperhip Stil and Elia a on tolek, ba r. Lt IlAW, sep22 20 Bank Place. rTl od oket asltin,, YAZOm ntago, irdar, J eed oter. Sroop NrlAr ctol, idfro Galvestoni i ballast to matler. Vet l'bl owner rt; Consignee o a box marke attd Elto will plete call o the underined anti receive thetir od. sie. II' AE A COITEAW, sep22 0 Bank Placge. 1]3The packet The i YAZOO, Gardiner, masterw PEORNH/Ow Y UARK, fro Nee rklet, itooolp Fargist one tiAr palow athe Vegetal Markt, Consigneestr will please attend tIe the reeipt o their goods.ta O; reil or gJ D EIN & A COF ENIIN, se~Co Agenit. FOlt N ItEW Yiroi AARK. t rqi r "'wel colper fastened and eoppirod brig t;HIEFTAIN, King, master, will tlie dies pate for the abtve portii; fore psrugt or pasl age, ahply to S of J P Wic l PrNEY, To sil! on ML:'ondayJ the, 2,1th ions. A ,toapt. ndohe rd, o l h l'w cauve the Ltet esain Mon nplly tt Culptin Luitlbardtl 0a bard, or to PETER L.A1DtiAW, tti ttank Ploae, or .GEO It ABBOT'' & CO, reP2 m Camp street: IOtR AIOl;X..NI)RIA. T Tha tattoors DtAN.1IAtK. will ui iorunt a reroglr packet during tow nle,', tretntlolh ofli Red Riner to Alexnndrla For part iulart npplv to p'i2 i JNO u GRAtIAM. fali F kNot S HIttrE GUAtItIr!! " tl will asoeihlo this evrein., latlrdoy, Sept, o2od, it 7 t'tclo k pretitela, at slo drill room, Mageoine ttreet, net dloor to the Achnfa'aya Bnok* Ily tlrder of thle C aptain, JOtN G1BSON, asep2 Orderly rere't; MIAVORIAIlT' OF NE\V OIttEtANS. T lFapriie ofl Iro h flour to-.le is $7 871 per harrel Saceordinei Ito ttle larif; th. litters shall give do rilig tlre pr toil week (frllom Monday 24tht iolt.)7il: o eI of breod fl t a hilt. Bread of ith.secod qallity is required to wl1gh 25 percent O 15oimtces. Sept O22 C. GENCOIS, Mayor. -TATE of -IF tstAd, FPnrich C art for iIi 1 l-Prlucsh lmd ct of New Orleans. I'reeent the lHolt'ohlo C.crles ltatrlan, Judge. Septemlber 20tlh. I3i.N. Na. t-tB8. Williom Kenoon, to. His Credi ilort; U1tn reading and liline thlte petitio lta slched Iule t1 thio eooe. it is orderlld by thle Court that a eet ll of tihe insolvent creditors do lake place in open cort, on thas Il th dia of October atxl, at 10 nocl'hk, A MItlt.n and there to -hew'eaase why thIe said inael. vent should Iotl ber dlschnrged ccording to law, and in the mean tine all piroceedings against lii person and prolperty are stayed. ARMJIAND PITOT, Fep'."l--,:":wt lerk. js-iAi 1i1,.i A IT l. .Ni.-t-Cour de 1 at' ý J poor lo proise et vill i de In N-Orleans--No 11 2:2 --'r&sent I'lHton ChUlce Mtlatrian, Ju ge--20le .ptem. reo lal--\.'ilnl Kenyon R 'oatlra er cieanclrs t rtr loetlro rt enlaeistrln lent de In peltitioll t t1 tirlloantt tlns er.Ie Ilfatro II est dott.lbt qnI'une I, lohlt, At Iattinstevable ears liell e plcine e cot; le Ilejollr d'ctoobre rort1han1 Int l l0erul d' l nttnll plollr d' ihiire Ins roirias plOulr lcesouclh.+'elht ilnSOlva Il t I e serail pas ol attendliat toutPs ptIrllOltea Silloiciul rs cOlmte o persnonaie oll sy pltrotribtls eat I2 tSio'l ARMANIt I'TO', tir'flier. - HAI. oil. Ao' arlo. rdot qutailtiy Iht lin-d W Whale Oil, lardlln from atoll Arno, for sale I Irk AC IlRItttl; & CI), ecptt' l1:i 3higuzinttr t. (- -A'NI.I{ýI ;5 h o or Speri Cidles brand Io f r1 (II ' Voentine landiot fiton ship Aron, for sale hy ISAAhC lllitIttFi & CO), 131 Mtgazhie at. iiASIS of fos atl 1;, nl1iltti lit talc bIy sel.2 ,.r 0r Nntkcbz Tehopitoulas st. i by ii IIbtNNAItEt., sep?" corner of Natohez & TctopitoUlas es Sl.(i-ll noe, tto and three gahoi s, illa .raltsland. S itig and for sale by I BONNABEL, sept2 etrter of Natchez & l'tbchopitoolas st. -9ATt61F-OIL.T-.heb.s qa ality. 500 galls ia bure!s, just rcoilcd by I to iBe 'el " , orne~r nf Natchez 1lid l'l r1 .lilolulle st ',11) Pi',UE A MlEK. . . N. !N EITED y' .n , En a ~flf. (n FAMTIT FUL ANiiD SOLD. in t SATURDA Y....SEPTEMBER 22, IS'2 S ~i The great length o'-f; the proeeedings of the d olf Council in our paper this morningr, necessarily Go precludes much malter that we had prepared. at Welsh and O'Neil two of the nlurderers of Bar ba, are to he executed this day at 12 o'clocK, at all the Terre nux Boedf road. fie The Whigeonvention at Utila, New York, have c nominated William H Peward, as their'eandidate Or for Governor, and Luther Bradish as Lieut. Ouvern or. hr The Whigs nf New Orleans are mnch indebted ar to Capt. Grice of the North Alabama for delay. hr ing his boat from noon till 8 o'clock to take Mr. fi Prentiss, which delay afirrdel our citizens an np. ii portunity of enjoying his society during the day et and listening to his eloquent speech. Cept.Swan of the St. Louis deserves great credit for the bear- b tiful style with which he illaminated his boat. It had a most splendid effect. The reception of Mr. Prentise in New Orleans was highly gratfvying to his feelings, and we hope I will have a tendency to restore a better spirit between ourselves and our neighbors of Natchez and Missiasippi. We learn from a friend just arrived from New York, that Mr. Barrett was to sail for NewOrleans v on the 16th instant. We may extaect therefire that a the Camp will be opened early in October. I..asure Trip.' The asreamboat Mszeppa, Capt. Grifin, will leave this evening, after the arrival of he 7 loclack care, for Bay of St. Louis and Pass I Christian. A fine enance for a pleasant trip, fresh fish and fat oysters. MEXICO AND TEXAS. Infcrmation Ihas been received in this place, which justifies us in the belief that Mexico will soon recognise-the Independance of Texas. Every interest in the former would lead