Newspaper of True American, September 27, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated September 27, 1838 Page 3
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Oh EVERY DECRIPTrILCON, 8PEEDILY, IHANDSOIMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT TH1 OPPIOE OP THU True Jmertcean, UT. CHARLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 LOUISIANA pURNITURE WARBEROOMS Noi. 53, Bienvelle street. W ILI.IAM R. CAitNES,(fermrr~y of tite firm oi FFliat &e Cartee,) weald respect oulryja inrta h friends and the peblic that he is consrantly receiving from New York anid Boeton a pod assortment of Ft r eiture, stcit as thoagaany chatrs, safts, hedtcead, taa pie and I ainted clairs, taple and cherry bedsteads, mahogan' and citerry tables of all deserilltione, bu rsene, toilets, Recreetrys, writiof dassk, wardro-es of mahogany and cherry, wash sanads, loeking glassen, feathers, teddittg, ic. &.c. NB. Furnature packed for traneportation with great cern __________jell MIRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removed froam 17 Cuselomhouse St. TO NEXT DOOR ToST. CHARLES TIIEATRE, CORNER OF POYDRAS & ST. CHARI.E STAEET. iusg9l-38. AMiYt fALTA OF NEW ORLEANS, Council of Municipaoly .o.. I, Sitting of AuguttO 301 1838. N ORDINANCE concerning Brialel lathe btry . in greadsa of Muuticipalhiy So. t,of the city of New -Orleans. The Council of Municipality No. One, ordain as fol loaws: Art. -1. From and aher the 10th of September next, it hallie the duty of the juardiaa or guardians of ceienteries withitia titteauniclplpittv to dreanad, a cr tiheste signed hv a licecaod physician, or tile coroner, or two respectab.le citiensn, jotnaly with the cototois cary of the ward in which the denath may occur, stating the dat of tsie disease, namte. tge, place of birle, st.a, color and causm of death of the body brought to the a, p.. for e. ..ulttre. . i. toe certifieste in al ncases,to be furnished by te pe"ro or persons brinaing Ito te cemetery a dead hwiy or dead bodieesand in nrciase shall the khep of o hoe ceinetery receive for interoAeo+t bodice, without Itavinr obtained cthe certiirat abe a t tet tioned. Art. 3. I shall be the dunty of tre keeper of tle emetery toi record ia a book kept Et that pnriosc all thepnrt rieulr obainetl by cet liicateo rclaitg to das. boedies httitog receired L eRTullore, nod alo tit fur sish lonitaly a report o the itayor of rle city, con tainiga onyl of thenanci, ages, place UofRir d can. erof deatb, dae disease, ex, rolir ofeocL bodies, lames of it prityicians or other eitioens attesting tre JAret 4. 4.A fie of ten dlltrselnllalibe ipontsed capon tie yaan or peesos briutirg a body or tordiee ftor ntpan nure to the cetoeteriea f tjs ntlutotepaitty; ilat (H ans wheretie certifiale heretofore AeRtiionrd, cshall tot have been furnisbhed. Art. 6. The gaordien of the cemetery shall in mehci .ese heb end ue abrahby authoriedt, ro taro pifsee siaon ofthe h re r horses anlrd eit tle Iringiag said tbdses and s ad keet pohsete ioa of oaidbhorsee and t hieles until the fite sitall ihaoe beet piid Art, 6. Tile Inayor is Iarby auloritobed to potlins the present ordi.nce in all entewo sitpars It lt ,iocily, both inelh Freebth and Eaglish langnUgre durintg tetI [d s [igned pAU. UBERTIUS, Recorder. Approved, e iptetber 3, 1838. [Signed] C GENOIS, Mitor. A truie copy. 'HErA itR, Jour . Sec 'y. St'C"'IN(i OF$I''EIIlER", 188:. ROh'iced, 'lihr otsrdinatttot ctttttrs'nin the I m. rying frooade. itatSel on rite 3Qtr ult.,heot oiclldePd to rs+ailtst tile words iett of Orctoter ient." 'l'l Ite twoitrdintiIttt or elltclllber lelt,'' in tile firet article or the old erdiaottcs. ["'inetod] I'AUI. ItCR'l'US, irecorder. Appr,+'V'd Se )tember 5, 11I18(. ~iiS d] C· G:NO, tayotr. A treoe copy _l'".tiriu, Juoo. Srctty. StAIILI . DE l.A NEI.LE. ORLEANS. C(nnseilodeln rellere \Pen icipalite.- -S/:ancv extp, ordinanre do 30 aut hI:8. Ordonoualnrs coneertitnt leo sepolitarer disle sinu, tieres l ie In itottirtitit N t i i n stville di'itlir'Otto Le Conoeil tie loutouociltalitil on, de Lttle dte Iti N lle. (itrleit otw arrdre oat iure Art I. .. hater dl d ,~isetteIt.t Ittr 'r hatill sere dil havOir dI rli· o s i le d Ietto oCi es cletl, reg dlln:: A, tit r pal t leIt tael-r doio:rlti lr I Ur poe [in i lll cin litlp u yll tto·tt= .lns et~le(, I , 4 n II llRlel linen, ttnl I.( i eiI1 1]11 Sto pOa dctr - i ] . 'tri e i.l"l.t I llil" ll P III ( ,l. rfroatleret b ac+'t',hcne atiiiitioeitrol e tcoLI+S iuth.' 'eretitirnt r e" llt - In llelir lllu ae r " cit e 2 Ia lin t o'rtlt l'ltl r a t illt l +tt r llt ti llra (llrl0 rupa m~,r l a e' ; rl , tm e,. llvr..o lllnle Iorull' +llll+Ai Icilulivr,, elIt~ utl'ttt tittit' it courp. II UI iCs) 'ort trt tiy t'ett 'ttile ctt drItt· lot thu-cc. cllt-a -ctr t+ttletr ali til o ltni i llrto- i isti 1tre dInte a noo ,:uitto |1i4Pi'lcllo c on tltolle l obtelet n, Aet i. UttleoIrtttii' tie tita pt-metriC setrotinyner a 1rtificat cidIetoo t ottllltllt' itt' acre tor t Art 5 Is+ too gievor du c rderiten e oi iltle: snetil+:re llllqrVCT en lPIil+AP 1*IUl l ICC (re1ll1l+A IC~eT-l' tS ll delei llilna IPit ll n llit i l lroitul i ,lt rltit i rt) I letielt ot dor ll irt deo 'il e g rtie llres o ll t l_ l41 11o nt+lualls de naltisllli· , I.'+e+ dInt8nm 11t eflP~a-(`g i jitaq de nlJIiIoec 4id lll otd ridler et a i ltni it lle )Usqlllll Plil'lnl It-; l Ier Iilsu ~r;~ie eeir Irvitr enrerrt dlrms~r dtl,..le ca, on Clece Aetficeatt cert.a' ectetioai detatr. ait ottrniftlr pohiiee doos teolte gaceten de nrlte milli yr caglorin lt ne rran [,in tSll. Il+Aellte O+A,,lll. I. elolll.Ierllll ehevnl o+A deefeactlu ilnsiinirccetidtttoteietlardnoulea octr, elarc din joure. Sigttee IAL BERtC'I'U , Rlecorier Approuoi! le 3 ooyteobre |8eLq. g igi ti IC GE N }IOl , M ati e, lore rettie ct.-tfortte, TfIIEAtRIt, Jr--rcrrtatre - Seantoce dot is." tecbrhe 15+8. Reealu qrte 'ordonannce relative 00x cimeier ad eop rees l l m at I, r erot eitoo lll o ndeY d e itnllieCI e eubh.tituer iconal'rt ler tie leroetobre peortctiirt" i0ssepterote I,relphin. Resulu que le mt.+Alt ameuademvat stit Fuit d L'artiy :l l lortaoronrye O de in sooiteL terdeottoDCe. Sigue. PAAULt EERTUS, Recorder. Approtnvoler5 Aeptemnbre It:8:. Sigce, C (iEit'Itlmsirie. Pour copie coforeos , TIIEARD, Jr, oecretrire ti8:10 MINENE o I't)LItE 13 OI".'ES-51I greet wine t and 100 grosns porter blottles, for sale Iy HOLMES & MILLS, jyi BHanek Alley. R-riVAliT BOARDING HOUSE, Ne 13, Toulouse ar,- -ly Mrs Hlnoffmann. T HIS house is acious and conveniently situated for men.of business, near the Levee and the New Exchlange The table will lie well supplied and attended to, and the charge moderate. Boarders wishing co have lodging, can he accommo dated, at diffterent prices, with ommodienas furnished rooms, Boarders will have the satisfaction to meet there, persons pe aking the French, English and Spant ish langunggs. aug.3t3mt PENSION BOURGEOISE, Rue Tonlouse, n. 13, tense par Jlde Ve. H.fmancn. C(ET nhtblissemeat eat spaieu, et se trouvo situ pers de Ia Levee et de Ia Nouvelle Bourse, e'tot dire an centre des aleeires. La table acre bien fournie, proprement tenue et A uPrix moder. ettn qui prenant pension dhsireraient y loger ni ront des appartemens de dilffrens prix, bien garnis et commodes. Lee pensionnaires auront 1'agrlment d'y trouver des personnes parlant le langues trancaiste, anglaise