Newspaper of True American, September 27, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated September 27, 1838 Page 4
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M tatl1qppi andI Lonisiatia Hotel, DRls. MARY IMliILAND repenrtfully an. FoInces to hetr friedll nd the public gone Illy that sho is proc,ared to aceol lllOmotl thorn at nt above establbllhtielt, anl Iopes frten ler aertions to render visitorse coimflrtnhln, to rmwive a oeltilonnce of former favors. She fobls coni. dent that eorsols visiting Covington during the npilter months, caeot l fid botter acmmcolllodatiolns tlan hoe can afford tlhem, on mltort Ihloral itrrls. Her bhoaso s pl'awantly situated, and well supplied Vill ovaery convenienlce; tlhe her is filrnished with tile most choice llllrs, &e. in short, shn prolmise 'lat nothing shall it wnltling oni her part to give itire satistchttin toi all wilo lmy patronize the ,insiscippi nld L.anesiaota Hotel. i,3 [ O TIl5 PURLIC.-Tihe Ihvtteg tistudiedl under l)r. Set..i lidt (f Chrleston, -mth Carolhna, andl for aoleto years his as.sistant in thle praetien of imndicine and sartery, has fhe hlono no offer his prolresional servicens in this oily. Ho assures tl lladies and getlll.len thllt the mliot promlpt attelntion will b llitiid to the calls which may be msule; and also offers Itis servecos to the holders of'lavos, being welil acquaintel d with the dieaaos catii.tti tttl teoln, having attended them in iuse sager tlouse in Cll;trl'tlon. The famous anti.hilioua pills I ter tile eomposilion ol Professor Siiollette. iit direcltion, ill be had ofthoe underoigled. T'ile eltl;ct which they have produced in tills anl otiler citioe, has been arttelded _with the greatest ollcess. to whlich the blat of tflrenlens can beo given. Apply at No. t16l Mago. iLe atreat. JNO. M'LORING. f OlZ- -i) ii-- oir o iis , C-4g IRONS, &c. r 'nH HOWELL WiK111(S COMPANY, No. t 2L 8 Wter, near Bleknliao street, New York, iave received the past season, and tre col.stantly reeaoling large and exteosivo additions to the stock of the above goods, wltclth now consilsts of the ollowing naslortntaei, itable for the asouthlern and weIsern I a lirkets. lotllnt waro of superior quality, eonsisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 2 dihberect scire, fronm 2:9 to 50 gal!ons, Kettles, 15 sizes, froml 3:8 to 30 gallone, Melles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallhti.l, hnkopcans or Ovens, 7 i.ffrernt sizes, Tie Kettles, 6 do ikilllot, - . d, Plat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Ortddies, . 4 do FIire, . l do Wagon boxes from 1 1 4 to 4 3.4 inclles. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20.110)1 gross, iron nnd brasc, from .. ineh, No. 3 L. 3.9 iellh, No, 21 of a superior anlity anld fiish, and less than Jaloi's imported Sad Irons, aesortid, in casks of about 500 lbs for retoiling. Tailor's and haiIort' Irons, nasorted. l;ushwcigtlra, 100 tuns, a.tolted from 1 4.4 to l01be. Balls for PhIntations, steamnboats, clihurches, &e. made to order, Also steamboats and othiler machinery mae to older. The albove noaortmenot of goods is particularly reeommend- d to the atlentlon of Southern and Woestern merchanls, and are offered ftr sale at low .rices, slid upotn thle iristt heral terns ; it is be. liverd to be tile hlrgrit mid best astnrtlnent ever oqiered for sale bly nya one estliabllsinent in the United States. Moerhants, by lorwarditng a request by mail, can have a printed circul or, with descriptioni of goods, pricesand terms, lfrom whiclth no devLatio is ever made, fnrnished by return of mail. Allorders will receive ito.eldiiite attention. Now York, 1 38. j,3 ElFM s s'lUTlP \. 1'Y sL li8.l-ndcrwood's Li. J titen e.u tailld I'c.kless, essiteiI sItex; nleso, h0 t.xest I.e oiet . ilaskebll t. ikli.-; tr i.lii i. lute a asotigmllichtl, by JA IIVIS S "7t1),1 , 1 c1lr COnlIIum III I nand TtI hlli/hnllptn i OAi P t- h.II Ihell hxe A,I. i 8,,el,, brnlid oi ,JLtllieIi OI:onld, for albi by ISAAC ite tiiltttl t CI). nmll 1i4 3.1 azine street. Ol ' l ,I'IT. BNsmu dwelline lohse on Triron strut, he twenea Tfeli tircle and t uttoltttlti r rt. 4iV lIttEII":I.IAbt\Vt, At--95 ilrclb rruws, £. 1:11tll1,LIN& C(OOP.R, i DA d. i t, I LT & CO. a ti N \' Steti n i:' IIII, ' hl:nrtra st. .e , hdo 'f! slo 1. I' Pro t, h I;If, ; ,,r ,4 t4,.i e . * '..1LNK 1tU Ni', of er vrvii.rta if rilini red l.idlnritrg, i.IIlnnlyr ini h.~ii!: rrl rhJrir,l, tirn lin and Bindi.g neatlh exec-utdf ,t 1lo0t noi,.e, Ill. mail NY Siationers' I lnll, :1 Chu,-. ,. e Iurdint , Ir. i a, ii tISAAC IiiDGii & I . . .2 . - 4l1E l..lMa ine .,1e.t. A NIE.'V two 9tmr. britk l, llOsitatltnled 5 doors S rt ll tlr .he I>:con n .allnlniCinlality lite.mSt 'hIltres stert. [int very low, possession given uitedintrlv I. n ir Alrt tii ri , i _ tr1, ,f, F I.LIUl--JIII bbIl. s I Flour. lor alr Iby I 1)in IiIiiSiE, f a ii New r . 59)C C ifjiS A.L(CIN oiiCai fir snmlelbe - m{i) (, IliliRStI , 41 .Nw leven . 151 coils .Ii)Ir I.. hcling from Arnlii".n uri imifCl tyi LI }1.1.i'T &, A3litU.\i, ml9 17 Collnlerc' 1, Il9 form l e, GI H II'I" e l WlilL: lilke and .lq sale by ,i¥.11: 11i'.lE o Po-VIIR- rWn !I h" le s, 'rl eiv+ V4 ,I RIlS 7, 1A iI( T six m o n th . it2 I h nd ti' e m is rl .t e i t gl o t rin w.ei ,r nli., n fr ,nr hii I I have plie'd Io see id"e ,lor+Gn r el l, uno t ,hd n,,,ot lell r IInIc. ll e .n now on ite 1thllre date I pit any1 Il fnder Itoll, rie of Doctmo Ui t, and I exl . rt rio tl li el Imtllo . Sinl thait time t' dlie Io giot ore', so an to break ut in Ila,_e tleer to ithe ninhellr 1 ix ior ei tl oi n fl it l ., li d till oi ve ,my knee, and core thro:t, :ud not able Io work at ht ieet ti ollilll acill olllll f e; l.r'i e Cer the rilghlt lli of the thro1t.. I an no : p lltiuc ll s .oifi ullh tnderth" ollihr .ile ' ' L " 1ht, I' I',1 li+s, lto be perlutly cII)e JIC.A IDEAN. le;. t 1 ly IT " ORl'TIYtTl1'tht i anie m "I+ i tiitd isRea j ih well unrl-d to nmyi own i atii:etion, lo whirb I ink Litir. Huti; aind moreover I ore thalit thi me di tine I have tnken imk Imne int, i ol did iunt inurt , u, titi uIt in ;ll P t i fi re I ii , nti f Ilte ow i tti ti le''st u klli.e llo lelle utW a ppil ti o l A. lhu I, 1., Iln, i el. . ley y III findal I tr lllort t t et r thin ro lipt )i l. Jt IItI ll iIHm AN, ,Ill i I Vir it rect if any one wintuii iin "er at NA. 10 Gra New Orhl e. F "i 1, ' . ",h I f 1 1. cat,. i..r (ie ull, ilih: l t lu.ilii, tilu iiiIiillt t llmll. 1'ýIIIE (ie Ilm" lua iait is nrudo eitrn ri ti i C anC ia . lanls enih, containinir thn o trnglliih t ofi I hlnn i.teeri ofl ivn lwurii L si nI et iim I ,, hi'toil.iyIllr i ly mier rot.lin terba ko 'an nniir' ithei i'inllinUe Ltmm dh t IIm'e II in I puhluoury compllt. ''ioh u ,itailhed eucee.. which Ihs l lattended the use of t lhs ile nilli. oliip 1 1 M11P I. Il et l h astie s tiean _un t relpectlla phyicia s, tfor rh o e of oil.l, oild., pain in m er.'., wat if iret, spittiing tor bl , liver eanplllr i ii, in e . To lu hm it i ov en ern. This isni o n i:ei'c, thlt wie have in onr pem'ine.u frequently presnribed i lire Garn mer'e lrdium iIsinlmn of Liverwort I IHiiarhoinld, witnl a decided good ii P et: wu eau Iu -r.hibre,'efroi thed kinow. detie of thioennt:iriia it is madeI filro, and tie.rerva'l oait ni i ptuiiiun afn nth ilun i (it ulijiri iire artion or all mhltsllptitou of" the tllllfl r r which it i. rle ,--'adied. AI idIL I' WJ1.I.I nM,, Ni. -. CAi,V1'it teLtir5 l. 1). tMeinbe.s of the Boton Medical Assoeiatinn.. Boston, Olutrohler 25. arnliby JA.IVIS & ANl)lRll'Ws, I Ii il i ',o'1+ I trll il,-IC' ,lll - ale reecnmnlended by tie Medicial Faculiv. ).CTLE'S 'S fervescent MX ,nesinn Aperient--For .ril dyAapnepi or indligeetion, nirvnusli delhlit' , riddli ui,heihmdnach.,acidity iof the iiineili, baitual ecs twenetscultne,, udieaseyseout erarel,&c.and much valued as a gentlei, coolingi phui uriv. Tchis deniraie preparation hlow rmtnvleed the natren ege of mnilln elineiil inli ert oi Iei tnl prolicsionn, andl fnm a diaenrening puldictimany respectablle and neisli. cited tes tionials a fits etlliaiclan ni Imedicine have been elicited. Will all tihe plernitie qualities of a lolea.of snla wa er, it paeasses the active iledieitintl properties of t hoa msnt ippr 'ed salinoui purgatives; it is pleasant ti ihe llite, .nid ral ul t nea to uletnnuuih. IMPOTi'TAN7T CAUTIONi-Thie iirei.hine rpiliute tion and great dieinid fi r hiutlem'a Ltferivelcnrn ,il igne clam Aperient, has beiren an idutaemenut for otie al to of ibran imitation of this valnehle niid cile. lirihaserise ren parin.c laealv wrned of this eint thnt they may be ou their guard, utd nlot pi be re llltt n It Jll )ure arilsIU. Tije ilbil in ri itlr ne rnetn itn i n,e tnl I uhbscri lito are canintartly supplied l i i the origrtmI andl ge ailel prepnraatiu.n.. For sale whio tale aim d lkl ed. SICKLLS (I. '., nli 41 Cannl itreeti, N O. --JA Ii'.9 V,'rptnl~e Hliir I Iii, hr file rnlarntuian YY aaldrowl Haiuir, giveing heanltihnd hrnti and ! reeittiiilt hinldm.. Ilellre this Hair Oil was ofaereI to ihe irlilie, it hied n-en triedinlihundr.dmcfrasenltfilnrs.e ihinuetni.andl llinig uaofhe ti ire unit+ aeiverr inetari'e, ins n.iltlirr fle.its hare hben ei tlised. It tiliner feild Itd in ,lue a tlew and beautiiful growth of hnii n herd"e Ilready baid. In emases whr'e i beioes di antd r.nes to ironw Ihis Oil will very son ' render i heiiahy, and produco r.