every I one knowing the relative situation of the two countries, to believe that it will asoa be aecom plished, and therefore place Texas in an inde. pendant stand aonng the Republics of North America. FIVE DAYS LI' ER FROM EUROPE. The packet ship Quebec, at New York, brings London hnpers to the 7th August, Liverptuol to the 6th,and Paris t the5th. The foillwing summary is made up fronm the vrioua New York journals: The ship Orpheus, Bureley, from New York July 16tl, arrived at Liverpool on the 5 hi, and her news is published in a secondl edirin of the London Times ,of the 7th, opi d from the Liv erpool Albion of tile previous day. It was recerv. ed in London by express. In the Horsen f Lorids, Aug. 3 1, the Irish Tithb heing cealled p, Lord Brouil, rham r c ,cly c.ln rtmned Ihe prroposed grant $1.000.000 (o £900, 000,) on accourt if the arrears of uttles, declarinlr that it was a violanon of religious lihery to ihoke all sects thts to entribute tr an alrealdy eldowed establishment. A letter from Lucerne states that the Fric'h government had forme.rly demranded the expulsion o, LoutIr B.lnnparte from tile Swiss territory. No fre-h movement Ihas tnken plaer in thle Spar. nih war. Generral Esartero, who has the field against Don Cnrlns, demands the dismissal f twoi of the Ministry,, which had not been complied with d at the la t - i lt . A certain M. Chnitas has been arrested at Paris charged with the rnan nleture of dtnrumelllc pur p ,trang it be despatchres nl amahnsadors and olther diplnom tic nr rnis of the I en ch eo verni trint, w which hit sold at high pricesto certain diplomatists, Ith rlepresentalives of foreign cotrt s in Paris. The Dutch Minister was implicatld in pushing -on this nealriiots hiuines of ablslracin thie de. uments Irinm the Mlitiister of Iforeign alirs, anid hle was ordered to quit Paris withini 24 hours. A letter from Alexandria, published in the . Cnorrer Francois, slates, that with the exceptill of esome mortars and hnwitzers, all the artillery shipped on hbord the Ezyptian squadron hrad heet, relcanded, and (confirmanory of our previonis ne counts) ascribes the pacilic attitude resuined i. "a lMehemet Ali to the remonstrances andi the in i ;Il leurce of the representative of Great Britain, France r,,di Austria. Lamentable and mysterious death of an /merican .Ylrchant.-Last night, at 8 o'cock, an inquest was held at the Newcastle Coffee House, St Mary ia-Hill, Billinagsate, before Mr Peyne, on view d o the body ofat Willimm Boke, Esq., an Americann II erehant, who was found drownedin the Thames, P ff Billingsgate, on Thursday morning last, with 'e such revere marks of violence on his person as to lead toea strong suspicion that he had come to his death by unfair means. The deceased belongled to the house of Hart & Co .a wealthy firm of New York.-London Morning Chronicle, ./1r. 4 Sleam Packet Ships to New York.-This impor tant subject we perceive, was broached in the k, Commons, Aug. I. isIn answer to a question from Mr. Wallace, whether any proposal had been made for making c Plyinouth or Portsmouth the steam packet station instead of Falmouth, Mr. C. Wood stated, that "in Scoansequence of the hour when the malls from a Loudon arrived at those places, it was not consid. ered advisnlle to adopt the suggestion" Th 1Hon. member also stated "that it was the business of the post office department to say whether art vantagewould be taken of steam communication with New York for carrying letters." In answer to a queslion from Mr. Hume, Mr Rice sari thaIt "ai plan wln about to be aerried Itol effect, under which an oflice would hr estalii-hed - for i hd regt straiion of I letlls; In t It woiuuld he ilt ipolsible to unlldertake the respnlllesblliy of sulrms of mi.iney contained in letters ,Ii which tile post . ,fficer ciuld not he conrizrnl."i lir J. Hlihonse, i at eswer ito Lord W. Ilntinck, stated that lthe recomtlmendation of the c)olIII - tee which had sal upon thie mject ol silaem n.vt cuatot to India had heai, thatl thie expertltioen shlould lie made to Bolmliy, but not tI Ihe othel two presidetncies. It was his opiiion, hi weivei, at the time, and he still retalined the sriiet optmllll hlll wIhen ver the pprtunlllty set-ed, ihe ex en Ienti sheuld nol only lie uxtelnded to Bltltbaly, but also io ;Madras and CalcuIte 0 e still think itht bohh governlments mllst cme toin the ntl of these stican shlp by giving them libl eral contracts to carry Ihe inail. 'The Fienh Conseul at Warsaw, driving in ani ellluuae a Polunutse, was run atlilst by a bear, - ed RIssian General, lihen the French cimlltlla gae the Clsaneck driver n severe cut ol Ith horse. whip over the lace. I he Itusetan Gelerrl cm p':rtnPil, end the Coeisnl I nmledllely lthrewv In self upon Ih. rt served rightl, ulunrled the Tricolor, a,u pin ed its rvockaiet oil his doutesltle, Wluc hadI the deired ffleit. Frenrch Explortrg Expedition South - Nutws Trut C.(ultti UUvtel had hIen ratieVed, dared slali ul Co.Ctepii,e Chibi, April I0, ..ere the Astrolabe and Zerile had sarely arrived. Alter beingt i month slurt up In the strailts tt mlageliat, he lelt Jan 8, aind in Intllude 64, a lew days alter, c ulle utaslid barrier lf tce lr m240 Illtes, i" i.I the New Orthtey.. II tie begilnnllg f Fi bruaro the utwo vess.ql w,: ie tiiutied iII so comlllpletely, that the commanlllder almohlt dlsptited oI exiticlI Ilng them. Or Ftlb. 9 he gi clear wiltl an U E wind, and sailed 300 11 es a-lon.g the batrrier, when seIing that It stretched to.tardas l Sieitu wIch Islinds nlort, anid witlout aity pr.ohiiny, ihe wie indunt.d by these circuinstanui,,, and tile tlealkll Inul it the scurvv durann 52 tanys sevetre neatg.aioi in the Ice, to proceed lMateh I to tihe c ns[t .1 hill. Liemains ofNa'epoleont.