at _e agnole. S3au AAidA ti weet and dry, in quarter casks, 11 Indian bbls., forsale bh READ 8r BA RSTOW, aug25 7 Bank Place. KURNI'TUilE-Just receiing , r nt -n py tfrumt New Yogk enl Boston Penan want of PURNITURE, wohld do well to call at 53 Hienville street before purchasing elsewhere. Terms Cash, or good city acceptances. WV R CARNES. aug23-2w EDICINES, PAINTS & OILS-A large and Sgeneral assortment on hand, for sale low, by JARVIS & ANDREWS, jy8-ln.tis.e or Common & Tchnol itonta NOTICE. IIIIE Copartnershrp t heretldore existing in this city j lhetweea the subscribera, under the firm of Lane Van Wyek 4- Co., in New York, Laidlaw 4, Co., and in Natche., Mins., Van Wyck, Laidlaw . Co., is discel red by mntualeonsent. John Laidlaw, Peter S. Van Wyck, and Thomaes W. Van Wyck are authorized to se the name of the fith in liquidation only. JOHN LAIDLAW, ANDREW LANE, PETE:R S. VAN WYCK, THOMAS W. VAN WYCK, New Orleans, aug. 18th, 1838. CO-PARTNERSHIP. The asubserilrs hare firned a copartnership in this city nader tile fire of Van Wyek 4. Co., and in New York uude, the firm of John Laidlaw & Co. JOHN LAIIDLA\V, PETER S. VAN WYCK, THOMAS W. VAN WYCK, eugl8--1838. 'O'TiTHIN--G--Il Cases, otnprisic heavv eacrlt aflannels; Liverpool striped, twilled, and white cot tcn shirts; heavy blue striped cottoeade pantaloaos, landing from ship Conoerdia, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, sel8 134 Magazine at. H AVANA COIFEE--I0 bags in setoe, and tor SLATER & TRIER, eep8 40 Poyders street. PRIVTIVNG OFFICE. FIOR SALE,-A printing office, compoased oa all Sthe ante-rials necessary for a nws*paper. An assertrent of French accents; several fonts ol Jos T~Tr ;a large extra imperial press, &c, &c, will be sold aheap, and on enay terms. This is an excellent chance for one intending to establish a country paper, and vil Inga Job, )titee. Thur type 4.c. will hbe sold separanelv from tihe prau. sheld esuch an arrangement seeinmo dais the ,urchaer. Apply at this oaen. arun For the Interior. For Stlringfield, (Livingston Cy) Pass Manchac,mouluts of the Atnite, T'anchipalh and intermediate landings. TH E well known and light draught Stenmer OUACHITA, P. Ricerd, imuster, will leave the Lake end of th .R RnI Rud ¶an tednesday morning tihe 19th inst., .afar the arrivatlui lie 8 o'clock Cars. For freight or ntplyl.t - tiEO. WIIITMAN, pas°.U. and U. S. I'' I Ofice, under the Exchange Hotel, St. Charles et. New Orleans. sep 15 FOR LOUISVILLE,. CINCINNATI, AND ALL INTERMSIEDIATE PORTS. fl 'Th 'I'Tile subntantial steam boat C4 GOV. SHELIIY J J Kercheval, -anmster, is hourly expected to arrive and will hsave deasi'.tCh fre tile abhove iorts. Fo frelgh t or passage, having superior accommodations, apply to I.AWRENCE & LEGENI)RE, sep8 28 & 29 New Lever. I'.LEASURE EX. CURSIOJN TO BAY ST. .IOU15 ANI) PASS CHRISTIAN. Fare $2.50!! The fast runnInt steamboat M A Z-IPPA,Captain Griffin, leaves the lkeo end of the rail road, at the arri val oflthe o lochk ears, on 3allny ecg: tile 18th inst. and every ensuing Saturday. Returneig, wnm at .I the all road by 6 u'cluock on Mlondy morine:g Apply to GEO. WIIITMAN, New Orleans !, Mobile Mail Office. ugl8 Under thile Exchange Hotel. St Charles at. For bdtlte, and alfl antneredia eTifindiegx S The low pressure steam loat . lCA rOI.INE,willleave New Orleans rTue' s fur alobile aevery Thsdrray and S.undy, atlt o'.lock, M. toucehing at all the wa'ering places at which passengers ay wishl to land. For brither partieslars, apply t EO. WIITAN, GEO.WVHITMAN, jy24 Exchange linotel, St. Charles st. For Mobile anid al Inlermediate Landings. the Ifnst rcunning and splendid stenn ouat WiM. WALLACE, entirely in state rdinnsr, will leave New Orleans fre M. i.e, an all intermediate wntering plaer, very7 Tuesday and Saturday, after the arrival uth I a'clock cars. GEO. WHITMAN, jS24 Exchange IIntel, St. Charles st. -SATURI)AY EVENING AND 0SUNDAY EXCURSION TO) MANEVIIVI.tE &, MAI)i4ONVtII.E. lThe atelmnerSO)UTH AI.ABIAMA, Cipt. I..T1'. Knightwill leave the laks So tlihe rail-road Ibr the above la C tevery c i at i evernin, nr tile arrival cf thre o' lutck ears, and return the salne light,--and leave Snul llay morning on the arrivnl of tle 8 'cltck cars; reatrn il, leave Mladisoville at 4l o'clok, P. iM. S r:itiaw rin Fule tlADnitSNVI.LE, LOUII.BIUILU , v MANEII Vll..IIIF & COVINCGTIJN. t 'le last ruletl and stlendid streea theVL ibut SOUTH ALAI AMIA, 1.. T. S.-M - knight tiaster, will ran as a regu larnmail b out for thle above ortl s on Mo.ndays, Wedntea dut a and Fidya, fter the arrival of tie 8 o'clock cars, A M. teteurniae, leaves Ciovinton l. iesda)s, Thtre days ned SaturIaL . at I8 u'chIck, A.J. N It. All bagheee nld parcels at tho risk oftha own .rs, unless a bill of luditg is aig.el. GEll WIIIT"'IAN, New Orleans and Mobile Mail Olfice, u2 IE~xtlhnne e Itiildinra, St Charles st. FAAItI. I{ EUGL'CI ! -The teamloant IAZEPL'PA will ._ levl ... the Lake end uf the IRail Road on Mollkondas, Wednsdar ysl l and i y'r.ii thef arrivali o'hle h I 'o'clock cear, tIOchlllg tt Bay It Iouis, PIts (Christian, liloxi, c ; returnin; , wiltl Irae I'uucalglla at day liIllt,und nrrive at ilr lu, atl 3,'clok, P. l., touetitigr ti all tile wlteritlg Ip ornsu day light. Fate tinot. lw n rleanls to liar St. I.ouis $2 0 S Pass Chcrisnilin 'S2 51 Ililoxi 4 I00 GEit. WIIITSIMAN, a a Il'xeiage l oitel, St.Cuarlae streer. NOTICE. SEiIAVI I. IdlEIS goling lo ll iti le by thie ail I.ine . ill lidty , 'cdlle.lllaS unald Fridays, will rcgis. lirr llutr niiue.s t tlts iuiC, as no siats ucan be stcuried i1 i nto-le at u'ls+.touh s on tihe blue laleted dIayi les .ir Itiou1 Is Ie laued n thie w aly ill. ''Se \ViIa Ilot n heavy baga,,sge cauln uae it taken directtlto Iullic by Iluy IbUats dJuring tic week, excep oh il|ihluve lluied l ns. Gta) WIlt I 'I'A, /. l , ii,"'1 ' -l. l lil: iil F -JII t} EN Ili'"'T lt - F I in Fi.I Nruls 15I IN UTI l ent rl . l- Iteri it ltlu, 1i1 hu ll t hi ret ' ,rul l lark-t i barrels .tul. d toutgulct, l Itx . l m is chi ¢ , jy ti Prl'et l'trii S a.'.1111I. 1. 11).1 I fr sale iy (1 Ittll oSl', ( y1UII , w !,et. II U'I'I -IS I'ItI+MI:S 1'j, r\,,.-- .1 sai ,l,ly-ol" .J C,,plo I. ulllullllulll, Il'ntcut l'mp 11111 n mgll , aIId .( es:, l 1'tl.+ n, all ofl t le Tll t m'iC· . ,d d c Als bO, o.l(Igltl+11 \ t ilt"I, lIb UI Lo Clluhl, II lr,' flaiili, Flre ilsi, Nail nItioJ 'Tloinl lrunhie, Sc..Ri I y '. :iUCKIi.ES &. Cut, 41i Canal streii. t \ I,.'. I'- I'lltti tlttd tarden t mlct itig Irhy 'sa AS dcyluud u 4 'Iy ,,tl h Circle ltilltlltg u IX IUI0aInn1 J . a i+.t ,. AND IIIE\ SI jy e n cllrll lir T'I'. uliitiulus n , ( ullllll o .iners. SI:.hF I.Ar)tlit 0 kienlcupeprtiur artcle, at lin lhiplAilg urt1r, I lnd Iur rale by ti t)ttl+EV', jyti _ ,14 ,New Leee,. m wine , Sis, h cases tur .u1 iie bln, letter aic aiuie very how lricl; i10 cales ses perlilC white letl' ap.r, dl1; : cases tlilllm itik etter parl.r; cases suliel liu Itlackt pust lurgn clce; 2 cascs superIne nLLetli assortld colol s .; cues ,8 supcrtihe octavo a~sorted colors; [ mhor a r, wh nsul ad til, by D FEI.TI' & Ca, Sew uork Sttilunersa' lull, Jyml i. l4 Chrtres street. /e IO BEN'I.