Newspaper of True American, September 25, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated September 25, 1838 Page 2
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COMME C!iL, a.. toB...t 4 toos A,"e Drkr 4 bnfh, Wm flnwrr, L I~L~rreaaeTa Hopkid..0 "ra" Whlty. Par NipL~ CkerokCe-ea,,.: aalled rodeo, to W H Burner, J A Mesrritt 4 oo, lawrenco "i Loojdve, Roypt t Harthorn., Slater T'RI,, eLa pa.JOD P Lkntrbornty car.dfr.y, Liv *0.0.11, cn..h.o . "gk -" UIAVV-Pos .hpl Voaoa...corgo. wi., bIrody, dry gaoo. REgCEIPTS. PODUCE. 1layyr w an-tr manolr V.! pedal..cargo: 1'JJ he mtttsn AVnciaiao oU do Bork.. Watt t co, L, d, Tlyl,., th.41... * 0o, IBdo foaost., Perriday & cO, .,,1 do M0 ophx oG 't~nMI doWOekoy 4 r., ldd Inlmhelh 7'lnap.oaBbdR a Ryoold , brn. & or 5ti do, Peyroux !- %Shdo Wahoo o., do t . Flower 7do R, VS.y.S do J E Pli.h,, 13 dr. Lao., & e,, douoi, 9i.,o q4b , Ih .b lloo,,jle mod., Meek. CON*IQXEES. ibtt0& -Perlhlp Bam..J A Merritt. L~ayrt & tool.o., VUImpoo, Voodoo.., & .)or.r. RS Pao. .IVjirin 4., Vow.... A W.V.,. J T r, J Miot.r., P.lioin Io1l :,,;-.hlaq&1oUaa tTrkie,. W Ho1.'.. Rarko. WVot, A . C H Jsdge Aa.. Hartwell, J Bridge & co, J I... odley, Larie k rnlnl. J 'Phlysr &u en, L Cam ecu. F 1. Tppin, P kanaoa S Rather, '" , Ghahmmlr. J trepo. J R Walker, E Sp··Cue, 4' Ui.* Voae. W Hl o..0. lnj.rt t Hothorn,.J l., &A ooi to, i .V L..&oouladdon A al.NJari.,W.Iia,. R00.0o000*U Riorde.rad .,oter. $t rS-tlorhip desert-W C C Clad.rne, LWined; r G "I 4.Uynv m1P it. aooo.i C Rdoo,. LoSrrbrR& Brothe., T'q o4 L Ga..r, Tqot.A&nria.o, .doo& %ooth 'zRR5UC ael, Cot., a Durotel, P oolo tio. Cir,,R f "'u0... bj 4h* ofln. V Pieoooo, Curodriull, La.,po, *+~V oaa~, aider. PAO0ENIIF.11It. Id om-P., .hlp Seu.;n-5i,,, H Rtoonot..13 I. lh. S`- r hlp Nl ,oi.., N, COnnoe. r?:SEORANDA. fr - oCLo l New To 1 tofr New Orleooo, Sept I, hilp. Or .tI OUorw, and Adudobo, Hiokfilg. FurPt llilo.r okrDolid f tsýalladolph io ,sup l7-ukhp Hihbloh, N Orla.ns. Aeooloo at ir Yorkl epo 18, brig timleo,, 00 day. too ?: uhlMaoelodl Mio, too,. lromLo.erpool, too Porltond, lo. got~tdly et Unr Pootlad Liglht Stif 11: crIs mo.,d. " l'AtNowr 9-.Tos.o, shlp Replublicoo. Rsod, or 0 rNam Oius Slept li Jlooo.. lwokio. do, lot do; 11l icon, Rogodo, ado, Villl depo Pi, Tott. do 11th do; 1,,l.., )LimbS. dry loth do. C JtylA-Slalbd Dobgla.loJooo. .,toNo, fogrlsoen. ,Ag 2--Arouo d, dBtaIord. Winslu.w New Orllo,.. Mua. Aug 4-Aroluud G1..n., Rantle,., troo New Oil h hell. Mud.. Pool.. re, Ao; A I.A,,o Ioui,. LLema.n dO.l.. h AN; Sokuohk, Thin,. do. 200k Aog; Tubl... 1)11 ub i * 0th k poy VoIl,0., do. Sptl IS.., Ville du d o.Prow.,k, do.S k 01,t; Cordil do Ckuouru., CI,- JO1 IIr Jb supt. Arrivud Aog 4, Gl..n.,, ftlohrdoolo, OIiwau Aug. 02..Arlodv brig Do.uriool.·, S10.0on. Now 0lWpo ,a.tug ll..Ar Josepbou, MOloltyre. ,og Mobil.,; ,ubo *otukotCoouy. do. Astuo.Mp" Koamp.. DIlolmoo, Co, Now Oloeouo. TI. As.w." packet, Polo,,. 0rri0ed I. the riocr'ohomew, Ian Teooiiofo. wo Ixo.rded on th 1I6b July, in t0, 33, loon s ' obboh look 1.1 Ibthkoms itoh obol,, eolhl?. one obo ko.00omo1i' ioohkL, ourlyo all the mll. upd loddlut, eod uudryo ther articlu.. Ohewa M 000 koot;bGrin ridggd, okoot 250 Lo,, loib., had a. oWvd a orow ofotk,,t l0 oo . On the boat'. soounow CU 0" Ffktkaoloio.. Spt 1R.-Arriood.N,.o,,o ClOonrIl~oer, Ito.. *.ffooulou, rpoloorts kioinog !ldd, in l.t II, It, 65 Wi, .brig Cora, troo Sum Orboonu, tor RoIotl, inllisloou, oith lose *ss her spoosuod wle, oo,1,otinu tore-m..t o,;d one top sell -art Ok.. aboodoned by hor orow aod otfflce.. Arried-aok. Tier,. Rooo. No, Oloonno, 85 dy. to J 4'okuo, j.boood to Boton0. In dislo.s. 1Oth ins lot, lolt 10, ou 0S3, oeoonloed aodo louolt int ot uill, font N E. IoN W, darng whioh. uproot C010 nld oein m01000. split utio, carbed away jo-loom, tort-top 0001, opoogk the mio-lttom. woopsd koooavols M look, ,nd did other daloogo. P'erioul °to ilsglthe T. *me Prcalud in the GulF 4I Meaioo, with oucoltoo fikghl winds, otdl 001stron 0urrent 000t Inc to the wuoowsod. l2ok ins0.t, 1st 10, Io 00. spoko othr Elioo Jo,,. liwln New /Meas., for Pliladalphia-all well-hanving sustain. d no ipojuy is the ltegoo lo. Cdob..olo., Sept O-Aorrivedl, b0rig lorodino, Cooper,. N, Oleuo., IDdoy.o loll & J CoiIIoo. Io Mdl.too., 7th inb0,1t. Iot 530,l on olO epiotoolol viool k harriaop fom E N E . NW. daring ohoh loLtboh otp-oao . oilll.oIle l.4d riglugg attched,slten bot, l01in-ytrd, tnd jib loto. Repool of onko Louisioto. Alml, Mast0,,. lh,,om ,,iv Oako idol, A,..,., Boy, 4,nt. 2.1, l Wm, rilopn, ul ibo. lot tuP WPouubooroN N E, Iolonco 501 mile. toll,. initially, *lad from eh. N F~ ,m1 haul l· the oppearaalceof on a pproalrh top goblb... o'clck .P M the nl,, cambu u o . a. hta s-pale,. b uoillo'tloth .PNnt huull i or tornad OO ln h000 tIheehr tool Tku wind coati ,nrd to hb.. huoy. t.a high, and 0ttelln lost with No. y oo uulle untlI the 0ven01g of the 1Ibh 01t0 ob whioh time lb. wiod huled to the E oS u, otndtydeoroo; tlooejodging !Lk ,l to b 30 mtils tfroo, Rio li Gnde, ioog Itd Ito Il dryu onder o bloooo rooofwl mob til i. We then Ioiod, ,ll tied1;00d to the northwar d an1d alstwaod; ao thle bulrui,,t toe 1odh, boing short of prOioioio. 0id wate1, lot,, op tor Pso oCwkollo, at l A M, rrivodl off tho IBrr, the blokersr kooyoood wind oat; otohlcn,: in oat lllo, ryoilth ac, kboh hod Ito.. loino tIhore 4 days. On 0001,00 lell it oodgolod, the bi iGoold 1Hop-, 0010 out, gotl applies 1,o01 her uod the 1lol.ooad l,100ol0d ill tIhio 1010t. A,,ioodl id o. PMss on the 21ok. Skip Choobok-1 ,itant thabl o lit' I lth iolrl, oto 0r Oob...,u HaLnsohspokeship I ,,dia..obd frfom lNew Yorky holnd to 1tovood.aotolly dnootod. 01. tih .onel,,loy, .pot at 010 okor wo theRoIok. dg Luzooot, ut' 0,Iot,,ualedi0,,.,,tu, Markets. NEW YORK MONEV 1AIRKIE'i', fir.--.rpir.oth, 14. deeeEy, in felcyfe riTjl~ n.. J1l ,r were n nllo yrsterpllay o HU tael ank at l3i Iald+dlware J" II doh Ce..s C, ut lla ýo .l.howrinegI a 15lo inr of alb'. 4 io e 'lnasr; Kestiky Inllk I0 declinerd 1, Patereo Reilrood tu I., al Itrlln Raollrad :o et whicsh eau.ilrbble .lel wrl Io.lad. folly 04 peer c-al. The paekes thr Llverpeol Ieon detnhleol aoil tl n eanoram, fartlter uale of dlerlitl Bill. were tle at l 17 If perent prealium-the letter iate lhowi'go a 'ur7thr adye7re on thes toain e pric t of ti day previous. NEW YORK, ..ltu.loy Mn' inb , Dlpt In. 4'1R. Thed sfle o Cotton ran e our it are e.sotlnlrted lt 4i bt Oe t(heee 1,.0 were Upland., 1n914 14c--rirlpa'ly tti 'lec; 1,156 New Orlell, "t 9C (do 13; (101 ,Mohilol , Ut Sd 13e; sad aee.w ale. at 14 ( 141c; and 5,50 FIrrdeont 94 s3ns. 8-Cern hare realzed nn alwlales oil lasI w10k'f t100l e "middling (fir" 64 "ood Ilir', d .8.ri;tioeo, of fully e. pMd en -radinerety O middfil.g" 1 ( 3' d -pe alt d - mad bhe Irsen principally For ethes FrencL, market , tl e pri.ripal ales ecfreetl hare bean fur huloe usad se1ula Oew late aldicee from I.ierpeol are of Illh Augnt, per WelHtEgOn, vialt.anlo, u rrived yeterday. The elr for the wank .sdie the Ith. were 47.11 hales, at n deraelo of id as tflea Mdlinleld lowerqlualitleuofAmerie:ln. On Saturlnv 2:b1 .60 bhle. were mid, nd aowing t, the qaeoatly enlblrin. the dvame we . le.t. The e rxtl. otf or export to Great Bria. die the lb t Oetober. compared with l t.t, s 334144I1 lad tli elc4e i of reieipe tlnce let Octotber, 444,0 abhale sp Englrad--9t per rnt, oeloing rta por packet 3thi e L dEran ceo--m- t NEn, FIlhl to Liverpe --id fir qun are, les ad td flr round, HIve-Iete b.e re.sle,lid e for round. .ees York ad irerpool Clnaio/iran.ion. Ord'y. Middl'14g. Fair l3 Fair. G(ed e Fines. New eflrtlea. 1 3 14 19 11 14 144 Field..8-All0 9k1 434- -a 3 lplsodo. , 91t 101 12 13 14 t3 - V treahy Tn"lnee; North Alabcam, nd Flull.d, at 9 Fir'd,,tlea of Uha .Mcw Crop. Septe*her Rlh.t Ele, per aliaga, trm tClhrleston, at I1r oerppt to Fraces. Nteh, ee e petr meaner Natchen, frm Natchez, st Ib4 for homes n. The colour sad sitple 141d,1th good. Yo"., reppetfudly, N. TALCOTT & ON. Citio Blroker.. I'heoiz BOildiuog. 69 Well ltreet. CorCpsmlenee ol the New York Deilh Express HAVRE MAItKET-Augg 7,' 1838. Ceds--From the 31st nil. date ofour ploceding re pat, te naturday inclusive, the tratnltionn .were on a maden:e scale aamtnting to 4G1 bales; yesterdav the mrket bectea, nlre aniatled, andt the prclihae Seeenled to5608 latde--I lt aggregate l'the sules ul the iet 8 dev. chmpriet tllerefror 90.2 hales, all in Unieted 8tt'e-sutort staple Cottone, consisting of 4814 beire New tthlean.,o'whieh 1124 b. at 79 to P42; 20970 b. atl 8teo 9', 83,1 b. at 91 to 931, 510 b. at 14; to 9i44, SdT70 b. at 113 and 115; 18416 th. Mobile; .1 whicl, I4 Seat? 350to 701; 8311 h. at 81 Ito, 851; It . at 90 .0 to 2 130, aod 161 ,. at 101 to 1081-anod 3191 b. Upslld, of whilch 8 b. at T71. 