-The Marinti Prefect of (ibhr, tblur lhas recuived trd dra iu hasen e iarm... init it tite ligae the tet einte B mlncht, .ilichl it is behved at Cherbhura is deslineu to poiered to .. Helena to receive on board tile retlinsa o Naip leon. Firsl departure pfa Seam V'essel for St Pelersbung )0. tie Ilt ul August ine steatllua dall. n, . i. cenlly tlodnlll. Ibetweuel lldin alln New Ycrki, saielet'[ iacul Eist lane s.tairs Bermondsey, Icr it. Petlrsbeurgl' .-lhiis the firt tealre sitp lart ls let tile lThtelll s for the Russian capital. Slhlhad a number of passenloere-ptricipltly rlerchas LosunDon Acu. 4. It asppears that stre uneasiness had been oxp resed iy the Cuclll.terial ctuutlllty of Fialce with ruler esce to timhe course which ty bie ulpteld by Mexico anld ibulcs Ayres oit tlli occasion of met blockade ol their coasts. .pprehlrusiols were especiaill enter tamied lest letters of marque andl retirisals should be is sued, as it is well understood the effect wouhl be, that asarms of privateers would speedily be armed and de-puitchid from iorts in the United States, which un .er cover of tMe exnicn flag might causi the sthe see riout dnmage to Freitcl a.unlmerf. 1 will be retemteiret, ra the President of Mexico had been armed with full power hv the Leginiature to act ir whatever way he might jedge exp .tient, and in case arising ol French untression betug cargled to IL.a extect of confiscating Mexican proerty an vessece, atelotll to Iretaliic to Ihi utmost ect lat wlici hir ucightn cstidtr ntecessary. Tlhe French goerntont, it teem, were not unl thIleir tide without tler, of matters Ileing ptsoed to extremi ito, t g qgithlp "6th ultimo the Alinister of Cotmmere , hi a ceittlor to the Chamber of Conloerce of IlBrdeux. iitfinmed them that the lMiister of Marine had ordend tinzoclhe the commandlr of she blockading squadro ce in thle Glf of Mexico, anrod Le len, the admiral col ao otding on the Brazilian ot otion, to take all the pre cautious whibph rudenrcocoltd onggest, so as to al ford overy possible protection to commere in the event to of the lGovernments of Alexica and Buenos Ayrem l grantfig letters of merglte andl relrills, as apprtheod a1. I|1 i, helievd, in "act oemeretns applications amd nvemments on the part of speculators and mercaots cl at New O)rleans and other ports in the Unitedl states. although hitherto without result. ErEcTtos.-We have lost Maine fhllro all, anJ have to Ihankn the Inea fno oihiee hold ere, Marten Van Baren. and uoll for the de- p feat. The boutndary line was omade the meals o l of carrying the eleotizot of Fairfield. Gov. Kent to ordered the line to be run, and Fairfield semed to ecquiesre in the measure, on this end of the state. i On .tls Enolish side of the border, he was repte a sled (FirrlieBl) as opposed It the course purii csed by Kent, and tho gold of Nova Scotia was brought to play for the tory eandidate. Thua the English And the Maine tories-foreign gold and administration gold, carried the day. It must be a retcollected that lllomg theo btorder, our government I hats an army of cgstont house officerst, td these fellows work for their bread andti butter only. Where is the safety of our rept lican iniesitu tions when the rulers of the nloton suffer foreign', ert to send their gold and use their influence to effect our electiots? ThI Whies must now see where they are, and to what frown they have been betlayed. We tmust now aorm for a desperate t conaest in thi Satrr. 'lhe triulmph in Mainre wi'l rouse the drooping eneries of the Iories, and they will make a severe triol tere. 'The los 'o Morone will rouse--mut rouse thi whico. We have been too coolident. We noust now rally by thousands, and beit the lrneo foel t rtheir hearts' conten.t, WE CAN AND WE etUST!--,v. Y.E W/ig. 'rFe HURRICANE.--A ter weehs of drv wonohe.r we were blessed withl rain ealy on WednesJuy morning. Throuegh that day it poured down In torrents; ,oertfloinlg sevetal tllatrs. At ahoot seven o'clock in the eveninO, the wind begann to whistle, and by midnight it blew a perfect her, riasnP. Every one, morn ort less, suffered. Vessels of all denolminoations, were either driven sll shar ordimaasted. Ilou-rs, sheds, and chtoneys were blown down, treos were uprooted, awtno u torn into ribbo s, Iand Is op posts trowed over the u.slreete.-N Y. Whig. 'The ship Hllen, Capt. Smllth, arrived at this e port on Saturday aftelnoon, tell in, on the 14in instant, 70 ntiles S., E l Charleston light, wllh the crew Io the schr. Maly Jdnt, UofN.W Be 1ford, from W2Vil mineton, or New B0edlordl,w oh a arigo of, which foundered on the 7th inar. in a gale frlm the N E. t'lhey rltllai0.lad on Ilh quarter deck for 7 days, witholt lo),d or water; the Ochr, surk, andt toe qartrer deok left th. hull toil whtloh they rlcnllin d. Cmnlhbs,osol ot the cretw, was Itneoly elhaut, d llhenll Ilten fr the wreck, and died in three hours after being to nken off; all the rest, fotor in nunber, are in a lair way of recovery.