-I.',, soio,, given.i,.medi.ely, ihe louse o.ta the Bit/h Rail Road a dar 1 Lak, Shore. The two P'ouiiliols It Bath, near the New Orleanuls anl ha.lhville Itail Ititid. evera l Rooms In the Car Ilouse iu the Bath Itall rtoad Company. For tile paoticulars apply to II ONNAsiEI., jyl2 crner Natchez 'l'clloupiltolus its. ctt'C.i ALl:--72 crasks cotch ale, (quarts and pintstl for sale by HOL.IIES & MItLL., jyy2l Bank Alley. ARPENTEI'S FIluid Extrat of Sar.aparillta anJt d all other Carpenter's Preparations, received latcl by It IIONNABEL, jy2 cor Tchoupitoulas & Natchez sts L EMIiN 81RUP in boixes of 1 doz. each for L sa tle by READ & BARSTOtOV, aug4 7, itank Place. UiUGAR Housre loloasses-o l barrerls for sale by 1J 'I'HAEIR & Co, aug23 74 Poydras asttet ItCE-25 casks riteust received and forale by J T uH Y 4lnl 8C ii, eogn3 74 PI*dros street. SIANtVASSEI Ialons--in Itlids, tiercea and bbls. in tolure, and lor s Ie hv LAYET & AMELUNG, aug23 17 Conuerce street. ' INES Id liquors--6.,l0 balskets Chonpngute Wine, (Congress,) 100 do wine, (Luliyetie t ruad;) 19 pies Miadeira; 250 qr. imrhitatuition Mladrira wine, in store and iraale by HIILMO(iINI, BROWN 4. CO, aug'23 Contit. 111LASSES-70 bbl-. in store, for ale b LAWItENCE 4 LEGENIRE, aug23 28 and 29New Lee. rITllEASURY Notes-iui dolls. lr seale b j J THAYEIt & CO, aug23 74 Pnydras street. OFFICE OF T'Il E NEW ORLEANS AND NAS.T. VII.I.E RAIL K All. {'IRAFTS on New York at sighl, lot sale at 4 per D cent. premiolm. JAMES H CALDWELL, sep8 I'e't. Lhell' I'UBLICAT'IONS. T.HE Novels ot'Jane Austin, contaitning Pride and Brejudice;' Mansfield 'ark,' 'Sense ani oensi bility' 'E omoa' and 'Norlthanger Abbey' to which is ,relixed u biographical notice of the author-complete It| one volume. Nos. 3 & 4 of iThe Life and Adventures of Nickolas Nickleby,coltini'ng a faithful account of the fortunes, ,iofitrtuien, downlallings, end complele career of the Nieklehbv Family. Edited by'Boz'-wilth illustrations by "Phiz.' ALSO, An additional supply ofNo I,'Nickolos Nickleby.' 'Oliver I1 wisl,' prt lirst, and 'Pickwick Papers,'just received, and for sale by WM. M'KEAN, sept8 ecOraer of CnLnp&.tL oCoim, -t 40UII DOLLARS RE IVARD. LOST or stolen from on boaid slip KENSING TON, while lying at the Levee, 95 Columbian and 5 Mexican Doubloons-the above reward will be paid for any information that may lead to the discovery of thile ia n. stli8 -1838 ANDLES-175 boxes permn andles, bent brands, landing from lship Ploat, for sale by ISAAC BRIIDGE 4f CO, Xn-p8 134 Magaz ne st. EXCIIANU .E n Bostona-In sumo to suit pur Schasers, lr sale by STETSON & AVERY, aug?8 88 Gravier st. .HAMPAI(GNE I raidy--In pipes and half pipes, a very superior old article in store and frr sole by '' R IHYDE & BRO., aug2R 39) Comolnln, icorler nMage azis I OLASaES--31 bI Is trims order for sale b LAWRENCE & LEG,.NDKE, rel 13 2 and 29 New Levee. SI OIE--7ll Barrela of lue; 250 Balesr Hny, land El ing froul brig Canelhn, and for sale by LEVI H (ALE, oagll 93 Common street. HEh ARD. R ANAWAY from tie subscriber the yellow hoy RlICHARD, about 2! )ears old, 5 feet 10 inche high, stout and well built, lat torehead, and wben spos ken to rather down looking andti slow o speech. Ten dollars shall li paid to any person ret rniug him to the subc0riber, at 52 ~ew I.rree. & W G BRYAN. sep'iO SHIPPING. For Europe. FIOR MARSEILLES. ' The fast seiling brig CAROI.INE, Capt. ,itl. a Tnllpsoun, will Ilave irmnediater dlepalOth at f,. the uve port. h'or freigllt uo 150 baies ret ton, or Itpalsag, apply to LEVI II GALE, aug23 9_13 utnlnlnoal st. FO. T']I EoTE,, - The fast sailing ship HELEN MAR, Capt. - , having full eargo engaged, will have despatch; flr pansaue applv to S & J . ' U\\'IIIrNEY,. aug23 8 Contist. Coastwise. VOt NAVW YORK. L, uininna and New Yonk Line. Regular Packet of the 2)d inutunt. 'ThIe regular and last sailing Packet ship VICKSIUIlG, Ward, nulter having hllf of / hMl er eargo rellggled land luing trI board will positivelv sil on atururdy the 22d ilnst. For frerglt f330 bales cotton or thle hulk thereof or passage hav ing splendid aecoalntodaltins, apply on board opposite Ite Vegetable Market, or trB J D BEIN & A COHEN, tepl5 91 Caromun n street J Ur-ih.lfpsl at sthe Lubrien rni t.i,,h. I Ruoama, 53 ilielville street, 200 Malple and Cherry tedsteads; a first rate article. Asoe, a gnod ansort nent of inlatlr, Walnut, and Pninted Chairs, which will be sold eor the lowest cals pricea. jr7 _ 51 BIi.enville street. R AOLSA L ANI) (SrrI SItII Aa r fl VA01 iEI"TY STORE, Non. 1i Camp trre .tn adr Ililhdop's Hotel-liTle ubshcrbeltl nurow ill pn'tg at their nlew starnt, an extensive asnlotment t artlsil a Ineirlilne, coml.ining every variety of Combs, trlhesn, Peslifmenry, Iookinlg Glassea, la)ilng Carni aJ a large nlanber tf Fancy articlea. 'Ilae foollvwilt i "rt a ldeseriltlion: COM l,-.Tortonise ant' lrazilian iigh top tnek, Iaul aonI carved; don. ti. twist, long, oecke,uoll, nidle, prutte slid dreaina, ivory and horen; fine olnth, drllsingl ana oaket combns; heorn, redditg anti nrsua soults; wooden, drasling, fine tooth anld pocketnon,.. PEIIFUMEIlIY-A general asstt.arat of Frenclh and American Peritnery, consisating i r ..'il gne water in bottles, of all shapes anl size; luat, arter, Floridn, rose, arange, lemn, aesalle'ni r, h dbergan, nalerflenl, ate. ;lanny soaps of eerrry n criptiont; nm:casnt, nantiqua, and vegetable hair toil arld atrling fluild; hlorhnle tooth wash, carbionicanrtie hlorint dentIlfle; el;nteanl ind plain tilel powder; lnnnatunn; preston salts, etc. I NLUSHiESA-Co mprising a great viriety of cloth, hair, iats eals, tooth, nail, Iolthb stailnihrg, ulate, hearth, tlie ind l tiAil lisng, sIilll Weepling, nrotlllhi flrUituroe, airabbineg Iani white wash, hIorse, aline and llller', oUrilng, paint oal varnish brushlesn, nd sashl and grain ng tools li all sizes. LOOKING GLASSES-Contpriasing gilt frames at ariean sizes, 5, ;t, ' til I draw toilets; German satnli, toilet anhiI intokel gal et, nlognif inlg enrorsa, etc. PI.AYIING CAIIIJS--Eaglo, Ihlry thi, Broom, Higillmanler, Spiel Lart, Fench, ne alnt vlito bank llay FANCY. 1NI) VARIETY AIITIC.LES--A sape nior asrtn elnl orf nt ltalle aeaks, Iladies' and gentsle aen'.s lrrssaitgcasa s andt ladies' work bohes; lnaj) iar es of uriolrs des criptions, snitabre for tile tenw yelar nilI hliristlmas' glias; lricket Ihooks of all sorts; auspen. etars, noniloxs, uiler atd lenils, celayena, violins, bea Iags aund lrsaws, an Lrtnlll t' o f lc y lbeads, superior nuaty biliarl hulls, Iaste ICluakinl; bonr, aine, vest, full tlnI Sa edl)earll nttonsl petal 1it0ons atila i s tllsntts, ranur striolls; gas mcnlires for ctrealttg liglhit; Spailh nd nlen suartl; nlltenubln,I'nSit, rap1 iee anl Sotnh sntulfflsn aassortleln of JIlal and aIRlOl .aneS; back gatntno boinrds; dlice, Inllcey slcreenas, oltiacs, Jews Ilarps, Inrlllllica. luciterllleates, lills, Iltnellles, eussilon culs, drlnking cups, Intiting flasks and gname bags; steel, snlher nad plated saieteniceb; thlimblelus, twine, etc., ia nltOnte assurtnlnntltll of altrtirtgl, a a tlaltte varie tY of other articles, all of which will be old ifr i low prices, flr cash or city aE etairne s. tnry 4 lIKE:S In I),IANGE 'll)0 "itAtitfLS l ui'" ng"'".''a". brkig ULads ,mnnlSna for sale by jyl9 S & J P WIIITNEY t.'ll.515, I'.tn>OtI SiAI,'I'S, ANI1 t'AIlI fl..i. Q13 rrr rntne F'renct (tllillilteu ill title EptsOln Salte ien-k P'earl AsIes, 4 alleat tahlunel, Ile Ic.. Jnlod tltlrhrl, An. d&e.. landlirg roetat brig Willia,, fut'; oobldeu andfolr sale Ly 2J.0 lVI & A.NI HIEWS, A\Vhtlerule lirhegiste, jr7 eor nCoullnllnllln ''ehlltuuitonulal street. S\' 1F1MING SCIIItrL AND FLOATING BATHS IN THE RIVER, Op.'