231 It, 76 10 and 103 b. 105"; the whale duty paid. The arrivals againot those sales, have 6434 l.. Upland,aFwheh 38 b, at 71,lt 12 h, 0476 61 to 81, 34 26b at 87 to 9X3111) b, at 92501 to 971' 55 b, ate 10f and 01 b, at 1105r; the whole dout paid. 1'IThe arrtavl I.ait these Fale. hase 6034 b, vez; 5671 b. U. . l4Ctd StetsCtlone, and 349-bIotllrttlort. tienerall, S noticel o advancee in our altes aor United tattes la. stue; only our market closed firmed ye:terday, I ' the.eO ,tton . r Agntl 8-Cnlton--alco of 215 bales Louisinna, 1001 tide " 509 ; Mobile, 189; NI do 809t t oeorgia, 9;1 LIERPlO.L COTTON MARKET, Aug. 10. We hare had a faeir demaant for colton tolnav, the sale have been I00 hea . The businen ofithe week namla l eto 47,5411 hngs, of whckh 9010 haIe been lakeo by pleeulatore, nd ;179 forexplot. Matardpv, Aug. I--This was dull day, the sales aamaatine ally to 2000 baoles. Pricen unsteady. Lovelroe.. Aug 7.-t-he report frolm the iatriore Onile etpearanee at the crops, more eso;einllv of still very unfarvonrable, and have dran n'the atlelnto of the town nd eountry teade tad tof tpeen lntersa 16 Poelgn Wheatl io bond, int whielh n frther very eaCaalshboasiae. has been lones t rapidly ha tsaning peiees. and to-day 9s hi has een paid for both white and red. There has aue, been a brisk de. mad for frees Wheats, which have risee in value to 12. oa the beat white Eaglils. and to lse for primoe led Iribh. POHT OP NEW 1OILEANs. CLEARANCES. Sri, Uhsee0 r ery.Cahr Tho C Jeenea. , ARRIVAIS. laein ebhlml oarl hey, .Paeldieg. eaom the NE Pet; becehe qs.Piltt4rs.aa, ftmt Botel. Nitp Sil "S r U8dey. firom Ito~ean, to J A Merritt. m tIlY t l ale, .Meuin, troa the N E Pac; bmulhbt C lhrcstLeuicia., asl wbhr Loeyette. Ill the d~ '108, om Mlobile. tab W ,ld from lave, left 10th July. to L u, I4yeen Rahen,. flrom Glvelaao--eergon: lntntltat h . d maahler, ta Bard 4 Bioree..veaal to Wm SbLepl, Abld, 10 days rom Mataorda, in blatd- wreat nepmsm, mAeobte, from l.i Pae; having so bra Pasea, mad he Byrns. Broulght up ship q• e thad1 . to Nethewe cad ship t't Cloud lel at the I T*4wUC 4e. Ship Elis Ann oetside the Ier. sand one te iM t Pserpee. Clark, hfro athe Pr ; owet. to e.Ni ..3Jr. oh . Lnp shL p lnlge., and Cherokae... CP lm Winn, frm Philadetphha, at the Powder C m". BM teom, heeud to SeNatc . h, ship ,anes, Joes de days im J.mOod. tto mater. cl IlP Chee le. LaleeR . I ý dyBa S fm Boetao. J A Meriet. - 1. ~--.. . T niALIA8 ISeear, 150,100 for sale by sap 12. SLATERb B TTIEt i PoydratTldret. i eels by WHITBILIDGE & CO. se 68 1.1130 Magnaine st. A1A d ,L.e o b per.s1 t amllr., oar sole by a WHITI 7IIK;1E & Cre lq.B 1;3. a hlgaziue s". Z 'AITUD e.s. /flhU'(Ee ifl.53. 'Isilk TIRUI AMEI lMRICA 1:ot'sraen Iii .rawn aas sg . FAITFhUL AND BOLD. !NBtW OR LEA1NS: TUES!,A1 ......SEPTEMBER 25. .1s8 Tb sruroenl friends.-Come home and attend to your affairs without danger. The weather is wintery cold, and the city never more healthv If you remain longer at the waterinu places, you'll all be oaneht by Messrs. chillsanil fever. So come homeoand attend to your bnsinees. Three Express Moils arrived elmnet in company yeaterday. The slips coutain considerable intel ligenceeaTaterest, and we have extracted as much as the late hour at which we received them would permit us. The Sylvie de tGreo, arrived from IHavre at New Yttrk with datesof the I lh Atutst ndt the packet shitp Wellitngton from Londan with dates ofthet city ofthe 13th and Liverpol oflthe 111h. iNre wheat crop in England was like to be a failure, which intelligeneeeaused great activity amongst the speculators in New York antd a large ptvance in prices. Some large lute of Flour ware sold for loreign account at $9. The packet ship Poland, whose dlay of sailing na fixed for the 16:b ultimo, arrived below on the 17th. The letter bag had not come up. The intelligence by the Sylvie de Graece st of little or no importance. The markets will bhe found under their proper heads. We have been favored with the perusal of a let ter from Liverpool of the 6th August, which staltg that the Market for Lnuieiana Bonds ii in e a milar state to the other states in the Union, that is to may all have new stcks as Bonds for sale and as foast ne'nne se.t is sold another appears, nso that to offer a new description for sale is imme ditrely todrive the buttyer away. We have this lay sold Louisiana Bonds, redeemalle prindipal and interest in Ltodotn at 416 per dollar in 1843. 5 per ct. at 96, with dividend Irom July Inat, these are clied Lizardi'a. We are sellers of Barine'. Lounisian BHonds, payable in 1843, 1847.--i0 & 53, 5 per ct. principal payablb at 413 per interest at 4,6 per dollar at 95 pr ct. dividend fromnt lt August. This stock from then being 9 large asmount, $7,000,000 and very much spread a ttentest investers, ishigher than the other kinds of Louisisna. Those parable in 1839, 1844, & 1849, ralled Wilson'e, redeemable in New Orteane and the dividend payable in London at 416 per doll. will not sell for more than 90 pr et. This was the first loan of this state and was very much liked, but the new loans hove placed it in the back greond. A large lot of Alaebmn's have cone back. Palm ero, Carnlinrnl re handltn about, but the fact is the jobbhhers do net like to etuch it. ftlrAlthonueh two mails arrived yesterdtlnay they are yel one day in arrear in consequence of the eery severy e ules during the past week. Tfhe ternmer Mezeppa, having left Pascegoula on Sn tnrday in a violent storm,, wi. driven on shore on Rtnri Inland Spit, by the violence of the wind, slid diven tp there high and dry In this situ arinn she rePlnted when the Caroline, with Sun dev's mail, come pass from Mobile. After taking the mail from the Mozeppl, ithe captain of thit oilror steam, r trtd his utmost to draghis on. ort off but as tile gale ncontinaed most satormily, he wan, 'during the process, driven to the alternn tive of acrnfit ing his hor's crew of 6 men, or running tlhe Claroline ashore. Prompted by the diclatte of human; y Capt. Sttton chose the latter enure, antd thus two dnya mnails were unrnvoi.a. lly detained. By dint of most extraordinarv exer. tllton the Caroline waoe ot v flat tn Stttirday rvenin aend arrived yesterdty nhout 2 o'clock, p m. Ihrincine he mails as late as Suttndy.We are vet wtthlt 'tant ,f vaeterdry, duey h the Sir Wm Wallace, dutttlaesly detained by the stormt which is still bi.owing on the Lake. The detention of these tmails is crtarinly unfortunate for our citi arns, genertlly, vet nott less for the contrartor Mr Whitrllan, whser hoarts have become the victims of the Tempest, sld whose untcensingexerlions are thtrs tullified hv v will superior to his. The Wallace n ill most iikely hbem in the morning, and the storm still raging, tllhouh ttlrlwue everelvy may by the rise in the Lake, flat off the Mnerppn, ahd hlita bring both mails and boats safely to hand this tine , Execston -O'Neil and Welsh, two of the mur derers of the Spaniard Barbsa, were executed on Silturday at the Terre aux BIouf road, ad although the distancc fromt the city is twelve mrles, yet the crowd presenr to witness the disgusting spectacle O'Neil fromn his first appearance, we understand, r as quite contlrit, bot Welsh came to the spot w:vh a snstle on his countenance, and a careless tir, which he altered however upon seeing the gallows with his eoflin beneath. They both con fessed to their Priest who was in attendance tp. ,n them. We cannot imagine why the other two murder era who are more implicated than Welsh, indeed, have been respited, bu t presume there must be some good cause for the delay. The crimlinal court openson next Monday week, when will be tried the assasins whoi attempted the life of Recorder Haldwin, and the pctors in the diabolic murder of Girod street. By the recent elections in Tesas many men of intelligence, patriotism and character have been returned to iCongress. The comnling session will likely be one of deep interest. Many important Smesasures will bhe dloelsed, and among the first a permanent regulation of the currency. The great eat confidence appears to be placed in Gen. Lamar the new President, and the anticipations of what he will do for the country are great. 