Newspaper of True American, September 22, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated September 22, 1838 Page 4
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S 3isnatippi ntia teod.elailn Hotel, ,- AiRY KRItLAND repetdalhly an. d,- eeatl to Ilrfrrende and the public glne. that illa is preparp d to ,ecommolate them at i-idit intabliashlneat, and hopes fr am her -pi91en ton reander visitors eomfurtblec, to receive a 5imthnuance of frmenar favors. She fIsa atinfi. etts. that parmmon iaiting Covinglon dlring the nlammer months, a tlinnt Gad btterr vcllllnodtliatioln ti-.- aIhe an afford thornm, on monro libhral lnrm.. Ietr alsee is plaanntly siatattd, andl w supplied 'With eiery eonlvnit tnerI; the bar is furnishea d with'slmiao liquorn. &o. i sllort, she promises SBnothinl shall h: wantiatl on her part to give eatisthuion to all wHIt may patronize tile S.di~lmsippi and L.lislana Hotel. je3 f'dt 0 PUBLC.-The uandearigaed. having .dis under Dr. Scl.midt of Cllharleston, r,, diaan.raal for oiens years his aseirtant in a1sreUo ef madicihe and surg.ry, has the lhonor .,ele his proteaional services in this city. :iaesimteeas the ladish and gentlemen thath the most p ltyattanatien will be paid to the aolls which . i.ia.lde; nod also otlnra his servrioe to the o a eUlotels, being well acqlainted with the eeiusldtalnt.h, tLthtem, having attended them in 140 iVi r uI .. ini Charleston. .Tl.e , 1ou anti bilious pills a ter the comlposltion Il Prtuteoar Sunolletee, a ith directions, can be had of the undersigned. The efitat which they have n-eetbendn this and other cities, has been attended * nhe gheateI t elcesa. to which the hast of p ana be given. Apply at No. 166 liea. Zjr ee.JO. Wi LORING. A . hSCREWS, OAU o b " IONS, &c. R'1HE II1WELL )WORKS COMPANY, No. " P" Water, near Blekenan street, New York, "l e'vocesived the part season, and are corstantly naesting large and eteatcive additions to thile ato eaL thUbsoae gods,a. whiel now consiata of the ill.inguiaortmentl1 suitable for the southern and 0*bhrta markets. M.llow ware ot superior qualily, consisting of ab.-it 1.00 tonsi vii, Pft of 9t ditrenat elser, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 asie., from 3:8 to 311 gallons, akttles, 15 ince, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, ner oOvens, T7dlffrenteszos, tattles, 6 do , . . 5 do itiders . 6 do Coled Spiders, 2 do Ornddles, . 4 do . de Wagon bmaes from I 1 4 to 43.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inaehs. od Bcrew-, 20.000 gren, iron and brass, from 3 s , Nch . . N t 3 t 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior aty .ad finish, and less than Jamo's imported SSad Irons, aseorted, in casks of about 500 Ibe for slailing. T'ailota and hattor's Irona, assorted. Bash weights, 100 tone, assorted from 1 4.4 to Beast for PlIntotions, steamboats, ehurches, &e. made to order,. Also ateamboats and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to thle tatollteonl of Southern slid Westerla merchants, and are offaered for sale at low "rises, and upon the most liberal terlnm; it is be. levaed to be tb largest and best aseorlmenut ever 4 arend for sale by anly aim eetabltshmont in the United States. Marchants, by forwarding a reque0t by mail. can have-a pralntd circoular, with doicriptilt of geode, ,rleesand terms, from whiell no devlationl is ever made, thrnished by return of mail. Allorders will receive immetndiate attention. N#w York, 1838. j".3 V Ellt)N SYRikUP & ltCKilK. --Unror do Le J manoo STroup and Pichles, I.oocizrt toes; alit, bil boxeas. rcof L.eis & I-lahll' Pickler; for arne ho close a ioa.ignnmnlet, by JAIVIS t. ,Nl)ltt.WV, .11 ert Coionll an lilld Tla,1pitatilr O --lithi haell bocs 1 dInap, Ibrand ol Jlames A ( Gould. fur uale by ISj.AC 11. l;i & Cit. ull6 134 Ilgazine str-et. ToI" LI'T. O E-l.N s dwellina hole.a on Triton street, be tweca Troli ('irle and t armidalet .lIreet. m99. Apply to J OTT, HV ItLELBAIRROWS, &c-25 \1 heelburrown , 25 dirt do. ill tls.e, rir ale br lIIAAll LN & COOPER. all 82 Jul'ast sea.AL.v ann ruled Car und Leter lP.per., af all iun .i liieos,ellniatll.g o rvery suiperlior Ille laid, blue and while wae., and lainit and ruled rough edge record cnp, .e~tantly on h.y d and 1o l la rlnh by 1AlIt) F'FL' & CO. '.31 N ' FSlrtimlllt ' Ill, i ('hertrno nt. S5u biresn f3 dui eah to.erlle l ine. 8I2n , 5il do of4 dio oo l 121; )ti do of 2 do L I Port, 1816; ll do afl2 do LI.P trownl ibhrry , tl;t i10 piper extra i nletiro. For ale hv tltL..iO(;ENE. BROWN 4 , Cm. ,or Qi i,,r ti atreilt. B LANK BOOKSI. f terv vatriety if rltlinep nd Slaanwdaiug, constantly so honit: 0ild Printisp. Itotii aad BLtti. neat.lhy exeuedt:lor -h'hrt noce, by IeA VIII FP, 'S'.e" CO. m:1 N i' tatilneri' I lull,'tl Chartres rl. Sl.edfurg,r ale b A A BI C ISAAC BlRIDGE sf'l). aml 131 .laguzin sttreet. 170 ttNR T. - -- SNEW ti etory hbrick boll.e, situated 5 doors from tih e'lciud ,tatieiioalily itl,ot St C(:lar es stleet. tellt very liiw, poues.aion given inuediatetl Eqoeul. .t thie Itremnis. st, f. L(OUIR-0t bbls s FI Flour. for olll iev 5 C.i 1 ACON Sidra for rae byN SInl (1 lallIQEV. 4dl New teaae. 1'AG1Ti.i G ANDT tWI' " 1-1 tic, . c.os,utul ,I 1511 coils Iope, lualing from Amlbnas.lnr, fi rsmle by' L1 El' ac A'IELU.,G, " d1 17 Cu(nuterce st. IN7i--j 1 ptetes Ketnttcky llogcin-, luarid in steamer tieu Wavco;. ti.! fior .le by TYORKE, Il;OTHgR.1, I. (is ('i n lt 'treet. NO IW ROUUT NOR COPAIVA tew tihle -on, itt. 1., 1827 A BOLT six mintohe ago I had the misfortune to, get a sseret diseassr, for,, hicb I hItve aelplied to aeve. ral detest for a ecrte, and they did not cte tsme, nlow sn th ahbove date I put .yvtslf iwler tite cae of Itotcte telet, ad I eaxcct him to curs nm. inlce that tihem he dirslle got wotl, an ita tIo br.k tnt in large ulcer, tl the number ofi six r eight on m hIt leg aod all ovte mt. tace and stre thruat, sils tilt shie to work at h' ppeetu timr omt accointi of tile dio.eoe; lrae Iucer o 'ight' aiods Of tie therat. I am tinr potting or as eoaflrently unaderthe care ol Dr. lnPt, ,.f l'As, to be perlieetiy e red JuHN DEAN. fa:. 14 ly I D OtPRTIFIY that thIe an ,e ment eined disnese .qite well cured to my eown oatis f.atiin, for whlih I hank Or. litat; sal moreover I ore ,re that tithe metdi sil:ed have taken mlie tone fat, an d id t injure iy osalth at all; Iheresfre I advise miant f Ilow ttlerrs t u Yhiy~wtll Ind a true dloctr for this cnmploint. JOHN IDEAN. llt tirnvier street. IPihly mon wants to see me. call at No.4I iUiravie tteet, a td tlvy will he catisleld. t e opublshed at the olpti.' of Dr. DUet. JOAHN DIAhN. '~eOlear. Pn h . Pell . r, , , i houLindnin indeo Inda,. ta.ou.-out .-, . ... . ... " r httlI i put up in hottles at the low price if Sit ente each, ¢ontaitisg tie strength of thlree otnces of Ltveswort, heeS lesathe mirtoros ot miity other roots and herbs known amongl the Indians as efficacious in curing pnlmu'arv 4oolalludint,.. Tho u rnivlled ttceeas which has attendetl the ole of (bde inestimable whrerver it hbs tben intr d.sed. has oht.oined the contidence ael rcen:nm, nda lltnsef rpeetable physicians, for the etlr of congasl aeol4, pain n tlhe side, want of re*t, spitting or blood, liitcomplaintm,e. wo oloa it mv enmeern. This io to certi'y teht we havelO 6iar praetrec freq.ttnetly piresrihed Mr+ Gardl ner's rldiaon Blonlan o Literwrat a d llolarhlnd,with sAdsided mal ellbet: we can theorelor, from the know. ledge of the materiels it is malde fru, i..tdi klcervatton atlePalsirleoaee reolet t.I it as i etli.erli prn" larationi ar all those dllctiMuu of the Illtug fr whiclh It is re mealudad. Aa.tRR Ii' VII.LI.MS, .l. D. CAI.VIN ELLIS MI. It. Mlnmtbet of ths Botastonl edical Association. Boston, October 4S. taby J.ti(VlS & ANDI)REIS, -atemmenlded ' y tle Medirnl F.cItylv. B L'FR .kaEfflerveiscent Magneosian .tprient-Por .L.Plgepteln t" it ligesaiam, hernou debtlit• , giddi. isee,.h bldehe,aeility of tho atrs ah, hlabitual co* teaeldodatneaus dle.ees,gout era' el,& . and touch ealWadl a gentle, cooling pttrnotive, T sr deirablepreparntio.n Ihas received the patrrn. age of mlm yetliltent mtiembers of I e prtlo.eeton, aIld rern aIdreerittLi pulic coloy reepeetab.le antl unseli. elke tetllttmflsl fite efficacy as a medioin ave loe e. elicited. With all tlhe pleasmng qualitiee of a llase ol weda waer, it ptle.sera tt: citl. ttedicit.l pr.lerties of the mtel a lpqr red alitutow prliutireo; it to pleasant to 11 i-iialaeald grateful t, alt toa.tah. IIMPORTA.hNT IAU'r'IN-Th'll, itreasirieg reptIle. liouk IE dlemtWid fwu iut!e.'s t.lfervccrout iluame ýpe"/ ti oft i, bsa asn i,.nedtnledt , for t tt e t tt ot h M;ri rai.taon of this cealuhble toed sine. P.rchasers are IopaylTrly wllrned eof this fact, that tley may be OeatD n l alu, n not procure an tnmpure aracle. The 1ublic am reepmtetltllv infor , ed that the ouhueri. mIiI'.ebmsntly sappliit wi I the trig.nul anil ge .mk ll- . For *,nl, whn esale a it re nil. SICKLFPD & CO. "goats. - -40 Cannal siree, N O. I..t$1EJ5 I Vegetable hiar lili, thr the res*oration, . r duwt of Hair, r iving health and beautt ,and ider Oil was ofeared to the puhlie, it had dse, fenesof baldness, tllilluttef a ld S slctdr a l ir, and intvery instance its oahlsurv "_ia ahluoad. It hasne ertf:ed lopnrdueo a 'Itbbdudtlrl irowth of halt ot hendo alreadyv h lefibre it becomes dry and celsees to g ro ti yLttull etar, raso readr it healthy, and prodcir i es-dd s I g.oew mth of hair. witnout tle lieul h ral-t- t da sad. 