.s'.le .11al h ih el sl, r, 7'I.erd .1 lr)ripalily, lrwo squa.rel,lwi the i . fr l 1J d.1 EXIIERCISE, I. LEANI.INIESý PI.EASURE AND fr ll Ilrrllllenlllur Iar this estahlishaent are now ftll Itill ; II .r l lllr. * r ' lllla.1 y o laoit dry loolI is kep t folr the blthellll's. Thle -./llllng .lch throls all nIreleble sllade ol'.r tlle e birth, dI,,rig he hea. . o tlhe dry, is now more ch. an ld allows a free cirl:ulation e Iilet( )I ilnseCsl Illyin t betvwere Cillal st'et"l and tihe lower oitol, nell , Is1s everoty I f ,our within filly lir 'hbscrlueiyi rnn'2.r it kolr f.r $5 Oil In it, o"f ii blh) .thIk it alw, I, "I'il,' iltlls ti i le ol fr.Oll 4 i'Clo.:k A. 1. u thlil Il I'. 11. Tbh se l.o ath:s allbrd u growdUelst I lepth of water lof 3 to 7 't, rlnlled by uan rll .el d hniri oIr firet l.r ong by :3l Sbred, ,llteled bIy a irr ligll .rol lltye str"^e , erretll of the river, ill vet I l cl ' utio open to llowa tLree pas ange t., the wlatr. ail~l(;1--hu1 - IRVING'S NEW ' WOI1K &c. I ItHE ltROCKY M J OUNTA I NiN- r t ne ,idents Sind idventuires in "tohe or est," digesled froln be journall Calptail i1, 1. EIIvll lle, oi ' the Army of tie Ult. ,all ter., and illustrated iralU various other soutee, by ashiati r riir , i V.. 'till', V'IIImcS O[ SOC II 'I'Y-By the Couuteea of Illiesireroln, In 2 vols Justr 'et ived ,ii.i fr sale Iv Rlt ' IET ultil oIs November exo t the ' elegoant I)'OI.l.STIC Itit OllS-Loawrence & Co 14 heavy I \ brown sheetings Jackson L Co t 11 inch brown shirlings. Lowell Ntos. 1 & 2lbo.o otton. For sale S1'E'I'SiN & AVERt, aulI 8I Grayier stree A-M SA fo, r i83',. just recrsved per shiAr kansas, o Irona New York. 24 groce Ameriean for 1839. 25 io. People's Almanacs for 1839. Calaula ted iforevery state in thle Union, and containing a great variety of w.gravings, lir sole by ie gr<ce, dozen and ingle by IbyVII) IEl.' & CO, N Y Srttioner'o Hall,24 Chartres ot. aug30 OPl' tA'ElsilS--20i bis copperas, i t ore fir sale by augl6 44 New Levee. iXr II ISKEY, Pork, Bacon Sidles, Flur and Lard, in store lor sale by G; I)ORSEY, atglf6 4I New I.evee. C 1.4IsIN hga white conttin goofd ishdit order J T'II.\YER & CO, stli 16 74 ?I'ydras stret. LI)I:I11.-)I bdln lreol ground flour, landing from fist boots, fLr sa!eoby LAYET & AMELUNG, augl16 17 Commeree street. pORK:.-4W bn. - MonasI . Orie and scodt. Prime jest inspectee,fr sale by G. I)tItSFY, jyL6d 44 New Levee. 5 0 0 S A C I I S A l. P la rri r r., fr eo m b rig S a m e - t0nd Joh, Infor sale byI jel6 ' J8 i'notniTariFy. i1 AIS satld Sihalders-aJili, ols. Pi.klobd homee.'la - iboulders, lauding frol, flat boats, for sale by LAYEP & ASIELUNG, nngl6 17 Clonnerce street. 3 XCtIANikE no Luriasille at jiebt, lie atti by E SLATER & tR TIElIt rgSlU 40 Ptodlas aF. RUOiA\S--0n Cases rens and lobye flna B ged B p Brogaes, for sale by ISAAC 'IIlDfE & CO. eog31) 134 ll.iaiilole triet. If RELI.AS--6 ca... af iitbrlPla far vleb-'y SW\HI'TIIRIIIIIE & Io, auel28 1311 Magazine st. - 11 ' I'l IlavonaSu Sagar-50 boxereVhitie avana aSugar, o r sv eltperior quality, now landing fnru brig A. E., for oale Iby i JOSEPH COCKAYNE, tag28 L5 (iravier t. .11.I'Y DtHL-Ut Re;\o, AltD. ILI. le paid by the eubseribers I tor Ithe pprelleuson ol the boy AND)RIEVW, who absconded on tIe 5th inst. Said buy is about 15 years of oage, 5 leet high, black face, and very good looking; when first spoken to Ia elleaks quick, and stanrlner a Ilttle--tlnd on whena he left, bluecottonade pants, blue stliped shirt andl straw hat. O11lN lINTU'FRN, fltngE 13 Exchange at. I.ULEDi Recur Pper-Just received a fee reams itn Hudson's oerv fine blue record 1(.1p, both plain and ruled, for sale tj AVIFlT &CO, DAVID FEI.T & CO, nll_3 N Y Slltilrer'e Hall, 24 Cairtres. Rie;3i VA I.. A NIREWS S. Brothellrs arve removed their Count S ing ilaouse to No.50 Camp steetl. sept COF"EE-1411 balgs ib. 10 T41. Ilolavota. For sale by STETSON & AVER L',. nug4 88 Gravier tree t URRAN Pd-57 kebs Curratso, a luperior article, t or sale by LAWRENCE & LEGONI)RE. oep 13 281and 2l9 New Levee. N hand a very large stock of every variety of black, le blbte, pr eoand red fluids andl' Inks, all warran. ted to be of v.Itoror quuhtyv, for sale by he geroe, dozen or single blortle, by DAVID FELT &CO. a.p 15 N.w York St trioners Hlall, 24 Charresset. Si-i .bBLL. first qaality Linseed li, f. sa be sep 1:, 41 Nw Levree. NAIL..- diored, for rale-b e "j'vier street. BUSINESS CARDS. FASHIONABLE OLOTHItIG TAYLOR & HADDEN, NI. 14 Chartre. Strest HAVE acoustantoopply of every artlcle pertalting to gentlemlnn's dress, of the latest style, at New York pricers de 20 TEL TIH. SILICEOUS ME'I'AIILIC TEETH. , PECIMENS of these beautiful teeth, and the tlan Lt ner of settlig ther,, noy be sern at the olfice of J. B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No 46 Canalstreet. 'I'here teeth never change oolour, and nre by many, and in many cases, preferable to the nalural teeth. IP Dr. R. will wait upono ladies at their resilence, requeated. ap191 S. A. PERItIOSSIEIR, MERCHANT TAILOR, i67 Common street, --EGS to ilforl thee public thlt having purchased from MDessrs IIOUGil, SKEGS & COt). part ol their stock, he will continue the business at their old ortid, oponsite Bisolor's Hotel, where lie hopes to merit , share oftl ir ptrooae, tie hles made l arrngeatente at thIe North to) be supplied moorhly with the latest and IU _1_ "''.... o''Jl o t..atd· olr 14 CLAY &W C i-ttan, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 102 Poydras street New Orleans, MANUFACTURERS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps Of all descriptiont. WARM, COLD, AND SIlO IER BATHS Fixed on the most trproved principles. MILL'D) LRI)D, PIPES, &c [o70rders executed in any part of the Southern States. mr 9 Dr. lobert F. Lindoe. O FFIC PE EXCHANGE Io rt.:t. m tLAY & CLARK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No. 102 P',.ydras street, K EtP on land a con.tant supply of Lead Pipe, from 2 in. diam.ter down to 3.-0 i. diameter, for sale. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ES'TABLISIIMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. WILLI..Al . GR ENE, PROPRIETOR nrl J H. PARKER Commnisaion and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP .STAIRS. New - ' ,lron, F:rl,." JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOI.EiAL.E ANI lETAI'l. I EALERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DIE .Y'TUF'F'S /'.1 IVLYDOWI GLASS, Curner ol Common anld Tchloupitoulas streets, NEW ORltLEA NS rNATlIAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANtIREWS. A large apply of Garden Seeds, warranted the growth of 1837. AT MOBILE, Ala. S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS, Nos. 61 and 63 WiA'I'El STREET. rghlE unldersi"oed, I nirg estrblihed theltnseolos in ,3tohile fiter li Ie 'l Irose of tra.,,octina the Auction and CoonlolioLio blsoinPoe in its various hraoohes, beg leave to ittor their f'riomt n te pd li tt t hey are now trepared to re'eive conesgnu,ents, and make liheral advances on the same, either for private or public sale. S()LOIIAN i. IJ()NES, ISRAEl. I. JONES. Refer to Walker. Knight & Co. New Orleans. Mobile, Feb 9, 1838. feb 13 SAMUEL SLATER. ABRAhAM TRIER. SLATER & TRIER Forwarding & cotlnm'asion Merchants, No. Il) I'olldras Street, N E OR()I EA NS. They will devote their particular attention to the sale lt Westorn Produce. Refereeces. -Alijah Fisk, Eq. lhoat N1 Shit, New Osleans. A Ni Nathahn, Nlelsr., uron & Co. J & Nl WilliIam, ) L riggo, Wild & Co. loston, Rb , lrt l Brothel. & Co. Leveret &Thouti, o. New York. Von I'iill & Nt gill. Stanfird & Davis. St Louis. Ghtl-gow, Show i, Tum. Sh S Rlder & Co. ) lluwl:v, Page & l)tulap. Alton. A It Skillloro EI. lie G H Murnh++ll & ( o.