'iThe Galveston ntelligenoerofl the' 15th ins an., contains a proclamtittn of President Ilouston[ forbidding all urnlnwlul casseblages and assoelta tiontot armed men. This proclamation of his Excelleney is not look. ed upon by the people of Texas with approbation. He is necused of entertaining for the Indians a blind aff!eltion, and it is supposed that he favours them in opposition to the new settlers. Yet the Cumanches are becotming bold. They are ex. tending tlhe theatre of their depredations and out rages, sn that travellers are litllle to be ellcount ered by them at almost any point. A. S. Thurston has been appointed Attorney General, atd Jihn Birdasdl CGief Justilc of the Republie. ermeonl. ''here is no election in the Nerthern Congreslstoal District of Vermont, says the New York Express, notwithatanding Leo focoism and Canada patriotism this side the border. It is stated thaot the splendid steamer British Queen would return from Scotland in Ot ober, and leave for New York in November. The new Banking Associations in New York were going ahear!. The subscriptions to the Me chanica was exceeding 300,000. To the American iesn Exchlange half a million. The American Trust and Banking Company haing asecured sub. asriptions to two millions has commenced buosi nera. This last a mpany has taken tite Arkan sas loan of one million. .itlnine-The Loco Foco Governor is probably elected by a majority of about 4,000 votes. From our Correspondent. WAsstnoroN. Sept. 13th. 1838 Ptoeident Van Buren is still recreating himself at the Sp'ints In Virginia, but is expPer'd to re. turn to Washington next week. Mr. Forsyth has got back to his poet at the State Department. He was received with the greatest distinction by Lord Durham and hts suite in Canada; and it is heliev. ed that hiseisit ton the Vice Roy will have a bele, fiEial effect on the state of our Canadian relations, and tend to promote an amicable settlement of the North Eastern Boundery ditliellties. Benton a has gone at lnst. No doubt in Inow emsertsined among the best ioformed here, that the Missouri SHumnbugger was the author of the infamousnt tack on the Navy that appeared in the Globe. Mr oKendall po itively denies the unihltrship, and Mr. Pauldine, bhough be declines to takeany public notice of the paragraphs attributing the libels to him, derlares to his friends that he did not write them. Blnlconn has often manifested the same Sspirit in the Senate with regard to the Navy. aod seed alinost the very samen Iongnee. Mr. Biddlle has renrootly established an Agency eaf the Bank of the United States of Pennsylvania. in this city: and tite Treasury Department is daily drawing its dralts opon this agency, which are paid in notussigned by Nicholas Biddle! Thin in the .Sob Treasury System in oeeratioo," which has been onnased by the ;loe soand its ecnhoes! T This is proof f what Mr. Calhoun, in his speerh at Sandy Spring declared "that the long srano. ing connection between the Btanksand the Govl ea rnment has been dissotved!" Nica BIDDLE ACTs Ar a rFISl. AGENT OF Tnc TREASURY! The Globe copies at length Mr. Calhounao let, I ter, and other proceedings on the occasion ,f the Dinner at Ileaufore, South Carolina, to Mr. R. BHarnwell Rhrt--where the company toasted Van Buren as t"a Northern maon with Southern prill. tciles," and expressed in various ways their ren. d.ines to go over to the "Ro(uass AND ROYAr.IsrS," in a body. What must we think of such a In . as J.hl U. Cslhoun attllepting t connect the f question of Silib Treasury with Abolilion; and to hold lip all who onnpose the former, as allied to the fanatics. Coulc)d 'here he any thing more cal' eulanted to hound on the Abllltionitls, than to as. tablish Mr. Calhoun's idea, that tile fate of Abet lition is involved in the fate of the Slh Treasury: and if the latter is defeated, Abolition will prevail ? What is this but to say to the Abolitionists "Go r o!--your only opponentls are the Sub Treasury pnart)-- little remnant arraved under a banner tattered and turn." The patriotism of the Ame. a rian people has put down the Sub Treasury, and they will keep down Abolition, in spice of the new alliinee of Messrs. Van Hturen, Kentlall S& Co.on the one part, anl Messrs. Ctlhoui, Cralle, RhetE& Cco. on the other. Tite allies are trying to get up excitemlent on both questioris for the pur. poise of uniting 'he South: and then a rally on the Presidential qucetion. It won't do, The people undersetand the plot and will defeat it. M Augusta C/hronicle. GREAT BRITAIN, A bill has heen introduced into the House of Lords by Liord Bronghnam which appears to have given the British Ministry some aemarrassment. The bill pulrports to legalize the anete as fr as po.sible of Lord Durhanl, and to indemnlify all who have best guilty of illegal arts by his i rders. We copy tie following from a London paper: LoeonN, August lth.-Lord Durham appears to have got into a scrape with the lawyers;and not.only Lord fIrouglhal bur Lord Lyndhurst and the Lords enncur with thein-eminderln the punishmenut of the Slate primonere to Bermuda without a trial, but say they cannit be kept there a nlotment. Lyodhurst said in the nouse of L.rds, that the prisoners have a legal recmedy nol'ocly againit Lord )urham, buhot Admiral Paget whio brought them: and the expatriation of Papineno, Brown and O'Callaghan without trial,he '.nundeiuns as monntroue. 1ie says the' can go hac.k when they please irn defiance iof the ordinance; a -[renter part of tile Peers ael. admitted on all sider., even by the ministry, that L i.d Durham had no piower to send the prisoners to Berluodc,whclie was not in his jurisdiction. This discussion crested a good deal of sensatilo in London, as it seemted to compelul the Ministrt to dismiss Lord Dulrhaml or in sustaining .11n. to he dismissed themselves. The prorceeuir:gs ,. the Hlouse, the day after ille secotll retuillt 0 Broughalm's Dill, were therefore locked to wao I great interest, but heore tile order of the day was agreed upan, L, ird ,'lelhourile rase, and saul "lIt lhou2ht it wllld be imoist re.specitful to their lordships, and convunieot to the house, at o((cv, o absil the t llcourse lie ntiet 'll it lpursue in the .ou.. mitnl e on this bill. 'their lhrdship's had ci',. minled llunquesionably very contrary iolls 'eelll.g nlid wishes to rend tile mieasrl e sa seoiindI trll.e; and it was impossible lfor him to exli ress itln vtri . deiep concer, tile anxiety nilld sl Illn Je which their lordship't det.rllloinlliwi in that i.respc. w rc at slai e, anld thai consequlle ce(.P thef l IfIl "t s r lto might resitolt froi tie course w uicit rhler I rd. ehips had taken upon tIhs suhj"ect. 0 > II, could not help thinting, loii, chat tle cau.i.s adloled by lhl pr lordt ilIi iillli bcii e c nt d stu d i., taking a decided partl amid el. it do llllll I lovor of a parti ontar party p t 1 (itrlnlla--a p'irne which had lately a rebcllitol ne lscciit the I ,i . culntry, lld Iwhich was undoIubtIdlly ble on the dlsincberment ofi the etir e. Th 'ir l othps migt depend uponh it such itould be ,ii'ta efect of tlheir conducle , and wa ttle rt;lrsl vil} he liel oightl altelpted to dissuade theml roul giving a sec'ond rending to Irh bill.'" His lordship then enterd on tlihe otje:tions which had been taken to the deprt.tliot l cre Bermudas, and to lthat i thie ordiinces ihch related to the persons not in custody, but who h. d fled froun the culony. and cocciluded by .avingn that a s it se difficult to disallow one part ol thre ordinances, which was learly unlwarraiiedl byi law, wilhout disill wiind the whole, therehoro begged leal to say thtn they had come to tir de ecsioni of advising her Majesty to disalliw tire or. dillnlO's. . Somle discussion, of coursrc, lfollowed thli url looked for deusioni of the Cainllet, and the bill parsed throulh eclmitltee. LoNDON, Aug. II.-Lord Meilbourne was oves terday everling induced, reltciodylly yodoubt, hi withdraw his oppositioo to Lcrd Broughaln's hill, by which lthat learnid manlaovrer had succeeded ill prevt'liholon the louose ue Lords to paos a .ole of censure ona Leard Durham The bill was nllow. ed to go through Coiumimtee without Ramendmont, Lord houilnehll. hvilg been persuadedd t reserve( his amnidmlei t 11s till the report was brought up: but when he nolvtntped, in thes ore advanllcd urage, to introduce a few alterations, to soften the offensive character f the mensure,hewas mnet with the rpost determined opposltlon, sond was told I0 bring forward his amendment in the shape ol a separate bill. By this ingenious device the bill was carried through a aadditonoal stage the same evenalling, for had any anolndntent whatever been introduced in the commnitee, the reprt could n1ot have been received at the sunle eting. SHEALTII OF CHARLESTON. The Charleston Mercury if the 19th saves: "According to the report of the Board f HeIllth, I publshed in-day, there, have been ninrty.,wr deaths during the week-of these 68 rrorl Stran ger's Fever-a greater amount o monurtality thsn ever before reported in this city from a sitlilar sause, during the same period of time. We have reen politely favered from an oflicial source with the following statement, the eorrect nees of which tray be relied on. Statement of the nulmber of cases if Stranger's Fever admintted into the City lospital, st tile Poor House, Irot August 10th, to Sept. 15th, 1838. Admitted, 103 Deaths, 37 Discharged. 