-nideqd'haautlitl gratth af hair, withoati the least iniury t the hand. Thit Oil gi.e n, rceeni l n frn. geneee mit .ti.queurable to n nt inre ii ir iii 'it ,r per "niling, l irntusrild ghluanieg the hair. TIi Lie uet bhes' di e..r ,er i' For sale at. . , a t . J ,n,,. ::l ; . "& i;';., "xiiF. PIONSr IANTT its CO, ar now receivin Iron Sn boaerd ahip Orleans. Eagle, Highlander, t'oker lelr, Andrew, Freneh and Germnn play cards BacRk Iiammot Blordls; Chessmen, 2 1-4 and 2 3-8 inch Bil arl Balls; 8, , Il0 and 12 ilth lblade Bowie Knives; Leather scl otcer travelling Itrersinj Ccases; Belht Perke, Herornaec m, a d I)icllil Pistolla; doule adl einle barrelled Gun; 'Gane Bags; Shot Belts; Powder and Pistol Flasks; Dram Bottles and Drinking Cups; Perc',rpon Caps and Cap Holder.; Cloth, Hair, Tollh; nand Nail l'rnelr. Orrs and Clhlorine Totlh Wosh T'nth PowlAer, Toilet and Shaving Snare, in re'at va rimt,; Iong Hair Braide, ltingletq nnd Frizettel ; Perl ,od TPoilet Powder Emery Bags; Ivory Tuh Cnshion s: i"area llnlen ar GartnerSa Gam Eleatie Saospnadero PI'wdler Pull and Hoxes; Gilt Chains, Seals a d Keys; :ear-drops; Waist Buckles: Bracelets; Bead Neckln-es anil Clhaius; Gilt end Sirvretl Bends: Indin, Heals, Iells and Pinntes; Shell Twist; Side and Dressing I'conhls; which,ihn addition to their former stock on hand, maker their assortnent very complete, an will lie sold ow edl oni liberal tehnsn, nit the ailal of tIe GoldeIlr Comb. i25-tf 70 Chrlrtres pstret. llllir Mul.lcreiler , Agenrs fr the; exienoive louaeof EW & Si. Blateher, Sheffield. Eneland, have junlt Pcuivod c vary extens ve set o ii• rit, clnsiin.T of Tnlle antl Dessert Knives ia .. -"" dec"riptio, I'en, Pocelet, lir, andl Spear point .lllvean se tlazor, Sria sere. , lee Tonls,&e. &c. &e. wiclh thel y re prep;red no elaili to the trade eorrl, rs. Trrns and condaelioas will Ie made knownot tle titllene. el6 J. It. BI.IN & A COl-lhN90 Comm on at. g IIMONS. HARTT & CO.-Are now recri.-Ag ipet shcip cllnttville, Eagler Mocer Anokts w, H1-ll mndclr, French ciand (erma dmloaile lHcad ple ying c ds: Gler, helt antol leket pistols; ilain, rihled an spllit en.lioal onpe eel icelders; soiass-c, i teits,e T,!e. reac Gillott'n enonlmrcial alld other ito el eenl; Vio as; Violin strings; shell, ivory and hol'll monh;vafes;i k, head and o .l ier pur.,q; t hair letaid, foinct ayll ank rinclets; negro Iunffs; GeCa rmaln :nd Frllenh colnelle water. Rowlorla maleasllere oil. imitelion do; ,nlticlne aild hearsaoil; iortindle desk, anti drces:lng cae e a: Iaet bleckhllll; ellin eail toiletgl asles; coenve orrolst orl el glothres ael odirn; I andnn bKoedl, helld a lumeec; enrledem; whiht. wine; toilet nad skvinge soalps; toilet owder, o'lna'tie waih hallse , enlcd snati cuthllao; pool steelds; screw rnihioce.; fancy ilad c: ins sli eeeklaces; billaiad Ilill.; Ioioket I;oks anoi walletts; German loanes; razor saeall, f1ile acedl commen gin elnstic su.lendlers, acrteras ldo Bells lucifir mlatches; sil ter leneils; Crev.nti, &e. &c. The abnve in aclitintl to our fiomer stock of faney mrticlea, nmakeselor assel.tment Velr at ihlelcle. or rail wholeale or Inctil; as Tla sign ofalIe GoldCen Ciml, Tel, Clanrtl,-. te hut. mrS. NOTICE---T i pareerhi p ofl Keller , Illaron &Cin S of New Ol'lean i MNeill, ic l rrei &Cil., lf Nth( leoz; ol IHarria, Kelly &Ceo., of Rednee, weit dissolved oi he 2lst of Miav Ins, by the deltli cf Sinel A )Iasoen, llie of the allrinrs el tile fir w Ii 'rh, undlersigned. rnrv v in" Ipartner-, will lie P q '_. witlthtm - shelinFt nnf els r lan idluinhl s rushes idlolwln LeviC Ilarri r will rle:lld to the stTlline olf te hieeiosce af Ale , Harreli&. Co.,. at Natcherl ; and II rrin, I(.- l tr .&oC.,at R ldnev; laild Henry Ket llev will leattends, he csttlingp iofthe lausinese ofi elo, hl il &et C., lit New Orlreene. T''lc neames of thea veral ficns will ,e aledl in liqirdaotio nrnlmh. 'IThe ilideibtend to erid firm tare rernoitlv rr qetledr il aeone forward r ndat make early settleoent t; nnlld TsiICe havirng claims will ilaner present them wilhout delay. LEVI C HIARIRIS, HENIRY KELILY. New Orleann, Jlne 21, 1837. Il'AN lhRllg FARINA'S COlOGNE WIkTER s. coaea intre of this elpertor ColognIe water, jllnt ereeivhed nnl for sale ev the eoren or sinele bottle. AlIo American ned French Toilert p ,wdero, aowder ptlT arl Ixcnos shalntiEg endl toilet FIeIee, oineTiei c unl balls, rillk ei rotrs, rosmotie cold i-ruicn, cxtre c i eeask, klphala, WVnlrd's vergetablel hair ill, linaaectit , ir're lid perer, Flaridla. Iavedllr, rse and nye wlters, a IPreati's sallts,Mlarseilles lerlinaryv in trcuks vc e e l-e blela itdliquidraei, Cehlorine al I'Orrie toth washl cloth, linir',tootl. udntlid fleshlesh eclirues.; tog ....' nn addlitinnl sopplv of falhionle iorn sclll onnmb.cand jwelr,l'or male low at whIoleRle or retail Icy SIMMONS, FIAR"I'T u :), jul!y 6 7l (t;llirtr. ptre t. ScoivinI frolm on bcntrd ships Y'aooie, ol iniretlroe andlrig C(ncordlia, front New cork i ereelt variety of gotods in their line, whclleh tcedlher whh their foriot hock on htnol,ti nke, their aocscr- i aC t very,;o , plete. lhe followiig composeo a part, viz: t ell twist, ,,,r',-';le, tack And dIresingecgnkol l horn'iio ofill denlseitilltlee In in riblber, nilk andi worted elneti : earlers, ,"lelnln L fine rlatie aesupenders, lnco teo eiind Ilciifesr ilniiTailato, Seidlitz powlders, powder pnffs and llc xes, t(ileCt powder, tocket Iookn and o allets, needle books, sheIll, pearl, ivory mand iorelocco card caers, head ornaeuloents, ill c rall beeles, necklanes all negligecs, liead challii,lleail erklhlcres, cut class anti plalin,eedl,silver cid eilt hc:enl, Indian belds, bells and plumes; pistol stnd lal.e pow leei fli.rkl,sot bIells, hnrce, thah. l u 'ket an l" lig .itilsl; dlnulel nd lsintle barrrllredl tlne, Blowie khivei, unoe dirke. tieiies, lnirers,piloheT knives, i ,cird chainIeic, aild rilbheans, wi.Ti bucklce, cloth, lhair, toolh, eil,olll, r lnllh. lclte, plate, fleror endl destingl Irlshe, ololne, Floridal laivderi rose andoc yll, waterioe rteol esecces, d extracts, iaccassoere, hbear, allliqie, and lLard's ve gletalle hlir oIils, shlvinlct rnnt c l t IIcaps of alll lh' ooipcioittl, eldieo-' endl getlenioenns' desks and dresoioc eases, hair rieglets,ti-iz*,tT-s anod Il,, planl, fiacy a ll( lllairl ~work'bnxe, plahin and gih fli~nrrlIi, ccIct ancl ves.s hn[ttm., el.arl and ivory shi't doI shilrt Studlds, enl an tilver lleail cpalei, tootictks wlin tweezerscoi lnLtl tnld gilt lhcket,, inialeeure ii, silver, Irccs cil steel ,ihinhlle, hooks an1d Pvec, hair ein,, nhitctiul f rlit .lilk I n ll I cietikarkl-icng, cviil d ili i lit r I ilv riblbd ni lllill )erl iltimi eall .. linen twiln , ae rallIIed o i ci. ilena, eoiilltl -d ,er nce :ldIo fe., Pr, niTtr paper, lIent lineiue wepi walking -cai-,plnucegc-ardlc, lice gob!1, pllt d sut gith jBwellry &c. " " fhem above, Itreetlier with n grea 'Tvnrlims ofeOlher arli lIe are tlibrld at'r wholeslIe or r alil onleincolnteiooti-i Ni She.l co . repcirel. S il:S E ANDNI tEiiiT:.l T ,1' v v RIETY SHTORSbO .-at the sign of fhe golden comb. 1 0o7 Chartres stere.t. The.nh-,eribers have i'. reived, in addition to theirprevimols t-rek on hand, a I'lll opd i:nplelt ootIrtmePllt of articles in tlheir linl; viz: c ,ombs, perfumery, Jewellrv, brulshe, locking glasstes lfnyv rti'les, &c. cusisting in prt it, ftllows: (:t)tl B t--torroise shell, wrought and plain tuk;,twvist, quilled hnek, long round, dressing, idll paut( eurl and neck, Ilrazilian combs of everv deisriltilon aongst whi:ch arCe nine Mexicnt patters, Ivorv combs of every (dascription, hlrtn, tdressin anld po.ckt, toether witha g-nrwnl assortmo etofFlornia n trd A tiCa PI'IlRFUItIER-Cologue, I.rllr, Florio, honey, IhIv, rosC, and e"ngaie floWer walks'rn of every .sizeCanl de,. ri'l ol, callllphorated Cologrne, extru:t'of t Bergmlllol anllo:y ,oll i Lindl , i Lshaving do i 0 sn Iaksn as creamn soup !o, Wlanl's vegetable hair oil, bears n au liquedn. Prettom's smelling salts, plain anI perfnled toilet powder, narl powder, pjawlr plitffs altd boxes pIo rnllltm lli lpot roll,ornls and chlorine touth wash mlld powdew , with a general ssortmlntl of JEW\'ELLILY-some ofthe latestt nul Ilmoot ftlshtiona hie setts, consisting of while and red cosnLlitou, ropr ."t let eardrops, net ill filaree, brIeast pir of a gre e .one-. I t if p -ttrrnn, watohI trilnllli t1 gil alld oilv," alc khs 'ilvhcr thiiblcsl , siler and rotl pt veils itt rrilr chains HRJE|S--Cloth, hair, dust. ic,cruauh,hearth,floor, tit, toesh, toth, llale, colllb, Nail, shaving, shoe and w lhte ash Ihl us .s, LOOKING G(iASSES--GermLan statia and toilet tvlaant, lllrliftillugt d'ollttlt dressing glhonao,I homeI doJ, with a v:'rili.' ofotih, r kilnl. not eoouorerated. IFANCY AND VAltIIl'TY Al'i'l('llTES-Freonch and American prtable deks and dressing r'sls, some sing enplr., will, umnt without mIasic, £musihll boxes, Ac utse.. J tll llssilon ecti:, IpI'(I.iii o lcup c ll:'rgers, IaIpple ot.lgW ot'ivero hot bobslIle ha"" paste harking, toy Iru llt, ondiooiaunlat of everyl killl, Illls sad doinr s ll d conllllll knives, rllzors and o istoos, t ,IIllt s, ooctlrr , pullns, silver plnetdl, steel alll([ lolllllltlon peeIrti e:ln, powket bankI ano d walleto ol roll ri lloLsd,, visitiln otardstnd card caset , playing pards ofl Irench, Germa and ierilat manufturllll e, d llls, iitation fruit, sm boxes, pFiInt of varios kinds, So ndolrs' Polr, . ', Etmoeotn's, lllmao't o ol Iaolowkin'o rtzor straOits al nletllcn lontolirks, rfimly heod othncI, di wt, lo tl I dro stoy watches, barltttts pwdr Lot,is i, e d tho,.rand garters, phai und swdn es (lllain l aInon:aLlllwll ronards, rlo , tlttical .iOltitt jtwshnrl ), In:llicO alllc es and drinking cups, wt itll a Ct vtlLriety It oler art c: e, all of whih, will ho sold for athll or city ii(.etll a es on 1o2 molaths credit. B IdI tI t ot: , . d4 t70 toarlrtrol. i UOLE:AR'S ,cieot- of Ptent*uh hia rehteivedt nl l for sale Ilt tlleir plroalllel \ ittli a , No. 8 Clatrrs stlrteet, New I)rrlleti, iL'J iri:dva( v New Yorkt ItAtlotiioe at., M1obile. It is paortiutarly o deillen d lilt liv learters, itln st.