-Louisville. ELI SToNE. R. T. STONE. E& l't. T.STONE. Forwarding and C'olnmissioll lerehanls, FURNISHERS OF S5111P AND IlOAT STORES, No. 114 'TCHOUPIt OULAS STRKET. Nw.Orleans. beferences : Mesnrs. BALL., IIR & Co. Boston Esen5Ei Vboor & Co 3 o A. B- MEACH & Co. New York. It. P t, or J. & P. IIOLLAN' I Cininnsti, O. WRIGHT SMITH DAVIti STONE, D1)tu ll 0 II. CotrTOCK & JCo. CiiolilUol (O. N. Al.nsoltc , & Co.. Louisville, Kv WILLIS, STEVENS & CUhTIS, S LoUia Mo A. B. Ior', Alton, Ill. WMn E. WrH\\HKO, RIushvill, 11. J. & P. P. I'AUr.wtLL, Bayou Sara, Ln. SOLOMON lIiGH. Ner Oleal:s. jaun 22 DOYIlE ak inlAY, i)EAI.ERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, No. :1 CAHONELET STREET. Oj I IRI MTEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEii ORLEANS. This Comlany are now prepared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No.24 Musson's Building, Canal stre't. E L TRACY, New Orleans, May 15. 1.38. Secretary. WILLIAM IRWIN Commission antd Forwarding Merchant, CINCINNATI, OHIILO. Refer to Layet & Aelg, N Orln. Jos. Landis & Co. N m24 sn m ROBEIIRT CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Camp streetr, Wholesale Dealer it Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, nU30 Window ansd Picture Glass, Ae. dc. :T. W. COLLINS ATTORIXEY & CO.NVSEI.LOR AT LAW. : NOW prectisri: in the Stare and Citv Courts. Cli Sents will lind hii to tie Clehrk's office, U S Circuit Court, litt iie Custom Ilouse building,. jell SCARD. - TlE undersigned have opened a house in thits oily, for the purpose of trannatiug it GENERAL COIN\IISSIliN ItUSINESS. OFICEe No. I0 GRAVIER STREET, UP STAIRS. H P LEVY. The house at G(rand Gull; Miss., will be continued In the above name. Iodfrey 1 a ric &Snel ietir & Larie & S ll, e Orleans. La. I B Hill & Co, Louisville, Ky. Jolu Al Gilmore, l ieksburg, ;lies. rper, Crpenter & Co Grand Gulf, Mis. Nluir, 11l ore &L Cio, Sil'n Lillard. Natchez, Mliss. New Orleans, July li, 1888. jyl2 A CARl). NATHANIEL OWINSENI) haing located hint sel' in New Orleans for the purpose of transacting aGeneral Areouyev ld |ltiolstIoII IlllnillesI would re. epectfally solicit fro the ipubllic a share of their pa uliving- - hoIse iu Tcues, he will attendto the trans acting of ayv blsiness that ,nav lie desired in thot eOUlltry i ihill gCIrllamee proi ;,I eid uanremiltted ll tentitn to all Ih-.ies enetrotedl to his chlarge. and a saithful al icatio (i accoirrdance with instriitions) of ll ids thllat iaii icoe into Iii hanldo. Oliece its New Exchalge, on iGrvier str'e, i.oposite to Rev Mlr Clapll's i hulch, ie td aljloining Gtbson's rendillng eiuo.soign of tllhrlexilln C.lillale. New Orleans, NovtrmbLer i5, 1I137. :liefereeeser. Mesrs illyer, Busl & Co. New York. Burr W'IIkeoii. N s Alvorez F ek, Natchez, Miss. R bI .lrolh r, St Ioo,., Nto. Joslt T tijrv. Louiivirle, Ky. Dr JoIi A sier e. ltopkiisville, Ky. rma8 fm FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW OIRIEANS, Office No. 24 Mauusn's BDuiilag ja C.4NAL STREET. GIBSON'S GUIDE AND DIRECTORY JTOR the State of LOuisiana, tuld Cities of New Or leans and Lafayelto; for sale by WG MtIF 4N, m"3 car Camp and 'CommnmiSts ( BanlBoxes,-Just re OiCd by L) B BROWEC(I T5UE AmIEItILAN OW AlCCE. In connection with this Oflice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, FOR TH I'li r t'lING OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill eorms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circuaars, Aid every description of Job ,'ork that may be I-The p,:'nrietor respcttunll nll callse attntion of tile plllic to ',.e above (a>rd, ad Sa tsres Ithem that all work intruaste, o hi care ishall be dne at the short eat notie, in a sta,r unsurpassed in this city, and at the lneat rates,. GUIDE & DIRECTORY OP TilH CITY OF AVeIe Orleans and Lafayette W iAS published on Mma, 21st nvy and in now for sale at the counting r*om If 'the pabli.he", Exchange lionel, St Charles street,--nld at the aook. 'tore nf Nleors. E. Jbins & L'.corner St Charles and Commonl streets. ina PAI'ER, qtuil, steel pe, , ink, fluid, Wafers sealing aa, indiani rubber, titn.k onand, piitoeln. nd every other article aof tatiillry, off the very quality.ont stanlly oa hand I'd for falae Iv l.1111) FFL1 & CO. m19 N Y Station.-rn' BIhll, 28 C('llat rer st. P MIERCHIANTS. I ERCHIAN'I'. can have a beautiful circular struck 11 off at two hours noticte,by i ltling at the Orleans Lithotgraphic (tiice,53 lMagautie street, opposite lanks Arcade. m24 IACIEREL-ZY35- half is t a 2 .tlackerel, for sale 1 by RKEAD & Itt% t-'itW, m2 617 Gravier street. I-EAF LARD-100t tegs in .tore, fur sale by LA (I I)OIISEY, jyl2 44 New Levee. K ENTUCKY II.htit1GLi-tuii pafr tit anti by HOI.ES &. MILl.S, jyl2 Ilank Alley C I'CII BCl GIStil I; - iIs heav .ut utcnth Ioagintg 43 inches wide, fr .l, tin " tlEtll:S & MILl0,, jy12 Itnnb Alley XCHANGE IN NEW VOI1 fir nle. Iby * LAWRENCE & ,EIEiENI)IIE, jv 12 i8 & 29 New Levee. T HE American I)tllunerat. or hints en the social and civil relations of thei United States. lpy J. Feni maoreCoiloeen 'lta'Pwo 'Fltrts; or, AdvPentreri i lla Cioiutrv lotspe; anl otheir tale,, by Londy le..tinutnI, E I. ItIulter, Mi Norton, Balry Corowall, Mrs Gore, Capltain Aledwin, anId othersi in 2 nIod. The KRiver and the D)esrrt, by Mass Parela, author of the City of the Sunlta. 'rh' Casket of Uains, the t(ift of an Uncle and Aunt with ine weod ellgravig At, nderso.ll Jttt receivoed id fir alie by Wl1 MerKEAN, jel6 cllr i p and Colll n onl (llllllll stn. OSIN Itt..S--n70 b.t!s rtstil diin, landling ond S f for sale by J TtlA Eit & Co, jy 14 74 Poydras street. CAVE & SC AFFER'S Ciiompounii aid aEx tract f Saraarsprilla, for the cure of oi.atinate eruptions of the skin; pimples or pustules of the faoe; biles whith arise from an impure state of the blond; scaly eru,tlonsl p ins in the bones; chronit rheumatism; tealt r; acrofula, or kitg's evil; whit. awellilng syphilitic diseases, aiod all disorders arising Iromn an impure steta of the blood, by a long restdelce in a hot alionate, or the injudicious use of mercury. Also,-Cave & Schaff r's Worm Syrup, or In. fant Preservative: thile bhst preparation now extantt. Among which are the Ia;lltluwng:-Indian Dye, for cnlurag the hair; Bear's Oil; Rnsian Bear'sa Grease; Polnatumll; iclta V's Freeslo Wash: a.. perior Pearl Powder; Lily WhYte; Creanm of Roses; Vegetable Rouge; Ottoi of ltoi;l Lip Salve; Kra. onite Tooth Wash; Carabonic Dentrlfice; Orangot Flowor Water; Powder Pulat and Boxes; Amoeri. can Charcoal, neatly put up in four ounce vialsl Pieston Salts; Ctologne Kronotao tl'entlt.aoLhe Drops; Hair Brusheo; Eighln Dressing Conubu hIrsan [lair Oi;--with a variety of other Parfu mieries, &e. For saule by L W GLENN'S PEILFUMERIES. J C 'rRINCIHARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streete PARKER'S ROCKY .MOUNTAINS, &c. TOURNAI, of an Exploring Tour beoyond the J Rocky Mountains, under tihe diretion of the A B C F M, performled in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of tile geography. go. ology, climate and productions. and the num cil, manners and llstonos of the onlives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. S.tnt.. el Parker, A M. 