68 Out of the number of dearhs, twenty six were dissipated chatsacters, and many ofatlem died with the horrors, or maia at prts on them, and so inon after their admittance, that no relief could Ie al f-rded There has been no new case brough to the Hnrp:tr l tor i.oe laet three days. Under the circumstances, the above Lstateent is certuall ly iuvrantilr, as t regardtllthe chaLracter el the disease, atir credtrable to tie skill anld care ot the medical aie iiltdis. An endorsrement ot the post bill, from Hunts vslle. Alrramia, dated S,.lt. 15, sas--"Died in this place atus morninrg,a 9 o'cl-ck. of Il" hls.t Fever, sler an i,.lnetr of two weerks, Col. Wm. Lindslay, ol the U. S Arliy.-Chaerleaot Co.,rier, of the 19th inst. The Pennsylvania. -T-'he slips forwarded to tur corr. sl aplntrs eiarlayon Th'luasdey morning, givi,.g tha. particularst o tire g.e ton the day previousa, a e omitted to inei;tun that thie U d ship Plenanylceina broke iihr i her miuiuhe at the Navy Yard, and brouht up analle: a sleelp tllutl h:,nk onl the upp,. sIte le i t ite channel. We hd nolt then aser talled thie tircu itilin., airnd therefore dri lleem It lnadv ie tnle to lUa{I rsho hare tact,: lst it ,tIIlL rcuite ullneessary alarll abroad lot ilhe wa hare ll tihiu noble ship. \e have since ascertained, holwever, that the slh)p broke looset illII c.sUIeuee of trie snapping of the rings of the Ilree ponderous anchors to which sit- as tmade tiR'e anid IhII ,iti a chain or a rope iyarl gav way. Shlle is a easy In lher p oaent posltloan u if site was at thie WJltirl and tile necessary ireparations for ihaulin, her off being completed, it is confidently exlpected rhut with tilae lnext hlgh tide she will be got aflat with out the troube of liUghl illmg her of a Siagte gu. or water tank -Neorjflk Herald. FATAL RIENCONTR7E. Letters received Ia thits eity from Greenvills, state that a rereontr+ took place In that Village oil the 7th inst. between Mr. Yancy, the friend of General Whliter(u h, had been brought out by tie Sub Treasury Party n opplosuttton to tuneral Thitmpill ,Sti n) and Dr. Etrl, which resulted fatally for tie latter. The following is thie current report of the facts. If there s any inaccuracy io the state. ment by which ijOustice Is done to any ol tlhe par ties, we will gladly correct it. Ysncy said to a frlend on the muster ground that Thompson would have the advanltage ol Whitner, as he couldhi blackguard his opponent hr. fore the people, and W hitner being a religious man and a member of the church, would not. 'This being oh. rheord by y,.ap. Earluf ixtein, was pro nounced it bhen lie. Ynney turnetd and slapped him. Dr. Earl, the futher, called on Yancy and asked himn if he had asserted that his sou npolo gized for what was said ion tble master ground, no had been reported. Yancy said no, lie had not said a . ''Then said the Doctor may son called you a liher, and if you repent what you did in his hear in, I pronounce you a damned liar. With Ihbt Y:ansy drew his pisil and said, you must with draw tit, or will wIshoot you. The Doctor made up and grappled him by the breast of the coat. Yance fired and lodged the ball just below the ribs -the Dotuor striking with a stick which he car ried. Yuney also drew and broke the pistol over the Doctor's head, and then drew his sword cans tie Doctor drew a large knife and they grappled until they were pnrted, any about two minutes, af. ter the shot. The D cuor then fell from his wound, of which lhe died the next morning. Char. Patriot. THo LtdLA.--The current number of the For eign Quarterly Review puts its seal to the follow ing afflcting particulars respecting the Llnma, which it describes as authentic:--!The llama is the only animal asscialed' with man and unde. based by the contact. Tie llama will bear neith. er beating nor ill-treatment. 'They go in troops, ant Indian going a llng distance ahead as guide. If tired. they aomp, and the Indianatopsalso. If the delay is great, Ihe Indian, becoming uneasy toward sunset, after all sorts of precautious re. solves oil supplicating tile beasts to resume their journey. HeI stlandshabout fity or sixty paces off, in an attitude of humility, waves his hands coaxingly towards the Ilnmap.l,ooks at them with tenderness, and, at the same tiite, in the solticst tone, and with patience I never failed to admire, reiterates ic ic ic. If the Ilamas are disposed to continue their course, they follow the Indian in good order, at a regular pace, and very fast, for their legs are extremely long; but when they are in ill hunour, they do iot even turn their heads towards the speaker-oiut remain motionless, huddled together -standiig or lying down, and gazing on heaven with looks sit tender, so melanciholy, that we mnight imagine these singular animals had the consciousness of another life, of a happier exis. fence. ' The straight neek, and its gentle majest:y'of biearing, the lug down of their always clean and glossy skin, their supple and timid motions, all pive Ihem n air at ones nloble and sensitive. It must bh st, in fact; for the llama is the only ,teautre employed by man that he dares not strike. II it happens (which is very seldom) that an Indian wmallese i obtain, either by force or threats, whit the Ilanna will not willingly perform, the instant the animal finds itself affronted by word or geolure, he raises Iris head with dignity, and withlou lttempting to escape Ill treatment by flight, (the Ilama It never lied nor lettered) he lies down, turning hIs looks towards heaven. Large tears flow freely from his beanutiful eyes, sighs is. sue front his breast, and in half or three quarters oul a hour almost lie extires. Happy creatures, who so easily avoid sufftring by death! Happy sreatures, who appear to have accepted life on andmlhin of being happy. l'AThe respect shown these animals by the Perut vian Indials namounts absoutely to suprestilious rerevereait: When the Indians load them, two ap. preoel and careas the animal, hiding his head, iabt he may nor, eo thle burdeu on his back. If he did, he would fall and die. It is the same in un. lond!ng. It the burden exceed a certain weight, the animatl thrIlow itself ihown and dies. The Indians of the Cordilleras alone possess enough pntientco and gentleness to manage the llama. It is doul btless from this extraortdinry cotlpunolln lithat e l is learned to die when over tastkei.'' [coMmu.CtIe.rn ] JOAN GIBSON, ESQ., Sin-I was nut a little amused at the folilow. ilso, which occunrretd lt thi departure of S.S. Pren' ti-s. A foco, wislhing tou be witty, asked nt \'1lih worlltter tiue North Alabalnmt was iitu houltUl o .e loBoin Rouge. Nuo, said It. WhVlig, tl Vuicis. it , 'i ot 'tii i' ui sio will stop there, as l uidler si, nld l e has a !lh ''Ireasu,, r Io boal lr thi is c ,io· itd to take liup his restileln e there fir a Ie\ yI;art . I n.e, t n it II ,ou ihat Air. Loc, focowas .,t to .eean when Ito whlg luined Ioulld. .1 t. l., At Parehseo, hi Itle re.hilolice teir OprlngfiuIgu, it the puri.h of a l.lvici loi, all tio Lie1ll Illt, ucur r. utuiDt.%ttil ,, aged 40 yorea. 4TTENTION! GO'El,'I VOIR 11 tlORS GU.,1 R DS. YOU are reTired to attend drill every evening at luthedrilrl ag ru i.h.zic streelC, . deoor to ti. Atchafalaya laank, att ,rea isely I!f pa..t 7 o'ch., k. Ap for IeUbersalhin mav e hled , de natdetrted. By order of Lapt. Ot)-.tra Pro.. st95--t f tOrderlv rIrsrfennt. rillW p)ublic is helreby noitied that on the frst ,lay l' ft)l:toher next, thei City lintel, o.wn as Bish eop's ,n lComnn.. nrrect,wlil he ttlocsI--,r p)aretory t a pnbli,: sale. c1' the furnitlure al.I Ind novtaltmtlsd n [elletghlg to the llndersigncd, Wleo tender tlhoil iea l++ctftA .