}Ois, untl iS clcllatlld fllr prcnslk o u ll ted,;. Ltites tald gellettlnell tln iuvited to calltnd IeDXlllit the rstell lrir tlle-nstlt r s. leso. s o.eIr iveR n at suich hn e PIlllli ri· si . llsll cottniioe of noll, and ttx.eso, mniotneot, y t pot o N I I n city. I..lies wlio refer it can receive lessons at their owl ref silences. t'enrt, pst¢,t.t g for one.,t arse of po taoreo d aircd o attend utt tiltey write t well as tile, Wlih. til Dot .JE:1IL & litt)'1"l1 . R. DEAFNESS. SNFEW artitrle fhrperaol troubled with dealhes., . c (ealled tht Ear Trump.etl) has jutr bee t rettvl, bi. le tus uof wthit, tl talighltt arr ioo ltitt ll Ut tthe u aIn voice is dittluctlv cotve.orld to tile *ar. A~". att, wllo h8s ever bee el;li.ed t. tcoverse itl a verv eltl rtrtIt, mut lie filly senoille of tihe dliflh Iot I ll t - Itrrostatlll erxperlenred both by thentaleves stll II., ii. dividuala so unlorttllatlt ntlitictei. yII t , use of tll, Ear 't'rumpet. titia objretiot ts tittireo I tvitatet. Th+ llttlt scp)tical hlave malway a, atlt ttlir doublts alto ilaving used tll t'rumlpet. For atlr at Iltaoty atorrrottrar or iCotaaaa and St 'artellrostreett llar .hf i t.ltl'ltgo lintel . hl 1. `PIERM 011.--1500 aliot Ipurrt winter d 1. Slorl Oil, ill aohks oill Ihbls foIr ale tby J.1lt(lti & ANfIIhOEWo, Wlhtolearle Drtgg sts, oortor C2 1ttIott olI td 'Ilt.lnp t. street". mnlr I: 411 h0kes, IL o Enlliah do--"5 1-4 bbl,. 11t0 , 100 Paitnt lrushet, various sizes; I cae Vrtrtilli,.w 5 htls Cotoal Vaotlh; 2 Jo tltlt 20 packs GI(tld Leaf; •50 do Silver dI ; 101) do I)Dutch Hetl. W'INDIOWV GIL,ASS, America. Ernglil ultl ' orewlh IOU" luIxes, vanollns ize ,ol d qunlitiev,. Rntflsll .rown do.--o4) boxes, toilllillrItt{o niitl be Alo, a reneral .lstotllntt of arti*ts' c.tlllra; lnd No 4,t; ( al,'ll .rrt. N I. Alnhaaa notre tahlion t pt r, tad 31issinripri ,rtesa"ill tbe i'eeIeiv+.d I1i III per n:lt ot discnt fir o., i-. or ill pavt IInt o, ,dtt, l<. i-i I I t "+mee, "1" (f tittt'( Y. tti4 i ,U' Macon. MR. WILI.IAMS, OCULIST, NOW AT THE JEFFERSON HOUSE, JEFFERSON STREET, I.AUISVILl.E. To the dlt'tor of the Louis.ille Jddrerslier: IR-It aplpears by the obsrrvations of the Editors iof fie Nashville 'Iresltyterinn, Itnion tal Trans crlpt, es well as tie edittrs 'of the Mempnhis Enqirer, that the "Old Gentrleman" is nutong the Doctors. This is prnvtd by his king-ly rage, knowso that his time is Ibt short, and that the indlpendent AAnoeriean peolo are lbile to jnode for theseyese wemt atre pufs nsd impositions. The wo'"t!ty editors who are Doetors, the proprietors, editors or sub-editors of the shove named inurna , e all every lettr.r from pelsons I have resloredI to sight ia tho abloc places, polls. 1. r The i ct is, t't I iiiver hat d ut:aI great scehvs wthin to lillit.d a petiod as ten . rs' twelet slt. One who woas need Iseoit tell eers, who had only seen the light Irnoo hit Inith, tents to see to fitllow his ma.-ter to mi lotel, instead of Ieing obliged to he led by Stint. Two yotne ladies, e hl hhad each ,st the sight of one eve, one thr ten vrars, nnd the other for learly two years, havingt boith ol them the other eve very eaik; ast eath isf t'ott tsns ldies biatn n tost see with both eyes, which henefiti I tledse s'vsselfotill eontinues, ex t-tptins tites 're srnner thie inflnence or Ilotiatiitn of the Mdltlia I)al ctorst. A sither is the dasnghter of a respectable merchant, whose nalne I am onlld never to mention, as ie paid me nly fbe),' who said she had lost the riiht of one eve from thie age of 1I months, but that shie now begins to red large letters with tile othller ee completely shut. This the doctor l editors, ni t'I goeletioi' n told met lislflsoha hn l con duc'ed i islda tl ter to thtstct of a.. , o.. ..t.t . thht ti-ysoIss;tsthe infrensled of th factr. The lnst I Shall tein inn s at elderily rentleman hv thle name of Ysunt, norly severinty yenar of aie, wla declalredll ub liclv by lettrrr, whisl"ii to . t to oell the different offices in N.tasiville but one, -lnd himself told me lhe had paid for the insertion whtirever they deandedrl, who declar ed in that letter thate hea otally deprived of the sieht .r o one w from fi ka after his hirth, which his mothersltated t nocesioned by tile meease e nr nsmall pox; that les v o eo clsld not onlto see the light of the sen, fier thie firt time that he recollects, but the staLrs liso, n l was hteginning to distinguish mnanoor o! e ; anad dil, hieffte lthat e;tv, give mn ny irof thtt Is eoulid sea to nwalk ahont'tile streets witllh t other eve, coalnhItelv closed. He said he had been at metmber li the Mehlss'dist It iscopal Chonrch ftr netrlv fsorrty ,sr'. alisi thlt his worl wit never doubt ed th';'Ith the 'lholec e'lTCse Ofrhie li:ts. '. r epear thtio i. had never greater success than at Nashrille, arid gt T.: le indictal and clerical doctors hctc nevriherfosie ctlotn reascon to Ie eoraoedl. The pisotiatdinatlfioi¢ i'a e Iets , clericnl )tr Silit proven , wsen lie state; to tirs th. t nleut six years past, he was crnverted from Scing a iprfect inlfidrl, to believe in ilte lheotrin s tf thes ititsie, tlist lie Itllct IiloVe nllle a trifling error-that he lmust have mlaLnt t to say, ilt t before tihe and of six veoar to coll e si1 hould be onrlverled from his infdelity, ain the spirt of the true minister of the peacetfl emtid bruittg dotItsries of the Christian religion doels l:ot lreatlhe ltt dedtl ltiotnmn, rae iltnllumy and fdsilmi d tot It ntie bi medicat l fsiiedsI, agoisst tle man w iho h" k l."wl had donle sol mu:ch lnl)d, lnd no in. jnre to ul. one. All the inhabittnits of Nashville spokea of Ihe, er'tt -Iae, s, I bitd, r,-cpt tint Itsedslt dlletors. tilhe cure lperformelll'd Il his totally blind cye. sI hav ofst the ittrers guin od in the Nertl, since mn or, teal in thre SoothIwcet. TI'fi proves, hntveverI ( ha, atsd that I kep t th'ssm nutil I arrived in this section. I I aiCed fno inetele n I ltll I tight t have Rtined nntho nr in tiie Snlut liad s+llthwest ,ltll s I still hetse ton wear theru IIas sllr very ntlutllfill lrow ontlh day I leave, in apistt of the rte.l.ertiol f tile greait DrS.,if I onsy jundge finn tile ains I ave alreody benefittid in this city ithin three sdivs. d. tlhe object of tie present is to inform the medi Sl Goliall alnd editor: o" thli i epsullican anln Traos cri t. as wel ais the. clerica Ir Slither listh C. Pr eds-n oeditor a sid s te. medical editor if thie Mim'lis Enquinre :s t ell es a ir I rtnti el, tile es itor of tile I, alsville Jonrlnol, sld el tite a sthe ediisal (;Ulian editils of tsis city, the reat l)r l S., that I Ihatllll rin actiOns against theln ,tl, ie;r vltlersaion, shll or re nalumnl, lircoedia ately tsecr Ity arrivl is Neinw n'hk,ns well as agaitnst their amiable hr hrcn the ediicenl Golialts ofthe norlth. l uty hied mse, tllllo IIIIt i Ifisnvero suit ts en(eit sl land to liwhe:t, ahil have h tought whoune )f a[l loty mtedica u lirhs etof tohe ulunty' well ats ite so uth andthut we~tlIn thote grindnte! The ullieimedm there fIore, lan15y t lher ll s nt I to i llindn s ila durillg tlh e ' ols of next re;r, in S'tew tlork, ilhre letters, plst laid, ano no itIetfrs, ,." lie h sure to relach tine. 5. To itlear i ttihe i sishat tie pufl, so calledl, whicll the iesy. c'lrically 'tscsveried ilfidel prtendI was writte~n leer him, ue t wrelt ttc more tits a week prior, ana isonled fir tile IlHv. I. Hrowell, who read it n Sn o itis ", silhltt n slctli he sostn tinv diseprobatiosn; ot ae c),l ..... toks it ts hI.isn'.. .tinsd tondtlense'e it in shie nwseye diiI, whiisi ie sid h ou I w nI a t' Iliotr'ly l iur iose bstler ' he debiel'ed 'ith l boii tht,fle, dlut', ole I nsev'er oiild presunale io oi-r thnt g elaletlls or ltine t.ethtr, anr mnsssney for stating ferts. The Reo )at'or'to wn .ltntclln t i is biflre lte Ipnlsic: hissd heI not nxina+. alr a olly dsii tIsi'e, &c. &e. ilh its o I gs'ttlost ll nln ialimautle friead of his, as well ats lhe wiole of ay lissi sslt - s, ill s')iIs iI 'si', eilhs w h iIt slio e sr ('Il'rg ntts f n fsls il h 'them all I Is " it 1 hPs lllit, and all sst" tlslta e t tsI Ise slii re 5 t r ]e s . I se tliuhtle ll t Il'vir El dl l have be1ta: l indutced bt iteotal stran'er tt tl'acw stp snt.h ans a'sirls as i. '.Iait s ' hi lfufl.]f r lililsiiss ts l iissI a Itildrcoed-el it t i Mr 'lrElisse tllid, e it(ou" of ,lit,. (' AIdvon ate. Ii. Nits Wnhht rth't io crsiehted ntstlistal Si lioshs of Nnsoilsdl t'i ok os th i , ' InIot;s l t efilre used tthe ir e forls' It stis still hll'l s tsit' ail-' spowerfnsl sthlh.tiv' phl s ic,~l na l inte'llecltmat l -,re" or file said t,-he-cr(,)nvvr'cd h 'sri tl s illidel. i\\s' ild in lith IIihle tiI t h. l,,. is hiss ntscs t'llo'Rine'rs'e, ithts--lss+s. 7.11 110 vident·' IIII ly wnti lee inlid hs orl h l,; ir 'toi o i lo ty El0 to i tht t he ..:in bll(ve tloilC hrHiedl lrs se,, who,,l r the .'inl o f thbity Pieee. of silvhr w -fil apply tohm .s '++'It ts it wa,. Hell al + , e l o i to' lll lh+ v+,n.. r ,, illlII .l l ho II th( (Lt tilt' iltIto' (:tlortilto o f hlit l1 violtoe ' IIm ' b t IthltAt y h in fliPt t tt I 'Ihr' olltt II s '0 0 0 il lt.ol '. l " l ns r lllol+ , thot it wai;'i iii% 1r i n- It .L'tdl'd. s Io b. ibEt, l rIo`tBo(l ll it to n idEr in 1 thel 1 ] I Pr ibth r l n.. I 11P (1 otilrl1" ll'( i '.I )etr uttt I"'l~ltd +9,liD+ l~v)ill ' ti l'! I l'(Jh~)III I ~Tnllllllr (i ( l(St'] Ifull+I .!itlth'l'.