'I he River and 'te Desert; or lRcollections of the Rhone and th. tltairtrcuse; by Miss Pardue, auther o'fthe City of. ' So tall, &e. in vols. The Robber, a Tale, ', " the author of Rlchelieo, The Gypsy, Attila; inl 2. : 'the Two Flirts; or Ad.-'lure in a Country House, and other Tales, by Lady Bloessington. E L HBlwer, Mrs Norton, Barry ( ornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Medwin, and others; in 2 vole. The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, edited by Boa, with Ilustrations by Phiz, No. 1. Just received and for sale by BINJAMIN LEVY. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OPFIC No. 3S . aot"iarto ll, ett, op t pe~ll0 ottkt' A-ta.ue, i STABL.ISHEILr) ther e xecution ofl maps, plans A and drawings, mlerch.lll' tllcltirs,business and addlees cards of every derciliollt, funeral circular. on deep meurning paper, ,puthertly llld duggists'labels; bak checks, drey receilts, Ace. pl illld tlad xecuu d ill acheap and expeditits stole, It. the pioprietor. " '1..Ih.II 1 IitEENE. NB. Bank Notes nt.iv executed. m124 NEW IIX'lT' S'ItlE. JUST received perilte arrivals fromli New Yolk, fresh and th liollable asselrtlnlmt of IIAT'S. The subscriber wooul partioIlaly cl t11he t alention of the putilic to a sttle of L.eter tllt of i superio finish, ine toeture, ric l sad IeaultfIl lits re; also to a fille plain Russia hot of a S;eelrrt tlltjlalil; ltnd Iltt ii eI lendidl article of silk hIat, tt..dtl .'r o tit)1t gtetel ano eortment mtanufaetua,d by hln IIl, exienesly for this market, wholesale atndl relail J Wt nIltl'N,3it CoCamp 'street. N.B. City and country detaler, are invited to :all. PORTRAIT PAINTING. l R. PARKEK resopcttllll tllttllltte the public that he will reoin .a shorl n NewC Orleans Ifr the purpose oi painting pItrteils. Reool corner of Cannal ad it Charles, in tile hose occupied by Parnoly & Lyvu. llemi wl sa,wherepecitmens of his painulig can be seen. Enlraone in t S tllarle street. nIr8 lot W HISKEY, Flour and o I'rk, in store for sale by m'2 G I)t)IlSEYV, 44 New Lever. ,ALE RUPE & ''Wt.fI:--tiLl sale bIv B1. t'I'ER & 'lIttER, augt1 40 Poydran street. WVHOLESALE TIN WVARIE hi ANUl'ACTIORY h I.OCKE & CO)., No. t2 Old I.evee, have in . . etore, ,f their own lnetlnllit'tore, a llrge tnll en tensive ilsorllellnt ol rtil wre, which lthey invite dealb era in the trade to examliln; le 2(llI (copper, uiear house ski tinters; el2i do. iSugr Ltadle; 2II dot . (topper ugar laelllts; 7n llath ll ila tssorted size'; .30 gross asstrted sized Coffee (;IIIIfl s. N. B-Itoeut ofe lildihgs ,evtrodi with zinc, copper rtill.+ .oner and til gutters put al, iln Ine sibo Ites TNDERIWOOD, Pickles, Ketchnps ana atr .,ard, - in store and for sale by J 'I'AEtt &CO, aug 16 74 Itoydras street. ENGLISH, FRENCH ANt 1'.01N1it AiAU. ';.11 Y. PROFESSOR Tli'RIHtl esisted he yentlodten oto proper qlifaliRotis n an1l t\rit' nl'ei hoea .ttoed an Academy, ie Iha hrick htIddhg hetnging to WIV. Itrand Esq.. adjoiuiag tihe troanda ,on St. Clhales street, whe:e vung, gentlnmen, well di-po ed, will re roive a lgoal edodatioo. lre. . solicits the co-openlmion of his friends and those ofeducation, to Penable ltut to corender thlid insti tution useful and permanent. anug23 NEW ORLEANS O.IM ERCIAL LIBRARY. T HIE following new w rks have been received by the Librart Society, at theilr room in the Merchllanta' Exchtange, fronting on Royal street, Lady of Lyons, by Bulwn,; 1 vol. 2 eopi s. Hulnmphrey'a Tour ttlrough Great Britatin, France and B, Ilgin.. in 183¾; to 2 vole. 2 copies. Love, by Lady C. Berry; 2 vols. 5 coples. The Two Flirts, naid lhier Tdlec; by Lady Bles. eingtonl Bulwer, and others; 2 vols. 5 copies. Rivers and the Desert. by I iss Pardoe; 2 copIes. Tbh Robber, by G P R lantes; 5 copies. TheAdtentures of Nicholas Nickleby. by Beo, 5 copies. CHAS. RITCIIIE, Librarian. . N-OTiCE ''TO l"itI':XIEN. T ilt' Corp lltI, Ithe ireP tIgs of the Com mmelecal \Vatl'r W\ork,., were to Iave been changeld on the eIst illnl., blil Io consetquence nl the of liero it chlarge of tlhe sevnreal tOtnlttatP ' nort Itnling railed for the opannertir t, lit the aple, tile cllangeo has been procrstinitell tntt ti ell, tt.y. TIre ep.tmnl.r many be tbtalOtd at the office ; tltl' stpy toe, No. till Maga ezie street. The attentil lf tile neollenetll in chare of the Engi'e and Hose Cotlmpatl , a re ripectlully ell cited. By order. ELI IOTT; rei'cl eane, 25 A.,u,,1838. T IIIs Bank insrhereking N, York a igh,. ,g1; I'. J. P aLFt ier. nug'g C('shirr. B ROGANS--40 cases Mlen's and Boys' Kip and U Russett Brogan, fbr sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, jy9 134 Magazina street. M R. SAMUEL SHAKhPEARE is lay authorized Agent dunrng my absence fro n the city. DANIEL DANA. j9.law4w. R 4 I.)DNESS. A BEAUTIFUL hend of hair in the grandr.t tona ment helnnein tthe Ihuman iramea. How sranlg Iv thile los of it ehanie thle rnntlneancee, and protna tnrely I.rines on the anppearnlre otf ld eae. which c u sPa manty to recoil at lein_ nuroverei, and sometimes even to s.hllu .leiety tl) avoidl e t lests ann sneers of their neqlail.tane;: the relnainde ir r tleir lives are crn eq ttntly s..t in retilemnent. In short, not even the lonntf lopertv fill tlhe eeneroun th;nkinag aath witlh that nenvv sinkinkg ilnlan ado l,. the Inss of hi hanir. To av-rt all theme unaltec- nt cietnntancee., Oldrilde aRnlm of Columbia slp. tile hair frotm filline eoflin the firot application, andl n few bottles resetres it again. It likewise praloues evehrown ant whliskers; lperenta tie hair from turtine gln, makes it curl bonutifully, and frees it from seurf. Numeronul certificates 'of the first reslectnhility in supptort of thile virtue of OIldridge ILalm, are slhown by Iie proprietors. ICJ Rend the following: Robert Wharton, Egq. late Mavor of Plt;ldelph has eertiier' an tue I,! nesot below, to the high charc terof lie ftnllawin.e gaennneen. IThe underigned do hereby crtif thant .elnnve used the Balm dnfn oltmbln di-ne narenl In J.Oldridge, and have fiLand it highly ,aervieenllenott nlv ti a preventive pinal the falling ofluf hair, but also a certes rnator WILl.IAM fTHATCIItER, Senior, Methodist Mliinster in St George cairce.t No 6 Noath Fifth st. JOllN P INGI.IS,321 Ach street. JOHN' I) TIItIAM.S, M D, 163 Raenst JOllN S Fi R1',I 101 Sprn(estreet. li11llH 3IcCUilDY.243outh hd st. JOHIN G;ARII), Jr, 13 Arch street. It fI known k that three of tnie ahoncE sigrne ar more than ol years u aae, and tihe others not less theaa 3u. [Frnam tile MRaver.] Cttnlnwlealthll ;fPenncvlvanin, ('iiv af 'hiladelphlia. . I, Robert Wharton, Mavlr of nei nrt Pfhilande. tlia ,do herebhv ertifv tltht I nt sell aleqllninled with ,tlears J P lnilis, Join S Furee, alndl atih Cnurdy whose names ate sinned tol tie haove certifientethnt IIhev are gentlelen o Ihnrlllater andl res elactiliit, andl sa alch full erelit ullluie given tl thle said eertlifisle. lu witanes whnreof n have lherellnto set mtv aud and cauleand th seal aofthe ciay t be:.ffied, tlis 6th day Uf Detcenller, &r. IL. .1 - RnIIIE'I' WI AITON, Maver. ORSEIIVE thant each lonttle iltl'he. Genauine