·icknowl= eJ.lglellt.s folr tie IIberal palrllmnge whiclh hey raoe re ceoved as proprietors. I DC WATEIIMAN & CO. selp 2-1s-td. I l.OIJISIAN.T INSTI'TU iai . Ill IIIlS Ina.itution tfr the ,dhcation ofeyoung gentle. I menl. wvill go insl o eratil onu tile first day of Oc a ober, in the bnwmemt story of thed ,tlelhdist (ihurch. aorner of Carldelet ald Povdrlts, llller the dlrection Sofhr undersignled whi has, occpil ed llot clhar of math1 elllnties in .everal lColleges of the ortlh, alll who is a graduate o ne of thle most celebrated universlties of Europe. The course of studies to be pursued in this semina ry will be comrn rnnlend in thb following dliviion, viz I. The IEnlish depaetmnt, embralrcing all Ihe branches of a thorough and accot.ilished ILnghsh ed mcation. 2. The lnassical department, comprehending the Latin anI Greek langugges. wi 'rTh d.rparteott of modern languages, in which will hbtatghlt the Frenlh, Spanishlt nod tiermon lan gangen. 4. 'lle mathematical and philosoo hicat department eo tprehending A Igebra, Gelantry, the two 'I'rigomnl,. ctries with thiir practical application to urveving, N aigation, Astronomy arc. Natural Philosophy and; Chemitslrv,illustrated by apprnoprite experiments. [IF.vnttng Clas.ts in the Mlodrn Languages will be formed and attended to iraomn the ist October. C J HADERMANN, A M. ERERENCEs: J GIBSON Esg, Rue PRESIDENT SHANNON, Louisiana College Jaceksn. Dfn I A LUZENBERG, I. C DUNCAN Esq, J NICHOLSON EIq, New Orleans. set25,1838. OAP--00 boxes at' apl roved lrands for sale low to close. WINSTON & SHALL, sept25 7 Front Levee ('IOFFEE-200 sicks Ilavana, and 4110 sacks Rio, l in agrass sacks, a supollor article, in store and tor snle bv WINSTON & SHALL, sep25 . 7 FrtntLevee S(LO'PIIINii-27 cases, cunprisinag ot, aseortmet oef raesoble clothing, latding from shps Sea. r men and Cherokee, for sAtle by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, Ssep25 13t Magazine st --OWELL. cottotns e.-5 babes blue nixea 4 4 1. Cottonades; 20 bles heavy 7-8 and 4-I Lowell Conttnl, an 7 hales plain and twilled Iowell L indseys; landing from ship Ctheokee, and forc ale ISAAC 1BRIlDGE & CO, sepi6 131 Mgnazine el IACKl\ YAK-N-Ir07 eelt of as a 1 cle, received nd for tale bo WINSTON & SHIALL., lsp25 7 Front Levee Ci LAIt:'I' .iE-100 borneittrtau lit ettb, C 300 boxes Ml1.dtc, a good article, for sale by WINSTON & eHALI.,' repc25 7 Front l.eve lUNNY HAGS-15i,tl0 '1,'11, Sand 4 bushel ' sizs in stoae and fir sale Iby ISAAC BRIlI)GE CO, aep25 13t Magazine st. [ACON SI)ES-4e, casks aSuperior Cincinnati cured, in store and for salk by 1, DORSEY, sept25 44 New Levee. FOR NEW YORK. Louisiana and New York Live. _ The splendid and fast eailng packet ship YAZOO, Gardiner, master, will have in mediale despatch for the above port; foe freight or passage, havi g snperior accommolatioss, apply to the Captain on board, opposite thie Vegetable market, or to J D BEIN & A COHEN, eep25 .. . 90 C.tttnOt . git. tN..'. 1OR1K. (To sail the day after to-morrow.) LoueISatn AND NEW' VYOaR LtE. - Tihe ctpered and cnd per fastes ;fae iank ,S et ship VIGKStURiG, will po.otively sail . .as abhotr. For freight of 50 bale, cotten, or ptassa.e, apply oni board opposite the Vegetablt mar ket, orti J I) BEIN & A (tGt'iN, sepdb 90 Common st. Fils NEW Y'.)IK. llThe r lpper fastened and A oppred brig cHIE. . eI'IAI., Kimng, tater, twill hatv e des. .atehl for the alovoe tort; for freight or pas. sage, apply to S F, J I' WHIIITNEY, aep2. 8 Cotni est. -OR II AAVIE. S 'Plm line fast sailing At shit ZO'POFF; Jacob Merrill, easter, will have immediate despetch. For freight of 31)0 bales cotton, or passage, apply to L.EVI H GALE, sep_0 9: t ollnolln t t. IOR ALIX tANUKIA. '. h.tW aThe steamer DENMARK. will run us a regular packet durilng low A R . j water, fralnl month of Red River to0 pleal lr.--_or particulars apply toI PRll11 oII, CANIIESI,: &,.4-It casks New Hei If.ird Winter Oil" 2tt) boxes do do Samtr, Candles Ie csks rofineg Znc, itl hosbaes Ilston \louid Cutadleo 3110 shelets Braiers' Copper. In store, for sale by JOSEPH Cot'KAYN(E, ap20 25 Gravier stretr. EDGEHILL SCHOOL, Princeton, N. J. HIS institution has been now nine year, in nU ScessfUl operation, during which rime its r ceived the aplrobatiuo and patronage of Mr. Clay, Mr Soutbhard. Mr Biddle, and many other distinguisbed gentlemen, who have selected it as a place Ibr the edtilation of their sons. It is believed, from its plan, to combine the essential advantages ofprivate and pt. lic education, and to aflird an opportunity of no oidi uary character to those desirous of giving their sons a thorough education. I'he ystem of instruction pursued in this Semninory clai's no affinity to the called easy methods which propose to remove all labour and drudgery from the acnqiition of knowledge. The subscriber cannot pro mine any truly valuable and mental acquisition, wi.hi is not tihe result of a slow, patient poans-taking Iro cesa on the part of the pupil himself. What hie dos promise, is, by every means in his power, to stimulate the pupil to this invliguroting processt. His object is to lay deep and broad the foundation of a good educa tion-not to make mere learned, boys, but to subject bays to a discipline by which they may become learn ed and able men. While therefore the studies pursued, and the time devoted to each, vary somewhat accord ing to the destination of the pupils for commercial or professional life, it is his constant aim, to make the in structions in each department of the most rigid and thorough'going kind. Boys studying Greek and Latin are constantly exercised it making double translations from the English inut these languages, and the reverse, and as soon as sufficiently advanced, are required to compose in these languages, and to writ , Latin nud Greek verses after the manner of the celebrated En glish and European schools. Boys who are intended for conmercial life, and whose parents on this aecount do not wish thet instructed in the AncientLanguages, are trained t accuracy antd promptness in the procti cal applications of mathematioc, and receive more anple opponrtunities fore practical eqouainlance with the Modern Languages. The French is studied with a view to its being spoken, audnot a written lan guage merely ;andto this end it is the ,nly mediumn of communicat on allowed at the table, as wellas at the recitations in that department, and the more an vaneed classes ar required to employ this language in reciting in other departments. The chrlol coonistentirply of boarders, no day schtol are heingreeoived. The teachers and pupils live with the principal, eati., at the same table, sleeping under the same roof, ant constituting in all respectaone fa. mily. The discipline is entirely of the parental kind. hKefgioui instruction is sedulonely attended to, chiefly from the LScripture themselves, and withont insisting upon the Iceuliarlties of any one sect. The groands are ample, affording abundant opportnity for helthful spurts in the open air, an well as for the eaereisn of in fgenuity all taste in gardening and various mechaneical rots to those who am disposed to amuse themselves in I this manner. No boy is allowed to iave tle premise s except by the permiionn of the priucipalt, nd then r usnally incompany with a teacher.The strictest atten ion is paid to keeping the dormitories welt ventilated, dry anp clean. The teachere sleep in the dormitories with the boys and the latter are not permitted to speak, nor to hold any communication with each other, ,roA the time of entering the dormitory till that of leaving it. Opportunities for vice are entirely excluded, the school heing situated withont the town, and apart from lnt other builiings, and the boys being never without the presence and snporvision of the lrincipul or one of his ansie.:nte. Pocket money is distributed weekly by the principal, the amollnt depending upon the conduct of tie pupil luring Ihe week, thoughl never exceeding twenty-five cents. It is not desirable utr customary to receive boys over twelve years of age. 'Phose eight or nine years old are preferred. The school year is divided in two sessions and two vacations, the winter aeasion cnmmencing the first day of' Novelenr, and the suoner session the first day of May, anti te vacations being the months oe April and Octhlber. The studies embraced in the plan of this Seninary are the, Greek, Latin, French and Spanish I.anguageo; Greek and IRomnn Antiquities; Arithmetic, Algebrn, Geometry, and Surveying; Spelling, Reading, English Grammar, English Compontion anod Elocution; Gno granphl , Ancient anil Modern; History Ancicent nd Mlodern; Evidences of Christianily' Penmsnshil, Book keeping, nSarel Music; tie uthIse oin thie Globes, t no t Elments oni Antronollu. nd Nataranl Historny. 