'Thi Oil ities a. aecres.ahle ra. - i it p ,Cule to i any ether Ii r Oil for per eaplytal glueeing the hair. The h ir dtl." ,- -siert f Fora ale at SEA. & D'I.A'nE. 1-:1:1, i, A -knl i' & CO, er now reeoivnftro , Son bocnl hi Orhleans. E.ale. Highlander, 'okrr letry Andrew. P n,, F h and Germsan play enrdm; Bacrk Cnstomw laardo; Ilheosamen, i 1-4 and 2 3-8 ialh Ilil ard Ball;: R. 9. I nd 14 ilnch Mlade Bowie Kniv;es: Leahller and otherr travelline Dresling Caes; Blt. Packet. ilor-enolul's, and loaolline Pistals; doable and single hlnrelled Guns: Game Pane; SIot Belts; Powder adl Pistol Fluaksh: Drasn Rattlle and Drinking Caops; : P'r-rv :on Capa and (Cap Holder;: Cloth, 'lair, 'Troth: h and Nail Iresheos: Orris and Chlorine Tooth WVash eooth Poawlr:" Toilet and Shnving Sonps, in rent ves.a rietr,: Ilote flair Braids, Ringlets andl i'rizeitr ; Pear.I and T'iletr Powder: Emerv Hane.; Ivory Tlh Cunshionasn Patemt SIls' or narters; Gato l 'satie Saoetsnslrnr.a Powder Pnff' nod RoBone; tilt Chins, Seats and Ideva; Snr-.drornl s.WaasRI BsRklet: B.erlts: Bead Necklace and Chaina; Gilt snd S;lvered Bead' ; lndin Beads ItlIte and Plaumc: Phell Twict: Side and Dreesin i Cvonh: which,in addition In their former stoek n hand. r makes 'heir .sortnPoet very complete, and will he shtl nw and o0 lihberal terms, at tiss sies of the Golden 'oemb. 70 I Chartres "treet. rC ]F: r9ssrlilseer.. doesll i,r t1 pxtrneoiva, hnone 5 ,f i W'. o ,. Il&s slal+er, Sellehil ngaland, have hlase reeived a vrry ext,-nsire ast of in s, e, consi.inasof 11 ishle and IDes.ert Knives of' al -- desritsriol,P Pen, Pocket,. Dirk, nd Spesr anint \nlve': Rnxanr, Set, its-lo. Elrd" ennls, e. &e. &e. whieh the aere prenred nnkhibhi toa he trlae for toeslrr. Teran aod onoditiono b sill Insna.. eIu- at the time. m16 J. It. ltEIN & A COI4N.'f CPmmo n ",. k NPM11nx-. HRATT1& C1o.-- re nw rreier.,loe Perstsh;p slsnstil-e, E le, l-M,',sv Anttren. Fl;ht,. ander. French ,t cI'srman flots Ir lesa,[ pttasine. ard .: sterelt antd potrket pistols; plsin, rihl'd and splil elina enlwe enall l tolsl:sciss r, o.ssz nes°, tn. ves; (;illot'ss rommeriel ssll ntdl'r stes.l lens: Vio ais Vtini striangs; shell, ivorna'ndl horn eomlll: walrs: k, earl and leather nslra;se hair lnaiss frot antod alk r'illrsl.s: negslo paRls; Germ1: as'11 Fle'1.h cotnsllnl reater. ,Rowlanls nll.casser nil, mitaltin dn; anticlll 1ad hears oil; poehle desek and dlesilng esDo : past ' I bleckhtsl statlilslol toilet glasses; acone nlr minrs op sled sl:aes css l views; Ilia h lnds, hllltasant npl|ell ; coomr*elm; whit- swine: tilert ind shaving eaonpls: toilet oader, e lmnetie w.las halls; ,seeled slil ot l ulslinsL: pool s lstns; screwn elshllinal; IfeV lsHad chainsc and neeklaces; Ihillianrd Ill,; pocket Books and wallelts; Germam honesa; raznr istnl' fine niad cnmmnol gons lanstic ssaless'lc s. gnteredn; BDlls lucifer matches; al +ir remnuls; Cl'rvns. dE. &ee. T'he shove in additin to nor former stock of fancy trtio-a., makesotnr aIsnotmelnt very c . ln, t,.sf. For sal' i sle'.me or retail; as the sign ofihse Goldlen C.s',1 710, ulart e sllrPet. i. vI.TR)Tt'---i'he pnrlnerahip of Kelley, 1In-,n &Co o Nonrlean ; bonon. Harrin &Co.., of Nz ehez nd Ilnrri*, KIcll v &Co., of kndnev. was dis I"veid on hotert of nay v ns, by Ithe deals uf Samuel A Mason, ane of the snrtneor ol the firn,. T'Ph under.ignelt, rviving partners, will he lereerl with tltsaertling and closing sil butiness aus f ollws: Levi C lIasrie will otlnld to, the setslinss osf te's hu.ieseaa of Nieoe-, Harris& Co...,t Nathezke and tlarri., Kil ec & Co.,nt I;.lihle; ned Henrvy ellev will attend to he Netling of te f Intlsinesa of Ka'llov, ann & Co., at New ortsHnl . The annes of a ie everal firlms will t used in liqnislegio,.nlv . Those indl, tesl sn soai irms are earnsitlv *Coome forward lnd make early settle nsl; alnd tholslo having cltalos will please . re ent tsIe without delay. 1.E\' C IARRIIS, HE-NRY KELLEY. New nOrleanna, J na. 97, 1837 SKI4N P11ARIF F1y11N5'45 COlfOGNE VATER i S reaoss In .re of thilnoperior ClnlegeP ewale,. njat rrectsco rasd fsr -ale Iv thlse dozen or ril.Jl bsottl'. Also Amerienn nod lenchrl toilet p wlerd , iowder r ulT andrl hoesc selainae nda toilet onapl ossntsetie s n.l lslle. slilk sof s'.,en, rnemrlie rhlsl era;n-, se o mntsk, keplsals. W.aid 'sa vegelalle hair oil, possnatsan, rreale d lperse, Flenidn inoltenr, rote andlbanv waters, Prer"' ,:,'s sealf+ hinrsesll e' perflnnry in tr'nnk., vezet.lý blh i Id liqu id rn, e, Chlorine and Or, is tollh wash, clontl.,hair, hoth , eil and lesh o!,rshe' together with an nhlhtimmsl ssppla of fs+hionnhle fr,,l s ld hells l comb sliad jselrv ,farsnler low at wholesale ar r tail by S~INIONS, rtIAlRII'T &O, in!v 701 Ch'hrtrenestreet. V . l. i nons s }Harts, & co areI un e o aesivina , from ona ha nd ship Ynzoo, anol Saretoea -Indhagri Coneordia, fosm New Yorkn arenl vanrie;ty f Sgoods in their litar, whichl h ogethler wit thei; formes s.trrko alnmakes their aasort enlverv'. sletec The |cllloiptl; cnea;ose apert,viZ: ell ti, .,r..d, Ifutk nad lrasee.o. Inssl.e, heons d' ,sall dlresiitioan+, 111 din rubbler, silk and wor-atad elnaie canrri Inter ln .u "non fine eloa.tic sntpendetr Inrs c foco and L ulifer matchel, •'oidlilzp ter. w od do, elatfnl a d blassan toilalhttowdlrr, poekel sooks sld asltlerts, ,edle booak, shell, pearl, inrv ond sl-s,ro;l-sso esrds ;Lse-, loens oraesnts, plat.n cn nl ri, "onda, neklaes .1 npeligclt, Ihreal td, nill,had I aeclalncre, clt elana 'ond lain,eerd,silverranl cilttenda, i Fritol; dohenule arnds n barrelled ..nesrt, owie knies,,I and dirks.a, or'hsr, shainrs puoeit kns er, ennrd chnitar aend ribbons, wplarl blncklee, i oll, Ihir, tol,toh nnil,mnnll, I S-ltnull. shlne, ilnte, tloo, nnd dbetis.n tlrlushers, 's l lOr F, ;-r, lo.enltr, nrosm , s IivWatesr,sa rl ebsiekstiee', and plrinl:c., alCOiaa or, la elinas, e ls , antell .l' ve gelable hair noila, ,alviq n.l lo tiret soals of nal des cripfinna, ];*ait -' mod1, 'ltellleP tt' dukk.: lllld ]resine ense, hair rirslate, frlzcSloal Ierdser , plaint, n aIncy ::, mnseial work'dbox, , plan s, n h, liPad, a td i nrt aoI', )earl nell it orhirl h ra il a a tlll'ar i[-",I tald trilrols;r ckla rse+, tsoohale irk l twPace..a'lPas d; 'nd tilt ls -rkeTo;, -iaa d, silaer, n'n It and el 'isimsle+, lcoslnks nrs Pee,, inisr cin, isnitntils lilstil, Ilk 1 oand rdlis h reocskn, u alnd guitr.,lr hhedi alad plain In,'lCucil cn pe, li11.n t;lte, a erented elll h eins, r inga .lip' l t" ther on;,pu ; ti, nl h. c rdtile, l11 i adobs, p cruIlm er 1 opellr ia tonshes, Ieaiss gleaseh, Sgrldln l Ill welry & e;. it ask; eOatnr The ahome, Inlcther with ua reat "voric.' mb ofother arti-y Ilere re ionr, at . dlainalg or retail on aecot oJag e th aterlaa. N II shell comnc raepsired. 7. T.i-F.:l I-: w-i I t e R t7 nT;IT'Asl t" Da I and seta,slr, e anarsstllea oft ri aii, re in leri liale; viz: conllls, prlt'nllnlsry, .Iwllry, olsl'sre, Is'slsis, glanseos, asirvariClee, &c. s:sn-sjtisn in serl .+ ollows: COnl l llss-sortss c eIltcll, wroun-lt aind pl;ina tck,trist, qoilled eack, Iongs rsousl,l tresaia-, eille InId ctlullla secrla, B iliall conlshs of every esas'riptisll eol, gss l which sne stons Mlatxi'nn pattrssc, Iroln cmbslss of every daeristios, hlorn, dreenir andsl srket, sogsether with a gProral n-lsrtonople t ofl'realloand AIlnersi I'IE FU IAIEIltY-Cologsess, Lssoehdcrl. Florids, honeke, Iay, rose, a;ld eorao rllower wafers of every sice i nd dssd cri sttiton s Cea)orearsd Colacles, extras:t of I;resacol, nary eua ps of nill kinds, *hasing do in cakesa ndpolc, cream sonp adl, Hslcrd'o veetnsllte lsair oil, sears and cl ti tlsea.t ro sallio r. gsln sslisills s pil lain asdsll serf1nsesI todetlpswsler, isedal twd,.r, '''" Ieir pdsstl And hssxUs a s natunl in sDots and rosll, arrns lnd chlarls e tilth wanl anld owde.lsn, with cenral ,sneJrtmpnt lof JEEIIllll'--aome oflthe latest snod nost falshiona Isle setts conisitllg of whiter nalnd redl cliian, t'ops- - lel esalrlders, set in liclae'ee, chsrslt pills ona fgre. .n." Iv of paliross, watch Imishnmisi:so, eils and ailVa teklee, ler thiohhls, silver ansIId as ss klolls od Fuoardl chsins BRUjSt IES-Clotlh, laira, dcl.a sg,scrslchsesirts,tlhsr, hat, .lesh, tooth, tplats, camab, rasil, aallving, shloe ands w~hitewvash brush's.. L.OOKING( GltASSI:S-German statia and toilet alnalallItgll iftigandl l'renl.l dreamin glassea, hove dto, with n a rttnaai of othelr khis not eanllltatratle. l"AŽCY A )N VAlhIETl'Y AiR'L'ICLSS-French .laiAllAil'ican partable dcake anndl dressing canae, aoe very rich enn finely illtidlad ladies wrtk aa.axeand dren .ing eases, with anad witholt music, muaical boxes, Ac cordilans oft a iolan kindl, a itlins uall gaitalrs, silver Ian plated pencilt s aual lena.,wotd Iencilas Ir alrpinters t a d crayons, nnutle cloaus,.alll. un ti psiol witll alld without eases, rpcrcusasnalll tip. pI'er'asin Ulp charlIgea, aipple or+w drivers, .hot Iell o bOll it ati pa.ti ltlct.hi a tta tea sttla Ilaitiat benards of every Liill, alls ut) Iit lltO , file and colmllmon knives, rzaors and scissors, tiaiible , needles, ill~a silr pl>tel, teel llald CatIIIIIn aeaL:t eles, pucket books and willeta onl tnrialns kihlli vaiiin;l eurdnllad arl casest , playing cards llof lrelach, erlla tad Americaln mnulintialture, ldoll. i aiateanlll it t, alnu boxes, prith ofI vaittun kinda, SaIndtdra' Ponelarvy's, Einlaeratall a'a, fldlmana's al ntaawkin n rtazor stranis a ntl metallic toen, tirks, illany batl Ilecklics, do wit , ra drlllml4toy watches, piearl bllttons, Iwoa lkattw ta et. nllnl Plalt see'tl belll, gijlltlnnd ilvt a, gaaaa eaiutlr ulleli dasa,and gartera, painaal uatll ad .m tsa, b:iagtauoalllln btalrda, dlce, oltictl vietnnia, lestawhrns, hmc matchan asoand dIrinkiing cUll, wilaa great vantaryt i othetr arti ale, nll olwhail h will n sold fid r laslh al cily accelntali. ceaoIn Id ' alllt credit. I 11 S l.llic: , c& no. dl 7L liaurtraassl. I OLIIIAR'S Scie'nce of tl'eatlltship reeiavedll,and 1 for sanle a. tlheir pelmaaniet WVritlll Acanal.iiae Na. 8 IIh.atrce a rnat, oiw rIt)canll, JlJd lilaltdWLay aNew York, inlanpaane st., tabil,,. Ldies a ultdg llllaa l arae invaad tucall lad examilne the vsytemafor tlhe·.,+,*l,,·. Lenonll area given aa I aa l houses an mnay slt the convelnience ofall, .d to cla ormllletld ill any part ol the city. Ladies who prefer itcall receive .oals at their own ref aideanes, Permlnas paying tar omle ,, tIrae of lessaona nre desired o attaid Iunt ili aty wltlta it waell . Illtey wil1h. ail l),I. JitAbt ., [liot) l'lF0,2. I)EA FNESiS. A NEW article flr persola trallbled widl dea'neas, (ralled tih, lEar '·lrIllIml llt,) hall lstll beCn recclved, byt t ihe talr a aaa t m llallte, rtiln llant tatai tl' Ike atit mlan voice is distlnctly couveyed to tthe car. Ant (lll wl hits ever been tia aged oanvetrsel with i very lel lantOa, usnt Iat laitly ,.' ti Is ato til dinic.alta natal ade bnrta tnaatl xPnerienaaed otida by the.aa.ees and flip i. ,diiduala so ualiitrittuntea niliaated. BIy tie use tf tie gar a'rampet this urlle,'tilla I t entirel naataited. Tihe mltal teptical have ai n s n t na antled thir doubth alter having used ita Irruampett. Fir salet a aT GUION'S, SFanvy store, corner t t'Caln,al and St CJlarles nrlret, tiier ut e a .o aiat Intel. th It 4 PERM Oll.