llana Ina a splendid engraved ler r olpcO whn ich is repnresntee the I"lls of Ntllagnir, c ohld halrno nle and ietail by the sdla agent, fhr Ann rima, No 2 FletlIcher sieet., tn1 Maiden Lace, P e dour helow Pearl street, ond by istt druglists and perfunla r through he countre. JARVIS & ANDREWS, m9 ne lenlesle A-ende, New Orleans. THE subscriber proposen to pualih. in thae be. ginning of thlae onaing winlter, a Condennation 1f thewentay volumesa of the Old and New x eriet of Martin's .ouisaina Repokl, to be compriaed in fuea voluana, 8io., according lt the mnodel of Paters' Conadensed Replornts. This work is now in preparation by J. iurtonai Harrison, Esq. of thlis city, assisted by William F Brand, Esq. T'lIe Editor is alo permitted by a distinguiwlhed retired Judge of tle Suprenme Caart, and by one of the sitting Judges, to expect tfmn their personal aruparvision all the advantagn wmhicl may naturally be na reaped tomn thir experience. .uch a work is beconilg every day mnor non Cesanry, na thne riginal is Voluninca, el annivcae and scarce. All incranasing criorily too is nani feet, In the otller States of the Union, in reaerence to the pctllar rjetrisprudence of Louisiana; andtlae circumstance of the nllumerous principles lhere de. aided in the adjustment oa eonflictn ol' lau, makes the knowledge of our adjudged casens o' prime uti. lily to tlhjulrita of tline whole Uniol. llaoroote , the rising republic or Texas has adoltodl our codes, and thus there is anat dlndemand for tihe Louisiana decisions rOlll a frnesh quarterl. Colvenlent notes, iadicating tIhe paralhlel cases decdided in Louisiana, and occasionally thlose in the mnre authoritalivea lforUms o thle othller Statles, will be added to each cane. 'IThe work will forl four volumanes, royal octavo. and will be delivered, hound, to subscrinbers at $6 per vol.; in case it ashull hbe foualnd praeticable to compress it into three volume:s, the price to sub. ecribers will he (t7 per vol. Subscriptions received by e crC M MceKEAN, je5 cor Camp and Common sts. GENEIRAL COURSE i F COMINERCE. This course is opened every in v, from 5 to 9 o'clo k P. M., for exercising on the dilrent hlalnites ofic countlabi Iv. The Iiltrry and Commerllllrial Ilnstitute for voiung geielleen i. olned Ifrm li o'clock A. M. to,5 o clock i'. Ni. Half oardlici 4tc ltera ndiiitiitd I' A AUBERT. sp4--I1838--1 NEW OItLEAN'S CI)MINIERCIAL INS'I'I TUTE. Peace lirerl, be .ceen .lorcaa and Caacalroa , dSb'b. .Mtlrig.y. SPECIAI. Course of Book Keeping.-T-'he course of Booa . Keping opened since e uveral luotlbs, will close in a few Iais. Many good necacoutlnta,t am:ong whollml are gentle men i'high Blnlig in buiness, will be the ieereln cea utltered ti tile public I itrelauge. A new vct'illtl eilts will be opened i ll sl l ae a e ".tf, fi.iet Ilu:thie of cltatriiere ciil Ihtcvre n a ohnttnad; it will close inl Novemer inxt. Fur gentlemen iresiding in the uppri pert of Ihecitv, an evelning class, three litts I week, tlill be opeled at the corner of tr. .Loni and Exchenge Placee, af aub scliptiolIIr .e reelr cdl. NOTICE TO SUIiSCRIIIERILS (F THE GREAT.' NAlTIONAI. \11 (l K. I'HII.AItEIoPHIA, Jtlly:i0, 1338. MIESSRS. NOIRltAN, SIEEL.E & OO are Ihe Z only utlhorised agenrt in New Orleans and its vicinity, to receive monies fur"IiThe Illstry of Ill dean ' ribes of ,Nosth Amerie.a," now being publishes. and for the de liery of tie llnbers therul taa slhsari bet. Signed, F W GREENOClI N1a. 9just received and re:ly io r delivery tI slllleri ALSO--Compllete dars fro I to 9. OFFICE OF TIIE GREAT NAT'I'INAI, WORK. No. lI Hienville streut. New Orleans. [[ ubdScriptllions received l . usual. ItA.ORIAN, NTEELE, 4. CO. septll--'N"w- FRED. WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, O FFERS his serv'ecel t, tiht public i;; tie depart ments ol Strveting atnd Citll Enginrerig, bllth in town alld country. Fromll cnsidemrale experience I Ilisy roffession. ni by prl ellle antl Ciildelit il. he execution oft business enttrutlled to him. he heos to merit and ieeriv a ShIla- l Imhlle inlrulltze. lie wd' alls mraaure sliad nleculutl ite tLetoctllltli o wlis aDll (xcatvalions. Ollice No N ti'hrttesatreeet, second sltry lac. t je7 A TWO Story frame dlelling Il ose hd kitllhenA, `C., en aitulel in 'otalns strlecl, between St. Charlcs and Caroltdelrt. Applv to rep4 "OYIE &I MAY. L- PAT DE ILA I.OUII.SINE-Comt dIl Distlrict di'.Adt premier distrie. jult, intre-Itiun f'uler con-1 Ie sec ctbal ieirta-No. 16i5l49-I.a ctassioa des plrolrlb tis d1 ptnmilionlitae alent .It aCcePti'e par In toear poor tle 1,n6fice do set cr IrIciere, II ect dlcriti qua , t. nasembltc6 dedits er.utiiiers ctlie in anrll gie de rh'atin a 10 Iltertcttc malc. nen.t detilitrrrer al is etirt. dudct iitliilanair ,.tell t dlecctn Illat p ilr smlies cuntre .u lpersounIs oi ea a propriibs oulll arr. Tlbrmoinl'Hon. A. M. llrllccn, jell it Ine la cot Ci drestn e lI septelllbre 1838. ff ueple3 G W I'EWIS Di6p. Grellier. STATE .OF L)OULISIANA, FIRST JUaCIt, IllSTRteT CrOURT. I IRAM FULLER. va. His Creditlors; No. 16, 43. n1 'le cessionl of tel Petitioner's ropertly having been arecepted by thle Coulrl. for the benefit f'l his cbedi ture; in ordered tha. a neetlmg of his stid reditors cIo take piece at the oilce of William T. Noltary Pultlca, oi I hursday, tilte 4th of Ochtober next, at 10 o'tilhk, A, M.A for the purpose of ldelberating on llle aflRirs Ill said Petitioner; lnd it, the meLan tiime all jt dirlcil proeredings agintlt his persuon anid proiat, yare tlaved. Witness ithe IlIc. A. M. Hiuclca1bun, Jt'tge ofa the Codrt afutesaid, this let Feptemllber; 1838. U IV LEWIS. ceplI-3t Dep'v. Cl'k. CONlPAGNIF It'AS tR ANCE :oNrTIE LE FEU.-De la Nouvelle lOIlana. I ES artinnacires do telloe cmpan:ta son nolifies Jqle le I4e verser ent ea . du et payabii le9d'octobre prochain au bureau de la elmpagnie. 8 sept E i. I'tACY,aecrelcire. FIKlMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. T HE Stockht.hlers of this company arc herehy no tIfied, that the ficrtlh instalment on their stock i due, nnd parvnblnn tlhe ninth day tof OEtober next, a tile ofhce, of the conlllpaly. E S TRACY New Orlenns. seap. Str'v. ul ARTIN H IEVEREIUX to·irs Cfr sale, a large IE quantit of superhl sheet iron, from l to 1oc. waigtc. Also, n quanlltity of Elglish chae Iroa. received alh i  rtcl.lltit nfCelk and Patio stoves of the latest pallelns at i6., Tchopitoula s street T OiIiCCO-2Ei0 ibte mtuntlfctutedl tobeart,8s, 1, and pounad lu nps, of varlttl brands anid qo. !itie.. far .asli by acpl5 Ic 'AC BRIDGE & 'r. 1t.4 Maneain' 't 0TWHITRIDGER & Co., hae!remlova d to Ne. 76. Magazine stret. tept 14: 3d LATE PIIIILICA'IIUN$. CHESS MADE EASYYi ISng a new introdeetioi to the ruldimlrelta oftal .t. toenre and japuIla game. (ly George Walkert'eFrhero C.heea. Uncle Horace, a novel by Adre 'C H1rll t4"W of 5ketcher of Irish ChoracteriThe Baceanete r, o a' vol.. Thile Spirit of the Woods, illustraoed hby olrrred at gravig.., bv the a othlr of Ti' Morllu (f Flowelor. Fiadeu's Viejws of P'ort aid Hanrboura of grer t Ii" Flobra's Geots, or thle Treasures of ithe Parsrrae I ooroquets.drawn ann coloured frdma natr#,bh Jomrr A.drewo: ithlh p,.orl h", illubna- noro- b, Lo.uw.a au 'Tn amoley, author f T.he Romnner ofl'Ntore. A ilo:oenry of Termo used in ;ircLt )iLnomta. Ih lian, and iotlhir Archi...lolrot the eeno:,d ethion,. ea lurgtd; exert,1ifieio, ho' 0 wrood ,ure. Adddrk' IEgiooeeo'rr' Pooker 11ok. for the var .13) with o ia Aluon; bo IHenry Aldnok, ('ivil O'n't-oer. Works of L.ord 'r[on, with an ih/rdu,.tory .oeeyo rod a portrol; ,ew rdllioll, olnplie iri j2 " Bi-loop Ioiroolt', hlistorv o I lh. or,, 'I' ooe: Molm the restortinn of C(lftles 1. Ic the treat, of pears a( Urorechl, illlhe .o fn : Quero Anne. A new editieun with biobtorrilbo r.o I olrapllhicl irorpes; ru.otpetb in a-e Volume. Just received aiIdar aoie I v WA' MttWEAN, m: ear Canp aond Cor.'Uon etl. FWHrEid poubh"eer ht of ilry infirooed that the il-nd t0il0n it erlce iT IoloarOt impropoved ploI , and in an airy and lostur dlll..liir ltution, in the feuuohr ranklinl, upon the ralrould, naoC mile from die Mlissi; -olqoi. 