'hae charge Ibr each pupil is throe tunored dollar, per rnaeum, Ivb, soti.annually iu advane. Thil, sumn iniin lull 'or aln tihe tition, of whantevner c IIrnle wltinh the plan o'nthe achool entnrueo; fur Ihording, lodging, washitg, mending, fuel, light, incldillng also the us onfbedding, Inoks, itationery, maps, glohes, i braries, ndtn other irinilegee. The parent nr gtnrdiatn will have no extra inrges, except tir motlies adallon - edl or rticles of hcloinng pronored :tt his diretin by the pritnipal, fr bolard in the vnations, or for medical utetulltne, if at any tinmeo it slhould become tnenessnrv, JIHlN S. tlARI', I'rineipal. Rn:-.n:n:rseo-'l'ht foillowing perslns are retirrell ti, all ol wholll bd onus or watr s ilm thle scborI, Iv.ol tuok,, In Hlenrvy Cloy: New Jersey, HIot. Snlet"l 1, Solhuthant d: l'n otn.'I:ttirh, Nicnlntl iddlle, lI .sq: F'loHn dai blnrg, 1'a., Ittn . G(tn 'nore' li'nonlnhrs: Princet,,ln N. iR v t)rvo li:ierandl Iho1lg . :ltI 1 r. (i ilt.lllano .. I lS. (;An , herry Jiclsou, ,It.L 1): I.exilglon, fle,, .InepI If. I.onnlnkhi,, Ef.t: N lt, ihe, is., lir \Vili o tiln: )U h I1 \V Ih nltinn dnit, \\. illitln, II tlnw, ll I ', h s: IN ew" (r lannn, I.n,ho .trrinl, I, A ti.ll oi o nd IItII l:u n I t,,. ruble, 1,.tt.: |lnontld~oui l e, lt , i1 t in - I, E il : le nll nnti.i .a. I.:. It II. Io llrll : Ci itiillllnlil tllill, Ioni. Jalanes Ihl: l Iltuo. ville, .\lit, Innnllnlt Ifontll 4,:.q: o't tawlha, Ait,, Jt:s 'Lean' il: o lihll' ton n ., (',n lltn pI er.P ,I l t;-q n: .Vn nInrglllr , VI Jni n .11 , Il y ' Est: \\ at lingtn . t'i:,n n l , ,r th. Inn J Nnnnre,l.tin .ima I, \b Ift-, v, I, \V .'.hotol1,o,,: \V IlW ll'nnm , n id Jn "'-nn llllter. I: 'sr: 'Olnn rtolunt, n .no n , Jowll )1 IJ on rs, Esn1: niV lhdfrn,I, \l I-., .I IL Attht o nv aId \\t illin n limnte''I. inIn': 3t1 : N Yorkt 'it ln'. v I..n .el nstl I D:nnowninn't, S 'l'nousen, nnd J ISl ar., I,::l: : I'hiln: - dolphin, Ale.ander lh:nlrv,A 11 i oteliei tnt. ++wrlh, 3nllltlaw ,A r ion,, C tlilan '..rtn , S odI \\ \\ e it s I, F ll.: Inn trinl , Cha: er!IIP ' t, Ill t 1Harriet CI nni :lll, ,id tIres , n :..'..... nn. Cuhn, Dinm tmon a rti n..... CHALLANGE BLACKING! AS. S. MASON, of Philah lphia, bali s respeetfull I t lllarlas le lllthe n rchnnt an d lthlie tenerally ol \eNw tititee calnd letatille, that be has ae minters iMessrs. Receo &e )l.laee, thesohe o+ engese lore te sale of hie unet unlleld and inimitable l:HI AI,.LI. NK lE T Itt' ,AN IOE IBLACKING in this section of conlry; in article w hih sinnds Ire 'emin nt for its heltilhl Inslre, andt uniformiy of qunel itv Thle manulathturer warrants the Challeege Itblak iti to retsin ts vilrues in tliy elimanletr, nl reserve the leather to which it it applie;d. Hre offers $ltl) pre lniusl to aLny person wiho will produce its superior. Certificates can be sneen urat tile store f Messrs. Recse and D'l.nze, from me, rcllnts of lthe highsllt respreti lility, ear engteetimonv to ils beauty and alper.oriev over every other ullacking in the United States. All orders for this article in N. Orleansi, or any palt afthis section of the Union, must he forwarded to tie Sole Agents as above, who will pay particular attention to the same, and fill theta at the manulficturer's prices Jas. S. MoAsn, t Philadelphia, sept. 10, 183. 95 CllNowlill st. I RESE & I'I.ANfiE, Comb aCtl d Fancy Store, 18 Camp street. IyLREAD --0 bl s Pilont irand ill nore, mr sale Iy I e CHAMPI'I.N & COOPER, ap~2O 82 Julia st. DIME-1510 ( Casks Thomaston Lime landing from brig Clieftain, and for sale by S & J P WHITNEY, aug4 8 Coiti street. ,OAP- * 8 riaoes Valentine's No I Soap, in store anad for saile hen LAWRENCE & 1.EGENDRE; sep'20 28 & 29 New Levee. SI AR--811 blsa, il fin e shipping order, in store, and A for sale hv LAWRENCE K- I.EGENDRE, sep2f 28 8 .29t New Levee. TEN DOLLeARS RE\a l ARD. I ')ST or saolen from tile subscriber on the 17th inst., a snail dun colored Scotch Terrier Slut. Whoever will return said dog shall receive the above reward. G DORSEY, sep2) 44 New Levee. )IAN'I'ED-A person to tatne clnrge t, a few Vcows and deliver tlee nilk. A northerner or German preferred. None need apply without they un derstand the business antl can milk. Apply 449 Tchapitonlas st. Cseptl9:3 CORN-1000 uashel sl hite Corn in prime order, for sale by CIAMPLIN & COOPER, 82 Julia et. AAT'S-2-50 sacks Onats in stre, for saleby CIIAMPLIN & COOPER, eep20i 82 Jula st. GOVERNOR'S IIOtB+E (UAIRDS! 'U will aseelml e this eveeing, naturday, Sept. 1 2end, at 7 o'clo k ereci.rly, at the drill rrom, Magazine street, next domr tn tile Aclafa!aya Bank: By order of tihe Captaino, JOHN GIBSON, nep22 Otrdrly Serg't: MAYOIlALII't' OF NEW OIRLEANS. T HEpriee of fresh flour to-day is $7 871 perbarrel Sacording to tie tarilff; the bakers shall give du ring the preseet week frleMn A on daly 24Il inst.) :i7 ,u eea ofhbread for a fitt. Bread ofthe seeond quality is required to weigh 25 percent. more. viz: 45 oulens. ep 22 C. GLENOIS, Mayonr. S1ATE OF .LOUISIANA, 'Parish C art fI.r Parish and city of New Orleans. Preseet t." Ihonrabhla C e.lees Maeurin, J.dge. September 211 1838. No. Itli8. Willinmt Kenyon, vs. tis Creel itors Upen rediug nnd fililie tile peition and Feelel nlein this ease, it is ordered by the Ceoere tlht a meren. ine of the insolvent creditors d6 lake place in open C court, oi the Itlltday of eOctber next, at I111 'clahk., A l, then andl there to -hew cuse why tie said inslel. vent ultid nlot Ier dischaergd according to law, anl i tIh mean tinie all proeenedings against Iis lerson ald l property are stayed. ARMAND PITOT, sep2_-r:n:w ( leek. (.T'AT A DE L.a L' CUi I NE--Cor de I'arloise d)J I por le peroesse et villeede lI N-Orleanse-Nnr 1l21 --tPrteent 'Here Charles aeturiae, J ge--20e eeptenl brc 1838--William Kenyon contre sRs creanciars 4pretrs lecture et enreistranelcnt de lt Iletilion et Ien teeleaun daa BelterI afftiree, I eat dIi'critL qu'ne ( assembhle de I'insolvnble aura lieu en pleine eu tet IC lie ljour d'octobre prochain a 10 heuraes du matin Iour dvdnire las raisons pour lesquelles ledit insolva tble ne aerait pnl Ilb(re: en attendant toutes pollrsuites julicitires contre as personne on sea anot arrelees. 2 asep:3 ARMAND PITOT, Greler. Olircc of lhe j'ew Orleans & Nashville Rail Road,? Sept. 18t',. 1833. FIFTY DOLLARS REWARD. A BSENTED itimtelf,a negro man named RIPLEY, agehd abot h 2 yeura thisi lave was recently iennorted inlo this state bi Wiley J. Sorrell, Esq. ofe )llas county, ~tate of Alabama. The nhabove reward will be paid fIr his nlpprehension, or on his being led r ged in any of the jails nf thit slene. JAMES It CALDWVl ',I sep20l-ft Presidenl. .) OSIN I)ross--70 bhis Rosin ID)res, in store, for I e saleby J THAI El t CO,. IY'n)las .k-e TF OR SALE-TIhe epleldid steam boat MERCHANT i' lring sndergone oa litrogh repair, will be rsn dy fir sea in a few days; this bl at is cotIpl tiati s ad anld coppered, with a co.paer bhailer ain spilendlid en gie;: her acCOlmnllndatios bIing very extensive, and well tunid in every rvspect: for far.her particulars ap ply ot the slips :Il offGregorsy Ivreot, where she now lies, or to " 1AUNSL WII'I'E ' CO, aus21--15t 96i Gravler street. l ICE-51 casnia now lInding IrnaL Cna.rleston,for Srole by S G BLANCIIA IID, jyld 3T Grav;ier street O LET-The [oose rtitated 0n the coner of Orange and Religioss streets; apply to J s BEIN & A COHEN, jy24 90 Common street, A Card. ORLEA.\1 LITHOGRAPIIIC ESTABLISH MIE.[ T, 53 MAGAZINE STREET, OProSITE BANKS ARCADE. W GREENE returns his sincere thanks to his friends and the public of New Orleans, for tihe patronnee bestowed on him for the last two yeears, and begs leave to assure thanm that all orders eomntnited to Iris charge shall Ie punctually attended to; he will as uasnal, keep the ffice open aurilag tie smmer, and shall be slwas readi to strike off merchant's sires lars, business and address cards, funeral notices, maps, plans, and drawings, of every description, at the shortest notice, and on the most reasonable terms. Being assisted by artists suplmerior to any other establish meat in the city: and from long experience in the litihoeraphic liae, he feels confident of giving entirs satisfaction. N BI Apotheearies and druggists' labels executed in as good style an copperplate engraving, ald at one thiird of the expense. jy24 OFFICE NEW ORLEANS & NASHIVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. DRAFTS on New Yok at sight, 30 and 60 days il sight, ir sale, in sums to suit purchasers. Al so, Cedar timber fi pots and sleepers, and Philadel phia lhnber wheels and nearts for sale on reasonable terms. JAMES H CALDWELL, rm ug23-6tf President. T-AKE Ntice no bill agaiest the Planting Dry I Dock, sicnedl and approved b Joames Dick, will hereafter be paid by the owners