-Ia)tl gahlons pilrn Winlllter A3Sparln Oil, in cuk. tal t ilhls, for sante tv JAIVIa at ANIiatEWS, WVhallatnalt Druaig gat, uruner ( unllln lad 'relap InnI relt, rI tt . 'p: LUAU- S bhl1 h g itb.; Etalish do--'5 14 bble. til 1t0 Pant Brusheu , vari.nlts sizes; I -a .e Vra ilt ia.; hlbl l Coapal Valaniih; 2 " Jani - 1 * Onsch 2 t packs Gold L.eei; d51 do Silver do, 1 101 do Dlltch lletal. WINI)OaV GL \,'S. AlerlicLan, Erlih ll nd Frencah -1ti0( boxes, a:lrlous nites anlld qOialhtlt. SBata tnrowo do.-'au btores,, cmlillOuagnlelnt, will be Also, a aeneral assortment of artists' cololar and I nols, fonr tule by A \V SCA'I ES, N n. Alabama nontes take I at ap r. alll lianinlmpri notes awill Ita rCeived alt 10 per cent disclolt for .tgamda, or in pamlelnt il'drht. je I Iw LftOUl-?00 radiaig tiron iteater ll ndepenl eror. ' ' C IlatkSEIY. ·Elft \O.tar. MRi. e'IIlI.11 MS, OCULIST, Now AT THE JEFFERaON aOUSE. JEFFERSON STREET, 1 LOUISVILLE. To the I:drileor of ileI rnt l . 5i SI !-It apIpear bv bthe nb'ervntcein. of tle Editor. of lte Nashville Presblterinn, U'nion and Trans- t cript, as well as tie editors of the eremtphii Enquirer, i that the ")old (eonllemns" is a-enole the D)otors 'tIh a in proved by his kin0ly rage, knowine that his time in t bilt thort, and thlt th illnderendent Amnerian neoele ii are able to judtre lr thelselves what are puffs andl imponel;o n. Tile wo thi editors who are Doctor, the prlprietorU , edilnre or eub-elitors of the-bhove t namied ilurnals, call every letter from pesons I have i resored to sight in thi nbove places, pnf. ts 1. 'The foet is, t i ,u I n er hal sni great suecaesr j witlin io limeild a -"eriod as ten or twelve dave. One who was aert a' ont ten years, who had only seen the light froin Ieir elth, lc-n to tee to follow 'is master ro il' hotel, inotenld of beinz ohlied to he led hv tin. Twfo y llor I-dies, al hol had each Iont the sight of neo toe, one foe ten vear andil the other for nearly two cears, having both of them the other eve very weak; cet elbof lthoe votnlle e loes heonn to see with both eyes, which henefit I iledge mveelf still continene ex er'iilen tihey ire lndelr tile influence or dmnioiati n of ithe lriletInl tenre. Annher is tile dagl.hcler' of ajl resperable merchant, wrove name I nn hound never o cnceotion, (ca he poali lri iny fees),who saild he hod lost tie right of one i-ve from the are of o Innnths, bht that she now he- ine to read ler:re letters wi-h the other eve ecelpletel, shut. This the doctor edlltors ki;ew, n;lt erni c e=lnll an lild me himnelfhe hid cnn. dice ed hli dlneinhtere ' the effice of lthe medic-l edlitors. ltht they miiht he inf runed of the feeat. 'he Iner I rhall en ;n on in a bledrlv gen-mlnmn hb the namef of nunt, ni-lrlv i-eve~v vel7- Iof .g. wnhoderlnoed pollb liclv i II'etI'r, whmlh Ile toik to sli the dlif'rent officr in Nanlville but one, nd himself told me he had paid forl he insertion whatever they daeranded, who d -clar a ' i that letter ilat lie he oallv ,Ieprived orf the 'i'ht f o se we fron f he ·ter hili ir'h, whlich hli mlother tat to Ih,,. . occasionetd by the measlet or enmoll p tx: Ihat nt v s te- uld not oinly ve the light if the iun,.fir tire Oral t ine that I1. reolleete, bnt the ie l.,, Iod wans h ginnini to distisntuish mane oiject; fnnd diilId, hrre I leei that octv. eive f.n nv pr-,f that h- enald see to walk ablt the air et wcith tie other eye emepletely el-.ned. He said he had been n nmeber of the ietheli Ep isecopel ChurIch ler ne ely fortv .ars . an I that hin word wia never doubt. eic thrionnliL' -'Iei-ha ceoreU offis lire. 2. 1 repeat :hr*i 'ad never areater onress thtn at Naohville, alt. IcL: .i'e iseeil annland cleriea doctors hall never hefrere m ochl reason Ie he enra ed. The pe iniei;unel. r i e r. elerical L)r Smith prover whe, e sont ot nila that n ,uhcl.liX venr nlOhlt , he wans cnverrted fret:. iLe; v perfect infid ll, to believe in the doctrin t of thle Bilre, thnt he mant have aied 'a trifling error--lhat hie must have mlea,' to anv, th t before the end ofclr veare to elme, he shI uld be converted from hi' iefidnliy, as the spiriit f the true minieter of the peaerfal saild aeiece diicrinre of ihe Cthlrilian resligion leos -.ct irelthn. nelt denile iction rage, cn'un-nv sled fanlnehood to elenne his ledicanl feienid, anainet the imannr.hnlo he kew lhad done so mnnch good, and no in jnlry to nor nee. All the inhabitants. f Nashvill s.nke of tihe '.nnt are. c I lneo , h -cepl tile o'edilel d+ clore. ncit of them alon had Ieen iifnrm.ed le eMir YoUet ofI the lire pirrficnled nn his tli tnllyv lind eve. ii. The fit nsi GloI inh S. ofethis town, pretends that 1 have Isl tle lasrols I eninrl ill the Noric, siince us ar'ivil in the Sithllwest. This prolves, le-wever.I hau, and that I kept then nntil I arrived in this i eotisn. If I ainael one :n the north.Il molht to have ea'ned solth cr in theR n uiflloed reohwest,annl 1 still hlne to wear them on ly very v -ichful brow on the day I leave, in spile of the v:toleratiorn of hi o e rent fDr S.,if I ima jlldie froml tlle man I ave already benefitted in this e tv ci ftlhl three dov-. 4. 'e lli net wtI the preent is to ihfeorm the medi. Sait Onlianh nod e-licr. of 'lhe Ilepehlienn cnd Tra a script. Dns well o: the clerical I)r S -eith of the C. Pree .leterilin aioIe of lihe iIlil, if N:ifviile, as werll as the eeliter eod .ill mndlicnl edlilr of thle htenieli Es.eelieee, na well ies Mr I'reniece,'the editor of thle oelville Jnournal. antl ls le Inrlh e ilell olinl ediieor of this I reay, the orent I)r ., thaot I shll Ioite arctions agaiast tl.eheth11l, r vituilPraeti n, lan,oler or calumny. imendi otclv fter tny nrrivdl in Nev Volnk no well . neainset thci" aliabldc e hrre ticle ledicnl Goliahs eflre north.e I nolw Iind n elf hy p'renise, ne- erie quit Ihils iaiVpy mIld of lihe ty. until l have br uight the nosesof all I m ,ed itelll llnll of tIhe noIelr o well ns the mouth eeeit ti et ncl iithe grii'lll toue! 'Thle nlllieted, there. filre, may cIlclate n I filldinig t l dlrine the wcola of next vear in New York , here letter', post paid, and it olt ell.r will e s lllre t Ireach emle. 5. lTo inb-nl tile pnhlie thni the oofll io calmed, which the Rev. rlhlricnlly cnverted infidel Ipret(end was writ-lo fr hin-, wan s onittear ore hono n week prior, lidI ise:s-iledl fr IIIle RelyI. liowell, wso read ic in Inm presen.l+ w flhll lllflnlli!.lillff nny ,lti.probaO h ee w e h ne did, which he said le dnought would an wlir DIv puroloe bItte; Ile Ildeivered themnl h .tI t, ne, wiolllnIl preten ine thatl we nted te'b iie hil fro.ll h:leh dlllity, : I never o.ll tio eoler that gentlCemeni or any lh r, nny monery ficr .lts The lIev liedieei'ee in ntineni ie hefore lhe pu!>ic: leil rie not l'I1 Ilw1 I1e,, all leV dip n'o n-, hc. &.'. wi h ar Orll leulmn, a' ietiieaei f'iend If hi, nnI well s toewhle w olen' my Ilnlieults ii1 (.l)nllllee V ,iill aiiinlOiir clergymanC , eell feIe - ll c i II all e " nlheot e l cii,eno all iyv 'atience. to he ,.ore or len' be-,efi6led, le nevwr could1 ha'e bet" foinuerd lit a total stranger to eraaw up tclh all anaticle im a wrote him elffior r .lieion, an I IddreIsli ed it to , iMr Strinelhfihl, editor i-f he S 'V C A.dye nle. ig. 10 N uter the clear -rihted moedical (Gliahs f n lehvnlle tooe!. the ale. ;andl Ie h 'erefiore iusd their e l forl to In Ini w il then ilhe a-ll-plwel fll, nhllltic, phos, irc, i'id il t lllio el lfore of the s- id -l he.enuver-l-edl iniw l ul i--l. 1 l' rend in thle Bible the, 's tr'ee i, lie re b.ei o iely i." I date aliv ti' e l olnven-ed indel 7. ht. pidreotly w11le t le e -li e-' his moral cehr S:r - n tro, by shewi1g hat Iee, a ,hIelee ome1 st' cr il' l p111, a h I o ""i a well nit it wi:s weilt- pplied eto .lell 'er leon re i llr i hlidel, w r i iIn the lav of file in 1cnrntlin of his I livine llal er, ab.hol citly ýn,1 him libr Sllt llll wnPr of piiC e If iheli r My e nill we, i', cthlt it was eile r inll el n o b. ie, unrnee i\ i e jl, Ie nsider' [ no he el'ar l reP Il. i e Ii s t,1 r even i- q I-to l re lenth Illartlif l I!the ren li-e nle'irl'n f Le, iof $1 pe ir re. (Illla nile two or lhree clni-nll olf 'losely printeId rite . hi t Ili e ee l l Ile l'epillled lIerel or four tile., in thie t'reslee1'rian. lnion .,11d ,Ml o itor joe rn l', hal I ever i -n-n le o o rihe him, tI should uve lloired hiim at I m't .In fll, his ri gular fee, iese ,dt of $ O, vhii h, ie ll a p1ohamility, Iih would have ladly rleceited as li. fee, andi- iot a bribe. On lee l1ii1rncre,if I iI heero ca I,.hle oflti+a heoiu' Itie, 1 shuhld cerlamly have done it ie a wal to have inellld hiele ac eletllnure. i. flee Riev. Docto r e eme relfv e onivernd to sh.elcl elilf lthe lhocrineoo' if lhe avi ur,l lie would not Jhave proilise to rci lllalld examii, my patielnts lil. eot keepine his word, as I have always tfood every eminisle of tle eospel realllous to do. i9. Ile le been lreally einver ed. e t w'ulI, ne't ub. litle Iv hwe spok n . nainstl the .lt, erii an is 'itulionl l which, it io wel known, are more numnerons, and which lire -er i-rilii to ianllv in o'lll le pall of llEurope. Hisi -ondotr se. ,eeli diun teud cre vllung literary char eoetes,- n- ,i he hsoieecely resooiinied frneom punih.iig hio 'he el' levn' tle:e,-i nee h elei I oteeeheie , i wiehout evllse ll, (ue- mc he is caleili ntd), allethough hs nleioly olver. I fl ny the gallant no'aio t(ill t, and severelI oiht r a -nblc veoe ne nt-lemn oif No-lhville. recollect well Ihie eodu.ct of hi. pious expounder of the Holy ýc I)11118+! 