'ihe llbildin i larce and mo.t comnmmor.lily divided into aprtlnllit, for kalpin.llg Separate dirlfltat clasetl, sill i fretent dliaenaser. The ihstontion is supplied will toe most skilful and aitPntive male and fetlSda nuode, and speatking the i rioor moloern lanfluao.l. P'rivae rotooa may be had by gentlemet at five del o r.a per day, includion, attrerdn.ce. &c. Termor in thle or, itry watde, two dollara per day. Slover ailo two dolliurs. Small Poxnr ilO te urdihanr arrds, ife Idoll ,rs. All oapitol rrgfirial operatlons exlra. 'I'r resident phriciaqo is Dr IoWreddellt,fo 0*ttnm application for admisrsion inlllr be made. ur to IDr I' A t.uzeaooIo-o No 1o Ramparo stpreet. oTlItI NEtW VORIKlS. II P lE NATU RALIST'S OW N BOOK-Cootnptiing descrip tios aInIalthenlic anloedutes of L.adrdir ra; .'ieuticullo oarroaored nacoidiltg to the oataunl a Cuvloet Io the ootlhoo of thoe "Yooro tan'a ()Own Book. THEII NA'I'URAL ItSTORY OF INRS.CTS-tla two volumes--v(io ,foritoing no. 74 of the "Foinily Li A dlieeoflthe LOW OF aVIDENCE IN CRIMINAl. CA.OU -hI ll0nr Itoerl, Isq. with notes and roifrencee to lll.leal dcision, ll I tod i the Eodolish common lawIO I andIli cclsicul riep ortrls biy George ShurswoId. o() DIal.oOslo 0" I)isoesoeS of tlta ( ta'r--lnaeld ip mr the cooloparison rf t iheir lphlyslcal and geinral ightl by WV \1 Gellnrd, 31 It PRINCIPI.ES '0' PATHOLUOGY, AND PRACTICE O" P'ousIc-- ly Johion 'llackinllt.k. l I)., from tloe irst Ln. lin, edition wii ooioootes and addirions, by 'oarnuel Geab lorton, 111 U, in 2 vol's. TH1 A.MItcllANo'LIUARTFR L.T REvIrt -NO 3.6 Oef )ecemober 18.15. Just rtcer'ed ilnd for sale by f12 Wili .'lIcKEAN.ooorner of'(aunin and Com. - AC N SI)DES-Ii L llldo broooo s>ie,lr d ,lgfrndt sO boat Ginerl Wa'.e foir a i) LAYT'l & ,Iti UN", jot 17Cootoor erotreet, I.UUR, WH ISKEY, WIRK & IE -148 bble i iiilperfin antld 15' do oint lolllr; I Ihoos eotnmo .nA 46 Ioblo recoiled b hisike'y; 7 hbls lressr aodl 15 thib plinire pook; 2 bIble Irimnr beua; the 0srgo of a flat boat fir sale low, to close, Yv LAYET & A'FELLNG, YLy 17 C.oolnlere street. AMILY HAIaS-74 bblienovora red Fmilyb .ibi of luleeriotr qualnlll, Ianding 0Lr0. r.eaulllboat Mluhnrro, fur sale by L.A E' & AMEI.UNI. jell 17 Conmmoerce street, OSNl - buarel losi, i I andino ndlil o fot bald y oo col & J j WHITNE1, Conti stree A AiNA, SG Pa fiti.-bi,00O 0 of dibirrant beau ill .tlolle:t or Rlti tbV 'LATER & 'l RItA i nolgl l 40 Poydras etret 1 N\lg ob oinlooe wouoitod hy 1 ABIIJAHI FISK, augr4 U) RA 1iV--5 ;i"lh proof A lol-ri'dll brandiy for s ale by IAAU BA:l tiF;GE & Co, oaogl 134 Magazine street, I A AN A SIiGA ItS-'Oll blrs efIgrento coffee land I ing i'roin d Tlr Liberty, Id ,lli ,111 looa in star r Sale by .SLATER I' RlIER, uglbd 40 Pouytdro n trenth I .E I11ll tatsk s l'hilahro phii Ale, Abbo'sa ttlnd J D IE'IN & A C(l4EN, jy2l tOI Comnuon strreot New Orleane and (Carreoltltan il RBad .1 'rltu e-ni' tls lil rlllllllg the cars frllr this date.) FHROM CIr. lt.ITro l FRn NEW (IRLEANS. Trie hor..s r at I o'cl'k A A Stenm ar at 7 A Al earerte ( I'' 0 do do do 9 do 1do do do do I I l or 1" o to Otoi er at 3 d steeoreer 2 Jo I' t do do S s do 4 t do do r1 do 7 do u do 6 do dt d do 9 do di. to 8 ro Iod The Jalknro street care narl l.nlerrnet. hallfirars ro'.lck, A AI. Clrli slrer at o'tclrok a AI, and run lnin hourly ot 7 tlrok. Thes cnres will emumened ru n ilf boIIl ha Iiuur. orand contiOnuoe throughout the day rllrlil t7 't'loet, P M. I'he a nrltnP :ltfor tile Ioa Coourse steot coar th •sum t al ftior Jacks, i t s ttreet. - per blig Slalar, in .)re, lot rule I~v SL.tTi'-R & TRIER, nlt3 41n Por drat street. 1 IN I:1l l tll .-- lll tgllllons t lr.l EnR lihl-lItn s 4 till,nnw hundih;| ferom IIi. 1Villiaa.,lrom hbost.s. PIlt e:lloo llforeign lrnd ntorthernll orot futllred linored oil, in ooasks and barrels, it ore, and o or sale lrw by JARVIS l o ANIJRE\'S, 9, trotr-1rh I ruggi-tr, )y7 r .thmntnon r 'll l olll, lrola stlreesn S4 )AP-.ll boxes No I .aop, brand o oI ra ru ul laudng from bri t Wtilliamr, for ole Iby ISAAC llBRIDGiE& Co, jy7 1:14 .lagaxine street. 1 at) a. ---o 1icoils bule, of supirltr J quality, for sale ,v ISAAC lRIlDGE &Co, jy7 13 MANlazitneario jll0tK-2I5t btl.lMe.r r nTlPrirae M O ubd P 0O -- l'erk, for rolet ,, Iry IA , l VRNCI & IrEENDRE, j.lti °R and 29 Ne I.evee; I AlI--3(' eases (60 boxe each) rtable pllls, fbr sati , by RIAD D &IARSTOW, jyti 7 oank Place: O l. I(--Ji15 blh, lardinhg rron seamoat Joit Mills,fur saleby U ) lltSE', j47 44 Nw 1 eN e. L.ackhtrt', Lit ot % riltto. acott, &o. iA Rt I till Taid las, of l.ucLkhanr'r Lih uf' air Walthr h tho dathorof Flirottion,The iivorled, &.s 'Ihe Workt Itf lshillngton Irving, new editionivols. lThe Amrlcan Jornal of' the lMedical Siturtes, No 43. rr Mlay, 18:1t. J ut recrr.ud . rd d fr oal, by WIM ltIKEAN, car ('tulp slid Colnnloln streetsl. Also, a fi'rther sulpl uof Alice, or the Mrr sterice; eqlual to I.iltoSt ntintravel-." jelti intlrcrt ed I'ukJr or srle by I..e\VI tLNC E O LEGENDRE, trir t aw ".r '%Levee. T IllIStI,1ttE Y -2hblst r trittild hroditgfroortegoamO ,r pVllrtdid, lr foleib w y Ii [ISEY, m4 4R Nbwl.ever. 10 -5tt casks and 5) cako lounding and otr sale hv J THAYERTLK t iyl4 14 Prtvdrast Hr1 jy 14 . Cllalonloouse street LA lI:'I' lliJ'i'Tlr;.~--,"0 hrlm-~0rrtOln sre and fr oC .. trV "rit YIllE & ItRUTLYHER, je2li rror ('Ollllnn R lr t pazlne to. 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OteuI, rod under whose erpe ial directibt the Ilmatte hboo beeln prepared. Since the appearat.ce of the sprecien uuuber of the Civil Code, published by lMenoro. K..tlohlls& weae thogbt dvioahle tb gblish the Code of Proctite inl the s urne fottl, that lhose wileo do ire it, may be enabled to I id the two Code. Itogethelr. The rrrngement,hoevet,rwill be dlfibrent. After collertiag all Ithe dertiomn oir the Lapreore Court uipon tile rule ol Iratlie w hich apply to the aoritlee con. toinred i the I orw, they have been digeated and pla ced under each p.pruprlate article, in the slhap ofat oeR; tlgetoher t.eilhbrfrIeoer t tuhe ta 1 ihat th le;der ty turrinr to anoy netile rf the ora.e ofisn tice, will aatl r.e know the derisions ulmo it. Th. work will alsn contain all the mnlendanllreao the Cede of Prarlire, at !l :.s thile hlwr ercatni ml e ielea. tite City Cortlrs of New Otleas, with a 0 sj Oab 1i h1 dax to oile hole. Tire rhrvr work will nake its appw' l nn tl:e firsl of Staeh oem, soed ILnd in 36W aC a tinl ar:op cuan'or eow lore .bn. -.1dl 010 31Lll p"er 'col'1. i ux - " urets at - au_ý+a ýIenN I ,

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