~ l 1lr(' W{'lII" h rlle+ l ]'ep ,t d t ll'e i 'el .lqf llot , t o, hi z o l rel hi r fe, instt d ofl' $ 0' , wnitit, in toll prohnhilitv, he" wonhi hav+'e ...hulaly lret-ce iv s hi( s fee, tonl toot' ,ot1 loioo'(h tohe. ottotroto', if [lo Ii heno onl ooloiooo<ftl'f;rlioioteorote I'.Iot'h,houh it',etoitaiyloohue dooe it in a wy to have ino tod hi. ' e etance. Ii. tolidt t ot'l, . I tott. o t o)r aOt liy foonttdt tor tnt l'Ii ofo l' lth' ]oi t'ihe' l le ot'lf te l*'io 11' hl E wo l i lo 'lrt l· HoIlL.·.'+ mrtu ('{.+iln, tlll(I 1R+ SI.(llellnl? iilv i ffi~tilltm +it DIr l kl·(+Cit)lllm- · '.(It~l ) i P I l~lllllntr) nlllwl'v +lllS ll l P+,'r. tIt t',roll' i lo io() el ot ll't ll" i~ i itlt ,hin ' ' fo t o no .i. l fl d l ' Ite',l relly I to' verte'd, tNeowottii not u ib lil, hv spotk'l o ploitnst tl e Amnneriou ins titttiolo, which, it i weli h towoi, ore tttort'e ttumerous, en d whioh 1re uperio·r t) im V ill some pt ll oots l pf ourp e lli 'otlut tooto Ieel otisst ottt som outoooolitorarychor T he. Il iev. to 'o totlom n thou tth o t aotc honlut is wOth uty ex1+ 1i)se( n l lllle is 'n u illted), nlthl ouz,-h lhe mialy t iltlk l tl ' lot I t ri'olht to llllot the tttre hlln l llo titutiloltIt , et'Eiul hl, ( im a c n(:,I(per'it tlitl. I to o il' ho t lltot- oe oIl oolu t ot, stiol o olltI'othEoii t ges he itogoo nol'ibl oti. ' l It trll tih tlll htt nllo i ttit n Giu. lU i0 n ell vero I oth or t 0lot. t y ou 'tll tlt'tllteel tIf NoolhO ilh', rnoeolleot wtel le c t oofl t this pliou' expounder Iof the Ioly )PI u). er sawll , sel k h ,' molleliin iu huuvlln sht ipe ats t rill il tv. ol), 0t r w lts lll titll I ttal i11 tto reosoh itht hi], whEt le lrnn Otte o y grey Itirs with tto iifttd i oota'lit t oir , its if tlle wuul h tve fto illt.t tP l't( t me tth ,.xr,)ulid, 11lr( .t \]ainll Iit(·l dr~ 1.··( lieI(IusI milsurlu IIid, I o i l tt l tlll llt l tti ti ot oettlemato . h ad t lio rllol d ill his or a slaIllpe! '11. ottol oihl ' t dt l o'i E ohef lre i toton tnnot ' fit id tI.ll otoill t 'll tto' ohot ] oete r tin t Ohe Ottole notrt e eof .4. \etrs )'tlip - il clist, inl (GreIt Britehn, ,'altn le l .irll o t i t int h iOtto ee - fi rt m )s t hih ionh lbrltll tO he 1pan I oc lupied rnd --he I whi I t o< n , it I.l theiltl llld th t I0 w lt'' tlotwo l l.ole nelind too rtoo ull lhr tllhana d anIyio y 't i to t oo ' ullitielnt pro oft tnto o I otno :I sr . l h pis r woi orIr r t w ree w reek h -l'l oti t t' - tllol t h I t Ill l olltter . nll o nt f i rn ICli* l fllromtl t;,ih : I. (++lt, in lljlil Prou thP+P l rth e 101 ' 00ll00.. 0~i· o. . i'I ll, rh , lioe oll'ttoItllt to' theu wit h t t ntt'ol tt I ot ll Ot t ll 1 toeoIn r i olntl l gatto nItE - _ii t - te Js Iar lE uI h ,ill. 1 h n erI .tl' glll t -r I i o le tootolon tnooolo n'otho0 loot he,_.,,.+rlll~kli Fil)l i will1111. 11tlt, h 'i l.-..t Thl u Ii imidRl per, tol nllt o Ii nlt o0 r,0e.r0 0i0 ,t e n l. l Iji tla w . sw i n Jlt tllht hi ti llhl to, hIowt'm noulsto loOe i oit. n ottootlhlo i t JO 1 v'.oy. Co, ht" l lfo t o 0 0 tl '. .t o o t1t t T C oe I I O ti .lL ie, 0,0.. t R to .. i..t' t I t t oll ',t h tan rcll t 0f t thoe ,t fool di•' !..< l,+r (l,~t :~l lh .,.lh \V t I,+. tore l ' it N 'l thi'.lo at o 0l01 0ll' Oto( ltootl,('mI t 'I Itth ttO omtI t rllll oltu h toli I ttron I 010E hi ('lti0-l0 III, IolllUio l il Itoo otoot wttO, 11[t I o I I u i Nothlootll] o 'it:w .tys lotoget' thtotto Ion ll tt it l oot tn .hi- th urstrJiP C I ito'r. 1o irtoit it'l O:--I . Io t 'oTn totqu etoTEo Ito lt'. 'l\'iliint hIo t t i 't ' m moto' olh y to a oi tt lo|in o1t , ,tlt ot hoo iko l frih ta eo t, bootro thoooto.tthootl'ooottoiooo l'otoousMtclonnt.tto ootI4'lehtt o To'.oftioo tot hti o Kio go f the Fn'oeo, tH WtV l t]iottohtol, titot rt'-;o'ot too [It'. Wil ittreo, tetooofo'it thot toot'llll . t'.i o ,'' t I l)tttott 'to t~o' lll i t oh o tOh~ ie l otot't Ttti'0ttt I. o'r .,. too ' holO 0 oltootorotot Omlt 'rtotlio i Sttloe tooI +loo'il blo th l'o'hotootio tt , ti~tinoo hto nootlottoll t='+,in I~l'it ot 'l,'o ' I i uo tlitItetlltt' -i~too~ loti~m ilh too th ott'd oo'lott o 'otototintt.h too nottt't t o fr utigl, t too I . . I Otto1'1 IIol'' ltoot.' tOO )Ovtlo ttoi toootto ith eon . iiti Er h f *1i, hil il Il lii.iUt 'i y * y Ihtyn'. u. o 3' . , lI, Nooitoli illo, otto,' 2011 10' C lOWEL, ] t o " .ll'e wrill. th 0000000E toot' of Dr. 'loiltihooo' ,tototot hottootllh i O~ lott'otltti..ltltshohlotlnootto v on ,t ,~ .I)t h .+'ht 10f 0 tboe o o!tto f 00r v. tv O te~tr' 10,0 toot.. It ool tlt Iit'o' th ooton,. ofI~i rotho o~hott'oo e ltoutrlp. I hototl'lo i hotillho' ol, oo'othm,tn u.livedotl Oo ttyooto n11I]D lit II C. II. 'rltto l+tto.. ' too lt''ttoooo l toio lo1oII&t . ,- - '!Ilooottii:n.. tol )to e too 'totno Pooto og i stg 0llll;,i10'' linlt too''11 lot 00000 f.otorto toot ¢' lo tto ot@ I''t'l oto 1 "oot l'li, to ' loIll o tootoUUlot Iifotoototi onl lohnet r tool h, i~sr., h o O.itt totttt) n' 1 1t,'~toetf lt~ liltl [i, i,,::-t) OPill. ,A Ottl 0ii 0K r tl ' oado'o tootl. ) hotottot . ' 'tolt 'oii tto- , t00't,'l oooo ji~ tooooo'oli l t ototfit tl 00r01 i1" F[.t.ON, ZO -'i',:..t' ~ i~ ll} l. . t:ld ' 'I'Hlt INDIAN'S PANACEA. j.OR Lthenureofrheumctssm5strf or kinghevil,glO , a R ciatica or hip gott, incipitmt cancera, salt rheum, r s:philitic and mercurmia diseases, particularly ulcers and painfulaffl'ections of the bones, uleraeted threatnei nos- J trils,ulers of eerey desraption, fever soreas, and internal l absesses, fiatulas, piles, scald head, scurvy, biles, chro-. niE sore eye, eryDnelis,blothes, and every voriey 'en taeeous afection, ehronie Catarbh, heati ache proceeed ing from any acrid humor, poin in the stomach anto dys pepsia proueding fromnarintion , afeoetioesof the Iser,, chroni inflammation oftho kidleys, and generl dIebili ty cauned hy storpidattion of the sesselsefthe skin. It is singularly efcions in rlenovating those eonstittntions whioch have been broken down by injudicinus trnatment,t juvenile irregulsarities. In generl terms, it is recom mended In all those diseases which arise from impurities ofthe blood, or initiation of the llumorn, of whatever name or kindl. Some of the above eomplaintsmay replire some ti- i Singas;stant applications, wllichtheeirenmstanees of the case will dieta.e; but for a general remeldy or Purifiector , toremovetheenase, the INDIAN'S PANACEA willi generally be found sufficient. TO THE PUINAC. How true it is, that molern Physicians, in their am bition to excel in their Irofession;explore thie vast fiehls of science by the aid ofc'henistry, and seek ont new re medial agents; in short, to arrive at perfection in the pracmtice by means of art alone,-sntirely overlook andl negleot, as beneath ther nottee, the rich anil hosnteouso stores ofmedicine, whichl the A lsh.i'r tth ...c. t to s.t'sne "'-.-st5e e#.h i. ...ry eiime! Andbhowvmunh more true ilsithat whilethe Americean Phlysieilun looks to foreign countries for many of his most common tud necesnry articles, perpetually changing as they are at the dictates offoahion orfolly, ha is mureenundes in his own country withan endlessprofusion of medical plants, sffeioent to answerany inldiceation in diseanse or to cure any enrabl dinsorder;i and yet he is ignorant of their vir rues, anl they are sufferelto ,wasttheirhealing on the desert sli.' Thie etfeets of vegetable medlicines upon the system are temporary-those of minerals lasting. The foneor em er thbeir eteets anld pans off--the latter, merery in par tliolr, aut ehemnically upon the solids, decomposing the ihones and snlermining thie cnastitution by i slow alnd sre diestruction. Tle congeoinillit, efficieney ald SAFETY of vegeta ile remedies ever mineral, mow be estimated by colltraslt ing the ancient practice with tle modern; or, to bring it mnore immediately uniler or own ohserovation, th- Iuti an preactice with that of the whites. Who, in America, namnotnn ownorheard of repeated instances wheeein some decrepid, unlpretendingfemaleltdian, by means of her simple reomedies alone. s afnifected tie most :.qpid and astonishing cures, anfter the lMateila Medicn of thie •ommon practice. directed in the most skilful manner, has foiled t? And who has not been sraprisd ait tihe com parativne e anm i theility with wvhicl the Indlian Frees him self iiom any disease, mlnd at the almost tota abstinenee ofehronic disease among thlem? Who has reve heard cl an Ilnian with a constitution brokeno andi ruined by il treatment? Aad can a dolbtexist that this hanpy ex emptio of the atvage from mnost of thie ills which tihe flesh ofrman in heirto, is chieflv owingt morve geniv and sabIrledlves whlich hie emlonys? t'lhis astonislh ing difference ivn sucess, is a Fair exemldification of the iinilvse snvveviority of tihe simnple andi safe mboans oF eru whirtl (ol I las cresrcd fvr thie benefit of his ct il n, over those which the ,oide and the art of man have in vented. From a long residence anmong a portion of the avorigin al inhabitantsof thi-contlry, antdan intimate ncvqvnin taote with the octhlds of cnre of some of their rmost s tccessful practitioners, the proprieoir ot 'l'he Ilelian's Panace,'cequired a knowltedge of sntme of the most powerfuland favoriteremedies. From theese heselected such as were mosteflieocions d nt opprop1riutes, and after various experiments to test their prinlciples ani otrengtl, ie has combined them in the fivrm here presented, as tihe most perf et atnd beneficial tor the purpose tfr which it is recommendel. The ioprveitor oiersthis prI'eparvtinl to the Ilic, with the consciousness that he is aieinvg wittintheiir sea, a remedtly eapable ofrelieving many of his afflicted htl low beings, who anrv sulfcring uldr the various chronic aln obstinate omplaints to which t is aplvienble. 