of the Ploating Dry Dock, the said James Dirk having never been ntlhor ised to make any contracts. Moreover, all bills from this date will have to he op roved ann signed by the aget of the Floating Dry tDck. IIERIMOG INE BROWN & l O, tuge23 i $Coat(i t. `TRAYEIL-On Oo e 0th inst. a Scotch White S errier Slut, black on the point of the nose, hair a little nlrogl. Whoever has the same will please to rturn her to this office thcy ,till be liberally rep worded. +; aoug 2 iiOPE: OA-KU.H. FORTY Bales of Oakum anl 150 coils Manilla rope assorted sizes,just received and for sale by S LOKI & CO. atg7 2204 ILevec NOTlICE. TIHE undersigned h ing been dily appointed by Sthe Honoralle, the lirst Jadicial Districet Court, Commissioners to estimate and assess tim damage and expense of widening Roflinac street, between New Le vee street and the river, have made their estimate and assensment, and Ihve drposi'rd true copies thereof. to gather with the plan, in the office of tilhe clerk of said coart for the inspection offall whom it may concern. And phblic totie is heree.y given that said ecstsmte Rad assessment will be presentel to said court for eo. firnotion, on Satunla), the twenty-ninth dlay of Sep temher next; and all persons isterated in properly st unated ,oo RofFnaoc siert, or the ricinity tbereoe, are lerlety iotlied to make their objections, if any they have, to snaid estimate and assessent,t on or before tile twenty-first day if September next. New Orleans, Augnst 32, 1831. CG. BUItIlKE, S. FIEi.), Commtissioners. CII.'S, A. JACOBS,) 1it 2--813T1. A VIS-Les sonssigni.aannt iit6 adument nomnmes par I'honor'able coer dt premier district ijdicinirs, ellnllnissaires liona iv lller el taxer In dolllmnga ct lea fanis dIe l'PlasrgtnnEset de la rile Rolffignsesntre nla ru de la Nouvelle-l,ev6i et le elve, Io t tompleth let.s tablean d'l(lvnlatiol at Id tane, dent its olt delP s dI vrnies copies, lver iln plan, an bhrenau In grell-i di, tldite Iour ltll e I'in sriictin des ines ressc s. I' I vis ptIltc ent dntttt qnite IC selldittdtleain sera pIr i ittl Indite sior pour onlltirmationl, annedi le 29 dit, .emptlbre prochsio; el toites personnesinteresseea dllls eldit tabll ii id vnluatilon et de taxer, etiVir: tnll tes personie. ntnt interstt ins Ils propriites Mitens dunslia rute Ih n;lTiu oi Ie voisinage sot palr le prg ent notiaies ah thire lenI o tijectins, sils en oat, ne dir tll,lrI In tieallll itl it d te I t, I a oil aVlant le vingt et i11 de .PllelllPr e I .rAlrl il. N t rl t le S, ir "!nis t i 8338, tll\l'I, .an Il l I'I: IIAVAN\ S'( \1--Ill0 boxes of prilme qulaliti uon hrtt'i, for Ie t i , ._!........ l II lsit.;,l r. . .. I -fAN11 Il frilm the. sat'trihr the tillow buo 1, rIIll 11. 10 ) boh ut "!'2 cearn old, 5 lr I 111 itehv' Iligh, sM in lltlnl well Iililt, Ilft .; b nlla .he , ald when "p i ker to iiii11t1tb l d(l ii )la ;1in^ t d shlw of tpeer lt. e'PiI dollhrs h. ll bt pitili i in v l rllllon rltllrlnilg him Il the stlt lill Itsa til .egw uVn't k11 S. 11 1111IllllN. I'll II n i K tItr tlrtr i liltT litl Ta h'1a v ln Inre wo altoi spets wint b hrais , lac e, tryr ralnit irt illl Illllll at i e ill l I ln tibira ...... by +1l.. Sh ll. 1'o hI... il . l t . . Ie l it i of Nitorir i salits tiple-s y tieit e le ss) o. o P ,tl y A F'T I i l.l.I) 'blue, ternmt nelstd Ihidsl ,n'lnksa'eisl wtrn led t. lt of . ,tier g u lit, ilo stut e l the il roee, hzeli sisie oltultt h lVVIlt hI"'.-I; (tt. sep 15 Note Yotrk ltiout ra Ilall, 21 I'bhartresst. 1!(ý (II) +:(,':lt i ,,t+ii,, ientls ...,itiile , ,le 1j y Xl 1 . Ia tihI I . Ill, hI&:V, 1I lI tl.. firsl t ,,ait,,, It eed i ,t , n l r ,ale by lJ( T (G. 1)1 I'1eY, I'TE\N. ItSll Iter flriti leyi . l:-Illl I) & II Il s 15 s " Jlt t1 'lomll mn, (c0nrer Mllg z IAllb-il0 kegs nsorll, t or titie-i [ine nbi tire filla I ely ni < r ('IICULA rinIAtlD CAirnuai I& AlerlsIIas s welliia t Ifli 67 (e;nalge irni i pit- slirLit, th ANPI Iit ten dmlelv tit call at rle nIela I.thgri I tltagenlie I in5 he : la tlig i slle n i pl ittait e l trI etk' , Sthose wie lre fdll, clnipetRot, s,)15 A reade, sept 15 ld a Naotueket br ns, for salh by ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, supl5 131 Magazine streer. rDOBACCO-211i- hloxes olmannetured iobarco,HIe, t 12, and poiond lu ups, of various brands nd iluat lities. fir mule by sepl5 ISA1AC BRIDGE & Co, 1:4 t l l ailno stI 3IWH'IIITIIIIIE . Co., hive renoved to No. 76. Magazine street. sept 14: 3d LillE-7t-i Harrele of Lont; 250 ]oes thy, laod ing fruol brig ('aoline, aml for rale hb LEVI IH GAI.E, ouell 93 Common streett. 1"tUll TIiF GIL:ATI I'IIAIItIE-A 'raiin '.f 'ars t will mleavie Depot it the foot of Canal si. fto the I'RAIRIE COTTAGE, every byn). Depanrture-8 a nl-4 p IO,-ReHlrnlt 12 in.-G pI m Sundat-- i nt --l10 a I-4 p m1-8 m111-I p on ' his .rrangement till frtbher notiee. Sept 14 JAMES H CAI.I)WEI.I, Presd't STATE OF L(iUISIANA,, arih Court for thle Parish and City of N. Orleans Present the Holl Cbarles Mlaorain,Judge. No. 11, 123. John Wit to in atuanl custody. et. his credit. ors nld 11the creditors of White & Foley. September 13th, 1838. UPON reading nu l filing he petition aid chladule n thidt case, it is ordained by tile Court tlhat a meet lIg ofthe creditors of John White, and of White & Fo. ey do take pieo n opiel Colurt oI the lit1 day of CI la1 r next, tile anl lthere to ldeliberate on thle slhr" of John White in his inidivldual capacitv ind ts memintber of the fir of W\lite & IolevI, sd to she cause why the said John White shoutld not e charged according to law, and i tihe mean lime proceedings tgain-it his Ierson and property stated. Ord er of the Court. Clerk's Office, New O)riteans, SeptIiember 3th8 eep 1 ,5 'wtlll J. tLI.L Cl E TAT DE L.1 IuUIIiANE-Ct'our dte Paroisse pour In paroisseet ville tde la Nouvelle Orleui.s, PrItsent lhion. (:lnarles llrion, jtugs, septehlbre 13, 1838-Nn I 1,133-Johb White centre sea crranciers et le erbitnciars et lc irhbncieirs de Whlite & Foley t Sur lecture et enrhgistr ttrnt m id Ila petition et tableau dons cette nfhir,, ii eat dicr(te par It ctour qt'tne ais rsemblte des crbauciers or Jon White et tde \h'llte & Foley nit lien ev* pltine tour I 6dl'nctiltre prchaiin, pour v dl1ibereior Iour ls afiires tIe Joh* \Wlirte dIuio san cnpocite irndvidirlle, et colntlle ilt mtembre dtie Isnoi ibt6 tie Whilte & Foley, et ipour Ihirt snvoir pourquoi ledil Jeihn Wlhite ne sera lins d.iharg seloe In l ei et er, ittRendnt outle )porsluite contre an persone et ses prnpricti t sont arr *Piue t orlee de In cour. Nou relle Otrleans, sept. 1833. septll5 J OLIIE, Dipluti (irefiner , PERII WVhale Oil-15l11) g'allon wintner sern1 oil; 1 i u10 r idlltits iu ltter oiili 3311t1t gnllont rtined w'hale lir ale oby WVII'L II)i RID ' &Ct). _ 1 _ .- 531ag zgo inest. NV (.1) CLOTIII , flIuITt EY. & I ;ILSEYS The subscriber offer fir sle, landing frolt shi. toeiord, 2 hIen plioI( ini "d itegn o t elt Cvwillled tinxedl reoro cloth; 18 ales litusrev, aso.ser dthlors; I bale wlire swan skins; 1 cse prtlited kerseyso 2 bales heavy mixed Cordovn k.nrseys 1 baleuniniheoobtf cbe kerseys. ISAAC BRIDGE &. ro, jyl2 134 tngtezies rtirer dIARP.EN'i'EIt'- Fluid Entrott ol r'nrniparilhn and -t Itowtond'sWToyic S ixture, receiled by Ii BONNABEI.. seps 'I'chphitnonlns t IOA --125l boxes Bostn ,no Iu clop, Gee Jakso n Brandl. now loding rtin shii toneoria, front Iliston, tt d tor sale by JtuSLPII COCKAYNE, iept i 25 Colmlnton tllreet AGGCINtGI AND Rt)PE--lf 000 eoil. Kentt by I li.J R , 800 pieces Ketntrucky l Ingiig, in ti re atnd fr nle by Lb WIIENCI; & I.(EGENItIoE, septi __ ' i lll 2!1 iiNew I eve. sI{F.AD 7 I;S.\I{'I N ve X.OTICE. ST. CHARLES THEATRE. THOE poblie in respectrtIly infonrmed that this Es tblishnmea ntl witen for the ponen. on IUNDAY NEXT, Ist OF OCrOBER, With a variety of entertainments as will be expressed in future advertisements and bits. Season tickets may had at the Box Ofice,open from 10 to 3 o'clock. N. B. The Ladies nni Gentlemen, belonging tothe Establishment, together with the Gentlemen of the O)rchestra, are requested to asembltom in the Oreer. Roon on Friday uauring, 28tk inst. at 1 'u'elo' k, A. M. sep25 COIMPAGNIE D'ASSURANCE CONTRE LE FEU-De In Nouvelle Ol, ans. L ES actionnoires d e cnapttnin soontnoeilen tnue e e ver4enement eat do et payabis le9d'nctobre proeclt.i anu bureau de Ia coompagaie. 