-Charleaton Cour Sept. 16 DIED, Suddenly loot evetnto, Mr. RIowtOND MoNRoIE, formerly of New York and for the past three t ejlr in the emtployment of the iGae Company oflthes cily His Irl nds and cqou.lil'oance aro invitrd to attend. Iia loneral this morninog at 9 o' lock from his late residence, eurner ot Cononnon and a o'ro s n elrletls S.l 'he New York papers will please copy the On Friday, Sept. 2lst, Mr FREDERICK HAINE sgtd 20 year, Ircotn Aleosina lotl to ill Soil.. LUM VERi AL. Cadez, Brig Sobano..58 hhds tobacco, 15,600 staves. RECEIPTS PRODUCE. itrton Rouee. steamer 17, bits lotla nsa, I e :deaux c u: 17 do and 3 do s,-ar.b Irtx J ' Field & co; 3 bIblsuan., 53 bhs molassan, A Mauren; t case mIdze, Wast(to, Kulpt & cr. 3t0 patt .tagrs lti k orstengtl . tcalnor SlltriC.or . . hral e- o ttollo, Folhin, Belilocq & Detolne; '25 oiree hagging, 20 coils rolpe, Burke, Watt to. ntvu S:ara--.stenmr Levant, 84H',ilors Cottllon, Ilurke, Watt Sc o 4!1 Iodrux , ArCUril co 61i do A Delous ono; 45 It, VYi Flowe; 12 dlo \ ITor ard " cr ut d n ~. etll Th on run IIn do ti ( Lne; I6i o \ Oh aker; 9 do It P tGdilard; r Id, ten isrc 4 Bt.orisr; It do t o A rdan rrg; i o Toyh r, C.a r r & co; I do ;frnd r,,, 3r 1 :K'iol m co, ; 41) do tF, order; cirtr.r, at lal.r l '1'h,,,,ea; 2'h Ibls mlltl;s s0s, PEyrnIIx. Arr oeal \' eu III do puck, Gaiyle . 4 .",rers1; I do gin, Foll.,ir, ullooq & Dreglos. 'un1 l t sr to OWers oil hoagrd. Vickbn-rr--stea,,r tlail Colu ibia.. t ri dale rc'o, to Iey roll., Byr,.' " c.;; ISo I.n Bnuekner toul .: 1o; 33 do Nutn 'li'urpe & co; 0 do Bennlett, FurridAy R aC; 6i do A 11 \\. tlav, na--Bi' P Ilvanll,..5 hnoxe. sgIcnr. 4l) cotlb. sear o fited* -. a I-, I II,.lan d, Sla ter .e o; :. I It lrstil, ,J \V i.ONIt(ItN. Tlh A-l.glolt. City I: o'rloc. --Thrr ar. areClolt frm, Nenw York tlis in rnn to 1 rite 21th tilt., y the rt ackbht cis O7r a)hrTI, a krrived tit i.ioer eel. The fi owing are tire Irices of American srtocks in this soarklt c Five ter cent. Iplnd sterling Ahamnl ,9n,3 91. Five Ler cet. AlabIuln, 8 i3 to 84. Five per cenot, lod lna, 85 1-2 to ,l; 1-l. Five t.r cent. Lolliiua (IBarci g's) 97 2. to 0i. Five per eoit. l.eoliodl. c (I.izardi'os T9t 1-a. Six per o:erl. Canlellrn and Amboy Roil-re;d, 105. Six per Pceit Illt ots, IS. Six per cent. M.hrvtand, 100. Five per cent. Peonsylvaio, according to dates, 02 to 95. Unitnd States Bank Share 251. Five per crnt. New York City. Five per cent. Virginia. 85 to 86. Six percent. do 95. Six per cent. Flridn,91 to 93. Sin per crent. tMisistippi,.4 to 95. Six percent. Ohio, 184t6, 101 1-2 to 101 1-2. Five per cent. New 'olt, 92 -02 to 95 1 2. The lritish Fads have not varied in iprice d.trin i the rooming. Consoulas 93 3-4 to 7-8 flir Money, and 23 7-.8 to 94 for the Acount. Bank atcek is 627 1-? to :13-4; India Bonds at 76 to 78 pt; and Exchequer Dills are 75 to 7ie premiurn o The Tobacco market waso dull, owrg toIn the very light stock, and the oinion generally held that tre prosent wosld e an short crop in tie United States, thaing rendered holders little anxioun to sell at even present hicl p:rirea-Qotattoffh nominal at 3 :-4 a 6 1-2d for Kentucky, Maryland 3 1-2 a 44, Virginia or dioary 2 1.4 a 3 :i-4d. The English Corn Market is in rather an interesting state: prices continue to advance andol are now higlher than for many years previous. The weaotlhr through out Jul.bas been cold and nenfavorable to the growniong roes arid from Sontland anld thes nortlrernontrties of England, tie orlcourits otlte harvest are far en ourarfing. Large sprculations i BaIlltic and olber onei, d 'oheais ore consequently heinog made. IIVERPII tl,, Aignrn 6-f-Colon--'l'here hao been r vers .ood derlnad fbr Colto to-day, andI fll iprices '.ave been alhta edl forall ndose iplrinrs. 'Tho saes utle 4,1:00 bags. vlz: 6.1} Prcroars, at 2 I-:19 l-4d; IUII So rate, .i;dd 4, d5i) Ameriuon, 5ol3d per 8I l.tVEtli'Oll. I'll '"t] Otl\ltK{I;l'.-.A g. 7. Ihtre has not, hr.,n nlt:h blorinsr doilol, i:l tllit nr title. "511 bh a Surathaverrbenr slld 4trll to 4 -l. 20lt hales nldras at a 7 7.8 1t.t I-id, 50 bklos ijoeaol at 41-1 rer lb. 4th --There as hbeern very goodl lderaond foTr et'onoil to-day. and 5100 hags have heen sold at very full tpi eeos, viz:--5(0 I'ternas,r 8 3-4d to 9 .1.A, 700 F:rgvp anss, 1-SI to 103-Id; 300 BHlhias, 9 l-Id to 8 I-:d1 8,510 \merioans, 50-1 to 8 I 4d. LONDON, Auo.4. 'rho late untoward weather hll nturatl Iv inducend ome very tarn pe,cap tioso in ro, a r d they Ihrva een carried oni to such .a extent, that it is oallfidently nti-i'eos Ihvesperrlell peItares, that torPIogn co)r, i thie cours of trlte pr.areut mnonthi, will he impel ed sad sold uorder the lowest ea's of dtvy. Thecorlr cropr. rcund are extremely fin,. but Ihe warnt of warm weather is beginning to produce anxiety. tamnllord Mercury. Coalstsrc'Osrd tlia kernoonort tOit1.o4 A monoy and 93 I-9 boyersfor tho ccourot. tldi stouuk is 064 1.2 Io.nlmy. 'flle irenoiloio upon Exchhrluer billsI s Ikrlltavaned to 15 :, 77, eIe oil Illlln IBond to d 6 s 78. The foresigll riolkt has bseo vory LEEDS. Au. 5. The demand for eoa Irot. cbth halls thks week slly ke.t tace wit the supply. rlcfs are fi In, sId the stock on hond unusually low. Ituoiaoer has olso beesn fully as btl abnrltk s ottltae sitre warelouseS dorlog Ue pat week. CITY OF NEW YORK. 14th S.EPTE)BEIt, ennstu.A EVENING. St!ls were flaot United tltate. O-illl shah.r r., l.d at 1231-2. arhcltse 'l c N rwr l qIooled a - o 1-2 prr ant din orlllt. on Natchez 7. ard oil t.bll.e at 61-2. Braodoo Bank funds are, much better They went t' at 3:r ier ooit. t'te pae eat shrp . eflti -i did rut 5a I tor day. i'Ve reoceive th:t the rlrttol, Crop in the tunltrtville valley of N Alalam a oetremely toIrt. Cuorrririsuts are also ssnde on the Ar' f olhort crps. Si.ti, inim.led tihat he atorlleo' Gceral oftle 'United Stlates hnsdolared ino f,vor of lavirng duties tn all orts of e t od. WIhat else could be expected 1 The attoruey la ol mere shve of Ila srpeioroes. OFFITI.L QUOTATIONS OF STOCKS. 