'To etch it will prove of inaedcoulable vale, as the means, anodt in man coaes, the only meansofrtlieingtheirsuf fierings andl restorig thenm onte more to healtll avl Ip pitess. T'lhisislotottHi redi as a eommonol remedy, tivt may per chtane be el ully goold with mrey othirns now in use, lbtas one nluieh is cltabloe of sa iltg lilt itn sut y extremecaseswliel all Ihetnlluso lelreo eiensltl. 'I'itsit hins done repeatedly; and this is the rl'utattion it has olh tained wherever it has been intrnlduced. It is only nibnt three vearr since this prepareton was presented to the public: bot in Ithat short elace of toime, Iuome hulrel of tvtvers nli t e tou i, llr W j solemnly iellre that thtn " behavelidnelt thattlto oih, l s i saved by it, allt ill tstton.sesafterl ttlhey had ttied nyo) and itvelhapis all tie nvt vnvnotn remedies in Vahh Wlir ever it is kllnown it is'navllty omIUgU into us1 , al I hils afol thstlemotst sultalntlatl and lcoltillillg Ilrof oft it eruits. The vahle ,f the I'afcea i Inos conspicuonnill tlose long svuiivg an H vohhiv oiie ttvlioi o Crillut i lioClivns owhi t toli oe tfled all ohiler rvt.,iesvlivt, anl ivrototlal vv n ttlocIseuloln s wito e nmeTiictl'v hI IleetL sto lavii .v , iu as to eo distIess'n invtivtotivltvl ti vvstv i v t vnh. ntvn, itvt rial uloetosv den, tivo nt vov t he vios'ive ort .vol 'llese it toticluoholetov Io'evs,, :u. iool vvll a i, lllll Sly as.ldl icales ihe discuses aond 015 e.i ts flitlll l'i llll I i'r t l· veleslhUe co llnstitlii llon, a I ll lth IIIh~l lll e! : 11si I w Itrll, h Inr hll,,e llvlu~:i not in o rt vllult e v l i! II I t1,py etlloetls arn c not lev s autt ,a "ll gi iog. lt loot,,: dit't.' j'lake.n iv ornet,. doses, lvh'l'd it ' Ptiv:: n v v . ' ond ht'lt:ives, an ' lv i-vlo l' allk ic nlvl vlnll l elivlt;to r el expres d, ia . i lll. I l .. .. .,.la,; ..... tionsgitic v'vi 's'tosvv oiv't'lntvvvl :lvv*vvv t lho ,''ovo 1 11thv llll, oov chvIvl.ol ibe glivtltS n i a vvon rt ic' r no tt l Ivr' v Ivo i tho'o 'itvvvi phles ihsoen t.ilns inltv he. I. let h igeutlio e Ii.n h ls cln k ilt' v litt ly nsll, tll hli I onittl, .lo t disI ''lilv lvot h' ' ol o Sl. o olr-i. . ol, n l , l le i o. lld wllhs wonllilrfl suiccts asl a S)lllhlP anol Ii Flll lPll rill, rhill tl \ho hulilctii lcom!`i. d'the'chest aovod vvlhntse 'ostoittuiontto resv'etv oiv'ot tigov'. S'volh ItI' sons will do wcl to use t v or ttoree hOvvvsvin smit l do t. oWtntet a oliv't d,'iok is cnsi, ied h'c'ii'v this Ptoict'i, taken itb a ', iv all htsoo i will unsi i :il tt lpUlrposes, hi nmlch less titte, at loons xpleost Iiiin io lIer mlore offecable lilannler tlnu dwl commoln~l dliel trhk. The vlihiwing c''tienteot's, ot of nlundrelds soioilai, which might beeivnoured, are givct ni show tht entiet tl ithe Italan's t nnavern, ito thvarions enmlhihtne,.in ilentioteedoanou alsottoexhibti in the ino t sottistnitvoo minner i~nl~tas hy or tlhe syrlln in uol Ist. CASE.S 010 ltIttiKUlA'fiS\I. CnlAlLESOr'n, NOv. 13, Iltti. Dl ur inlgCPthe Bllstiwlllter aIlepl n srilg,[wns aflpticlted wIt a very severe illdisttlesilt siirh.mnalism, oceaed , ex IosI"re ill hadl weatherl. "III nwlakiegl~ril I~elllsll-e i~l eistjiairei. Iilesail t ll'etin llt'. I iitl'eIgt'oCot IU pterift heaolth l I onlidititly re'ommaend it to all 'airthiely etflictedl. JOIIHN FEIGUStON, King st. CItnIILsosToI, .lnlalcL 27, 9132. I was s'iaed ablaout three years since, ith atdisitressI;IIg lrhelllnntismi, culeii'l bIy t:akingnsevere colt , hillle till . thehinlitueniee mercl' , t'attn i whic h Ihas liihsaled ri fIom business nlerlylv ever since. During tilS eriod have heen a iati 'tiin t'e Marine ie. s tt'it aile u a s o o t ior mIo t les, rt ild tnerly nh iE ilehqtli h si time inl the llaltinmoreHosfitel, n tried ilnoltl ever rentedv, with little bienci. Oli the ICl of nebruhea aInst, at'that time scarcely ahle to move :tbot uloll crlltch es, I eoniittetse'l tiue if Inthiatn's Itallici. Iti oii maatlth ' floullla maysaeltnitihely iv'eidl li ain llt :ido Inow haillpy to statsl thi ictltisilil 'ltyselo lfieri'etly nall. \V'I. 'i'UCEI(K,t13lar'kat st. CASES OF SCltOI,'ULOUS ULCEtIS NEs' Yot, Seipt. tilt 18tl. eThis mny cnalily in the fill of 18'5, I was sei ze will a stlligini tioy neck l theet , in which itl. l.wi lileeatlled lell becanea' la'ge gnlastly tulcers is msy itecl. Aftilrt'rvilig sven'ale h lihySihlns e o te aen tatiieie, I elac ii liiladellphian , land lileed acl saelf illlleie the care , I)rs. Pihysac anld allenCl, hel,: ftcer releatel stalivatioti to no clfetia, I Was l iterly itlletiio lle. Aliel. wardls I took twenty 'lttlesof Sw.ini''s Panace anld eight lottles f l'lPotter's Cathliconi, awitlii ntaterii: ll ileletl l)esailrinog osflitc, wlhic had loa W beconh me a hi.ho:i me, I'etnurnled to Is" 'Ireitts il New YorkeI in IoS9y. ai gvenimiselrli to a linge'ring denatl. Hiitint of tihs gileat succcass ofr The Indi:la'll ; ace , e oweveri, i can similar to i tnll t, I was perslladed tlo tt' it, as n last Iv sort. To lIy Ilelt sille ' e isi as well as ig tisihieetioone lllnlll fool my, lf ralpidy recovering, Slnd upon takink seven iIittlesthe ulelershealed alndl I leraltne .perfetl) well in tile course Sftwo months, aaI havel remnaileltl so narel sitei. I sakethlli stntcteeln a',I wshiia ahliih,.,I tre tlti hietietit ettli e tiit) iihre sistlrring iiill.itti' Y T s nal'lllouso t 'v1ihilitie elt'rasiiasi th .- I" t sol Liiiir e halif ellnnellanee whIs h ao- tilftl'l'ee s'lt'" tlhi"ni hlot Idat , a. i eo co isnide ns is life slrletl Il tthe bhoe v. MVM. IIIN'lhX' CnAo l.on'l'n..t lyy Ii 1=31. I was nllieted, forle ye' with as Iulcilir ile lu t g, lie ea:ionaliv acp olpllniel t wilh C:'asiteiilaite. ilil:ttiiilim uld excessive Daill in the leg :ulll [ .ilclu joint. Sev 'trill enlllenllst ,hnsicialls exeled tleilrskilld uplo it, b at .ill otll persleinithelefit. Itllisels e fielhotlle Idilan's I.'aacei a snole R liaerfeat urae. MARIGAIETr' A WE'I, Il2 Mllearktet ZFor saleby ItllNItY IIONNABEL, drliggiat, asen Int' tlhl prop'ietorl, 'Itchrllitisnlas strset 1i NEW (OlLEANS & NASHVILLE KAtIL toAla COMPANtl . TIlE astoeliklders if thls eoillplllpaly ire herl no itifiled thlllt by i resolaution of Ihe boird of Tii'erli tian pasePd oil tte 19th iat t. ithecull made on the on the 13tlh FEbqruiare last, ftr the ~ayinenl of fire dolliars a Iltr ais iteti ind'adl imnsi tile maid slockhholdrs arei flirt ier notifiel that WHIIREAS, bh a resolutioo of tllis llnllbr pasl edl Ihe 19th inst. a null has tlesl ,ialie. on the tocklhioliler s of the New InOrleaIonI oad Niashnitlll ail lit l (i'olllllV lor thle following ptymiIents oi Ithe tlhe stock h,',I rt..l.r; tlw~ly hygtlul~ml'l've--twli Itoiiar* Irer shallre, rtIldeII~ On lhe fisTt d ay of Dtlhtitigrernla t; two tnti larr d le r sllr paya'ble oil t le 6rlrst~ die l" Deenll~rilX llr Illr tw11 i~ tin,llaripvr ttilart l-ln Ilt tin tie el ie , I:iv t rhu:ti illloxt Xaiw vllrl; lnI11e it i'eso~lvod, tlh t ile secrtnllirl f ithis f minal y shall t otittetict th share hhl.ers there, tIllruh lhlpullic pr l Jo'i the iirlteethat in holi;nlit. wlithl tile sixt set, IetIII te charteI', theii are I r I tI If stl e olin litty ni:irll tl cnllted in ti l tle r tock oflilid cllpallnaV for the tenat if sotV dIavs I'nr)l and aflter tlhi slit on tshieti it is iiiide yle. wylt h Ihe ex atss cti n dlii~llll however~·l. ~lll[ ii' I1,11 r1·?'lbllrtv Ilaill wh~illin) Iltr said plrneillitionIIof ixoly d lis'ireloin id atin r iL diii on whlichl it sho~uht have b~een paid, tlhat Ihenl lhe stotk onl hicieh sai.I pay-mlelits ahouhld iiatl been~l iads, is mlH rrla it : t orthitall to the Il ntiii YI , the I .harter lt th: pilitt eing illliteratlive. II ruiillriiuitilv e h rl ore I siii caill,allaalck of tihe stnockhohlers in said comptany, Itn tliiiih 'api's~ lii lis tl stiar 1 iiaoteeiitcl II 1 1its LU.( I h ink tioerI imiitiitita nihesiliioai ntaii pt.ll h slc' . ll,,wns them,ar notifieth i et ll'tpal tent ofi twt II llns etutfeinlr hir cli fr, de ois thell rt fee i, al lilar Ih .nl ,neouhr h tclini c Ih u'tdt I di siaeiiclitite .lean 'inhtens a thh hut' sr ue li.t of si r Rh n it' . i; x el t. , sIl v l l lst ' i~Oi iiutonn'Conheeatlllia ioVtieyenoqer I,"t:iii.ii' ttio i f~ilmr-hl cl o1' . lar(illleltP (Iay Ille p'~~.SlO, w,;lt al ifAtiril iet. La Ioesotat1ea t1itaitee 'it jane li . A It iti'..sC Il, Sr,-l. - " L, Jtli ;I\ it l AI~ls C. S ArT . 0 OGISIANA-Parish Court ir the 1 I' ariSh and City f NewA Oleans. TlIE STATEtI OF LOUISIANA, To all whom l theoe Presents shall comte, Greetincg:--Wheres, r Jome- Hnaee hvineg pturnhnsed ot annle mnde ley tie Fheritrtf tiKe porish of Otleen.e the propecrt ereilrncteer docrihed,:tao nepdiect to the clerk of tlts d eourt, in wihose oice the ded of anle wn recorded on v the Iddov of April, A. D. 1838, fir n motiticin or adver- 1 isement in econolbrmity to an net of theLegislnture of the g tole of Loeitinnn, encitled*An net for the frlbter assu rcner ofttles to ictrc eI aterjudicietoales;"' approved the 10th dv ofi MI nreh 1834. NOW, tlherelfrc, know ve, and all persons interested hereinre heicy citecd al;d tdmoonished in the name of he Stale of Incisinona, and of the Parish Court, who ca set up any righlt,litle or claim in and to !te erepree ircretilofter descrihed, in crnoetttene ofany ntao.,olit' i tie .rder decee or oudgeet of tl court inelr whcbh the sale wan mleee or any irregularity or ilieality in the aplpaisemenets nd advertisements, iu isle. or enanner of sale, or for any other e'efect whetso ver; to show cause. within tlirtv davs from the day this nonition is first inserted in the iubdlie papers, why the ea so mcde should not be confirmed and homenu loqotd. sdp enaq nolci hv tte Shueriff of the par ich aefor.csnitedil tle 4tht etcy ef Apri, A. AD.0 i8:S, bh virtue of a decree of this Court, rendered ou tile 51th dny cfFebhsry, A. I). 