1O. I n'ver aw irbch a dlemonn in hann sahape as the Rev. I)hler was the dIae I col eI to reason with I1m, wha he Il nmeunced t.y grey hanlr with an uplif.ed i7 nti' ori, a t if Ile won d hanve f:ll, d me t' the caaaaaifaor dabaaicg O dhlrawna 'it). lanlst"r :'awly frona rebldd tmor. fali e if the ad CGenlemlllan" had ul. perTd iu Ili.d owe iaapalaa' It. I s ,lellV dhl.tnre hbefiore fnd, ndll am not afraid to clll Ililllt Il itlleo hia t I never.n il r awhole . l ur of 4. yeara prlltile as an ocaliht, illn Great Britain, anllce, telllln and i rlt'lci., i IIa ingle instance of ltred i as ia rie aln, alount O t Ithe edlitolr of ay jllurra hlt as nt oaapett ataion aa or the s.rna I acupiied and the t Ircule, whilch I arnsiianlle thelll;ald hatl I wuaalwave. llltre inllillned l, rtllauce,lllher Iii:M luill d I.y IIOney'cto ' t olllion i lbribe. I2. Lost y.--'Ihe Mlomphis rnqioirerfortwo orthree w aeeal r:Olllail t l taiSSl lal ii n.tralt faltehloodt whltc flhe uliecical ,liauh ediltors lar e froU tlheir brelhren afltle It. tGlil f lls of atori,, aald I shall trelatl them witlh dll.l, conlll Ul tllllil t e 'IoIpr timlle arrives: Ultla.k it Irte lhat Ii I at ttia )ven itlfl rllleev-11 ut i Igcanr, na t vo wdil catceh a I.- !" Though I paid hidl for ia1y I.;i'ert.Uients lur tv or 'o ree waelks, he clily in'etledt hem nce.l 1 ho will pIletae to aaert Ihia letter in your next pa per, mad oblige yours, a ee JUIIN WI!LI. IMS, the English Oc'ulist. 1,atatniile, .tti 1837. Copied frlm Ithe .. WP. C. Adn.rate of the 24th Jane, 1937. tI ee l t )r. Vihllllll aa, awe taae' tlafllle w. i:, if e I . ! hrun, file ieuv. ,lr HoweIJ , of \a.-hvill", to l[a elhour of Lh SJouth : .:sternll hri'tinl AIdvoctale, who, i it n,,.ltlrI, hicas e aminr d l thIe lillllts andll a her d leu Illt is.aevihcive 'o the I)octnr' rllllna e Ito public Dalron act lIta otseque,.ce of an accident, Dr.W will re. t a naaii n Uslvlle i w tya loager than hie at first iaint.alald--snvt tillt July. Rey.. .r Sireilln l I:--lavint g been requested by Dr. Williamls, thelr Icluti-t, now in i tills ty, to ea, mille his lllllru r lis liillml alnd olaer dll'lllelllts ervic:v of hi rlailllaaa to IcIhhte caoafiade I ill lit pratelbeiOn,l havere, ia:aa..'at nl't" a alueid,'iaae en a it h Itleatre. Alalall' rIt I nalllh eo lett.r fromatir 1of eucth t t re. Vehllngit l'lat atrll a eIat ta I,. Ilallllahna, testinillng th erlei ae ac t as t.llnas te 'rtla the the atiical Sanie ean af lranat'. tin han nanuennas vnanaherarana a'men elfin III' fir, nl mnitait Unit ed.tntenatatnaiin inatan. crc. ri great Al~aZa In t e cntr.. ltinala OF aiaht an the I have b.el nia rlv all IaiI po.r Imatientn in tais c ". I knew L on i of tlhan p.evniaus to thei eonling i ; er liis cal-; nt ill I have as ean sl y tl.hy are un. queationalalyl beellitted. R(8Ii''T. B. C IIOWELL, N.avilaleC, JaLnel l8I.. I'. I. `ince wianighllie anove,'neof Dr. Williams' ialiullen- called ui, Ilme,luld sal.s hie hIII(I actuall v nlln totally o1l illl mightof (Iolle eye for arventn eers but ,aow eIctlares hiamtelf levtar; ltal ltst lenlt; for tile firslt tie in hil life I tlt he cna racallect, he Ecold dis tillua aill, aaii IIt t eye, t.lelt'a tle I't llallellltt, tre. I nall l hila tlli ald gentlrtllltl lia lived allll yecar. in tlhi ridoanl,,d nays he hali been a .\tethodli during obrta year'. Yours, truly, eo,.10 R. B.C. II. PT l~ tt'Sl IAt UP LuanaaANYt,&c. ,e.. S aN\ n MAP OF LouIltatn, with its canals, roade f and distances, froml lace to place, along the stage aind straHihbont routes, by i . S. Icller. MtrCHI.:.'s McAP OF THE UnaITEr STATEL showing the principal 'rurapike nd eoilnnol rIadl, on which aet nieen thle oasaStaee in mitre froa oa e plale to altother, d tA the co.e-ms Of ihe canllals d rail made throlgh out thie covlry, careAfllv eompilel fromll the best au. tIuritie.-puallished by 5'. Angulltus M.litchell. 3lITCtIELL S TRAT tLER's (GUIDE THROUIGH THE I'FITnD STATn.; a ma of thile roandl, distances stea.W boat and cllael routes, &c. jull receiad anl tor ale W-1 M'KEAV, I't iH'tKS ON ilI:Ill.. L"I:1.1-FI.'or ti by . YOl- b.. I':tl'l FIili. .lf. ';Canl"I !ircrc 'isif. INIIIAi%'n I' 5\ . K'>. ,,Oil tttemourl ,' fulsol'kingp evllgoult • ciatie or hii iout, in.;ef:lntcanm er, sltrlumn, r iphilitio'nld mereoriail li.esses, p.11rtularl" tueors anti wilnfallnlfctions t11the bones, ulreerteld tlnhat Iri no J sri ulors of 'evere desnrldtion, fever 'soes, nd internal b lesses,r Intul.s, liles, scdd heand, scury, hiles, chr- h ie oes eyes, oruillelii.lllotht, snll evneey variety so oli. lanu es sl.ette, ehroninhe (iati'r heand b ache oneel ing fllo eny ecrid humlor, pionl i the Istonlneh nul tIYt sleoia proen-'lbRg fiot variation, atectiotnlsof tihe liver, hi'onit int:nmtation of the kidneys, and t.enerIil ldeilli ty hy storpid sactionoftheesslelsofthe skin. It is slig 'lorlyeltcinoous in rnovating thos constitotiomill hi i honve he broI'keu Ilwon I)y ijludlieilol Iseltme.t(, ivenile erren11hitiies. In geoeral terms, it ills rm n-nded In all thoen.isenses whiharius fromll iloplities t f the blend, or iniliatiMio of the huminors, of whaterer name or kid. Soite on'te nlhove complaitlsmny reqoire siome tri. llhgssRIItt appliloatilons. W'hich theelireumltanees of the o eas will lieot-a ;liut for a trinerol remeclvo r Porifieatnr to remove lheonon-, ihe INI)IAN'S PANACEA will enerally he fuunt slfmieret. TI) THi.E PUlaIC. I Slow truea it is tll modeni PhIysicianms, mn their am. hitionll to exerel it1 their lrnlilosiioll:iixpltle the vast fielsll .fsience Ilv the aild ofclheeisitrn, n1d seek ols new v nmeodild ilagelts; in sh',i to arrive ot perfection in the i"otice Iy meansll of art iloue,-o- ntirly noverlook anl I veglnct, as leneaihttrhelirm nie, therichl all bIoMlntleouls tnrels fmedicnie, whith the Almightly hs callsed to siig ont of the elbll ir eV 'li dine! And how mrah more true iiltthat whilethe .lmeri.nn Ilyhsi u In loklkl o i'rreig.n colotriesfoer omyoi of hi Iost olmmon asJ netaeo~' sitielos, perpetutIali chhging as they are as tle dielttels off.fll,on or folly, iho is sn'rre,'l in his wtn elointry with ai enlllesa'profision i"f oeolicl Ilhlttsl snflici'itt to onsweratlly iundieOtion iln distse or to ctre 1vy onihibln ilinrder; I*d vet he is igP.taIotnf tIleir vir. neo and they ore sitfoerod to owoste their healing oci the :teset r ir.' 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Aud who hais lint Ieen1 srlpit.,sl at the cnnl iarativeenue and Iheillty with which the hulialln Ire him= n-i ' lllO an dieise,:nd at the ohlm lala abstienetiet oflhrouliedlseoa amotiy themt? Who h:t iel horod1 elnr II ii l silh a collstitultioil blinkin titl r inlted l by ill tralntient A:d l unI doltil exinst thai this haplpy ex rmnllttini, of the onvage friom most of thelr ills whioch tIe ilet oltfnni i heir eto, is chielly ioingt to Iior geiia atl1 safe remtne. s ilieh he eitoipiynt ldhns astnl1ishl ilg ililfel'eu' e i ll clcees, ils iiior oeni liiaiont of the hinalote supe.-' ulirity o|" the simple aoci sallt meansl of elite Vhillt lI( hllIo t rleld for tiile henllefit of tl'is .lilllen, over illsol hiehm tihe p anide uln te art olf t1t haveie in trom Iug reIsidelCe nmoneg a Irltion oft lhealnhorigil alilolhntliantsnof tbinniititry )'ni iitilte itiaiu tanltce with e n.lrlhls tlitf culle of some if theirmolat elcessnlli. pllottitiolerls, the Ilpro.lilietlor of 'The' lelldilli'll lauceo,l'ntlllired it klno ledige of ton11e of the most Ipowier'lthtool fnliaelr.tlie nedi. iron, elselheselrected sluh an were nlost i.ieteif usio ll Iint . I illlreoriltes, otil IIler slul'rblts exprlllinI'tets t',test theirp rillcr ip l1n netlelntldlh. ie hIaoetmtioetl them in ithe trit here , rebtlted, as the most he''f etl nial.l .lelcia Itr thie piurose tor wlhich it is ownininllemilelt, ill ih. i'oii'etrtli el l hii I rlapn tio l to t ll li , "l l ie() Brits it'll'tot ot.'el'lllill~ Ielta'll~· tile 111~il th.