1 S lonk til8 3-4 UGr':, d Gulf Bank 30 1tat0 I0otk 1604 1-S Sotuther Trust Co 85 Itutces.r ro overs 168 hto.'otha Gauso 3 Ott Del.,t Ihlods., 79:1-4 8toulu torll It. It. 74 I.2 I-l 4 nohIwrk L1 t75 t-4 Vr.kshourg 2 I-. Bostonr & Frivideoce 1055-6 Alulnlic i yak, BroloYI 099 Untoe d4) 119 0 Ohl)I., L Tru.t Ite 5-8 tl.rleno 68 t-2 Kl.otue6y 93 tI.2 New Jrry do In4 Now niuptr I)tl Ilridgo co 51 I.o,,g Wlilo il, di4: FocrlelT .13 2 ylpt:use & Utica R 10U0 dro. I,f . T'l'rut 115 P.rro-rou 71 TII". EXECUTIOJ1: q's'00 _ Tlfhke sterln ",oat 5MEMPtHIS, S Let,, w.ill stuart i'ro n tor 1,,ndig ;.="'~. a 1'-l'. -, at half post feu o''clock; This l)av,trllc 2"-t inst, :nrd rol ther laeding snt the foot of:oarnlntreet, at II n'colbk, fir tile potrous,- of carrvyig pasasoeers (low nto tnd ,ro .e t" ,'.xcu:in; To es rtio imrrurliiliv altler it is over. The Blr will be weroll flrnilhed witr l;Iquors, and every atte0ti ln paid to ihe cl|lu't oflpaossollgers. ITl.ausoage down OhlC IDuller, to be puid oul going abolrd: . sp'2 S ALt-t0 ennor, crortrining i doren ion salt in stnr o o H.kPL8N & COOPER, ep2282 Jllino t. sTOIl\ GE-- t00 bb5 or tih bulk thereof, will be toklel on accolmmudaltln. lerms, by CIIA.0PLIN & CltPrtPiI, nei2d 61 Jliao st. EDGeiHfLf[ SCHOOL, Princeton, N. J. T HIS institution hea bee nowe nin cearr in suR a1 ce-sfl'ul operation, during which Ime it has re eived thle tpp1,ee ihni. tul tetclro age of lir. Cla, lMr Suuth.rd. aMr Biddie 'nd dmanv otiler dlstinglished getteellee, ,hl haere crtleced it oe e plhes for tile tdu otn Of teirn eaens. It is helieved, erot its pltan, to comolilne the advantages of pritate anm pil'' Ic edeaetiol, and to attilrd an o pportulnty of no oldi anry character to those desirous of giving their sons a thorouglh etcatlicn TlIe .steel l inotruction pnreled in this Semlinnrv cltaimlo.l atlinitv to .he called asyv methIds whii 01 prolpose to rcmoe nil lahoor and dlrudgery freom tile acqieitiooeell hemcleelee. 'The lsubscriber anot pro miie atnlv tlel \Ialableal meental Iacthisition, wtleel i t out the result of a slow, l;utiett, nltlO-taking pro cees nt tile port oftlhe pupll hiheelfl. WVhat he does ela preomise, is, I every means in his power, to stimulate bl the pupil to tii e invieeratig plnoees. Ilie object is h lutvo deep and broad the fot datiinn of a good es.a- us tiolt--n-oot to Ilke iocre. leamned, hove, hot to snhjeect h ed alld ble eIrn. d \ tile therlbeor tie .tgdles pursued, pi and the time devoted to etel, vary somlewhat accord- sll itg to the deotiatiol of tlhe pupils for commercial or Be professional libl, it is his constant liten to , e ttethe in- te etructiolrs in each department ,te the most rigid and lit thorough-eoing kindl. Boys stllldin G(rek and Latin l' are constantly exercised ill maekig dlonble translatiollns from the 'Enlish iito these languegen, and the reversre, a and as ston as sueliciently athatceed, ae a re eqired to I coinloet li these lallneaug', and tl writ' Lattto end Greek vrceti ter the ileantler el t le re ere ated En lish end EuropealOn Ichools. Boys whoe are intelnded d for co'mercial lif., and whose parents on this account ne do tlct wihl toem inatetuted in the Ancient I.auguage, gi arerained to accuracy ,ted )prompltness i tle practi- w cal apltlicnatlonsof mathematics, llef receive more lamp.e elteeertouities ftr a practical equaintalce with it the \lodern Ltetgu:les. rite IPench is studied with a view toc ie eoelng h a spokens, nod ntot written lan guage eterely ; and teo lh end it is the .aily medium of cemmuniert oin allowed at the table, as well as at the recitations in that delpartnwet:, and the more t, - vanced classes are required to employ language ee recitilng ih other delartments. ao T'Ie sclool cosisetntirely ,f t:oardersl no day achol- el ee being received. 'rle teachers and uptl lieve with to tile principal, eatin"g at the .same table, sleeping under the same roof, ani eontilnting il a' p resplctsonen- f mile. The disvipline ie entirely of the purelal kitnd. elfigiou. instructiolneis seedulelny attended te , chlicly le from tile Scriptures themselvesn, ell wilhote iensititg D upon the pecunliaritiest of any one sect. The grountd is ale ant I , tflilbrdig ahundantoipportun.ity for healtllftl spels int one llpellnir, as oel es for tle exercise of i t geltllitetd tlate in g Cardeli.g tilel eieR meeChaleie., 1) nits t hoo those who are dispto-etl to aminse tenntselves ill this manner. No hoy is allowed to leave tlhe plremses exce et y the perutssii of thle printeipal, end thlle us ly in cuotlaley withll a teacher.''lme st'ritest etten tine is paid to keeping the dormitories well ventilated,, Idry an clean. The teachers sleep in the dormitories with the boys, and the lieter are' not permitled t.e shpeak, Inor to hold anll colttllniea ittll with erch other, hrom te titme of ielerine the id rditoryv ill that of leaving it. tO portoeities" tvie' artl elitirely excluted, the slhol)ll beil, teitlle'Iet witlhnt the town, ate apart from II other huillings, and the haIe beinsg never w lllit the+ )rcsoll~ e Rllst .Itl ervisiOn of the prillnt l ir one of tt tsslmttlt. IPocket money is distriluted r weekly yh the Irine pul, the aulo ont depeeiditg upon tle elct of ttle pupil lurieg the week, thongs never exoee'h.g twoety-iv: erents. It is not desirablee nor ustlmary to receive buos over twelve yeearn of age. ' tioen eight or nine yern old are preferred. 