1838, in a suit entitled Aleaonder Codweoll vs. Jteoro Haonse, No 10,36i0 of the deehke of theis COerte at wheicrl a e tie snid Joae llhmecace tl.. }llrlna-~cc ter tim pliee ot twenty ulo. tt.,.ul o doliarc. DIescription of I'roperty ns given in the Jedieial Con rdn ye vllne, viz: A oertaie 1It of rruned situteld in the suburb An. nueciction alias lancorse of this cityin square No 5, cnd lot having Frnch measure, 60 feet front on' Tehou pi teetona street,' fet frornr en Oroagers etreet, end tt feet on olo.toode det Mateh street, in scho unmanner thtnstid lOt I)rcceotacoI in til Ifeet wido from one ride of tile quccre te the othelr, togelther with a dwelling house frcntceg on el'c oupitoulces street, the kitchen and le pendeneies, also the distillery eslahlisleents ereected eherccct ancd other icoitditegs otel icepreevneents, the mneehinry, utcccnio, impleceronts onid fctures brheenoing to said dctillerc, ii dc'iendccciots and eptprclenancer, nle thie rights, lcetlconsanti crivileges therct, beclongicg or ic ony ooe'i c ptootertiin . tClric' Ofre, New Orionns, lMav 7. 1838. mol I,4tj t J. OL.IlIE, Deptcu Clerk. EhTATI DE LA LUUlbll:ANE-Cour Ie Parost pour Ia pani9se et ilh.le 1t In Nruvelle Orleans. I 'ETAT )E LA LOUISI ANE.-A touseoun que Sces pi'rs cnts cocerneet, Saint: Attedell qul J:lmes t anse antacvhet A urole vente fnite ar le Sherif ela roisse t]'ttheIttlleoshcpreeecprit- oi-cee1co in eerite, c'rst edeJ-eesl to Grottlo:e eete tGour ono lo tirecent-e fee errcgeistre Ir OIele joul te Mtlc dl e d ':onnee 1838, pour ne ecic clonformemeue t c cu ac el do e la I,6gislature ie l' Ftt toe Ia Loeisince, itlitui-t " Aete peor cnfirmer les tilres ies acqucrcurs nux ventes judieiaiees ;" pipeueouvee L It0 Mars 1o34. Qu'il sitconnu, et toutes pesonnens'atseesollnt lap ces |'rosentes soeninn'es nul en de P Fetat cie o I.nLouisine ct tie nla Coatr e Paroisse, qui oucrraiecnt avoir droit i la proprilee ci-olprs dcrite, erll ccqlence d'e n t itaut de ferme anns I'lrdhe, le deIlret ou le jugcment de dla cor, en vert-l sinuel 1:1 vetle a bte ftite, ou ite toete irebtnlarite ou illtgclici- i:cmc l'estimatian,l'avis oi ule temps et le modet doe in: \vet ou tour uctaoeeocruoeqllelConope; de faire v ooil, dlls trectlh ocuc.s i delter cIt Itlcblieetion eie eiete ai, ilotlorquoli Iacectr insi 'liit nescerait pIs coofirlei.e et Iolol cologub, I.e y"'clc'ii'ci fcit vecoiecd icr le nheritlcdit le qua ntoii.,lno [~llr dl'lvr·i de I'tclllcc 1838, ecl nreurllct'llU dciret d ecrie ccur le 5 de t6vrier de I'cence 1838 Soir I'al cr i do'.\leodcr Coltteld-eli, cecentre Janees iloene, No tO 1cy7 dct etoclet do eerte Coer, ci laelh.eti venta le it.Ilno Eltlnnse s'est rendu cltcqctreur pour ceirix de i Ott,1I0 tlceterictlc eo ilh Prolricti, d'c't'cis letraosfee J ccieureo Snvoi" rI ,elin ]e.c Io tlerre o itl all fonnhoarg de l'Allnon riati cl aliat Ilceccurse, cte c lit ville, daui s I'ilet No 5, le irlo l tiec Icre o n''ollt [mes re ir tiois e, soixlnlle ic~)ccli tc nete a lI ce Tclcheccitocias, ·teois cenCt Iledsi cit ct . l rc es a re .rr et coismte ieds 'e fi.e e ]a etoecdcede la rue itll arctho de sorte que le ( ir ot die le rr; u silixnante Ipieds de larglei r d'nll haul d' Iill ;i I'aui tre. ,nse blle i a i so I" b nl{t f A In cc 'lhce ,ictehns ice h cuisiet e sot di penan'es.ciui i qc c e n c i f t ilce ric i ccrc c uiitc i ie cite le citod l t et i u tr 's c i - III (t aInl bll mtll ruions; ]e... ele t lites, usens ll iles, instal ation*, k,.. app +rteunnt 'i la tite distillhriP, ses dlopM nre<,nll"pportrnanllnllrc*st l eII* uits, ettioe s el privilgcs . i cPt i t icr11e'tl Itcr,,cc td grollier, Noccccii Ortht c, 7 leii 18ii. nI lVl i3 .I tl) I IF fiico 6(;ete i eo~tn! 'oll't of lIhy)'sicRans, JLoulton. - r III. 'i..+inl ceccclc'cc i IIciegeei Uetioere S.leci-. i,,t I cvtl Ctll'gc. ci" S rercce.o s, Iiceentiale I e Aluctce can? 's(, (.limany, AI llolshw of Il <,h ColU't Stocie~ty Sureon tII the It(L.:i Unlhion lPI nsioni Asoctjiol," Iancasker cceeoec, Wcccirlco eHIcicucc celcdcioetual oupi, of Guy' tee I c. Tlecct Iceco. I cocscc;cs, Ao1 c ccc. Thi v:4hluabe medticie +t',|eL resnul of twoel¥ Tenl.s' tlic l'r '~e X ce'iTcc Iillccc llel. ] cc dcss in tt Peihex uslve :IIl lialll hl I r l'CS].'"h++ t' Ip1';lcti tar I)[` tll:t lU'O ) l .i ,. v, I a tl-l iilliI I'}. +ip t:t~lllt' :,1tll IIIHJ~litl\ II~I< iS IIOII illr dll·L)I ,+. 1 cccllt e1cicc'ci ,cc'c ccccc'I' ic culite, cil th .reenest n o .+,'.][,t: t)% i " :i lI'h'l+'t'r (l i* (lil(*lll¢ll (i t" Is Ihope , nll li i tict occne cccmseqene pice cc cc i n icc esee i S i': el : II, c11; ', c c:. ' i II i cl t11 eI ce. ch c I chl 'i lli' m.i d wt tl r,. htet (w itlout It lnl. T e alreh, sltfm~ c1cc,1 ' c1 'i ccc ,cc t cc, ll' clclllllc'c :II I cc ll·Ct', i rHl . cca b ansl c, w ic ci ccc iato s e 11+3 l w11 i" 1,):h II 0:IHi1 11 .1 I, Al i s Ic ic e tlc l (ICi 'llr l , c I i, i" ,d+ i :,mlil,:ti:h+,l, + ,, i l. , M . 1).IH c ccit, l ice , t .11 D( IJ. Aso ic* , sci . c cciccct i .e ,, ai c r c', cI. I, IGll t! l'i c-cglt , otic il heic-ite t 1( ' mp t I tl s c i i uccc dc I'' I I cc iicc thc c I ,el hiJ J 't i l.h ill .c 1' lrs. ".:h ri P!sm lae,, N .Yrk.,',Ib oe i ,l n I ni Atgentil· |1 11,"? j c Lctc c ic ic .c cc it s e.O " ! cl,+,[,,l-l {L'. 1++1%·· li ,:,I ::. I t' ( 'lr ' %J :Itll O iC 1 .rI; \:IJI ' trII ; u, [,1:1:+1%, i, .: ., hiuhI,,., ?ll'. + i,,,\ I':ll·, 1·,,,.+i~~ ;be m lII (1,I% l' r . tlltT It'l .ll 'l , llr tll . I 11 hf)sl . e.'hi~ll~ l il.iil Ij<rH ii hi r -.\ 1 nlo ky ·, i Ii, ccell i el l . o t ieh, |cy ittll r . ieir. I'ci, c c' t ".ecc c ' ;ccccl'c [cc, cc ""'fi cc c i i , h fi ,.. ;1,~ . illt. i~IIHII(II ·l , .ilS • %i i'; {. ei it. by. fl wllll " .e) S w i' n )rto i i., i'. I an iccc t e hI t I1'es111, C.\ t shl e Sil tuak e I t . loe u islax l uir l l i i i,,lllli llli llh X ihtllc c cc i1t I. cci i ellloccc HIi i ccc I . hceo ,Ii c'cccc ', to $ eccccrc Pneeicc-V ek ,lee Iict Iii i-i, tN tlilIcl.cthe Llitlec ,t~~t'l N~ 0cdotiI ' A c-ccI,, , ,1'a t icc tc Uecci.tnu tec rqo' 'ice' l 00cc &~~l .i cccccl, itocet-,t c. Nolutll C ulc , SIlY I lI"! 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Also a general assortnl n olll I e's stnult war ll I, t hro'g s and shot's, Ig thelr' wiith 10,titN) pair gro I at qt:idlit', rlst.d brogansli, nailed in t Iilo s, made exll'pr .aly f'or iplatatioln use; a gaudt us SInolll l "ll I en' f lileC mt ll shut kip rl ss:t lll":lan l, : Sw ar.icl], all :a :'ge quantity of as inferior duality ri sst tal41 wax blrogans. I a lies' linlle call, a:ll, tllirocco nl ! g ail w lts, nal pali'n, so s.ltset ih o a lihe i hI 11a\lrocenl ald kid run :', ill]l slil- s; dio rillll shloe,( wilth Ianl witholln heel.;) bI e:lf; 'ulA t ol o billllll.' Illtll"lr i ; dO Pfl'ntll1 shoe, )1 fall kinuls and lities; do Insrtirll i gasll ; olll 'Stlller 'ntt rate r t t1isaes'h ,sgsprig Shoesan ut '"gs. 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AN I)rIRVItl, rl lllri i It. n ei r t lli aaS lI ' tinBh alljilieti; n ainl _at, il a' th'"a trhin t ilt a l rea med1 y ol talihiig pil pr r r s i' mp-ii fle , , inoel h t, l a- ni e ti unp .Clhe a,, ntar e l lrit ' l e m er lllle ll hlife r llllellli illll' th leei 'al tl'lll r ' t, a ti I a l ththI e u l h lm, arel rid' Iil. re .h ailtllh s Ilutlsli ri. maL d IIke-ly to slfUl'cr thin roo Whel'h aplied ilileti ou d iraetino given on tihtll , It h al it ril It'l't, an Iiat i ed iate. n ll ll ll enllllllt rc!ilf, It lals I lri'.Ih . I n d nt, tC o dnfI tiv' tI'th, Iuii h, rd reli l r Cllta f o iilhn s an te 't frlitu l ,il me sa lmti'"K-Ng l t iktth tit, as te aplia alrvioaii r .mdlll are si a re, lll te c, arcllnll t r itie relinisn ; icell h,. lmti auntlll ll alltrd oproainion . Ily thn lltlllor of u at'le 1 a Tur, & at f'atd trhiaet, tm I'tvol. Jtt''tlllll tltt ll tir nlraalltt o 8rill1,Pd such dehallllfU andal utar enl'act from the ue of I he heram are o pred Ilel h l (lll t tIe)i" pIu llic gzlo l lheir eltimolll to it.: Un ri 'dlle, itlliteF . It ia ra n Iti'r re'ea i obine sh; u Ihurl i II, II Ilast i p t l Ivil, b he reauthor led of t''. a :i.i tl I th ltl a tihe lof Sviatb Stllre rv tat nl Ti, I chilpe eoIta. N l inol I, Ia I ri, ll 5 --.cll s .icnns aI' bie n pr r :Is 1 ,a Mn andirr. W uith cr inrelerielies renllinipenCl teas frng.llilull ld pl lioinl. 1ny tile au thor of i r lll i rvl |. ( hiral r of o the I louse of C ommonin h n i.h y ar tl u1 lto lt loe ll 183 e.111d111g1 ',,i t ,eiv,, ta d for uale hv \'" eMI K .iN, t. / "+T'h,, alhrh, rn," &n. hit Y vols. l'ipolor "q.Ii',l t., or amnil y Aditel; teO i l tihe .m'h hila s ai the )ali t f l'lT ,sic. Surgery and the :,.ttr i,,. ., arti#l y . Il-'rTS.lN.l, . li';!: t &. 