° I~ll~lite wil the , nsiosllS1 in tbesls tt hi is plneint ilhintleier S', . re'111. ca thII' IreIl'ievini t1n1y of hilt allglietd Idl hlow bitgsl, wh rie, eulllferin tullbdllir tile nllious tililei. ml+_.; ohssintecoel li ltIn to whirls 1t is I app) ,litlj hle. To such i t W il' oe ol 11 lcl )e b'ol'ii, 'an the t1 1nos, id il 11.s.ylLe s the only t 1ilel lltI he iiig ihcir itaoll. lereiing a ietlltlrllilli emitll ollle iinol uto Itlenhth lo.l hll1. p)ineSs. This is i OIlel e . a el lclmllmlnI remed\Y 1hid ii11 plel chaus~ve e ltwlly gnal with Im1,1,} t111w lcl IIn ) ue it :1 oie i llch i n .c tahh o'liil 11i l:111 i lte m n111t ermlleli cai tlluln idlt nlil the inu nlunl emil'l uiI'ait l. This tii hulsl ihe rIepeIs~ l aYllte 'liti isi IIhe rpllultionuf ithisob ai n el i w ierevir i'iiihas beev t it oIt il olly alslltkthree nilll ltille n hin tollgm lIlOl n a pI l'elletell to I lls hliCI: lut ii and short ino ae e f lip ei lmel. hmulih.t-I.f rsel'.)ims id hel)11 Ioi s wh(1 o wo11 tll sro[llcn InI dhre tha d hlioes hed ha. . .'I beleh, livell' wr,' , sa 1ed b) i, , a ld ii Iiiri .ille tilltr theI hdlt i t I d i tot, lali iud ' s tll 1ii1mi lh ss 11110,l, tih, U int el ll i' The vahleel'lthe+lllal csL+ i illmo·\ c lotienlos· sin 1 toe h,,ng sm.,,,h,, m11. sylhilitic n ; st1 emfl. oullls u@.t in'essl1 whlielh. + ba aeid . l, I nl thter tn.,wdih., :u l mrti,,uharl,+ i~lllb lhose IIII "hIt.LI IltIt1"CASE ISll . m+ I :,. ll t) 11i11 ' inthoecasswbuti Countet asen, No' 15,032i . s Sti c: 11 l tlrlllliin :oiu s i tl bllllln s, llde, mer.c1 rial ullhei's, tinl nt l INs , l'Ei'slUSII.(.. gv or , N .it . Cooieb eon, Nlaeo li',lTtlsmi'2,un IThosnetnn illaIlIhuiinC iltitt nit, no,1 sill:In t.: illi,tg '. t~leiiii .ltlii. oanhlis :1 1 in lcstote nolt, tlt ilo 1titti11 Itovo lllt .e i nn1 t o:ll Itte in lllt ll Ii . tie t alln lll l, (I l ldllll ii 1 n Il. 1 i 'lntl. 11 i ll oti els L II .IIt Elt tl ili o i l ,I Ion a t1 t , e.l tu tonIllo o-l, le *so I un o aiti111 l l ,lll 1 1 .1 t l es.........t..... .. ....o if ...........'t ltit i a.. ... Itl " lt,,,,-i . tlL i h. 1 1% I),1 iy nIl'niii'e:t11;l , .i11i l''tt Uin l- Ic ItO fhl'su S !, 'l' {RII, 11l Mit Lot at Iw sbwmefl r 3·c slllnestarsa w· u l~ls aSpni l, allFIIII Pn i CAi ES b. li. e 1. Io l SllllU IIl) P llllIU'. 11'.lllr 1 mih e I2c1' II 1 ai, who w t lcll+,' itisl a ull llill ha w " r .·l lltnll pt u New on'.,h'i t.i ISOr 'l'I11iotni'ventol' iu d i tt tink i cni 'I1,1,I uto siessr "'iis I hs l l, iikC ' hlyll' o etllt ll Si.o a i i, ll 1 putlitetelyil suCnloeil t lltt. o l0In xnltll,.l l ilotioe, IoIt Iiltei lI'r .n 11 I 0l'umn ii llllit uueliI ,'ii·1n11 tn1 l11 iIo.1|Lt Altlo, Ino-,e11letoll illll intolleyl.( l ttin eh l ol, im n l d ie aI.n I T hoe tti'rh a il tin iiitgnific tgs ilnotl, io et of tuded i ntar cot1, nl neet i oi l 'IIe [ ,lioli" ii Il'lhr,eo, tnen' ii) . i coI],rn tutu%+,?lL.~' oii~l ntthioetsln .UIlilnte ii.asolosnes.*I'. hiset. I iht gei n I ullt I .es, n .e alleto iuti llt llie.l i1 111111111 ltanh I'ls Pa a el, Sil lS I tio .lls co. m la Intti1.e il rinr 11theoI~nstoate IIllI- rIohlonl I shaltslll lnOilt nliels The ftYl~l.tllli~~u 11i| lll, ll.11 ll shilil~i rI lli ri, he hIett, el tnl I tlltot, tm it tllii rI s timi n I it w .ls lt wbnli'tmtolfelyg onilesiodla ellnnts.h lllOtll ill Iht'oi~ll' l otint Ililil, i lte nV kito wll alslel edl lll s t d11 ehibrt u lnlt toro lis il li. i.ll. Ihensu(nglltvdl fsevotrtau witot, itIe'ile, Ilile og, t. )n ullill n eiteiln hier nI'sitinie. il tiils a eiitltt tilh aI Itr t' 121.ale allla, :IIl'I~ i ll rh:ICI +11111111qi olllll~r l llCll~elI) - illtlr'.le nh a ie n ttl inii her. It ii Ii e oso llll elniot~ it .1111i11 I Ihnllt si. llt lrlle. ii|'he Iiwli llll. PIlllla.e~lt III ti'u hl~ll Intll s Ii)lrl'ee I lnel' :ltllolI 11 | ollitll lllo rLllllllOi lll iIIC I u11 l tio asllR talitb. ui lrly o tn e am ller. ie i the111 ( lIlt . lalmll spi anl.d t(i.l.ld, almlot ar ree ( wt itt le benThI. On helik'h ,7f' hI . rua Slastmat aLtmeen 3!+ lllllIhrnee a m lale ablulu lll'eerc. MilllllU lll I;.All llllilll l. IA NOlrIIrt 1. 11 the keill Ihel ill thllteo| CU i11111( 11 .roll t Ihih ll. ih lallh( i eisrIlU Icilonilleel hIlel,) wl'tlr u seo if Idin ll lsll.. Ih'il Pmoe tlhe i o IualiitYnl I0tie.lAieidrow Illl t nto, Ih osil Inio h na l y oit1at11. l I'ii'iu rtl y it ii llalo . e t.h Thsmycetf hat n telstir .I I x 25, I wassom m~·v~l.with ai slini y ekadince,~l wIch alir arKex .lllillllI I le hlh·i lllI r. e~IIIe~l illr lk l lllll iiii t't l i1.!e[l ' r,.mich wherate nile boost0e gllshelcth if m.Yhrlla tera p yin111lleell Ihe.lhR I1 s IIIievlrlls I tlag I eli so',hIIutlphi,y iate Ihat eou.d.r .yself uslerftheth- well rs A I(;AnIEnc A ntiereute st' li lS.. This nmtly er Il.' w lh pr nc A111Itt rly m mi w.. Al.i whhtles of Poterlin. utholiy ner , w l wanreh ;lIbel i1 \lelpairyilg oflele, ih) ichml h ii iiii hlconlllle a wuten me, I hrltu seal t111 myll parense inilll N 11111o.., Iitn 181,an' simiilar eto.ll an wI w ai s iirfulallllet n Il tt r yj i tii alne Allot . sort. T1 o toolsel t sulrpyihe11I s ol.w:eull astismueaul eionh Iwt~,s fPlell (n:Hiecoursofw mmths~n hivo rU~eri.nel I so~ I1 lp:brth efit of slle, wdih la uw heOle au~rn hust.ermlarI deat, 1 .t.tund wo oysidre1s1 hi. lii aork, iy It.e aboe 1relu t ain;e' .TVl. Illa0iu. 1' Ii I. 'as nSlle d,~ll fofrh lear;1,s with: anl hu tt'n' in hea"+,oc sm't Toulv y nee I'.anied lllr ills, ellato, nllli ml a tl i Ol+ eminentI phlyllt ana he ilrt~el' thel skl lsll/Ityla~le it ul'witehl Ilu, lw' a I e ateatl u e wlmar e @uf 0, let Mnare t llia . Frfatho i'my JilKtiY ltciSoulN.lit Iheygit agy ile.'. to thl l opipe111e rs1,e Idu ti11 11ru ll n tr l*t Ig 11 NEW ORLRANS A. NASHVILLE IRAIL IROAD CO3MPA,\N TIIi: stockhhol!ers thin com tony are hereby no. I tified lht bhy a resolution of the ho-rd of direc. t10n pnssed on the 19th io t. the call madle n them oni the 13th February ant, fir t- iymenllt of five dollars o shareC, ws re-cindnd, ani the esaid stockhouldero are furtherntllified that WHil I.AS, by a reohltin of thii hioard pnased n the 19th iont. ao call ho el ben odell hon i etllkholnere of the New Orie.nn lad Nashviile Itail Ito d Cormpa.y ior the foillIwilq pnvyents ol thte the lnothk thld re.of.c. Lively hlthnm,vi: -two - lorntars1 p lit Aoarn , aynible on the first day of Sepltehlbr cent; two d, i.ars per share paivble ,n the lirtl d.y of l)ecember next; anid two hllears er nicoe panyohie on the .n Ft dliy of ,larch tilot. ?n0owlfecelol e ioc rei lyei eel, hlnt I'e secretary of this comi ny lln hal:,il nontify the shore iholers erein, thlplfouh tile public pr nofoff Ihe city,tlhlt inll ri:or llity with tln -xtixl section f tile chartner, they are ieritt. to postplOe anoy payment f allned in tin theI stock hfsaidl clmplany for tile terl lof ixty days, froll and aoen tihe day on w!ich it is imide ipyable, with th." exp el, con. t,'ittft hfoevertiiht if lotf recftlarly paidf within thil fidl prrfnleaion eil' fixty d:lv, tllllf Ulflid Ift r h'," dhV on sllichl it shouhl Ihave ILeetl pail, that then tile st.c(.k 1on whiF.: iafid |pymllleyts Ihould Iihave enll:lade, is aind rm e fo.lrlftedl to thle colmpally the clharltr oil thin lint illlperLtive. I: colllfrfilv therefore, to saiI eoii,allatock of the otockhohlers in saidl cailm luny, as tlifik llier to put offl tle patorentft fin thire stuck to the.idolf the n.liihlnal sixtyfdays, wlhticl fe charier alltnv them,are otifiled that the paytelnt of Lwo dol laor per share called flrand due n tlie lirst of Se j lemnltrexf, inevfle plnutfttpnf lfndier thl nixth eeetioll f maid chlarterirntfil thilen:]t dy of Ifctotl.r next, that the payment f twn dolliars per sIharte caled fior, alln due nn thn firltdae of December next, IImay I poet pnned until tle 30ith doa of Janetory ItLt; nll the pay met ollf twon ollars per hanre etlle'd Iri and lun onl the fitr day of !amllb next, may be piuolptu:o~d titil the 30tll day of April next. Elxtracts of tl minuteo of tle hoeur!. illn '2 A II .ile.\.L, Se"ry. It flt-,inniH. !- 1. BTATE OV LOIlSrIANA.-Parish Court for the J ParESh and City f NeAw o rleans. |IsHE STATE tF LOUISIANA. no oil whom Presents bshall romeo, Grertin:--Whetrea, Jones Hat~s having purchased at c sale made by the Sheriffof tile parieh of iuleanr the :ropertyO hereithtter decribed, .or applie to the clerk of' tIis cuort, in whose offiee the doed of sale was recorded on n he 211 day of April, A. D. .18, fitr . monititn er arder i.ement in connorlityv to an sct of the. eislatltre of the taote of Loui-inna, enii!led An act for the fsrther neru reea otitles to pilrrhaer atjudicial sales;" approvd the 10th dau oflMhrolt, 1834. NOW, orefre, know ye. and all persons interestedl herein, are hreby rlted and admonirhed in the anme If he Stats of lenisiann, antid f the I'nrih Court, o who can set up nor rightlitle or elainl in nod to she propest herei, after decrilbed, in consrquence ol nny iformality in the t.rder,deree or iodegient of the court tinder -hint thi cal waon cde i.r nor irrseuldrity tr il.Coalitv it. the oplWhisnlenth and odaertiHemense, i. tile, or manner f tnle, or for inv other trneet whotso- t .esr, to shnw aus, within tolrtv dnys snrm thledh y thin Atonition is irt insertred in ihe pultlic psuberb, ohy she sole so mtdei shauld not bh onidirmed and ionot booted. tse aaid prrperty wr non l so thise Shtrinf of the pon IOh aforesaid m the d 14t t d. of April,A. u. t:8. byr virtue eof decree of thit i.tort, rendered oit thle 51h dnay ofFebtsr, A. i. 18:18, in a enesit enttltd Aleanonderl Caldwoll no. Jltlrle Honse, No 1e3.8t6 of the dockrhet tf I thins Court, ast whic ale the sol Jaoloe H tsnne became I the prehnaer for the plies of twenty itone thlonua dollnre. lmachrition of Proltertsl as iren in the Jbdicil Conn reysnce, vir: A seralsn Insl of ont d+ -ito--ted in hi suburbs An nndi tlion n/it Let-on-e of this eqlonre o 5, md lt h ring trenchweoso e l fIn. ft tront I'lchonu pitoulna treet, :,6t1 f,,tt n tlroetgrro street, antd pO feet on It:sde dt ill t ate s, ht iN tell .Orh n 1er thaiotaai r.otrnur d is tf feetn widse oano ste ide au silhe eq rar thet titer. to.ether witri a tlwelling hIttso front n o'n Toloupitonltss st ert the kitechen nd hrI pendencits, also the dirille:y etorlpi htn nts ereeted thestreo and other bGtidigae otntI iorgn roveetstts, the t.oehinsrv, usrniir, imple ten's jnd isxtorrs bh Iin g ni it. dsittiley, itQ'tprtnd.