'Tne sehool year is divided in two seenions and two vacations, the g wiote, pse: ,r comemencing the fieRt day of November, ad ilhe sleeemer sn-sioe the first day of lay, and the vacations teing tile months ol ipri and Oetielmr. T'he tudle eembracted ill e telan of this Sleminarry are tie Greek, Latin, IElench and Spanish I.anguageb; (;reek and Ioman Antilqu ties; Arithmetie, Algebra, Geumeetr, oand .orveyine; .pelling Readliog. Enleglisht Gremotetr, English oeteopolttoo and Elocution; Gee graphy, I:ien and Mteerln Ililtorv, tneieet end Ot., cren; Lrvielenree of Christinlitlyl Peoltnnshipt, Ithk keeping, Sacred Music; the use oet the Globes. end ithe 1.ilnments of Astrtonolt. nd Natutral History. 'rTe charge ioe each pupil is three iundred dellare per' annotm, lay elel , semi-annually ill adnvance. Tife Eslen is in ct itfor all the te titln, of whatev r charnacter whichl the pean of the neh ml embrace-; fir hoarding, lodlgin, wahineg, mending, feel, light, including also tile ueehofbedtdieg, books, stationery, mapse, globes, I - hraries, and other prigilegee. tile parent or guardianet will ha:lve lIl extra elt rges, except for lolieladvane-t' ed or articles n' cloti.ig e procured aet indie eetn by thie Iincipal, flir ibard in the vacations, or ftr medical atten.lae.e, ii at aly time it should become neceeaery. JOHtN S. HAIRT', P'riecil.,I IEFlRENcNeR-'tlhe following pertloS are referred t, all of whom had sons or war Is in the school. Kat tuc'khn lion IteIIm'y Clay: New Jersey, Itelt Seeeee'i LI Sollth rd:l Iteellllse Ivl|il, NiL.holae Bi.dlle .i.ose : loilda ae n t'lienlch: l)elawareI, leo .J Ill ligll: I Ianmlbere Ilor, Pii., Hton. \G'ire ('hmI l'an : 1 'ril(Pololl N.J I(rev 1)r t \l tleadl lle ItI C e, and lhete'ri t;i'.eiee: e'ethens, tiecI, IlellrV Jeli k , eilllltr I, : I.ex:iiOI, teo. Jollehe lih 1. ttI Iulld u iiel cel: Ni oeII r l l iHe .1 i e \r eilliu m e I 'hnbar p I \ V I l i ti h i< l l l \'illiut n 1 I H w eo ll [I, a lrTil: l w ( r I ere , Ile. Jtnee Ila in ti:. lhoen , alnd Mart1ln ir - rlle Ice q-: le teend .h . .l lee , i , 1 t ly t'ae l l'.e I : 'James hu ll nt eeevillec Ala, hotre t e arst Istl: t a-l ti caw l eeI : ell e,. oItr i t le t iti, tel , te l e lee 11e l let ler c I- it : I.I tnehh rt V, .I' ohnlo I)tlv tirc:l 1V f iltetlon l v " +lil.le · I " th I J Slll+Se, lliotoiunrc, r \V ]lrtllie, I, \V" Sto lll, J \V I tll natll, Illnd J TeI tclier, Ie: eiic: (ellllrn ( I tt t t llN\ Je cltiiu il H, Le e;: Icw ' li l 'i t -e .t Ie- llle ' t lto y and \ 'illih n t\ l oece t t s, elee'w 'ork c 'itec l t otelev t( "Sh,' t l.ll I 1 elilliccce Tleleeel ,t ItallI l .l1 I ttetll tlie 'Icllell t I - l cthew ,ieeieec l C .e e ! ,,h i'tc.hhc , c ciltd \1 ti el e e, " lte, Jclhce Chceeln ere, 'len Icerrilc It himn, atel l. , Irs 1i~ tee tlilht: I 'ttae -, Cuba, litoiltce leilee fthirit'z. . _ s ,,,,,., - :t . . . ... . . . . CIhILLENGE BLACKING! AS. S. \I.\StN, of I'hilad I ts,, Ibtse+ respet. fully a1 , r loppose. thile me. lnlS Iln puliic :cel aully of New l rr l and llll llt l.n , tIllt I llil a oII n l tlle enassr. I)'ln c, meniee igenlts for aho sale tf i tt ,i&i'infled trod a tnlflaltle Cli I.Ii.dN(F (oI')'1' ANiD SII(OE BLACKING in Ibis s ol]on of country; :.n arhiele which standll pre rllil'lt irhs beaullitiful Ihslre, Illlltniforlnity of unIII itV The maunntitcturer aarrantl the Challelge Black. inr to retain its virlll in ila climate, aidlll prlerve the leather to which it is app lie+d, HeI. ofiiro $10"( pre milllnm ItO InnV ersoln Who will producee its sel usI tr. "LI'a fiI.e.RII+.'.*lit a n it tihe ,,-tre ttf 1lt'atl. teae anil l)'iange, from terhiants of li0 lighel' respecai hlility, hearin tle timonrl v to itshlleautv atll uperlorily over eelav other IIlacking in the United Statas. All orders tir this artilse in N. Orleans, or atll y pat nlthis aection o'fthe Union, must be birwnrded n to the S.le Afenltt us Iahntt, aht will pay particular atteantion to the same, and fill thlenl at the manllfietretr' prices. .IAS. S. lASOtN, Philada iphin, sept. I0, 1831. 95 Callowhill st. RIEESE & I'LAN(:iE, Conah atid F'ancy Store, 18 Caimp street. B ID-.50 tbl Pilot li+ inst-o . ri ".nla by B t CIIAlPLIN & CO)OPI'iII, s 2o 8it Jltlin at. I 11E-1.I11ii Casks 'l'Fimataon l.imte landintg fGrot brig Chiiftain, and fr ale W E by S & J P WVIIITNE Y' nau4 8 Cllli street. Fi)R HlVI E IThe fine fat sailing Atl hipt ZI(TOFF; Jacob ilerrl, Imster, will have immediate lt aspalhb. For freight of i00 bales conlt, ori passttge apply to V I ;.FEVI 11 G \I,, sell 93 Common t t. UA.t.\IP-'0 I-ues tlileutlne's .N 1 Soup, in store L.\AW. ENCE ' I.EG;ENR I1F; sepl)2 8 & 2! New I.evee. J"A I--80 hhln, in fine thipping rnter, in .tore, and for sale hV C LWIWRENCE K- IJEGENI)PRF, seplo0 2; S. 29 New Levee. TI;A\ I)U ltI, I,aRa i1; AIi t )' i or I trean from af' berihbr on the 17th l. inlt., it a1tll1 dtto colored S tht h Terriel Slllt. \homver will retrun said dog shall ereeve tle above rotnrdl. gi DORSEEY, aepO9 44 New Levee. ý 'AN, I';i)-A peraon to t.n.e iaRge of a frew t row and dt iver thle ilk. A ,lortherller or Gernman preferred. None n ed atp ny without thlly tan dr t' and Ilfe bulls ti-s a ld canll milkk Apit .t 19 't.htpitoalsa at. aeptu9:3 S(iilN-l0tIO llnish.s at ite Contin prime Oider, a fur Isalt by CiIA.IMPL.IN & COOPER, 82 Julia st. ITS-r:j_50 suCes O~nt it r , for sal I." set1,d 82 fJul ta st. S in stare, for salo Iv CIIAAMPLIN & COOPEIl, step`n Si Jlia st. Ir Al.. - bl(! kct.heTar in store, hIr alne iby 1 -or~m CIIA.IIP.IN &~ COOPER, sep,-20 82 Julia at. IEAS--100 lackrs GeO'n a ea-i in store, r Balni by I CtlA3Ii'I.IN & Ctttl1'ER, f Ie l athit at [t)i.A) sNI Cn.k. -511i AitasSea Iittta. itt atlt, a d. for nale by CIIAIPI'LIN & COfIPEll, sep_) 7__ C Jttlia st. .