'tI. JUSTI PtTO)LIOIIEltFRfI OTEREO'TtPF PLATES, Ttie Fith Edijiocof ROWLETT'S TAItLES OF IN'TfFtEST: e n whilch is new ae acean sAverage Timoe Calelta - tor, or snea methods for findig the nver'ge time o. stooere, oaote'of hancd or bilts of goods, when pma' hasad at dierenat dtea ton lifferrot credits, andl fr I vatnriols awmcntoc Icdr , a totful amt complete lsanking I l'ime 'Ta'de, the best Ithat enn be contrivedl. er tht fi gores can prince within thle sme conlesend compnc, ania size o type. An anvertisement in the bookl is tin nearly the follow iagwords: Tl'hehig diiatinltioan this work has receivedl thronghI tho ten legislative acts prefixed to tle title page, is a re ommenddtiooill iaeltf, so uncnmmow,, and so eoncl - aive, th .t nothilg is necessary more thanl by way of ad vertisement, to girve eondnsedl vicew of some of its pe caliarities: ans ferinstaone, the Ima been compoas ed from,and compared with, whlat is eruivalentto four tlea tse f elnl'tl atione, examihed in tile ,press thirty five timoes, and printed from tereotype plates tested thirtytv-none times, from a!l lhiclltitmntst be evident even to the skeptic (esl..eeially~ on theu Ile.sonn, of thel ,b. tail of tpoOfint the pIreftc) that tile worhk mocsct Ie oaeiclc met caily ict'llble, and in confilrm.tion oftthis Ibelitfa premtiml lof two hundcretd nd lilft dollars, is now oiler ed for Ithe detcetioc of ac error ofa cent in the prjeent or fifth edition,as expraaned in thle prlcetre. makocng five latre premtlos iRered ftv he aalmccscc or sI'ce thed first clatdttictlc,, ill 0e. year 1t1ti. (the of tho most conspiruoons features of the tablraes is inthe arrangelent of the lTime and AcnooIts, whirc for xpedtititns, roforeneeo ndperspieit, with lthe help ofthe silde and indra, camnmt he exellet;l and the salty tv and ease with which the in:ereal can o e foondto tihe excent of general bllsines, wilthcot doubtling of sms isbesitdes eonvenienee sI essantial, that ill tie estlma tionof some oi the moet competent and practccal busi nos men anr i t ablie olit ca w'holo he r ade grest oite a)f the crek, it aos heero tdistinguisthed by It hone b e sppellation efofa "mcastr pcoeo". Altl consicicriccg te inttllihilit'y of the ar eclot origiacllyc adoptel icl eomaosiag tile work, and tle extrorlcdillnlov umnber aol vriety of the exacminations, andl tests of every editioc it hlospasseldinthe t ross, eotwithsta: dingthle whole is illi stereotyle, conclderincg, in sbfilt. lce pocsitite accturny rcrectt cy tile ltnoccreeletentcoeacs ctcsrtcop ool, thce co tomehar hehencrllltj, scot etmpichctically styler ll t most woncderful hook c thewoaslki;" tlost certalislc no man can namen figure work of the ranr exteat, which since thge begiingoel creation, lhas hadl tile same nn ber anid variety of tests inl tile same' nullllle of 'lliOlr; no, norolle hal"tle uomnber, os is cluearly shownill tile preface. Itesicle, astest anc standarld, it hns beeo t'ied an proeed in nearly alltlhe bankI anc d plic cffices in tIhe United States, and Iv theIphclic golncrally, dcinsg thec long period ol'lhitr( e a r, ',', y o, error of ihle rol calations hcas ever Icen foon l's, ill Icrict, attt~lloccgt cotcicccc allt lchllenged by the olbr ocf very lar'enfmils's. lthe in ficet expressly adot,1cc'c by all th enurts oflaw cl severl ofthn State es the " ratle ofeahlatlOl fclnstaute interest," anus lo iy law ill c llk illtl.hc est, necortlingls the botk is used, Inl as 'cYc Ice l', ill pnrt, by ,,,e Itnaes of the asubscric el's, llcld a few of the s useonqllt i)1claser, il the Ih t atthel d 1f teI book, i iosRetO srn cc l el'er clos cl'itcizlills ill everi lllua1. te ot Icle Ulclt ell Statec. It iamoreover well known it:lt, Iy its rearly cheek, it has so ofltc delceted large etrrors, Ing:,fier the o erlc acade, even Ir tile most cnlel .(.ll lcd lst omel tent aritlmlaticians o att its ,cseftlllcss, ant thIc' absolccte nIe cesstity or its use, hv beCItcn extensicly illsi:iill II'II o viccens, itheat , o ilcve ..eeo. its ac a i a" i .cl. its a(vingpS(that~ heVerr~l ye:l·9arsug wlilst thlelilst Ieditionl oisstcacec~,cctcc utof pcicct,ccgrea".tccc'icc'ter sccll hand cclics were songht forl, some to : gre t distance. a n d p a le mT ase d a: t v al r i( o is p ric e s , Ia s tlthe V c .o u hl nre : i s tll ally be ipickced oulct irmt $1tlto $25per copy\,and .)lole pe rsoIIs I chave reca.>y delarled, aull instances iocel the lted thatl they w'uil cc) if ict , an.llnd ' 5cc for a ecpr,. I1 not to be hadl fr lest'L, ail all iuti.iCdull ia thenlaltrltter insta.e particllc'h, hici(lg t the slnl iime rxhicited stisinctoir' ralcc , to l, ,iral persons pr sentthalc lin t t mii llc la elli wol th at c lc c l iny and more thcogc tice saincg f liii er w sal c lInIe he hcing a very ricc nct c nc c in pcbicticccice. It is likh.vise wcr'thc of ncl'cec, ctcc ich'cd 'c rier to imlw, shl lllch is tlle natolte of ligc yol k gc cclall l aispeccil ly whl n ill tIl e .xccl nt Sld ilu onL c il flll tccsrclltcc Io. thatc cac ctits took cc its like ii 1o lcc plr ed il ilhe Illllll c onnoeoicar o, by tthile iIosc ii icttlll e ccuh tll c ii e wo' c, slid ft I. lllll lll oIfcce iii calltilla nu lo cdrcis rrtioc c(cf cilool llls et' it todic c tcccc Icc l cc would, allmln toa e· l to a init, hat been unsll Ibt·' fI l ri Ilrenlleclncl crll i at cccy ccicc', lS the prett e Iarli i I cl c plici . IBut l ac, ictc ccd aibc1 i l h at Ite th. srctclclci. Pini cics cc tic, Woc'cc l ll. c lcl'l'c , thc, t 111t ' een' Itheml, wlil IIhteir nlmlerclulsl Ind exII'aorIF'IIIItV i. 'llli'lll tions, gainst fire the tle geccecral hcccc it tc : advertisement) on,,.hnth' ke .t in a p:,ee o'f h .i" l otfftcc, execipt ahic ' Ih, aII ic l1111c . .at'ci ecdic''lctiocs tcficl'c bich bi cks ctl h - fst cic h cc eful litc , fe llw the Ir lwc. whih i citc' ccs c llctcicth 'ct" . 'gr ei'dn'c* ,dictiti ct'cc i l i forluaIo . *t1 ol'ce'r'ling theltwe I . '1 fla l ne'al' ,IC IIIII i1u.. i nt ' r a , t.o(. d 9ll ll'. re,k(.i ., 'It r'ltn ;.ll,, t val." I. r'e11u k tl ,t , \ hl 1.,11 ,i lntnnocl c ct k, vck h tic cc si ,cc II lcci ccc' t u' fw m l ', ic 0, l, 1 , ccc ccttcci cc chc 'ct',ce'itc 'ii cc lcii 1 'l , cT cce h e rnI 'c fcc'' in clcc Ic' 1,' 1I' 11 11'c1c' rI' i . . /. nt7. lc'c'c.. frcc,,i cc, Ic i) ~ .phh. c~ih 1.1licll,ll i i1c '.t iirlhl 11cc ci ct '-Illti ' i',.rcc1 t c lltil The"~Pfnl:c \Vii,"-~c occcicrccc' itlllHI.IH.I ~l dcclci II,~t cc/-ctli' 11 ccccc I ci. .h'cr' 'i cl i,r icc' hy cid :I 'iIN;I:\ , DOC'i'ORL J01U1%SN I.'.V h. consdlted rmzI I, i v 11 "ot ltl hi, ,,z ", I .11 the treats lh'llt Of t a .1 fal'l tl - , H d .ii te ,b-i:+i1t -. lllll I). John1ll ln rylat I-] ' ll l ll i lln 11 f ith' motl col,"1bratd ll-lO l td it l h rEnrope,,, l- uet i ,. l n devoted to1 ie' rl llill ' +I I1'i n - I lll hl. (. i nlllllltn llld +ll I Ir Il i I I Ill \l.lI· illA New York, during high t le I PIr..I oh-' n, o ,1, .,l hi llte most unp ec,. 'l , tll e -tree:,,dll : It," l - m ll ted 1 , tr B II 1n I.I t'he11 n flln.wi 'nl gl i ln Iit i llo'n ti ' t? lo I t(SVII tI ii jurian e Ih o +l o . ,l' tI( 1 tIll ol nn'iothef r .',ll'ri l ? inm ei ine. (,ln ilit i . tilt, l , lStruc IreI , .l inal . ,ak.,ll ,ll 11le t ion. ,l1' l Ituil.wld her, Kidnevs, Prostate hillal, lld ntl of tilt,- tlmel anlstri t',i aet ioo, which n n raI. sv foill.w n,,'Ii., ulerated legs, ani d woaII.ri,. V it 1l" od of treatollaert, without rtslrictioh l h, ,ift f Inte i l,. tion tfrom IInIsi e. r residmh in the oln'trv, o(nl who i'" el deli te in i a lt g their failiy dysea, by s III, sstoll.eni of their rose hy letter ( st paill filh ba pwidled a here patients ran m eter rllIoE iI iortant with einh ithr. Attendtue l ramt u sor. ilg ,nilL ight, .. 1 13 C" ..t. ([]Ti.( lultat I .lie . tlv oulilontial in ell ca e-. n (.'I Isi 1v n l\. 'A Y l m s',, ,nigi , :n, ln , I i mi ,+. it 'pTinltnl,n Noi, \0 .a1vh.'l, srt, two ,on s Iro, cnal sue,'. ui ato1 h of h: filllowing wands :ll t:. arleh e' couded IN anumsterti aamnnn ItIInInIn .'I nlllnltl.' 'wn1y II ' nnn nIl' l' , I lnahignny Al! tt . pltin, Iit.k -.d glid,, u( , ; tlla ndl A lttIe , Piollard dI, Oirientl or teln d t:t lil ue,Ll Curled do, ,hsper, Curuled a .1nde, Itloohd Slon, lirdls Hl1e .i, 1], Glaoite, Fauin nnlVonll, 'n'ii ltl.., , S llirn\. ",I.r o d ll, .n )..I,,' lf t,l.lh,, 1e'w Tree, Ital!ia'. ..t - i ( lCoo dl.ll'e or Il.k S . ogs h'rtell, I Rose lll I, A ei',m 1 rey, iAsh Vhhne, oak, iild . n . n. . Curled Eli., pl-clltIns to be seen ftlhf sh l r i a isllll . ails, glass, copal varnish, ktc. o. haudr li.r sale. i rtLN,STL :EL t I AV ' tiiu It -lll V £ I hi..lI, a.'re' nl l ull U dh i..l i well Insst+dlh ll. fllop, stroll alul rod iron, Dail rode and ll 1,h 1 C:st, (crut'E shear, bliste)rd, splrin.g, sht and hollotw wlarll, cut wrugilhl oilli' l ll lsir kv Ziae, h k h Il,, iil seal hl'u gi tato.ns, s:u"t kettles 1 nvils, uires, 1 usnuh rsnd helloe s W4/ire, shee, pig ad aI r lend; tsht Ctat, and cooking stoies Ames, Ri whi.lnd'sanl othersplllal ksail dhvels llook a.l1 plate higes,, door anld wi Ilohw hooks Co1· lin%, I luets, Slle l's, sdtlllet her axeit' IdI MnId sheat hing lCop l; Naval lstores l'ilnt linseed nod Spero) oil A lfullassorment o h1udw'are and ship Ihandlery, always n hiiand, anld which mae oiflllred r iale lat whlil le sale or retail, on the ilmst favorahle terms, by 4 I. -l"l' 1' N is (Co. 53.1 Leve "ve. THIREE DA 1"', Jf U O2.'