·l-ieia nod toppit tenn.esn and the nrghts.s.tons etl pritilefes there., beslongll I' .r in an hwile npplrt inii.g. Ceroitt (itlIEe, New UIrleone, Ity 7T. 18-18. m14,Qbj-l J.I. IXen 'tvrf'erk pDor IS ptnisre et r ill dI It Ntone trlle Oiruelne. 'IC'TA'S DE L.A LIUIeIANI.--A toUo erss qtr Ej ct-s plohselteis rIltt, eettet. nlortli Astetellth qo.n Jalmes honte l yd'lltinshtin Its ettel falset ImP Set hileil tde Iptroiss e el'chlonttor It pnuoe ittee ciia.ltonr denlite s'irt asdes tr elte E lrffa te lte Coin- o n dlire enell fc I cl-reistare Ih 10emjinrte dIe Sltl die I'tontee 1838, Iloet nltiaio ononlllnelllolltoo I Hlnt to e Ist Lk6ginl+,ned et I' venos t e In LitiAistt. ititittiln f "Aetr tonu clntqfisrter ten lillrs den aiqtnoreits naols ellters jldiioiree;" apllt.-Oti56 tot Ilot-alt-rlI 8A,. Qi:,istt-iintl(lli etLr looste. pieeonnrer nlllfeha-ecnilt par res l ,reoenaes loieltor nit n-rot tile I' Utnt de oa In tio toir ies In Ctien' de P;toint-, tlOi jotierolidn ore-i troul A lo pirtitoi~lte ci-opel.n h ttll eonuqoele t(nll tlllfllttlt io f nllt dotIs lctitel Ienlite n O fao ire, oil te tillunt ir teentlotiie III ill itgl oti e tln r It' itaitttnti lt+it 'anile t ro ia o ei I l+o t ntje l 'elIt s o plar IlilU. te ilntto tttriq t tlfil-s ideic, iloi str uitejol n a eiele , dI |l.o tt li i onti ti e te osin. ponlllOet llojoioatt+ t ilo i afoite lia ttrtit tIl porllfiletoe ct Iolnllttltilei, I.a Ipre tribt fit vendoe e yr rleshie-i srtedlo qrla to-ziht-e .o'*r d'elvril de .itetonl 188 en v+.rtu e'un dotelet de reerae a Ie 5 de Idbrit r de I'aounre 18:111. deno o'ltffire d'Alexonder t:.lwell, fentre Jatole ltan e No o10,it7 del loeies de eltoe Couro, A IqiateeiP yol ae Is i:t Jant st lante s'tst reode acquorfetlr poor te prnx de $$i JI 0, Ireripiolti lelnr Prole'i6t l'eemhn le rmsf rt.ol uiciaersa Un, ertein s t stlo terrs cittif nit fethl-litrg tle I'Annon nrionl.nllios Ie.aour.e. de il-ite risie. tlnie I'lst 'o . lel Iti tle r t.'re nyaolt [Ietiuro fi rleia-.] ioiXeet Idt.d tije fe I hIie 'n tclloutipittu'or, iloi orot rettie dR lae nI ll rul P hyist tr .lsigllie pi~d, ' e r i II fnacdl de te d Itia tlele, des ae't5qu led ieftis fegodrtdsloeedV thuknltbderotttq Is dit lot dlerre. o(finnte phlcdc dl- aeteiLr dt O tptiei d' ilet A l'aitre, enne,,blesti n., t nre esltntt e a laI riue 'lho itol pr lit eiisioe el os esd peoiitce.,., i ee n' dhtil erie cl,nolruite ,cnr I- d Its, rit i-tir-,s it siuesr eta iit i Biorsttl e.; le ollChi, e-. uCtenfillo, in'it. atinote, .&tc. np rternet A Ishei l liiildllrie, eo dli-tenl nneer, ltpnrtoisecrs til e iroits. o:ttioIe ont riVilepge it grefaieorN ot.eIs Arldais, le Slai '8R Bt. . -1,_4.nem&j3 J tlt. , Iittl trlier Rlatent Colltee ostf lahfnienIe. 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Sile . etnl a al Agel t Io ti- iii n-l .- e h e., tSc. - fut-tietirl.itlllh~cr,.lttlt.le' itlit-t.i~iallnivitetldiilt , h Iol·lt'ae .hb Ylll,jlnillillit id+ ,,llli..++iiliill .b i~) he flt l t o ll poli tmell, o.nillohiilnthe' l tg ot'ietr. hriw1. 8 liOrII, sits, Ati-e Il, PIe caa, N. let-k, I erset A ynAs rane Stonlierot Let.sirio jo tro II EIllY Ii LEE £ e&, oy 3 \In.azic. csel.act , I ow receitiang.fromolhipl Nslo.hlle, I lill. lilentrk., Egile,a:lI other late :nirnll. Imro.n :h "i.l erll ctil;, lalge aclld new lelclle.I salInelt, BIoot, SoNho l alnd Hrot.tol, aolnsiilillg olrgliletllan'stll e ]if" nold on orllo hloolt |o .dI .alilty; do hullf'dl, ant ao. ut s lw pegged honts elriomtquall ties; Melt's11 fl1, tclf stI:l od l IliUlIcI 'har. Imap aI n I I lblrog., hIllkskill shoes, bro;;u m.. lipltelat men's limne calf ani kippol pegged slores'! I ro~ n.c; do bmots; do sto11t kip auif waFx pegged shoet s brogans; gent!colen'. hlst inllity vallwseet shoes, ogoKaI aond Jack I)owoiingo; do call oIta hIllorow c i ckle c shot andllot l lsl; tilo clll, seall an111 UtIrel I adian shots, id slippecrs, do cll, bull ao seal, la ow laicle; dlo fine call, soal nod mocco gailUte los; Ilye', missels' nd chilietln's legreI and sIwel '.0gans, alu shoesofeleri y las.lity :tad kim3l. Also a general assoantcle ci Io oL's ot wax arll S"u hlrogons ciia sil , Iloge.ltler wilk itll,Il pailr ,-tro tIwur quality, russett brogates, .wiled in the dwellm of men l lle aid stout kip russetl br.agns, s, • w alrticl1 ,.uld a aoge qu:atity uo anll inerior llityl r slet aid ltllw biogals. ulies' fine caif, al, morocclo sld .lgrin welts, ndl p llil soll shoes; dIo tllh Ilh"nh N lloccoawll kid ulln nhd slippers; do rout, shoes, with und withoul heel.; 1 lelif, iial :li s 0tout leather hootl.s; n1'lO Prlella sh11. i tall kinds f nis qualities; iolnin slilhrolgmsi; l o oiter or aln fo ed oolleles. lisses' l.luilgplrigll slhollu Io gpls. Chlhenll's colord Ml r IoclClle lusting blSro 4 ...liuld bootsktile. !rntleleu'lfiell'uslhionable blnack silk hals; .Io blueo .n Iihll bealoverdo of a superiorqllalit; i do imllliltio I. rimll uI road and t:alow brim men's line dliuh nut I Ik RIsia short npped Ilits, nelw larticle. Yolths uI e slie hIat of dirllrcnl qualities; dlo hildren'-. .I O'sand hey's idck so dlrts wlol Iilcs of suol dlto s, wilt gmenerl assortllenl of boya' and lllmll ea calls. I lls assooilten will he repldellisld i tilhe arrival ol Cu.t clcketsimorI the iomne naed cities, all of which a 1slhs solld ol eolnulnllooiatil I .ltiN I'.|UEf, B.11..1 FOR TIlE TEETH. r' HEeestaldisloed rleput tioiall drlonst tlyilncren ins SdeOllld kt this else, tali relodly lo"t, clU nd pmr seraolive of the teeths , hab induced l.e sni-oriber o0Ler it to the American plblllil. Arranllgelllmntr h heel nIade to aoplv ,nents in all the l aiu(ipll cliae alld ltownsl in t.e United , 1tal, so as to pllace i itth tile reach It those sulferine and likely to suffer this mIon harassing of all achlle, oI'o.llucle. VWhlen applied according to directinlu given on bottle, it hlr never failen lold fIrd inlodiate arnd inmaent re if. It also arresnt the decar lu lefectiv teeth, anod relieves that soreness v hlich's freqlnntlo readers a strong tooth llsaeles The np.licutionu and rellledy are oilnlmpe, ilnlreot an Iot ulplea ant; sod th e large nu ,0r of persons in different sections o, tih COoutrv, that have air adv experie ,cod luch deli 'hll1 mll salutary ealrces. lom ithe ue of the Ital,i, am ready io hear (ilr the puhlce g,1i ll) their tetillonv to its till rivalled qollites. It i all Indian remedy, hotained singo.url. noJ unexpct.tdlt, and .oia be re rr lhd 1b I-e ci i.ized wodrld as thile nlit vcluable iscovery red0loal of tile wolst Pl.e $iI ter boulie. Sold b1 J.\ltVlS & ANDILEW.S, mr 5 Cor Colemon and Tl'c.aoilouls .ts. 1 El ~ IIOOKS-Naval Sketch Boonk, ., the Service Allllatand ashore. With characteristic relminiscell :eo, fliaglmets and oplinions. By the author of I'oalhsol a 'r, &. seconlld series, in 2 vols. 1'OcdOIlI Recollections of Ihll Il1le ll Colnons, feoul the venr Iei11 to the elooeol 18L35. inooldig lal eket.I)es of the leading iokuero-ly one Of It par0 y,ju1t lceived and for sale bIy W 'McKEAN. LA'TE PUlLICAT1,CilS$. ( ROMWEI.I., anr Histori. al Novel, b. the author of I / "oThe Brother," ai. in o vols. Popular NMedicine, or Fmnily Advisir; conOiing of (oilloroe of Anatlmny, Physio.onr, sliu l Hyiene, with lekh hin a on the pro lice of Phy;ic. Sourery, aid thll dironaes If women and ehiblren, as may prove usefill il fnlilies when regular phyieiians cannot he plrlcred: being a companlion aond guide fihr inllient prilncipllal of manu netorieo , pllntations, sld ho,.Jtn elihool heads of familiea, nasters of vessels, ,liaiolries, or r'aveller-; ul ad useful skefo tch fvorou mn en0 lmolLe= ie ti e stdlv of mellicin I. It lRevnell Coates, i. I). Peter PI'arey's Universl i.istoll c on the of (ioleraphiy, for the 0e0 of famlliies, illlusrated by maps and egrcvingc, in 2 vols Ja0t reeirved ad for sale by W MIcKEAN, IlJ _ ur tamlop and Codlllllon Ita. NOTIJCE.,-TheFswerof I.veral packoIlas uIerclhn I dizo marked Madome V. Artgqlec:we.e:r 1 0hill iorotoo, foen w orirk, is h-riy not 3e.l flt, 1i0ey have hoie, . ".red hy Si'ETSi'O, .1\liV &y (Ie.O oa-l im ill.,,e "rot. JUSTFIUBLISHED PROM Sfti7MYP'PE PLJTES, T'Ie bVth EKdiion .o ROWLETF'B TABLESOF INT'EREST: ri which is noau as eldm Averageo 'tinse Calcutl.a tor, or easy methols Ibfr Hlnting the avneagetlime i ll storage, notme of hald or bill of gools, when pll' lseid at dtifi llnt dates, on iliffernr oeredits, nild f'r ',lriolts mo.untc; hessidenuosefui ool oolll pleteBa nkiln 7 T'ie ITn le, the Iost Ilth eun Ie enotrived. er that ui gures Etcan r leuce within tile suame cnalelnd compiass, .all size of ti pe. An ta erlisemen' in thebook is in nearly the follow in- wrds: T'hr high distinction this work has rrn.iveil thlrongi tlh ten legislative cts prllfixedl Itotl title toipge, isa re enomml".dl.tiot il itself, so nnelmmnn,, oldl on eoEclu sive, th Iloothilog is necessary more trleln by way ofe ad vettismrnit, to giv ens nodl nd vi.ew of msom of its pe ettliarities:Its fcr iloslnre, the Intsret Iah, b seen cmp ti. edll f'rol,anlld copel witlh, what is .luivalete to four reon seotaefeIoitoltionte, exlltit.el in the press thirl five till e, nlil prinltel from trlentype platels estld thirlyls-one tliles, fron all which it mnst th ecident even to the siepit; (epecially non li tie or lnn ofl he lI till tof iroofiltl Ielprelifee) tllt the work mtttll I arith metieolt inlfllil'e, ond in onlfirmatnln of this bhelief I prinlm of two ihunlrel st fiftyn dollars. in now olotr el litr the detcrtiou of an error iofa cent in the lorlnlt or fifth edlition, as expressed in Ite preface, niaklng five lal.r Irreoinosl dl'ered for the same error sioiethel first phlintiition in the ear 1tt8t. One of the most amnlienooss featrles