8 se;'t EL 'RlACY,ecretnire F1 "FYEIIRN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. T IIE Slockhidlernf this conmpany ann hereby no tifled, Ihot the fourth instalment on their stock It due, nod paveole on the ninth day of October next, a the office, of the company. ES TRACY New Orleans, sepl. Bee'y. AR'IN i DEVEREU . h er for soale, a nargn 'Vl quanlit,, of superior Kuqsinn hkeet iron, from 9 to 15 o. weight. Also, a quanoty of English nhee Iron. Just received an assortmecat ofCnok and Porlo stoves of the latest patterns at 20, 'g1hcnpitoulan street E1 rAT DE LA LOUISIANE-Counr do Diotiaer .EAdu premier distriel judiciaire-Hitaco Fuller con tre sea crbanciers-No. 16549-La enstion des propri6 ths du phtitiomomirn yant 6t6 aceepbe par to cour pour In benefice de sose crnciers, iti est drerhth quo un te nosenrble derdits cr6anciers ait lien au greffe de M Wm. Y. Lew is, not. pub , jeudile 4 ctobre pro ch'ain & 10 heures uu matn, anll de d6lihrer our le affaires dudit phtitimonairs, et en attendant toutes pour suites contre no personns ou sos proprit6H senot arr- thes T6moin l'Hon. A. M. Buchanan,juge de la cour ci dcnsus ce 11 neptemnbre 1838. 1 sept:3 G W LEWIS, Dhp.Grefller. STATE OF LOUISIANA, FIRST JUDICIAlt DISTRICT COURT. .IRAM FULLER, vs. His Creditors; No. 16,549. H The cession of the Petitioner's property having beenr acoted by the Court, for the benefit othis eredi torn; it is ordered thta meeting of his said creditors do take place at the office of William T. Lets, Notary Public, on Thursday, the 4th of October next, at tO o'clock, A, M., for the purpose of dleiberating on the affairs lt said Petitioner; and in the mean timne allju dicial proceedings against ris person and property, are stayed. Witness tIee hon. A. hM. Buchannn, Judge of the Court aforesaid, this Ist September, 1838. G W LEWIS, eepll-3t Dep'y. Cl'k. ROWLA NI S TONICMi XTURE, C EI.EBRATEI) for the cure of Fever and Age, m anl generaldebility. 20 gro.ol' this invnluable medicine has been received hv the sauscribers, direct from the manufactory, who are prepared to supply cealers and country merchants, on tie most reaonoa. ble tenns. JARVIS & ANI)REWS, Wholesale kr Retail Agents for Louisiana, sepl I corner of Common & 'echopitoulo s NOTICE TO SUBSCRItBERS OF THE GREAT NATIONA. W\V IRK. PHILADELPHIA, July 30,1838. MI ESSIIS. NORSMAN, STEELE & CO., are the L. only authorised agents in New Orleans and its vicinnity,to receive monies fonr"I "e History of the In dian 1'ribes of Nortl Americn," now being publisled, and for tie delivery of the numbers thereof to snbsecri. hers. Signed, F W GREENOUGIH. No. 9just received anl ready for delivery toeubseri hers. ALSO-Complete sets fromt I to 9. OFFICE OF THE GREAT NATIONAL, WORK. No. 1'2 ienville street. New Orleans. [lPSulscriptions received as usual. ptt-2 NORMAN, STEELE, 1' CO. NEW ORLEAN'S CtM:rM1ERCIAL INSTI. TUTE. IPeace nIre.n, bretween .loreau and Coasraoln, sub'b. .lorigkny. SPECIA, Course of Book Ieeping.-'he course olf lt wn.rlKpiug 'operled sit co evernal ,moths, will rlroe in a few lays. Manv goodnl eson rcoeinr, to, nong w m are gentle. men. oligh, setnling in heilnre, will Ire the referen Scos rllure'rd o o Ilmcr, llic patrlnrrrge. An uw wev'niug ches will be llinrd nu flssa asa suf f ririernt fi rcIcc. o r sb.ncribers rirrllimae h rbeer obtanlOd; it will c,- o' i Nc v aher IpI. t lr r 'c lert llle s re idic g ill ti e utI)ic pnrt oi f the eit It l i t t. c ice ir, e itN tr rio k, witell he .eo p edtr rrroe, o.i ,, . rc , l .r . L ni . rlr... orr. ., !'.i, ..c..,e,,i, sed JIP Il.llt Beare rm e.i I'. \,, ae er erci ng arc tie dirll'rcrt lracrces of cc. cOllUl hi l . 1'l'h I.ial;rarv nlld ('ntltl~ot(' 8n InSuliate flr voelng e lllhr'llrmmý is ( op o'i"'t liftne I; 4'vlatck A. 8I., to*rr )'. .k I'. .1. Ilhldfhummhaug sc Lamrs hoihwd l' A A;BER'I'. FRED. WILXINSOg . DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, 'FI"H . Iis orrivi(ea to th,. ctllic i [ dr ie arlt. Smea't' of Purvyirg crrrl (iitlE Ewineeir g, Icrtl ill t wlnvll utld t (Clllllrv. I,'r ll r ,a m siderm le Ixlprri ce ill hlis lr. f'ir sin. nan 'hyll proqnptpi .s+ sol fidenit, ill Iblh exrelltillo n ,c tinnine' s ' nrllc cl tno hite he tlies lCrt nnd ereicc al shar' orI rclrclirc p trc ae . ll 0laorlr llre IIInd c 'r aculRr the lo h r'IIIIts er f wr alls al erxlrvrrllirllr Otlico No 8 ('tlcrtrle r street, sucocd story ______ ________ jr.7 A T (VO Sto, rry le dtwelling IIoeand kitetenr. A tn. ttailerd in try(drns street between St. Charlesand (Carondlelt. Applv to _ep _ _ I)OYIE & MIAY. CO OI) h' ii t "IL! OFLOUL(LSMI. '.j r tHilE ulrsceliber has be.n, some time in preparing. S nd hlts niolw v.ry nearly roenptler, a new edi itln of tile ('tode o I'rartie, ltpion it tnla ,lich elllllt fail to becule Ii.sefu to tile profssion, in wlhich Is is assite(b. t few f h ren d ie toe exptroree in the law of slie Iof whlL dillts tio. thie e;lablislent of onrjudlicial ste, aslma under ww freeecinl direction te attr ha been prelired. ille tile alpearlaee of tile specuilaen nulllbr f the Civil + Code, publ ishl by iessrer. E..I &let r Co,.. it was thought advisable to pllllish th Coede "I PIr'tr. it thie scICe form, tlhat tlsos who detIre it, may be enabled to Iind tle two Coders together. Tihe areangPntentltowever, will ie tijfferePnt After ecolting nall tle lcislins o tilre N.tpeee Coert upon tile rule oi ilrectire n.lich ap ply It the articles COn rained in tile (Code, tiler iave been digestetl npd pia cell under neplh po plriarete rticle, it the ,shope ifa rite; togethier with referelncc: ir tile srae soen that the render by turning to nv tie eof thetode of Irae ice, will at once know tile deeisihan upn it. The work will also contLin all tile amendentsr to thie Code of l'raetiee, as well as tilte tlawr creating and regulating tie City Coerts of New Orleans, witl t complete in dex to itBe whole. The ahove work will make ito appearanee as soon as tEe first of Miarchl n.t, end bound in good srtaiets n tril sheep cota Oll i)w biedieg, aole; r sia DOLLARS per roBy. B. GRF.INER. n28i--2m At rnev at Lcew NEW ORLEANS (OMMERCIAL LIBRARY. ThE following new w rk have been ree ived by the Libraur Society, at their rom, in the Mer hiant' Exchange, fronting on Royal street, viz: Lady of Lyrns, by Bultwe; 1 vol. 2 eopi, e. Humphrey's Tourtthrough GroeatBritain, France and B, Igiu ,. in 1831; in 2 vol. 2 copien. Love, by Lady C. Berry; 2 vols. 5 copies. Tile Two Flirt, and other Talesr; by Lady Blee. ringtonr Bulwer, and others; 2 veol. 5 cones. Rivers and the Desert. by Mise Pardoee; 2 copiese Thy, Rolbhr, by G P R James; 5 copie,.. The Adventurre ei Nicholas Nickleby. by Boa. 5 eopie. CIIAS. RITCIIIE, Librarian. NO rICE. rItlE tndnerigned have associated tIhemslves in. der the firm of A F l ur itlr &. Co.; for ite eur ioAe oftraaetacing ithe wauhoilefe iot and k irce busi ness, andi will c.duet tile satne in tile stre, formerly occupied by A FDraratr, No. Si (eUStor HOenue st. A F IUNBIAR, (GEORGE WILKINSON. imp--1883. NOTICE TO FIREMEN. T l, Corps atetacei d to the Fire Plugs el the Com utunereial Water Works, were to have been rnged n tica i t inst., bit itl conrequence oI the of ficers in charge of tile several eomrcaies not having called fur tile searlners tt fit the cape, i .e ehange has Ieen procrastinated until this Rav. Thi psoannern may be ohtaied at tile office of tihe c pvnv No 60 Maga zine street. Thie attention el the getit.emer in charge if the Engine awli Hose Coapla lry are repectlully suli cited. By order. eELI.IOIT, uel'l Secre New Orlentrs, t5 Aug., 1838. TliS Bank ieehclri,rg ton New York at sight. aug28 ". i ,ALFItI Cashier. NEW\ PUIiLICATIONS. Tales of rr rVeigiborlrad, by the author of "The Collegitns," i 2 vules. Agnes Serle, br he aelthcuri "T lhe lires," tit two Elenenlrs oflrcinalrtonrel Lae, with a Skehcn of the eistor of theScrlence, by Henry Wheaton, L.L. I. A Pradirn! T'reatmie on Lo'omotive F.aPtresaponr Rail rira; a work intended to show the Coruet,,ee tie nmode of acting, and the effect of tiot engines ill eonareyieg heavy loads to give the menns of ascertain ing, o an mspeetion o tile loade,at the results it will produce outder arioruaoc tllsnnces,and ill different lo calities; to deterrmn thre qacantie y of fuel and water t wl reqlre to fix be Iroportiuns which eught to be auopted in tile constrleioi of ac enginte, to tmike an swe rany intedled purpose, etc.: with prtacticea tables, giving at once tile rc.sltsof tile frrnuriae, founded upon a great mlrny new lpCrile t, l ,made o largi scale. Il a eily piractie on tile Liverpool andl Mlgnchester Itadwa++., wlh matny difihret e agjteIIv aud co is ( erab o IramUS ol~curringes to wh' is datlcd analapendhx, ahowe -glen A raTiroads, by Chet-. F r1 1i d ie .'tiwbonuera'l .. ,;ov l lf nlAT 111F V t ' ;I' 11 R ' <n "

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