-A[--.N30 haIh+' nthIIIhrlI TWarthrY l ia store, -l for iadl ty 'iiIIAMPLIN & COOPFER, sel2t0 1 2 J II ill r t. S.hi1:i1lN(i 'tt9t tt'atKnackhy Iiaggtttg, in tatta " t ane.. foralea ly i.YET &I AIIELUNG, : lt. c'21 17 Con.h seIvewIr I i T'T'' ER. till keh s fa 'e tt r B ttttr in stoe, a nd,, Jl will b s l bi L, LAYEit' i, At EI.ttr, I.AYET & AAIEi.IANG, stnil0 17 CO'tnera. St. ,)icnf a. ula t Oetatle .h'.ealtaie !ail ,and,) FIFTY IDOll.,ARS IREWARD. SllI'ENalTI'D ii!n-scllf it anlt'rt lali alltltellII.IIEY, it r' auna t t t )ePri this sat o Wiis recentlv itllir itr'it tlthi st ate |,t IPy J. Snrra t, lt,.aq, of ),IIS toI collIt\- lAte ofA':ilhdmo . Th 11, lh , e lte l'd gedl in tliy of" the jails of t'this ull. JA rl c;.s H ft \hI'llVl. - t ti,i.t,;i t. nctt,,',t,. - 1 t.tti ait t ,t le, val . 'al I Ii \'rit;: B.Tll.IERl, o Ptytdrlis at. SECOND MUNICIPALITY. ICE-50 casks now Innding from Charleston, for ntlo by S G BlLA\CHARD, jyl2 3'1 Grovier street rl ' LTI--The Ilioue situlete on the corner of ) (Jrange and Relipiut street,; anply to J 1) REIN & A COHEN, jd __,90 Common street. A Cord. ORLEA iS LITIIOGR.IP.IiC ETABtLIBIH MEnT, 53 MAG.IZINE STREET, OPPOSITE BANK'S AROADE. , GREENE~ rtdrne hits sinere thanks to hIi . ,iderads andl thi e pufllie of New OrlaveoRtr.e patreons bhestowed il Iii ltfor the lust tr o vearv , and lhgs leave to asorte thto tlltt ail rlets commn:tted to hit lhorge shall bie puctunlull ottended toe he will as nsual, keep the office open auring the umoader, ano thall he Ilatos raldv to strike off merchant's Acie. TIes, hu-ineas and addroess cards, finterl noticel.mals. plasto and drawituk , of every description, at the ltllrlest notice, and on tie most reasonable tirms. Be o assisteld by tnrtietl suprior to any othter establih. nteattin the city. aln from lone experience in thes litehogrphie line, lie eelt confident of givins entire etisfonctin. N I Apltthecries andt druggists' labhels execat d is" as ootl style Ao copperllaOte engraving, andil l e. third of tta expense. Jyr4 ] O-l0 S ,iLI-'If-,o lspllendid steam Ite at M.EcHk.wI Shlaving tolderone a thorough repair, will be re dv fOr Ten in a few day; this I,1tt is clipper laterted aitd ctoplred, with a iopper boiler nle l splendid ae giue her leeomllUlnodtltiona beine very extetlive, anid well found in every respect: for further prOlaiuliar op clv at tho ship ynrd ofC reory Biern, where she now lise, or to MAUNSEL WHITE t Oree, aagl--15t 96 Grvier llreet. OF -ICL- N W (IERLEANS & NASIIVoLLE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. D tRA FTS tn New Yo k at eioth, 30 and 60 daye I sight, for sole, in surts to suit p turhlteri. Al so. Cedar tilnlber for posts andl sleepers, aod Philmal thia lumber wheels and carts for sale on 5 reonaable telros. JAtLIEs I1 CALDNILL, aug2S3-6it_ Predert. TAKE Notice no bill aoeeitet the Fleadtr Dew SI)ock. sieneld anl approved by Jmes Ditk, wi hterefter he paid Iy the owners ol the flonting Dry Dock, thle said James I)i'k having never bee nuolhor ited to inke ally eotntret. Illtrtovnr, e ll . ills from this date will have to heap ro signe y te aent of t bFleo ing Dr Dock. IIERMOGINE BROWN !l * CO, augn23 9 Cotii sat. v fAYEI)-fOn sIte 10th insot. a Scoth Whit. 'terrier Slut, black tot the point of the nac., hair a little r.ttgl. Whoever has the solme will plenet to return her to this office they will he lilberally re wardd. oaug 21 tlOl'lE a OAKIUIMI. fORtI'Y I.oles ofOakum and 150 coils Mlanilla re-p L aesrteid sizes, juot received ndil or sale by S LOCKE & CO. nutz7 220d IrIeree NOTICE. IHE undelrsigned hoaving been duly appointed by Sthle tlllorable, thie flirst Judicial Dstriet Court. ntnntittillaitr to estimillate tndt assess the danmagesad Cexpense tf widlcing Itcllitntac street, betoeel New Le. tee street andi tile river, have made their estimate and a e-sment, and have deposi'edl true copies thereof, to. gether with the plan, in the office of the clerk of said court for the insl.ection of all whom it may concern. Atd public notice i+ hereby givren that said estimaNt and assesrsment will be tresented to said court far eoa fircntiaon, on Saturdas, the twenty-ninth day of Sp teo,ber next; and all persons iltersted in property nlit uated on Roffhi nnc aeet, or the vieinity thereof, ra I herebly nttfied to make their objectioas, if any they have, to said estimate and assesrsmoent, on or before the tI ontv-fBrast day ttf Septemther next. New Orleans, August 22, 1838. G. BUiKE, ) S. FIELD, CCommisiserev CILA'S, A. JACOBS,) iugj22 -1831. VIS--Lea aoussignin'avast htk dei.meot nom.m Spar f'huuornhle ctur du premier distrtict judiciire. eommiuaires pour (valuer et taxer le dommsage ela " frais de 1'klargrsement de Ia rue Itoffignac, eotre s rua de la Nouvelle-l.eve et le fleuve, tiot eomplet leae tableau d'ivalnttitn at de tare, doest ils ont depose de vraies copies, avec n plan, as bureau du grnee de Indite ceur, pour l'itmsection des intiresses. i't iavis plublic eat lttutdi que lIo nsdittablaaneara prt-eit a indie cate ur pour eonfirmotiln, eamedi In2 te Slttlnhere lroeh:eint; et toutes personnesinteroesuse dBllan India tableau td'i.valnttit, et de tare, savoir: ton. tee pcrsenentc ovn interet dane lea proprletes aiten" Sdonas it rue llolhtnse oUi le voininoge aunt par lspie ,eat lotifes dl fuire Itou objectint, s'ilsen ontt audit ableitu dl'enllhlutiui elt dI tire, la ou avant le vrigtet olln l' sePprntebrc prochain. Noiuvell' Orletins, 2? snt 1838. IS I'1II, Commnl 111CAII11,S A JACItIIS, SIII'I'TE IHAVA\NA SUGAIt-5S bnoxn ol prim. V qualit, store, for toile byv IL.A'I'gR ., TRIER, 10 'ovdra. street. 