of the tables i inthe Ilrrnlgemeot olf the 'Ihne nllo Amonontsl whichl for epredlirnti, i'ofrrence oid terspieusilvo, with the helll oft lle aide ailnt index, IInnot he excelled ; im.d tIh sallty tv ntoi ease ith whtich the intersell .eal le found to the xtentl of Ktneral Ilinesas, wishotl doubling o lf sums isher.i. iso eonveniensce s' essaatial, that ill th- estlmo imln of some oiille nmoll ompto tent snd pnletn.eal bulsi ols men anild plie offi erl wlho hae tmade aIr, ill lIe of the work, it oas been ditiogliodshdot athe hotnihle ppeillaion effa "mlster io 1e". AnIo considerilng the infallilhilty of the iellhodl originally adopted ill comlosiung the work, nlld tie extratnlditar nllo variety of the exomilontinns, mt tests ot'evetiy edlition it haslpssli lllc the lr as enlwithnstdlinoog the lhole is in stel'Otlvie, enlosidel'itlg, in s6 Il he positive aeestraey sllecreil bl the Ilunirecerl itetid means enllel nll, the vo luntehos l ihrntI tilds tond emiphltiolly istletl i tlhe most wonod rfol hook it the woalki" imost termhilyi no m.n an nIitnm a figure work of the sme extent, whichll since tie htlginnig d O el'tiot, lha hadi tihe same nmO her and variety lf lent' in tIllo sme nollther of editors; no, noltlroine latlflhe numlbers, as is deal tshown int the tprelae. eshile,, Iastest sol standahrdi, it has leen trilled ro ertrertd iln nert i ll the Lbnt k snolln pulie fies inl the Lll' tesl S.ltes,i nl Iy tle lollblic gtonerally., dulring the Ilng period ofl'thirt-ive, et tne error of he e. lmitiOnns Iis ever lcn found in print, llthnngll ennotnits 1to clhallenigerld bI toi nfferof erlvryile trenoilonl. The in fll exprilt aldptedll it all tlseenurtl "flaw oi sevr nl' ofthe Stlates i the f "llle of Iiuloltoo o te taluteu illterest," ts ils e lo law for hilonk intetrlt, accordinlg.i the Ilok is usld, ando as av Ie seell ill lrt, by .aa namilies of ithe sohssrilers, mad ia few of hle isubsequent prothasers, inlothe hile ttlhrei of tll hook, isil pon essinln oleleeryt clssof cilizens in every qio - to of the Uiii e l States. It it moreover nell klown tthat, hv its rearly chelk, it lo so otal't ite lrglel lg lerlursl Inllg :.llt they werL wlsllt, veltl by tile mtoort erul lot. talt ompetenlll ritmllhnieltiiI, fitt its c rlselless, and l"I"' ablohle d ie cessil' for its us, thave liten ll trlnelye'ly isisteel nit It.o so evident, ioeeslO, hirve bell its otldllntlags, ami itl svilngtllhat, veorril sornlol, lwhilst thl first ,ditio. wa seic.te, and oul of prin'lt, it great t uoher of secood hialt toipies were suthll fll Ir, sone to a gre t disltacte ioo Ilulorenled tI lriouls plrice..s they couhi .slcisioi . sily lo, iiciked opl Iat Ironi $ll1t 1I5 per eonjy', mill ensule persons llltie Ir.lrn. y declared, lll ilr.tise' eiot Il lltoqultel that ilo yl owouIt ltoy $50, $11tl0, ant, $315t t ill' o en.oo, tltnott toI heCd btter lro.s, lad 11 itldioldat in the Ottber isstonoe. plrtitltoort, having ot the smmi iine rxoltteht d ni tiss .ctry prit t, to setu ral ortstd',111, sent that to hi tit ws roellv wotih thut monoay atnd lo te Iihotgh the solitng of ti' . i s' , ltllablh timtl , I.e b oing t oet' rich ioaoaoo in ophtioolicoe. It is likevino wott'lh of t l re, elld itoleel iproper to i'l..'re , dt nIoshi is the uIlture of fig.e work gentlally not opelillyll' whlnII of tlhe exte'llto indinll oh.lee iI due all io, l. t' hitd tlhis liook orl its like to, on preLparI, e td i on the un1 't mn Ir vone, tll the mIost co0mttteno e:dllcnltor hin the workl.d, IIillietrwar!~i pitltd olistl o:'liouok, i' ltr hliowon citro orction of proofi s'hets, it would, ottmt to a ootto ritry, otio e bhern coot f for re ,.1lt c illllll· lt ,.r I ain' uritne, ns II'. a"l dnwi. IIIIl (inl"p i 1 . lllisll t# bit It, ' if l lt ll lslh he tIi o ve the, ar oter , tti t oi s lit lthtI w'k'. klerrn m fle, hallillt o iilro - elm, wi hll' .'ir rt. re'us td oexoiod inar' exno io. troos,gai tlll fire, o l'l . I: l.'g ro o nll i oi t, r thIey i e (bll i.tdtrtistoo l) rmoctonltl kept in a ioet oft sopeioal i:tfl ýl., .x.e Ia" l i l( ' iti ll' h hi AAtoo.'ditooootilo, oto fieotttop sh oionoe sotootto intll r e.tI ith ,i , ifull i,'le . i 'll",w II n.e l ofite. whiclilh, intii, hrlh. Aooi iht'he t o p. i';, . o ilt dtiioso. cttaoll mtdl in SO t tllllll o lllo o tots Ir two io o ll lllll es enC ulpu Sill.nli'" at', I'e iClt' . t iot otf. t otta.' 1/h. 1 1 II I - , 1.i.s r,1 l 11 itai l u,: lkillat, n,1 iihr· .m ii 1hi II im nolll y 1 i ; :I work', ullh ch wlaoll liohlod hetllr in'ttlo 'rest tolts wt er Io t'ot oOi' t ,.o '0ls0 d 5I00t0a 0 5 - t' t t.n tl n i tn o it , o i, o ' oto nsivel ..d is li ierni. ,i.tr0o i td, ii h,. io, et so uneh 1s I' ni.I wilh i0r0a0 . tee helot 1"s, of tIt roro 0000inotod dollo.,, toolo s tessni tun.,i ,I ul... 1t917 | to I305 c1it me. tl. n , hrefins I diliol "n GId 76 .ii) , . les 'i.unig tls t li' lo'rn it i l a ` .id .:-'riel t. hr..l'ee lh "uihm' s. !I r lies o. th' 'o' soo ' en C nod tenero'sit of toot pabic '' r aott t in: I ý nl- I l I lt I r~f-wl h s in Ih e lh ,i S)/ elh ' lEndue i, by thy. authora(f".t lYear ia Spatln," In hh e- l .d f W\' 'ln , in ' I i I. 'I he liet ;,t hl's coolko,, a .mtital moornl reli .Mdi i.., ').nd i lr by tW31. 5I'K.t\N, DOLITOIR JIO.lO1i i.\1' I, n (conl.Ihd cllmlimalyv at his office, 113 VS Custot t luar <treet, in nr itnphine sire t, o the Ir la l Illn of n :-etavcle lf Ile I):lte l s a n'.. . E'lm )r. J ohnl, , ', s l+ te, l ,i've Iopp rllllutll y Inl .I`.". io the loust e lurrlehd Il4n 0l,* - I- -lln I ,t-, i.eriln tai Iv devothd to ilthe r t ,in iio `rl e iUalld .-i plubiltic l pI I1 plcn t d orlo fro :; QIW-I !,ve ol f five ,rlne to New Durk, "ltrieing nh.ll l ime !r .Iti . n n-l un,';.l I hiis prac ice ,,lel. .to l tre lael.n lt iof ih ll-e li-cuel., - ilth lthe lolto* ln recedenll t I n .ll n.: Iti is enai lell t I re netllli anll of th lithuwih contlitsin frm a u In 211 da i.withoult injurin, tlih , lontimon by tniriury l or anu l ther eil etiritn medll ine. ( honi rlheIlr . ilet, Structmll e, .mll d V e Pknel ,,Alsl etioe li l' lj d., osidlneo l, ii lr: lt In;lail tnd vll of tihein nuWn,r ies tr ni of nc i enls, wmir gib ral y tlh llnw neg._ . ed ti nolt l-reied icases of Venerial. S.roflonu. e ne, ulcerated legI, anld wiorll,riemed fby iln mitple n uthll ld lofl trleatmlt, withoutll rastrictiuo in dict or lUtrrup. tion lfrom hlill"ess., l'erlonsre idine in the etunntry, nd who fel deli eae inco tulllllg their tiolily physician, lt sending a Iutlieni . their c iit-e l e llter (unt aid withfcllee e:,tllol ed) can liha e lh. 4dleiu'- mit ": , tie" their llwl, with m.dicin , tieii esaei ry to e .i ei , i forwiar Separate eolitce. pr, vidtd where patients nan never Atoendnii cie'unt irneing right, at 113 Cu toin :' muiitotLins strictly cotnidential in all cases. nee 13 i lVI. n 1.lY, huni-e, Sign, ti'ant'son ianilinters, N. e 3 Ciamille street, two doors nle llitolint, of tlie fnlloinwg woods and mtirbles,ea (emted int ai mast manner,. C woulti ae iir, Anl a e. |inhnglty', ,tinn hlack amd gild, ()sk, (ilin and Autico, Pollarld do, OPiental or verd antique, Curl'd Maple,h'o tm llSone, Il.lls 'ye noi, lin byu (alltite, SWinn nood, Pllullo nte, Ilair Wood, Dose or IBordello, Yes. Tree, Italian While. Coronumllle or BIlak Simotm anl Ihllretella, tosel Wo.dll, Ameri 'n (t lrey, Asih 1\ hie Oiak, h..a i ke. .ulethtd Kim, snpinteuhns to he seen at tith sihop. Paints. ails glass, coitalu varnish, kc. on and ui latrsale. I 'Ea, lCt.L I I VY GoiDS--linut, squarl alnd hilndl irllon, ell amtitited. lSnpii ts-rll andit rd iroittn, nail roda nd ploughm Cmmt, (e'nman, stear, bllsteresd, sprinLg, sheet mianll Hollow ware, cut andi wrtouht nails nmd spiker Zine, iblock tilln, mill andii grand stones, salt kentles Chain cablies, alncllora, ntll Ox, log at d trace t iuhis, corn mills Aunils, ices, Hamune'suid hellotws Wire, shertpig anld hi leads shliot C-na, lanI l coking stoles Analsa, itow.innini midi . the iun atiesruln shovels Slook and pltet hinllges, door and wmainw hooks Collina, Huts, 9hint.s, and other nxes l'arld anid Maniinl cordagte, lines antd twine Ialli auilnt slashi tlllg per; Naval stores A flill usantlewt a- hal'tlware alnd ship chandlery, alwnason hand, and wthich are iiredll f r atle st whole sale or retail, ont tie mo,t favorthle termsn, by and I 1, ¥T(t f i \ t Co 5.3 oldLen.+s. HABIROWGAT)E- SPRINGS THREE DAYS JOURNE' FROM NE1V ORLEANS. rIiHF propriet r of this establishment has th plea It ure ,t annonucing Itin Iia rietnds ,fi-i the public is geetial, t at be will he ini reatiitna-nibt tite first day of nla n to reneive viiltars. He will also alate for the ha nelt of IhIIse at a di-tance, that there hinave been .large ;imprnventae inde,and otbher now irmne oun and in rapid Iproteeyn for uimplentitl, whl tim llI enaile ihl nuhser ter to acconullndate a iich lrger number than hereeftal,ia. anid at thie aintee time ttmuch better. Faitrlie can be acenmllnldaed ith good roomg , er shoie who pr olr can have large cubies eisched from Ile remi building. It ins deemed u imuecenet.rey to say anythinti i particull. ar of thte charneter o, these w ,rs, in it ,, gnetllel believed that then are not inferior to any in the Soutih ern Sitaten. All thne ania umelett thau are gennraliy inunld ati Wntering Ituel , wiill he fmndu at hlin. Ten best nmusic that this part onf th conurv alrords, ha.b beey eng ,-ed. und will he in cost nt attendanee ant the 'I heauictib I will avail hiselfafor this opt nrtunity in returning hin s unfeitned Ihaunksf tmr thi very Ilheral jauPlrt given him lat seasonu and hopes hv the eer tiunn that have keen tude in improving and extietling siw auccommnodations, to merit a liberal patrte* the present season. JtNO CRAM. nm3 TI( rI'i- lI...DIES. &TKINStIN'S Ism+PILIA'IItY, f'.r removing siu perduous air fom tle face,ieck and arms, with i. pufety and ierrtaintur, la f ing ttit, sin eter nid whiter than buoire te :,upphin.atimon. A fresh .unpi ljust received at iiiilN'N, -'N I Eh ebenge I.t,,l, nme. Si ':arre. a.n.d Cumm-,r irft . ap ,, MAIL AR ANGEMEN'r t .ern Mall Due Clery Day at I1! . b e Clihaes'E very day ,i0 A.'M': S[ uee nee Sumicy. W sdagamy an Weser. 