/p /,'J103 NIV1 IW OlRLEA NS. TIIIE proprietor oif tllhis e.tahlihnlent ha the dprlea S slure of unnouneing tIo his rieldlls .nd Ie lusbli. in ge.eial,lhat le will 6e in readiueaby the olir- dhtv of llay ili receive visiher. Hle will alln .al Iunlr lelfr tbe nefit of lhol e at a di.tance, that tiwre have bewl large rid cirtro ss fr comtn] ion, whirl will cnable the nii oIIhar b eto lll ,llullll millll, inllrer n ullll b r thlll heretotiur, land at the smnoe time mlch bllter. Fallmilelu c1an he netonlllnod)ateld ithL gold rols)lll, orI those who pr/efr ran have lhrge habihos , caehd from he main building. It is denl d Illl:eccel..ry to say anythil_ inll plarlie . elieved thal lltev lre not inlbrior to lly il the soutl best music that this part ('f th- rlloun- allbrds, has beene egaged, and will le in eonstatt attull cen it the "Irh s1bsecibsl will avail lei eseIfof bis 1, ipp rtiir n i relurnhlg his unieiened thanks fr th very liber"i lipirt riven h.its lant season, and hipe< Ihv the e'er ion- that hIve been mnd- its im:ipt.n ou and ext,,,;,hln the accmoOdations,t mrit n ,.eal ,umil ge, hi. l Il "ill : l 1t lll r. , Is TKII\ r\ III Il'll.l, I If )il", fý,r a ,s i .,i" 1. lt h u II iiooi lh, i,, '. , I paiIi oat is I n ert ' 1't !Jo ,1 ,, 1', 1 FP+.''hiarlj~t, dbl,.' en~turle .L'i tr'Z 1. " C "' or ..... MAIL ARRANGEMENT .orthernMail, I)ue Evary Day all M.1 Clhases Every day at 10[ A. M SMenenvinda, WlWednesdsslis WVestern Mail, Friday e r ury. Wel e aM. by ,ray fth (e C(lda.s very Ionday, Wedneslda Lseas, and SatNrdnv, Iby 9, P. M. The Lake M l I Dne every Teidvy, ThurdJay, an I he lar.,'e ale. Satnrda, bh 5,P. M. - via S Closes every Monday, Wednesdfy EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, I)EPAR'I'TUR DISTANCe te. of the Express lMail, betw.en Manila and fPew York--leavig Molbile daily at 3 P. M. Nerfllwas Newv York dily at 5 P. l noutlhvard. Arrives Arhvd' Northward. Distance. l'ime. tHetas'e lontgomery. Ala. '2pm. 198 m's 23h 1aes. Columbvus, iv. 11 81 94 34 a.m Milledgeville. Ga. 2 133 14 24 p.m Colmbl,i, S. C. 7 nam. 163 174 10 Italeigh, N C. 54 215 22 i1 Warrenton, Va. 12 m. 55 A1t 1 Peteraulrg,V 'a. Itl pm. 83 10 9a. W Richmond, Va. I am. 21 3 64 Fredericksburg, ,t 67 7 11 p i Warlhington city, 14pm. 61 6. 5 Ilnltitnrn, 38 4 I'hillelpbin, I am. tI 11 New York 2 pm. 190 11 13115 143 h. or 5d 23L Norvthward. Coming Soathward, the time ish h rars levs; Ibeing5 dys and 17 Ihours. 'lEhN )ot.IJAl! IREWARDI R ANAWAY from 169 Carodelet earnser of Heria sreetr, on the night of 30th of Augsat, and was seen the vext morning in Poydran street, a negro boy nred ('HArAItI.ES, abont 17 years of agen, and d fe or thereabouts in bhight, very btlnk, and has an taped. tlet't ill his nyeeeh, oae of his lags is sore, oenaaisned by a recrat lhurt; he tt on awhen he went away a White entonl or linen shirt and white cotton pantaloons.. Masters of vessels antd tream boats are eautioasd' a ginst receivinge or harboring said negro, as well as all othr perpeson, as the ulmost rigour of the law wil lbhe eaforevd aaiinvt them. T'he above reward will bs pals forlrelivering hiti inl anyv of the jails of en. oLqia muniilpalities, or at 16'Carondelet, corner o'.flela short. upt N It'TI'(--'b'ie elrl'tnershiti heretofore atilsng 1 Ill er tle tirn of Dnllii & Gsarreton, has btee dissolvetd. Thel s eeriber wilt liquidate the alirsao the concern in this city, and requires-all persons illdeb ed Ito make lvyment to himn onlly, and all thoeahaling eliis, to pr,sent them Iorsettleiaent. on 1I-7A GA iRRET'SON W. W. SWAIN. ANo. 41(0Cnal Preer Artr Orleans IlAS alwanv on hand eoanmt'y k receiving Drt. SI Dyes., hemieals,and Pamis,,among them ar. ol tlnligl: DllRUG5. IbYri; Antilmonly, crude, Argols, red, to regtlts, Annatto, Sp.w';- , Artoemic, ertle, Alum, do powdereld, Illrazillette wooes, nla orpllnvia, Coehineal, I(tI'Ix, cside, (Coperas, Anleriann, do rtetined, Cnpbear. icrinslone, enlde, Fustic, Tampioo, do roll, do Cuba, do flower, do Maine, lirnth, French bettrries, ('astor oil, ],ndigo, Bengal, ICrenl tartar, do Manilla, Ciaiithliiides, dio lutrr ea., ,aintt aloes, dio l Mtannala, to A ,i Logwood, Cam penhy i tvssafvethta, ie St DmrningL ,lo amonouia, 1do Jamaias, do leCzenin C s'amwnd, do, olml, rough, Mhidder, embio, ti h do,, Nicareagua, ilonaler, do do S Amerie",, do Core, dl cmplllll, r lle, do Maras.ib S d rei, do Hache. On gniceum, CHEMICALS. IdI kino, Act,l nitrous, tdo mariatic, I I , Ihllll , I t he uitril, 1;l1 diclC , Blue rhriol, . senegl, ~tdalomvl, pp Ido n;:ld ~l:e . r r.' osiv su llimatiiv, S Ir:u mtt h ' :hlhoride of lime, G lolge, % psom salts, .huipr heries, AePrlennl.unar eausti,e 0,1 I, Il Foveign, Itie, treeipitate, ! M ';;n"si, I.ivhq, II.el.,lle w tl, do Amnleiig lled ehrllmata potse lManona Kke, Stnp enrp Somy d0o sorts, Snip pout. I.hl, s 'ice Iall, Sug:,r lena. t)ii chlo Solle .illn, o.. ergintio T'rtnr emtier " l.bman, PAIN'Tl- -la eas ip, per.,nt, ~nllle, ll , Charmi,. yellow, ldry, ,I,, I '1 , , ,; , do-, in nill S illn Y8thaaloil, ,t 1, I e Antijoas I ,',tl ti' ' l, 'ntier a tin Alesci rale ra, d.. T,.il I ois n, h ei , Ennglid, din da AAerian . ' dl "I~o, ,!,,... ,u , d g elnasnlke vi ! I.,i , uil Itc ,' ploy .i ground in nlit rtttt. ted Rl,21hih dry, ,"f, ,t tin An,,erien, t 14 ti."oný 71riih grolnd mlail, !nr,, , Y,'r,,i. ,'' Vt eillion, Chinese., 5 01 ,,r"fo , 't''lgrit t,'ry to d, tCIO rJItvP Sill ,, li, t1tit, rad, dy Ametl il. h stili, sin gremdia o, l,, A .... A .. tr.. "antedptur. (1"211 fI ("I' hI N I h1?Ah'rT'S NIEW NOVELS. Rat/li/ the fleeecr, by the aulhur of Peter Simple, &at ' r.unonýns. , r a 1Winter ,t Snrhlo.e llni-field isn Lie vli, Il up Rie liail llall, Royal Navy, F.L orid /c/lot ii,, Illllncle'. Iy Allii Cullnninghllam,! vo . c ciaard I."€, " ficll.l h y liimiclf, in , l VOaS. I ('cmcn /iccccsE Iltciiryif lita#, translnted from Ite 0i<,hnal iRlicIne hi NiltcielC GrPenea, inl voi. Ibr icice . c79 of Ilrlper's Emiily Library. hi!).:t- IA , I Iih new l nmil lol, and niform editions 1 IUt'ehitic Ircifs'e Ilia'orks. Roir'a IFinrh eand English Di 1 rel, ire AN'ncct.'s Te'i -r c hntl Eniglash Diietincry. 1 fiw nre cpnliesnof Coilbe's Phrenology RirIi." Ki .no llrvnl· ] s rvro o i C cna ernfsel Oell fperir nrqua ire. . ith (·hu, MlIliiad ni llei'2l-4 nd 2re I-2 inche (ilcit ins pr ed netalie Penl,Japaned papers, weightn Vic. toe. &r. J c t r ied, nldI fr sale by _e:1l_ BENJ. LEIY. SI': 11N itlIVISI'EiD,&e. &c -I'IN tlit'I.I.T1'll, &eby the author of 'A year ?'ri, i//ndlInehiearersrr, ngeaerally applicable lto ilci llccoeiui f . . Nrthli Acerin, by 'her oliicnal Gnrammar, of the United States, or a e'clnnlIih viliw f the theory and prrtise f the geera I-id lilnc Cenvlellnlle i with the relantions bearen them. --: lll·i'ta cl :.+ ldipted to the young man ofthetUntede , hle-, hy E I) Mncfleli, lcil. icarie 's ln'tifinl Tours intlerspersed with charaeter ti.rl illllln-cll ,l Plls ilnL ciiil dll ings ofnp nrting amen, in el ullil. alntiel·IIt( h il riicipeil crack riders aosngland nwilh Ilunhtlcl contentts, and general index of namest, Fin THE. clURE or ', rol llo lr Kingl's Evil, Chlmni Rhemarnadt (Chrni. Culmanous Dis- Pains in the Bonesby free cte cl , use of Mercury lte bhluell hliic ing viitited state. 'il.e ver l rerc'tetiled Iyrup is prepared with the gncllc IhlclcelleciiCtielIn ciart ilnllicraenI.aV add contain ti nive rhie ..c of Il$ crilla in thei most concer toutted dulee', ecittairhd with (other vegetableahubstane Od Ik n ci ll chiicrv . 'l'hi acnccit dclilleritmn withi physiecianas in being abl ic cxhiblc it lcarg ei tiilciiccIf SlIrsaparia in a aine Io,,, lIts bran ohtnleid inthis reparatinn-they, being fhlllv conviuncedl f it lerits, confidently administer PINNthCK'S ItOME, kte. , (l :i il Ie cllrlftlo.let oS nly at SWAIN 1lllg4)1'IfI"l: r'icc mug niee, No. I ICCnal street, whr Io icelih id pfreilxed an I ntrlcinencti trom the frtudri o tlre, niveiti dn ane d uahor Ilioe , oM tter'A Nlnnnll cll'l (c Ientr' iPeparPee inons, lid Ialarge and gea.r emil r eilllic n of Hainltc I l n, m4 I INNI)CK'S tROAR, &c. lI)INrlitdw IAIPnOVEIn EDLITION OF DR .l(olln, atlS h Airneililmen of the HiAthory hof ome II, l li., ins n i ilntlustion to the ytud nichc leitionti, and a n c variety of v eluable infro Tll;n added tl'lP iulhob the work ons hieing anes Illliious huldl l A nI itiea o tie Romana; with no lnenrs bluinith rtl il eal Note; and unes lles lec E IainI.I.ion o t the end of each saection. II ccticctel witlhitirt Pengenniags en wood, by Atherton I 'thtc 's mp i ovle Editiion f Dir Gutldmith's Histoelry icti eglnd, fheni the tneneiee of Jliua Caaer to the in,'lh cIeo cdtiore l, iith a emltini ation to the yea ic1:c. llt xhitl ueticn fr estnaination at nthb end a occi , cclction. lIi-cilee a naeiety of naluabia inferme richll cll s l hndlchic. , tihe werk. Consistiag of cable nf cliirceicednen 'edraCtigIq end eminent poren. nleiut eu-I lenaicey saine.l Ienmiarka on the pal tic O, ccelicie, rshtl lit hnti hill f tie age. An outline, tlcc iuititiic, ii C n&e. cliI wletaed by mny engrya (itcah' Peac.I e eu On ARTROne ey, and an Aeridgmen olt Keith'. Ne t l'ectine ic te Us a of Glakes. oavw A sicuninan edition, with nalditiona and improremens I cn t ap & l .ti lu efllite Itnreitiecicale pLart f the As cicce I AlUn etea. Jl lrieencivel andfor laeleoIy WM M'KEAt cnv acrener oCamp and Common aft ii.KlltER 's C.LASSICAL LIbIr ARY. U nccuiiiecclllll cx, eiictheincinir inlinsleanth of variytle lies, Ec. h.l lienl Jeiton, Lanwle, lilton, Drydone IIlc Adli em, Swift Chuiteiton, Gi CVakajeld, Poream einelli Lc. i mie ef tihe teeaemina.lent poets of ti I'IIEDIIUS, cwilll the ellpendix of (inrdin rnnlds lhIi iy C 1ristopelr Semai, in li vdl farnning voulntie IS nil ih, Il, IVrlerr CcnKeiyicell ihear I.lI. r Ipio fll I ll! ,lt-LE CLINKER, n. Sueii8 . Athr I;yl ,e, t w4t iernir the Audthr by rota I cu, Es., new diO.lie, with ill.IeraltW n, bhyt 1'1 11; IP51'; n l'nlr,lc tileaether of mRiFbcndi iIniccallcb! urguceclyi 'c.,tiew edition, 1vatetronp nu l, i c auraCeccplce leVrl:e. atetl rrirnde sole ') WIWWM SeE:AN it\c "(). mIlth -i u-Its Cincinnati antak SnW c Ic :u 1" 0-t1I to oe irecctcut Echo, awl far eastern U c~s~ Ih'I' 4 HAW

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