1.N WAY from thef subscriber the yellow boy R ItIlI tlbou. t ?t2 veanrs old, 5 fet 10 itches Ili.h, stmut and well Iiiit. flat forelhead, and wheospn kee to rallber (h,-n Inlokinenai sl ow of speech. Tea Iollhars shaIll he paid to inny person returning him to Ithe subscriber, at 52 iNew LeveWG. S & W G BRYAN. __ " ILrN'T . THAT Ael',l klow,,,e andl ,pociots boarding l house Fituated in (Canal Crr etbetween Char. Irsr andl I,,rier. ns., occupied for the taut four years by Mirs shell. IPossession given on or be. re tilie in of Novelnller next. Apply to 'I'. II. II I.E & BROTHER. selt 15 Na. :I elllllt on, corner Mageazine at. .......... IN|K tlv'l IN IH! ( IN hand I very large ate k of teery variety of lack,. L blie, crenl and red fluids and lake. all warrem. li po b, .f up icrlr quid y, hor sale by the roeee dozen or slug blld,", b I AVID FEll' &dC s.p ' Nte Y.ork P.Sttio re lHall, 24 Chartrease. I y eel,:I (1 , l. H() il". , I-IBLta-. first quality Linseed Oi, to, sale ý- 10 G. I ORSE Sep lb 44 New Levee. 1-TE.X.\s oney fors alehbvI. It.II I), B - .- ep IS !t 39 CC.Oae1c, , lcer Macaa N. .\ 1 S--UUL kegs asorted, for tale by ii ADAMS & WIITALLI sep 15 tf 67 Gravier street. [, JAN 1' D hntulrdI.lely tt t1~h Orleans lithogr. . ` p h w ' ,i, t t n. a . t. st a l I c b h me n t 5 3 l a g ar . i n e i ! r 1 t a Printer end Witheron stone. ono n need applyhb those aar e fall, e.,- elent. erpli IRICULARS, t'ireo .rs! Cir.ulsra !- Merclma wishing to have a beautiful cireular struekffat he shortest nltice i, hat only oe ,l1 at the Orleaea L. tlaoglplhic tltfiee 53 Magazine sis opposite Bank'. Arc'ade. septlb aP ad l. CAeDLS-250 boxes beet New Berl and Nantucket br.,lnd, for sale by I AAC BRIDGE & Co, sapl5 134 Magaain streel r1.ll.ACCl\l-'.It roxess manefactured tobacco, , l 12~, ande pound lo aps, of various brands and qua. litie- , ,.r sill by aepl5 ISAAC BR1I)DGE & Co, 1:4 Macazine at ,f) WIII'l'l!llGI &a Co., have removed to Noa. 7G. Magazinie l.reel . sept 14: 3d t -" ,~1l rel-. of Luna ; 1150 Ilala Hlay, lad -[ ini fro.u brig (+o.e ne, ald for sale by LEVI H GALE, lalll 93 Caeorton street. hilt 'TlrFIll tr.,lT I'IIAIRIE-A Train f CVara cwill rl.e tle lle ept at thite Iblot ol Canal at. lo the PRAIAIE COT(.I'A(E,every day. Departure--8 a c--4 p an.-lItetrn, 12 m.-6 p m Sll ia --6 a ml---Ill a in-4 p m--8 a m-I p m 6p m. This arrangement till f1rther noeiae. Sept 14 JAMES II CAl.DWEI.L, Presd't STATE OF LOUISIANA, ahA VCeetr fer IBe I ari) h (iyovsN. Orleans.e. preset t ,t on Charles lthuram,Judge. No. ll. 123. John Vr h r it acte ctuislody. .l. his credit ceo and i.Lt. creditors of Wlhite & Foley. Sellalember 13th,, 1838. UPON r-nrig : ý fi liing the pcetitLi and schedule in tris case, it is ordalil ii by the Court that a meet pig ofthe cedite, s ul Jbhn White, and of White & Fo. ey dot 5..e r lac. in opeo Court on the 6th day of O " r sext, tihe ,and ihere t, Ideliberate on the affaiir af Johl\chMiit in hii. ir:tlititual elcacily sad ue mmnaer of the frm of \White & Folev, and to ahee cause why tie said Johll White should not be d " charged according to law, and in the mean time ".. lroceeding a gai-t hia person and property adl staved. Order tlthe Caourtl. Clerk's Otice, New Urleans, epenlther 13th. at sep 15 t'tt2 0d ._ l LL (5 SI.TAT 1)E LA LiUITISiANE-Cotr ia Pa..l, LJ poer laparoaist el villa si le Nouvelle Orleae,.. trirsett liot. Charles Maurian, juge, eeptembte Il 1838--No I11133-Joh White clntre sea c ranciers lee crrancicers et Ice crbanciers de White& Fole - Sutr Itere et enregistrement t de In petition et tahlem I daocs cett affire, it let dberbtb par la rour qeauae a.. semblte des erbanciers do John White et de White & Ftoley sit lieut et pleine eour lt6 d'octlore prmchaln, ppour y 0tia'berereut loa aflhires de John White dan as shatpel0 into iduemlle H comae uI sombre do Ina cit e nWhite &P Foley, elt pour faire Sovoir pougnoi ihdat Jc.t \Vhite tsrearn pa db:eharge slon Ia loi at ei atttllhtdat ttote poureuites c tre so pelsooe at e e irmliaiesa olt aredt. I.Par ordre dde lacour. Nou. velle rbl6ans, sept. 138. t, 15 J OLIE, Dbptc( Grefier. ,tE P RM1 Whale Oii--150 gallons winter sperm oil aL7,e110 tallons i, mer oil -.311i galons, refoile Se, ,f sale y VHLCIRIDGiE bPCO. 9ng21 . 130 MagaBine a. -- gaa-aetl. i EURO CLO'T'HS, LINSEYS & KERSEYS S'IThe subsctriter offerl for ale, landing from shi .,tcord, 2 blaes ptai i,n iaaI negro cloi . bal o hierl nlXd ie, t it ielth 18 ules lineays, assirted. Itblors; I hle a bire swan skins; case rintled kettym habulc eavy nfixed Cordova aersevy. baleunO.:*t:- cva kerseys. jf 12 ISAAC lBRIDGE Co, 134 Mlagaziae lreer S'\RI.;Ei1:\'F;R',". Illliil ixtn-tt ofF arsaparil na an,. .} litowand' T ot'u c 'e iiture, tecetved by Se.1 H BOANABEL. 'l'elhopitoulaul , 1UA'-l25 btxcs Heatsl ole ioap.ttJacSp aJk cileat now lt.ndiug fiomt ship COocordia Grom l t; t ,,,, d lor sale by JuLPH COCKAYNE. fipt l 25 Common atreet ,,ci','uýG AND IlUPti-100 coirn yevlt . # Mille, 800pieeeIKentuck- BeggOng, in all r.maI for sie by LAWRENCE & LEGENDRE, selit6 B and 29 New Lesi

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