1fail, (Fridaoy, hyrK ..M. by Y fthef Cloven every eonda. Widmenda Ceasl, i and Saturday, by 9, P. M. e.. ... eail ( Dae every , Thtiadif, a Thr 3e .unu ]atrde ). by 5.P.M. A via Closes every Monday, Wedsaigj EXPRESiS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, I)EPAR'I'UKRF DI,'. 0Ci &c. of Ihe Express Mail, bew-. r, Moodsil and Now Yo k-leaving Mobile duily at 3 P. M. Norlthwar New York dailv at 5 P.M southward. •A rrives A "ll Northward. Dislance. Time. Ult l g Montgomery, Ale. 21lp. 198m's 3li I13q" Colunihub,, Gs 111 81 9 1 s Il. Milledgeville. Ga. 2 133 14 p.l Cohnibia.s .C. 7) am. 163 171 Raleigh, N C. 51 215 2 1 Warrenlon, Va. 12 m. 55 ia 4 Petersburg, Va. 1II pm. 83 10 l Iii Richunand, Va. I am. 21 3 dl Fredericksblrg, 8 67 7 11 p' . Wnashin'ton city, 2pm. 61 Baltimore, 6 38 4 0 Plillldelphi,, 61 am. 100 II NeW York 2i pm. 90 ' 1305 143 b. er 5d (b Northward. Coming Southward, the time is sia hsein leIr; Iwinr5 days a l17 Ih ours. I'1":. 1i t)LI.LAK1 REWARD. IANA WAY fr . 1109 tirondelet ceaer dof Havia i streets, on "he nigh' of 30 h of Augusta; and was mean 'lhe next amorning inl I'lavdrns street, a negro boy named t'll IIAt I.F , blolut 17 years of ape, an 1 S fell no thercnlloms in heli: hit, ver black, and ha an im/d invent in his speech, one of bhis lcg is sore, ourasi by a recent hurt; hie had ,on vhlnn he went away a :'Nia coallan o, lien shirt and white eottnoar·'lnloOu Mall, rl 'rf vesels and snle,, hosts are ebultilnkl a gains( receiving or harlboring said legro, as well ltir other ;.ersons, i Ihte llumolst rigour of tie law MilU' ba enfiorced neai.,t th.'m. The above mwald aril M OiWi f-r deliva..ll" him int anV of the jails of elthtrr'ofMh· municipalhties, or at 169 Curunde et, corner of Hbir tratie. v@ N~t rrl!.;--'lli cot;a, tnernhi,, hertellfore e 119i19 1 nderl hn firm ot Ilobenn I Garr h11 i2..a dissolved. Ths. bs..criber will liquidals thea glf o the concern in this city, and requires all p ,.soniiio l Pd to nmake Ipayment to him ily, and all tbhoLaving claiin , to.elrnlt heml for elleieN lnaetRll ' ruel tt--t . t,..ARItlrPlffl'8l. WW.SWALN. No. 11 H.reet Aarem Orlemans STIAR aiwavs on ihand cen really k receiringe gr. 1 livayes, Chemicale,antd Patn'sl,amlong thieir air oilowni;:@UG , DYI By DRUGS. nrls, Anihllly, crudeI Argolls, red, ldo regollhll Allalluto, Sp1IP. .rlaullic, elunlde, Alun. dn iw, Ierlred, Ihzillette wooe, 'al ut.I copUnis, Cochinelnl, tl.,a+, crude, Col,ltera, Ameruln ilo rehitled. Clllabpai' l1llllsusll anlle, ne Yu, ltic, Tampleas I le to ll, do Cu.llh dlo. flower, do Maion, IImutlh, Preilich ecrie'rla. S"anan.wl , do tisileli, t~lt, ln I~i..n:Ilie ll, e lul, I Cambullhilcs, do (.t' ioes, do d L. hnmal'ae de liwlhio, Lngwomd, (.'poS hyl~tll .!C aansmf~lida, Iot St DmleiiiS" Sin alnine, do I Jamrnie, ad nllllilllliYS ~ ll Jamwir. iln lenzaill, Canmwooml, Ido col l, mllh, 'Madder, onhio. li doll serlaelld, Nia.uruagt, nllnlirr. tlo do Almeric-o, do Guru. d li camplnllal, el't do Marneilb c do to fit . do Hash'e, ldo piitlllum, CHErMIUALS. n do ktlo, Acta, nitroll, Sdo masrie, do mouristic. ilo d pelliS ll ie. do elinl, |1lne virIiol ,:, senequl, :ainmv, p r, t do suli'rac. .orloaive i.lbimatle it do tr'uaaCnlll, 'bloride of lime, ,(;ino1 nei ng1l[ "i 5 g , d ilsia, .\Is, i x, Er lletl''e l .ll l l !le do A10 t n ,ericarJ Heldihrciontl.atat t dfo Mie , Seilel poha \l- llf li ttl er", Stl 11,zinc Ih. orie bl, Sul iI liea I hill'ier nml, Tartar emetic, ,hi ( llllly 1 ' ~"illln e. ,on Ilemon, PAIh'i--Illas. II, he'.Hlilllt T l'til e etc d , tiop rilwlint, Blue, ii lmi ,ý,",ao CkrOmie yellow, dy, .I., i u,': , I.i, i, h I in el , id, iA I klimee, Aery, do `tkl.h.e, do ,n im iilt l. r,!nl l. teli : I, I I ack Engll l nh rifn ile .I . nh.ii ,* ..: ,Ill u sr,:l ,'llb l I a, Iih , . IinlJr.IIH0 n l' ,I" 11+ 'l'n piili ,l Puiri.. l t ilt. En hi.,l.~ I, ". .. n il w, ,1,, A i g roei.l I , ll'1, i'"!" nll is. el ra ne a h, I a1 tt er h rnri:ý l'r, pat. ron ntr,,H ;lirl "e. do , fo:,,i,.,hd,-, do d-o Aareria _i d: ,I noi I Il.+l ,'k ,k, gr rll[la in oil • f1"" c,.' cal..,., \"."l,. led F. l,lia . ih fi ', II'Aii d Aiii e ira, ..... .ltIlrlA.h grOaltld hail. l i hc N i, ', rr h' ,1' I i n llini'., IC ineae, i do .l, ,i, , r..el +,,, \ ci il;,i ",I,, Si~'hl,;, II':.,Vt, 11, x, de gru liu, , Snni ih\ tln d t:, t'O~ia. \" o aldl1 i A..luc e ,do .,o,1 Ai.,t+'ic ,,. . " Eogi.14 '1 dn ('Anl.l,., , p, llmd is !r .ljllit!..ihl'lr A~li, HA~rt|n'snee ;orl. -----------------------p ('AiTIlNi II.1T If'S NIW NOVELM, X aWia i the t te /cr, by the author of Peter dimple, he Cuiisu ins,or Winter cni 'lhiner s lInicf.ild in l.lw i. 'ontih, I , ( B us il asd Iall, Ioivlo Navy, I. L S.. i ,,. Iord Io.d,,,, ia r.i noien. by Allan tiunningham,|l er lhepinnrd lIee. niit'n liv liiiuerl, in 9 volt. d Cio l,peliniis lislurn,!i .Illy, translated treon tie olllll Iliian. Iv Nlllllilllel (ireen, in vol. hr t ilL' No) 7!1 f aliarc r'I' b.amily Librarn. Vole. :1 & 1 .f it hi w elnopliele snd uniform edilies ,,f Hl'shins..tou Irriart's Itork'. Ro.,r's FA¢arh and E.glish l vel, Ste i' gnl'fs F- earh ,tad EeLvinen lPtelionaro. Aim..--: ("w more copien of Colne's Phrenology "Rtienzi." L.nre'oS evcre Cvrn"iasea eofsoperi.r qua f ill llll ' improved aved alic P'ene,,3apaned papers, weighs &c. &c. &c. Jest received, and for sale by aIt IIENJ. ILVY. 'tPAIN IWEVI$ITE.,&e. &c PAlN R[IVISHo'Elt &e, by the atlhtr ofal'Ayel in Silii;, ill vols. "raits oflndl,:s .ru rnrs i ['C aterally applicably to" the Aliirijzini i fj Norlh Aonetieo, by G Touerif Svols. T'he Political rlammar, of the UInited States, :rc a collalet o vire of the, theory ald iri liee of thu gnrItar and itaOe gIeIrllOinIIaS, will thle reltti,,n Iltteetl thbe, --edicat 'i d otliid in the t sung mtean of the United ltu:cr, hy E II .\ ,irneld, Eeq. N'imrod'c Ilu.diun Toaas interspersed with ehlotater iie anecdote., saviings alnd ofIsJporlint i anu, I elodil. notices ofthei prineill erack rakler aol .uo gland ill, analytical centeiit, and general index of names,? FtOR THx CITRE o tcrofilla or Kitl'e Evil, (lhronie Rheumatisie. Chronie Cutaneous Dia. Painu in the 3ones, by Ifr neae use or allmraury the blend being in vitiated rtate. This very ioncentnrued Syrup in prmpired with tIe greatest ilhurniiielutiiil care anii rernuraer,ai nýv ntalle Ihe natine irohile of Sbirsal nrilla inll thu ast r.emUc trauted tlpgree, omlbinud with othar vegetable sn bstai al knllwn efllirov. Th'l grent ideiled tiin will phvniciens in beingt abl tir exhillit a llrge Ilnloiiiteu uf ilareaj urlla in a Isa diir, ihas Ieen ohetllnedi iitthia Irerattion-they, being fully "roinitrl iilt ' ni .rit, uafili ently adiinister the cnurse if tlir prletice. Pries ol 50 ire Iottc.. Sold only at SVWAI. BROTHE'S drlni all sire, No,. I ]Canal treat, /hi may tie had, fresll nd geniiilie, diree I frm the p.ori tore, SwaUliu' 'lialiacea anid Verlifu.e, Patter's con, Carlpenter's Ireaeartii.iin, al alarge and geMns aneortinillt of lIesi drago, In4 PIlNNOCK'S ROME, die. P INNOCK'S I2IPRlOVEl EDITION OF DR G oldmith's Alridgllmenlt of the Histiry of Rui. to iwhicl is preixed an Lntnaolwutio, to the ltudy i IloIman Iistliry, ard a great variety of vtalnoable infolr maniatli added thrtlrip!hiot tIhe wai'k, on the ManIneM tintitutiona and Autnlhuitiin of the Itomans" with no nerroa biographiiiol and historical Notes; andl qte, tius foIr onxtiunatnlin at the end of each hstian. II lusltrted with tirnyeugravings on wood by Athertom, Plrnoiu's Ihpitoved Edetio of r rGoldmith' llietnl oa Englanid, lint, the Invasion of JtIlina C.anr to i" delth of Georurge 2., with a coitnlntiol to the raes 1'132. Wiit qunestiona Ibr examnination at the ethd' nach echion. Iesildel a vanriety of vauibhle inform s ion allelt ilirnugl,, tlhe work. CoUitaing of tnbhl of eollclptiiirias Suvereigis and eiiminent persons Copious exlluiltory notos. ll.enrka on the poMl tics, iaonlnersuct of the age. An nttlines tihe Constitution, .din. &e. illotrated by many ongel itigs. Guos' rs ei or Alcrnonov, ant an Aoridgmeo of Keith's New Trlatise on the Usae of Giboe. Nov. Anierin.n editiill, with ndditions and impe.amnee ann atlo eplitillu at tlia astrOullunllucal purlt oft ti A rican AIhnouc. Jut received uld for sale b.y 'I M'KEAN nov 24 corner oe Camp aind Caoaoo tle HAIRIEl'S CLASStICAL I.IlAItAtY. I( ORACE,iraaltlihtnd by Plulhp1 Francis, I) D, with 11 an lltulltex, einitmilniilg irlaltI,,na oa 'nriaUe odesa, c. by len Jouson, .uwley ,lllt.n, Drydia Pope Addisoin, willi liuntueinta, tii Vlkoliield, Pirae. Brynm, An. nod sene olhs Iunure eaiet pealn of tih 'tt'DRUS, wnlh the appenIdin .If ::1dial trnnilh tedby Chbristopiler Slulii, irt d vein founnci; luieoa 1R and I1 of"iuruer's Clasnlin Library 'IThe' rxpediuoln irf tn.,liltrn"f CLINKER, he nutollei, .11 i, wilh a ,tiniilr of tit. Authar, by Thon. us Iuone, Esiq. new editioun, with illuntrotiOmn byGe Cruibaltii k .K1E A iP.S; a Tulre, by ithe autihnr of "licellItn Mlry oi l.! rguuty," OLr., ilw edition, 2 was f ia i one. I'AIUL 'LIFFORD;by lie nuaior r n*Pjlh The tier " nd," t, hbein1 'aluluale I' olt i new Ie n`utf"kt aure COlnllel, Vn'is. ,rut r.'neved " sale,. WiM I tiL.w "]il'ln, l,.. f H ,if,:.-enl-,, tol t Ec!ho. aInld for |tii-'l . llAWr

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